Las Vegas Shooting : Was Jerad Miller a Patsy Used to Further an Agenda?



On June 8th, a couple shot and killed two police officers inside a Las Vegas restaurant. Before opening fire, the couple reportedly yelled “This is a revolution!”. They then covered the bodies of the police officers with a yellow Gadsden “Don’t tread on me” flag, along with a note containing a swastika symbol. The shooters then entered a nearby Walmart, killed another man inside, then took their own lives.

When the murderers were identified as Jerad and Amanda Miller, media sources quickly tagged the couple as “extreme-right”, “pro-gun”, “conspiracy theorist”, “Tea Party”, “anti-Government” and “White supremacists”. Then, pictures of them emerged and things got strange.

Was the shooting the result of deranged minds who read too much stuff on the internet or was it intentionally provoked to further an agenda? A closer look at the case reveals that several facts are quite odd and “convenient”. First, there’s the “Batman” connection.

The Batman Connection

In past articles on the “Batman shooting” and the Sandy Hook shooting, I described how these mass murders were linked to Batman movies. As strange as it might seem, there is also a Batman link in the Las Vegas shooting.

The couple apparently loved dressing up as the Joker from Batman.

Jerad and his wife Amanda loved dressing up as the Joker and the Joker’s girlfriend, Harley Quinn.


Joker again.

Joker again.


A screenshot from a YouTube video posted by Jerad Miller where he was ranting about police and government while giving manic glares at the camera.

This is a screenshot from a YouTube video posted by Jerad Miller. With his face painted as the Joker, Miller ranted about the police and the government while giving manic glares at the camera.

In 2012, the Aurora shooting was carried out during the premier of a Batman movie – The Dark Knight Rises. In the article entitled Was the “Batman Shooting” a Ritualistic Murder Carried Out by Mind Controlled Patsy? I listed several strange facts about the shooting.

Holmes reportedly dyed his hair bright orange to resemble Heath Ledger's rendition of the Joker.

Holmes reportedly dyed his hair bright orange to resemble Heath Ledger’s rendition of the Joker.


As stated in my article entitled “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus” and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice" Heath Ledger lost his life in mysterious circumstances shortly after his work as the Joker.

As stated in the article “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and Heath Ledger’s Sacrifice“, Heath Ledger lost his life in mysterious circumstances shortly after embodying the Joker.

The 2012 Sandy Hook shooting also had a strange Batman connection. As noted in the article Mass Shootings and Mass Media, the words “Sandy Hook” appear on a map during The Dark Knight Rises.

Screenshot from Dark Knight Rises.

Screenshot from The Dark Knight Rises.

In this map, sent as part of a promotional kit, we clearly see that Sandy Hook is identified as a "strike zone".

In this map, sent as part of a promotional kit for The Dark Knight Rises, we clearly see that Sandy Hook is identified as a “strike zone”.

The Las Vegas shooting is therefore yet another mass murder involving Batman. While there are numerous clues hinting that James Holmes and Adam Lanza were patsies, can we say the same of Jerad Miller?

Was Jerad Miller a Patsy?

As stated above, Jerad Miller (I won’t talk much about his wife because she appears to have been “brainwashed” by him) was quickly tagged by mass media as an anti-government, militia-supporting, God-loving, conspiracy theorist. That explosive cocktail of words is increasingly being used to identify America’s newest #1 enemies.

On June 2nd, the White House announced the creation of a new task force to fight “homegrown terrorism”. In a video presenting the task force, attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. stated:

“We face an escalating danger from self-radicalized individuals within our own borders. Now — as the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet — it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”

A few days later, the Las Vegas shooting occured. Is it possible that patsies are being used to generate terror in order to justify action against specific “radical” groups?

In April 2014, Jerad Miller spent time at the Bundy Ranch, the site of the much publicized “Bundy Standoff”, where rancher Cliven Bundy is involved in a long-standing dispute with the government over unpaid grazing fees. The standoff devolved into an armed confrontation between protestors and law enforcement and is turning into a symbolic battle against “government tyranny”. Jerad Miller and his wife “left everything” to join the Bundys.

During his stay at the ranch Jerad was interviewed by NBC News where he took a rather radical, violent stance.

However, the Miller couple was kicked out of the ranch soon after. While the official reason of the expulsion was Jerad’s past felonies, members of the ranch stated that the couple was “annoying” and “too radical”. Did they have suspicions that Jerad was a government agent sent to infiltrate and maybe push them to violence?

A few months after Jerad’s appearance on NBC News (why was HE chosen to appear in that interview?), the entire Bundy Standoff issue – which was gaining some public sympathy –  is now associated with cop-killing, White Supremacists. That is how you discredit movements and turn public opinion against them.

News sources also linked Jerad Miller to Alex Jones and his Infowars website. It was discovered that a post entitled The Police (to kill or not to kill?) was posted by a user named “jerad” on May 28th 2012, where the user rants about constitutional rights and his hate for police. This led news sources to cite Infowars and “conspiracy theorists” as a factor leading to the shooting.

In short, Jerad Miller and his heinous crime is being used to discredit and vilify several movements that are already targeted by the powers that be. It is a real life continuation of the movie Prisoners (analyzed here) where the “bad guy” is a deranged, religious, patriotic survivalist. (Interesting fact : An important character in the movie is named Alex Jones).

The shootings also occurred less than a week after another self-professed Libertarian shot three police officers in New Brunswick, Canada. Not unlike Jerad Miller, the shooter’s Facebook page was filled with typical “extreme-right” images and messages.

In Conclusion

Was Jerad Miller a government agent used to infiltrate and discredit specific groups? Was he programmed to carry out the murders to then take his own life? Was he just a crazy guy with a gun?  It’s difficult to say. It is however clear that the media spin on the Las Vegas shootings is perfectly in line with a top Agenda element of the elite : To discredit, demonize and lump together various groups that are not welcome in the U.S. anymore. Whether we look at Libertarians, constitutionalists, survivalists, or religious and pro-gun groups, they are all being targeted by the elite.

While I won’t claim that every person involved in these groups is a kind, balanced, law-abiding citizen, it is clear that most of these groups exist because rights and freedoms are being chipped away in America. The main goal of many of these groups is to preserve the original spirit of the U.S. Constitution, which has been seriously violated in the past two decades. However, as the elite is transforming America into a NWO-friendly police-state, these groups are now perceived as a serious threat. More importantly, the elite needs the public to turn against them.

What would be an efficient way to discredit these groups? Here’s an answer: Send out someone like Jerad Miller to commit something awful like killing police officers who have children. Then have newscasters use “conspiracy theorists” and “constitutionalists” in the same sentence as “murderer” and “White Supremacist”.

Whether or not Jerad Miller was a government agent, his actions definitely furthered the biggest Agenda item of the next few years.




  1. Well, good ole Cliven vilified HIMSELF when he said black people were better off as slaves. Other than that, good take.

      • Yes, but who put the flouride in his water and who dumbed him down to the extent that he became unreceptive to public education?

    • Yeah, if you actually read the interview, He was miss quoted and taken out of context by the media. He said looking at how they live under government welfare and support in government projects, where (I paraphrase) they have no self-determination or welfare of their own since they are so reliant on government support, Cliven Bundy asked whether or not you would consider them better during the time of slavery than they are now?

      He was juxtaposing that their welfare now and self-reliance on a "WHITE HOUSE" for livelihood, was almost or is as bad as their self-reliance on a "MASTER HOUSE" or "WHITE HOUSE" during their time on the plantation.

      But of course all you saw was what the media wanted you to see… In an interview that really should not even had brought up CLIVEN BUNDY's thoughts about race in the first place, since his fight is about rightful land ownership.

      • Phoenix Jones on

        He was NOT misquoted. I've seen the entire interview. He clearly suggests that "Negros" were better off "pickin cotton" as slaves then they are being on welfare. If you can't see the racism in his idiotic statements, then I will keep you in my prayers.

      • Annoyed In Cali on

        If you found racism in Mr. Bundy's remarks, you most certainly would find it under any and all rocks too.

      • Black people are not the only ones receiving handouts from the government! In fact corporations receive the biggest handouts/subsidies! Do you own a home because if so you are also receiving a handout from the government as am I. Yes I do believe that welfare has done a good job at crippling the black community but believe me that is exactly what the government wants because they could easily change it so that it has the opposite affect. Bundy brought up the race issue in the interview so I do believe he has racist views towards black people because wth did black people have to do with his land issue? People love accusing black people of being the card carriers of welfare and in that point I beg to differ!

      • Difference being, many blacks think they are entitled to free handouts, sure a few whites do too but nowhere near as many. Many of the whites on welfare lost jobs and have ran out of unemployment, blacks have a historically higher unemployment rate all the time as compared to whites in this current deep recession.

      • MaryB – my Sudanese cleaner works for $5 per hour and I do not even deal with her taxes. All my cleaners have been non-white because Western European white people REFUSE to do those kinds of jobs and PREFER to claim state handouts. I am not going to be hypocritical; of course, I refuse to do a lot of her jobs myself.

      • WTF are you doing paying her $5 an hour?! Surely the backbreaking work of cleaning your dust, floors and toilets deserves more than "slave wages," whether she's white or black or whatever. So, after she pays taxes, she takes home $4/hour and you have the chutzpah to brag about it?!


        And not all white people refuse to do those jobs. They just refuse to be paid $5/hour.

      • I'm not bragging. She is happy with that rate and the hours fit in with her family commitments. I have used agencies elsewhere in the world and white people do not take up these roles for anything less than a salary well beyond their expectations. If I had to pay out what they demand, I would do it myself.

      • You should be ashamed to be paying her that little Apsara…Im a white 51 year old women that cleans for a living for last 30 yrs of my life. She is NOT happy being payed that little! You are justifying the fact that you are cheating someone out of a decent salary. Im sure you get haircuts which cost 20 bucks or more for a half hr sit in a chair…pay up what is due for her hard labor! Perhaps you should do it yourself!! That is a myth that white ppl wont do the work that immigrants do! A lot of my friends that have farms and landscaping and lawn mowing buisnesses hire Mexicans only because they pay them meesley incomes knowing they will work for next to nothing…Sick!!!!

      • Thank you for your insights. I suppose I would pay her more if she said that she needed it and asked for a rise. There is no shame in asking, I regularly used to do it during appraisals when I worked in the financial world. I tip her at least that, I also pass on great children's toys, clothes and books to her regularly. I would give her my clothes but she is chubby. I also share my knowledge with her which does not have a price ticket; for instance, when she started working for me, she would use bleach all the time and it was affecting her health in her own opinion. I taught her how to make natural cleaning products and convinced her to filter her water at home. I think I gave her most of the equipment she required. When she married, my mother designed and made her wedding dress. I don't think that salaries work, this is how human beings should interact. It is a lot more meaningful and personal than a bank transfer and how things were done in happier times. We are both happy with the arrangement and we relate to one another as mothers rather than on an employer-employee basis.

      • D D d, the lilac one on

        Still, i think when people work they should earn honest money, without handmedowns. Why think it is normal to pay 5 dolllars for cleaning your house. You know what thinkgs cost in this day and age. She has to pay a lot more than say in the 70's when people payed 5 dollars an hour to their babysit….
        The help spends her time and her life, give her enough to choose to life as she wants. By having people have to confront their boss with more-money-questions and thinking ''she dont ask, so she thinks she has enough'' is to me a old-times-way of thinking i recognise from family who had help when they lived in Asia – during the 20th century that is.
        The bonusses are bonusses, nothing more.
        I was wondered about your reaction, i must say.

      • Fair enough, yes. I tried to establish the state of her finances for the first time today. Apparently, she claims welfare payouts as well as cleaning although of course I am not meant to know that, nor is anyone else. Makes me feel okay about the fact that she is choosing to work at our house to supplement her welfare income. Apparently, most cleaners do this, or so she says.

      • Oh yes, because YOU don't pay a living wage, everyone else gets to pay for this woman's welfare? Who is footing the bill for this woman, probably all those lazy whites who don't want to work, right? I somehow have a feeling that you would be incensed at the lazy whites collecting welfare, but it's OK for some foreigner to come here, get welfare that enables her to undercut Americans and clean houses for $5 an hour. You should be ashamed of yourself, you complain about everyone else yet YOU…YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Unreal. All because you don't want to hire an American and pay them a living, decent wage. Well, the funny thing is that one day YOU will be in the same boat, and nobody will care about your hardship or struggles, because you didn't care about them. Remember, they were lazy and deserve what they get! Hope you'll be able to make it on $5 an hour because the Americans aren't getting the welfare the foreigners get. So please, enjoy the country you're helping to create. Disgusting and you should be ashamed. People like you make me sick.

