1984 Style Homeland Security Telescreens at Walmart (video)


‘Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Janet Napolitano today announced the expansion of the Department’s national “If You See Something, Say Something” campaign to hundreds of Walmart stores across the country—launching a new partnership between DHS and Walmart to help the American public play an active role in ensuring the safety and security of our nation.’

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78 Comments on "1984 Style Homeland Security Telescreens at Walmart (video)"

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shes reading off a telly screen herself, watch her eyes. very sutble.

ya vol mein kommandant!

"Report suspicious activity to your local Though Police."

I'm shocked, by how Eric A. Blair, alias George Orwell did see everything so clear, 60 years back.

Yes sir, Janet, right away I will report danger sir.

I will abide by all your rules, sir.

I want to be a model citizen!

This is more akin to the media bubble that the Soviets had to endure, the magnitude of the control of information was epic. So, while this is similar in idea to 1984, which is fiction, look at the Old Soviet Union, they employed tactics very similar to this, for its time.

You can be sure Wal-Mart has a red phone and direct line to the DHS and the White House. Fascist corporatization is the real threat to Americans.

I saw something suspicious at Wal-Mart, in the pet food section I saw a man scratching his groin very vigorously.

I'm sure he was into something dirty…

I went to Walmart the other night – first time in over a year, and what I heard was a constant, futuristic female voice calling shoppers' attention to "specials" all over the store. I was in the "electronics" section and all the t.v.s were on the same Walmart advertisements that coincided with the female's voice — it was creepy. I don't know when Walmart started doing this — it wasn't going on a year ago, but it's really creepy. The voice is loud and constant – it doesn't stop — one advertisement after another — blending into each other. It's deliberately hypnotic and utterly agitating. It was so annoying that it was all I could do to find what I was looking for and get the heck out of there fast. I kept looking at other shoppers to see if they were as annoyed. The scary part was most looked… Read more »

Doesn't anyone thing the flag next to her is strange? What flag has the same phonecian bird and arrows and wheat that is on the back of the American Dollar Bill? That is not on the American Flag.

There actually are two flags. The one next to her looks like an American Flag. But it's folded thin. The other flag contains some of what is on the back of the American One Dollar Bill. What type of flag is that? And, what is it doing next to the American Flag and in this video? That is what is really strange and should be questioned.

The lines behind her head form two pyramids. Much symbolism here.

Although I do agree that, if you see something 'bad' you should report it, however this is a bit ridiculous..What has Walmart got to do with it??

Bit odd, I mean when I first watched it I kinda thought there was nothing wrong with it, not even thinking of 1984 (even though it's in the title :P) What a book though, I read it in 6th grade & cried so much, not just because of the 'freaky' scenes (not going into detail for spoilers), but just fear of it coming true…My government teacher once caught me reading it in the middle of class, but after he saw what I was reading he let me continue hehe 😀

ANYWAY, in my opinion there isn't THAT much evil in this, however it will grow.

Now I get where the telescreen comment came from, in the youtube video information it states:

"This public service announcement will air in all Walmart stores equipped with checkout screens."


well i'm never going to buy anything at Wal-Mart anymore. They just lost a customer 🙂

this is effed up in so many ways :O

I can't believe I used to think my country was different

Now ive realized it's not what it seems <|3 lol

Man, I really didn't need any more reminders that I work at a hellhole. I'm not sure what disturbs me more – the vague threats she's warning about, or her assertion that Wally World is like a police office you can go to report these threats. As if dealing with the incompetency of Wal-Mart shoppers wasn't enough, now I'll have to hear them report on the middle-eastern looking guy behind them in line because hey, he might be a terrorist and Janet Napolitano wants our hometowns to be safe! Is a Wal-Mart manager really the person you want to go to with your concerns? It's little things like this that, while seemingly inconspicuous, are part of a slow erosion of a free, critical thinking society.

This announcement must define or offer examples of what should be considered "suspicious", as this term may have many subjective interpretations. Leaving an open interpretation of what "suspicious" is may cause extremist and false accusations to common and responsible citizens.

