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1981 News Report on the Bohemian Grove (video)



Even if this report probably barely scratches the surface regarding on true purpose of the Bohemian Grove, I’m however pretty sure this would never make it on TV today. It still provides enough information for an informed person to connect the dots.


Whether you like Alex Jones or not, this was a classic interview.

David Gergen said what the elite thinks. What happens there is NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS.


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The NWO – the One eye and all of this that's going on is actually mentioned in Islam – funny how people don't bother checking there, we are constantly warned about this- we call the NWO – the Dajjal system or anti-christ,


But does islam say will they succeed or not


They will succeed in misleading an enormous amount of people, and everyone that follows them is doomed.
Who is their biggest enemy at this moment? Who are they working very hard to discredit and to make public enemy nr. one ? (through false flag terrorism and main stream media)
They HATE islam. That would be reason enough for me to look at it a little closer.





Charles Frith

Just another level up on the sleazy pyramid of control systems. Great post. Thanks.


Did you see David Gergen’s reaction when Alex J mentioned the Bohemian Grove???

He was really really nervous and totally stuttering !

Even though A Jones is an info/disinfo agent, David Gergen's reaction seems totally genuine

and like it wasn't acted !

Damn, body language never lies !


I was there. I worked at BG for a few days in the early 1980's as a valet. An interesting experience. Here is one recollection: The older more self made and mostly republican campers were mostly gentlemen and treated the staff with respect and kindness. On the other hand the younger mostly democrat and inherited wealth or new money types were rude, arrogant and indifferent to the needs of the workers.

Some of us went into the small town and talked our way into one of the bars where the campers picked up hookers. We expected to see some attractive high class ladies. To our surprise they were trampy and unattractive which did not deter the interest of the campers.

I heard many stories about many wealthy and powerful people and met a few.

Interestingly the cabin I worked at had once been Jack London's. Much of his memorabilia was there. I think he would have taken a flamethrower to the place if he saw the kind of people who occupied it.

Oh to be back there now with what I know…


On my quest to find out where all pagan religions originated, I discovered a site (I will post link as soon as I find it) that discussed Mithras worship. Some claim that its rituals are still performed by modern day Freemasonry: the members worshipped in temples by performing dramas, secret rituals, initiations. Also it was a men-only club, and the men had to pass different levels of membership – 1. The Secret 2. The Lion 3. The Father 4. The King of Kings (reserved for royalty). Again, I will find the link as soon as I can. My mind immediately went to Mithras when I read about what goes on at the BG. I also Goggle Mapped it…can't see very much through the trees 🙂 I also read someone's comment that linked Polly Klaas' kidnapping and murder to the Grove (back in 1992 or 1993, I'll have to look it up again). She was from Petaluma, CA (not far from BG) and her body was later found near the Beltane (curious!) Ranch in wine country. This goes in hand with the ritual sacrifice made to Molech, right? Sorry to not cite my sources, I never write this stuff down or… Read more »


what about the commecials like commercials talking about auto insurance and all of that it shows like really disturbing things im 17 like males being gay well you know its like that the tcommecial with a whole line of doctors putting lgoves on there hands to give him an exam up in you know where its alot alot of commecials that have alot of stuff and your like ok pretty gay….. really if you look at some of them its like there trying to make being gay acceptable its not wrong its everywhere gross my mom let my little brother watch chuck and larry and he said "so being gay is cool?" i fussed at my mom and told her to stop letting him watch these type of things


there was an article in last month's rolling stone about alex jones titled "the most paranoid man in america" and it went on to detail his "crazy" "conspiracies" — did anyone else read it? it was a few weeks ago that i read it.


lmao he tries to make him look bad by saying he wasn't being gentlemenly. and ambush jounralism my ass, it'd be different if you were the writer of twilight or something stupid, but the guy is part of our government and Alex seemed very respectable to me, as respectable as you can be when you are discussing something that is hid so privatley that no-one knows wtf is going on.

c sanborn

as i have just learned – they are only the infantry of the real rulers: them not even live here, but are very concerned about their puppets acting out the big plan . Gosh – we soon will know .


By the way, why are they not trying to 'erase' Alex Jones considering the fact that he knows so much??


