Symbolic Pics of the Week (07/17/11)


Cover of Selena Gomez’s album.

Album cover of Lisa Miskovsky’s Violent Sky

Pianist Lang Lang? Why not.

Bollywood is back in the symbolic pics. Here’s Aishwarya Rai Bachan.

Bollywood stars posing on Masonic Checkerboard floor. One could argue that the pattern of the floor is purely aesthetic but another detail confirms the Masonic influence of the pic: the guy’s hand inside his vest known in Masony as the “Sign of the Master of the Second Veil”.

Image from Duncan’s Masonic Ritual Monitor. (Read the full VC article on this hand sign in history The Hidden Hand that Shaped History)

Bollywood movie poster

One Eye and Mickey Mouse ears in Danish magazine.

Never thought I’d feature a naked one-eyed Hellen Mirren on this site…but there we are.

That’s real original Anne Hathaway. Real original. You’re a genius.



Thank you for keeping BOTH your eyes open and sending in these pics!



  1. Say No To NWO on

    I did LOL @ the Bollywood movie poster….. "Get ready for the return of the king…. THIS CHRISTMAS".

    Oh these pictures never cease to amuse me.

    • Imran Khan's masonic check-board with the "sign of the second veil" stumped me.

      Saif Ali Khan has a production house called "Illuminati", Salman Khan already featured earlier with those embarrassing poses and now we see Shah Rukh Khan (SRK) as the newest entree on the Symbolic Pics menu. SRK is widely recognized as the King of Bollywood hence the "Return of the King" on the poster.

      Though admittedly I yet have to see the big daddy Amitabh Bacchan and the ace Amir Khan do something of this sort, tell me the name of ONE celebrity who is famous and somehow not involved?

      Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) said about the Anti-Christ "No prophet was sent but that he warned his people against the one-eyed liar (AntiChrist|Dajjal). Beware! He is blind in one eye and your Lord is not one-eyed"

      In another, I read that the world will be preparing for the arrival of the Anti-Christ and I believe the preparations are in full swing during our times.

      God Bless the Truth Seekers.

      • Right now, there is no way to the main stream without being "IN", however, there are many celebs out there that have no idea what being "IN" really means and have only be subject to Proxy Programming like all of us fools.

        And sorry folks, if your online, your programmed. The questions is simply, to what degree.

    • to be honest i never really cared for Selena nor liked her not all "good girls" are good she may care for her fans but does she care for herself? she's a hypocrite she's beautiful and talk about "love,kind,believe that you can fly,on the outside but i bet that she's real ugly on the inside

  2. sad for the world on

    the selena gomez picture eerily reminded me of Caylee Anthony with the heart shaped sticker

    shame on everyone involved in that shoot

    • She has been involved with Disney since she was very young. You can look it up online, there is one blog in particular that shows how her and Demi Lovato's Disney movies and lives are heavily influenced by all this. It's HIGHLY disturbing.

      • And yeah, i've been hearing that song for a while now on Disney, and the first thing i thought when i heard it was = dedication to lucifer, i mean that's what it sounded like to me, i may be wrong and correct me if i am, but the lyrics stood out to me.

        "It’s been said and done

        Every beautiful thought’s been already sung (other dedication's?)

        I guess right now, here’s another one.

        So your melody will play on and on with the best of ‘em

        You are beautiful like a dream come alive, incredible.


        You saved my life again"

    • * aside from those that are consumed by rebellion, the truly wicked and those that have made their choice, we should pray for them. And at the end of the day, the ones closest to Jesus are going to be the ones that were taken away from satan’s grip. Heaven will be too Good of a place for anyone to miss out on.

      • I agree. We should pray for them and our country also. Not only would Heaven be too great a place to miss out on, the alternative is unthinkable.

    • Say No To NWO on

      Selena also has a song called "Whiplash" on her new album, written by Britney Spears. She sounds like she's dissociating in the one part.

      "Lickety split. A girl in a bear [bit?]

      She crawls in a pit saying 'Hello darling'

      Twisted insanity, fallen humanity

      All I want is some tranquility"

      And she sings it in a really creepy, failed British accent >.<

    • Did Anybody Notice The Upside Down Star In The First Part Of The Video ? Its Not Even Hidden. Of Course Selenas On The Other Side. :

    • ChristinaYvonne on

      go on YouTube search "Selena Gomez Rock God"

      and there you have it.PLUS katy perry helped her wit that song.

      yep interesting aint it

    • Selena Gomez is turning 19 this year, so TECHNICALLY it's not pedophile-ish unless it was made like 2 years ago…

    • I'm a woman of a"certain age" as is she. No one of sound mind wants to see us or think of us naked. Having said that, she is a very good actress.

