Alone in the Wilderness (video)


The following video has absolutely nothing to do with the contents of this site, yet I feel it needs to be there. “Alone in the Wilderness” is the story of Dick Proenneke living in the Alaska wilderness in 1968. He filmed his adventures and day-to-day life using a 8mm camera and a tripod. The footage, along with the contents of his journals, were put together in a fascinating documentary.

I recently watched the entire thing and I couldn’t help but think: “This guy has the solution”. Although it is nearly impossible for most of us to replicate what he did, his lifestyle is certainly an ideal we should all tend to. Free from the bonds of materialism, debts and mass media indoctrination, watching this tough old man appreciating nature and just doing what he has to do to stay alive is a vivid reminder that all of the rest is just a mere illusion.

Here are excerpts from the documentary put online by the producer of the video.

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Yes, I saw this film a few years ago. Very fascinating. I often envision what a world would be like starting from scratch without all the world systems which we're pretty much supposed to conform to from the day we're born. That would be true liberty and opportunity.

There's a bunch of pros and cons and theories about doing such things I could talk about but won't out of laziness. But I did watch this years ago and loved it, very engrossing.

Anyone know where a spoiled first-worlder can get some survival skills?

Nice one, keep up the good work.

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I'm starting to get more & more awake of how there is no right or wrong. Living far far way from the industries will nót make you a better person. Like it or not, it's a ego thing to even think that. Because by saying that, u say that you're 'illuminated', you basically feel risen above others because you are 'awakened'. And that makes you a BETTER person now doesn't it? Well, nature is absolutely gorgeous… But I like restaurants too! It's the Yes & No's, all the plastic living a life of it's own that needs to go. All of the… insisting that there's right & wrong, is what needs to go. I know exactly what I gotta do… but on the other hand i don't. Sometimes I feel like i'm living in this big fat illusion. And I don't know why, I just find it a little strange… Read more »
You sound confused about some things in multiple contexts. I don't really have a lot of time right now, but I'll leave a pretty simple message behind. First of all, you're wrong about someone escaping the entrapment and labyrinth of deceptive society. There is no ego, it is stepping away from ego, and taking full responsibility, for your life, your mortality, your soul, your sanity, your survival. You sound like you have a lot to do about transcending duality. Again, I wish I could write out more to explain my point and my message. But basically, one perception I have discovered, is the possibility that the notions of duality that have been implemented, projected, and become common cliches in society for centuries upon centuries, which can ALL be directly linked to masonic/ occult association, might be part of the larger scale scheme to confuse people psychologically. Through very simple, and… Read more »

"Welcome to Costco, I love you."

I absolutely love this! I sometimes wish Eve wouldn't have been so persuasive and Adam so…… agreeable? I mean this is probably how we would survive if u know….fall of man wouldn't have happened. But anywho, this was refreshing!

You know what is the only distasteful thing about this sight. The so called awares calling everyone else shepple. I'm so tired of that word bouncing around here its truly ridiculous. Are you better because you came to a site and read and believed what someone else told. Does that make you enlightened? People have to stop seeing others with contempt because they don't have the same beliefs that you do. That is the premise for waging wars. Live with love people peace.

I concur! 🙂 Let's understand the world, but remember love is all we need.

Love this movie…the public broadcasting network in my city plays this just about every fundraising time and it's meditative. I would love to be able to give the city up and live this way…i probably would last through the winter unless i had a pro with me. Amazing.

Theres so many religion's Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, All claim if you dont follow its teaching punishment, sometimes eternal punishment is the…well punishment, In a world like this how could any force of good condem you for not knowing what to do, I mean arnt we all mind control victims in one way or another, How can one truly see when every living thing on this planet believes to have the right answer based off faith… Just where I am currently email me if you have any suggestions for me to better find myself

That was great! Thanks for sharing. I just wouldn't want to be alone but I'd love to get away with my family like that.

