Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/20/11)


Natalia Kills’ new photoshoot is all about mind control – like pretty much everything related to her (see the article entitled Natalia Kills’ “Zombie” and “Wonderland”: Dedicated to Illuminati Mind Control). In this shot, a crashed mirror (representing the fracturing of the persona) by the alter.

Hidden handlers controlling thoughts.

Chained and groped by hidden handlers. Notice the shadow of an axe.

Suffocation by hidden handler


The promotional campaign for Agent Provocateur features a blend of models in an distinctively occult setting – Baphomet in the back, a pentagram in the front and a bunch of other things.

Ritual sacrifice

Sex Kitten dressed in feline print.

…speaking of sex kittens.

English pop group Sugababes portrayed with lifeless mannequins and missing limbs – classic symbols of mind control.

America’s Next Top Model’s Jade Cole in one of the most blatant references to Monarch programming one can make. Yup, the Mickey Mouse hat is there too.

Gemma Ward posing in front of what controls her industry.



    • That's precisely the effect "they" want to have on you. They're being blatant with their symbolic references for the simple reason that "they" get some sort of sick pleasure by making people "upset". So, ultimately, they're winning the battle here. If photo's of weaker individuals posing in "illuminati" symbolism bothers you, you should probably look the other way because you're merely feeding "the beast". There are more important things in life to get "upset" about, just sayin'.

      • Not all of these poor girls are in the industry because they are "weak", many were probably sold to the Monarch programme as children by evil parents. Everytime I see pictures like these, my heart weeps.

        Keep up the good work VC, my eyes have been opened thanks to you

      • A chauvinistic approach isn't very appealing. It's not nice to moan about the ones we wish we could shag. Cole is not only very attractive but photogenic too.

    • Most certainly.

      These pics are saturated with Illuminati and oozing Illuminati. The dam has ruptured. It's everywhere nowadays and it's an unveiling of sorts.

      (Oh, notice how the Sugababes [CLONE WARS] are standing on a masonic checkerboard floor. The glass squares are used for contrast).

      • This current line-up of the Sugababes are the worst girl group in a looooong time. The record company got rid of the 3 women in the original line-up who, I might add actually formed the band in school and wrote their own songs and over time replaced them with these talentless clones. They are literally puppets who have no control over their lives and careers! The one on the left actually had a breakdown a couple of years ago!

        haha! I don't expect m/any in the US to know this group!!

    • Go up to contact vc and just send him a message

      And the link to the pictures. That's what I do anyways.

      All of the Natalia kills one I sent in! Thought they were

      Perfect for the symbolic pics of the week!!

      Hope that helps!:)

      • What's the original source for the Natalia Kills ones. I LOVE THEM!!! I need them in HQ She is one of my favorite new artist of 2011 along Nicola Roberts.

    • This week I saw Lady Gaga with a transhuman get up. She had some kind of technical contraption on her face and a mechanical arm. I thought I might see that picture here this week.

    • @mimi to say niki isnt attractive is saying sugar is not sweet… lets not get carried away.. we dont agree with her lifestyle ,, that doesnt mean she isnt eye candy. Seriously…

      • Is this person a troll or is he serious? Nicki Minaj atractive? she is not even atractive in a porn star trashy category, she is beyond GROTESQUE, totally fake and sugically DEFORMED (her butt). Seriously wanting this woman in a sexual way most be some sort of sexual deviant disorder.

  1. maru. the free ant on

    Same old thing, nothing new.

    I'm sick of this world that we live in. All the things they do to get the atenttion of the peoples is repulsive.

    No more good values, morals or ethics. Just empty messages are sent every minute, nothing really matters anymore! Love has become a game, and sex is like a fun thing to do! We are not allowed to think or speak what we feel! It's all fake, everyone and everything!!

    Yet, I still believe in something.

    That is God.

    He makes me appreciate all the little things, and be grateful for all I have. He gives me the strength to look up and move forward.

    I sincerly wish that (in a way or another) YOU find that, and realize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! And if these things scares you, don't be afraid! You are strong enough to go trough everything!!

    I ♥ YOU

    And thank you Vigilant for sharing all your knowledge 😉

    • Appreciate your comment! Believe the best thing we can do in the meantime is to go against their tide of putrid cultural sewage. Honor and commit oneself to God and family. Stay informed. Learn self sufficiency in any way possible. Stay in touch with like minded people so you're not isolated even if you never see their face…like on this web site.