      • I meant to add that your point regarding families in Asia is interesting because my ancestors lived a similar life in colonial parts of Africa in the twentieth century where my family adopted a feudal way of living. Increasingly, I see the benefits to the feudal way of life and I do not have any moral objections to operating it on my own account. When the global economy collapses (they are actively bringing this about as we all know), money will hold no worth and in the earliest stages of the meltdown, we are going to have to barter services for shelter or goods in exchange for knowledge, depending on what we can bring to the table. That is why it is so important to have the skills and know how in order to survive. Restricting ourselves to our social or economic group is never going to get us anywhere. Spending too much time in wage slavery stuck in front of a computer screen is not going to help our bartering skills in the wider arena. I firmly believe that if I am going to turn the apocalypse into a positive experience for my family then I have to stay connected to a great many types of people and maintain a wider skills set that goes way beyond the confines of a typical CV

      • Wow, aren't you magnanimous? Helping "the help" like that, by giving her your unwanted items. Oh if only we all could be so lucky to have such a generous employer like you! Can she eat your undoubtedly superior "knowledge"? I'm sure you think it's priceless and every word you speak it a pearl of wisdom and she's lucky, nay, privileged, to have it, but let's get real. When you worked in "the financial world", would YOU have been content to make $5 an hour and get paid in used clothes (if you weren't too chubby to wear them), books and "advice"? Somehow I doubt it. You've got quite the racket going on there, too bad I can't report you and her to the IRS for fraud. Let me guess, you are a foreigner, born somewhere else, right? I bet this is the tip of the iceberg and you are involved in a lot of shady, illegal and unethical stuff. You have the NERVE to complain about people being "lazy", the UTTER NERVE! My God, you might be the most despicable person I've ever come across on the internet! And the sad thing is, you are utterly unaware of how vile and repulsive you are. YOU are the problem with this country, YOU and people who think and behave like you. You make me sick.

      • Thank you for your insights, As I said, her welfare situation has been like this for many years and has nothing to do with what I pay her personally. I could pay her any amount and she would still be claiming the same amount of welfare; it is not for me to probe, she arrived via an agency, I did not place a private listing in some underworld publication in order to find her. She is spending the time productively when she would otherwise be sitting in her (yes, state-funded) apartment doing precious little and claiming welfare all the same. It is good for her mental and physical health as well as for her self esteem that she works for myself and many others during the week (she only spends 15 hours on the home in question). As for my shady and illegal dealings, I'm afraid that you would be surprised to know that my life revolves around my family, my art and design work and improving our childrens' chances in this life and beyond. I'm guessing my chubby comment hit a nerve with you and if so, I apologize. Of course I never made $5 an hour in my previous career or even 10, 15 or 20 because I was lucky enough to start on a salary beyond my wildest dreams but I never spent any of it on clothes, entertainment etc because even before I was awake, I have always believed in self-subsistence, frugal living and widening my skills set beyond my own expectations. In writing that, you completely miss the point I make; that money should not matter because very soon, it will hold no value and it will be people like you who will find it too hard to adjust to the absence of a price ticket. She is happy, I am happy your attachment to the material is therefore misguided within our dynamic. You need to work on your own soul before lashing out in such a way.

      • Exactly as I suspected, lots of excuses for your inexcusable behavior, lots of bragging about what a superior person you are for making only "good" choices. Insinuating that I'm "chubby" because you felt the need to not only brag about how you pay your servant $5 an hour but you're thinner than her is just the kind of sly dig I would expect from an enlightened, superior, not at all materialistic saint like you! Then you have the utter gall to lecture ME about my soul! I'm not exploiting people for slave wages and if you believe anyone is happy working for a pittance, you are delusional. It's not for you to judge, not for you to probe, but you certainly have zero issues with judging those "lazy European Americans" that won't be paid in "advice" and used goods! How dare they value themselves, don't they know that only YOU are of any value? Do you even read what you write? You are utterly unaware of how vile you come across, sanctimonious, judgmental, arrogant and completely out of touch with even the basics in human decency. You should be ASHAMED for exploiting another human being, and you have the NERVE to lecture ME about MY soul! THE UTTER NERVE! Amazing.

        Oh, if you were so "above" material things, you might pay your servants more than FIVE DOLLARS AN HOUR. Slaves in Third World sweatshops make about the same amount! Yet you are lecturing others about the state of their soul and telling them to not be so materialistic! You have zero idea about "people like me", you have no clue how I live, I don't have servants at all, I don't have debt or bills or anything of the sort, but someone like you would look down at me because I don't have fancy clothes and the "right" car. So really, no matter what, people cannot win with someone like you. You have an insane amount of unwarranted self-importance and you truly seem to think you are superior. Why do you keep all these pearls of wisdom and this laser-like insight into people to yourself? The world needs you!

      • You should be doing it yourself. What makes you a special little snowflake that you expect others to clean your mess for a ridiculous sum of $5 per hour? I doubt if you would work for that amount and clean another person's toilet.

      • americansheeple on

        And you know this how? News Flash the # 1 demographic of the lower class in America is wait for it ……… white people. The media wants you to believe that it's the blacks, the blacks, the blacks, because that way they can divide and conquer everyone into thinking that its one particular race, this is done to keep all races from banning together to stop this injustice against the middle and lower classes, but the reality is white people constitute the majority of the lower class. Wake up the WHOLE WORLD is poor. The WHOLE WORLD is the lower class compared to the 1% that control it all.

      • Typical low class racist. The #1 recipient for welfare handouts is……….wait for it……….wait for it……….wow! what a shock its white women.

      • Typical name calling, "morally superior" being. Citation needed! And it would make sense that whites get more welfare than any other group, since they are the majority of the country. I read a statistic the other day that said whites get 39% and blacks get 38%, whites are 60-something % of the population and blacks are about 14%. Are statistics and facts racist? They usually are, to your kind.

      • "B" is for bitch on

        wow maryB, where are the facts and statistics to back this up? Or are you just repeating everything the good ol' boys have told you? "many blacks think they are entitled to free handouts" OH you mean like the WHITE CEOs who have scraped BILLIONS in money through their corporate handouts? Yet you're not bitching about that, are you? No, go ahead and pick on the single mom who gets $189 a month for food stamps instead, you racist hypocrite.

      • No, you are confusing white and Jewish. Please do some reading and research, the "white" CEOs are NOT white at all. If you cannot even identify who's who, then you really shouldn't be calling names or making idiotic statements that have zero factual basis. Thanks!

      • How many Torah following Jews are heading major corporations? I didn't think I needed to make the distinction here, I assumed people were savvy enough to understand the difference. My mistake.

      • Quite a few actually. You really don't know as much as you like to imagine. Do you see the problem with imagining that the correct way of living is based on your severely restricted vision?

      • "Do you see the problem with imagining that the correct way of living is based on your severely restricted vision? "

        Isn't "a life of moral absolutism" and keeping gender-specific roles (they themselves not universal and dependent on socioeconomics) a severely restricted vision too? This is a friendly challenge.

      • Lol Aspara……."Sunshine?" I know, more like a thunder lightning grey f.u.c.k.i.n.g. cloud.

      • You said it Bluboy. She has stolen what should be your forum name because you are like a ray of sunshine on this website! I knew I had missed some missile attacks so I peeped out over the parapet and sure enough..!

      • Thanx Aspara, I appreciate it, i think your comments and what you say is very realistic, unlike some people.

      • You are the real sunshine on here Bluboy. That poster needs to be called moonshine.

      • Because they won't work for slave wages, and why should they? Would YOU? Somehow I doubt it.

      • It's part of Jacob's trouble. So called African Americans, fit the curse in Deut 28:68 word for word. You will be surprised of you do some research on the real history of the so called blacks and native American Indians and Hispanics.

      • Check statistics before you speak ignorance, there are more whites and "others" on welfare than blacks. That's what the media wants you to believe and you fell right into it. Have a great day

      • wow you clearly need to read the interview again!!!! Racism??? LISTEN TO WHAT HE SAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES HE WAS "MISQUOTED" how did you miss that?????????????? Omg every time I hear someone talk about what Cliven Bundy said about "negro's I want to scream!! What he said was NOT racist he was making a point! I guess only TRUE AMERICAN"S GET THAT!! Idiotic statements??? who's the idiot!?!?

      • "true american"? What would that be? A pale decedent of europe born in north america? Being white does not make you more American than a person of color!

      • BS. Go watch what Rev. Manning (a black man) had to say about "pickin cotton" and how it helped him learn the value of hard work. You've been programmed to be hypersensitive to race, and to see racism where there is none. Good job falling for it.

    • These guys kill the innocent. They should go after mainstream news media or politicians, they are the most corrupt

      • My question is: why are there so many "shootings" under the Obama administration? Is it just obvious to me? They will keep on doing this until they get what they want, and that is gun control. John Todd, an ex-illuminati said in the 70's the only thing that is holding the elite up from the NWO is gun confiscation. Once they take away your guns you don't have many options to defend yourself and your family. Total control will follow.

      • Recall the big, televised altercation between Alex Jones and Piers Morgan and the statistics being fired across the room in the course of it. Lies, damned lies…

      • Sorry, I don't agree to that. Violence is not the answer! Awareness and peaceful resistence is possible if we all stand togethet!

      • John Todd is full of horse shit. Use common sense when sifting through what is real and what isn't

      • Do tell. Common sense would be leaving an explanation behind to support your speaking on a dead man's words

    • These Millers are Crisis Actors hired by DHS & FEMA and Bundy is a false flag and several others are drills. If they want total true murders by guns all they need to do is go to 5 large cities and see the never ending murders of gang members by one another.

    • Too bad he didn't say that in the way you wrote it. If you put his statement in context it begins to make sense, sense he said all of us are now slaves.

    • actually that was a dumb thing to say, but if you look into his meaning..they are a lot worse off now, they are still the Gov. foodstamp prisoners

      • Perhaps he should have generalized across the welfare group as opposed to bringing race into it. He seems all talked out and being at the receiving end of the scrutiny of callous journalists and other self-serving interest groups, he was bound to slip up sooner or later. I would say he is fairly racist by metropolitan standards, probably fairly typical of the mindset of middle America (expressed behind closed doors).

      • Says the person who pays their African housekeeper $5 an hour. Maybe you should worry less about what people SAY, and worry about what they DO. But wait, I forgot! You pay her in ADVICE, "priceless advice"! So we should all listen to YOU because YOU know what's racist and what isn't! And calling white European descended Americans "lazy" isn't racist, nor is acting like YOU somehow know what's typical of the mindset of "middle America"! And you know what they're saying behind closed doors? Astonishing! Why aren't you using those psychic abilities to fight crime instead of making sweeping generalizations about people that you've probably rarely come in contact with, if ever. Maybe you should clean up your own house and your own life before you start preaching and telling others what they should say or think. You really are a piece of work, aren't you?

      • I choose to hire black employees rather than white ones; there are many Eastern European cleaners on their books but I will always opt for the people I feel comfortable around. I also choose black contractors to do all of my other jobs – they choose to work harder/switch off their cellphones/skip lunch and smoking breaks unlike the two white ones I regretted hiring in the past. That is my choice. That is my experience. I do not know much about people like you, that is true. However, you can gauge a lot from exchanging accounts with others. I don't require you to like me. I do not seek your validation.

      • Good, because I don't like smug, arrogant sanctimonious holier than thou people who exploit others! You lecture others about racism, yet you say you ONLY hire black employees instead of whites. How is that not racist? You only feel comfortable around black people, why is that? Because you're racist and enjoy being the "master" in the "master/servant" dynamic? Seems like the biggest racists are the ones who like to accuse others, maybe because they think it will distract from their own racism. Who knows. All I know is that I don't hire "only" one race or type of person. I'm glad you don't seek my validation or approval, because I don't approve of exploitative racists. Not many people do nowadays. You are correct about gauging a lot from conversations with others, and you don't seem to be at all aware of how you come off. Nor do you care. And that's your prerogative, but people like me WILL call you out.

