Despite the Doom and Gloom Pt. 2: My 2012 Holiday Message



2012 is coming to an end and, boy, was it a crazy one. Once again this year, I tried my best to bring you the one-of-a-kind information and analyses you can only find at Vigilant Citizen. I’ve always made it a point to prove that it is possible to write about the topics discussed on this site without being pushy, preachy, alarmist, hateful or completely delusional and I hope that I proved it again this year. While it is not always easy for me to stay on top of things and to write about some topics, it is nevertheless with great honor and pleasure that I do so. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself through writing and, everyday, I thank God for the opportunity of reaching people while doing what I love. This website is truly a labor of love and the amazing feedback I receive daily from VC readers never fail to keep me motivated.

I am however not the only one who contributes to this site. This year again, the VC community came through with thousands of great comments and forum posts, enriching the site with a wealth of information and opinions. Due to the diverse nature of this site’s readership, there are often disagreements and heated debates but, when everything stays respectful, I consider this a very good thing. Opposing and confronting opinions has always been a healthy exercise that ultimately profits to everyone involved, so I’m all for it. What is truly important is that ideas and issues that are completely ignored by mass media are being discussed in a real and uncompromising matter. So I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to contribute to this site and to enlighten others, no matter the opinion.

I’d also like to give a special shout to the moderators of the VC Forums who did their best to keep the community striving and to Egersis who proofread dozens articles this year. Thank you all for your time and dedication.

That being said, this year also brought its fair share of problems and challenges. I had to deal with issues that made me realize that some people are actually trying to hurt my work and my credibility. I had to deal with heavy and sustained DDoS attacks that caused the site to be down for several days, attempts to hack the site, as well as threats and harassment by e-mail. Also, in what appear to be attempts at character assassination, I discovered that some people are spreading fabricated rumors about me on other websites and forums. As a lover of truth, reading outright lies about me is upsetting, but I guess that’s the price to pay for telling it like it is. I cannot control those who are trying to do me harm – and my only response to them is a quote from the immortal Johnny Cash:

Well you may throw your rock and hide your hand
Workin’ in the dark against your fellow man
But as sure as God made black and white
What’s done in the dark will be brought to the light

You can run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Run on for a long time
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down
Sooner or later God’ll cut you down

Fortunately, I know that most readers of this site are discerning enough to realize that my only goal is to provide information based on research. I’ve always urged people to never unconditionally take my word and to look up everything for themselves. This site was never intended to provide “all of the truth” or “all of the answers” (I am still seeking the truth myself) but rather to be a starting point, an incitement to begin a quest for knowledge. My suggestion to true truth-seekers is to research information from several sources and to use your own mind and reasoning to come to your own conclusions. If you believe that you are more enlightened than others because you’ve started following another shepherd, the sad fact is that…you are still a sheep. I personally never wanted people to blindly follow me. Quite to the contrary, I am looking to encourage people to think for themselves. That’s what the world desperately needs right now.

Don’t Get Lost

Researching about the true motivations of the elite can become a disturbing and consuming exercise. It is easy to become angry, bitter and disgruntled about what is discovered. Yes, realizing that the elite is a sick, twisted and outright evil group is very unsettling and leads to lots of questioning. But, in the end, we must not allow ourselves to be sucked into “their” world and become obsessed with their culture of death. We must live our own lives to the fullest, according to our own values and, more importantly, we must never forget that life is still breathtakingly beautiful. I often say that for each minute one spends learning about the ugly truth in the world, one must spend five enjoying its beauty. If we become angry, bitter and depressed, we’ve lost and they won. It is not enough to know about their plans, we must carry out OUR plans. “They” are definitely trying to debase us from what is real, right, pure, good and authentic to make us accept their values, but we don’t have to accept it.

The greatest thing about being Vigilant Citizens is that we can recognize mass media BS, laugh at it, completely reject it and go on living the life we want to live. No obsessing about superficiality and materialism. No being scared to death by the news trying to push an agenda. No worshiping celebrities. Just real, basic, timeless values based on morals and principles – all concepts that are deemed uncool nowadays but that are nevertheless the roots of a strong person and of a strong community. “They” want to weaken these roots in order to make the masses more suggestible and manipulable. Strong values indeed cause people to say “NO, I won’t do anything for money; NO, I won’t neglect my family; NO, I won’t be in debt for materialistic crap; NO, I won’t fall for mass media lies”.

In the end, this is what VC is all about: Understanding the deceit in this world in order to avoid it. So, please after researching the truth about the elite, do not despair nor become bitter. Seize the moment, go outside, enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, spend time with your friends and family, cook a tasty meal, read a great book, play a musical instrument, follow your dreams and give a horse a great big slap on the ass because, despite the doom and gloom, life is still beautiful. In today’s world, slaves are chained through their minds. As easily as they can chain you with propaganda, you can break these chains with truth and vigilance. And then, you are free to do whatever you want.

So Happy Holidays to everyone and remember that, no matter how grim it might get, truth and righteousness will always prevail!





    • Thank you VC for all your good work! This letter reminded me to keep hope alive in the midst of such a confusing time. I like how you have added links to some other great sites. I have learned a lot from Vigilant Citizen and I pray GOD continues to lead you to inform us of the nature and workings of evil.

    • True os lies, it is no one responsability but ours to find it' Analizing all the crap in the fake media it is so important' I do not watch TV at all!

      However by reading these interesting analisis help us to understand those fake Elites' pretending to be rulers'
      They are not rulers at all!! but vicious predators who live on human blood'

      Rulers are wise' do not encourage or awakens our worst animal insticts we all have and exploit them for profit!!!

      Fake rulers have lust for blood, power, endeless sex and extremelly materialistc ' have no respect for human lives around the planet period! but thirsty constantly for blood'

      Certainly the moves they make depicts them how vicious they are' did not understand it until I started to read this web of inf' It does help not to be zombies' BUT BEING THINKERS""

  1. Thank you for all of your amazing research! This is the very site that opened my eyes to th truth and led me on a path to keep learning. I spread what I know as much as I can and am happy to say more people are awake!!! God bless us always!! the evil elite have been trying to beat him for thousands of years now by ruining his children and still no success. Its hard not to become sad or angry at all the crap they re trying to do to us but YES! We must go on living cus if we stop they will win !!

  2. Thanks for all your research. Great job! Much appreciated.

    Over the years, in an attempt to wake up slumbering friends and acquaintances, I have forwarded some of your articles to others. It's always interesting to see who understands and who doesn't. Some open their minds; some slam the door and lock it.

    BTW, I sent your Temple Square article out to a lot of Romney supporters. Some of the responses were down right hilarious while simultaneously very sad. Let's just say it was a button pusher. Given all the pictures of the symbolism, people still chose to deny what they were seeing. Amazing!

  3. I stopped doing Xmas. I think all the tinsel and gaudy baubles are an insult to Jesus. The tree, the wreath, the balls etc. all have their origins in pagan worship anyway. Sis! I won't insult Him like that.

  4. Thanks for keepin’ it real, VC. Coming across your website nearly 3 years ago changed my life forever. I can’t explain the emotions I went through when I first discovered “the truth”. All I can say is that it was a bitch and very hard to deal with for quite some time. I felt like a crazy person amidst my family and friends. It’s still hard to talk about my beliefs around them. As long as I know the truth and can surround my myself with people that will respect me despite my opinions, that’s all I can really ask for. Thank you for enlightening me and making me see the world for what it really is, even if it is ugly sometimes.

