The Masonic Symbolism of the U.S. Capitol


The US Capitol is not simply another governmental building. It is the spiritual center of the United States. Its structure, its art and its symbols all reveal the great importance of secret Fraternities in the shaping of the world most powerful government. We’ll explore the Capitol and discover the features that make this building a Masonic site, an American Temple of Solomon.

The Capitol is viewed by the average American as the seat of democracy, where big political decisions are taken. Very few recognize the spiritual elements of the architecture and the symbolism of the building which literally makes it a temple of Masonic mysteries. At the center of it all is George Washington, a 33rd degree Freemason being anointed as the “American Christ”. The building of the Capitol involved many notions unknown to the common man yet the builders seemed to give great importance to them: alignment with heavenly bodies, importance of ley lines, occult numerology, spiritual energy, etc. Those things might sound like “crazy New Age stuff” to the average Joe not to the Founding Fathers who attributed great importance the them. Here’s a look at the meaning of the Capitol.


Built by Freemasonry

The Capitol, like all Washington DC, has been almost entirely designed by Freemasons and integrates within its architecture and artwork the “keys to the Craft”.

The United States Capitol, at Washington, D.C., was the creation of a succession of architects who were almost all Freemasons.  Originally designed by William Thornton (1759-1828), the work was completed by Brother Benjamin Latrobe (a pupil of the English architect Samuel Pepys Cockerell, 1754-1827) who also redesigned it after the War of 1812.  The flanking wings and the great dome were added later by Brother Thomas Ustick Walter.

The laying of the cornerstone by Washington in full Masonic attire

The cornerstone of the U.S. Capitol Building was laid with Masonic Honors on September 18, 1793 under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Maryland.  At the ceremony, President George Washington presided.  Worshipful Brother Washington was assisted by R.W. Bro. Joseph Clarke, Grand Master pro. tem. of Maryland, Wor. Elisha C. Dick, Master of Alexandria Lodge No. 22 of Virginia (Washington’s home Lodge) and Wor. Valentine Reintzel, Master of Lodge No. 9 of Maryland (now Potomac Lodge No. 5 of the District of Colombia).


Geographical Layout

The Capitol facing the Washington Monument

Washington DC was carefully laid out in accordance to ancient occult principles. The Capitol is a vital part of the design by its location and its shape. The Capitol’s most important feature is of course its massive dome which carries heavy symbolic meaning, as we’ll see later. This dome faces the Washington Monument, the 555.5 foot tall (6666 inches) replica of an Egyptian obelisk. This layout is strikingly similar to St.Peter’s Square in the Vatican, where an obelisk faces a giant dome.

St.Peter Square, Vatican. An obelisk facing a dome.

The same layout can also be found in Paris, Astana and many other cities. There is no coincidence here: this layout carries an important alchemical meaning. In almost all cultures the dome has been associated with the female principle, the womb, the matrix. Opposed to it is the obelisk, the ancient Egyptian phallic symbol representing the male principle. The union of those two principles gives birth to a third entity, an offspring, that can be described as “spiritual energy”.  Whether this energy is symbolic or a palpable reality is something that I’m not (yet) qualified to advance on. Many theories claim that shapes such as pyramids, domes and arches can either store, extract or diffuse energy from their surrounding area but I’ll leave this analysis to someone else. The theme of  the union of male and female principles is very common in occult architecture and is surely the most easily recognizable.

Let’s look at the Capitol. Imagine a straight line starting at the tip of the Capitol’s dome and going down, right to the crypt. This is how we’ll explore the Capitol.

Freedom Statue


Standing at top of the dome of the Capitol is the enigmatic Statue of Freedom standing on a spherical shape, which probably represent Earth. Around this globe is the saying “E Pluribus Unum” (Out of Many, One).


She is a female allegorical figure whose right hand holds the hilt of a sheathed sword while a laurel wreath of victory and the Shield of the United States are clasped in her left hand. The heraldic shield is the same as in the Great Seal of the United States, with thirteen stripes, except that the chief has stars (again, thirteen). Her chiton is secured by a brooch inscribed “U.S.” and is partially covered by a heavy, Indian-style fringed blanket thrown over her left shoulder. She symbolically faces east towards the main entrance of the building which means that incidentally, the sun never sets on Freedom.

So who is this Goddess standing on top of America’s most important building and overlooking the state Capital? She’s certainly not the Virgin Mary (you’d be surprised at the number of people who think that) and she cannot be positively associated with any ancient goddess. Truth is, the district bears her name. D.C. = District of Columbia. She is the allegorical goddess of America, the typically American mythological figure, Columbia.

The Dome


The dome of the Capitol features in its occulus an incredibly significant painting that reveals the philosophical, spiritual and political aims of the Founding Fathers. Rare are the writers have discussed the gnostic, alchemical and esoteric meaning of this work, yet it has been visited by millions of tourists. The interesting book “Freedom’s Gate” written by William Henry and Mark Gray is the only work I’ve found analyzing the mystical meaning of this painting called “The Apotheosis”.



“The Apotheosis” is the work of Constantino Brumidi, an Italian artist who became famous for his paintings commissioned by the  Vatican and Pope Pius IX. In 1848, an attempt to overthrow papal power in the Vatican was led by Freemason Giuseppe Mazzini, which lead to a period of chaos and the fleeing of the Pope. The revolution wasn’t however successful and papal power was restored by a European coalition. Surprisingly, Brumidi was arrested in and found guilty of leading one of Mazzini’s revolutionary groups to overthrow the Vatican. He served some of his sentence in prisons but was later permitted to leave Italy for the USA under the condition that he would never come back. He then made a name for himself in the USA by working for occult fraternities such as the Jesuits and such. Burmidi’s story is in perfect accordance with the Capitol’s status as the “Anti-Vatican” or the mirror, Mystery Religion opposite of the Vatican. Let’s look at Brumidi’s magnum opus, the Apotheosis.

An apotheosis can be defined as the exaltation of a subject to divine level. In other words, this painting depicts the elevation of George Washington to a god-man status, like Jesus Christ. He is shown seated on a rainbow and behind him is the gateway, the vortex, the sungate to the heavens (the spirit world). As stated above, the dome esoterically represents the womb giver of life. Washington is about to exit the womb of the dome to experience rebirth as an immortal god. William Henry has appropriately noted that Jesus Christ’s divinity was portrayed in a similar way in ancient religious art.

“The Last Judgment” (Detail) by Hans Memling – Christ on a rainbow with sungate behind him
9-9-2009 10-58-47 AM
“Christ in Majesty”. He again find here Jesus on a rainbow surrounded by religious figures.

The Apotheosis sends therefore a clear message: George Washington is the American Christ. This might sound blasphemous to the average Christian but it is in perfect harmony with the Masonic/Rosicrucian/Gnostic philosophy of the builders of the Capitol.

The esoteric teachings of those Orders explain that a spark of divinity lies dormant within each person. This inner-godliness can be awakened through rigorous intellectual and spiritual training and the mastering of occult arts. The result of a successful training is the birth of perfected man, a Christ, a god-man. Rosicrucians believe that Jesus Christ’s teachings, like Buddha’s, show the path to the spiritual reform that one must undertake to attain illumination. George Washington, as a 33rd degree Mason has reached this exalted level.