      What gives me great comfort in these troubling times is knowing that God's Word foretold these events thousands of years ago. We live in amazing times! We may go through some purifying trials, but the Lord, Jesus will overthrow this wicked plot with the brightness of His being.

      • maru. the free ant on

        Well it's ok! That's how I feel. And it's all right if you don't believe, I won't hate you for it 😉

  2. You guys can clearly see that they are preparing for the one eyed antichrist/dajjal for this world as a master, they want the helpless people who do not understand who he is to just accept him as a God who gonna help humanity, poor souls.

    • Islam says that Dajjal will come in the end of the world to try to persuade the people to be his followers, so I agree with you on that. But I don't know about the whole Illuminati sacrifice things that happen, the more I think about the Illuminati, the less I believe in them because some stuff just don't make sense.

    • you know the one eye symbol/pyramid will probably be a prominent symbol of the antichrist…I think they are getting people used to it. It's a symbol that means different things to different people. But the complete truth will soon be revealed…

  3. There is no way the same images turning up over and over again is a coincidence! This is overwhelming sometimes! Vigilant I feel like I have eaten some of the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. I never could see these things before coming to this site and learning so much! I didn't know I was vulnerable to being manipulated by the media (like saying I didn't know I was naked!) These images are very disturbing but I hate to say that most of them wouldn't have bothered me a couple of years ago.

  4. Courtneydelilah on

    Idk if this got posted or not but…has anyone noticed how much mickey mouse ears look like those things put on people's heads when theyre being tortured? Didnt think about it until ive seen all these illumanati pics Disney is the only ones who make ears attached to a head piece everything else such as bunny ears,deer antlers etc only come as a headband. Disney stores also always give them out for free when a new store of theirs is built….makes me wonder if i should keep my mickey ears…

    • I had to strain my eyes a bit, I know VC did but chose not to mention what isn't beyond reasonable doubt. First we see an occult scene with a sexual undertone; ladies with exposed bra and panty hoses and guys that are helplessly complicit. Then more importantly just behind, there are about four pictures (not so clear). The first appears like a Monalisa portrait, the second like an Abraham Lincoln and third I can't make out, and the fourth not clear at all.. Just above are some men watching keenly and appear to be amusing themselves, dressed in suits, but their faces are not clear and are largely unknown.. Still don't get the connection; the secret hands that still shape our world and rule our are a faceless elite, who have so bombarded humanity with 'demeaning sexism', through our entertainment industry. But hey! they didn't just start today, they've been around since the era of Leonardo DaVinci, became dominant from the time of Lincoln, with an unparallelled zest to rule all in our time.

  5. Daisy Lowe (model in Leopard print) walked right past me on a train one time. True story. She is even more beautiful in real life – she did look a little dead behind the eyes though, but it was early morning!

    • Daisy Lowe (sex kitten in feline print) is the step- daughter of MK Ultra Gwen Stefani. Her dad (Gwen's husband) is Gavin Rossdale from Brit band Bush (- who were/are? big in the US) and played Balthazaar in the Illuminati movie Constantine. Do what thou wilt? Rossdale is also 'famed' in for being in a 5 year gay relationship with Brit transvestite singer Marilyn in the 80's before going on to be 'happily heterosexual' with Gwen! Each to their own!! x

  6. interesting, nearly all of this week's pictures are fashion/model related

    yes anyone who watched antm with jade knows she is an insufferable know it all. there was nothin to like about her as a person for the entire season.

  7. In the promotional campaign picture with all the "models", there is a creepy guy in the left-handed corner that looks like the devil. Disgusting.

  8. There are many additions in photos and yet their showing the same thing over and over. Silently, they are programming us to follow these hideous poses and clothings which is creepy and disgusting! That makes this world sick nowadays.

    Thank you for this wonderful info VC.

  9. Although Satan is insanely clever and subtle in his abilities to deceive us, it's a lucky thing that he is so full of pride and vanity that he cannot stand to be humble – he has to flaunt his corruption of souls.

    This is a lucky thing for us because it has never been easier to spot evil in the history of time.

    Although the "end times" do cause great confusion for many, if you're paying attention, these times also have a way of making everything perfectly clear – two complete opposites, good and evil. No confusion.

    Just watch closely, and choose wisely.

  10. i dont remember jade cole? also, i heard an old song on the radio, and made me wonder, "your body is a wonderland" by john meyer. the implications now make me, wonder.

