Transhumanism, PsyWar and B.E.P.’s “Imma Be”


The article named “The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music” briefly explored the transhumanist theme of the Black Eyed Peas’ video “Imma Be/Rock that Body”. Vigilant Citizen collaborator LVB expands on this subject and describes the Psychological Warfare techniques used in this video.

The Black Eyed Peas “Imma Be / Rock that Body” video is a masterpiece of high tech computer-generated imagery and state of the art digital music production. It is also one of the most blatant examples of Psychological Warfare and deception that I have ever seen in modern mass media. This article will discuss

1) What Transhumanism actually is.

2) The massive use of Psychological Warfare techniques in this video and all forms of mass media.

3) Analysis of the video, itself – to show you how these psychological concepts, the occult and Transhumanist symbolism and the deceptive storyline are integrated in this video to promote the dangerous agenda of the cult known as Transhumanism.

The Transhumanist Agenda

Transhumanism is the name of a movement that claims to support the use of all forms of technology to improve human beings.  It is far more than just a bunch of harmless and misguided techie nerds, dreaming of sci-fi movies and making robots.

It is a highly organized and well financed movement that is extremely focused on subverting and replacing every aspect of what we are as human beings – including our physical biology, the individuality of our minds and purposes of our lives – and the replacement of all existing religious and spiritual beliefs with a new religion of their own – which is actually not new at all.

For now, let’s just start at the start.

The Elitist Creators of Transhumanism and Eugenics

“The term ‘Transhumanism‘ was coined by biologist Julian Huxley in 1957, who defined it as “man remaining man, but trans­cending himself, by realizing new possibilities of and for his human nature.”

Julian Huxley was the brother of Aldous Huxley, who you may know was the author of the very famous book, “Brave New World“, which is a vision of the future that most people view as “The New World Order” (along with the book “1984“, by George Orwell) – a depressing future police-state world in which a one world government uses technology, such as surveillance cameras, psychological warfare (propaganda) and brutal military/police forces to control everyone and everything in this dystopian, fictional world.

The founders of Transhumanism, were highly educated and wealthy individuals of primarily British and European descent. These individuals were what we would call people of the elite, ruling class of society, and their views were absolutely elitist, if not outright totalitarian and fascist in nature.


This Nazi propaganda poster is encouraging public support for its Eugenics program. The poster says that the mentally-challenged man in the picture is costing German citizens too much money, and should be put to death for his own good – and to keep costs down.

One of the key concepts of old school Transhumanism was the elitist pseudoscience of Eugenics, or “racial hygiene“, which is a concept that still exists today in the modern, shiny, high-tech version of what is adoringly called Transhumanism, Human+, or H+, by its cult followers.

Eugenics is the study and practice of selective breeding applied to humans, with the aim of improving the species. In a historical and broader sense, Eugenics can also be a study of “improving human genetic qualities”. Advocates of Eugenics sought to counter what they regarded as dysgenic dynamics within the human gene pool. Specifically, in regard to the continuation of congenital disorders and factors impacting overall societal intelligence relating to the heritability of IQ.

Eugenics was widely popular in the early decades of the 20th century, but has largely fallen into disrepute after having become associated with Nazi Germany. Since the postwar period, both the public and the scientific communities have associated Eugenics with Nazi abuses, such as enforced racial hygiene, human experimentation, and the extermination of “undesirable” population groups.

However, developments in genetic, genomic, and reproductive technologies at the end of the 20th century have raised many new questions and concerns about what exactly constitutes the meaning of Eugenics and what its ethical and moral status is in the modern era.”

So, because the Nazi atrocities became so widely known, the ideas of Eugenics went underground for awhile. But the original ideas and goals of “improving the species” and “improving human genetic qualities” are still front and center, albeit in a more subtle and glamorous package now. They try to avoid discussing those embarrassing ideas, like how to keep the undesirable races from breeding so much.

The modern mutation of Transhumanism claims to only support “voluntary eugenics“, which sounds much more benevolent than mandatory sterilization and euthanasia of undesirable humans, doesn’t it? But, if you have any sense at all, you will probably realize that this ethnic cleansing of the gene pool (“improving the species” and “improving human genetic qualities”) simply cannot and will not ever happen if it is voluntary.

We should all understand that ideas such as “voluntary eugenics” will not be voluntary anymore, if and when the people who believe in these radical ideas get political and financial power. In fact, they already do have substantial wealth and power, and are working very hard to impose this Transhumanist agenda on our world – whether we like it or not.

The Principles and Concepts of Transhumanism

Transhumanists believe they are working toward a new and improved existence, leaving everything we have known in the dust bin of history, welcoming a new “Golden Age” of superbeings. They want to become an entirely new species, transcending what we are as humans, using radically advanced technology to achieve their goals. Let’s look at just a few of the primary concepts and goals of Transhumanism.

The Hive Mind


One of the primary concepts of the Transhumanist agenda is “The Hive Mind”.

Hive Mind : A type of collective consciousness where individuality is stifled; a state of conformity; also written hivemind”.

“A group of people who give the false impression of being a hivemind (1), eg. by mindlessly following orders.”

One of the early Transhumanist elites, along with Julian Huxley, was Sir Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin, who founded the theory of evolution.

So, anyway, here is one of Charles Galton Darwin’s quotes relating to the Hive Mind:

“There might be a drug, which, without other harmful effects, removed the urgency of sexual desire, and so, reproduced in humanity the status of workers in a beehive.”

As I said previously, the founders of Transhumanism had elitist views about what humanity should be. This Human Beehive concept has been envisioned by the ruling elite class throughout history as the ideal society. The ultimate slave race, scientifically designed to conform, obey and serve the needs of the elite – worker bees who do not question or rebel.

Transhumanists envision this Hive Mind as being possible when all people across the world can link their minds together using technology, creating a symbiotic existence through the new superintelligence of this collective Hive Mind. Forget about the needs of the individual – it’s all about the Hive. They refer to this collective, superintelligence as the Singularity.

Uploading Your Mind


“MURG” is the acronym that Transhumanists use to refer to the “Mind Upload Research Group”.

The Hive Mind, or Singularity, that they are working toward, will occur, they believe, when technology exists that will allow humans to “upload their minds” to an artificial memory device, a sort of global hard drive, so that the combined intelligence of all our minds will create this new superintelligence that is the Singularity, or Hive Mind.

The Cult of Transhumanism

“Instead of meekly worshiping fictional gods, or blindly dismissing the ideals they represent, we should seek to become godlike ourselves. The body is weak, but the mind can be forever. People may die, but they can be preserved and resurrected. This world may in many ways resemble hell, but we can create heaven on earth. The universe may be a place of chaos and entropy, but we can fill it with order and intelligence. Guided by reason and empowered by technology, we can bend reality to our will, and make the impossible possible.”

Transhumanist ideas of becoming gods and having eternal life through technology certainly display an extreme level of vanity. Not just the simple human vanity of wearing nice clothes and putting on makeup to look good – but to BE gods – therefore, rejecting and replacing God, entirely. This is the Luciferian doctrine.

Pragmatic Morality

The Transhumanist idea that they call Pragmatic Morality, is simply a recycled and renamed version of the oldest deception in the world – that there is no good or evil.

Here is how this concept applies to the beliefs of the cult of Transhumanism:

“Ethics and morals must serve, or at least not stand in the way of, boundless self-actualization. They should be tools and guidelines for successful living, not instruments of senseless repression. Like the flesh, traditional morality is something to be overcome. There is no ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’; just efficiency and inefficiency; intelligence and stupidity; winners and losers. There is only rational self-interest, and those too timid and ignorant to pursue it. This simple yet profound realization forms the bedrock of an empowered worldview, and is a key step towards achieving enlightenment and transcendence.”

The Patron Saint of Transhumanism


“‘Lucifer’ is the Latin term originally used by the Romans to refer to the planet Venus when that planet was west of the sun and hence rose before the sun in the morning, thereby being the morning star.”

“According to Extropian philosopher Max More, “Lucifer is the embodiment of reason, of intelligence, of critical thought. He stands against the dogma of God and all other dogmas. He stands for the exploration of new ideas and new perspectives in the pursuit of truth.” He is also the archetypal iconoclast, rebel, and adversary (the word ‘Satan’ is from a Hebrew word, ‘Sathane’, meaning adversary or culminiator; in original Jewish usage [see the book of Job], Satan is the adversary, not of God, but of mankind; i.e., the angel charged by God with the task of proving that mankind is an unworthy creation). In the transtopian context, Lucifer represents ambition, rebellion, rational enlightenment, and the dark side of Transhumanism.”

Selling Transhumanism to the Masses using Psychological Warfare

What exactly is “Psychological Warfare“?

Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) is defined by the U.S. Department of Defense as:

“The planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior…of groups in such a way as to support the…objectives.”

Various techniques are used, by any set of groups, and aimed to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior.”

This is often referred to as “winning hearts and minds“, or similarly, “Capture their minds and their hearts and souls will follow.”


Metacommunication is a natural human communication process, which is as simple as saying, “I love you”, while you are smiling – communication on two levels. Throw in a hug and there are three levels of communicating this positive message.

All communication consists of (at least) two levels. First, there is the “content level” of what is being said, literally. Second, there is the level that Gregory Bateson calls metacommunication, which is the underlying message or tone of the communication, which can be as simple as a facial expression. We often recognize this as being the “tone” of someone’s voice, or how something is being said. So, you have what is being said, and how it is being said. The tone is actually the “command” portion of communication, because it is designed to instruct or position the receiver (or victim) of the communication to interpret the message in a certain way.

Bateson’s communications theory can help reveal the interaction operating behind the message. Every communication, he claims, has both a report [the actual message] and a command aspect [tone]. While the report conveys information about a state of affairs, the command positions the receiver to adopt a particular attitude towards the report and (leads them to) respond in a certain way. The command element of the message is a metacommunication about the context of the message – the nature of the relationship in which the information is exchanged.

Falsified Metacommunication – Mixed Signals and Deception

The point where this becomes falsified metacommunication in mass media is when they include a primary false message in an advertisement or music video, which is designed not only to sell the product, but also to influence the viewer’s attitudes and beliefs.

Daniel Lerner, who was part of the OSS (the predecessor of the CIA), called this the “Black Level” of Psychological Warfare, because it includes:

Commissions of falsification (lies) intended to deceive the enemy“.

There are many layers of communication in movies, videos, advertising and news media that we usually don’t even realize on a conscious level, and that is what this part of the article and the BEP video are all about.

The term, falsified metacommunication, was coined by anthropologist Richard Herskowitz. It can be understood, in part, using the simple example of a con-man:

He shakes your hand, smiles at you and tells you nice things…as he steals your money.

It is a strategy of deliberately distracting you from his real purpose or goal by using friendly, charming deception. It is saying one thing, as a way of distracting the victim with deception to make them feel comfortable with the situation, in order to do another thing – to achieve the real goal, which is stealing your money.

For example, say there is a magazine ad with a very beautiful female model, but off to the side you can see the makeup artist standing there putting makeup on another model, who looks like she just woke up. They are letting you in on the joke, the artificial nature and deceptive elements of the ad. This makes you realize that you get it, you think that you understand the illusion, and that makes you feel clever, like an insider, and this feeling gives you a sense of reward and ego boost because you feel smart and cool.

This process has the typical effect of getting people to relax and let their guard down a little bit, which leaves them more open to the actual intent of what the ad is trying to do – to sell you some crap that you probably don’t need – and ideas that you may not agree with. This brings us to another tool of manipulation and control in communication, known as a double bind.

Double Binds

A double bind is a dilemma in communication in which an individual (or group) receives two or more conflicting messages, with one message negating the other. This creates a situation in which a successful response to one message results in a failed response to the other, so that the person will be automatically wrong regardless of their response. The nature of a double bind is that the person cannot confront the inherent dilemma, and therefore can neither comment on the conflict, nor resolve it, nor opt out of the situation.

Falsified metacommunication is similar to this in many ways.

Just understand that this is all about communicating ideas at multiple levels; some true information and some false information, and other levels showing you that they are showing you something, in order to distract you from the real message or purpose, and also to deny what the real purpose of the communication is. It sounds really confusing and schizophrenic, doesn’t it? That’s because it is. More from Richard Herskowitz:

“This schizophrenic system [double binds and falsified metacommunication as they are used in mass media], therefore, bares its exploitative nature to its victims in a manner that evokes their participation in their own oppression. As Anthony Wilden argues: “It is a necessary function of pathological communication to deny its own pathology while admitting and using it at other levels. Thus, since no system [including the human mind]can actually ignore feedback relationships, our culture simply converts them into POWER relationships.

The manner in which the spectator’s recognition of mass media deception is channeled into participation in that deception (is) a false democratization of an exploitative relationship, and is used to position the viewer in a certain way, as a means of controlling how they will receive the message.”

Imma Be Duplicity

Duplicity is defined as “contradictory doubleness of thought, speech, or action; especially, the concealment of one’s true intentions by deceptive words or actions”. It is saying one thing and doing (or meaning) another…and doing it intentionally, in order to deceive. So, with this idea of duplicity in mind, let’s look at what the different layers of communication in this BEP video are telling us.

One layer involves giving the viewer (victim) a false message that is friendly or they will agree with, to make them feel comfortable. In this video, the false and deceptive message is that they believe it is wrong to replace people with machines and “we’re not robots”. This is established at the beginning, to give the viewer a friendly message that they can feel comfortable about and agree with. Like the con-man, they charm you to disarm you.

But, then you also have Will.I.Am saying how cool it is that the artificial intelligence vocal machine (technology) is going to replace humans, and they won’t have to do the singing anymore. Contradictory messages used to conceal their true intentions = duplicity.

Another layer involves giving the viewer some clues or obvious messages to show them that the video‘s story is just a story – by calling attention to itself at the beginning and end of this video and showing you the (false) real life events of the BEPs having their meeting, Fergie’s accident and when they rush to help her at the end of the video.

This method of using the story to call attention to itself is designed to give the victim an added comfort level (remember the first layer above) and a sense of reward or ego boost by giving the victim the illusion that they have figured it out and are “in on the joke”, so that they feel good and smart because they’ve figured it out, which leads them to relax and let their guard down. This is a secondary layer of charming and disarming you.

But, the most important layer of communication in this video is the story itself, which is shown (falsely) to be “only a dream or fantasy”, which implies that it is not the real message or purpose of the communication. The opposite is true.

This “dream sequence” shows you very clearly with its visual imagery and ideas what the true purpose and message of this story really is. Here is what you are being shown in the “dream”:

Humans are depicted as stuttering, broken, helpless machines that are inferior in every way to the machines. In contrast, the machines are depicted as benevolent and good, and they are shown helping humans to become more perfect beings…by force, shooting them with guns that cure their broken condition. This is a good example of cognitive dissonance, which is another powerful aspect of psychological warfare in mass media.

Cognition is the scientific term for “the process of thought”.

Dissonance is a state of disagreement or conflict between two or more things – things that don’t fit together. In music, dissonance is expressed as being “a mingling of discordant notes, a clashing or unresolved musical interval or chord”. The simplest explanation of this in music is that dissonance sounds bizarre and disturbing to the ear. Notes that don’t sound good together.

Cognitive dissonance is an uncomfortable feeling caused by holding two contradictory ideas simultaneously. The theory of cognitive dissonance proposes that people have a motivational drive to reduce dissonance by changing their attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, or by justifying or rationalizing them. In 1957, Leon Festinger published his theory of cognitive dissonance, which has changed the way psychologists look at decision-making and behavior. It is one of the most influential and extensively studied theories in social psychology.

Cognitive dissonance occurs when a person perceives a logical inconsistency in his beliefs, when one idea implies the opposite of another. The dissonance might be experienced as guilt, anger, frustration, or embarrassment.”

The important thing about cognitive dissonance in mass media is that when a person is confronted with such contradictory ideas, it creates a conflict or disturbance that is usually not even noticed on a conscious level. Instead, it is internalized and processed by your subconscious mind, your autopilot system, in the same way that your autonomic nervous system controls your breathing, heart rate and blinking your eyes without you ever thinking about it consciously.

Exposure and Desensitization

The first time you watch the movie, “Saw”, you might be freaked out by the gruesome murders and torture. But if you watch it another hundred times, I can guarantee that it won’t bother you very much anymore. Over time, when we are exposed to images of graphic violence, sexuality or ideas utilizing combinations of such images (cognitive dissonance) we slowly become desensitized to these ideas, and we are conditioned to stop reacting to them as strongly.

This can be understood in the same way that a person may get a painful sunburn the first time that they are out in the sun too long – overexposure – too much of what you are not conditioned to accept, all at once. But, after being out in the sun all summer long, the skin has become desensitized, or conditioned, to accept the UV radiation, by receiving smaller doses of it, consistently, over a longer period of time. Therefore, the person doesn’t experience the strong reaction (sunburn) that they did the first time.

Of course, this example is one where there is a good aspect to the desensitization – not getting a painful sunburn every day is a good thing. In the same way, allergy shots can help people to avoid severe allergic reactions, desensitizing them by giving them small doses of what is bad for them, over a longer period of time. Not having severe allergy/asthma attacks is a good thing, too.

But, in the case of mass media and the desensitization of our minds, there is nothing good or beneficial about the way that we are being systematically desensitized to accept a variety of destructive and dangerous ideas. Transhumanist ideas are one example of this – humans becoming more like robots, and robots becoming more like humans.

The End of the Beginning

So, the primary intended message of this video is the Transhumanist idea that humans are not good enough the way we are naturally, and we need to be altered with technological devices and reprogrammed with radically different ideas in order to be better, even if this must be done to us against our will. This idea is dangerously flawed and it is a complete dehumanization of our species, as well as being a very troublesome vision for the future of humanity.

I hope this introduction to Psychological Warfare techniques helps you to better understand the deceptive methods that are used in mass media to persuade us and modify our attitudes, and that it will help you to see the true purpose and meanings in ads, movies and videos that you see in the future. If you’re still reading, you’re a real trooper, and I salute you!!

So, now we’ve covered what Transhumanism is, Psychological Warfare techniques that are used in mass media – false metacommunication, double binds, duplicity, cognitive dissonance, exposure and desensitization – and how they are used as a means of deception in mass media. The hard part is over.

Imma Be / Rock that Body Video Analysis

The Imma Be / Rock that Body video begins with all of the BEPs sitting in an office, talking and working on ideas. The main guy, Will.I.Am, is sitting at his computer looking at images of robots. You can also see the speaker cone sound cannon laying on the table, which foreshadows the events in the “fantasy” part of the story to come – showing you that this object from the “fantasy” part of the story actually exists in the (false) “real” story. And, because you will find out later that all of what is yet to happen is depicted as being just Fergie’s dream, this is part of the false metacommunication that is being used not only to give you a hint about the fact that the entire video is just a story, but also to deny the true deceptive message that is contained in the “dream” segment of the story.

It is a scene within the fictional “real life” part of the video letting you know that the whole video/story is fictional. A deception within a deception – an object from the “dream” part of the story somehow exists in this false “real life” part of the story – which is a) using the story to call attention to itself, and b) to further the deception about what the message of this story actually is.

Will.I.Am tells everyone he has something cool to show them, and he busts out one of those high-tech aluminum CIA type briefcases and opens it up. The other Peas ask what it is, and he tells them that it is a machine with artificial intelligence (AI) that will sample your voice and allow you to just type in the lyrics and it will “do all the singing, talking, rapping”. He says that it is the future and it is what will take the Peas into 3008…which is kind of funny, and very optimistic as far as being able to live that long without some kind of radical technology that could keep you alive for 120+ years. We’ll get to that part later.

This false “reality” scene continues with another BEP asking Will if this means that he won’t actually be rapping in the studio anymore, and Will explains that, no, he won’t be doing the rapping because the machine will do it all, which Will thinks is very cool.

Then Fergie gets really mad and puts on a big drama queen display. She says “it will take the soul out of it” and “it’s not real”, and finally she says, “We’re not robots!”, and leaves the room pissed off. This is another layer of the false metacommunication that is using the false “real life” part of the story to deny the true message that is about to begin in the “dream” part of the story. So then, Fergie goes outside and jumps on her awesome crotch rocket motorcycle, and takes off down the road. But she doesn’t get very far, because in her anger, she rides straight into the path of an oncoming vehicle. Not good.

The Death and Resurrection of Fergie

Poor Fergie. It looks like she has now become the cutest roadkill ever. But wait. She’s no longer in the city, where the accident happened. Now, she is suddenly in the middle of nowhere, in the desert. And this image is especially symbolic – the awesomely cool high-tech machine standing upright (not on the ground as it would be after an accident) in a superior position, casting its ominous dark shadow down upon the apparently dead human lying on the ground. The machine killed the human. Get it?

The Transhumanist Song Meanings

This BEP video uses the songs “Imma Be” and “Rock that Body“.

In terms of Transhumanist meanings, I believe that “Rock that Body” means “change and improve the human body“; i.e., improve the flawed, human meat machine using advanced technology, as we see in the video.

Imma Bee – Literally

What I find very interesting about the song “Imma Be” is that I believe it is saying, “I’m a Bee”, literally.

Obviously, I do realize that “Imma Be” is used as a slang way of saying “I’m gonna be…(this or that)”, or “I am going to be…”. But it is pretty clear from the opening scene in this video that Will.I.Am is an intelligent and well spoken guy, so the point being – the use of this phrase is intentional, and it is used for specific reasons. One of those is probably “street cred”, but I also think it is being used deliberately to create the literal meaning, “I’m a Bee”.

The way this song beats the phrase “I’m a Bee” into your mind like a hammer is significant. I considered actually counting how many times they say “I’m a Bee” in this song, but I decided that would bee too much work. Let’s just agree that it says “I’m a Bee” a whole bunch of times, probably a hundred or so times in about four minutes. So, it seems pretty clear that it was an important message that they wanted to get across.

So here’s Fergie, looking all better now, thank goodness, and she begins singing…well, rapping the lyrics. I noticed that her outfit gives the appearance of a robot face, with the round eyes being her breast areas and the square black mouth is a piece of fabric or tape. Also, notice that behind her is the giant black bad guy Borg. He drops in for the first time here.

Fergie is now walking toward the diner, which is flanked by the TUBORG beer signs, as well as the BEP album cover image. The album title, “The E.N.D.”, is interesting, not only because of the obvious “The End (of the World)” idea, but also because it means “Energy Never Dies”. This has some obvious spiritual and reincarnation components.

Some Transhumanists are into cryogenically freezing and storing their heads (Cryonics) when they die, because they believe that technology will exist in the future to bring them back from the dead. Thus, Energy Never Dies.

Near the diner is a large graveyard of obsolete and broken machines. Keep this in mind.

Dancing in the Graveyard


He’s half the man he used to bee…and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on! This is symbolic of dehumanization and mutilation, pure and simple.

Now his parts are back together again…he’s “fixed”. Note the scattered “body parts” of the obsolete and broken hardware in this machine graveyard.

Happy Borgs dancing like humans, amongst the obsolete and broken machine parts. The Borgs act like humans, the humans act like Borgs = cognitive dissonance.


Imma Fix Humanity: One Borg at a Time

The BEPs are then beamed down into the city, and they’ve become Borgs; enlightened and better, smarter, faster. They fall from the heavens down to Earth in blinding flashes of white light, like a morning star (small hint there).

The Erkel brothers are stuttering, broken humans. They are imperfect, and need “fixing”

Will.I.Am with heavy weaponry, illuminated for his mission to “fix” humanity – he’s ready to rock that (human) body with his awesome speaker gun. The humans in this video are all stuttering and broken machines that need to be fixed and improved.

Police-state and New World Order/Brave New World themes are very prominent in this video. The speaker cones replacing the usual gun barrels is very clever, and cool looking. It implies a combination of our sense of hearing and the presence of the guns and authority figures (soldiers and police) – so it has a sort of “Now hear this! tone – speakers, sound, hearing, authority, guns, obey.

But, these sound cannons are good things in the video (cognitive dissonance) because they are “fixing” the broken humans – by force, of course. There is no indication whatsoever that the humans have any choice in the matter.

Obviously, this is product placement, but please realize how deliberate this is, and how it fits with the Transhumanist agenda. I mean, it’s not just Bud Light or Beck’s…it’s TUBORG!! Also, notice the Crown on top of the Tuborg label, a very obvious symbol of Royalty – the elite ruling class. Not to mention intoxication.

All the Erkel type stuttering humans in this video (who are stuck and cannot move forward without Transhumanism) love the “gift” that they are given by the enlightened BEP Borgs, and they don’t resist at all. They apparently want us to see that resistance is futile, and that we can’t fight the future. As Will.I.Am says at the beginning of the video, “You can’t be futuristic and be afraid of the future.” If the Transhumanists get their way, there’s plenty of reason to bee afraid of the future.

The BEP borgs know what is best for you, just look at their loving, happy guns! They are aiming their Transhumanist ideas at you, and you need to be shot for your own good. They don’t look too happy about it, either.

The entire second part of this video has a very serious tone, which is a little odd considering that they are portraying their acts as kind, wonderful, and liberating humanity – once again, that is cognitive dissonance.


Seriously, does anyone out there not see the fascist police state/sexuality cognitive dissonance here?? Pleasure and punishment

Then the black bad guy Borg and the white good guy Borg and the BEP Borgs and the new and improved humans are all dancing together and everyone is happy.We’re from the government, and we’re here to fix you!! We’re going to give you the future you deserve.


The giant Borgs are having a dancing contest. So, in this scene, the giant robots are dancing like humans. And the humans are dancing like robots. That’s usually thought of as a juxtaposition, but in this case it is also very much used as cognitive dissonance to leave a deeper imprint in the viewer’s mind, due to the conflicting ideas that are shown.

These kinds of ideas are used constantly in mass media, for exactly this reason – they force the viewer at an unconscious level to reconcile the conflicting images and ideas, rationalization, such as Fergie’s sexual attractiveness while carrying guns and shooting people…and machines dancing like humans while the humans dance like machines.

So here at the end, the black bad guy Borg apparently danced himself to death? The story itself didn’t make it clear why he died so suddenly at the end, but it obviously represents the old, inferior technology (humans) dying because it could not keep up and couldn’t handle the future, and it is being replaced by the forces of new and improved, enlightened technology.

The white good guy Borg and the BEPs and the new and improved humans have survived, because they have embraced the future in this new “Golden Age” of Transhumanism.

And, this is also just another version of the typical Hollyweird forced “happy ending”, to give the many clueless viewers the illusion of relief after the hurricane of cognitive dissonance they have just witnessed in this video. The twist here is that most viewers probably don’t realize that they have just watched their own race being killed here, and replaced by the Transhumanist vision of superintelligent, superhuman beings. This ending really drives home the primary deception in this story, and how powerful and effective these tools of Psychological Warfare truly are.

Vigilant’s Conclusion

The idea of transhumanism has been circulating in mass media outputs, especially movies, TV shows and music videos. Imma Be /Rock that Body is of many videos portraying the upgrade of human beings to a super-robotlike status. The repeated recurrence of this theme simply cannot be a coincidence. It is rather the result of a steady agenda of desensitization, predictive programming and good old fashioned marketing. The trend is not about to die. Here’s Rihanna copulating with robots  at Echo 2010.

And here’s Christina Aguilera’s next album cover.

I don’t know about you, but Imma Be a human.




  1. Stop focusing your energies on this stuff, even if it's all true this is massive deception.

    Focus on creative and propositive thinking. :)


    • I get what your driving at but ignorance is always negative. Learning and expanding one's knowledge is always positive. This article reduces ignorance and increases knowledge. Seems like some pretty "propositive" thinking to me.

  2. Rihanna's song rude boy anagram of bred you, she is with a robot on the stage singing i want want want what u got got got …….

    nice article

    wondering if all this is just fashoin using old existences of occult and things to create interest

    • Nice Article, All this is nice but dam i dont want none of this shit to actually become real, i think the only way to stop all this shit is to educate ourselves and try to encourage other people to educate themselves also we are the goverment we are everything without us they are nothing we just gotta educate ourself thats the best thing we can do cuz rebeiling to them is not a good idea you try to cahnge a reality by getting upset and going against it they will kill you or they will use the media to make you seem crazy and they will persuade the freaking ignorants into thinking is true so the people your trying to help will go against you cuz of the manipulation wow crazy lol

  3. Good read, too much anti-H+ rhetoric. Learn more about an average individual that prescribes to a philosophy. I am a transhumanist because my body is riddled with physical ailments. I do not want to replace God, or be God, I believe in a creator. I want to replace my body so I can enjoy the outside, go swimming with my children, play catch without the use of corticosteroids… Lucifer is my patron saint because I believe in bettering myself?


    • Desmond says:

      April 17, 2010 at 6:14 pm

      "I am a transhumanist because my body is riddled with physical ailments. I do not want to replace God, or be God, I believe in a creator. I want to replace my body so I can enjoy the outside, go swimming with my children, play catch without the use of corticosteroids… Lucifer is my patron saint because I believe in bettering myself?"

      Want to better yourself? Nuture & save your SOUL. The ONLY thing you will take with you when you die & leave Earth. The ONLY part of us as human beings that will live forever – long after your human body dies. Because ALL human beings WILL age & die, despite all of this "transhumanism" & "technology" garbage these NWO clowns are pushing. NO medicine nor technology will bring our human bodies back to life. Medicine & technology helps us with our fading bodies as long as we live here. But they & the human body are NO replacement for the human SOUL. If we spent the majority of our time caring for our souls, we would be much better able to cope with our human bodies failing on us.

      Lucifer will NEVER "better" you. In any form. He can ONLY destroy. This robotic "transhuman" agenda is one great, big, fat LIE. Lucifer is ANTI-human. And he can't improve on what God has *already* made perfect. Lucifer hates us because God created & LOVES us. This "transhuman" crap is designed to destroy humanity through the misuse of technology & preying on the vulnerabilities of people who are afraid of aging, being sick & dying.

    • Desmond I believe you're kind of missing the point. Just because you believe that technological advancement is a good thing obviously doesn't make you a Luciferian. However, transhumanism is a very elite friendly agenda. Many elite are Luciferian or part of the occult mystery religions which promote the idea that human beings can be elevated to the status of gods on earth. Much of this technology that they are striving to create in order to prolong their lives will not be available to normal people like you and me. It will only be available to the most rich and powerful individuals. The elite are big fans of eugenics and darwinism. They want to protect their own and get rid of the rest, which is a very sinister motive.

    • You do not need transhumanism.

      Once you replace those body parts you will cease being human and become Slave+

      I suggest you do research on 3D printing and blood stemcells.

  4. I wonder if Troll and Anon will read this article…and then I wonder what they will say…they'll probably ask for proof..

  5. Melinda Jones on


    Thank you VC – this really is an insightful, revealing, spine tinglingly brilliant article.

    Charm – disarm – destroy – have seen it coming for a while through pop, art, music and movies – spotted it with Transformers & T2ROF bigtime then pop dross followed suit – naturally.

    Well who knows….with the Icelandic volcano spewing forth and erupting and dark clouds of ash billowing and looming large & covering most of Europe and all airports closed, on lockdown and thousands of people stranded, trapped and gridlocked maybe – just maybe they ain't gonna get their way after all……Robotrons get ready …look up and see who may be coming on a cloud near you soon!!

  6. did any one else see the robot squirt water on Rhinanna at the end. Possible sexual message?? sex w/ robots? woah. keep the articles coming, i love em !!

  7. lady muck wants gucc on

    I loved this article thanks for pointing out the mentioning of bees in the video, I started to do some research into the population of bees in the us, there was a 2007 report on the BBC website about the strange disappearance in the number of bees. They seem to be dying off and in a vast number.
    I am not sure if this has anything to do with the Black eyed peas or the Beyonce and Lady Gaga using the word Bee's a lot in the video.

    Albert Einstein once said “If all the Bees were gone, humans would be gone within 4 years.” Basically his theory makes sense. No Bees, No Pollination!

    Pause for a thought?

  8. Vigilant2 ;D on

    In Beyonce and Jay-Z's song called " Forever Young," Beyonce is wearing a ring that symbolizes Baphomet..a demonic symbol.. chek it out on Youtube.. They were performing at Coachella 2010..

  9. CheiksLavishhh on

    Amazing article VC, as usual.

    Also, I remember a while ago I read about the New World Order and the "elite" getting rid of inferior/unneeded races. To me, that is kind of depicted when the two robots are having their dance battle. Notice how the one that wins is white, and the one that loses is (you guessed it) black/darker toned. When I saw that scene, my jaw dropped.

    Maybe I'm just speculating a bit too much, but this tidbit seems to be every bit of foreshadowing in it's own right.

  10. vidaliasweet on

    I hate how they reference people being in debt and keep talking about how rich they are gonna be. I hear the message loud and clear: get on board with the upgrades or get left behind in the dust. It's a whole culture they're gonna hafta create, otherwise the rich are just gonna be a bunch of ugly borg weirdos left vulnerable to techno- wizzards and pitchfork toting villagers alike. I hope they look as ridiculous as the Black Eyed Peas do in this video!

  11. I enjoyed reading this.Great article.

    Post # 20 "Brock' seem to love your site by the way, he/she keeps on coming back.

  12. Absolutely brilliant article. I appreciated the in-depth look at transhumanism as it relates to eugenics. Scary stuff.

  13. Thank you. Excellent breakdown as always! I love the way god made me. Don't need no

    artificial robotic upgrades and don't want it.

  14. hot piece of ass on

    i am a hot piece of ass and i'm looking for someone who can match my nearly unmatchable level of attractiveness.

    i drive a 2000 model s10. i'm 23 and still living at home, working in a grocery store. in my dreams god gives

    me the power to reign lightning down from the heavens, blowing up parked cars and sending inferior humans into the skies. i suspect the illuminated have discovered my abilities, and soon will be contacting me for a transhumanist quest across the country, so i ask that you be prepared for weary nights and long days, for there will be much to discover.

  15. My friends and I use to like BEPS, Beyonce, and Gaga but when we read ur blog we were shocked at, revolted, and disgusted with them. What you say really does make sense and opened our eyes to what we've been letting ourselves listen to. Great article! keep up the good work! :)

  16. Well your article only makes sense. With the "cash for cars" and the "cash for appliances"…something is going on

  17. Keep the articles coming!

    And I'm sad for Christina. She has a kid & husband now. Shouldn't she be over this? That's so creepy that the robot part is cover the left side of her face.

    Oh && btw, Lady GaGa has a never before seen interview with Fuse on 04/20/10! So if you would watch that and maybe give us some more info? That'd be great! :]

  18. Brock, why are you so angry? Could it be that VC hit a nerve? Do you want us to believe that all this occult immagery that is displayed in music videos means nothing or that dancing arround a stage flirting with robots means nothing? At the very least it exemplifies how depraved and twisted the music business has become. Even if this is all hype, there is one truth that you can believe and that is that Satan is the ruler of this world and as such his influence is in everything. I believe that he uses all types of media to slowly make us think that what is bad is good and good is bad. I prefer to hate what is bad and love what is good. That is why I appreciate this site and its information. It helps to reinforce what I already know. Satan is desparately trying to convince people that they do not need God in their lives. The Bible says that the truth will set you free. If you are willing to see the truth all of Satan's propaganda will have no power over you. I hope one day you find this truth.

  19. Just watched the vid for the first time. One of the things that is mentioned in this article is incorrect. The robots, band, etc are always walking toward the city, it does not disappear. Maybe they are bringing this enlightenment and singularity to the city soon. The singularity is indeed near :).

  20. The SchoolGirls Brea on

    Excellent! I was on (a forum where we discuss the illuminist state of the media) and I was reading a topic on transhumanism. I really wanted to contribute, but I had no ideas, so I turned on MTV and BAM, this video came up. Shocking, disgusting. I hope we can beat this shit. Seriously.

    • There have been titanium hip and knee replacement and tooth implants and so much more already. There are breast, calf, buttock etc. implants. There is surgery of every sort of transformation/improvement.

      Some think Kissinger and Brezinsky are already cyborgs or transhumans who will live forever. Me, I think they're degenerate stinking old vampires.

      We're 1/2 way there to accepting much more tampering with our organic selves.

      Just a little push and sheeple would pay to upload their stupid brains into a computer. One merely has to look at sheeple and their texting and cell-phones etc. They look like they want to fuse with those gadgets.