  5. well i think you've done all those things covered in the 1st paragraph and is why i've enjoyed your coveerage. thought provoking and eye opening. I talk highly of this site to others and reccomend, and to take it with a grain of salt. I think you're doing a excellent job.

  6. Well said, VC. It makes me happy to see more and more people are educating themselves about whats really going on in our world today. And I really enjoy your approach at things VC, I know your intentions are true because you dont come off as trying to scare anyone. Your site was the first that got me compelled to seek out the Truth, many years ago now. So Thank You VC, Happy Holidays to You ^.^

  7. Thank you, VC! As someone who is fairly new to the discovery of the horrible realities plaguing the media, I find your words most aspiring and helpful! You tell the truth no matter what and we honestly need more people like you and your ten in the world. You couldn’t be more right when you say falling victim to anger & bitterness is easy… It truly is as I have fallen victim to it a few times myself! However, through reading your words and following your postings I have learned to embrace the beauty and reject the filth! The elite isn’t going to stop me from living the best life possible with their messages of hate and greed… And I have your enlightenment to thank for that! God bless you & your team, VC! Happy Hoildays and continue spreading the truth! :-)

  8. Thank you VC! This message is very encouraging. A friend and I recently started doing research about the Elite/Occult Symbolism for our own website. My friend is super knowledgeable and is a great researcher but it comes at a cost. It is easy to get discouraged and scared. I am one that attempts to keep us more positive but since the Connecticut shooting and the research and connections I have made with that it hit me how evil the Elite really is. So this message really hits at home, thank you so much! You are an inspiration. And as we go into 2013 I want to encourage you in the work you do and we will take your message with us into 2013 as well to remember to still love life and to make sure the time we love life outweighs the time we research and learn about the elite. THANK YOU!!!

    • I think we all go through a great "awakening" after realizing how sick the world really is. We gotta stay strong, and focus on the positive side of things

  9. For my first time posting on this site, I just want to say thank you. Do not become discouraged; keep spreading the truth, no matter what. We need it now more than ever. This site is something special, and your vigilance is both respected and appreciated. Stay well.

  10. Until the day the government decides to use whatever power they have to try and take away the internet and sites like VIGILANT CITIZEN, I will Always be a follower and subscriber of your works, Mr. VC. I comment a lot on your articles,and I use the same name, so some people may know me by now.

    Nevertheless, 2012 has been an "incredible" year. So many signs have been revealed This year. Because of that, more people have woken up to see the TRUTH. And that's what makes me glad. From early Jan with birds and fishes dying in great multitudes, to Feb when Madonna did her illuminati superbowl performance, to Whitney Houston being sacrificed, to March of KONY 2012 and the EXECUTIVE ORDER on the 16th, to Tupac hologram using PROJECT BLUE BEAM, to the BATH SALTS "Zombies" all around the country, to the Diverse Symbols and rituals performed at the Olympics, to all the earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes, to all the shootings and killings, to the promotion of all the controversial topics in politics including gay marriage, marijuana, and abortions, to the Presidential election, to December 21st Hoax, and unto the end of this year entering into 2013. You've done a great job in speaking about whatever that was on your mind. We VC'ers will always seek the TRUTH! Thank you!

    • I actually have never heard of Jenni Rivera until I read about her plane crash. What was she like? A Brittany Spears type slave, a Lady Gaga type demon, or just a girl who wanted to sing? Was there something suspicious you found about the crash and the circumstances around it? I'll check back for any replies to this, I really am curious as I knew nothing about the girl until her death. If she was an innocent, than I am sorry for her tragic accident and I hope she is in a better place.

      • Same here,never heard of her til then. The only odd thing was she was just at the peak of her career when that tragedy happened..and a lot of suspicious things surrounding that event

  11. "As easily as they can chain you with propaganda, you can break the chains with truth and vigilance. And then, you are free to do whatever you want."

    Brilliant stuff VC, as expected of course. I can't thank you enough for creating this miracle of a website – people will talk about it some time from now and hopefully I'll be still around by then. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Boston.

  12. one of the gifts of 2012 has been the sharing of Truth by VC, and one another on this website…

    in a world of confused priorities and obscured agendas, it is refreshing to the Spirit to find so many points of Light meeting from many diverse places and perspectives. if we can remember this noble impulse when interacting with the outside world, giving one another a chance to share our Truth, we just might make it.

    God Bless and Keep You fellow Vigilant Citizens around the world, and of course the humble and striving VC–let us not grow weary in freeing many more in 2013!!!

    here are some Christmas Truth treats i dug up to share, ENJOY!:

    ‘Tis strange — but true; for truth is always strange;
    Stranger than fiction.
    LORD BYRON, Don Juan

    Truth never lost ground by enquiry.
    WILLIAM PENN, Some Fruits of Solitude

    Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor.
    ROBERT FROST, “The Black Cottage”

    Most of the change we think we see in life is due to truths being in and out of favor.
    ROBERT FROST, “The Black Cottage”

    Truth is within ourselves.
    ROBERT BROWNING, Paracelsus

    When we walk towards the sun of Truth, all shadows are cast behind us.

    Truth makes all things beautiful.

    The most familiar precepts are not always the truest.
    MARCEL PROUST, Within a Budding Grove

    Lies are the religion of slaves and masters. Truth is the god of the free man.
    MAXIM GORKY, The Lower Depths

    The trouble about man is twofold. He cannot learn truths which are too complicated; he forgets truths which are too simple.
    REBECCA WEST, The Meaning of Treason

    To convince someone of the truth, it is not enough to state it, but rather one must find the path from error to truth.
    LUDWIG WITTGENSTEIN, Philosophical Occasions

    Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.
    ANDRE GIDE, So Be It; or, The Chips Are Down

    The ultimate arbiter of truth is experiment, not the comfort one derives from one’s a priori beliefs, nor the beauty or elegance one ascribes to one’s theoretical models.
    LAWRENCE M. KRAUSS, A Universe from Nothing

    Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains taken to bring it to light.

    “But he who does The Truth comes to The Light, so that his works may be revealed, that they are performed by God.”
    –John 3:21 (from the Aramaic)

  13. mississippibellalis on

    VC, I stick with your articles because of your pursuit for the truth. My eyes are open and I usually spot the NWO agenda if I am paying attention. Your articles point the way to a better way of getting through life with riches and rewards that the NWO just can't give to anyone. Korny? What I mean is by pointing out the delusional evil (Isn't that what evil is? Delusion?) that the sheeple buy into, you show there is another alternative to the empty promises 'they' make. GBY. From a faithful reader forever.

  14. Fantastic post, VC! I always appreciate your website, and you do a great job of not being preachy or sensationalist, you provide truth in a matter of fact way, inserted with with opinions that I usually agree with, and only ocassionally have a different one. You have definately opened me up to new ways of veiwing media in the last year or so I have been your site, and while much is stuff I already reconized as being wrong (I always HATED pop music, reality TV, and celeb worship) you have given me new insight into why it is those things bother me. I think you are an important contribution to the enlightment of society, and while you realize we should never follow one person like sheep do a shepherd, we do those who are willing to speak up and at least point the way for people; which you do beautifully. I wish you, and my fellow VC community, a Merry Christmas and all Winter Holidays.

