1981 News Report on the Bohemian Grove (video)


Even if this report probably barely scratches the surface regarding on true purpose of the Bohemian Grove, I’m however pretty sure this would never make it on TV today. It still provides enough information for an informed person to connect the dots.

Whether you like Alex Jones or not, this was a classic interview.

David Gergen said what the elite thinks. What happens there is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.

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113 Comments on "1981 News Report on the Bohemian Grove (video)"

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The NWO – the One eye and all of this that's going on is actually mentioned in Islam – funny how people don't bother checking there, we are constantly warned about this- we call the NWO – the Dajjal system or anti-christ,

But does islam say will they succeed or not

They will succeed in misleading an enormous amount of people, and everyone that follows them is doomed.
Who is their biggest enemy at this moment? Who are they working very hard to discredit and to make public enemy nr. one ? (through false flag terrorism and main stream media)
They HATE islam. That would be reason enough for me to look at it a little closer.



Just another level up on the sleazy pyramid of control systems. Great post. Thanks.

Did you see David Gergen’s reaction when Alex J mentioned the Bohemian Grove???

He was really really nervous and totally stuttering !

Even though A Jones is an info/disinfo agent, David Gergen's reaction seems totally genuine

and like it wasn't acted !

Damn, body language never lies !

I was there. I worked at BG for a few days in the early 1980's as a valet. An interesting experience. Here is one recollection: The older more self made and mostly republican campers were mostly gentlemen and treated the staff with respect and kindness. On the other hand the younger mostly democrat and inherited wealth or new money types were rude, arrogant and indifferent to the needs of the workers. Some of us went into the small town and talked our way into one of the bars where the campers picked up hookers. We expected to see some attractive high class ladies. To our surprise they were trampy and unattractive which did not deter the interest of the campers. I heard many stories about many wealthy and powerful people and met a few. Interestingly the cabin I worked at had once been Jack London's. Much of his memorabilia was… Read more ยป
On my quest to find out where all pagan religions originated, I discovered a site (I will post link as soon as I find it) that discussed Mithras worship. Some claim that its rituals are still performed by modern day Freemasonry: the members worshipped in temples by performing dramas, secret rituals, initiations. Also it was a men-only club, and the men had to pass different levels of membership – 1. The Secret 2. The Lion 3. The Father 4. The King of Kings (reserved for royalty). Again, I will find the link as soon as I can. My mind immediately went to Mithras when I read about what goes on at the BG. I also Goggle Mapped it…can't see very much through the trees ๐Ÿ™‚ I also read someone's comment that linked Polly Klaas' kidnapping and murder to the Grove (back in 1992 or 1993, I'll have to look it… Read more ยป

what about the commecials like commercials talking about auto insurance and all of that it shows like really disturbing things im 17 like males being gay well you know its like that the tcommecial with a whole line of doctors putting lgoves on there hands to give him an exam up in you know where its alot alot of commecials that have alot of stuff and your like ok pretty gay….. really if you look at some of them its like there trying to make being gay acceptable its not wrong its everywhere gross my mom let my little brother watch chuck and larry and he said "so being gay is cool?" i fussed at my mom and told her to stop letting him watch these type of things

there was an article in last month's rolling stone about alex jones titled "the most paranoid man in america" and it went on to detail his "crazy" "conspiracies" — did anyone else read it? it was a few weeks ago that i read it.

lmao he tries to make him look bad by saying he wasn't being gentlemenly. and ambush jounralism my ass, it'd be different if you were the writer of twilight or something stupid, but the guy is part of our government and Alex seemed very respectable to me, as respectable as you can be when you are discussing something that is hid so privatley that no-one knows wtf is going on.

as i have just learned – they are only the infantry of the real rulers: them not even live here, but are very concerned about their puppets acting out the big plan . Gosh – we soon will know .

By the way, why are they not trying to 'erase' Alex Jones considering the fact that he knows so much??

i said the damn samething before you. im surprised he is alive. but others who spoke out and revealed serets have died or somehow commited suicide. hmm..

I think they're less powerful than we think, because yes, they would have eliminated a lot of people by now were they really that powerful.

