Anonymous Calls For Occupation of Bohemian Grove Entrance (video)


The yearly annual meeting of Bohemian Grove will being on July 13th 2011. Important decisions are apparently taken during this gathering of the world’s elite, which is punctuated with occult ceremonies and rituals. This year, Anonymous calls for the occupation of the Grove’s entrance. Here’s their video.

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150 Comments on "Anonymous Calls For Occupation of Bohemian Grove Entrance (video)"

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You have people like these men, worshipping Satan..If he is real, then of course God is. God created Satan, who later deceived him. I just do not understand Atheists nowadays, when there is so much proof of evil around you.

Alex Jones is Controlled Opposition.

No One gets into Bohemian Grove without an Invite. He never 'snuck' in. He was absolutely, unequivocally invited.

The Plan is to fracture the minds of Americans with the exposure of unbelievable corruption, manipulation, and murder.

Divide and conquer, ultimately bringing the U.S. to her knees.

Don't Be Fooled.

soooo it's the 14th now

did this go down?

please, no alex jones discussion beyond this point


Alex Jones is a temporal co-adjucator for the Society of Jesus i.e. A Jesuit. The Jesuits are the "military arm" of the Vatican and they control everything. They do the dirty work to ensure that the plan stays intact.

Mr. Jones is a disinformation agent. He mixes truth with lies and keeps his followers in a state of perpetual fear. If he actually told the complete truth, he would be lying next to William Cooper ( God rest his soul) today. Think about it.

Please please please. Enlighten me. Show me facts on how Alex Jones is a dis info agent. I understand your suspicion as it's good to question things. So far Alex has divulged information on FEMA camps and how congress passed the H.R. 645 National Emergency Centers Establishment Act which was recently passed by CONGRESS authorizes them to establish emergency centers and military installations. You can look that one up for yourself.

The media isn't reporting information on that! Why because they don't want you to know about that. He's awaken many people with information that can be researched and proven. Where is the dis info? No one is perfect. I'm aware he isn't. Please people now is the time more than ever that we set aside out differences

Hi Maya, I’m not going to list everything that’s wrong with Alex Jones. I’ll gloss over the topic and let you do your own research about him. Alex Jones wasn’t the first to blow the lid on FEMA camps or H.R. 645. As far back as 2004/2005 this information was already circulating on the net and there are many alternative media sources and websites that have been following the progress of this Act over the last few years. (e.g. There are also many media sources online who reported on it before he did. What Alex Jones did and what he continues to do is take what’s already there and make a big noise about it and then take credit for it. He did it to Bill Cooper. Cooper talked about 911 five months before it happened. He stated that a false flag terrorist op would be staged by the… Read more »

The language people are using to defend AJ convinces me he is a new religion for not thinking personally.

If you want to defend a guy living in a mansion while he tells you the 'truth' which happens to be daily geared to scaring followers into action, well, you can, but don't pretend you or AJ are helping people because of little bits of truth are mixed in.

For most people that progress, AJ is a short stepping stone to useful concepts, not an idol or someone to emulate. Unless your goal is to get on the View to bump your website.

I saw one innocent comment on here, but I cannot find it again. The poster said something like, 'how come Al Queda has'nt gone to Bohemian Grove when there are all those important men there?'

Good question! Maybe it's like David Ike's been saying all along. They're fighting for the same cause. A few greedy families feeding off the majority of mankind!

The Twin Towers was said to be an inside job by a number of people on the front line who witnessed things blowing up in corridors far away from the actual plane fires.

The plane could have been fixed to go on automatic and we'll never know because the pilot and the people (the sacrificial lambs)all died as far as I am aware. Planned at a Bohemian Grove meeting?

Go anonymous! 😀

And does anyone know the name of anonymous's site?

If so please tell me ^^

Occupy Bohemian Grove.

No wonder america went to s**t. I wonder if Al Queda is aware of this grove and the valuable targets that are members. America would be the number 1 country in the world again if these Fasciasts were terminated.

This is a great video!! Great work to whoever made it. I totaly wish i coulda been there on July 13th, but i live in Canada, bummer.

ps. Everyone should go out and buy the book: TranceFormation of America, The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips. You'll litterally get an inside look into our government leaders repolsive ways of life. Its will blow your mind!!

