1. Microchipmonk on

    John Harris its an Illusion(available on you tube) explains the deception in one simple sitting.

    The likes of Davivd Icke and Alex Jones both seem to prattle on and on and on . More interested in given strength to the elites illusions of grandure rather than to the people .

    Jones will stand all day bull horning a building and calling people sheep !.. How Is that productive to our freedom ?. Surely simple informative measures such as our legal stance would be more beneficial.

    Carl Jung said the things we Resist, Persist . Both the Secret and what the bleep movies demonstrate how the law of attraction works.. using this principle as guidance ,What do you Think a Prison Planet will create as that as its Mantra or an Info war ?.. This is where the Magic begins ..Its not a Prison Planet >>Its a free Planet ..Its not an Info War ..It's an Awakening.

    Icke will talk for hours at length .. Exposing the blood lines ..even associate the Queen with reptilians ..All could be 100%true (Its hard to tell as Icke has his fingers inevery pie ..if you bet on every horse one's bound to come in )

    One has to included the possibility that these Corporate elites have written history in such a way that they appear to be decendents from all the great civilizations, when really they have stolen and plundered everything.

    From my observations Icke only seems to validate the elites powers over us .. showing them to be entrenched in antiquity and of supernatural powers, when really these are nothing more than greedy heads of corporations ..humans like us .

    The so called elites are elite because Icke screams it daily .. To me their just human .and as such are subject to the same laws as us.(I am aware of how legal lese is applied to protect them) but There is now a mountain of evidence against them showing their deception and crimes and as such they should be charged accordingly .

    No more public appologies we want the real criminals procectuted .

    We have the Power .

    • Totally agree with you. However, with regards to David Icke, you're right in some ways, he tells some truths about Policians/Politics but what is he getting at REALLY? Why don't "they" say anything to him? He reveals quite a lot about everything. I'm sure those who expose things are killed or given a warning but media just seems to ignore him. Take a look at Wikipedia on David Icke; how he believes he's a so-called "prophet sent from above" if you ask me, I think he's part of "them". He's just a distraction, so people are like "wow he's so great" and they end up believing IN him. Everything is a lie. Sigh.

    • Don't know what part of David Icke's work you refer to, but it seems to me that he has spent 25 years or so in trying to bring the truth of the above article and countless more hidden truths to people's attention. As suggested above, knowledge is power and this is what the elite have hidden from us to maintain their hold over us. I knew little of David's work until seeing one of his talks on 'Showcase' TV. What he revealed was so compelling, and led to me slowly but surely abandoning all faith in politicians, the MSM and our so-called 'democracy'. The soon to be released Internet 'People's Voice' channel has been instigated by David Icke, who has used his creative energy to summon many like-minded others to get it off the ground. This channel represents a big challenge to the powers that be, because it will disseminate information and truth to those who need it so badly. As for why people like David have not been eliminated by the hidden controllers of our planet, is it not likely that a more powerful and positive force is protecting him to facilitate his life's work for the good of suffering humanity – as with Edgar Cayce and Nicola Tesl, for instance. None of their lives have been easy, but without them the world would be a much darker place.

    • Bravo. Good show old chap. Until the last two sentences that is. Prosecuted. Indeed. And WE have the power? What power. I think you may have fallen for the same illusions that your contemporaries have so readily accepted. Your belief that these 'just humans' could ever possibly be prosecuted by this 'mountain of evidence' in any court on this planet is absurd.

      It is obvious that you do not comprehend the house rules.

      It is a prison planet.

      The 'just humans' that put on the big show have crafted something so unimaginably monstrous – no second line acts on the marquee will ever be able to even put a dent into it. Their ace in the hole, you see, its already inside of you. Its inside of all of us. And most of you won't even realize it until the lights go out and you find yourself drinking from the waters of Lethe.

      In this game the house always wins. This power that you speak of is something that most will come to realize only after they have died. And they will speak of it in lamentations when they wail over the world that they have lost.

      You flatter yourself by being surprised at how easily you have been deceived.