LOL!!! Did you see David Gergen's face when AJ mentioned the Bohemian Grove?? I use to have respect for David Gergen. Not anymore, no sereee bob!!! He has been an adviser to both democratic and republican presidents….I thought that was really strange. I asked myself the question; can one person be so politically neutral that he would become adviser to both party presidents???? I don't think so. The only real answer would be that both democratic and republican presidents are members of the same secret societies of which David Gergen is a member pushing the same agenda.

They are all a bunch of pussies!!!!!

omg=gmo backwards…do i get any likes?

gmo-gentically modified organisms

glad to make u smile.

david gergen, what a p***y!

For those of you who say "the interview was staged" or "alex jones is apart of the new world order" probably had no idea who the Bohemian Grove/new world order were at the time. Now you come across Vigilant's website and you think you know everything. Did any of you listen to Alex Jones at the time of the interview or before??? I highly doubt it.

I don't know everything. Not even close. That's WHY I am here ๐Ÿ™‚ The one thing that Alex J said that forever resonates with me was "Question Your Reality!" and I do.

Question everything. Your wholesomeness and hunger for truth is relevant.


It seems to me tht u may be one of those "Disinfo Agents" or "Elite Spies" the VC referred to in a previous article….

Has anyone noticed the massive use of the word LOOK in movies and cable news and shows. ?? Start to look for it,and you will see or hear what i mean. It is creepy. Whats the deal?

I don't understand what your post means? Just the word "look" in itself? Its a pretty common word thats used by a lot of people and don't see or understand the creepy or nefarious connection on this one, can u explain?

Similar festivals to the cremation of care "hidden in plain sight" are Zozobra in New Mexico…


And of course, Burning Man…


Also, for further research – Paul Bonacci, of Franklin Coverup fame, talked about being taken there at one point.

limelight ur right get the info them make up ur own(no pun intended)mind about it, emery even a little info about urself is enough ammo for them to get u. U know whats strange the place that i work for has two owls standing near the window on the second floor of my bosses residence an actually i've seem the groove videos a couple years back an when i saw those owls it always giving me the creeps. I wonder if they went to the groove? This is scary… I think jesus is the only way, these guys r way too deep for any sort of revolution to happen an thats a reality. If we tell some people we know they think we're crazy an out of our minds so its gonna be difficult for a radical solution, we all got knell down and pray. A reminder to VC please… Read more ยป

Here is a little rap on Bo Grove. I just thought it was entertaining because I love seeing stuff get called out.


interesting video sarah, im not sure if the 2 gentleman are real shriners but that definetly looks like a real shriner parade to me. would be very interesting if those 2 gentleman were authentic shriners (his hat and jacket definetly look authentic). as far as these videos ive already seen them but i always think its funny how mad and deffensive gergen gets. the cremation of care is to honor molech the owl god and they do this by sacrifing a child to him(some cultures used virgins or animals) . some think that molech is a reincarnation of nimrod (the sun god) others believe him to be a sperate sun god but he has always been associated with the sun and fire so to me its just more sun worshipping anyway you look at it. what really worries me about bohemian grove is the way the camps are divided. they… Read more ยป

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-67392272… –

Here is another one Truth Seeker, I'm betting you have seen it? ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw it years ago and then again recently, and was so wishing it would have been updated with some of the 'goodies' the current admin has provided us with. No shortage of material there.

It is a commentary on both parties/same team, media mafia, classic cog dissonance, how we are 'programmed', false flags, materialism/distraction, 9/11, police state, transhumanism/singularity, mark of the beast….oh yeah and touches on the Skull and Bones somewhere in the middle…..whew!

the warning at the beginning is no joke – buckle your seatbelt!!!

from 911essentials.com

There are videos available from Alex Jones when he sneaked in and caught a ritual on tape. I've seen it through the arrivals' new documentary on youtube, look it up if you're interrested.

alex jones sneeked in? like a bf goin in his gf room through the window or what? come on…post the link then where u saw the video of the ritual. that would be interesting. thanks alot.

