Rihanna’s “Russian Roulette” or What’s Wrong with the Entertainment Industry


The promotional material that came along with Rihanna’s new album, “Rated R”, has raised many eyebrows due to its racy nature. Behind the daring imagery of her videos, songs and pictures, however, exists a dark underlying theme: mind control and Illuminati symbolism. We’ll look at Rihanna’s new material and its symbolic meaning.


One of the first articles I wrote for this website was an analysis of Rihanna’s 2007 hit Umbrella. The symbolism in that video was very subtle and cleverly hidden. Since Umbrella however, there has been a great increase of dark occultism and references to mind control in pop videos. I’m constantly surprised by the increasing obviousness of the imagery and the boldness of the messages. The incorporation of occult/mind control-themed elements in pop music (aimed at the young) is being accomplished in a seamless and gradual matter, apparently to desensitize the viewers. Those elements invoke dark truths about the entertainment industry and some of its sinister “behind the scenes” practices. Dark rituals, initiations, pacts and mind control methods are all part of it.

First Hand Witnesses

You do not need to take my word for it, though. Some artists who are signed with major labels have spoken out about the sinister ways of the music business. Their words are not picked up by the mainstream media (duh) but the truth is out there if you look for it. Upon the release of “Russian Roulette”, singer and song writer Tiffany Evans vented out on the industry. Here’s a short article written about this in The Examiner:

Tiffany Evans

“Just days after its release, Rihanna’s new single “Russian Roulette” has caused numerous online discussions involving the song’s dark lyrics and obvious play on suicide.

Written by Ne-Yo, the track has many wondering the direction of Rihanna’s upcoming album Rated R, including singer/songwriter Tiffany Evans, who feels “Russian Roulette” could possibly lead many Rihanna fans to commit suicide.

Evans (best known for her single “Promise Ring” ft. Ciara and her stint on Star Search)  took to her Twitter page on Wednesday morning to discuss the topic. She tweeted:

“Russian Roulette= Suicidal Rate gon sky rocket!

You gotta watch what u say. Because there are a lot of weak people in the world. They are susceptible to anything so anything you say or do some people actually do listen. So make sure its nothing bad. Its okay to be deep, but not murder deep.
Man! I really wish I could tell you guys what the industry really is and what stars are apart of destroying this world. The stars who worship satan,and those who have killed to get the respect they have now. You’d be verrrry surprised. Some of your favorite people pretend to worship God but they only do that to save face. Or seem innocent.

Satan was head of music in heaven. He uses influential people…to help influence the world. Think about that. Once u make a certain amount of money. Just know that that’s when they ask u to join. To get in you have accept the beast, worship. Once you join they assist u with ur career.make u huge.only if u agree and obey to destroy Gods word.and his children.
Ppl listen and pay attention. Its a war going on right now between Good and Evil. Evil will rule this world for a min. The people that have this power are the people that RULE the whole world. I’m done I won’t say anymore before I get in trouble.”

Evan’s tweets are centered around the “rumored corruption and brainwashing that goes on behind the scenes of the entertainment industry, often referred to as a group called the Illuminati”.

R&B singer Omarion, who has been in the music business since 2001, has provided the urban magazine Boombox a surprisingly honest description of the industry. He entered the business as a pre-teen with the group B2K and went through some strange controversies. He is well placed to give a first hand account of the business. Here’s what he had to say regarding Rihanna’s Russian Roulette to the magazine Boombox:


“I don’t personally know Rihanna’s beliefs but I think there’s a very dark and very sinister part of the entertainment business and I think it’s very visible,” he said. “This is something that a lot of people don’t look at [but for example]Michael Jackson used to be a Jehovah’s Witness and I remember hearing that he wanted to separate from the religion — and this was during the time that he was doing ‘Thriller’ [which ended up being]his biggest album.”

“Fast forward to now,” Omarion continued, “[and]it really made me think that there is a [time as an artist]where there’s going to be a choice. The [entertainment]world [dictates]that you have to be with three or four women, or do this in order to get that [and]I think it’s really interesting. With God and the industry, it’s really dark. The dark side is having to get in, there’s a certain submission you need to have. Just like a gang [initiation], so to speak. You might have to do something against your moral code. I’m not saying that it’s always this way, but when you’re someone that is young and you’re coming up in the industry and you really don’t have a grip on your morals it can be very dark. The game is just about over saturation.

“I don’t know if Rihanna [has fallen victim to those pressures]. I’ve never really heard her speak about it,” he said. “I hope that she doesn’t believe in that stuff and I don’t think that she does, but I don’t know. It’s not just been a Rihanna thing, [there’s has been religious speculation] about a lot of artists.”

Notice how he mentions the concepts of “submission” and “gang initiation”. Those are things that many young stars have to go through in order to be “accepted”. Those concepts are reflected in the symbolism of these stars’ videos and photo shoots.  The artists are forced to work with those symbols as part of their “pact”. One of the symbols revealing the acceptance into the “Order” is the hidden eye.

One Eye Symbolism

In my first article on Lady Gaga (here) I mentioned the fact that she constantly hides one of her eyes as a symbol of her “initiation”.  Some smart-ass comments claimed that Gaga hid one eye due to her “horse face” and she was trying to hide it. Well Rihanna does not have a horse face, so why is she doing it? Furthermore, why do the artists who flash that sign — Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce — explore similar themes in their videos. Coincidence?






I explained in the Lady Gaga article the occult meaning of hiding one’s eye, which can be traced back to the “eye of Horus” of Egyptian mythology. This symbolism seems to have evolved into a a kind of “signal”, flashed by the artists who have been initiated into the select circle of Illuminati pop stars.

Russian Roulette

Rihanna’s first single has caused some controversy due to its suicidal theme. Even more disturbing is the way this lethal game is depicted in the video.

The premise of the video is Rihanna being locked in a padded room while a man dressed in an army-type uniform – her handler — is manipulating her thoughts through high-tech devices. The video is in fact depicting mind control and Monarch programming in a stylized and aesthetic way. The handler is using his gadgets to make Rihanna hallucinate traumatizing events in order to break her spirit and re-build her. Many key elements of this sadistic practice (which is acknowledged in CIA documents) are portrayed in the video.

Rihanna facing her handler

The main goal of Monarch programming, a type of mind-control procedure, is to cause the subject to live an intense trauma, which will cause the victim to dissociate from reality. A fragmentation of the personality will ultimately ensue. (Monarch programming has been discussed more fully in previous articles, notably Beyonce’s Sweet Dreams – Occult Mind Control.)

“Due to the severe trauma induced through electroshock therapy, sexual abuse and other methods, the mind splits off into alternate personalities from the core. Formerly referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder, it is presently recognized as Dissociative Identity Disorder and is the basis for MONARCH programming. Further conditioning of the victim’s mind is enhanced through hypnotism, double-bind coercion, pleasure-pain reversals, food, water, sleep and sensory deprivation, along with various drugs which alter certain cerebral functions.”

In the video, Rihanna is forced by her handlers to experience traumatizing scenarios. One of those situations is to play Russian Roulette with a man. The lyrics start off with the handler guiding Rihanna through the game:

“Take a breath, take it deep
Calm yourself, he says to me
If you play, you play for keeps
Take a gun, and count to three
I’m sweating now, moving slow
No time to think, my turn to go”

There is a constant back and forth in the video between scenes of Rihanna looking tormented in her cell and the scenes of her hallucinations. This is to convey the fact that none of these scenarios are real, they are forced into her consciousness. The video illustrates the fact that Russian Roulette is not actually about suicide, it is about being forced to commit suicide by a handler. It is about mind control.

A one point, the cell gets filled with red smoke while a faceless Rihanna acts in a robotic way. This is a video-friendly reference to the use of hallucinogenic drugs, such as LSD, in Monarch programming to alter the slave’s consciousness.  Flashes of scary images convey this sense of drug-induced terror lived by mind-controlled slaves.



The handler then presses a button on his control panel to apparently prompt other deadly scenarios in Rihanna’s head, in which she must accept her fate (death) with complete submission.


In the above frame, Rihanna is submerged under water, a scene recalling the floating or weightlessness sensation felt by mind-controlled slaves during their “treatments”. Bullets fly all around her, but there’s nothing she can do about it: she is physically and mentally controlled and she must keep being a passive witness of her own death.  As she says in her lyrics, she must “pass this test” and pull the trigger.

And you can see my heart beating
You can see it through my chest
And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
Know that I must must pass this test
So just pull the trigger

At the end of the video, Rihanna’s companion shoots himself. This traumatic event, as well as the others, will result in the the fragmentation of her personality, the creation of new alters, that will be programmed by her handlers. This fragmentation is visually represented in some scenes like this one:

This was a quick overlook of the mind control symbolism found in the Russian Roulette video. For a detailed review of the mind control elements of Russian Roulette, I suggest you read this article from the great site Pseudo-Occult Media, which covers many other aspects.


Rihanna’s Pictures


Most of the imagery surrounding Rihanna’s Rated R album contains some sort of Illuminati symbolism. She is truly their current poster-girl.  The welcoming page of her official website (rihannanow.com) says it all. Here’s a screenshot:


A bunch of mannequins surrounded by barbed wire … I don’t think there’s clearer way to portray mind controlled slaves. The themes of dehumanization, control, pain, torture and restriction are all represented. The cover of the single of Russian Roulette depicts Rihanna as one of those mannequins. Her eye patch reveals who is controlling her.


Literal veil in front of her eyes

Surrounded by naked dolls: multiple personalities and dehumanization

Finally, if you know a little about mind control, I suggest you take a look at this promotional video. I’m sure you’ll be blown away by the symbolism in there. Mannequins and mannequin body parts, checkerboard floors, cages, sex-kitten references and even Rihanna yelling stuff. It’s all there.

Notice towards the end of the video,  Rihanna and an assistant are watching one of her first videos (when she was a cute little girl from Barbados). The assistant says  “you came a long way” rather sarcastically, as in “what the hell happened to you” and Rihanna starts giving her crap. Even more surprising, they chose to put that footage into her promotional video. Weird.


In Conclusion

If you’ve read other articles on this site, especially those on Beyonce and Lady Gaga, you’re probably starting to realize that there is a powerful thread uniting these pop artists. All of them (and others I haven’t yet covered) portray mind control in their videos, flash in one way or the other the “One Eye” symbol,  are shown as (or with) lifeless mannequins and I’m not even discussing the satanism part. This simply cannot be a coincidence. These articles are not about demonizing or even condemning the artists. They’re about acquiring the tools needed to understand the messages that bombard our conscious and subconscious minds on a daily basis. In order to understand these messages, one must understand where they’re coming from. I’m pretty sure some people will claim that Tiffany Evans and Omarion’s testimonies were the result of their jealousy of Rihanna’s success. They’re however not the only ones who have discussed those taboo matters. Many rock stars (i.e. Bob Dylan) have tackled those issues and have coded in their words the real nature of the industry. Read between the lines and you might understand one of the reasons behind the mental breakdowns, the drug abuse, the erratic behaviors and the mysterious deaths of the world’s biggest stars.




  1. thank you Vigilant for this article and all of your others..!

    very informative..

    would you consider coming on The Zeph Report for an interview with Zeph Daniel, my husband, to talk about what the music industry is spoonfeeding the kids..? it's very sinister!

    thank you.. let me know

    email me?

  2. Just finished reading… I think it's great how you are able to find the connections between these artists and place them all together. The only three I really am ever able to connect strongly are Kanye, Jay-Z and Rihanna/Beyonce… So that's four. I'm more of the type of person that singles them out and attacks them but that's just my way of doing things. Also, thanks for putting up the quotes from Omarion and the other girl(name hasn't registered), I found that interesting.

  3. Thank you for this article.. although it was a quick one there is still some valuable information. It is definitely no coincidence that beyonce rihanna gaga and others are using the one eye symbol by accident. I just saw beyonce's new vid "video phone" and it has heavy symbolism in it.. maybe you can do a review on it. I also find that there is no coincidence that when gaga came out with her bad romance vid., beyonce came out with her new vid as well. I believe there is a heavy connection with these artists. Keep the articles coming! i've learned alot from this website and other ones as well.

  4. Another good piece. When you get a chance and feel so inspired, I'd love to see an entry about the artists who are 'fighting back,' against this, as you allude to with Dylan and others (I think Van Morrison is another).

  5. yes i know i know she is going deeper and deeper people god (jesus christ) is coming and the bible says that in the last days man well become lovers of them selves and the things of this world then lovers god.

  6. Gladwin Stellenberg on

    thank you once again for this eye opener, the testimonies of omarion and tiffany really helped. I learned something from this article, the illuminati recruits successful artists and are forced to use symbols in theyre videos.damn i lov ths website

  7. it aint enough stuff on here umbrella disturbia maybe but this not enough your repeating your wrods too much for me.. i love rihanna and she aint gonna turn me into a satanist

  8. They can do it through music, because music is universal. Music is the ONE thing that we all have in common. It's in all genres. Rock, pop, rap.. I think it's all about Sacrifices.

    I think back to musicians like Left Eye… (now that I think about it, what is the meaning behind her name?)

    What about her relationship with Suge Knight (Suge means SNAKE…. Suge is also a Mason, just like Jay-Z)

    Left Eye all of a sudden vanished, and ended up in Honduras, where she died in an accident.

    So did Aaliyah. She made way for Beyonce. It's funny I think of Beyonce, last night I read an article that Beyonce's real birthdate is not 9/4/81 — being that she appeared on Star Search at age 7 in 1983. That's crazy!

    But back to the point, music is universal.. and often think about Suge's relationship with 2-Pac. What about Jay-Z? I've heard speculation of him being involved with the 'Pac murder. What about Diddy? His new video ANGELS? What about PINK? What about 2-Pac's relationship to Jada… her relationship to Will Smith… Will Smith's relationship to Quincy Jones… Quincy Jones relationship to Michael Jackson… Michael Jackson's relationship to Madonna… Madonna's involvement in the Mike's life… Mike being silent for 14 years, before speaking to Oprah in '93…. The weirdness of that interview, and the fact that Mike talked a little TOO much in that interview, shortly after — he was hit with his first charge ever. Back to Oprah, she ending her show on 9/11/2011 (9/2011) — 10 years after the infamous 9/11… The same day that Jay-Z performed at Madison Square… The same reason Jay and Beyonce performed at the Inauguration. Hip hop artists at a Presidential event? Wow… The same president that was endorsed by Oprah. The same reason that Jay also appeared on Oprah, after she admitted she disliked Hip Hop. They appeared to be BFF's.

    The same reason Oprah angrily admitted how Jesus can't save you. So did Jay. He says it in his recent song with Alicia Keys.

    Different Alicia Keys these days, huh? Lol.

    I'm talking too much.

    It's the same reason Dave Chappelle went crazy. He appeared crazy on Oprah, too huh?

    The same reason that Michael Jackson went WACKO. The same reason that Michael often gave props to Aleister Crowley, creator of DO ART THOU WILT — the whole Satanic music theme. So does Jay-Z, so does Kanye. Where is Kanye? Why did he cancel with Lady Gaga? Why did humiliate Taylor Swift? Why did Beyonce praise Taylor Swift? Why are they all linked together? Why does Diddy's artist flop? Why is T.I in jail for a year and a day? Why is Chris Brown so secretive of the incident in the car with the devi…. I mean Rihanna? Why ask Why?

    Don't be afraid to ask WHY… Do your research, people. The music is being controlled by bigger people.

  9. @20

    Great points.

    and if you check IN STYLE magazine, december 09 issue with Taylor Swift, country singer, as a cover girl…the behind the scenes pictures and comments point out that during the photo shoot she was praising and listening to non-stop who? JAY-Z and BEYONCE!!!! Not a coincidence since Beyonce and Jay Z were Masters of ceremony during that MTV mega ritual! :)

  10. There was an interesting article here about Omarion's own hidden messages in the song "Ice Box". Was that taken down? I can't find it.

  11. Don't_be_Deceiv on

    If you visit Chris brown's website, he has that same weird looking zigzag symbol as lady gaga..it looks like it represents lightning striking..NOT sure IF THAT MEANS ANYTHING BUT..he is the second artist with it.



  12. @41 (Amazed)

    I don't know what's wrong with them… But I feel like it's a reason these people are the most successful and most influential. Just think about it.

    And let's not forget their ties with MTV. Masonic TV. All of them all have had their ties with the show. Think about Little boy Soulja Boy. As you all mention Twitter, I think back to when Soulja Boy had his meltdown, then suddenly he was forced to remove it. Could it be they have got Soulja Boy? Millionaire from the internet/youtube/myspace/downloads/itunes, etc. He's the most successful little boy teenie bopper. View his meltdown, as posted on necolebitchie(dot)com.


    Thinkin about taking all my money and leaving. F*ck having a Million followers f*ck putting out music.. why?

    My music dream was THE SH*T 2 years ago before I was signed. It was everything I could ever imagine. Then I get signed. this is where my dream slowly died.. these c*****z wanna criticize a ni**a. Take REAL SH*T and turn it to trash. Water down my music and my appearance and make me look like something I’m not. THESE C******S DONT KNOW WHO THE F**K I REALLY AM!!! I go to the studio make new music for my fans to enjoy and party to. They take my sh*t hate on me. Make me look ignorant in the media. It’s all bullsh*t. Like WHY do I have to put up with this? because it’s my dream? that sh*t died when crank that went #1

    I know what you thinking. But SOULJA BOY its the American dream your rich I would kill to be in your shoes. thats what you THINK its all BS! They say soulja boy u changed. soulja boy u hollywood I ain’t ask for this SH*T!!!!!! I want it to go back to how it was before i was signed I might be soundin crazy now.. I don’t really know about alot of things these days. But I just want EveryBODY to know this sh*t. Just KNOW that i’m only 18 man… And it’s only so much I can do. It’s only so much I can take. If your really fans and love and support me. You would hear me out and help ya boy get thru this sh*t.. I know everybody is gonna have opinions on the things that i’m saying right now.. but there it is. I’m not perfect.

    Just something to think about.

    • please explain why it is stupid, you can't just say it is stupid without explaining why, when hundred's of people on here can clearly see what is happening.

  13. This makes me sick and sad to my stomach to see "how far" Rhianna has come. I personally stopped listening to her once Disturbia came out and I refuse to look at or listen to any of her current music/videos. The pictures I've seen are enough. It's makes me sad to read about how cool people thinks she look and they seem to see nothing wrong with her being depicted in barbed wire. If you have read the items on Monarch Slavery and had people were actually being tortured with barbed wire and losing fingers or dying you wouldn't think it was so cool. Also, her nakedness or lack of clothes is just to lull or distract people so that they don't think about what they're seeing. What happened to the girl who wouldn't pose for Playboy "because my mom would kill me". Hell she's already over half way there. She gross and dark and I wouldn't let even a teenager listen to this stuff without explaining the symbolism behind it.

  14. Thank you for another great article. I am begging you to for a breakdown of Beyonce’s new video for “VideoPhone.” Although I’ve only been following this for a hort time, I recognized heavy masonic symbolism immedately.

    Looking forward to it.

  15. Check out the “Jay-Z deception” video it explains a lot. Rihanna video looks crazy and off. I won’t even watch it or listen to the song. I will never forget the first time I heard it. It made me sick. I don’t know if it was the shock value or what….I don’t care to know. Please do not do that worthless ghetto “video phone” video. This is not the you know you ghetto if your video looks like this site

  16. i noticed that the black “control box” (not sure what it’s called!) appearing at :20 is the exact same one lady gaga is using at the beginning of the bad romance video (when she is sitting in the throne and hits stop on the music). i wonder if anyone knows if there is any significance in that?

  17. Whatever you decide is of importance.

    Never let others influence your decisions.

    All that was, all that is and all that will be is of energy, never dieing.

    To know is the key of a successful escape of what we call earth.

    Not to know your surroundings but yourself.

    As long as we use their tools, we are the tools.

    Dont fear what you dont know but what you know.

    Good article btw. :)

  18. This video and article strongly reminded me of the book “Trance-Formation of America” by Cathy O’Brien and Mark Phillips. Cathy is a former Monarch slave. I highly recommend this book to understand mind control. A “handler” is someone who programs and reinforces the programming of mind-controlled slaves.

  19. Was the late Aaliyah under mk ultra mind control? I wonder if jay z is a “handler” he has ties with beyonce, rihanna, and aaliyah before her demise. Was she murdered to make way for beyonce and her solo career? If the illuminati wants to take over the world, how could they do it through music? I am new to this and there is so much I do not understand.

  20. I’ve been waiting for this. It’s so obvious that ALL of them are being controlled.

    Especially Miss Ri-Ri. I find it amazingly humorous how she possesses this violent aura about herself; when she is playing little miss innocent in front of the eyes of the world on things such as 20/20. But who am I to judge? Rihanna is definitely being controlled — so controlled that it’s the cover of her Rated-R album. I truly appreciate you for bringing this to us.

    I want to point out in Omarion’s interview.. he mentioned that you have some individuals being told that you have to be with three and four women… to get this and that. I automatically think of Lil’ Wayne, who recently impregnated 3 women within one year. Does this have anything to do with “Carter 3”? Just a thought.

    I would love for you to cover Beyonce and Gaga’s new video “Video Phone” — which is shockingly similar to many of Rihanna’s themed videos. It’s not a coincidence — it’s truth, hidding but the dumbed society. I feel it’s getting so popular, because we’re almost at the point where they are declaring NWO. (ex: Run This Town).

    Anyway, I’m rambling. But I did enjoy this video. Be reminded that Omarion was ABOUT to sign with Lil’ Wayne’s new label — but he pulled out at the last minute, because he wasn’t down with the things they wanted him to do. Cough, cough. But let’s not forget about the meaning behind his most popular video “Ice box”

    P-p-p-p-oker face…. Ciao !!

  21. Now VC I gotta say I’m impressed with this article. Great job man, keep it up.

    I’m kinda sad because this song/video is probably gonna be the best of the year. :S

    I hate these fuckers

  22. Great job! You should also check out the latest Alicia Keys videos…She is one of “them” clearly. Her last video is so much about worshipping Horus/the god-sun. Her hanging out with Jay Z a lot is just a confirmation. Keep up with the great job!

  23. your site is great !
    think i have readen everything , and this post on russian roulette was just so needed!!
    i guess “they”are up to something , the use of symbols and references to them has become anormaly-intensively huge , im like : is Rihanna going mad ? as you said : before she used to do her stuff but intelligentely , so what is the point of using such heavy symbolism now ? not only from rihanna but from all the team : jayz , beyonce ; lady gaga …
    rihanna’s music is becoming more and more depressing , for guyz with suicide tendancy russian roulette is going to be anthem that will give them enough strenght , courage …you know
    aside all this id like to ask you one question : what are the effects of these occult symbols on people like me always watching these videos ; listening to these musics ?

  24. I was just waiting for your analysis on “Russian Roulette”. But i’m a lil confused however, didn’t you post an article regarding Omarion’s “Icebox a couple years ago as well???

  25. Vigilant,

    I have come across your website very recently, within the past week. And I cannot stop reading! This all takes great meaning to me because I am a Christian who believes that the Rapture is approaching us and frankly all of this kind of scares the crap out of me. But awareness is key so I appreciate this and others who are pro-truth/pro-fact.

    My question is about the eyes; you said the occult symbolism is in hiding the LEFT eye but in all of the Rihanna photos featured here as well as many Lady Gaga photos, it is the RIGHT eye that is either framed or hidden. Was this a typo or something else..? Or does it not matter which eye is covered? Just a little confused.

  26. This is very disturbing. To those who are still in denial, I’d like to know the reasons why. Do you love these people that much or why is it completely out of the question for you that these guys are sending these messages through their music? I get if you’re skeptical about one video, one person. But this is too much to be a coincidence.

    Anyway VC you might want to complement your post with the actual scans from Rihanna’s album: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/41328630.html#cutid1

    many, many references to monarch programming: veil in front of the eyes, torture, triggers in music, the devil of course, multiple personalities, and many more.

    I just don’t get why ppl are in denial. Ok, maybe it’s not as dramatic as VC says, but it’s still there. What’s the purpose for it? Why? Why is it ok for these disturbing messages to be in our music? What’s the point.
    To those who will try to deny the facts, explain why. I really want to know what is on your mind and the reasons why you find this “retarded”. Don’t just knock it, explain why this is unlikely.

  27. So sad to see Rihanna go this way. She is a talented singer and many young girls look up to her. I truly felt sorry for her after the fight with Chris Brown, but for her to come back in this way is even more shocking. She is betraying all the women (especially black women) who stood up for her. Of course she is a victim of the media machine that is controlling her, but she must also take personal responsibility for the harm she is doing to innocent young women. The people of Barbados used to be proud of her. I wonder how they feel about her now.

  28. @20 Wow, I liked your post. What do you mean about MJ giving props to AC? Please share.

    I for one defend Michael. I believe he was being prepped by Sony to do what JayZ is doing now, but he refused and they ruined his career, eventually killing him. MJ would’ve reached the entire world since he was the world’s greatest entertainer, ever. I feel he might have accepted to be part of this whole thing, but then backed down.
    I keep thinking about his public fight against Sony and Sony’s CEO Rommy Mottola. He said they were conspiring against him and that Tommy worshipped the devil. What happened next? More molestation allegations and an album that flopped. Despite a judge finding him innocent on all charges, he never got rid of the pedophile image. He died and it’s the butt of so many jokes.
    I believe Sony killed him (his death WAS ruled a homicide) and a few years ago his brother Jermiane said “Sony will kill Michael to get control of his catalogue”. I believe it.

    I believe MJ tried to break free, or never joined them. And he paid for it big. He would’ve been the perfect puppet, being so popular all over the world. Despite having the song Thriller, when you think about it’s just a song about being inside a scary movie. It’s not dark at all, compared to rihanna’s material. Most of his songs were about healing the world, about inspiration and the future of mankind. Not about suicide, codependency and rebirths.

  29. Rihanna is not from Trinidad.. never was and never will be, She is from Barbados!!!! but thanx 4 the info.. it really hurts my heart to see such a beautiful caribbean girl fall so far…

  30. I was doing a little research to see if Tiffany Evans had said anything else on her Twitter page. While there, I noticed several interesting things. First, Lady GaGa call her fans “little monsters”….pretty sad. Second, Taylor Swift mentions how it’s cute that a two year old mimiced her VMA performance, complete with a wardrobe change and all…..scary. Third, Chris Brown’s Twitter account name is Mechanical Dummy…..seems a little odd to me. Or maybe its fitting for him. Perhaps he’s been “transformed” like the others. Listen to his song “I Can Transform Ya” to understand what I mean.

  31. Don't_be_Deceived on

    Maybe all the BIG WORDS are a little too much for the people who are in denial. Maybe they can understand if we put it this way. “BIG TIME” celebrities such as Jay-Z(Biggie dying was the best thing for his career), Beyonce(Aaliyah dying was the best thing for her..innocent..like Aaliyah..PALEEZE), Rihanna(She’ just a puppet period), Lady Gaga(who has not put in enough work to earn a solo tour…how did she “blow up” all of a sudden…), Lil’ Wayne(who was once a snot nose corny Hotboy..sold millions his first week, and half of us don’t know understand a word he says.). THEY GET PAID to be down with this illuminati “conspiracy”. But just like Professor Griff said, with being a part of the 50 million dollar club, 100 million dollar club and up, comes SACRIFICE!

    I find it quite strange that I visited the itanimulli.com and the National Security website came up. The next day I tried to tell a friend to visit the website, and godaddy.com CAME UP…Strange…or are they finally figuring out that people are opening their eyes to what’s really going on?


  32. One more…. Pink. She was a broken angel for halloween. Also, on one of her Oct. 26 posts, she says “it feels like some evil person is pouring hot lava into my brain while an angry little elf stirs it around with a lightening bolt.” WTH is wrong with these people????

  33. i’m very glad that u did this…it’s a very great article by the way.

    I just have a couple things i would like to say;
    1) I do believe that Omarion is apart of it as well, maybe u can check on analyse for yourself but u can however look at his ice box video and pay attention to the image on his jacket as well as the statue that is in the room. At first glance people don’t see it because it is not focussed on. At these times u can see the baphomet imagery 1:00, 1:33, 1:50, 2:06, 2:37, 2:41 and then continusly throughtout the vid.

    2) Also i’m from Trinidad and even though i’m certain that there may be people within my country that is involved in the same thing, I’m sssssssooooooooooooo very proud to say that Rihanna is not from Trinidad but from Barbados…that’s so u can change that little piece of the article

    3) I have also noticed the clothing of rihanna where her upper body looks like a upside down triangle…wat is the significance to that

    4) I believe chris brown himself is apart of the movement himself, just like the girl spoke about his website, if u were to analyse that song he has “Fallen Angel” what/who exactly is he speaking about

    I think that is understood that no artists can be trusted…we need to start valuing our lives, the music that they provide in the industry is something that we can do without.

  34. @39
    The lightning has always been in the music industry, more the hard rock music initially, ex: AC/DC, KISS. It symbolizes the devil/the occult..that’s why Harry Potter also has this “lightning” sign…And yes, Chris Brown is also with “them”…

  35. In addition, think about the whole “I am” theme. The only one to have really said that was God. “I am”.. Now we have “I am Diddy” “I am Sasha Fierce” “I am Lady Gaga” … “I am Hov”…


    @34 — His ties with Aleister are on the cover his DANGEROUS album, look at the bottom right hand corner.
    (Here: http://planetecover.ifrance.com/michael-jackson-dangerous-front.jpg)

    and here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0unNFjbHrvs

    Once you do that, I want you to look at the Beatles ties with Aleister. Then Jay Z’s.

    But in the meantime, I’m going to watch the American Music Awards, and look at this as another acceptance into the Order by these influential artists. Cough, cough.

  36. @ Luke Exactly Gaga and Rhianna are stars not Satan. So who better to lull sheeple to sleep and influence those who minds aren’t fully developed. I’m sure he’ll show himself once all plans have come to fruition.




  38. @44 (Mesmerizing)

    The Soljah boy meltdown reminded me of the whole Dave Chappelle incident. Maybe they were trying to get him, but he wouldn’t sell out.

    Also, I too am watching the American Music Awards. I’d hardly say it’s ironic that the nominees for Favorite Female Artist are Beyonce, Lady Gaga, and Taylor Swift. TS was the recipient…..I guess it’s just her year….

  39. Great analysis. “Pulling the trigger” can be interpreted in several ways. “Pulling the trigger” might also mean that her controllers are activating a preprogrammed code in Rihanna’s brain. In this case the trigger might be sound. The military guy behind the button’s is providing the trigger.

  40. Thanks VC. Now we are aware of this shit. I’m not suprised anymore.The real challenge it’s to find out about Alicia Keys, oh God she used to be cute…

  41. I may be wrong but in the video , she is in torture chambers. it’s actually happening to her, not in her head.. And i agree with number 45, just stars, not some crazy “hail satan” people..

  42. As usual good analysis. Because of reading your work, i’m more informed, and understand to a greater extent what i already know. I hope God continues to bless you, and your work, and i hope u help alot of ppl, both old and young, to undderstand that there are things beyond us, and beyond the literal. Keep up the good work…

  43. PLEASE! More articles on the music industry.
    Also, have you watched the European Music Awards? Saw a LOT of illuminati references there.
    I’m really very interested in this sort of stuff. Can’t wait to hear more. Peace.

  44. well done buddy. always like reading your articles. you should do one about Tool, might be a good change of pace to have something a little up lifting, and show others there are good musicians that speak of good things in their lryics. keep up the good work :)

  45. You know my wife was the first person to have seen this video?

    I came home home from work and see was describing this video to me and she found it disturbing and she does not know about this website, so I introduced her to this site and she was like..”I knew that..I knew this….”

    I am very disappointed in Rihanna. I am from the Caribbean and she is from the island of Barbados and she is from christian parents. She has let down her country with her blatant indulgence in this illumanati she is destined for shortlive career. I cannot see her being a role model to young girls anymore. If you look at the innocence from her first song, ‘pon the replay’ to her present..she is see smiling in pon the replay,….I cannot recall seeing her smile in these last few videos. Her songs and videos are dark.

    She is a sad beautiful woman, probably trapped and needs out prayers. Its the most we can do for these young artists. May God be with them.

  46. Good points Mesmerizing, and as Musti pointed out, I also noticed the strange ‘remote control’ device at the beginning of Lady Gaga’s video. This is all very sinister folks, because it appears that all of this ‘computerizing’ of people, in effect changing them into human robots for ultimate control.. is something that is being shown here. It’s something they’ve been working on for a long time and now the times are ripe for it to become more and more apparent and ‘real.’ Not there yet, but getting there.. (read David Icke’s material for more information on that and much much more..!). But as Mesmerizing and others (like Wolf) have said, we need to ask ‘Why?’ all the time and also if think it is all crap, why do you think so? Anyway with all these themes of mind control and slavery and robots, and someone saying that it is like they are working to desensitize the consumers of this material, they have to work on mainly the younger generation that they believe will ultimately give into this, they have to make it glamorous and attractive, so that one day they can introduce it in reality and nobody will complain because they’ve asked for it all along in effect. I am glad to see so many hungry and thirsty for the truth though and those same and others willing to feed the truth. It is very encouraging..

  47. Your articles are a tad repetitive.

    So, what do you say happened to Omarion now? Have you now deemed him on the side of good due to his comments on Rihanna/the industry? Tiffany Evans is, so-far as I know, a one-hit wonder, which was a duet with Ciara. It could easily be a case of sour grapes since her career seemed to have stalled. Her opinion was interesting though, but I also noticed her hesitance to fully say what she wanted which is just cowardly unless of course, she is still holding out to one day be accepted into the very industry that she calls “sick.”

    Another thing, Ne-yo. It is common knowledge that he wrote Russian Roulette, and yet you have nothing to say about him, nor have you said anything about his own music. Is there a reason for this? He produces a LOT of music for other artists, very popular, but so far you’ve ignored his solo work. If you want this stuff to be taken seriously then you gotta tighten it up because not everyone takes things at face value and agrees without questioning. Same thing for Taylor Swift, you mention her quite a bit but don’t go beyond a few random comments.

    Is there any reason you have yet to expand your analysis into other areas such as films, commercials, tv shows, books (both fiction & non-fiction), and other genres of music besides hip hop and R&B?