      You are the slave of sweetness and light. And what are they? Prosthetic abstractions conceived by embryonic minds – unable to cope with the truth.

      Where does good exist? In your empty skull. You can be bought with a cookie. Fooled with three words.

      You have nothing. You are delusional in thinking that somehow you are any better or any different than Icke or Jones. We are ALL on our way out – so act accordingly.

  2. Microchipmonk on

    All (Magic) Symbols are neutral . The activation of the symbol is done by the viewer and their intention .

    If you now believe all the symbols above to be of magic origin then they instantly become that .. But If you remain neutral so do the Images.

    Below is an example in Words ..

    Is it…….. Days of the week or Daze of the weak ?.Did the universe really start on a Monday ?.

    Why is it in the 'Mean' time … or does getting a fine.. make you feel fine

    Once you are aware of different meanings, different conotations ones sees that it is purely Intention that activates it .

    • its clear to see that there are hundreds of logos all con-incidently with similar logos to that of ancient occults and secret societies, its on our money, buildings and as you can see the world is headed toward an end its inevitable. To sit and believe everything is fine is naive. The government and soon world government will crush society by frightening them with 'false flag terror events' just like 911 7/7, pearl harbour and the like. Its a fear tactic to get them to listen to government and let them take even more control over our lives ie: patriot act and many others like it…

      Dont take their word for it if i were you and learn to read between the lines. everyone has an opinion but there is to much evidence against the NWO now – take a look around…

    • You have to remember the battle is for the subconscious mind. They symbolism is being programed into our minds. The more we see it without knowing what it really is the more our subconscious excepts it as nothing to worry about. Then when it is used for it s real meaning at a later date our subconscious excepts it no problem. Knowing the true meaning is the only way the subconscious mind has to neutralize it if it ever becomes necessary.

    • “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below…" Ex 20:4

  3. the sun is ised in many logos, particuarly bio and organic foods, and i championed this is the past and i am not part of the illuminati or anything, am not a part of the sheeple either, so one has to tread carefully, my son used to draw the vagina symbol in his childhood, more to do with being born than being a slave, conspiracies have to be more watertight than this

    • Its also a venn diagram.

      I just dislike looking at everything around me and connecting it to something like this.. its tiring.

      I'm 14 years old and I find this imformation as both a blessing and a curse, I can't jam in the car to lady gaga I barely watch TV for the fear of being subliminaly influenced, i cant look at ANYTHING the same.

      Sometimes I wish to be a carefree dumb teenager, but anyways.

      Thank you Vigilant Citizen for this..

    • ur kid draws vaginas? ha, im pretty sure he doesnt remember what that tore up thing looks like lol and im pretty sure no normal kids draw vaginas LOL

  4. To microchipmonk:

    I don't think these symbols are neutral,per se, but they can be neutral-ized by aware observers. But because the vast majority are unaware of the energy projected by these symbols, it contributes to a perpetuation of this virtual reality, as it continues on inexorably towards some sort of reckoning.

    I do respect Jung's observation that what we resist, will persist. It may sound silly, but I was always fond of that old 3-stooges skit where they were on a WW1 battlefield and got exposed to some nitrous oxide(laughing gas) after which they proceeded to laugh their way through the battle, easily dispatching the enemy and laughing in the face of death. This serves as a metaphor for recognizing the absurdity of the Illuminati with their fraudulent symbols. Our awareness renders this false power irrelevant and breaks any subliminal, hypnotic spell. Staying unaware equates to the effects of the gas wearing off and realizing you're on a 'battlefield' which means you're SUPPOSED to be scared.

  5. ^ We’re not talking about mom and pop shops or your son. They might use symbols for their face value. We’re talking about multinational conglomerate tycoons who are high level members of occult fraternities. They study the occult meaning of symbols and all of their “buddies” do to. That’s how they communicate.

  6. Christopher Purk on

    America is definitely a cult nation. Upon viewing the DVD Riddles In Stone, my attention was drawn to the sattelite radio firm SIRIUS. Ever notice the dog in the logo? There is a star in the constellation that the esoteric people refer to as Sirius, THE DOG STAR!