      • Based on the vitriol and I- am-an-hourly-rate mentality, I'd say you are the poster FaceInTheCrowd who has namechanged. I am not going to deal with the negative energy bouncing off what you write because we do not worship the same God. The reason why my cleaning lady is happy with her contract is because, like myself, she values the other benefits which I provide. She has obviously signed up to do this willingly, slavery or force does not come into it. Her husband has a gambling habit. She appears to spend the money she earns from cleaning on video games and Macdonalds meals – my children have never experienced either. If I were to pay her more, she would definitely buy more of the same thing. I am making a better choice on her behalf and since I am paying her that money, I reserve the right to ensure that it is spent wisely. If that means paying her in goods and services then I will do that. It is good for her and she acknowledges that You are aggressive and godless and bitter through and through. Your god is not my God. I have said it before to you that I pity you deeply. What do you know about your freedom, your rights? I can tell that you have a long way to go and if you refuse to change, nobody will be left to love you for who you really are.

      • Nobody will be left to love you for who you really are, as your future belongs in chains. Your god is not my god. You are angry, bitter, godless, and negative, therefore you deserve the future you get. I've been here all along to steer you clear. Tsk.

        …negativity is resistance. All that new age stuff is a way to filter through the darkness which you use to your advantage.

        Also, interested in this Muslim trend. I suppose fazing out Christianity is priority. By clinging to Muslim, you can claim to love the same god, and also feel superior for believing in one god in spite of others believing in one religion. It's your faith, not your sledgehammer.

        I've been around the message boards long enough to spot the pattern of non believers showcasing their knowledge of scriptures as a way to belittle believers – the 'we know your faith better than you do' mentality.

      • " feel superior for believing in one god in spite of others believing in one religion..,.
        What religion would that be, could you explain a little better? My objection was to the use of vulgar language and worship of wage slips and false constructs centering around equality in materialism. That is Luciferianism, not Christianity. Many of the prophets of God were poor as far as I know. Their wealth was their faith. As for whether I have material wealth myself, that is irrelevant really because the equality comparatives determined by God are the ones that matter. If it takes being born into wealth in order to truly understand that, then it has not been a bad thing at all for myself or my husband who comes from a fairly similar background in many respects. I have great respect for most Christians, Muslims and Jews of true faith and good intention. Please show equal respect by not dismissing the religious choices of others as "trends" and " claims" and distorting words to your advantage or I will need to start questioning who put the fluoride in your water. Excuse me for the brief reply, today is a very significant and happy day of the year for my family and I am devoting my focus and attentions to that alone.

      • If he were(Raymond) awake than he would realize that all people are pretty much slaves and don't know it! Its just different type of slavery. Where do you work at? Do you work for a corporation? Do you produce anything? If not than you are dependent on the government for jobs. Understood? You are no different from a welfare recipient and you and other white people don't even realize it. You have a false superiority complex based off what? Based off of people of your color giving your crumbs and pumping your head up so that you can believe that you are all that. All along they look down on you and despise you.

    • Annnddd…it's not like he didn't KNOW about this tax…he just said "fuck it" and didn't pay. What would happen if you didn't pay a local tax forever?

  2. So what is the deal with batman, why has he been chosen to jump start these killings? Is there some sort of occult underlining in the figure of batman? Just wondering because I don't believe in coincidence any more.

      • Modern Prophet on

        And the ultimate trickster is God's adversary, the spiritual wickedness in high places. Ledger opened up his mind, as the devoted actor he was, and to truly become the character you see in that movie could only be achieved by possession. All the subtleties in his dialogue frame the 'revolution' that is taking place…the spirit of the Anti-Christ. Everything is leading up to the Advent (the appearing of Christ), the gathering of believers in the air. The moment the lights of this world are gone, that is when the adversary can make the big move, and that is when the tribulation really begins, and then the Son of Perdition shall come upon the earth. The real agenda is confusion, and deceit. The Joker nails the role.

      • Modern Prophet, I also thought that Heath probably would have been possessed to play that role and funnily enough he died shortly after making the movie.

      • Actually the Joker identifoes more with anti government, and anarchy, hes the one with a problem with the established order of Gotham city he wants chaos because its "fair" Batman seemed to almost be employed or backed by the government of Gotham and he keeps the order in tact

      • I dont believe they.were programmed i believe they were mentally ill and manic and they watched Batman (a manic character) and identified with his anarchistic philosophy, Joker obviously represents rebelion, and if.youll recall he was NOT well liked by the rich elitists when he gave them the proposition to kill Batman and take half the money they were pissed, Joker definitly does not represent them

      • Sorry i meant they watched Batman and identified with the Joker (who is a manic character)

      • Judging by the state of their house I would probably agree to some extent. Cannot believe they had only been there a few months and managed to do that.

      • Ann u therefore you don't understand the importance of mind control to the elites agenda. Educate urself a bit more so you can my dear.

      • Riddle in a Rhyme on

        The Joker as elucidated in the Batman movies, especially the one with Heath ledger was also an agent of chaos, not caring about any goal in particular, but simply worshipping chaos itself.. and remember the elite love to generate 'order out of chaos'

      • Maybe then the joker represents the patsy of the elite. Makes sense.

        Back in the 60s the symbol ofchoice for patsies/ Manchurian candidates was "the catcher in the rye"

        – sirhan sirhan
        -march chapman
        -john hinkley

        All had catcher in the rye on them when they committed their assassinations.

        I still wonder what that meant.

      • It was once brought up that JD Salinger mixed some autobiographical information into Catcher. On theory involves the scene where Holden is on a date with a girl at a theater. During intermission they step outside to smoke and run into a mutual acquaintance from their upper class, private school background. He is disliked by Holden, from Connecticut, and named George. It might even mention Yale, but it has been years since I read it. Between the description and the book's proximity to CIA patsies, it has been suggested that George's middle initials may be HW. Also may explain Salinger's famous withdrawal from society.

    • As for the map, this is likely because the production designer on the Dark Knight Rising was Nathan Crowley, who admitted in an interview that he is a direct relative of Aleister Crowley. The film's 'prop master,' Scott Kenzington, died in a suspicious "car accident" on April 7, 2012, in the area of Newtown, Connecticut, more than three months before the bloody premier.

    • concerned citizen on

      i watched a u-tube video called "Hollywood insider beneath the surface"… at 1:04:50 it explains the colors purple and scarlet being steeped in occult lore. some joker named Asmodius… pardon the pun, also th "whore of Babylon" in revelations in the bible, the video also mentions something called the "lady in red" who is constantly portrayed in movies as a cruel seductress… I know absolutley nothing about the occult. but this is where my trip down the rabbit whole has lead me, if you find anything else worth commenting on please get back to us. I'm pretty sure that Hollywood feature films are chocked full of eccoteric symbology, but I have no clue what it all means or what to make of this crap

      • Yep. Most of this stuff goes back to ancient times and ancient rulers, because this goes back to ancient tradition and ancient bloodlines. Most of these top people believe that they are direct decedents of some these hideous rulers and demigods, and they want to continue you 1) believing in them, and 2) having control over the planet.

        So even if you don't believe in all this mumbo jumbo, the fact is that they do, and they will continue utilizing such…

      • Because they are Smeck. Just as Israelites (blacks) are direct descendants of Christ

      • Purple and scarlet (more properly red and violet) are at the top and the bottom of the color/light spectrum. The highest and the lowest of things, in an associative/magical thinking sorta way. You're taking it a step further by arbitrarily associating it with the occult elite, with actually feeds into their self-image of power. All power is lent out from the natural world. There's no escaping the truth of how all our strength is borrowed for a short time before we take our bows and leave the stage.

        Whether it's the oppressive weight of a despot or the muscles on a man's back that help him labor in the sun. Marrying these two types is an occult philosophy to create the perfect being, but even more simply it's people smart enough to recognize the two types of gain enough to want for both and then trying to find a way like water looks for cracks nearest to it in a dam. The grass never strains to grow, right?

      • "Purple and scarlet… are at the top and bottom of the color/light spectrum."
        Reminds me of the esoteric hermetic saying "As above so below"

        Very interesting as this statement is heard over and over in the occult"

      • Duhh. Except you don't even need that much. Rainbows never change colors. It's exactly the same every time.

      • anonymouschicka on

        Half of the things you just said took me back to The Matrix (and the last time I've watched that film was last night.)

      • Scarlet and purple are the colors of the Catholic Church – the W of Babylon, the woman riding the beast in Revelations.

    • Batman is the house-trained version of American Psycho. Put two and two together. It's lead-into-gold processing. It's only a story, but it's also about redemption. Detective Loki from Prisoners is also this Batman archetype. Hollywood's on a different wavelength from religious conservatives. Keller Dover's ascended meme is, of course, simply Christ (or perhaps the Buddy Christ if we're being clever/cute with it).

      I think it withers actual hope when Jesus admirers act less than christly against their 'foil', even the strawman variety, like it's all style but no substance if even they can conceivably outgrow primaeval proclivities toward violence while the right's in seen to be wrapped up in a medieval stasis. They try to make their protests toward mediocrity persistent.

      • Modern Prophet on

        Deteriorating hope is the vehicle for strong deception among Christians. The focus is to rid the Christian's awareness of the new creation that took place when they are 'born again'. At the moment when someone acknowledges Christ as Lord, their physical mind does not change and they retain those primeval proclivities… it is instead a spiritual transformation and you can't sense spirit. The goal for the princes of this world (the so called elite, the real strawman), whether they are aware or not, is to keep Christians from 'putting on the mind of Christ' and hence getting them to forfeit their sonship rights. They keep people focused on the worldly problems and solutions, in order to ignore the spiritual ones. To stop the growth of the Church (all believers) is to stop the growth of the body of Christ. When people believe less and less, the closer we come to the apocalypse (the appearing of Christ):

        1Peter 1:7 – The the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perishes, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honor and glory at the appearing (greek word is apokaloopsis) of Jesus Christ.

    • When it comes to mind control, programmers like to use movies. You've seen it with "The Wizard of Oz", "Alice in Wonderland" and now I think they're using "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises" as the template to create an alter that will willingly shoot and kill people. What better persona than "the Joker"?

    • The Batman references have to do with vigilante programming. Remember, the character Bruce Wayne (Batman) is a vigilante crime fighter who fights crime in Gotham City to avenge the deaths of his parents. The groups being targeted (pro-gun, anti-government, militia-types, anyone who wants to defend the constitution) are considered the "vigilante" groups of today. The "revolution" theme is being played out in lots of movies and TV shows like Hunger Games and such. Perhaps the elites are trying to set up a civil war of sorts to create chaos, so then they can bring in the "order". The new world order, that is.

      • I disagree the shootings are being carried out by people dressed.up as Joker because its Joker who represents rebelion of the system, Batman fights to keep the system going and fights and works WITH the police not against them my theory is that the government of Gotham city created Batman by killing his parents and the trauma it created broke down his psyche which allowed them to program him as a vigilante to help them fight domestic terror represented by the villains

    • Batman's Great Grandfather founded the Skull and Bones, so the story goes in episode 33 of the 1966 Batman television series, and Skull and Bones are… well, we all know who skull and bones are, right?

    • xmen, batman, superman,, keep getting revamped, superheros are idols, but they are constantly shifting them and making them darker and more violent. thanks disney. remember V for vendetta? alan moore who did the original comics is a practicing magician and that movie has so much symbolism. the joker character has been popping up since before batman and guy fawkes anons, slenderman and pennywise and Der Ritter, they repackage the death face and evoke chaos in people. i think the chemical brainwashing that so many "troubled kids" makes this problem tons worse, especially with the violent video games that are getting more and more realistic. people are manifesting this . i call it chaos marketing. im not expert but im very interested as well

  3. When groups that are well-based with good people and somebody ruins it, it's just like a really good family that has that one annoying child who screams with a shrill all the time. Most people don't want to utilize the intelligence necessary to overlook such anomalies, preferring to rather brush off the family in question entirely.

    Almost all that we may do is that, if we are a part of the groups which still hold fast the Constitution and have an authentic fear of God, then how much is this article telling us about the IMPORTANCE to not take lightly our influence as representatives. To everyone we meet, we are ambassadors of what is right and that of the LORD's, so all the more reason live so that nobody would believe the slander of "Everybody who loves guns and God hates your freedom".

    My heart goes out to these families of everyone involved in the story, praying that we all may roll up our sleeves and change the Public's opinions by the power our character holds at all times, and when necessary, using words.

