Was the “Batman Shooting” a Ritualistic Murder Carried Out by Mind Controlled Patsy?



When terrible events like the now infamous “Batman Shooting” occurs, I tend to not have a knee-jerk reaction of yelling “It’s a conspiracy” because, obviously, sometimes it is not. But in some cases, like this one, tidbits of information begin leaking out, weird synchronicities surface and, at a certain point, one can’t help but think  “hmm”, “huh?” and “what?”. Pieces of the puzzle start coming together and, when one is aware of the symbolism and workings of the occult elite, the whole thing starts to look like a big, dark, disturbing ritual that was carried out by pre-programmed patsy. No, I won’t say that I cracked the case, but here are some facts that simply cannot be overlooked.

A Mind-Controlled Pasty?

As new information surfaces regarding James Holmes (who dubbed himself “The Joker”), many facts point toward a man who is prone to having alter-personas, delving into “inner-worlds” and generally exhibiting the behavior of either a schizophrenic or a programmed drone. Obviously in an altered state of mind and most probably embodying a completely different alter-persona, Holmes told police at the time of his arrest that he was “The Joker”. In this article that appeared in the Telegraph, Holmes was reportedly fixated on the concept of altered states of mind.

“After the massacre Holmes calmly told detectives he had taken 100mg of the prescription painkiller Vicodin, and identified himself as “The Joker”. The same drug was found in the system of actor Heath Ledger when he died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs in 2008. Ledger played The Joker in the previous Batman film The Dark Knight. Vicodin side-effects can include euphoria, paranoia and, in rare cases, hallucinations.

The video footage of Holmes was taken at Miramar College in San Diego and showed him explaining that “temporal illusions” are “an illusion that allows you to change the past”. Holmes said he had been working on “subjective experience, which is what takes place inside the mind as oppose to the external world”.
– Source: The Telegraph

According to news sources, Holmes was pursuing a neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus. Could this prestigious academic location dedicated the study of human brain functioning and behavior also be Holmes’ mind-control programming site? The concepts stated above of “illusions that allow you to change the past” and “subjective experience” are very reminiscent to the programming of alter-personas in mind control, where illusions are indeed used to create a false pasts in MK alter-personas.

After his arrest, Holmes appeared to be completely dissociated from reality, as if still in character.

“Holmes has yet to show any signs of remorse and his behavior is reported to be erratic and bizarre. Per a released inmate outside the jail, “He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards. He’s spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy.”
– Source: The Examiner

 The Odd Batman Connection

One-Eyed Heath Ledger as The Joker in this movie poster. There’s some Illuminati crap going on here.

As stated above, Holmes dyed his hair orange and claimed he was “The Joker” – as played by Heath Ledger in the previous installment of the Batman series The Dark Knight. We’ve seen in previous articles (notably “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice), that there are many odd and ritualistic facts surrounding the death of Heath Ledger after he played the dark and disturbed character of the Joker, a role that apparently took a toll on the actor’s health.

Shooter James Holmes even went as far as to take Vicodin, a drug found in Heath Ledger at the time of his death. Vicodin is a powerful pain-killer with morphine-like effects that is used in mind control to “dull out” victims. There is treatment for Vicodin abuse.

Is there some kind of ritualistic connection between The Dark Knight, the sacrificial death of Heath Ledger and this new installment of a Batman movie that was “launched” with a mass murder? Is there a reason why this mass-murder, which occurred during the midnight screening of a movie called Dark Knight RISING took place in a city called Aurora, the name Roman goddess of dawn (dawn being the time where the sun begins to rise)? Another interesting fact: Aurora is considered to be the mother of the morning star, also know as the Light Bringer, or Lucifer.


Pop Culture Synchronicity

As it is always the case in these mega-rituals,  the event appears to have been “foretold” in mass media. Coincidence, premeditation, or synchronicity? Not sure, but here are some strange things that appeared in the mass media before the shooting:

Released only days before the shooting, Lil Wayne’s video “My Homies Still” features him and his boys sitting in a movie theater full of skeletons. Aside from this scarily prophetic scene, the video features many dismembered dummies, a symbol associated with Mind Control.


Shown right before the fatal showing of Dark Knight Rises, this trailer of the movie Gangster Squad ends with a big shooting in a movie theater.


In the trailer, gangsters walk through the movie screen and start shooting at the crowd. Strange that the people at the “Batman shooting” actually saw this right before it then happened to them. Fiction indeed turned into reality.


This page from the 1986 comic “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” features a crazed man killing three people in a movie theater. In the comic, media then states that the shooting spree was inspired by Batman.


Was the Batman shooting a mega-ritual carried out by the occult elite and its mass media appendage? It is not possible to say for certain, but a lot of the information that is surfacing leads Vigilant observers to realize: “Something’s weird about this”. As it is always the case in these types of events, the “investigation” will most likely begin and end with the proverbial “lone nut”, the single crazy psychopath toward which all fingers will be pointed. Were there people pulling his strings? Maybe, but the media always show the puppets, never the puppet masters.

Some might ask: “Why would ‘they’ even want to carry out these kinds of rituals?” It is indeed quite difficult to compute these events without taking into account “their” mindset, which is all about magick, symbolism, numerology and the power of rituals. Blood sacrifices are the most potent forms of ritual and the more people who witness and emotionally participate in that ritual, the more potency it gains. Right now, the whole world has its eyes turned towards the town of Aurora. And while outraged citizens across America demand a culprit to pay for this horrendous act, the REAL masterminds behind it will just sit back and enjoy the show.




  1. i thought the person who said that Holmes said he was the joker was a police officer from new york, why was he in denver? or commenting about it?

    i could be wrong?

      • I noticed the same thing AJ. Also Mayor Bloomberg jumping in on a chance to revoke our run rights. To me it shows how our government has infiltrated from the top down, every branch. It's scary to think of living in a big city and needing an officer to solve a crime and u don't know if they're on your side or not. Peace!

      • Someone else had to notice that the number of skeletons in lil Wayne's video is equivalent to the same number of people shot in the actual event.. It was setup

      • There was a total of 21 people in lil Wayne's video ( counting the skeletons ). 12 skeletons in the chairs of the video. 12 people that died in reality at the movie. 21 people total got shot in reality. 21 can be broke down to 2+1=3 and 12 can be broke down to 1+2=3 . 33 is a powerful number. 33 is the Masonic. illuminati anyone. Also, This is the yr of the Queens jubilee. The year of twins/double. This is why Whitney Houston had to die. She was the Queen of Pop. Fast forward to today, the killer called himself joker. A joker in the batman movie and a joker in reality. Doubles again. I guess They need that energy. It was a ritual murder!

      • am i the only one who actually watched the pretty humorous lil wayne video? I did a few freeze shots & in total in the widest shot there was 14 skeletons & I'm gonna ask an obvious question, how in the good goddess's name could they possibly plan that out where he'd kill exactly 12 if the Murderer was just spraying bullets randomly?

      • Hoffman Lenses on

        SecseanZ- Those of us who are learning to recognize these occult rituals are actually being indoctrinated into the mystery schools. This is a large part of the illuminati's agenda. It's getting easier and easier to follow along for a reason!

        There will be a time when those of us indoctrinated in the mystery schools will be following the anti-christ because of this indoctrination. The illuminati are satan worshipers prepping the world for lucifer. Keep this in mind as we travel down this river, folks.

      • @ Hoffman lenses, I respectfully must disagree.

        The study of ponerology or psychopathy is not undertaken in order to become one. But rather the study of psychopathy helps protect the person who has acquired this knowledge, so that they can avoid becoming their prey.

        Similarly, the study of cancer is intended to cure the disease, not to become diseased. Another analogy- Divers who swim with sharks study shark behavior. They pay close attention to signs that signal possible shark attack. Why? Their own safety of course. No one studies shark signs to emulate them.

        Those who study mystery schools and the language of Illuminati symbology do not necessarily do so to become part of their cult. The motives and purpose of the one who studies, means everything. Those who study for left handed purposes are not remotely like people who choose right handed paths. I am quite certain, those who frequent this site have no intention of joining that dark side. And in reading these signs it is useful. Knowledge protects.

        For example. The fact that aurora has so much meaning, could mean there may be more piggyback incidents at one of the Disney parks? God forbid! But why risk it? It is disturbing that sleeping beauty was named Aurora. I shall warn my loved ones accordingly. At least the ones that listen and are awake.

        Meanwhile, we all know the threat of false flags and incidences such as happened in Aurora are on the increase. It certainly does not hurt to become hyper-vigilant, and aware!

        Thanks VC for this blessed site! Appreciate all that you do!

      • Hoffman Lenses on

        Kassandra- I think you misunderstood what I was saying, or I was not clear. I'm not saying we who research this are doing so to join these cults. What I am saying is that while studying twilight language and the occult we are becoming indoctrinated by the mystery schools.

        The mystery schools have kept many of the secrets we have "discovered" for hundreds if not thousands of years (possibly even longer) but they are purposely allowing secrets to become known and spread in order to initiate us. Part of the disclosure these schools are making have their propaganda laced into the information. That's part of their method. The other part is to sub-conciously initiate the masses.

        I'm saying we need to be careful while doing our research to always remind ourselves that these illuminati are satan worshipers, and their goal is to pave the way for lucifer. Movies like 'Zeitgiest' or 'I, Pet Goat II' have mystery school initiation information pitched in a way that makes the researcher feel they are discovering hidden truths and then take on those beliefs in a way that opens the researcher up to the same exposures the dedicated initiate have. The end result is the same in that we are being primed to accept the anti-christ. I hope this clears up the message I was trying to relay.

      • @ Hoffman Lenses,

        Thanks for your clarification. I did misunderstand what you expressed. Sorry about that! Maya culpa.

        Warmest Regards,


      • Columbus is Latin for dove… I can't remember exactly, but there was an occult order that had to do with that, plus the dove is important in the Occult.

      • All kinds of occult significance to Columbia/Columba. It does mean dove in Latin. Doves symbolize blood sacrifice in the Illuminati religion, because they were sacrificed to Venus, and Columbia is another name of the Statue of Liberty, also an icon of the Great Goddess. Columbia space shuttle, Columbia Broadcasting System/CBS with one eye logo, District of Columbia, maybe the Columbian drug cartels – all supposedly have Illuminati connections.


      • the movie theater guy and the columbine kids are all Jewish why does no one mention that correlation

      • Aurora means "The Dawn" – not just the Northern Lights…

        Aurora was the Roman Goddess of Sunrise.

        If they take away our Gun Rights it will be a new dawn in society. I think the next thing is the push to take away semiautomatic weapons.

        The Columbine shooters and this guy were from the same minority Religious group. But since you're not supposed to notice I won't say which one. The Fort Hood Shooter was a Psychiatrist from another middle Eastern connected group. This was a neuroscience medical student?

        Man, I wonder how many in an army of these guys they could have? Enough to push for anything…

      • Howard Ratcliffe on

        Columbine=Columbia/Columbus a Rosicrucian. Colorado=Red; Aurora=Goddess of Red Dawn. Obama accepted the Dem Nomination on a stage designed as a Greek Temple, specifically designed to look like the Throne of Pergamon (Satan's Seat) in the Berlin Museum. Denver means "Green Valley" or "Dane Crossing". Denver is "Mile High City"; the movie "Green Mile" featured a man claiming to be Jesus just as the Joker ridicules Jesus in Tarot; In the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus, Ledger is seen as the Hangman Tarot Card XX; and Mt Parnassus is the location of the ritual initiations for the Eleusinian Mystery Religions of Greece. Notice on 7/26, the EU pulled the plug on Greece as well; it's Mormon Pioneer Day too. Just a few yards from the altar, his July 24th speech in Berlin to 250,000 was themed. "Yes We Can", it means "Thank You Satan" in Reverse Speech. http://WWW.Theresnothingnew.org/

      • Milksteak; I am sorry to say, that I get a bit scared when you are making questions about the jewish link between Holmes and the Columbine kids. What is that you want to question?

        That the jewish people are one big secret society that wants to take over the world?

        What if the Columbine kids were by german origin and Holmes to…would it then be the Nazis that would take over the world…well that would be a good theory…I mean they've tried to do it before right? (that was a bit ironic).

        We should not judge people from their origins or religion or political views but from their actions and nothing else and before we judge anyone we own them to take a good deep look at their background to understand their actions.

        Would you f.x. say that a german nazi is a crazy sick bastard because he killed thousands of innocence people? Most people would say yes. I would say that the action was crazy and sick but I would also seriously need to know why a man would take actions like that. Why did he become like that. Was he born evil? Was he born with a mental disease? Was he manipulated to do what he did with learning by his mentor, that what he did was the right things to do for the bigger case – that could f.x. be that the world is getting overcrowded and that if he wants to make sure that his own breed is going to survive then he needs to "clean" up in the human crowd. Hope you get my point.

        There are lots of jewish people in USA so it is not that odd that the columbine kids and Holmes has jewish backgrounds…just look at how many jewish politicians USA have….but thy also have lots of christians…right…so again be careful with judging people because of their origins – that caused many wars. Judge people individual for their actions – just my oppinion :)

      • Eva – in both of your reply posts, you write "f.x." at one point – I'm just curious what that means as I can't even figure it out from the context? If this is something that's just going right over my head, no offense, I'm not trying to be a smart(butt), I just found your posts interesting, but at the same time confusing because the abbreviation through me off as to what you were talking about in those instances.

      • Yes, there's a connection for sure. Nice catch.

        To the person who mentioned that the Columbine shooters were Jewish, yes and no. Dylan Klebold was, but Eric Harris was not. His father was military, high ranking Air Force, however and I think that is a much more relevant detail. Eric made obessive plans for the attack and used the military alphabet to refer to his bomb tests except for one notable mistake. He used Beta instead of Bravo. But I digress….

        Like Columbine, the early reports mentioned more shooters than were eventually fingered and those reports will once again get memory-holed.

      • @Eva:

        I'm sorry to burst your bubble but @Milksteak has a valid point.

        Why every time there's a "staged terrorist attack " by supposedly a Muslim, the Zionist media find the need to stereotype it and clearly announce it as a 'Muslim Terrorist'?

        Why not once they say the "Jewish Gunman"? Because the Jewish community have to always come across as the "victim". Yes, there may have been a Holocaust. Get over it. Millions of other innocent people from different backgrounds were killed, tortured and died. Why no one even cares to investigate those incidents, but no one is legally allowed to investigate the Holocaust?

        Now, do you get where we come from?

        God is Great (GIG)

      • Portrayed as a symbol of peace, Christ-opher Columbus brought the illumanist version of 'peace' to South America as in R.I.P. and this type of mirror-reversal is how humanity becomes entrapped by calling for 'peace' with that Anarchistic symbol of the hanged man always present in 'peaceful protests'.

      • Jeff S

        First off all, sorry for the late answer – had some holidays. I am sorry about the f.x. – I thought it was english known – it stands for; For example…in Denmark we just shorten it with either f.x. or f.eks we spell the full word like this; For eksemple :) Hope it helped out

      • Hi GIG

        First of all I do not believe in God – so for me there is no GIG – does that makes me an evil person, stupid, a nobody, a part of a conspiracy, black, white, etc?. And second, you did not burst any bubble.

        I would like you to read my post again. If you understand my post clearly then you will probably understand and get my point by reading it word for word and not what (I think) you put inbetween the lines.

        I am talking about the jewish link vs. the nazi because there actually is a good point by talking about those two "groups" according to history. And I am talking about the jewish people in this post because it was the jewish link that was questioned and to me it makes no sense at all by questioning that link in this conspiracy talk.

        If the Columbine kids and Holmes had muslim backgrounds I would have wrote the exact same things just switched out with the muslim vs. the so called welfare countries (USA included).

        I will never get over either the jewish huntdown, the muslim huntdown or any other huntdowns of any worldwide groups neither because of their religions, their political views or their origins. It is wrong ALWAYS. I only judge people from their actions and nothing else and I do always seek knowledge to their actions before I judge anyone.

        It is not only the zionist media that is questioning terorist attacks and put it together with muslims actions….many media is doing that – and I personally I think it is wrong everytime anyone is saying; That must be (for example) the muslims. No one at all should say stuff like that. If they do, then they make so many million people responsable for actions they never did.

        Let me give you another of my oppinions. A lot of the jewish people where hunted down under the second world war by the German gouvernment and their recruited soldiers. That was terrible…just horrible terrible. But what the gourvenment in so called Israel did and is still doing to the palestenian people is just as horrible and terrible as what the Germans did to the Jewish people – I could have hoped that the Jews(read not all jews – but many) did learn what it was like to be hunted down like that, but it seems they learned nothing – and you hear this oppinion from a woman(me) that actually have a jewish "background"(my granddad from my mothers side was jewish by origin but not by religion at the same time my grandmother from my dads side was German – so halleluja for love and that love always overcome stupidity and wars to).

        I believe in LOVE GIG. I believe that this accident that happened in Colorado got nothing to do with any conspiracy at all – I believe it was actions made by a very disturbed and sick young man mayby suffering from Schizophrenia and by coincidence with a jewish background – but I am not more convinced that I am open to whatever that must comes out being proved and not just questioned.

        If I want to I can believe in anything I would like – I can make 1000 of conspiracy therories if I want to, I can try and convince myself that jewish people hates muslims and germans, that germans hates muslims and jews, that muslims hates jews and americans, that white hates black, that black hates white, that every people in this world hates each other and that we all try to kill each other because we wants power and money…but as before told at the end of the day we dont know the truth about those theories unless they have been proved for real.

        And yes I do know where I come from – I come from my mother and my father, yes I come from love :)

      • Eva:

        It is a shame to me that someone so intelligent chooses to not believe in God, therefore succumbing to the epitome of stupidity. Please don't take that personally, you know everyone believes they are right in their own beliefs or they wouldn't believe. 😉

        Yes, you indeed did come from Love. God is Love. He is a God of unity and harmony.

        I almost didn't read your post because you started with your disbelief in God, then I went on to find that I agreed with everything else you said. And I would rather share a street, city, or country with someone like you than many people of my own faith.


      • Dear GIG

        I was very very happy to read your answer :) and I am glad you read all my words – you actually got my point by reading it all and not just some of it and I am greatfull for that.

        People belives in different things but in the end the most important thing to believe in is love and love got different shapes and colours. As long as we deeply respects each other and act with kindness and understanding even though we disagree to some points then we will come a long way together.

        In my life I met many different people with different backgrounds an opinions about lots of stuff, but I always listen to what people tells me and I respect what they say and when I disagree I try to learn where they came from.

        I might think that my way of seeing this world is deeply connected to my own history and roots. As told in my last post I have both jewish and german blood in my veins…I also have Polish(Polen) and Danish blood in my veins so I am a truly mix by origins that learned me to understand my history background.

        I wouldn't mind living in the same street as you either – we would propably have many interresting talks about many things.

        May your God be with you :)

        Shalom my friend :)

      • Ohhh Hmmmm

        I just saw that it was you and not GIG that answered my post :) but it I still would like to live in the same street as you :)

      • Yes, that movie theater is just miles from that school. Also Denver is the hub for the occult elite. I do believe this was a setup. Also watch for the 2nd amendment going away…. VC isn't the only one that believes this is a setup. Alex Jones has been taking about this as well.

    • Yeah, the patsy thing is so obvious. Who opened the door for the perp? What is the message of the movie? Why was a woman who had already been shot one of the first to go? Who paid for all these expensive weapons? Everything is linked together. It just seems like a big predictive programming trap.

      • It also got me that reports said that when Holmes' parents found out about the shooting, they knew that their son did it….hmmmm really? Who would know their son was a mass murderer?

      • Errin we dont know Holmes or his background history yet – we dont know his family either. It makes great sense that the parents knew it was him if it f.x. turns out that Holmes suffers from schizophrenia – mayby he orgot to take his medication or simply choose not to take it. Mayby the parents know that their son thinks he is The Joker. By the way; dont always trust what the media tells you – I guess this is why all these theories exist right…we dont always trust the media, but we can't just pick out some things that goes well with our theories and throw the rest out by questioning them(not believing) – (not saying that you do that and not saying what we can or can't literally).

        I am just saying that by the end of the day we wont know if this was a setup…if it was planned…if Holmes is an alien, if he is just seriously mental ill, if he had something implated his body to hear voices etc etc.

        Of course things are going on…things we dont know anything about – of course there are secrets society that do stuff that we would rather not hear about because it is scary as hell. These debates are of course good to have and important in some matter – but we need to think these theories through with cautions and skeptisism or else I am afraid we are the ones being paranoid and mental sick.

        Personally I think that Holmes is mental sick and his actions is a prove of that – but I am not more sure, that I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out, that this was all staged out from the USA gourvenment as a part of something political – either it is a part of the gun reg. debate or to create fear – because as we all know; Fear = Money and power.

        Just my oppinion :)

      • in the movie it says, "nothing happens for a reason", and "nothing's a coicidence" 2x when he became a detective (almost spoiler) kinda ironic huh

      • I was right…holmes suffers from schizophrenia – that is why the parents new it was him, when they heard what their son did.

        It is so so terrible and what worse is that a psyciatrist where announsing to the university that she thought Holmes were dangerous to others, but the school didn't do anything about it because he was going to finish some exames first.

        It could mayby have been avoided, but everytime things like this happens, we can only hope, that we learn something about it, so it can be avoided in the future.

    • Its Me Again on

      did anyone else also notice there were EXACTLY 12 skeletons in Lil Waynes video just like in the shooting?

      • The "Joker" is the personification of the uncanny. A good at heart person with a malicious intent and vice versa , a malevolent person with a smily countenance.In essence a deep dualism of personality and effect.The joker has always been a mysterious representation and symbol of Deity.The 'two faced riddler" (roman God JANUS), the eternal Hermes,the ever young "Pan" of Peter Pan fame, the Persian Mithra (cow stealer), the egyptian "Seth" who traps his brother Osiris in a wooden chest by deceit and then mutilates his body and the trickster "Shiva" who always checks the faith of the pure via tricks and deceptions.It is quintessentially an understanding of God as a beneficial Lord , but with a tricky disposition. We see this representation embodied in the Joker card / Hanging man card of the playing deck/tarot deck.

        Now lets look at the prototypical "Joker", "clown".A joker wears white paint on its face and exhibits over exaggeration of body/ facial features, wears a conical hat or hat with bells, juggles balls and is always in a festive mood, yet remains silent and quickly changes its emotions at the drop of a hat.

        All aspects of the Joker represents some aspects of Deity or the "God head".The white paint on the face represents Shiva, lord of death , who rubs the ashes of the deceased on his face.The Aghoris of India , paint their entire bodies in human ash and are thought of as weirdos and jesters due to behavior bordering on the insane and the violent.The painting of the face also represents masking of the face or a mask of sorts.The "Lord of Masks" was Dionysus who is the same shiva archetype and the worship of Dionysus required the adherents, to wear masks , a ritual aptly portrayed by Stanley Kubrick in the "Masked Ball Orgy" in Eyes Wide Shut. 

        The conical hat of the Joker, is the same conical hat of the wizards and warlocks, witches and fairies of modern folk lore , but also the head dress of the Gauls/Celtic druids,the priests of baal in Phonecia, the Vatican priests during the  Spanish Inquisition (Beltane), the conical hat and face mask of the executioner, guillotiner and hangman and more recently by the Klan members of the Ku Klux Klan, yet another Masonic offshoot , patronized by the Pontifus Maxima of Freemasonry ….Albert Pike. These phallic hats were always used during torture /initiation ceremonies.Many of these hats had "bells' adorned on them.Bell,Bel,Bale,Baal,Baalarama…..are all the philiogical extentions of Bal,Balim…the same fertility God of the ancients.The bell is a phallic emblem, in which the (male,lingum,phallus) GONG hits the (female,receptacle,arkite,yoni) DOME of the bell to "create " or rather "procreate" sound. A sex magic votive contrapment….Male in Female, Female in Male….trinity in unity, unity in trinity sex magic.

        We see the joker juggles balls, just like the Lord of the seven celestial heavens…IAO,SABBOATH,ADONI,ELSHADDAI. The God of the heavenly spheres.

        Silence remains an integral part of "Clownhood ".The silent entertainer and menacer.

        "Silence is the voice of God"       Manly.P Hall

        The joker is capable of rapidly oscillating behaviors , quickly changing dispositions…another emblem of the fiery Dionysus and Shiva.Many Joker attires have either the masonic checker board symbolism , or two different color/pattern sets on the right/left side of the body….which represents the dualism of Deity.

        The joker "puts up a show" for the entertainment of the masses as the demiurge puts up his grand show to his creatures.The joker utilizes tricks and deceptions to please and torment the crowd , just like God utilizes deceptions and cruelties to run the business of the cosmos.The joker sometimes gets trapped in a box or a bag , but manages to free himself and "come back".Jack in the box.

        Jokers love pranks. These "pranks" are an integral part of initiations in many a mystic and alchemical discreet societies.These pranks border on the absurd and the horrid.As per wikipedia

        "The most ancient clowns have been found in the fifth dynasty of Egypt around 2400 BC (4412 years back)  and traditionally the role of the Priest and Clown were held by the same person."

        The "Shriners" , a mystical -islamic-masonic body ,have a penchant for dressing up as clowns and driving stock red cars for the entertainment of the crowds.For the masses , it seems these old men have "lost it" by acting like clowns in this part of their age, not realizing that for the adepts of Shriner Masonry, this is them acting as God, being as God and dressing up as God.A form of ritual and worship.

        Now the uncanny…….

        Many people register fear in the presence of Jokers, a condition known as "Coulrophobia" as per DSM-IV.As per researchers "clowns are universally disliked by children in all countries".This is in line with the Dionysus/shiva archetype , a deity capable of immense pleasure , but at the same time  also capable of absurd levels of grotesque barbarity.

        Red hair , is the mark of Shiva and Dionysus. The celtic druids  specifically sacrificed red haired people on "BELTANE" feasts on their sacred altars.Shiva was always represented as a Deity with curly, matted red hair.Kurt Cobain should have known that before he "dyed" his hair and "died".

