Alone in the Wilderness (video)


The following video has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of this site, yet I feel it needs to be there. “Alone in the Wilderness” is the story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness in 1968. He filmed his adventures and day-to-day life using a 8mm camera and a tripod. The footage, along with the contents of his journals, were put together in a fascinating documentary.

I recently watched the entire thing and I couldn’t help but think: “This guy has the solution”. Although it is nearly impossible for most of us to replicate what he did, his lifestyle is certainly an ideal we should all tend to. Free from the bonds of materialism, debts and mass media indoctrination, watching this tough old man appreciating nature and just doing what he has to do to stay alive is a vivid reminder that all of the rest is just a mere illusion.

Here are excerpts from the documentary put online by the producer of the video.



  1. Yes, I saw this film a few years ago. Very fascinating. I often envision what a world would be like starting from scratch without all the world systems which we're pretty much supposed to conform to from the day we're born. That would be true liberty and opportunity.

  2. There's a bunch of pros and cons and theories about doing such things I could talk about but won't out of laziness. But I did watch this years ago and loved it, very engrossing.

    Anyone know where a spoiled first-worlder can get some survival skills?

  3. I'm starting to get more & more awake of how there is no right or wrong.

    Living far far way from the industries will nót make you a better person.

    Like it or not, it's a ego thing to even think that.

    Because by saying that, u say that you're 'illuminated', you basically feel risen above others because you are 'awakened'.

    And that makes you a BETTER person now doesn't it?

    Well, nature is absolutely gorgeous…

    But I like restaurants too!

    It's the Yes & No's, all the plastic living a life of it's own that needs to go.

    All of the… insisting that there's right & wrong, is what needs to go.

    I know exactly what I gotta do…

    but on the other hand i don't.

    Sometimes I feel like i'm living in this big fat illusion.

    And I don't know why, I just find it a little strange to talk to people sometimes.

    Cuz it feels like a real play… theater.

    It doesn't feel wrong but it feels unreal.

    Like, why don't I feel anything when u're speaking to me?

    Like, I talk to you all the time.

    I meet all of you, all the time… on a regular basis.

    You, you and then you…

    But why is there nothing 'there'?

    Perhaps cuz it's an illusion?

    And the only thing that even make me feel something lately are just my dreams that's why all I wanna do is sleep… until I TRULY awaken on some other side.

    Although, I know in my heart- and I realize that this is just me waiting until we all become 1.

    Where there's oneness in diversity.

    And everyone can just be theirselves…

    It's OK not to be OK.

    Ít's cool if u wanna smell good & look good.

    It's cool if U wanna be Bad-Ass.


    there's no right or wrong like that, there's just Who You Are and there's only 1 You so u gotta be the best version that u can be and try not to give a f**k about the people around you that think they can play games with you & deceive you, or hold u back…

    Cuz honestly… there's good & bad in all of us.

    Everyone has a dark side.

    Sometimes you face it together (by seeing that in someone, getting hurt or disturbed) and sometimes u face it alone (realize the cold hard truth of the ego)

    But sometimes u gotta know all that u've been through, call the shots Yourself & strive to be HAPPY.

    Oneness is in each & every one of us.

    I Believe

    • You sound confused about some things in multiple contexts.

      I don't really have a lot of time right now, but I'll leave a pretty simple message behind.

      First of all, you're wrong about someone escaping the entrapment and labyrinth of deceptive society. There is no ego, it is stepping away from ego, and taking full responsibility, for your life, your mortality, your soul, your sanity, your survival.

      You sound like you have a lot to do about transcending duality.

      Again, I wish I could write out more to explain my point and my message. But basically, one perception I have discovered, is the possibility that the notions of duality that have been implemented, projected, and become common cliches in society for centuries upon centuries, which can ALL be directly linked to masonic/ occult association, might be part of the larger scale scheme to confuse people psychologically.

      Through very simple, and apparent techniques and tricks, it is very easy to cause confusion between polarities. Up can very easily seem like down. When free falling, or when in the middle of the ocean, it's easy to lose track of which way is which. Every direction can feel, or even look the same. In this sense alone, it is easy to see through association, how we depend on relativity to define things. You see, You need something to define up or down. Like a sidewalk, ground, something CONCRETE. Something that solidifies your perception of what you are experiencing. You take away reference points, i.e. floating in space, then what defines up? let's say you can see the earth, is that down? but then that's a sphere, is all direction away from it up?

      In situations, reference points that connect to your bias, your perspective, your personal life, whatever, that define things to be good or bad. but it can be understood that MOST things we do in life are neither good nor bad.

      However, the differences that exist between black and white in aspects of color in light and solid matter, are very real, and vast.

      The differences between cold and hot, darkness and light, love and hate, are all very real, and very significant.

      Duality is very real, and very significant to accept, however understanding balance of all these oppositions and how they all play in the harmony of the universe, is extremely different from using notions of duality to emit and project the subconscious notions that it's all the same, that it is intertwined as one.

      Our dimension, our reality, our universe, our world is in duality. We are in a place where all these things have collided. This does not mean that evil = good, and all things mesh together as one. That is what darkness might tell you, as it consumed the light.

      Do not confuse your positives with your negatives my friend.

