A Clip From a 1981 Sitcom Explains the NWO (video)


A short clip from the 1981 sitcom Barney Miller features a “kooky” man describing the entire NWO agenda to a police officer who clearly thinks he’s crazy.

In this clip, a man who was arrested for entering the offices of the Trilateral Commission, goes into a diatribe about the great power of the Rockefeller family and the elite’s goal to create a one world government. However, the police officers clearly think he’s crazy as the studio audience laughs at his claims. Here’s the clip.

This clip is rather astonishing because the man’s claims, which seemed outlandish in 1981, are now easily verifiable. Furthermore, looking back at how the world evolved, it is difficult to deny that the agenda went exactly as he described. In his 2002 memoirs, David Rockefeller himself wrote:

“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure – one world, if you will. If that’s the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”
-David Rockefeller, “Memoirs of David Rockefeller” p.405

Displeased with the fact that Japan was not admitted at the Bilderberg meetings, Rockefeller did indeed create the Trilateral Commission, which still holds within its ranks the most powerful people in the world, including several state leaders.

The man in the clip mentions George H. W. Bush, who became Vice President in 1981 (the year the show aired), claiming that Rockefeller “made a call” to make it happen. As you might know, Bush went on to become President of the United States in 1989 … and his son was became President in 2000 … and his other son is working hard to become President as we speak.

But the Trilateral Commission does not only work with Republicans. Obama was strongly endorsed by the co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski. He stated that Obama “recognizes that the challenge is a new face, a new sense of direction, a new definition of America’s role in the world.” He added: “What makes Obama attractive to me is that he understands that we live in a very different world where we have to relate to a variety of cultures and people.” In September 2007 during a speech on the Iraq war, Obama introduced Brzezinski as “one of our most outstanding thinkers”.

In short, this video is full of facts. But these facts were given by man who’s under arrest … with kooky literature … while a studio audience laughs at him. That’s how mass media spins the truth.


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I would not call that the video is "prophetic" at all, like i've said before: there is nothing "new" in the New World Order. The thing is much older than we think and is already in course for a long time now. The final consolidation step will be an "open view" of it, openly assumed. And the people will call for it, will demand to be a slave in exchange for protection or whatever. We're in a closure of the cycle.

on the nose.

george bluth spreading truth!

Hehe! 🙂

Not so damn funny anymore, is it?!

Watch the beginning of the 1980 Movie ""Flash Gordon". The Strategy for the New World Order is laid out clearly by Ming the Merciless and his minions are wearing styilised Masonic regalia! It's on You Tube perhaps!

Amazing!!!!! I wonder who was the writer for the show. They knew what was going on a long time ago.

VC please do an article on Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein and how they used a woman named Virginia Roberts as a sex slave (Beta kitten?) who was underage at the time and also various other women. She was recruited by a lady named Ghislaine Maxwell (Robert Maxwell's daughter) She has filed a case against them and I've been reading about this story….Interesting stuff.

Interesting that all of them are Jews as well. Maxwell was a well-known idiot who disappeared out of nowhere. You see Jews, run the opposite direction. You can get a nervous breakdown by getting to know them. Nasty pieces of work. I don't like them.

The women are slappers and the men like sh@gging minors. Filthy pigs the lot of them. And th4ey have the cheek to call the gentiles pigs. They can have a look at themselves.

yea, and now the prosecutor's want to throw out her case. Upsetting, (bc I believe her), but nothing new. The same old sh*t. Child sex fiends remain free, in "power" and Raheen from the hood is serving twenty to life for growing some weed, or selling some cocaine. Sorry, it's not fair. And I would bet my life, once on the otherside, God would and will take more offence to those who sexually harmed children and those who helped cover for these perverts, than those who smoked a J, or dabbled in harming themselves with "drugs." But that's only my two cents. May Godbless Virginia Roberts and all the other people in similar situations. There are MANY of us.

I agree that god is most likely concerned with child abuse and the sex slave/human trafficking assholes..rather than those that did drugs to cope with the trauma. He knows about false imprisonment and the truth of the individual.

