Was Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch a Mind-Control Programming Site?


A recently released police report from 2003 reveals that images of underage sexuality, gore, torture, animal sacrifices, S&M and other disturbing material were found at Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. These items (and many more) point towards the ranch being used as an MKULTRA programming site.

In my previous articles about Michael Jackson, I explained how he was groomed from a young age to become a puppet of the elite. His handlers not only managed his professional career, but his entire life. He was the product of a corrupt and devious system that gave him fame and fortune, yet destroyed his life and soul. The endless stream of bizarre reports about Jackson, emphasized by his off-putting appearance and demeanor, lead the entire world to qualify him, at best, as a “weirdo” or, at worst, as a child abuser.

Neverland Ranch is the physical manifestation of everything Jackson was about: Boundless creativity, ostentatious innocence … and a hidden, utterly disturbing dark side. A closer look at the items extracted from the ranch throughout the years (through auctions and police investigations) tell a terrifying story about what was happening between those walls.

According to a recently released police report, the ranch was filled with shocking material that were used to groom “young children into lowering their inhibitions”. This lead investigators to claim that Jackson (alone) lured young children to his house to molest them.

However, a closer look a the objects found at the ranch reveal much more than implied: There was a calculated and methodical approach to the madness, one that was clearly about “programming” children to act a specific way. This systematic process, which involves causing trauma in order to cause dissociation is  the basis of Monarch mind control (If you’ve never heard of Monarch programming, read this article first).

Everything about the ranch reeks of Monarch mind control “culture”, from the overall theme, to the artwork, to the illicit programming material. In short, Neverland Ranch was more than a creepy den for Michael Jackson: It was an elite-owned programming site. Michael Jackson was not the one running things – He was programmed to not escape Neverland. Literally.


The logo of the ranch consist of a little boy wearing a onesie sitting pensively on the moon. Or a traumatized child after dissociation.

Neverland Ranch was named after the fantasy island in the story of Peter Pan – the boy who never grows up. Right from its inception, the ranch was built around a theme that is extremely significant in the world of MK-ULTRA. Indeed, in Monarch mind control, “Peter Pan programming” is the name of an actual script used to traumatize and program children. Through trauma and torture victims are told to dissociate to Neverland, a world of wonder and eternal youth.

Peter Pan programming is a type of mind control programming, whereby the programmer/handler uses the occult book Peter Pan, also known as Peter Pan; or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up, written by Scottish author J.M. Barrie as a 1904 play and a 1911 novel, to reinforce programming. It is also part of Monarch programming.

During programming, victims are told to escape to ‘Neverland’ while inducing dissociation from reality. Neverland is called so because once you set foot there, you can never leave.

Peter Pan alludes to the satyr Pan — in Greek mythology, Pan is the insatiable Arcadian god of lust and magic who seduces men and women with his pipes and wantonness, the symbol of the libido, the personification of undisciplined procreation in nature.
– Peter Pan Programming, The Talking Pot

This image depicts a boy looking over a small satyr or Pan, the greek god of nature.
At the entrance of Neverland Ranch is an image depicting a boy looking over a horned satyr, a miniature version of Pan.
Pan was a prominent deity in Greece. The nature god was often depicted with horns on its head and the lower body of a goat. Not unlike Cerenunnos, Pan is a phallic deity. Its animalistic features are an embodiment of the carnal and procreative impulses of men.
Pan was a prominent Greek deity. The nature god was often depicted with horns on its head and the lower body of a goat. Pan is a phallic deity and its animalistic features are an embodiment of the carnal and procreative impulses of men.

Slaves who are subjected to Peter Pan programming have an alter persona that ‘never grows up’, and remains a child who is ‘willingly’ abused.

The mascot/identifier of Peter Pan programming is a white glove; white is the colour of purity and innocence, as children are innocent and pure.

Captain Hook, Peter’s nemesis in the story, wears a hook on his right arm because Tick Tock the Crocodile ate his right hand after Peter cut it off and threw it overboard his ship.

Captain Hook is the handler in this type of programming, and the glove represents his missing/unseen hand — the ‘unseen/invisible hands’ of mind control programmers who manipulate Monarch slaves.

Michael Jackson was programmed with a Peter Pan complex, that is why his handlers built Neverland Ranch for him to live in. He was stuck at a certain stage of childhood; and, therefore, Michael related to young boys, played with them and had sleepovers. In his mind he was always a little boy, they did not want him to grow up. Michael was NOT a p***phile, the allegations were simply fabricated in order to traumatize him and make him easier to control as his programming was breaking down and he was fighting his enslavement.

They injected him with hormones as a pre-teen to prevent his voice from breaking. He was chemically castrated with the synthetic anti-male hormone Cyproterone, which blocks puberty and prevents the voice from maturing. It also prevents bodily hair and the larynx from growing, and affects the bones; leaving the body with a slight frame but a large chest. Once the treatment is finished, the patient keeps a child’s larynx all his life in a man’s body.
– Ibid.

Michael Jackson was physically and mentally altered by a group of handlers who controlled his musical career, manged his personal life and, when Jackson showed signs of rebellion, ended his life. The Neverland Ranch was a disturbing tribute to Peter Pan programming, the script Jackson himself was subject to. Even worst, the ranch was most likely used to program other innocent children.

This picture from a French magazine says: Neverland: He created a paradise where children live in eternal paradise." Ironic.
This picture from a French magazine says: “Neverland: He created a paradise where children live in eternal paradise.” Ironic.
A symbolic image at the entrance of the ranch.
There are several images of Jackson leading a flock of children in the ranch.

Packed with toys, arcade games and even a Ferris wheel, Neverland ranch appeared to be the funnest place on Earth. It was the exact opposite.

Here are items found in Jackson’s estate throughout the years.