      • To be fair, Helen is 'a woman of a certain age' who has a figure that she should be proud of. If we are to gaze upon these women then rather a womanly figure than these poor emaciated starlets, who we are told are the body 'ideal'. That said no one should be strutting around practically naked but since when did these people ever show or know restraint?

  3. i'm very disappointed in Anne Hathaway but then again i'm not surprised because she got famous from disney films and she is playing CATWOMAN in the new batman movie.

    • I didn't see the last one. Do you know anyone who did? Why are they making another? They can't be making any money from this.

      • They made a billion dollars from Batman of course they're gonna make another one

  4. Those celebs freak me out. Can´t they be more original? Do they all know what they´re doing? Poor sellouts. Lang Lang´s picture shocked me the most.

    • It's not about being original, there are certain illuminati symbols or signs that have to be shown in a certain way, to get their message across. But the Illuminati better shut down their evil activities, because I'm already fed up with them trying to take over the world. I want to live in peace and harmony – literally, I don't want to spend half a day trying to avoid media traps and being anxious about the future of our world.

      Really, I'll just prepare, learn as much as there is to learn from reliable sites, keep myself healthy and my mind sane, wait till 2012, then throw them down!

  5. I'm beginning to feel that one-eyed pictures aren't even worth talking about anymore… They're so trite. I'll be on the lookout for other symbols. I will submit what I can when I can.

    Thanks as always VC

  6. Those celebs freak me out. Can´t they be more original? Do they all know what they´re doing? Poor sellouts. Lang Lang´s picture shocked me the most.I’m beginning to feel that one-eyed pictures aren’t even worth talking about anymore… They’re so trite. I’ll be on the lookout for other symbols. I will submit what I can when I can.

    • I would think that some do and some don't. If they agree to do it without question then the end result is the same. If they influence one person into Hell then that's on them. They should have checked their facts.

  7. i've seen prince william doing the masonic hand pose specially since they are all over the news and u can't miss them even if u try,and the bollywood poster is scary!!wait for the return of the king this christmas eww… and i have to say helen miren pic is so lame how could she do such with her age!i would have been ashamed if she was my grandma lol!

  8. Some of you guys are saying 'what is the point of posting these pics anymore?' Yes WE know what is going on with these pics but don't forget many people do not. If we are to convince ignorant people of what is really going on in the entertainment industry these pics are part of vital evidence no one can ignore. Guys, use these pics to make others aware as these pics are distributed and advertised worldwide many people do not know what is behind these sinister symbols, as these pics show – SYMBOLS DO RULE THE WORLD. Thanks VC plz keep the pics coming.

    • Got to agree. Most of these celebs have no idea about what they're portraying as they are only interested in their bank balances and finishing off their latest bit of whoring for the media. The "art" director or studio boss are the ones who have ordered the particular poses.

  9. Vigilant Sheep on

    Okay, I can understand one not recognizing the significance of things like the checkered floors and Mickey Mouse ears through symbolism. What I canNOT understand however is how people arent starting to take notice of all their favorite celebs covering up one eye in virtually every photo shoot or magazine cover.

    Brainwashing at its finest.

    I guess you can get away with virtually anything symbolic today as long as you use the "oh, its just art" bailout. (-__-)

    (PS. They all look like idiots. Especially the guy rubbing his chest. lol)

    • And seeing Mickey ears in one fashion shoot after another. DOZENS in the past few years. And Monarch butterflies and Alice in Wonderland – it would be easy to assume media folks are creatively bankrupt, but it's more morally so.

  10. Im really conviced that the hearts are for the kids who are in it, justin beiber, taylor swift, selena gomez all throw up hearts the way jay-z throws up his hova

  11. I'm dane and i'm chocked over the one eye/ mickey poster 😮

    I only thought the illuminati was widespread in USA…….

  12. I am not surprised too see Helen Mirren here, she appeared on the Letterman show to explain about the BP oil Spill? and lets just say i could "pick up" her agenda is to serve the devil.

    By the way has anyone being following this Charlie Veitch thing? He has supported 9/11 inside job for many years but he sold out to the BBC and changed his mind calling all truthers "nut jobs" many video's on youtube showing the signs he used in his video's before changing his mind which suggest he has been MK-ultra, as he now cannot make any sense……. ?

  13. Real Christians practice "Son" worship. The son of God Jesus Christ. Wiccans (among others) practice Sun/Mother Earth worship. (Yes, I do know of the Babylonian symbolism in the man made traditions yet Christians do not go around praying to the planets or sun. Give me a break.)

