Afrika Bambaataa: “Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian Conspiracy”


Afrika Bambaataa, considered to be hip-hop’s godfather recently spoke with the Chicago Sun Times regarding the state of hip-hop.

“Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian conspiracy,” he says, quite matter-of-factly. “People have used hip-hop in a lot of ways that cause a lot of mind problems. They use the word wrongfully. They use it to mean a part instead of a whole. Like many of these [radio] stations say they’re hip-hop, they’re playing hip-hop. I go to these stations, and these so-called program directors don’t know jack crap about hip-hop culture. They know rap to a certain extent. But I question them. I say, ‘Where’s your go-go, your hip-house, your electro-funk, your raga, your R&B and soul?’ They get real quiet.”
– Chicago Sun Times

One of the founders of hip-hop is speaking out about this…what else do you need?

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106 Comments on "Afrika Bambaataa: “Hip-hop has been hijacked by a Luciferian Conspiracy”"

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He runs a satanic cult, uzn.they promote Idolatry ,humanism and self worship.He claims he is a God.has a lot of people fooled

you all got to check DEAD PREZ. they've been around… All truth, GREAT music, great hip-hop funny and deep and political. Gave me hope for music and it gives you courage.

A word to the wise on Jordan Maxwell,He was a fellow traveler of Manly Palmer Hall high level Freemason,Maxwell aka Robert Pine,took his name from Mme.Blavatsky's "Isis Revealed" Jordanus Maximus. William Cooper knew who Jordan Maxwell was, Bill Cooper was gunned down and left to die in his own front yard.

whats with afrika's cap? someone explain to me

i am familiar with afrika and the rest of the pioneers of hip hop, i remember when i first heard krs one, eric b and rakim and all the others unsung mc's who we never hear diddly squat about now, the were my hip hop heros. . i remember how good the music was, how every artist had their own sound, own style, and could turn a phrase, that was before the selling of hip hop to the big corporations who then turned it against us and started promoting their agendas through it. now i just shake my head when i hear what's being pushed on us as "hip hop". my question is, when did it become sullied, and as much as I want to say that diddy and crew were responsible for that, I have to blame the creation and promotion of gangster rap, i remember when females were… Read more »

i said that im amazing,

not that im a mason,

its amazing that i made it thru the maze that I was in,

forgive me God, I couldnt have done it without sin.

Long live Hip hop.

Hip Hop is the voice of freedom

let them not take it away from us

close your ears to there money gods

listen to the words not just the beats

and when i say listen i mean listen,hear,digest and think about what you just heard!

long live Hip Hop worldwide from the streets of armerica,germany,new zealand,bosnia,france,england,africa every place where hip hop creates hope in the oppressed and if your an artist stay away from the record company's they will only change you and your style to what they want.

rapper rick ross made a song called free mason i dont know why VC didnt do an artical about it

oh and there is also a kids show called avatar vc should look into that

and also check out rick ross's remix to his song super high with wiz khalifa

Satan was in charge of music in heaven??!! Thanks for the laugh.

Whats funny he was.That and beauty was his gift.

THEY will win for a moment, read the Bible, but then they WILL fall for good

AMEN afrika bambaataa 🙂

When? When is VC doing an article on Tupac?

Todays artist that speak out seem to have their moments and short bursts when talking about the illuminati and then quiet down again

Tupac died because he wouldnt be quiet after being given the throne to the industry

I'm glad a good percentage of you are not falling for Afrika Bambaataa's words about hip-hop being hijacked. The truth is Lucifer started and cultivated hip-hop to serve his agenda. Look at the fruit that hip-hop has produced and you will see it has served the Luciferian agenda from day one. From the 5% Nations influence on hip-hop to the moral decline of the Black community hip-hop has not served us well. It looks like the VC commnunity is getting smarter and wiser. Keep researching the truth my people.

I'm sure your a old guy by that statement.

Have you guys listened to Ill bill? His album, hour of reprisal is the truth.

You should check this track out if you would like. Lays out the whole agenda, For Realz for Realz.

Society is Brainwashed.

