All Roads Lead to Disney

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Article submitted by: Rebecca Brabson

So maybe it’s just me but I’ve wondered why some brands stay around for a long, long time, and some seem to come, have a good run, then eventually lose the interest of the public, no matter how hard they try to adapt and change with the times.  Companies like Sears, K-mart, JCPenney, The Limited just can’t connect to the modern consumer, even though they try very hard.  The Gap-that used-to-be bastion of coolness-has grown stale.  Even Levi’s is not hip anymore.  Coca-cola.  It has had to develop new and different products periodically to keep up.  Shockingly, even McDonald’s has had lagging domestic sales in the last few years.  It seems to be a normal cycle for about any long-term company or brand that has been around 20 to 30 years or longer to go through a period of decline and unpopularity, where they must work to re-invent themselves, bring on new products, or something to that effect.

There’s one brand, however, that marches on never seeming to change, nor having to do anything to appeal to a new audience of consumers.  It doesn’t appear to advertise much.  The same talking Mouse has been around since the early ’50s, without any updating.  The Mouse and his Magicc Kingdom have gobbled up enough media companies and movie and TV companies to become the world’s largest media conglomerate.  There’s always an addition here, a new Shanghai-Disney groundbreaking there.  Economy downturns, whatever, the Mouse House marches on, tripling or quadrupling its revenues every few years.  It’s like the Mouse is supercharged or something.  I know families who go to Disneyworld every year, or twice a year; they get ecstatically excited when talking about it.  Why does an old talking Mouse, horridly long lines, and insanely hot weather, for a few 70s-era, dated, corny rides bring out such emotion(and such “happiness”..) in people?  This connection to such emotion-what could it be??

In the late 90s/early 2000s I was a Britney fan.  I thought she was really good-a very different singer, and a great dancer.  I always thought, too, that she was much smarter than the consensus seemed to want to show.  But mostly what I liked about her was her very pure, kind of simple, spirit (maybe it was the small, southern town origin connection..)  She wasn’t cutthroat, blindly ambitious, or ruthless.  She just seemed to genuinely enjoy performing and making albums and pleasing people.  An aside–she and Justin and Christina, et al, came to the Mickey Mouse club in Orlando just a couple of years after I was there for the summer. (See: Bacchanalia)  We lived not that far from the MM club studios and got to tour them and watch shows being recorded.  So funnily, I’m actually familiar with the MM club studio and set where she got her start.  Anyway-yes, there might have been blatant sexuality in her music and videos, but the big question really is was it her, her people around her, or just the society expectations?  Nobody ever really seemed to make the connection that she was an original Disney star and using strong sexuality in her music, videos, etc as a teen star.  You would think that wholesome Disney might be concerned by having their pure, family brand of entertainment connected with a former star with such an open expression of sexuality.  Wouldn’t it seem that way?

When things started to go south for Britney in the mid-2000s I watched some of it, one-because you couldn’t avoid it, two-because it was so hard for me to understand how a person could change so much in such a short time.  It didn’t seem right, and there seemed something very odd about it.  Since then, I’ve noticed that every year or so, the media trots out a new young starlet who is going through difficulties, and drastic personality changes, where they look to be unrecognizable from their former self.  Sometimes there may even be more than one startlet going through this media show, or they overlap with one another.  It sounds like the plot of a bad B-movie (maybe even a Disney movie??..).  Lindsay Lohan has been going on for a while, and the public seems to have gotten bored with it by now.  The new starlet who was a former Nickelodeon child star with, I would guess, a connection to Disney through it or one of its myriad subsidiaries in producing at least one of her movies, who is generating the media buzz at the moment appears to be Amanda Bynes.  I don’t want to feed it, but the change in her physically is mind-boggling.  You just don’t wake up one day and decide to change so drastically.  I have a hard time believing anyone can do that, but when it is one child star starlet after another, after another, after another, you have to wonder.  I also want to include the former male child stars here as well, such as Macauley Culkin-he of the Disney juggernaut, the Home Alone movies, and many others who go through highly publicized difficulties.  It’s like they start living on a lower plane or something.  Some other, negative plane.  Whatever it is, my hope is that the public won’t feed the media show and give it any energy.  You really don’t know what these girls and guys are going through, and you certainly shouldn’t take what the media tells you as anything other than a fictional entertaining story.  Except the thing is, these people’s lives are not entertainment, nor conductors to bring in massive amounts of negative energy.  Watch with your eyes open.  Connect things.  Look for patterns.  It’s easy to see once you start really looking.

