Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/13/11)


Cover of Britney’s remix album: Monarch Programming.

Volume 2.

Album cover of Ane Brun

Cover of Russian magazine Собака

Uma is yet “Another” one.

Miley Cyrus in Prestige magazine with what almost looks like a Baphomet altar.

This new collection of New Era caps could not be more obvious.

Model Masha Novoselova in MK-themed pictorial. This one features the hands of an abusive handler and, of course, one eye.

Same photoshoot, sex kitten.

Mickey Mouse mind control pic, evocating torture and, of course, one eye.

This 2002 London Billboard is the probably most blatantly Big Brotherish thing I ever saw.



      • if i can just say one thing, just a few minutes ago on the site Yahoo! i saw a story that caught my attention because of the seriousness of it. The story is on Justin Bieber wearing woman's clothes. If this is not more confirmation that the youth are being indoctrinated through subtle propaganda to not only accept androgyny and in turn, homosexuality, then i don't know what is. As you can expect Kanye West was mentioned in the story as well and the "cool", nonchalant attitude the writer has about Justin Bieber wearing womans pants is to be expected since we are being feed the elites' agenda. Its laughable to consider that Justin would choose to wear womans' pants simply because "they fit better". Justin you have millions to spend, buy yourself some jeans that fit. I'll pray for you Justin. God Bless.

        Link to the article>>

      • Because there is something wrong with being gay? Grow up and open your eyes, people don't choose to be gay. Do you really think someone would choose being shunned by society and having to put up with ignorant comments like yours over being straight and "normal"?

      • This is in reply to Cat's comment. I don't what "comments like yours" you are referring to. He said nothing against gay people. Only suggested that these young Hollywood stars are being tricked into being androgynous and "gay"…. and NEWS FLASH! There are a lot of people, especially this day and age, who CHOOSE to be gay. It's trendy. It draws attention to people who are attention starved. They get sympathy and special treatment from a large portion of society. I know a lot of young people who act gay just to have some "group" to fit into. Gays don't generally shun people. So it's an easy club to get into, I imagine. I'm not saying that there aren't people out there who are genuinely gay. But Justin Beiber is a lump of putty in their hands. There's nothing happening with that kid by accident. I promise you. He is a huge influence to young people right now. Who better for them to use to show kids that it's cool to be androgynous? You are the one who needs to open your eyes.

      • in response to edro, i think homophobia was implied since the person pointed out homosexuality like its some sort of problem

    • Not exactly. I didn't notice anything until I stumbled upon this site by accident. Now, that I know, it's OBVIOUS to me, but not for the world out there. You have to be involved or know about these things in order to single them out.

      VC lighted the path to us all and changed our perspective.

      • actually, the first thing I thought of in that picture was "cloven hooves" And notice the increasing prevalence of the evil zombie eye makeup in fashion lately?

    • I know, it's sad, but go into Macy's and see the graphic t-shirts. There are many all-seeing eyes and Masonic elements within many of them…I don't know if I want to shop there anymore.

      • Miley Cyrus looks like Beyonce! Sort of.

        The other day, I was looking at a Avon sales thingy that was lying around, and one lady had her eye covered. LOL

      • Shop at Express their graphics tees have words like: salvation, redemption, truth, loyalty, virtue… my favorite graphics tee by them I bought says "TRUTH BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY" the other one I have that is great says "UPON THE WINGS OF SALVATION"

        Express. All the way.

    • In some satanic rituals, the victims skin is peeled off, head to toe. This is done to terrorize and torture the victim who then has high level of a specific endorphin running in their blood. This blood, with elevated levels of the terror endorphin is then drained for the satanists to drink -they reportedly get off of it – mentally/physically/spiritually or all three? This is what the Mickey Mouse picture looks like to me. And this CANNOT be made cool, mainstream, normal etc. VC I don't know where you find this stuff but just when you think it can't get any worse, it does.

      God have mercy!

      • @SarahC – That is just horrible – and so is that creepy MM pic. I wonder if that's what the NIN song "March of the Pigs" is about. I never understood it, but it makes sense now when TR sings:

        "Take the skin and peel it back. Doesn't it make you feel better?"


      • NIN – can't believe I used to have some of their albums.

        Walk of Pigs lyrics (sidenote: I don't think it is about a bacon farm)


        crawl right up on your knees




        (no time to hesitate)

        I want a little bit

        I want a piece of it

        I think he's losing it

        I want to watch it come down

        don't like the look of it

        don't like the taste of it

        don't like the smell of it

        I want to watch it come down

        all the pigs are all lined up

        I give you all that you want

        take the skin and peel it back

        but doesn't it make you feel better?

        shove it up inside



        stains like the blood on your teeth




        (away the tender parts)

        I'm pretty sure TR is in need of an excorcism.

      • i know. everyone here is commenting about how we are getting sick of seeing the all seeing eye pictures, but come on! the model who is abused and the mickey mouse ones are just put in to remind us that this is so inhumanely horrific! (and they peel the skin off??? these are nightmares, HELL ON EARTH!!!)

  1. It's so blatant, but still people think it's just a fashion thing, when in reality it's much, much more. I'm glad I've discovered this website that opened my eyes.

  2. You'd think Britney Spears would of killed herself or exploited this Zionist crap, with all that she's been through. But she hasn't. She's getting worse and worse, and then their just gonna throw her off a bridge.

    I was watching Simpsons a few days ago, and one episode starred Mickey Mouse, and I was quite shocked at what he said, yet his words were nothing but a blur with the people that I was watching it with. Basically Homer said something about other people being evil to which Mickey Mouse responded saying "No you idiot! I'm the bad one, I've been bad since the 50's and we're still going on!"

    I was quite shocked at that, he basically just said it. Literally. That they've been around the 1950's and that "we're" meaning there IS an occult group, although we already knew that.

    Big Brother UK, I don't watch that crap, but I caught a glimpse of them going into the house. WOW. They were literally going into the "eye" At times it can be mind blowing that people don't recognize this type of s***

    Florence and the Machine, I really like her, her music is pretty unique. But her latest song "What the Water Gave Me" sounds VERY demonic. Listen to the song and replace the word "water" with "devil" then it'll make sense. In the video you see her banging on the window, as it she's going to be under mind control and she's trapped.

    Seriously guys, this illuminati, zionist occult is getting much worse. Everything we see has something to do with it.

    And isn't weird that Americans remember the 9/11 deaths every single year, when we all know that its not needed. They don't mourn the deaths, they worship the devil on that day. I guarantee you that they'll remember the 9/11 attacks for a very long time.

    God Gave Us Eyes. So Lets Use Them

    Wake Up World. Wake Up

    • Excuse me, but I'm an American and I DO NOT WORSHIP THE DEVIL on 9/11 or ANY OTHER DAY for that matter. What a DISGUSTING comment from someone who obviously has absolutely NO IDEA what they are talking about. Talk to an American and you'll see. If we choose to mourn the dead on a day when 3,000 people were MURDERED, then LET US BE. Please do not speak on things you don't know anything about. I remember that day like yesterday and I was absolutely terrified and saddened by what happened. Think about all of those families before you open your mouth to spew lies about people you don't know.

