Amazing Speech by War Veteran (video)


A courageous speech by Iraq veteran Mike Prysner. Racism is not the reason why these countries are invaded but, as eloquently stated by Prsyner, it is used as a fuel to motivate the soldiers to become killing machines.



  1. You know, the only part of this that is interesting to me, is the fact that a soldier who's been on the frontline, comes back with such a view.

    In Mr. P's case, the articulate nature of his speech, unless written for him, makes me wonder why he would join the services in the first place ???

    Propaganda … ??? … quite possibly, as one commenter stated, for something so, "ANTI", what the government and his fellow soldiers stand for, there is much that seems very Hollywood in it's presentation & the other vids Mr. P has done.

    Just me being ultra skeptical these days I guess … ??? … however, the essence of what Mr. P is saying does, in my opinion, hold weight from the simplistic perspective of superiority and power shifts in foreign lands to ultimately increase control on a global scale.

    If Fifa and the bribery scandals of the last couple of days are anything to go by, the people of the world do not need Mr. P to explain the basic fundamentals of the modern world, they need men like him not to go to war in the first place !!!!!

    Money buys a great many peoples' souls, thus, from the frontline soldier to political officials in foreign lands, the nature of their actions cannot be rationalised.

    War fuels much that allies itself to the pursuit of power & dominance.

    I'm really not convinced that, "A Soldiers Tale", as it were, is gonna be enough to establish a sense of moral consciousness in people, as stated, we are in the modern age and have been for quite some time now, so, where is the awakening that is being spoken of ???

    I have to suggest that much that is now spouted from various quarters regarding the nature of wars and corporate corruption is merely giving everyone even more reason to question the most basic of things which is that, supporting killing is wrong, taking to money to kill is wrong !!!, which can surely only lead to the obvious conclusion that, KILLING is …. WRONG …. full stop.

    I also think it's important to recognise, as someone else said, that, many of these heroic killers are in a great many cases, individuals who are returning to their respective homelands to now police streets in their respective countries !!!

    All those, "Oh, we're so proud of our boys !!!", may not feel that way in years to come when their hired guns are used to enforce the same kind of actions that are shown in Mr. Prysner's video.

    Thus, on this subject of soldiers, their motivations and leaders ……

    Here's something for y'all ……..


  2. this was one of the most moving testimonies i've ever heard.

    it's remarkable that he got the strenght to talk about all these frightening things that happen in front of our eyes, but we still can't see them, because we don't want to. we are willingly blind. before coming to this site (VC your work is AMAZING, it totally opened my eyes), i didn't know what was happening in the world.

    i was living in my own artificial world. i thought our generation, our lives, our world, was just a fairyland, filled with unicorns and flowers.

    just to realize that our world, our lives, MY LIFE are controlled.

    the truth is that we aren't controlled by those billionaires, who just want to become wealthier by sending us to KILL and sacrifice our own lives, without caring about our families or rights.

    and we aren't controlled by those invisible "powerful ones".

    there's something more. there's a power, stronger than any individual. i'm still not sure about what that power is. i've no idea. maybe it's DEVIL. maybe it's something even more evil than that. the only thing that i'm sure about, is that we are PUPPETS.

    we are WILLINGLY controlled. we see what's happening and noone reacts.

    we are puppets, everyone is a puppet, even i am now that i'm writing this.

    we are puppets because WE DON'T REACT.

    this man, who literally made me cry, is trying to escape from all this. we should do the same.

    we should PRAY to our god. we should have faith.

    to be honest, i'm a christian, but i was never obsessed with my religion. now that i've discovered that we are mind-controlled slaves – all of us – i know that praying is the key to survive all these.

    but there's ONE more thing we have to do.

    we have to JOIN our individual power and fight against evil.

  3. It was encouraging to see another articulate what I have known for so long. America is slowly being methodically destroyed because far too many don't know who our enemies really are. Others who make it known to them are castigated and are called all sorts of dismissive names. The only time one will wake up is when it is no longer in one's best interest to go along with the lies being told.