        Unfortunately whoever plays the Jester God, will eventually have to meet the Jester Gods fate.Either it be Health Ledger,Dionysus,Bacchus,Adonis….the mutilation, sacrifice and death of God or God incarnate in man is the order of the day.Good thing Jack Nicholson had signed up for the 1989 batman movie with a strict contract of box office receipts. Sacrificing him , would have been a nightmare for the studios.According to Jack Nicholson he had "warned " Heath Ledger about the role and all that comes with it…. 

        Beyond the MK Ultra, Patsy, mind controlled Drone cover story , lies a deep metaphysical and occult understanding, a synchronicity of sorts, A macrocosmic jester deity and a microcosmic jester man doing the absurd.A mystical alchemical representation, which only the wise can see and fathom.

        The representation of God , in the archetype of the Jester Deity , Shiva /Dionysus "the one who likes to play tricks"


        TOYS R US

        T "OYSRUS"

        T OSIRIS

        What a weird world we live in…..

      • If you watch the music video you will notice there are more skeltons – so that theory is out.

      • @Yosan!

        You truly are an intelligent personage.

        It's odd you showed the clip from Stephen Kings "It" joker, the fiery clown that haunts children and adult in their sleep and reality.

        The interpretation of Dionysus as the joker is correct.

        In the Hesiodik poems Dionysos Theoinos , the wine god is described as a dual faced  Janus like Diety.He is "Luaios" or the deliverer from care…."mirth is king" type party animal .A funny drunk caricature…..a joker even!

        Yet then he also is "Psychodaitkes" or destroyer of the soul and nightmare Diety, just as portrayed in the "it" movie.

        As per Euripides "to men , both most terrible and most mild"

        I might add, that the spotted dress of the clown is also embletic of Dionysus being the ruler of the celestial heavens.

        Dionysus pyropos , wearing spotted , faun skin, or the spotted skin of the cheetah/jaguar , which represented the starry night sky, the lord of the heavens, the demiurge.

        The goat god, the satyr …capriconis.

        Dionysus was called Iao, from where the word yaho comes from

        Yaho then became YaHovah, the Jewish Diety.

        Iao became iaockos….which later became Bacchus the Roman solar god.

        Dionysus was also called orotaal in Arabia from where the word Allah tala comes from.

        Dionysus is the god killed in its prime, the god of wine , bread and corn…..just like Jesus.

        Yusus is the name of Christ.Yaso!

        Dion- Yusus 

        Or Yusus the god…..the god of wine who is killed in his prime.

        Dionysus is the god behind Christianity, Judaism and Islam…..

        He is the demiurge and he is dualistic and hermaphroditic.

        Dionysus was also the azhaar,Ozaar and Mizaar of Egypt…..all names of osiris.

        The Arabic name of Egypt is misr from Mizaar.

        It's hard for people to believe that we have been worshipping phalluses and vaginas for millennia.

        It's all the same

        God as a joker…a very intelligent and wise symbology.

      • yes i noticed, exactly 12, actually one of them is in the upper left hand corner and hard to count so a lot of ppl might not of notice. yes days before the shooting, lil wayne is in a movie theater with 12 skeletons covering his ears, i heard about this a day after the shooting

      • The difficulty in interpreting or indeed predicting illumanist numbers is the art of reversal; 21 becomes 12. Another biggie is the number 23 which is 5 or V or 32.Another is the oft touted 11:11 which is 23:23 or VV – double 5. The Joker, like Hermes the messenger represents 5 or V as reflected in the 5 Rothschild brothers, the 5 corporations owning the World's grain supply, the 5 news agencies through which most ppl get all their information on 'reality'. The Olympics is being held in a 5 year 2+2+1 and the London Torch Relay commenced on 23(5) 7 5 at 5.00 pm. Five represents Death, Sacrifice,Change, Revolution, Loss, Instability and is also the number of The Heirophant and Mossad. So we can see V for Victory and the 'v' hand sign of the ruling Actors for what it is.

        It is of course a triple X event being the 30th Olympiads XXX factor.The Olympics are also obviously linked to 7/7/7 which can be read as 21 or 12. 2012 is their 'end' of time Mayan Calender. And on it goes until my brain squiggles into a heap of mushy spaghetti!

        It's a complete mind scrabble which is why 'they' have said 'no-one knows the day or time' of The Lord's coming.

    • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

      Has to be mind controlled. This was done on purpose, has to be. Why? Something is either happening in CO or in the Middle East that the elite wants to divert our attention away from with this shooting. Or, to get the general consensus to rid the second amendment. This is ALL the media is covering since.

      Here are some links that explain it better than I can that may prove this is an MK Ultra derived event:


      Count the skeletons in the theater scene with Lil Wayne. 12, didn't 12 people die in Aurora?

      • Of course in that shot that vigilantcitizen chose shows only twelve, but I'm sure if you watch the rest of the video, the camera pans out and you see more skeletons in the rest of the movie theatre. The death toll may grow as 58/59 people were critically injured.

    • We should take into account the proximity to Columbine, the fact that Holmes mother is a psychiatric nurse, and the phenomenal response of 200 police officers to the scene! It is also worth noting that the survivors were immediately taken to a school called "Gateway". Today an article detailed that his arsenal was acquired via the internet, this likely is a the beginnings of an attempt to crack down on internet freedoms, therefore including a form(s) of gun control.

      • His father is Robert Holmes, the leading scientist who works with the American credit score company FICO. He is about to testify to Congress on the Libor Scam …. Libor has been directly linked to pay per view kiddie snuff movies, pedo entrapment, funding terrorism via 9/11 and 7/7 and no doubt The Olympics. Every manoever is being made to take attention of this mega deal. Thompson Reuters (Rothschild) is right in the middle of it all. As is SOS Childrens Villages and World Vision. So he's not some 'nobody' lone nutter.

      • They never are. I've checked out these 'lone nutter' cases over the years, the seriel killers, the school shootups. Very often special ops SWAT teams are involved (as with Columbine) and always there is the military medical connection and Jewish background with the zionista mafioso bankster ideology of 'kill the goyim' perogative. It's all the bankster gangsters running this whirled 'greatest show on earth'.

      • ive heard that communism is actually a huge part of this conspiracy and that theyll be taking over america soon, maybe predictive programming.

    • Great article VC. Thanks for pushing this onto the youths and adults for our information.

      Folks, check out also: Jimstonefreelance.com

      Police radio communications confirm – Batman shooting staged, phony, a drill taken place as this was all a set up.

      There is the article with pictures describing the shooting a staged drill for the elite.

      Jim shows evidence and shares the Police recordings. Please check his site out as well which will help educate everyone regarding this massacre.

      God Bless All

    • As soon as this all happened, I was already waiting on this article. The movie again, death again, something is up

    • Speaking of Patsies, how bout that 2012 Olympic ceremony today, bomb or no bomb-let's see what they've decided.

    • Like this was so scary and stuff, I almost crapped my skinny jeans. I think this was the best promotion evaaar! Now I think everyone should just hand in their guns and stuff so there are no more killings and murderings. C'mon people, people are dying and stuff.

    • Check out ISRAEL child slavery ring via retarded/orphan tax-exempt camp. DNA was destroyed by Attorney/Cop in same area. Holmes WORKED THERE… prob saw too much.

    • Totally staged. He's under heavy mind control. Funny the sheep do not see the connections with death and these movie. DOLTS

      • People are not born with this knowledge. You weren't born with this knowledge, so it is a bit funny to diss people who are not (yet) in the know about the ways of the world/occult elite. Instead of dissing them, please try and spread the truth – carefully of course.

    • 2 thinks: he his in jail now, so how come is his still under the drugs? did u c him in court???

      also, how did u know the trailers played b4 the shooting???

    • when my brother who's a huge fan of batman asked me to watch the trailer w/ me i felt uneasy. its just so dark, foreboding, nihilistic type of movie which is of course what Hollywood is all about now because of this decaying society…im christian and i felt a "check" in my Spirit about this movie before my brother went to watch it…i guess i felt a premonition in a way. if try to stay close to God, ur spirit awakening inside u will automatically warn u of evil things that u wouldnt have noticed before when u were spiritually dead…..

    • Definitely no bomb, the Queen is there. I personally think the olympics are a distraction. Everyone was there, royal family, prime minister, Michelle Obama, you won't see them again for weeks now.

  2. oliviamelanie on

    Someone also pointed out to me that the Seal of Saturn is on the front of the movie theatre, which apparently shows up around ritual sacrifices

    • Tyler Durden on

      In regards to the Lil Wayne connection, here's a sample of the lyrics:

      SEMI AUTOMATIC, no click click

      We don’t feel you, like an elephant (Republican?)

      Getting, with a tick tick

      Little little with a thick bitch

      And before I fuck this bitch

      I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick

      Trukfit t-shirt, talk second, skeet first (Skeet as in shooting a shotgun?)

      • How the hell Lil Wayne can be considered a good rapper with lyrics like that. . .

        Just goes to show how d-d-duhhh people have become, . . . Oh, to be fashionable/accepted.


        In regards to the Lil Wayne connection, here’s a sample of the lyrics:

        SEMI AUTOMATIC, no click click

        We don’t feel you, like an elephant (Republican?)

        Getting, with a tick tick

        Little little with a thick bitch

        And before I fuck this bitch

        I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick

        Trukfit t-shirt, talk second, skeet first (Skeet as in shooting a shotgun?)

        Elephant is also a 2003 movie by Gus Van Sant:

        "Several ordinary high school students go through their daily routine as two others prepare for something more malevolent." ala. . .Columbine.

      • SEMI AUTOMATIC, no click click- obvious reference to a gun

        We don’t feel you, like an elephant (Republican?)-saying his adversaries aren't even able to pester him like a fly on a elephant.

        Getting, with a tick tick

        Little little with a thick bitch- holing up with a girl

        And before I fuck this bitch

        I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick- he wears a condom before sex

        Trukfit t-shirt, talk second, skeet first (Skeet as in shooting a shotgun?)- he has sex and cums before even talking to her. nothing to do with a shotgun blast

      • "She give me brain, research," It's a stupid line about oral sex with the word "research" added to make it fit the poetic meter. But it's really weird that James Holmes was a neuroscience grad student, involved in brain research (as an experimenter and, unfortunately, probably as an experiment, too.)

        In the second shot of the video, there's a toy lobster perched on the kiddie pool. The Aurora shooting happened when the sun was in the astrological sign of Cancer, the crab. Two major motifs of Cancer are domesticity and mood, including volatile moods and luna-cy, as Cancer is ruled by la luna, the moon. The domestic motif is big in the music video, as it's all about the intrusion of surreal, horrific things into a residential neighborhood. And that's exactly what the shooting was too, a violent intrusion of the strange, ritual, and unfathomable into a movie theater, a place where people are supposed to feel secure. The shooting seems to have been domestic terrorism at the hands of our own government.

        My intuition tells me there's a big (morbid) joke going on that requires a better knowledge of the Comedia dell'Arte theater tradition to understand it. It probably requires knowledge of the Batman canon too for that matter. What makes me think this is that the Comedia dell'Arte is all about clowns, including Harlequin (the inspiration for the Batman character Harley Quinn), and Columbine (who shares her name with the site of another mind-controlled mass murder in Colorado). And now there's James Holmes in his Joker alter persona, looking clown-like with colorado/colored-red hair.

        At 0:50 The elephant in the video turns pink. With all the drug references in the song, it would make sense that this refers to "seeing pink elephants", i.e. hallucinating. It's also the "elephant in the room", the absurdities hiding in plain sight that only the vigilant notice.

        1:16 One of his rings is a pyramid and the other one is an owl's head.

        1:30 There's a girl in a cage which is MK Ultra as hell to begin with. She looks like a black owl with ear tufts, and she also looks like Batman. They've got a big infamous owl statue at Bohemian Grove, which was going on during the shooting.

        2:17 "I just play my hand, but I am not the dealer." This line stuck out to me for some reason. There is, of course, an interpretation about drugs or something that makes the line fit with the rest of this vapid song. However, if we take the "dealer" to mean the puppetmasters of both Lil Wayne and James Holmes, then "playing the hand" means spreading symbolism (in Weezy's case) and carrying out ritual mass murder (In Holmes' case). Both mind-controlled chumps play the hands of history's game, but they're not the ones in charge of it all. The phrase "playing a hand" comes from card games, and while Lil Wayne raps this line, he and the other rapper are hanging upside-down like the Hanged Man tarot card. The legs aren't positioned correctly to make the symbolism undeniable, but it's still weird that the guys are upside-down at all. The Hanged Man is referenced explicitly in the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. It symbolized Heath Ledger's ritual murder as Ledger was supposed to be in that movie before he died, and his last role had been, of course, the Joker. VC goes into this in the Imaginarium article linked above. Around and around in circles we go… There's a really interesting comment made by "Yosan" up there ^, that explores the Hanged Man/Joker archetype further.

        2:37 The girls' heads are mounted on the wall, symbolizing that the Illuminati are murdering people for sport and ritual. The girl on the bottom right has a rising sun (like Aurora, dawn) painted on her forehead. The sun is yellow with a red ring, making it look just like the letter C that's on the Colorado flag, turned on its side! Jinkies!!

        2:44 Yet another Illuminati masquerade dinner party in a music video. There's bull-girl and owl/bat-girl. There's also a ram wearing red. Sheep are sacrificial animals, and red is the color of sacrifice because it connotes blood. Maybe this is another astrological reference, too. Ram and red are the animal and color associated with Aries, plus ram-girl is next to bull-girl, just like Aries is next to Taurus, the sign of the bull. The bull-girl probably represents Moloch. The Babylonians built furnaces in the image of their bull-god, and would throw human sacrifices into the fire. The Bohemian Grove's "Cremation of Care" ritual with the big owl seems to have been based on that Babylonian cremation ritual.

        2:48 That guy's cap is red, too. And they're eating his head, so he's for sure being sacrificed.

        Oh brother…

      • @Tyler Durden, in reference to the "Semi automatic, no click click" part of the lyrics, it struck me for some reason to see if that had some connection to the shooter. I don't know how accurate this source is, but here's what I found:
        His gun jammed? A semi-automatic? No click click? It could've been a coincidence, but still.. It's interesting nonetheless.

    • There was a lot more than the skeletons in the "My Homies Still" warning!
      (Like the ORANGE symbolism, with GUNS being in the foreground! Orange=Rothschild+China partnership!)
      It's why "Orange is the new Black"!
      The BAT in a cage at 1:33 (God=33 both Masonic) COULD mean law enforcement is caged.
      Then notice the smoking neighborhoods with riderless COP motorcycles indicating COPS will not help you!
      (In Russia the "Good Cops" were killed first when Masonic Jews pulled this identical communist "Red Terror" there!)

  3. joey-the-wise on

    um, did anyone else notice 12 skeletons in that picture? which is the same number of deaths in the shooting?

    • There are a bunch of cuts showing anywhere from 2 to 25 skeletons. At some point there may have been 12. Not sure the choice of showing a shot with 12 for this article was unintentional though.

      Also, you're assuming they drugged this guy up, had him shoot randomly into a packed theater, and just assumed that out of about 70 people he would fatally wound only 12 of them?

    • Yep, I counted immediately and it was 12 skeletons, just like the # of dead victims.

      During the first court hearing this morning, the killer seemed completely out of it. Like he couldn't understand what was going on. He's definitely a mind control puppet and his high IQ just made things easier.

    • That picture was re-edited to show only 12 skeletons. In the actual video, there were more like 15. DFon't beleive everything you read.

      • Originally, they said there were more than 12 people dead. They said 14, but why would a musician be chilling with some skeletons?

      • If there were 14 it makes perfect sense: 1+4 = 5 that V again. Someone commented that the Sun was in the sign of Cancer; please note that Cancer is the ruling sign of USA and Pluto (regeneration/death/lord of the underworld) is in direct opposition in Capricorn: Saturn/Satan Corporatocracy. It is squared by Uranus in Aries (think WW11 Hitler/Stalin) and Mars in Libra (war and peace). At the time of this 'event' all the above aspects were squared by The Sun in Cancer; making a Grand Cardinal Cross. Now it's in Leo, the sign of the Lion Kings; let the games begin.

      • Yeah, it seems that the chances of him fatally wounding a specific number of people in a theater full of them does sound a little over the top. But the fact that Li'l Wayne was in a theater full of skeletons right before the shootings is extremely bizarre, regardless of whether or not the amount of the dead are the same in both situations.

  4. Candle of the Meteor on

    Sometimes I don't want to believe it was the Illuminati. Sometimes, I would rather just accept that this was a mere coincidence. But everywhere I turn, every fucking time, there's symbolism jam-packed into the event in question. Not only that, but it's only the events that have said symbolism that get covered by the mass media for days on end. I wonder why…

    There's plenty of motive behind it, considering that everytime something like this happens, people always get into giant debates about firearm regulation, and with the U.N. gun control treatry on the horizon, I can't imagine a more convenient time for this to occur. Also, with the Olympics right around the corner, I don't want to think about what's going to happen if an attack at the Olympics spurs marital law, only to leave the people defensless, as they will have no guns to revolt with.

    Think I'm just about ready to move to Asia. Guess I should download Rosetta Stone and start learning Mandarin.

    • EXACTLY!!!!

      My husband (who is a member of the NRA) said something about the UN Bill Obama is trying to push through (that Bush shot down), and I when I heard about the shootings, it screamed "SET-UP!!!", to me, or at the very least it would be used to manipulate the masses in to wanting gun control!!!

      The problem is, the people who always do things shootings are not licensed concealed carriers, anyone who is would never do that, period. As a concealed carrier, you are trained to react to protect yourself and others, not the other way around, so proposing gun control b/c of events like these, to me, is more than silly.

      But people who are against guns run off of emotion, and not reason sadly, and will never listen. The right to bear arms is vital to our freedoms. Washington would love to take it away so we can never defend ourselves or rebel against a corrupted government, but this is why we were given the right to bear arms in the constitution.

      Anyway, I couldn't agree more with you, and I'm glad I'm not the only one who saw this connection!

      • Rebel with your mind. Only brute ignorance requires a gun. All of you are mind controlled.

        There must be some kind of a way out of here, said the joker to the thief.

    • To add to VC's comment, regarding their mindset, which is all about magick, symbolism, numerology and the power of rituals…

      According to the Satanic Ritual Abuse Calendar; 20th July is the beginning of one week of 'Sacrificial and Ceremonial Preparation', ending on July 27th called 'Grand Climax' which involves human sacrifice. This is when the opening Ceremony to the Zionistic themed London Olympics takes place.

      As Candle of the Meteorite said, I don't want to think about what's going to happen if an attack takes place but unfortunately much of the symbolism seems to be pointing to something sinister. Will an attack be the catalyst to help accelerate a Satanic agenda..!? Will 7/27 be the UK's 9/11..!? I pray it's not… but we'll soon see.

      • that calendar was the 1st thing i looked up when i'd heard about this. disgusting.

      • Howard Ratcliffe on

        7/27 is also Tisha b' Av the 9th of Av: Spies report is rejected leading to 40 years wandering in the wilderness; Solomon's and Herod's Temples are destroyed; Bar Kochba Revolt and re-dedication of Temple to Zeus, Alhambra Decree and Columbus' voyage to the "New World" and Bush Sr's Gulf War I

      • when i heard that the olympic torch made it to london on friday (same day as shooting) for its "7" day tour, a light went off in my head. it's just not coincidence – the name of the movie, the time it was playing, the olympic symbolism. like i say – keep your eyes open to see who they introduce at the olympics – or what new face we see a lot of. all world eyes on london – perfect time to introduce a powerful person…..

  5. Great Article! I KNEW something was up!! Isn't there like a gun law that Obama is looking to pass this July 27th? People forget that EVERYTHING Happens for a Reason! Now this gunman is going to plead Insanity for this event. This mind control is just getting out of hand! Such a shame of how innocent people just lose their lives. Especially for small things as just going to see a freaking movie! God help us all. Whether or not the shooter gets a "fair" verdict, he'll get his ultimate verdict from Christ Jesus. And Everybody who was responsible for this shooting will get their judgement one day as well. RIP to all those who died.

  6. You know I saw that 'Gangsters' trailer before Spiderman and was horrified at how much violence that tiny trailer contained, and how beautifully it was orchestrated and filmed! It was enchanting in a bizarre way, it's as if they are getting better at drawing even us solid minds into the darkness.

    I definitely thought there was a lot of strangeness behind this event, but thanks to pointing out the media "synchronicity" leading up to it and the Aurora connection…

    Wasn't princess Aurora the Sleeping Beauty?? Angelina Jolie's first images released as 'Maleficent' (a movie coming out next year) simply show her wearing the signature black, horned headwear looking up to the sky. Wonder what that's all about. Lol.

  7. Did anyone notice in Lil' Wayne's video picture there are 12 skeletons? >:(

    RIP everyone who died on that horrible night :'(

  8. ALso they are going to try to get rid of the second ammendment – right to bear arms soon

    this makes it look like we should take guns away from the crazy folk and therefore from everyone period and call it safer.. of also a ritual or test of mind control programming then they are killing several stones with one bird

    and also notice how a lot of this goes down in colorad and virginia- wondering if more mind control centers there>>

    also, very dark this batman title- he is supposed to be hero yet sounds so evil? when i heard "dark knight rising" in previews lke a year ago, i thought the bad person was the dark knight, not batman and then i realized its batman silly…

    knight is supposed to be defender or protector and he is dark.. duality..

  9. Ok ..here it is…the lucifer connection relates to the olympics, which begin on July 27, lucifers birthday, apparently,.. Ive been told that. next this happened on 7/20, which would be 7 days before opening ceremonies, again notice the 720/27 sync. the dark knight rising is obvious, dark night = lucifer, morning star + aurora connection. 360 diveded by 5 is 72. = pentagram = joker or why so Sirius glyph. This happend 7 days after friday the 13th which may or may not mean anything..

    get this ..360 divided by 27 = 13.3333333333333 to infinity

    VC or anyone…maybe this will help to figure out more syncs Im just spitballing syncs here

    • wow insane!!!!!!!!!!!! ps there is a song by pink where she says – why so "serious"?and i heard it after heath ledger killing it freaked me out

      • Games of the 30th (XXX) Olympiad. XXX = 24,24,24 = 2+4,2+4,2+4 = 666. The Dark Knight (Satan) Rises.

    • only humans celebrate birthdays. Only thing that were born, age, and die have birthdays. I think youre forgetting the devil isnt human, an animal, a plant etc. Therefore he can't have a birthday. He's a fallen angel, meaning he is part of a spritual realm. So to say he has a birthday makes no sense

      • Well, I hope that your right about birthdays not applying to fallen angels because if it is true then its sucks for me to share my b-day with Lucifer!!!! It's already a downer that an Olympic disaster might happen on the day I was supposed to be turning 19! And now this?!


      • and weren't there a lot of mass killings this week – more in Syria, iraq, india and other places

    • I haven't read all to see if this has been said, but July 20 is the first day of the hebrew month of AV. The 9th of Av is the date of the destruction of th two temples, many terrible things have happened on that day. July 20-27 is known to the satanic as the Grand Climax. (ritual sex magic and blood-sacrifice?) Will there be an ultimate sacrifice be made on the 27th in correlation with the olympics? Will the occultic pageantry at the olympics reveal their god's arrival, Apollo?


      • Apollo is Lucifer I believe. And when you watch the Olympic ceremony in Greece, they are all about Apollo. The Olympic games are satanic then.

  10. Thank you VC for this article! If I weren´t convinced before, the new photos of him from the court appearance did the job. He has the blankest stare, it´s scary really. It looks like he is in a dissociative state.

  11. As soon as I heard this news on tv I've been checking vigilant everyday cause all the info the media is piblishing about this "lonely" guy doesn't add up.. Like who funded all this? This guy was an UNEMPLOYED STUDENT?? Where did he get all the "sophisticated" items to make a boobytrap?? Too many questions and very little answers. Go figure. I can almost bet this was plan of the government. Why? Cause it's so close to that gun amnesty thing..it's suck tht people have to be put thru this in order to carry out a sick agenda!

  12. I haven't seen the Lil Wayne's video, but the screen grab above with him and his homies… umm, 12 skeletons? Isn't that how many were killed in the Aurora theatre?

    Or do I need to just go back to sleep…

  13. I officially have the Vigilant Citizen state of mind. My immediate reaction to all of this was EXACTLY what VC has posted. I now question EVERYTHING that I hear on the news, and most of the time, believe it is all complete lies. I am utterly infuriated by this tragedy, and I want so much to do something about this. I want to scream and fight back. I will never fall into the trap that is 'The System' ever again. Thank you thank you THANK YOU VC, for opening my eyes (and not just one of them! :p)

  14. This was an interesting crime which I have several issues with.

    1) Mr. Holmes received a phone call which allowed him to leave the theater and gear up for the attack. Who called him and will that information make it to trial?

    2) Today was Holmes first day in court. The system already wants the death penalty.

    3) Given the above symbolism, I would add that the attack came 7 days before the 2012 Olympics in London.

    4) All the gear the guy had on him is hella expensive for a starving student. The guy had a .40, a shotgun, and a AR-15. That is at least 3500 dollars worth of weapons not including his riot gear and ballistic vest. Contrary to popular belief, you can't buy an automatic weapon with exact change. You need to submit finger prints, back ground checks and photos to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. The approval takes about 8 months from the time the BATFE places his paperwork on the stack.

    5) Supposedly the guy had booby trapped his apartment. So special explosives teams were called to investigate. They have robots that are meant to trip traps. Why didn't they use them after evacuating the neighbors? I bet it wasn't trapped. But if it was, where did he get the explosives to make the trap? I know you can get Tannerite online but he would have to rig a special detonation device to make that work. So, where did he get the explosives? I doubt he cooked diesel and cow poop to make a bomb.

