A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Christian Music Artist TobyMac and the Illuminati

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Article submitted by: MC


Toby McKeehan, better known by his stage name TobyMac, is a Grammy-award winning Christian music artist who was one of the first well-known Christian rappers in the biz.  He started his career in Lynchburg, Virginia in 1988 when he became one-third of the popular group dcTalk. For the next 13 years, they went on to win four Grammy awards and two nominations; as well as 16 Dove awards and five nominations.

dcTalk's logo.  It looks a lot like an illuminated eye, doesn't it?

dcTalk’s logo. It looks a lot like an illuminated eye, doesn’t it?

After the group went on a hiatus in 2001, TobyMac began his solo career with the album Momentum, and has since released five more successful studio albums.

His most recent 2012 album entitled Eye On It made music history. This was the first Christian album since 1997 to enter the Billboard 200 at number one. There have only been two other Christian albums to accomplish such a feat: Leann Rimes’s You Light Up My Life and Bob Carlisle’s Butterfly Kisses, both released the same year.

Eye On It garnered both a Grammy and Billboard Music Award; it also earned TobyMac an American Music Award for Favorite Christian Artist and KLOVE’s Artist of the Year. So, what made this album shoot straight to the top? It’s obviously not common for Christian artists, so why this one?

Eye On It


Here is the front of the album cover for Eye On It.  It literally just has an eye on it. Makes sense since it’s in the name, I guess.

“I set my eyes to the west, walkin’ away from it all

Reachin’ for what lies ahead, I got my eye on it

I see my sweat hit the ground

I put my foot in the block

This is the race of my life

And I can’t wait for this shot”

So, the very first line of this song is I set my eyes to the west, walking away from it all. What exactly is he referring to? As soon as I heard “west,” my stream of consciousness was: California, Hollywood, fame, and money. Is he walking away from Christianity to pursue a life of more fame and riches? What does he have his “eyes” set on? He sings that he “can’t wait for this shot.” I  don’t understand what he means by that since he already has six Grammys to his name and, in my book, that means he’s already made it.  What else could he be aiming for?

“I got a new passenger to help me navigate the way

So when my heart hits the floor I can recalibrate

I feel the deeper callin’ me, all else is fadin’ in the past

So let me run in the race that I know is built to last”

Who is this “new” passenger? TobyMac has been in the Christian music industry for over two decades, so he’s obviously not a young believer. Why would he have a new passenger to help him along the way? Shouldn’t it have been the same one since the beginning? Not once throughout the entire song does he specifically mention God or Jesus or anything related. The lyrics are very vague and if I did not already know he was a Christian singer, I’d probably think this was another mainstream artist singing about making it into the biz.

Here’s the official music video for Eye On It:


That’s the first image we see as the music starts. It twirls and orbits around about a hundred times. I’m not sure what that’s supposed to represent since the “it” the eye is on in the song is never really made clear.


Then this guy comes on screen doing some weird dance, spinning around almost like the eye in the beginning. He’s also wearing an eye on his shirt.  I suppose it’s not really a big deal because it’s part of the song, right?


Oh, and look, TobyMac’s wearing the eye, too!  It must be “in” to wear eyes on your shirt while covering your real eyes with sunglasses… in the dark.

And then the song ends after Toby and Britt sing “eye on it” for a little while longer.  Not one word or reference about God, Jesus, or anything related to… anything really, and all I remember about it were the eyes.  By the way, Britt Nicole is one of those artists that kind of came out of nowhere a few years ago. She’s already being featured on songs with established artists, and was nominated for a Grammy in 2013.


…still has her eye on it. Clever way to hold that heart, too.  Very original.


This isn’t really related to Eye On It, but there’s a song TobyMac covers on his Welcome to Diverse City album called Ill-M-I.  At first I didn’t know it was a cover, and I was really trying to comprehend the meaning of some of the lyrics.  Here is the chorus:

“Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you

Illuminati comin’ through

Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I, Ill-M-I and you

Illuminati comin’ through”

It seems like other people were confused about the lyrics as well because Toby explains the meaning of the song on the FAQ section of his website (http://tobymac.com/faq):

The “Ill-M-I” song was originally done by an artist called Soul-Junk. I talked to Glenn Galaxy (the songwriter) a lot before I put that song on the record because I wanted to know exactly what he was writing about. It’s the only song I’ve really ever covered … I just loved the feel and the flow of it so much—it’s just raw hip hop.

What people should know about this lyric is that “ill am I” actually means “broken am I.” The next line says “and you, illuminati coming through” – illuminati is defined as “persons possessing, or claiming to possess, superior enlightenment.”

So when I talked to Glenn, he confirmed that the song was really speaking out against a Pharisee-type attitude, aka “holier than thou.” So the chorus is saying, “broken am I, and you, those who claim to possess superior enlightenment, are coming through,” as in, “YOU’RE spiritually enlightened, YOU have it all together. [sarcasm implied]” But of course, they really don’t, and the song stands to remind us that we’re all broken.

Obviously I’ve been made aware that there’s supposedly a secret society called “the Illuminati” that dates back for years … but I don’t know much about it beyond that. I know I’m a follower of Jesus Christ and that neither the song “Ill M I” nor the album artwork was intended to refer to that usage of the word illuminati. It just has nothing to do with my world or following Jesus or raising my kids and loving my wife.

“It just has nothing to do with my world or following Jesus…” Oh, well that certainly clears it up. Here’s the song. Listen to it, read the lyrics, and analyze it for yourself:

In Conclusion

I have only just recently started learning about the occult elite, the illuminati, desensitization, etc. Thanks to Vigilant Citizen, I have finally woken up and begun to realize what I’ve been blind to my entire life. Prior to learning the meaning behind many of the esoteric symbols, I had a strange feeling about the eye on TobyMac’s album. It just didn’t sit right with me. I saw the album cover again a few days ago, and it definitely struck a chord. The more I dug deeper, the more perplexed I became on whether he was really singing about God or something else.

I do not claim to know or wholeheartedly believe that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but the “ride the fence”  lyrics that he sings (lyrics that can be interpreted as either Christian or secular), and the usage of those esoteric symbols are both questionable.  Is he possibly trying to use what the devil meant for evil and use it for good?  Is this man, who has been in the music industry for many years, really that naiive and clueless about the illuminati and inadvertently using those symbols in his work? Or is he just another puppet trying to fool the masses and carry out the elite’s agenda?


You decide.

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130 Comments to “A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing? Christian Music Artist TobyMac and the Illuminati”

  1. talya2312 says:

    Just because someone says they belong to some religious following doesn't mean they do. Question everything.

    • Alex says:

      I'm not saying it applies to this Toby guy but your comment reminded me of some MK victims. Some are christian priests by day and luciferians by night performing SRA's. They're brainwashed so they don't know and fulfill both roles whole-heartidly.

      • Alexandra says:

        I heard something like that said about Billy Graham. Remember he was heavily promoted by Hearst.

    • tracyhaynes says:

      Ill am I – listen, there's nothing Christian about this song. Nothing. I hear a lot of esoteric sounding stuff, including about a third of the way through him asking " Did I mention Luce-uh?" Gee, wonder who that refers too. The thing is, real Christian music isn't about a bunch of puzzles. Praises to God are Praises to God. Period. You don't mask that stuff or hide the meanings ( like under a bushel, get it?) That's how we're to know the Christ followers from …..Others. I don't like the Christian music scene right now at ALL . I think the majority of the artists are either Luciferians or simply just secular singers trying to cash in. It's sad but I believe that's true. Anyway, Jesus will separate the real from the fake in due time. Meanwhile, we just have to be alert. Great conversation here.

