Mass Shootings and Mass Media

A press conference after the Sandy Hook shooting.

A press conference after the Sandy Hook shooting.


2012 was a year that was sadly defined by strange deaths and horrible mass shootings. The media attention garnered by these events surpassed any other type of news last year, maybe even the American elections. Even now, the trial of James Holmes and the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting are making headlines across the world. In both cases, the perpetrators of the murders were instantly elevated to the status of celebrity and, in each case, the number of deaths they caused is attached to them as if they were sport stats. During the coverage of Sandy Hook, news sources continually referred to the massacre as the “second deadliest shooting in History” as if it was all a competition and, even stranger, as if he somehow fell short of #1. As news stations fed on death and despair the same way hyenas feed on animal corpses, the audience, the TV viewer, was, once again, brought face to face with the culture of death that defines our era, where shock, trauma, horror and entertainment intersect in a twisted and perverted matter. As an entire Nation is in shock, millions of people with mournful hearts stare at the ever-looping footage broadcasted by news stations during their “live coverage”, hearing to the same “information” being said again and again by different newscasters. In the end, another traumatic event is embedded in the collective unconscious and another horrific story further defines our era.

These countless hours of live coverage do bear a single positive aspect: They sometimes allow unfiltered information to end up on the airwaves – which sometimes provide a different perspective on a story and what comes to be known as the “official” version of it. For example, in the first hours that followed the Sandy Hook shooting, several news sources mentioned the arrest of a possible second shooter. These sources confirmed the arrest of an adult male wearing camouflage pants who fled into the woods right after the shooting. However, after the first hour or so of coverage, no word about this man ever surfaced again. No information about this individual has ever been reported by mass media. Who was he? Was he another shooter? An assistant? If he had nothing to do with the shooting, why was he chased into the woods and why didn’t we hear from him again? How come no camera caught his face?

Who is Adam Lanza?


Let’s say that Adam Lanza was the only shooter in this tragedy. Who is he anyway? Why is there only one eerie black and white picture of his face available?  How come there is little to no information about him, about his story, about his last whereabouts and so forth? Was he truly autistic or mentally ill? Aren’t there medical records about this? How come he was so efficient during the shooting? Aren’t there surveillance tapes available?

In the weeks following the shooting, these questions were only partially answered and things will probably remain that way. The official story appears to be established, a face was attached to the event and that’s pretty much what mass media will divulge to the public. When many basic questions surrounding an event remain unanswered, chances are, something is being hidden. Or something was fabricated.

Could both the Sandy Hook shooting and the Aurora shooting have been carried out by mind controlled patsies in order to push a dark agenda? Given the lack of transparency in both of these events, it is honestly quite difficult to NOT consider this option. In this age of spy satellites, Internet access, wireless communication and so forth, it is nearly impossible for authorities to not have any relevant information about Adam Lanza. However, for now, all of this will remain Top Secret and in the meantime, public attention has been shifted to a new agenda.

I personally do not have any exclusive information about Adam Lanza, but there are many hints pointing towards him being a product of Delta Mind Control programming – aka “Killer Programming”. He was apparently “off the radar” for several years (was he being programmed?), he was skilled with guns and was very calm and efficient while carrying out the massacre.


Like all events that bear a somewhat ritualistic aspect, the Sandy Hook shooting is surrounded by strange synchronicities. For instance, several articles across the web mention that the words “Sandy Hook” are seen on a map during the movie The Dark Knight Rises. In the movie, the Sandy Hook island holds the Gotham stadium that super-villain Bane demolishes.


The words "Sandy Hook" appearing on a map during The Dark Knight Rises.

An area named “Sandy Hook” tagged as a “strike zone” during The Dark Knight Rises.

A strange fact is that a promo kit sent out to influential media industry individuals contained two items: A t-shirt and the map of Gotham City as seen in the movie.

Screen capture taken from

The promo kit contained a t-shirt featuring Bane and the words “Fire Rises” along with a map of Gotham City including an island named Sandy Hook. Screen capture taken from

On the map, we can clearly read that “Sandy Hook” is a “strike zone”.

That is certainly a strange connection between the Aurora shootings (which occurred during the premier of The Dark Knight Rises) and the Sandy Hook shootings. Is this all coincidence? Are the same people behind both attacks? Was this all preplanned? Are these “coincidences” actually synchronicities as defined by Carl Jung, which appear to materialize in order to highlight a layer of truth?

The Sandy Hook shooting also has an odd relationship to the movie The Hunger Games. As stated in the article  “The Hunger Games”: A Glimpse at the Future?, the movie basically portrays the ritual killing of young people taken from the masses in order to amuse and to appease the elite. Strange fact: the author of the story, Suzanne Collins, resides in Newtown, Connecticut.

The Aftermath

No matter what actually happened during these shootings, the aftermath will probably fit right into the elite’s plans. On a political level, wheels are already in motion to thoroughly modify the U.S Constitution’s Second Amendment, which protects Americans right to own and operate arms. While the U.S. Constitution used to be a sacred and untouchable document, it apparently now only takes one or two traumatic media events to allow severe violations of it. In the article about the  IRS Headquarters in Maryland, I noted that it is written right on the building “The Bill of Rights was not ordained by Nature or God. It’s very human, very fragile.”  That is what the powers that be believe. 9/11 lead to the Patriot Act and its violations of the 4th Amendment. Now we are seeing a great momentum against gun ownership rights. One of the elite’s major goals is to render the Bill of Rights obsolete … and it is currently happening.

On a deeper level, the mass shootings of 2012 forced our collective minds to further enter the elite’s “Videodrome“, where events taking place in set pieces tell the story of pure evil massacring innocence for no reason other than evil itself. Whether they realize it or not, the masses are participants in these rituals, as collective shock, sadness, anger and disbelief emanates out of every household in America, giving more power to these rituals and amplifying their impact on the world. In my article on the movie The Cabin in the Woods, I quoted the book Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare to describe the purpose of mass murders and their coverage by mass media. I believe the book is worth quoting again, as the Sandy Hook shooting appears to follow the same pattern.

“Of course, many serial murders are nothing more than the work of a single individual acting out a graphic horror movie he saw, or responding to powerful “psychotic” impulses for aggression and predation. But many other serial murders involve a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police. These murders are actually intricately choreographed rituals; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, them on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media. In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is paganized, brutalized and debased in this, the “Nigredo” phase of the alchemical process.

The French adept Antonin Artaud, architect of the theory of the “Theater of Cruelty” with its transformative power, and the inspiration for the extreme sex-and-death media of our time, had this to say about the processing of the Group Mind: ‘Aside from trifling witchcraft of country sorcerers, there are tricks of global hoodoo in which all alerted consciousnesses participate periodically… That is how strange forces are aroused and transported to the astral vault, to that dark dome which is composed above all of… the poisonous aggressiveness of the evil minds of most people… the formidable tentacular oppression of a kind of civic magic which will soon appear undisguised.’

The issue of controlling humanity with esoteric words and symbols encoded within a play, a media spectacular or a ritual is one of the most difficult for people to comprehend. That is why most people are viewed with utter contempt as “cowans,” “the profane,” the “gentiles” and the “goyim” (cattle) by secret society initiates. “I think we are farmed,” Charles Fort said of humanity. It was Fort who also suggested that man deliberately invented the dogma of materialism in order to shield himself from the evidence of what was being done to him by means of psycho- spiritual warfare methods hyped by “coincidence,” symbolism and ritual.”
– Michael A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare




    • I said it before on another post, but with VC's new comment format I don't think enough people got to read my comment (no one even commented),
      What I have to say is VERY important:

      I know exactly why James Holmes was used to carry out the murders. I know why Adam Lanza carried out those murders. And yes, they are connected.

      I don't want to get in trouble so I have to be very careful who I report this information to.
      But, time is short and I see that people don't want to be lied to anymore. So here it is.

      His statistician father, Dr. Robert Holmes, worked for companies that explored the concepts of “cortronic neural networks,” which would allow machines to interpret aural and visual stimuli to think like humans.
      Working on elaborate projects for companies like DARPA and FICO, he "has been in developing predictive models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models." –LinkedIn.

      There is something going on right now. It is called the LIBOR SCANDAL, the largest racketeering and money laundering scheme this world has ever seen, involving the disappearance of $48 trillion dollars. Dr. Robert Holmes, with his ground breaking software, helped pinpoint the exact bank accounts to which the money rests. It rests in the pockets of top government officials, CEO's, and International Bankers.
      He was going to testify.
      That is until his son was framed.

      At this point, I'd like to point out the importance of interconnectivity.

      Kevin Krim, a executive had decided to give the green light on the airing of a very important article. The article explained the details of the LIBOR case: the $48 trillion, the case number, the history aspect. It even went as far as naming names, many in fact.
      The very next day this article aired, Kevin Krim comes to his million dollar home to see that his nanny Yoselyn Ortega had murdered two of his three children. And, of course, the article was taken down within a matter of hours.

      Peter Lanza is Adam's father. He is the Tax director for GE (debate-ably the largest corporation on Earth). GE's CEO Jeffrey Emmelt is an advisor to Obama; Obama cabinet members are on the list in the LIBOR scandal. Is there a connection? Adam's mother is rumored to be in the CIA. Why did she have weapons in her household? She has to, it is protocol.

      "You see coincidences. I see connections."

      • LIBOR SCANDAL case #:

        This connects everything. The reason for the both shootings. (Read above post by TRUTH)

        SOME people involved:
        Assistant Attorney General Tony West
        Jon Corzine, former New Jersey Governor
        Robert Rubin (former Treasury Secretary)
        Timothy Geitner (Treasury Secretary)
        Vikram Pandit (former board member Citigroup)
        Anita Dunn (Obama Administration "communications director")
        Robert Bauer (Obama Re-Election Campaign Cheif Legal Council)

      • I read somewhere else that her weapons are CIA issued. She was using her son as an MK experiment. LIBOR; born and bred right here in London. Seven banks face questioning for rigging LIBOR. They are still scratching the surface of this LIBOR scandal. Behemoth.

    • Found this interesting info on pastebin:

      …They used a poster child for this to get everybody's sympathy and to get everybody's emotions up so that they could hopefully bring in a gun ban. They used a little poster child, a little blonde-haired blue-eyed six year old girl. She was the face, the poster child. She was supposedly killed along with the other 19 six year olds and seven year olds at Sandy Hook. Three days later Obama was there doing a photo op and she's sitting on his knee. She's supposed to be dead, used as a poster child, this little girl died – she's sitting on Obama's knee three days later. The same little girl.

      And then they have her parents interviewed. It shows that they're all actors. It never really happened, because the guy that was supposedly her dad, is shown in the video where he's to the side and he's laughing and joking with other people and then he's called up in front of the camera. He's off to the left. Then he's called to the center, to the focus of the camera to be interviewed and to give his speech about Sandy Hook and about his daughter. And he goes from on the side from laughing and joking with everybody, he comes up to the center and … he takes the joking, smiling face off and you can see him physically trying to force his face to look sad and then he starts talking about how his daughter's been killed. They're actors. There were no bodies.

      It was a made for TV drama to try to ram through the gun control laws, because they want to kill the American people and they can't kill armed people. That's why Hitler disarmed the Germans, it's why Stalin disarmed the Russians, it's why chairman Mao disarmed the Chinese and they killed between them something like 120 million of their own people. And that's what they want to do in America and they can't do it because the people have the Second Amendment and they have guns. So they have to do all of this, and they'll keep doing it. There will be more incidents like this, which are made for television, until they manage to persuade the American people to give up their guns. And then they'll start killing the Americans. Because the Americans are the only people stopping them from doing what they want to do already. They know they can't put their next phase, which is reducing the world's population, they can't put that phase into operation whilst the Americans have got millions of guns.

      • That “poster child” was an acquaintance with my family. She’s originally from where I live. She had just moved to CT a few months ago. That “poster child” actually list her life. That “actor” is actually her father. I went to her funeral.

      • Where is your proof? Did you see her body? And even if all that is true do you believe that this incident happened out of the blue or was planned?

  1. When the constitution Bill of rights is totally destroyed, slavery of the masses comes again. Obama signed an Executive Order/ Martial Order on March 16th, 2012 while the entire nation was focused on KONY2012. If you haven't heard about it or read into that executive order, I STRONGLY suggest you do so. You'd be surprised on the kind of dictatorship powers that will be allowed.

    With no guns, people will not be able to defend themselves. When this NEW WORLD ORDER gets here (and believe me, it's on its way), we're doomed. Our freedom and rights are being taken away, and we are being promised "PEACE AND SECURITY". But verily I say unto you, for the the book of 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 verse3 says, "For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction comes upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."

    Our only hope is Jesus. I pray that you find Him, and talk to Him. For evil lies within this world and this country of the United States of America. God Bless.

    • I seem to disagree with some of your comment. I don't think getting rid of weapons is something bad, or "this is the position the elite want us to be". With weapons or without them, they can still plot against humanity if they will. Look at it right now. Anyone can go to any armory and get a weapon. Weapons are only meant to hurt, and to kill, and nothing else. So right now this free use of weaponry is costing many lives due to disturbed people out there. The tragedy in Connecticut is horrifying, many innocent children died. If you ask me, this killer was not a programmed person or a member of any elite, this madman was a weak-minded lone person who was possessed by an evil spirit to commit such atrocity. Killing her mother first with cold blood? That tells you something right there.

      I don't think getting rid of weapons is plot from the elite. I really don't think that. The army and police will still have access to weapons, so if this elite is so influential and powerful, then they will manage to drive policemen to commit the same crimes if they want. I believe the US can stand a chance to avoid many of this horrible shootings. Owning a weapon shouldn't be a right to anyone, but rather a privilege granted to specific people to carry out specific security duties.

      But yeah, I totally agree with you on the Jesus part. Definitely, He's the only one who can put things in order, and the Word says He will. No one knows the day or hour, but He will punish all these evil forces for sure.