‘Rebellion’ Unreleased Britney track-Record company wouldn’t release it

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62 Comments to “All Roads Lead to Disney”

  1. Mel says:

    In my opinion, these stars go through rituals that lead to demon possession. They pay a terribly high price for fame and money. I also find it strange that nobody in the media is asking the right questions. How is it that the same thing happens over and over again i.e Linsey Lohan, Brittney Spears, Amanda Bynes, Miley Cyrus etc. Shouldn't their handlers be exposed and held accountable for what they're doing to them?

    • Sillk says:

      Mel, who would expose/arrest them? The handlers are protected by the elite who run every major institution from the media, to the 'security apparatus' to the Justice system. Your knowledge is your weapon to warn others. Go ahead and type '' backwards and see where it lands you….. God Bless you.

    • Christinne says:


    • Kat says:

      Why does it always resort to demon possession? Don't you realize that you are in denial when you try to blame basic psychological defects on fairy tales? You will never find the root cause of anything by blaming it on boogeymen and monsters. These girls are thrown into the limelight very young, and have everything handed to them. It's like having an extremely spoiled child, after a while there is no pleasing them and they start to lash out, and try more extreme things to fill the void. Yes, they pay a terribly high price for fame. They become dehumanized, their life is filled with nothing but material, ego, and empty relationships. Anyone would start to go a little off in that situation, don't you think. Whenever I hear anyone talking about demon possession or devil worship, it makes me laugh. Open a book about psychology. Read about the ego. Research, research, RESEARCH. Don't listen to what people throw at you in church, actually open that disgusting excuse for a book and read it. Try the site, or and view the bible objectively. It's only there to enslave your mind.

      • BluBoy says:

        Kat, perhaps you should do some research into who the founding Fathers of Psychology are and a little bit into their backgrounds. The real truth is kept hidden and hidden for a reason and they are the ones (The Psychologists, Physicians, Psychoanalysts etc.) that hide the truth. You obviously don't understand. You even stated "They become dehumanized, their life is filled with nothing but material, ego, and empty relationships." – EXACTLY! – This leaves them an empty open shell for…. open for whatever you want to call it. Most people are not aware of the dark energies that surround us and what they are capable of, but your body has to be open for them dark negative energies to influence you. You understand?…….. Nah probably not eh?

      • HermiticWonderer says:

        Sadly, the church/religious apparatus has absolutely nothing to do with demon possession and it is your relating of the two that purposefully pushes you away from the truth. There has been a huge agenda in the MSM/political-socio-economic corridor to "demonize" (for lack of a better word lol!) religion and the church in the sense that any words which trigger back the memories of conservative church life (i.e. devil, satan, demon, possession, pray, grace, etc.) causes a reaction of distrust and revulsion.

        & BTW before you assume – I am NOT religious by any means

        You will never see the truth of the DEEPLY and VERY REAL demonic/dark possession that has taken over this earthly plane until you get past your deeply rooted distrust of anything outside the 3D world & your PEA SIZED perspective of what is "real" or "truth". You can believe whatever you want and it does not effect me – do yourself a favor and read a Stuart Wilde book. I promise, the breakdown as you awaken will only be painful until you finally break THROUGH!

        I would take your own advise…RESEARCH RESEARCH RESEARCH…and not just what FOX News or CNN tells you HAHA!

  2. dan says:

    Monarch mind control. They probably don't even know their being deceived. When it's too late they get Rehab. Their like Stepford wives. Remember the creepy guy creating these robots name was Dis. Evil druids……..

