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Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators



Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators

Army Deploys Psy-Ops on U.S. Senators

This Rolling Stone article is causing quite a stir in Washington. The U.S. Army illegally ordered a team of soldiers specializing in “psychological operations” to manipulate visiting American senators into providing more troops and funding for the war. Mind control does happen in higher levels of the hierarchy. Here’s an excerpt:

The orders came from the command of Lt. Gen. William Caldwell, a three-star general in charge of training Afghan troops – the linchpin of U.S. strategy in the war. Over a four-month period last year, a military cell devoted to what is known as “information operations” at Camp Eggers in Kabul was repeatedly pressured to target visiting senators and other VIPs who met with Caldwell. When the unit resisted the order, arguing that it violated U.S. laws prohibiting the use of propaganda against American citizens, it was subjected to a campaign of retaliation.

“My job in psy-ops is to play with people’s heads, to get the enemy to behave the way we want them to behave,” says Lt. Colonel Michael Holmes, the leader of the IO unit, who received an official reprimand after bucking orders. “I’m prohibited from doing that to our own people. When you ask me to try to use these skills on senators and congressman, you’re crossing a line.”

Read the full article here.


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mind control is a bad name. I'd call it mind manipulation… There must be some willingness or at least mislead feeble minded logic or self-assurance/deceit to do something evil at whoever's orders.
Is anyone "mind-control" susceptible? In my view some evil guy looking to make another person go berserk would actually look among unstable individuals that are prone to violence and then he'd feed the hate, provoke the subject or "mentor" the man to the point of going berserk.
I am aware of movement control video of a rat, and an angry at the press of a switch cat vid too… some doc even mentioned same anger at switch of a button technique was tested on humans. Only a monster could do this to people.


how come that the lot of yall have a minimal at best)-flimsy command of the english language?


Anyone one see Men Who Stare At Goats?

I did a quick internet search on some of the names and

programs that were mentioned in that movie.

The search turned up that many of those departments

and techniques were indeed used in the military.

Things like First Battalion Earth, and remote viewing.

But, only "many years ago…."

You know something's wrong when Coast To Coast episodes,

your recent video rental, the Rolling Stone's magazine, and

your local TV new affiliate are all claiming same bizarre stuff.


TYT: Military Using Mind-Tricks On Congress To Continue War?


When I first saw this article I thought wow, how brazen. Then I remembered how the entire United States is a psyops 24/7/365. "Elected" representatives are under constant manipulation and control as detailed in Franklin Cover-Up.

Ric Flair's Kid

So that's where Ollie North got his sense of rationale?


I'd suggest most people's knowledge of government and military stops at popular movie fiction. Test your friends in their knowledge of government and military in a long discussion, wait until they begin drawing comparisons to popular movies or comic books, it won't take that long before they do, unless they quickly dismiss your invitation to discussion or debate because it short circuits their minds. Stories like this concern the few, but are buried by the many.

These are the same cream from the crop of those who mock you should you tell them you've given up TV and Hollywood's offerings. They shout, "You can't live in a bubble!" without understanding they live in a bubble of fiction, their minds constantly referring to The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and movie quotes which define and describe their lives.

Ignotum Arcanus

"Adjustment Bureau" "Limtless" "Battle LA"


yea but its also being published in Rolling Stones, which makes you wonder.


Where is the outrage?? There is so little we know about the behind-the-scenes of our own government. This is just one example. It’s taking the idea of our country to a new low.

Need to read this thriller just out cause it’s Americans who finally take a stand against corrupt govt. We need to save our country from our own government.

Thanks for such a good article. I did see it on FOX, but not CNN. It’s better to get the correct angle from websites so we can see how bad our govt. has fallen.


It seems many people are derailing it as a fluff piece and pointing out it has a whole lot of holes. Do I know this is true? Do I know the article is accurate. My answer to both is absolutely no. And I have no intention of finding out because I couldn't care less about our Senators. It's time the people stepped in and started claiming responsibility for their own futures. Until any one person is willing to do that, like VC, I won't take them serious.


Congress falls all over themselves to hand tax money to the military anyway – why'd the brass think they needed to pull a Jedi mind trick on them to get even more?