      All is one, but this "one" is trying to heal itself from the inside out, And you are either a white blood cell, or you are a cancer.

      Drop the ego, and transcend. You hold part of the truth in your words, but the other part is lost in your unwillingness to realize the full extent of your deception.

      You say you want to TRULY wake up on the other side.

      I can honestly tell you that the deeper meaning of what you're talking about won't happen until you pass on from your physical prison.

      But what I hear you actually saying is what you have awakened your consciousness of this life, but you have not fully woken up yet.

      Not rushing you, think what you gotta think, allow yourself to unfold naturally.

      Just expressing the notion that it's not wise to project your own ego onto others, especially those who are actually succeeding in finding balance with oneness.

  4. I absolutely love this! I sometimes wish Eve wouldn't have been so persuasive and Adam so…… agreeable? I mean this is probably how we would survive if u know….fall of man wouldn't have happened. But anywho, this was refreshing!

  5. You know what is the only distasteful thing about this sight. The so called awares calling everyone else shepple. I'm so tired of that word bouncing around here its truly ridiculous. Are you better because you came to a site and read and believed what someone else told. Does that make you enlightened? People have to stop seeing others with contempt because they don't have the same beliefs that you do. That is the premise for waging wars. Live with love people peace.

  6. Love this movie…the public broadcasting network in my city plays this just about every fundraising time and it's meditative. I would love to be able to give the city up and live this way…i probably would last through the winter unless i had a pro with me. Amazing.

  7. Theres so many religion's Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, All claim if you dont follow its teaching punishment, sometimes eternal punishment is the…well punishment, In a world like this how could any force of good condem you for not knowing what to do, I mean arnt we all mind control victims in one way or another, How can one truly see when every living thing on this planet believes to have the right answer based off faith… Just where I am currently email me if you have any suggestions for me to better find myself

  8. Hold up one moment. Sure, it all looks very nice to be living out in the wilderness and I'm sure this guy and many others would enjoy it too, but think for a moment about the evolution of the human race. We have come so far with science and to just turn our back on it now would be such a waste. I understand that there is a lot wrong with the world but there is also a lot that is right with it too. For example, this week in the news it has been announced that we have come another step closer to proving the Higgs Boson does indeed exist. If it does turn out to be correct, it would be a truly amazing discovery. If we were all sitting around in the woods carving spoons for our entire life, how would we ever make such advances? Think about being able to leave this planet and explore the universe, perhaps even finding more intelligent life that we could share each others knowledge with!

    If we were all to move into the wilderness now (all 7 billion of us), what would actually happen to the wilderness????? It's just not going to work. Even if only a portion of people were to move, how many of them would take some form of technology to help themselves out? Be it ideas or materials. I'm not saying that this is a bad idea, but that we should remember how we got this technology.

    This site obviously talks about the Illuminati and how they control and influence us everyday. Running away from them will not make them stop what they are doing. I believe that we need to get more people to understand what is going on and lead by example to give the Illuminati less and less power. It's not going to happen overnight, but if we start to change little things, eventually big changes will occur naturally. Abandon your credit cards and just spend the money that you have. Move you're money into a bank that is more ethical than most, I believe (at least here in the UK) there will soon be a bank that doesn't use fractional reserve banking. Grow at least some of your own food if you have access to an area where this is possible. Stop buying things that aren't necessary and that are making the world worse off in the long run. I could go on, but I'm sure you can think of things that would help.

    Everyone has the choice to do what they want, so go and live in the woods if you want to, but think about why you are going.

    Please do not give me abuse if you choose to reply. Believe it or not, I have the power to change my mind. So please, give me feedback and give it with love 🙂

    • Money should be invested in property and land in my opinion. Hence, you can still have a monthly income without giving in to banks and fields to cultivate. Credit cards are a safe option if you use them with care. For instance I get money back each year, credit points I exchange for other vouchers, discounts, some credit cards offer interest free periods and so many other privileges. The trick is to pay off your debts within the deadline.

      • Nicki, I'd agree with investing in property, that is actually worth something. Do we really want to play the credit card game, though? Remember who operates them.

    • Somethings were not meant for humans to touch, like the universe. I wouldn't mind knowing history and all but to travel outside of earth using spaceships, or astrology, witchcraft, etc… some things you just don't bother and i think Mankind has taken it too far. There's nothing new under the sun. Things that are happening today has happened before and they were destroyed and the same thing will happen again.

      • Why do you say humans are not supposed to "touch" the rest of the universe? When humans began exploring Earth they found so much and it was key to evolution. Cultures have learned from each other and there is a possibility we could do the same with extra terrestrial cultures. It just needs to be done with responsibility and love.

      • Sorry, let me say bother. These folks will go to the sun if it wasn't to hot to get close to. Seriously, but guess it was meant to for humans to travel outside the earth huh! exploring has been taking to the extreme. That's what I'm saying! Humans wouldn't know alot of things of the angels didn't find a way out of their habitat.

    • ah nuts to not touching…..that's self defeatist talk. Some things man wasn't meant to f**k with? I say f**k that LETS F**K WITH IT! Sure it might not be the most reasonable thing but heck we can get hit by a comet or a random supernova explosion any moment now & be toast. Why not take chances and be risky? Dammnit, We humans are born problem solvers! So what if some of our solutions create more problems? That means more problems to solve!