  3. fleurdamour says:

    I have to differ with you – the Disney of tween shows and Hollywood Records stars like The Jonas Brothers and Miley is very different than the Disney of Mickey and Pooh that I grew up with. Slicker, dumber, and way more disposable, but hey, that reflects the culture now, so maybe that's why they've stayed relevant. The cuddly facade of old always masked a brutally capitalistic motivation. I can tell you almost everyone I've known who worked there has horror stories of managerial dysfunction, hierarchical hamstringing and vicious corporate politics. The few people I've met who didn't feel that way about it all were women who seemed like Stepford zombies that drank the corporate Kool-Aid and were Disney-obsessed princesses.

    • Recynd says:

      I, like you, Fleurdamour, know several Disney princesses and a prince. They love it, tho I can hardly look at even just photos of their shows. These kids are all "deep Irvine" if you can catch my meaning…Stepford futures, for sure.

  4. Bonnie.Kelly says:

    I actually hope and dream that I can counsel and pray for mind control victims one day. To help them come back would be the best job I could everthink of.

    • WiseDove says:

      Bonnie.Kelly, I feel the same way. Someone has got to help these people, and I would be honoured if I could help in some way (other than using my knowledge to warn). =)

    • amaryllis says:

      There are organizations which have been doing this for a while actually. The problem is that undoing programming requires more programming so the de-programmer can very much turn into a handler without even realizing it.

  5. ninabanana says:

    is there any Disney graduates leading a fairly decent life after leaving the Disney camp?
    seems like 'they' spare no one.

    • dee says:

      Hilary Duff?

    • mon1L says:

      Cole and Dylan Sprouse (from "Suite Life of Zach and Cody") have gone on to lead refreshingly normal lives.
      One brother (I cannot remember which one) was recently defending himself in an article. He works as a server in New York City, and people are mocking him because of it. His response to the mocking is well-written and extremely mature for a former Disney-star. The brothers left the Hollywood/Disney machine and moved to New York to attend college and "be forgotten". There is hope!

    • Nicolynn says:

      Raven-Symone, child star her whole life.

      Christina Aguilera has done well for herself. Sure she had her "wanna get dirty" moments but overall, she's been in control pretty much. Although, yes, she definitely promotes the "agenda," at 32, she's still as successful as ever.

      As is Timberlake.

      The girl from Even Stevens, ‎Christy Carlson Romano.

      The girl who played on Proud Family. She'd been acting since Doctor Doolittle.

      I think they have a "type" that they choose to pick on. Or I think bad parents, excess money, their own desires, and the people they keep company with affect them for the worst.

      You can't tell me that if you didn't have their type of money you wouldn't go clubbing and drinking and live it up. You'd buy all the clothes, the house, the cars, the boat, everything you've wanted. Until all that gets old and boring. You've seen it all done it all and still have money left over. Your only friends are famous people b/c anyone outside of the rich clique aren't trustworthy (use you for your money). Your parents want to use you for your money. They didn't raise you right b/c you were the breadwinner since the age of 12. Since you loathe your life b/c when you have it all, what is there, you self destruct. Get on drugs. Waste away. Do what you want. Become addicted. I only say this for Lindsay. Britney's story is different, but I don't think it's just Disney's fault. Can't deny there's some serious "magic" involved in the Disney workings though…

    • BluBoy says:

      Let me say this – Only certain people are hand selected by the "Elite" who they think can push their agenda forward, so some people will "get away free" so to speak. I will leave it at that.

  6. ugn says:

    good article, but could have been a little longer… :)

  7. dee says:

    Thankyou for this article Rebecca, thoroughly enjoyed it. I am a huge Britney fan and 'Rebellion' is my favourite unreleased song. I just wish we could hear what was written in the second verse… So haunting. It's a shame the 'original doll' album was cancelled; would've loved to here what she had to say about the industry.
    Also Mona Lisa is a great song of hers as well.

