Ben Swann Does a “Reality Check” About Pizzagate on CBS News … and Immediate Backlash Ensues (video)


Ben Swann, anchor of the CBS Nightly News in Atlanta, devoted a “Reality Check” segment to the now infamous Pizzagate. As you may know, this explosive story came out in November and was followed by an intense mass media campaign to discredit it.

Ben Swann revisited some aspects of the story and asked “why hasn’t it been officially investigated”?

As expected, backlash against Swann soon followed. Here are some of the headlines that popped up around the web.

A very objective headline from Gizmodo.
The Daily Beast took the time to create a graphic ridiculing Swann.
PLUS an entire article attacking his credibility.

Other publications such as the Washington Post published strong worded articles taking aim at Swann’s segment while making sure to never go too deeply into the subject.

“And there’s even more in this gem of video slime, including references to Dennis Hastert and certain photographs, though we won’t dive into those details here.”
– Washington Post, CBS affiliate’s ‘big question’: Why no law enforcement investigation of ‘Pizzagate’ allegations?

The video has been removed from the CBS 46 website but can still be viewed on Ben Swann’s YouTube channel.

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Ben Swan is one of the best reporters out there. Balls of steel to cover this story on a major news outlet.

I know!

Amazed to see genuine investigative journalism on a mainstream channel.

Very brave.

How did he even get his bosses to let it air?

You know…all the strangeness started when we tried to discuss Pizzagate. That’s when several alt media sites were threatened and many articles came down. It was the same time that there became issues with Europeans getting to websites as well. And then there was what many saw as a false flag incident at the pizza parlor. Heck, I am still almost wondering if I should type in code for when I was discussing this matter on the former boards, all hell broke loose. I do know of other sites which were intimidated and FWIW, it does seem that pizzagate or whatever you want to call it played a major role. Anyhow, Fake News became a tag line and now that is all we hear. It was scary how quickly they seemed to control the situation and squelch water cooler chats on line in a matter of hours. I am very… Read more »

So true that. It was swift. I saw some running scared, fearing falling into a what they saw as a trap of being labeled fake news. And it was labeled fake news. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t true.

I agree @TZone

Excellent coverage by Ben Swann as usual. Watch your back, Ben!!! These people are evil.
James Alefantis, the name in French (J’aime les enfants) means “I love children.”

Creepy. I never thought about the meaning of his name!

Surely a pseudonym, trying to be clever out in the open

Alefantis reminds me of a baseball. not sure why…….. Anyone else see it?

Perhaps you’d like to beat him with one?

@the unveiling – wasn’t saying that. If I wanted to make contact with him I would’ve said he reminds me of a kickball (because I Love kickball, hate baseball)= I was merely stating something that had been eating away at me. Anyway, I’m reminded of a falcon/hyena sometime mole when I look in the mirror (I know….)! I cannot help what I see.

French is my mother tongue. Sorry to say that your claim is false.

The name James Alefantis doesn’t mean “J’aime les enfants” in french.

But it’s almost an anagram. JAMES ALEFANTIS –> J’AIME LES (E)NFA(N)TS

Actually that’s not true. It may be an anagram, but Alefantis does not literally mean love children in French

“J’aime les enfants” is “I love the children” in french

You went a bit too far there.

how do you mean?

Time to bust the fake event….the fact that the reporter is attacked for telling the truth is all you need to know; There is a cover up going on. Good job to the honest reporter and don’t back down. Something stinks at Comet Pizza and the DC police department.

Yes everywhere I look now when I watch cartoons (even ones from the 80s 90s 00s all full of pizza & totally inappropriate pizza jokes. It is so real and such a long standing secret code that I have no doubt it is real!!

In The Netherlands we have a Joris Demmink. Internationally accused of sexual misconduct with minors. ALL searches end up deaded by the government. But hey, Joris Demmink was HEAD of the department of Justice.. Journalists can look for truth but never find it, or what kind of justice for that matter.
There I said it, even named the name. Not for shaming but for sharing.

And not a word spoke about it by the BBC

It’s becoming very obvious to me that all forms of liberal media are so biased that they won’t even look at evidence to consider an alternative, or better yet, it’s forbidden. Look at Clinton’s campaign; despite all the proof that her and Bill are criminals, and her leaked emails, the FBI still “investigates” and clears her. I truly believe that all major federal organizations, including the FBI, CIA, NSA, etc. are here to do nothing more than cover-up crimes committed by the elite. Any story that doesn’t support the elite agenda is labeled tin-foil, conspiracy, right-winged bullsh*t. Washington Post, HuffPo, NYT, all major news stations are completely sold out! This is absolutely ridiculous how far this has gone. We need to stay educated and vigilant, I fear that the worst is yet to come.

