Symbolic Pics of the Week 08/01/11


Sorry for the delay…even VC’s take vacations!

Androgynous Australian male model Andrej Pejic in Photo France. MK butterfly “muting” him.

Same photoshoot with classic MK mask

Andrej Pejic again

Same dude. Again.

Colin Firth

Brandy in the classic MK theme of good girl VS bad girl personas.


The new TechnoMarine ad campaign features a bunch of models using the watches as eye-patches and therefore hiding one eye. 


I’m not sure who these people are (I believe they’re part of a dance group), but here’s an example of how media influences people.



    • lol. tell me about it. I'm really beginning to think some of these people have no idea what they are getting themselves into. You sell your eternal soul to the devil for just a few years. Its the stupidest thing ever!

      • Billy Shears on

        Sell your soul to the Devil? Do you think this is a "B" movie? Unless you have been born again (see John Chapter 3) the Devil already has your soul. All of the occultic mind control junk is to get people to destroy their lives in the here and now, and to keep them from finding out that they can be saved…

      • Androgyny is distorting what God created, man and woman.

        Satan is depicted as androgynous.

      • It is true VC has some knowledge of the symbolism they use.

        But understanding their ways of art, will not stop them from acting.

        To all these people here who post that the industry needs to be exposed further, have you ever considered that this will not make a difference.

        Of course its a pleasure to add knowledge such as this to your arsenal. But it really does not matter, the symbols have been around forever and nobody was ever trying to hide it. People had just forgotten the meaning of them.

        Meanwhile, rest assured, their plans commence, while some watch TV, others browse facebook, others are getting drunk, and others discuss some of the most used symbols.

  1. Vacation! I was starting to get worried that you'd perhaps met some one-eyed monster :) You were missed! that pejic freak, I couldn't understand how someone like that could shoot to fame. Now it makes sense!

    • VC, you have balls of titanium. You not showing up and have some nuts saying that you were arrested was really freaky.

      Then you walk in with your signature humor "even VC’s take vacations!" HILARIOUS!

      But we were seriously worried and contemplating action man…so please let us know what to do in case something happens, God forbid.

      Also, on a side note, only a couple of hours ago I was searching for a charity company online so our company can donate for the famine in Somalia, and I came across an interesting "Charity" website which bears the hallmarks of You.Know.Who.

      Check it out:

      Logo : Pyramid with an eye

      Slogan: eliminate poverty. "illuminate" lives

      Reminds me of an ancient quote:

      "Ye maybe masters of deception

      But we are students of Vigilant" – ShutterBeg (1986-Present)

      • Thanks for posting that link! To that organization: Can you BE a little more obvious? (Please note sarcasm.)

      • you should see the logo for the drug spareva. This stuff is almost comical now, its so over used and over saturated.

    • He is not a freak. There are people moving him like a puppet. Worse thing this kid did, was be born. If it were up to him…I think he would choose not to be electro schocked, raped, and given different alters in different compartments of his brain. There is no need for the harshness when it comes to the victims. Save that for the men behind the curtain. They are the true freaks. Stay Vigilant.

      • HAHAHAHAHA!!!

        don't you wish that where true!

        Sadly, there are a LARGE number of people who would run towards the program if they thought it would secure them as one of the elite…

        They tell you things like "when it is over, you will forget the pain and revel in your new found glory" and "this is just a training process, it will not be this way for long…. and after you will know true bliss" and other such wonderful lies.

        And people eat it up like candy laced with MDMA and Methamphetamine.

    • I get it, guy liner is in, man pansies are hot, fem-fags make a good ride for a supposedly hetero male powerhouses and CEO types. And the make such good Pets, so dainty and reliant, fragile and sweet, and with none of the monthly hormonal swings and upkeep.

  2. dear vigilant citizen,i would like to have access to all those artists who have ever been in your reports to know who and what to listen to..please

    • VigilanteChris on

      Like the other poster has said.

      Make your own mind up as to what to listen to?

      VC's aim is to liberate the minds of the masses and not to create a new cult.

      He wants to bring about awareness in these many God forsaken lands.

      Just listen to music and their lyrics and if available, the video.

      The videos tend to reveal what the lyrics often hide.

      Ice Box my Omarion (previously covered here) is such an example. Lyrics are almost inconspicuous to the average joe.

      But anyone with a slight bit of common sense can figure out somthing's up.

      So don't be put off by music altogether, just stay Vigilant! :)


  3. VC's student on

    Almost mindfucked by Andrej Pejic. Btw, the last picture is showing us that if we, VC's students, won't act soon, a lot of people would be influenced by those Illuminati.

    • Great comment, and you're right…except for the mullet thing. I'm pretty sure mullet = alchoholism is a universal constant.

      (just tongue in cheek, couldn't resist on the mullets) ; )

    • they should influenced us since they are already knocking our perception just by displaying them, but we do have control over the process to reject or accept them. My personal behavior is rejecting these pictures and bring it to my awareness and others if possible.

      The jeans are to common for people to even wanting it so badly, while these people are chosen and its not easy to get into their positions. Many people would do anything to be on their position, and thats the problem.

    • I think only idiots can be influenced by this. I mean seriously. Even if I knew nothing about the illuminati, I would not copy that mannerism. It would be like walking around putting your middle finger up or throwing up the peace sign in photos. It doesn't make you look cool – it makes you look like an idiot.

      I think people do this because they are generally brainless, copy cats or just think they are being controversial.

      I mean, clearly most of us, illuminati aside, think that putting your fingers around your eye simply looks stupid. Why would anyone want to copy something that looks stupid? I say if they want to copy it, let them – they'll look back in five years and think 'Damn, I looked stupid'.

  4. Bleh! That chick at the top is a DUDE? That's just…wrong.

    I was wondering if you'd pick up on Bradi's desperate attempt to regain popularity. It seems like whenever a star's power begins to fade they scramble to the elite. Quite pathetic. It didn't work for Christina Aguilera, I doubt it will work for her. Or her annoying brother Ray J.