  14. Remember Helen Mirren in Red? She played an MI5 British intelligence asset. And she was Morgana in Excalibur.

    You know what looks creepy to me is the new Captain America. Enhanced soldiers, transhumanism, intelligence assets trained for a special military force – all creepy.

    • PS – I wonder if Captain America is about the 'other America,' not the apparent country of democracy and equality but the shadow side, with its supposedly Masonic foundations. Someone pointed out on another page here that the film trailer shows the star shield with the top point downwards in the Luciferian falling star motif. It also looks like a modern update of Sir Gawain's shield, the Solomonic pentacle with a star in a circle.

      • They seem to show the shield upside down more than necessary –

        They could have easily set it up where when it's strapped to the actor's arm, it stays right side up more often, but they didn't and I don't think it's a mere aesthetic choice.

      • UNITURNZ2OOO on

        Look at captain americas helmet. He has the wings on the side and the A in the front. Maybe im reaching but did Thoth/ Hermes have something to do with wings and the A= Alchemy, which I think transhuminism is a form of….

    • Just more programming for the New World Order. Shut up and eat your garbage. And then get ready for your FEMA camp.

  15. Surely the fact that we are seeing the same thing across the globe in the music/entertainment industry has got to mean…..



    We're not just all collectively insane are we? 😀

  16. For those complaining about how repetitive the imagery is in photo after photo, it's always been like this in the media of the day – look at old painted portraits of socially important people like Napoleon and they are all making Masonic hand gestures.


    They've always had a visual language and a monopoly on the public message. It does seem to have escalated in the modern era but that is due to the ubiquity of media.

  17. I definitely believe in the presence of Illuminati symbolism and an agenda / meaning behind it, but I have to wonder if a lot of it, especially now, is just derivative, ie, some artists and photographers have seen other artists and photographers making images with one eye covered, so they're just doing it too because it's trendy. Notice in the images that its' Selena Gomez's LEFT eye that is covered and RIGHT eye exposed. If there had been a handler on the set of that shoot wouldn't they have told the hair-stylist, "Um, no you're covering the wrong eye. Redo her hair." Or they should have flipped the image in Photoshop so that it was her left eye that was exposed.

    Isn't it also possible that another reason Illuminati symbolism has become so present is because the Collective Unconsciousness of humanity is becoming subconsciously aware of the hidden power structures in this world, so the symbols of it are starting to pop up in our art? Again, I definitely believe that there is symbolism in the media that undoubtedly indicates the presence of an elite agenda, but the symbolism has become so pervasive that there is no way ALL of it is being intentionally produced. I touch briefly on this phenomenon in my new blog and would be interested to know everyone's thoughts:

    VC, keep up the awesome work. I visit this site everyday hoping there is a new article.

    • Educated Cowboy on

      That's a good question. I think most of it is propaganda and desentization. Kylie Minogue's music videos had a lot of robots in them before being a robot was fashionable. I think it's possible that current times' entertainment is a reflection of Collective Unconsciousness. If it is, it's not a reflection of it by chance or by mistake.

      I think there is more than one secret society controlling mass media, or maybe it's one secret society with more than one message. Katy Perry's music (aside from her I Kissed A Girl song) is very anxious in a good way, and Lady GaGa's music is very down-to-earth and cynical. Krystal Meyers, Gwen Stefani, Jessie J, Jennifer Kills and who knows who else are like Katy Perry in that way; Marilyn Manson, Jay-Z, Rihanna and many others are like Lady GaGa in that way. Rihanna's S.O.S and Disturbia had that "anxious" kind of vibe and everything after Disturbia had that laid back kind of vibe.

      Why is it important to cover the right eye and not the left eye?

      • Educated Cowboy on

        I would place Britney Spears in that first group because of her songs like Radar, Circus and Till The World Ends. Funny, I can't think of any single black girl entertainer who I could place in that group. Rappers like Rah Digga and Eve are definitely up there, but they're probably no evena part of that Illuminati promotion campaign. Beyonce's songs like Crazy In Love and Rihanna's songs like Disturbia were like that, but they're gone. Robyn's music is influenced by rap music and 80's dance music but that still doesn't make her black. The closes black female celebrity with that nervous kind of music is Alicia Keys probably. About black males I have no idea, the only rapper I still care to listen is Joe Budden but he's not black; the famous rappers who promote Illuminati and Police State are all lazy, down to earth, whatever you choose to call it.

