BBC Flashes Illuminati Symbols During “Match of the Day” Promo (video)


This BBC advertisement entitled “Beware the Ides of March” features football highlights mixed with the flashing of a whole lot of Illuminati symbols. I don’t see a reason why the symbol of the All-Seeing Eye inside a triangle should be in this ad, but there it is,  flashing, being burnt inside the minds of oblivious football fans. Here’s the ad.

What else can you expect from a TV station that protected child abuse Jimmy Savile for years? The BBC is definitely well connected with the occult elite.


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It's Interesting that on top of that they also threw in the ufo… hmmm…

It used to amaze me how dumb and blind the vast majority of people -sorry, sheeple- are. They dismiss any of the well written and presented proofs as "conspiracy theories" and claim we are nuts. Well, the joke's on them, because they will wake up sooner or later, but then it's too late.

They do not see the impending danger of the vile experiments done by the soulless and insane "scientists", nor the bottomless evil of the globalists. They also do not see that there is a non-human, thoroughly evil "presence" in this world, and that this "someTHING" desires to modify the culture and society, our health and spirits to fit it's own vision for our species.

It has been at it for a damned long time, too, and so has it's human servants (the global elite) as well.

Thanks John, again I would like to state that I don't believe there is a group called the illuminati. It's really easy to see who controls the world by simply googling the largest land owners and the family's with the most money. There is no secret there. Generally the BBC has pretty good programming although boring at times, I just don't see it as some agenda. If any of these things scare you, ultimately you have given something power over you. I noticed another reader commented on how his dog barked when a symbol came on the screen. Well a dog is more likely to react to you, reacting to something. If you get a sense of fear in you when seeing a symbol you will release a pheromone that your pet will react to. That's what animals react too. It's just science. Calling it something it's not is silly.… Read more »

john writes a stupid comment. john knows it's stupid. john wants people to think it's great. so he leaves a comment he wants you to think is left by another by addressing himself. instead john fails terribly. he never even replies to the original comment, and forgets to change his name.

He's an a** and his last name's Smith. The reply to himself is written in the same style of drivel. His target audience are those who are dumb enough to believe that a suicide note remained intact in 9-11 fake terrorist attack- when the twin towers were hit with the remote controlled planes at the same time the controlled explosion was initiated.

John is quite obviously an undercover NSA troll giving us lies and outright bullsh*t. The (un)intelligence agencies have a slang term for that, chicken feed.

So, John, how much they pay you?

i gave it the thumbs up! everybody should stop and stare at the spectacle as they pass by…

its the all seeing eye of God. It signifies the god of all. It really pays homage to everyone's concept of god with out giving reverence to anyone form. Good for the BBC! there really is no "illuminati". The language of god is mathematics and geometry, there would be no us if it wasn't for that. The eye in the triangle symbolizes that we are all god because we exist so we can experience ourself. If you look at the data we live in a beautiful world with long life's and the least amount of violence we have seen in century's. There is no reason to fear, go out and live your life to the fullest…be free!

I read the Bible everyday and I have never once read anything about the all seeing eye of god or how it is evil. There isn't a verse in there about it. I read in the bible many things but never that. The bible meet instructs us to go to church either, I must be misunderstanding something. If you were a true Christian, would you call me dumb? I have an different view on this issue and I'm called names. Jesus said to be wise as serpents, maybe you are not reading a bible at all. My god gave me a mind to think and to reason, if I do not use it for those reasons I am truly dishonoring him. if you like to have a biblical discussion, I would welcome it any day. Peace be with you my friend. Evil only exists in the hearts of foolish men,… Read more »

"I follow the teachings of Christ before they were assimilated in Rome"
"I read the bible everyday"
do you also turn left when making a right turn

John, the eye symbol of the Masons/Illuminati is not the eye of God, but Satan. Masonry is all about Satan worship. Wretched scum one and all.

"we are all god"
"the least amount of violence"
i mean……i just…

You obviously don't understand what the Illuminati are and are about.

The word illuminati is a group from the 1700s that was disbanded long ago Illumine means light or inner light, when the sky's are dark for the winter…seek those who carry the light, or knowledge. So you may survive the winter with the knowledge they have leaned over time. If you are referring to the power structure that runs the world. Look at the land owners…the top of that list is the Queen of England and the Catholic Church. Those 2 factions have been fighting for a long time, it's no mystery. We do live in amazing times, medical science has extended peoples life's and we have more people living on this planet than we have ever seen in recorded history. Because the language of god which is science and math, we have built a better world for people to exist in. It's truly wonderful to be alive right now.… Read more »

Poor you. It's not as "good and peaceful" as it seems.

it is good and peaceful if you want it to be. You are the creator of your own perspective. When you allow others to frame this perspective with evil, then that's what you will experience. It's up to you to decide how to feel about this world, because in you is the spark of the creator. He wants you to live love and experience. Go add to the world rather than trying to bring it down.