    • thats what i said i thought it was a girl, no wonder kids are so fukin confused…look at the crap they see on an everyday basis….wat pisses me off…is that this little boy could look so good as a girl, mind ya im a real girl and i look like crap compared to this lady sirs..stik'em

    • How ugly of any of you to say it's wrong for anyone to be beautiful. I don't believe any of you are thinking from a clear perspective at all. There are people born with both sets of genitals, men who develop breasts, women who are flat-chested, and all-around people simply having more or less of one hormone than the other (imbalanced hormones). This boy, like many others are being verbally crucified instead of celebrated by many people based on their outward appearance and it isn't right.

      If a man would like to wear makeup, grow his hair out, color his hair, wear different clothing, etc. why should he not be allowed to (and visa-versa for women)? The idea of applying a color to one's face for reasons of beauty or allure has been around forever and poses absolutely no harm to anyone (other than the crap they put in most cosmetic products). Long hair has also been around since the creation of man and has zero affect on others. I could go on for ages but it would be in vain when I can simply say this: If it doesn't hurt you or the person doing it, leave it the heck alone!

      It seems like so many of you that visit here are still stuck in a societally-driven mindset, and it's as if you cannot break free of it to think clearly enough to get to a point in your life where you can treat people as equals regardless of their outward appearance. I don't want to insult any of you, but this type of ignorance bothers me to my core and it's about time individuals are called out on their disservices to others.

      It is no one's fault but your own if you cannot handle or accept diversity, and I pray that all of you will come to know perfect peace through God so that you can co-exist long enough to stand together and to not fall divided.

  5. i saw the photo with the watch who covered one eye in a magazine and i was like : i bet that this pic will be in the symbolic pics of the week by The vigilant citizen and i was right :)

    I don't speak english very well (so sorry if I made mistakes) but i love your site and all your articles I don't understand ALL your information but i understand the message you wish to pass

    keep doing good work and don't stop :)

  6. I thought that dude was a woman. And the watch over the eye looks stupid. Doesn't make me wanna buy that watch. The dance group probably gas no clue what their symbols mean anyway. And my guess is most of them wouldn't care.

  7. Colin Firth …….!!!! No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How am i going to watch Bridget Jones again….? but then again he do the Kings Speech which is pro Elite ….

    God Bless

    • I KNOW! I used to love Colin Firth, he was my favorite actor! I still might watch some of his movies, but I've been done obsessing over him for a while now, I was extremely suspicious when he won the oscar for a movie that he possibly was not that good in, but I'm going to watch it to see for myself. Trying to make the "Reptilian" (haha Mr. Icke) royal family look tame and human. And the picture makes him look damn stupid and older.

    • Exactly! Having Colin Firth there just broke my heart. No wonder his career is so much on the rise now. saaaaad :((

      • So what? I am glad I saw that photo of him, so it can expose the fraud that he is. It's never good to look up to these bland, ineffectual celebrities anyway.

  8. Darrell The Truthsee on

    VC Thank u for finally exposing TechnoMarine. The devil and his puppets shall not prevail over King Jesus.

  9. I cannot believe those first pictures that guy looks so pretty its creepy. What are we coming to if that is fashionable. Its like we are back to the middle ages or even the roman era where life iis full of debautury. The last picture they don't just seem like they are simple influenced they are even wearing the tshirts with the all seeing eye. Why are these things cool.

    • Hey, hey, in the Middle Ages all those people would have been thrown in the bonfire by the almighty Church! And probably that would've been the right thing to do. As Jesus said: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit. A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the FIRE".

      • @ Alexander

        Is that really in the bible? That's some sick stuf man, and how this it aply to the boy? They tell him how to pose and he'll do it, and, by saying the tree must be cut down and thrown in the fire does the bible implie his parents must be killed? Or is the kid the evil one and must he be killed?

        Every time I think this bible couldn't sink any lower, but here again I'm proven otherwise.

        Happy hating guys.

      • Right thing to do?

        No, actually it would be the cruel thing to do. The celebrities themselves have no idea what they're doing. It's the people behind them that plan all this out. Blame the Illuminati, not the Puppets.

      • @ Real & @ Alexander

        That really is in the bible. I believe it's referring the spirit or heart of the person. God will judge that young man/lady according to where that young man is in his heart. Everyone will be judged and everything good and bad that we've done we will have to answer to. This young man may be completely mind controlled from birth, in that evil fashion we are all aware of (SRA..ect) but only God knows and he will judge. He is merciful, fair and knows the truth of our hearts.

        It also says 'vengeance is mine says the Lord'. So the people 'knowingly/willing' doing the evil are going to be answering to that.

        Alexander the commenter might be referring to Old Testament ways which were changed after JesusGod in the flesh came and overcame all evil and death even. (that's my understanding of the bible so far)

        Back to the main topic, my opinion is that watching all these videos, looking for clues/esoteric/mystic/meaning can become unhealthy…it's a bit of a guilty pleasure for me now…but SO FUN!! until that song is stuck in my head again and again. So, I guess I need to stay balanced in truth while honest about the worlds message being thrown at me and my loved ones.

        I'll be hatin' the spirit not the souls.

        also noticed Miley having a 'just breath' tattoo and it made me think of L.Lohan have 'breath' tattoo

        MJ received fake award (to embarrase him?) reminds me of T.SwiftKanye "embarrasement"..when you campare the videos they are similar in theme and speech, "i never thought this could happen when i was a child" or something to that effect. So what's the deal here is it an initiation of sorts? also Emenem with Borats you know when falling from the sky….anyone have insight onto all this?

      • That would be the right thing to do??? I think you don't really uinderstand Jesus' teachings.

      • @real you inadvertently answered your own Q… "How does Matthew 7:15-20 apply to the model?" Well, strictly speaking it doesn't. Jesus was warning against false prophets – hence the intro' line, as included by @Alexander.

