Why the Death of the Man Who Was Not Behind 9/11 Was Announced on May 1st


It is in times like these that a line is drawn between critical thinkers and those who get swiped by media crap-storms; Between those who understand the complexity of a situation and those who’d rather not know; Between those who comprehend the underlying motives of the elite and those who go outside chanting “USA! USA!”.

On the evening of May 1st 2011, Barak Obama’s statement was one of triumph and celebration. He claimed that, with the death of Osama Bin Laden, “justice was served”. The media spin following the announcement was equally as celebratory: “It is a great day for America and the world”…”The biggest piece of news since 9/11″…”We’ll all remember where we were when we’ve heard this news”…The entire “event” was artificially inflated, exaggerated and glorified.

Should the death of a man cause happiness and celebrations? Since when have we devolved into such a barbaric state? Because he perpetrated 9/11? Did he also cause the Building 7 to implode? Damn you Osama and your team of engineers!

I’ll spare you the entire “9/11 was an inside job” speech, as I know most of this site’s readers are all too aware of it. In this case, why should we care if Ben Laden is dead or not? Is he really dead? Did he die nine years ago? Who really knows? We’re living in an era of artificial, fully staged, media-generated events. Why was Bin Laden’s death announced on the evening of May 1st?  Because it was the required sacrifice of the “most magical time of the year”, which was launched with the Royal Wedding.



May 1st, or May Day, was considered by several cultures to be an important holiday, especially in occult circles due to celestial alignments. In Illuminati lore, it is regarded as the second most important day of the year. In fact, the Order of the Bavarian Illuminati was founded on May 1st 1776.

In Europe, it is called the Beltane festival, an ancient Gaelic celebration of sexuality, fertility…and blood sacrifices.

“Supposedly, animal sacrifices would be made each Beltane to ensure the fertility of their crops, however, every five years the Highland Celts would sacrifice humans, the numbers being made up of convicted criminals and prisoners of war. They would be sacrificed by the Druids, though the manner of their death would vary. Many were supposedly shot with arrows, but descriptions of Gaulish Celt ceremonies have them being burnt alive in huge wicker men.”
– Source

The origins of the Beltane festival can be traced back to the celebration of the Sumerian God Enlil – who is known to us as Baal. The name Beltane (pronounced “B’yal-t’n”) is said to originate from the word Baal. Celebrations of the Beltane festival are very similar to ancient rituals celebrating the ancient god. The mysterious similarities between these seemingly distant cultures could be the subject of an entire article. One thing is for sure: Baal is an important figure in Illuminati lore.

“In Middle-Eastern lore, Baal was killed and descended into the underworld, whereupon he was returned to life by the powers of his sister-lover, Anat. Baal is thus associated with the seasonal cycles and the coming of spring and crops. This was reflected in Beltane festivals, which culminated with the symbolic marriage of the Winter God and Spring Goddess (or King Winter and Queen May). Queen May, in the festivals, was a mother earth figure. The word Baal means lord or husband. In the mating of King Winter and Queen May, earth and sky were joined, and fertility and life were symbolically rekindled in animals, people, and nature.”
– Jane Adams, The Selected Papers of Jane Adams

“Through analogy and through the belief that one can control or aid the powers of nature by the practice of magic, particularly sympathetic magic, sexuality might characterize part of the cult of the Baʿals and ʿAshtarts. Post-Exilic allusions to the cult of Baʿal Pe’or suggest that orgies prevailed. On the summits of hills and mountains flourished the cult of the givers of increase, and “under every green tree” was practised the licentiousness which was held to secure abundance of crops. Human sacrifice, the burning of incense, violent and ecstatic exercises, ceremonial acts of bowing and kissing, the preparing of sacred cakes (see also Asherah), appear among the offences denounced by the post-Exilic prophets; and show that the cult of Baʿal (and ʿAshtart) included characteristic features of worship which recur in various parts of the Semitic (and non-Semitic) world, although attached to other names.”
– W. Robertson Smith and George F. Moore, Baal

Ancient beliefs and rituals are an intricate part of today’s Illuminati’s occult practices. As their symbolism and modus-operandi are slowly infused into society, their previously secret rituals are now conducted on a mass scale. The masses become clueless participants of their occult festivities, not knowing they actually adding their potency.


In Conclusion

The Mujahideen were recruited and formed in the late 70’s by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the United States National Security Advisor of Jimmy Carter (Brzezinski is today Obama’s main policy advisor). The military group was trained by the United States in order to repel Russian forces from Afghanistan. Bin Laden was trained by the CIA to fight the Communists and
the Taliban are a by-product of this US created movement.

Since the fall of the USSR, Bin Laden and his Taliban served a new agenda: providing an excuse for the invasion of key middle-eastern countries under the guise of a “war on terror”. In 2001, about 15 minutes after the second plane hit the WTC, the image of Bin Laden was shown on television. He was the ideal patsy on who to blame the attacks and the perfect boogey-man to scare the American people. This scapegoat allowed the unquestioned invasion of Afghanistan, of Iraq. He even facilitated the enactment of the aberration called the Patriot Act.

In 2011, Bin Laden’s usefulness to the Agenda has ran its course. Furthermore, the Obama administration needed an exploit to boost its poll ratings until the next elections. Consequently, in a classic combination of occult rituals with pragmatic politics, the death of Bin Laden was announced on May 1st 2011 with triumph and jubilation. Through CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX, millions of viewers rejoiced at the death of man in the same matter ancient peasants rejoiced at the offering of human sacrifices to Baal. In a dumbed-down, politicized and “Illuminati-sed” version of the Beltane Festival, the masses have celebrated the ritual sacrifice of a man and, without even realizing it, partook in one of the Illuminati’s most important holidays.




    • I don't really watch TV anymore but a family member had the TV on

      and the Media showed a really low resolution (poor quality) image

      of a bed room with what looked like blood all over the floor. When

      I saw that it reminded me of the really poor video footage of the

      B.P. Oil Spill which the Media labeled one of greatest catastrophes

      in US History. Which was a total lie if you do your research.

      Lenon Honor anyone?

      Don't you think it's interesting that in this day and age the average

      person with a cell phone or digital camera can take better pictures

      then the Media of Military? Anyone with any common sense would

      notices this and question the validity of the image(s) right away.

      One word….


      • The real Osama Bin Laden died in 2001 of kidney failure. Yes he died before 911.

        He was a CIA operative trained by the CIA. They knew of his kidney issues. So they used his face to be the #1 Terrorist in the world/most wanted. It was an easy lie and yes like we have all this technology: infared, prone airplanes, digistal GPS, etc etc..and he just now died? Your killin me softly America.

        Go figure and do some research instead of using FOX, CBS, ABC, CNN as ur coffee.


      • Great article.

        When I heard that Osama was killed, I knew this is part of the Illuminati plan/agenda.

        I didn't rejoice over the death of Osama, and I think none should be.

        I found it somewhat strange people were so happy that Osama was declared dead, they acted like they won the lottery or something.

        Like something is going to change for the better now, yeah right…

      • u r soo right. Ppl in america n everywhere else r just so ignorant.i wish everyone cud know the truth but ppl just dont want to hear it.anything that challenges their belief,they dont want to know.i didn rejoice either.he was dead anyway.n its ironic how a a noble prize winner of peace wants to celebrate the death of someone.peace loving my ass.its sad how much evil humans are.

      • This is the age of TRUTH! There will be those that will not be fooled by the media, poltics, and agendas agianst the TRUTH! I think that more then ever we are spirtiually awakening to what the world has truly become and some of us will learn to not be of the world. Pay attention to what is going on all around us. Be focused on The Word which is with GOD.

      • Yes, Lenon Honor was "on point" about the BP oil. This "Sadam" charade is the "BP oil spill 2.0". Are you catching on to "their" "game", yet??? If you're not, you're still asleep and need to………w a k e u p ! ! !

      • Hey did you guys hear the news? Al-Qaeda vows revenge for Bin Laden's death.

        Wow! I'm shaking in my shoes. Better go start building a bomb shelter in the back yard.

        Oh and by the way there is a new photo out showing some guy watching TV.

        According to the Military it's a picture of Bin Laden watch himself on TV preparing

        to do a Terrorist Propaganda video. As always it's low resolution and poor quality.

        Do we have "STUPID" written on our foreheads or something because they sure act

        like we all do.

    • One of The most sickening things about this is people are going to support the molesters at the airport even more. I said it before I'll say it again, we are losing the war. Keep your voice heard loudly no matter what.

      • Bruce Hayden on

        Most people call them "sheeple" but I prefer the "sheople" spelling myself.

    • USA- uninformed sheep of America. Hate to use the word sheep, but in an event like this, it's the only one suitable.

    • Finally an article that mentions the fact that Bin Laden had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11!!! It's taboo to talk about the Israeli Operations on 9/11. WE AS AMERICANS MUST STAND UP AND ORGANIZE AGAINST THE ZIONIST MEDIA AND MUST DEMAND A REAL INVESTIGATION!!!

      • I don't think there's any point in a "real" investigation, even if we succeeded in getting one. A large portion of the population (more than the MSM would have us believe) are well aware of how completely ridiculous the official story of 9/11 is. The majority of the rest are capable of logic and reason, but have consciously or subconsciously chosen to ignore reason and live in the fantasy world crafted for them. Guided by their cowardice, ruled by their fears – no amount of evidence or logic will ever convince them 9/11 was anything but poorly-trained pilots flying jet planes in such a way as to make Ice Man and Maverick look like rookie Cessna pilots.

    • Just like the hanging of Saddam Hussein on New Years Eve was a satanic ritual, and again then it was the witnesses who were criminalized not the executioners: photographers who took pictures of the hanging were sanctioned.

    • Great article. I'd just like to add that May 1st is also the day Hitler was declared dead.

      • ACTUALLY, he is correct. Hitler's date of death is April 30th, 1945, but it wasn't announced to the public until May 1st. Just like Usama died ??? but it wasn't ANNOUNCED until May 1st.

      • probably because they need the release of collective hoorays on the 1st of may…. they know how to manipulate God energy …. i doubt that hes dead, and if he is they would have killed him a long time ago…

      • From the Christian overlay of important Celtic/Druid holidays, April 30 is Walpurgisnach, exactly half a year apart from Halloween. These two nights were celebrated as the two greatest nights of witches, demons, and other spirits' revelry. It is no accident that the day after Halloween is All Saints Day and the day after Walpurgisnach is May Day.

        Just as Emperor Constantine did a "makeover" of Christianity to make it work as the new official religion of Rome, subsequent "makeovers" were done to tweak Christianity to replace the major celebrations of the Celts, etc..

      • No one knows for sure when this Osama died…frankly i doubt the person they shot was even osama in the first place…i dont even watch tv anymore due to the fact that they keep trying to make us more succeptable to something like 2012 happening…i think osama died a while ago and that he was dead either right after or awhile before 9/11 because with america's govt being so much more advanced than the general public i dont think he was even able to flush his toilet before they found him…besides i think he was a mind control drone anyway..just saying

      • talking about dates, Friday april 29 2011 Obama gave the final order to pursue the operation on Binladen, same day is the royal wedding in England and on that same day in 1945 hitler en eva braun got married, so some one has some explaining to do!, thank you.

      • Another number of Babylon/Babalon, the Scarlet Woman, determining sexual fertility rites and rituals which allow the entrance of evil spirits which possess people and makes them demonic.

      • Forgot to mention that the late Illuminati occult researcher Kenneth Grant has written extensively about the “Illuminati” science of numerology in his books, and I strongly advise you to read his materials to learn more on this subject.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Thank you so much for posting that! This guy is a patriot! I love truthseeking youtubers….citizen journalism at it's finest!!! No wonder TPTB want to monitor, regulate and shut it down. Patrioticspace and Dutchsinse are really good to follow on this exact thing! Peace & thanks again krissey~!

    • I'm not sure if this is true, but I've heard that May 1st was also the day Hitler's suicide was announced. Yet, if you try to explain even a bit of this to someone that has no idea what's really going on, you'll be told you're crazy. Oh, how effective the leaders have been…

      • Revolutionary Arms on

        I'm banking on the troops leaving Afghanistan and heading right into Libya. Gaddafi's next!

      • THANK YOU for having that article on hand! I've always believed he died in December 2001 as it was reported world-wide and then quickly buried. He's always been the perfect patsy. Nothing more controllable than a dead man!

    • Why cant people just be happy that bad guy got killed? People want to know too much. Just accept it and be happy!

      • Are you kidding?? I hope you are. Cause if this is really what you think then you are exactly how they want people to be, ignorant and unable to think for themselves! So be "happy" but please don't post such nonsense here.

      • I don't think this is a person, it's a ''back to sleep'' message from some sort of agency, the random name ''steve'' and posted exactly 1 am, probably simultaniously posted at other sites as well, like some bot.

      • people want to know too much? dont you want to know the truth and why things never add up? or are you one of those people that would prefer being blind and just accept everything the gov and media feeds you at face value? funny how everyone wants to question God and his intentions and the "truth" about religions but yet so many put their faith in meer men and eat up whatever they give. that makes me angrier than the liars.

      • laughing at steve on

        steve are you one of the millions that fell for the crap, and know you feel stupid? its ok youve been brainwashed.

      • Getsaved&Getread on

        It's this kind of thinking that keeps the general masses unaware of what is really going on in our world today. Do you honestly think the elitists (our government and the wealthy powers that be) really have our best interest at heart? Not even if you gain nothing from this site at all know this. A new world order is at hand and our freedom our true freedom is at stake. So much is happening and much more is going to take place and quickly wake up before it's too late. I don't say this to spark fear but awareness we are to put our faith in our risen Saviour Jesus Christ, don't be mislead by all of the hype by the media or of these strange things happening. They were foretold roughly two-thousand years ago, "There will be wars and rumors of wars, earthquakes in diverse places.." Get saved and get ready because the worse (and for those who are saved the best) is yet to come. Christ is Risen and He's coming back for His church.

      • Seriously, I don't know how anyone could take that seriously. Run along now, Stevebot.

        I also knew that this was rubbish the minute the story broke – I actually thought it was a joke. It wasn't the normal polished performance from THEM though – it's all a bit rushed and hurried, like they really, really had to make a deadline. I'm so dumb sometimes, I never even made the connection with Beltaine (Irish spelling). There's a DVD available that I got on eBay a while back – it's called "9/11: In Plane Sight" and I'd urge you guys to look for it, it's got all the original news footage from the day and it's so contradictory.

        The reaction of America to the news that Osama was 'dead' was SHOCKING. It actually scared me – so many clueless brainwashed people chanting and singing. Can I ask, what was the point in the US Gov coming out and saying stuff like "Nobody could do this but us" and "Americans are the only ones that could do this" (can't remember exact phrasing)? I was watching it thinking, jeez, quit blowing smoke up your own ass – and people were lapping it up!!

        I find it RIDICULOUS that anyone would believe this cock & bull story. It's laughable, and it's not their usual polished style – where is this elusive footage of them throwing him overboard? Where are the leaked photographs? They're "too gory" – SERIOUSLY??!! People actually believe that Obama (which, by the way, I think is a total joke – oBama/oSama Good v Evil, just change one letter? It's laughable), after 2 years, found the number one most wanted man in the world, minutes away from a military academy, in broad daylight, shot him, did a DNA test, threw him overboard, and all is well now? Bull!!!

        I worry so much for my son and future generations – I'm in Ireland, and I worry that Sellafield will be hit.

    • the very minute I saw it on T.V. I knew it was Bull*%#! They can distract mindless robots, but not the intelligent ppl with a fraction of COMMON SENSE. Ppl hoopin and hollerin as though Jesus was just crucified! (not that he was comparable to HIM, OR innocent) PPL in this world are clueless! I mean, really??

    • Essential Truth on

      The official story of 9/11 is the biggest LIE this generation has ever witnessed.

      Many of the people we saw cheering in the streets of America were only 9-15 years old when 9/11 went down & its sickening to see these people who have grown up extremely brainwashed, eating up all the lies and distractions served daily.

      Osama Dead or Alive.. it doesn't really matter…9/11 was an Inside Job!!

      End the Occupation!! Bring the Troops Home!! Free Afghanistan!! Free Iraq!!

      • Actually the 'Celebration' that your referring to when 9/11 happened was a footage of a Muslim holiday that was reused to make it seem like people were celebrating in the Arab world. I remember this because in Australia they showed this footage but later had to retract as media watch pointed it out and News Stations (channel 10 in particular) had to retract it, but I guess the damage was done already which is what they wanted.

        We all know that this is all bunch of propaganda and BS to brainwash and control people. Most ppl I talk to they dont even question why all of the sudden Osama is dead and why they dumped his 'body' at sea.. even the BS about Muslim tradition..i have never in my life heard of someone dying on land being buried at sea for a religious reasons.. wake up people and smell the lies.

      • Essential Truth on

        I was referring to the recent celebrations in America by the college aged students when OBL was announced dead by Obama….but i am well aware of the video your talking about, which was also shown here in Canada on 9/11


        …its the video of Palestinian kids and a women celebrating something completely different in Gaza which may have been Eid….it played a major role in the Psychological attack on every human with a TV set in the world that day (and ever since)…it also helped the Zionist form this Islamophobic culture in all Western countries as im sure you and most Muslims in Australia are well aware of.

        As a Muslim myself, i also see how absurd this '24 hour deadline' for an Islamic burial claimed on the news is …however in Islam we do believe a body should be buried as soon as possible.. but sometimes this takes days, depending on certain issues like if there is an autopsy involved and etc…but the family and the local Mosque usually arrange this and there are proper Islamic procedures to go about for every burial like: Bathing the dead body, Enshrouding the body in a white cotton or linen cloth, a Funeral prayer and finally the Burial in a grave, positioning the deceased so that the head is faced towards Mecca.

        On another note…im not sure if many are aware of this but..on April 25 Wikileaks released files out of GITMO claiming a so called Libyan Al Qaeda member said that a Nuclear weapon would detonate in Europe if Osama was killed or captured…and 5 days later its announced Osama is dead…

        check this out…. http://vigilantcitizen.com/vcboards/viewtopic.php

        http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/wikilea… (look at the date)

      • I couldn't agree with you more

        I mean people are horrified about how many innocent people children and women have died in Irag and Afghanistan for absolutely nothing except a sick agenda

        not to mention the USA troops who think their serving their country and a higher cause how could the american people allow their own to be sent overseas and killed for no reason even if they don't care about the Iraqi's and afghanistani they surely care about their families

  1. The Central Intelligence Agency trained Osama to be a terrorist, if you don't believe me research it for yourself, that man ain't do shit. Our so called protectors did, and this dumb ass government. Don't put your trust in a government that doesn't tell what you really need to know, and constantly endorses the media to do just that. America lies, plain and simple.

  2. If he was or wasn't behind the Sep 11 attack, I don't care. He was a terrorist and I'm glad he's dead.

      • You're so hyped up on your hate and anger that throwing the baby out with the bathwater. You fail to realize that if Bin Laden was a puppet, he was still used to be part of the Taliban, which are terrorist, not by US, Uk, or Russian definition but by their own. Even if they weren't responsible for 9/11 they are still taking credit for blowing up subways, buildings, cars, and people. Just by being associated with them makes you a terrorist. So please remind me, why am I a terrorist for being glad that man that was responsible for taking lives in this world is reaping the consequences in the next?

      • "Even if they weren’t responsible for 9/11 they are still taking credit for blowing up subways, buildings, cars, and people."

        Wait.. so you don't care if Bin Laden did it or not?

    • Huge thumbs up for speaking some common sense.

      And no, Kayro, he's not a terrorist for being glad the man is dead. A terrorist acts on his feelings.

    • He's a terrorist because the TV said so??????

      are you reading anything that is written in this article or your just choosing to be blind

  3. So is this the start of the seven years of peace and all that other stuff leading to the apocalypse?

      • the makes a decent argument. apparently, however, he isn't acquainted with some of the words used in the original language of the some of the Bible verses he used. He also overlooked a few critical things in the verse he used from Corinthians.

    • All,

      There is one truth… "Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven". Regardless of what is going on in a world that will perish.. get right with God, read the Bible for yourself (its all in there!), pray for our country.

      @andrew c. http://www.gotquestions.org/tribulation.html

      "Prophecy is tomorrow’s headlines, so let no one say he or she has not been warned. The Lord Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart. Confess Him as your Lord and Savior. Come to Jesus and live."

      • “Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” = as above so below…sorry to burst your bubble

      • people and satan like to imitate and pervert what Jesus did and said! your will be done on earth as it is in heaven was already in place before as above so below. sacrifices of animals,which led to the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus was already in place before the perversion of sacrifice which the occult partakes in. Human sacrifices? a perverted imitation of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus. Hell, Dam, Ass, Jesus, and other words using God's name in vain were already in place but were then perverted by this world into cheap curse words. For people that hate or don't believe in Jesus they sure do say His name a lot when they're mad or hurt! Just saying…

      • The tribulation is a huge point of debate but if you actually studied and read the Bible, specifically Matthew 24, it says "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.

        And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened. " It says that everyone will go through the Tribulation (believers and non-believers alike) but God will make the days seem shorter for the elect's (Christians) sake.

