LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow: The First MTV-Funded Video is Masonic


I don’t think this video deserves a full-length article but it is however worth mentioning. In an effort to “infuse life” into the music video world, MTV announced it would start funding the production music videos. LCD Sounsystem’s Pow Pow is therefore the first MTV-funded video and…it’s symbolic of the forces behind MTV. And it’s pretty blatant. So blatant that I’m not even needed to analyze it. But I still have a couple of things to say about it.

To sum it up, a girl visits “wicked men” and asks them to sign a contract. These men are apparently appalled by the terms of the contract and refuse. Upon refusal, the girl flashes the men with classic Masonic symbols such as this

Eye of Horus in triangle

and this

Masonic Square and Compass

The “wicked men” finally find themselves in a Masonic lodge, along with what looks like a politician, a military general and sheriff (representative of the elite).

The master of ceremonies, dressed in Masonic regalia, orders the men to stand in line, along with the politician and the military general.
Interesting point of view. The reflection of the Masonic checker board pattern obscures one eye.

At the end of the video, the girl appears from a “chamber of light”, dressed in a ritualistic white wedding gown. Are we getting ready for the initiation of the “wicked men”?

So what does this video represent? What is the contract that is being offered? Why are these men recruited?  Who knows? (Who cares).

Is MTV saying that being initiated into the Masonic elite is the “key to success”?

At the end of the video, this guy’s shirt seems takes on a real meaning.

So MTV’s first funded video is a particularly Masonic one.  If you’ve read the article The 2009 VMAs: The Occult Mega-Ritual, you’re probably not surprised. And if you’ve visited Canada’s MTV headquarters, you’re even less surprised.

MTV Canada, Toronto




      • "Yesterday, a PR company sent me a press release for the release of an intriguing new video directed by Hollywood director David Ayer for LCD Soundsystem's 'Pow Pow' which I wanted to quickly do a post on.

        I thought I might as well post this as I thought it was interesting (even though it seems they want sites like this to do "exposés" on their videos to cash in on the "Illuminati" themes current high level of interest online, hence why they sent the press release to sites like mine)"

        Benjamin Singleton on did a post on this. And that's his opinion on PR companies (if it really were from a PR company?) cashing in on such analyses. I honestly don't know what they were trying to do. But this was too awfully blatant. Maybe their purpose really lies in cashing in or it could also be an attempt at putting one off from doing more analyses (altho it is undeniable that there sure are some more sublimal hardcore occult stuff in other vids)? Or maybe they really did want an analysis for the public and to announce their association of MTV with the Masons? Whatever it is, PR companies would be aware on this whole conspiracy thing online.

      • i work in PR and have pitched things to VC before… not because i'm interested in getting the video out there, but because i am a fan of the site. it's not like PR minions are within the Illuminati elite.

      • Not too bad, the girl mentioned wanting her father buried with his mason apron on and then again when she recieved his belongings. Ther was a square and compass pin.

      • So I guess the girl is satan and it makes a point to show the tools she uses, beauty/vanity, meds, cell phones, brass knuckles, and credit cards/debt and money.

        So she is the force behind getting them to join the masons, and joining with them is becoming one with her, that is Satan.

      • I really dont think this girl is Satan because it seems as if she is high on something. Like she herself is under some sort of weird trance because she is like a drunk loose girl from a frat movie or something. I think she is being used just as they are and doesnt even know it.

        She looks around when she walk into a room as if she is admiring it or she could be thinking "I have such great plans for this" either way she a puppet that had to be female to possibly attract successful men.

      • then why even be on this site? its basically a site to make clear all the masonic things… and i mean really ? how is it not gonna be one????????//

      • Sure.

        MTV's first project in that branch, money involved. MTV wants the sure shot. MTV picks up on what's hot / scandalistic (as tabloids, news, fashion, uncreative artists do) these days. Illuminati. They blatantly overload the video with symbolism in hopes for discussion.

        And… You're talking about it / consuming it. Economical Success.

    • Cant make sense of d "song". Disorienting and a little creepy. Wots d point of makin a shitty song and a bland boring video and puttin symbols no one rilly cares abt? MTV execs hav no imagination. Either dat or their just tryin to fuck wit d heads of conspiracy theorists. Either way I fail 2 c d point. Whos gonna fall for dis?

      • Man, hasnt anyone told you? Its not necessary to write how you speak. And may i say it discredits what you have to say mate.

      • Really now…you couldn't make yourself sound more intelligent? When you speak like that on a well put together blog, with people speaking with punctuation, you make yourself an outcast and in the end, you get ignored.

        I thank VC because he helped me realize what this world is coming to and I got saved that night. I still check on different things to keep myself informed on the enemy but man….just….they're so out there with it.

        Crying about what they're doing isn't going to change anything guys….it will only get worse. Get saved before it's too late!

        God bless!

    • Agreed.

      It's so blatant that I think there are some smart music video producers who realize that by putting in masonic symbols they are going to get great play on all the conspiracy forums.

      Look at what Vigilant Citizen did for Lady Gaga and Kanya West!

      • I have to agree – its so blatant – its silly. Obviously preying on the minds of the conspiracy theorists. Without the tantalizing thought of there being some secret messages – its just another boring video.

      • You're wrong.

        We always have a choice. Wether the consequences are bad if we don't make that choice – it is still a choice. And freewill remains in tact.

  1. They dont even try to hide it anymore… and right there, the name of the album (i guess): "This is happening". In our face my friends, in our face!

    • Revolutionary Arms on

      That's what I find the most disturbing. That kind of blatancy means they're comfortable. I fear their influence has reached the event horizon, or better known as point of no return.

      • Not just comfortable….. invincible


        omnipotent in their own eyes

  2. Wow, doesn't get anymore blatant than that! This would be a good one to show your friends who don't believe the industry is controlled by Masons. Just more evidence…

  3. This is part of their master's plan to expose this knowledge to its herd….thats how he did it in the beginning at Eden… only question is that what are the final plans which is soon to occur. BTW NWO is just a confusion bec we our in it long long long ago.

    I really wonder if there is a group which is opposite to the elite…….maybe the disciples had one….maybe they passed the true history of mankind….which never was given to the herd….sigh…

    Gospeed to the intervention of righteousness to all truthseekers

  4. flippant.provocateur on

    This video must have been produced the convey the message of "elitist success" because otherwise it is an extremely drawn out and boring video. The song is repetitive and hypnotic making the images presented in the video the focus. This video seems like a big step further with masonic symbolism prevalant in popular culture.

  5. i hate when this happens, and it's unfortunate how often it's happened… an artist i like and respect sells out, yet again. damn it lcd soundsystem, i'm surprised/sad to see this. for mtv? really? ughh. the video wasn't even entertaining!!! so not fitting at all, especially for lcd and this song. and VC — you are a master catching the checkerboard cover one eye.

    • VC didnt catch that it was on bens site for months before it was shown here, and if you have an eye for symbolism, then you should catch it without any help. geez people!

      • whoa…

        1. who is ben? seriously, please don't assume we all look at the same sites.

        2. i understand/catch plenty of symbolism myself, and i'm allowed to commend VC for doing his job really well so take it easy

  6. So its literally M stands for Masonic TV,

    shitty video they've exhausted their creativity to hide it in plain sight it seems

    • I do not think they are looking to be creative or artistic here, It's just a product for the zombies to feed off of and consume.

      There is no need to hide it any more because most people don't get it, and if this trend continues it may change to the point of defending it to protect status qou.

      Makes me think about Brave New World and the Director of entertainment (how bland, poppy, and short lived)

    • Advantages..Advantages…

      M is for Masonic

      MT is Empty, it lacks fulfillment.

      V is for Vision

      or the 6th letter of the Hebrew Alphabet…vav….Think VW …666

      eMpTy Vision or eMpTy V…the number of man is empty.

      They have been marked on their souls… no need to actually sign the contract

      their third eye, pineal gland has been awakened, by the angel of light, the inner vision of emptiness has come upon them.

      The pineal gland is thought to be dormant in most people… why?

      Descartes called it the Seat of the Soul.

      Unclog your third eye and fill it with love.

      Fulfill who you are in love not an eMpTy Vision.

      "This is my commandment, That you love one another, as I have loved you."

      pineal gland…

      "The pineal has many characteristics of your exterior eyes, including a lens. It contains a complete map of the visual field of the eyes. It is activated by light, and controls your body’s various natural biorhythms. The pineal works in direct harmony with your hypothalamus gland – the director of thirst, hunger, sexual desire, and the biological clock controlling your aging process.

      The pineal secretes melatonin when you are relaxed and visualizing, and also responds to electromagnetic energy. At certain brainwave frequencies such as deep Theta, a sense of our ego boundary often vanishes. Our consciousness is then less concerned with our physical state. According to many ancient traditions, this is when our third eye begins to exhibit special powers."