      • @ChrisNajar

        I don't like your words very much, sounds like something a paid shill would say. All you did here was bash guns and say that people should not have a right to own them.

        Guns are used to protect oneself and our family, yes that is correct, but what you & many others fail to realize is that our guns main purpose is to protect us from our GOVERNMENT.

        When you realize that our government kills more people than what these crazy lone loonies do, then you would stop saying what you just wrote.

        When our government takes our freedoms away and we get fed up and want to fight back.. the only way we will be able to do that is if we unite and take the streets with every gun that we have and march up to the white house 365 million strong. No army will be able to stop us.. better yet the army will be on our side. Guns don't kill people, people kill people. Guns are our DAMNED right and we will use them if our freedoms get taken away and we become a slave to this nation like we slowly are.

        You said: "I don't think getting rid of weapons is plot from the elite."

        I say: Open your fucking eyes.

        Dude you pissed me off, go back to sleep.

      • sooo you want to overthrow the elite?
        and you want to do it with violence?
        and you think that you will gain freedom from overthrowing them?

        dude no mater where you are there will always be an elite group, and no matter where you are there will allways be people with the short end of the stick that want change. You state the government is killing people. What do you plan to do with the gun? shoot flowers at them?….

        "I don't think getting rid of weapons is plot from the elite." i completely agree, if anything they would give us more. Why would they try to destroy society when you can.

        You say people kill people. But what idiot would put a gun in someones hands that seeks to kill people.

        It is the people that seek "Justice" that cause the most pain. But then again there is no such thing as Justice, only vengenc

      • Our government uses biological weapons on people, and we've nuked an entire country. I think their firepower is disproportionate at this point, although I understand the sentiment. Guerilla warfare might be slightly successful, but I don't know…

        Makes you miss the days of lower tech. But, Jesus died so that we might live, and we are to lay down our lives as well, walking in the Spirit, and in the will of the Father. We become greater by living by the Kingdom and not by the Letter of the Law.

        And anyway, this country is doomed if they don't repent. Guns won't save a people, just like guns won't kill a people.

      • Guerrilla warfare slightly successful??!?!? Have you been sniffing glue? Do you remember Chris Dorner? He shut down all of the Sacramento area…….just one armed man. What would happen if every hunter and gun owner in America stood up to tyranny? Vietnam wouldn't have anything on it.

      • When you put something in the hands of a few, you are giving them power to manipulate others with knowledge or devices that others can't reach. Giving weapons to a limited group that possibly could be misled by someone who interpret security duties as a form of submission is really worrisome.

      • When only a few (like the elite and law enforement) have guns, that area is said to become a military state. If you believe that taking away guns will help society, you are totally wrong. People are the ones that kill people out of sin. Jesus is the only one that can take away your sins. Rather than making new laws to ban guns, we can all just remember 10 laws that were already given to us: with one of them being THOU SHALL NOT KILL. If we live to follow God's Ten Commandments, there is absolutely no reason why we cannot become a better country and a better world.

        But all in all, all of this which are taking place has to take place because it was prophesied. Just like when Jesus knew He had to go on the cross to fulfill the law. All I'm saying is to be Vigilant, and watch out for the things that are happening around you. Because, like you said, no one knows the day or hour. God Bless you bro.

      • When only cops have guns, it's called a "police state".
        "One of the ordinary modes, by which tyrants accomplish their purposes without resistance, is, by disarming the people, and making it an offense to keep arms."

      • Although that may be true, our founding fathers did not intend for us to have access to guns to defend ourselves from sickos. They did it so if the government became too oppressive, then we would be able to revolt. No guns for the masses puts an end to that completely.

      • to ChrisNajar
        Love every word you say.
        I have learned a lot from our,soviet russian bloody history.Seriously, freedom lovers somehow got their minds brainwashed beyond any measure.Weapons to protect yourself? hmmmmmmm
        Old school.Back in 1917-1920 and again in 1933 and again 1937-1938 during bloodbath we had a lesson.Those who had weapons perished first.Their famileis just disappeared.Their possessions were plundered.From small village of my father 38 folks were taken.Few made it.
        Things to come are not different.Do not trust in anyone but God Himself.Crap will be stolen and gunowners will be astonished of the things they see.
        We had clear prophetic utterance saying that Lord will protect Chosen Ones,guidind and feeding them by some miraculous events and supernatural means.
        The Lord is near.Amen.

      • Banning guns won’t stop murders anymore than making alcohol illegal stopped people from drinking. What you’ll get is a bunch of law abiding citizens with no means of protecting themselves while the murderers are going to get guns regardless of what the law says. And OF COURSE banning weapons is part of their plan. LOOK at history for crying out loud disarming the citizens is usually the very 1st thing done by corrupt governments.

        Well on another note, a friends daughter works as an ambulance driver and she’s been telling us some weird stuff that’s going on. She was recently taken to a warehouse and told to equip 400+ extra ambulances and make sure they were ready to go. When she asked why the hell the county was keeping such a gross surplus of trucks her manager said “we’ll be needing them all soon.” She isn’t into illuminati stuff but she said it gave her a very bad feeling. Like… Ugh gun banning and all this stuff is just giving me creeps.

      • Guns do not kill people. People kill People. And if a madman wants to go into a school and start killing innocent children don't you think it would have been a good idea for someone with a Gun to shoot the madman before he could get too much damage done. If we are without guns then we have no way to protect ourselves. The Police and future Police will have guns and if we cannot defend ourselves then we are forced to do whatever they will ask or die. Not a world that I want to live in. I would rather want to have a fair chance at defending myself.

        I also believe that Jesus will come and do his part. But we have to do ours and defend our rights and freedoms. We cannot wait for Jesus to come and then complain to him "O why did ye take so long", God has given us two hands and two feet to defend ourselves, Not just an ass to sit around and wait, that will be too late.. by then too much damage will be done.

    • Its difficult to defend guns as a European, but for your country with your history you are right. Disarming Americans is definitely not about Justice. Ridiculous people can fall for that crap.

    • Thank you my friend. Truly….you are right. He is and was and is coming. These things must happen and we have been warned of such. And yet God is greater than all and should be feared above everything that happens now. These people that rule and enslave and lie and cheat the masses. That try to tempt us to sin and evil and trick us with empty promises. Who curse and ignore God and love the world and are soaked in confidence….they only have power because the Father… Father and yours allows it.

    • The New World Order IS here and HAS been here for centuries. This is the game we allow them to play – the end is COMING. Something will HAPPEN.

      ITS ALREADY HAPPENED, ITS HAPPENING. Stop living in the future and focus on now.

      • I know the New World Order is here. In fact, 9/11 was one of the key initiation of the New World Order, referred to as PNAC (Project of the New American Century). Which could not officially begin unless a catastrophic event, like that of Pearl Harbor, occurred.

        When I said "when it gets here", I'm referring to when the ruler of the new world emerges. Whether it be the Antichrist or just a powerful figure in the world that precedes the Antichrist. God bless.

      • Yes that's right Yorkcity 777, That powerful figure is coming and he is going to be blind in one eye, That is why you have the constant One Eye reference thrown in front of us constantly (Ask yourself who's eye is that on top of the pyramid?) and what is going on in the world right now is preparing the world for his arrival so when he does come it will be alot easier for him………..In fact he is already here but just hasnt appeared.

        Why do you think you have the Pyramid on the dollar bill with the Capstone seperate?
        Its because he hasnt appeared and when he does that capstone is complete and that has established the New World Order (Norvus Ordo Seclorum, thats what it says on the dollar bill, which means New Secular order in latin or whatever language it is)

        Nostradamus predicted Napolean, it happened……….He predicted Hitler, it happened……….He predicts a similar type figure which will come from Arabia, he is correct, but this person is going to be the most powerful of them all……………………………The ones that lack knowledge are the ones that perish

        People that dont stand for something will fall for anything!

    • Jesussavedmeandcanu on

      That was deep thanks for sharing that I am a Chrisitan and Jesus is defintly the only way out of this disaster.

      • Exactly. Your job and my job is to share the message of Christ. If we are laughed at, ridiculed, persecuted, or rejected, it does not matter. Our only task as followers of Christ is to spread the Good News. Whether other people accept the message that we give them or denounce it, it has nothing to do with us because we have done our job, and every man will be judged according to his own actions. God bless you, bro.

    • Really?? Jesus??? com´on dude!! you´re telling people to know more and to get their fat asses up from theirs couges then tell dem something real something they can do, because that thing youre promoting is unreal like the promises ur government is telling you all.

      • If you read this site. Then you know there we don't perticularly believe in the happen stances of coincidence. The Bible has cleary prophesied there are things to come that will be a clear symbol of the times to come. Many have been fulfilled, some yet to come. Don't have such blindness.

    • I'm an atheist, or at least agnostic. But when I just read your quote about destruction coming upon them, and our only hope is Jesus, I had a moment of dizziness, my mind and chest filled with some strange feeling like I was having a realisation of something, or an "epiphany" if that's the right word. Thoughts quickly flashed in to my mind along the lines of the whole world and all the media and ridiculous and crazy events and the materialism and superficiality, politics, organised religions etc, are all distractions to lead us away from the truth – which, who knows, is possibly Jesus, or that Jesus is a representation of the higher truth which humans are meant to get to.
      I'm not a weirdo of any kind and I'm not religious. But if someone intelligent can explain to me what I just experienced I'd appreciate it. Thanks. By the way, this kind of thing has happened to me a couple of times before, both times were after smoking marijuana, which I've only done a handful of times. This time I have not. I was sitting at my desk at work!

      • What has happened here is that you just started to use your brain and started putting things together. I am glad to hear you are an atheist because that means that you are thinking, not just blind belief like the majority of the world is doing. Myself, I am a submitter to GOD and his will. I encourage you to do more research and read up on the religions not to become religious but just to educate yourself. Read the 5 books of the Torah, read the Bible and the Quran. The knowledge will not hurt you it will only help you. and if you have read all of the above books and are still an atheist then atleast you can back up your argument. But I honestly don't believe an athiest can be an athiest without the knowledge of religions because then you are not an athiest you are just unaware of what is out there. All the answers are in the religious books. Believe in one GOD and don't idolize anyone else with GOD or above GOD. and do not give yourself a lable as a Muslim, Jew, or Chirstian. Just submit your will to the one and only and you find all the answers.

      • These feelings that you are having is you waking up to know the Truth. The Bible says that at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Christ is Lord. That's how powerful the name of Jesus is. And I believe that your spirit was touched when you read what you read, after thinking about everything that has been happening in the world. God is reaching out to you, and all you have to do is reach back out to Him and accept Him into your life. God bless.

      • I read that marijuana opens your third eye, the pineal gland. You had a glimpse of a higher consciousness. I was a Christian for many years but found that much of it is a lie and is used to keep people from the truth of the higher consciousness. The pineal gland is located in the deep center of the forehead and the ancients have know about it for ages. It forms a "triangle or triad". The pine cone is a symbol of the pineal gland. Where do you see that? Check out the Vatican, there's a giant pine cone there. The elite know the hidden mysteries and keep it from us. They poison us from every direction. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland. Most of us are asleep because the pineal gland is not activated. Search it out. Always seek the truth.

    • people can defend themselves without guns. You state that Jesus is the only hope. But last i heard Jesus is not a fan of murder.

      Do not think that violence is the way through everything. Violence only breeds more violence.

      Take note from Gandie, Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Marten Luther King Jr. Even Jesus

      There causes where all without guns…

      I could care less about the new world order. If the Elites want this world so bad, they can have it. I would rather go to heaven


      Here is the Executive Order titled:Executive Order — National Defense Resources Preparedness

      Section 101. Purpose. This order delegates authorities and addresses national defense resource policies and programs under the Defense Production Act of 1950, as amended (the "Act").
      [So, The "Act" is from 1950's, let's keep reading]

      Sec. 102. Policy. The United States must have an industrial and technological base capable of meeting national defense requirements and capable of contributing to the technological superiority of its national defense equipment in peacetime and in times of national emergency.[I see nothing to argue with here] The domestic industrial and technological base is the foundation for national defense preparedness. {Reminds me of the use of automobile plants for weapons production in WWII, again nothing to argue with] The authorities provided in the Act shall be used to strengthen this base and to ensure it is capable of responding to the national defense needs of the United States. [Sounds like a great idea to me! I've often wondered that since they've demolished the mid-western auto plants they used to make weapons in WWII it they thought China would sell the weapons to us in the event they (China) declared war on us or if there was a Plan B???]

      Sec. 103. General Functions. Executive departments and agencies (agencies) responsible for plans and programs relating to national defense (as defined in section 801(j) of this order), or for resources and services needed to support such plans and programs, shall

      (a) identify requirements for the full spectrum of emergencies, including essential military and civilian demand; [I think its a good idea to know what you are going to need in an emergency}

      (b) assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel; [Again, I think keeping an eye on the availability and quality of the resources needed in an emergency or peacetime such as LAST NIGHT'S SUPERBOWL]

      (c) be prepared, in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States, to take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements; [Certainly PREPARATION is key to handling a potential threat to the security of the US… think 9/11 or Hurricanes Katrina or Sandy if you want to understand why its a good idea to be prepared]

      (d) improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the domestic industrial base to support national defense requirements; and [excellent idea!]

      (e) foster cooperation between the defense and commercial sectors for research and development and for acquisition of materials, services, components, and equipment to enhance industrial base efficiency and responsiveness. [again an excellent idea because many technologies have both a piece-time (a) identify requirements for the full spectrum of emergencies, including essential military and civilian demand;

      (b) assess on an ongoing basis the capability of the domestic industrial and technological base to satisfy requirements in peacetime and times of national emergency, specifically evaluating the availability of the most critical resource and production sources, including subcontractors and suppliers, materials, skilled labor, and professional and technical personnel;

      (c) be prepared, in the event of a potential threat to the security of the United States, to take actions necessary to ensure the availability of adequate resources and production capability, including services and critical technology, for national defense requirements;

      (d) improve the efficiency and responsiveness of the domestic industrial base to support national defense requirements; and

      (e) foster cooperation between the defense and commercial sectors for research and development and for acquisition of materials, services, components, and equipment to enhance industrial base efficiency and responsiveness. and war time use, and more importantly we need JOBS]

      I'm out of time for now but let's keep reading to find the true source of the endless fear of everthing.