There really isn't much time left. What is happening in Egypt is the first strike, and its going to end up here. HAARP waves are also behind what is causing the snow storms in the northen hemisphere, and mega cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere.

nobody mention "The Last Poets"……. jazzoetry is poetry, ring any bells out there?

I am confused. While I do not disagree that the music industry is taken over by an agenda, he gives his proof as

"I say, ‘Where’s your go-go, your hip-house, your electro-funk, your raga, your R&B and soul?’ They get real quiet"

I do not know what hip-house is, so that is proof I must be forcing luciferian music cause Me or even a DJ does not know about the various underground music styles?


The statement about the hip-house, the go go, and etc. and the fact that not many people know of these forms of hip hop is SUPPORTING what he`s saying. Don`t think of the surface of the statement. He`s speaking on the level of psychologically robbing the artists and the fans of hip hop of the genre`s diversity. So many people have only scratched the surface of hip hop and have only experienced the conscious (i.e. Lupe Fiasco), gangster (i.e. Tupac), and Hollywood/Crossover (i.e. Young Money) but there are so many different sounds and styles to hip hop that we don`t get to hear because we`re bombarded with t he crossover madness and now suddenly everyone wants to be a rapper with a rock attitude/style. We`re bombarded with it beyond comprehension and we buy into the trends to the point of being mindless clones and that`s the conspiracy.

Im glad to hear a pioneer speak up. I wish there were more like him. Even brief comments are big.

The majority of the people are clueless to the fact that the major problem with music in this day and age isn't about the messages being put out, but about the "musical scale" that's putting out the message itself. Imagine an incredibly powerful, wealthy person who secretly prospers from conflict, disease and war learns that certain sound frequencies (those easily divisible by two, signifying opposition) create conflict, discord and disharmony while those divisible by three (signifying balance, polity, reconciliation, harmony) produce symmetry, and visually harmonic, pleasing structures. Now imagine that he has the power to establish the tuning standard of all musical instruments throughout the Western World. Imagine that he bases the entire scale of musical artistic creation upon a frequency which would skew vibrations towards discord. It sounds like science fiction. Yet this is exactly what happened in September 1939 when Rockefeller the scumbag financial interests dictated that the… Read more »

Isn't why they say the devil is the Angel of Music.


I found this out but i red in french, i stoed listening to music to my kids either.

I´ve decided to watch in my home for one hour a day, the news just to know how far their agenda is. this war is spirutual and invisible to us especially when we can handle the truth. I always smile when peole on this site talk about good music. I´m sorry to say this there is no good music or artist tryin to expose anything. they know we know,so they triyn so bad to confuse us.

I'm very delighted that you and your children do not listen to music anymore. I'm hopeful that your lives will be much better in the future without this hidden form of mind/body control. Tres Bien mon ami!

There's always exceptions… you doubt the power of God by not believing he could overcome such things for the benefit of his people. Just one example… roots reggae music. Speaks of righteousness, psalms from the Bible regardless if you believe in "Rastafari"… it helped turn millions of people to paths of righteousness instead of bloody rebellion.

God can conquer all obstacles. He grants you his Holy Spirit to discern such things.

The 440 thing sounds crazy, but its not. Sad that you have given up music, and unnecessary. you can convert your music library to 528mhz- the frequency of love. [see thanks to Len Horowitz, also known as one of the leaders in exposing the man-made nature of AIDS]. rock on bothers and sisters! don't give up on music! Take back what is ours!

Student of Truth, you are off the mark. Study a bit more more before making baseless claims. People created hip-hop, not lucifer. Afrika Bam's "hijacking" analogy is on point. Can't get me, my mind is free!

Haha! Quite remarkable comment from Afrika Bambaataa.

Afrika Bam knows the score. This artice just mentions one little quote but doesn't really give him the credit he deserves. The "Dark Matter" album is full of warnings about the New World Order, implantable microchips, television, etc. The album is full of positive messages, and is well-produced, with righteous lyrics and danceable beats. Real hip hop lives, despite the evil forces who have hijacked the mainstream "hip-pop". Go "underground" for real hip-hip- same as you should for real news and information! Check out Noble at for some of both!

