“What Now” Reveals a Different Side of Rihanna

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Article submitted by: Roxy

Rihanna’s latest video “What Now” is yet another tribute to the elites, however, this time, with a new flare. Rihanna is known for her videos that depict the glamor of being in the elite occult, but in this new video, we see a side to Rihanna that shows something a little more sinister and dark. “What Now” is a video that shows a victim lost in within themselves with no chance of reclaiming freedom and their old ways again.

Rihanna Being Watched

The video begins with a common theme in most of all occult videos: Being under surveillance. This theme was also carried off in Britney’s video “Hold it Against Me”, where all of her music videos were being played back in the background, as Britney seemed to go under some ritualism. (Provide link:  http://vigilantcitizen.com/musicbusiness/britney-spears-mind-control-and-hold-it-against-me/)

 photo 23.jpg

Britney is surrounded by taping of her old music videos. She was watched from the beginning.

Rihanna’s video begins in a dark room, which the floor contains some puddles of water. Four television screens are piled two by two, looking a little bit reminiscent to a surveillance room. In the screens, we see footage of Rihanna as if it were via a security camera.

 photo 1-1.jpg

Rihanna is being watched.


 photo 2-1.jpg

Notice the “recording lines” (I apologize for lack of better word) that is shown on the screen.


It is a little bit unsettling to see Rihanna standing alone in dark room, as the scene switches to her staring at the screen with dead eyes and a total lack of emotion. In her past videos, she is shown relishing in the joys of the elite. Now we are starting to see a completely different side; “The price of fame” per se.

As Rihanna stares at the camera, the image being to static and distort, causing the video to take a quite dramatic turn. Via the security camera, we begin to see Rihanna taking on some odd contortions.  In one frame, her back is fully arched in one scene, as if she was being possessed…

 photo dual.jpg

Duality, a common theme in occult videos is represented. Could her odd contortions be the result of her inner core shattering?


Kim Noble, who is said to have multiple personalities, painted this photo as Ria Pratt (a 12 year old alter, among her many personalities). This painting represents the splitting of a core personality. Three girls are being tortured by 3 different handlers. Above them is the silhouette of each of the girls, representing a split in the personality that has dissociated.


Here is a method to create multiple personalities, as described by the book ‘The Illuminati formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave’ by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier:

The split brain programming done by the Illuminati is grotesque. A drug is injected at the base of the skull into one hemisphere of the brain to shut it down, while the other hemisphere is kept awake. Torture is then carried out to split the mind. What this does is create programs and alters which are associated with only half of the brain. The brain is being further divided from itself.

Sure, Rihanna may act like she’s under the influence of something in this video (Possibly a sedative in the beginning, which kept her so calm until she begins to contort herself), but she surely is not being hurt in any way, right?

 photo 5-1.jpg

Oh there’s that…


Notice her movements. How non-humanistic do they appear? It is almost is if she was being controlled by ‘something else’. This is very similar to the case of Elisa Lam (Further elaborated here: http://vigilantcitizen.com/vigilantreport/mysterious-case-elisa-lam/) .

Check out her arms at 1:56, completely non-human like. Sort of like this:

 photo 3-1.jpg

Rihanna moves her body and hands in a strange way, that looks downright creepy.

Let’s take a look at her lyrics, shall we?

I’ve been ignoring this big lump in my throat
I shouldn’t be crying
Tears were for the weaker days, I’m stronger now
Or so I say, but something’s missing

Whatever it is, it feels like it’s laughing at me
Through the glass of a two-sided mirror
Whatever it is, it’s just laughing at me
And I just wanna scream

Rihanna expresses a massive amount of grief, but claims she ‘shouldn’t be crying’. Why? She’s clearly upset but she is now under the impression that human emotions are for the weak and there are no need for them. Something is missing that allows her to feel that way. Judging by the emptiness in her eyes, as seen earlier, it appears the an extreme human quality has now been taken away: Her soul.