        Matthew 7 opens with wise words of caution, "Judge not, that ye be not judged", so I will reserve mine, except to say, perspective and context are not optional extras where application/ interpretation of the bible is concerned.

      • @Real

        It's in the Bible, but apparently Alexander never made it past the surface of the passages. It absolutely does not suggest that sinners should be burned alive. Being thrown into the fire is a reference to Hell, which the Bible teaches is the ultimate destination of those who do not accept Christ. Those who have accepted Jesus will inevitably "bear good fruit" as a testament to their faith. "Bear good fruit" refers to good deeds, not reproduction. The quoted passages are a warning to "believers" to watch out for those who would purposefully deceive them and lead them down a path of warped theology. It instructs "believers" to not only listen to what the "false prophets" say, but to also examine their works and see if they are indeed good.

        It is unfortunate that some people use the Bible to justify their hatred towards others. It completely misrepresents the overall message of love and redemption that the Bible contains.

      • Jesus did not change a thing when he came, well except for the sacraficial law…. funny how you are on a website that exposing lies and you believe one of the biggest lies going… the "new dispensation" deception….

    • I am not sure which is worse: the debauchery or the folks who don't know how to use the function that spells the word correctly, what is that called again?

  10. one day i heard about alice baileys externalization of the hierarchy and the next day i saw a guy walking down the street with a white shirt and a black skull that said hierarchy on it.

    oh. boy.

  11. The techno marine ad displays the model name and then states that that model is by techno marine. like they created these individuals like all they are is a piece of art or the watch itself. Very sad.

  12. Did you notice the last guy in the Techno Marine picture had a yellow/orange eye? It matches the watch. Is THAT normal, or just contacts?

  13. hey VC glad ur back!

    colin flirth. what the hell? anyway, when i first saw andre pejic's picture+news its just plain stupid. how can you dress male in a women outfit and have him walking down the runaway? all designers said he's gorgeous, have nice body etc. what the hell? he is a freaking dude! i guess the world has gone mad.

  14. I've been waiting for this week's instalment!

    Don't know if I am reading into things. Saw the movie "Bridesmaids" on the weekend.

    Nice release of a butterfly in one part of the movie, that then hangs around a bit

    A later scene with the "bride" and "maid of honour" in her wedding day when she is having angst, in the side shot there is a photo on the nightstand where there is a person in a rabbit suit and the other person in the pic you can't really make out, but I assume is the 'bride". However it was in shot enough times for a trained "eye" to notice…..or is that now paranoid eye???

  15. Re the last picture, I was too busy looking at the one eyed symbol to notice the eye in the pyramid on their tops! Although you dont know who they are, I guess as all of them are Chinese/Orient/Asian etc, the picture was taken in London! :) Hope you had a great break.

  16. The thing that amuses me is imagining all the preps for these photo shoots… For example, you know that something really uncomfortable has to be holding those watches in place (tape? sticky putty?). So here are all these models trying to look glamorous and sexy, and the truth is, they're probably thinking they're gonna scream if this crap tugs on their skin one more second. And can you just picture the photo shoot director saying, "Mr. Firth, it would only enhance your manliness to have a big black-and-white star painted on your face! Really!" People look at these photos in magazines and think the pictured models/celebrities are so cutting edge, but they're really just puppets doing what they're told. And nobody takes pictures afterward, when they have to scrub all that garbage off their face…

    • If you've ever watched one of those top model show, if nothing else, you get a good idea of pain involved in being glamorous.

  17. lame..who the F wears a watch on their eye???These are good however i find this to be more

    lame each week..not for posting but for the photogs taking these ridiculous pictures…especially the people in the marketing department who say, hey how can we sell a watch??lets put them on the models eye…yeah,yeah great idea.people will wear watches on their eyes now…this thread is kind of run it's well as this post…maybe something a little more insightful than these lame ass pictures..

    • be more open minded on

      Maybe they put the watches over the eye so the photographer gets a PHAT check for doing so. I'm sure it's not so it can sell. Makes no sense. As long as it symbols in the photo he gets paid.

    • I just got finished watching the 1st 15 seconds of that Techno watch mess, and I couldn't stand to watch anymore. Each of those models is asking, "Am I special?". If a person has to ask himself that, he probably has insecurities and self-esteem problems. One of Satan's big tactics is to prey upon those seeking acceptance, wanting to belong, and wanting to be like the beautiful people.

  18. Vigilant Joseph on

    Hi vigilanties, just excerpt from –

    Techno Marine website about us page:


    In the midst of a re-birth, TechnoMarine is the dynamic Geneva Based watch brand known for timepieces that mix a playful attitude with strong design. We believe watches should be cool, fun and user-friendly. Our watches are a reflection of who we are. Drawing from our birthplace – the famed seaside resort, St.Tropez-and living up to our name, TechnoMarine infuses elements of water into everything we do. We're proud to have been the first ever to put diamonds on a diving chronograph, and we continue to fuse together unexpected combinations-be they materials, methods or simply ideas.


    TechnoMarine timepieces are distinctive. More than just instruments that tell time, our watches express who we are and what we believe in. We see the world around us is alive with color and motion, and we create watches that thrive in today's world. Color is our soul. Watches are as much about accessorizing as they are about keeping track of time. While functionality and performance are crucial, our emphasis is on creating watches that are wearer-friendly accessories. It's not just about what they do; it's about how they make you look and feel.

    We are ready to astonish anew.

    • @ Joseph

      Yes that just about sums this lot up. Soul sellers…… anything for a buck and a clap…. New Age words Pro NWO

      God Bless

  19. You should do a piece on the movie SPLICE with Adrien Brody. The messages in that movie are pretty wild. Didn't think you could show Demonic rape on the Big screen as this movie does.