    6) The shooter is reported to using a Tear Gas grenade to initiate the assault. Where the fuck do you get tear gas? I know you can buy flash bangs but I think that is a controlled item as well. Why arn't investigators pulling off the serial or batch numbers from the grenade body? I know that stuff gets tracked.

    7) Of all the concealed gun owners in Colorado, no one shot back?

    8) The shooter voluntarily left grad school. But, now the media is labeling him as a drop out.

    That is all for now.


    • It's obvious he was supplied with everything. I figured they would seek the death penalty because they don't want any incriminating information to surface because there are so many holes in this case.

      I bet he will be killed before anymore information can leak. A video was just posted on TMZ and it clearly shows he is in a dozed off mental state. I am sure he is still being drugged and programmed, unfortunately, we will never know the real truth.

      • It seems I read somewhere on the Internet that the prison inmates want to take Holmes out. Wouldn't that be convenient?

      • Ohh yes the truth will surface. These demons cannot win. Lucifer may have had his fun for now, but it will all end soon.

      • Yes! GOD almighty has the last word, and HE ain't happy!
        We are waiting so patiently, LORD. Please come. The evil and darkness is out of control.
        Get right with the one true GOD. These days on earth are numbered. Booyah

    • 2.) They haven't decided whether or not to seek the death penalty. The prosecution asked (and the judge granted) until Monday to decide. They want to confer with surviving victims and families of deceased and surviving victims before the decision is made.

      5.) They did use the robots to de-rig at least the first boobytrap. The second was neutralized via a controlled explosion. Then they went in and disassembled and removed the rest of the gear. And yes, he bought the explosives and components online.

      6.) You can also purchase tear gas online. Someone on another message board posted a link but I'm not going to post it.

      7.) The theater is a no-weapons zone. If anyone had a concealed carry permit, they didn't bring their gun with them.

      8.) How is dropping out not voluntarily leaving? Same thing.

      • Also keep in mind current government efforts to put controls on the Internet. If this guy bought the stuff online, there's another nail in the coffin of freedom…

    • All the the questions I had too after the initial reports. And no one in the media seems remotely interested in even asking them! I just have one more…Where in the world would a 'student' aquire the skills to know how to use all of the weaponry and explosives that he had? It seems like it would require expert military training and we are supposed to believe he was just a 'student'? Puhlease! It's absurd!

      • Apparently he has a high IQ so I don't think it would be impossible for him to learn how to use them without 'expert training'. There is so much info on the internet about weapons and how to use them. There are other ways to research what he needed to know – where theres a will theres a way…

        I'm not ruling out MK and VC's article makes it all the more likely but its important to question yourself and be open to the chance that you could be wrong

    • Thanks. Read this to get more details and answers…


      1. "…James Holmes, the Colorado cinema shooting suspect, sent a notebook detailing his chilling plans for the massacre to a psychiatrist at his university up to a week before carrying it out…

      2. "…it also emerged that Holmes bought an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle only hours after failing an oral exam, which was a key part of his PhD, on June 7…."

      3. "…Psychologist Marisa Randazzo said: "All of those things could actually make dormant schizophrenia come out, and come out relatively quickly."…"

      4. "…In the months before the attack Holmes was believed to have met several prostitutes. He wrote accounts of some of the encounters on an adult website…."

      5. "…Immediately after his arrest Holmes allegedly behaved bizarrely, using police evidence bags as hand puppets while his eyebrows twitched. The bags had been placed over his hands by detectives to preserve gunshot residue…."

      6. "…The weapons and 6,000 rounds of ammunition he assembled were believed to have cost $15,000 (£9,600). He was believed to have bought them with money from a prestigious government education grant which gave him a $26,000 annual living allowance…"


    • I have been told the whole thing was caught on video (someone was bootlegging the movie and caught it on video), wouldn't that show what really happened? And if so, shouldn't that be used in court? And has anyone here seen the video? Not that I want to see mass amounts of ppl die, but I am curious because I want to know the real truth!

  15. mind controlled victim was my first thought when this happened. i was waiting for this article. being a vigilant citizen is a blessing and a curse.

    the lil wayne and movie trailer 'premonitions' for lack of a better term give me the chills :(

  16. I have been waiting for you to release some insight into this. I have long believed that most of these random shootings are the result of mind controlled victims. All of the shooters have the same profiles and at one point have tried to join the military, except for this case, I don't believe he had tried to enroll. I did find it strange that he didn't shoot himself, since it seems most of them are programmed to self destruct after the act has been carried out.

    You should also note that the UN gun control treaty is about to be proposed on July 27, this was announced before the massacre, it would go against the 2nd amendment, of course. We all know Obama's stance on limiting gun ownership, so I don't think this is a coincidence. After reading more about the fast and furious scandal, I think it's important to theorize that our government has no moral values whatsoever and will sacrifice innocent lives for the sake of their agenda and the fast and furious scandal legitimizes that statement. The United States government gave guns and firearms to the Mexican Cartel, thousands of firearms, and how could we forget those so called weapons of mass destruction..ya know, the ones we supplied to the middle east?

    It's amazing how forgiving and forgetful the masses are.

    • Plus all the sophisticated weaponry used by lots of third world countries which we know they don't produce.

  17. Holy hell. DID YOU SEE HIM IN COURT TODAY?! He was drugged out of his mind. If that's not someone under mind control, then I don't know what is.

  18. Where did an unemployed student get the money to buy 4 guns?

    Where did he get smoke grenades and other incindiary devices to boobie trap his apartment?

    Why did witnesses say they saw someone go to the fire escape to let him in? Handler?

    OR maybe that phone call was the trigger?

    Why did he call himself the Joker, if he was so obsessed, and color his hair red when the Joker always had green hair?

    How come death & tragedy surrounds the Batman movies?

    Wayyy more questions than answers.

      • Im still curious on

        People are saying that he used that money to purchase the guns however if they were able to confirm that he did in fact get a 26k grant then what about other financial aid? Looking at the cost of attending this university here is information: http://www.ucdenver.edu/student-services/resource

        Now if this is undergraduate pricing (about 30k) then a masters program will cost more. Don't forget also that if he moved to Colorado to attend this school then he would have at least one year paying a non-resident fee making it well over 90k a year. In fact his tuition would have been well over 90k with additional costs of books, room and board, living expenses.

        It was reported he was one year into the program. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/23/universi

        Grants are not given out in one go. They are broken up over the semesters, quarters, trimesters etc so if there were quarters close to 9000 a quarter. But if he was paying a nonresident fee his yearly academic fees would have been about 30k (if not more a quarter). Plus books, a lot of different fees (first quarter usually) and an idea of rent prices in the area (though does anyone know what apartment complex he lived? Lets assume at least 800 to a 1000 dollars though only knowing what apartment complex it was could actually confirm this http://www.apartments.com/search/?query=80045&amp

        I am attending community college for a certificate and this quarter books cost over 300 dollars I cannot imagine how much it costs for a program like he was in.

        So honestly somehow knowing he had a 26k grant (and without knowing much else) does not necessarily prove much unless we know that he had other assistance such as parents, scholarships, loans etc.

        I think that the fact that we really only know about the 26k grant means that is what they want us to believe. We have a psychiatrist discussing about Holmes' mental illness and what could trigger it. We have his father being connected with FICO and setting to testify regarding the Libor scandal http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2178852/J

        Heck they are now saying he was a mediocre student and not a genius. Yet according to a news article "2006, Holmes went on to complete an eight-week internship at the Salk Institute and Miramar College’s biotechnology boot camp, which is known to draw bright, ambitious kids" and yet he was allowed into a camp because of computer programming? Really? I honestly doubt this.

        Mr. Eagleman (and there is the connection of Eagles to the Third Reich and I am sure others can talk about the occultic connection of eagles) called Holmes a dolt which has another definition of fool. Holmes was a fool. He was fooled. Don't you think it is uncanny that this guy used this insult that can also mean fool? Fool, or in other words, the jester or in other words the joker. He says Holmes did not know anything at 18 and yet able to get accepted into a special camp and attend this graduate program? Then to top it off he tells us there's nothing elite about that. I would have said there's nothing special about that. Yet he specifically says elite. So what does that statement really tell us? There is obviously more to that statement.

        Read the article but here's parts that interested me "Neuroscientist and former researcher at the Salk Institute David Eagleman told USA Today Holmes' credentials were no better than those of an average student and had the reputation as a 'dolt'.

        'He was just a second-year grad student,' he said. 'He didn't know anything. He wasn't any form of super scientist when he was 18.'

        'Holmes is being depicted as some sort of brilliant researcher who won a rare grant,' he told USA Today. 'But there are thousands of research students in this country with such grants. Everyone has one. There is nothing elite about it.'"


        And really he snapped in the last half year meaning he would have easily spent the first third of the grant money for fall quarter that would cover costs (books, tuition, fees, room and board) and then winter and spring came. The amount of stuff that was purchased would have easily been more than what he probably could afford, then there is all the procedural stuff that would have to have been started earlier on then the what? 6 months he deteriorated. Nevermind the fact that while one can learn a lot online, actually learning to fire with that skill takes a lot of training and practice. Then there are the eyewitnesses themselves mentioning accomplices (two of them actually).

        I think that us knowing about the 26k grant –given to us by those in coffers of the Illuminati, and the fact that we are having this Mr. Eagleman (interesting name) make very carefully chosen words and phrases means that this is not simply someone who who had a mental illness, had a fantasy and carried out that fantasy.

  19. Lucifer was called the "Son of Aurora," Aurora being the dawn. Again, this was a poetical concept which referred to the idea that the dawn-star was born of the dawn itself – Lucifer came at the dawn – or, rather, Lucifer is born of Aurora.

    No question that this was a ritual. We all must be careful about what is to come at the Olympics, which is less than a week away. Keep your eyes open for any rituals (false flag attacks, bombings, etc.) and be vigilant of any other events that this corrupted world leaders are bringing out. The gun law that is approaching will just be another bill that takes away from the rights of citizens. Obama already signed the Executive Order on March 16th (A Martial Law), and who know what could come next. NEW WORLD ORDER— and the bringing forth of The Antichrist. Find Jesus before it's Too Late, my fellow vigilant citizens.

  20. Thank you VC

    Good article and right on target. Look at his eyes… we have seen those kind of eyes many times. In sub personalities in sra/mpd/did chosen ones. Alter personalities programmed …by a handler for an OP and demonized. When they are intact like that almost nothing stops them.

    Russ Dizdar

    The Black Awakening

  21. It sounds like that one of the grenades was a so called flash bang. It will be very interesting to find their source.

    My understanding is he looked almost like a local SWAT member except his breather was the wrong type or not on right which what gave him away.

    One study that has been done shows a relationship to how media organizations, espcially within 90 minutes of a shooting, cover an event and how many more copy cat events occur due to young people. The study is not new, but Colorado is now the center of these events.

    Has anyone heard the rumors of some kind of event being trainned for in the St. Louis area around OCT?

    • Cleveland is having a disaster type drill I believe tommorrow supposed to be big scale. Saw a blurb on the news tonight didn't pay much attention til it was half over.

  22. Did anyone see his court appearance today? Seemed weird in the first place because all the news reporters said that Colorado never lets cameras in the courtroom. He looks like he's high as a kite… Like he doesn't even know what's going on! People say that he's acting, but I don't think he knows what happened. I've been thinking this was a MK Ultra victim this whole time! Why would he booby trap his whole house only to tell the cops that it was? After he shoots a bunch of people he has a change of heart? There's so many things that just don't add up… too many coincidences as well. This has taken over the media even though there's the UN Treaty in less than a week, as well as the big news about the LIBO scandle?!? Nothing about those things, but this is literallly being reported every 2 seconds. People think I'm crazy but I don't care.. These things are happening faster and faster, the powers that be are getting more desperate and this world is getting crazy! Thank you VC for reporting on this! There's too many people that feel this is quite odd.. I'm glad and sad at the same time that I'm on the right track in my thinking.. Hopefully the world will wake up soon!

    • secret ninja on

      @Monika – i think the reason why he didn't kill himself and told the police about the bomb is because he was trying to re-encact that scene from the previous Batman movie. In the 2nd Batman movie, the Joker had Rachel and Harvey in two seperate locations, Rachel was rigged to a bomb and Harvey was in a room full of oil drums. Batman had to make the choice of who he was going to save. with this new "Joker" character, according to news reports, not only was his apartment rigged with bombs, but his door was slightly ajar. he had loud music playing on a loop, and at the exact time he was at the movie theatre shooting people, gunshots went off during the song (he also synchronized shooting people in the theatre with a gun fight scene in Batman, since this was the premiere, how would he have known to come in and start shooting during that particular scene). he may have assumed that his neighbors would have a.) called the police and the police would have rushed into his apartment upon hearing the gunshots. b.) assumed a nosy neighbor would have rushed into the apartment. either way, the apartment building would have effectively blown up while he was shooting up the movie theatre causing major chaos.

  23. It may have been a blood sacrifice, but at the very least, I think it was probably a set up to justify stricter gun control laws because I saw on the news that "he obtained the weapons legally". So if nothing else, it will have the lawmakers sounding the alarm to infringe upon our 2ND amendment rights.

    • The mainstream media already has hundreds of articles out lobbying for stricter gun control, many of which are parroting gov and police officials quotes. Couple that with this UN small arms control treaty that’s about to be pushed through and you’re right on the money.

      This whole thing was definitely a setup of some sort. It’s as if every major media outlet in America had the agenda written out and was just waiting for the trigger to be pulled (pun intended).

  24. That is horrible about the Music Video and especially the trailer for that Gangster Movie. To show that in two different places is just too eerie. Makes me really not wanna go to the movies anymore.

    • Drive-in theaters still exist.

      Two blockbusters for $8.

      Plus, where I live the drive-in is really close to a lake. So late at night it can get really foggy, which can add to the atmosphere.

  25. The first article I read about this whole thing, early in the morning the day it happened…. it already was stating that Obama and Romney need to bring the issue of gun control into their campaign. That's exactly what happened in Germany right before Hitler fully took over. They want to disarm everyone in America and bring in a Totalitarian goverment.

  26. Randlemethis on

    Since this story hit the news I been screaming bullshit, the elites planned this. How does a unemployed college student afford $20k in guns, ammo, and explosives? Any fool think different is obviously still plugged into the matrix. Lil Wayne video said it all.

    • I'm not trying to rebut your points or anything, because there is so much more to support a setup of some sort… but a handful of credit cards can easily get you $20k of just about any product.

      With that said, the whole thing still went off too perfectly and there are more holes in the story than there are holes in my screen door.

      • Apparently, Holmes is on a government education grant with an annual worth of $26 000.

        the elite is definitely a part of this stuff. everything happens for a reason.

      • Credit cards need to be approved. When your unemployed you can not get a credit card with enough credit to buy that kind of gear.
        Stop being so naïve.

    • The money in this story isn't the issue…credit cards, student loans, there are many ways for people without money to get it for something as devious as this.

      What made my spidey senses go up about others being involved was the elaborate construction of the bomb in the apartment. Any patsy can gun down a lot of people in a confined space with an automatic weapon…not too many patsies know how to set up an elaborate bomb. And now that VC presented what drug he was on…that was the other thing I was waiting to see. There was no way this kid could NOT have been on a drug.

  27. Mostknownunknown on

    This was a secrete and illegal government run psyops operation.

    The American freedom hating illegal gun ban treaty with the U.N. is about to go down.

    It pairs with the patriot act in that it strips all the last remaining protections we have from our own government.

    This poor guy has all the earmarks of a drugged brainwashed patsy the C.I.A. has used up

    If you saw the video of him in Court you know I'm right

    He looks just like the purported killer of John F Kennedy did right before he was gunned down on live T.V.!!!!!!!

    That was the secrete government telling anyone who knew the truth they would kill them even in public on live T.V.!!!

    I have first hand knowledge of these brainwashing techniques and the use of drugs to alter people and what they are thinking.

    It can last days, weeks, months and even years if the ques and prompts are not interrupted.

    If you can manipulate or otherwise change perceptions and beliefs and you can change peoples minds and ultimately their behavior.

    Not one person had a conceal carry permit was in this theater????

    Seems to me in the most gun happy country in the World someone would be carrying a gun legal or not that night.

    July 23, 2012 at 2:34 pm | | Reply
    Posted on CNN

  28. I knew there had to be something fishy going on with this. This does seem very symbolic and ritualistic, but I think on a more political scale this was a false flag set up to ram that gun control act in D.C. And of course to make everyone scared of everyone and 'home grown terrorisim'. No doubt they will start putting TSA in theaters and stores now.

  29. Look up July 19-20. It's an occult holiday. 13 days before Lughnasadh. July 31-August 1 is the actual holiday which falls within the Olympics.

    The thought this a blood sacrifice is not far fetched…not with the Olympics being presented as a bigger sacrifice.

  30. the fact that Aurora is considered to be the mother of the morning star, also know as the Light Bringer, or Lucifer is just straight up Mind Blowing…. Need any more proof people?

  31. look at the obvious on

    this was definintely an inside job…. i mean where else does one get the available resources he used like the knowledge on the explosives, the swat uniform, and all the weapons he had. it gets pretty pricey and last time i heard graduate students going after a Ph.D don't learn this stuff in class…

  32. This is soo funny to me because I was for sure that we were gonna e reading about the aurora killing on here… To me it was way fishy when I first heard of it.. I'm in Denver and they way it hit the community has been very sad. But to me it was the reaction of his mom that caused me to think about it.. When they found the shooters mom in San Diego, she right away confirmed that it was her son without hesitation like she wasn't faced over what jut had happened. There's too many thins surrounding this case that makes me think that there was more behind this

    • It's the MSM spinning the stories to make it more interesting.

      I believe they asked her if she was the mother of…. or if her name was….. and she replied, "yes, you have the right person." I'm not clearing the parents involvement, but the scenerio makes no sense.

  33. TMZ reported during the time of the shooting the neighbors called the police because of extremely loud music coming from his apartment. They reported the the same Techno music played over and over again and abruply stopped at 1am…weird I am with you VC

  34. notice the blood splatter patterns at the back of the theater..

    notice where the gas mask was placed, very far from the the blood stains…

    notice how, it appears there are security film footage but no revision of it..

    there has to be 2 other people involved, who simply drugged holmes and placed him at the scene of the crime

    also impossible how he knew, exactly that the theater would play the gun seen. at the same time as he was shooting. "prior knowledge" at the "monarch" theater.

    hes even got that dazed, mind controlled look on his face.

    • He wasn't on any drugs you fucking idiot, except whatever the real perpetrators gave him, since ya know, he was found semi conscious and unable to walk locked in a car. I could give you a million points to why it was a false flag he didn't do but the only one you have to say is witnesses say the gunman was 5'8 max, when the innocent Jimmy is 6'4. Do the math.

  35. Erick Meisser on

    So will Aurora Colorado's killing's turn out to be 24 yr. old James Egan Holmes under the influence of Psychiatric drugs? Like the Columbine Colorado shooters were, 13 dead… like the Virginia Tech shooter was, 32 dead, 17 wounded, like the shooting by TJ Lane a high schooler in Ohio- 4 shot, 1 dead. In Red Lake Minnesota- 16-year-old Jeffrey Weise kills his grandfather and grandfather's girlfriend. He then drives his grandfather's police vehicle to Red Lake High School, killing 7 more and wounding five others. Tucson Arizona's Jared Lee Loughner 22, shoots U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords and kills 4, or Andrea Yates who drowns her 5 children? HELLO?? Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) such as Prozac, Zoloft, Luvox, Paxil, and related antidepressants are known to cause mental and physical agitation and spark self-destructive, violent behavior. SSRIs induce dissociative reactions, (living in a video game state where life does not seem real) making those who take them insensitive to the consequences of their behavior. Often they take no one with them, R.I.P. dear Whitney Houston. Remember friends don't let friends take Psych drugs. I feel so strongly that it will come to light -that as a neuro-student Homes had easy access to Psych drugs. And while the following data may be slightly speculative, it appears damning to me as a major side effect of this drug category is "slurred speech" This is an excerpt from a Fox news article. “His answering machine message was incoherent, just bizarre, really bizarre — slurring words, but he didn’t sound drunk, just strange — I could make out “James” somewhere in it,” Glenn Rotkovich, of the Lead Valley Range, in Byers, Colo., told Fox News." http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/22/massacre-sus

  36. So Aurora is the mother of Lucifer, or are we just making that conclusion ourselves by combining or expanding the meaning? And I keep wondering if he REALLY called himself the Joker. Was this heard by witnesses other than the "authorities"? I just wonder if this wasn't added for effect.

  37. coincidentally if you look at the lil wayne pic at the top there are 12 skeletons in the movie theatre …. hmmmm ODD

  38. I actually sent a request this morning to VC for him to review it. As soon as a heard of this my mind starting working up a ton of theories. I'm glad to see this up here today…

  39. We need to let them know that we know! Let's be proactive instead of typing behind a screen let's demonstrate boycott and possible take up arms to let them know we aren't gonna let this go by without a fight! We need to being awaken sheep!!

    • payson terhune on

      This is the kind of trying-to-seem-illiterate incitement to violence agents provacateur GET PAID to post on sites like this…

  40. Nice catch!! Symbolizing the trauma it took to inspire the alter persona of Batman!! Excellant! Also the massacre took place on 7/20. 7+2=9. 9 is the number of death in illuminati circles. Also, the massacre took place in theatre no. 9. The symbolism is everywhere and definately very scary. Vigilant needs to do a piece on the symbolism surrounding the Olympics. There is a comerial which shows 5 olymipians pulling the world together. As the female olympian steps on Big Ben, the minute hand is pointed at the 9 and the hour is 11. Sent chills down my spine. People don't want to believe human sacrifice still takes place, but it does.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Right on about the 9 Sarah. Not only 7/20=9, theatre 9, but it happened at 12:39

      Ancient Greek pagans held nine sacred because to them nine symbolized the 9 Muses or sister goddesses, daughters of Zeus and Mnenosyne, who were believed to preside over mankind’s activities on earth. Their names were–Calliope, Clio, Erato, Euterpe, Melpomene, Polyhymnia, Terpsichore, Thalia, Urania.

      Nine was also a significant number to the Etruscans. These ancient pagan people from north west Italy worshipped nine gods. Nine was also a holy number in Rome. According to Texe Marrs, “the Romans honored the goddess Nundina by holding a purification ceremony for male infants on their nineth day of life. In addition, every ninth year the Romans held a feast in memory of the dead.”

      Satanists take delight in the number nine for a couple of reasons. First, Satanists enjoy reversing, mirroring and inverting symbols, letters and numbers. When you turn the number “9″ upside down you get “6″ which makes up the number of the Beast (666) as revealed in Revelation 13:18 in the Bible. Second, Satanists take perverse pleasure in commemorating the death of Christ and the death of Christ is associated with the number nine. Mark 15: 34-37 reveals that Christ spoke his last words on the Cross of Calvary at the ninth hour and “gave up the ghost (died).”

      Masonic Orders and the Number Nine

      According to the book “Numbers: Their Occult Power and Mystic Virtues” by W. W. Wescott nine holds great significance among many Masonic orders and secret societies. He said, “There is a Masonic order of Nine Elected Knights in which nine roses, nine lights, and nine knocks are used.” In fact the number nine is the number of “the earth under evil influences.”

      In summary, the number 9 is an important numeric symbol to many occult groups and sole practitioners. Unlike the number 13 that almost all people know has some superstitious implications, the number 9 would be considered “just another number” by the average person.

      Also interesting is that this civilian journalist who tracks these crazy Luci's had them tagged down to Colorado one month before – June 20-21 for the satanic ceremony celebrating the summer solstice. I just find it odd that a global group of devil worshipppers chose Colorado………


    • Sarah Connor on

      And just like so many of these other mk'd kids (Norway/Arizona/Christmas bomber/Underwear bomber), of course there are reports that the perpetrator was not alone……..handler! Or maybe even in this case? The real shooter? The public is being psychologically terrorized by our goverment!

      We have been govjacked!!!


    • You can't be serious… I mean really, you're adding random small numbers. You're obviously going to get another small number, and I'm sure you can find symbolic significance in any of the single digits.

      Your starting point was 7/20: 7+2=9 and 9 is the number of the Illuminati or whatever…. But it didn't take place on 7/02. So the real number you're looking for is 7+20=27. 9 is the mystical root of 27 (9+9+9). So you find 9 again.

      So what if it happened a day earlier, on 7/19? 7+19=26. 26 is the gematric number of the name of the God of Israel, "YHWH". Israel? Jews? OMG it was the Jews!

      If you allow ANY system to come into your search for evidence (mathematics, all pop-culture, the entire history of human religion, myth, and occult), then of course you'll find ways to "evidence".

      The whole concept is ridiculous and reflects your giddy obsession with magic, occultism, symbolism, and rituals, which you are supposedly condemning your suspected 'global puppet-masters' for using. All that aside, it's terribly insensitive to use these deaths as a means to get off on making weak conspiracy theories that you can't possibly truly believe. If you do, then I worry for you and for the people around you.

    • Sarah Connor on

      @sm – I used to think like you did. That it was all hocus pocus stuff. But the further along in the waking up process I got, the more I realized the fingerprints are always there. Now of course, God is the Creator of Math and it is a Beautiful thing!!!!


      But as always, the adversary likes to come in and twist, distort and counterfeit with his own thing. If you researched at all, you would find that these Luci's DO use certain numbers, it's a pattern, formula and they always use it. Now you can't go getting all imbalanced about it, for example freaking out because my son was born on the 13th and I was born on the 22nd, but with some major events throughout history, those fingerprints if you look, WILL be there! Likewise, there have been events in the recent past which are riddled with some of the numbers related to God – 7 for instance. Watch The Isaiah 9:10 Judgement. I'd also like to point out that many consider 10 to be the number of God's Divine Order. Makes sense then that the Luci's love 11 so much, going over, or around God to put themselves above His order. There are SO many instances in the last 5 years that I have noticed but this post is going to get way too long fast, so here are just a few.

