Symbolic Pics of the Week (09/06/11)


Glee star Heather Morris sporting a black eye in another sick Tyler Shields photoshoot. The black eye is also a reference to the One-Eye symbol of Illuminati control and the “domestic violence” theme of the shoot can also be related to mind control by a handler.

She’s losing it.

This ad for a hair product also features a woman with a black eye (one-eye symbol) and a handler in the background. The violent husband/handler is holding a diamond necklace – symbol of material control. Notice the black and white lamps/”pillars” on each side representing duality.

Duncan Quinn, a men’s wear designer, in a MK-themed shoot promoting his ties. He is extremely popular amongst some of the entertainment world’s leading men such as, Sean Combs, Entourage star Adrien Grenier, LeBron James, and even the rockers of Green Day.

Lindsay Lohan as Marilyn Monroe. You probably know by now that all Illuminati Sex Kitten stars must refer to Marilyn in one way or another.

Logo of Angels and Airwaves, a rock group lead by Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge. The logo  is blatantly Masonic as it contains the Square and the Compass, the All-Seeing eye on the left and the Double-Headed Eagle on the right. The latin saying at the bottom Et Ducit Mundum Per Luce is also Masonic in essence and can be translated to “And He Lead the World by Light”.

Weird pic of Angelina Jolie in Vanity Fair. Why is the girl in the background sad?

Arthur Sales in a One-Eyed, Mickey Mouse MK salute

Dolce&Gabanna Ad. Yeah, kids are now flashing us these signs.



      • Man these pics get more and more disturbing each week!

        Btw, notice how strangely upset that poor kid looks in the D&G shot…


      • (Maybe this comment will be clean enough for you Mods)

        The A O K sign is not Satanic, it is not Illuminati.

        Search for yourself and see what other countries view it as.

        The countries that these ads were made in!!!!!!!

      • It is too illuminatic -.-

        If it's not put over the eye, it's not Illuminatic, if he A OK sign is put over the eye, then it's illuminatic.

      • If you NEED it to represent the Illuminati in order for it to fit into your paradigm nicely, then fine.

        Then just look at it like this……The "a$$hole", brought to you by the Illuminati.

        Because regardless of where you flash this homosexual gang sign, it still comes across with the same sentiment. Only the left eye means "I give" and the right eye means "I recieve". Covering the eye means "I do not" give or recieve. It is the same as the back pocket "Hankie code" the gays have.

        See if you can decode this one……

      • @ IamLoneFrog: Who cares whether it's Illuminati symbolism or not, it should disturb you that a young completely oblivious yet very easily suggestible child is promoting a brand name like D & G. The best point in time to indoctrinate a person with a value system and view of reality is when they are a child. You are what you own. Money makes the world go round. War is Peace. Besides Lone Frog, There are tons of one eye symbols that don't involve the A-Okay and also symbols have multiple meanings (especially in occult circles). It's not a coincidence that this symbol permeates throughout the entertainment industry and it's not the only occult symbol used in the entertainment industry. Read books written by known Freemasons and also books about ancient symbols.

      • Daughter of The Most on

        Hey Darrell. The sign over the little boy's eyes means enlightenment. and the A ok sign means 666. It's a ring for each finger. So whenever the A ok sign (666) is over the eye it simply means their eyes of understanding is open. And they've pledge allegiance to Satan to see what u can't see and know what you don't know (but do know, thanks to the HOLY SPIRIT & Vigilant Citizen's website).

    • Art is usually understood as human activity linked to manifestations of aesthetic order, made ​​by artists from perception, emotions and ideas, in order to stimulate awareness in these instances in one or more viewers, GIVING A UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT MEANING FOR EACH WORK ART .

      Yep! This is really an authentic woriship process developing right in front of ours noses, day by day, if not, look at that boy???

      So sad :(

      • Who Wants To Know? on

        I see that you are a follower of The Celtic Rebel. He doesn't believe in Jesus as the Son of God. The symbology may be correct in Brazil, but Satan takes something God made that was/is beautiful and inverts it…like vaginal sex. The OK sign can symbolize anal sex/Sodomy/Sodom and Gomorrah, which is a real place where nothing exists but dirt.

        Can you not see God working in your own life or are you blind?

    • i blame it all on yo gabba gabba that show makes kids act strange and does this to that little boy oh and th parent should be ashamed to do this all for a quick buck this mortified now that's a better word then disgusting this world this generation its ugh whatever happen to Micheal Jackson song "We Are The World" those were the days to remember oh I miss those days

      • Sometimes, I think they "brainwash" kids by putting in a character that a good number of people say looked like a D I L D O!!!!

      • Sometimes, I think they "brainwash" kids by putting in a character that a good number of people say looked like a D I L D O!!!!!!

      • These pictures, these statements, these messages, these translations, these "artistic" creativity – at least so it is called, these "everything" will be interpreted in many ways by many people. This is why it is called art, it cannot mean a singular thing.

        The word of the Lord is new every morning, meaning different things to different people at the same time. While it's meaning is priceless to a lot, more people are beginning to see a "not-so-cool" version of it any longer. Why? we have allowed ourselves, mostly unconsciously, to let our subconscious minds (which "they" are trying so hard to control) entertain a debasing moral standard.

        No longer is indiscriminate sex seen as a sin, it is simply tagged by "a one-night stand". No longer is obscenity regarded appaulling, it is now in fact "necessary" to make us want to "watch" whatever it is they are showing us. I mean, have we not noticed that everything the "elite" are trying to do is negating everything moral and ultimately biblical?

        That kid's posture doesn't come as a surprise to me as shouldn't any of us. Please read "The Illuminati formula to create an undetectable total mind controlled slave" – Fritz springmeier, His parents are probably having sex on the background while the photoshoot was going on.

        God, I pray you, teach us to know thee and help us be spiritually minded to help others who are not aware.

        It is time to act, what are you going to do about this?

    • You know what's even more disturbing? Check out that little boy's left hand…. It's forming the 'O' and '3' which is a subtle way of showing number '6'…. multiplied by 3 (6+6+6)

      A lot of people use that hand sign when they want to say everything is "OKAY"….but that's in fact the satanic hand sign!

      • Continuing what "tellmemore" had to say. The debasing of art and values is part of the strategies to bring in the NWO aka Luciferian/Satanic world order. Heres the list:

        1. Push God out of schools.

        2. Break communication between parents and children so parents can't pass on spiritual values. Do so with excessive child rights.

        3. Remove restrictions on sex. Man must be free to express sex in all forms(homosexual, orgies, beastality,etc.)

        4. People should be free to abort children.

        5. If soul bonds wear out, divorce or cheat.

        6. Defuse Christianity, promote interfaith harmony.

        7. Use media to influence the masses on these values.

        8. Debase art, corrupt music, paintings; infuse it with the occult.

        9. Get the Church to accept these principles so it will become law.

        All this brought to you by Alice A. Bailey founder of Lucifer Trust now Lucis Trust. She was the successor of Madame Blavatsky.

    • This hair Solon ad made the front page of the Edmonton sun, and I notice their phone# and address at the bottom still clear and enabling further publicity.

      • Oh common, its one thing to feel disgusted sitting at home behind a computer, its another when you'd be in their shoes. Most of us would do the same. Why? We will come up with excuses like, with the money I would earn from the industry, I can spend it on good causes…against them. This is a satanic whisper. Otherwise, no label will take me…frustration leads to compromises.

