This article is the second part of Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet. The first article, published in August 2009, analyzed the occult meaning behind Gaga’s photo shoots and videos. We’ve seen that a great deal of her symbolism revolves around occultism, secret societies and references to mind control. This article analyzes Gaga’s latest media and the fact her symbolism is still permeated by the same themes.


My first article on Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta called Lady Gaga, the Illuminati Puppet generated a great deal of interest and controversy. It got featured on many websites and I was deemed either a “genius” or “batshit crazy” depending on the point of view. I can confirm that I’m neither of those two things and that I’m just a guy who knows his symbolism. Many news sites and blogs linked to my article by deforming its original intent (probably for more sensationalism) by adding sarcastic remarks like “Oh No Lady Gaga Wants to Control our Minds!” or “The Crazy Lady Gaga Conspiracy“. I guess those reactions were to be expected. To people who are not acquainted with obscure concepts such as Monarch programming and occult symbolism, the whole thing might sound totally far fetched and ridiculous. But to those who have background knowledge and who have researched these topics (a small minority), I was simply stating the obvious.

Since this article, Gaga has released more material re-using  exactly the same  themes as were discussed in the first article: mind control and secret society occultism. I have to hand it to Gaga, she knows how to generate buzz and controversy around her persona and keep people guessing. The great majority of people still have no idea what her symbolism refers to. So, at the risk of being called “batshit crazy” again here’s Lady Gaga’s latest occult pictures.


Masonic Photo Shoot

In my articles on Lady Gaga and the 2009 VMAs, I’ve identified the use and display of elements taken from Masonic symbolism. If my previous claims were considered inconclusive or “grasping at straws” by some, I wonder if they’ll remain skeptical of the presence of Masonic symbolism in pop culture after seeing this  set of photos, taken INSIDE A MASONIC LODGE,


If you have minimal knowledge of Freemasonry, you already know the great importance of the twin pillars Jachim and Boaz. They are depicted in a great number of Masonic works of art, such as this one.

Pillars of Solomon Temple

Gaga is standing between both pillars, wearing Hello Kitty shoes, occultly referring to mind control programming (innocence, childhood, re-education, etc). Her eyes are closed but she has wide-open eyes painted on her eyelids, which is very symbolic: her eyes seem open but they are still wide shut.


In the picture above, Gaga is sitting on a Masonic throne, complete with the twin pillars on each side of her. Above her head is the compass of Freemasonry:


She is wearing a Hello Kitty dress and posing in a very mannequin-like stance. Her hands are positioned in way reminiscent of iconic art which displays the hermetic maxim “as above so below”.


In the  picture above, Gaga is standing next to the bust of an important Mason (easily recognizable by the collar). The “one eye” symbolism discussed in the previous article is still an intricate part of Gaga’s imagery. She is however far from being the only artist doing this (see Rihanna’s R Rated album cover). Hello Kitty is covering Gaga’s…kitty in another odd juxtaposition of Masonic symbolism with mind control, often found in entertainment photo shoots.

Maria from Metropolis Strikes Back

In the previous article, I’ve mentioned that the name “Lady Gaga” was taken from the Queen video Radio Gaga, in which many scenes were taken from the movie Metropolis. This movie is known for its highly occult themes (Black Magic, sacrifices to the pagan god Moloch, mind control, the whore of Babylon) and is very often referred to in the music industry.

In the movie, Maria, a girl from the working class, is “chosen” by the elite to give her likeness to a mind-controlled robot in order to confuse the masses. There is a dichotomy between the real and the false Maria that is also found in Gaga’s latest offering called Fame Monster.


In the above image, Gaga’s hairstyle is extremely similar to the robot Maria seen here:


In this scene from Fritz’s Metropolis, the android Maria is meant to embody the “whore of Babylon” from Revelation 17:

“So he carried me away in the spirit into the wilderness: and I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet coloured beast, full of names of blasphemy, having seven heads and ten horns.

And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:


And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.

And the angel said unto me, Wherefore didst thou marvel? I will tell thee the mystery of the woman, and of the beast that carrieth her, which hath the seven heads and ten horns.”
-Revelation 17

The false Lady Gaga is opposed to the real, natural and apparently unhappy Lady Gaga.


Other Mind Control Related Pictures

This metallic head is a pretty blatant reference to an alternate personality, as developed in MK Ultra programming.
A literal veil in front of her eyes.
Is it Baphomet’s head on her head?
Living in a programmed reality


In Conclusion

Since the publishing of the first article, Lady Gaga’s symbolism has continued to exploit the same themes as were previously discussed. Although she is very smart and educated in symbolism, the settings of the pictures are the creations of photographers, stylists and other “consultants”. Whether she is commenting on the mind control phenomenon in mass media or simply a victim of it is still hard to determine but one thing is for sure: the symbolism is there and that’s the goal of the article. What is more unsettling is the fact that those themes are not exclusive to Gaga. They are associated with many acts in the music and the fashion industry to a point that one inevitably realizes that these artists are pawns of a greater machine, pushing its symbols through various outlets. References to mind control, to secret societies, to Baphomet and to Metropolis are too widespread to be coincidences or results of artistic expression. There is an obvious media campaign pushing these elements into pop culture. What should we do about it? MTV says: Just dance.





