ARGUS: The Technology that Takes Video Surveillance to Another Level (video)



Argus Panoptes is the name of a giant of Greek mythology who had a hundred eyes and who was said to be “all-seeing”. What an appropriate name for DARPA’s latest wide area monitoring system, described as the “next generation of surveillance”.  When mounted on a drone, ARGUS (which stands for Autonomous Real-Time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance Imaging System) has a  1.8 Gigapixels video system that allows the constant video surveillance of a small city, complete with the tracking of moving objects and incredible zoom-in capabilities.

Here’s a short video describing the basic (and non top-secret) capabilities of this technology. As you’ll see, the guy in the documentary refuses to say where this system is used. One thing, it is used and most probably on civilians.

The All-Seeing Eye is not just a symbol, it is a goal the powers that be are striving to achieve.


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It figures they would humble us with this new toy, i got news for everyone if they are showing it to us publicly now then they have been using it. I would venture to say if we don't put a foot in the governments ass pretty soon you might as well tuck your head between your legs and kiss that ass goodbye. When in the world is it OK to spy on people let alone your own citizens 24/7 this really pisses me off. Things are going way to far majority of my family did not fight and serve to empower whatever these bastards are trying to do!!!!

I find it extremly ridiculous. The elite these days are becoming more blantant by the minute. And it’s sad. My family are paying taxes for what? If what the elite does is steal money from the middle class instead of helping the poor and save us. This world I’m living is so sick that everyday I wonder if it’s real or some sick staged joke… Only to re-realize it’s more real than my own face. Man, they are wasting their lives only to suffer more when they go to you know where… And it bothers me how people just “go with it”. They don’t even try. I see how my classmates are like “Oh Lil Wayne is the sh*t”, “Gaga is my life, I’ll die to go to her concert”, “Nicki is my bi*ch” and more stupid idiotic stuffs. Pff they’ll burn the constitution….

What the most irritable thing about this is that people accept this. The gov will tell them it is for your own safety and no one will question it.
Privacy means nothing today.. we are slaves from a different time..
Our cildren will grow up and believe that these big brother things are normall.. they have their whole lives on the internet anyway so nobody will care..
It is really frightening that in a couple of years we will have fewer rights.. and people must obay their laws..
When something becomes normal, whenit is not….. we should be afraid

People accept it like they accept everything else these days, because they are too busy being brainwashed by the mainstream media, and by that I mean music, TV, news, facebook, culture, fear, the latest celeb gossip, debt, economy, the list goes on and on!
I do see a lot more people waking up to the layers beneath / above, but I also see too many people that cannot think for themselves.
But as you said, the safety and protection angle is what most people will happily believe, right up to the point where they find their rights completely abolished.
It's a depressing world right now, and I often wonder if there really is something to all this Illuminati ritual stuff. Cause it sure as feels like something dark is occurring.
oops sorry I was ranting a bit there lol.

This is all signs of the times.
We have nothing to fear for the future lest we forget how He(God) he has led us in the pass.
They may kill the body but they cannot kill the soul.
If God be for us who can be against us?Romans 8:31-39

I hope the idling officers don't check the nudist beaches while the money spent from the national security. TSA's child porno making at the airport is enough.

When we go out in public we all need to wear a mask and carry spray paint to spray the street cameras.

I am scared by all the corruption that is happening. I really wish I could feel safe! I pray that good will always rule!

There are 2 many ppl like us who won't lie down to their control measures, yes it may stop crime this new tech but at the cost of our civil liberties in Scotland they have street cams everywhere now but the rules are clear that they can't look in ur Windows, but for how long? Another fake terrorist attack and the goes some more of our freedoms remember Osama was a Saudi, whose family stayed in America and they were rushed out of country 2 hours b4 911 by cia so now everyone is under more control

We should still be thankful that nothing that can scan the inside of the house from outside exists. Cameras don't scare me. I am wondering now whether apple or someone else who came up with the idea for the high resolution camera for phones will sue American govt n this guy.

How can you be so sure they don't exist?