Hold up one moment. Sure, it all looks very nice to be living out in the wilderness and I'm sure this guy and many others would enjoy it too, but think for a moment about the evolution of the human race. We have come so far with science and to just turn our back on it now would be such a waste. I understand that there is a lot wrong with the world but there is also a lot that is right with it too. For example, this week in the news it has been announced that we have come another step closer to proving the Higgs Boson does indeed exist. If it does turn out to be correct, it would be a truly amazing discovery. If we were all sitting around in the woods carving spoons for our entire life, how would we ever make such advances? Think about… Read more »

Money should be invested in property and land in my opinion. Hence, you can still have a monthly income without giving in to banks and fields to cultivate. Credit cards are a safe option if you use them with care. For instance I get money back each year, credit points I exchange for other vouchers, discounts, some credit cards offer interest free periods and so many other privileges. The trick is to pay off your debts within the deadline.

Nicki, I'd agree with investing in property, that is actually worth something. Do we really want to play the credit card game, though? Remember who operates them.

Somethings were not meant for humans to touch, like the universe. I wouldn't mind knowing history and all but to travel outside of earth using spaceships, or astrology, witchcraft, etc… some things you just don't bother and i think Mankind has taken it too far. There's nothing new under the sun. Things that are happening today has happened before and they were destroyed and the same thing will happen again.

Why do you say humans are not supposed to "touch" the rest of the universe? When humans began exploring Earth they found so much and it was key to evolution. Cultures have learned from each other and there is a possibility we could do the same with extra terrestrial cultures. It just needs to be done with responsibility and love.

Sorry, let me say bother. These folks will go to the sun if it wasn't to hot to get close to. Seriously, but guess it was meant to for humans to travel outside the earth huh! exploring has been taking to the extreme. That's what I'm saying! Humans wouldn't know alot of things of the angels didn't find a way out of their habitat.

I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you mean. Who are the angels and where is there habitat?

ah nuts to not touching…..that's self defeatist talk. Some things man wasn't meant to f**k with? I say f**k that LETS F**K WITH IT! Sure it might not be the most reasonable thing but heck we can get hit by a comet or a random supernova explosion any moment now & be toast. Why not take chances and be risky? Dammnit, We humans are born problem solvers! So what if some of our solutions create more problems? That means more problems to solve!

Nothing Ever Ends!

Great points but I don't think the message of this post is "let's all run away from TPTB" or "let's become cavemen again", rather I think it's to showcase the value of self-sufficiency, doing and thinking for yourself and not relying on the government/corporations/etc. for everything. Most people nowadays probably wouldn't even be able to survive in a wilderness that provides everything they need in abundance, simply because they lack the required knowledge and skills to use these materials or even recognize that they are there. Also note how Jack is very peaceful. He isn't scared even if there are dangers all around him. It's not because he's ignorant about these things, it's because he's educated about them. All of this ties in excellently with this website when you think about it. And of course progress is wonderful, science and technology is wonderful and we should continue to strive to… Read more »

This is true, that is not the point that VC was trying to make with the article. I read most of the comments and that's the feeling I got from.

I totally agree, we should remember how to look after ourselves and our planet. It's all about the love 🙂

You talk about technological advances and science as if its the best thing in the world, but look where thats gotten us: the sea is ratio-active, the skys are filled with chemicals, the gov puts illnesses into the air we breathe, they can control the weather, everyones zoned out infront of their ipad or blackberry or t.v obese and dying because they couldnt move away from the screan for five minutes to save their lives, the water is being tainted with toxic waste, the food is being geneticly aultered to not grow again, the planets being polluted with toxic waste, the populations getting huge and now they wanna kill us, the planets being surrounded by "space junk", police can and will kill anyone with electricity(tazers), there is lowers higher then the clouds, smog, human-induced exstinct animals, fast food that also give you a fast death, floride water, chemicals and pestisides… Read more »

Someone that has never seen a PC will not ask for one because he doesnt know better. But once you have one, And then get it taken away youll want one.

Simply because you see it as "Better" than not having it… And the person that lives with a PC & Knows what is is might live happier than the peep that doesnt live with a PC but doesnt know what it is.

The 2nd person sure lives happy, But things could be better, He could have more.. Not millionaire more, But somethings DO help. A gun instead of a bow for hunting orso (Not related to video)

The indians didnt know what a gun was, They were happy with their bows, But a gun is better.

Sometimes you want something better though.

Sure you can grow your own food and maybe make your own house & Wooden things… But you cant make an iPad, Or PC, Or a phone.

You will be living in the medieval era… Its not a bad thing, But it will restrict you of some things that are more useful & Good.

at first i thought this said, 'alice in wonderland'….nope, this is as far as that mind controlled film, this is a beautiful wonderland however, one that God intended. love it!