Contrarily to the above paintings of Jesus where he was surrounded by angel and Saints, Washington is surrounded by important figures of ancient paganism, which are intricate parts of the Masonic mysteries:

Toth Hermes with his Caduceus and winged hat
Poseidon, king of Atlantis and his daughter Venus
Vulcan, god of Fire and also esoterically the god of Alchemy
Freedom (aka Columbia) shooing away kings and tyrants
Ceres goddess of agriculture
Minerva goddess of wisdom

Hermes, Poseidon, Vulcan, Freedom, Ceres and Minerva are meant to respectively represent commerce, marine, mechanics, war, agriculture and wisdom. The painting hides however an esoteric, alchemical meaning.

Alchemical Meaning

Alchemy is both a philosophy and a practice with an aim of achieving ultimate wisdom as well as immortality, involving the improvement of the alchemist as well as the making of several substances described as possessing unusual properties.

The ultimate goal of alchemy is the achievement of the “Great Work” which is the transmutation of base metals into gold or, esoterically, the transmutation of men into gods. The painting reflects this harmony between the elements of alchemy, which are air, fire, water and earth who are embodied respectively by Hermes, Vulcan, Ceres and Poseidon. George Washington himself is portrayed in a similar fashion as the figure of “Alchemy”

on the very esoteric Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

“Alchemy” on Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral
Washington pointing towards a book

“In alchemical symbolism Washington’s throne is the Seat of Wisdom. He is comparable to Alchemy onthe Seal of the Great Work at Notre Dame Cathedral. Commenting on this seal in The Mystery of the Cathedrals, Fulcanelli says Alchemy is represented by a woman with her head ‘in’ the clouds. Seated on a throne, she holds in her left hand a scepter, the sign of royal power, while her right hand supports two books, one closed (esotericism), the other open (exotericism). Supported between her knees and running up her body is a the scala philosphorum — the ladder of the philosophers — also known as the scala dei or stairway to heaven. Like Alchemy, George Washington is in the clouds. Instead of a scepter he has a downturned sword. He directs us to an open book. This is the book of light, the book of heavenly secrets. What are these secrets?
-W. Henry, Freedom’s Gate

The Crypt


Directly under the dome, on the floor below is the Capitol’s crypt. It comprises 40 Doric columns sustaining the floor above. At the center of this circle of columns is a brass compass star which is the literal center of Washington DC.

All street addresses in Washington DC are attributed in relation to this star.

If you’ve read the other “Mystical Sites” articles concerning the Manitoba Legislative Building and the Supreme Court of Israel, you’ll notice that all of these buildings feature a crypt with columns placed in a circular fashion with a star at the center of them, directly aligned with the top of the dome. This distinctive feature present in those modern day Masonic temples hold a special significance.

Washington’s Tomb

Under the crypt is Washington’s Tomb. His body is however in Mount Vernon due to a legal battle. One might argue however that the tomb was meant to be empty…a little like Jesus Christ’s was. Washington is not a man but a god.

Misc Items

It is impossible to include all of the Capitol’s noteworthy features in a single article but here are some interesting photos.

Rejected Washington Statue


This sculpture depicting a bare chested and fiery Washington (modeled after Zeus of Olympia) was meant to be put on display at the Capitol. It caused controversy and made people uncomfortable in very Christian, very puritan early America. Nobody really understood why they had to look at  a naked Washington. They also did not understand why he was portrayed as a pagan god. It is now in the Smithsonian.

Rejected Embarrassing Sculpture


This was created by the same mastermind who brought us the above Washington-Zeus-Baphomet sculpture, Horatio Greenough. It depicts a strong White reasonable man subduing a crazy savage Indian. The strong White man, who is about 2 times his size, is saying to him “Shhh, it’s O.K. puny savage, your misery is over. Our great civilization will take good care of you”. This non-offensive work is appropriately called “The Rescue” and was placed in the Capitol’s Rotunda for a while. It is now in storage and reportedly in bad condition.

Prayer Room Window


In 1955, a prayer room was set up next to the Capitol’s rotunda. The window depicts the god-man Washington praying and contains some other interesting symbols you might recognize..

The Apotheosis of Lincoln



To Conclude

Simply put, the Capitol is America’s ceremonial center. It is where Americans celebrate their new President’s inauguration and where they morn morn those who’ve deceased. Whether we are witnessing Obama marching up the 33 steps to the Capitol after his inauguration or seeing Gerald Ford’s casket on display under “The Apotheosis”, all rituals are fully permeated with occult symbolism. It is simply impossible to understand this country, its rulers and their philosophy without understanding their Masonic origin.


Related Reading

“Freedom’s Gate” by Willam Henry and Dr. Mark Gray




    • if anyone wants to know how many stars there are on the ceiling there are 73 ( i counted them) i don't know why but i just thought that some might find it intresting

    • A great read with reference and insight into this topic is 'Before The Pyramids' by Christopher Knight & Alan Butler. Jaw dropping stuff…

    • I love this piece on the capitol. Is there a more in depth book on capitol buildings of our states, or study's like this about capitol buildings around the world?

  1. Washington didn't want to be buried under the capitol building for the very reason that he didn't want to be worshiped like a god. He clearly stated in his will that he wished his remains to stay at Mount Vernon. He didn't even want a funeral.

    "The family Vault at Mount Vernon requiring repairs, and being improperly situated besides, I desire that a new one of Brick, and upon a larger Scale, may be built at the foot of what is commonly called the Vineyard Inclosure, on the ground which is marked out. In which my remains, with those of my deceased relatives (now in the old Vault) and such others of my family as may chuse to be entombed there, may be deposited. And it is my express desire that my Corpse may be Interred in a private manner, without parade, or funeral Oration."

    If I recall the legal fight was between his descendants who were trying to protect Washington's wishes over those who wanted him interred in the capitol tomb.

  2. Another great article! I can bet that most tourists that have visited this building have absolutely no idea of the symbolism that it represents. Most would probably view the Apotheosis and say " What a beautiful work of art" without actually LOOKING at all of the figures in it, and what they represent. I also noticed the Illuminati pyramid on the top of the prayer room window which presents a question begging to be asked " Who are the politicians real masters?"

    • Truthseeker2013 on

      What I find iinteresting is the two pillars framing all that. Are there words on some of those cloth that drape both pillars such a e plubis unum or something? It looks as if there are words. I also wander if there is a secret symbol about how the placement of objects like the secret symbol showing the placement of the buildings there. What I can relay is the fact that you feel as if you are entering a vortex when you go into DC. I worked across the capitol for ten years and there is a very strong vibration and most people look zombie like and they have dark cold eyes and a very creepy too.

      I also visited George Washington boyhood's home in Falmouth, Virginia and that site is very creepy and intersting. I wander if anyone did any type of analysis about that site. It looks like many of those creepy places where you have discovered a old church site that actually conducted human sacrifices.

  3. Nice work. Very educating!
    To deny the resemblence of all this symbolism in goverment buildings now would be ridiculous, after all your great research.

    I’m curious, how many visitors do you have here?

    Keep it coming!
    Regards from Sweden.