      Nothing Ever Ends!

    • Great points but I don't think the message of this post is "let's all run away from TPTB" or "let's become cavemen again", rather I think it's to showcase the value of self-sufficiency, doing and thinking for yourself and not relying on the government/corporations/etc. for everything. Most people nowadays probably wouldn't even be able to survive in a wilderness that provides everything they need in abundance, simply because they lack the required knowledge and skills to use these materials or even recognize that they are there. Also note how Jack is very peaceful. He isn't scared even if there are dangers all around him. It's not because he's ignorant about these things, it's because he's educated about them. All of this ties in excellently with this website when you think about it. And of course progress is wonderful, science and technology is wonderful and we should continue to strive to make advances. It's just that we shouldn't lose sight of the basics as well, one doesn't have to replace the other. You don't forget how to walk just because you have a car. You shouldn't forget how to count by two's just 'cause you have a calculator, or pass on actually learning things because well Google has all the answers when you need them. It's dangerous to forget how to do things for yourself just because something else can do it for you. Knowledge is power!

      • This is true, that is not the point that VC was trying to make with the article. I read most of the comments and that's the feeling I got from.

        I totally agree, we should remember how to look after ourselves and our planet. It's all about the love 🙂

    • You talk about technological advances and science as if its the best thing in the world, but look where thats gotten us: the sea is ratio-active, the skys are filled with chemicals, the gov puts illnesses into the air we breathe, they can control the weather, everyones zoned out infront of their ipad or blackberry or t.v obese and dying because they couldnt move away from the screan for five minutes to save their lives, the water is being tainted with toxic waste, the food is being geneticly aultered to not grow again, the planets being polluted with toxic waste, the populations getting huge and now they wanna kill us, the planets being surrounded by "space junk", police can and will kill anyone with electricity(tazers), there is lowers higher then the clouds, smog, human-induced exstinct animals, fast food that also give you a fast death, floride water, chemicals and pestisides covering or mixed in with everything we eat and drink, dehumanization and desocialization, etc.(and thats all pretty much for the lust of power, too) Thats where technology and science have gotten us. The world use to be cover with trees and fresh food and water, and thats how we're suppost to live. Im not saying that having a tool to help make things is a bad thing, but electricity had completely distroyed all human instincts, alont with science we've discoved chemicals to make toxic power; the only good think I've seen come from science is penecilin, but then again herbal medicine can treat illness. Simple lives in true nature, and true freedom is no where neer as boring as you might think it is; you dont need an computer or videogames or t.v or social networking farmville to be happy and entertained– what, do you think everyone before the Televition live in unpenitrable boredem? If you truely look at it with the knowledge of how nice it is in the true wilderness then you'd seen how wonderfuly it could work. And you mussent forget, with all I've mentioned of technological destruction we are not just hurting ourselfs, but every single living thing on earth that isnt human. All those inocent lives that dont understand why the waters turned brown and tastes funny. Or why mama bear is sleeping on her side with her eyes open and isnt waking up.

      Actually I remember when I was little and I first realized how power-hungry the world is. I though about fat people and wondered why they sold fat-people food; I then came to the genius 7-year-old conclution that If they stopped selling chocolate and fat-people food then everyone would be ok. I then told my parents about my discovery and they told me 'That it would never happen because then the companies wouldnt get money'. I was confused. Then later on all the connections finally linked and I saw for the first time how humans chace and turn corrupted by power and I was horrified.

      And, heres something I would appreciate if you would think about: WE BELONG HERE. Humans wouldnt have been on this planet, with all our functions exactly tuned to earths elements, if we didnt belong here and only here. And trust me from the facts most thoughtfully gathered if we found and shared knowledge with aliens it would be a 90% chance of a destruction advancement. (Just to mention something ive heard[might not be true but depends on what you believe] supposivly the Government has already made contact with aliens and thats how we got electrical-wiring knowledge oh-so suddenly; but its a secret because aliens would cause panic apon the people[oh no!].)

      Sorry for going on but this is just what I thought when I read your comment. Im one for the woods, btw, Ive wanted to live out there ever since I can remember… alot of people have that urge too, I wonder if its instinctual.

      Many have forgotten that we're all animals, too. Our minds dont seperate us from the fact we're all just souls in shells.

  9. Someone that has never seen a PC will not ask for one because he doesnt know better. But once you have one, And then get it taken away youll want one.

    Simply because you see it as "Better" than not having it… And the person that lives with a PC & Knows what is is might live happier than the peep that doesnt live with a PC but doesnt know what it is.

    The 2nd person sure lives happy, But things could be better, He could have more.. Not millionaire more, But somethings DO help. A gun instead of a bow for hunting orso (Not related to video)

    The indians didnt know what a gun was, They were happy with their bows, But a gun is better.

  10. Sometimes you want something better though.

    Sure you can grow your own food and maybe make your own house & Wooden things… But you cant make an iPad, Or PC, Or a phone.

    You will be living in the medieval era… Its not a bad thing, But it will restrict you of some things that are more useful & Good.