      • Calm down man, 9/11 was an inside job anyways. There are videos on youtube of G.W. Bush saying he saw the first building collapse on video, which was impossible at the time because it wasn't released to the public yet. Here's one of him just stumbling over a question about 911. Which is hilarious to me. You can see it in his eyes that he is lying, or Bill Clinton, or anyone else they confront. Even firefighters came out and said they thought something wasn't right later. In Loose Change, there is a bunch of footage of people saying they heard explosions. No I am not speaking bad about the deaths either. I am saying 9/11 is an inside job done by the government. Honestly, if my family member died from 9/11, I would want to know the truth also. There are many, many families who are skeptical and still want their questions answered. Look it up. But the politicians never answer them. Ever. <- Also this. I don't know where they got it from. But it is good to think about, because IF another major attack does happen soon or eventually, and they claim it's from somewhere else and go to war with them also, (or if they don't, whatever) I'm not going to be "controlled" and live in fear like they want to. I'm going to live my life and be happy, but also still be aware. The devil wants us in fear. God doesn't. They are servants of the devil. The worship him. What more do you expect than for them to do this themselves to have an excuse to go to Afghanistan and fight for oil/money—oops, I mean freedom. Heck, did you not hear of the good ol' American soldiers who posed and smiled with corpses of innocent people they killed? Who kicked skulls around of people they killed, playing "soccer" with it? There are way more casualties of innocents than actual terrorists…Desensitization. Bradley Manning- Obama said he broke the law. Why? Because he released a video to Wikileaks of soldiers bombing innocent people. The video is called "Collateral Murder" or something like that. This is a part of their plan, too. Not just to keep us in fear, but to desensitize soldiers to where they don't give a crap about killing they won't have a problem when they're in America imposing martial law eventually….I hope not too soon, but yeah. Now, BEFORE anyone freaks out, I'm not saying there aren't good hearted soldiers out there who actually believe they are fighting for freedom. But they aren't, and they don't know it. I hope they get out when they can before they are desensitized also. Peace to you.

      • @only_one_truth. 3000 people were MURDERED on 9/11. Fact. But we should all know by now that it wasn't done by Muslim terrorists surely? – All the evidence points to inside job – right!? (Check out Saphira's post above!). These 'insiders' – Illuminati occult worshippers – used those 3000 deaths as a sacrifice to Baphomet. What @Murad Merali was pointing out is that when those deaths are mourned by good and honest Americans and infact, by good people all over the world, that energy from those millions of people unwittingly feeds into and amplifies the sacrificial energy that the Illuminati use for their evil pursuits.

      • In response to some of you who think that it is "worshiping the devil" to mourn victims of a catastrophe (whether you believe it was an inside job or not–totally irrelevant in regard to the victims), I have to say I'm a little bit taken aback that you would even think this. Someone (whoever it may be) does something evil and your response is that mourning their death is "devil worship"? Wow.

        I have been following this site for a while, but am reconsidering after seeing some of these comments. What if it had been your father/brother/mother/sister/cousin/aunt/uncle/etc etc? Would you say the same thing? Take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror.

      • Ummmmm….. you should of course wake up. Honoring the 9/11 victims would clearly involve trying at every pass to get to the bottom of the 9/11 hoax so those victims could be honored in view the REAL reason they died. Don't take it from me; take it from the hundreds of 9/11 victims' family members who correctly take this position. Allowing the culprits to re-traumatize the world through constant lies and emotional appeals only furthers the damage and the ritualistic aspect. Dude…. we're all on the same side here. Realize that when people protest 9/11, they are in actuality paying the highest honor to the victims. Duh.

      • @only_one_truth, @rae… I'm not sure if you actually understand?? EVERYBODY is saying that the loss of life of those 3000 innocent victims and their families was incredibly tragic. That they were infact murdered is horrific! NOBODY is saying that the masses of good and honest people who mourn these deaths are 'devil worshippers' or that there is anything wrong with mourning, as its a natural response to this tragedy. What they ARE saying is that those people who planned the whole thing – from start to finish are the ONLY devil worshippers referred to and that these evil people have fed off the sadness, fear and anger generated by these tragic events for years to further their dark plans.

        I disagree when you say 'whether you believe it was an inside job or not–totally irrelevant in regard to the victims' as I'm sure those who have lost a 'father/brother/mother/sister/cousin/aunt/uncle/' would like to know the real reason why their loved ones lost their lives on 9/11 (see 9/11 truth). The ONLY people who should be looking in the mirror are those responsible for this horrific crime.

      • Well… Having re-read things again, let me revise my comments and say that, I can only speak for myself !!! I'm not an American, but I still cried a lot and was incredibly traumatised by the events of 9/11. I really questioned why this would happen to innocent people. Then after first coming across 'Loose Change' years ago and lots of other documentaries like 'Crossing the Rubicon', I began to get angry with the realisation that the survivors and the families of the 9/11 victims had been duped. So for me, I was concerned about finding the truth about what really happened, rather than the story fed to me by the media. The research has lead to my comments you see above!!

      • @only_one_truth, I think you misunderstood what Murad Merali is really saying. He is not saying that the ordinary Americans who lost loved ones are worshiping the devil when they remember 9/11. What he is saying is that the US Government & Media are using this event and the annual memorial of it as another mega devil-worship session. Remember that 9/11 happened for a reason, it was orchestrated by the elite. The American people are the victims and they have every right to mourn. But the elite are not mourning that day. It was all part of their agenda.

      • Yes, 3000 people died in New York. It was sad. But even more (a lot more) have died by the hands of Americans in the east. Why don't we mourn those people? What about their families? Why are they less worth remembering? And Americans never talk about it…

      • @Emelda. Yes you are totally right. War Crimes perpetrated by the US, UK and their lackies have made me frustrated, angry and upset for years! But most of the time the public rarely hears the truth about these international incidents. I guess 9/11 ironically was trauma-based mind control for the masses as we were bombarded 24 hours a day with the tragedy and the script about 'muslim terrorists'. It's been drilled into our collective psyche for 10 years! No wonder its a heated topic! I don't suppose people are equally as upset about the MILLIONS of people who died as a result of the genocide committed in Darfur? or as others on here have pointed out – the injustice meted out to the Palestinians?


      • To me, it seems that you want to wake-up and get enlightened, but judging from your comments, it seems you're not even half awake. Way to go my son — you need to dig in more.

        The reality is the lower entities can attach themselves to the higher humans, and get energy from their negative emotions. So all of these memorials (and similar events) are precisely staged and fabricated for a number of reasons:

        a) create fear and negative emotion

        b) continue the endless war on terror [giant hoax]

        c) satisfy their master.

        Look deep in mirror and ask yourself;

        1) What about hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians that died in the name of fighting against weapons of mass destruction? *cough* oil.

        2) What about all the Afghanis and Pakistani's that died in the name of fighting terror? *cough* gas pipes, opium, total control over the region (middle east)

        Did any of those have a memorial? Or they just deserved it because they were a treat to the US, our country. You're patriotic, I get it… but you need to dig more and see if these are all what the founding fathers wanted for their country. If not, then you need to go question your government and not let ignorance control you.