  15. ShadowOnTheWall on

    I love everybody who reads VC :) Keep smiling and spread love everyday, not only during Christmas! Hugs to all and peace and God's blessings be upon you. Salam!

  16. Keep shedding light in a dark cold sinister world!! The truth prevail. Excellent job. I am assuming 2013 will have a lot to research and right about. Keep doing an excellent job!!! Happy holidays to you to!!!

  17. I'd like to apologize to the lovely VC as I have been one of the culprits. I'll try to behave myself however it doesn't mean I can be perfect and never repeat the same mistake. Have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year all of you!!!!! I was wondering what happened to the other site, secret arcana?

  18. VC
    As a mom of teens I am always trying to impart sound, logical, factual truths about the world in which we live. Your site has been a treasure trove of information they can relate to and learn from. Thank you for all your work. Those who fight for truth are always persecuted. It comes with the territory. We will be praying God will give you the strength, grace, and courage to continue on.

    For a case in point, we just finished watching Total Recall and then listened to what the director had to say. All of your articles about transhumanism just leapt out to all of us. They are trying – overtly trying – to bring us to a point of accepting a military state and various scientific human mutations as normal.

    Little do they know….

    • Mom im with you with (LITTLE DO THEY KNOW) keep your family ready at all times schools can't teach our children the direction towards the light.Only we have the authority to do that.Good mother you are for not allowing yours to be led to the slaughter helplessly!!!!!!!!!

      • Absolutely agree with the both of you… I notice that with a younger sibling.
        It's challenging to impart wisdom on someone who doesn't take any interest or initiative. Nonetheless, good on you- Mom

  19. Syrus Magistus on

    Awesome work, as always VC. Enjoy your holidays, as we enjoy ours. Thank you for taking the time to be here for us; we are most humbled.

  20. Fantastic holiday greeting – I agree wholeheartedly with your opinion and thank you so much for putting up this site and doing a lot of research on your own. The Bible has countless passages about the value of wisdom, and through your God-given ability, you are able to provide that to the masses. You will be so blessed for that despite any opposition here! Best wishes! :)

  21. I've been an avid reader of your site for 4 years now. It all started when someone posted a link to one of your articles with the comment "LADY GAGA IS A SATANIST". Of course everyone went all lolwut but I decided to give it a read anyway. It was easier to absorb all the information cause I was already on my path to enlightenment thanks to The Arrivals. And here I am, 4 years later, an adult who knows how to call out the medias bullshit, is practicing her religion bit by bit and does her best at spreading the truth with her voice not shaking. So thank you VC, for making me a better. Hope you have a great year ahead.x

  22. Have been a regular reader of this site for a few years now but dont really participate in the forums, rarely do tbh on any sites these days but I appreciate the hard work that goes into the articles and other areas on the site. Have even managed to get my daughter to try and read some of the stuff and its been great educationally for both of us.

    I have always been interested in this kind of information for as long as I can remember. VC is definitely one of the best sites on the web, look forward to reading more next year! Merry Christmas and all the best for the rest of 2012 and 2013 toox

    • Carolyn, from one mother to another… if I can politely suggest another uplifting website. And please, disregard if you are already aware of this jewel. This site actually led me to VC. I wish you only love and happiness.

      Find your truth*****

  23. X. I’ve always urged people to never unconditionally take my word and to look up everything for themselves.

    Just look at the art, in the art to see the named artist, Satan.

  24. thank you for your efforts 😀 im now going to play the guitar and have a sing. and if i get the chance i will slap a horse on the ass haha

  25. Thanks for a great year-in-review and for your kind and kindred spirit. I choose to own and dictate the terms of my life and not let the elites run my life. Merry Christmas and a Prosperous Happy New Year, Vigilant! Same to all the contributors to this amazing site. Enjoy!

  26. Right on VC! I wish you and your beautiful family warm blessings, peace, and love for the holidays and many,many more to come! May God bless and protect you!

  27. Keep the excellent work, VC! Thank you for existing, stay strong.
    Cheers from Brazil!
    And to all folks here, remember:

    "One law for the lion and ox is oppression." – William Blake

    • I Pray to be identified as a Sheep,and im enlightend to see you recognize our call……Bahhhhh Sheep till the second death.Bahhhhhh The world will realize on that Great Day………..Tabor

  28. Thank you for your hard work and encouraging words annonymous writer of Vigilant Citizen. Do have a Merry Christmas or joyous holiday and a wonderful New Year. Thanks again

  29. I practically never leave comments in forums, but this article was so moving and inspiring. Especially for the those of us who can get / feel lost after waking up to tall the BS in the world. I have been following this site for about 2 years now and it's information that is provides is not only great, but even some of the people leaving their comments are equally as informative. I may not be able to have "conspiracy theorist" conversations with people in my everyday life (mostly because they think I am crazy) , but it's nice to know there is a site I can come to where I know SOMEONE saw that same symbolism in a commercial, or understood the hidden message in a movie or lyric in a song. So I just have to say, keep up all the great work and I will continue to support this site. God bless all of the readers of this site. (even the haters )

  30. I am looking forward to next years reviews! Thanks for motivating me to see! Merry Christmas and happy new year to you and yours!

  31. I would like to say that I used to be one of the most deceived people you could find before I started to read this website, along with I loved Lady Gaga (I actually went to her "Monster's Ball" in full costume), believed our government had our best interest in mind, and swallowed what I was told by the media on a daily basis.

    However, before I came to this website certain things always did seem a bit off to me. Some of the symbolism seemed to stick out, and yet it didn't all at the same time. Once I began to understand it, I was able to catch it and know what the intention was of the deception.

    Now when world events occur, or a strange new music video comes out, I know exactly what is coming our way and I see everything for what it is. I would imagine the VigilantCitizen doesn't have a whole lot of time on his hands to read this comment, but if he does I would like to say to him "Thank you."

    Happy Holidays.

  32. Merry Christmas VC!!! I just wish that i could chat with you as there are a lot of question in my mind after reading through your site.

  33. That was amazing and beautifully written thankyou VC for inciting us all year long..looking foward for many many more articles in the future you are an inspiration and a true hero God Bless

  34. The best holiday message I've ever read. Thank you very much VC. Keep up the good work!
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    -From Philippines

  35. Beautiful. Thanks for taking up 5 of those for the better minutes today. :)

    It don’t get more truthful than that, folks! Blessed new year to all my fellow vigilant citizens!

    And please, VC. Keep writing. Your god-given talent needs to be shared!

  36. My daughter was just offered 700 dollars to sleep with a couple after a dance theatre performance- she said “I’m a dancer not a whore” and they got real shocked cause they got tons of money and they are big benefactors to the theatre and they told her she should be honored they picked her out of all the dancers. When she said no again they then upped the money to a 1000. She still says no and walked away. When the other dancers found out they called her an idiot-who would turn down 1000? A girl raised right with morals-that’s who. I am proud of her but I am afraid her career may suffer now that those in power know she will say no.

  37. i love you VC, you've changed my life. reading your site when i was 13 and starting homeschooling really opened my eyes and i'm never going back to sheep. Feel good to be awake. :) and i enjoy reading the comments of posts and learning more or finding someone who thinks like me. it's always good to know you're not alone.

    Merry christmas and happy holidays to everyone. i hope they're bright as ever for you and your families.

    much love. xxo ♥

  38. Many thanks for all that you do VC but with all due respect; am I to understand that we are to AVOID the deceit in this world? Shouldn’t we be confronting it with the knowledge gained from sites such as yours?