    The fate of those around the world who are currently benefitting from being in bed with the "W***e of Babylon" will come to pass. The details of their punishment for their atrocities are found here:

  4. "Theirs not to make reply

    Theirs not to reason why

    Theirs but to do and die

    Into the valley of Death"

    ~ Lord Tennyson

  5. The racism that he's talking about is unfortunately also fueled by the religious differences…

    I applaud this guy for being so courageous…Courageous enough to even make this speech, but also courageous enough to admit to himself that his military service doesn't make him a superior being as they want you to believe in the US, and that 'serving your country' isn't glamorous in any way, but that you're used as a pawn and looked at as an expendable life to further the interests of people who don't give a crap about you…

    I wish I could give this guy a hug.

  6. you know it's funny you just posted this because the other day i saw a bumper sticker that was sooo disturbing. it said something like "lawyers sue, plumbers fix, but marines KILL" and they had "kill" in all capital letters just like that… so sad… and tells you that they are trying to create monsters.

    • Wow…that's so disgusting. I would've made sure the guy noticed me if possible and I would've told him he's a pig.

  7. this video is truth and not by surprise will be taken off of the internet. As i was trying to share it with my twitter followers it mysteriously stopped! Coincidence… i think NOT! all i can say is KEEP FAITH! SOON ENOUGH GOD WILL REVEAL THE TRUTH AND SAVE HIS PEOPLE! but great video!

  8. Forgive me for point this out, but to the people the rely solely on faith in God to solve our everyday problems I have this to say; What about God's faith in you?

  9. Did anyone notice the scenes from Family Guy that flash up for split seconds.

    I saw Mike Prysner speak in Scotland. He was really amazing. And so young to be speaking shuch wise words.

      • If you check the comments on that link you'll notice that Mike Prysner actually commented a few times himself (supposedly). Interesting.

      • Actually thank you for that sovay!!! I did see his comments. Unfortunately I work in healthcare and can see where he is off the mark so to speak……but I believe his heart is good if that makes a difference. I just think he is influenced by the wrong info (michael moore) etc.

      • Really? Just out of curiosity, can you tell me which part of his comments you don't agree with, and why? Thanks 🙂

    • I don't think that changes the relevance of the speach much, He pretty much is just talking about the war here (which could come from any soldier no matter what there political affiliation),

      The Michael Moore crap, well he has influenced many who have felt disenfranchised by our current system. Michael Moore does point out the flaws and is a good commentator on documentarys where he just says only that bit about flaws.

      But MM on his own turns right onto the classic utopian model selling socialism as the answer which is where I throw the BS flag on just his movies. I work in healthcare as well and liked the movie SICKO up to a point, then he started selling socialism as the only answer to everything (but some people bought his solution hook line and sinker since they already agreed to what the current problems were)

  10. Patriots like this are why Big Sis calles returning vets domestic terrorists. This guy is amazing – and I know there are many, many more out there, even who are currently serving. God Bless Them!

  11. Thanks VC!

    That wraps up all there is to know about the elite's real motives for war, although this was summed up thousands of years ago in the Bible by King Solomon & the prophet Jeremiah:

    "Man has dominated man to his injury" – Ecclesiastes 8:9 (NWT)


    "I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way DOES NOT BELONG. It does not belong to man who is walking EVEN TO DIRECT HIS STEP." Jeremiah 10:23 (NWT)

    Mankind's wickedness, greed and mainly independence from God has resulted in wars we witness today.

    These wars have occurred just as Jesus Christ reliably foretold almost 2000 years…

    Matthew 24:6-8

    6 "YOU are going to hear of wars and reports of wars; see that YOU are not terrified. For these things must take place, but the END IS NOT YET. 7 “For nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another. 8 All these things are a beginning of pangs of distress." (NWT)


    Matthew 24:14

    14 "…this good news of the kingdom (Jehovah God's government ruling from Heaven) will be preached in ALL the inhabited earth for a witness to ALL the nations; and THEN THE END WILL COME." (NWT)

    Jesus even foretold that this "end" would be similar to those of the days of Noah:

    Matthew 24:36-39

    36 “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but ONLY the Father. 37 For JUST AS THE DAYS OF NOAH were, so the PRESENCE of the Son of man will be. 38 For as they were in those days BEFORE the flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark; 39 and THEY TOOK NO NOTE until the flood came and SWEPT THEM ALL away, so the PRESENCE of the Son of man will be." (NWT)

    Clearly, this "end" wasn't a literal destruction of the earth. In effect, this was God's manner of spiritually cleansing the planet due to wickedness, man's thinking and behaviour (sexual immorality & violence), which prevailed during Noah's lifetime. God promised this global flooding would never occur again. The account that describes this cleansing can be found at Genesis chapter 6-9.