    The reason I ask this is because what you do here is also a transmitting of messages. But if I can be frank, you do it in a rather half-assed way. But since you want me and others like me, who are more skeptical, to believe what you’re saying, it’s important that I understand where YOU are coming from too. There exists an element to what you’re doing here, that is similar to what you accuse the artists/handlers of doing. You’re shaping people’s perceptions of things, but giving very little back up. Russian Roulette for example, as far as I’m concerned you didn’t do anything there except explain the more obvious concepts of the video, which, once again, is not the TRUTH but your interpretation of it. The Beyonce/Rihanna connection regarding the mannequins however is quite intriguing and creepy. Although I still don’t believe Lady Gaga fits into that at all, if only for the fact that unlike the two aforementioned, she does actually possess musical talent. (YouTube some acoustic performances of her songs as evidence). For those such as myself, who are not using the Bible or other religious beliefs as a foundation for what you say as proof it is all true, what other information do you have to strengthen your claims/interpretations? Certain connections are there yes, but it’s far-reaching for me to tie it to the world coming to an end. From where I sit, it’s all just clever marketing, which itself is MANIPULATION. It has always existed. I guess I don’t understand the sudden hysteria over these artists or the marketing. The same decadence has been prominent in entertainment for quite some time now. Nothing new.

    Regarding ‘Video Phone’: I just now saw this for the first time. If you do an article on it you are truly grasping at straws. Typical Beyonce skank-fest, while Lady Gaga simply appears out of her element.

    Hoooray for everyone who feels enlightened or “de-programed.”


  49. Would also like to add one other thing. Despite how it may appear, I do understand the concern over some of these images effecting teens. However, by the time we reach puberty, we are pretty much already “programed” or already set on a certain path, at least as far as what that path into the early to mid-20s will be. For that reason, I wonder if you have considered focusing more on some of the marketing that is targeted at young children? Very curious about that.

  50. great article

    i wish you could do some articles on upcoming big pop males…its alwasy jayz kanye and a bunch of women…when there is alot more going on in pop culture…i want to hear about male and female actors, singers, and the works

  51. PAUSE at 00:021 on the video that thing look sort of music player or whatever if i’m not mistaken it was also used in Lady Gaga – Bad Romace music video what does it mean?
    No wonder my goverment banned Rhianna & Beyonce from performing in my country btw did you guys watched Lady Gaga performance at the AMAs she was wearing that reptilian monster costume!


    @ ARIES
    I was thinking the same thing (referring to the death of Aaliyah)…That is a good question because Aaliyah had a big fan base and was more in the spotlight…If Aaliyah was still alive it would be a “Beyonce’ who?” If Pac or Biggie were here it would be a “Jay-Z who?” Yep they could have been sacrifices for Beyonce’ & Jay to have gotten the fame & riches that they have now…Never know… Anyways love the articles on here Vigilant keep ’em coming!! Please do one on “Video Phone” a must!! I spotted some weird stuff in that video as well…Oh and what about doing one on MJ?? I would love to read what you have to say on that…I must say people, once your eyes have been open to these such things…At first it’s very overwhelming. I knew it was deep but not that deep (Music Industry etc.)…Man the world we live in is crazy, that’s why we need to keep GOD first always and stay prayed up because the devil is busy and he will try to steer you away and blind you from truth and GOD’S way…This is for the people who like to criticize rather than doing full research for themselves instead of bashing this site…I mean stop letting the media brainwash you and push you further into hell because you choose to be ignorant, it’s not worth it…Seriously!! Stop defending these people/worshiping these false idols!! Listening to this worldly music…I gave up rap & r&b etc…Cause if it aint praising GOD don’t listen to it…I’m not gonna take any chances.

    GOD BLESS!! =)

  53. You see the funny thing is that we all get to concerned and involved about where she is from and what she is doing.
    At the end of the day, we all make choices, and Rihanna has made the choice to sell herself (Body and mind) to the string pullers. the most important thing to take from VC’s analysis is the ability to be aware that:

    1. Artists, generally from an early age are encouraged by their parents, promoters, managers etc, that are they are the SHIT, the ego inlfates and the self becomes disillusioned. They become obsessed with the self, ie. ” I am”, thus dettaches from the rest of the world. The competition that exists is false, and we (and the artists) are made to believe, that they must do whatever necessary to be the best.

    2. Every person in the world makes a “Soul Agreement” with themselves and other beings concerning the path they choose to take. Irrespective of what career you have, or where you are, we make agreements to dedicate our souls to a cause or purpose. This can be conscious agreement, that we know we have made this decision, or we have been deceived to make a choice due our ignorance and naivity. An example of this are these “pop” stars.

    3. Hating is one of the lowest forms of emotions. We should not hate these beings, be it the performers, the companies, the illuminati etc. This is exactly what they want from us, to feel hate and anger because they feed off the emotions we give off. Regardless of what they do, they are too experiencing and learning, just like us in this temporary vehicle (our bodies).

    Through my research, I found one thing most important that made alot of sense to me and I hope it does to you too. If these illuminati are known to be very powerful, they have the means to destroy whoever in their path. As soon as we use physical force, against them, be it we go and kill them, destroy their buildings, we have then ultimately have lost the battle. They will surely drestoy us.
    This battle is not a physical one, but a spiritual one, where we must use our minds. Knowledge is power, and power is knowledge. Take VC’s articles however you like, but maybe one day, you may come at a crossroads, to make a choice…
    If you would like some inspiration, watch V for Vendetta.

    Peace & Love,

  54. Viligant, do the article on Beyonce’s video “Video Phone” please…people who don’t want you to do it don’t want the truth revealed. If they don’t believe you, why do they continue to visit your website? Trust me, more people WANT you to do a breakdown of the video than those who don’t want you to. Many people find this site informative and agree with your insight. You should really do “Video Phone” next.

  55. Just saying i like your work and i read comments on here every now and then,as some people do add good ideas and whatnot. But i notice that a lot of people get confused with your work and call bullshit. I think you need to stop everything and make an article JUST about mind control and what MK Ultra is. Illuminati and Mind Control are tied in together and as you talk about mind control in the article, some people dont really get it. It would be great if you broke it down for everyone so they could understand what mind control is and how its done. Explain colors, celebrity examples, pictures, diamonds, programming, OZ, Disney, alters, etc all in one article. You know, MK Ultra for the complete beginner. Even thou your site seems to be focused on the occult, mind control get popped up once and people have never heard of it. Most people reading this comment right now probably never heard of MK Ultra and they think Rihanna and Gaga willingly worship the devil or are freemasons or something. They are not, they just are easily controlled into doing anything, either it be sex or participating in the occult. Just saying a Mind Control only article would be great.

  56. Thank you again for this article, it has opened a lot off my friends eyes and my own, but then again it explains my life style that I had when I was listning to this type of music. So by the way, the other day I looked at a concert on TBN of Micheal W Smith and they were playing drums at the beginning of the song, and when I heard the music I thought it was the same as a song from Brooklyn Bounce which I used to love, but it was Micheal W Smith and the drums where placed in a triangle on the stage. His cover of his album is also not so “all ok” and I heard from people like Walter Veight on one off hid teachings that they are not ok. It’s sad, that they keep on selling their souls, I mean look at Krystal Meyers. The one day her stuff was ok and the next album she had sun worshipping all over the place. Don’t you want to do something on these people that the world can see that even some of the gospal singers have sould their souls.

  57. Great work, would I be right in assuming you've watched the arrivals? parts 10-14 I think are very relative to this. while a large portion of the 'truth' movement seems obsessed with 9/11, and rightfully so to a degree, it's vital people see whats happening now, and even more vital we reach the younger generations, both hitler and I think rockefeller said they fear not the dissident voice as long as they control the minds of the children.

    I will repost your work if thats ok with you.



  58. You should add in something about her performance on tonight’s American Music Awards. It started with a video of her being implanted with computer chips, and also included weapons, broken mannequins, televisions, and her being strapped to a table that spinned upside down. There was a couple other weird performances on there too.

  59. Displacedcitizen on

    Review of Cathy O'Brien's book titled'The Trance-Formation of America. Dated 2000 (months before George Bush Jnr. was elected president of the USA) culled from Amazon. :

    5.0 out of 5 stars A must-read., February 15, 2000

    By A Customer

    The Tranceformation of America is a shocking book, but one which, I have to believe, contains much truth. I saw and experienced much of that sort of thing (not to the same degree) in Massachusetts during the Reagan/Bush years. I saw high-level academic, media, political and church figures engaged in a collusive sexual abuse, exploitation, manipulation (terror) network, which included voyeurism, surveillance, twisting of information, lying and slander, pillage and even worse (if they could get away with it). I have to believe that actual slavery, abuse of children, indulgences on every level, and crime (as described in this book) are true. Those who – through the media – project themselves as being the most respected are, in fact, the most wicked. What is especially timely about this book is that Ms. O'Brien mentions George Bush Sr. and Jr. repeatedly, and we are facing an election with George Bush Jr. If the American public were to read this book, they would never let him into office. According to Ms. O'Brien, he participated in – and covered for his father in – mind-control activities, abuse of adolescent females, implementation of New World Order police tactics (Lake/Mount Shasta compound in California), cocaine, heroin and white slavery trafficking, and money laundering. He was an integral part of the New World Order plan of creating chaos and mass mind control to dupe the masses, so as to usher in elite rule. One has to question how he could be spontaneously declared the front-runner and pick of the Republican establishment from day one, when he had done nothing. Was it because he will facilitate their excesses and wrongdoing – because he's their man??? It is very frightening territory – and this is a frightening book. All the more so because other "mind-control slaves" have come forth, and written books about this. There is a lot of information on the internet about these matters (Brice Taylor). I am just hoping he does not get elected – but one wonders how one can trust anyone, with such high-level crime running things. This book names names (Senator Byrd, the Bennett brothers, Ronald Reagan, Loretta Lynn, names from the Clinton administration, etc.), it names places (Bohemian Grove in California, NASA, military bases, Harvard, Patrick Leahy's mountaintop home, etc.) Every member of the public should read it.

    The Bible says that fools despise wisdom.

  60. I guess I could be called a bit of a conspiracy theorist. Those who say this site is crazy and repetitive have to admit that there is a pattern to these videos. No they have not "proven" anything but thats the beauty of subtelty its hard to prove. I first became aware of this site after seeing the Crazy in Love video I realized that without the anyalysis the video doenst really make sense and with it, perfect sense. I remember laying on my couch while the VMAs were on and being shocked at Gaga enacting a blood sacrafice on stage no subtelty or (hopefully) chane for denial there. I have books on mind control/ psychological warfare and the key to influence is subtle subconcious suggestion. The subject is unaware and thinks the are making a decision without any influnece. The song Mind Control by Stephen Marley should be listened to and heeded by all. Thanks for the infromative and interesting site I will try to spread the word to others who at least can weigh the options.

  61. AppreciatesKnowledge on

    One wonders if Rihanna’s very public beat-down by her former beau which generated worldwide humiliation for both her and her attacker was also a part of her traumatic initiation as well.

  62. Okay so I see all the symbolism here.. it's very apparent.. what I want to know is what is the motive? what is she/the producers or whoever trying to do? are they trying to expose it? or maybe show that rihanna went through it so fans will think, well, if rihanna did it then it's okay? I'm curious what's the motive????

  63. Amazed November 22nd, 2009 7:53 pm:

    she says “it feels like some evil person is pouring hot lava into my brain while an angry little elf stirs it around with a lightening bolt.” WTH is wrong with these people????

    Pink would be well advised to learn about the relative nature of size. Almost all of these artists have such an overinflated ego that they believe themselves to be bigger than life and that everything is about them. Meanwhile they are even to stupid to really understand what is happening. Just look at her monstrous ugly videos ‘Funhouse’ and ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’. This is how the mind of a narcissistic psychopath would look like. Completely self-absorbed and self-centered. The only thing that counts is what she wants, the rest is just a means to be abused in order to get it. In Funhouse she even thinks that she has the power to eliminate the ‘clowns’ and burn her ‘funhouse’. It will be a rude awakening for self-deluded, proud lying morons like her.

  64. Lady Gaga, in no way, is like all these others. I won't get into why.

    GaGa is in a league of her own. Beyond Madonna.

  65. Lol the arrival series is a muslim take off or spin of what has already been discovered and uncovered by others like viligant who are considered kaffers or infidels… Taking from their work of research and investigation then adding a distorted twist in order to promote an islamic agenda isn’t deceiving most.
    The mahdi is the antichrist or the one paving the way for the antichrist.
    The christians have been talking about this long before the arrival series came about so I am not impressed but rather astound of the fact that the arrival series have twisted then taking credit for others hard work and research as a former muslim myself I know what exactly you are trying to do Duncan.


  66. @vigilant – I finally figured out the Rihanna R symbol. It obviously contains lots of triangles. I finally realized that it is an artistically distorted version of the masonic symbol of the square and the compasses. And as you have pointed out this is in itself is a distorted version of the star of david. So my question is if you see a connection to Kabbalah? We know that Madonna has already come out and blatantly flaunts her devotion to this occult form of Judaism. Is there a connection between freemasons and Kabbalah? Can you talk more about the connection to Egyptian gods such as Isis and Osiris?

    Also, one of the messages to young girls is the rejection of their feminine side. It is a denial of women as mothers and caregivers. It is an emphasis on women as only as givers or receiver of sexual gratification – devoid of love or romance. Not surprisingly, there is never any family or children in these videos

  67. Deviance November 23rd, 2009 1:24 am writes:

    This is exactly what they want from us, to feel hate and anger because they feed off the emotions we give off. Regardless of what they do, they are too experiencing and learning, just like us in this temporary vehicle (our bodies).


    This battle is not a physical one, but a spiritual one, where we must use our minds. Knowledge is power, and power is knowledge. Take VC’s articles however you like, but maybe one day, you may come at a crossroads, to make a choice…
    If you would like some inspiration, watch V for Vendetta.

    Peace & Love,

    Excellent comment… much hate stems from fear and confusion. Helping someone to overcome it might just show them how self-defeating all this hating and negativity. Pride and a false feeling of entitlement are also important factors in keeping this hate ‘alive’.

    I wholeheartedly agree with your advise to watch ‘V for Vendetta’. It is a really good and profound movie. We should all order some Guy Fawkes masks and indulge ourselves in some peaceful noncooperation 😉

  68. Go to http://www.youtube.com and search for “Jay-Z Deception”. Great video that is a must see. 11 parts video broken down into 5-9 minute segments. It explains with a little more detail what the reason is behind what’s going on with these artists.

  69. Btw @ somebody talking bout Soulja Boy, he’s in it now, in this videoclip ‘Gucci Bandana’ the Eye is printed on the floor, slightly faded, only when you think about it you see it, and there’s probably some subliminal messaging as he pronounces Gucci Bandana in a weird manner ‘Gucci Ban donner ‘

  70. I think there should be a better distinction made about the mind-control theory; which is basically saying that these people are not acting on their own accord. Which absolves them of almost any responsibility for their actions. For those who are religious, I really do hope that you’re praying for them to saved/rescued/freed.

    One reason I don’t buy that theory is because the allure of fame, adoration, emulation, and riches is really not that hard to believe. If any one of us were plucked from obscurity and told we have an amazing talent and that we were going to be made a star, as much as some might not want to admit, the majority would likely succumb to all that glitters. Particularly in the black community, there is and always has been, a constant determination/drive towards the acquisition of material wealth, the flossin and flauntin. The women, the power, the DESIGNER CLOTHES. It is not far-fetched that these artists haven’t had their brains tampered with at all, but rather they are eating up all of that decadence and enjoying it because it is what they strived for all along.

    The mind-control theory also diminishes that which might really be just artistic expression. Art can indeed be quite disturbing and I don’t think they should be condemned for that because we are free to such expression, just as we’re free to ignore what disturbs us.

    When it comes to the similarities in the marketing, which I do admit is ever-present and obvious, I think at this point it’d be more interesting to find out just exactly who the people are behind these videos, photo shoots, wardrobes, song lyrics, production designers, etc. If the artists are ultimately just puppets and not really the ones in control then bashing them is pointless.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but this is where I’m coming from with regard to the repetitiveness. It’s like ok, symbols here, connections there, now lets move forward getting to the real root of this stuff. If you’re gonna open a can of worms then just blast the fucker y’know?

    I get the feeling that that kind of in-depth analysis is not what this site is all about so I don’t expect to see that happen, but it’d be cool if it did.

  71. Another thing about the Rihanna/Chris beatdown incident: I don’t think that shit had anything to do with an initiation. Hasn’t anyone wondered why we never saw a Chris Brown mug shot? I like Ri-Ri’s music but she does seem like a mean little thing and I believed from day one that she was likely beating Chris upside the head with her stiletto and he knocked her the fuck out in retaliation. Look at how hard she pushed that assistant in the promo video above. That was just too hard for a “joke” push, you feel me? It doesn’t take mind control to be a mean-ass bitch.

  72. “All of them (and others I haven’t yet covered) portray mind control in their videos, flash in one way or the other the “One Eye” symbol, are shown as (or with) lifeless mannequins and I’m not even discussing the satanism part. This simply cannot be a coincidence”

    You may be right after all, VC, as bizarre as all this sounds as having a basis in fact. I mean, Monarch programming and slaves, mind control, etc. — it all sounds too weird to be actually true. Yet you are right that these videos contain the same elements in each of them that it’s not coincidence. Unless barbed wire, eye patches, manniquens, horned goats heads, etc. all just happen to be fashionable to use in all these videos. I kind of doubt they are just fashion elements that sell these videos and music. But can those in the music industry be that brazen to actually be using mind control techniques and creating Monarch slaves, and to be so brazen as to put these things out in the open in videos? Hard to believe.

    Whatever’s going on, we’ve certainly come a LONG way from the innocent music of the love songs of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

  73. Flippin 'ell…. no one seems to mention that she is as hot as feck…!!

    What symbolism?..All i'm seeing is a hot chick in bugger all clothing…nice…!

    Oh dear my mind has been taken over…I've been corrupted by all the meaningless symbolism that has consumed my subconscious…

    hehe.. what nuts.

  74. Don’t_be_Deceived #38 – Actually GaGa did a lot and struggled a lot to get where she is today. She’s 23 and has been writing songs for pop artists since she was 17 and she attended the music school at NYU. Though I agree with all these posts, I can’t seem to lump GaGa in with all the others!

  75. quote: “But can those in the music industry be that brazen to actually be using mind control techniques and creating Monarch slaves, and to be so brazen as to put these things out in the open in videos? Hard to believe.”

    Hard to believe, sure… but that’s how they get away with it (hidden in plain sight) and it’s nothing new in the Music Biz or Hollyweird, how far back d’you wanna go? Mae West!!

    More rituals at the 2009 AMA courtesy of ABC.

    The winners included the usual ’Boule’ suspects, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Black One-Eyed Peas, new initiate Taylor Swift, who scooped the most awards, Janet Jackson stealing Michael’s thunder, Shakira in a metallic dress, Rihanna in white bondage gear, Lady Gaga dressed as a skeleton, smashing a mirror (yawn) and American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert did a shocking S&M homo show, with simulated oral sex, while Jay-Lo, making a comeback, fell on her arse. 😉

    I hope Omarion breaks loose, because his brother Marquis didn’t….

  76. What we are witnessing is the more subtle way the luciferians have to go about its business. Now they have to get deep into the subconscious, when in the 70’s and 1980’s, the heavy metal franchise just came right out with it. Today they are re-cruiting the children, using dragons and demons in kids TV programs and sex and violent sado-masochism.

  77. Wanted the author and readers to know that some gossip tabloid website mentioned your Rihanna studies!!!!!
    It’d be cool if some of your readers left some comments commending the writer. It’s good to see the truth being spread in mainstream news!!!

    Have a read here:

  78. AppreciatesKnowledge on

    There is indeed a point at which many of the participants do choose whether they want success in the industry and all of the trappings [no pun intended] that go with their success. One thing to remember: the neophyte must be (mis) guided into an intense DESIRE for fame, glory, and riches, so as to be utterly vulnerable to, in fact, doing ANYTHING to accomplish that goal.
    As Eve said to god, “the serpent beguiled (enticed) me, and I did eat.”

  79. As interesting as this is, you can’t seriously believe its all true. This is just a bunch of conspiricy theories. artists probably put this in their movies so that it will get ppl talking. and look its working. this is conspiracy bullshit and totally fake.

  80. A Keys did it for me at the AMA's last night. First she is running with Jay-Z ,her videos are getting more awkward by the video I am pretty sure she knows what people are saying Then at the end of their performance she throws up the devil horns I'm like chick lose some weight!

  81. wow the line she says at ama awards- this is just the way the game is played, you just have to wait your turn- COME ON ITS IN OUR FACE together we gonna be taken over!!!! WTFFFF HOW MUCH MORE OBVIOUS the more i watch the videos the more disgusted… i am gonna stop paying attention cause thats what they want- they want us to be hypnotized by it

    and ps. the machine guns and her gun tattoos and necklaces like come one shes being trained for when the time comes

  82. Websites like this can be dangerous too though man. I spent some time on the David Icke message boards this weekend and now I think that aliens invade my dreams every night. I haven’t slept right since. This can’t be healthy.

  83. Please analyze the song by Rihanna, “Wait Your Turn” next and the performance of the song on the American Music Awards.( You will see what I’m talking about) The AMA performances could really raise some eyebrows as being an occult symbolic event like the VMAs was..if the that Adam Lambert (American Idol Winner 2009) hasn’t already sold his soul to the illuminati…..he will surely be next or is in the process of doing it NOW. The song sounded like satan singing directly through him about giving up one’s soul and gaining my controll through musical entertainment. Adam’s look was dark and sinister ( he looked like that satan character on Teken 2 on Playstation) and he was signifying that he was into male and female (Lady Gaga too) which could possiblty relate to the beast( Baphomet) being both male and female or not really having a gender or particular gender preference…it is striclty about the indulgence of the flesh. There was alot of fire, mirrors, and lights (Lady GaGa used alot of handle signal as well) that significantly resymboled the shape of the beast’ head. It was sooo wierd. I do not think any of these things are just publicity stunts….it cost to be the boss in the industry and I think the more and more artist that are coming out are so hungry or desperate for it….they’ll give any and everything up, even the most precious and tender thing God gave us, which is our soul. It will live forever no matter where a person will spend eternity.

  84. GREAT ONE VIGILANT CITIZEN!!! Hard to deny her direction at this point. Fascinating pop cultural studies. Thank you for doing what you do and for keeping us aware of the brainwashing symbols going on around us all the time, which we think are so harmless, but which, like you said, are working to desensitize us to darker and darker imagery everyday, so that glamour is becoming synonymous with sin. I'm glad I'm not the only one seeing this.


  86. Someone mentioned Lady GaGa attended the NYU school of music. Do you mean the Tisch School of the Arts?

    Well, NYU is an Illuminist university. It’s symbol is the Torch.

  87. i will tell you this…it doesnt say anywhere that satan was head of music…show me the verse..

    this is a decent depiction of the devil, with verses…


    God created music…he loves music…he loves music that glorifies him…you make the "music industry" in general out to be evil when in reality there is evil people in it…and at a certain level, yes it is all evil….but there are some big names out there who will never be "stars" bc they wont cross over and give their lives for material bs… and there are some people that god moves through them musically…

  88. WOW WOW WOW !!! It truly hurts that ppl are so blind to what is truly going on. A good movie for everyone to watch is Josie and the Pussycats. It looks very stupid but the entire movie BLATANTLY tells what the powers at be are really doing. Def blew my mind. I reccommend all VC fans watch it.

  89. Alicia Keys is DIFFERENT — to say the least.

    All of them are. Beyonce is different. I never liked Jay-Z. Never liked Rihanna.

    Chris Brown was supposed to be the new age Michael Jackson..Hm…I wonder why?

    Just like I wonder why no one talks about Jay-Z and Aaliyah's relationship. Or Madonna's. Or Will Smith (think about his movie roles) I am Robot, Independence Day, Men in Black. Will's relationship with Quincy Jones. Quincy's relationship to Michael J. or to Tupac, at that… Tupac strongly disliked Quincy, so he ends up dating his daughter..What about Tupac's relationship with Jada Pinkett..Jada's role in society. The Matrix. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Entertainment, media, music, it's all something that WE all have in common. Especially music. Which is universal. Uni- (one).. (verse)…

    Someone mentioned religiously speaking. Oh, it's out there! I just won't speak on it. But if you read above, you will see that in VC's article, Tiffani spoke about Lucifer's role in heaven. And with that being said, have you ever heard Chris Browns song Fallen Angel? If not, go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl-wBh35cio

    Anyway, that's enough tonight. Also, for @keleigh.. Yes, this kind of info can invade your thoughts if you let it. Don't get so caught up in it to where you can't sleep!! Lol… Just take the information and step outside the box..look at the world in the other eye..Not that "EYE" that they've been dumbing us down to view. (http://imageevent.com/firesat/symbolsandlofos)

  90. I must say, I was a bit taken aback by your articles at first, and now I can’t wait every single week for a new one to come out. I even check every hour sometimes, haha.

    I must say, after reading this article, I went and listened to the album ‘Rated R’ online. Each track had very, very disturbing content, and it is a muchly expressed “dark” album. It’s almost like her fun, bubbly personality is gone. She’s become this “fame monster”, like Lady Gaga. It’s almost like Rihanna will do anything to stir up controversy. Ever since her abuse from Chris Brown, she seems to be going downhill, fast.


  91. Rihanna is just sad and sorry. I guess she’s been programmed for this, but where are her parents? I know she’s legal, but she’s still young. She’s being exploited left and right and noone seems to give a damn. I’m amazed. She’s being ruined and will be used up and cast aside in no time. Pathetic.

  92. P.S.

    Vigilant, please let us know your thoughts on the American Music Awards yesterday. I saw two clips and a few still photos and that was enough for me. What an evil, shameless, mess!

  93. @ mesmerizing- you make amazing points
    i was actually recently thinking about left eye- the whole left eye thing- and janet used to do the triangle cross and eye thing too in her videos from way back 15-20 years ago.. mj also did the triangle (pyramid) cross in his older videos and there was a sun or flashing star in EVERY SINGLE video of his.. are you talking about the oprah interview where he mentioned :” you become a slave to the music” and all of a sudden something broke with the lights or something and oprah said we have to go to commercial?? I thought that was very interesting.. and I never trusted her either because of that fame and money she made off a talk show- i mean commercials sponsor all other talk shows, how much can you possiblybe making off of that to be able to buy even houses for people? she portrays herself as a good person, but i think she is part of them too.. i also feel bad for everyhting that happened to mj and i really do think they killed him- i recently saw him in a video where he is telling the public how the history books are all wrong and its all lies, and he was slowly trying to tell us.. the masons started the united states in the first place for the purpose of using this country to take over the rest of the world and create one world govt and one world religion. they are going to bring the pagan religion back and force it upon all of mankind.. but unfortunately in my religion, we beleive it won’t get to that point because once we get the chip, the world is going to end anyway.. but that is another story… they beleive that satan was wrongfully cast out out of heaven and deserves to be restored (chris brown has a song saying exactly that word for word) and promethius (ancient greek god) who stole the fire from zeus and gave it , along with knowledge to the people is another symbol they use- rockefellar center of the ice skating ring we have prometheus, statue of liberty torch etc the torch and light are symbols they use because promethius, the ancient god for satan, is what they use as a symbol. also with the presidents and all that of course there is a whole consipiracy, the bush family dating back to george washington, one of the first illuminati… dont want to get into that right now but def the same ppl in the underground govt are behind satanism and they are behind the biggest money in america, including the music business. there are more in your face about it this year more than ever, like its not that hidden anymore. that is a sign that the time is soon to come…

  94. This is SCARY. WTF is going on, all of a sudden everything has become overtly dark?!?! Also enjoyed your post on Lady Gaga’s latest offering.

    Also, what’s with the bondage themes? They feature heavily in Beyonce’s new “Video Phone” video too… it makes me uneasy, but I feel prudish if I challenge it at all. This stuff is becoming accepted.

  95. It’s MIND CONTROL technique.In the video are featured two individuals targeted and in-between
    MC techniquelike flashes coming from limelights candlelights etc.Thereare Implanted thoughts like:
    1″Calm yourself, he says to me”,
    2″Say a prayer to yourself He says”,
    3″ then I get a scary thought”
    There are organic attacks as to one’s vocal cords, induced stressemotion: “Take a breath..”
    Ultimately RussianR means taking risks with target’s lives
    It,s a comment i couldn’t post on youtube

  96. another one messing around
    with confusion
    deluded minds living illusion
    making no peace no true communion
    destitute broken soul pollution
    never ending cycle of destitution
    desecrated souls frustration inhuman
    where is the humanity
    the truth the clarity
    cos when old peace wakes
    inner earth quakes the truth breaks
    takes fakes for the hate
    they wither
    havent felt the power of a giver
    a risen river
    a woken heart of a liver
    a ressurector
    higher natures truth deliver
    and blow through the belly
    of a beast
    to pay the fees,of all the dead
    kids that it feast
    you was warned
    the war cloud form
    it was forsawn
    a truth storm
    raw through the night
    till evils torn
    till the new dawn
    of this earth
    and all hearts warmed
    with peace love truth
    humanity equality
    higher natures clarity

  97. also at first you were saying omarion was apart of this now you use his words to add credibility to your illusions…pick a side and conviently the omarion post is gone…no one picks up on this though

    • @A REAL MASON – The fact that Omarion had to do an occult video only proves that he speaks from experience. He decided to get out and he even had to courage to speak out. So respect to him.

  98. jus one thing that i have noticed recently concerning Kabbalah….

    I have noticed seeing a lot of these famous rappers/entertainers wearing beads all of a sudden ie bracelets and necklaces and jus thought it was some new style or trend( look around and youll notice) but when i finally got a closer look of the beads (LOOK NOW) http://i37.tinypic.com/282np6c.jpg Boom wut do I see as the charm to the beaded bracelet???? And this is ya boy F-A-B-O or aka fabolous. Just another thing that kind of seems out of place…Please comment or explain…any one else notice this???

  99. @20 i so agree with you..wenever i hear that new york song n the part about Jesus can’t save you..im like wat the hell is jay z really sayin..ogm this ting is so scary….im learnin somuch from this website…..seein how rhianna changed…i remembered likin her cool songs wen i was still in high school..she was a cute kid..no heavy make up..jus felt like a teen who i cud listen to n have fun listenin too..but its amazing to say the least at her drastic transformation…its so weird…Tanks vigilant…i tell somany of my friends about this website but they won’t take the chance to read oz i guess they are scared of wat they will find out…don’t fear the truth….the truth can’t hurt u..wat u dont know is wat will hurt u..bless up all my believers…

  100. You can definitely say it’s induced hallucination but in a wake state, more like a sudden thought projection accompanied by an equal emotional induction of different electronic source
    You can refer to this video (MC stuff)
    There is a V sign hovering over the soloists meaning two different signal
    1 visual projection
    2 electromagnetic wave for mood
    In this enhanced form there is strong
    and assured way to elicit whatever is intended
    The dissociation from reality ideea must be
    dismissed it is only constant harassement deception ongoing drama indeed and total cofusion.
    Same goes for
    fragmentation of the personality
    On the issue who is guiging who
    rhianna(cop uniformed) is guiding
    the guy and acts in control. She plays
    a different character from the previous one.
    Red plumes of smoke is infrared microwave
    weapon used in conjunction with
    chemical agent for enhancement of
    Lion fangs attacking:
    use of microwave weapon at high intensities to effect stablike acute
    pain in various parts of the body
    Bullet grazing her neck:
    causation by biological agent of
    strep like symptoms affecting
    pharynx, airways, larynx
    Double vision is represented on the scene where she triples her image
    but I think it alludes to more than that
    What is mentioned in here is bare thruth but still there is much missing

  101. i fink ur very ryt satan has 2 use d only vise he has got to attack d world nd dt is music bcos he was d chief musician in heaven and again, music is able to control pple bcos music is d only thing dat gets to ur subconcious without ur consent.(according to pastor Greg). And pls i wldnt mind if i cld get ur latest analysis as dey come out.

  102. @ Rick…..you are one of the many people who will perish under satan and all the other evil orders of world because your mind is warped and you are ignorant enough to ignore the truth.

  103. yup he says it straight out- Jesus cant save you- How effed up and more blunt can they be?
    did you see alicia keys do the goat sign and bow to him after the performans
    and the musicians in the audience how they go crazy for him, most of them all part of the same elite occult
    someone said rihanna changed- i found some earlier pics from her first year with jaz z getting signed up and shes wearing a big butterfly pin and a circle pendant next to him- again with the butterfly symbols (beyonce, mariah, lady gaga etc) that means evolution to that side after re-birth (re-birth is also present in gagas video as you have previously mentioned, not only the bathtub “baptism” scenes but also the robots we see- ex. gaga, beyonce that also mean being re-born and re-molded) anywayas they had her from day1 just how they have most of them.. interesting the quotes u got from the other singers how they mention the dark side- you have young rappers like little wayne who are proud and even says yea the tears tattoos on my face represent every person ive killed — its just crazy how they out and about it like its nothing…. you see janet throwing in some ancient egypt moves in her dances.. i always wondered about that if its related with the pagan sh*t they believe in….watch out for torch light symbols and goat signs.. and also the AMAs freakin winning trophy is a pyramid!!!

  104. First comment and i gotta say VC you really impress me. Although i dont agree with absolutely everything you present i believe that its awesome what you are doing. And you are well on the right track. I think you should devote your energy towards more obvious symbolism portrayed in the media so it is easier for the less educated (esoterically speaking) to understand and relate.

  105. I do think you should give a background on the info you present. It’s like I watched the video on Rocowear clothing about a year ago by accident but I thought nothing of it. I didn’t even know what I was watching. If I was to come to your site without prior knowledge. I would think wth. You should post something like the Jay-Z deception video or something that gives background

  106. Don't_be_Deceived on

    Kanye said it best “The prettiest people, do the ugliest things, for the road to riches and diamond rings” oh he didn’t just make that up. lol. He knows what he’s talking about. He is one of the ones.

  107. Newly Informed on

    When I first heard russian roulette, I thought it was a conversation between rihanna and the devil. With rihanna telling the devil she was afraid to kill herself and give him her soul, but she knows that she has to do it, so she does. He even says there’s no turning back. I think its sad whats going on right before our eyes. Ppl are worshipping the devil unknowingly by chanting these songs, throwing up these demonic symbols, and wearing these demonic clothes. I think the whole Rihanna/Chris brown situation was set up by jayz to get chris brown out of the picture. He knew chris wasnt gonna be down with the whole demonic situation and he needed riri to get away from that. I think chris knows alllll about whats going on, and he’s trying to get into their inner circle, but they arent willing to accept him at this point. The fans arent receptive to him anymore. I think CB is intentionally trying to seem like he’s on their team, but it isnt gonna work. He’ll never achieve that same fame and status that he had before…

  108. matthew 4: 8-9 i feel are the best depictions of todays entertainment industry…please open your bible and read it…

    satan works through men…doing the same thing he did to jesus…

  109. Thanks to everyone who liked my comment.

    I didn’t really start looking into this until after the VMA’s …someone sent me an email about CRAZY IN LOVE, and you know it was on youtube…so I started watching it, and it made TOOOOO much sense. So I started watching the similar videos…and started looking further into it. And I’ve def gained more knowledge. Outside of what I’ve heard with Tupac and why he died, because he broke the oath. Watch this (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j51T4a3WjB8&feature=related) I was young back in Tupac’s days, but I’m old enough to understand it now, and it’s all piecing together… For what reason, I don’t know.