  20. moribundystopia on

    VC YOU IDIOT!!! had us worried there for a moment. that said, welcome back bro/sis/or maybe you're both like the malien from down under in the pics above 😉 idk. but that reminds me of a pal of mine who fell for this hot chick but after throwing down his best game she turned out to be a lesbian. so he figured he could still get lucky & persisted until one day, she finally gives in to his advances and makes out with the dude, but not before warning him that he would regret it. she afterward reveales to him that she's actually woman trapped in a mans body, so she's been pumping herself with hormones to effeminate himself. so my buddy asks for proof and she shows him the undeniable evidence of her true nature. my friend has since taken a vow of celebacy. moral of the story? for a dude to have a sex change then become a lesbian kind of defeats the whole purpose.

    anyway, good job as usual VC. glad you're ok.

    • Great Scott!!! That is one crazy story. lol, I always wondered about that kinda thing – a lesbian guy…or a gay girl….it doesn't make sense! dude, my mind just can't wrap around it. Why turn yourself into a girl when you are attracted to a girl yourself? Anyway, I don't blame your friend for the celibacy thing. The world is truly going nuts.

      • Candle of the Meteor on

        People have all kinds of fetishes, too. The human mind get's turned on in mysterious ways 😛

  21. The last picture magnifies how idiotic people can be, wtf? And more often I find out people do know the hidden meaning behind these symbols/pictures, and further they are SUPPORTING for wanted attention. Go ahead, sell your souls. Mine can't be bought…

  22. brandy… really? im a little disappointed, not just because she is portraying some dark messages for the elite but as a mother she should know better than to pose with a gun and portray suicide these images are so negative and will have an impact on her younger fans, although im not sure how many younger fans she has i was very young when she first came out and im a fan of her older work i am now 19 so i know better….

    colin firth…reeallly? i love you one of the best actors of this time imo u dont need to do this foolery…

    the last pic…i feel really really bad for these people. i am very afraid of my peers and their way of thinking.this generation really needs to get it together. on the left there is a girl who is not doing the 666 hand signal and doesnt have an all-seeing-eye shirt on but her shirt says "ILL"… hmm stand for something? who even says 'ill' anymore as in the slang word? (besides me sometimes)… message to u dancers:do ur research and get a mind of your own thanks!!!!

  23. What a time to go on vacation VC! So much going on this past week…Amy Winehouse (27 Club)???, Debt Ceiling talks, the Norway massacre! So glad ur back 😀

    • You're right, they're all set at 10:10 and 35 seconds. I don't know what that would mean though, if anything.

      • all watches in ALL ads are set at that exact time…something about the elite and their numbers. look up any random watch ad…on a billboard, commercial, mag…theyre all set at that time.

      • Calm down. The setting of 10:10 has nothing to do with the elite. It's a very old advertising gimmick. There are two theories: either that the hands make a smile, or that the hands frame the logo at the top.

    • @ KMD

      An excellent observation ….. we need Sirrah to help us out here….. she/he can work out the dated predicted here

      Sirrah/Yeomel if your reading please offer your knowledge on this….

      God Bless

  24. I don't recognize that dance crew but I wouldn't be at all surprised if they were from a show like America's Best Dance Crew or America's/Britain's Got Talent (in which case they're not "regular" people under the influence, but people in the industry being told how to pose for the camera). Talent shows are really popular these days…they are kind of an interesting study all on their own in how they effectively use the masses against ourselves, since their initial appeal is that the average person can become a celebrity overnight.

    The thing I find saddest these days is not the people who don't know any better and just think these are edgy or cool things to do, but the people who DO know better and have been presented with the evidence, but not only refuse to believe there's any truth to it but then do it too because they think they're being ironic and cool by throwing it back in the faces of the "crazy conspiracists." They don't get that this doesn't rub it in anyone's face. They're just making themselves look even dumber.

    • fromamsterdam on

      you right tropicana ! when is tell them about these devil worshippers they tell me that im insane because i smoke weed/hashiesh

      but in fact they dont know….

      i hope everyone gonna wake up and these ''cancer'' must go down !!!

      guys spread the real information


  25. so that's what it has come too…celebrating people that can dress/live/love either way. Male and female are now optional. Guidelines of gender are irrelevant. What a scary world…

  26. Can one awaken from the MK Ultra's grasps? Can one do something about it? When will most of the population awaken? The only way for one to truly awaken is to see the dark side of the media. Where one is pulled in, to believe being a celebrity has no cons except not having a regular life. Your sense of reality is taken, you can not awaken from the grasps of your programmers. How can one help? Spread the word, do not be embarrased. You, you who have been awakened, must spread it in any way you can. They are trying to appeal to the younger generation, the young ones are the future. Spread it to the young ones, ask them to spread the word also.

    I, personally, have been told of this while in school. But their minds were tainted, they knew nothing of mind control and believed that one selled their soul to become a slave to the Illuminati. Yes, they were speaking of the Illuminati. They blamed the innocent slaves themselves, but is it the slaves fault? No, they did not wish to become slaves. Our world is tainted, but only the enlightened ones can truly awaken the population.

  27. you won't believe it, but i saw the backstage video of that andej pejic photoshoot and i was thinking of what VC would think! xD

    ok, andrej is my favourite model, but still, this photoshoot is disappointing!

    …and the same goes to Colin Firth's photo. too bad that he's my favourite actor! 😛

    such a talented person, marked with that awful one-eye sign…so disgusting.

    well, that TechnoMarine campaign seems nice, but still, the idea is just TOO old-fashioned xD

    seriously, not an original idea xD

    and that last photo is just ridiculous xD seriously xD

  28. glad you are back VC!

    these symbols are no coincidence, its been done for years. to those who say it means nothing…WAKE UP. they would not do something if it has no significance. people think i am crazy but i dont care; i will continue creating awareness.

    god bless!

    • I like your attitude when I try and tell my friends they think I'm crazy too! But you know what my strength comes from knowing that I know the truth and when you have Knowledge, you can go further in life! God bless :)

  29. They are just getting more and more obvious and I hate seeing children holding up that evil horrid sign that angers me the most!