People's privacy are slowly drifting away so that the "higher-ups" can take total control over how we live. But I'll still stand strong and hope for better things ahead in order for these secret society to be overcome

Do not call them all-seeing because God is All-Seeing and by saying so, we are placing them on the same pedestal as God. Isn't that what they want?

This is clearly the reason why stocking up on Guns is ludicrous. Imagine this system attached
to an armed drone. Would be very easy to take out anyone in those boxes whether armed or not.
Coming soon a system such as this that will be able to see through walls and directly into homes.

It's already here. They have harnessed infrared, gamma and ultraviolent waves. Your cable connection is a two-way receiver. They have been watching for quite some time through that. Policeman can drive by your house and tell you how much cash money you have in your house — I'm not sure if that is gamma or ultraviolent wave technology.

I swear the elite are so two faced! They want to be all up in our business and control or steps and control our minds but they wanna hid their secrets and true evil intentions from us. So messed up they need to get a life and stay out ours.

They already watch everybody 24/7. Ask anyone that believes they've been or getting gang stalked. Some of them are going through real situations.

The level of trust and respect is gone. I say this because I wonder is that a method that is used to mentally disconnect the pineal gland. I know physically flouride is used to disconnect the pineal gland. Now trust and respect diminishes the will to believe in mankind sort of s lost hope or soul type of existence as if feeling isolated. What would be the pypsychological way. I also want to know how does the darkness try to control and maniputae the 12 levels of the subconscious mind? Mind control from waht I gather only works on a few levels and I don't belive not all levels. The deeper levels are somehow guraded by the higher levels. Of the wizards and some of those secrets are locked away from what I gather in vaults like in the US a secret vault in NSA and Vatican. I was research… Read more »

Will this be the year the line is drawn ?

Hey, did anyone notice the all seeing eye underneath Richard Bransons Virgin Galactic WhiteKnight plane that take tourists to space?

Don't be under the mindset of "we are all screwed"
By saying that you are giving them your consent to surrender.
Where there is a will, there IS a way and we will find it. Just keep your head up and don't quit.
Our conscious thoughts have more to do with our entire reality than you may realize and staying strong in the mind is a weapon itself. Chose wisely…..

One word : Sims

This is not new. This has been going on over 20 years. Can't blame this one on the President. Try again.

Umm yea we can. He could decide not to fund these spy projects. Duh

Just read that full doc there m8 thanks for sharing, it tells me an everyone if u knew any secrets as an American an u fled for safety, ur pretty much f****d anywhere you go an so is anyone who is with you Obama has been brainwashed by saying that I may now be a target lol

Add to this the new google glasses which will transmit video through eyes of more and more people…cheaper and cheaper…we'll have even chinese cheaper "knock offs" , add the ability to calculate probality of events based on gathered data…. no need for war…. events will be modified long before that…people will think the system has got more "human"….

Let them do as they want, i am no longer scared of those a**holes, I find it funny now,cause its pretty stupid ,there just waisting there pathetic time spying on us lol and trying to kill people as a sacrifice lol. Its so dumb what these losers come up with haha they kan kill us all it wouldnt matter,there just giving us a free trip to god.

Dont be afraid people and go on with your life,without tv,media,etc… Or jyst get hell out of the U.S. Its a dying country anyways .

It is a dying country unfortunately history has showed that when the population of any city or country starts "living beyond their means" riots, civil war and martial law kick in and if you know anyone whom is a police officer in US ask them why for last 2 years they have been training for marshall law, they don't know why lol but we do!

Does any one know what splat is really used for. It is a NASA program

Why does this give me such an unsettling feeling and not because of the possiblity of being watched? It feels more like a drone they can be used to survey the land of densly populated areas before and after a possible strike from a nuclear weapon such as the atomic bomb used on hiroshima. Is it possible? Id imagine that the technology of today can produce a much cleaner atomic weapon and the drone may not be effected at a certain altitude. This is pure speculation but its something to think about concerning whats unfolding geopolitically.

Scary how in the film he states that it was recognizing the objects…..did he mean individuals? If it is that powerful does it recognize your face and track your every movement? This sucks…..and soon no one will have a high powered gun to shoot them out of the sky.