Symbolic Pics of the Week (08/13/11)


Anthony Keidis, the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers as a one-eyed transhuman robot. 

2PM (yet another K-Pop group in the pics of the week) being as blatant as can be

2PM again in a disturbing Illuminati tribute. Does it bring back a bad memory?

Iraqi detainee that was tortured by American soldiers in Abu Ghraib prison (2003)

Anna Kendrick from Twilight

Serbian pop star Jelena Karleusa

Jelena and Baphomet head: get a room.

Katy Perry.

Programmed to be a sex kitten. Look at the eye.

Popular french singer Yelle: sex kitten.

Jessie J

Kurt Cobain’s daughter Frances Bean Cobain. I sincerely hope she is not being introduced to this.

Advertisement for a Mozart tribute concert – who was a prominent Freemason. The stage is reminiscent of this Masonic image depicting Masonic degrees.

Can’t really add anything to this one.



      • sorry for replying up here – I'm having technical difficulties. The other pics that were recently released of Frances Bean were far more disturbing. I don't know if you saw them, VC.…

        I know people on this forum seem to like Courtney as a victim.. but she could have easily "handled" Kurt.. and now his daughter. I'm not a Courtney hater. I saw Hole in concert years ago – but now that she can speak online her personality is disturbing. She clearly can't handle being anything but the center of attention – good or bad.

        Pray for Frances. We may never know the truth but her dad is forever gone.

      • Awesome post selfdestroyed. And poor lil Bean! I knew it! Look at her sad eyes…..I don't see Courtney as a victim at all! And yes I had Hole's album and saw them live too. She made babydoll dresses and combat boots cool for a time. BUT….she is trash. Admitted on late night that she hooks up with Gavin from Bush….while he is with Gwen, all in the name of partying like rock stars. Lil Bean didn't stand a chance…..this makes me sad. I really hope she can escape this sick industry and get some peace and some positive adult role models and influence. She has been through enough……I truly believe Kurt would be horrified.

    • Vigilant Sheep on

      Dang.. ever since Avatar blew up the way it did, I started to get really nervous for Zoe.. :/ It seems like every photo she takes now she has less and less clothes on.

      Avatar basically filmed her naked. Sure it may not have been nothing more than softcore porn at the max for us adults, but imagine what that naked feminine body shape does to an 8 year old boy's imagination after watching her naked figure, for 3 hours…in 3-D. She's still a very talent actress nonetheless it just sucks to see her and some of these other artist/celebs being used as satan's PAWNS. I never get angry at the artist in these photos, (unless they KNOW what they're doing like Jay-z or Gaga), I get mad at their handlers. I feel sorry for those artist in the "unknown" because they have no idea of the danger they are representing. These are artist that have no backbone or moral ethics, and will say "yes" to any and every idea thrown their way. These are exactly the type of artist that the elite and these labels and industries search for now because those are the types that are easiest to manipulate. And I'm saying this because it becomes obvious after a while (For example, Rihanna when she first came out compared to her image now or Kanye's music content from his first album "College Dropout" to his latest new album with Jay-z titled "Watch the Throne").

      Anyways, Great job as always on the work V.C. These 'Symbolic Pics of the Week' must be getting easier and easier for you each week because todays media is FULL of spineless talents that won't question their handlers authority. But I suppose that's not a fair statement for all since some of these artist were trained through Disney at a very young age (Brittney Spears, Timberlake, Aguilera, Lohan, Miley Cyrus and her little sister etc).

      I guess when satan starts to run rapid through the media and entertainment, the only thing left to do is pray :)

      (Psalm 91)

      • face in the crowd on

        I wish you'd stop refering to these subjects as artists. The people holding and pointing the camera could be considered artists, although boring, kitsch and obsessed with vanity, if you're askin me (I realize noone asked..)

        Hopefully everyone here know what imitates what….when thinking of art and life. Conformity earns a living now. As it is passed around as "art".

        Anyway. Zoe Saldana is just another skanky conformist.

      • I just got one nit-picky point about your otherwise brilliant post….

        Your issue with nudity, is sort of a double edged pitfall. Here is the issue, nudity is the way god made us, clothing is entirely a vice of man, originally to protect ourselves from harsher environments and elements. The idea of covering god's creation being a moral concept is by it's self absurd. And all you religious zealots can rant and rave, but you will not find a passage where any profit of any faith actually outlined such decencies. There is no rule of length for skirts, or height of neckline, or width of midriff. The only exception This is a double twist trick played upon society. Firstly we are taught that our god given forms our vile things of sexual depravity and that we should cover them, secondly we aqe taught to desire the freedom to display and explore our depraved flesh *though it is still morally wrong* like the popstars we see on tv. The latter is given most of it's power by the denial and shame we are initially taught to feel towards our own flesh. But our bodies are just that, our bodies, regardless of how we cloth them, it is the intent and nature of the minds they house that defines them. If our minds are oversexed, we see tits and ass. if our minds are pragmatic and balanced, even a naked body is just a vessel made of limbs and organs.

      • Vigilant Sheep on

        ^In response to Mean Kitty,

        I understand your subjective view on the nudity part of my previous comment. However, I still feel the same way though after reading your post and here's why:

        Yes, God created us in the Beginning, man and female, both naked in the Garden of Eden. Their was no need for Adam and Eve to be clothed since their was virtually no sexual lust (sin) at the time in the Garden. As a matter of fact, Adam and Eve were essentially husband and wife in the eyes of God anyways so why have clothes? (I'm sure if me and my wife were the only two human beings walking the Earth we wouldn't care much for clothes either! lol)

        But if you read the Book of Genesis, notice that once Adam and Eve let SIN enter into the world through eating of the Forbidden Tree, the Bible said that once they ate their eyes became OPENED and that they ran and went to clothed THEMSELVES. Notice that this all happened as a result of disobeying and letting SIN enter the world. So you're right, God created us initially to roam naked – before sin entered the world. And ever since sin has entered this world from that very day, I would say that it's almost impossible for a [heterosexual] male to look at an attractive naked female body and not have lustful desires. The reason being is that all human beings are BORN into sin now because of Adam and Eve (thankfully those who trust in God can now have God's forgiveness and grace when we repent for our sins, 1 John 1:9). We weren't born (ie. created) sinless like Adam and Eve were prior to eating from the Tree, so repentance is mandatory for every human being that wants to inherit the Kingdom of God.