        Trust me, when it comes upon you, unless you have very strong principles and you don't think of money as everything in this world, you will do it.

        When it comes to testing integrity, most succumb.

        So stop blaming the players entirely, blame the game, its handlers and human greed.

      • fallacy in wonderlan on


        I understand the "game" well enough to know that it is orchestrated by dark forces that work behind the scenes, and it is to these forces that my loathe and indignation are primarily directed.

        I also cannot. sympathize with anyone who deals with the devil to further his cause in exchange for transitory pleasures – riches, success, fame, power, etc. – at the expense of the eternal souls that are compromised, dehumanized, and sacrificed in the process.

        however, I do have the humanity to pity them because I wouldn't, even upon my worst enemy, wish the impending judgement that awaits them at the end of this age. I also pray that they may repent and make restitution by exposing this wickedness as we all should be doing. marnatha!

        and for the record, its a mobile phone.

    • Voice of Reason on

      Although there are obvious exceptions, I sincerely believe that a lot of these celebs don't realize the significance of what they're doing. An actor's job is to convey different moods and emotions; and so, if one of them is doing a photo shoot and the art director says to cover one eye, the actor probably assumes that he/she is being asked to come across as 'mysterious' or 'edgy'.

      As far as celebs questioning these symbols, etc., I'm sure some of them have. The Elite, however, have had years of practice lying to us, the general public, so I'm sure that they do the same when questioned by the performers. They probably answer any questions by saying something about 'those crazy conspiracy theorists', and make jokes about 'tinfoil hats'; and then all their cronies laugh; and the celeb, feeling reassured that nothing sinister is going on, probably accepts the answer and doesn't give it another thought.

      The Elite view these performers exactly as they do the rest of us: Non-humans, to be used as they (the Elite) see fit…and then to be thrown away like so much garbage when they cease to be useful/profitable.

      Being employed by the casino industry affords my co-workers and me close contact with celebrities…many of whom are genuinely nice people…so unless the someone is blatantly bragging about 'having Illuminati connections' or something similar, let's give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • Can anyone explain why the creators of these images aren't taken to task by some kind of media watchdog group outside this site?

      • While I can appreciate your comment to a degree, please tell me how the Glee chick up there didn't "realize" there was something altogether f'd up getting photographed like that?!?! Or the necktie around a seemingly lifeless body?!?! Or the look GOOD in all you do including taking a beating from a remorseful generous wife beater?!?! What's wrong with anyone to find suck trash appropriate or is even that ignorant to a disgusting agenda? I'm APALLED at the domestic violence pictures almost as much as I am with the apparently profitable and LEGAL (smh) kiddie porn of Vogue!! People can argue the world has always been a place of depravity which is true. But the degree and the number of people involved is absolutely horrific. Lucifer with the aide of his angels and growing followers is taking this whole world to hell and a culture of death and destruction. It's a very sad thing to witness. Buy my neckties….. They're great for choking whores! Buy our diamonds…. Your wife will not only forgive you for being a psycho, she'll be thrilled because she will be fabulous in that necklace. D and G raising our children right;) Mickey mouse worships Lucifer! Bring you're little ones here and we'll show them a GREAT time and you can help fund our mega corporate child pornography sex rings. I'm gonna quit now. I am just to the end of my rope with humanity. The lust to Lord over other humans is unfathomable to me. I don't get why they even want to.

  1. SICK! Why is domestic violence being touted as cool now?!?!?!?!?! These people are EVIL! Why can't they show happiness, roses, crosses, and…I dunno- HAPPY STUFF?!?! It's because they're EVIL.

      • Because our God was crucified on it and became our symbol of hope that dispells every kind of demon and reminds us the final resurrection of our souls and the personal efforts to gain his kingdom of heavens! This is why the ultimate symbol of hope!

    • If 'cross' is originally supposed to be a good symbol, then why does 'cross' have a negative meaning in the English language?

      Did 'they' assign a bad meaning for this word because it has a good meaning for Christians?

      thus being Anti-Christian

      Or am i being too sceptical :)

      • Your nt being to skeptical – jst moronic. I mean COME ON! Yeah d cross is a symbol of our Salvation in Christianity bt it was also a form of capital punishment. Wen I think happy thots I think I wud think of the man and the joy he brings to us daily – nt d instrument of torture & death dat took him out. The cross is more a symbol meant for solemn reflection. Its jst human nature.

      • @ Lana and

        The cross was used as a torture device for crucifixion. That's not to say that his sacrifice on the cross shouldn't be remembered, but the cross doesn't represent anything good. So to say that the cross is, for lack of a better term, a 'happy symbol' is kind of backwards to me.

        Also, the church border-line worships the cross, which God clearly states is a sin in the 10 commandments. (Thou shall not make unto thee any graven images.) You could argue that the previous statement isn't breaking the 1st and 2nd commandment b/c it's in God's name, but the children of Israel did the same thing when they tried to ascribe God physicality when they worsipped the Golden Calf in Exodus.

    • Voice of Reason on

      They keep bombarding us with domestic violence (and other negative) images in order to dehumanize us; so, when they start 'culling' the population, there will be less resistance, since people have become so acclimated to the idea that humans are worth so little.

      • Indeed. Have you seen the look on kids faces these days? They have this empty look to them.

        How do you conquer a society? You degrade them so much that there will be nothing for them to stand up for. Nothing to fight for when you have a depraved society, culture, ect. Its warfare folks.

        To those people that can't see this or think the statement I just made is silly, means you are gone and you are domesticated. I have lived long enough, experienced things, researched this kind of stuff to know this is truly detrimental. The clue is everything that you see, or take in through your senses affect you. There is a certain way of presenting these images that make them revolting. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for what you will hear about and see. I have heard of things that will be so shocking to you all that you won't believe you are actually hearing some stuff.

        I heard in a few years time, or within our lifetime the ultimate abomination will take place: They are going to legalize pedophilia. The UN has put out a "bill of rights" for children worldwide. Where it states a parent or anyone cannot interfere with a child's sexual development. In other words you can't protect your kids from the PC term for it "inter-generational sex".

        Remain strong folks, and demand we, all of us be left alone by so called government.

      • Junior,

        I totally know what you mean about the blank look. I can't say how many kids I've seen around, with their mouths just literally hanging open, with an odd expression in their eyes. If it is a girl, they are usually slathered in make-up and wearing awful clothing (Miniskirts and camisoles and such. More of their body is showing than not!)

        I wasn't surprised about the U.N. thing you talked about. Not at all. I hate the U.N.

    • A very cool and wise pastor I know once said this:

      He asked, "If Jesus Christ had been murdered with a knife, or a shotgun for that matter – would we all be wearing pretty gold necklaces with knives or shotguns dangling from them?"

      Interesting, huh?

      While there is nothing wrong with having deep respect for the cross and wearing it as a symbol of His love and suffering for us, it is very important to always remember that it can also become an idol that is worshipped in a sense, which is something that Christ was completely opposed to.

      We should, of course, have reverence for what it truly represents, which is His love for us and the fact that He willingly sacrificed His own life on the cross in order to save all of humanity from its sins.