    Best wishes for you and yours in the new year!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year

  39. Thank you. That was beautiful and well said. It gave me much needed hope. And VC is right, there is so much beauty in this world, that those are the precious moments we should make plans for. God's master plan speaks through all of us. Recognize it, and increase its growth, and there will be no room or place for evil to hide.

  40. Happy New Year and New Beginning for Love & Truth! Thank you for all that you do and your work speaks for itself, no one could spread a rumor about you that would sway my respect for what you contribute to humanity. God bless you!

  41. Hi VC !
    Thanks for this post; you have summed it all up beautifully.
    Be inspired and continue to serve others.
    All the very best for now and forever.

  42. DeeperThanAtlantis on

    Keep up the good fight, VC. Keep your faith in the Most High, and he will see you through! You are correct, we are all still learning! There are some things you taught me, and there some things I can teach you. I believe in the exchanging of ideas! If anyone thinks you are crazy, please refer them to the greatest book on earth, in my opinion, the Bible; Ephesians 6:12-" For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against THE RULERS OF THE DARKNESS OF THIS WORLD, AGAINST SPIRITUAL WICKEDNESS IN HIGH PLACES"!. YAH BLESS!!

  43. People are supposed to be awake here, but yet many say "Happy Holidays" instead of Christmas! What other Holy Day do you have now but Christmas? Lets call things by their names shall we, even if it has nothing to with Jesus. Otherwise, what a joke!

    And Merry Christmas to all!

    • "…even if it has nothing to with Jesus"
      Eh? Christmas celebrates Jesus's birth. Whats goin on here? Is there some conspiracy against Jesus?

      • If you'll research it , you will find that Christmas is rooted in paganism and Jesus wasn't born this time of the year. But my point was, it is still called Christmas so lets not call it "The Holidays"

      • But its called Christmas because of Jesus. If we celebrate Christmas, we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. No getting away from it for pagans, atheists or anyone else.

    • Christmas was never mentioned in any scriptures,because it is supporting the massacre of Christ.Constantine came up with this PAGAN TRADITION not Jesus nor his Prophets.Yaweh,and Yashua DO NOT APPROVE OF THE PAGAN MESSAGE!!!!!!! aka God,nor Jesus for the confused>>>>Hebrew scriptures will not lead you wrong Torah,Torah……

  44. I've been lurking for quite some time here enjoying the knowledge I gain, also experiencing confusion and disbelief, and sometimes crying. Now, I think it's time to say thank you to you VC for, well, so much. There really are not enough words. I'm also grateful to all your readers here whose comments and sometimes debates make me smile.

    May the new year bring you and your readers a flood of blessings. Let's send healing and love to each other and all those who are in pain for various reasons. Again, many thanks!

  45. Thanks VC you are awesome!! I have read every article you you added this year ☺.

    You made me lol @ the horse comment.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

  46. Dear VC, Thank You, i dont know what i would've done without this website this year………………………But something tells me i think you are going to be even busier in 2013, more than even this year
    Whats in the dark, will come into the light…………….Cannot wait, All the best everyone. (",)

  47. thanks for the wonderful words.

    It's really easy to talk positive, say a very warm and welcoming "Hello" to someone you barely know in the alley… but, this world with all the beauties hidden and obvious, is lacking some chemistry between people, these positive thinking and saying a warm Hello is the elements of that chemistry.

    So, lets be warm to each other and really mean it, it'll return us favors no money can buy, and makes the world a better place, so, WHY NOT?

  48. Fashion___Kills on

    Thank you VC for all that you have givin to us! Youve inspired me to make my own aducational video on YouTube.

    I simply love when you give us updates! Its like my news chanel! 😀

  49. Loved this vigilant. Keep spreading the truth because eventually it will prevail to the masses.. Eventually. I thank you for all the articles posted this year and all the knowledge and enrichment you share to us. I'm an avid reader of the site and am always checking for new articles to read, when the time comes and I am fully able to do what I want in life I will seek true happiness and try to avoid all "they" throw at us. Thank you for opening my eyes to the truth. I rarely post on here just read, but this article motivated me to reply and respond. I am truly truly grateful for you being a part of my journey and a part of waking me up to the truth about this twisted world. I can see now, that God intended for me to come on this site and explore, I forgot how exactly I cam to know this site, However all I know is I thank God for giving me this sign and indication to read this blog-site. Again I genuinely can not thank you enough and please do not give up despite all the threats, hackers and spam, you ultimately stand as a shepherd not a sheep, remember that and like me have continued faith in God and Christ. Have a very blessed Christmas and prosperous 2013 I will continue to read these articles as I find my path in life X

  50. Me encanta este sitio por que no expone un tema metiendo miedo o alarmando a la poblacion como hacen muchas otras paginas desinformadoras que solo quieren crear pasividad en la gente y tenerla asustada.

    Esta pagina me gusta mucho, buen trabajo!!!

    Por cierto uso el traductor de google para leer jaja.

    Soy de españa y soy muy optimista .
    Pienso que la elite se ira del poder y van a revelarse muchas cosas.
    Sed optimistas!!!!
    Lo siento, no se ingles jeje.

  51. Love the site. Love it. I’m used to getting some of my daily spiritual food from ex ministries but you are doing a great job V let me know if you need a hand at any time we would be happy to oblige

  52. Well said!I thank you for being who you are and all that you do!I am happy to have found your site!I thank Montagraph for pointing me in this direction!This world is a wild and wacky place but like you said,and I thank you for this,it is also a very beautiful place and it is up to us whether we should let the darkness rule us or rise above and shine on the lies!Expose the truth!God bless you and your loved ones as well as Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!Keep up the great work that you were meant to do!

  53. Thank you VC for your wonderful work and your inspirational message. You are doing a great job and I always recommend this site to my friends. Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you, staff and fellow readers of VC.

  54. I am always inspired by the information given on this site,thanks VC your leadership towards the truth is greatly needed in this WORLD not just this site.I am just a bit confused as to why some of your viewers believe in these Pagan dates, and are wishing happiness on a date built up by propaganda and supported by the evil or blind? I wish everyone,every day be filled with Blessings from Yah,or God whatever name you all choose.Yesuah will soon return,and as you say in Jesus name.May the door of light begin to open……..

  55. thanks VC for enlightening us all through these years. it is great to learn about the truth together.may God shower his choicest blessings upon all of us and keep us away from the wrong path. happy holidays and have a great new year ahead.
    love farah

  56. Thank you, VC. I absolutely LOVE your website and I'm so grateful to have a solid and honest place to further my education, and widen my perspective. Opening up to the truth took years and a lot of sadness, but coming here brings me to a hopeful place. The work you do is incredible. We are blessed to have such an prolific resource at our finger tips. God bless. Merry Christmas, and all that jazz.

  57. It's nice that all kinds of people come here for these articles, personally I enjoy the analysis of symbols even if I strongly differ from you in what I interpret, but such is pop art/culture.

  58. Thank you for sharing your enlightenment with us VC. I've learned a lot from your sight and research encouragement within the last year! Happy holidays to you and your family.

    Happy holidays to my fellow VC readers as well. May you all be blessed with happiness and love!