        Today when humans look at the attractive naked opposite sex, we automatically lust now due to our sinful desires that we are born with. That's exactly why Playboy is considered 'lust' in the Eyes of God and not 'art'. The thing is, God always looks at the heart (ie. our intentions). The Bible tells us that everything created by God, in and of itself, is good. But I can assure that 99.999999…% of males do not look at Playboy centerfolds as "art", rather, a means to satisfy our sinful, lusting appetite. It's us sinful human beings that have distorted what God has created now simply because of our sin that we're born into. That's why I so strongly believe that homosexuality is an abomination against God, because if God wanted "man to be with man" then he would've created two Adam's and mankind would've began and ended with just those two people.

        Now I by no means consider myself to be "religious" anymore. Religious people don't think for themselves and are too caught up in tradition (Pharisees). I am a Christian, saved by the Blood of Jesus, and I consider myself very spiritual and I enjoy my personal daily Walk with Christ. And according to Romans 10:9-10, I have been made right with God and sin no longer has its power over me, despite still being here in this sin-filled world.

        With that being said…

        Going back to my first comment, an 8 year old kid that has no moral values and has most likely already been exposed to sex through today's media, is NOT going to look at a naked lady's figure for 3 hours in 3-D and think "art" (at least that's certainly not what I was viewing it as when I was introduce to softcore porn in junior high lol).

        So I don't really look at the excess nudity exposure in today's media as a "double edge pitfall". Nudity today is a tool that Satan himself can use to capture our minds into a state of LUST if we're not 'vigilant' (ie. the 'Sex Kitten' agenda discussed on this site).

        God created our bodies to be attractive to the opposite sex. I know that they're some nudist (artist) in this world who actually DO see the God created beauty in the creation of the naked male and female body. But I assure you, an 8 year old kid on the verge of puberty (which seems like its occurring younger and younger these days) is NOT going to look at Zoe Saldana's naked, 3 dimensional feminine figure with "artful eyes". All of the nude and sexual images that we see on TV, movies, commercials, ads, and the internet today are all promoted by LUST. And as the saying goes unfortunately, "Sex [lust] sells."

        I kinda overtyped in this response but I guess what I'm trying to say is that EVERYTHING that is portrayed to us through the media has a purpose. Everything. The elites are the ones that know this, the majority of masses however are still caught in a state of coincidence and denial.

        My motives are never to argue or offend anyone, so if this came out that way then I do apologize. I respect your opinion very much because it at least shows that you are able to think for yourself. However, this is just how I feel in my spirit about the constant nudity and exposure that are pushed down our throats persistently through today's media.

        God Bless.

      • Interesting fact, Zoe was quoted as saying that she couldn't sleep months after filming avatar and she would cry at night. I forget where I read it but it definetly worth googling….

      • You couldn't have said that any better ! I agree w/ you 103 % ! You made a good point by mentioning Kanye's first album to NOW ! A complete difference in his lyrical content !

    • Don't Shoot ME on

      Everyone on this site I inform you watch this episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer: I Robot, You Jane. Including you VC it's veryyyy frightening! Please!

    • SICK, isn't it?!?! Man, oh, man, if people can't "see" the spirit running this "show" by now, I feel sorry for them. May GOD open their eyes!!! And not just ONE either!

    • they keep on pushing the boundaries i get that they're trying to make it seem fashionable or help them in they're careers later in life but why are they trying to make it look seem trendy nobody not gonna were a "one" eyed patch or wear a shirt thats represent the devil especially the Christians they just need to stop its very sad i'm a disgusted they just need to stop it it just proves the fact that jesus is coming real soon

  1. "Can't really add anything to this one." VC cracks me up… lol that girl from the twilight is in it all the way through.

    God bless them all.

    • Caitlin, you probably didn't mean to write, "The one of the tortured american soldier is disturbing", but just in case you missed the news for the months that the torture in Abu Ghraib was being exposed: The American soldier was the one doing the torturing not the one being tortured.

  2. I die a little inside everytime I see the one Anthony Kiedis…I love their music…now I'm going through it all with a fine tooth comb…searching.

    • I love the Chili Pepper's music too…but come on, there's not really much to look into.

      What was the title of their "break out" album that turned them into superstars?

      Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik

  3. falice in wonderland on

    Forgive the pun, but eye am really getting tired of this crap. You've got treye really hard to think that this is just a series of coincidences.

  4. I hope that these people learn that once they DIE from this, that it's not worth giving up your soul for in the first place.! Thanks Vigilant :)

  5. I'm seriously tired of seeing the obvious useless brainwashed blow up dolls, seriously fed up with it.

    Apart from that, the Mozart one, it brought back a bad memory….when I was in class couple years ago, music class, forced to watch a messed-up-packed-with-symbolism-cartoon-musical Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's : "The Magic Flute".. and I remember getting frustrated in my seat, thinking to myself "Why the hell do I have to choke myself with this poison?????" but at the same time I couldn't just walk out of class, that would be considered a disrespect to the lecturer and I would've gotten..whatever equals detention in college.. *sighhh* the life of a vigilant among the sheep.. *sighhhhh* clueless lecturers…

    • Say No To NWO on

      I know how you feel :/ About 2 years ago at our school dance almost all the girls starting yelling "Brick By Boring Brick! Play Brick By Boring Brick! Omg I love that song!!! Paramore is my idol!!!"… aaaand that's when I realized I was probably the only one awake on that whole dancefloor. I asked to leave and the teachers didn't let me. It was the combination of the ignorance from my classmates and the horrible message of the song that made me so mad.

      Indeed, a life of vigilance among the sheep is a tough one. These pictures every week keep my sanity.