  11. Noooo, not Gemma Ward from our sleepy city, Western Australia. I had hoped she wouldn't get sucked into this garbage. You're better than that Gemma. Get out of there while you still can, like your friend Heath wanted to.

    • now they're conversive

      like, let's have a conversation

      so many people are already

      deep in discussion

      they wouldn't know it

      or admit it

      if you brought it up

      you'd get called a

      conspiracy theorist

      just watch carefully

      listen closely

      choose wisely

      love well

      seek the truth

      keep the mind in the present

      talk to God

      through Jesus

      who's way cool

      love the haters

      know the game

      the game is afoot

  12. I'm pretty sure the first picture was a promotional shot from Natalia's song "Mirrors,"which is all about mind control and alter personalities. It's so sad they take such beautiful women just to make them look like sluts. It's revolting and disgusting.

    • I don't know where are you from but in Natalia Kills case she doesn't dress or act like a slut those pics are about being submissive. I've also heard her music as well and her songs are about control, materialism, superficiality and S&M but not in a slutty way so you need to take her out of your list of media "sluts". She is definitely not Lady Gaga, Katy Perry or Britney Spears.

  13. Why Madonna doesnt have many pictures or videos with the one seeing eye pose? any idea? because of course she is illuminatis too.

    • If I recall correctly, Madonna wore a jacket for a movie with a pyramid with that oh so inspiring all seeing eye at the top. If I can find a link for it I will post it

      • The movie was Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)

        (search for 'madonna jacket' and the movie title)

        The Latin motto on the jacket is 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' – New World Order.

  14. The Agent Provocateur picture. Just Wow. There is so much going on in that pic. And what's with all the snakes?

    This pic just makes me wanna run out and buy their lingerie! not.

    And the people up in the 'balcony' are they all laughing? I can't see their faces that well.

    The guys in the white robes on each side and the chick that's about to get her throat slit (that whole scenario is just bizarre) just wondering what that is supposed to be selling…? (cause it's definitely not lingerie)

    Geez this pic is like an evil/satanic I spy game.

  15. they have brainwashed people's minds to accept something that is disgusting and to call it art

    How is does something so creepy so disturbung so violent so demonic so dark so ugly become art or "genius"

    when they see these deeply upsetting pictures and gruesome video clips they say cool or creative how can they not see this? how can it not bother them?

    why is beauty and nature and everything innocent suddenly become so dull and oldfashioned to the population

  16. Every week same stuff.

    And different photographers, all these poses and signs definitely mean something. Mickey mouse hat; butterflies etc. If you can see that you must be blind. Different photographers cant all take same photographs.

  17. sex and violence

    sex and violence

    sex and violence!

    that's all i have to say, well, that and…

    i've heard that the areas of our brains for sex and violence are actually next door neighbors.

    maybe that's why many are fascinated with intertwining the two.

    maybe its a design flaw. or maybe… if we weren't programmed to focus on only these two areas of the brain, we'd actually evolve… and start using maybe 30% of our brains! or more!

    mixing sex and violence is dangerous.

    sex, when used with intention and wiling consent is sacred.

    it can transcend time and space, beyond realms indulgence or just plain genital stimulation.

    so i've heard…………

  18. "The company is known for producing controversial adverts, such as those released in December 2001 featuring pop singer Kylie Minogue. The advert, which was shown only in cinemas, pushed the envelope on sexual innuendo in advertising media and demonstrated the power of internet based viral marketing."

    Okay, that cleared everything. I've always thought it was Kylie's brand.

    • 11 years ago and I still CAN'T GET THAT AD OUT OF MY HEAD. I love Kylie, she is the happiest MK Ultra and the most normal one, better than the hag witch madonna.

  19. How a woman feels after seeing these pictures?: the only message of these photos is that the woman is an object, we can do what we want with her.

  20. Now let's stop put the blame on illuminatus for the decadence of these people. Realistically nobody is forcing them to do something out of their comfort level. They are more than eager to do whatever it takes -including crappy photoshoots- to make as much money as possible with the least effort and remain famous in order to satisfy their egotistical, self-absorbed needs. It's not enough that they bore us shitless with their dull songs, mind-numbing films and pearls of wisdom -not- they have to add their crappy photoshopped pictures.

    I never came across weird pictures of Natalie Imbruglia or Gabriella Cilmi -anyhow these 2 can sing.

    And you wonder why underage people develop eating disorders and they want to look like freaks of nature. WTF makes a joke of poor Nicki Minaj? She should sue them for leaving her photos untouched asap.