  7. What amazes me is how articles like about occult logos in plain sight like this one, keep popping up, like its news each. People have been sharing knowledge about this stuff for awhile.

    I wonder what happens? do you figure it out on your own, or do you hear about it somewhere else and create your own article? Or is this just disseminating indoctrination information every 6 months or so, beating it in our heads that these so called leaders, in every field have been around since the beginning of recorded history, so you better get used to the idea of slavery.


    This person has it right. while you might be missing information which its not important when your over all message is right on.

    For example David ike and alex jones both shills. What most people dont realize about David Ike is he completely rips other peoples research off and puts his own spin on it and he gives no credit where credit is due…Like Fritz springmeier who first came out about the 13 bloodlines wayyy before Ike and gives much more information about it, without going into some crazy reptilian crap. He was much more saine and spiritual than Ike and What happened to him, well look him up, he was framed to say the least.

    There are some videos out there which are psy-op's like "the secret" and "zeitgeist" they hide the real truth with truth….

    you want real stuff watch "the ring of power" and "Entheogen" and "Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines" by fritz springmeier NOT David Ike.

    • You are scarily thick headed can you really really look at all the logos of these massive and successful organizations and say wow that's just coinkidink! Dude, I"m an artist and spiritual adept and it's like all over, look at the similarities in this article, its not by accident.

      • Yeah, 'cause gosh, why else would a vehicle manufacturer ever want to use a winged logo? *facepalm* Sorry, Veronca, my vote is another one for "You guys are just seeing patterns in clouds and patting yourselves on the back for it." These conspiracy-theory interpretations of random pop culture detritus just seem INCREDIBLY contrived to me. It's like thinking you see the face of Jesus in a tortilla because… well, some random blobs are gonna look like faces, and people are predisposed to want a miracle. You just start with your conclusions and work backwards, taking any random connection you can draw as some kind of chilling proof. You're pulling the wool over your own eyes.

    • are you seriously not believing it! Why would all these companies pattern their imprint after the same thing? they would sue the other designs if not for the occult tie, for trademark infringement. Think!

  8. If we do not understand the “language of symbols” we will never comprehend the events that are unfolding
    around the world. Symbols are powerful. They are a shorthand sort of concept of the ideas, values and
    traditions that they are associated with, and whether we accept them as neutral or not means nothing.

    Listen to an advertisement long enough, and you will purchase the idea, if not the product and never really
    connect the dots…

    Material like this is important to understand, just like literature and history, it all means something. I look
    at the market place and most is highly branded…that is marketing, which took its big start up in WWII
    in our modern era.

    People, this information is to help us become aware…not condemn, but notify.

    Good job, vigilant.

  9. Jesus on the cross is very poweful symbolysm used to control the masses in a more obvious way that even the critics of this article can surely appreciate. The affects on our sub conscious and consequently,our subtle change of emotion is easily effected.

    Post No. 22 With great respect, It appears that he has contradicted his own statement,

    'it wasn’t calculated to pay homage to an occult god ………..but as a marketing technique to give the company an image of being “divine” or “good”. ….

    and what affect does that have on the possible purchaser?

    His customer might not not be an occultist but he is aware of its power.

    Masons, rosicrucions etc, recognise the power that symbolism represents and have used it for their own agenda, exactly the same as religious authorities have.

  10. thanks vigilant,,,,,not all of us are brainwashed or just stupid like the people that have made these dumb comments…..god forbid anyone having original thought or saying anything negative about their chocolate jesus…

    • Look at yourself. You're defining anybody who doesn't agree with you as "brainwashed." You're conflating original thought with truthful thought. You aren't showing the faintest bit of intellectual integrity in defending your wacky beliefs — why the hell should we "brainwashed masses" not walk away thinking you're a nut? If you really had any valid points, you would have made them. You have failed to convince us on the merit of your ideas, so you dismiss those of us who aren't true-believers as somehow less intelligent or worthy than you. I genuinely do my best to keep an open mind to all theories, and if someone came up with a GOOD reason I should see signs of conspiracy behind every coincidental element of the modern world, I would hear them out. It is not impossible that there is some truth to this *somewhere*. But you, you're nothing more than a garden variety cultist.