  11. at first i thought this said, 'alice in wonderland'….nope, this is as far as that mind controlled film, this is a beautiful wonderland however, one that God intended. love it!

  12. What about the Native Americans living with nature, knowing all kinds of "knowledge" about food, land and livilihood? We can be in awe of this man who chooses to leave society, but disrespect a population that lived that way for centuries. The "civilized" europeans murdered, evacuated and isolated the natives, basically imprisoned them. The same thing happened to natives in most other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Asia. A friend of mine from India who has been here many years as a professional told me recently how sorry she feels for the American Indians every Thanksgiving. So ironic. My Indian friend is successful as an immigrant, as opposed to the native Indians, who barely survive today in America.

  13. he didn't just live, he lived comfortably by his own hand. there are many people with these skills and attitude, get to know them as well as you know your ifon and become truly free! huzzah!

  14. This show is cheesy and fake. It reminds me of those fake Disney "documentaries". Even so, Little House on the Prairie is more inspiring in my opinion.

  15. Yeah, like 'natural' food is really 'natural'. Monsanto will never give any one a chance to grow their own 'natural' food.

    Except for fruits, though.

    This is a great video & it would be amazing if all of us could run from this controlled society and go live in the wilderness, but it is thanks to the knowledge he won on this controlled society that he can do & know all that. If you, for example, like to watch nature programs & documentaries (<- mass media) then you won a lot of information about how to survive, what to eat, how to make tools etc.

    It's harder to keep a person from society, no t.v, no books, no mass media, nothing and then we he turns 21, throw him into the wilderness and just watch him trying to survive. He will NEVER survive without the knowledge we get here, you know.

    We lost all our instincts a very long time ago & it would take so many time to get it back by just meditating and learn from nature itself. To feel one with nature and have thrue contact with our spirit body, fysical body and soul.

    But most of us (including me) don't know how to do that. Cause THEY will do ANYTHING to not let us go back to that level of conscienceness (however you write it) we used to have.

    Just by television, blackberry's and all that crap.

  16. All of you who are suggesting going out into the wilderness and starting life there must be more "plugged in" than you think you are.

    If you really want to unplug yourselves try getting rid of your television. This video should motivate you to maybe take a walk in the park to appreciate nature or a hike; not to become a lumberjack and try to build your own cabin.

    Or buy all of your food from a farmer's market. (Natural foods are actually more tasty than the processed crap that we settle for.) Also, Save the seeds from the fruit you buy and plant them in your backyard. You will enjoy eating it more because you cultivated it yourself.

    The way to become unplugged is just a matter of will power. You can still leave in a warm, heated home, and take hot showers, but you don't have to give in to everything society offers you.

    Good Luck to everyone on this site.

  17. My dear people,I think what we fail to understand is that the occult aint about money,aint about materialism,aint about my or your religion,aint about mind contol….they have all the money(both paper and wealth),they already contol our actions n thoughts(through media and govt) and we are all materialistic……think about it….everythng the occult does has meaning,nothing is by chance…we are all born and we all die but our spirits our souls live for eternity… hypothetically speaking,if my aim was to contol,subdue or enslave humanity I woudnt be after controlling body n flesh(which will die and rot) Id definatly be after the souls(eternal)….these guys have an ultimate goal,they know more about our spirits and our souls than we do….for hundreds of thousands of years they have done their best to erase and keep secret the true force and power our souls posess…I know this sound ludicrous but even if you have half a brain and if you have done even the slightest research at the back of your mind and in the pit of your stomach you know that the illuminati[or as Id rather call them 'the devil's own] are true evil and all the 'sources' of info tell us half truths….we'v all seen documentaries and evidence of them meeting secretly to perform demonic rituals,they sacrifice children,they summon demons and they worship and take orders from the dark entities,our leaders,trillionaires,kings-they all meet,offer human/child blood and meet with evil none of us can phanthom…we are in a war that we know not how to fight…a war where molotov cocktails,guns etc are not as effective……..the greatest enemy of knowledge isnt lack of knowledge but rather the illusion of knowledge….we all know about the illuminati but do we really know what the illuminati is about…..they have ancient scrolls and knowledge they have purposefully kept hidden from us for many centuries….the key to defeating them,the key to ending their spiritual and physical hold of us is mental and spiritual emancipation a total overview of we how we think and see/view the world,then and only then shall we pick up guns,molotov cocktails etc to eliminate these evil vermins…these slaves of the demons…these posessed worshippers of abomination..

    • I have to disagree, i believe that this so called illuminati are just a bunch of puppets from the almighty deceiver Satan. Satan uses his puppets to teach perverse and corruptive knowledge to mankind( In Eden, it was himself who deceive Eve then sadly Adam and thats how Satan started manipulating generations after generations) As a result, corrupted men causes/creates SIN which fuels Satan's power over men. Its all about SIN really… have the power to control over freewill on us men. Unfortunately, satan is winning….its only a matter of time when GOOD CONQUERS EVIL and I mean the second coming and the intervention of the righteous forces.

    • Satan is the deceiver, he deceives his "followers" and they deceive him. If people who love God, who is pure and full of love, can do wrong do you really think that Satan who preaches disloyalty would have loyal followers?