      • Killilea says:

        Wait a minute.
        You literally said, "real Christian music isn't about a bunch of puzzles. Praises to God are Praises to God. Period. You don't mask that stuff or hide the meanings".
        I would agree that if you are singing Praises to God, then make it direct. But are you saying that it's wrong for followers of Jesus – who spoke VERY often in parables which happened to be like puzzles to his audience – to attempt to find new and interesting ways to talk about a God and a heavenly kingdom that will never be fully understood, this side of heaven???
        Wouldn't it stand to reason that "real Christian music" would, at times, attempt to be Christ-like and try to be thought provoking on a deeper level???

      • Chaps2013 says:

        Hello Killilea,
        As a point of clarity parables are not puzzles of any sort. They are allegories that use earthly situations to explain heavenly meanings. For example, a Sheppard who has 100 sheep will leave the 99 to find the one. This illustrates the concern and love God has for each one of us. Music pleasing God is simple and not ladened hidden messages. Satan was the angel in charge of the musical section in heaven, so why is it hard to believe that he's working in that very same vain? Deception is real and there are those that would try to fool us all. Music moves you and conjures up many feelings, there's a spirit behind all music. It's a great conduit for transferring many things that aren't good for us. I'd rather be found in God's will than chasing after what pleases my itching ears.

        I thank you all for your thoughts and for sharing.

      • Jake H. says:

        Yeah. I'm not buying the "oh I don't know about that stuff" line of garbage. What a fake, and I don't mind saying it. After that NWO Illuminati Dc Talk video I REALLY don't buy it. Guys music sucks anyway, so no loss there. But man. He is so influential on so many. I see all over his youtube comments a bunch of young girls squeaking about how cute he is. I suppose that in itself isn't too bad… it's just, are these young Christians being taken by a "Christian" mega star, turning the attention away from God and on themselves… Kinda' like the "Katykitties"… perhaps worshiping the wrong thing?

      • Priscilla says:

        Agreed. We must be alert and I agree. If we are not ashamed of the gospel then the name of Jesus should be proclaimed especially in a Christian album. Wow. I will be interceding for all Christian artists. Now more than ever.

  2. Vermo says:

    Moore people are waking up every day. thanks to the kind of work websites like this one do and some youtube channels. Keep up the good work. MC did a fine job here!

  3. Christina says:

    The Christian church and the music industry are heavily infiltrated by the Luciferians. Don't be fooled. For more info read books by Fritz Springmeier.

    • tracyhaynes says:


    • Horus says:

      Don't be fool but read more books by Fritz Springmeier? That is rich. Fritz is part of the controlled opposition (like Alex Jones). According to his now ex-wife, Fritz was having a sexual relationship with co-writer Cisco Wheeler, the former Beta slave who helped him write The Illuminati Formula…, while he was still married. If you actually read through the entire book, you will see that Fritz is a very hateful bigot who makes up lies about other religious and spiritual groups. He mixes truth with lies, just as the controlled opposition does. This is the same dualistic programming that victims of mind control endure. Fritz even tried to kidnap one of his sons during a previous failed marriage, before he changed his name to Fritz Springmeier. In his book he claims that boys who grow up without a father become homosexual stalkers, so maybe this was the reason he took the boy from his mother. He was charged with kidnapping before finally abandoning the boy. His ex-wife also claimed that Fritz told her the reason he had to sleep with Cisco in the same bed (while her husband slept in another room) is because he was "deprogramming" her. He eventually stopped supporting and contacting his then wife and children because he was having an illicit affair with Cisco and using her for her Beta sexual alters. He chose the name "Fritz" because it is a very common trigger name for victims of mind control. Talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.

    • Tyler says:

      Everyone has their flaws, even those in the Christian church; don't be such a hypocrite.

  4. GovernAmerica says:

    Good analysis. I made my mind up who Toby Mac was when I saw the all-seeing eye on his website, so I'm glad to see this on VC. Toby Mac's denials about knowing of the Illuminati ring very hallow, when he is using their symbolism. What's next, Toby? Will you start using Pentagrams, checkerboards, and bird cages in your videos too and explaining those away? It's very frightening that the Illuminists are actually infiltrating the Christian music industry. The enemy is inside the gates. Perhaps Toby should heed the words of Jesus in Mark 8:18, when he condemned having eyes, yet seeing not…

  5. MadMav says:

    Skillet's Album cover for 'Awake' is the same. One Eye in a triangle.

    • your mom says:

      i had to try to stop listening to Skillet-bc some of their pictures scream illuminati. but certain songs i'm so used to i want to listen to them, but i try not to. ESPECIALLY since they did a song with TOBY MAC-lol!!! ya, more reason to believe that Skillet is illuminati as well.

      in the end-every knee will bow

    • Micah says:

      There are a lot of Christian albums with the one eye symbolism (Reach Records has quite a few), but I don't doubt their heart in a second.

  6. Molotov says:

    I think only time will tell with this one. The more popular you become the more obvious the signs are? But on the other hand for decades singing about Jesús and quoting the bible usually means you know about signs so him wearing the one eye would mean he already knows what he is doing and has sold himself out

  7. jesusknight says:

    But this is so very wrong on so many levels. I am guessing he IS walking away, bit by bit, like a lot of people do when they get discouraged and look for answers in the wrong places. Many Christian artists have done it, unfortunately. He knows exactly what he is doing, he has been in the industry for many years, and has been a Christian for many years as well. That eye has no place in a Christian video at all, he had never done that before, why now, and he knows it. Why would he say he is not using the word 'illuminati' as defined? Is he trying to change the meaning of the word now to reflect something different, to make it look 'better'? I don't think so. But, as the Word says, even the elect can be deceived.

    A wolf in sheep's clothing is still a wolf, despite what they look like or act like, or in spite of what they say. REAL shepherds don’t let their flocks be fed poison. Be aware, and keep watching!

    Thanks for this write up, its appreciated!

    • Lulu says:

      I have not touched CCM for years even though I grew up with it. It always felt sort of empty to me even when I was younger. I mostly listen to hymns and worship songs (sometimes not even popular worship songs because the lyrics can be so self absorbed and even meaningless).

      You have to be very, very, VERY discerning if you want to consume anything in the realm of christiandom today. This goes for preachers, music, books, conferences, radio shows…everything. It's crazy but these are the days we live in today.

  8. Justtoomuch says:

    For someone relatively new to this, this was a very well executed article. I commend your hard work and taking the time to gather this information for us. I never even heard of this guy, tbh. The fact that he has won Grammy awards really do tell of his standing in the 'biz' though.

    Once again i thank you and hope you and you family have prosperous lives.

  9. apsara says:

    The advantage of infiltrating the church in the way in which they have done from the start is that the so-called christian artists are wrapped up in an entire factory of protective material and their rebellion has to be ground breakingly bad before the christians effectively disown them and even then they are assigned to a special category of rebellion where the door is perceived as being slightly less closed than for those that do not start out in church-based singing.

  10. lovetruth says:

    Thank you so much for breaking this down, I saw this video on you-tube a month ago and I felt puzzled. I think Toby should have known better when he chose this eye thing – he should have known it would be controversial and a basis of confusion to his fans. The website has definitely helped us to become more aware.

    • Killilea says:

      Why should he know about the eye if he isn't involved in websites and communities like VC??? It makes sense to me, that if you have a record called, "Eye On It" you would use an eye as a promotional tool, and it would therefore be in your music video several times. That's marketing 101. No way this guy meant anything malevolent by it.

  11. Guru says:

    By the way he's a whack rapper.