The second part of the lyric provides a powerful message. She realizes that she is being watched and refers it as a “it” saying that’s mocking her, possibly because it knows something she doesn’t; the true price of fame. The most significant part is, that ‘it’s’ watching her via a 2-sided mirror (that is, a mirror that is a mirror to the one looking into it, but a window to the person behind it). When Rihanna looks into a mirror, she sees her empty self, meanwhile something more sinister is watching her without her knowing it.

For the rest of the part of the video Rihanna showed screaming, and shaking violently, while an image of her sings within her body.

Now presents a good time to look another verse she sings:

I found the one, he changed my life
But was it me that changed
And he just happened to come at the right time
I’m supposed to be in love but I’m numb again

So this former ‘it’ is now a ‘he’ who has changed her life, and that ‘he’ did. In 2005, Rihanna came upon the music scene as a fresh faced girl from the Barbados who had a squeaky clean imagine. According to billboard.com, her album “Music of the Sun” (Which was under her ‘good’ image) sold only 609,000. That’s a failure in the pop industry but after she went ‘bad’ her album “Good Girl Gone Bad” sold an astonishing 2.8 million records. Change her life, it did.

However it’s clear to her that no matter how much she’s in love with the power and fame, she still feels numb or empty.

[Title] Rihanna Attempts to Break Free

In 2008, Britney suffered a ‘mental breakdown’ that caused her to shave her head because she was ‘insane’. We, at VC, know better. Britney claimed that she was tired of “things being plugged into her head”, so she believed that shaving her head was a way to achieve freedom. Unfortunately for her, to the elite, it was an act of defiance and Britney was sent to “Rehab” (We know this as Reprogramming site) to ‘correct’ her, thus giving us the shell of a Britney we see today.

In this video, Rihanna shows us the consequences of attempting to break free, all in the frame of 60 seconds or less. Rihanna is seen shouting the ‘someone’ in the ceiling and all of the sudden she is forced back by an unknown force.

 photo 6-1.jpg

Rihanna is literally pushed violently in the middle of her act of defiance, causing her to forcefully fall to the ground.


As soon as she falls, the video gets unexpectedly violent and fast moving. It is if we are now entering the mind of a traumatized slave. We witness Rihanna screaming, shaking even more violently and in one panel she scoots to a corner (a fear tactic (Also similar to what Elisa Lam did in the elevator)). The scenes flash from a severely stressed Rihanna, from her rolling on the ground in what looks like pain, to ominous scenes of chaos and destruction.

 photo 7-1.jpg

One of the scenes that flash is a destroyed building that may represent her disintegrating mind.

 photo 8.jpg

This image right here may hold the answers we need.


Throughout the song, her chorus was:

What now, I just can’t figure it out
What now, I guess
I’ll just wait it out, wait it out
What now, please tell me, what now

She sings this part, especially as she goes through the trauma as she loses her grip on reality. She cannot figure out that her soul was the key to her humanity, which allowed her to embrace and feel emotion. She can only hope to wait it out, though most likely nothing will change.

Just like Britney who seemed to go ‘crazy’ after her defiance, Rihanna too became conflicted with her freedom and her programming.

The screen continues to race from Rihanna is utter fear/pain/suffering to violent and disturbing scenes. In one panal, a chain is showed, which may represent her being locked down.

[Title] Rihanna Submits

After fighting to stop the programming, she gives in. She lays alone on the floor in a fetal position.

 photo 10.jpg

According to Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier:
“The programmers learned that when a child rolled up in a fetal position it had given up the will to live.”


After the chaos as all ended, she is calm in the same dark room and the video ends just as it begins: Her alone and being watched. The security camera statics and we lose the ability to watch Rihanna alone in her cell.

 photo final.jpg

She is back ‘under control’.

Rihanna closes the song with:

I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know how to cry
I don’t know, oh, oh why

I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know how to cry
I don’t know, oh, oh why

I don’t know where to go
I don’t know what to feel
I don’t know how to cry
I don’t know, oh, oh why, so what now

As if she is asking herself what she plans to do, and what to do from here. Her loss of humanity caused her to lose her sense of emotion as she states that she doesn’t know what to feel, or how to cry, and cannot determine why. She is lost within herself, with her riches but ultimately trapped.