    • Symbols has alot of connotations, jus like we have alot of languages. what a symbol may mean for a Jew it will not be the same for a Greek……………..lol it was well orchestrated.

  11. christine winkley on

    So by this logic organizations are showing their belief in OCCULT power (giving no credence to the fact that our sun is propbably the most intrinsicly powerful thing we know- but only the occult will notice). That every time a farmer/builder puts a pole in the ground he is symbolically crucifying the Christ? That organizations have not discovered communicating by phone? That everyone who uses a VENNS diagram for educational purposes is REALLY worshiping a female organ? That a circle or vesica p. is just not focusing the eyes on the subject matter (because all humans have, in common, two eyes in the front of their head). Heavens ! Did you know that Birthday parties are only for occasions for chopping off peoples heads (according to the 2 reported stories in the bible). . . But i didn't know that… so i had lots of birthday parties that no one lost their heads at. Have a good (God) day :-)

  12. I think that The Vesica Piscis is caled in this way because it looks lik a vulva and the vulva smels like fish. LOLOLOLOLOLOL

    All you people need to grow up

  13. Look at the youtube video “The eclipse in advertising” you guys are totally missing the main thing used in ads… The ECLIPSE!!!

  14. The information regarding the Vesica Piscis appears to be straight out of the much more comprehensive work done by the author "The Fetch". His work called "the Illuminatus Observor" is perhaps one of the most comprehensive sites on the net regarding this subject matter.

  15. all dis cars logos, is it whinning or are u people saying the fact cos bear it in mind that does people dat that symbol belongs to will not take it likely, dem seeing it in another angle or aspect.

  16. I was in a McD's today with my kids waiting for my order. I looked up at the ceiling and noticed a border that was different from the regular golden arches we grew up seeing.

    The arches looked like the piscis vesica was cut in half to form an "m" shape with an upside down "v" where the arches met. I hope you can visualize what I am trying to describe (sorry I don't have a pic)

    There was also a diagonal line going thru the "arches" angling down from left to right. The diagonal line intersected where the upside down intersected the arches ( hope I'm being clear)

    The diagonal line had a tiny extended lip on the right pointing downward like an upside down check mark…I thought this was the weirdest thing I have ever seen in a logo! Especially because it was so clearly NOT the golden arches.

    I have heard random things about McDonald's and illuminati/ freemasons- but I never took time to really look into it… I am ashamed to admit I have slacked in this part of my research.

    I looked online for maybe some historic McD's logo sketches and there was nothing I could find. I didn't have a camera or cell phone– I would have taken a picture it was SO odd that I drew a sketch so I could get on here and describe it to you guys.

    Let me also add that the strange "logo" was only on the border at the top of the wall. It was the same red and yellow as the traditional logo- but it was NOT the golden arches. All of the other arches in the restaurant were the regular M shaped golden arches. I looked for the wierd logo anywhere else in there and it was just the wall border.

    Has anyone else seen this in a McDonald's? Besides the dissected piscis vesica what could the upside down check mark symbolize?

    Interested in getting some insight…I won't be in there again either way… I can't deal with supporting something that has a hidden agenda.

    Any decipherings are welcomed…

  17. Those here who are taking so much pride in scoffing at this post need to do some serious homework.

    To understand what is presented here, you have to change your perspective of the subject.

    When viewed as being “opinion” or “reading too much into” things, the point is missed entirely. It matters not that the common average agrees one way or another that symbolism through iconography is a tool of those who control this planet; all that matters is the fact that THEY (the ruling Elite) DO believe in it and use it frequently toward their own ends. This has been the case for millennia.