I like what your saying John. Obviously readers of this sight know its a symbol used by the illuminati, but they have only hijacked it. They don't own these sacred symbols & i say reclaim them in the name of what is good.
In context of this ad, I do think it is intentional programming for an unwholesome agenda.

How are you so blind? You claim to be a Christian but talk about science helping instead of God??? People are dying more now than ever thanks to FEMA and big pharma and the millitary industrial complex. People are being sacrificed to Satan and ritualy killed and raped but the 'government' keep feeding you figures that say out population is growing. It cannot be as the Georgia Guidestones do not lie. We must be almost at their population number now as the Illuminati are revealing themselves. There must be about 500000 people left in the word.

Once I was blind but now I see. I follow the teachings of Christ before they were assimilated in Rome to what it is now. more of a true Christian. Actually people are living longer, that's just the facts. There are approximately 7 billion people on this planet, if there is some ruthless plot to take out the worlds population…who ever is running it should be fired because the population increases every single day. The government isn't feeding anyone figures, the data I speak of is easily found everywhere. I can't argue with you if you are imagining there is a huge population on this planet, you should travel and see it for yourself. Visit Mexico City, and Beijing…you will clearly see massive amounts of people all over the world. Don't give into manic fears, the creator did not wish for you to experience the world like that. He wants… Read more »

"live, love, and experience"
like…… you work for forever 21 in your free time

Wrong. You are brainwashed to think that. Go back to sleep you idiot and stop posting your Illuminati fed lies.

I will not speak unless i know i am correct about something and I haven't been "brainwashed" ever. There is nothing to fear but words. "At first there was the word and the word was with god and the word was god." John 1. That word is math science and geometry. That "language" is what used to create us. That is not nefarious but logical. Like I said before I don't believe there is an illuminati. if you mean my educated responses to your points, well I'm not doing the world any good if I keep quiet about something I know is wrong.

Video no longer available. Anywhere else I can see this?

Yes, the illuminate symbol eye represents all seeing eye, they are going to form new world order.(anti Christ region). The people who will be left behind in the secret coming of jesus, will be regained by illuminates(anti christ). I mean 666

Many thanks VC keep up the good work by exposing the rot in this world of those who wish to take control of our minds and bodies. I truly feel the end times are close.. I read a book written about The Prophet Mohammed PBUB when he was talking to his companions about the end times. They said how will we know when this will happen, his reply was that children will disrespect their parents. women will walk around naked but clothed!!! ie:- tight fitting clothes etc. Showing off their breasts and legs. very nice for the guys. if u wish to sleep with them for a one night stand, certainly do not wish to marry them. ?????? that's why I feel many marriages break-up because the sex thing is getting boring. My Dad would say when having making LOVE is 95% when in the act. but you have to… Read more »


I'm Sick of these Gang Signs..-scumbags, the whole lot of them.

It seems as though nothing is sacred anymore, this is disheartening,
Children's shows, children's books, fashion, movies, magazines, even the news!!!!!!

I have no idea where to turn and in turn feel like a lost sheep, i wish it was as simple as closing my eyes to all that is going on, but I can't, I have children to watch out for!

Dammit, I need help :-/

so, they make tv shows, sports, games, music and whatever else, for us? Hmm who are the slaves then? what the f**k's it matter, they never actually get around to doing anything, how many centuries it been now?

And I wrote them back as it follows:
Dear Madam or Sir,

thank you for your answer. Maybe your answer makes sense to an average person, who has no idea of all that brainwashing techniques.
Furthermore your answer does not sound like it refers especially to my complaint. It sounds like you have sent this to everyone who wrote you a complaint about "Match of the Day 2" broadcast. By the way, how many complaints did you receive on this matter?

I want to expose the truth and that is why I have to ask you:
Why is an UFO flying through the picture at the end? Will you tell me that the UFO has something to do with Julius Caesar?
To me it would ring hollow.

