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Anonymous Calls For Occupation of Bohemian Grove Entrance (video)



The yearly annual meeting of Bohemian Grove will being on July 13th 2011. Important decisions are apparently taken during this gathering of the world’s elite, which is punctuated with occult ceremonies and rituals. This year, Anonymous calls for the occupation of the Grove’s entrance. Here’s their video.


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You have people like these men, worshipping Satan..If he is real, then of course God is. God created Satan, who later deceived him. I just do not understand Atheists nowadays, when there is so much proof of evil around you.

polly wog

Alex Jones is Controlled Opposition.

No One gets into Bohemian Grove without an Invite. He never 'snuck' in. He was absolutely, unequivocally invited.

The Plan is to fracture the minds of Americans with the exposure of unbelievable corruption, manipulation, and murder.

Divide and conquer, ultimately bringing the U.S. to her knees.

Don't Be Fooled.


soooo it's the 14th now

did this go down?

please, no alex jones discussion beyond this point



Alex Jones is a temporal co-adjucator for the Society of Jesus i.e. A Jesuit. The Jesuits are the "military arm" of the Vatican and they control everything. They do the dirty work to ensure that the plan stays intact.

Mr. Jones is a disinformation agent. He mixes truth with lies and keeps his followers in a state of perpetual fear. If he actually told the complete truth, he would be lying next to William Cooper ( God rest his soul) today. Think about it.


Please please please. Enlighten me. Show me facts on how Alex Jones is a dis info agent. I understand your suspicion as it's good to question things. So far Alex has divulged information on FEMA camps and how congress passed the H.R. 645 National Emergency Centers Establishment Act which was recently passed by CONGRESS authorizes them to establish emergency centers and military installations. You can look that one up for yourself.

The media isn't reporting information on that! Why because they don't want you to know about that. He's awaken many people with information that can be researched and proven. Where is the dis info? No one is perfect. I'm aware he isn't. Please people now is the time more than ever that we set aside out differences

Pepe Silva

The language people are using to defend AJ convinces me he is a new religion for not thinking personally.

If you want to defend a guy living in a mansion while he tells you the 'truth' which happens to be daily geared to scaring followers into action, well, you can, but don't pretend you or AJ are helping people because of little bits of truth are mixed in.

For most people that progress, AJ is a short stepping stone to useful concepts, not an idol or someone to emulate. Unless your goal is to get on the View to bump your website.


Hi Maya, I’m not going to list everything that’s wrong with Alex Jones. I’ll gloss over the topic and let you do your own research about him. Alex Jones wasn’t the first to blow the lid on FEMA camps or H.R. 645. As far back as 2004/2005 this information was already circulating on the net and there are many alternative media sources and websites that have been following the progress of this Act over the last few years. (e.g. There are also many media sources online who reported on it before he did. What Alex Jones did and what he continues to do is take what’s already there and make a big noise about it and then take credit for it. He did it to Bill Cooper. Cooper talked about 911 five months before it happened. He stated that a false flag terrorist op would be staged by the US and Osama Bin Laden would be blamed for it. A month before the op Alex Jones said on his show that there was going to be a terrorist attack. In the months leading up to September 11th Bill Cooper, who spoke on many other things regarding the elite and… Read more »


I saw one innocent comment on here, but I cannot find it again. The poster said something like, 'how come Al Queda has'nt gone to Bohemian Grove when there are all those important men there?'

Good question! Maybe it's like David Ike's been saying all along. They're fighting for the same cause. A few greedy families feeding off the majority of mankind!

The Twin Towers was said to be an inside job by a number of people on the front line who witnessed things blowing up in corridors far away from the actual plane fires.

The plane could have been fixed to go on automatic and we'll never know because the pilot and the people (the sacrificial lambs)all died as far as I am aware. Planned at a Bohemian Grove meeting?


Go anonymous! 😀

And does anyone know the name of anonymous's site?

If so please tell me ^^

I. D. Arellano

Occupy Bohemian Grove.


No wonder america went to s--t. I wonder if Al Queda is aware of this grove and the valuable targets that are members. America would be the number 1 country in the world again if these Fasciasts were terminated.


This is a great video!! Great work to whoever made it. I totaly wish i coulda been there on July 13th, but i live in Canada, bummer.

ps. Everyone should go out and buy the book: TranceFormation of America, The True Life Story of a CIA Mind Control Slave by Cathy O'Brien with Mark Phillips. You'll litterally get an inside look into our government leaders repolsive ways of life. Its will blow your mind!!