What about the Native Americans living with nature, knowing all kinds of "knowledge" about food, land and livilihood? We can be in awe of this man who chooses to leave society, but disrespect a population that lived that way for centuries. The "civilized" europeans murdered, evacuated and isolated the natives, basically imprisoned them. The same thing happened to natives in most other countries including Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, South America, Asia. A friend of mine from India who has been here many years as a professional told me recently how sorry she feels for the American Indians every Thanksgiving. So ironic. My Indian friend is successful as an immigrant, as opposed to the native Indians, who barely survive today in America.

They lost their ways, there may be ungreedy ones. But most of them own the big casinos and get big money.

he didn't just live, he lived comfortably by his own hand. there are many people with these skills and attitude, get to know them as well as you know your ifon and become truly free! huzzah!

Check out this relevant article –

Thanks for the bit of positivity.

The book series called The Ringing Cedars of Russia give the same solution. Great books by Vladimir Megre.

This show is cheesy and fake. It reminds me of those fake Disney "documentaries". Even so, Little House on the Prairie is more inspiring in my opinion.

I used to watch "the little house on the prairie" along with "the waltons". But I enjoyed the documentary.

Yeah, like 'natural' food is really 'natural'. Monsanto will never give any one a chance to grow their own 'natural' food. Except for fruits, though. This is a great video & it would be amazing if all of us could run from this controlled society and go live in the wilderness, but it is thanks to the knowledge he won on this controlled society that he can do & know all that. If you, for example, like to watch nature programs & documentaries (<- mass media) then you won a lot of information about how to survive, what to eat, how to make tools etc. It's harder to keep a person from society, no t.v, no books, no mass media, nothing and then we he turns 21, throw him into the wilderness and just watch him trying to survive. He will NEVER survive without the knowledge we get here, you… Read more »

Yes, that's my plan too.

All of you who are suggesting going out into the wilderness and starting life there must be more "plugged in" than you think you are. If you really want to unplug yourselves try getting rid of your television. This video should motivate you to maybe take a walk in the park to appreciate nature or a hike; not to become a lumberjack and try to build your own cabin. Or buy all of your food from a farmer's market. (Natural foods are actually more tasty than the processed crap that we settle for.) Also, Save the seeds from the fruit you buy and plant them in your backyard. You will enjoy eating it more because you cultivated it yourself. The way to become unplugged is just a matter of will power. You can still leave in a warm, heated home, and take hot showers, but you don't have to give… Read more »

you have crushed my dreams of becoming a lumberjack

My dear people,I think what we fail to understand is that the occult aint about money,aint about materialism,aint about my or your religion,aint about mind contol….they have all the money(both paper and wealth),they already contol our actions n thoughts(through media and govt) and we are all materialistic……think about it….everythng the occult does has meaning,nothing is by chance…we are all born and we all die but our spirits our souls live for eternity… hypothetically speaking,if my aim was to contol,subdue or enslave humanity I woudnt be after controlling body n flesh(which will die and rot) Id definatly be after the souls(eternal)….these guys have an ultimate goal,they know more about our spirits and our souls than we do….for hundreds of thousands of years they have done their best to erase and keep secret the true force and power our souls posess…I know this sound ludicrous but even if you have half a… Read more »

I have to disagree, i believe that this so called illuminati are just a bunch of puppets from the almighty deceiver Satan. Satan uses his puppets to teach perverse and corruptive knowledge to mankind( In Eden, it was himself who deceive Eve then sadly Adam and thats how Satan started manipulating generations after generations) As a result, corrupted men causes/creates SIN which fuels Satan's power over men. Its all about SIN really… have the power to control over freewill on us men. Unfortunately, satan is winning….its only a matter of time when GOOD CONQUERS EVIL and I mean the second coming and the intervention of the righteous forces.

Satan's little soldiers. That's what they are.

Satan is the deceiver, he deceives his "followers" and they deceive him. If people who love God, who is pure and full of love, can do wrong do you really think that Satan who preaches disloyalty would have loyal followers?

They are in it for the money, the fame, the power, they are fools in that aspect for believing that it will last forever, they think they are immortal. Because thats what satan does he fools them.

One day, I'm gonna do this too….