  8. rebellion says:

    Be wary of others, the ones closest to you
    The poison they feed you and the voodoo that they do
    But in rebellion there's a sparkle of truth
    Don't just stand there, do what you've got to do

    You'll find it in rebellion
    your body starts breathing
    they're not believing, what they're seeing
    'cause you're rebellion

    You'll find it so compelling
    With everyone yelling
    'cause your soul you're not selling
    'cause you're rebellion

    ~Written by Britney Jean Spears~

  9. Jenna says:

    Just a note – Home Alone was Fox Video, NOT Disney.

  10. Chels :) says:

    I definitely agree that there is a trend with young starlets going through extreme cases of physical and mental change, and that is indeed frightening.
    Aside from that. Mickey Mouse has been updated several times physically and the latest editon of Mickey Mouse (now Clubhouse and not Club) is extremely modern, even showcasing fashion and natural disasters. So he has been updated to fit the current time.
    Also, when's the last time you went to Disney? "Corny 70's rides?" are you kidding? the technology there is out of this world! Magic Kingdom may still be drab to appeal to younger children, but MGM Studios and Islands of Adventure are far beyond outdated.

    • Chris says:

      No offense to the author of this article, but I feel some of the points were wrong. Disney spends tons on advertising. While the success of the parks does seem excessive considering the cost, they are always adding and remodeling to keep people interested in coming. Also, they have had failures, particularly some of the big budget animated movies. Of course there is truth in what is said about many of it's child stars, but it seems this article didn't add anything new that hasn't been said on this or similar websites. I also think Amanda Bynes was associated with Nickelodeon, not Disney. While Disney has always been about making money, it has no shame now. Likewise, while it may have always had secret agendas, the content of it's programs has changed, becoming both dumber and more in line with the rest of the popular culture, which is more overtly satanic.

    • Pudding says:

      Islands of Adventure is not Disney…….That's Universal Studios; completely different and waaaaay ahead of Disney in regards to technology…Disney really does suck with their technology in comparison; a lot of their attractions are just "visual" instead of actually immersing you in turn of the century technology.

  11. yyyyy says:

    speaking of Britney her new song is "work, b****"

    • SMH says:

      Yep, and in her video, she shows that if you want the finer things in life, you have to dress like a prostitute, and wear dog collars with chains around your neck to get it. You want all these things Im singing about? You better enslave yourself, and crawl on the floor like an animal… so get to work b****.

    • lala says:

      definitely just watched this after I saw an article that said that the video had been banned in the UK because of explicit language. Terrible. just like "SMH" said above, to live the high life, you have to debase yourself and basically become a prostitute.

      Linked right next to the Work, B*tch video was Rihanna's "Pour it Up". O_O oh my word. Same message as Britney's, but EXTREMELY vulgar. Disgusting actually.

  12. Just sayin says:

    You should have someone edit your article for you before submitting it. Good content, though!

  13. Sanat Toma' says:

    "It’s like they start living on a lower plane or something. Some other, negative plane."

    Exactly Ms. Brabson, they have been lower dimensionalized. In the 2nd dimension, which is defined as a "plane", two eyes aren't necessary because there is no depth perception, hence the reduction to one eye for Monarch slaves. Living in their new reality FLATLAND

  14. ChrisNajar says:


    I am a huge Britney fan, to this day. I have stated that plenty of times on this site, and most of the times I defend Britney no matter what. I love her, and hell, I really like her.

    If you ask me, there are a lot of things that are wrong for Britney, right now. I really believe that the Illuminati has messed with her a lot. Yes, the original 'Baby One More Time' girl was so beautiful and sexy, and that was a huge commercial advantage for her, in many ways. A sexy girl singing cheesy songs in such erotic outfits is enough to turn on both old and young men. So it's no surprise she had such tremendous success.

    Undoubtedly, Disney was the rocket that launched Britney high above the clouds. Without Disney, Britney would have never reached the success in her career. Despite her beautiful and charming looks, you really need BIG MONEY to make it in mass media. You really need exposure, constant exposure, and that my dear, that takes BIG MONEY.