Ignotum Arcanus

Before I begin, I apologize that I have commented as much as I have, without giving any true intellectual offerings. I have actually posted many comments around this time to all those who would listen, and I even wrote "plausible" submissions to VC under many different "visions". Yet, he wasn't aware that it was me, and I don't know why he didn't reply to a message, or even a simple "I see." Then again, I am quite fond of typing, so I shall continue rambling and ranting. Nanobots are true, and there are within us and within you, and if you don't believe me, then ask me why some of our "minds" are so damn "skewed"? I mean to tell you that if the "stimoceiver" that I keep bringing up was made in the 50s to 60s, and now we have this theory of nanobot technology, add 1+1 and you'll see why it never reaches three. I am telling you all this, because I have my own evidence. I've been overseas, I've seen what happens to third world countries, and I've been in clear skies, and I know its affects on me. I've lived on the coastline of the panhandle,… Read more »

peeping out



This is twice someone has posted something in the message boards and you've picked it up. BE EFFIN' ORIGINAL! Do your own homework.

An olive tree

no ONE person knows everything

we learn from eachother….s--t educate me…..

someone please tell me why there are SO many devil's advocates here recently

Essential Truth

Senators don't need no Psy-Ops done to them…they already get down with the program!

Sarah Connor

Just a tune-up


LOL so true dude.

lyra c

This article is of no surprise, the UK and the US set up 2 illegal wars within a few years and lied to the public.

People in positions of power are always deceiving the public so ofcourse those who are in even higher, powerful positions will deceive the latter. Remember the pyramid and the hierarchie is represents and even freemasonry is divided into levels and degrees.


great info here as well. on Chemtrails etc etc etc.


No way! Mind control like totally doesnt exist 😉

Ignotum Arcanus

I believe you!

Ohhh… I see what you did there. Very clever. Tricked me…

Not Blind

It's refreshing to see this information being brought to light. Albeit, disturbing since I believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, but fascinating nonetheless. I'm also happy that it's now being reported about how the Japanese were using human guinea pigs for germ warfare experiments. Here's this article for anyone who wants to read it:… Quote from the article: "The results harvested from these experiments were, by 1940, being used to spread typhoid, cholera and plague across China. Soldiers dumped pathogens in rivers and water supplies. Fleas were cultivated to carry the plague, then dumped over Chinese villages. The effectiveness of the experiments is widely disputed, but some historians put the casualty count in the six-figure range." Now, what do you believe they're capable of doing today? Or are already conducting? This is why I believe in chemtrails – don't hate me for it. Do your own research. Back to psyops, we know this is one section of Project Paperclip, which was how many years ago? It will be interesting to see how the psyops information develops and what the gov't./media allows that public to know about. I hope we see more people coming forward claiming to… Read more »

Ignotum Arcanus

Either I'm stalking you or you are stalking me, because I was busy researching Chemtrails just a couple of days ago myself. I happened to come across it again as I watched the paper mache above me be torn apart by about thirty six cycling argonauts.

I did a little happy dance when I saw this article and your subsequent post, I had my coffee so I'm ready to toast.

My friend, Psy-Ops and Paperclips, I just have to say that why are we still only scratching the surface? I know you know more than you are saying, and even I travel the course of trepidation. Yet, I feel like the Sleeping fuel the Nation, and I'd rather just smack them on the head with more revelations.

Sarah Connor

It's you


CHEMTRAILS are the bane of my existence!! To me they are the visible manifestation of all that is wrong with the world. Their wisplike tentacles stretching far beyond America's borders and enveloping the whole planet. They are masters of disguise because once sprayed, they eventually hitch rides with natural clouds in a poisonous game of subterfuge. Our very own government infecting us with fungi, bacteria, unknown viruses, barium, lithium, and desiccated red blood cells. They have been linked with everything from cancer, morgellens, HAARP, project blue beam, scalar weapons, global warming, ad nauseum. Chemtrails is every "conspiracy theorists" wet dream so there are tons of studies, papers, research, scientific testing, and theories being conducted but the people who we really need to hear from and are remaining silent on the subject is our own MFin Government! And OMG don't let you actually point out their existence to someone who is still asleep. They look at you as if you have just grown two heads!! The really sad thing is, is that the children will never know what a normal sky/cloud looks like because the bastards have started showing skies covered in chemtrails in all forms of media, from movies, to… Read more »


hear hear! I feel you, 100%. I've been observing chemtrails since 2007- before I even knew what they were- I just knew that it was not natural for planes to spray for hours and create giant X's and /'s everywhere that spread out to mimic clouds!

What really gets me, is how can they do this to the same planet they dwell on? There has got to be so much more to this than my peon brain can comprehend. haha

Damn this stuff, messing with our minds and our biology. Leave me alone, let me find my own enlightenment- I don't need some control freak telling me they are more divine and I am just their slave!