  7. Pause 0.05 when it just shows top of page if you look you can see the eye inside the pyramid before it quickly cuts to the glasses e.t.c

  8. The amount of talent in this song and video is the equivalent of a dog deficating with there hind legs hovering as they release. Did ya get a visual! For calling themselves "elite" they sure suck at enticement, but then again you have caca or is it caga? I always get its name wrong. What they dont realize is our cause, our idea, our dream, our group is getting bigger and BIGGER as time passes. Yea they want a fight but what they dont anticipate, makes way for surprises. Oh yea, nice try with the H1N1.

    • You describe it perfectly and I really did not feel like digging deep down enough to describe this blaa video, meaningless word play and a overwhelming screen of images that only means so much to a much of greedy people with no standards who loses there souls to gain the world. The only reason to sit through this video again is for the images and symbols because every thing else is just not worth anyone else’s time. This song and video is totally rejectable (not a word but still a good word to explain this message) and the artist in this clip must think that talent is no longer required to gain an audience and some fans. They choose to have no creative appeal other then images and a message to please there master.

  9. i don't think LCD Soundsystem was involved in this at all, This Is Happening is only the name of the best album of the last year, do not misjudge James Murphy, the guy's a genius, a lyrical genius. It's obvious it wasn't him who gave them the rights for the song but the record label.

      • It’s interesting how in the poster on that link, the man is holding his glasses askew. To see the world in a different way.

      • Thanks for the link to their site. If you look at the date (Dec. 18th, 2011) on the poster where the guy is adjusting his glasses, 12 + 18 + 2 + 1 + 1 equals 33. How convenient! I wonder what else is in the works for that day…

      • Once you "sell out" to MTV, you no longer have control of what is produced MTV does, so whether you are involved with this cult or not, they will make you look like it. LCD soundsystem will start sucking…watch

      • Dudes, reading in a bit much…those are just some tilted nerd glasses on that poster, geek-chique all the way…and LCD have broken up ("This is Happening" will be their last album made)…But that being said, dearly hope James Murphy hasn't sold that witty soul of his…!

      • look at those posters. the first one is a lightning bolt. If you have been reading articles on this site then you know full well what it actually means.

        Look at the 2nd poster look at his hand sign it looks like both a baphomet and a ok sign

    • You might also want to note on thier website the symbol for "FORUM" has the two pillars and the all seeing eye in a triangle. wowzers. It's amazing how much the VC site has opened my eyes to all this.

  10. A random thought on

    oh dear most definatly a story of initiation. and the use of flash imagery is shameful. also the master of ceremonies is a creepy looking chap. The problem here is the fact the more the video is talked about the more it becomes part of peoples thoughts and to the same affect as other artists today they become well known and popular and whether hated or loved it doesent matter fame is fame to these peolpe.

  11. I feel like the beautiful girl is representative of a temptress… The temptations of joining them, so to say… The temptations of the material life that they can provide, key word being MATERIAL. Material stuff that they sell and force down people's throat in an attempt to fill the black void within us, but alas, that void can only truly be filled with the Universal Light and God Love.

  12. Hahahahaha These Illuminati and Masons Are so Ridiculous! Every nowadays when I see a video, movie or whatever and I find their Stupid Eye Symbol or that Ridiculous Pyramid! I don't even get mad anymore. It's just Stupid in every single way they portray it! Really Really they look like little children playing with a new toy and showing it to the rest of the kids but they don't want to show it off so much so the other children won't take it from them! GROW UP YOU STUPID ILLUMINATI AND FREEMASONS!

    • Exactly! . . . "Grow up!" is so appropriate. I was thinking the last time I heard about "secret handshakes and hand signals" was when boys have their "Boys-Only" Tree/ClubHouses. . . . . as CHILDREN, not grown-ups.

  13. yes the video is totally masonic.

    But other then that this video was totally LAME. I mean totally. How could MTV, the music video station that made it's billions of dollars show videos like A-Ha's "Take on me", and other legendary videos, make their own video and it turns out to be so boring and lame?

    • well,, to take out all of the "magickal" elements that music gets initiated from satan, who was the master of music, this is what you get…PURE CRAP!!!!

  14. amazing how they don't even try to hide anything anymore.

    they slowly started easing it into everyday life now they figure what the hell most of the world already knows.

    its sad that this has become the norm in the music industry.

    one day we will all know the truth.

    one day all the tyrants of the world will fall and good shall prevail vs. evil.

  15. Following interesting observations:

    – the bodyguards in the strange military fatigues look like some sort of "rogue" Unabomber-kind-of people

    They do not have weapons, just camo suits. They shove people aways just by their physical presence. What do they stand for?

    – the guy who asks the "evil men" to sign a contract makes the impression of being some sort of stiff, boring, formalistic US government bureaucrat, also signfiied by the US flag lapel pin he wears. Does he stand for the US government being just the real world, formalistic front for an occult conspiracy behind the scenes?

    – in the final scenes, all the representatives of the state (politician, military, police) are put into the same line as the "evil men" and are being directed by the Master Mason.

    – when the girl finally shows up in that wedding gown, she moves her eyes down and up again as if she would take a look at the crotches of those men and laughing about how little power they have.

    – there is a cut, and afterwards, it seems like there has something happened in between that the "evil men" can't still really believe it happened, they seem to wonder and to think.

    This is one of the weirdest videos I have ever seen in my life, especially with the blatant masonic contents and symbols. What the heck is going on here?

  16. Freedom, Truth, Just on

    long time reader, first time poster here.

    is it possible that all the masonic symbolism showing up in these videos are a kind of advertising to attract the youth into joining? you know, make it look hip and cool in an otherwise "old fogey's" club

    check out this link:

    who knows? great article as always Vig.

  17. I have a headache from that song. and that video was so bad its almost painful to watch you would expect a little more creativity out of them

  18. A similar article to this has been on pseudoccultmedia for months, since November of last year, lol. But yeah, the point still remains. And now we know what the "M" in Mtv stands for, as opposed to "Music" which is what we've been led to believe!

    • Although the M in MTV represents Masonic, it also means Empty Vessel. An empty vessel can be filled with whatever they decide to put in it. Programming a blank canvas. If you look at the symbol for the MTV movie awards for 2009, the symbol looks exactly like a robotic/metal woman in bondage with her brain exposed.

  19. If you ask me it's so blatant it's not even worth the extra words. Vigilant could have been like "Yup." and that's all that would have been needed. It's almost like they don't even care anymore. It's like "Yea, we're doing it, We know you can't do anything about it. Nobody's gonna believe you."

  20. thedudeplayinthedude on

    wow, people really have no idea what these symbols even mean. i see everyone holding up the triangle at concerts for all the big bands and rappers. this world is full of sheep.

  21. I love the show MTV Live in Canada. Right in between the two hosts who run the show on the wall way behind them is the Compass symbol. I point it out to people every time friends of mine watch the show but they dont care. I have to admit the show is very funny, but I steer clear cause its just a SNL rip-off. The main reason why so many people watch it in the first place is because one of the hosts use to be on a popular Canadian sketch/street comedy show about 10-15 years ago. I knew MTV Canada was a bad idea the first day I heard it was coming. Soon there will be MTV South America…..

  22. I don't even know whether to take this video seriously, it's so blatant that it's almost like bait. Like they want us to say something about it. I know they've been a little flagrant with thier methods recently, but I'm gonna give them more credit than this. This is ridiculous.

    It's almost too obvious, even if I wasn't informed I would be like, "what's that?!" It's like they want people to ask questions.

  23. You know, in the bible when people were living evil lives, sinning and god just became sick of what he’d created, he wiped them all out and started again. Except for noah and his family ofcourse. Granted, the flood will never happen again but something else is coming. I beleive that the Lord is a gracious God who died for our sins. If we give all that we are to him, he will save us once again.
    I mean, that’s what people do when they love you. They protect you

    • Try fire. Babylon burns, and the people rejoice. Meanwhile the world burns with infections and other stuff even as the sun is dimmed.

    • "Granted, the flood will never happen again…"

      I don't know if you ever look beyond the end of your own nose, but a considerable portion of the Southern Hemisphere is presently experiencing FLOODS of terrifying ferocity and supermassive fluid volume.

      The only thing we can be certain of, growing uncertainty.

      Eyes to see, ears to hear.

      Only God knows.


    • When Jesus comes back, it won't be to forgive. Judgement day is coming and there's no re-do except for those who make it into the kingdom, the New Jerusalem.

      The earth will be wiped clean and god will plant the New Jerusalem on it and live with his children/angels.

      I pretty much summed it up but it's all in the bible, go look it up. There's so much to life than these stupid parodist's and Satan worshipers. Instead of reading on them all the time and complaining, try to get saved before you're stuck here with them. The lord does not accept anyone who doesn't openly accept him.