“What Now” is a completely different video that did not show the ‘gains’ of the elite but the price that is needed to be paid. It is easy to assume that celebrities are happy with the trade off they have made, because the media shows them as ‘happy, beautiful, and successful’. This video has showed us the ugly side of the elite and the pain and suffering that is behind all of the glamor.


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Video snapshots from YouTube.com

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66 Comments to ““What Now” Reveals a Different Side of Rihanna”

  1. 12345634 says:

    in my view at the moment of commiting sin one instantly enters a hell of consequences. When Rihanna gave up her soul for fame, she did not anticipate the totality of the burden she took on, perhaps..

    • FreeSeed says:

      Her inner demons has retaken control in this video.I think this video clip is the latest of Rihanna. I mean she received the Icon award Sunday and It was like they congratulate a life achievement. When Jay-Z talk to her, his speech was interesting. Her mom was here. They offer to her way to go.

      • ZuluPrincess says:

        I think Rihanna's days are numbered. The media has been very weird about her. The magazine cover showing her and Princess Diana as one, then the icon award which sounded like they were honoring a full career. JayZs speech saying "there's still so much to do" I found odd because there really isn't. Think about it, Rihanna has done everything and the 777 tour I always thought was her way of acknowledging that. Diamonds is celebrating her attaining the highest in jewel programming at such a young age, this was her only album to reach number one, she has tied single records with Michael Jackson. Name it, she's done it!

        She looks tired, she performs tired, she's getting bad press for being hours late everywhere, she says she doesn't want to go out anymore. She's empty and defeated and it shows…I'm not wishing her harm but without prayer I really think we will be looking at her AMA Icon tribute as an obituary. ICON AT 25???? "The voice of a generation" ARE THESE PEOPLE SERIOUS??? Michael Jackson had to die for that kind of honor. It was such a mockery watching her stand up there and have her life described by her mother as though Rihanna has lived a full and complete life. What will we say about Rihanna at 50? The same thing because she won't be there…

        JayZ will replace Aaliyah, Rihanna and the next one and we will blindly watch all his young concubines die young, beautiful and with bright futures ahead of them immortalizing them and him for as long as pop culture is relevant.

      • Joyce J says:

        Well, atleast her mom mentioned Jesus. lol And also, it seems when musicians who have risen to the top start to have a breaking point (or something is about to happen in their career), they make videos like this… I defiantly agree with you on the icon thing. I think she was WAY to young to achieve it – and she hasn't done much of anything compared to others…

      • Cerulean says:

        I hope she makes it past 27 years of age

  2. Sarahnp says:

    Thank you for your analysis. On the surface it's a sad love song, but when viewed more vigilantly it is the same old illuminati slop. Performance as ritual. Ritual is spiritual-social control. I wonder what happens to the minds of young preschool children when they are exposed to this? Now preteen to 20 y/o's will automatically identify with it be imprinted with it. It is the romanticizing of psychological slavery.

    • sittingcoffin says:

      Go out and talk to a 20 year old right now. Its pretty difficult, because they don't have ANYTHING behind their eyes and are too concerned with texting to look at you during the conversation.

      • Chaice says:

        I get where you're coming from here, but please don't generalize. I'm 21 and could carry on a full conversation with you and I have been told that my eyes are telling of several lifetimes of experience. Think before you type. People aren't dead inside simply because they cannot identify with their own humanity.

      • sittingcoffin says:

        For every one of you, there are probably a thousand of the ones I talk about. I do like when people say, "Don't generalize." There's no way that one can speak about a multitude of topics without generalizing in one way or another. Oh, and have you popped into a high school or grade school lately? The modern vaccinations/poisonous American diet is having a wondrous effect on male and female hormonal systems. Boys are underdeveloped and feminine and girls are overdeveloped physically or taking on more masculine traits. Now, I shouldn't be saying that because its "generalizing", right? But that's what multiple other adults have expressed to me, and what can be seen easily by comparing class photos from 60s/70s and younger to class photos of today. No, its not EVERY single kid, but exceptions are becoming rarer. That's how a general statement works. Exceptions to rules are expected, reminders that it doesn't apply to "everybody" are unnecessary. Of course they don't! There are no absolutes!