      Those blind, stupid bast***s!

  21. Hi everyone,

    I am the author of this article, and I really appreciate the kindness and support in your comments.

    I want to thank Vigilant for posting it here, because I think that it is very important to get this imformation out to as many people as possible, especially the Psychological Warfare aspects, because that is what will teach you how to recognize these deceptions in all mass media, not just a BEP video. I'm looking forward to a great partnership with VC, and I think we're off to a very good start here.

    For Desmond: I understand completely what you are saying, and I'm sorry for your suffering. This article is focused on the overall Transhumanist agenda, as a highly organized and well funded movement. It is not at all about anyone, like yourself, being a bad person for wanting to be cured of diseases of any kind. I would encourage you to read my original article in full, because the version posted here was edited, primarly for length, to fit VC's format better (and he did a great job of tightening it up without losing the message). Here is part of what I said in the original:

    "While it would obviously be a great thing if we could know that technology will only be used in good ways to help humanity, like curing diseases, I think we all know that, in the wrong hands, advanced technologies such as genetic engineering could easily be the beginning of the end for humanity as we know it. "

    You can read the full article here, and I think it will answer most, if not all, of your concerns:

    Additionally, the stuff about Lucifer is actually taken from supporters of Transhumanism themselves; they consider themselves "Transtopianists", a splinter-group perhaps, but these same ideas of rejecting all faith and humanness are represented across the spectrum of Transhumanism. No one is blaming anyone for wanting a cure for diseases, least of all me. But, the important thing to consider here is who the founders of Transhumanism actually were (the elite ruling class) and how this applies in today's world, where the elite ruling class are still very much in control of our lives and destinies. If you don't trust "them" with the global banking system, please don't trust their intentions when it comes to physical enhancement of the human body; including brain implant chips – here's a great article on that subject, from our friends at Intel:

    All I can say, Desmond, is take care, my friend – and stay human. :)

    I don't know who "brock" is, but judging from what's beeing said here, VC may have deleted those comments (he reserves the right to delete blatantly disrespectful comments). However, I did find it rather amusing that one of you mentioned antidepressants. I have a very interesting article coming soon that is all about the history of SSRI drugs and how their development and mass distribution is basically a newer version of mind control. You might call it "MK-ULTRA 2.0". That may just be the title of the article, too.

    Thanks again for all your kind words, and I hope this article turned on a few lightbulbs out there, and has shown you how to recognize for yourself the PSYWAR that is literally everywhere in all forms of mass media.

    Peace and wisdom to you all. :)

  22. For those of you who mentioned the city skyscrapers (a symbol of intelligent human civilization)…they do disappear. And then reappear. As I said, more than once in this video. The symbolism of this is quite obvious. It's a digital editing trick, of course, but you have to consider WHY that specific object was edited out momentarily, more than once, to achieve that desired effect. It was meant to communicate a message, and it most certainly did.

    I'm also lobbying VC to put back in the TUBORG pic from my original article…that is one of the more blatant things in this video! It is definitely product placement, and it is also very definitely promoting the Transhumanist agenda.

    The use of this symbol is both brilliant and blatant.

  23. Perhaps you conspiracy theory prone, laughably bad and misguided Christians, haven't heard of Daft Punk? Those French electronic music makers have been crafting songs with vaguely trans humanist messages for years.

    Seriously google Daft Punk and shit bricks.

    Have fun seeing how deep the rabbit hole goes and never actually having an effect on the general population. Your own ineptitude and gullibility gives Lady Gaga, Jay Z, et al more attention than mere marketing dollars ever could.

  24. Hi Danny

    Actually, Daft Punk has been discussed quite a bit over at the blog where my article was originally posted,

    you can check that out if you like. It's too bad you're not so fond of Christians, but that's your right.

    The comments about Daft Punk are here, in another article, not written by me, but my original Imma Bee article is there, too, if you're interested:

    I would hope, if you actually read this entire article, that you would've seen that it is a lot more fact than theory, and meticulously researched. If nothing else, please keep the Psychological Warfare concepts in mind, and just see what you see in all mass media in your day-to-day life. That was the whole point of why I wrote this article.

    And, if you don't believe that exposure and desensitization to these ideas has any effect on the general population, you are simply mistaken. All I can say is stay tuned…and stay human. :)

    Thanks for reading and writing!

  25. @ Hebdomas

    How are u going to tell us not to "Focus our energies" on this stuff, yet u were one of the 1st to comment this article?


    Great Job Vigilant!

  26. Did you notice all that killing in all these recent videos? Rihanna, Telephone, Beyonce with her guns in her song, BEP, Paramore video…. La la la killing? I'm killing you and dancing, singing… Come on! They are shooting people in this video? and people are happy? Those are guns! Guns are fun? Killing is funny….

    And you think it cannot go far from this? Oh, yes, it can. Border can be pushed more. Just look at this new film, "Kick-ass"! I watched the trailer and vomited, This is beyond Tarantino's "killing is fun". Let's put aside that we have here a little girl who is sexualised, cursing, killing… Watch that Hit-Girl trailer – a child is butchering, cutting, blowing people's heads with literally "la la la la" dancing child song. You must dance, my child, while blowing that head and cutting that leg. Soooo funny!

    And posters for the film – blood is sparkly, green,violet, in aaaall colors, like rainbow. Gay is surrounded by pink blood. Blood is so colorful, hi hi… Please, people, don't go with "based on comic" excuse… I'm speechless… And it has very good reviews, critics are amazed…

  27. Ivana

    You are so right. That is both cognitive dissonance and desensitization at work there.

    Once the public is desensitized to accept the current state of affairs, that border is always pushed even further. That's how it works. :)

  28. Choix du Jour on

    thanks a lot for this article…this video of the BEP reminded me a bit of their video "meet me halfway".

    "maybe "meet me halfway" was a kind of intro to what happens in their video now?" I thought…just an idea.

    by the way: what about the "rain man" subject? will you write about that, Vigilant?

    'cause a saw a video by David Gray and Annie Lennox and couldn't believe my eyes when they threw that money away in the end (symbolizes "rain man") made me sad that "they" have spread their tentacles that wide.

    or did you refer to that subject earlier?

    have a nice day :)

  29. Choix du Jour on

    in addition:

    I saw that poster with that hippie-woman and the sentence "War is Peace"…I guess you know, that it is one of three sentences Goerge Orwell has explained in his book "1984".

    if you want to understand the current situation a bit more, you should read that book and furthermore about "dystopia".

  30. I was kind of wondering about Christina Aguilara’s new album cover. Somewhere in the Bible it states Satan internal organs are shaped out of music organs and here she comes out with the Album Cover with her face showing internal music organs…hhmm. Not saying shes the Satan…pretty sure she’s not lol But influenced by Satan…lol you fu**ing bet!

  31. Choix du Jour

    Very good, You got it.

    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.

    Double binds and cognitive dissonance.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

    You have yourself a nice day, too, and thanks for writing. :)

  32. Just want to comments about the missing Emerald City,

    if you noticed it, one shot was from the back to the front facing the city,

    another shot was from the front to the back facing the desert.

  33. Fendi

    I hear you. And I also think it was shot this way deliberately to create this optical illusion with the

    symbolism I mentioned in the article.


  34. What up, LVB!

    Absolutely fantastic article. Thanks so much for the in-depth treatment. The Rhianna video was repulsive. I feel so sad when I see her strut and perform. She was a normal, sweet young woman once – a long time ago. Now she's just a tool. But I digress. Thanks for your insight and skillful telling of key issues. I also very much enjoyed your exposition on metacommunication. Very, very important. Vig, keep this guy around!

    Blessing to you both-

    keep up the great work.



  35. Really great analysis!

    I saw this video some time ago and I really found it weird and scary.

    I mean the band dressed as futuristic police shooting at normal people…. WTF?

    thanks again for this great article.

  36. Great article but I must say i love, scratch love, like Fergie part on this song lol am I wrong or what (Kanye shrug) I noticed this song is steady on 106 & park what that means idk,

  37. TH

    Thank you so much. It's a great joy to have people like you reading and adding your thoughts to this conversation.

    Vigilant does great things here, and that's what inspired me to write this in the first place.

    The synergy of all our ideas here is what it's all about…blessings right back at ya!

  38. Vigilant

    Let me say that your mention of "predictive programming" is very profound.

    I would urge everyone who is interested in these things to do some googling with those two words and see what you find.

    Yet another huge part of PsyWar in mass media…all these tools of manipulation work together like bees in a hive…or something. :)

  39. "h+" or "he+" is the Transhumanist Logo; Abram, Sarai, Juda etc are examples where "h" is given upon covenant with the LORD; it means "God is with me"; it is the Holy Ghost. If anyone has seen the movie "Moon" with Kevin Spacey and Sam Rockwell, "he+" shows up as Helium nucleii mined on the Moon and sent back to Earth. Helium-3 is not part of solar radiation, nor did Apollo astronauts (most were 33 degree Masons) bring any home. The symbol refers to separating people willing to become "I AM" (gods) from those who will not; the Moon is the Akkadian symbol of Sin. This is why Sir (Knight in service to the Queen Bee) Richard Branson is privatizing the Space Station, Constellation Program, Ares Rocket under the Virgin label.

    Strange times we are in; I suggest doing what Nancy Reagan said "Just say no"

  40. best of vigilant =D

    but I was wondering if social sites these days are acting like a beehive as well?

    is it coincidence that they want you to share "whats on your ming" as much as possible? or its just me who thinks Facebook got some hidden candy in its store that doesn't really taste good?

  41. Wow i was kinda hoping we'll hear about this one soon.All this is so weird that i'm beginning to feel we are heading towards doom.Whats it with all the robotic stuff and damn this stars are crazy.Good job VC keep them coming

  42. @ brock. Never crossed your mind vigilant could be a female. Lol. Let him/her continue to tell their lies, if they are lieing why get so upset. Such language as if he/she is ruining your life or maybe he/she is. In the end we will all see where the truth lies. But maybe you already know that and that's why you are so upset. I am so sure vigilant is glad you are co-signing for him/her. If you were smart you wouldn't have wasted your time to comment to this site. Even your industry is entitled to free speech so let vigilant have his/ her's and of course of ALL PEOPLE Lady Gaga should understand "Freedom of Speech. Have a nice day BROCK.

  43. This is all so true and happening right before our eyes =/

    Everyone should wake up and try to stop this from happening!

    Now I know the true meaning behind rock that body =]

    Great work as usual =]

  44. I hope it's not too disrespectful to point out that the tools of PsycWar were first created and honed by the religious front. Disinformation, hiding information, belittling those who would seek information or to communicate it have been standard tools of churches and cults for millenia.

    H+ may harbor a few radicals who want to spread their interpretation of sanity through involuntary means ( such as a contagious virus that cures all forms of disease and aging ), but the majority's stance is live and let live. Much as we don't force the Amish to relinquish their Luddite traditions(they merely engage technology at a slower and more selective skeptical rate) but for the most part VC lies when he falsely claims the main/key tenants/components of transhumanism are eugenics and hive mind. They are not. They are self improvement and self actualization.

    I find his rant particularly disturbing as he spews his lies about a connection between transhumanism and eugenics. Yes LIES. Transhumanism is about rescuing lives and saving them as much as enhancing them. I find it difficult not to be vitriolic in my response to this lurid and false indictment of H+ simply because it's position doesn't embrace the myths of iron age barbarians.

    The business with the gun speakers was merely them saying that their music is a better message than bullets.

    I am not impressed with this reviewer at all.

  45. This is the first article i'm reading on this site and i assure you it held me in a trance and at the end, it enlightened me. I'm going for more.

  46. In addition to LADY MUCK WANTS GUCCI SHOES comment: Have you ever seen Bee movie? they show how the whole world will die if bees don't pollinate. Also, maybe someone can help me out. I know Disney is a mind controlling company and I've been watching Aladdin a lot with my 2 year old lately. I noticed Jafar uses his snake staff for mind control over the sultan and the theme song for the movie is "A whole NEW WORLD" has anyone else noticed this or see where i'm going with this?

  47. Wow this was another great article one of my favorites.

    It's just crazy how this is happening so fast yet it's under the radar of so many people.

    Also something you pointed out in this article, Will I Am said it will take BEP's to 3008.

    That's also what Fergie said in "Boom Boom Pow"

    "Im so 3008 your so 2000 and late…."

    Which I think can't be a coincidence

    I mean he could have said 3000 and beyond, he could have said 3009 or even 3010 which makes sense being as how it's 2010 right now.

    Just adding my 2 cents lol.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next article.


  48. nikkia knight on


    Thank you so much for reading my e-mail last night, and then a few hours later you addressed it on your website! You are awsome and confirmed everything (and more) I wanted to know about this video! Keep up the great work!

  49. Jeff

    Disney is very much a part of corporate mass media, as is Viacom/MTV/Nickelodeon. And corporate mass media is very much a part of Psychological Warfare, at all levels.

    So, let me do the math here….ok, my answers to your questions would be: yes and yes.

    Thank you for reading, writing and thinking. Those are 3 of the best things to have going for you in this world.

  50. C-Will

    I don't listen to a lot of the Peas' stuff, so I didn't know about that reference to 3008 in another song. Thanks for letting us know about that.

    It's a clever way of linking ideas in their work, and obviously not a coincidence.

    3008 and you're 2000 and late….sounds disturbingly like the NAMBLA slogan, "Sex before 8 or it's too late".

    But that's a completely different article there…or is it? Rape of the body, rape of the mind? :)

  51. Damian

    You are simply mistaken, and apparently unaware of the very well researched facts of who originated, and are still behind the overall agenda that is Transhumanism – that would be the ruling elite class, sir. I won't apologize for finding the truth and reporting it as I have. If you don't know that this movement was borne of elites like Huxley and his pals, I'm afraid that is your own lack of due diligence talking. Everyone can do their own research in this regard, and you should probably do more, too. Eugenics is absolutely still a part of H+, and I certainly understand the vitriol of supporters like yourself in stumbling to deny its reality, because it is, indeed, a heinous crime against humanity – which is actually the topic heading in my original article – The Transhumanist Agenda: Crimes Against Humanity. Poetic, huh? And dead on, so to speak.

    Cloaking Eugenics in modern high-tech sheep's clothing and jargon, such as "genomics", changes nothing about who is behind the financing and organizational doctrines of H+. And I personally find the use of the term "voluntary eugenics", which is very much supported by the modern Transhumanist agenda, to be atrocious on its face, because as I've stated in this article, there is no way in hell that cleaning up the gene pool is ever going to happen if it is "voluntary". Now that I reflect on the whole "voluntary" concept, I seem to recall that here in America, the IRS tax code is "voluntary", as well. Just watch what happens when you don't volunteer to comply…as in, China's one child policy, for example. We're not quite there yet, but the desensitzation and conditioning has begun. I mean, seriously, do you have no fear or concerns whatsoever about the implications of these radical advancements in technology falling into the wrong hands? You know, the "wrong hands" of those humans that are currently in charge of pretty much every country and corporate entity on Earth? Come on, man!

    You may just be confused about the differences between how you or your fellow supporters feel personally about H+, versus what the actual doctrines of these very well financed organizational leaders are. Just as individual Catholics, for example, may be at odds with certain things the Vatican declares…such as the use of condoms or whatever. But either way, The Vatican is in charge, and so are the wealthy elite who are guiding the research and development efforts of H+ behind the scenes. Again, you may not be aware of these things, so I hold you blameless in that, and I certainly don't fault any individual human being for wanting to cure diseases and so forth, as I made very clear in my original article. And what I also tried to make clear is the fact that it doesn't matter what you or I think about the goals of the Transhumanist agenda – there is not going to be any vote on what is pushed forward, regardless of how serious the moral or ethical consequences may be. But, of course, morality is just another silly nuisance and hindrance that must be "transcended", just like the flesh – correct?

    It's fair enough to disagree about opinions, but facts are facts, and when one attacks a messenger as you did, rather than simply saying "I disagree", you make it very clear that the messenger hit a nerve. I don't blame you, I certainly wouldn't want to be in the position of defending the realities of what the H+ agenda actually is – and that is why it is being implemented largely in a covert fashion, with no need or tolerance for the prying eyes of those silly "Luddites" and their pathetic moral concerns.

    And just to really boggle your very limited human mind (mine is too, so don't feel bad), one of my favorite authors is William Gibson! I love his work immensely. But, there's a huge difference between great cyberpunk sci-fi, and wanting to do these things for reals…and for keeps. That's a deal breaker, my friend.

    If you have a good feeling about entrusting your "physical upgrades" to the same type of elitists who run the global financial system, I wish you good luck with that.

    I'll just opt to stay human, with my many flaws, and try to enjoy every moment of it. Like this moment.

  52. Human After All on

    why dont you cover DAFT PUNK ?

    they even have a mini movie called "Electroma." Its about these two robots (daft punk) walking around living life. Then at the end one kills himself realizing he will never be human. (this is sort of what your saying, only bacwards)

    Watch the videos for good pieces. Here:

    There is also a mix of them live at their concert where the song starts off saying…HUMAN..HUMAN…HUMAN…HUMAN..and then the mix it up and add…..DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE… and then TOGETHER TOGETHER TOGETHER…..

    I'm telling you vigilant its very creeping. look at it.

    Heres the audio:
    and heres the vid:

  53. "In terms of Transhumanist meanings, I believe that “Rock that Body” means “change and improve the human body“; i.e., improve the flawed, human meat machine using advanced technology, as we see in the video."

    this makes me think about those verichip RFID's that "they" might want to implant in us in the near future. the credit cards, health cards, id's, driving license, and every other documents or whatever you need they will first make it into only one card and then into those chips which will be implanted in us, and with these songs we are prepared to become "cooler and smarter" if we take them.

    i'm not gonna be a human… I AM A HUMAN with a… rage against the machine. " f*** no i won't do what you tell me" and when the time comes i will put a pickaxe through my pc and go into the woods.

    • Many, many will do likewise, I'm sure. In Farenheit 451 like-minded rebels memorizing/reciting books by the river in the stillness of the woods…a lovely scene, indeed.

  54. I note you did not deny religion's role in PsychWar. Intentional omission?

    What exactly do you mean by "voluntary eugenics"? I've never heard the phrase before today.

    As far as "trusting my upgrades" Are you kidding? There's no way I'd trust anything I didn't design and construct myself(be it cyber implants or DNA reconstruction) or at least clear it with sufficient personal testing. I wondered through your whole article if you were avoiding the topics of nanotechnology and personalized DNA reconstruction on purpose or what.

    YOU have the option of choosing what enhancements you will live without. I see no reason to favor retaining the crappy hand that evolution has dealt us.

    Let's ask where you draw the line. Would you take a cochlear implant to restore your hearing. Would you trust the 'powers that be' not to include a radio receiver to send you subliminal suggestions or pain inducing decibels to act as crowd control? How pervasive is your paranoia?

    I presume you've seen GATTACA. A plausible future indeed, but really only in the very narrow widow where we can alter the DNA of a fertilized egg, but not the DNA of every cell in the body. I estimate that window as being 5-7 years apart.

    And what will you do to stop the garage tinkerers in biology? As we build the standardized open source library of protein producing genes and develop ways and mean for anyone to utilize and implement almost any biological 'pet' they are skilled enough to make, what will you say to those who want to rebuild their bodies from the ground up? That they worship Satan? Who? The mythical adversary to your mythical god? If god wanted man to fly he'd have given him wings. Am I right?

    I rightly called you a liar for foisting the idea that there IS a power elite. It's very grass roots. People WANT life and to have it more abundantly. The groundswell is all around you. Breaking bonds with the mind control memes of the worlds religions is what you fear. You are welcome to suffer that to your hearts content. Me? I have always engaged in self control and only see transhumanism as a furtherance of that as simple extrapolation.

    I also abhor your characterization of H+ as callous, amoral, and without heart. H+ is about bettering life for everyone. Perhaps you have your health and all your senses intact. If you view your state as adequate it would be against H+'s self actualization principles to force your hand. If you want to become decrepit and die when you are less than 100,000 years old, who am I to stop you? Oh wait, we do try to stop those who are suicidal. We feel morally obligated to do our best to help those people find joy and beauty in life or at least a reason to live. Am I wrong? How is the H+ dialog different?

    And last but not least. You too want immortality. You are just skeptical about our ability to implement it. So don't label us as any more vain and arrogant than you are. It's not when or how you die, it's how you live your life.

  55. Great article :)

    this reminds me of the transformers movie, plus that song "imma transform ya" by CB and Lil Wayne etc. also the films "the island" and "gattaca"

    interesting read

    Lol the robot squirted rihanna at the end 😛

  56. This article is EXCELLENT!!! Very insightful and intelligently written. From the moment I heard the song, I knew something was off… And the "I'm a bee" analysis definitely spoke to me. The integration of theories like cognitive dissonance and the double bind made the study of these concepts applicable for me (I'm studying communication in school).

    Thank you for all the time and effort you guys put into bringing us this information! Your work is not done in vain.

  57. verichip – all the same:

    (i did not write any of this; i found it somewhere with the name "jon lasser" attached to it)


    > After years of planning, research, and development the world's

    > financial institutions are announcing the much anticipated GLOBAL

    > CASHLESS SOCIETY. The ability to conduct all manner of monetary

    > exchange is now being replaced by microchip technology and

    > electronic currency.


    > MONDEX is the company providing this cashless system and has already

    > franchised over 20 major nations. This system was created in 1993 by

    > London bankers Tim Jones and Graham Higgins of NATWEST/COUTTS, the

    > personal bank of BRITAIN'S ROYAL FAMILY. The system is based on

    > SMARTCARD technology which employs microchips concealed in a plastic

    > card which stores electronic cash, identification, and other

    > information. All transaction systems are being made secure by

    > adopting SET protocols (Secure Electronic Transaction) and will

    > display the SET MARK.


    > MON-DEX – A compound of the words MONETARY & DEXTER. Webster's

    > Dictionary Encyclopedia Edition defines these words as:


    > monetary – pertaining to money


    > dexter – belonging to or located on the right hand


    > SET – the Egyptian god of evil or Satan


    > Along with the cards you may use a PET device (Personal Electronic

    > Transfer). This wallet sized calculator-like device allows you to

    > conduct personal currency exchanges with other card holders. The

    > cards also works with the NORTEL/BELL VISTA 360 phone, MILLENNIUM

    > pay phones, ATMs, your PC, the INTERNET, and online businesses and

    > institutions.


    > This cashless system has been tested extensively in the city of

    > Guelph, in Ontario, Canada, and in the U.K. and U.S. All Canadian

    > banks have signed up to MONDEX and will be promoting it soon. Plans

    > are to have it in widespread use by 1998. The CIBC (Canadian

    > International Bank of Commerce) has even set up a model cashless

    > branch inside NORTEL in Brampton, Ontario.

  58. > Over 250 corporations in 20 countries are involved in bringing

    > MONDEX to the world and many nations have already been franchised

    > to use it; the U.K., Canada, U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, Israel,

    > Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore,

    > Thailand, India, Taiwan, Sri Lanka Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua,

    > Panama, Honduras, El Salvador and Belize. The European Union is

    > expected to adopt the MONDEX system as their unified currency solution.

    > Other SMARTCARD systems are quickly being put aside in favor of

    > MONDEX, especially since MASTERCARD bought a 51% stake in the

    > company. NATWEST will still maintain directorship in it's development

    > and implementation.


    > "This is the final stage in becoming a global reality," said Robin

    > O'Kelly of MONDEX International. "With MasterCard's backing, there's

    > nothing to stop MONDEX now from becoming the global standard."


    > Eventually the idea of carrying a card will become obsolete as

    > people soon discover that it has its security limitations-namely,

    > being susceptible to damage, loss and theft. The final solution

    > will be to have the microchip simply placed inside the human body as

    > they do now with microchip pet identification systems. INFOPET is one of

    > several companies that provide a syringe gun implantable bio-chip

    > that is injected under the skin of an animal. The chip can be read

    > by a scanner and the code identifying the owner and pet will

    > bring up a file on a computer. The system boasts that it can track over

    > 1 billion pets by satellites and cellular towers.


    > MOTOROLA, who produce the microchips for the MONDEX SMARTCARD, has

    > developed several human implantable bio-chips. The BT952000 chip was

    > engineered by Dr. Carl Sanders who was directed in seventeen NEW

    > WORLD ORDER meetings to develop the device for global use in humans for

    > economic and identification purposes.


    > The bio-chip measures 7mm long and .75mm in width, about the size

    > of a grain of rice. It contains a transponder and a rechargeable

    > lithium battery. The battery is charged by a thermo-couple circuit

    > that produces voltage from fluctuations in body temperature. They

    > spent over 1.5 million dollars studying where to place the chip in

    > the human body. They found only 2 suitable and efficient places – the

    > FOREHEAD just under the hairline, and the back of the hand, specifically

    > the RIGHT HAND.


    > "And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor,

    > and the free men and the slaves, to be given a mark in their right hand,

    > or in their forehead, and he provides that no one should be able to buy

    > or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast,

    > or the number of his name." Revelation 13:16


    > Dr. Sanders was against the use of the lithium battery because it

    > was known that if it were to break the lithium would cause a GRIEVOUS

    > BOIL or sore and cause much agony to the host.


    > "And the first went and poured out his vial upon the earth, and there

    > fell a noisome and grievous sore upon the men which had the mark of the

    > beast, and upon them which worshiped his image." Revelation 16:2


    > After Dr. Sanders left the project he was introduced to the prophetic

    > scriptures in the Bible concerning the "mark of the beast". He then

    > converted to the Christian faith and now conducts seminars on this

    > topic. Dr. Sanders developed patented medical, surveillance, and

    > security equipment for the FBI, CIA, IRS, IBM, GE, Honeywell, and

    > Teledyne. He has also received the President's and Governor's award

    > for design excellence.


    > The Greek word in the Bible for the mark is charagma, which means

    > a scratch, or etching, stamp, insignia, or mark of servitude. The

    > number 666 is the Greek phrase Chi Xi Stigma, meaning to stick or

    > prick, a mark incised or punched for the recognition of ownership.


    > The industry name for the advanced smart card developed by

    > GEMPLUS and the U.S. DOD (Department of Defense) is the MARC

    > (Multi-technology Automated Reader Card). The code name for it's

    > development was `TESSERA'. A tessera was the Roman insignia of ownership

    > placed on their slaves which if removed would result in the slave

    > being branded with a mark. In November 1996 an agreement was made by

    > which GEMPLUS will supply smartcards for the global implementation of

    > MONDEX.

  59. > AT&T/Lucent Technologies purchased the franchise for MONDEX USA.

    > Their logo is the symbol of the Solar Serpent or RED DRAGON who is

    > Satan. LUCENT is compounded from LUCIFER – ENTERPRISES. They seem

    > to be quite flagrant in naming their products STYX (a river in Hades),

    > JANUS (2 faced god) and INFERNO promoted with a quote from `The

    > Inferno', a story about LUCIFER in the bowels of hell. The "ring of

    > fire" is the ancient Pantheon. This company deliberately chose to move

    > their new offices into 666 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.


    > "Day was departing, and the darkening air called all earth's creatures

    > to their evening quiet while I alone was preparing as though for war" –

    > The Inferno, Dante, Canto II


    > One of their proudest achievements is TTS (Text To Speech) in which

    > they give the human-like quality of speech to lifeless technology.

    > This only tends to remind one of the apocalyptic scriptures.


    > "And it was given to him to give breath to the image of the beast, that

    > the image of the beast might even speak…"

    > Revelation 13:15


    > Since it is not practical to place a microchip in every product that

    > is to ever be bought and sold a UPC BARCODE does the job nicely. What

    > most people don't realize is that this is the "mark of the beast" for

    > the products we buy, use and dispose of everyday. Every UPC BARCODE

    > contains the numbers 666. You will find one of two versions of the

    > mark. The most common has 10 numbers divided into two parts. The other

    > will have 6 numbers. In both versions there are 3 unidentified bars.

    > Those bars are 6, 6, and 6. These are called guard bars, they tell the

    > scanner when to start, divide, and stop the reading.


    > "Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast for the

    > number is that of a man, and his number is 666." Revelation 13:18

  60. Great article! I appreciate that you took the time to explain everything before hitting the main subject.

    I never really liked mainstream music, I think it's trash & the artists are told what to do. I've noticed once they "sell-out", their music becomes incosistent with what they've done in the past.

  61. Hi Damian

    I hear everything you're saying, I really do. I just think the disconnect is the difference in what you and others believe, as individuals, and what the larger, highly-financed and organized Transhumanist agenda actually is. It's not unlike many other movements, in that way, including the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement, or the Republican and Democratic parties, for that matter. There are huge disconnects between what supporters might actually believe and want, versus the goals of the leaders of those organizations – who just happen to always be of the ruling elite class. Such movements are quite often subverted, exploited and redirected to achieve the goals of the rulite elite, one way or another. Do you see that?

    I know exactly what you're saying about organized religion, in general, so no argument there, but I sincerely hope that we all realize the major difference, again, between faith in your Creator, and the goals and ulterior motives of the humans that appoint themselves as "leaders" of such things. What I am referring to in this article is the Psychological Warfare concepts developed largely from the work of people such as Freud, his nephew Bernays, Jung and others, who were interestingly vehemently anti-religion, generally speaking.

    Those are the concepts that we see used most prevalently in mass media of all kinds, perhaps most notably in government and entertainment/advertising/news media.

    As far as voluntary eugenics, I don't know how you could miss it, but there's a ton of interesting background on the wikipedia Eugenics page related to this, and that's about the easiest and most convenient place to find some starter info. Voluntary eugenics involves everything from blood testing before marriage (genetic screening, which is not voluntary in many places), assisted suicides (which I don't necessarily disagree with entirely, other than the fact that if govt is involved in any way, it will turn against us at some point) and, of course, the ever present abortion is a very notable form of voluntary eugenics that has been extremely well financed and marketed in numerous societies. This is also an area where I, personally, don't believe in govt telling a woman she cannot do it, but it does have tremendous consequences, in the equal but opposite way that overbreeding does. I believe statistics still indicate that a rather large majority of abortions occur in minority popuations – so, the majority of the herd that is being culled is the minority portion of the herd, if that tells you anything. Run that concept through your mind a little bit. This, too, involves Psychological Warfare.

    Just as Julian Huxley was the father of Transhumanism and a big proponent of the elite pesudoscience of Eugenics, Margaret Sanger was the mother of Voluntary Eugenics, and was a huge supporter of the overall concept of (invountary) Eugenics, as well. She, like Huxley, was very much of the elitist ilk. I don't blame you for not knowing this, but now that you do, you might want to look into the whole thing a little more deeply. If not, that's ok, too.


    [Planned Parenthood] has its roots in Brooklyn, New York where Margaret Sanger opened the country's first birth control clinic. Sanger founded the American Birth Control League in 1921, which changed its name to Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. in 1942. Since then, it has grown to 850 clinic locations in the United States, with a total budget of approximately US$1 billion, and provides an array of services to over three million people.


    Any billion dollar a year industry doesn't just happen accidentally, my friend. Once again, it's not something where I disagree with every aspect of it, but the overall agenda is very different from the beliefs of the individuals who may agree with and support it.

    Like many things in our world, it's a monster in the hands of corrupt and evil human leaders. The distinction I would make here is that things of this extreme nature – eugenics, population control, genetic engineering (designer babies, etc.) and so on, have an extremely large and dangerous downside when they are controlled, and inevitably abused, by the elite powers that be – much like nuclear power versus nuclear weapons.

    The larger issue here, as I see it, is who can be trusted to exercise proper control and judgment regarding these type of Pandora's boxes that involve enormous potential for evil and misuse? Again, I would encourage you to do some googling on your own rather than relying on me, although I always enjoy a good conversation. Just examine the wkipedia page on Eugenics, for starters, and examine the history of how these things were implemented and massively abused by the ruling elite powers in many countries until very recently, and then you can come back and tell me whether or not you believe that we can trust governments and corporate entities (scum of the Earth) to decide what is best for us.

    I think anyone should be able to see that whoever is in power in this world generally looks after their own interests the majority of the time, so maybe just ask yourself where that will most probably take us, as technology simultaneously advances more quickly than ever before in history.

    What I fear is human vanity and arrogance, in general. And, in particular, the vastly more arrogant, vain and dangerous elite of with vast multi-generational wealth and power should scare all of us. "They" have demonstrated time and time again throughout history that we are not their primary concern. Agree?

    I do appreciate your thoughtful comments very much, by the way, and I hope you understand what I'm trying to communicate to you here. Agreement is completely optional, of course. :)

  62. Damian

    One last thing…you're absolutely right about me wanting immortality, too.

    But not in this physical human meat machine, as it were.

    That's sort of the whole point of my article! The irony is delicious, isn't it?

    Peace and Wisdom to you.

  63. I had a lengthy reply and it got ate by an internal server error. Grrr. Shortened repost follows…

    Those things you mentioned are not eugenics. they not selective to any group or class of any kind.

    Access to NBIC technologies are already approaching uniform distribution.

    Malthus is dead. Ask Bucky Fuller.

  64. Damian

    Eugenics doesn't necessarily always mean "racial hygiene", but It most certainly did in old school H+.

    All of those things I mentioned most definitely are Eugenics, just do your home work on their origins and founders and you will find nothing but the common thread of the wealthy elite. We can agree to disagree about the intentions of the current supporters, and even what comprises this pseudoscience, but there is no denying the facts surrounding who started these movements and what they meant to those individuals in high places who started them. These are facts, not theories.

    You might benefit from reading my original article, which Vigilant has kindly linked at the bottom of the article posted here. There are numerous links in it about these things and many others, such as Cryonics, MURG, the Singularity, the H+ symbology and meanings behind those symbols, and of course the patron saint. These are all taken from sources that are big supporters of Transhumanism, so you can be certain that I didn't just make these things up. I simply found what I found, and reported it.

    The biggest question I have for you – and everyone else is – do you really believe that all of the PsyWar and social programming/conditioning that is being directed at us in mass media is simply promoting the kind and wonderful aspects of technology, like curing dieases? Certainly, you wouldn't need to keep hammering society with a constant barrage of cyborg-mutated human imagery to gain public support for curing diseases. We already want diseases cured, you have our consent. Clearly, something more is being sold to us here. Please tell me what you think that something most probably is..

    Know what I'm sayin?

    • Sorry to interject here, but the point you make about curing disease is sensational. How long have idiots been giving cancer fund drives (or whatever their new name is for extortion) ? 50 years? 70? 100?

      And STILL only promises and no cure. Their "cures" will kill you anyway, just slowly.

      You are sooooo right to have brought this up! Thanks.

      I know I'm late in the discussion and that this band is unknown to me – I stick to classical, jazz and blues – but your analysis was excellent.


  65. I think the cyborg dance was another way of saying they're both equal until the black one dies

    if you look through the video, the two cyborgs are complete opposites except with skill, when they get towards the end the black borg progressively slows down and dies, meanwhile the white borg keeps going like he's on batteries.

    and another point, if the white bot was controlled by BEP who gave the black one orders to follow bother them, was it free thinking ?

  66. The Chosen ~1 on

    WAIT!!!!! What if u are the person that is feeding us this info. so that when we do acctually recognize these things in videos just like u said it'll give us a sence of self-recognition 2 the point were we let our gaurd down and take in all of what u said wasn't cool?

  67. What we are being sold is the opportunity to transcend evolution. It's a pity my previous post got swallowed. I'd had said quite a lot and was too pissed to try to recreate it.

    Thus my attempt to shorthand or out line some of the main points.

    It obviously fell far short of the original.

    We are not moving into an era of power stratification. Quite the opposite. From almost any cell phone in the world you can access Cloud computers at pennies per teraflop. Currently you can design any sort of nanomachine you can imagine. You can also design proteins and have commercial DNA compilers manufacture it and ship it to you. Soon you will be able to design a gene and simulate the effect of it if you incorporated it in your system. You have as much opportunity to be front line as anyone in the world. What will happen to the power brokers when desktop nanofabricators decentralize all manufacturing?