LOL ~b you are funny!

if Alex Jones wasn't on camera, old dude would have taken a swing at him! lmbo

can we say gay w/a extra side of gay? no female presence at all?? how can this not be at least a little queer (pun intended ๐Ÿ˜‰ seriously though, these individuals don't come much sicker (NO not bc they're gay, but bc the only love they have is for money & power)

oh, there are women are alright, but they aren't participants. they're slaves. read kathy obrien's book.

Sorry a little of topic but ive read some article that some guy recanculated jesus birth and apperantly it should be september 11 which is 09/11.this could explain a lot of things like the constant use of number 11.like the piramid u get when u times it 11•11=121,111•111=1234321…. And on and also the 9/11 "accident" in America and 03/11 "earthquake" in japan think about it.

Enkutatash or Ithiopian (Ethiopian) New Year is celebrated on September 11th according to the Western or Gregorian calendar. Ithiopia still follows the Orthodox Julian calendar which consists of 12 months of 30 days and a 13th month, Pagume, of five or six days, depending on whether or not it is a leap year. The Ithiopian calendar is seven years and eight months behind the Gregorian calendar, so September 2001 is Meskerem 1994 in Ithiopia.

Ethiopia also has a more complete Bible, with 81 books including Book Of Enoch in it canon, matching closer with the Dead Sea Scrolls. They were one of the 1st Christian nations and practice the most ancient Christian customs. Babylon would like us to think its just starving children over there..

Ithiopia is also the resting place of the Ark of the Covenant, in Axum. It was brought there by King Solomon and the Queen of Sheeba's son, Menelik. It is guarded there to this day… an excellent read is Graham Hancock's, "The Sign and the Seal." This may have been spiritually permitted because King Solomon fell from grace in his honoring of other gods and practicing of witchcraft. People often don't know that masons, witches, satanists and many other dark art traditions honor Solomon because he was a mighty sorcerer and that's why the so called "star of david" is really called the "seal of solomon" in occult tradition and one of the most powerful occult "hexing" symbols. The lineage of Solomon and Sheeba was strictly recorded and honored in Ethiopia all the way up to the 225th direct descendant in Ras Tafari Makonnen or King Haile Selassie I of… Read more ยป

Personally I don't know bout Selassie being Christ like some say, if you look at HIM's speeches and writings, HIM speaks of Christ in the same manner Christ speaks of the Father in scripture. Also in Revelations it is unclear to me if the Lion Of The Tribe of Judah and the Lamb are the same.

Just my personal Rastafarian take on the matter, good to see you here B. I think more Rastafari need to see and comment on VC's site and more VC readers need to be exposed to Rastafari; for like Bob Marley said, "Rasta means Truth".

Babylon Burning… no, I definitely agree with you and I think a lot of Rastas from Jamaica have a Christian upbringing so many of their views on H.I.M. are really nuanced… some say he was Christ reincarnated, so say a voice of God for the black, downtrodden masses.

He was last Orthodox Christian Monarch… for many in wretched, post-slavery conditions, he was a voice of God because he gave those people self-worth and was a testament to a black, royal, biblical lineage… something that had never been told to them.

I don't think he was Christ but he was a man of God and has some particularly fantastic stories that surround his life and supposed supernatural abilities.

Regardless, the lineage of Haile Selassie and the spreading of the Word of God has brought millions "to the paths of righteousness." And for that he should be remembered.

"So if you think that Rastas are simply about smoking weed, you have some learning to do."

Not you Babylon Burning… just people in general.

Ah, I should have picked up on that one..classmate showed me and for a second had me fooled. gracias ๐Ÿ™‚

Sounds intriguing!!


+ 3.11.11


12.22.12 <— smell familiar? (Smells like the coming of the NWO to me…)

Actually it's


+ 3.11.2011


12.22.4012 < —– smells like nothing familiar.

Sorry but you're off by one day. It's supposed to be 12-21-2012. Also the calendar that we currently use is off by about 2 1/2 years so the so called "End of the World" would actually be around 6-21-2015 if it were really true.

post the article link then

Yeah, please, for real, post that link. I might be interested in reading that when I can get around to that ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

im surprised as much as alex jones reveals the "elite" havent done anything suspicious to him. or have they and we dont know? since we all know when you open your mouth and reveal secrets your punished or killed. hope he continues and protecta himself. i agree we need more people like him.