  12. J Dog says:

    Who on earth buys this losers oh so poor "music"

  13. Alexa says:

    So sad these "Christian" artists lose their way and promote this devilish agenda. Our eyes must be set only on Jesus Christ. God bless you and your family,

  14. Smooch says:

    I remember all too well Toby and DC Talk. I think I am still allergic to "Jesus Freak" because the non-stop rotation on the radio for nearly two years made me want to claw my face. The music of these boys, in my opinion, has always been sub par, but it was always evident that Toby would be the one to break out when DC Talk dissolved. Though I profess Jesus Christ, I have not followed Christian music since 1996 so I have no opinion on this man other than this article catching me up to date and a little Googling.

    What I can say, as a Believer who has been raised knee-deep in Christianity, is most are never ever taught anything about symbology or iconography. What little they know of "The Eye" is often related to them as being a Judeo-Christian symbol representing God's ever present gaze upon the Earth. Thankfully, the Internet and the past 20 years has brought more knowledge and interest to such subjects and people are being exposed to what has been running parallel to their white washed "clean" Christian media.

    With that said, Toby has most definitely been in the business long enough to be very aware and 100% responsible for everything he puts out. For his level, as an entertainer, his public would expect nothing more from him. He is the equivalent of a Justin Timberlake of the mainstream (or was at one time) and the public would expect Timberlake to be in complete control of his music, lyrics, production, and marketing. I have no doubt Toby is responsible as well unless his popularity has waned and he is desperate and is "going west" in order to gain it back.

    Just my two cents.

  15. andy says:

    The reference to walking away from the west could also mean to which worship is directed, in the bible the sun worshippers faced the east to worship, maybe the west meaning worship of jesus….I'm pretty sure theirs a reference when Daniel made supplication every day facing the west …don't quote me on that …bad memory ….anyways food for thought

    • Alex says:

      Thats what i took from it too. Christians, Muslims and Jews all face/d Jerusalam.. "the holy land" at one point. An artist in the west..claiming to "turn west" would be symbolicly turning his back on the Most high.

      All this one eyed symbolism, I've never heard of this Tobymac artist but seems he's serving the Dajjalic agenda.

      • Smooch says:

        Ezekiel 8:16 "…They were facing east, bowing low to the ground, worshiping the sun!" If one is to read back of the entire vision it is about idolatry taking place in the Lord's temple. There is much symbolism, superstition and talk in Judaism/Christianity of "West" being Holy because it is the opposite of Sun worship which was quite prominent and known at the time of scriptural writing.

    • tracyhaynes says:

      Agreed Andy. And add to this, that if you look at a map, the East is the right hand, the West is the left. Have you heard of the so-called Left Hand path? It is the path of Satanism and the occult. The lyrics are no mere accident or mistake. This guy is telling us in every way he knows how to that he has left God. When directly asked he simply denies it. But that's what occultists do. It's a dark day in the 'professional ' music and Christian music industry, I'm afraid.


      • Chris says:

        What about the fact that the Magi(Matthew 2), who came to worship the child-King Jesus, came from the east, and therefore travelled to the west? Could this not, instead of your "Left Hand path", mean that he's seeking further into the King to worship and chase His path? The eye on it, could just as easily be Toby's eye on the star, the genuine symbol of Christ. I'm just trying to provide a different alternative, as everything that I've read on here is complete conjecture and circumstantial.

  16. Sarah H. says:

    I'll admit that I've been a TobyMac fan since I was kid and while I don't claim to know if he is a wolf in sheep's clothing or not but I do want to say that I know MANY TobyMac songs that are CLEARLY Christian and I don't think that a Christian having a few songs that aren't specifically about Christianity or Christian morals is an inherently suspicious activity.

    I would also like to point out that while yes, obviously the eye is an important symbol for a couple albums, the all seeing eye is usually seen with the pyramid behind or near it and I didn't see any of that here.

    The Ill-M-I song is odd, but does also mentions 'the uprisen Savior' indicating Jesus Christ who has risen.

    TobyMac himself explains the story behind Eye On It, being his drive and determination to follow Christ and how he constantly has to redetermine himself because it's not an easy path to follow.

    While some things I do find strange, I don't think there has been enough evidence to support the idea that TobyMac is working for the other side knowingly or not. We have to be careful that while yes we should look out for these symbols, just because we see one doesn't mean it's illuminati related.

    • Killilea says:

      BRAVO for an actual RATIONAL thought!!!!!!!!!

    • Bobby says:

      You can't believe everything you hear! Look, I researched TobyMac and there's more illuminati in his work than in some of the "illuminati puppets."

    • Beverly says:

      If he indicates Jesus Christ then why doesn't he mention the name? He is suspicious. If he is a christian then he must declare Jesus' name. Nowadays 'uprisen Saviour' can be anyone.

      Ill-M-I? Really! Surely anyone who has been a keen follower of VC will know that it is just the Illuminati and their way of hiding themselves everywhere while distorting our perceptions.

      Eye On It? I am sorry, but why specifically one eye? Not two, but one???

      Please Wake Up.

      • terry says:

        People say they are going to keep an eye on you. Eye… not eyes. Its an expression. My wife has been a christian longer than half my life and she didnt know anything about illuminati until I brought it up because im a history nut. My mom doesnt like him cause he doesnt sound Gospel but that doesnt make him a bad christian singer. Ive been to several of his concerts and his prayers and speeches before songs shows he is not about singing loud and putting a bunch of words together to make it sound good for this generation.

      • Valuable says:

        You know you told that RIGHT!!!!!!!!! Ain't nobody MAD but the Eye- following-BLIND-illuminateeeeeeerrrr!!!( Just cause people don't say Amen in church, it don't mean that the preacher is not telling the truth!!!)
        Straight is the gate and only a FEW will find it!! Amen meaning a vote for some of y'all that have ears but can't here. Said with love, and fun. Oh, by the way, Don't THINK too hard on this one!

    • Anonymous says:

      the devil talks about God and that doesnt stop him form being the devil.. honestly.. if your looking with your human eyes you couldnt see or understand it.. the eye its self as a symbol is satanic.. why would a christian have an eye symbol.. doesnt matter if it has the piramid or not.. you can write 666 many diferent ways it still doesnt stop being 666.. the devil knows the wonders of God and disguise himself as an angel of light and good but only to decieve you.. not everyone who says God is gonna be saved or is truely christian… learn read the bible educate yourself.. ignorance is fatal on humanity..

      • TimeWillTell says:

        Why would a Christian have an eye symbol? Well, maybe, just maybe, it's because we have eyes. Oh, wait, does that mean we are all in some secret, evil sect too? How about YOU pick up your bible…remember that verse on judge not lest ye be judged? Remember that verse about removing the log from your own eye? Stop making assumptions about the heart of a man you don't know and really have no idea about. No one truly knows what is in anyone's heart apart from God and to claim that you do reeks of arrogance and pride…and, hey, you know what comes before fall, right?

  17. Daughteroftheking says:

    Thee Illuminati, Freemasons and all secret society's, Lucifinarians and Satan worshipers are literal infiltrating everything on the planet including the Christian music as well as the Christian churches! I only listen to supposed Christian music however now given what I know to be true I now have to literally watch every video to every Christian song looking for the symbology before I can even listen to the individual artist anymore…

    I have been studying and learning and educating myself on symbols and one day I was sitting in my own non denomination well known church and all of a sudden could see the Satanic symbols hidden in plain sight everywhere… I then started visiting all the major churches in my city and they all had the symbolic Free Mason satanic symbols in ever single church…All of these churches are also being run by Free Masons including the Christian music industry…..Wolves in sheep's clothing at its finest no doubt!…

    Thanks for the article it was done very nicely!

    • Chris Dour says:

      I also go looking for symbols and often find them. I feel so sad. Especially when people don't get why it's so wrong.