      Just don't get hung up on it (pun intended) in such a way that you forget that it is just another physical object – and an instrument of death in this case. It is not God, and without the true meaning of His life, death and resurrection behind it, it is nothing more than just a piece of gold, or any other meaningless physical object.

      Without faith and the truth of what is behind the symbol, it is meaningless.

      With faith and the understanding of its meaning and purpose – it is everything you need to know in life.

      • curious observer on

        What does not make sense to me is why salvation has to be so complicated. Noone is born with the natural ability to think that God has a son who died on a cross for us.we do however naturally understand right n wrong.surely there will be people who wile never hear or read. About Jesus.what about them

  2. that duncan quinn ad was the morst disturbing….wow…they're really setting up today's youth with this crap…espeacially aimed at young girls…."you wanna have all these nice things…then you're gonna have to learn how to take a beat down"….nevermind the illuminati agenda…they just want them to loose themselves, loose their respect and dignity…shit…..

  3. Such a shame! okay the Glee star with the domestic violence photo shoot. I thought it was really disturbing but not until i got to the Duncan Tie ad and kids Dolce & Gabanna ad. For the kids ad, I can't even stomach this. Why would anyone think this is acceptable,sexy or cute? A I really feel for the kids of this generation. They are exposed to all kinds of garbage society has forcefully spoon fed to them & we have allowed them to do so right in front of us.

    • In the Angelina Jolie pic, she has one eye covered. There is also the mind control 'trick' where 2 children are brought up as 'twins' (even though they are not) and do everything together – ala the 2 Coreys. The handler then tells a secret or instructs one twin to do something that harms the other twin. This 'break of trust' leads to the destructive division of the 'twinship' and leaves the 'twins' even more vunerable to the handler. Even if it's not this – the pic is still disturbing because – imagine this – which 'loving mother' would 'whisper a secret' to one daughter in plain sight of the other – who is clearly upset because of it. Remember when this happened to you in the playground and how hurtful it was? Imaging your mother doing it to you and seeming to enjoy it. And for her biological child – the double whammy is the fact that Zahara is adopted but still gets the 'secret' while she is frozen out. That's why she looks so sad. This leads to the 'breaking' of the child's trust and emotional bonds which makes it easier to adopt mind control techniques (ie. trust no-one but me – your handler) Lets face it, Angelina Jolie is surely MK Ultra herself.

      • as a victim of sexual abuse i can tell u ur so spot on its disturbing, at first i looked at the angie pic and i saw nothing wrong, now with ur interpretation i'm a little worried, angie does good things for the world but i know shes a little disturbed herself and i hope that this is just a photoshoot/hidden agenda thing and that these beautiful kiddies are safe at home and loved equally, i would hope angie would know better than to put her kids through any handler mess =/

      • k, so i agree with lots of stuff on this site. but i think this interpretation is a ssss tttt rrrr eeee ttttt cccc hhhhh on the angelina pic.

        it simply looks to me like a mother playing/talking with one child, and the little one looks like she just got up from a nap and came looking for mommy. and any one who has been around children enough know that they don't always wake up happy and spunky. i didn't see anything disturbing in this picture whatsoever.

        to say she is showing preference for one child over the other sounds like a projection of personal issues, honestly.

      • i suspect of all kids adopted by the hollywood vips…i m afraid they r all slaves bought to be traumatised. Poor children…why jolie or madonna should adopt those children one would question? if they wanted to help the poor people, they should open the schools, hospitals, food stores…but you see, they stole those children…the parents of baby stolen by madonna until now can't get her back, they have screamed to the face of the world that their child was stolen, but nobody gave a damn to the story…

  4. honestly these pictures just keep getting worse every week VC!

    Unbelievable, I know this is random and has nothing to do with these but, you know what I also think is one of the RETARDED things that I have come across, the 50 sec trailer of Kim Kardashians new video clip -______- very VERY friken ridiculously disturbing…

    Here's the link;

    Honestly when I watch the Kardashians I see a loving family, although they are spoiled and very very UN-thankful for the life they have, I see a very unique family etiquette… Kim and her family need to stop being sucked into this material life and realize they will loose each other.. its very sad, the industry will take over bit by bit…

  5. Just goes to show how the puppets of the underworld will stop at nothing until we all succumb. Stay aware my awake people

  6. Their satanic agenda is becoming more and more pervasive each day even…it starts with the odd photo shoot, the realisation that it is wrong then a growing, ever omnipresent mass of pictures.

    The one with Angelina Jolie is quite disturbing – look at the image of the little girl she is holding with her dress shoulder strap exposed down, whispering into her ear and Shiloe I think in the background looking sad and dejected. It is as if Jolie is priming the other girl, Zahara (?) to be the next MK victim. Jolie is someone who is deeply disturbed, deeply into it (her past, her incest, her bisexuality, her bestiality pictures with the horse) and now she has six kids to be groomed in the same vain. She is appalling but also a victim of this abuse – she may not even be conscious of what she is doing as she is mind programmed.

    Now our children – or their children being used, groomed, violated and "MK Ultra'd" to now assault our children.

    We need more wider dissemination of this information, an active and voiciferous protest against it to national advertising and regulatory bodies, to the publications themselves and a super active boycott of all these satanic products.

    It is time to act – well done again to VC for informing us and inspiring us to gain and use this knowledge. Time for action and boycotting this odious filth and its agenda.

    • i think the little blond in the background is Vivienne, the youngest (and twin to Knox). iirc, Shiloh is a little older, more along the lines of Zaharah's age.

      also, and i hate to speculate, but isn't it rumored that the younger Pitt twins may have some mental illness? idk if this is true or not, it's just something i've read a lot on the web. if it's true though, could it be related to this picture somehow? like that they are lesser than Zahara because of that? idk. *wondering*

      • I hadn't heard that about the twins, but I stopped reading anything related to the Pitt-Jolie family long ago. Back when I thought they were awesome humanitarians, I would read a lot from Angelina. There is an article where she admits she feels closer to and appreciates Zahara more because she came from a hard start, whereas Shiloh was just born into it. Even way back then I thought it was pretty awful to be calling out favorites between your children, very dysfunctional. First thing I thought of when I saw this pick.

  7. Ok these pics made me really sad. Can these women be saved from this world. The pic with Angelina is very disturbing because those are her children and the way she is whispering in one of her kids ear looks very sexual. This is heartbreaking.

    • Someone wrote a great song about that once upon a time…

      All the world's a masquerade

      made up of fools and philosophers

      Were it to rain on our charade,

      all washes away, except for our true colors

      If any people bothered looking for truth, please,

      STOP THE WORLD from spinning 'round

      instead we choose to follow footsteps of fools, please

      STOP THE WORLD from spinning 'round

      If nothing's new under the sun for me and you

      Won't somebody please…

      Do unto those as you would do to yourselves, please,

      STOP THE WORLD from spinning 'round

      We need more feet to walk in one another's shoes, please







      • Also this song called Stop the World by Matthew West:

        The TV is talking

        The telephone’s ringing

        The lights are all on

        And the radio’s screaming

        A million distractions are stealing my heart from You

        I’m tired and empty

        This life is relentless

        It weakens my knees

        And breaks my defenses

        It’s wearing me down and I’m desperate to hear from You

        Stop the world I wanna get out

        I need an escape away from this crowd

        Just to hear You speak to me

        I need to be still before I make a move

        I need to be humble with nothing to prove

        I need Your Word to show me the truth

        And I need time, precious time

        Stop the world I wanna get out

        I need an escape away from this crowd

        Just to hear You speak to me

        Stop the world I’m ready to listen

        Show me sign, give me a vision of heaven

        I can hold on to

        Stop the world I need some time with You

        Before I can find my voice

        I need to hear Your voice

        Above all the senseless noise

    • The pic of Angelina Jolie didn't strike me as sexual as much as she was showing favoritism. That's why I think the girl in the background is sad.