      It's crazy how much you start to know/see/find out when God spiritually opens your eyes…it's simply unbelievable and an experience you have to witness yourself. Tell me how people thousands of years ago knew what would happen in our day in age…God knows all, and he reveals it to those he feels should know.

      Get saved people! Turn your negative attention to positive in seeking the Lord! Everything you need to know, God will reveal it to you. It's good to know the enemy but obsessing over it is only giving into what the enemy wants…attention. The more open they get about it, the more oblivious people will get and if you speak out against it, you will be ridiculed. It's like "secret agents" that everyone knows about…they expose themselves to further hide themselves…mix lies with the truth. The enemy is really good at being deceitful.

      Again, draw closer to your lord and savior, Jesus Christ! It's not too late! God bless!

  24. justice so elusive

    sin run rampant, got foundations, clubs and boosters

    can't refrain from gettin' amped they speak it loud as woofers

    FB friend, Tweet, follow, make it real exclusive

    then clone it for the losers.

    the stations under siege

    too many superstars and not enough emcees

    the masses linin' up to kiss on golden pinky rings

    they force us to our knees and then we wait for them to bring….

    not my kind of scene.

  25. Don't fear men fear God.
    Everyone thinks Satan is the ruler of Hell but the truth is Hell is his punishment and he won't be enjoying it. Mat 25:41 Rev 12:12 Don't be deceived the Masons may worship him but Satan is a friend of no one. If what the Bible says is true and I urge you to study and understand it before judging it, then all the power these secret orginastions have will do them no good! They all lose in the end.
    Hebrews 9:27

    • It may be his punishment but he will have plenty of other souls to make miserable making him a GOD in his own right because man are just giving themselves to him but I get your point. I once watched this video of an enactment of hell is was nothing nice. If you can understand the feelings of torment that we all can get when our mind and hearts are not guarded properly by GOD word or when we put ourselves in unholy mindsets and situations it will be hundreds of time more vicious in that. Bugs crawling through your bones, constantly being tortured by other demons, being burned like you live in lava and being totally cut off from GOD forever more. People needs to think a little harder where they want to spend there last resting place of eternity and still I am sure I did not give in this level or torment any justice in my description.

    • Years ago when I was in my early 20's (1992- 95), I was interested like many people in seeking knowledge. I read a lot of books on Buddhism, Jesus, whatever I could get hold of. I was not specifically into the occult, I was probably a little naive (country girl), but had a very strong, curious and instinctive mind.

      I got involved with a group of people, who were into witchcraft, sorcery, shamanism, weed, tarot, what have you. I was strong enough to ride above the vacuum that their intro energy generated. An older man came to have influence over me. Much of this happened against my gut instinct. He was a powerful hypnotist, with long held occult connections. He was extremely charismatic, funny, intelligent, insightful, wicked. He tried everything on me, I did become under his spell to an extent, the power of his suggestive conversation was very coercive.

      My mind was like a steel trap. I never completely succumbed to his needs. That is what they were. Needy. They needed my pure energy, my naivete, my love of Jesus, which although I was experimenting, was always with me. At times, I did not even know it, but the truth of Jesus was always with me, protecting me.

      Eventually, after about 9 months of being surrounded by a "turgid miasma" which I could feel more and more, I subconsciously began to remove myself from the scene. My old friends appeared at appropriate moments, my family turned up right on time, a beautiful dog came into my life, as if to guard me. These energy vampires lost power, they almost began to shrivel before me.

      For many years, I surged on, my life developed healthily, things weren't easy, but what true path is easy?

      The old man fell from my mind view, although I did try to examine that time, so that I could make sense of it. I am actually writing a screenplay about it now. In many ways, this experience made me the strong, positive and creative person I am. But, I was always that way, and I always had Jesus in my heart.

      About two years ago, I was sleeping at my home away from home, after a journey which had really woken me from a kind of emotional slumber, I woke up from a lucid dream, in the dream, the old man was driving along behind me in the car he had back then. I turned, but could not quite get a look at his face, even though I knew it was him. He then swiftly turned off into a side street and was gone.

      The feeling I had, which was very clear, was that for all that time between, he had been trying to catch up to me, but that he never could, I was too strong, I had too much pure love, and he could never have my heart and mind. He died at that moment. I am convinced of that.

      Moral of story, these Luciferians, and that is what they were, New Agers, witches, sorcerers, bullshit artists. They work in a world of illusion. The most powerful thing I learned from this man, and I did learn some important stuff then, was this…

      "What has to be, can also appear to be…"

      Anyway, moral of story, their castles are built of lies, they may appear to be all powerful, but they have no foundations in love. So they fall away. They can never win, so long as we keep love in our hearts, truth in our minds and Jesus in our spirits.

      You can feel all you need to know, and then do what you feel tells you is right. Have faith in Jesus, and be kind to yourself and others.

      • christianity, just like any other religion, and that includes new age and sorcery, (wich are modern religious movements, and respectable ones i think) comes from the one source of all thruth, and i think you are being very square-minded if just becouse you happened to know some psychich vampires who were into esotericism now you think that everything relates is evil, making such definitive declarations as "this is good this is evil" is allways wrong, but doing it with such complex themes as religions is even worse. esoteric means "the esscencial part" and is the interior, the basis of every relligion, it is the opposite to exoteric, "the outer patrt" wich are the symbols, the images, the myths. today people only know the exoteric part, and call the esoteric evil, isnt that an absurd contradiction? especially becouse the exoteric part, the symbols and metaphores where created to transmit and express the true metaphysical thruts that have been revealed by gods (or god, whatever) to man ever since the beginning. and that is the esoteric part, wich in essence is one, and connects all religions. your christianity, as well as any other religion, without the true esoteric and mystic interpretation, is just an empty dead shell, for symbol without the symbolised never did anything for no one.

        I dont really know any masons, nor i think i will, so i cant say if theyre actually luciferians or no, ill give you that one. what i know is that not all esotericism or occultism is related to stanism, becouse in the first place the devil is a very judeo-christian western concept (and a sort of stupid one if you ask me) wich has no place in the oriental, african, and meso-american religious ideas wich the esotericism tends to study. As for occultism, it is nothing to do with satanism wich is an actually modern religion wich you can trace as a maximum to the 14th century after the black plague, and that is becouse the devil as such is a medieval idea. occultism was the medium by wich the wise men that had learned the mystic ideas of the east, transmited all this incredible wisdom in signs wich the europeans would understand, and of course with a lot of secrecy couse christians, close minded as allways, at the least sign of different ideas just burned you and that was it. today they still burn people at the stake, but not with fire, but with ridicule and lies. this eastern wisdom was then mixed with gnosticism wich by the way is the TRUE ORIGINAL CHRISTIANITY then a litlle Qabalah and you have medieval alchemy, wich is the origin of Quimics, by the way. this then evolved to the occultism of 18th century and so on.Qabalah is OF COURSE not evil and if you say you are christian then you should know you belong to a judeo christian ideology wich do you like it or not has its base and esscencial origin in the Qabalah wich of course is the true mystical and metaphysical science of monotheism. Qabalah was created by moses, and all you alleged pure christians read every day in your bibles comes from that, like the tetragrammaton YHVH yahve.

        the genesis, the revelation, the gospels, nothing can be accuratly interpretated without the qablah and the gnostic metaphysics. Oh and i almost forgot. SHAMANISM???!! how dare you introduce that most sacred of themes in your anti pagan speech? all religions and pay attention ALLLLLL RELIGIONS evolved from the one first religion that ALL HUMANITY practiced in the stone age wich is of course shamanism. and im completley shure each and every shaman of those days knew more closely and vibidly god than ANY christian born after the 19th century (and im being nice)

        so, please, thats enough with the witch hunting, i believe you if you say those people where vampires, but i have met psychic vampires from all relligions but sorry especially from christianity. i hapen to know a lot of witches, end theyre spiritual, loving people. i am a christian and witch myself, and i can tell you, iv seen god more than once.

        And sorry for my english, not my mother language

  26. Well…

    What more is need to say? Our culture, world, civilization is lost? It's over?

    We are dominated by these unscrupulous elite?

    I don't think so. WE Got the Power.

    The information is Light. The Ligh is the Power against ignorance and shadows…

    TY V.C. again for your excellent work.

    Let's Keep Watching.

    May The Force Be With You.

  27. music industry needs to be ignored, go back to the punk DIY way, you'll still make a dollar if you're any good, don't suck butt for a dollar, NEVER sell your soul cos I promise you baby one day you're gonna need it and it's worth more than any amount of money. The Earth is still beautiful if you're poor

    • It is not worth it and is very empty life to live, being poor is a freer way of living if you ask me. We all may want things but not if having those things create more bondage in our lives then you are still accepting the okey dok and soon you will see that the price was too high. Like Jesus said always evaluate the cost and everything cost you something. Hollywood reminds me of the devil trying to temp Jesus after he had fasted for 40 days and 40 nights but he found nothing in him to temp him with. We need to be more like Jesus in this area not wanting the world so the devil can find nothing in us to temp us with and never giving him any control over our imaginations and life necessities.