      • So many of their music video's have been full of signs for many years and the titles of their songs.

        God Bless

      • blessedeyes777 on

        if you havent turned off the radio all together then you still have some waking up to do.

      • @Joanna – no doubt! They are pretty bad. Funny the blatent vulgarness you don't noticed when you are just kind of living in that cultrue. Talk about blinders!!! Blood Sugar Sex Magic – doesn't get more blatant than that! It's shameful the amount of time and energy I have wasted on such things. Youth IS wasted on the young lol

        Blessedeyes – you must be new here, and I am reminded to choose my words more carefully, and even reduntanly if need be. Thank you 😉

  6. Eye Carumba! Getting silly. They just look like cliches. Everybody knows. Do they actually know what they're symbolizing or just following the creative team's instructions? So sad for the young ones. Francis Bean: I hope not too. I watched the interview with Corey Feldman today, speaking out about the prolific and protected pedophilia in Hollywood. "Literally surrounded by them," he says. And points to one particular mogul that abused fellow child actor Corey Hane but won't name names. Afraid.

  7. @ caitlin- Detainees tortured by American soldiers, not a tortured American soldier :S

    Just sad tho, regardless.

    • WakeUpSheeple on

      I have a feeling I know what you meant by that, but you do realize this isn't meant to entertain you, correct? This is meant to expose these puppets and the industry who is pulling their strings. VC isn't trying to keep you entertained with these pictures – if they are boring to you, spread the information to people who don't know. That would be the purpose. It isn't boring to people who aren't aware.

  8. Just saw this Antonia pic on youtube recently, emediately every warning sign flashed inside. The song is good actually.

  9. "Get a room" funny VC – your back, like really back! I was getting worried there.

    Frances Bean makes me very sad…….growing up in Seattle with the rise of Nirvana & the grunge movement I've always felt so connected or protective of her(if even from afar), she was just a baby, and no one should be left in Courtney Love's care, ever!!! Kurt is rolling over……

    “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you” RIP KC 67'-94'

  10. This pics are really disturbing to look at; however, lol at the "Jelena and Baphomet head: get a room" comment lol xD

  11. They are doing this because they are convinced that their counterfeit new world order is almost complete. May Jehovah God smash their system up to pieces and restore truth, love, peace and sanity to this world, once again, and get us back on track to our true purpose, to live forever on a paradise earth as free humanity, instead of being mind-controlled moronic slaves to a machine-like system that cares very little for its people.

  12. WakeUpSheeple on

    This week's photos are especially disturbing. I saw a shirt at Macy's in the girl's junior department that was the illuminati pyramid. That's it. Blue shirt with they pyramid. How is that even fashionable???

    • Indoctrination…..desensitization! It's not fashionable unless the celebs tell you so, and they are! Skull and bones designer everything! Even at Target I saw a cartoon character t-shirt in the lil kids section that was posing slightly to the side with a big old wink – and huge one eye! Between the one eyes, pyramids, skulls and then goat figures on kids clothing it is getting increasingly harder to shop….I might take up sewing in the very near future.

      I wanted to take a pic on my husbands cell so I could post it here because it was too much! Unfortunaly he thought that was just a little too lame, and embarrasing :-) Next time I'll bring mine.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Hi! I know what you mean. Recently, while at a shoe store I saw black sneakers for little girls (that would fit kids approximately age seven(!,) completely covered with rows of white skulls…and each of the skulls' eye sockets was heart-shaped and brightly colored.

        On a related note, did you see the huge tattoo that Mariah Carey painted on her naked stomach while she was carrying her twins?

    • Last year I bought a printed shirt from Express because it had the all seeing eye oand all kinds of other illuminated symbology on it. I thought it would be cool to wear and share the Truth to people about what it was about. True story, I had 3 seperate incidents while wearing the shirts that were very bad and felt cursed. I threw it away and no longer wear it. We have to be extremely careful what we are inviting in our lifes. Thankfully we always have Jesus Christ to truen to in any kind of harm. Halalujah

      1 Corinthains 10:13

      13 No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.

      • blessed eyes123 on

        ya i removed all the symbols off my clothes with scizzors, i dont watch tv or listen to the radio, if i dont know what it means i dont wear it.

    • I actually saw mannequins wearing plain shirts with illuminati written on it in a store, i was seriously disturbed and freaked out by that. They just couldn't be more obvious.

    • When they are being electrically shocked the people that do that to them have to get to their brain by sticking them in one eye. And it's on the dollar bill. Hoped that I could help thanks, bye!

      • no that was on sucker punch and she was getting a lobotomy, (something which shuts off the brain completely)

        the eye is significant of the all seeing eye, the eye of horus or the eye of ra…..

    • well, the One Who Is the true All-Seeing Eye is the Most High God.

      soooo, everything else is an imitation, impersonation, counterfeit, fraudulent, deceptive tool of that little slimey snake whose name doesn't deserve mentioning.

  13. Wow this is really sad. And i never knew that Mozart was a freemason. And that picture was so obvious! It's really sad that these people take these pics and sing these songs and think that posing with a ram or with one eye is cool and normal.

    • He was. I read once somewhere, but cant remember where, that if you play his music in a certain speed, it enlightens the listener and opens his mind. That was the reason he was murdered by the masons.

    • @Graham Exactly!!! The Rothschild family claim to be Jews. However recently I've been studying about who are the real Jews. I'm now discovering that the Jews that we know today are not real Jews and apparently they are descendants of a group of people called the Khazar's who converted to Judiasm for sinister reason.

      These two links below explains the appearance of who the real authentic Jews are. It claims that the real Jews were originally black people like the blacks of today. HOWEVER not all blacks are descendents of real Hebrew Israelite. One of the articles I believe mentions the Khazar and how they came into existence.

      This link below picks up on the story of the Khazars and their conversion to Judiasm and the forming of the Illuminati and the Rothchilds.

      These people are fake Jews and frauds. America gives so much Aid to Israel as supposedly retribution for the Holocaust (which is a whole other story) and yet the infrastructure of Israel is so old and almost run down. If the nation of Israel were really getting this money Israel by now should be looking like a Dubai.