    • JPA says:

      I don't normally reply to threads such as this, but I had to put in my 2 cents on this one. I would like to respectfully suggest that you be careful about lumping certain organizations together. The illuminati and free masonry are NOT related! In fact, you MUST acknowledge a belief in God and humble yourself as a servant of him in order to be accepted into free masonry. This is common misconception that I have seen numerous times, and while I do agree that the secrecy of such organizations can be suspicious, I don't think it is our place to judge what we don't understand.

      It is very easy to be mislead by suspiciously secretive symbols and organizations, I agree. However, it is also very easy to go too far the other way, to the point the EVERYTHING outside of the walls of God's church is immediately seen as evil. "They will know we are Christians by our LOVE! Not our finger pointing….not our judgement of things we don't fully understand! I hold no bitterness towards your point of view. You are certainly entitled to it and have your own reasons for this view…I would just ask you to be sure of your information. I have seen people scared away from Christianity because they think we're only out to judge! We are all God's children…He loves us all more than we are capable of understanding! That's all that matters! That's the message we're called to share! God bless!

    • a friend says:

      remembers, those luciferians who are wolves in sheep skins are jews!

  18. Roooooxanne says:

    What ever happened to 'I don't want to win the whole world and lose my soul' thing? It is well known among Christians that symbols can invite the devil in…that eye… Oy!!! That all seeing eye and the dude dancing like he's possessed…why Toby? WHY?????!!!!!!!!
    It sort of makes ense why some denominations prefer to keep music of any type at bay…

  19. Destrinia says:

    Let's not forget that Lucifer was the angel of music before the fall. What outlet do you think he'd control the best?

  20. Klaus says:

    Katy Perry, too, was once a Christian artist (she performed under her real name Katy Hudson) and now look at her. But even when you look at her very first album, you can see the influence of the elites even then. It has half of her face showing only one eye (of course). Then she decided to change her name to Katy Perry, her mother's last name. But why? Well, her uncle is Frank Perry Jr., who did Joan Crawford's Mommie Dearest. But let us not stop there. Frank Perry's parents are Frank Perry, Sr. a New York stock broker and his mother was Pauline E. Schwab, as in, niece of steel magnate Charles Schwab.

  21. JimmysAMO says:

    Anyone else notice that in the bottom picture, Toby Mac is making a gesture that "coincidentally" resembles the Masonic bear paw symbol? He knows who he's working for…

  22. rosario fatima says:

    A pawn of the Illuminati?

    No wonder.

  23. April says:

    So no one can use an eye, a triangle, checkered anything, a star, sun and or moon, a fish, a bird, a torch, a circle, any animal that eats other animals, a bull, or any other horn hooved beast? Like seriously everything is being labeled illuminati. Seriously is it not obvious that finding the illuminati in everything would just give them the power and authority they want. The illuminati is derived from enlightened, light is a common thing in everything we as people revere light because it brings warmth and security. Christians have forever used light as am illustration, lamp unto thy path, light unto my feet. I guess a lamp is a form of torch so obviously this is referring to Lucifer right. Do not trade blindness for blindness.

  24. Gab says:

    I agree 100% when I saw eye on it and listened to it. It felt weird. It made my stomach and head feel weird. I told one of my friends a few years ago that he was an industry insider for the others. Sure enough it seems that way. Not to mention he copies all of the mainstream artists.

  25. Amanda says:

    He makes money and won grammys. Of course he's fake. Real people with real hearts just say no to those things. And you don't get them without selling a part of yourself first.

  26. Sarahnp says:

    Thanks MC. Your concise and clear analysis is much appreciated. Eyes open all.

  27. jellified skunk says:

    First off: This is the best peer written article I have seen on here yet. Great Job! :D:D:D

    Second: I actually came across TobyMac's "Eye on It" about a month ago and thought the same thing… I had the "Diverse City" album and loved it, I wished it had more overtly Christian lyrics at time, but I liked the vibe of the album and played it a lot when it first came out. I didn't like most of his other music after that because it became very derivative.

    The truth is, to be in ANY profession, you have to fit a certain mold, especially when it comes to Christian groups. However, DC Talks last album was also VERY spiritually ambiguous, it had few direct references to God or Jesus. Jars of Clay did the same, and so did Reliant K, though those two bands have never had huge success out of their niche circles, as opposed to TobyMac. TobyMac plays it safe and sticks to the middle of the road and for the most part, appeals to a lot of people.

    This also means that his music is often vague lyrically, never really being specific, which leaves it open to many things. TobyMac is not an idiot however, he's very intelligent, and if he was MKed, I honestly think he'd had programming issues by now, he's in his 40's. This is not to say he isn't a part of the machine, meaning he inadvertently serves the elite, maybe he didn't know what he got in to at first, but when he realized it, he chose to turn a blind eye, and forget it, which, if this were true, he could actually claim he has no idea what the illuminati really is.

    I don't normally talk God and the Bible on here, but since we are talking about a Christian rapper/.singer, I figured, why not. :)

    Third: As the Bible says, you judge a tree by its fruit. All this nonsense about you can't tell if someone is Christian, oh yes you can. Remember, the Pharisees in the New Testament "looked" great on the outside, but were nasty on the inside, and their actions always showed that they didn't have a love for God, but themselves and their own self-righteousness. The people who sought God in the Bible were broken messed up people, but they loved God, they weren't "perfect" looking like the Pharisees. This is not to say you can't be put together, and a true Christian, I am specifically talking about people who only focus on outward appearance, and neglecting the true issues.

    Bottom line, if someone says they are Christian, but really worships Satan, trust me, you'de know if you have a lick of discernment, and watch them closely to see if their daily actions line up with the Bible;s standards.

  28. SamVuee says:

    Overall this article sums up to be a real "eye-opener" when it comes to so-called artists who claim to be Christian but yet are "illuminated" somehow by something satanic instead.

    So then, is this dude a whistle blower, or a pawn? That's a good question I'm asking

  29. icon goodlife says:

    it really funny.don't really know what the so called music industry is turning into

  30. habakuktwofour says:

    Most Christian Music is pushing the one world religion thus making it easier to take the mark. Many Christians refuse to study their Bible and grow closer to God through his Word. Many will sadly hear those gut wrenching words, "Depart from me I do not know you".

  31. Cesar says:

    Ahh no not Toby Mac (sigh).

  32. Jonny08 says:

    He does not resemble a Christian artist nor appears to be one with these songs that were currently discussed here.. He appears to be just another random artist tryin to make it to the "top"…

  33. jacketguy says:

    i find it funny. i met a producer who lives in my neighborhood by chance and i do music too so i visited his house

    when i got in there i saw a plaque with the dc talk logo and i was thinking to myself "really?" like i couldn't understand why the logo was an all seeing eye with a cross in it.. and the sun rays made it seem like sun worship also

    then when the producer got on his itunes i saw that "eye on it" album and i was just like.. wow.. so then i went home and looked it up and found this

    i find it weird that this was posted 3-4-14 and i just went to the producer's house not even a week after this was posted

    i wanted to ask him why the pagan symbols were on "christian" music but i figured he'd probably act like he didn't know what i was talking about so i didn't mention it

    something just isn't right.. i won't be going over there anymore

  34. jacketguy says:

    let me add everything up on this so far

    1. i've seen toby mac do the 666 hand sign on youtube during a concert where he said the words "three ring circus"

    2. i've seen him take pictures deliberately with one-eye symbolism

    3. dc talk has all seeing eye and pagan sun worship symbolism

    4. eye on it album is all seeing eye

    5. a song about the illuminati on a "christian" album

    6. the illuminati song is number 13

  35. Christina says:

    Illuminated by the third eye, the eye of Horus, the portal, the sodomite gateway! BTW I'm referring to the anus which contains the sacral perianal which is "stimulated" to open the third eye. I don't suggest trying it as it supposedly opens portals for demons to enter the body.

