Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams Interlude (video)


This interlude was used during Beyonce’s “I Am…” tour. It has all the right ingredients for a nice Illuminati-agenda pie.

We start with some police sirens and helicopters (police state atmosphere); we then add a Beyonce robot, à-la Maria from Metropolis; and we sprinkle some animal prints to allude the sex-kitten programming aspect; we focus on the leopard booty to accentuate the “sex-kitten” aspect; and we finish with a “one-eye” to make everything Illuminati-approved.

Sweet Dreams was also the subject of a full entire article published over a year ago: Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams – Occult Mind Control.


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please can you do a analysing on run the world by beyonce

Look that beautiful robe….

I think you will see clearly what I see….


This is one of the better reads I've had in a long time. I too study pop culture and those on its stage for the rest of us to witness, aware or unaware. Thanks for the info on the "feline" goddess aspect of these diva sex kittens. I have literally seen them on TV appear as feline and I never understood the history nor could I find anything on the internet. I will definitely research it now. I have seen and felt the power of these pop stars, good and bad. They all channel entities while on stage, they all do. A closeup view on many will reveal they have "cat's eye's" while performing, but then I see the slit pupil on TV news personalities (actor's) and all types of media presenters. I watched Beyonce's Dream video (3 times) and got triggered, took me to some of my own dreams but I could not completely piece the whole meaning together but it was a lucid experience. I sense how powerful the Kabbalah is in the whole magical empowerment for these stars as well as for those who want the abilities of sorcery, for good or bad. I tapped into Taro… Read more »

In Love With Jesus

This is truly pathetic. Beyonce is definitely a puppet. I can't wait until the Lord deals with this stuff. I know He will. He will get the last say, the last laugh. I know someone somewhere is praying for her and her hubby…because how deep they have gotten into this stuff, it should have utterly consumed them by now. God is so merciful!!!

Fleurdamour, It's quite alright, I have a lot of time on my hands these days to cultivate it whichever way I can, for my own modus operandi, which happens to be typing away to reach others intelligently. Coffee or no coffee, I'd read whatever you fingers or whatever you mentally trigger, so is the way of my "j'etamie", mon amie. Yomael & Fleurdamour, Thank you again you two, by just stating my query, I have been able to figure out more mysteries, and move forward in my History. For that you have my gratitude "eternally". These "Old Ones" though are not nice to me for some reason if they are who they are, for in my waking conscience expelled them from my internal/external vicinity. Like an "earworm" virus, I felt like they were tugging at my nexus, and well I couldn't stand it. I have a my own definition of a "mystic". I was born under the Kabbah's star, and by that I don't mean Saturn, but my parental influence. So, I had an interesting viewpoint that I had to run around trying to figure out what really "influence", and my own maternal figure still thinks I was in bed… Read more »


I used to hang out with Sufis in NYC. The ka'aba is a very powerful and good thing to be influenced by. I guess many of our mums are freaked out by our questing, LOL. I know mine was.

I do hope you'll come back, I.A. Your poetry gets my wheels turning.

"Sweet Dreams Interlude", by Beyonce, is a clear message from the Old Ones, the Qiphoth, or Babylonian demonic forces residing in the subconscious dreaming mind, to the 'Coming Race'. The title of the song is only for, and to be understood only by, those with 'eyes to see', and 'ears to hear', meaning the initiates, or 'Chosen Ones', of Babylon's 'Coming Race'. According to occult researcher Kenneth Grant, who is the present acting head of the O.T.O, an occult organization committed to the doctrines of the 'Coming Race', "the Old Ones communicate via dreams with members of the human race peculiarly fitted to respond to Their vibrations. That the response is not always conscious is demonstrated by the fact that many dreamers (occultists included) who deliberately invite communication fail to do so, whereas others, who do not, occasionally succeed beyond measure. A very special kind of sensitivity is required, and although this can sometimes be induced, there is no guarantee that it will ensure one's being 'chosen' as a channel of transmission. That appears to depend upon factors outside the range of human calculation. The Old Ones reside in the subconscious dreaming minds of their mediums, or hosts. They must… Read more »


Yomael, I am SO GLAD someone is finally speaking publicly about the d*mn Qliphoth. Hardly anyone but a handful of esotericists seems to know about them and that needs to change pronto. That Gulf Oil Spill was so qliphotic – the door in the bottom of the Abyss was opened, and tons of black death poured out. This tsunami seems qliphotic to me, too, which makes sense if 'they' are invoking this stuff on a global scale.