I would be very careful about these "Anonymous" calls to action. There are a lot of shills and trolls who pose as "anons" and organize events like this. In my opinion this could very well be a bait. Why would you expose yourself to the elite? Just to show that you are not afraid of them? They dont care if you are afraid or not – because either way, they can "take care" of you if you become a "problem". I dont trust anonymous entirely, although i support the idea that they represent: net neutrality, truth seeking, honesty and the waking up of people around the world. However, i strongly advise everyone to think for themselves and do not expose other truthers to the elite unless its a 100% bulletproof plan! Protesting at the Grove with Guy Fawkes masks is a dangerous idea – since police and many politicians consider… Read more »

Welp. There goes Anonymous.

Suspected 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested

Authorities in the United States, Britain and the Netherlands have arrested 21 people accused of mounting coordinated cyber attacks against companies and organizations.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday 35 search warrants were executed in New York state and other locations across the United States in connection with the ongoing investigation.

The FBI said it had arrested 14 people for allegedly hacking into the servers of a popular website that manages online payments, Paypal, blocking people from being able to access the site.

The FBI said in a statement the suspects, in connection with a group that calls itself "Anonymous," attacked in retaliation for Paypal suspending the account of the controversial WikiLeaks website.

Anyone know who is going to Bohemian Grove this year?

Who is on the guest list? I remember VC posted the guest list for Bilderberg, wondering if there is another one?

Arguing over Alex Jones or David Icke or Jordan Maxwell or whoever misses the point completely: All it does is divides all of us so that that the powers that be, conquer us. Let's ignore the small differences, stop arguing over the fine print and fight the real enemy here since time is fast running out.

Good for Anonymous. Every year this should be done.

Stand between those two intersections!? so you can be a easy target to get killed…That is a good way to take out a bunch of people who are awake …I hope no one does that..The sirens is a hint lol They will drop a bomb right there in that spot where all the protesters are gathered…

So this Bohemian Grove place you cannot gain access too atall. When the ceremonies are not taking place is it open to the public? and how is it not accessible are there fences or guards or something?

A group of people actually showed up. This is the only article I could find on the subject.

Looks like some infiltration and protesting took place on Wednesday, July 13, but more will be revealed on Sat, July 16. I drove up to check it out and met with a few of the protesters outside the compound. Able to get a little bit of video and write this artice:

IMO Alex Jones over does conspiracy theories. Some may cracking an egg, but some I imagine are so inane I imagine they must be insulting to victim's families. Because he's always on, he's always looking for material to talk about. You can fill you head with a crap listening to some of the hot air that comes out of his mouth…. I do give him props for not selling out like most other Radio and TV personalities. But, sometimes I imagine that's not his choice really, no mainstream advertiser in their right mind would ever back him. He's WAYYYY too polarizing (hence this board's arguement). Personally I think this site'sthe real deal. VC is sparse with posting his articles and only points out what is HIDDEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. I'd much rather go for quality over quantity any day. VC doesn't go attacking on making accusations at what's… Read more »

I don't understand… VC Can post sparsly because he or she has a life. What's annoying me/worrying me is that there was no pix of the week yet… Point being, he without sin cast the first stone, Wow, I sound out there

I never got what that meant….he without sin cast the first stone…..

It's always kinda bothered me that the same actor who played Agent Smith in the Matrix was allowed a role as V, in Vendetta. Two of my favorites, just wish they hadnt done that.

I know! Also Lord of the Rings, hmmmm.

So did it work? I havent really been listening as much as I wouldve liked to have been on this issue. And this whole Alex Jones thing is annoying. At least he's trying to get the word out, who cares about his intentions? Is anyone scrutinizing VC? Alex Jones is funny though. I was watching his movie Endgame, and the things he was yelling at the cars going to the bilderberg meeting was too funny. I was thinking like what if they have innocent meetings (yeah right) and you have this crazy guy yelling things that would sound insane to any normal person, I thought it was funny. The whole bohemian grove thing reminds me of elemantary school. Like clubs and you wouldnt let the boys join and we'd play pretend house and stuff. These guys are funny, playing imaginary games like children do. No wonder they dont want anyone… Read more »

hey was there anything in the news about this??? if it happened yesterday, right?

interview right outside of the grove –>
no mainstream news of course. a lot of people are just hearing about the grove for the first time today.

Good to see the sheep fighting amongst themselves here too

@Michael- Interesting point. Care to expand on it? I'd like to hear what you have to say.