      All of this explains the hatred that many feels for the "so call" Jews of today because deep down inside our spirit knows that these people have hijacked and usurp the identity of a people for their own evil selfish gain.

      "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan." -Revelations 2:9

  14. Most of these people are hideous. It's a shame how Hollywood wants us all to think that androgynous sex kittens are the new standard for being considered "attractive". I think it's just plain sick and disturbing.

  15. Dear Lord, please heal these hurting ppl that the illuminati system are abusing for their selfish glory; open the eyes of your creation to understand your unfailing love for all of your people. No one deserves to be treated in this way….so sad Lord.

  16. I watched the movie called Taxi to the Dark Side, which was about the taxi driver who was killed by American Soldiers at Baghram, not the Abu Ghraib camp. I was so upset after watching this movie, that I was in tears for the rest of the night. As a Canadian, I was so ashamed to be in the same continent as the States.

    • wow you're an idiot. don't act like oh the good old two shoes Canada has NOTHING bad going on there. Bad things go on everywhere so dont just bag on the U.S..

      • Oh, Kanada is far, far, far from innocent (especially nowadays).

        Do some research on the present PM of Kanada and see what his background is!

        BTW – the USA wouldn't let David Duke (remember this guy) do his 'political thing openly', yet Kanada makes Duke's protege it's PM.

        And he's on a serious covert fascist mission here in Kanada!

  17. The 2nd Jelena/Baphomet pic really give me the creeps. Almost a sinister feeling to it. So much wrong with that pic and the message it's conveying. ugh.

    • It's hard to tell if "they" have gotten to her yet. She has some art work out thats a little dark. But if I was brought up by Courtney I would be dark too. She is definetly marketable just by being Kurts daughter though. Such great music. Makes you wonder if none of these artist's died where would music and trends be now?

  18. I see nothing wrong with the ad to Mozart's Magic Flute. We have to remember that back then, Freemasonry wasnt corrupted. There were many great mean among it, like Goethe, Bach and Mozart. Goethe's Faust talks about the power of Love and God, and how Mephistopheles had been defeated even before the bet started. The Magic Flute is about the chastity, the honour, and the true love that produces alchemy, defeating the night (ignorance). It was at the end of the XVIII century, that Freemasonry was infiltrated.

    If Mozart was alive in our days, he would have probably commited suicide of seeing how in places such as Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague, "idols" such as Gaga that have corrupted all these symbols, are idolized by the masses.

      • I was a huge Mozart fan and had it, along with Bach on as the safest music to listen to at home in these times hehehe

        And yet, a little research shows that he was very similar to a lot of the people in the industry today, a talent used for nefarious purposes. To call Mozart "a talent" seems like an understatement, but without getting into matters of taste and exactly how much of a talent he was compared to today's artists, it seems that ultimately, his talents were used in the same way.

        Read up on the synopsis of The Magic Flute opera, one of his last works , since he died in the same year that it was released, 1791. The opera, that has been described as "a musical ritual in which the magical effects of music, storytelling, and stage craft link the creative imaginations of all those present in the audience with the world of the sacred or divine". It involves ancient mysteries of Egypt, invoking the gods Isis and Osiris and ending with people hailing them. Alarm bells, anyone?

        Synopsis and reviews of the play and all of these elements can easily be found online, such as….
        Bear in mind the synopsis like the one above are often giddy and gushing in describing all of these details including possible Tarot connections as if they are a good things or perfectly acceptable stage props or plot devices. I can only read with disappointment.

        It looks like how I am going to need to do some re-evaluating about what is listened to at home…

        Opera X Sayonara?!

    • Hi Teebeezee

      Yes, it does invoke Isis and Osiris, but its just a representationof the two polarities from the universe. Duality doesnt have to be exactly a "religious" thing, is simply physics and mathematics. I can speak a lot about the Magic Flute since its actually my fav Opera (I'm a huge Opera fan) if you get the chance to see it, you might discover than in it "The Queen of Night" (Pamina's Mother) represents the darkness/ignorance/lunacy/ the force that impulse you towards the idea of commiting suicide, treason, and overall to doubt about God's will for you. "Monostatos" in the Chakra system, represents the human that acts only with his first Chakra, the man represents the Lust, the desires overtaking your soul, causing you to do harm to others. On the other hand, Tamino that represents the loyalty, chastity, true love, along with Pamina achieve the Sacred Alchemia by passing through the Water and Fire (yet another representation of Duality) symbolizing that their love is pure, and that the earthly forces cannot divide them.

      My final point is that something isnt necessarilly evil just for using names of other Non-Judeo Christian gods, specially when they're used as symbolism of the forces of nature.

      P.S. Monostato (the primitive man of the Magic Flute) is the perfect representation of the rapper that sells himself to the Illuminati for money and whores.

      • smh

        It's so obvious with the information given that The Magic Flute is corrupt. Your defense of it is obviously biased /because/ of the fact that it is your favorite opera. Everything described in your last post just emphasizes the corruption even more. Invoking these 'Gods' as you call them is no better than summoning a demonic entity. Ancient Egyptians were notorious for this…

        God bless.

      • According to you, a whole civilization (Egyptians) were corrupt just because they believed in these figures? May I ask you, what is really God for you?

    • Bach was NOT a freemason. Please provide a citationif you think that's true. You might be thinking of Beethoven, who was a freemason.

  19. this is so sad, im sad, makes me want to cry. i fear for those who are still following these illuminati artists, who do these people think they are, im disgusted. i hope the day of judgement is soon. it has to stop. :(

    • On an interesting related note, theres a saying of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad that goes something like this…

      'The throne of Iblis (Satan) is upon the ocean and he sends detachments (to different parts) in order to put people to trial and the most important figure in his eyes is one who is most notorious in sowing the seed of dissension.'

      ^ Holy WTF. The lake on the dollar bill? That video of Bohemian Grove with the Satan worship next to the lake? The lake on the Mozart ad? Woah.