Please notice that the flag beside her depicts a Phoenix, not an eagle. The feathers on the crest is the tell tale difference between the two birds. They are communicating their desire of seeing the Phoenix rising from the ashes. A rebirth after total destruction.

“thanks for a country where nobody is allowed to mind his own business — thanks for a nation of finks”

– William Burroughs

Yes, 1984. They're getting people to spy on each other.

Hey folks

Whats going on?

I can not bookmark VC on my fav list.

Whats going on???????????

Also, too; can't bookmark (beforeitsnews.com)


Some IT dude(ete) pls comment.

I just wanna know one thing… WHO is Walmart helping to make our communities more safe from?

Keeping our towns “safe” huh? Safe from what? This kind of vague danger is like a hypnotic drug used on the masses. She was really trying to appear “nice” in the video too, didn’t you think? This is Stephen King s**t, that’s what it sounds like to me.

Sometimes you civilians seem to forget (and not trying to sound paranoid here- this is just part of what I do for a living in the military) but the government has information that the general population doesn't have, yet, (we call it intel) so maybe these types of announcements, which may seem silly or paranoid or stupid, are for your own good, maybe. Just saying. Take it with a grain of salt. And someone posted earlier Al-Quaeda isn't targeting Walmart- how does he know? Is he in the intel collecting game? I would be very vigilant of any area that could a very large number of people, in any state, again, just saying.

Funny how the government is so opposed to the mix of religion and government, but they will never miss an opportunity to jump into bed with big business.

Should be interesting. I remember some news station done a special a few years ago where they had somebody lay down in a busy sky train station pretending to be dead, seriously injured. It took a few hours before someone came to the mans rescue.

This is one instants where the lack of concern or passion for other human beings in our society could work out for us.

On the other hand whos to say someone doesn’t hear a mother and child getting into an argument and that person reports abuse.

How much more of this until we finally have enough?

We need to end the fed, then we need to reinstate the constitution. Everything after that will fall into place.

I think thats what they want. Remeber "it takes a village to raise a child?" actually it doesn't. It takes parents, but the government wants any excuse to intercede so they can take over your child for "their own good" and brainwash them and/or whatever else they want to do (sterilize/kill/enslave, whatever)

there's a pyramid behind her head.

welcome to the police state.

didnt walmart have an issue with even having a proper security guard in their giant parking lot?? paving the way for several rapes and asults in thier parking lot to begin with??

I'm not sure I'm quite getting this. What is the difference? There was always people who went and told if they thought they saw someone who appeared suspicious. There was/is always security guards in walmart just incase things happen get out of hand. So what is this saying that is so shocking? and what are telescreens? Can anyone explain this to me?

I'm not among one of those people who go snitch when I see someone looking suspicious. S**t, maybe I LOOK SUSPICIOUS TO THEM because I have an afro (I used to have straight hair like everyone else and I blended in), and I wear long scarves to the store. Sometimes I wrap them around my head. All it'd take in this day and age is to be accused of being Muslim…then they'd throw my ass in jail for some concocted excuse. The minute I read this story on another website I thought 1984 is HERE!

You really need to finish that book Leigh. Even if there are parts you don't fully grasp when reading, stop for a few and go back and re-read until it sinks in. I plan on purchasing the book so I can re-read it and have a better understanding of what was written.

The headline is misleading. He should have rather have taken a Thoughtcrime slant. In 1984 (the book), looking or acting suspicious means that you may end up vaporized(killed). If one looks at this Walmart case, it's easy to imagine it escalating to such a scenario over the years. In the book, just looking at a picture of Big Brother funny will lead to your "comrade" reporting you for thoughtcrime. So, right book, wrong aspect. A telescreen is a television that can see into your household and thus monitors you, and the headline makes it seem like Walmart is selling them.