  36. javi says:

    forget about the symbolism. the eye. lyrics. style. image.

    one that has and knows discernment. can easily. pick up that toby along with numerous others both in american an spanish christian mainstream industries ….. is totally way off the charts on how christian music should be portrayed. this beyond a doubt. simply by listening to it. blocking all the related symbolism and lyrics is easily driven and can be felt a different extremely strong demeanor coming from it.

    sorry for my horrible english.

  37. MakeARealDifference says:

    That Ill-M-I song is really weirdddddd and creepy. You are not supposed to put a song just because is "raw hiphop" and you liked it if you call yourself a christian, You have no real purpose in making music if you think like that. It is sad knowing that this days more and more "christian artists" are writing songs that are really ambiguous, with no apparent meaning(it does have one but not a chrstian one) and with really vague lyrics just to win more money and more fame. Really sad indeed seeing how in the middle of the road they get lost because of the riches of this world. I used to listen to his music, I guess not anymore.

  38. Nuntavnun says:

    Interesting article. I find myself in agreement.

    If I might suggest a possible interpretation of "set my eyes to the west, walkin' away from it all," my thoughts immediately turned to the ancient Egyptian fascination with death. Their word for "death" was not a noun, but a verb/action–"westing". Somebody who died was literally said to "go west," as in, following the setting of the sun in its journey through the underworld. A departed soul, in Egyptian myth, trekked through the underworld toward a judgment seat that would determine their final fate.

    For those who understand the nuances of Occult lore, most of its origin is Egyptian–including Freemasonry.

    For a Christian to wear the eye of Horus on their chest and say, "I'm setting my eyes to the west and walking away from it all," I would not assume anything other than an Occult confession.

    Just my two cents.

    • sweetsunnydaygirl says:

      Very interesting. Thank you for that great information.
      Interesting that Toby Mac would make a reference to setting his eyes to "the west", considering the Egyptian
      death association.
      Your comment made me think immediately of another Christian artist…
      Michael W. Smith….and his song, you guessed it,
      "Go West, Young Man".
      Another artist with some really bad occultic and illuminati associations.
      Remember his "I 2 (Eye) album….
      Just type in michael w smith occult in your search bar, and you will find this as one of the most interesting
      articles. It shows in detail his "runic alphabet" letters [witch's alphabet] on his album cover,
      as well as many other "eye-opening" discrepancies.
      the murky news dot blogspot dot com / 2008 / 03 / wolves-in-sheeps-clothing-research

  39. Anne says:

    I think in fairness, to the person who wrote the above, you need to speak to Toby Mac and ask him. In fact, if you feel he is part of what you say and a member of my family feels exactly the same about him, then get out there and ask him. He may need people to bring this to light to him. If I knew how to get in contact with him I would. I hate deception at the best of times. There are many Christians who have never heard of the illuminate and would have no idea what all these symbols mean. I have known other people, who have written books on the prophetic and use and eye, not because they are supporting the illuminate, but because prophets see in advance things and are able to warn people. However, this with Toby Mac is concerning, but I would like to hear his side.

    • Mark says:

      Great reply Anne, let the man answer for himself. I went 43 years on this planet before I knew about any of this illuminati stuff . I was in a secular band for many years too, and I feel like a babe in the woods here! LOL So I am getting educated but I think its important to put everything into perspective as well.

    • Beverly says:

      Ignorance is not an excuse, not in this era anyway.

    • violetblack says:

      That's a good perspective. He might prove to be any combination of innocent and dangerous, given the complexity of the mind-subversion that goes on in the entertainment industries.

      We had (have?) an alter who accidentally got manipulated into using all kinds of occultic references in her novels, all without realising she was playing for the wrong side. We don't know that she was programmed by humans, but we don't know a lot of things about ourselves just yet. One thing we are sure of is that she was always sincere in her Christianity. Although she got a bit suicidal when someone told her to stop writing, she held on because of her faith, taught others of us about salvation, and performed a pretty big deliverance on the system. It's frightening that someone can mean so well and get played like a fiddle, but "seek and ye shall find"–eventually.

  40. mike says:

    You cannot serve two masters.

  41. euphemism5 says:

    I always knew there was something amiss about Toby Mac. Never really been a fan of his music partly because I didn't think his songs reflected Jesus.
    But gosh.. Britt Nicole too? I actually like her.

  42. JDM says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw "Ill-M-I" was that it looks like an abbreviation for "Illuminati." To me, Toby Keith's explanation for the song is beyond belief. It strains all credibility that he doesn't know that the eye and other symbols are tools of the Illuminati. If he truly doesn't know, that seems highly irresponsible. If he does know but uses the symbols anyway in an attempt to put a "Christian" spin on them, that is even worse. In my opinion, he needs to come out with a complete renunciation of anything that resembles Illuminati symbolism, since it is the antithesis of Christianity. This is a line-in-the-sand moment. Unless and until he does that, I can't trust him.

  43. Alexandra says:

    The right eye Is the eye of grace, gods grace with Jesus. The left eye is the eye of Horus. If you show your right eye you belong to god. Most Christian artists do this. That's why most illuminati will show themselves cutting out the right eye or making a v out of it.. It literally means cutting out grace. Toby Mac is just making a statement.

  44. Josie says:

    For the past couple of weeks, I've seen a lot of ads on TobyMac's album; I didn't know who he was, and figured that he was just another puppet of the elite, and he is. If you didn't mention it in your article, I would have never known that he's claimed to be a "Christian artist", but I'm not surprised. Lots of artists claim to be Christian, but if you examine them closely, they really aren't; they say this to appeal to Christians and trick them. Like someone said above, the fact that he's won a Grammy gives a clue as to which side he truly stands.

  45. prophetstown says:

    I have wondered about brit nicole for a while. She was wearing a lighting bolt ( a symbol representing lucifer falling to the earth as a lighting bolt) necklace in one of her videos…strange. Maybe a cross would be more appropriate since she's a "christian"? Just saying…

  46. aMhEe says:

    I'm so disappointed. I'm even saving his name but to my surprise I found out that he's another puppet of the Globalists. Looks like I've gotta few songs to PERMANENTLY delete on my Music List. LOSE MY SOUL's a great song though. Very Christian…

  47. tabitha says:

    Wow!… and i so love "lose my soul"…God help us cos we can never tell..*sigh

  48. Dontdeletetmacyet says:

    The only thing I would say is Lucifer does not point you anywhere near Jesus being "the way, the truth, and the life"… I have seen him at at least two Winter Jam concerts and can tell you this man is FULL of Jesus. I don't understand the symbols here, but even a wolf in sheep's clothing will not point you to something they despise and with the fervor he has. Now, Brit Nicole on the other hand, the few vids I watched of her, I got a strange feeling about. I am leery of her.