Maranatha! True, hip hop has never been a completely positive genre. But i only meant that there is a clear and distinctive difference in the founders of hip hop and the modern hip hop artists. Today we`re slapped in the face with anger, sex, drugs, violence, misogyny/misandry, greed and yet ppl continue to feed these artists egos when we don`t even get quality music. I understand his frustration because today the mainstream artists are telling us with their music " we`d rather be rich for being robots than put out some positive stimulating music." I think the hip hop ego (in Bambaataa`s days) was born from oppression. THis was a hard time for blacks and things got politically heavy for blacks because at this point, civil rights groups and black radicals had their political blueprints and it became a time to come together. However,we can clearly see that didn`t last.… Read more »

I think most of yall missed his point. He`s saying that the purity of hip hop`s gone and been replaced by money and trends. Think of it as a person. When a person is a virgin they`re pure right? Well when so many people have sexually entered or become involved with that person, they become tainted. They`re a trend when they`re popular and less than nothing when they`re not.


thats exactly what he's saying. its not about the radio stations….its about how these lame rappers have diluted it so much that its ridiculous.

You are absolutely correct – point made. However… Hip-Hop was never pure to begin within. It sounds as if you're referring to the message in Hip-Hop at a grassroots level, as starting out pure, from the standpoint of existing societal/political/social/ issues generally understood by the community, specifically the Black Community, at that time. I agree that Hip-Hop, when it began, was saying something – it was constructive at that point and not destructive. But, if we are willing to get deep and break down the components of music no one could say that Hip-Hop was pure/good to begin with. That's just not the case, sadly. The same goes for Rock and a lot of other genres that are out there. Hip-Hop and other forms of music that would be considered "Black Music" was by design, to destroy the Black Community. Lets just say, the devil knew the majority of Black… Read more »

Amen sis. Also, hiphop, even at the origin is based on ego, pride, and bravado. Basically, the idea i am better that you. Battle rap is an example of that. To the world being boastful is normal, but to God it goes against his Word.

Sounds like you've never listened to good hip hop…

Hip Hip is a form of expression, a tool. There's a ton of evil on the internet… that doesn't make the technology evil… like Bob Marley said, "Its the flesh mon."

Thee's a ton of positive, intelligent hip hop out there… i'm getting old so I'm a little bit out of the loop of some of the newer artists but Aceyalone comes to mind as well as Del…… Pure skill Best conceptual album of the decade!

Afrika bam knows the score. This article doesn't really show the extent of his knowledge. His "Dark Matter" album is full of warnings about the NWO, implanted microchips, television, mind control, etc. It is also well produced, full of positivity, and very danceable. Real hip hop will never die!

wow, this is pretty chilling.

much respect to afrika for his voice through all these years.

Listen to Lupes new song, Words I Never Said.

Definetly talks about the truth.

The birth of Hip-Hop was "Luciferian" to begin with. Was it not Afrika Bambaataa or KRS-One who said that Rap/Hip-Hop came about after being visited by a spirit, inspiring the creation on this art form? In its early stages Rap/Hip-Hop was a powerful voice for the Black Community and addressed social/political issues. It had substance to it – the same can't be said for today's music. Regardless, it has done a great deal to destroy that same community in detrimental ways. The same can arguably be said about Rock and Heavy Metal. It's all the same to me… destructive, solely, because of who it originates from. Urban/Black music is such a lucrative industry, why wouldn't it be exploited for a "Luciferian" agenda. Everything has been planned for our destruction. I've stated this before, it is a spiritual warfare that we are in. And [they] are setting the stage for an… Read more »

a lot of styles being cloned/

a lot of clowns being throned/

and this is rap music…?/

a lot of nouns being owned

follow my twitter where i expose some truths

if you've not already watched "The Workings Of Evil" by Lenon Honor, you should. http://WWW.LENONHONORFILMS.COM

I have watched this and other Lenon Honor videos. He has interesting viewpoints and draws conclusions that really get you thinking. Yet, it's real easy to get hooked to videos of that nature… well, for me anyway. He has viewpoints that I do not agree with; however, he makes interesting points.