    • Yorkcity777 you are very correct but we are not doomed if we are His. In Revelation He tells us this unified power will NOT last for long but it'll be a time of great testing for His people.
      I say bring it on, the quicker the better because, whether I've done right by His Word or not, this filthy crazy mixed up abused world can be created anew.

  2. "Whether they realize it or not, the masses are participants in these rituals, as collective shock, sadness, anger and disbelief emanates out of every household in America"

    Wait. What does that mean exacly?

    • It means the government is using the people to carry out its agenda. For example, the Sandy Hook shooting is being used to enforce the gun control, seeing how they know that parents will be touched and will feel sad about the death of little children. Because of that, the masses will push for a gun ban.

      But my question is: if guns kill people, do pencils make mistakes?

      • You mean to masses by the ones who sit and watch TV all day, while listing viewing the mainstream media for their information? Sence so many people watch TV it can be a good tool for mind control. With TV we can create humans who act completley different form a person that is dosen't watch mainstream media. Seriousley if I owned a big TV company. All of the things I can make people do with it. The possibilities…

      • Both those people and citizens of the United States, in general. In other words, "SHEEPLE". Those who do not take time to research about things for themselves, and only believe what they are being told by the mainstream media.

      • Exactly, Glad2know. These events (and the way they are publicized) stir up dark, negative energy on a MASSIVE scale by putting literally MILLIONS of people into a mournful, grieving mood.

        Exactly WHO does this and WHAT they do with this negative energy is open to discussion, but there is no denying that there is a clear PATTERN at work.

      • My Theory:
        The negative energy is being harnessed to carry out the new world order. In other words, once people give up their will to fight and be free, they are weak (weakness is negative energy which feed the dark forces). So while the masses are weak and feeble who will be in charge, the dark forces. How will the dark forces rule? Through the negative energy that was harnessed from years of oppressive propaganda hitting us probably since the early 1900s. The negative energy (or the forced weakened state of the masses) will keep everyone in line so the new world order can be strong and powerful.

        If we only get a few thousand people that will refuse to be weakened and incoherent (or give off the negative energy). Who will rise up in freedom and individualism (positive energy) we can at least have a fighting chance. I WILL NEVER THESE DARK FORCES ANYTHING!

      • Yes, its the Elite that feed off the negative energy thats why we have encouragement of wars, gun and knife crime, drugs, violence, abuse, pornography…………. it's all surrounding us and people dont realise it

      • That was Harry Potter; those were Dementors. People too often let emotions sabotage common sense. Patterns exist solely where you want them to exist. Such as combining insignificant dates and numbers to correspond with Revelations or prior events… Take from this article and every other VC article it’s facts. Inputting insignificant rambles about numbers and evil forces just make the comments unreadable and irrelevant, taking away from the value of this comment section. Use logic, not story time quotes and dopamine driven mathematics to understand the issue.

        Maybe Gun control is the purpose of this rouse that the American elite allegedly appear to be staging… I live in a country with gun control and feel no less unsafe. Maybe gun control should be enforced… Do you honestly need an assault rifle in the top of your linen closet?

      • Speaking for myself, I'm less concerned about living in a so-called "gun-controlled" country as I am having my constitutional rights revoked. And lucky me, I live in NY, where the governor recently signed new legislation that restricts gun ownership based on one's mental stability. This violates one's right to privacy, as health care pros will be required to break doc/patient confidentiality to report folks that might be too wanky to be trusted with guns. Unbelievable.

      • Um, no, that makes me feel safer. #Sorrynotsorry. If your ass is crazy, nobody should be selling you a gun. How the hell else would that salesman know that your ass is crazy? Fuck your right to hide your psychotic tendencies, what about everyone else's right to not get shot by your crazy ass?

      • truthseeker2013 on

        I read that too. I also read that the energy gathered from those emotions can be manifested by 4th dimension ebtities just like Beyonce asked everyone to pit their hands up so she could feel their energy.

        My qustion is how does someone break that connection reclaim their third ey (pineal gland) and raise their vibration to a frequency of joy. Wouldn't this make the entity flee? Wouldn't this close the rabbit hole or at least shed light into the deepest parts of the rabbit hole connected to our pineal glands?

    • Just look around you. This crap is everywhere. Its even permeating art on an underground level. I'm not sure the elite even have to place this stuff now. People see it so much they draw it without realzing what it is. I was am part of this scene and I now (thanks to VC and myself) see occolt symbols appearing at levels they (illum) couldn't possibly have had time to infiltrate. Its permeated and ingraining itself into our popular culture even at the so called 'rebel' levels. and

      some people make up for it though fortunately and

      • 'See I 'sound Like 'Thievery Corporation'(ish) but aren't . Check their Album cover if the name isn't enough. OK I know the connection between Zion and Rasta, but so much Masonic symbology with no explanation for it? Maybe the origins are positive, but those symbols do not represent anything positive at the moment as far as 'I can see'.

      • Actually the two main vocalists from See-I are indeed members of Thievery Corporation. Thievery is a 30+ member band, created by two east coast DJs. The DJs produce most/all of the music and have various artists from around the world record vocals and instrumentals on their tracks, including Rootz and Zeebo, the brothers/founders/vocalists of See-I.
        "Throughout the 90’s and into the coming millennium they would go on to record, perform and tour with Thievery Corporation. Then in 2005 Zeebo and Rootz started a regular Wednesday night gig at the Eighteenth Street Lounge that would see them coalescing into one of the greatest live bands the city has ever seen."

        I had the pleasure of seeing both See-I and Thievery perform in my town this past year. Rootz and Zeebo were both at the Thievery performance and performed many tracks. In fact, many of Thievery's "reggae" vocals from the Richest Man album and Cosmic Gate album are thanks to Rootz and Zeebo.

        Rootz and Zeebo have the mentality that Thievery maintains. You can't group one as "good" and the other as "bad" when they proclaim the same message. Do more research before categorizing artists you clearly know nothing about.

    • I know, Pleeeease Bring it back

      VC, You could do both Thought of the month and Symbolic pics of the monthe, been waiting ages and i'm a bit dissapointed :-(

      • These comments are just pathetic. No one wants to be part of the solution, only the problem.



    • Thats pretty depressing.. the fact that you still care to know about celeberties…get over it!
      Obviously they're all puppets so why are you concerned over the pictures? sheesh…
      Focus on reality ಠ_ಠ

      • Did i say anything about celebrities?…………………….Errrr NOH!………..I couldnt care less if they are pictures of celebs, Its the fact that a picture tells a thousand words and they represent a symbolic/esoteric meaning to the Elite and it indoctrinates the masses at the same time – Cacaface……………thats exactly what you are! (Shit face in other words) (",)

    • Im surprised their was no mention of the Libor scandal and how its related to the shootings in Connecticut, Colorado and stabbings in NY

      • Good mention Kiki. Libor ties Aroura CO and Sandy Hook together in a very suspicious way.

  3. Michael from IN on

    I think the "thoughts of the month" fits a lot better, since it's a blog. Thanks for the post. I've been reading your site for over a year now. My only problem is not knowing who to believe. What a mess! I'm glad though that this site helps with seeing things from another view.

    • Just take time to research things for yourself. What I do is pray to God, and ask Him to give me understanding in my life. Jesus is Truth. So if you hold on to Him, you will be okay. :)

      and by the way, I agree with you on the thoughts of the month. I've been wanting VC to just post his views on certain things every month, along with the articles he's been writing.

      • Truth is Truth. Jesus is Jesus. I know what you mean though, praying helps. It connects you. Can't believe I'm saying this considering I wasleaning towards Dawkins just a year ago. What can happen in a year eh? Certainly will never be religious though. I watched 'The life of Pi' recently. I like that child's take on God. Brilliant film!

  4. After watching alex jones on piers morgan, i knew the spin on jon stewart would be that people worried about a tyranical gov’t are crazy. & just as i thought, his whole first two segments was not on looking at who these killers are or the drugs they were prescribed, but how alex jones and people who fear tyranny are irrational. i am so disgusted in stewart and colbert who mock vigilant citizens so the sheeple feel affirmed in their blindness.

      • Anderson Cooper did the same thing a couple of night ago with some dude from and the brother of one of the women killed in Aurora. It was hard to watch. I actually like Cooper. But, after all…he is a Vanderbilt.

      • Yeah It does, and I love Pictures of the month too, but I think vigilant's thoughts will be more enlightning. As for the pictures, if you are a regular on here then you definitely learned how to read them correctly, and you don't need him anymore to show them to you as you can see them almost anywhere you look. I do.

  5. Thanks again, VC.

    I see this and the sudden rape media circus as part of a campaign to sell the NWO.

    It’s weakness porn for the politically correct: Those who want to appear to care, but only enough to appoint someone whose job it is to care.

    Who will protect the poor defenceless school shot children and the poor defenceless raped women, if not big brother?

  6. Hugo Pimentel on

    maybe Adam Lanza was just a very ill mind fan of batman and as he saw sandy hook was a target on that map of the movie, well he might decided to strike it him self,,,
    haha just kidding, great article by the way,,,

  7. Sir_Wafflecore on

    Yes! VC I usually blog on my Facebook page and none of my friends believe me when I post hardcore photo and video evidenve about it! I knew this shoot out was NO ACCIDENT, I and everyone on VC know for a fact that this pile of shi* is staged. EVERYTHING adds on, from the acting parents, the kids that were supposidly shot never attended or were ever seen in that school, a 2nd man was chased by cops out of the school and into a forest when the man him self said he "didn't do anything" and the car the shooter drove was someone else's, the machine gun was in the trunk but the cops pulled out a shotgun and unloaded it LIKE a shotgun WITHOUT gloves, you don't do that with evidence, if America keeps up like this my mother and I are OUTTA HERE, Mexico or Canada seem safer in these times. America is a danger to this world now, I don't trust Obama for NOTHING. I was already developing a love for this country and very proud to live here but it saddens me how it's evolving. R.I.P America.

    • Canada is heading the same direction with our brilliant PM…raping natural resources and taking away rights hidden in 500 page omni-bills…you'll be facing the same hypocrisy wherever you go…word to the wise…

      • 2nd that. In Canada you have to live so far above the tree line to escape the government that it'll be no fun. Get out now, while you can, and go to Mexico, somewhere south of Mexico City. I can get raw milk and cheap grass here. Those things no longer exist in Canada.

        -A Canadian in Southern Mexico.

    • Although I'm convinced this was a false flag to take away our second amendment, I know for a fact that those kids went to that school and they were murdered. I live in Newtown, CT and my kid played with many of those kids in the park. One was a sibling and one was a cousin of children my son went to school with. It is a crazy theory to think that the parents were actors and many of these kids did not even go to the Sandy Hook school. On the other hand, there is enough proof to show that there were possibly other gunman and this real was orchestrated for sinister reasons related to government.

      • Outlandish conspiracy theories are SOP for FUD. The best way to cover the big lie is with a smaller lie that appears truthful. That's why there was a guy from NASA in the Press Gallery during the moon landing handing out a flyer promoting the idea that the entire landing was a fake piece of security theater. So we have 60 years of debate about "did we even go there?" and nobody ever asks "what didn't they tell us about what they found?" The debate is deliberately framed in the realm of the irrational to prevent the introduction of willed, rational inquiry. Thanks for pointing the direction of reasonable speculation.

  8. Let's not forget also about the owl picture (Moloch connection) given to the President as a sure and definitive sign that the event was occult in nature.

      • It was a painting done by one of the little girls that died in the Sandy Hook shooting. The parents gave it to the President when he visited this family. The meeting was covered by CNN among other sources– it is very interesting, and sad.

  9. I've been an avid reader of your website for almost three years now – thank you for the work and dedication you put into each and everything you put out. I really appreciate it, as I'm sure others do.

    As far as this "coincidence" goes, there are still people who will look at things like that and simply not believe it can't be true. It's so hard to believe at times just how powerful our government is – powerful enough to get people to deny the truth, even when it's quite literally in their face!

    While I wish I could be positive and say things could change, I fear it's a bit too far in the game. All you can really do is prepare yourselves, your friends, loved ones, and anyone else who requires help.

    Bless you all.

  10. An outstanding, well-written, thought-provoking article. (Much better than a bunch of pix of dopey celebs covering one eye, lol.) The quote at the end says it all.

    I have been following your site for about 3 years now, and it has shed a whole new light on how I view the world. Thank you so much for all you do.

  11. The most important things are: don’t panic and don’t believe everything you see and hear.

    If you are afraid of everything in modern pop culture, than don’t waste your time by consuming it and look out for alternatives. Make your own music, your own videos, your own art.

    If you are afraid of mass media, don’t watch it.

    Decide for yourself don’t let others decide for you. You need to get to the point where you make your own rules how to treat others and yourself as well. In my opinion there aren’t that many good sentences in the bible or other religious books. Just one: Treat others like you want to be treated, something like that and simple like that.

    Just by the way: the whole pyramid thing is like a 4 dimensional medal. There isn’t only good and bad, black and white. There is much much more. It is important to understand that not every artist is using the one eye for pushing the idea of mind control or the NWO. Some are using those symbols just because sites like VCs exist. They get attention for free which means a bigger audience.