    – love from East Africa

  59. Gloom and doom, the very bits of sustenance that modern mankind needs for survival.
    I love this site for having such clear vision and that said, there is no doubt in my mind that we are in those last days as described in St.John’s Vision of the Apocalypse, and I find that to be just fine. The Good Lord coming back to right all of the wrongs and to cast evil into the lake of fire is just the recipe for what ills society today. Pity that our sense of time does not run counter to that of God’s. I’ve come to believe that in the Almighty’s way of thinking, Jesus was just here and that “end times” and “generations” may be beyond our collective understanding, time-wise.
    That said, VC is right, as always. There is no reason for gloom. I don’t believe that the average citizen can do anything to derail power and money or their intentions…nothing more than educate themselves and the loved ones around them in trying to save them from wrong choices.

  60. I don't normally post but, as everyone else said, your work is much appreciated… it's enlightening, insightful, and informed. Keep it up, brutha!!!

  61. Well VC this site is on of the last ones standing that posts on are regular basis. It can't be easy so I thank you for doing such a great job as an alternative to mass media. We need you now more that ever. The madness never ends and of course we couldn't get out of 2012 without yet another tragedy. I've been coming here to see if you have anything to help try and make sense of the massacre at Sandyhook. Of course the major coverage just turns us into voyers on those poor people. But it has the same feel as all the other lone gunman shootings and I smell a rat. Would love to see a post on that, if you have any.

  62. I check this site everyday coz i love it an love the fact that u confirm what ive always thought. Its nice to know there are like minded people out there. Great article as always VC u always keep it real. Thank you for being an inspiration

  63. God has 7 Holy Feasts: Passover, Unleavened Bread, First Fruits, Pentecost, Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles. They begin 14 Abib and end on the 8th day of Tabernacles 22 Tishrei.
    God did not intend for a Festival of Lights, Hanukkah or Christmas. Time to Wake Up!

  64. One of my greatest dicoveries of 2012 was this website and I’m amazed at the truth that comes from this space. Thank you for saying it as it is and no matter how much people try to hide it,the truth will ALWAYS prevail. Continue the good work and God will bless and strengthen you always. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Abuja,Nigeria!!!!

  65. I don’t celebrate Christmas bc it’s not in the bible, but thank you for everything that you have brought to my attention in all that I have read here at CC I share as much as I can with family and friends. Have a blessed night.

  66. As a reader, I’ve been coming to this site for over a year now and the amount of knowledge you get from VC is marvelous. To find a website that “informs” as well as connect the dots on present media proganda is all to fascinating. Thanks VC keep up the great work! Stay vigilant and most importantly humble! Happy holidays from NY :)

  67. Wonderfully said, VC. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to all VC monsters (OH, sorry, too Lady Gaga-ish) out there. Be safe. BTW, it's boiling hot here in Perth, Western Australia, so I'm off to the beach.

  68. VC this is a beautiful article…just the perfect gift for today! Have a very blessed New Year to you, your staff and all of my fellow enlightened and independent readers. Let us remember our agenda this New Year and beyond. God bless us all!

  69. MetamorphosisOfGipsy on

    VC is a brilliant website and this article is really awesome and encouraging!
    Thank you for that!
    I love it and I appreciate and admire the way you write, analyze, research and keep it unbiased.
    Thank you for your work and may God bless you and keep you vigilant!
    The truth will never die and God will not be mocked!
    The evil "force" will soon be wiped off this planet!
    Jesus Christ reigns forever!
    Blessed Holidays and I wish peace and joy to everyone!
    Life indeed is beautiful, because we have a higher hope!
    Don't give up people, we have THE one and only KING on our side!

    "16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
    17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
    18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because he has not believed in the name of God's one and only Son.
    19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.
    20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.
    21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what he has done has been done through God." – John 3:16-21

  70. Love and Peace on

    Happy Holidays to everyone…..I have always been skeptical of the world around me, and The VC has been an absolute eye-opener…..I am an avid fan of the VC and would like to express my heartfelt thanks. Keep up the good work, and don't allow others to get under your skin. Best wishes for the year ahead to you and fellow fans.

  71. thanks happy holidays to you too, i am relative new at this researching of the truth and as you said i was becoming bitter and depressed after discovering how sick is the world and all the elite stuff and i didn't even realize until i started reading this message of yours, so thanks for that and congratulations for your great work, i'm so glad i found this blog, you should think about the possibility of going further and start writing your articles in spanish too, so your work could reach many truth-seekers who are not english speakers from many countries of latin america and spain like me

  72. VC,

    One of your best posts EVER that was just discussing this site/your work!! I liked the things said about how Many of us have differing opinions & how that is a good/HEALTHY thing, as long as discussed & debated maturely & rationally!! 😀 Thank you for doing more articles as of late, on the Other aspects of the Big Picture, not ONLY the pop culture aspect! Hope you have/had a great/fun holiday, as well as everyone else here!!



  73. Thank you VC for writing this blog. Happy holidays to you too!

    You are like Gandalf – not intruding, but giving information and food for thought :)

    For the new year, I would wish you to have less and less what to write about, but since you like writing… :) I will just wish that some positive change happens that you could write about :)

    Warm greetings!

  74. the crazy betty on

    I am a sheep but my Shepherd is Jesus Christ – not these losers and evil doers in the media. Love the post VC – rings true and your site is one of my all time favorites. May God richly bless you and keep up the good work! you are a light in the darkness…a voice crying out in the wilderness…you are a rare find and your insight is greatly needed in today's marketplace…

  75. Dear VC, happy holidays! I am so blessed to get to know you! I check this website almost every day.Back to 2009, my cousin told me about these things but I didn’t totally buy it since at that time I didn’t have a religion. One year later, I got to know about Christianity but I was not quite understanding. 2011, GOD let me know about this evil world and evil things again. I started to think “If the evil things are true, there must be a GOD. Black and white, good and evil.” I have to say it really helped me to get into Christianity. And gradually I have been caring about morals and principles more than superficiality and materialism. Thank you VC! You really help me!

    1John2:15-16 Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world.

  76. “Strong values indeed cause people to say ‘NO’…” <- Love it.

    Beautiful, VC. Thank you for what you do. I wish you and everyone else Happy Holidays and a very Happy New Year! :)

  77. Nice message. However, i feel it is important to note that when we live our lives to the fullest and according to our own values, we are simply conforming to the agenda of the occult elite. Their agenda is the so called apotheosis of the human race where man is law and God has no say in the affairs of man. When we deny a Higher power and Moral and Spiritual absolutes and submit to relative values and ideas we exalt the occult theories of ecumenism and unity in diversity. When we refuse to be the sheep of Christ and insist on being our own shepherds, we become enslaved to the luciferan doctrine of self divinity. The only way to overcome the elite is by submitting to Jesus. Investigating facts without having Jesus in our lives would only end up making us educated devils.

  78. I admit I am a sheep. I read your articles and i see the evidence but for some reason when im done i just plop the earbuds back in and get to lip synching kanye or I will pop in a video game and go into a virtual world riddled with symbolism. You think the music is bad? These games are crawling with elite (illuminati)symbolism. I mention this stuff to friends once in a while and they actually agree sometimes but they are just like me. they download another mixtape roll another blunt and the illuminati shit just doesnt seem to matter anymore. When i got rent to pay and busses to catch and jobs to work being vigilant just really doesnt find any time in my schedule. What can we do anyways? Expose the government? riot? Doesnt matter b/c in the end sheep or not we are all goin out the same way.