Absolutely. jeffrey epstein is a registered sex offender in FL…..even though that's just one of his homes. He actually lives in his multi-million dollar home on 71st Street in NY and it's reportedly the biggest in Manhattan. Can you imagine? He is NOT registered as a sex offender in NY though….how nice for him to have this privilege! It should be mandatory to be registered as p*******e or r****t at each and EVERY home, yes? Search and keep in quotes: "Unlawful Sexual Activity with a Minor by Jeffrey Epstein" It's a 22 page report on the crimes he was charged with from 2006. He also shipped underage girls to his home in the Caribbean. He's a real scum-bag and he's also good buddies with Woody Allen…..surprise, surprise. Seen in photos and on film with him. There is a video where Woody is in Europe with Soon-Yi….and there's Jeffrey Epstein walking… Read more »

I am beginning to dislike the word powerful. I guess money status and terrorism could be considered powerful..however these big powerful people are actually reliant on others..and are doing a really bad job sustaining their earth they probably claim to have formed by their own hands or thoughts. .and maybe they are just so powerful they can make crows fly and have placed every single star in the solar system to their liking..when the world dies..which is actually inevitable, how powerful are they really, and what do they have?

They have F*** all.

the low shall be made high, and the high, low…

The thing is if this is a sitcom the jokes are not even funny. It seems the rulers are laughing at a man who knows the truth.

This is a sitcom…situaonal comedy…its just people backt hen had smarts about them and the jokes werent all stupid jokes like today…intellectual jokes if you will

that is true, Mumbles215. but I do agree that the timing is a bit off from normal Barney stuff.

Notice Steve Landesberg's Masonic hand signs. Hands on hips "M" sign. Hand over fist departure sign.

Good call!

how do you come across these videos VC?

tombors mudda is jew so he is wether he likes it or not,unless he renounces it,as it is he didnt say anything about the role of jews which is they invented the whole fookin thing.in 81 i was stikll trying to figure out why libraries university level too all had the same shitty books,

That "kooky character" William Klein, is not so kooky .

Who is son of George Walker Bush?

Right there in plain sight once again…..The bosses of the enter-tain-ment industry have been making references like this for decades. Thanx for the article.

The New World Order has always been here…

Wow….all this time i thought barney miller was hip to what went on in his city. Shame on me and barney miller

awesome, thanks for the giggle, M.

His name is Mr Klein – Mr Small. Funny that.


Wow! I probably watched that episode when it originally aired and laughed at the kooky man too. However, i'm for sure not laughing now.

Please do an article about CERN

How about Hinckley shooting Reagan out of his lust for Jodie Foster? That was the biggest joke of 1981.

Check "Programmed to Kill".

CERN/LHC yeah!

The only way it works of course is by portraying anyone who sees it as being crazy. This particular case on TV something they control.

May I ask why there was never any posts about all the distractions in February? Just REALLY curious…

What distractions in Feb?

grammy..oscars….superbowl etc

Exactly what Truth & Light said… February was full of fuckery, believe it or not…

The superbowl, the grammys, the oscars, fashion week, all the list goes on. But there was never any posts…

I just wonder why.

maybe it had to do with the february blahs. Its said that feb is most depressing month of the year, maybe its good time to fill peoples heads with garbage, easy to do if people are depressed and looking for escape. just a guess.

What about the dress and the llamas, something really bothered me about the dress especially. The whole " Look at my right hand" while the left hand stabs you…..

I must have really been saying f**k the media, what's the dress thing?!

I presume Ms. fit is talking about the question of whether that dress was black and blue or something else? something about that was a bit off to me, too. as for the llamas, anyone???

Yes, Ms Fit…I had the same thought too while the dress question was going on. I found it rather strange….blue/black and white/gold….not even close in the color spectum to confuse someone. At first, I thought it was a joke (you click on a picture and one of two pictures popped up to confuse everyone). No….same dress but some individuals saw a different color —why?

Then you must ask yourself why did something this stupid gain such wide-spread media attention? The individuals who started this weren't even famous to warrant that type of attention. The dress as far as fashion goes was mediocre. Were the colors symbolic? Was this a data-mining experiment? Very, very strange….

people go to school, have babies, get new jobs, move, take a break from the bad news, have family emergencies, all kinds of stuff, even create content for purchase, travel, take up new hobbies, etc… sometimes a cigar is a cigar. glad for what comes, and look forward to more.: )

I suspect that I have observed a meme lately published by main line journalists depicting those that question "the official story", or "conspiracy theorists", as uneducated, backward or unintelligent and borderlining on mentally ill. Some have also depicted religious persons as being particularly primitive and "unscientific". These ad hominem attacks seem to be particularly nasty in nature and coordinated. I find this concerning. It seems that having an "unscientific" opinion or worldview is the new heresy. Science is the new religion and the scientist , or "experts", are the new priest class. If they insist that the world is flat then it is so. My point is that if if "unscientific" or "mentally ill" can be associated with certain views or opinions then the force of law be allowed to intervene. Beware of the tyranny of experts.