    I for one don’t believe that every pop artist is evil and want people to die they just want our money not our souls. I know musicians who studied music and they play the keyboard, the bass, the drums or the guitar in mainstreambands just for the money. They are writing the complex stuff just for themselfs because nearly no one wants to listen to music they don’t understand. Why do you think it’s four to the floor all the time? It’s easy to understand and everybody can sing along under the shower, in the car or at a party. Many musicians say it’s fake because everyone with a little knowledge can produce such songs. Many musicians praise this style because they get positive feedback. They are providing this easy music because people want to hear it.

    It’s all about image, style and fame. And it’s all fake. It’s plastic and music business is and was always plastic.

    I’m sorry for writing offtopic, I’m a long time reader and I really like VC, but sometimes I get the feeling some people just want to see the pure evil in something they don’t understand.

    Sure, it can make live more interesting and you get the feeling to be “awakend” and to be better than the so called “sheeple”. A really ugly word btw.

    I like VC for the content he/she provides. The sinister sites are really really interesting for example. And I like to hear about his/her opinion about symbols in pop culture. I’d really like to hear his/her opinion about The Illuminatus! Trilogy written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson. For me these books are the real explanation why those symbols are everywhere nowadays.

    Well I’m going to end my rant at this point. Once again sorry for offtopic and sorry for my bad english skills. :)

    I wish everybody a happy 2013. Don’t let the system get you down!

  12. I think it's good that VC is mixing things up a bit with this new "of the month" business. It gets to be old seeing the same symbolism in all of these same pictures over and over again it seems. I realize he is only trying to enforce the message that illuminati symbolism is dominating and trending our culture and brainwashing us into thinking it's all okay. I get that, but it's nice, too, to go beyond the present horizons.

  13. Really love this new style post.

    I feel Sandy Hook, Aurora, and other events were staged. Just my opinion. Just too convenient for the powers that want to change things.

  14. Hey VC, did you get the anti-Illuminati video which I sent you when I contacted you? If you would please do an article on it, I'm sure it will bring some solace to the parents whose children died in the Sandy Hook massacre.

    By the way, this is a good article with great insight into the recent tragedies that happened in year 2012. Hope you could shed more light on Delta Programming.

  15. Hi, I am from France and I love this site, discovered (with the truth) a few months ago.
    But still cannot stop crying when I read articles likes this one, or on child abuse and strange ceremonies…
    Still, thank you very much Vigilant Citizen for trying to inform us the best you can.

    Also, quick question : I am going to be a nurse next year and so I am forced to do the Hepatite B vaccine… Is there any advice you can give me on how to avoid that?

    Again, thanks VC :)

    • Hello Victorine,

      I'm not sure how to help you out with your question, but I will provide a link that hopefully wll provide you with more information.


      This was posted yesterday, I am not the OP but maybe it will help you.



      p.s VC i'm sorry if you don't allow linking to other blogs. I know a lot of websites don't like that, but I'm just trying to help. Don't ban me please!!

    • If I were you, I would get onto the Dr Sheri Tenpenny website (by googling her name). She is an American Physician who has your best interest at heart when it comes to this issue. She would be best to email for advice on exemptions and may possibly have these on her site already. You need to determine whether religous or medical exemptions are accepted where you live as each state differs on particular exemptions. Please think twice before proceeding with this procedure as it does come with risks. If you wish to read about other health professionals experiences with this matter please also google Vaccine Freedom Wall. This might bring your thinking to another level or perspective. I wish you well. Good luck.

    • P.S Remember your country (France) banned the Hep B in the school vaccine schedule. Must of been for a good reason!????



    • Kind of like Wag the Dog (based on the book American Hero). It's about a war that was directed by a hollywood producer.

      • As much as I respect what VC has to say, I am sorry to say this "staged" event was not staged. There are hundreds of families terrorized, victimized and still in shock over this deplorable event. Are you people out of your minds? Everyone who doesn't trust what is going on with the elite wants to know what role they played in this – if any- but let me assure you, Adam Lanza was alive, did commit mass murder of twenty-six people, killed his own mother and then himself before he could be taken into custody. More will be known someday, but let the first responders who are still suffering PTSD from seeing the carnage get some semblance of their lives back. This is not over by a long shot. It is a starting point for a conversation on sane gun laws/gun violence/ and addressing mental health which has been ignored for far too long. Please take the time to read the month long coverage of these events in the Hartford Courant newspaper. There were many teacher heroes, including the principal, Dawn Hochsprung and first grade teacher Victoria Soto.

        – from a life long Connecticut resident

      • It's not because people were actually shot and people actually suffer PTSD that it wasn't stage. Mind control victim got programmed to do it and he did it. I don't think that the elite, after killing 3000 people on September 11th, would mind killing 30 now. (The last sentence is insensitive, but I think that's how the elite would see it.) Anyhoo. I hope you see it.

        16 “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.
        Matthew 10:16

        God bless everyone!

  17. Why Sandy Hook?
    The name Sandy may have some significance.  It is a baby boy name.
    The name Sandy is means “defender of man.”
    There is only one group of men in the world that are self proclaimed “defenders of man.” They have existed for several hundred years and are believed to be the puppeteers of every major event that has impacted mankind since their formation. They are known as “the illuminatti .”
     They tend to leave clues of their “meddling” in numbers, names, and symbolism. Almost as if craving recognition and credit for their evil deeds. Their agenda can be seen on what are called the Georgia guide stones . Better known as the gravestones of humanity.
    American Meaning: 
    The name Sandy is an American baby name. In American the meaning of the name Sandy is: Abbreviation of Alexander defender of man.

    English Meaning: 
    The name Sandy is an English baby name. In English the meaning of the name Sandy is: Defender of men; protector of mankind.

    Scottish Meaning: 
    The name Sandy is a Scottish baby name. In Scottish the meaning of the name Sandy is: Defender of men; protector of mankind.

    People with this name have a deep inner desire to use their abilities in leadership, and to have personal independence. They would rather focus on large, important issues, and delegate the details.

    • Would explain things. Subvert the name and its meaning, especially since most people just name their kids either something that sounds nice to them or after a friend.

      Although I've heard "Sandy" used for a woman's name. Sandy Duncan comes to mind.

  18. iHeartACTivism on

    who cares about whether VC is now doing "thoughts of the month" rather than "symbolic pics of the month?"
    while we're sitting here commenting on that and "thanking" VC for this article, "On a political level, wheels are already in motion to thoroughly modify the U.S Constitution’s Second Amendment, which protects Americans right to own and operate arms."
    -I appreciate this website, the forum community, and other websites like it, but WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS? WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO LET THEM KNOW THAT WE GIVE A F U C K, and we're not just going to sit here taking it up the a s s while they get away with murder?
    -Instead of commenting on the article, let's comment on what we can do as awakened individuals?
    Or do most people on here choose to be unconsciously conscious?
    -I apologize if I come across as agressive, but I'm getting tired of everybody knowing what's going on but doing nothing about it, including myself. But I also feel like I'm the only one on this website who ever asks the question, "what can we do?" Instead of just always commenting on the article.

      • @Amanda & York: As this would help? Getting more people from one brainwashing into another?
        Thought this is a website about waking up people and help them to think clearly, but I keep seeing a lot of people who are brainwashed by some religion and try to brainwash other people too. A lot of leaders in many world religions brainwash the masses too in order to control them.
        It is okay to believe in something, but please keep it for yourself and don't force your believes on others!

        @iHeart: What could help is educating your family and friend, but start slowly and carefully, since there are a lot of people who might don't take it seriously(since they are often too deep in their world). Also comment on other websites, especially media websites! I often find very interesting thoughts in the comments that make me look at certain topics in a different perspective. If you want a change, keep fighting and keep educating!

      • @Pest, this IS a website about waking up people. Whether you believe it or not, everything comes down to good vs evil. And God, who is Good, is the only person who can help you. If you want education, educate yourself with the Bible about Christ. For once you truly Know Jesus, there's no need to fear anything. For God has not given you the spirit of fear, but of Power, and Love, and of a Sound Mind– 2nd Tim 1:7.

      • Hi clear minded friend!
        I would suggest-leave beleivers alone.There is one problem with beleivers (me included) we beleive that New World Order is to be implemented in accordance to Bible prophecies.By the way they are more precise that anything else.Every word is to come true.
        One more thought….if anyone will invite folks to masonicilluminati pastors benny hinn kenneth copeland robert schuller and INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES(satanic one)-will you still oppose it?Yes or no?

    • The way I see it, two things can happen:

      1. The self-chosen elite step on their dicks and one of their grand events produces more conspiracy theorists than sheeple. The likelihood of this following a "great event" may well be heavily dependent on the abilities of realised humans to counter with relevant and correct information and actions.

      2. The self-chosen elite continue a relatively slow death spiral as their lust for profit disintegrates their system's effectiveness (humans become more and more connected while the facts become more and more obvious). The pace of their disintegration depends once again on the abilities of realised humans. Too much momentum, and your movement becomes more likely to be subverted. By this I mean that we won't be able to employ ideas on the scale where they become a brand name, like "occupy", because once the dipshits accept a brand name, the media can do just about anything with it just by repeating false information over and over. In mechanical terms, we should apply a high amount of torque at a controlled speed.

      Our tools: Information and example.

    • @iHeartactivism
      You ask "what are we going to do about this" I can offer a few suggestions:
      1. Awaken others. Begin with those close to you; freinds, family, other loved ones. This will be a difficult task, depending on how deep of a slumber they are in. Just be prepared to be ridiculed and called a nutter (as it has happened to me and mine). You are likey to be met with dismissal, but don't give up. I have managed to wake friends up who in turn have woken those close to them.

      2. How to wake them up? This is the difficult part. They have to deprogram. This is done by turning the idiot box (television) off. By that I mean no more football, reality tv, nonsensical shows, celebrity worship, heck even the news which is controlled. Full of propaganda, distraction and promises of a false reality. If you or them have cable tv, cancel it. It will save you money and hit them where it hurts-in the pockets. That goes for these films they show in the movie theaters as well and the garbage music that they want you to buy. All they want is your MONEY.

    • (cntd) @iHeartactivism
      3. If we all did this collectivley? Imagine the impact? There is power in the masses. Use alternative media to spread the message, share links/websites/blogs for we don't know how long we are going to afforded this freedom that is the internet. Use it for research and for information that you can share with others, from everything to do with health (GMOs in foods, Flouride in water, Chemtrail poison in the air) and fraud in the monetary and political system. The more people are aware, the better of we will all be, even if it is only for a short while.
      4. Live in the now. Be consious. Take each day as it comes. Don't worry. Spread the message of love, for we are all beautiful beings.

      • You're absolutely right, veez. And it is exactly this power in the masses that the government fears. Which is why they are trying to take away our guns.

    • Limit your consumptuous consumerism. Don't support the powers that be by purchasing their crap, living by their standards, etc. and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

  19. Don’t forget that there is a building in the “Dark Knight Rises” film that has AURORA on it in big red letters. Aurora Texas? Commissioner Gordon also says, “There are no coincidences”.Hmmmm. “The government encouraged the manufacture and importation of military firearms for the criminals to use. This is intended to foster a feeling of insecurity, which would lead the American people to voluntarily disarm themselves by passing laws against firearms. Using drugs and hypnosis on mental patients in a process called Orion, the CIA inculcated the desire in these people to open fire in schoolyards and thus inflame the antigun lobby. This plan is well underway, and so far it is working perfectly. The middle class is begging the government to do away with the 2nd Amendment.” William Cooper. From “Behold a Pale Horse”, page 225. Published in 1991. He goes on to say that ALL of the shooters at the time were on PROZAC! I bought this book years ago. And when I looked for this passage, I realized that I had highlighted it! Years ago. Where is Bill Cooper now? He’s dead. Shot by the cops.

    • I have been an avid William Cooper fan for years and years! Just got his book for Christmas, and it is, by far, the best gift I have ever received! I'm always uplifted when I hear others speak/type his name. It's a name that should be brought up more often! I still can't prove anything he said "wrong," and with the way the world is headed… We better get strapped in. Things are about to get rather bumpy real soon, but I have no fear in this fact. I know who I serve.

    • Man I used to listen to Bill Cooper with my brother on shortwave radio in the 90's, good stuff.
      I still listen too Bill's Mystery Babylon series in my car, over 90 hours of great information.
      I have read most of his bibliography of books he suggested and many others he did not list.
      He always said you have too check out everything with your own research including his show
      Yep Behold a Pale Horse is a classic.
      By the way I love your site VC!

    • BTW, you make some excellent points in this article, VC, as usual.

      I think one of the most important ones is your observation that the mass media absolutely LOVES all of these horrific, bloodbath chaotic mass murder events – much like the Videodrome example you gave.

      These people are so vain and sick that I hope millions of people are noticing and become outraged at this monster that feeds off human suffering and death – which is exactly what the globalist mass media has become, in addition to a 24/7 propaganda machine.

      It's important even if it seems like just pointing out the obvious – these things are just not so obvious to many people, due to the mass media programming they have been the victims of for most of their lives.

      If the govt and mass media's mission is dumbing down the population, then it is our duty to wise them up as much as we possibly can – while we still can. Because the way things are going, the day may soon arrive when people like us are no longer able to express our views and expose the truth that conflicts with the "official story" given to us by Big Govt and its mass media lapdogs.

      Keep up the good work.

  20. Bit depressing that this article's out on my birthday, but yeah, definitely something to be thinking about..
    Sad state the world is in these days.

  21. "The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." – Thomas Jefferson

    "No Free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms," – Thomas Jefferson

    "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" – Thomas Jefferson

    • Those quotes are spot, especially the last one.

      "The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government" – Thomas Jefferson

      Thanks for sharing.

  22. The problem with this is how can you create some sort of activism without society being launched into complete chaos?

  23. I know where you stand my friend, but I too have asked and still ask this question. We must stand together, but as we await for a leader to take charge as we follow their lead, we slowly see our country fall apart and our freedoms taken away through legislation by a few evil men. I don't know when the time will come and I definitely don't know how to use my resources to lead us to a good cause.