Or how about his scare tactics? First time I seen and listened to him, in my soul, I knew something was wrong. It still strikes me as off that he knows so much, yet does little to suggest solutions. Is that because he's a pawn or because he's knowingly apart of it? That man is no good. Scaring people makes them panic, and what do the elite make from chaos? Think!

Y'all need to remember who came before him: William Cooper. Who's alive? Who's not? Who saw things in the military? Who (so it seems) came out of left field? Who has shirts, a radio show, slick production, etc? In other words, who profits while spreading half truths?

Discernment is key to knowledge.

Oh and who spent 27k OF HIS OWN MONEY to get his message across the world and subsequently ended up in the hospital with two henchmen standing over him telling him if he won't shut up they'll make him? Why did he do it? Because he felt people should know truth and to insure if they did kill him, people would know he wasn't telling half truths.

The biggest part that stands out in this vid is when they say our brothers inside, like they're implying that they have Anon "members" that are members of the elite, or that anon is apart of them or being used by them. I use members to show the difference between the elite and us.

You know, when I heard that, I too had a few question marks. But then I countered that with the whos… Who cooks the Elites dinners, and breakfasts, and who cleans up the cabins, and makes their beds? I mean there has to be staff within the Bohemian Grove, doesn't there? (Genuine question b/c I really don't know.) At the same time tho, if there is staff within the Grove, there's a problem with that as well… I'd imagine they're sworn to secrecy and even if not, if they wear the masks within the structure, it'll be easy to figure out who that staff member is by process of elimination. Now if it went something like in that Mad Money movie, where there's a member of Anonymous in the staff as security, one who's a cook, one who is at the entrance as security, etc, maybe they could've pulled off… Read more »

Go Anonymous!!! Thanks for all you guys do. My heroes!

Maybe it's time to take a look at Islam and Muhammad's Hadiths about The Anti-Christ and the end days if you combine science + knowledge about Illuminati you'll understand more the message of Allah as everything have been prophetized by all prophets and they all warned their people about Al Dajjal/Anti-Christ after all it's your choice.

May peace be with you all.

I am sorry, but if you don't think Anonymous has a part to play in the Illuminati's agenda you are very misguided. This is how the Illuminati run, with Anonymous leaders…….ANONYMOUS is exactly the kind of a tool they want the people to embrace. In a matter of time some clowns are going to take Anonymous and turn it into a domestic terrorist group confusing the public to Anonymous's goals. They are the U.S.'s newest puppet post Bin Laden. It's a really unorganized and inefficient idea. The people in it are talented with computers and their hearts are in the right places, but they don't see all the signals. Besides they operate with a HIVE MENTALITY(look on Wikipedia)…..DO I NEED TO REMIND VC of his article on Black Eyed Peace's IMA BEE!? Seriously, Anonymous is the kind of scare crow infrastructure the Government wants to set up, with hopes younger… Read more »
Alright, James. If your theory is correct, then what do you suggest we do? Anonymous is not a tool. Anyone can claim anonymity. You seem to not know what Anonymous is. Anyways, where is the evidence to support this? And if it is true…what is the point of the government promoting it, exactly? What is the goal? I mean, it's just some people who are fighting for their freedom. They don't have any connections to the government, that I am aware of. It's just not possible. It started amongst the youth, and it's run by the youth. All of us. I'm sorry but your posts are just….what? What do you think Anonymous is, actually? And what is so bad about protesting? What do YOU think we should do? Or are you just another fear-mongering agent? History repeats itself. Man has overcome. Good will overcome. You're going to make some poor… Read more »
@James >"I just don’t buy that it was all started or run by the youth. Where is my proof? " Just look at the chans. Okay, I know that might not be a great example considering all the messed up stuff there, but it's for sh*ts and giggles, I assure you. As you can probably see, most of the anons seem to be young people. This is slightly difficult for me to explain, as I feel like I'm trying to explain to a paranoid individual. Not everything is a conspiracy, you know? But back to the main point…in my circle of friends, and their friends…we're all young anons. It was started on the internet, through socializing via the web. It's a concept. That concept was brought up by the youth. You can try to look up the history of Anonymous and you can find some archived things from the past.… Read more »
I must admit I am a coward. Like a post mentioned above a NWO is necessary for the World to evolve into a category 1 civilization. Anonymous is the organization that can properly lead the world in that direction. I'm not saying Anonymous doesn't have Agents of Good. It most definitely does. The fact that anyone can claim Anonymity is the problem Anna. It's a ticking time bomb. I know I'm using a Hollywood film, but Nolan's Batman films have been a great subtext for Justice and Homeland security in a post 9/11 America. Remember how the mob turns to the Joker promising to kill the Batman? Although Anonymous are activists for peace what I'm saying is that some crazed anarchist/nihilist (either by his own free will or if monarch programming exists by another hand) can shed blood in Anonymous's name by his own free will. Although I'm sure (I… Read more »

amazing how people find all sorts of excuses when d real revolution begins. Focus on the facts…Alex Jones may just be d public face of the vid, his true source remaining anonymous. The point is we know the facts and can see the signs. What are YOU willing to do to fight back?