  21. With reference to the axe shown in the first 2 or 3 pictures, it is not commonly known but in areas like Egypt, Ancient Rome, Greece, Germany, UK etc, the axe was always a symbol for God.

    As for the rest of the pictures, well I said it last week, stop the planet I want off!


  22. I'm speechless, these people are getting bolder by the seconds!

    This is a sign the beginning of the end is here! … God save us.

  23. i knew it wouldnt be long before sugababes would be part of it.i knew as soon as they went to america.such a shame.they were one of my favourite groups

    • It was that warlock Jay Z they sign them in his record label, kicked the last original member and turned them into skanky bimbos singing about clubbing and being fembots. He killed the band and fired them now they are a joke for the british recording industry, is like he were saying "so this is one of the most female empowering and respected girl bands from this decade? let's see for how much money they will turn into sluts" so he did. =(

  24. Watching these pics and comments made me think about the whole situation.

    These symbols are so blatant because they need to reach as many people as possible, but on a subconscious level. And why wouldn't it be all over the runway, tv etc. when they own the whole thing? The entire plan depends on ignorance more than anything. Thanks to people like VC, there are less ignorant people out there. And that's good. But still, we should all be careful about what we do with the knowledge that we have. I think, the key thing is to not let it take over your life, because if it rules your life you might as well be one of those people who don't know a thing about it.

    Just get educated, keep all your senses open and be careful about what you expose yourself to

    It's like that old legend about the two wolfs says…we all have them inside, one is good and one is bad…the one we feed survivies, while the one we feed less becomes weaker and dies…

    so, which one are you feeding?

  25. As stated by Chaplain Lindsey in a radio broadcast phone call – (He worked with the Illuminati and Bildabergs for years), they have a rule that they must tell what they are doing… Not blatantly but in subtle ways such as pics above, or in movies, songs, videos, etc.

  26. the most shocking picture is the one from Agent Provocateur. It looks kinda like an orgy and ritual combined. You can clearly see the snake all over the place… evil? some black popes/dudes claiming stuff in the ritual. Bet it wasn't just a photoshoot, but a ritual itself.

  27. My intuition tells me there is a deeper meaning to why they use this imagery for the public. It has some sort of effect that we may not be aware of. I do believe it is some sort of programming but maybe something even on a spiritual level. I shivered a few times looking at those photos of Natalia, especially the ones with all the hands in gun formation around her head. I feel there is a deep subconscious, spiritual, archetypal impact…I just wish I knew more.

  28. That orgy scene looks like Sodom and Gomorrah. We are truly living in the last days and times. Any Christian reading this knows what I'm talking about.

    These corporations are not just attempting to get your money with their ads – they want your very soul! I'm tired of crappy music and other pop culture tidbits being pushes en masse that is designed not to entertain, but to distract, bamboozle, and brainwash us. I love silence now, very little TV or corporate radio. I mostly listen to old school anything and I am very choosy when it comes to the new stuff. The pleasure of hearing myself think is priceless.

    • Kimberli, you are so correct. We are being visually and audibly assaulted by this evil agenda of the elite and the more it is talked about the more blatant it becomes. There is an appointed time that's why it seems like everything is ramped up and moving so quickly. You are doing the right thing by limiting what goes in. Protecting your mind and spirit is of utmost importance during these times.

    • I think it's an Illuminati ritual, is a very common thing in secret societies has nothing to do with Sodom and Gomorrah unless you're talking about Marques de Sade to "120 days of Sodom" wich is the ultimate illuminati party/ritual.

  29. Now that the Illuminati is so exposed, I'm beginning to wonder what it really means when it says "In God we trust" on money, "One nation, under God" in pledge of allegiance , etc.

  30. I love the music of Natalia Kills and lady gaga. But they are being used just like micheal jackson was. They have a talent in writting and singing good music they can reach many people with that. And that is what they use in their sick and twisted propoganda. It is sad that they do not have any choice in cooperating with them we all do not know what they are doing to them or the people they love. And music is my favorite kind of medium and I listen the almost every genre. I really love metal And hope that they will never get their hands on the bands I love.

  31. Everyone I no of, love this "Natalia Kills" supposedly she is British and she had a hit back in 2005 which charted at #15 in the British Charts, don't really remember that. Anyway I always knew this girl was suspicious, her music videos speak about this "Occult Industry" A LOT. And its sickening.

