1981 News Report on the Bohemian Grove (video)


Even if this report probably barely scratches the surface regarding on true purpose of the Bohemian Grove, I’m however pretty sure this would never make it on TV today. It still provides enough information for an informed person to connect the dots.

Whether you like Alex Jones or not, this was a classic interview.

David Gergen said what the elite thinks. What happens there is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.


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The NWO – the One eye and all of this that's going on is actually mentioned in Islam – funny how people don't bother checking there, we are constantly warned about this- we call the NWO – the Dajjal system or anti-christ,

But does islam say will they succeed or not

They will succeed in misleading an enormous amount of people, and everyone that follows them is doomed.
Who is their biggest enemy at this moment? Who are they working very hard to discredit and to make public enemy nr. one ? (through false flag terrorism and main stream media)
They HATE islam. That would be reason enough for me to look at it a little closer.