No the last thing "we" need is more people like him. He is part of the culture of celebrity worship. 1. His job is to keep mass media relevant by constantly challenging the major news networks and to validate celebrity worship/authority by associating with actors/rockstars/Charlie Sheen. 2. His job is to keep the phony DC government relevant constantly by plugging 'put ins' like Ronald MacPaul and other Kentucky Fried Patriots. 3. His job is to keep the criminal financial system relevant by constantly discussing financial markets and the value of gold as determined by the criminal fiat currency. There you have it: celebrity status used to con inquisitive minds into reconfirming to the media, the political structure and the monetary system. Those are the main planks of the one ecumenical system of systems. It is the cancer of the human condition. Don't be a Jones Clone. Take the good info… Read more ยป

The elite may think I am 'nothing' but I would never opt to be a part of that sickening lifestyle.

Also once again! Oprah Winfrey now has her "own" network it is called the OWN network which SUPPOSEDLY stands for the Oprah Winfrey Network but miraculously backwards it spells NWO NEW WORLD ORDER WAKE UP!!!!!!!!

This was brought up on VC's FB page a few days ago ๐Ÿ™‚

The ultimate pun.

their all sick perverts

It just creeps me out how so many powerful ppl get together to do these things.

once u see the OWL….. u know what it is ?

LOL @once you see the owl, sorta reminded me of "before you die, you see the ring"

But is there more to your post? Or is it self explainatory?

They talk about the Bohemian club on an episode of the Extermination on youtube they even show a few parts of the actual lanf where its located…..also has anyone seen the new Old Navy commercial? Full of illuminati crap theres butterflies a lightning bolt a triangle, and clouds tht look like the number 6…none of tht has anything to do with clothing…check it out

Yeah I saw that ad the other night. It's pretty blatant. I notice allot of advertising is ramping up the in-your-face occult symbolism now days. It used to be more subtle. Another insane assylum of occult imagery is the Adult Swim comedy network – they seem to have a thing for demons and owls.

I agree and Adult Swim has a show (among many) called "Childrens Hospital" really sick stuff why would they title it that

I saw that commercial, noticed some of it, but thought maybe it was just my "conspiracy" mind working

They even cleverly "paid hommage" to Micheal Jackson or "their latest victim" in the commerciak talk about adding insult to injury…also check out the latest HP laptop/Beat Studio commercial (which is Dr Dre's product) featuring none other than Alicia Keys theres illuminati crap there too – the camera pans out through ONE of her eyes , to reveal ms Keys sitting down wearing earrings tht seem innocent enough but upon second glance are really 2inverted number 6's add that to the letter "b" for Beatstudio which is really a clever number 6 n u have 3 6's wow…

I was pressured into joining facebook and at the time i had my reservations about it, all that intimate info about urself jus didnt wash with me. Posting thoughts, things that u do, playin games such as mafi was and farmville jus didnt seem right. They even send little questions for u to answer about ur friends in a sneaky harmless way. For me to join facebook was a mistake, its been hyped up by the media and other interest groups as a way to sell ur product or get job oppurtunities. And one thing to note is that its part of the military section called DARRPA check it out on youtube, i stumbled upon it by coincedence. VC i think u should shed some light on this. Facebook is evil and the sad thing about it is ur info is already there and can never be erased. As someone… Read more ยป

I know, it’s scary isn’t it? I’m sure I’ve got a nice fat profile/stereotype built up since I joined the internet world in 1998. And here I am, adding to it. Yeah, well, even though it is there forever does not mean you have to keep adding to it. (Although, it’s almost as though we must!) It is inevitable, but the less incriminating evidence the better, ha. Maybe I will start visiting foxnews.com and Googling things like Rebecca Black to distract from my true personality….. Or not. All this to say, I agree. Facebook is f’n evil. As is most of what is shoved down our throats.