2003 Police Raid

In June 2016 the website RadarOnline released the full police report (read it here) of the 2003 raid of Neverland ranch. The documents collected by the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department include images of “blood, gore, animal sacrifice, child torture, adult and child nudity, female bondage and sadomasochism”.

Item descriptions inside the report often ended with this sentence:

“Based on my training, this type of material can be used as part of a “grooming” process by which people (those seeking to molest children) are able to lower the inhibitions of their intended victims and facilitate the molestation of said victims”.
– Raid Police Report

As stated above, the material found in this raid was not simply of a lustful nature. It was about a sick, twisted culture surrounding the abuse. Some of the images found in the ranch were actually drenched in MK symbolism, proving that this was about something bigger than implied in the news.

Various artbooks that feature children in various, unsettling settings.
Police found various artbooks featuring children in various unsettling settings – often in “adult situations”.
Two headed mannequin represent Monarch programming.
A mannequin with two heads : A perfect way of representing a MK slave with an alter persona.
Speaking of mannequins, some recently released pictures of the raid show that the ranch contained several life-sized mannequins of children. What were they used for?
Speaking of mannequins, some recently released pictures of the raid show that the ranch contained several life-sized mannequins of children. What were they used for?
This one was found oddly placed on a Michael Jackson throne.
This one was found oddly placed on a Michael Jackson throne.
A video from the raid revealed the existence of a secret room containing a troll doll and Peter Pan pillow.
A video from the raid revealed the existence of a secret room containing a troll doll and Peter Pan pillows. Was it used to abuse victims?

The police report mentions the discovery of various photographs with bizarre details that describe twisted mind games involving young victims.

The hand written note on the report mentions that the words "Are you scared yet" are "code message equating safety to sex - frighten child and get them in bed". In MK terms, they may be trigger words.
The hand written note on the report mentions that the words “Are you scared yet” are “code message”. In MK terms: trigger words.

Auction of 2009

Shortly after Jackson’s death, a massive auction was carried out to liquidate some of the most valuable items at the ranch. Although there was no outright graphic material in the auction, the overarching theme of these works disturbed quite a few observers.

This painting was one of several that depict Jackson as a modern version of the Pied Piper.
This painting was one of several that depict Jackson as a modern version of the Pied Piper.
The story of the Pied Piper - also known as the Pan Piper - used his magical flute to lure children out of town. Interesting fact, the god Pan and Peter Pan all played flute.
The story of the Pied Piper – also known as the Pan Piper – used his magical flute to lure children away from their parents.
Childhood and sexual discovery.
Some details in that painting are rather strange and off-putting.
And unnecessary.
Abraham Lincoln wondering why there are children on his lap.
Jackson also owned this sculpture of Abraham Lincoln wondering why there are children on his lap.
A painting of Peter Pan leading children to Neverland ... and dissociation.
A painting of Peter Pan leading children to Neverland … and dissociation.

In Conclusion

Although news stories are keen to depict Michael Jackson as a “drug crazed maniac” who lured children into his bed, things were clearly more complex than that. There were people behind him. Evil, manipulative, deceitful, sadistic people who were in control of his life, who morphed the young singer from the Jackson 5 into the bizarre, physically and mentally altered Michael Jackson we know today. On top of being a slave in an evil system, he was used to lure more victims into the horrible world of mind control.

Neverland Ranch was more than Michael Jackson’s home, it was a surreal celebration of depravity while serving as an “international embassy” of Peter Pan programming.

One might ask: Was Jackson was an active participant in this? Was he maybe programmed to do so? Was he simply another slave wandering around the ranch, completely clueless of what was truly happening? Only a handful of people know the truth – those who actually ran the ranch.

One thing is certain: When Jackson began snapping out of Neverland and reconnecting with reality, when his programming started to break and his conscience pushed him to speak up, he was pumped full of drugs until he stopped breathing. He was sent to Neverland one final time…and they made sure he would never come back. That is the fate of the MK slave. His handlers? They’ve disappeared in the shadows, scot-free and with zero publicity. That is the fate of those protected by the elite.



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His handlers, those behind the scenes, might not get caught, but God sees everything. His justice is permanent and unrelenting. Their victims will get mercy, but unless they repent and change, they will suffer fates much worse than mk ultra programming and it will never cease. Some people get angry at the notion of hell, but I’m glad there’s a place for evil doers to suffer.

who know… maybe his “handlers” and the handlers of all the other “stars”….. are not even human…?

How strange, to find so many negative things, but no documents on the work of Michael, as footage or photos of that woman that sometimes he looked, and he tells us in his songs …
If you want real clues of what happened to Michael J. for 30 years until its end: THIS IS IT, and I’M SO BLUE, and understand his work, you must read my writings. No one, absolutely no one but myself will tell the truth about Michael, and other very important truths, necessary to understand what is happening on Earth, to recognize love to help other human beings, to defend you from those who do not want the love on Earth:
› Visit Amazon’s María del Rosario Cordero Tesón Page

do you have an english version of this book

I have not found English translator for my books .. but these books are of great help for all those who want the truth .. the necessary truth that shows what love means to humans, and how they try to destroy.

People costs for standard and custom, accept the truth, and often lost between gossip and inventions willing to confuse and keep them in ignorance. I keep my hope: I know that God does not want the truth in the dark. And the time has come for truth, both for those who want it and those who do not.
And of course, truth is stranger than fiction .. by far.

However some perpetrators have committed suicide and recordings of the MJ set up. Some of the art work is innocent enough though .As MJ did not commission them did he?

Greek and Roman dipict worse

He might have been sold to the very last bone the moment he stepped into this world. Those that profited from his suffering should get what they deserve… still waiting on that judgement day though, but I have faith it is in the process of surfacing soon.