    BTW, I thought the writer of this article did do a very good job at getting his point across and did enjoy the read. I just don't think there is enough evidence to support this…time will tell :-)

    • Grace2u says:

      Yes, a wolf will point you in a direction that matters to YOU, thus why else would you follow him or her? Toby, if a wolf, would be ineffective unless he comes in sheep's clothing. He looks and talks about being a Christian. Many, many wolves have gone out from among us, but they were not of us. That's what Paul in the bible said. Jesus says the same. Many false prophets have entered in. Please know, most people making these conclusions are taking a lot of time to research, study, and pray for discernment. Toby was the first "Christian" artist I began to research and sadly had to conclude, the truth is not really in him. Don't just read the VC article. Do your own further study. God bless you. G

    • sweetsunnydaygirl says:

      I can see why you would think that….that the devil would not actually point to Jesus as being the Truth.
      However, having exposed occultism, scientology, masons, and other cults on my youtube channel,
      and just having studied some of these things for a few years,
      I can tell you that actually, this line of thinking is exactly what they want people to believe.
      It's all part of their "duality" belief. In the occultic world, one is required to do good as well as evil…
      and actually even point people to it. In this way, in their distorted thinking, it gives them the "right" and
      "freedom" to do all sorts of evil things…they believe the good they do actually cancels out/negates the bad things they do.
      Hence, you may see a major philanthropist who gives millions to cancer research or some other "charity",
      also being deeply involved in freemasonry or some other illuminati cult.
      The Bible clearly teaches that satan HAS to tell the truth about Who Jesus is, and indeed in certain cases
      is REQUIRED to. Here are just a couple of Bible references. From Acts 16:16-18 …

      16. "It happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave-girl having a spirit of divination met us, who was bringing her masters much profit by fortune-telling. 17. Following after Paul and us, she kept crying out, saying, "These men are bond-servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming to you the way of salvation." 18. She continued doing this for many days. But Paul was greatly annoyed, and turned and said to the spirit, "I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her!" And it came out at that very moment.…"

      From Luke 4:33-35…
      "In the synagogue there was a man possessed by the spirit of an unclean demon, and he cried out with a loud voice, 34. "Let us alone! What business do we have with each other, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are– the Holy One of God!" 35. But Jesus rebuked him, saying, "Be quiet and come out of him!" And when the demon had thrown him down in the midst of the people, he came out of him without doing him any harm.…"

      I agree with you that "time will tell". One has to be leery of a Christian artist who uses openly and very well-known occultic imagery, as well as poses in illuminati stances, including covering one eye frequently, and standing doing the masonic "bear claw", aka "devil's claw".
      Just type in "pat robertson masonic bear claw on time magazine" in your search bar, then click images.
      You will see that this "fist over the chest" pose that Toby did is not so innocent after all.

      Feel free to check out testimonies of former satanists and other people involved in the occult who were set free by the Lord Jesus on my playlist.
      youtube dot com slash playlist ?list=PLE0BA4365FF933300

      God bless you as you seek Him.

  49. Tmac says:

    When I saw a few of my nephews wearing some hats and a shirt with an eye on it, I asked what brand it was that they were wearing. They said it was some Toby Mac gear that they had just gotten from his concert that they just went too. I instantly became suspicious because of Toby even if you use the symbol "for good", anyone who knows the mainstream representation of that symbol is not gonna think your wearing it for Jesus.

    So I decided to email his campaign manager and ask about why the decision for the eyeball, and she came back with basically the same response as the FAQ's page said. Its just the name of the title of the album blah blah blah… I wish I could have talked to him personally instead of a campaign manager, so I could hear his 100% personal feelings.

    I dont want to unfairly make an opinion about him because I have been a DC talk fan for many many years but there a few songs of there's too including "minds eye" which raise questions. Its good to question things when they raise questions. What is the point of being aware, if your not gonna question things that need to be questioned or change things for the better? I still like and respect Toby Mac and his music but I'm much more mindful of him.

  50. BBB says:

    So anyone that wears clothing with an eye is automatically suspicious? Gimme a break. Now you're questioning his beliefs. I feel sorry for some of you. You'll pick apart someone like this BUT apyou'll shop at stores that sell merchandise made by child slaves. Yea, way to have YOUR morals and values lined up. I appreciate this website. I appreciate the insight. The song is strange, yes. It doesn't reference God or Jesus. Which is odd. The shirt I can look past. He gave an explanation for the illuminati verse/song. Move on with your life. Y'all are perfect people NEVER falling for anything? Some of you probably voted for Obama and still believe he is gonna make some "change."

    • Grace2u says:

      This response is typical of a troll or plant that isn't interested in intelligent dialogue, but rather wants to dissuade truth seekers. What does Toby Mac's obvious symbology all over ALL of his albums (including DC Talk) have to do with Obama and whether anyone voted for him?

      And I do believe Toby is MK. He reminds me a lot of Justin Timberlake.

      • sweetsunnydaygirl says:

        Amen. And interestingly…
        Toby Mac and Justin Timberlake look like they could be brothers.
        There is a definite resemblance, even if small.

    • lol says:

      What I do not vote for Obama because o dissagere with what he says…

    • TobyMac fan says:


      • Valuable says:

        STANKKY, JUST STANKY!! You just told everybody you eat rotton food, you know good and well Christian's can't eat ANYTHING!! Just cause you enter a dung eating festival don't mean it's okay. GOD says in the WORD, Be ye HOLY, for I am HOLYY!! Meaning being set aside, separate from the world! Christian's are supposed to follow God and gaurd their eyes and their ears. Protecting their heart from the Devil or (Illuminateeerrrrah) Now, just cause you thought you said something up in your comment doesn't mean you are correct with GOD'S WORD. Don't answer in foolishness. The devil, (the deceiver) will use whoever yields their vessel or body to him.

  51. jane says:

    Not everyone using an EYE as a symbol is intentionally using it as an Illuminati reference. It's also possible that the people around him (the graphic designers and music companies) are putting it in there and he is not "in" on it.

    I'm not a fan of TobyMac but just because a crown of thrones also looks like an eye does not make him an agent of Satan.

  52. machew says:

    Look at his "cute" little freemason pose…
    Checkered shirt.
    Hand over his left breast.
    One eye showing.

  53. Gene says:

    I understand the question about the vague lyrics and thought the same but I won't stand in judgement. Ka-Je Projek is a good example of an unknown songwriter that leaves no question as to who she is singing about. Artist like her may never get to the top of the Billboard because they are busy touching and changing lives. We have free will to listen or skip his music.

  54. DmndNThaRough says:

    It's a scary thing to think about but He already warned us about false prophets. I strongly encourage you pray regularly, God will show you if the praise is for Him or for the enemy. I now understand why my parents told us to pray before we went to bed. It is a prayer of protection! The same was being said about Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, and the other Gospel artist who receive these worldly accolades. Watch them perform! There are symbols all around them! They hold up the signs right in your face! They shouldn't be doing this for awards, they should just be doing it to praise God and get His word out to His people. I've listen to a gospel artist named Fred Hammond because he's not totally mainstream (urine stream – toxic) and his lyrics are mainly comprised of biblical verses so that we can remember God's word because there may be a time when God's people won't be able to read the bible because it will either be taken away or it will be so altered that it will no longer contain the right instructions! Pray that God direct your path and to put it in your heart to be able to call out and tell the liars apart from the saints. I will pray for all you, my brothers and sisters. I urge you to pray!!

  55. Cgirl says:

    IT Is referring to GOD. I didn't read the rest of this article because if the author couldn't realize something as simple as that reading this is just a waste of my time.

  56. Adrian says:

    This is a poor article. If you live in my area, I would really like to catch a coffee with you. This is slander material and I would like to discuss why you would jump to so many conclusions without any facts. It's so assumative that I laughed at some parts. (I don't intend to be mean.)

    Philippians 3:14 reads, "I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus."

    The video is FUN. That's why there are lights and break dancers. It's also a branding thing when people where clothing that support the graphics of the album/song.

    His lyrics in the chorus are: "I keep my eye on the prize, I keep my eye on it."

    TobyMac's lyrics are uplifting and Biblical. Yes, there will be controversy when a Christian makes excellent music based on Biblical truth. The world doesn't like the Bible or Jesus. Jesus requires us to humble ourselves in order to receive his free gift of grace. For those uninterested in lowering their pride and accepting their hearts as sinful will not understand Biblical truth. For those that have, we will enjoy the Biblical messages in TobyMac's music. Thank you TobyMac.