      9/11 – Needs no explanation

      3/11 – Japan quake

      7/22 – Norway shooting ‘77’ dead

      12/31/2011 = ‘11’ Barry Soetoro aka Obama signs the NDAA (on a Saturday while vacationing in Hawaii, busy bee!)

      3/23/2010 = ‘11’ Barry signs Healthcare Reform (tip: it’s not about affordable healthcare)

      More interesting is that this administration likes to have these dates reflect actions or events in the life of Adolph Hitler! Personally I think it is because they are literally trying to bring in the Fourth Reich but it’s up for debate:

      (which by the way this 1983 comic book forsaw the destruction of the twin towers and in it's rubble is adorned with the Nazi flag! 19(8+3)=11 – if you can add it up anyhow, they seem not to care)


      Aug 2 2011 – Super Committee of ’13′ established

      Aug 2 1934 – Hitler becomes Fuhrer

      That is “77” years later, to the day.

      Beltane Day/May Day: Wiccan Sabbat:

      May 1 2011 – Osama Bin Laden pronounced dead

      May 1 1945 – Adolf Hitler pronounced dead

      “66″ years later, killed by Seal Team “6″ – who has since been killed! No stories will be leaked there!

      Executive Order Signed March 16, 2012

      Adolf Hitler cancels the military clauses of the Treaty of Versailles March 16, 1935

      (Begins militarization of the Rhineland)

      “77″ years to the day

      “Satanists believe that a carefully planned event must be carried out according to the correct numbers, or it may not be successful. They go to great lengths to make an event occur according to the correct numbers. As Wescott explains, “… so 11 is the essence of all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect.” [Ibid., p. 100] Thus, while 11 is very important, multiplication’s are also important, such as 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.”


      Anyways, "the concept" as you say, is in our faces, hidden in plain sight. Your comment shows your lack of research on the issue, and displays classic cognitive dissonance. When 'conspiratorial' evil strikes, trust me, the fingerprints will ALWAYS be there.

    • Sarah Connor on

      PS – I highly recommend the beauty of math link. Only a couple of minutes long and with so much grossness in the world, it's cool to put things in perspective and be awed at God's amazing complexity, one of which is math!

    • ColoradoRaindance on

      Point of fact in case nobody noticed: (720) is one of the two common telephone area codes for metro Denver. The other is (303).

    • 9's all over the olympics. 27 million pounds spent on opening ceremony. 27 ton bell will toll. Opening ceremony on July 27. Big ben will ring beginning at 8:12 (11) for 3 minutes (3000 dead on 9/11). Something big is brewing.

    • Sarah Connor on

      July 27th is the "Grand Climax" on the satanic calendar.

      Also interesting is that Larry Silverstein's (who benefited $3.5 billion on insurance policies he placed on WTC) 9/11 business partner owns the 'gateway' to the Olympics 2012. Hmmm…..

      Illuminati card showing Big Ben and people are wearing the olympic ring colors.


    • The London Olympics are so full of symbols, signs, messages as were the Diamond Dog Jew-Billy (goat) as this is a mega ritual closing ceremony of the past 500-2000 years of Western Empire. The sun is setting on the West and the New Dawn/Era is about to begin. See http://www.raisingthecloud.net regards the energy harvesting technology in place and that's just the tame stuff. Today at 08:12 a huge specially commissioned Bell will be chimed at the stadium site and all bells in the land from every church will be chimed. The population have been encouraged for everyone to set off alarm clocks and bells at that point. For whom the bells (of Baal) Toll; it'll drive us crazy and set off the 'sleepers' no doubt.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Somewhat OT, but I was looking on Drudge tonight and saw this photo of the Olympic stadium – with it's illuminated capstones, and noticed the huge phallic sculpture just outside. NO…my mind is not in the gutter, but for those little vigis who are even minimally aware of the occult and how they communicate/perpetuate events/feed off energies & use sex magik etc….I found this to be, as usual, hidden in plain sight with the observers unaware.


      If you scroll down you can see how Becks looks like "Im, too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts" and the Queen like she wants to eat someone – yikes~

      If you need a tutorial on phallic symbology, here is just some condensed stuff:



      Whewee! 2012 Olympics kicking off 7/27! Grand Climax day!!!!!

    • 13 is the Death card of the Tarot, which doesn't represent necessarily a physical death but often more of a spiritual death, which of course afterwards one would become "reborn." You'll find the same thing in the myths and metaphors in the bible of course.


      • Also in the Bible Jesus is the 13, the sun and the 12 constellations/disciples/apostles… the serpent and the staff, which symbolizes the enlightening medicine that will induce a spiritual death and rebirth. Just like the cross which is also a caduceus symbol.

  41. JonBenét Ramsey if you recall was killed and/or kidnapped from Boulder, Colorado. Again, lots of evil things occur in Colorado.

    Also, are you aware that the word 'colorado' actually means: 'red color' i,e, blood? I found that bit of info quite appropriate considering all that goes on there. Columbine shooting, JonBenet, Aurora shooting, not to mention the bizarre Denver International Airport murals.

    One more observation here, 12 victims, 2+1=3.

  42. While the media parrots the ban guns agenda….why not ban Vicodin?

    His mental state to perform such acts is more responsible for killing than the tool he used.

  43. outsidethebox on

    These were my suspicions as well. He is being painted as a madman in the media to turn everyone's hate towards him as "they" move forward in their agenda. If he is a mind control victim, which I'm convinced he is, he's as much a victim as any of the others. There's no telling what this man has been through and anybody who knows even a little of how a person is programmed will know that it is the most detestable, horrific treatment of humans possible. Our hearts should be filled with sorrow and compassion for such a person who has had their very mind and soul ripped from them. I pray that God has mercy on his soul. I pray that God restores his mind and that before they do throw him away he'll make peace with the Lord.

    • I totally agree with what you've written and am happy to see someone else looks at this situation in a holistic manner. I feel so terrible for those directly affected by losing someone they love in this shooting, but I too feel this boy is a victim, a horrible tragedy if you will. So hideous, those who are pulling the strings for all of us with or without our consent. In looking at the pain TPTB enjoy causing, the evil keeps increasing more than I ever thought possible. With the psychotropic drugs and other mental manipulations that are in use it seems as though the evil doers are able to steal one's very soul doesn't it. Of course that is why one must stay vigilant.

  44. Correct me here because people say Aurora was the mother of Lucifer…but I always thought Lucifer was an angel. How do angels have mothers?

    • It's a symbolic meaning- the dawn is the mother of the morning star. Lucifer is equated with that "star" Venus, which is also connected to goddess worship. Its path in the sky traces a pentagram shape.

  45. I was SCARED to check this website because something in my gut told me there would be some weird 'coincidence' between the Batman movies, the muders & some kind of hidden agenda. I'm not saying that just because it's on this site means that it's true — but it sure does SEEM that way.. Things are too perfect to just be a coincidence. SMH.. My heart goes out to those people who died, their loved ones, & also the people who were injured.

  46. Been anxiously awaiting your take on all of this Vigilant; from the instant I heard about this tragedy, I felt there was absolutely more to it than some deranged kid with a joker infatuation -what more that could be is anyone's guess. I haven't been watching much of the coverage as I find it terribly morbid & theatrical; but I caught a few minutes of the vigil held yesterday where several pastors were offering prayers to victims, families, first responders etc. What I found interesting was they kept saying 'these people GAVE their lives'. Um, really? I'm pretty sure they didn't willingly sacrifice their own lives; rather, they were robbed of them. Struck me as an odd choice of words describing victims of a mass shooting.

  47. skeptimistic4 on

    VC, you are so thorough! I've been researching this event throughout the weekend, and checking back and forth with this site, waiting to hear your opinion…you never disappoint!..things are getting real, guys..Another thing to note **SPOILERS(PERHAPS)**-in the movie, there is a scene where the bomb blows up the stadium (Olympics), which leads to mass confusion, Anarchy, riots, police trapped underground (Chilean miners, which was said to be another ritual event)…etc. etc….

  48. To be perfectly honest, I think the Joker comparison has been added for effect. Someone trying to imitate the joker would have gone to greater lengths to actually imitate him, let alone get the hair color right. Leaving a calling card, face paint, and jacket are just a few easy touches that he would have done had he actually been trying to imitate the joker.

    Another thing that bothers me is that anyone could easily acquire all of the weapons through credit or borrowing etc. That should not be an indication of him having help. But, I'm curious as to why he would booby trap an apartment and then immediately tell them about the traps.

    Having vicotin, a painkiller, in his system is also no surprise. If I was going into a situation where I suspected I would eventually get shot at, you better believe I would consider taking painkillers. To draw a comparison to mind control off of that is stretching it big time.

    Does anyone have a report on what happened during his capture? I'm having trouble picturing him just giving up and I have not read anything about how the police took him down.

    Having said all that, the thing that strikes me most that I initially missed is the name of the town. The fact that the shooter went out of his way to make this happen in a town called Aurora is shocking now that VC has pointed out Aurora means dawn. There has been an exceptional amount of operations and symbolism containing indications of the "Dawn of the Golden Age". That is the most damning piece of evidence in my opinion.

    • Not that I disagree with everything your saying in your comment, but do you honestly believe that he consumed Vicodin under the impression that he would be getting shot in the near future, and this might help with the pain? That seems like almost more of a stretch than insinuating it was used to weaken his mind state.

  49. And please stop saying there are 12 skeletons in the Lil Wayne video, you're wrong. VC cropped the picture to contain 12, either accidentally or on purpose. The video has many more than 12

  50. Another Observer on

    I probably should finish reading the comments before adding this, but any significance to this ritual happening in the witching hour?

  51. DJ Brightheart on

    Just to point out to Ramadan started that friday…more coincedence…..probably not. Nice to see others out there Wide Awake and not sleeping in modern day wonderland.

    • Way to play right into their hands. These shootings/mass murders are all ment to keep us scared of each other, keep us as a divided population so we're easier to control. We're to busy worring about our neighbours and their religous views to notice all these new laws that are being pushed through for "public saftey"

  52. What is going on with Colorado, that strange art in the Denver Airport…..JonBenet Ramsey (rumored to be a ritualistic killing cause there are supposedly many pedophile cult rings there)…Columbine and now this massacre…I am sure there are plenty more strange things but this is just too eerie! I heard there is some kind of Noah's Arc for the rich getting built there…

      • Why doesn't that surprise me. As it's been said, Colorado is a huge illuminati centre. No doubt, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II owns the whole state of Colorado, if not the whole of the United States of America. Why not, she owns Australia. And who is the Queen? Probably in the highest order of the Illuminati. I bet she gave thanks to Satan when Holmes committed his little 'organised crime'.

    • This is what I've been thinking: what's up with Colorado? There's the NWO thing with Denver airport and all that, plus the fact that buying land around there seems to be popular with a lot of VIPs, but I can't help thinking of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand where Colorado's where it's at. (Also remember Alan Greenspan was one of Ayn Rand's pupils and don't forget the statue of Atlas in the Rockefeller Center in New York City.) Could TPTB/illuminati have chosen Colorado because they were 'inspired' by the Ayn Rand novel?

      I also happened to come across an article that mentioned John Denver. His 1997 funeral service was held in Aurora…

      • skeptimistic4 on

        exactly what I was thinking….I was just reading up on the details of the airport and it is extremely creepy,the interesting choice of murals, the horse out front that killed the artist making it, the area with barbed wire fences facing the inside instead of out (who would they be wanting to keep inside of a fenced area??) not to mention the underground city used for "storage" yeah right…the Denver Airport must be giving off a Satanic aura all around the state…crazy things happening in CO….even the bears have been going wild (the two or three incidents not too long ago with bears wandering onto CO campus and having to be shot out of a tree, etc….lol)

      • For anyone wondering why Denver is so significant and why it's airport displays symbolic and dystopian like artwork is because it is supposed to be the next US capitol if anything were to ever happen to DC.

        They have the airport several miles outside the city of Denver for this reason, the capitol of the United States would be relocated to Denver and there is quite a bit of underground infrastructure underneath the airport as well. This is not a conspiracy and you can look at areal photos of the underground infrastructure, it scales a large amount of square feet and stretches for miles.

        There have been some predictions that there could be potential terrorist attacks in DC, which of course will be premeditated, Denver will then become the NWO capitol.

        I am moving there soon, so it will be interesting how the future pans out.

  53. 1. Columbine and Aurora are both right located near the Denver Airport, site of the crazy Illuminati murals (see Vig's article about them). The 'conspiracy theorists' think that there is a massive underground tunnel/bunker system there for all kinds of experiments including MK Ultra and Delta programming.

    2. Aurora, CO and Odyssey Dawn (US military operation in Libya) – the naming doesn't seem like a coincidence.

    3. There are exactly 12 skeletons in that Lil Wayne video, the same number of Batman victims.

    4. A theater shooting was 'foretold' in the 'Illuminati cardgame' that also predicted 9/11. http://www.911truth.ch/modules/news/article.php?s
    5. July 20 is listed on the Occult holidays calendar as 13 days before the Great Sabbat, an Illuminati mass sacrifice holiday. It's supposedly the date when the sacrifice is prepared for the Sabbat. It's a week before the Olympics start, which is the date of the celebration of Baal. The killing took place at midnight, when Illuminati rituals are supposedly held. http://www.shieldofaith.org/resources/library/art

    • Longtime Colorado resident – finding the information here interesting but respectfully, neither Aurora nor Littleton (Columbine) are anywhere near DIA where the shooting took place.

      DIA is 20 minutes away from Aurora, Littleton further. In fact, DIA's not really close to anything.

      • OK…space. I'm just saying that the proximity is cited here, and it simply doesn't exit. We're not talking about two or three minutes away. Saying that the airport is close to the shooting site is inaccurate. It's quite a gap. It's like saying you live right next to work, when work is 30-45 minutes away. Inna curate.

      • Well, 20-30 minutes away is near and close enough to me. As a long time resident, Bluelotus, you do realize that entire area is loaded with symbolism: past, present and future.

  54. Symbolism is definitely everywhere and yet I try to think that not everything is "illuminati" but again I see more "illuminations" and dark hidden symbols going on everywhere.

    This batman film I think may be more darker than its predecessor.

  55. Ex-Coloradoan on

    There was another shooting in Aurora, CO back in 1993 at a Chuck E Cheese restaurant. Four people were killed and one was wounded.

  56. This is a tragic event that happened. People lost their lives. Someone has to pay, too bad it's not the elite.

    • You know, I had a feeling about them. I saw them something wasn't "right". I don't like to feel that way about people. And being that there are no coincidences. She has on a San Francisco shirt. What about his hat; anyone know what that emblem is on his hat? I keep hearing San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge elsewhere.

  57. This is exactly what I was thinking! I was just in London, & talk about Illuminati symbolism everywhere, along with advertisements for the dark knight rises. While leaving by train, I saw a huge batman billboard with white circular pillars surrounding the whole picture. Kind of like a lady gaga outfit but with batman in the middle… I was like hmm coincidence, I think not.

  58. Does anyone else see the irony of such an attack taking place just days before the UN gun ban is scheduled to be signed?

  59. Interesting that in the Lil Wayne movie theater shot there are 12 skeletons, the original number of victims declared at the scene.

  60. my prayers go out to all of the families of the people that died and that will die in the hands of these deranged elite members.

    I know there is a hell, and even tho we cant really do anything against them, God will , and be sure that He has plans for them.

    I know in my heart that God has our backs and our souls.

    • My prayers go out, too, to the families and the victims, as well, who are suffering as they recover from injuries sustained in this assault. But I really believe that, in the larger scheme of things, those who conspired and acted with such malice and contempt against their fellow human beings really only hurt themselves. We're all going to die someday — even those elitists who think they ARE gods and above it all — and, when we meet our True Creator, those of us whose hands are unstained by foul and wicked deeds like this have absolutely nothing to fear. On the other hand, those elites and their silly minions who have committed such atrocities will be shamefaced and outcast from the presence of the One True God, the Lord of Love, Kindness, Grace and Mercy, for all eternity. In other words, these selfish, malicious, arrogant demons only hurt themselves.

  61. I'd just like to tell you all that my parents are pshychiatrists in Montana. They have had several clients with 'split personalities' who have suffered from being involved in occultic rituals. BATMAN himself is mind programmed by bats to be a killer. BE CAREFUL WHEN READING ALL LITERATURE know the writers intentions. Thats all thanks

      • Also, did you notice in the second frame of the comic strip the killer has a swirly image over his head suggesting that he is UNDER HYPNOSIS???? THESE PEOPLE ARE PROUD AND THEY LIKE TO SHOW OFF THEIR HANDYWORK

    • Batman (the fictional character) has an expressed vow of not killing and not using firearms. In the movie itself Joseph Gordon-Levitt's character realizes the ineffectual nature of guns when he kills a suspect that he wants to interrogate. Dead men give little answers.

      As a lifelong reader of Batman comic books, and with my own in-depth theory as to why Batman is a potent modern myth of 'the optimal man' I am inclined to believe that the latest Batman movie was targeted for this massacre (if indeed it was pre-planned by handlers) to lessen and tarnish the otherwise anti-elite message of the movie.

  62. As soon as I saw the first reports about this, I was immediately concerned an skeptical about this incident. First, the guy was in Neuroscience at the Medical campus in Colorado. Not far from the air force base, 15 miles from Columbine, and a neighbor to the sinister DIA (Denver international Airport) this area just has Too many tragedies to ignore! Also, how does a med student get ahold of military tear gas, or know how to rig a sophisticated network of IEDs(improvised explosive devices) in his apartment dorm that an FBI agent dubbed as being the most complicated he'd ever scene even among professionals? His demeanor being blank and compliant when captured even though he was geared and prepped for a "final stand." the air force base released a statement saying they had officers in the theater at the time but none were killed (why didn't these trained men try to stop this guy?) and after everything the witnesses were all gathered together for a "debriefing"? Why debrief witnesses? To tell them what to say and what not to? A tragic event like this is a huge trauma to witnesses. Perhaps they are prepping the next group of victims for programming? This while thing seriously bothers me

  63. Thanks for everything VC, you and your readers give me hope!

    It was clear to me you would post an article about this.

    Also I noticed that you seem to be posting alot more articles lately.

    And I fear you will need to in the near future…

    Its interesting times we are allowed to wittness.

    Greetings from Austria to everybody, stay strong in those dark times.

    Its always the darkest before it gets better.

    People wake up globally, we are more connected than ever.

    God bless you all.


      your warm greetings and words of caring came through, all the way across the world!

      if we all keep the other in mind and heart and spirit, much of the chaos and darkness is diminished. and with time it is easier to stay focused on the Love and Truth that is around, and within…

      i am warmed knowing that their are others here meeting around VC's campfire, sharing the hope and positive awareness, but especially the caring. Thank You!



      : )

      "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." –Philippians 4:7

  64. Some great posts here, especially Post #21 by Mercer — check it out if you haven't.

    I also wanted to point out (and I'm sure I'm not the first) the strange connection between the drugs that we was taking and the fact that he was studying neuroscience.

    And then connected to that: There's a "coincidental" connection between the possibility that certain drugs exist that can make people do violent things (a "zombie" drug, for instance), the movie "I Am Legend," and the Batman Movies. Here below is a still from I Am Legend showing the Batman and Superman symbol:


    And if you don't know, I Am Legend plot is a post-apoclyptic science fiction movie starring Will Smith (the NWO's go-to guy) in which a bunch of "humanoid"-like creatures run around killing the surviving human beings. Is this a tip-of-the-cap to some kind of mind-altering-drug that is in the works? I agree that it's far-fetched, but I personally will not discount the idea completely.

    • The White Snake on

      Your link is broken. It's usually a bad idea to direct link images from sites anyways. Just sayin'.

      On another note…got a good page on these drugs? I'm curious. I know there were quite a few natural chemicals mentioned in The Serpent and the Rainbow that could be used to create 'zombies,' but I'm not sure that they are what you're talking about.

      • The link is working for me. But meanwhile you can Google "I Am Legend Batman" and then click Images, and you should see it there.

        Anyway… no, I don't really have any links for "zombie drugs"… just connecting the dots in my mind given what I have been seeing and reading over the past several months.

  65. no coincidence on

    Someone also brought to my attention that there are 12 skeletons in the lil wayne vid. Didnt 12 die at the shooting in aurora?

  66. Since a movie is like a public dream, do think this is a sick way of saying, "wake up folks!" ?? Or something like, "so you like violence, I'll give you some violence." ????

    The last time I went to the movies this couple was making out behind me, making a LOT of noises. That was enough to make me not want to go to movies…

    Praying for all these folks though. It was very sick and sad what happened to them!

  67. Also, I want to point out that each movie in this series has a huge media event around it. The first movie, Batman begins, is when Tom cruise jumped up and down on Oprah's couch out of his mind with "love for Katie HOLMES". The second movie "Dark Knight" health
    ledger died and this one, just a month after Katie announces divorce to Tom cruise a James HOLMES massacres people in a theater.

    • Right, plus note the first one of the trilogy was released when Obama went into the Senate, the 2nd when he was elected and this 3rd one on an election year.

    • Exactly, they put the name HOLMES on every tv and website like for 2 solid weeks referencing Katie's divorce, but really just getting the name HOLMES out there.

    • Another small detail, but interesting to note in relation to Katie HOLMES possibly. At 2:02 in the Lil Wayne video (along with the already mentioned Batman poster and grey image on the walls) you can see 'Kate!!' graffitied on the wall in pink.

    • He read from Book of Revelation. He could himself be the 'Dark Knight Rises'. He could be telling us exactly who he is. Everybody else is playing their part. Last 2 Batman's were released on election years.

      • Mitt Romney is a much more eligible candidate for the Dark Knight than Barrack Obama. For starters, Romney's not a 1%er, but a .5%er, completely and totally elite. He was raised in a religion that has illuminati symbols all over the main temple. Barrack comes from the middle class and is just being used by the elites to make Africa Com more acceptable to the Africans. That's why he'll only be a one term president because Africa Com is not that high on the list anymore. Although there may be something real in all the occult speculation here, I really think this Aurora shooting is mainly a typical Bush-style operation with all the standard illuminati markers designed to distract our attention away from something. In this case I think it's Romney's whole income tax thing, which was getting so hot that it would have cost him the presidency now if he didn't give up the tax returns everyone was demanding. Until the Aurora shooting when everybody forgot about the tax returns. Then after everybody had enough of hearing about the shooting honest reporters started focusing on the tax returns again for a minute, until Michael Jackson's kids, mom and nephew, who looks the most like Michael, were dragged out of the closet to distract us away again, since they don't have the real Michael Jackson anymore for that. One amazing coincidence is that James Holmes went to the Philip Anschutz Medical School in Aurora. Philip Anschutz is also part of the Bush cabal and is very involved in getting Mitt Romney into office. And Michael Jackson was under contract to Philip Anschutz to do the O2 concerts in London (AEG means Anschutz Entertainment Group) when he was murdered. Anschutz is very much into live entertainment and movie making, so it would be interesting to see what his involvement with the Batman movie is. There is some connection with Warner Bros. "The AEG ThemeSTAR team is recognized for its entrepreneurial innovation and its operational effectiveness working with major brands including Warner Bros.," This is from the AEG Live website. So, maybe we should take a step back from so much of the occult stuff and look at actual current events and make connections there to figure out what's really going on with this latest shooting spree.

  68. some more odd synchronicity

    – This happened at about the 1 year anniversary of the Norway attacks. It happened on the same month, same week, same weekday of that event.

    – It occurred 1 week before the start of the 2012 Olympics held in London.

    – A famous rap-pop star releases a music video that features skeletons inside a movie theater, as well as a house exploding with smoke coming out of it.

    – The killer was a Ph.D student who was involved in how the mind works. Go figure (including mind-altering substances)

    – Happened in the city of Aurora. There were closer theaters near where he lived but chose this particular theater in Aurora. Aurora has it's roots in Latin, which meant the Goddess of Dawn, or the morning.

    – His voice message contained 'gutteral' beastly sounds, according to a Gun Range owner who had called him.

    • And Elton John just released a new album, Turn Around and Say Good morning to the Night

      And I could have sworn on Huffington Post Obama said something about We will have a good morning the day afer the shootings… I searched HP and could not find it. They churn so much out…

  69. Even more chilling, the number of letters in the alphabet is 26.

    13 People died, right? That's half of the number of the alphabet.

    Even weirder, first and last names each have an initial: 2 * 13 = The alphabet.

    The number of digits in any double-digit number is 2, which practically dates back to the era of television when there were channels with NO third digit!

    Strangely enough, Lil' Wayne's firstname ("Lil") not only has an abbreviation hinting at these truncations, but it also represents moving forward in time past this era of only two character placeholders because "LIL" has 3 letters in it.

    Most of the times during the day, if not in military time, use 3 characters to represent it. Meaning there may be even more characters behind this if you consider military time: The government. Scary shit.

  70. Doesn't this seem weird England’s 7/7, which was their 9/11, was staged the same way: a government “exercise” the same day about the same thing, and then the “thing” happens. I don't know!


    its a funny coincidence the right after the shooting its revealed that the world elites are hiding at least a combined 20 TRILLION dollars in private offshore accounts.


    just like how the day before 9/11 it was revealed that the pentagon had mysteriously lost trillions of dollars? And also the "plane" that hit the pentagon that day damaged only the accounting section that had all that information.

    when a mass shooting occurs you always have to ask yourself "what is the govt hiding right now?"

    • Yep! But 9/11 was mainly to justify going to war again against Iraq on behalf of the oil and defense industries. And the Aurora shooting spree was to distract us from a situation that was getting out of control which was Mitt Romney's refusal to reveal his tax returns from before 2010. I'm sure at least some of that 20 trillion is his. And it's not the government. It's the individuals in the Bush cabal, which includes romney, who took over the government when they assassinated Kennedy and have been ripping all that money off from the American public ever since.

  72. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has all but forgotten the LIBOR rate scandal and the imminent arrests of the global banking elite while we're all talking about the shooting.