    • endofthearchons on

      Just out of curiosity, do you have an authentic fear of the Creator? I will never understand people that say they are "God fearing". How can one fear that which is Infinite Love? Why would anyone want to believe they should be fearful of their Creator? Like David Icke says, and I could not possibly agree more "infinite love is the only truth, everything else is Illusion".

      • I don't fear God, but I'm not going to embarrass myself in front of him/her either

      • Proverbs 9:10

        "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding."

        You will understand NOTHING if you don't fear the Lord and don't believe the bible.

      • "infinite love' is like saying "infinite hate" Meaningless.

        Your god of "infinite love" also created everything that is HORRIBLE in the world. If not, then are you saying that your "infinite" god has "finite" powers? God, gods, and all religions are just as much brainwashing tools. They are created and used by the elite to control the population.

        fuck all churches, all dogma, all "belief." When these things are discarded as the last superstitions of humanity, we can begin to see everything clearly.

      • endofthearchons on

        I definitely agree that all religions, the bible and the gods were created to control people. But I most certainly believe that we have a Creator, that we are all expressions of (we all are sparks of Creator Consciousness).
        When you go down the rabbit hole, well beyond the secret societies and the majority of stuff that VC enlightens us about, you eventually come to the truth that we are living in a dream like world, an Illusion that seems real from our five sense perception. In the simplest terms, being incarnated here on earth is a learning experience. Your soul, or spirit is the real YOU. When you die in the Illusion, you don't actually die. When horrible atrocities are committed and people die, they are only leaving this 3d matrix that we falsely perceive as real. Just like you look at a building or rock as solid when in truth it is not, as all atoms are 99% empty space, and atoms are the building blocks of all matter.
        When one comes to the realization that on a soul level, you chose to come to earth and incarnate, and that you are here to simply grow and evolve spiritually, to learn to live from your heart even with all the craziness that surrounds us, and that we live in an illusory world, life makes a lot more sense. There is so much more to what I am saying here, but the main point is, the rabbit hole goes a lot deeper than most could ever imagine, and my advice is to never stop searching, never stop questioning things, always follow your heart and intuition, and always be discerning.

      • All very well. But thé western world makes it particularly hard not to live without hurting others. The very nature if our capitalism hurts others. How do you scape that

      • Finally someone I completely agree with on this site. I like to think of us as god's brain cells, or god's neurons, collecting and exchanging information about existence itself, part of a constant evolution. God is everflowing. That's one of the reasons information should be spread, it is one of the reasons we're here. And religions play a massive and well calculated role in making it impossible to share the "simple" truth without being labeled crazy/blaspheme/a sinner or whatever the religious will call you; so that the truth is only known by the few that hold the power. And humanity cannot evolve as a whole.

      • RXTT, friend, you should actually read the Bible before making such statements. God created this world to be perfect and true, filled with love and all things good. He also gave humans the free will to choose to believe in him or not. Eve was given a choice to trust in God's Word but instead trusted in the enemy, and ate the forbidden fruit thus inviting turmoil, chaos & sin into God's perfect intended paradise. That wasn't God's fault, that was the fault of human weakness giving in to the enemies wishes. The enemy is the one from which everything horrible in this world is derived. He uses the weakness of people to do his evil bidding. They make a CONSCIOUS choice to go against God and His Word to commit atrocities beyond our comprehension. Just take a look at the 7 deadly sins and compare it to the way God truly wants us to live. I'm sure you're logical conclusion would be if God created the Devil, then God created evil. That is so flawed and is almost like saying since the loving mother created the son, she's responsible for his moral decision to rob the bank of his OWN volition or since the car manufacturer created the car, it's responsible for the driver who made a conscious decision to drive home drunk and kill a child. Yes, God created the Devil initially as an Angel but because he had FREE WILL to do so, he went against God and developed pride, greed and power and was thus cast out from the Kingdom of God. He is the temporary prince of this world, and the true force behind moral evil such as perversions that lead to sex slavery and human trafficking, murder, & war. God is perfect & just, only using his INFINITE powers to produce love and good outcomes to defeat evil for those who truly believe and know Him. Even those who have sinned, and turned their backs to God have a chance to repent and turn their life around to enjoy the many blessings God has to offer. Again, the example I use is the loving mother. She cannot make her child chose the right choices in life, but if/when that child is ready to give up a life of moral corruption and irresponsibility, she will be there waiting with open arms doing everything in her power to help guide the child toward righteousness. That is how God works with us but His power is limitless and opens up many doors to defeat evil! And you can say "well if His power was truly limitless than he would just make a perfect world and force us to be good and not sin" and again, that is wrong because then we wouldn't have genuine freedom of choice and will. God loves us so much that He gives us the option to turn our backs on Him, to make other things more important than him, to give into our selfish needs and primal desires and that is why he is so amazing, but also why there is so much sin in this world. I refer to God as "He" because there are no other proper words in the English language to describe Him. I hope one day you'll read the Bible and understand what it means to be a true follower of Christ, even if you don't believe or have faith.

      • Well if a mother raises her child right with morals and such their should be no reason for that child to go down the wrong path. In terms of god and satan – god created the angels first before adam and eve . So when adam and eve were created the angels had to bow down to gods newest creation so satan became upset and one could clearly see why. If angels and mankind are all gods children why make one bow down to the other? So yes satan became jealous , if your parents made you bowed down to your older brother/sister you too would be upset. God is showing favoritism of one child over the other

      • You will never be able to understand the Illuminati agenda if you don't understand the conflict between God and Satan in the bible. You live in delusion if you think this world has no creator. Also this earth has fallen AFTER Adam and Eve have sinned, because they chose to believe the lies of the devil more than the word of God. Don't blame God for something that is entirely the devils and humans fault. You are lucky that God does not throw you directly into the lake of fire but gives you time to repent and believe. You are not using your time well, unfortunately.

      • You are certainly welcome to believe as you please. You don't have the right to denigrate other people's beliefs and be disrespectful and dismissive of them. Show some respect for other people. The nastiness of you and your fellow "nonbelievers" is the strongest case against discarding religion because most people don't want to be rude and disrespectful to others and their cherished beliefs.

      • I think people should live like He is always watching us which He is, He's watching over us. Love and respect Him. I am a Christian but I am a little uneducated on the bible, I do pray and I do feel like I have genuine love for God. I won't believe what other people tell me to do to show my love and belief in Him. Someone told me if you don't go to church it's bad. Some thoughts?

      • EveryonewillBow on

        Amen. When people say you are brainwashed as a result of being a Christian. Just remember they are brainwashed as well. The only thing is we do not deny who Jesus is.

        The Christian oppositionals are brainwashed to get us to deny Jesus. Have you noticed that other religions are not being attack as Christianity? I would like to encourage you to read and study your Bible. Study the days of Noah. That will give you a general idea of why the flood and what is taking place today.

        Be blessed and pray to God every day. Keep your connection. He is the only way.

      • Going to church is like going to Soul School :) It teaches you valuable things on the Word of God, and helps you garner a better understanding :) I do not go to church as often as I should but I love God with all my heart and I think that in the end that's what matters—what's really in your thoughts and the actions of your heart :) what's on the inside basically. Going to church is wonderful, but the Lord inspects the ways of your heart. So I would go to church either way, but that's just me :)

      • Well, Jesus instructed us to forsake not the assembling of ourselves. If you'd like to know what verse that is specifically, just ask.

        The church isn't a physical place, rather, it's the believers. So, if you are gathered with believers and praise God and learn more about Him, then you're doing the right thing, I believe, but personal Bible study isn't enough. Pastors are pastors for a reason. If we all had extraordinary spiritual enlightenment on what we're supposed to do, and what God says, there'd be no need for pastors.

        But be sure to always follow what God says, and simply not what you want to do, though.

        My humble thoughts. I hope you take it to heart! God bless you. :)

      • Definitely read and study the bible, and ask the Lord to reveal himself to you through it. I've always been a Christian, but until I've started studying the bible I had no idea how truly amaizing our Lord is, nor the depth of his love for us, and desire to be in a relationship with us personally. As for church, it can be a good thing, but you need to be careful that its a good one. A lot of new age ideas, and unsound doctrine have been creeping into many churches. It isn't necessary, you can be a good Christian without church, but fellowship is a good thing.

      • To fear God is based on the same type of fear one has towards a parent. We have all said at one point that my mom and/or dad is going to kill me which we all know isn't really going to happen in most cases but the fear is the same. God on the other hand is loving even more than ones parents for he blessed you with them. But at the same time God is very patient and slow to anger and gives infinite amounts of love and chances and forgiveness but these are not to be taken as weaknesses. Just as parents punish out of love so does our heavenly Father. His patience is running out so I pray those who are paying attention do what's needed to be on his good side. Not much longer….

      • The "Fear" in "Fear God" apparently comes from an old English expression meaning merely to "embrace", the same way "Sin" meant and means literally "to miss one's mark", like you missed with a bow and arrow. I'm in the infinite love camp too, but it seems to be whatever you feed into that becomes our reality, strand-by-strand.

      • Ever since the Original Sin, we have elements of rebellion within our nature. God is the Greatest Judge of all. Infinite Love sounds pretty Luciferian in essence as it undermines the varied capacity of God that is beyond our comprehension or definition and necessarily brings about a suckerpunch situation – on loop.Once the accounts have been finalized for us all, I very much doubt that God would be deemed to love everyone infinitely.

      • There is no point to faith without fear of God, no incentive to live righteously, no incentive not to succumb to temptations. When I listen to Icke (which is not very often as I find him annoying), I don't get infinite love coming through at all.

      • Why do you need incentive? If heaven is the incentive then a person truly isnt doing good deeds and such outta the pure goodness of their heart but because they know they are getting something which makes it selfish.


    • Not Really,

      Forensic psychiatrist Dr, Park Dietz has warned the media to cut out the sensationalism because it promotes copy cat killings. It's interesting to hear what he has to say about the topic.

      The media promotes this by posting the pictures of the killers on all screens across all channels every hour on the hour. It is emotionally abusive to keep replaying the same graphic pictures and in some cases repeatedly show snuff, it's just not healthy.

      Park Dietz, has interviewed some of the most prolific serial killers in the last few decades of American history. He'd have a pretty good base of what he is talking about.

      The rise of internet porn, explicit sexual violence on daily TV programming, graphic video gaming and 24 hour news/networking. People choose to brainwash themselves soaking up emotionally abusive stimuli for hours on end even disturbing their sleep patterns. You don't need a cult to do this type of thing anymore.

      The stuff that goes on today with the internet generation makes the Charles Manson cult seem like small potatoes. The people are willingly choosing to subject themselves to this mind numbing abuse daily.

      • Yeh, ok, nevermind the whole operation and consequent spin fits every criteria for the NWO agenda, along with a Problem Reaction Solution format. It couldn't really be more obvious what this is. Park Dietz' expertise isn't needed here. We are looking at a stage managed engineered crisis with Patsys, actors, handlers and Orwellian Newsreaders

    • How about the amount of school shootings within the past year. . . . .insane!! I know there are so many ways of hearing "news" in these times, but really?

      • Very true. What is happening in Iraq is beyond atrocious and has massive knock-on implications for all of us because of the fed, petro $ and end time prophecies. All the while, many people are more concerned with obsessing over whether LanaDR might (or might not be) feeling suicidal because that is a reasonable first world preference to exercise which readily draws upon our reserves of empathy and who am I to say any different, right? Distracted, much?

  5. strange that when I google "youtube" the first result is about this man. the first ever news result for the search term "youtube" is about this man.

    pushing the story much

  6. Let us examine The Trickster archetype for a moment. Otherwise known as The Fool, The Joker. You will find this archetype in every culture throughout Ancient History. Most notably Loki from Scandinavian mythology. Those who embody this archetype are dualistic in nature and are always known for being FRIEND one moment and FOE the next. They are Friends to all, and Friends to no-one. They are close to you, and simultaneously the farthest away. They always remain at the perimeter of your relationship with them. They are the PERFECT DOUBLE AGENT. Take the Joker playing card for instance. In many card games this is the one card that can represent whatever you would like it to represent based on the circumstances. The Wild Card.

    Perhaps you have had friends that earned the nickname "Shady" as you were growing up. These were your friends who somehow were able to surround themselves with the greatest people, even though they themselves were always inclined towards criminal mischief. It was as if they were able to work with the Light, and also work with the Dark, hence the word "SHADY". These are the archetypes of the Universe that cause the most trouble.