  8. Hip-Hop is Dead! on

    At least the child can't fully understand what he is asked to do. The parents and the grown adults however have no excuse and will have to answer for their actions.

    • Unfortunately they can't answer for their own actions, because they are every bit as much MK victims as their children are. Reas "Tranceformation of America" and you'll understand how it all works. Victim breeds victim breeds victim, and that in growing numbers from one generation to the next – a pyramid of victims.

    • wow, i just looked around the website. it's terrible! so many of those shirts are really not for children at all. the "california dreaming" tshirt… interesting it has the mountain top with a cross over it. and of course the "bleeding ramskull" shirt. who would ever put this shit on their kids?

  9. Good thing is that more people would pick up these details today compared to couple of years back when people would laugh at you. The number is on the rising fast. Thanks to VC and many more sites who are working tirelessly to raise awareness. This is the minimum that we can do to save our coming generations.

  10. the more and more blatant these signs become…it seems that the more and more people are blinded and ignorant toward the whole system!

    • I'm wondering if the Lindsay Lohan pic of her as an aspiring Marilyn Monroe personality is also to do with Lohan as Beta kitten, presidential model sex slave because of the diamond [ring] she is wearing. I read that the jewels (diamonds, rubies, emeralds etc) worn are an 'advert' to 'those in the know' of what level sex slave they are!!!

  11. I'm sorry. I don't understand why everyone is so 'disturbed' by images referencing symbols. The domestic violence portrayals I can sympathize with but Dolce Gabana kid is just a kid with his hand over his face. Sure it might represent what we all think it does, but it takes a lot of work to be disturbed by the image itself. Is the child a pawn or a slave to a system he knows nothing about? Absolutely. But think about yourself for a second. Are you not a pawn or a slave to a system you know nothing about? How many of you can admit it? I won't be specific but in this comment section alone I see references to ideals based on ideologies. Being a slave to an ideology or even merely an agenda is equally as bad as being a slave to a corporation. It's all part of the same monster created by the same elite group of individuals.

    • Lomy,

      God isn't asleep!!! He has his arm spread out waiting for us to go to him…but have you went to seek him??? Because if not, then you are one of the many that are lost. And for these Devils that are doing that…they will find sooner or later their destructive path. However, all that we can do is Pray. Believe me that is POWERFUL METHOD!

      Take Care!!

      • Bay State Observer on

        No, prayer is the first step. But it is not the only step.

        There is education, economic boycott, spreading information to those who are open to it, buying from clothing companies who don't promote occultism. Even learning how to make one's own clothes by relearning sewing and crocheting.

        Prayer is the necessary first step, yes. but it is not the only step.

      • You know I am member of no church, I think that it's alone that they are going to take out or there in any case, we must make the first step, show that we want to take out there.

      • Get it Lomy? "You are lost" if you don't seek God. The christian God of course, make no mistake otherwise you're double-lost. Don't try Buddha because that's the Devil too.

        Don't be bullied by Illuminati, try instead being bullied by Christians. They will tell you what to believe, FOR YOUR OWN GOOD of course.

      • hmmmm. seems to me that you're the one coming across as the bully.

        no one can force you to agree with anyone about anything.

        no one can force you to even listen to them.

        seems to me that you have some perception issues.

        just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make them a bully.

        that's a very childish belief.

        and throwing a fit in an anonymous comments section because someone is saying things you don't agree with is very childish behavior.

  12. since when does seeing a battered woman make ANYONE want to buy a product? i am really disgusted by these displays of male domination and violence against women. it teaches the impressionable masses all the wrong things without them even realizing it. i am so sad that this kind of machismo and bullshit is being portrayed as cool/popular/mainstream. everything about this agenda really is so evil. -_-

  13. I'm most disturbed with the Angelina Jolie pic. She WAS one of my favorite actresses and this is just disgusting. It's fine if you want to exploit yourself, you're an adult. Leave your children out of your sick game. It almost makes me cry for them :(

  14. Jesus died 4 Us on

    When one stands back and takes in the whole picture of the Satanic Agenda through the study of world history and Prophecy from the Bible, it becomes clear what is happening in today's society. We are being indoctrinated through subtle propaganda and mind control techniques of the elite through the education in our schools, popular art, movies, and of course music, and New Age philosophies. And as for the Angelina Jolie pic, its a common theme within these Freemasonic lodges to have the two pillars, and as you can see in the picture above with the woman on the couch, there is the symbol of the two pillars, or black and white, good and evil, yin and yang. It is also evident in the Angelina pic (as the men behind the photoshoot planned everything in detail with a purpose) have Angelina holding the dark skinned girl representing evil, and turning her back on the white girl, representing good, or God. One also has to take into account that these men hold beliefs in Evolution and the inferiority in certain races which is probably why they chose to symbolize good and evil in this perverted way. God Bless.

    • Evolution…that sickening Illuminati conspiracy. But I actually think we should be learning a lot from our cousin apes, especially Bonobos, beautiful and peaceful creatures.

  15. While I agree that these pics are disgusting I also think some people need to change the way they react to them…Why are you all still surprised? Knowledge is power, but it can also be a great burden…we all need to be careful about what we do with it. And some of you really need to brush up on your theology.

  16. thank u vc, once again! keep exposing these perves! the angie pic with her kids does look extremely sexual and evil. (i have two little girls and i would NEVER whisper in their ear with that kind of look on my face.) the pic with the little red head boy, omg. he looks like he's being forced to place his hands that way…as if someone is in the background saying, "do it like this…both hands now!" … (these jerks are so criminal!) and last but certainly not least….the domestic violence shoots are seriously saying to the young females, "let him black ur eye so u can have all the material possessions you desire." yeah right! the time for a revolution is NOW.

    oh yeah, the photographer terry richardson. look him up. very perverted individual. disturbing.

    peace, love and REVOLUTION!

    • I don't condone violence, however some individuals have no self-respect & tolerate such behaviours. And if you try to make them see the light and give them some advice when they whine and nag about the state of their lives, you might be accused of being jealous and spiteful -as if.

      -bloody masochists the lot of them-

    • I have to agree that the one with Angelina is not so disturbing to me. I think her lips look sexy because she is saying "shhhh" to the child in her arms… I mean lots of people would think her lips look sexy in any position… I pick up my daughter and her strappy straps fall off her shoulder too so am I trying to be sexual toward my daughter? I'm no big fan of her and there may be other questions to ask about the pic but it being overly sexy I don't think is one of them . The other pix are defiantly disturbing and God will have his way with those parents and people in authority who lead the little children astray.