I have great respect for Anonymous attacking the big companies that are responsible for the iron fist crushing the planet and her children.

I do fear for them though, i can't see it being too long before there's a massive worldwide operation to find them…. thats if there isn't one already.

I freakin' love Anonymous. I was all over that protest s**t over Scientology while I was in high school. This sort of thing is EXACTLY why websites like Facebook are so heavily embedded in the CIA intelligence apparatus and why the shadow government is so terrified of the Internet's potential for social networking. I love anonymous because they know how to handle a protest. They're resourceful and creative. They wear MASKS to their protests to avoid harassment. It's a real grassroots effort, unlike that Tea Party bullshit. I'm only sad that they're so unreliable. Anonymous, I mean. Fortunately, they'll draw attention to whatever it is they're toying with, and Scientology did suffer serious PR damage on an apparently global scale. This sort of thing is exactly what I've been hoping to see since the Scientology protests. While the rest of the world sleeps, the ruthless 'internet mafia' Anonymous will f**k… Read more »

Who else wears masks?????????? Look at HOW MANY FREAKING PUPPETS use masks, blindfolds, etc. in their videos. RUN THIS TOWN????

Come on! Do you guys not see that Anonymous is a part of this whole LET'S COLLAPSE THE U.S. and rebuild operation?

The Government would love to run it's television stations like Anonymous runs it's announcements. As for the CIA being afraid of the potential the internet poses, don't f*****g kid me. They're all over this s**t.

As long as Anonymous remains to wear the mask of peace I will be correct. But if the NWO is clicking forward, they need a catalyst.IN Time that mask will unfortunately change to violence….

I kinda agree with him. In a sense, I mean the idea of it is Great, and if I had the means, I would've been there, front row, wearing that mask and peacefully protesting. Hell yeah. I love the idea of ppl taking action. Absolutely! What I'd imagine he's saying though, is if this movement catches, and picks up speed, the way I hope it will, it may spiral… into the wrong hands. If many many more became Anonymous and started acting on their knowledge, one of two things would happen, 1, the Illuminati would have to back down, retreat, and replan or 2, they would have to expose their ugly malice to the sleeping public of the world, and release a killer disease that will destroy the mass of the world's population (which would explain the gas masks in all those music videos). If the Illuminati reacted with the… Read more »
Syrus, I frequent 4chan regularly. Listen I know you anons protesting or working on the computer are out for good. I'm not trying to spread fear or confusion. It is a almost a requirement for those who challenge the powers that be do so under the guise of anonymity. However, you too, must see the inevitable hypocrisy of those who ask for transparency when they do so without revealing themselves. Yes many people on 4chan are trolls. My posts probably seem like I'm trolling, in my opinion Trolling can be as much of an art form as it can be a destructive or healthy (depending on how you look at it) way to channel rage and frustration. You have a point: Comparing Anonymous to the Illuminati may make me seem retarded. But, I put a huge question mark over it's leader as I do the Illuminati. I'm not saying they… Read more »

Furthermore, I've been to a number of those protests, as I said. They're extremely well-organized and NONviolent. The masks were intended to protect the participants from Scientology thugs harassing them later on. Since the Bohemian Grove people are even more deadly than Scientologists, it's understandable that demonstrators should protect their identity. Do some more research before jumping to conclusions. Not everybody who takes initiative it out to ruin the f*****g world. People like you who sit at home and pine away about the fall of liberty and the coming of the New World Order are the ones playing into their agenda.

It's not the same thing. Visit the image boards associated with Anonymous, like They're just trolls, basically. Bored teenagers and basement dwellers chop up bits of pop culture and make jokes out of everything. The Guy Fawks masks aren't part of Anon's regular outfit. They're only for the real world demonstrations and stuff, and they're a reference to V for Vendetta. Please don't compare Anonymous to the Illuminati. It makes you sound retarded.