I totally agree. Basic rhetoric that they think we don't get! So true, the elites have made experts and news anchors the priest class. Couple of years ago I got intrigued by the use of twilight language used in the MSM, so I looked up word origins. I encourage everyone to take in the news in any media and note the repetition of the words: official, experts, authorities, report, news, story anchor, program, and of course, the pre-fix un. Look up these word origins. High weirdness, for sure.

Love those words, JAH REIGN.

Getting a scientist to agree that they are NOT objective is like trying to convince a believer that there is NO G-d. The difference is THEY are their own GOD(S), in human, fallible, deluded, subject to change & whims form–much like man's RELIGION.

All of science is based on theory, until proven OTHERWISE, as defined by themselves. None of this means we shouldn't or don't have practical or theoretical guidelines we go by for convenience, but it also does not give anyone the right to be intolerant to others, at least as provided for law in the US, and ultimately by G-d for those of us who believe. This is a very slippery slope.

This approach is used to keep the 99% "smart" slaves ultimately dumbed down and pliable. They get fixated on their own "knowledge". It is amazing to witness as I work with some incredibly intelligent folks who wouldn't understand the true reality if it bit them on the &*&. Sports, religion, science – it is all used as a tool.

1% (possibly less) of smart slaves are spared.

Just make sure you are eating well, exercising, getting away from fluoride, vaccines, public school, the "news", political debates, etc. It is _all_ being used against you. Not just the media.

they insist the world is a globe spinning at incredible speeds through space and everything is moving so fast but they still have no film of earth as a spinning globe all is special effectsnasa is a dump for nasty buggers with insane minds.all endeavors are tsainted and quirked enouhgto keep you stupid as well even those brilliant scientist who insist the curvature of earth doeasnt prohibit one from seeing large distances which it most certainly would.water is flat flat flat it does not bulge and mumbo jumbo doesnt fix it.

My Dad remembered this episode from when it first aired.
He thought it was hooey, like everyone else at that time.
I tried to explain it all to him. He still thinks its hooey.

Thank your father ..

(…for being part of the problem)

i remember watchin' this episode w my dad
we both knew it was full o' truth

howe'r, we didn't realize the width and depth
o' the o'rlords' manipulations


This is a complete surprise to me. I can't understand how the gentleman concerned hasn't got bracelets on, nor displaying multiple contusions from a cop or three applying their take-down methods and restraining techniques using choke holds and knees applied the back of the head.
The NWO thing I get.

Barney Miller didn't need those tactics!
He had Abe Vigoda at the helm!

hahaha hilarious comment sergio

"Governments don’t want informed, well educated people capable of critical thinking. That is against their interests. They want obedient workers, people who are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork, and just dumb enough to passively accept it."
-George Carlin

Very good find!

Just like any other Hollywood production….people take the truth as a joke, truth is hidden in plain sight. We are given a taste of what is to come. Hunger Games 🙁

Good article, and they always do hide in plain sight. They just pass those that know the truth off as kooks. You may want to correct your year on George W. Bush. It was 2000 that he was elected. I am sure it is an oversight since we all know who the President was on Sept. 11, 2001.

Bush I elected 1988. Bush II elected 2000.


that would be a neat angle, nice suggestion sugapuff.

This reminds of the book Mein Kampf published in 1925 written by Hitler who clearly expresses his hate for the Jews. In 1933 chancellor Hitler brushes his own book off as a bunch of fantasies but we all now what he did until 1945.

No, we don't know what he did because we can't discuss it. We accept what we have been programmed to think without question.

Hitler was a Zionist agent, a graduate of the U.K.'s Tavistock Institute in 1912. He did a deal in the late 30's with the Zionists called the Transfer Agreement to move Jews to the country of Palestine. BTW, Stalin graduated from the same institute a few years before Hitler.

OMG, and its all coming to pass! Somebody knew something very important back then.

Thank you VC for this article, it is very necessary because many people are not aware of what is going on. As stated above, it is in plain sight.

Rest assured, the Universe/Creator is working for the greater good…not the lesser evil!!!

No it isn't.

Yes, it is, and this includes you, You only love skim. : )

We are progaming by a longer period. I just wanted know, that we can find these kinds video in nonAmerican movies. Anyone know?

VC's articles helped me a lot to understand and motivated me to do my own research. I know there is a lot of predictive programming in other English speaking films, so I'm sure it's all international.

Yes, any country with a film industry has the programs slid in under your nose.

It's been worth subscribing to VC just to see this video. Thanks, VC.

revelation of the method.

I really don't find this shocking or prophetic. The strereotype of the tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist goes way back. The forum for discussion was so much more limited back then with no internet though, in this scene the source is magazines. The awareness has always been out there. Also, I think Jeffrey Tambor gives a real honest belief to the whistleblower despite the story painting him as a nut.