    When Britney released 'In The Zone', things went horribly wrong. Those were the days of the infamous kiss with Madonna in the MTV VMAs. And then afterwards she started to hang out with Paris Hilton, and to have a lot of heavy partying, drinking and smoking. By that time, I lost a lot of interest and faith in her because she was not the sweet, angelic girl I saw in the 'Sometimes' video, which is to this day, the sweetest, cheesiest portrayal of Britney Spears EVER. I was really disappointed. Because I, like a bunch of fools, constructed this bubble of the perfect, angelic, pure, innocent girl that her team (and probably Disney) worked on so hard for at least 4 years of stories, promotion, candid videos and pics, etc.

    Jamie Spears, Britney's father, was a heavy drinker when she was just a little baby girl and her mother Lynne had a lot of issues with him. Britney's childhood was really troubled. Besides, she lived in Kentwood Louisiana in a middle-to-poor-class family. But since Britney liked to sing and dance (like most girls do when they are 2-3 years old), her mother looked for opportunities for her. And this is something people often forget when they bash Britney. It was not Britney who looked for stardom; her mother was. I really don't know whether her mother was looking for financial support from Britney given her father was and IS such an asshole to this day, or whether she wanted to give Britney a mental relief from all the fighting and shit that went on in her home every day.

  15. ChrisNajar says:


    A young girl who came from a poor and conflicting family is suddenly appearing in the Mickey Mouse show getting exposure, and years later, she debuts with her candid album in 1999 which was a worldwide success that gave her millions, literally, MILLIONS of dollars. Her life changed radically. She was no longer the poor girl raised in McComb Mississippi; she was now a super star. And then it came 'Oops I Did It Again' and once more, a myriad of dollars. So everything for her changed. Cars, enormous houses, parties with personalities (when she was barely 17-18 years old) and open possibilities to do pretty much what she wanted. Of course, my girl started to lose sight of things.

    I really believe that money corrupts your most precious values, your moral, your dignity, even your faith in our Lord Jesus. And some people simply can't put things in perspective when their life is full of riches and vanity to the highest extent. So all this made Britney do very weird things, like getting married for 48 hours to a friend of hers, getting married to another asshole named Kevin Federline and things that I refuse to believe… but that most probably are true, like she acted very hostile to her children, attempted suicide, was deep into drugs and other nasty things…

    I really don't know what interest would have the Illuminati or Disney to make a single girl's life so miserable. As much as I respect VC's work and the articles here, it's hard for me to understand why would the Illuminati f*ck with people in this way; why if they have so much power and evil, they don't manifest by themselves and try to rule the earth by themselves? Why do they have to destroy young girls' lives? Those are the things I barely get. So in Britney's side, I can't say with confidence that Disney is 100% responsible of her mental issues and breakdowns. Clearly, in 2013, Britney Spears is NOT ok. She still looks weird when she is in interviews, she doesn't look fresh nor happy in her music videos, she seems to have lost all interest in what she does. It's overwhelmingly evident. And take my words, because I am a huge fan and I have 15 years now following all what she does. I can definitely tell when she is not doing good. And she isn't doing good anymore.

    Whose fault this is? Disney? The Illuminati? I would say, it's a combination of many things. Britney does not have a clear mind, but also her family is so cruel that continues to push her into this crappy thing of entertainment business only to keep her as their means of subsistence; her team does not give a f*ck about her mental issues but rather wants to make their profit also, no matter what. She is no longer enjoying doing what she does; she has cried to the cameras showing her deep sorrow, even the song you posted (Rebellion) is a piece of what she feels; but as she herself has stated, 'she tells people how she feels but nobody listens to her'.

    It's a very sad thing what happens to Brit Brit. And she is not the only victim as we see these days.