    But why?

    Someone asked is it just rap/hip hop/r&b… No. It’s all music. It goes back to Wizard of OZ. (http://www.apfn.org/apfn/oz.htm) And even back to George Washington, your very first president. Ya know, the guy on the $1 bill. (http://www.thedoggstar.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/pic-washington_baphomet.gif) — with the exact same pose as Baphomet. The exact same Baphomet that is portrayed on the walls of Gaga’s latest video. The same baphomet with the two horns, that your favorite artist Alicia Keys flashed before your eyes. Or the one the Beatles loved flashing, or better yet Michael Jackson. (http://www.jesus-is-savior.com/False%20Religions/Wicca%20&%20Witchcraft/el_diablo_michael_jackson.jpg)

    But you say it’s coincidence. Or better yet… Repetitive. Yea, sure, history repeats… But this time, you’ve been dumbed down all your years from the story of Disney, to Santa, and to now Jay-Z. Lol

    But that’s all I will say about that….You, of course need to do your own research in regards. Start with Symbols/and Mind Control. Start with this video: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpW7V_yar38)
    Age 40… with this behavior? Hmm… (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpW7V_yar38)

    ** The individuals on this site, that are reading, but knocking the info posted on this site are the same individuals who are blind. I cannot lead the blind… so with that being said, on to the next.

    To those inquiring… Just research. It’s all out there for you to search. I say start with the Jay-Z Deception (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDgUTQYEIas), then Beyonce/Sasha Fierce Demon Connection (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAqYfYSRZZk). Or better yet, Rihanna and her ties with the illuminot….(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fqGJSLmwOrI)

    Think about the repetitive phrases in their songs.
    Beyonce (uh oh uh oh uh oh uh oh)
    That is found in the movie Metropolis — its a way of casting spells in a “mind control” sort of way. Don’t believe me, look it up!

    It’s also funny that Lil’ Wayne mentions Metropolis in his no ceilings/black eyed pea song.

    Rihanna also repeats herself a lot. (ella, ella, eh eh, eh)

    So does Gaga…
    Ra-ra-ra-rah (Read Vigilents article about that)

    I find it AMAZINGLY CRAZY that I woke up this morning with that crap in my head. It’s something weird, because I hated it after I heard it twice yesterday (on this site, and on the AMA’s)

    Speaking of the AMA’s ….where was Beyonce, and where was Jay Z-s wedding band?
    Hip Hop Occult (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIKQ7HE5H7Y&feature=related)

    I wonder why their marriage seems so fake? Body language is a………lol

    So with that being said. @nyc gal — you are on point with a lot that you say. And as for Oprah. Yes, that is the interview I’m talking about!! I guess M.J spoke a little too much on that long awaited 14year interview heard around the world. Six months after that interview……he is hit with his first charge. The same charge that was revealed as a LIE after Mike’s death.

    This video speaks for itself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf5heuUEUE0&feature=related

  110. it amazes me that you people call yourself so enlightend now…furthermore the people you despise are the so-called enlightend ones…which one is good and which one is bad…i have said enough on otherpost and theres a guy on here with great points “some K” name….but it really amazes me that you people call yourself so inteligent now yet you think that artist actually choose whats in the video, what they wear, props,theme,script,lights,symbols, shit they hardly even choose the lyrics…and its not just these artist its all artist,…thats why they have make up artist costume designers,directors producers…its almost like accusing an actor for the role he plays or what going on in the movie…everybody has a job that just happens to be these artist…just like a movie there a people assigned to lay out the plan for music videos and wardrobes and props…the artist have nothing to do with that..they are just the person singing the song…i promise if one of the artist that you think are so called good guys sung any of the songs the videos would still look the same….you need to start digging into whats going on and whos behind the scenes rather then attacking the artist. i dont want to call them puppets but they are just doing a job trying to get money…they arent concerned with the props on the set or the imagery used in the video…and they really dont have any say in the matter either…its the record companies that control that…instead of doing an article about mind control..try coming back after you research how the music industry works…the record companies chose whats recorded and wht is filmed in videos and also the themes and artist in music videos…im not completly disbuting your theory but the people you are accusing of it is just insane..it shows how ignorant you and your followers are when dealing with the music industry…ur digging to deep into the wrong issue…

  111. when you go to work you dont pay attention to everything on the walls and floors and say this satan i have to leave…you go do your job and leave .. these people are any different give them a break…be realistic…they are employed by the music company and they must do what there employers request of them ..just like you and i….just cause they are stars doesnt mean they make the rules and tell the boss what to do…the people that make more money then the stars are the music execs…thats who the articles should be about

  112. you come in to work and the boss tells you what to do …what makes you think these people are any different..they dont plan music videos…they barely make suggestions…the set is already made before they get there…when they arrive on the set they are told what to do they record and go on about there life….ITS A JOB..talk about the people on top please

  113. also i know that you really like to take any small coinsedence and label it as a symbol….the thing you and FOLLOWERS dont realize is variations of symbols are not important…its the actual symbol that matters…if the american flag looked exactly the same but maybe used the colors green blue and black you wouldnt respect and call it a sybol of america…the reasons symbols are made is to represent something specifically…so if the symbol is not specifically what it was originally then it does not represent whatever you want it to…the us flag is not the us flag without red white and blue…or even with 50 circles instead of stars…it has to be exactly the way it was made or else it is not the flag…same for everything else…symbols cant be changed or manipulatng…stop manipulating things and just use ACTUAL facts instead of speculations

  114. pirates wore eye patchs does that make them illumanati cause they covered one eye…i mean it amazes me how far you stretch things and how people cant stop and say ok thats a lil far

  115. Ok Real Mason, don’t know if you’re referring to me. But yes, I am enlightened.
    And we all should know that it’s not the artist.. It’s the people who are behind the scenes, that cause the similarities of what’s been going on for years….

    But the more you look into it, the more you will see what’s behind it.

    So don’t knock people for their point of view, and stop being so hostile and just relax.

    Everyone has their own view… but in the end, it’s still the same sh*t, just a different toilet…. But you do have to wipe the sh*t up, and depending on how weak the tissue, the sh*t can end up smeared in your hands.

  116. I didn’t see this until last night.
    An ex-member, former 1st lady of Roc-A-Fella (No, not Beanie Siegal) but another member. (Roc-A-Fella/ Jay-Z) Read her lyrics of this song, after she was dropped from the label. :)

    By the way, did anyone ever think of what may have happened with Ms. Lauryn Hill? (Marley).

    Anyhoo, here are the lyrics to Amil’s (former Roc-A-Fella artist) song:
    I believe she was speaking to Shawn Carter (Jay-Z)…… J

    Yo, ever since I known you, you been out to get me
    Acting like my peeps, but I know that’s how you tricked me
    Love to see me get high, love to see my tipsy
    Heard you even wanna stick a little chip in me
    You been trying to play me close ever since my shine
    Wanna take me to dinner, feed me shrimp and swine
    You said, Amil I want you to meet a good friend of mine
    His name is Money and we partners till the end of time
    Introduced me to your clique, hate, envy, lust and greed
    Said you want the whole world in ya custody
    And if I give you my soul you’ll give me luxuries
    Said you could hit me up wit power, it’s just up to me
    I turn you on when I’m in short skirts and tight jeans
    You want my kids to write Santa and celebrate Halloween
    Told me sell my people crack and get rich off fens
    You love the number 6 but hate the number 13
    Chorus: [Carl Thomas]
    We’ll have some quarrels
    Some disappointments
    And a whole lot of problems
    And you will except me
    You wanna, be the one to pick me up when I fall
    Told me hang Casear bojease on my living room wall
    It was always something bout you that made my skin crawl
    You turned me into a player and showed me how to ball
    You give me rewards when I rob and steal
    Want me to abort my babies and get on the pill
    You put burners in the hood so each other we kill
    I see your eye watching me on the dollar bills
    When I got the scoop on you, it just made you mad
    Cause I moved out your crib, packed all my bags
    Them days I turned to you was the days you laughed
    You used to smile every time I pledge allegiance to the flag
    We speak now and then but we ain’t smacking hands
    You be up in the clubs asking me for a dance
    Still trying to convince me to go cheat on my man
    Begging me to please give you just one more chance
    When we was kids you was the one who taught me how to lie
    Said I could always use you as my alibi
    And you kept me from knowledge, wisdom, and the most high
    Had me believe God had blonde hair and blue eyes
    Our relationship went sour since I found the truth
    You know you can’t have me so you fuck with my youth
    You got all my phones tapped, I gotta talk at booths
    I learned an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth
    You built Sodom and Gomorra for us all to live in
    When we was cool you used to tell me all your visions
    Like how you gonna rule the nations under one religion
    You got this New World order, it’s like a big prison
    You said you wanna be worshipped from noon to noon
    Nothings gonna get better is what we all assumed
    Cause nights is getting shorter and it’s snowing in June
    I see you working overtime cause you out of here soon

  117. GAbrielle the Angel on

    i was watching ladygaga/illuminati girl on youtube-now keep in mind i was a horror movie fanatic b4 i fouind Christ, i mean i used 2b 5 years old watching them, then sleep like a baby, anyway,. in the video she put her hand over her left eye and was turning it like a door knob, 4 sum reason i looked straight, i mean straight in the eye, it just got blacker and blacker until it was like a hole, then..i can’t find words but 2 say a DEMON jumped out, i mean i left the room and started praying. People, this thing is so real, its more real than this life, hell and heaven. These people, i think some are fully possessed, i know gaga is, and some are just being influenced by these demons. But u know what ‘s said, these people could transform on stage live into those demons that are in them and people STILL WON’T BELIEVE, do u know why- those are the ones who have SEALED THEIR FATE. im sorry, there are some who have been die hard core fans (me- i used 2 luuuuv jay=z) and have seen the light cuz theire was always a lil voice(Holy Spirit) telling me, you know this ain’t right-glorifying $, sex, fame, pride, murder-in the name of ENTERTAINMENT. a lady told me 7 yrs ago, complete stranger, “God is preparing his soldiers” Now i know she meant the time is NOW, WE ARE IN A WAR, CHRISTIAN WARRIORS PRAY. pRAY FOR UR LOVED ONES, FRIENDS, CO=WORKER, WHO ARE BEING SEDUCED IN TO THE DEVIL’S ARMS. yOUR BESTFRIEND COULD BE GOING 2 HELL, UR BOYFRIEND, THAT PERSON DRIVING NEXT 2U ON THE HIGHWAY. pRAY, PRAY, FAST, FAST. I DARE YOU.

  118. The former freemason on

    It amazes me that one can come in here and become hostile of others opinions of the matter at hand as a former mason and music industry insider myself i do have knowledge of the inworks of what is going on in the industry and how artists are being controlled or under the influences of things of a sinister nature.
    I can say this so called REAL MASON (doubt he is really 1) is truly out of touch and his lack of undertanding of the obvious isn’t totally his fault but one such as him must remain delusional, demented, deranged , depraved and remain in the state of mental compulsion inorder to further the higher rankings of the powers behind the scenes agenda of bringing about this so called new age of enlightenment and the destruction of the world we may know of now …. Trust me when I tell all of you we are living in perilous and very dangerous times we are now on the verge of a one world government coming on the scene what was once thought of as a fantasy is now becoming a reality so I suggest now is not the time to sleep.

  119. Wow once again another informative article. I do fear for the tiffany evans lady, her life may be at risk now after saying those things just as the rap artist 2pac did when he realised what he had got himself into. Keep up the good work.

  120. I am a musician. I love music, but I am completely becoming horrified at the rate of blatant exploitation of women. I was asked by a well known guitar player for a platinum selling act to dress and be very provocative in order to get an audition but I said absolutely not. I was also introduced by an artist signed by G Unit and they wanted me to do some things, but the dark energy from them was so evident. I have had several offers to get into the business in the past, but nothing ever felt right for me. I am a strong Christian and I believe God has protected me from all this. Rihanna is so yound and so is Lady GaGa and it baffles me how lost they really are. It make me sad to see it all, and I am so turned off my Beyonce lately with the Video Phone video. She is just to racy for me but I think it is because of Jay Z. He scares me and I am not a fan. Thank you for sharing all this.

    I will keep being an independent and write my “happy” music, as I call it. Good for Tiffany and Omarion.

  121. I haven't listened to FM radio since I read your first bit on Lady Gaga. There is something evil brewing in the entertainment industry and I just can't be a part of it. And I'm not even religious! I do appreciate your articles though. They keep me in the know. So thank you vigilantcitizen!

  122. I caught the last half end or so of an interview with Gaga last night on fuse.tv. She seemed pretty level-headed to me for a 23 year old. I didn’t see any signs of trauma-based mind control programming (necessarily). If she said she studied at NYU (an illuminist university if ever there was one), I didn’t hear that part.

    They showed 4 of her videos. She does seem a lot like Madonna in a lot of ways, but then they all copy from each other, so I guess it’s no big deal. I had no idea she is the one who sings Poker Face! duh.

    What’s her astrological sign, anyone knows?

  123. I must admit, I was drawn to Rihanna’s “new image” in a strange way…. until I came across this site, which confirmed some things for me. I had a listen to her new album and honestly think that this girl has been swept into the wave and she doesn’t even know it! Why would a woman degrade herself by singing “I’m such a fucking lady”????

    3 things:

    1) Jay-Z’s specific mention of Alicia Keys during his acceptance speech @ the AMA awards… “I wanna thank the incomparable Alicia Keys for what she added to the record, it was beautiful” @ 1:57 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKH6An7-p6g&feature=player_embedded

    2) This may be a bit out there, and as much as I love PRINCE… I notice that in his film “Purple Rain” there is CONSTANT imagery of eyes & dolls, as well as the use of ‘eye’ instead of ‘I’ in all of his lyrics… then there’s the strange disappearance and protest against the mainstream music industry; and now he’s a Jehova’s Witness! any thoughts?

    3) Jay-Z declared himself as a ‘god’ a long time ago.. ‘hova’ taken from Jehova.

  124. to whoever wrote about ami..amil is talking about “the white man” being as though have painted pictures of a white blond blue eyes jesus when no one in the region of where jesus was born looked like that…to me she is speaking more about the white man and cia then jay z….blong hair blue eyed is a term black people say to each other when refering to the devil aka the white man…..for anyone that truly believe a music video is any different then a movie is a fool…once again actors dont design sets or give ideas for whats on the set nor inspect it because the studios have other people assigned to that…they simply get a script and act…the samething goes for a music video..the artist shows up and is told what to do they act and go home…i mean do you guys really think rhianna says put an eye right there or a speaker right there…then turns around to the camera ad says film this…then goes to the editing room and say cut this paste this…no those are white people in charge of all thet i.e the execs at the music company…once again if you want to find the truth just accept the fact that you are going to be searching and accusing your own instead of trying to blame these artist….the mtedia has been controlled since the begining this is nothing new,,,everything on tv is a means to control your mind even the news even commercials..why go so hard on music its not on a higher level then any other facet of media…even sports are meant to keep society occupied and away from searching for the truth…my thing is the people you are accusing of this are innocent…invesitigate those companies that control that..those networks that play it….these are the people with all the money…while jay-z and beyonce may be in the 50 million dollar club…thats nothing espeically if you want to talk illumaniti…try 100’s of millions even billions those are the people that control things…the network owners the record label ceo’s … those are the people you should investigate and that are truly guilty those are the people pushing their agenda on society…artist are just simply collecting a pay check blind to whats going on because they are just doing a job…its just so odd to me that one could conceive that these super powerful people such as the illumaniti which im sure are 99% racist would all black people into there society when they dont have to….or want to…they can simply pay them to do what they think is their job and keep it moving

  125. nyc gal November 23rd, 2009 7:59 pm writes:

    wow the line she says at ama awards- this is just the way the game is played, you just have to wait your turn-

    These self-proclaimed ‘stars’ are such self-centered egoists that they dare to have the audacity to regard creation as nothing more than a game. They are also extremely self-deluded in that they believe to have any true understanding. A moronic statement like ‘you just have to wait your turn’ only demonstrates what kind of falsehoods, lies and idiocies they believe in.

    Fortunately, their lies will never hold…

  126. With the possible exception of my very first comment made here, which was on the Bad Romance, I have hardly been rude to anyone here. Don’t label people because it only proves that something I said actually made sense to you and at the same time, contradicted your own opinion. As for why I keep coming here: I’m bored working my desk job and it passes the time faster. :) Or maybe I’ve been brainwashed by VC. Or maybe I’m an Illuminati mole. MUAAHAHAHAHA!!!

    I’ll tell you another reason I keep coming. Because my opinion is such an unpopular one that’s why. And thus far, I’ve even admitted to noticing the same patterns and connections, yet some still feel the need to attack me or try to intimidate me to leave or whatever it is that you want.

    Can’t you see the irony? You all would rather sit here pontificating with those that SHARE your same opinion but heaven forbid there are regular commenters with a different view. Isn’t that a goal of the NWO? One way of being, one way of thinking, total control so there’s no opposition?

    And think about this for a second – would some of you feel the way you do if the NWO/Illuminati goal was for Christianity to be the one world religion? This is not bait for someone to AGAIN try to start an argument with me. I get off on debate but only when you really have something to say and I’m curious as to the answers/view to such a question.

  127. “20.Mesmerizing November 22nd, 2009 4:50 pm :

    They can do it through music, because music is universal. Music is the ONE thing that we all have in common. It’s in all genres. Rock, pop, rap.. I think it’s all about Sacrifices.

    I think back to musicians like Left Eye… (now that I think about it, what is the meaning behind her name?)

    What about her relationship with Suge Knight (Suge means SNAKE…. Suge is also a Mason, just like Jay-Z)

    Left Eye all of a sudden vanished, and ended up in Honduras, where she died in an accident.

    So did Aaliyah. She made way for Beyonce. It’s funny I think of Beyonce, last night I read an article that Beyonce’s real birthdate is not 9/4/81 — being that she appeared on Star Search at age 7 in 1983. That’s crazy!

    But back to the point, music is universal.. and often think about Suge’s relationship with 2-Pac. What about Jay-Z? I’ve heard speculation of him being involved with the ‘Pac murder. What about Diddy? His new video ANGELS? What about PINK? What about 2-Pac’s relationship to Jada… her relationship to Will Smith… Will Smith’s relationship to Quincy Jones… Quincy Jones relationship to Michael Jackson… Michael Jackson’s relationship to Madonna… Madonna’s involvement in the Mike’s life… Mike being silent for 14 years, before speaking to Oprah in ‘93…. The weirdness of that interview, and the fact that Mike talked a little TOO much in that interview, shortly after — he was hit with his first charge ever. Back to Oprah, she ending her show on 9/11/2011 (9/2011) — 10 years after the infamous 9/11… The same day that Jay-Z performed at Madison Square… The same reason Jay and Beyonce performed at the Inauguration. Hip hop artists at a Presidential event? Wow… The same president that was endorsed by Oprah. The same reason that Jay also appeared on Oprah, after she admitted she disliked Hip Hop. They appeared to be BFF’s.

    The same reason Oprah angrily admitted how Jesus can’t save you. So did Jay. He says it in his recent song with Alicia Keys.

    Different Alicia Keys these days, huh? Lol.

    I’m talking too much.

    It’s the same reason Dave Chappelle went crazy. He appeared crazy on Oprah, too huh?

    The same reason that Michael Jackson went WACKO. The same reason that Michael often gave props to Aleister Crowley, creator of DO ART THOU WILT — the whole Satanic music theme. So does Jay-Z, so does Kanye. Where is Kanye? Why did he cancel with Lady Gaga? Why did humiliate Taylor Swift? Why did Beyonce praise Taylor Swift? Why are they all linked together? Why does Diddy’s artist flop? Why is T.I in jail for a year and a day? Why is Chris Brown so secretive of the incident in the car with the devi…. I mean Rihanna? Why ask Why?

    Don’t be afraid to ask WHY… Do your research, people. The music is being controlled by bigger people.”

    daaaayyyyuuuuummmmm! I never thought of this! Wow–you are on to something and very much on point. Thank you for pointing that out–never crossed my mind (although I had those same questions on some things, I never made the connections).

    Thank you and VC both.

  128. Websites like this one is exactly what we need. Who’s to tell what kind of entities come here to say it ain’t so. Particularly if one espouse belief in Christianity, such a person cannot deny the many references to the serpent and dragon identified both in the old and new testaments. Many cultures all over this planet have archaic historical accounts of these, ahem, “people”.

  129. biggy smalls only got to do one album by himself and one with his group junior mafia before they got him. 2 pac is still rememembered and heard as being really good now after they are long dead, so imagine how good they wouldve been now if still alive.. they both sang the re-make of “they dont even care about us” as “they don’t give a f*uck about us” and point blank are saying no to the illuminati in the song- can you do an anlysis of the lyrics.. also deep and very dark minus the cute music and her amazing cute voice – beautiful stranger is about the dark side she is singing to, i mean read the lyrics and forget about the cute music in the background- its soo obvious its something bad that she fell for, which crashed her world and she had to pay in tears and pain and if she was smart, she would go away, but “heaven forbid” she isnt smart so she stays and accepts it.. VERY symbolic in a lot of her songs- the whole thing with the burning crosses and the crucifixion on stage etc list goes on and on it was all them burning crosses the freakin klan who were among the original masons (look up andrew pike- one of the first masons in the united states- we have his friggin statue up at teh white house! now that deserves to be blown away)not some guy – the more you know and understand these things they are saying, the more you see it everywhere— disney in the little mermaid- she discovers the hidden club that is forbidden- music is bad, it is what they are using to bring satan into our lives, the easiest way is with music, as someone previously said it was universal– why did madonna keep saying “he was a human being” about mj so many times at the vmas? is she and her clan more than that? mj was so unfortunately just a human being, but they think they are so high above- rihanna and jaz-z are so clear in their music that they beleive they will be above, they are most likely promised that they will survive the whole world being taken over that will happen soon, unfortunately for most of hollywood they dont know they are the first robots in the process..they will be used to kill.. notice the cop hats all these chicks are wearing.. mocking cops or do they think they are supreme or symbolizing future authority they will be trained for? rihannas little number- the guns rights after being hypnotized at the amas?? watch out for more guns, goat signs, lightning and torch light symbols…. the lightning and torch light have been symbolic for many many years from the ancient times, represent prometheus the fallen god from ancient heaven (modern day satan) unfortuntaly the guns are present tools and very real today…

  130. @ a real mason- yes it is the ceo’s and the people BEHIND the music business, they are the ones creating the videos, stages etc they discover these young people and the broken black and white communitied from the the ghettos and these stupid women, white, black it doesnt matter- they were ignorant women who wanted to be famous and would do anything- and they promised them fame and riches and yes this is how they get lured in the dark side to begin with- no one said jay z or lady gaga started the illuminati- they been here since the 18th century and these symbols were always in our media (even our news are monitored and go through screening by the UN before they are allowed to put something on the news) our businesses, of course our business- you need money first to start anything- behind the banks and music industry, and sports everything- we arent saying that it is ONLY In music, VC is merely showing us blatant examples how its more in your face now that ever- even the first universities in america were started by the illuminati- they were very smart people- we are sculpted to go to school and learn to specialize in one thing- one thing- you have a doctor who knows his science doesnt know anything about the economy or literature, you have a butcher that doesnt know how to do anything but knows everything you can possibly know about meat, etc (kind of stupid examples but u get what im saying) – in other countres when you go to university you have to know everything- every subject you have to be good in- this was all a process to get us to be like robots- we think we are in a good system because it is capitalism, yes it does work in the end of the day, you provide a service to someone else who provides a service to someone else etc yes it seems like it works in the end so everyone plays a role but we are merely robots in the end, like you said, we go to work, do as we are told, and go home.. because we are forced to live thike this and make money or starve, they have created this system, we have to get permits to strike for crying out loud, in other countries you open you mouth and strike, here everyone is afraid to speak.. and its supposed to be a democracy? why? because we vote? wow we vote for what? because they never rigged the elections right? or because the presidenss are not at all related to eachother.. i wont get into the whole presidents being related to eachother conspiracy now.. but they are very smart and behind the money… after all, they wrote up the whole plan from the first presidency leading up to today….so they can finally achieve the nwo goal

  131. @A REAL MASON

    You seem quick in trying to counter or distort any valid information with lies and deception. You better watch out when choosing sides. There isn’t much time left to ‘enjoy’ wrong choices.

  132. nyc gal November 24th, 2009 11:27 am said

    this was all a process to get us to be like robots- we think we are in a good system because it is capitalism, yes it does work in the end of the day, you provide a service to someone else who provides a service to someone else etc yes it seems like it works in the end so everyone plays a role but we are merely robots in the end, like you said, we go to work, do as we are told, and go home..

    Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone.

    Goldman Sachs to make record bonus payout

    In April, Goldman said it would set aside half of its £1.2bn first-quarter profit to reward staff, much of it in bonuses. It is believed to have paid 973 bankers $1m or more last year, while this year’s payouts are on track to be the highest for most of the bank’s 28,000 staff, including about 5,400 in London.

    Until the release of its first quarter profits in April, it seemed inconceivable that a firm owing the US government $10bn would be looking to break all-time records in 2009.

    First you are a slave to money, then you die…

  133. A blessing is coming on

    @170 nyc gal “rihannas little number- the guns rights after being hypnotized at the amas?? watch out for more guns, goat signs, lightning and torch light symbols…. the lightning and torch light have been symbolic for many many years from the ancient times, represent prometheus the fallen god from ancient heaven (modern day satan) unfortuntaly the guns are present tools and very real today…”

    If you look at Beyonce’s new video with lady gaga- Video Phone- They’re both shooting guns… VC what does that have to do with recording on a video phone? Absolutely nothing! They’re must be some message behind the shooting of the guns. It’s like, once you’ve been pulled into their seductive spell and begin to lust after them, they shoot ya! And what is up with the Kill Bill theme at the beginning of the video? Ugh.

    There has always been a battle between good and evil. The only way Satan wins is if you allow it to because it really can’t control your life unless you let it. It’s like the phrase, “Give the devil an inch, and he’ll be a ruler…” Yes Satan was the head of music and yes music is the universal language so what better way to reach the masses? The road to destruction will be wide and satan is trying to recruit as many as it can.

    So many people are singing these songs and dancing to these artists’ music, completely ignorant to the fact of this spiritual warfare that is going on. It is better to be aware and be conscious of your decisions then to walk into a situation blindfolded that you don’t know how to walk out of.

    If these artists truly believe in the heavenly God, they wouldn’t sell their souls to lead God’s people astray just for money. Money won’t do anything for them when they’re 6 ft below the ground and if they have all that money, why don’t they do something positive with it? If money = power on earth, you’d think they’d have more say or more control to the images they portray, the lyrics they speak, and the clothes they wear.

    At this point, it’s not a matter of what these artists are doing with their lives on and off camera, but what are you doing with yours and where are you trying to go when your time on this planet is up? What are you doing to get there?

  134. Hey Truth Seeker , my life isn't preparing for death, kind of defeats the purpose of struggling to survive to dodging bullets or struggling to lose weight so on and so forth and as far as we should be shocked by the "illusion of democracy " or Pres. Elect " … there's one huge flaw with your thinking , society doesn't know about the illusion of democracy , the majority STILL cling on the fantasy of Democrats V Republicans , still won't DEMAND more political parties , still think Obama is the savior (slowing changing ) .

    The massive generational indoctrination by the elites to make people think there is choice is DEEP , VERY VERY DEEP , so to expect one to be shocked before they KNOW about the CFR , about the Bilderbergs , the International Banking Cabal that wants a one world Government and dollar is ridiculous .

    Until main street gives up some Football , some NAZZCAW , Idol worshipping and spends time READING to inform themselves or listen to those who lecture about the NWO , NOTHING in a big way will change .

  135. right on- what do they think? they are going to take the money to the grave? they think they will be saved from what is going to come but they are the first robots being used before getting to the rest of us- and in these hard times with people starving and losing their homes, literally, the day came were vast amounts of people are losing the roofs over their heads, you have these rappers singing yea i still have my money and my cars? they dont even give a shi*t that its in poor taste, but that is way minimal to everthing else they are saying.. i am a big fan of ozzy and recently i listened to my “diary of a madman” cd and i finally see it in the rock music, i usemean i sitll think they were mostly making fun of the evil side, not that they really beleived in that stuff, back in the 70 and 80 rock days, i still love the music and the lyrics themselves are not evil- however i started hearing what he was saying in this album, and i think they had ozzy in the beginning before he broke away from black sabbath, i kind of changed the meaning that he is answering back at them saying i dont need you anymore, like he broke away : o ver the mountain lyrics: “i heard them tell me that the land of dreams was now, I told them I had ridden shooting stars and said i’d show them how… dont need no astrology, its inside of you and me, you dont need a ticket ro ride with me, im free yeah.. later he goes “over and over, always tried to get away…” i feel like he is using what they taught him and saying but no, u dont need that, u dont need astrology and I dont need to sell myself to you anymore. the land of dreams, clearly america, hes also a brit that came here to make it.. also another song int he same album, one of my faves he is talking to someone again, who is he talking to? i really think its the satanists/ illuminati- “you cant kill rock and roll”- he sings ” how many times can they fill me with lies, and I listen, again..twisting the truth and they’re playing around in my head..leave me alone dont want your promises no more, cause rock and roll is my religion and my love… fear of rejection I need their protection… outcome is obvious all for them, none for us..”.. supposed to be another “i love rock and roll” song but look at what he is saying?? gee i wonder he was talking to in these songs! and these are from 1981!! why did he only do 2 albums with sabbath and then leave them?? supposedly they faught over who is leader of the band…. it goes so far back…. the more we realize the more it was always there…. its just more in your face today more than ever.. like they are running out of time?

  136. I,m not one for typing, but i have read much of your stuff over this year and love what you are bringing into the light, and i’m sure once it reaches outinto the darker nether worlds change will come…real change though not the obama type,

    take good care and blessings of love to all .

  137. Keep in mind that a lot of rappers are using BORROWED money, cars, homes, and jewelry in their videos. They are often pretty broke in real life, as are a lot of celebs who squander their fortunes on stupid shit. There was even a story a while back about Rihanna being broke. The record labels use the artists own earnings from record sales to fund all of these extravagant videos, wardrobes, cars – which are often RENTED luxury cars we see them driving around Hollywood in.

    A whole lot of this flaunting of the wealth we see is an illusion. Many artists have spoken out about how their record labels screwed them out of millions of earned dollars with shady contracts. Very few artists actually OWN the rights to their songs. (There are some but not many). This lends more credence to the artist not being the one who should be investigated, but instead, those who are behind the scenes making all of the decisions.

    **I think it’s unwise to remove the Omarion/Ice Box article from this site based solely on his comment about Rihanna and the industry. Someone coming to the site without knowing it was ever there should be aware that he was once a target of VC’s criticism so that they can make a full, knowledeable determination of their own. Removing the article is kinda manipulative IMO.

  138. @- Keleigh – Thanks for the info on Gaga’s birthday. I was going to post I thought she might be a Fire sign. Too bad I didn’t, because she is!

    I like your posts Keleigh. What you say is very important in order to keep a clear head. When one sees “symbols” everywhere one looks, one tends to get a little nutzy after awhile, and my observation is some obviously are under deep mind control themselves and cannot differentiate reality from fantasy.

    VC is a good analyzer, if one is interested in learning how to “spot the symbol” as an exercise in these things, like the occult and esoteric. I’m interested in the occult and esoteric anyway, so I’m interested in what VC has to say and how he says it. There is a grain of truth to certain things, though frankly I’ve never met a Monarch slave myself. I understand why they may be called Monarchs though — I think I do anyway…

  139. Lily – omg. seriously? that wasn’t the point. she went to NYU because she’s FROM NEW YORK.

    and Baba – THANK GOODNESS we have people like GaGa rejecting that plastic image of a woman as a mother and caregiver.

  140. Zsa Zsa – I agree with you about the woman as a caregiver thing. I haven’t fully decided on children yet, but I don’t really like kids, haha. So it’s very likely that will choose not to have any. But it certainly doesn’t make me any less of a woman and that is not a woman’s ONLY nor her most important role she may have in life. I believe Lady Gaga gets the hermaphrodite accusations because she is not the all-American version of pretty/beauty and is VERY sexually aggressive (or at least she presents herself that way). So, oh no! She must be a man right?!?

  141. ZsaZsa – it doesn’t mean a thing if GaGa is “from New York”. Not everyone gets into the Tisch School of the Arts (assuming that’s here GaGa studied). So big deal if she’s from NY. NYU costs $$$ — and plenty of it. Are her parents rich? Who are they? What is their background? Someone, perhaps, “pulled strings” to get GagA into the business and saw to it she made it BIG. This doesn’t discount GaGa in the least — just that someone thought enough of GaGa to see to it she became successful, helped her get there sort of thing.

  142. Lily – Thanks. Well, I obviously enjoy reading what people have to say and don’t get why I keep being asked what I’m doing here. All I know is that when I’m discussing something, anything, with a group of people and no one is presenting an opposing or differing view it gets boring REAL quick. I’m having fun here to be honest. Like someone else said, even this shit has to be taken in with some perspective because it can make you paranoid! I am not trying to start fights or aggravate anyone but I try to see things from every angle possible. Nothing is ever just black and white.

  143. I think I read somewhere that Gaga went to private school with Paris Hilton (of all people). So it is possible her parents did have a lot of money or influence. Not sure about the rest of her background though. She does seem like she is very bright though so it wouldn’t surprise me if she got into a good school based on merit.

  144. Keleigh – YES now I remember — I read that also myself somewhere about Paris Hilton. See what I mean? Took me by surprise — Gaga and Paris Hilton. Yet — there it is, and who would have expected it?

    When I read about occult ideas, like what VC and some others write about, I can see how a certain, and very hidden, thread of truth is possible.

    I’m getting maybe a bit off base here, but like VC mentioned an article about a rich English pedophile (or VC pointed to another website where this mention was made). The key is: the Rich and how they can keep things hidden. Now with Hilton and Gaga, I can almost envision how rich, beautiful girls can fall under mind control and veered into a Monarch lifestyle. Their lives are, after all, anything but ordinary.

    But deep mind control programming? In a way I don’t think so, due to free will. Of course trauma based MC is another story, so many things VC writes about are true enough.

