Ann Coulter on Fox News: “Radiation is Good for You” (video)


Pure, unadulterated disinformation coming from two of mass media’s biggest trolls. Americans are already encouraged to consume aspartame, fluoride, MSGs and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Let’s add a little radiation to the mix…

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156 Comments on "Ann Coulter on Fox News: “Radiation is Good for You” (video)"

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human stupidity is infinite

Ann is a true idiot and don't forget how Fox news was saying this is no bid deal at the start of all of this. No doubt there piece of garbage canidates will want to run for nuke power. Stupid dumb morons. PS I was a Physics major and am now a USCF chess master.

@ 1:10 "The government says the minimum amount you should be hit with" ….minimum amount?

Dear goodness, I'm 15 and it pains me to see the world as it is D: I'm trying my hardest to change it though 😛

The Rothschilds now contol 80% per cent of the world's uranium market, which explains the propaganda expressed through their media agents, who promote clean nuclear energy as a safe energy source for consumers.

I'm a doctor

i know how harmful radiation can be

I'd like her to expose herself to radiation ,if she's so sure.

and what about infants and pregnant women will she like to encourage them too

even in people who have cancer and are treated with focused radiation unfortunately most often develop another type of cancer

and what is really suspicious is her eagerness and insistence to make people feel safe with radiation

i mean if you cared about people you would at least tell the to be cautious despite it can be "good for you" not use that kind of attitude and excitmen

Anne Coulter is an evil man

The spas of Budapest are known for the healing effects of their radioactive waters. However, the levels are very low, as undoubtedly in the Taiwanese apartment building, or in the multiple chest X-rays preventing breast cancer. But high levels of radiation can poison and kill — and the fact that this simple distinction wasn't made makes this a very sinister news segment.

Obviously this woman is misinformed. Yes, some radiation could theoretically kill off bacteria, and could THEORETICALLY help you, but anything too high like the amount being released by the failing Japanese Nuclear Plant would have negative effects on your health. This woman has clearly misunderstood information provided to her.

I’d like to see Ann give this little spiel to the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the kids of those victims. xD

I can still see this b***h's adam's apple.

If radiation is so good for us, I want to see Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter eat it.

Maybe she is right.

I think that scientists should decide, and we should not judge based on what the large media say.

That woman should be slapped by a pimp!!

Disappointing. I usually stand right with the folks who post on VC but I am not very pleased with what I am reading here. Why so much hate for Ann Coulter? Who cares about her? The comments about her that reveal hatred for her, show that many of you are still playing politics. ..sigh..

it isn't easy to break free from all the conditioning/programming! i am sure making this point will help some to see.

I guess I should be happy if I've got Radon.

GC 161

Ummm we are exposed to radiation everyday ppl! From UV rays, xrays, infared rays, ultraviolet rays etc! We live off of this stuff! Uv rays gives us energy! vitamin D! but as always too much exposure will cause negative effects…..

Just informing you

Well said.

Ann Coulter is so full of hate for the human race it's obvious she's doing the bidding of her father the devil. Really.

A little radiation makes you SPIDER MAN apparently

ok…wait, y is oreily speaking of WTC poisoning? it was planes, not nukes that took down the towers right?? smh

Whattt an Idiottt.

Ann Coulter I mean. She is an idiot.

There's a certain symmetry to her promoting WHOR-misis…

OK, so who wants to chip in to help send this banshee to Fukashima to put her money where her mouth is??

The NWO elite are at it again…diversion and distration 101.

that is very disturbing and sad 🙁

She's an idiot

This is a perfect demonstration of how "her" mind works. Finding correlations counter to science and basing her belief systems on them. What a f'ing idiot. Why hasn't she suicided yet?


ITS OFFICIAL NOW MAINSTREAM NEWS CNN !!!! CNN talks about how Humans will MERGE with computers, NO LIE! MUST SEE

TRANSHUMANISM is here … As VC been showin in msuic vids e.t.c it is now mainstream.

dear ms coulter is a dear misguided author who has no idea on what is going on in science. isnt there a reason why cancer treatment via radiation needs so many professionals? yes, there is. The reason is that radiation directed at normal cells will destroy them. the entire point of sine cancer cure research is to find alternatives to radiation….so how is lots of radiation good in any way? ms coulter can look at the damage done by radiation effects from the hiroshima bombing and rethink what she's trying to say

Ann Coulter is awesome. You guess are to blinded by your silly government conspiracies to she who amazing and smart Ann is.

Either A) you spelled everything wrong because you are mocking her or

B) you really are that stupid…

Bill O reilly master deceptor.

What about radiotherapy to treat cancer, isn't radiation in small doses actually having some use?

the doses of radiation are extremely small, targeted only at the mutated cancer cells. if someone doesn't have cancer/is not treated with radiation professionally, radiation can turn out to have deadly effects

Chemotherapy does target mutated cancer cells, but it also kills live and healthy cells. We are conditioned to accept radiating our bodies because it can potentially have positive effects… but that is not guaranteed. In fact, it can be more detrimental than beneficial. Cancer is basically your body working too hard to correct a problem… so to consider facilitating the cells to do what they are trying to accomplish (through good nutrition) instead of attacking them with radiation unfortunately is not the first thing we consider… but should be what we first try. I believe more people would have a better chance of survival by strengthening the building blocks rather than tearing up what your body is working on. But I know most people would disagree and say "Stick to listening to your doctor. Radiation is okay (Fox news said so) and a pill for every ill is smarter than… Read more »

Anybody ever seen that episode of the Boondocks with the Ann Coulter character?