Mus Simius Lacerta

I would be very careful about these "Anonymous" calls to action. There are a lot of shills and trolls who pose as "anons" and organize events like this. In my opinion this could very well be a bait. Why would you expose yourself to the elite? Just to show that you are not afraid of them? They dont care if you are afraid or not – because either way, they can "take care" of you if you become a "problem". I dont trust anonymous entirely, although i support the idea that they represent: net neutrality, truth seeking, honesty and the waking up of people around the world. However, i strongly advise everyone to think for themselves and do not expose other truthers to the elite unless its a 100% bulletproof plan! Protesting at the Grove with Guy Fawkes masks is a dangerous idea – since police and many politicians consider the Anonymous organization as an internet terrorist group – so this is a perfect way to gather them into one place and arrest them with bullshit charges. You can figure out the rest…. Torture, brainwashing and people turning up "missing" and committing "suicide" by several shots to the head. BE… Read more »

Gin Be Jury

Welp. There goes Anonymous.

Suspected 'Anonymous' Hackers Arrested

Authorities in the United States, Britain and the Netherlands have arrested 21 people accused of mounting coordinated cyber attacks against companies and organizations.

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation said Tuesday 35 search warrants were executed in New York state and other locations across the United States in connection with the ongoing investigation.

The FBI said it had arrested 14 people for allegedly hacking into the servers of a popular website that manages online payments, Paypal, blocking people from being able to access the site.

The FBI said in a statement the suspects, in connection with a group that calls itself "Anonymous," attacked in retaliation for Paypal suspending the account of the controversial WikiLeaks website.


Anyone know who is going to Bohemian Grove this year?

Who is on the guest list? I remember VC posted the guest list for Bilderberg, wondering if there is another one?

Arguing over Alex Jones or David Icke or Jordan Maxwell or whoever misses the point completely: All it does is divides all of us so that that the powers that be, conquer us. Let's ignore the small differences, stop arguing over the fine print and fight the real enemy here since time is fast running out.

Brianna Lea Pruett

Good for Anonymous. Every year this should be done.


Stand between those two intersections!? so you can be a easy target to get killed…That is a good way to take out a bunch of people who are awake …I hope no one does that..The sirens is a hint lol They will drop a bomb right there in that spot where all the protesters are gathered…


So this Bohemian Grove place you cannot gain access too atall. When the ceremonies are not taking place is it open to the public? and how is it not accessible are there fences or guards or something?


A group of people actually showed up. This is the only article I could find on the subject.

Robert Hammond

Looks like some infiltration and protesting took place on Wednesday, July 13, but more will be revealed on Sat, July 16. I drove up to check it out and met with a few of the protesters outside the compound. Able to get a little bit of video and write this artice:


IMO Alex Jones over does conspiracy theories. Some may cracking an egg, but some I imagine are so inane I imagine they must be insulting to victim's families. Because he's always on, he's always looking for material to talk about. You can fill you head with a crap listening to some of the hot air that comes out of his mouth….

I do give him props for not selling out like most other Radio and TV personalities. But, sometimes I imagine that's not his choice really, no mainstream advertiser in their right mind would ever back him. He's WAYYYY too polarizing (hence this board's arguement).

Personally I think this site'sthe real deal. VC is sparse with posting his articles and only points out what is HIDDEN RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. I'd much rather go for quality over quantity any day. VC doesn't go attacking on making accusations at what's at the top like Alex Jones does, because like Alex Jones VC has no clue what's really behind the curtain.


I don't understand… VC Can post sparsly because he or she has a life. What's annoying me/worrying me is that there was no pix of the week yet… Point being, he without sin cast the first stone, Wow, I sound out there


I never got what that meant….he without sin cast the first stone…..


It's always kinda bothered me that the same actor who played Agent Smith in the Matrix was allowed a role as V, in Vendetta. Two of my favorites, just wish they hadnt done that.

Sarah Connor

I know! Also Lord of the Rings, hmmmm.


So did it work? I havent really been listening as much as I wouldve liked to have been on this issue. And this whole Alex Jones thing is annoying. At least he's trying to get the word out, who cares about his intentions? Is anyone scrutinizing VC? Alex Jones is funny though. I was watching his movie Endgame, and the things he was yelling at the cars going to the bilderberg meeting was too funny. I was thinking like what if they have innocent meetings (yeah right) and you have this crazy guy yelling things that would sound insane to any normal person, I thought it was funny. The whole bohemian grove thing reminds me of elemantary school. Like clubs and you wouldnt let the boys join and we'd play pretend house and stuff. These guys are funny, playing imaginary games like children do. No wonder they dont want anyone in there, anyone would LOL at the fact of role play killing someone. Too much. So when are these rich bored people gonna find better things to do with their time. Live your carefree lives idiots!

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