        There are way too many documents around the staged attacks on the twin towers. Let's forget all of that and just answer one simple question:

        How on earth building 7 collapsed?

        The one and only Supreme Being, The Almighty God may Bless the "People" of America and the World.

    • you couldnt be more right!! in the simpsons film bart put mickey mouse ears on his head and states 'i'm the mascot of an evil corporation' seems like the simpsons are trying to tell us this as well!!

      • Voice of Reason on

        That's why I deliberately don't mourn the victims of 9/11 on the anniversary itself…because the Elite probably harness the energy generated by the countless decent people who are grieving, and either use it as an offering to Satan, or channel it for other sinister purposes (just like they did when the world was grieving for Princess Diana).

        Also, I find it highly suspicious that the Disney execs, who've doubtlessly seen at least Some of the negative photos, etc. that incorporate Mickey Mouse ears (and other imagery linked to their company), never seem to issue any statement distancing themselves from it. I mean, if you were the head of a huge corporation whose products were supposed to be family-friendly, then wouldn't you denounce images like the ones published here…and state for the record that they are in no way connected with your company?

        Their silence is deafening…

    • I have to say that there is nothing wrong with mourning the deaths of the 9/11 victims. It is a natural human process to do so. Even if these sick occultists people who were behind 9/11 caused this. I think the worshipping part goes into hanging the american flag. Now THAT is where I draw the line.

      The morning of 9/11 I listened and watched videos of the stories of families who all lost loved ones on that day. I was so sad and could hardly catch my breath. I have compassion to feel for them. I wondered how the government and everyone involved can even sleep at night knowing what they did. It's just disgusting.

      So to say that people who mourn their loved ones is devil worship… i dont agree. But to actually hang the american flag and show patriotism for a deceitful government who was behind it… now thats worshipping them and their doing!

      • They aren't saying families mourning are worshiping the devil. They are saying that while the country is crying and mourning, the elite are smiling, sitting back and enjoying their evil deeds.

      • The victims should be mourned daily. They were a satanic sacrfice to harness feelings of hatred and death and justify the killing of hundreds of thousands of muslims. The elite hate EVERY religion but their own. They've taken Jesus out of everything, turned Jews into Satanists, and are just ethnicallly cleansing muslims in the name of the war on terror. Don't even get me going on the ethnic cleansing of Africa. The point is that when you turn on the mind controller (televsion) on 9/11 and participate in the on-going lie, you are DISHONORING the victims and making a mockery of that day. We don't need a national holiday to mourn that tradgedy daily. The MSM makes idiots of Americans (most of the world is catching on to the inside job reality), and the world is about sick of us. Me included and I'm an American. That used to be something to be proud of. We are the ONLY country with a Constitution. And the Constitution has been ripped apart because of the lie of 9/11. Lucifer's ultimate goal for all of the world is ENSLAVEMENT. He wants your life and your soul. He wants all of the world to go to hell with him and his followers hence misery loves company. You gotta wake up and realize that in order to not be a part of this Luciferian agenda, you have to separate yourself from the celebrations of the elite.

    • @Murad Merali

      "And isn’t weird that Americans remember the 9/11 deaths every single year, when we all know that its not needed. They don’t mourn the deaths, they worship the devil on that day. I guarantee you that they’ll remember the 9/11 attacks for a very long time"

      No, it is not weird at all to see any person, whether they know the truth or not, mourn on that day. I was fourteen at the time and I can remember exactly what it was like to not feel safe in my "great and indestructible" U.S.A. for the first time in my life. And how I watched CNN for hours a day and cried for the people who stood by frantic holding pictures of their loved ones asking anyone who would listen if they had seen them, knowing deep down that they were not going to find them, and how I watched hoping that the rescue workers would dig survivors out of the rubble, and only found twenty out of almost 3000. So yes, you CAN guarantee that we will remember the 9/11 attacks for a very long time. I did not lose anyone personally on that day, but the empathy I felt was overwhelming and I will never forget it.

      I can not help but think that your comment about worshipping the devil came out wrong. Surely you did not mean that average, every day people who mourn/remember Sept. 11 are worshipping the devil. Please let me remind you that the majority of Americans do not know the truth about 9/11 and many are not even open to discuss anything other than the official story. But if you were referring to the way our government puts on these huge ceremonies every year "in honor" of the victims, then yes, I do agree with you that those who are responsible are admiring their work, not mourning. The civilians who attend these ceremonies to pay respects to the victims and their families are innocent in this and God knows it. I believed the official story until a few months back when I watched Loose Change, which I do not believe to be 100% accurate, but it at least got me to think outside the box. This year was the first 9/11 anniversary that I spent believing something other than the official story. It hurt way worse knowing who actually murdered those people, and to see the Obamas "comforting" the Bushes at the Ground Zero memorial made me absolutely sick. They had no right to be there IMO.

      • @ Amanda and @Nix & @Saphira and to anyone else that cleared out my comment regarding 9/11. Thank you very much. You know what I meant, but the funniest thing is, people are getting angry at me and making such innocent comments on THIS SITE out of all. Oh the Irony.

        @ sarahec87 & @One _ Eye _ Truth

        You lot are consumed and deceived into the American Government's doings. YES there is no wrong in mourning of the death, but if its been done behind a Satanist and Zionist industry, then there's no POINT. In my opinion, why not do it a different day? Or when your praying in a Mosque, Church etc. ? Why on 9/11 when we all know that, that day is a day to worship the devil. Its a special day on their calender.

        And WHY mourn the deaths of (so you say) 3000 Americans? When The Afghans and Iraqis had to suffer from 9/11 for NO apparent reason? TO THIS DAY STILL. And I saw a correspondent on Al Jazeera saying that Americans invading Afghanistan and Iraq have MADE NO DIFFERENCE but yet killed INNOCENT PEOPLE. Urghh, WAKE UP. They just wanted to find a reason to kill MUSLIMS. And what about the innocent Palestinians? Who have been under ZIONIST occupation for over 40 years? Or the Somalians? And there's so much more. I don't see American's or the rest of the world mourning the deaths of those? NOPE. Its just the 9/11 deaths. Which is heavily advertised by the Occult countries, America, Britain etc.

        Yes some of my comments come out a bit wrong and are misinterpreted, Ask and question before you jump to conclusions.



      • I feel like all you VC fans are my peeps, so i'd like to ask you to take a step back and look at 9/11 in another way. We are in agreement that it was a megaritual sacrifice perpetrated by the luciferians, but have you asked yourself "why" and "why there?"