    • Alejandro, that's an excellent conjecture about the banking cabal stagecrafting a diversion from their crimes that might have been exposed by the LIBOR scandal. I'm also inclined to believe Mayor Bloomberg's (i.e., the financial cabal's) call for police state tyranny on the heels of the massacre is confirmation that the hen that squawked first laid the egg.

  73. I watched the batman movie last night and saw that revolution/uprising is a big theme.

    I couldn't help but notice that "Aurora" is the ship that is most closely associated with the Russian Revolution and also James Holmes apartment is on "Paris Street"

    I don't know if I'm reading too much into it but it is an interesting coincidence…

  74. Of course it was a government-organised massacre. Just a way to get the masses to agree to Obama's (and his UN's) gun laws. And now he's taken the internet so we wont even able to make comments like this for much longer.

    • They do want total internet control….but if they can control us then they don't need to control anything else….just a scary thought. haha

    • The government doesn't need to make any law to censor the internet, they already and have been doing it for a long time covertly.

      Just remember some "404" dead links are more then just a server not responding….

  75. amazing the number of skeleton in the picture is 12 and there are at least 12 persons dead in the shooting incidents sad :(

  76. There indeed is something odd going on. Unless more comes out, it is hard for me to think or feel strongly that it was organized by the illuminati.

    I had a passing idea. Perhaps the manipulations that we posit were carried out by the illuminati are actually the manipulations of the devil. Maybe there is no person who connects Lil Wayne to James Holmes except for the evil one himself. Perhaps the connection is that they both give themselves to evil and ask to be possessed.

    As VC says, ultimately it is very hard to prove these theories. But we must remain vigilant nonetheless.

      • Satan can only do what the Most High allows. Believers need to remember:

        I form the light, and create darkness:

        I make peace, and create evil:

        I the LORD do all these things.

        Isaiah 45:7

        "They" have limited power and are allowed to do only as directed by HIM for reasons too high for us to know.

        I like to figure out these things too, but also need to remember these signs will increase as prophecy unfolds. It's for His purpose and His plan.

      • You are mistaken. Lucifer rebelled against god, that is one of the reasons god outcasted him from heaven.

        Lucifer was jealous of us. He asked god how can he have love for these mere mortals and that's how it all started.

    • Daytime Lightning on Saturn Spotted by Cassini Spacecraft [by Tariq Malik, SPACE.com Managing EditorDate: 18 July 2012 Time: 07:00 AM ET]


      A NASA spacecraft orbiting Saturn has captured an amazing view of lightning in broad daylight on the ringed planet.

      The Cassini orbiter captured the daytime lightning on Saturn as bright blue spots inside a giant storm that raged on the planet last year. NASA unveiled the new Saturn lightning photos Wednesday (July 18), adding that the images came as a big surprise.

      "We didn't think we'd see lighting on Saturn's day side —only its night side," said Ulyana Dyudina, a Cassini imaging team associate at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, in a statement. "The fact that Cassini was able to detect the lightning means that it was very intense."

      Read more [http://bit.ly/M7k93A]

      – John

      "Illegitimi Non Corundum"

      "mens agitat molem"

      "As is above, so is below"

  77. Very interesting. You included a lot of other details I have not seen….till now. I am afraid this event will be used against the Right to Bear Arms.

  78. Excuse the duplicate post about compulsive counting coincidences …

    However, less reviewed — look into Holmes background and study with Salk, internship — study of hummingbird flight muscles, and then review darpa's nano robots that are based on hummingbirds. Connection made?

  79. It's so weird! I just thought I had seen The Dark Knight yesterday on one of the local channels. Besides I live in non-english speaking country. I don't know maybe it's just a coincidence but who knows…

  80. There is something about the women who survive in the other shooting and died in this one too I think…

    I think that is really about the illuminati…But why they would do a big hit like that, what is the reason?

    Let's just shoot anyone for no reason?! I have no fckng clues anyway.

  81. So the shooter was born on the 13th he could have been chosen because of that, the elite are obsessed with numerology..

  82. music video was horrible, heads on the wall-w/eye in mouth, lil wayne eyes turn green when displaying hand symbol. so much symbolism here-blatantly in our face. incredible

  83. the lil Wayne pic is not cropped. it's just one frame out of the vid. cropped or not it's sick to depict a bunch of corpses while they're enjoying a movie. i agree the story about holmes mentioning lil wayne is just a made up one to connect the two. they are so blatant now it's all just sick.

  84. Actually, It was revealed on the news that the victims in theatre nine in the Aurora theatre weren't shown the Gangster Squad trailer, although it was shown before some of the midnight releases on July 20th, not the one at Aurora.

  85. The Monarch Theatre is a theatre building located in Gotham City near Gotham Square.

    It is perhaps best known for being the last location Thomas and Martha Wayne were seen alive in public before their deaths in an alley between Pearl and Phillips streets behind the theatre.

  86. In Jesus Name on

    When I woke up in the morning of 7/20/12 to the news, the 1st thing I heard the reporter on fox 11 say was, "This man (J. Holmes) is not part of the military." Why would they say that? This joker is just like Lee Harvey Oswald. That 1986 comic is super creepy! As for lil wayne he thinks this is cute now but when it's his time infront of God when then? There is definitely something deeper than a crazy man gone trigger happy, God vs. Satan…Satan lost a long time ago when Jesus Christ paid for all of our sins and rose from the dead. God is a living God. It's time for everyone to understand that God and the fallen one are real. Aliens are fallen angels.There is a spiritual war above our heads in the sky.You have your right not to believe but don't say God didn't warn us.

  87. in other news related to this article, you'll see the now-SPIDERMAN Andrew Garfield in the movie IMAGINARIUM OF DR PARNASSUS. must be his initiation to get to where he is now…

  88. RainbowCoalition on

    You forgot to point out that there are exploding gas canisters and a lady in a cage that looks like Cat Woman in Lil Wayne's video as well….

  89. I couldn't help but think this was planted/plotted to produce more fear in this country, in hopes to surrender our gun rights. Something's not right here…who knows what kind of experiments were going on that he dropped out after one year after being accepted into a PhD program…

  90. (taken from infowars comment by endisnigh)

    uh, has anyone seen this?


  91. You know, "they" might use this for an excuse to further gun control also.

    Slowly but surely , all of our freedoms are disappearing one by one.

  92. I'm really glad you wrote about this. The last few days I've been saying that there was something so strange about the whole thing. I came across this picture one of my friends took while she was at the candlelight vigil they held here, and thought it was an interesting place they chose to have the vigil… kind of adds to the already ritualistic feel the whole thing already had… http://i812.photobucket.com/albums/zz49/shaundrav

  93. Someone please clear this up for me, are the illuminati now killing innocent people to further their agenda? Are you kidding me? Or have they been doing this since 911?

  94. LEADintoGOLD on

    How many movies can you name that express a liberal political opinion? I can name about a hundred off the top of my head.

    Now name all the movies you can think of that express a conservative republican viewpoint. Can't think of any? Well, the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy are perhaps the best examples of a conservative film I can think of. This final chapter directly challenges the Communist Occupy movement, and Marxism in general. Perhaps this prompted the violence? Perhaps it was a scare-tactic to keep people from going to the theaters? It's something to consider at least.

  95. Anyone familiar with the occult will tell you NUMBERS are of the utmost importance. When an event is LIKELY to be ritualistic, the numbers are there. Like a signature of sorts. Furthermore, the number 11 bears even more significance to the occult, especially when compounded (22,33).

    With that being said…


    1+3+9+6+9+1 = 29

    2+9 = 11


    3+6+3+6+9+1+4+6 = 38

    3+8 = 11

    11, 11 (Aurora, Colorado)…. I guess it COULD be just a coincidence…

  96. Did you see the face of that guy today in the court? poor guy…he was for sure under mind control during that event…his parents, his friends…nobody can say something about it? HOW THEY CAN BE SO STUPID? ANY SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY IN THE LIFE OF THAT GUY BEFORE THE TRAGIC EVENTS? NOTHING? THE PARENTS OF HEATH LEDGER HAS NOTHING TO SAY ABOUT HIS DEATH? What is wrong with those people? Nobody never will made a serious investigation about the conexion between those mass murder?

    • Officially here in America is started on Saturday, we are one day off according to a Muslim friend, he didn't start fasting until Saturday.

      • True, due to the sighting of the crescent moon, Ramadan fasting began Saturday. In many Muslim countries, the movie will not be aired until after Ramadan, as they could not know when the moon would appear ahead of time.

    • It is all a build up to the New Dawn, as has been stated by an excellent level of response intelligence, Aurora=Red Dawn. The New Era or NWO the 'New Dawn of the Golden Age' will begin, I predict on RoshHashanna which is the Jewish JUDGEMENT Day in connection with Jubilee Years, especially. This coincides with Full Moon (in age of) Aquarius in the States on the 1st in London on 2nd August.

      On 24th July, the press was 'ablaze' with Orange fires, which are held as The Feast of St John or perhaps Orange Alert in the buildup to London Olympics 2012 Today. The Opening Ceremony and lighting of the cauldron will most likely be done via Katy Holmes (they've been saying up until the 'surprise announcement' that this mystery is undecided). So we go from Orange to Red and London's going to blow. Hell, I'm stuck here and knew it would be a major event since the announcement of the 'winning bid' on 6-6-2005 being followed by 7/7/7 of 52 (7) blown up Londoners, 700 injured on that day. The true figure was 57 (12) murdered, as I include the 4 muslim patsies and Jean Charles de Menezes.

      The Dark Knight killings were another ramping up ritual to The Big Bang anytime really from NOW but will be a series of co-ordinated events. Watch the news and the views because what happens here will happen in USA and Europe. It's 'all Greek' to me.

  97. I was trying to do some research and look into University of Colorado's Neuroscience program and they have taken down all information about the program off of their website. It seems to me that they may be hiding something…

    • Does not surprise me one bit.

      Last year I was doing research on pharma drugs and came upon an article which had a link to a bill the politician Dennis Kucinich (the "funny" looking big eared guy with the sexy young wife) wanted to implant Halodol time realease capsules in all americans brains in the near future.

      Halodol is an old school anti psychotic used to treat "schizophrenia". They even give it to illegal immigrant upon deporting them back to their home countrys to keep them sedated.

      Anyways, this link was "dead" somehow, I was never able to get more info on the subject…..

      They manipulate EVERYTHING.

  98. Vigilant, i know the situation is strange, but i truly believe that sometimes the people behind events like these are just…. crazy. I don't think that every mass shooting or disturbing event in today's society is related to the elite…. I think there are actually just some crazy people out there. Anyone can find comparisons and similarities between two different events/people if they are looking and searching in the right places.

    To say that everything that appears to be off kilter is due to the elite is just ignorant… there are actually just crazy people out there….

    • there are 12 skeletons. lil wayne and his crew make for 8 people and they are sitting on 3 rows making a pyramid. there were 38 people shoot/injured.

      The trailer before the movie is so eerie. That explains why they didn't even realize some one was shooting! Horrifying!

  99. I am going to be really quick here, yah I caught on to aurora= dawn and there are 12 dead, and in lil waynes video theyre are 12 skeletons in the movie theatre… But here is where the cookie crumbles…

    Revelation 20:7 "and when the thousand years are over, satan will be released from his prison"

    And what was the date? July 20th? Yes, yes it was.
    Learing now that aurora is the mother of lucifer… It all just works. Not to mention that freakshow of a place denver is right by this place…

    Keep your eyes open people

  100. I'm mad a them, they did their ritual the day of my birthday (20/7)It feel like i'm cursed or something…

  101. AwkwardReality on

    in my opinion this was meant to push us a little harder into thinking we really might need to be under martial law. the way they talk about this incident in the news is so rediculous, "how do you feel about taking your family to the movies in the future?" its such a great way to make you sit there and think that maybe you really would feel safer if they had more security at the movies and malls and parks.

    the very same day this happened, the news was discussing the connection between these events and violence in media, and the news program i was watching said there wasnt any studies that prove that violence in media actually creates violence in people, and that this is just something that is in certain "types" of people.

    perfect time to inject the scary scary thought of these "types" being able to get weapons so easily, and having too much freedom to run around town with them.

    clearly he was under some sort of trance mk perhaps?

    They described mr. holmes as being dressed like bane, but saying he was the joker..

    Any thoughts?

    • You really said something I think. This was a lot more than the shoe bomber and that got the TSA into the Airports and almost into our pants. So now a 12 dollar an hour employee checks us going into a movie?

      If they turn the invasive searches to a few levels more people might welcome a chip that will let them walk through. Maybe with the new brain scan lie detector tests that are supposed to be impossible to beat as a check for "pre-crime" intent? You'd have to get scheduled checks to make sure your with the program?

      French Resistence much harder to get off the ground with chips.

    • Martial law?

      A civil war would break out immediately if that happened.

      And it would make the 1st one look like childs play.

  102. Lil Wayne is no stranger to controversy. The video for "My Homies Still" (featuring rapper Big Sean) mostly takes place in the most bizarre suburbia ever—pink elephants, dancing pandas and makeout sessions with mannequins included—all Wayne's usual brand of chaos

    At around the 3:35 mark in the video, Lil Wayne and his gang are transported to a movie theater where they dance, sing and throw popcorn at the screen. In what is surely a case of horrible timing, the theater is occupied by a number of skeletons

    Later in the video, the camera pulls back to reveal many more skeletons (upwards of twenty, by our count), but it still seems to be an eerie coincidence

    Once that connection was made, others were quick to point out other similarities between the music video and reports of the crime scene: For one, smoke bombs set off in the suburban streets (where Lil Wayne also skateboards past a pair of skeletons). And, at 3:28, a mirrored reflection in the window nearly takes on the shape of a bat. – source http://goo.gl/wIzmM

  103. I Think it is also not a coincidence that they used Lil Wayne for this.

    Because The Lead Character of the movie Batman is Bruce Wayne, so there is a connection.

  104. I knew something was weird with this shootout and was waiting for VC to write about it. Indeed, the number of skeletons in Lil Wayne's video is 12, equivalent to the number of victims of the shootout, Too coincidental…? And yeah, I think that Joker was Holmes' alter…

  105. I have been wanting to watch The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus so I looked it up tonight. I notice in the first scene Heath Ledger appears in he is hanging from a bridge with the all seeing eye on his forehead. What stuck out to me is that the actor Andrew Garfield is hanging from a rope which is eerily similar to the way Spider Man hangs from his web. And of course we all know that the new Spiderman movie came out a few weeks ago. Just something that stuck out to me. Any relations?

  106. I found it fishy that the media was SO quick in publicizing this event WORLDWIDE. It was as if they were ready to report it. Shootings happen everywhere, but this event goes global within minutes after it happens. I won't be surprised if most readers don't even know of the floods in China and the number of people that died there because reporters don't find it that important since it wasn't planned.

  107. Hi All,

    Did you notice that 13 people were sacrificed by the Joker's character, Heath Ledger was the first one now 12 more. This number seems to be everywhere here.

    God Bless

  108. I totally agree with the lil wayne song 'my homies still', being more than coincidence…. has anybody heard it played backwards(easy to find youtube)?? VERY creepy indeed!! (from the parts i can make out)…. "we did that" is very easy to distingush thorought the song… the chorus reversed… "praise to mohammed" and @ 3.40 "curfew, curfew, trying to stress you" and 4.00~ "You know you want to….(incoherent)….white folk…(incoherent).." im sure there is more in there but im freaked enough already! As for Holmes, im defs thinking Mk ultra…… could this have been a trigger perhaps? :/

  109. you could do an article on the lil wayne video alone.

    One scene shows 5 female heads on the wall and 5 of the dead were female. One has a sun on her head and another the all seeing eye in her mouth.

    Panda bear with the motor bike could represent Bane.

    One person is wearing a sheep(le) mask.

    Batwoman/catwoman girl in the cage. The other rapper has an 88 shirt. 8 + 8 = 16(century 16)

    If you pause it at 2:02 on youtube you can see a grayish Batman to the left of the I <3 N sign and next to the guy in the hoody. There is a batman poster there.

    Smoke bombs in the video too. And if you like Lil Waynes music then you have REALLY BAD taste.

  110. Tayfun Karatas on

    The joker's hait isn't orange…Was the store out of the colour green? Because that's the hair colour of the joker. There no link between the shooter and the joker.

  111. Yes, there are 12 skeletons in the lil Wayne video, but taking it as a proof that it's a setup?

    He shot about 70 persons guys! What are the odds that he would have killed 12 and injured 59 on purpose. I know he's said to be a good shooter but it just doesn't make sense to me.

    BTW I'm not saying this is not a setup…

  112. Interesting article… there is definitly an agenda that has been/is being carried out amongst this whole tragedy. And did anyone else catch that there are 12 skeletons in that screenshot of Lil Wayne's video? … 0_o

  113. This Aurora thing was the firsth bloodsacrifice, to mark the beginning the grand climax

    of Jul. 20 ~ GRAND CLIMAX (thru Jul. 27) ~ (date varies annually ~ 5 weeks, 1 day after Summer Solstice (Sexual and Blood Rituals); http://libertytothecaptives.net/ritual_calendar.h
    This guy was just tricked , he is the joke(r).

    Then (when the date is right) Jack hits again; and becomes Black Jack.

    (See SUN article 2009, notice the WHITE van = refers to the pale/white horse)

    After Black Jack the Dark Knight rises. Dark Knight is an anagram for the A.C.

  114. This is def part of the illuminatis agenda. Theyre already talking about gun control….. This is equivalent to 9/11=Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act and now 7/20= whatever gun control, right snatching bullshit they come up with next. They want to rip the constitution apart but instead they will make the people want to have these rights around for our 'safety'. Guns dont kill people, people kill people…………….. God bless the world!

  115. I haven't seen the movie yet. Not sure if anyone noticed but the billboards of this movie are rioters & cops in swat gear clashing with Batman on the side of the police…

    I thought it was very interesting that a movie that literally promotes a police state in fiction, turns into a real live national outcry for more gun laws & police presence. I'm sorry, but this CAN'T be a coincidence. Next thing you know, you'll have to go thru metal dectectors to go to church.

  116. I just dont want to throw anything out there, but in the dark knight when the stadium explodes, i just thought about the Olympics. Millions of people are going to be there and i have a ad feeling something will happen. smh.. Rest in peace for all those souls.

  117. 1. Usually when someone carries out an act like this they kill themselves. This guy was taken into custody without incident!

    2. They say he "kicked in" an emergency exit door. IMPOSSIBLE! This those open open one way AND are STEEL. No way he kicked it in. Someone opened it for him.

    3. Dude is completely spaced out. As if he doesnt even know whats going on around him.

    My take! He is a mind controlled patsy and this event is a distraction tool for something else. The media will be flooded with this guy as the Zimmerman story dies out. Something else is going on in the world and "they" want us looking in the other direction while it happens.

  118. I also notice when the shooting took placed, it was 13 years and 3 months exactly after Columbine. The media made an effort to point out that it was a midnight show as if the day started with sacrifice. 13 represents the number of new life or transformation and the number 3 is the number of trinity. The offspring between male and female(opposite forces) or what have you. Strange things are happening, ain't no doubt about it.

  119. With the British Open golf championship this weekend, Franklin Templeton aired this commercial a bunch of times…


    Notice how Big Ben is set at 9/11 (among about a zillion other illuminati images ~ such as 'all seeing eyes, pyramids, osiris phallic buildings, & horns)…

    Interesting also is in the conference room scene, there are 8 people & 4 computer screens… At a certain point, a black man walks toward the center of frame & another man points in his direction… The black guy is standing under a screen that says 'Mumbai' (sort of Obama spelled backwards)… Not to mention that Obamas birthday is supposed to be 8/4…

    • I got the thing about the clock being set to 9:11, but youre really reaching with the rest of that stuff man.

      • Maybe so… But here are some interesting dates in history (starting tomorrow, July 25th, and including July 27 & August 4)… FWIW

        July 25, 306 Constantine I proclaimed Roman emperor by his troops

        July 25, 1603 James VI of Scotland is crowned first king of Great Britain

        July 25, 1775 Maryland issues currency depicting George III trampling Magna Carta

        July 25, 1866 US Grant named first general of Army

        July 25, 1934 Nazis assassinate Austrian Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss in a failed coup attempt

        July 25, 1943 Benito Mussolini dismissed as premier of Italy during WW II

        July 25, 1946 Operation Crossroads: An atomic bomb is detonated underwater in the lagoon of Bikini atoll.

        July 25, 1946 The first bikini is shown at a Paris fashion show

        July 25, 1963 "US, Russia & England sign nuclear test ban treaty

        July 25, 1976 The infamous Face on Mars and pyramids were photographed

        July 25, 1981 Voyager 2 encounters Saturn

        July 25, 1993 "Israel launches a massive attack against Lebanon in what the Israelis call Operation Accountability, and the Lebanese call Seven-Day War

        July 25, 1995 A gas bottle exploded in station Saint Michel of line B of the RER (Paris regional train network). Eight were killed and 80 wounded.

        July 27, 1694 Bank of England chartered

        July 27, 1789 "The first U.S. federal government agency, the Department of Foreign Affairs, is established (later renamed Department of State)."

        July 27, 1794 "French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre is arrested after encouraging the execution of more than 17,000 ""enemies of the Revolution."

        July 27, 1977 John Lennon is granted a green card for permanent residence in US

        July 27, 1996 "Centennial Olympic Park bombing: In Atlanta, Georgia, a pipe bomb explodes at Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics, killing two and injuring 111

        July 27, 2005 "STS-114: NASA grounds the Space shuttle, pending an investigation of the external tank's continued foam-shedding problem. During ascent, the external tank of the Space Shuttle Discovery sheds a piece of foam slightly smaller than the piece that caused the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster; this foam does not strike the spacecraft."

        August 4, 0070 The destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem by the Romans

        August 4, 0181 Supernova seen in Cassiopia

        August 4, 1753 George Washington becomes a Master Mason

        August 4, 1789 In France members of the National Constituent Assembly take an oath to end feudalism and abandon their privileges

        August 4, 1830 Plans for the city of Chicago laid out

        August 4, 1858 First trans-Atlantic cable completed

        August 4, 1892 "The family of Lizzie Borden is found murdered in their Fall River, Massachusetts home."

        August 4, 1902 Greenwich foot tunnel under the River Thames opens.

        August 4, 1906 "Central Railway Station, Sydney opens."

        August 4, 1914 Britain declares war on Germany

        August 4, 1944 "Anne Frank, 15, (Diary of Anne Frank) is arrested by Nazis"

      • Ben Franklin is supposed to be a huge Illuminati kingpin, involved in both the French Revolution and the founding of America. He was a member of the Hellfire Club, too. Google "Ben Franklin Illuminati" for lots of info.

      • Ben Franklin must be the one who was spending lengthy periods of time in London. I believe they have found all sorts of skeletons under the basement, something along these lines.

      • In the video "London Calling" (Clash), there is a quick shot of Big Ben at the beginning…

        The time reads 4:08…

        – In the UK… August 4th, is written 4/8…

        – The last time the Olympics were in London was 1948 (before that ~ 1908)

        – London Calling was released on December 7, 1979 (38 years after the Pearl Harbor attack)

        – The album's front cover features a photograph of Simonon smashing his Fender Precision Bass against the stage at The Palladium in New York City on 21 September 1979

        – Smith's photograph was named the best rock and roll photograph of all time by Q magazine, commenting that "it captures the ultimate rock'n'roll moment – total loss of control"

        London Calling ~ lyrics

        "London calling to the faraway towns

        Now war is declared – and battle come down

        London calling to the underworld

        Come out of the cupboard,you boys and girls

        London calling, now don't look at us

        All that phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust

        London calling, see we ain't got no swing

        'Cept for the REIGN of that truncheon thing


        The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in

        Meltdown expected, the wheat is growing thin

        Engines stop running, but I have no fear

        Cause London is drowning – I, I live by the river

        London calling to the imitation zone

        Forget it, brother, you can go at it alone

        London calling upon the zombies of death

        Quit holding out – and draw another breath

        London calling – and I don't wanna shout

        But while we were talking I saw you running out

        London calling, see we ain't got no HIGH

        Except for that one with the yellowy eyes

        CHORUS x2

        The ice age is coming, the sun is zooming in

        Engines stop running and the wheat is growing thin

        A nuclear ERROR, but I have no fear

        Cause London is drowning – I, I live by the river

        Now get this

        London calling, yes, I was there, too

        An' you know what they said? Well, some of it was true!

        London calling at the top of the dial

        And after all this, won't you give me a smile?

        London Calling"

    • They might have put a curse on the film, like A LaVey put a curse on the last partner of J Mansfield after a request from her and the irony is she was killed in the same car accident as him. They were actually both of them decapitated. So, they might have put some kind of curse or something, you never know what's in the mind of wicked people. It will bite them in the ar5e sooner or later.

  120. ‎(this is for the christians reading.) meaning no disrespect to the victims or their families…I was wondering why holmes called himself the joker and dyed his hair orange, when the joker's hair is dyed green…but then when i watched back the hospital scene in the dark knight the joker is wearing an orange wig at first. the whole scene is very eerie…i just wonder if the film has 'occultic' power to influence the minds of unstable people bringing about a spirit of anarchy (antichrist) in the minds and hearts of vulnerable people. As Christians we believe the word of God has 'rhema' power…spiritual power that transfers from the spirit realm to the natural…but the dark knight contains the devil's rhema preaching an antigospel message…a message without hope. joker represents the agent of chaos (satan, belial) who says "you know the thing about chaos…it's fair." two-face (schizophrenia) agrees with this chaotic message, representing those who will also say life isn't fair and the only answer they believe is to give into darkness and death. heath ledger got so far into his role as the joker that it affected his mental health (spiritually) and resulted in death. his performance had great power to bring the words to life… to implant an idea into the mind of the viewer. i'm not making an accusation about the director personally, but chris nolan is very interested in the concept of planting ideas into the mind…the whole of his film inception is about that!! so i believe that due to the fact he is not christian (so under the power of darkness) he has made a prophetically powerful film as a prophet of this world, literally speaking forth dangerous and deceptive lies of the enemy into the earth realm through the powerful medium of film.