        It goes on to say, "Then if any man shall say unto you, Lo, here is Christ, or there; believe it not.For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect (Christians). "

        Towards the middle of chapter it goes on to say "Immediately after the tribulation of those days shall the sun be darkened, and the moon shall not give her light, and the stars shall fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens shall be shaken: And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven: and then shall all the tribes of the earth mourn, and they shall see the Son of man coming in the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he shall send his angels with a great sound of a trumpet, and they shall gather together his elect (Christians) from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other."

        Although someone might argue that their preacher, dream, or prophecy says something different, what the Bible says hasn't changed, and even though the Tribulation is a touchy subject, the meaning of the word "elect" isn't. So read your Bible and study it for yourself so that when the time comes you won't be disappointed because all you will have left is your faith.

        "Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled."

      • vigilant kenyan on

        hey thanx for that. its true so many preachers talk of escaping the tribulation while its clear as day what the bible says about the last days..i think one can only pray that they'll be dead by then. God bless you for that..

  4. All I have to say to the powers that be is, well played.. well played indeed. Last night, literally millions of humans across the globe took part in the celebration of the death of another human. This weekend was ripe with symbolism and occult practices from the royal wedding to the canonization of pope john paul II. Now what comes after this is all up for speculation..

    • coincidental resonance in the mayan calendar… sept/oct 01 of the Galactic Cycle lines up with 4/28-5/2 in the Universal… end of Day 2, entering Night 2 where preps forIraq were made, taking place in Day 3

      • The Mayan Calendar is very complex, but we are currently in the 7th Day of the Galactic Underworld cycle. Here is a diagram & the dates:



        Dec. 3, 2004 Beginning of Fourth Day: New consciousness, intuition re-emerges

        June 1, 2005 Midpoint of Fourth Day

        Nov. 28, 2005 Beginning of Fourth Night: Bridge-building to consciousness expansion

        May 27, 2006 Midpoint of Fourth Night

        Nov. 23, 2006 Beginning of Fifth Day: Budding, breakthrough

        May 22, 2007 Midpoint of Fifth Day

        Nov. 18, 2007 Beginning of Fifth Night: Destruction, challenge

        May 16, 2008 Midpoint of Fifth Night

        Nov. 12, 2008 Beginning of Sixth Day: Flowering, renaissance

        May 11, 2009 Midpoint of Sixth Day

        Nov. 7, 2009 Beginning of Sixth Night: Resting and fine-tuning

        May 6, 2010 Midpoint of Sixth Night

        Nov. 2, 2010 Beginning of Seventh Day: Bliss

        May 1, 2011 Midpoint of Seventh Day

        Oct. 28, 2011 Completion of Seventh Day: Oneness with all creation

      • Interesting to note on the last few dates:

        November 12, 2008–a little over a month before…we had the global financial crisis. This was also right after Obama was elected.

        November 7, 2009–CERN is restarted on the 20th, on the 3rd, the Czech Republic signs the treaty of Lisbon.

        May 6, 2010–the 2010 Flash Crash of the stock market

        November 3, 2010–go a little later to November 8 and that's the date of the Chinese missile off the California coast

        May 1, 2011–announcement of Osama bin Laden's death

      • Yeah…never mind that the beatification/canonization process had been hot-wired (partly by the removal of the Devil's Advocate), that the first "miracle" is up for question and some of the ugly aspects of his time as The Bishop Of Rome (look it up…) are now coming to light. He's got his halfway ticket.

    • I'm afraid these events are only preluding some catastrophic event or era in the world. There's just too many things happening at once as if someone was trying to distract us from us from something greater…

      • Yes…bringing our brothers and sisters to Jesus. We have nothing to fear because fear is not of God. We must put our faith in God and not our government. All we can do is pray and continue to lift one another up in Christ because He really is the only one we can turn to. Thank goodness because we humans mess everything up when He's not involved.

        Peace Be With You

      • The timeline found in REVELATION tells us……that the next thing to happen is the formation/completion of a world government (new world order). The will be ran by a man out of Europe. PPL will trust in him and THERE WILL BE a relative "peace" and things will appear to be "running smoothly" for 3 1/2 years. The world will be deceived. After the 3 1/2 years, this man in power out of Europe will REVEAL HIMSELF as the ANTI-CHRIST. The BIBLE says that is when JESUS comes back to take the dead and living believers of HIM up out of the EVIL that is soon to follow…..

        For those of you that DO NOT believe, you will still be HERE…You WILL believe once you see ppl disappearing and what-not….at that time, there is still a chance to NOT go to HELL (if) you choose NOT to take the Mark of the Beast (666). THAT will be an EXTREMELY DIFFICULT undertaking, considering you must have that mark to purchase anything and you WILL BE KILLED, probably TORTURED if you do not WORSHIP the anti-christ. Yikes! I'll take the first trip UP, thanks!

    • My thoughts exactly! Royal wedding, beatification of the disgusting John Paul II, killing Ghaddafi's son and grandchildren & Osama's alleged "death" are all connected events. This year's Walpurgisnacht/Beltane week-end has been played out very smoothly by the elite, amassing great amount of energy for their occult purposes. Pretty scary. Not to mention that Osama's "death" was declared in a classic "Hitler" fashion – body being disposed as quickly as possible, no real proof of his death provided. Probably the man has been living securely somewhere at The Republic of the Marshall Islands for years now. And the whole thing was a sacrifice of an innocent double.

      • I've had a sneaky suspicion for a long time that OBL actually works as a night manager in some convenience store in the north side of Chicago, where he meets up with two girls (who signal their presence with the purchase of some odd pop…say, Jolt Blue Raspberry Diet Soda). After the ritual criticism and apology, they exchange information and orders with him, and he finishes the shift with nobody the wiser.

  5. coincidences in situations like this are too abundant. what has me scratchin my temple: a dna test has already confirmed the death and he has already bn disposed of [buried at] sea?! the math isn't adding up.

  6. damn yo i was just listening to alex jones and he was just talking about this shit that you are talking about. truth seekers think alike haha.but man this stuff is crazy people celebriting like the world is at peace.i woke up this morning and shit still hasn't change.gas prices still high,tsa agents still touching peoples "junk" and mainstream media is still lying.

  7. Thank you soooo much! I do believe they are lying and im terrified thinking what are they (usa government) up too? What is their next plan?

    • Nature person on

      What is YOUR next plan? Who gives a toss about their propaganda bullshit dramas on the media – don't get sucked into it. It sounds to me that you're buying into the fear. 'Ooo-the evil controllers. Whatever will they do next?!'

      Remember – YOU have the power. YOU create your own reality. Focus on your own life and the effect you have on the world immediately around you.

      You are not a powerless pawn at the hands of some evil controllers. Liberate your self and spread some LOVE in the world.

    • there plan is the same blueprint as Hitler. total enslavement. EUGENICS. the blacks are being killed off through infections introduced by the CIA. They are promoting abortion to the lower class which results in 50% more chance of cervical cancer. Genetically modifying crops and meats with the sole intention of making the commoners infertile, dosile and more easily manipulated.

  8. u right damn I knew it. gud article. greetings frm South Africa. Im gonna share this page on fb n twitter

  9. Seriously, don't these ppl tink?!? I saw on tweeter ytd dat obama will b televisin an important news today abt state security. And today he said that osama was jus killed and haf been "thrown" at sea?!? For real?? I mean come on.. U put 2 and 2 together and its reali kinda disturbing. He is considered the "no. 1 threat" for usa and they jus dunped him at sea?? Wow. And the barbarians celebrated. US killed over 100k ppl in iraq to find dis man who in their statement caused 9/11 which killed ard 3k ppl. And yet, they felt no remorse but celeb. I'm speechless. Wat else r they gonna come up wif n we r gonna stupidly believe n celeb wif them. Amazing. VC kp up the gd work. Its reali an eye-opener.

      • oops. my bad. i was super pissed off at how STUPID the government think we are and need to let off steam badly & fast. :)

  10. yeah right and now they say there`s a nuclear bomb in europe that will be used in revange of osama`s death. That bullshit!! if they use it its not terrorists but nwo ho wants reduction of population

  11. Good looking out – as always.

    I thought Bin laden had died 4 years ago, from cancer or something like that. heard it through the grapevine. Either way your right, the government no longer had any use for the boogieman. Never knew about this festival though. The government is taking the people on a hell of a ride.

    • Iamapilgrim on

      In a television interview with David Frost in 2007, Benazir Bhutto said that Osama Bin Laden was already dead. Very soon after she was herself murdered. And her murder was covered with typical occult and numerological signatures. It was all so obvious.

      • killuminati on

        Can you expand on this further? I am aware of her statement and subsequent death but the whole illuminati numbers business?

  12. Also, incidentally:

    9/11 = Emergency;

    May 1 = May Day = Mayday = Emergency.

    hmm. auspicious!

    • . . . also, what stood out to me was the facts involving Seal Team 6 that killed him on the 66th anniversary of Hitler's death on the same day the Illuminati was created.

      It has become so blatant, it's as if they are mocking us (rubbing it in our face, those of us aware of all this crap).

      I even read that the bullet was through his *LEFT EYE*.

      (and . . . 5/1/11 … 5 + 1 = 6 … 6/11 … 6 is 9 upside down)

      • Incidently, Rev. 9-11 is referring to the apollyon, or demon from the pit. Which is used in other religions, going around counter clockwise around some sort of symobl which is how the 9/11 memorial is set up.

  13. The Mujahadieen were formed in the 70's to counter the Soviets. The Taliban supposedly originated as a group of college students in the 90's. It is a media propaganda technique to equate the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Bin Laden and any other Islamic group.

  14. Criticalico on

    Why anyone would take either the death announcement or this article, for that matter, at face value is beyond me. If people are really interested in knowing the truth, they would apply the historical and critical method to everything they are told and discern the facts accordingly. Not doing so is quite understandable, though, as most conspiracy theorists don't like to find that there is no "other side of the coin". For example, a little delving into the facts of 9/11 would reveal that World Trade Center 7 had a huge chunk of the bottom missing as a result of falling debris and was leaning sideways for hours before it finally collapsed. This is corroborated by eyewitness testimony but people would rather be blind to it.

    • Right- I mean we only have a little bit of evidence to support either side of the stories. We either believe what the media says or what the theorists say- we have NO way of proving either one. :-S

      • The only evidence there is to support what the media says is the media, the evidence there is to support the "theorists" are from many different sources, and coincidences that are to frequent to be called coincidences, if you look at the raw facts and not what is being told to you to believe the truth is clear.

    • I'd rather be a "conspiracy theorist" than believe ANYTHING that's force fed by the media. The media doesn't allow free thinking. The media tells you what to think. Everyone is always on the same page pushing the same crap in the media. Something there all together isnt right.

    • Larry Silverstein admits the building had to be "pulled"…

      That's a term for controlled demolition…

      and I like how the "plane" that hit the Pentagram , I mean Pentagon, completely disinegrated..

      • Sarah Connor on

        Thanks krissey for that link on the Madrid excercises – I can't watch it til tonight but I'm happy you posted it. I have been following the MFL and what our gov't is doing specifically (prep wise) and it is something to keep an eye on! Also dutchsinse on youtube for weather modification in the area and elsewhere. He has more than once called an earthquake or storm 24-48 hours beforehand tracking the HAARP technology going on all around the country. Can't make that stuff up!

        Found this website that links over 30 alternative news sources, doesn't have RT wihich is a good one as well, but many of these I come across on a daily basis. Thought it was pretty cool to see them all in one place – even includes VC!

      • Sarah Connor on

        Newsblok – DOH!!! I missed it….I love your site! Thank you. Get Steve Quayle News section on there too – lots of good stuff. Thanks again.

      • you're welcome, hope you find it useful :)

        I have tried to add SQ before to no avail i'm afraid, some sites are quite difficult to add, especially ones that don't provide a decent headline feed.

    • Right so explain how building 7 crimped and then fell evenly at free fall speed just because a chunk was missing at the bottom. Was the bottom evenly damaged? no it wasn't that's not possible

    • there are also witnesses who were in building 7 and reported hearing/being injured by explosions. not to mention that fact that BBC reported building 7's collapse when the building can clearly be seen in the background. of course when they realized this mistake the live feed got fuzzy and the reporter returned an hour later after the building actually had collapsed. also there were several other buildings a lot closer to the twin towers that suffered way more extensive damage than building 7 and not one of them collapsed. and honestly if building 7 did collapse like they said it did, there would be no reason for the media to not report on it. less than half the ppl i talk to about 9/11 even know about building 7's collapse. so i don't think we're taking this article at face value. i think we look at the evidence and take that at face value. call me a conspiracy theorist all you want but something just doesn't add up

    • Wasn't building 7 supposed to be hardened against attacks? And suddenly, we find out that they somehow rested 40+ stories on three support poles?

      And if building 7 were leaning, shouldn't it have fallen into the LEAN? Instead of in its own footprint?

      • Not to mention there just so happened to be a CIA office in bldg 7 that was operating secretly and under the guise of another government agency…. hrmmm.

        (AP) A secret office operated by the CIA was destroyed in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, seriously disrupting intelligence operations.

        The undercover station was in 7 World Trade Center, a smaller office tower that fell several hours after the collapse of the twin towers on Sept. 11, a U.S. government official said.

        The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said that immediately after the attack, a special CIA team scoured the rubble in search of secret documents and intelligence reports stored in the station, either on paper or in computers. It was not known whether the efforts were successful…


  15. i knew this whole thing was orchestrated. also quite well played being that obama's ratings are lower than ever. if only the cheering really knew, then they'd have something to really scream about. people are so gullible.

    a real celebration would be lowering gas prices… let's get on that.

    • yeah or how about entombing the fukushima nuclear facility that's STILL spewing radioactive nuclear garbage all over the globe!

  16. janie's gunn on

    May 1st = Hitler was FOUND DEAD, Bavarian Illuminated = started May 1, 1776

  17. May 1st is the International Workers' Day.

    Seems convenient to make such announcement in a day wich is supposed to celebrate the importance of the working class and draw attention to its needs and struggles against those who control society and concentrate all the benefits of a capitalist system.

    The american plutocracy celebrates a victory against an enemy (in the 70's, supported by the USA government) and, at the same time, neglects the meaning of such importante date to those who defend the workers' rights.

    But, of course, you may be right about the correlation between Osama's death and this tradition of sacrifices.

    • more likely – the working class is made to celebrate this – so the cheers go up to the relevant gods again…

  18. Imay be wrong but i just see the movie Rite and one of the demons names was "Baal…. Thats some crazy **** but i aint surprise …..

  19. Silentobserver on

    Great article VC! When I heard last night that Obama had an important announcement I knew that I had better brace myself for an astronomical distortion of facts. I told my husband that Obama's poll ratings were low and they had to dig Osama up from the grave (I believe he's been dead for at LEAST 5 years now), just to kill him and make Obama a national hero. If they do that then the Illuminati agenda is well served, Obama gets four more years as their puppet. Everybody wins! I love how DNA confirmed it was Osama, yet a normal DNA test can take weeks to be conclusive, and then the quickie burial at sea? I mean come on! I have NEVER been a conspiracy theorist, but this one is so wide open and in your face that if you don't see it, you just don't want to. Bin Laden was a friend of the Bush family, he was not the 9/11 mastermind. The government needed a scapegoat and who better for this appointed (May 1) time than the World's Most Hated/Wanted?

    • team jesus on

      The burial at sea thing seems so preposterous. Show me some pictures–the body–where he was found, etc. Didn't they put Uday and Qusay Hussein on display for the world to see when they were killed?

      P.S. Why didn't they try to take him alive if he's a criminal terrorist mastermind? They didn't have a single question to ask him that might be in the interest of national security? Really? He could have been taken alive, questioned (tortured), tried and executed. That is if this were real, which I totally skeptical about.

      • I'm really surprised about the body thing, too. Although, true or not, the US is trying to spin it so that they followed a burial at sea so it would be "respectful" to the Muslims and also not give him a marked grave. I can see the problems from that one a mile away.

        I WILL be really skeptical if no pictures of his body surface, however. That would be kind of taking what they say only on faith. Even with your everyday nobody in BFE County, pictures are taken when a body is documented/disposed with the coroner's office.

      • monkeyclown on

        yeah its pretty stupid considering that makes no sense, there is no islamic belief in burying one at sea. what the fuck is that about? the guy worked with the cia prior to 9/11, he was trained by them, al-qaeda and the taliban killed hundreds of thousands of muslims all over asia and afria… now all of a sudden they want to be "respectful" to Osamas supposed religious beliefs?

      • Maybe they decided to get rid of him so people wont excavate his grave and find important clues(evidence) that might lead people to the truth

    • Well, Bush 41 did that with Gulf War 1. 90% approval rating. Didn't get elected.

      If Obama gets reelected, it will be because the Republicans have stayed off the deep end…and the rest of the nation hasn't joined them yet.

  20. @razzy..very interesting comment not really sure what it means, i believe a bit of research will explain…V.C..i cant believe the blindness of this american people..so V.C something that i need to be clear on…Does the sacrifice have to be kill on the mayday or anytime before mayday but announced and celebrated on may day?

    • @charley asked:

      "Does the sacrifice have to be kill on the mayday or anytime before mayday but announced and celebrated on may day?"

      I was wondering the same thing.

  21. May 1, 2011- Osama declared dead

    May 1, 1945- Hitler delcared dead

    May 1, 2001 Chandra Levy disappears

    Coincidence? I think not folks.

      • According to the occult numerology of the “Illuminati” the numbers 11 and 66 are numbers associated with the Qliphoth, which is defined as the dimension of the shades (shadows) of the dead, or evil spirits. A quick google search will reveal more in depth information on this number under Qliphoth.

    • May 1st 1945: Hitler pronounced dead. Time: 5:45

      May 1st 2011: Osama pronounced dead. Time: 11:45


      Time:6 hours

      Total: 666

      What ever its worth,.,.Godspeed

      • Sarah Connor on

        Her parents, grandparents, siblings, cousins, friends and coworkers. God.

      • Who cares about a young murdered female most likely at the hands of some powerful political sickos?

        Any decent human being.

        Look up Lori Klausutis… and find some compassion.

  22. VC, you had me from tge VERY first sentence: "It is in times like these that a line is drawn between critical thinkers and those who get swiped by media crapstorms"

    That has been so apparent watching most of my friends carry on like sleepwalking morons, and giving me crap for daring to speak out against it. It's all a bit sickening imo. We are less safe now than ever

    • Sarah Connor on

      No kidding Mark! Don't you feel like you are walking around in the Twilight Zone sometimes? It is very isolating/lonely not going along with the status quo……but how can you?

      I couldn't agree with you more on your comment that we are less safe now. Though not from Al CIA duh – Did you watch Barry's speech last night? I know this will seem so obnoxious, but I was crying, for like two hours and couldn't sleep. Listening to his propoganda via practically ever station/demographic made my stomach sink. Some days it's like I'm grieving for humanity. The things I heard him say:

      *CIA/DHS are victorious (meaning permission to progress with more draconian measures)

      *The war are terror is not over, it will in fact increase (all over the globe this morning there are high level terror alerts for travelers and Americans, I smell a false flag)

      *This war on terror will warrant an "increase" to the DHS **at home** and abroad. The **at home** part kills me!!! What they are trying to do with passports!! What they are doing to us at the airports!! Other modes of transporation are next, believe it. Nevermind our rights that were stripped via Patriot Act – habeas corpus etc. I can't help but just feel like the tyranny muscles from this enemy within are about to be flexed something fierce. And most are cheering this announcement as a victory, with blind patriotism. It is so displaced.

      “America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” —Josef Stalin (1879-1953)

      • everyone in my house thinks i'm nuts everyone at my job thinks its nuts but even the most anti conspiracy theory ppl are starting to wake up and not necessarily believe them but they at least know that something is not right. Just know your are not alone and keep fighting the good fight god bless

      • welcome to the club…my parents think i'm nuts too, well my mom's more receptive of the info but my dad's just like "no way!" So if i wanna have a discussion about this i usually go to my brother to exchange info.

      • Harlequin Nameless on

        Yes and on that note, remember: "Does it depress you, commisioner, to know just how alone you really are?"

      • Osama has been prononced dead on a number of occasions:

        26 Dec 2001 Fox News (info from Pakistani Observer Newspaper) declared Bin Laden had died from Kidney Failure.

        18 Jan 2002 Pakistani President Pervez Musharaff declared Bin Laden was dead.

        17 July 2002 Dale Watson, head of FBI counter terrorism declared Bin Laden was dead.

        October 2002 Afghani President Hamid Karzai told CNN that Bin Laden was dead.

        November 2005 Senator Harry Reid said he'd been told Bin Laden had died in an earthquake.

        September 2006 French Intelligence leaks a report sayin Bin Laden had died in Pakistan.

        November 2007 Former Pakistani President Benazir Bhutto tells Al Jazeeras David Frost that Omar Sheikh had killed Bin Laden.

        March 2009 US Foreign Intel Officer Angelo Codevilla says Bin Laden is "as alive as Elvis".

        May 2009 Pakistani President Asif Anil Zardari says that his counterparts in the US Intel agencies hadn't heard anything from Bin Laden in years, so hes most likely dead.

        After Benazir Bhutto revealed Bin Laden was dead she was murdered. After Robin Cook (he resigned from Tony Blairs governmnet due to the illegal wars) revealed there was no such thing as Al Qaeda, he too was murdered.

        They needed to murder a high profile public figure so they could put the world on high alert for "terrorism" – so when they create the terrorism (chaos) they can create the order.