    • Educated Cowboy on

      Another question… If you explain these reoccuring themes in mass media by them being a "mirror" of colluctive unconsciousness (which is a very sound explanation), how would you explain dictate, police state themes in the music videos? Can it be that certain Twilight-watching, Lady GaGa-listening people do feel a longing for a stricter government?

      • Black people not part of it??? Tupac got KILLED bec he knew of it= he heard all the stuff in jail- and questioned how do these people in here know about this stuff! Kate Hudson's family was sacrificed the day before she made it big. Rihanna hello she sold herself from the first day she came to the country/. Beyonce- wedding the the dark? to who? one of the highest levels in the industry? Her dad sold her and her sister off just like MJ's parents back then. Wedding in the dark and in secret? That screams satanic tradition. Alicia Keys also joined the other side= they all worship Jay Z- the "new Sinatra"- Jay Z is the Bono/Madonna/Gaga of the black world. They used all those poor niggas from the ghetto for dirty work and then those who weren't strong enough to support all that shit did not make it. And if you think P Diddy didn't get fucked in the ass literally in order to make it..

      • the ppl behind hollywood and music ARE also the same people behind the govt. That is the point. They want you to succumb to their power and be a follower with no protest. Just how in Israell you get chased down the street so they can open your bags and you are watched every second that is happening here but more in secret with videos- like all over NY there are cameras everywhere. Now they started with police teams with there M60s hanging out on the busy streets not bec any crime happened, but just to show a presence. They want you to be scared and know you are watched.

      • Educated Cowboy on

        Stacy NYC,

        I never said black people are not part of it. What I said is either they use different techniques on black people, or there are more than just one secret society. Thank you for the examples, I din't know some of that.

        It's not about race at all, more like about different temperaments or something like that. If you have time, please watch DEV – In The Dark and Ellie Goulding – Lights (Bassnectar Remix). The first one is a perfect example of what I described as "laid back vibe" and a second for the "anxious vibe". Now I'm not sure that the second video (Lights) have any Illuminati/NWO influence in it, but the first one is kinda blatant.

        You know what I figure? Getting listeners to get addicted to the slow, "relaxed" songs makes them less dangerous and makes them stupid. I live in Russia and about 5-6 years ago we had very scared, desperate pop music (both words taken in a good way, like – just hungry people who really enjoyed making art) and now pop, and in general mainstream music keeps getting lazier and lazier.

        "They want you to be scared and know you are watched"

        I hear what you're saying. I've got to ask. What your solution/escape plan would be? I think getting to learn about fake identities and stealing money would kind of count as freedom in this current situation, though I have neither of these skills yet. Please answer because this whole situation has gone way out of control and I can't live like that anymore. What would you do?

      • Educated Cowboy on

        Also, I agree that people who control the mass media and people who control the government are the same people. But the theory that themes and signs present in mass culture are "the mirror" is sound, if you presume they have a lot of different signs/themes to choose from, but which signs and themes they do show depends on what's popular/what might be popular in this situation. So maybe their propaganda is going to get worse, but it didn't yet, because "collective subconsiousness" or whatever it is hasn't changed enough yet.

  18. Mickey Mouse ears? Why it that hairstyle seen in old photos of Hopi women, has there been a posting of any connection with hairstyles, and hairpieces observed in the past?

  19. I have that movie that Aishwarya Rai Bachan
    does that in and never even paid attention that she does that. Good post VC

  20. Possibly densitizing one sense so they can go after others. P.S.: I'm seeing the one eye thing on L'Oreal eyemakeup commercials for a while with Jessica Alba. She's like you can do it this way, this way or this way and she'll do a fist covering the right eye, then next shot, two fingers spread horizontally exposing the right eye but semi-covered and another pose…beginning of Transformers: the lead female starts off handing Shia L a bunny rabbit holding it by the ears saying it's his "lucky bunny" she leaves for work and as she walks towards the door she grabs a leopard or cheetah? print coat. I thought of what you said about 'sex kitten' programming and as a woman was irritated…

    I was trying to pay attention to the action but kept noticing things..some of it I don't exactly see the obviousness but the first site that the autobots (good guys) destroy is a middle eastern "Illegal nuclear plant" and yes that the subtitle that appears on the screen (also american and israeli flags and 'founding fathers' statues symbolically placed….hope you do an article on this movie.

    "everyone deserves freedom"–Optimus Prime

    "even if our allies turn against us, we'll still fight" (paraphrasing Optimus Prime)..I'll stop because I'm veering from the one eye thing.