Sarah Connor

I completely feel your pain!!!! I can avoid vaccines for me and mine, I can buy organic and locally grown foods to try and avoid GMO's, I can get water and buy certain products to try and limit fluoride exposure…..but what the hell can you do about chemtrails???? They put a cloud on my day….literally. I can't NOT see them and am absolutely floored by people who don't. I have decided this year once spring/summer come and we are out more….I am carrying cards with links to the documentary "What In the World Are They Spraying" , the website and a few others that I am narrowing down. I plan on passing them out as I go about my day, and when we are actually being sprayed (most days) so that I can actually point the trails out as I give them a card. Until we reach some kind of critical mass and TPTB can no longer ignore our cries of injustice and the inhumaneness of it…….we will continue to be poisoned, and our planets natural ability to "grow" (plantlife/food/etc) will continue to deteriorate. Clifford Carnicorn is one of the guys that has been researching chemtrails for quite sometime.… Read more »


Yeah I am very familiar with Clifford Carnicorn. I think he is doing brilliant work. An interesting piece to check out is located here
It is an Air Force research paper about weather modification. Special interest is in Chapter 5 page 22 where it details a spraying schedule to achieve desired results. The scariest theory that I have heard about the purpose of chemtrails is that they contain nanobots/nanomachines that grow inside of your body creating something like an artificial, neural network that can receive microwave, radio, ELF, and other EM transmissions.

The nanowires and nanomachines are spread person to person. They are communicable, can copy DNA, have parasite vectors associated with them, and can carry germs attached to them. As well as break down in your blood stream and enter your brain. SCARY stuff!! I am a decade-long truth seeker, and after being immersed in the art of discovery for so long nothing really surprises or frightens me except for this.

Sarah Connor

Nanobots!!! Talk about having someone look at you like you have two heads when bringing something up!!! I think that Pandora's Box has been opened, shoot the lid has been shot off. I'm sure then you are well aware of Gwen Scott and all her work with people suffering Morgellon's…..more and more are being diagnosed on a daily basis. Breaks my heart. This link has a ton of pics if you scroll down for some of these nanobuggers that are being found inside peoples bodies. Oh the horror! These little nano's just look evil. I've had some really weird dreams about these things….and it is just one more reason I loathe the Bill Gates and his eugenist foundation. BIG nanotechnology proponent. Shocker I know!!!

Thanks for the link btw – good for the archives

Not Blind

Thanks for adding that link, Sarah.

This is no joke people and I'm speaking from experience. Listen up.

If you're outside and some blue/purple slime/goo falls out of the sky onto your exposed skin, or even your clothing, collect the sample and get in the shower immediately! Then, take the sample to a doctor or university for analysis. Don't hesitate to request to be placed on antibiotics right away. I wish I would've done this instead of shrugging it off when it happened. To those who are thinking that it was a bird who had feasted on blueberries prior to flying overhead, I've been around wild and domesticated birds for many, many years. This "stuff" doesn't have any resemblance to bird crap.

I don't know if this "slime" contains man made germs or some type of nanotechnology, but it's nothing to laugh at and don't write this off as disinformation. Most of you are familiar with me by now and know that I tell you no lies. I rarely talk about myself or get personal, but I feel this is too important to not talk about.

My best to all of you!

Sarah Connor

I believe you on the goo! And you are not alone. I think the rain sounds different (heavier/pinging noise) when when we have been trailed heavily. Smells different too…..metallicy.


If you really want to freak yourself out, purchase a big black-light and a magnifying glass. After a heavy spraying day go outside and shine the light and observe them moving around in the air. This stuff in all over your home, in your clothes, and on your skin. You may also find yellow, glowing patches of barium on/in your skin. Barium glows yellow under UV and the crystalline substances in the chemtrails glow blue under UV. Or take the wine-peroxide test as described on Clifford E Carnicom sites. He is a leading researcher on chemtrails.

Sarah Connor

Man I'm gonna feel like Bill Nye the Science Guy this weekend! I love freaking myself out!

And the only thing that makes me feel better about the trails, other than actively exposing them, is praying a hedge of protection around me and mine, from them. For things seen and unseen, known and unknown. The more I know….and see, the more I can get specific. So thanks.

And I don't know if anyone remembered my post from a few weeks back asking people to send pics in to the tv station in Atlanta? But it made a difference – baby steps add up.

Not Blind

Wow! Thanks for everyone's support on the chemtrail issue! It's very refreshing.