For me, the videos were fine to watch once; but, after that… I've had enough. The Michael Jackson one… "What Lies in Plain Sight"… now, that was an eye opener – I honestly have to say.

For my money, still a great song of AB's (with John Lydon of the Sex Pistols) and has as much (if not more) meaning today as when it was released 25+ years ago:

If Afrika Bambaataa wasn't convincing enough, maybe Professor Griff (Public Enemy) will be more than enough.

Yeah, Grif gets deep into it about blood sacrifices etc.

Will always remember Grif… "It Takes a Nation of Millions" was my first ever cassette that my sister gave me… Peter Tosh's "Legalize it was my second". I think I was about 11 or 12… that music changed the whole course of my life… seriously.

Been a lurker for a while. There are a few artists making themselves heard, another one ive found is immortal technique check out his bin laden tune. Keep it real

DAMN MAN….. Someone tell Nas Hip Hop is officially DEAD!! R.I.P Guru!!

What the heck does playing electro music, funk, house whatever gotta do with a luciferian conspiracy??. Because people don't know how broad hiphop is, its a conspiracy? Gimme a break. We got bigger fish to fry than getting upset over not hearing "real" hiphop on the radio. i don't even listen to the radio. Give me so good Christian music and im good. Afrika Bambaata go back to sleep i thought you had something of substance to say. i was wrong.

You sound tottaly ridculopus/paranoid/ BRAINWASHED (BIBLE) Christian music ? lol each to there own but give me a break !

You watch some crappy conspiracy documentary and you thikn HIP – HOP is all about that ?

LOL you obviously not heard of KOOL HERC ?

HIP-HOP Was started by Kool-herc amonst other who brought the boombox vIBE FROM THE CARRIBEAN to New York Creating a party vibe in some of the most run down neighbourhoods which resulted in uniting some of the worst CRIMINAL GANGS IN history of America and New York !

I cant be bothered to type much more cos im tired but please people Get Real before you speak about topics !

Boo, boo im from the BOOGIE DOWN BRONX BORN AND RAISED. So if anyone know hiphop i do. I used to listen to Brand Nubian, RAkim, Wutang too many to name. Which are all 5 %. "PEace god, PEace son" bty i didn't need a documentary telling me hiphop is not godly, my ears told me that, the documentary just confirmed and shed more light. I listened to Christian rap, but hiphop has even infiltrated that arena. Hiphop is a way of life, ask anybody who has studied hiphop and its founding fathers will tell you that.. Just because it is more blatantly evil now, does not mean the origin was not. But since me being a Christian more than anything seem to offend you, i will keep you in prayers.

Yeah, just like rock music that life style has a price tag comin with it, as most of them can tell you, the one's that lost their lives is a testament to it! I guess you can say country music, even classical music Mozart was a free mason, and wagner has some pretty occult stuff seeing that hitler was a great fan of his…

If you wanna be technical about music, as you all know, satan was in charge of music in heaven before he was kicked out, so music can be manipulated into anything evil you can possibly imagine. That's a lot of the reason music has gotten to where is today. You just gotta use your own judgement w/ stuff like that. I can respect any artist that will openly speak out against the illuminati agenda & see music for what it has become. I use to listen to christian rap too, but what pisses me off about those artists were the fact that none of them had the balls to discuss the "luciferian conspiracy" surrounding hip hop or any other genre of music. Some of the 5%ers your talking about @ least did that. Even if you listen to kanye west, old kanye west, he'll talk about leaving the fame &… Read more »

Sorry ment to say the nirvana shed light on what the entertainment industry is trying to do…

we want the truth on this site right? but we can´t handle, you need to do some more research abou Hip hop. Remember how 2ac used to say his music was spirutual.

I have done research on hip hop & what I said is my ultimate conclusion…my point was that all music was destined to have evil orgins. What exactly do you listen to? Whatever it is, I can find the evil orgin behind it.