Great find!

'Cooky' should be 'Kooky"

..Lend me your comb.

Why I'm so surprised is beyond me. I should have seen it coming.

Thats how the mass media distorts the truth; it makes people laugh at the conspiracies so people wont understand that the conspiracy is no longer conspiracy-it has now become reality

Just in the same way Jim Carrey began mocking the Illuminati on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

Interesting to see how often the truth is in plain site.

They want to brag, they LOVE to brag! And as they do it, they make the others hearing the bragging look like fools as well. Plus, by telling the truth in this manner, they can then say, "We told you what we were doing didn't you listen?" Also, many of the writers, directors, producers, etc in Holly-weird are Zionist jews!

A very blatant example of how Hollyweird is controlled by zionist jews is Mel Gibson. He got his career ruined and was banned from Hollywood, after making '' The Passion of The Christ '' and they used as an excuse what Mel said about jewish, while being drunk. Hollyweird forgives paedophiles like Roman Polansky and Woody Allen, women-beaters like Chriss Brown and Mike Tyson but crucifies Mel over some commentary, made while he was drunk? Sure, those people get free pass because they didnt say anything bad for jews, in a town owned by jews

Singling out a race has never been the solution last time I checked. This is a fight between good and evil and that's alread bad enough.

You need to check again with your eyes open this time.  It is fact that most of the Evil flows from just one racial/cultural group, in Hollywood as well as elseware.

Denouncing and fighting the Italian mafia has never been seen as anti-Italian. Similarly, denouncing and fighting Zionism should not be considered anti-Jewish or anti-Semitic. Also the Jews are not a race. Many Semites are Jewish, not all are. And there are Jews who have no Semitic ancestry whatsoever.

You don't know, maybe they got Mel Gibson's career ruined because of something else, that was hidden from us. This ''The Passion of The Christ'' thing… Mel Gibson did not invent christianity, did he? I just doubt they were offended by this movie and drunk chatter so much.

R u a muzlim? The elite structure goes beyond your hate object.

What an ignorant comment. What does any of that have to do with Islam? A muslim recognizes that a zionist and a jew are two completely seperate things. Educate yourself. Or perhaps you believe you are informed, in which case, know your hate object isn't what the elite power structure portrays it to be. 2:62 Indeed, those who believed and those who were Jews or Christians or Sabeans [before Prophet Muhammad] – those [among them] who believed in God and the Last Day and did righteousness – will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.


The writer was probably a conspiracy theorist who had done his research. The lines went into seriously "unnecessary" detail for a comedy and I believe the writer was trying to open people's eyes knowing that posturing this guy as a crazy person would be the only way his script would get on air. It was probably very hard to access this sort of info back then. Anyway, interesting how enlightening it still is.

it was, and I remember this episode at some point in time. also, if you watch the different actors, the timing is off for a Barney Miller episode. Kind of long winded, and in durations, as well the interjections by others seeming forced. would be interesting to check that year in history to see what was happening, or if a stand "plant" scene, with purpose.

"it was" meaning hard to access such info way back when, but in some ways easier, too. digital eraser keeps erasing…

That's exactly what happened. This was intended for those in control of their own minds. By 1981 a lot of people were in touch and self aware. This message was for them. Only a child can be successfully misled with this kindergarten style programming. An adult would not laugh at that, nor would they feel bad when they hear mushy music. Television programming isn't done with what they're saying, it's HOW they are saying it. Cue the sad music at the perfect time. Roll the credits at the perfect moment. This creates a sense of anxiety and has everyone racing like rats to the end of a rope. Pretty much they are living as if the world is flat, while maintaining that it is in fact round. And so they go 'round and round in circles on that never ending carousel ride.

Side note: That "kooky actor" is named Jeffrey Tambor. Amazon made a huge series as him as the star called Transparent. He plays a transsexual father – sorta like a Bruce Jenner.

I don't watch the show, but every time you log into amazon.com video section, it showcases that guy in drag with lipstick on. Satanic agenda to normalize transsexuals.

Maybe you have the problem. Maybe "Satan" is spreading hatred for transgendered people through bigots like you.

or… maybe someone is desensitizing us so that we accept a totally fluid idea of identity, one that includes parts of machines/machines/aliens or a bar code. yeah, crazy I know. but since when has "the man" ever promoted an agenda of loving tolerance instead of one that served his ends? just some thoughts, YOLS. just because we question the motives beyond the individual doesn't mean we must hate others for differences, including you. Fighting within is exactly what serves controllers the best, instead of fighting THEM. Peace to you.