Why every post hv to be bible thumping and pulpit preaching….a lot of pastor behave worst than hollywood….obviously christians cannot think outside the bible…which hv been exited beyond belief….even king james had his own version….evil queen elizabeth probably hv her own version too

@Truth & Light – plenty of horrors are going on inside the church walls . What we have to realize the Christian faith had been infiltrated , altered , undermined in much the same way “them” did to politics , intel , law enforcement e.t.c .. Time to cling closer to the Lord to seek Christ . No blind following or listening to human opinions . As a Christian who did a whole lot of research the TBN the Ecumenism along with some others operating in the same realm MK Ultra programmers do

Religion itself is the problem….religious nuts think they are the better religion than others. Racist down south christian believe blacks wont go to their heaven. True bs…. God has no religion – religion is a manmade concept

So glad I’m not the only one that thinks this, well said. Organised religion, just another way to try an control the masses in my opinion.

1. I do not see any ground breaking evidence then or now, that proves MJ was ever a p*******e. Not buying it. 2. If he had been medically “castrated” while young, as you claim, then I highly doubt Lisa Marie would have married him. A little common sense here people. BTW: Religion was JESUS greatest obstacle during His minstry while on Earth. Most are following “Christendom” = pagen/idol worship (e.g. CATHOLICISM etc) and NOT true Christianity. JESUS was NO religion as He was all truth in the flesh. He had no need for the man made construct of religion. Jesus clearly shows us how religion kills the spirituality of true faith, which creates the true relationship with God. As with ALL religions, they do not equate a race yet, are learned cultures. All nationalism and religions are merely indoctrination taught from birth and then passed to each proceeding generation. Religion… Read more »

So well said about Jesus, and the ‘religion’ of men. Amen!! Too many people out there being confused by religion and then claiming God is not real – if only they’d entertain reading a bible for themselves to see what Yahshua (Jesus) was really about. The ignorance in astounding, and heartbreaking. Thank you for the post, Victoria. =)

Considering that Elvis was MKd, it could be Lisa Marie and Michael had a bond of sorts…friends that had endured similar fates growing up. It may not have been sexual. There’s alot supposition regarding his relationships. I suspect many MKd celebs, that started waking up to these horrors they endured and realize that are prisoners, find common bonds with those of the same fate. A knowing of sorts, an understanding. I personally do not feel that Michael perpetrated these acts…..I think he had been trying to break free for sometime, he was miserable (who wouldn’t be, considering the trauma he endured from a very YOUNG age), painfully aware of what his children’s fate could become, because his life was so heavily controlled. I can only imagine the nightmare he lived…. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me if so much of this was planted..even the LAPD is controlled by the elite… Read more »



LMFAO you call that editing?? Smh, maybe someone would take your “Bible-thumping” complaint seriously if it had a hint of competence. Now hush, adults are talking.

U r part of the problrm

Competance? Your condecention is TOTALLY unwarranted. I read a load of words but just saw fear.

I know, it’s brutal. The bible makes numerous references to aliens, and yet the thumpers still think their “jealous” god is the creator.

This is an untruth…

We are all the creator. The word “alien” is banded around as if the earth is situated in a hermetically sealed container with limited visitors. Again though, we have a habit of trying to limit the limitless and reduce it to our level of understanding. You’d be surprised as to how much could potentially come from elsewhere.

I am not amused by all those references to human sacrifice – dying on crosses so the rest of mankind ‘can’ this or that.. That is a practise that could mostly be found in people who have no believe in themselves and the good of ‘it all’. They hang on to the bad, and want to eradicate it with the death of another, innocent human, so they can live – selfish cruel egoistical, but under the disguise of love. Sometimes people kill others to safe themselves or their child, now that’s one I can relate to. Not having a man die because my future would be cleared of sins, that’s fairytale, spin, propaganda, lies.

not just ‘a’ man, but ‘the’ man; Jesus is our kinsman Redeemer! He purchased us back, paid the ransom to buy our freedom….

Yet it is for naught unless we redeem ourselves. In terms of the Christian narrative there would be no “hell” otherwise. Although in reality hell is of our own making…. Karma.

Question : What’s the difference with beheading a virgin to have better crops next season, so all people can eat again after a rainy year or two?

I’ve never heard of a logical explanation of why Jesus’s death brought us life. How does killing Jesus redeem us? Cannot god let us live, and let Jesus live? He’s god, he can do whatever he wants. And why wait 3 days before resurrection? Was he busy? He had to think about it first?

@TODD Stelmacker: If God had done it the way you suggested, He would have been rewarding evil, rewarding cowardice, cruelty, arrogance. What would then be the incentive to live a honorable life? What would be the punishment for evil people who inflicted pain on you if they got a free ride, torturing you in this life and then some in the next? This would not be right, now would it. > Cannot God let us live, and let Jesus live? Jesus lives, forever, the Lord of lords and King of kings. He died so we may believe that when we die, He will resurrect us based on our faith in Him. If you don’t believe in Him, then you also refuse to believe that there is life in Spirit, after the first death, and that the second death (the death of the soul) cannot touch you? > How does killing… Read more »
J.Sam. you must have a fantastic sense of humour. “What would then be the incentive to live a honorable life?” Developing empathy via observing cause and effect. “If you don’t believe in Him, then you also refuse to believe that there is life in Spirit” BS. Everything is life, on every level of manifestation, including spirit. There were groups believing this prior to Christ. Yes he can be a facilitator of that understanding, but belief in him is not a prerequisite. “if someone had harmed someone you loved, then refused to even admit that he or she was sorry and apologized (=”repent”), how would you feel about forgiving them?” Some, more enlightened than I would say they are a product of many different factors and not only deserve forgiveness but also sympathy since they don’t know much about love. Also, what about turning the other cheek? Love thy enemy etc.… Read more »

Jesus had to descend into hell to (1) get the keys of hell and release those who had died before his resurection. Before his resurrection death was the end for all of mankind and all of man kind was in hell. By Christ choosing to die he set them free along with saved mankind from our own sins. All I can say is Todd on that day when the sky opens up” Every knee shall bow and every tounge shall confess”… that means even you any any other athiest, mormon, buddist, and muslim…

The keys of hell. Wonderful expression in a strange sort of way. Hopeful, isn’t it? Like, someone could lock up all bad people for ever and ever. Or release them again, what do I know?

