The London Riots and How They Will be Used to the Elite’s Advantage


Originally triggered by a case of police brutality, the London riots soon became a generalized expression of malcontent from today’s young proletariat. The cramming of the unprivileged into neighbourhoods resembling ghettos combined with continued police oppression has always been an explosive combination. The Los Angeles riots of 1992 and the French riots of 2010 took place in very similar circumstances. While it is obvious that many rioters have absolutely no political agenda except for the looting of a few bottles of liquor, the riots are nevertheless the accumulated result of years of segregation of the poor and minorities in conjunction with the type of police oppression not found in well-to-do suburban areas.

While the media seems focused on portraying the rioters as a bunch of drunk hoodlums who have nothing else to do, it is obvious to the citizens of the area that the growing tensions with the police would lead to this kind of outburst. Here’s an interview describing the “other side of the story” (I don’t think that the BBC was expecting this kind of response).

Order Out of Chaos

That being said, the London riots might be exactly what the ruling class needed to further a few agendas. The elite’s motto is Ordo Ad Chao, meaning Order Out of Chaos. Time and time again, chaotic situations have been “allowed” – if not totally engineered – by the elite in order to create fear and panic within the general population. The distraught masses then beg the elite for an intervention and a prompt solution. The result of these interventions is almost unequivocally the same: the introduction of rules and regulations disadvantaging the average citizen while giving more (undemocratic) powers to the elite.

The new policies would not normally be accepted by the general population, but due to the panic generated by the crisis, the policies are not only accepted but welcomed with open arms. The Great Depression of 1929 allowing the Rockefellers and the Morgans to hijack the banking system, 9/11 clearing the way for the PATRIOT act,  the bailout “crisis” that handed $700 billion of tax-payer money directly to a few favored companies … the same pattern repeats itself continually. Create a crisis, make it last long enough to get the population worried and introduce the solution that was, in fact, part of the agenda all along. And the population falls for it, every single time.

Using mass media, it is easy to create widespread panic. Simply interrupting a TV show with “Breaking News” featuring a red banner at the bottom of the screen and bold letters is enough to raise the collective heartbeat of a nation, and to make it aware of a situation in a matter of minutes. In the days that follow, all media outlets constantly remind the population of this particular situation. The constant hammering makes the situation almost seem as unbearable by the population who hear about it continuously on TV and read about it in the newspapers and the internet. After a while, the average citizen will want just one thing: the awful, nauseating feeling created by the situation to go away, whatever that takes. After the problem has dragged long enough, the media present one or several solutions. Not fully understanding this solution, but tired and annoyed, most people think: “Well, if that’s what it takes for them to shut up about this and move on to something else, then I’m all for it.”

Did the elite allow the London riots to last long enough to create a sentiment of panic? There are already sources stating that the police were ordered to stand by as the riots took place (according an article from the Daily Mail entitled Why police were so soft on London looters: They ‘were ordered to stand and observe’ as capital burned (but in Manchester they were hunting looters within hours). Furthermore, we are already seeing in the media the emergence of a specific agenda and a call to the adoption of specific policies that, predictably, go against the interests of the general public.

The Blackberry Riots – The Underlying Agenda

After a single day or rioting, an obvious agenda emerged in the media and a specific culprit was singled out by the authorities: the privacy of mobile messaging. The same way a picture of bin Laden appeared on TV screens only a few minutes after 9/11, mobile instant messaging was outed as the main cause of the London riots. Several media outlets have even dubbed these events “the Blackberry Riots”. The media, being the right hand of power, steered the attention of the public towards a specific agenda.

According to news sources, the London riots were mainly orchestrated using Blackberry’s instant messenger service (known as BBM), which is a (relatively) private service as the communications are encrypted. Here’s a typical article pointing out Blackberry, this one is from Reuters:

The BlackBerry riots

MP calls for BBM suspension to calm UK riots

A lawmaker called on Tuesday for BlackBerry’s instant messaging service to be suspended after rioters used it to mobilize in London and other British cities.

David Lammy, Member of Parliament for Tottenham, where London’s worst riots for decades began on Saturday, appealed on Twitter and on BBC radio for BlackBerry maker Research in Motion

to suspend BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).

“This is one of the reasons why unsophisticated criminals are outfoxing an otherwise sophisticated police force,” he tweeted. “BBM is different as it is encrypted and police can’t access it.”

The riots, in which shops are being looted and cars and buildings set ablaze, spread to Britain’s second-largest city Birmingham and other centres.

Politicians and police are blaming the violence on criminals and hooligans but some commentators and local residents say its roots lie in anger over economic hardship in a city where the prospects for many youths are dim.

Many of the rioters favour BlackBerry Messenger over Twitter and other social media because its messages are encrypted and private, but the service is widely used and messages can easily be sent to groups.

Research In Motion said in a statement on Monday: “As in all markets around the world where BlackBerry is available, we cooperate with local telecommunications operators, law enforcement and regulatory officials.”

The company declined to say whether it was handing over chat logs or user details to police.

Research In Motion’s Inside BlackBerry blog was hacked on Tuesday by a group going by the name of Teampoison. The group posted a warning to the company not to cooperate with police.

“You Will tNOTt assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all,” the statement said.

“If you do assist the police by giving them chat logs, gps locations, customer information & access to peoples BlackBerryMessengers you will regret it, we have access to your database which includes your employees information; e.g – Addresses, Names, Phone Numbers etc. – now if u assist the police, we tWILLt make this information public and pass it onto rioters,” it said.


Sameet Kanade, analyst at Northern Securities in Toronto, said: “RIM will need the directive of the UK authorities and the cooperation of the carriers. Lawful intercept is the only valid legal reason that a carrier and handset vendor can intervene.

“In terms of actual mechanism, RIM has always claimed that it is unable to de-encrypt/decipher messages routed through the BES or BIS servers. It may be able to disable the routing of messages at best, from what I understand.“

Geoff Blaber, analyst with UK telecoms research firm CCS Insight, said: “One option would be to switch it off. But BBM is highly popular and has got a big installed base in the UK.“

BlackBerry Messenger, or BBM as it is popularly known, has driven sales to new audiences for RIM in recent years as it expanded from its base as a tool for executives to a more consumer and younger clientele.

It has more than 45 million active users worldwide, 70 percent of whom use it daily, sending billions of messages in total every month.

Users with data plans can instantly pass text messages, pictures and other files without incurring charges from their network carrier.

RIM has got into hot water in the past on the one hand for cooperating with governments seen as repressive, and on the other for not cooperating enough with the security needs of authorities in some countries.

Its encrypted services, which it moves over its own servers via telecom carriers, have been blamed for aiding militant attacks in India and for allowing unrelated men and women to communicate in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

In August last year, a source close to talks between RIM and Saudi authorities said the Canadian company had agreed to hand over information that would allow monitoring of BBM.

A deal was also reached in the UAE, averting a threatened ban on all BlackBerry services.

The company says it cooperates with authorities around the world with a consistent standard.

RIM has been relatively willing to provide authorities with access to its consumer services, such as BBM, but says it has no way of allowing monitoring of its enterprise email.

In the case of India, RIM gave the authorities access to BlackBerry Messenger services but said it did not have the technical capabilities to provide interception of corporate emails on the popular device.

India has demanded access to all BlackBerry services as part of efforts to fight militancy and security threats over the Internet and through telephone communications

In London, Deputy Assistant Commissioner Stephen Kavanagh of the Metropolitan police said on Tuesday: “Police have got extensive monitoring of this BlackBerry messaging model and actually a lot of people who are seeing these Blackberry messages are forwarding them to the police.“

Police did not immediately respond to a request for more details of how they were monitoring message traffic.

– Source

After a few days of repetition, the population is convinced: The riots are not the results of inequalities or police brutality; they are the result of too much privacy in mobile communications. This cancer must be stopped. The police, or whomever else that wants to, must be able to monitor all of our communication, at all times, or our cities will burn. This is the message that is being hammered to the public. Do all of the rioters own a Blackberry? I would not think so, but that is not important. The agenda was already set.

Singled out and facing bad publicity, RIM (the company that created the Blackberry) was pressured to violate the privacy of its subscribers and to divulge their personal information. Normally, this would have caused outrage, but now, due to the riots, the the general population believes that it that it is necessary to stop these riots and to prevent other ones from taking place.

The media’s focus on RIM, and the resulting pressure to hand over sensible information to the authorities, lead to the hacking of Blackberry’s official site on August 9th by a group who opposing this sharing of information.

Blackberry’s official website hacked

This is the message left by the hackers to RIM:

Dear Rim;

You Will _NOT_ assist the UK Police because if u do innocent members of the public who were at the wrong place at the wrong time and owned a blackberry will get charged for no reason at all, the Police are looking to arrest as many people as possible to save themselves from embarrassment… if you do assist the police by giving them chat logs, gps locations, customer information & access to peoples BlackBerry Messengers you will regret it, we have access to your database which includes your employees information; e.g – Addresses, Names, Phone Numbers etc. – now if u assist the police, we _WILL_ make this information public and pass it onto rioters… do you really want a bunch of angry youths on your employees doorsteps? Think about it… and don’t think that the police will protect your employees, the police can’t protect themselves let alone protect others…. if you make the wrong choice your database will be made public, save yourself the embarrassment and make the right choice. don’t be a puppet..

p.s – we do not condone in innocent people being attacked in these riots nor do we condone in small businesses being looted, but we are all for the rioters that are engaging in attacks on the police and government… and before anyone says “the blackberry employees are innocent” no they are not! They are the ones that would be assisting the police

– TriCk – TeaMp0isoN –

– Source

Despite the threats, RIM stated on August 10th that it would fully collaborate with the police force. This means that chat logs, the GPS locations and the customer information stored in RIM’s databases can be used by the police to track down and to prosecute suspected rioters. Caught up in the panic caused by the riots, most Britons will agree with these measures. They do not however realize that dangerous precedents are being created and the net result will be the reduction of privacy and freedom for all and a collective step towards a police state. These kinds of policies can only be introduced during periods of chaos. Instead of causing outrage, the population is actually applauding RIM’s compliance with the British government. Because, after all, what company wants to be on the side of these drunken looters?


 Acceptance of a Police State

Dragging out the riots for several days serves another important agenda: the acceptance, and even the welcoming, of police state measures. Every additional day of rioting causes the average citizen to be increasingly favorable to the use of drastic measures by the government. At the time of writing this article, conservative elements of the government are already calling for the imposition of martial law and for the gunning down of rioters on sight, Here’s a poll (produced by NewsCorp’s Sun TV) that perfectly describes how a population can become favorable to oppression when chaos occurs (let’s not forget, of course, that it is possible for Sun TV to have tricked the numbers to give an illusion of consent regarding the use of force).

SUN Poll showing that, 77% of the population would agree with seeing the army in the streets of London (martial law). Also note that one out of three people wouldn’t mind seeing rioters shot with live ammunition.

In Conclusion

If the London riots stemmed from deep social problems involving the exclusion of the unprivileged and police brutality, the powers that are seizing the opportunity to push a specific agenda. Do not be surprised if, in the near future, news of agent provocateurs being hired to incite violence popped up in the news. Violence justifies repression. In other words, the elite needs violence to make its policies acceptable. After just a few days of rioting (which was allowed to continue), a major shift in communication technology was introduced and accepted by the population: chat logs, GPS location and other private information can now be monitored by the authorities for “suspicious activities”. A few more days and the population will be ready to accept martial law and other tactics normally usually used in oppressive third world countries.

To be “for” or “against” the riots is, ultimately, an irrelevant debate. The most important thing to consider is the aftermath and the changes that will affect our nations for years to come. Whose interests will the riots ultimately serve? The poor people of London wanting a bigger piece of the pie? Or the ruling elite wanting to justify more control?



  1. i read the article and i think its beautifully written. i never thought of the riots to be this deep in terms of the aftermath. VC you, my friend, are a genius.

    • Yes. This article was amazing. You never think all of this is going on. Im so addicted to this site. Im almost scared the Elite is gonna kill me.

      • awww you will be ok but at least your eyes are open because these things that are going on is real

      • "Im almost scared the Elite is gonna kill me"?

        Seriously Royalty, is that all you get from this? Are you trolling or something?

        Seriously though, VG might not be a genius but he's stating the obvious facts that most media keep trying to avoid. He's doing a good and valuable job bringing all this to the surface but I don't like the fact that there's people that get only "the Elite gonna kill me" out of all this. Keep it up VG.

      • tiredsoiwokeup on

        LOL! what do you people expect…networks at work mind control at its best. Don't worry lol…the worst is yet to come. From Yemen to Syria on forward to london mass media propaganda dominos falling down. Man its going to be a beast when it his the good old U.S of A. ahhh what can you do? All you can do is put Faith in Jehovah god and watch the our present Goverment self destruct. Prayer is all we can do.

      • I addicted to this site and can't wait for the next article. I have watched the arrival video and read many things about Illuminati and soon but still this site is the best.

    • This article is spot on.

      "they want us rioting/ smashin up some retail banks/ thanks i get a picture in my G-mail/ this dude dressed in black – maybe a female/ torching a police car man these kids are evil!/ nah just pay attention people they call it 'Order Out of Chaos' these photo-ops are just pay-offs/ its sorta like creating a problem so you ca solve it/ i often come across it this shit it can be exhausting/ i try to be exhaustive these aint theories that i toss up/ im talkin bout conspiracy fact so homey watch that."

      The REAL universe is within u – shits gonna get crazy but on a micro level you are a star who creates reality as YOU see fit. KIILUMINATI people.


      • Liberte Mente on

        "The REAL universe is within u – shits gonna get crazy but on a micro level you are a star who creates reality as YOU see fit."

        read it a few times and let it sink in…

        Thanks for the reminder MP, the world outside us is but a reflection of an inner struggle, the time is now to begin the journey inward and recognize "the kingdom of god is within!" If we want to help the world, we must help ourselves, if we want to change the world we must "be the change." The darkness' biggest weapon against us is fear! Fear is abolished by the light of love. Every man and woman is a star, shine on.

      • New info regarding the bail out: Ron Paul did an audit on the bailout and it's not just 7billio, but actually 16 trillion in secret bailout moony to banks countries and corporations

      • Dude .its a very good and a rare oppertunity to pluck down all the CCTVs in London.seriously.secret society will be having several hundreds of blind spots.

    • Nice article, however one thing was left out that I just learned. The authorities there are also using facial recognition technology to apprehend rioters. Thanks Facebook.

    • I'm from a third world country in Asia and i have lived in ghettos. I did not had any privilege that the folks in west have even with so called poverty in the west. I have lived hungry and yet i know who my real enemy is…

      I have to point this out…not a single Asian was arrested in the was all a black and white show…Why is that? Asians are poor also…As soon as you point this obvious fact are branded as a racist by Zionist media…However….They will happily point out and tell about Islamic terrorist and Pakis and smelly Indianns and chopsticks etc..

      There are obvious problems in the black and white community THATS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED…These people did not wake up…they are doing the leg work of the elites smashing things up..destroying life's…

      I understand VC cannot point this out…but all the riots that began in the west…somehow…99% of the time..either black or white community was involved. People are fearful to bring this facts up to be branded as a racist.

      • Jack, it is ignorant to judge other people based on your own cultural worldview and history; they're not the same, but that doesn't mean that Black people are stupid, either. I don't believe rioting is the answer, but I do understand feeling a sense of rage and hopelessness that causes you not to care anymore and just attack. I do understand when you're constantly made to feel and believe that you are worse than nothing. It isn't an exclusively Black thing, but obviously folks in other countries that are treated as nothing have other ways to cope that are good for their situation. You can't extrapolate that to Blacks in the West. You can't.

        East Asians and even most of the East Indians and pakistanis who came to the west as middle class people, have it pretty good in the West and generally are some of the most prejudiced people on this planet. They make difficult racial situations ten times worse.

      • Jack, no Asian people have been arrested??? where did you get that fact, you don't even live in the UK… Loads of Asians have been rioting!! Its not a black/white thing, Asian people are a part of it too

      • wrong mate asians were involved and asians do get involved in gang warefare and racism i urge you to chack out places like oldham, i fed up with comments like yours when your coming from a very outside postion i live among these people i see what goes on and i work with them on a monthly basis!!!! THIS IS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE its to do with society as a whole

      • Jack, with all due respect, you do not live in England and you have no idea what is going on there. Asian people HAVE participated in the rioting and looting. Even outside of our discussion about the riots, Asians are caught up in gang culture just as much as other races. It is proof that multicultural society does not work. Numerous cultures in one place inevitably clash because they do not agree on day to day life matters and discussions and so naturally there is hostility and rage. I repeat: IT DOES NOT WORK.

        As for comments about dissatisfied youth, it was not only young, out of work people who participated in the riots – it was also those with well paying jobs and some middle class.

        For the most part, these people rioted not because they were making a statement…if that were the case all ages would have come together because we are ALL being screwed over. They do so because they feel UNTOUCHABLE and infamy for doing a bad thing is a type of fame.

