Alex Jones on “The View” (video)


I don’t think they’ll invite him again…

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Alex Jones has never provoked anything armed under than civil disobedience and self defense on his website. He has never asked for rioting or anything. Stop putting words in his mouth. As for Alex Jones, maybe he is a tool. Maybe Vigilant and this website is a tool. Maybe we all have been tools at some point, but it doesn't mean that truth doesn't lie even in the most ulterior places. Have a little faith too. What these elitist don't like is martyrs. What they love is obscurity. They don't mind their secrets coming out, because 1) they pretty much are close to winning and 2) Alex Jones, even with his youtube videos and hits, is still a fly on the wall. He serves a purpose of getting the people angry, but he also serves a purpose of drawing the people they need to pinpoint and eliminate when society begins… Read more »

damn! these people have a terrible habit of cutting people off! shut the hell up and let the man talk! they shouldve known what they were gonna get themselves into when they invited him……he's very opinionated and they're starting to get annoyed by it. and its apparent in that clip. old hags=/

No REAL truther gets this kind of TV time. Alex is a double-agent shill.

The REAL truthers either get jailed or killed (William Cooper is dead, John Todd is dead, Fritz Springmeier just got out of a long prison sentence, etc), and Alex is still walking. Just like he's still walking after "sneaking" into Bohemian Grove and "exposing" it. William Cooper already exposed this guy. He's a double agent and a fear monger. I encourage all of you to ask Alex Jones about the Vatican, and I guarantee he will either hang up in your face, or scream at you.

Reading through these posts makes me want to switch sides. Maybe Ted Turner is right.



It just seems like a lot of blowing around hot air publicly–I realize they (Lorre & Sheen) have drawn lines in the sand for an audience…but it seems like the media is really doing a mega song & dance with this whole thing to get us engaged in it–having opinions and drawing conclusions. Why?

Has there been something else going on behind the scenes right now that has to do with a person's rights/personal power? Does anyone else think our attention might be being diverted from something else more important right now? Has there been any thing done politically through the back door in recent days, not only in the US, but maybe in the UN? Anyone know of anything? It seems like we're being purposely distracted.

i been listening to alex jones for about 5 years and the dude is putting in work to try to warn the public of this NWO.he puts in work like nobody i have ever seen when it comes to breaking down what going on in the world.a lot people need to start doing what he do and thats get out there and fight these evil people,make videos about the NWO and illuminati ect.stop hiding behind the computer accusing somebody of being a agent or whatever it is.or maybe some of you people are scare to actually do what he do and get call a agent or zionist ect by other idiots.

and right on cue, the sheeple applaud @ 4:51


Its funny. I have never been on this site but I stumbled upon it to see Alex Jones on The View. Now, many comments I read on here are soooooo pathetic, Alex an agent? Trying to start an armed revolution? A tool or plant (wtf is a plant, some new-age term)? Promoting fear? Wow! I wonder what comic books these people read for news and insights. Go check your Astrology sign in the newspaper. I have listened to Alex since the beginning and my opinion is that I hold Alex Jones in high respect for what he has done. He reads reports. Got that! Reports! Its not like he can not back up his information. He can, and will. I have seen it. He needs his erratic personality to continue to put forward information that main media would like to keep buried. I love his bulldog like approach to telling… Read more »
LOL – Right on Tim. I almost just replied to someone up above that this is just sounding like 'conspiracies in conspiracies'. Alex is one of the guys that exposes truth. There are a few, and even they don't agree. Does he have it right everytime? No. Does anyone? Not that I have seen. Is anyone else bringing up Building 7/Banking Ponzi Scheme/Millions dead in Iraq on shows like The View, Today Show or Oprah or any number of daytime 'programming'? No they are busy telling you it is flu season, get your shot – and the stimulus is working!!! Then an hour of 'gossip' and completely irrelevant to your life crap. Is anyone else showing up at Bilderbergers with blow horns letting them know we see them? What is 'plant' about that???? The day could come when he leads people astray…but it hasn't happened yet. How about not throwing… Read more »

jajajajajajaja I just think is funny how those woman become crazy at the end of the video

Bravo Alex Jones XD

"can you talk slower?" What was that all about? All of those woman were so disrespectful towards him."lets stick to the point." Charlie Sheen? It makes you realize how messed up society is, when we'd rather talk about charlie sheen, then whats actually going on in our country.

Alex Jones= Agent….simple, invisibility by being visible.