        21 or not, wait 10 years and get back to me, tell me how terrible it is to generalize. A thousand lifetimes or not, youre still 21 in this one right now. Take it from a former high on the hobby horse, "different" 21 year old – you aren't able to compete mentally with those in their 30s and 40s that were exceptions to the rule all of their lifetimes.

      • dexter101 says:

        Im not exactly sure what hs you have popped into but it must not be in California, the rate of development is on the fast track with both boys and girl, puberty is starting earlier as example of my friends kids and own nephews. Boys in high school are growing full beards, something i never saw when i was in high school a few years back.

        Im guessing you are older since hs seems to be in the 60s and 70s, but wouldn't sell the youth of today as mindless or zombies. There wouldn't be so much filth and corrupt influence in the media if THEY felt the worry that todays youth are becoming more and more educated on the reality behind whats REALLY going on. They are scared, because regardless of all the mindless crap on the TV, BS in our food and brain washed music people are waking up, they arnt programed into the conservative mindsets of yesterdays, or ridiculous gender stereotypes, they are waking up.

        Second its still bothers me when people like you come on here and rant and rave over a single word rather than look at the bigger picture on why we are here. This has nothing to do with the cause or the motives behind what this site stands for, you should really get off your high horse. Some of you really need to fucking relax.

      • sittingcoffin says:

        I don't look at the bigger picture? Yeh ok. Let me know when you figure out whats going on behind all these symbols, the patterns between them throughout history, and then maybe youll be on the right track.

        I do not say pheh to conservative mindsets nor do I snort in derision of gender stereotypes as you and your knowledgeable peers seem to do. Is it a message you have received in your education? From the TV? Movies? Then RUN. Run in the opposite direction.

      • pixie says:

        …it must be a ball to be in your conversation.

      • sittingcoffin says:

        You seem to be having a fun go at it, you tell me!

      • ddi says:

        well, he has a point by generalizing, because mostof the 20 yesr old have nothing in their heads only clothes and "bad attitude"… if you can carry a full conversation i m bowing .. you are luky .. and u re partents are,, and you are luky again because you accepted u re parent s education, and not the society s… and please excuse my english .. :)

  3. anon says:

    This should be easy:

    – In Rhiannas "Umbrella" video she has her shoulder sockets edited to make them appear as eyes, her hair as a beard and her arms as horns.
    – How many pictures can you find of her flashing devil horns?
    – Other video said "Illuminati Princess" in it.

    Also on twitter she said "F U Satan."

  4. Estra says:

    Beautifully written article…man I remember being such a fan when she came with "Unfaithful"…what a price and yeah people will say that she deserved it and all but I can't help but feel really sorry for her.. On the other hand, if we were given her choices and opportunities, would we be willing to exchange our soul for a living hell?

    • NoNameBrand says:

      Beautifully written? This is absolute garbage writing..

    • Angerisafool'serrand says:

      I'm with you I find this Illuminati thing more heart wrenching than anything else. I just feel pity for them. Though I can't help but wonder (what with all the talk of mind control) if some celebrities are actually willing participants or if they are mentally and emotionally manipulated into these devil bargains. Either way it breaks my heart, especially when some of them legitimately have real talent. I really liked Rihanna too….

  5. Suzimm says:

    I am going to pray for her.

  6. thatlondonchic says:

    . Apparently she has slept with some of the top men in the industry so they can keep on giving her "chart hits" otherwise her career would of ended years ago. Not that great of a talent. Flashes her bits because her voice isn't up to much..

    • lovellespice says:


    • Rie says:

      Your top comment is so sad but most likely true in regards to these celebrities path of "rise to fame".