    Do we not see sex, and particularly violence so prevalent in today's world through the use of entertainment and the decline in moral standards?

    President Woodrow Wilson may have meant well when he purportedly coined the phrase that WWI was to be "the war to end all wars". Nevertheless, since 1914 – we have seen a 2nd WW and many subsequent wars have followed.

    I'm glad VC features articles and shares information like this as it helps us all be watchful and vigilant in this world we live in. There are many reasons to be hopeful about our future though; one that will be free from the threat of war. I've found my hope but we must seek it:

    "Keep on asking, and it will be given YOU; keep on seeking, and YOU will find; keep on knocking, and it will be opened to YOU." – Matthew 7:7 (NWT)

    Seek "the truth" and you will find it…PEACE!

    • You are correct. Men have been given the opportunity to try every humanly conceivable for of self rule and governance. And all have failed miserably. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Man dominates man to his injury, polutes our beautiful planet home. But the battle is not ours. The meek shall inherit the earth and the wicked will be no more. (psalms 37:10,11)

  12. What many people may not realize is this one truth: 1John 5:19 says that the WHOLE WORLD is lying in the power of the wicked one, Satan the Devil. The kings of the earth are under his control. The governments of this world will NEVER bring about conditions that satisfy the majority of mankind. Only one Kingdom or Government will be able to do this. It's the one we are told to pray for at Matthew 6: 9 & 10, and I pray for it every day! Let Your (God's) Kingdom come, Let your (God's) will be done, on earth as it is in heaven! Until then, we need share this hope that very soon Satan's wicked tyrannical rule will be removed, and the needs of earth's inhabitants will be cared for by the only One who will govern with Love and who has the actual power and ability to irradicate human suffering, Jehovah God's appointed King, Jesus Christ. Respectfully Submitted.

    • Finally, some sense being laid down. The only reason I say that though is because I choose to obey the calling of God and believe in Him. And that's the problem, it takes faith. And the only reason its a problem is because it's a blatant slap in the face that it requires faith. People get hung on the blatant-ness of it and are turned off. The thing they don't realize is that even though they choose not to believe in the Bible, they choose to believe in something else. And the funny thing is, that "something else" requires even more faith then what the Bible does. The difference with this "something else", is that it's not blatantly obvious that it requires faith to "know" it. It's a bunch of half truths, and misconceptions piled up on each other to form a coherent thought, even though that thought is based on all sorts of incoherence. I challenge all you scoffers to dig into your preconceived "truths". I guarantee once you do, you'll run into things that are based on faith.

    • @Cinapia Well said, if only people would realize this truth, practice it, spread the love of Jesus Christ, and prepare for his return. The word also tells us that the beast "Anti-Christ" will NOT set up his kingdom (or NWO) until Jesus Christ rapture's the church first.

    • @Cinapia – Feeling your succinctness! The sad fact is, as you know, some refuse to accept that Satan exists!! *sighs*

    • Cinapia, we're on the same page 🙂 im happy to see people like yourself spreading the truth on articles like these.

  13. Looking at his comments, the man himself seems to have strong anti-capitalist (Communist) leanings and a limited understanding of economics.

    However, one must wonder if his views are the result of his time in the U.S. Army or a preexisting (left wing brain washing) state of mind.

    • Exactly was I was thinking!! I agree with him to the point that killing of innocent people is wrong, but everything else he said sounded extremely liberal to me. If I was in that room I would be one to stand up and clap for him.

    • Capitalism is what creates these all-powerful corporations. You cant be Anti-corporation and pro-capitalism at the same time. Clearly this site hasn't educated you enough.

      • Proud Eagle, Sally, clearly you have nothing of real importance to say. That's why you speak of things with no real importance (capitalism, left wing blah blah blah)….I just heard one of the most well said soul moving speeches…I don't think you heard or felt the same…bots much? Ridiculing this person is the last thing that was on my mind I cried from being to end. We are not realizing the seriousness of what is unfolding around us. Stop and think, use you emotions and not your false education because it seems to have taught you nothing about being HUMAN. God Bless Mike Prysner and his courage to speak for humanity. He just said what this site has been trying to teach us. PE and Sally there's a difference between being ignorant to the truth and ignoring it. You do the latter by making a comment irrelevant to the topic at hand. Good luck.