        So Bin Laden was always being saved for this event. He is the trigger for the next stage. So expect more of this:

        This took place yesterday:


        They used the fact "Obama" is alive to destroy peoples liberties and when they kill him they will use possible revenge to also curb peoples liberties. And if and when they carry out their false flag terrorism they will utterly destroy peoples liberties.

        So we must all be very alert now.

      • His death in itself to me already seems like a false flag attempt. People are terrified right now. Say goodbye to your rights.

  23. i saw the Yahoo headline news says "Bin Laden killed by elite team" and obama says "World is now safer". Only dumb ass would believe in this stupid news. What a sick and STAGED world we are living in.

    Illuminati…wait for the fallen of your era very soon!

  24. there is some thing fishy about this whole year…..especially with the pope stuff, there being world wide coverage of the wedding and now this. Not to forget the up rising with governments, its a very weird year….. too many things are happening in such a short space of time, plus the media has chosen to limit coverage of what going on in Japan.

  25. thanx again vc, i was suspect of this very thing. just wanted to see what your thoughts were. thanx again

  26. team jesus on

    Vigilant, I KNEW you'd be on top of this. My mind immediately went to 05/01/11 when I heard the announcement although I had to google it to remember.

    The reaction of the people flooding the streets and cheering really surprised me, though. It shouldn't have, but it did. Now here is a perfect example of how well trained, programmed and virtually hypnotized the masses are. No critical thought given to the situation whatsoever. People, we are in deep. SMH

  27. THANK YOU! I knew there was something occultish about all this. I dont know how I forgot the illuminati was founded on this day.

  28. how can a society that likes to call themselves religious and god believers be happy by the death of a man? evil or not, didn't "the bible" teaches them anything at all, forgiveness, mercy, etc., are they really ready to throw the first stone?… or are they religious just so they can judge an call themselves better humans?…. i think Osama is still alive because i've learned that whatever the media tells you, it's probably the opposite

    • religion is almost non existant here in US.

      the only religion in america now is the religion of selfishness and hate.

      • Not quite…Christianity as it has been warped in the Reagan era. Of course, most of the kids out there would probably be Post-Christian non-believing….

        Lots of Christians and other critics have been quoting scripture stating that one shouldn't celebrate the death of someone you hate. So there's Still some holiness out there, or at least reminders of it.

      • I think that REAL Bible Believing Christians will be targeted by the Elite. Why? Because they will think for themselves and let God's Word be the guide of their lives. The Elite is also infiltrating Christianity. You'll see this especially within charismatic circles. The issue now is not repentance or a real relationship with Jesus Christ which means crucifying your own selfish motives. It is more about vague, so called spiritual trends (watching angels, going to heaven, meeting with saints) or hedonistic beliefs like Word of Faith. (God wants you to be rich, healthy, successful, strong in this world). Every Christian who is questioning these things are called Pharisees, only because they follow Paul's command to test everything by The Bible. These Christians are a threat because they will think for themselves, not accepting everything the media is telling them what to believe, or what the NEW Christian Environment is stating as something from God, while they actually execute the dangerous agenda of the NWO, to prepare Christians to willingly accept the Number of the Beast, thus surrendering their souls to the devil. God Help and Protect us!!!

    • YES, YES YES, lilith you took the words right out of my head! How can WE be happy over the death of a man who we nothing about? What is the story? Telll us the story!!! What really happened Bush?

  29. There are many theories on the actual origin of Beltane, and while the Druidic Festival of Fire certainly has a lot of similarities to the festivities in honor of Baal, in most incarnations of the Old Religion it is essentialy just a celebration of fertility, not sexual, for reproduction, but of the crops. Remember that most of these tellurgic religions celebrated their environment (righteously, as their giver of life).

    One such celebration which is thought to have greatly influenced the Beltane festivities in western Europe is the roman Floralia, which (among its own characteristics) celebrated the full turn of the cycle of life, the essence of Beltane, in the death of the harsh winter and arrival of the promising spring. The Maypole dance, the garlands and intertwined ribbons are all symbols of the fertilizing union of male and female (God and Goddess).

    So the sacrifices were pretty much just a Druid thing, and not in every order (in Scotland the druids practiced divination in the fires of Beltane) and are purely allegorical in the celebrations of revived druid order nowdays.

    Again, just Illuminati cuckoos would actually partake in it, and for all the wrong reasons of course. The full turn of the cycle in this case, we can all see it has nothing to do with nature.

    Also to note, the tellurgic energies of this festivity are only active in the northern hemisphere, where it's actually taking place. Here in the southern hemisphere we are in the opposite end, just entering the final stage of the cycle, winter, and our May 1st celebrates Samhaim, or Helloween, the festival of the dead, which happens October 31th up there, which is when we get Beltane down here.

    So, for occultists worldwide, this is a date of extreme opposites, with half the world being "reborn" while the other half "dies". I don't know if that's relevant for Illuminati cuckoos though, maybe they don't care about the southern hemisphere =P

    On another note, how is possible that the "common people" are not at all suspicious about this "bury at sea" deal? Am I mistaken to think it's not even a remotely muslim thing to do? And even if it was, nobody is irked about how respectful the US army was to the traditions of the "world's most wanted terrorist"?

    I've talked to people in the street today and nobody seems to care for the lack of video, photographs, autopsy and international intervention in DNA testing (the fastest DNA testing ever, no less) before the body was ceremoniously ditched.

    That's just creepy to see.

    • No you're right. Im Muslim and the only reason for burying someone at sea is if they died on a boat at sea. We all know that that didn't happen with osama. If you died normally,- on land, then you are supposed to be buried in the ground.

      • Thanks, I was reading up on it but wasn't sure, maybe rites could differ depending on the place.

        Even weirder was that, at least in my country, media was covering this "honor to tradition" naturally and it was even commented on by what I now belive to be some fishy experts.

      • hmmmm…. interesting.

        I feel like all the celebration going on right now is just a cover up for something really bad that happened or is about to happen.

        just watch and observe.

      • Nature person on

        Look – just to get the facts straight… The ancient druids DID NOT do sacrifices! This was major disinformation put out by Ceaser and the Romans, to make druids/pagans look like 'barbaric heathens', so then the romans could bring in Christianity.

        I DO believe though that there is a dark, occult force which does do sacrifices (Hitler, Bin laden). But do not confuse this with ancient Druids! They lived in peaceful communities until the Romans turned up and started spreading lies.

  30. It should also be known that the announcement was made around 11pm

    I cant believe people are buying this…

    • The Talibans were formed and recruited in the late 70′s by Zbigniew Brzezinski, the United States National Security Advisor of Jimmy Carter, in order to repel Russian forces from Afghanistan (Brzezinski is today Obama’s main policy advisor). Bin Laden was trained by the CIA to fight the Communists. Since the fall of the USSR, Bin Laden and his Taliban served a new agenda: the invasion of key middle-eastern countries under the guise of a “war on terror”. In 2001, about 15 minutes after the second plane hit the WTC, the image of Bin Laden was shown on television. He become the ideal patsy on which the Bush Administration’s could blame its false flag operation.

  31. Thank You VC was waiting on your take on this. I KNEW something was up… great job as always!

  32. Conspiracy theory is an idle term that is used by people who dare not question authority, are ready to swallow what the media feeds the public, or who are too naive to think that a more powerful establishment can hoodwink or purposely do bad things to the greater public. Not all "theories" are true – but we make it a point to be vigilant and to have a critical eye. The term was coined by the very people who are trying to hide their wickedness. Please do not use this term "conspiracy theory." It is only used by the idle, the complacent, the naive, and those who will turn a blind eye to the greater suffering of most just to protect his naive worldview of a safe little earth where evil does not exist. They do not want truths to threaten their small pleasures and are willing to go against logic just to keep things at a status quo. Even Shakespeare understood the real deal – "There are more things to heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of by your philosophy."

    • That was the most beautiful eloquent statement that Ive read on here, I couldn't agree more!

    • Well said. I also dislike being called a conspiracy theorist and the use of the term conspiracy theory. It in NOT just a theory, it is the truth. I am a conspiracy believer, because I believe that there exists a huge conspiracy consisting of a lot of various smaller parts and segments.

  33. It is amazing that people continue to live with such ignorance!!! The whole story doesn't even make any sense. The 9/11 event didn't affect just America but the entire world. If there were any truth to the killing of Asama Bin Laden on May 1st then they would have been more than happy to show his face on national and international television for the world to see.

    But they have a difference agenda and that is to get Barak Obama re-elected in order to continue their plans. The people bought right into their trap. As a matter of fact, how did they manage to get so many people so quickly to appear in front of the White House to cheer the so-called death of Bin Laden?

    Give me a break!!!!!

    • Silentobserver on


      That's a great question, about the crowds that gathered so quickly to "celebrate"! I said the same thing about all of the newscasters who were primed and polished before the cameras. How much notice were they given? Brian Williams, Andrea Mitchell, the guy in Afghanistan, Chuck Todd, David Gregory who hosted Meet the Press that morning; every single one of them was wide awake at 11:00 pm on a Sunday night. It was just eerie!

      • Brave Bird on

        I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who was concerned about the "celebrations" occuring so late in the evening. I know I personally was preparing for bed when I heard the "news". The last thing on my mind was…let me get dressed, ride the train for a half hour to get to WTC and scream at the top of my lungs with the rest of the sheople. So how were all of these people (including the reporters) so prepared to participate so quickly and so late……?

    • Sarah Connor on

      Look at the people in the pictures…..they twittered (or tweeted?) the local universities.

      "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted."

      – Vladimir Lenin

      • Sarah Connor on

        LISTEN to the people that were there outside the white house.

        VC kiddos, many of you are leaps and bounds above your peers!! Makes me happy to see…..(you)…..not these guys. Yikes!!! They make me scared for my boys futures.


        WeAreChange journalist Luke Rudkowski hits the streets right after Obama's announcement in front of the white house on the front lines of the infowar. the hysteria and planned propaganda have been masterfully executed by the Obama administration but watch Luke try to educate the erratic public about the truth behind Bin Laden

    • I watched it on ABC. I found it very interesting that out of all of the people standing in front of the White House, the cameras could only get close ups of about 6-7 people chanting & hooting, running around in circles. Like they were just dropped off there & told to sit there & scream. Did anyone else see the black man with the long dreds just screaming to the top of his lungs? I mean, unless you had someone directly killed in the event, why would you find it necessary to run down to the White House & scream like a moron? WTH are you so happy about?

      • haha… yeah, wait till they give us the excuse that OBL's followers are going to attack us, we need to create a police state and take away more of your rights!…let's see that guy run in the street in glee then…

      • It puzzles me how that crowd got assembled so quickly. Obama's announcement came late Sunday evening. I can't believe all these people were watching TV and decided to run over to the White House to cheer. I smell pre-planned photo op here.

  34. brilliant article!

    the whole thing sounded suspicious from the start, burial by sea!

    as if they would really just drop his body in a sea that does not even exist between pakistan and afghanistan!

    would they rather not carry his body and parade it around new york!?

  35. Thanks, I waited for this. Yesterday my husband said "Hey, its May 1st, isn't it a satnic day?" And sure enough something happened. It seemed so staged to me.

    • It's not Satanic, it's pagan. Please, read up on pagan festivals and what modern pagans celebrate today, it's nothing evil. Pagan symbolism has been used for wrong purposes just as Christian, Muslim and Jewish symbolisms have. Think about all the bad press Islam and Occultism have been getting in recent history, doesn't it sound fishy? Don't just take it at words' worth, get to know other religions and make your own mind about it, so when people distort it you can tell the lies apart.

      • Fleurdamour on

        Beltane is on the "Satanic" calendar as well as the pagan one. By that I don't mean that it is in fact originally a "Satanic" holiday. I think that people interested in gaining power above anything else might very well co-opt every single religious holiday, concept, etc. from every tradition simply to harness the spiritual power of them. A mass of people of any faith engaged in a ritual, tradition, etc. represent a great deal of energy. If you had a dark drive toward power and a purposeful intent, you might be able to tap into that energy to turn towards your own ends. I'm Northern European in descent, and don't appreciate the conflation of my ancestors' religion with devil worship, because I agree with you that it wasn't, and I think the church that demonized it was plenty Satanic on its own account. I do however think that the European Old Religion is perhaps being used as part of a complex for selfish and ego driven purposes by a group of people operating on their own agenda. I think 'Satan' is the drive to power and domination and hence corruption in mankind.


      • "It’s not Satanic, it’s pagan. Please, read up on pagan festivals and what modern pagans celebrate today, it’s nothing evil."

        Ha… tell that to a survivor of SRA. Please read up on multi-generational satanism as well as what modern illuminati celebrate today, its very evil.

      • Most pagans and wiccans do not associate with (some don't even believe in) satan or the devil. That is not their stated purpose.

        However, like a lot of the other things mentioned on this site, there is a level that is relatively innocuous, and there is the level in the know. Whether the regular members know, realize, or accept it or not, there are a lot of elements in their practice that do in fact come from and have concourse with satanic sources. Those in the know use the regulars to promote the benign elements of the movement, and behind the scenes, follow actions to benefit themselves.

      • @~b, what you mentioned doesn't contradict what I said, innocuous something used for bad purposes doesn't alter the nature of the something, especially if we're talking about a whole set of religions used by many for a long time for the exact opposite reason. Why take one side into consideration more than the other? Are we to admit defeat and yield to them something that belongs to everyone?

        @Fleurdamour, as I said to ~b, I don't think is fair to take one side into consideration more than the other. Their usage of these dates of great energy release for whatever unworthy purpose doesn't negate the good work all other practitioners do with it. We shouldn't shun these occasions in fear or loathing of their actions, affirming that it has become a "satanic" date is yielding to them who abuse it and taking this bit more power away from us.

        It's a good thing to reveal these distortions, but always keeping in mind that that's all they are.

  36. What a surprise…and complete BS. It was obviously orchestrated but knew nothing about may 1st being what it is….the sight of people celebrating the death of ONE MAN when terrorism and the threat of extremist muslims is SO FAR BEYOND Osama is beyond me. So, we killed the guy that supposedly orchestrated 9/11….WHAT DOES THAT CHANGE IN REALITY?! Forget conspiracy theories…..what does it change?! I wanted to slap Hilary for saying America won….won WHAT?! IT TOOK US MORE THAN 10 YEARS TO GET OUR HANDS ON THE GUY AND THE GAME HAS CHANGED SIGNIFICANTLY. Our country is still falling apart in every possible way! I'm so sick of this…the most annoying thing is that this is going to be in our faces for awhile now

    • Fleurdamour on

      Yeah, H. Clinton's comment was like MISSION ACCOMPLISHED all over again.

  37. Forget conspiracy theories and which president deserved more credit! I'm not one to celebrate ones death in reality we have not won't if only things are gonna get worse and I hope they dont ! Nothing is gonna change I had forget about this guy already gas prices are still high and the world is still getting scary everyday !

  38. That photo of the Beltane festival… that looks like Edinburgh's Calton Hill :S

  39. i also find it interesting that the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 attack is coming up and we JUST SO HAPPEN to find the guy in the same year.

  40. i think the USA government are retards. If ur gonna kill osama bin laden isnt that going to ignite anger for the osama's students there gonna want revenge. there all a bunch of morons.

  41. your insight is amazing, ..sometimes,lol. i knew their was something fishy about this may 1st announcement. he more likely died years ago. it is very sad that 90% of americans are unconscious, oblivious, and loving it

  42. wow, i just looked up images of the fire festival and it looks so unbelievably satanic…wow..

  43. justice was served? about 3,000 people died on 9/11. they just killed another human being(as they claim), furthering the death rate and idiots are celebrating. sickos

  44. From what I know the guy was dead along time ago! There are many sources available that confirmed this and Benizir Bhutto being one of them whom slipped up his death in an interview she had in 07. So my question is if he was already dead who are they sacrificing exactly? :S

    • I totally agree wth you Amii. Ms Bhutto got killed beacause she had information proving Bin Laden's death a long time ago. she was murdered for telling the truth! On the other hand, we have sheeple following this disinformation agent "Alex Jones" so called truth-teller but i dont see them assassinating his caracther. William Cooper said it. He is a sketchy. I dont trust that dude. Think outside the box ppl. am a little dissapointed that VC didnt mentionned this at the beginning of his article but good work anyways. the revolution wont be televised!!!

      Inshallah, we'll see a better future my friends. no matter what color, creed or langage.

    • Didn't Fox News announce his death in a bombing, DNA confirmed, about a week ago? And another time in '07? And '03? The man just can't stay dead.

  45. truth seeker on

    I appreciate you writing this article..I feel like it is pure evil to celebrate the death of any human being innocent or otherwise..i felt very alone when literally everyone around me is rejoicing and regarding me as some kind of communist for not joining in their blind celebration

    • Matthew: [11] Blessed are ye when they shall revile you, and persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: [12] Be glad and rejoice, for your reward is very great in heaven. For so they persecuted the prophets that were before you.

    • Probably. There's layers and layers of occultism to be peeled back I'm sure.

      • LEFT EYE EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY Meaning: Also known as the Eye of Horus or the udjat, this eye is a symbol of the god Horus as both the son of Osiris and Isis and as the sun-god. Egyptian myths state that Horus lost his left eye in his war with Seth to avenge the death of his father. Seth tore the eye into pieces. The left eye, being the moon was discovered by Thoth (the god of wisdom and magic) lying in pieces, but he was able to reassemble them into the full moon. Each piece of the udjat (shown below) can be seen as representing a fraction of the descending geometric series 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, etc., put together they make 63/64 or approximately 1. Having been reassembled, Thoth gave the Eye to Horus. Horus, in turn, gave the eye to his murdered father Osiris, thereby bringing him back to life.

  46. No one new on

    No disrespect to the article or VC but how does the Beltane rituals have anything to do with Levantine and Mesopotamian deities? Were Beltane rituals started in Celtic nations?

    • Origins are tricky. Read up my answer nº 36 to see another theory.

      Most likely the rituals were just similar enough to be linked, just as there are similar Sun and Moon deities in many cultures that could be said to be the same gods, even though the cultures never had any contact with one another.

    • It depends if you're looking at it from a strictly academic standpoint or with the understanding of spiritual energy. It manifests itself in Burning Man, Zozobra, the Wicker Man, Moloch.

    • every culture has these seasonal festivals around the same time. Beltane is the Celtic name but other cultures had different names but it's the same ritual.

  47. I doubt anyone's still reading this far down, but for those who are… They just announced on the news that it's been 9 years, 7 months, and 21 days since 9/11. Sent chills down my spine because of the symbolic numbers. Makes me sick how numb and just plain gullible people have become.

    • Silentobserver on

      Can you explain the symbolism in the numbers please? I am a bit slow today. Thank you!

      • Number 9 in the “Illuminati” science of numerology is the number of the primitive and emotional primal basic instinctual mind of human beings, which determines the human unconscious mind, and the human subconscious dreaming mind, wherein reside human sexual energies and potencies.

        Number 7 in the “Illuminati” science of numerology is the number of the individual creative spirit and is the only number able to divide what the ancients considered to be the number of eternity and not lose its individuality. The “Elite” consider the number of eternity equals 1,000,000 and 7 divided into this equals 142857, and this number will continue to repeat itself no matter how many zeros are added to the original number of eternity.

        Number 21 in the “Illuminati” science of numerology is the number of honor, elevation in life, and magickal victory over one’s enemies. It is the number of victory after a long bitter fight for “The Crown and Sword of the Magician” is only gained after long initiation and tests of determination. This number is symbolized by the world, or the universe.

        9+7+21=37, in the “Illuminati” science of numerology number 37 is the prime number which signifies the full and perfect manifestation on earth of Satan’s magickal will-power.

        If you desire to learn more about the “Illuminati” science of numerology research the books of the late Illuminati occult researcher Kenneth Grant.

      • piddlesquid on

        And 1 symbolizes that goats fly our your bum. 2 represents the day a warthog is placed on a kabob and eaten by elves. 3 is significant because every elm tree on earth turns its leaves up at the elevenses! Why can't numbers just mean numbers? I love reading this information to get some extra insight, but the world will shake us off like a bad case of fleas if it so wishes. Sometimes I think it should!

      • Please address your question to those (the Illuminati) who have used the occult science of numerology to bewitch the human masses and control them through the black arts of witchcraft and sorcery.

      • I wish the world was what we'd like it to be and numbers were just numbers. But there's a bitter pill of truth to swallow that most people just can't swallow. There are evil people in the world who will do bad things to people simple because they can. The world is worth fighting for though. The weapons evil people use to harm good people can be learned and understood to serve and protect good people. I feel you piddesquid. I also wish that the number one was just a dumb elf who got lost in the woods.

    • I know how dare the public not be adept at numerology. It's so outrageous that the sheeple are so ignorant of such an obscure subject matter. C'mon the esoteric meanings of 7,9, and 21 are so painfully obvious!

  48. Haven't read this article but I laughed my ass of when they announced it here in Sweden on the radio this morning. Oh my GOD such morons! I never bought that he was behind WTC for a second and now they pretend they've killed him? LMAO! He was a former CIA agent that worked for the american government in the beginning and he was PAYED to take the fall for the whole WTC–thing, it's so obvious I can hardly stop laughing at their stupidity, BUT; what's worse is that people are actually BUYING it! 😮

    Believing Osama is behind wtc, is like believing they fallguy (Christer Pettersson) for when the minster of sweden was killed, backin the 80's, truly is the killer. Why the heck would an alcoholic buy a gun and shoot the minister? Makes NO sense whatsoever, Palme was a threat to the establishment and they took him out, simple as that. But stupid swedes (trust me, people here aren't too clever) bought the whole thing.

