BigDog and PetMan: The Military’s Creepy Future


Unveiled in 2008 by Boston Dynamics, a company employed by the Department of Defense, BigDog is the future of warfare: a soulless, remote-controlled robot that knows no fear, pain or remorse. Most importantly, it’s creepy as hell.

The same company is also developing a military robot with human characteristics.

Imagine those things strapped with a machine gun and grenades. I don’t know the feeling of being shot by a robot (nor do I want to discover it), but it must suck.

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79 Comments on "BigDog and PetMan: The Military’s Creepy Future"

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Imagine getting chased by either of those on open road O_O

things like this usually are in the news but these are not… the four leg machine was creepy as hell! it's balance freaked me out!

Can you say "uncanny valley"? I can.

Look this phrase up if you don't know it.

CREEPY as all heck. wow. and to the person who put up that zeitgeist crap…dude, thats a whole lot of semi truth mixed with lies. if your searching for the truth…keep searching.


the terminator scenario plus the nwo scenario combined

we are fooked

You know, just because you can do something, doesn't always mean you should (talking about coming up with tech that could be put to evil uses)

You guys should check out the movie WALL-E. I guess they are trying to desensitize our children with this one. It is about a cute lil robot that saves the planet that the humans were about to destroy.

Oh VC, you finally saw this! BigDog scared the crap out of me when I first saw it. You should check out their 'SquishBot' idea.

Boston Dynamics are obviously full of extremely intelligent people however what gets me is why not use their funding and big brains to develop something that will help mankind? Rather than coming up with another way for mankind to destroy himself?

And why did I feel remorse or empathy when BigDog was kicked? What will I feel when I see this thing on TV terrorising a people? Will I think it's cool? Will it be too late to realise that I have been conditioned to accept that I am nothing but an asset? Will I cry for BigDog/PetMan/Cheetah when one is "killed"? Or will I cry for the helpless people who will be mowed down by these machines created by their brethren?

Am I capable of thinking for myself or is Kurzwell correct – Transhumanism is possible – but on a level where I can be preprogrammed to react how instructed?


It's not transhumanist agenda that you or anybody else reacted to the guy kicking the robot, because it's just one more example of a guy being a jerk to something he thought was inferior to himself. You've seen men kick dogs. You've seen men kick women. You've seen white men kick negro slaves. You've seen a dozen cops in riot gear beat the crap out of an unarmed civilian. You've seen american troops humiliating iraqui prisoners in abu ghraib. And now you've seen a man kick the robot he helped make. What you have seen – and reacted to – is a very precise summation of what's wrong with the mindset behind everything that's documented on this site: the failure to treat a being, living or not, with the respect that the sheer fact of its existence warrants.

I am thinking Terminator Rise of the Machines

Ok. The first one was especially creepy as hell. I couldn't help but recall the mechanical beast from Fahrenheit 451. It weirds me out to think That somebody might have to actually fight for their life against a bloody robot. Terminator series anybody?

Wow that is scary but cool at the same time! If only the elite didnt have evil intentions with those they would be a blessing to us, the technology is amazing. Watching this made me think of Will Smith's movie I Robot. We're getting closer to that era, its kinda exciting!!

vigilant i've been reading your feeds for almost a year! i dont no how i stumbled across your webpage, but have to say, your doin it big!!! What I love about your information is that you talk about situations in life in depth and break everything down.

keep doin your thing x

And that Petman was actually wearing friggin' SNEAKERS!

That dog thing was scary o.o
Of course it’s going to be used to control people by the illuminati……………
They want something that will make people scared, so they can take the world and use it for whatever they want.
Get ready, people. Something big is coming soon. And we won’t like it.
Just remember to keep God close to you, and death isn’t as bad as people put it to be. That doesn’t mean to kill yourself though – God will choose your fate, and don’t take it from yourself.

Petman and Big Dog are old.

Check out Cheetah…. and yes, it runs 70 MPH just like a real one…..

There is a sure way to get rid of all of them though….

Later on Big Dog, Petman and Cheetah…..

Just like someone mentioned.. the movie I Robot with will smith, Robots VS Humans!

Personally the scariest part for me was feeling sympathy for the robot when being kicked, though I knew it was a mere machine.

I know right?? It's a freaky feeling, too though – because what if it's more than a mere machine? What if it's just like another illuminati puppet… but in a different form?

i am will smith i hate robots.

The real problem is not these robots by themselves, but when white man merges himself with the robot. We are a sick race. We've become one anyway. And we wonder why people of color are scared witless.

Creepy as hell? But also noisy as hell. Let's see what a .308 round or a 12 gauge slug does to them. Or an IED.

Good Lord, that is creepy. That other robot on their youtube, the climbing one… It's like a giant, war-bringing spider. Terrifying lol.

yeah the big dog has been around for a while now along with a whole load of insane new weapons and gadgets here are a few

just a few more things to show how advanced weapon and spying tech are rapidly becoming things are on the point of madness now. in a world ravaged by violence and chaos we have these idiots creating more ways to cause pain and death. you would hope they might be working on things to help the earth and mankind but no all the money goes on killing and war SICK IN THE HEAD is all i have to say about them.

Respect to Random Thought

And boston dynamics has landed new grants for a cheetah robot!

at first.. I thought the big dog was just some square box thingo being carried by 2 people ahaha. XD

but seriously thought it's creepy! it looks like a freaking giant cockroach.

what if Terminator comes true?? what if the robots kill as all. O.O you never know..