The “liberal media” hasn’t been truly liberal since the early 80’s. Ever since corporate conglomerates have gobbled up news organizations thru the decades, the better term is mainstream (or lamestream) news, regardless of political flavor. Anyone who thinks CNN, the Washington Post, or the New York Times are actual liberal news outlets are deluding themselves. I don’t trust Fox or MSNBC so it’s hard to believe a story originally broken out by the likes of 4-Chan & Breitbart. But they do seem to be onto something. So is John Podesta really John Molesta? Why is a pizza owner like Alefantis so politically powerful? Ben Swann makes a good point, why haven’t any actual investigations taken place?

@SheWatches true

Same people who control the media are same ones who own governments and politics from

Continued-behind the scenes, the Zionist globalist. That’s why you always hear the same story about the vaticans, D.C. Politicians, Hollywood higher ups. Child sex is part of their rituals.

I would not rule out a future indictment of Clinton. It would cause a media circus and a great distraction. If the purpose of Trump is to cause further division (which Obama has done quite effectively), nothing would be so divisive as to seek prosecution of his political opposition. Incidentally, the FBI cannot clear anyone. That is the job of the Justice Department.

I think the *&tch is dead, died in sept.. And her passing without fanfare! What could be worse for someone like her?

Stop using the word “liberal”. There are only two classificiations, statist & anti-statist.

I don’t see the mainstream media promoting pro-life, anti-gay marriage agendas. Or any other traditional views, so they’re certainly not conservative.

Do you not have advertising on your tv? Nearly every tv show since its inception has forced the “traditional” way down our throats

Look back and you will see, the episodes were full of product placements, political propaganda and oppressive as well. With the closing of the ranks of some brotherhoods and sisterhoods, there came more shows about opposites view, but lok close, they have an agend as well. Not to sedate but to corrupt. Oh what fun we all had when a wife got smacked by their husbands, or almost, in a sitcom, or when the hero spy got laid because he looked cute although with blood on his face. Remember the good old times?

My father bore a strong resemblance to Jackie Gleason, and was very physically abusive. I never got into the logic of the laugh track when he would look at his long suffering wife and yell, “Alice, to the moon”, & the like. Here is a big man, threatening physical violence on his wife, and it’s aired to all and considered funny.
Physical abuse is NEVER “funny”, to humane humans, but to those out to corrupt us? A bowl o’ laughs, i guess.

It means ure blind. At least the pro-life crap is heavily promoted because new generations of slaves are needed for more abuse and exploitation on a dying planet. Pro-life? What life exactly? Welcome to the real world.

Pro life crap? Because burning preborn people with saline solutions and ripping their arms and legs off while they try to get away from the instruments is perfectly okay? You’re what’s wrong with the world, Christinne. Way to promote the agenda.

There are many with this view, unfortunately, and it’s because this life has been made one of slavery, and they don’t want to birth slaves.
Many say that “coming to the light” upon death is a trap, and you’ll have to reincarnate here again if you get sucked in.
Not “agreeing”, just sayin’ that there are a LOT of folks with these sort of beliefs.
I like the phrase, “preborn people”. Says a lot.

yes that’s true my dear friend…GRAVIORA MANENT

At the end of the day, the repercussions of Pizzagate will not only affect the Clintons, but ALL of the politicians that are in the know or participating on both sides of the political spectrum. I think it’s totally ridiculous that this has not been investigated beyond what reddit users and civilians are finding. I applaud this journalist for speaking up and urge everyone to open their eyes to the evils that are happening in our world.

The more the united mainstream media outrage machine claims this is the nonsense, the more likely I am to think it’s legitimate. The media world has a lot of perverts to cover for.

I’m actually starting to think Trump may NOT be part of the elite, however unlikely this seems. This media hetz (maybe we should start referring to the mainstream media as ‘fake media’, was that an idea for getting back at their bullsh1t?) against him is so intense there must be some kind of agenda behind it. The world no doubt has journalists and reporters who take things at the world at face value and genuinely just dislike Trump (I dislike him, too, he is absolutely un-presidential) but the media sh1tstorm is so huge it’s probably the Illuminati driving it.