    It's lonely to live here, thank GOD for this site! <3<3


  49. Wow. Yesterday i thought (before i even heard about osama's death) Hey, its may first it's the illuminati day. And honestly i didn't even think even link may day and osama's death. Now that i watch this video it all makes sense.

  50. being a young person, a college student, and seeing the behavior of crowds on the streets of dc, boston, ny, it really worries me. my generation really scares me. even if you actually believe that osama planned 9.11, why would u CELEBRATE HIS DEATH? it is just giving him the attention he wants afterdeath, the negative energy his evil soul can feed off of. its very hypocritical. millions of Americans have died as a result of 9/11 and u wonder what the Al Quedas reaction to that was? they were probably running around like fools celebrating just like people are today… "oh osama is dead the world is safe now"- NO. the world is even less safe and secure after this. IMHO, when i was watching tv and this came on, my GUT told me, he's already been dead. its sad i just cant believe anything on tv anymore and its sad my peers will believe EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING on tv and act like baboons celebrating his death in vain waving American flags when the real terrorists are 'us'. I prayed today after seeing all these fellow college students running around like lunatics happy as can be because Osama is dead-his death doesnt change anything, it doesnt change that 9-11 happened, and it doesnt change that not only are millions of innocent Americans dead , there are millions of innocent Middle Eastern people dead, yet we are celebrating for the guilty Osama and the guilty USA.its just nuts. and of course, May 1st, so constructed. just giving the federal govt exactly what they want-a chaotic mass who will believe anything!

    • A million Dumbericans died? Where the hell did u get that stupid info? 2 million total muslims dead. But where did u get a million????? Stupid phuck

      • okay i was very passionate in the moment im sorry i meant to say thousands but no reason to call me a dumb 'phuck' calm down thats very rude

  51. though for the record the operation took place around the midnight hour in pakistan time on may 2. though it was announced on may 1st here in this part of the world (i'm in CST) the events took place on the 2nd in local time.

    • one more thing i'd like to note is that a high school acquaintance of mine who is in the marines said on his status update "Bin Laden's death means nothing. It's sad to see us celebrate his death just as he and his people celebrated ours."

      • i also recall a few days ago hearing how obama's approval ratings had reached an all time low and then this happens…

  52. Beltane is a Pagan holiday and Pagans are not satanic! They don't even believe in Satan! As a Pagan myself, I'm slightly offended by this. While I agree with everything else in the article, I don't think it being Beltane has anything to do with it. Most of the people on here shove Christian propaganda down everyone's throat, which doesn't make you any better than the media and Gov. who shoves shit down everyone's throat too! This article is so misinformed. Either that, or I am misunderstanding.

    • I did not use the word "satanic", so I don't see why you would be offended. The Illuminati is deeply steeped in Pagan rituals but in a deeper, darker level than most "everyday" Pagans.

      • Samael/ Baphomet

        Left path/ Right Path


        White Magic/ Black Magic

        Pagan/ Satanic

        Two sides of the same coin.

    • Oh yeah because Satan will let people know they're worshiping him…lol

  53. Freeurmind/heart/Fre on

    So George Bush made his Mission Accomplished speech on May 1st 2003 on the USS Abraham Lincoln and there was a bust statue of Lincoln in the background during Obama's speech last night. Can anyone find out if there is a connection there?

    • That Lincoln happened to appear on both speeches!

      Jeezus, now he must the GATU (google that)

  54. It makes me feel happy that there are people that see the truth. I feel I'm alone at times, and a little crazy knowing all the "secrets" of the world………. Thanks VC! :) :p

  55. WOw…Just wow. People really are stupified. It's like kids are writing the news stories now! I mean its just so damn ridiculous and transparent at this point…SMH

    • thats a fact actually. many newspaper stories nowadays are written by kids

  56. no one that i know believes me when i tell them things like this. i get laughed at, called a conspriacy theorist, some people even get really rude and defensive. But I can tell that its not that these concepts are unbelievable, they're honestly just terrified and are making the decision not to believe. The sad thing is that when they finally wake up it'll be too late.

    • thats why i keep my mouth shut and wait for them to realize it for themselves.

      • I do the same.

        I once told a friend to read an article from VC, she answered she never reads that much.

        I made a speech at my school and everyone said "oh its quite interesting, please finish now!"

        Only one person has believed me, and she wont go to Gaga's concert on May 5th just because of me, and her sister threw all her Justin Babyer propaganda to the trashcan, only to be charmed again by those guys from big time rush. We're doomed.

        I don't even tell my family, I know whats going to happen.

      • You almost have to have a sense when to bring things up. You have to know your audience (person), where there strengths, interests, and knoledge base is. Also waiting for the opportunity to present it self, such as when somebody is puzzled by something in the news.

        A good example, is the RFID chip- a few years ago I said a few things about to some coworkers- I was labled for a short time a conspiracy theorist but I did not push the issue anymore so I still fit in at work.

        A few weeks ago, the RFID issue came up with 2 coworkers talking about it and then they were surprised I knew so much about it- that's when they remembered what I had said a few years before and had instant credibility. Also what I said had immediate application (the topic was Credit card RFID/blink card and how to disable, remove, or sheild the chip- which offered more than the prime time newsclip of buying wallets that sheild from RFID readers hacking cards.

        It's only when somebody is ready, that they'll listen, until then it is baby steps. Being overzealous just scares people away or turns them off because there are a lot bogus theories out there that discredit the legitamate ones. Take Care- there are many like us and soon many more to join if your patient enough to allow others to develop at their own pace.

    • CruelWorld on

      i'm 15 and i feel that i'm extremely lucky to know about all that is actually going on in the world. i once told a friend about this website and all i got in return was a mocking response .

      what i don't get is that they say a human is sacrifices on may day. but isn't osama already dead ?? did they kill someone else saying that he is osama?? any ideas?

      • Remember in the film “Inception” a seed-thought can come to define who you are. The “Elite” created the seed-thought which the media and government broadcasted direct to you over the airways. The seed-thought planted in your mind and grew roots. It became real because you made it real because the ‘authorities’ told you to. Now the same powers that created the seed-thought, sacrifice the seed-thought in a ritual during this Beltane, the 1st of May. Your belief in the sacrifice of the seed-thought on the say so of authority is all that is needed to generate the psychic kinetic emotional energy the “Elite” desire. I’m sure someone was sacrificed during Beltane by the “Elite”, but they are very protective of their true individual identity, and occult secrets, and we as uninvited guests, will never know who fell beneath the knife this Beltane.

        If you haven’t seen the film “Inception” please by all means see the film, because it is the genesis, matrix, and base of power through which the “Elite” rule humanity!

      • In addition to Yomael's reply…this event is also being used for political gain. A well-timed ''Ace up the sleeve" kind of thing.

        I am proud of you for using your mind to think for yourself.

  57. i dont believe any of this until i see a picture of his body (not the fake pic, the REAL one)

    what does his death change??? the world is still the same place it always was just getting worse and worse everyday except theres one less guy alive now.

    theres no such thing as "al qaeda" and the "taliban" everybody who shoots a gun at our soliders is just a regular pissed off guy who wants us out of their country.

    funny how everybody is a patriot now because of this. and now the US dollar gains a little more value and people are buying stocks now because of one harmless mans death.

    and burying a persons body within 24 hours is islamic practice but sending them out to sea is NOT.

    also i thought we wernt allowed to cross into pakistan????

    something smells fishy in here.

  58. since the war on terriorism is "over" shouldnt security be lowered now?

  59. Osama Bin Laden's death, reminds me of of something that would have happened in George Orwell's 1984. Everything from, the crazed, mindless celebration, to the media manipulated hype. It looks like a scene straight from 1984.

    • The week of hate, isnt it?

      I dont know how it was called in English, but in Spanish it translates like that.

  60. When I first heard about this last night from my younger brother, I didn't really believe him until I saw it on the news. I thought to myself, Now shit is really going to hit the fan. And hearing about hordes of people gathering about one man's death is just appalling. Sometimes I wonder when is all of this going to end so we can live our lives.


    I already thought he was dead. I heard about it a few years ago on T.v. or from someone I know. It could have been a friend's brother, who is a walking encyclopedia.

  61. Interesting article regarding the connection between Beltane and OBL's sacrifice (and other historical occurrences on May 1 or Mayday). But it's not just the Illuminati… ALL of us follow certain traditions, customs, habits that are derivatives of either ancient pagan beliefs or religious ones. It's no surprise that governments uphold some of these rites and perhaps turn to supernatural forces as well.

    Now the question is: What next? Now that this so-called sacrifice has been made, will we live to see the harvest? What kind of harvest will it be? WILL we flourish as a nation, as a world, as a (human) race? Will the oil flow freely? The wheat grow? The flowers bloom? The babies stay safe and warm?

    It's food for thought. Will there be food for the people? If there is prosperity following this bloodshed, exactly who will prosper? I pray that all of us do, but only time will tell.

    • I live near DC. Immediately after Obamas speech the started advertising a group of folks cheering in front of the whitehouse on the news. So the kids watching all called there friends a woke them up and all of a sudden there's 20000 military and college kids down there only really cheering because they are on tv.

    • The next big event upon the Satanic Calendar is Samhain/All Hallows Eve, or Halloween. It is also the ritual fest of the Resurrection of Osiris. This is the time the “Illuminati” believe when the magical barriers separating worlds are at there weakest. The “Illuminati” through the generation of psychic kinetic emotional energy achieved through the manipulation of human basic instinct during the recent Beltane are looking to use the energy perhaps to open a gate, or portal, during their Samhain/Halloween, rites and rituals later this year.

  62. Hey VC I was wondering if you could do an article on the new Lupe Fiasco video… a lot of imagery but the eerie thing was that the video came out on April 29. The claims in the video are I dont believe in 9/11 and you are not a Muslim… and the date of the newspaper in the video (~0:28) reads May 1, 2011.

    Great article and God bless

    PS: http://whatreallyhappened.com/ is a great website on these topics

  63. I knew there was something fishy about this all and the date of course.

    Who knows, Osama probably has been already dead yrs ago.

  64. VC advocate on

    obama is osama, the gov is just a bunch of terrorists in power suits. the hand that rocks the cradle. creepy.

  65. They said they had found him ! week ago and only decided to announce today?!? A few problems with this story.

    1) Why get rid of the body the way they did?

    2) Who ran the DNA test? What is the least amount of time a DNA test could take?

    3) If it was a week ago he was killed, why did we not hear about till today? Surely some other resource in Pakistan would have caught wind of this situation and reported it, even if our government decided to wait until proper identification.

    4) If it was a week ago, why was some guy tweeting about the raid going on as it happened just before 4 p.m. EST on Sunday 05/01/11?

    I smell B.S., but don't worry. Any and all discrepancies will be swept under the rug in a nice and neat manner so as to not disturb the sheep!

  66. I really find these dates are very strange

    9/11/2001 – World Trade Center Bombed

    22/11/2001 – President George W. Bush ordered that all flagstaffs stay at half-mast (11 days) after 9/11.

    5/01/2011 – Osama Bin Laden Died

    To many three 11's are present 11 is a power or master number meaning that it is not reduced to a single digit, it also represent vision therefore 11+11= 22 which combines the vision with action, 11+11+11=33 offer guidance to the world. The master numbers 11, 22, and 33 represent a triangle. A triangle of enlightenment or illumination. If you look at the George W. Bush name it consists of 11 letters and his date of birth which is on 07/06/1946 when separate each number and add them 7+6+1+9+4+6= 33, the highest degree one can attain in Freemasonry. I know I stray away a bit from the topic, but as VC said 9/11 was an inside job.

  67. seems hitler died may 1st 1945 exactly 66 years from now .armaggedon is nearer than i thought..

  68. pearlofcreation on

    i think its funny that osama was found in a mansion on may 1, 2011

    then on may 1st 1945 hitler was found in a mansion…


  69. When I woke up today in the morning ,my sister told me that "Osama is dead"…the first thing I said was "That's a lie"

    I knew straightaway this was another pile of BS that the the USA is trying to feed the masses.

  70. I'm a senior in high school and the reactions I saw celebrating death truly scared me. I talked to my father and he said that Osama has been dead for some time now. It makes me glad I'm not an american citizen just because they seem to eat up everything fed to them. Whatever happened to questioning authority? Have we been so dumbed down to not see the obvious?!

    • Sarah Connor on

      I am thankful for you that you have a dad who knows what's up. Be thankful, most are not so lucky!

    • Really questioning authority ended when MTV started saying "be a rebel!!" and it all went to hell.

  71. JustGiveMeSomeTruth on

    Is it just me, or are they just getting so much lazier and sloppier with covering their backs? It's like they're not even trying to be tricky anymore. Pretty soon, Obama will be giving a press conference blatantly saying, "Hello my fellow Americans. We are all here to wipe out the population. We lie to you all constantly. We honestly only care about the powerful elite. We create natural disasters and put poison in all of your food and drinking water. We plan on stripping you of any "rights" or privacy you may think you have left. Goodnight, and God Bless America."

    …and the saddest part remains, that people will still not get what's really going on!!

  72. owainglyndwr1416 on

    The Holocaust memorial day was the same day .. Do you remember G W Bush declared war on Iraq during Purim ?? … Anyone with half a brain knows Israel played a major role on 911 (Dancing Mossad Agents) Look how many spies were lifted then spirited back to Israel !!

  73. All the kids at my school were happy of his death. Makes me sad my fellow classmates have been so conditioned and lied to to celebrate a death of a man. They've been told to be a good sheeple from the start. These people are beyond sick, they only seek to destroy and make their "perfect" government. I think i was the ONLY kid in my school who was not happy of his death, i wish they'd know the truth, but sheeple always do what they do best, be sheeple. There's almost nothing we can do to help these people, and when we do try, we get called crazies, freaks and just plain stupid. The day will come when they realize they were told from the beginning, and by then it'll be too late.

  74. I saw this article coming, his death was all to convenient at this point in time.

  75. Adonai was the True Lord, Yahweh, the Lord of the Christians.Ba'al was the false lord, satan, the lord of the pagans.

  76. isn't it funny that they threw bin ladins body in the ocean ….. yea because they didnt kill him may 1st 2011 they killed him years ago they just used this news to make the people happy for what is about to happen maybe war with libea or something ……but the same thing with hitlers body never found

    • They threw it into the ocean for two reasons.

      One so that Muslims wouldn't make his body a martyr. Secondly to show a bit of respect, as it is a tradition in Muslim and I believe Orthodox Judaism as well to bury the body.

      • That's slightly ridiculous, Muslim's do not bury their dead in the sea,. Muslims are also buried by Muslims, which basically means if they didn't accept the body, the American government were free to do whatever with the body and bury it however, because that would mean they didn't consider him as a Muslim.

        All this was smart though, while killing Osama they still manage to taint the Muslims a little more somehow, so people are all pissed because they think the army were being too respectful to 'Islam' and that's why the public can't view the body. They've also lashed directly on healed scars and opened them up. Here we go again. Everybody hates Muslims, and a bunch of real terrorists are given fodder to blow somewhere else up. I'm staying off the public transport and away from my T.V = w=

  77. Katy Perry tweeted this: "America! F**k yeah! Here to save the motherf**kin' day, yeah! Does anyone else find it strange that this is announced on May Day? I am relieved in some ways, but have a feeling of uncertainty now. I believe in justice, but don't you think that an eye for an eye will make the world blind?"


  78. Freeurmind/heart/Fre on

    Most of the people in the streets in D.C. looked like college kids which means that most of them were not even teenagers when 9/11 happened. By the way they were acting, you would have thought their college just won the NCAA finals or something…

  79. Just a note on these images of all these boozed up college idiots celebrating the death of the mythical creature that is OBL. I wonder if any of these sheeple will care that OBL is dead after they graduate and are stuck with student loans, cannot find a job, cannot even get part time work at McDonalds, cannot afford to pay for groceries and fuel, cannot afford to buy a home, cannot travel anywhere without being molested by a TSA agent and basically being enslaved to the system for their entire lives. It is quite comical actually.

  80. "Why is the death a man causing such happiness and celebration? Since when have we devolved into such a barbaric state?"


    i just got home and all the facebook statuses were like GO AMERICA WOOOO FUCK YOU OSAMA GOOD RIDDANCE!!!

    I was kind of horrified, it's still a death. I was also wondering why they didn't kill him earlier, and I guess that's why.

  81. As I was getting ready for work, my mom asked if I'd heard the news? "We found Osama and he's dead!" My first thouught was of this website. & what Vigilant would say. With all due respect to ouur military and their efforts, I don't think this is a victory. OSAMA WAS NOT BEHIND 9/11…THE ILLUMINATI WAS! This Bin Laden media circus is just a distraction from the twisted reality! DON'T BELIEVE IT

  82. I dont know if im the only one who noticed but in yesterday's Obama's speech he said: Tonight we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our minds to.That is the story of our history…gave me the chills!!! its crazy to know that theres ppl who really want to control the world no matter what it takes =S

  83. HumanObserver on

    Does anyone else think this is kind of odd giving the Royal wedding days before? On top of which the American media is displaying bad taste in Osama's death almost like they are trying to egg on a retaliation. Seems like something has been set in motion. Now I'm reading the Queen wants to make William king instead of Charles, and she is wanting to step aside so she can witness him become king before she dies. And with the rumors of Diana's bloodline and the occult meaning and symbolism of her death, seems like something is going down.

    • Obama was financed and thrust into the Oval Office by the same ‘Powers’ that gutted the American and world economies to the tune of $13 trillion dollars. “Yet, none dare call it a conspiracy” because he’s an African American, and the first man of color to hold the Oval Office of the President.

      Obama is a ‘Front Man’ blessed with good looks and the gift of gab, but he is devoid of ethic moral substance because he denies the ugly truth involving the reason, and purpose, of the “Elite” who put him in power.

  84. I knew he "died" on May 1st for a reason. This shit is getting real predictable. So I need you to get an an analysis on lady gaga's "Judas" video asap!

  85. JahSoldier on

    the occult/esoteric symoblism of May 1, didn't even occur to me. thanks VC; you rock.

    Being a conspiracy theorist is tough, you know? It prevents you from enjoying some things, and makes you question EVERYTHING. Like this.

    If he WAS the evil genius mastermind behind all of it–shouldn't we have captured him alive, detain him, interrogate him, and put him on trial? Show the world, how truly great we can be, right? I laughed my ass off, when Obama mentioned "how when we set our minds to it, we can accomplish anything." dude, isn't that a quote from "Back to the Future?"

    And let's not question any of it. Nah. Let's just blindly accept what the government and mainstream mass media force feeds us, deify Obama, and stand outside the white house and chant "USA!" like a buncha bloodthristy morons. (Doesn't it remind you of the 2-minute hate from 1984?)

    IMHO, I think he's been dead for about 1-2 years, now, and Pres. Obama is using this as a power ploy for political clout–because let's face it, his approval ratings have nosedived.

    (See any 'Duh-bya' Bush and Saddam Hussein similarities?) But don't worry; the next president always has Ghadaffi to kill, for when they need some political clout/justification for occupying the Middle East.

    Such a bummer that noone can see this as an excuse for even higher gas prices, and ramped up security to create a police state. But nah. Instead, let's celebrate some bull-$#!% that can't even be confirmed to the general public with a simple image. Because he was given a traditional Muslim burial…at sea? HUNH?!!!

    If Osama was the matermind behind 9/11 (and I'm pretty sure he's just a scapegoat or figurehead at best), a bullet in the brain was too kind. The punishment didn't fit the crime. We should've detained him, tried him, and then make him watch every episode of "According to Jim." And THEN execute him.

  86. aliceinthemirror on

    I couldn't agree more. Mainstream media is notorious for creating hysteria…On facebook everyone was saying how wonderful it is that he is dead and I was completely disgusted. I'm not surprised though…with all the violence in video games and movies its not hard to see why people revert back to Neanderthals. It's sad. But I know that if I'm able to figure out that this isn't what it seems then there must be others out there too with the same ability…I'm not hopeless. I only pray they can see the light too through their own eyes.

    I'm not a very religious person, in that, I don't attend a church but I do follow the teachings of Christ. One thing he says is to love thy enemies (matthew 5:43-5:48) I really believe this and somehow that makes me un-American. My loyalty is not to this country but to God…I put no other god before my God.

  87. Vig i'm sure you could have wrote this weeks before it even happened. I think we all knew and speculated something would come, or take place around the time and date of the wedding. I think some even said expect a sacrifice. I wouldn't be shocked if you wrote this article last week, and just waited until today to fill in the event. Smh and thanks for your time and dedication. Great informative article !

  88. trollcatius on

    Osama bin who?? Never heard of him!


    Happy mayday everyone! And also a belated happy Walpurgis and Beltane. Wow, what a fun-filled weekend of royal weddings and assassinations of non-existent terrorists. So magical.

    I hope you all had a good one.

  89. "At that time many will turn away from the faith and will betray and hate each other, and many false prophets will appear and deceive a great many people."

  90. I usually agree with your articles. And it's not that I either agree or disagree with this one. But as someone who visited the WTC a couple of days after the devastation…I don't know, all those people died and I don't think they care who did it…Osama, etc.