SAILOR JANE IS A MORON, admitedly she/he/it works for the very beast we are all talking about and she tells us its ok, dont pay any attention, and since she is "in the game" we should listen to her. do you not get it dingleberry, you are the person VC is warning us against. and besides on a long enough time line doesnt everyones survival rate become zero, i thought i read that somewhere here on VC. so why this insane notion of life forever?! i served in the usmc 2/2 and i tell you those were the worst days of my life, you are not a person, you are a piece of government property. someone else makes mention of how bad it sucks to be a military member and they are right. the military is for two kinds of people, forget all the gooblygook about being a good amerikkkan,… Read more »

read the book 1984 by George orwell

I happen to be reading that right now, but I still don't know what this is all about. I don't really feel like waiting to finding it out in the book. I want to know whats going on now. So what is it?

I think the issue is the difference between how people were observed in 1984 (the book) and today.

In the book, there's a centralized group which does all the watching.

Today, we're all observing each other. We're buying the cameras (in our computers) and the GPS's in our pockets (Cellphones). Heck, some of these things even take pictures on their own.

in all honesty I dont think the telescreens have anything to do with this issue, but more or less the fact that the people in this society snitch on eachother if there is suspisous behavior but in the book suspicious behavior means going against the BIG BROTHER… you should read it all

Thankyou, now I think I'm catching on, but people snitch on each other all the time. What happens after someone snitchs? Does walmart police tackle anyone suspicious? Are we talking TSA-esque like? I thought people snitched every day, no matter where you are. If you look like your even remotely up to something, someone could tell on you to the police. I think this is what I don't get it, why seem so surprised as if people never snitched on others in stores like walmart before? I feel as if this has been going on far earlier then what the gov is letting on.

I personally haven't read the book. What it means to me though is the govt is using more tactics to remind you that you are constantly in danger and anyone around you could be a terrorist. Turning person against person while your only savior is them or some other form of authority. Be alert, don't trust anyone that isn't us, and be very afraid. As we've seen so often, public fear leads to easier control. You promise the safety and people pretty naturally will do what you want them to do. If you're not scared though, the promise of safety means very little. This is a step and it's part of a mindset. By itself it's not the biggest deal ever but this is part of a much bigger picture we've seen unfolding for years. I live in NYC. There have been signs since 911 all over the city that… Read more »

I say better safe than dead. I would much rather be randomly or routinely searched than be concerned about the next terrorist attempt, which is not an 'if', but a WHEN.

look at her microexpressions. when she says hometown security, she gets the same facial expression you'd get if you put your face in a week old diaper.

look at her lip and eyes right after she says "safe and secure" ehh not so much. if you see that facial expression in a poker game, the person making it is bluffing.

Immediately after she says "ask a wal mart manager for assistance" her facial expression says "you are all such stupid f*****g rubes. I have nothing but contempt for you moron proles."

which means the morons who shop at walmart will eat this up.

Wow… just, wow.

yeh we got it the first time ya goose

"I don't see a problem with this."

That's the REAL problem right there.

They must think Wal-Mart customers are just as retarded as the Wal-Mart employees

That's because the average Wal-Mart shopper WOULD report something "suspicious." 1984 is happening right before our eyes. People already get paid to snitch on one another…it ain't gettin' any better y'all!

Side note: that b***h (Janet N.) creeps me out.

Will not be supporting walmart anymore because of this.

I hope ppl will start boycotting WalMart frm now on…

This is really uncalled for…

This means stop going to Walmart. I started going there because you don't need a card to swipe for a savings like most stores in Columbus Ohio, But this is a turn off!!!!!!

What's the significance of cameras or electronics when it will be shutdown permanently from the storm coming from above……..sm

May the good forces intervene now!!!!!!!

That's the Simple Truth 😉

they want us to fear this world which is not what really matters.. we should fear God Almightly

Oh — some more of our freedoms just chipped away by our Government. I feel safer already knowing the people of Walmart are now reporting directly to the Govt…

Just watched it again and uhhh does all crime happen at WalMart? lol The way shes saying this is as if all bad people go to Wally World to commit crimes…

This is really creepy

just what anyone needs to see during their trip to walmart, as if it wasn't depressing enough in itself.

down in the nyc subways it's "SI VES ALGO, DI ALGO" posters everywhere, which makes a little more sense than a walmart in the middle of who knows where.