It makes me worry (even moreso) for humanity reading some posts on here. But its so f*****g addictive! What happened to number two on Jesus’s to do list that day?

> And why wait 3 days before resurrection?

It allowed His followers a time of mourning. His disciples spent the time mourning and fasting. The news about His death had to spread first. It was before Twitter, is that so hard to imagine?

I bet you couldn’t go without food for three days straight. You really need to work on your imagination if it’s such a stretch.

It was also a fulfillment of prophecy spoken by Jesus Himself:

For as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. Mt. 12:40

Here is a good way for people, who just don’t accept the Bible as word for word /this is why. I actually am a Christian and take the Bible as WORD, but i know alot of people out there need something more. I AGREE with the Bible, but I also think there is more to it, and this may be it. I had read about the Number 9 code, and a section in there stated that Jesus was enlightened, and was able able to read the Akashic record. In that record was awful things. There was the fall, and the original sin. It said that Eve was seduced by Luicfer and had a baby. It also spoke of the Fallen angels breeding with the women of Earth. We are all one and all connected so all of that bad and evil that is in the record, we carried with us.… Read more »
They murdered JESUS because he was the perfect example/template of all truth, love and mercy. Man failed… JESUS succeeded and till His very last breath. “ CHILDREN CLOSE THEIR EARS TO ADVICE BUT OPEN THEIR EYES TO EXAMPLE “ God gave us His WORD in scriptures, but in truth, those words simply might be just that…words on paper. And why God gave us Jesus, who became God’s WORD in the flesh. The Word — an attribute of God (i.e. wisdom). Jesus is the living communication or revelation of God the Father, who communicates. Essential of God’s nature, that being necessary for God to communicate. Love is what initiated God’s redemption plan for us. ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (KJV John 3:16) Because of God’s great love for us… Read more »

ever heard of an oxymoron well you would be the latter of that word ‘understand God’ that’s an oxymoron

Haha 🙂

His death was a metaphore for the death of the ego. The resurrection, a link to the sun. Great book on the subject-the Jesus mysteries.

Also fetishising Christ’s death with a mostly naked dude stretched out on a cross is homoerotic in a very sadistic way. Why the fuck don’t we ever see him happy and healthy on the alter? Mainly because the church above all churches, founded by the very man that denied christ three times is plain old black magic. They revel in the death of a man who stood for everything they dont. Humility, love, forgiveness, and honesty. Oh, and he didn’t r**e kids with crucifixes either.

Why don’t you re-read your last sentence and ask yourself – would your god be delighted in you enjoying other man’s suffering, even though you think the man deserves it..? Let’s hear from your fellow christians? What do they think of this? Oh, go on, make a tree out of this one..

Jesus himself was disgusted by the abuse of children and made it clear that it were better to hang a millstone around your neck and be cast into the sea, than be allowed to harm children.

Irish priest charged with raping boy with crucifix… Pretty sure Christ would dissaprove. Don’t trust the intermediaries, don’t trust those who claim to be “righteous” JUST because they call themselves christian. Listen to your heart, use your brain, and act in love. Distinguish yourselves from the hypocrites cus labels don’t mean anything.

Yeah, but no one listens to the old bastard anymore though do they?…..pitty

Hi DDd. Respectfully. I’m a Christian, following Jesus for 23 years – half of my life. I appreciate your question. Is it appropriate for a follower of Jesus Christ to have any part in mocking, or delighting in, the destruction of any one? God forbid! Absolutely not. I can’t speak on behalf of those who seem to make light of eternal destruction. The ground before the Cross of Jesus Christ is equal – there is no place for boasting, or gloating. As Christians we’re called to imitate Jesus Christ. Our ministry is one of love, and reconciliation. “All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation: that God was reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting people’s sins against them. And he has committed to us the message of reconciliation.” 2 Corinthians 5:18,19 Jesus first coming to earth… Read more »

Are you now mixing love with human sacrifice, I am affraid?

DDd – not sure if that’s a question for me, or someone else. But.. to respond to your comment “Are you now mixing love with human sacrifice, I am affraid?” Yes – there is divine sacrifice, and shedding of blood involved in redeeming you. The penalty for sin against God is high, and real. And therefore the cost of salvation is high, and real. There’s a few things you need to ponder before you attempt to equate Christ’s death on the cross with a cruel, pagan ritual murder. 1. Is capital punishment a “human sacrifice”? Or an act of justice, as deemed by law? 2. The scenario: Dad tells his kids not to play with matches in the house. Kids rebel against dad, spark some matches, and start a fire. Before long the house is in flames (dumb kids). Dad desperately loves his children and realizes he can save them,… Read more »

Yup, wisdom calling, that’s great. You know the “wisdom” of your statement isn’t directly proportionate to the amount of proselytizing fairy tails you can cram down our throats. Makes life easier huh? Boiling down an infinite ineffable God into a series of self limiting statements. There’s a reason why your “holy” church calls you sheep. Love is the law.