  4. Sept 18, 1793 +216 years=9/18/2008. Obama is scheduled to fly the Red Communist Flag celebrating Mao Zedong's PRC founding 60 years ago and death of 60 million Chinese since. on 9/20/2009 216 is 144,000/666. Those numbers are pretty self evident to your readers. 216 is the cube of 3,4 and 5 added which forms the Mir Triangle as in Russian Submersibles, Space Stations, the Cheops Pyramid angle and the dimensions of the King's Chamber. Obama claims his birth was in Hawaii on Aug 4, 1961; coincidentally the 216th day of the year on latitude 21.6 degrees. 216 times 666 is the Saved 144,000 of Israel; in 2009 this date is the Autumn Equinox called Mabon, Feast of Dionysus, Feast of Avalon (place of apples), Cornucopia, Witch's Thanksgiving and Harvest Tide. The ancient fire festival of Ramadan ends on this date as well, Rosh Hashanah begins the first of 10 days of Awe leading up to Yom Kippur "Day of Atonement" on this date, the International Day of Freedom is then and SnakesOnACane is on this date. This Cauduces now has a Cane meaning Shepherd of Maya and Mercury. Obama is a lot more than America bargained for. Time to Wake Up the Lord's Sheep

  5. Great Job Vigilant….as ever!!!

    There is only a little mistake, the italian revolutionary an Freemason was Giuseppe Mazzini not Manzini.

  6. Wow… what an article…
    Already knew that US founding fathers were mostly masons, but still, to look at these stuffs is still.. wow..
    Do they know something most of us “flock” don’t?
    Was it Jefferson who eliminated the word “Jesus” from his Bible?

    • i don't know but even though i am English i find this so sad because poeple think this is like a Christian country like i once did but they have been decieved by men like these.

    • Yes I do believe it was Jefferson. He said something to the effect of "…just because I quote him doesn't mean I agree with his principles"… I just finished watching a G. Craige Lewis DVD "The Curse of the Culture" and it included this about the founding fathers in there. I have done some prior research about this before seeing the DVD and was glad that I wasn't the only one looking at this stuff! And I'm SOOO glad that there is a website like this out here informing people!! We are so blind to this stuff it's UNBELIEVABLE!!

  7. Has anyone noticed that a great number of capitol buildings are shaped like a cock and two balls, especially in the US? The Mason are obsessed with sex=regeneration, so it’s no surprise to me.

    • "The Mason are obsessed with sex=regeneration, so it’s no surprise to me."

      And I'm sure you know this because you have been a high-level Mason for many, many years…..right? Because in my years as a Mason, I have never once run into a single reference to sex anywhere (other than Brothers joking around with new recruits…..)

  8. Interesting, but I find your references to Masonic and symbolic meanings to be vague. Imagine a reader who knows nothing whatsoever about any kind of symbolism and clarify/describe what the meaning is behind the symbolism that you are referring to and please add references. Thanks.

  9. Hello friend-

    Excellent work as always enjoyed it greatly. I will add only these tidbits. The goddess Columbia atop the Capitol is sort of meant to be Columbia with an " Indian Princess " style and flavor. If you look closely, the object she's standing atop is actually a stylized penis head. When a figure like her stands atop a building or other structure, it is a sign indicating that the figure 'owns' the building or institution.

    The dome atop is the capitol is symbolic of a womb, but also a female breast ( same idea ). As you stated, the Capitol is a Temple of Solomon. In fact, the word Capitol indicates a place of worship. Just as there was once in ancient Rome the Capitoline Hill. It was the place pagans went to worship Zeus. That's where the Vatican is now. And both structures, our Capitol, St. Peter's Basilica, a similar structure in France, and a few dozen others, all feature essentially the same design. Like all state capitols in America. All are temples, whether those who enter them each day realize it or not.

    Thanks also for your loving attention to detail on the concept of the apotheosis. Washington truly is intended by our founders to be worshiped as the American Christ. And it is IMPOSSIBLE to understand America, her founding her laws and her institutions without understanding Freemasonry. Nice work. I'll send this article to a friend.


    Tracy H

  10. sry if the link above is not working then it means they shut it down again if so

    you might have to type "the arrivals" in you tube.. but some episodes might be deleted because they are too contriversial***

  11. thank u very much another great piece, very imformative like always! but if ur interested in knowing the TRUE agenda behind these masonists pls watch series called the “THE ARRIVALS” it will change ur whole veiw of life an u will be able to see through all the BULLSHIT heres the link:

    pls watch episodes in order from 1-51 they are all very clear an concious:


  12. Anyone know whats up with the truthseeker website? They usually link any updates from the vigilantcitizen on their site. But they have been down for a while now!

  13. Interesting that the Eliphas Levi drawing of a Baphomet cited as inspiration for the Greenough statue of Washington is predated by said sculpture by more than 10 years……

  14. you people have issues…the illuminati or the enlightened ones were just trying to show to the less enlightened people that the church is just some some people doing what u say the illuminati are doing because trough history it is because of the church that many have died and will continue dieing…the illuminati just wanted everyone to know the truth : "there is no god" and if u people who read this stuff still think that there is than as u say "god help ass all" because we are in the 21st century and many still wait for a man with wings to appear…sure how much money does the church make how many people does IT control..WAKE UP !!! we only invented god because we were to afraid of death and we wanted to belive that after life there is another life but come on think rationally we are supposed to be the smartest beings on this planet !!!

    P.S. if the modern illuminati that u speak of are trying to make a new world order then congrats to them at least they use their brain…


    • @J.Williams: Good observation.

      @ SMARTTHINKIN: The fact that you believe that the Illuminatus do not believe in a god proves that you have absolutely no idea of what you're talking about. Read a single page of any Illuminist or Masonic text and you'll quickly understand the all importance given to "The Great Architect" in all aspects of life.

  15. Very interesting. There is so much beneath the surface which makes one question what is reality, what is true versus truth.

    Trust and believe there is a God. There is certainly one who created all and knows all. When you stop trying to rationalize and place everything in a scientific box you will SEE, but if you choose not you will still bow in the end. As the word of God proclaims those that have ears and eyes let them hear and see (spiritually). You have to walk by faith and not by sight.

    God Bless

    • hi I am a Christian and I totally agree with you. In the end evey knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Even the Devil will do this

  16. Hey! I found all this very interesting, but I have to admit, I'm a little afraid to take any of this information for granted because of lack of citation. Like the pictures… where do you acquire them? Why aren't they cited? Couldn't that be infringing on copyright?

    I'm also afraid you may have the exact context on some of the pictures incorrect, which is understandable in the internet, but may lead to a diminishment of the credibility of your article. For instance, the picture of Washington Laying the Cornerstone is most likely a modern work, as the richness and variation of color present is very uncharacteristic of the time period, as well as Washington's shoulders and head being a direct lift off the very proliferate dollar bill.

    If you could provide some more links or citations for the work, I'd be more than happy to share it with some of my friends. Otherwise, I fear they'll just call it a load of bull, haha.

  17. Hey Vigilant,

    A strong summary of the topic, looking forward to seeing more of the detail of site as I get the time.