    • No Mask, we're not all going the same way. Do you think we will be going the same direction on the Day of Judgement? Regardless of what you believe, God is watching our every move and He knows our every thought. It doesn't matter that nobody may see you fight back against the Illuminati and give up everything they feed the masses. God will see, and to Him, this matters.

      Good luck brother

  79. I love your articles and want to ginuinely thank you for taking the time to research the truth and putting it in a way that is easy to comprehend. I look forward to every article and am also at the point where I have just gotten out of the "funk" that some of us feel after realizing whose world we are reallly living in, but as you said, good=God always beats evil=Devil. He knows Jesus is coming back soon so he is trying to bring out his heavy hitters now. It's just like a chest game. When you know your Queen is about to die, you throw everything you got at the opposing player. He is time is coming to an end very quickly. I am happy I have been a ready of your site for the past two years and it has helped me to inform my husdand and will help me to protect my 11 month old precious baby girl. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS!

  80. So sad to hear about the hackings and such you experienced this year. :'( Just want to say i really appreciate this site and all the hard work you put into it. God bless you and thanks for educating me that much more.

  81. Beautiful words, just beautiful! Thank you for caring VC, thank you for teaching us what otherwise we might never understood. I love this site and always will. Happy holidays!

  82. Thanks for sticking your neck out! I for one have never thought your motivations are anything else other than truth or the pursuit of it. Your site finally made me realize the true source of the worlds problems. Before the 'penny dropped' as it were I used to fall into ideological traps. I now realize truth and justice is the answer. Hopefully people in positions of power will start doing their jobs properly in 2013 and beyond. The only way this is going to happen is with the issues discussed on this site becoming accepted as mainstream. Knowing this is a burden to start with, but it gets easier with time and maintaining a good sense of humor and getting out and living life to the max is what its all about. Feliz Pascua todos!!

  83. VigilantCitizen420 on

    Regarding Bosco's comment:

    Over the years, in an attempt to wake up slumbering friends and acquaintances, I have forwarded some of your articles to others. It's always interesting to see who understands and who doesn't. Some open their minds; some slam the door and lock it.

    I experience this everyday! … I am always testing friends and family members with articles from this site, and a number of other sources and agree it is interesting, fascinating, and shocking at some of the responses you get.

    I was most shocked when I spoke to my dad about this earlier in the year… His mind was already completely open and said it had been for years… not that we ever talked about it before this. Most of the things I was talking about he knew already. He said he was glad I was finally awake and the reason he didn't speak to me before was because of reactions he had had in the past. He thought it was best for me to find out in my own time. My older sister on the other hand…. amazingly closed minded and not willing to accept any of it!! BS is the only response we get! I guess I understand where my dad was coming from.

    I, on the other hand will keep trying to wake as many human beings as possible, and lift the dark veil over all peoples eyes; the most important one being your minds eye!

    Happy New Year VC and to all readers.

    Bless. Peace, and Much Love

  84. Don't ever be discouraged from what you believe in. The elite is becoming increasing blatant with their world and when someone (you and your team) highlights it they become upset all because YOU are taking the time to edify individuals who either do not know better or blinded by 'the world'.
    And you are sure right – God knows and sees all things and their time will come when they have to answer to him.
    All the best and onto another year – 2013!

  85. A big thank you from me as well.

    You're right about the fact that the rubbish being thrown at us and the imminence of danger should not take over our lives. I often notice those who are misled by the mainstream media think truth seekers ''wear tin foils'', ''are depressed/ depressing'' and deliberately look for upsetting information. I've heard it so many times – ''You people can't see any good side to the world, all you do is complain, all you do is point out tragedies and mistakes, share conspiracy theories etc''. Of course, their ''good side of the world'' resides in the falseness of television, in free promiscuity, in lies which sound good and so forth. Others read self-help books, see psychologists twice a week, and still can't figure out what's missing in their lives, why they feel they are spiritually stagnating. Confusion leads to depression.

    Meanwhile, many of those who speak against the NWO value life and the virtues of human nature; they seem energised, full of life, inspiring and motivating – the complete opposite of how they are portrayed by the media. Truth is liberation, strength, a stable direction in life. Confused people can't understand because they haven't experienced it; their energy goes towards futile rubbish fed to them by the media and the entertainment industry. They can't make sense of the fact that others can be truly happy rejecting the fakery they see as the source of their happiness. That's a shame but they still have a chance to wake up. :)

  86. Dani (just married!) on

    Thanks VC :) Great research, interesting articles- just a fascinating site over-all… so glad I came across it :) Happy Holidays and have Fantabulous New Year! Looking forward to see what unfolds in 2013… have a feeling it's the year to watch, this one….

  87. Happy New Year VC* so glad that i know im not alone and many others can see,,,,Thats a great feeling to see the mass's united in understanding…..

  88. Vigilant citizen, you are a beacon of light in a very dark and troubled time. Thank you for taking the time to share your gift with us. Whoever you are, know that you are reaching many people from all walks of life and I like the way you have a balanced and wise way of putting your message across, it really appeals to my sense of truth. I cannot tell you how much you have helped me on my sojourn through life by opening my eyes to the truths that I knew were there but coudnt quite pinpoint. Please stay vigilant and know that you are not alone in your quest for truth, righteousness and a better world. May the Good Lord recognise and bless your efforts.

  89. Yes, I completely agree, although I find this really difficult to do, to try to be happy, because as long as our children are being kidnapped for satanic rituals and are being raped and experimented upon, I will never rest in peace. I will be the Avenger, I will await the arrival of Imam Mahdi, God willing his arrival will be in my lifetime. Then I will fight.

    For that day I wait. For that day I live and breathe.

  90. Hey VC :) Just wanted to say TY for your blog I am a regular since the beginning of this year and you always have the best info :) Thank you so much :) xx Keep up the great work mate!! :) xxxxx

  91. Soldier of God on

    This was well said VC and thank you for all of your research, insight and willingness to be persecuted for uncovering the real truths that lie beneath all of the lies in the media. The lies Satan tells the masses, and sells to them as the truth, are fleeting reminders of the evil that is consuming the world. When you become the object of someone else's obsession, and you become the target of hate, it's only because you have hit on a nerve and unraveling truth ALWAYS hits a nerve to those who are trying to keep the lies going! Keep up the good work and keep searching for the truth. Your following stands behind you and beside you and God is there before you……

  92. Vigilant Teenager on

    Just thought I'd let everyone see my opinion on this. I've finally come to a realization and sort of an…epiphany of sorts. Now what ever your religious preference is I'm sure you can also agree with me on this. I was watching this documentary on the History channel on Free Mason's, the Illuminati, etc. They literally said everything this website has said lol. But as I was watching it, I think God finally allowed me to gain the knowledge of these "Evil" groups as we have come to call them.

    In Free Masonry don't they try to get both the left, and the right side balanced to open their "3rd eye" to get to god? Well I'm a Christian but I've feel like this has happened to me. I've always been emotionally connected to God, (The Right) and now I've finally achieved the Knowledge half (The left).

    Anyways, I feel the ultimate Goal with all this Illuminati, Free Masonic bull shit, is that they want to be better than everyone. They want to be God. They want all the power, all the glory, they want to be with god, and want us stuck down here doing their dirty work. Maybe they want to be even better than God, who knows. But biblicaly, this desire for power goes back LONG before us.