    Jerad Miller is a "double agent". The NWO is able to recognize those who carry forward The Joker archetype in their DNA, and astrological blueprints. Jerad had the skill to play his roles and get involved deep enough into these scenarios to befriend Both Parties: Freedom Defending Truth Seekers, and NWO Truth Destroyers. He is a Joker Wild Card Trickster. The question is whether he is alive or dead or both?

    • So I guess we should be focusing on the joker character in the batman series not so much batman himself, but is there any other reason why the batman series is used to connect these killings? As In the aurora, sandy hook, and now this guy killings.

      • I don't know…. I agree with you that we should keep the whole Batman connection in focus…. my answer to you would be to far out to mention in detail…… I would think we would have to go all the way back to 15th Century Romania's Vlad Tepes III for the true occult parallels to Batman

      • concerned citizen on

        from what I've gleened from limited u-tube surfing on occult symbols… it's not just the joker who dons the trickster role, it is re-used time and time again… "The Back-stabber" character seems to be more to the point. they always seem to be represented by the color combination of purple and scarlet. maybe do a google search of "Fictional Villains who wear the colors purple and scarlet" I can think of a ew but I'm almost certain that there are hundreds…

      • Sheogorath in the Elder Scrolls video games, Insane trickster god, wears red and purple. interesting.

      • Craig in Boston on

        " And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." (Revelation 17:4-5)

        Add the words "Cardinal" and "Bishop" to your search on purple and scarlet, and you will be lead to images of the true dualistic villians, who delight to set up pasty fictious jokers to take the fall and divert attention from their ritual sacrifices.

    • The owners of California Chrome at the Belmont Stakes are the double agent jokers. Dumbass Farms, purple and green silks. They are the owners of CC. Cici's pizza was the shooting site. Owner Coburn (bohemian grove reference?) was a sore loser publicly and he called the owners of Tonalist cowards just like the joker calling out batman. Tonalist is set or Satan. The name Tonalist is a reference to Lucifer per Ezekiel 28:12-13

    • The question is whether he is alive or dead or both?
      Hmm, interesting. Perhaps the answer is tied in with whether Crowley is alive or dead (and to a lesser extent, Henry Kissinger).

      • Yeh that question I suppose refers to the Nature of The Trickster Archetype. You may or may not have seen the Marvel Movies where Loki's life or death status is always ambiguous. But here we would wonder whether Jared Miller is an Alive participant in a theatrical presentation, or a dead patsy having fulfilled his programmed task. Or an undead soulless Luciferian using his skillsets to push the Disarmament of the American people. That would be far out though wouldn't it.
        Crowley's status is difficult to pin down. I know he's alive and multidimensional. I just don't know whether he's alive-alive or undead-alive. I know my encounters with him have been very informative and have checked out. He is my constant adversary and he is everywhere. I believe him to be The Antichrist and/or The Great Beast. I believe his Mark to be the |||. I believe he answers to Lucifer and Ba'alzebuh and only them

      • Other than Nathan Crowley, Vivianne Crowley is openly prominent within occult circles. Infact, I have only just read her wiki entry which suggests she is something of a trailblazer. Given the need for a continuation of same DNA, perhaps his enthusiastic living family is helping to keep him alive as it were. I don't think I have ever seen an updated Crowleyian family tree.

  7. Wow. Very interesting article VC. Thanks for Wow. Very interesting article VC. Thanks for sharing.

    Since I am not from the US, it's difficult to connect some topics thus making difficult to articulate an opinion. But here I go…

    As far as I understand, it is this (second amendment?) that allows people to have guns deliberately… so that under certain circumstances people can act and defend themselves… am I right ?

    Given this scenario, and the growing corruption in the US government, all this staged terrorist attacks like 9/11, Sandy Hook and other nonsense, the government knows that people are no longer buying their stories. So they are losing power in front of the country. They know no one believes them. The evidence of lies and false flags is so overwhelming that the government is losing it there. That's how outsiders like me see the situation. The most obvious way to regain this power is by impeding people to get armed, and the best way of doing this is staging shootings, especially in apparently safe places like Boston Marathon, Sandy Hook, Columbine, a cinema… come on… it's so damn obvious. Many innocent people dying because of this, for example, very young children which is something of course very disgusting for the public and international opinion. This creates a state of fear among the people and it will be easier for the government to say that weapons only bring death and suffering and since the "US is a country of human rights and peace" guns for personal use are no longer tolerated and therefore, forbidden.

    It's funny that a couple Simpsons episodes parodied this. First, Lisa asked for world peace and people got rid of all weaponry, only to be attacked by the aliens later. Then in a Halloween episode, William Bonney (Billy the Kid) comes out of his grave to torment people once Lisa convinced everyone that a world without weapons is better. So again, once Springfield got rid of their weapons, there was chaos and confusion.

    Add to this recipe all those pop music videos that show violent police state bringing order and being the only ones in power to solution any kind of chaos, while beating and arresting people for almost anything they do against the "order". It's pretty clear, and even if my interpretation is incorrect, it makes a lot of sense when you see the whole picture from outside the US.

    Stand firm American people! Don't let your government trample you. It's pretty obvious they are scared of you. Don't give them the chance to take full control over you!

    • Ms. Adventure on

      Thanks for the perspective. As an American, I've noticed folks reacting to this story and other similar stories (why so many?) in one of two ways: Some cite it as evidence that we should ELIMINATE guns ALTOGETHER; others cite it as a reason for EVERYONE to have guns.

      "See? THIS is why we must BAN guns – so that this never happens again!"
      "See? THIS is why we all need guns – so that we can protect ourselves when it happens again!"

      … and on and on and back and forth they go, never to agree…. Others may become desensitized to these stories: "THIS again? Meh." It's a shame.

      People talk about a new world "order," but all I can see coming out of something like this is MORE chaos. It will be interesting to see how this all "plays out"…. Until then, good luck and blessings to all of us. We need it.

      • Bob Dobalina on

        It's called order out of chaos, it's a luciferian sort of doctrine. You can see this in artwork found in denver airport, bank of america and other places.

      • An order to depopulate and control after manipulating us to a perception that things are out if control. its interesting how cunning satan/joker pretends to help you only to entrap you. Control freak!

    • DangerousMission on

      Thanks for your comments. I have read VC for several years, but have never posted anything. Another great article.

    • Chris najar, sadly enough people come from other countries and can understand what is going on in america and globally with this world government takeover many many times over enormously better than too many Americans can. Some Americans in spite of the suspect amount of shootings that has happened this week and the batman connection. The music and how the videos don't match the songs, the movies portraying everything from police state to Nephilim returning (jack and the giant slayer) terrible economy and student loan fraud debt, controlled weather, gun control, the n.s.a. spying on Americans through the most unconstitutional methods, the lack of nutrition in this lab manufactured food and fluoridated water…and the list goes on. But Americans choose to turn a blinds eye to all of thus concrete proof….because cnn and msnbc etc. Said so. And the one person that can really open their eyes…they choose to reject…JESUS. Glad that you can see the truth for what it is, give your life to Jesus if you have not already because they are really trying to give us a hard time and thus I know Jesus is the way!!! God speed my friend keep looking up!

    • i would point out that a right and a privilege are 2 different things. having a right means you do not ask any permission to for example own a firearm. To drive a car.. right to travel and property . however one actually loses constitutional rights by agreeing to use permits, such as to own a gun and a driver's licence.
      Contracts are tools of the devil in my opinion, because legally once signed you have to fulfill your end.

  8. Right after the sandy hook map is shown in Dark knight rises the numbers 2 and 6 are conveniently shown in the very same scene after a camera change when a bunch of guys come in to the room. There were 26 reported victims in that event. There are subliminals in these movies possibly working in a way like the Catcher in the Rye book used to work. Dark Knight rises was released 13 years to the day after Eyes Wide Shut by the way.

    • And speaking of ol' Stanley's final flick, did you also know that the official date of his (very suspicious, since Warners immediately re-cut the picture before its posthumous release) sudden death was precisely 666 days before the start of the ultra-symbolic year 2001?

      Message sent. Message received.

      Look it up.

      • Yep i knew this (also the 66th day of the year 1999), suspicious indeed. Eyes wide shut was also released 30 years to the day after the apollo 11 launch but that's a whole 'nother story! lol

    • Weird, I loathed Catcher in the Rye, thought it was utterly moronic and just plain terrible. Seems like I have a lot of dislike towards the common "programming" media. HATE Wizard of Oz as well, always have. Hate the Beatles (heard they were programming too). I wonder why that is.

  9. Good article vc. Thx! Alex jones even said they want to start a race war…hence, Donald sterling, Justin beiber, this, and etc. This all apart of the hidden agenda to control, monitor, and make people stay angry and have hatred towards one another. When u heard about the uc Santa Barbara shooting, I said to myself "they r going to take everyone's guns even faster now"….then this planned "terrorist" attack and now America is at war with itself. It's all staged. Thank God I don't have a tv. Too much negativity coming from that box or flat plasma.

  10. EveryonewillBow on

    As I was watching the news on television. I thought the same. I mentioned that this is a reason to begin martial law. Today you shared your views. Thank you

    Please inform us about the FEMA camps set up around the country and the guillotines bought by America. Has America adopted the Noahide Laws?

    • I really hope so but I think the US is far off from being receptive enough to the Noahide laws. However, I am sure that they will become prevalent nearer to the time of the apocalypse and it will be a beautiful time for the world and the regrouping of so many elements of consciousness into a unified form.In the meantime, we should all attempt to incorporate the Noahide Laws into our daily lives by way of preparation.

    • Apsara, I'm 100% sure EveryoneWillBow did not refer to the Noahide Laws in a positive sense, especially because he/she also mentioned the guillotines.

      The Noahide Laws are not Biblical but are a Judeo-Masonic ruse to condemn Christians for Naming the Name of Jesus, considered blasphemy under Lubavitcher Noahide Laws, punishable by beheading (hence the longstanding rumors re the guillotines, which could also align with the verse in Revelation re the Tribulation saints being beheaded for their witness re Jesus).

      Detailed research from 2002, "Under The Law," at: watch.pair. com / law. html (remove spaces).

  11. Occam's Razor is that he was obsessed that the government was out to get him. When he didn't get the reaction he wanted from the "big bad" government at the Bundy ranch he and his wife manufactured it themselves and two police officers were killed.

    • Occam's razor suggests people with a motive made this happen and not someone who only stands to gain death and personal martyrdom in the name of strengthening their enemy.

      • In his mind he thought he was fighting against the "new world order." That was his motive. What is this "enemy" he supposedly is strengthening? The government? Bottom line, this country is becoming more heavily armed..not less. Gun laws are becoming more lax (see Georgia)..not more rigid. What agenda is being furthered?

  12. The final Facebook post from Miller about "sacrifice" and "dawn of a new day" is a potential sign of his being programmed, as those are phrases used often by the occult elites working to facilitate the "new world order." If Miller were opposing the elite control agenda why would he use the same phrases they apply to announce their intentions to fellow initiates? Check out the Jordan Maxwell videos on Youtube that discuss the Dawn of a New Day phrase repetition.

    • It is a term extremely prevalent in monarch programming and most hypnotism, I suppose. It lends currency to the patsy argument.

    • DAWN of a new day = AURORA, which means DAWN (Colo/Holmes theater shooting).

      BTW, I don't think Holmes dyed his hair orange, it looks more like a curly mop top (wig) set on top of his head as you can see his natural dark hair underneath on the sides of his face in front of his ears. The orange hair looks totally fake; just a quick prop sat atop his head.

      "They" are all insane who are manufacturing these agenda-driven "events" for mass consumption.

      Any news from Amanda Miller's parents or relatives? Or even spook Jared's relatives?

      (Same first name as AZ wacko shooter Jared Loughner(?)

      • Update a day later: Just read today that the current Oregon school shooter's name was released. Take a guess: Another Jared! (last name, Padgett). So now we have:

        Jared Lee Loughner – AZ shooting a few years ago

        Jerad or Jarad (I've seen it both ways) Miller – LV current shooting

        Jared Padgett – Oregon current shooting

        I didn't realize Jerad/Jared was such a popular boys' name. Is it an anagram for something else?