  30. They probably told the TechnoMarine-models that they were going for a Cyber-Pirate type of thing for the campaign.

    And they bought it !

    'Aaarrrhhhh, buy me watch !'


    LMFAO !!

    (Sorry, i know it's not funny.)

  31. VC… Don't do it again!!!

    We, Your LITTLE VIGIS were all worried!!! :)

    I'm glad you're back. Thank you for keeping your excellent work.

    Hey guys, Am I the only one that sees the Transhumanist theme in the TechnoMarine's Ads???

    Did i say Transhumanist? Sorry, I meant TRASH- Humanist… 😉

    • Student of Truth on

      Wow, some of you people are really brainwashed. You're not going to find the real truth by looking at pictures. You're just as brainwashed as the people in these images. Yes, there's witchcraft in the images but don't stop here because it's deeper than this.

      • Nope. Most of us are not brainwashed…

        Actually, we all know where is this crazyness going and the fact that we are here trying to learn different stuff about this metamorphic "reality", proves nothing but our interest in real life and the fact that WE CAN DO SOMETHING to stop this sickening s#!t.

        We are here, because we all are part of the future and we care about it!

        Having said that, we are real Students of Truth.

        Hey Vigireaders, Don't let life & love fade away.

        Take care!!!

  32. That model is a GUY?!?! Holy crap! O_o

    I can imagine a lot of girls wanting to be like "her" and lots of boys wishing to be with "her". That's kinda funny.

    And Brandy + Brandy with the gun.. so disturbing!

  33. OK Question:

    So, is VC claiming that these celebrities, especially the singers like Britney spears etc…are MK Ultra mind controlled??

    Or just that they are puppets that are made to represent Mind Control?

    Did Christina, Britney, Lindsay, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, etc…experience trauma based mind control, beta sex kitten programming etc…is that what he is claiming?

    • I think alot of them are used to represent mind-control and that they're just puppets.

      And for the rest.. I guess we will never REALLY know.

    • So, is VC claiming that these celebrities, especially the singers like Britney spears etc…are MK Ultra mind controlled??

      Or just that they are puppets that are made to represent Mind Control?

      Did Christina, Britney, Lindsay, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, etc…experience trauma based mind control, beta sex kitten programming etc…is that what he is claiming?

      Generally, VC only presents them as "representing" various symbolism and/ormind control. Though he obviously discusses MK Ultra and trauma-based programming and how it may be used even today, he has never specifically named a celebrity and said "I think he/she is an MK victim." Other sites have done that, though.

      Just my personal opinion – I definitely think Britney, Lindsay, Christina, and Gaga are MK victims (particularly the first three, as they've all been involved with Disney since a very young age). Christina for some reason hasn't had a destructive phase nearly as bad as Britney's or Lindsay's though…it was always weird how Christina was seen as being in Britney's shadow when they first became popular but in retrospect maybe all the emphasis on Britney may have been a blessing in disguise for Christina, since she didn't end up having an eventual breakdown. Whatever Britney was subjected to was clearly more traumatizing. I think Nicki is 'merely' a puppet.

  34. Welcome back – but was it just me who assumed correctly you were taking a break?

    Meanwhile it looks/sounds like everyone else thought you'd been eaten by the Illuminati, or something…which just shows, not everything that happens is part of the global conspiracy…!

    • False! It was not just you SFrichie. Many posters were commenting that if he would have been in trouble, the site would most likely be down/unavailable.

      Having said that, many of the blogs or sites I frequent will have someone fill in to keep the website updated or make a statment that they will be unavailable for a little while, out of courtesy of course! (Note to self VC) And also to apologize for the lack up updated content.

      One issue not to be dismissed are the efforts by the goverments of the world to censor/shut down and interfere with news aggreggation sites via heavy fines, threatened jail time and seized domains etc. This is not news and I would hope that many of you are aware of this growing war on the internet. It is somewhat reasonable to deduce that a site like this would come under attack at some point by any number of the internet czar agencies – but that would also include shutting down the site, hence many other VC commentators speculations, in addition to your own, which I never saw by the way?

      I for one will admit it, I was worried about the guy after so many people people were stating his detainment – no global conspiracy, but possibility. Ever heard for Fritz Sprinmeir?

      I had dreams last night I was sending him cartoons of cigs so help arm him up with the most popular pokey currency…..LOL…..I need to get a life!

      • Not heard of Fritz, no.but googled him, looks interesting. Will try to research more later.

        Not sure why somany posts are deletedon this forum btw, any ideas..? Thoyght teh idea was an open forum for dicussion, but the content is definitely being strongly controlled.

      • Sarah Connor on

        Oh wow – you will find a ton of very interesting and pertinent stuff! I"m glad you looked him up!!! I dunno – it's VC's site so he can do what he wants. Sometimes I think it is just based off whatever kind of mood he is in LOL~ I've had totally tame comments deleted and pretty outlandish ones (I'd wish he'd delete) left. Depends on the day I suppose.

      • @ Sarah

        Hi Sarah, really good too catch up on some of your posts…… i have read/watched and studied Fritz for many years…… but do you know about his 7 different I.D.'s? also he left 3 of his wives and many of his claims have turned out untrue not his knowledge but some of his rescued females…. he too also has a "love child" he does not see? and blackmailed a church priest for money…… not stating this is fact, just merely wondered your view as i too regard him and John Todd for their vast knowledge of truth and truly believe they were both "framed" to be silenced but Fritz does have some "red flags" Please let me know your view on any of the above….

        God Bless

      • @Joanna – good to see you around again too! Yes I have read some of that about Fritz. It was disappointing to hear. The ID's make sense if he is escaping one of the bloodline families, but I don't know all the details so can't speak knowledgeably on that issue. He is absolutely a target for framing/defamation etc.. His weakness for women reminds me of Samson. If I am recalling correctly, he is one of only two who God called before birth. Even with that blessing, he could not resist the ladies! He was notorious and it was his downfall. Reminds me of Romans 3:23 For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God……'all'.