    As for eugenics, you can't fool those you know how evolution really works. It's not survival of the fittest. Look around. Examples abound of less than fittest thriving well. EH? So what is it? It's the reproductive failure of those that fail that default hurdle. Survival is just one requisite to achieving that. The difference? A vastly greater range of diversity permeates the real form of evolution. Eugenics is artificial selection of "the fittest" according to criteria that ignore too many relevant factors. It is regarded as species suicide through reduction of variation.

  68. The Chosen ~1 on

    just like in the desceptive way they did it in this video by acting like the good guy. and that u really care about the human race and ur trying 2 warn us!!! but in all acctuality ur just a decoy 2 distract us 2 carry out their plan!!!

  69. Abztrak Design on

    Well Vigillant citizen even after perusing you article and giving it great contemplations I have not yet decided my views on this great 'conspiracy of the stars' however your theory does seem highly plausible but not without faults.

    After deep a analysis on many world-wide beliefs and organizations one might come to a very similar conclusion.

    A very insightful uptake on the religious views of the Black Eyed Peas.Despite various attempts to redeem the Peas I find myself believing that they are indeed supporters of Transhumanism.

    And in using the basis of Transhumanism I beg to differ that the robot did not dance himself to death but simply his old body has died but his energy has been recycled to continue on in a newer and better form.

    I feel (ironically) very enlightened after reading your Article

    Much gratitude to the sensational author

  70. Another aspect is how all of the BEPs seem to "activate" one another in the dream sequence so that they work in conjunction, like the hive mentality, then they "awake" the rest of the humans.

    Why does the black robot want Fergie? Maybe because she's dressed like a female robot? It's interesting that before the dream she was OPPOSED to the idea, and the afterwards, it's "the greatest idea"! Yay, converted just like that.

    Also, these songs are both crap and the autotune makes them sound like garbage. Also, the lyrics, if you listen to them carefully, are the typical bragging about sex and money trash.

  71. I think conspiracy theories like these about pop culture,music,media might be distractions.

    I believe chaos is the final goal, which might be nearing

    Cant wait for the big one more terrible than haiti, which is prophecized and so many signs were showing

    and then the middle east…. lets just say its like a domino effect

  72. superninja

    Thanks for reading and giving your comments.

    If you take a look at my original article, I actually discuss some of those things you mentioned. The link is at the bottom of the article here. You might enjoy it. I share your views about autotune, in general, but I did think tweaking Fergie's voice to sound like Alvin the chipmunk was pretty funny and clever. I've actually considered doing an article about autotune – there's something very seductive and hypnotic about that overprocessed, artificial, robotic tonality merged with the natural human voice. Whether you love it or hate it, somehow that sound sticks in your head like glue. I find that very interesting.

  73. The Chosen 1

    Great comments! I definitely saw that one coming when I wrote this article.

    The difference between me and "them" is that I highly encourage you to understand these tools of manipulation and use them to your advantage to dissect everything you see in mass media, in order to protect yourself. You probably won't find anyone on the "other side" who encourages you to do that. It would be counterproductive, and they would most likely just call you crazy and paranoid for having the audacity to even wonder about whether their intentions for this world are anything but pure and good.

    I've shown you some of these PsyWar tools that are used against us, so take them and use your new understanding to think critically about anything and everything you see in mass media. I am most certainly giving you some ideas about HOW to think about these things, but I won't tell you WHAT to think, or that you should agree with me. Quite the contrary. What you choose to believe is entirely your own problem. lol

    Your instinct to question things is good. Just keep in mind that one of us is telling you how these deceptions work, to be aware and to think for yourself. The other one of us has probably never told you about these mind games and is using them against you, without ever telling you how or why they do it.

    One of us is trying to help you. You'll have to decide for yourself which one that is.

    Furthermore, I've not only told you how it is done, but I've also told you very clearly what my point of view is, and I stand behind it. The wealthy elite ruling class are (mostly) evil and degenerate creatures, and the Transhumanist agenda is extremely dangerous to all of humanity, precisely because those same wealthy elite creatures are guiding and controlling this agenda. Those are my views. Period.

    I'm also saying that the ideas of improving medical science are NOT inherently evil. But, the ultimate goals of this agenda – the creation of a controlled, slave race to serve the wealthy elite and the systematic depopulation of the Earth – are most definitely the darkest kind of evil.

    You can agree or disagree with that, but just keep in mind that there are no mixed messages in what I'm saying to you. I've laid my ideas on the table – you can do with them whatever you choose to. There's no double bind. You should think and do whatever your beautiful human heart and mind tell you is right for you.

    I'm just one very regular person trying to show you some stuff that I think is important. If this has helped you even a little to better understand any of these things and to think for yourself, that's great, because that was my goal in writing this article. If it doesn't help or appeal to you, then just forget about it and go on your merry way.

    Your free will is the most precious gift you'll ever know. Enjoy it while you can.

    Thanks again for reading and giving your excellent comments. Stay alert…and stay human!

  74. Same old, same old…

    VC – you have quite a hardcore fan base (similar to a cult movement), when is the mass suicide planned for?

  75. Interesting, I think they really used Fergie to push the ideas… At the beginning she was the 'voice of reason' saying 'we're not robots wah wah wah' but then her voice was the most robotic in rock that body and her opinion changes, like an epiphany, and looked crazy like the lady in GI Joe… worst movie ever, but also including the transhuman ideas.

  76. Also, with the transhumanist idea, I don't get it. Don't we evolve quite fast naturally? Why are these people trying to push it?

    DM –

    This site is just information, and though like a cult it's only through one source, the key feature of cults is to remove and isolate people from the rest of society so the leaders can twist peoples sense of reality to make them believe whatever the leaders want them to and make them do whatever they want them to, which a website obviously can't do.

  77. This just gets more and more disgusting everyday. I think it stems from the kind of upbringing parents give to their kids at a tender age. The moral foundation of our society has been so shredded and ripped apart over such a long period of time that people are so dumbed down and can't tell right from wrong anymore. You tell some one that something is blatantly evil and the only response you get is … oh, u'r so jealous… oh, he/she is so unique and talented… oh, it's just fashion, don't take it so seriously….man, i feel sorry for this generation, honestly. Good work Vigilant, as alwayz.

  78. Used to love the Black Eyed Peas, but they have just lost a fan for life….and i will make sure they lose more. Disgusting!

  79. Laura

    Good point.

    Cults also don't tell people how to liberate themselves from Psychological Warfare tactics, or to be aware of deception and think for themselves at all times.

    Those are the things that Vigilant and I are both saying to the masses. Free your minds.

    Slavery is not freedom, contrary to what Orwell, Huxley and their pals have told us.

    Imma Bee tellin y'all bee a human, not to a bee, yo. :)

  80. Laura

    I almost titled the article "Selling Transhumanism to the Masses using PsyWar and Fergie".

    Everyone knows that sex sells products. It's not exactly a small factor in this deceptive equation.

  81. Personaly, as far as transhumanism aim is to improve the capacities and potentials of human beings to make them more effective in their work and production ; I do not think it is that bad .But I fear there is always something wrong in the act of thinking oneself too powerful to emulate God the Maker.

  82. @Laura – Not sure how often you visit this site, but do yourself a favor and read through the comments on most of the post. You will find many people with an isolated, clouded vision thanks to this web site. Doesn't matter how some of them try, they can't see outside the box anymore – They very much one track minded, programmed by most of the information on this site.

  83. Diane

    Absolutely right. If we could know these things would only be used in good and helpful ways to better humanity, who wouldn't love it?

    The problem is with the people who actually run this world, and their ulterior motives. If you don't trust them with the global financial system, please don't trust them to put a chip in your brain. :)

  84. DM

    Ironically, you are just in a different box that you can't see out of, and don't even realize you are in.

    Just ask yourself what this barrage of borg-human hybrid propaganda in mass media is prepping us to accept without questioning its motives.

    Hint: It's not a happy, fun dancing contest and drinking TUBORG beer with Fergie and the Peas.

  85. @LVB – I personally think than any box is better than the paranoia box.

    No need to freak out about something that is not going to happen in your life time or even your kids' life time.

  86. LVB

    I had an entry level chip implanted into my leg as part of a demo for a project I worked on – Purpose was identification for payments at shops, banks etc. It will make a huge difference in society, less crime, less fraud and much more – this is surely a move forward and in the right direction. Implants in the brain – we still far away from that technology.

    • Best be on your best very behaviour at all times and alert to your master's whims and moods or your chip will be turned off and you'll become what you really are already – dead from the neck up!

  87. I remember listening to lil waynes song- I wish i can f&*k every girl in the world and he raps " Saying the girl is Bionic and i don't think you are beautiful, i think you are beyond me." This article best describe that lyric.

  88. @DM

    the comments on this site are not "isolated, clouded visions" they are just ppl who agree with vigilant,

    just because we agree with vigilant DOES NOT mean we cant think for ourselves, or cant see other views.

    and like most of vigilant's fans, i dont really care wat u think, i've chosen wat to believe and how to view things.

    vigilant, i think ur spot on again,

    great work, keep it up.

    keep them articles coming…and get more involved with facebook!!

    cant be bothered setting up a twitter account!

  89. DM

    One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

    Thus, one man's "paranoia" is another man's rational concern based on the repetitive historical patterns of the ruling elite doing really evil stuff with whatever level of technology is available to them at the time.

    Ya feel me?

  90. I just wanted to ask a question-To the Christians, and believers-

    When Jesus returns (And everything else that goes with it-Satan, Rapture, etc), will he calm & comfort the children?? Make sure they are not scared??

    I have a little girl, who is currently 6 (7 this December)-Her name is Eden…

    When “The end” does come, I don’t want her to be frightened and/or scared, any mother would fear that!

    Will Jesus & God make sure that the children aren’t frightened out of their minds?? That they somehow know that everything is going to be grand??

    The fear of this destroys me!!!

    If Eden and I are still alive when this happens, I know that she would be terrified, and that thought is horrendous!!

    Eden goes to Sunday school etc, and does believe in God, Jesus, and the teachings of the Bible-Very much so… I have not talked her into anything at all-It’s all of her own understanding, and off of her own bat…

    If any of you believers & Christians could help me with this, I’d be extremely grateful to you!!

    I just need as much info on the matter as possible-Regardless of whether it be good, or bad…

    Many, many thanks! xxx

  91. Interesting to note that there is yet another movie about The Doors coming out. The first line in the trailer is,

    "If the doors of perseption were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is, infinite".

    There is only one door I have chosen that has brought healing to my life, allowed me to question without fear, loved me through my failings and given me joy unspeakable; that would be the LORD JESUS.

    I don't begrudge technology that has helped people with handicaps, or allowed us to produce something faster, better. But I do think that the industrial revolution has taken from man the ability (or chance) to produce excellence

    be it in his crops, workmanship, art. I also think it has taken away to some degree our compassion and our ability to be patient with processes.

    Take for example farming. I don't have a problem with one who is a hybrider whose passion is to breed lillies until he pro-creates a fabulous lilly (that he can be proud of and that others can enjoy, even learn from). There is a massive science to farming to which I am just begining to learn (at age 41). I know farmers who refuse to use these new Genetically Modified seeds and choose to use hierloom seed. I have seeds myself (from flowers) going on 5 years ago. It's a natural process for a plant to go to seed and for one to collect those seeds. I do have a problem with huge corporations enslaving people, forcing them to buy 'their' seed or else. No choice there, eh?

    Take for example child birth. The hospital is supposed to help you, but no one likes to work on the weekend right? So give mom a pitocin drip, unnaturally conract her uterus which messes with the natural process of labor

    and then wala, we have to have a C-section, which pays a whole lot better than a vaginal delivery and Dr. Ob gets to go home early.

    In a lot of ways, technology has drowned us in its empty promises of convenience, happiness, etc… It has even replaced true and good relationships. Young people cannot wait to interact with a friend and are hooked to their

    cell phones as it is were a prosethis. People have lost the ability to make a plan, carry it out, endure the process,

    understand flexibility, human error, and enjoy all things natural. There is a huge disconnect and with that disconnect brings trouble for the future. An inablitity to truly relate to another human is already 'transhuman'.

  92. @Alana I think you should make her sort of prepared like tell him bits about how this world works, I know that way a lot of her dreams will be shattered, but she will not be frightened in the end I am sure, people who walk on truth don't be afraid :)

  93. DM

    The problem is not "the chip", in and of itself.

    The problem lies in the (elite) people who are behind the design and implentation of these technologies, and what they inevtiably intend to use them for. I can assure you the intended purpose is much more than just a really cool wireless mouse/keyboard (see Intel article) or a very convenient intracranial debit card.

  94. Alana

    How could you possiby believe in God and not know that He will be the only source of comfort to all human children (of any age)?

    The answer is , yes, of course. :)

  95. So weird….last night I dreamed that this was going to be your next artical. Then I log in, and here it is….

  96. JustinC – I think you'll find the answers to your questions about the meaning of the black and white robots in my article, which I wrote as a followup to this article.

    In there I describe the two robots as alter egos for Fergie. The black one represents past technology, and the white one future technology. The black one is attempting to rescue Fergie from the future, but the white one wins and gets Fergie to accept the transhumanist future.

    The whole thing plays out as a conversion experience in which Fergie is converted to Transhumanism. She isn't actually hit by a car, but is blinded by a flash of light. This knocks her of her motorcycle and causes her to have her transcendental dream. It is an obvious analogy to St. Paul being blinded by the light on the road to Damascus, and waking up converted to Christianity.

    This illustrates the religious and cult-like nature of transhumanism that LVB exposes.

  97. LVB,

    Very good article. You presented the information greatly. It was also funny to read that counting how many times the song said "Bee" was too hard….considering how much work you put into the piece.

    Thank you for your work in revealing this kind of stuff to people like me that would have never known about it in the past. This site has helped open my eyes up to a lot of things and made me examine the media I consume closely.

  98. I've followed this website for a while now and particularly enjoyed this article. I'm not sure if this was mentioned previously in the comments but it's interesting that the artwork for the single "Imma Be" is a bee. any more obvious?

  99. Deirdre – Thanks for the heads up about the new Doors movie – "When You're Strange". Jim Morrison was a slave. He just didn't know it. The Doors was named after "The Doors of Perception" by Aldous Huxley. The Huxley family were leaders in the Eugenics movement. They always had a vision of a Transhuman future.

    Back in 1921 Aldous Huxley wrote his first novel "Crome Yellow". One of the characters describes an "impersonal generation" of the future that will "take the place of Nature's hideous system. In vast state incubators, rows upon rows of gravid bottles will supply the world with the population it requires. The family system will disappear; society, sapped at its very base, will have to find new foundations; and Eros, beautifully and irresponsibly free, will flit like a gay butterfly from flower to flower through a sunlit world."

    Eros here refers to the "sexual revolution" which finally occurred in the 1960s thanks to the Birth Control Pill. The Pill's development was financed by Planned Parenthood, which was founded by Margaret Sanger. She was a proponent of eugenics. She opened her first birth control clinic in 1916. People like the Rockefellers were the ones that financed eugenics activities like Planned Parenthood.

    Huxley's grandfather was Thomas Henry Huxley who invented the term "agnostic". That was back in the 1860s.

    Aldous Huxley wrote "Doors of Perception" in 1954. He was the first one to suggest publicly that mind altering drugs such as mescaline and LSD could lead to spiritual insight. Prior to that they were classified as psychotomimetics – that is drugs that cause people to temporarily act as if they have symptoms of mental illness. It was Huxley's writings that caused people to reinterpret their experiences as spiritual. Huxley decided that the term hallucinogenic was giving LSD a bad name and promoted the word "psychedelic" instead.

    Huxley's received his LSD from Captain Hubbard, who had strong ties to the CIA. The CIA was using LSD in MKULTRA experiments. You can draw your own conclusions as to whether the CIA used Huxley to promote the use of LSD.

    So what I'm saying is that Jim Morrison was duped by Aldous Huxley who was promoting the agenda of the Eugenics movement. Morrison and others, like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, in turn duped many of the baby boomers into following along this path.

    Huxley also was one of the original promoters of New Age spirituality along with his friend Gerald Heard. All the time the boomers thought they were rebelling against "the establishment", when really they were doing exactly what the Eugenics movement wanted them to do. If you really want to fight "the establishment", don't do drugs and don't buy into new age spiritualism.

    You may not want to worry about stuff that is 20 or 30 years in the future – or more. But you can be sure that today's leaders of the Transhuman/Eugenics movement are planning far into the future, just as their predecessors did.

    • Please read Dave MacGowan's "INSIDE THE LC" on his Center for an Informed America.

      Funny and extraordinarily well-researched. Will shatter your notions of mind-controlled Morrison and others. Hint. They were in on it…

  100. Great article LVB! Great conclusion Vigilant!

    This is really an eye opener for me. I didn't know exactly what transhumanism was and I read up here about the B.E.P.S (BE is in the name) Wow these people just don't stop, won't stop. Almost like a robot

    being controlled. Implants are a form of control as well.. Thanks for the article. I luv reading about this. It really opens your mind. Rihanna's performance can't get any crazier and then she gets sprayed with water by the robot? I think its sexual too. The whole dancing with robots freaks me out and so did BEPS video. Why are people constantly thinking this stuff is made up? Get real! lol @ you LVB they can't feel ya

    Good to see you Baba going to your blog





  102. Damian April 18th, 2010 12:41 pm :

    …but for the most part VC lies when he falsely claims the main/key tenants/components of transhumanism are eugenics and hive mind. They are not. They are self improvement and self actualization.


    First, this is LVB's article, not Vigilant's. But anyway, what you wrote right up there is very telling. This whole "self" movement is nothing more than thinly veiled Luciferianism. All the "me, myself and I" crap is exactly how people get sucked into these dangerous "anti-God" philosophies and doctrines. They appeal to our narcissism. And who is history's biggest narcissist? LUCIFER! Not to mention, the Bible tells us that we must "die to self", meaning we need to become less focused on ourselves and all our selfish desires. Now if the Bible tells us that and someone or something else comes along encouraging you to do the exact opposite, then who might that someone or something else be??? Put the pieces of the puzzle together. Just food for thought…

  103. baba April 19th, 2010 11:17 am :

    So what I’m saying is that Jim Morrison was duped by Aldous Huxley who was promoting the agenda of the Eugenics movement. Morrison and others, like the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix and the Grateful Dead, in turn duped many of the baby boomers into following along this path.


    Excellent point. Enough time has passed that we can look at a generation that grew up on pop, rock and r&b music and increased influence of mass media and draw some inferences. The boomers were raised by the so called "greatest generation", one who had endured the depression and war, etc. So how come so many boomers turned out to be vapid, morally bankrupt, greedy (remember free love & partner swapping, recreational drug use, greed is good, savings and loan scandals–all this spanning from the 60's to 80's) and worst of all bad parents? This is not an indictment of all boomers. Many turned out just fine, but something went wrong with enough of them to have a negative impact on society as a whole. Could the music and images and knowledge of the debauched lifestyles of the rich and famous and powerful have contributed to the boomer generation's issues? I'm not the most conservative Christian out there by a long shot. But, it does make you think. So many celebs and cultural icons then and now are caught up in some very shady stuff, spiritually speaking. It can't be coincidental. I think there is a higher evil intelligence playing puppet master. Thank goodness the highest intelligence out there is good.

    Once again, just food for thought.

  104. I read the complete article after the shortened one and it gave me a better understanding of cognitive dissonance that I don't think was described in enough detail on this article. Also, I liked that the complete article included symbolism that I would have missed otherwise, like the phallic symbol or the number 6 on the column connected to Will.I.Am's head. However, this article definantly gets the point across just the same.

    Because of this site, I'm a FIRM believer that there are agendas behind mainstream media, but I still wonder how close this interpertation of the video is to what it was meant to portray even though I'm sure this is close. Keep the great articles coming; I hope more people wake up!

  105. Holy S*** that robot shot liquid on Rihanna at the end of the performance!! If that isn't telling idk what is!! Excellent article Vigilant. You're thoroughness continues to impress me and I eagerly anticipate each new article.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  106. Robert Distefano on

    Alana, just keep building Eden up in the faith and let her know that anytime she is in trouble, Jesus is always there to watch over her. Always use Godly counsel and let her see that you are not worried or fearful and that you are confident that the Lord will always go before you into battle. We are more than conquerers and you will pass that legacy onto your children. God Bless!

  107. team jesus – You could think of the LSD movement as mass hypnosis. If someone took "acid" by themselves, then inevitably they would think they were going crazy and have a terrible experience – a "bum trip". But if they took acid with someone serving as their guide and telling them that everything they were experiencing was spiritual and that "love is all you need", then they would come away with a spiritual experience.

    How much of this was the power of suggestion? Especially considering that the reason the CIA started experimenting with LSD in the first place was "mind control". Were people like Aldous Huxley, and Timothy Leary involved in a mass experiment in "mind control"? People under the influence of LSD are in a highly suggestible state. From all accounts if you tell them they can fly, they might try to jump off a roof.

    Where it really gets interesting is in trying to understand why the CIA or others would want to hook young people on LSD.

    – One idea is that it was to promote an atmosphere of a drug culture out of control, which could then be used to institute a "war on drugs" which would give the state an excuse to increase police powers.

    – Another is that the status quo feared the sheer size of the baby boomers and sought to cripple their capacity to create change in society. Especially in their young adult years when they would be most likely to rebel. A sort of young lions against the old lions scenario. (This is one I came up with on my own.)

    – Another is that it was part of weakening the social fabric of society, so that the powerful would be able to institute changes more easily without the resistance from strong social groups like the family, the church and community based organizations. This fits in well with the changes that the Eugenics movement wanted to make. They wouldn't be able to institute their agenda as long as there was a strong society that resisted change.

    – Or it could be that they were using LSD to promote a sort of agnostic spiritualism that fit in with the agenda of the Eugenics movement. This was the beginnings of the "new age" movement.

    Or more likely it was a combination of all of these. You don't have to be a conservative Christian to lament the loss of morality in society. It seems that the baby boomers were duped into destroying their own society. They were sold on the concept of the "me generation". The "do your own thing" slogan was just a variant of the occult slogan of "do as thou wilt". These are darwinian slogans which coincide with the eugenics agenda of a society without families, in which children are born in a laboratory and raised in a institution.

    Consider that Hillary's "it take's a village" is another step in this direction. The women's movement gets all up in arms about abortion rights, but rarely has anything to say about the sterilization of women. These are powerful forces that are working in collaboration towards a future where there is no family. After they are done tackling religion, the family is the next target on the Eugenics agenda.

  108. Baba,

    Thank you for that post. Wow! When I get a little more time I am going to have to check that out!

    Avimael, I agree. "The fear of the LORD is the begining of wisdom".

  109. LVB / Vigilant,

    what do you think of "The Secret"? I noticed masonic symbols throughout the interviews that are displayed behind each person. ie: a key, pyramid, even what looked like a masonic handshake, the outline of a person appears to be illuminated (among other things throughout the "documentary"). also, at the end, there's a guy at the 1:16:30-ish mark that's wearing an inverted pentagram with a rasta coloured headband covering his eyes. Does any of this mean anything or am I looking waaaaay too much into it?

  110. Shane

    Thanks for reading and your comments. I hadn't seen that pic before, but I had very little doubt about what I was saying with regard to the Transhumanist and occult symbolism of bees and what they represent. The picture you mentioned removes all doubt.

    VC also noticed what you did and has updated the article to include this pic.


  111. Danielle

    I'm glad you enjoyed both versions of the article.

    The original is very long, but I felt the need to really explore all 3 issues thoroughly – H+, PsyWar, and the video analysis.

    Vigilant did a great job of editing to make it fit this format in the best possible way, without losing the message – which is a very important messge, in my opinion. That message is the fact that people are not only being manipulated with PsyWar techniques in advertising to surrender their money on crap the probably don't need, but we are also constantly manipulated and persuaded to change our beliefs and lifestyles, in favor of what the elite want us to bee. This process has been chipping away at morality for many years now.

    It's a lot like putting the frog in water and slowly increasing the heat…by the time he notices that he's being boiled to death, it's already too late. That is desensitization – small incremental changes, over time, achieve the same effects as sudden radical changes, but without the backlash and those annoying "villagers with pitchforks" getting in the way of their "enlightened" vision of how they want this world to bee..

  112. say whaat

    I know "The Secret" is a new age "bible" that has many celebrity cult followers, like Oprah and Lady Gaga,

    and I know that the "secrets" in it are pretty much identical to Crowley's "Do what thou wilt" philosophy. Same deception in modern glossy packaging (wolves in sheep's clothing).

    It sounds like you're talking about something else, though. Is it a video?

  113. Danm… all this things are getting to be EVERYWHERE… a sign that Lord is COMING…. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!! and what is this mask that has….

  114. Todd

    You're quite welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed the article and appreciated the humor and irony of that. :)

    There's more humor in the original, it was my attempt to lighten things up a bit, because I know these are very heavy subjects, and I didn't want it to bee too dry and intellectual (boring?) for all of you.

    And, honestly, by the time I got to the video anaysis part of the article, I was already approaching sensory overload and I was not about to sit there and count how many friggin' times these people say Imma Bee!!

    Thanks for reading and your comments. It's very encouraging to know that this information is helping people like you to better understand the mind games in mass media that surround us.

    That is the goal Vigilant and I share and believe in – show people what's really going on in mass media of all kinds (particularly the entertainment industry) and encourage you to think for yourselves and break these bonds of manipulation and control. Bee whatever you choose to bee…just make sure it is you that's doing the choosing. And, preferably, bee a human, not a bee!

  115. I also think the "dance off" between the robots at the end is symbolic of Fergie being won-over to the robo-craze. More of the idea of the dream being celebrated as becoming the reality (or overtaking the reality which the black robot symbolized). Sort of like two robots having a fight over a girl, just like Rihanna's robot boyfriends onstage with her recently.

  116. @ baba

    Another thought provoking post. Thank you! Very interesting.

    @ LVB

    Your article is great, well researched and well written. I'd like to ask your thoughts on "spiritual conspiracies". Do you think that evil spirits can conspire with humans to "plant" this imagery that we keep seeing over and over again? I say yes and that they can even do so without the person's knowledge if they put themselves in a vulnerable spiritual position (atheist, "New Age", etc.). A major reason a lot of people don't believe there's any merit to your articles or VC's articles is that they don't believe all these people would conspire to plant this imagery. They think it's just a case of monkey see, monkey do and following trends. But, I think it's deeper than that due to spiritual conspiracies. Thoughts?

  117. The animals in the desert…seems to be to be a reference to creation being "broken" just like the humans. They have the same stutter-effect. It's a post-apocalyptic setting, like Terminator. There are symbols of radioactivity and decay/breakdown.

    It is very much like the Wizard of Oz. Everything there is broken until Fergie shows up and then gets together her new robot crew and they fix everything. Even the green on the beer is reminiscent of the Emerald City green. Including the staging of the City with its towers far in the distance.

  118. superninja

    Read my original article linked at the bottom of the one posted here.

    I get into the desert creatures, the Radiation Hazard symbol, Oz and other stuff you mentioned.

    Thanks for reading and your comments!

  119. I did read your article. :) Thanks for taking the time to write it. I am just mentioning a few things that I think you hinted on that could be expounded or talked about a little more. I think the Wizard of Oz theme, for instance, is pretty front-and-center in terms of the MK mind control stuff. The whole video is very layered, and is basically about Fergie being successfully mind-controlled into going along with the transhumanist agenda.

  120. superninja

    Cool, thanks! Yeah, the Oz stuff is definitely there…the only thing missing is Toto.

    The "fantasy" part of this video also has a very definite "We're not in Kansas anymore" feel to it, yaknow?

  121. A derivative for eugenics now used in Universities is Bioethics. The new brand is inclusive of how technological innovations are utilized. The "Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues"

    member list reads like the who's who of industry insiders, From professors of law and science to military research directors.

    "The new field of bioethics is a response to issues raised by eugenics.6 Bioethics is based on situation ethics, which was developed largely by Joseph Fletcher, a member of the American Eugenics Society. In 1973, Daniel Callahan, a prominent Catholic dissenter and a member of the American Eugenics Society, outlined the new field in the first issue of Hastings Center Studies."7

    6 The word was first used to refer to questions about population and environment, in the late 1960's. In the 1970's, it came to refer to questions including abortion, contraception, euthanasia and artificial insemination.

    7 Daniel J. Callahan, "Bioethics as a Discipline," Hastings Ceter Studies 1, No. 1 (1973), pp. 66-73

  122. jpl8o

    Thanks! The big picture becomes so much clearer when we zoom out from the individual tiny dots.

    Yet another Orwellian name there, "Bioethics". Using the word "ethics", a synonym for "morals", in relation to Eugenics, one of the most immoral and unethical concepts in all of human history.

    Sounds a lot like cognitive dissonance, doesn't it?

  123. LVB,

    I was referring to the actual documentary/movie "The Secret". There are scetches that appear behind each person talking about "the secret" and at the end there's a scene where this dude is kind of dancing with a ball (it's a quick shot) wearing a pentagram pendant and a rasta headband covering his eyes. I mention this because I read somewhere that rasta colours have a link to the occult. I'm new to all of this so I could be completely off. Thanks for responding and the kick-ass article

  124. interesting story. I like it, and I'm grateful that you will take your time to inform us all of our surroundings that the media projects.

    About eugenics, very few know (I think, though I'm perty sure) that the Rockefellers in the time of Hitler and the Holocaust aided Hitler in eugenics. Ever wonder why Hitler claimed that the perfect image of a human would be blonde hair and blue eyes? It's 'cause the Rockefellers put that image in to his head. Now, I don't know how the Rockefellers look like, but that's what I got out of reading. Well, back to eugenics. Hitler thought that cloning would be useful for war, so they could have an unlimited number of troops, so he thought the the answer lied in twins. He would experiment on any twins he had from the holocaust. But where did he get all that money to make those experimentations possible? The Rockefellers, whose origin is German-American, so I can see why they would help him. But he wasn't the only one who aided Hitler, GM (General Motors) also helped and Henry Ford wrote an Anti-Semitism(sp) book, Hitler came to admire.

    And about 1984 by George Orwell. I don't think that what he is doing is something bad, I see it as a warning of what might happen. I haven't read the book myself, but in my school they made us read it as a summer grade project thing and then when we came back we had to write how we would imagine a dystopia in the future would look like (I wrote about a bad gov. and our poor earth would be a landfill). Weird, huh? And then it keeps getting weirder! (lol) 'cause then we start reading a book called Siddhartha and it was about staying connected with our spiritual selves and the message was that materials kill our soul, leaving us curropted, which I think is happening to lots of people, especially in the US. THEN we start reading Julius Caesar by William Shakespear and it's about the senators committing a suicide CONSPIRACY for the better of the people (if you guys know how it goes, they [Brutus {Julius best friend}, Cassius, and other senators] kill Julius because they believed that he will enslave them) and NOW we're reading Anthem by Ayn-something and it's about how collectivism is wrong and how ego is not bad and about the Council keeping them in check and they basically have no freedom 'cause they have to do what the Council tells them i.e. a street sweeper.

    So it makes me wonder, is this all coincidence? Or what? It makes me wonder who are the people in the Education industry that are making us read this?

    I don't support H+, but I don't think it can be bad. Like, I know when it has gone too far. 'Cause isn't like, vaccines a way of H+? But I know I wouldn't support anything that would have to do with chips being installed and what not that are too drastic.

    Once again, thank you so much for the article!!! I love this website :3

  125. Hi Damian

    I thought I already had, but maybe not. It's sort of a blur here lately. :)

    Basically, I understand what you are saying, and you make some good points. I may not agree, but I would say they are still valid points that are worth considering.

    In your case, you seem to view God, the Creator of all things as either nonexistent or evil, I'm not realy sure which, so that skews the process a lot, but it is certainly your own choice to believe that. We will all reap the consequences of the choices we make, in the end, one way or another..

    As far as the other things you mentioned, like the fact that technology can definitely empower all of us to compete more effectively, that definitely has merit and truth to it. I guess the bottom line to me is this:

    Yes, technology, like anything else, can bee used for good or evil. No question about that. The next logical step is to consider who the people are in this world who control the technology, money, food supply, etc.

    If you have any grasp of history, and the repetitive nature of the ruling elite class' consistent beehavior in this regard, I think it should be clear that those who have the power call the shots. And, the next logical step is to consider what is in the best interest of those in power. Is it the betterment of mankind? Usually, quite the contrary – they look out for themselves, and consolidate their power and money in every way that they can.

    If you've noticed the economy lately, that's a pretty good example of this. There are plenty more.

    So, the logical output of that equation, to me, would be that the elite powers that be will use any and every form of technology to simply consolidate their power and control in every way possible, to serve their own best interests, not what is good for us (freedom, etc.). This has been demonstrated throughout history ad nauseum, and I wouldn't expect it to suddenly change now via some globalist epiphany that they've been wrong to oppress the masses all these thousands of years.

    However, it is possible that some things could occur that will throw a major monkey wrench into whatever evil schemes are hatched in the future. I told you before that William Gibson is one of my favorite authors,

    and it could be

  126. I guess I need to focus on one point at a time to get it addressed.

    What will happen to the power brokers when desktop nanofabricators decentralize all manufacturing?

  127. Damian – What happened to the record companies when anyone could copy a CD? They changed the laws and sued everybody.

  128. Alana,

    You are Edens best teacher. You are the one that can most comfort her. I would pray for teachable moments each day, where she can learn the truth through the Word. One thing I have learned is that GOD gives grace right when we need it; not so much before said event, because HE wants us to trust HIM. Teach her songs that she can comfort herself with. Help her to memorize Scripture, so that she can say these on her own and comfort herself. Give praise to GOD any and all times that something pulls through for you, no matter how small.

    Don't forget that even John the Baptist sent word to JESUS asking, 'are you the Christ?' I mean, he was scared. There may come a time when we are scared and we may suffer like crazy, but the LORD's promises are true; HE will wipe away every tear and there are trees for our healing, waiting for us. Rest in the LORD. That means don't work so hard at this life. Make the most of every opportunity because the days are evil. While you can, snuggle, read, go for long walks, play games together, squeeze the juice out of life. Don't let the enemy take away from what you have now, because you fear for yourself and your daughter in the future. For yourself, maybe you could read Voice of the Martyrs, Extreme Devotion book. There are many testamnets of children who died for Christ in this century! They had great faith: far more than I may have, I hate to admit…

    GOD bless you and your baby girl,


  129. Damian

    Sorry major human/laptop interface error there….

    Anyway, it's entirely possible that some of the things that the truly visionary Gibson wrote about in his books could occur, such as rebel "cowboy" computer haXXors attacking the information systems of the corporate and govt powers that be, and releasing restricted information to the masses to reveal their lies and corruption, cures for diseases that were kept secret by the greedy corps, etc.

    It's great fiction, and I love it. It's a fond hope and a great romantic notion. Unfortunately, it is also probably a false hope that isn't very realistic, considering the already substantial stranglehold that the ruling eite have on society as a whole.

    As far as evolution, we can agree to disagree there, but I'll just give you this quote that I love, which is in my original article (I think it's from George Carlin or possibly Steven Wright):

    "If man evolved from monkeys and apes, then why are there still monkeys and apes?"

    Do I believe that all species adapt to enrivonmental and other conditions and pass these adaptations on genetically? Yes, I do. Do I believe the elitist Darwin's theory of evolution entirely and that human beings evolved from monkeys, apes or any other primate? No, I don't.

    To me, adaptation to changing conditions is actually further powerful proof of intelligent design in all of creation. You don't get supercomputers and space shuttle level technological brilliance by just sitting back for a few million years and letting the pond scum ferment. There is ample evidence of intelligent design all around us. Some see it, some choose not to, and go about formulating other theories to explain what they cannot otherwise even begin to explain. That's where faith in God comes into the picture. If you don't choose that, so be it. As I said above, we will all pay the price for our choices, one way or another. I highly encourage everyone to consider all the possibilities before making their choices, as I have done before making mine.

    One last thing to tickle your active brain…I can't help wondering why you are here reading and posting when you clearly disagree with basically everything you see here. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy all intelligent discourse, but personally, I wouldn't be caught dead lurking around a pro-Transhumanist, anti-Christian website.