        Current shooting spree dates: 5/31 – 6/4 – 6/6 – 6/8 – 6/10, for the record. Is this how "kids" celebrate Summer Vacation now? :-/

    • Thats also the launguage of religons hmmmm isnt that funny, people are radical and thats the problem all radicals will be attracted revoulution type movements, it serves there lust for extremism

  13. If you want change then stop endlessly showing video or images of criminals/victims/crime scenes reenactments/forensic interviews/suspects or anyone when reporting the news. This idiocy will immediately dry up. It is a brainwashing Laundromat.

    Just the facts, ma'am.

    • But that's it exactly. Stop showing it, no one will be hypnotized by it. Whether entertainment or "news" the purpose is to distract and misdirect. Tremendous blurring between physical reality, MSM reality, internet reality, gaming reality. I agree it is a brainwashing laundromat for U.S. and western non-elite people.

      • Same old factoids but with different doses/frequencies of sigil magic for maximum effect, depending upon your choice of network and the time of day.

      • Great point, Apsara… but it is sad that for those unaware of the deeper world of the metaphysical or such rituals they cannot wrap their minds around, or worse actively deny what surrounds them, or what they unwittingly participate in… Willful Ignorance will not be an acceptable excuse when we are judged.

      • And our tax dollars are paying for this revolutionary "technology."

        Choosing a healthy diet of cultural/media/entertainment influence is the only control we have, though made harder by the pernicious environmental placement of said technology.

        Panopticon, anyone?

  14. Another troubled person clinging to the victim side leaps into destruction. It's not his content, it's his stunt for publicity, to be a martyr for his cause, that's the dysfunction. I blame the magicians and sorcerers in the military these days; people just don't go bonkers like that unless some psyop is being played on them. You can be a conspiracy theorist, you can be a far-right whatever you are, you can have all those beliefs, that is never a problem. Using all those resources as an excuse to get away with bad behavior, that's the problem.

  15. Bob Dobalina on

    I tend to think programming via mkultra or similar style, joker would be one of his alter egos. It's probably not a coincidence that NBC interviewed this guy, though if they aren't in it the networks do look for the one to most discredit a movement and this guy would fit the bill. In Batman pretty much all of the characters have alter egos. Julie Newman and Lee Meriweather as programmed kittens and other tidbits.

  16. Perhaps the one new "spin" to this latest MK-Ultra Joker-joke is the report that the innocent-bystander dude shot dead in the big-box store was a CONCEALED CARRIER, who tragically wasn't fast enough on the draw.

    So what's the infra-message?

    1. Armed bystanders are useless, so roll on with the confiscation agenda.


    2. Off to the practise ranges, fellow militia recruits!

    Either way, those occultic insiders continue to prime the pump for domestic insurrection and (official) suspension of that pesky Bill of Rights.

    • concerned citizen on

      I also thought of that… and found it odd that these events get continuos coverage yet law abiding citizens protect themselves and others from violent crime far more then these shootings occur and unless it happened in your town you would never know it.

    • 1 Peter 5:8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

    • you know the bankers are keeping the USA at their mercy. in a documentary called Heist Who Stole the American Dream, i think it was a wise guy that pointed it out.. all they have to do is say to the president 'give us the bailout or we will stop lending money and good luck to you then mr president'…
      scary but money really is power.
      credit based economy could totally collapse overnight,

  17. Outstanding article, VC. I love when cases like this are discussed here. Yes, things are becoming pretty ugly in US [and it's spreading throughout the world] – meanwhile, the Police has been militarized and almost everyday cases of police brutality are covered by the media.

    Everybody knows that the CIA has a "patsy farmer", that are trained to commit false flags since forever, in every part of the world, brainwashing, supporting terrorists, bribing, fomenting coup, putting pawns in power, etc. The tactic is getting old – create a problem, offer a solution, and everybody ends without their basic freedoms.

    Miss "Hitllary" Clinton publicly said "never waste a good crisis", and that is exactly what the elite are doing. But is becoming harder for them to sustain their lies, information is everywhere. My sense is, because of that, they're in urge to strangle the people's rights as soon as possible. Next target will be the internet. The modus operandi is obvious.

    • In the UK a left-wing government advisor sent an e-mail as New York's twin towers burned on 9/11, suggesting that 11 September was a good day to "bury" bad news. Every time a false flag event occurs, you should be avoiding the high-octane factoids and looking out for those small, seemingly insignificant 'other news' items hidden among them.

  18. I had the same thoughts. Dead suspects tell no lies — or truths. And the Batman cosplay! Are there death certificates? Birth certificates? Actual residences of any of the characters? Once again its up to citizen journalism to come through and shine the light on crisis actors & media manipulation. Thanks VC!

  19. It's also interesting to note that this couple identifies so strongly with the Joker & Harley Quinn dynamic, further adding to the public image that he was in fact manipulating her.

    Harleen Quinzel was the Joker's psychiatrist while he was in the Arkham Asylum, and he gained her sympathy during this time when she studied him, causing her to fall in love with him. After several attempts to help him escape, she was locked up herself. During an earthquake she manages to escape becoming Harley Quinn (a wordplay on "harlequin"), the sidekick to the Joker (or… clown). He greatly manipulates and abuses her, even though you can occasionally see the affection and playfulness between them. When he realized that he was in fact in love with her, he tried to kill her several times, resulting in sending her off in a rocket.

    Interesting that the Millers ended up both killing themselves.

    • Thanks for the info as I'm not at all knowledgeable about the comic book realm. I can see how the Miller couple were really getting into their cosplay. Also, I read somewhere that in medieval times clowns represented murdered kings.

      • He may have done. Abusive, co-dependant relationships are very difficult to decipher for those who have not been on the inside. The saddest thing must be when they persist indefinitely for you can never judge the healthfulness of the relationship once the abuse becomes ingrained. Unfortunately, most people either lose perspective and live miserably forever more or end up sick, deluded or dead. Many who get out fail to leave behind the abusive mindset and move on properly. Financial codependancy and the vulture-culture of divorce and separation magnifies this and is a by product of the wage slavery and debt crisis that affects most people in the so-called first world economies. If the Miller woman was indeed a brainwashed sidekick and nothing more remarkable in her own right, then I really feel sorry for her. On an individual solution level, I think a lot of good would come from acknowledging that you should marry by the laws of God alone, without the pomp and ceremony and validation of the well-meaning people around you. If it is merely de facto in legal terms then get over the social implications because you would have scored a point against the architects of this sick culture.

      • Apsara, and so many others here, I am often grateful for the elevation of content in these discussions beyond the obvious articles or issues to the deeper analysis our experiences provide.

        It renews my faith that we each have pieces of the puzzle to link together, and that there is more than meets the eye to my fellow travelers on a daily basis. Thanks to VC for providing a place for us to share. I hope safely.

        Be a blessing to one another in all you do, in this you will never regret.

    • Hey Nats, thanx for that, you must have watched the cartoon Batman: The Animated Series from the 90's. I like all the all the old batman cartoons and there is also a lot of symbolism and references in them. You watch them now and just think "wow" at some of the stuff.

    • This also describes the relationship between Satan and his followers. They fall in love with him and join his team and although he gives them power and wealth he uses them and abuses them to death then unto hell … They are the occult the stars actors rappers singers and worshippers who we are watching every day.

      • it's easy to like wealth, luxuries and hate everyone. that's why people are so in love with s. he offers all the bad, worldly things. the mud (humans) is only natural to be attracted to mud.

  20. Dressed as the Joker and Harlequin…I understand that in the comics Harlequin was more or less Joker's girlfriend.

    I believe they're also trying to slam us race realists. By race realism, I mean the acknowledgment that the differences among the races goes beyond skin color. (See American Renaissance at It's not necessarily white supremacism, nor is it promoting hate for any race. Because the races are different, you really can't have more than one race within the same borders–diversity is actually divisive. I for one firmly believe that TPTB are trying to get a race war going. That could be used as an excuse to declare martial law. The only solution is for each race to have its own nation(s) instead of trying to mix everyone. (Note I did NOT say genocide of any one race.)

    Why else would they all but have a Welcome sign for illegal aliens here in the USA? You know right well it's going to tick off a lot of people–and I think that's the intent.

    • Politicians only bring up immigration around election time. Ooh we can fix it, elect us…or, hey we want amnesty… this time for real ……if their zone includes immigrants.
      Outsourcing and union busting decimated the economic capabilities and standard of living is constantly going down.. the US economy is on life support currently. The people in DC work for the corporate lobbyists, but most people want to blame immigrants.
      I consider the word aliens to be derogatory, dehumanizing term.

    • According to the bible we all stem from Adam and Eve and are genetically related. However, the bible never says we should ignore state borders and set up a welfare system for illegal aliens. The US would not be a very attractive place for freeloaders if there was no tax paid welfare system …

      • the US is a pondlife. apart from materialistic bits and pieces has nothing else to offer to the world. a civilisation in the crapper. the tool of the J***** ones.

    • Shadowcaster on

      Agreed… But there is no need to be walking on eggshells with regards to your race… Humans are tribal by nature. We tend to congregate amongst people within our own tribes (or races). Look at all different races – they stick together within their respective races to a large degree. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NORMAL. "Racism" is a meaningless word used to create division – nothing more. We all need to stop playing this silly game that they have subversively created for us. That means you whites, too – DON'T PLAY THE GAME. You ALSO have the right to associate with your own kind.

      Ultimately, I don't care WHAT race anyone is, just that they remain intact as individual members of those races. That's heritage – without it, we are hollow, empty beings with no defining reference point upon which to base our existences…There are physiological bonds and similarities amongst those of your own race that you are naturally drawn to, just as they are drawn to you. Look around in the natural world – even different types of animals and birds remain amongst their own species (races)… As for "diversity"? Get real, people! What exactly is diverse about taking a bunch of different races, throwing them under one proverbial roof, and conditioning them to intermarry and breed? NOTHING – it's insanity! Because, a few generations down the road, by doing so, you are going to end up with nothing but mixed-race mongrels OF ONE BASIC (NON)COLOR — AND WITH NO UNIQUE HISTORICAL OR CULTURAL IDENTITIES! Great idea – lets just take all the different colors on the easel and mix them together! This is utterly ridiculous. What a way to destroy humankind. It's completely ludicrous and it's the absolute epitome of EVIL. And they know it.

      All this so-called "diversity" that is being pushed upon us is designed to do is DESTROY TRUE DIVERSITY, BY DESTROYING INDIVIDUAL NATIONS AND THEIR IDENTITIES. This is how "they" destroy nations' sovereignties, gain control over them, and destroy them. **End of story.**

      Think about it… It's obviously much more interesting if, when you visit a different country, you find people that actually are *different* from those from your home country, right? Of course. And that is TRUE diversity – on a global level; as it has always been. The only reason the Nation Wreckers Behind The Curtain force this "diversity" and "racism" fraud on us is to create division, to create friction, and to demoralize and dilute the existing populations – then it becomes infinitely easier to control and CONQUER them.

      You see, fellow Americans, Europeans, Australians, Palestinians, and denizens of most ALL other countries of the world; whether by race or creed–you are ALL being conquered. And you are ALL being used against one-another. Call it a global coordinated silent coup or insurrection, or whatever you want. But, make no mistake, this is what they DO. This is WAR, and this is how they wage it… And you damned well better get off your backsides and start fighting back, or you will ALL be annihilated. Discover who the enemy TRULY IS — because most of you have absolutely no idea who that really is. That's not YOUR fault; they truly are masters of deception. But we ALL must discover this. It is imperative to our very survivals. it's not hard to figure out who they are, if you don't already know. Many of us do. As Voltaire so succinctly put it, "To learn who rules over you, look for those you cannot criticize". Bearing that quote in mind, it becomes quite easy to figure it out. And you MUST.

      Otherwise, we will ALL succumb to extinction. Some before others, but yes, we will ALL disappear. That is their quietly-stated plan and ultimate goal. It's been a long time in the making, and they're getting dangerously close to achieving it.


  21. Living here in Las Vegas this has been a very horrible experience. But I could not help notice that he was a :right wing" "gun carrier" and did not believe in the government. It is to convenient to have the people doing these shootings to all have the same characteristics. My first thought was that it was another way to whittle away at our rights. What is sad is that they use innocent pawns and five lives were lost. There is definitely more than meets the eye here.