        This planet has a "nervous system" made up of energy streams (ley lines)and vortex points in a specific pattern around the globe. The Ills. access this network and utilize this energy with the masonic architecture, etc. There has always been a moderately powerful energy center @ NYC; the explosion and the deaths have fed/expanded the extant vortex tremendously. (They're even bragging about it on the cover of the latest issue of Time Magazine w/a satellite-type image of two beams of light radiating up from Ground Zero!) I am starting to believe that THIS may be the intended entry point of ole one eye or his vessel (antichrist) on his next attempt to incorporate on this physical plane. Especially after viewing the sculptures @ St. John Cathedral via the Sinister Sites page on this website. (Thanx VC! )

        That why they hate Christ so much–he undermined the power of the demons/false gods to the point that, when they tried to bring their big boss unto the Earth, they failed. And despite everything they have done ever since to corrupt His teachings and lessen His power, they are still failing. When you see the Jesus fish (His cross or Name inside the vesica), that's a symbol for JC blocking the doorway between the realms! = D

        So, yeah, it can get a little depressing when you see these a-holes and their works all over the place, but don't let it get you down. Because they will lose. They already lost two millenia ago, and they will lose this time, too. More and more humans are outgrowing their tricks and lies everyday; you did or you wouldn't be reading this. Even if they perpetrate the worst of their plans for us, it won't make an iota of difference, because they are and will always be on the losing side.

        That's the really ironic part: these demons and their minions are dancing around on tv, celebrating, thinking that they've already won, they're in charge and blah blah blah. Because they are believing the biggest Liar in the Universe! It would be funny if it weren't so serious.

    • @Murad Merali

      Sorry, maybe my comment did not come out very well either. I was just simply answering the question you asked in your previous post, "Isn't it weird that Americans remember the 9/11 deaths every single year…", No, it isn't weird because we(speaking on behalf of Americans, and yes I know we are not the only ones) were all strongly affected by it, so it is pretty normal to see people gather for ceremonies. They do not know any better and are just trying to pay respects. I doubt you will find very many "truthers" out there at one of those things supporting the troops for the war on terror. I was also agreeing that "they'll remember the 9/11 attacks for a very long time." I could not forget the way that tragedy made me feel even if I wanted to, so it is impossible for that day to roll by on the calendar and to not think of it, for me anyway. No, I am not "consumed and deceived into the American Government’s doings", but I used to be. Last year on 9/11, back whe I was an average brainwashed citizen, I was among the couple hundred people who gathered down town during this block party thing, and released red, white and blue balloons after the national anthem, a moment of silence and some other ceremonial stuff (I don't remember all of it). This year I was "AWAKE" and did not participate in such events. Instead I stayed home and had a normal day with my family, but I did think of all the innocent victims who have died as a result of 9/11 and the real reason they were killed. I prayed for peace and comfort for those who were hurting that day and for the world to know the truth. If you feel that you should mourn or pray on a different day then that is your right, but in my opinion why not pray for them they day they need it the most? The day all of those Zionist/Satanists are profiting from their pain.

      "And WHY mourn the deaths of (so you say) 3000 Americans? When The Afghans and Iraqis had to suffer from 9/11 for NO apparent reason? TO THIS DAY STILL. And I saw a correspondent on Al Jazeera saying that Americans invading Afghanistan and Iraq have MADE NO DIFFERENCE but yet killed INNOCENT PEOPLE. Urghh, WAKE UP. They just wanted to find a reason to kill MUSLIMS. And what about the innocent Palestinians? Who have been under ZIONIST occupation for over 40 years? Or the Somalians? And there’s so much more. I don’t see American’s or the rest of the world mourning the deaths of those? NOPE. Its just the 9/11 deaths. Which is heavily advertised by the Occult countries, America, Britain etc."

      I'm not sure if this part of your response was directed at me or someone else, but just in case it was please allow me to clarify. What I meant was that out of the thousands of people injured/missing/killed that day, only twenty people were rescued from the rubble and nearly 3000 died. I was reflecting on that day alone and what it was like watching and hoping they could have found more survivors. Never did I say that the 9/11 deaths were the only ones worthy of recognition. I know that innocent people are killed by our government all the time and I do not condone it.

      • @ Sarah

        Well to be honest, my comment wasn't completely directed to you, it was mostly directed at the one _ eyed _ truth.

        : )

      • Today when I picked up my little boy from pre-k, there was one of those round cardboard coasters in his book bag that said, "Prevent Blindness Oklahoma" on the top and, "Oklahoma Masons" on the bottom with their little signature ruler/compass thing. In the middle was a huge eye. The irony in that!

        @Murad Merali

        Oh okay, I see :)

  3. ive seen that london poster before and the mickey mouse thing is terrifying.ive tried to open my friends eyes to all this illuminati stuff but i just get ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist!

    • "First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win." – Mahatma Gandhi

      Stay strong & continue to bear your truth to any ear willing to listen.

  4. I can see signs EVERYWHERE. And it's like everything I look at has something to do with Illuminati – symbols, signs, slogans, and etc.

    I found a bunch of pics and I need to send them ASAP.

    Maaaan, what kind of world are we living in?!

    • Perhaps it's to say that the person is on a leash of some sort?

      Or possibly, it's actually the person who is the b***h?

      Who knows?

      I don't just guessing. 😐

  5. I wonder why Disney hasn't come out and objected to these obscene uses of their Mickey image. Usually they're SO protective of their copy-write materials; it's almost like they're condoning it.

  6. The whole photo shoot miley did for prestige was a little weird, you can tell she's trying to look older. The mickey mouse picture is creepy good post vc

  7. So is every kitschy Southwestern-decorated ranch house featuring cow skulls an occult homage to "Baphomet"? How about every deer head or set of antlers on every cabin wall? Do I need to flee whenever I encounter a musty old moose head hanging over a bar? Is taxidermy demonic?

  8. I've always thought that those Alexander McQueen shoes (worn by the model) resembled cloven hooves. Once VC exposed McQueens penchant for occult symbolism – this all made sense!! They are the cloven hooves of the baphomet, now worn by it's human minions.

    • haha. I didn't know VC did the 'Fashion police' as well!? I wonder what the Baphomet will be wearing in the Autumn/Winter catwalk collections? okay yeah…McQueen!!

  9. its not the problem that people dont see symbols

    the problem is that they dont even believe that they are what they are –

    people believe its just fashion.

    THEY are winning slowly. :/

  10. Hehe, I don't know if she's in a trance, but she sure had a goofy look on her face. And Jay-Z DID look really mad, but maybe he was just mad at the paparazzi?

  11. This is getting out of hand… And even with songs. The more and more of my favorite songs I listen to, I identify some telling lyrics. Just now I listened to "the only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage".

    Go search up the lyrics.

    • Oh yea, "I aim to be your eyes…seems the artist these days are not who you think…" The only problem is that sometimes, it's hard to say which songs are pro and which are con.

  12. I thought for sure last months Martha Stewart cover would be on here. She has a butterfly mask covering her eyes! When I saw it, I thought it would be th main VC pic of the week.

  13. The White Snake on

    On the Miley Cyrus pic: Last time I checked, cow skulls had very different symbolism from goat skulls…although the Moloch imagery is certainly up for grabs, too. I agree with a previous post asking if all taxidermy is evil; someone seems to think that all ungulates are evil. We should all be very afraid of giraffes!

    That said, I HAVE seen an uncanny amount of deer skull jewelry lately…

  14. The symbolic pics posted by u VC is getting sicker by every post…

    I have no words to express the bluntness of all these pics which is baffling…

    It is getting creepier ….

    I appreciate all these pics which truly enlighten me to what is actually transpiring in the world.

    Keep up the good work & findings & researches u had done so far.