    I enjoy all points of view and try to learn all I can from everyone and everything I come into contact with, but I think it's a valid question and insight into your behavior and what your motives might bee. Nonetheless, I still welcome your thoughts and ideas…so keep 'em coming, if that is your choice :)

  130. great stuff!!!… question is so we shouldnt listen to the music anymore because i love christina aguilera and the black eye peas and i could care less about watching their videos on television and because of this site i stopped listening to RIHANNA,LADYGAGA(gimmick),JAYZ,BEYONCE,KANYEWEST,LILWAYNE,etc… big ups VC

  131. Deirdre

    Great comments.

    Love is all you need. Just not necessarily the love of money, or this world…or the Beatles. :)

  132. Lanyavedoll

    As VC says, "I'm not your mommy!"

    You can listen to and watch whatever you choose to, but just be aware and try to recognize these things for what they are. You might choose not to watch this or that, or even not to look at this website, if it bothers you.

    Just be sure that what you are watching and listening to is by your own choice, and know why you are watching or listening to it. I don't think it will destroy your soul to watch a BEP video, because I watched this thing many times in doing research to write this article. Ironically, all it did was strenghten my faith in God.

    He works in mysterious ways that we will never understand while in the flesh, never doubt that part.

  133. no fallen angel on

    Transhumanism has made its way to porn. Sex shops have rotating vibrators flying off the shelves cuz of the "transhuman" effect. It's pushing the idea to women that the human penis is "old" and cannot compete w/the robotic spinning vibrator in varieties of colors and sizes. Thats why women really fake orgasms w/men. Plus since most men don't perform oral, women turn to other women. Therefore–cut out men all together and welcome strap ons and robot penis!!

  134. It's the first time I see an artist I like in this website : Christina Aguilera


    I buy her music because she's the best singer in the world, in my opinion.

    I'm going to remain a fan of her, regardless of all this transhumanist/robotic mess going on. I will continue to enjoy the epic vocals. :)

    I just hope I won't see any guns or robots or baphomets anywhere in her new video, that's just getting old. That's it.

    Aguilera's BIONIC IN STORES, JUNE 8! I can't wait to get my copy. 😀

  135. .:i believe and have faith(pray every night and morning) as well but what im asking(your opinion) do you think its cool to still listen to the music even though you know all these things(about it) ive deleted so many artist and songs off of my ipod because of this site and im thankful for it but i love people like some christina aguilera songs…….so do you think(your opinion) its cool to still listen to them and dont feel like your going to hell if you do because i feel like that sometimes that if i listen to some artist like BEYONCE,etc(which i dont listen to her anymore) that if you do listen you are going to hell??????

  136. Lanyevedoll

    I hear you, but I don't think my opinion is nearly important as your own. Just do what your heart, mind and faith tell you is right for you.

    There's only one thing that will send you to hell, and it's not simply listening to Beeyonce. :)

  137. no fallen angel

    Now that is one LOL comment there!

    Stay tuned, because a close friend of mine who is an electrical design engineer told me years ago that prototypes (not his own) were already in development for a virtual reality type helmet with the audio/video inputs coupled with…uhmm…how do I say this…well, remember the Nintendo "power glove"? Ok, well this new device has a similar power glove that goes on another part of the anatomy, which uses mild electrical stimulation as a combined effect with the audio/video sensory inputs to create a "virtual sexual" experience.

    Just pop in a dvd of your favorite "star"…and uhmmm….enjoy the ride, so to speak. You could even take some LSD, too, and "Do what thou wilt".

  138. .:lol THANKS….i listen to artist like Carrie Underwood,Justin Timberlake,Jennifer Hudson,Janet Jackson,Matt Morris,Jill Scott,Adele,Nickelback,Maxwell,Lupe Fiasco….so im cool:HOPE THEIR NOT POSTED ON THIS SITE ONE DAY LOL:.

  139. “If man evolved from monkeys and apes, then why are there still monkeys and apes?”

    That's like asking "If Americans immigrated from Europe, Why are there still Europeans."

    Evolution has never meant that all members of all groups of every population change. It indicates what change CAN happen and notes that it does happen and that at times it will happen to a portion of a population in a separate region because the different environmental pressures of the different region tends to remove members that are like the original.

    Evidence for evolution: Congruence of all genetic information including endogenous retroviruses, genetic similarity, pseudogene sequences, atavisms, mutation rates for inactive sequences,

    chromosomal fusion, reinforced by the fossil record which is congruent with cladistics for morphological change throughout strata, and we even have the mechanisms and have observed speciation, novel genetics, novel biochemical pathways, novel gene expression, computer evolutionary simulations,etc..

    we have documented mutation of genes into beneficial new genes. That is as a leaky faucet. Where is the mechanism to take back these beneficial mutations and revert to the earlier version? What data bank is used to compare? Where is the earlier version retained for reconversion to the earlier form? Creationist have addressed not one of these issues their proposal implies.

    And perhaps critically: Is it intelligent to remove beneficial genes?

    Evolution depends on three things:

    1. initial genetic variation & the production of new alleles via mutations/errors in meiosis

    2. the heritability of those genetic changes

    3. the influence of those new alleles on the fitness of the organism – i.e. whether or not they increase its ability to successfully reproduce.

    Is there any of the above that don't happen?

    "I can’t help wondering why you are here reading and posting when you clearly disagree with basically everything you see here."

    The healthy are in no need of a doctor. Why would I hang with them?

    "I wouldn’t be caught dead lurking around a pro-Transhumanist, anti-Christian website."

    If we segregate our selves only to info that supports our biases do we not risk being self congratulatory?

  140. Don’t know if this was mentioned but Rihanna (robots and all) performed on the Kid’s Choice Awards and BEP was nominated as top song for Imma Be on the same show. How insidious to introduce this to pre-teen children. Get ’em young, I guess.

  141. Also wanted to mention that the vid reminded me a lot of Terminator: Salvation (gas station scene) which I watched recently, and also Transformers 1 and the final battle in the streets of downtown LA. So they are already referencing these themes from recently introduced ideas and building on them/reinforcing them.

    Not to be too creepy but with the Rihanna German performance stuff (she later trotted out her dueling robot boyfriends at the Kids Awards), the constant juxtaposition of hot robot women around (Beyonce and Gaga’s Metropolis getups, the hot robot chicks pushing beer, Fergie and her digital kidnapper), I think the “sex with robots” stuff is going to get very much in our faces soon.

  142. Damian

    Funny that you would quote Jesus re: the doctor / healthy thing. Do you view yourself as curing people here?

    I enjoy different points of view, like yours, I'm only saying that I wouldn't intentionally and repeatedly subject myself to a hostile environment for fun. Maybe a little masochistic tendency there, but lucky for you, I'm not very sadistic.

    So, you're quite educated in the technical sense, yet you don't see intelligent design behind such things as electrons orbiting a nucleus (on the micro level) and planets orbiting stars (on the macro level)? Come on, man!

    And, somehow all those blobs with mass and interrelated functions (periodic table of the elements, etc.)just suddenly existed out of nothingness and went bang one day, and the rest just sort of happened in a bungling, accidental manner over millions of years, but somehow suddenly quantum leapt forward in the past few hundred years?


    p.s. Have you read any of Gibson's books, btw? You'd probably love them. I don't think I've ever seen a better writer in my lifetime; spritiual beliefs notwithstanding. The Neuromancer/Count Zero/Mona Lisa Overdrive trilogy is truly ingenious stuff.

  143. 195.Lanyavedoll

    There is nothing like a good bout of false guilt! We are constantly taking information, digesting it and then doing something with it. If you are a believer in JESUS, then you know, there is only ONE person you answer to.

    There is some liberal thinking/posting on here, so you know the opinions vary. It sounds like you've answered your own question though…

    I will share my experience. I was into heavy rock, punk, metal. Some of the music just put me in a trance (kindof like a drug!) When I surrendered to JESUS, I put all that away only because I thought it was the right thing to do, BEFORE, I really thought it through. Now I don't listen to any of it and because it has been so long and because I have chosen to fill my ears up with other kinds of music: jazz, classical, hyms, and I sing, I find I don't need it, want it in fact because I understand the messages in the lyrics and the power that is behind it, it repulses me.

    Give yourself and break and just chill from the music for a while. Pray, seek the LORD on the matter and see where HE leads you!



  144. Just pop in a dvd of your favorite “star”…and uhmmm….enjoy the ride, so to speak. You could even take some LSD, too, and “Do what thou wilt”.

    Just curious: is this sarcasm?

  145. Keep the articles coming. They are very good tools in dissecting what is going on in front of our faces. These articles are good learning tools and I often read them with my teenage cousins. Its a great way to teach them how to think outside the box

  146. Deirdre

    You really have to ask me that, considering my very obvious and extreme confidence in my Christian beliefs?

    Yes, it was, indeed, biting sarcasm. :)

  147. Damian said,

    “If we segregate our selves only to info that supports our biases do we not risk being self congratulatory?~~

    Yes there can be a risk of becoming arrogant. But there is also the presence of arrogance in your statement

    –The healthy are in no need of a doctor. Why would I hang with them?– So you're going to teach us and set us straight?

  148. .:thanks i will definitely do that and listen and disect the lyrics and meanings more often and if ithink the lyrics are harmless and meaningless than i will continue to listen because not all music is bad/deviant music just the artist with bad intentions make music thats posted on this site and plus i know God knows whats in my heart and why im researching this because i truly care so THANKS once agiain:.

    Blessings(as well)

  149. whereever people exhibit such cluelessness as yours I am called to explain evolutions truth. You can not have variant replication and nonrandom culling without obtaining evolution. What can reach into every descendant of the progenitor of a beneficial new gene and reset it to before it was ever mutated? That alone kills any refutation of evolution. You're welcome to try your sadistic best. I've been nutting horns in this subject for a long time.

    "yet you don’t see intelligent design behind such things as electrons orbiting a nucleus (on the micro level) and planets orbiting stars (on the macro level)?"

    No I don't. I see a universe that we happen to have evolved complex systems as they do tend to emerge from fairly simply rules. Read Wolfram's "A New Kind of Science".

    Evolution is not random.

    It's the lion's using the least energy to catch the slower deer that selects the faster deer as winners who get to reproduce.

    It's the predator not using more energy than needed that is satisfied with the easy to see prey that leaves the more camouflaged ones to breed their tricks

    It's the path of least resistance..

    What stops micro evolution? For a cell type to stop adding information it would have to have an information analyzer on board to know when it was on the road to going to far. There is no such thing in any cell ever seen. You just WANT it to stop because that feeds your need for evolution to be ridiculed. Find that mechanism and you'll have the last laugh. Until then new genes accumulate unrestricted and accumulated CHANGE is unrestricted. And new species evolve unrestricted.

  150. well sean if you want to bring me down a notch, answer my questions. I challenge you to show what can reach into the DNA of every member of the descendants which inherited some beneficial gene and remove that gene from each of those descendants. Therein is the ONLY way you could arrest evolution. There is no other option.

    As far as H+ is concerned sure there could be ways it goes horribly wrong. I fail to see how hiding the possible problems or pretending it's someone else's problem helps anyone in the long run. Many people are dissatisfied with short life, limited senses, pain racked mobility, and more.

    You easily lap up the notion ( put forth by Hollywood that Borg like hive minds strip away individuality* ), Seeing as how we've not had even so much as a hive mind of 2 individuals to base any assessment on, I submit that such claims are premature.

    *sorry to bring up an example of mass media trashing an H+ theme.

  151. Damian

    Awww…now you had to go and show those ugly true colors beeing all hateful and stuff. sigh :(

    We were doing so good with a pleasant, thoughtful exchange, but I'll have to draw the line there. This conversation may continue if you can control yourself and refrain from angry and insulting "clueless" type remarks. Otherwise, you'll be talking to yourself. You can think such things all you like, but I've been sooo nice to you thusfar, and you can't show me the courtesy to keep it civil? That's a shame. You're not going to win over any hearts and minds with that kind of silly beehavior, doctor.

    Sadly, the angry tone and insults only display a lack of confidence in your position, emotional instability, or both. Rational calm is good. Anger and vitriol….not so much. Indicates panic, lack of control.

    And, ironically, the more anyone throws the obvious and brilliant complexities of any natural system at me, the more I see nothing but the intelligent design of a Creator beehind it all. LOL

    I don't view Creation and intelligent adaptation of species as beeing mutually exclusive, but if you do and choose to beelieve that your ancestors were, indirectly, pond scum…that's ok with me.

    Peace, brother D. :)

  152. & u can still listen to black eyed peas they dont know what they are doing. They are clueless they are merely puppets and if they do know then ShAME ON EM! I dont blv most of these artist are even fully aware of who they work for. Its the ppls managers and top notches that are masons and etc and only certain degree masons even have a clue! Either way the black eyed peas are truly NOTHING special seeing will i am is a tool and has ripped off SO many songs from the 80s they are morons not smart enough to understand this a lot like some of yall lol

  153. Damian you said teamJesus “And who is history’s biggest narcissist?” um that would be god.

    A narcissist doesn't sacrifice Himself for all people. If GOD was so in love with HIMSELF, HE wouldn't have wanted to make us or anything else in the universe: how could we ever compair to HIS greatness?

    I look at GOD in a military sense. HE is the author of strategy. The terms and conditions are in plain view for all to see. All have been warned that HE cannot be outstrategized. Is it HIS arrogance that makes it possible for HIM to say this? No. It is HIS absoluteness. There is a huge difference between pride and the position of being absolute. Take Fibonacci for example. He is considered to be a great mathmatician having developed his popular 'sequence'. This same number sequence can also be found in plants! Confirmation of GOD's great strategy to make HIMSELF known to all whether it be in numbers on paper or leaves on a vine, or through HIS Word.

    Let's consider your position: that GOD is evil, if indeed HE is able to stop evil and does not, than doesn't that qualify HIM as being evil? Where did Lucifer come from? Did not GOD create him and yet he is evil? Yes. But he did not start out evil. What is evil anyways? Look at that word backwards it spells LIVE. Pride is what brought Lucifer out of heaven/out of fellowship with GOD. Again, GOD doesn't need to be prideful. HE is absolute about HIS position. HE is the top gun. Consider what happens to a soldier who doesnt obey his commander: he is court marshalled and put in prison. Just as a cell is nothing without a nucleous, so a man is nothing without his soul. And likewise an army is nothing and has no direction without a commander. Where do these ideas of leadership and law come from? From the ORIGINAL and AUTHENTIC CREATOR. All of creation mimics HIM.

    We build houses and put nice things in them so that we can share our specially prepared spaces with others in fellowship. GOD made a space for us too. Lucifer in his jealousy and pride came to destroy that space, but the LORD being absolute and having the absolute ability to look down every corrider of time, already knew how to overcome this travesty (a debased, distorted, or grossly inferior imitation of justice). Adam and Eve were not in a state of confusion or limited knowledge, they had everything at their fingertips. But why not let them think they had been duped and so perpetuate this prideful, arrogant, self righteousness that Lucifer birthed, by thinking that he 'would be just like GOD'. Did not GOD make Lucifer the most beautiful, with the ability to make sounds (music) Ezekiel 28:13 Thou hast been in Eden the garden of God; every precious stone was thy covering, the sardius, topaz, and the diamond, the beryl, the onyx, and the jasper, the sapphire, the emerald, and the carbuncle, and gold: the workmanship of thy tabrets and of thy pipes was prepared in thee in the day that thou wast created.

    One has to ask, if you are one down from the top, is that so terrible? If the one above you has your best interest at heart and has adorned you, is that so terrible a position to be in? For whatever reason, Lucifer cannot be redeemed. Perhaps it is because he knew 'almost' everything and GOD will not allow HIS absolute position to be taken. And GOD has warned us too, starting with Adam, 'though shalt not eat of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil'. GOD didn't want us to experience evil HE wanted us to LIVE!

    If the transhumanist stretches out his hand (so to speak) to eat of the tree of life and lives forever, he will live forever with evil always being right along side some good.

    If one wants to join in the Singularity movement, by all means, go ahead, but this too will have it's limitation: because again, GOD will not be outstrategized.

    Conscience: con/with science/knowledge GOD has given everyone a conscience; with knowledge do we choose to be our own god: a little version of Lucifer-prideful, arrogant, full of 'knowledge, constantly debating, strategizing, formulating our own little world or we can surrender, so that we will live eternally.

    1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love him." And

    Isaiah 65:17 "For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth; And the former things will not be remembered or come to mind." Is it possible that those who have not surrendered to GOD will cease to exist? I don't have to like everything GOD has ever allowed or try to figure HIM out, so that I can justify myself, for I know in my heart

    'that the fear of the LORD is the begining of wisdom'.

    May GOD bless you with HIS understanding,


  154. Well Damian since you are on a Christian site I can only answer with the one Who is more knowledgable than me.

    For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12

  155. team jesus

    I've written about what you mentioned before, thanks for bringing it up. The following is from an interview with Lady Gaga:


    "She tells the New York Times, "I have a spiritual guide — not a therapist, but someone who in my mind is connected with a higher being, and he helps me a lot." What does her guide do for her? She explains, "He understands that I am famous, and I appreciate that. He tells me that I no longer serve my life in the normal way that people serve their life. That I must serve the greater good in my service to the universe." She tells the interviewer, "I don't live my life in the way someone like you does. I live my life completely serving only my work and my fans." "


    She has a spiritual guide? That is connected to a higher being? Oh yes, I would bet that "he" certainly is connected to a higher being. Her comment also has some indications of an alter personality, in the sense that she says "…who, in my mind is connected to a higher being". So, "he" may not even exist in the physical world, but rather "in her mind".

    To me, this "spiritual guide" is most likely what is commonly known as a familiar spirit, or familiar.


    "A familiar spirit or familiar (from Middle English familiar, related to family) is an animal [or human] shaped spirit who serves for witchery, a demon, or other magician-related subjects.

    Familiars serve their owners as domestic servants, farmhands, spies, and companions, and may help bewitch enemies. Familiars are also said to inspire artists and writers ."


    They "inspire artists and writers"…yes, I'm sure they do.

    I also like the part of how Lady Gaga believes that she "serves the greater good in service to the universe".

    One look at her and you can totally see the "greater good" that she is serving.

    And don't forget the new age bible "The Secret" that she was apparently quite obsessed with. A few of those "secrets" include: "Fall in love with money", "Fall in love with yourself", "You are perfect the way you are right now", "Do not resist anything, ever" and so on. You can find it online if you want to know more of what it is teaching many famous people, including Gaga and Oprah.

  156. If you look at it rationally, if God created everything, he gets to make the rules. He either exists or he doesn't. If you don't think he exists, what are you so upset about? Are you concerned God might exist and you don't like the idea, because you don't get to be in a position of authority? Are you really in a position of authority anyway?

    For me, once I understood that it's clear God is the author of it all, then my ideas about whether God is right in doing things fall apart rationally. Thankfully from an emotional perspective, God has demonstrated his love for us through Jesus Christ in such a way that my heart was captured, as well as my mind.

    Why don't you look for God and see what you find.

  157. Interesting quotes from Gaga. She makes herself sound like a vessel or a transmitter. She is just the message, she is here to serve. Sounds possessed for sure.

  158. Is everyone enjoying the megahype buildup for the imminent release of Iron Man 2?

    It will be interesting to see if the usual formula is followed, or if there will be some new twists to the PsyWar approach they use.

    Unsympathetic, evil human corp scumbag human gets injured somehow, gets fixed with tech of some kind, then turns good and fights crime, etc. Human bad, machine good. snore

  159. LVB, WOW! If merely saying that you are clueless is hateful then perhaps you are too sensitive to receive knowledge. I was referring specifically to your question..

    “If man evolved from monkeys and apes, then why are there still monkeys and apes?”

    If it is not true that that is exactly like asking “If Americans immigrated from Europe, Why are there still Europeans.” then explain to me why it is not so? Indeed you think that evolution should act on all groups in all environments exactly the the same and produce the same result. It is not an opinion to say you are clueless. It is an observation. Now, so far you haven't shown any indication that you would adamantly remain clueless. That would be a life choice I'd hope you wouldn't take.

    "And, ironically, the more anyone throws the obvious and brilliant complexities of any natural system at me, the more I see nothing but the intelligent design of a Creator behind it all."

    And what of the inheritance of broken genes? Is obtaining the same gene broken the same way not absolutely indicative of having the same parents. We indict and/or exonerate convictions of murder on such basis. And here ALL primates have the same break in the fourth gene responsible for the manufacture of Vitamin C. Without Vitamin C we get scurvy and die.

    We are talking about the same mutation in the same gene.

    The odds of this happening at random in 2 separate organisms with human sized genomes is 1 in 3 Billion.

    The odds of this happening at random in 3 separate organisms with human sized genomes is 1 in 27 Billion Billion Billion.

    The odds of this happening at random in 4 separate organisms with human sized genomes is 1 in 81 Billion Billion Billion Billion.

    There are hundreds of primates with this same broken gene.

    (FYI) the unmutated version produces Vitamin C for almost ever other animal on the planet.

    Why would a creator want us to have the same fatal error in common with every other primate?

  160. Deirdre "A narcissist doesn’t sacrifice Himself for all people."

    This notion still cracks me up. So God sacrificed himself, to himself, to redeem you from the imperfection he imposed upon you so that you won't suffer the punishment he would otherwise inflict on you. But somehow, free will fits in there, even though he knows in advance every decision you will ever make, thus making it actually impossible for you to choose any other way.

    Why did ANYONE have to die for anyone else? Is spilled blood the best God could come up with?

    "If GOD was so in love with HIMSELF, HE wouldn’t have wanted to make us or anything else in the universe?"

    um to point out the obvious it wants the worship and adulation of others. Witness the supposed fate of any and all who do not. Need I say more?

    "Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?

    Then he is not omnipotent.

    Is he able, but not willing?

    Then he is malevolent.

    Is he both able and willing?

    Then whence cometh evil?

    Is he neither able nor willing?

    Then why call him God?"

    Epicurius(341-270 BC)

    And lastly Deirdre everything you mention about got comes straight from the barbarians extrapolated ultimate warlord concept of god. A being with no room for peers or anything like contradiction to his absolute authority. Not a socially mature being at all.

  161. superninja, you asked "If you don’t think he exists, what are you so upset about?"

    Well, just as an example, witness the response to my challenge for sean "to show what can reach into the DNA of every member of the descendants which inherited some beneficial gene and remove that gene from each of those descendants."

    He replied, "For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. Hebrews 4:12"

    He admits he can not stay with the argument. He falters in presenting that which I requested for him to 'bring me down a notch. He claimed I was arrogant. PULEEZE! I'm not the one thinking that a maker of the freaking universe did so just for mankind and even 'died' for me.

    so he calls me arrogant for saying I'm here to teach. But rather than pass my first test, he quotes unrelated scripture. Can you see where one might get upset (even when one has no such belief in any gods)

  162. Living is an art on

    **If you’re still reading** ??? you joke ???

    Man the only thing that disturb me in this post, are the 10 mins I waste in youtube looking for this crappy videoclip.

    This place is amazing

    Big thanks for the guidance from that social engineering base that Italy is.

  163. Bizarre. But satisfying and interesting. Vigilant… your research is amazing (despite LVB having written here).

  164. That's impossible

    That's impossible

    That's impossible

    Its a only a dream…

    Soon i wake up! and that's will end

  165. @ Damian

    You need to challenge God, not man. Man can't ever give you all the answers you seek. God will not be offended. So, I know you may initially feel silly, but why not ask God to give you a sign, speak to your heart, do something for you or a loved one that really needs to get done? Go for it. What could it hurt? Just make sure you do so with an open mind and heart and with sincerity. And while you're at it, why not check out the Bible? Approach like you would any book. Maybe you've read it before, but re-check it out with fresh eyes. See if anything jumps out at you. Again, what could it hurt?

  166. For the people thinking they know what God is about..Our pitiful human minds cannot begin to encompass a being as grandiose and beautiful as our God….

    You will never understand who God is if you don't have a personal relationship through Jesus first (Luke 24:45 ).

    Why don't you read the entire Bible then ask questions instead of getting your information off some web search you did or some second hand information. If the Word of God had a fatal flaw, somebody would have found it by now–after nearly 2000 years of scrutiny. Not only that, the Bible remains the world's best-seller of all time. PLUS, the Bible has outlasted many governments that sought to ban or destroy it.

    So all of the stuff your saying is just blah blah. If you want to debate God, try debating the scripture.

    "Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men"(Rom. 5:12). Meaning, sin started with Adam and Eve so we all became sinners.

    God gave us freewill. Eat all the fruit you see, but not from that tree. Satan came deceived and made Eve question "did God really mean not to eat that?" She ate so did Adam and we were not pure anymore. If you read the Bible you will understand it just spirals out of control from there.

    “And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man” (Gen. 2:21-22). The great Physician can heal and perform any surgical operation. I'm sure you can Google testimony of that all day long.

    "And God said," Let us make man in our image, after our likeness; and let him have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created he him; male and female created he them" (Genesis 2:26-27) Evolution is not consistent with both of these scriptures.

    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world” (1 Jn. 4:1). People who receive Jesus can test spirits: The first test is to make sure the spirit acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. (the devil and his agents acknowledge the historical incarnation but do not confess Jesus as Lord.)The Spirit of God always speaks in accordance to God's Word, the Bible. He acknowledges its authority. Anyone putting anything above the Bible or anyone degrading the Bible, is not from God. The devil will only lead you to a mixture of truths and lies.

    “And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not” (2 Pet. 2:3).

    BEP & Others influence globally through carnality that which is fleshly, worldly, and sensual. They blindly and adamantly defend the lies, and heresies, while supporting and spreading the same through fashion, videos, lyrics, symbolism, promoting NWO, and sets us up to "link" to the anti-christ.

    BEP was big before yeah we all know. Sure, they have hits and they sold millions of records, but now its like they are just blowin up. Like they reached some kind of new status. They are more TV appearances and their songs are getting used a lot more, more radio time etc….Is it because they all have converted to a whole new world of the dark side? It looks like it compared to them now from before.

  167. "(Genesis 2:26-27) Evolution is not consistent with both of these scriptures."

    Correct. That's yet more evidence for the bible being wrong.

    Any god that requires you to ignore empirical evidence that has been observed, verified, and replicated dozens, hundreds , and thousands of times over, is not worth my time. If your god (the literal god of the bible) were real, why shouldn't the evidence confirm it, or at least not conflict with it? If I had a choice between what I can observe and test over what is written in a book, I choose the former. Why should we believe god's supposed book over god's supposed creation?

  168. @ Damian

    I disagree that evolution and creationism can't co-exist. As I tell other folks who question why this, that or the other isn't in the Bible: The Bible is what you NEED to know. It is NOT everything there is to know. Everything there is to know is the sole dominion of God anyway. So yeah, God made single cell organisms, dinosaurs, cave men, etc. People get thrown off by "In the beginning…" I have always interpreted that as the beginning of Man in his current incarnation. You cannot fit the history of the world in one book. The Bible just hits some major topics that are crucial for your understanding of God's plan, the fall of man, the redemption of man, advice for living, examples of great challenges and great faith, etc. Lemme know if this explanation makes any sense to you.

  169. Forgive me if someone already noted this, but don't the patterns on Rhianna's sex robots remind you of the patterns Kanye shaved on this head during the VMAs?

  170. @ Damian (again, LOL)

    I'm still reading and you've posed some good questions above that just about everybody has at one time or another. It's not God's job to save us from ourselves. It's OUR job. God has given us a means to save ourselves through Jesus' sacrifice. Why did Jesus need to die for us? Why couldn't God just say all is forgiven? Because just like any good parent teaches their kid, you don't get something for nothing and your actions have consequences. The kindness and bravery that Jesus exhibited plus the pain He endured is supposed to have an impact on us all. It's supposed to be a humbling and sobering experience. That's what it took for us to be redeemed. That's supposed to be a wake up call and motivation for us.

    I know I said above you need to talk to God about your questions and I keep butting in! I can't help myself! LOL Sorry. I hope this helps though.

  171. djjenjoy

    BEP was big before yeah we all know. Sure, they have hits and they sold millions of records, but now its like they are just blowin up. Like they reached some kind of new status. They are more TV appearances and their songs are getting used a lot more, more radio time etc….Is it because they all have converted to a whole new world of the dark side? It looks like it compared to them now from before.


    Back when BEP whas more indie flavored, I was a fan. That was back in the Behind the Front days. When they first let Fergie in the group and put out a song, I didn't even realize it was them. I was soooo disappointed. The music changed and the lyrical content changed. I charged it to the game, like they sold out big time. Now I still think they sold out, but to something much more sinister. Sad.

  172. teamJesus So there was death before the fall? There was billions of year gone by before making man? I think you might have started a flame war.

    Good luck with that.

  173. @ LVB

    Thanks for the response. That makes perfect sense. I'm gonna research this "The Secret" thing. I've heard bits and pieces of what it's about, but I can't say I'm knowledgeable on the subject. Did you know that reality show "Pretty Wild" name checks The Secret frequently? Apparently the family lives by this book. I don't know how these trainwrecks are supposed to make that book look good, but maybe there's some cognitive dissonance going on there! LOL

  174. Damian April 20th, 2010 10:29 am :

    teamJesus So there was death before the fall?


    I believe God did wanted He wanted before He created the current incarnation of man and after. People should accept that we don't have nice, neat, undebatable answers for everything. If we did, we'd be gods and we wouldn't need to have faith.

    Hmmm, I hope I don't trigger a flame war. Some of these posts seem like they were composed by the devil himself. I think some folks have a lot of evil operating in their lives. I don't get that vibe from you, though. I respect your questions.

  175. Damian – You put way too much "faith" in science. You may think of yourself as agnostic, but actually you have just adopted the "religion" of science. Your "priests" are the scientists in their lab coats. You "worship" them in your classes.

    You think that you can extrapolate from the infinitesimally small amount of knowledge that science has accumulated over the past 500 years, to declare that you understand the very essence of God's creation is a sign of extreme arrogance. If you ever examined the history of science in a critical way, then you would come to appreciate how many times in the past the scientists have totally misled the "lay" community.

    But the scientific "brotherhood" is very careful to not let the public know about it's past failings, lest they lose "faith" in their "teachings". They don't tell the uninitiated that Newton was a practicing alchemist for example, whose "laws" of gravity were written in book called "Natural Philosophy".

    "This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being. And if the fixed stars are the centres of other like systems, these, being formed by the like wise counsel, must be all subject to the dominion of One; especially since the light of the fixed stars is of the same nature with the light of the sun, and from every system light passes into all the other systems: and lest the systems of the fixed stars should, by their gravity, fall on each other, he hath placed those systems at immense distances from one another."

    "It is allowed by all that the Supreme God exists necessarily; and by the same necessity he exists always and everywhere. Whence also he is all similar, all eye, all ear, all brain, all arm, all power to perceive, to understand, and to act; but in a manner not at all human, in a manner not at all corporeal, in a manner utterly unknown to us. As a blind man has no idea of colours, so have we no idea of the manner by which the all-wise God perceives and understands all things."

    Do you know who said these things? It was Newton in the same "Principles of Natural Philosophy" in which he gave his description of gravity. Of course his description was wrong, which led him to believe in a kind of determinism that we now know is physically impossible for various reasons that he could not comprehend. At yet his followers were willing to extrapolate – just as you are – and declare that the world was little more than a giant mechanical watch in which there was no need for God at all. Sound familiar?

    Perhaps you know about Newton's "occult studies"?'s_

    Bow down to the one you serve. Do you know who you serve?

  176. @say whaaat and @LVB

    So is The Secret bad???? Or evil? :(

    Is it an analysis from a christian way of seeing things or more a neutral one???

    Please explain, because I've been very interested lately in buying it.

    What's bad with New Age? Why is it that if something is not "from Jesus or The Bible" it is labeled as "Evil".

    If I believe in Buddish as a philosophy of life, am I doing something wrong???

    Anyways, very good article LVB, I really enjoy reading what you write, even the replies to other people, here in the forum. :)

  177. @ Ana

    If I may jump in…it's the origin of the New Age movement as well as its belief system that makes it a no go. The roots of New Age borrow from theosophy, hermeticism and Luciferianism, etc. These are all satanic–i.e., they are designed to take you out of fellowship with the one true God and into fellowship with whatever you feel like–even if it's ultimately harmful or dangerous. It's based on feeding the human ego. The focus on self pushes one towards a Luciferian mind state. Also, the consulting of spirits is encouraged and that is super dangerous. The only spirit one should be in commune with is the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit comes to you. You don't need incantations or rituals or spells or whatever you wanna call it. When you attempt to make contact with spirits you run the risk of encountering an evil one. Those are just a couple of problems with the New Age movement. I'm sure others have much more detailed and insightful information.

  178. baba April 20th, 2010 10:48 am :

    Damian – You put way too much “faith” in science. You may think of yourself as agnostic, but actually you have just adopted the “religion” of science. Your “priests” are the scientists in their lab coats. You “worship” them in your classes.


    Wow. Well put. I may need to borrow that! I'm all about encouraging people to re-evaluate their point of view without fussing at them. What you wrote could really spark some people to think outside of their box. Thanks!

  179. Hi everyone,

    Remember how I told you in the article that H+ was a highly organized and very well financed movement, and not just some techie nerds in their mom's basement?

    Well, here comes another level of Psychological Warfare in this ongoing PR campaign for your hearts and minds, in combination with everything the entertainment industry is force-feeding you so aggressively in movies, tv and music videos.

    This information is courtesy of baba:

    I came across this H+ conference scheduled for Harvard in June.


    "The H+ Summit is a two day event that explores how humanity will be radically changed by

    technology in the near future. Visionary speakers will explore the potential of technology

    to modify your body, mind, life, and world.

    What will it mean to be a human in this next phase of technological development? How can we

    prepare now for coming changes?

    We foresee the feasibility of redesigning the human condition and overcoming such constraints

    as the inevitability of aging, limitations on human and artificial intellects, unchosen

    psychology, lack of resources, and our confinement to the planet earth. The possibilities are

    broad and exciting. The H+ Summit will provide a venue to discuss these future scenarios and to

    hear exciting presentations by the leaders of the ongoing H+ (r)evolution."


    The program is sponsored by a group called "Humanity+". And here is one of their campaigns.

    [If you are familiar with "Orwellian Doublespeak", in reference to the book 1984,please keep

    this in mind as you read the following radical agenda.]


    "Campaign for the Rights of the Person

    A campaign to modify national laws and international human rights conventions to establish

    (a) that bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, and cognitive liberty should be explicitly

    recognized and protected,

    (b) that universal access to enabling technologies is a right in itself, and a precondition

    for all other rights, and that

    (c) personhood, sentience, and capacity for having morally relevant interests are the bases of

    rights-bearing, not humanness or the human genome.

    Specific goals:

    (a) Expanded access to reproductive health technologies (contraception, fertility, prenatal

    testing, abortion, and germinal choice).

    (b) Liberalized psychoactive drug laws, and support for research into cognitive enhancement

    technologies, vaccines and treatments for substance dependence, and safer psychoactive substances.

    (c) Extension of human-level rights protections to great apes.


    These people actually want to tell us what are rights are?

    Let me first tell you that anytime you see or hear someone saying things like "reproductive rights" or "cognitive liberty" should be protected, what they are actually doing is trying to limit and control those rights. This is very similar to how huge tax increases are given names like "The Taxpayer Rights and Reform Act of (whatever year).

    In the US, all of our rights come from our Creator, not men. Inalienable rights. Our rights are not given to us by humans, but humans will certainly try to limit and control our rights, every chance they get.

    Secondly, do you see the Eugenics here? They are saying "reproductive rights" should be protected, but in the same breath they are promoting everything but reproduction – "Expanded access to reproductive health technologies (contraception, fertility, prenatal testing, abortion, and germinal choice)."

    This is Orwellian doublespeak, pure and simple.


    Not reproducing is "reproductive rights".

    Having your humanity stolen from you is "cognitive liberty".

    I don't see anything there about adoption, for that matter. They are focused only on technological ways of STOPPING reproduction. This is thinly disguised Eugenics and population control.

    Next, they want "Liberalized psychoactive drug laws, and support for research into cognitive

    enhancement technologies, vaccines and treatments for substance dependence, and safer psychoactive


    So, let me get this right…they want to "liberalize psychoactive (mind control) drug laws, but at the same time they really care about "substance dependence and safer psychoactive substances".

    This sounds an awful lot like having your drug dealer also running the rehab clinic, doesn't it?