Ugh. Just looking at her face aggravates me.

I knew Wal-mart was evil. Never saw Al-Quiada attack a Wal-mart in Dinglefink, USA.

Not yet…

….i don't see the importance of this….it seems like a good thing to me

That's because you're a moron.

isaac, you're nuts man. i thought it was common decency to say/do something if you see someone getting mugged or attacked or w.e? this is ridiculous, we do not need the "ministry of state security" (oooh wait i mean department of homeland security!!!!) running a campaign like this. especially in the world's largest retailer with the world's most dumbed down shoppers. just more ways to scare the American public into allowing their next privacy invasion/loss of rights. we are definitely turning into a police state… i didn't think it would be happening so quickly though. when i was a child, i used to be proud that I was American. now it just makes me slightly nauseous seeing & hearing about all of the stuff going on.

What has Walmart got to do with homeland security?

it's another good example of Corporate giants being in control, now walmart has a rubber stamp from Homeland Security. Its practically a Government paid advertisement for Walmart saying "walmart is safe".


do they sell food in walmart? (never been to the States, i wouldn't know)

If they do, theres another red flag after the Food Safety Rugulation bill, the raids on Organic producers.

Walmart has a history of puttng those people out of business too.

I was wondering this myself. What does Walmart have to do with homeland security? Am I missing something? Last time I checked, "terroristic activities" didn't originate in a Walmart parking lot, they originated in the minds of those in government office.

Thank you, Jay, for not responding to this guy like a prick like so many others have.

If someone doesn't see something for what it is, you aren't supposed to insult that person and become a total douche.

Explain it. He might just learn something new.

Yeah in America we have SuperWalMarts that seel everything you can imagine. Food, clothes, electronics, cosmetics, toy, etc

Don't forget that walmart also sells COFFINS.



@isaac you are the poster child for a brainwash public.

ok, noworld order, so if someone sees someone trying to break into your car, they should mind their own business, roger. Merry Xmas, to you, buddy.


I guess I can understand where you may be coming from, but that is only in a few ways.

At some times "snitching" is what helps things that are going badly cease. If you see something going down that shouldnt be then I think its perfectly fine to alert authorities. In the end someone is bound to get hurt in some sort of way so it might as well be the person who attempted to do wrong.

Wow this is just like 1984. I guess we really are becoming a police state.

Correction my friend, you guys in the US, UK and Euro-zone already are living in a police state(CCTV overload, TSA Scanners,The Patriot Act). They just basically broadening it day by day, that's all. What scares me is that my 3rd World/Developing nation, South Africa, likes to adopt laws and systems from the aforementioned "democracies". But the difference is, my people are not afraid to take to the streets en masse to stand up against it. We did it to end the heathen social experiment called Apartheid, and public protests still happens regularly out here, about wage, about poor governance. Anything. We're just keeping practice for when the crap hits the fan for real.

I love Vigilant's articles, but this is unfortunately a misleading sensationalist headline.

Telescreens are televisions that can see into your household (according to George Orwell's 1984)! Where in this article do they say that Walmart will be selling these??? Yes, the world is turning into a police state but please stick to the facts.

I see what you are trying to say, but you're missing the point. It has nothing to do with them seeing you, and everything to do with forcing unnecessary, fear-mongering propaganda on you. What purpose does this really serve? Is this going to magically make your neighborhood more safe? If really think it will, then they've already won.

You will buy the device that u speak of this year for christmas, the device that can monitor u in your home its called xbox connect, playstation move, and these amazing cable/satellite entertainment(programming) systems we'll anxiously amass more debt attaining this season. Don't celebrate pagan holidays including your own birthday,the sabbath is Saturday, the one true truth that explains this all is out there ask it shall be given seek u will find knock and the door will be opened, just a word of advice to those wanting to know where all this leads

It looks like those public service announcements that play 24/7 on giant screens all over the city in Half Life 2