    I am always sharing this site to all the people I knw….

    Most of them had thank me that they now are aware of all these mind control tools used by the media & manipulated by the elites.

    Im one of your greatest supporter of u exposing the truth.

  15. There is something i do not get though, if "they" since the beginning had this plan for the world and it's habitants for a new world order, why they didn't just put their "religion" (if you can call it that) in to the world? why go along with Catholicism for instance (which is the major religion of the world) and then try to infiltrate masonic and all this symbolism, i mean, if they are so powerful, why did they let Catholicism get so far? why let people believe and then through pop culture try and get across images and what not, i mean it sounds kind of silly to me, and makes me believe some times that "they" really don't exist, which gives me peace of mind for a moment until i research some more and then i see the blatant symbols they throw at us and then the paradox continues…

      • what's your reference on that? because i don't see that being entirely true, as adam weishaupt was a trained jesuit and josef mengele was said to have been a devout catholic. freemasonry and catholicism both have babylonian roots, so unless you're referring to freemasons and catholics without a clue–which could be a lot–i don't see how what you said could be true.

    • Which do u think is more effective creating another mainstream religion or infecting those already in place which promote what "they" are trying to denounce? Their objective is to eradicate and/or pollute religion to a point where ppl start to question it and leave it. Then they can follow the rest of the sheep and worship themselves.

      if you don't believe in anything you will fall for everything and that's what we are witnessing now

    • the part of the plan is HATE. And this way, not only do people walk away from Catholicism, but they walk away hating it…that is the point (this is a very complex subject)

      the devil is a force of destruction. He can not create, he can only destroy. He hates God and humans, for being His "favorites". If he hates humans, logic is he is going to try to hurt them, right?

      I think there is no better way to hurt someone than by planting hate in his heart.

      We are all in a war…a war for souls

  16. Senor Poopy Pants on

    so…i never heard of them before reading the comments section here and i went and checked out Florence + The Machine What the Water Gave Me, and uh…well, i thought it was pretty freegin awesome. i'm going to go listen to it again cause it was that good, then i'm going to post it on my facebook. just saying….

  17. I just dont get it, who in their right minds would wear those hideous shoes? I mean please you can see there is something nasty about them. Satan has surely taken over this world sad but true.

  18. I hope I will witness the fall of the antichrist and his minions. I seriously think it'll take only a few decades before the antichrist shows up for real. But he won't stay around for very long, for Jessus will come and get rid of it. Then we'll be finally delivered from all of those demonic symbols.

    • Yep – Endemol = end them all? (it is worth trying to check check companies history/origins…takeovers etc – not easy to get the true facts about who OWNs these companies though -)

      Here's another one

      Veolia = (anagram this time…)

      – waste management and people transportation (!) and everything else, globally it would seem – nice logo – eye ball or drop of semen in vagina – you decide (VC can help here…
      check #2)

  19. Why is Miley Cyrus positioned next to a piano? She doesn't play a single instrument and is not a musician. Why bother making her appear this way? Just put her back in that cage from her "Can't be Tamed" video or whatever the name was.

    • @ look. too true! You'd think Nazi propaganda and British politics would be miles apart but judging by the similarity of these images they seem more like happy bedfellows. It reminds me of Jordan Maxwell's analysis of the 'Dawn of a new day' symbolic motif – the Rising Sun beaming over the horizon, used on the Soviet old school coat of arms but also used in the Obama presidential campaign. Call it Communism, call it Capitalism but both loved the idea of police states to oppress the people and Obama's version will definitely be coming to a zip code near you soon!! x

    • NICE……. I've been saying for years that the fall of the Berlin wall was needed to spread Communism to the West not to spread Democracy to the East. IMO at least. Great eye- no pun intended :)

  20. thechocolatemuffin on

    Wow… The pics really do get scarier every time… btw this is the first time I've commented on this site, but I've been reading the posts for over a year!

    What Sarah Connor said about the peeling of the victims skin in satanic rituals and the pic of the person painted red and wearing the Mickey mouse ears reminded me of this music video…
    It's for Cascada's 'Night Nurse', featuring some pretty weird stuff. At the start, she is lying on an altar which appears to be suspended in flames, while covered in red paint, just like that pic. And there are too many close-up's of one eye for it to be coincidental, imo. Also, what's with the cocoon?! Perhaps it's symbolizing a rebirth?

    I'm starting to see this stuff in so many music videos now, this one just seemed so relevant to that pic.

    This newer music video of Cascada's also seems quite weird…

    Anyway, can't wait for the next article! Keep up the great work, VC!

    • TCM – I checked out your links! I'm so deeply disturbed to my core I don't even know where to start. Night nurse – go get the lyrics – that with the vid…..yah that is NOT cool! Blatant……don't think anyone can spin that one, it's direct. That IS satanic ritualistic in nature, both in verbage and visual – she even tells you "it's her religion". BTW – those shredding rituals I mentioned earlier….they do last all not long, 'til the break of dawn', she knows. And the other one, just an adrogynous orgy fest, soft porn style – so yeah you could say it's weird. If you have been visiting this site for a year I would think you know all this. And I'm glad you shared because it is totally relevant and just more proof of what our current culture/entertainment/media is doing. But I sincerely hope this is not the music you listen to, it's gonna damage your soul something fierce sweet chocomuffin. Now I'm going to worry about you all week!

      • You seem smart and informed, just share what you know in your sphere of influence, it adds up. And throw away your cascada cd if you have one….so I don't worry lol!!! Didn't mean to come off so ruff, but that is just more than disturbing. And you seem better than, and above that. Peace

      • thechocolatemuffin on

        That was exactly what I was thinking, but it's good to know I'm not getting paranoid about this stuff 😛 After kinda becoming hooked on Cascada after seeing these and trying to figure out the message, it seems that Night Nurse was a initiation. Before this vid, most of their stuff seemed normal, then they were nominated for a vma… She came dressed in this ->
        Quite a strange pattern… wasn't Satan cast out of heaven with a lightning bolt?! And she claimed to have made it herself.

        Then, about a month later, the music vid of Night Nurse was filmed (Quite scary close-up of her face ->… ). Several weeks later, she needed surgery on her vocal cords, needing 6 weeks rehab afterwards. Could she have been programmed while in rehab? (btw, she was diagnosed with the vocal chord nodule last summer, wonder why it wasn't treated earlier…)

        Also… the title song of their new album, 'Original Me', has very strange lyrics, this is the chorus…

        'I'll be your beauty queen

        Upgrading your self esteem

        But you'll never meet the original me

        I'll be your cover girl

        Living in your plastic world

        But you'll never ever meet the original me

        So what's the reason to love?

        Ain't got no reason to show my all

        To you my baby

        She's the other half of me

        Life in perfect symmetry

        But you'll never meet the original me'
        It may be about programming and her handler, I don't really know much about that :/

        She also sang a song this year for a German tv show, with the lyrics –

        'I don't wanna be, a pop star anymore

        I don't want to sing no more to save my soul' o.O

        This all seems more than coincidental, and possibly the most weirdest findings I've ever came across.