  21. Wow..when one sees that it goes on in ones country, one gets surprised. I mean, I knew, but still.. Where do they mindcontrol them anyway? Must be somewhere in the military, right?

    • I'm thinking Disney with all of their underground tunnels. Remember Walt was not part of the 13 illuminati bloodlines but was closely associated with them.

      • i don't think it was walt disney or his family themselves, i think it was people after them when they got incorporated

  22. lol! helen mirren saggy grandma boobs. on a serious note, some people think i am crazy when i talk about these symbols and analyze them in shopping malls in south africa, ever since south africa got the loan from the world bank i have seen pyramids erected on hill tops and along the streets, wallmart and starbucks has branches in RSA. i am not shocked. it makes me sick!

  23. Disney now owns Marvel Comics so I am not surprised by a big uptick of illuminati imagery in the more recent movies.

  24. Rykardo Galvan on

    The video of the song "Ice" by Lights seems disturbing. Would be interesting an analysis by VC. Keep opening eyes, everyone.

  25. all these people just keep on doing it. i don't see whats the point of always having to do the same pics. i mean the photographers are supposed to be professional. they should come up with something new and fresh or at least creative (hide the symbols instead of out right showing them) instead of all the basic ideas everyone else has done.

    "The world is a dangerous place to live – not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don't do anything about it." -Einstein-

  26. VC, why haven't you touched on the new group odd future yet? maybe because they are so blatant you don't feel the need to? idk but it would be cool if you would do an article on them. or even just their leader tyler the creator.

  27. Might be a coinciden on

    I have seen Aishwarya's movie and there are no Illuminati related symbols so I think in the poster she is showing the hand jewelry !! It depends on the overall message the video/picture is sending and other symbols involved !! So I think sometimes it might just be a coincidence !!

    • Aishwarya maybe illuminatus or not no one can say that for sure except herself. but one things for sure the ones who sign her checks are. They are the ones who make her pose like that for a reason.

      • Might be a coinciden on

        Yeah So there should be symbolism in her other shoots/movies too !! I am just saying that "sometimes"( which is very few) it might just be a coincidence !!

  28. The Penatram is based on the location of Venus in the night sky. Focus on Venus and forget Saturn(Satan).

  29. Has anyone ever wondered why there are six hexagrams on the dollar bill. There is one on the great seal, one on the eagle(phoenix) and one on the stars above the eagle. Could it be possible that we have all been fooled into believing in Satan by using the money in our country.

    I mean honestly, there are some of us who have done horrible things for money like, rape, murder, steal, lie, deceive, human trafficking, sell drugs and so on…you name it, we do it.

    Could it be possible that the demise of the dollar to bring in the one world currency is in a fact a way of returning to Jesus and to stray away from Satan(666)?

    China, France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, Japan and many others have all requested that we have a one world currency to restore peace.

    • All over the world, people do bad things for money, Bigmora. If there are symbols on dollar bills, they would have to do with America itself and its possible association with 'secret' societies. According to my Bible, a one-world government and currency is the coming of the Antichrist or in simpler terms, NWO. I see no way how that is a good thing. Good thinking, though.

  30. That one pic with that chick in the mickey mouse ears is posing with a sculpture that is quite phallic looking don't you think, lol.

  31. I truly that some of these artist aren't aware of what there nothing. I'm sure sometimes its along the lines of "We need you to make this gesture or your not going paid". Thats just my opinion. Despite that, it doesn't make it a good thing.

  32. Have guys ever notice how some singers in their videos act like maniacs like they move their head in a weird way. I seen it in Jessie j do it like a dude and 2ne1 I'm the best can some one explain what that means.

  33. As people have touched on, my problem with some of the theories of this site, is that in some cases they are coincidental. Nobody just "stands there" when taking a pic, least of all celebs, so pulling your hat down low so it covers one eye will occur from time to time, and checker boards are dynamic from a aesthetic point of very, its the contrast of black and white. But don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are some board egotistic rich people trying to take over the world for Baphomet or The Pope and everything in between, and they want new recruits so they go to the music and movies, but sometimes an eye is covered because an asymmetrical bob hairstyle is popular particularly in punk/emo culture, and both of those cultures also where lots of checkerboard patterns, and I don't think all of the punk emo bands can be Illuminati OR unknowingly have Illuminati behind them. VC likes symbols and values their importance. I get it, but if a person "suggests" that an artist put a triangle in their vid, cover one eye, and have a checkerboard in their, and doesn't tell them why, it doesn't mean anything to the artist cause they don't know the significance, a symbol only means something to those who know what it means. like a gang sign or what. 1000 years ago no one would care if someone had a swastika tattooed ontheir forehead, but know it would get you into a lot of trouble.