      They are in it for the money, the fame, the power, they are fools in that aspect for believing that it will last forever, they think they are immortal. Because thats what satan does he fools them.

  18. Our family watched this, too, when it came on TV. We loved it! We really wished that we could live life like that, too. That guy lived the dream. I'm glad that he's allowed to return to his home site whenever he wants. I wonder how difficult it was for him to return to "normal" society, or what he thinks about how "normal" is people stampeding one another to death for the latest black Friday special.

  19. This programme was a special series in public television a few years ago and I gobbled it up like fresh air and water.

    He was a record keeper which made his work so valuable and his homestead is saved as a special site now.

    Absolutely awesome show and a really seriously good man, strong of spirit and mind and comfortable in his own skin, something that is rare. He did not need the doohickies of today, those endless time wasters that prevent us from knowing ourselves or how to be alone. Thanks for the reminder of his work and life VC.

  20. yes, thank you for putting this up! i need to watch it again! this is the way to do it folks! move to canada and build a log cabin and become efficient!

    • Lori,

      I was led out of "civilization" in the summer of '96, specifically, the mountains of BC. I can tell you, and everyone, that "efficiency" is barely a consideration. It is non stop back breaking hard work! The first few years, I had nothing but my Bible and faith that God would get me through. I can tell you that He did and His mercy and provision was awesome to behold, but I also endured intense deprivation, came very close to starving, and it gets freeking cold here in the wintertime! I say "here" because, strangely enough, I managed to build a house, (two actually, the first one burned up. It was a tree house, they burn "up". It was the middle of winter and if it hadn't been for the fact that I had held on to my Class 1 license (heavy truck driving), I would have been up the creek. I had to go back to the city and get a job! The bug was planted though, and at my first chance, and with a willing new bride, I came back to start again. It has not been easy. We have enemies who are jealous of what we've built. We have made it somewhat easier to get by, from the hydro we make from our creek to the two wood stoves, but we are also looking at the reality that we are getting older and we don't have anyone to cut the wood for those stoves but ourselves. I still drive a truck once in a while to put food on the table. Gardening in the mountains is a hobby, it will not sustain you. Did I mention you can easily get injured and die out here?

      Can it be done? Yes, of course. Do I recommend it? No, not unless you are prepared to give your life for it. Because you will….

      • I agree HM, to try and live without modern conveniences would also mean returning to dying at the ripe old age of 42 with no teeth due to grinding them down on wild foods and using them to work with. It does take a lot of work just to keep alive, and it is easier to give up and die. We have become soft over the last century. A couple of years after it is all taken away, most sheeple will be eager to give up whatever it takes to get comfortable again – of course it will be a deception, the illuminati do not want to help people but enslave them for thier own personal use. I have no doubt that I too will "want" to give in to them also, it will be hard not to give up. Still, we have one advantage over our ancient ancestors and that is an education. No need to give up 6000 years of learning, why make a fish hook out of bone when a piece of roadside crash barrier will do a better and longer lasting job?

  21. If it comes to this, I am toast. All of my survival skills are city-based. I know how to scare up grocery money by taking my old clothes to resale shops, where to get pizza for 99 cents, and how to hustle up freelance work to cover the rent. If I am ever forced to grow or hunt my own food, I will be selected out quickly unless I team up with someone who actually knows what they are doing; otherwise, I don't have a clue and I don't stand a chance. I am terrible with plants and don't know how to grow food. I barely know how to cook, honestly. I respect people like this, but I personally prefer civilization even with its costs and limitations. It's what I am adapted to.

    • most of us are, that is the problem. we haven't learned to do anything truly useful for survival in our lives. we only know how (barely) to make enough money to survive, while making someone else filthy rich. i can't even keep a house plant alive, and i certainly don't own a firearm.

    • It's not too late to begin to learn a useful survival skill. I am in my mid 50's. I can sew, crochet, and cook from scratch. In just the last 3 years I've begun gardening, raising chickens, and canning. I so enjoy the sense of accomplishment, plus it is a useful set of skills when transportation shuts down and necessities are no longer available for purchase. Learn one good basic skill, get good at it, continue in fellowship with others that see the collapse of society. Perhaps, your skill will earn you a place in a survival compound at some future date. At my age, I sometimes dread the thought of living without the everyday luxuries we all take for granted, but I believe if God has called me to make this change, then He will provide the grace to help me adapt. Please don't lose heart, Fleurdamour!

      • Thank you, but I'm honestly not that fussed about it. I was being more facetious than doomsaying – if society totally collapses, I am honestly not sure I would want to survive it. I was in New Orleans during and after Katrina, and I know a lady who managed an earthquake refugee camp in Haiti, so I can tell you from experience that anarchy is not pretty. Between disease, injury, food scarcity and the threats posed by other desperate people, I might rather check out. Let's hope I never have to find out what I would do in that situation.

    • Even if you learn one thing you will be ahead of others, you will have a skill that you can use to trade with. Pick up a book on preserving fruit, or making soap, salt from the sea, fishing lures, or something. Then practice it and get good at it.

      • Or learn skills from others. Many of the people who survived the WW2 had to go through hell to make it, many of them are still around and have excellent survival skills. Hopefully they'll live longer to teach us some tricks.