    I will stand next you if the time comes, but when will it? Who will lead us?

    I'm not talking about war or a revolution. I'm talking about real change in the right direction, away from all the tyranny and blood. I want us to live in peace, and for all of us to benefit and help one another for all of us to succeed. I know what good is in my thoughts and what our civilization could be. I just don't know how to lead us there :(

    We need help, let our loving god be on our side.

  24. First, obama passed H.R. 645 establishing Concentration, er, FEMA Camps. Second, late New Year's Eve 2011, obama signed and passed the NDAA. Section 1021, coupled with the Patriot Act, grants the Federal Government the authority to dub anyone a suspected terrorist and detain that individual(s) indefinitely without a trial. obama has been pushing the Senate to ratify the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty.

    Now, he has the opportunity of doing that. I've been told that the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty would ultimately be ineffective in the United States, so I must ask, what is obama's real agenda?
    And let's not forget about the Enemy Expatriation Act!

    As for the Newtown shooting, these are some more things to consider:

    Why did the media only show a picture of Adam lanza of when he was about 14 years old? Why didn't they have a recent photo of the 20 yr old?

    How did Adam lanza have his brother's ID (Ryan Lanza- who the media thought was the killer at first) when police supposedly first got to him, when while being questioned Ryan Lanza said that he had not seen or talked to his brother ever since 2010?

    Just makes you go hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, right?

  25. Kipling said it best:

    When the Cambrian measures were forming
    They promised perpetual peace
    If only we'd give up our weapons
    The wars of the tribes would cease
    But when we disarmed they enslaved us
    And delivered us bound to our foe
    And gods of the copybook headings
    Said "Stick to the devil you know"

  26. Just wondering why VC didn't mention about the connection of Libor scandal?

    Anyway, as always great article! Keep it up…

    • Yes, I would love to hear a clear explanation of that. Read some things through another site but too much was speculation and it was poorly written. From what I understand, the Libor scandal is the most obvious sign that Aurora CO was a mind control operation.

  27. Glad to see you back VC :-) I thought you fell off for a minute…I kept checking and nothing new for January yet…..That maybe you'd laid down the "Fist for Struggle" and called it a day…..Never have I been happier to be proven wrong 😉 Great article by the way and Love the new concept.. Peace VC & VC Fam

  28. I am starting to believe that the person they were chasing in the woods wasn't another shooter but a witness who fled the scene and saw more than the government wanted. That would explain why this person hasn't been mentioned and disappeared…

  29. Taking guns away from yhe people & giving them to a select few is exactly what the elite want. Who do u think will be the judge of this select few? Willit be fair? Hell no. look at

  30. First of all, thanks VC for all of your information…

    I have a few thoughts here. One thing is that I don’t think that every major atrocity is controlled by Secret Societies or is a part of an agenda. That almost parallels the idea that God micro-manages life and nothing we do is of our own doing. I also believe that a lot of times, things like information on the shooter or person carrying out these events are left out for a reason. Sometimes because of investigations, trying to eliminate creating heroism to like thinking people, etc. And lastly in the whole issue on gun control, being ex-military, I also do not believe that the 2nd Amendment being changed is the blueprint for a future police state where the citizens are now weaponless, so the agenda of control the masses is “easier”

    Just imagine this concept…the Gov. vs. The People. We, the people, are already a very broken “group”…separated by varying interests, class and race differences, etc, etc. Basically divided, which I do believe is a product of Mass Media agenda to control us. And from that We are supposed to be able to come together to form a militia against the Gov. who has an Army, Navy, and more? How do we match their killing power and technology? With guns? How do we match their tactics and strategy…with Steven Hawking armed with laser pointer??? Just think about it. The people are ALREADY controlled. Guns can be attained with out WITHOUT the 2nd Amendment, the same way drugs are and other illegal goods.

    There may be a lot of truth to what VC is saying, but I also think that every major tragedy seeming to follow the same pattern is not enough to say that it IS the case. It is good to think outside of the box and not follow what we are fed, but more information is needed imo to just automatically assume. All the while, there are things that occur in our society that is just more Natural Selection and how society runs…finding out what is or isn’t an agenda is tougher than it seems imo….

      • Um….what does that mean? The Gov. consists of people too. They just are not common people…like you and me. Their jobs are related to having and using resources to do things like kill and control mass amounts of people. I am not learning that sitting at this computer right now…lol.

    • I don't think he is saying that, actually. He's only discussing two recent shootings in this piece — the Batman shooting, and Sandy Hook, both of which are surrounded by many strange circumstances. Where does it say anything about "every major atrocity"?

      • Major atrocity….meaning major…like, Sandy Hook, Aurora, 9/11, the OKC bombing…. And in all of those, there are an innumerable amount of strange circumstances…. So is it fair to say, that if it is "major" because of impact and how much it is publicized, that it is in alignment with a grander scheme? Am I making sense? Like, if I decided today to go and do something crazy and all of the details about how and why didn't match, that it could still be correlated with a grand scheme? Even though, I am telling you right now, I am not a victim of MK Ultra programming, or affiliated with any agenda. Just being a Devil's Advocate….because I DO believe a great amount of the information that is posted on this site to be true and very eery in how it interconnects with all kinds of different happenings and atrocities. But from start to finish…for every major atrocity….to amount to all being about control….is questionable. Simply because right now, what control do you or me ACTUALLY have? Guns and the 2nd Amendment is a very, very small part of that, and that is all that I am saying. The Gov. means of control of the people right now is already apparent, and that is why I don't believe every negative event is just another piece towards control, when control is already imminent. And if I am wrong, then hey, I am wrong.

  31. @ChrisNajar

    Taking guns away from the people and giving them to a select few is exactly what the elite want? Think about it. Who will be the people deciding who this select few are? Will it be done fairly? No. If that was the case, everyone with a police badge would be worthy of it, but of course they’re not. I dont agree with anything that leaves a decision that affects me up to people I dont even know. How do u expect people to protect themselves? If u really think taking guns away will help anything, u must be living in a box & not paying attention to anything on this site.

  32. IWe all "know" that Adam Lanza used his mother's guns to carry out the massacre. Have the gun registrations ever been made public? Has any of the forensic investigation matched bullets to the guns? I think Adam Lanza is a victim of mind control. Who knows…maybe seeing the map in The Dark Knight was a trigger for him to carry out the killings. I think psychotropic drugs are part of the mind control since so many of the killers are on antidepressants.

    I saw a movie many years ago–for some reason I think it starred Charles Bronson but can't be sure. It was about a mind-controlled killer. He'd get a phone call and the words the caller spoke triggered him to kill someone. The caller never said, "Go kill John Doe"…it was just words. But the killer was programmed to kill after hearing those words. I maintain that a lot of what we see in movies, on TV, what we read in novels, no matter how fanciful, has some root in truth. I believe we've been being shown glimpses of what is to be through movies, television, etc., but we pass it off as fantasy. Fantasy does exist, to be sure, but a lot of what we THINK is fantasy is, in fact, reality.

    • Linda I was reading a book where there was a case where a journalist appeared in a demonic ceremony somewhere in Africa and when the magician asked one of the participants to knife someone else, he was so enchanted that he took the knife ready to stab the other person.

    • Isn't it just as plausible that what we see in movies, etc. represent our fears — both conscious and subconscious? Even a collective subconscious? (thought I'd through in some more Jung theory since he was mentioned in the article). Ever try writing down your dreams for a week? Believe me, just in a weeks' time you will have thought up some crazy shit in your dream state. We're all capable of having these strange thoughts and fears. We always have been, long before there was such a thing as TV.

      • Shannon – I have had some wild dreams in my time. What I'm saying, though, is that if something is real enough to portray in movies, on TV, or in books, could it not exist in real life? I believe there is a fine line between fantasy and reality. Fantasy exists, and the characters, scenarios, etc., are imaginary, not real. But I do not think it's too far-fetched to believe that there are evil people in this world who have the wealth and means to exert mind control over people who will do what these evil people want done.

    • linda you are spot on, thats exactly what happens? IF THESE BASTARDS{new world order} ARE GOING TO DO SOMETHING. OH THESE GROUPS MAKE IT A MANDATE TO LET YOU KNOW THROUGH FILMS, PROGRAMMES+THE LIKE? Its their way of "AT LEAST WE PUT IT RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES, Its up to them how hard they sniff to get the whiff of it.JOJO THE UK.

  33. Brilliant article as usual, VC. Those events are really, really strange indeed. But i'm optimistic: i think that a larger number of citizens are becoming aware about the "strangeness" of these cases and many others. The hurricane's name was "Sandy" too.

  34. whether the shootings in Aurora or Sandy Hook were "real" or not remain to be proven or disproven. what is clear is the gun control agenda is now being pushed full force. this is what needs no proof at all. record gun sales in 2012 & counting. it's about to get deep!

    • i was just going to ask about that. it occurred to me that the panic of possible change to 2nd amendment which has been incited by recent (staged?) events means that gun sales will rise dramatically by was of response… it is not dis-arming people but encouraging the masses to arm themselves further! so…. is this the true agenda? plus, if the police are allowed to shoot people if holding a firearm won't this just mean everyone will effectively have license to shoot at each other? i guess it would play a part in lowering the population figures which is also on the agenda, is it not? deep it is…

  35. that 2nd shoother disappearing has always disturbed me though. the 1st day of an incident is when you will get the most truth. before all the lies are solidified…make good use of your DVR's people! AND if you can, have a VCR to back it up as cable companies have been known to delete recordings..

  36. Did anyone else notice that the trailer for Skyfall features a skyline with the Shanghai "Aurora" building in a prominent spot? I could be wrong, but I believe this trailer was run for the first time as a preview to the Dark Knight. It may serve as another synchronicity.

    Whether it does or not, I don't know that it proves anything. These names may coincidental and we have a heightened awareness of them. Many other names on the Dark Knight map go unnoticed and so the Aurora building may have been a fluke. Whatever the case, it is undeniably creepy.

    • PrairieMuffins on

      Aurora is definitely a more common word, I think, than Sandy Hook. There are cities named Aurora all over the U.S.

  37. there is so much more information, such as these 'crisis actors' involved. newtown being a highly satanic town, even a letter from the church of satanism, which is right in newtown. the pics of the girl that died, and the master wizard giving the horn signs behind her, the little 'emiLIE parker' and the 'dad', caught smirking and smiling before his press release debut. the same emiLIE girl wearing THE SAME RED AND BLACK (sacfricial colors) in the family photo with pres obama. the OWL/MOLOCH emilie painted that anderson cooper showed. in fact, newtowns very properties are in accordance with the mayan pyramids, to the temple, performed for sacrifice. this is to awaken the earth. oh boy there ARE SO MANY discrepancies surrounding this! what about the one victim, and her family wearing illuminati scarves, emerald color? illuminati families. that whole time is creepy and a half! keep digging everyone! you can do it!

    • Thank you, eddrum! It's an old movie and I might have some of the details wrong, but there's a scene that pops in my mind of Charles Bronson in a phone booth, receiving a phone call from his controller. When I read about these seemingly mindless killings–mindless inasmuch as the killer doesn't seem to have a reason, gripe, grudge or any explainable motivation–I wonder if they are mind controlled.

      • If this subject intrigues you I strongly recommend reading Cathy O'Brien's book " Trance Formation America" and Brice Taylor's book "Thanks for the memories". Both these books are a head shaking read. Will blow your socks off. Brice Taylor names people you would least expect. You will never think the same about government/celebrities ever again. A topic no one could possibly make up.

    • And the 'kill phrase' was from a Robert Frost poem "…the forest is dark and deep, and miles to go before I sleep".

  38. I wouldn't have believed that acts like this were possible, but I watched a program that came on the Discovery Channel that asked if it were possible to hypnotize a susceptible individual to kill someone. After eliminating all the fakers, one was left & he executed the crime & had no recollection of the act. I now have a lot of unanswered questions.

  39. For those following the "Gun Control at the core" angle:

    Most interesting that recently the Illinois Supreme Court declared Illinois' ban on "conceal-and-carry" as patently unconstitutional, thereby making it 50 states where one can freely walk around with one's guns. Nothing national, all state level.

    And recently there had been rumblings from various NRA state groups (Minnesota comes clearly to mind) that it should be illegal for individuals to bar guns from businesses hospitals, schools and churches. Indeed, there was a bill on the Michigan's Governor's desk that was about to make it illegal to declare hospitals and schools as "no-gun zones." That got vetoed, but we're now hearing from the NRA that what's needed is for our schools and hospitals to become armed camps.

    So: Second amendment under fire? Hardly, I think it's the one amendment out of ALL 28 of them that's respected and ascendent (at least from where I'm viewing things). Ignore the wind shouting "gun control –PLEASE (and notice the word PLEASE) and see the mechanisms moving towards acceptance of guns and openly armed teachers in schools. Winds pass, powers move – "gun control" is but wind, "gun rights" is a power that moves.

    • I completely agree with this! The next thing I am about to say; take it with a grain of salt.

      -When and If teachers are aloud to have a firearm in the class room, there HAS to be some way or somehow ONLY the teacher can access this tool. I can already see the news headline now: 'Student turns protective firearm on teacher and classmates'


      'Patient at hospital breaches security and guns down residents'

      I would still love to see firearms in public places. It lets the sikkos know they have someone else on their playing field. This world still has MANY upstanding citizens; at the ready to protect and serve their fellow man in the face of great danger.

  40. Thanks for your post VC.
    All of this is truly well-planned, intelligently intertwined and subtly positioned to allow us become "accustomed", and conditioned to the way "they" (whoever they are) want us to be.

    While considering the historical and profound place of subliminal marketing over the last 10 – 15 years, it is rather easy to see why my nephew had nightmares after watching BEN 10 for 3 nights consecutively.

    VC, I accept 'Thoughts of the Month", because rather than accept what we are conditioned to feed I choose to "think" or "reflect" creatively.