    • Hello LVGIRl. Isn't Las Vegas a very dark place generally though. A friend of a friend told me that her early adult life was a complete wipeout because of the destructive lifestyle that she was leading there. Effectively, she was an unpaid prostitute being randomly tossed a sugar lump (drugs) when it suited them. She is now a born again Christian but has really been through too much to escape unscathed.

      • Aspara, LVGIRL, The energy surrounding and emanating from there is very dark and don't forget all the homeless people living under all the lights……I've also heard that Las Vegas will soon be buried in the sand….

      • She should've came to you and made a whole $5 an hour! That would've gotten her life on track immediately, especially if you paid her in advice and clothes…if she wasn't too chubby to wear them, of course.

  22. Nice job as usual VC. You need to look at the Belmont stakes as well. All three races are rigged and esoteric. Set and Horus placed in the Metropolitan.Malice Palace = Set the Malificent(same as Disney Jolie Malificent and Goldencents = Horus the Benificent. Manhattan stakes also esoteric outcome. Belmont favorite California Chrome, CC, 2C hand gestures, Gorillaz song words changed to California Chrome, Las Vegas Shooting at CiCi's pizza, Clinton/Chris Christy running mates this weekend. Carry conceal guy was killed trying to be a hero is argument against the 2A suggesting lack of training so only cops should have them.
    Owner of California Chrome named Coburn (bohemian grove reference?), Dumb Ass Partners silks are purple and green. Sire of CC is Lucky Pulpit, ( Lucifer reference?) The house was nicknamed junior.
    Winner of Belmont, Tonalist, black and red silks, represents set/Saturn/Satan/Batman. Tonalist reference to Lucifer Ezekiel 28 body made of pipes. Second horse Commissioner (batman reference) silks for jockey vector symbology. Sire of Tonalist is Tapit (skull and bones reference) as well as one other horse in the race….
    Cali Chrome in "Dead heat" with Wicked Strong.There's more but that's a start. The game is rigged thoroughly.
    Coburns comments were just like the joker calling the batman a coward. Big capital E on a logo prior to race behind Coburn ( Mr E Enigma joker reference).

  23. Can we get at least a 1/2 year without another school, college, or neighborhood hangout shot out by Bobby Bonkers?!?!

    Either some one's science experiment went horribly wrong (or right, depending on what side you're on), or some one's gearing up for a massive political propaganda campaign. Or both…

    But I do have to agree with one commentor writing about today's shoot out in Oregon: this has been happening in schools since the 1970s, except it was in the "ghettos." It didn't become "scary" news (other than, look at "those poor people", honey make sure we don't drive west of… anymore) until the bullets landed in the suburbs.

    • "Can we get at least a 1/2 year without another school, college, or neighborhood hangout shot out by Bobby Bonkers?"

      No chance. Do a search for 6 week cycle".

    • It's all politics. Watch the movie "Wag the Dog", it parodied the making of a fake news event to deflect negative public opinion of a president, but it also revealed just how easy it is to do so. Then follow the electronic trail. So much became revealed about Sandy Hook, that I view every news story from a critical thinking point of view.

    • A- freakin' MEN to that, fellow citizen! Shoot, even Eminem sad something similar to that in his song, "The way I am "

  24. I think Batman (the Dark Knight!!!) and other superhero figures refer to Dajjal, aka the False Messiah.

    The Saviour of the Elite.

    Do not forget, for the Zionists (Illuminati, Masons, whatever the name) their Messiah has not arrived yet.

  25. HMMM, with all these Batman connections, I can't help but wonder if it will all come to a crescendo when the Superman vs Batman Is out and, Superman kicks Batman's butt?

  26. Jerad Miller is a very Jewish name? Whilst many Jews choose to rebel against their origins and almost over compensate in the other direction in certain respects (usually diet-related) it would be implausible for them to substitute into Nazism.

    • Well zionist Jews are a synagogue of satan. They run everything. Israelite Jews are the African Americans that are under curse for rebelling against Yahweh (God) and they are direct descendants of Yeshua (Christ) they were once rich and possessed the land of Isreal after treading the wilderness forty years w Moses. Once they possessed their land which God had given them they began worshiping other Gods and practicing witch craft during the reign of King Soloman. Soloman fell in love with the Edomite women who were witches and God forbid him to do it. He wrote many scrolls on magick and that is the same magick that our government was built upon after over taking the land and taking the gold and other things found there. The Hebrew Isrealites (African Americans) fled into other parts of Africa to blend in with the darker skinned people of Africa but the Africans sold them into slavery and they were transported by boat to the states,Haiti, and other parts of the world. That is why African Americans have lost their identity and the history books will never reveal it! So u probably want to kno who those folk are who live in Isreal now? Well that's not important because some of those folk love God and some well…Yeah there's a war going on in the Middle East based around the holy temple and the lost scrolls. everyone thinks it's only about oil lol. All I will say is when the declaration to rebuild the holy temple is given to those in Isreal just know that the time right before the tribulation period had arrived. For the Antichrist will make a pact with those people but go into the holy temple and declare himself to be Christ. The word says flee and do not gather your things but leave it. Run off into hiding because a dark time that the world has never seen will be. Wake up. Funny thing is all the symbolism you see the entertainers doing is the same thing that got Hebrews put under curse. As u can also see that many if the entertainers are Hebrew. That's so messed up.

      • But the declaration to rebuild it has been in force for ages as far as I know? Also, there are many Hebrew Israelites living in Palestine and they are treated terribly by the other Jews.Most of the current population of Israel is babylonian in terms of faith and for their government, it is definitely more about the oil and the scrolls.

      • they are bad seed all those J***** peeps. they are either khazars or come from the tribe of dan. i think the good ones became christians 2,000 years ago. who cares anyway? they are cocky the lot of them, money oriented the lot of them. and so tight, unbelievably tight. i have met only one who isn't cocky and maybe because he was half Irish. ask whoever has worked for them directly, they lack warmth, they are all about appearances/money/worldly success and hatred. saying all that it doesn't indicate i hate them, i'm trying not to.

      • the good ones became christians 2,000 years ago
        There is no cut off point for being guided aright for any person of true faith.

      • Great comment Meee, yes the treasure that was found under Solomon's temple by the Knights Templars is what the "Illuminati" is built upon. They then formed a group called the "Freemasons" to keep this treasure(or scrolls of magick) a secret and also yes they have manipulated the history books and funnily enough Michael Jackson used to say, "The history books are lying, its all lies" and in regards to who is living in Israel, apart from the arab muslims and christians, its the zionist jews, that descend from Southern Europe, not the Middle East. They are not semitic and have no drop of Hebrew blood and have no claim to anything biblical. They chose Israel as their homeland after the Holocaust because it was the historic land of like you said, the Hebrew Israelistes and also yes the zionist Jews are going to resurrect the temple so the Antichrist can rule from there………But who is going to give the declaration to Israel to rebuild the temple?

      • Just to clarify with you Meee, when you say the lost scrolls, d'ya mean the Dead Sea Scrolls or lost scrolls of Magick?

  27. i do not like American Movie, where the head charackrer is HERO, Superheroe. They have to protect us ( the whole World against "UFO", psychopatic guys, murders etc. Only America can rescue ours to live in fear for the life. We had Godzilla ( American's production ) look at old Japanisee version, this so much better.
    Today, the kids generation are brainwashing, they think "oh yay, the Batman, SuperMan will protect me (= it would be okey, if he were a real and)…
    Look at the otther characterlike Capitan America! He is fake! He does not to liberate Poland while WW2. and people still think he did it!

    Ps. I am 24 y man. I watched many cartoons (comercial and polish [these were best]) And i saw somethink interesing, many canadian/american girls wearing the pink tee shirt with butterfly. If i found many of them i will send pictures. I am sorry for my gramma but is warm in my city today.
    Maybe Dear VC woild do article about pink tee shirt with butterfly :)

  28. sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but why, exactly, does the elite need the public to turn against them?

    • CodeNameRebel on

      Well,because they are against the elite……when the NWO starts,the elite do not want any opposition.that's why they are gonna take away guns..they don't want you to be able to defend yourself when they finally take away all your rights,every single one of them….

    • Its important for them that we turn against ourselves, divide and conquer is the name of the game, a divided house will fall.

    • The Elite wants the public to turn against themselves. The Elite want to make a transition from the inconspicuous Tyranny that we have today, into a conspicuous in your face open tyranny tomorrow. They can't do this if we are paying attention. If we are divided and consumed with each other's differences, then we can be fully conquered and reduced into an absolute slave class where there are no rights or freedoms. We won't even have the ability to pretend we live in a free society anymore. We will either be dead or enslaved

  29. Ultimately it seems this is all coming out in order to pass gun control laws
    as well as create domestic terrorism taskforce against the American people

    The elitists aka the One World Order cannot defeat USA and Americans until they confiscate all our guns
    as our guns are what protects us

    Problem for them is that Our Second Amendment states Americans have the right to own and bear arms
    so they are trying to come up with laws to go around that

    Sure there are some crazy people out there and I have considered how they are all on pills as well as the violence in media but the conclusion is that many of these mass shooters are being brainwashed

    This one was done to discredit Bundy and Alex Jones, even though they had nothing to do with such

      • "as our guns are what protects us"

        Is this even true? Because I have seen a swat team in action in a domestic situation in which one man was threatening to hurt himself and his gun did not protect him. If the local PD would send a swat team to disarm a single man, what would the ONO-US gov. send to confiscate weapons? I don't see how guns, or some wording on a document can protect us.

    • Action, reaction, solution. Action: random, armed citizens going on a rampage. Reaction: strong condemnation by the masses, the media, and the government. Solution: focus "homeland security" efforts on stateside territories in the name of freedom.

  30. My answer is Yes in regards to the question in the headline. I mean all the other "incidents" that occur are false flags or committed by patsies, so why is this any different.

    There's always some dumb American in the middle of it. Typical. Its a nice hot day btw isn't it. :-)

  31. Yes, Jerad was definitely an agent provoceteur, designed (MK Ultra?!?) to infiltrate groups and bring them down. Randy Weaver (Ruby Ridge) was one as well. No doubt to destabilise the population and then bring in gun laws requiring everyone to hand over their guns.
    Same thing happened in Tasmania with Martin Bryant. Anthony Nightingale (Loans Officer??) was in the Broad Arrow Cafe when the gunman came in. Nightingale jumped up and said 'No, no, not here, not now!'
    What does that mean? And if not here, where? And if not now, when? Too many unanswered questions in that case. BTW, what were CIA agents doing in Port Arthur in THAT cafe at THAT time when the shooting happened? Maybe to see that the deed was done?

  32. CodeNameRebel on

    They described him as GOD LOVER… now its a bad thing to love God and be a real christian?????….these truly are the endtimes……..God help us all….

    • The Islamic suicide bomber also loved God, bad people have done bad things in the name of God as well, the i am a believer of God dnt get me wrong, but some people can be totally overtaken by the concept of God heaven and hellhella

      • Not islamic ann, just from a family who may have believed in Islam and not done a good job of passing on it's true values. Islam has only ver preached peace. It is the manipulated, sick and/or deluded people who use it as a front for other activities.

  33. truth teller on

    Obama was often portrayed as The Joker. Google "Obama as the joker" to see what I mean. Alex Jones also dressed up as The Joker before all the Batman killings occurred.

  34. The NWO has two major headaches right now: US citizens with guns, and the internet. Eric Holder's quote "as the nature of the threat we face evolves to include the possibility of individual radicalization via the Internet — it is critical that we return our focus to potential extremists here at home.”

    This shooting gives them an excuse to attack two of the biggest impediments to their schemes, and they won't waste much time doing so.

  35. I've been a huge fan of this site for awhile now.

    This is an interesting subject for me as many other people have picked up on, and displayed pretty solid evidence, that not all of these mass shootings are exactly as they appear.

    I'd like to share a few YouTube channels with you guys:

    Free Radio Revolution Ultimate

    X Ray Ultra

    Kate Slade 11

    Red Pill Revolution

    Betsy McGee

    Team Wake Em Up

    Hope you guys like them!


    • Team Wake Em Up has done an excellent jobof compiling and staying on top of Sandy Hook and other false flags.

    • the paulstalservice does some of the best work on these too , and odinrok and therichoman1973 did some good videos especially ones exposing the phelps called "hellp nick phelps" part 1 and 2 ,checj them out if you havent already

  36. “People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.” – Alan Moore

  37. Bogomil Jones on

    The only question to ask ," Is the msm running with the story?" . They don't waste one second of air time .I saw coverage of the Oregon shooting Wednesday and heard reference to the Hobart Massacre three times in two hours. I watched the film Network last night from 1976 , a supposed satire that has morphed into reality. As it was designed to do. Again, not a second of programming is wasted.