  1. the truth is out …media outlets want to confuse people by saying ''crazy theory'' because they are controlling people's people can't think for themselves…they can't stop people from finding out the truth! they will not win this war! the truth will come out sooner or later …they might think this is just some sad story ..all made up but when they wake up to relaise they are the slaves of this pretend world then it will be too late…and there will be i told you so but will they be alive to be told so …NO! so we need to do something about it!

    • Lady gaga does NOT worship satan. Wake up, you guys. She understood the codes of the elite and uses them for political reasons. She's a great singer, and the truth is that there is nothing to understand except that people are being lied to everyday. Don't be SCARED, just enjoy what a intelligent artist she is . She's brilliant, for real =) !

      • All I am trying to say is that masons know how to manipulate people. I know it because I found myself in trouble with them, and I understood that it was mainly political, and not religious (although some lodges are actually religious, not all of them are). I am from France, so my perspectives maybe different, but I lived in the USA and studied US civilization. Their objective is to scare people in order to control their minds, I think we both agree on this, but if you let them scare the hell out of you, they will thank you for it, because it is exactly the kind of reaction they are expecting from you. I don't know what you think, but I think that their main objective is to make money by dividing people according to races, religions, sexual orientations and to tear people apart is a good way for them to have the power to do whatever they wish, because people will fight each other, not the elite. It makes it comfortable for them. Lady gaga use their symbols because she wants people to understand that them and recognize them. Usually, free masonry is secret and not open to women, and remember that she comes from the working class. The reason I am writing this is that, like her, some people made fun of me because I was Catholic, and they lied to me in such a way I hadn't realized it after a few years, but what is blatant is their lies, and I don't want poeple to fall into the same trap, because it is dangerous psychologically. If you believe them, they will use your credulity and turn it back against you. That is when it gets dangerous. The only way to talk to them and to make them understand you do not want this shit is to create a character and play it against them. That is what she did. It is the only way to think freely, and it is difficult because truth hurts, and you realize that was society teaches you is wrong : Jewish plot, and so on and so forth, ,…

      • Aware now: Sim1 on

        BTW it's not the freemasons doing this, its the illuminati, they use masonic symbols as a code. Illuminati and freemasonary are two DIFFERENT societies.

        It's important to know this, otherwise you will be confused.


        (I totally agree on what you said bout Gaga)

      • Thank you very much for this correction. I am neither of them so I can get easily confused. I wish they taught you about such societies at the university, this way people would know what they are talking about. :=)

      • And you know this how? Because you are a FREEMASON or ILLUMINATI?

        Or because you heard mentioned on a Google/Youtube video? Or was it on a Conspiracy Site?

        I'm curious how one could be so sure without being on the inside.

      • I am not a mason mason myself and will never be part of any frat. I actually did some research because some people kept bothering me as a child and as a teenager, telling me nonsensical stories about spells, the devil, … I wanted to know why, probably just like you. And I believed them, which was a huge mistake, because I was pretty scared, and you can't think properly when you are afraid. The people who shook hands with me (and I still don't know what it means, but it sure isn't respectful) as a young adult are involved in politics, and one of them (I am a member of a center right political party, but start to be disgusted by their attitude) has a very high position inside the party and made it public that he was a mason in a French newspaper. This is how I realized it was manipulation. I am just being pragmatic and try to reason as a scientist (as much as I can) rather than being influenced by religion. Although I am a believer, I think religion should stay private and not be perverted by politics or the economy, because it leads to wars. I hate frats because they are just a buch of go-getters according to my standards. My country is much more secular than the US, and if learning about who you really are or having a secular attitude means being a mason, I maybe a mason without knowing it, but I don't think so. I do not know any more than you do about what is going on inside lodges. However, I know there are masons with both rightists and leftist political leanings, because they shake hands in the same way and I suppose they are friends, or "brothers" as they say, and it is not how I want things to be. They have the right to like each other, but not to lie to the people saying they hate each other. They should not play with people's minds and hearts, and they will not influence me anymore. If you want to play their games and become paranoïd as I once was, it is up to you, but it is your choice, not mine. I can only advise you to read about history, sociology and get the infos on your own. The Internet is a precious tool and VC is interesting because it enables to discuss and share, but I personnally think libraries are excellent as well. Politics is hard, you know, it is poker, really, they won't let you mess with thembut Jesus loves you so you are protected against evil, I am sure. Hope this answered your question.