  34. I really thought these guys would have outgrown this one-eye thing by now. It's becoming ridiculous, because putting one hand over your eye during a shoot is quite a stupid pose! But they can't stop, because some of them are too scared to display much more sinister symbols. So the one-eyed symbolism is simple, and is fast becoming a photoshoot trend. And also, they won't mind obscure symbols, like the hand-in-the-vest thingy. Cuz, the world is on about the illuminati, guess they're not that secret anymore. For people doubting Selena's involvement, go listen to 'Rock God' with Katy Perry. I don't think it's cool.

    • this has such a horrible taste. dear god don't listen to this please!! i hated it.

      another thing is, why would someone wright a song saying "lovie lovie yeah you know you are my DEMON" the black eyed peas.

      how romantic….

      English is not my native language, demon for me means fallen angel = satan.

      Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

      "In religion, occultism and folklore, a demon or daemon, daimon; from Greek δαίμων daimôn,[1] is a supernatural being described as something that is not human and in ordinary usage malevolent."

      "In Ancient Near Eastern religions as well as in the derived Abrahamic traditions, including ancient and medieval Christian demonology, a demon is considered an "unclean spirit" which may cause demonic possession, to be addressed with an act of exorcism."

  35. I thought you would also include Tilda Swinton's new photo shoot for Vague magazine! They look creepy even took pics with the mickey mouse ears.

  36. yes, those photos are pretty original xD

    nothing like the pictures i see EVERYDAY in all the magazines and newspapers :)

    but…ANNE HATHAWAY? that's disappointing, i REALLY love her, she's one of my favourite actresses :/

    but, yeah, i suppose there are no exceptions…whether you are talented (like anne), or not (like spears) it's the same thing!

  37. Its little of topic,but could u look into "uptown girls" with late brittny murphy. Weird how she's dead,also her husband. The movie it self..for being just "regular",not horror film,had so much symbolism. That's the 1st movie where I sat and watched,not because it was good,but in disbelief did they really just show/say that

    • wow i was just thinking bout same thing lately!!brittany murphy's and her husband's death is weird in so many levels i just can't believe that it was a coincidence!not in this world we r living lol

      • of course not coincidence- AND if you saw the last pictures he took of her!!! u would throw up! very evil looking and sexual at the same time – like on the bed with a dagger

        and i feel like he had to sacrifice her or something but then he got sacrified himself bec he was still a nobody for hollywood… dude look at kate hudson- her fam was sacrificed,,. look at travoltas son… look at bill cosby's son back then… NOTHING is a coincidence.. its to teach them a lesson that they are owned

    • just wondering if this is in the bible? Bec I haven't heard of it. I know the one-eyed- monster is believed in many religions but i don't think it is in Christianity- I thought it was more pagan religions that most of these symbols between the followers came from, including and especially the one eye but not 100% sure if its in the bible

  38. Boring one-eye, try finger in your ass, like that, you show at everybody, your poor life, when illuminati fuck you every day.

  39. yesterday i watched THOR… it was one eye shit (sorry), all the way!!!

    his father displayed it, then i thought, ok maybe his character that lost an eye in the real story. i am not really into THOR to know for sure. but later they show a part where try to still a blue box thing and then again they show a big blue eye that looked like HORUS's eye. i was like… ok that's a lil too much. i thought this is pure new world order crap.

    • I don't think it's "boring" at all. If you think you can do better, build your own website & post your own photos!I'm sure it takes VC lots of time to put together these weekly photos for us all. I know I wouldn't want to scrounge through ads and promo shots all week looking for stuff. I'm glad someone like VC is doing it because a lot of people who used to do this kind of research a few years ago all gave up on so many sorry-asses out there refusing to face reality and/or wake-up.

  40. People need to stop saying they are "disappointed" or "shocked" over these pictures/celebrities.

    This whole thing should no longer come as a surprise to anyone, at this point.
    Absolutely EVERYBODY in the entertainment industry is a puppet with no real creative control. We've seen enough evidence to support that fact. They are told what to do. Period, point blank. They're all doing the same things. They might understand what they're doing or not. It doesn't matter. Bottom line : they are all told what to do, all of them, including your favorites.

  41. Lens Crafters on

    Maybe the person taking the pictures is telling them that its for an eye glass company ad. Just cover your eye and read the bottom line. ? idk but i often wonder what the conversation is. They have to be saying something to make them cover it right?