        Basically, it's very blatant, but not in the way we're used to seeing from the likes of gaga.

        btw, thanks for the reply! :)

  21. Let who has eyes see…am glad that I have also made some innocent souls aware about this "opposite" side of the world, and I will keep on making more people aware about this ish!

    • O wait, I remember now, Madonna had that circle with spikes(sun/star) for her Ray of Light Album and of course Mariah always has a butter fly some where.

  22. Something that I think is relevant and that I've been noticing for a while, is this:

    Skulls on young boys, even babies, clothing. Pyjamas, slippers, underwear (I'm a dad and a teacher), t-shirts etc – you get the idea. Death imagery – desensitizing children, making death an everyday thing? Just google skull clothing, you'll get the idea. You could say it's riding on the back of Pirates of the Caribbean (Disney), or halloween etc – but there seems to be alot of pure skull imagery, more than I can remember in the past – reminds me more of mass burial imagery. I'm getting fed up of seeing it on children's clothing.

      • Hello Reasonable! Those little pink skull booties are getting the babies ready to be full on :"Monster High" by elememtary school, check out this site,

        Was at ToysRUs trying to find some acceptable age appropriate toys (ya right!) for some little guys this weekend. Every isle has skull n bones toys, and all sorts of reptilian, alien, hockey masked faced goon etc….it is like walking through a mine field in there I tell ya! Getting to the check out they had a massive display of Monster High. I sat there and just checked out all the goodies. All kinds of backpacks, pens, notebooks, stereo headsets, dolls, hair stuff…..I mean the list goes on and on…..the monster high gals are vampires and zombies and everything they have is skull n bones, like the little princess – all 'cute' and pink. Get them so desensitized to this crap in their kinder years, they are full on ready to play with vampires come the middle school years with Twilight! YAH – Team Jacob or Team Edward??? Maybe both while we listen to some Minaj??? The world is going to hell in a handbasket quicker than I am ready to accept some days. All over the halloween isles – BIG ONE EYED creatures, blobs like the yo gabba dildo. Some with horns. Not a single two eyed monster to be displayed. This rock is twisted!!!

        All you can do is tell people, and hope they can protect themselves from this brainwashing or at least minimize….for the kids!!! After being traumatized by Toysrus I ran over to grab a bite at Maggiano's in the elevator on the way up, what do you know? 4 nice college age 'tuff' guys (for reals they were MMA I heard them talking), all decked out in absolute JayZ type gear, Tap Out etc… symbolism smorgasborg, girlfriend wearing one large skull…..I'm telling you, I live in the Twilight Zone and I cannot get out!!!

      • Voice of Reason on

        Hi, Sarah! I know what you mean…it is almost everywhere. I just received a catalog from The Container Store and on page 14 is pictured a collection of Mesh Desktop Organizers; and dead center, clearly visible inside it is a magazine with one eye on it; and with part of a disembodied face next to that. At first I was going to give them the benefit of the doubt (after all, they didn't publish that particular magazine; but then, on page 17 is a clear Document Case with a different magazine inside it, with a cover featuring what appears to be a Mayan pyramid, with detached capstone that has light coming from underneath it. Coincidence? Still willing to be well…Reasonable, I kept on looking…and on page 39 is a Folding Mesh Cube, with a Backyardigans game inside it.

        Subtle…but still present. Three occurances in one catalog. Not trying to trash the company, but I wonder if these items were chosen deliberately.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Monster High, huh? Why is it considered glamorous to be a dead, pallid, brain-slurping zombie? If you're going to be debauched, at least be fabulous!

        Here's a link to a pic of the dolls…they all appear to have eating disorders (check out those bony arms and legs).

    • yeah, too true! I noticed this as well whilst out shopping and was quite grossed-out about how anybody could perceive skulls as cute, sexy, cheeky, pretty or cool? Erm, the bones of a dead person. Anyone? Did I say DEAD? The people who wear these symbols and covet them are just the follow-fashion braindead the elite/illuminati need to progress their sick agenda.

    • Oh my word you just cracked me up so hard! Being 'reasonable' just ain't what it used to be….I feel ya! My vote is that it is deliberate! Placement advertising is clever, OR….wait a minute….. they just hired an eager kid who is simply providing their base point of reference? Hmmmmm?? In some preppy catalog for desktop organizers of all things…'s almost funny! Almost. While the one eye, disembodied face and pyramid with lit up capstone really just annoy me now, and let me know who NOT to give my money to, I've got babies….so the backyardigans really just pushed me over the edge……you have no idea how hard I'm working double time to guard my little guys hearts and minds – the backyardigans, who'da thunk it???!!!! Please watch this little 2 minute show and read the lyrics – subtlety is once again proven a lost art.

      Knock-kneed, pale skinned, blood drinking anemic vampire dolls… they are just Edwards type! That's where they get fabulous! Up is down and down is up.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Worse and worse:

        I recently received the Pottery Barn Kids catalog (not sure why, since I don't have any). Anyway, the majority of the girl-themed decor and other products feature butterflies…which don't necessarily represent Monarch programming…but most of the butterflies pictured appear to be Upside Down (the wider set of wings is at the bottom, rather than at the top). Not sure what to think of it.

        Boycotting the more blatantly overt companies (to the best of our ability) is an effective way of fighting back (hitting them in the wallet – hard – hurts), and so I encourage everyone here who's interested in doing so to share the names of companies who don't use this kind of imagery on their products or in their advertisements.

        One company which seems okay is Lands End (and for the record, I have no financial interest in it). Anyway, their catalogs don't seem to feature this crap, and their graphic T-shirts have mostly nautical themes rather than death-centric/Satanic ones.

        I welcome any other suggestions.

        Love and Peace to all.

      • i guess some years ago this kind of satanic stuff was only for children of satanist families, oi mean the ugly dresses with dark paints on death, pervert, sickness etc. Now it seems they bring it up to the society trying to push it as a kind of baby fashion. First of all i d rather ask some dumb parents: why the baby must be introduced in fashion from early years? the children shouldn't be spoiled by this kind of rubbish, they should grow up in simple way, out of adult context such as fashion, sexyness, glamour and other sick stuff…i feel vomiting when i see how the children of that actor from "i am a legend" (don't remember his name) are traumatised and dressed up as puppets in adult volgar dresses. Poor little children of so called "stars" put on shoes of high hills, such as the daughter of tom cruise…it is really disgusting, they can't treat the children this animal way…as if they were just toys or dolls to play…if a simple citizen tries to be a little bit severe with own child, probably the parent will be arrested and the child taken away by social services. However those social services don't see how the kids of hollywood are treated badly, nobody worries about their mental serendipity and healthy education…

        guess, today i was thinking that probably satanist families have their secret shops of human meat products and blood…it sounds bizard, but now nothing seems impossible to me in this damned world. I guess they have their shops, food industry which is open only for the satanist families, producing the hams, meat portions of abducted human beings to be killed on sacrifice and then used as meal…they also drink the fresh blood either from the victims abducted or sometimes they buy via sinister channels in hospitals the donated fresh blood. One my friend working in hospital some years ago told me that there were strange privileged persons who secretly came to buy the human blood for drinking. He said they pay very well and it was of course illegal, but he said that those people are powerful, most of hospitals know about it and close an eye on it….so i'm glad that i never donated blood until now to any hospital. Recently i heard about the scandal in europe where some hospitals didn't keep the donated blood in proper way, so they were expired, gone bad, but used on unaware patients anyway…see how the precious human blood and body is treated in our days…

      • It doesn't surprise me that they might run clinics to gain blood supplies as it's screened for pathogens. And you wonder why they can't meet the needs of all hospitals. No matter what the valid concerns are just bite the bullet and donate if you can. At least they won't have to murder some poor sod for a few pints of blood.