    Then again, thats the world for you. I was talking to a few people I know, and they said that Illuminati is something that just "plays" in your mind, and you makes you think about it a lot, thus making you not think about God. I didn't really have much to say about that. Answ, but as long as I worship God everyday (Islam) and avoid this, disgusting music that we hear on radio's, tv's etc. Then its okay.

    But what i'm really intrigued about is Tony Bennett, the guy who recently make a song with Amy Winehouse, (the lyrics are very "occult" check that out) Anyway's he said on a radio station that George Bush told him that he thought he made a "mistake" by causing the 9/11 attacks and that Tony Bennett knew that American's were the real terrorists. Later that day, it was then denied, and Tony Bennett said he mistaken himself. YEAH RIGHT. I mean, the majority of the world just can't see it for what it really is. I try to exploit the truth, but its worthless. They don't listen.

    Here's the article I came across regarding Tony Bennett

    There are several of these plastic fake model's advertisements, i'm practically used to seeing them. It just represents that their mind controlled puppets. What a waste of a life. Literally

    And this Palestinian Statehood Appeal at the UN, if they do become a country, which i'm strongly behind since I am Arab. It would cause devastating effects, but with the Arab Revolution going on I doubt it that this time the Palestinian would stand alone. Like they have been for the past 50 and more so years from the occupation of Zionists.

    This world is coming to an end very sonn, I can just feel it. Weird.

    God Gave Us Eyes. So Lets Use Them

    Wake Up World. Wake Up

    • What you seem to missunderstand with this whole Arab revolution is the fact that it is also orchestrated… yup, basicly, they are getting rid of the old leaders that they once instaled to replace them with new ones in order to further their Agenda even more…. Turmoil to bring order out of Chaos….

      Since you and I share the same faith, we both know that their main objectif is to prepare the world for the arrival of the false Mesia… I am all for peace in the Palestin and for UN to finaly reconize it as a country but that will never happen, not before Issa/Jesus (salam/peace be upon him) brings peace into our world…

  32. I have noticed for a while now that many mainstream female pop stars under Illuminati influence have similar hairstyles, makeup, jewelery, and symbols in their appearance that is very similar to ancient Egyptian styles worn by princesses. And the popularization of ancient Egyptian culture through Hollywood is in sync with the level of propagation of the occult satanic/pagan mystery religions of ancient Greece, Egypt, Babylon, and more recently, Hinduism and through the Roman Catholic Church. Pray for the straying souls to come back to the Light of Jesus.

    • They aren't straying souls, they cant 'come back' because they have never been saved in the first place. Their father is Satan.

      But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing,whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not believe, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them. 2 corinthians 4:4

  33. soylentgreenispeople on

    In some pictures, the mix of Renacentism or Baroque with sex kittens conveys in a sublte way the message that them (elite) have always been in the background…

  34. I don't want to accept the fact that the illuminati is real, but with each picture i see, it becomes more and more blantantly obvious. As a teenager its very confusing and I don't know what to believe. I love Lady Gaga and all that she stands for, but all this illuminati stuff she's involved in is confusing. It's like she contradicts her self and I don't understand. I honestly don't think the world is going to end soon, but that's probably just because all I want is to be married and have children even though I'm just a teen, so I don't want to think It's true. It's a lot to take in.

    • if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything….and apparently everything, as has Lady Caca.

      choose this day whom you will serve. you cannot serve both God and man. Caca and her "stand" is leading you to hell, imho.

      • She says herself she follows and serves Jesus Christ. I don't think listening to her music will send me to hell but whatever floats your boat.

    • You also have to think that she needs to do/say something to "look good". She could very well say that but by her actions you can tell she does not have Christ at all in her hear. Just like satan deceives so does she.

  35. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, and loses his own soul? 37 Or what will a man give in exchange for his soul?

  36. WOW! The best symbolic pics ever!!! I LOVE Natalia Kills photoshot is as honest about mind control as her music. The Sugababes pics is kinda sad that band had great songs and sucha female empowering message for young girls until they signed with Jay Z label and kicked the last original member they started to make robotic fembot club dumbing songs and there's nothing left but stupid sex slave bimbo songs. I used to love JADE from ANTM she was sucha crazy bitch diva. The agen provocateur add is wicked.

  37. I am laughing my ass off so hard at Jade Cole. She's such an ignorant bitch…completely oblivious to what she's doing and who she's working for. Her photo is so ridiculous! Not even fierce! haha

  38. Sugababes were amazing when they first started. All of them have been replaced & their music has gone down the pan. Nothing original about them.