      Although I don't listen to the songs ….I do however think Rihanna has one of the best voices of them. Her voice is very unique and she can sing! (Yet every one has different taste). I think that was the reason she was chosen for that talent before they turned her into this lost, wild, sex kitten and even had her cut her hair short, just like Miley Cyrus.

      I believe the "illuminati agenda or way of thinking" always goes against or contradictory to what the bible teaches. For example in bible the glory of the woman is in her hair. So go figure put two and two together. It's just all pure evil.

  7. Roxy says:

    Yay! My article has surfaced! I hope I've improved this my other VC Community post "What it take to be in the Upper Echelon!"

  8. D D d says:

    I know pop artists make a huge impression on young people ( i assume you are young, might be saying something about myself, i know), but not every video is life changing and a new direction for the artist. Please do not be so hyped about them, save your heartbeats for later.
    The screenshots show me very little. So do the captions with them.
    ''Rihanna moves her body and hands in a strange way, that looks downright creep.'' Or the one about recording lines. What kind of facts are you giving with that?
    The lyrics are vague so fans can read things in to them more easy, why repeating some of them here 3 times?
    What is so shocking to you that you had to share it with the world, that is something i am more interested in than the whole video, or the subjected woman in this one..
    Come on, revealing? Really?
    And no, i won't watch it myself by the way. But nice try, keep up the good work.

    • Redyellow says:

      You're acting quite harsh, aren't you? She did a good job with article! Typing, 'But nice try, keep up the good work' doesn't at the end doesn't make your comment any better.
      I read through it and I thought it was quite good, and she didn't make the article too long or short either, good work.

      • D D d says:

        I know,as it was meant to be a little confrontational, to fit the hyped tone it rang with me. Next time i will wear slippers instead of boots. But maybe i was projecting irritation with rhianna and her fans to Roxy. Not fair, you're right. I apologize for that. Not for the post.

      • amaryllis says:

        No need to apologise Ddd for your visceral, initial reaction to various things that came together there. I won't be watching the video either but her analysis was a good effort (compared to some of the others!). Infact, I don't think I have ever watched a whole Rihanna,Selena, Katy or Miley video either …or even half… it would be too big an ask.

      • pixie says:

        So, I see there are a hell of a lot of experts around, so DDd where's your article? Would LOVE to read it mate!

    • Sammi says:

      You're such a creep, DDd. The author clearly put a lot of effort into it, analyzed it in detail, even captured specific frames to illustrate. It is so great that people (especially young) have this understanding and care enough to write and post about it. You and your condescending/patronizing tone is way out of line. This article is about a video, you refuse to watch it and say the screenshots show you very little. What a grumpy old git.

  9. TAMARARAAAA says:


  10. Fareeha says:

    This is a wonderful analysis. Saw the video right before reading this and I think you are spot on about almost all the sinister, occult and surveillance angles in this video. It's so sad to see Rihanna keep being used like this song after song, video after video. The awful thing is there's practically no turning back from this point :(. Rihanna has amazing and superior vocal talent but it's terrible to see that her voice is being used to force-feed illuminati-related things into our minds.

  11. Betequeue says:

    Even though I totally see all the symbolism, in the case of Rihanna I just cannot imagine, that she really experienced physical abuse like elektro-shocks, rape etc…she seems very much in control of what she does and she's smart, too. Unlike Britney, e.g., who clearly is an airhead. What kind of programming do you see in Rihanna or Beyonce? The latter being over 30 already without ever showing signs of instabiltiy…

    • Roxy says:

      I'd say the difference between Rihanna and Beyonce vs. Britney is Britney was "in the system" as a child. There's no means of escape, especially if your parents put you in that position.
      Beyonce and Rihanna had a choice, and they made the choice for power, money, and fame. There's no "breakdown" because they aren't fighting to get out since they CHOOSE this lifestyle.
      Britney didn't. So no, she's not a airhead. She tried to escape (Which is extremely powerful) but failed.

      • rebellion says:

        Absolutely agree with you Roxy…Britney is definitely no airhead. She was smart enough to fight back in 2008, which was very, very courageous but unfortunately like you said, she failed.