    If you want to actually test the theories at a personal level, can highly recommend finding a spot somewhere in the line between a dome and obelisk – most cities have them – and putting yourself in meditation mode. It will seriously charge/cleanse your circuits. Have tried several, St Peters in Rome is amazing near the needle. The energy seems clear for personal use even it’s it’s been built for societal engineering. Seems one might even use their tools for good? Thoughts?

  18. The included comment that the star on the floor of the Capitol Crypt is the exact center of the District Center is simply not accurate. A cursory look at any map will inform the looker that the center point (geographically) is just south and maybe a bit west of the White House. The Capitol is the center point of the street grid.

  19. Tyler September 20th, 2009 4:30 am :

    i’d be more than happy to share it with some of my friends. Otherwise, I fear they’ll just call it a load of bull, haha.

    (Then your FEAR of what your friends think makes you an idiot. do your own research and FEAR NO-ONE.)

    theR35157OR September 10th, 2009 6:19 pm

    LOOKING at all of the figures in it, and what they represent. I also noticed the Illuminati pyramid on the top of the prayer room window which presents a question begging to be asked ” Who are the politicians real masters?”

    ( If you do not know who the politicians real masters are by now it begs the question are you also an idiot?)

    • The people that concived the concept or the original artist (Brumidi) must be arseholes. I have a picture that shows that the entire fresco is the face of a man who has his left eye malformed, it only looks like this from a certain angle, How do I know this? I took a photo in 1996 when I visited America, I know that I did not doctor the image, its creapy he looks like Count Dracular.

      No Joke.

  20. Long Beach Abe on

    Columbia is a new goddess for a new world, which will implement a new order. Notice that all the old world gods are in subservience to Columbia. But also note the devil’s gift in it all – namely freedom as means and not an end in and of itself. Freedom is the means of slavery as those who are free to vote will vote gifts and favors for themselves, regardless of whether such gifts come from the money, labor, and lives taken from others and leads to both national bankruptcy (where were at now) and state dependence (were we’ve been). The blanket is less an Indian garment than an Indian hide, the barter cost of American freedom and our own blood sacrifice to Columbia. Even today freedom is the justification for imperial wars, the influence of money on politics, and -ironically- the destruction of civil liberties.

  21. I am impressed by the article all the way through. Way to go. I just wanted to comment on how fascinating all of this information is, as well as what it says about the Founding Fathers. I also love to hear all of the conspiracy theories that revolve around the symbols found in our nation’s capitol. All the different views make for interesting reading/watching. Keep up the good work.

  22. Am so happy that the whole truth is unfolding, is only a fool that will say there is no God, for a man that was created by someone else to come out and say he is christ thats absurd…. the bible said the last days men will claim to be God, most of them knw the bible cos the devil can quote the bible as well but he is gona use it in his favour.. this article is blazing! be sobber and be vigilant for the last days are here God is not a man he can not lie The gospel must be preached in the whole world after that the end will come… wat is happening in the middle east is not just an ordinary thing, this will make the muslims be against their religion after that they will be christians in the middle east until the scripture comes to fulfilment the end is waiting…… he who has ears let him hear!

  23. The masons themselves believe that God and Jesus exist . I don’t think they believe in them, but I am certain that they believe that they exist. The proof is here: they have compared George Washington to God and Jesus(the pics of George and Jesus sitting on the rainbows). They believe that George is the ‘American god’. I don’t understand why these people won’t just bow down to the true God, the creator of all beings. Just because you can’t see God doesn’t mean that He isn’t there.

    • "They believe that George is the ‘American god’"

      Couldn't be further from the truth. We Brothers respect George Washington because he was a very prominent and important Mason, but the only religious requirement to be a Mason is to believe that a Higher Power exists. We have Brothers who are Catholic, Protestant, Lutheran, Agnostic, Muslim, Jewish, and just about every other major religion. The other reason you are wrong is Mason are not allowed to discuss 2 topics within the confines of the Lodge: Religion and Politics…..knowing this, it makes your point even more ridiculous seeing as how Masons can discuss neither topic that belief would fall under.

  24. Hi VC. Certainly, you propose seemingly valid points. But, as an engineer, I have to point out several things.

    Engineering-design-wise, shapes such as the pyramid and the dome exist because they are optimal designs for their application. The dome is an incredible invention, think of the forces and their directions within the dome. What other geometry can support such a massive weight? These domes are huge.

    The pyramid is the MOST STABLE geometric shape known to man. I will somewhat jokingly say that you can build a pyramid as large as you want, to reach into the skies.

    My point is, these shapes are so common because they are so unique in their force and load distributions. It’s no coincidence, not scientifically at least.

  25. I am curious whether this was written before or after Dan Brown's latest novel. What if it was all a load or crap eh!

  26. the dome is just a copy of St. Pauls Cathedral in London (a place with real history) Why do you have to start piling on a load conspiracy theories. George Washington a God! ha! He was just a dis-affected Brit who didn't to pay the King's taxes.

  27. TruthSeeker2009 on

    realHistory –

    How can you not see and read all this (hidden in plain sight) information unless you are either one of them or too stupid enough to care less? History was FULL of conspiracy theories my friend before they ALL came true! Wake up or get lost!!!

  28. i am realizing your true motives. you are not an outsider/critiquer you yourself are a freemason. i congratulate you and hank you for helping me understand and i am now drivin to join. thank you…alot

  29. I am not sure what to think about this website, but it is fascinating. I am a christian and iI have friends that are christian and masons. they would not deny that these symbols exist, but would also say that there is no sinister meaning.

  30. What if this new vaccination for young girls against (so-called) cervical cancer is really just a ploy for the new world order? What I mean by this is, this vaccination might really be a form of birth control to stabilize the human race. They are vaccinating girls as young as 9 years of age. What better way to control the population than to sterilize women? This is just a thought, let me know what you think? P.S. you do excellent work decrypting our world as we thought we knew it.

    • I think so too. We did some research into the same and found that certain genes accept this mutation and others don't. Everything with the woman will seem normal (periods and all) but they will keep resisting fertilization by producing anti bodies to fight against viable sperm. This is caused by the same hormanal inbalance.

  31. The freemason do not believe in god the way you were taught to believe in God.They dont worship any God. Its all ritual. Done to satisfy the requirements of their form of Alchemy. That is why they avoid explanations, espcially scientific explanations.Their dogma requires that most of the population accept this reality without evidence. A world without question, where the very idea of question or proof does not exist. So american citizens have no problem marching thru washington as if in a trance without knowing what it all really means. And it does not bother them either.

  32. Lots of Great coments…came here after doing some research n the Cppital Dome, look up a man who has
    taken it to a whole nother level, William Henry… Google him along with Metatron’s Cube, in fact Metatron by Himself should keep you on the edge of your History seat for a while… and we are talking eternal History, not just some era or country’s. View William’s You-Tube presentation and radio interview with George Norey- Dan Brown appears to have ripped off His latest novel from Henry’s presentation… stopping short where He will take you.
    Best of All to you, consider it a gift on Thanksgiving Day ’09. Peace.

  33. Hey Vigilant, Great websites, great work, well done!

    A note on the Dome of the Capitol – what you may not noticed is the fasces symbol around the cupola. You have to look very closely!

    Also, you may be surprised at how often the fasces bundle appears all over the French Revolution, which of course ‘spawned’ the American ‘Revolution’.