      • Hmm …. let's just clear this up ASAP … the submissive nature of Asian people towards their white counterparts has a great deal to do with why they weren't so heavily involved. It is ridiculous to suggest that no asians were involved. As much as it seems a little bit off the beaten track, just look at the test series between India & England, go back to Trent Bridge & the Ian Bell incident.

        Look into the caste system & then look at who is welcomed into Asian families, all be it, reservedly, is it black people or white people eh ???

        I don't want to get into it, but, be very careful with this talk of poor white & blacks being the ones who were the mainly involved.

        I live with an Asian man who has admitted that the reason i've only been in his parents house, just once, in over 10 years is because, he claims, he's embarrassed by what he knows will come out of his parents mouths, in their own language about me.

        The worst part of that is actually that, we flat-share now & he lived in my parents house for a while, before I had to move ???

        So, in actual fact, what he might claim to be taking a step forward for Asian/Black relations, is actually one of cowardice, because, he should basically have taken a stance by letting his parents see that he respects me, (Hmmm ???), and bringing me into their presence regardless.

        Careful with such loose comments, stones & glass houses my friend, this apparent, insurrection, is about poverty, race & ultimately as per VC …. Controls …. the types that middle/upper class whites & upwardly mobile & materially driven asians hide behind, because they'd rather submit, than challenge that which leaves an underclass behind to do exactly what they are doing now.

        I suggest you read this :

      • blessed eyes123 on

        we have horrible ghettos in america, horrible, i mean death zones that look like a nuclear holocaust. i live in saint louis and they started drug testing for ebt and i bet ina month or two ppl will be hitting eachother upside the head for GM-poison cheeseburgers. the reason the media never points asians as poor is because they want us to believe that asians and whites are smart and rich and great and blacks and browns are stupid and poor, the same reason you never heard about how bad it is for alot of whites in eastern europe and russia, also, talk to someone from africa, its not portrayed on teleivison how it really is, they make them look like starving animals when really they have cities and eating junk food watching mtv just like most of us.

      • The reason that people will call you racist is because you are! WTF do you mean no Asians were arrested?…do you mean Asians were not involved, or none were arrested? Either way you are showing your ignorance! Many Asians were involved in the rioting, and if you look through the Hackney pictures in particular you will see what I assume are Muslim women with head ties and all.

        The media is creating a RACE war with African- Caribbeans being portrayed as the enemy (for now), simply so this can avoid being looked as a CLASS issue (which it is, and ultimately the only way this NWO agenda will be defeated, there are more of us, more desperate than "them")

        Ignorant, pathetic "I'm not racist but…" brainwashed types believe by jumping on "their" bandwagon, they'll be ease up on. Getting a little carried away because the 'Muslims are Terrorists' rhetoric is off the news agenda this week.

        The only way we can fight this is TOGETHER (like the blacks, whites AND browns did in Tottenham, Hackney etc…).

        Look at the bigger picture and stop trying to score 'brownie' points! You are aligning yourself with the loosing side!

      • Greenpythontrail on

        Yes, if a white person (or even an Asian one) is defending its culture, its people is automatically branded as "Nazi", "racist" and what not. Exactly what NWO likes and exactly how many consp. theorists are like. No difference at all. Same shit, different scam.

    • Isn't the timing interesting though? Wasn't it almost exactly two weeks ago that the Norwegian massacre took place, and now this? That's three countries on board for stepping up security. Who's next?

      • Daisy you clever girl! The Norway incident is riddled with occultic numerology 'for idiots' (me) and tied to freemasonry galore!!!! I don't want to beat a dead horse here because I've already posted a few times on that front, but I snagged this article from Veterans Today this week and thought you would enjoy!

        Norway Never Happened, Just Ask The Police (Suppressed Video):

        Whole things stinks like sulfur…..

    • MusicEnthusiast on

      ORCHESTRATED RIOT. An ABS-CBN News Channel(Phils.) was interviewing a Filipina working and living in London, she had video recorded the looting and destroying of establishments. She said that a riot would happened which had been circulated through BBM, and it would take place at around 3 or 5pm, their time in London. She was surprised that the POLICE arrived at 9pm, when they were already informed about this so called 'riot'. It would have been prevented, or the riot would have not taken place if they responded earlier. It seems that they have to create the problem first, then find their selfish and planned ways to solve it. Prevention is better than cure and it's better to be proactive than be reactive, right?

      She asked a teenager who she caught was stealing, "why are You doing this?" He answered back," It's a rebellion against a man killed by the police in a protest. Also, the British gov't had cut their support in Colleges ( lavish Royal Wedding overspending and Intelligence funding), we just want to gain back our 50% Tax(What? that high?!?) that we had contributed". She said that Unemployment Rate there is so high, ( I thought it's a Rich country, to think that many Filipinos are working there in Medical and Skilled field) and that's the cause of this rebellion.

      I also smelt something fishy about this riot, because this happened a day after the "crashing economy" of U.S. . Philippines should be happy because our Peso are getting Stronger, but the effect on the U.s. Stocks correlated with the effects of Philippine Stock Market. Many investors experienced losses on their part. Then the next day, London's "riot" occurred. Is it just a coincidence or what?!?

    • Agreed, and the BBC footage was classic. I'll bet most media outlets will never admit to its existence.

      I think social media did the Iranian protesters in too. The government later traced personal info and tortured and killed some of them. Social media may be quick, but it is not the place to plan revolutions or protests of any kind.

      For that matter, Just because the internet is free doesn't mean there isn't an ultimate price. I admit that for all the anonymous signatures and fake names, I do worry that one day someone will gather all the IP addresses and check resulting com boxes for subversive mindset. When that happens, my friend, all you'll have is prayer to protect you from some pretty horrible stuff.

  2. Icke talked about angry youths that would further the hidden agenda for years and called them the Robot Radicals.

  3. I'm waiting for news about Agent Provocateurs myself. Wouldn't surprise me to find out they were the ones behind the torching of various places…Like the Sony warehouse, storage site for a large portion of the British Independent Music product.

    Also wouldn't be surprised if some of the buildings were torched by design, each building set on by orders from above.

    • @Godozo – there are already emerging reports by local eye-witnesses describing non-indigenous adult male perpetrators (distinguisable from the local youths) initiating acts of violence. Also reports of metal structural buildings melting, inferno style –…. – where have we heard that before? (twin-towers…) and what do we know about the truth of that situation… I'm no economist but I don't know many 'deprived youth' who stop off at 'Esso' to buy gallons of overpriced petrol on the way to 'riot'. Doesn't stack up.

      VC – I read this entry with interest. Glad to see you're tackling more pertinent issues – Jo-Jo aside… I think the riots also have to be looked at in the (false flag) context of the 2012 Olympic preparations; the sooner the police state is rolled out the more compliant the masses will be for their big party-piece. Cameron MP has long classified the island as 'broken Britain', which supposedly makes him Dr Cameron (God help the UK). Looking back over the recent weeks the media have gone full circle from inciting public outrage over phone-hacking to courting acceptance of mobile communication interception. Game set and match – isn't it all obvious when you take a step back? London's Metropolitan police service will most likely go on to appoint NY 'super-cop' and police-state blueprint author, Bill Bratton, to replace the predecessor debunked via the Murdock saga and hey presto the rest (along with civil liberty) is history.

      These are serious times. I'm grateful to sites like this, Ben Singleton's Psuedo-Occult Media, Abovetopsecret and others for stirring my critical thought. But we, as discerning human-beings, have to exercise and apply it to all we see. "For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world…"

      • i suspect the mass media don't say the truth about these riots in London…it is possible that something much more srious is happening around in the europe. I think there are real rebellions everywhere by people against the slavery. However elite tries to use this situation in order to turn it in their favour, for example to present the rioters as criminals…or presenting the conflict base as ethnic problem, so to create a hate between the poor people, to divide them…see what happens in Greece or in Portugal Spain, Ireland, Poland, Norway etc. the people is angry everywhere. The mass media hide the truth about what is happening in Europe…they want to obtain "Ok" from population in order to apply a violence and limit the freedom using as an excuse these riots…also the elite hopes that if they let people to steam their anger, that will make them more relaxed later, so the elite let people to destroy around and get calm by itself, a kind of psycological tactics…however, i think that if the people will loose patience, no martial law or fear will stop them…the elite plays too much with the masses…this game aint funny any more. The british people of course is too patient, see how they feed the royal family, under monarchy…but it may end any moment, nobody knows when the masses loose patience.

    • there are always infiltrated agents in any massive protest kind. These agents' mission is to bring the violence and caos in any rebellion movement or act, they have to create a reason for their bosses in order to apply the brutality and freedomless on masses, on protestants, in order to present any rebellion act as something bad to be strungled. These agents usually are military, trained properly in advance, always ready to be landed and infiltrated in any massive rebellion. You may see them among no globals, among greenpeacers, in false flag rebellions in north africa etc. They are usually dressed up in dark colours, with mask on face, armed by heavy metal, bottles with infiammables, very quick in moving, organised, athletic bodies. In many pics taken accidentally by reporters you may see these infiltrated talking friendly with police men and even giving them orders
      the arresting police men and the arrested black blocks have the same military shoes…

      i was reading recently in some reports about the parallell occult satanist military world exposed in different countries which abuse, mind control and train the kidnapped chidlrena as future executors of their diabolic army. In fact they turn against us our children already by the show business propaganda, movies, video games, but they do it literally by the children kidnapped… we can not exclude that among infiltrated black blocks, military agents there are also some of those disappeared children by years, their parents still maybe looking for them or sometimes the same satanist families volunteerly grow up their children sick of mind with absurd violence, limitless madness, perverted education as the heartless soldiers of evil . For them it is normal, this is their religion and they born this way thinking that it is normal to behave this way and grow uo their children this way, unless one day almighty God makes miracle and puts some of them on right way…

      • @ severalminds

        you see the overall picture my friend

        thanks for the photo,s i,ve uploaded them so i can remind people….

  4. From Fritz Springmeier

    "Commands sent or put in by computers and machines.

    The ALEX (also called ALEXUS) is part of the tracking and AntiChrist-Call-Back Programming.

    Outside computers are able to interconnect with the Monarch Mind Control slave and call them back for AntiChrist activities. In other words, the Council of 9 of the Illuminati has placed an alter by the name of Alex or a similar name in high level slaves and they have either via implants or some other type of programming made these slaves available for programming via electronic communications that tie in with their ALEX computers.

    The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

    They have found that ELF and VLF electro-magnetic waves can be used to control people’s thoughts. … Harmonic generators (code named "ether-wave") are able to imbed detailed commands which are linked to audible triggers. This is one of the standard features of the Monarch program. It allows the slaves to be controlled by trigger words which make no sense or seem to carry no negative connotation to outside listeners. For instance the words, "Mr. Postman wait and see" (a Marionette command) might set off an access sequence so that a slave living away from its master goes to its master (also called a handler).

    The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

    The use of harmonics has taken away much of the work of the big programmers. Now harmonic machines can implant the programming and codes that the Programmers put in. It’s quicker and perhaps more efficient, although the lesser cult groups have to get by with the older methods. And the Illuminati still have many excellent programmers in full-time and part-time use. According to an eyewitness, their top-programmers are far beyond their 1950-60 predecessors like Mengele.

    The Illuminati Formula 6. The Use of Electricity & Electronics

    By radio, movies

    The songs the slave hears on the radio, will for instance have code words. The Programmers due to the corruption of the music industry knows what hit songs are coming out, and they will haul their slaves in and program them according to the lyrics of the soon-to-be hits. The lyrics will be written so that programmed meanings can be attached to certain words and lines The Illuminati Formula 5.

    The Skill of Lying, The Art of Deceit

    Programming put in under hypnosis.

    Also the Network has some high-tech equipment which stimulates the orgiastic sexual state ….. Then sophisticated brain wave machines program thoughts into the person. A computer disk is put into the electric shock machine and it runs a program that sends electric jolts down six nodes. The brain’s reticular formation serves as the brain’s mechanism involved in regulating alertness and awareness. Various kinds of stimuli will enter the brain through its various methods of sensing and learning. With total sensory deprivation (done by placing the victim in a salt water tank with electrodes that shock the body until it stops all movement) the reticular formation will place the mind into a primitive state of consciousness where the programmers can place in post-hypnotic commands to do something on a certain date. The end time programming, that has Monarch slaves doing something at a specific date to create anarchy or to help the Anti-Christ come to power has been put in at this level The Illuminati

    Formula 4. The Use of Hypnosis.

    Hypnosis is used to steer a person’s mind in the direction that they have been labeled. For instance, if they have been selected to become a doctor, they will be programmed for success as a doctor. The Illuminati Formula 4".

    "The Black Awakening" is just the tip of an iceberg of manipulated spiritual, economic, mental, and material chaos artfully crafted and cleverly brought to you by the "Underground Race", destined to replace modern humanity on Earth with a global NWO, whose code name and number is 93.

      • Questions Arise Over Whether 'Flash Mob' Attacks in U.S. Cities Motivated by Race

        Published August 10, 2011

        Read more:

        Crime & Courts

        Police departments in several cities around the country are investigating what appear to be incidents of "flash mob"-generated violence, in which packs of dozens or even hundreds of youths appear seemingly out of nowhere to commit assaults, robberies and other crimes against innocent bystanders.

        The motive and circumstances surrounding the attacks that have resulted in numerous arrests around the country are being investigated — and law enforcement officials in at least one city are looking into a possible racial component to the crimes.

        Flash mob attack in Philly.

        This security image, obtained by Fox affiliate WTXF-TV, shows a group of teens running from an alleged "flash mob" attack in Philadelphia's Old City section on July 29. Three juveniles have so far been arrested in connection to the assault on an innocent bystander, police said.

        Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter, who recently imposed a stricter curfew in response to the city's latest attack, addressed black youths directly from the pulpit of his church on Sunday, reportedly saying, “You have damaged your own race.”

        "If you want …anybody else to respect you and not be afraid when they see you walking down the street, then leave the innocent people who are walking down the street minding their own damn business. Leave them alone," Nutter told a mostly black congregation at Mount Carmel Baptist Church in West Philadelphia, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

        Nutter, the city's third black mayor, spoke after a mob attack July 29 in downtown Philadelphia during which 20 to 30 black youths allegedly beat and robbed innocent bystanders, according to law enforcement. Several people were injured, including one man who was reportedly hospitalized for a fractured skull, and police arrested four people.

        The incident happened the same day police said a group of all-black teens beat a man on a street in Philadelphia's Old City section — which was caught on surveillance video obtained by Fox affiliate WTXF-TV. Three juveniles were arrested Wednesday in connection to the attack, Officer Tanya Little of the Philadelphia Police Department told

        Similar attacks are also being investigated in cities likes Los Angeles, Chicago, Cleveland, Washington, D.C., and Milwaukee, where 30 people were arrested after alleged mob attacks erupted at the Wisconsin State Fair on Aug. 4. At least 18 people were injured in or around the grounds, including seven police officers, authorities said.

        Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn called the attacks "reprehensible," and some fairgoers, including Norb Roffers, said it appeared bystanders were targeted because of their race.

        "It looked like they were just going after white guys, white people," Roffers told Wisconsin’s Newsradio 620.

        But while some witness accounts suggest the attacks are race-based, law enforcement officials say they have no evidence to prove it.

        There was “no confession or anything else” to suggest the July 29 attacks in Philadelphia were “racially motivated,” Philadelphia Police Department First Deputy Commissioner Richard Ross told

        "You can’t just simply look at the race of the offender and the race of the victim and say it’s ethnic intimidation. It may be, but we’re not sure. Does it give us pause? Yes it does,” Ross said.

        Without a confession, a witness account or some epithet overheard by the victim, no charges will be filed related to ethnic intimidation or a hate crime, Ross said.

        “If we don’t know and can’t prove it, we can’t charge it,” he said. “It’s just a very difficult charge to prove … We’re in the business of what we can prove, not what we think.”

        Authorities in Wisconsin, meanwhile, say they are investigating 11 new allegations of race-based assaults near the state fairgrounds in which the alleged perpetrators were all African-American and the victims were either white or Hispanic.

        West Allis Police Chief Mike Jungbluth said the victims, who ranged in age from “young all the way up to adults,” suffered broken bones in the alleged attacks.

        “They were targeting anyone who was white or appeared to look white … We are actively looking at violations of hate crime statues in Wisconsin,” Jungbluth told, adding that the alleged attacks were “an outrageous occurrence at an event that is truly designed to be about the family.”

        Read more:

        The youths of today are wired to electronics which trigger dangerous aberrant and violent states of mind and behavior, which is controlled by the "Underground Race – code name and number 93" who command and rule the human institutional Halls of Power politically, economically, industry, military-police, and religion.

        Occult prophesy clearly states that the “Underground Race” will replace present humanity on earth after human beings have destroyed themselves in a blood bath of religious hatred, and racial intolerance and violence.

        The genocidal conditions which will cull humanity from the face of the Earth have already been put into place by the “Underground Race”.