      Praise be to Allah…

      • *Some sayings of the Prophet say 'ocean' whereas some simply say 'over the waters'. i.e. any waters. (He repeated this warning on numerous occasions, obviously)…

  20. Oh crap, it looks like Courtney Love, the 90's Illuminati rag doll, self described whore, that Kurt was about to divorce before she had him whacked (she was cheating), reaping the entire Nirvana fortune, looks to be grooming her daughter.

    • Really? I'm not so sure, seeing as not too long ago she was crusading for Jamie Lynn Spears regarding allegations she made about Jamie Spears (the father) having a pedo relationship with his daughter.

    • Fame whore she may be, but Illuminati rag doll she is not. She talks too much to be in a secret society. And she did not kill her husband. Speculation doesn't equal evidence.

      • Exactly!! Some Kurt Cobain stans are hell bent in making Courtney Love the Yoko Ono of the piece. What would a great mythical grunge fallen hero be without an evil woman who orchestrated his downfall? So sad. Courtney has indeed spoken out in support of Britney and outright said that Spears father had sexually abused her and how wrong that it is this same man that is now in control over her estate via the conservatorship. She said this during Britney's 'meltdown' episode 4 or so years ago when the press were tearing Spears apart on a daily basis and NO ONE in that industry publicly defended her. Of course Love being a noted 'cracked out mess' herself was derided for her opinions on Spears. But for me it would go some way in explaining the exploitative way that Britney has clearly been treated in that industry, and if Courtney is correct, from her childhood as well.

      • @ Her Again

        Yep homes, you're on the money with the abuse as a child (britney's) being that mind control programming starts with traumatic abuse correct?

  21. I remember when the Abu Ghraib prison story hit the news headlines, I was about 15 or 16 and I was so upset and in tears when I saw the pictures. It's sad how vile human beings are

  22. wonder why nobody has done a documentary or tv special about this phenomenon?…. anyone here from the site that have the power to do that?

  23. I wonder what do all the symbols mean in the picture of 'The steps of freemasonry'.

    And why are all the people in it dressed as if it's a costume party?

    Do they want to show 'we come from everywhere' ??

  24. These pics lead to mind control {monarch,beta etc.} The higher ellite in many areas try and take total control of many celebrities.They become puppets for the entertainment industry. They are worked to death so someone else makes billions. The core of it is the devil taking control somewhere along the lines.It seems endless and forever on going with the illumanti symbols celebrities and the famous.

  25. Did anyone realize that Frances Bean Cobain has a butterfly tattoo on her side, exposed in this picture?

    I also believe that so many people are becoming aware of these symbols and are now being portrayed more blatantly to either mock the believers or to make it more fashionable — maybe both. However I would like to see more proof of symbolism in older movies and music videos to further prove this theory because many people now do not believe thinking it's just a current trend. I have found symbols in older music videos…. here's one with peter gabriel and kate bush, just notice what she does with her hand as the camera spins around.

    • that was too boring to watch, looks like sun worship…whats the deal with peter gabriel and his illuminati-esque yes he is just a puppet….(saw a good blog about it on donnys site ) :)

      • Well, you don't have to watch the whole video to see the symbol, it's within the first minute and that's it.

  26. @ Sorority,

    If you do not see anything wrong with all these pictures and things that VC is talking about, i am very sorry for you. Whether you like it or not, a day will surely come when the true meaning of all these will be revealed to you. I hope it will not be too late. God bless yoy

  27. I love listening to Red Hot Chili Peppers music, so to see Anthony Kiedis being a blantant poster boy for the Illuminati is very disappointing. However out of all the members of the band, he always struck me as a fame whore. I wasn't going to buy their new album anyway; without John Frusciante they're nothing. It would be really good if Vigilant Citizen could do an article on Red Hot Chili Peppers; as a former fan I would love to see all those things I was missing.

    There are so many distrubing images on here, though. In one of my last comments I mentioned Courtney Love talking about how Britney Spears' father abused her in her youth; I hope she isn't exploiting her child in the same way. Then again, she's another fame whore and money minded slave to the system. You'd think people would have more class…

    • I know. I'm starting to think John Frusciante always knew deep down something was up and decided that this was something he no longer wanted to be a part of. As of a about 10 yrs ago he became very spiritually aware and I could see his eyes opening up. I say Kudos to him. His solo work is beautiful on its own anyway and it all but talks about his own struggles drugs, fame, the works. I'm glad he got away when he did. Now I'm waiting for Flea to jump ship too.

      Also Anthony Kiedis had a pretty messed up childhood. Drugs and sex from a very early age, all introduced to him by his dad, (handler?) I think this for them is a recent development. As far as I can tell, they were once AGAINST the very thing they're in now. *shrug* When I saw the Obama thing I knew different. I'll hold on to their past music…when they had some semblance of awareness in them. Is there a way to reverse this?! GAH

      • Just passing by on

        Mr. Frusciante is very important to me, his solo work has helped me a lot through the years. I was kind of relieved when he left the band, although I would have loved a chance to see them live in a concert. In light of recent events, while googling stuff I stumbled upon this article that saddened me:

        Hopefully it's not as bad as it seems.

      • You know, I'd never even linked the two together. You're right, his Dad used to allow him to hang around with people in the business too. Google Anthony Kiedis and Cher, I'm sure there's something about him sharing a bed with her at a young age. Not very innocent, is it? It's really messed up.

        Also, that article has a picture of a pyramid with an eye in it, and John Frusciante married Nicole Turley the other day, and he's being stalked by some woman. I hope he's okay because he's honestly the only musician I think of nowadays who truly does it for the love of music. His solo work is out of this world!

  28. I no longer feel sorry for them, they had a choice and they chose the darkness.

    Our Lord is coming sooner than we think.

    • You don't have a choice when You are MK slave. They do what they are told that is why it is called mind control.