I believe that’s what They *want* people like us to believe “The msm really seems to hate Trump; therefore he must be anti-establishment.” No. He’s a billionaire businessman and former reality star who kinda pushes a borderline pro-incest agenda when he talks about his daughter Ivanka. (And practically ignores his other daughter; Tiffany.) Also people seem to keep overlooking his surname: A quick Google search brings up the following: “(In bridge, whist, and similar card games) A playing card of the suit chosen to rank above others, which can win a trick where a card of a different suit has been led.” “A valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage.” And everyone’s favorite, Wikipedia, says this: “Trump cardgames: A card of a suit chosen to rank above all other suits in trick talking games.” “Trumps (Tarot Cards), or Major Arcana, special… Read more »

“For no reason”… that’s a good one. The guy he talks about, is the one that had photos of children handcuffed and in baskets being sold on his Instagram? Very interesting someone would brush the dust off of this one. I want to say good for him, but I guess all that happens is him being called an imbecile and no one cares to look into this and help the kids very likely affected by it. The media so sorely wanted everyone to forget about it. Did you have to erase your article about that guy, VC? With the nasty, telling Instagram and the weird art in his house. And the one about Abramovic and the emails to Podesta… sorry to see them gone. They were very eye opening, but I respect if you had to remove them for some reason. 🙁

Wow, Ben did some good research. It is always great to see people try to wake up those are asleep. However, it is also scary to know what can happen to them…

Alefantis is an anagram for “Satan life”

If anyone hasn’t figured that out yet

Also an anagram for I, Santa Elf.

The media is trying too hard to maintain. It has been exposed as a propaganda mouthpiece, and a social engineer. The power to influence us is over for them all. Truth is sweeping over us like a newly made bed. The smell of fresh truth permeates the public sphere. The time will come when everyone will see the emperor without his clothes. Soon the liars will be afraid to show their faces in public.

@katz. You said, “The power to influence us is over for them all “.

I guess you haven’t noticed how many sheep there still is in the world huh?

There are so many people who refuse to believe anything that isn’t mainstream. These sheep think people like the Vigilant Citizen and the people(us) who believe what he writes about are crazy and paranoid.

People are not “sheep”. That is just as rude as calling those who voted for Mr. Trump stupid. People are often misinformed. The propaganda arm of the power elite has been “entertaining” them for years. Most people are tired. They work hard for low wages, and everything that they make is used up by the end of the month. People are well meaning, but often cannot look at this level of corruption bc it would cause them to commit suicide to internalize exactly how bad these people are who control us all. They would rather stay light, and in their own space and get along to get along. Nobody is brave anymore. It takes courage to face up to the reality of what we have become. We are the used. We are the people who work and pay taxes. We are the ones who stay up at night, worrying. Do… Read more »

BTW, rumor has it that Bush Sr and his wifey are hiding out, not in the hospital, at all. So, something is going to expose the propaganda arm, along w the CIA/MI6/Mossad.

Yes & who knows how long the D.C. pedo rings have existed. I haven’t forgotten the underage “male consorts” scandal during the Bush years.

or The Finders……. Oh, this chit is REAL.

Be sure they are very afraid of sheeple and their justice so they went hiding, yeah, rite. They could appear on TV tomorrow admitting all they s**t theyve done and noone would bat an eyelid, no big deal would be done other than some joke of sentences wouldnt be pushed upon them. Look at the Dutroux case.

The truth has spread over us like the lingering odor from Emperor Trump’s delightful rectum. Let us praise the blessings he bestoweth upon us from his glorious bunghole. Amen.

I don’t think there is anything that gives more credibilty to these allegations than the fact BBC, NY Times, Washington Post & CNN immediately all claimed it was ‘fake’.

Oh well, that and all those f*cked up pictures with the children.

Thank you for keeping up on this and I thank Ben Swann for having the courage to do this report. So many sources, even alternative ones, have gone silent on this. This is the dark festering underbelly of the elitist structure, and what *they* know would bring them down immediately if the masses woke up and realized what’s going on: that their children are being selected and harvested for sex and torture, and–once they have been exhausted–they are murdered. Not just children, but older teens and college aged, especially the fit and attractive (take a look into the so-called “Smiley Faced Killer”, targeting attractive, athletic college aged males in the Midwest). Please stay vigilant, folks, and VC! Keep it going, and please keep us updated as you find out more. BTW, in general, I would really like to see more updates to past things if possible. For example, was anything… Read more »

The people slamming him certainly show what side they’re on.