      • I've read a lot about her and her father on other sites and it's most likely a highly disturbing relationship. After reading so many things about her, every time I see pics of her with her kids (and sometimes Jon Voight) it's just so sad. It definitely adds another hidden level to what we are shown in the media. We are constantly sold this story that they are the most beautiful, happiest, most loving and humanitarian human beings on the face of the planet. In reality, I think it's a lot, lot darker and incredibly disturbing. So this might just be an innocent photo shoot that means nothing. Or it could be revealing things that are going on within that family that are hidden from the world. Just my 2 cents.

  17. That last picture is infuriating! That poor babies parents should be ASHAMED of themselves! He doesn't know what he's doing! Bless his little heart…

    And I TOTALLY saw the Heather Morrison photo shoot coming this week. It SCREAMED MK Ultra when I saw it.

  18. Triste demais isso. Esses anúncios do D&G estão cada vez piores. Ainda por cima com crianças. Só quem não quer ver mesmo pra acreditar que tudo isso seja simplesmente coinscidência.


  20. Those are both Angelinas kids, there is something sick about it. Forget the sad kid in the background, what about the way she is whispering to Zahara. Disgusting!

  21. I don't see the big deal about Jolie's picture to be honest. All I see is a mother comforting her daughter. The strap, well it could have fallen down on its own while the photo was captured. I'm sure I'm looking at a different picture than some of you on here. Plus, you guys are looking way too deep into that particular photo. Just because Jolie is a disturbed woman, does not make her a bad mother. But, hey what do I know yeah?

    The only disturbing ones are the Glee and tie-advert photos. Seriously, that's just wrong.

  22. paisleycerebrum on

    ………this is why i'm terrified of bringing a child into the world. but to the ones who have young children (especially toddlers), please, for the love of God, beware. more so in this day & age *smdh*

  23. wow this is terrible and people still don't see anything wrong with these images or think something is up even if it was art why are they trying to make domestic violence sexy?

    • I read Tyler's bio. He has no formal training in photography. So, how does he have access to all these high profile people? Wonder who he knows?? Slightly off topic, but I guess not, Fashion photographer and noted pervert Terry Richardson has been called out plenty about his behavior towards young female models but not only are charges never filed against him but fashion mags/companies still line up to work with him. He seems to have very protected status in that community, why? I know his father was a respected photographer. Terry's work is of the same ilk, if not worse as the advertising pics we see in this piece.

  24. the little girl in the background of the angelina jolie photo, is her daughter shiloh.. and the little girl she's whispering to is her other daughter sahara.

    sinister as hell.

    • paisleycerebrum on

      i remember awhile back my mom pointing out to me that Angelina seems to put her adopted kids in the limelight more than her biological kids. tbh i tend to forget she actualy bore 2 children…..oh wait sorry, 3…right?

      • She wants her adopted kids to feel part of the family. Her adopted ones started their lives with trauma and furthermore their genetic makeup doesn't fit with the rest of them.. so she has to take it a step further and make sure they integrate well in her family unit. Btw I'm not a fan but I can see where she comes from. My bet is her biological ones are the products of fertility treatments.

    • Bay State Observer on

      Sorry, but the above violates one of the Forum Rules for posting:

      -Proselytizing for or against a religion

      And you are proselytizing for your brand of Protestantism. Please refrain from that in future. Thank you.

      • I disagree. Please provide proof of this violating the forum rules. In fact VC encourages people to seek God. If you are against God it's not our problem. Please refrain from attacking posters' beliefs it's a violation of forum rules.

      • Bay State Observer on

        The poster put up a link to a website for a particular branch of Protestantism and it's teachings. That is a form of proselytizing and therefore violates the posting rules here. There is your proof.

  25. One question, unrelated to the topic. But how much does the Rothschild (One of the supposed main families of the Illuminati) actually own and control?

  26. dont read too many meanings into pictures because we wont know when to draw the lines. for instance, you could say angelina jolie's hair style looks like a pair of horns (take a look at the top of her head). you see, you can read anything to anything.

    though, i felt really pissed at the boy photo.

    did anyone watch the MTV Video Awards? the whole thing looked wierd. What was on katy perry's head? and lady gaga was so moronic (a word coined from moron) dressed as a man. I kinda have the feeling that our revellings and music is not different from the revellings of the people Moses came down from the mountain to see – dancing and worshiping idols.

    • yess i do remember her story. its very disturbing and sad. For we dont really know what really happened, i think they had closed the case? if im not mistaken..

  27. @skegeeace – Well, I'm a dark person, and I LOVE dark themed things, however, I don't like the domestic violence photo shoots and I definately DON'T like the little boy covering up one of his eyes for Ducle&Gabbana. I don't think crosses are happy, roses have thorns, and happiness filled shoots are annoying. It's one thing to be dark, it's another to be illuminati themed so don't say I'm for them.

  28. I like how people are like "DISGUSTING." And "This is disturbing!" Lmao what are you gonna do about it? From where I see it complaining in the comments section of a blog won't change the world…try getting out there and actually making a difference.

    • Are you saying you have? And what would be the point of telling people to go out there and make a difference since people are aloud to post their comments and concerns here. AND how do you know people aren't already doing something about it? So quick to judge, I assume you are speaking to yourself here.

  29. observationalist on

    looks like their repeated propaganda is working, people all over the world are doing their silly little hand signs with no clue as to what they mean…all because of repetition. as someone once told me, the way to get others to remember what you say is through repetition, repetition, repetition

  30. I am spitting mad to see such images of violence against women. The Fluid ad with the suggestion of domestic violence and that a woman puts up with it for the material reward of a diamond necklace is sickening, and the tie ad with the strangled woman is sociopathic. I would not buy anything from these people if I was on fire and they were selling water.

    • I think your subconscious hit upon something without you realizing it.

      If you were on fire, a decent person would never sell you water, they would simply give you water.

  31. According to hadith, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) 1400 years ago he have prophesied that the Masih ad-Dajjal would be the last of a series of thirty Dajjal or "deceivers" (false prophets).[2]

    Muhammad is reported to have said: God is not one eyed while Messiah, Ad-Dajjal is BLIND IN THE RIGHT EYE and his eye looks like a bulging out grape. As you can see they are all covering their right eye, Illuminati wants us to follow this false god that will come in the near future people this is the truth! The sign of the coming of Dajjal: People will stop offering the prayers

    Dishonesty will be the way of life

    Falsehood will become a virtue

    People will mortgage their faith for worldly gains

    Usury and bribery will become legitimate

    Imbeciles would rule over the wise

    Blood of innocents would be shed

    Pride will be taken on acts of oppression

    The rulers will be corrupt

    The scholars will be hypocrites

    Adultery will be rampant

    The liars and treacherous will be respected

    There will be acute famine at the time

    There will be no shame amongst people

    Children would challenge their mothers

    Youngsters would perform marital relationship with their parents

    Many people would worship Satan

    There would be no respect for elder people


    • Link me a source, man. There's no way a prophet would have talked about "homosexuality", a concept invented at the turn of the 20th century. Probably used another word. As for having sex with your parents I don't think that's actually what's happening…it's usually stuff weird religious people do, not normal sane citizens. But hey, who cares about facts anyway!

      If you're very lucky, the end might come this time. Seems like the "end" never goes out of fashion, despite it never happening during the centuries. But, again, who cares about facts!