    • Nice connecting the dots. Everyone should ask that question. "Network", eye opener in the 70's, worth watching.

  38. Are people seriously still buying the Sandy Hook scam. check out the website before it was news, just google. several articles there on the scam of the "movie / movie set of sandy hook." No one died. It was faked and acted out to further gun control. One of the 911 tapes – you can hear the actor playing the 911 operator answering the phone, but it is a caller calling in to a regular phone number trying to return someone's phone call. Not once, but it happened again. One call shows how the actor forgot his lines and tried to back track.

  39. No Wey Jose' on

    Please tell me you all have searched that "how to make an assassin" doc that was on tv some years back. Some poor guys and girls were put through torture to break them and were programmed to kill a mark. This one poor guy made it through every test and with a fake weapon actually went for the target under the proper conditions. When they woke him out of it he felt so low and was scared he could be used to kill. It was real and really something else. Search it!

  40. This makes people who cosplay look bad. Ever since that shooting at the batman film majority of movie theaters have put a ban on people who want to cosplay as their favorite characters when they attend premieres. Personally its wrong to group the bad seeds with the good – obvious these people need help and why are people woth mrntal problems like depression and bipolar allowed to own a gun in the first place? That waiting for sonething terrible to happen

    • Cosplay beyond childhood is self-indulgent, immature, distasteful and annoying so if this case makes adults think twice about doing it then so much the better.

      • How is it immature, self-indulgent? Its a hobby like one would do with collecting stamps

      • It is the stamp collecting equivalent of collecting stamps within the genre of the one that featured on SPOTM. Smart, casual, sportswear, black tie and white tie represents more than enough choice. Why spoil it by adding tacky, ill fitting costumes and face paints?

      • Cosplay allows people with similar interest to come together & I have seen some very good cosplay – they are not all tacky people put work into their cosplay costume

      • why did you have better hobbies whilst still a child other than collecting coins and stamps?

      • D D d bumblebee D on

        Old fashioned daydreaming, hovering above exotic drawings on the quare milimeter, looking for inconveniant cuts or tears, you compare to dressing up as an cartoon-character – possibly in company?
        I do not employ both hobbies, but wow, oceans apart.. Even the psychology behind them, is my guess.

    • The purpose of adult cosplay is to age regress adults. Age regression is a type of altered state, which means that adults who indulge in it repeatedly seek to make themselves less aware and less critical. Cosplay adults role model infantile behavior to children. So in turn, children exposed to it can also refuse to grow up. Adults, who are child-like, who lack critical thinking skills, will not stand up to or even question authority. Cosplay is propaganda.

  41. I'm sure you'll remember the anti Muslim sentiment after 9/11. Well, here's the new hate-normal.
    Reminds me of:
    First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
    Because I was not a Jew.

    Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

    Thanks for speaking, VC.

  42. The details given to us about this couple overwhelm! Such probing, timely journalism, and unprecedented rapid sharing by law enforcement, these revelations and images of their lifestyle and home!

    Such transparency by the institutions!

    Wait, what?

  43. I though the same when I heard of the shooting and the Gadsden flag: That was prepared by the elite. As VC said: "it is however clear that the media spin on the Las Vegas shootings is perfectly in line with a top Agenda element of the elite : To discredit, demonize and lump together various groups that are not welcome in the U.S. anymore. Whether we look at Libertarians, constitutionalists, survivalists, or religious and pro-gun groups, they are all being targeted by the elite." So sad, so true.

      • Wrong, Slenderman is a continuation of the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamlin where the proximity of the creature human hybrid interferes with the children's neuro-chemistry and induces temporary insanity, allowing the child or children to be easily lured away; or into horrific activities that a child would not otherwise be naturally inclined to engage in.
        I would have offered this same explanation many years before we discover children are acting out in new extreme violent ways under the name of appeasing this specific creature. These events are weird and cannot be explained in a mundane fashion.

    • It's pathetic in so many ways I don't even know where to begin. It's actually pitiful they could not go to more trouble to simulate real events in that Walmart. Walmart has more cameras than they do parking spots. They have so many surveillance angles that it's arguable they are part of the NSA's subsidiary development teams. They could show the couple getting out of their car; entering the building; taking their guns out; audio and video of "Let the Revolution begin"; Audio and video of people fleeing down the aisle; Audio of gunshots from non-graphic video; and so on and so on. Instead NOTHING for days, and then this little lonely clip with grainy video (Walmart is all high def so they can zoom in on sleight of hand thievery). Then to make it worse they appear to have Officer's doing play by play commentary on the video as if they had been watching it in real time. There appears to be no real gunfire in the video, nor any real impact activity for Jerad Miller having been shot. In addition the screen goes blank black when Amanda allegedly takes her own life. It doesn't even show her begin to raise the gun to her head. Which is most interesting because when firing blank rounds, it is still dangerous to fire them a your own head. This could explain why they were unable to carry forward this part of the Act on camera. Totally ridiculous absurd clip of nothingness trying to get away with pretending they were being helpful and informative to public interest.

  44. With an insane government, I have no doubt that these two people were used to further the governments goal in gun control.

  45. Lion of Omega on

    "was quickly tagged by mass media as an anti-government, militia-supporting, God-loving, conspiracy theorist. That explosive cocktail of words is increasingly being used to identify America’s newest #1 enemies."

    This tactic won't work because those who are truly God loving wouldn't hurt innocent people, or use violence to further a cause. One thing is probable….that if these "patsies" are witting accomplices to the hidden agenda, then they are self-sacrificing themselves for the "cause" in belief that a certain someone will protect them from divine justice. They are self-deluding.

  46. well i think this was all staged to vilify those groups, but nobody died , this guy was in trouble with the law and was probably offeed some deal ,an offer he couldnt refuse to participate, isnt it also interseting his name is miller, just liek the supposed shooter in another recent government staged shooting like this one , the jewish community center shooting , glen miller, also in trouble with the law, known tot eh FBi,an informant, also funny that both this miller couple in vegas ans glen milller were supposedly "antisemites" and labeled as such by the SPLC, funny because miller just happens to be the 3rd more common jewish surname in the US
    also funny because EVERY gun control bill and piece of gun control legislation since 1968 has been written and /or sponsored by jews, the same people who own and control the media, and hollywood who makes these films ,like batman and hunger games , same jewish hollywood who donates tons of money to the democrats and who is 100% pro gun control ,and pro israel , just like veronique pozner, the jewish mother of the little chosenite noah pozner who was supposedly killed at sandyhook, the biggest victim of that "shooting" shot ELEVEN times, gee they seem to really like that number for some reason dont they

    • Wishing one were dead is not a completely unreasonable reaction to living in this world. Seriously, are there people who have not once wished this?

  47. Stay positive, peeps. I know it's difficult but our eyes are open and more people are awakening every day.

    We can beat these guys…..

  48. The elite control the heard with the existence of "bad guys"(some psycho with a gun) to further impose their control on the population. The goverments grip on our tax dollars is root of this dilemma. It always comes down to money and the government wont allow the population to turn against the system. Thus the brainwashing and scare tactics. We are the machine that fuels their (hidden) agenda. The government uses our differences in skin color and financial status to keep us divided. If the population united towards equality the system would crumble.

  49. Thanks, for the analysis of these events that resemble or are all planned by a mental trigger to which previously underwent

    I would like to know what you think of the movie Maleficent?

  50. gingercastro on

    how weird that lady dressed as Harley Quinn looks like someone that was either on my MySpace friends list years ago or on my Facebook friends list and she went by Harley Quinn too. i checked my friend's list and saw that a Harley Duryea was on it but deactivated her profile. i never met her because she lived someplace else and i just accepted her friend request online.

  51. And people think this event really happened because?????? Perhaps there's a connection to Batman because it's a real life fictional event!

  52. Good article, but have you seen the WalMart surveillance footage where they shoot each other? It was totally fake. She 'shoots him' without a muzzle flash or entry point. He drops his head into his folded arms, and seconds later picks it back up as if to say, "Did we get the shot:?". All the while, there is an officer narrating it as it happens, as if his saying they shot each other makes it so. The Vegas police released the video, and a still from behind inside WalMart, only of 'Jerad". Look at his videos, clearly from Indiana before he moved to Vegas in January (and uploaded just at the right time, but by who – JeradMiller and ChuckNorris?), and verify for yourself if that is the same person. I don't think it's them. The build doesn't match him, and the face, though a little grainy, does not look like him. By the way, in his vids, they had their guns confiscated in Indiana. It really looks like professionals posed as these two. As far as what happened to them, I can't say for sure.

  53. Henderson nv on

    I live in Henderson NV a suburb of Vegas.

    When I first heard about the shooting I immediately thought "false flag."

    Vegas is a pretty pro-gun place. I think they may be specifically targeting pro-gun areas. I definitely believe the ultimate agenda is to take away the guns. Thats all thats really left between us and fascism. When we have a "kristalnacht" like the Jews did in Germany, there will be a very short window to get out. I recommend you all get out.

    One final thought. As a local, i can tell you we have issues here with street performers, aka buskers. They sued the city a few years back to have the freedom to perform but its gotten out of control and they are everywhere, breaking the rules that were set forth by the court and even appearing in public in semi-nude states.

    Citizens and businesses are up in arms (they pay no taxes and drive away customers) and the local city council has had its hands tied because of the lawsuit

    My husband wrote a letter about licensing these buskers to the city council. He advocated what we both thought was a fair solution – licensing and taxation.

    One replied "dont worry we are working on getting rid of these pigs."

    I have the email.

    Several weeks later, the shooting occurred. The day after that, it was announced that the shooters were Buskers.

    The cops are on fremont street Nd the strip in full force and are taking their vengence out on the legitimate street performers.

    Does this sound like a pre-planned false flag to you or what?

    I feel terrible we had anything to do with this, yet i know it wasnt our fault.

    I feel for the policemen and their families. I dont doubt it happened – but its been used to further the agenda for the puppet masters.

  54. Actually you are wrong. There is only 1 race, the human race. There is no difference between ethnicity except phenotype difference, and melanin content. The difference to which you refer is cultural. MATTER of fact, it is only culturally based…..the TRUE difference between "races" is socio-economic status. Learn something…it's good for your brain!

  55. WakeUpEverrbody on

    But what everyone seems to be ignoring is the fact that this "Jared" was interested to InfoWars! And if its anything to us, we should know that Alex Jones and InfoWars are a paid misinformation agent, telling false lies and also pushing the anti-truth movement. Heck they are even ran and fianced by the same network that finances CBS and NBC! Is there a coincidence why TPTB allowed Alex Jones to "sneak" in into one of their prized and private rituals? Expect the unexpected, and in this case, the unexpected is slowly turning into the almost down right ugly truth. No one is believing the lies these people are trying to force on us and if we don't take a stand like we aren't now, we can easily as well just kiss our Second Amendment goodbye.

  56. I find it funny that this website is about the influence of mass media and its effects and hidden meanings and half of the white people and some of the black people here are so brain dead its ridiculous! Blacks whine? More blacks on welfare? A bunch of media driven rubbish. Even if the whole blacks are on welfare thing is true. To be perfectly honest black people are no different from anyone else. Everyone I mean everyone depends on the Government for JOBS. If you depend on your government to give you a 9 to 5 job you are a slave! And you're dependent! You can't produce your own food, you can't hunt you pretty much depend on government/Corporations to feed you! And you're pissed because you feel like blacks are getting the gold standard treatment while you have to work. I'm here to tell you that blacks aren't getting any gold standard treatment and because of whites and some blacks being so brainwashed/mind controlled this had lead to many inhumane things being done against black people. Which ironically has trickled over to whites! 1 of them being drugs and another being police brutality! When you allow injustice to be done to another group of people you risk that injustice trickling over to your side.

  57. Oh, and the tarotcards being used in the acutal novel is based on Thoth Tarot which Crowley made. (Same background, pictures, etc.) They also is built as a pyramide at one part. There is so much going on in this novel that one could write an essay about it alone. Every page is jammed with symbolism. It also presents with the question if Batman is one of the insane ones, and belongs in the asylum. Either way; VC overlad.

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