    Making drugs easier to get and use is "safer drug use" and "substance dependence treatment" is

    offered by the same people who want to make those drugs easier to get and use.

    A classic use of Duplicity and the double bind (refer to the PsyWar section of my article).

    Anytime you see or hear people talking about things like "protecting cognitive liberty" and "protecting reproductive rights" they are actually wanting to limit and take away those existing rights.

    It goes without saying that we have the guaranteed rights to think whatever we want to think (cognitive liberty), and to have (as many) children as we want to (reproductive rights). Well, not in China or North Korea, perhaps.

    We certainly don't need some H+ conference at Harvard to tell us we have those absolute rights.

    And, don't you love this part – "Extension of human-level rights protections to great apes."

    These ideas are sociopathic – devoid of any conscience or understanding of right and wrong – and could likely be the result of taking far too many psychoactive drugs…and/or too many classes at Harvard.

    Antisocial personalities (sociopaths) routinely and blatantly violate the rights of other people, and have no conscience or remorse for doing so. They actually believe they know what is right for everyone else, and will violate their rights with impunity and great arrogance. This all stems of the idea of "survival of the fittest". No regrets or compassion for the rights of others, especially the less fortunate, both financially and in terms of health disabilities.

    The stated goals of this H+ conference at Harvard only confirms everything I told you in my article here. It is Eugenics 2.0, only cloaked in much more deceptive, warm and fuzzy language than the elite founders of Transhumanism used.

    I stand behind my assertion that the Transhumanist agenda represents nothing more than population

    control via Eugenics, and the enslavement of the human race.

    I simply could not have been more accurate in using this topic heading in my original article:

    The Transhumanist Agenda: Crimes Against Humanity

    The blatant Psywar for your hearts and minds continues, unabated and more brazen each day.

  180. Ana – True Buddhism does not exist outside of the context of a society. It is easy for someone living in the US to adopt à la carte Buddhism – just choosing the parts they like. The transhumanists/eugenicists love this because it leads to the breakdown of the fabric of society, which leads to a huge vacuum in which they can instill belief systems that are in tune with their agenda. Their goal is the secularization of society. They realized long ago that the biggest obstacle to their agenda is from organized religions. That is why you will see Christianity under attack in the Christian world, while Islam is under attack in the Muslim world and Buddhism is under attack in the Buddhist world.

    At the same time that organized religion is under attack, the family is also under a direct attack. Part of this is again a simple desire to destroy the fabric of society which offers resistance to the changes they are implementing. And part of this ties in directly to their goal of breeding humans as if they were farm animals. One social movement that has unwittingly been thrown into an allegiance with the transhuman-eugenics agenda is sadly the women's movement. Can you see how the pro-abortion movement supported by the women's movement is just an extension of the eugenics movement? Where do you think they get their funding from?

  181. Hi Ana

    Thank you for your kind words, reading my article and giving your comments.

    Your own opinion of what is right for you is more important than mine, because you are the one who must live with your choices, and the consequences they will bring you.

    I would only suggest asking yourself if the following ideas are what you consider to be good:

    “Fall in love with money”, “Fall in love with yourself”, “You are perfect the way you are right now”.

    And, perhaps most significantly – "Do not resist anything, ever".

  182. Damien, frustrated, yes, upset, no. I mean if you have that kind of confidence in your beliefs, who cares? I find people get upset mostly when they feel their egos have been challenged.

  183. team jesus – Please do borrow what I have said about the "religion of science". People put way to much faith in science these days. What do they have left once religion has been stripped from their lives in a radical secularization of society?

    Your absolutely right about the occult belief systems being designed for "feeding the human ego".

    "How many winds of doctrine have we known in recent decades, how many ideological currents, how many ways of thinking. The small boat of the thought of many Christians has often been tossed about by these waves – flung from one extreme to another: from Marxism to liberalism, even to libertinism; from collectivism to radical individualism; from atheism to a vague religious mysticism; from agnosticism to syncretism and so forth. Every day new sects spring up, and what St Paul says about human deception and the trickery that strives to entice people into error (cf. Eph 4: 14) comes true."

    "Today, having a clear faith based on the Creed of the Church is often labeled as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, that is, letting oneself be "tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine", seems the only attitude that can cope with modern times. We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything as definitive and whose ultimate goal consists solely of one's own ego and desires."

    These words about the "dictatorship of relativism" were spoken by Pope Benedict just after the death of Pope John Paul II.

  184. Kind of a random post, but does anyone notice alot of occult stuff in the matrix movies? I'm starting to wonder…

    and also Iron Man

  185. @ No fallen angel.

    You really sound bitter over a possible "short coming." First off, every woman does not fake it with men. I refuse to fake. If i'm not enjoying, I cease participation. For the women who do "fake it" maybe it could be because they don't want to hurt that person's fragile male ego. Dildo, vibrators, etc, are adult toys, not replacements for the real thing. My guy and I actually incorporate them in our sack sessions from time to time. This does not mean that I want a robot. That is laughably absurd. And idk what's wrong with your mouth, but every guy I know has admitted to going down on a woman. If a woman becomes sexually active with another woman, that is because that is just her sexual preference, just like if a man lays with another man. This does not mean that he/she are transhumanists. Somebody must have really hurt your feelings for you to post that bull crap. What? Are you serious? FYI, dildos and homosexuality existed LOONNGG before our present time. Even Greek women had dildos and lesbian lovers. These things are nothing new….sorry to burst your bubble.

  186. YaShuYuOi

    Thank you for reading and your comments.

    The big question is, how many "coincidences" can you see before it is no longer reasonable to beelieve that they are coincidental, or accidental?

  187. @ LVB

    That H+ summit sounds pretty diabolical. They couch their agenda in such hyper-intellectual doublespeak, you know they're up to no good! LOL I'm sure they know if they wanna hide in plain sight all they have to do is bust out the thesaurus and throw around the name Harvard and the average person will accept all of (while understanding none of it) at face value. SMH

  188. I would like to say a special thank you to the many thousands of (non-US) international readers, whose primary language is not English.

    I assume there are many online translators beeing used, which is such a great thing.

    For those of you who put forth the effort to communicate and receive communication in English, in addition to your primary language(s), I deeply appreciate your abilities and your interest in my article. :)

  189. team jesus

    But, of course! People smart enough to be at Harvard just couldn't be wrong or evil, could they? :)

    PsyWar, to the core.

    And "bust out the thesaurus" is such a great line! lol

  190. .:so does this mean people that puts these messages(transhumanism) in their videos(B.E.P) mean they worship the devil???

  191. Interesting. The whole concept of H+ and immortality sounds like a concept from the serpent in the garden.

    see Genesis 3:4-5

    4.And the serpent said unto the woman, Ye shall not surely die: 5. For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil.

  192. And lastly Deirdre everything you mention about got comes straight from the barbarians extrapolated ultimate warlord concept of god. A being with no room for peers or anything like contradiction to his absolute authority. Not a socially mature being at all.

    Damian, my 3 year old has a free will. I allow her to choose what kind of clothes she would like to wear. I allow her to choose between apples or strawberries. I do not allow her to go outside alone and run into the street.

    I love her, hug her, care for her every need. However, she is most definiatly not my peer. She will not counsel me in my marriage or tell me how to balance my checkbook…..

    Truth is, we were born into a war zone and there are 'warlords'. Beyond science,or feelings or religion; there is a war for your soul. I do not "go" to church. I do not read the many texts of 'preachers and teachers'. I am religious to the extent that I brush my teeth after meals!

  193. "but for the most part VC lies when he falsely claims the main/key tenants/components of transhumanism are eugenics and hive mind. They are not. They are self improvement and self actualization."

    I have never heard a more spin-doctored way of promoting Hitler's master race ideas in my life. Dr. Mengele would be proud, as he too felt he was merely 'improving and refining' his 'Aryan' supremacy. The Nazis felt that 'eliminating' inferior races was a necessary prerequisite for achieving their 'self actualization.' You can deny the history of your ideology till you're blue in the face, but that won't make the facts go away.

    If you truly wanted self improvement and actualization, you would would DO something worthy with your life instead of trying to overcompensate for your perceived shortcomings with machinery and genetic engineering. The only possible result of that process will be the same mental midget with the same puny outlook on life, only with mechanical augmentation. Einstein didn't need augmentation to come up with his theory of relativity. Nor did Gutenberg need augmentation to invent the printing press. Django Reinhardt played gypsy jazz guitar better with only 3 functioning fingers than most people can play with 5. So your need for augmentation more likely stems from mental inadequacies as opposed to physical ones.

    In fact, there has yet to be a single 'augmented' human who has contributed ANYTHING useful to society at large. I will gladly be the contemporary Jesse Owens to show your hype and hyperbole to be what they really are: a bunch of post-adolescent pinings for material things to compensate for your utter lack of vision to work with what you actually have.

  194. LVB – Regarding those pictures of the volcano. It has occurred to me that some of the writings in Revelations may have to do with a volcanic eruption that someone witnessed. I saw videos of Mt. St. Helen and there were similar lightning flashes. Most people wouldn't associate lightning with volcanic eruptions.

  195. Double speak "they are promoting everything but reproduction – “Expanded access to reproductive health technologies (contraception, fertility, prenatal testing, abortion, and germinal choice).”

    how does fertility not pertain to reproduction?

    Prenatal testing tends not to be an option chosen by those determined to have an abortion so it's if anything an abortion reduction technology.

    Germinal choice (choosing among a group of invitro fertilized eggs) is also a pro-life option provided to those who haven't been fertile naturally.

    BTW, I see you have stopped responding to me. That is your option. I guess I can appreciate your being too fearful to respond to the questions and rebuttals I put forth. Just remember that it makes you look weak in the debate.

    Actually, since it appears that all posters here have their biblical goggles on with filters firmly in place and can't take on any of my challenges I call you all weak timid christians. Not a one worthy of being labeled a warrior for christ. No more typing to the wind for me. Bye y'all.

  196. A. Magnus – Welcome to the conversation. Excellent comments. I agree with everything you have said there.

    Damian – I noticed you have not replied to my comments. Why? Are you unable to come up with an intelligent response, or are you just ignoring them?

  197. A Magnus

    Those are some powerful ideas there, from an obviously powerful mind.

    Bach, Mozart and Beethoven didn't even need electricity or autotune to write the best music in all of human history. LOL

  198. Damian April 20th, 2010 2:40 pm :

    "… call you all weak timid christians. Not a one worthy of being labeled a warrior for christ. No more typing to the wind for me. "


    Hmmmm. Wouldn't you consider all Christians weak and timid, given your viewpoint? Just because the answers have come in a package not to your liking doesn't mean they haven't come. Y'know, we can debate until the cows come home, but if you are bound and determined to COUNTER every point we make rather than CONSIDER, then what's the point? I sympathize with you. Really I do. I CONSIDER your perspective because in the past, I've had my doubts. Your questions aren't unique, neither is your overall opinion. But like I posted earlier, if it's going to take dinner with Jesus to alter your viewpoint, then you'll have to contact Him directly. But it's cool, we all know how to reach Him! LOL

    But ease up on the name calling. That's not hot.

  199. DAMIAN – YOU PUT WAY TOO MUCH “FAITH” IN SCIENCE. Do I? What evidence do you have that have not been skeptical of science and demand that it meets proper standards?









    I serve my self, my family, the human race, and life on earth, and all life in that order. You want I should serve something else?

  200. team jesus, you may be right I've had a standing offer for Jesus to join me for dinner any time. He doesn't think I'm worthy I guess. He never showed up. Maybe he just doesn't like meat and rice. Should I try some other bait?

    "Just because the answers have come in a package not to your liking doesn’t mean they haven’t come."

    Oh it's not just that they aren't to my liking, I find them anathema to everything just and right and good and moral.

  201. Did I mention pathological thinking in my article?

    "Pathological thinking is most obvious when it is mixed with a negative emotion, say anger, and is expressed vehemently, rapidly, and with, perhaps, intent to injure. If one listens patiently to a pathological tirade and does not respond in kind, it often forces a self-awareness which may derail the momentum of the speaker, leading to a more reasoned discussion. A perceived smug silence, however, may enrage it further, in which case a thoughtful unemotional response may prove far more effective in bringing the discussion into the light of reason and so transform pathological thought, which can only exist in the darkness of no self-awareness.

    It should be recognized that the words spoken by pathological thinking do not mean what they say, that is, the words do not stand for their ordinary and simple meaning but rather serve an underlying emotion which may even be exactly the opposite of what is said."

  202. I HAVE NEVER HEARD A MORE SPIN-DOCTORED WAY OF PROMOTING HITLER’S MASTER RACE IDEAS IN MY LIFE. (Liar! No in any way shape or form have I promoted eugenics, euthanasia, selective sterilization,human Guinea Pigs )DR. MENGELE WOULD BE PROUD, AS HE TOO FELT HE WAS MERELY ‘IMPROVING AND REFINING’ HIS ‘ARYAN’ SUPREMACY. THE NAZIS FELT THAT ‘ELIMINATING’ INFERIOR RACES WAS A NECESSARY PREREQUISITE FOR ACHIEVING THEIR ’SELF ACTUALIZATION.’ YOU CAN DENY THE HISTORY OF YOUR IDEOLOGY TILL YOU’RE BLUE IN THE FACE, BUT THAT WON’T MAKE THE FACTS GO AWAY. (You mean like the facts that if the Germans had had their way the lack of diversity would have put the remainder of the human race at extreme risk of extinction?)

    IF YOU TRULY WANTED SELF IMPROVEMENT AND ACTUALIZATION, YOU WOULD WOULD DO SOMETHING WORTHY WITH YOUR LIFE (nice of you to insult me by implying that I don't) INSTEAD OF TRYING TO OVERCOMPENSATE FOR YOUR PERCEIVED SHORTCOMINGS WITH MACHINERY AND GENETIC ENGINEERING(sorry bloke I just like to see more and better and have access to virtual worlds through neural interface (where i already create quite a lot TYVM). THE ONLY POSSIBLE RESULT OF THAT PROCESS WILL BE THE SAME MENTAL MIDGET(shame on you) WITH THE SAME PUNY(really?) OUTLOOK ON LIFE, ONLY WITH MECHANICAL AUGMENTATION. [pointless examples deleted]


    I lost count of the number of insults in this post. Can anyone help?

  203. @ Damian

    "team jesus, you may be right I’ve had a standing offer for Jesus to join me for dinner any time. He doesn’t think I’m worthy I guess. He never showed up. Maybe he just doesn’t like meat and rice. Should I try some other bait?"

    Hmmmm. How many people do you know that would accept an invitation dripping with sarcasm? Not me! I presume not the Savior either. He's plenty busy as it is. Sincerity is key! That should be your "bait".

    "Oh it’s not just that they aren’t to my liking, I find them anathema to everything just and right and good and moral."

    This comment just has me baffled. Does. Not. Compute. God offends your sense of goodness and morality??? You may be thinking in reverse. Doing things in reverse is something you might wanna Google. I'm just sayin'…I mean no harm.

  204. Did I mention pathological thinking in my article? (read slowly and carefully) LOL

    “Pathological thinking is most obvious when it is mixed with a negative emotion, say anger, and is expressed vehemently, rapidly, and with, perhaps, intent to injure. If one listens patiently to a pathological tirade and does not respond in kind, it often forces a self-awareness which may derail the momentum of the speaker, leading to a more reasoned discussion. A perceived smug silence, however, may enrage it further, in which case a thoughtful unemotional response may prove far more effective in bringing the discussion into the light of reason and so transform pathological thought, which can only exist in the darkness of no self-awareness.

    It should be recognized that the words spoken by pathological thinking do not mean what they say, that is, the words do not stand for their ordinary and simple meaning but rather serve an underlying emotion which may even be exactly the opposite of what is said.”

  205. Hmmmm. How many people do you know that would accept an invitation dripping with sarcasm? Not me! I presume not the Savior either. He’s plenty busy as it is. Sincerity is key! That should be your “bait”.


    “Oh it’s not just that they aren’t to my liking, I find them anathema to everything just and right and good and moral.”

    This comment just has me baffled. Does. Not. Compute. God offends your sense of goodness and morality?


    Let's look at some of God's morals, as written in the bible:

    – If you work on a Sabbath, you should be killed [Exodus 31:15]

    – If your son disobeys you, murder him [Deut 21:18-21]

    – Sell your daughter into slavery to pay the bills [Exodus 21:7]

    – If your children curse you, kill them [Lev. 20:9]

    – Women are subservient, they must remain silent [1 Tim 2:11-12]

    – Slaves must perform any act you wish [Titus 2:9]

    If you agree these are wrong then you are more moral than god.

    and that's just for starters. The whole business of vicarious redemption(the slaughter of an innocent as payment for the guilt of another. Is as barbaric and icky as anything can be.

  206. If we listen to inflections when speaking, and the inflections of others, we may begin to recognize

    certain tones, also a certain speed and other characteristics that accompany the expression of

    pathological thought.

    The emotions mixed in pathological thought are the goal of that thought. The purpose is to justify

    and express those emotions. The purpose is not to think, but to use thought as a tool for ends that

    it is not designed for; [i.e., to injure or harm].

  207. hey baba

    I think with the Book of Revelation it's important not to get too excited about any particular event, such as a natural disaster, but rather, consider the descriptions given about the overall state of the world that are said to be present in the "end times". For example, that in these times, knowledge will increase (exponentially), and things like natural disasters will be "as the birth pangs of a mother", i.e., increasingly frequent and intense as the time draws near. Of course, mass media will feed you the Algore pseudoscience of global warming to explain such things (as well as raise your taxes, restrict your freedoms, etc)…even during the coldest winter in 100+ years. No PsyWar going on there.

    And it is very significant that another attribute of these times is that "men will be lovers of themselves more than God". Although this has been true throughout history (Rome, etc) it's fairly obvious that this material and idol worship/spiritual defecit way of thinking has increased dramatically, in a very short time.

    God may have said "when these things come to pass, the time is near", but with our feeble little minds, it is hardly possible to contemplate time in the way that an omniscient Creator does. Time is relative, and it is simply something given to us help us understand, as a beginning, the absolute and infinite nature of God, which we simply cannot comprehend while in the flesh.

    It is also said that in the "end times", believers in God will be hated more than at any other time in history, so there's that, too. I'm not sure we're quite there yet, but we can clearly see the direction things are steadily moving in.

    All we can do is try to be (not bee) our best, both in the flesh and spiritually, and be patient and faithful, because it is said that we are "in this world, but not of this world". Stay alert and stay human. :)

  208. Self-awareness is the awareness of the self as separate from the thoughts that are occurring at any point in time. Without self awareness the self perceives and believes the thoughts that are occurring to be who the self is. Self awareness gives one the option or choice to choose thoughts being thought rather than simply thinking the thoughts that are stimulated from the accumulative events leading up to the circumstances of the moment.

  209. Ok. So GOD is immoral. We are moral. We wouldn't choose to kill our own children or make someone suffer punishment for something that someone else did. So my question to you Damian, is, where is the hope? What should people cling to? What can make people happy and what should/could they think about their life after they die?

    My father died about two years ago. I believe he went to heaven because he was a Christian and lived his life helping others. I would like to know what you think about the 'afterlife'…if that's ok?

    By the way, I think there is some interesting discussion going on here…

  210. Sean

    My father died almost exactly two years ago. I know exactly what you're saying.

    Thanks for reading and giving your comments. :)

  211. I'm No Bee

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    I'm glad you learned some new things. You're not alone there, because I am learning so much about many things from all of you, and I really appreciate your comments.

  212. Great article and very disturbing at the same time people like us will have seen this happening for the last year and a half but it's increasing in frequency now.

    Also..not to scare anyone but the robots in Rihanna's uncle owns one at his house in Australia…he also has a cyberdyne suit from the Japanese robotics company of the same name. The robots in Rihanna's video are harmless though as i have spoken to it when i visited Australia last month….it's been customised to be a servant and motion alarm.

    It means many people will start buying these machines as companions,servants etc

    Look at Project Natal for the X360 it's a self aware programme which learns from you with an inbuilt camera which monitors you and your body movements as well as speech, it even has access to the internet…a real Skynet may be coming to hearald in the transhumanist agenda.

    Although personally i'm going to Cryogenically freeze myself for the possibility in a couple hundred years to return.

  213. Sean,

    My father died a few years ago. He was an extremely devote catholic. I think regardless what his fate after death (if any) his life on earth was worthwhile and well spent. If you leave the world a little better for your passing is that not enough? Is it not enough that your garden has daisies? Does it has to have fairies too or else it's ugly?

    Who knows how long the experience of death takes? I've had more than a few dreams which encompassed entire life times. What constitutes a bliss filled death vrs a terror filled one?

  214. Will.I.Am's other alias, zuber blaqh, he is an electro hous producer and wears a gas mask,

    I would like to raise the attention of one of his video's, I'm in the house (feat steve aoki), i urge you all to check this video out and examine it

  215. Baba, I've answered many people's questions here.

    I've noticed most of mine go unanswered. If you pretend that you just don't have to address questions that undermine your dogma or that you are a better christian or more worthy of god for ignoring those questions that challenge your central dogma I submit once again that you are weak warriors for christ. We are the products of evolution (as I have clearly laid out in previous post on this page) yet not one of you offers a single rebuttal to my claims. I find that more revealing than you do.

  216. because he didn't believe his own mathematics which bespoke of spooky action at a distance (quantum entanglement) as well as the uncertainty principle. He was much more comfortable with a clockwork universe. It was a statement of faith which like most statements of faith turned out to be totally wrong.

  217. Did anyone catch the part about Pathological Thinking? Bueller…..Bueller….anyone???

    Negative emotion, anger, expressed vehemently, rapidly, with intent to injure and harm, we can recognize certain tones, also a certain speed and other characteristics that accompany the expression of pathological thought.

    The emotions mixed in pathological thought are the goal of that thought. The purpose is to justify and express those emotions. The purpose is not to think, but to use thought as a tool for ends that it is not designed for; [i.e., to injure or harm].

    Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do. LOL

  218. A Magnus

    Just for fun, I might argue that Steven Hawking contributes something pretty valuable to our world, but he is obviously not “augmented” in the fashion we are discussing here. His natural, beautiful human mind is doing all the important work.

  219. If we die and go to heaven and live forever with all the promises GOD has given us (new body, new heaven, new earth, no pain, sickness, death, evil), then our conversation was not in vain.

    But what do you say: if you die and stand before GOD and become fully understanding of all that has been said (and more) and because you rejected HIM as your LORD and Savior and yes, master and because of your unwillingness to accept HIM as so, now, here on earth, and HE sends you to hell because you rejected HIM, what do you think would be your outcome?

  220. sean,

    Why would an atheist be afraid of meeting god? Oh you mean YOUR god who insist that people have absolutely no evidence at all for but must believe in order to be with him in heaven? Oh sure man we've seen your type, always coughing up credentials as the voice of god. LOL. A book ain't gonna stop god from wanting me to be with him if that's what he wants. If he's there and wants me to be with him, then I'm cool with that. But I don't expect him to use gullibility as a criteria, I mean get real!

  221. That's an interesting question Sean.

    I have a question for your Damian. Was there ever a time in your life when you did believe in GOD? Has there ever been a time when you contemplated past your own beliefs that there might be a GOD (like the one I believe in –JESUS…meaning one GOD, almighty, powerful)?

    And, I understand why you think we are all weak. I am curious though what would be your idea of a 'warrior for Christ'? And what do you think is happening in the world that millions upon millions of people thoughout thousands of years would believe that there is a one, true GOD? Just curious about your thoughts on that (-:

    And by the way, in case no one has said so (cause I havn't had time to read everything), thank you for taking time out of your day to respond to all these questions and for participating in this discussion. For me, there are a lot of points that you have made that honestly I don't know anything about, so I am guessing the other posters that have responded do know. Whatever…you put a lot of new info for me out there….

  222. yes Deirdre, there was a time I thought i believed in god and jesus. Then I read the bible. I did not see a god at all. I saw a vain impetuous selfish monster that killed and destroy vicariously and on any whim at all. I did not see an omniscient being. I saw many claims of such but no evidence of it. I did not see any difference between the trillion trillion universes made inadvertently by an unintelligent omnipotence and one universe perhaps made by an intelligent one. I saw no way to tell the difference. Any universe which did not adhere to the path of least resistance would rapidly go infinite in energy and be omnipotent creating an infinite number of universes. Every universe that does incorporate the path of least resistance would rapidly resolve from chaos (which is unstable) to order which is stable. When I tried to reconcile a god who has the love and intelligence to manufacture DNA and life with the bibles god who uses catastrophe with all it's indiscriminate mayhem. Talk about cognitive dissonance!

    I think the people have been tweaking the appeal of religion for thousands of years. There are myriad tools in the conversion toolkit. Like "leaving god means you won't be with family and friends when you die" basically accusing the doubter of betrayal. Can heaven even BE heaven if a loved one is suffering eternal torture? Or does god just mind wipe your memories of them? (Yuck, would you want your mind wiped?)

    A true warrior for Christ would be able to answer any question a doubter would use to question the faith. I've not seen one person here address any of the questions I brought up concerning evolution. (with the exception of team jesus who suggested that evolution might be compatible with scripture). LVB felt I was hating on him when I explained that he was clueless regarding evolution. HELLO?

    I appreciate the kind words you say indicating you have at least tried to understand what I've written and that you understand that we are all on the learning journey. Wish there were more like you (even a whole hive of you) .

  223. Thanks Damian for taking the time to respond! Because even though people here are not seeing each other face to face, are we not sharing intimate details of our hearts and minds? I am going to take a break from this forum/conversation. Basically I think the BEP are weird, I would never listen to their music anyways…Miles Davis is more my style….

    Peace be with you! ( I still secretly hope that one day you will know the GOD I know… but far be it from me to force HIM on you!)


  224. Oh make no mistake. I thought the BEP imma be video was intolerable and offensive to the senses on just about every level. If anyone has read otherwise into my posts, then let me make that perfectly clear right now. I'd never heard of them before reading this article.

  225. Great article, LVB and thank you both LVB & Vigilant for keeping up the GOOD work. I will say as Christiains we do tend to wander off our path that the Lord has created for us to follow and lately, I see these articles that Vigilant has posted on the site and it truly has opened my eyes. I can see clearly now than before. I know where I would like to be when my time is up on this twisted world that Lucifer walks on.

    I'm with all the other Christians who TRY to do right and make it to the promise land. Again, LVB & Vigilant, I truly appreciate the work that you guys do.

    B.t.w., on Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video, I happen to notice some signs that are cult related. Has anyone seen these, too?


    Kresha =D

  226. I think Fergie reacted perfectly in the first part! Most people would probably agree considering how annoyed people get about lip-syncing and autotune and I think most people DON'T want to be robots (though expanding their lives with mecha is probably tempting, but at what cost?). The video was a terrible and amazing assault on the senses from the impossibly good CG like those robots and the 4 different styles of music that blend throughout it, granted they're mind control…

  227. Ooh, and you forgot the differences in how they said "Imma be," First it sounds robotic, like programming, then normal human voices start parroting it instead.

  228. yo VG and LVB. Great write up as usual.

    However, after reading most of the posts on this site, seems like a classic case of "only happens in the West". Eg. aliens will only attack Times square!

    What happened to the rest of the world? eg. mid east? far east? asia?

    Don't get me wrong, its a great write up thus far, but with globalization, the world is bound together through the click of the mouse. Hence do cover more stuff besides US and Europe. If not Mid-east, at least Asia.

    Looking forward to your research on the real history of the Chinese/Mongolians with the connections to the Illuminati ,etc,etc



  229. Robin Shadowes on

    The Great English Bard was 400 years before his time. I mean, to bee or not to bee, that is the question. :)

    I'm not sure what autotune means as I don't really listen to these artists more than occasionally when they're played on radio because I don't like that type of music. But I got the idea that it was something like that robotic voice in Fireflies by Owl City (here we go with owls again lol)? If that's what you mean I hate it because it is very annoying.

  230. Iggy

    I'm glad you enjoyed the article.

    Why don't you tell us more about the international artists you are talking about, and the Chinese/Manchurian Illuminati connections?

  231. Robin Shadowes

    Autotune is a digital effects processor used in recording studios (and some live concert settings) that is used for real time pitch correction, and altered vocal special effects – like the Alvin the chipmunk sound of Fergie's vocals in this BEP song/video. It's a great processor, but the down side is that it is nauseatingly overused in most pop music, both for that robotic effect, and just for pitch correction, meaning to "clean up" the vocals of people who can't really sing all that well. Autotune is both a blessing and a curse, you might say.

    Like many things in technology, it can bee used to achieve really cool sounding effects, but it also has the side effect of making artists lazier and not working hard to bee the best singers that they can bee. Another side of it is that it cuts down the costs of studio time for the record companies, because they can crank out the tunes, without having to worry about whether their Barbie doll pop star can actually sing or not.

    It does create a very interesting fusion of the human voice's tonality combined with that overprocessed, metallic robotic tonality…it's a very seductive and hypnotic sound that sticks in your head like glue, whether you love it or hate it. Several young artists are now actually labeling their work "Autotune free", as a sign of their integrity in not relying on the machine to make them sound good. I see nothing wrong with using it, depending on what you're trying to achieve, but to use it all the time, especially live, is pretty lame.

  232. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation donated $30 billion to "global reproductive health" in third world countries.

    Not to be outdone, super-mega elitist Warren Buffett donated $37 billion to keep the lesser races from breeding so much.

    They are such kind and caring people. :)

    22 MAY 2004 GENEVA — The World Health Organization's first strategy on reproductive health was adopted today by the 57th World Health Assembly (WHA). Reproductive and sexual ill-health accounts for 20% of the global burden of ill-health for women, and 14% for men.

    The strategy targets five priority aspects of reproductive and sexual health: improving antenatal, delivery, postpartum and newborn care; providing high-quality services for family planning, including infertility services; eliminating unsafe abortion; combating sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, reproductive tract infections, cervical cancer and other gynaecological morbidities; and promoting sexual health.

    "Unsafe sex is one of the biggest risks to our health today, largely as a result of acquiring sexually-transmitted infections, such as HIV/AIDS. Reproductive and sexual health touches the lives of everyone, everywhere," says Joy Phumaphi, Assistant Director-General of Family and Community Health at WHO. "It is fundamental to the social and economic development of communities, economies and nations."

    Each year, some eight million of the estimated 210 million women who become pregnant, suffer life-threatening complications related to pregnancy, many experiencing long-term morbidities and disabilities. In 2000, an estimated 529 000 women died during pregnancy and childbirth from largely preventable causes.
    High profile global health issues have gained visibility through global media. The new Global Media

    AIDS Initiative, convened by UNAIDS and Kaiser Family Foundation, is helping media companies

    educate the public on AIDS prevention. Also, global media and the general public have gained

    interest in global health crises, such as outbreaks of Ebola or SARS. Luckily, and with excellent work

    done by WHO, these have been contained. However, there is less attention given to the fact that

    there is also a global health crisis every time that a woman dies unnecessarily in childbirth around

    the world and every moment a child that could be immunized does not have access to the simplest of

    prevention measures. There is a global public health crisis every time a sane regulatory approach to

    tobacco or obesity is defeated in the halls of the WHO because of economic interests. There is a

    global public health crisis every time a woman has no access to safe contraception or safe abortion or

    a young man dies of AIDS because he has had no access to life saving drugs. Yet these are quiet crises

    happening everyday out of sight of media cameras and news reporters.

    This is what B&M Gates foundation is supporting. Buffett's contribution to that foundation is to be applauded not reviled with lies claiming the purpose is to keep the lesser races from breeding so much.

    LVB, one can only stand so much of your lies.

  234. Oh yes, the UN and the World Health Organization would certainly never have any ill intentions or ulterior motives…not unlike yourself, Damian.

    The difficulty here is that I know a no-win situation when I see one. But unlike the classic double bind you want to engage in, I can and will opt out of the situation, because it is probably pointless due to the fact that you have no desire whatsoever to consider any ideas other than your own. You want very much to make it appear like you do, but in reality, you only want to harm and injure those who disagree with you.

    I have friends who share your beliefs, and the reason we can be friends is that we can respect each other's views and not attack them or reduce ourselves to adolescent name calling tirades. You do not show any respect for other views, or anything but your own glorious self. You attack religion's role in mind control, and I concede that there are many problems with organized religion. You concede nothing, on any level, and that is what makes your act here so transparent. All you do is challenge, attack, ridicule and mock, and it has become quite tiresome.

    I have very clearly demonstrated how easily you get lost in the moment and give way to pathological thought, in my attempt to de-escalate the situation and help you to see that your anger and mean-spirited insults are inappropriate. Yet, you still persist with your mission here to assault and ridicule other views that you do not agree with, even after having your histrionic (characterized by a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention-seeking, including an excessive need for approval) display in saying goodbye to all of the weak, stupid Christians, etc. earlier in the very same day.

    I wouldn't have any problem forgiving your inappropriate beehavior, if you showed the slightest degree of understanding that it's just not cool to bee as insulting and combative as you are.

    I have told you that you seem quite educated in the technical sense, but once again, you concede nothing and only insult my intelligence. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, Damian, and in your case, you have some work to do in the areas of spiritual and emotional maturity, which may or may not have anything to do with your physical age.

    My offer still stands for a pleasant and thoughtful dialogue, but this is my final offer, and I am not especially optimistic about your ability to control your primal instincts and inappropriate beehavior. So, surprise me, and prove me wrong by just beeing nice.

    Maybe we can live symbiotically, and happily ever after. :)

  235. @all – Re: damian

    It's pretty obvious by now that damian is a troll working for a transhuman/eugenics group called "Humanity+". I don't know if he gets paid to do this work, or has volunteered because he's one of the "true believers". It really doesn't matter. This organization has publicly stated that one of its "campaigns" is to deliberately seek out and harass any person or group that opposes their views.

    – "Solicit offensive and counterproductive portrayals of longevity, human enhancement and emerging technologies, and encourage our membership, chapters and allies to dialogue with the authors, producers and distributors."

    – "Arrange letter-writing, protests, and boycotts of especially offensive films, television programs and books."

    This is a typical tactic of Fascist organizations. People like damian represent a sort of "h+ youth". They are employed as "shock troops" to attack anyone that "offends" the movement. All of this is not surprising given the history of transhumanism/eugenics and their long association with Fascism – especially Nazi Germany.

    LVB asked earlier why someone like damian would spend so much time here. Now it is clear. He is simply here to harass and intimidate anyone that would oppose the transhuman agenda. Their plan is to force people to get microchip implants. And this is just a first step. This plan will not be voluntary, contrary to their public propaganda.

    My suggestion is to simply ignore damian at this point. We've heard what he has to say. It's time for us to organize ourselves and launch campaigns of our own to warn people about the transhumanist/eugenics agenda. There is still time to organize and to pass laws that will prevent our children from suffering a fate similar to that of the occupants of Nazi concentration camps that were branded with numbers for identification purposes. Microchipping is just a high-tech form of branding.

    Already, microchipping is required by law in many parts of the US for cats and dogs. Unless we want to be treated like cattle, which are branded and then selectively bred by their masters, then we have to stand together now. Say no to microchipping. Say no to a transhuman future.

    P.S. Here is a video of Aaron Russo discussing microchipping. Could it be that he was correct in warning us about this in 2006 in his documentary "Freedom to Fascism"?

  236. baba

    Thanks to Vigilant and you, my "campaign" has been launched and is out there in the minds of millions of beautiful human beings, as we speak (type).

    I have to say that it is astounding to see the overwhelmingly positive response. Very encouraging. :)

  237. baba

    Isn't it peculiar that the stereotype of Christians is that of being obnoxious and intolerant of other people's views, yet in this small pond, the only people being obnoxious and intolerant are the vehemently anti-Christians?

    Funny how that works, ain't it?

  238. @LVB

    Yup. Loved the article by the way….it's a shame tho. I used to love B.E.P. But as soon as I saw the video, the H+ concept automatically popped up in my head. Mass media is a joke (at least to me).

  239. @ Damien.

    I have a question. You said "Germinal choice (choosing among a group of invitro fertilized eggs) is also a pro-life option provided to those who haven’t been fertile naturally."

    What happens to the eggs that are not chosen?