I think you'd be giving an EXCELLENT public service if you could find the time to do a brief summary of what the qliphoth are for those VC readers who are not familiar with them. I know a little, and I'll gladly share it, but you seem to know a LOT more than I do. As I admitted in my queries to you re: Babalon, I also don't quite know how to deal with them, so if you've got any advice, I'm certainly glad to hear it. Thank you.


Well, the tsunami definitely seems qliphotic – the quake opened a 182 mile long gash in the floor of the ocean: The Gate to the Underworld in the Bottom of the Abyss, like the rip that the BP well made.

I have to say, I live in Los Angeles, in the flat central part, and my stomach dropped into my boots watching that footage of the tsunami taken from a helicopter. It moved miles inland without the energy seeming to dissipate at all. The major east-west thoroughfares here go straight to the sea, and I'm rethinking my geography right now.

Moriah, the conquering wind, known also as the Illuminati, are a perfect example of the Qliphoth, which are the unbalanced and vampyric expressions of untamed, and undisciplined vice, which draws sustenance from the basic instinct of human emotions, centered in the lower desire based consciousness called the "Beast". The "Beast of seven heads wearing ten crowns" represents the seven deadly vice/Qliphoth, which rise-up out of the "Eternal Sea", representing human desires, passions, and lusts, etc,. The three crowns represent the overturning of divine and spiritual understanding/intuition, spiritual knowledge, and spiritual wisdom, through the corruptive and destructive power of vice, the Qliphoth/Old Ones. The Satanic families sitting atop the hierarchy are steeped in ceremonial sexual magick, and they have used their vast knowledge of the darks arts, and sciences, to invoke Qliphoth forces, from demonic spiritual realms, to possess our world, and its inhabitants, in exchange for material power and wealth, and immortality of the flesh through the deification of their own dark carnal nature. These dark demonic and lawless spiritual forces, are disembodied thought forms, being the residual left over of alien worlds, destroyed through self-centered-egotistical-self-deification, which determines Satanism. "Like onto like", the Satanic families sitting atop the hierarchy revel… Read more »


I see. Therefore, it is a known fact amongst those of either the higher echelon or those that are aware of it, that this life is a "phase" onto itself. The energy, force, or spiritual manifestations of our actions on this world are "invested" into their categories of control, and compartmentalized as such in the end. In an eggshell, it would be whatever your "inner" religion is at the end that decides your "fate", so to speak. Nonetheless, for those that follow any "divine spark" other than themselves usually end up in the hands of "someone else". Logical in the end, isn't it Love? As for a few references of modern and "biblical times", the god Typhon has a stark resemblance of the Beast you mentioned. A small read about this will lead you into a chain of events throughout time that has many similarities, and the "Flood" is not spared of their mythological atrocities. Qlipoth, from what I have read, are also "humans" that have learned to cross through portions of the Tree of Sepiroth in their attainment of control of "nature" and its forces. What was interesting is that the "need" to expel these forces seems contradictory to… Read more »


Thank you, King. I had a definite impulse to move out here – several years ago, my intuition kept telling me to go west. I've had all kinds of interesting spiritual things happen since I arrived.


Yomael, thank you. That is well said. I'll throw my two cents in with what I know, in case anyone reading finds this helpful. From what I have learned of the Qliphoth, they are the Tree of Death, or the shadow side of the Tree of Life in kabbalah. Qliphoth means 'shells' – they are broken shells of creation that shattered in the Fall – broken sephirot, in other words. They are accessed by a gate in the underworld of the Abyss, called Da'ath, the 11th sephirot, a hidden one not always shown on the Tree of Life diagram. I said earlier that I encountered them 'geographically,' meaning I was minding my own business working on my own spiritual things about two years ago, and suddenly it was communicated very clearly to me that I was crossing the Abyss. I had not consciously been working kabbalah before that, but had been working on Nordic/Germanic Tree of Life stuff and runes (same thing, different culture). The Qliphoth stuff started coming up and I started trying to find out everything I could about them. One of my friends got spooked because he does have OTO experience and thought I was seeking the… Read more »