Apparently she has a reputation for pitting people against each other, in order to make book sales. Check out that episode, I think it's season 2. Makes this article make a lot more sense…

I sometimes wonder if Botox has a mind-control component.

I wouldn't be surprised. I was reading the 599+ additives to cigarettes and I believe there were a few mind control chemicals soaked into the GMO tobacco. Hooray for chemicals.

"I would think that after seeing a couple of the articles on this site, that you would know that we have bigger and better things to accomplish besides trolling this website. Hopefully the radiation won’t hit you “1st”."

What do you have to accomplish? Unless you have a part in political economy all youll be doing is trolling dropping comments like the rest of us. Get over yourself and go find a job….

I don't speak English has my first language, but I didn't hear her making a distinction between radiations you take at the hospital and nuclear ones like in Japan and other catastrophes. When Billy O'Relley made that joke about taking sunbaths near a nuclear reactor or something she didn't even denied it, she just went on on that spa where people would take massive amounts of radiation. She should tell this to people who were exposed to radiations and got children with lots of health problems and mutations. If she wants to prove it so bad I'd like to see her swallowing plutonium.

What. The. F****?!?!

I don't even know what to say. Wow.

common guys, give the dumb chick a break, after all drinking bleach whitens teeth so 😀

*no seriously Ann get lost -_-*

I had an Ukrainian friend in the uni who got married to another Ukrainian. Both of them were in 20s when they had a son who was born with severe health problems. I know for a fact that both parents had been exposed in radiation whilst very young. Radiation is a teratogenic agent in humans and animals. I didn't live in the former East block during chernobyl but I used to live in another European country thousand of miles away, I was quite young at the time however I remember even before we were informed about the Chernobyl accident we had severe headaches. The media might want to sugarcoat the hazardous effects of radiation. Nevertheless nuclear plants are a waste of space and we should use other forms of energy such as wind or sun.

Radiation doesnt cause lung cancer, is smoking; and high levels of radiation causes other types of so many types of cancer, the most common blood malignancies

Radon gas does cause lung and other cancers. Do more research.

I`m sure some studies have proved that certain levels of radiations are good for you. But now that Japan is in crisis and people are worried about the radiation risks associated with the tsunami , it is the wrong time for her to start publicizing these ideas. So far, nobody died because they didn`t have enough exposure to radiations, so i think we can afford to live without it.

I will preface this by saying I'm not a big A. Coulter fan, but…chill out people! Heaping insults on others and name-calling because they look a certain way? What grade are we in? From what I heard her say, her main point was that the big media does not report fairly on "certain" topics. She claims there is a (some) body of actual scientific evidence that claims higher levels of radiation are beneficial and that they should be given the chance to be heard so the people can make informed decisions for themselves. Isn't this the desire of those who come to sites such as V.C.'s? We don't want the government to treat us like children and make life decisions for us. We want the media to represent "just the facts" in a fair and balanced way. Don't just begin throwing insults around because V.C. thinks a certain way. This… Read more »

I know! The b-word gets thrown around like it was harmless or something. I swear, I've always thought that word was harsh. I cringe every time I hear it. Ever since I heard my big sister call my mom that when I was a little girl, I've never been able to hear it, let alone call somebody that.

She`s an idiot ! is she for real ? while the victims of the tsunami in Japan are struggling and trying to survive, you are going to tell them that radiation is good for them ??? Take her to Japan and let her have this same speech…… LMAO , i would pay millions to see her face after she gets jumped by the people there 😀

Ok, we all know it's a big lie anyway, but here's proof…and this is from the article she was referring to from the NYT.… The following was on page 5 of the article… Now, some scientists even say low radiation doses may be beneficial. They theorize that these doses protect against cancer by activating cells' natural defense mechanisms. As evidence, they cite studies, like one in Canada of tuberculosis patients who had multiple chest X-rays and one of nuclear workers in the United States. The tuberculosis patients, some analyses said, had fewer cases of breast cancer than would be expected and the nuclear workers had a lower mortality rate than would be expected. Dr. Boice said these studies were flawed by statistical pitfalls, and when a committee of the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurement evaluated this and other studies on beneficial effects, it was not convinced. The… Read more »

even if 'samll amounts' of radiation are good for you, i'm sure it's not better than getting vitamin C and taking care of your health in general. I was bothered by how she didn't really clarify different types of radiaton, appearntley people who suffered in Japan (in WWII) and on 9/11 suffered similar effects? she didn't even say anything to him about this she just kept repeating "scientist say…" if her job is to go around repeating what scientist(or other people in general) say, without fully understanding it, why don't they just go straight the the source?

First of all, this smutbucket starts laughing when he reads her the title of her own article..then starts nodding her head like a sorority girl who got asked if she wants hunch punch then proceeds to babble vainly about some s**t she knows damn well she wouldnt go near…ahhh gotta love Fox…on another note, they both look dead behind the eyes. Smdh!!

I'm not totally sold on the Illuminati extraterrestrial origin theory, but I'd believe she's a reptilian.

Lol I read this message multiple times with the same results…

That was funny hahahaha.


The reptile people is a mind control theme. Check the programming. David Icke may actually believe it and be a victim himself.

The stone cold truth.

At the top they are hard core Lucifarians

They do it because their God is such. Its just that simple.

Know a few and they are crazy as hell, no pun. You could not make these immoral cretins up if you tried for a thousand years and many have been subjected to SRA and Mind Control themselves; which explains much. Children pay for the sins of their parents – tragic

God Bless, pray like you mean it.

As mad as a box of frogs.

In other words, lets all give into genocide.

"Health problems all day long"

ugh if the american people actually buy this….then we're all doomed