The reason why I believed teh bible is that every prophecy regarding from the old testament to the new (except for a few that will still occur in the last days as mentioned in Revelations) The Prophecy about the coming of Christ , how his own people would reject him but lets go further back about How the jews were thrown out of Israel two times and yes they happened as Ancient History attest to what the Invading races did to them. There were many propchies and im not going to spoonfeed anybody about the rest, Im just explaining WHY I believe. This isnt based on a “gut” feeling or temporary felings of what Love or Justice should be etc Thesed things happened inspite of my belief in them or not and were recorded. there is no other book like the Bible that records the relationship Between God and His… Read more »

I appreciate what you are saying bong. I don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak. There is some valid stuff in both testaments. People are tribal however, and by focusing on one creed to the exclusion of others is to not only do the others a disservice, but also the omnicient God that created them. But then “he” just did that to test us I suppose. Are you aware of the council of nicea? Are you aware of those humans who share your beliefs influencing history to bring about those prophesies thereby making them self fulfilled? The true enemy of all is the belief one is right because someone told you so. Christ is in you!

Bag it, bag man. Go smoke you one and chill

I am chilled Maria, and stand by what I said.

May I suggest to rephrase “suffering” into “taking the consequences”? Or how about “paying the price”?

Week minds need to censor. Fear is their god. The words they erase may as well be inscriptions on a tombstone, for there is no salvation waiting for followers of doomed ideologies that serve the self over the all. Complicit you are, recognised it is.

To be glad that justice will be done? Sounds righteous to me.

Our God does NOT want us to delight in another’s suffering, deserved or not. That’s why we are told not to judge lest we ourselves be judged. I think that holds true when we cannot see what is in another’s heart and mind. But we do have to step up and stop evil when we see others being hurt by it. Doesn’t mean we delight in the punishment OR the evil that brought it on.

No one is to enjoy other man’s suffering . Not even our Maker . Period .


No one is “enjoying” suffering.

The joy comes from knowing that Jesus has conquered death.

Now just expand that to include everything, and you’re closer to the truth. This planet isn’t our playground. The anthropocentric perspective that many so called “spiritual” people take is a contributor to the hell we are creating.

They live vicariously through the rath of a vengeful tribal god. But they wouldn’t admit it of course. These are the same people who feel they are “blessed” because a militarily backed global economic policy has allowed them to become fat of the backs of brown people “somewhere” in a world they know little about. But they shift their hefty bulk to church every week in their shiny fuel gussling bus to listen to sermons about a guy who stood for poverty and humility, so their souls are saved /s. They are the quintessential hypocrites of our time.

as if some ‘brown people’ aren’t the richest men on the planet, sitting in Saudi Arabia with unimaginable wealth as they buy our news media and train jihadis that our bought out politicians are obligated to fund and arm…..

Dude, read it again, and counter my argument intelligently if that’s what you’re trying to do. Those aren’t the brown people I’m referring to…. Kinda obviously.

12 hours later , some reactions, but very few answer my drop.?

Very little intelligent debate on here.,. Plenty of down voting….. Guess they aren’t used to thinking for themselves . “We know in our hearts their words are evil… Down voters for Christ unite!!!”

Hell is not a place of eternal fire. My loving God is a God of justice. And there is not a crime committed by anyone that would be deserving of a punishment so great : burning eternally.

The idea of eternal fire is not biblical but has been brought up by the catholic church and later followed by many protestant denominations.

sorry but references to hell can be found throughout the Old and New Testaments – Jesus Christ Himself spoke of the everlasting fire of hell for those who do not repent and follow the Commandments. People like you seem to forget that although God is merciful, He is also Just. And Given Christ’s deep love and tenderness for children, one can be sure that those who willfully abuse, corrupt, maim, torture, and/or kill children will be subject to God’s fiercest Justice, up to and including eternal damnation in HELL.

Yup, karma. East side!!

And you were there to hear it ocean lover? That book’s been through a lot of hands you know.

@the bag man, man

Then ask God to give you of his Spirit. You don’t “need” the Book to be saved, only God’s Spirit

@ J.Sam. We have to be careful of semantics, and how people interpret words. I agree with you entitely, although using explicitly christian, and therefore loaded terms can limit yourself as well as those you are speaking to.

Unfortunately, Hell IS eternal. If you were God would you subject someone who hated you to an eternity of being in your presence? Hell is where we are bound from birth thanks to The Fall of Man. Jesus’ sacrifice on the Cross was to give us the option of staying out of Hell. However, not every person takes that option. God DOES NOT want anyone to go to Hell. However, Humanity has an enemy out there who wants to drag us all to Hell w/ him in The End. Why? Because Satan learned he couldn’t defeat God. So, he shoots for the next best thing, the same thing alotta people do when they realize they can’t coerce or defeat someone. You hurt and/or kill your enemy’s children.

Do they let you out often??? Cus they should stop.

~ Hell is not a place of eternal fire~ Hmmmm .. The words of satanic pervert Charles Taze Russel known to spreading a whole lot of similar “truths” . I beg to differ


those who aren’t worthy of life will cease to exist. Hell is for the fallen angels and their minions/offspring

Yes, there actually is if you think about it long enough….

Beautiful viola. Shame about the downvites. Unfortunately though, most of the “christians” on here are the worst kind of demons… The ones that aren’t aware of it.

Demons because they don’t agree with your vitrolic, rhetorical and regurgitated restating of The Thinking Atheist…so people who do not agree with you are akin to infinite spiritual darkness. How open minded…smh

I’m not an atheist, so why would I regurgitate their beliefs? And since we’re on the subject of regurgitation. If one believes a highly edited and compromised tome to be the literal word of God, should spouting the contents as if it were proof of something be forgiven as merely an act of individual religious freedom, or just another sign of blind stupidity? I think you answered the question.