I’m surprised someone showing critical thinking skills would even be allowed to report on CBS, since they’re a fairly big channel here. He’s right, though, why hasn’t it been investigated?

Also, tin foil hats are severely underrated

True conspiracy theorists like myself prefer to pt. out that we call them aluminum chapeaus’, now.
& the true conspiracy is that you can’t find “tin foil” anywhere! It’s ALL aluminum now. ;);)

Did anyone see the fake Trump protests that supposedly happened during the inauguration? The CNN cameramen shaking their video and blurring the focus to make it look chaotic, just like they make fake war coverage overseas. And did you see the lines of cameramen standing directly in front of the police lines? Where were the protestors? So pathetic. And did you know it’s actually legal for the fake news meidia to create fake propoganda under the Smith-Mundt Act? It was all a farce and videographied charade to blast over the airwaves.

I used towatch that channel for some time in the 90s, as it seemed okay. But when I looked closer, I started watching the technics and drama used, the intonations, the styling of bumpers, promo’s and such – without the sound. It is empty hypnotizingly boring content. Fox does it as well, as nearly al other channels. Look at the moving circles and such on your screen, they never leave..but are forever trying to suck your eyes into their shallow depths of what they want you to think is news. A fashion show combined with war-coverage, actors creating television. that’s all.

If they are trying to ban it, defame the messenger, report fake news…then you KNOW it’s true.
Thank you Ben.. You’re loved no matter what THEY do.
Soon, they’ll just be a bad dream!

In any case, Alefantis is out there. These people are above the “law” somehow, because they make the rules themselves.

It would be better for law enforcement to investigate the store than an armed vigilante. This would be assuming that the law enforcement officials and their superiors are on the level. There is certainly enough smoke to warrant an investigation. The FBI typically doesn’t make their investigations public. It is possible that they are investigating the claims and the various connections that are being pointed out via the internet.

While there certainly are things that would make people suspicious of Comet Pizza and the other stores in that area, one should still maintain the presumption of innocence. Being weird is not a crime. If however, they are part of some child trafficking ring, then they will be punished. If not by the justice system, then by the Almighty Himself.

Read a book called The Franklin Cover Up. It’s about satanic ritual abuse in Omaha, NB by bankers and law enforcement. This p*******e, satanic ring went all the way to the WH during Bush Sr. Its cover up is scary. Really scary. So, don’t ever expect the FBI or CIA or any politician, or popular pizza joint where politicians hang out, to be truthful or uncover the insidious exploits of blatant Satanism. They’re used to cover it up.

try being a parent in the court fighting to protect your child! Then you WILL KNOW this chit is 100% real and true. especially when you see DA’s tossing cases of admitted child r**e, because of the players involved. You think those cases are isolated?!?! They are happening EVERY< SINGLE DAY across the united states of america. Meanwhile, people are sitting in prison for joints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tell me those mutherf&^kers (DA's, judges, lawyers, politicians, etc) aren't up to their eyeballs in this chit. How ANYONE can turn a blind eye to CHILD R**E and then incarcerate a KID for a bag of weed, and think THEY'RE LEGIT, STAND UP PEOPLE!! You've got to be out of your f*&king minds.

Who’s to say the armed vigilante bit really happened though… That could have been staged by actors to support the suppression of the initial story.

As in, look at the terrible consequences of unqualified internet users doing their own investigation.

#TeamBenSwann if God be for you, who can be against you!!!!!!

VC why did you take down your original pgate article? ?

Apparently, there is a new set of boundaries with the mass media. And those rules are: Don’t show any support for Trump and always dismiss the truth by saying that is “Fake News”.

Law enforcement hasn’t investigated because some memebers might be part of it or higher power telling them not to.