      • Hey 'man', homosexuality was around waaaay before the turn of the twentieth century, just because it wasnt publicised at much as it is today doesn't mean it didn't exist. You probably got that 'fact' from a website run by a narrow minded science wacko in which case it has no credibility. No disrespect meant but sometimes you have to look beyond the 'facts' to get at the truth

      • You've obviously never heard what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah in which people practiced homosexuality, pedophilia and incest. Research dude before you comment, you seem to know very little.

  32. Another amazing set of images VC. These images are everywhere and being produced and pushed out daily..they're laughing at us, because the masses are so blind!

  33. Anyone notice in the pic w/Lindsay Lohan the part of the sheet that is between her arm and breast is in the shape of a penis????

    I look at these pics every week and every week it doesn't get any better.

    Stay Vigilant!

  34. This site is very interesting, but the comments standard is truly appalling. It seems that it is visited mostly by Christians all too happy to see the Devil at work everywhere.

    First of all: beaten woman. Of course I find the ad truly disgusting. Christianity has been one of the main advocates for women's submission, men's violence against women has been legitimized through the Scriptures. The Scriptures abound with violence against women and openly declare their lower-status ( see St. Paul for example). Of course many PROGRESSIVE christians have tried to stress the liberating aspect of the Scriptures against its oppressive one. They have done so by placing the Bible's stories in an historical context- they have therefore taken the liberty to interpret it. It's a pity though that many Christians believe the Bible should be followed LITERALLY.Well, these Christians should first look deep at themselves before regarding the beaten woman's ad as a work of the Devil.

    Being a woman is tough, whether you are in a Christian or in a Satanist setting. In one case you must shut up, raise the children, clean the house and obey your lovely husband with a smile- in the latter you are made in to a sex slave by a handler. Seems more like the two sides of the same coin IMHO. What strikes me about this site is that it mostly exposes MALE DOMINANCE TOWARDS WOMEN, with the whole monarch possesion, sex kitten simbology. Whether this kind of domination is true or only symbolical it makes no difference- it works.

    CHRISTIANS, if you are truly disgusted by the pictures you see, why don't you start thinking about MALE DOMINANCE OF WOMEN in the Holy Bible? Wht don't you expose it and criticize it, verse by verse?



    By the way, I'm male, committed to expose the works of the Devil as patterns of male dominance towards women. Only by giving more power and responsibilities to free, indipendent women we can hope to see less and less of this crap on our magazines and our television screens.

    • You need to understand that all monotheistic religions practising the oneness of God alone have been subverted, attacked and even the books changed or its doctrines whilst paganistic religions and non-God religions such as hinduism, buddhism and every other ism have been promoted.

      If you look at most Christian sects today they practice idolatry, paganism, trinity, which is against true Unitarian Christian practices as with Judaism as with Islam it was all about submitting to God – that is what Abraham did as he was neither a jew nor christian as the Torah and Gospel were not revealed after him. Did he worship Christ? No. Did he associate partners with God? No. He believed in the Oneness of God – a concept destroyed in modern Judaism and Christianity and some Moslem sects.

      They have attached monotheism as it is their biggest enemy

      • I don't really get the point and I don't understand what this has to do with the issues I'm raising.

        I'm basically writing about women being exploited by religious thought ( whether "good" christianity or "evil" satanism).

        I think any "-ism" is ultimately oppressive. And all this crucifix-waving against these pictures is quite childish.

      • It is also very easy to see how the ruling elite at any point in history do everything they possibly can (mass media propaganda being their biggest weapon now) to ensure that they keep Christians, Jews and Muslims divided and distrustful, fearful and hating each other.

        This is and has always been Satan's primary goal and greatest success in this world – keep God's people divided, and not only divided from one another, but in the process, divided from God, our Creator – there is only one, and He loves all of us more than we can possibly understand yet, regardless of the human labels we put on our faith.

        As long as Satan and his ruling elite minions keep God's people in fear and at each other's throats, we are unlikely to finally figure it out and recognize who our real enemies – both spiritually and physically – actually are.

        They don't call him the great deceiver and the father of lies for nothing.

    • @ robinseeds… i've noticed that you've left quite a lot of negative comments on this site and its pretty obvious that you have a lot of unresolved issues particularly with religion. I don't know, maybe your parents sent you to Sunday school and the the nuns weren't all that nice and thats left you with a bitter taste in your mouth in regards to religion but listen dude, its not nice to come on here and slate these peoples beliefs. At the end of the day they're not hurting anybody with their words, they just use this site as a place to vent. Ridiculing them and posting sarcastic comments is completely immature and from some of your comments, i can tell you're an intelligent guy, just that maybe you've got a little lost along the way. So please have some consideration. No ones forcing you to view this webiste, if its not to your taste then don't visit it anymore.

      In regards to your query about women, yes it is true that both religion i.e christianity and the illuminati oppress women in some way but the thing is that religion doesn't mean to oppress women, it just acknowledges that women are the weaker species (and they are whether they like to admit it or not, and yes i am a woman so i'm unbiased), therefore, religion encourages us to take the role of the homemaker in order to protect ourselves from men (obviously not all men, just those that are out to oppress women). But the difference between religion and the illuminati is that religion isnt sinister, its not evil and it certainly doesnt set out to hurt people whereas the illuminati does and not just women either but defenceless little children. Plus, i think its also to do with the way that men reinterpret religion and use it as a mechanism of oppression; im a muslim and i have noticed this a lot in Islam but we have to acknowledge the fact that there will always be inequality between the sexes and thats something we'll never be able to change. But you can be damn sure that if my future husband tries to force me to do the dishes then i'l throw the dish towel in his face

      • Well, Truthteller, I thank you for reading attentively what I write and taking your time to write a serious response ( I'm not being sarcastic). I visit this site because I find it interesting, even if a bit over the top in its assumptions. Thanks to information present here I have the tools to decode messages coming from the media which otherwise I wouldn't have grasped. I'm very concerned about what's being bombarded every day on today's youth, especially because it's very distracting from real issues. Now, some people see it as literal work of the devil, some don't. The outcome is the same: brainwashed youth, manipulated by political elites, using sex bound to violence.

        I have no trauma as far as religion, but you might want to go and speak to some people who really have had their life ruined by religious istitutions. I think that if you really mean good and seek the truth you must be prepared to question religion and God itself. Passive obeyance to religious institutions is in my opinion satanical. Religious fundamentalism is hardly ever followed by those who impose it on others.

        I'm a man who will always search for indipendent, free women. I want to provide and be provided for, the only rule is love and respect. I don't want to theorize on the status of man or woman on this planet because every person is different.


  35. The status of women is the litmus paper that shows whether we are living in a godly or satanical world. The fact that in both a traditional christian society and in an ungodly luciferian world women are subjugated shows that this opposition between "good" and "evil" is a false one. Restore credit to wise women, to women shamans and both traditional christianity AND luciferian/illuminati control will crumble.

    • ya, i don't see where traditional Christianity subjugates women.

      i see where MEN have subjugated women, based on their own personal interpretations. this has to do with their own issues of inferiority and/or superiority, and absolutely nothing to do with Christian doctrine. nothing, nada, zilch.

      • This is an interesting observation. I mean, there are loads of examples showing the lower status of women in Hebrew patriarchal society and passages explicitily stating their submission as a good thing. ( and the whole God-husband/ Israel-wife symbology with all it's implications) BUT it's true that Christianity does have liberating aspects that should lead finally to women's emancipation ( and acceptance of gay love). I'm not anti-christian at all. I'm against fundamentalism of any kinds. So yeah, it's not Christ's problem but MEN'S problem.