Thanks for tenderly and respectfully calling me demon .. man man man ( what I thought I am )

You’re an aspect of the all, a perfect being viewing itself in the context of linear time (represented by Saturn (Satan, Set etc. Satan – Adversary… Ever heard the phrase time is against me?) So the “demonic” aspect is the attachment to perception of temporal occurances like creeds, dogmas, social, political, financial states. We all do it, but by doing so we limit the limitless (I.E. God). To put it bluntly, and more fairly… No, you’re not a demon, but have all the answers you do not. Obviously neither do i btw, but I don’t limit myself to temporal creeds. Nor did Christ either for that matter, but then some guys other than him (after he died) decided to form a religion. I’d rather get my info from the source. God given intuition baby!!!

I actually meant to type downVOTES!!Haha! Don’t I feel like an absolute wanker?!!…… still demons.

I don’t think you were at the meeting Viola. Jahova loves them BY threatening eternal damnation. (Sarc) Tribal gods suck. I’m with you.

@the bag man, man If you don’t believe the Bible is God’s Word, then it’s unclear what you’re basing your beliefs on. If it’s your own “intuition”—that is not from God. The heart is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked. You want to talk about something being corrupted, you should start by looking inward. I’d be willing to wager I’m just as “awake” as you are, just as thoughtful as you are, but I know that in me dwells no good thing. I know my heart is deceitful. I believe God can preserve His Word, and has. Your idea that the Bible has somehow been corrupted is likewise based on your own understanding, not truth. This is nothing more than a trope repeated by people who want to disbelieve the truth. If not, then show me how it was corrupted. Don’t just assume it, talking about some “nicaean council,”… Read more »

If this is really true, why did they wait all these years to release this information? It would’ve been on newsstands everywhere following his death. Why bring it up now? Don’t forget that they can plant “evidence” wherever they please to incriminate whoever they choose, especially when the person is dead and cannot defend themselves.

They waited to release this because they’re protecting his handlers and accomplices. All we have to do is go back in photo/media archives and start piecing together who his colleagues were, particularly the dermatologist and “executors of state.” The black doctor was a “fall guy,” but that same doctor allegedly was James Brown’s doctor too. Hmmm….. There’s a couple mistakes in VC info above. MJ’s public voice ( soft, prepubescent) isn’t his real voice. Behind closed doors. His voice is like a normal grown man. Seriously, I know someone in entertainment who worked on music with him. They said his real voice is : deep. They were shocked and scared by it. Perhaps, Mj’s fake baby voice is his alter. My colleague did say that MJ at times seemed like a child trapped in a man’s body, but otherwise he’s a perfectionist and astute business man. Most people in entertainment… Read more »

that’s a really astute observation. now that you mention it, some of those illustrations look almost exactly like the work of the artist(s) used by the JW watchtower society in their literature.

I’ve heard the same before as well, that he had a deep voice behind closed doors.

@Ear2 the Streets. Yet another mindless gullible sleepwalking sheep.

News like this are carefully timed, released after a period of indoctrination. They become mere tidbits instead of stirring up a frenzy.

The bombing of Dresden was suppressed for who knows how long.

Well actually – read from other sites about this recent release of “intel” – the police themselves admitted that a lot of the pictures and junk was actually stuff found on the internet and NOT at Neverland Ranch. Go to TMZ or another source to read about it – I think some rag called THE BLAZE released this “new never before-seen” garbage. Michael was found to be innocent of all charges against him, that’s the facts.


I know you did not just list TMZ as a legitimate source for anything other than complete crap…

@Not your average. Yeah, that person you responded to is better off believing all the other hundreds of sites that told and STILL tell straight up LIES about Michael Jackson.Let me guess,you believe the LIES told on Michael? Lol

It’s called fame. Even some of the higher ups of secret societies probably loved Michael Jackson’s music and didn’t care he was running his mouth about Clive Davis, not really about the NWO in general. There’s plenty of music that subliminally are talking about NWO with nothing happening to the artists like they don’t care about us. Nothing was done about Bill Cosby for years, until he said something in the media they didn’t want heard by the public when he’s already basically on his death bed and the powers that be had media attack Charlie Sheen to demonize hin when he said 9/11 was a false flag but nobody in law enforcement has investigated claims by his ex wife of him obtaining child p*********y, when it’s known he’s a sexual degenerate. With Michael Jackson it wasn’t probably just to humiliate him but he was the most popular music artist… Read more »

“Every man and woman is a star”-Crowley. Those who either seek fame, or laud those who “achieve” it are forgetting that they are aspects of God Itself. Ego drives separation, judgement, higherachy. God is love and therefore drives unity. We are all already famous in the eyes of the universe, it is our biggest fan, through the high times and low times. Seeking the attention of others who have also forgotten is self defeating. Always remember that God thinks you jam regardless

Bingo. We have a winner! lol

I’ve personally been to Neverland quite a few times with a relative of Michael’s. Never, in my time there did I feel uncomfortable or made to do anything that was weird or inappropriate. Although Michael himself was never at the ranch, I met the people who ran it and the place overall seemed like a world that Michael wished he once had for himself. It’s really sad to see how all these photos and toys are found and said to be his. I truly believe he was framed for everything that was “wrong” in his life. He was just a human being trying to live out a childhood he never got to have.

Yeah, a lot of speculation in this article, but I think he hits the mark to a degree. I can’t imagine the Mk stuff went on all the time, hence the seemingly innocent vibe you got. But they’re very good at what they do, and at keeping it hidden. THOUSANDS of years of practice remember. Reading between the lines is the best tool we have for ALL that is presented to us.

BTW, I think he was probably innocent, but deserves our pitty regardless (but for potentially different reasons).

@Sarah M. wrote ” I truly believe he was framed for everything that was “wrong” in his life. He was just a human being trying to live out a childhood he never got to have.” Interesting enough the Vigilant Citizen use to have a similar opinion on Michael Jackson.However clearly him writing a article about this disgusting slander on Michael Jackson’s character,proves he is just like the sleepwalking sheep when it comes to Michael Jackson.He has decided to not only personally believe this VILE LIE but also write a article spreading the LIE along to other gullible sheep.This so called new “evidence “was found to be a BOLD FACE LIE! Only a few sites updated their article on how it’s a LIE though.