I think they're less powerful than we think, because yes, they would have eliminated a lot of people by now were they really that powerful.


i said the damn samething before you. im surprised he is alive. but others who spoke out and revealed serets have died or somehow commited suicide. hmm..


LOL!!! Did you see David Gergen's face when AJ mentioned the Bohemian Grove?? I use to have respect for David Gergen. Not anymore, no sereee bob!!! He has been an adviser to both democratic and republican presidents….I thought that was really strange. I asked myself the question; can one person be so politically neutral that he would become adviser to both party presidents???? I don't think so. The only real answer would be that both democratic and republican presidents are members of the same secret societies of which David Gergen is a member pushing the same agenda.

They are all a bunch of pussies!!!!!


omg=gmo backwards…do i get any likes?


gmo-gentically modified organisms


glad to make u smile.


david gergen, what a pussy!


For those of you who say "the interview was staged" or "alex jones is apart of the new world order" probably had no idea who the Bohemian Grove/new world order were at the time. Now you come across Vigilant's website and you think you know everything. Did any of you listen to Alex Jones at the time of the interview or before??? I highly doubt it.

Its me again

It seems to me tht u may be one of those "Disinfo Agents" or "Elite Spies" the VC referred to in a previous article….


I don't know everything. Not even close. That's WHY I am here 🙂 The one thing that Alex J said that forever resonates with me was "Question Your Reality!" and I do.

Question everything. Your wholesomeness and hunger for truth is relevant.



Has anyone noticed the massive use of the word LOOK in movies and cable news and shows. ?? Start to look for it,and you will see or hear what i mean. It is creepy. Whats the deal?

Things That Make You

I don't understand what your post means? Just the word "look" in itself? Its a pretty common word thats used by a lot of people and don't see or understand the creepy or nefarious connection on this one, can u explain?


Similar festivals to the cremation of care "hidden in plain sight" are Zozobra in New Mexico…

And of course, Burning Man…

Also, for further research – Paul Bonacci, of Franklin Coverup fame, talked about being taken there at one point.

VC advocate

limelight ur right get the info them make up ur own(no pun intended)mind about it, emery even a little info about urself is enough ammo for them to get u. U know whats strange the place that i work for has two owls standing near the window on the second floor of my bosses residence an actually i've seem the groove videos a couple years back an when i saw those owls it always giving me the creeps. I wonder if they went to the groove? This is scary… I think jesus is the only way, these guys r way too deep for any sort of revolution to happen an thats a reality. If we tell some people we know they think we're crazy an out of our minds so its gonna be difficult for a radical solution, we all got knell down and pray. A reminder to VC please i'm begging u do an article on the social networks please there r folks out there that are clueless as to whats going on. Do it for the cause..

Sarah Connor

Here is a little rap on Bo Grove. I just thought it was entertaining because I love seeing stuff get called out.

Truth Seeker

interesting video sarah, im not sure if the 2 gentleman are real shriners but that definetly looks like a real shriner parade to me. would be very interesting if those 2 gentleman were authentic shriners (his hat and jacket definetly look authentic). as far as these videos ive already seen them but i always think its funny how mad and deffensive gergen gets. the cremation of care is to honor molech the owl god and they do this by sacrifing a child to him(some cultures used virgins or animals) . some think that molech is a reincarnation of nimrod (the sun god) others believe him to be a sperate sun god but he has always been associated with the sun and fire so to me its just more sun worshipping anyway you look at it. what really worries me about bohemian grove is the way the camps are divided. they group people together depending on their role in society, for example "Hillbillies (Big Business, Politics), Uplifters (Corporate Executives), Hillside (Joint Chiefs of Staff) Owls Nest (U.S. Presidents)" and so on. its really scary to think that all the elite no matter what role of power they may carry, work and… Read more »

Sarah Connor… –

Here is another one Truth Seeker, I'm betting you have seen it? 🙂 I saw it years ago and then again recently, and was so wishing it would have been updated with some of the 'goodies' the current admin has provided us with. No shortage of material there.

It is a commentary on both parties/same team, media mafia, classic cog dissonance, how we are 'programmed', false flags, materialism/distraction, 9/11, police state, transhumanism/singularity, mark of the beast….oh yeah and touches on the Skull and Bones somewhere in the middle…..whew!

the warning at the beginning is no joke – buckle your seatbelt!!!


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