    • Hi ,

      About the Αlex Program Iwant to remind to Everybody that nothing is coincident (everything is plan) :

      The 2008 Greek riots started on 6 December 2008, when Alexandros ( Alex ) Grigoropoulos (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Γρηγορόπουλος), a 15-year-old student, was killed by two policemen[1] in Exarcheia district of central Athens.[2] The murder of a young student by police resulted in large protests and demonstrations, which escalated to widespread rioting, with hundreds of rioters damaging property and engaging riot police with Molotov cocktails, stones and other objects. Demonstrations and rioting soon spread to several other cities, including Thessaloniki, the country's second-largest city. Outside Greece, solidarity demonstrations, riots and, in some cases, clashes with local police also took place in more than 70 cities around the world,[3] including London, Paris, Brussels, Rome, Dublin, Berlin, Frankfurt, Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, The Hague, Copenhagen, Bordeaux, Cologne, Seville as well as Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, and the western Cypriot city of Paphos.[4] In cities far away from Athens, solidarity often was expressed as a peaceful informational protest, for example Sao Paulo,[5] it proved that people could spread the news around the globe, from San Francisco to Wellington and Buenos Aires to Siberia.[6] Newspaper Kathimerini called the rioting "the worst Greece has seen since the restoration of democracy in 1974".[7]

      While the unrest was triggered by the shooting incident, commentators[8] described the reactions as expressing deeper causes as well, especially a widespread feeling of frustration in the younger generation about specific economic problems of the country (partly as a result of the global economic crisis), a rising unemployment rate among the young generation and a perception of general inefficiency and corruption in Greek state institutions.[9][10]

      • blessed eyes123 on

        i just want to co0mment on the flash mob incidents, when black ppl do stuff like that it is NEVER that organized. they always do something incfredibly stupid and get locked up for it. they are being controlled to do this stuff by an outside force/group. a couple years back, gangs did like 5 car jackings at gun point all over my city and all of them got caught. if 30 black ppl are suddenly appearing on the street, beating the shit out of ppl and not getting caught, something is very fishy going on.

      • The number 93 (kundalini also called Vril) is code for the psychic-sexual power of the "Elite", the "Underground Race" (93), the present rulers of humanity on Earth.

  5. This is sad. To think that "the elites" perceive people as pawns in their agenda sickens me. We all must serve as one voice and as the voice of reason during corrupt times. Remember, we outnumber them and are filled with educated people who are also intellectual. They are not the only ones who have talent on their side.

  6. Well, all I can say is WELCOME BACK!!! God, I missed these articles! Great, great job on this one VC. :) You are the best!

  7. moribundystopia on

    this is yet another strategic attack in the onslaught against our god given liberties. I find it ironic that as much as we are the victims of this oppressive agenda we are also the perpetrators of these crimes against our freedoms. the elite capitalise on our ignorance and selfishness. traits that are programmed into the very core of our being through the systems that they use to indoctrinate and condition us to live in a capitalist materialistic world where in order to survive, one must look out for #1. they are using our material possesions to hold us at ransom because few if any are willing to make the necessary sacrifices to cater to the needs of their fellow brothers. we fail as far as loving one another is concerned. I know I am being general, but it is along these lines that the powers that be continue to strategise against us. its time to shift the paradigm and change the way we percieve & treat each other. its time to put away our selfish vices. in order to change the world one must first change himself. we too must be wise as serpants. we too must be devoted to a higher cause, to love our brothers and sisters and to devote ourselves to our maker who exemplifies love and has modelled it for us to emulate. may yahweh bless and guide all the VCs, and give us strength and unity in these trying times, because its about to get worse.

    thanks vc.

    • You use words that are Christian. If this is the case and you are a Christian be careful! We cannot change ourselves! Only through Christ and the Spirit of God can we be transformed. Any effort to change ourselves is like a false flag individual futility.

  8. this riot thing was happening 5 mins from my home very scary , u could just hear sirens going off every minute. thanks for the article

  9. Candle of the Meteor on

    This shit is going to send me over the edge. 3/4 of the population WANTS Martial Law? ARE YOU KIDDING? How the hell is this possible? That interview was ignorant as shit.

  10. All the more reason for those with their eyes open to stand up and fight. Why the FUUUUUUdge would you willingly give away your freedoms is a mystery to me.. people don't bother to dig deeper when things like this happen.. reflects most of society, very shallow and materialistic. Look deeper, think, connect the dots and things will be revealed.

    Btw… that dumb Beach on bbc.. can someone slap her?! How rude and disrespectful was that…someone telling the truth and this hoodrat sitting in her little chair away from whats happening thinks she knows more than someone whos living it!? Pffft… get a life woman.

  11. No suprises for me here, but excellent article. The riots will spread just far enough to introduce police state and suspend civilian society (if there even was one in last 15 years).

    It would be great if people would accept riots as normal and not ask rulers to save them util this wrecked elite runned society is demolished and dismanteled. With Olympic games (Mt. Olympus -home of the greek mythology) on their way, opression will be brutal and control strict.

  12. I just knew that their agenda was gonna be revealed!As soon as i heard about the riots i began checking your site. the world is going to hell in a handbasket.How can anyone be oblivious to the plot of the elite?

  13. Thanks for another fab article VC. I was hoping you would do one on the 'BB riots' as I live in central London and there are a million a opinions flying around. There are just a few comments I would like to make.

    1. London really isn't 'ghetto-ised'. A major characteristic of the city is that in most areas you have council flats and tower blocks across the street from pricey manor houses. There are council flats literally 2 minutes walk from Oxford Street, even next to huge 4 and 5 star hotels and luxury flats where the rent on a 2-bed will set you back £3k a month.

    2. Right in the middle of the riots I drove through a considerable area of London and saw absolutely no mobs, though I did see a lot of closed shops with people scared and anticipating violence. In the area where I did see mobs out there was a strange party- like atmosphere. It didn't see any of the rioting myself, just looting (i.e. non- violent, opportunistic theft). This doesn't at all detract from the many areas where there were serious riots e.g. Hackney, Tottenham and Croydon, but I was surprised by the way the news was covered by BBC because the idea I got from the news was not what I saw on the streets

    3. Many of my friends do not understand why the police did not take strong action early on. Frankly, 95% of the mobs were spoilt, opportunistic nitwits with neither sense nor guts so one night's curfew and some tear gas would have nipped this all in the bud on the 2nd night but the police did very little to stop the rioters till things got crazy! Many people think they allowed things to get bad before acting to dissuade the promised cuts to the policing budget but I agree with you VC, this is more about curtailing liberties and getting details from BB is utterly ridiculous! Like killing an ant with a mallet it will impact far more than its stated target and is utterly unnecessary especially considering that London has more cctv cameras per person that anywhere else in the world already! :C

    • scene_ofexistence on

      And the '3 muslims' were not part of the riots, but were trying to stop the riots and protect the neighbourhood, but there was no 'brave citizens' articles or mentions at all :-(

    • Why does it have to be about the "Muslims", "Christians", "Jews", or any other religion? Why is it that you care so much about 3 Muslims when there were TONS of people trying to stop the violence who were killed? This theocentric/ethnocentric attitude is EXACTLY how the elite have orchestrated us to think. Jews are being hated. Muslims are being hated. Blacks are being hated. Whites are being hated. PEOPLE ARE BEING HATED AND MISTREATED EVERYWHERE. Why do we have to single out Muslims like they were the only cover-up in all of history? You know people are trying to say the holocaust never happened? You know that people say the Black people are lazy and love to kill people and start violence? You know that people say that all people who wear a turban or hijab are terrorist scum? Why bring it up if it's not productive. We have to come together, not separate ourselves. There were 3 PEOPLE who were trying to stop violence that were killed and not mentioned! Who cares what religion they followed. They were trying to do a good thing. Period. ANY 3 people to whom that happened should be mourned. NOT just Muslims…

      • I think you missed the point. These 3 men were the ONLY ONES KILLED in this whole thing, and they didn't get a mention. Why? Possibly because the idea of Muslims doing a good deed does not fit with the terrorist propaganda they are always using in the media?

  14. There is no doubt in my mind that the police have deliberately let mass damage happen and that many undercover police have been acting as agent provocateurs in these London riots. It will come out in a short while once things have died down, draconion laws passed and civil liberties curtailed even more. When people are too busy to care or its old news, so what…it always happens that way.

    They are mind programming the nation on a huge scale via trauma to effect both their illuminist satanic control agenda as well as actually dissociate people from the real issues as VC has pointed out – the mass exclusion of underprivileged and woeful police brutality. These riots are about a people hopeless and marginalised where the religion of capitalist materialism pumped by the Government and mass marketed by all forms of media is sold to us as happiness when this is a profane lie. If you have no education, no aims, no chances in life, no value, no father even (the Govt supported the masses of single women having kids giving them houses and benefits) what do you have then in life? Religious and moral values have been taken over by satanic secularism this is why we have all the social ills of today. The dirty bankers who have all our public money get away with it.

    This agenda is to prepare for a total lockdown come 2012 and the Olympics in London which will have a deeply satanic agenda where the public will be required to give their energies to whatever occult practices are enacted – akin to that hideous satanic royal wedding in April.

    Furthermore, the satanists feed off NEGATIVE energy and this will generate it in abundance.

    The devil is man's inveterate foe yet there are those of mankind who have taken their very enemy as their friend. This life is very short but the one after forever, so they will then know all that they have done and what they will earn which will be perpetual.

      I read about the provocateurs who so call "Journalists" willing to pay youngsters cold hard cash if they riot. Seems highly sophisticated the Elites in their timing with provoking people to violance and to bring about Martial Law aka Police State. Hopefully, US won't get their fair share of riots.

  15. Vigilant Language on

    One ray of light in all of this is that it has pushed people (ordinary people, I don't mean the rioters themselves) off their butts and got them out onto the streets talking to each other, sweeping up the mess and acting like the OWN (are responsible for) their own communities. It has brought people together and broke the spell of 'TV apathy'.

    (Note how our political leaders have already tried to use the public's down-to-earth response to the riots as a PR opportunity by getting themselves pictured walking in front of the teams of local residents carrying brooms – pathetic!)

    And so regardless of how the rioting will inevitably be used to try and bring in certain agendas (Problem – Reaction – Solution) it is also true that as the state becomes increasingly out of touch and at odds with common sense and common people (which it most definitely is) and as people start to wake up and see beyond the mass media lies, we might actually be seeing the start of a new paradigm….

    problem – less of a media influenced reaction – preemptive and more sensible solution organized by the public.

    This is always the danger (from the perspective of the 'elites') when your parasitism really starts to take its toll on a nation – it can bring people together and unite them such that they look to *each other* rather than to the government for a solution. They start to realize the government is in the business of making things worse… not better!

    After a decade of government lies, deceit, U-turns, humiliating defeats and disappointments where they have taken us into illegal wars, committed genocide and destroyed the economies of the world by giving all our money away to the banks we now see the government absolutely fail to admit ANY responsibility for the state of the country and for its disaffected youth and instead start labeling them as the next 'enemy' to be shot at and beaten with clubs.

    It's obvious to so many people now that these riots (whatever their true cause(s) are) will only provoke a barrage of propaganda and messages about the need for a new 'War on Riots' ( a war on young people, personal freedoms and social networks) ….. we just have to make sure there is ALSO a more intelligent conversation being had, with real questions being asked as well.

    'Problem – reaction – solution' can cut both ways you know! :)

  16. Things That Make You on

    Great article….. I knew once I heard about the riots, you'd be on top of it VC…. The minute I heard about this and before it was dubbed "The Blackberry Riots", I told my family "Watch and pay attention to what's happening across the pond, within days we're gonna see talk about "martial law" and a shit load of peoples civil liberties are gonna be jeopardized, just wait and see…" Low and behold here we are, our friends over in London are beginning the battle we've all knew was on its way. Its started people, and THANK GOD, with the help of ALL of you guys and VC, I've helped my own family "wake up" to see that this is no joke and it's just a matter of time until what you all are going thru over there in London, hits us over here in the states.

    To me, its never been about who's right and who's wrong. Its never been about who's religion's got it right, or what do the agnostic people believe. No matter what we believe and who believe in guys, we're all the same, we're all of the human race, and we all know that there is TRUE evil at work here to hurt ALL of us regardless if we believe in Jesus Christ, Yahwee, Muhammad or have no beliefs what so ever. Its crunch time guys, they're going at high speed, almost full force and now's the time WE'VE all got to pull together and be there for one another like human beings. Let's put our differences aside and protect each other before its too late. Let's fight together, side by side, so we don't lose our freedoms and our rights to believe in what we view as holy. Let's protect that and after we kick some ass, we can all get together and teach other about what we all love:)

    • Wonderfully said. Indeed we do need to mass together and protect one another before the London crackdowns become the US crackdowns.

      Keep up the fantastic work also, VC! You've done great.

    • I agree, well said. But how CAN we get organized and stand up to this stuff? What can we do about it? These are not rhetorical questions, I really want to hear some ideas from everyone. If we need to make something happen, let's make it happen!!

  17. Won't be long now before 'Generation Next' becomes 'Generation Now'.

    Then those who refuse to listen now, won't have a choice until it's too late.

    What a shame…

  18. As the cities burnt and the thugs rampaged, Abramovich's daughter tastelessly boasted about her new £4m "starter home". If ever there were a piece to inflame anger, the Evening Standard's piece on this billionaire brat was it. Here's my response:

    My thoughts are with the innocent home owners and shopkeepers and all else who have suffered across the UK.

    Monitoring phones won't stop this kind of action. If BBM is stopped, they'll use text. If text is stop, they'll call. If there calls are stopped, they'll shout…

  19. Rosita Farisi on

    It's ridiculous how the Rioters say they are fighting against the Government when all they are doing is wrecking shops and tearing down things that innocent people have worked hard for. Like that Hackney Woman said, "We're not all gathering together and fighting for a cause, we're running out of Footlocker and thieving shoes!"

    • I'm from London, and I can assure you, some of the rioters WERE my friends. Underprivileged and oppressed? more like lazy, and spoilt, waiting for the next social welfare check to come in, honestly, what makes you think that these losers are any good? I honestly find it unnerving that so many of them burnt down a lot of family owned businesses, families with the intentions to live comfortably, but now cant because of them. I have a friend in particular, who was part of the riot, who purposely slept with a guy to get a baby, in order to demand her social welfare checks, and she never thought of getting a job, and yes, many of them are the same. This world is full of conspiracies, I agree, but this time, I am against the "proletarians" in this case, it also boils down to character, and these CHAVS deserve to be arrested.

  20. I'll be honest: I haven't followed much of this situation, but I have caught bits and pieces. It reminds me of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA, but this situation is different in that it wasn't a natural disaster that was the straw that broke the camel's back, it's the have nots being tired of not having. I figured that our rights would get trampled more. It's truly a shame.

  21. Seven days? Woah, time's flew.

    I haven't been keeping count, but I'm glad I don't live in London.

    The riots aren't near me, so I'm happy I can think straight about this.

    The world sickens me, it honestly does.

  22. VC I was waiting for this and stated this agenda on a public space when the riots first kicked off.

    However, where your otherwise very relevant article loses value is when you have downplayed the thugs, and by that I mean the ones who are rioting purely for the sake of rioting and destroying peoples property,lives- NOT genuine rioters, with a sincere agenda, by describing them as "…While it is obvious that many rioters have absolutely no political agenda except for the looting of a few bottles of liquor".

    Come on VC, the behaviour was worse than that.

    I can tell you, when I send this otherwise fab article on to non- VCers', that is where they will lose interest, and berate me for what I am trying to educate them about …but post it I still will.

  23. It's all one step towards the New World Order. If the rioting carries on which I'm sure it will, they will use it as an excuse to bring in martial law.

    • Bay State Observer on

      If they do, they should know it will bring guerrilla warfare in response. As it has happened for hundreds of years worldwide. If the "elite" don't care, then they will get the misery they wished for.

  24. I completely agree. Peaceful protestors get arrested all around. Violent protestors get clearance for a time. Everyone was in an outrage when Khaddafi fired on his citizens. Now that NATO is killing civilians in Libya the outrage is null and void. What a crock! Good pc VC! THANKS

  25. I'd support shooting these scum , think about it.

    In a total economic collapse scenario they'd have no useful survival skills , watching daytime TV is not a survival skill.Totally out of shape , a dislike for any food that doesn't come out of a packet or a tin.

    London has been a hole for years , the smart people have been moving out of these unsustainable megacities and into the country where they can be self sufficient in food and water and then build community networks around that idea.It is impossible for a city like London to be self sufficient in event of a total economic collapse ala Argentina 2001 , leave big cities if you can they are done.

    • Forgot to add they have no political leanings , if they were that upset why not protest in front of government buildings instead of looting mindlessly? These goons are brain dead zombies.

  26. Miss Fangable on

    Britney Spears should accede to the Pop Music and English throne after her grandmother, QMI. Princess Britney and Princess Gaga are the first true, genuine, direct, Music-blooded Royal Heirs to the Music throne in over three hundred years thanks to the impeccable, direct, genuine, Music-blood Royal heritage from Christina Aguilera. Christina has several lines of direct descent from Michael Jackson VII, Kerli I – Queen of Goths, her Grandson, and King Eminem VII.