This is absolutely the dumbest thing I have ever heard. Music is not evil inherently. God created it. God can use whatever he wants to for good or for evil. Satan has no dominion. Accept what God allows. You have no idea how many people may have been converted just from sites like this alone. Without dark there cannot be light. Jesus is Lord and Savior and the only way!

"What the heck does playing electro music, funk, house whatever gotta do with a luciferian conspiracy??. "

Gabrielle, it's not about what they DON'T play on the radio, it's about what the DO play. JayZ, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Nikki Minaj (there's a name for ya), etc… Listen to the lyrics from all of these 'artists'. Nothing BUT the pillars of Luciferianism, appealing to the lowest parts of human nature. Don't stop get it get it just throw it in the bag and break my bank then call me Mr. Flintstone I can make your bed rock sexy can I you down with O.P.P. just blame it on the alcohol and just dance, it'll be ok. Bottoms up. Get jingles like these stuck in your head all day and try to focus on something besides sex and materialism. Good luck.

And don't forget about Katie Perry. She kissed a girl and she liked it. Then, she went on Nickalodeon to seduce all your children. Wake up folks. This is real, and it is bigger than just hip-hop.

This is the really quick version of explaining the underground New York scene in the early 80's. How do I know? I used to live there at the time. Rap (Hip hop) first appeared in the streets and the clubs in the Bronx & Queens during 1980 when disco was crashing. Afrika Bambaataa released his 2nd song which was a mega underground electro hit called "Planet Rock" in 1982 on Tommy Boy Records (back when indie labels did not follow those cults). After that, all these other rap and vocal ethnic groups came about making this style of music to be prosperous into a new explosive genre. It wasn't until 1986 I began to notice a change in rap music when Run DMC did Walk This Way with Aerosmith, there was more control and less creativity. Whodini was another group (because they were on Britney's label Jive Records) that I… Read more »
They sold their soul by doing rock. Please. Hiphop was never founded on Godly morals so im tired of this lets "take it back" You need to watch"The truth behind hiphop" Hiphop was founded on the 5percent religion, which believes the black man is God and the white man is the devil. Believe me i know some black devils and i know some white people who i consider brothers and sisters cuz we have one common ground-Jesus is our Lord and Savior. This is a fantastic lie for people that have been taught to believe they were inferior and have been continuously oppressed. All of a sudden you have someone telling you, you are god. Wouldn't you love to believe that. isn't that a boost to the ego? Why you think almost every black man that goes to jail turn to the 5 % percent religion. Its is a religon… Read more »
"Hiphop was founded on the 5percent religion."… um, no it wasn't. Hip Hop as cultural and musical expression is far more complex and has a lot longer history than most people realize… especially when people try to use it to make a trite point. Rhyming as a verbal skill in the street was a form of expression since the 1940's and before in New York black culture. Cassius Clay was speaking in rhyme and "rapping" before he ever knew what a Muslim was. This type of expression can be traced all the way back to Griots in West Africa: "The griot is a repository of oral tradition. As such, they are sometimes also called bards. According to Paul Oliver in his book Savannah Syncopators, "Though [the griot] has to know many traditional songs without error, he must also have the ability to extemporize on current events, chance incidents and the… Read more »

never heard of 'm .. but the way he explains it, it sounds more like he's calling out the radio stations that claim they are 'hip hop' but dont know what real hip hop is..

You've never heard of him, but yet you have something to say… part of the problem. People should do some research or read the article before they start yapping.