      • @fleur you have to find a way to learn how to survive on your own,unless you want to recieve the mark of the beast and be condemned eternally, because the bible says that those who do not recieve the mark will be unable to either buy or sell. But those who recieve it will have life easy but then will be eternally damned.So it seems to me that any body without the mark will have to find alternative source of livelihood cos the govt of the day then would be ruled by the devil.Its coming already though so be vigilant and the moment there is a unique sytem of shoping or banking wer u will be required to plant a chip in ur body then you know the time has come.

  22. Respect for this man who is a true survivor, not those yuppies you see on TV's Survivor Series whose sole purpose is to backstab one another just to win the top prize (The very teachings of the Satanic Darwinism that only the strong survives). They have to learn that we should all work together as one symbiotic structure for survival and not for our own selfish desires.

    This is what we are all suppose to be doing now before the fateful 2012. I've got a feeling most cities will lie in ruins when the NWO plans for total destruction and mass culling kicks in.

  23. "…a vivid reminder that all of the rest is just a mere illusion."

    You got that right, brother!!

    It's all an illusion, and a grand deception.

    "For all is vanity."

    Peace and keep up the good work, VC.

      • What's a Distrubist…? If VC came out to grace us lowly ones with his presence by ACTUALLY answering a question, it must be something big. x

      • for Githe:

        Distributism is the economic theory that states that the ownership of the means of production should be spread as widely as possible among the general populace, rather than being centralized under the control of the state (state socialism) or a few large businesses or wealthy private individuals (laissez-faire capitalism).

        A summary of distributism is found in Chesterton's statement: "Too much capitalism does not mean too many capitalists, but too few capitalists."

        Look up G. K. Chesterton; he was the one who came up with the concept:

        *Fair warning for those afraid of Catholicism: Their ideas were used in the creation of this idea.*

  24. Doesnt anybody remember what Robin Hood did? Took from the rich (Government) and gave to the poor (you and I) Thats who I idolize. Not for killing, however helping the need. Building a future with foundation. Thats life. That is happiness.

    I love the video. However that will never be showcased on national t.v. That would be to brutal for sheeple to watch. SMH!

    • WOOOOW why would it be too brutal for the people to watch???? Is it because it's HARDER than civilization?????? Now why would you comment on my stat as if I said something wrong and later comment it would be too brutal for people to watch? You must have a hard life. But hey, you'll be fine! A lil hard work doesn't hurt anyone.

      • Wtf are you talking about? I said hard work is life. Nothing in life comes easy. Thats my only point. And no one before you had it easier. Unless you we a king or queen of that time.

    • No, I have the right one. You said and i quote—– "That would be to brutal for sheeple to watch. SMH!"

      This is copied and pasted from your post! But anywho I'm not about to sit here and go back and forward with you. Seems like you come here to argue but I have no time for ignorance. And if you didn't want a response from me you should not have commented on my post. So why don't you go read a book and get back at me when you have something intelligent to say…..good day sir/maam!!

      • And yet you all say we africans live in the stone age. well modernisation was a means to make man lazy and want everything served them a the table ,rather than make a living for your self. Before the westernisation of africa we lived healthier and longer lives having herbal cures to all forms of illness. Most diseases are caused by our newly found lifestyles. I still know of people today who have never tasted as little as panadol or asprin for a headache, they have the herbal cure. Come to africa and you'llbe able to learn how to live a healthy life in the forest (even hunting) Cheers.

  25. Yea country living is the key:

    Parents flock with their families to the cities, because they fancy it easier to obtain a

    livelihood there than in the country. The children, having nothing to do when not in

    school, obtain a street education. From evil associates, they acquire habits of vice and

    dissipation. The parents see all this, but it will require a sacrifice to correct their error,

    and they stay where they are, until Satan gains full control of their children. {CL 5.2}

    Better sacrifice any and every worldly consideration than to imperil the precious souls

    committed to your care. They will be assailed by temptations, and should be taught to

    meet them; but it is your duty to cut off every influence, to break up every habit, to

    sunder every tie, that keeps you from the most free, open, and hearty committal of

    yourselves and your family to God. {CL 5.3}

    Instead of the crowded city, seek some retired situation where your children will be,

    so far as possible, shielded from temptation, and there train and educate them for

    usefulness. The prophet Ezekiel thus enumerates the causes that led to Sodom's sin and

    destruction: "Pride, fullness of bread, and abundance of idleness was in her and in her

    daughters; neither did she strengthen the hands of the poor and needy." All who would

    escape the doom of Sodom, must shun the course that brought God's judgments upon that

    wicked city.

    • Agree with your comment and wanted to respond with this passage from "Les Miserables" by Victor Hugo, describing the nature of Jean Valjean before his conversion:

      The poacher like the smuggler is nearly a brigand. But we must note in passing, that there is still a deep gulf between that sort of man and the horrible assassin of the city. The poacher lives in the forest, and the smuggler in the mountains or on the sea; cities produce ferocious men, because they produce corrupt men. Mountains, the forest, and the sea make men savage; they develop fierceness but usually without destroying the human.