  27. Its not surprise at all that all the chaos unfolding lately is furthering the elites agenda to keep oppressing citizens and the London riots are a pretty good example to how martial law is being carefully implemented while everyone watches and actually welcomes it without thinking to of what this could mean to their future.

    I also wrote an article linking this whole thing to pre-programming of the subconscious by the media.

  28. I was waiting on this :) I could not bear to watch the coverage of the riots on mainstream news. Thank goodness for the truthseeking journalist such as VC. I am pretty sure these riots were in fact encited by the elite through social media. All it takes is a spark to create a flame. I'm sure some oppressive law is currently being drafted to remove the rights of the common folk.

  29. wow! this article scared the hell out me… since we would not be allowed privacy what next will they be imposing on us? I guess our celebs saw all this coming, with their promotion of a police state.hmm…

  30. Well said VC. The roots of these riots are far more deeper and complicated than anyone among general public would imagine; it certainly is one step closer to the globalization or NWO, whatever you call it. Norway massacre, murder of US Navy Seals (involved in so-called UBL killing) and these riots (list goes on and on and on … 9/11, 7/7 etc) are all interlinked. Specific to these riots, I wonder if anyone knows about English Defense League or EDL who supposedly initiated these riots but will never be shown on the mainstream media. I would like everyone to read the following article, this pretty much explains the background and agenda of these rioters or their masters.

    Peace and God bless to all!

  31. I'm not understanding is why it is such a bad thing that RIM is willing to aid investigators looking to find out who was involved in the criminal activity that took place. These rioters and looters are criminals and therefore should be brought to justice by any means possible. Them being criminals strips them of their rights to privacy. RIM's cooperation is therefore justified.

    The people who are saying they would be alright with the police taking violent action against criminals does not translate into them accepting a world where the police can shoot at innocent people. They are simply asking that police use their authority (not ABUSE it) to end the violence, theft, and terror which is being carried out by these rioters.

    Also, you have not specified the potential consequences of having the government watching over our communications. I struggle to see it as some kind of major threat unless you have something to hide.

    • I don't have anything to hide and I have a BIG problem with my communications being watched over. Not that they aren't already.

      You don't have a problem with people you don't know watching every text you send, listening to your phone calls? Can I call bs on you, I think you're trolling. Or a grown up Hitler youth.

      • As far as I can understand, it widely seems as though we are unhappy about information being shared because of the pure principle of this privacy being breached- as opposed to specifically objecting to how that information will be used, perhaps maybe because we will never know despite all the speculation! I say this is because I don't think I am the only one who has already had their information magically forwarded to various third party companies (somehow without my direct consent) who advertise their product to me by ringing me, emailing me and even lettering me through the post. Although I don't know the full details, I also say what I think because there seems to be great speculation that facebook and other social networkign sites create additional revenue through the selling of our personal data onto other corporations (if they say its just for marketing research, then what else?) and yet I amongst the majority of others in the developed world STILL continue to use these kinds of services. Does that make me somebody who condones these kinds of 'espionage-esque' policies, or a victim of it? If somebody could feed off my post I'd be greatful because I think it is very easy to look over these concerns when it comes to means of luxury, and I believe a very different picture is painted when privacy is to be breached via means of necessity. Hypocritical soceity much? I don't know..tell me what you think.

      • I'm not "trolling." I'm genuinely asking questions. I'm not opposing the viewpoint proposed in this article, I'm just questioning it. I just want to know what the threat is. I understand that people are protective of their privacy and that is a right we all have. I also understand that if that right is to be taken away from us it is unjust. What I don't understand is, what's the worse that can happen if the government is watching over our communications? What are their "sinister motives"? How can they use my private conversations with friends and family to further their own agendas?

      • @hikikomori

        Your questions are similar to mine. I believe that regardless of the widespread belief that Facebook is handing out personal information people will continue to use it. Knowingly victimizing yourself in turn does not make you a victim, but part of the problem. If Facebook is selling our information and the rumours are true, then they are probably relieved to see that the public remains faithful to Facebook regardless of these rumours. In other words, if you truly believe that Facebook is taking advantage of you and yet you still "vote yes for Facebook" every time you sign in, you're potentially only making things worse.

    • I agree with every word of what you are saying, and that is exactly my say ''Knowingly victimizing yourself in turn does not make you a victim, but part of the problem.'' And I agree because I am one of many, if not the majority who are aware of such privacy issues that are actively present. So WHY are we as a whole not actively voicing any sort of serious concern about the issues of such social media sites (just as something of an example amongst many) as much as we are about this Blackberry scandal? I say this because everybody is aware that private information is already being exploited in various ways in some way or another, and this has been happening for a very long time. This is regardless of whether the information is to be used on a consumer level for marketing or maybe for something a little more sinister, because it boils down to the same thing- the fact that some active body has access to information that is not supposed to be shared.

      Thanks for your opinions, I really am finding this interesting.

  32. These rioters may well be the sleeper cells that are sometimes referred to in the MK Ultra programming articles/books. They lay dormant as a programmed assassin, rioter, etc. until needed. Then when it's time – they are signalled to start some type of huge commotion, etc.

  33. I believe these kids are just angry thats why they make so much problems. And the Elite know that, and they use this – propaganda for more 'Security'. I mean its for us , its for the best…c'mon.

  34. I'll just copy/post this

    David Cameron's comments on social media and rioters in full:

    "Mr Speaker, everyone watching these horrific actions will be stuck by how they were organised via social media. Free flow of information can be used for good. But it can also be used for ill.

    *[And when people are using social media for violence we need to stop them.]

    "So we are working with the Police, the intelligence services and industry to look at whether it would be right to stop people communicating via these websites and services when we know they are plotting violence, disorder and criminality. I have also asked the police if they need any other new powers."

    * the bit in square brackets above was in the scripted statement but the prime minister did NOT actually say it in the House of Commons.

  35. I was watching Cameron speak about the rioting and it seems like they really want control of the internet pretty badly.

    • In the United States, that would be the end of "internet neutrality" that the corporations have been itching for for a few years. Don't be surprised is it happens here (in the USA) and the sudden institution of controls by the companies brings about a magical dissolution of the "rioting." and the end of "internet neutrality".

  36. we need to start stocking up food, water, and weapons for our own safety because I predict that England will be the first to fall to all of this police state new world order stuff because the Rothschilds receive direct orders from Satan. Believe me or not but look up John Todd and find his audio recordings of his speeches he gave in the 70's before he was accused of rape and his reputation was purposefully tarnished, what a coincidence huh?

    • @ Jods

      I think the US will start using Fema Camps soon, as far as i know here the UK we do not have them. But we are already are living in one big Fema Camp as the average Brit is filmed on cctv over 300 times a day! The Rothschilds really need to be stopped the same goes for all the other Houses of Elites.

      God Bless

  37. face in the crowd on

    I was patiently waiting for this…you are spot on. If people stopped watching tv to get their information, if they instead read newspapers. talk to their neighbors and traveled more…

    TV is the devil.

  38. these "police state" tactics are closer to home than we think. Recently i had been assaulted and had to call 911. Three cops came 1 woman 2 men. The female cop acted concerned and sensitive- almost motherly. one of the male cops was rude and was treating me as if i were a criminal. He was talking to me in a very condescending tone and asking me questions as if i had done something wrong. I looked at him and told him i didnt like the way he was talking to me and he needed to be more sensitive as i had just been attacked (mind u i had bruises scratches etc) he simply replied "what is it u want me to do?" i wanted to slap his azz but i simply told him stop talking to me like that. Meanwhile the other male cop was up in my apartment running the MF'n serial numbers on all my sh*t to see if any of it was stolen! I hate them mf's!!!! Im supposed to dial 911 for help!! Not to be persecuted!!!!

  39. I found it rather interesting how they threw BBM into the controversy. Seems the government is allow this to go on for as long as possible. If they really wanted to get control of it they could enforce a strict curfew among other things. Maybe they want to allow it to go on until the non-rioting public become frustrated enough to try stopping it themselves. We shall see.. Thanks for the article VC.

  40. i live in london and it happened around my area and the police kept blaming black people but i saw mostly whites! it seemed more like a race issue!

  41. Great article VC I'm posting this link on every riot video there is on youtube. we need to come together as one and tell the public that theres a dark hidden agenda to this.

  42. Stéphanie L. on

    I knew something was up especially since there are a few videos of a man teamed up with the police was the ones provoking assaults against the police. Here's one of them

    But the thing is that being peaceful is not a solution either like a few months ago, people walked silencely in London to fight for injustice but nobody talked about and not a f was given (sorry bout that) the only way to be heard and gain credibility is by fighting and of course, the elite will take it at their advantage to ruin what was suppose to be about citizen rights that is so sick !!

    It was the same in the suburbs of my city (Paris) 7 years ago, they burnt everything in order to be heard by the government but the gov ended up calling them hooligans, criminals and recidivists and they made the most dumbest people that only educate themselves with TV believe that they were actually riots that only wanted to steal, break and fight confirming that stupid sterotype about Black and Arabic communities.

    People don't even understand that if this whole thing is there, it's only because people are HURTING they have no other choice, nobody will give them a job are a reason to stop "dealing.." I am not finding people excuses, don't get me wrong, but there's a time where people need to be understanding not judgmental and help them find a solution in order to stop all that.

    I can understand that the elite don't give a crap but if other people would start demonstrate and stop the elite's business by walking in the streets instead of being like "oh we can't go anywhere, they are exagerating" aka "fuck them poor people, they are running my little selfish everyday ritual", maybe things could change a bit.

    What has this world come to ? I'm dead serious I cannot imagine how it going the same way and still be there 5O years from now especially since "they" started up with an economic crisis I think we won't overcome this time. It has touched the $ and the € at the same time and I think there are no economic crisis but it's just the beginning of their plan.

    Plus they announce on TV that the prez will be giving a final answer when it comes to euro on august 24th, I think it gives them time to gather and let us know we are screwed !

    And anyone has an idea of what's gonna happen on November 11th 2011 ? Because that's a whole lotta 11 !

    As long as we have faith in God, everything will be aight


  43. Anamericanmom on

    I question everything now. I do not doubt that the police unfairly killed a man, nor unfair searching, just as a homeless man was beaten up by police in Fullerton, CA. Though there is a public discourse, there are no riots in Fullerton. Though, the unjust treatment in England may have burst a kettle, esp among the young filled w energy. Some say that what sets the US apart is the freedom of speech to express and release tension, though I wonder do we really have free speech.

    I understand the acquisition of a major communication barrier as VC explains. Were the young kids really carrying their valuable Blackberrys into battle, or stopping to check their texts as they ran through the streets.

    Who really riots though? People are no longer on the streets nor sitting on porches. They are isolated in their cars and living rooms, seeing the world through their computers and televisions. I do question this drama portrayed in a major metropolis of the world. Are we not rioting in Afghanistan but we see no live video of that terror. How many other countries are currently in a civil unrest but not acknowledged? Hasn't there been civil unrest in no. Ireland, but ignored by mainland UK?

  44. Although I agree that this article was beautifully written and has raised some tremendously interesting points, I do feel that these riots which took place mainly in working class areas of London, Liverpool, Birmingham and Manchester were caused by a mixture of uprisings against police brutality (which does occur mainly with young black and Asian males, and young working class white males) and also opportunists who had no idea why they were rioting. Those opportunitsts were the ones who were looting innocent peoples shops; people who were suffering from the same treatment from police and government alike. Nevertheless, Vigilant Citizen has hit on some incredible points and, as a working class teenager from Liverpool, I hope that people will be able to wake up and realise what is happening not only just in this country but in many other countries around Europe, Africa (especially in the North) and also in the USA. We cannot allow this to continue, we must wake up and fight for what is right. People are dying, quite frankly.

  45. Hello guys – nice report, perhaps the most thorough I have seen from he alternative view. I was in the riots on Tuesday night in a reporting capacity and have written up what I saw on my site I share many of VC's views and would really appreciate some input from you guys

    Apologies if this has already been published. I'm not spamming just having computer problems!

  46. "Watch the City burn…"

    And you see people making asinine comments like watch the bridge falling, and here I wonder what causes their hatred. News articles stating and spewing childish antics, but the propaganda churn cart wheels faster than exercises in grocery aisle gym classes.

    Man, you think you knew what was on the News, and we see that RIM is working while the others are in REM sleep. These messages 'texting' back to the federation of conglomerate syndication, and the media rehashes some internet factoids that hackers are outside the 'pursuing'.

    The last frontier that people consider outside the victim list being these posts or these articulated speech, but consider the regulations wanting to become cognizant, and you'll see the order is more chaotic than what's on the surface.

    If that doesn't seem tangible or real, the history of these 'pixelated' screens is worth re-institutionalizing, and you'll see that I mean this is more than what seems to you serene.

    If you are focusing on the fact that my words are what they are, you'll miss the points that I'm trying to unearth from the frozen tar, and while urns found by another facade, you'll think that this rock is from some masonic par.

    No, the reason being is that you have to see what is handcuffing your vision, and as these kids raise fist-to-cuffs, I'll try to let you know that even this is just fluff.

    That's how it goes…


    • That being so clearly stated, and the post that was earlier mentioned, do you think it's a far stretch to consider this notion…

      Masses plugging in to a television, to a musician, to a teleprompter, to an institution…

      To consider the fact that the messages coordinated to such a synchronicity confluence, that you are not also being programmed in? Predictive, isn't it? That the lyrics of your words are of the same orbital horcruxes, and now you'll see the coincidences are poking porpoises like doormen ringing for mailmen's postal service.

      Man, what does it take for you to see that the Woman isn't what you think is Holy? This world is webbing you in such a way, and I can't see why the matriarchal flow isn't bleeding into your auric holes.

      Alexander be my name, what's yours friend? I was born with another, but I watched television for thirteen years, and I realized keywords like I'm googling advertisements through peripheral shows.

      What's my name you say? They call me Casanova because I watched chickens laying eggs with a Midas glow.

      What's your name again? I'm sorry, I don't remember, something else is magnifying my magnetic personality, damn… this anachronistic rhythms are causing me to have epileptic seizures and they called me an anarchistic.

      Vigilant Citizens, tell me why you need to call yourself Little Vigis for? The man himself has said that all he wants is for you to witness. Why must you feel the need to aggregate to such a complex? This is not to insult or defame or demean the individual, but a respectful nod to his own words.

      Appreciate what you do sir, till your next proverbial flow…


  47. glad you are doing more relevant articles vc. finally.

    i didn't look at the riots like the way you described them.

    to me i saw an opportunity for the u.s kids to do the same. we should they can not handle us all.

    but i do not want to lose the war and be put in camps or something stupid that the elite see fit. the police state is very much alive and we have to fight it. if we don't who will. it sure as hell will not be the adults because they always have their tails between their legs when the gov. has something to say.

    these riots could spark a revolution and it is just a matter of time before this starts to happen all across the united states. despite what the media claims we youths know exactly what we are capable of. looting aside we can do great things and make this world a better place.

  48. Lancashire Lass on

    Sorry, but this is all a bit too fantastical. I know police who were involved in the riots and they were instructed to stand back for a very simple reason – many of the rioters were children. Images of riot police beating kids with truncheons would only make a dreadful situation a million times worse – can you imagine the fall out from that? Think about it. The only agenda was for the police to contain the rioters – and personally I think they did a magnificent job given the circumstances. This is not a bid by some shadowy higher power. Most people can't organise a piss up in a brewery, never mind an orchestrate nation-wide crime wave.

    • Do You really think authorities care who gets beaten (most of protesters have masks)? No they don't for police stick everyone is the same. Do You think any cop would be persecuted from exceeding violence? Please- step down from the rainbow and join the real world.

      • Lancashire Lass on

        Sorry have you actually been watching the news, or do you get all your info from You Tube? The Met (who operate separately from the rest of the UK police, incidentally) have been criticised for being far too heavy handed during previous protests – and quite rightly so. Their reluctance to start beating the living daylights out of the rioters (many aged under 12 years) is more to do with that. But people here seem to have fallen down the rabbit hole where conspiracy theories are considered fact and reason is condemned.

      • Lancashire Lass on

        And also if you were to stand a masked child next to a masked adult I'm sure you could tell the difference between the two. Ridiculous to claim otherwise.

  49. Peep The Game on

    VC another banger!!!

    I have been following these "riots" since day one – and throughout the whole fiasco it was too obvious for those with eyes to see exactly what went on.

    I'll skip the causes of the riots since people on this site have the intellect to work that out,

    We are to believe that UK Riot police who can control 10000's of Football Hooligans could not control 40 – 50 kids on the streets of Britain – this whole thing was allowed to happen and perpetuated by looped videos on BBC and Sky of buildings burning and looters looting.

    We are to believe that a minor skirmish in Hackney – watch Sky News 08/08/11 if you don't believe me – suddenly erupted into a coordinated and orchestrated nationwide riot. Coordinated by BBM.