  23. Senor Poopy Pants on

    before you dismiss me as a troll i must say that i'm a big fan of VC and his research. the quote 'signs and symbols rule the world' holds some SERIOUS weight yes. but things arent always so black and white. allow me to illustrate. 10 years ago i was very interested in eastern religions and studied them accordingly. having come from a christian background it was refreshing to 'open my eyes' to what the rest of humanity believed. anyhow i was very interested in 'awareness' and expanding my 'awareness' and i drew up an eye and had it tattooed on my left wrist as a reminder to 'be aware' (i tattooed it on my left wrist for work purposes, it could easily be covered with a watch in a professional setting where tattoos might be frowned upon and also i am right-handed) the eye has nothing to do with the illuminati, or freemasonry or left-hand path anything. (i worship God the father and jesus christ as my savior NOT lucifer) i've had people give me funny looks and ask me what the tat means and i tell them it means 'be aware' and they ask 'aware of what?' and i answer "of myself. think about things before i do them or be aware of my emotions as to not get carried away into something i might regret later and also it means to be aware of my surroundings and what's going on at all times" my whole point is that symbols mean the meaning we apply to them. a symbol's meaning can change from culture to culture and from individual to individual. a wise man once said that the devil can create nothing on his own, that he has to borrow from God and twist, invert and pervert to make his mark, and because of this we must stay vigilant and discern what is from God and what is not.

  24. Watching t.v. this pasted weekend, everyone was asking "where were you on 9/11?" the real question should be Where are you now?

    I am not taking to the innocent people who had nothing to do with the lives that we lost on 9/11 but to the guilty…If you want to "remember" 9/11 then Reopen the 9/11 investigation.

    "They" want us to be like Cain and Able. Brothers and sisters fighting with each other and killing each other so that we can do their dirty work.Wake up.Stop feeding the monsters

  25. I totally believe that the "Illuminati" exists, but what i dont understand is what their purpose is and how all these evil practices such as monarch mindcontrol is completely oblivious to the GENUINE authorities not part of the "Agenda".

  26. What – what – what – the hell is the saran wrapped mickey red guy?

    And what – what – my god what – is that supposed to be advertising?

    Help us all.


  27. Has anyone noticed the latest shoes these people are wearing? Like Masha Novoselova up there, Gaga, and others? I've been thinking there's something's very wrong about them, more than just their insane height – and it just occurred to me, are they beginning to look more like cleaved hooves? Baphomet is pretty much a goat.

  28. Tina Fey in Mickey Mouse ears.

    I saw this awhile ago but I've been in complete denial about it. It makes sense though. Her show 30 Rock and all the occult symbolism at Rockerfeller Center. I own all the DVD's of 30 rock and I've noticed lots of owls around as knick knacks in the background. I'm sure there is much more to be added about her like the whole Sarah Palin thing ect. She seems to be playing the game. Makes me very sad as she is so talented. Makes you really think about that scar on her face and how she got it.

    • Red – I am glad you posted this!!!! 30 Rock used to be one of my guilty pleasures a few years ago. It seemed like a funny and clever show! However, it is finally it's true colors now….as you mentioned.

      Check out this Alec Baldwin commercial from SuperBowl for hulo – I will never again watch him, on anything…..this is just sick!
      That is just not right!

      And the last season I watched 30 Rock – they were having Jenna, the dumb slutty blonde, switch in and out of multiple alters continuously, it was quite naseauting (sp? too late)

  29. Is that a black sun behind the 2 on Britney's Vol 2 album? Anybody know where that Mickey torture pic surfaced? Its terrifying!

    The McQueen shoes reminded me of "Him", the cross-dressed devil in Powerpuff Girls. (Off the topic, his outfit also looks like Santa's).

    • yes, it is. The black sun is the alter of normal sun, it is the satanic sun. They stipulate the dark alternative of any good thing may exist or created by God. The normal sun usually is the symbol of fun, happiness, goodness, so the balck sun might be badness, negativeness, darkness and so on…i know, it is sick, but this is what they are.

    • I should have clarified.. in Australia. Ch. 9 is one of the most pathetic channels, hence why it is also referred to as 'nein'- German for 'no' ; )

  30. Here in the UK, I've been seeing an advert for Maybelline's Colossal Volume Mascara(I believe that's the brand that's being advertised), and in it, there is a 'lovely young girl' dressed neck to foot in a leopard/or tiger print bodystocking. Both the girl and the young cat pictured have bright blue eyes. Just wondered if anyone else has seen it too.


    The Comments section has been just as good!

    So many people can now analyze and break down the symbolism!

    I was thinking to myself… When did GOTH/ become so mainstream?

    Counter-Culture arises out of the desire to break away from mainstream culture,

    and define ones own Identity. Now in pop culture we see the fusion of

    Hip-Hop AND Rocker/ Goth. Fused into one thing, now that is mainstream.

    It's A "LIFESTYLE" Aggressively targeted at young children/ tweens.

    Rob Laurence & Sarah Connor made some great points above!

    I was in London this summer, (one of the most fashion forward cities) and EVERYONE,

    was wearing black & white stripe/ duality t-shirts. It was like something out of a movie, watching all these clones walking around I had to document it.

    In the US we see this Goth/ Undead/ Zombie thing hitting critical mass (I HOPE!)

    @ The VMA's we saw Minaj & Cris Brown Dancers wearing SARS masks.

    Walking Dead on AMC, Zombie Island the Videogame. The New Film CONTAGION.

    Let's not forget old favorites like Outbreak, 28 Days Later, and V for Vendetta.

    From what we know about Predictive Programming & "Pop Culture"

    It doesn't take a genius to figure out what they have planned next.

    Our Tax Dollars go to fund "Research" on such delightful things as FUNVAX

    It's much more orchestrated than even I could dare to imagine.

    Peace and Love my Friends,

    And Stay Vigilant!

    • Sick Of Our Death Cu on

      "@ The VMA’s we saw Minaj & Cris Brown Dancers wearing SARS masks.

      Walking Dead on AMC, Zombie Island the Videogame. The New Film CONTAGION."

      I was wondering about those masks, too! Is it for "no-talk" programming or smug pre-disclosure about a biological weapon/attack?

  32. Bring back kind Monsters of mother Gaga through Calderdone….world will be one family……PopHeart is In the Music…look everywhere, my friends

  33. The permeation of these symbols in the entertainment industry is insane! Though, I bet most of the "artists" doing this don't even realize what they are partaking in. I wonder were all this monarch programming even happens….a dungeon….yea, I'm thinking a hidden dungeon under the Vatican!