  240. @ LVB

    I see what you are saying. Damien is combative and argumentative. He seems to take the "my way or the highway approach." Funny, because isn't that how he's been describing God? Hypocrite.

    @ Damien.

    I posed a question to you earlier. I take it back. I don't even wanna know what your small mind thinks about germinal choice. Funny how you seem to use what some would call "big words" in every post. You seem to have a version of the "small man" complex. Surround yourself with big things (words) to compensate for what you lack (intelligence, consideration, etc). I got nothing but love for you, but you need help, anger management, a blankey, or something. You say that you have asked questions that go unanswered. To me, it seems that people are answering your questions. However, you fail to comprehend those answers (back to the small mind thing). I understand a lot of what you are saying and the point you are trying to get across. Seems like everyone here understands. But it's funny how you understand nothing but your point of view. It's like you ask what 2 + 2 is and LVB says 4 and you accuse him of not answering you because he doesn't know. Don't get me wrong. I'm on here reading the posts mainly because I'm bored but partially because I'm interested. You seem to just be bored, yet uninterested, yet you keep runnin your mouth (fingers, or whatever). What? Where they do that at? I'm gonna just throw it out there….you, sir, are a drama queen. You hop on here just because you know you'll disagree with what's being said. So you go looking for an argument or disagreement. That's pathetic. And that's all I have to say to you. LVB, team, baba, etc are MUCH better people than I am because I'll let you argue and disagree with your own self. I have nothing more to say to you at this point. Respond, insult, argue based on what I have said, but remember this: you'll only bee (i like that LVB) talking to your own ignorance. Have fun!

    LVB, team, baba this conversation is getting old. I wouldn't even say anything else to "Damien" (i mean come on…look at his name).

    It is as sport to a fool to do mischief: but a man of understanding hath wisdom.

    Speak not in the ears of a fool: for he will despise the wisdom of thy words.

    It is an honour for a man to cease from strife: but every fool will be meddling. (like Damien)

    Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him.

    A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil: but the fool rageth, and is confident.

    Just leave the fool to his own misery….Afterall, misery loves company.

  241. Joseph Givens on

    In the Bible in Romans it states that they know the knowledge of God because it is bestwed inside of them for when they knew God they were not thannkful nor did they glorify him but they made God the image of a corrupt individual and went on instead to worship statues, four footed beast and false images because of these things God also gave them up to dwell on this corrupt earth and there foolish heart was darkened.

    Now is the time to stop the foolishness the eyes must be opened from the darkness that we see everyday it is now time to put on the armor of the light of Jesus Christ and prepare for his vengence which is to come.

    They are all being blinded by the light of lucifer and are now taking on the role as latter day demons coming out to decieve everyone who has God close to there hearts hold strong to your faith because God surely comes quickly and he will never lead us the wrong way. America is a country that is beginning to fall apart much more each day and nobody seems to want to speak out about the TRUTH.

    The truth is if God is with you who else can be agianst you. REMEMBER LUCIFER IS TRYING TO SET HIS KINGDOM UP HERE ON EARTH TO PREPARE FOR THE FINAL BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON I PRAY EVERY NIGHT FOR OUR PRESIDENT AND THIS COUNTRY BECAUSE AMERICA SEEMS TO BE THE MAIN VEHICLE FOR THE COMING OF THE LUCIFRIAN ANTI CHRIST THEAT WILL SIT ON HIS SELF PROCLAIMED THRONE IN JERUSALEM(remember i said his throne not his followers) they have been made to think that they will share the throne with Lucifer but what they don't know is that Satan is only jealous because he knows that the battle that he is fighting has already been lost because of the NAME OF JESUS. WATCH FOR YE MAY BE TEMPTED TO FALL SWAY AND LOSE ALL OF YOUR MORALITIES TO SERVE A FALSE GOd.

  242. Dude.

    Maybe you're really a part of those pop stars' PR team. Haha !

    'I'mma be' buying and checking out all those robo-CDs….

    Dammit, what have you don't to ME ?!?!?

  243. Come on some of you, don't dog Beyonce' out because of her baphomet troubles.LOL I honestly don't believe she knows much of anything about anything. She's likes the way kids used to be back in the day, just believe and went along with any and eveyrthing you told them. I said the way they used to be because as the years go on kids now are even smarter now to question stupid or unusual things. Beyonce' is not there yet though it seems. I just felt the need to take up for her on this one subject. I have never really cared that much for her or her music because she has always annoyed me but I have payed enough attention to her long enough to know that she honestly has an innocent state of mind just like a kid. Therefore she's not smart enough to try and join in some huge agenda about baphomets and world order. She's just a follower and as long as you can make something look nice and pretty for her she's on board. Same thing with Rihanna I think. She's acting her age which is still trying to find herself so as a result she's an easy target to throw around too. Now as for Jay-z I don't care. Lady Gaga..well I was starting to get on board with her because I thought she was very talented and still do but I don't know what to think about her and her music now so…whatever. I think I'll just go outside, sit under a tree and listen to the birds…LOL As for Beyonce' fans that come on here..if ya'll care any you all should talk about this website on her page so that if she comes across it enough she'll get curious and swing by. Only if you're worried though. Don't just do it too start trouble but look out for her best interest. Don't tell her too much about what's here either you don't want to scare her off before even coming here.LOL

  244. 319- LOL at baba busting out Damien. Who dn't know there are paid bloggers in every corner of he web.Anywho baba&LVB I enjoy your blog and I think it is very friendly of VC to allow you all/us all to promote on his site and share links. Can't call him a hater. A person like me may would have had to throw you shade lol. I think that says a lot about VC. You and LVB were so full or infomation it's good to see you all put it to good use. Congrats to you all

  245. Raquel- Did you see Beyonce shirt yesterday. It said " punk ass motherfucker blasphemy" So I took it ass punk ass motherfucker (God) blasphemy. I was really disapointed but I think like you. I figure Beyonce didn't attend school past 5 grade so I am not even sure the poor child can read smh at her dumb as rock….

  246. "Khannea Suntzu (and primary) suffers from severe ADHD."

    It would be negligent of me not to point out that Khannea Suntzu (and primary Damian) suffers from much more than severe ADHD.

    Did you catch that part about pathological thought and (lack of) self-awareness…and Histrionic PD? LOL

    I caught the part about the World Transhumanist Association, the Institute for Ethics & Emerging Technologies and the recently dissolved Extropy Institute.

    I was apparently quite accurate in describing H+ as a very organized movement…ready to attack anyone and anything who dares to speak the truth in opposition to it.

    All according to that same old 60's radical fascist Alinsky script, boys and girls.

    Rule 11, mostly, right?

    It's not a badly written article, purely derivative of a much better writer (wink) and wholly biased, obviously, but mostly coherent.

    I might not have noticed it was you, had it not been for the "lies, lies, lies and more lies" thing that is sort of an obvious repetiitive signature.

    baba and I could not have been more correct in exposing the H+ agenda as a Fascist agenda, which is openly directing its members (worker bees) to harrass and intimidate anyone who opposes their Crimes Against Humanity. I am so flattered to know just how large a nerve I must have hit here.

    Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do…yet….but they will know, one day, and regret it. :)

  247. My man…i stumbled on your website by chance…and i was amazed to find level headed people out here…this system has swallowed so many people but i was amazed that not everyone has been assimilated by this evil system….I myself was once visited by these negative spirits in the past 2 years…I would dream dishing a very hot house tune to the masses (ala Dennis Ferrer kind of house)…and the masses went crazy…LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT THE EVIL PEOPLE WANT TO TAKE MY SOUL….one morning i was half asleep and half awake….that dream is still vivid in my mind…In that dream i was in the studio recording a very very nice house tune….behind me, there were 2 white guys taking directions from me about the sound that i wanted to be recorded….next thing i was in the club….it was hectic…suddenly i was a master composer…a DJ in the podium was playing my tune…i was the man…but then i saw a snake in the club watching the masses going crazy…the DJ was now wearing this vampire black cloth with the inner side of the cloth colored in red….and then i heard voices whispering into my ear…they said "IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST MAN IN THIS FIELD….YOU MUST BECOME ONE OF US" Damn i woke immediately and i could not remember the tune that was I had composed and playing in the club…it was a total blackout….My point here is…the entertainment industry belongs to baphomet….if one wants to rock with him….so be it….but remember the end results are bitter….BLACK EYE PEAS….JAY Z AND THEIR ENTOURAGE WILL SOON FACE THE WRATH OF GOD….

  248. I didn't know Beyonce was wearing that shirt. I looked it up and it goes for $650 thats crazy

    I will never pay that for a shirt, shoes, jeans Crazy shirt

    The shirt is designed by Thomas Wylde

    Its says a bunch of things too. Girls on top, Anarchy, Punk a** mthrfckr, suck it up, etc

    Beyonce Knowles Knows whats going on. Come on people Open up!

    You think she bought the shirt just to buy it?! no she's sending out a message so that others would want it too. Even after wearing this to Coachella there are people requesting it as we speak. Shame

  249. Freeyourmind- I know I like pointing out the fact she can't read and is dumb as a bell.I know she know what she is doing. It looked like a 2 dollar shirt and the price tag read 650 and is sold out. I am waiting on someone to publicly call her out. That is what urks me, no one will even step up to the plate and check her as in we see you.

  250. fancy

    Thanks for the kind words, you crack me up!

    Don't throw me shade, I'm just tryin to do some good this shady messed up world. :)

  251. smoothchic

    Him's a her (maybe) and an agent provacateur/blogger for the Transhumanist movement.

    Can I claim I was right about everything in my article yet? LOL

    You know you have effectively nailed the truth when they retaliate so fast and so hard.

    It's a beautiful thing. :)

  252. Oh @Fancy I hope you didn't think I was referring that comment to you!

    I wasn't at all! I was just speaking on some of the people that don't believe Beyonce is involved

    I agree with you. No one wants to LOL@dumb as bell so true

    Have you heard her do an interview? funny stuff

    Yes the shirt was paper thin

    Hello LVB

  253. Robin Shadowes April 21st, 2010 3:15 am :

    The Great English Bard was 400 years before his time. I mean, to bee or not to bee, that is the question.

    I’m not sure what autotune means as I don’t really listen to these artists more than occasionally when they’re played on radio because I don’t like that type of music. But I got the idea that it was something like that robotic voice in Fireflies by Owl City (here we go with owls again lol)? If that’s what you mean I hate it because it is very annoying.


    Speaking of Owl City's "Fireflies", I've been trying to figure that song out for a minute. The lyrics make no sense, which is a red flag. Has anyone backmasked that song to see if they're saying something in reverse? And yeah, I noticed the Owl part too. Moloch reference? You never know.

  254. Re: Beyonce

    I agree she is quite stupid. I don't know if that's organic or "programmed". She does come off as the obedient, opinionless, Barbie dressed up in whatever her handlers put her in offstage and a wild, scantily clad, coochie poppin' hoochie on stage. And she does claim an alter ego. She sure acts programmed, when you think about it.

  255. vusmuz – I have to agree that in order to climb to the top of the entertainment world you basically have to "sell your soul". But we don't have to buy into that. There are plenty of talented people out there making good music. Just go out on the web and you can find some. Or better yet, go listen to some good live local music. The very fact that they don't have a big fat recording contract is a sign that they are not prepared to "sell out". The heck with the big recording companies. They are completely irrelevant in an age of networked communication anyway.

    Here's an artist I enjoy – Kina Grannis.

    She has been moderately successful, but I've never heard her songs played on the radio. Why not? Her music is better than most of the garbage you here being pushed like heroine to young people. Maybe they just figured out that she wasn't someone that would totally sell out the way Gaga did to achieve fame. There are no robots or satanic symbols in her videos.

    Until we turn off the radio and stop buying this garbage and stop going to these concerts simply because they are being shoved upon us by high-cost publicity campaigns, nothing is going to change. If we boycott the record companies, what are they going to do?

    So what do you say? Let's start a boycott. Boycott the record companies. Boycott the radio stations. Boycott MTV and VH1. It won't cost you anything and in fact it will enrich your life and the lives of your children.

  256. @ team jesus that was so funny

    I don't know either

    Why are people referring themselves to barbies? ex. Lil Kim, Nicki Minaj,Rihanna,etc

    Sad news yesterday about Guru who passed on Monday the 19th from Cancer

    he was part of Gangstarr great lyricist luv them

    @Baba i'm going to check that out thanks

  257. @freeyour mind

    I didn't know that Guru had passed. Awwwww. Sad to hear. I liked Guru. I have his duet with N'Dea Davenport, "Trust Me", on my iPod. :(

  258. Wow. Feel that hating going on in here. Ah this Damian person, he could've been named after that priest who helped all those lepers. What is it that we can't conversate without getting all pissy?

    I don't even know what germinate and all that that you are talking about

  259. This also reminds me of Bee Movie with Seinfeld,where the msg was the same. No bees in the world and the planet was gone. Also showing a high tech/robotic environment.

    Awesome! Brilliant article

  260. Trey

    Don't worry about that one, it has been outed for the Transhumanist disinformation agent that it is.

    Proves just about everything I told you in my article. Organized criminals with radical, fascist ideas and methods.

  261. @ Freeyourmind and smoothchic…thanks


    I am NOBODY'S honeybee. I think for myself, thank you very much. lol. J/K

  262. bigman_from_brooklyn on

    Vilgant it seems like they are at it again this LVB (aka Navi, blue rose) and her demented friends are clogging up the comment section with their senseless bullshit arguments….Even though you have a an open message board and forum… They are in here 24/7 nonstop and what they really need to do is get a life if you ask me .

    Anyway its the kid from brooklyn always happy to see ya guys…..

  263. This LVB wrote the article, bigman, and I do not post by any other name.

    You must be a little confused here, but I hope you liked my article. :)

  264. bigman_from_brooklyn on

    Opps .. I think I fumbled a little bit my apology for thinking you were someone else LVB I take back what I said but anyway like I said the kid from brooklynn is always happy to see ya.…. You can also check me out on youtube.

  265. hey bigman

    I'm a fan of yours, too. Your videos are great and they crack me up!

    You keep up the good work, too, my brother. :)

  266. LVB, baba, free, team…I'm so glad we're on the same team!

    I have been laughing my bees, I mean buns, off at work while reading these comments. One attribute that we, the Godfreaks have, is our ability to exercise free will by choosing NOT to retaliate in the same manner as the abuser; though the satisfaction would have been grandiose. lol The term “kill ‘em with kindness” couldn’t be more accurate. Oops! Actually, that term is a form of cognitive dissonance isn’t it? PysWar anyone? I suppose we can use it to our advantage huh?

    LOL @ brandi

  267. baba,

    The evil one is indeed the "father of lies". I sincerely appreciate the bible reference as I am studying more these days. Is your gifting a result of hard work only, or do you feel God has spoken to you some of the revelations that you share? Maybe a combination of both? Just curious….

  268. freeyomind

    Self-awareness is such a great thing. Not easy to master, but it gets easier over time, you get better at it as you go along and then you don't let your emotions get the better of you, which is exactly what I was talking about with our uninvited guest – you all want a great free Psych 101 lesson in .pathological thinking and

    lack of self-awareness just run through these comments a few times.

    Great case study of abnormal psychology there.

    also I just re-read brandi's comments and I fell out ROFL that girl's got the Spirit even if she won't bee my honeybee lol

  269. Hi Valencia – I used to attend a Baptist Church with some friends of mine in high school who were Baptist. I can't say I studied the Bible. I think I admired Christ more as a role model than as the Son of God. So mostly I read the Gospels.

    I don't go looking for biblical quotes, but once in a while they just come to me. Lately more than usual. My mind tends to free associate, and one thought will trigger another. When I read your comment just now about cog-diss, it just made me think of that quote from the Sermon on the Mount and I was able to look it up quickly online.

    I guess you could say that God has spoken "through" me. I have made a conscious decision lately to become an "instrument" for Him. In the words of St. Francis of Assisi from the 13th century:

    "Lord, make me an instrument of Thy peace;

    where there is hatred, let me sow love;

    where there is injury, pardon;

    where there is doubt, faith;

    where there is despair, hope;

    where there is darkness, light;

    and where there is sadness, joy."

    And I'm betting he didn't even have a smart phone, or take LSD to come to this revelation. :)

    We humans have the potential to be pretty wonderful creations without any help from technology. Sometimes technology in making our lives "easier" takes away from us without our even realizing it.

    I only mention these things because you asked. Each of us needs to find our own way to reach out to God. This was something I came to partly through my correspondence with LVB. The hardest thing about receiving a gift like this is to maintain my humility. I was so excited for a while and I started to feel very proud of myself. The more I took the credit, the more I could feel my gift slipping away. I hope this helps, Valencia. Use it for inspiration. Don't try to follow someone else's road. We each must find our own path. And as I mentioned before, that the clouds seem the darkest just before finding your way. At least it feels that way for me whenever I get lost. That's how I know I'm getting close.

  270. rgrgrr

    You sure you want to go there? British tuling elite, not American. And, how amazing,,,those Darwins and Huxleys just keep popping up in every manner of totalitarian elitist BS like H+, Eugenics, and that grand old theory of EVILution


    Sir Francis Galton FRS (16 February 1822 – 17 January 1911), cousin of Sir Douglas Galton, half-cousin of Charles Darwin, was an English Victorian polymath, anthropologist, eugenicist, tropical explorer, geographer, inventor, meteorologist, proto-geneticist, psychometrician, and statistician. He was knighted in 1909.

    The word eugenics derives from the Greek word eu (good or well) and the suffix -genēs (born), and was coined by Sir Francis Galton in 1883, who defined it as "the study of all agencies under human control which can improve or impair the racial quality of future generations" Eugenics has, from the very beginning, meant many different things to many different people. Historically, the term has referred to everything from prenatal care for mothers to forced sterilization and euthanasia. Much debate has taken place in the past, as it does today, as to what exactly counts as eugenics. Some types of eugenics deal only with perceived beneficial and/or detrimental genetic traits. These are sometimes called “pseudo-eugenics’ by proponents of strict eugenics.


  271. rgrrgr – "no mention of Eugenics being an American invention eh?"

    That's very astute of you. It's true that the Eugenics laws of Nazi Germany were copied after the ones in California.

    "But the concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played an important, although little-known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing."

    Harry Hamilton Laughlin was an American who "was among the most active individuals in influencing American eugenics policy, especially compulsory sterilization legislation." "After 1933 the Nazi government implemented eugenics according to the recommendations as made by Harry H. Laughlin."

    And here is the irony.

    "Laughlin himself eventually discovered that he suffered from epilepsy, which was one of the subjects of study at the ERO and one of the criterion for compulsory sterilization under his own law."

  272. LVB – I was writing my comment at the same time you were. I think we Americans can take our share of the credit or blame. I'm sure the American eugenicists were inspired by their British cousins. But you know how in America we always want to be the "best" at everything.

  273. baba

    Yeah, but the non-question statement posed was that it was "an American invention".

    I'm not the inventor of a light bulb because I use one that Tom Edison invented. LOL

    Or, is my timeline wrong somehow….like Galton's Eugenics in 1883. Did some American beat them to that novel patented elite pseudoscience?

  274. I guess either the questioner was confused or I was – are we talking about who invented Eugenics, or do we want to list all of the countries who ever have and/or still do use active Eugenics programs to this day?

  275. According to this article which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle in 2003. The British came up with the theory, but the Americans were the first to really test it out in practice on a large scale. I suppose there aren't many Americans that are going to be screaming to demand their rightful place in the history of Eugenics.

    ====== excerpt follows =====

    Stanford President David Starr Jordan originated the notion of "race and blood" in his 1902 racial epistle "Blood of a Nation," in which the university scholar declared that human qualities and conditions such as talent and poverty were passed through the blood.

    In 1904, the Carnegie Institution established a laboratory complex at Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island that stockpiled millions of index cards on ordinary Americans, as researchers carefully plotted the removal of families, bloodlines and whole peoples. From Cold Spring Harbor, eugenics advocates agitated in the legislatures of America, as well as the nation's social service agencies and associations.

    The Harriman railroad fortune paid local charities, such as the New York Bureau of Industries and Immigration, to seek out Jewish, Italian and other immigrants in New York and other crowded cities and subject them to deportation, confinement or forced sterilization.

    The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.

  276. baba

    Ok, I don't have any trouble with that, other than….Galton invents Eugenics in 1883, for the British ruling elite, but then somehow it sits on a shelf and nobody does anything with it at all until 1902?

    (there may be a whisper of suntzu in this question btw)

  277. Serendipity Seraph on

    First of all, modern transhumanism is not remotely about eugenics. Nor is it about elitism. What it is about is going beyond the various forms of suffering and limitation that until today we have considered inescapable parts of the human condition. It is about ending aging and its many degradations of life and well being. It about living as long in complete health as you want. Transhumanism is about wide open future beyond current resource, energy and economic constraints. A future where the mind is triumphant over matter to an unprecedented degree. Where all of the needs and much of the wants of all human beings are satisfied. It is about a world where unlimited knowledge, intelligence and opportunity is available to all.

    It is not about 1984 or about Brave New World. Both of those were written not as blueprints but as dystopias by their authors. So conflating the ultra-positive vision and goals of transhumanism with these dystopias and with eugenics is itself an excellent example of disinformation. The author commits what we are warned about even while telling us plainly what is being done. In that sense the recursive twisted nature of this review gets an A+.

  278. Disgruntled Transhum on

    Your kidding me right?

    I think your tripping balls, Transhumanism is one of the least supported Futurist ideas atm.

    Transhumamism is one thing and one thing only, The name for a group of people that are a sub-group of those called Futurists.

    Futurists belive that at some point technology will reach a High-point at which things can't feasibly go further, this high-point is believed to be only possible once in a multi-verse at a time and so is referred to a "technological singularity".

    This is split into 3 main groups, One which Believes this will be through robots, one that believes integrations with technology to artificially evolve (as many believe that humans have reached the limit of natural evolution) and another which I forget.

    Transhumanists are the ones which believe that humanity will evolve via integration with technology.

    Many of those things aren't things all or even a large amount of transhumanists will be possible or a positive thing.

  279. It's worth noting that in the early 1900s DNA had not been discovered. So they apparently thought that "genes" were transferred through the blood. It was the Catholic priest Mendel who actually conducted "scientific" experiments in 1856-63 that established a gene theory of inheritance. His work was rejected at the time and not rediscovered until the early 1900s. It's interesting that Mendel was also an avid BEEkeeper.

    Darwin's work in contrast was mostly along a philosophical line of reasoning. He based his conclusions on observations, but did not conduct any scientific experiments on evolution that I am aware of.
    DARWIN: "I assume that the units throw off minute granules which are dispersed throughout the whole system; that these, when supplied with proper nutriment, multiply by self-division, and are ultimately developed into units like those from which they were originally derived. These granules may be called gemmules. They are collected from all parts of the system to constitute the sexual elements, and their development in the next generation forms the new being"

    ME: So Darwin thought that there were these little invisible "gemmules" floating around the body. And under the right conditions, they all got on a little boat in the bloodstream – kind of like Noah's Ark – and headed over to the genital areas. The only thing missing is a stork.

  280. @Vigilant: Amazing article as always, but I have to disagree with you about one point…you mentioned that the borg army is walking down a street and the symbol of human civilization (the city) appears and dissappears.. I looked at it again and I dont think they are walking away from it, but rather they are walking toward it…when the borg army is shown with the view of the city in the background, they also have their backs turned to the camera which shows they are walking toward it….

    Not that that changes the analysis or anything, but just thought I would point that out….

    Also to add to the Christina Aguilera thing, check out Janelle Monae's Album cover….

  281. I think it's because we are just entering a new age of society which might not be necessarily bad, why does everything have to be a conspiracy today?

  282. the pendulum on

    you didn't mention anything about the 'Joshua' tree, behind the body in the road…in the distance….on a hill, almost looking down in a helpless: or wosre yet, 'phallic' manner. the symbolism in this video is sickening.

    great job to all of you. keep up the 'good' work.

  283. "Who knows how long the experience of death takes?"

    Well, the soul exits the body and then you'll go through demon-enclosed atmosphere that we live in (with your guardian angel, if you're baptised, if not, then oh well….), and if you lived your life in a way that only God is your God, nothing else, then hopefully you'll be ok. If not, they'll take you until the Second Coming when final fate of all people on Earth is decided by Christ, based on our life here right now.

    The death is probably really quick, once the soul is out of the body our spiritual eyes open and then we'll see all the, either nasty demons bringing up arguments to take us or God's angels, it depends on how we live now. The creepy part is that there is no time dimension, so there is no calling 911, no closing of your eyes, nowhere to hide. We're not going to be tired because we're not going to be in an earth-bound flesh like we have now. Maybe I shouldn't go into this with too much detail, I don't think its good, but its ok to at least be aware.

    We're all going to die physically someday, why no one really talks about it? It is interesting, but I think it is because by nature we're eternal (i.e. our soul) so naturally people do not really think about their physical death. Gotta think ahead..that's why I'm trying to be Christian..because it's true and its works!

    That's why Christ was speaking so strongly, because our life IS a battle, and satan wants to take souls because he hates people. That is why people hated Christ and still do, because they sense there is a choice they have to make and He exposes that their power is quite limited..among many other things..

  284. Damian,

    To add, if you want you can read the writings of Seraphim Rose who was an Orthodox monk in U.S., he talks extensively about the spiritual state of our world today, especially the in the States.

  285. (From a self-described Democratic Transhumanist and Singulatarian)

    While it's refreshing to see an article with proper grammar and decent organization, it's a shame to see so much misinformation, fallacy and "psychological warfare" from the author in an article talking about those very things. I'm not going to address the video, just your comments on "The Cult".

    First, you're implying a large set of strong beliefs upon "Transhumanists". You use the word generally, then default in defense to saying that those things apply at least to the founders or current leaders. Who are you talking about, the conceptual founders, the current leaders, or the average transhumanist? You can't switch back and forth, citing evidence for an accusation of one and transferring it to the other.

    Second, you imply that this video is the /result/ of a well-funded movement. That is, there are transhumanist leaders with money, and they directly influenced the creation of this video using those assets. Do you have any evidence of this?

    Third, you never name any modern movement leaders except for Max More, though you suggest that "they" hold to ideas you mentioned. Max More represents one area of thought, but he's not the average transhumanist. Extropians are Extreme.

    Fourth, a cult doesn't just revolve around its leaders, but its members are trained not to question the dogma. In the world of transhumanists, debate is the default, and morality takes the center stage. Have a look at some of the different schools of thought:

    Most people I've met who associate with the term identify with libertarian transhumanism, singulatarianism, democratic transhumanism /or/ immortalism. (The ideas listed there are not all mutually exclusive).

    Max More, the one guy you cited, also coined the term "Morphological Freedom". /This/ is the shared idea that transhumanists agree on, to varying degrees. It's the opposite of eugenics. The idea is this: It's your body, you should be able to do as you wish with it. Eugenics comes into play among those who argue that we should be born with greater morphological freedom. Someone of this viewpoint would arguethat by denying a child one bodily construction, you are just forcing another upon the child, and are thus a human-centric eugenicist. But like I said, this is a contentious issue within "The Cult". Most are interested in their own bodies, and are appalled by the idea of forcing you or anyone to be anything other than what they want.

    I've met a few transhumanist leaders. Some of them might be batshit insane, but most are not. You mention the term H+, so consider the organization Humanity+, formerly the World Transhumanist Organization. Looking at the big names associated with the organization, would you argue that most of the leaders support eugenics and reject the notion of morality? It ain't so.

    Read the Transhumanist Declaration here, and you'll see a statement based in moral concern and technological skepticism:….

    With a few notable exceptions, most transhumanists do not want to be part of a hive mind or to force a particular morphology upon anyone else. The core issues of debate are how much self-liberty is safe, what is inevitable, and what is moral. Cults don't debate. You may not be a transhumanist, and that's fine. But please, be rational and honest in your argument.

  286. BReal

    You are right, baba and others have pointed this out to me, also. All I can say is, having a little knowledge of the digital production.editing sife of things, I wousubmit that this optical illusion was probably intentional, designed to create the symbolic effect that I mentioned in the article.

    Maybe not, but maybe. I'll talk a lot more about other video editing tricks/illusions in future articles.

    Thank you for reading and your comments.

  287. serdendipity seraph, rrgrgrrr, Bias Hazard, Damian = Khannea suntzu

    Pretty interesting on a site that discusses multiple alter personalities, huh? lol

    IP addresses tell us stuff.

    And as far as your comment on Max More (the guy claiming Lucifer as the patron saint of transhumanism) and Extropy, I would definitely agree there.

    And you, Khannea suntzu were/are a member of the Extropy Institute, which is now defunct as of 2006. It was surely renamed with a happier doublespeak name, and repackaged in shiny sheep's clothing.

    Beelow you will find " Damian/Khannea suntzu" (and all the other names above, although some could bee his/her worker bee H+ pals.)

    I DO NOT recommend going to these websites at all as you may likely

  288. I DO NOT recommend going to that website, as you may likely get a computer virus, as well

    as the infection that is Damian/Khannea suntzu.

    I would advise Damian/Khannea suntzu to stay away, and promote your Transhumanist,

    Extropy (Lucifer) doctrines somewhere else.

    If you're happy with your choices, so be it, but please go away now, as already said you would, but didn't.

    We're dumb and weak Christians, who will be destroyed by your Golden Age, so just go have your fun someplace else. Please.

    Otherwise, I may call a guy I know with INTERPOL over in Belgium, and he can have a little look-see for outstanding warrants and what not, and of course, this would cover the UK and Netherlands, Damian.

  289. For everyone in general,

    I would not recommend clicking on any of these Transhumanist supporter URL links, in general, because if those sites aren't crawling with viruses and/or rootkits, they are most certainly beeing used as what we call "honeypots" (ironic, huh?) in computer haXXor business, which are collecting all kinds of data on people, who you are, where you live, etc.

    I've worked for years with federal, state, and local law enforcement in computer to aid in the prosecution of child predators and such scum, so trust me, I know how these things work.

  290. "I've worked for years with federal, state, and local law enforcement as a civilian in computer forensics to aid in the prosecution of child predators and such scum" is what I meant to say there before I goofed up the typing there. :(

    I aologize for my flawed human typing skills, plus I also have a very annoying cold and am currently under the influence of the radical and dangerous MK-ULTRA mind control drug, "Nyquil".

    Forgive me.

  291. To our dear vigilant citizen,

    please do not refer to this as the truth anymore, it is all merely your opinion so do not claim that these are FACTS. anyway, so what if they belong to a cult? should we shut ourselves from all forms of media and entertainment? or should we just listen to the music that you produce, which you claimed that you did in the "about me" section? i'm curious to know what do you have to gain by spreading all that you have tried to do. (:

  292. Wait, what? Why did you just equate me (and several other people) to "Khannea suntzu"?

    You have my email address, and searching it will reveal my identity. If you thought I was stealing that person's identity, you could email that person and find out if he wrote this (he did). Are you saying all of those other posters have the same IP address as I do?

    Also, I'm not sure what antivirus program you use, but honeypots of that nature would be found on porn sites, not transhumanism websites (unless you mean data collection in general, in which case you just claimed that this website is a "honeypot". But that's not what the word normally means.) It sounds to me like you're just yelling a bunch of scare words all at once which are totally unrelated to anything I wrote, and randomly accusing me of being affiliated with someone who you suspect your audience will dislike. If that's the case, you really have no respect for your readers.

    You made a comment asking everyone who disagrees with you to go away. Honestly? It's one thing to want a life without questioning your beliefs, to embrace Ignorance Is Bliss, as you did directly with your request. But you made false claims about people. You can't go attacking people and get upset when someone responds.

    I hope you have readers who don't think that thinking is a sin. This is a valuable read on cult mentality vs /rationality/ :

    OP, are you going to delete my posts next for disagreeing with you, à la Ministry of Truth? Or just continue making weird claims about anything I link to to scare any of your cult followers?

  293. also at the end when shes saying "lets go oh oh oh oh oh oh oh" it could also be interpreted as shes speaking machine language, in binary code, cause it sounds like shes says "one oh oh oh oh oh oh" or 1000000 in binary

  294. Please forgive me for my impatience – I was given a link to this article, and only just noticed that it's on a conspiracy theory website. Dear conspiracy theorists and company, I am not opposed to conspiracy theories, so long as they are founded on evidence weighted rationally. If you consider yourself a rational person and want to honestly figure things out, add this to your toolkit:

  295. LVB-I am a smart woman…

    And when smart people don't know an answer-They make sure they ask the question-No matter how dumb it may sound to others…

    Questions only seem dumb when you don't need to ask them.

  296. NO i didn't see it and that does surprise me because she claims to not curse. The fact that it's on t-shirt still counts to me. I don't follow her like that so no I didn't see that.

  297. I maybe in denial but even with the shirt, I don't even think she actually took the time to read what was on it when she bought it. She probably just thought it looked nice or saw the words and thought, "what a rebel shirt so I'm going to wear it" not even knowing what blasphemy is. I don't want to go as far as calling her stupid because…well I don't know why it just sounds mean to say LOL even though I'm thinking it.LOL All I can do is SMH

  298. Do you realise that the kinds of arguments you make, here, are exactly the kinds of arguments a CIA-trained disinformation junkie would be making? The precise kinds of misdirection-through-scare-tactics that keep everyone thinking about things which, yes, matter (symbols Are important, there's no discounting that), but which matter far less than the other, subtler mechanisms of control? As long as people are worried about the symbols in their pop music, they're not thinking about how to fix things like poverty, hunger, lack of compassion…

    And it's all well and good to say that Jesus is the way to do all that, because I know that's your follow-up, but you're not talking about Jesus. You're talking about fear. Jesus is not fear. Your work is not love, not for your fellow human beings, not for your country, not for your religion.

    I wish you the best of luck, in understanding what truly matters, and seeking to Make this world better, not just tear down what you think is Worse.

    Good day.

  299. I like the insight on the video but the thing I would have to disagree on is the gun with the speaker attachment. I think you may have missed the true meaning about it. Many people would agree that guns ( which project variety of hot, high speed metals that kill) are weapons right…? Those same people would agree that music is probably one of the easiest ways into the minds of the masses as well right…? Well simply combining those two things yields the end result of the music now being the weapon. The elite may not physically lay hands upon you yet but through the influential power of the music they are able to kill your brain first through various ways of attack, one of which you mentioned which is through repeated subjection which desensitizes people to particular images, ideas etc. People have long been conditioned to disassociate themselves with true history and symbolism thus leaving them with a stagnant mindset and a lack of real knowledge. Look at the education system for example….ok, we have taken college entry exams, passed them and later learn that they are equivalent to a sixth grade education…lol. At our graduation from high school we walk across a stage and are handed an empty folder symbolic to the lack of education we have just received and are now about to venture off into the world with…Congratulations, you have been successfully miseducated. I could go on and on about my views on the would but in closing I would like to say thank you for this service that you are providing and allowing exposure to things that we may have otherwise not known

  300. Laura Johnson on

    wow this world is getting crazy i'm going to church :)…………… and i agree imma be a human and stay that way.

  301. Valencia, baba,LVB Hello to you all

    I'm glad we are on the same team as well. thank you

    LVB, I like how you put the bee reference in. funny (beelow)

    Janelle Monae i liked her single she had out but didn't hear anything else

    about her. But her cover is disturbing and reminds me of C.A.'s

  302. Um. Wow. I have to say that the robots in the rhianna performance freaked me out. First they just stood there, then when they moved I got honestly frightened by them. I could not have been her standing between them, let alone remaining on stage with them. I know they probably had a real person in there… but even knowing that wasnt comforting to me. :(

    And did anyone else notice at the start of the B.E.P. song, when is still playing with the computer at the start, Fergie and I believe Monkey and sitting by the side and he is showing her something on a photo. He says 'This is Will – back in the day' and Fergie giggles. I just found it interesting they would mention the 'OLD' (child version) in that way, as if 'This is the old – This is the current (present day and now heres the future/goal (the rest of the video with the robots and etc).'

    Love the Site. Honestly fascinated by everything you've explored. Keep it up!

  303. Excellent comments everyone.

    Wolven – You've made a good point about spreading fear and paranoia. I think a lot of this end of the world talk involving 2012 is just what you have described. In the case of LVB and myself, the way I look at this is that we are trying to alert people while there is still time for action to be taken. This needs to be an issue in the next Presidential election for example. If you do a Google search in the news for transhumanism, you won't find anything. At the same time the FDA has already approved chips to be implanted in people, which is the first step.