        Britney was such a sweet, bubbly, outspoken and funny teenager and young adult. The Britney we see today, minimally talks and doesn't seem to have that 'spark' and passion she used to. I think this highlights the pain and restrictions she sufferers still to this day. I wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna ends up the same way in a few years, if not sooner.

      • Roxstew5 says:

        Hey Roxy, Beyonce was actually in the system from childhood as well. She didn't have the more well known textbook mind control experiences like being a mousketeer, but her father was pretty much trying to make her into a super star from childhood, making her sing and dance in child girl groups, doing Star Search, and many other performance opportunities for children. The avenues just weren't as well known as say being on the Disney channel. Was Beyonce an MK Ultra victim from that age? I don't know but her father definitely saw her as a meal ticket to fame and fortune. With Rihanna's case I don't know that she was much better at making an informed decision. she got signed as a 15 year old wide eyed kid from a developing country. The industry loves targeting young teens with champagne wishes and caviar dreams like that because they're naive, easy to manipulate and groom into what you want them to be. Its not as bad as someone like Britney Spears who was pretty much born and bred into the system but is it as clear cut and free of manipulation? Perhaps not either.

      • Roxy says:

        Very true statements, Roxstew5….

      • ramicio says:

        Yes. Destiny's Child started in 1990. Beyonce was like 9 years old. Rihanna has been active since 2004 (according to wiki, but probably tried for fame earlier) and she was born in 1988, so she was only 16. Both are products of parents selling them.

      • Facts says:

        Barbados is not considered a developing country nor is it third world. It is a developed country as is Canada, the United States, and the UK. Please state facts and not nonsense.

      • carolina says:

        In barbados half of the people is poor and even if they speak in english they are really bad like puerto rico or jamaica.

    • Roxstew5 says:

      I find it hard to believe Rihanna could be going through that kind of violent programming too. However the only images we see of Rihanna are the ones put out by mainstream media and her own publicists, so it's possible we're only seeing what we are being allowed to see of her. Also considering the fact that Marylin Monroe was claimed to be the first publicly seen presidential model MK Ultra mind controlled slave, it shows it is possible to be leading a double life where one seems completely glamorous and the other is involved in some weird government controlled experiments and operations. There's also Ted Bundy, handsome law graduate and government campaigner on the outside, psychopathic killer, torturer and rapist behind the scenes. Not saying Rihanna is definitely a Kim Noble off camera, but just saying anything is really possible and I can't throw it out the window either. Also on many of her tours she's had hospital visits and issues with her health and vomiting on stage on more than one occasion. Nothing really can be proven until someone on the inside of that world comes out and reveals what's really going on. Still, truth can be even stranger than fiction. Kewl article by the way Roxy!

  12. Suzimm says:

    There is a video on you tube about the making of this video. I always wonder how much of the video is actually from the artist and how much of it they are doing just what they are told. Rhianna actually says that this video is eerie and creepy because if it was what people expected from the song, a love story, then it would be boring. Another guy filming the video compares it to an exorcism. Uggh!

    • badgirlriri says:

      yes I saw that and it was disturbing! but most of all I found the 'behind the scenes' video to be very sad. in the beginning, Rihanna seems very upset and distant.

      • Suzimm says:

        Yes, I agree, badgirlriri, not to use conspiracy-type buzzwords, but it almost seems like she really has to dissociate to get into the character…either she leaves herself…or someone/something possesses her. Yes, very sad. One day, just like the rest, she will break.

  13. Craig says:

    Well written article.

    Everyone should be aware of the hidden agenda in the music industry and the blatent obeisance that is required of the artist who are ensnared. It is a always a sad day to see the totality of the culmination of the agreement the artist makes in the end….what it costs is just too much. The loss of ones soul is not worth 15mins of fame.

    What will it profit a man,. if he gains the whole world,. but loses his soul? Matthew 16:26.

    God Bless!