    I get that a lot myself when I go “against the grain” and they trot out that word “insulting” as if all the world must now come to an end. Well, these are those who are incapable of thinking all that deeply. I don’t think all that deep myself, but at least I’m open to hearing all the sides. And I’m not brazen of accusing someone of “being insulting”. One has to be insulting to do that, imo.

  145. I am not part of this new music scene. But I am very much aware of how dark forces control government, promote wars, and use the entertainment industry to propagandize the masses and to feed their sick addictions.

    With that in mind there is a fantastic series of essays taking very similar approach to this Vigilant Citizen work, only it deals with the rock stars of the 1960’s.
    This series also involves a lot of Satan worship and control of musicians by dark forces. The CIA is involved and the main purpose at that time was to derail the early anti war movement of the mid 1960’s, and replace it with an entirely new face……one that would repulse middle American. The hippie movement was designed to fail, designed to allow the anti war movement to be characterized by all the negative aspects of the hippie culture; no work, no soap, no loyalty, laziness, rampant drug use etc. etc.

    I highly recommend the articles available at the Dave McGowan web site………I am just a fan, not affiliated in any way.
    Google, Center For An Informed America.
    At the McGowan site, the topic you want is Laurel Canyon, Inside the LC.

    The writing style of McGowan is great IMO, but all of you might not agree. He uses humor and sometimes vulgarity. His satire and dark humor should not offend anyone. I see some devout Christians here, please see past his language and realize that he is fighting back against the Satanic powers too.
    Peace and strength!

  146. Wow , you done did it again, Vigilant. Its interesting to see several people's posting inquiring about her parents. Most of these mind-control stars were approach and offer to sell their child to the devil in exchange for money. I wouldn't t be surprise if her famous abuse issues at the hand of Chris Brown were part of her daily dose of mind control abuse. Rihanna is a damn slave, a prisoner. It's sad! When she wakes up, and will want out of the satan worshiping, they ll do her like they did MJ.


  147. @Hippie, November 24th, 2009 2:48 pm

    I have not yet checked his claims, but it is indeed remarkable to see the ‘elites’ background many of these 60’s rock-stars had. I agree that the US government and ‘elites’ have tried hard to derail the 60’s protest movement/flower children/love generation with free sex, drugs & rock & roll. Johnson and Nixon were some of the biggest criminals ever.

    There is also a reference to this in Don McLean’s ‘American Pie’ lyrics where he mentions the despicable Rolling Stones and their devious role in ending the era at the Altamont Free Concert on December 6, 1969 where they hired members of the Hells Angels motorcycle club to provide security. Within a minute of starting their third song, “Sympathy for the Devil”, a fight erupted in the front of the crowd, at the foot of the stage. After a lengthy pause and another appeal for calm, the band restarted “Sympathy” and continued their set with less incident until the start of “Under My Thumb”. Some of the Hell’s Angels got into a scuffle with 18-year-old Meredith Hunter resulting in his death.

    The Altamont concert is often contrasted with the Woodstock festival that took place less than four months earlier. While Woodstock represented “peace and love”, Altamont came to be viewed as the end of the hippie era and the de facto conclusion of late-1960s American youth culture: “Altamont became, whether fairly or not, a symbol for the death of the Woodstock Nation

    Oh, and there we were all in one place,
    A generation lost in space
    With no time left to start again.
    So come on: jack be nimble, jack be quick!
    Jack flash sat on a candlestick
    Cause fire is the devil’s only friend.

    Oh, and as I watched him on the stage
    My hands were clenched in fists of rage.
    No angel born in hell
    Could break that satan’s spell.
    And as the flames climbed high into the night
    To light the sacrificial rite,
    I saw satan laughing with delight
    The day the music died

    Jack Flash is clearly a reference to Mick Jagger & the Rolling Stones Jumping Jack Flash.

  148. Dont think or pretend that any one of us posses awareness about the things that are going on – one thing is symbolism – another one is realisme.. Let me also say that I dont doubt any of the things presented, but with that, neither do I pretend to know ‘the all’…

    I am sure, many of those who come here, like myself have been studying symbolism, occultism and further esoteric elements.

    I respect each individual comment as much as the next, but with that, I also encourage people to stand back and think of how much these subjects have shocked you – then consider the possibility that you could be equally as chocked over Christianity, President Elect, The illusion of democracy or the misuse of the three hottest words in history, starting chronologically – Terrorism, Globalism, Environment… Try following those leads – it might not be what you think…!

    Furthermore one could object or perceive the world as “never changed” – Sure you speak of ‘End of times’, ‘Era’s’ or even ‘Doomsday’ – But is that not succeeding where Rihanna fails – Does it not awake the fear in you ?
    – Sure the people of the world have cried, all from Peace, Love and Harmony to Never Again (Holocaust) to Sig Heil to fu*kin’ Hail Ceasar – or was it the other way around.. ;)…
    – Still though, tell me.. WHAT HAS CHANGED ?
    Where is the uproar in China – when there are still concentration camps to this day ?
    What happened to the French Revolution (check their Independence declaration -Http://www.unobserver.com/articleimages/French%20Declaration%20of%20Human%20Rights%202.jpg ) – Well what is that at the top… (and im sure you all have seen the old MI6 logo etc. aswell..)

    Moving on to the important stuff… What I would essentially like to stress is following: DO NOT FEAR ! – Embrace the fact that life is a preparation for death, and the fact that it is the only certainty in our physical life… View everything with a critical eye, but do not argue for the sake of pleasing your ego or finding the answer you are looking for – that way all becomes blurry very quickly – No, do it for the sake of one word only… Let the word be you and you will become the action of the word… The word is TRUTH…

    – As a last but not insignificant thing, I would like for all that has true interest to start exploring further into these things.. I am positive you can get all the help/hints and recommendations one could possibly need..
    – If you on the other hand are simply fascinated with symbolism in pop culture – pls. refrain from commenting as above was never directed to you.

    *Pls. note I respect all religion, point of view and people – Above remarks was never intended nor are they negative, they are simply Truth :)

    V… – Patiently wating for reply – hope you find the time soon mate. – Good stuff as usual…

    All the best,

  149. Hey guys, did any of you notice that the same black instrument used in the the beginning of gaga’s “bad romance” video, the very beginning where she sits motionless and her mesh covered fingernails hit play or rewind causing her to move suddenly, is the same visible black box in the room with Ri? I tried to still it in gaga’s video to read what the logo said but all i got was Parrot. the other word looked like shock or shack, something like that. If you can figure it out let me know.

    Thanks for the article vigilant.

    P.S. I’m still trying to figure out where you’re from using the bust and coin you provided. It’s like i’m on a relic hunt or something. But i know I’ve seen that bust some where.

  150. great job vc…i hope people will become more proactive in voicing their opinions in the world we all live in…God bless you all!

  151. Though I never see the point to their songs – besides the satanic glorification – this one has escaped me the most..

    She has “come a long way”. Truly a good girl gone bad. Money and fame can lead you in many directions that, in the end, compromising yourself, be it morals or religious beliefs; not necessarily beliefs but some sort of awareness or knowledge even if acquired after the act has been committed, is now your own cross to carry. The ultimate trade.

  152. Thanks Vigilant you have really opened up my family and I eyes. God Bless you and all the ppl who too have opened up their eyes:)

  153. ugh i just saw a pic of adam lambert, idol star gone famous- from the AMA awards and hes doing the same baphomet sign with his hand (lady gaga, mj back in the days etc) , the 2 fingers pointing out and you see the multiple skull ring across his fingers, same exact one i seen paris hilton wearing in a pic lately when she was doing the goat sign.. i swear they’ve got all of them..

  154. MIND CONTROL , what rubbish I didn’t see any at all and after watching this video I went out and bought 200 copies and it wasn’t because of any …. I love Rihanna, I love Rihanna, I love Rihanna .

    At the very least she promotes risky behavior , mixing sexuality and love and death into one convenient mind trip to take . To me there is definitely an AGENDA happening through out the Industry and its really sad and pathetic compared to the 70s for example or 80s with the Spinners who wrote aBOUT ” could it be that Im falling in Love ” now to this contrived corporate mind control crap with hidden and not so hidden messages and symbols of the occult .

    I wish we can read what IS their Ultimate Goal , destruction of society or it’s social structure by indoctrinating the youth to occult messages and one thing is certain , there is conditioning going on , conditioning one to take risky choices , to look up to occult as an option for behavior by glamorizing illogical behavior , I mean Russian Roulette are you fn kidding me , gambling in general is a losing proposition for most , but purposely throwing away cognitive skills based on logic , reason or proven history for this sht is an insult to the youth , an insult to TRUE musicians and leading to a path of global slavery , I believe is their ultimate goal .

  155. Another winning piece!

    Vigilant Citizen’s website should be REQUIRED READING for every High School Student in N America and Europe (if not around the Illuminati’s World).

    I know when my boys grow a bit older, they will be reading the terrific reporting done on this site.

  156. @Kahoneez – I think what Truth Seeker means is that no matter what, death is EVERYONE’s ultimate fate. There is no escaping it because sooner or later we all cease to exist. That is the TRUTH. That none of us are invincible, we are all human, and not to forget that along the way as we live our lives.

    @Angela – I answered the question about those black boxes but can’t remember where so here it is. Those are new Apple Ipod speakers. You can see them here – http://gizmodo.com/5127768/phillipe-starcks-zikmu-parrot-wi+fi-ipod-speakers-are-even-prettier-in-person

    That also explains the word “Parrot” that you mentioned seeing.

  157. “They’re however not the only ones who have discussed those taboo matters. Many rock stars (ie Bob Dylan) have tackled those issues and have coded in their words the real nature of the industry.”

    You guys should do a feature on Bob Dylan.

  158. @TS November 24th, 2009 3:36 pm

    Why fear when Truth is beyond comprehension? Understand that perfection implies Justice. Think of Plato’s Cave. Size is relative and this universe is in one sense not that big brother ;-). Everything will be made whole and perfect again when confusion and fear are overcome and Truth and Justice be served. Do you know why they called it confusion… 😉

  159. I dont know if this has been said already but the black thing that both GaGa and Rihanna have in common in their videos is a Phillipe Starck Parrot – it’s a sound system. So they’re whoring that out.

  160. I think I like Rhianna now.

    Question: How do you know that all the symbolism isn’t non-agenda intentional to get people like you to talk about and therefore promote the artist? Maybe there is simply nothing behind it at all. Maybe its just pop culture influencing pop music… and let’s face it, MK-ULTRA and conspiracies have become pop culture especially with all the Alex Jones clones out there. Jones is a regular guest on Fox News and The View discussed douche-bag Mark Dice while movies and television shows like CSI reference David Icke these days. I am not inclined at all to believe that Lady Gaga or Rhianna are Illuminati agents… I have my eyes firmly focused on people that are actually causing social decline in this country (promotion of hate and bigotry)… the Ann Coulters, Bill O’Reillys and Rush Limbaughs of the world.

  161. @nyc gal–Thank you -I had never seen or heard that song. That tells a WHOLE lot. I think that it is def about Rihanna. There's a lot going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. And like you pointed out, there is so much stuff that is being put right in our faces now, that I'm not sure whether to laugh or what. Whatever the case, I see and hear them loud and clear (we all do).

    And I agree: I think Ri is kind of a fallen angel. Her innocence is lost, thanks to Jay and his bunch. Maybe prayer will bring her back, because unbeknownst to her, she is really going to need it.

  162. SAME DEVICE???

    i noticed the pillar shaped control devices or sth in the beginning of the video next to rihanna on both sides are the same is in the gaga video “bad romance’ ????????????

    dont know if its already mentioned but i got so excited that i noticed it..

  163. A truly excellent article. People need to become aware of what is happening here. These people are real and it won’t take much research to learn that. There is truly a war on to destroy Christianity. Even the Catholic Church which is supposed to represent Christianity is in opposition to the teachings by its very nature.
    Please research about this as people have died and suffered to bring this information to you.
    God bless each and every one of you.

  164. I cant believe that i just realized in a european artist that i listen to- he has baphomet / goat head shadow on his face on the front cover-this guy has been #1 in Greece for 2-3 years.. he has concerts that fil up with thousands and his music is pop mostly about love and fun. nothing evil..’til i realized this now its everywhere, all across the world… just who did they not get yet ., i swear the more you know its there, more you see it everywhere… http://www.amazon.com/Filoi-Kai-Ehthroi-Mihalis-Hatzigiannis/dp/B000RGH5F0/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1259164684&sr=1-2-fkmr0

  165. @keleigh–I agree with you aout Rihanna–that girl is just straight out mean and abusive, and seems to always have been. She abused Chris one time too many and went a step too far and he snapped. I ahve watched her in other settings, and something just isn’t right about her. she set it off in the car, and he finished it, be it right or wrong. Sadly, had it been a woman who finally snapped and whipped the ass of her longtime abuser, she’d be hailed a hero. Too bad for double standards. Her actions since them show me even more that she is no angel nor victim, but those who drank that koolaid will know that for themselves soon enough.

    I have a question for everyone: I notice in one of Omarion’s songs and one of Beyonce’s (Beautiful Nightmare) they exclaim at the oddest times “Turn the lights off.” What does that mean? Turn off or get rid of goodness? I only recently noticed it. And yes I saw the pale horse in Bey’s video. She is definitely working for the darkness now, and I don’t think she’s coming back.
    I found this on another website about Videophone and bey (hope I clicked the link correctly). Scroll down and there are pictures and the breakdown of her pictures/symbolisms.

  166. @ashley- i dont know if they faking it or what stunt they pulling witht he abuse scandal but have you heard or read, rather chris brown’s fallen angel? It supports my idea that not only are they part of the illuminati conspiracy, but the illuminati pagan religion they follow is more than boderline satanism, one of their beleifs is that the devil was wrongful judged by G-d and cast out of heaven and they will help restore it to its rightful place

    fallen angel
    If I could take a trip to outer space
    She would be the one I would see
    When I get to heaven’s gate
    She would welcome me with her arms open wide, and her smile
    Would shadow me brighter than the sun
    She hasn’t had a fair chance, so I’ll give her one
    Let me tell you who she is, yeah

    She’s a fallen angel, sent from heaven up above
    She’s a fallen angel, waitin for me to love her, yeah
    (She’s) She’s a fallen angel, take your judgment off her
    I know, that she’s a fallen angel

    [Verse 2]
    You know, maybe I should
    Help her mend her broken wings
    So she can fly again
    But I don’t wanna lose everything ,that I’ve gained
    it’s turnin me a selfish man (oh)
    Cause without her my heart just don’t go, no more (no more)
    I couldn’t take the pain of watchin her fly away
    So say that you’ll stay
    She’s mine

    She’s a fallen angel, (ooh) sent from heaven up above
    She’s a fallen angel, waitin for me to love her, yeah
    (She’s) She’s a fallen angel, so take your judgment off her
    I know, that she’s a fallen angel

    [Verse 3]
    Don’t you
    Baby don’t you (don’t you worry) worry
    I’m gon help you (I’m gon help you ) fly
    (I’m gon help you fly)
    Just take me under your (take me under) wings,
    And we can reach the (we can reach the) sky
    (we can reach the sky)
    Baby don’t you (don‘t you worry) worry,
    I’m gon help you (I’m gon help you ) fly
    (I’m gon help you fly)
    Yo mama, don’t you (take me under) worry
    you gon reach the (we can reach the) sky
    (we can reach the sky)
    She’s a…

    She’s a fallen angel, (hey hey) sent from heaven up above, just for me
    She’s a fallen angel, waitin for me to wrap my heart around her, know
    (Know that she’s) She’s a fallen angel, makin due with all the judgment (no)
    I know, that she’s (yeah) a fallen angel (ooh ahh)

    [Verse 4]
    Baby I know
    I know that they done hurt you
    But I’m here
    To take it all away
    So if you let me…
    You know what, just put your heart in my hands
    And everything they say, I’ll take it back
    Like this…

    You don’t mean nothing, [reversed line]
    I don’t want ya, [reversed line]
    I don’t need ya, [reversed line]
    Never loved ya, [reversed line]
    You’re nobody, [reversed line]
    And never make it, [reversed line]
    You’re a mistake (ooh), [reversed line]

    OR IS HE GOING BACK ON IT, LAST THE LAST VERSE WE SEE?? Like ive seen with mj and ozzy, artists went back on originally supporting the beleifs and ideas and they in turn lost support in hollywood, maybe that’s what the abuse allegation is about? or is he a part of them too?

    interesting went on bep website just now and black eyed peas latest albums is called “the end” like are you kidding me?
    the website says “the end is just the beginning…”
    it is seriously EVERYWHERE

    after your whole peice on the Denver airport and Church of St Paul what more evidence do we need? It is so disgusting that there is nothing we can do about it but pray to save ourselves and hope this is the second coming. they are behind the govt..

  167. 225.Keleigh November 25th, 2009 4:55 pm :

    We all agree she got talent, but hey, why the fuck didnt she stay how she was, um? i mean, that kind of music is way better then her current song(to my opinion) and she dont look like a whore on that video, compared to now. `)

  168. I was waiting for Vigilant to put Rihanna on blast once again. When I first saw the album cover and her covering up one of her eyes, I said “Here we go again”. I mean, it’s all there. The color black, the one exposed eye, and the lyrics in “Russian Roulette”. I can only wonder about the rest of the album’s content. I was watching the AMA’s this past Sunday, and it looked like another rendition of the VMA’s. You guys gotta expose this Adam Lambert dude next. That shit disturbed the shit outta me. He practically performed a homosexual sex act on live national television…With kids watching that shit! I feel bad for the youth because they’re not gonna know what to believe. Being gay these days is the equivalent of choosing the sportscar or the sedan, and it sickens me that society has dumbed downed to this….The whole gang was there: Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Jay-Z and others. This music industry is sad. This crap isn’t even worthy of me listening to it anymore. I just listen to classic material (M.J., 2Pac, Nas, stuff from the 70’s & 80’s for example). People gotta wake up, but the blind will continue to lead the blind…Those that are awaken to the evils that surround us, whether it’s music or politics, I say to you, God bless and stay seeking the real truth, because it isn’t on that idiot box that sits in our rooms. It’s all an illusion…digital Satan. I will continue to wake people up that I associate with because if I can reach them, then they can help me spread the real truth.

  169. I LOVE THIS SITE! i have been thinking this stuff for awhile and now I know there is more people out there.

    If you also notice Kanye threw a fit at the VMA’s over Beyonce’s song “Big Ego” and also at the same time had a new song with jay-z coming out called “Haters”


  170. @216.someguy – Just curious, what do you mean by this? “If you also notice Kanye threw a fit at the VMA’s over Beyonce’s song “Big Ego” and also at the same time had a new song with jay-z coming out called “Haters”


    Like what did you find strange about it I mean?

  171. First, I’d like to say great site. I have been doing some reading and I find the following to be WEIRD. I’ll start like this. Solange is little sister to Beyonce who is obviously involved in all this luciferian stuff. Solange was recently seen in DC with WALE(rising superstar). The weird thing is that I found the photo of the two together on a website for an artist calling herself RA-THE-MC. RA! as in ancient egyptian sun god. Also on her site I found a photo of her and Wale together and in it she is wearing glasses with a veil in front of them. Also her and WALE have something in common. It seems that both worked with a producer named JUDAH. The name Judah means “to praise.”
    It seems he produces music in Washington DC – home of Barack Obama and the latest installment of Masonic TV’s Real World. I watched her recent music video which is posted on her page to this woman calling herself the Sun God(RATHEMC). I clicked play and almost threw up. The symbolism is there from the get-go. The video opens with a logo of the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. Next up is a logo telling us what is about to go down (a real slap to my face). the next logo says Strange Music. I looked up the production company that did the video and there isn’t much information other than they are called THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS! But these guys are black so why would they be calling themselves that? Well it seems that if you drop the (s) on brothers and add (hood) you get The Great White Brotherhood, who in some belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age, are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread religious teachings through selected humans. Aleister Crowley was a follower to the GREATWHITEBROTHERHOOD and writing this all makes me feel extremely sick.

  172. Thank you Vigilant citizen – you are always putting the truth out there and its well written. I knew you would analyse this one and we all know here that its disgusting what the world has come to – but its the truth now and we have to be aware. Thanks again VC

  173. @Lily – not sure if it’s been clarified to you in the posts above, but GaGa’s father was very wealthy; he’s an internet entrepreneur. She was one of the few to gain admission to the Tisch school of the arts. I don’t think her access had anything to do with that, seeing as she dropped out to become a go-go dancer [which her father found hard to take]!

  174. @214 – how ignorant you must be to say that being gay is like owning a sports car. I mean, seriously? that’s not how the youth think of it anyway. no one’s pretending to be gay just because it’s cool. not unless they’re in junior high anyway. just because people are more tolerant, doesn’t mean being gay is a current trend or anything!

    @Keleigh, in response to my comment – yes, that doesn’t make you less of a woman! what the poster I was reponding to said was very offensive in my opinion. It seems people tend to want to attack Lady GaGa for all the reasons you listed.

    and to those who say she rejects Christianity or whatever… did you notice her at the VMAs thanking “God and the gays”? (:

  175. I saw a picture of Solange and Beyonce doing one of the so called evil poses anyway I LMAO she got dropped from the label. I’m like what is she selling out for and still can’t sell records or keep a label. What did she sell her soul for 3 grand. It’s like Solange nobody likes you and you sold out for a little of nothing!!!

  176. I do know one thing I absolutely cannot stomach and that is any form of bigotry. I have many gay friends, I like men, and I like women so I guess you’d call me “bi” or whatever. But see, I had a talk with God about it and you know what he said? “DO YOU HONEY! CUZ I LOVES YOU JUST AS YOU IS!! WERK!!” (Yes, my God talks like that, and what?)

    Anyway, I came to share a Lady Gaga performance before the FAME. As far as I’m concerned she deserves every bit of her success with this kind of raw talent. Some people are just meant for this stuff and I think a lot of the nastiness toward her is just unwarranted. Link – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NM51qOpwcIM

  177. I don’t know why she chose not to stay the same. I can speculate a few things. For one thing, she looks like an Amy Winehouse doppelganger when she had the dark hair and bangs. Another thing to consider is how many other female singer/songwriters sitting at the piano type artists that are out there. It’s likely she would’ve gotten lost in the shuffle pretty quick without that drastic change. Of course the risk was huge, because not everyone digs it. But obviously it was a smart move because look at all of us sitting around discussing her and analyzing her every damn move! So she did something right, even if you think it’s wrong.

    She could also become bored with this current persona and go back to being more organic any time because she does have that talent to back it up. Or she could become even more insane…..if that’s possible, haha.

  178. i dont think she can go back anymore, she accepted her new her and if she wants to go back to who she was before money and fame wont be ehre anymore.

    and i think live chat in here would be kinda cool. :)

  179. ZsaZsa what part of that freak lady gaga don’t you understand … Just because she/he so called thanks god doesn’t mean she , he or whatever is a christian .. You have no understanding of what god she or he worships and I can tell you are one of that freaks big fan and I know you are catching feelings in the forums discussing her/him.

  180. Hey Vigilant

    Awsome and t everybody reading this please be aware we are in spiritual war for those who dont wanna belive In God and Satin they are real and Satin wants you dead but God wants you to live. Choose this day whom you will serve I serve JesusChrist My Lord God my savior and Im never turninng back the End Times coming in DEC http://www.jesuspeacemusic.com

  181. Check out Jordin Sparks as well. Used to be cute and sweet – but now she's following the same route as B and Riri. Here new album cover (Battlefield) also features the "One Eye" Symbolism, the normal cover showing just half of her face with the right eye showing and the alternate cover, showing her whole face with her covering her left eye with a downwards pointing triangular (symbol for vagina) piece of jewelery – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battlefield_(album). Her videos are starting to have more darker themes. Maybe you can have a look at some of her videos too. Thanks for your great articles and analysis Vigilant. A few weeks ago, I would not have been able to notice the above mentioned things about Miss Sparks. I enjoyed secular music so much but now I'm just disillusioned with it. And people are starting to wake up to these things. This past Sunday one of the pastors had sermon about the exact same stuff you mentioned on here (he probably had a look at your site) and urged parents to check out what their kids are listening to. The hardest part though will be explaining this to teens and convincing them that their heroes are tools to destroy them. They'll find it hard to take and hard to believe. But keep it up Vigilant!! God bless!

  182. @233 – I didn’t say she was Christian; I just said she doesn’t REJECT Christianity. BTW, Lady GaGa – Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta – is a girl, you ignorant prat.

  183. i think you eed to do the video phone video with beyonce and ladygaga i saw something in there but i cant explain them like you sooo please do that one next thank you

  184. zsa zsa another lil ms sunshine in our mist I see glad to have you aboard with us dont allow this foolish lil ignorant prats get 2 you just commit to us and at the end of the day you will be ok.


  186. High on Aspiration on


    I would first like to say thank you to vc for a such an informative website. The work that you do is wonderful and I hope that you continue to bring forth this information.

    There is so much that I want to say so for those who do read this comment please bare with me as I may seem to ramble. SO here it goes…..

    1. Being from a third world country I have experienced many things that some of you guys have not and vice versa. One problem that I have is the negative connotation that pagan religions receive. With many people acknowledging that Pagan religions are older than the big three (Christianity; Judaism and Islam) how can you assume that these religions are right and others are wrong? SO to you I pose this question will your “GOD” not allow those who have not been exposed to your religions into heaven? We fail to forget that due to natural barriers (ie: rivers, lakes, mountains) some people will never be exposed to other religions. So all they know is to worship things that are constant which is nature. (on a side note: in these top three religions it is stated that GOD is omnipresent and in everything. Does that not include nature?)

    2. It is said that when eve ate the forbidden fruit it was at that point we as humans were exposed to both good and evil (I may be misspeaking so please correct me if I am wrong my source is the study application bible) And because of original seen (maybe) GOD uses even evil unspeakable events to still do his work and do good. An example: Through the unfortunate abduction and murder of many children in the United States we now have implemented the AMBER ALERT SYSTEM which allows for the instant notification across the nation of the abduction. There are countless other example where through turmoil good has always come about to save the majority.

    3. Lastly I would like pose one thought provoking question. It is evident there exist positive and negative energy. And using the idea that even through evil GOD’s work still gets done. I ask this it is easy to imply that all these people are sinister and want us to conform to their ways but lets say we flip the script and say they are warning us of potential evil. They are instead of trying to lure us into the world of negativity they are trying to warn us of the evilness of the music industry. For example: (since we are speaking about Rihanna) in her songs umbrella and disturbia given a positive spin or different application these songs can be seen as a positive. Take umbrella she is seduced by fame and materials. She succumbs to the negative energy (devil ,Lucifer whomever you think it is) and is made into all that she wanted. BUT u see the cost of all the things she has obtained (big emphasis on see: you have to understand that it is shown to you the cost of what she wants) the video disturbia depicts the internal and external battle she now faces. We only get a glimpse of the life she leads but in the end we will never know the whole truth of what she is thinking doing or going through.

    Vc I can never thank you enough for the effort you put in enlightening others. Keep up the great work. I am truly a better person because of this. And to all those who comment thank you for giving me a slight glimpse of the beauty of human nature and thought continue to stay enthusiastic and passionate in your believes because the only ones who truly know are those who have already passed.

  187. wow, that vintage gaga is amazing! I knew that she had very good vocal skills but that nyu performance blew me away..

    in the second song she says “peace, love, solitude and happiness”, well certainly she isn’t promoting any of that now. she is the symbol for chaos, death, zombies, monsters, orgy and homosexuality..

  188. “The incorporation of occult/mind control-themed elements in pop music (aimed the young) is being accomplished in a seamless and gradual matter, apparently to desensitize the viewers.”

    How is this motive apparent?

    “Those elements invoke however dark truths about the entertainment industry and some of its sinister “behind the scenes” practices. Dark rituals, initiations, pacts and mind control methods are all part of it.”

    That is a stretch, which is definitely not backed up by the quotes from the two musician articles. Neither artist mentions dark rituals, pacts or mind control. Omarion’s quote convinces me that there is pressure and questionable morals, but nothing like what you suggest. And Tiffany Evans’ quote is so rooted in her own beliefs it cannot be taken as an accurate description of the reality outside her own interpretation. I agree that influential musicians glorifying suicide can have negative results among their fan base.

    While discussing MONARCH programming, you quote a website that uses writing by Ron Patton which they got from another website: http://www.think-aboutit.com/ . That particular website discusses many ridiculous things such as aliens, the lost city of atlantis, crop circles, paranormal activity, reptilians, underground bases, etc. Conducting research solely on the internet is not good scholarship, because there is always a website that will seem to confirm any idea you try to put forward.

    Which is more likely:

    A: The Illuminati is secretly controlling most facets of society and is trying to influence the world. Rihanna is their pawn.

    B: Def Jam records, parent company Universal Music Group, like most companies, is motivated by profit. They make more money when their artists get more attention. Their artists get more attention when they are original, groundbreaking and exciting to the target demographic. Scandal, new imagery, and coolness are likely to generate attention. The people working with Rihanna, and many other artists know this and are influencing her to employ these tools in order to stay fresh and keep profits coming in. She is going along with it.

  189. High on Aspiration on

    I would first like to say thank you to vc for a such an informative website. The work that you do is wonderful and I hope that you continue to bring forth this information.
    There is so much that I want to say so for those who do read this comment please bare with me as I may seem to ramble. SO here it goes…..
    1. Being from a third world country I have experienced many things that some of you guys have not and vice versa. One problem that I have is the negative connotation that pagan religions receive. With many people acknowledging that Pagan religions are older than the big three (Christianity; Judaism and Islam) how can you assume that these religions are right and others are wrong? SO to you I pose this question will your “GOD” not allow those who have not been exposed to your religions into heaven? We fail to forget that due to natural barriers (ie: rivers, lakes, mountains) some people will never be exposed to other religions. So all they know is to worship things that are constant which is nature. (on a side note: in these top three religions it is stated that GOD is omnipresent and in everything. Does that not include nature?)
    2. It is said that when eve ate the forbidden fruit it was at that point we as humans were exposed to both good and evil (I may be misspeaking so please correct me if I am wrong my source is the study application bible) And because of original seen (maybe) GOD uses even evil unspeakable events to still do his work and do good. An example: Through the unfortunate abduction and murder of many children in the United States we now have implemented the AMBER ALERT SYSTEM which allows for the instant notification across the nation of the abduction. There are countless other example where through turmoil good has always come about to save the majority.
    3. Lastly I would like pose one thought provoking question. It is evident there exist positive and negative energy. And using the idea that even through evil GOD’s work still gets done. I ask this it is easy to imply that all these people are sinister and want us to conform to their ways but lets say we flip the script and say they are warning us of potential evil. They are instead of trying to lure us into the world of negativity they are trying to warn us of the evilness of the music industry. For example: (since we are speaking about Rihanna) in her songs umbrella and disturbia given a positive spin or different application these songs can be seen as a positive. Take umbrella she is seduced by fame and materials. She succumbs to the negative energy (devil ,Lucifer whomever you think it is) and is made into all that she wanted. BUT u see the cost of all the things she has obtained (big emphasis on see: you have to understand that it is shown to you the cost of what she wants) the video disturbia depicts the internal and external battle she now faces. We only get a glimpse of the life she leads but in the end we will never know the whole truth of what she is thinking doing or going through.
    Vc I can never thank you enough for the effort you put in enlightening others. Keep up the great work. I am truly a better person because of this. And to all those who comment thank you for giving me a slight glimpse of the beauty of human nature and thought continue to stay enthusiastic and passionate in your believes because the only ones who truly know are those who have already passed.

  190. Following these kind of articles, i ran into these lyrics from the song:
    Blame it on the boogie (The jackson 5):
    This magic music grooves me
    That dirty rhythm moves me
    The devil’s gotten to me
    Through this dance

    Now, are these things really real? or are they just innoncent comments.

  191. VC just seen this site for 1st time (i know where have I been!) but very impressed. You seem to have put alot of work in, can I ask whats your motive? This may seem a obvious question but really is very interesting to me. I also am very analytical and find it hard to be made a fool, however my concerns are more politically driven rather musically. With music its just controlling the mind, but what about thosands of people dying everyday, should we not pay equal attention to all that?

    This is no way an attack, but we really have to wake up to the real issues around the world which is not music however sinister it may be. Goverment corruption makes the music industry look like child play (no pun intended). What about Obama & Gordon Brown?? What about the holes in religion? What about histroy and how it repeats itself?

    What I’m saying is open your eyes everyone, don’t be all ‘hey music is evil’, then watch the news and don’t see real shit happening also, emphasis on real!! As I said music can only really attempt to transfer your reality, but what about the reality we actually live in?

    Just try not to get too distracted with the music industry and pay more attention to world affairs as the whole world dont listen to pop/rnd or hip hop!! How do you control a nation? Choas, which takes more than music

    The music industry is real sinister it doesn’t take a genius, in fact I probably feel alot sicker than most considering I actually work in the media industry and work with all the top record labels. I have to be concious of what i allow myself to get involved in, even though it is just my own thoughts and views it can be quite nerve wrecking when you actually face these choices in life. Choices like do I interview Lady Gaga or not? Do I review Beyonces album? Its crazy!!!

    One love & PEACE to all peps with THEIR OWN OPEN MINDS

  192. Thank you so much!
    I have been waiting on this one to be on here.
    because i knew there had to be something in this song and video.
    but anyways.. thank you.

  193. Will you please search the song and video.. ”Video phone.” by lady gaga and beyonce.
    i really think there is hidden symbolism in that video, its just really weird.

  194. Great Job VC! Once again you have opened eyes and you are spreading like a virus over the net!! It is very interesting to see all of the skeptics of your work here paying you a visit. It’s also interesting because if they are so skeptical to what is going on, why are they reading and posting on almost all of your stories?! To all of you that call us conspiracy theorists, it’s not only the entertainment industry! I’m sure you’ve read his other stories cause you commented bullshit on those stories too. Stop the foolishness! Either you see it or you don’t. Either you support what’s going on or you don’t. Bottom line. VC is just showing us what most wouldn’t normally see while watching a video, or visiting an airport! This stuff is all over the place. It’s not just some sick person writing and producing songs and music videos. It’s someone or something much Bigger! It’s like a nasty infection that has spread from the political sector, to the religious sector and has come full blast into the entertainment sector. Where will it go next??… Noone knows, but thanks to VC and a few others, we now know what to look for when it arrives!!!

  195. GAbrielle the Angel on

    Vigilant citizen-i maybe late but could you do a post on Kanye WEst. He has a minimovie- i think it came out a month ago, sorry i don’t listen 2 radio or watch secular videos. unless i come on a blog like this. but anywhoo is minimovie-was so obvious he is in a spiritual struggle, it was utterly horrifying, weird, evil, freakish, please do a post on this.