Most people involved with law enforcement and the courts are Freemasons. Freemasons give solemn blood oaths to protect their own and not speak about what happens in Freemason lodges like the 33rd degrees who dabble in satanic ritual abuse like partaking in tantric sex rituals with children.

you got that right. Note the masonic lodge in hershey pa is #666 and it’s windowless. Also home of the milton hershey school which has paid out, how much for sexual abuse crimes shoved under the rug for the past decade??….AND who often have kids sent there BY JUDGES, who are also masons and who LEGALLY TAKE the kid’s away from their “poor” parents (not all the kids are put there this way, but a lot). PA is a cesspool of this p********a filth (birthplace of the USA masonic brotherhood no less). Every, single one of those in authority positions need to be taken off their jobs. Each and every one of them. AND the masonic lawyers. Just look at what these criminals did to kathleen kane! SHE’s going to serve time! Not any of them. Google ray gricar, jonathan luna. PA is a cesspool.
Kathleen Kane was exposing their corruption and they are going to screw her hard. It is sickening the lies they use to justify this. I looked up on Wiki how many politicians have been arrested for crimes-mostly corruption,bribery,extortion-with sex crimes making up most of the rest of them. Guess which state leads the pack (politicians and judges and commissioners)in arrests…PA! From 2000 to present PA had literally 4X the amount (& higher) then all the other states. Ny isn’t too good either-came in 2ND. I don’t have the figures in front of me,but I know PA had more than 25 people in 6 yrs,compared to 4 or 5 in most other states. The majority of arrests in PA were in the judicial branch. Go figure. They all need to go. By the way-the total number for all states from 2000-2016 was almost 200 people arrested from state and federal govt… Read more »

@s.cola great info. I appreciate it. Many Blessings.

This could be more true than some people think. I was recently caught at a traffic light in downtown and noticed a lodge right beside the new courthouse that featured no less than 9 symbols of organizations including the Masons hidden in plain sight. I snapped a quick pic to go back and decipher the symbols and orgranizations when I have time.

The Masonic Fraternal Order of Police is the biggest police union in the country that also has the most political power then any other union. The logo has with the all seeing eye of Horus (Lucifer), a duality checkerboard and a tubalcain pass grib of the master Mason handshake on it. Plus all court houses are controlled by the Fraternal Order of Eagles and they donate the 10 Commandment stones, which would be ok if they didn’t put hexagrams on them. Hexagrams like the so called Star of David doesn’t represent Judaism or Christianity but Rothschild Zionism. Rothschild’s founded Israel through the Barflour declaration and many Jews complained for years that hexagrams are used to represent Jews. A hexagram has 6 points, 6 mini triangles and 6 sideded polygon because it’s a 666 mark of the beast symbol. It’s also 2 pyramids (illuminati) within each other with one facing up… Read more »

@mistaX in Lancaster county PA the police fraternity is called the Red Rose. Ah, the Order of the Red Rose ….. Anyone? It’s an old satanic sect from the old country, Europe. Sure, most don’t realize just as many masons surely don’t realize, nevertheless it’s still lucifarianism. What about the god, on in God we trust? The founders of our nation were members of the “brotherhood,” hence, they weren’t talking about the God of Love, but their god, Lucifer. The only way to snap out of it is to see it for what it is. My thoughts.

Yes finally someone in the media with a conscience and true bravery; he’s also analyzing everything quite objectively! Woah let’s pray for him though…

the first casulty of war is truth… and we are in a war for our very souls i fear…

to all, keep your minds and hearts open… and good luck to us all.

I’m starting to like this Ben Swann guy.

It would be fascinating to find out what “Cosmic Pizza” sounds like backwards. Why? Because it’s scary to think that the first part could be “azzup…”?!?

That and what’s with the crescent and star symbols on the Cosmic Pizza sign at the front of the place?

What is going on with that place?

VC, I sent u a link to Daily Fail about Anneke Lucas, Belgian victim of paedophilia and horrific abuses involving Dutroux too. Pls make a post. Thank u.

I admire this daring journalist, talk about exposure of the bitter truth

Here’s a fact it’s the wrong pizza place. I wrote Kelly File and told her that DNC Nancy owns a pizza restaurant. I asked her to get in front of a rumor that it’s her place. I requested Nancy to allow a team of reporters check out her restaurant before it got out of control. NOTHING It all suddenly became Fake News. They would not check it out instead they began attacking people daring to ask questions about it. Twitter started blocking post and kicking people off. Etc… You should check this lead out!

Why can’t they just investigate it?

Actually, He’s vanquished evil quite a few times. First, with a great deluge. Got rid of the perverts and chimos and murderers. Then there was Babel, but instead of killing them, He scrambled their language to cease the Satanism. Then, there was Sodom and Gomorrah where folks were performing all manner of vile, unnatural things. God couldn’t find ten righteous people, save for Lot and his kin. Then, THEN, He sent Jesus to us, to die for our sins so that all who believes in Him, will be saved. Where is God when Podesta is molesting one of His innocents? Right there begging him to stop. Helping us expose the evil. Getting hell ready for child molesters. Is that not good enough for you?