  29. If you see the pic of Anna Kendrick with her "one-eye" salute, did anyone catch poor Kristen Stewart with her one-eye pose? Check out the new issue of W magazine. I was heartbroken to see anything Twilight related get subjected to the Illuminati shit. Not surprised; just disappointed. Goes to show that anything entertainment is tainted. And the next time you feel like watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashians", don't forget to take note of the Jenner home floor. Checkerboard throughout the whole damn house!

    • Twilight? Are you serious? The premise of that show has Illuminati written all over it. You need to retake Illuminati 101. Any program that celebrates vampires and werewolves is definitely Illuminati influenced. The top 13 bloodlines and their subordinates are known for their vampiric behavior and I mean literal blood drinking. They believe that the blood from a young boy is the best.

  30. They look so stupid. Seriously, but I did have a question. SO anytime someone wears cheetah print is it sex kitten programming because for my prom in april my prom dress was cheetah print. Also, when someone covers their eye with a bang is that always bad becuase I do alot of the time. I mean just wondering because I would be pissed off If I was famous and I had my bang covering my eye on a magazine and I got on this page. Because I agree with these articles and attend church/church activites regularly!!

    • Vigilant Sheep on

      Theres an article on here that you should search for on kitten programming. Basically its pushing a sex agenda in what I believe is the promotion of sexual immorality and the destruction of the family. And its working. All you have to do is go to your local high school or even junior high now and see how young kids are getting sexually active these days. Just look at the growing divorce rate in this country now. And it goes beyond just animal print, thats just the fashion of the agenda. The "sex agenda" is pushed through the vast majority of music lyrics, movies, and advertisement.

      V.C. also has numerous articles on the one-eye cover pose, which basically represents "the eye of horus" or lucifer. Im not sure where to look for his older articles on this site anymore so the best way is to just try to search for them at the top.

      Hope this helps.

  31. This is stupid seriously for what their all standing for. But I do have questions for you! I wear my bang over one of my eyes sometimes, does that make me evil? Or wearing cheetah print… my prom dress early april was cheetah print and I thought it was beautiful on me thats why I got it not for sex kitten programming! I mean I would be pissed if I was famous and my hair/outfit was like that for a photoshoot then I got on this site because I agree with vigilant citizens articles plus I read my bible daily and attend church every sunday! I mean probably alot of celebritys are doing all those things for eveil purposes but I dont believe everybody that does those things are for evil purposes!

  32. redundantphotoshoots on

    All of the celebrities in these pictures look completely clueless.

    They just do what they're told. Artists, they are not. There is no such thing as real artistry.

    Someone tells you to cover your eyeball and so that's what you do. Period, point blank.

  33. Thank you Vigilant! I always look forward to the Symbolic Pics of the Week. Scary how easily they can be found….Thank you for all your work on this site. It is much appreciated!

  34. WOW…just wow. This weeks pics have been the craziest so far. IMO, the whole thing is so blatant. I could be wrong, of course. But the pattern, so many repetitions of the same patterns. To dismiss this as a simple coincidence could be a grave mistake, a costly mistake for human kind.

  35. Ok, I've been watching this site for quite a while; but I must say, posing as though you're about to suck face with a dead animal skull is a whole new level of perverse, repulsive & blasphemous propaganda. I am glad that I can see it for the foul garbage it is, I weep for those who will surely know no better and emulate it. What in the hell is glamorous or sexy about a baphomet? Nada, that's what.

    Also, reading the top 'news' stories on Yahoo! yesterday, one of the articles was promoting a 'haute' clothing line which featured a ram skull in its logo & plastered all over their hideous clothes. Gee, I wonder how long it'll be before we see some Hollywierd starlet touting their clothes as the next 'must-have' to the masses..


  36. UGH, hate that group, honestly feel that even Ke$ha is 10 times better than the crap they put out. It's just a song to advertise those clothing brands that I could care less about. No talent at all. So of course they're going to have to dress/photograph according to the elite's standards.

  37. i just read this one after finding somthing about here on msn news which made me think immidialy on these pictures.

    so basicly they expecting woman to look like 13 year old now to be a perfect beauty? or 10 year old?

    one thing though , doesnt this look like a name made for a star?

    Thylane-Lena-Rose-Blondeau 19 year old Vogue model

  38. Jelena Karleusa is an illuminati slut and lady gag(onadick) clone.

    Poisoning the minds of Serbian youth along with more illuminati whores.

  39. the silent observer on

    ohh wow can they cant be any more blatant?!

    anywho as i was typing vigilant citizen on google i accidently pressed on another website and it was called"vigilant security services" or somthing like that.and to my surprise the logo was an eye

    well i shouldnt be really be surprised but i thought u guys wanna go check it out
    plus vigilant citizen ur jokes crack me up!

  40. I heard a while back that Francis Cobain's debutante party had a suicide theme to it. How macabre. If anyone has seen the that awful movie the Virgin Suicides you get a gist at what I am talking about. I know nothing about debutante balls and such I was never raised in a upper class setting so if anyone can shed some light on that stuff greatly appreciated.

  41. Does anyone else see the horns behind Zoe's head? Smh… Such a beautiful talented person getting caught up in this mess

    • Yep. It reminds me of Time magazine, which supposedly designs its covers so that the "M" forms horns behind the heads of Illuminati allies, and in front of Illuminati slaves (like they've been branded). Different people have different theories, but I've read that if the "M" is only partially touching, or not touching, the subject, those people are out of the Illuminati's control. There are lots of websites discussing it, here's one:

  42. So glad to see Jelena Karleusa exposed. Everything about her is trashy /slutty …I bet she would be so happy to know that she actually made it on a American site that people world wide visit( complete fame whore, that can't sing can't sell any tickets but its been on Serbian music scene for 15yrs). And now the "new religion " song…which I refuse to hear..she can't be more oblivious about what side she's on

  43. I grew up like everybody else. I loved music and have been huge Red Hot Chili Peppers fan for almost 20 years. I loved it so much because back in the day I thought the stuff they had was original. In my early 20s I even got RHCP tattoos because I thought nothing could ever dampen my enthousiams toward their music. In recent years, I opened my eyes to the symbolism that is anything but "original" in mainstream music. I feel a bit stupid about my tattoos now because I feel like I branded myself with something that isn't genuine. In a strange way I feel duped by the mainstream music industry. When we are young, we think we are embracing art created by people we think of as "cool" who are making it big because they are somehow "original". You grow up and then realize that it's just another manufactured version of the same symbolism. Different flavors of the same ideology. I don't think it's fair for the kids because they practically worship celebs but underneath, it is all acclimation to something sinister. Anyway, I think I learned my lesson.