    Did you know the Freemasons are running a program called MyChip in cooperation with local police for identifying children? No, their not implanting chips, but how did they come up with this name? They say it stands for "child identification program". And why are the Freemasons the ones sponsoring this? It's just too weird to ignore.

    If we wait any longer before raising these issues, then it will be too late. The only choice we will have left is the red chip or the blue chip. (Sorry, not trying to fear monger.) You sound like a thoughtful person who is aware of what is going on. We need people like you to spread awareness and to organize politically.

  304. I have a question do you all think 2012 will be used as a excuse to depopulate, and did you guys know you could actually purchase a bunker for 2012. They cost an arm and leg but many underground bunkers are being built. The latest one is being built in Africa it's not complete yet but wow thats all

  305. Freeyourmind – The site I pointed to is for the operation in Massachusetts, but this is a nationwide program called … Masonichip!

    Here's a great article on this at a blog called "Jesus be with us".

    ===== excerpt below =========

    MasoniCHIP – the Masonic Child Identification Program – seems to be an admirable program. You bring your child to a Mason event, and they collect the following from your child:

    -Digital photographs

    -Digital video

    -Digital fingerprints

    -Vital child info (scars, birthmarks, height, weight), and

    A dental bite or Intra Oral Swab for DNA

    All of the digital info is burned onto a CD and the dental bite/DNA swab is given back to the parents. All of this is in a format compatible with the nationwide Amber Alert system to help find children. If your child goes missing, you give the police your CD and the info is immediately fed into the Amber Alert system.

    But having the Masons run the program? A secretive organization at times aligned against the Catholic Church, the faith of 1 billion people across the world?

    Were it an organization like the American Red Cross, or a ecumenical group of Protestants and Catholics, eye-brows might not be raised.

    But the organization that bows before GAOTU, the Great Architect of the Universe, a name for the anarchic spirit disguised as tolerance for any god anyone chooses to worship?

    MasoniCHIP is the perfect intersection between the “good works” of the Masons and the potential for a very, very great evil — the cataloging of children across the world for whatever nefarious purpose a secretive organization might have.

  306. Wolven April 22nd, 2010 8:43 am :

    Do you realise that the kinds of arguments you make, here, are exactly the kinds of arguments a CIA-trained disinformation junkie would be making? The precise kinds of misdirection-through-scare-tactics that keep everyone thinking about things which, yes, matter (symbols Are important, there’s no discounting that), but which matter far less than the other, subtler mechanisms of control? As long as people are worried about the symbols in their pop music, they’re not thinking about how to fix things like poverty, hunger, lack of compassion…

    And it’s all well and good to say that Jesus is the way to do all that, because I know that’s your follow-up, but you’re not talking about Jesus. You’re talking about fear. Jesus is not fear. Your work is not love, not for your fellow human beings, not for your country, not for your religion.

    I wish you the best of luck, in understanding what truly matters, and seeking to Make this world better, not just tear down what you think is Worse.

    Good day.


    Not this bogus argument…again. Wolven, many have posted similar fallacious arguments such as yours. So, according to you, people have one track minds that cannot balance, comprehend or take action on more than one complex subject at any given time? Hmmmm, sounds to me like you think the average human is ignorant and by extension, defective. Transhumanist, anyone? And what's up with the accusations of fearmongering? Do you accuse the local news of fearmongering because they report what's going on in the world? Knowledge is good. Wisdom and understanding are even better. Anybody who discourages another from seeking these things out because it might be scary is bogus. Disinformation, anyone?

    And with that, your comments are wholly and summarily dismissed.

    Good day back at ya!

  307. @ shonuf

    I think 2012 is a big, satanic, hoax. The evil ones want humans to get all bent out of shape, and wreck their lives in the process, over a big nothing. Imagine if people give up hope and commit suicide? What if they stop paying their bills and wreck their credit or end up homeless? What if they surrender what's left of their humanity and begin to behave in very reckless and immoral ways? Crime rates will skyrocket, std's will be passed, etc. In general, society just makes one more giant leap towards pandemonium and anarchy. That's just what satan and his minions want. They hate you. They want you either dead and in hell or alive on earth going through hell. I tell people all the time, KNOW YOUR ENEMY. Then you are able to recognize their tactics. You can see the bull coming before it arrives. Do not be deceived. It'll never be over until GOD says so.

  308. @ shonuf again

    I've seen some of those 2012 bunkers. There's several in the midwest, I believe, going for $1 mil +. What can you say, there's a sucker born every minute. Sometimes I wonder why so many are terrified of their own death. That should be a red flag right there. People would rather struggle to live in a bunker on a supposedly trashed and likely toxic planet earth than die and face what's on the other side. SMH Sounds like some of these buyers need the peace of the Lord, not a million dollar bunker. You can run, but you can't hide.

  309. TO VIGILANT: I have a HUGE understanding of what is separating our people from a spiritual connection with God. We must know that the elite are trying to keep as many children out of the kingdom of God as they possibly can. They're programming our children to live selfish lifestyles, and there is no other way to regulate it, for no one in this planet reads anymore, so the elite have figured out how to use magick through media; now we are in for it. I think it's funny how in the Old Testament we were physically and spiritually bounded in Egypt. Once Rome and this country come together, Egypt will have us all in physical and spiritual bondage once more; but for the last time. As it is in the beginning, so shall it be in the end.

    REV. 11:18: "And destroy those who have destroyed the Earth." I love how HAARP is in scripture, don't you?

    The law is coming.

    It is the mark.

    Anyway, I recently saw Kick Ass, and I do have to say that there was an unbelievable amount of times where the characters threw up the 666/A-Ok hand gesture. Also, a execution scene reminded me of the Mezarim (I think that's how it's spelled) Freemason symbol for a New World, and the executioner speaking to the mass public announced, there are words that we spell with a "k" but do not pronounce them the same (Aleister Crowley's Black Magick perhaps?). This has gone beyond far. These people think they're actually gods. Well, the time certainly seems like it us upon us, but the good news is that darkness can only last through time. Light is Eternal.

    Take care of yourself Vigilant.

    The world needs to know, so that WE can OVERCOME.

    Thank you.

    John M.

  310. Ok, I could understand how people would want to live forever or live long lives and all, but wouldn't that be making God out to be a liar. Genesis 6:3 says: And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and twenty years. Plus we saw the lie that the serpent fed to Eve in the garden.

  311. Good Job LVB. I've been reading this article since last Monday 😀 thank's to my busy life 😛

    I finaly finished it all, and that VC's like conclusion made me smile: "I don’t know about you, but Imma Be a human." Nice shot!

    LVB, I can tell you've pointed out things I've noticed but never have the time to look further. Thank's to this website to help people REALIZE things. Of course, people have to think by themselves. Whatsoever, it's encouraging to see people spending their time and intellect to give people an alternative and objective information about things never heard on the mainstream media. As my friend 3nity said weeks before, by knowing these things, we, the readers, might become -without even knowing- initiated in kind of occult orders. Ok, and then? Don't give them more power than they have. Of course they are dangerous, they are evil, they are powerful, but people need to know their loving GOD IS GREATER than that. It's ok to know what evil looks like in order to stay VIGILANT.

    "Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man." Luke 21:36

    They want us to think there is no good and evil, but the fact is there IS good and evil. PLEASE don't put both on a same level: GOOD will always win on evil. Always. Knowing the ennemy is fine, fearing him/it is human, but we have to FEAR NO EVIL.

    "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me" Psalm 23:4

    Fear gives power to men. Stay vigilant, be confident that your GOD who is SOVEREIGN and ALMIGHTY has defeated and will judge the deciever – who knows he's been defeated by GOD- and his yeah-i'm-powerfull followers. Whether you fear GOD or not, He IS ALL POWERFULL. Let's make it clear: everything can be called god. The God I'm talking about, is The GOD of JESUS-CHRIST.

    "Only fear the LORD, and serve him in truth with all your heart: for consider how great things he hath done for you." 1 Samuel 12:24

    "Forasmuch as there is none like unto thee, O LORD; thou art great, and thy name is great in might."

    "Jeremiah 10:6:

    "1 Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind:

    2 “Who is this that questions my wisdom

    with such ignorant words?

    3 Brace yourself like a man,

    because I have some questions for you,

    and you must answer them.

    4 “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?

    Tell me, if you know so much.

    5 Who determined its dimensions

    and stretched out the surveying line?" Job 38:1-5

    Please return to GOD, your CREATOR. Return to JESUS-CHRIST, your SAVIOR.



  312. I have a number of question to anyone who would care answering…

    1 – Is it acceptable that people would live their lives in a naturalist (not to be confused with naturist) way of interpreting life; i.e. assume that only matter and the complex interplay of material effects exist – and that the supernatural, the spiritual or the metaphysical does not exist? If this is acceptable, how does that rhyme with some of the abusive comments here regarding people who do not believe in this 'supernaturalism' or 'mysticism' ? If it is NOT acceptable that people have purely naturalist beliefs, what would (should) be the consequence if they do? (3 questions)

    2 – If one accepts things like mobile phones, technology, industry, modern medicine, when exactly is the moment that they would no longer be acceptable? When does modernity change into a objectionable set of tools? What naturalist tools (types of knowledge) are 'not allowable' and what is the objective (and fair) litmuss test that should tell me what to use and what not? (2 questions)

    3 – General question – I noticed that quite a few commenters here believe in the 'jesus' mythology. To these jesusians does it make sense that some people do not believe in this particular set of myths? Who would deem someone unable to believe in this 'jesus' "unthinkable" ? Who finds the notion that some people prefer a naturalist explanation of the world, and actively reject myths such as those of 'jesus' completely unacceptable? Does someone who rejects the mythological set of ideas of the jesusian doctrines as someone who by defenition must be 'humiliated', respectively 'insulted' or 'attacked' (or slain) ? (4 questions)

    4 – For anyone of the 'jesusian' denomination, is it thinkable (or possible) that someone who does not believe in this jesus-ite mythology, that likewise that individual regards the ideas of heaven, hell, original sin, judgement, satan or lucifer as untrue (but amusing) metaphorical stories, and nothing more than that? (1 question)

    I am very curious how you all think about this. To anyone who can muster the patience to answer, would you be as kind as to consider the answer from the perspective oh, for instance, "mohamedists", and how these people would answer the above questions (and treat 'jesusians' with the same tolerance as 'jesusians' treat 'naturalists'…).

  313. Beyonce and any of the rest of the pop superstars that are MK'd and have no clue about how they are being used. It's a very evil and sick agenda that they have been subjected to. I feel so sad for them. Particularly someone like Beyonce that was raised in show business since childhood. Her parents served her up. To those of you calling her stupid, I'd think twice. Wealthy child stars & high-schoolers, always have excellent teachers/tutors in their private/home-schooling. It's the law, just like they have to have special permits to work at a certain age. Do you think they are allowed to drop out of school and make a paycheck? They record companies would be in all kinds of hot water.

    Back to my original point, look up "MK Ultra", then cry and pray for the victims like, Beyonce, MJ, and all of the rest of them. None of them are of the right minds anymore and are controlled. That girl has been programmed to "like" or "love" certain things, for example baphomet imagery, certain colors like gold or black. They are "robots" whose minds have been shredded by the likes of electroshock treatments, they undergo hypnotism, alter personalities have been created via drugs and torture. It is very sick and I feel so sorry for the victims. Their lives have been destroyed. Pray for their deliverance. Have you read any of the other articles on the VC website? The info is all over the place.

    As for the adult "stars" that walked into it "willingly" they don't know the trap they've fallen into either. The biggest lie being told to them is that they "sold their soul". There is no such thing and it is a deception of the adversary.

    You cannot sell your soul to the devil. It's a lie to make you think you cannot get away. As long as you are alive you can always repent and ask forgiveness. Praise Yah!

  314. @ Khannea Suntzu

    That's some high falutin' gobbledygook you've posted right above. Please stop trying to "outsmart" God with your $5 philosophy. And since you didn't veil your contempt quite enough (Jesusian? Really? How about CHRISTian?? As in CHRIST the SAVIOR?) I'm not gonna address your questions. But believe me, I could. Vanity. All is vanity. Get outside your own head for a moment or ten. That's all I can tell ya. Peace!

  315. Hey LVB! What's good?

    Thanks for the compliment. You hold it down in the comment department pretty well yourself! :)

  316. @ Thanks VC

    "To those of you calling her stupid, I’d think twice. Wealthy child stars & high-schoolers, always have excellent teachers/tutors in their private/home-schooling. It’s the law, just like they have to have special permits to work at a certain age. Do you think they are allowed to drop out of school and make a paycheck? They record companies would be in all kinds of hot water. "


    That's a bit naive. I guess you've never heard of child stars who paid for their grades?? I can't remember exactly which child star blew the whistle on this, but it was a guy and he basically said if the tutors didn't play ball, they were fired and replaced. He was too busy working, partying and doing drugs to worry about school. So yeah, high school diplomas and GEDs are pretty easy for child stars to acquire.

  317. "Get outside your own head for a moment or ten. "

    For anyone of the ‘jesusian’ denomination, is it thinkable (or possible) that someone who does not believe in this jesus-ite mythology, that likewise that individual regards the ideas of heaven, hell, original sin, judgement, satan or lucifer as untrue (but amusing) metaphorical stories, and nothing more than that?

    Let me emphasize you that I have never in my life remotely considered the very idea that people – literally anyone – took the whole idea of 'christianity' serious. I more or less saw catholic manifestations drift by and always assumed that these were just insincere jokes, sort of like christmas – an in joke. Then slowly it damned on me in puberty that people actually believed these things. I was dumbstruck – how can people believe in these ideas? But then slowly it damned on me that I had always been surrounded by a mixture of naturalism, passive aggressive atheism, humanism, a sort of vague belief in 'something' which they call itsism over here. Belief in these things is making a bit of a comeback, but in my youth religion over here in western europe was in a dormant state.

    So, if you say 'Christ the Savior', then I'd say – no, serious, I don't have an idea what it is you are talking about. I read the word, I know the folkloristic rites and stories, inasmuch as I know the quaint folk tales of Odin or Zeus or Quetzalcouatl or the Dreamtime, or the Juju Monster, or Nyarlathotep or Baba Yaga. It's all very entertaining and often, as I grow older and more mild, I feel a faint pang of regret I can't make myself 'believe' any of this. At some level I have this nagging sense that somehow being able to sincerely believe, like an innocent child, in any of these things, would be wonderful and magical and somehow liberating.

    So yah, I am faintly jealous of your blind, doubtless faith in this jesus. It sound really wonderful and inspirational. Really being sure that some magical spirit of a man-deity who died thousands of years ago is watching over your shoulder and listening to your prayers.

  318. team Jesus- Thanks for your response. I am clostophobic all the money in the world couldn't send me in a bunker.

    LOL at the people who think child stars actually have a tudor. Noooooo I would say a peice of paper saying you have been tudored. Beyonce is dumb as a ham and you can tell in her dialect. Same with Chris Brown why do you think he beat Rihanna, let me tell you, No communication skills. That was clear to me listening to him during interviews. He is unable to express himself verbably, which led to him using his hands. So please try again. If you were a star would the tudor tell you what to do, or would you tell her. I think we all know the answer. " Here tudor fill out these papers and see you next year"

  319. Jesus said I am the god of the living. He also said I came that you can have life and have it more abundantly. Why are you people so obsessed with death and dying as the answer to your prayers? Maybe Jesus knew nanotech was coming and knew that we'd need to be a million times more tolerant of each other than we've classically been. Jesus' message was all about people getting along. How many times do should I forgive my enemy? & times? Jesus said no not just 7 times but 70 times seven times. In other words so much that there's no trace of unforgiveness left. He said love your enemy. Is it loving to ignore, ridicule, mock, gang bang, and jeer and bear false witness?

    Just curious.

  320. readbetweenthelines on

    Conspiracy website??? LOL, that's funny. We're just discussing the strange oddities, behaviors and mannerisms that mainstream entertainment is executing these days…It's funny how people will label you a "conspirator" when you don't agree with THEIR OPINION! Don't like it go somewhere else…

  321. clavis inferni on

    Since you all seem to love talking about Lucifer and since I am what some might call a Luciferian or a LHP( Left Hand Path) practioner I thought I might grace you with certain knowledge that none of you in your lifetimes might hear again and clear some things up. First, Lucifer is the Prophet of our lady Ave Sophia, the True Creator, from who the slave god Yaldabaoth would see you all slaves. Second, we have our own bible as best to put it. An Third, if I were you the masons and the so-called "illuminati" are the least of your concerns nor does their supposed workings concern you. There are those that we in the occult community don't talk about very much an that fact that none of you have heard of them is good for you or else you would be paranoid beyond belief though most of you are apparently already. There are those far worse than your masons or others who hide in plain sight.

  322. clavis inferni on

    An speaking of Our Lady I mean she is and Yaldabaoth are two different entities. The cursed Yaldabaoth was the one who made mankind slaves. Our Lady illuminated the first true prophet Lucifer with her own being and made man gods of this world.

  323. Some states sterilized "imbeciles" for much of the 20th century. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in the 1927 Buck v. Bell case that the state of Virginia could sterilize those it thought unfit. The most significant era of eugenic sterilization was between 1907 and 1963, when over 64,000 individuals were forcibly sterilized under eugenic legislation in the United States

    The popularity of the eugenics movement peaked during the Depression when sterilization was widely seen as a way of relieving society of the financial burdens imposed by defective individuals. Although the

    eugenics excesses of Nazi Germany diminished the popularity of the eugenics movement, the Sexual

    Sterilization Acts of Alberta and British Columbia were not repealed until 1972.

    From about 1934 to until 1975, Sweden sterilized more than 62,000 people, with Herman Lundborg in the lead of the project. Sweden sterilized more people than any other European state except Nazi Germany. More people were sterilized in 1948 than any other year.

    In the United States, the eugenics movement had largely lost most popular and political support by the end of the 1930s while forced sterilizations mostly ended in the 1960s, with the last performed in 1981.

  324. Also i think the black robot steals Fergie because she is the only FEMALE ELITE ie, the future! She's the only woman in the elite so who else with bring forth the next gen or upgrades? – she was the 1st upgraded human remember, she freed all the others! so that black robot (soon to be obsolete) may be taking the generation backward by stealing her (maybe to consummate?) afterall the black robot has been stalking her ever since her upgrade! Fergie had to be rescued in order to take the agenda further! and 'give birth' to the next level – maybe she is the QUEEN BEE?



    You're picking at the arguments of others by using web searches/second hand information whilst quoting from the King James bible? I don't think I need to point the obvious flaw of using a compendium of paraphrase as a basis for any argument.

    My main problem with the Creationist theory lies in the historical context through which the Pentateuch was composed. Ignoring the obvious parallels with Enuma Elish (dualistic theogeny and order of creation) – the Jahwist authors didn't compose Bereishit as a literal 'scientific explanation of creation', but as a context through which mans spiritual relationship with the Lord could be understood.

    Creationism and evolution cannot exist because the former is an argument based on the literal interpretation of PARABLE.

    I would be interested as to how you rationalize the literal interpretation of both the creation accounts of Genesis.

    "Anyone putting anything above the Bible or anyone degrading the Bible, is not from God."

    Interesting statement. What about the Catholic Church? After the Puritan movement at the Council of Trent, they came to the great conclusion that TRADITION and SCRIPTURE are EQUAL as means of serving the Lord. Not that they really had a choice – any other outcome would have seen them forced to rebuke all of their various bulls and decrees…kissing goodbye all their plans for Papal supremacy.

    @team jesus

    "This whole “self” movement is nothing more than thinly veiled Luciferianism."

    Again, the precedent of literal interpretation continues. Trans-humanism is often aligned with the worship of Lucifer for its pursuit of knowledge. I personally fail to see the difference between this and the progressive interpretation of scripture?

  326. @ Shonuf

    I agree with your post to a certain extent. But I have to disagree that Chris Brown beat Rihanna because he was uneducated. There are plenty of educated men who beat on their women. Wrong is wrong and education is not an excuse to hit a woman.

  327. While the analysis of LVB might be entertaining to a number of people, it doesn't mean anything real. It is a highly complex act of reading tea leaves. It is looking at the clouds and trying to spot goofy. It is a rorchasch test with son and dance. We all do do every now and then – look in the proverbial entrails of the butchered ewe to find a clue what is happening. Or read a tarot or consult a astrology.

    The tragedy is when you find yourself lost, confused and affraid in a world that is functioning in a way you can no longer empathize with and in doing so consult the oracle to see who is to blame. The mere question, "who can we blame for our ills" is a malignant question. As soon as you ask that question, it beckons an answer and anyone who gives an easy answer that sounds halfway plausible, the oracle is hoisted on the shield, his or her words are inscribed in iron and he or she is carried around town, 'to get all the noses in one direction' and deal with the one to blame.

    This has always been normal in times of anxiety – whenever there was a famine, 'someone would have to be blamed' to consolidate the people. In my experience it often comes down to someone being 'voted of the island'. In the past this was the jew, the gispy, the political radical, the freethinker. In Roman times it was those damn 'wood people', or 'christians', and all sort of societal ills would be blamed upon these troublemakers. They drank blood. They engaged in orgies in the catacombs. They bred with animals. They stole children and boiled them. They spread diseases. It has always been like this – society is full, we can't feed every one, now let's collectively and in a freudian manner draw straws and start the blame game. There is always a convenient bugbear available – someone with novel ideas, Someone who smells. Someone who wears funny hats. Someone who doesn't buy their food with the approved grocer.

    THis year it is the Muslims over here in Europe. Next year it is the socialists. Then it'll be the homersexuals. It is what happens on every single schoolyard in every single city all over the world – look, there a ginger, let's all gang up on him and kill him, then we'll be rid of this mess we are in. It's what happens in prisons. It's what happens in hazing, in armies. We'll blame them for the milk turning sour. We'll blame them for my wife not wanting to please me in bed last night. We'll blame them for us making less money. We'll blame them for the sun coming up east as opposed to west. And each and every single accusation will be something they can't defend themselves against, such as 'they worship Lucifer" and they'll just stare, at a loss for words, and appear real guilty. HahaHA now we got them, see that look on their faces, we really got em now. Guys guys let's all start throwing stones at them, because they are guilty!!

    Come to your senses. Listen to that little voice in your belly that says "damn I am being the bad guy here". Or, if you don't listen to that other voice in the back of your mind "hmm these ones won't be easy pickings, these transhumanists won't roll over and play dead. These guys aren't the droids we're looking for – these ones will BITE us in the ass if we gang up on them.

  328. Gestapo tactics are wrong – like harrassing and intimidating people for having their point of view,

    I seriously doubt that any Vigilant Citizen or Public Vigil fans are actively trolling on Tranny-humanist

    webr sites and blogs, to harrass and intimidate the authors of the propgaganda they are spewing forth

    into society at such an alarming rate.

    There is an organized effort by the H+ movement to attack and discredit anyone who voices opinions that are in opposition to their agenda. Remember what happened to poor ol "Joe the Plumber" when he had the audacity to say that some stuff sounded an awful lot like socialism? Boom. Instant harrassment, IRS audits, character assassination, etc. This is how people with fascist intentions beehave when anyone dares to question their goals and intentions. Because they have something in mind for us that is very different from what they are admitting publicly, and not at all what most of us would consider to be "good" for humanity. Depopulation and totalitarian control of whatever population remains, using all available technology.

    This is why the leaders and members of the Tranny-humanist agenda are doing the things that they are

    doing – because they know very well that we are not going to buy into their evil BS if they tell us the truth of what they are all about. So, they "massage the truth", and send out the spin doctors (didn't "Damian" already speak of beeing here as a "doctor"?) to sell their deception in a warm, helpful loving package that they think people will accept – and then attack anyone who refuses to agree with them.

    To review baba's discoveries:


    It’s pretty obvious by now that damian/knannea suntzu/bias hazard is a troll working for a transhuman/eugenics group called “Humanity+”. I don’t know if he/she gets paid to do this work, or has volunteered because he/she’s one of the “true believers”. It really doesn’t matter. This organization has publicly stated that one of its “campaigns” is to deliberately seek out and harass any person or group that opposes their views.

    – “Solicit offensive and counterproductive portrayals of longevity, human enhancement and emerging

    technologies, and encourage our membership, chapters and allies to dialogue with the authors, producers

    and distributors.”

    – “Arrange letter-writing, protests, and boycotts of especially offensive films, television programs

    and books.”

    This is a typical tactic of Fascist organizations. People like damian represent a sort of “H+ youth”.

    They are employed as “shock troops” to attack anyone that “offends” the movement. All of this is not

    surprising given the history of transhumanism/eugenics and their long association with Fascism –

    especially Nazi Germany."


    If any of you are over on H+ sites and logs harrassing them, which I seriously doubt, I strongly encourage

    you to stop bothering them and come on home. The same goes for Damian/Khannea suntzu and however many other alter personalities, paid and unpaid pals of Transhumanism – go home and stop the harrassment, name calling and intimidation.

    Those Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" and harrassment can go both ways, my dear adversaries.

    According to Alinsky, the main job of the organizer is to bait an opponent into reacting. “The enemy properly goaded and guided in his reaction will be your major strength."

    My dear friend Snort has told me so much about you already, even more than you have directly.

    As Christians, we generally refrain from such things. but, one can never bee totally sure, as we are only human, after all. I promise you that I'll certainly try to withstand your constant pressure (RFR, Rule 8), but one of these days, ringing up that nice young man over at Belgische Federale Politie could become very tempting…maybe more than even I can resist. :)

  329. The Vigilant Citizen has become a vehicle for most of you to be able to blame something/someone for the way the world is today. Yes, you the reader. If we're being taken advantage of and being treated and experimented upon like lab rats, its our fault. You can turn the T.V. off, you can turn off the radio. You don't have to pay much attention to the media. If you want news, read the newspaper. Form your own opinions, instead of co-signing with the opinions of Fox, or CNN. The lot of you watch these vidoes and movies, not to spot the symbolism, but because you get that enjoyable dissonant feeling of doing something you know is wrong. Saying to yourselves, "I'll just watch it to see if there is any symbolism." Reveling in the pre-concieved thoughts of pointing out symbolism, you dont even realize your true intentions. Some of you are liars, and even more, some are ignorant. There is nothing wrong with the latter, but the former is detestable. Wake up from your so-called 'awakened' state…because the majority of you are still sleeping.

  330. Wow…we have a lot of Jesus haters in here I see. One question, why hate something you don't believe in? That's like I don't believe in the tooth fairy, yet I hate his/her guts. Ridiculous. How could you call yourself a Luciferian and don't believe in the other side of the spectrum (whether you embrace it or not)? That's like saying there is a heaven but no hell. As far as Jesus being a "myth," what about archeological evidence? So you seem to be a "science head" and base everything on one part of science while ignoring the other just to twist it into what you want it to be? That's like me saying that Muhammad didn't exist yet there is clearly evidence that he did. No, I do not believe in Muhammad as a prophet, and I do not go by the Qur'an, but I'm not closed-minded enough to deny his existance. That's like a person don't like television so they call the entire invention a fairytale. It's pure ignorance. "How do you know God exists? Have you seen him with your own eyes?"….Well how do you know an atom exists? Have you seen one with YOUR own eyes? No. You've only seen what scientists have told you that they've seen, witnessed, hypothesized, etc. Gimme a break!

    @Clavis. I never knew that about Luciferians. Never heard of "our lady" and such. I may have to read more into that. Not to embrace or accept your beliefs or anything like that, but because, to me, Lucifer is the enemy. Kinda similar to Yaldabaoth being your enemy (if I interpreted that right). I believe I need to know my enemy. Also, I'm Christian but I do not have Catholic beliefs. I guess that would qualify me as a Protestant or what have you. So, pointing out the flaws of papalcy does not move me to the left or right. I pretty much disagree with a lot of it anyway. But I'm open enough to hear someone else out. How can you expect people of other faiths to hear you out if you refuse to hear them out first?

    Anywho, and this is to everybody on here, Christian or otherwise: we will all see one day who was right and who was wrong. I thinks it's pointless to be on here arguing over who's right and who's wrong. Nothing wrong with putting your beliefs out there, but do we have to be so disrespectful about it? (Not saying that EVERYONE is disrespectful) We got name-calling and all types of sophomoric conversation jumpin off in here (mainly by Damien, but then again….Look at his name). Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. And it's ok to share, but you can't brow beat someone into believing the same things you believe. I've shared my beliefs, you've shared yours…ok…and? Life goes on. But I will say this: you better hope you made the right decision when you do take your last breath.

  331. Instead of just stating it, tell me who owns 90+% of papers. Where did you get that information? Where did that number come from? Give me fact, not fiction. I said read the newspapers because T.V. media is more influential. There is much more communication in watching a T.V. than in reading an article. That allows more room to make your own assumptions/opinions and youre more likely to do some more research when you read something that doesnt make sense.

  332. Sir Julian Sorell Huxley was an English evolutionary biologist, humanist and internationalist. Huxley was a promnent member of the British Eugenics society, and its President from 1959-1962. He thought eugenics was important for removing undesirable variants from the human gene pool. In his writing, he used this argument many times: "No one doubts the wisdom of managing the germ-plasm of agricultural stocks, so why not apply the same concept to human stocks?" The agricultural analogy appears over and over again, as it did in the writings of many American eugenicists.

    Huxley was one of many intellectuals at the time who believed that the lowest class in society was genetically inferior. This passage, from 1941, puts this view forcefully:

    "The lowest strata are reproducing too fast. Therefore…they must not have too easy access to relief or hospital treatment lest the removal of the last check on natural selection should make it too easy for children to be produced or to survive; long unemployment should be a ground for sterlisation."

  333. LVB

    You're right, I should do more research. But, you shouldnt wildly toss around numbers as if you actually know what you're talking about…especially without backing yourself up. That has nothing to do with thinking for myself.

  334. @ Veritas

    I said read the newspapers because T.V. media is more influential. There is much more communication in watching a T.V.


    Every heard of a gatekeeper?


    It's just common sense and common decency. They want to say our beliefs are barbaric but they can't even hold a civilized conversation/debate. They contridict themselves and expect everyone to jump on the band wagon. I, on the other hand, do not expect everyone to jump for Jesus. It simply won't happen. The Bible tells you that. Even if you send someone to show them that Jesus is the way, everyone won't believe. Luke 16:31 says "And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead." Everyone ain't meant to be saved. I hate to say it like this but…let em burn. You did your part. Shared what you had to….job well done. :-)

  335. Im sorry, I had to have missed it. I haven't read many posts. Just a few here and there. There are 453 posts…I apologize if you feel that I've taken something from you. What post number did you say that?

  336. Hello Africa!

    We're picking up a lot of new readers from South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria and Zimbabwe.

    Welcome to you all.

  337. @veritas

    I don't feel you have taken anything from me at all. That very first sentence was a statement that YOU made. That wasn't my statement to you. My statement, or rather, question to you was "have you heard of a gatekeeper?"

  338. brandi

    I have now…buried stories and misinformation, the likes of such things haven't evaded me. But, where are you going with it?

  339. @Veritas. I'm just saying. Your post earlier sounded as if you did not know of such things. If there is a gatekeeper for tv, what makes you think that there isn't one for the newspapers as well, or any other type of media (yes including VC). Not trying to insult you, you just seemed like you didn't know.

  340. @ Brandi I luv your post I agree, @ Shonuff I agree with you to a point as well. what does education have to do with hitting on someone? The only people that knew what happened that day are Chris, Rihanna, and God. Its his and her personal life. That's just another stereotype to me about black men as if they aren't educated. There are many Black Men that are educated. There are some that beat on their wives or vice versa. They can be Korean, Chinese, White,Indian,etc. Women can be abusive too. Maybe he couldn't express himself verbally and went to that route. But no one knows the whole story and I don't care. Two people were hurt in that and it was Chris and Rihanna. A lot of us focus our attention on the male and not both or the cause of the situation. Being educated doesn't define who you are or what you do.

    @ LVB you are funny. Saying you think you luv Brandi cute ♥

    @team jesus I couldn't agree more with your post. kid stars don't have to go to school. It depends on the parent and the child. Obviously beyonce didn't finish school. She said it herself. Go google it please

    what hot water would they be in if they are the ones controlling the water?

  341. Brandi

    I understand where you're coming from. I mostly want people to use their own judgement, instead of letting themselves be feed, and then using that as a reason to escape the reality they have created. And dont worry, I'm not offended.

  342. Concerned citizen on

    I came across your website, and started reading your articles. It really started making me aware of everything that is happening around us, and I thought that this is really a very good effort to "expose" the cults that have all these evil plans. But soon enough I realised something you said which made me doubt my believes, and that was: "Christianity, Judaism and Islam formed their own occult circles". But I held on to my beliefs and it hit me! If the media, through movies and music, etc are marketing the occult(s), THEN THIS IS THE TRAINING SCHOOL FOR THE OCCULTS!!!! You probably belong to the occult yourself and using this website to teach the masses your SICK CULT! Guess what? VIGILANT CITIZEN HAS BEEN EXPOSED!!!! PS I can't wait for your lame excuses or effort to justify yourself… Instead of studying all this occult rubbish, why don't you study Christianity, Judaism and Islam and get true guidence from the only true GOD being worthy of Worship – ALLAH!!!!

  343. Concerned citizen

    Emporer Constantine made Christianity an acceptable religion in 312. He was a 'converted' pagan, who incorporated paganism into Christianity. What do you really know about Christianity for you to doubt your beliefs?

  344. @ Concerned Citizen

    Wow…you really went to the left field with that one. I won't say much because it defeats the purpose. But first off, nearly all major religions have cults that were formed (christians to christian scientists, Islam to Wahhabism, Judaism to Kabbalah, etc, etc, etc).

    Secondly, you said "Instead of studying all this occult rubbish, why don’t you study Christianity, Judaism and Islam and get true guidence from the only true GOD being worthy of Worship." Umm…since when should a soldier go into battle without knowing the tactics and such of the enemy? That's suicide at it's finest. Ok…bye

  345. @veritas….I totally agree. You can't just read the Bible and expect to have a strong Christian foundation. You need to know your history and that of your enemy's

  346. @Freeyourmind& Brandi- I didn't mention the word black not one time. Listening to Chris Brown in the weeks to follow the incident showed me he was very under educated. For example: who don't know CB was sorry for hitting Rihanna, weather he was sorry he messed up his career, or actually sorry he hit her. If it was me I would have been sorry I let a wratched crazy, insane female destroy my career, I beleive they were two violent people, CB stepped up to the plate to accept responsibility and Rihanna didn't karma is a mf, any way back to the point and by the way I am not a CB or Rihanna fan my opinion. Anyway did you notice listening to his public televised apology, like I mention before we know he was sorry, who wouldn't be whatever your reasons are, and he couldn't even get his words together to do a f n apology. Every time he spoke, his dialect was embarrassing. Heres what I realized. He is dumb as hell and has no language skill, scratch dumb as hell,not as smart. He has been on the road since about age 14/15. When you can not express yourself, you resort to other methods. Just like he was unable to communicate with the public, his fans……he probably was the same when it came to Rihanna and unknowingly he expressed himself the best way for him possible, with his hands. A women can bring out the best in you or she can bring out the worst in you. Rihanna was already a bad girl, CB ,nice clean image untill he met the monster. Don't get me wrong I just do not soley blame CB I blame crazy horse the same or more. After it has been said and done Rihanna true character is showing clearer, and CB seems to be trying to get back to the old CB, Rihanna on the other hand, self destruction. So this is what I meant by CB not having a proper education. We were talking about child stars and tutors. My point looking at people like CB and Beyonce do you consider tutoring proper education and these people cant even formulate sentences. I am a black woman so I was not trying to call CB an uneducated black man as an insult only making a very valid point.

  347. @ Shonuf. I never mentioned black or white either. I simply said that lack of education isn't was makes a person beat another person. It also doesn't make a person eloquent…Look a George "Dubya". Most times, he seemed to be a bumbling idiot, yet he was elected to be president, not once, but twice. Some people are just not good speakers.