    • soph says:

      Maybe the reason is to divert attention from the important things? Here in the UK you see it a lot, the press announce negative things that the government have decided in a time where public attention is elsewhere, the birth or prince George for example. People are obsessed with pop culture, its a very easy way to pass laws, and get away with things that if people actually knew, they wouldn't be happy…

  16. Jake says:

    There is definitely shady business going in behind closed doors but I'm still skeptical about the whole monarch mind control thing…but either way there is definitely something wrong when you have people like Miley turning out the way they are…

  17. compare and contrast says:

    Simply, look at the young celebrities (Spears, Lohan, Bynes, Cyrus, etc.,) who are chosen, promoted and trashed for public consumption and social manipulation – who they are; and the young celebrities who are chosen, promoted (you know who they are) and maneuvered into celebrity icons as adults. Compare: what do you see?

  18. FreeMe says:

    Has anyone seen the South Park episode with Britney Spears? At the end the whole point of the media trying to kill Britey was to make her a human sacrafice for the corn harvest. It was supposed to be a joke and a remark human nature's "consumption" of the innocent feminine sexual power, but I wonder if there is some truth to the ritual human sacrafice. It was made back in 2007, but even then they had predicted Miley Cyrus was next.

  19. amaryllis says:

    So who's been thrown off the freedom train this week? Zac Efron in rehab, Joe Jonas in addiction counselling and so it goes on……

  20. justme says:

    Once you're in a photo with or by terry richardson you are on the wrong track it seems…. whats with his blocked shirts and the thumbs up sign?

    I think he's miley's handler or has access to her 'triggers'

    • lala says:

      very true. a lot of the celebrities/stars he has worked with are overexposed such as lady gaga, rihanna, beyonce, james franco, miley, amy winehouse, lindsay, cara, and selena gomez who arguably isnt as big as the rest but is a disney star. he also works with a lot of models and many have anonymously told their stories about him trying to sleep with them or if they are on their periods he tries to get their tampons to drink it. i have read that miley underwent a seriously sick ritual she had no choice to which involved her drink menstrual blood. in terry's photoshoots there are sometimes models eating raw meat which is clear unhealthy.

      the thumbs up is described as his signature thing, but if you look into it, he makes the subject wear his shirt and glasses as though he is some sort of persona they become. the thumbs up is as though they approve of his twisted ways, also he likes a lot of the subjects to suck their thumbs or suck his thumb, which is belittling like they are his children hence why he tells them to call him Uncle Terry (ew)

  21. hothouseflower says:

    Did anyone watch Escape from Tomorrow?

  22. michael says:

    Sorry but this is a dreadful article. Child stars lose the plot because they tend to come from pushy, dysfunctional families, who push them into a very adult world from a very young age. It doesn't matter if they work for Disney, Nickelodeon, or Bill Cosby.

    These kids are paraded around and made to perform constantly by over ambitious parents who exert a huge amount of control over them. Then when they get work on TV, in film, of the music industry, they are worked to near exhaustion, having already forgone their childhood.

    The cracks start to really appear when these kids hit that confusing transition period between teenage and young adult years. And almost always as their career hits its peak or has just come over the bubble.They let loose for the first time. What compounds it is that they have no idea how to deal with any future failure in career or relationships, and they live their life in the public gaze.

    This has very little to do with satanic corporations, and everything to do with the dysfunctional entertainment industry, and over ambitious parenting.

    • Mark says:

      I would be very interested to hear your explanation of the Baphomet head that appears inside the chamber attached to her veins in the video that VC reviewed. Are you sure you're reading this website for comprehension?

  23. TAMAAARA says:

    I dont beleive the stats themselves sell thier souls or what not… its thier parents family thier bloodlines that lead themm

  24. MusicInCali says:

    ….I know families who go to Disneyworld every year, or twice a year; they get ecstatically excited when talking about it.

    THIS. I know some people who go to Disneyland a few times a year. It's creepy how excited they get about it, countdown to the day, etc… And they are grown adults!

    I've been to Disneyland twice – once as a child, once as an adult. I never understood the appeal. And the money spent on these trips, these people could travel internationally with what they spend for a few days at Disneyland.

    • sittingcoffin says:

      Me too. They ALL get so excited, even without having little kids.