In response, I also was under the impression that you can not delete facebood as it only gives you the "deactivation" option so it holds on to all your posts, photos, thoughts, etc. Luckily, I've found a link that actually DELETES your account…PERMANENTLY…meaning, EVERYTHING on there will be gone. I'm sure they already have records in files, so on so on…but hey its better than an inactive profile of your information for those in the background to continue to access…

The missing link…


Scroll down and when you see the section with "Delete My Account", click on the link right below it. It should say "click on this link after you log in".

OMG @Rose, I thank god for you and your comment, cus I was seriously freaking out by what I had read… I guess shame on me for clicking agree without reading the fine print and so on, but THANK YOU so much, that account is as good as gone… gots to go delete it RIGHT NOW… Also, do you know anyway to do the same with myspace? If so please lemme know and maybe we can converse via email…. Thanks so much

Hey, you're welcome my friend. My girlfriend of mine actually sent that link to me and I've saved it ever since. No reason for the masses to be fooled into thinking there is no way out when there is…it's just hidden. Those sneaky bastards I tell you…all it takes is one person to open their eyes and inform others and its like a domino effect… kinda like VC ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm glad that was useful, hopefully others will relax knowing they can actually be rid of that disease also known as facebook. I was under the impression that once you choose to delete myspace, it literally deletes it unlike facebooks "deactivate" option. I only know this because I've had to re-create a myspace account do to deleting it and everything was erased…so I had to start over. (Unless they've gotten sneaky and changed their options as well…) Seems myspace is easier… Read more ยป

Again Rose, thank you soooo much…. Ive deleted that damned facebook and as far as i can tell, its gone:) as for myspace, i havent had time to actually look around on the site and see if it actually has a delete option, but everything you said goes right along with what others have told me today… so thanks so much, i feel much relief:)

Hi! actually you can delete forever your myspace account ๐Ÿ™‚ i deleted mine years ago, and then I tried to re-open my account but i couldn't.. I opened it from zero, ๐Ÿ™‚ no friends, no comments.. so i think myspace is better in that way ๐Ÿ™‚

Are you being serious? Is that really how Facebook works? WTF? I went this long, up until almost 6 months ago, without an eff-ing facebook account, and was urged by friends, family and other professionals to create an account to help me find a job IN NURSING (of all professions, I actually found a really good one on Facebook, go eff-ing figure) I avoided ALL OF THEM, Myspace, FB, all of 'em till recently and NOW I hear this…. I mean seriously, wtf???? I'm so furious right now, I am seeing red!!!!! Can any of you PLEASE elaborate on this, and try to help me find a lil relief from this, cus your comment @VC Advocate actually has me literally saying out loud WTF… I don't understand, please explain a lil more, thanks.


This is a repost from me – but it has got very important info, with links, on FB. Out of the mouth of Zuckerberg!

They wan't us to be afraid. There is no hiding from them. If they want us they will come & get us. Period. Just live without fear & know u belong to God & not this ungodly world & the evil within it. FB is the debbil though ๐Ÿ˜‰

@Gus – I doubt its staged, why would AJ rat out his so called buddies just doesnt make sense and I am sure a place like the Bohemian Grove is'nt that hard to infiltrate……….just better hope you dont get caught ๐Ÿ˜›

more info about the elite/occultists playground.

Bohemian Grove Exposed:

darn that stupid luciferian owl Lilith.

Romans 1:22,23

"Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things."

thank youuuu

Dunno if it's staged or not, but a guy of his stature would know how to evade questions like that without being visibly agitated.

Excellent point.

I personally believe the David Gergen interview to be staged allong with many other of AJs stunts. Not that I don't believe that the grove is a real thing and a place of insane occult ritual and initiations and rites. It's just that "Mr. Jones" smeels like one of 'em ๐Ÿ˜‰

Please, VC you're way to informed to be seduced by the psy-op machine that is AJ and friends.

while AJ, Jessie Ventura, and Beck might be like the human equivalent of a false flag op or just dis-info trolls, I 've known about the Bohemian Grove long (years ago mid 80s) before AJ (or any of these other Johnnies come lately, ever showed up on the counter-intel info scene), it's (the Grove) unfortunately for real !! … makes ya kind of wonder, where and what it's all leading too! I think the powers that be (PTB) are letting some of this info out, so when the sh*t hits the fan, they can always say we told you so, but U silly people just weren't listening … U deserve what's coming because U chose not to pay attention. Ironically, Barry O deliberately scheduled his tele-prompter, talking point libya war presentation for after, "Dancing With The Stars", wanted our full and undivided attention. the PTB are sure they have 90%… Read more ยป

@Gus, there is absolutely no reason for this interview to be staged.