    • I totally agree with this. There is enough evidence to suggest that Ledger was influenced by a spirit when he played the Joker, it disturbed him and lead to his death. That performance has now been transmitted to millions. Good point about Nolan's fascination with mind-control as well (Memento should be included with Inception). Making a version of The Killing Joke which was written shaman Allan Moore had trouble written all over it from the beginning – that depiction of the Joker is pure evil.

      Also, I believe Lil Wayne channels spirits as well, giving his video a similar wordly prophetic feel.

      • A friend of mine who likes being informed about those topics was telling me that allegedly most of the actors are inhabited by different spirits on and off in order to successfully perform their roles. I have no clue as to how far they go but it's something I would consider to a certain extent truthful. I mean they don't become what they become out of their good personalities or phenomenal talents a few of them. Everything is possible. Maybe that's why so many people get obsessed with them, they literally adore them and it's quite odd.

    • YES.

      anyone who has an occult/magickal past can attest to these truths.

      for those without such first hand experience… AVOID IT

      but DO NOT simply deny the existence of such things because you do not wish them to be true.

      enough already DO believe to set loose things you cannot imagine, and the non-tangible nature of their existence contains their power to influence. make conscious choices about your exposure and influences in the everyday world.

      "Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life."

      –Proverbs 4:23

  121. prometheus the trick on

    No offense guys, but this is NOT the first time in United States history that some deranged lunatic possessed firearms and used them in one of the most lurid ways possible. It won't be the first time and it sadly won't be the last time. That said, this shooting is chillingly similar to the 1999 Columbine High School Massacre (less than 20 miles away from Aurora, I should add).

  122. There's another bucket of turds to toss on the festering pile here.

    In the Dark Knight Rises there is alot of focus on how Bane, Wayne, and the woman who betrayed Wayne climb out of The Pit into the light. The scenes of Wayne climbing out of the round well-like entrance toward the bright light of …freedom? knowledge on how to defeat fear? rebirth imagery (yoni-ligum Hindu stuff), lot's of ideas pile up here. The movies is chock full of images meant to push us toward "the agenda."

    Another prominent idea is how the militarized police contain the evil and ignorant masses turned evil and later redeem them through the actions of the Dark Knight and the police.

    Then there's the struggle over the power source that will save the world and how it can be corrupted by evil. In this case, the false "revolution of the people" brought on by Bane. Convienient name Bane, though used in the comics as well, so that might be to keep in line with the comic canon.

    And that's just three of the top of my head.

    • How about Bain Capital, Mitt Romney's corporate raiding company?

      But really, this stuff is only meaningful if you pay attention to it and believe in it. Remember that old movie Skeleton Key? The whole plot was to get people to buy into their belief system. If the so-called illuminati, which is probably just the mafia, can get the masses to believe it is some kind of all infallible, super smart magical super power, and that we are powerless to do anything to resist them (hopeless), then they can easily make us their true slaves, which is all they really want in the first place. We must focus our energies on believing in the power of love, gentleness, kindness and mercy for all. And stop going to these stupid movies! You don't HAVE to go, afterall. And Why would anyone want to go see a movie based on a comic book anyway?

  123. There has also been some government projects being done, one of them being the oisee project. HUSH HUSH!

  124. Thanks VC for writing this article, as soon as I saw this on the news I started trying to piece this together myself. I find it interesting that gun control is once again a subject of debate now that this has happened, perhaps the goal of the elite is not only a blood sacrifice: but also to scare people so badly that they WILLINGLY hand over their guns and control to the government.

    I take no particular stance either way on owning concealled weapons, but I feel this may be just one more way that the Illuminati is attempting to gain total trust and reliance from the America people. Once they have that, they can proceed with the NWO. The government (or the elite) uses opportunities like this to drop in as a "savior" and make it look like the only solution is accepting more and more control from them.

    • The last part about "dropping in as a savior" can be found often in a book called the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.

  125. As I see it, no-one that is as 'out of it' as that man appears, could executed such a complex plan. I can honestly say, that in all my years of observation I have not seen THAT 'stone'. That man looks like he has had a frontal lobotomy!

  126. First of all, he's not the JOKER at all. THEY just call him that because we are more familiar with that persona. He actually is JAMES GORDON Jr. The son of Commissioner Gorgon. The duality concept is set into play as the commish is a law enforcer while his son is a murdering psychopath/serial killer. JAMES' always been a fan of the JOKER, even to the point of dressing as him for halloween. While being treated at Arkham Asylum, he actually talked the JOKER into killing his sister, Barbara Gordon. The whole GORDON family has RED HAIR. Also, the whole BATMAN franchise is about responsibility, and in JAMES' case, though he has been traumatized as a child, he CHOOSES to be who he is. They gave him a cure for his psychiatric disorder, he inverted the formula to make it worse. "Embracing who he is" he calls it. Yes there is a devil, but ultimately WE are our own enemy.


    • Interesting. I really never thought life would imitate the arts so much. So we live in a comic book world of adversaries. Add on hollywood's cryptic movies and the music industry's cryptic lyrics and performances, and there you have it. Reminds me of the movies The Game and Truman Show.

      • It's actually the other way around. Arts are a depiction of our spiritual reality. It shocks sometimes because ultimately we all wear the mask/illusion of physicality. Carl Jung proposed the theory of the ARCHETYPES. Every personality is based on those and that's one of the reasons why all mythology from across the globe, whether old or recent is basically the same. The same reason why, we are bound to relaunch, retell and reboot already known stories. For example: every god in the Hindu pantheon represents an archetype. Seeing it from that angle, without any religious barricades, one can easily learn more about who they are and strive to strengthen certain aspects while overcoming certain others. That way we stop blaming a third party for everything wrong going on in the world. There's a Joker and a Batman in all of us, there's a sheep and there's a leader. Denying it doesn't make any difference. But the choice is ours whether to cultivate a passive and pessimist trait or become the master of ourselves. WE are one. When one soul suffers, we all suffer. Wishing hell on somebody, no matter how MISGUIDED is the recipe for our current state of world. Don't just know who you are, know who you can be…

  127. opinionatedfuck on

    The guy was receiving an "elite" federal grant that funded his studies, and gave him $26,000/year in spending money… Somethings gettin' fishy..

  128. if only the stories involving individuals rightfully defending themselves with guns received as much publicity, perhaps more would be dissuaded from such acts, or at least diminished once underway.

    example: the OTHER Aurora, Colorado shooting from April of 2012!






    "A people who mean to continue free must be prepared to meet danger in person."

    Dec 1790 Rep. John Randolf

  129. Hi All,

    1) I guess the biggest lesson is that the 12 skeleton image is indeed cropped. Most likely by the author of this post. Symbolism is everywhere and it is done on purpose. The question should always be why. It's easy, look at my name, Hawkeye's, Sarah Conners, etc. I think the author's message in this case is that everything and anything can be manufactured to convey a specific message. Like, this joker's hair was red and not green, ergo a he is the joke and not the joker.

    2) The question of the booby traps is still unanswered. You can buy, "materials," but this usually means wires and shit. It doesn't include the stuff that actually goes boom. C4 is tightly controlled. Lower grade dynamite still needs proof of federal license, hazmat license to move, and a secure area to store the stuff. Also the cow poop and diesel concoction which is very dangerous to make. This leaves Tannerite which is used for exploding rifle targets. Still dangerous but I'm not saying how. So, which explosive did he have? Either way demolitions is a fairly complex science, phd student or not.

    3) Found out that you can buy CS gas online. This particular product can gas up a 9.4 yard cube over a 3 minute time. Its ok, but not exactly effective for gassing up an entire theater. Even with two people throwing cans. The news is giving the impression that the entire theater was smoked out. Gas disperses over time, I think its called osmosis?

    4) All these events are pointing to a bigger picture. There's articles saying that there have been three additional acts of violence since the Batman movie. There was vandalism involving a gun yesterday in my neighborhood. Anyone see the movie Pontypool? Considering how malleable our brains are, what if people are being conditioned into self destruction. Have the slaves go nuts, let them kill each other, consolidate wealth, rinse and repeat. Also, I only see an unfinished pyramid with an all seeing eye capstone in the letter, A

    5) Saw a movie called S.O.P yesterday. Its about Abu Ghraib. Watch it from the point of Mind Controlling the prisoners and cover up by the civilian elements above the Army.

    6) Great youtube video on architectural symbolism, its always been there, and its always been on purpose. /watch?v=8Ljxxg90RxU

    • I actually have seen Pontypool, and again I thought of the "zombie drug" and "bio-weapons" as I was watching it. And oddly enough, Pontypool has a similar plot as I Am Legend with Will Smith (which I mentioned in one of my other posts) — involving creatures who are no longer human "programmed" to attack the remaining humans.

      P.S. No symbolism was consciously intended when I chose "Hawkeye" as my screen-name… just the nickname of my favorite college team :-)

      • P.P.S. But Yes, you're point remains… symbolism is everywhere. And thanks to this website for pointing it out!

  130. Wow! Just watched lil wayne video. Not sure if there's any relation to shooting but plenty of symbolism regardless. Hey lil wayne…we're not stupid anymore, some of us see through your women degrading, youth demoralizing, demonic agenda……shitz getting old.

  131. aurora was the russian battleship that fired on the presidental palace in st petersburg.

    fired just one shot,to show that the revolution has begun

  132. I think we focus too much on mind control. This man clearly has several demons in him, and is more likely possossed than mind control. I think we should pray for this man, and hope he finds truth. If the occult and elite are devil worshippers and he is possossed by some demon then whatever he does will seem to be part of the elite plan.

    This is same for those who have the holy spirit, whatever they do will be in accordance with the will of God.

    There is a spirtual warfare going on, and it is becoming worse and worse. Turn your eyes to Jesus, for only he can save.

    • It is all the same agenda for the evil forces (they are all one team with one agenda), which is leading to the uprising of the antichrist. This story has already been told and we are living in the time that was prophesied about thousands of years ago. It has to happen.. and it is.

    • Agreed! I do think that a lot of psychologic disorders are actually related to demonic possession or activity in a person. In the case of mind control, it probably involves both traumatization and demonic possession. Further, if a person completely gives himself or herself over to Satan, he has the legal ground to dictate that person and his/her actions. This is mind control. Only the power of Jesus Christ can break that spell.

  133. I looked at the words to the Lil Wayne song.

    "I gotta put that patch over my third eye, Slick Rick"

    talking about Slick Rick famous for wearing an eyepatch

    it also says

    "She give me brain, research, and I prefer, reefer"

    brain research like the suspect was studying.

    another site noticed that for the preview of Skyfall which played before Dark Knight Rises, the word "Aurora" and a countdown clock flashes on screen.

  134. Classic case of demonic possession. As stated in the Bible we are in the end times and the demonic forces are running out of time before Jesus comes back. It refers to depravity like we have never seen before. Think face eating, sexual crimes (Penn State would be an example) and all of the shootings everywhere. The demonic forces need bodies to do their dirty work. If you are not under the hedge of God's protection, then you could be used by evil spirits. Drugs and alcohol are one way demons gain access to us. Which explains how a lot of people get "messed up" or "go crazy" after using drugs. This is all connected to the mind control stuff mentioned in other posts. Many of the people who commit these crimes don't even remember what happened because they were being controlled by demons. There are several ways to recognize if a person is possessed. One being the super-low creepy voice (referred to by the gun range owner who refused to let the colorado shooter join. He said the voice creeped him out.) Another is the all black eyes and/or that demonic glare. When you see it you know what I am referring to. Another sign is super human strength. Many blame that on drugs but really the drugs led to the possession. (The super human strength is mentioned in the bible referring to people possessed by evil spirits.)

    I am involved in deliverance ministry and I have seen it first hand. I pray for revelation for everyone so that the enemy can be exposed for what he is. He does what he does while trying to remain undetected. That way we never learn to deal with it at the root. It's like having a flooding basement and you just keep mopping it up. If you never address the source of the problem, it will never go away.

    • Good message: I agree completely. Too many people do not take into account how real the unseen world is in our everyday lives. Sadly enough, that's where the war is waged between good and evil.

    • They wrote the bibles and JC was a living man. The second coming is not something to wish upon innocent babes, nature or this beautiful planet. It is a Whirled World Vision of utter devastation.

    • There is no such thing as 'all black eyes'… unless someone puches them.

      You can have enlarged pupils that may give the appearance or simply very dark brown.

      I'm sick of these ignorant assumptions between dark eyes and evil

    • Heather,

      I agree with you. I say the thing to people and they think I'm crazy. But there is a difference between someone being mentally ill, high off of drugs, and possessed. Rudy Eugene (the "Miami Zombie") was possessed. There's no logical explanation to explain his behavior. Drugs can not and will not completely alter a human being into someone with wild animal instincts. It's impossible. James Holmes was also taken over by "something"

  135. I've been checking for a post everyday since this happened, cuz the first thing I thought when I heard it on the news was Mind Control &/or blood sacrifice. This guy was too precise and too well equipped to be just some nutty fan gone off the deep end! From the execution of the shootings to the rigging of his apartment with trip wires and explosives–this screams programmed!! And oh, by the way it happens on the night the movie premieres so a sucky film gets a boost in promotion! This smells to high heaven!!

    • What I would like to know is who funded all of this? He was a college student, so where did he get the money for all of these high-tech guns, ammunition, booby traps, bombs, and gear? Something is definitely off.

  136. I KNEW IT



    I have to admit, i never thought ppl wud have been killed

    as soon as i saw him i knew it was a play on the joker

    i have same feeling about the olympics

    i hope n pray no1 dies this time

    n the little wayne thing is desgusting

    how can u know that ppl, innoecnt ppl will be killed n you do nothing

    they are no better that mass murderers,in fact that's what they are.

    sck bastards.

  137. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dendermonde_nursery_… People have forgotten this one! This 2009 Belgium event was also a widely reported batman related mindcontrol incident. "The man was reported to be wearing black and white makeup with his hair vividly coloured in red, similar to that of The Joker." These things always come in threes. a personal tragedy , a mass murder or terrorist attack and a disaster. but also on larger levels as the three films all have tragedy connected.

    • it's a little weird how the belgium killings were on the 1 year anniversary of heath ledger's death. it seems to be a special ritual on that day!

      • I live in Belgium and when that happened I was in shock, but after that it appeared the media blew it up and he wasn't actually wearing make-up and didn't have his hair colored, his eyes were just dark because of the lack of sleep and he was pale. That's it.

  138. We live in a psychopathic society! Please watch the video "The Corbett Report – Psychopaths in Society" on YouTube. The masses have no idea that the people they elect have certain traits that enable them to rise to the top.

    • @markanon- Good catch! Creepy. Not just the eye, and the one world "Union" bit, but the Roman fasces, too, the bundle of sticks that gave their name to fascism.

    • wowza…so I guess we shouldn't be all too surprised about the denver airport looking the way it does…

    • WTF! Thanks for pointing this out, I had no idea about the all seeing eye being on it and this dates back to the late 19th century! I made a comment about the Ayn Rand connection and Atlas Shrugged earlier on (#66), but we appear to have a chicken and egg situation here. In fact, Ayn Rand may have been aware of some existing NWO connection with Colorado as opposed to the other way round!

  139. Satan/Lucifer is the being that is 'pulling the strings' behind the scene, VC. Satan/Lucifer pulls the strings of the elite as well as the loners. I believe that we are giving the elite too much credit for something that dumb humans are simply not capable of. The governments of the world are full of the smartest and brightest but yet look at the state of the world. Human beings, even elite ones, are simply not capable of coordinating everything that conspiracy theorists give them credit for. The elite are simply Satan's puppets as are the loners, no more and no less. I think that we tend to give the elites or illuminati credit when we perceive what appears to be large scale coordinated wickedness but when it come right down to it, the illuminati are just as dumb as the rest of us and maybe even more so if they worship Lucifer. The time has come that we need to assign blame to Satan/Lucifer for coordinating the large scale destruction that is overcoming the world. Dumb human beings give their power over to Lucifer in return for power and money and while the dummies are partly to blame for surrendering to a defeated being, they are nevertheless deceived in believing that Satan loves and cares for them. Satan/Lucifer is the one pulling their strings though and the sooner we start admitting it then the sooner we can learn how to overcome him.

      • Yes maybe so, well Yes your right, but thats not good enough. Do you truly think God is gonna accept the fact that you sinned because you said "The devil made me do it"? No, well I know it may not have been what you fully meant, but thats basically what you said. If we just sit back and say its not the elite who are doing this, we will just be giving them that extra boost in their plans. Im here saying its not time to give up, we still have hope with God. A puppet is no better than its puppeteer sadly. To prove this, Judas wouldn't have had to repent if you were right. Also the elite only appear so smart because they set up plans they know will work through trial and error, ex. any fool can figure out playing with fire will most always burn them in the end

  140. another thing that make one believe this was actually a manchurian candidate/mk ritual is the predictive programming in the upcoming James Bond film; Skyfall. in this new installation of the bond franchise, agent 007 is mind controlled like a manchurian candidate/assassin to complete a mission and his trigger word is "skyfall" which "awakens" the mindless assassin in him. the strangesssssssst thing about the trailer is tht at the 0.40second mark, the word "AURORA" shows up above the massive screen on a building (the freaky thing is that this trailer showed just before the film premiered and so did the trailer for 'gangster squad' which showed a scene where a gangster shoots up a film theatre) . already there was an eyewitness tht reported seeing the James walking out through the emergency exit to pick up his phone and take a call before coming back in full killer mode. perhaps the person on the other end of the line was feeding him the trigger word? http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/108738/SK


    • Skyfall – the god Set fell below the horizon into the Underworld. That's an earlier version of the fall of Lucifer mythos.

    • The original Batman comic book storyline which inspired the Dark Knight Rises movie was called 'Knightfall'.

    • Sorry, but that's not the trailer that was shown before "TDKR." The trailer you show is the teaser trailer. There's a new one, not yet online, that is longer and has a lot more action, including a fight scene on a train. I was at the midnight screening in SoCal and saw it.

      Also, nobody's said anything about Bond being brainwashed to kill (which is actually the event that kicks off Ian Fleming's last novel, "The Man with the Golden Gun.") as the plot for "Skyfall," which is allegedly about M making a big mistake that Bond has to clean up.

      I think the VC makes some good points and I value this website. But it doesn't help anybody when misinformation muddies the water.

      • Being a legally armed citizen doesn't equate to being a killer. License or not, people who want to kill via guns will find a way. What the above poster was trying to say was legit.

        I know some neighborhoods where this wouldn't fly because there would have been people with guns (legal or not) who would have shot the sh** out of this guy. Or at least tried.

        RIP to the families. Not trying to blame them or their loved ones, just this incident should not encourage gun bans. Maybe more patrolling around movie theaters at night. Maybe alarms on the fire escapes. But when people want to do crazy stuff they will find a way regardless.

  141. I believe that movies can have spirits attached to them (speaking from experience). The Joker character in Dark Knight helped to destroy Heath Ledger's life. The character, as inspired by Alan Moore (who is a self-professed shaman and is heavilly into witchcraft), is demonic – the Killing Joke. The new film has its own issues, but the previous film spread darkness and it continues to amaze me that people view Ledger's performance as magnetic and even "sexy" (as one female critic remarked in her review for the current film), when it celebrates evil and revels in it. People liked the Joker more than the Batman, there is no doubt that was the concensus when the film was released. As for me, it made me sick, and I sensed something about it then that it appears has now born its horrific fruit.

    I believe this individual was influenced by the same malevolent entity that attached itself to Ledger during the making of DK. It's tragic and while I don't believe anyone can or should sue the filmmakers, the studio, the theater, ideas do have repercussions. Maybe we shouldn't celebrate darkness so readily. Maybe we should name it and reject it. Tragic.

    • BeNotDecieved on

      'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places' Ephesians 6:12

  142. !!!!!!SUMMARY!!!!!!!!!

    – only 2 months to learn about explosives

    – SWAT bomb squad can't diffuse bombs and have to call in FBI

    – FBI says it was the most elaborate booby trap they'd ever seen

    – on unemployment

    – buys $20,000 worth of guns and explosives

    – officials maintain he propped a door open

    – every single witness who has talked to the media says that someone has let him in

    – no access to gun range

    – 911 call from Air Force captain notes "reloads fast…probably military"

    – Ph.D student in neuroscience

    – gave lector about subjective reality and influencing perception

    – suddenly cuts of all contact with school, friends and family 2 months ago

    – quits playing WoW, which he had played for years

  143. There is more than one secret society but lucifarians/illuminati get blamed for most things of this nature. YES I noticed the movie theater had 12 skeletons exactly (sigh). Celebrity children have been dying (Usher's stepson and Sly Stallones son) and now this. Just enough NEGATIVE ENERGY needed to fuel the London Olympics? The shooting happened exactly 7 days before the opening ceremony.

    • I don’t know if it’s a fact but Stallone -allegedly- was using sex slaves in dubious films before he became worldwide famous and also he was a friend of one of the dodgy presidents who was previously a movie star.

  144. herez my 2 centz

    duh its staged ANY1 can go see the Warner brother documents online that prove they funded and planned this whole fiasco soo obvious and of course the shooter is MKed

    thanks 4 reading

  145. I could be counting wrong (it is late and I have had a long day) but it looks like there are 12 skeletons in the lil wayne theater clip. Please correct me if im wrong.

  146. Here's what brought me over to the conspiracy side of this incident:

    Wasn't James Holmes supposed to be one of the best students at the neuroscience doctoral program at the University of Colorado? Yet he was (calmly, from my impression) withdrawing from the program and buying up his weapons.

    I could understand someone who had been disturbed enough for the higher-ups to drop him…or if he had tons of student loans which he realized he would have never paid off, but outside of the offhand hints of imbalance there was nothing listed to show him going mad. Just him "withdrawing from the program and buying up weapons."

    That's when I began thinking something was up.

    • Lord William Holmes is the mythical character in the Tom Clancy novel "Patriot Games" (which was also a movie with Harrison Ford)…

      In the movie (which apparently was not endorsed by Clancy himself due to script alterations), the beginning scenes are filmed at the Old Royal Naval College (which is right across the River Thames at the other exit of the "GreenWich Foot Tunnel" (completed 8/4/1902 ~ & was recently closed due to 'cough cough' renovations)… The other side of the Greenwich Foot Tunnel is exactly where the obelisk is placed in the scene depicting the opening ceremony of the Olympics…

      In 'Patriot Games' ~ an attempt is made on the life of Lord WILLIAM Holmes (who is a fictional royal character) by the IRA(n) terrorist group…

  147. This article is on point, as soon as I saw the reports on T.V. about this I immediatley thought there was something fishy about it. Today they ran a 20/20 on this and it was so disturbing how they tried to hard to paint Holmes as a "loner" or "the quiet guy, or the pretty much the guy who's life went wrong and he turned crazy. I find this all extremely disturbing, everything fits together way to well. I'm worried about what might go down at the 2012 Olympics.

  148. I have to get this off my chest. A year ago I had a dream (literally and NOT figuratively) that Mitt Romney was president. This was before I knew he was even in the running. Normally I don't believe everything I dream, but count on this folks, Romney will be president. I am neither democrat nor republican. Phew…

    Anway, about this. SADLY, blood sacrifice makes a lot of sense and it goes along with their propaganda and distraction agendas. James Holmes thought HE would be studying the brain, and instead, had his brain being studied and manipulated.

    I was watching GMA's bit on the mk'd perp, and I noticed something interesting. As they were showing footage, they started fading Holmes' face and I noticed they had him pictured with one eye, and the a few seconds later that eye would fade, and the other eye would become focused. Don't know if anyone caught that. Perhaps it's their way of communicating to eachother (or us?) that this was part of the Illuminati agenda.

  149. presentiment on

    The "Eyeful Tower"

    Has anyone else noticed the Olympic Stadium is on an island, connected to the land by bridges, just as is Gotham in Dark Knight Rising? It becomes a crucial plot point when the island is seized by Bane and the only means of escape to the outside world is the one bridge is left intact.

    Hmmm… A stadium on an island… where did we see this?

    • presentiment on


      "First bit of advice if you’re coming over: If you can manage it in your carry-on, bring your helicopter. Deal with the rooftop missiles later."

      "Once you arrive at Olympic Park, it has a dystopian-Kubrickian feel, like a city-sized monument to aluminum scaffolding. With a few exceptions, the structures are pure technology, the appeal is pure schmaltz, and the functionality is pure guesswork."

      • presentiment on


        "But to what purpose this crushed, swirling rollercoaster design by sculptors Anish Kapoor and Cecil Balmond? Ay, there's the rub.

        An observation deck? Maybe a mysterious monument to the Olympics, a la the Sphinx to ancient Egypt? Or just a piece of modern art?"

        "After the effort put into creating the most efficient, leanest structures for an Olympics, the Orbit Tower is 2,000 tons of steel knotted and tangled into a gigantic totem pole for the richest man in the U.K. and the ego of our Mayor Boris Johnson," Wainwright said.

        But has the public just not seen its true purpose?

        It seems to perfect to hold the Olympic cauldron.

        Mittal, whose company donated the steel and is funding most of the 22.7 million-pound ($36.5 million) project, maintains there is no place for the ceremonial flame atop the tower.

        But The Associated Press was told it could not access the looping structure this week because games organizers are preparing it for Friday's opening ceremony and are trying to keep parts hidden from the public."

        "It's strange if there are no ties to the Olympic cauldron, to make sure when the flame was lit for the entirety it could be seen all around from an open area," Anna-Maria Sponaski, a native of Vancouver, British Columbia, said Tuesday as she peered up at the tower.

        "The world won't be able to avoid it, either, since the tower forms the backdrop of global television coverage."

    • I was trying to sort things out regarding the main villain character in the movie The Dark Knight Rises “Bane” and considering his name, let’s see what I’ve noticed. Also, this role is played by Tom Hardy, which was born in London, England, UK.