  57. Alli says:

    Just because He won a lot of awards and got fame in the Christian fields and even beyond it.. even his albums and songs. Tsssssk, why are you destroying Tobymac? He is the only Christian I know who never hides his identity even in the outside Christian fields. Before you make any of these.. I humbly ask you to UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE WRITING. UNDERSTAND THE LYRICS. UNDERSTAND THE FEATURES. And know personally the person. Most especially, KNOW JESUS FIRST, and you'll realize, then. THANK YOU and GOD BLESS YOU.

  58. MusicCEO says:

    Tobymac owns his own record label, so he is fully aware of every marketing move regarding his and his artists' releases. Could it be that his latest album's rapid success was due to the widespread Illuminati fascination now permeating the Internet itself? Money talks in this biz.

  59. Gabriela says:

    The eye is part of the human body, right? And who created the human body? It was God, right? If you do not know, TobyMac is not telling his story in song "Eye On It". It's amazing how people forget the attitudes and judge someone just because of an article on the internet. Do you think true to say that some singer quickly became known because it is Illuminati? Remember that only God is the judge, and he gets furious when touching their little ones, so be careful before you say these things. Want some advice? Instead of posting something criticizing a singer (who is winning souls for the Lord) only because of an eye, be anxious to preach the Gospel of Christ and spread the love around the world. Pray more and criticize less. God bless.

  60. Dove says:

    He may not literally reference God or Jesus but the song is all about Christ. The video is odd because our world is full of odd people and he is trying to reach that generation. We all do the same thing when it comes to our daily walk in Christ. We don't sit there and throw Christ in believers and non- believers faces, we reach them where they are. If ya'll aren't careful you will be a part of that system that is pulling the weak followers from Christ.

  61. lectro89 says:

    took you long enough VC to cover this. The moment that album dropped and I heard the eye on it song and saw the video i was turned off.
    What would possess him to take such a massive 180? Or was he a sleeper agent all along? Sad. And now he's got a massive christian following, young and old who are naive to all this.

    God help us all. We'll soon not be able to listen to anything at all.
    Keep up the good work.

  62. Noah says:

    Just because there's an eye doesn't mean it's Illuminati. By that logic we're all Illuminati. We all have eyes! An eye is a body part, not a satanic symbol.
    Here's Eye on It explained. He is basically talking about how he has his eye on the end goal as Paul said in Philippians 3:14. I press on toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
    The "new" passenger is God, but it isn't "new", he's just speaking retroactively. It's more of an anthem for new believers, I think. And when he said: It just has nothing to do with my world or following Jesus or raising my kids and loving my wife. He meant the other connotation of "Illuminati".
    Here's the snippet. Obviously I've been made aware that there's supposedly a secret society called "the Illuminati" that dates back for years … but I don't know much about it beyond that. I know I'm a follower of Jesus Christ and that neither the song "Ill M I" nor the album artwork was intended to refer to that usage of the word illuminati. It just has nothing to do with my world or following Jesus or raising my kids and loving my wife. "… that usage of the word illuminati. It just has nothing to do with my world or following Jesus…". The secret society, he's saying has nothing to do with Jesus. Also, the eye. It represents fixing your eyes on Jesus. Also, Matthew 6:22 – "Your eye is a lamp that provides light for your body, when your eye is good, your whole body is filled with light." Anyway three final question to the author:
    If you believe in God, why do you believe it's the Illuminati that's in control and not him? If the Illuminati is in control why do we bother to pray to God? And if tobyMac is Illuminati, why does he try to point people to God at his concerts, and videos?

  63. Maurice A. says:

    I have the gift of discernment and I hear hear the devil in his music. All if u want to hear him chant 666 go to his original song video on YouTube I don't want to gain the whole world at listen to 1:50- 1:55, he says it in the background.

    It's simple saints we were warned that many will come in Jesus's name saying they are annointed, etc. Peter warned us that they will make merchandise out or us, and Paul said Satan masks as an angel of light. We are called not only to spread the word, but to be aware of those who falsely bear the message and expose them. "For we are not ignorant of Satan's devices"- Paul

    God bless,

  64. Tony Gualtieri says:

    Why on earth do we spend so much time critiquing the heart and soul of another. Instead, why don't we spend equal, if not more exuberant amounts of time looking into our own hearts. I am not saying that a person is not entitled to their opinion – but what do we profit from judging another? Absolutely nothing. Regardless of whether or not Toby is going to begin writing, recording, and producing music for mainstream radio – is that bad? Just because he wears Jesus on his sleeve does not mean that he can not use his gifts and talents in other genres. I am a Youth Pastor and I have ministered to hundreds of teens that come form all walks of life. I am also the father of two young ladies (6 & 10) who are very much into music. I have no problems with them listening to either Christian or Secular music -so long as the lyrics are clean and do not promote anything that is inappropriate – and by society's standards, that is not much. However, as a father, a Christian, a pastor, and a follower – I reserve the right to teach what is acceptable. That being said, I do not know of anyone who has turned their back to God because of Toby's lyrics. I know of no one who has committed murder, abused women verbally, physically, or emotionally because of Toby's lyrics. I know of no one who has started a cult because of Toby's music – and the list goes on and on. What I am saying is this; if the guy wants to venture on to the mainstream airwaves, who cares? Perhaps his music would strike a chord in the hearts and minds of those who feel the need to worship men such as Marshall Matthers (Eminem) or worse yet, Robin Thick, and turn them to something that matters, something bigger than themselves, something that is life changing. In closing, please stop trying to judge the heart of Toby. There is only one true judge and that is the ONE TRUE GOD who has given life, talent, and giftedness to Mr. "Mac". This same God some of you are claiming to follow – yet in your own arrogance you are attempting to do His job by judging another's heart and motive even when no sin has been committed. Speaking of sin, I am certain everyone on this page has a stain – I know I do – and that is not me judging, its me speaking the truth which is from the word of God directly – "all have sinned and fall short of God's glory" – Romans 3:23.

  65. jane says:

    Jesus up risen r u blind to what is happening in the world? no god in any and of every religion is risen now! !! God is olready here and a rise usually means a comming of a new different thing i.e lucifer iblise devil the cast away and all that!!! that is who is…do u honestly think any song which goes to the top and gets an award means god even if they straight out call god or Jesus in the lyrics ? it bugs me how ppl still make silly excuses for ppl like that…look his one of God's fallen soldiers who switched sides feel bad for him because you like him and what ever but we are at a stage where u cannot afford excuses especially baseless ones his clearly with the devil now

  66. jane says:

    Da devil has gone very far and it's so amazing how far and deep he has gone honestly for him to have gone that far without us realising.. am sorry ppl but don't be surprised if ur good pastor of a dad that Uv known and can vouch for switches sides after all judah betrayed Jesus his lord for coins that's how much greed some people have just pray for Gods protection and stay strong and don't let emotions love, pride, ego, greed overrule ur thinking ….most importantly teach ur children God nd strong faith and let them know who they r regardless of anything cuz that's 1 of the ways we loose our way.. Satan shows u luv and support his here for u and will b ur everything when evrything and evry1 abandons u, more than that he will grant u ur deepest desire nd will b with u for eternity which is quiet true cuz he dwells in hell and will eventually return there with all those who sold him there soul!!!!

  67. JRZ says:

    Instead of speculating about the meaning of his songs and his artwork, why don't you talk to Tobymac and ask him about the context of his body of work?

  68. The Lion of Omega says:

    I've only heard the guy's "stage" name a few times in passing, but what I find interesting and even a bit comical is that I immediately became aware of his true ideology from just now looking at the symbols on his pictures and album covers *before* learning that he is/was a "Christian artist". It's truly something to behold how the fulfilling of Revelation 2:9 (only add "and Christians" after *Jews*) is happening with each passing moment.

    Incidentally, there's a "verizon"-rainbow riddle depicted on his "diverse city" album.

