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Ann Coulter on Fox News: “Radiation is Good for You” (video)



Pure, unadulterated disinformation coming from two of mass media’s biggest trolls. Americans are already encouraged to consume aspartame, fluoride, MSGs and High Fructose Corn Syrup. Let’s add a little radiation to the mix…



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human stupidity is infinite


Ann is a true idiot and don't forget how Fox news was saying this is no bid deal at the start of all of this. No doubt there piece of garbage canidates will want to run for nuke power. Stupid dumb morons. PS I was a Physics major and am now a USCF chess master.


@ 1:10 "The government says the minimum amount you should be hit with" ….minimum amount?

Dear goodness, I'm 15 and it pains me to see the world as it is D: I'm trying my hardest to change it though 😛


The Rothschilds now contol 80% per cent of the world's uranium market, which explains the propaganda expressed through their media agents, who promote clean nuclear energy as a safe energy source for consumers.


I'm a doctor

i know how harmful radiation can be

I'd like her to expose herself to radiation ,if she's so sure.

and what about infants and pregnant women will she like to encourage them too

even in people who have cancer and are treated with focused radiation unfortunately most often develop another type of cancer

and what is really suspicious is her eagerness and insistence to make people feel safe with radiation

i mean if you cared about people you would at least tell the to be cautious despite it can be "good for you" not use that kind of attitude and excitmen


Anne Coulter is an evil man


The spas of Budapest are known for the healing effects of their radioactive waters. However, the levels are very low, as undoubtedly in the Taiwanese apartment building, or in the multiple chest X-rays preventing breast cancer. But high levels of radiation can poison and kill — and the fact that this simple distinction wasn't made makes this a very sinister news segment.


Obviously this woman is misinformed. Yes, some radiation could theoretically kill off bacteria, and could THEORETICALLY help you, but anything too high like the amount being released by the failing Japanese Nuclear Plant would have negative effects on your health. This woman has clearly misunderstood information provided to her.


I’d like to see Ann give this little spiel to the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the kids of those victims. xD


I can still see this bitch's adam's apple.


If radiation is so good for us, I want to see Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter eat it.


Maybe she is right.

I think that scientists should decide, and we should not judge based on what the large media say.


That woman should be slapped by a pimp!!


Disappointing. I usually stand right with the folks who post on VC but I am not very pleased with what I am reading here. Why so much hate for Ann Coulter? Who cares about her? The comments about her that reveal hatred for her, show that many of you are still playing politics. ..sigh..


it isn't easy to break free from all the conditioning/programming! i am sure making this point will help some to see.


I guess I should be happy if I've got Radon.


GC 161


Ummm we are exposed to radiation everyday ppl! From UV rays, xrays, infared rays, ultraviolet rays etc! We live off of this stuff! Uv rays gives us energy! vitamin D! but as always too much exposure will cause negative effects…..

Just informing you


Well said.

team jesus

Ann Coulter is so full of hate for the human race it's obvious she's doing the bidding of her father the devil. Really.


A little radiation makes you SPIDER MAN apparently


ok…wait, y is oreily speaking of WTC poisoning? it was planes, not nukes that took down the towers right?? smh

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