You are mired in lies, aren't you? Take the reins and do not let them bribe you!
Looking forward to reading from you,

Yours sincerely

I made a complaint at BBC and this is the answer:

Dear Mr Kraft

Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘Match of the Day 2’ broadcast on the 16 March.

Please accept our apologies for the delay in replying. We know our correspondents appreciate a quick response and we're sorry you have had to wait on this occasion.

We understand you were concerned with the item at end of the programme.

We decided to end the programme in a topical and light hearted way, we certainly didn’t wish to be controversial.

The Ides of March ending was produced because the programme fell on the weekend of that fateful date – the 15th March. The Ides of March refers to the date when Julius Caesar was betrayed and murdered in Shakespeare’s famous play and has subsequently become synonymous as a date of foreboding and a warning of future events.

This is the reply I got from the bbc after I made a complaint… "Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘Match of the Day 2’ broadcast on the 16 March. Please accept our apologies for the delay in replying. We know our correspondents appreciate a quick response and we're sorry you have had to wait on this occasion. We understand you were concerned with the item at end of the programme. We decided to end the programme in a topical and light hearted way, we certainly didn’t wish to be controversial. The Ides of March ending was produced because the programme fell on the weekend of that fateful date – the 15th March. The Ides of March refers to the date when Julius Caesar was betrayed and murdered in Shakespeare’s famous play and has subsequently become synonymous as a date of foreboding and a warning of future events. We chose to… Read more »

i received the same answer… just look at my comment down under…

What is with the weird music?

The funny thing about brainwashing . It doesn't have to hurt. Sometimes you don't realise it's happening . Dude you really need to do more research. If you can't see the truth or the bigger pictures than heaven help you. Things r happening out of anyone's control . Some things are inevitable . Also genocide and civil war happens everyday . Children r left orphaned from war hunger and stds. Children r being born with eases . Being thrown in the trash if they r a girl. What about the 1/3 women r raped or sexually assaulted in north America . So don't tell me the world's a better place . Because that's an illusion , American dream is just that A dream . You have to have your eyes closed to go there.

Yes omg

My God Help Us

Wow I'm not sure was that the actual commercial skipping like that…it will only prove the ignorance if people who still have no clue. ThOse words and symbols/images were saying a lot. Just look into the statues and images they used. And the words. Def some read between the lines stuff. First time here been into thus stuff for a while. Haven't fund anything worth it on the net glad I found you

There is a lot going on in this clip in a minute and a half! Has anyone else noticed that it is not just the "triangle-eye" symbol inlaid in this clip? There is another similar yet less familiar symbol being used that is a circle w/tiny triangles at the cardinal points, and the eye inside. Out of the 8 times the subliminals are inserted, the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th are actually a series of the circle symbol, the two symbols superimposed, and then the triangle by itself. Only the second and third inserts are just the triangle symbol. There has to be a reason for the inclusion of this other symbol, and a reason for this pattern. If you count the end shot of the ferris wheel eye w/ the letter "o" as its iris, the eye image is presented 9 times, or 21 times if you… Read more »

That is so sick, evil, dark. Devil's work…end of days people

I'm really sorry what you're going through, I pray for you.
this is what I dare to say, Freemasons are satanic, and they make human sacrifices, but I really don't know, that man could have been in drugs, or your friend just had an accident.
I can not say more.

Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it.

off topic, but I need help. My friend recently was killed by being pushed off the balcony off his apartment. The police are currently investigating. His roommate creeped me out (I had no reason, just gut feeling) and I recently found out he is a Freemason. Am I wrong for feeling like this could be associated with my friends mysterious death? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

It is an established form of modern ritual sacrifice – google the Mark Blanco case and the Divya Bharti case both involving freemasons. Was he Industry or somehow related?

Definitely a ritual sacrifice. The cops who are "investigating" the crime are most certainly Masons themselves. It's a common practice among these Satan worshippers. The police are completely corrupt. They are NOT our friends.

to blame the secret societies, by environmental pollution, since they are the ones that do not allow the oil to be changed by other technologies.
all evil in the world, poverty, suffering is because of them. And the damage they have done to each one of us, making us swallow their garbage.
even there are ways to cure cancer, they do not allow us to known. because it doesn't suit their wallets.

is so shocking that we have been deceived by those people lifetime, therefore the world has become so indecent, and so superstitious. I still have problems because despite having seen countless movies filled with satanic symbols and Egypt, my mind still hesitant not understanding. that is why I come to vigilant citizen, to go re trying to accept that all this is happening.
although people say I should not believe in those things. That I'm believing too much.