    We are to believe that these kids who are thieving tracksuits and trainers can afford a BlackBerry and on top of that strategise and orchestrate looting and rioting across the UK

    We are to believe that the BBC News was not complicit – with its barrage of Racist propaganda aimed at the black community (see Darcus Howe video above); disregard of anyone daring to cite social injustice as a cause; promotion of anyone citing Looters as "feral thieves"; rolling tapes of shady looking black men up to no good – EVEN SKY NEWS recognised that there were White and Brown Rioters!!

    We are to believe that the BBC has not been pushing the legitimisation and normalisation of the Racist English Defence League:

    1. Their leader has been invited onto BBC Newsnight twice and the usually razor sharp Jeremy Paxman has suddenly gone all soft in his presence allowing EDL to spout their vitriol to millions of people with no protest from Paxman.

    2. 10/11/2011 – EDL were described as "one of the amateur organisations dedicated to policing the streets against rioters" by BBC Newsnight

    3. Same program a guest stated "Will people stop chattering about the 100 young white men marching through Enfield" no protest from BBC presenter FACT CHECK – Eyewitnesses reported these 30 – 40 men shouting "Get the Pakis" as they marched through a predominantly Ethnic Minority area.

    I am not anti white. I am anti racist and this entire episode has got a blatant them-against-us-divide-and-conquer message about it.

    David Cameron yesterday gave the go ahead for Water Cannons, Rubber Bullets and Clubs to be used on young British Citizens – had the UK riots not been in the UK he would have sent bombs to the country to aid the "Pro democracy supporters in their fight against oppression" but he had no time for "Human Rights" in the UK.

    Postponement of football matches, low flying police helicopters, police sirens up and down your local road, disruption to our usual routines – All mechanisms to instill fear, confusion and resentment and allow the system to take over.

    I fear for us I really do – not scared of the looters or rioters – I am petrified of the institutions we have entrusted to protect us and represent us,

    Peace and Stay Safe

      • Lancashire Lass on

        Not technically true. A guy got shot by police in Tottenham and his family and community held a peaceful protest outside the police station because the forces had been very sloppy in how they dealt with the grieving family, not providing them with information or support (you know, after shooting their boy). But the protest turned nasty and the riots kicked off in Tottenham. What happened the day after was that the rioters realised that they could ransack shops and homes pretty much unchallenged by the police and the copy-cat riots swept London and then the UK. No political protest whatsoever, pure greed.

  50. "Panic on the streets of London

    Panic on the streets of Birmingham

    I wonder to myself

    Could life ever be sane again?

    The Leeds side-streets that you slip down

    I wonder to myself

    Hopes may rise on the Grasmere

    But Honey Pie, you're not safe here

    So you run down

    To the safety of the town

    But there's Panic on the streets of Carlisle

    Dublin, Dundee, Humberside

    I wonder to myself

    Burn down the disco

    Hang the blessed DJ

    Because the music that they constantly play

    It says nothing to me about my life…"

    – The Smiths, 1986

  51. "originally triggered by a case of police brutality" is inaccurate. I don't think anyone is disputing that Mark Duggan was involved in a shootout with police. The photo of him released to the public shows him making a gang sign. He seems to be one of the very numerous black residents of London involved in criminal activity, even his family has not denied this.

    A similar series of riots in France was triggered by a black man dying after crashing his licence plate-free motorbike while fleeing from police without wearing a helmet.

    I feel it is unfair to blame police brutality for these riots. A lot of youth in Britain, both blacks and chavs, have very poor morals as well as an aggressive demeanor. I would not like to be the one policing them, they will stab a person at the drop of a hat.

    The rest of the article is insightful although it does leave out a very important point.

    " the population will be ready to accept martial law and other tactics normally usually used in oppressive third world countries" The point is that our elites have been working hard to transform our prosperous civilized nations into third world countries. The main way they achieve this is by importing millions of people from the third world.

    • Lancashire Lass on

      Ouch. You made sense until you started spouting racist tripe at the end. Do you have a poster of Nick Griffin in your bedroom?

      • everyone is entitled to free speech or is that only for those who comply with mainstream media ? Juat because someones views differ from your own that does not make them anymore racist than you or me. So if someone supports right wing views they should be gagged yet if they support green views then they should be allowed to protest and speak out ? practice what you preach.

      • Instead of asking yourself whether it is 'racist', ask yourself whether it is true.

        It is western arrogance to believe everyone the world over is just like them. Different races have different cultures and different ways of behaving; this is what makes the world an interesting place.

        And no, I don't have a poster of Nick Griffin on my wall lol. If I were to choose such an emblem to adorn my abode, I would go for a bust of Hitler, which would be much more classy.

  52. This is a good read.

    But their are a few underlying issues I want someone to clarify.

    The police were ordered to stand down because they didn't have the appropriate equipment. That being said why their wasn't is a big issue.

    The seizure of that information has and always is readily available to the government. Even this website can be seized if required.

    The underlying issue is this. The government made cuts to save money, which limited the policing going around. It was actually issued by the current government to but the spending on the police, this was an exploit for people to loot.

    The riot wasn't at all pleasant, and for someone who could hear sirens go off constantly, the breaking news flash was probably the least i was concerned about.

    Personally I feel the riots weren't planned. But I think the government will make the most of this, and probably come out with ways to make civilians more submissive.

    Just to let you know the Sun and the Mail, are one of the most controlled journalisms in britain. Try not to follow that rubbish!

  53. I love this site and the fact that anyone can share their thoughts about the topics at hand, but anybody thinking that these rioters had a motive or a cause couldnt be more WRONG! I saw 2 minor riots in my area of East London.

    Look at the main shops which were looted:

    Carpet Right

    JD Sports Retail [Urban/Hip hop clothing]


    PC World



    Claires Accessories Retail[Cheap accessories for girls]

    Yet Waterstones and other book shops around london remained untouched. Does this tell you anything? Surely these so called activists saying that its a rebellion against the government wouldnt care about looting for themselves? Why arent they outside parliment and trying to burn buildings which ACTUALLY MATTER to the elite? Sheez…

    To me, the rioters were mindless thugs who claim benfits who knew they are 'above the law' so to speak. But i do agree that the elite will use this to implement a police state – WITHOUT A DOUBT!

  54. as with many other articles i am seeing, the undertone for me as a black woman is pretty frightening. This riot HAS started a race war, so yes, britain has now lost more freedoms, but for the majority of black folk in britain we have yet again lost more freedoms. People have to remember that ALL races where involed in the "riots". Not all black folk are thugs, aggressive people. That is just a sterotype given to you via the media. People who view this site esp should know that. We are being programmed/conditoned in one way or another depending an the "agenda" at that time. However GREAT article VC.

  55. To Yomael and SarahConnor:

    DO you guys know where's @sirrah ? I'm still waiting, epic thoughts those.

    God bless you boys,

    • Sirrah posted one thing a few threads ago….few weeks maybe? VC vacation and all…. Think he is just taking a break. I was happy to see him, was getting worried.

      • Hi Sarah! I'm so happy an pleased to here from you again.

        Awesome stuff is hapenning out there, as this page claims..we must be very vigilant.

        On the other hand thou..everything is going as planned on the NWO agenda, as day passes thing are aiming more to a 3rd world war.

        We'll stay in touch

        God bless you.

  56. What an awesome article, well worth the wait, Vigilant. The part about Blackberry is especially intriguing, being as I work for the wireless industry. It really makes you wonder– is Blackberry's decline caused by a lack of in innovation & engineering among its products vs other smartphone platforms (such as iOS and Android)? Or is it artificially manufactured because other smartphone platforms allow more access to the "powers that be"?

    • I would say a lack of innovation myself, as they had a killer app and stuck with it a bit longer than they should have. Although one wonders whether they were forced to run in place.

      Maybe their part was to start people into carrying those things around, with Android and iPhone coming in and taking the lead later on. Hence, they would be allowed to encrypt their communications (especially since the type of person using it would WANT encryption), then get forced to follow when the time came…which it seems to have done recently.

  57. Great Article as always VC. Govenment is stopping police in order to cut costs. But @ wat costs do we have to rebuild these damaged buildings….something very sinister is going on.

  58. random thoughts on

    I was suspicious of the riots so i decided to see if there was any symbolism in Mark Duggan's name. well if you look up the meaning of mark is means "rebellion" or on some other babynames websites it means derived from Mars,god of war and then looked up duggan which meant dark.

    I think that the riots were opportunistic, i know a few people who were quite scared because they heard sirens etc outside their houses and they posted this all on facebook. even though i live in one of the areas attacked, a family member of mine said that the day after the riots the town we live in was pretty much back to business.Strangely enough this was not reported in order to 'demoralise' (if i can use that word) the rioters.

    Also when the riots started there was a complete media blackout ( some friends say that it was in order that other people didn't start rioting) until it was getting out if hand,I actually had to get most of my info from skynews and facebook to see what was going on.

    however what bothered me the most and still does is the sony centre. Are you telling me that a place that holds millions of pounds of stock was not well protected? and not to mention how the fire was able to spread so quickly? werent there any precautions in case something like that would happen. IT CONTAINS ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT FOR GOODNESS SAKE! this obviously was not the work of teenagers and was well planned.

    besides i doubt that all the rioters were just teens, i was sure that many oppotunistic adults were involved. i even had people saying that the phonecalls into the bbc were inaccurate, one claiming that enfield town was being looted by black teens when this was not the case. the bbc was told what to say and when to say it and i refuse to watch it anymore to hear lies.

    i think thats all i want to say for now

    • Lots of music was stored there. Lots of INDIE MUSIC was stored there. Lots of music that wasn’t directly connected to the illuminated musical industry went up in smoke.

      Thereby shrinking the amount of available (disk) music down to mainly the mainstream, noise-pop selection you hear on (s)hit radio. Thereby shrinking the circle of whom profits from sales.

      Nothing accidental or unintended, to my music-fan ears.

  59. My favorite part of the video from vc's post is when the anchors start talking about soccer games right after a heated debate. (Sarcasm.) Does soccer really deserve that type of attention while there are more pressing concerns?

    • random thoughts on

      @ sarah

      well if you say that because of the riots, something which many english people care about and go nuts for( ie football) is being disrupted, it makes the riots much more personal, and makes people feel that a part of their lives that they take for granted everyday is being taken away. they call for stricter measures themselves in order to get it back…government brings in stricter measures.

      • Yeah, I totally get what you're saying, which is why I think it really rubs me the wrong way. They go from a completely awkward, tension-filled debate about people dying and then they go straight into sports. They'd definitely do that for football here in the states, and I get people are going to be curious about the big game, but that was a really dis-respectful transition, in my opinion. Just shows what type of world we live in…

  60. the racists remarks are disgusting especially againsts us black people. some of the things ive heard and read tears came to my eyes. it wasnt just blacks that were involved. are ppl so ignorant not to notice? God will judge every hateful word that has been said and you will have to explain yourself

    i have a funny feeling racism is used to divert people from the truth.

    the devil is a liar!!


  61. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned that a lot of rioters were being offered money to create violence and chaos. I don't know the details on it, but a lot of people tweeted about it and it doesn't surprise me one bit.


    I find it interesting how all the events of 2011 are leading to 2012……..


  63. What I found strange was that when the protests happened about the increase in tuition fees and government cuts (where riots did occur), the police went in beating them with batons and kettling them to "diffuse" the situation. But these riots….it almost felt like the authorities were under orders NOT to intervene and to allow such dispicable acts to happen! hmmm makes you think…

    Is it a good excuse to start using harsher rules? Right-wing and racist nutters are already mentioning the removal of human rights, bringing in capital punishment, giving more power to authorities and getting rid of certain people i.e. black people, muslims, etc because, AND I QUOTE the UK prime minister David Cameron, "Multiculturalism is failing". Basically they're playing into their hands and trying to spread the disease of hatred. Most people will think this is "paranoia" right? :(

  64. What strikes me most is how this has become, as with so many situations, a matter of "Us vs. Them" where the average citizens perceive themselves as ultimately the victims and the rioters as their torturous demon-predators. This is ultimately the effect that news has: Generate a feeling of collective victimization among those ultimately unaffected. The ultimate irony and upset is that regardless of the actions taken by rioters, the riots ultimately began as people fighting back against the police and government because of poor treatment; fighting back to change things for the benefit of all, including those middleclassmen who watch the news and have been led to believe that they are some how among the endangered.

  65. Anybody familiar with the "fullmetal alchemist"? (an anime full of occult symbols)… well can't help but notice the similarities between the plot of the story with the riots in London. In the anime, the war between Ishval and the government started when government troops accidentally killed an Ishvalan boy (coincidence?). This event stirred the Ishvalans to rise up against the government, prompting them to exterminate all Ishvalans and cause bloodshed. It was later revealed that the boy was actually a shapeshifting homunculi (envy), whose purpose was exactly to cause havoc so that the government would be able to create bloodshed needed for the "Nationwide Transmutation Circle". In other words, the war created and plotted by the government in order for them to achieve their goals. By the way this anime was already created in the early 2000's.

    I really hope that the London riots is not staged by the elites to serve their purpose, but after being an avid reader of this site, it's probably farfetched to hope for the best in these troubled times.

  66. People are rioting, but I bet you that the guys burning down buildings are police provocateirs. Check out the film on documentarywire,com called "into the fire" they did this in canada and they caught them on film. Thousands of people were arrested and treated inhumanely by police officers that were paid almost 1 billion dollars to "protect" the G20!!!!!! This is going to be big, martial law and all.

    • No doubt! Though many in England are/were just acting out in social/economic frustration, reports are coming in of agent provacatuers to act as kindling to this fire………I mean really, there are a laundry list of agendas that may come to fruition with how this whole thing played out. Talk about killing a few birds with one stone. Devilishly clever those powers that be…..

      Toronto G20 Exposed:
      It is painfully obvious thanks to citizen journalist & bystanders, that the cops/police state types used this incident and a few infiltrated 'agents', to escalate the situation to their agenda: implementation and more funding for martial law.

      Disclaimer: this is not to belittle or make light of the plight of the socially/economically/politically oppressed people (of ALL COLORS AND CREEDS) in London or around the world!!! You can only push so long, before it/they/we push back. It is a RACE against time………

  67. hanacrizantemum on

    I knew it! there's really something fishy about that riot in London… If only i can do something about it… As time will pass the elites will gain more control with our lives and won't be surprised if someday they will take away our freedom and become their slaves. I hope that will not happen. we should pray to God to ask for his mercy and guidance…

  68. God help us all… Sometimes I read this site and I just want to move to a remote island and wait for the world to fall apart.

    I was listening to the radio the other day and there was actually a government ad (I live in NYC), and it was telling all listeners to dial 311 to get hold of a special "emergency" package…sort of like a packet of things you would need say "natural" disasters strucks or something else crazy…I really wonder what 2012 will be like. Not because I believe in some mystical meaning, but simply because it seems that a bunch of wicked people are planning accordingly.

    We're in so deep we might as well be dead.

    • I've noticed that they're airing more commercials on planning for an emergency (or disaster). Also, they're running more EAS's (Emergency Alert System) through the television and radio.

  69. South African police still use rubber bullets and tear gas and have been doing so for years, both during and after apartheid. When you live in Africa where people have dealt with poverty for generations and quickly resort to violence and will attack and kill a policeman (or anyone they feel is in the wrong) if they get the chance, it is necessary to for the police to use force.

    Even today, members of the public burn houses of politicians they don't feel are doing their job, beat people to death who they feel are guilty of a crime in their community and also rob and kill innocent people.

    The police have a purpose, and its important that the law still protects citizens of the world from those that set out to do harm. Its a matter of finding a balance, and its only natural that the average person would happily welcome more security if they feel they're at risk of being hurt.

    • Actually, that's questionable. It was also claimed he fired a round into an officer, but the reports came back that the bullet did not match the supposed gun, but rather that of a standard police-issue pistol.

  70. Great article! My eye for deciphering the elites agenda has gotten really good without needing my main man VC to break it down, but he always points out something that I overlooked! You the man VC!

  71. These were my thoughts the moment I heard about the riots, I immediately thought of the movie V for Vendetta (VC I am not sure if you ever analysed this movie)

  72. I live near London and could see burning buildings pretty much from where I live. I used to live in Greece, where riots happened in 2008 under very similar circumstances. Pisses me off how most people just think all this is 'coincidence'. There is no such thing.