    Uninformed dismissals make as little difference to the truth of this issue than any of our opinions here who are informed on the subject. What matters is that those who make use of this “art” are OBSESSED with symbolism. Until you understand that, you can’t get a feel for why any of the above could possibly be true or have any subtle meaning whatsoever.

    Either way, you can think what you want. They don’t care what you think, and laugh at your ignorance. Such symbols are flaunted in our faces for the thrill that such arrogance provides. Each and every one of us is being bitch-slapped with their obsession on a daily basis, and we carry on unawares.

    The film “The Matrix” is case-in-point. It was a (very thinly veiled) MESSAGE to the masses, much in the same way most of the above symbolism is. Just as those of you here who see only colorful shapes and designs that are pretty to look at, most viewers simply took that film at face value – a special-effects blockbuster piece of eye-candy – completely oblivious to the fact that it was a metaphor for our current reality…and one absolutely loaded to the hilt with symbolism.

    If you truly want to KNOW whether this post is accurate or not, go study the writings of Albert Pike, Manly P. Hall, and the dozens of other high-ranking illuminists who have written IN DETAIL about how they use symbols and why. The facts are in their OWN WRITINGS.

    “What’s wrong with the sun???” > Go study about SUN WORSHIP and how it factors into Pagan religions.

    Questioning the use of the vesica piscis > Have a look at an aerial map of the Washington Monument, and then go study SACRED GEOMETRY.

    Don’t just read a blog and scoff. Do your homework and learn the truth for yourselves, if you dare to take the initiative. Then come back and apologize to the author.

    Go study it. Contempt without investigation is ignorance.

  18. thank you for showing us some of the occult signs and symbols.
    this can help us to unveil the truth and the purpose of the devil………
    i hope that your kind of people will help lots Christians to know about the devils did………
    thank you very much……..
    and God bless you all.

  19. Jordan Maxwell is a fake. His translations of the Bible of incorrect and he is perverting the word and spreading it. Do some real hardcore research. He is a liar.

  20. Look OUt!!!!!!!!!!!! on

    I always hear about (let me call it what it is because the terms they call these things desensitizes the effect they have on us) SATANIC, WITCHcraft, desperately wicked signs but can someone PLEASE tell me what do they actually do to people who watch, look, or listen to music that has been dedicated for SAtans purpose of destruction? THe Bible does say when an unclean spirit leaves a person it goes into dry places SEEKING REST!!!!!!!!!!!! So this means that demons get TIRED. MY personal asessment is that these signs from the pit of hell itself give tired demons strength and energy to continue to destroy lives. In other words, where ever these signs are placed, demons can draw strength from these symbols and then attack the nearest person(or where the person is weak) thats in the vicinity of where the symbol is at. I believe with all of the Hypnotic SPELLS witches that work for these companies put people under causes them to indulge themselves more into things than they would if these things were not present. I think the evil eye and the wicked pryamid on our money hypnotizes us to SPEND unecessarily and as soon as we get a little money in our pocket, we get these uncontrolable urges to spend. If anyone has any comments on this matter please email me at daveatk2000@yahoo.com . Thank YOu

  21. StrawberryShortcake on

    Hi Vigilant,
    I just have to say that you have the most insightful views on the subjects at hand and I absolutely love that fact that someone out there gets that this is servious times we are dealing with.
    The time of the Lord is at hand and it is so inspiring to see someone out there trying to get the word out.
    I have just spent most of the afternoon reading several of your articles and im pretty sure im not stopping here.
    You are always going to get mixed reviews, but the truth shall set you free!
    All of God’s blessings to you!

  22. I was really on this looking into symbols and the presence of the "illuminati" in college, and I was ALWAYS talking about it…so much so that I think I pushed alot of friends away….Many of my friends are MASONs and are also on fraternities and sororities…and I was VERY Close to joining one of these organizations myself…but for some reason I just kept putting it off….Now I know that it was the Lord keeping guiding me back to a path that i had already begun, which was in the direction AWAY from this pagan and secretive blasphemy, now that I know the meaning of symbols and understand that you cannot serve two masters I'm glad i never went through with it.