    • I noticed that also…Washington seems to be making the "as is above, so is below" sign with his hands.
      And did I mention, there's also a movie called "As is Above, So Is Below"?

  34. Why won't you people give it a rest, the masons are not the bad guy.

    The modern day masons were all firm believers in Christ and God, and the implication that through profound insights man could "be God" or "be as Christ"

    This was not evil or occult or anything of the sort!

    Masonry was founded on good principles, just as the city was founded on honesty, through the writing of George Washington.

    Freemasonry originated in Egypt and not Israel.

    Those who distorted masonry for an evil agenda came out of Babylon and Hebron…..the dark ages arena. The land of Zarahemla and Jerusalem….

    Zionists are not real masons, they are corrupt Shriners who have violated the code and slowly decayed the meaning of modern masonry. These people of immature mind and deed, are criminals, who have stolen the light and truth about what masonry taught mankind and they have turned it to darkness.

    "With great knowledge comes great responsibility." Dan Brown is merely proving this. There are those drunk with corruption and arrogance, of the Shriners, who nearly ruined the basis for masonry in society.

  35. Count – The French Revolution came AFTER the American Revolution. In fact, it was based on a lot of ideas from the American Revolution.

  36. There are 33 steps up to the Capitol as you said, correct? And Washington was a 33rd Degree Freemason… is there a connection there? Is that the degree in which they know everything?

  37.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  38. It's good to see people are starting to see the big picture….maybe you could include the purpose of the Washington Monument, the obelisk, the erect penis of Washington…and how it penetrates the Queenof Heaven-Virgo, and how the Capitol and Obelisk combination represents the actual graven image of the Beast, the penis and breast/womb, the combined male/female man/animal goat god Pan….all built in compliance with the Devils mandate found in Rev. 13 to 'make the image' of the beast….

    The rebellion against the Crown, the genocide of my people, and the theft of our paradise which they have made desolate is only the beginning of the sins of this wicked Son of Perdition…the final straw is the Apotheosis of Washington, the declaring of Washington to be God.

    The time has come for the great shaking, once again.

  39. The late Tupper Saussy has written about the Washington DC symbols of Masonry a few years ago. His original research uncovered that the original street numbering system of Washington DC had the Capitol Building's address as '666'. The land upon which Washington DC sits on was originally called 'Rome'. The streets are designed after the Masonic compass and angle.

    His book, "Rulers of Evil" is out of print but still available in used book sellers.

  40. In this web page…within this category…all are referred to as "sinister" except this one which is called "mystical" instead.

    Why is this?

  41. If you look at D.C. at bird's eye you will see that the whole city structure is of the freemason symbol of the triangle look into that

    • I've been researching this and there's even owls, pantagrams, and triangles. This is just so unbelieveable but I'm afraid it's true.

  42. you know the right hand up left hand down saying, "As Above, So Below" it's kind of already shaken my belief just by that imagery i dont know

  43. Conspiracy belief feeds peoples egos by making them feel superior to others. That is not to say that all conspiracy belief is false, only that some have a greater need to believe in them than others for reasons unrelated to reality.

  44. in the “The Last Judgment” (Detail) by Hans Memling, look at Jesus Christ's hands! they are positioned like Baphomet's! That is so sick. Keep up the good work

  45. Anonymous (not for l on

    @Russe January:

    Quote: (Conspiracy belief feeds peoples egos by making them feel superior to others. That is not to say that all conspiracy belief is false, only that some have a greater need to believe in them than others for reasons unrelated to reality.)

    Yes, I must admit, I sometimes feel slightly like this. except for the "feeling superior to others". It's just that I'm a bit lost. These articles are based on facts and research though, so they are truthful.

  46. Very interesting site – I am reading Dan Brown's latest book and being from the UK I was unfamiliar with any of the buildings / images etc. Filled in the gaps nicely – excellent

  47. lol i saw the apotheosis thing mentioned in the lost symbol(dan brown)

    hey a question vig?

    how come that all the presidents so far in the united states just HAPPEN to be related?

    just curious, when i found out that obama was related to bush i was like: EH?!


  48. masons are the bigge on

    don't believe any of these clowns saying the Masons are somehow "benevolent"

    all you need to know is they are loyal to the CROWN of ENGLAND. The order of the garter is the top order in international freemasonry, it is also referred to as the COMMITTEE of 300. It includes people like Bush and Greenspan and Buffett and Rockefeller and Rothschild, ALL of the major bloodlines are represented.

    All you have to do is look at ALL the members to see a VERY CLEAR picture that the masons are anything but FREE and certainly are not interested in you becoming or remaining so….if they lie to their OWN PEOPLE up to a certain grade, how do any of thse comments from masons claiming to KNOW , for SURE that they are not serving evil behind the curtain? THAT'S RIGHT, THEY DON'T KNOW EITHER.

    And why all the secrets? Well quite frankly, ALL of their agendas, serve ENGLAND and the NEW WORLD ORDER CONTROLLED BY MASONS LOYAL TO ENGLAND AND ROME

    the masons are LIARS to the core, and wish to FOREVER hide the TRUE historiy of man from those who won't pledge lifetime allegiance to a CULT that will NEVER tell you what it's REALLY ABOUT, until you are the full-blooded Luciferian at 33 degrees.

    the company line from ALL MASONS is to criticize CONSPIRACY "THEORIES" so that you totally ignore that their entire organization is treasonous to the USA and is a conspiracy itself. They certainly never want you to NOTICE that your nation has NEVER had YOUR best interests in mind , only the interests of the rich elite who wish us all to be ignorant permanent debt-slaves and the King/Queen of the day who INSISTS they OWN YOU and your CHILDREN, enforced by the masons in their bureacracies with corrupt judges and police and politicians. You have been lied to your whole life, and these masons surely are SCARED of what will happen when you all WAKE UP

    • That's what i'm talkin about. I feel like they hide behind this spirituality stuff to freak people out. It's as if they want you to have this existential crisis, on top of trying to figure out who is responsible, and why. You feel this internal battle of the mind, because no one can say for sure how this Earth was so perfectly made to sustain such wonders of Life. Or even where we came from, and where we're going in our deaths. These men perfected the art of Illusion. I feel through science, philosophy, chemistry and now modern day technology these men have been able to mystify the masses, manipulate, and murder the masses. Laws backing them up, protecting them. The illusion that they are in possession of great power.The only power they have is fear. Which they wield well. But they fall victim to their own devices. They fear an uprising. Violence will only make things easier for them. Positive energy is scarce in this world. We can do it. It's not too late. Stay positive seek out the truth. We need a KNOWLEDGE REVOLUTION!!! They are so scared. Dont get lost in the DEATH KULTURE! Kill your televisions!!! Spread the truth and share our generations burden of dethroning these tyrants! Impeach!!! the monetary system is a farce! Love to all except for the reptiles, lol. I have no solid evidence that backs that but it makes for good bedtime stories….peace.

  49. Freemasonry was stolen from early african stonemasons that built the pyramids…washington stole the sacred knowledge from them and perverted it in to a satanic,ego-centric,white power movement…thats why the hatred for blacks is worldwide…because freemasonry is worldwide…which was started by africans in africa…not europe..