Hard to believe that all this child p**n was found in his possession and wasn’t charged with any type of crime for possession of child p*********y. If “they” wanted to put him in prison as so many believe, the child p**n would have been the way to do it. Why are we only hearing about this now, 10 years after the fact? I wish people would leave Michael Jackson alone already. It’s horrible what was done to this man and even still, being dead for over seven years he’s being dragged. It’s beyond tragic.

This reminds me of Kelly. They found dozens of child-p**n and teen sextapes in R Kelly’s mansion in Florida. They couldn’t use it in court either, because they searched his house without a warrant. Pedos protect each other, especially in the court system. The tape that was used in court had underage sex and fetish. I saw this tape. It was DEFINITELY Kelly on the tape. But yet he… walked free.

Except you provided the answer yourself: they searched Kelly’s place without a warrant. Everyone knows evidence seized without a warrant is null in court, even people with the most rudimentary understanding of law.

This police search was not only done with a warrant (thanks to corrupt prosecutor Tom Sneddon, whom it is worth adding protected p*******e priests all the while relentlessly pursuing this man), but with a team rivaling a SWAT raid on a drug lord. This information has been known for ages, and has been widely available, and nothing of it is actually evidence of any wrongdoing on Michael’s part.

I’m disappointed in VC for even giving mind to this tabloid (Radar online, etc.) garbage.


True, but the point is “they” didn’t want to imprison him. “They” wanted to make an example of him. Stars like MJ pay a terrible price for the fame they recieve. From what I researched about it, it starts to wear off after some time. If he was coming to a breaking point and could have potentially blew the lid off of the “mk ultra conspiracy” “they” would not hesitate to humiliate (cover up) and eliminate him. (Which they did.) These people are master manipulators and decievers; scientists and scholars. They are careful to cover and conceal their tracks.

@ODIN88. I agree 100% with your post and I’m beyond disappointed in the Vigilant Citizen for now all of a sudden behaving like a mindless zombie when it comes to Michael Jackson.I say “all of a sudden” because other articles on Michael Jackson discussed on this site does NOT paint him in this VILE light.The previous articles the Vigilant Citizen has written about Michael talks about him possibly being under Mind Control from a extremely young age.However that doesn’t paint him as being some disgusting molester.Being under Mind Control from such a young age paints Michael as a rightful victim(that’s what he was).I’m sure most people who like Michael don’t like the idea of the Vigilant Citizen or anyone else suggesting he was under mind control.However I for one was shocked when I read the previous articles on here about him and mind control.However it made sense so I don’t… Read more »

Truth hurts, I know.

I don’t believe it to be the truth. He’s still being dragged through the mud for some reason, a reason we don’t know about. Why do people hate this man so much? I was never really a Michael Jackson fan (HUGE Prince fan, though) but I never believed any of the child molestation accusations. Crazy? Definitely. Child abuser? Absolutely not.

I’m the opposite in that case. Loved MJ, liked Prince but wasn’t as into him until I found out how intelligent he was from the interviews that are now resurfacing; interesting guy. Kind of funny that people that Prince was nuts too, also cool to know he and MJ were buds. I still don’t believe the OD story myself. Prince was strict with his health &religion and anti almost everything lol especially drug use. I Imagine him seeing what that did to his closets friends Vanity and Morris probably left even more of a negative impression as well.

It’s called cognitive dissonance

Your accusation of cognitive dissonance would have greater grounding if it werent coming from someone who questioned the media on one hand then accepted the same media’s evidence on Jackson on the other.

That Room to Play image could be any fashion magazine these days.

The bigwigs used his place to do their p********a nastiness….MJ died but they still do the same nastiness….different location. Hollywood is a p********a landfill

It´s always the small pieces that make the big picture…
Let´s take a closer look at some of his lyrics – even the titles are telling enough, aren´t they?

“Do You Know Where Your Children Are”
“The lost children”
“Mind is the magic”
“Seeing voices”
+ many, many more…

Pure coincidence? Or straight in your face? With eyes wide shut nobody knows, nobody sees…

You think that the artists are in control of the art. You’ll be telling us next that politicians are in control of policy.

and the words “Are you scared yet” are from his MV for the song “Ghosts”

I post these articles often. Slowly, my friends are seeing that there is more going on here than coincidences and triangles.

The battle rages but the war is won.

That’s a good idea. I actually ended up becoming a Christian in part because my friends introduced this site to me maybe a year or so before my conversion. I slowly came to realize that the devil is one terrible son of a banana’s goat.

You should be vigilant of Christianity too. Christ was a victim of misinfo too. Do him the service of researching the history, and not just buying into just the edited text presented to you by the satanists in Rome.

If the people who aspire to a career in holly wood know this information, how could they ever choose to pursue a career in hollyweird, or even go near that evil place? Boycott hollyweird, don’t give these people your money. The movies coming out are all dark and full of social engineered programming. There are LOADs of good movies on YouTube. Yes they are older movies, but very, very good. And you won’t be traumatized at the end of the film. Get rid of your TV cable bill, and watch youtube instead., no commercials! The only way they will stop, is when enough of us say, “NO MORE!!!”

Amen! Dark movies continue to appear. Look at the trash will is coming out with… Suicide something where the evil bad guys end up being Heros. I agree unplug and reload with different material and different thoughts.

By typing the name Amen, you are invoking the chief Egyptian deity. Don’t take my word for it, look it up. History and Herstory provide context, triangulation and therefore salvation.

that’s what i do. i choose what i watch. no more tv and newspaper.

It’s sad. The whole thing is.