  34. Candle of the Meteor on

    I just want to start off by saying that the people on here who are bashing gays and other religions need to quit it. I have no interest in siding with people if they're extremely hateful.

    Anyway, on to another topic. I don't know if anyone has seen the "OBEY" clothing line yet, but it is filled-to-the-brim with Illuminati symbolism:

    Their logo (if flipped upside down) is a Pentagram. Everything says "OBEY propaganda" and has all-seeing-eyes all over. Great example right here:

    • Thank you, @bird! I was genuinely curious as to the origins of this. I like to understand where people are "coming from" when they create stuff like this. Just as expected, this guy's work has a lot of the same imagery we've come to know and love. *sarcasm*

      It's worth noting the title of the gruesome MM one depicted above:

      "Getting happy with plastic surgery."

      Quite a loaded statement.

      • Sick Of Our Death Cu on

        Not to mention that "a sweet taste in the mouth" picture…

        (BTW, anyone know why some of these dark people like "widow's peak" hairlines?)

  35. Wow! VC u rock! My goodness I've been reading these comments off and on for hours. I get so excited when others share in with their stories of symbolic pics. This web site has replaced my tv for the whole day. I love everyones comments even the bad ones because it let's me know that there are more people aware of what is going on. I thought it was just me who noticed all these skull and bones on clothing. I even saw an old lady with a demon tattooed on her back. Like the demon is riding her back. Wait and what's with all the lip and face pieces? Why does everyone have little studs or hook rings in their lips? It isn't pretty. I know somebody can clear this one up for me. And I see these people working in wawa, kmart, and even kids clothing stores. They use to have to take them out at work, but not anymore. Grosses me out. Does it mean that they are tough and can endure loads of pain?

  36. I live very near a freemason church,my bf's band has played a show in there once before and im DYING to go in there and see everything for myself

  37. honestly, to the comments previously about being homosexual and not choosing to be gay.

    The truth is, it is your choice to be gay, to be "shunned" by society. granted its not right being shunned but thats just how ignorant society is.

    Seriously, there are plenty of people who are homosexual because they were raped as a child and suffered child abuse but may i ask: where the hell have you been since your childhood to now? You mean to tell me you just sat there and kept upwelling the situation? I mean trust me, we all feel sympathy and we sincerely feel bad but you have to learn to be emotionally detached in a sense, you can't sit here and expect everything to get better. Society falls into a stage of Learned Helplessness where everything is "oh poor me poor me", it's all passive acceptance. people have been through many things in life yet they turned out to be the way THEY wanted to be, and I would know. However, thats just the psychological side of it..I know no more than the next guy..

    • Candle of the Meteor on

      People who say that being gay is a choice are simply using that to hold it against gays in a homophobic way. Listen, I understand that in some cases people's sexuality has been affected by being abused, but that does not mean all or even the majority are because of this.

  38. This set of photos are even more disturbing than previous, especially the model with the extra handlers hands and the tortured looking mickey mouse picture… sigh… the world is getting more into chaos… those who are trying to keep their head above waters, keep trusting in God and help others do the same before it is too late. Peace…

  39. It appears that since Beyonce is all washed up the new Illuminati Poster girl is Miley. Miley is beginning to look so much like Beyonce its creepy…. Just like I think Lady Gaga is replacing Britney Spears as the number one MK Superstar. I expect either Gaga or Cyrus to have a mental breakdown (breaking free from their programming) pretty soon anyway.

  40. These pictures are getting worse by the minute! I mean especially the caps, wouldn't be surprised in the next month if everyone is wearing them. They knew those would sell big time.

  41. No one does it better than you revealing the REAL world .. your efforts in doing so are very much appreciated always !! Long live the truth!

  42. the cover of britney's new remix album is totally shit.

    it isn't even professionaly photo-shoped.

    LOL looks like someone has to find a better music label

  43. Selling Sex with "Dr.Pepper"as you will see or have already caught it before watching the commercial with your (VC vision)haha shout out to VC…You see this seductive act by fergie from "black eyed peas"drinking a sodapop aka ASPARTAME/HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP,while doing so;maybe I'm reading into to it too much but you can spot an unfinished pyramid in the background..then The infamous 666 handsign is viewd with a CLOSE UP!Watch

  44. I love reading this website and people's comments. I'm on the younger side and work in the medical field. I also foster teenagers so I see many people and listen to their thoughts and ideas about life.

    My belief is that it's about a Relationship with God not a Religion.

    Let someone's sexual orientation be between them and their God.

    Be aware of other's, you can't change who they are, you can only lead by example.

    Just my thoughts, I love this website thanks very much Mr Anonymous!

  45. You can’t judge people the lord will have the last say and I’m just goin to tell you be ready for the lord because the bible tells us he will cometh like a thief in the night and don’t let anything lead you away from the lord for he is the only true god,

  46. That second pic of Masha Novoselova, mirrors the one of the main promo pics from Beyonce for her "I Am" album for Single Ladies, etc. (View it here at :

    Its like they are modeling the same pose, shoes and style. I wonder if in addition to the contents, hand gestures, etc. of some of these photos; that the overall body poses mean something as well, (i.e. the bent pose of Beyonce promo pics and Rihanna's Umbrella album pics).

    VC, If you find out additional info. for an article on this that would be really interesting…There's got to be something with that…

  47. Does the miley cyrus pic even surprise anyone anymore? No. The bitch is strange. She is flat out weird and it wouldn't surprise me if she knew she was a damn puppet being used. She is a horrible model for the youth.

  48. Yes Sherri!

    Saw the images last night as well last night via

    I almost fell out of my chair. A quick look at wikipedia shows she will be showing

    up in the new OZ :The Great and Powerful. Hmmmmmmm

    Let's look back a bit, both Michelle Williams and Katie Holmes were on Dawsons Creek,

    and have since been used for breeding purposes for Hollywierds "Top Actors"

    Heath Ledger & Tom Cruise respectively.

    So both of their daughters are obviously bloodline, and will be

    "fast track" to Hollywood fame, a la Drew Barrymore, Willow Smith, etc. etc.

    The MK CULTURE series on Youtube is pretty amazing,

    Cross-Generational Programming is a Must See.

  49. A quick comment on these 'bloodline' children. Fritz Springer notes that children of Illuminati or mind controlled parents are tortured in the womb as for the rest of their lives. They are dubbed Moonchildren. If one were to go to Kerli's website, at the top of her head we can see a link called Moonchild Academy. We click on the link and scroll down and she has posted a youtube vid of a 'moonchild' named Emily playing her song Love Is Dead and wearing an Alice dress. There are other pictures of girls portraying Alice and looking empty-eyed.

    As for Wizard of Oz, one can find the movie Return To Oz with Fairuza Balk playing Dorothy. She is sent to a hospital for electro shock torture because she talks of Oz and no one believes her. The doctor, speaking to her mother about the process tells Dorothy, "Just like the dreams you have, Dorothy. Now we have the means to control these eccess currents". After this electro shock she disassociates and goes back to Oz. All the actors and actresses who have children give birth to Moonchildren. Any praise to this or to make it look cool is sickening.

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