  196. Dances with Wolves on

    Satanists such as Marylin Manson were created by the industry to open the gates.
    Rihanna is nothing but a female version of the plan.

  197. You know, I’m not surprised that Omarion is speaking out.

    According to ex-bandmate, Raz B, their manager (his own cousin) Chris Strokes, molested, raped, and made them participate in orgies until the group disbanded. Though at the end, these claims were said to be false. (But at this point after looking at this site, I’m pretty sure it was real).

    Tiffany Evans later made another Tweet claiming “nerds hacked her Twitter and wrote some stupid stuff”. It’s pretty obvious that she wrote it, and probably was trying to save her own life after the Illuminati threatened her.

    Also, you notice that it’s celebrities that are less popular and not mainstream anymore who speak out?

  198. Another one? Tiffany Evans is just as misinformed and doesn’t think, no one has committed suicide over that song especially when you listen to the lyrics. She also later back-tracked when she realized she was dissing Ne-Yo (an artist by your logic should also be apart of the Illuminati as he does write many songs for like just like The-Dream who had written Umbrella) who had written song. Omarion is simply trying to gain buzz because his career is irrelevant at this point.

    Would you mind explaining to me what the Occult has to do with Egyptian mythology? Why would they put symbolism of mind control and devil worship in their videos that will by easily decivered by people like you? Why would they want to? How are they aware they are being controlled? For what reason would they want to? What’s the plan? What am I being desensitized for? Are we being brainwashed? Brainwashed into doing what? Why are darker themes associated with all this? Wouldn’t it be smarter to do that through Chrisian music? Why is homosexuality and pro-homosexuality associated with all this? Why would they have a initiation in the public when they are said to be private? Wouldn’t devil worship count as religious (it is organized) and isn’t the NWO about ridding the world of organized religion? What does Buddhism have to do with all of this? Wouldn’t Michael Jackson, Biggie, 2Pac, and Nas be apart, they were all really big at one point? Is Grace Jones apart of this as well, the Rated R reminds me of her? If Omarion is apart of the “group” and wanted to leave wouldn’t they have killed him? Allowing him to live seem implausible because it seems more like a ‘For Life’ thing. When did the Illumaniti start correlating to the devil worshipping? Def Jam is apart of the Illuminati? Is Rev. Run apart of this? Are you sure this not just about profit?

    Russian Roulette itself is about love and how dangerous it can go. In you take a gamble, it can be scary, and not everyone comes out unscathed. As always you over-analyze. The pictures are supposed to give her a darker, rawer, and edg-ier look. Something she is known for. The album carries a darker theme, but has been released at a bad time. The album won’t do nearly as well as Good Girl Gone Bad (this album should have been given this title), but this is her best album even though I don’t buy what she’s going for.

    The little device in the video is the Phillipe Starck Parrot sound system. They are advertising that. Before anyone decides to draw their own poor conclusions, no one looks at commercial anymore, so they have to do something.

    @ Mesmerizing: 2Pac disliked Quicy Jones because of his wife’s skin color. He thought he was sell-out.

    • @BeepBeep read my reply on Lady Gaga pt II. Anyways, you said “Would you mind explaining to me what the Occult has to do with Egyptian mythology?”. If you cant figure out this link, the basis of occultism, then you are ABSOLUTELY NOT QUALIFIED to discredit anything written here. All of the questions that you’re asking only confirm that you dont understand the first thing of what I’m talking about.

      Again “For what reason would they want to? What’s the plan? What am I being desensitized for?” The fact that you dont know about something, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.

      I respect ppl who give their opinion based on knowledge. You base your opinions on the lack of it. Thats ridiculous and it goes against what this site is about.

  199. BeepBeep, I think your comment was relevant, and VC, I don’t think anything was being discredited. BeepBeep was simply asking questions, and all you did was criticize him/her for lacking knowledge of the subject.

    And to whom it may concern – I f#&!^(* HATE jay-z.

  200. Your site is supposed educate right? Egyptian mythology is also rooted in religion, and the NWO is supposed to be against organized religion. I’ve seen many going around wearing the ankh, people worship Eygptian gods and goddess. I asked a question, and I would like answers. Educate me please. I have never heard of this.

  201. Hey sir vigilant. I just have a major concern about a new Filipino singer who’s slowly gaining more popularity named Charice Pempengco. She’ll be releasing a new single entitled “Pyramid” and the title creeps me out. haha. Please make analyse it when the MV is out. Thanks sir. :]

  202. You will be called upon to sacrifice your knowledge of what you perceive the universe to be in order to transition to knowledge of what the universe actually is. You can begin this process by
    eliminating the idea that finite realms of realities do not exist outside your sphere of knowledge. This is not correct. It is your fear that continues to hinder you in using your strong perceptive psychic
    abilities in accessing knowledge that is readily available to you.
    This knowledge does include knowledge of beings and energies who exist
    outside your physical perceptions. These beings carry the ability to access knowledge of your existence by the attraction of your energy. This attraction creates parallel force fields that allow these
    energies to instantaneously become a vital part of your emotional force field, which means that distance, time or planes of existence become irrelevant. It no longer becomes necessary to travel within a particular physical reality in order to be accessed or allow communication to take place. This matter of communication is a direct act of will based upon your asking and calling for access to the energies to become a fluid and
    prominent part of your energy field, as well as the energy itself responding in like kind. If you are connected to the all and all is one, what makes it so difficult to believe that your consciousness and your will reach to infinite modalities of existence? How can you limit yourself in your perceptions if you are all one? However, if you are all one, do you stand divided by conscious will? You do not. Access your own infinite knowledge. Reach out with your consciousness and discover that there are no borders. Search infinite space with
    the ability of your third eye and notice that limits do not exist. Limits are placed only by the ignorant knowledge of your mind, which does not belong to you. You are a being without limits or borders. You
    are a being complete with the ability to reach out to other entities and energies in existence. You are a being rich in creativity and awareness. This is who you are. This is you, total in your completeness and infinite in your totality.

  203. i believe people here by devil mean some rich people in the industry who control their career right ?
    cause i really don’t wanna approach any of this by religious beliefs..
    i mean I’m confused here…controlling who’s mind ??
    i like to read ur articles…but i don’t know if it’s only me who feels a bit lost here XD

  204. Diis is fucking bulllshit…

    It doznt mke sense…

    I tnk if u believe this shit u def have complications in ur fuckin brains

    Dis is juhs som serious bullcrap…

  205. skoa November 27th, 2009 6:24 am writes:

    However, if you are all one, do you stand divided by conscious will? You do not. Access your own infinite knowledge. Reach out with your consciousness and discover that there are no borders. Search infinite space with the ability of your third eye and notice that limits do not exist. Limits are placed only by the ignorant knowledge of your mind, which does not belong to you. You are a being without limits or borders. You are a being complete with the ability to reach out to other entities and energies in existence. You are a being rich in creativity and awareness. This is who you are. This is you, total in your completeness and infinite in your totality.

    Limits and borders are a necessity for balanced growth within safe constraints. You don’t go from crawling to running. First you have to learn to take small steps. In confusion a fixed focal-point may be very useful. Change the world, start with yourself.

  206. Viligant your comment was absolutely correct and relevant and zsazsa I don’t think anyone was actually being criticize. Viligant was simply answering beepbeep, and all you’ve been doing was adhering to those who truly lack knowledge of the subject…. I have to say to much of that demented man name lady gaga music is obviously having an influence on your capacity to even mentally grasp or comprehend the subject at hand.

  207. Yvonne lol speaking of complications it seems to me you are having a complicating time with proper english grammar and I suggest you learn how use it before you even comment in the comment section my illiterate friend

  208. Honestly I seriously wonder if Rihanna even questions what she is doing? I am not making any inferences about Rihanna’s character or religious beliefs or what but posing half naked with devil horns?

    Come on now.

    I truely feel sorry for anyone who cannot at least consider what is being said here. Seriously.

  209. @BeepBeep–

    watch these–it's a start and may be helpful.




    Also: take odin's advice (#277) and read up on osiris and all things freemason. Some of that info is on this site, just scroll down and check out some of the articles. Check it out and more might make sense. Not saying you have to agree, but at least be able to see where these articles and comments come from.

    On another note, I can not watch Bey, Jay, Rhi, or gaga anymore. done.

    And about the Amil song posted earlier by quarrels:

    that def seems to be about Jay, not the white man (as someone else stated). She even went so far as to say she moved out. All of this seems to be calling him out. And as a result, when was the last time you heard a song put out by Amil? Jay has a way of making ppl's careers die or stall badly.

    Or worse, he and Diddy have a way of having ppl around them dying (Biggie Smalls, Tupac come to mind) or stalling (Shyne, and every group he's every brought before us). I think they both use dark influences to make that happen.

    Oh, and let's include Bey in the making ppl's career stall (Destiny's Child the group, Kelly Rowland, Michelle) and whoever is hot she musically hooks up with them like a vampire (just like Jay does) and their career later skids. Madonna does the same thing (Brittney, Christina Aguilera, Justin T)–all of them have darkness, habits, and results in common.

    Instead of running to them for an autograph, it may be best to run the other way.

  210. Is this even quality music? Does she have the vocal range of let’s say Mariah Carry or Whitney Houston?
    When I go to the gym I see all the newer music videos which are all on green screen now. Seems that
    7 out of 10 times there is a point in the video where people are in “white lodge” type room with checkered
    floor. The illuminati talk about a time of “revealing”, these pop videos seem to be putting their “ways” on
    a pedestal. So when they go to the next stage these symbolic archetypes will already be familiar to the

    Accolades to the people of VC who bring this all to light to discuss. Cause it’s the “light” part that those
    kabalistic madonna witches hate most of all.

  211. All of these posts DO make a lot of sense… BUT as some other people have posted, maybe some of these people just do these things for publicity, maybe they're just doing it to get people talking about them… You can't know what's REALLY going on in their minds. This stuff could be true, because it DOES make sense.. I just have this feeling that some of these celebrities check this site every now and then and laugh, because they've managed to mess with people's heads and get them all worked up for nothing… It IS strange how so many of them do this though… If this is all true, then it's a shame, because I've seen interviews of lots of these people, and they seem like really nice people… I don't know about you guys, but I'll be praying for each one of them every night, because it really is a shame if this is all true. I also don't want to start automatically hating on any of these people, because like I said, you can't know what they are REALLY thinking, and these may not be their intentions at all, even though it's not likely… Besides, God loves us all, so why hate anybody in the first place? I know I'll be praying for them anyway, who knows, maybe someday they'll realize what's going on…

  212. everyone should check out the Truth about Hip Hop part V ..it is absolutely mindblowing! ..especially on the whole 2012 thing and the movie and the reasons behind it, the real truth about Micheal Jackson and why he died, the OTO, and just the entertainment industry right now and where the world is all going etc etc.. check it out guys!! its crazy!

  213. Just like to make a small comment re: constructive criticism…I love this site and there are some fantastic replies to the posts, but it’s really hard to find something you’ve posted and peoples replies. Especially when there are posters on here which share some name tags. I post some sites as MK, or truthseeker, or as Marty…and I notice these already exist – so it’s a little confusing finding replies!!

    Vigilant – is there some way to add a search function to the reply threads? It would be REALLY handy!

    Just thought I’d ask. I will start posting with a new name so I can find my way!

    Marty take 2

  214. I’ve watched all the ‘Truth about Hip Hop’ videos on YouTube…I’m not really a fan of the music/style but the info. in this really got me thinking…it’s the sort of information that just does not get out there, you have to look for it. A little bit like the whole illuminate thing!!
    Marty take 2

  215. I agree about a search function for the comments. For example, some people are clearly not even reading all of the comments before they jump in – how many times are people gonna ask about those damn speakers? It proves how many are just wandering in to throw their $.02 on the table without bothering to see what else has already been said or what questions have already been answered. Or maybe they just lack reading comprehension, I don’t know.

    I wish I could comment more right now but to be honest, I am drunk off turkey ‘n dressing and actually am still at my mother’s house, haha. Nothing like home-cooking to make your ass forget about conspiracies and the end of the world for a few days eh?

    I hope everyone else also took a break to enjoy the things that do TRULY matter in life.

  216. Wow what a video! What a message! You are right on the money once again. How can people see so many signs in these videos and still not believe? I really hurt for artists like Rihanna and Britney. Just think what has been done to them, what their parents agreed to. I wish there was something I could do to help. We need to pray and send good energy to these artists. God save them!!!

  217. Well, well well…I find it interesting that Oamrion is speaking up…This brotha’s ICE BOX video, can GET NO MORE demonic..it is the intiation process decribed perfectly….I mean when he used those words i gasped…Omarion isn’t dumb..he has INSIDER KNOWLEDGE..G Craige Lewis talk about this stuff in truth Behind Hip hop..let’s not be dumb people…They aren’t hdidng it..IT’s Plain!!!!!!! as DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  218. I don’t think and certainly don’t want to believe that the posters and readers of such sites “hate” the people who represent the mainstream.

    what the people seem to hate is the “system”. We now have found out a new “layer” of the system, and it’s scary.

    So when some posters direct that kind of fear and “hate”, blame it on the newly found rabbit hole which goes deeper with each dig.

    so Please be a bit more affectionate..

  219. keleigh- interesting that you seem to disagree with most of the stuff here, and I came to realize that you kept coming back..

    Hell, you are here on the Thanksgiving day!?!
    What is your story?

    Please, give us your side and let’s settle this…

    I REALLY want to know.

    You keep coming back. I wonder why in hell would you waste your time in this kind of subject for days and for weeks??

    Isn’t there another fruitful matter that you could have spent your precious time?

    why here, on a subject that you don’t believe in,

    WHY waste so much energy and time on something you don’t believe in??

  220. God said the the world is in the hands of satan that is why so many of these artist advocate such dark and sadistic images and ideas. Being informed is peoples way of escaping influence and also holding on to their beliefs.

  221. For those bringing up Ice Box: It’s not Omarion, it’s his manager, aka Mr. Rapist-who-forced-teenage-boyband-into-orgies. As I said, his previous bandmate (who also happens to be the manager’s cousin) publicly accused the manager of sexual abuse that constantly went on until the band finally separated. The description of the sexual abuse they endured seem likes the sexual things that occur within masonry, so that’s why I started to think this.

    Of course, the video was up for a while until the accusations were SUDDENLY dropped and the video removed.The only one that stayed with the manager was Omarion, currently the most known member. Omarion probably went along with the Illuminati game, but of course through what he’s saying, he knows better, so some props for that I guess. And do take into consideration that Omarion himself can truly confirm the industry’s dark side through the past abuse B2K endured (if the case is ever brought up again, sadly). I just believe he’s the victim of his manager’s greed.

    Now to Rihanna.

    Rihanna has gone through such a sudden change. I really believe that there was a fame battle between her and Chris Brown. Obvious winner: Rihanna. As Chris Brown is forced to go through a ruined reputation and community service (hopefully learning his lesson), Rihanna becomes the Illuminati’s other girl. It’s not hard to tell how she went to the dark side. Cut her hair, gave a new image displayed in the sequence of Umbrella, “clean” videos here and there, etc.

    Vigilant, you should include how Tiffany Evans disregarded her claim and said some nerd bloggers got her Twitter account and made things up. NOT TRUE. Obviously, she was threatened to change her claims, even though she’s pretty damn right with what goes on in the industry.

    But what do I know: I’m just some random kid who doesn’t know squat. I just try to be aware of videos here and there, and who I listen to.

  222. Yeah, Tiffany Evans disreagrded the claim because some “nerd hackers” wrote it…
    If they wanted to get their message through, why would they hack Tiffany Evans. =|

  223. This person is manipulating u … According to symbolism we all are going to die in 2012 because Nastardamus has predicted it in his drowings … Are we ? Or is it because any person is capabable to find anything in a picture if he is trully looking for it …

    In fact it is very interesting how u can look at one thing from different perspective … There is some sort of symbolysm in GAGAs work … Maybe its just how she explains her look at show bussiness, and thats all …

    I am sorry for any mistakes =) I am Russian …

  224. TheTokyOverdose on

    I can't believe ppl are constantly trying to ridicule you!

    Some ppl just can't be helped. These stars who have this symbols, the occult references in their vids and lyrics etc are the most wealthy and popular artists out there. it is no coincidence. they have all made a sacrifice to get where they are.

  225. Maddie November 27th, 2009 6:58 pm writes:

    Besides, God loves us all, so why hate anybody in the first place? I know I’ll be praying for them anyway, who knows, maybe someday they’ll realize what’s going on

    I much prefer the African-American community making real music again instead of gangsta (c)rap glorifying money, gangsterism and pimping, thereby giving everyone a bad name and negative image

    What’s Going On / What’s Happening Brother


  226. Hey Vigilant, when you get the time, please check the CHERYL COLE FT WILL.I.AM video its called “3 WORDS” ..I only watched the first 30seconds and already saw the obvious. As soon as you get Will.I.am in the vidz then you know the situation.

  227. Y cant i share dis page on fb?
    the Truth would obviously set u free! Instead of readin my books and preparin my coursework, u guys re gettin me educated! Gosh, when would all dis end, when would Jesus come & take me home? I’m tired! Its all beginnin to make sense. I attend Deeper Life Bible Church and u know i just use to wonder y one of the doctrines practised by members is “NOT TO OWN A TV”. Now i see, its d devils box!
    U know d bible says “in the end even the very elect shall be deceived”. No wonder rappers like NAS, MOSDEF, etc dint end up so rich but it dont say their not involved! No wonder my father continually tried to dissuade me from listening to secular music (worldly music as he would say), but he couldn’t explain it even doe he knew it was evil.
    In the Bible, it is noted that Satan took Jesus to a mountain top (the temptation) and said if Jesus would bow down to him he would give him d world! dey sold their souls for riches, they bowed down 2 d god of this world! There’re 2 syds to a coin. its either you are with God or u are with d devil, u cant serve 2 MAsters. But, however God gives u a choice…DONT MISUSE IT!

  228. The whole thing behind the illuminati is to bring demons into earth bodies–when you commit evil acts-any act of destruction to life, then your angels must leave-you are no longer protected-evil creates more and worse evil–that is regression backwards-the opposite of evolution-away from love-towards destruction. You are then open to be possessed by demons-that is what multiple personality disorder is about–usually by the time these people die hundreds of demons live in their bodies. When you do what they want-become a soldier-you must commit truly evil acts-become a living body for demons to possess. It is about preventing humans from evolution-the more evolved you are the greater is your capacity to love, protect from harm nurture other life-making their life better. The opposite of what you have been told it is-by guess who? Those who want to control and destroy other life-impose their will on other life-end up in Hell-one makes Hell for others-so it receives Hell in return-There are no humans who want to make life heavenly for others-I can’t believe you really think you can be saved by someone else because you do as they tell you and obey them. You are worshipping Satan when you do that-who do you think took over religion and started the evangelical movement? Obey my will. The other side has given up on you-they will not try to save beings so dim and evil as the human race-the only source of evil on this planet is Human beings being human-Satan has won because he has proven that you are unsalvageable-to all the (more evolved) angelic beings-that you need to be controlled because you are the enemies not of just each other and yourselves-but of all life-You will be happy eventually-when the savior comes and turns you all into harmless robots. Nobody out there (aliens) likes you-nothing no religion can help you-only one: Satanism can finally put an end to your insanity as true soulless cruel sadistic maniacs willing to do any evil and call it a good you can be proud of. Zeus AKA Lucifer called it a long time ago=(Hubris (false pride in you completely delusional goodness has destroyed you) You think it is good to “Obey”-as robot slaves you will finally win God’s love through obedience.

  229. VC can u please investigate Christian Audiger(Ed Hardy), i have been suspicious of dat guy for a while now. please and perhaps versace with d medusa head. Please educate us.

  230. is anyone here from the UK? did anyone see the performance by Muse at the end? i noticed they were playin on a chequered floor, i'm not sure if there was any other symbols there but that was the obvious one i picked up. Also the cover to their album The Resistance is pretty interesting http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/8a/The

    it like pyramidically shaped….like a path or a flight of stairs leading to something…at the top or the end of the path/stairs is a picture of the earth. The pyramid seems to have 13 sections (it might not be cuz the lines get kinda blurred towards the top). i've found one site with some insight into the album cover:


    They seem to send out a mixed message because their songs send out an anti illuminati/conspiracy message.

    One of their songs called City of Delusions has these lyrics:

    Can I believe

    When I don't trust

    All your theories turn to dust

    I choose to hide

    From the All Seeing Eye

    from their song Uprising:

    They will not force us

    They will stop degrading us

    They will not control us

    We will be victorious

    Interchanging mind control

    Come let the revolution take it's toll if you could

    Flick the switch and open your third eye, you'd see that

    We should never be afraid to die

    this website has more info on Muse and is very good for other illuminati shizzle!

    most of these musicians are manufactured puppets…the world would be a much better place if we all just listened to good clean music like the Backstreet Boys…altogether now….'cuz i want it that waayyyyyy'!

  231. Hi All

    @ Kahoneez
    1’st off I have to say that Keleigh’s interpretation was one hundred percent “On the money”;
    “– I think what Truth Seeker means is that no matter what, death is EVERYONE’S ultimate fate. There is no escaping it because sooner or later we all cease to exist. That is the TRUTH”

    I agree that people are confused to believe that their thoughts are profound, without them necessarily being so – To this regard we could also question our own view of things – to me, the doubt of myself comes through the fact that so many people are learning about these things and have been in the same proximity as myself (within 5 years) – So I tend to think – Is this also staged (Great revelation) And truth is.. Only time will tell…

    My sentiments aside – I partially agree that people should listen to those lecturing about these things, because that, essentially, does NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. – Who’s to say those teaching are right ? And that example could be taken further to teachers, politicians, etc. – So I always opt for my own capability of thought and use this – and no, not all will be seen as others – but that is exactly the point I and (I believe) others should embrace.

    @ Shiv
    Thanks so much… I also enjoyed several of your postings as well !

    @ Keleigh
    You’re on the money… 😉

    @ Peace
    I’m the one giving thanks… I consider us all wild flowers, I’m just afraid that the meadows are disappearing right before my sad weary eyes…

    @ Vengeance
    Truth is not beyond comprehension; it is simply what you believe – (to quote a favorite band o’ mine) Use Your Illusion – it might help…

    Again, I do not see how perfection implies justice – Perfection too is relative and is created by your own mind – I can only speak for myself, but I often view those generally considered imperfect to be the perfect ones – because they are the image of their own reality, and they stand by it…
    I seldom see something more beautiful than someone who are miserable – It might be due to the simple fact that those emotions come to show more powerfully – it might also be because I think they resemble the world without uttering a single word – It could be because I see myself in their lost gaze of a world that rejects them and that they equally reject – cause of the fact that they KNOW – They might not know about the CFR or “Illuminati”, but they know about LOVE AND HATE – If that indeed is their basis for rejecting society, then they are the true heroes of this world.

    I don’t believe in a ‘whole’ or ‘perfect’ – I believe in a reflection of actions – As you do, so it will be ! That also applies for human actions making the world what it is !

    Why do they call it confusion ? – I am not aware ?

    @ High on Aspiration
    1. Very well thought – I agree with what you write. I myself see all religions as one, because they come from ‘the all/god’ – being something constant
    – Nature is one.
    – Animals is another – humans included – so if they wrote the bible – describing the all – and stating that the all is present in everything, it must also be in all religions. – That is my take on it anyway.

    2. Although it is a bit widespread (from garden of eden to Amber alert system in the US),
    – I don’t think you should consider it as something in correlation when in fact amber alert system is man-made, and this has nothing to do with ‘the all’, its just a new corruption to the world of control, of which we do not belong.

    3. I get what you are saying – All that is good can equally be bad.
    as good as they can be – Just as vicious they might find themselves… I seem to think that as much as heaven we might attain, as much as hell might be forced upon us – how else are we supposed to be taught the value of life ? – and that in some aspect is what I believe to be the whole of ‘the all’, but in the end – no one is there to decide for you, is it what you make of it.
    I agree that in some aspect they might be projecting the bad side for us to realize we have to go against it… I suppose the best promoter of peace or justice have been the 2’nd world war, because it made people realize what awful things a man is capable of doing – on the other hand, we refuse to realize that those who forced us into this wrong-doing is holding the ace as tightly as he was back then – take away the money and you get Fear, Ego and Desperation (Spells out FED – Ironic huh’), In that order and they want “order”…

    ** Viewpoint;
    People seem to think of it as a game or a puzzle – (I found this, I spotted this etc.) – Well.. Im here to tell you, its not… Its not something to be feared either… Just know that the only way you can bring change is to “Be the change you want to see in the world” (; Gandhi)… Also, If we were to play a game I accordance to those who think this site is one – What would you say, if I claimed Gandhi was the rebirth of Jesus Christ.. All implications, assumptions, here-say’s, sources and historical facts and conduct in life would more or less bring substance to my claim (without having searched in detail)
    – As an hypothetical example, how would you argue for or against this ? Would you even be able to…?

    My point being that this is not some magazine or some A/B Factual things in music/life etc. A lot of it can be – a lot of it will not be.. Just allow yourself to question everything, even if you believe it… – Then have it as your opinion, but always be well aware that it might not be true… Otherwise you will become as ignorant as the ones claiming to be “enlightened” (No pun intended Keleigh).

    ** Viewpoint;
    The bible as a reflection of the human psyche – our options are yin/yang – Good/bad… The bible explains what happens if you do good and what happens if you do bad – As I see it, it is an example/lecture on how the human consciousness exists and how that consciousness in fact can be have you contain either; the devil or god – In so many words one might contemplate the idea that consciousness is the ultimate gift and punishment from god, and by gaining that we were thrown out of Eden (the place of ignorance/bliss) and realizing there is a world outside our own, but at the same time realizing that, that world is not as beautiful as the one we might live in, hence; we get the possibility of positive and negative – good and bad – light and darkness and what gives us that is consciousness – that means consciousness must be higher than both good and bad because it contains both – and what brings consciousness to begin with ?

    – Answer that question and you might be closer to a truth worth knowing.

    ** Listen to**
    Bob Marley – Redemption Song

    12 Stones – World So Cold

    Michael Jackson – Man In The Mirror

    Stone Sour – Bother

    Jeff Buckley – Hallelujah

    Porcupine Tree – Collapse the light into earth

    Blackfield – End Of The World

    Be sure to catch the lyrics – If you notice a lot of these truly profound messages, comes from “bad bands” – Just sayin’… 😉

    Have a nice weekend.

    All the best,

  232. I enjoy your comment too TS. Talking with intelligent people like you makes my day :).
    Bob Marley is the best. (Get up,Stand up) my favorite song 😛

  233. Lol. @d – Twenty-five people, including YOURSELF, and VC, left comments on Thanksgiving Day. I, however, left my comment on the 27th. So how’s about this – if you don’t like me, don’t comment to or about me because you’re only making yourself look petty and immature. I’m going to take my own advice and make this my last reply to you, because you behave like a child and if it walks like a duck……

    @TS/Truth Seeker – Your comments are very insightful. (Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley is one of my fav songs).

  234. Hum, you really phoned this one in, VC. You might as well just make an article template with a few blanks here and there so that you can fill the name Rihanna, GaGa, Beyonce, or whomever you’re pointing fingers at again.

    I’m amused by the people who keep saying, “Please do an article on the _________ video – I can’t wait to see what you do with THAT one!” As if there is going to be some vastly new or different idea! Really, nobody can predict at this point what VC is going to say about these videos? He says the same stuff with each one. It’s getting really redundant. Why do we, the skeptics, “keep coming back”? Why do YOU keep coming back? Once you’ve read one of his articles on these music stars, you’ve pretty much read all of them, yeah?

    Keleigh, you’re awesome and I always enjoy your comments. I’m glad we can think for ourselves and make up our own mind. mersaulte@gmail.com – email me, anyone, who wants to direct comments to me personally.

    • @no really. If a video is about mind control, I’ll say its about mind control. I wont invent a new meaning to entertain you.

  235. Rihanna and Beyonce were not the first, My mother and I talked about the last video’s(we need a revolution) that Aaliyah did before she died. She also had affiliation with Jay-z and others from his camp. She always had her eye covered with her hair and most of her video’s were dark, and took the viewers into another world.

  236. @no,really i have to agree with you..same shit different video. I had to say it..he pointed out the OBVIOUS right? So “On to the next one” thats what Jazy-Z right? Ok let me stop..lol

  237. Some of you have to be careful of what you say on here. Your asking “Vigilant” for the truth and answers, when you should ask your Lord and Saviour for the help and guidence. You becareful Vigilant before you have these ppl worshipping you like your some kind of god (lowercase)..smh

  238. @vigilant. Wow!…. interesting and great analysis! At first I thought that this song was more literal. I assumed that it was about the ritualistic human sacrifices that many secret occults commonly engage in. I thought that this song was about Rihanna’s “test” or her turn to pull the trigger and kill for a ritualistic sacrifice for an occult. Great work!

  239. hi again Vigilant =) exactly what’s wrong with the music industry!!?? Thank you for this article, it’s brilliant. One of my favourites band, Tokio Hotel has realesed a new album: Humanoid. It’s based on technology, i don’t understand how people can think about Love when it comes to the lyrics…
    Are we aliens, computers or robots?.. we cannot connect each other, either being “automatic” and our Heart is like an Engine so our voice is Electric and there’s No Real Love in Us” (“Automatic”-Tokio Hotel)
    I hate saying this but Tokio Hotel seems to have some “Devilish” support… Their Lyrics show it. I think that the Proof of their intentions to create a New World Order (RFID) are being exposed in Humanoid. Sadly “they” are brainwashing us with this kind of Love-Technology idea.
    Humanoid seems pretty futuristic like-prediction album.
    Sometimes it gets scary…
    but sometimes hot with Bill’s voice 😉 sorry he is so sweet, i can’t help it =(
    Take a look at some lyrics..
    9.Human connect tu Human

    Here is Automatic:

    You’re automatic,
    And your heart’s like an engine
    I die with every beat
    You’re automatic,
    And your voice is electric
    Why do I still believe?

    It’s automatic
    Everywhere in your letter
    A lie that makes me bleed
    It’s automatic
    When you say things get better
    But they never…

    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you
    Why do I keep loving you

    It’s automatic,
    Counting cars on a crossroad
    They come and go like you
    It’s automatic,
    Watching faces I don’t know
    Erase the face of you

    It’s automatic
    So traumatic
    You’re automatic

    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you
    Why do I keep loving you


    Each step you make
    Each breath you take
    Your heart. Your soul.
    This life is so sick
    You’re automatic to me

    (Love in you)
    (Love in you)
    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you

    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you
    There’s no real love in you
    Why do I keep loving you?

    (There’s no real)
    (Love in you)
    (Why do I)
    (Keep loving you?)

    Love, Bri*

  240. Hi, informative and very interesting analysis. I believe this is all geared up to one final end and that is the plan to implement the “Dajjal” system in to this world. They are using influential people to get their message across, and basically misguiding our youth. The future is definitely not bright…

  241. rihanna and lady gaga, could be the next Queen of Pop, next to Madonna, because she's getting old, so there are many rising stars to take her place….. sigh…

    what will happen in our future?

    "We know that we belong to God even though the whole world is under the rule of the Evil One."

    1 John 5:20

    the Second Coming is near…..

  242. You asked why stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Beyonce hide one of their eyes, and i can tell u for a fact that the one eye is a masonic symbol originated from the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs its a symbol of the devils eye. This one eyed symbol is always drawn inside a pyramid its a representation of masonic belief and apparently the return of the one eyed anti Christ. Realize when they make their one eyed pose they use their 2 fingers to make a pyramid (triangle) like shape to emphasis their one eye. It’s all part of masonic rituals and sinister beliefs.

  243. OMG!!!!! you articles are eye opening!! keep ’em coming!!!!!

    i believe in subliminal perception….. in music industry and advertising…..


  244. I had a dream/vision one early morning. The world was being taken over by something, but nobody knew what. The one second the people where ok and the next they where totally out of whack/zombies/devil worshippers and trying to kill those that where still ok. There were only two groups left in the world and we had to go somewhere. I was in the first group and we where walking down streets but they were filled with water to just under our necks, but we were not in danger of drowning. So we were moving along in the water and we knew that the second group was not too far behind us. Everyone was watching everyone as nobody knew exactly why the people were turning to the other side. Then all of a sudden it was chaos, the water was gone, and we were in a city with big building, freemason style. The whole second group had turned and they were trying to get to us to get us to turn or to kill us. All of a sudden it hit me, it was in the music and I started screaming to the other people that they had to close their ears. I was screaming like mad but nobody was listening to me. The music that was playing was a short tune, very beautiful but very short, like a chant, but we didn’t notice that it was there because it had been hiding in between the music. When I woke up it reminded me of something like the tunes in Rihanna’s umbrella song. The next day when I received the article from Vigilant about Lady Gaga’s Rah-rah-ah-ah-ah-ah, it felt like a light bulb going up. My whole life was about music, I loved Madonna, Depeche Mode, anything that had a nice tune to it and I listened over and over to it. Today I know that the music was the reason that I led the life I did, and I can only thank Jesus for his Grace in saving me and forgiving me the horrible things I did in the name of Music. Today I want to give the young people out there a warning, satan is out there to get us, and he is doing a perfect job through the music, because it becomes part of our being and then we do wrong and we don’t know why. I thank you again vigilant for opening the peoples eyes and I can only pray that this will open the peoples ears to the dangers in music.

  245. You know.. I’m a religious person…

    But I don’t believe in this…

    You people are making analysis to everything.. Giving them deep meanings…

    I’m not smart like you guys…

    But as long as I can…

    I will try to make you understand more of this…

    1st of all I just wanna say that this is my chance to explain things and I just want you to know that this is my freedom..

    Why do you people keep on making such things??..

    I know some of them are based on the Bible..

    “BUT” ……

    Many of these are light years away from the Bible..

    These artists are not Satan’s minions
    They are just expressing what they have observed in their surroundings
    And these music videos are just for entertainment

    Producers and talents are just being artistic..

    If they absolutely know that all of this are evil
    Why do they keep on making such things?


    We people are not away from God.

    It’s the heart that counts not the visuals.

    The only problem with you people is that you react immediately in what you see and what you hear.
    You don’t confirm, nor talk, nor ask those celebs if that’s really the message of the song.. “Based on the video”

    Why don’t you try to understand the whole song?..
    Read the lyrics carefully and you’ll know if what’s the message of it..

    I’m not a voice of many people
    I speak for myself and for those “victims” of these kinds of things

    These entire artists that this page is talking about making them a huge topic

    Are sooooooooooo innocent…

    They’re innocent because they don’t know that you are making them a demonic minion..

    The only thing that could save the world from total destruction is “CHANGE”

    We change things


    By starting to ourselves

    What if you write something about cooperation?