  26. this reminds me of a film based on the life of Christopher McCandless: 'Into The Wild' .i watched it when i was 17 and was totally blown away and amazoed by this man's story. he totally rejected all things material, burned all the money in his pocket, gave his savings to charity and became one with himself.

    some of the best quotes by him: "Some people feel like they don't deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past."

    — Chris McCandless

    "The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences."

    — Chris McCandless

    "If we admit that human life can be ruled by reason, then all possibility of life is destroyed."

    — Chris McCandless

    "Rather than love, than money, than faith, than fame, than fairness… give me truth."

    — Chris expanded on the original quote by Henry David Thoreau

    "Mr. Franz I think careers are a 20th century invention and I don't want one."

    — Chris McCandless in Into the Wild movie, speaking to Ronald Franz.

    i dont wanna ruin the movie for anyone interested in watching.

    stay blessed and vigilant xxxxxxxxx

  27. If I could find a man willing to work like that(with my help of course) I would definitely do this. I can't build things but I learn fast. Maybe I'll find some strength as well. But, of course, this will not happen. It's HARD WORK! Something these days people refuse to be accustomed to. But I Promise you, if i could get out there knowing God will keep me safe, I would do this. It's going to come to this one day anyway.

      • No I don't Budda! I didn't say anywhere in my comment that it was. What I said is what I typed. I can't help if you don't understand where I'm coming from. Don't take my comment out of context. It's simply put that most people will not leave civilization to go to the wilderness because it Hard work. The things they would have to do to survive are totally different and easier from today. What's got your boxers or panties in wad? Seriously!

  28. Ah I see someone else watches PBS!! I was fascinated when Part 2 was on the other night, something about this just seems so … relaxing.

  29. Ole Dick Proenneke still had to make a living in order to have the bush pilot fly out the materials he needed to get by. I'm thinking the boxes of film he sent off with wildlife footage on them helped support his dream, and what a dream it was.

  30. I've been trying to get a job abroad for years after studying abroad years ago. I considered Peace Corps but my student loans keep me back and not having a job to pay my basics keep setting me back. I still plan to live abroad. The longer I stay here the more I think about fashion, the more I have to be defensive to narrow minded and racist people–hopefully there's one place where I fit in, but I believe it is definitely not in the U.S.

    • I hope you're not a young woman considering the Peace Corps. Can't remember the blog, but recently read an article about how dangerous it is for a young woman serving the Peace Corps in quite a few countries. There have been more than a few idealistic women raped and murdered. The crimes have been hushed up to protect the organization. Please check it out…and stay safe.

      • For multiple reasons, no such as I'm older now and that You have to have creditworthiness and incoming income while abroad as if you are working a permanent job, so no I am not doing that but I do plan to get a job in another country thought. Thank you for letting me know.

    • I lived in the wilderness for a year once (no electricity, no phone, water carried from a well, no indoor toilet or shower).

      Afterwards houses seemed so dirty, especially indoor toilets! Ewww.

      • funny thing also… this man is 51 yrs old. He is probably 20x healthier than the average 50 year old these days who tend to be overweight and having some kind of diabetes, or body ache. The man was eating with the seasons, s******g with the leaves, and working out with the wood. How much healthier can he possibly get?

  31. Read a book series called Hatchet- that's also an ideal way to live. In it, a boy gets stranded in the wilderness, but survives because he has a hatchet (small axe) with him. He "discovers" fire, in the sense that he made his own fire out of sparks. Eventually later on, a few books later, he's discovered, but then he WILLINGLY goes back to living in the woods, not understanding why kids play and buy games and brand name stuff too.

  32. This is what I plan when the NWO comes in tbh. It says in the bible that many will flee into the mountains. Tbh at first I hated the idea of living in the wilderness but eventually it grew on me, living a life with no stupid laws, no tax, no more bullshit and really being free. I'm thinking we should all go into the wilderness and start our own society, a society that isn't corrupted, and will never be because we wouldn't need money, everything that we need would be all around us. Plus I can see myself in one of them huts aha 😉

      • it's true. a cultivation of people can live happily until it becomes a society, when people start having to apply rules and when members of the group begin to disgree with one another. tribes can last but than many tribes will become eerie of eachother and become greedy over supplies. these wilderness societies can only prosper if everyone can snicerely agree to function as a peaceful people. but i think when it really comes down to it..people will instinctively cooperate. but we'll see.

    • And what's sad is that "they" will probably eventually step in to have control over "the simple life". Which reminds me of what i've heard somewhere that there will be (if it hasn't happened already) government-control over home-grown produce, i.e. spraying your veggies & such with that chemical crap.

  33. Wow. Always dreamed of doing something like that guy did – must be a completely unique experience. I wouldn't survive a single day out there, though. Most of us wouldn't, what with our cozy lives. Evolution's got a bitchy sense of humor, huh?

    Agreed with Cruella, though. He's a fine storyteller. Also makes it clear that he thoroughly enjoys that he's doing.

  34. wow

    i actually like this video a lot.

    when he started making those tools i was like :O


    thats hard survival skills man

    i love his idea, but i dont know if i could carry it out…

    ps. (when he finished building his new cabin and there was snow fall the next day i almost cried

    oh God, just in time)

  35. He`s such a fine storyteller!! And he makes all that hard work look like it`s a piece of cake! I really admire this man for his wisdom and bravery.