    So yes, Osama's death if he died, is some sort of vindication and you can't really put people who may be happy in the category you've placed them.

    It's like if someone "this person killed your mom" and then asks if you want the death penalty for that person. Most people would want that person to pay. Illuminati or whatever, innocent people died on 9/11 and that's what shouldn't be forgotten. And unless you lost someone, you have no idea how that feels.

    • Therein illusion is created upon the back of trusted authority which has convinced you that it has your best interest at heart while not presenting you with any real verifiable evidence that it is telling you the truth. If someone killed my mother I would want to find the truth of her murder myself, and not trust whomever, or whatever, to do that for me.

      Through media propaganda of ‘trust us to think for you and reveal the truth behind the illusion’, we the viewing public have been mesmerized and put into a dangerous hypnotic sleep, which has divested us of the ability to think for ourselves, and discover hard truths on our own.

      "Until they become Conscious they will never rebel, and until after they rebelled they cannot

      become Conscious".

      1984. George Orwell.

  91. w_elizabethhh on

    i dont know if its already been posted, but be sure to check out alex jones and infowars. hes been covering this non stop, tomorrow hell be taking phone calls on the air about this hoax.. its disgusting how under educated the majority of the american people are, and that we are just so obsessed with the bullshit the media feeds us. wake up…

  92. It's as if government agents visited all the prep schools and colleges in the D.C. area and bused them to Pennsylvania Ave. with the promise of a whole night of free beer and no restrictions – no cops. I remember attending the Bush war protests in New York City and cops being everywhere, looking menacing and intimidating. They tend to discourage gatherings this large and boisterous, especially when its made up of college age young people. Burial at Sea? No body? They must want to make this man a martyr. No pictures either. Once the buzz wears off, the conspiracy banter will kick in – it must. I get the sense that a lot of these starry eyed kids probably arrived not knowing what it was about, and were debriefed and told to drink up – and who's going to turn down free beer? I also remember discussions on t.v. about the Bush administration's “grave concerns” that should Osama be killed (in exactly the manner he reportedly was killed) instead of captured, he would be lauded as a martyr. So now we have a situation in which not only was he killed in a firefight, defending his right to wage a holy war on American capitalist devils, it just so happens his dead body – well, is itself “hearsay” (because we fed him to the fishes – you know, out of sight – out of mind!) So we just plumb forgot (deliberately intentionally refrained) to take a single photo (not that photos can be believed these days, but how bout a scratchy digital video –something!)? You can't try a murderer without a dead body, obviously because the body IS the evidence necessary to obtain a conviction of the accused – it's proof a murder took place! This is an NWO experiment, I think. Will we demand evidence, or will we accept a hearsay report given by those who have never told us the truth before anyways? The public at large has a mob mentality, and as such demonizes and scapegoats. The question is, who will they decide to demonize next? This is a conspiracist's dream, tailored to stir controversy – because it simply makes no sense, and no evidence has been provided. Is there an occult significance I wonder to the sea burial – something deep, Aquarian?

    • They "buried him at sea" because it's the only way to keep anyone from disproving this whole ruse. If they had the body, they wouldn't have so readily disposed of it. There's nothing occult about it, although it's highly symbolic for obvious reasons. Come on, you have to admit it seems "fishy"! xD

    • Fleurdamour on

      The deep sea is the Abyss, where the gate to the Qliphoth lies. (see Yomael's comments on this page)

  93. Hitler did not die until at least a decade or so later than was officially announced. Osama, on the other hand, died in December 2001 of kidney failure. He was buried in an unmarked grave by his men on the Pakistani border. To this day there is no evidence to suggest he was in any way responsible for the events of 9/11, despite the fact that he was visited by intelligence agents in an American hospital (he was apparently diabetic) in the relatively past (pre-9/11, of course). I don't remember too many specifics anymore, but I've known about this for some time.

    9/11 was almost certainly carried out by MONARCH victims. The 19 so-called hijackers are not on any of the flight manifests that were released to the public, and in fact a number of them are still alive in the U.S. today. This whole war on terror is a joke.

  94. So tired of this on

    I noticed during Pres Obama's speech last night the pillars of light on either side of him. It gave me the creeps because..well, you guys know why. Why did he do the speech in a darkened hallway, and not in a press room, or the oval office? These people are insidious.

    To the young people out there who are paying attention, don't feel alone. My two children(ages 18 and 12) are also very aware of the lies and deceit of "the elite." It makes me sad, but, trust me, it's better than waking up in your 40's or 50's only to realize you've been lied to your entire life..about everything. I'm grateful to God for the youth who are vigilant. Welcome to the real world.

  95. w_elizabethhh on

    "tyranny has come to the us."

    go watch some of alex jones and infowars.. hes been covering this non stop. tomorrow hell be taking questions on air.

    i just cant believe how easily everyone is accepting this across the nation. its absolutely disgusting. wake up people….

  96. So I knew it was wierd fromthe start just like most of you did. However, I think what I found to be very strange was the FACT that they allowed the people to celebrate in front of the White House for an extensive period of time. When has this ever been allowed? Anybody ever remember such a time? So I thought it was so ironic that this happened. Almost appeared as if "the Administration" encouraged it. Let it roll, let the amount of people grow! Let's celebrate. Fricken B_S! And yes, I agree, disposing the body out to sea – what a joke! When Hussein was hung to death, I remember witnessing it on the Internet, until they decided to pull the plug. But there was some evidence to believe the demise of Hussein was revealed. Now they are worried to "show" the pictures, show some sort of evidence for fear it will reveal our "secret mission/intelligence"! Keep up the good work VC. I'm a believer of What's really goin' on! And I don't like it ;-(

  97. Seems so blatent, to throw this numerology and symbology at us at such a quick pace, we now see how obvious the stuff is. Its like, why so obvious? Seems like they really want us to know. Excessive mind control, something relative to magick. We should all be ready for anything in the days, weeks and months to come. Because the New World Order is moving in on us. They already have a majority of the globes spirit, mind and body. Lets all be prepared and let us not let this technology, blogging. etc distract us. Self knowledge. Study the occult. The 5th element, Quintessence. The 6th sense. We can defeat the evil with our light. Wake up!

  98. You know what else May 1st was, VC? The first day of the third "Day" of the final age in the Mayan calendar (which began 16.4 BILLION years ago). This final age, also called the Universal stage, begins in February 10th and the whole calendar stops October the 28th, this year.

    It's divided into seven "days" and six "nights". Each "day/night" lasts twenty conventional days, and these are periods of consciousness expansion. Each "Day" is supposedly focused cosmic learning, and each "Night" is a period of application. The ages prior to this one have been increasingly larger, but they're nested within each other like Russian dolls. Each "night" has the potential for catastrophe if human consciousness is weak enough to permit it. The Japanese disaster (though likely caused by HAARP) occurred during the first "night". I had actually just dropped out of a Japanese language college class in the weeks prior.

    In my personal experience so far, these seven 20/40-day periods have connected to my Chakra systems, beginning with the root and moving upward. The "Third Day" therefore is related to the yellow Solar Plexus center. It's not necessary to buy my interpretation of this phenomenon, or even to take it seriously, but I wanted to spread the awareness that we are, potentially, dealing with something a little bigger than the Illuminati. There are lectures online which go into greater detail than I have, but the punchline here is: watch out. This period of history is unprecedented and, although the Mayans had a star calendar which ended in 2012, they also created an exceptionally accurate "evolutionary" calendar that began with the birth of the universe and ends abruptly in a few short months. I don't normally go on about the Mayans, but let that sink in a little. This cycle has been heavy on my psyche since the moment began, and I didn't learn about it until a couple days later.

  99. Walpurgis Nacht 1966 (nigth of April 30th to the day of May1st SATANISM WAS FORMED.

    200 YEARS PRIOR The Illuminati was formed.

    March 19th to May 1st 2003 was the Invasion of Iraq and the conclusion was Bush saying Mission Accomplished.

    66 years ago, Hitler died on April 30th 1945 (announced May 1st)

  100. What about the Navy Seals (Seal Team 6) who performed the operation – presumably (as this article claims) to not find Bin Laden at the end of it.

    were they all in on one of the biggest cover ups of all time also…? (genuine question…)

  101. On the news they kept saying "shot in the left eye". It was odd how specific they were about the left eye, is that an Illuminati sign?

  102. I won't celebrate until millions of children are safe from the torture and rape, and the murder at the hands of our psychotic shadow government's MK-ULTRA spin-off program. Even then, it'll be a somber event. As a civilization, we are collectively complicit in the worst atrocity conceivable and we don't even perceive it. It's like a big, stumbling blind man with a horrible festering wound in his chest and he's just strung out on heroin.

    This "Monarch" nightmare makes the Holocaust look like Sunday school. Why should I give a damn when some patsy goon turns out to be dead on national TV? I want justice for the millions of American kids that were handed over to the Nazis from 1950 onwards. I want freedom from the relentless warmongering and bloodshed that's destroying our culture and blinding our moral guardians. I want liberty from the drugs and the poisons in food and water, in the air and our nervous systems. I want education and health care unrivaled by any for everyone, and I want it straight from the pockets of the very same elitist criminals who've devastated the balance of human life for untold centuries. And I want the technology they're hiding from us, because with that I know we can destroy the labor paradigm and live in an age of peace and prosperity forever.

    I refuse to be devoured by this monster, and so should you. Novels like 1984 may have ended badly for people, but this is real life. There's no need to accept martial law or wholesale social degeneracy. We have all the power that we project onto our enemies and more. It's laughable that we should put up with this, and for so long too.

  103. People celebrating in front of the White House? I Call Bullshit!

    When I visited Washington DC in the mid-nineties, I remember walking around the White House. Around the White House, because there was a fence around the whole thing. If you were crazy enough to get up early you could take the tour, but most of the time it was empty within the circle.

    So if people were celebrating in front of the White House, we're talking about people having been let in. Plants, in other words.

    Besides, wasn't the White House grounds supposed to be being worked on? Hundreds of years of pipes and wires being dug up, supposed to take years? And suddenly there's a party of COLLEGE STUDENTS in front of the White House?

    I smell multiple rats.

  104. Here's another question: What's with Trump?

    Two weeks ago people were about to forget him, then suddenly we get:

    "Where's The Birth Certificate?"

    The Long Form Birth Certificate pops out.

    The Pres does jokes at Trump's Expense

    The Pres interrupts Celebrity Apprentice.

    What did Trump know, when did he know it, and where's the script that he's been acting to?

    • Sarah Connor on

      Totally! Left Right Paradigm CRAP all towards the same agenda…..just from their ‘pre’ selected positions/points of reference. I was beside myself with people seriously thinking Trump would be a good President. What?
      Notes from their playbook:
      “The argument that the two parties should represent opposed ideals and policies, one, perhaps, of the Right and the other of the Left, is a foolish idea acceptable only to doctrinaire and academic thinkers.
      Instead, the two parties should be almost identical, so that the American people can “throw the rascals out” at any election without leading to any profound or extensive shifts in policy.”
      ~ Carroll Quigley, Tragedy and Hope: A History of the World in our Time

  105. VC, this is the first article where I've seen blatant misspelling. Rush to print? Irak? Bin or Ben? Anyway, enough nitpicking, eh? Nice post.

  106. yes, they made him a sacrifice for Beltaine.

    However, you might also add that also on May 1st concurrently with this event a former super-powerful witch was Beatified in Rome. Pope John Paul II …once one of the Illuminati's most respected and powerful witches began the beatification process by a former member of Hitler youth (Mr. Ratzinger) a.k.a. 'Pope Benedict.' Benedict (who is a close cousin of the vampire George Soros) begins the process to make

    Karol 'Saxe-Coburg' Wojtyla recognized as a saint among all the Satanic Covens of Europe.

    I'm sure the Queen of England will be so happy that her Polish cousin will be labeled as a Saint of Lucifer's Society of Jesus. Sometimes I wonder how many child sacrifices John Paul had to make to become 'a satanic saint?' My,my just look at how much Karol and QEII have similar noses…it's

    'All in the Family.'

    • Upon the crest of our present Pope Benedict you will find the head of Nimrod, the king from whom the Merovingian/Nephilim/Illuminati bloodline descends, and you will find the bear determining the northern star constellation Ursa Major, being the door, or womb, associated with sexual magick rites and rituals which generate their kind and progeny, and you will find the sea shell which determines the dreaming dimension and place of residence of the astral gods, who are represented on earth by those belonging to the Merovingian/Nephilim/Illuminati bloodlines.

      Through his crest the present Pope is announcing his special heritage to all those with eyes to see, ears to hear, and hearts and minds to understand.

      The Coat of Arms chosen by Pope Benedict has different levels of definition upon varying levels of symbolic interpretation, with the intent of confusing objective research and understanding, while hiding sensitive occult information from the inquiring eyes of the profane/non-initiate.

    • "… a former super-powerful witch was Beatified in Rome. Pope John Paul II …once one of the Illuminati’s most respected and powerful witches…"

      "… a saint among all the Satanic Covens of Europe."

      "… a Saint of Lucifer’s Society of Jesus."


      Huh? Witch? Covens? The pope?! Lucifer's Society of Jesus? Please explain these statements. I am genuinely curious what you mean and how you figure this. Thanks.

      • Such a simple little question, but one from which heated debate arises in both secular and non-secular circles of influence of scholarly and non-scholarly debate.

        Occult research reveals a bloodline that has established earthly dominion over both secular and non-secular halls of power.

        This bloodline is known by many names; the Merovingians, the Olympians, the Elite, Moriah (the conquering wind), the Family, the Circle, etc,.

        It is a bloodline generated through the witchcraft and sorcery taught by the Watchers of the Book of Enoch, the scribe of the Arch-angel Council of Eden.

        The Watchers were a class of teaching angels sent among the tribes of men by the High Council of Arch-angels in Eden, to instruct mankind in the arts of civilization, animal husbandry, and agricultural plant cultivation. The Watchers exceed the limits of their authority and taught mankind “things not good for the children of men to know”, and thereby evil spirits were generated through the knowledge the Watchers imparted to their wives and their children, and the demonic entities generated through the practice of witchcraft and sorcery caused great havoc, chaos, and lawlessness, amongst mankind.

        The bloodline is obsessed with establishing not only earthly dominion over the halls of power but over the halls of power of the Heavenly Arch-angel Council and hierarchy as well.

        Occult research reveals that long ago the Vatican and its religious hierarchy of powers fell beneath the bloodline's dominion. Just as the House of Rothschild the dominant bloodline of the Illuminati controls the Vatican’s purse strings today.

        The statements which you question concern the progeny of this bloodline who have ascended the ranks to becomes Popes, Bishops, Cardinals, etc., in the religious hierarchy of modern Catholicism. The bloodline known also as “The Brotherhood of the Serpent” has many secret organizations and secret societies of initiates working toward the goal of overturning the Heavenly hierarchy, so as to rule both Heaven and Earth, and thereby Creation.

      • @Yomael – Thx for the detailed yet succinct explanation. Very fascinating stuff if it's true… esp. the stuff about Watchers. Would be interesting to get @sirrah's take on this too.

        I won't delve into my personal experiences and how they shaped my belief system, but both Catholicism and occultism have played huge roles. I always knew that there was some overlap, which can perhaps be chalked up to clever marketing/packaging. Yet more and more, I am sensing and learning that it may go even deeper than that. Another rabbit hole to explore…

        Anyway, regarding the subject at hand, Bin-Laden, I found it very interesting to peruse the papers and see pictures of masses of people at the White House celebrating Bin-Laden's death juxtaposed with pictures of masses of people in Vatican City celebrating Pope John Paul II's imminent sainthood. I would like to believe that most of those people 'meant well' in both cases and did not intent to participate in anything of a 'satanic' nature. Heck, although I am a cynic at heart, I can honestly say that in general, on a human level, I've always 'liked' Pope John Paul II, felt he was a good man, and I've always disliked Bin Laden – for even if he did not mastermind the terrorist attacks, he seems to have been an accessory at the very least. So in my own way, I too was celebrating these things.

        Then later on, I watched something about the Nazi party in Germany, which showed footage of masses of people praising Hitler, much in the same fashion. It is frightening to think how easily the masses can be swayed.

        I pray that those currently in power have our best interests at hand, and corral all the sheep in the right direction, but that is of course VERY questionable. We can only hope that whatever happens, our souls ultimately wind up where they rightfully belong. Ditto for Bin Laden and anyone else involved with hate and human suffering.

  107. Talk about outsmarting the masses… jeez. but although they think theyre 10 steps ahead of everyone theres always the few that know in advance whats really going on. Vigilant citizen! keeping our eyes and ears open and vigilant for the BS. Immortal Technique Viva La Revolucion!!!!

  108. At first, I wondered if the powers that be and the media really think the public is that stupid. Then I saw the throngs of collegiate douchebaggery outside the White House, and the tripe all over my Facebook page, and I realized WHY they think the public is that stupid. Because they are.

    The most unbelievable story in years, and Americans are buying it hook, line, and sinker.

  109. On the news they kept mentioning: "shot in the left eye". More symbolism?

  110. Uhm I have to say VC I am actually not impressed. I was hoping for more of an article dealing with the details of Usama's "supposed" death and details surrounding possible deaths before or how some of the pieces of the story don't add up. Instead, here is a hyped up article on May Day, about a bunch of "ye ole time" rituals, that yea maybe merit a section of an article, but devoiding the entirity of it from any facts or actual things realted to Usama is a bit, well lame.

    As always tons of love and support

  111. honestly, was waiting for smth bigger to happen during Beltane :) but who would know whether he IS the real osama, right.

  112. So would there be any sort of connection if he decided to perform this operation on the 2,3, or 4 of may? it seems like everything happens on a "just so happens this happened" day… why dont we just take it as it is…

  113. Where I live (europe) the media went completely bonkers. Even the comments I've read to newsarticles from the (usually very sober) people in my country were so americanized that it made me ashamed. Does anybody have an own mind these days? While I seriously doubt any occult relations to all these events, I must admit it sure as hell stinks.

  114. Bread & Circuses on

    "Geronimo" was the codename for OBL according to the Houston Chronicle. Surely it is just a coincidence that it is widely believed that Geronimo's skull and other bones are in the posession of Yale's Skull&Bones secret society.

    It was said that OBL was shot multiple times, so why specifically mention the left eye shot? Curious.

    The quick dumping of the alleged corpse in the sea is also VERY ODD. This seems more the action of criminals trying to hide evidence than of a huge government effort. The supposed rationale was to comply with Islamic principles and to deny would be followers a rallying point. Yet when they killied the Husseins they kept their bodies for 11 days and it turns out that burial at sea is only permissable if there are no other viable option. In other words, contrary to previous handling of similar situations and contrary to Islamic principle.

    He was probably dead years ago and his skull and bones are probably already in someone's basement at Yale.

    This is just another propaganda stunt to divert the gullible herd's attention from the great long war, which is entering it's second decade. As it enters the second decade, the scope is expanding from Iraq and AFPAK to almost every muslim country between Morocco to Pakistan with particular emphasis on countries with large oil reserves. This is nothing more than a 21st century, neo-colonial divide and conquer resource grab.

    Anyone who believes humanity is advancing or becoming more enlightened or that people learn from history and avoid repeating it's mistakes is very naive.

  115. I feel like Vigilant Citizen had this article ready even before the news was announced. He probably didn't know Osama was going to "die" but Gaddafi would have been easily interchangeable and it still would have fit into the human sacrifice idea. O wait, America already did gun for Gaddafi around May Day (killing his son and grandchildren) in violation of international law and more importantly in violation of our constitutional requirement for congress to declare war before military action.

  116. From the Celtic Encyclopaedia. The 'sacrifice' rumours were spread by the romans.

    It was a well known psyop. Which is still working.

    "Beltane is essentially an agricultural festival, its roots in the

    cycle of grazing and planting. Traditionally,

    Beltane marked the beginning of the summer

    and the movement of cattle from sheltered winter

    pastures to the mountain buaile or “booleys”

    of summer, where the grass would be fresh and

    green. As might be expected of a festival that

    begins an agricultural cycle, weather divination

    was important, with frost being deemed ominous of bad times ahead, while rain was a sign of

    good fortune and a strong harvest.

    As with other such festivals, Beltane began at

    sundown on the eve of the festival day. Like

    SAMHAIN in the fall, Beltane was a day when the

    door to the OTHERWORLD opened sufficiently

    for FAIRIES and the dead to communicate with

    the living. Whereas Samhain was essentially a

    festival of the dead, Beltane was one for the living,

    when vibrant spirits were said to come forth

    seeking incarnation in human bodies or intercourse

    with the human realm.

    The name is related to words referring to

    fire. The spurious connection with the Semitic

    god BA’AL has been long since disproven, but

    divinities such as BELENUS and BELISAMA have

    been connected with the bonfires of spring,

    which were the most significant part of the

    Beltane celebrations in several Celtic lands."

    Happy Beltaine.

    • That maybe true, that was until the ruling elite high jacked it…like they tainted most EVEYTHING they put their hands on!

  117. The USA citizens just showed their most ugly face, that's what I thought when I saw these masses celbrating the death of Bin Laden. Welcome to the new dark ages.

  118. Awesome article! I had been expecting something like this from VC ever since I heard about the whole Osama propaganda. If he's really dead then how come his body wasn't shown in the news channels and why was his so-called burial done in such a haste?