  73. VigilantMoslem on

    Excellent piece VC! Next time, please don't take vacations that are too long that we have to impatiently wait for your next piece! 😉


  74. I agree with this article totally.The riots of the past week were a classic example of the Hegelian Dialectic.(Problem Reaction solution)Push vulnerable members of any community to the absolute limit financially and socially,create a situation where they may protest violently.(In this case the killing of Mark Duggan)Stand by and watch them burn(literally)When a shocked general public demand a reaction by calling for curfew's, military intervention etc, then you have the solution you (the government )wanted in the first place,Draconian measures to bring in total control and compliance across the board.The brilliance of all this is, these solutions to the" problem" are brought about as Theresa May very tellingly said, only by consent. Consent given by you and me, the general public.!!!!When we then feel and see the result's of these measures either by the loss of say, free use of any internet facility either on a computer or phone, or our street's being policed by the military and we enter fully into a military dictatorship, the government will then be able to say "but you asked and consented to all of these measures "In other word's the government are empowering you to enslave yourself!!!! The recent riot's are not going to be an isolated incident , what happened is a dry run for the future,except now the police and the government will have the facility to quell any form of social unrest (in what ever form that takes, peacefully or non peacefully) by what ever they deem to be justifiable force, in what ever form that may take.The riot's in London were also a very welcome distraction from the bank run taking part in Greece and all the other countries involved in the global financial melt down.My personal message would be don't riot,it doesn't work, it's wrong, people get hurt, stop and think,protest peacefully,rioting and civil disorder are exactly what "they" want you to do, fighting for peace is a contradiction in terms we can never fight for peace. We must continue to resist but peacefully.Racial and religious disharmony is a distraction, a ploy to divide and conquer , the real truth is to see God , the Buddah ,Allah,the Brahman, cosmic consciousness in the face of your neighbour , your brother and sister. Spread the word , tell people we are being enslaved and we are doing it by consent. Read ,educate yourself, Knowledge lead's to enlightenment which bring's about true freedom.Look up The Hegelian Dialectic, The Nudge, Big Society, The Frankfurt School, Plato's Cave, any thing to open the mind and bring about the ability to discern what is really happening, don't see these riot's in isolation look for the bigger picture, we live in a fear based society, don't be fearful.

    • Bay State Observer on

      That's never going to happen. There has been nearly 15,000 wars and other major conflicts during the 5,000 years of recorded human history. Nothing but bloodshed and death, both against other nations and within nations.

      What you're asking for is Utopian. Far too often, there is more that divides us than unites us. We need to do more than just "don't be fearful". That is both not enough and not good enough.

  75. During Toronto's G20 summit, I spent the weekend watching live footage on several different channels as it happened because I wanted to see it before they edited it and imposed a narrative order on the events.

    On Saturday, the same pattern mentioned by VC took place: a relatively small group of rioters ran amok, smashing windows and lighting a police car ablaze while the police did… nothing. Absolutely nothing, beyond following them from a distance. That night, the news kept playing the same clips over and over, with no mention of the substantial peaceful protests (or, for that matter, any of the issues and concerns that they may have had).

    The next day, the police began to round people up almost at random, "kettling" innocent bystanders on a main downtown street and arresting large numbers of innocent people. It was as though angry dogs had been unleashed. Peaceful protesters at Queen's Park – an area that had been set up as a legitimate protest are, far away from the actual conference, were "dispersed" and arrested with mindless zeal. The images from the day before, re-played over and over again, were once again used to justify use of force.

    The state effectively highjacked any discussion of G20 issues. By the end of Sunday, I couldn't help but feel that the event had been carefully stage managed.

  76. Thank you for a great piece. Also worth mentioning is how hypocritical the Western citizens are concerning riots in other parts of the world. It's all about showing solidarity towards uprisings in, for instance, Libya – that kind of reaction is heroic. On home turf, however, it's another story – simply because we think our system is better than theirs. We have too much faith in our "fantastic" democracy that we fail to see A. the real reasons behind what's happening and B. turning against your fellow citizen instead of showing solidatity is a very important step towards the Orweillian nightmare that we all dread.

  77. The BBC have apologized (rightly) for that interview, however.I think that needs tobe pointed out.

    Also, Darcus Howe is not opposed to using incendiary language and lying himself. No one's face was blown off as he claimed. That was an outright lie, clearly with the aim at exacerbating an already highly volatile situation.

  78. Fixing a Hole on

    Darcus Howe: "I don't call it rioting, I call it an insurrection…of the masses of the people. It is happening in Syria, it is happening in Clapham, it's happening in Liverpool, it's happening in Port-au-Spain, Trinidad, and that is the nature of the historical moment."

  79. Dr. Octagonapus!!!! on

    after hearing and reading about the riots in London, its totally made me change my decision in going to London with my college band :( total buzzkill…

  80. I am a regular reader of your website and respect your work. However in this case in regards to the motivation of the rioters, you are not entirely correct. I am black and live in the south of London between Peckham and Lewisham, both trashed by these criminals.

    The government have provided the same oppurtunities to black people in this country as they provide for white and other races. In the UK there is a welfare or "benefit" system which provides housing, maintenance, childcare, healthcare and education for the underprivilidged. Yet despite this- or perhaps because of it- many young Caribbean youth refuse to further their education and choose instead to "go on the doll" a soon as they are old enough.

    The riots were in no way "the accumulated result of years of segregation of the poor and minorities"… There is no poverty in London! I am of African background and have seen with my eyes what real poverty is. A youth in crisp Nike trainers and an i phone claiming they are suffering from poverty is laughable! If you are in financial difficulty in this country, all you have to do is register a benefit claim and the state takes care of you to enough that you wont have to go hungry or homeless. All this by the way is paid for with tax paid by hardworking persons like myself.

    Yet many young girls are unwilling to improve their lives and instead leave school as soon as they can get away with it and get pregnant in order to qualify for social housing and increased benefit allowances. And the young men, well an example is the late Mark Duggan. What was he doing with a gun in the first place? What was he going to do with it? mash potatoes?? Now the police are ment to apologise beacuse the young man did not shoot first??

    While I do believe that certain elite will make the most of the situations to further their sinister objectives, I believe these riots should be seen for what they are- a rampage by lazy, ungrateful persons who should get off their self-pitying backsides and get a job… and where they cannot get a job they should quietly claim their benefits and be thankful to the hardworking taxpayer instead of destroying our homes workplaces and businesses.

    • Ok but getting to the bigger picture, these social services are part of the design to enslave a generation or subsequent generations to the state. It is set up that way on purpose. It is very unfortunate & frustrating that so many do not realize it and will go for the easy route….but that is what 'they' are counting on, and why these rioters and the socialist mentality in general are referred to as useful idiots. We are just seeing the results of a long planned out global collapse on many fronts.

      The UK and USSR are very similar in this regard. And taken from one of their playbooks, Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radical:

      "'The organizer's first job is to create the issues or problems,' and 'organizations must be based on many issues.' The organizer 'must first rub raw the resentments of the people of the community; fan the latent hostilities of many of the people to the point of overt expression. He must search out controversy and issues, rather than avoid them, for unless there is controversy people are not concerned enough to act. . . . An organizer must stir up dissatisfaction and discontent.'"

      The goal of socialism is communism.

      Vladimir Lenin

      A NWO is the ultimate iron fist after all.

  81. Take That

    Kidz lyrics

    Kings and Queens and Presidents

    Ministers of Governments

    Welcome to the future of your world

    Through talking heads that took liberties

    The monkeys learnt to build machines

    They think they'll get to heaven through the universe

    They say nothing

    Deny everything

    And make counter accusations

    My friends, my dear, my love, my God

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    There will be trouble when the kidz come out

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    Predictive lyrics and video…don't you think? :( The chorus caught my attention.

  82. London Riots, 7–11 August 2011 – An Insight from those who Control Same

    “. . . Another current Radio Hypnotic Intra-Cerebral Control (RHIC) technology in use can achieve manipulation of an individual or large masses of a populace. Without a Primary being established, general manipulation and control is obtained, though not as quickly or completely successfully. This is due to variances in particular geographical locations, certain drugs and food products, ethnicity, and general chemical effect on an individual.

    “This method achieves the desired outcome through radio waves in the 800 MHZ band where the Vital Human Brain Frequency resonation is located. These waves directly affect the subject in the desired way through slow and persistent exposure.

    “Concerned Special Intelligence Operations personnel should acquaint themselves with project hightone and project xeno. Personnel in OM level Special Projects Operations are already aware of the Human Frequency operations and testing procedures which proved to be a great success on large population base capacities in Los Angeles, Calif. in April 1992 [L.A. Riots, Apr 29, 1992]

    “This Frequency Wave Manipulation can be utilized to the maximum benefits in a population or among select individuals when required.

    “The benefits to CIA, NSA, Aquarius Group Operations and Aqua Tech Operatives are obvious.

    “Through the ignorance of the general populations of the World, the Cellular Wave Frequency Communications facilities may be erected and utilized by the Intelligence Community to sedate, excite or initiate a variety of physical effects and ills to implement population control or elimination at the time it is deemed necessary.

    “Individuals who have implemented proper mediation methods and training are more difficult to allocate. Individuals who have access to or regularly use marijuana or opiates on any regular basis also represent a problem in control and manipulation. This is due to the reaction and stimulus in the human brain that occurs with the use of these substances, which provides an immunity of sorts to these operation techniques.

    “The federal agencies attempts to eradicate this problem in its War on Drugs is having some success in supply rates of marijuana and opiates.

    “It is interesting that the so-called Drug War has had little effect on the supply of cocaine and methamphetamines as these can only enhance the effects of the manipulation instead of decreasing it as opiates will.

    “However, complete control of the distribution of all undesireable drugs for use in general public population bases cannot currently be completely erradicated.

    Chemical control bases in public population will be present in 95% of the population base. Those individuals who may not be affected by Frequency Control due to the useage of certain drugs will most likely negate their immunity with the chemical base they have built up over the years in their everyday use and exposure to those agents on the Chemical and Biological Control Base listing (C.B.C.B.) . . .” [End quote]

  83. It's nice to see you have the same view on situation as I do. It's all so fucking obvious. Why don't people wake up?

  84. I like the video and commend the gentleman for speaking up for himself and others. Whoorah! For him putting that woman, deservedly, in her place. The ignorance!

  85. Also… I want to say

    A while ago I saw an interview with James Franco on Today, with Kathy Lee & Hoda. And he said something quite interesting about a scene from "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", the scene where the apes revolt. I'm paraphrasing, but he said, 'That scene illustrates what could happen to a group of people who are oppressed…' And in the face of what we're seeing in London, I think it's bizarre – the message of that particular scene & perhaps the entire film. Then to hear what the gentleman says in the clip [above]… there's truth in what James Franco said. Personally, I think Hollywood has a sinister way of reflecting society and/or they're ominous about [their] plans.

    Through TheForerunner777 on YouTube, I learned about the Illuminati Card Game. I never heard about it and I wondered if any of you, vigilant citizens, are familiar with these cards. Well, I found this website ( and if you click on each [blue] link and scroll down you'll see them. Very very interesting. Ultimately, God is in control despite their plans; and, that gives me great peace. Nevertheless, it's imperative that we educate ourselves through the wisdom and guidance of God.

    • Oh wow anonymous! I love cutting edge but had never seen these cards before, awesome. Thank you for sharing!!!

      And totally agree…..God IS in control despite their evil plans. I believe that if the resistance that we put forth can push back the evil time, God will allow civilization to continue as He has in generations prior to this one. It is in His nature, it is in His mercy for Him to want as many as possible to believe in Him prior to when He allows it to unfold. And it won't until He does, no matter how hard the adversary tries! This, I believe is why He never ever set the date or the time, and why we are not to as well. His hand is literally keeping us right now……

      Have a good one~

  86. I saw these riots unfold since I live in London, and straight away I told my Dad, there's gonna be a big police state after this. So many people are taking what is presented on the news as the actual truth, the clip which Vigilant posted, that lady (Fiona Armstrong) probably had an earpiece in her ear telling her what to say, and to try and make the man seem like he was for all the brutality…that is what they will do. If you arent seen as an avid supporter, then you must be the enemy!

    My friend even said these people should be shot and given a curfew, people don't realise that the repurcussions of these events are not going to just affect these so called 'criminals' but it will extend to everyone. So you want a curfew? You want your messages to be read and your privacy invaded for the supposed greater good? Keep supporting the govt agenda.

    On a final point, who knew Orwell's 1984 would be so true to society? It's fascinating.

    Stay in the know guys.

  87. I'm so glad you wrote about this VC. As a born and bred Londoner, i've seen the gradual creation of vile ghettos and the demonisation of the poor during the boom times. It was obvious to all who were keeping an eye on the real world, that something like this was going to happen. The future is very dubious, as now with the general public on their side police can legitimize their muscle flexing and the government's institutionalised racism and classism. Sad Times!!

  88. The Secret Of My Lov on

    My heart bleeds for my city (London).

    You see, while I agree with the article, we have to remember WE ARE ALL part of the problem in some way, shape or form.

    Look at society these days as a general collective: we're apathetic, materialistic, egocentric and either unaware/uncaring of any consequences to our actions. We justify our behaviour by making comparisons to other people; and we nurture our insecurities by doing the same. Our biggest sin is vanity; we satisfy the parasite we call "the ego".

    We must remember that freedom and love are altruistic and that we should not FIGHT any battle. We must maintain inner peace, optimism and open arms for our sick world.

    Whatever the government have coming, I'm making it my mission to keep my faith, keep my optimism and try to be a good person. I know I'm not perfect, but as long as I'm contributing for progression, then I can feel I've done something.

  89. Good article which I will save and point out to people in the future. Funnily enough I was only reading today about "Strategy of Tension" which ties in nicely to parts of this article…!

  90. So spread the awareness. We may be a planet of mostly cowed idiots, but this is the information AGE. We still have a chance to beat these malignant warmongering bastards if we act responsibly.

  91. The question then becomes. Do we fold our hands and do nothing?people were robbed shops were looted people were killed.programmed rioters or not someone has to pay.

  92. This is also what's known as a "pincer attack" – or, "pressure from above, pressure from below".

    With good, everyday law abiding people caught in the middle of the pincer – the chaotic mobs of criminals (and let's face it, those rioting simply to steal some booze or bs from shops are just the scum of the earth, no better than the ruling elite, only poorer) being the pressure from below – and the ruling elite and their tools, including all mass media, corporate interests and influence, government agencies and police/military forces (who are being given orders and doing their jobs that we want them to do btw, enforcing the law to protect civilians from violence, arson, etc) are the pressure from above.

    This two-sided pressure, pincer strategy has been used many times in history, and is still being used because it works so well. Decent nice people who just want to live their lives peacefully are trapped between the two sides of the chaos – which are both deliberately put in place by design, to cause the chaos that will provide the need for action (solution) that the ruling elite wanted to begin with.

    Many people are far too reactionary (and stupid, sadly) to realize that the abuses and violence on both sides are wrong, and thus react accordingly, instead of the manipulated desired reaction that the mass media wants – which is, "kill all cops" or "kill all rioters". "All" of any group are not bad – with the only exception being the ruling elite, in all their various forms and organizations.

    This violence is exactly what the elite want, so don't fall for it.

    VC is correct in identifying that one of the key results here has been the invasion of private communications, a very big step toward the police state.

    Once these kinds of privileged communication go away, they are never coming back. And when a new form of encryption appears, governments will just demand that they are given the keys to break it under "national security" requirements – just as happened with PGP, which was the best encryption and was available to the public (for FREE)…until the NSA and CIA tried to break it and could not – so they just demanded they keys, with the threat of prison (or worse) for the creators of PGP.

    Stay calm out there.

  93. Similar to the French Revolution if you ask me. It astounds me how many people will not examine the underlying causes of such behavior. Take the riots in LA in 1992. A trigger alone does not explain why violence occurs. It's merely that…a trigger.

    Sure there are many people who will use this opportunity to commit violence and as the gentleman in the video said that understanding WHY it is happening is by NO MEANS CONDONING IT! But of course that white lady doesn't want to hear about that so she says something she knows will inflame the man and the interview shuts down. She knows how to use a trigger.

    Elitists love to turn a blind eye to oppression. As long as they are comfortable in their privileged lives everything is fine. But sooner or later uneven scales turn and when it does…this happens. Watch Tupac Resurrection film and see his explanation of how asking nicely turns into rants.

  94. Hey VC i have been following this website recently and i have been enlightened. tks. could you please write an article about the hacking grp annoymous

  95. I've been reading the articles on this site for quite some time now and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things and has changed the way I take in the things I watch on television to the point where my family think I'm crazy! Do you see a connection between the recent NOTW phone hacking scandal, and the BBM's cooperation with the police? It seems as though they want the public to slowly accept "police officials" hacking into their phones.

  96. I've actually found that the so-called 'distraught masses' are not so distraught, as they are tired of all the crap that's going on. There are quite a lot of people who are waking up, and not just here in the UK. Plus, I'm a part of a few healing circles, and there were calls to send healing energy(reiki, or just sending positive vibrations), as well as love to be sent to the discontented areas. Its not all doom and gloom.

  97. I am curious, like you I agree that the end result of these riots will be another loss of freedom for "security". Also looting random passers by in the street and the local video/music/retail/liquor store hurts no one in power causing the trouble for the youth, poor, and minorities. The question is when is the time right though. The American revolution was brittish people who though they were being taxed unfailrly without proper representation so the took the weapons and kiled their own military and police and then said "we will be our own people we are not under you anymore!" Most people cheer that now a days. "They fought for freedom from oppression" is what is said. The rioters over there in london are saying similar things, unfair taxation, their parliment is not representing them, they are being mistreated and being downtrodden. When is their time to stand up? is now their time but they chose the wrong targets? Seems like in my head growing up in western society no time seems right for rioting, but i grew up in western culture where even standing up to bullies to fight back was frowned on.