People always are asking why pilots don't come forward about this, but what if there aren't any pilots in the planes? What if they're actually remote controlled drones that are spraying? This is the only reason I can come up with about why pilots seem to be in disbelief of chemtrails and why nobody has ever come forward.

VC- Sorry for derailing the topic, but this is an important issue. I hope you don't mind. Don't forget how much we appreciate you and your website!

Reveal the TRUTH

Wow not blind, you have amazed me again!

Reveal the TRUTH

And you two VC!

Not Blind

Thank you!

I know it might be a far fetched idea, but it makes sense. Especially the way drones have been talked about in the news lately and now we're seeing the spy hummingbird they spent $4mil to design. I might just have to start carrying around a butterfly net to catch the little sucker and reprogram it! This would be reverse engineering at its finest. 😉

Ignotum Arcanus

You have a comment below about the hummingbird, and nice poetic entry to your epitaph. While I'm at it check the "Tabby Cat", I hear its ears might have a chip that a speaker catches and "messages" back.

Dr. Evil, may I have a laser hat for my Dolphin too? She would like it, BOOM!


Listened to a RadioLiberty episode a few months ago.

They said that some of the chemtrails might be

created by the fuel used by the airplanes, not just

being released as fumes. The speaker claimed that

the fuel used for many airplanes had been changed

over the last few years. The pilots would not

necessarily know about their contrails being

contaminated if that were the case.

Sarah Connor

You need to find a new station to listen to




hide ur kids, hide ur wife!

Naima Rei

lmao @ hide ya kids…but seriously…damn. i'm sitting in my t.v. new reporting class talking about this with the class. everybody is like "ddddaaaammmnnn!" and i'm like, "ive been telling yall". Thats crazy, but i'm not surprised, theyve probably been doing this for years man. VC..check this out when you get a chance


Then y is he appointing nothing but jews in his admin if he is a Muslim? Problem is that you listen to fox newz too much now they in ur head. Sux to be a lost sheep like you. Obushma funded by jews, voted in by jews n hes helping the jews. Is he still a Muslim in ur pathetic mind?

Ignotum Arcanus

At many levels, you are brainwashed too. How many times are you going to beat the same pinata and eat the same candy, before you realize that stick is making you ugly?

Think about it. You sit here and flame away the people of the Jewish faith, how many readers will find your comments ignorant? You want your words to be of a right flavor, then talk knowledge and leave the bigotry for… well hopefully never, but after reading this comment, it will probably come sooner than later.


Dude what kind of racist b-----d are you?

I know Obama is a joke but are you freaken serious?

Ignotum Arcanus

"Lones wolves don't run with the clan, only trust instincts and be one with the plan."

Lol 69.

69 = Yin Yang, 7 is God, Eight is Infinite (8). See the riddle you learned before the age of Seven?

While I'm at it, 6 is a reflection of 9, meaning that its only another 9. Nine is the "strongest" number of a "human", so that means… Hmm. Should I spell this out? I think I commented to NotBlind, I'd throw more books of revelations, so here are more prefaces to mix with your thought "races."

Btw, comment deleter/omnipotent constructor, don't delete my comment… because its all relevant. Psychological Operations, is this not?

Just in case, I'll end this chapter with a thought. L-One-RS.


“Lones wolves don’t run with the clan, only trust instincts and be one with the plan.”

familiar with shing 02 eh?

lyra c

@ ih8zionists

if you actually read the article naima rei posted then you would see that it says that barack obama is of muslim DESCENT as his black african father was a muslim but he was mostly raised by his white american christian family, thats whey he himself isn't a muslim. That article was probably posted to show the hypocrisy of the american government.

As a reader of VC then you should know that obama was most likely to have been put into power by the illuminati who are part of a luciferian/devil worshipping religion, they are NOT jews. Your comment is quite ignorant and zionists are NOT jews, they just use it as a cover up for their devil worshipping ways.

An olive tree

Both biological parents were CIA

father muslim and family pastor of 20 yrs muslim (formerly of course) wright

and………don't confuse zionism with judaism

and don't think any one people are non-complicit


An olive tree

"the US Army illegally ordered….."

you don't say….


We fault in others is what we see in ourselves.

Bosnian aka Ancient

cuz they mk'n evertybody around here


LOL @ the hide your kids comment. These techniques shouldnt be used on anyone. When you use immoral tactics on your "enemies" prepare for them to be used on you. Slippery slopes are being breached all over the world. Mankind just looks for new ways to destroy itself.

Stay Vigilant

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