    “WE”… cooperate to fix the world..
    Coz “WE” are also those who ruined its beauty..

    Imagine the world without…….




  246. TS November 28th, 2009 2:41 pm writes:

    @ Kahoneez
    “– I think what Truth Seeker means is that no matter what, death is EVERYONE’S ultimate fate. There is no escaping it because sooner or later we all cease to exist. That is the TRUTH”

    Is it, or is this only a state of existence that has been experienced for a long, long time. Adam did not die until he ate from the forbidden fruit. The patriarchs were said to have lived for hundreds of years. Mortality is the fate of mortals, but aren’t we told that it is the wage of sin, the consequence of believing a lie while disobeing (sic) what is called God. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3:19)

    @ Vengeance
    Truth is not beyond comprehension; it is simply what you believe

    Comprehend: to contain or hold within a total scope, significance, or amount

    There is only one Truth. Stating to know Truth is like claiming to comprehend the incomprehensible, to surpass The Almighty (the one and only Truth).

    To quote a previous poster in another thread on this blog:

    You may remember the story of how the devil and a friend of his were walking down the street, when they saw ahead of them a man stoop down and pick up something from the ground, look at it, and put it away in his pocket. The friend said to the devil, “What did that man pick up?” “He picked up a piece of Truth,” said the devil. “That is a very bad business for you, then,” said his friend. “Oh, not at all,” the devil replied, “I am going to let him organize it.

    I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices. J. Krishnamurti (1929)

  247. TS November 28th, 2009 2:41 pm writes:

    @ Kahoneez
    “– I think what Truth Seeker means is that no matter what, death is EVERYONE’S ultimate fate. There is no escaping it because sooner or later we all cease to exist. That is the TRUTH”

    Is it, or is this only a state of being that has been our experience for a long, long time. Adam did not die until he ate from the forbidden fruit, a metaphor describing an object of desire whose appeal is a direct result of the knowledge that it cannot or should not be obtained or something that someone may want but is forbidden to have. The patriarchs were said to have lived for hundreds of years. Mortality is the fate of mortals, but aren’t we told that it is the wage of sin, the consequence of believing a lie while disobeying what is called God. For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, “He catches the wise in their own craftiness” (1 Corinthians 3:19)

    @ Vengeance
    Truth is not beyond comprehension; it is simply what you believe

    Comprehend: to contain or hold within a total scope, significance, or amount

    There is only one Truth. Stating to know Truth is like claiming to comprehend the incomprehensible, to surpass, be bigger than The Almighty (the one and only Truth).

    To quote a previous poster in another thread on this blog:

    I maintain that Truth is a pathless land, and you cannot approach it by any path whatsoever, by any religion, by any sect. That is my point of view, and I adhere to that absolutely and unconditionally. Truth, being limitless, unconditioned, unapproachable by any path whatsoever, cannot be organized; nor should any organization be formed to lead or to coerce people along any particular path. If you first understand that, then you will see how impossible it is to organize a belief. A belief is purely an individual matter, and you cannot and must not organize it. If you do, it becomes dead, crystallized; it becomes a creed, a sect, a religion, to be imposed on others. This is what everyone throughout the world is attempting to do. Truth is narrowed down and made a plaything for those who are weak, for those who are only momentarily discontented. Truth cannot be brought down, rather the individual must make the effort to ascend to it. You cannot bring the mountain-top to the valley. If you would attain to the mountain-top you must pass through the valley, climb the steeps, unafraid of the dangerous precipices. – J. Krishnamurti (1929)

  248. shiv November 28th, 2009 6:16 pm writes:

    Well, I kinda envy your intelligence TS, maybe you can give me some :)
    Bob marley is the best (Get up,Stand up) my favorite song btw.

    A… Namaste, I hadn’t thought of such a poignant riposte 😉











  250. Ivanna November 30th, 2009 5:05 pm writes:

    I didn’t understand @Antauge =(

    It’s a Star Trek kind of thing, “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”… though time will tell if this is a wise Endeavour (sic)…

  251. hello , erm i don’t mean no disrespect or nothing like that it’s just a questio but isn’t there like song writers,make up artist and cheographers(sorry for selling mistakes) and like directers who pik out what she says wears,does, and picks how the video is also the photographer he’s in charge of the way he photo’s look so are yo 100% certian it’stheir choice and not the choice of those in her magment team or others?

  252. Your mention of Rihanna’s being forced to witness her own death that I have encountered this concept outside of my own similar experience. I was subjected to experiencing (real or not) the feeling of needles being pushed through my eyes into my head, and moving through a slaughter house with a meat-hook stuck in my back because I was dead. I was a government employee at the time.

  253. Ivanna:
    my sister is/was a HUGE tokio hotel fan…she showed me the cover to their humanoid album and their latest pics and they were all robotic and stuff.. i haven’t listened to any of their songs from this album but from the lyrics you put on its obvious what msg they are tryin 2 put across. my sister doesn’t listen 2 them much any more thank God…like i said b4 the world would be a better place if we jus listen 2 Backstreet Boys :)

    Also the stupid ppl on here who write crap sayin they don’t believe that anythin sinister is goin on and that VC is repeatin him self…WHY DO U KEEP COMING BACK ONTO THIS SITE?!! if u don’t believe it then y are u readin it and commenting?…you guys are the minority and ur opinions are pointless and u jus keepin proving how friggin blind and brainwashed u are to the TRUTH.

  254. @shiv

    A… it means a.o. “let there be a salutation to you”. It was also meant as a little pun in relation to the name you use 😉

  255. Arsenal:
    Fortunately your sister is coming back =) sure she’s 14 or 15, isn’t she? Little girls as me, (well i’m 17 now =P but i started listening to them at the age of 15) fell in love with them easily with their androgynous and emotional singer. Bill Kaulitz ♥has that soft voice that drives us crazy… he usually says he wants to find his dreamgirl, his True Love♥ i always like androgynous guys, i dunno i find them sweet and lovely in comparison with “macho men”? =p i’m scared of masculine guys, i think they’re going to hurt me =,( and i find feminine guys inoffensive and believe they know how to please a woman (maybe i was brainwashed… indeed i was) Remember me at 13,14,15 singing all day a song from Placebo called Taste in Men. I liked it so much because of Brian Molko♥ (the lead singer from Placebo) in the vid but without noticing i was brainwaching myself =,( wasn’t i?

    Taste in Men (Chorus)

    Come back to me a while
    Change your style again
    Come back to me a while
    Change your taste in men
    It’s been this way since Christmas Day
    Dazzled, doused in gin
    Change your taste in men x10

    I was in love with the video. I didn’t stop watching it like for an entire year! Brian is the “beauty” in the vid.
    It’s pretty, you should watch it! (but try not to get brainwashed just as much as me)

    Placebo also has realesed a new album: Battle for the Sun which i bought by Internet and paid in advance because i thought was gonna be huge but no worth it! pretty expensive,100U$S for Illuminati songs with commercial Chorus.. and had to wait a lot cause i live in Argentina and it came from Britain! :S
    As you see Tokio hotel has become pretty weirdAlso Scream had lot of subliminal and the videos meaning are occult too but are not as exposed as in Humanoid. Bill always wears Skull and Bones and like a year ago i remember myself going to a shop looking for Skull and Bones shirts! i never liked it but i thought
    ..”I want a shirt like those that Bill Kaulitz wears”.. but without thinking in my own Likes and Dislikes, Beliefs and stuff, so i was being pushed to smth through Tokio Hotel! Imagine how much the youth is influenced withouth knowing Humanoid influences the idea of the RFID (VeriChip)!!! and so on!
    In addition i was turning Bisexual because of Brian Molko’s orientation and im realing that it was because of brainwashing i never like women! =P But must say that Placebo with their homosexual games on stage, between Brian and Stefan (bassist) and that kinda thing “you should try” it! was a mistake.. they put it in front of your eyes as a delicious possibility smth pleasing…
    I used to like Prótege-moi video, God!http://www.vidilife.com/video_play_1008042_Protege_Moi.htm
    The song is sensual with the French thing… But i never imagine me liking that vid…
    When you’re growing sex comes to flourish and i was confused by them… i was weak
    Here it’s other androgynous German band which is related to Tokio Hotel..
    http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x4crxw_cinema-bizarre-forever-or-never_music (Forever or Never-CB)
    The video on the link is sooo Illuminati!! like the band!!
    *Matrix codification at first (which point the masonic thing i suppose, VC must analyse not I! :P)
    *Light bubles all around the band
    *The corridor (its doors are the different dimensions like Neo when Seraph takes him to the Pitonisa or when the keymaker to the “Great Architect” this vid could help a little
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziYnvEBOOfE&feature=fvw (Matrix…)
    *Path to Illumination
    *The girl is slept (as Neo in Matrix) and then she personally goes to wake her up (to the become part of the enlightened) The girl is “initiated”
    *Also the song has a creepy message backwards.. when comes the brigde says:

    For my love, uhh
    For my love, uhh

    Means backwards
    I’m fool,
    I’m fool.

    And the chorus reversed says:
    I’m feeling like i’m stressed,
    give me,give me… etc
    I reach
    never heaven, etc..

    Tokio Hotel fans Love them because they seem pretty similar and both come from Germany.. and both have hot singers =P and the bassist Kiro is delicious too 😉


    Hugs from BA!*

  256. so, i’ve been thinking about what to say about all this for a little while…
    i don’t mean to offend anybody in any way, by my comments on this whole situation, i would just like to bring up some thoughts that i think are missing from these evaluations.
    have you ever considered that perhaps Rihanna is taking on this new tough girl image because she was just nearly beaten to death by her boyfriend? if i was in her situation, i think i would indeed go through a phase of a darker nature (not meaning satanism). it would be counterproductive to the point if she was to just turn return to her teenage-pink-cardigan-sweater-look, she would be playing into the whole role of silent victim. this new image might just be her way of showing that she can stand up for herself (also, i was reading through the above comments, and somebody mentioned Chris Brown being like, the only ‘true artist’ or something, i mean, seriously? he beat Rihanna to a pulp). i feel that on her website, all the mannequins with barbed wire represent a sort of death of the woman she was, the woman who was beaten and humiliated and hurt. is that really so wrong? its the same with Sasha Fierce, who is Beyonce’s stage personality-not some vehicle of satan. Sasha Fierce is the woman that Beyonce isn’t, she defies all constraints and criteria. it confuses me that you would label a stage persona a vehicle of Satan. when David Bowie was Ziggy Stardust, was he being used by the Devil? i mean, is every artist, or actor, who puts themselves in a different mindset evil? are they taking over the world? your precious USA?
    As for Jay-Z, the eye in the triangle on his t-shirts, is also on the dollar bill. i think its pretty legit that rappers has a stereotypical obsession with money. i don’t mean to play the race card, and i don’t mean to offend anybody at all, but this fixation with currency goes back farther than commercial rappers. its not that their flaunting their cash because its some sort of disgusting, satanistic fetish, but because they CAN. its like, a cool thing you know? especially because there is still so much racial prejudice in this country still. anyways, just take an african american lit class and read the folktale stackolee, you’ll know what i mean. (also; im not in any way trying to say that african americans are like, money obsessed and insanely greedy or anything. its a delicate point that is very hard to articulate)
    anyone who views Lady Gaga without a sense of humor is missing her point entirely. the music video for bad romance is a commentary about the underground sex slavery institution, it is not, in anyway, about having sex with the devil. i have no idea why you would want to even draw that sort of point from that…..
    k, this has also been happening for a LONG TIME, rumors going around about pop musicians or rock musicians or whatever being tools of satan. the beatles were accused of it (and they used to their advantage to create hype about their band), jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, all of those guys were said to be satanists.
    you people always have to reject what is different, what represents change. these popstars are making money because they are distractions from our economic problems, they bring us to other places, artistically, that we cannot go in our everyday lives. they don’t brain wash us, nor spread heathen laws of any sort.
    i understand that you all want to jump to conclusions, but i think you need to evaluate the situation from every side.
    oh, and @20, Jay-Z and Beyonce preformed at the inagural ball because they are legendary American musicians. Obama, too, being a modern president, probably wanted the same ideals to reflect on his music choices for the evening. also, to call poor Rihanna the devil is the most disgusting thing i have ever heard. Is Chris Brown an angel? should all women be beaten into their place when they question their men?
    also, i’m curious to know you guys’ stance on horror movies, or art in general. What do you understand to be freedom of expression? because from what i’m reading on this site, you are ALL just as brain washed as the ones you are accusing.


  257. @Ivanna December 1st, 2009 10:29 pm

    There is indeed a lot of (gender) confusion in the media. A famous example of androgyny in music is David Bowie, who is often credited as popularizing the trend of “fashionable androgyny”. Other musicians include Grace Jones, Boy George, Prince and Marilyn Manson.

    Another example is Visual kei, characterized by the use of make-up, elaborate hair styles and flamboyant costumes, often, but not always, coupled with androgynous aesthetics. A good example is the band Malice Mizer. The singer dresses like Neo from the Matrix.


    A very good example that should be watched is James Blunt’s ‘Love Love Love’. I must say that this is a very colorful and nice video but with some very feminine men. The music and video are however much better than most others, that are thirteen in a dozen…


  258. Oh! Just another comment: if Gaga, and Rihanna and all this lovely babes are Devils weapons…. What about Burzum, or mayhem!!! hehe!

  259. Hey vigilant, i left a message in the “contact me” section, but thought it wolb be ok if i left this here too; it´s about the Stark device that also appears con Gagaçs video, http://img101.imageshack.us/i/dibujouj.jpg/ there you can see the screenshot.

    And as i said, i dont care if gaga is being controlled, she is brilliant as an artist, at least!!!

  260. I absolutely LOVE these articles. They're real eye openers. Keep them coming!

    I have a question, though. Is Britney Spears a part of this circle of stars? I've heard rumours and tried my own research, but none of these things were conclusive.

  261. wow…….that was…disturbing. thanks for the info, i will definitely not listen to their music. i’m not the strongest minded person in the world, and it is best not to tempt fate.

  262. 339.Ivanna December 1st, 2009 10:29 pm

    I kinda had the same problems at the same age,exept a little more hardcore when i started listening to bad influencial artist like(50 cent, eminem to madonna) and all that kind of shit ass music and it’s at this time that i started to smoke all kind of drugs(including cigaret)alcohol and hardcore drugs, thugs clothing, fighting (thinking to myself what is was like to fuck a girl when i was only 13 years old)and (all that kinda fucked up shit you ain’t suposed to think or do at this young age). These kind of music/video, (movies too)which tell you and encourage you to do as they do to be ”accepted” not only by guys but by the girls who look up for these kinda guys(bad boys).there’s the woman sexualisation that makes you see women as ”sexual object” while in school,(you don’t realise it) and they didn’t help by clothing themself like little whore who acts just like there idols on TV and pop culture,i just wanted to fit in, to be with the ”cool people” that all other young like me wanted to. I failed at school and in my social life,i screwed up the best time of my life where i was suposed to grew up intellectualy and spiritualy, of course im not the only, almost 50% of Quebec youth don’t even finish there highschool program here, that is ENORMOUS and damn sad. If people don’t begin to realise what’s wrong with the Generation X of today i’m scared that we gonna be doomed for ever. You don’t need to be a genious to understand what’s wrong in today’s world,just open your REAL eyes and see for yourself. Go talk to a young girl or guy to know what he want to do later, ”i wanna be famous and rich”(and everthing that comes with). That’s the most popular answer you gonna get, that’s what I wanted to became too :((sadly).
    And i think it’s important for me to say that i was raise by great parents and great family that gave me love, which don’t explain my behavior.I don’t have any good advise to give but to respect your own moral code, even if you ain’t accepted as a ”COOl” guy or girl and your called a pussy, gay or whatever, don’t fall into the trap, you’ll be rewarded later in your life :).

    It’s choking probably but that’s the real world of today
    I did my best to write this(don’t want to fuck up your language), it’s already pretty bad:S

  263. This is soo true, me and my friend where looking at this site in Music class today and tbh Russian Roulette Is Incredibly Mind Controlling and I felt as if to cry or actually kill myself…It scares me to here this song, the tune, the beat, gotta be some Subliminal Messaging going on in there…I'm worried x

  264. wow Aries u make a good point. Now I wonder if Aaliyah was murdered to make way for, not only Beyonce, but Gaga and Rhianna as well. The scenario I’m thinking could be that she was starting to become really popular, and denied the “deal” that the Illuminati offered her. We all know, that once an artist reaches a certain “status” of popularity, they eventually get approached by these bastards. I wonder if that was Aaliyah’s case, and she instead turned them down, because she knew it was wrong to brain wash our youth and be apart of something so sinister. I really dont think its far fetched. They couldnt let her know without being apart of it, so they killed her. Great article Vigilant, you keep me coming back buddy! Keep up the great work.

  265. “352.Georgia December 4th, 2009 10:44 am :

    This is soo true, me and my friend where looking at this site in Music class today and tbh Russian Roulette Is Incredibly Mind Controlling and I felt as if to cry or actually kill myself…It scares me to here this song, the tune, the beat, gotta be some Subliminal Messaging going on in there…I’m worried x”

    If you are suicidal it’s not because of a music video. If you were being serious about those feelings then please seek psychological help/counseling/medication. If your mind is that susceptible to being swayed then throw away your television set(s) AND your computer. I wish you well. Suicide is no joke, I’ve been there with those feelings but the only way to deal with it is to address the REAL problems causing it. I hope you figure it out.

  266. Re: tiffany evans comment….im form barbados and i just wnat it be known that a young lady in the caribbean (guyana) committed suicied and the last words she put up on her face book were the words ro rucssian roulette…..”take a deep breath….count to 3 and sayint it was finally over…..its carazy world out there…just cant believe these people are seelin thier soul for fame and to think people…young people actually look up t o them Im very disappointed in rihanna

  267. Risa, I tried to find the story about that. Do you have a link to it?

    That is very sad to hear. But I’m sorry, you guys are so misguided to blame song lyrics on a person’s suicide. It is NOT a celebrity’s job to raise your children. Some of them choose to be mindful of kids when they make music or films, and others of them do not. But it is certainly not an artist’s obligation to censor themselves because of kids being exposed to it.

    Even though my opinion on that will be viewed as flawed or outright wrong, one thing that is for sure is that suicide is a very complex occurance that often goes misunderstood. People who are survivors of those who have done it place blame on a million things in order to make sense of it. Music is quite often a deterrant for such deep sadness/depression, I can also attest to that, I live with clinical depression.

    I don’t know. I wasn’t even going to comment anymore until I saw what Georgia wrote. I’ve been through counseling, medication, and even a suicide attempt as a teenager. I’ve been friends to many people who want to leave this world by their own hands. In my personal experience, music did more to steer us AWAY from the bad thoughts than it did to draw us into it. I realize however that does not apply to everyone on the planet. But I feel that to say a kid killed herself because of a song greatly diminishes other factors that could have contributed to the cause, which also hinders suicide prevention in the future for others who are at risk.

  268. Hi Ivanna:

    I like the points you made about the gender confusion with musicians. my sister was obsessed by the androgynous look because of Tokio Hotel…she was 16/17. She’s just turned 18 and she’s kind of backed away from Tokio Hotel..she hasn’t brought the Humanoid album which is a good sign. I’ve noticed she’s kinda moved away from them..she likes Kings of Leon now…i hope their not part of this illuminati shizzle!

    I watched the Automatic video…its rather disturbing, especially the end bit where the robots are kissing or whatever it is they’re doin.. It seems like the illuminati/tokio hotel are trying to say that robots have same emotions as humans & experience same things. They are tryin to say that robots and humas are equal. Have you noticed how much robotic clothing, dance moves & robots themselves have been incorporated into the media.
    In the movie industry you have films live Transformers and Avatar, about robots/machines/aliens coming to life. In the music industry there seems to be robots on show randomly, like in lady gaga’s Pokerface by the pool she has mannequins which resemble robots. Also in beyonce’s Diva she has gold robots in the background in one scene. Black eyed peas themselves dress as robots in their Boom Boom Pow vidvid. Even dance moves have become robotic & even the singing has… like in Black Eyed Peas ‘meet me half way’ in the opening bit of the song where the voice kinda slows down and sounds robotic. In fashion huge shoulders pads seem to be the big trend, which make the person who wears it seem like some kinda robotic monster…Rihanna wears them loads!. the way Lady GaGa dresses in her Papparazi video in metal & beyonce in her Single Ladies with the metal glove…its all robotic and fucking crazy! whats wrong with these assholes?! And it always seems to be the same artists..Lady Gaga/Beyonce/Rihanna/Jay Z… them 4 and Taylor Swift have just soared so much in popularity its unbelievable… i mean Taylor Swift…she sings friggin country music for Gods sake..i suppose its because she is young and easily influenced…next thing you know she’ll be posing naked or something stupad ass like that!!!!

    these musicians are stupid and those ppl who support them are stupid ass too! The ppl who come on here saying ‘its not the musican they jus do what managment/directors/assholes ask them to’….well uh NO actually. I dont think these artists are THAT dumb to not notice the same constant imagery & themes that occur within their music & videos all the time. Ofcourse these artists definately do play a part in what is put across to the public. It’s really disgusting, especially when i picture young naive innocent kids and teenagers listening to shit like Lady Gaga & the provactive way she dances & acts in her video along with the rest of the puppets..beyonce, britney, christina, katy perry…all of them bastards.

    oh God i’m so angry!!!!!!!

  269. arsenal December 4th, 2009 8:59 pm writes:

    I watched the Automatic video…its rather disturbing, especially the end bit where the robots are kissing or whatever it is they’re doin.. It seems like the illuminati/tokio hotel are trying to say that robots have same emotions as humans & experience same things. They are tryin to say that robots and humas are equal. Have you noticed how much robotic clothing, dance moves & robots themselves have been incorporated into the media.
    In the movie industry you have films live Transformers and Avatar, about robots/machines/aliens coming to life. In the music industry there seems to be robots on show randomly, like in lady gaga’s Pokerface by the pool she has mannequins which resemble robots. Also in beyonce’s Diva she has gold robots in the background in one scene. Black eyed peas themselves dress as robots in their Boom Boom Pow vidvid. Even dance moves have become robotic & even the singing has… like in Black Eyed Peas ‘meet me half way’ in the opening bit of the song where the voice kinda slows down and sounds robotic. In fashion huge shoulders pads seem to be the big trend, which make the person who wears it seem like some kinda robotic monster…Rihanna wears them loads!. the way Lady GaGa dresses in her Papparazi video in metal & beyonce in her Single Ladies with the metal glove…its all robotic and fucking crazy!




  270. When Rihanna was asked who she would “switch off” while on the radio show, the singer replied by saying,

    “Tiffany Evans. She’s just mouthing off for no reason actin’ like she knows me. The whole devil worshipping thing, she put out this whole statement”.

    Tiffany Evans must have said too much, because she has now recanted. Quote: “I just wanna say that I personally do not have beef with Rihanna. Why would I have any beef with someone I don’t even know? It’s stupid. Whatever statements I made about the industry was not geared towards Rihanna in any type of way. What I said about RussianR was blown way out. So to Rihanna as young woman with total respect I apologize for the huge misunderstanding.”

    I say… if the horns fit, wear ’em Rihanna!

  271. im just wondering what about the part where she looks straight at one of the handlers and he turns his head away from her?

  272. Hey I’m just wondering if you noticed how she was saying “And I’m terrified but I’m not leaving
    Know that I must must pass this test” That reminds me of the whole initiation into the music industry in some of your other articles.

  273. Remember, at this point in time, one must know what is in a symbol?! Symbolism is a representation of a powerful idea. An allegory is or can be animal fable or again a representation of a abstract idea!
    All this….imagery links towards our subconscious. The thrill of temptation, the sordid alleys in our minds, all that this is aimed for is what its all about. You are able to re-create ‘positive’ imagery…of course BUT you will be allowed to do this in the same ‘channels’ !? Its always a even playing field its just most of us don’t get it. While we talk about what is done and happened..time has passed and so is our chances. Our chance is the chance of the self, chance of choice.
    In the Matrix, Vanilla Skies, Total Recall…etc you name the common basic there is ‘lucid dreaming’. ‘Dreamtime’! Once you understand the real bondage of re-directed thought, you will see that none of this is real. Its as real as you want it to be. If you ‘choose’ to make a path, simply take it. Think about it. Talk about it. Write about it. That old chestnut….”there is nothing to fear but fear itself”. Wake up people and help one another to re-align each other to the real task in hand….wake up from your slumber….remember the real reason why you are here…why you know what you know, knowledege is power, power that is slowy oozing from your clutches. Regain that power, take a deep breath and lets have a real amalgamation of the heart…..

    Finally The Day !

  274. Keleigh December 4th, 2009 12:22 pm :
    “This is soo true, me and my friend where looking at this site in Music class today and tbh Russian Roulette Is Incredibly Mind Controlling and I felt as if to cry or actually kill myself…It scares me to here this song, the tune, the beat, gotta be some Subliminal Messaging going on in there…I’m worried x”

    If you are suicidal it’s not because of a music video. If you were being serious about those feelings then please seek psychological help/counseling/medication. If your mind is that susceptible to being swayed then throw away your television set(s) AND your computer. I wish you well. Suicide is no joke, I’ve been there with those feelings but the only way to deal with it is to address the REAL problems causing it. I hope you figure it out.”

    Emm… :L i’m not suicidal you retard :L loool i said this song makes me feel like i wanna kill myself, but this song is fantastic and can’t get enough of it x

    • @ Lilly Blake – Thank you, Ive couldnt have said it better. Occultism is extremely hard to report in an objective, “journalistic” way. I also cannot answer all of the questions relating to the subject. I count on people to use what they learn here to further their research and maybe share their findings here.

      @ Gabriel T. Hammond – I believe a have a fairly good understanding of Western occultism and here’s one of my conclusions (let me know what you think about it). The undeniable power of occultism can go both ways: it can heal or it corrupt. It can liberate or it can enslave. I believe that “those in the know” use the beneficial aspects of occultism in their own lives while the masses unfortunately often receive in their mass media the corrupting (black magic) side of it. The same way the inverted pentagram alludes to the superiority of the physical body over the spiritual, mass media promotes ignorance and animal-like behavior over knowledge.

  275. I’m far from retarded Georgia. I happen to take it seriously when someone claims they are suicidal or have those feelings, and yes, you did say that. So maybe you need to be careful with your words next time.

    A whole lot of children on this website. Kind of unnerving.

  276. Hi Antuage, thanks for that site..i did come across the K.O.L article a while ago but didn’t bother reading it. I’ve noticed that almost all their CD covers have some kinds of bird on it…maybe it’s something personal or maybe it’s to do with occultism.. whatever it is i can’t stop listenin 2 their music. I don’t think that their songs (the ones that i’ve listened to) send out any dangerous message..however there’s one song called Where Nobody Knows which is pretty catchy…but the song doesn’t make sense (maybe it does make sense & i’m jus bein thick) here are the lyrics anyway if anyone can gather some kinda story behind it:

    With hands in the air you look like the girl at the fare with the bubbly eyes.
    stonewashed shoe pulling at a rock but the rock don’t compromise,
    come up to me say why are you so skinny and pretty for a boy?,
    said thanks for the insults and compliments
    you’ll never forget my face no more

    i can’t hardly reach you and i know it’s getting harder to be you.
    so i’ll be dropping you where nobody knows,
    city ought to take you,
    it would take a little second to break you
    so i’ll be dropping you where nobody knows,
    i’ll be dropping you where nobody knows.

    looking pretty keen sitting on a swing,
    That don’t mean a thing at all,
    heals on my feet,
    are barkin like a pack of dogs,
    siccin’ on a coon in a stall.

    Take it for your word,
    take it for a ride,
    take it for the evening dead or alive,
    warming up the car packing as the pilots play.

    I can’t hardly reach you and i know it’s getting harder to be you,
    so i’ll be dropping you where nobody knows,
    city ought to take you,
    it would take a little second to break you,
    so i’ll be dropping you where nobody knows,
    I’ll be dropping you where nobody knows……… Jessica……..

    Head like a stone,
    stoned like a rock,
    cloggin’ up your nose again,
    Papa’s a searching,
    devil is a knocking,
    chills runnin’ up my skin,
    here goes now.

    To the poster Brilliant: youtube wouldn’t allow me to watch the 2nd vid u posted because it cant be viewed in my country cuz of some kinda restriction copyright crappyness. But the Bjork vidvid is well disturbing!!! why would you want to be a friggin robot?!…i know its more deeper than that…control//microchippin etc. It’s scary how the industry is so powerful & reaches out to all spheres of the world …and how influential it is. makes me feel sad for those innocent ppl who don’t know the truth behind the LIES!

  277. I really appreciate you posting up whats really going on in this sick sad world we live in. The harsh reality and price of FAME that these stars have compromised aren’t worth the turmoil they’ll cause on their own lives and the lives of others. The blood of many is on their hands. This is one of the very reasons why I decided to soon change my direction with regard to the music industry.

    I have been studying the Bible and following the ministry of a Pastor (G. Craige Lewis) who talks about the very things you are passionate about and I think you should check out some of his videos and links, etc. on YouTube. (www.ExMinistries.com)

    Here’s one of them:


    Also one thing you might want to know is that Satan before he became who we know him to be today, was an angel in heaven named Lucifer (i.e. Luciferians, Illuminati-I’m sure the name and connotation rings a bell), he was an “angel of light,: who was in charge of the music, praise and worship of God and the heavenly beings (or angels). He saw the power of music and what it did and how it could change an atmosphere. He soon became prideful and instead of leading the worship of God, instead he decided he wanted to get the glory himself and be God. God then seeing this, cast him and all the angels that followed after him, out of heaven (fallen angels). Though he was kicked out of heaven nothing changed about him but his name. His main agenda was still the same-To get the glory and honor, how could he do this!? By using one of the main things he was good at…MUSIC.

    Ezekial 28:12-19 Talks about Satan’s (aka Lucifer) fall…

    12 …’You were the model of perfection,
    full of wisdom and perfect in beauty.

    13 You were in Eden,
    the garden of God;
    every precious stone adorned you:
    ruby, topaz and emerald,
    chrysolite, onyx and jasper,
    sapphire, [b] turquoise and beryl. [c]
    Your settings and mountings [d] were made of gold;
    on the day you were created they were prepared.

    14 You were anointed as a guardian cherub,
    for so I ordained you.
    You were on the holy mount of God;
    you walked among the fiery stones.

    15 You were blameless in your ways
    from the day you were created
    till wickedness was found in you.

    16 Through your widespread trade
    you were filled with violence,
    and you sinned.
    So I drove you in disgrace from the mount of God,
    and I expelled you, O guardian cherub,
    from among the fiery stones.

    17 Your heart became proud
    on account of your beauty,
    and you corrupted your wisdom
    because of your splendor.
    So I threw you to the earth;
    I made a spectacle of you before kings.

    18 By your many sins and dishonest trade
    you have desecrated your sanctuaries.
    So I made a fire come out from you,
    and it consumed you,
    and I reduced you to ashes on the ground
    in the sight of all who were watching.

    19 All the nations who knew you
    are appalled at you;
    you have come to a horrible end
    and will be no more.’ ”

    These stars are trying to gear this world for the New World Order and soon to come anti-Christ, however, no matter what their tactics Jesus’ love and salvation will prevail. Please check out my blog as well about all of this, you may want to add it to your research: http://www.ChristinaElise.com/cesblog.

    God Bless!!!


  278. Jay-z i know is the one brainwashed in the most dynamic way as possible, cos he looks younger at d age of forty they told him he is likely to live forever thats y he did a collaboration with mr hudson, the people hanging out with Jay-z be it an up coming artist gets initiated cos jay-z tend to be playing a huge roll in the society. thanks VC for getting us informed so we can prepare for the end of days becos the bible said in d book of Daniel that human sacrifice will last 1290 days and 1335 days for tribulations Obama is the head of their group cos after callng kanye west a jackass i see no reason why kanye will not do a song to fight back…. lets live that from my view the worst is yet to come God bless VC….

  279. Hey Vigilant Citizen,
    Keep up the good work in keeping the people informed about the truth!

    The new movie “Legion” is coming out and I recently discovered the symbolism and deception in that. I was hoping you can look into that and give an analysis about that.


  280. I dont know if anyone has noticed the eye in Jay z and alicia keys video – its when theres a birds eye view shot of the city on the left hand side – look for it!!

  281. Woow It Knew It we cannot trust the music we listen to now always knew Rihanna was one of them .she never used to be like this remember Pon De Replay…
    Well wat can i say this website says it all Vigilant could you do research on the German Group Tokio Hotel
    I really wanna know more bout their music tbh i love it but the lyrics sound abit dodgy to me

    Thankss 😀

  282. Hi you are very naive if u think tat outside influenced do not effect people. Y then do beusinesses spend millions on adverisements or when celebrities endose or use certain products people go and rush to buy them. Only recently young girls were screaming to be bitten by the stars of Twlight and its now the 3rd biggest movie of all time. The increase of rapes up 20% in both the U.K and U.S and increased sexualisation of women and young girls can be directly connected the way women are protrayed in the media. As the increase of eating diorders and self harm amougst young women. the government and their puppet masters spend millions on undercover plans to control the masses to turn us in to walking cash cows and slaves to the system. The world has obviously become more and more violent especcialy amougst the youth. Despite evidence that the war on terror is not wat it seems peopel are still sending their children onto the battle field and accepting the lies tat is takin more and more of our freedom away. At anytime the government can put u in a secret court with a secret juror in a secret prison wit ot any body knowing and we have all accepted this because of the propaganda been forced down our throat. Some of us are not influencded by outside forces but the young people, chldrenand the naive and ignorant are. If few good peoplem do nothing the world is going to hell. The inner peace stuff is good philosophy but not helping wit millions dien in the world via proverty, disease and war. We need to stand up and speak the truth and fight these outside forces. God bless

  283. The sad thing about it, is there are young people actually supporting these artists! Why are sooo many people outright choosing to live the very opposite of the bible? Or any other religious beliefs? Is like everything bad is good, and everything good has now become bad. People are brainwashed to believe what they know is morally wrong to be ok, because of the WAY SOCIETY IS. Not me. I am not brainwashed into living the total opposite of what God wants….nothing good comes from sin.

  284. Has anybody seen Rhianna’s ex boyfriend new video wit Prince of darkness lil Wayne, I can transform Ya which about all the material things the devil to the illumanti can give. The video see them and the video girls transform to and from machines pushing the robotic agenda, the video is also in Masonic colours Black, red, white, it’s very scary here the link, Maybe tats wat the whole Rhianna drama was about to get Chris brown fully on board. There is also another video by Common feat Pharell called Universal Mind control and has Pharell being a robot. This is getting so obvious now how anybody can deny it is beyond me. But as the movie states some people have their eyes wide shut. Furthermore I aint a Christian but I am concern about them pushing the Masonic devil agenda and New world order plans on Humankind. It’s got to stop.