    • What was? I see your demonic one-eye winking emoticon has been removed.

      Good job, VC! Stay vigilant! Fight the power!

  36. Some of these comments make me feel even worse than the pics. Please, do not talk about things you do not know.

    These comments show that knowing what these symbols mean does not mean that you are above it all.

    We all need to make a change in our lives. At the and of the day, you are the only part of the universe that you can change. But don't just sit here and weap over these children. That is what they want…FEAR, HELPLESSNESS, ANGER. You can not beat evil with evil.

  37. Logo of Angels and Airwaves, upside down V, right side up V, Upside down V…similar to VW…gematria Vav letter is sixth letter in the Hebrew aleph-bet.

    "As the number six, the VAV denotes physical completion. The world was created in six days, as explained in Genesis: The first word of Genesis, Bereishit, (‘in the beginning’), can be broken up to form 'He created six' (Barah Shit).

    The letter VAV, as symbolic of the number six, signifies physical space. Every self-contained object has six dimensions: right, left, front, back, up and down. It is said that the six days of creation also relate to these six dimensions.

    The word VAV means ‘hook’, alluding to the connection between the inherent symmetrical and asymmetrical states in nature which maintain equilibrium…."

    Physical completion like the completion of a pyramid?

    "The letter ו Vav is a connector; it makes a connection, a bond. Vav is a channel, the means through which forces go from one place to another. This is why aside from being a letter and the number six, Vav is also the Hebrew word for “and.” Of course, in any sentence the word “and” is a connector, a bridge. We say “you and me,” and what connects us is “and.”

    "Vav represents the upright man."

    • Amen! Better send them to the parish recreation centre or to some Magdalene school and get them raped in the name of the Lord. Or why not try the Jesus camp? BRAINWASHING is BRAINWASHING- whether in the name of Christ or in the name of Lucifer.

      • Blaspheming God will not help you friend. That's exactly what the enemy that is controlling the Illimunati wants you to do. Stay positive and post positively. At this point, if I were you I would ask the all mighty God for forgiveness. I'll pray for ya.

  38. Do you know what it means if a man literally wears a key as necklace? I saw this twice during the past two months and one of these men usually shows symbolism of being programmed, like sex kitten, but also of knowing about monarch programming. The German weekly newspaper Die Zeit has a similar old fashioned key in its crest that appears at the top of the front page.

    This week Germanwings advertised with offering 666.666 cheap flights. And as you want to unsubscribe to their newsletter and are asked for the reason, there is a air hostess to the left of the screen doing the "one eye".

  39. May I suggest two films/movies I recently saw which are very weird and underlying info detected. 1. – Antitrust. Came out in the earlier 2000's starring Rachel Leigh Cook and Ryan Phillipe (not sure I spelt that correct.) This is on computer programmers and how a top Computer company recruited or killed those that would not sign on board with him. He basically stole the computer genius's code by spying on them. He lived in a huge monster mansion and it just seemed so "BILL GATES" to me. Who knows how many programmers actually die for their coding. 2. – Independent Flick called Kaboom. Total NWO / Secret Society / Coming Prophecy / Anti Christ themes. Really weird. But good.

  40. Jesus, I really find this site interesting but I'm really disgusted by the amount of fundamentalist Christians hanging around. Is there anyone here just in for some knowledge of symbols without promoting a religious/apocalyptic agenda of their own? I dare to say, is there some kind of critical Agnostic in here? Otherwise I will just feel compelled to boycott this site. Thumbs up if some comments disturb you even more than the actual pictures! I hope I'm not the only skeptic in this place!

    • I hope the Rapture comes soon and takes you self-righteous lot to heaven, so that we normal humans can live our human lives here on earth. 😛

      • Self righteous much, robinseeds? A mirror could be put in front of you while you're pointing your finger at others. A lot of us that believe in the Rapture don't go by our own righteousness (because just like your's our righteousness is hopelessly flawed) we believe in the righteousness of God as given to us in the Holy Bible. You can accept it as truth or reject it, but be honest, you're not above self righteousness.

      • And those of us that is waiting for the rapture can't. Wait to leave you here either. You know you shouldn't. Mock or make a mockery of. GOD. BUT IM sure you already know this, since you made reference to the rapture

  41. You're welcome for the Heather Morris pics, lol jk. I think that photoshoot is super sick and I also think the Glee episode she did where she performed Britney Spears's music was really symbolic. I don't remember what they said exactly what about Brittany/Britney but they were basically describing a mind-controlled state

  42. That picture with angelina is strangely sexual. notice where her hands are and how the little girls dress straps are pulled down

  43. peanutsandcoke on

    Angelina Jolie…Masonic father, wore a blood-filled vial around her neck, UN (Satanic World Government) Ambassador, Elitist, recently purchased a massive french mansion – the Chateau Miraval. Has a brood of kids perhaps resembling the sick Denver International Airport mural. Is depicted as a Humanitarian all over the world yet all photo ops are planned to make her appear like a Mother Theresa. Has the following tattooed on her lower stomach:

    "Quod Me Nutruit Me Destruit” – (What nourishes me also destroys me.) Sounds a little satantic.

    In a 2007 interview on self destruction…

    Angelina Jolie gave a rare interview to OK! magazine in which she has revealed she was sexually active in kindergarten (can we say Pedophile victim??). She says she would take off her clothes and ‘made out’ with boys. Here's some of the highlights of the interview…

    Angelina on her childhood games:

    “I was a member of a group called the Kissy Girls. I was VERY SEXUAL in kindergarten. I created a game where I would kiss the boys and give them cooties. Then we would MAKE OUT (remember, this is kindergarten) and we would TAKE OUR CLOTHES OFF. I got in a lot of trouble!”

    Angelina on cutting her first boyfriend:

    “I had started having sex with my boyfriend and the sex and the emotions DIDN'T FEEL ENOUGH (sexual disconnect?). I was no longer a little girl. In a moment of wanting to feel closer to my boyfriend I grabbed a knife and cut him. He cut me back. We had an exchange of something and we were covered in blood, MY HEART WAS RACING (WTF??). Then whenever I felt trapped, I’d cut myself. I have a lot of scars. It was an age when I felt adventurous and after a few beers things happened.”

    What the hell is she about? And, now she has children??? She is absolutely a victim of Satanic Hollywood; trouble is she is now one of them!

  44. peanutsandcoke on

    Although shocking, I think the Heather Morris pics are more about getting women to reject and even hate anything to do with domesticity and family instead of it being the obvious housewife abuse scenario. The PTB are sending a clear message that housework or more importantly anything to do with creating a 'Home' environment is abusive and to be abhorred by all young women.

    This is all part of the Illuminati plan to completely break down families and confuse genders. Mothers will not nurture and care for their children, and create a loving home. Fathers will not protect and provide for their families. All this is orchestrated so the 'State' will raise children. Just as they did in the 1950's with the Women's liberation movement, the Rockefeller's wanted all women out of the home and working so they could collect from the other half of the populace and force children into daycare and school. Remember the CIA funded Gloria Steinem's MS magazine.