  28. What I'm trying to understand is why are they beingso blatant? Is this apart of a new plan they've created? Or one that they've always had but we've never realized it? I know that they're in a way showing "who has the power" per say. But, what exactly is THE POINT? Is it to tell people that if they want to live hey here's your chance toknow you hae tobecome a Mason and realize that to lie life is to be one of us? Or is it mnore of a threat as in telling us that time isrunning out and we're going to under persecution, death, turmoil, sooner than we know it?

    • well my friend the reason they are coming out more and more is because its suppose to happen everything that are in the dark will come out in the light. AND everything that happens in this world is not satan who allow it to happen but GOD he lets things happen. GOD IIS IN CHARGE OF EVERYTHING SO THESE THINGS THAT ARE HAPPENING IN THIS WORLD GOD IS ALLOWING THE DEVIL TO DO IT. THE DEVIL IS NOT IN CHAGE OF ANYTHING THAT HAPPEN ITS ONLY GOD WHO IS THE MOST HIGH AND THE ONLY MOST HIGH. SO THESE THINGS HAVE TO HAPPEN NOTHING AND NO ONE WILL STOP GOD'S PLAN NO ONE.

  29. There's a clear message in the video, and it's not "look how blatant we can be with the symbolism…"

    See, the three men aren't "evil" (ignore the parchment, that's like the curtain in The Wizard Of Oz) but men with women hanging on their arms and respect in the streets. They've gained enough power to cause others to notice.

    So you get three men and a woman going to these three. One man to frighten, one man to haul paper (organize), one man to persuade, and the woman to "serve as eye candy" (note the quotes). And they go to the three men who have some power, one by one, and give them a contract.

    Each one refuses to sign. Important plot point, and one that I haven't seen commented on by anyone other than Vigilant.

    Meanwhile we're looking at the lady, dressed up to emulate attractive nakedness (honestly, what she almost wears makes it easy to imagine her naked). She's been smiling at everyone and especially at the three men being proffered the contract. But once they REFUSE, she frowns, raises her hand and strikes them down from a distance with symbols.

    After the three men refuse the contract and get struck with the symbols at a distance, we're in the judgment room. The politician, military general, and sheriff (versions of political power, and I wouldn't be surprised if they were the three men going around proffering contracts…) stand and watch as the Mason (economic power, aka businessmen) judges. Creepy as hell, but creepy in the sense that he has power, he knows it, and he knows that it's specifically in THIS context that he has power. And he's not afraid to use it, especially because he's been waiting for this chance for years and he see no reason not to…

    And out comes the girl. Not almost naked and smiling in submission; but now fully clothed, modest yet alluring, and smiling in the way that says "Now I'm Gonna Crush You."

    And the final three shots (excluding the decoration selection scene that ends the video)? The men with some power in the beginning, thinking "I'm F%cked."

    The only sin I can see in the eyes of the men is Pride. And more to the point, the video seems more like a taunt: "Prove yourself and we'll come to you. We can give you everything you can imagine (and stuff you can't yet imagine)…but reject us at your peril as not only can we crush you but we'll tell you how, and you'll be unable to stop us."

    • And further…(sorry for following up my own posting)…

      One can imagine what would have happened if the three signed the contract. Same scene with the politicos and the masonic businessman, only now he's smiling pleasantly (and is made up a bit less creepily) and the girl's smiling to the men in welcome and anticipation. And the final scenes are of men looking in awe at their new digs, their new bling and the hottie now on their arm (the lady who smiled at them before they signed the contract).

      But this video involves people who refuse…and pay the price.

  30. Any time you have an orgy of evidence like this watch for some trap. No one is this blatant without a plan. Just thinking.

    • Agreed. There's way too much evidence. It's definitely smelling like bait to me. I wouldn't be surprised that, if this doesn't work, they do it again with another artist who's a little more famous.

  31. Maybe you should talk about linkin park's last 2 albums instead, minutes to midnight has lyrics that someone translated as 'anti-illuminati' especially their hands held high song.

    And the new album, 'the catalyst' has an obvious reference to the apocalypse with mike flashing a buddhist symbol that practiscally symbolizes a warning to an opponent.

  32. "Once a mason, always a mason…"

    Those "evil" men (i.e. the ones wearing a business suit and a military uniform) were standing on the dark squares. I wonder who or what stands on the light squares. Notice the black guy f/licked out his tongue, which could mean he is "reptilian".

  33. Pseudo-Occult Media blogged about this about a month back – he says he was actually sent a press release from the producers alerting him to the nature of the clip. So I think we've got to assume this clip is either a provocation to those who've 'figured it out', or them just jumping on the bandwagon for a bit of easy publicity. This clip lacks even the half-assed subtlety of Jay-Z's and Kanye's clips, so it couldn't even be described as 'hiding in plain sight', as it's not really even hiding, is it? Either way, I think the timing of this clip, coupled with B.o.B.'s new clip shows a shift towards mainstreaming of conspiracy topics, or as 'they' would call it, 'revealing the method.'

    What a headfu*k all this stuff is becoming.

  34. Maybe this was more of a criticism of the illuminati manipulation rather than just outright advertising as everyone seems to be taking it? I mean even if it was funded by MTV, it doesn't actually show the shadowy forces of control in a positive light.

  35. MTV…..may as well be masonic tv! oh and please can vc analyze kanye west's RUNAWAY movie? i watched part of it and im like WTF

  36. It's interesting how in the poster on that link, the man is holding his glasses askew. To see the world in a different way.

  37. Wow, there are just out there….everywhere. Forget about hiding anything any more, they just coming out of the woodwork for a big "screw you" message.

  38. Um… it's a pyramid scheme originating from the Knights Templars. The Few at the top have their shills doing charitable stuff so it only looks like the Masons are a wonderful organization. In reality, it is an elitist cult where religious leaders, judges, police, politicians, presidents, and other "important" people can have control in many countries. Aside from the fact that it's also a means of easily funneling money for corrupt activities, it's also hiding a deep underground child porn industry. They have real blood sacrifices of children. They help fund both sides of war so they can always win and make money. They cover each others a$$e$. Just like the Windemere police chief in FL who just got arrested for impeding a molestation investigation to help his friend. I don't know for sure, but I wouldn't doubt if the chief and the buddy he protected were both Masons. Masonic lodges have the same motto as Vegas: What happens in the Masonic Lodge, stays in the Masonic lodge. If we could get to the lower Masons and convince them to leave their lodge, the pyramid would finally begin to crumble, but I don't see that happening any time soon. It's just too cool to be part of a fraternity and be under the false pretense that you have ancient knowledge that nobody else knows about. Well, then. Ain't you special! They're actually all a bunch of snobs who think their shit doesn't stink. As a commenter stated earlier: GROW UP!

    • In case the readers are wondering, my comment was in reply to a person asking if we really knew what Masonic Lodges were really all about. The comment was removed (??). I was just giving them the answer to their question.

      • Everyone Will Bow- C on

        Why was your response removed? I wanted to know what Masonic Lodges were really all about as wll. It is prevalent that this music video is flashing all the symbols. It is bound to come out whether on this blog or some other blog. Apparently, it is no secret. I do believe what goes on in the dark comes to light.

        Besides, I thought this blog was to reveal the secrets of the Society and not hide them.

      • The comment that I was responding to was probably removed because it was very sarcastic and juvenile. The person's comment was something like, "You don't even know what Masonry is all about, do you?" I always enjoy answering people's questions.

      • I guess what bothers me most about the whole Illuminati and symbols, masonic mess is that they have used ancient Egyptian symbols and made them bad, when in fact they were not created to be bad. If you look up Horus, Isis, Osirus then you would discover who they were or at least what they were intended to be. Those that follow Illuminati are only right in one thing and that is they know the secrets of the Egyptian pyramids and that is what they have kept a secret. I suggest looking beyond the Illuminati and checking out the teachings of a man named Ray Hagin, Naim Akbar, Kemet, and anything that will give you a better understanding of the ancient symbols. The first crime they (illuminati) committed was stealing the signs of the ancient Egyptians and corrupting them for their gain.

      • My "Cloak of Decency" comment was supposed to be a reply to "Not Blind"'s comment about charitable stuff and how these organizations do that to keep themselves lookin' good on the outside.

        ……but somethin' is messed up with the comment board.

  39. I've noticed how no one has pointed out the fact that inthe beginning of the video it says

    "At midnight she came to collect the souls of the wicked men"

    • I felt that was like the curtain hiding the guy acting as the Wizard in The Wizard Of Oz. A misdirection, if you will.