    Lucifer was the first person to sort of, start this domino effect. He craved power, he wanted to be god, better than him. So he tried to become better then him and become better then anyone else. Isn't that what those groups are doing? Aren't they trying to become better then everyone else and achieve a status of God? Well, I feel like they will end up with the SAME fate Lucifer will get. They will all get what's coming to them in the end. I'm sure of it. They will fall, and crumble just like Satan will. It's so amazing how something like this is JUST like what happened before the creation of man. I guess History has a tendency to repeat itself?

    This isn't meant to be a Religious debate. I'm just sharing my thoughts on this whole thing guys. I'm not trying to force my views on you or anything. You can believe what you want to believe. :) HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

  93. I only found your site this week. I've learned a lot already. Thanks for your hard work and this post in particular. Happy New Year and God Bless.

  94. Seasons greetings and may you have a bright and prosperous new year. This is one of my favorite websites and has been a great help in my search of “The Truth”. Looking forward to reading many more informative articles in the year to come. All the best

  95. It's been a pleasure learning from your site for the past 3 years you are very insightful, objective and when kesha admitted to what you had initially suggested that showed you had an idea of what you were talking about

  96. Start sending care packages to ALL MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS with NWO literature, Steve Jackson’s RPG crad games, food, printed copies of VC articles that relate to specific areas (Russian troops get world capital conspiracy Kazaistan and British troops get Princess Diana murder conspiracy occult messages article). Anything and everything from the oblivious conspiracies to the far fetched ones like project blue beam, Roswell, military moon bases, It’s the Zionists, it’s the Jesuits, holocaust hoax, Rothchild thinks they are satan’s children, etc… You can donate them (even African villages) printed articles, literature like “Behold a pale horse” or “Cures they don’t want you to know about”, infowars magazines, burned DVD copies of lectures from John Todd/Manly P. Hall/Bill Cooper/David Icke, Alex Jones documentaries, etc… Letters with your families life stories photos of your children, your life goals, your accomplishments, asking them about similarities, start a truth movement for the soliders, let the cilivan sheep sleep and they’ll translate it.

  97. As usual, highly encouraging! Being a reader now for over two years, I unfortunately do not contribute content… However, I am not only wide awake, I am interested in knowing more and notice obvious signs and symbols all around the streets of my city (through ads, other various propaganda).

    Long story short, happy new year! And thank you!

  98. Thankyou soooo much for posting this….I was kinda being sucked into all of this…like it was over shawdowing my life, but God still sits high on the throne and I have to continually practice putting my trust in him. My eyes are def more opened because of this site and others. But I have to stay balanced! Thanks again….happy holidays

  99. Thanks VC for leading the way! I'm from a culture that tends to accept things at face value. Even in my 40's and being a father of 3, I never realized all the evil happening around me, right before my eyes. I never knew how naive I was, so I can imagine how so many others are just 'duped' and led by the nose by people with calculated intent of destroying pure values and replacing it with a controlled, fabricated mindset. Thanks for opening people's minds – we may be a minority but the sense of passion and urgency for promoting the truth is very crucial. So, here's to the true, good and pure! Happy New Year everyone!!!

  100. I Pray that with the New Year here, That we all become wiser, happier and more aware of the world around us! Despite the pure evil that the media pushes at we must stick together and spread the word. Division is the enemies weapon. Despite or religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds. We must all have hope that through strength we can win Together!

  101. So well said. People really do get so caught up in the evil that they forget to LIVE. Thank you VC for all you do for all your readers. It's so appreciated. Happy Holidays! <3

  102. Happy Holidays VC!
    Thanks for another amazing year of refreshing literature!
    Screw the haters and the hackers – Be proud! You know you're hitting a raw nerve somewhere up in the elite ranks…. A JOB WELL DONE!

  103. Vigilant, you've done an amazing job at opening my eyes and finding the truth. While I take everything on the internet with a grain of salt, I admire the amount of research you put into your articles and I can honestly say that to do something like this without reward, it has to be a labor or love. I've been visiting the site for 2-3 years now and am glad that if my instinct tells me something is up with the media, politics, or the music industry that you have already addressed it or will address it in the future. May you have a prosperous, blessed, and safe 2013! Much love and thanks to you, your family, and you're amazing supporters.

  104. I want to add my appreciation along with everyone else. Your work has helped me tie together the fragments of my own research and gut feeling over the years. The anger that comes with these truths can be debilitating and yes, we must avoid being sucked in. All this darkness is a great backdrop for the truth…seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…

    I would like to post a link here for a free download of my new album. This music is intended to be a healing balm for your soul in the midst of this bitter world.

    Grace and Peace to all,

  105. happy xmas to you vc,and thanks for your kind words.I pray you stay humble,open-minded and unbreakable.
    Anyway,i wanted to share something :
    it happened the day after chris brown's concert,in abidjan,cote d'ivoire-and really close to the stadium Felix Houphouet Boigny where the said concert took place.
    Ritual sacrifice??I think so.
    Best regards from Cote d'Ivoire,West Africa

  106. Exactly what I needed to hear. Thankyou, perfect perspective! Happy New Year! Lets live life to the fullest in 2013.

  107. Thank you VC, you were part of a huge shift in my life in the past few years I realised how stupid it was to value materialistic stuff and let TV and the press rule the way you think, what you should look like and behave! I stopped watching TV and I never open a fashion magazine again. I am still surprised how many adverts I used to be exposed to and as a "girly girl" how that affected the way I felt about myself and my life, like getting that new perfume or renewing all my closet for the latest trend was going to change my life! Honestly if I'm somewhere where the TV is on, I get dizzy! I am happier, more in peace and what I value the most are the people I love. My time and energy goes to them and enjoying real things in life, like cooking a beautiful meal, learning something new and immersing myself in the nature as much as I can.

    I know that I am not alone in this and that more and more people are realising that we need to protect ourselves from the owners of the money and live by positive values instead of greed, fear and darkness. It will take time, but as more and more people realise that we have been living in a creepy amusement park I am sure that the world will take a turn. I want to have children in a couple of years and I have thought that maybe I shouldn't, because how will I protect them from this minefield the world has become? But now I know that if I bring them up with strong values and teach them how to think critically, not only they will be fine but they will may even contribute to the wakening of others, just like you do.

    We will never stop being human beings no matter how much they try to turn us into robots, and we will wake up!!

    I wish you a happy new year and that the voices of the people who love what you write always shout stronger that the ones who try to bring you down.

    All the best.

    • We have similar values and changes in life.However…
      I wold not decide weather to have kids or not.Scripture is clear on this regard and will of God still higher than sinister plots of darkness.
      We had prophetic utterance-as soon as the world will start to crumble Lord will guide and protect His own miraculously and supernaturally.Children included.

  108. Thank you so much for you information you have no idea how much you have opened up our eyes….. Happy New Year VC all the way from Zambia, Africa……..

  109. Just something I’m throwing out there, I noticed how here on this website christians and athiests get along. I don’t know why in real life we have to argue but I guess that’s what makes us human. If we all agreed on everything we’d be nothing more than robots. I’m not saying go kill someone becaue you disagree but instead have a friendly debate if things start to get heated then let the conversation go. This website kind of also reminds me of the buddhas teachings and how it teaches you to open your eyes. Thank you to whoever wrote this for opening my eyes but I will take your advice and go outside,spend time with my family.

