Alex Jones on “The View” (video)


I don’t think they’ll invite him again…


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Alex Jones has never provoked anything armed under than civil disobedience and self defense on his website. He has never asked for rioting or anything. Stop putting words in his mouth. As for Alex Jones, maybe he is a tool. Maybe Vigilant and this website is a tool. Maybe we all have been tools at some point, but it doesn't mean that truth doesn't lie even in the most ulterior places. Have a little faith too. What these elitist don't like is martyrs. What they love is obscurity. They don't mind their secrets coming out, because 1) they pretty much are close to winning and 2) Alex Jones, even with his youtube videos and hits, is still a fly on the wall. He serves a purpose of getting the people angry, but he also serves a purpose of drawing the people they need to pinpoint and eliminate when society begins… Read more »