    But if you really wanna know the deep strong hold on these symbols, the so-called power of freemasonry…and occult stuff in general….check this out. one of my earliest memories was my father showing me the back of a dollar bill, and asking me what I saw. I also remember sometimes when I was a kid we would be places and men would come up to him and ask him seemingly innocent questions….I'd as dad, do you know that man, and he'd say no…he was was just checking to see if I were on the square. WTF does that mean!!!! My father is a Mason, as well as his Father….and I cant help but think he was instilling an interest in masonry for me. Flashforward like 20 years after i gained more knowledge about Fremasonry…I asked him SPECIFICALLY the meaning of certain emblems and symbols….he did not answer me but gave a slight grin and proceeded to fix his hands in various ways, that from what I studied were DEFENSIVE gestures used only by Freemasons. He used them at that EXACT Moment of my questioning…..that couldnt be a coincidence.

  23. after reading this i thot of Jay z's 'rocafella' sign with the hands, tha represents the all seeing eye, the shape their hands make also closely resemble the vesica

  24. tell me vigilent how did you discover that these people are satanist? again what makes u certain that they are what you say they are? where u their member? every time i try to find out how did u come into the point of finding out. please reply.

  25. mother of love on

    Please be responsible with the information you are putting out for impressionable minds to read. My 18 year old son has been visiting this website and now believes that corporations are trying to control us with symbols and subliminal messages. He believes that his generation is been manipulated to believe in evolution and to practice sexual indulgences so that they become zombies for others to control.

    I don't care about corporate symbology or logos, satan worship or whatever. I care about my son. God has the stuff that is too big for us to deal with under control. Stop filling your minds with this never ending search that is going to lead to nowhere. Ask yourself, what are you going to do to change it? Probably, nothing. So why go around mixing up your mind and other people's minds just so that you can prattle on about something that gives you a bit of fame but does nothing for the masses?

    The bible speaks of evildoers spreading themselves like a green bay tree, but eventually their arrogance, wicked deeds and greed will backfire on them. All we have to do is pray and do what is right. Sometimes too much information is not good. Some people need to be simple. They need to see life as basically good. And yes I know about the capitalist view: "Buyer beware", "You don't have to listen to it or look at it." But what about responsibility. You have a responsibility to be your brother's keeper. Try telling us some good, edifying stuff. Give God the praise and stop indirectly worshiping occult symbology. Where the mind goes, the heart follows. I don't know you, but I love you. I love my son. I truly believe that we are covered and that there is nothing people who practice evil can do to us unless God allows it. God is omnipotent, the greatest and most high. What can they do against that?

    • Caesar Lion Cachet on


      You do not seem to understand that God is a mix of extraterrestrial power that came to earth to rape the primitive man on his way to intelligence. With only one purpose and that is to create a slave race to dig gold.The so called gods have left you behind as a unfinished creatures lost in the dessert of ignorance like hairless dogs in the winter just bread for fun… But you have also to realise that a part of the lowest race of these extraterrestrials are living among us and consuming the missing children and feed themselves of your horror and suffering. They work for your shadow Nazi government, Kings and Queens, Mafia and all the mind controlled patsies around you. You must understand that the deeply sick evil power of Satan exists and the only way to fight it is THE TRUTH… So become a truth-full HUMAN and you will b safe !

    • I think the point to take is that we should be aware of these companies and their underlying agenda and beliefs. The powers that control. Would you rather we were the unaware zombies they want us to be. Knowledge is power. With enough awareness , we can revolt and go back the way in life. Stop destroying everything for profit and maybe even start talking to our neighbours again .peace to the world

    • Hate to burst bubbles, but he is right. Do your research! -a mother of love as well telling a mother to research out of love!!!