I mean as long as they wear their masks of peace *I will be wrong*** about this prediction.

What??? You mean they don't get together to just play canasta and show each other home movies?

Between this and those Bilderberg confabs, the rich and famous lay out their plans for the world behind closed doors and big, mean and nasty security guards.

This is paintball ground…

i just don't see what they think an "occupation" will do.

what can really be done? they have the deck stacked and there is no way mere humans are going to win this war. no way. no how.

wo, is that a trumpet i just heard?

If I could be there I would . Just remember our fight is not against flesh and blood…You will be in my prayers.

It is a bold plan, but the agents provocateurs will infiltrate and start violence and rioting. There You have it, one step closer… More on the Bohemian Grove.


"We will be watching"

Umm…. kinda creepy…. Too bad I can't attend.

LOL go anonymous.

just look it up i would say use google but we all know who owns that!

I say we do nothing. resistance is futile, and it impedes progress. the future of american citizens = no freedom. get used to it. I cannot WAIT for the nwo to take full effect, and I accept it with open arms. the nwo agenda is critical for us to evolve in to a level 1 civilization.

wow! u welcome the nwo? Who in their right mind would wana live in a robotic subserviant drone filled non thinking world? so basically u are okay with serving others who consider themselves far more superior than u? is that what u told your kindergarden teacher u wanted to be when u grow up? A bilderberg/rockerfeller/rothschild/cfr slave? if thats the case go head on to the white house and tell them u are reporting for duty—and they will shoot your dumb ass as soon as you step foot on the white house lawn. You see in their minds we arent fit to even breathe the same air as them. but if this is the type of world u wana live in thats great go head and blow ur brains out because thats how they view us anyway—brainless.

Damn. So your just going to accept the NWO like that? I know we can't stop it but I would at least put up a fight.

Trust me.. Gov't officials and agents of the NWO run rampant on these walls. SMH

In the end the truth will be known and Capitalism/Socialism/etc will be fallen. Has fallen, has fallen, US and UK will be no more. And all the false conspiracies and fake prophets will perish too.

I just hope and pray that the faithful will remain loyal to Christ the King!

Ok.. Please dont get mad or anything, but can somebody explain this video and what this meeting is for? Sorry. I just want to understand it a little more.

It's sad and pathetic that SOOOOO many people bash Alex Jones whenever they get the chance. Let me ask all you haters a few questions: 1) What have you done besides read articles and hit up the comment boards? 2) Do you even realize how much of this movement is made up of people who "woke up" from AJ? 3) Name something Alex has said that was total bullshit? He may get things a little wrong from time to time….. but he's human. And as far as the fear-mongering goes….. just get outside and look around…. maybe even talk to the sheep. If after that you dont feel extremely angry and alarmed…. well then I dont know what to tell you. Bunch of VC ball-gurglers here…. and nothing against VC at all. Just that some of you call everyone who isint VC a plant, or controlled opp…etc etc And while… Read more »


Your comment is typical of the abusive nature over at infowars. You contradict yourself and then apologize thinking you may have offended the author of this website. Typical behavior of a lost soul.

Try typing in these words over at infowars and see what happens to your account.

Knights of Malta

John Gray

Jack Blood

For someone "famous" for exposing the truth he sure has a lot of things to hide. Seems to work for him though, I mean a censor crying censorship.

Jones is on his way to infamy You still think that the problem can be solved "out here" and therefore will rely on anything or anyone that will prop up your world view. Do not feing honesty and sincerity while deliberately spelling my name wrong. It sends the wrong message, counter to the one you are trying to convince yourself and others of. These are indicators of cognitive dissonance. You refer to the energy of this CO-OPTED movement as "juice", this energy youv'e alluded to is the whole reason "these people" go to the extremes "they" do. Think of it as MK Mega. They need you in a negative state of mind so they can be sure you act according to plan. So far so good. You come off as a very convincing douchebag. You were right about one thing though, time is short, and that is why you got the truncated version of know thyself/Zombie… Read more »
@i am a frog…. I'm def not abusive….. its just sad to see sooooo many people caught up in Jones bashing. Like he's the only one you can listen to out there for information. They're are all styles out there to get the info dispursed to 'we the people' Again, if it werent for Jones…. this movement would have NO juice right now. No numbers… On that level alone, you should be thanking him. And Bill Cooper's info is way more questionable than Jones' . Cooper flip-flopped on the whole alien thing. His book has MANY debatable things in it. That's not to say I dont like watching vids from him or anything like that. But everyone treats his 'material' as the gospel when it has a lot of flaws in it – just like most people's research. We're all struggling to find the truth. If I sounded angry…. well… Read more »

Go Ask William Cooper! Jones is just another man, a wolf in sheeps clothing. He's there for entertainment and distraction. He'll give you a piece of info that may or may not be true but awaken people for the betterment is probably not his real agenda. Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men when they are without God.