PS – I just thought of two more references from pop culture that might help anyone conceptualize the Qliphoth. One is the aliens from both the film Stargate and the TV show Stargate Atlantis. In the movie, a diabolical alien has created a world of human slaves, and in the TV show another group of malevolent aliens view humans as food, sucking the life force from them psychically. And in Twin Peaks, the Black Lodge and its inhabitants are about the best example I've seen anywhere of what these forces are like.

There is a book named "The Dark Side of Pleasure" by Eden Bradley, but if I'm not mistaken, and please correct me if I am, I believe the book you desire to read is "The "Nightside Of Eden" by occult researcher, and present acting head of the O.T.O., Kenneth Grant. Therein the entire book concerns itself with the Qliphoth (Heb): "The plural form of qlipha, meaning 'an harlot' or 'strange woman'; terms which signify 'otherness'. The shadowy world of shells or reflections. Each sephira of the Tree of Life has its corresponding qlipha, which is the reflection of the energy which it represents, and these averse power-zones – or qliphoth – form the Tree of Death. After having read the book I found it very informative in understanding the Qliphoth, which are in essence our own inner negative character flaws, which bring out the worst in us when not understood, and corrected through spiritual discernment, discipline, and wisdom. On the personal level I have found that practicing 'selfless love' leads to the inner stillness and silence which awakens intuition, our connection to cosmic awareness, and the soul's immortal aspect. Once "Sleeping Beauty", or intuition, the soul's cosmic principle is awakend,… Read more »


Sleeping Beauty – it always comes back to the anima and the goddess. For a man, the lodestar is the Anima, for a woman, it's the Self. That makes all the sense in the world, because Binah/Amma (the positive Great Mother) is the next Sephirot on the other side of the Abyss, and the first of the Supernals. She's beckoning every seeker who makes it that far. Men with degraded anima images and mother complexes don't make it across, nor do women ensnared in the harlot projection.


Simply sad…When I look at their whole little camp it just befuddles me how people can be so obsessed with fame and fortune that they will go to such lengths to obtain it.

VC will you ever do a break down of Kanye's "movie" Runaway? I have been waiting for you to come out with that!

Fleurdamour, Thank you for answering, and you touched on a lot of topics, so I'll work my way around them as well. I have looked into the collective conscience/unconscious/mind, and further metaphysics related to this and also how to separate from it. Universal energy doesn't necessarily need to flow within you, it's kind of the Taoist way, so to speak. I'm a fan of Lacrimosa speech. Now, in regards to "energy" and "forces", I don't know if you read the last post, but I am aware of this as well. Both positive (as in self- mediated) and … boo-status (I can't help it, that junk hurt). This is where I was having an issue posting this statement, and its funny that if this would have gone through beforehand, our conversation might have been different. Nonetheless, let's not digress. In my own space/time continuum, I learned how to string together alchemical thoughts to create a "base" to which I could neutralized the "acidity" of the experiences in which I strung these thoughts together in the first place. Taking the same process in a different set of experiences, I have been able to collectively utilize the energy ascertained by thoughts/experiences/physical & spiritual… Read more »


Sorry, Ignotum, I am not ignoring you – I could use some coffee myself. I'll answer you when I am intelligent enough to.


And this woman calls herself a Christian? What church does she attend and what pastor does she confide in regularly? What clergy does she associate with that condones her behavior? I'd like to see these questions answered before I even start to believe she believes she is a true Christian woman cuz the women of faith I know whilst not perfect are nothing like the nature of this beast!


I think the frame of her crying was just sad, espescially overlapped with the music in a way that it chants "wake up" that part in itself seems more of a resistance to whatever control she is under.


Then they had the nerves to have her crying, smh. The world is sick.