  98. when i heard Cameron talking about the shutting down internet by an excuse of security i immediately thought to myself bizzarred: "hey, what's the difference between asian Cina and european UK then?"…well, it is the Uk that was accusing Cina in being anti-democracy when it had problems with google or other networks spreading news unconvenient for chinese gov…LOL… it is really too ridiculous and obviously oppressing.

  99. Funny how no establishment buildings were trashed, looted or set on fire… You'd think they'd be the first targets in a riot against the establishment

    • I also find it "funny" that it all made Cameron and Boris look like superheroes, dashing back from their holidays in the hour of (un)need!!!

      • I wonder if it wasn't too much of a coincidence that our PM, our deputy PM, the mayor of London and The leader of the opposition were all on holiday at this time? It certainly allowed a bigger window for the fire to thrive and chaos to ensue before the dozy twats got off their sun loungers. David Cameron in Tuscany – I just think about George W reading a book about goats when the first plane crashed into the towers.

  100. The first two paragraphs beautifully sum up everything in such a concise way it creates the perfect mood for a piece. superb

  101. the main agenda is curfew ( think the movie v for vendetta). This week in philadelphia police began enforcing a curfew against minors. Something similar will come into effect in the coming months in london and before we know it our freedom of movement will be gone. We already live in a police state/NWO world just because it isnt apocolyptic doesnt mean it hasnt already happened.

  102. I wish my eyes were still closed. I wish that I hadn't known these things. I've been reading about the elite for months. When the riots got out of control and the news outlets began discussing the disabling of text messaging (like we hadn't been shouting about the unfairness of such an act when Egypt did it) I knew what was happening and I felt this shudder of revulsion run through me. How many of those so-called "rioters" are government paid goons running amok just to stir up panic? I know in my heart this this started out as an act of revolution. Hearing the media paint the rioters as juvenile, heartless, greedy, and dangerous truly made me sick to my stomach. I hear the truth when I listen to the newspuppets now and I wish I didn't. VC, I'm miserable. We're doomed, aren't we? There is nothing we can do.

  103. How's everybody feeling? Demonstrate a positive attitude & take everything with a pinch of salt. Btw my greetings to our delightful host. 😉

  104. a few very interesting articles:

    The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom

    The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation

    At Tax Payers' Expense

    Please Don’t Riot … It’s Just What ‘They’ Want – David Icke Website

    5 Reasons Why American Riots Will Be The Worst In The World : Deadline Live With Jack Blood

  105. the media in the uk have driven soo far away from the real start of the tottenham riots (the police murdering an innocent man), but now with the media keep talking about why the riots had started and they have put the country into a mode in which they are thinking of ways to control our youth and what is wrong with them, and ignoring the real reason why everyone rioted and looted around the country was because of greed and they saw on tv the police doing nothing and they thought it is easy to get away with it…

    now they have the platform to bring in watever form of new martial law or plan they want.

    well done elite

    round of applause *Sigh*

  106. this is a more than great article, i do not know why people can see this subjectively, what is happening is so clear, i do not know why people can't see this and compare it to what has happened through out history and just stand in awe. we are loosing our freedom every second that pass…. it's funny how people realize things only when they are already in chains

    • Also, how polite and courteous of the "mindless and criminal" rioters, to wait until 5pm every day to start their destruction

  107. And then after all the riots in the UK… Sun 14th August – Twitter's "promoted" Tweet Trend in the UK is…


    So we have a week of riots, and then we get asked what would happen #IfAliensAttack !!!!???

  108. I live just a couple miles from where the riots begun.

    While people were burning buildings, smashing windows, destroying businesses and stealing materials for themselves, they neglected the very reason that they were doing this. This was not entirely about the shooting of an "innocent" man, this was about what the principal of the action stood for – the alienation of human rights. If the police are able (to say the least) shoot open fire at somebody without giving a justified reason, then it is inevitable that the proletariat will be aroused by this endangerment and will require to take action against anything that is a threat to their rights. As we are left with so few rights in order for society to work, it is an outrage when the elite are able to take away a right that we legally have – and the human right in this sense, was the right to life. However, being an eighteen year old living in one of these areas in London, it is almost too easy and acceptable for me to state the claim that these youths only really care about themselves. They are crude, selfish, ignorant, violent and just down right lazy. Apologies if this seems like I am generalizing the entire youth of England, but the majority (in London, anyway) have a terrible livelihood that consists of living on benefits, small living spaces, unclean neighborhoods and very little amenities such as youth clubs to occupy us. These people are bored with their lives, and when trouble arouses they are quick to be enticed by their friends and jump on the band wagon. These riots were so easily forgotten about human rights that they came to be about feeling in control and feared. Because let's face it, fear is what makes you powerful, right? And that's what happened. These masked faces became feared, and people feared to go outside in case they were attacked or their property was set alight. The looting was just a case of materialism – an excuse to have the latest high def television and phone. This is what concerns myself with the people of today. We care so greatly about materialistic goods that they consume us and make us feel important. They create a false sense of happiness, and in any case, this is what it comes down to in the end – who has the greater slice of the pie. Does this greater slice of the pie really just consist of rights? being equal to the rich? or is this equality achieved through whoever has the most stuff? It really is appalling.

    As for the MET… well, they didn't really take action. After government cuts, the police force was cut back greatly which is funny really, because wouldn't we require more police due to cuts? Rioting is inevitable at this point, especially with cuts, so why on earth would conservatives decide to cut the MET drastically?

    because the police are not allowed to react violently to these situations without being blamed for using "harsh and unnecessary" violence. Judging from the pole, they want to bring in the ARMY to deal with us. Which, obviously, is an even greater injustice in itself. As for the news, I wouldn't entirely say that they were just there to portray the youth as reckless and make us all scared. I watched the news over the course of these riots for a total of 4-5 hours a day. They brought in many different reporters and they recorded a variety of people at the crime scene with their opinion on the matter, and it wasn't all directed at the youths. Some opinions were directed at bad parenting, others were directed at the police. There were people in the background of live broadcasts shouting "Don't listen to the police, they're lying!". Unlike the US, one of the things I admire about the UK is that they are not always biased on the news. There are people that get the alternative view point broadcasted every now and then. I wouldn't generalize the entire country and say that they are blinded by all of this, though, because a lot of the people I speak to realized this was a matter of the elite and not misdemeanor. Perception varies in that sense I suppose…

    I'm just appalled by my country.

  109. To me it seems that the English Government has allowed things to degenerate for a long time:

    1) Mass unchecked immigration, including fake asylum seekers, killers and thieves with no accurate book keeping to record numbers and no means of deporting the majority

    2) Failing standards of education

    3) Obsession with pushing kids into university meaning that children with learning disorders or children who learn in a more practical way have no means of finding any work that doesn't involve sitting in an office

    4) Cramming people into tight spaces, particularly high rise blocks of flats, particularly people of different cultures and religions with little in common = no community spirit

    5) No effective justice or punishment system for serious criminals i.e. peodophiles, murderers, rapists. Out on the streets again in no time

    6) Children with more rights than parents and teachers = no punishment

    7) Welfare state encourages dependence and lack of ambition. Children do not prioritise education, work or self-reliance because they can fall back on the state.

    I wouldn't be suprised if they let it escalate to this level so that the ordinary hard working citizens became so dissilussioned, so enraged, so hopeless, that they would be happy to welcome in a tough state.

    I can say at the age of 22, I am so dissillusioned with school, police, the government, immigration etc, that I would almost welcome martial law too.

    When these hoodlums burned parts of my city, I felt like going out and murdering them, yet what did the government do? Hold meetings and talk about giving them MORE benefits.

    I believe they are trying to enrage us. Split the country in two between those who work hard and those who sponge off others. No unity = no revolution.

    I am frightened of what England has been allowed to become.

    The English are strong, level headed, hard working people.

    This is NOT what our Nation deserves and these people, some of whom are English and some of whom are not, are disgusting examples of human beings.

    This should be proof of how people can be dumbed down into angry, thoughtless, greedy, braindead, uneducated, mob mentality zombies who don't even know who is elected in Government and only care about a TV and shoes.

    • IslamMeansPeace on

      Actually they don't want to give MORE benefits…they want to STOP benefits! Another way of making people POORER. I was so disgusted to see looting and burning of buildings taking place, but I'm intelligent enough to know that stopping benefits or making people homeless won't make things better. Also, your point of putting people from different culture and backgrounds together in the same "place" being a bad thing…WHY? We're all human! Only people who wish to be ignorant to others find this to be a problem. Personally I don't care whether you're black, white, asian etc…if you're a decent person then the rest doesn't matter. I've opened my eyes and noticed that all ignorance does is makes things worse. If we all learn to get along and respect each others' differences then it would definitely build a stronger community.

      Multi-cultralism is not failing, you just wish it would. Educate yourself and put yourself in others' shoes…If you were black/muslim/etc, would you like it if people hated you just for being that?

    • Everyone will bow- J on

      Magda, always keep in mind that the government hardly ever want to do something nice for the people. There is always a sinister agenda behind their smiles. Those people probably are well informed of the agenda. May be we all should learn a new approach for rioting for the future. Rioting scares me.

    • Greenpythontrail on

      Magda, u are one of the few posters here who really have a brain. Brilliant post. Simply, realistically put on, but brilliant. The UK is about to become a 3rd world country thanks to idiot politicians who dont want any control on immigration. And that means destruction of a nation, that means chaos. Lets sugarcoat everything, lets stick our heads in the sand and pretend the problems dont exist, lets blame really all on the government, shall we? Its so convenient, right? Its completely unimportant if these riots were planned or not, those retards behavior is not justified at all. Why they didnt go to Buckingham Palace and made all that mess? Or to David Cameron's house? Whomever condones their acts is as criminal as them if not worse. Those weren't ppl fighting for their rights, those were social scums, deal with it. And most were black, which tells everything. Or should we go stick our heads in the sand?

  110. This article really hits it on the nail and sums up everything the government is trying to do. Especially the portion where VC said they are using Mass media to create Wide spread panic. Once they have created that panic, now they can push their agenda of Police State/Martial Law/Mark of the beast type stuff! Article was on point VC. Keep em coming!

  111. Someone on the forum said "why is it ok to be a left wing green peace lover, and not be a right wing harsh conservative?" Is that really a hard question to answer yourself?

    I quite enjoy racist people being honest, their stupidity makes for good comedy

  112. You know sumthin, yeah I'm English.

    Our youth were fine until this idiot English idiot government decided that discipline was not needed in schools or families anymore. From there on, they grew wise and ever since our youth have done what they want, when they want.

    Discipline was a big part of my upbringing so all it takes to get our youth respectful again is to simply bring it back. I'm all for coppers giving a youth a clip round the ear for a minor. Parents need to stop being so intimidated by their own offspring.

    Us parents and responsible adults need to take back control. Sod what the government says.

    • it all seems a bit planned really doesn't it? Cool Brittania and The Big Society.

      Take away discipline and the rights of parents and teachers to discipline children. Then turn round and blame a lack of discipline and "bad parenting" on the riots.

      Resulting in the government imposing their own discipline in the way of internet and mobile phone control. In the way of heavy policing and no doubt from now on, the slightest misdemeanor in public or school will result in people, and in particular children and youths being singled out as a trouble maker, and a threat to society. The RFID chips will be pushed heavily, so that you are branded as such for life. Just for answering back or questioning authority.

    • I'm sick of people saying that. First of all, it was not a youth organized attack. The news station used sterotyping to cause everyone to assume the same thing: the youth are getting out of control and need more discipline. Well, when they get it, you'll see the folly of your wishes. It's another way to force people to think a certain way, to feel like we need to control people more. More control over the masses is NOT what we need. A couple of people are hoping that conscription be reintroduced. What is THAT. How can people so quickly forget their previous feelings towards that particular scheme. We're helping them by buying into their lies.

      • Hey! I wasn't actually saying that we need more Govt control – I was pointing out that the Govt took away the rights for the public to discipline the youth of today. And then hypocritically – they are blaming lack of discipline and bad parenting.

        Labour's "Cool Brittania" and the nanny state that they brought about, and then the Conservatives clamp down on everyone and everything is what's going wrong here.

  113. Wow, well, indeed, a great piece VC !!!!!

    Also, glad you have posted the BBC interview, only the ignorant will look at this & think Black people need to stop complaining about racist attitudes, that, are becoming more blatant, once again, having been neatly hidden for the last 10-20 years or so.

    It is quite appropriate to suggest that the debate … for/against riots is pointless, however, opinions will be aired.

    Opinions like this …. of a young 20 year old white boy from Ealing, who basically suggested that, the rioting had nothing to do with Mark Duggans' shooting and that people get shot everyday, so, why are black people claiming the riots are to do with that …. Hmmm …. yes, elements of what he said are true, but, living where he does, in a nice calm, safe, pretty much white neighbourhood …. However, as I said to him, I dare you to go into Tottenham now, and run that talk around anyone who knew Mr. Duggan ….. his attitude, whilst appearing the same, suddenly became less vehement, about his point of view.

    It is definitely fair to say that this is actually going to create divisions amongst people, who would previously have claimed to be part of, cohesive, respect-filled communities. Well, if the attitudes expressed by many areas of the British Public & Media, are anything to go by, then, that has been a beautifully crafted fallacy.

    Unfortunately, one that many blacks have bought into ….. there will now be, as I experienced, yesterday, much consternation and fear shown in peoples' attitudes, towards one another, for the next few months and this will, of course, further the drive for heavy security, particularly in areas where poor black & white people reside.

    Mothers shopping in their daughters, says it all ….. Unbelievable ……. !!!!

    I've already made my view about the Asian communities rather, non-committal stance towards the riots, which seems to be one of pity, acceptance & conformity, to much that looks as though it is coming … as weak !!!

    Vigilante groups protecting their temples/businesses etc, an increased police presence and all that leads towards curfews & martial law ……

    Having just had a drink with a like minded individual, it is apparent that the predominance of …. "Head in the Sand", individuals, is bound to rise, as they are the ones who choose to act as though there is no excuse for this type of behaviour, well, until it hits them eh … !?!

    When jobs become more regimentally managed than they currently are, when policing becomes more and more heavy-handed and laws start to restrict the freedoms that they hold dear, maybe then, they'll think twice about policies that on the surface, appear to only affect those who chose to make these pointless acts of violence, against themselves & their communities, they'll start complaining, they'd just better not start materialising around those who are the current victims of cuts and government policies ….

    Talking of materialism, isn't it amazing how people in Britain are quick to defend the same material gains that have, in some small part, contributed to the mentalities of these Blackberry driven rioters, who they now lambast, yet, when a policeman, judge or better still, banker, is found guilty of acts that damage communities, Paedophilia, or the killing of innocent people or the simple abuse of power, very few seem willing to make any kind of stance that could be deemed to be one of defiance, against the perpetrators or their masters !?!

    All of a sudden, it's … once again …. rap music, as I saw on a BBC news debate …. well, let's get this clear, when the poor are parodied in shows like shameless, it does seem somewhat ridiculous to criticise those who, really live in that shameless manner, a la …. the rioters.

    As I've said before, Britain is a country of double standards which are conveniently seen as fictitious things to be dramatised & not seen as real. Well, be they police infiltrated or not, the prospect of martial law is becoming more and more real.

    As one commenter said, Norway, then this …. the idea that these leaders give a damn about creating a fair and equal society for all is pure …. Folly.

    Control and destruction of the underclass would seem to be a much more reasonable assessment of plans that have been long designed and beautifully nurtured for a growing populous of selfish individuals. That's down to rap music … yeah …. okay !!!

    Survival of the fittest is indeed, not only an ethos, but, a definite reality for future herds, however, that playing field is filled with pitfalls and traps that will only allow the sheepish clones, who would not dare question the motives or morality of that, which, fuels their ability to step over those who are also part of the populous needing encouragement, investment & education.

    There is very little now, that will ensure an equal opportunity to be one of the strong, without having to sell your soul, to be deemed as one.

    Much that is touted as truth, is tainted by the brush of politricking and agendas that feed those behind them, it isn't a time for ignorant judgements & accusations, it's one for practical, logical thinking, truth and unity.

    Division and ignorance are the very things that the powers that be want …….

    Stop the nonsense, stop the ignorance and wake the F… up !!!

    I guess PE said it best …. "Don't Believe The F'ing Hype !!!!"

    Come on people !!!

    Worth a view …..

  114. THIS paragraph is epic:

    "After a few days of repetition, the population is convinced: The riots are not the results of inequalities or police brutality; they are the result of too much privacy in mobile communications. This cancer must be stopped. The police, or whomever else that wants to, must be able to monitor all of our communication, at all times, or our cities will burn. This is the message that is being hammered to the public. Do all of the rioters own a Blackberry? I would not think so, but that is not important. The agenda was already set."

    the thing is, reading this article reminds of that old feeling I get. In on ehand, I feel people should revolt against the awfulness of the world these days, but in the toher, I know if they do, THIS will happen. wth are we supposed to do? I feel like a sitting duck.

  115. Everyone will bow- J on

    Chaos is the perfect setting to bring the next corrupted leader on scene. People, we must learn from Hitler. Mein Kampf is the map for the elitists.