    • Gaga is so raggety and fake it's not even funny anymore! She has absolutely no self respect for herself and does't even know what she is talking about. She is a total fraud and a joke!!! Trust, VC knows what he's talking about. This chick is a drone that knows exactly what she's doing and how she's being used and she doesn't care not one bit!!! She's already slaughtered her sacrificial lamb, Lena Morgana, to get where she is, It wasn't hard to expose this overly exposed Illuppet in this article

      I can't wait until her handlers program her to self destruct!!!!

    • Want to do something about it ehh? Kill a talented young actress who designs all her own clothing and makeup? Well, only in a capitalistic imperialistic society can people achieve such success yet you all condemn Marxist Socialists and Communism as the real problem. You all are ignorant of history and isms. You have Stalinism confused with Marxism and Socialism confused with Obama. I say do some homework and read instead of watching TV. If anything is controlled it is TV and it wants you to consume more and praise capitalism. That is the real demonic force that keeps us at war all the time fools!

      • I admit that I do not believe communism is going to save western society from the mess it has become. Besides, it has never been a real success. However, I strongly believe that our culture will need to adapt to a more balanced share of power. Let me make it clear : if we continue to consume as we do and act as selfish as we are, there will be more inequalities as a consequence. This may lead to wars, in my mind, and this is already going on in many countries, unfortunetely. I do not think that far right or far left parties, by essence not so domocratic, if I may say so, are going to help much. I think that religion is not going to help either, because it divides people. Plus, a big change cannot come from the elite, but from the people that needs more access to culture. In that sense, I totally agree that reading books is better than watching TV. Free masonry acts as a kind of network, and I do not consider this as the solution either, far from it, you can see it from my other comments. Besides, I do not see the link between free masonry and communism ?????? That is something I didn't get from your comment. Some masons are, as far as I know, on the right wing of the political spectrum. Anyway, I think that it is more complicated than this, and that people are more than a political identity as you seem to be defining it. I will just pray for a more peaceful world and hope to be followed in my prayers, whether you think my comment is good or not.

    • well, i want to congratulate you for your efforts.thanks for 'illuminating'this subject because even as a layman it is easy to see something fishy and they r trying to force it on us because nobody really cares anymore.

      but on the same lines is the wa against terrorism and the mega lies and chaos surrounding it and the conspiracy surrounding 9-11 part of the same franchise.

      also i have heard that illuminatists percieve the religion of islam as a threat to divide and rule.

      so could you clarify or research on how the media and elite might be trying to scare away people from islam/muslims.

      and wht the deliberate hype??

      • Thanks for your comment, I think you have already understood much on the subject. This is what I have came up with : this is what is called storytelling. They are making up "fairytales" for the gullible and hope people will buy it with the help of religion because they know people are attached to their culture and religion. Clearly, it is a lack of respect for everyone, muslims of course and christians themselves. It is easy to use symbols as a weapon. Propaganda is everywhere, not only in the US or in muslim countries, and Hollywood is their playground using a commercial arm called sex. Your life as well as mine is based on it, and we have to relearn everything we have been taught from your birth in order to find the truth VC is trying to bring to light. Check the link on VC's front page for those not interested in symbols, or read newpapers. It is the true state of the world today. I said I thought gaga was brilliant because she is up to now the only one to bring the underground to pop music. Listen to Rihanna, s and m is purely commercial and this is why it sells, but although I have nothing against rihanna, it is not as elaborated as Poker face. They want to implement the cult of icons in the US, which is against the christian doctrine, but it is not in order to make the Christian religion disappear, it is in order to justify wars. Do not let them choose for you, no matter your religion, say no to a god called money, this is the basis of all faiths. Remember that it is a game that they are playing, so they might loose it if we come together united as one. They will be the ones to feel sorry for themselves this day. But I am not naive and it is hard to go against them. So many got killed just for being smart, in all ages and time. So in spite of this, keep up with your naive stories, as Tolstoï once said, they really don't like it. Sorry if I haven't answered directly about Islam, but I refuse to enter a religious debate. I have muslim friends, jewish ones, gay ones, and we get along well.

    • I am replying to this person that believes as I do. There are people out there that DO believe that this is all just music and entertainment. But "they" are clearly getting their messages out there to all of us, aside from myself, and others like me, researching on our own, we know ALL ABOUT this "group" and, although they are not to be played around lightly with, I believe that GOOD will definately overcome this EVIL bullshit! I know we are nearing the end here, it's all there in front of us. The music, the advertisements, the subliminal messages, people like myself , we are NOT stupid! We may be scared, but who the hell isnt? But let me tell you, Im not going down without protecting my family, informing them and their families, without a FIGHT! And I have family in the military, law enforcement, and some believe, and some do not….I DO. This is WAR. We have to stick together as neighbors, family, and stop these evil beings, whoever the hell they think they are. They dont scare me. I fear only one….GOD!