  119. Magnificently clever article. Thanks!

    I am disgusted and dismayed by Americans and people all over the world who celebrate the alleged "death" of Obama, especially those make me sick who call themselves Christians. Most people who call themselves Christians are brainwashed sheeple spoiled by the liar churches – yes, all "Christian churches" and "organised Christian religions" are liars – and we know the tree from the fruit. I am sorry that there are only a very few people who are not lazy to think and who are real Christians.

  120. well you may call this proof that osama is connected with the CIA

    a few interesting things i took out of it:

    Fidel Castro claims Osama bin Laden is a US spy

    Former Cuban president says the 9/11 mastermind is in the pay of the CIA and cites WikiLeaks as his source

    He has claimed that Osama bin Laden is in the pay of the CIA and that President George Bush summoned up the al-Qaida leader whenever he needed to increase the fear quotient. The former Cuban president said he knows it because he has read WikiLeaks.

    Castro told a visiting Lithuanian writer, who is known as a font of intriguing conspiracy theories about plots for world domination, that Bin Laden was working for the White House.

    "Bush never lacked for Bin Laden's support. He was a subordinate," Castro said, according to the Communist party daily, Granma. "Any time Bush would stir up fear and make a big speech, Bin Laden would appear, threatening people with a story about what he was going to do."

    He said that thousands of pages of American classified documents made public by WikiLeaks pointed to who the al-Qaida leader is really working for.

    "Who showed that he [Bin Laden] is indeed a CIA agent was WikiLeaks.

  121. And they call it justic. Lol honestly now? Justice? Osama dead? Someone please when did they first hear bout Osama, one person please give me concrete evidence that he even lived. Osama just another creation of the US government or Illuminati whatever controlling freaks, really now one guy sitting in a cave in Afghanistan organises so much shit to go down in the US? Few years late Afghanistan is taken over by the US, produce of Opium increases by well over a 200% rate and being shipped mainly to the US and then its Justice coz the media tells you Osama is killed by US forces or whatever. Haha yeah right. The biggest injustice is the bullshit the media feeds people thru any means they can and that people make a big hoo haa bout it.

  122. I respectfully state my opinion that you are wrong and are over-thinking this. There are only 365 days in a year. And so there's on in 365 chance that he would be killed on May 1st.That's not that low at all.

  123. Rather foolish to re-joice I think…I'd be scared if I were YOU…Where's the proof and remember Ayman Al Zawahiri is still out there…

  124. I knew there was something wrong with this announcement!!! Couldn't place my finger on it but it did feel like it was being 'STAGED'!!! The sudden capture, the quick announcement and TOP OF THE LIST, The Burial at SEA!!! It smelled fishy!!!!

  125. As always, the U.S. of A thinks it's the center of the universe. It was already May 2 on the other side of the world.

    • Which leads to a couple of questions I have with the mega-ritual concept:

      1) Does it matter what the local time is where the person dies for the ritual to work? If not, the Illuminati seems to have thrown off some superstition…which makes them more dangerous, imho.

      2) If nobody dies ritually (or dies ritually nearby) and the crowd cheers, does the spell still work? If I remember right, the idea of the ritual is that one makes everything right so that the spell works properly.

  126. Guys/girls/VC..a serious question (will try again)..

    how man people do you think are 'in' on this HUGE conspiracy? Has be be tens, if not 100s, surely..?

    Including the Navy Seal team 6 who carried out the operarion despite not knowing (ultimately?) that OBL was not in the mansion.

    Just trying to think this through before shouting CONSPIRACY from the rooftops.

    Oh, and the Beltane/Ba'al link is spurious. Ba'al isn;t even mentioned in the wiki entry on Beltane etymology (not that wiki is the start and end of research, but my own digging found any link beyond this tenous at best…).

    But I accept that May 1 may be significant for other reasons (founding of Illuminati etc)

    • @SFrichie

      Baal is also known as Bel. Originally Baal (or Bel) a Canaanite sun god, was worshipped as the Sumerian God Enlil. Bel means bright or shining.

      Baal(British)/ Bel(Irish)/ Beli(Welsh)/ Belanos(Pan-Celtic). Beltane is a celebration of Baal. It is the celebration of the returning of the sun and rebirth and is diammetrically opposed to the other satanic holiday called Samhain (halloween).

      • Beltabe/Ba'al..seems highlt debatable at best. Certainly wiki doesn;t have Ba'al mentioned at all in the etymology of Beltane section. But maybe wiki is wrong on this. But would be happy to be pointed to a more definitive source claiming otherwise ()ii.e. not just some dudes personal blog).

        In any event, still trying to understand just how many people are claimed to be in on the conspiracy by those here who claim OBL wasn;t in the mansion. Presumably the ranks include all those of Navy Seals 6? But it must, presumably stretch to 100s?

        I think this is very imp[ortant as to the validity of the claim, so would love to get a feel for it..

      • But wouldn't a member of navy seals team 6 find that a bit odd? There were around 40 used apparantly, can't see how they could have ended up not using any of them without some questions being asked within the organization. As in..you know, who the hell went????

        what about the twitter guy..something was going on there as he tweeted..helicopters etc.

        or is he another plant too??

        I guess my main point is, its easy to shout 'conspiracy' from the rooftops, but no one ever digs deeper to work out how many people would actually have to be 'in' on it.100s basically. Far toomany loose lips.

      • Yes, this seems odd but, so does muslims hijacking planes with boxcutters and flying in to the Twin towers. I don't know how these things happen, like the Bin laden always looking diferent in all his messages, and there's all this other stuff I'm confused about.

        So now the t.v tells me Bin laden is dead and the body is thrown in to sea, like i said for me personaly it's just hear say,

  127. As the late John Todd said, May 1st is New Year's Day for the occult, so be sure that they will be up to something that day.

  128. The photos I've seen thus far of Americans celebrating near the White House look like a group of college students. It seems like they invited students to celebrate something else and then entitled the photos as "Americans Celebrating Bin Laden's Death." They did the same thing when Obama was in Germany making a speech in front of thousands of people when he was running for president. One person at that event said the crowd had gathered for a concert and then Obama came out during the concert to speak. Hmmmm

    • Iamapilgrim on

      I noticed right away that all the people in these crowd pictures are the same age, very attractive, with good looking haircuts. They seem like actors/models/extras who responded to a casting call. Real crowds of real people, don't look like this, so homogeneous and so consistently attractive.

      What's more, the visceral, primal anger towards Bin Laden Americans were feeling after 9/11 dissipated and faded away a long time ago. Nobody cared anymore. As the #16 comment notes, the boogieman wasn't useful anymore; that's why they pretended to get rid of him. So nobody would spontaneously pour out onto the streets and celebrate. It's all so fake. We really are truly living in the Orwellian fake news era. And it's so boring! So unbelievably transparent and so boring. It's like they aren't even trying.

    • Let's not forget that there's a fence around the whole of the White House. So to have gotten in the lawn to celebrate, they either had to be invited…or planted.

      • Iamapilgrim on

        Or it's a composite picture — the White House in the background and the figures in the foreground from two different photos, and combined.

  129. It matters not a jot whether a republican or a democrat is in the white house.'Democracy' is simply the freedom of people to vote for their next dicatator who is always a puppet to the people who rule behind the scenes(The Illuminati)

    Obama is no better than Bush.They are both puppets of the ruling elite and will always continue to do their bidding.Americans wake up.

  130. Very informative article.Keep up the good work.It is no coinicidence that they claim that Obama gave the final orders to kill Osama the same day that the royal wedding of England took place.Like you rightly implied,Beltane is a celebration of the Mystical marriage of opposites (King Winter and queen may)and it is symbolic of the unity of the opposites forces that mystics hope to balance in themselves and in every individual on earth in order for them to attain enlightenment.They believe that the only way to attain enlightenment and realize the truth is to realize that the distinction between the self and the Universe is a false dichotomy and that the distinction between consciousness and physical matter, between mind and body,between the ultimate serpent(ouroboros) and the individual soul(jiva) is the result of an unenlightened(ignorant)perspective.According to them when these two forces are balanced(married)The 7th chakra(sahasrara) is activated and man becomes an enlightened being and that in order for these two forces to be balanced,The enmity(separation,dichotomy) btw the two opposite forces has to be abolished.

    Bin laden is a symbol of global hatred and disdain(enmity)because majority of people have been manipulated to believe that He carried out the 911 attacks.The Prince and the princess (who are generally loved and celebrated by many people) are symbols of the two forces in nature that need to be balanced in order to attain enlightenment.When the mystical marriage occurs,the former enmity is destroyed,both forces are reconciled and 'enlightenment' is attained.

    The claim that Osama was buried in the sea is also symbolic.In greek Mythology,there was a river called styx(Stux, also meaning "hate" and "detestation")that ferried detested souls to hades(the underworld)The illuminati are simply trying to tell us that when the upper and lower parts of man are reconciled illumination is attained and the hatred btw both parts is destroyed.And that is the exact reason why the illuminati was founded on May 1st.

    http://www.crystalinks.com/ouroboros.html http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maya_%28illusion%29 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jiva http://www.joyofsatan.org/ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Styx http://www.lifepositive.com/Spirit/world-religionhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakra

  131. Sarel.Die.Seerower on

    I didn't read the entire comments thread, so if this has been mentioned before, sorry.

    It's interesting that the Beatification and canonisation of Pope John Paul II also occurred on May the 1st.

  132. I was so happy to see yesterday this article was promptly posted in the a.m. Nice work.

    I just finished reading 1984 (best book, ever, besides the Bible, I mean!) and I feel like I'm living in it!! Holy propaganda.

  133. NewWritter on

    What about this?

    Osama was blamed for the events of September 11, 2001 on that very same date, then he is announced dead 9 months after September, on the first day of the month of May (where 2001 was the first year of the decade, century, etc) and on the year 2011 (11th of September).

    Coincidence? Hmmm…

  134. Many congratulations to the U.S. government That is great news, now that is, what is the new plan, the new government protocol, Europe, Spain, England, where is the new terrorist attack to justify the massive expenditure on armaments.

    Because they have to take all the weapons we buy it??, or otherwise not make sense to spend on weapons.

  135. I bet you that it won't be too long until a new phantom terrorist is created by the US Gov. The media has already pre-conditioned the public to be ready for "repurcussions" from the militant followers of Osama so a newly faked attack on the US will have the people utterly fooled.

    How have the American people and the world been fooled so far? Excuses.

    Excuse no. 1: Iraq has weapons of mass destruction

    Wickerman: Saddam/ Iraq

    What they wanted: Oil

    Excuse no. 2: 9/11 is the job of fundamental Islamists and we must fight this war on terror

    Wickerman: Osama / Afghanistan

    What they wanted: to relinquish freedoms, circumvent the US Constitution and anchor new laws that allow for martial law and dictatorial power as a prerequisite to the NWO, precious minerals in Afghanistan worth billions

    I predict that this new 9/11-esque attack will be a nuclear attack on US soil. It should be clear who the US will be quick to blame…Iran. After all, they've been waiting for a reason to go into Iran for years and have been preparing for it.

    Excuse no.3 will be: Iran has attacked us with nuclear weapons. We must protect America and destroy all such sites for the sake of peace

    Wickerman: Ahmadinejad/ Iran

    What they want: to topple the current government and put in its place a pro-American government in Iran, to set back and prevent the country from building nuclear weapons that could be used against the US or Israel


    The false flag op on home soil will give the US an excuse to go into Iran. The US will provoke a war with Iran under the guise of war on terror in a bid to set back Iran's ability to manufacture nuclear weapons.

    Why the US will choose to go on this suicide mission is beyond me since Iran is under Russian protection and Russia has clearly stated an attack again Iran will be seen as an attack against Moscow.

    The only question that remains is whether Israel will join the fray…but then again, that really isn't a question.

    These are prophetic times indeed.

  136. Where the Christian researchers go wrong is by equating the Illuminati or the occutist cabal with earth-based paganism. Goddess religion and earth-based paganism were anciently the victims of the ancestors of the Illuminati or occultst cabal. There is a massive difference. The former care for nature and the cycles where as the latter who come from the solar cult mythos are war mongers, and believe in sky gods (hint hint) and linaer view of history, and a polarized idea that 'light' is far superior to 'darkness', and 'male' to 'female' etc. THAT is the mistake you make. You dont recognize your own faith as coming from this colar cultic mythos, and therefore you demonize ALL forms of paganism and magick. This is you big mis-take.

  137. Hmm, is the song Stairway To Heaven about 9/11 and the alchemical process of using that event to control the minds of the masses – turning the mundane into gold? Seriously, go listen "..it's just a spring-clean for the May Queen.."

  138. eastwester on

    You guys are aware of the biggest sacrificial ritual celebration of all though right..Easter..sounds like many here took part in that one…

  139. As soon as Osama's death was anounced my immediate thought this was only announced for Obama's bad poll numbers. I hope people wake up to Obama.

  140. i think that this happened just to get our great Kenyan leader barack obama reelected…

    i agree that the date is fishy… besides did anyone else watch obama tell us that he got osama… he was reading off a fucking teleprompter… i mean when is the u.s population going to open up their eyes and see that we are being set up… everything happens for a reason and this shouldn't be thought of as a spur of the moment type of thing…. and lay off of everyone celebrating in front of the white house that night most of them were college kids taking a break from finals… this was just an excuse to go out and party…

    even if he didn't cause the 911 attacks the media portrayed him as the master mind so this kind of gives people a sense of security now… even though our whack ass gov. is still going to molest you every time you try to board a plane.

    only the beginning right now… bad things are happening across the world. hundreds of tornadoes a fire that wiped out half of Texas(the gov. has still not sent help)… that tsunami… we have very little time stock up on necessities water and food. be prepared for when it happens…

  141. Celebrating a man's death, whether a criminal or not, is just BARBARIC and AWFUL. I feel sad seeing people mindlessly celebrating a man's death.

  142. Im still a little iffy on what im going to say but did anyone notice thst when this was announced CNN said they had live footage from a news station in pakistan but the footage shown was at night when it was also night on this side of the world. Somethigs wrong and Obama may be the antichrist. Just saying!

  143. TheBronxBomber on

    I'm soo glad I found this website! A lot of people in my circle don't think the way I do and think bush had nothin to do with 9/11. I really thought I was alone and I had pretty much nobody to talk about this because and when I tried I was deemed crazy! Just sooo glad I found this website with so many people who think for themselves and doesn't let the media control their thoughts and feelings! Btw let's just say osama is dead for arguments sake. Why the hell u bury him at sea?!? Wtf!?! Anyway if I was obama I would request for osama to be captured alive and make him snitch out all the "terrorist" that are plotting on the usa. But that's just me

  144. A inquisitive mind on

    The interesting thing is that May 1st is my day of birth. I turned 21 the day Osama was announced dead.

    I wonder if my birthday will somehow turn me into a demon child? I am an Atheist, so I am naturally skeptical about these claims

    • My birthday is also on May 1st (in the evening), I just turned 18 (happy b-day by the way). It´s weird to celebrate when you know that somewhere someone might be doing human sacrifices just because it´s May 1, but I don´t believe you´ll turn into a demon child unless you want to. And why would someone want to is beyond me.

  145. Has any body mentioned (I'm not sure if its already been mentioned). That Osama was supposedly killed by (Navy) Seal team 6? Seal team 6? 6!

    Any body find that a bit particular?

  146. May 2: a mourning day for Canada. Last night's results are the last nail in this country's coffin… Although I was not born here I am really really sorry for what happened and I still think this outcome could have been avoided. Bid your farewells folks because the Canada you used to know is history…

    My deep condoleances to all decent Canadians.

    • Sarah Connor on

      Hey Raphael! I'm not too familiar w/Canada's political scene….but are you talking about Prime Minister Harper being granted the majority? Only cause I have a friend in Canada that is having a conversation with me specifically about Harper today, so I was curious if that was what you were referencing here. Thanks!

      • yea Sarah that's exactly what I was referring at. Unfortunately not all Canadians are aware of Harper's agenda. Actually not his agenda because he's just a narcissistic sociopath dummy and a traitor. Him getting where he is now is the result of years of lobbying and conspiracy (oh how I hate this word). But it all started circa 2003 when he was invited to join the Bilderbergers.

        As long as his party didn't have the majority there was hope. Now that hope is dead…

        For those interested there's more info here:
        and here (when he famously pissed on Canada's sovereignty):

      • Sarah Connor on

        So cool of you buddy to reply to me!!! My friend says the opposite about Harper and provides links(could be wrong)…..but this is not my forte and I need time to investigate!!! We will be the 'north american union' at some point so I should involve myself more in the politics of my brothers and sisters north! When I have the time I am going to read up on your links and hers…..I hope you don't mind if I bring questions to the table???? It may be at random times fyi……but I may want to pick your brain on the issue……..cool beans? Luv ya raph!!!! Seriously!

      • sure Sarah any time. I know many Canadians would disagree with me on this one but then again many of them also believe Osama bin Laden was just whacked..

        I was never emotionally involved in Canadian politics and I tried to be as equidistant as possible (I didn't even vote). But I have to admit that the Harper conspiracy is too intricate for most to see. At least now. Unfortunately when they see it it's gonna be too late..

      • is there any address I can write you at? I don't know if Vigilant allows posting personal info thou..

      • Sarah Connor on

        Yes cool – just made this temp email and I'll check it for two or three days then dump it. It starts filling with messaged from millionaires in Zimbawe that want to marry me but I have to wire them money to come to the states first LOL sctemp2011@hotmail.com

  147. the way i see things "if you wasnt there dont say anything cause then your just stating opinions and coincidences not facts" if you wasnt on the plane or with the navy seals then shut up cause you dont know anything but what you "think" you know .. your way in the USA talking about he isnt dead like really listen to yourself .. everyone lies not just the gov't

  148. Oh come on, Bin Laden was not behind 9/11? Well he sure was behind the majority of terrorist attacks worldwide. And to the people who may reply to me, don't say I'm blind, because I'm not, and the killing took place in different time zones, Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan, therefore he was killed on the 2nd of May.

    People really need to let go of connecting everything to a conspiracy, I mean, VC does some great work, especially with the dumbing down of society through the food and other things we consume. But sometimes you just have to draw a line with this conspiracy stuff. If the white house chooses to release a photo, you guys would say it's doctored, if they say he was confirmed through DNA, you'd say it was tampered with, if they show the burial video, you'll say it's not Bin Laden's body, you guys just don't stop. Just for once, just once, stop and think and be rational with your thinking, you can't live your whole life being paranoid, it's not good for you.

    • There is paranoia and there is asking legitimate question.

      You can't just take someones word..what are you basing your rational on?

      Dont you wanna see some sort of proof? A photo..or bring the body and let the right people view it and accept it's him.. as I keep saying why dispose of the body at sea? why hide the evidence if it's real.. you are aware he was on dialysis and prob wasn't the strongest person even if he was alive.. what proof do you have that he was even alive to kill? How do you know that they just didn't fabricate this story to gain approval for Obama? Again not paranoia but some really obvious questions that needs to be asked.

    • you are not blind, you are just misinformed. Terrorism as most of the people understand it, does not exist. Terrorism was invented and perpetrated by intelligence agencies as a means of intimidation and/or punishment against some targeted populations/ethnic groups and countries. If you take the time to study the history of the so called terrorism you are going to make a full circle back to the CIA, FBI, Mossad, MI5 and so on.. If Bin Laden was ever a terrorist he was because, as most of the people on this site already know, he was a CIA asset up to sept. 11. I'll provide you some links if the subject really interests you.

      It's not that we want to be all a conspiracy but once you unveil the truth you cannot stop half way..

  149. The US claim to have killed bin Laden; the Taliban have acknowledged the death, along with a number of unsavoury Islamist groups who are now vowing revenge (as usual). What is more likely: that the US are lying, and the Pakistanis are lying, and the Taliban are in on it, too; or, that bin Laden was killed in a raid in Pakistan a few nights ago?

    And what about bin Laden and 9/11? Even granting for the sake of argument that the towers were rigged with explosives in case of a terrorist attack, why did bin Laden go along with the US government by claiming responsibility for the attacks? Why did he appear in so many video whilst being dead? Why did Robert Fisk, who knew him indirectly, swear for years that he was still alive? Why is it that most of you folks will believe anything provided there is no evidence for it whatsoever?

    As for May Day, who cares? It is an old pagan holiday derived from farming superstitions. So what? And why would the US be of overriding importance to God, or the Devil, or whoever? The announcement was made at 11.30pm – terrible time to start a celebration – and it was already May 2nd in Europe and farther east where the May Day stuff all began. Bollocks…all of it.

    • I hate to burst your bubble but you have a few things quiet wrong.

      Osama never actually took responsibility for the attack on the towers.

      He did say it wasn't him even. Also the videos of him that surfaced has and had legitimacy issues around it.

      As for the May Day thing yeah it was 2nd of may in Europe but all that matters is where it was first announced was may 1st. I dunno if this day is important but apparently it is. If they are soo much into occult and importance of these things then there is an importance to announce it on a certain date and certain time to create the right energy.

      Can you explain to me why would they dispose of the body so fast and at sea where it can never be found?

  150. I thought it was strange when I heard he got shot in the "left eye", if I'm not mistaken.

  151. "When your enemy falls, do not rejoice; and when he is caused to stumble, may your heart not be joyful, that Jehovah may not see and it be bad in his eyes and he certainly turn back his anger from against him." – Proverbs 24:17, 18.