    Heres the link 4 the vid- Its scary there scene where Swizzz the rapper lifts up his glasses and he ahs Red eyes. God bless us all

  285. Sad, all of you that think an outside influence can ULTIMATELY change us. What we need to focus on is our inner strength, the God within us. Then there is absolutely nothing that can hurt us, or anything to be afraid of. FEAR IS THE OPPOSITE OF LOVE. LOVE IS SYNONYMOUS WITH GOD.

  286. @not afraid , they cant change us but can force you to do what you dnt wanna do isnt it? when a gun is pointed at you wat do you do. it has not got to that but when the great tribulation comes anything will happen cos the bible said MESSIAH SHALL BE CUTOFF BLESSED HIS HE THAT CAN STAY WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST AFTER THE 1335 DAYS, MESSIAH BEING CUTOFF! MEANS salvation is taken from earth no matter how hard you pray there will be no answer except you are able to stay with out the mark of the beast for 1335 days Which is 3 and half years. how possible is that christians will die. except you comply with them may God help us!

  287. @Antauge December 2nd, 2009 8:54 pm :

    Hi =)

    Indeed, David Bowie is recognized by Brian Molko and Bill Kaulitz to be the most important artist who influenced them!

    Yes, Cinema Bizarre is Visual kei you're right =) Thanks for the example ♥ I love the clothes Neo wears in Matrix ♥ I've always wanted to buy that black long jacket xD seriously 😉

    Absolutely, those guys in Love, Love, Love are confusing and stoned? they seem…

    Thanks again for the example.

    Kiss from BA!*

  288. 349.shiv December 3rd, 2009 3:49 pm :

    Hi shiv =)

    I agree with all you've been said… and I'm pretty much sorry for you =,( you were just trying to "fit in" the stereotype of this fucking society (as much as i've been trying) don't blame you for that, you were just a kid. I feel pretty identificated with all and i used to say too: "i wanna be famous(actress like Scarlett Johansson) and rich”(and everthing that comes with… But then i started to realise tha Hapiness does nothing to do with Money and Power and that ours Soul cannot be satisfied with them, only Love can. Also, that Hollywood is Lust and Demon, we already know which is the real meaning and purposeof the movies… if you're involve you'll be worshiping (as we see on this site 😉

    Actually, at school you don't realise of anything of that crap, the media brings it to you… i'm not saying "it's all their fault" but most of it… They show you how they want you to be and they got it with this Generation I can't stand the idea of women like "sexual objects": horrible! no spiritual life, no moral, no ideas, no affection, no Love… just nothing. Im seeing girls who are 11 trying to seduce little boys with their "erotic dance moves" (Music like the Reguetón is destroying the concept of women, in all terms), so sad =.(

    I have to say that i still fragil and vulnerable about the influence of the Media on my mind. But when i make a desicion or do something i think twice and fix it =)

    Most important thing is that you've learn from your past and you can see the Truth and what is the best for you now 😉

    Hugs from BA!*

  289. Keleigh December 6th, 2009 2:33 pm :

    I’m far from retarded Georgia. I happen to take it seriously when someone claims they are suicidal or have those feelings, and yes, you did say that. So maybe you need to be careful with your words next time.

    A whole lot of children on this website. Kind of unnerving.

    Hold on !!!!

    If, you see a problem with that, I think you tend to take too much seriously…

    Also, because you choose to interfere, suppose and/or assume on behalf of someone else (who, bare in mind never asked you to do anything), I do not see where you get the entitlement to preach, blame nor judge (ref. above statements)

    Words are dear to me, but because you speak them, it does not state what you were feeling when saying them (in this particular case, I think she was just messin' with you and stating something as a general dissatisfaction)

    Keleigh, When I hear N*Sync it makes me wanna blow my head off… When I think of Britney Spears its usually sexual, because, lets face it.. All that ever had drawing effect was the fact that it would be nice to do her… ! – I mean, superficial, everyday exaggerations is to make a point.. No effect will come of words, only of action.. Words have meaning due to the action they symbolise.. hence our liking of words as; peace, truth, life.. etc.

    If you would rather supress, censor and create taboo, then be my guest.. But just know that it is against all that you believe and exactly what "they" wish to create, enfore and legislate… !

    Its not that I want to debate this… I just think that it is misplaced and wrong to pass judgement and have a assuming attitude when it has nothing to do with you…

    Just my 'fly on the wall' perspective.

    All The Best,


  290. This chick claimed the song made her wanna kill herself. (Another one tried to claim that some girl actually did do it, of course she never produced any news link or some other form of proof). I told her to get psychiatric help IF THAT WERE THE CASE because a song alone is not going to make someone feel or do such a thing. Interfering would be more like me calling the cops on her or trying to track down her IP address. I simply gave advice which she is more than free to ignore. Instead she called me a retard, which clued me in immediately to the fact that she's a child who made an off-handed statement. Hence my further advice that maybe certain words should be taken more seriously. When I say I take "it" seriously I mean the threat of suicide or self-harm because it is no joke to me. Ever hear of the man who killed himself on webcam while a bunch of message board members sat and watched and did nothing? That's the kinda society we live in. The least I could do, in case she was being genuine, was to let her know there are other options. Where your anger is coming from I don't understand. It's not warranted at all.

  291. beyonce's music video's (Diva): mannequins

    rihanna: mannequins

    lady gaga's logo: mannequins.

    im tired of all these connections! its insane!

    why cant a godly, (and maybe not even religious) but a to-do-good person infiltrate pop music and send GOOD messages for once. its all this dark bullshit.

    i guess lady gaga is doing that, but the ambiguity of whether or not shes a burlesque humour, highbrow satirist or an actual crap slut is just too unclear.


  292. IMO Rihanna's life has told us all,she used to be this fun girl who sang "Pon the Replay","S.O.S",etc. And then Jay – Z turned her into this new "Good Girl Gone Bad", we must not forgotten that its Jay who promoted Ri. She, then became the famous girl, the superstar, through the no.1 hit song called "Umbrella" , which I think was her initiation to the whole world about her existence in music industry. After that, she begged to Jay please "Don't Stop the Music" and made me even more "Good Girl Gone Bad". Her wish was granted, after the initiation, she then got the humiliated phase to enter the group. Look what happen to her and the music's industry when Brown punched her in the face, she got the all attention from every single media…Don't you think that it was all being set up??? And after that scandal,they tracked her down,wanting to know that will she survive this test or not. And as the result, you can hear her kept on saying "know that I must past this test" in "Russian Roulette" and also begging "so just pull the trigger" and at the end of the song, you will hear a bullet being triggered out of pistol. I think it means that bye2 to the old Ri, the Ri we all used to know IMO is already dead. She has joint the group. And now she can proudly tell the world that "the wait is over" and welcome to the club Ri…

    Oh God….

  293. the reason for all this is because people don't know their limits. they stand for nothing, so therefore fall for anything and don't know their own value. With freedom comes responsibility and consequences; that just seems to go straight over their heads.

  294. i would just like to say that i really admired Beyonce and Rhianna up until this website was passed along to me. I've always thought that Lady GaGa was a weirdo but not the other two. It all makes complete sense to me now. With that being said they've lost my support and every other person in my address book. I will not support beings such as this. To eat his own, but this is not my lifestyle nor my practice or beliefs! I think its wrong. I simply cannot stand for it or them and I'll make sure that others don't either. Thank you so much vigilant for producing the truth!!!!

  295. Very interesting! I just read your article about the VMAs, and I noticed you have Pink's newest CD advertised on this page. Ironic

  296. I read somebodies comment and I just wanted to say that I don't think that vigilant citizen is trying to take shots at the artist themselves. I don't think. At first when I first came across this website I thought maybe they were just picking with artists that they don't like but then I noticed it a broad range of artist and other things as well so they can't be taking shots at people just to be doing it. I think they have already stated some truths about the music industry through these many articles. Especially the one about beyonce's and her baphomet. She seems a little too unaware or childish(Naive) at most times not dumb but you know what I mean just naive to reality sometimes and I really don't think that if she knew that she had on a baphomet she would not have worn that thing. She doesn't know anything about this kind of stuff becuase i don't think she cares to think so deep. It's just whatever's there as long as your nice to her she'll take it. That's what I believe. Now I can't say that for everyone. Some artist know exactly what they are doing. Her husband for instance seems way more knowlegable than she is in alot of things as he should. He is old. LOL I think he knows exactly what he's doing and what he's saying especially since he makes his own raps. I really believe this stuff and every since I've found this website I have never watched or listen toa vidoe or song every since. They just don't come off the same to me anymore. I noticed those baphomets in Lady Gaga's video too. I think I'll noticed just about everything now.LOL


    its amazing how our favourite celebrities who claim to "love their fans so much" are okay with ruining this world and disturbing many of our youthful minds……….if rihanna is getting tortured for her foolishness it serves her right i hope beyonce gets to see her death in her next video as well….. what a shame they are……

  298. Disgusted & DIss on


  299. Great article as always, when you first point this stuff out to people they laugh but it's soo obvious once you see the signs. For me the fact that almost the exact same symbolism is being used by theses artists says it all. Only thing I don't understand is Omarion speaking out against it here when some of his videos arer also very suspect

  300. Great article! I was reading this in school on my laptop and I was so sad for these artists in the music industry. I am a fan of (or was) Rihanna and especially Beyonce and it hurt me too find out that they are in with this crap. I put my CD's in my closet and don't even listen to music anymore. It especially hurt me to know that this "music" is aimed at my youth. Do they not care that they are help sending people to their graves? I think it's a depressing thing when a 17-year-old can see through this stuff and most adults can't. I've been aware of this secret society crap since I was 12! C'mon, 12? Seriously? That's no where near adulthood.

    I read some more things on this site and it nearly brought me to tears. What is this world coming to? Why are we so sinful and hate The Lord so much as to openly defy His laws? As I'm typing this now it's bringing me to tears. I just… can't understand how they cannot see that what they are doing is wrong. And it disgust me that they are aiming at little kids. I hear kids at my school singing this song's lyrics and other messed up songs and I shake my head in pity. They aim it at us so we can grow up with whatever they have planned in us already and to accept the upcoming "change."

    Ever since I landed on this site I have loved the Lord more and more. I can only imagine how upset He is with this world. You might think that I am getting a little too much into this. But, how can you NOT get angry at this? Heck, my younger siblings are listening to this crap and I yell at them not to listen to it. They sigh and throw a fit and I make out to be the "evil sister." Well, call me whatever. They'll thank me later when they are in Heaven.

    Well, I'm done preaching. lol. I feel like the Holy Spirit is in me right now to type this out. Thank you, VC for putting this up to the world. Now, I will work even harder to ween my siblings and other loved ones out of this.

  301. in her videophone song beyonce is enticing young men to watch and film her with the camera on their phones.. but has any1 noticed that in the video her and lady gaga are actually shooting arrows at the very males that are "filming" her?

    She really doesnt have her fans best interests!

  302. Anyone see the differnece between Lady Gaga and Rihanna?

    Rihannas out there singing about how "the wait is over" and how "we're takin' over"

    Do you hear Gaga singing about this? No.

    All she does is use symbols, but you dont hear her singing about it or making dark videos over it.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Rihanna really was a part of this, I mean she IS associated with Jay Z.

  303. After watching this, I agree with some people that refuse to lump Lady Gaga with someone like Rihanna.

    Compared to Rihanna, and Beyonce that woman seems more…free. Much smarter, much more independent. She controls herself, and you can tell by the way she talks, unlike when you see Rihanna. And do you see how different Lady Gagas videos look from both Rihannas and Beyonces?

    Rihannas videos are dark, without any reason at all. Lady Gagas are dark, because it goes with the lyrics and the music. She uses symbolism for art, not because she is part of an occult.

    Now we all know that Rihanna doesnt use art, and she still uses the symbolism for no reason at all.

    Plus I've never heard any of Lady Gagas friends saying that they think shes very dark. You know why? Because she isn't. She may be deep, but she most certainly isnt evil.

    As for Rihanna…well you said it all. This has to be the only article that I agree with you, Vigilant. Rihanna does seem to be the poster girl for the Illuminati.

  304. Was watching Jonathan Ross interview Rihanna last week – she said she had 13 tattoos and flashed one of them – skull and bones on her ankle.

    Also just a random thought about Beyonce's video Sweet Dreams (when she is dancing with the floating pieces of material behind her) butterfly imagery.

  305. All I can say is I love this post, keep doing what you're doing. People need to hear the truth in a real way. Very Good work, God bless, I thank God for exposing these things, now all I can do is pray that people stop investing their hard earned dollars into these cd's and concerts. If we stop supporting these artist it will let them know we do not support what they support and we will not bow to their gods. I do not buy anything they have from perfume to clothing, if they are on a movie or commerical i will not buy a ticket or watch the commerical. May sound deep, but I am a Jesus supporter 100% and i refuse to bow down to any other god's. There is only one Savior. Jesus Christ!!!! Jesus is Lord!!!! God is Love…

  306. I am truely sick from learning all of this very true information! Also very hurt and disgusted by these money hungry artists.I know for a fact money is the root of all EVIL. I'm young & confused, but from now on will think for myself!!! Being a teenager in todays world is so hard, because living in sin is the only way to be considerd cool, or to make friends. So many teens do the same things & destruct in the same way. I was an inch away from becoming a victom to this bullsh**. I admired Rihanna's style, because I saw it as unique & different. Never liked her much before, but after her image changed I was instantly hooked. Now I'm sitting here sick to my stomach. I am erasing most of the music, off my ipod!! the only music I'll listen to from now on is soul artists with real music & gospel. I truely pray for these artists for they think they are winning some sick twisted game, only to find out in the end that they never won. God is the almighty' the ending and the beggining!!!!! No one is higher! all of this reminds me of a Joni Mitchell song- WoodStock, where she says

    we are star dust

    we are golden

    and we gotta get ourselves

    back to the Gods

    thats how I feel, we truely have to get ourselves back to God!!

  307. Also V I adore your work and your honesty!! thanks for speaking out, not many people do that in todays world. You have inspired me to educate myself on all of the previous topics, so I can start my very own website.Take action to inform others is the highest form of integrity!!!!! I have to get back to God quick, because the world is going to hell in a hand-basket. lol

    p.s for the people who feel that this is absurd or completely not true, have no fear!! personally I think you fail to see the obvious, because of fear. Your life would have to be altered, to be worthy so you rather be ignorant because its comfortable to you.

  308. Omarion is best friends with Chris Brown, Rihanna's ex-boyfriend guilty of assaulted her. In fact, when Chris Brown first made his "comeback" youtube video following the assault, it was done through one of Omarion's youtube channels. You don't think that this could have somewhat of an influence over things that Omarion says about Rihanna? That is not a credible source as it is clear he would deface her to save his friend, and anyone who has a friend like Chris Brown, is not someone whose words I word take to heart. But wait..maybe Rihanna deserved to be beat because she is an illuminati sex slave brainwashed puppet.

  309. You give not only Rihanna but the rest of these little talentless products far too credit, the fact is they are pop actors, not artist or vocalist. But simply actors who take things and run with them. They want you to over analyze their "music", their given image. That is all they are.

    But hey what do I know? I don't believe your God, or your Devil. So what the fuck do I care what either of you moronic cults worship? lol.

  310. Wow, I used to be a really big fan of Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and all the others until I found this site. I am growing up in the church and I always hear the pastors and teachers talk about how it wasn't good to listen to this music; I never understood why. All these songs sounded really cool I never really put any thought into what they were actually saying. I realize now that my pastor is trying to warn our generation about how powerful satan is and how he can creep into anyone's life; even someone like me who desires to go the opposite way that satan wants =). Thanks for taking the time and making these articles. They really are making a difference. God bless you =)

  311. Jerome Williams on

    That is interesting and not knowing these videos I quickly picked up on the demonic imagery, do you have anymore info on these artists and others and the hidden messages. I really know that christian youth and their parents who allow their kids to listen to these artist garbage need to know the real spirit that is behind them. Email me if you can with other info. If anyone tries to defend these artists they are being led away (especially from Jesus Christ) by the Pipe Pipers of the music industry. 2 Cor 6:13-18!

  312. Jerome Williams on

    Lenny just because you do not see something does not mean it does not exist, have you ever seen an atom or a molecule? But they exist, have you ever been to see Pluto for yourself? But it exist, how do you know Lenny if the person that gave birthed you was really your mother? All these questions answers are backed by EVIDENCE and accurate information and that is what the bible is, it and all creation testifies of 1 and only GOD and that there is a devil. The devils greatest trick is to make people believe he does not exist. When you go to a funeral Lenny why do they dress people up in a casket and they have no place to go? Who else can creat a eternal supply of air, water that you benefit from Lenny and has been on this earth since the begining and has NEVER RAN OUT, who else can let a seed smaller then your fingernail grow into a OAK TREE? GOD. Has Jesus Christ ever did anything to offend or hurt you Lenny? What does He have to do besides die for you to convence you that He wants you all to Himself and that He is real? Now ask HIM to do it, try HIM out and watch what happens!

  313. Jerome Williams on

    To Jay (the young man who left the comment on Dec 22) you can not confess Jesus and swear, I noticed on the lyrics you wrote from Joni Mitchell it said gods (anything outside of GOD/ JESUS is an idol/demon). I encourage you young man to read Rev 18, it is not as difficult as you are making it to be with being a teen, you have to stay in your bible and pray because trust me the HOLY SPIRIT will keep you but you do have a will to choose. Every last one of these hip hop, r&b artists, pop artist (even though the music sounds cool) never lead you towards Jesus Christ but only to themselves so you can by the next album and the devil tells you that you can not give it up because hey-who else will you listen to. Do not believe that deception, I gave up all my rap, r&b, old school to have more of Jesus and I do not regret it, I am completely different person now because I let the worldly musci go and wanted HIM, now I have no desire to go back to that music and I love true WORSHIP music. Ask GOD to give you the strength to let it go and take a step of faith and throw away the posters, magazines and all the CD's (no matter how much you spent on them) because if you believe it or not demons use that material as points of contact in your room and life (read Acts 19:17-19). Hope that helps young man, you can do it, why do you think you are getting this info now?

  314. Thanks Vigilant. Themes of mind control and sex slavery are everywhere in music today. why is this? what for? In Shakira's new song she sings "PUT ME IN A CAGE AND LOCK ME AWAY, i'll play all the games that you want me to play".

    Keep up the good work Vigilant.

  315. Yeah she pushed her assistant because she hit a proverbial nerve! I think deep down inside Rihanna is ashamed of the way she's become such a sell out, I'm sure she imagined the pop industry to be rough, but nothing like this.

  316. Yeah she pushed her assistant cause she hit a nerve, I'm sure deep down Rhianna is ashamed of how much of a sell out she's become. I'm sure she never imagined the music industry to be quite this ugly.

  317. What about Lily Allen's "The Fear"?

    The lyrics sounds as if she's countering the industry. It sounds true. And her "F*** You" seems to counter the society.

  318. to vigilant, i was just wonderin these artistes under mind control, before the whole mind control thing is it their choice or are they force to do it, Just wanna know if it is their choice to forsake GOD… by the way great article keep it up.

  319. look:

    Rhianna's Russian Roulette video… see 0:20:


    Lady G's Bad Romance video… see :012:


    it's that black control box again! it's even the same brand… exactly the same in every way. i find it mysterious that two videos would both use such an obscure prop by coincidence, and also feature it in the almost the same seconds of the videos.

    creepy! anyone know anything about this?

  320. YESSSSSSSSSSS! It's about time we get more proof.

    This is something I've been putting my time into because it's something crying out for attention.

    But it's not the buzz it's wanting to get. It's secret more than anything. If not why is being hidden????

  321. i don't know if you read comments on your older articles, but someone mentioned an artist that may be against what the industry is doing. i was wondering if there are more of those, and if you could do dome stuff about them. it would give the rest of us hope. i can think of at least one place to start: the Year zero album by nine inch nails, and it's accompanying ARG. not exactly the newest of news, the album's a couple of years old, and the ARG is done, but it's really something i would like to see your take on.

  322. What do you think of Omarion's comments in light of the video that you covered of his "Ice Box??" He seems now to feel like or be saying and acknowledging the "darker" side to the music industry. However it contradicts or goes against his willing participation that you covered very well in your article about "Ice Box."

  323. in islam they tell you that a man will come who will be pure evil

    he will have one eye and he will have powers like god himsel ie bringing the dead back to life

    maybe these so called celeberites are waiting for the man that only islam mentions no other fiath.

    ??? this 2 cant be a coincedence

  324. @Rain January 1st, 2010 1:02 pm

    "it’s that black control box again! it’s even the same brand… exactly the same in every way. i find it mysterious that two videos would both use such an obscure prop by coincidence, and also feature it in the almost the same seconds of the videos.

    creepy! anyone know anything about this?"

    Product placement, or embedded marketing, is a form of advertisement, where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads, such as movies, the story line of television shows, or news programs. The product placement is often not disclosed at the time that the good or service is featured. Product placement became common in the 1980s.


  325. thanks so mch vigilant for this powerful msg nrevelation.i must say that this things r very frighful to see n unbelievable that this world figures we admire so mch r rili controlled by the Devil.being a youth it is not an easy thing to get rid of these things cos they are like an addiction to our souls bt i know that when we ask for God's intervention He will help us out.YO0UTHS OPEN UR EYES N SEE THAT THIS WORLD IS TURNING OUT BAD N STAND UR GROUNDS ONLY WITH THE WORS OF THE ALMIGHTY.thnks a lot once vigilant.God bls.

  326. Dayym i been lookin for this kind of article…because i already noticed RIHANNA'S NEW YEAR CONCERT POSTER here in Dubai "THE ONE WITH LEFT EYE" and i also notice LADY GAGA for that kind of symbolism…

    now its confirm.

  327. Dayym i been lookin for this kind of article…because i already noticed RIHANNA'S NEW YEAR CONCERT POSTER here in Dubai "THE ONE WITH LEFT EYE" and i also notice LADY GAGA for that kind of symbolism… And if u all notice the new single of LADY GAGA'S "BAD ROMANCE" you can hear in the intro "RA RA RA HAHAHA" sounds like AMEN RA!

    now its confirm.

  328. I once listened to a radio interview with Rihanna on YouTube where she was asked about her album cover. The interviewer asked: "Why are you covering one eye?" And Rihanna goes: "CAUSE I'M A DEVIL WORSHIPPER! Whatcha talkin' about?! (pause) Seriously?" I wish I could find that clip. I've got a feeling it's been deleted.

  329. Interesting article. What people need to realize is that "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one." (1 John 5:19). Even Jesus alluded to who is really in control of the world: "the ruler of this world will be cast out" (John 12:31); "the ruler of the world is coming. And he has no hold on me." (John 14:30); and again "the ruler of this world has been judged." (John 16:11). Satan is in control but not for long. Revelation 12:12 states "Woe for the earth and to the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a SHORT PERIOD OF TIME." And yes, he is trying to manipulate people and control their minds. Don't underestimate his power or be fooled into thinking he is not real. You can see evidence of his existence all around you.

  330. Maryam Ashraf on

    Hello vigilant

    I think personally you are very clever and you have done a fantastic job. I also am glad how you are warning people about what's happening in the world. I would just like to ask a request if you could maybe do an anlaysis on beyonces video phone. As that interests me and seems like a illuminati associated video and song.

    Thanks very much :)

  331. I am in LOVE with this website. I really appreciate everything that you post on here. What kills me is the people who are in denial. The evidence is so clear it's unreal, but some people just refuse to listen to it. I know that you can't force someone to believe something, but I do believe that they will see the truth really freaking soon. & @Mesmerizing What you said around November was amazing. You raised even more questions in my mind. You're so right–people should not be afraid to wonder why. Things are so strange you know??? Well–once again, I really really appreciate you and this site & the very intelligent people who comment on this page, because you all have your info on point :). Love it!

  332. wow this is so true…it all makes since to me and i believe every word. There's a battle in the world between good and evil and the devil is trying to take as many as he can to that place most people think doesn't exist!

  333. @Britt you are definitely right, that video is not right at all & makes me dizzy. VC would you do a post on that video please? I noticed A LOT of symbolism in it, but i'm sure i didn't catch it all.. beyonce, rihanna & lady gaga are definitely the main poster girls..Gosh this is making me so mad.. I know that knowledge is key, but i keep informing people and if nothing else just ask them to research it & form there own opinion on the knowledge they have gained from it.. THEN tell me it's crazy or not, but noone wants to hear it.. even my bf, my mom, my friends, my grandma are just calling it bullshit. I mean what exactly do I do with this knowledge everyone chooses to put the blindfold over their eyes, or thinks its crazy becasue they've been made to believe that our government is protecting us. They just want power.. and our goverment is corrupt. I am scared because what do i do? im a 18 year old girl who once had dreams of becoming rich & famous for singing.. the world is going to hell in a handbasket. If it came down to it, i would die rather than become a sheep in society or a robot.. but most of the world thinks differently than i.. i dont give in to these horrible things they put out there because society has been made to believe that its OK and COOL.. poor hopeless little children & its only going to get worse because MY generation is going to raise the next…

  334. There is absolutely no question in my mind that there is something sinister that exist in media. I identified and associated many of the symbolic imagery of satanic worship awhile ago. Many people are resistant to recognizing the trickery and deception involved in media images. Good Job Vigilant Citizen – your work is applauded!!!! Keep on!!!!

  335. Just so you know, Tiffany Evans don't stand by what she said, I just got off USTREAM.COM cause she was on there flat out ignoring her fans unless they said her or her bro were cute or something.. she was textin and singing to who other than… RIHANNA. I started asking questions, but she just dodged questions, I told her bout the interview with Rihanna sayin she wanted to erase tiffany evans & that she wasn't a devil worshipper..Tiffany said it wasn't a big deal.. and that she respects what rihanna does. I no longer have any respect for her. she's a bitch. she's all it's old news, get over it.

  336. I told her I have a lot of respect for her speaking out about Rihanna & the industry & she ignored my comment & responded to all the ones below & even above mine.. for real. she's gonna get sucked in to the fame & fortune just like everyone else.

  337. this is stupid..white ppl are always trying to find a way to bring down talented black ppl..and 2nd of all whose to say that jay-z,riri, and beyonce makes there video..the producers are the ones who come up with the video as well as photographers come up with photo ideas ..this is so dum

  338. NO!!!!! Why did Rihanna have to be part of this group??? I refuse to believe this!!!! I'll just continue to listen to her music.

  339. @dum lol.. you're name says it all.. FYI it's spelled dumB*

    & why don't you cry about it..want me to call them whaaaambulence? i'm not racist at all, but it is soooo annoying when I hear black people acting like all white people are or they're all out to get you..or they OWE YOU something because of what happened in the past,well guess what? it's a new day & age & they don't hate you cause you're black. get over yourself. I meet more racist black people than I do white nowadays.. & most of the white people i meet that ARE racist just don't like their attitudes. just gives you an excuse to complain. This is not about trying to bring down black people… i also believe lady gaga, eminem & britney spears were all a part of this. & not sure if i really believe it yet.. but paramore was also in one of the articles on here, so if that's all you can say? go somewhere else & feel sorry for yourself.

  340. I think the room with the guards is an execution chamber; all that red gas looks toxic. The flashback images are of the crime scene where the boyfriend died. She may have pulled the tigger on her partner, so was sentenced for murder. The scary tigers are the inner fear of impending doom, and I think the car is just a premonition of death.

    The problem that I have with the video is that it is not "nice" to watch but "nasty". It is not a "lift you up" music video, but leaves you depressed. From other comments that may be the intention.

    What is that one eyed thing? Is it a reference the "in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king". i.e. the audience is blind, and we know that we're about? Personally I'd be much happier with 3rd eye references, which are principled.

  341. Thank you for the enlightenment. This is all very scary. Other than being informed, how can the ppl the become protected from such powerful people?

    Knowledge doesn't seem to be enough.

  342. well i've been reading this book bout Freemasons

    and in to part f their cult he needs to shoot himself blind folded because he was ordered to do so

    stating his name and that he promises to do all that he is ordered to do and that he binds himself under penalties known only to his superiors,he needs to obey them blindly without questioning their motives.

    so i guess this video is about being forced to shoot her self OBEY without question what she was told to do

    i guess that explains the Russian-roulette the fact that she is drowning being shoot at and not moving=not questioning her destiny

  343. scribd.com,detaxcanada.org,silvermedicine.org and wikicompany.org/wiki/911:vatican and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  344. I just want to comment satanic satanic satanic.we must pray for her as well as the others like alicia keyes,jayz,beyonce and rihanna too they know who they are representing and they do it by choice and willingly, the reason why she got mad because she was being exposed,Let me tell you if christians such as myself don't stand up and expose this mess, it is going to continue.Remember they are on the losing team, I am teaching about all these symbols because i am tired of the illuminati and satanic mess.More people need to stand up and be bold for christ the deivil and his minnions surely are, so what's up with that.I am truly one of those soldiers to stand against it,and I know that God and Jesus and the Holy spirit is with me along with a legion of angels so all I say is bring it on!

  345. WHen i say stand up and be bold for CHrist!!The devil and his imps surely are, stop wimping out and stay strong God will protect those who stand for him these are the last days. Stop purchasing things from Macy's they are supporting illuminati they have three shirts, cult of the serpent, hell club 99, illuminati knight. Wake up!

  346. Dear Vigilant,

    You understand a lot. But to understand, what the all-seeing eye referes (and allways have referred) to, You have to do some further research on Your own. The only clue You might perhaps need to get, is this: Igigi, Grigori, Egregoroi – 'watchers', 'those, who watch and see [all]' – that's whom they ('Illuminated' ones and their puppets) are after and, most probably, on who's order and behalf…



  347. i think that one of the reasons they've included that promo video with rihanna acting all 'crazy' is because she uses the word 'b*tch' two or three times in the video – i've noticed that good old beyonce also refers to herself as a 'b*tch' these days (ego & live version of flaws & all)… so soon it will be deemed cool and fun to label yourself a slut. and then comes believing it and living it – i shudder to think of the consequences for our young girls.

    it all makes perfect sense with all the sex kitten programming they're putting out there – lady gaga appears in a dress made entirely of miss kitty dolls and their collective videos showing them writhing around like felines and also wearing animal prints, sometimes even morphing into one of the big cats.

    you have to hand it to them, they've made most of the messaging so subliminal that one could easily believe that people like Vigilant Citizen and others who are speaking the truth could be crazy – but its all there, and its all CONSISTENT.

    another thing i've noticed is that in all of rihanna's recent videos she's shown wearing these flesh-coloured corset-type things and you almost have to look twice to make sure that she's actually wearing anything at all. there are also almost always little black stars or strips covering the nipple area – so if we wanted a clue as to where we go after beyonce, rihanna, lady gaga are only wearing their underwear in these videos, there's your answer – next step is naked. sure, they're taking us there fairly gradually, but we're closer to that than we may think.

    her new video 'hard' features rihanna dressed in her nearly-naked version of army fatigues and is basically centered around the military in the way that it is shot. perhaps a hint of things to come, considering how she's proclaiming victory in another of her new songs entitled 'the wait is over'. check it out on her site to see what i'm referring to.

    something else which i came across while on rihanna's official site, is that she shows off her new tattoo – which is written backwards around her collar-bone area. anyone with even rudimentary occult knowledge will know that the act of writing, walking, reading backward is one of the trademarks of satanic orders.

    imagine the millions of girls and boys who are going to rush out and get these backward tattoos without even knowing that they are cursing themselves?

  348. jESUSchristOFnazaret on

    so who exaclty r these handlers and monarch programmers? r they sum secret occultic PSYHOLOGICAL scientists in the government or what? cos u mentioned CIA documents ??? i cnt believe they torture and sexually abuse and rape artists who want to be big in the music industry I MEAN do they do the same to the men?? that wud jus b gross lol or do they make them shoot and kill other artists like with snoop, tupac and biggie?i mean is fame rely worth all that trauma?? and cnt believe they do it to kids aswell lol :s das gross, and nt jus the fact that rihanna is nt the innocent barbadian beauty she used to be bt how corrupt the US government is lol! now i cnt trust anythin the media says cos its al false. i dont read magazines like HEAT and HELLO and get influenced by them cos i always knew dey wer a load of crap, bt i listen to mainstream music and watch cartoons and dint know i was getting subliminal messages even from pop songs that can brainwash and control u!! even on the internet ads tell u , "HOW NOT TO STAY SINGLE" AND "HOW TO DRESS IN 2010" like were robots lol!! personally av neva realy been affected by any of these what-to-do and how-to do lists bt now its becomin more obvious it all makes sense now were all bein controlled and sum r evn bigger puppets than others cos they believe and are influenced by anythin from rihanna's new short razor shaved hairstyle to celeb fashion instead of bein unique and standing out.. av always thought RUSSIAN ROULETTE woz a depressin song and now the more i hear about the illuminati and artists bein satanists i stil listen to there music n get desensitised!! now i know what all those mannequins on rihannas RATED R ALbum stand for!! DUMMIES AND ENSLAVED PUPPETS!! JUST LIKE US..! WAKE UP PPL AND SMELL THE COFFEE LOL GIVE URSELVES TO CHRIST!! :) :)

  349. Interesting picture (The tiger with multiple heads in the video). Just like the beast with multiple heads (7 in total) in the book of Revelations (Rev. 13). Count the number of heads in that picture…

  350. so thats why rihannas music,ever since umbrella, got really popular.

    hey, maybe thats why chris brown beat her up because he didnt want to join, even if it caused him his career. i also noticed something, jay-z is almost always in the videos. Maybe he is the wing-man or something to the higher ups, that are conducting these possessions/programming to today's artists. i cant also believe even paramore….damn!

    its also kinda sad, especially about taylor swift in the VMA's. tsk, tsk….hopefully other young arist like miley cyrus, selena gomez and the likes, wont succumb to the devils temptation.

    its really sad that music isnt sacred anymore. its just all about the glitz and the glamour that the celebs can get..

  351. if i findout that timbaland or ppolw da don are involved with this illuminati bulshit,im discontinuing my mtv and internet subscription!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!no more musiq … indefinately

  352. This is so "LIK on

    Well, how could he not be "in agreeance {agreement} with what she's doing" when hes participating in the same nonsense?

  353. Idk if you have done anything with the song SOS. But that was when her image was still "innocent." And if you listen to it, it seems that is when she begins debating to become apart of this puppet system, or not. "SOS It's not healthy for me to feel this.."

  354. Leticia Spikes on

    sad that these talented people have allowed the devil to take over them. I will no longer support them and been encourging others not to as well.