My editing additions;

Oh that is very interesting, that part of the message and the part before worked. So it leaves these sections below as the ones causing an error (I apologize for my lack of editing, I'm now curious to see why I'm considered "boo" at this time). Trying to edit it again, this is becoming a fun game.

As it came to Past;

Even though a lot of my questions have been answered, and I was able to find and incorporate the perceptions most benefiting, I can not ignore that reality is constantly seething/seaming.

The fabrics of time that we have wrapped our individual spirits in, have blanketed our minds with layers and layers of others' perceptions, and I am still encountering friends and foes as these mummified wraps unfold.

Nonetheless, after months on end and through my own meticulous research and cross-referenced with my own experiences, I ended up in a completely augmented reality then the one I was idly sitting in last Fall.

After many trials and errors, I have been unable to ascertain as to what is causing this error. Nonetheless, for the advancement of my own reasoning, I think I'll just put the rest of the query I had into your area of expertise (and leave out the rest for later renditions of finger based cacophony).

While I was laying down last night, a pressure on the orbital cavities and then below, then back up again. I was cognizant of the fact this was happening, and I did not open my eyes just to see what would happen.

However, after opening my eyes, I was easily able to tell that my memories and emotional state were distorted. I did not enjoy this and I'm still will myself back to what I deem normal within myself.

This incidence is a lot less harmful than ones I have experienced before, one of which I will state that I was physically hit by "unseen" forces and I was six feet and flat from where I was originally standing.

Let's just say, the Sphinx was pissed at me.

Qigong to psi-balls, my innervated sclera intakes all.

Oh Squiggly Line…




Who even cares how she's dressed? Any way you slice it, Be-YAWN-ce sucks. If she's dressed like a cat, it's because she SCREECHES like one. Seriously, her voice reminds me of the sound my cat makes when he hasn't eaten for several hours.

As far as the message this is sending, anyone who goes to see her in concert has lousy taste anyway. Their mind is already mincemeat if they think she's a good singer.

Fleurdamour, I find your poetry interesting, spiritually uplifting, and your symbolic grasp of alkhemy, an edification strengthening the questing soul's ongoing search for its immortal roots. The ancient Celtic bards were able to weave a poetic magic spell of words, and it is a talent which you share with them. As to your question concerning the meaning of the name Yomael. The name Yomael can be found amongst the names of the Watchers, who descended to earth. Yomael, is also the name of the angelic prince of the 7th Heaven, who is the guardian at the gates of the Great Halls of Justice. The liquid metal associated with the Lady of the Lakes, of which you speak, is intuition, forged along with the other elements you noted in your text, into the sword of spirit Yomael, wields. Fleurdamour, what do you know of the Hebrew legend of the 36, the Lamed-Vau, the warrior priests and priestesses of Maat. Thirty-six people born to every human generation, with the psychic and spiritual power to strive against the forces of ancient and modern evil. Each of them living mundane lives until the spiritual crisis arise and their talents are needed. Each one of… Read more »

There has been a comment I have been trying to post on this thread for about nine hours, but for some reason it is not working. I tried posting the same comment on another thread that I just posted some other comment on, and it gave me an error again.

Either I am mentioning a word I am not supposed to say, which is interesting in itself, or this message won't get across either. Just in case… I'll try the first third of the post and not waste an opportunity.


I am honored that you would consider me in the same light as a "Moriah", yet I am quite far from it. I have had only one flash of brilliance, and everything is subsequently within that Dominion.

Truly, I had to crack four eggs to understand one. Luckily, I bought five when I was still in my senses.

There is apparently erroneous in my comment that is hindering me from posting it. I do not know what it could be, so I guess I'll just shorten it dramatically to get to a question I had. To both Fleurdamour and Yomael, There are a few levels I'm unaware of the forces at play (logic would state I would not be aware of how many levels I'm unaware of), but a majority I have labeled/compartmentalized them in many different categories due to my own research and experiences, but seeing that before last year I never even questioned any of these things, I do not understand their trigger effect. Is it an attempt to dilute the non-deluded? What triggers them or leads them to me? I must state that I don't "accept" any of these, but I acknowledge their existence because of "Others'" "Humans" Existence. Adding to this house which I am residing at, individuals of blood-based connection are not "disconnected", hence they feed perceptions or call forth things? Plus, if it makes a difference, I do not know, but they are at a battle of wills usually with me about my "views", and all I try to do is share… Read more »