  42. Once Was lost on

    Did anyone notice that the hand in Lisa Miskovsky's pic looks like its a man's hand! Can anyone say her "controller" lmbo!!!

  43. I seriously want to know what all these puppets think when they are being told how to pose.

    Seriously, can anyone get close enough to interview a few? Don't they know how ridiculous they look? There's gotta be some, at least One that is willing to share a few tidbits of info on the whole one-eye thingy.

    We can post pics of them till we're blue in the face but what good will it do? I want to hear from these folks that are so willing to do what they're told. An interview would garner a lot of information, perhaps not in what is said but in what is Not Said. Does anyone here actually know any of these people? Who here is willing to get to the bottom?

    Perhaps it's all a ruse to get folks completely transfixed in fear. After all, they're laying it on pretty thick. Looks silly to me.

    • THere's tons of research and interviews online. Quit being so lazy and just do searches. THat's the problem with the newest generation, they expect everything handed to them for free online. Don't you all know there's more dis-infomation online about these subjects, than real info? You should be grateful to have VC around. Even with him moderating comments, I still come here every week and half the comments are people whining or asking "what should we do?"

      I hate seeing all these "whiners" like William Cooper's sidekick, Doyle Shamley, says in this interview about today's so called "mass awakening". He's been into researching the 'Mystery Babylon' school teachings(theosophy, satanism, freemasonry) & political/media/military conspiracies for 25 years+. Doyle was Bill Coopers assistant for 5 yrs on "Hour of the Time" radio show. It was Cooper who predicted 9-11 on June 28, 2001. It wasn't Alex Jones like Jones claims.

      Doyle said, 'now that the internet is around, people are even more asleep and even more sheep than before the net.' THey grab onto some disinfo liar like Alex Jones and get defensive and protective over him just like celeb fans do over their idols. Its like being in a cult'.

      Sorry I just had to get this off my chest after seeing so many whiny bitching comments.

      • Oh btw, here's that link to the interview with Doyle Shamley , William Cooper's assistant, where he talks about how people are more asleep today than 20 years ago. And also about how Alex Jones is a lying fraud.

        BTW, if any of you have a problem with my opinion on Alex Jones, I'd suggest you go on YouTube or Google and find his Y2K broadcast. He made up all kinds of stuff for 3 straight hours on New Years Eve 1999 about the Russians attacking the US, and how nukes had exploded and nuclear reactors attacked, etc. Yet everyone gives him a break. WIlliam Cooper was murdered almost 10 yrs ago now and I learned more from listening to his archives for a month, than 4 years of Alex Jones BS.

  44. blind leading the bl on

    jimminy cricket! all these random gestures. hell some of them are even COPYRIGHTED. and to think

    this runs so deep, it almost never seems to come to an end and then they just keep taking over MORE and MORE.

    this alone is damning evidence and a sign we should watch for indoctrination everywhere.

  45. I am so disappointed in Selena Gomez. The video for her latest song 'Love you like a love song' is filled with illuminati representation. Check it out.

    tsk tsk tsk i guess some are not strong enough to resist the temptations of the devil.

  46. What if these people know about all the "conspiracies" and just take pictures for publicity? Either way I back Vigilant Citizen 100% for what they are doing. Thank you.

  47. Crystal Jenkins on

    These people don't realise what they're doing to themselves. If they want money, fame and fortune so bad to sell their soul what's left to enjoy and control that money, fame and fortune? Their handlers? What's left of them when they're souls gone? They're not really people at all without a soul, mearly puppets in a bigger game they dont seem to see. If only they could see what their getting into. I love this older, less auto-tuned song by Black Eyed Peas 'Gone Going' –

  48. Light is in yourself on

    The Bollywood poster has a slightly more hidden symbol as well.. check the girls bellybutton and how her blouse drapes..

  49. don't know where to post this- but just saw Tyra Banks on Good Morning America in NYC promoting her new book- she was wearing one big huge fake eye-brow over one eye which has to do with the cover of the book which is a picture of one eye and eyebrow over it

    and guess what the book is about??? models and getting into school with magic

    and guess who is in the process of getting illuminated herself? Tyra is going to Harvard currently! Perhaps this is why she left her show, these were her next steps. And she just mentioned Walt Disney and Disneyworld as an inspiration and how he had a meaning/message but no kid cares they just want to go to theme parks and have fun, and this is exactly what she wants to do for her models…..