  348. @Brandi- Can you understand my point about how lack of education can lead to abuse. When you are in a reletionship communication is key. If you can not express youself verbably, how do you settle disputes in relationships? how do you tell your other you do not agree with something, or whatever the case may be.Too bad you can not see how they both go together.Every interview I have saw of CB post Rihanna, before we only saw them both singing, not talking, in my opinion proved why he was violent.He is a young man who is unable to express himself, express feelings. Which is a result of lack of edu & communication skills. Look at the video he couldn't even express himself to his fan, to the public, and to Rihanna, so he talked with his fist. They both go together if you do not have communication you do not have a relationship

  349. Shonuf

    Everyone has their opinions. Its my opinion you are uneducated, because you can't spell basic words; or even construct a syntaxial and grammtically correct sentence. I'm no better than you, though. So, there is no reason for me to shove my opinion down your throat. Just as you shouldn't force others to believe your opinions. I'd say he's very good at expressing himself, I'm sure he has writers, but he also writes music himself. Again, everyone has their opinions, but it doesn't make you right or others wrong.

  350. @ Veritas

    Emperor Constantine did not make Christianity and acceptable religion. He made the Roman Cathlic Church an acceptable religion appealing to both so called Christians and Pagans by infusing elements of the two into one religion. It was a smart political move to unify his kingdom. I just wanted to make that clear because Christianity is the pure teachings of Jesus Christ found in the Bible.

  351. Amazed

    Do some homework; Christianity was outlawed, and he made it legal via Edict of Milan. He converted to it and then infused a lil paganism here and there. He was not a Catholic, he was a Pagan. He found out about Christianity through his mother Helena. You wanna keep doing this? I don't want to be responsible for you doubting your faith. You are correct that Christianity is the pure teachings of Jesus Christ, but Christianity now is not what it was before. Let me ask you this: what is a church?

  352. brandi said: "Wow…we have a lot of Jesus haters in here I see. One question, why hate something you don’t believe in? That’s like I don’t believe in the tooth fairy, yet I hate his/her guts. Ridiculous."


    @brandi – Brilliant! The simplest explanation is always the best. Thank you for jumping in. You obviously are experienced at debate, and the techniques used by those who are arguing in support of ideas which they know to be false. One of the goals of the eugenics/transhumanist movement is specifically to undermine organized religion and the family. How else can they get us to go along with their plan of breeding us like cattle? They know that the Christians will never go along with this. They are especially vehement in their attacks against the Catholic Church because of its doctrine of the "sanctity of life". The Church is well aware of the eugenics agenda and although it refrains from speaking out on political issues, it can be seen to be in constant opposition to their plan.


    Humanae Vitae was issued in 1968 by Pope Paul VI. Here is an excerpt.

    "The changes that have taken place are of considerable importance and varied in nature. In the first place there is the rapid increase in population which has made many fear that world population is going to grow faster than available resources, with the consequence that many families and developing countries would be faced with greater hardships. This can easily induce public authorities to be tempted to take even harsher measures to avert this danger. There is also the fact that not only working and housing conditions but the greater demands made both in the economic and educational field pose a living situation in which it is frequently difficult these days to provide properly for a large family."

    "Also noteworthy is a new understanding of the dignity of woman and her place in society, of the value of conjugal love in marriage and the relationship of conjugal acts to this love."

    "But the most remarkable development of all is to be seen in man's stupendous progress in the domination and rational organization of the forces of nature to the point that he is endeavoring to extend this control over every aspect of his own life—over his body, over his mind and emotions, over his social life, and even over the laws that regulate the transmission of life."

  353. Veritas

    Do your homework. Constantine never officially "converted". He was never baptized. But you are right about mainstream Christianity. It is infused with paganism. All the major "christian" holidays are evidence of that.

    The origin ofthe word church according to Webster's dictionary is Circe who is a pagan goddess further emphasizing my point.

    Don't worry, you did not make me doubt my faith. I am a Christian but I do not follow mainstream Christianity. I follow the Bible.

  354. Amazed – The Bible is not the only source of Christian teaching. We all agree that Jesus is at the center of Christianity and the Gospels are at the center of Christian teaching. But you deny yourself a rich heritage of Christian teaching if you repudiate the writings of the Christian Church prior to the Protestant Reformation. And if you have read much about Martin Luther than you will know that he also had many flaws. The Catholic Church has had centuries of experience in battling against heresies such as the ones contained in transhumanism and New Age spirituality. Why would we want to throw away all that experience and start off fresh from nothing? We Christians need to be uniting at this time of constant attacks against us, rather than allowing others to divide us. We all share the same basic way of worshipping on Sunday which is to remember the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, through Holy Communion. We can each express this in slightly different ways while still agreeing on the fundamentals. I have attended Baptist, Methodist and Catholic churches and I can tell you that it is the same Jesus Christ that is worshipped in all of them.

  355. Amazed

    The church is God's people; Ekklesia. While you are right in a sense, that wasnt the answer that should have come forth. You don't have to be baptized to be a Christian. If you follow the bible like you say you do, where does it say that? Because what I know is that you must believe in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to be saved.

  356. clavis inferni on


    you are correct in your assumption of Yaldabaoth. I never said I wasn't open to hearing others out on their beliefs. Believe it or not im not a bigot. I like many involved in the occult are very understanding people an easy to get along with. Im sorry if I came off as attacking or angry but I have been upset with all this attacking of my Prophet by this website. The fault lies not with him for mans own actions. Throughout history Lucifer has been blamed for everything bad or evil that happens which is not the case. He has been the scapegoat of many to justify killings and evil deeds done by man and man alone. Its not his fault man cant take blame for his own actions. Another thing is that Lucifer is against the slavery of Yaldabaoth. Yaldabaoth is the one who wants all to fall down to their knees an worship him. Yaldabaoth is the one who wants humanity to be slaves. An when I hear all these people speak out against these so-called masons lest not forget that the dream of America was that the masons an many a secret fraternity. They gave up trying to build utopia over in europe an came here and created a nation where all religions were supposed to be tolerated. Free from all the fears and the bloodied history that abounded in europe because of the christians. But alas the masons were attacked in the country that they envisioned by fundamentalists in the 1800's an and forced to hide again. Now the way I see it is if they do take over ( if they haven't already) then good for them. Its been a long time coming. Maybe we won't have to fear being ridiculed or burned at the stake (figure of speech) like like many before us had. Through all the countless slaughters and murders done in the name of these "mainstream" religions throughout history you should be glad the "supposed masons" are taking over peacefully instead of seeking just vengence that has been denied to them for all these centuries. Quite admirable of them.

    An no I am not a mason but very well might become one in the near future. The reason they keep majority of you out and keep knowledge secret is because most of you can't handle nor comprehend the grandness of it all. There is also a belief that knowledge is only showed to those who seek it. Most people are fine with just accepting one doctrine completely, an good for them, but when they start becoming bigots and fundamentalists thats when a problem insues. I was able to get in touch with a group of masons because a card was placed in a book on hermetics that I found in a bookstore. I have searched the same book in other stores an have found nothing. Oddly enough just before I had found the card a friend and I were discussing the masons. Funny how things work like that, ehh?

  357. Baba

    I understand your point (and I mean no disrespect) but the Catholic Church is responsible for heresy itself. If your are a Christian and believe that the Bible is God's word then what more is need? No other literary work can supersede that, wouldn't you agree?

  358. Veritas

    Jesus set the example for us to follow. He was baptized and Christians get baptized as a symbol of their dedication to God just as Jesus did. Also, believing is not enough. The bible says faith without works is dead.

  359. amazed – There are many kinds of Christians. Please do not judge how others practice their Christianity. This is what the eugenics/transhumanists want. They are rolling over and laughing in delight whenever they see us fighting. They know our schisms and seek to exploit them. If you are happy with obtaining your knowledge of Christianity solely from the Bible, then that is fine. I used to be that way myself. But as I learned about the history of the Church I realized that there was a whole legacy of Christian teachings that go beyond the Bible. Let me share with you a simple quote from St. Augustine, "Hope has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage; anger at the way things are, and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are."

    And lately I have been inspired by this prayer from St. Francis of Assisi:

    Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.

    Where there is hatred, let me sow love,

    Where there is injury, pardon

    Where there is doubt, faith,

    Where there is despair, hope,

    Where there is darkness, light,

    Where there is sadness, joy.

  360. Amazed

    You are now introducing new element, as I never cited faith without works. Of course, you have to have works. But, where do you start? With the belief that Jesus died for our sins and was Resurrected. Then you are saved. When you are baptized you gifted the Holy Ghost which gives you the power and confidence to go out and witness to others. What do you consider "works?"

  361. veritas – I can see through you and your attempts at creating doubt and confusion. I give you credit for being subtle in your methods, but nothing more. Are you another troll working for the transhumanists, or do you just delight in torturing Christians? You don't need to answer.

    The fact that Christians do not measure up to the example of Christ should not surprise anyone. In fact I would be surprised if any of us could. None of us are perfect. If we were we would be in heaven already instead of walking on this Earth. But we can strive for perfection in our daily lives and ask for forgiveness when we fail.

    I'm sure you know all this. I'm sure you know the Lord's Prayer by heart. My suggestion for you is to try reciting it and asking the Holy Spirit to reveal to you its full meaning. That is if you want to grow as a Christian. But if you simply want to attack other Christians, then there is no point. As always, God leaves it up to you.

  362. Amazed

    I just wanted to be certain that we're not actually arguing. I'm not becoming angry, I hope that you're not. I am a Christian, born-again, baptized, speaking in tongues, backsliden Christian. My backslide has shown me a few things. You must question tradition, or you'll be doing the wrong thing.

  363. Baba

    While I'm not trying to create doubt and confusion, I am trying to get blind, close-minded Christians to open their minds. Yes, I do delight in torturing Christians, I love to challenge other Christians, not because I think I'm better, but, because regardless of my status in my faith, everyone I come into contact with blood is on my hands.




    NOW DID THAT TAKE ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  365. @Baba

    Thanks for the compliment, but I am DEFINATELY not learned in the area of debate. I just call things how I see it. Still thanks :-)

    @ Clavis

    First, I want to say that I did not see your post as an attack. I wasn't the least bit offended. I can understand how you could be upset at people attacking the Lucifer, as I'm sure you could understand my being offend at people attacking Jesus and the Great I Am. And you are right, many people do use Lucifer as the scapegoat or people are quick to cry out "the devil made me do it." I on the other hand don't believe the devil can make me do anything I don't want to do. Temptation is very real, however according to my beliefs and I Corinthians 10:13 "There hath no temptation taken you but such as is common to man: but God is faithful, who will not suffer you to be tempted above that ye are able; but will with the temptation also make a way to escape, that ye may be able to bear it." So you are right. Too many people (especially Christians) give Lucifer too much credit for actions that we have free will on.

    Now, I have my own beliefs on masons and mystery schools, that I won't really get into but I will say this: I find it funny that Revelation mentions "And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH."…..too many mysteries for me….


    Every Christian does not celebrate pagan holidays. I gave up Christmas, Easter, etc YEARS ago. Some people simply don't know the truth yet.

  366. Veratis- Who the hell are you. I don't recall saying anything to you, and you are a got damn fool if you think Chris Brown did an excellent job in that interview or the one to follow. I am so glad you mention your writings are no better. "Shove an opinion down my throat" what the what are you talking about. My comment was on the subjects of tutors. You sound like a dumb ass stan. I don't think this is the place for that. So calm the f down, I know you excited and all learning new shish, but you should pick and choose your arguements better what I said wasn't any thing to gripe about. I noticed something about CB and I pointed it out. Please remember I do not deal with stan mail, if you are on here stan n for an artist I am the wrong person to step to. Do that on your own time. I have nothing against CB so why would I lie. Last but not least GET YOUR SCREEN NAMES TOGETHER BECAUSE I DIDN'T SAY SCHIT TO YOU.when you get finished CB didn't attend school past the age of 14 that we know of. so what? &gtfoh

  367. Oh here we go with people on here with all these screen names starting crap. You got people arguing with themselves. One end you saying it's all a lie in the next screen name it's a totally different story. I call that stiring brains up, confusion. I'll come back when the maddness has calmed down. Thats some confusing, planted shish. Same person on her agreeing and disagreeing all at the same time please get a new hobby or new web job

  368. Veratis

    I respect that. I am not arguing either. I enjoy a healthy debate.

    I think we have a lot more in common then we have different. There's nothing wrong with questioning what you believe if you sincerely are looking for the trueth. If what you believe is true you will prove it to yourself and your faith will be that much stronger.

    One way to show you have works that support your faith is to follow Jesus' example and his teachings. Another way is to talk to others about your faith just as Jesus did and lead your like in a way that praises God.

  369. LOVELY, as I stated all of these things are true, that's why I come here and take a good read.

    My suggestion was only this: stop focusing too much attention on these information, since it is information that is circulating to keep a big amount of the people who are 'waking up' trapped within a certain mindset, and to a certain extent.

    That's all. :)

    Take care!

  370. Well how long are we going to focus on this nonsense, it is all just a distraction to keep you from realizing your own potential. The time u wasted watching these videos, researching them, then reading countless articles about occult and celebrities u could have been doing something constructive, like spending time with family and friends, learning something new and beneficial that will uplift u. Be positive, stop watching this negative stuff, stop watching these videos and concentrate on maximizing ur fullest potential. Have u noticed that all the reading and research of these celebrities doesn't make u feel any better, in turn makes u less productive? Get it, YOU ARE THE ROBOTS!!!! YOU FELL FOR IT HOOK LINE SINKER. Now that u know wake up

  371. Baba

    My intention is not to judge just have an interchange of ideas. I appreciate you including a prayer that you have found encouraging. I am assuming you are Catholic. While is is commendable that you are a person of faith I would encourage you to test whether your religion really teaches the truth. I was raised in a Catholic family but when I read the Bible I was surprised to learn that there were things that I was taught that werenot in the Bible and even went against what the bible teaches.

  372. hebdomas

    Great comment. Too much focus on this stuff can definitely be bad, and depending on the individual, it can be really bad. I highly encourage people to leave it alone and shut it down if and when it begins to bother them.


  373. I just wanted to chime in and say that this is the worst thing I have ever read on the internet. I am now dumber having read it. Thanks for wasting part of my life that I can't get back.

  374. readbetweenthelines on

    Back and forth commentary is kinda distracting. Can we stick to the main points here and direct all the other side talk to another link? If someone logs on here and sees 499 comments, whereas most of it is a conversation between a few people, they're gonna get bored like me and miss the important stuff.

  375. @ brandi "Let 'em burn."

    Well, now that we know what kind of person you are, what else is there to say? Oh, I know… If not being gullible is a reason to burn, then should you burn for not believing in invisible pink unicorns? ABSOLUTELY.

    As for the rest of you here cheering LVB and his assertion that the plan is for you to be exterminated, tell me why you care. You want to go to the next life ASAP anyway, so what's your beef? I think it's that you like the TH agenda of living greatly extended and enhanced lives and fear being left out. Is it too hard for you to keep up with the science? Too hard to keep abreast of the news in the science journals? Too hard to conceive that you too could be the author of your own destiny? It's hard to have pity for people who's attitude towards other people is "Let them burn".

  376. Shonuf

    What in the world is a 'stan?' I'm not an English teacher and I make mistakes, but I honestly can say that your last post was confusing to me. We were taught how to spell and construct sentences so we can clearly communicate ideas through text. In other words; Use some grammar, spelling and proof-reading so we can all understand you.

  377. @Baba

    I was reading your post directed at Veratis. I'm curious, what is the full meaning of The Lord's Prayer?


    You are right. There are still many who do not know the truth about what they believe. I am glad you do not celebrate those holidays, I do not either. What made you come to that realization?

  378. LVB,

    > Remember what happened to poor ol “Joe the Plumber” when he had the audacity to say that some stuff sounded an awful lot like socialism?

    What the HELL does "Joe the Plumber have anything to do with what transhumanism? Can people here please stop blaming frogs raining from the sky on people you barely know or comprehend ? Joe the plumber being attacked by god knows what perfidious political idiots in the US microcosm of ludiccrous politics has absolutely nothing, not a thing to do with transhumanism – even what you all in your most feverish fantasies assume transhumanism is.

    I know, you won't believe what I claim, the regulars flocking to this forum won't believe me, but anyone else who reads this whole sordid mess will be able to form a pretty good idea where you stand and where I stand – and where the transhumanist community stands. I know I will be unable to convince you – you at this are incapable of being convinced (and I am pretty secure in my beliefs as well) – but the point of this whole engagement is that the world can see what you do in fact represent.

    By the fruit you shall know the tree.

    > This is why the leaders and members of the Tranny-humanist agenda are doing the things that they are doing – because they know very well that we are not going to buy into their evil BS if they tell us the truth of what they are all about.

    Which is not true and in effect lying – and you are degenerating to a sordid and infantile level of namecalling that should be beneath you. Do you have not a shred of human decency?

    > It’s pretty obvious by now that damian/knannea suntzu/bias hazard is a troll working for a transhuman/eugenics group called “Humanity+”.

    Liar. Hysteric. I am not 'damian', I am not 'bias'.

    Up until this point I have consistently tried engaging in polite discussion, and I have taken the liberty to denounce lying, persecution and demonization. I am doing this of my own accord after (?) Damian (who I barely know) mentioned this site in a meeting last tuesday. I am not 'working' for Humanity+, which is, last time I checked, a magazine run by a guy called RU Sirius. In fact the only one I am working for is myself, and I occasionally freelance for a company for a an amount of money about half of US minimum wage. I do not have a 'budget'. I do this strictly because I have ideals, faith in a better world, an educated understanding of geopolitics and the human future. And I know – we should be allies, because yes, we share enemies. But alas, I suppose you are to dimwitted to ever accept this – and that is the price of PRIDE, the sin which let to the mythological fall of Prometheus. Lucifer by any other name.

    And I am here because this site did in fact come forth with a boundless series of lies in the above article. Anytime you pick on a particular organisation or movement with strong ideals and self-confidence do not be surprised that those accused call you out on your statements. That is what the graceous owner of this site has called 'freedom of expression' and the sole reason he has allowed me to voice my side of things.

    > If any of you are over on H+ sites and logs harrassing them, which I seriously doubt, I strongly encourage you to stop bothering them and come on home. The same goes for Damian/Khannea suntzu and however many other alter personalities, paid and unpaid pals of Transhumanism – go home and stop the harrassment, name calling and intimidation.

    I repeat, I am not Damian.

    If you come forth on the internet with a slanderous site, where you think you can blunder out from under your bridge and string together a series of paranoid hysterical fantasies, that's fine. There is one born every minute. However as soon as you start lying and pointing the finger at a number of people who are just trying to do the best they know how, do not be surprised these people call you out on whatever lies you spew. In doing so you invariably waste our time, but we have to, because we believe in something and uneducated simpletons such as you should not be able to vilify and demonize people and well-intentioned movements indiscriminately.

    I didn't start the fire here. I will come out and accuse those who lie and slander. You are free to disagree with us or criticize us, but as soon as you enter into a psychedelic paranoid fantasy sharing an elaborate psychotic fantasy world with the world blaming transhumanists for widespread evils, I reserve the right to deny these absolutely grotesque ideas in an oppen exchange of ideas.

    > As Christians, we generally refrain from such things. but, one can never bee totally sure, as we are only human, after all. I promise you that I’ll certainly try to withstand your constant pressure (RFR, Rule 8), but one of these days, ringing up that nice young man over at Belgische Federale Politie could become very tempting…maybe more than even I can resist.

    I accuse you of hypocrisy – and you lie. You are repeating your drivel over and over an elaborate fantasy of apocalyptic and exceedingly superficial fantasies. In doing so you are effectively soiling yourself, and damaging the reputation of decent christian people all over the world. You are making a mockery of upstanding and decent christianity and you should be ashamed of yourself.

    And I am certainly not impressed by whatever rote quotes you produce to validate your persecution fantasies, and I am equally not impressed by you threatening to call the BFP. In fact, I call you out on that – let that belgian friend email me NOW. I dare and doubledare you, come out with those flimsy threats and make good on your claims and boasts – and remember, I only need to show whatever belgian friends you might have this site, the above post and the *unedited* forum replies to give him an idea of the actual situation. After reading this I wonder if you will ever be able to call him ever again.

    So on my account, don't resist and feel free to escalate this whole sordid mess a good deal beyond what you can manage.

    As for this site, I am done with it. I have had my say. I have invested enough of my scarce energy in what you all represent. So far, many of you should be ashamed of yourselves. The article was pretty rude in itself, but the replies posted below here have been substantially worse. Let me reiterate – you won't convince me of the core values you hold dear and vice versa. We are clearly beyond the point of respectful dialogue. What has been established for all I care is that many people on this site are part of a climate of pathological apophenia bordering on the mass hysteria. The signs are clearly visible. Outsiders visiting this unspeakable mess will look on it and see transhumanists based on their words and actions. Decide for yourself how outsiders will look on the rest of the people here but I dare to wager it won't be very charitable.

    In fact – I predict that this post and discussion will be quietly deleted in a few weeks. Embarrassing and all.

    In the future you will no dount find numerous other reason to blame transhumanists, jews, gispies, illuminati, little green men from zeta reticulii, freemasons, the catholics, mexicans, pod people .. for the brown stains in your K mart underwear, but I besiege you – please – grow some sense. Read a book. Watch some BBC. If you get all hot and bothered, buy a dog and take a walk in the park. Don't go around insulting and slandering well-intentioned people you clearly have no clue what they are all about.


  379. You're an idiot. This article makes so many stretches and rests so heavily on assumptions of intent that any credible info gets thrown out with the junk. Interesting piece but will only find interest with those who are already predisposed to accepting your position.

  380. @amazed – Contemplating the Lord's prayer reveals its perfection. I think it is up to each of us to fully understand it at a personal level. My interpretation would have little meaning for you. Just as if you described your personal relationship with God it would have little meaning for me. If it were that easy, we would be able to easily spread the Gospel.

    I will say one thing for you that I recently discovered. The reason Catholics kneel during the transubstantiation of the Eucharist during Mass is to acknowledge the presence of God, and to humble ourselves before him. It is one thing to know this intellectually, and another thing to feel God's presence. Shouldn't we kneel in the presence of the King of Kings? I mention this because you said you were raised Catholic. I was not. I don't think you realize how lucky you are because it is not easy for someone at an older age to come to appreciate the Catholic traditions. It is easy for you to walk away from the Catholic Church. It is much harder to acquire a firm knowledge at a later date. It is like trying to learn to read or swim as an adult. It can be done, but it requires a large sustained effort.

  381. Damian/Khannea suntzu

    I'm not on Transhumanist blogs posting under multiple names and stirring up trouble and hatred. And, yes, I know that you've gone to all the mirror sites for this article posting your rebuttal propaganda. Very sad.

    And, I never said I would do such a nefarious thing, only that I most definitely could. One of us has a conscience and strong will to resist evil.

    That is the primary difference between you and I.

  382. @baba

    Why is it hard to spread the Gospel? Jesus left a model for us to follow in many ways. One such model was "the Lord's Prayer" where he taught his followers how to pray for God's kingdom. He also taught his followers how to preach.

    I can understand how the rituals of the Catholic church may be alluring but they have nothing to do with worshoping God. They are just man made traditions usually from pagan roots. The Bible says we need to worship God in spirit and in truth. Catholic traditions may seem admirable but ask yourself. Did the first century Christians observe these traditions? If these traditions we required, wouldn't Jesus have observed them? Of what benefit is it to practice these traditions if you ignore the truth contained in the scriptures?

    Read the following scriptures and tell me what you think

    Matthew 15:9

    1Timothy 4:1-5

    Exodus 20:1-5

  383. These power craving industry just wants you to waste your time.Even if you listen to the music ,waste time analyzing it or keep telling everyone about it, you're wasting your time. and VC, you sound like an artist explaining his art , because without these analysis, the amount of time wasted to put all the hidden message in would be useless.

  384. > Damian/Khannea suntzu

    I am not Damian.

    > I’m not on Transhumanist blogs posting under multiple names and stirring up trouble and

    > hatred. And, yes, I know that you’ve gone to all the mirror sites for this article posting your

    > rebuttal propaganda. Very sad.

    Anyone who takes the time to read your article and reference it with mine will see, plain and

    simple who stirs of hatred, and who defends a cause. Don't expect me to to take your

    butchers knife of character assassination lying down. You post an article taking the phrase

    transhumanism and slander it for dozens of reposts, and now you come crying like a little

    baby that those you take apart for your witch trials demand a fair hearing? I am sorry but you


    > And, I never said I would do such a nefarious thing, only that I most definitely could. One

    > of us has a conscience and strong will to resist evil.

    I am positive that many devout christians went around teaching heathens a lesson with

    the sword, the garotte, and if need be, with smallpox blankets. And conversely many

    non-christians went around sharing food and shelter. What wears a white hat isn't by

    definition a paragon of righteousness, and what has dark hair and a dark cloak isn't

    by definition a sith. Maybe we both have determination and a desire to see good, but

    one of us might be a bit dim.

    Next time you try and bake pancakes try not to burn down the house.

  385. Extropia DaSilva on

    This article begins with a tactic somewhat similar to the one antireligious types use. Such people pick out passages from the Old Testament (the sexist, racist and homophobic parts, basically) and then claim this is the way modern Christians think. Maybe some individuals DO hold intolerant views, but generally speaking this is a misleading charicature that does not reflect the views of most Christians. Similarly, yes it is true that H+ began with the eugenicists, but that is not representitive of modern transhumanism.

    Consider a person with a mental disability. The Eugenicist would argue that this person's genes should be removed from the genepool, either by killing her, or ensuring she can never bare children.

    The transhumanist would ask 'how can science and technology enable this person to achieve more than one might suppose, given her condition'? The transhumanist also expands 'disability' to include anything that reduces a person's quality of life. If you are happy just the way you are, the H+ community has no interest in forcing you to change. But if there is something(s) about your body, mind that you are less than happy with, H+ would ask 'can this problem be corrected through science and technolog?y' and give the individual the OPTION to apply that solution as and when it becomes available.

    The nearest H+ gets to eugenics is germline engineering. If an embryo is missing a gene or, has faulty genes and this will result in the person being red-green color blind, that error should be corrected. Who decides whether or not to correct that fault? The parents, and nobody else. Of course, H+ proponents may ADVICE the parents to do something, just as H+ critics can argue their case, but at the end of the day the parents choose. At least, that is what transhumanists believe. Maybe we will find ourselves in a dystopian future where compulsory germline engineering is carried out regardless of what an individual or his/her parents wish, but that is absolutely NOT what H+ is trying to bring about.

    As for this idea about turning people into drones, this is absolutely NOT part of the transhuman picture. Why turn people into drones, when we could build robots to do all the drudge work, freeing people to spend their time doing creative things rather than hour after hour of menial tasks?

  386. @amazed – Stop bashing your fellow Christians. No one is forcing you to be Catholic. To pretend that Roman Catholics, which is the largest Christian denomination, aren't Christians is ridiculous.

    I only bring this up in this discussion because it has been part of the Eugenics campaign from day one to attack the Catholic Church. And by joining them, you are unwittingly aiding them. If you are a Christian, the Catholic Church is not your enemy. Your enemy is the transhumanist/eugenicists whose goal it is to destroy all religion.

    The Catholic Church has stood up stronger against the transhumanists than any other religious group in the world that I am aware of. What do you think the whole campaign against abortion is? It is a stand on the Christian definition of human life. If we are not willing to fight for the rights of human beings at the moment of conception, then we will ultimately end up in a losing battle for our own rights to Life. The transhumanists/eugenicists want to be able to "abort" human life that they thing is undesirable at any age. They want to turn the conception of human life into a method of breeding humans.

    That is what the Catholic Church is fighting against. Please read:

    – Humanae Vitae (1968)
    "But the most remarkable development of all is to be seen in man's stupendous progress in the domination and rational organization of the forces of nature to the point that he is endeavoring to extend this control over every aspect of his own life—over his body, over his mind and emotions, over his social life, and even over the laws that regulate the transmission of life."

    "Human life is sacred—all men must recognize that fact," Our predecessor Pope John XXIII recalled. "From its very inception it reveals the creating hand of God."

    – Dignitas Personae (2008)
    "With regard to the possibility of using techniques of genetic engineering to introduce alterations with the presumed aim of improving and strengthening the gene pool, it must be observed that such interventions would promote a “eugenic mentality” and would introduce an “indirect social stigma with regard to people who lack certain qualities, while privileging qualities that happen to be appreciated by a certain culture or society; such qualities do not constitute what is specifically human."

  387. Extropia DaSilva – At least you admit that transhumanism arose out of eugenics. That is more than most transhumanists are willing to admit publicly. However, I think you have been deceived. Just like many of the "secret societies" that Vigilant Citizen describes in this site have different levels of initiation, so do the transhumanists. You have been told the story that is fitting for your level. It says that everyone will be equal in a transhumanist society and it will be a sort of utopia for all. This is not true. Human society is ruled by sociopaths and they are not going to give up their power willingly. Their plan is to use transhumanism to permanently create a super-human Elite that will rule over the rest of society which will become worker drones.

    That is why you see the BEE concept in this and other videos like Gaga's telephone. Bee society is the model. They are the Queen-bees. We are the worker-bees. That is why you see images of androgyny. The worker-bees are sexless drones which are incapable of reproduction. Open your eyes. They are revealing the plan to you. They have to reveal bits and parts in order to program this behavior into people. Don't be fooled.

  388. @ Fred

    "Let 'em burn" is certainly appropriate. Tell me you would honestly sit there and try a million times to get someone to see things your way. No. If they don't get it the first couple times, oh well then, you tried, so now it's on them to save themselves. Unlike you, I refuse to lose sleep because someone doesn't accept my beliefs and my way of thinkins so therefore, they have to take that punishment. Thats like I'm trying to tell you it's a hot pot on the stove but you insist the pot is cool so you reach out for it with your bare hands. What happens then? You get burned. I tried to stop you, you a grown man, so now my attitude is "oh well, I did my part." Sorry if you find it harsh but honestly this morning, I'm not in the mood to care or try to hold someone else's hand. Bye love.

    @ Amazed.

    When I was younger, I learned from a very wise pastor who is no longer with us. As I got older, I decided to further my own research and what I found was nearly horrifying, yet, it all made perfect sense. Plus, you kinda get tired of doing the same things on the same days every year. I'm really not a holiday person anymore.

  389. @ Fred

    Plus, I find it amusing that you say "now we know what kind of person you are." Wow….imma let you in on another lil secret: I don't care what type of person you think I am. I'm not here to impress you. I don't even know you. The only opinion I care about is what God thinks of me. Who are you compared to Him? Heck, what does your opinion mean to me? If my statement was wrong, the Holy Spirit will convict me, not you. lol Out of everything I said you choose 3 words to come at me with? Funny. You totally missed the message, and I feel sorry for you.

    Nobody's asking you to be gullible baby boy. As I said earlier, at that time we take our last breath, we will see who was right and who was wrong. If you and your beliefs are right and you lived how you were supposed to, then you will be rewarded. If not, sorry for you.

  390. @baba

    I am not bashing Christians. My only point was that if the Catholic Church as an organization claims to be Christian then why do they promote traditions and doctrine that go against what the bible says. I did not mean to offend you or anyone else. I am just interested in promoting the truth. The truth contained in the bible is that we are living in "The Last Days". God will intervene soon and take care of all this mess that is going on. "The meek will inherit the earth". God's original plan for humans to live peaceful, meaningful, happy lives will be fulfilled. The Catholic Church will not teach you that. It is more important for them to be seen as the answer to the problem than to give glory to the only person that can provide the answer, God who by the way has a name. But the Catholic Church is not interested in telling you that either.

    I can understand if you do not want to continue this conversation but if you do I would really like to know what you thought of those scripures.

  391. @Brandi

    I commend you. Most people I talk to would rather go along with what everyone else is doing rather than be different because it is the right thing to do.

  392. @baba

    You are right about the movement to get rid of religion. Did you know that the bible fortells that it will happen? If it is written in the scriptures it will happen. The good thing is that it is one the last things that has to happen before God steps in.

  393. @veritas / @amazed

    Rule One of The Internet: If you quote Wikipedia articles, you lose.

    Constantine was indeed baptized before his death; he was in no way responsible for 'forging Christian and Pagan belief structures'.

    "The origin ofthe word church according to Webster’s dictionary is Circe who is a pagan goddess further emphasizing my point."

    I fail to see how your use of evolutionary linguistics proves anything. By the same argument, the Hebrew 'tehom' (deep/abyss) used within the first book of Genesis bears striking resemblance to Tiamat of Enuma elish – something well debated by scholars…but I'm not going to make the claim that the Lord threw together a pet dragon to keep him company in the early days of creation.


    I don't walk into a movie half and hour late, leave five minutes before the end – and pretend to grasp the plot. I'm not attacking your beliefs and I can appreciate the idea of blind faith. Several of you have made the point that it's far more difficult to find the Lord later in life…I would argue that the informed adult mind would find great disparity between that which is written in scripture and the traditions adopted as 'fact' by the Church.

    Nearly every child is bought up with the Nativity mythology. Can anyone tell me where in the Bible is states there was three wise men?

  394. @ sqrmelon

    I'll answer that question…Nowhere in the Bible does it say that there were 3 wise men. The Bible just says that there were wise men from the east. It never gave a number. Just like it never said that the fruit of the tree was an apple. People just say these things out of tradition, but nobody really knows why. People need to start studying for themselves instead of listening to what is coming out of the pulpit and accepting it as the truth.

  395. @Sqrmelon

    I did not get my info of Constatine from Wikipedia. Pick up a copy of the Catholic Encyclopedia at any library if you don't believe me. I have read it with my own eyes that Constantine was instrumental in converting the pagan "Saturnalia" celebrated on Dec 25th into the celebration of the birth of Christ. Look it up.

    With regard to my explanation of the origin of the word church, I was merely answering a question that was posed by veritas and it proved that many so called Christian ideologies have pagan roots. Do you disagree?

    Read Matthew, Mark or Luke and you can find the account of Jesus' birth and that the "three wise men" were following a star that first lead them to King Herod. The King told them to find Jesus and report back to him where Jesus was. The King was planning on killing Jesus. When his plan did not work he ordered that all the male children under a certain age be killed. If you can't find it I can give you the exact chapter and verse.

  396. @brandi, "Nobody’s asking you to be gullible baby boy." No the're just demanding faith without evidence… let's see, what do you call that? Oh yeah. BEING GULLIBLE.

    I notice the holy spirit does a lousy job of convicting pedophile priests. What makes you think it will suddenly start acting up for you?

    "Tell me you would honestly sit there and try a million times to get someone to see things your way."

    Tell me honestly would you not work feverishly to keep people from going to eternal torture if you seriously thought it really existed. Could you be comfortable in heaven knowing you had not done EVERYTHING you could to keep someone from eternal tragedy? You are content with a couple half lame attempts? Maybe god has a special place for people like you.

  397. @amazed – You said: "You are right about the movement to get rid of religion."

    So is attacking the Catholic Church your way of contributing to the "movement to get rid of religion"? Well you should be proud, because it's working very well. Less young people are going to church in America. Congratulations. Don't you think that when the New York Times attacks the Pope that it has a side effect of smearing all Christians in the eyes of young people? Today the Catholics, tomorrow the Baptists, the next day the Evangelists… The Bible is on the verge of being banned because it is portrayed as anti-gay and anti-woman and anti-semitic. The Catholic Church is just a useful scapegoat. For now.

    This all forms part of the Transhumanist/Eugenicist movement. T.H. Huxley invented the word "agnostic". Julian Huxley invented the word "transhuman". This is not a time when we can remain neutral. We all must choose sides in this war. Whose side are you on? Have you never heard of "divide and conquer"?

  398. @baba

    I am not contributing to getting rid of religion. I was just telling you that I believe that religion will be done away with at some point because the Bible, the word of God says so. And let me make this point clear, any religion that does not teach the truth is not aproved by God anyway. It is a false religion. In the book of Revelation it calls the world empire of false religion a Harlot, "Babylon the Great" that has committed fornication with the kings of the earth and is drunk with the blood of the holy ones. She will be destroyed by the very kings she is involved with. That is what the Bible says not me. If that is God's will who are we to question that?

    Did you read those scriptures yet?