    So much is taking place in this world. I am staying focused on the Higher power.

  116. hi +

    please talk about the movie: the programming nation? and please check this:

    Randy Quaid

    The Quaids claim a Hollywood group called "Star Whackers" murdered a number of their celebrity friends, including the late Heath Ledger and David Carradine, whose deaths have been widely accepted as a drug overdose and accidental asphyxiation or suicide, respectively. The Quaids believe they're next on the hit list. "On a scale from one-to-ten, this is a ten, this is as crazy as it gets,"

    Is the Amy Winehouse the new victim

  117. My "favorite" part was when the newscaster stated quite conclusively that Darcus had participated in riots, as if to tarnish his innocence in this issue. His response was STELLAR! "I have never taken part in a single riot. I have been on demonstrations that have ended up in a conflict. AND HAVE SOME RESPECT!!!" Then proceeds to call the woman an idiot! Hahahaha! What a brave man, he is, and amazingly inspiring. We should all merit to be as bold to stand up for what is right!

    Peace, y'all!

  118. Hey – love your article here. However I have to say that "agent provacateurs" are already used to start trouble. I have witnessed them here in L.A. at the federal building protests against the Iraq war and also on marches against the iraq war, where undercover agents start to physically attack and assault their "bretheren" behind police lines in order for police to attack or "fence in" – "cordon off into a corridor" – the peaceful protesters. these agents you speak of – are being used – at least since 2003. Eyes open, folks! be aware when you are at the peace marches and protests that some that are there with you are not who they appear to be. observe. Always have a way out of police lines and cordon off corridors – they are set up to fence you in while one of their own starts an attack. And – some are snitches, too. it's a shame that these elites who rob, steal, foreclose, plunder and commit crimes while in high office get away with it while publically denouncing these rioters for doing the exact same thing they do. the hypocrisy stinks.

  119. In South Africa our government just passed the RICA act (Regulation of Interception of Communications and Provision of Communication-Related Information Act).

    RICA makes provision for a citizen to sign away their right to privacy, by forcing them to make a choice whereby they either give up the use of their mobile phones to maintain that right or comply with regulation and agree to have the privacy of their communications infringed.

    The public is led to understand that this will aid in the fight against criminal activity but is this not a short sighted view of the situation.

    I can come up with a multitude of reasons how it would benefit a rouge government (as an example).

    Here's 3 off the top of my head:

    1) tracking and monitoring South Africans organising protests, and stopping them before they even start by possibly using GPS/Triangulation/Conversation monitoring and preventing organisers from rallying their supporters. Therby creating a false impression of "national safety" (Or worse, selectively allowing certain groups to acheive their objectives at the expense of others)

    2) Intercepting communications surrounding intellectual property and new developments

    3) Intercepting communications of any political opposition which is thought to be a threat and using that information to create propoganda.

  120. Greenpythontrail on

    And btw, Im sure that Duggan was a honest tax payer, a good citizen, a real model, an innocent victim. Not… Deal with the fact that most of the scums were black and stop whining.

  121. I'm SO angry with that stupid woman on BBC- she kept trying to silence him! She kept trying to say that the rioters have no just cause to riot- how much are people supposed to take before they lose it? How much could SHE take? What a b*tch…she's part of the system.

  122. Got the link to this from a relative – am grateful to them for it.

    I am currently reading 'Shock Doctrine' by N Klein, and your informative post does makes sense. I suspected that these riots might have been organised in some way, but could not understand "who" might want to cause such mayhem – or indeed, "why". That said, criminal activity should be punished and justice should be equal for all, regardless of who they are or where they are from.

    Saw the original interview on BBC News live on the day between Ms Armstrong and Dr Howe: he put her in her place at the end, but I suspect that other commentators (of whatever ethnicity) will be similarly put on the spot (or wound up) if they are allowed on TV and try to explain the TRUTH to the people.

    Will stop here; thank you very much, VC, for an excellent article.

  123. I am from UK, and I thought there was a agenda behind all these riots. It got to out of control, when it could of got stopped. Plus UK is already in recession so by doing all these riots they have to pay out billions for insurance companies, which the public will have to pay out of their own pockets, which means even more money problems.

    Also which I found strange was how they allowed big buildings to just burn, these 'youths' that are of the ages 11-19, seemed to have gathered in a 'gang' and caused huge ancient buildings to burn all by themselves, it just seemed strange, it was just too much to take in, andd how the police couldn't operate the youths, it was a bit far fetched.

  124. I am sure that this same reason is why the debt ceiling debate was dragged out to the 11th hour and 59th minute – to make us so sick of hearing about it that many people would accept any cut to any public program and any tax concession to the rich that would just make it stop.

  125. Took the words right out of my mouth. They have used these tactics over and over again throughout history, this is nothing new. In fact, majority of the revolutions were designed to aid themselves (Think about the French Revolution, Russian, and German (Nazis) for example).

    There is no need to riot my friends, find Christ and solace will be yours for this is not our world to win over. They WANT you to dissent. If you are to go against them, stop feeding them your money. If everyone just did this then they would collapse.

  126. I found the riots disheartening actually……I comprehend the frustration of the citizens ….But some of the prominent occurences that the media highlighted; such as the student assault, the car deaths etc. were acts of ignorrance…I do believe the media emphasized/spotlighted this behavior to push Hegelian Dialectics….Display the brutality of some citizens so others will shun away and become even more subservient under the dependency of the 'authorities' so their own lives can be safe…But also to ensnare or influence those who desire to loot, rob, and commit acts of evil to participate, so the police state/martial law agenda can be pushed….I also believe dialectics are behind the media coverage of the young man supposedly being a relative of a gangster…..Which has no bearing on how he lost his life….Divide the public opinion and then conquer…Instead of family businesses, homes, and privately owned shops….all of the targets should have been government buildings/establishments if just cause were to be asserted…..Problem, reaction, solution being administered brilliantly right before our eyes……

  127. Seeing this makes me think about what would happen later on. It's coming soon and fast. I am honestly terrified of the Elite and the shear amount of power they have at their disposal and their plans for their plans for humanity. I just hope that either God and the afterlife exists, my misery will end soon, or that we just wake enough people up early enough.

    • You are playing into the hands of the elite if you give in to fear because that is exactly what they want to create in the whole world. If you are in fear, you are easier to control. Don't fear. It's an illusion anyway. Just act or don't act but don't remain in fear. It's paralytic and doesn't help anyone. It's easy to write it but it is true. Be aware of your fear and try not to go along with it or give in to it. It does absolutely no good whatsoever.

  128. for all the people that "fear" the elite group, just remmember that there is a god and they to will be held accountable for what they are causing on this earth..fear no one but god.

    they will be the one suffering in the next life, dont you worry.

  129. finally some truth. But the funny part is i dreamt of it before it happened ! The illuminati and the free masons are getting bold ! Its time we target the puppet masters ! VC thanks for ya good work, and i found some disturbing facts in this cartoon 'Avatar the last airbender' it contained symbols of the false trinity, etc. Especially when aang the last airbender is illuminated from within to become all powerful !

    Just like kanye west's power video ! Please analyse it for me !

  130. Just wish that everyone in England would read this, I work in a salon and all I hear are sheeple saying we should shoot the rioters or sterilize them, makes me sick. Thanks vc for another great piece!

    • Yes i agree, i cannot understand why people were not crying out for the "Banker's' to be put on trial as they caused much more damage to peoples lives and business. I cannot believe the courts were open through the night too sentence these people and we hear today two people were sentenced to 4 years in prison for just commenting on a "facebook site"? This has been designed i am certain to many "red flags" for an uprising of which i believe had been designed for new law's…….. Problem,reaction, solution

      God Bless

  131. Good article, although I think it's Ordo "ab" Chao, not "ad". but you're right on the money with your analysis of the situation.

    "Team Poison" in my opinion are the typical disinfo group that manage to fool so many people. The name reminds me of "Team Satan" who do false crop circles.

    A good description phrase of the dynamic you describe is "Problem-Reaction-Solution" Create the problem, wait for the expected reaction and provide the pre-planned solution.

  132. I live in the second city in England-Birmingham. I was listening to the local news BBC WM (west midlands [county]. And a guy came on saying that he worked with the council as a youth outreach worker and had problems 2 weeks before the riots with outside politicians trying to stir the local youth into riots. I'l say this again OUTSIDE POLITICIANS TRYING TO STIR THE LOCAL YOUTH INTO RIOTS. In his own words "we had to chase them out the city". Ever since the riots I have seen far more police cars on the streets than is ever necessary. In my own area on the high street there were about 15 youths rioting and only hit the local discount store. Since then if I stand in place on the main road by my house I can see 5 different police cars in so many minutes, and the occasional mobile police station. Police state anyone??

    But according to The Times newspaper some policy changes as a result of the riots could be: Army support in the case of future riots (David Cameron wants to reduce the national police force by 16,000 to save money but will then replace them with the army who I'm sure have greater operational costs)

    Greater powers for police over masks and hoods. Which would mean police could ask people to remove masks and hoods whever they feel like it, the power to introduce local curfews and the powers of extra dispersal, ability to ban people from going to certain areas if they are suspected to be in a gang or wearing clothing which is similar enough to be in a gang, social media access could be blocked during times of social unrest. This was actually done in Birmingham city centre with localised jammers. This obviously would mean that they would have no means of communicating with each other, but would also mean that anyone injured by a rioter or the police would have no means of calling for assistance and this all smacks a little too much of china's attempt to block the internet .

  133. I would like to bring some facts about Albanian people,first I apologize that this may be not the right place.I read a lot of mr.Icke work and I was amazed.Thoose things couldn`t possibly get into my head.For the fact that I am albanian and our legends are mostly about "a beautiful bride who would turn into a snake by day" or "a prince who used to be a snake by night",stuff we been raised by and actually they represent some kind of normal even great tradition of our past.We live in harmony even we have all 3 main religions,but it is absolute nonsense to dare questioning the existing of God Sun.Blood sacrifice is a normal thing that every girl or boy has to make a night before getting married (methods differ according to social status) and allmost every "true albanian house" has a "homeprotector" snake.Our greatest hero Skanderbeg had a Baphomet skul on his helmet,in the mountains of our lands there is a great respect for a men who will take off the left eye of an enemy.I wold writte a lot (like the fact that we are originally very blond with a green or blue eyes,we dont find it weird or anormal if somebodys good with a magic,our mothers will allways have a last word on decisions of the family although never openly,traditionally there are facts that our ancients where pirates,ect) but I will stop by mentioning a very interesting fact wich happened lately.Our land became independent,and some "weird sculptures" where found in a ancient city of Berat.Just few days after,the city was visited by some "rich people named Rotchilds" and came under the protectorate of Unesco.

  134. Of course there is a curfew and we stayed home,but that`s pretty normal when "somebody important" visits our land or city or whatever.I forgott mentioning that a very common names of albanians are Arian (!) Ariana,Akil,Hektor,Hana (that`s a word for a Moon in albanian) Dielli (name for a Sun in albanian) Afrodita (it means Near Day in albanian),ect.But name Arian is forbiden in Europe,even very normal in out tradition.There is a book wich explains our history and the facts about the cult of Snake,Cult of Sun,Cult of Light,ect and there are the undisputed facts in that book,written by Aristidh Kola book:"The language of Gods" .Soon after publishing that book,the author was killed under unclear circumstances.Hope not bothering you,i just thought that this may be interesting for the fact that thing wich are being described here like very dangerous,are very normal and mostly acceptable in our houses.Are we "masonic people"? Hope that somebody will deal with these,because every other temptation to write or speak about this allways failed.

  135. I wonder also what else is going on that doesn't get covered by the media when something like this is taking the main screen…

  136. Maybe when this comes to the USA we should NOT riot, because we already know that rioting seems to feed the police state.

  137. I only just saw this now (a little late, it would seem!) but as the rioters swept through my borough, I had a feeling part-if not all- of the mess was engineered. Or at the very least, something else would come of it.

    Thank you for confirming my suspicions and going into such detail…it will be *much* less painful to hear out of touch folk go on about how sweeping up the mess will resolve the problem as I know there are people out there who question and look deeper into issues, rather than believe everything they are told.

  138. "While it is obvious that many rioters have absolutely no political agenda except for the looting of a few bottles of liquor, the riots are nevertheless the accumulated result of years of segregation of the poor and minorities in conjunction with the type of police oppression not found in well-to-do suburban areas."

    Let me get this straight…

    If this is the result of years of segregation of the POOR and minorities & police oppression

    Why then is it necessary to suspend Blackberry Messenger Service and use of social networking?

    Poor people can't afford expensive technology to use those services in the first place!

    An obvious ruse if I ever did see one.

    They'll make anything up.


  139. My brother predicted this sort of thing would happen a year or so ago when Cameron became PM and was changing things. He sed that becos of job cuts and the rest it would widen the gap between the rich and the poor. I hav a feelin this was planned some how but wat for i wonder????

  140. I love this website but i have to disagree about the part of social oppression. I live in London and what i saw was a disgrace. It started as a peaceful march which i was a prat of and escalated into a bunch of pissant teens and delinquents destroying and looting terrorising and killing innocent people. These young people were not rioting, they were outrightly giving into their animalistic tendencies and were just being evil. The Illuminati may have their agenda forwarded by this because i believe the Illuminati orchestrated the spread but I will not accept people saying this comes from social oppression. These young people were being disrespectful and being only 20 myself seeing young people behaving this way is deplorable.

  141. I watched the video, i'm from Trinidad. That guy's right. He sounds like he's from here. We've had our rights taken away in the blink of an eye and curfews implemented. Government say they aren't telling us why. Point is, there wasn't any riots or anything here, it's blatant tyranny. No riots, no reason, no nothing for Government to do this, they just did. We're so used to things being good here that we just laid back. We're not a people that are use to wars and that sort of thing. We're a peaceful people, so this came as a shocker. Police kicking down your doors for no reason, beating you & taking your food, money, jewelry etc. A 14 yr old girl made a youtube vid speaking against the Prime Minister and they wanna try her as an adult. Now they say speaking out against government is a crime. If that can happen in a place like THIS for no damn reason, i believe that the US & British governments got something BIG planned for you guys. It's a slap in the face. In an island where people are too peaceful to riot, they take over anyway cuz we're so peaceful we were caught off guard. Well my friends, i'm getting ready for war now. I ain't going down like that. Freedom's the game, and I'm sorry but I ain't no loser man.

  142. I just want to say in relation to the Sun newspapers' poll

    which has been used repeatedly in the discussion of these riots, that it is stunningly

    inaccurate as the poll does not represent the ppl of Britain but the readers

    of the Sun newspaper / website, so has no real value in what the whole population


  143. Hi,

    First of all i am on the public side ….. some times people say that some people are crazy because there are more aware of something then the general public… well its not true

    Great words, nice speach…….

    Well on one side that is right and the other side is that

    no one does not care..

    I am 100 percent sure while i am writing these there are watching and i cant do nothing about…

    why its because the general public is blind….

    The (Elite wich is chosen in Latin) have been controlling our lives since we came out of our Mothers Canal…..

    people must wake up right now… before its to late and start acting and realize that one day there will be codes on our foreheads and chips in the back of our heads…. to be controlled at 100 percent soon or later The Elite Which means Chosen in Latin will Choose how is going to live on this earth and how is not.

    start reading The UCC Code based on the Vatican cannon Law and the new maritime admiralty Law…. Jordan Maxwell is someone i would recommend listening to….

    Thanks for reading and hope you open your ears and eyes…

  144. some interesting points well made, however before you speed off into the distance with your ideas you should google Darcus Howe – he is not some random guy off the streets – he is a black power agitator who has been stirring the sh*t in the Uk for decades – to say that the BBC was not expecting this kind of response is ignorant – this was exactly the kind of response they expected – in the UK when you want a hyperventilating negro in the uncontrollable throes of indignation to spice up your coverage you wheel on Darcus Howe. Darcus howe is a politically motivated black supremacist, a nigh-on 'hate-preacher' – having been subjected to his baseless rants for many years we in the Uk have become immune to his rhetoric, however in the dissafected black outsiders he has a willing audience who lap up his apocalyptic visions, they love his style, he excuses their crimes. he complains about mark duffy's shooting triggering the riots – mark duffy was a criminal godfather wiht a list of convictions as long as his arm who exited his vehicle packing a handgun – shooting was too good for him. darcus howe sympathises with him because his west indian family are a criminal organisation with convixtions for drug dealing, rape and assualt (and who knows what else he has managed to hush up) the repoerter alluded to this by asking 'you have been involved in riots haven't you?' to which he played his race card and wandered off into meaningless rambling. if you base an article on the output of darcus howe you will always appear the fool to those in the know.

  145. Great article! VC maybe you could link it with the recent problems RIM experienced… Three days without service in Europe, in US a little less. Not casual…

  146. I'm confused, if the hackers had access to all the database information, why not just delete it so it couldn't be handed over to the police?

  147. In my opinion a curfew should have set it straight. Btw, was there ever a curfew after the first day in these cities?

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