      Granted, one could argue that the three guys were doing evil things. One owned a nightclub with dancing girls, another could conceivably be a street thug (not sure about the second guy). However, the fact that they guys were offered a contract instead of threats at first seemed to hint that the guys weren't so much "Evil" as they had power – enough to draw the attention of other, more powerful men (and women).

  40. Oh and here's the "lovely" lyrics, that really help out the blatancy

    From this position

    I will relax

    From this position

    I can see the whole place

    From this position

    Oh, just relax

    From this position

    I make some stand

    I make my peace with the man

    And it goes pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    It goes pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    From this position

    I can see both of them

    From this position

    I totally get how the decision was reached

    From this position

    I can say "serious" or "cop-out" or "hard to define"

    From this position, from this position

    It's kind of like eating myself to death

    You on the outside

    Me on the inside

    There's advantage to both

    And me being uptight

    And you being all right

    There's advantages to each

    From this perspective, from this position

    I have a good grip on both of them

    Because I have stayed home and have learned a little more about my neighbourhood, which is important

    You know, there's a lot of good places to eat

    So it goes pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    So it's pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    It goes pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    With you on the keystroke

    And me in the gang blank

    There's advantages to both

    And you have been all right

    And I have been filmed being ridiculous

    Oh, eat it, Michael Musto

    You're no Bruce Valance

    I have been untied

    And you are all cross-eyed

    There's advantages to each

    And I'm coming back, coming back, coming back

    Until there's nothing left in the well

    Is that what they call it, the well?

    I'm paralyzed and looking through you

    But if nothing's right, we try anyway

    As we compromised an arrogant person

    I'm amazed at my decision to blame

    On this occasion, there are a couple of things that we know that we learned from fact magazine

    One, the king wears a king hat and lives in a king house

    Two, your time will come, but tonight is our night, so you should give us all of your drugs

    Three, we have a black president and you do not, so shut up,

    because you don't know shit about where I'm from that you didn't get from your TV

    So times have been tough, and times have been tough

    You have been put down, washed up, erased out

    But honestly, and be honest with yourself, how much time do you waste?

    How much time do you blow every day?

    So pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    Oh, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    So pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow, pow

    The return of the police

    With you on the inside

    Me on the outside

    There's advantages to both

    With me being wired

    And you being tired

    There's advantages to each

    From this position, I feel affinity for the both of them, which is confusing

    But honestly, I should be careful because otherwise, I'm being, I'm being, you know, what's it called?

    Oh, fuck it

    Reclining, I'm getting used to it

    Like kissing under a bridge

    It's an entirely new discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery

    A couple of weeks at home

    And then a couple of weeks away

    And then home and away, again

    To use up your desire for discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery, discovery

    For an instant, you could have pushed through

    But it's a plagiarized regret anyway

    But what you want for now is someone to feel you

    And that's the thing you like, is planning to stay

    The return of the police!

    • Thanks for posting the lyrics. Very interesting. When I watched the video, I turned off the sound so it wouldn't distract my view. The speaker obviously believes that he has the ultimate vantage point. Box seats, if you will. The reiteration of the word 'discovery' can easily be replaced with the word armageddon. Armageddon is when the battle begins and the truth comes to light, just as when evidence is revealed in court, it's called the discovery phase. Also note how the Discovery Channel has basicly become the Armageddon Channel. Another thing that struck me is when he states that "he has been filmed being ridiculous". Is he stating that he has to stay where he is because he can easily be blackmailed? If so, he is living in fear of his own truth being revealed. SUCKER! Who's attached to puppet strings now? Huh? Yeah, the truth hurts sometimes. Especially when you're a shill under the thumbs of the elite. Run, rabbit, run!

  41. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    This music teenage music video lacks brain power. This no-brainer video message is just like the devil. Satan is clever in his our right by scheming using the same and simple strategies. It is very obvious that he prays on the weak and those who think they can out smart him with their own merits.

    God states that His people have the freedom to come at their very own will with no price to pay. He gives and does not take it away. He offers no contract. The only price we pay is offering ourselves to Him for salvation- eternal life. We go to Him naked with nothing to offer, and He accepts us as royalties. He is always loyal. He just wants us to develop a personal relationship with Him. He will go out on the limb to love us and protect us. He even loves the scums of the earth; no one is exempt.

    Satan states that his loyalty is vain. He invites people to come to him with a price to pay. They must have something to offer by being exceptional in what you do or die trying. He offers expensive gift that he will take back if disappointed. Frankly, his gifts are merely worth our hearts and souls. He wants us to denounce everything we believe in including Jesus for a couple of bucks, fancy cars, fancy homes, clothes; you know, fame and fortune. Satan gives and takes it away even with your dignity. You are left naked to the judgments of being the people of the world. However, this is not the end for some. If you give these things up and follow Jesus, you will be blessed with something greater than a pay check at $160,000.00 for a demonic, pornographic music video.

    If you have been following the brief stories of Ted Williams (the once homeless man with the God-given voice), you should have heard him speak of his desire for fame and fortune on Dr. Phil. Dr. Phil mentioned that his “handlers” are not allowing him around certain people. Because of his alcohol addiction, it is easier for him to be controlled like a muppet. This man referred to his voice as God-given, but it is now known as a Golden- voice. He was given the opportunity to see Kobe Bryant, whom he supports as a basketball fan. Ted said, “Thank you Jesus” for this opportunity.

    Now, you and I know that Ted will have to denounce his spiritual upbringing beliefs to gain his fame fortune. His girlfriend will also be removed by his handlers. Ted is feeling very pressured, because of what he has been exposed to by the industry. He is already receiving fame through his television interviews and job offerings. In order to receive the fortune, he must be transformed. Ted is scheduled to attend a treatment center in a secluded area. I assume there is where they are going to do the transformation. Dr. Phil stated that he will fly his girlfriend to see him once he receives the treatments. I believe during the treatments, he will no longer desire to see and be with that girlfriend. I think we all should watch Ted. As of now, Ted has a powerful mind that he uses. He has his own thoughts and wants. That is why he is the perfect story worth watching. He is going to prove the transformation approaches the Illuminati Society uses on people who crave fame and fortune.

    Now, if Ted denies their treatment, he will definitely be ridiculed in the media and all those job opportunities will be taken away; no more jobs on the table from Oprah, Ellen DeGeneres, macaroni and cheese, radio stations and so forth. Some of you might ask, why this man. Well, the key is that he is broken. He is easier to mode and restructure even though his mind is strong. They have to work on his mind. As much as he needs dental work, he walked out of the dentist office. I would love to follow his story.

    This is creepy, because the Society will soon control everything and everywhere; even your educators, doctors, etc.

  42. Um, you're not kidding, so obvious is ridiculous! Usually you're decoding the videos but this one is right up in your face. For MTV's first video, it sucked pretty bad. And your last photo of the Masonic Temple with the MTV sign above it?!? MTV wants to program young minds with this occult crap.

    @Vigilant… have you reviewed this obvious MTV Christmas commercial?

  43. James Murphy is only being blackmailed by these people. It's obvious, the man's a genius and a great artist. You just can't deny he made some of the best albums of the past decade.

  44. Damn, I don't know what to say but times are getting worse and worse and it seems like and the illuminati are not even trying to hide themselves anymore…

  45. Ok so we are all very smart here. and we can see it for what it is or see it as nothing. But we are not the main target the younge moldable members of society are.

  46. DriveslikeJehu on

    This video perfectly portrays what the prophet Ezekiel talks about in Ezekiel 13:18-20.

    Ezekiel 13:18-20 (ESV)

    and say, Thus says the Lord GOD: Woe to the women who sew magic bands upon all wrists, and make veils for the heads of persons of every stature, in the hunt for souls! Will you hunt down souls belonging to my people and keep your own souls alive? You have profaned me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, putting to death souls who should not die and keeping alive souls who should not live, by your lying to my people, who listen to lies.

    20"Therefore thus says the Lord GOD: Behold, I am against your magic bands with which you hunt the souls like birds, and I will tear them from your arms, and I will let the souls whom you hunt go free, the souls like birds

    It is almost as if MTV read this passage and mimiced what God had forbade His people Isreal to do. Apparently the Israely women at the Time of Ezekiel wore "magic bands," or "bracelets" on their wrists which inabled them to magically "hunt" or capture the souls of men, and Yahweh, outraged, spoke against the practice through His mouthpeice Ezekiel. The opening scene announces that the suductress will indeed "hunt" the souls of men and then the next scene portrayes her as putting a bracelet on. This is to uncanny for me. Jesus is coming back, and Satan, the great usurper is inagurating his short lived kingdom as we speak! Come quickly even Lord Jesus!

  47. i hate illuminati on

    i hate all this illuminati, freemason satanic people can't we just get rid of them all of the big names , companys and stuff are all corruped by devil worshipers. i wish this world could be perfect and not have any devil worshipers.

    • Yes you can. Turn off your TV. So simple but so effective. Don't go see movies. Now for the bigger stuff. Get the knowledge what you know out there.