  44. When will they ever stop doin that one-eyeball mess?!? It's getting sooo old. Same shit – different day. Don't they have some other creative ways of expressing how much they hate the human race? Oh, I forgot – they don't.

  45. Just gonna go ahead and say that I personally know the band Yelle and Julie is in no way a puppet. Sometimes a picture is just a picture.

  46. Know all religions and faiths are a farce, is disrupting of our inner being,

    The only creator is: AL that will be.

    Because we are Stardust from the first moment of creation of this Universe.

    We are the gods and goddess of this universe.

    Light in Love.

    Hot Burmees on the road.(K)

  47. anyone notice a large large large portion of these are almost always female, almost always doing something sexual?

  48. Take solace in the fact that this generation are actually opening their eyes to all this. I am 18 and most people I know have been on this website or one like it and are becoming more aware. Yesterday my 15 year old brother suddenly started asking me questions about the Illuminati and it made me feel a lot better.

  49. I recently saw a make up ad for Illamasqua, 'makeup for your alter ego' it read, with an Alice in Wonderland themed photoshoot. Hmm… I wonder what that symbolises… (sarcasm)

  50. Jessie J really disguised me, feels like wanna puke when i see the feline print skin. These people really go crazy to become famous..

    • I know but the speed of the transformation is what gets me. Literally, a few months before her first single 'Do it Like a dude' came out she would post frequent videos in her living room/bedroom on youtube either singing accapella or talking to camera. Just a regular sweet and naturally attractive girl in t shirt and jeans with her hair scrapped back. Then fast forward just a few months, Do it like a dude video premiers, with overt trashy sexual image, complete with 'edgy' dark video, weird twitchy dancing/body movements. Gaga has a lot to answer for. Lol. Seriously, it was so odd that they changed her up so quickly. Thus cancelling out the reasons why people dug her in the first place.

  51. nice article n cool comments, Hey VC, if you got time please do an article on Dr Dre, from the little research i did on him, i got fraked out, especially the video for puppet master with soul assassins(how appropriate), in there is an incredible amount of symbols but the one that struck was when pan/baphoment/B real laid out the terms of the deal with Dre, that struck a serious nerve with me.

  52. You know, I like the peppers too (at least, the older albums with Frusciante) and, you know what? I STILL DO!. And while I think RHCP have made some descent tunes, I absolutely love Mozart's music and the knowledge that he was a mason (something which I knew for a long time now) doesn't make his musical creations any less good. So stop idolizing those people and just listen to their work, for God's sake, you all sound like a bunch of fifteen year old fan girls.

  53. they prefer to be criticized negatively, have lots of money and being famous than simply being humble artists, healthy, normal and know what is good and what is bad. This is so sad and disgusting, 'cause they know what they're doing EVEN with these all illuminati rumors?? For God's sake they're artists! then what makes 'em become so stupid?? Course and again: Money and Fame, this is stupid live in color, 'cause they don't EVEN care that their attitude is used to distract layer global youth from the truth and salvation and, this is GOD…


  54. My friends (even myself) used to cover one eye and stuff because the so called 'artists' did and we thought it was 'cool'. Until I found this website that is. I was horrified. I tried and tell the others about it… no one believed me… then gave them the links to show that every popular artist is doing the 'one eye' symbol and trash.

    This is just disgusting. Lesson learned: never see an artist as your idol. Just listen and ignore.

  55. This is not so surprising any more. unfortunately most the world is still asleep and living in what I call ignorant bliss of what is being forced fed to them through music, films, advertisement and just everyday general living etc, until the people of this world wake up and realise and start to question the bullshit that is happening around them this crap will continue. Its great that VC is able to showcase the elites gender but it is not just down to ONE person it is down to ALL of us. God bless us all.

  56. maru. the free ant on

    Soo that's why the Red Hot songs are so encrypted!! But I still like them. My love for God is so strong that I don't get affected for what they say or do! I feel protected and safe. That's my way to survive in this world!! Don't lose your faith and hope!

    God bless you all 😉 ♥.

  57. VC just blows my away. At first glance this whole site may seem like popycock, but it's over and over, in your face symbolism. How can it be denied? It would now take you a month to go over all the material amassed. Do we smell a book in the works? Like a huge coffee-table book with large full color pictures? That's something I'd LOVE to buy! I guess the copyright issue would be a disaster to work out though. Still…

  58. Uhm, just for the sake of posting once more! 😛 I think we shouldnt hate these people. Buddha would say that we should actually feel sorry for them, as they are so deceived that its very difficult to get "back on track in this life" They want you to feel miserable, telling you that they have got the power because they are rich and famous; well you should consider yourself fortunate! You arent a slave to the Illuminati, moreover do you think that these slaves ever get the chance to study about what life is really about? When such people get a grasp of the true life, they immediately recurr to drugs or alcohol in the hope of falling asleep into the samsara dream once again.

  59. The devil uses these people to encourage their fans to commit sins, especially sexual sins. That is a sure path to hell, and he wants us all there with him.

    He encourages sexual sins in every disordered way which is the opposite of its proper use within wedlock. Wide is the path to hell.

    Of course, the Illuminati, etc, think that they will win (hence the blatant one-eye symbolism) but their 'master' lied to them (he does that). God has other plans. The next 4-5 months, perhaps; just keep an 'eye' out for strange events. :)

  60. So, does anyone have a battle plan to counter the Elite? Week after week all I hear is "I can't believe these artists" and "We have to inform everyone" yet I see no concrete plan. Without a concrete plan, this website and others like it is just wasting time and making everyone paranoid. Why worry about something you either A, don't want to act on or B, can't do anything about? Just simply "getting the word out" is not going to have any drastic effect on the Elite who we're all supposedly against.