        We are born into sin, and it is a life long affliction. I like Fritz & Todd – and believe they hold a lot of truth. They may have some things off, at least I don't agree with every single word out of their mouths, but haven't run into anyone yet that has it all figured out (myself at the top of the list). As far as their 'faults' 'flags' etc….we all have them. I would not want to be put under a microscope like some of these people have been. Let's just say I could never run for office! It's the bigger picture, the greater truth that I am greatful to them both for. They expose wickedness that has long been cloaked in dark secrecy. Information that needs to get out. Don't shoot the messanger comes to mind.

        That is at least where I stand on it today, with what I know! Disclaimer***I reserve the right to change my mind as new information prsents itself**** lol

    • @ SFrichie

      Check out the Prophecy Club on youtube ……. some amazing guess speakers….. including Fritz, each video can last up too an hour or two…… but well worth it.

      God Bless

  35. The last picture is direct proof of how subliminal messages work. These people probably chose the logo for their dance crew without even knowing why and where they got it from.

  36. I think those watches were photoshopped in by the advertiser. Doesn't look real to me, but then, it's so hyper-realistic I may just be confused by edited shadows and all.

    • be more open minded on

      Oh I wanted to say the same. It does look like they were. Some of these peoples just take the photo and know nothing about the purpose of the photo until it hits the books.

  37. Did anyone see that picture of tyra with the wing over her left eye?

    I was watching Fashion Police and one of the girls actually said

    "that seems like something I'd wear if I were hearing voices in my head"

    Can't find the picture but would love if anyone else saw it, pretty damn eerie.

  38. whatever illuminatis rules the world stop trying to expose they already control our world and all the minds around the world just look at this dude all fraked out with this

  39. It's ridiculous how many people do the whole 'one eye' thing now and don't even understand what i means. Most people just do it because it's 'fashionable.' The other week me and a friend were taking some pictures and my friend said 'lets do the cover one eye thing' and was shocked when I told her what it meant. Reading that back it sounds false but it did happen, that just shows how stupid this has gotten.

  40. i got one symbolic gesture for anyone who believes in any of this pap. It's so feared and terror inducing that I can't even show it on TV. Now that's some strong Black Magick. It seems to induce an Emotional Response in People everytime I present it to someone………ONE FINGER TO MESS WITH ENTIRE THE WORLD.

  41. In regards to the first picture, there's a weird backdrop-video Madonna used in her Sticky and Sweet tour where she either pukes up or sucks in a dark butterfly. I think it was for "Get Stupid". ? Maybe that MK Culture guy would know?

  42. What reason does the illuminati have in exposing all of their Mind Control Symbols and rituals (mouse ears, leopard print, dolls, shattered glass, abuse etc etc…)

    Why would they make all major music stars explore these themes? Wouldn't they rather keep this kind of thing to themselves?

    And exactly who are the inflicting Trauma based mind control on these days?

    • be more open minded on

      the devil knows these things will anger God. God knows what these symbols represent and so does satan. If he can get the entire world to do these things then the entire world would be devil worshippers and the majority wouldn't know bc they did it for the money.

      • so how do you know what yr. doing is not satanic by that definition. Just cause you've studied some books on Occultism, Studied Symbols and then………somehow miraculously………you start seeing all these symbols MORE and MORE. Now is this because the DEVIL IS EVERYWHERE!!! OR is it because you have trained yr. mind to the point of obsession that your Mind (since yr. Brain has to interpret the information your receiving from your senses BEFORE you actually experience it) has created an interpretation of said Signals that make up your Reality where you see the devil everywhere. Which seems more likely?

      • Every action creates a reaction.

        The mainstream always attracts some and revolts others. Alternate groups crop up who dislike the mainstream. That's what will happen to this symbol.

    • The prevailing theory on the esoteric symbols these entertainers are using is that their "dark" allegiances must be flaunted "in plain sight" during these "rituals" (photoshoots, videos, etc.) for the "magic" to encompass them and bring them success.

      I imagine if that theory is true — then it's obviously working isn't it?

  43. I have a butterfly tatooed on my inner ankle I got when I was 18 years old.. years ago.. not everything symbols "monarch control" omg.. too paranoid..

    • Are you a famous person? A model, actress, singer, etc.? For the most part, these are pictures of celebs and models.

    • be more open minded on

      If they were, that butterfly would prove she one of their slaves. That's exactly how they tag them. It's informs the ENTIRE elite all over the world who is a part of the occult. That's one way of communication. Only they know the full meaning.

  44. That's a shame about Brandy, I know she had a new project coming out. I bet it will be big too. now.. and another one…

  45. So many nasty intolerant comments about Andrej Pejic that only makes hard to respect the people who visit this website, is seriously sickening. Andrej is a naturally beautiful androgynous man, he looks like angels most look like. He would be an idiot if he wouldn't take avantage of that and model, besides if he is a puppet is not his fault, after all models are meant to be living mannequin, is stupid to point the obvious. Plus I don't think little (straight) boys are going to start dressing like him because of his pictures, stupid ignorant people.

    • God's messengers are describe in scripture as powerful, masculine, and not caring about their looks, nor should we.

      Satan is a beautiful angel, which makes his deception all the more potent. His servants promote people like this boy on purpose. Do not be blinded by beauty in the world.

      • be more open minded on

        AMEN! Say that. Have nothing to so with them is what he can do with his beauty.

      • could you quote the scription you're talking about? because in most literature and renaissance art Angels are described as androgynous beings with no defined sex. Educate yourself first, is so sad to see bible basher repeating the same phallocentric worshiping speech over and over.

    • "Most literature and renaissance art" are not the holy Bible, you think they contain the true descriptions over the BIBLE? Please elaborate on this..

  46. Once you get familiar with those symbols/signs, its scary how you see all that around you.

    I am wondering how we can send you Photos like this VC?? to share with the world exposing the "I"

    • Mate, click "Contact VC" tab on the top right corner of the page.