    An amazing labyrinth of underground passages and caverns hundreds of feet below the surface of Fort Moore Hill is revealed in maps – all rights to which have been reserved – prepared by G. Warren Shufelt, local mining engineer, who explains his topographical endeavors as being based on results obtained from a radio X-ray perfected by him. In this elaborate system of tunnels and rooms, according to a legend furnished Shufelt by an Indian authority, a tribe of human beings called the Lizard People, lived, 5000 years ago. The network of tunnels formed what Indians call the lost Lizard City, according to Shufelt and the legend. Gold tablets on which are written the origin of the human race and other priceless documents are to be found in the tunnels, according to the legend. Shufelt declares his radio X-ray has located the gold. The engineer has dug a shaft 250 feet deep on North Hill street, overlooking North Broadway, Sunset and Spring streets, and intends to dig to 1000 feet in an effort to strike the lost city. Upper right-hand corner inset is Times Staff Artist Ewing’s conception of the Lizard People at work. Lower left, upper inset shows Shufelt and crew at top of shaft, baling water out of their deep excavation. Lower left inset shows Shufelt operating his radio X-ray device. Looking at maps and navigation can help the lost to find their way – map reading skills can reveal much http://www.special-forces-adventure-training.co.u… you should always investigate map symbols too… there are some interesting things on maps if you know how to read them properly…



    • This is a really late reply but i recently read an article about a tunnel system in Laurel Grove somewhere in california.

      Think it used to be a nazi eugenics base that was also (i might be wrong) partly controlled by the military. Think it ran under Frank Zappa's family home as Moon Unit (his daughter) once wrote about playing in the tunnels.

      It was also a base for many others from the flower power generation including Eric Burdon / Charles Manson and a cople more that i've forgoten

  27. This morning my 1-year-old pointed at the GE logo on our alarm clock, and said, 'Butterfly!'

    Sent chills down my spine.

  28. One reader was wondering about McDanolds logo. Turn it on it's side and you get 13. Just like Arby's, it's a 13 also. Monster drink uses the 6th letter of the Israeli alphabet, 3 times, so you get 666.

  29. Overlapping c's in Chanel logo stand for Cocco Chanel. She was not into the occult. The winged sun symbol hasn't done wonders for Chrysler. What is the purpose of using these signs? What does it accomplish? Will a chicken farmer from Alabama recognize them and do something to further the agenda of the elites?

    • They believe seeing their symbols without knowing the true meaning of them or even without recognising them empowers them somehow. Once you further research it you will realise they are everywhere.

  30. OMG

    idk it but i know some more

    like pepsi ying yang, malboro KKK(Ku Klux Klan), Walt Disney cartoons and so many thinks more…

    well i love this site

    it makes me know alot of thinks.

    Thx God about it :)

  31. Mellow Yellow on

    I just want to say from a designers understanding these logos can have two meanings:

    1. They are intentionally doing this as a way to brainwash us, the audience, into buying the material through subliminal messages and occult type imagery.

    2. The designer was just trying to be as creative as possible, following guidelines that were either given to them by the company or guidelines that a particular art movement (in design, not art itself) called for.

    I just want people to understand that before anyone starts believing that all the designs around us are occult designs, they are not some are just simply designs by a person who wants to pay their bills.

  32. Name (required) on

    but man is a symbolic animal. a winged glyph has an allure that appeal to an aesthetic, and a vesica peices is a natural and harmonic form. heiroglyphs from ancient egypt have an appeal as well. establishing that merchandisers and artists use forms with a natural appeal does by itself not render them sinister. but how can some of these symbols NOT be sinister? perhaps beyond their outward forms there's fruit?

  33. o mundo jaz no maligno…isso não é novidade…o dinheiro é raiz de TODOS os males…gloria a Jesus filho de Deus o a]Altissimo…

  34. Overall good article, but DC shoe company.. really? I forget the original meaning of DC, but it in no way has a deep meaning. Skateboarding is an industry that was founded by people with a passion for the sport. Now things have changed and of course corruption has made its way in. We're getting a bit over analytical lol

  35. Then that is what they are doing.

    The corporations and people in power know that these symbols have a deep effect to every human beings sub-conscious, and by using these symbols they get you to buy their stuff and manipulate you.