Ignotum, I am not sure what you mean – can you elaborate a bit? I think you mean you've been encountering some 'forces,' something elemental or sentient? If I am off-base, tell me. I can tell you that I know my way around the collective unconscious and a lot of archetypal forces, but those are not really 'beings' – they are like giant pools of energy deeply rooted in collective human experience that manifest in synchronicity, patterns and symbols, etc. Kind of like the sephirot – they have a range of influence in a stretch of time and space, then as you travel around the tree you start to move out of one and into another. That experience is kind of psychological, kind of spiritual and kind of material and it packs a wallop. You have to ground it somehow – make art and make yourself a stable vessel to hold it as it passes through you. I have never encountered anything like a spirit, demon, ghost, etc., so I can't speak to that at all. I do know people who say that they have, but it's not in my experience. I have encountered angelic energy, and that felt like… Read more »


PS – I've had a bit of trouble posting some stuff here, too, and wonder if it had anything to do with the DDOS issues. What do you both think of that? Glad VC got it back up.

Yomael, thank you for the info about your name. That is cool. Enoch rocks.


Thank you for your kind words. Ignotum sparked me poetically, and I wrote that verse in answer. I am a bard, I've written poetry and music for years. My ancestry is from peoples who wrote epic poetry, incl. the Celts, pretty much everyone mentioned in the poem (and maybe more I don't yet know about). I've also been reading The White Goddess, the book by Robert Graves about the ancient lunar goddess worshipped in Europe as far back as the stone age who inspired a whole mythopoetic complex. I also appreciate the compliment about alchemy – I've been studying the Hermetic and ascent material for a long time, along with a lot of other spiritual things. I have not heard of the Lamed Vau, but what you said reminds me of the end of The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, when CR has achieved the positive enlightenment, and becomes the gatekeeper, a seemingly humble but formidable spiritual force in the world, unsuspected by most of having attained such a high estate. He has nothing left to prove and his purpose is to serve others to reach the same state.


Sorry, the post above was for Yomael, forgot to put your name.

Ignotum Arcanus, "Moriah", is a better name if the truth be known.

It's been said before,"those who use fear to control the minds of others, often fall victim to the demon of fear themself".

Pyramidial structures atop tall buildings, Haarp, satellite, and cell-phone technology, broadcast crafted and manipulated dreams, to influence the minds of sleeping sheep – beware.

It's an old song and believe me, 'I know the steps to the dance', but if you must involve your ego, dear Ignotum, please add something of intelligent substance.

Confusion is a mudslide that sweeps everything in its wake into the unknown maw of an event horizon.


But you know this, and precious waste of time and effort isn't going to change a thing – will it?

Which is exactly the nature of your game – ain't it!

Lol the last line definitely led me into a stupor, and I like that my friend… thoughtful structure. Nonetheless, I have a purpose of my Will, and its to enlighten others and I guess I can state that here. If confusion hopefully leads to some fruition, or even a bit of a "google" search within, maybe that would work then? A mind never forgets a thing, and its like a virus I'm implementing. You are right and thank you for your observation, I had learned we are not safe while we are asleep, and I thought (damn Ego, my fault El), that I was wrong to think this for a while. Yet, we've forgotten how to "dream, yoga" I've been practicing within my neurolinguistics hacking. Understand what I mean? Maybe, if their brains read this, they will come to an equal footing. Here is what I mean. A brain never forgets a think, the hippocampus is always storing, spatial navigation within our own configuring. A human mind doesn't need to see in one wave, so to speak, and alpha numerology needs to be chiseled in. Care to read my epitaph? This is how I've been working on "our" behalf. When… Read more »


The building I used to work in in Times Square had a big black obelisk on top of it – I never knew, had worked there for several years, then one day I was on line to get pizza down the street, looked up and went, whoa.