  48. The masonic checkerboard reflection on the last image matches Cee lo illuminated Tie on his "Fuck you" Video in a highlighted room with what looks like to be a "God" Statue in the background. Look into that.. Kishhh

  49. Wow that seriously freaked me out.

    Why would they just write masonic temple for everybody to see.

    Are they trying to broadcast themselves or something?

  50. I'm still in shock every time I see their ' Skins' tv show commercials!

    Blatant Teens drugs, sex, party, lying… I'm apalled at the promotion.

  51. Why are people weirded out by Masonry, and why are people bringing up the Illuminati stuff?

    My Mother's entire family (Father, 5 brothers) were all Masons. One brother just died and they had the compass symbol in his casket.

    I think people would be wise to know that some of the groups that spread many of the misconceptions about the Masons that people tend to believe today were the Nazis and Communists. Is that a lot you really want to take word from?

    I know little about the Masonic order, but what I've heard is far from "wonky" or sinister.

    Did you know that Hitler put a ban on Freemasonry in Germany feeling that it was a front for Jews working on world domination? Hamas is pretty much the same, calling it a Zionist plot.

    People need to look into shit before they speak about stuff they don't understand.

    I just find it strange that you see Tribal, religious, and other types of imagery all over the place, in film, music, videos, etc and nobody really bats an eye, but when it comes to Masonry, something that very few know about and those who do see no actual problem with, and they treat it like Satanism, when it's the furthest thing from.


      • This info is all over the place, but I quoted it from Wikipedia simply because it facilitates the info in a fairly decernable fashion.

        Look at some of the requirements for Masonry, and tell me what of it sounds weird.

        Generally, to be accepted for initiation as a regular Freemason, a candidate must:

        * Be a man who comes of his own free will.

        * Believe in a Supreme Being (the form of which is left to open interpretation by the candidate).

        * Be of good morals, and of good reputation.

        So, do they believe in Jehovah? Some do. They believe that it's good for a man to have a higher being to look up to. Most Masons end up being Christians anyway.

        But let's think of it this way…if THAT'S your concern…that a Mason may not believe in Jehovah, then what would separate Masonry from any club, organization, or group in the world? It's just an organization that welcomes differing believes, much like any Sports team, Political Party or Fraternity…I don't see those groups being attacked like Masonry, do you?

    • Well said but only partially true.

      I consider myself a Freemason, and my beliefs are wholly with God and the light of truth, freedom of the Spirit, Mind and Body. The tenets of Freemasonry are both ineffable and deceiving by their very nature. To understand the truth is a blessing of the highest order and can only be understood by the chosen few and the only when the individual in question is ready. The chooser is the Grand Architect and that power does not reside in a temple

      but in the very rock that the temple and foundation is made of, the same power and energy that exists in everything. To be a true Freemason, one must align themselves with the forces of Nature and learn to control and harness those forces for the GOOD of Humanity and the healing of the Spirit. To accept responsibility the true Freemason must understand the darkness and the light and upon doing so MUST TRANSCEND THEM BOTH in favor of the true knowledge, the clarity of the highest wisdom.

      What is the highest wisdom? One may know but NEVER tell, for it is INEFFABLE. You see true power is not seen in the material plane, only finite ever-changing physical illusion of power, and this is what the false Masons and Satanists, etc. perceive as "True Power". Money, ownership, power over others through the use of fear and violence is all FALSE power and in true reality is only weakness and sickness.

      The slogans of false Masonry are indeed true in the material plane, Love and Hate are indeed one (the same) but a shattered and broken vestige of their true nature only understood by the blind and weak sentient creatures who dwell in the material plane (us).

      I have spoken with a number of "members of the Lodge" they ranged from the Superintendent of school districts to cocaine using lawyers to average Dads, they are THE SAME AS EVERYBODY ELSE, and in some cases even though they were 32/33 they did not have the true knowledge that a "chosen" (outside of the "Lodge") Freemason has and may never attain that knowledge in this incarnation.

      So all of this false Masonic crap that the corporation owners are trying to dangle in front of our eyes is in truth, "Bullshit" and should be taken for the charade that it is, albeit a dangerous one because these people can cause great harm and suffering, the only result that is possible when one believes they are doing what is good, but does not fully understand the consequences of their actions.

      In the end all will be corrected, such is the message of the Illumined.

      The rough Ashler will be honed into the Keystone.

    • Gruffudd ap Llywelyn on

      Re: "Did you know that Hitler put a ban on Freemasonry in Germany feeling that it was a front for Jews working on world domination? Hamas is pretty much the same, calling it a Zionist plot."

      Hitler was right.

      Hamas is right.

  52. Garfield Budtz on

    To be Anti-Mason is to be a Nazi.

    Almost all the conspiracies about Masonry were originated by Nazis, Communists, and the Islamic Resistance Movement who believed that it was a front by Jews, organized for world domination.

    The lies have metamorphosized through the years, a tactic by Nazi sympathizers to hide their real origin of Antisemitism so that innocent people like those of you posting here will believe them, repeat them, and remain ignorant to the fact that they were lies propagandized by Hitler and his Merry men.

    There is nothing wrong with Masonry. It's not an organization that I would align with, as I don't align with organizations. But I know people who are involved, and they're the salt of the earth.

    I urge everyone here who really believes their are evil, sinister intents within the Masons to recollect what they believe they know, and what they find negative about the organization, and do some research. I'm extremely confident that you'll find that those misconceptions were invented by people you do not want to trust with the information you believe.

    God bless.

    • blessed eyes 123 on

      ok um, apparently your not paying attention, dude wtf are u talking about? WOW! i lol for real. i think you need to do some more research bro cuz you havent a clue what your talking about, pray for you to get some knowledge cuzo

      • Garfield Budtz on

        Is this directed towards me?

        I think it's you who needs to open your eyes and do some research, Cuzo.

        All of the paranoia, conspiracy theories, and anti-Masonry beliefs originated in Nazi Germany by Hitler and his Propagandists who believed that it was a front by Jews for world domination. These are facts.

        Any feelings you have about Masonry that is even the slightest bit disenchanted originated there.

        It's not your fault that you believe it at all, it's the only stuff we have, and through the years the truth of it's origins have been swept under the rug, so it seems as if it's just legitimate concerns coming from good-hearted Christian men. But the truth is, the seeds of this discontent were planted by Hitler and his cronies.

        I bet you believe the hype about Albert Pike and the "Lucifer is God." BS. It's just that. BS. They were forgeries written by Léo Taxil, who admitted the crime. Universal Freemasonry (which Taxil wrote about) doesn't exist, and nobody has ever been given the title of (again, as Taxil wrote) "Sovereign Pontiff ".

        Taxil was a known Anti-Clerical and Anti-Catholic.

        So the Anti-Masonry beliefs were spread by Nazis, Hamas, and Anti-Catholics….does this not sound strange.

      • "All of the paranoia, conspiracy theories, and anti-Masonry beliefs originated in Nazi Germany by Hitler and his Propagandists who believed that it was a front by Jews for world domination. These are facts."

        "So the Anti-Masonry beliefs were spread by Nazis, Hamas, and Anti-Catholics….does this not sound strange."

        Come on now these statements are simply not true. Totally inaccurate.

        1828…The Anti-Masonic Party was formed in upstate New York in 1828.

        Eight popes have issued pronouncements either explicitly condemning Freemasons or those activities and principles identified with Freemasonry.(And guess what it was long before Nazi Germany.)

        The very term Nazi is partially derived from and is intended to mimic the Hebrew term Nazarite, which means "separated". The Nazi's are supposed to be the chosen ones of Germany right? Well Ironically the Jews in The Pan-German area are considered to be AshkeNAZI Jews. That's is quite a 'coincidence' if one believes in those types of theories.

        "In reference to the Jewish peoples of Northern Europe and particularly the Rhineland, the word Ashkenazi is often found in medieval rabbinic literature. References to Ashkenaz in Yosippon and Hasdai ibn Shaprut's letter to the king of the Khazars would date the term as far back as the 10th century, as would also Saadia Gaon's commentary on Daniel 7:8."

        Anti-Masonry did not originate in Nazi Germany. That is the truth. Anti-Masonry has existed as long as the Secret Society has existed. Because secrets as such are abhorrent to a free and open society.

        I leave you with the prophetic words of JFK

      • So, I guess Captain Morgan was a Nazi too since he was going to print his lodge's manual/rule book? Also, why are Masons not allowed to mention Jesus if they consider themselves Christian? How come all of their meetings never fall on days that local and state governments are meeting? I guess President Kennedy was a Nazi too since he didn't believe in secret societies, secret meetings, and secret procedings. He wanted the masons disbanded. Did Kennedy and Captain Morgan die for speaking out against the masons? We'll never know. I wouldn't ever join a group that used the pentagram as one of their main symbols. Google search images of Masonic Graveyards/headstones. Inverted pentagrams galore.