  110. Sedated_Princess on

    Well said VC. I just started looking at your site & I think you have a good thing going here. I really like how down to earth, and straight to the point you are. Getting the info without the theatrics. Remembering the truth is good and that everything will be ok in the end. I was reading my Bible tonight and I came across this verse in Isaiah that really spoke to me. I’ve been in some fear lately. I wouldn’t have fear at ALL if it was just me but I have a 2 yr old son to protect by myself & if anything happened to harm him in any way I just couldn’t bear it. Having him opens me up to complete vulnerability when it comes to emotional pain. So anyways I felt like the Lord gave me this verse tonight.

    “Who are you that you fear mortal men, the sons of men who are but grass, that you forget the Lord your Maker, who stretched out the heavens and laid the foundations of the earth, that you live in constant terror every day because of the wrath of the oppressor, who is bent on destruction? For where is the wrath of the oppressor? The cowering prisoners will soon be set free; they will not die in their dungeon nor will they lack bread. For I am the Lord your God, who churns up the sea so that it’s waves roar- the Lord Almighty is His name. I have put my words in your mouth and covered you with the shadow of my hand- I who set the heavens in place, who laid the foundations of the earth, and who say to Zion, “You are my people.” Isaiah 51:12-16

    • You shouldn't have fear about the child. The child is only 2 and an angel, it will be absolutely fine if something happens to it. It will have eternal life. The other ones, the illuminated, should live in fear as there is nothing that could pull them out of the hellhole they'll probably spend eternity. The prince of darkness has promised them a good place in hell. Deluded people who can't see the woods from the trees. They'll be burning forever with worms coming out of every hole of their bodies. No prince of darkness can change the set of hell. It is what it is. They are victims of unlimited wickedness and they have no clue or they have?

  111. "give a horse a great big slap on the ass"

    I don´t agree with that part!

    we should respect animals and treat them right!

  112. Yes, it is certainly easy to get lost these days… Maybe too easy, I'm afraid… But as long as we stand firm, and believe in the sovereign goodness and love of God, and the deep-seated inner goodness and willingness of man, and keep following the rightious path that has been made for us who know the real truth, the True Light and the absolute power of the Light and the Good side, we shall prevail and endure. Becuase if we stray from that rightious path, and let us be led astray and allow ourselves to fall prey to and become one with the Dark side and its minions, we won't know what to do next to serve the just and loving Creator. Because ones we're astray, and fumble and tumble in the dark, we are easily decieved, and then we're easy prey to the Dark One, whose dark will and evil intentions and ambitions are made and filled with darkness and malice that will make us fall even further from the Light One. But remember; always follow and be true to your inspirations and aspirations. Always.

    "Where Light is absent, Darkness prevails"

  113. Thank you. I didnt like to read much until I came across your site. I can’t image the time and effort you have to put out just to keep up in today’s world. Seems like everyone’s doing something .. Coming out from the shadows now I guess. I can’t wait for your review of Beyonces Half time show during superbowl!

  114. Thanks VC for being a light in the dark, a place where some of us can go to not feel crazy. God bless you and yours.

  115. Thanks VC another well written inspiring piece and I was nodding the Whole time. Since the first article you've ALWAYS urged us to do research ourselves. That's something I've admired you for and I'm working on teaching my sister the same thing.

    So many people just listen to one person and accept everything b/c it's easier, but that's the easiest way to get tricked and trip up. Thanks for everything you've done, and I hope this site stays up until the end of time! This was home for me for the past two years.

    The things I learned about the elite were so disturbing, i'd spend nights awake, or I'd sleep with the light on, for weeks at a time, but I'd never felt so… alive. I was wide awake both metaphorically and physically and it's thanks to you and your Gaga interpretations xD

    Your articles opened doors for conversation with my granny and my dad, (I showed them the Georgia Guidestones and the Denver International Airport. My dad was amused but he actually believed it and my granny was both appalled, entertained, and most importantly, aware though all she could say was it's biblical O.o my granny is well versed in Masonry b/c time ago someone sold her one of the books the masons actually use, anyway, she saw the symbols and she was like that's a Masonic symbol! it was nice, she even wants us to go there to see for ourselves, which we will, as soon as i get a job, it's been over 12 months already!) I shared with strangers on, what was then I'd post links to your articles and pics you had and added your links for everyone to see, and i had some come by and comment and challenge me and i'd do research and gain knowledge and debate appropriately. Show them the truth, though they didn't really care, or pretended to be interested so i'd date them, like i didn't see That coming -_-Even here in the forums, i'd debate and make friends, and frienemies xD (i consider you All my friends and fam, even those i disagree with, just don't be rude to me ^-^) i learned SO much.

    so thanks, you've been a great help. more than you know. changed my life!

    lately i've been caught up in materialism and the weights of living, especially without a job, without ambition, without a purpose it feels, but i'll get back up this year. Back then, you gave my life meaning. Made me care about something other than an idiot guy i loved. so yeah, cheers =)

  116. Holy cow. That's all I can say. I found this site today thru a FB page that is relatively new and have spent my entire Sunday opening my eyes. I am saddened, bewildered, and appalled, but now aware. Thanks (?) lol.

  117. VC !……. You're da man…. thanks for another full year of awesome information…. Their "great work" is on the brink of collapse no matter how much they pretend it's not….. lookin' forward to a year of change ahead…. !
    Cheers :-)

  118. This is my favorite site to visit every week and get enlightening informations. Keep up the good works. Don't be afraid to let the Truth be known.

    • hmmm believe it or not I haven't been in Disneyland because of VC's site. I was never keen on disneyland however I was planning to visit Disneyland Paris for 3-4 days maximum and decided to abandon the idea. Furthermore, I found more sites concerning W Disney and Disneyland and I thought to myself there must be an element of truth. That was in February 2010. So thank you for opening my eyes regarding W Disney and his magic.

  119. I really appreciate this post, VC, particularly about not getting lost and seizing the moment. It’s easy to get depressed by this knowledge (and feeling alone, thinking that you’re the only one who believes it), though at the same time it’s empowering. It’s good to be reminded that despite all the shit that’s going on, yeah, life IS beautiful.
    Keep up the good work!

  120. Beautiful article! Thank you so much for what you do on your website!!! I discovered your website this past July, and I honestly have not looked at the world the same since. It has been very freeing to discover the "truth" about this evil world we live in. Many, many thanks for what you do!!

  121. I enjoy your site immensely. Not sure we agree about everything but who does? I think one thing I wish you'd consider is that a lot of these celebrities are doing this stuff specifically because it enrages certain people, usually religious people whom it's blatantly obvious, even to an atheist like me, they hate with a tremendous passion.

    While everyone else was getting excited about the Superbowl and the commercials…my first thought was actually I wonder what VC's going to say about Beyonce's halftime show, HA! I know for damn sure that article should be about a hundred times more entertaining than the performance itself. As usual there isn't anything on TV that can even come close to comparing to all the stuff on the internet. That said, I find it entertaining…rarely enlightening. I feel like were the internet a well, we'd be going to it to get our poison instead of our water. I think there's something going on, I just don't believe anyone has a clue exactly what it is. I think that once again humanity will prove to not be as smart as we fancy ourselves, from the lowest farm hand to the snootiest of intellectuals.

    Keeo it up and be well.

  122. ruthlesslytrue on

    Thanks for the positive article i notice that this site can put me at a low mood (at times) but your advice was really informing. everybody should open up their eyes and learn the truth because it helps you avoid being brain washed and corrupted by society! yeah for vigilant! yeah for no ignorance! only the truth sets you free!

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