  14. amaryllis says:

    Well done Roxy but I do think it misses the main point that in such videos, we are being taught to understand the whole deal rather than the initial benefits and it glamorises and teaches us to embrace the pain, the aftermath, the downside of submitting to that cause as the appeal of endless hedonism quickly wears thin and starts to feel hollow. It broadly reflects the sharp, cultural shift into extreme sadism in our society and acknowledges our growing appetite for it (think Lars Von Trier, half the movies that come out in any year, 50 Shades, Fashion's response to it ) etc.

    Man's relationship with Satan is a difficult one as Satan's mission itself has arisen out of pain, humiliation, degradation and demotion. He knows more than anything the worthlessness of these civilisations and once he has lured them into his camp, there is no reason why he would continue to indulge them or allow them to derive pleasure from what he offered when he is not especially happy himself.

    You are in it together, you go down with the ship and in the meantime, it is an emptier, bleaker life for it. Eminem's song, Stan, is the best explanation of how this works and showcases well the dialogue and frustration of that relationship… the pain of the rejection, the gradual demotion into oblivion as new stars rise and become more important to Satan. It become hard to know how to bin those many personalities you have ended up owning. It is even harder to accept that you were not as beautiful, talented or sharp witted as you were led to believe because he is superior to you on all those counts.

    • Lurker says:

      I have seen your comments from time to time on this website and been often startled by their truth and beauty.

  15. Morrissex says:

    Did you notice in the 4th image what the Rihanna in the middle is doing?

    She's standing with her legs open as if forming a triangle/pyramid and her arms and head make it look like an eye on top. We all know well what a pyramid with an eye on top represents.

  16. Apres Ski says:

    WOW!! Thank you VC for this entire website!
    Excellent work in bringing Truth to darkness and Light to us all.

    I was reading this on the way home on the train and couldn't wait to get there to read it on my computer. WOW!!! Rihanna simply followed JayZ without realzing what she was getting into. Now, she has only flings, no steady boyfriend, tons of STDs and I don't ever see her getting married or even having kids. She was soooooooooo in love with JayZ because he was her mentor she had no idea. Now, she's stuck and unless she gives up fame & fortune, she'll have to barter with the devil to get her soul back.

    Good girls gone bad just never return to the Light . . .

    • Rie says:

      I feel the same way about my VC site! Can't wait to read what's new.

      Yes so sad and true about her personal life. You can NEVER barter nor win with the devil because his agenda is to kill, steal and destroy…but do not forget there is no greater Power or Hope that can be found in Jesus. He can easily save her soul but she has to be willing to repent and will have to go through some "stuff" first.


  17. Rie says:


    Another good article. I love the pictures you choose to use for your illustrations.
    They are so powerful and speak a thousand words for me. (I am a very visual person -so I can discern easily just by looking at a pic).


  18. meme says:

    pray, pray, pray for her. i think thats what she is asking us for.

  19. maddworld says:

    Very sad indeed..could happen to any of us or people we know who want to be successful in acting or music or whatever. Most of us still worship celebrities and if we had the chance would want to live their lives..even for one day but don't want to know what happens behind the closed doors uhh-uh

  20. LornaDoom says:

    Rihanna is in a lot of trouble, she has fulfilled her obligations and they have taken all they can from her..This new vision of her is troubling to say the least and begs the question, "what now?"I think part of what makes these "ingeues" so desireable to this energy is the fact that they have their youth, ideals and souls to give away, what happens when it is already gone?

  21. lee says:

    Batshit cray…that's all I have to say.

  22. riri's slave says:

    What now is a song about a tragic love story not about the illuminati which haven't existed for nearly 300 years. Say one more more thing about my girl riri and ill mess u up.

  23. Bec says:

    Has anyone thought she might actually be suffering from dicossiative identity disorder and hasn't told ANYONE……….. That's exactly what I thought when I listen to it for the first time. It's been about 3 months now, and I've just watched the video………… And I think I may be right?????

  24. kris jayne says:

    beasts the song is nyc wen u dont kno the meaning

  25. jos says:

    Please God send someone to minister salvation to her.