@olivetree so having an education and making music is “questionable”? WTF are you talking about? Who are you to judge a person’s path in life? He’s another person seeking Truth. This “pointing the finger” at the very people who are trying to help you is PATHETIC. You have profited from years of his work and it cost you nothing. You can question the content of his articles if you wish, but leave the questioning of his life to God.

for all you paranoid nuts on here saying tht vigilant citizen is probably a tool or a plant like alex..go to another effin dont have to come here. quit confusing innocent minds.why come on his site putting dirt on his name? if you dont like wht you see..go read a bible.a gun is not to your head.i know i might get flack from this but who really cares. i dont know you, you dont know me.

so why you even bother to come to this web site?, you should just keep watching mtv and ftv and live in your fantasy world where all it matters is sex, drugs, war, money, oil, etc etc etc

first of all, i dont live in a fantasy world, second who are you to judge me and you dont evn kno me. youre no way did evn insinuate tht i lived in a fantasy world i was just taking up for vc..go kick rocks b***h.

who cares about music videos with illuminati references etc etc…tell me something i dont know yet. theres plenty celebrity talk already on this site and about hollywood etc. why not educate more people on what we dont know other then the obvious. biology and earth and aliens and religion and governtment hidings and what there hiding from us. i could list more topics. and how much more can u say about them? its old news. next! i like this site but bring something new. stop this site from being a hollywood "lets hear what VC tells us about gaga and beyonce and jay-z….wack old news.

VC what happened to the read this first tab??? You have new readers who I think would appreciate that run down of what they're reading about on here. Please bring it back 🙂

I like Charlie Sheen. I think he has alot of personal issues going on right now (well honestly when hasn't he?). I hope he gets the help that he needs, and that his show can come to an agreement of some sort. I think he's a great actor, and that underneath the drug-use and everything that has come along w/it he probablly really is a great person. I still don't understand why they cancelled the show due to his drug use anyway. If it wasn't interferring w/his work. And from what I've seen of the show hes always on point w/his acting then why cancel it? It's kind of like kicking a person when their down. They should be supporting him, and helping him get through this.

Censorship….don't tell the slaves about the TSA, don't tell them about the 23.7 trillion that has been stolen. Alex was trying to make a point relating it to Charlie's case but they didn't want the show and TV audience being exposed to the truth.

Alex Jones may be a pawn in the game, just look at the logo for, very illuminati. Having said that, the articles on infowars and his interviews he does on his radio show are very informative. This is the man that opened my eyes to the agenda of the global elite and for that I am very thankful for what he does. As with anything you have to take Alex with a grain of salt, never take anything you read or hear as stone cold fact. I do love what he did on The View and I will continue to use Alex Jones as a source of my info and I suggest you people do the same, just realize he may not be what he seems…

Why would you trust someone that "isn't what they seem" for information?

I used to go to his websites, but realized they only promoted fear, and I'm not trying insult you, but there are much better sources out there. – great radio, especially on weekends – Great news articles

Just thought I could share, hope you check em out and enjoy 🙂

the black woman on the left corner is trying to shut him @5;00,"stick to charlie".the guy wants to say so much about this organisation and they are trying to slow him down

For those who say that it is suspicious how Alex got on the view, I agree. Definitely one of the most famous "conspiracy nuts" around, why would the elite, who control the media and use it to deaden minds and close eyes, allow somebody who wakes people up on an interview show with millions of viewers? Also, they say that AJ and Charlie Sheen have been friends for years. So AJ is friends with a man who is the main character in a show on CBS, whose logo is a single eye? Hm, where else have we seen that? But one thing we must remember is that the elite "hide in plain sight". To those who are awake, Alex is seen as a patriot and in some ways a hero. To those who do not see like we do, he is an eccentric conspiracy theorist who shouts too much. You… Read more »

those who are awake see alex hiding in plain sight on the set of the view

he made US look like wackos by posing as a patriot and ranting

he supposedly represents us…….

I ain't walkin into that trap

thats some of tha funniest things i seen in my life the only sad thing is that they probably played that just so it could make alex jones look like a dumb ass so that the sheeple can completely dismiss the things he said

Exactly, he's being used to make the audience discredit factual information, and to go to his website that only promotes fear. He calls himself the Dark Horse General for a reason

Alex Jones is very listened in France I support in its fight against the new world order

Should be people that argue against the oligarchy luciférienne Satanism of Soros Rockefeller and Rothschild.

.the presenter has a voice of demon and whoopi goldberg defends these degenerate friends Satanism of Hollywood which introduce full of symbols of Francmasons in their dumb films, the fight against the new world order must be known to all!

You are all pathetic. The NWO isn't going to be defeated by crying about who's a plant. You have to actually go outside to do that.

again, not to argue you – but its deeper then that – thesis and anti-thesis to create the SYNTHESIS – thats what the plant is all about – i mean this whole thing is riddled with suspicion, jones on a brainwashing tv show – to show both sides to rile up and bring the masses both sides of the situation they are controlling (the illuminate and hte elite or maybe i repeat myself) and a comment earlier – they can fake deaths of anyone – plane crash, slip and fall, robbery etc if they took out Kennedy in BROAD DAY LIGHT then a loud mouth jones is an easy target… WHOLE Controls the media anyway the view is no exception so they can invite jones and again control the argument… they both playing their parts. I mean to not insult your intelligence or to say what u r saying is… Read more »

Unless you have solid proof of someone being a "plant", I suggest you keep your accusations for yourself. Soiling the name of people who put themselves on the line to get the truth out is a despicable thing to do.