Amazing Speech by War Veteran (video)


A courageous speech by Iraq veteran Mike Prysner. Racism is not the reason why these countries are invaded but, as eloquently stated by Prsyner, it is used as a fuel to motivate the soldiers to become killing machines.


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You know, the only part of this that is interesting to me, is the fact that a soldier who's been on the frontline, comes back with such a view. In Mr. P's case, the articulate nature of his speech, unless written for him, makes me wonder why he would join the services in the first place ??? Propaganda … ??? … quite possibly, as one commenter stated, for something so, "ANTI", what the government and his fellow soldiers stand for, there is much that seems very Hollywood in it's presentation & the other vids Mr. P has done. Just me being ultra skeptical these days I guess … ??? … however, the essence of what Mr. P is saying does, in my opinion, hold weight from the simplistic perspective of superiority and power shifts in foreign lands to ultimately increase control on a global scale. If Fifa and the bribery… Read more »