Excuse the typos and grammatical errors. I'm typing at work and need to alt-tab constantly. haha

@CNN Say what you will about Cooper but just remember without him there probably would be no Alex Jones. Cooper had the credibility from his Military service and he pubicly addressed his info about the Aliens and it being fake. The thing is he admitted he was fooled about it himself and addressed and it made his work even stronger. I live how you like using the word "sheep" as it was Cooper who coined "sheeple" and the phrase. Another big thing that cannot be ignored is the fact THAT HE DIED for the information he knew. I'm not sure what kind of persecution Jones has taken but it seems like hes more of a celebrity more than anything else. COOPER WAS MURDERED for what he knew and he left behind a wife and child. Does that mean anything to you, maybe not. What does that mean about the truth,… Read more »

y2K and the Russians attacking on 2000. He put a war of the worlds like broadcast. He's got more but you can simply google and look for the information yourself just like any else that knows how to use the computer. If your gonna follow someone then look at both sides of the information. Alex Jones is not consistent and he lost that credibility long ago when he went up against Cooper.

@ Billy & Pepe….

Like I said… name something he's said that was total bullshit. All you two have is "he puts fear into people" blah blah

Also likeI said….. what are u doing?

And also, most people are sheep , and some are pure scum out there. I always felt this way about the general pop wayyyy b4 I woke up to the bigger picture.

People that obsess over mindless garbage and who cant think for themselves, people addicted to meaningless fashion and status…. well, they are sheep – not people.

They can transform back u know….lol

Acting out of fear is not only weak, but stupid as you limit brain activity in flight or fight.

And that is all AJ ever does, is scare people. It should make you curious with the television spots AJ has done, but you might have been busy plugging his merchandising.

Also, with the language you use (Sheep being a big clue) you seem to believe you are better? I mean, defending a guy living in a mansion while 'waking people up' is laughable as he ducks the daily programming for open-range slave populations.

Anyway, about Anon. That should be seen as an obvious game being played to reform the internet and access to it. More so since public connotation of hacker = criminal.

Agreed!!! On another note, is your site ready or what? 😉

@ccn…Man I am such a ding dong sometimes!!! Like 5 times I told myself, check his handle for the website. Oh well, here I am, airhead and all!!! Awesome aggregation of news and I look forward to checking it in the future. Do not be discouraged by the grumps that tell you otherwise. Everyone has got a bit of truth, and a bit of lies……it's the swimming with sharks that us truth seekers must endure to find the answers we are looking for. Be vigilant my friend! And wake your peeps and then some…….much love!

hey Sarah….

Not yet…… we still are uploading tons of stuff – articles, vids, etc

I will def let you know when we do…..

If you want an early glimpse tho, the site is up and running. Just havent been tellin peeps yet for the most part. Concerned Citizens News Network


I agree with you completely. I'd also like to add that many of you are just simply stretching for something and need to realize that not everything in this world is pro-NWO or a conspiracy. Man, if your mothers told you the cake she baked was ready some of you would refuse because it would have fluoride or something. Sure this anonymous guy may seem questionable, but ask yourself this. If these people don't reveal the elite's plan, will you?

Student of Truth, becareful, you sound like the KKK, Nazi, etc. ranting about this race & that race. We ARE related, all (brown, black, red, tan, white, yellow–I doubt there's any such thing as a pure race, just gene pools and mixes of such.) We ALL came from two parents, Adam & Eve, and who knows what they looked like. And, again we came from two more parents Noah & his wife, nor do we know what they looked like. It doesn't matter. We have got to stop going at each other's throats over so-called race. There's been plenty of evil done by ppl of every physical description and culture. We ALL have a disease called sin and we ALL are capable of the worst kind of evil–so let's stop throwing stones at each other based on physical appearances, or even based on cultures. Satan is using this as a… Read more »

If satan has the power to make people think he cares about there worship why dont you believe that god can do the same thing and has the same intent as satan. Fighting is stupid I agree with you we are all air breathers and blood shedders again I agree with you but to assume one party will abuse you to then go to another with the same rules just different guidelines is foolish.