  355. very informative.keep on keeping on and may GOD bless the work of ur hands.consider making a documentary about this truth and educate people more on the reality of the people they idolize.

  356. Vigilant,

    I really enjoy your thorough analysis of music videos and their esoteric imagery. Hope to see more soon. However, I do have a few questions. First, is it possible that the proliferation of overt occult symbolism in contemporary pop music is due to the fact that it is produced by a small number of directors, choreographers and art directors who are avid death metal fans and that therefore their work is strongly influenced by the music they listen to and the videos, comic books and video games they consume? Second, I don't know anything about your personal beliefs, but what if the entertainment industry at its highest echelons is indeed like a secret cabal and that they have co-opted occult rituals and imagery for their own "initiations"? If you, like me, do not believe that supernatural beings, deities or the devil exist, wouldn't all this occult stuff just be harmless (albeit a bit kooky) ritualizing?

    Another thing I've been struggling with: you argue that to reach the top of the music industry, many artists seem to have adopted the beliefs and imagery of the illuminati and seem to be under their spell. Let's assume that this is true and that there really are secret cabals plotting for a new world order and a one world government. What, then, do you make of wildly successful bands like Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine, and Pearl Jam who from their lyrical content and personal politics seem to hold many anti-establishment principles and beliefs that seem to mirror your own stance? Those bands were just as successful, if not more so, than Lady Gaga and Rihanna, yet their videos included little or no esoteric symbolism and their music and politics seem to run counter to those of the Big Brother-like NWO. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these matters.

  357. Has anybody noticed that in both Rihanna's Russian Roulette and Lady Gaga's Bad Romance there is a type of Music Player called PARROT (I thinks the second word is SHARK) written on it? I'm not sure if this is a brand or is there some reason why both these music videos ,that have a lot of hidden messages in them, both have this music player in it? Coincidence or reason?

  358. If you look at the shape of Rihanna's made up eye you will notice it has the same shape of the one eyed sun horus (i should say sun "god", but he aint gettin' none of me!!). People who says this is nonsence should go sleep and continue putting their heads in sand. its as obvious as daylight.

  359. By the way, thats the one on the album cover where she covers 1 eye with her hand. This is such a sad sad situation that money and power brings it to this. Lets pray for these "stars" cause i believe some of them might regret that they joined in the first place, and now they stuck, stuck, stuck. Alot of you that comments on this website as being B*llsh*t are in the minority compared to a lot of us that do actually see the obvious. A big thanks to VC who explores to educate and inform what the ostriches doesnt want to see. God didnt create us so that 1 portion of the ppl on earth gets all the moolah and the rest are starving to death beacause these ppl are too selfish. Yeah,Yeah, Yeah….they give to charity, cause they know for sure they getting more. And they ezpose themselves more.

  360. i love your work please keep it up and try to come on facebook if you aren't already, a lot of young people are on it and maybe you can get to a few percentage of them by doing groups and fan pages.

    God bless and protect you.

  361. I don't think the TH music video Automatic was scary. If you listen to the song and relate it to the video, you can see that its just a personification. The things that are posted on VC actually make since. He's sees when the video has all these masonic and have almost no relation to the song. If you really want to see a scary video check out Disturbia, or a video by Disturbed. After you see those, you'd think that TH vids are kiddy

  362. This video is very disturbing and it is promoting violence on women. Parents should not let their children especially daughters watch or listen to these kind of female degrading videos or songs.

  363. It looks like Chris and Rihanna fabricated their so called “scandal” (when C.B. slapped RaRa)

    , so she can become “hero” over the night= all that mess over 2 photos….(to distract our attention from her real “mission” ? )

    story went: like, she got beaten.. Chris appeared on court.. blah blah.. and nothing—

    except that

    she still “speaks” in the name of all “young girls out there” who were in "same situation".. ?? is that her call for them to leave their boyF. and go her path.. to follow her… in her crazy morbid world where they all are family and blah blah..

    Those photos of her – with bruises, and swollen lips- looked like photo-montage to many persons I have shown before..

    But I still can’t understand how a girl (who is always in some morbid poses and scenes- in her videos) can create such a havoc with one bruise. In all her videos she is either in some sexual duel with some male singer-or she is being raped by unseen entity, or she is being mutilated… crazy.

    And what worries me is that she really became some kind of “hero” for girls.. and they like to dress like her, look like her totally..

    That’s very sad.

  364. @prometheus January 26th, 2010 3:55 am :

    U are right about Pearl Jam, Nirvana etc.. (sadly people say Nirvanas tragedy was due to singers drug overuse and lead to suicide.. but think again.. was it like it looks like..

    But where are they now? Can U hear their new single? Album? No.. b'cause they are overpowered..

    I listened to "they selling Jesus" from S.A. .. and where are they now?

    good ones we forget- that’s why they disappear.. they don’t attack us like bad ones.. they are constantly bombing us with their "music"..

  365. tank u vigilante, tumbs up, mehn! derz really sumfin goin on in the music industry, i love ur articles pls do articles on all western artist so we'd knw wat really we r up against. Peace!!!

  366. Hey Je Za, yeah some of those so called "charity organizations" have been investigated for child abuse and abduction, and embezzlement. How fitting they would reach out to today's popular artists to be their spokesperson.

  367. Well let me say thiis money has always made people do strange thangs for alil change, people of all sorts actors senators presidents lawyers news journalist for instense thier pack is obviously with the devil . 2 PAC , I LOVE U MAN TRU BRAVEHEART, tried to warn us years ago about the hype and public enemy tried to aswell about thes music industries,t.v. media, let alone our goverment r run by the so called societies of satan these so called stars think tht they can take the fame and cash to the next life but it aint happening im discusseded with these weak minded young men and women . look people get rght with god hes the only way ! Who cares about acceptance long as u walking in the light not the dark u can still make it walk in the light of the most high.Most important our kids r seening and listening too this crap garbage and mocking wht appeares to be so called hip .We must wake up im on point with this crap i dont promote none of it , I threw the music in the trash dont watch certain shows and movies tht i know r satanic these messages r to disconnect us from knowleged of ones tru being / self dont give in too the BS people TRUST IN THE MOST HIGH GOD SAVES AND GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!! REPENT BIG UPS TO V.C. keep pressure on thier necks they need to be held accountable for thier actions

  368. It’s just the way

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    Need i say more? These lyrics are so "in your face" and i hate the video!!! I was almost shocked the first time i saw and heard this video.

  369. That lyrics is Rihanna's "Wait is over" , by the way. VC, there is no need to analyze this vid cause she's being blatant. But maybe you should, cause theres such a lot of ppl that still doesnt get the picture. They probably wanna be slapped in the dark or something worse before they wake u but its gud to see that the majority at least can see the bigger picture…..

  370. It's a real shame when our kids are being told to straight up "pull the trigger". WOW! I never have liked any of these cookie cutter singers and I think that's part of the mind control as well. Somehow, their music makes adults turn the crap off immediately so we don't hear what kids are listening to. If they can control these people to this extent, it's not a stretch to consider they can separate their listeners by age. Adults lack the ability to hear certain low and high tones that kids can hear. Maybe these tones are used to fill in the gaps and make the music sound better to kids, but to adults it's just crappy and missing something. I just cannot believe these song writers/singers so willingly destroy the concept of freedom of speech in order to justify their insane lifestyles and beliefs.

  371. Vigilant,or whom ever is the author of these articles just worndering are u christian???????

    anyways THANKS for uncovering the truth! after reading these articles i threw away every rihanna beyonce and lady gaga cd ive ever owned! and reading about gaga was tuff cuz i used to LOVE HER! but now i know the truth so i got a change of heart ….thanx im going back to godly music lolz

  372. Thanks for telling me about rihanna jay-z and byonce.Byonce was my favorite now I know the truth I rather pick life than death. Thank you for telling me you are my hero if you didn't tell me I would

    be her thank again.

  373. (I haven't gone through all the comments, so I don't know if anyone has already brought this up, but…)

    I do believe so many artists out there have been through the MK Ultra process and are being used to promote whatever it is the Illuminati have planned. My question is, why on earth do these videos keep revealing the MK Ultra process? These women are supposed to promote lust and all, they certainly do so, but why would the directors of it all (the REAL directors) want to show it again and again?

    What I mean is: the eye, the signs, satanic symbols – it makes sense to show them, to unconsciously brainwash and promote them. But the scenes of the artist being possessed, the meaning behind videos like "Crazy in Love", "Umbrella", "Paparazzi" – WHY EVEN HINT ABOUT THE MK ULTRA? it's something they don't want the public to know. they want the public to see the outcome of it (how amazingly sexy and apparently possessed they are) but why why why do they keep showing us Beyonce and Gaga as these robots like in that movie? and why help us guess?

  374. Im kinda confused…in a way it all makes sense but then i think…dude its juss music busineess…i also wanna become a singer and would love to preform with beyonce lady gaga and rihanna…and i love their style… and am in love with the all seeing eye…so does that make me satanic. I dont think so cuz i love god and am a true follower…In a way it really does make sense cuz ever since jayz met rihanna she became lyk dat… but idk cuz rihanna gaga and beyonce are my idols… idk wut 2 think… i mean they kinda are really rich an famous…and gaga would do anything 4 fame and so wuld i but i wuld never worship the devil

  375. Do you guys realize how ignorant y'all sound. First of all the "Illuminati" are supossed to be a "secret" society. So why would they display these a hand signals ans create these performance sets knowing that the signals would be recognized. FIRST OF ALL! WOMEN CAN NOT BE MASONS! THEY CAN ONLY BE EASTERN STARS! So if y'all can get that straight. It would be appreciated. Y'all are readying too much into everything and just coming up with images and creating logical subtitle for them when you have NO "TANGIBLE" EVIDENCE of anything. This whole site is just simply a group of people who have nothing else to do do with there lives so they sit and analyze peoples videos and SEARCH for symbols. UGH. Don't you guys realize that these celebrities are doing this on purpose just so they can be PROMOTED on websites like this? POINT MADE! Good day 😉

  376. man this is some crazy stuff, my boyfriend told me to go on here and look at this stuff, i will not allow my daughter to listen to this stuff ever again

  377. Hello Vigilant,

    I am fairly new to your articles, however, the great breakdowns of the underlying meanings in these videos and songs has really sparked my interest. I'd like to comment tho on your breakdown to russian roullette. The conclusions i have made are based solely on the previous two articles you have covered on rihanna. From her possesion (initiation) in umberella, to her obvious regret of her decision to be possesed (initiated) in disturbia, i think that we fall upon her throwing in the towel at russian roullette. As you stated in your article on disturbia, she was saying that if the entity could not leave (release her from the curse) she would probably kill herself, only she was not allowed to finish her statement. So then we get to russian roullette, and we see her cleary saying, "im terriied, but im not leaving,i know that i must pass this test" meaning she was going to stay and fight to whatever end to regain her sanity. And to me, her "handler" as you called him, and or opponent, or companion, whichever you prefer, told her "so just pull the trigger". Basically saying kill yourself now or deal with it. These are your only options. The argment you made on mulitple personalities, to me, implies that all of this is in fact going on in her head, also, this tells me that her "opressor", "entity" or what have you, is challenging her strength, or willingness, if you will, to pay the ultimte price for her freedom. Also, if you look closely as you watch the video,i think it has less to do with mindcontrol, and more infact to do with a battle on a spiritual level between rihanna and whoever is now in control of her. We see in the video more normal looking subjects as apposed to the claw-laden creatures and constant baphomet images of the earlier videos. Rihanna, herself, while being shot at, looks more to be being baptized then mentally controlled, i could be wrong, but she looks a bit more pure in that scene. (referring to the underwater image) Also, id like to add, shortly after disdurbia, we witnesed what i believe to be the price rihanna paid for disturbia, and her regret to submit to the "enlightnened" to me that was just no coincidence. It was all fr too abrupt and totally out of character for both the celebrities involved. I am not expert at any of these matters, these are merely my opinions. Write back, im anxious to hear your response.

  378. For the idiot, excuse me, the commenter named true mason, you make a pretty stupid, I mean incoherent argument being that you are attempting to criticize the views of this site, all the while contradicting all your own statements.

    While I am a firm believer in freedom of speech and opinion, I have yet to understand the need for one to involve themselves in something they don’t agree with. If you disagree with anything represented within the (pixels shall we say) of this site, simply click the (x). There you have it. Problem solved. Furthermore, all you've done is further prove the point, and therefore the need, for this site. By implying that artists are “oblivious” and “sometimes not in control” of their content, does that not in-fact state that they are either “A” under heavy mind control and thus not in control of their actions, or “B” simply out of their minds, therefore making it logical, or otherwise “ok” to allow someone else to direct their decisions?

    Also, when you say that oftentimes, artists do not choose their lyrics and content, how do you account for the hoards of artists who constantly scream that they in-fact write their own music? i.e. lil wayne who quote “needs no ghost writer”? And to further impede your idiotic barrage or frenzy, by stating that the artists have no choice in the matter, are you not suggesting that there is indeed someone (or group(s) behind the scenes controlling the referenced actions? I’m no lawyer, nor am I an expert, but in all seriousness, you, fellow commenter, are an idiot. In all the things you spoke on which amazed you, you forgot to mention the amazing magnitude of your own ignorance.

    Signed: NikkiRhymes


    Your argument increasingly stated what artists aren’t in control of and what they quote “have to do” to sustain their jobs.

    The most shocking fact, known the world over, proves your comment to be mere hogwash.

    Does not Jay-Z a.k.a HOV own his own label? Doesn’t that make him his own boss? Correct me if I’m wrong, but last I checked, he was handing out record deals, not looking for one. And to further spit on your illogical fire, maybe this is just me, but when I am faced with making a choice between honoring personal beliefs and standards, and throwing them out the window, at the end of the day, I have to live with who I am. And disturbia, oh demoted one, does not look like a fun state of mind. Sell yourself if you’d like, but stop trying to drag others along with you.

    Oh and by the way, your reference to defacing the American flag opens yet another hole in your mindless rant.

    Christians use the cross the symbolize Jesus, and the memory of what he did for those who wish to believe and be saved.

    Some centuries later, some idiot got the idea to burn it and use it as a symbol of racial hatred. That did not change the significance of the cross to Christians, but did it not gain a new significance among members of the Ku Klux Klan? And further still, pirates using eye patches has nothing to do with an individual paying homage, honor, respect, or merely acknowledging an image. Whether they choose to directly replicate, or artistically alter that image to suit the current medial standards or not.

  379. Please add a function button so these pages can be published on Facebook….This needs to get out more people to read it, no better than the big Facebook Crazee

  380. Thank you Vigilant; I appreciate the witness articles and that has helped in my understanding of what this video is implying.

    Before I really enjoyed listening to Rihanna but after "Good Girl Gone Bad" I was having uneasy feelings and after this song on "Rated R" I have concluded that her music direction has taken a HUGE turn.

    Previous to reading your analysis on Rihanna's video clips I don't know why but I have had this strong dislike to "Umbrella"; possibly because I didn't understand the meaning to the lyrics and it seemed very strange.

    At the time "Russian Roulette" came out it was very popular and I really liked the concept because I found it interesting and different however, after watching it a few times I started to feel really depressed. I believe that this was probably due to the sadistic nature of the video. After realising this I have stopped watching it and I do believe that there is a negative spiritual force underlying in this song.

    (I am saddened that Ne-Yo wrote/composed this song – it explains the catchy melody. I hope he doesn't go overboard)

  381. I think that it is also very interesting that the R on her album (her new logo I guess) looks like either side of the Freemason compass thing.

  382. At 502, you know that Tupac got it right before he died??? So an analysis would be that yes he was indoctrinated into the behind the scenes music motivation. But…later he knew what was going on. Listen to his interview on "Killuminati" on youtube. He knew what was going on, and I think he was going to be loud about it.

  383. I think you should take a look at the band Evanescence, alot of their songs like haunted, going under, sweet

    sacrifice, bring me to life, everybody's fool, and many others have strange lyrics like in bring me to life she says" wake me up inside, wake me up inside, call my name and save me from the dark." also at the beginning she says "How can you see through my eyes like open doors? leading you down into my core where i've become so numb. Without a soul, my spirit sleeping somewhere cold, until you find it there and lead it back home." In the video it's all about her waking up from a dream on a higher floor of a building and she wakes up climbs out the window, circles the building on a ledge, climbs up, then a guy opens a window and she starts falling, he grabs her hand then he lets go. it looks like he let go on purpose but i can't really tell. anyways you should take a looke at that band.

  384. take a look at Evanescence's songs: Bring me to life, Everybody's fool, Sweet sacrifice, Haunted, and Going under. all the videos are demented to a major degree

  385. You all can keep yur eye shut if ya want… Thats what Satan wants you to do!!!!The Light has ABsolutely nothing to with the dark and he is truly an illuminator of LIght!!better read!!!

  386. Marissa Edmund on

    jus wanna say dat i recently started reading these articles. they are very eye opening !..you cannot deny the blatant satanic images of these artistes of lately…..esp rihanna ..idk if all these symbols things are true…but she has become very sinister since disturbia….i dont listen 2 her anymore …she wears horns n its jus sad…p

  387. This is the same reason why Prince changed his life and became a Jehovah's Witness…the same reason why Dave Chappelle walked away from 50 mil and reconnected with his Muslim roots….music is a quick and easy way to influence people, whether good or bad (mostly bad). People get so caught up in the beats and are not aware of the lyrics or the symbolism of these videos. I refuse to watch MTV, BET, and VH1 because it's all straight up garbage!

  388. Wow this is interesting me and my church family were on our way to a christian music festival in New Zealand called Parachute and the driver (new christian) had a mainstream radio station on and the song 'Circus' by Britney Spears started playing and i started to feel really sick and had to cover my ears cos i couldn't listen to it and the girl sitting infront of me threw up without any warning. But it just goes to show how powerful satanic mainstream music can be. I don't even let my ears listen to mainstream music any more or watch any music videos. I even screen the films i watch now cos only just recently there has been an increase in advertising mythology and pagan religion within movies such as Avatar. I don't even let my child watch disney films anymore because of the most recent release from Disney 'The princess and the frog' has voodoo magic in it. People don't realise that just because you say you're only listening to the beat or the melody but How many times are you going to listen to it before you start to listen to the lyrics? listen to the lyrics enough and it will be written on your heart and acted out throughout your daily life. It's another way of mind control. Our bodies are a holy temple for the Holy Spirit to dwell within but if its defiled by what we let into our ears, eyes and mouths then we are considered by the Lord to be unclean unless we ask Jesus for forgiveness and to cleanse us with His blood to make us acceptable in the sight of God. Once we are cleansed we need to rid ourselves of the stuff that defiled us in the first place and surround ourselves with holy things to think upon, to listen to and encourage us in our great commision for the Lord and the expansion of the Kingdom of God.

  389. I am know there is a connection between Jay Z , Roc-a-fella or as it should be rockefeller records, his position at Sony and Michael Jackson's death. Here is the address to Roc-a-fella records

    One Worldwide plaza

    825 5th avenue floor 29

    new york, new york 10019-7472

    add up the 8+2+5+5= 23 2+9 =11

    zip 1+1+9=11 7+4=11

    I wish that I could copy a picture of One Worldwide plaza but you can google it on images and it has a pyramid at the top look at the picture at night of the building, the pyramid is totally lite up . I haven't done enough research to prove it but i am sure that there is a number and latitude relationship between this building and rockefeller center. Jay Z wasn't joking when he wrote Empire state of mind. Also has anyone seen the headlines on MSNBC today that says Obama has his eye on gun law , what an odd way to but it his eye on it. I bet he does. What is really going on? Oh and not to mention Jay Z looks like a lizard with his small head on his huge body?

  390. mm i don't believe this. the first time i watched the video (time ago) I thought and still thinking that the video describes the lyrics perfectly,nothing about possesion or demons or whatever u said here.. its like..the song talks about that stupid game "russian roulette" which is only played for stupid people who cares a shit about life of course,and the video shows u how scared she is,and she "must past this test" cause she doesn't want to look afraid of dead,she wants to show that she's strong in that situation infront of that guy, but inside she's afraid,she doesn't want to die but it's like in real life..some people play that "game" just for…fun? to feel the adrenaline? i don't know,the are crazy for me,but I don't believe in anything u write here,and as u told everybody what u saw in the video and stuff,I'm telling you what I think ,and my oppinion about that, with no offesse at all! I found really interesting everything u said about beyonce(sasha fierce) ,sweet dreams video,umbrella,etc. it really scared me haha,but i don't know,I love beyonce and I think that..if all that u said is true, it's just something that they (or the people who """control"""" them) are trying to sell us,but if u buy it or not…it changes it all. I believe there's a God,and as I belive that,there must be a BAD side,a dark side,but it depends of you if you want to see it EVERYWERE. And about the dance (talking about beyonce) I love her dances,and not because im possesed by the demon,i'm a slut or something haha I found it a challenge for me! cause i love to dance and learn more about it,u gotta dance like her! :)

    if there's a dark side in all this stuff…i prefer just to ignore it,cause it wants to "catch" us,but one has to be stonge.just..ignore it. of course it doesn't mean I'm gonna let my little brother to watch o hear things that I thing are bad influence for him,I know what's good for him,and I say that 'cause I considere myself like a good influence for him,even tho theres people who may think that the things that are like are bad or what,but i've got dignity,I've got a clear mind,I've got everything that I need to be a good role model for him.

    Ok,i wrote a LOT hahahahaa but after read everything u posted,I wanted to say what I think,as everyone here!

    otherside,I really liked the page..really interesting and catchy.

    and one last thing,that i feel i must say,I'm 16 and I'm from argentina,sorry if i write something wrong! hahaha


  391. From her lyrics,looks like she cant handle the devil………….got some predictions,something bad might happen may be death…..

  392. I think that Russian Roullette can be interpreted in another way. If one looks at the words, it can be also inspirational. Especially when being throwen with all the curve balls in life. When I analized the lyrics, I found that the writer were looking not only at the immediate but the mere fact that one should not take life for granted, One should fight not physical but the emotional confrontations. To me the whole game of russian rollette is a sighn of obstacles in life. One can either face them and conquer them or hide them deep. The mere fact that she is playing the game at all odds means that she is not running from her "problems" She faces it and tries to win. In the lyrics she talks about the other party that said sometimes it helps to close your eyes and that means he never lost. In spite of the problems that one have and seem never to be able to overcome if faced there is still hope because at the end she won. No problem is too big not to overcome. She also talk about she did not have time to say goodbeye. We all see life as a neverending story and take it for granted. We should take life more serious. We should see everyday that could be our last day and therefore put more commitment in our life. Love our families as if we would not see them tommorow again. Do our work as if it is our last day. Put good moral values in everything one do. Act in a way that one wants the people to remember you by.

  393. Diamond_Girl on

    oh please no one directly stated that Rihanna's a devil worshipper.You are the ones that put the idea in your minds to begin with.Everyone in the music biz has done somthing related to the occult.At least once-

    Chris Brown-fallen Angel (which I and many people highly doubt because many people use a timeless pickup line-here it goes."Somebody call God because heaven's lost an angel.Hint hint Fallen angel."Beautiful girl)

    Rihanna (A lot of times)

    Jay Z (Cant count)

    Beyonce (too many)

    Whiteny Houston (Million dollar bill-Written by a new Alicia Keys)

    Omarion ( Ice Box)

    50 cent (A few)

    Madonna (countless)

    Oh and i forgot to answer a question.Madonna is at a higher level than beyonce.She's I think at the top.She directly stated in a interview that the number 13 was like bad luck.her crew -cough- illuminati -cough- doesnt do that number.just 33 degrees and 6's.How very very sad.

    If I ever become a celebrity instead of putting up illuminati signs I'll arange my fingers to look like the cross.Then always have a shirt on that says jesus saves or may the power of christ compell you.P.S.Why would anyone in the occult get a Jesus tatoo.that should be unnatural for them right?then why does Chris Brown have a HUGE TATOO OF JESUS ON HIM!?

  394. uwaaahahah!

    why does ALL THE ENTERTAINERs turn BAD and SICK with their image?

    is it a trend in Fashion to look sick and mad?

    tsk tsk tsk.

  395. Many religious (the main three and some on the fringe) groups say R&R is satans music,

    It was verified when heavy metal bands came about.

    The EuroAmericans R&R came from R&B /Blues because of hatered for AfricanAmericans is when ithye started stealing the genre and changing it to their way of thinking.

    Since EuroAmerican Christians are not very honest in their living with God (racism, greed, and selfrighteousness). that worsened after the dropping of the Atomic bombs in Japan. and basically ended with the Korean and Viet Nam war fiascos.

    Now that the USof A is now in this 3 way Holy War of Jews & Christians vs Islam vs Kabalah vs Scientology vs regular old Science./Technology.

    Since religious zealots band together by reading and staying with the few verses of their faiths to cause war-they tend to find each other and battle amongst themselves.

    The War Industry ramps up and sells to whoever will buy pay the price it can demand through legal and illegal outlets made available to the greedy who don't mind making money suppllying needed equipment to all. who'll pay.

    Racist groups jump in and find like minded to follow and instigate..

    The youth is poisoned mentally by hypnotic beats and lyrics of culturally disticnt music. styles separated by ethnic pressures(racism).

    All media controled by industry to control world population growth and direction.

    Science is used to trivialize religions and marginalize it's revelance in spiirtual understanding and global peace..

    Now that the Spirit is controled by dustraction from technology and science, the fight for souls is easier.to wage.

  396. Wow, just started watching that movie, "Josie and the Pussycats," and although this movie seems really silly and dumb, it actually has an interesting story that hits a nerve with this topic. It is all about how the music industry use artists to make listeners drones. It is so true to what we see in real life. It's very scary!

  397. MTV, the station that airs all of Rihanna's, Gaga's music videos should be called MCTV (Mind control Television)

  398. dunno if this has been pointed out already, but something cool about rihanna's cd covers over the years: one of her eyes gets progressively more obscured as time goes on.

    music of the sun (2005): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/d/d8/Rih
    ^clear face, brightly colored

    girl like me (2006): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/7/7c/Rih
    ^left eye slightly covered by hair, a bit toned-down, but still colored

    good girl gone bad (2007): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/8/83/Ggg
    ^right eye completely covered by hair, black and white

    rated r (2009): http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/e/ea/Rih
    ^left eye completely covered by hand (maybe showing it's now "her" choice and not some stylist), gritty black and white

    her cd titles also get more ominous-sounding.

    – — – – –

    in other news, i just noticed there's a tiny smiley face at the bottom of the page above the copyright. mk hack, perhaps? haha.

  399. Friendly 2009 on

    Sad to say while reading this article I visited the artist above Tiffany who spoke about the devil worshipers in the industry and so on. Only to see that she pretty much has recanted her statement, and is showing her support to the Illuminati on her myspace page. She still talks about God, but the so called a-okay signdone with the right hand, and the left arm across her chest says otherwise. Pray , Pray, Pray is pretty much All I can say about this one. Otherwise very informative article thank you.

  400. lahinar lamir on

    may God bless u.the rihanna i use to know and the one now are two different girls.i am so scared of her now.she looks like a witch.

  401. lahinar lamir on

    to me rihanna is now like the devil's sex slave.her videos are filled with the glorification of war,sex, mind control and the rest.O my God what happen to this sweet little girl.what has that Big mouth Jay.Z done to u?

  402. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

    Yes, because Tiffany Evans is such an educated source of theological discourse. *rolls eyes* You should at least know what the title "Satan" means before spouting off about it. She probably think Jesus was born in December, too…

    Love is the law, love under will.

  403. i don't know where to begin but i believe in god and i believe there is one and jesus christ created this earth there for he rules it and he loves us what shall it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul think of it he put u where u are i am so disapointed and ashame of u right now if only u knew the love of god it is so wonderful words can't explain i love him so much and i feel sorry for u all of u jesus have mercy on them all

  404. u are so wonderful what are u doin to your self u don't have to do this to be perfect or to be accepted i looked up to u as a young girl not any more soooo sad im from the caribbean too u know it hurts so bad

  405. thanks Vigilant. But i think you need to put more convincing facts. the people in my country (Cameroon) don't wanna believe

  406. Is this website a joke? You people are analyzing complete idiots. These are not intelligent 'artists.' They don't Arthur Rimbaud from John Rambo, They're harmless pop singers that write love songs. There is no deeper meaning beyond making money and fame. So is dumbass ke$ha part of all this as well? What's the deeper imagery of tik tok's video? Let me guess, monarch mind control, music industry evils? You're talking about fucking Beyonnce people. She couldn't get into most comm. colleges. Trying analyzing a Decemberist song, or anything that actually references something on purpose. You are all media puppets. This is thirteen year old high school girt intelligence.

  407. thankyou for your information…i had just bought the albums and had become suddenly fascinated…. i guess thats how it works……went thru the covers and was mindblown… in the thankyous rihanna even thanks Jay Z ans says ' we are rah rah'' hmmmmm… better stick to my classical!!!

  408. Bullshit! Haven't you people thought that maybe they want to warn us? I learned all I know about the illuminati because of Gaga, thanks to her videos and symbolism I'm now aware of the truth.. I always wanted to become famous so I can change the world and I knew there would be some "evil" people out there but I don't care because I could always try and save humanity and the same goes for celebrities, just because there's the symbolism doesn't mean they are the evil illuminati, some of them actually want to warn us.. If you wanna stop them then bring peace to your life and LOVE instead of being controlled by fear and commenting on every "illuminati mind-controlling" music video out there.. If you don't like these artists that means you have different preferences like all the people, not that they definitely want to mind-control people.. And this satan worshipping is really really stupid.. Only christians say stuff like this cause they think everything is either good people (themselves) or satanists (everyone else).. that's what I call pathetic slaves controlled by the illuminati.. The Illuminati and satanists are completely different groups.. Wake up people, you need to do more than that, stop believing everything you hear and coming to quick conclusions about what's happening.. it's not so simple.. you need to always doubt everything you hear including my comment and even your own thoughts so you can come closer to the truth.. What I see is that those artists keep warning us.. and Gaga specifically wants her fans to know that it's good to be different to love each other and you they don't have to be rich and buy lots of things to be cool because they're cool when they feel like they are cool no matter in what situation they are and not when others say they're cool, that's obvious what the Illuminati don't want the majority of people to know, so what I say is that she is actually anti-illuminati (she actually said in an interview: "they will not scare me If I scare them first") and although she can't reveal the truth (that would be a disaster cause after all most people would think she's crazy) cause they would kill her, she still can do her kind acts because she's probably a bit protected by some powerful group of good people out there and even herself (probably using the law of attraction)… Not every powerful person out there is evil and involved with the illuminati you know.. So, don't be blinded by fear like the Illuminati want you to, and start to give your energy and your time to what you like instead of what you don't like and bashing about it.. After all we will win at the end, cause their greed will swallow them.. Just remember to always love and always be open-minded.. I know most of you will probably reject my opinion but I hope that I raised awareness for some of you.. (and sorry for posting such a long comment, lol :S) Anyway love love love, it's all that matters! My best wishes, 17 year old guy from Greece! :) (oh, and just because I'm 17, don't assume that I don't know what I'm talking about cause you know being younger doesn't mean you know less.. :P)

  409. very well interpreted. are you a Christian? ive been researching free masons for a while now as well as the illuminati and how everything intertwines with each other. its some crazy stuff!

  410. Any fans of professional sports on here. There needs to be an article written on professional players, especially basketball players. LeBron James (who is great friends with Jay Z) has been throwing up the pyramid sign for 2 years now. And also this season, he has started doing the three 6's sign with both hands. There have been reports of LeBron actually attending a I.L.L meeting and as wealthy as he is, and tight friend of Jay Z, I have no doubt that he's a member throwing up all of those signs. He does it openly on the basketball court, when he's introduced, on the sideline, after certain shots or dunks, etc. He doesn't do it a lot of course but he DOES do it. Also his teammate Mo Williams, he does the three 6's sign but he holds it up over his eye, GaGa style. He does it after he makes a big 3 point shot. He does it far more ofthen than LeBron because he's no where near as popular as LeBRon so not as much attention is drawn to Mo Williams. But he too does it in full view. I've seen Kobe Bryant do the three 6 sign but he holds it upside down, pointing towards the floor. He'll do it sometime after he's made an impressive shot and he's running away down court. Again, like LeBron, Kobe doesn't do it often. But he DOES it. The I.L.L targets the most popular people in the media and gets them to show their alliegence to this so others will follow. It's that plain and simple.

  411. "@38

    I went to itanimulli.com and you are right! It leads to the National Security Agency/Central Security Service http://www.nsa.gov.

    That is frightening."

    It can be done easily, with some computer science knowledge. Vigilant claimed it too in one of his article, that someone was just creating that web address and connected the two for shock value. Is just a hoax, you can relax.

  412. I find it weird hoe Beyonce' Rihanna and Lady Gaga use cover ups to how they act in there videos now. Like Beyonce' coming out with Sasha Fierce. And Rihanna making kind of "re-inventing" herself with the album "Good Girl Gone Bad" because she didn't want to be compared to Beyonce'. And how Lady Gaga uses this eccentric personality of wearing crzy things and doing crazy things to disguise whats she's really up to. But notice how the comments about whats going on in music comes from someone who isnt that popular. That's probably because she didn't give in and the Illuminati, didnt give her riches and fame.

    Another thing I noticed is that you mainly focus on R&B and pop. But I think you should look into other genres as well. I also noticed how the Illuminati gravitates towards whatever genre is most influential at the moment. Think back to the 70's and like early 80s when rock was most popular. And back then there used to be tons of hidden messages in songs and videos. Like when you'd play the song backwards. And now Hip Hop has kinda taken that place of Rock and there gravitating toward it to shape the minds of people.

  413. @214 – how ignorant you must be to say that being gay is like owning a sports car. I mean, seriously? that’s not how the youth think of it anyway. no one’s pretending to be gay just because it’s cool. not unless they’re in junior high anyway. just because people are more tolerant, doesn’t mean being gay is a current trend or anything


  414. Desiree Nkosi on

    Im so blessed to ahve hurd such infomative info… Great Job because alot of pepole are perishin because of a lack of knowledge… Bless You.

  415. Dragonfly Feri on

    I love your site! I found it today and I just cannot stop reading all these articles and sharing them! But please please show us some artists out there that we can support in this world of mass chaos and discord. I don't mean the obvious ones like Casting Crowns or Steven Curtis Chapman, but some artists with the fame and fan base of Lady Gaga and Rhianna that we CAN support that we can help!

  416. I honestly believe that Chris Brown being violent toward Rihanna had to do with her involvement in Illuminati. I really do! When it first occured, he kept repeating a statement sort of like this, "Me and Rihanna will not discuss everything that happened." Is that weird?? Or is it just me?

  417. this is completly insane, i mean just learned about this the otehr night and i have been doing reserch ever