  50. the bollywood stars with the floor just blew my mind! the legs lifted has meaning too! it has to with initiation.. i wonder if they know that

    it is easier to suck ius in bec these symbols already existed for pagans

    when it comes to the third eye and stuff, they already have their own meaning just how eastern mediterraneans have the protection blue eye against evil- those things though have nothing to do with the "evil meaning" that the egyptian eye is used for or the third eye (illumination) have to do with- they are taking their symbols and using them to mean something else.. just as the moon and star in thai pagan religion as well as islam.. so these symbols are on jewelry, fashion everywhere but not for the meaning that the common man thinks

    u should see some crazy stuff in Japan anime cartoons…

  51. The entire Hollywood is on it, they are spreading the occultism through celebrities, diff. forms of media etc. Other forms of businesses are in on it too besides the movie industry, its spreading like wild fire.

  52. I don't know why these people think the devil likes them. The devil does not have the capacity to like the human race because we are all created in the image of the very one (Elohim) he hates. That's why he tricked ADAM and EVE into slavery back in the garden of Eden which gave this bitch (satan) legals rights to the human soul. whether you want to accept it or not we are all born slaves to satan this is why we do what we do and live how we live and Yeshua The Christ is our emancipation proclamation out of this slavery call sin.

    satan is a twisted bitch all he's doing is using these people to manifest his shit on the earth as we wait for the opportunity to snuff out each one of them, dragging there wretched souls to the pit where they will be disgustedly rewarded for all the shit from hell they allowed satan to manifest through them. Smmmhhh. Lord help us!

  53. fuck all this fucking illuminati bullcrap.

    someone needs to teach these ppl a lesson. -.-

    (P.S. stop all the fcking one eye symbol)

  54. So many artists who seem so wholesome are doing this symbols, do they know what they're doing? Or do their creative directors tell them what to do and they just don't know enough to stand up?

  55. FreeThinker16 on

    I found out about the Illuminati about April last year. I stumbled on this site cause I was quite disturbed by videos like Telephone, and Onto The Next One. And I wanted to know what they meant. So i found out about this stuff and it really freaked me out. Great Work VC, keep it up and keep opening peoples eyes to the truth. <3

  56. I Am Not Ashamed of on

    Oh wow! Yes. The Lindsey Lohan photo is disturbing and really sad. The guy standing at the head of the bed is unbuckling his belt and the other man next to him is unzipping his pants. My heart aches for her and my prayers are with her. The same goes for Ms. Spears.

    The last photo, of the little girl, is just demonic and sick. Sexualizing little children is NEVER okay, EVER! A least, Lindsey and Britney are adults. I heard several days ago that somewhere they're offering pole dancing to children. Their reason being, 'It's for exercise.' Are we not living in the last days and is Jesus not coming very soon or what!?

    Society is headed in a direction where Truth will be considered error, error will be considered truth, Right will be wrong, and wrong will be right.

    **By the Way: I was just told about Start Page [search engine]. Unlike Google and Safari, it provides private search and [they] cannot track what you're doing on the internet. Be safe everyone and seek the Lord while He may be found. May God richly bless

  57. All of these pics are so obvious! Any one could easily learn about illuminati and see that!!! Like Selena Gomes really? You just go popular because of illuminati you would think they'd actually be smart enough not to have pics like these right away! The one eye and sparkly/animated lips! Seriously?

  58. Whatever!

    If Aishwarya is covering her eye in the still above, it is because she is doing a dance move from traditional Indian dance… (she plays a dancer in this film, Umrao Jaan). This dance move is no more sinister or Satanic than a game of peek-a-boo that you played when you were 2 years old. It symbolizes coyness or shyness. Classical Indian dance predates the Illuminati conspiracy theories BTW and is chock full of 100's of hand symbols and bodily contortions that I'm sure you would attribute to the Illuminati as well. LOL… I guess the whole Illuminati obsession comes part and parcel with a Crusaders mentality so anything that has come from an older culture that one misunderstands can be attributed to Satan… oops, I meant 4th dimensional reptilian extraterrestrials! Hahahahahaha :)

  59. NOOOO!! I <3 Mickey Mouse!!! However, I'm aware of the Illuminati and Mind Control and yes I see it everywhere! But I'm not mind controlled!

  60. how do you know all this stuff? i mean how do you figure this out? wow thanks for this site without you, we all be doom! i just cant believe all the celebrities are puppets nowadays! miss the old days sigh..

  61. I disagree with the Aishwarya Rai pic, it's a still from a movie you have to watch the whole scene to understand. I think that one is coincidental

  62. Thank you for helping expose the ongoing Satanist plot to propogate the Illuminati agenda which has obviously taken fruit among the community of out-of-work, starving young no-name photographers……. :-/


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