      • Actually not true James. True capitalism allows anyone to throw their hat into the ring without undue interference. Corporations are gigantic fascist organisms that are given unfair advantage of the marketplace by virtue of their huge amount of resources. They exercise an undue amount of influence over our govenment thru political donations and such. They also push out competition thru aquisitions and silence any dissatifation with what they produce by their ability to outspend any individual in the justice system. True, corporations can be formed by anyone, but I'm really talking about the Mega-Corps that slowly are working their way to a monopoly hidden behind a multiude of names. I could go on, but I'll spare everyone a lengthy rant…

    • there's a difference between capitalism and killing out of greed. perhaps your right wing "brainwashing" prevents you from making this distinction.

    • Way to throw an empty platitude of neocon BS into the mix O Patriotic one. Why don't you look up any number of the "economic Problems" hitting the us shores this century and tell me if war is fixing them… You know, Peak oil, carbon taxes, Hyperinflation, food shortage, environmental disaster (HAARP attacks on US land), purposeful devaluation of the US dollar… the list goes on but I'll stop for now. Let me know what you come up with; doubt ill be hearing back from you…

  14. This is true, but sadly not enough people know about this. Every time I start talking about these topics among my friends, they agree with many of my points, but in the end they dismiss the whole thing by saying: "…Yeah, but what can we do…" When I tell them that we need to organize, get together and get more people to just stop paying unreasonable taxes, they laugh and say: "you will go to jail then". If millions of people stop paying taxes at the same time, they wont have the power to keep up, and they wont have the "storage" to jail all of them. Together, the ants can conquer the elephant.

  15. James Madison, in a letter to Thomas Jefferson on May 13, 1798, said, “Perhaps it is a universal truth that the loss of Liberty at home is to be charged to provision against danger, real or pretended, from abroad.”

    That statement has never been more true than it is today.

  16. That's exactly it though. We will continue to fight wars until someone stops. How several people get together over a quarrel and destroy/deny liberties and life.

    Using torture and systematic bombing against them is wrong. What we need to go for is the source of their power; their money and reputation. However, we should not resort to immoral/illegal tactics. For that, we need a new type of politician. A normal person willing to be groomed by the public, not the powers that be….

    Jeez, there are sooo many steps to take to accomplish this. It's no wonder our ancestors never got around to doing it. Even more harder now…..

  17. I had seen it a long time ago, but it is true. Most of the wars in the world have been a quest for money, land and power. Unfortunately the real MONSTERS of the world never even get their finger tips dirty, yet all the slaves get slaughtered for their evil satanic goals.

    If the Bilderbergers, Freemasons, Hydra, the Octopus, Illuminati, Skulls & Bones, etc. were ever to be punished for their crimes here on earth, not even torture and atomic bombing them for 1000000 years would suffice.

    • I had a few friends that I met who said they joined the military becuase it ran in their family, or they joined to get points for civil service exams (police/fire and other government jobs) wome with never thinking they would actually see combat. Others joined beleiving they were doing good service to the country and humanity as a whole.

      After serving 2 or more tours of active duty they fell into two categories. Either they were strongly patriotic or felt disenfranchised and disillusioned and desired to get out of the service if they could (a few are stuck for a few more years). A few who did get out legitemately were still called back to duty, and had to hire lawyers to protect them and no they had the right to not respond. Two of people I know said they now felt like a mercernary or an indentrured servant after all the things they've seen and the hypocrisy and no longer feel proud of what government is forcing upon the people.

      They can not leave the service without going to jail and they have told me a few people they knew when called for their 3rd tour of active duty would not leave (and it was hard for the local police to arrest someone they could sympathize with). It is hard for soldiers and troops to be in this kind of catch 22. So I support our troops and soldiers as individuals, but I am against the wars and the government misuse/waste/exploitation of human life, rescources, and service of good people.

      Great speach, and sums up concisely what I've heard from their details of things.

    • you know what is ironic is that without his followers Satan has no power at all

      and the people who serve him are actually just his slaves so that he can control this world spread evil and injustice and drag as many people as he can to hell for eternity with him


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