Dont forget that artist they choosen. The elite would never let an artist get famous unless he-she pushes their agenda!

piss off dude, your part of the problem.. acting like ur opinion matters over everyone elses

Never heard of Afrika? Sit. Down.

haha ur too cool, no i havent

haha i like the chorus. yeah im sick of new rap ish. this lupe track is sick. [Lupe: Talking] Uh huh, Friend of the People!! Yeahh, I mean c'mon. What the F**K do I gotta do? This one for the fans here Jack. [Lupe: Chorus] I think I'm Malcom X, Martin Luther Add a King, add a Junior Some bible verses, couple sunnas An AK-47 that's a revolution!! (n***a) Think I'm Tupac, Bob Marley Fela Kuit, Marcus Garvey [Lupe: Verse 1] Them the real ones, light a lighter for em Letcha know, that I'm ridin' for em Gon' gimme some, a lil more beat Call yo friends around, then call the police! Im ridin' wit my flow, it take up four seats So I'm gon ghost ride, but with no sheets One man by myself, even then I'm 4 deep Like hotel swimming pools, that's 4 feet These n****s like… Read more »

I will believe him once he stop hanging out with the "enlightened one" Kanye WEst. All that knowledge Lupe got but Kanye is still his man. I don't get it.

I agree ..Lupe needs to stand by his words. I hear him saying a lot …but Actions speak louder than words.

I agree "You will know thwm by their fruits"…..


I'd have much more respect for him if he quit using 'n***a' over & over & over again. I also don't have much respect for his idea that a revolution involves AK-47s. He needs to get a clue and stop talking like a violent gangsta. Maybe he needs to read more about Ghandi and peaceful revolution. I hardly think Bob Marley would've condoned using an AK-47 to gain freedom from government oppressions. Maybe using the word 'brother' or something less humiliating in place of the word 'n***a'.

Like that! I hope he's really not involved.

i understand what he's saying and its true. just look at all these so called rappers and the lameness of the music now…ugh i'm a universal music listener and i was loving hip hop and rap…hell it is part of my history, but within the last few years its gotten way over board with the disrespect for women, and the glamorizing f selling drugs, buying expensive name brand things, as well as having alot of MONEY. Not to mention the utterly stupidity of the songs…ie every soulja boy song. guess thats what happens when people sell their souls for BLOOD MONEY.

Im sick of all this sh.t of music and videos, the same horrible styles that attack our minds and our society, what about kids??? i just want normal music normal videos and no more illuminati trash.

I'm sorry to say this but in time things aren't going to get better, things are only going to get worse. Evil is really taking over, just open up your eyes and keep your ears open.

Lucifer was a proficient musician. nuff said.

I teach my teens, unfortunately they listen to the "artists" exposed here and think I am "crazy".

I refuse to give up.

check out Lupe Fiascos new track out today – Also Uk artist Lowkey – they keeping it real talkin on world affairs poltics e.t.c !!!

aww man a few minutes too late

He He am i the first?! well this is not a suprise at all. Didnt need someone to tell us this

Other than being FIRST … i totally agree with you… REAL MUSIC IS DEAD… lyrics have no true meaning these days.. even the beats are the same nothing is changing but the artists and videos.

ouch.. fail

Real music is not dead, you just have to turn off your radio and find the good stuff elsewhere

And 'turning OFF the radio' isn't something new… it has been the case for as long as I can remember… probably as long as there have been radios period.

Afrika has been awake for awhile… check out his song with Jordan Maxwell….

You know Jordan Maxwell is shill right?

He is absolutely not. He has been exposing the NWO for over 50 years now. You've been sitting at your computer. Do something with your life before criticizing others.

dude. alex jones has been trying to expose the illuminati but he is also shill… please tell me you knew that?

and let the guy express his freaking opinion. some people are 50/50 on jordon maxwell, regardless of how he's tried to expose the illuminati's agenda. have some respect. do your research.

Have some respect for cowards. No, never.

Yes I have heard the accusations based on assumptions from the likes of you and your little friend there, but never seen any proof. If we don't have Alex Jones, Jordan Maxwell, and the rest of so called 'shills' on our side then who do we have? Tarun and phil good? If thats the case then they already won.

It's very easy to let your mouth run (or keyboard) run, but what have you actually done to make things better? Have you handed out flyers? Stood on a street corner with a megaphone? Anything? If we're surrounded by so called 'shills' then I know you did something to counteract that. So what is it?