    Young women all over have seen this Ad by now and whether consciously or unconsciously, will now believe that anything to do with families and raising children in a well-kept and loving home is to be shunned. Many, many women truly love being mothers, wives and home makers but that doesn't fit with the Agenda as all are to work for the trickle up system and all children are to be raised (trained) by the PTB.

    • Yes, very good observation! The whole family unit is being ripped apart and people are confused as to why they feel so lonely and isolated. DUH! If families were more of a unit, this whole financial crisis would not be as difficult for people. You have one-parent "families" trying to make it. Kids in daycare having strangers raise their children from VERY young ages. It doesn't work. Look what kind of kids are out there today. It's purely evil the agenda set out to destroy two-parent families. I see a HUGE difference in the families with two parents and one parent at home with kids. STRIKING differences. People have sold out on being good parents for extra $$$$.

  45. the girl in the background of the pic with angelina is her daughter, shiloh. She's probably sad because she's sick of her mother adopting one kid after another.

  46. @ Jesus died 4 us

    I think ur racist. U mite nt no it bt deep dwn ur a bigot. I mean wtf do u mean black is evil an white is good?! Dats jst sad! Stop spreadin hate! As for all u who think dat Angelina pic is sexual – ur all a bunch of pervs! Its jst a stinkin picture! U guys really need to calm dwn!

    • Everyone is entitled to their own opinion which gives you no right to attack theirs. Why don't you leave your own comment on the pics instead, it's alot more fun and you won't feel bitter.

  47. eternity and infinit on

    the a-ok sign can also be a mudra of enlightenment, when facing palm-upwards (think of meditators sitting crosslegged)

    we should reclaim the symbols that have been corrupted.

  48. Dr. Octagonapus!!!! on

    cant believe the parents are allowing their children participate in this bullshit! thats why little kids are so fucked up in the head now=/

  49. if you guys notice in rihannas video the sex candy one, as the man was writing on the paper they sortof showed it but it was blurred and we paused the tv and the video and the paper said rihanna queen of the illuminati and to have proof watch the video in the news paper one and pause when they guy is writing in the paper and you will see for your self

  50. Someone's Aunti on

    Look at his hand pointing down…like baphomet! The little boy. That's messed up! I'm even beginning to be turned off by some of my favorite designers! Wow! The Bible is right – you can't love God and the things of the world. This world is falling for Satan's tricks like nobody's business!

  51. This if f;£kin disgustin'. Sorry for the foul language people but that last picture REALLY, REALLY p(*ssed me off. I would never EVER let my child do such a horrible photoshoot – 1) Making a child look materialistic by wearing those expensive clothes which so many people worship but 2) Making him do an evil, EVIL pose like that. I swear if I ever find out who was behind this photoshoot, I'll gouge out both their eyes and remove their thumbs, index fingers, and pinkies so they could never salute Baphomet, Satan, Lucifer or whatever the hell you wanna call him, again. This is sick and wrong and people in London we should've rioted against these things NOT looting cornershops. We would've without a doubt sent a reply to the Illuminati: you can't f*^k with us any longer…

  52. Discovered a good way for the Vigilant community to spread awaress.

    Just go to the Wiki pages for these "stars".

    Beyonce :
    Katy Perry :
    Natalia Kills :
    Please rate each wiki article 1s on all counts. The music industry has exploited Wikipedia and has turned these pages into adverts for the artists.BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK! Please tell Wikipedia what you think of wiki articles with no real info in them!

  53. Take a look a Suri Cruise. Little 'high' heels, and LIPSTICK. Yes, bright, red lipstick. I know little girls like to play dress up, but every time she's photographed out she has lipstick on. WTF? She's FIVE years old!

    Is her mother so out of it, so controlled that she is completely numb to the messages she is sending her little girl and all other little girls around the world?

    I am shocked and dismayed that both parents are allowing this. Great day for Pedos, I guess.

    • Her mother always looks so sad, like a captive. What kind of twisted stuff are these Scientologists into? They also give Suri penis-shaped gummies candy! Google that pic.

  54. CourtneyDelilah on

    I guess its sexy for women to get beat up now… Seventeen magazines (fashion and dating magazines for young women and teens) they have pics of that one eyed crap in pretty much every issue now its the stupidest thing ever. Some issues also tell you how to be the best hookup, thats wonderful tell teenagers how to go around kissing and who knows what to a guy you barely know. Im only 21 and even i think its ridiculous

  55. I am bowled over, absolutely shocked and horrfied. Glee is aimed at teens and kids, what are they supposed to make of seeing Morris like this?! The Fluid ad and the Tie ad are just sick through and through. How could anyone but an actual psychopath or a total moron think this is sexy or cool. It's not art! They're not at f*V%ing art school. They're selling something. A new low in Adverising. Makes some of the Benneton Campaigns look healthy. I'm glad the hair salon got vandalised. They asked for it.

  56. The pic of the model drinking the water from the iron is clearly sexual. The iron is a phallus because of the pic below of the same model holding the iron to the man's crotch.

  57. Okay. I agree with 99% of the things on this site. But Tom Delonge? Angels and Airwaves? Sure. The cover looks questionable. But Tom Delonge has also publicly spoken his opinion on 9/11, that it was an inside job. He has spoken out.Do your research. AVA is not all over mtv. The music is uplifting. No "hidden messages". AVA is not on the radio. Ive been a fan for a long time.

  58. The picture with Angelina Jolie I'm not quiet catching what's going on there symbolically? Would someone care to break that one down a little more?

    And the salon photo is right from my hometown, the sad thing, this photo was out for months and not brought to any attention until someone in New York of all places denounced it for promoting domestic violence. What division this has brought here, believe it or not there are a lot of people here DEFENDING the salon and the owner still.

  59. That pic of Angelina comforting the colored little girl makes me so angry.. It's obvious what they want to say with that picture; "Care more about your adopted child, and less about your biological child"… That is a horrific, sad, provocative picture in every way.

  60. Wow those glamorous domestic abuse shots are absolutely disgusting and creepy. Makes me wonder how anyone could not question these photos and just pass them off as 'art' or 'fashion' or whatever. Those poor children too =( So blatant!

  61. OMG.

    This pictures get more and more disturbing.

    And why did everybody start to make all ads with a woman with black eye or domestic violence all of sudden?

  62. I just can't believe that black eye shoot. It's outlandishly horrible. How does this stuff get past sponsors, image consultants, etc?

    Just awful. Glad you are drawing attention to it.

  63. Did yall not notice the Lindsey Lohan photo the sheet by her arm is shaped like a penis did yall miss this it stuck out like a sour thumb omg.

  64. the last one is just disturbing… poor kids.. u can really tell they force them to do these. the way he is also trying to do with the other hand (ive observed how little kids act) and this is exactly after what he was told to do is doing this

  65. You know, pretty much the world over the "A-O-K" hand sign means a$$hole.

    Do your own search and find out just how many countries the world over know this.

    Ignorance will not get you off the hook!!

    Now, do you think French Vogue should be put out of business for its little girls in lingerie?

    How about Italy (Dolce and Gabbana) making little boys flash you the a$$hole sign.

    Time to get this straight VIGILANT CITIZEN, since you are putting it out there so much.

  66. Even if the triple six hand signal really were to just mean, "asshole"… what does that have to do with the French loungerie?

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