Innocents not being preyed upon, period, would be preferred. Why not eradicate evil completely from this planet? He has the power. I’m not saying that you’re wrong or that what you say isn’t “good enough”, but honestly now. I do believe in God and have love for Our Creator, but I don’t believe that the promise of abusers suffering eternal damnation is “good enough” when even newborns are being sacrificed, or groomed for horrors. We should be lining up the abusers and turning them into castrated paraplegics and removing their tongues so they have no parts with which to indulge their depravity. What would you do if you walked in on them forcing themselves on a child you know and love? Would you simply pray and find comfort that God has a special place for them? Or would you beat them to a pulp? Sometimes God uses us to do… Read more »
@Thy Unveiling. I understand exactly what you are saying. I pray to God and ask how he could allow these people to get away with what they do and don’t think going to hell is enough of a punishment for them. But then I remember God gave us all free will to choose whether we do good or evil and how our reward for being good and living as a reflection of God joins us in heaven with him in the afterlife. I take my anger and hatred for p********s and murderers and I turn it into pity, which then turns to mercy and I pray for them. How empty and filled with darkness and self loathing must those people be to do what they do? I’m not like them. I feel the grace of God all around me. I see the beauty of the plants and trees, I hear… Read more »

….well…..that’s one way to think about it that I hadn’t considered before. Thank you for giving me a lot to think about.

Interesting… are you going to delve deeper into this as well?

I don’t think he can. Behind the scenes bs that we can only speculate on. He did have a great article delving into this, but I’m guessing he was made to remove it. There’s pretty much a blackout on anything pizzagate-related that goes against the “fake news” narrative.

I feel old remembering when stuff like Bat Boy was fake news. Back before the Internet was available to us, and around the time we had to tie up a phone line to connect.

there is no mainstream media that one could treat as a point of reference

He has sent cryptic messages on his social media. He then dropped his feed ans Instagram account and Facebook Truth in Media page. It’s unclear buut his bosses likely forced Swann to take down his social media accounts. It’s unclear what the future of his Truth in Media project will be sincee he is still on payroll. He actually warned his readers several days in advance that he was “going dark.” It’s possible this gave folks a chance to save a lot of his work themselves before he took the sites down. He also tweeted messages satin things woul be alright and that he knew what he was doing in so many words. One tweet spelled Tuesdat Tsuday as in the Art of War Tsu for his return, The date was also oddly wrong as if intended as well giving his followers the impression he would fight and that he… Read more »

Is it true he disappeared?

And now he’s gone.

It’s always dismissed when it involves members of the Elite. Sickening.

One movie to watch mysterious skin staring Joseph Gordon-Levitt, warning it’s real disturbing.



There is no video 🙁

Does anyone know of a really great PG site/video? There are so so many details that I myself have uncovered casually researching a few hours and so far I haven’t seen any really complete compilation.

I bet that if any republican candidate was implicated in a similar scandal it would have huge support to be properly investigated. Disgusting!

Not a chance as this pea dough ring spreads across the world, tip of the iceberg stuff

All the way up to the Royals.

There was a little blip on the radar a few years ago about families being contacted to join the ring. I guess They contacted someone with morals, who then reported it. There was a quick radio blurb saying that if anyone received similar emails, to please call the police. It was never mentioned again, and when I tried to follow it up, no information it had ever happened. Probably because the police found out who messed up by emailing the wrong person and “dealt with” them.

Because he allowed the PC/SJC movement to develop deep roots, thus people think it is now normal to squelch free speech and seek safe places for differing opinions.

He is the only US president to have war his entire term. He backed radical groups and pushed a transgener agenda when they make up a very small portion of society.

Some say he funded ISIS. Debt doubled under him. Do you know how many missiles or bombs were dropped during his tenure…nothing to do with being black, all to do with some undeniable facts.

By pushing the same sex marriage and vilifying anyone who is against this is one of the ways he caused division!

They may never be brought to justice on earth, but God won’t let them go unpunished. Some say hell is hateful of God to dole out as punishment, but I’m thrilled the child molesters and other monsters, who will never repent, will be eternally roasted. They’ve been warned.

You maybe stop fighting for justice, but better not stop preventing, or trying to. It is all happening to you in this life, not in the next. That next life you can only guess about, is still just a concept, in whatever language.