      Send him the link of wherever you find any picture and it will be up under the weekly symbolic pics!

  47. i was wondering are scientology and monarch programing are one of the same?

    and that last pic is trippy because i see a lot of my dumb friends doing the same symbols in their pics now.

  48. ThirdEyeAwake on

    About the androgynous model: You guys do know that you're born looking androgynous and it's not a sex-change? Before bashing someone, try to educate yourself a little bit more. Don't want someone bashing you because of your skin color, right? Because you cannot help it.

    • Hmm, and the makeup, traditionally female poses, and very long hair are congenital as well?

      You ARE right that we shouldn't bash some one who is born with an androgynous body type, or is a hermaphrodite, etc. The person had nothing to do with how they were born.

      But that is NOT the same as deliberately making yourself look like the opposite sex, and getting paid money to do so. You have complete control of that aspect of your life.

      • be more open minded on

        Well it's not his fault he looks like a girl. And he clearly doesn't have on girl clothing. BUT, he let them use him as one so guess he knows what he wants to do and be. A GIRL! That's exactly what it looks like and that's exactly what they want.

    • Finally someone says it. You don't choose to be born androgynous or not.he even has a brother who doesn't share his andgrogynous looks. Seriously what hate coming from people.

    • dirty chonies on

      I gotta disagree man, there's something wrong with looking at a dude the way you would a female. I don't agree with women instilling lust in men, but men instilling lust in other men is a bizarre horse of a different color.

    • Amen brother, There is nothing wrong with Andrej wanting to cash in using his androgynous looks, he seems like a very confident and happy person I mean look at his entreviews on youtube. The ones with the problem are some confused "straight" guys secretly atracted by Andrej, that's the only reason they bash him, if someone feels unconfortable looking at his pictures then why you bother in looking at them?

      P.S: since the begining of the fashion industry there's always been androgynous male and female models only uneducated people, religious freaks with no base try to blame it on this model.

    • Finally someone says this. You don't choose to be born androgynous or not. He was born looking that. He has a brother that doesn't share his androgynous looks. Respect his looks because he was made that way.

      -God Bless

  49. My goodness, what a pretty man that is up there! (I'm not being sarcastic, he really is gorgeous!)

    I'm sorry, back to the topic at hand. VC, it's nice to have you back, and all of the pictures are interesting, especially the watch ones.

  50. Oh, I've been meaning to mention this, but keep forgetting: those Brandy pics are from the Derek Blanks photoshoot she did recently.

    The 'alter ego' photography is Derek's trademark. Do not make a bigger deal out of Brandy's photoshoot than it is though; I doubt this really means anything is about to happen to or for her, or that she will see a career boost from this. Several C or D-list celebs have done a D. Blanks shoot and their careers did not take off or see a return to more fame and success. Even the flops have to carry the message too, y'know.

  51. vittoria-blue on

    Let me get this straight: so if somebody, anybody, poses with an eye patch or make up in just one eye (like Colin F.'s) the person is being controlled? That's a bit far fetched, don't you think? Just because of one photo?

    Now, if we keep on seeing Colin F. (or whomever) showing red flags continuously, that's another story all together, but to assume a person is "this or that" because he/she flaunted one eye ONCE is not realistic. (IMHO)

    The model looks like a girl and a very gorgeous one if I may say so. Poor thing. His photos are disturbing. Talk about mind games…

    Welcome back, VC.

  52. I seriously LOL'd at the TechnoMarine campaign. Really?!?! I mean, a watch over the eye like a pirate patch? Not creative, Not original, Not eye-catching… Dude needs to be fired.

  53. Maybe they should immediately getting blind on the ONE EYE when they do it. Satan is really "ruling the world". You better talk right B!

  54. Candle of the Meteor on

    I do not believe the watches are symbolic, probably just representing pirates. The rest is quite obvious.

  55. does she know it on

    just to let you know how media influences people and how they make the whole thing "in", i have a friend on facebook who keeps posting pictures of herself covering one eye, a pic of her with herself (like a reflection), a couple of pics wearing a t-shirt with an inverted triangle print. the latest is she received a gift from a friend – a big eye pendant.

    if she's a celebrity i would be so sure she's part of it but no i don't think she knows what she's doing.

    check out LV's latest campaign.

  56. Someone once mentioned how

    making the 'diamond"

    opens a spiritual gateway into the person's soul

    allowing evil to enter and take control,or the

    person's energy and thats why jay gets fans to put it ip

    so is it safe to assume your friend on facebook is harming herself

    without knowing it everytime she makes those one eye hand signs?

  57. You may hate me for saying that but he's beautiful! Andrej, I mean. If female clothes suit him more, let it be.

    I feel sorry for him, though, if he's a MK slave.

  58. the last picture…it almost appears as if they were MOCKING us. C'mon, even one of them had a shirt with "ILL" on it as if saying ILLuminati. They know full well what it represents. They are mocking us.

    • No, they're not mocking you nor anyone else. If you're familiar with the dance culture (particularly the urban Asian youth in California), then you'd know that "Ill" is synonymous with "sick", as in cool (slang). I see it all the time, nothing out of the ordinary, even with the shirt designs. The symbolism only became cool because of how taboo it is. This generation of youth aren't as ignorant as you'd think. Look at the brand "TISA" (which was created by one of Kanye West's friends), the letters are designed in a way which would create a firestorm on this website. You'd be surprised how many mainstream rappers and youth wear it today. All it takes is a simple google search.

  59. Until now, I thought Brandy was one of the most uncommercial black female musicians, it was always just about her voice, i mean her last album was called 'Human' and the tracks were so empowering.

    Know she has an alter personality titled, Bran'Nu

    such a shame…

  60. Although you had me a teensy bit worried, I am glad you gave yourself a breather, you most certainly deserved one!! Hope you enjoyed your lil holiday :)

    Now (forgive me if it's already been said– didn't read all the comments) did anyone else notice on Colin Firth's eye, it's an upside down pentagram?!! Weasely, sneaky (yawningly unoriginal) little bastards they are!!