  152. Has anyone noticed the first 3 numbers in the date Bin Laden was killed add up to 9 then you have 11 at the end – 911

  153. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy." – Martin Luther King Jr.

  154. Zachary Loveless on

    How ironic Hitler also died on may 1st, and napoleon died on the 5th, very near there… Nostradamus predicted that the 3rd antichrist's death would spark World War III and that we would be in the end of times. That is a pretty scary thought.

  155. Barrack Hussein Obama…Hussein? Obama? What are the two most memorable executions that have happened recently? Sadam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden, is it just a coincidence that Obama has both of these names :S, and he also looks like Osama haha..

  156. Isnt it weird how osama bin laden was killed on the same day as hitler (may 1st)

  157. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." –Martin Luther King

    this quote just says my sentiment regarding Bin Laden's death… guilty or not, it's still not right to rejoice over someone's death… people should rethink on where their beliefs came from…

    God bless us all…

    • GAH!

      MLK never said that first sentence, it was created by a lady named Jessica Dovey. She then followed it with a quote by MLK (the rest of it).


      (I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. -Jessica Dovey) Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that ~Dr. MLK Jr.

      Which came from this paragraph from his book Strength to Love…

      "Are we seeking power for power’s sake? Or are we seeking to make the world and our nation better places to live. If we seek the latter, violence can never provide the answer. The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral, begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy. Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it. Through violence you may murder the liar, but you cannot murder the lie, nor establish the truth. Through violence you may murder the hater, but you do not murder hate. In fact, violence merely increases hate. So it goes. Returning violence for violence multiplies violence, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that. ~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr."

      • thanks for the info my friend, just copy pasted it from facebook…

        i appreciate it…

  158. Vigilant is right about Beltane. They have it in Edinburgh every year. Google images Edinburgh Beltane for what the old gaelic rituals might have looked like.

  159. They killed bin Laden and didn't even care to show us the body. This coming from the country who made that doubtful video about the first trip to the moon. It's kinda hard to believe they would just let go of the evidences to respect his religion traditions. It's even harder to believe that Osama, with so little technology, could plan that huge attack against WTC and USA took 10 years to find and kill him.

    I strongly doubt that he died on sunday. Some websites claim he died in december 2001 – the same site was under attack on sunday while the news was being spread in the media. It's strange but some people don't even think about what they are reading and listening. I found some post in a blog from someone in my country. It was saying that the author met some people from work in the elevator and they were saying they didn't believe in Osama's death. The reason they had for that is that they didn't see the body. He then went on about being brainwashed by the biggest TV channel in the country into thinking USA was lying about that. It makes no sense at all! He is the one brainwashed, the one who believes everything the media is saying. These people he was talking about belong to a inferior social condition. I think maybe the poorer people are being wiser than the medium classes.

    I'm so thankful I found this site before the announcemente of bin Laden's death. I mean, I had time to go through most of the articles here and could open my eyes and mind a bit. It was hard to believe, at first, that WTC was not attacked by some terrorist faction. I used to think everyone who said that was a little more than crazy, so it took me some time to digest the truth. I would go through the same thing if I didn't know about it before this announcement. But now I have to digest that some people actually believe in what they were told, without questioning.

    Even if this was all true, we are human beings after all. Everyone around the globe was rejoicing a man's death. We should have brains and hearts and sense of morals and fear God. But we are becoming soulless, mind controlled zombies and no one is doing anything! We are always going down a bit more and society keeps saying "till here it's ok, till here it's ok". The problem itself is not the falling but reaching the bottom. How much more can we devolve?

  160. God's child on

    I was in the car when it was announced that Osama Bin Laden had been killed. I immediately knew it was a lie. I have spent a lot of time on this website, and in doing this I have really realized that everything we see is being controlled by someone else. This news couldn't have come at a more convenient time for President Obama – this is just what he needed. Because of this load of deception that was fed to us, through President Obama and the media, Obama will definitely get re-elected.

  161. Did anyone notice any other "odd" things in the news over the last few days before or after "bin Laden's death" and the Brittish wedding that didn't get as much press?

    In the movie "Wag the Dog," the presidential staff made a huge series of media announcements to detract from a scandal that had just occurred. It was deliberately staged in the movie by, of all people, a movie producer, hired by the presidential staff. When I heard the announcement Sunday night, remembering all the hullabaloo of royal wedding, I kept wondering exactly what real news tidbit would be blocked out by all of these high profile people.

  162. VC, thank you so much for this article. After Obama's speech I felt like I was in the middle of Jonestown watching everyone around me drink the cyanide kool -aid without question.

  163. you forgot the swine flu pandemic of 2009. THe CDC issued their famous warning on May 1 2009.

  164. Bin Laden's Dead… And??/The Definition of a Conspiracy Theory – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry29kgO05cE

    It's good to see that their are still some knowledgeable people on this planet. All of those people that celebrated in front of the White House are real clueless. A lot of people are sheep unfortunately and think anything that goes against mainstream/group think is a "conspiracy theorist." I touched on this in my video up above.

  165. Obama and his administration needed an achievement to gain some popularity. This, everyone guessed.

    But, besides this, they were needing to discredit the legitimacy of Kadhafi and El-Assad, who pretend to be the firewall against Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood. Usama gone, their position appears to be very weak.

    Let's wait for the further developments concerning Tripoli and Damascus.

  166. The unity of 'belief' that a media created and generated image used to excite basic primal human emotional instincts has been suddenly slain by the very same powers that created it in the first place, which brings about a nationwide show of jubilant tearful and emotional collective unity and relief, amongst a selective upper middle class of university students chanting USA, to coincide with the royal wedding of the new reigning May King and May Queen before billions of enchanted viewers world wide, to coincide with the beatification of Pope John Paul II, in which millions of emotional worshippers are gathered in the Vatican to witness and celebrate, to coincide with a dark waning (witchcraft) moon phase in Aries/Ares (pagan god of spring and also pagan god of war), to coincide with killer storms the like and intensity of which has rarely been seen before which leave hundreds dead in the American south-land.

    Yet, Professor “Eyes Wide Shut”, ignores the obvious, because he's part of the most pampered class of humanity on earth and is just as much a media created and generated phenomenon as the ‘Devil’ the media created and ritually sacrificed at this year's Beltane rites and rituals festival.

    The lesson here to be learned is like Pavlov’s dogs we have been conditioned to react to the signals and stimulus of our handlers. How fast we become the unreasoning primitive slave to the instinctual without question.

    Learn to think outside the box, my friend, is the first thing they teach you! As to who are they are? They never told me! Maybe because they were never here! An education is a wonderful thing in the hands of those who can use it!

  167. WOW, you guys have all opened my eyes – this is an amazing column and the comments are so real…

    I think USA wants to invade Pakistan now, hence the whole killing him in Pakistan thingy… Oh and also all your comments about Obama needing votes etc etc etc. Just a thought!

  168. thanks VC!!! i was waiting for this since may 1st!!! i cant believe it how many people are brainwashed and cant think on their own!!!

  169. ravendelasker on

    The death of a fellow human should never be celebrated, real or not the energy they channeled from this act is very negative. I think the elites realized long ago they dont need to fool the wise, just the loud..

  170. For those who think everyone is fooled by what they see, they are soooo mistaken. What concerns me is the whole "look left" while I commit a heinous act and then leave you to keep looking and talking about you saw on the left. I knew there was something amiss when suddenly out of the blue this announcement is made and after all this time….and watch before we know it, the story will die down and some major decision was made and no one was aware enough to contest it.

    Always watch with peripheral vision

  171. Of course, I knew the second I heard the news that there must be some great significance to the date of the murder but I don't know my occult and pagan history like you do. So thanks for clarifying this for me. It still surprises and saddens me how gullible the majority of the Western population is.

    As an aside, there are quite a few typos and spelling mistakes in the article. I only mention it because it's not consistent with your usually impeccable standard and I think it subconsciously affects the credibility of the material.

  172. I was also told that his 'burial' at sea is also deemed in some occult practices as a rebirth. It's amazing how many people buy the propganda, but it's also nice to see so many skeptical people, it seems that people are waking up. Slowly.

  173. Thank you V.C. , your research has given me valuable insight into the psychopathology of this plutocracy. Please continue the good work, personally, I would appreciate your comments on the recent federal election and your opinion about Harper.

    A grateful fellow Canadian,


  174. MAD.AS.HELL on

    VC should write his sources so you wont have to look up every single thing, like that Zbigniew Brzezinski recruited the Mujahideen and that they were trained by the US. It'd just be nice if he posted a link.

  175. 1st of all even terrosist don't bomb n hijack planes even wen they bored,bt duh you would fight 4 ur country if an army jst appears on ur doorstep,,Osama did not take credit for wat happened in 911 n has said that there is "government in a government in america who has did all that and blamed him" and all the videos of osama but alook alike..come on a religious muslim man does not wear gold,cos its not allowed n a look alike wore glod rings,I have watched. 3 documemtries of the 911 few years ago and it was made by us citizen from america,n they interviewed All the people at the event of 911,n the doc also said that osama died in 2004 or somthing,n when I first heard about osama dead in the news,my thought was

    Afghanistan = drugs/fields of drug plants=consumers=companys/drugaddicts=America

    Iraq = oil=consumers=companys/elites/public =America

    Iran=nuclearweapons=companys/government= America =Pending

    Pakistan ????who did they sacrifice??!!proof of osamas death on May 1st =Pending

    Ignorance is acceptance of everything governments tells you!!

    • @ smokedawg …..

      from the article you posted.. http://dissidentvoice.org/2011/05/bin-laden-the-v
      I wonder if thats what Osama really said…but still i could believe it…

      and of course

      what does obama say….

      Obama also dished up some righteousness, “Tonight, we are once again reminded that America can do whatever we set our mind to. That is the story of our history, whether it’s the pursuit of prosperity for our people, or the struggle for equality for all our citizens; our commitment to stand up for our values abroad, and our sacrifices to make the world a safer place.”

      YEAH AND "SACRIFICES TO MAKE THE WORLD A SAFER PLACE"…they do sacrifices alright…i.e. 9/11

  176. This whole celebration of Osama's death has been a very morbid example of an ignorance I know too well.

    When 9/11 happened I was in 9th grade, I remember wearing a t-shirt the next day that said "Nuke em' George". Today, I am profoundly ashamed that I was another thoughtless, uninformed marionette dancing along to their racist, imperialist agenda. For many years, I accepted the line offered by the main stream media, I was just as gullible as any other until the blatant truth (via Vigilant citizen) smacked me upside the head. Because of the spark your website ignited, I am a different person, God Bless you for that.

    Most days, I contemplate feeling empowered or defeated; this new world of information is consuming and trying to express it to others without zeal is difficult at times. Reading the comments of others gives me a sigh of relief, I am not the only one who feels this way. I love you all, & in signing off would like to share this amazing quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. with you, my dear friends –

    "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that"


  177. LordFlashheart on

    Did anyone also look at the date of the royal wedding and the also all important significance of 33 to our illuminaty friends?

    Royal wedding 29/4/11. (1-1=0 ,29+4=33)

    Bin ladens "death" 2/5/11. (5-2=3, 3×11=33)

  178. drpepperfanatic on

    thank you so much for the post! i know this has already been mentioned, but i too sensed something really fishy about his death. there was no evidence, no pictures, hardly anything at all to prove it. just another thing to keep americans pre-occupied while the government takes more and more of their freedom as well as thinking capabilities.

  179. The crowd mobilizing across the street of the white house was staged. Gather a crowd near the white house and see if you aren't arrested and fast. Absolutely orchestrated and contrived.

  180. I love all you guys and i love this website! It makes me so happy to see people to share the same views as me. Before i posted this comment i was on yahoo, looking at the article about osama's photo not being shown due to it being too gruesome. I was horrified to see the racist comments people were putting down about arabs, muslims and islam in general ( I am a muslim by the way). It reassures me to know that there actually are some people with some sense and good reasoning in this world 😀

  181. Yep. All those people got out of bed at midnight in Washington to cheer for our victory and they all just happened to have an American flag to wave for the camera. Kept it handy, right by the bed for just such an occaision.

    Next time they kill Osama, all they'll have to do is tell us that wasn't quite dead yet when they dumped him at sea and so he swam away and rejoined Al-Quada. Boy did his kidneys ever get better. If dialysis is that good, maybe we all ought to try some of it.

  182. "I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that." — Martin Luther King, Jr.

  183. Bruce Hayden on

    Not that many people care but Enlil was not Baal. And he was never killed. I think the great Sumerian scholar, Zecharia Sitchin, knows a bit more than whoever this Jane Adams is. Enlil and his brother, Enki, were the two sons of Anu. They were left here to mine gold with a small force.

    Somehow their atmosphere was messed up and they needed gold dust to correct it. (Chemtrails anyone?) Enki and his half-sister created us to be a slave race (and nothing has changed the last 5,000 years) when there was a rebellion of the Anunnaki miners. All of these 'gods' and 'goddesses' had different names in different cultures but Baal isn't even close to Enki. Even that fountain of truth, Wikipedia, will tell you that. But, like I say, most people don't care about this part of the article anyway….except some of the C2C listeners who are familiar with Sitchen's translations of the Sumerian tablets.

    • Although Zecharia Sitchin’s research is a good place to start in understanding the roots of western civilization and its religious beliefs, there are more astute and better researched works in the same field, such as the book; "The Genius Of The Few", The Story of Those Who Founded the Garden in Eden, by Christian O’Brien with Barbara Joy O’Brien, or, the book, "The Gods Of Eden" by William Bramley. These works will add definitive depth and discerning flavor to your knowledge and understanding of Sitchin’s materials.

  184. LMAO! I just saw the funniest thing ever on Nancy Grace. Since they know their video footage of the compound is craptasitc and they want to spare us the grusomeness of seeing a dead body they never had, the ydecided to make a animation of the raid itself. These peopel are too much.

  185. You know it amazes me, how people are so quick to discredit the Bible, the word of GOD, but when you look at who these elites worship, baal etc.. if those false gods are being worshiped and powers received, then their has to be truth on the other side of the coin, the things Jesus taught was the truth. How can you believe in an evil and not a redeemer of righteousness, a Saviour, being Jesus Christ? Don't discredit The Lord, true Christianity, based on the falseness thats being taught in these so called churches and phony televangelists. Those that are truly in Jesus Christ don't behave as such and the fruits they bear are easily discernible.

  186. Lol people really need to stop putting this on Obama and calling him a good actor a liar etc, he's a puppet. Theres no democracy in our country, politics is a horse and pony show for people to feel like they have a voice, but we really don't, they steal elections when they want. Obama isn't the liar, hes the puppet for the elite. He was selected for a reason, He's black, thats a change, change is coming, usher in the NWO.

  187. escapefromobamastan on

    Wow! Now that Osama bin dead a Long Time CIA-duh has actually died TWICE, maybe the Constitution busting acts such as the "Patriot" Act (the Department of Homeland Security can now be disbanded); John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2007; the Military Commissions Act (which ground into dust habeas corpus; etc., etc. can all be REPEALED. After all, he did commit 9/11, right? Even though the FBI and the pres. and vice pres. all said there was no proof he was responsible. But what do THEY know?

    All sterilizing scanners pushed by Michael Chertoff (who profitted very nicely) for its producer, can be removed from all airports and everyone can now travel by air without being sexually molested and having their 4th Amendment rights totally abused and not having to be cautious about those silly containers. We could also keep our shoes own. How silly. Did anyone ever find the man in the nice suit who escorted the shoe bomber through security without him having to be searched? Just asking.

    Boy, I'll bet things get back to normal really soon now.

  188. Angel Stew on

    I knew right away that the royal wedding was the beginning of something evil. My first thought was anti-christ lol i thought about Rosemary's baby and the omen and I thought about how there is so much transformation rapidly taking place and people are so caught up in face book and other entertainments as well as media (Television = Tell-Lies-visually) Even people i know and are close to highly disappointed me, getting caught up in all this hype of Osama. It is amazing how everyone began celebrating death. This world is headed to very disturbing times.

  189. Po-LIE- tics ppl when r yall gonna get it thru yall minds already believe nothing u hear & only half of what u see. If Bin Laden is dead why rejoice? He only trained like thousands more 2 be exactly like him I suppose we think this is the end of terrorism? Osama worked for the govt just as his son does. This is all part of their overall agenda. Operation kill US. They create these fake terrorist who blow up a landmark killing thousands, we then hunt him down for years periodically mentioning him in the news. Then months b4 they start running for office again Obama kills him on a pagan holiday? But b4 that we have the birth cert. issue which he provides proof (????) then takes shots at trump? No coincedence things happened this way right after a Ritualisic Royal wedding. lol They will now blow up or poison something n say Terrorism in order to protect us, they will take away more of our rights. This will start as soon as the troops come home….. armed soldiers on the streets. Dont forget Oklahoma bombing. they have to kill a certain amount of ppl to get ppl going emotionally in order to violate our rights without a fuss. Not enuff ppl believe Osama story so they’ll change it up until ppl r satisfied. Theyre already planting their fear n ppl by saying calls for suspicious packages r at an all time high. Believe Nothing, Forget Nothing, Question Everything!!!!

  190. Thank you for this article. of course the death of a person should never be a reason to celebrate.

    Apprechiate all the brothers and sisters in Lord Jesus Christ who feel ashamed about this. Stay on the way. Love to all.

  191. It is funny how some of the people who post here pretend to be skeptical, but believe in the 'Bibles'version of God as blind sheep still.

  192. It's so obvious that this is a hoax, a political ploy, and that 9/11 was an inside job, i still can't believe there are so many people that don't question the media and believe everything that's fed to them. Conveniently he has been killed now, this is probably a staged event to act out another terror attack "now that al qaeda is pissed off" *sarcastic tone* – and then invade the rest of the middle eastern countries !!

  193. goodday ppl

    MAY 1=

    -Beltane (pagan wheel)

    -saint Joseph (also 19 march)

    -saint Tomas day (first sunday after easter)

    -Bona Dea (roman feast)

    -MayDay Merry-moon (heathen festival)fire.

    on mayday = may 1 Frigga (asatru/odinism) gives Europe a present…

    if you go to the wiki site of Geronimo you see a picture of his grave;
    the symbolism here tells the story, ask yourself why there is a white dove laying at the bottom.

    this is represented in the DIA art as the second mural of the rainbow, the one with the nazi muslim alien holding his sword attacking the Dove-spirit.;

    that second part of the mural started at may1, representing mayday.

    it's a symbolic present, cuz it's a symbolic kill.

    for the history of this you need to know that Prescott-Bush, the grandfather of Bush jr., supposely stole the legbones and skull of Geronimo from his grave.

    ragnarok and project rainbow…look it up.

    here is the biblical script;

    genesis 9;

    12 And God said, This is the token of the covenant which I make between me and you and every living creature that is with you, for perpetual generations:

    13 I do set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be for a token of a covenant between me and the earth.

    14 And it shall come to pass, when I bring a cloud over the earth, that the bow shall be seen in the cloud:

    15 And I will remember my covenant, which is between me and you and every living creature of all flesh; and the waters shall no more become a flood to destroy all flesh

    btw, the first part of the DIA mural, the boy slamming with the lightning hammer started symbolic at 11 march. "lightning from the east" (biblical script).

    this is a monstrous play presented as a heavenly play of the music of the spheres, following the script of the bible….

    much love from netherlands:)


  194. American Patriot on

    VC said, "Should the death of a man cause happiness and celebrations?"

    Yes, absolutely!! This man was behind the 911 attacks and is responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people. By taking him out the lives of many people have been saved. The war isn't over yet but this is a big blow to those that have no respect for innocent human lives.

    "Payback is a bitch." "An eye for an eye."

    He got what he deserved.

    • “Go to the internet and go to the FBI website and go to their international list of top ten terrorists. You will see Bin Laden there, bring his name up and his picture. Amazingly, all the charges: the embassy of ’98 and this other stuff is all listed. But, ironically nothing on 9/11. NOTHING! Now when the FBI was pressed as to why 9/11 wasn’t included, their response was “We don’t have enough evidence.” Now, people, if you’re like me that is extremely disturbing; we’ve fought two wars, we’ve changed our entire foreign policy and we’ve had the PATRIOT act put on us, all, supposedly, because of Osama Bin Laden!”

      — Jesse Ventura


      • American Patriot on


        "God knows it did not cross our minds to attack the towers but after the situation became unbearable and we witnessed the injustice and tyranny of the American-Israeli alliance against our people in Palestine and Lebanon, I thought about it. And the events that affected me directly were that of 1982 and the events that followed – when America allowed the Israelis to invade Lebanon, helped by the U.S. Sixth Fleet. As I watched the destroyed towers in Lebanon, it occurred to me punish the unjust the same way (and) to destroy towers in America so it could taste some of what we are tasting and to stop killing our children and women."

        – Osama bin Laden, 2004

  195. Look at the fotos on reuters (linked from drudge) of the 3 dead men. Not one of them looks anything like OBL. They're all much younger too. Didn't see a wound above the left eye either. Why isn't anyone talking about this??? This is really getting ridiculous.

  196. hey VC since i started visiting this i began to open my eyes very wide,my ears are becoming so sharp and i have realised that world is totally not what we think of it.

    Would somebody be kind and dissect this video for me:

    According to what i see there is a lot of subliminal messages being passed in this ad.