About Jordan Maxwell, I loved his stuff.. watch tons of his videos. But he was on Coast to Coast AM a few months back. And I swear on my life he went against everything he had ever spoken about. He even said the Illuminati etc all that stuff was a myth. In my head I was thinking WOW, he helped pioneer and bring a lot of truth out in the open. But this interview sounded like someone had a gun in his ear. I dont know if someone got to him or not. But that is a usual trick of a shill. They expose and pretend to be in the movement. Then when they get a huge platform and some respect, they say the opposite of everything they have ever done. I dont know the date Maxwell was on Coast AM, but it was very recent, 5 or so months… Read more »

Post it

Woah such a harsh claim for someone who knows so little. Jordan Maxwell has admitted to being very good friends with Manly P Hall. He has to state some truth to gain the audience's trust. In actuality his job is to externalize the order. He is well connected with the Theosophical ideologies. He also got his name from Helena Blavatsky's writings, in which he is well versed in.

Here's a start to your path of truth. Listen to his OWN words about there will be order on this Earth and there are a select group of people he feels whom are ordained to do so.

P.S. My conclusion through my own research is that Jordan Maxwell is a shill, and he basically admits it himself. I also provide documentation and a source. How does that make me a coward? You're frustration is grossly misdirected.

Lupe fiasco did a remix of Rick Ross' B.M.F. (Blow Money Fast) track. Lupes' is called B.M.F.(Building Minds Faster). I"m thinking Lupe is against illuminati.

That is not the first time Lupe has spoken out against the Illuminati, very interesting. I think there are still MANY MANY great artist that are not part of this plan including him.

i would give immortal technique a listen too, he's great.

Have you heard of Lupe's new song, Words I've Never Said? That song is so informative. You have to hear it.

don't be fooled, alot of so called conscience hip hop artists are down with the new world order, Immortal Technique happens to be one of them

take some time to read these article from the messageboards, Hip Hop is under siege:

Hip Hop has been infiltrated by Disinformation Agents, Don't believe just because someone is against Bush, that he's not worshipping the same god he is. There is only one way to heaven, and that is through Jesus Christ.


my respect for immortal technique goes beyond the fact that he is anti-bush. please, give me some credit.

thanks for the information though, interesting.

Yea. I agree I think Lupe is against it. check out his new single where he talks about somethings going wrong with the world today

Can't really trust Kanye's comrade, same with B.o.B

i feel the same way. while i agree lupe seems well informed and brave enough to rap about such issues, i can't shake the fact he is signed with major labels.

immortal technique on the otherhand consistently refuses a record deal, and often sings about the negative aspects of the industry.

he sings in one song, "burn it off the f*cking internet and bump it outside!" — and that's what i'm saying!

Thanks for this link VC.

B.M.F actually stands for Black Mafia Family an infamous organization that did business during the 2000's. Rapper Pimp C spoke about it in the Ozone interview he did. Rick Ross is as fake as they come. Using somebody else name for your rise to fame. Anybody thats know about Iran-Contra know the REAL Ricky Ross.

Learn the facts and not the history (Think about it) Peace.

ere gang. surely this has been taken way out of context. By "part instead of a whole." he is referring to the 'elements of hip hop'. In other words his point is that "these so-called program directors" only understand the elements of hip hop which are entrepreneurialism and rap, while not knowing or caring about any else other than profit. As a whole that is how the paragraph is concluded with the words "don't know jack crap about hip hop culture." …."i thk dis iz crazi"

first and foremost i wanna wish everyone on this post a good day,being a hip hop artist myself i couldn't agree more with what Afrika was saying, they've taken the whole culture and have molded it into something that has nothing to do with the music, i remember listening to Tribe called quest,Gangstarr,Mos def.Talib,Common,that REAL hip-hop and they never sold dreams to their listeners,they sold hope,big difference, we need more uplifting music and less fake story telling about how they're living in mansions,driving million dollar cars when in reality more than half of these artist out now aren't living like that,but since they know that all that materialism is appealing to the dumbed down masses they could careless,smh remember when you're listening to Gucci,wakka flocka LAME, and all these other candy coated artists,they're selling lies,search for the ones that are speaking truth and painting you a picture that shows struggle… Read more »