  50. I found this to be interesting but feel its really nothing more than someone with a creative imagination and too much time on their hands. Tho you may be right in certain aspects, it all comes down to one question. Why do you care so much? If the American government is plotting some amazing scheme, why should I care? So long as it doesnt directly effect me or my family. America allows me to pursue any career I want, own any business (that is judged to be moral by the majority of American people), get any amount of education. In America you can do or become anything, you get out of it what you put into it. They protect my family and those hard working Americans around me and thats all I care about. Hell, if America was a dictatorship with me at the head I would of Nuked the middle east before I would ever have sent one American soldier there but that would murder millions of "innocent" people. So thats why we arent a dictatorship and why not anyone can be president and also proof that America has the entire worlds best interest in mind. Now you can call me a sheep or an idiot or whatever you might feel that I am because Im not "enlightened" to their "Evil" scheme but bottom line is that Im happy with im doing and what I can do. And thats all that matters.

  51. Dear Interesting,

    The New World Order will most assuradly effect you. Once it is fully put in place, the world will look like Nazi Germany or Communist Russia. I pray that your eyes may be opened so that you can see where this country is headed. The day is at hand when the gov will tell each of us what to do, how much money we can earn, where we shall work, how many children we may have etc. Look around, these types of things have already happened to other countries in the past. China regulates births, the USSR told you what job and where you would work etc don't be so naive to think that those types of things couldn't happen in this country.

  52. Not everyone sees the US Capitol and the Dome Structures as negative, but as places of ascension and sacred spaces to remind us that we too are cosmic beings. I recently watched this vid on youtube..

    William Henry – Freedom's Gate – The Lost Symbols in the US Capitol

  53. I find all of your articles to be very interesting! However, it has caused me to question alot of things starting with my own family! Majority of my uncles are Masons and my aunt is an eastern star as well as a minister. I am not going to pretend that I have great knowledge of Masons but what i do know is is that without them i would not be the GOD Fearing woman that I am! Unfortunately, the things that I am curious to know for whatever reason it is information they cannot disclose which cause me to question alot!!!!! I have met alot of afrcan americans who belong to this "brotherhood"/"sisterhood" and I myself have given thought to joining but I would like to know is there different kinds of masons like what a delta is to a sigma? Oh yeah Could you do an aritcle on Greek chapters as well? I am extremely interested in how the thing I am exposed to on a daily basis in my own community may be or may not be related to all of this! thanks again

    • To answer your question,

      There is nothing to "fear" in this aspect. Those things that are secret in masonry are relatively few. The symbolism, etc. is all public knowledge (as evidenced by this site and many others) and there are libraries full of information on it.

      Masons have generally 1 MAIN requirement, that the member be a believer in a higher power (be that the Christian GOD, Muslim GOD, or others), and that they are monotheistic in that regard. Masonry is simply a brotherhood of men whose aim is to become better (morality), to help one another (brotherhood), and to seek knowledge. There are various "sects" of masonry, and no one person or body speaks for masonry as a whole. There is however, the largest "sect" headed by the UGLE. Prince Hall Masons (I can only assume you are African American as you mentioned BGLO's), are a branch of masons just like any other, but are predominantly African American due mostly to historical prejudices, etc.

      There is no need to question the religious nature of your uncles or aunts, just as there is no need to question their "goodness" simply because they are Masons/Eastern Stars. Much of this information, along with information on this website in general, is interesting but usually "off-point" when it comes to reasoning.

      A very good and interesting article no doubt, but this website tends to cast an ominous shadow over freemasonry, one that is undeserved. But…people fear what they don't understand.

      • The entire fresco of "The Apotheosis of Washington”. is a hidden face that has a mutilated and malformed right eye. I took a photo of it in 1996 when I visited America, Its scary because whoever it is he looks like Count Draclua.

        I aint joking.

  54. I laughed when i read the lost symbol by Dan Brown stating that 'the founding fathers were deeply devout christians' what a joke!

  55. I believe the 911 was a mass human sacrafice. There is much more to be said, check the video on my you tube channel . Supernatural Deception of 911

  56. My 8yr old son has an upcoming project due to George Washington.

    I think we will do the report on his contributions to Freemasons.

    Do you think it will go over well?

  57. "Very Christian, very Puritan early America."

    Ha! The two are opposites. Early America was Calvinist: out of this came the Masonic imagery. We in America are lucky to have lost this heritage. We are less Puritan, but more Christian a nation for that.

  58. Nicholas Marvin on

    I remember hearing about all this on coast to coast AM and it's nice to finally see the paintings and get a better image of what was being talked about

  59. EricSobercool on

    would you please make an article that explains why are the masonic and the Illuminati "bad" at all?

    or what did they do to you that you bother them so much?

    you'd be a bit believable if you do so.

  60. Very well written as always.

    And I loved the touch of humour in The Apotheosis of Lincoln. Akward is exactly what I was thinking 😛 hehe.

    On a slightly negative point though, you really need to proof read 😀 a few spelling mistakes and double words (eg 'morn morn' instead of mourn) but at the end of the day it's not to a degree that it makes your work unreadable so it doesn't matter all that much :)

  61. Thank you for your excellent work. I refer to your site frequently when trying to open the eyes of the blind.

  62. If I remember correctly, and if I am incorrect, please reference, though I am not aware of George Washington actually being raised to his Third Degree as a Mason. This would not make him a Master Mason, as depicted with his Masonic apron in the paintings. Notably, one apron actually shows the Tassels of a Past Master – in other words, one who has become not only a Master Mason, also a Master of his Lodge. So these paintings or representations could never have been done by anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of Masonry. There is also no record of George Washington having finished his Masonic Degrees as he felt his duties to his country exceeded his duties to his Lodge. Remember, any group, Masonic or otherwise, would be proud to claim a man such as him to be a member, regardless of their secrecy. Remember too, after Independence, Washington was in a position where he could have claimed leadership with little or no opposition, yet he chose not. By any measure, he was a man of Noble Distinction.

  63. Congrats for your work. It's "illuminating" :-)

    Just one for the records: italian Freemason involved with the attempt to attack the Pope was Giuseppe MAZZINI (not MaNzini…2 Z, u can read like "Madsini").


  64. I love you. I knew it was something to all of this government crap, so basically they are all evil and money & power hungry, even Obama, M.istake A.merica.

  65. So, do any of you know any thing about priests? There was this prophet a few years back and he said that when the world ends we will be on pope number 112, we are currently on pope number 111, and he is like 80 something so his days are numbered, seen the movie 2012? that seems reasonable.

  66. NinoshkaPR23 on

    Remember This

    Illuminati Foundation

    May 1, 1776

    Independence Day Of America

    July 4, 1776

    Why America Independece Was After (Only 2 Months) Of Illuminati?

    A Connection?

  67. I've printed off 800 ads for your site and I've posted them everywhere around Vancouver. Guys spread the word!

    • Name (required) on


      Man, you're awesome. I'll do the same in Beijing.

      You're absolutely right. We must spread the word.

      Let's get on skyscrapers and throw stuff down on peeps.

  68. mind blowing………… gr8 research…………. can u pls tell me how u people start seeing normal things so keenly tp cum out wid " my goodness" facts?