  197. I Believe that the american government was in desperate need for a new scape goat. I do not understand how the US with such military technology took 10 years to find Osama, who was not too far from a military base in Pakistan. I do not believe Osama was killed that day, and the american gov't is repulsive if it expects the all american to believe that Osama was just killed, or recently spotted. John F Kennedy warned that the media should never be censored. The American people, he believed, were entitled to the truth and a government who censored media and washed the truth, was oppressive.

  198. The events of last weekend could be lifted right from a disney story. The prince married his princess and the villain died. Funny that disney can be tied in with all this too.

  199. I thought he was announced dead on may 2nd 2011 as I live in Australia. Therefore, I thought if you add those numbers up 2/5/2011 u'll get 9/11 or 9+1+1 which is 11. Another thing I thought I noted was that Hilter died on that day as well back in 1945 and if u do the math 2011 – 1945 you get 66 years

  200. Brittany Aych on

    I have to say that I am a bit disturbed by the celebrations, and I was beginning to feel weird about it. Furthermore, I just think it is rather weird that Osama was confirmed the same day Hitler supposedly killed himself….WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  201. Brittany Aych on

    I have to say that I am a bit put-off and disturbed by all the celebrations going on regarding Osama bin Laden's death. Furthermore, I think it is a little weird that he was announced dead the same day as Hitler.

  202. So, this might be a little paranoid, but can we even trust Google?

    Someone in above comment said to "Google" GAFU, but, if the American public is being controlled by corporations and media, and the government, then why in the world would they readily allow us – or basically hand us – information that could so easily threaten their credibility?

    I'm pretty surprised this website still exists, to be honest.

    You should send out paper newsletters or something, before they shut you down/filter your stuff.

    Now, about the article – I was on my favorite website when a girl posted an Alex Jones video. She's very popular on the website, and she said that she felt her opinion was relevant. The first time I was on VC was to read a Lady Gaga related article, mostly because I don't like her and I wanted a legitimate reason to why she gave me the willies. So, upon seeing the Alex Jones video my mind immediately jumped to this website – sure enough, the article was here.

    I won't say that I am thankful for all of this information because, well, we are supposed to think about what is said, no matter what side it is coming from. So, what I WILL say, is that I am thankful for the opportunity to broaden my horizons, and for VC as a gateway to challenge everything I've been spoon fed by news channels. I didn't feel the urge to immediately celebrate Osama's death – its just wrong, you know? And I didn't give too much thought to any more of it because I didn't even watch the announcement on the news. Tumblr told me. I DID find it really weird how all of this was so shady, and how Disney-like this weekend was. Prince gets married, bad guy dies – I'm still waiting for Tinkerbell to fly around and declare it over. Now, by reading all these comments, I'm delving more and more into the reports of 9/11, Al Queada, Bin Laden as a CIA agent, etc. Its really overwhelming, though, so once again, I'm thankful that VC exists to help me sort it all out.

    I don't know what to do about my friends, though. SO many of them are too enticed with the images sent out by the media to think even ONCE about what I say to them. But, meh, everyone's time will come, right?


  203. It's mind boggling how folks can just buy the party line over and over again, never questioning anything and then when I raise ANY questions or say 'that doesn't make sense' I get the side eye. But how do you kill a man with no body, no autopsy, no PROOF that he was even who you say he was? How do you show no evidence that he even existed? How do you convict a man without a trial and then declare you slayed the boogeyman? What crime did he commit and where's your PROOF? I mean these are just the basic questions. And it just so happens that said boogeyman 'dies' just after the royal ritual? A ritual mind you that was built up for months all over the world like we were supposed to care. And people just blindly followed both. Sometimes I think I just need to drink the kool aid and stfu! But I hate the LIES!

    Anyway great article again…thanks for the perspective.

  204. I dont know if you noticed this vc, but obama came on with his speech at exactly 11:35, since ive been reading your website i know how the occult uses numbers.. well 11 plus 5 is 16 minus 3 is 13… that is their favorite number… do you think its a coincidence? I dont.

  205. Thumbs1964 Channel on

    english base 6 gematria findings in relation to OBL

    May First=666

    Beltane Rite=666

    Beltane OBL, As AAA=666

    Seal Team VI, A AAA=666 (A=6)

    Timing A Death=666

    Dumped In Sea=666

    May False Flag AAA=666 (A=6)

    A USA False Flag=666


    As Beltane False Flag=888

    Matching Number=888

    so what time was the "so called" raid.

    it was at 0330 mil or 3:30 AM so….look at this.

    Is Faked=330





    Renegade=330 (Obama's Secret Service Code Name) Daddy Bush's was "Magog."


    As Eye=330

    A Sun=330



    I have thousands. This Code Fleeces Information, in a dis/miss info infected world.

    I call it : Applying Revelation 13:18

  206. my favorite quote describing my rage was tweeted by katy perry "I believe in justice, but won't eye for an eye make the world blind?"

    the deal i believe is that this isn't good, its horrible. this article helps put it into prospective for me. Osama Bin Laden if he was captured should have been brought to trial. but now i see that our government is the real killer & i just feel i need another country to love or a revolution. anyone have any suggestions about where i should move? (im in the US)

  207. wakeupevry1 on

    People are completely ignorant to the fact about just who Usama was/is. He was claimed to have died due to kidney failure before our own government attacked us that September day almost 10 years ago. But he very well could still be alive, living lovely because he was paid off by the elite and U.S. But who know? And frankly who gives a 'you know what?' I hate this country, and I hate the "government" (puppets) who carry out the elite's agenda because they think that'll save them from being in "our position"..but they don't care about them either.

  208. Although his death wasn't indeed true, to many families who lost someones in the 9/11 events and believed the fact that Osama was to blame, his death didn't bring their love ones back but it did bring some kind of closure to them. They're unaware of the truth and rejoiced because in they're eyes it was justice not out deliberate ignorance.

  209. Dont you feel a little insulted that they want you to believe such an obvious fake story

    I mean come on a blurry picture and buried at sea.

  210. VC, is it your opinion that Osama died years ago or that he is still alive today? just curious about your take on that

  211. superninja on

    Did others catch that Obama referred to 9/11 as a "symbolic site" and made a reference to "sacrifice" today?

    "This is a symbolic site of the extraordinary sacrifice that was made on that terrible day almost 10 years ago. Obviously we can't bring back the friends that were lost, and I know that each and every one of you…grieves for them."

  212. Most people trust in the media too much… just look at those sheep crowds. I am also not really relieved, but scared of what's to come. This all seems too convenient

  213. Sigh, more propaganda! Americans are generally clueless. They are myopic with their narrow views fed to them by TV and Hollywood so they are sucked in to feeling revengeful hatred on because they are scared

    Very sad.

    When will people awake and realise that America and their greed for blood and oil are the true leaders of terror!

  214. I knew it!!!!!! soon as i heard the news i knew it was A BIG FAT LIE. WAY TO GO AMERICA

  215. I thought osama died on May the 2nd as I am living in Australia, therefore I analyzed the dates and thought they were of some significance i.e. if u add up the dates of 2/5/2011 u'll get 911 or 11 if u add 9+1+1 up. Another thing I noted was that Adolf Hilter died on that day in 1945 and if u do the math 2011-1945 u'll get 66 years! However, I am still not convinced that he is truly dead. Probably just another illuminati propaganda. I also found it weird that the news kept saying OBAMA's name instead of OSAMA; news network such as BBC, CNN and FOX are highly rated companies and they obviously can't afford to make such typos or errors so I find this really strange and fishy. For those of you whom haven't seen this take a look:


    if u notice the way the news reporter says the 'error' you can kinda tell that it's not done on accident.

    • Silentobserver on

      BBC, CNN and Fox are all controlled by Illuminati, as all media is. Everything that comes across is carefully scripted. I'm just sayin'. :-)

  216. With every "God bless America" there's one more lost soul. That sentence has become blasphemous in my ears.

  217. I just read a news article about Osama's "terror attack plans for 11th of Sept 2011" that were supposedly found on his computer. US authorities claim the plans written in 2010 had more or less something to do with trains.


  218. I'm utterly disgusted by those people who rejoiced over Osama's death. Personally I think he wasn't really a criminal (do correct me if I'm wrong), but even if he was there is just no reason to celebrate someone's death. It is just not nice. But then again yes it's all about the dirty propaganda and how so many people have been deceived so easily because they are blind towards the truth.

    Anyway, I'm still skeptical somehow that he's dead. If he is dead, that doesn't stop any tyranny, especially since the REAL enemy is not him.

  219. Here in Sweden April 30th is a major day of celebration. Everywhere there are bonfires to celebrate the coming of spring after a long, dark, cold winter. I doubt it that people in general have the faintest idea about the history and symbolism behind this very "happy day". Very interesting article – as always! =)

  220. The Bogus Attack on the Bogey-Man:

    Here we have an "assassination" (maybe a mock one) on an unarmed person. Why kill him when he could have been taken prisoner? They could have interrogated him, maybe even under torture as they are known to do in these cases. Wouldn't it have been better to find out more about al-Quaida's plans (or Al-CIA-da's plans) for the future. Wouldn't that have been in the interest of the whole world?

    No, instead they state to have shot him in the face and claim they cannot release any photos because they're too gruesome. Do they really believe that all people will fall for this?

    We all know why there's no evidence, but when are the rest of the world going to use their critical thinking skills?

    They may fool all the people some of the time; they can even fool some of the people all the time; but they can't hope to fool all of the people all the time.

    Toxic Agenda is on Facebook.

  221. Obama Bin Louden…The new JFK.

    No evidence, no body, no autopsy, no photos, no proof.

    Hysterical shrieking, and disinformation blitz by the "Ministry of Propoganda"

    What we need here is a "Lone Gunman".

  222. I love your articles. WHY ON EARTH DON'T YOU BECOME A MUSLIM!! You're a great researcher. Just read the Quran once. It's ultimate, believe me.

  223. Me personally… I was partially happy for those who lost loved ones during that time in hopes of them having some relief but at the same time I couldn't rejoice because of the thought of what I would be celebrating for; which in my mind was the celebration of another humans end. I couldn't take that; even for someone whom had done such evil things not just to my people but to his own. I have a heart and it wouldn't allow me to bask in the ambiance of another mans death.

  224. Great as ever!!

    Since this is linked with 9/11, I would like all of you to visit the website:


    Do watch the movie if you have not done so previously; that will answer all of your questions.

    Peace and Love.

  225. as soon as i heard the news about osama being dead i was like : oh God dammit! i already knew about 9/11 being an inside job so i find it disgusting how people are celebrating the death of a man who didn't do shit..oh and when o-fucking-bama decided not to show footage of bin laden's death i was like of coooooooursseee..yeah you can be sure he's dead,but NO you can't see any proof -.-

  226. james wilder on

    I also knew the date of May 1 was significant… I also found it rather amusing, if not telling, that the President decided to give his news conference–He actuality started speaking at precisely 11:36pm est.

    11 3+6=9



    Interesting mirror symbology signifying a sacrificial closure…this, of course, was not a message to us, but to his 'illumined' brethren.

    Of course, this was done AFTER the release of the President's long-form Birth Certificate. "They" had this over his head until he agreed to certain things that needed to be done. As long as he keeps to the script, that long form will remain valid.

  227. This just shows you how gullible people are today. How blinded to the Truth they are. And, how, ultimately, they will gladly receive the Anti-Christ (false Jesus), and his Beastly mark, when he arrives. The LORD says His people, and anyone, perish for a lack of knowledge. If people do not do their own research and seek the Truth from YAHUSHUA (JESUS), they will fall for any lie that will ultimately keep them on the wide road to Hell.

  228. shud we b happy that osama is dead ? well yeah we shud be because they cant use him anymore but at the same time his death is also serving a purpose they want so we shudnt ! … so the question is who is pulling the strings and hw do we knw we r not part of their game ?? …. look at (hamas) and (hzb allah) there is no doubt they r against the 'agenda' or watever u wanna call it and yet they got sucked in the 'game' and nw serving other goals even thu its not wat they want ….ppl in iraq have turned against eachother instead of fighting america … wat im trying to say is that ITS THE EXAT SAME GAME again and again !! they turn ppl against eachother while they sneek around doing wat they want ….they can controll the media so they can controll the public opinion then do watever they want ! … if we go back to palastine , hw many ppl actually talk abt it ?? even EVERYONE ONE THIS SITE didnt remember that !…. why is such a big deal and such a big event when 3000 americans die but when millions of middle easterns die and suffer everyday everyone is ok with it ????? …. why is ppl who fight isreal r called terorrists when isreal who stole the entire country and killed half of its ppl r not questioned ?! …..

    so shud we get angry and get carried away ?? i dont think thats th right choice coz theyll use wat we do to ruin our image even if we were right !!

    i think we shud spread the truth of wats rly happening then let ppl decide

    there is so much to say , i hope wat i wrote made sence … thx

    • The game is Machiavellian devised to keep humanity divide, confused, and ignorant as to how to effectively rebel against its hidden rulers.

  229. macabretai on

    okay… can someone please tell me what to believe because i have no idea what to believe any more. i would love to do more research but i have no idea where to start. from the beginning i was very VERY sceptical. yes, i will admit i was *relieved* to hear of his death and was thinking that "he won't cause any trouble". but celebrating death of a human? that's so barbaric.but from the beginning i was asking myself "why did it take almost ten years to find and kill this man?". now i get it. the date, the rituals the everything. the whole world is in on this bullshit (or at least the uk is) and it's inhabitants are too dumbed-down to realize it or do the research or at least be suspicious as to why certain things happen. all of these lies the government feeds us that we are willing to ingest. i would like to find the TRUTH. if anything, the world will "end" in 2012 only because of our own government. by the way i'm watching the news and they're saying osama's henchmen are righting articles saying that we will regret this and that our cheers will soon turn to blood mixed with tears… i think i almost lol'd

  230. i have a question to all of my awake people, how n the heck did ALL of those people appear in front of the white house? the media had only reported the hoax 15 min prior and we have a 200-300 person flash mob in front of the white house? I know things can happen quickly with the advent of twitter/facebook but c'mon. also while i stood in disbelief i happen to see a "mob member" in the crowd waving a old bush cheney sign, was the crowd even there? why would someone be waving around one of those? might have been some "filler footage" untill the crowd sufficiently filled in.

  231. I too am disturbed by the public's reaction and mass-acceptance of this folly.

    Consider the following:

    "The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our number one priority and we will not rest until we find him." September 13, 2001, President George Bush

    "I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority." March 13, 2002, President George Bush

    June 18, 2006: FBI says, it has "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"


  232. do people not realize that celebrating the death of a human being is evil? i mean, okay, if you know nothing about whats really going on, then it would be understandible if you gave a sigh of relief or something, but partying? people are dumb

  233. watching the news and how they keep reporting on this "intelligence" theyve found in his compound, videos and such, just seems a bit off. they showed one and commented on how it was staged, people behind the camera were giving HIM directions, commenting on the lighting. etc. does that not seem odd to them? And another where hes sitting on the floor hunched over, gray beard, watching himself on the news….? I dont know how to communicate it all but it didnt seem to fit with what this man has been portrayed as

  234. you know what's odd? it's been nine months after 9/11 and the year is 2011.

    9 months / year '11= 9/11. Coincidence? I don't think so.

  235. The only thing consistent are the inconsistencies…

    PS..Thanks VC for all of your hard work and time in putting this site together. You are definitely appreciated.

  236. This is all exaggerated US media shit, I will tell u what really happened

    US helis entered the one of the most sensitive area of Pakistan avoiding the radars, Kakul road near Pakistan Military Academy, Pakistani air defense was high alerted and shot down one of two of those helicopters, there was no UBL there. Second how can two US helis come from afghanistan, enter most sensitive area of pakistan, while one of the helicopters shot down, perform the operation kill usama and his companions in al-qaeda head quarters, go to arabian sea to dispose his dead body in the sea, and return to afghanistan. AND NO VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE OPERATION

    Come to your senses idiots!!!

  237. Aussie1994 on

    I was sleeping in when my mum woke me up on the day of Osama's "death" and the minute I went out and saw the news on TV I could tell it was a bunch of bullsh*t. It's sickening how easily manipulated society is. It's sad that even my own family are a part of the brainwashed sheeple. My brother and my mother were all too happy to call me "crazy" when I tried to explain how the news and the government has been lying to us; they don't care about us.

    It's really sad when your own family can't even open their eyes and realise the truth. My brother – whom I always considered to be one of the most intelligent people I knew – is no different to the rest of the easily-manipulated majority. Really sad.

    That's why I love sites like this. It's nice to read insight from like-minded people who aren't afraid to speak out against the elite and refuse to give into their agenda. Keep it up, knowledge really is power!

  238. What i found interesting it that only a week or so before i heard the news on Osama..i had recently for absolutely no reason and randomly looked into the 9/11 occurance….i looked at videos read stories (for the first time) and came to the conclusion that it was an inside job…and then a week or so later the news came that Osama died…i was in total shock and i know if i hadn't looked it up i would have been just like the others "happy".. it was definately i sign from God to be ready and to make me and my family prepared 😀 i had to share 😀

  239. The media is very useful if you want to convey a message particularly if you as a superpower have CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS etc…
    It was celebrated like a freakshow and everyone saw it.If they did indeed kill Bin Laden why did they bury him at sea? And why dont we get to see pictures of his body?

  240. This article was not a surprise at all,thankfully I have been some what informed of these murderous plots that these secret societies have had in the works for some time,all I know I can do is warn first my family,friends and try and help them to see what is really going on here on planet earth..Thank you for your very informative article because it makes it some what easier when explaining all this to my family,and friends…Although most if not all don't get it,or think I'm crazy…Oh how the scriptures are so true,that most if not all would be DECEIVED in the last days….GOD give me and all who are awake the strength to continue to expose the EVIL that they do…And thank you for VC, please bless them in all areas my LORD!..

    Thank you VC.


    Alejandro . Mariscal

  241. You should repost this article VC before May 1st so that people will be aware of events that may transpire around this time of year.

  242. PSALMS2742213 on

    AS usual without fail, something happened the last 2 weeks of April. I didnt even know about the B** of Boston until like 6 days after. I dont watch news or care for news. I AM DESENSITIZE in regards to what i hear and see. Once someone said a b**b went off, i was like inside job. done…and its only this pass friday 19/04/13-04/19/2013 that i read anything about it

  243. The Conspiring Intelligence Agency have definitely done their homework with the propaganda bullshit and everything that has to do with Obama Binladen….oops I mean Osama Binladen.

    The media is definitely putting up a crap load of smoke screens to cover up this conspiracy no thanks to the illuminati

  244. what do you mean without multiple events? hitler's death, illuminati founding, bush's "mission accomplished, chandra levy dissappearance and im sure there are lots more that we have missed. why are trolls on this site????

  245. opinionated on

    I'm skeptical about the alleged execution of Bin Laden. 1st of May. Come on now. Are people so fickle. It's hard to believe anything from Obama's mouth, the Nobel prize of peace twit. I'm not a believer, if you want to call me paranoid so let it be. The more I think about it so many subsequent events seem to be staged. I don't want to be rude and bigot but after spending a period of time in North America, have the impression that quite a big part of its population (usually not the first generation of immigrants) are into their fast food, plastic surgery, teeth perfection, material, money obsessions and don't think for themselves. Saying that the rest of us follow suit. How do we know that he wasn't killed years ago and they were waiting to announce his death at the right time. Why they disposed his body in the sea. I might be wrong but if his popularity is allegedly low and he is expected to win another election for whatever reason. And is it a fact that Bin Laden orchestrated the 09/11/2001 attack. We have no substantial proof for anything. The only certain thing is the elections are coming soon. Can we trust the press. Day in day out the same twats are in the news. Kardashians this Kardashians that, Rihanna this and that, etc the same moronic talentless middle of the road himbos and bimbos. Are we so tasteless. I'm fed up, nothing decent to watch on the telly or cinema, nothing remotely decent to listen to, the press is despicable and waste of time and money. I need also a break from the internet urgently since it's getting to me too. Let them bomb all of us, exterminate us, they can stay all of them together, have the murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles out of the prisons to worship them and participate in endless perverted rituals, kill each other, do whatever they want. Enough with my ranting.

  246. Obama is becoming a very good actor and starting to believe his own hype. The man is arrogant beyond belief.

    All these (occultic) events this weekend are just a smokescreen for what is really going on. I just read an interesting article about the New Madrid Fault line and how FEMA are drilling on the faultline and preparing NLE2011. (See links below)

    Another HAARP induced earthquake possibly, read for yourself!!!!!


  247. I am already aware of this plan to create an earthquake powerful to level the east coast. There's no guarantee they'll succeed so in any case, please don't give into panic. Human consciousness is incredibly powerful, and there are lots of good guys busting their asses to make sure these bastards won't succeed. It's good that you have called attention to this.

  248. james wilder on

    Don't discount the occult background behind all of these events. These people are motivated by a fanatical obsession with their own ascension to divinity. What would YOU be capable of doing if you were promised supreme immortality in exchange for the mass genocide of a race of people created by a seemingly faux god. These people and their linear bloodline believe themselves to be a separate race/species apart from mainline humanity.

    These people see us as something detestable…A parasitic race that is laying waste to THEIR Earth. We're less than cockroaches to them and they will have no reservations when it comes to exterminating us all.

  249. Typical American military and civilian sarcastic psyops commentary designed to slander and discredit sources against the established ruling dogma of an artificial created reality which serves the few at the cost of the many.