    • I know! he makes it look so easy! If it was me I would cry probably die and call for Jesus to save my ass.

      Also I think it would be hard for a woman considering she would get her period.

      But this looks amazing, how did he charge his camera? slapping to rocks together

      • A woman doesn't suddenly become handicapped because she's on her period.

        If that man suddenly got a period LOL… it wouldn't change anything to his routines. Mister Proenneke would simply have to go wash his pants a little more often in the river, or something. You know? lol That's it.

        I would say it'd be more demanding for women in general to have this kind of lifestyle only because men have more stamina and muscle mass than women. A woman would only have to work a little bit harder.

  36. This sounds all good but everyone around you would have to be unplugged as well. I dont want to buy my girlfriend this silly overpriced Gucci bag for christmas. Im fully aware that doing so is obscene and ignorant. But i have no choice. If i dont, Ricky Rozay might buy it for her then i got a entirely different set of problems. (That was a joke my girl is not a goldigger). But seriously the rest of the sheeple wont wake up until its time to hit the streets with molotov cocktails and by then its too late. So what am I suppossed to do until then? Be constantly rediculed for my awareness of the illuminati,buildeberg, etc? Nope daddy better go get that Gucci (that was another joke but you get the point) #canthaveArevolutionBYyourself

    • Well, if your love is real, then a Gucci bag won't change a thing.

      If it does, then you should reconsider your relationship, my friend..

      • Better yet adopt one or even a dog…. that way at least you will have a true relationship with a furbaby who needs same!

      • Lol i hear you but my comment wasnt so much about the bag which was sort of a joke. It was more about what you face from ppl who dont yet understand the mass manipulation. Like it or not we still have to live here

    • Gucci… all these brands are an overpriced disaster.

      I buy everything when it's on sale. It has to be at least 75% off the regular price. And I don't care if the stuff isn't in season. It just needs to be pretty, I need to like it, that's it.

      I mean we all need clothes, you know. But I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars for just one single item of clothing, even if I was rich.

      Cotton, polyester, wool, etc, etc is NOT worth 83475029483769 dollars. So Gucci and Prada can get the heck out of here with that mess.

      • Seriously his comment was not about how the material to make the darn bags are only $1.00 then they are sold for a gross (as in thats disgusting) profit. It was more to high light that if im the only one who can see this stuff and then i go against the grain by myself how can i succeed if im alone.

        as in if i dont buy the handbag my girlfriend will leave me cause she isnt awaken to the same things… (although in this case his gf isnt materialistic. ha)

        I guess we have to take steps to move off the grid and move away from the material lifestyle if we want to make a difference. grow your own produce, see if people are willing to trade for things you cant grow yourself (many places do this) and try to simply tell people. i find i get alienated by it to a degree – but you need to find what the person is into then show them how its involved in the whole ponzi scheme (fame, a celebrity, banks etc etc).

        stand up!

      • its animal sacrifice if you ask me.

        i mean people use animals for domestic purposes and thats ok!

        when you kill animals especially endangered animals, discard the body and use the skin to make

        unnecessary lugzery so the rich can indulge in vanity; it is plain evil. Its a blood sacrifice to satan if you ask me.

        oh! and "never mind" the young cubs who have to starve to death and suffer in the jungles cause some rich chick in hollywood want their mothre's skin as an accessory to the next S&M party.

    • Gucci bag will look real nice while she is sitting in the FEMA camp….

      Or alone in the wilderness….

      Why do people think this stuff matters… I will never get it…..

      • Because not everyone sees the (FEMA) camp at the end of their life, nor do the see the possibility of living outside of the system. They just see the now, in which their friends have Gucci bags and they won't be allowed to live down not having them (unless they've established themselves as the "low-rent rebel" and thus can get away with it).

      • I just dont see how wearing a name brand can satisfy me at all. why people need these things? It it to impress others?

        are they that lame ignorant that they cant use common sene, good character and other human atributes to impress eachother?

        I get gift cards to many stores and i make it my point of duty to bypass the name brands.

        These millionaire designers wont, will never, cant get a penny from me. NEVER!

        im seriously learning to make my own clothes. i bought a knitting needle and some yarn for only $1.00 at the dollar store. i knit away inbetween daily duties.

    • Morpheus: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.

  37. I'm leaving the country in ten days, this documentary reminds of the original thoughts that led me to suspending my education and just getting the hell out of this society!

    • This reminds me of the Shaolin monks living in the mountains, away from corruption, conditional freedom, indoctrination and herds of sheeples. I would join them if I ever have a chance, sadly it will not happen. bec…

      Im under this "system" that we are living into where we blindly value materialistic things than ourselves, value "money" than life as we know it. Rags to riches, competitions, education….I mean Indoctrination….I could go on how deteriorated mankind is. The almighty deceiver is laughing hard at me who is trying but cant escape his luxurious, glamorous and delusional prison. Yet he knows that the righteous judgement is nearing because Good conquers evil always.

      Im patiently waiting for the Sun to topple the dominos soon…..

      • More like the Son…

        Rev 1:16 And he had in his right hand seven stars: and out of his mouth went a sharp twoedged sword: and his countenance was as the sun shineth in his strength.


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