    Little wonder why we all go "gaga" when sudden changes come. The "Elite" understand subtle subliminality this is why what they give to us are acceptable.

    I choose to live rather than "just enjoy" what i've been given.

    POTM are fantastic, TOTM are even better… Gr8 work VC.

  41. At all of these shootings lately, two or more shooters are reported at the scene at first. Later on, there seems to be some weird (drugged up and or dead) scapegoat who is then blamed for the shootings. Very very weird indeed.

  42. With all the talk about the second amendment, and how the elite are allegedly planning to get guns out of the hands of the American public, there is a contradiction that troubles me – after many of these incidents (shootings, 9/11, other acts of terror or fear creation) the demand for guns and the amount of guns purchased in the US actually rises. People become more fearful, and therefore feel they need to protect themselves either by buying a gun or by upgrading their existing arsenals to more lethal versions.
    It seems to me that some gun control is extremely important – I really can't imagine the founding fathers had in mind semi-automatic weaponry and armor piercing bullets. And lets face it – the number of gun related deaths in the US is so high simply because of the ready availability of guns. Hence the contradiction – if the elite really want to take your guns away, why are they scaring the shit out of people to the point that people feel they need to arm themselves even more?

  43. Children are becoming sexualized at very young ages as well as becoming desensitized to violence. The next generation are being brainwashed to the point that it seems natural…morals and values are being abolished and cruelty and selfishness are taking their place. The elite are manipulating a movement of the psyche … A new way of thinking, acting, living. It’s obvious and blatant at this point. We are raising the generation of “Mean”.
    Now I ask… What can we do to stop this manipulation? Action needs to be taken. After seeing how far the elite will go to push their agenda, I refuse to go without a fight. I will not sell my soul! I will not be a robot! The holocaust part two is on the rise and this time it will be an extinction of humanity.
    With all of this evil…where is the good ? Who will fight against the oppressive and evil elite???

    I will.

    • You have me by your side, brother!

      I agree whole heartedly with you. I have already seen how the young people of this age are acting. And it all has to do with that nasty TELEVISION. The parents of these kids, believe me or not, are good people. I know for a fact, that if they saw how their children acted when not in their presents, they would deficate a brick.

  44. AmbassadorMerlyn III on

    As much as you all would like to believe all this crap is being done by brainwashed patsies, you're mistaken. It's fantastic reading, but lacking in reality. These are mossad death squad operations assisted by zionist 5th column elements already living here, some, your elected officials. Snap outta dreamland and realize reality.

    • I agree AmbassadorMerlynIII. These are indeed elected officials operating right under our noses who are part of a clan/tribe who are determined to control the world and kill or enslave everyone else.

  45. One thing I have noticed whenever something "big" happens–the media talking heads will say one thing, then later on change their story, and people chalk it up to there being confusion over what's going on when it first happens. In the meantime said talking heads have a chance to "get the story straight"–or rather, tell the sheep what to believe.

    I wonder if you get the most accurate account right after it happens or as it's happening.

    Just something I've thought about.

  46. After it was discovered that there is a brother to Adam Lanza I was waiting to hear from him to get some insights about the killer but there surprisingly was never a followup and the media just ignored that part of the 'story'. The depths of media deception is incredible. We should know that there are persons whose only job it is to find was to 'change the minds' of the masses to prepare us for control.

  47. These are elected officials operating right under our noses who are part of a clan/tribe who are determined to control the world and kill or enslave everyone else. There bible says there is nothing new under the sun.

    We are tribal people and there is a particular tribe/elite group who owns all the resources in the world who have successfully trained us in to loving money, credit cards and all manner of materialism and foolishness. We spend our lives trying to dig ourselves out of this perpetual hole where we become too stressed to realize what is really happening. This gives the tribe/elite time to foster their agenda which unfortunately will come to pass. They will rule like the Pharaoh and the King of Babylon did according to bible history.

    We could try to stop it but it is almost impossible because the wheels are already in motion; after all, it is hard to stop a moving train!!!! Also, they have been planning and implementing this for centuries now……

  48. This might sound very far-fetched to some, but my theory is that they [… the powers that be] are behind these massacres. The reason being, is to ensure that gun laws are passed so that millions of Americans can be rendered defenseless. Why do they want that? So that their plans for Martial Law will not be thwarted. They have to get the American people's attention and scare them enough into giving up their guns without a second thought… Is this not a dilemma that, presently, this country is faced with?

    I know that most would disagree with my theory, but the horrific reality is that we live in a debased and wicked world. In the coming months… you will see.

    • gun demand and purchases tend to go up after these events, since scared sheeple want to defend themselves. Can anyone explain this flaw in the elite's logic?

  49. Also, note the name of the map company – Brett Phillips. Brett Phillips is the Director of Sustainability (for energy efficincey) for Unico Properties. Sustainable energy was Bruce Wayne's focus in The Dark Knight Rises. And unless I'm reading it wrong, Unico has ties with Libor, the same company John Holmes' dad was allegedly about to blow the whistle on prior to the Aurora incident. "You're a detective now, son; you're not allowed to believe in coincidence."

    • Mike, Libor is not a 'company'…it's the London Interbank Interest Rate – the rate at which banks can borrow from each other.

  50. One more thing; ever notice the inverted pentagram in the second movie (Dark Knight)? It appears next to Batman as he's standing in the rubble after Rachel Dawes gets blown up. It's formed by some beams sticking up out of the rubble, and is only on screen for a few seconds, but it's so clear I almost fell out of my chair when I watched it again the other night. Don't know how I missed it before.

  51. "Let’s say that Adam Lanza was the only shooter in this tragedy. Who is he anyway? Why is there only one eerie black and white picture of his face available? How come there is little to no information about him, about his story, about his last whereabouts and so forth? Was he truly autistic or mentally ill? Aren’t there medical records about this? How come he was so efficient during the shooting? Aren’t there surveillance tapes available?"

    Here are some logical answers — he destroyed his hard drive (the #1 source on info on any of us these days), his mother is dead (#2 source), his medical records are private, he was home schooled for years, he was estranged from his brother and father for years. As for his cold and methodical killing spree — sociopaths are more capable of that than the most brainwashed of brainwashed cause it comes naturally to them.

    This is the problem with narrative driven (as opposed to fact driven) conspiracy theories. The simple answers are tossed aside in favor of a more exciting and dramatic scenario; in this case that Adam Lanza was a mind controlled patsy programmed to kill little children (either that or he took the fall for the ever present "second gunman" ) so that the media will be in an uproar and the president will have the power to take away our guns…sooooooo….he can create a police state……because he's a member of the wealthy elite…….who only pretended to hate Obama throughout each of his election campaigns to make everything look on the up and up when he assists them in taking over the country. Really. REALLY???

    I enjoyed the section on coincidences, but please don't drag Jung into this. He believed in synchronicity in the ethereal and spiritual sense, not in the literal sense.

    • I said 'less than a year' above when it was most likely about a year, judging from the info we have – and the statements of his high school counselors who mention problems he was having in 10th and 1th grade (though there is no mention if 11th grade was completed at the high school or just begun there). He also attend college, so plenty of photographs would be available from public schools, save for that one year or so when he was schooled by his mother for a GED. Just clarifying.

      He attended Sandy Hook Elementary School for a brief time.[93] Afterward, he attended St. Rose of Lima Catholic School in Newtown,[94] and then Newtown High School, where he was an honors student.[95]

      Lanza subsequently was home-schooled by his mother, and earned a GED.[96] Lanza's aunt said his mother removed him from the Newtown public school system because she was unhappy with the school district's plans for her son.[97] He attended Western Connecticut State University in 2008 and 2009.[96]

      • Attending public school doesn't automatically mean there are plenty of public pictures of the kid, especially middle and high school pictures. Most schools have a picture day. A kid who doesn't want their pic taken for whatever reason (shy, autistic, low self-esteem, whatever) can ditch getting their picture taken. It happens all the time. Aside from all that, the media plainly said that they wouldn't give this kid too much attention and would instead focus on the victims for fear of instigating copycats or unintentionally elevating Lanza to martyr status. You can see this as suspicious if you want, but they said what their motive was up front — focus on the victims and stop giving the killers the roundabout compliment of finding them interesting. I see this new tactic of theirs as more of a transparent attempt to appear responsible while inside their greedy, black hearts they are very excited by tragedies in general and this one in particular. The news business is a sick one, but not because they are in cahoots with some grand conspiracy. They just want ratings.

      • Yes, Shannon – I agree. My main point was to correct the misinformation that he was 'home schooled for years' – trust me, those initial lies by the media (largely in European papers writing about this story) really lambasted the home schooling communities in America. I know some organizations became legally involved to stop this lie from being perpetrated – but as they say "the damage was done because all you have to do is put it out there first…and retractions won't be read". You have no idea how many people still say "he was home schooled for years" as if this was true and blame his anti social behavior on being 'home schooled' (when he was at most home schooled for only 18 months, then back in public education via college) yet he was anti social and noted as such for years within the public school system.

  52. Oh, and what about the third teacher who was in the meeting with the principal? Why don't they interview her to give us a better prospective on what happened…..

  53. 'Blood in the streets in a town of New Haven' As always, we try to put the pieces of the puzzle together understanding how the ritual child blood sacrifices work within the upper echelons of the elite organizations of the black nobility work. The franken storm Sandy, we had the concert in which Sir Paul and Nirvana opened up with helter-skelter for which this could've been the signal/trigger for the sacrifice. As we remember the Charles Manson slaughter story with helter-skelter being the trigger. The connection between Newtown and New Haven, as we know New Haven is the lovely home to Princeton/skull and bones. It seems the further we go down the rabbit hole the deeper it gets.

  54. The effects of psychotropic drugs can create Manchurian candidate(s)-

    Its not LSD or ecstasy we are dealing with here from the pharmaceutical enterprise- To be understood as a from of elevation of/or higher self knowledge in to thought processes, or life in general. Not that its needed to reach only with, but surely it most be taken in to account, that they can function in this way.

    Big Pharma has entered the realm of mind frying and chemically alteration to the brain patterns which leads users to become dysfunctional in relation to the mind.

    Some of the users need "coaching" – As Vc talks about happening in a dungeon like fashion. Or in the wards-

    Many kill them self's off- Why ? Perhaps because its not a trip for them(meaning it will stop and you know it, if tripping that is), but the new normal which is not a state one can endure, like , comprehend or Relate to..

    Its for me a dark world when these drugs be administered- Look at the chemistry in most of their products, it should not be given to humans consumption. Period!!

    So who is big Pharma really working for and to what ends ??

  55. I make synchromystic videos as a hobby, and I was shocked to realize sometime after the shooting that many key words and symbolic elements related to it were already present in the video I was currently working on. But here's something even more unusual: The Saturday before New Year's Eve, I was having an early NYE party with some friends (cuz they had to work the following Monday) and the movie A NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (which accurately describes the Sandy Hook shooting) was playing on the TV with the sound turned off, and random music was being played in the background. At some point during the party, I look up at the movie and Jack walks by a chalkboard with a sort of math equation written on it…If you look at it with a synchromystic eye, it actually appears to say OPEN FIRE (12 days before Christmas) = SANDY (and then there's a picture of a claw, followed by a candy cane, which is shaped like a hook). Seconds later, an actual HOOK is used to hoist a basket up to the window, and while all this was happening I began listening to the music that was playing through the stereo at that moment…I didn't recognize the song or the singer, but the lyrics mentioned something about children or youth that will never grow up or live long enough to see their dreams come true…We've found a lot of odd coincidences about that same theme in the sync community – kids not growing up, like the Lost Boys from the famous Peter Pan movie HOOK. Also, later in the movie the real "Sandy Claws" is actually shown suspended from a HOOK.

  56. That's what happened in Australia, two massacres and guns were outlawed. The people can no longer defend themselves and are subject to whatever the government has planned in the future.

  57. It just seems impossible for people to awaken out of their sleeping slumber. People dont grasp evil but you don't have to be evil to know, understand and see evil. People would rather prefer to live in their own delusional comfort zone however until they drown in an unforeseen yet inevitable flood one day. We want to be optimistic but on average everyone has been so dumbed down that it's like those of us in the know are on an island in and of itself. Knowledge may bring power but it also can bring frustration, stress and despair at times because of the lack of basic common sense of our counterparts.

    More symbolic pics:

  58. I recently watched this:

    Cathy O'Brien is a name most of you should be familiar with. She speaks in person during this video, with great lucidity, on the purpose of these mass media "theater of cruelty" specials.

    Mass Rituals are a way to traumatize the masses into a suggestible state where they can be programmed like an individual can be through torture and hypnotic suggestion. It's the same premise as MK-Ultra, but on a larger scale.

    It's good that VC is covering the occultic side of this phenomenon, but that's secondary to the scientific side of it. This is first and foremost Psychological warfare. If they're doing "black magick", great. But more than likely, the demonic, "Evil" nature of these set-ups is just another way to traumatize people and Cathy says that explicitly: The imagery surrounding the occult is extremely powerful and the rituals themselves are traumatic enough to cause dissociation.

    It's good to be aware of everything, but let's not play "the game" on their terms. I've read Trance-Formation myself, and every time "Black magick" crops up, whatever the context, it's just there to horrify and control the behavior of others. It's just another corny, theatrical gimmick for traumatizing ignorant people. I'm only mentioning this because I KNOW how most people are; you take this sort of psychotic shit at face value because it's been bred into you over thousands of years to believe in this mumbo-jumbo on account of the Catholic, and more than likely their predecessors in more than one culture around the world.

    I know it's tempting, and easy, to treat this like it's spiritual warfare on some level, and it is, but it's psychological warfare first, literal warfare second, and in my opinion 'spiritual' comes in at a distant third. If you're traumatized by the fact that these psychopaths are in fact "Luciferian" psychopaths, then they win. Who gives a shit what they believe or act like they believe in? Who cares if there's a long history of secret societies and mystery schools distorting Mithraic symbolism, or if this is just something they came up with recently? The point is we're somewhat vulnerable to breaking down and acting like hysterical children whenever we think something "supernatural" might be at work.