Alex Jones is a fear monger. He has all of this “information” and a lot of opinions yet he never has any real solutions. What good do you really think your doing for yourself by listening to all of his “information” when he never in the slightest provides a solution or even a few words of calming wisdom. He is just there to fool you.

I don’t know what Alex Jones’ true motives are and I don’t care. I don’t need anyone to shepherd me anywhere, I take my information from all sources available and make my own mind. All I am saying is that I dont see any reason for this particular interview to be staged.

It's funny how people claim to be independent, but practically worship websites like this because it appeals to their conspiracy theories (in the denotative sense; I'm not trying to slander the site because I think it's an interesting viewpoint.) But all people seem to do these days is bash the "mainstream" sources of information while devouring all forms of alternative info, calling the "mainstream" info lovers "ignorant." Isn't that hypocrisy?

AMEN LIMELIGHT, that is basically what I was getting at also, but sleep deprevation makes me ramble and my thoughts bounce, lol. But in total agreeance with ya on that one ๐Ÿ™‚

I don't know anymore, the stock I had invested in Alex Jones severely plummeted when I heard and saw him jump to Charlie Sheen's defense. Back in the day, when this video was actually made, YES I believe Mr Jones had good intentions and was all about exposing these psycho's for what they are. I'm sure I'm not the only person that questions Alex's motives now

Jones WAS legit, back in his college days. Now… I dunno. Don't trust him anymore. It's either that he's managed to brainwash himself into becoming a nutbag or he's getting paid well to propagate something.

Alex Jones is legitimate. He does a great job of exposing things for what they are. We need more people like him in this messed up world we live in to expose the truth. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Try to listen more and talk less…

One thing that always bothered me is, How on Earth do you "Sneak" into the Bohemian Grove? You know security has to be crazy! It makes way more sense that he was invited and allowed to film by the elites. dis-information agent anyone?

Why so defensive? AJ sets off huge alarm bells in terms of being a provocateur? I don't know either way, but his whole style seems to be aimed at inciting rather than informing. Provocateurs from the other side are usually the loudest and angriest with little to no peaceful solutions for the average person.

Also… his "View" appearance seemed to only enforce the "nutbag conspiracy theorist" to millions of Americans. And, if you're a legitimate questioner of the system and searcher of truth… why would you go on "The View"?

I always thought it was a truly stupid idea. Especially now that they're so sure that terrorists are ready to strike. This would be the ideal place for terrorists to place a bomb and get rid of the strongest, most influential men in America. Why would they all put themselves in one place at one time if they're so smart? When Hillary was running for President, I wondered if she would make them change the rules to allow women. I don't believe they would. Because of this and certain activities that happen there, this is why I believe that a gay male President is much more likely to be placed into office over a woman. – Go ahead and flame now, folks, but if you really think about it, it makes sense.

There is no effective terrorist that are'nt at the party. The "war on terror" is a fabrication and part of a hegalian dialectic to enable war and conflict. There are no accidents in international politics and no terrorist has the means to get anywhere near this shindig with something that can hurt these folks. Same for Bilderburg meetings. How about Prince Williams upcoming wedding…that would be a good target too….wont happen.

Here is a really good article for you Not Blind!!! No flames. I concur! Nothing stays in the closet forever.


@Sarah Connor

Much thanks, Sarah!

I appreciate the link and additional information.

Believe me, folks. I realize that we are the terrorists. I was attempting to point out that their Bohemian Grove parties are a huge piece of evidence for this argument. They aren't scared that they are making themselves a huge target, which means that there isn't any real threat.

believe me, if there was a chance of a terrorist attack the members of the bohemien grove would know about it. thats the point NOTHING is what it seems. we'd like to imagine all of them having their drunken gay orgies and pretend sacrifices to a large owl parading around in grass skirts and beating on drums and then wham! but no, they'd definitely be inviting the terrorists to party with them so they could plan the next hoax for the sheeple.