It’s so sad that people blamed him for his own torture. So much we don’t understand and see. I hope he really gets the peace he never got here on earth.

“That is the fate of those protected by the elite” for now. Swift judgement will come upon them

I love you Michael <3
This is dreadful.

I’m disappointed to see this article. Clearly VC fell into the trap so easily. Do you really believe this B.S. against MJ? A raid made in 2003, yet we hear about now!? visible these images are disturbing, why wouldn’t the police investigate further? and why hasn’t got wind of this, they would’ve has a field day with this type of finding, knowing full well, the media was on MJ ‘s back for some time. So many questions so little answers, if any! None of this makes sense, but knowing how the establishment was on his case, you can tell since the media crucified constantly, and he was accused of so many crazy accusations, some of them so outrageous, it seem impossible to be not true, yet all these cases fell, he was innocent of all of them, yet the media still made him look crazy and dangerous. It was clearly… Read more »

correction: “and why hasn’t the media got wind of this”

Just the name tells you everything, Neverland like in the movie of Peter Pan, because Neverland is the place where kids go to dissociate from reality and also MICHAEL JACKSON, was under Peter Pan programming since he was a child that’s the reason he said he loves kids because he thought of himself as a kid, he was never a p*******e like THE MASS MEDIA always portrayed him. RIP Michael Jason he was a pure soul in a cruel world!

And the bad guy has a hook. Which is usually the part of the song that brainwashes people. This is how mythology works. Crazy eh? In the latest peter pan movies it was shown that pirates came and snatched kids and took them away to never land. Maybe they’re trying to tell us something?

The thing is, I’ve never read anywhere that MJ is ever IN these photos. Without him being in them how can anyone say that they were his pics? Anyone could have planeted them.

Do NOT put God in a religious box, churchiologists.

What looks like bloodstains on the dress of the little girl with the ice-cream cone gave me the creeps. Why is there blood on her dress? There is more than one possibility but why would it be on a painting? This seems to represent the result of a whole culture of sickness and altered perceptions and yet evil is not a person, group, or culture. It takes on any form in any space where it is able to grow and thrive and it attaches itself to the irrational before the rational a mindset which franchises such as Disney love to teach our children. Imagination and creativity but without moral principle: that might be the soul of Neverland. The peter pan programming is clearly the antithesis of parenthood but the problem is that children are people not computerized functions, there is no fixed default settings for how they behave even when… Read more »

@ Biss. “yet evil is not a person, group, or culture. It takes on any form in any space where it is able to grow and thrive” That’s awesome. Really important to keep in mind.

Sad reality of the world we live in… There is much programming going on within the media to the population at large.. Such is Babylon, and spiritual influence that leads to sin for those who drink of the wine of her fornications.. (See Revelation chapter 17).. Sin is what causes people to be deceived, or to be seduced, and it begins from within… The spirit within mankind does indeed reveal one’s character within the physical world we live in, or a society as a whole… Michael Jackson was indeed used from a very young age, and tried to break free from the bondage he was subjected to… Mankind is learning a vital lesson in the overall scheme of things… What evil can do when God allows for it to flourish.. And I emphasize allow… It was prophesied to be this way ages ago, and will become darkest before the dawn… Read more »

Conrad Murray is a Prince Hall Freemason. That tells you all you need to know.

I just saw that if you decompose the word “neverland” = “never land” that just means that once you get dissossiated you can’t ever go back..

In addition to this article, there are three other creepy type of MK Ultra things that I have heard repeatedly about MJ. If you have heard of these and have insight, please feel free to share. 1- Joe Jackson would take a very young Michael to secret meetings with music execs. Michael would return crying and upset. Years later Jermaine Jackson reported this and wanted to include it within a book that ultimately was never published. 2-Prior to hitting the stage for their 1969 national debut on the Ed Sullivan Show, the Jackson 5 were raped by a group of men and that Bob Hope was involved as a facilitator. 3- Quincy Jones is a major player within MK Ultra and tagged with handling many up and coming stars. He was Michael Jackson’s producer for albums Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and the single We Are The World. When Q… Read more »

Prince really handed it to Quincy on some awards show. Prince was sucking on a lollipop while a member of an end-of-show singalong onstage. Quincy shoved the microphone in Prince’s face, who wasn’t interested in singing. Instead, Prince held out his lollipop – but kind of low – in offer to Quincy. Quincy made a move to suck it and Prince pulled it back!

It is somewhere on YouTube and worth watching.

I think Prince knew exactly what what was up with “the industry”. He was a wild, “new wave” alt-funk outsider who kept his distance.

Yes I’ve read about Quincy – there’s videos if him and Michael where it shows him very affectionate towards Michael in a creepy way
Tupac also said Quincy was into boys

Entertainment involves so many lights, it even calls those involved “stars”, and yet in reality its so, f*****g, dark.

No, he was horribly abused as a child, as were all his siblings. This is why the entire family turned out so creepy. I will always believe this is what turned him into a p*******e. Too much documentation in lawsuits etc.

Cus lawyers are FIRST on my list of the most trustworthy professions. They ain’t all bad though… 1%?

There is a song out by singer Ruth B. Who sings a sing called Lost Boy. The song has a lot of references to Peter Pan, Captain Hook, and going to Neverland to escape reality . Creepy song .

@ Dixie – “Some people get angry at the notion of hell, but I’m glad there’s a place for evil doers to suffer.”

And just where do you think you are?

Exactly….hell on eartg

Find Jesus for He is the real Truth and Light

The real truth is Michael Jackson! <3

Who are u to tell me what to find⁉️ Do u reside in my heart⁉️

You’re both saying the same thing. The heart has neurons in it and is in the intersection of two poles in the body. Centre of the cross. Christ consciousness is literally in the heart. Love is the law.

This is truly disturbing. I’ll have night mares involving the images found in the raid…