      Let’s find BANE’s letter in Alphabetical order by using (Numeric order):

      A=1 B=2 C=3 D=4 E=5 F=6 G=7 H=8 I=9 J=10 K=11 L=12 M=13 N=14 O=15 P=16 Q=17 R=18 S=19 T=20 U=21 V=22 W=23 X=24 Y=25 Z=26



      2+1+1+4+5= 13


      Who can complete this draft?

      I do not have that much knowledge in secret numbers and so whatever.

      • you simply added an extra 1 to make your equation equal 13. Why is A worth two 1's???

  150. dark night rises ….there was a cartoon in the daily telegraph in australia ….and caption was the dark day descends…..and,, golden dawn is occult as well

  151. Don't student loans get dispursed to students through their school? Does the school have any records of loaning him 20k? Who was his loan lender? If his credit cards were used, where are the transactions? It never sounded right.

  152. As soon as we heard this story my husband thought it had to be staged in order to control guns. Soon no one except the police & military will be able to have weapons & we wont be able to protect our homes,ourselves or families.

  153. I automatically wondered who the hell let him in dressed in a protection suit & gas mask? How could that not have been a set up. If he did “prop a door open” I find that hard to believe that none of the workers noticed it open

  154. Not sure if this has been mentioned, but in relation to the town being called Aurora.

    You said that in Mythology Aurora is the goddess of the dawn. Dawn is all about illumination. The movie is called Dark Knight rises and the night rises before the dawn. Aurora was said to have been the mother of Lucifer(according to that mythology). Lucifer is known as the light bringer, son of Aurora , son(sun) of the dawn. Light bringer = illumination.

    One final thing regarding illumination(illuminati) is the university of Colorado Denver where he had been a student. Their motto is…get this…"Let your light shine". Coincidence? Perhaps.

  155. Hello fellow Vigilant Citizens!

    I've been "awake" for more than three years now and found this site 2 years ago. First of all, thank you VC and the VC community for sharing the Truth as well as analyzing and evaluating symbols and symbolism as such.

    I think that this shooting was staged as the one in Norway a year ago. Everything falls together as always. It always tickles me a little bit if I have to call somebody 'blind' or 'stupid' but in this case I just have to. The sheeple of this world are denying the existence of a hidden secret society/agenda/Illuminati although there are clear signs for their existence.

    I myself am exposed to heavy criticism regarding my world views and opinions. I am Catholic and believe (like most of you here) that Jesus Christ will return soon to end this wicked games the Illuminati and Satan worshippers play.

    Besides of this terrifying shooting incident, the viral "I, Pet Goat II" video is another freaky, weird, dark and occult step of the Illuminati to have a good laugh on "us".

    Brothers and sisters, I pray to God that I am wrong but I believe something will happen the day after tomorrow (27th July). It will be either a bombing, shooting or the introduction of a powerful and important figure (the Antichrist).

    My prayers and compassion are with all the past and future victims of those staged 'sacrificial' attacks.

    All that has happened and is happening right now is written in the Holy Book. The End Times have begun fellow Christians, pray and repent for the End is near. But we should not lose hope for the darkness has no hold in this world when the Son of Man returns in his magnificent, merciful and everlasting glory. I hope the people of this world will wake up and confess that He is the only Lord, our God. If, and only if this happens we all can enjoy Paradise in God's presence.

    As I mentioned above, I believe something will happen in the next two days.

    May God bless you VC, your community and all people of this world who haven't sold their soul to the devil yet.

    • Oh no, they advertize their shenanigans. Good call indeed.

      "Aurora has suffered from dissociative identity disorder for some time: Jeanne-Marie represented her more prim and proper persona while Aurora represented Jeanne-Marie's more outgoing, repressed personality traits. The personalities were later merged into one relatively healthy personality although her sanity has deteriorated in recent years and they split again." wikipedia

  156. did anyone mention the ad's to batman were all about THE PHOENIX symbolism? the rises dark knight, from the ashes…. id be curious to see the movie now.

  157. Also would like to add:

    FOLKS DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE. You are becoming an active participant in the ritual and supporting their sacrifice. Please, I beg you to stay away from this movie.

  158. Stadium island:The stadium site is on former industrial land between the River Lea (which rejoins the Navigation below Old Ford Lock), the City Mill River, and the Old Pudding Mill River; parts of the Bow Back Rivers. Another branch of this system, St Thomas' Creek, 200 metres (660 feet) to the south, completes an "island" surrounded by water. Two hundred metres to the east is the Waterworks River; on the eastern bank will be the Aquatics Centre. This "island" site for the stadium lies at the southern end of the Olympic Park. The existing waterways will be modified to surround the stadium, and access will be via several footbridges positioned around the building's perimeter.

    ArcelorMittal Orbit looks like it is the stadium on the top of a torch and look at all the red spewing from the inside to out.

    Lakshmi Niwas Mittal (born 15 June 1950) Mittal is one of the richest men in Asia and in the United Kingdom.[7] and in Europe[8] He was ranked the sixth richest person in the world by Forbes in 2011, but dropped to 21st place in 2012

  159. The name of the Olympic Opening Ceremony show will be ‘Isles of Wonder’ and the worldwide broadcast will commence at 9pm.

    Be not afeard: the isle is full of noises,

    Sounds, and sweet airs, that give delight, and hurt not.

    Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments

    Will hum about mine ears; and sometimes voices,

    That, if I then had wak’d after long sleep,

    Will make me sleep again: and then, in dreaming,

    The clouds methought would open and show riches

    Ready to drop upon me; that, when I wak’d,

    I cried to dream again.

    William Shakespeare – The Tempest

    From the Olympic flame, the Rainbow motif and ‘All Seeing Eye’ used for the Wenlock and Mandeville ( say this: We unlock Man devil) mascots and now the use of The Tempest in the opening ceremony, the London Olympics will be full of masonic symbology and the opening and closing ceremonies should include further occult symbology .

  160. Venus Williams takes the O-torch:

    “Well, I’m your Venus, I’m your fire at your desire

    Her weapons were her crystal eyes making every man a man

    Black as the dark night she was….”

    To also go along with Venus the planet connections.

  161. The £81m budget emphasizes 9 as being 8+1 and also because 81 is 9×9. The mirror image of 81 is 18 which is 6+6+6 or a 666. The £27 million is another 9 (2+7) and if you take one third of the 27, the result is 9. So, the one third of 81 is 27, and both numbers feature the 9. This 27 from the budget figure matches the date of the opening ceremony, July 27, which matches the weight of the special bell, 27 tonnes. The ceremony happens to be scheduled at 9 pm. All these "9" features are intentional, of course. This is the single digit number for the mark of the Beast transformation, which you must realize is a fundamental meaning of the signal Masonic 33. This numeric signal expresses the ultimate objective. These spells of antichrist delusion work to that end.

    • Yes you're right. That leads me to the opposite side, I like doing things the other way around. If it gets darker, I might as well go lighter.

    • You and so many of us here have been blessed with the knowledge of truth! It's a blessing. We should use it to protect ourselves and others.

  162. I went and watched the Lil Wayne video. Even though I'm not sure I buy into everything being a conspiracy, that video has lots of symbolic messages. It's very choppy, strange and the lyrics make obvious connections to symbols used in conspiracy/Illumanti talk. But I counted the skeletons in the actual video, there are more than 12. It's just the clip that was posted here that shows 12. So don't get too hooked on one idea. There is a bigger picture, literally. But that video was gross, in my opinion. And the pattern of music seems conducive to brain washing. It concerns me that people watch this without caution. I noticed it's youtube like were 30 something thousand and it's dislikes were 19 something thousand. So apparently, a majority of people who watch it don't like it. That makes me feel a little better.

      • Many people have gone to the dark side. How come they like watching skeletons? They seem to be infatuated with death and destruction in a way.

  163. I am in Dallas. Since this has happened there have been two shootings here. What I want to know is, if there has been any shootings,breaking gun news or any of the sort in your town since this.

  164. very interesting stuff, to me the trailer plus that lil wayne video is enough to show something is not right with this, because to me that proves something was planned. not a coincidence at all? yeah right. among the spiritual evidence, very wierd a few days before this happened i was doing research at my work and came across aurora, co staring at it a bit. hmm interesting name for a city, although i go through hundreds of diff. cities a day, the whole auora i got from it was wierd,then this happens. i really hope more of us can get in tune with our spiritual side and realize there is warfare here, very much so.

  165. Maybe we should consider that maybe this guy is just a wacked out psycho.A manic depressive with no morals, in extreme cases, might be capable of something like this.

    • Yes you sound like the reporter from the news.
      Continue to believe what you are told.

      Every being in this universe has morals, every being knows right from wrong.

      Manic depressives don't go around shooting people, they spend most of their time just self loathing. Get a clue and wake up.

  166. Good call VC.

    More bullsh*t from a ponzi sceme Bullsh*t get something for nothing society.

    Just more distractions for the corn syrup proletariat by their masters.

    Have to put most of the blame on the proletariat for allowing this to get to the point it has.

  167. I've recently been interested in numerology, and significance of the number 7 as an occult symbol. I just did the math. 12 dead. 58 injured. 1+2=3/ 5+8=13/ 13+3=16/ 1+6=7. It's far fetched. but not that far fetched our lives are run by the number 7. 7 days a week, 7 sins, wonders of the world, catholic sacraments. I could go on as I'm sure many of you also are. Illuminati? maybe…

    • Yes a significant part of that scene in the music video includes them sitting in a theatre with 12 skeletons in the audience.

  168. I'm just glad I'm not crazy, my mom called me psycho I try to read the bible to my little bro, teach him what's right and wrong, I tried to get my mom to watch the I PET II video and the meaning of it and the anti Christ at the end, she saw obama on it and she got mad at me and said how could I watch something like this, I told her people worship him like a God and I can see that in the video people are fooled because his color he is the joker, ummm she doesn't like revelations she believes in God but she thinks that part is evil, smh but it's a very important clue into our society now and what to look out for, if people are not aware of that they can be led into the wrong direction..

  169. Would you accept that 90% of what you have believed to be TRUE all your life is wrong, distorted or a straight lie? Worst of all.. MOST OF WHAT IS REAL….. has been purposely kept from you.. Interesting article, Rest in Peace to anyone who lost their life due to such an sacrificial massacre.

    Sidebar: The animated short film, I Pet Goat 2, may coincide with something catastrophic in London. Perfect Timing by the Elite.

  170. 1996 – Centennial Olympic Park bombing: in Atlanta, United States, a pipe bomb explodes at Centennial Olympic Park during the 1996 Summer Olympics. One woman (Alice Hawthorne) is killed, and a cameraman suffers a heart attack fleeing the scene. 111 are injured.

    July 27th

  171. Im sure these Elites/Satan crooks would love to bomb this site but then again theyd prolly get more of a kick out watching all of us speak the truth but not be able too do much about it… Theyre sick for accepting Lucifer as theyre King!

  172. what about all the military ppl that were in there with their weapons that didnt even attempt to bum rush this dude as he was changing weapons, reloading, and during a time where apparently one of his guns jammed up….what's the comment on that?

  173. Out of all the hair colors why does the comic book guy happen to have orange hair just like the killer???!

    Also gotta admit that the skeletons number = number of victims is disturbing…

    Did you know that just before the killing, the guy first threw a gas bomb in the room, people would see it and notice the smoke yet they never found it suspicious cuz they thought it was ''part of the film''…seriously… that's how dumbed down people became…

    God bless you guys.

  174. Another thing as well, they are going to use this when they decide on the UN Arms Treaty. They are arguing that if a civilian had a gun (less gun control in the future? I think so) they could have saved everyone in the theater.

  175. Maybe enough chatter, and enough ignoring the lame-stream media, and we'll get to discover the name of this psyop is "The Dark Night Rising" (rather then Knight). Also, I saw another comment that mentioned the name of the movie could be a nod towards our president. I'd had that thought as well and agree it's possible. It comes at a perfect time. That UN treaty is pure NWO.

  176. Mind Control makes even more sense knowing that someone (a handler?) propped open the emergency exit door to let in the shooter. No one can even identify the shooter because he was wearing a mask the entire time.

  177. I do…I think the effects of vicotin are being a little over exaggerated. I used to play sports with kids who would pop them before a game if they had an injury. I've taken them when I've had injuries. To imply that vicotin of all drugs would be used in mind control is a stretch to say the least. If any painkiller were used I would assume it would be something much stronger like morphine…not that I understand why painkillers would be used in the first place. The theory doesn't make any sense to me

    • I can assure you no opiate intoxicated person would go around killing innocent people. And with 100mg you have to have a high tolerance to not die from that dose. At that dose you would be literally immobile.

      If you take a small dose yes you can be active. Roman gladiators used to consome leaves of the poppy plant which is where all opiates come from to die in peace if they were killed in battle.

      If this were truly his intention he would have commited suicide or let the cops shoot him, which did not happen.

      THey wanted him alive to stir of controversy on the new so the ongoing trial could continue to brainwash the sheep.

  178. There is also a scene from "Newsroom" with Jeff Daniels where they show a man dressed up as The Joker on the news.

  179. I may be wrong put in the lil wayne music video there appears to be 12 skeletons in cinema. Didnt twelve people die that day? And isnt 12 a occult number?

  180. About University of Colorado being the place of this possible mind-control, it was reported today that he spelled out everything he was going to do in a notebook and mailed it to a professor. now why would he do that? Was he reporting back to his handlers or something. I agree there's a lot of weird things about this massacre that doesn't make sense.

  181. (Assuming this was, indeed, pre-planned with higher forces involved) There are likely some occult goals that were accomplished in this incident, but from a more legislative perspective, the government stands to gain a lot. They've been going after the 2nd amendment for a while now, and with this under their belt, it can be a major talking point for the elections to get some traction behind taking away gun rights once and for all…and it wouldn't surprise me if his "shady internet activities" start becoming a major topic of discussion in the news, like if he was researching how to build a bomb, different types of machine guns, etc. (if it hasn't started already)….that could help the public buy into the government's desires to monitor and control what we do on the internet. There's definitely something iffy about this whole thing…but what else is new?

  182. Notice…. in Lil Wayne's Photo there are 12 skeletons… the same exact number of people that were killed………..

  183. Yikes. With this shooting and the olympics approaching rapidly I'd say things to take a turn for the NWO..they might stage a disaster, fake alien invasion, anything to cause widespread panic. and there really would be nothing like "aliens" to do that. What are your guyses opinions on the olympics? Not really much we can do except for wait for the rapture…

  184. Society and life are complex. In times of uncertainty we look for explanations. Looking for patterns help us provide this explanations. Tying the explanation back to a single malignant secret organisation provides some of that certainty we yearn for. When we can only see one answer we have effectively given up our power. Questions are the most powerful parts of language.

  185. shadeandlight on

    Alex Jones said something about a UN small arms treaty that Hillary and Obama was going to be signing on July 27th, (If I remember right)..so.I wonder if this has something to do with it. Also, Fast and Furious failed so again, I think it has to do with gun rights and look how fast the MAIN SCREAM MEDIA jumped all over this and demanded gun control.

  186. 'Funny' how it is so easy to figure out Mind Control once you are aware of it. My friends and I Had been talking about it nonstop the past few days. However, since I havent really followed the whole incident that intensely I wasnt aware dude said he is The Joker. Anyone who needs more evidence that mind control really exists, they dont deserve any better. Im sorry, but how can people still be blind? One of your best articles to date.

  187. There is 12 skeletons in Lil wayne's picture…. I counted for the "fun" of it:

    12 fucking skeletons, 12 victims in the Aurora shooting.

    My thoughts to the families, it is despicable what happened to them, if it was made on purpose on top of that… It is beyond evil.

  188. someoneisaw*nker on

    Internet use might be linked to mental illness but so drugs/alcohol/pharmaceuticals are. Google it if you must. So each to their own eh? Everyone has their own shortcomings, nobody is perfect. I bet you have your own 'addictions', hence you're not big or smart because you point out the shortcomings of others.

  189. someoneisaw*nker on

    By the way nobody is trying to crack a code or so, it's only some reading out of interest/curiousity. Honestly I don't think many people care about things that won't last for good.

  190. Why doesn't anybody question the fact that there were parents at the midnight screening with toddlers, babies and young children?

    The movie has an age restriction that is obviously being ignored, and we wonder why society produces disturbed minds – through force or just bad parenting?

  191. Innocent people have been killed during that night.

    Those murderers have no heart since they must do that so they achieve worldly objects promised by their devil, Satan.

    It is all clear now, I sympathy but yet have anger with people who doesn’t believe that Satan (Iblis, Shaitan) and demons (Jinns) do exists and some people do worship them.

  192. I think everyone is missing a much more obvious correlation, including VC, the police and the media in this shooting massacre. Maybe VC can do more with this than I can.

    Matthew Modine stars in the Stanley Kubrick film Full Metal Jacket as Private/Corporal/Sergeant James T. "Joker" Davis. He also stars in The Dark Knight Rises as Deputy Commissioner Peter Foley. It seems much more likely that the shooter/killer James Eagan Holmes is channeling the Joker from the Kubrick film rather than the Batman film the Dark Knight.

    In the Kubrick film, Private Joker wears a peace-sign medallion on his helmet as well as writing "Born to Kill" there, which he explains as an expression of Jungian philosophy concerning the duality of man.This would seem to resonate more with James Eagan Holmes, a student of neureo-science than would the Batman Joker. And correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Pvt Joker also have a folded up Joker card in his helmet band?

    There is plenty of mind control to be found in FMJ including the incident that finally turns Private Pyle into a stone cold killer and a psychopath as well. Pvt Joker(Modine) tries to help him throughout the first part of the movie until the mind altering "Soap Party" where Pyle then becomes the perfect Marine. He then kills his Sgt, himself and spares Modine.

    Private Joker finally becomes a full fledged Marine at the end of the film when he is forced by his squad to kill a wounded sniper and he finally develops the "Thousand Yard Stare" now exhibited by James Eagan Holmes in court. The Marines then march off to their camp singing the Mickey Mouse March.

    This would also better explain James Eagan Holmes dressed in military garb and use of military weapons far better than the Joker of the Batman film who never dressed that way except in a police officer uniform(see Modine) and firing a bazooka at the police swat van carrying Dent.

    The orange hair is still a mystery.

    • You are spot on concerning Full Metal Jacket. But I do not think it relates to this.

      Pvt. Joker did not cause Plye to kill the sgt and commit suicide. Only reason Pyle let Joker off the hook was because he was his only friend. He killed the Sgt because he hated him.

    • You do have a point though when they kill the sniper at the end. Which may I add was probably a 15 year old Vietnamese female. She was wounded and suffering saying "kill me, kill me", Joker did not want to kill her and then the asshole machine gunner told him to do it and he ended up killing her with his sidearm.

  193. i really think that this event is connected to something big about to happen….

    as VC mentioned, there really is a strange connection among the words regarding this event, "Dark Knight RISING", "aurora" and what to think about this title for the 2012 olympics opening? The ARRIVAL….

    "The film — to be fed into the opening ceremony — was given the name “The Arrival”. " http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/biza

  194. When I saw the news article that the shooter was acting sleepy and disconnected in court I was hoping you had an article on this, it seemed like something was up. Here's an interesting story, opening night of that same movie our own main theatre in town had a fire, forcing the movie to be evacuated and delayed four hours. It barely made the police blotter, much less the news, but I thought it a strange coincidence with what occurred the same night in a different state at the same movie… What other occurrences may have happened at other theatre at the same movie and not made the news?

    • Im still curious on

      Interesting there was a "prank" done in the theater my boyfriend had gone to in Nashua, New Hampshire. I think Chunky's Cinema restaurant (on Coliseum Road). The only other possibility is that he drove up to Cinemagic in Merrimack, Apple Tree Cinema 12 in Londonberry or maybe AMC Tyngsboro 12?

      But depending on what theater you went to I do think that it is interesting that we possibly now have two different theaters with the same fire evacuation.

  195. Anonymous777 on

    This is just another tactic to take away more of people's rights. Obama will no doubt try to abolish the 2nd amendment ( right to gun ownership, the right to protect yourself against a government tyranny)

  196. Is it true that when people are controlled by devils they are dead? They cant hear – ears cant hear, eyes cant see, heart cant feel, hands and legs not aware. I read that somewhere that if a person is controlled by demons or devils, the best thing is to ignore them, pray and place a barrier between you and their devils. It apparently works if you are religious and you have very strong faith. If a person enters your room and they are controlled by devils if you have the Quran in your room and you pray the devil will stay outside your room unless you invite them in by intention to gossip, talk idle talk etc. I think it works? People who have no faith, indulge their senses with no regard to divine decrees or follow devils are not in possession of themselves apparently so if you see someone starting mischief for you and you feel it, I heard that praying and showing you are strong will scare their devils and you will see their faces and movements change.

    We all have to be careful, God Bless.

    The living are mostly dead and the dead are alive. Ask for guidance and knowledge from those who have wisdom……..

  197. Has anyone seen Derren Brown:The Assassin. A guy was programmed to assassinate someone when he saw a pattern and heard a noise. Holmes left the cinema when there was a gunshot scene, ie someone could have numbed his mind and made him watch it knowing he would have shot.

  198. Ok now your getting a little carried away I love your articles but disagree with this one I dont think noone is responsible for what the idiot did its all his own doing, he is obviously crazy but I believe this is work done from pure evil satan himself and Mr. holmes was just his puppet!! I dont think the media or an elite group had anything to do w holmes.

  199. Rose from Massachuse on

    It may be "just one of those things," or it may not…

    But what would make an obviously bright young man turn so violent? Surely if he was descending into madness, he would have shown signs previous to this fatal outburst?

    If he suddenly just "lost it," as some believe, then "something just ain't right here."

    It's a tragedy for everyone involved.

  200. Holmes was at one point involved in research for soldier modification with connections to DARPA. His father is former military who now does computer systems work, company also has connections to DARPA. Grandfather slash high ranking military as well. His family is also direct generational descent from Mayflower settlers, possible generational witchcraft??

    • That's very interesting, and would explain alot….do you have information or proof that you can share that will back this up?

      • Sorry took me a bit to find the original article – http://www.infowars.com – article is titled "Holmes DARPA Weird Science" – it's no longer on the front page of the site, do a search and it will pop up. I'll have to do a quick look for the Mayflower article. All I know is once I read about 3 generations of the same family w/military & DARPA connections I was "enough said"!

      • Okay Mayflower connection is in a Daily Beast article, just search " Holmes Mayflower" and that article will pop up!

        interesting reading, there we're NEVER any such overt connections to DARPA/military/CIA types in previously suspected incidents. As I don't believe that TPTB are getting lazy, they must feel that things have reached such a tipping point that they don't care nor believe that it can be stopped. Anything that DARPA actually admits to doing, you can be fairly certain they are light years ahead in what they are actually capable of.

  201. The Dark Knight Rises = The Knights Templar's are rising. "Homes" , martial lawMeaning the Templar revenge of the attacks in Jerusalem in the 1700s.

  202. Maurice Rose on

    January 24, 2008: Mary-Kate Olsen's Connection To Heath Ledger Death Revealed

    Diana Wolozin, the masseuse who found Ledger’s body naked and face down in his bedroom in a Manhattan apartment, called Mary-Kate before calling 911, according to a report in The New York Times.

    But why did Wolozin phone the Olsen twin for help before calling authorities?

    At that point, Wolozin reportedly picked up the actor’s cell phone and dialed Mary-Kate in California (who Ledger had programmed on speed dial) to ask what she should do, knowing Ledger and Olsen were friends.

    But now news comes that Heath and Mary-Kate may have been more than just friends.

    According to a report in People, the two were dating prior to his death.

    According to police, when Wolozin told Olsen that Ledger was unconscious, Olsen said she’d call some private security people she knew in New York and hung up, the Times reports.

    After shaking Ledger again, Wolozin reportedly called Olsen a second time and told her she was calling 911.

    According to a new report, police said Wolozin spent nine minutes making three calls to Olsen, with a fourth call being made after the paramedics arrived.

    However, according to the Associated Press, police say the calls don’t have a major bearing on their investigation because it's believed Ledger was dead when Wolozin arrived.

  203. Totally agree with @come-on here.

    1) There are people hired for the sole purpose of provocateur. Hitler, I believe, was initially a provocateur of the nazi party. VC could be a Provocateur with a couple of assistant agents posing as posters.

    2) Misinformation and counterintelligence go hand in hand. Be suspicious of all information and informants. The internet is like being in public with your pants down. Its safe to assume you're being watched, tracked, baited. Start rebuilding personal relationships again, its the only way to beat all of this.

    3) Be careful being confident that you have nailed the culprits of all these coinciding events. It could all be random. But, it could also be orchestrated. It could be aliens, secular government, Royals, Illuminati, communists, Iranians, Chinese, COBRA, MI6, Corporations, Swiss Bankers, Italian Guild Families, etc. Point is there are a lot of theories out there.

    4) Check out azteccalendar.com plug in inportant dates and see what you interpret. December 21st is not a Y2K bug of our universal calendar where everything explodes. Dec 21st is (or something) in Aztec time. That's pretty interesting. Do 28 July and 27 July this year.

    • Well said. I think the main thing to keep in mind is that the people behind these things are few in number and hold wealth beyond our comprehension. They operate through an apparatus that does not appear on the public radar at all.

  204. i live in london and everyone started forwarding this text message after the batman shooting…!! what are peoples' opinions?? it's worrying to say the least… but as we say in Islam, "They plan but God plans too… and God is the best of Planners."


    #Fact – Wretch 32 Adidas advert, he’s rapping about ‘tick tick time bomb’ and has the London Undergound drawn out on a girl’s belly in the video.

    #Fact – Kylie Minogue sings about time bomb and the video is in London and she’s singing about how we ain’t got long to go.

    #Fact – Tinie Tempah and Labrinth singing Earthquake saying they predict fire they predict riots they predict evil and that we better run. And what we are about to witness is not an illusion.