This is 2 minutes and 39 seconds of pure "lolwut?" in Tibet.


hmmm… i don't think we've made it blatantly obvious enough yet.


ryt guyz i m a frm blver in jesus christ n a pastor,i love beyonce to death so talented.the bible says he that is without sin shall cast the frst stone frst,we cannot judge because ol of us have fallen short of the glory of god,we r quick to judge and not look thoroughly into these issues.see we overlook certain issues and focus on the bad things,i applaud beyonce for teaching the women one big lesson to embrace thier femninty,to be confident in who they r too embrace their curves! and t has given women so much power to women you dont knw how many ladies have been inspired by just watching her ,inspired to rise to take hold of their life,break loose from unwholesome relationships,her work ethic is amazing,if u see how hard she works to get a perfomance in order,its a lesson ,inoder to get anywere in life u gotta sweat it out.lastly at the end of the i am dvd thrz a chapter when she is praying why ddnt yal comment on that or look at that.


Did you just say your a pastor???? I find that hard to believe but then again anyone can call themselves a pastor these days i guess 🙁

and NO im not judging but commenting based on your comments…..a real pastor should know there are wolves in sheeps clothing all around us and that Beyonce praying is simply not enough for anyone to take to heart that she is a real Christian woman and is far from a good example of what a woman should strive to be….Oprah has led a lot of people to supposedly more positive lifestyles as well all while denying that Jesus is the only way to the Father and has openly rejected the Gospel and the word of the Bible, would you suggest her as a role model as well pastor? lol!


question,who created ol thse people is it not GOD,judging them and condemning them is not even our job,we may disagree wthy certain behaviour and lifestyles but thats for GOD s job,nt ours.learn to appreciate the good in people and leave the bad and at the end of the day u become a better person and a better christian.lady gaga fr instance,i dont like her or anything,but if u luk at how she stands up for her beliefs,how many christians stand up for their beliefs,stand up for GOD,talk bout him wthout any fear or boldly exercise their belief.i think as christians these days we are very religious and luk at things in a very narrow perspective,GOD can use anyone to bring a message or to teach us something in life,luk at king cyrus who was used by GOD to free the house of jacob frm babylon,he was of a pagan background but GOD used him,rahab the prostitute she is in hebrews 11 s hall of fame!god gave us life in abundance we cant enjoy life to the fullest by trying to live idealistically.christians do experience certain feelings jus lyc any ordinary person,we want to feel sexy and celebrate that,we love we… Read more »


Eww shes gross!How is that cute?


Gaga is the true Jezebel. Everytime I see her I think of the w***e of Babylon.

What a shame…


The Leopard face growl ,after she takes her plastic mold off, definetly reminded me of the Denver Airport mural , the one at the end of the "story". There are leopards with human like faces. I sometimes wonder if theyre stirring up a commotion to keep us distracted on the wrong things. Whether we are against what it being played and how its portrayed or like it and don't think anything is up, we are STILL watching it and talking about it. I really hate that these handlers and 10 percenters are faceless.


Wow at the tear coming out from her eye at the end. Very poignant. It's as if she's crying inside, but she can't do anything about it. Mind control indeed. How very sick and perverted. Disturbing indeed.

MOST HIGH , please take the wheel.


Just dreadful. Ugh. I' m so over these soul scalped 'celebrities'. They need to get God in their life STAT, and escape this mental slavery that they are willingly or forcibly trapped in.


A few weeks ago I was a massive fan of Beyonce. I never bought anything from her brand, no clothes, parfums or cds but I enjoyed most of her music even though I found a few of her songs strange and the video clips very disturbing. After watching Jessie J's (the dark haired woman mentioned in one of the articles here) favourite video clip and song, which was Jay-Z's on to the next I thought to myself that's sinister. There is more to it. It was 3 weeks ago when I first came across Jay-Z's video clip. Also I notice everywhere pyramids and phallic statues. The last weeks I avoid music channels, and I am very selective with radio music in the car. As soon as Beyonce and co. are on I switch it off or change channel until I find something appropriate. Honestly I'm sick with the whole thing of sociopathic and twisted people. And it's not a coincidence that I was observing all these things and questioning them before I discovered the vigilant citizen. I found the website just recently out of pure coincidence. We're not paranoid, more likely some of us can't believe the extent of the… Read more »