      • @jpl80

        Sorry that I accidently applied my response to yours. That wasn't my intention. Thanks for providing the link to Kennedy's words about secret societies.

  53. who would want to be a "powerful" illuminati as portrayed in "pow pow"? actually, the video does not even function very well as a music vid: it`s repetitious, wholly foreseeable and (at least for regular illuminati-watchers) seriously clichéd. things don`t come more obvious than here – and, besides, the power allegedly offerred by becoming "one of them" doesn`t seem all that desirable. in all, I find this a lame effort.

    too bad, also, for a once pretty neat band such as lcd soundsystem – they`ve gone from being at the forefront of something new and exciting aurally (2005`s magnificent fall-inspired debut album; even "sound of silver") and visually (the early vids) to lame corporate disco courtesy of boring old school mtv/satanist farts.

  54. What? You mean nobody buys the ox excrement that the all-seeing eye

    is the Eye of Divine Providence? Nothing nefarious about that, people!

    On the other hand, this site does seem to be clincher to me:
    After reading this site, I see that they can no longer hide behind the old

    lies about how the symbol is "Christian", not occult, and that it's not

    even a Masonic symbol, etc., blah, blah, blah.

  55. mtv put the symbols in there so we would all slog thru their crappy attempt at a video. knowing we wouldnt be remarking on it otherwise. except to say it was drivel.

  56. Isn't Summer Redstone the big Zionist Jew an owner of MTV ? and its true if you jump a bouard MTV you will lose out. Just ask Glenn Danzig who refused to comply.

  57. enlightened one on

    You know what, i dont know the truth and i wont know until i die like all of us. we all have our opinions and believe what we choose but whose to say what is what unless were 100 percent sure. the video no doubt was masonic because i have men in my fam that are masons and those for sure are symbols. but as far as how it got started and all that other bullshit goes, if u werent there how can u know?

  58. I am starting to think the "M" in this station stands for "Mason TV" instead of "Music TV" like they insist….haha

  59. The Illuminati are just human beings with enochian anunaki soul matrix we are now initiating evac of these scum to take off planet and dispose of there game in this universe is know null and void

  60. To me the fact that the symbolism is so blatant and obvious makes it seem like they're kind of trying to make a joke out of the current public interest in Freemasonry/Illuminati societies, as if they were trying to say to all the people that analyze videos and find hidden messages "here you have some blatant symbols…as if this was all really true."

    I don't know, their choice to completely draw the shades on this can be interpreted in various ways, but it's too obvious for them to just want people to take it seriously. It almost seems like a parody to me.

    On another note, who listens to and watches this crap anyway? Horrific. :)

  61. It's like they're doing it on purpose. I feel like they feel there's no need to hide it anymore. The majority of people think we're crazy anyway.

  62. This has nothing to do with the subject, but now that I see the image of the eye of horus I remember seeing it in the villains of sailor moon when they called the demons to fight in the 4th season…

  63. You know what a friend told me about Masonic buildings, they are not supposed to ever be used or sold for non-Masonic purposes. So I guess that that indeed tells you all you need to know about MTV.

  64. Juan Hernandez on


  65. Seriously, is this considered music? To be honest I wouldn’t listen to it even if i was PAID to! Its crap.. among the first words of the song: Pow. powpowpow. POW. Gee.. Maybe im just too intelligent for this music.

  66. My friend KH. has an amazing voice she had recently posted on facebook that she wanted to become a professional singer.I support her and all but I know that she'll be mind raped like all celebrities and turn into a robot and I feel helpless because i can't do anything unless I get in the industry, but then again i can't sing and I might also get mind raped unknowingly.What should i tell her without her weirding her out?.Please forgive my off topic ranting.

  67. has anyone seen Hawthorne Height's music Video for Niki FM? It just got me thinking because of the white dress thing I have seen in other articles on this website… the lyrics are:

    It mentions him being asleep with one eye open. and the lyrics "Silence in black and white

    falling forward as she walks toward the light" I actually muted the pow pow video and watched it with HH's music playing and when the above is being sung by HH on pow pow video i had the lodge-man with his black and white lense then the girl walking out of the light lol. Also both girls in both videos are brunette and both girls are in a wedding dress toward the end of the video.

    Also in HH music video at the start he is singing in a robotic way addressing his peers at a graduation day. He sounds totally numb as he is singing the apparently randon lyrics:

    "Let's go down now

    into the darkness

    of your thoughts

    Hurry up now

    we're waiting for

    us to fall

    I fall to pieces now (I fall to pieces now)

    a broken mirror (I fall to pieces)

    in your life "

    before singing Silence…. then he throws his mortar board into the air they all copy him and all the hats turn into Crows and fly away! As a european I know the crow for being a symbol of death and bad omens it has some significance in north american native culture as well. It's as if he is leading their future into one of death and despair and they all follow him?! Bizarre at best ah well watch it and let me know what you think?? Don't want to step on your toes here VC but I thought it relevent as it was similar and i didn't see an article about it on here.

    Keep up the good work mate.

  68. WOW TO CANADA MTV- I mean I knew M standed for masonic. but come on!!
    Interesting that a lot of artists refer to the devil as a woman. “She” or “her”
    anyways- V- check out this video by the Offpring- the IRONIC title “you’re gonna go far kid”- devil is a woman here too- tells the same ol’ story you’ve been talking about, and the one that MTV is now throwing in our faces with the above video-

  69. Not for anything, but just because you think the song sucks doesn't mean everyone does. There are those of us that dig the indie sound that LCD Soundsystem rocks, and I quite like the song.

  70. While it is clearly obvious that this video has masonic symbols in it, the real question that no conspiracy theorist ever seems to ask is WHY? It is always assumed that if a symbol appears in any form of media then it must have been put there by the conspiracy themselves.

    This is fallacious reasoning. It is just as likely to have been put there by people who want to EXPOSE the conspiracy. Either that, or people who understand that by putting a few pyramids in a music video or movie you are guaranteeing the obsessive attention of thousands of conspiracy-obsessed people on the internet… free publicity.

  71. The more I read, the more jaded I feel. What's the use of money and fame if you're messed up, and you mess up your children and everyone else? Or as Jesus said, what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Does anyone here really envy people like Rihanna and Lady Gaga? Indulgence is so overrated. Who'd rather take riches with mind and body rape rather than little with peace of mind?

  72. Once again, signs are clear as day!!! The girl is used to lure this guys in!! Lust is a very big part it. Out past twelve, in a club. Drinks are goin, music is playin, guys come and try to get them to sign contract wouldnt do it so comes in half decent girl…Lol when will ppl realize

  73. Does anyone want to take note that on the "FORUM" link is represented by the two pillars and the all seeing eye in a triangle. Come on man.

    The only shock I'm getting as of late, is the fact that the masses are still completely unaware of all of this crap around us.

    If this "video" doesn't bring more awareness, nothing will. The sheeple will continue to follow.

    Sometimes I wonder though, perhaps a lot of celebrities and musicians are using all of this as a cash grab, to stir everyone up. Maybe they don't really have anything to do with the elite and are just using the symbols and stuff to create more buzz around themselves.

    To me, it's starting to become a trend more than anything. Unless it's just the fact that I'm becomming more and more aware of it everyday. I will admit, before I found this website, I had no clue. I would see this stuff and just think "oh, that was weird but whatever" and now I see it EVERYWHERE!!!!


    Ayer conceded to MTV News that the clip's concept is a bit cerebral. "This video's a little far out, a little esoteric," he said. "In this world, Anna's sort of this shape-shifter, I guess you could say."

    Ayer further explained that the message of the clip is about remaining humble, regardless of how much you might have succeeded in your walk of life. "No matter how big you are, how important you are in this temporal world of ours, there's somebody more important," he said. "You have to answer for your sins, and that's a little bit of what this video is about. And the person who sort of represents the power in this video isn't, like, some hardcore gangster guy, but little old Anna Kendrick kinda being her shy self."

    The song's music video was directed by David Ayer and stars Twilight star Anna Kendrick. She told MTV News: "It sort of came out of nowhere. David (Ayer) came up with this idea and asked me to do it. I've never done anything like this at all, so I was really excited about it. It's been really fun."

    The Oscar-nominated actress added that she turned to classic Hollywood for inspiration for her star turn, "He (Ayer) told me to watch Sunset Boulevard. He used that as a reference as (to) what's going on underneath this girl."

  75. At the end they look regretful and tured, and it looks as if one of them is praying. Throughout the video, you almost forget the song is playing because you just want to see the video.

    • Believer By Choice on

      Read to the end: Part of what I see: The subjects (men of power, prestige and influence) are encouraged to sign at first, if that does not work, they are forced into the presence of the one who owns the contract. They are then faced with a deal they can't refuse.