  61. nameisnotimportant on

    i know im not the only one that thinks that the ok sing thing over the eye looks super fucking plus i dont know why they even do it if they dont know what it really means… ok is not a cool word its an ok word lol id rather give em my fabulous middle finger

  62. Nooooooooooo!! Not Brandi! :'( I always thought she was so cute, ever since "Moesha".

    Speaking of ordinary people being influenced by media, it's spreading, know of two blogs that also have started hiding one eye, using butterflies and such..If they only knew what they're doing..

  63. finally you're back!! i wont lie i've bin comg here every single day to check for any new thing!! u wre rily missed. nw dat u're back, its tym to get back to exposing the devil and the music industry for wat they truly are. 😀

  64. VC you're missing too much, I'm not lazzy to make researches, but you know, I think God gave you this gift to discover some obscure secrets all over the world, secrets that ppl would never find out without ppl like you VC! Go! lets show these evel and out of mind ppl, that we're awake with eyes wide open to where they want to lead our youth…to the hell.

    God is with us, and for the logic of our natural characteristics the good always wins, nobody wants to be hurt, or cry, or lose a loved person, so there's no logic the evil wins, 'cos God is love and best think is that HE IS WITH US GOOD PPL!!!.

    Did you notice how the MIDIA is trying to scare the world with that statement "…till 2020 there will be famine all over the world…" come on ppl, let's think with logic, God made the earth to human live, He didnt invent the Dollar, US Dollar that ppl runs behind killing each others full of ambitions, envy and hate. God made earth with sun light, land, oceans, rivers, animal fauna, vegetal fauna, the air, whatelse we want? with land we can do agriculture, with seas and rivers we can do fishing, and others tools we can do more interesting, healthy and happier things. Now how can they say the world will fade away in famine, as much I know when it happened, there will be no land, no ocean, no air, no sun light, THERE WILL BE NO EARTH!!! So what is the strategy of these ppl to trying to scare us!!!

    devil is in the end of his carrier, it just can be, he's over! that's why he's trying to show some fight…but he cannot win…that's it.

    Keep it up VC!!!

  65. Colin Firth too …. no wonder! I could not believe for sometime when I saw Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Nicolas Cage and many others practicing this stuff.

  66. Thanks again VC, you have taught me so much! Keep it coming! God bless. (Could you analyze E.T by Katy Perry please?) (:

  67. theovercomer888 on

    very interesting…. i believe you all should continue to investigate more behind all of this, the watch photo has significance, alice and the wonderland, the rabbit who always was watching/chasing time, apparently according to Brice Taylor (mk victim and survivor) mk slaves were/are not at all allowed to wear watches… in addition, many child rapes, child pornography and satanic rituals were/are done at disney (mostly in california). moreover, mk slaves also have categories – diamond is one of them, when these celebraties are participating in these photo-shoots they may well be under some kind of deep and perverse program, the brandi pictures as you know are the alter personalities (good and bad), Brice Taylor also had a twin personality one was used for presidential sex, porn, prostitution, ect and the other one was for a human computer (between the intelligence team and the government), in any case this is all dedicated to satan and to keep us under mind control for the plan that saddly may be here before you know it. :((

    i am sure you all agree that it's so awful and disturbing to know of all this is acutally true, and the saddest part is that there is no way around it (unless your mind is free and keep it free) since it is embedded in music, movies, food, politics, media, education, religion (new age movement is also being promoted; new age movement = luciferian). i must let you all know that the music and movies have mind control codes in them these codes keep the mk victims under "their" evil program, just wanted to share this with you in case some of you didnt know… either way stay alert and strong spiritually in all things, and stay united with your families and those that want the best for you, for the initial goal was/is to "divide and conquer".

  68. i have seen a picture in a magazine where the model is modeling a watch and she's raising her hand up to her left eye.

    i guess the watch companies put time on the devil's hands. :/

  69. re: the technomarine watch shots – doesn't look like anybody's mentioned this yet –

    they're a take-off on the Borg (think Star Trek) which is an allusion to transhumanism – even the name fits- "TECHNOmarine". (If you're not familiar with it, google "Picard as Borg".)

  70. I just heard that the infamous Aokay sign is now also being used as a gang sign for the bloods if you tilt it horizontal……..

  71. On how media influences people: I know a guy who is obsessed with Lady Gaga and acts just like her, imitating her fashion and obviously her jestures, and addressing to his friends by "little monsters, yes, please adore me!" but what's really ridiculous/annoying about the whole thing is that he thinks he's original, and that he's not copying anyone, that he's been like that since always (as Gaga sings: born this way) and most of all, that he talks about Illuminati like some cool organization who makes you become cool and famous, and also like some sort of God or church, as he often invokes them, or says "I'm a true Illuminati, my mother teaches catechism to children and she's got an Illuminati son… omg!". Observing his behavior I just think this may be exactly their aim, they'd like you to be exactly like that, maybe.

  72. I've watched the behind the scenes video clip of Andrej's photoshoot…a masquerade mask and a butterfly clip prop seemed so innocent…

  73. Some people are naturally adrogynous and some people are actually born with both male and female parts. Is that against God? Is that unnatural? I mean seriously people, come on.

    God made male, female, straight, gay, believer and non believer, he made the handicapped, the mentally ill – I don't think adrogny perverts what is natural about men and women. Some people naturally have that look. If that's how they were born – it is not unnatural.

  74. "Androgynous" my ass. That dude's prettier nine-tenths of all the chicks I've ever seen in my life. I was of the impression one must look a little like both genders to pass for androgynous.

  75. Androgyny is exposing gender roles and stereotypes as fabricated by society to be meaningless. Androgyny is the beautiful union of the male and female energy in aesthetics.

    Androgyny is not evil.

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