    I'd just like to pre-emptively ask anyone who might consider behaving this way to chill the frig out and quit feeding the trolls.

    • Spiritual war-fare is never a subject to take lightly, and deffinitely not one to put on the side burner. I dont think you give it the credit it deserves, and your underestimating the impact it plays in our world.

  59. @CraigS: Yes, gun purchases rise after events such as Sandy Hook, but it’s not as if people are purchasing un-registered weapons. If the government, influenced by the “powers that be,” chooses to confiscate firearms, then they have a nice list of all registered firearms owners. Now, I’m sure there are unregistered guns are there, but those aren’t the firearms being purchased in a frenzy at the gun shows.

  60. Most of these comments display an awakening that I’ve longed to see for many years! VC LOOK AT THE PROGRESS! Each article stems more wisdom so we won’t be in the dark completely! God Bless you!!! These things must all pass!! Continue to PRAY! Keep your children covered wearing the armor of Christ because its the only protection we’ve really got! This is spiritual warfare! Not carnal!! Remember who allows it! FOR NOW!!

  61. Here’s my take on gun control:

    Let’s pretend for a moment that the shooter at Sandy Hook wasn’t programmed (which I consider unlikely, but let’s roll with that for a second) and actually was off his rocker. Now, let’s pretend that he had no access to guns due to some dystopian ideal of “no guns, no violence” or whatever the reasoning is behind violating the 2nd amendment. Now, I ask you: what would keep him from walking into that school with any of the following: a machete, a knife, a katana (or any legitimate sword for that matter) because a katana seems like something a crazy person would use, a hammer, etc., or ALL OF THE ABOVE? And what would then keep him from slicing, stabbing, and beating children to death? I mean, I can see how a gun keeps people from tackling you and the damage may be minimized, but still, a nutter is still going to go nuts if he really wants to. The same week as Sandy Hook 22 kids were injured in an attack at a school in China, and guess what? The attacker used a knife.

    I live in Texas and I would like to see (and very likely will see) the epic uproar that a gun ban would cause here.

    I’m thinking we should all take a long look at the Constitution and kiss it goodbye, because they’re going to use it as toilet paper and then light it on fire and I personally feel there is nothing we can do about it. Most Americans are sheep and those of us who know better really can’t do much of anything except plan for the worst.

    By the way, on an unrelated note, did anyone else’s Comcast cable have, like, 10 EAS tests in the span of a few hours a couple of days ago? It tripped me out.

    • ehhh the children in China are still alive…the ones in "We love out guns' land are there you go.Mad men will always be there but if you let them have guns, they will shoot your kids once in a while.

  62. Gordon Freeman on

    Great job on this article, a nice break from the plastic music articles full of symbolism.
    I was waiting for this posting, when I saw the news I knew it was another hoax to get rid of the guns.

  63. Actually, there’s too many loop holes in Sandy Hook Crisis Actors page changed. Condolences were a few days earlier and they updated to hide more clues to why Barack Hussein Obama falsify and Eric Holder brainwash American citizens.

  64. Another strange coincidence is that the map of the strike zone looks just like lower Manhattan. That same area was hit hard by hurricane Sandy in the recent past.

  65. If you look closely at the moon calendar, you will see that many ritual sacrifices are done when there is a new moon. In esoteric practices the new moon symbolises a force that can help you achieve your goals. Maybe that is why most of the unanswered and mysterious shootings happen on new moon day…. The Aurora shooting took place on July 20th, when 1% of the moon was visible – 2 days after new moon. The Sandy Hook shooting took place on December 14th, again with 1% of the moon visible, 1 day after the new moon. This is more than coincidence…. And what is the goal that TPTB want to achieve so badly? Disarming the public. What weapons were used in the shootings? The same types that they want to ban, also the most widely owned and used calibers in the USA.

  66. Woops, there was a school shooting yesterday (2013.01.10) with 2 dead. What a coincidence that 11th is new moon day.

  67. This is a ritual calendar taken from Fritz Springmeier book 'Be Wise as Serpents'. This, along with the moon calendar can help in actually predicting similar events. I used the same method to vaguely predict the shooting that took place yesterday. I said it would happen today…. Almost nailed it.

    Jan. 1 ……………………….New Years Day…………………………….Druid feast day
    Jan. 7 ……………………….St. Winebald Day …………………………blood ritual,
    Jan. 17 ………………………Satanic Revels …………………………… ritual
    Jan. 20 ………………………St. Agnes Eve
    Jan. 20 …………………………………………………………………………..kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
    Jan. 26 ………………………Grand Climax ………………………………sex ritual, human sacrifice
    (5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)
    Feb. 2 ……………………….Candlemas ………………………………… ritual, one of the witches' Sabbats
    Feb. 25 …………………….Blood Host or St. Walpurgis Day …. blood ritual, animal sacrifice
    March 1 ……………………St. Eichatadt Day ………………………….blood ritual, demon hommage
    March 20 …………………..Equinox Feast …………………………….sex and blood rituals, Sabbat
    March 24 ……………………………………………………………………….16 year old bride of Satan ritual
    April 19-25…………………………………………………………………….kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
    April 24 ……………………St. Mark Eve
    April 25 ……………………Grand Climax ………………………………female sacrifice (can be a child), sex & fertlity
    ritual (5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)
    April 26-30…………. ……high holy days for Beltaine
    April 30 ……………………Walpurgis Night or May Eve…………blood ritual,
    one of the greatest witches' Sabbats
    May 1 ……………………….Beltaine, Walpurgis or May Day ……..blood ritual and/or fire festival
    June 21 …………………….Solstice Feast……………………………… sex ritual, animal or human sacrifice
    June 23 …………………….Midsummer's Eve ……………………… fire festival, most important times for the
    practice of magick [sic]
    July 1 ……………………….Demon Revels ……………………………. blood ritual, sex with demons
    July 20-27 ……………………………………………………………………. kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
    July 25 ……………………..St. James Day
    July 27 ……………………..Grand Climax …………………………….. sex ritual, human female sacrifice
    (5 wks. & 1 day since solistice)
    July 31 or Aug. 1 ……….Lammas / Harvest……………………….. animal or human sacrifice, great Sabbat
    Aug. 3 ………………………Satanic Revels ……………………………. sex ritual
    Aug. 24 …………………….St. Bartholomew Day………………….. fire festival, great Sabbat
    Sept. 7……………………….Marriage to the Beast …………………… sex &. blood rituals, female under 21
    Sept. 20 …………………….Midnight Host…………………………….. hands of glory / blood ritual
    Sept. 22 …………………….Equinox Feast Day ……………………… sex ritual
    Oct 23-30 …………………………………………………………………….. kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
    Oct 29-31 or 31 …………All Hallows' Eve ………………………… blood ritual, fire festival, great Sabbat,
    believe the dead return to earth this night
    Nov. 1 ……………………… Halloween ……………………………….. sex ritual
    Nov. 4 ………………………Satanic Revels …………………………… ritual
    Nov. 11 ……………………All Hallows' Eve………………………….the ancient date, celebrated by some groups
    Dec. 16-23……………………………………………………………………..kidnapping, sacrifice preparation
    Dec. 21 ……………………..St. Thomas Day ………………………….fire festival, great Sabbat
    Dec. 22 …………………….Solistic Feast Day ……………………… ritual (also burial ritual for some groups)
    Dec. 24 …………………….High Grand Climax ………………………blood ritual

  68. @BlankZ

    Why is it that if someone shares an opinion about firearms that differs from your own opinion, you must feel the need to denounce him as a "paid shill" and tell him to "go back to sleep"?

    I fully understand the pro-gun argument (how can escape it when you all so thoroughly dominate most Internet forums), but that doesn't mean that there is not an equally valid point to be made from the other side, i.e., that guns truly are weapons of mass destruction, with only one purpose: to kill.

    This is why this debate is so poisoned. As soon as someone offers a perspective about guns that the gun nuts take offense to, it's nothing but shrill cries of "2nd Amendment" and the same tired BS arguments about how "guns don't kill people, people do." You know, we've heard your arguments all before about a thousand times, the least you could do is give someone the courtesy of sharing a different opinion. I happen to Chris Najar. Does that also make me a "paid shill." If so, where the fuck is my paycheck?

    Anyway, what VC breaks down in the above article I think is what this is really all about. While there MAY be a tangential agenda at work for gun control (which I actually don't believe, because I think TPTB want us armed, polarized, paranoid and on a hair trigger — and besides, the gun manufacturers have the lawmakers in their back pockets), what is more important to wrap your head around is the angle that these are mass satanic rituals. I think that's what's really going on here, and why there are always so many strange circumstances surrounding these mass shootings.

    If the "gun control" plays any part, I think it is just to work up gun nuts like yourself into a frenzy so that you do something stupid and fire the first shot in your civil war fantasies.

  69. —sherlock holmes:

    'How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?'

  70. Wow! Never thought of this, but it seems very convincing. I thought the reason I didn't hear anything about the shooter was because I'm not American, but I see that I was wrong. Very well writen, VC.

  71. Check out truthseeker444's videos on Youtube. She is extremely good at her research and she exposes every little detail, and numerical anomolies encoded in these events- she discovered that the sandy hook stuff is all related to the House of Stewart- the royal family, and they are putting their codes on everything in these false flags as a message to the other secret societies/everyone else of how powerful they (believe) they are, and how they own all of America's media. It is quite amazing how well researched her videos are- and how much info she exposes.

  72. Okay guys i know this might be random but i recently watched the video to David Guetta’s Titanium fearuring Sia and for some odd reason the lyrics and the video to ME sort of were similar to the Sandy Hook massacre. Especially the wierd boy the lyrics and the concept of the video based around a school… I’m not sure. Please give me your opinion on it.

    • It was about the boy having telekinetic powers that he couldn't control when he was angry or hurt, so nothing to do with a school shooting really. The Titanium video is very similar to Carrie, and I'm sure Stephen King got the idea for Carrie from somewhere else. Writing and storytelling has been around for thousands of years, and so there's nothing left that it truly original. Even sci fi stories that incorporate current or future technology are based in ancient story arcs that reflect our journey through life as human beings and our constant struggle to grapple with the mysteries of life and death. That's why certain songs or videos or movies or books can have a familiar quality to them IMO.

  73. Wow these comments are just as enlighting as the post. Nice to read what others have to say about things. Good job VC!

  74. Although symbolic pics of the month were educational, I agree with VC as I feel it is unnecessary to continue posting the same thing over and over. I, as always, look forward to any new article posted. Thank you VC! ps… I never missed a symbolic pics of the month and wont miss your thoughts of the month.

  75. Do you realize how well disguised the Zionists are within the white population. They have succeeded in convincing the Caucasian race that they are white while perpetrating their evil crimes on the human race. Those who don't know history or the difference between them always blame the Caucasian race when i fact it it the Zionist who have infiltrated the system causing all manner of evil.

    Time however will reveal truth.

  76. I don't think this information is completely accurate. VC said that pic of Adam Lanza was the only one available but it was not the one I saw when the news first broke. And personally I think all this connecting the shooting with The Dark Night Rises is a bit too extreme. No one would have noticed all that if this incident had not occurred. Its just like predictions made by Nostradamus that were not noticed until after the event occurs. The human mind sees what it wants to see.

  77. Its obvious that all of these 'events' are made up.

    I feel bad for normal, humble, Americans but I think most people in the world are in a similar situation. Unfortunately, politics, religion, and anything that has any relation to having 1) wealth 2) power/authority is corrupted from top to bottom. The bad thing is that things will probably continue down this rotten path, the good thing is if you don't make an investment in this world, your eyes will open up and the truth should be clear for you.

    The way things have become now is, essentially, if there is a majority agreement on anything that is discussed on tv, internet, news, any official person, then its corrupted. Things have always been this way but its gotten worse over time. It will gradually get more sinister.

    I don't think anyone can say for sure, even me, whether they can withstand whats going on in our world right now. By the time the anti-Christ army is here and the opposition is reduced to something like dozens or hundreds of people we will see who are the infidels and who are allahs army.

    I have a feeling in the very end people will be surprised with the result but if your a good honest person, have little and want nothing, then I think your ending will be a good one. :)

    • Thank you for the link, Adam.
      I was particularly interested in the fact that Putnam County had a fake school shooting drill the SAME DAY as the Sandy Hook shooting.
      If the 'Batman' Propmaster died in Newtown CT, 8 months prior to Sandy Hook shooting, that would make it May which is a ritual murder month. But killed for whom, that is the question? Who was this blood ritual for?

    • I absolutely agree with the professor. I am not surprise that the zionist media house CNN wants to blacklist this man for his constitutional right of 'freedom of speech'.

  78. Good article and good comments. But the truth is we really can’t do anything about what they are doing and plan to do. In reality, it’s actually better for the believers if they temporally win, because then they will inadvertently cause our deliverance. All these things must happen so that Christ may come, destroy them, and take the believers home. Its good that our eyes our open, but we need to focus on something more important: spreading the good news about salvation to all before it is too late. The Bible says that the gospel must be preached to all the world and then shall the end come. That’s why I am going to seminary to become a chaplain so I can assist my Lord with the great commission to go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. God bless you all, and please share the good news with whoever you can.

  79. Finally, VC.

    Yes, Anderson Cooper picked it up last night and the CNN blog on FB is running the story as well. I watched it live and Cooper said he wasn't going to name the source but i quickly saw it on screen and copied it. I was up all night yesterday having a good read.

    Let's remember that Cooper's mum is Gloria Vanderbilt. Part of the establishment.

  80. The book of Revelation talks about the beast ( the best form of government man can achieve, the NWO) and the best’s spokesperson. Look at Prince William’s coat of arms and read Revelation. Tell me what you see.