      Creepy that tons of high schools host a visit to one of the Disney Parks as the graduation year big trip. Separation from parents (theme in a lot of Disney movies) and a graduation association…I dont know, its weird now that I think about it.

  25. Alex vadne says:

    There’s one brand, however, that marches on never seeming to change, nor having to do anything to appeal to a new audience of consumers– great observation!

    connection to emotion– what could it be— now you're really on to something.

    "It’s like they start living on a lower plane or something. Some other, negative plane. Whatever it is, my hope is that the public won’t feed the media show and give it any energy"

    Hmmmm…. Reminds me of a Prodigy quote: "J.Z is a God damn lie. I have so much fire in my heart that I will relentlessly attack J.Z, Illuminati, and any-every other evil that exists until my lights are put out. This negativity I speak of is an actual living entity that uses us as food. We must sever ties with it in order to see things for what they really are. This negative energy is created and harnessed by the Illuminati secret government and they will make you spread this energy without you even knowing it. But people like J.Z. are very well aware. He was schooled by Dr. York."


  26. Mario says:

    Britney's new album is so good, i can't wait to see her in vegas :)

  27. Slight Disney Fan says:

    I disagree. Disney has changed tremendously throughout the years. The programs are more modern based and are now empowering the children (show characters) to the point of making the parents (show characters) look like goofs.
    As far as an example of a Disney star that has turned out well you can see: Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and several others that have become famous and NOT trainwrecks.

  28. Stephen C says:

    I searched Vigilant Citizen to see what has been written about Disney lately. I hadn't considered how successful and relentless Disney has been in profits, impact and reliable returns. Thank you for this article. Disney is the hub of children's programming, to which all roads lead back to. No one does it like Disney. I bet they have a Federal Reserve fluffer and access to the latest social science (the government may not let us see).

    My search of Vigilant Citizen started when I read Frozen is the highest grossing animated film in Disney's history. Whaaaat? The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aladdin; what wholesome and heartfelt movies. Why is Disney doing animated features after these ones, anyway? For money, yes, but for the stories–do children change?And also, feeling immediately dated, why haven't I even heard of this film? Why isn't it plastered on the front page news?… That would be a headline relevant to my life.

    Another article about Disney found on Vigilant Citizen is the blog from a mother. She talks about the mind-programming her children suffered for watching the age 8+ TV series on the Disney channel. I did watch Frozen. I will say Disney now appears to be the barometer of where the social programming of our young is at. Whether is the mother of this blog noticing insensitive and cruel things escaping her daughter, or whether is the general lowness of these new features, admixed with modern neuroses and not classic character types; I certainly agree Disney is changing right below our eyes.

    I thought Tangled was hilarious. The premise and characters were sweet. I certainly wasn't confused by anything. And if that's the direction, great! But it earned less than Kung Fu Panda 2. Frozen came out last year and it's earned over 1 billion dollars. 1 billion dollars.

    There is a lot wrong with this movie. The behaviour modelling, the portrait of family and mankind trustworthiness, the "crime" of siblings getting hurt in horseplay (then turns into a emotional-mortal wound). The movie made me feel strange. It is steeped in mind control, bearing small resemblance to the Disney trademark of clear "fable" story telling and wholesome characters. A whole analysis of Frozen would suffice as a commentary on modern mind control.

    The offence of classic fables is these preach another gospel. That can be handled. However, Frozen showed a new age, indeed. For the old fables may be false stories with little lesson-teaching value, but the old fables are uplifting to children. In Frozen, I simply can't see a child feeling good after. For it is confusing. Who is good, who is trustworthy? The end point is a Lysistratan alliance of women against men. What portrait does this leave in a kid's brain? It's a little too high level psychologically and soul-crushing.

    The attack on children is full on. The economic theft of parents' time, the break down of family, and the gobble de goop of modern TV is stealing their minds and sanity. We will have a psychiatric generation. I can see that children might "get" Frozen in some sense; it is steeped heavily in our modern psychiatric mythology. Terms of being frozen inside, betrayed by trauma, double crossed by prince charming: what does this have to do with children's stories? How sick can this rampage become?