      What I could see: The way she looks at them in her last shot is an "I got you suckers" look. This look changed my original thinking from, turn from your evil ways and do the right thing to, commit to us and you will never lose. In the end the looks on their faces are regret. They hit bottom, they succumbed to something. Were they enticed by, "succubus" as mentioned before, maybe, figuratively speaking. But they realized their wicked ways weren't as wicked as what they got themselves into.

      As I see it – The song & the checkerboard is about the balance of good and evil. The unification of people for the better good, peace. 1000 years of peace remember. The subjects's are wearing the same things they were wearing at the beginning, but they are alone. Their final looks, maybe they were convinced that saving the world depended on them. Praying to God that they can change the evils of this world.

      – The eye of Horus? The all seeing eye in triangle – My God is omniscient, omnipresent, omnipowerful:) – ?G with a compass & square? My God has designed, measured and created everything. – ?The same with the morning star behind it? Last call- our bridge-our sent savior-Christ.

      If you notice she is drawn to and attracted to the lights. She has not been on earth before, she looks at it all in awe. As she waits around for the man with the contract and laughs, it's because she can't believe they think this is better than heaven. When she is beckoned by them, she looks at them in distaste. She is of the light, not of the dark.

      The take of the items, neatly, military-like, organized on the beds is interesting- I was looking at that, too. But I will leave you with this, I don't want to get too deep.

  76. This is just a message to those in the know that they are going around recruiting those members of the underworld as they are vital to the plan to achieve many of the goals of the illuminati to achieve a new world order which may require a massive reduction in the population and mass killing. Look out for drastic increases in crime and violence and much killing, people we need to open up our eyes to the injustices that are permeating society. Open up our eyes. But God has promised to be with the just he will protect us and we will be safe.

  77. it is totally self-reflexive, and exposes itself (the music industry) for all that it is. they say that a curce has to be announced to the cursed for it to have maximum effect. this is par for course for the khazarian satanist that are in control here – lead supposedly by the black pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach. This is apparently the guy leading the satanic cabal, the guy that gives the nod and expresses his influence on all that is put our way via the media, via the banks, and via our corrupt governments. some on needs to whack this shmuck.

    peace and love

  78. WOW! Thanks for creating such a fabulous resource for those interested in the occult. I am really impressed! I wish religious people had been this smart in my day and I might have found my true path sooner. I have book marked you and this is a truly great resource.

    What does concern me is that many of your readers are probably poorly educated in general and only listen to this sort of thing or the guy behind the pulpit for their point of view on the subjects. Just encourage them to stay away from ignitable materials or burning people they don't like. Make sure you emphasize non-violence against people of differing views because that is sort of where the church goes when it is infective in their beliefs and practices. I mean…if the church need this level of knowledge then it is pretty desperate. If the church needs this level of occult education to keep their own kids away from trouble then you have a seriously big problem with your own path.

    While I was raising my daughter in Fundamentalist Christianity, back in the dark ages, I would have kept her away from sites like this. Too too much information! I had a cure for the music problem too and that was a little two letter word, "no." Don't finance it and they probably won't buy it. I also promise you that if you are emphasizing these thing to your kids at this level of education then you are probably doing the opposite of what you think.

    • I'm fourteen and I read VC everyday. And I know if my parents were trying to hide it from me it would make me more eager and I'd sneak on to know the truth. You can hide her all you want though, its your kid. But don't be suprised when she revolts.

  79. Electronic Esther on

    The girl is jezebel. The table covered with the instruments are things she uses to influence people. Drugs, alcohol, make up, cigarettes, brass knuckles. The spirit of jezebel at first uses manipulations like make up and jewelry, vanity items, or pleasure items and distraction items like drugs, alcohol, or cell phones(smartphones) to influence people. The brass knuckles represent the second form of power she uses to gain control over people, force. If we don't succumb to her control by manipulation she will use force and intimidation. At the end of the video she almost selects the brass knuckles but then goes for the bracelet instead. I think this is a foreshadowing that the elite are close to unleashing more methods of force to try to control us but are restraining themselves until the time is right.

  80. Freemasonry is an organization promoting the luciferian NWO agenda. They are one of the branches of Satan's Kingdom. No t the only, but Highly influential in entertainment, the NFL, Politics, etc. The Lord has been showing me this over the past two years as his servant. Jesus will return in these last days, and the devil has great wrath, because his time is almost up, and he will be spending the next 1,000 years confined from maknkind. Read the book of Revelations, and see where this tongue wagging serpent is going. The Lake of Fire, where the worm does not rot, and the fire is not quenched, the Lake of Fire. My Lord has victory over his Kingdom.

  81. MTV Canada is no longer in that Masonic Building but located in the Bell Media Queen Street building (formerly known as CHUM-City Building) at 299 Queen Street.

  82. Seek Real Truth on

    There are still many masons who choose other paths though and follow God, or Jesus' examples etc. Masons allow their apprentices to choose their own beliefs until they get to the top level of the Scottish rite. This is when they drink blood and devote their lives to Lucifer as disclosed by several eye witness accounts. Several of whom walked away at this point, very upset to have been deceived after devoting their entire lives. Of course what would you expect from people who perpetuate lies throughout the levels for their selfish benefits at the expense of their apprentices and humanity. You cannot trust people who teach lies as they by definition are liars and betray those around them.

    Some would call those who reject Lucifer the Blue masons. The red serpent masons go along with the devotion unknowingly for a long time, then willingly at the highest levels. This is the SELLING OUT for temporary power, wealth, status, and other benefits often perverted and to horrible to mention.. These choices are selfishly criminally insane, because they harm everyone else, and the Eco systems for a few people's temporary benefits. This is self destructive and suicidal both physically, and spiritually.

    Those who SELLOUT humanity for the temporary benefits are selfishly criminally insane, self destructive, and suicidal. Many of them are aware they have sold out humanity and try to take as many with them to cease to exist on the last day as possible. They simply “party” for as long as possible at everyone else’s expense until that time comes. Others do it unknowingly, but are still by default working for Lucifer and SELLING OUT humanity by choosing ignorance and the material gains. These SELLOUTS have caused the conquering, or destruction of over 200+ civilizations in history. Recently archaeologists found evidence of Sodom and Gomorrah being burned and a thick ash layer left in the ground at the locations. During that time period technologies such as electricity, or cars etc where not invented yet. So what could have turned Lot’s wife into a pillar of Salt and burned two cities instantly other than God and his angels? No evidence of a natural disaster has been found. Simply a super intense high heat instant “fire” aka Advance technology destroying everything.

    Now before we get to caught up in the blame the dark masons thinking, we need to keep in mind there are many liar clubs, organizations, and hidden controllers in the hierarchy attempting to enslave the world. All large organized religions are infiltrated with Lucifer followers at this point in history. They put these infiltrators in key positions and have misled their followers away from direct contact with God. In other words playing the middle man for power and money etc. Jesus taught to pray to God in private on a mountainside, in a quiet room, a field, by a river, and all day everyday one on one, or with others who understand the real truth. You have many of the lying royals, hierarchy, top government politicians, key organized religions leaders, key government workers, key people in society all running these liar clubs to keep the world enslaved to them. These are indoctrinated, bribed, and blackmailed professional liars. Never forget this when dealing with most information from media, TV, politicians, the music industry, propaganda videos, news, even in movies. They are lying social engineers who use advanced forms of mind control, hypnosis, post hypnotic suggestions, and even teach lies to professors, or teachers etc who then spread the insanity to the public. If you cut off one, or two snake on Medusa’s head for example the Masons, or the impostors in organized religions, then the rest continue to bite and enslave you. Always remember the hierarchy will use, abuse, and throw away their indoctrinated, or bribed helpers to maintain their selfish monopolies and slave systems.

    They repeatedly betray their own top level loyal helpers which alone should be enough sane motivation to keep you away from these perpetual liars who cause most the problems in the world. Also always remember Fear and Lies are their ultimate tools. Whenever you feel fear. Take a deep breath, calm yourself, and ask God directly for guidance and real truth. Fear and lies are nearly all bluffs to keep your mind functioning in a state in negative state that attempt to hold you back from truth and true freedom. You want to keep your mind filled with Gods truth, know he will protect you for following his commandments, and go forward spreading this truth to better your world and everyone else.
    Beware of those offering you temporary material bribes, power, sex perversion, money, status, feeding your selfish ego’s, fame, escapism through entertainment, drugs, alcohol, medications, negative mind control TV, Music, Videos, fake news stories, internet, the toys, or gluttonous activities etc. They have simply sold out humanity willingly, or unknowingly, are working for Lucifer, deceived by lies, attempting to harm you, and cause you to cease to exist forever with them on the last days. To see how to defeat the liars you can read this web site thoroughly. Pay particular attention to the first link on how to defeat the New world order. May your find happiness, protection, and enjoy your learning experience to find Love, good, and real truth….

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