  39. Ive been watching a show on Hulu w/wifey called Running Wilde starring Will Arnette from Arrested Development. Its about a rich guy who is trying to rekindle his high school sweethearts flame (Keri Russell). She has become a liberal hippy who stands against everything his families oil company stands for.

    Last episode entitled "Best Man" involves a jousting match and the crest worn by Will Arnette is the most blatant 2 headed eagle I have ever seen "Ordo Ab Chao". It is shown prominently throughout the episode and would largely be overlooked by the average viewer!

  40. if i hear someone use the word "fierce" to describe pictures and/or fashion – i am immediately annoyed and know we will not be friends. VOM

  41. London Fashion week took place in Freemasons Hall Grand Lodge in Central London so be prepared for a lot more of these pictures. One of the fashion houses was "Posthuman Wardrobe" – in plain sight eh?

  42. I love and hate looking at these each week. I love that vigilant is showing us what is out there and hate it because there seems to be a endless supply of these photos. My husband and I were waiting in line and we were looking through mags, I swear every mag had at least 1 pic like these. We were laughing but it's not funny. I try to tell people about the one eye thing and show them over and over and why would it be used if it didn't mean anything and they just don't understand. Luckily I haven't seen people (I can only speak for the people I know and are friends with on facebook) doing the one eye thing but i'm just waiting and they will have no idea why they are doing it except "All the stars and hot people do it" ::sigh::

  43. thechocolatemuffin on

    On the second pic of Natalia Kills there are actual gun triggers attached to the fingers, representing individual triggers for each of those thoughts. Is it me or are the meanings of the pics getting more literal… 'in plain sight'? It certainly seems that way…

  44. You don't have to believe in hell or know anything about it to see that the Agent Provocateur campaign is depicting hell. Well it might not be hell but the scene depicted is quite hellish.

    I mean i see priest like figures obviously representing false/occultic religions, a man in a top hat representing the aristocrats and other distinguished looking men – see elite or very rich men of our world, partialy naked women practically fornicating, sex orgies, large snakes creeping over eveyone, the wolve among the lot about to devour, murder and homosexuality.

    It's packed, its grisly and highly unsettling and yet you see the crowd leaning against the balcony almost cheering them on, salivating, egging them on, enjoying the whole scene.

    Notice how all the women are shown as whores without exceptions.

    The life of the rich is filled with blood, mayhem, abuse and the occult. That's why Jesus said to the crowd, it would be much easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

    Here it is in pictures folks.

    • weird i think a comment i made got deleted…

      anyway, God says all is open and laid bare before Him so He sees all these things they do, He sees all the things we all do and think in our hearts and plan and as a Holy God, he doesn't just wipe us out….but it seems we are getting near the Day of The Lord (tribulation)…I just wonder how bad things TRULY are now, the things we don't see happening. (thankfully). It's as much the evil of satan and his fallen angels as it is the sin in the heart of man….I don't even think satan has to try really hard….

      You know something that showed clearly how evil and sinful the heart of humans truly are?

      This… .

  45. Does anyone else notice that Natalie Kills is wearing a black Michael Jackson-ish Beat It jacket? Thought that was odd. Or maybe its just an 80s fashion thing.

  46. CarpentorsApprentice on

    I see many comments about the puppets in the pics. The problem is not with the mindless doll in frame, but rather with the controller behind the camera. Remember, most of the youth of today are not even fully literate, let alone schooled in the occult. They just play along because it looks cool. The real evil is the puppeteers, the ones influencing and directing the artists. It breaks my heart to see so many young women manipulated and ruined for the benefit and pleasure of the elite. Watching the video of Anna Nicole Smith I suddenly remembered a prophecy by Mother Shipton;

    “The signs will be there for all to read

    When man shall do most heinous deed

    Man will ruin kinder lives

    By taking them as to their wives”.

    This for me is clearly evident in the nine year olds reaction at the end. It is unbelievable that a child so young should be exposed to something so utterly revolting.

  47. It seems so hard to believe, children are exposed to this kind of pictures. I mean, it's so much psychology! It affects us greatly. Oh dear, what has become of the world! Children subliminally pick up on these stuff, and it has a great effect on their minds… Man! This is real crazy! Anyway, thanks to VC, a lot of people know about Illuminati! My classmates are referring to this site everytime! :D!

  48. Anyone else noticed the annonymous looking spectators Looking over the baking in the agent provocateur advert. Could this be hinting at the anonymous masters over looking their puppets?

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