  69. Denny says:

    Wow Maurice A. I totally hear that…good find. Creepy to say the least. I don't listen to TMac (Kevin Max and Tait fan), but I've heard his stuff played a lot on the radio. Is it a coincidence with all the "symbols"? I don't know. What does seeing illuminati/freemasonry imagery do anyways? Before I was in my mid-20s I never knew anything about it, so what does it do? Why would seeing the eye of horus hurt me? I believe in God and His promises, so although I wouldn't want to support anyone on the dark side, why do they try to show these symbols?

  70. Michelle says:

    Why doesn't someone play these songs backwards and see if there's a secret message? Sounds to me he's a puppet of satan. Who hasn't heard of illuminati? Come on he can't think we're that naive, can he? The first song about setting his eyes on the west and having a new passenger to guide his way. Ok, he just told us he sold out to satan. Sadly, a lot oF people have a price tag.

  71. Jack says:

    I've known of TobyMac since 1992, and yes I was skeptical of the slick pop sounds of his early band DC Talk. However, over the years I have come to know Toby's music quite well. I now own all of his solo albums and have seen him in concert 5 times. He is extremely tallented as a performer, musician, businessman and producer, yet his music drips with humility and a heart that is yielded to God. I've never seen him flash a 666 at a concert, but I have heard him advise his audience to read the Bible, confess their sins, accept Jesus into their heart, love their spouses, help the less fortuante, and evangelize others for Christ.

    Understand that his music is upbeat, contemporary, experimental and just plain fun. That is Toby's way of reaching his audience, but his agenda is overtly Christian. Note also, that this new Eye on It album contains several songs that are blatantly searching after a closer relationship with God and his family. I challenge you that there hadn't been a #1 selling album in my lifetime with such God-honoring lyrics.

  72. zoobrett says:

    Setting eyes to the west and walking away from it all can be an allusion to the Apostle Paul after his experience on the Damascus road. He went out to the Arabian desert to meditate on his experience before setting out "west" to Jerusalem, etc… The new passenger is a fairly clear reference to the Holy Spirit. People are reading way to into this.

  73. jamarie says:

    These lyrics stood out most: who's the loser? (I am) because we come in numb love. I'm not sure – but
    "I am" is another name for the God of the bible. Numb love?

  74. sweetsunnydaygirl says:

    It is easy to see why people would easily believe that Toby Mac is still singing about Jesus….
    after all, he has been a Christian artist for many years.
    However, when one starts putting out openly occultic symbolism, it merits further research.
    Some believe that the devil would not actually point to Jesus as being the Truth.

    However, having exposed occultism, scientology, masons, and other cults on my youtube channel,
    and just having studied some of these things for a few years,
    I can tell you that actually, this line of thinking is exactly what they want people to believe.
    It's all part of their "duality" belief. In the occultic world, one is required to do good as well as evil…
    and actually even point people to it. In this way, in their distorted thinking, it gives them the "right" and
    "freedom" to do all sorts of evil things…they believe the good they do actually cancels out/negates the bad things they do.
    Hence, you may see a major philanthropist who gives millions to cancer research or some other "charity",
    also being deeply involved in freemasonry or some other illuminati cult.
    The Bible clearly teaches that satan HAS to tell the truth about Who Jesus is, and indeed in certain cases
    is REQUIRED to. Here are just a couple of Bible references. From Acts 16:16-18 …

    16. "It happened that as we were going to the place of prayer, a slave-girl having a spirit of divination met us, who was bringing her masters much profit by fortune-telling. 17. Following after Paul and us, she kept crying out, saying, "These men are bond-servants of the Most High God, who are proclaiming to you the way of salvation." 18. She continued doing this for many days. But Paul was greatly annoyed, and turned and said to the spirit, "I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her!" And it came out at that very moment.…"

    From Luke 4:33-35…
    "In the synagogue there was a man possessed by the spirit of an unclean demon, and he cried out with a loud voice, 34. "Let us alone! What business do we have with each other, Jesus of Nazareth? Have You come to destroy us? I know who You are– the Holy One of God!" 35. But Jesus rebuked him, saying, "Be quiet and come out of him!" And when the demon had thrown him down in the midst of the people, he came out of him without doing him any harm.…"

    I agree with you that "time will tell". One has to be leery of a Christian artist who uses openly and very well-known occultic imagery, as well as poses in illuminati stances, including covering one eye frequently, and standing doing the masonic "bear claw", aka "devil's claw".
    Just type in "pat robertson masonic bear claw on time magazine" in your search bar, then click images.
    You will see that this "fist over the chest" pose that Toby did is not so innocent after all.

    Feel free to check out testimonies of former satanists and other people involved in the occult who were set free by the Lord Jesus on my playlist.
    youtube dot com slash playlist ?list=PLE0BA4365FF933300

    "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." – Matthew 11:28 NIV

  75. lol says:

    Thank you vc I always new something was wrong with him. And then he try's to make a good definition of illiminati , but he said it him self in the definition something that possess, and that is what the illuminatyi does. My mom and me are doing big reasearch.

  76. Mickey says:

    I seriously cannot stop laughing. Please tell me you're joking. Stop looking for conspiracy and let God move you through the music.

  77. Jakeforreason says:

    OK, I highly respect TobyMac as an artist and for what he does elsewhere.
    basically here is what i want to say to anyone who agrees with this.

    STOP thinking of him as this up in the sky, soulless music making personality. Toby is a real person, made in the image of god.
    having said that are YOU going to be the one who proclaims that he is a devil worshiper?
    This is a real man and you are SO quick to make a judgment THAT severe?
    and to go even further, Toby calls himself a christian, granted no human can know the heart but for crying out loud are ANY of you going to stand there and call a confessional BROTHER IN CHRIST a DEVIL worshiper??

    yeah just stop for a second and THINK of the enormity of what you all are saying.

    and you will have to stand before god one day and talk about this.

    i fully believe that 90% of the people here are christian, but i would ask you to err on the side of the fact that Tobymac might be a son of god, who is called to be a sucsessfull man in the music industry, reaching people with his music.

    and honest as for him being the in the Illuminati, since when did being a vocal christian help their cause? like REALLY think about it, IF toby was full on for the devil, he is doing a TERRIBLE job all those concert messages, professing Jesus, OTHER FULLY CHRISTIAN SONGS.

    and guess what? the bible is Illuminati to. because it mentions eyes in it…… yup thats your logic. and for that matter god created the eye for goodness sake! GOD MADE EVERYTHING GOOD, people have twisted it for bad, and now many of you are saying that when he uses a symbol for good that has been used for bad he is Illuminati.

    just be reasonable please. put yourself in his shoes, "eye on it" eye on the prize, eye on god. "Ill M I" sick am I. god shining through me. its not that hard to see, and btw these are the WORST examples of his music. how about we look at the GOOD examples and call him Illuminati eh?

    God bless ya all.

  78. Babs says:

    I am sad that some people want to poke at anyone successful. I know this man well and he is absolutely dedicated to Christ. He is however trying to be artistic and pull people from the edge into Christ. Have you listened to the whole of his recent music? If you looked at the body of his work, read the book he wrote, went to a concert or spent any time reading interviews with him, you would have no doubt about this man's intentions and dedication. Trying to tear people down is not a Christian endeavor either, so perhaps you should think about your motives.

  79. annette vera manzo says:

    Toby Mac is real believer in Christ Jesus ,…….
    God opens the eyes of his children ….who are faithful humble ,not causeing anyone to stumble…
    the picture of the album LORD reveals to his children,we are the apple of his eye…

  80. Eric Royer says:

    Hebrews 12:2 is what eye on it is all about. Facing similiar criticism a couple decades ago, Petra once backmasked the words "Why are you looking for the devil when you outta be looking for the Lord?" Seems appropriate for this article too.