  81. The book of Revelation talks about the beast ( the best form of government man can achieve, the NWO) and the best’s spokesperson. Look at Prince coat of arms and read Revelation. Tell me what you see.

  82. Well this is a bummer! The monthly pic thing was the only feature that kept me coming back. I hope this site will be more lively with more than the sporadic single article.


  83. Could you not please recruit a faithful, trustworthy VC Forum poster or mod to take over the Symbolic Pics of the Month as it seems many of us will miss it, as much as Thought of the Month appeals?

    Please ? :)

  84. Mass Media……well we don't even have a media that we can count on to bring the news… unbiased and truthful account of things that are transpiring in our nation and around us….it is all bought and controlled by the elite of society and that's as simple as it gets….but its really sad when you have to get your news from an alternative news sit if you want anything close to the truth….funny part is that the American people buy into what they feed you on the censored news stations lock stock and barrel "well honey it must be true I heard it on CNN now they wouldn't lie to us would they?" Then they have foreigners like Piers Morgan trying to control what happens in our country after he fled his own for lying and printing fake stories in his own press…..yeah hes one of the reasons their gun ban failed…..and he wants it here….when they come attempting to take the weapons Piers I hope you are leading the charge…..someone will be glad to see you at the head of the pack.

  85. I believe as many have said before me: The world can go either two ways. People will begin to awaken and we can usher in a new era of peace & love, or People will continue to blindly follow like sheep and ruin will ensue.
    For the first time in a very long time I went onto my facebook today and seen someone I knew (who always seemed pretty dumb) talking about the Sandy Hook shooting and how it was staged. People began debating it in the comments that followed. Two people said he was in denial, while over twenty people agreed with him and spoke words of courage. Someone even went as far as to say that his third eye had awaken.

    Seeing this, and many other things-I will continue to believe in our fellow human beings. The sooner we all realize that there is no true division between us, the better. It's a new year, the earth is in new era. I take comfort in knowing people are beginning to openly question things, that other who know are helping them on their quest toward truth. So all those comments above me that are worried for the world, don't be. God has a plan. He always knows what's best. Let's just trust in that okay? (=

  86. They are trying to take away the rights to protect yourself. If there are laws that say you can't carry a weapon illegally or legally then in the future we the people will be unable to protect ourselves from the powerful. I believe the future will be like the hunger games. we will have no choice but to obey because there will be no way to defend ourselves but with our hands. That's what i believe this is leading to.

  87. Check out Jack Reacher. A movie about a patsy (ex-army sniper) who is framed for a mass shooting.
    In a bar scene Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) is hit on by a good looking girl named "Sandy" who tells Jack "I'm not a hooker." So a movie featuring "Sandy…I'm not a hooker."
    Quit using the enemies terminology. These aren't "assault weapons."
    They are "freedom rifles." They want to ban our freedom rifles because they hate us for our freedom.

  88. Thank you VC for this article and I am glad that you are replacing the pics of the month with thoughts for the month. Pics of the month are interesting but after some time they have grown quite redundant. Most of us get the picture, yes they're covering one eye blah blah blah but the most interesting part of some of the photos aren't even mentioned. Maybe your leaving it up to us to figure it out?? There are some more interesting photo's out there for those of you who can't live without pics of the month. Just brows the web. I've even made a game out of trying to find hidden meanings in pics on my own. Its amazing what you'll find. If that's the entertainment you seek there is definitely more than just the one eye'd covered photographs. Thank you.

  89. This is scary for real,@TRUTH I believe evrything u say. This world is geting more messed up by the day. And powerful celebs (beyonce,jay z etc) are making it worse. I don’t kno what is real anymore

  90. There's nothing like starting a movement to disarm citizens by shocking the nation with the senseless killing of children. The Elite know that's the only way people will willingly give up their weapons, by making cute kids the victims.

  91. Remember what Malcolm X said:

    “The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses''

    may Allah bless him

  92. Does anyone think it's in anyway coincidental that New York was hit by Hurricane Sandy only to have an event happen at "Sandy" Hook Elementary school? Those two could easily be coincidental, don't get me wrong, but given the ritualistic nature of the elite and the MK mind slaves that typically commit these mass shootings, I wouldn't put it past them.

    Well that, and the continuation of the campaign for complete gun control.

  93. Guys, it's just me or the scenario theme of the People's Choice Awards 2012' show was full of the symbolic movie Metropolis (1927)?…

  94. Just wanted to add an interesting video regarding the shootings, specially the Dark knight rising one with James Holmes, and how it is all connected as we by now know, with the government wanting a Gun Ban.

    All of these shootings, filled with their symbolism and shooters that efor some reason either has no information about themselves to be found, which in today's world is close to impossible with pages like facebook, or the criminals "don't remember anything" from what they have done.

    it is clear that this is not an act of insane bloodthirsty monsters, but from puppet masters in the higher ups trying desperately to disarm us all in order to push our faces down into the mud, while they piss on our backs feeling all superior!

    I feel for the victims, and I really hope the truth will be told and all of this will come to an end before the Illuminati scumbags get their will through, and we are all f*cked.

  95. That video-clip is inspired by demons. They are everywhere, even in our sleep where they attack us the vicious creatures.

  96. Personally, I do not believe in this big conspiracy. It very well could be possible, but at the same time things could just be the way they were presented. First and foremost, if the Dark Knight Rises promo kit was out well in advance of the shootings, it isn't unlikely that the killer heard about the Aurora massacre and saw that Sandy Hook was circled on the map of the promo kit. Secondly, not every single person is seen all the time, or even remotely. I know that Newtown is a very isolated city, as I've been there before and it's a relatively small town. This world needs more mental health help then anything else.

  97. Sandy Hook island on The Dark Knight Rises Gotham City map (the promo map sent out exactly 1 year before the Sandy Hook massacre) has the same general shape as the city of Newtown, Connecticut. See this:

    (Note: You must right-click on the pictures in that comment and choose, “View Image,” to see the whole image. The last of the three images shows a side-by-side comparison.)

  98. I use to be a fan of VC but his posts are getting ridiculous.

    1. Who is Adam Lanza? Why is there only 'one black and white photo' of him? That's stupid. Here, google images is only a few clicks away:

    2. So basically you talk about how the consitution is supposed to be a sacred and untouched document huh? You MUST be one of those people with an obsession with guns. I'm not saying they should ban guns but laws should be more strict. On top of that, the consitution is a LIVING document.

    "I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors." – Thomas Jefferson

    And for you to say that they only intend to change the constitution after 1 or 2 incidences is redundant. There have been MORE than 1 or 2 traumatic events. My friend was shot at the virginia tech shootings and everyone knew the murderer was not "brainwashed by the government" he was just insane. I have another family friend who was shot because he did not want to sell liquor after 3 am at the place he was working. So please, realize that strict gun laws are not a bad thing. Why is it that the US has the highest amount of gun related murders compared to any other country in the world? I say it's 1. culture. 2. very very lenient gun laws.

    I agree that we must all be aware of our surroundings and our own government, but this post pissed me off.

  99. PrairieMuffins on

    All this talk of Sandy Hook and the Batman movies, it is as if everyone forgot how Heath Ledger died during the making of these films too. I've never felt comfortable about those movies. I tried watching the latest film, and I instantly felt uncomfortable during the scene of the stadium. Sure enough, it took place in Sandy Hook.

    Way too eerie. All of it. Way, way too eerie. This is a red flag. VC, you definitely need to take a closer analysis and write something on the symbols in Batman. Please.

  100. Every time that somthing like this happens, I already know what you are going to write. It´s too obvious what happens. I think that you educated us. Even if this webpage would not exist anymore, we can deduce what are the meanings of the events controlled by the elite.

  101. Smartie pantaloons on

    Not sure if anyone saw the tv show/psych experiment to see if they could hypnotize a group of people into killing a person. All in all one man did have the trigger embedded in his subconscious and in the end completed a "assassin" program with the killer trigger they gave him. Honestly I was stunned…so was he.

  102. No one wants to suggest that there is possibly a spirit attached to the Nolan Batman movies? A demonic influence that penetrates people's minds upon viewing? Anyone remember Heath Ledger's death tied to that series as well?

    The Joker is Satanic and Heath Ledger was trying to channel him. This is the interpretation of the Joker given full demonic bloom by the magic user and self-described shaman Alan Moore (someone should interview him about all this for a change).

    The films are entirely about deception, perception and the ramifications of those on reality. I am not blaming Nolan or the writers, but these films are delivered at a time where we are at a spiritual breaking point and man's philosophy apart from God produces unbridled darkness. The Joker is Satanic Chaos personified.

    The World system has its own religious system. They do enact rituals. I do not believe this requires an elite cabal, only that a group of individuals listen to their Master. Even Hitler had a "Voice" who he listened to.

  103. This is great news, but my only question is what are we supposed to do? You are giving us all this information, but no real remedy. It's like running to tell you neighborhood that a school is on fire, but no one anywhere has any water or anything to help. What are we supposed to do about what you describe in this article and what is happening?

  104. Can't people leave theoretical people/myths out from unrelated articles please?
    I love this site, but there's always some distraction with praising the Son of a fiction novel.
    This has nothing to do with Christian mythology at all.

  105. Just watched the recently released film, Not Fade Away. Near the end, James Gandolfini's character says to his son, as I recall, "We can go fishing. I got a trawler over at Sandy Hook". This is not verbatim but close. I'd think the odds are long that two recent films would reference a town most of us had not heard of until Dec. 14.


    Lol @ the people freaking out over no more pics of the month. Props VC, I say you're moving in the right direction. :) Lets make this about intellect and research rather than mindless pretty pictures of models throwing up the same hand signs and wearing the same patterned clothing!

  107. I've been following you for some weeks – thanks again for an informative and thought-provoking article.

    Sandy Hook seemed dodgy from the start, but so great is the tragedy that it's difficult to find a forum to say it, even in England. For example, Mum was a prepper – subtext: preppers produce murderous and mentally unstable offspring.

    If Americans aren't careful, they'll end up in the same state as us over here – so disenfranchised by a state disempowerment industry that often when the balloon goes up only the bad guys have guns.

  108. Sandy HookI pray for the children! The Scapegoat was Adam Lanza, perhaps not even a real person; Sandy Hook is perhaps the most daring public Charade ever attempted.

  109. This link has the pictures of AnnaSophia Robb, teen star that covers january's Teen Vogue. If you click in "view slideshow", you can see some pictures, almost all of them with elite theme and symbolism:
    This one has Chloë Grace Moretz pictures (february, 2013), click in "view slideshow":
    Vogue is SO a elite's tool for propagate symbolism. (in one of this covers, they talk about Hunger Games, that is a blatant propaganda of elite control over masses – worst: the book/movie makes you, spectator, put yourself in the elite's position).

  110. We haven’t had guns for years in Canada….we’re not doing too bad over here and I don’t think we’re living in concentration camps either. We’re just enjoying our relative safety and free health care :)

  111. They really believe they are using different realms of spiritual energy to do all this stuff to the people and media and governments. No hun your simple in work with the devil and the demons they have the power to tie ties and make evil happend. Like aleister crowley and alice bailey they were lost ppl actually believing they had some sort of spiritual power and great wisdom when they themselves work just working with demons.

  112. do the research – watch on you tube the series " The Truth May scare you " – watch them all – do the research on 911 , sandy hook .search for journalists like Christopher hedges, Amy Goodman and do your research get off the boob tube ( it is nothing but lies on their – the media is run by the government ) , search for truth in journalsim ( go to "breaking the set" / Abby Martin ) – you will start to understand that the enemy is within and truth is stranger then fiction . The Illuminati exsists , evil is real and our government and media is grossly perverted . and the Amerian people are disturbingly dumbed down and they better wake up because a revolution needs to take place by well informed people . go to you tube and start with "THE TRUTH MAY SCARE YOU" and dont miss any episodes , they start getting really informative at about #7 – start at 1 and dont skip.

  113. Faeryn James Lee on

    Why does no one ever just come out with the plain truth? The nebulous 'New Word Order' or 'elite' or the 'powers that be' is nothing more than Jews with some help from colluding non-jews. Its hard to find people who realize this who don't color the factual discussion with hatred, racism, religion, or some combination of the 3..but this shouldn't be a deterrant.
    These so called Luciferians are more commonly known as Jews. White, Black, Native, Arab, Asian alike are hated equally by these dudes. They are now and always have been the fountain of criminality, corruption and murder.
    Truth is not hatred, and not telling the truth is cowardice

  114. I don't need any fancy shmancy detailed conspiracy theories to be convinced that the Aurora and Newtown shootings were shams. One simple fact in the beginning did it for me.

    The minute it was reported that both James Holmes and Adam Lanza had "no online footprint" and destroyed hard drives was enough for me to know to disregard any further media reporting of the events. What a clever little coincidence – hard drives destroyed beyond repair and no online footprint from two males who spent a good chunk of their life in front of a screen? Not in this day and age. Nope. Didn't buy it then, and I sure don't buy it now.

    (I know it was semi-reported that Holmes had an adult-dating? site profile, but that it was new and had hardly any activity on it. I believe this was thrown in there to placate those like myself who simply don't believe a college-aged individual had NO Internet presence whatsoever. Perpetuates the mentally-ill lone gunman profile).

  115. Where the hell do you get this information? These things are so well hidden its not funny and you somehow are able to get this stuff out to the public – rather impressive!

  116. No nation has "rights", only privileges the government, cops, etc can take away whenever they wish. Witness the Japanese-Canadians who were sent to concentration camps. No rights. The aboriginal children who were stripped from their parent's arms and sent to concentration camps. Wait, we call them residential schools. No rights. Quebecers when Trudeau enacted martial law. No rights. Citizens concerned about the state of democracy and lack of transparency at APEC, WTO, G8 and G20 meetings in Canada who were stopped, beaten, and arrested, even those who were just passing through. No rights. Ever.

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