LOL, of course they'd know… As we all know, they themselves ARE THE TERRORISTS, lol, and would deff postpone any sort of "attacks/accidents" till after their booze induced sex romps thru the forests of Cali… Ahhh, this world sickens me, and I long for the days of being "asleep", drinking my diet aspartame pepsi, popping my happy pills, and listening to Lady Gaga on my Ipod… In the immortal words of Debbie Gibson, As real as it may seemed, it was only in my dreams….. Damn the powers that be, and using MY country the USA as their own personal perverted play ground… I long for the day when they all get what the deserve and will laugh and point while they're burning "down there"….. Sleep deprived rant over, God bless all ๐Ÿ™‚

You know, the qworst thing is, they're not using YOUR country as a personal perverted play ground, they use the whole world as their playground. Start thinking beyond your country's borders, we're going to need that mindset when s**t really hits the fan.

Believe me, I know and do view what is going on in the WORLD beyond my own country's borders, this article pertained to what goes in CALIFORNIA, had it been an article on Libya, I would have said it sickens me that blha blha blha… Maybe I should've just said "It sickens me how these ppl can treat the PLANET as their own perverted personal playground" because that is exactly how I feel…. And I have been SCREAMING it on this site, since the day I "woke up" that the only thing that can save us is if we, all of us, as a HUMAN RACE unite and fight these bastards…. I don't view myself or my country ALONE in this, this is a global problem, and we all have to ban together to get anywhere, peace.

Because THEY ARE the terrorists.

@ Ben

You know it!

darn those elites. "fun and games" huh?!

Was I the only one who's heart stopped when they showed the clip of the burning??????

Not only the burning, but also the really blurry pictures (that I could still make out) of freaky costumes for the parties. The guy wearing the ram horns and the pair of wings?

And I see the Owl symbol everywhere. Can ANYONE tell me what that owl represents? I know of the snakes and the reptilians, but what about the Owl?

"The owl was recognized as an emblem of penetrating sight and intelligence. It was considered to be a favorable omen if an owl was spotted on the battle field or at times of crisis. The Bohemian Club's symbol is an owl, which has been in use since the first year the Club started. The owl has come to symbolize the wisdom of life and companionship, that allows humans to struggle with and survive the cares and frustration of the world. The owl is found on all Bohemian materials from matchbook covers and doormats to the most elaborate Club publications. A forty foot concrete owl stands at the head of the lake in the Grove. This owl shrine was built in 1929 to serve as a ceremonial site for traditional Bohemian rituals and is used yearly for the Cremation of Care Ceremony" -http://www.scribd.com/doc/30935150/Illuminati-Owl-of-Wisdom But in other words, the owl is one… Read more ยป
It is goddess symbolism representing the sacred feminine aspect of our consciousness(emotions, intuition, etc.) You will see the sacred femine goddess symbolism in the Statue of Liberty, Columbia Pictures logo, Military/police medals of honor, torches, etc. Also represented by the dove(Columbia or colum means dove,) we have often seen ritual sacrifices of this, symbolically murdering the human conscience, which they need to suppress people from to do what they do, like in the killing of Princess Di(you will see the torch statue where she died,) the (COLUM)bine shootings, Virginia Tech shootings(Mary, in Christianity was a virgin,) etc. The owl is the dark version of goddess symbolism. Used because owls are predators that see well in the dark, are considered wise, and are above their prey, etc. Both versions represent care, but the owl isn't care as me or you care, it is caring about their dark agenda, and the will… Read more ยป

Thanks! That was very hopeful (Both of your inputs.)

I looked up the images of the military/police metals of honor and unsuprisingly, they had their stars flipped upside down with 13 stars on the ribbon. Wow. http://www.airforcetimes.com/xml/news/2009/03/mil

Would you also relate the death of consciousness and emotion to the degration of the female image in society?

The octagon represents complete mind control you will see this on the medal also, as well as on police hats.

As far as your question about degrading women in society…..ABSOLUTELY

The elites have time for this.

Just proves that they really benefits from these practices.