  69. Dan Brown is actually an pologist for the Masons and for Secret Societies….trying to Positive Spin them

  70. You probably don't know that obelisk in Vatican is intentionally impregnated in its various parts with the actual wood pieces of the cross Jesus was crucified on. That way the obelisk symbolises victory of Jesus over paganism (satanism).

  71. Great informative read.

    It's important to note that the "last judgement" painting after the "apotheosis" close up also is a blasphemous picture in that it shows that lucifer is Jesus.

    Many of you I'm sure can notice the way (the pagan depicted) Jesus' arms are posed. Very much the same way the baphomet (lucifer) is depicted in that more famous picture of the devil.

  72. Where it says that alchemy is represented as a woman with a scepter in one hand, books in the other, and with a ladder (or staircase) between her legs, the first thing that came to mind was THE STATUE OF LIBERTY. the only difference is that shes not seated… but its a very blatant reference

  73. The obelisk in Vatican square, one of 15 in Rome captured by ancient Romans from Egypt, is crowned with a cross which is symbolic of Christianity's victory over paganism. The Washington Monument is not adorned with a cross or any Christian symbol, it is pure pagan.

  74. seekingtruth on

    Christianity itself is pagan. So just as the Washington Monument is pure pagan, so is Christianity. And the cross, it's a form of idolatry, Exo 20:4 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:

  75. Interesting article, very informative.

    Just one pointer. The Jesuits are a Roman Catholic religious Order, founded by St Ignatius of Loyola. Not an occult fraternity by any means.

    Well, one mus of course take into account the massive amount of masonic infiltrators within the ranks of the Catholic Church (they seek to destroy the One True Faith from within). And, due to their overrunning of the second Vatican Council, itappears as though in many ways they have dealt a crippling blow.

    Those who have been raised in the post conciliar Church know nothing of the True Faith – just as many centuries ago, anti-Christian sects led the reformation – destroying seven canonical books of the Bible, and teaching heresies and unjustifiable doctrine. People are being deceived.

    Only through the truth and fullness of Faith and Tradition, and the instruction and teachings contained within the Sacred Scriptures, can a man truly avoid Hell and obtain the glory of the beatific vision in Paradise.

  76. MasterMason33 on

    THE APOTHEOSIS OF LINCOLN – It appears to me that Washington is bringing Lincoln through the Veil and to heaven above. This is a Masonic ritual. Knee to knee, breast to breast, arm around the shoulder. Words of passage being whispered…

  77. in that one picture of jesus it appears that jesus is imatating bafomet. and did you notice those upside down stars on the apotheasis picture and the other ingravement on that pic looks like the compass on the floor in dc. GW is my fav prez man! the way he was! It hurts a little i've been lied to. I dont know what to do im a lil shaken im olny 14.u guys should write on how ti defend from the illumaniti

  78. Insightfull article. You should read what Albert Pike, one of the great Masons had to say about us “cattle”. He was was one of the few Masons that could not hold his tongue as is taught in Freemasonry. Yes eveything in Freemasonry is occultic Alexandrian luciferianism. Any person that wish to exalt himself above G_D or wish to liken himself to be G_D is against G_D, just like Lucifer. This goes against the teachings of the Bible in all aspects.

  79. Interesting article, but a note: Venus was not the daughter of Poseidon. They weren't even from the same pantheon. Venus is Roman, Poseidon is Greek. The goddess you were thinking of is Aphrodite, and she's not Poseidon's daughter either. Depending on the myth she's either created out of the blood of Kronos or a child of Zeus.

    Either way, it's a curious thing to have so much symbolism in the capital of what is supposedly one of the most Christian nations on Earth!

  80. OutcastGenius on

    I recently read "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. From that book I understood that Freemasons didn't worship the devil.(Maybe that's what he wants me to think.) The are just a society of God. (Only some Masonic societies worship the devil. Hopefully.)

    The Apotheosis of Lincoln was kinda cute….lol.

  81. to shed more light on babylon. this is a female as we all know it. she resides in the water and is responsible for all atrocities, when u see ur self doin something like flying in the dream or havin sex that means u re somehow connected to her u might not know it. she was also referred to in the bible in isaiah 47 or 49. in the disney movie the little mermaid, disney made young children accept her as being nice but in real life she is evil i wish i could expose more of her. marine spirit is real,, life exists undr the water. there was this confession of a girl made and she showed us a picture which was taken under the water but it looks just like d normal enviroment we all know. all thiz makeups and lipsticks(fake nails some of them are being made from amrine spirit( the girl that was confessing said all of thiz). the bible stated that all the men that made money from her will suffer. thiz shit is reall. the world is coming to an end. throw away all those carbagge and see how ur life will turn out.

    i have magazines that exposes her and all other occultic kingdom. the next thing i would do is to open a website and start posting them so people can read. America maybe from the time of george wash.. was built on a lie. the history was manipulated. i think america was formed or maybe colonized to bring in the new world order by the early europeans that settle here. people are blind to see the truth.. the artists today sell their souls to the devil. it was also potrayed in ghost rider( when nicholas cage signed a contract with the devil). i am not american but know all thiz thing,, am glad the real americans are not in support and actually some knows what is going on. the goverment probably the world govt is invovled in thiz but their masters are in america and england.royal families..all the elites are bloodlines and rule the world. the queen of england walks on a red carpet which illustrates blood line..

    HIV, swine flu, bird flu, cancer,,snake flu lol etcc were created by them to reduce d population…HIv did not start in africa it was created by them and injected to africans maybe as a vaccine or something else and they probably sent one(illuminati) of them to discover it..i really know so much it i wish i could write more. we need to pray hard and aleast if we cant stop them cuz its prophecy in the bible coming true,then we christians should give them a hard time… i really want to go but i have to say thiz they occupy us with late night shows while they go perform their rituals. christains we are not supposed to asleep at nite esp from 12 to 4am. not sayin we shouldnt sleep but make out time daily to pray within that time frame. i want to form a group here in america that will be willing to pray at night 7 days a week. when i say praying i dont mean in a simple prayer i mean fire for fire, one that will call pull down the glory of God. plzz dont mind my errors and english am in a hurry. hint if u are praying and calling God specify which u re calling god or GOd cuz it affects our prayers,, also with jesus( like mention d one that died for u sins,, or was sent by God (trinity) also make it clear u re not referring to anyone else except the real GOD ,, just be specific which u re calling call there is a demon called jesus by the devil to cuz confusion in effectiveness of ur prayers and who ur are praying to. take thiz from someone who has been on the inside and knows what dark forces we are facing every day. am saved thank God that created the heavens and earth i was saved.. peace be with you all

  82. I have a question y would Americans refer to a police that died while working as a fallen hero.l ? Devil was called fallen angel and was cast Down from heaven. Y did they use d same name as fallen.

  83. The Jesuits aren't an occult fraternity. The Jesuits are Catholic missionaries with an almost blind devotion to the Pope. Again, fact check first before posting your theories. You reel us in very convincingly, but things like this are very jarring and make it very easy to discredit everything else; after all, if you were wrong about that, what says you aren't wrong about the rest?

  84. @Lisa – is English your first language? I'm not asking to be rude; I'm asking because you used the phrase "you Americans" (though please, if English IS your first language, type like it).