  36. Hey, you saw the curch where J. K. Rowling used to go. I saw on her wikipédia's page. The symbol is in vesica's form and there is the burning bush. Tha is relacioned with freemason too.

  37. the DC logo stands for droors clothing,i wonder about guys like Ken Block who owned DC with Damon Way,but have since sold the company to a larger clothing company.They are very closely linked to people who now make shows for MTV and you just have to watch one show like Jackass or Viva la Bam to realize these people don't care about how modern society runs as long as they have lots of money and can do what they want…the original DC logo was in lower case letters in a circle……there are Elements in skateboarding that were never there before pushing towards controlling the kids who originally never wanted to be apart of society…………money and mind control….

  38. Hello,

    you have a very nice site about vesica piscis and sacret geometry.

    Of course i want to give you a very new and exciting tip about unknown and very old Light -knowledge about Sacret Geometry, Flower of Life and Holy Grail.

    Please take an intensive look to the german book with the title: Gralsstein der Stein der Weisen.

    There you can find the very best about Sacret Geometry! So much better than the books from Drunvalo Melchizedek or Jeanne Ruland or any other author about it.

    With best regards,

    Helmut from Germany

  39. Thank U V,G for all the informative insight to this fucked up world we live in. P.S Please Excuse the Foul language May YAHUWAH BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  40. que le diable les port avec lui las bas dans les tenebre tous ce qi apartient a des iluminati. merde alors incroiable nous some infeste de iluminati dans tout le monde et mem les guere ce fait acoze de leur plan de ce enrichire de plus en plus.

  41. Serpent Spotter on

    one of the most obvious Illuminati logos is frequently overlooked. I refer to the serpents on the logo of The British Heart Foundation. These people torture dogs and other animals in their labs. Another Illuminati money making machine,Cancer Research UK,changed their logo from a dotted pyramid with a different coloured dot at the top to a letter C with dots on. Had somebody told them that their logo was dodgy?

  42. Serpent Spotter on

    Go down any main street in England and you will see the 2 serpents in the logo of The British Heart Foundation. It's so obvious,I wonder why it is not on any symbolism archive that I have come across. This super-rich charity,just like their pals in Cancer Research UK,have no intention of finding cures,just to keep the masses ill and ignorant. Meanwhile,they torture animals,including dogs,whilst rejoicing at the fools who raise millions of pounds for them. They are the ones who David Icke calls Big Pharma,and are NOT here to cure people.

  43. Serpentspotter on

    Check out the logo of The British Heart Foundation. It's so obvious,the two serpents meeting in the heart shape.

  44. JC Holy Man Payne- The KIN of Holy Jesus Christ on

    they are prophetic significance

    I Be Ra You Sin Obey Me

    i/bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn ɵˈbɑːmi(I)

    i be Ra h(8) u(you) sein(sin) oba(obey) me

    Do you think that strange?

    Radium on the periodic table of elements has atomic number of 88. RA 88

    The international symbol for HATE is 88.

    It's the presidents name.
    Barack Hussein Obama II (US i/bəˈrɑːk huːˈseɪn ɵˈbɑːmə/, the 44th President of the United States of America.

    His Secret Service code name is

    Renegade or deserter of the faith and having allegiance to another.

    kinda scary huh?
    OS2 Jesus S Aaron Uni Peg Unix Eisus Christ Payne

  45. the The Vesica Piscis is very simple actually, but, you can't understand this unless you've had the experience of infinity. i think there are various 'eastern' words for this same thing. what is being presented is what the gnostic traditions speak of, this reality being somehow 'project outside'. so, this worlds 'god' is representing its 'creation' in that form. when you get two 'opposing' waveforms, a 'male' type energy and a 'female' type energy, when these two waveforms interact and 'pass' by each other the 'shape' that is left after the 'interaction' gives rise to a physical form, hence the reason why the outer parts of the circle are clear and the center is colored in. to represent the 'non-physical' giving rise to the 'physical'

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