  61. A Vigilant 12 Year O on

    All these things about the Illuminati makes my young pathetic mind depressed :(

    I want to be more aware about these things so I wouldn't be vulnerable and easily controlled and stuff while I am still very young….but It's just really sad and I feel like there's no escape from it 'cause this whole Illuminati/ sex kitten things are ubiquitous. And even if we do have this knowledge about the Illuminati, we really can't do much about it since they already control everything from the very food we eat, music, television, fashion….everything!. What makes the job of educating other people harder is when they don't listen and they don't care.Whenever I try to tell them about these mind-control stuff they're getting from the music they listen to and the movies they watch , they would just ask me this questions obtrusively 'How am I being mind-controlled? huh?' and 'So what do I have to do about it?' and when I tell them to stop listening to music and turn off their television, they would just yell back 'yeah right'

    Help me. What do I tell these people? I try to refer them to this site but they don't even bother to read the articles. According to them 'big words make them puke' . And tell me what should I answer back whenever they ask me what these whole Illuminati thing is doing to their brain and how it affects how they think? Anyways, I hope I could be as Vigilant and Intelligent as you people.

    • To 12 y/o — Do not fret. You cannot force people out of their ignorance if they are not ready to learn… all you can do is plant seeds in their mind. Also, pls bear in mind that the very word "Illuminati" instantly conjures up thoughts of crazy conspiracy theories, etc. and makes any argument seem less credible. It's like using the word "Boogie Man" or "Loch Ness Monster" or "Chupacabra." Nobody knows for SURE whether such a group by that NAME exists…. What IS a fact, however, is that there is a small group of rich and powerful elites, and they are the FEW that control the MANY.

      Is this group of ELITES good, bad, moral, amoral, indifferent, evil? Maybe there are a few good men/women amongst them. Maybe not. It is up to the INDIVIDUAL to decide who they will answer to and who they will serve.

      Lastly, it's JMO, but people who look down upon those who "use big words" are not the people with whom I would want to associate.

      Peace and Blessings.

    • you are very intelligent! And God will bless you for what you are trying to do. You can lead them to water but cant make them drink. Just pray for them. I have the same problem with 30year old adults. they don't care. Its hard but God will reward us for trying! keep praying! God has the real control!

  62. Been a fan of this site for a long time! Awesome post!

    P.S. Try looking up 2NE1's I'm The Best. So creepy. Pyramids and symbolisms everywhere!

    There's even a girl that has her hair like Baphomet's horns! Gave me the chills. :/

  63. Even Phineas & Ferb (Across the 2nd Dimension) love the Baphomet head. I have nieces and it is extremely sickening to see that they are being introduced to this foolishness. This is really getting out of hand…

  64. Ever seen "Tetsuo, the Iron Man?"

    These folks look and feel like a Romper Room performance of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, compared to "Tetsuo, the Iron Man!!!" Triple exclamation point!!!

    THE most incredible display of brute metal is flesh, incarnations of all time!

  65. I really wonder if they are actually aware of what the symbolism they portray means. If they have people directing them in these fashion/film shoots etc. Maybe that's what they're told to just pose this way or that. And it's the people behind the scenes who are really the evil ones. I also wonder how much of it is mind control and how much is choice and if they're mind controlled I feel so sorry for them. I can see with some of them they are very superficial and all their interview are so controlled..I don't see the real person there at all. Like Brittany and Beyonc'e and Rhianna. All have this fake energy about them. And poor Brittany. She seems like she really has been crushed down and forced to submit.

  66. Have you posted the picture of Chris Brown Holding his head covering one eye, He used it as his twitcon for awhile. I think he did that pose one purpose.

  67. Bob Saccamano on

    Last night i watched a b-movie called "hardwired", it had a lot of illuminati symbolism, wich i learned to recognize thanks to you VC.


  68. Funny thing about East Europe stars is that they think this is a new trend.And they act like "grrrr be scared I`m illuminati" :) Its obvious that Monarch project was highly distribuited on West Europe and America.But spending so much money on East Europe where thy (us) can be programed for nothing,is problem even for them :) So,let me asure you.Im from East Europe and I really know that our "starts" do they pics without even knowing what are they doing.Its trendy.Wich is more dangerous than MK itself.We need Vigilantcitizen in this part of the world,belive me!

    • yes you're right but from my point of view i think helping these artists is worthless because they are they are stuck into that level of ignorance. of course this brings them money

  69. I think Kurt Cobain's daughter & The last one COULD be coincidences…

    Just coz theres some kitten leather in the background or a movie thats called Marionette has a human Marionette as the picture doesnt mean anything.

    I have leopard cushions that look like that pattern on the girl's picture, Ive taken pictures of things there, It looks good.

    And the movie, Its about a marionatte, Ofcourse theyre gonna make a picture like that!

    Not saying theyre not Illuminati, But yeah… There's nothing wrong with those 2 in my opinion, They could (& Would) be used the same way if the Illuminati didnt exist.

  70. Yall heard heard about Megan Fox removing her Marilyn Monroe tattoo? I found it very interesting why she's doing it. She said her character is bad and she had multiple personalities with being bipolar. She didn't want that negative energy. To say Im shocked is an understatement. Wow! Its on

  71. Hi VC!! Thanks sooo much for using the photo I sent in. I apologize for being a tad late… Been so busy with college. I will definitely send in more… Thanks again! :)

  72. I'm starting to wonder is it more than just "greed" on these ppl…..I wonder if the illuminati are threatening these ppl & their families. It seems like a lot of big timers have had close ppl "suddenly die" or they themselves suddenly die. Look at what they did to MJ and Katt Williams. Its sad. We need to pray and fassst!

  73. heyy hello i'm from romania and i've noticed that even the romanian "artists" (aka singing boobs ) have gone mad….i've stopped asking myself if they do really know what they're into. (antonia,the girl from the last picture is romanian and honestly i hate her song"marionette" bleah)

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