    To answer your question, in American English (possibly also traditional English, though I'll leave that to a Brit to correct), 'fallen' can refer to more than one thing based on the context and the tone. In the case of a "fallen hero" or even "fallen soldier", it refers euphemistically to death. In the case of a fallen, say, table, it means it fell over. In the case of Lucifer, it refers to having been cast out of Heaven and fallen down to Hell (or earth, depending on your interpretation), the assumption being that Heaven is positioned above everything else.

    • @Lizzie,, where did I use you,, pls refer me to it and I would appologize,, besides English is not my 1st language..

      understand what I am trying to say,,, I know d meaning of fallen? My question is y would the fallen heroes bear d name fallen as in devil who was refered to as fallen in d bible.. I guess it was copied from the bible.. using fallen.. Y aren't other words used

  85. To 'SMARTTHINKIN', 'Russell' and 'Interesting',

    "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness to him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned." — 1 Corinthians 2:14 —

    A naturally-minded person can no more understand spiritual matters than a horse can appreciate fine music. Nuff said!

  86. martina miranda on

    All these works were done with a purpose in mind, they are not coincidental or meaningless … each 'sign' was chosen carefully … these people, and i mean the people at the very top, know what they are doing … it is magnificent work but also weird and scary and above all SELFISH.

    It would be good if you can do some research on The Georgia Guidestones and share it with us too.

  87. creepy. america is clearly not christian and the god of george bush is not the god of the holy prophets. american elites are pagan and luciferian, anti-christ supporting, to the core.

  88. Very interesting and educating. I wish more people would look into this and do their research on the occult symbols. We need to stop playing dumb and open our eyes.

  89. I am going to be going to Washington D.C. in February with my 8th grade classmates. I'll be definitely looking for the symbolism… I doubt any of my classmates will understand what they are seeing, but I'm happy that I know what the monuments REALLY mean. Thank you, V.C. :]

  90. There are many posts here suggesting that Freemasonry is luciferian in nature and that its members are in favour of a dictatorial New World Order.

    If you check the facts you will find that a big portion of the Founding Fathers of the United States have been Masons, so have been many Presidents up to Gerald Ford (up into the 1950s).

    A big portion of the United States' "Elites" have been Freemasons, especially during the 19th and first half of the 20th century. After that, both membership as well as "Elite penetration" of Freemasonry has rapidly declined.

    Now if you go back into history, you will probably see that during the time when America was guided by a Masonic elite, it was in fact the world's proponent of freedom and democracy, in the spirit of its Founding Fathers.

    Of course, as any other powerful country, it has also always worked in favour of its own imperial interests. But on a net net basis, I would say the best days of America probably took place when it was guided by a big proportion of men who shared the ideas and principles of Masonry.

    On the other hand, if you look at the recent decline of America, (e.g. lack of fiscal discipline, imperial adventures and unjustifiable wars, increase of surveillance and moral disintegration), all of the recent mess has been orchestrated by people who are NOT masons.

    The last Freemason president was Gerald Ford, and he is said not to have been a very active member.

    Nixon, before him, was NOT a mason.

    Bushes I and II are Skull and Bones, but NOT masons. Masonry with some irregular exceptions (such as "irregular" lodge P2 in Italy) has been a force for liberty, equality and democracy. That is one of the reasons why it was banned by Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin and Mao and any other totalitarian dictatorship.

    Here is one of the most comprehensive list with famous (and also several infamous) Freemasons that are confirmed by historical record:

  91. Also, one needs to have a look at different other spiritual associations and orders such as the (catholic) Knights of Malta (there is an alleged link with senior CIA personnel). Mr. Louis Freeh (Head of the FBI 93-01) was said to be an Opus Dei member or at least alinged with right wing catholic views).

  92. Big buildings are most often erected once an socioeconomic trend has run its course.

    This is easily visible in the "Skyscraper Indicator" that compares the ecnomic and stock market developments and the announcement of plans to erect "the world's tallest building".

    Usually, this comes after a period of strong economic performance and bubbles, and usually, "the tallest" is being planned and then partially or completely erected during the burst of a major bubble.

    Now coming back to the Washington Masonic Memorial, the Washington Monument (the Obelisk) and the Temple of the Scotish Rite exhibited above. These demonstrations of Masonic power and influence have both been erected in the very early 20th century.

    Could it be that these buildings already marked – back then – the peak of influence of Freemasonry on U.S. society, and that from then, its power began to wane?

  93. Lol, the apotheosis of Lincoln definitely is awkward!

    Great article, Vigilant, as always. (Though I can't say that any of this surprises me).

  94. The Cornerstone of the U.S. capitol building was laid with Masonic honors by George Washington on 18-9-1793=29=2+9=11.

    The number 11 represent to occultists carnal knowledge, the dark arts (black magick) and forbidden science, which upset the naturnal balance and order of nature, and the universe.

    Such was the knowledge "dangerous for man to know", which was passed along to the wives and children of the Watchers (fallen angels) of the "Book Of Enoch".

    Since the inception of human civilization ceremonial sexual magicians have invoked, or conjured, spirits (fallen angels), into visible being through the forbidden dark arts.

    Columbia, represents Venus, or Lucifer, embodying the Luciferian creative/destructive psychic potencies, and sexual reproductive energies, inherent within nature, and within the sleeping human unconscious mind, and the human subconscious dreaming mind.

    The opened and closed books represent the Paths of Vice and Virtue.

    The opened book refers to the Path of Vice, which is the Path of Glamour and Illusion.

    Her initiates are "the many and the known".

    This is the path which leads to soul negation, self-delusion, ignorance, and spiritual enslavement.

    The Path of Virtue is the secret and hidden path.

    It is the path seldom taken, it is the path which teaches patience, and which leads to true cosmic individuality, and identity, and which also leads to true cosmic purpose, and responsibility, within the natural scheme of things, and the natural order.

    The Cornerstone traditionally is lain in the ritual blood sacrifice of the innocent.

    This sacrificial blood is represented by the poor and ignorant of Europe who fought, and died, for the establishment of the new nation of the United States.

    The pool of sacrificial blood also includes that of the Native American aborigine, who fought, and died, to protect his homeland from invasion.

    The sacrifical pool of the blood of the innocent also includes the African slave who worked, and died, to make manifest the American Dream.

    The eye of Maat/Nuit, is the invisible/visible eye existing both outside/inside the square, the pyramid, and the circle.

    She demands karmic justice, karmic truth, and karmic balance throughout Creation.

    She teaches virtue, and temperance, in all things, and Her chosen initiates are called "the Dogs of Reason," because only from the perch of logic/reason can intuition be correctly accessed, and wisely, selflessly, patiently, followed, upon the eternal and silent mystic path of the unfolding mystery.

    The choice to serve, or be served, is our own.

  95. naija mysterio on

    Pls whats the relationship between the baphomet & the illuminati and whats the relationship between the baphomet and the freemasons.tnx (inquisitive)

  96. This is Sept 2015. And we need to be concerned about the Chemtrails and the Climate Control that has been happening for the last 40 years. We are being sprayed with poisons and are precious planet is dying. Look up on the internet and Dane Wigington and be forwarned. Maybe we can all do something to stop them.

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