    The video is based under an Olympics stadium and on the car number plate says ur all dead.

    #Fact – you have programmes like BBC3 who release things like spooks code 9 that show whats gonna happen wen the Bomb goes off, they did the same with the 7/7 bombings.

    #Fact – You have the euro 2012 advert showing London on fire and the world at war, kinda weird for a football advert…

    #Fact – Olympic mascots with 1 eye of the dajjal/antichrist, and the logo spells zion, and shows big ben being stepped on in the advert.

    #Fact – Recently attacks carried out by MK ultra manchurian drones. (Research MK ULTRA, they have been experimenting on people since the 1960s) They brainwashed someone to shoot 12 people at the screening of Batman. Human sacrifices that happened 7days before the London olympics. The day before the shootings occurred, Lil Wayne released a music video showing 12 skeletons in a cinema.

    #Fact – Obama said we cant blame things on iran yet cos their isn’t enough

    Evidence. But their gonna use the olympics to blame iran. So they can finally start the ww3. Which they have been planning for years, as they aim to reduce the worlds population by 90%

    #Fact – alot of people are striking 24hours before the olympics so the security is weak on purpose.

    #Fact – All of the security have dropped out, so they are hiring students + Immigrants that know nothing about security.

    #Fact – They are turning the metal detectors off during peak times of the Olympics.

    #Fact – The security company hired (who has now dropped out) Have been only PRETENDING to do the bomb checks over the last year.

    #Fact – Soldiers who have been shipped in recently, told security workers that they are here to prepare for the evacuation of London.

    #Fact – They closed the central line between leytonstone and bethnal green on london underground on june 6th for 32hours, blaming it on water bursts and leaks. Using thames water as an excuse.

    Sounds like they are installing/have installed explosives.

    #Fact – They might be using Project Bluebeam (Fake UFOs) to scare us on the closing ceremony. In the news it says that you should look in the sky on August 12th. And that they aren’t planning for terrorists, that all the missiles are for UFOs. It would be perfect to scare us all into subjecting to the new world order.

    #Fact – They are very well capable of doing this, they would use holograms. We’ve all seen the Tupac hologram recently. Did you know they are experimenting now, and that some of the clouds in the sky right now, aren’t real, but in fact they are holograms?

    #Fact – They have been doing a lot of predictive programming in UK TV. (predictive programming is when they show what’s going to happen on TV, so that when it happens, we’ll accept it easier.) They have been showing the movie Independence Day on repeat, They’ve released over 15 UFO invasion movies over the last year alone. Even yesterday, (4 days before the olympics) I was watching Eastenders, and halfway through the programme, a little boy drew a picture of his family, with a blob in the corner, his mum asked ‘whats that’? He said, ‘its a spaceship. They said if we don’t give them our babies, they’ll kill us all.’


    #Fact – Recently one of the RockerFellers quoted “all we need now is a major disaster, and the whole world will accept the New World Order.” He also said, “the New World Order WILL happen, wether it’s through consent or conquest.”

    All of the above are FACTS. None of it is made up. If you don’t believe me, do your research.

    If you want to ignore this information, go ahead. But it’s going to affect you, and the Olympics is starting in a couple of days, July 27th. So don’t be scared. Pray, warn your family + be prepared. WHATEVER HAPPENS, DO NOT GET THE MICRO CHIP. Also, soon the AntiChrist is coming. He will have one eye, (his left eye) And he will claim to be God, and will say all religions are fake. DO NOT FOLLOW HIM.

    • When is it going to happen? The opening ceremonies or the closing ceremonies..I think that there gonna stage a false rapture and annoint the antichrist

    • And then you have those Foster The People Kids telling ppl to "run run run faster than my bullet" can't leave those guys out

  205. VC, I've been using your site for quite awhile now (since I was about 16) and I've never commented on any of your articles before. In this case, I feel like I just have to say something. As soon as this happened, I just knew it was propaganda! The media is once again telling us what they want to tell us. After doing some research as well on this, I happened to come across some articles stating that there will be a gun control treaty being signed tomorrow by Obama in favor of the United States. I find that to be awfully suspicious due to the fact that it was planned out (or publicized) at the beginning of July. Yahoo is trying to make it sound like Obama wants stricter gun laws because of Aurora but if it was planned out ahead of time. I also find it strange that it's being signed on the day of the Olympics. It's like they're trying to distract us. This whole thing just seems so shady. Anyways, thanks for the article! You always give a good analysis. God bless you!

  206. someone mentioned that it was weird what profession he was in, and how he could have very well been experimenting on ppl and being experimented on.. a couple of days ago i watched both movies Anatomy (1&2).

    this movie proves that theory may be more than a theory. lol

    *very good movie; full of conspiracies, symbols, creepy "doctors", "research"…i cant describe it. too strange to not be true.

    heres the wiki page on the film… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anatomy_(film)

  207. I don't know if anyone mentioned this because I didn't take the time to read everyone's message but why doesn't VC talk about the fact that actors and actresses are always used in these kinds of events? VC seems like a very intelligent guy, yet he never mentions the media fakery involved in these staged events.

    Just watch the interviews of the alleged "witnesses" and you'll find that many of them are very bad actors. Just like the ones for the Tucson massacre. Are these events occult ritualistic killings like Alex Jones and VC want you to believe or are they STAGED and completely fake?

  208. So all of you believe something is going on, yet all you are doing is posting on the web. Its great, so many collective minds with a mass number of intelligence. Just imagine if just the minds in this thread pulled together, what they could accomplish…

  209. VC, the moment I watched the News in regards to this shooting, the first thing that came to my mind was "OK, the people behind this shooting wants a gun law to be passed…say maybe review the current legislation or prohibit people from owning fire-arms.

    If the ruling elite are in on this, it won't be surprising if Obama and Romney are VERY QUIET on this issue..especially in the lead up to the presidential election…They will let the people decide, the people will have to want it…they will have to cry for it…That's the tactic….If they say something now…later on, the people will realize that it wasn't their choice and that they were forced into it…Quite frankly speaking, we have a world full of sick ruling people and i just hope and pray that those tragically killed will rest in peace and their families will find peace.

  210. "The source said police and FBI agents were called to the University of Colorado Anschutz medical campus in Aurora on Monday morning after the psychiatrist, who is also a professor at the school, reported receiving a package believed to be from the suspect. Although that package turned out to be from someone else and harmless, a search of the Campus Services' mailroom turned up another package sent to the psychiatrist with Holmes’ name in the return address, the source told FoxNews.com."


    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/07/25/exclusive-mo

    MY QUESTION: IF "the package turned out to be from someone else and harmless" How did the Prof. even consider that there was any package AT ALL? Oh yes, they found one..but THE PROF COULD NOT HAVE KNOWN ABOUT IT before reporting the first one. Does anyone else but me see the lack of logic in this???

  211. I don't know if anyone else posted about/noticed this, but 100mg of Vicodin?? The "strong" pills (aka "Lortab", "Norco") have 10mg of hydrocodone (the delicious ingredient) per tab. I think this is as strong as they come, so the report is that he took ten tabs (at least; if he took "regular" Vicodin, then he took TWENTY tabs)? If he's not a junkie, then he'd have OD'd on the hydrocodone; otherwise, that's enough acetaminophen to blow his liver. My point is that if they aren't accurate about one detail, how can we count on ANY of the report to be accurate?

  212. Stop watching FOX News! Stop listening to Rush Limbaugh! Alex Jones is just as bad. They spread lies, misinformation, paranoia to incite the fearful minds of Americans. The end result is all of us hating on this group of people or that group of people. I am sure that most of us consider ourselves patriotic to some extent. Well then, why do so many of you want to throw the American President under the proverbial bus? He has done more good for this country than George W. Check it out for yourselves.

    • Im still curious on

      The problem is that they are all lies and hogwash. A lot of people use Fox News as easy targets but forget about CNN, MSNBC, Headline News. The whole of the news is literally owned by a handful of corporations and thus cannot be trusted because it is set up to propagate their agenda. (Especially when those companies are there to push their agenda).

    • Yes: That's because he doesn't want to end up in an electric chair, and it paves the way for an insanity defence. It's what anyone would do, and no doubt he's done it under advice from lawyers.

      Whereas if this was an orchestrated plot, it would be far, far tidier to simply arrange to have him shot while being arrested. Occam's Razor: There is no conspiracy, just one over-stressed man, running amok and lashing out against society.

  213. In the lil wayne vid. there is a scene in the theater room of him and 7 other guys. and wayne and 1 other guy (behind him) are standing up covering their ears as if some loud comotion was going on (like gunshots ). and in that scene, there are ONLY 12 skeletons. interesting

  214. Some may claim demon possession, since he was involved with neuroscience he could be experimenting with allowing "spirts" to enter the body by meditation as the book "The Material of Ra" was such a experiment. Some say demons may enter and posses using this method.

    The NWO crew would use such a tragedy to remove our 2nd amendment rights so when they have a police state we could not arm ourselves. Obama "Assault rifles are for the battlefield." If they can take our weapons we could not stand up to a police state or any state control.

    Remember the 2nd amendment is for us to bear arms against a tyrant gov't.

    just some ideas.

  215. Just one correction: Though the "Gangster" trailer was shown before some midnight showings of "The Dark Knight Rises," it was not shown in Aurora. Unless this story in the NY Daily News is a lie (always possible):


    But in the NY Daily News' defense, I saw a midnight screening in Southern California and there were six trailers but not one for "Gangster." So it clearly did not play everywhere.

  216. i'm a pharmacy tech and one: vicodin is not as strong as morphine (unless you take ridiculous amounts of it). vicodin and morphine arent even in the same class as far as controlled substances go. two: there is NO WAY 100mg of vicodin made him shoot those ppl. for one, the only way he took 100mg was if it was in cough syrup form (or he chopped a pill into 5 parts). i just had my wisdom tooth pulled and i'm taking two 7.5/500mg of vicodin every 4 hours…and i'm at work functioning fine. vicodin is a combination of 2 drugs: hydrocodone and acetaminophen (tylenol) the 500mg is 500mg of tylenol. once again, there is NO WAY vicodin made him do this. which drug that is in vicodin did he take 100mg of? Makes no sense to me

  217. Maurice Rose on

    Mon, Jul 16, 2012 – Toronto Block Party Shooting < Colorado Massacre Fri, Jul 20, 2012;

    Toronto Police are concerned about possible retaliation in the wake of one of the worst incidents of gun violence in the City’s history, which left two people dead and another 23 wounded. Shooting erupted at a block party in a Scarborough neighbourhood on Monday night, which police believe was attended by at least 100 people. The shooting left crowds of people fleeing the neighbourhood near Morningside Avenue and Lawrence Avenue East, as police arrived at the scene. Police soon determined that two people were dead and nearly two dozen others were wounded in the spray of bullets. One person was trampled as panicked partygoers fled the scene. "The crime that occurred in Scarborough yesterday was unprecedented for the city of Toronto," Blair said. The party had been billed on Twitter as a "Hennessy party" where Hennessy cognac would be available for free. Earlier in the day, community resident Shannon Longshaw said she had organized a neighbourhood party for children that was scheduled to end in the evening. "I don't know who those people [are] who actually came," she said. "I had a small things for kids in the community." Resident Shelly Dupuis told CBC News she estimated the crowd at the later party was between 200 and 250 people. Dupuis said she was sitting in her backyard on Monday night when she heard a series of “eight to 10 shots” fired. “We came running through the back door, out through the front door, and there's people running everywhere screaming,” Dupuis said. "People holding their kids, picking up their kids off the ground. People running everywhere …and then I come around the corner and there's lights. Wall to wall lights. I've never seen this many ambulances ever.

  218. Maurice Rose on

    "Most important to note about James Holmes, however, this report says, is that his father, Robert Holmes, was said to have been scheduled to testify within the next few weeks before a US Senate panel on the largest bank fraud scandal in world history that is currently unfolding and threatens to destabilize and destroy the Western banking system. Robert Holmes, whose “blueblood” family links go back to the Mayflower, is known throughout the global banking community as being the creator of one of the most sophisticated computer algorithms ever developed and is credited with developing predictive models for financial services; credit and fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

    Educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Stanford University, Robert Holmes is currently the senior lead scientist with the American credit score company FICO, which was formally known as Fair, Isaac and Company, and which every American citizen is beholden to should they need to borrow money."

  219. I saw on CNN earlier today…….The killer, James Holmes was a psychiatric patient to his doctor who was his professor in college…..!!!!!! What on earth!!!! This professor should be the one on trial…he created a killer!!!!!

  220. There are 25 skeletons in the video at it's widest shot.

    It's obvious that there is a ton of crap that is going on in this world that we are being misled about and the mainstream media is a huge part of this. However, it is clear that the misinformation and disinformation presented in the alternative media is mostly intended to further confuse the world picture even more. Order out of chaos?

  221. Since this occurred, I have seen 2 more stories on the internet of "heavily armed" copycat Jokers who have been "foiled" by police before they could kill their bosses at work. Today's story is from Maryland.

    • Yes its dangerous to the user, Vicodin. Its very easy to overdose.
      But it effects involved just laying there like a heroin junkie, after all heroin is nothing but refined stronger morphine and Vicodin does have an opiate drug a little weaker then morphine in it. No would be going around shooting innocent people on Vicodin. And with 100 mg? For someone that doesn't have a tolerance for it 40 mg is the limit, after that you overdose and could die. If he was indeed taking 100 mg he was addicted with high tolerance. Which I wont believe either.

  222. Anthony perry on

    While I appreciate VCs dilligence, at this point I'm just wishing there was something we could do to PREVENT these tragedies from occuring. I hate that as part of the "profane" we can only sit helplessly and connect the dots after the fact. "Oh they got us again." I'm sick of being a part of a ritual.

  223. There is no doubt in my mind that the Illuminati were behind the Aurora shootings. They had to create a big enough diversion so that the American public wouldn't notice that Obama was signing an Executive Order that allows the governmnet to command privately-owned communication systems on the very same day. While we all had our heads turned, he quietly inked his name to the Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions Executive Order, which authorizes the US Department of Homeland Security to take control of the country's wired and wireless communications – including the Internet – in instances of an emergency. So basically he created an Oval Office kill switch for the web. The last days are upon us. Frightening.

  224. IMO, James Holmes comes from one of the 13 Illuminati Bloodlines and this whole incident may have been planned out years ago, as early as when he was a young child, this was all part of his training. They probably told (brainwashed) him that he was special and that he needed to do this in order to advance the cause of "the family" and the new world order and that it would all be for a greater purpose when, in reality, the incident would be used to revoke the 2nd amendment and gain more control over the people. So far, we know that he comes from royalty, grew up in San Diego, and later moved to Denver (both places with Illuminist activity and active groups working there). And he's obviously extremely intelligent to have been involved in the kind of work/research he was doing. In order for the programming and hypnosis to work the person must be very intelligent. The cell phone call was probably his trigger and then he ruthlessly murdered those people without saying a word or any feeling involved. Now it is being reported that he has no idea why he's in jail and is amnesic, maybe because the assassin personality has gone down and he has switched back to "James". Even if I am wrong, and he's not part of one of the bloodlines, then it was probably CIA based and I still think there's definitely mind control involved. Too many signs point in that direction. If we are right about it being mind control, I truly feel for the guy because they completely ruined his life and the lives of so many other people as well. I feel for the victims' and their families and even James Holmes, because he may be getting the death penalty. Spending all your life being a prisoner of your own mind and of his handlers all for what? Only in the end to be hated by society and possibly even sentenced to death. Pray for all of them.

    • You don't have come come from one of the 13 bloodlines to be targeted since a child…..

      They can target your family for generations to traumatize one generation to the next, in fact they will target opposition not their own.

  225. TheHolySpiritDwells on

    I have been reading from this website for over three years now after I stumbled upon it while reading about the St. John Cathedral. I have never posted, but the time is overdue.. The Aurora shooting was fixed, nearly everyone here knows that. But why? Because of James Holmes father, Robert Holmes. He has found out information that will surely oust the corrupt government officials. Trillions of dollars that seemingly vanished, that can be traced to elite bank accounts; all through a model. If this wouldn't cause the elite to attack and destroy his family, then what would ? This information is on the internet, but on very few sites, and they definitely don't include Robert Murdoch's news company. To be quite honest I wouldn't be surprised if this information isn't erased later; it is very sensitive information. Please spread the word and be vigilant about this to your friends and family so they can see and not fall into the trap that the occult has set !! The time is short my friends, the trumpet will sound soon, be vigilant, spread the word and give love. Praise the Lord !

    Here is the website : http://deadlinelive.info/2012/07/26/breaking-colo

    Matthew 10:16 Behold, I send you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves: be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.

  226. I will say after watching around an hour of the Olympic opening ceremony I had the best night sleep ever. Plus many people are saying it was boring and unwatchable.

    If that was the occult trying to show off…then they are pretty weak, or they just don't care anymore.

  227. I knew it from the start. Really, who just randomly goes to a movie theater and shoots random people for no apparent reason? When I saw the pictures from the court hearing and the way he looked " out of it " I knew it was mind control…. the whole ordeal screams mind control and cover up!

  228. Maurice Rose on

    July 13, 2012 – BARRIE, Ontario, Canada — Police and explosives experts combed through hidden bunkers, detonated homemade devices and analyzed unidentified chemicals on Friday as they sifted through the home belonging to suspects in a three-decade-old murder case.

    The extensive investigation in this central Ontario city prolonged an evacuation order that has kept 57 local residents out of their homes for the past 24 hours.

    Police put the order into effect on Thursday, hours after announcing arrests in a murder investigation dating back to 1978.

    Donald Feldhoff, 54, has been charged with First-Degree Murder in connection with the death of 26-year-old Michael Traynor. His 75-year-old father, William, has been charged as an accessory after the fact.

    Provincial Det. Insp. Michael Graham said the case broke the day before when Donald Feldhoff turned himself in at a local station.

    The subsequent arrest of William Feldhoff, he said, triggered the search of the house where the father and son had lived for decades.

    The cache of explosives, chemicals and firearms unearthed there is being handled separately from the murder investigation, he said.

    “There’s no indication that any evidence inside the residence is linked to the 1978 murder of Michael Traynor,” Graham said at a press conference.

    Barrie police Staff Sgt. Norm Meech said at least five explosive devices were found outside the home, adding exposed wires were also visible throughout the scene. Several containers of unidentified chemicals were also found toward the back of the home, he said.

    Meech said investigators also stumbled on a bunker that ran at least 4.5 metres long and more than two metres deep. A second, smaller bunker is believed to be concealed under the back deck, he said.

    Meech said it’s too early to speculate when the order will be lifted. He said the evacuation of 22 nearby homes was a necessary safety precaution given the potential danger of the investigation.

    “There are wires around. that’s why we have to proceed so slowly,” he said. “We understand we are inconveniencing the neighbourhood, but public safety is paramount. We will take our time and we will ensure there’s no danger at this residence before we allow neighbours back in.”

  229. Olympics opening showed scene from "Wayne's World". American film so that's not British. Wayne's world takes place in AURORA, Illinois. Batman is Bruce WAYNE. Batman shooting happened in Aurora, Colorado.

    Also noticed red hair, Annie Lennox and Sid Viscious (not sure on last one).

  230. In Greek Mythology, it was believed that the poets who wrote plays, the actors and singers who took part in them, were all regarded as servants of the God. The performances were sacred; the SPECTATORS, too, along with the writers and the performers, were engaged in an act of worship.

  231. When abductee decides to fight back, the ones who think they are in control are totally 100% astounded, surprised and sent into a panic.

    It's al about breaking the routine.

  232. James, James father and grandfather are involved in the Military Industrial Complex.

    James Holmes Family Tied To DARPA And Mind Manipulation Work


    Robert Holmes (James' father)

    Dr. Robert Holmes co-created software for FICO that was just released to accurately detect credit card and banking fraud.

    The rabbit hole is very deep. I hope that it makes it into the mainstream media.

  233. Wow I cannot believe a poster called someone stupid for not believing in a mythical man in the sky "god". You're the stupid one for believing in something that has absolutely no proof and a book written by man in which a snake talks and people live hundreds of years.

  234. COLORADO just happens to be the home of the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD and USNORTHCOM complex, which began its operations on APRIL 20 1966.

    Numerous crop circles and strange animal mutilations have occurred in Colorado.

    The Aurora Borealis (northern lights) usually appear in the colors red and green. The shooter's hair was dyed RED, and the Joker's hair GREEN.

    The Century 16 movie theater's phone number : (303) 363-0300. The number has nothing but threes and sixes in it if you don't count the 0s. With the aurora borealis lights, most of the time, they appear at 3 degrees or 6 degrees in latitudinal extent. Holmes' given age, 24, adds up to 6.

  235. Lol @ "Sam" – So God has no evidence?

    But this retard conspiracy has? How? A bunch of numbers and colours which adds up to some garbage mumbojumbo…

  236. 1) Of course actors and actresses are used as witnesses, why wouldn't they if they were there? I have seen many times before that indeed they do go to regular cinemas just like anyone else, especially on a premiere of a $161 Million movie…

    2) So what? Probably many guys wearing black and having backpacks?! Even if they were in it together, so what? Many murdering psychos like this probably had someone helping them. What does that prove that has the slightest thing to do with Illuminati?

    3) Yeah, most psychos believe it or not actually come from troubled homes with weirdo parents following weird cults and being involved in stuff that people rather not talk about.

    4) Aurora is a popular word. It appeared in Harry Potter too.

    Are J.K Rowling too in the Illuminati?

    Aurora is also a very common girls-name in Europe and the US.

    5) What paperwork? Come on, this is the US. People get illegal weapons from the street if they have the money to pay for it. It wouldn't necessarily have taken much time at all to plan it.

    Finally, nothing happened at the OS…

  237. Interestingly, there's 12 "skeletons" in Wayne's still… weren't there 12 ppl killed in this incident?

    I also can say that when it happened I was just kinda like "wow that's terrible. I don't wanna call conspiracy, but…" and then all these things come out and suddenly he claims amnesia. The entire situation is fishy, because certainly there was no way for him to sneak attack people like this and no one knew anything about it. Now there's controversy in regards to gun laws and how politicians feel about it… It's just horrible that the elite feel people are so expendable.

  238. @#2!

    For a battle trained monarch slave, haking sure to hitexactly 21 people and kill 12 is no problem. They are operating at a state of mind where they are super efficient, so called "bullet time" (see "the Matrix"). Also they are expertly trained in handling and shooting firearms with pin-point accuracy. Their "normal" alter may be a meek pacifist, but when they switch, you can have a killing machine.

    This is also why Diana's driver efficiently managed to hit the 13th concrete pillar in the pont de l'alma tunnel even when driving at a high speed. (13 is an important number as you may know)

  239. Human sacrifices are getting out of control. Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger, Whitney Houston, all murdered… and from what I can tell from my own research, it appears that Baal is the satanic god whom these sacrifices are made to and who the NWO elite worship.

    These mass murders by "lone nuts" continue to grow as well, it started with the "Postal Workers" in the US, then went to Tasmania, Norway, and around the world it goes… and in its wake we hear all the media and politicians scream for "MORE GUN CONTROL", and so the population becomes more and more disarmed to defend themselves when they finally wake up to the tyranny they are living in and its too late… all the while cheering for their own future destruction!

    Soon comes internet censorship being legislated around the world right now, and soon everyone will be plunged into the dark ages once again for another 1,000 years!!!

  240. @Hoffman Lenses… The rolling out of the Illuminatist agenda is in no way 'indoctrination into Mystery schools'. The Mystery schools of antiquity were centres of higher knowledge and learning. The Greek scholars were students of the Egyptian Mystery schools for example.

    One quote from Grace F. Knoche, book 'The Mystery Schools', sums it up this way:

    "A Mystery school is a university of the soul, a school for the study of the mysteries of the inner nature of man and of surrounding nature. By understanding these mysteries, the student perceives his intimate relationship with divinity, and strives through self-discipline and devotion to become at one with his inner god"

    That this information and knowledge has been misappropriated by the Illuminati through the most heinous measures (murder, robbery, lies etc) for centuries and twisted for their despicable means and worship of their (demon) Gods, money and power, does not mean that this esoteric knowledge was/is evil. It has just been used for evil means by these Illuminatists. The original information was intended to be used for man to better himself and free his mind through his relationship with nature and the cosmos. The Bible speaks of many similar things.

    Before I get accused of being an devil worshipper – let me break it down in terms of popular culture.

    At the moment, it would seem like Darth Vader is ruling the world through 'The Force', which people would then say 'must be really evil'. However, 'The Force' can also be used as the ultimate power for good through the Jedi Knights. 'The Force' is therefore a neutral power that can ultimately be used for good OR evil.

    Best not to 'throw the baby out with the bath water' as it is through knowing this pure knowledge (not the twisted Illuminati form) that we will all find our own salvation. We shouldn't be herded like sheep away from it.

    I know what you are trying to say, but misspoken words can lead to misinterpreted meanings.


    • Sigh, do your homework on the whole Star Wars mythology and George Lucas. Its also part of the conspiracy.

      The whole dark side jedi thing good vs evil is nothing but DUALITY new age bullshit.

      In fact the word Jedi comes from the Hebrew word Jediah which translates to "semi god"

      They are very good at mind control, what do you think Jedi MIND TRICKS are?

  241. I think the first mistake is believing that he even referred to himself as "the joker." Have you listened to the 3 hours worth of unedited police/fire dispatch? There is no mention of that anywhere. They also mention several witness accounts of there being more than one shooter. There a descriptions of a person in a blue and white striped shirt, red back pack…that was seen running around the far end of the theatre toward the street. There is a blood trail that leads in that direction. Interestingly, the blood trail does not lead to James's car where he was found. In the dispatch calls you can hear the police say they have the suspect in the car in full gear w/gas mask. So why was there another gas mask found at the far end of the theatre? Who does the pile of gear belong to that was found on the ground beside his car? Too many unanswered questions.