Damn…it seems to me if we gather anywhere it should be here, I've protested at the NRA, the Mexican Consulate and other places as a kid, but if I could get to California now, I would definitely be there. I'm not concerned with being "found out", we already are. My concern is putting fear into these freaks like they have put into the people for ages. If you can go, you should. It will be one of the most significant things you've done in your life. And If the meeting is successful, it will be heard around the world.

If people do this, won't they eventually be found out? Especially those who attend the Cremation of Care with masks on.

It doesn't seem to move the Anonymous agenda fwd much. At the same time, it exposes their members.

The video doesn't makes sense to me but I'll be watching to see if anything happens…

I want to see how this works out! I love when people take action. Even if this Bohemian Grove is real or not, it's good when people get together and speak out claiming for their freedom and the truth!

God Bless you! ♥

I see a lot of people responding to this video negatively, and that's a shame. Our negative reaction is the root of the inaction that many of you are claiming will be done. This video should be seen as a good sign that positive ideas are being spread around.

Did anyone notice that the Bilderberg meeting this year saw the largest number of protesters? Or that the meeting ended early for the first time in history due to the pressure? We need to celebrate our awakening and actually believe that we can win this war on our minds.

I wouldn't be surprised that the event Anon calls for doesn't happen. But I wouldn't be surprised if it does either, given the rate of awakening around the world. Would be awesome if it happens though.

This has nothing to do with the article. However, I wanted to share with you guys the Casey case that took place in the State of Florida that caused so much media uproar. So I did research and found the following:

The media focused so much attention on the "Casey" case and used it as a way to distract people from the actual plan which was the Final space shuttle flight called "Atlantis". It took place in the State Of Florida as well. Thus, this was a plan that was already orchestrated and was exemplified in the film "Deep Impact" released in the year 1998. Moreover, Morgan Freeman played the role of Obama. (Mind-blowing). The following video will further explain this:

The problem w/ your argument, Horus, is that the last Shuttle launch the other day got tons of media attn. The Casey Anthony case got a lot of media attn, naturally, since it was a 6 wk trial. But the launch was covered by all the media and every outlet went live with the feed and the commentary. I fail to see what it is you think they "covered up"? The final space launch wasn't a "surprise", it had been in the works for quite a while.

@ Cookie: What I was trying to say was that the Casey Anthony case overlooked the space shuttle. Yes the media covered it and the shuttle was no surprise, but the case itself served as a mask for the general public especially those who have no knowledge of these sort of things. But I do understand what you mean.

Maybe you should add this to the message boards and not under this article.

Ok. Will do.

Student of Truth is a student of radical brother of Islam and a Black Israelite, he is no better than the "elite" or whites pitting brother vs brother. We are all children of God and race does no beset if you are "good" or "evil".

Its not about race, its about economics they would love to kill a white poor man as much as a black, yellow or purple man. You "Student of Truth" have a far way to go before true enlightenment and to all the poster begging to hear more, shame on you one for feeding into his helter skelter like rants. I also shadow this site and see alot of fear based on race and jew mongering, stop it.

okay, yep. now i see it SOT should have quit while he was ahead

Very true!!

could not agree more Esau about SOT..I see his name on here and it's the rhetoric..Black supremest

it's not about race..they have you sot..divide and conquer…your prophet muhhamed bought and sold his people, he had slaves..just when we thought the Atlantic slave trade was over..the eastern slave trade flourished …selling his own people and trading for them..more divide and conquer..also he was a creation of Vatican..enjoy your path, hopefully you will see it has nothing to do with race..we must unite together not be divided..

Say any BS with enough force and people will buy it! Hohoho get ur facts straight before going on a rant or site your source. The Prophet Mohammed did NOT trade in slaves. There were slaves at the time in the Arab World and he encouraged people to give them their freedom. He and his companions freed a man who was enslaved by the tribes of Quraish and this man went on to become the person who calls for prayer with the Prophet. There is no trading of slaves in Islam. And for the rest of you attacking Sot last time I checked this is a comment section people can leave whatever opinion they have take what you want from it and leave the rest. Disagree with him but dont attack him personally.

This will fail miserably. Good try anonymous.