  2. Yeah, a lot of people always defend artists saying well they didn't write this song, or that was someone else vision for an cd cover(i.e. latest Rhianna cover). I've noticed that two other artists (omarion and Tiffany Evans) have been alluding to the dark side of the industry. Of course, you have those he call them haters because they've haven't reach the level of success as a Lady Gaga etc. Other people said that they wouldn't doubt it and some people direct people to do there research before just simply calling people crazy. Good Work VC!

  3. I don't actually think it's the symbolism that scares me, these people are a bunch of inbreeding reptilians (I use the term loosely as diana princess of wales used it to describe the royal family as I believe this may be more their claim than an actual reality), the thing that worries me is the fact that there are so many people who ARE clever enough to see all this but are too apathetic to do anything because "their lives suit them at the moment" yet these people will be the first to grumble when it all goes wrong, we are taking a dark and dangerous path which many forms of media have tried to warn us (The Matrix, Star Wars etc) all of them have legitimate pointers even if on a subconscious level as to what is to come.

    I hope that when the sheep wake up and realise the world is being ordered by men and women who do not hold you in any regard as fellow man and would quite happily see us all numbered and chipped, I personally want to run as far away as I can, arm myself and make sure I take as many of them with me as I can when the time comes, I was not bought into this way of thinking and have come to my own unbiased conclusions, the problem is the harder you look the more you wish you hadn't.

    Right now people should be quietly finding these things for themselves and asking questions of the people YOU VOTE to represent you, why is our own culture being poisoned in this way and the real question is will generations to come be perverted by this kind of contempt for society or will the intelligent ones stand together and resist the opession when the time comes, originally I was skeptical and doubtful of enough people doing this however the more I look the more like minded folk I stumble across, thankyou for making it easier for me to show people what I meen vigilant your an absolute legend and as always nailed this on the head! my warmest regards to you and your kin.

    REMEMBER IN THIS WORLD THERE IS GOD (creator of any kind you like) AND THEN YOU!… we have just been duped into believing we do not have a say anymore and with many voices will come one resounding NO!


  4. This site has really opened my eyes and though i have been blind but now i can see. this might look innocent but the long term effect is to make people deviate from the right part by adopting this people as pop idols trying to live just like they do and polluting minds as result.

    More grease to your elbows.

    But in your further research can you please comment on Micheal Jackson, was he also an ocultic member.

  5. From what I've read, Lady Gaga was a pretty successful performance artist before she started doing pop music, so I think the chances that it's her suggesting these themes are pretty high. I see her as making the statement that it's easy to control people's minds, and that we need to become aware of the ways that we are being controlled. MTV just puts it on because people buy the CDs and they know that a vast majority of people aren't going to look too deeply into the symbolism behind her performances, if MTV even does. People are going to remain closed to the realities of the world for a long time, the truth hurts, so I think it's cool that someone is saying something about it from the very place that a lot of the "mind control" comes from, mass media popular culture.

    • I totally agree with you :) Has anyone wondered if she is ok ? I have heard that she suppressed her twitter account yesterday. I am sure that it is all because of your hateful comments. Christians you say you are ? You really need to learn what religion is about.

  6. Her appearance on Saturday Night Live in a sketch along with Madonna, complete with mock fighting, almost identical outfits, and ceremonial kiss between them also seemed like a 'passing of the mantle' from the Old Queen to the heir apparent.

    An the video for her latest collaboration with a musician called Wale is… mind bending:

  7. jonesybabygirl on

    Well since I've been reading up on VC, I have really started opening my eyes and paying close attention to alot going on around me. I have actually started doing some research on some stuff myself as far as who is talking about these things and who else is getting info about it. I discovered this guy on youtube also, his name is forerunner777 and he is also exposing alot of evil going on in the entertainment industryand the government, especially with JayZ and Beyonce…Speakin of which, if any of you guys out there have the DVD called "The Beyonce Experience" I would like to point out something strange. During her concert not only during her song "Greenlight" does she have her back up singers and band throwing up devils horns (on the part when they are sayin " go go go") but when she's doing the second part of her concert singing the "baby boy" song, the backup dancer guys, check out the stuff on their clothes. There could be more things but that's what I got so far.

  8. VC and Anders are the best observers and commentators on symbolism and the occult I've come across yet. Another interesting article about Lady Gaga. I find her (or him, if androgynous) to be utterly fascinating. Whoever puts together her costumes, the themes, etc. — does really amazing work. I absolutely love her Hello Kitty dress.

    That said, I'm thinking if Lady G is a monarch slave, she must be a big hit at all the upper secret societies' secret rituals and parties. I wonder if she's ever been invited to the Bohemian Grove get -togethers? I doubt if being a monarch slave is even that troublesome — one lives in rarefied places that the yokels only see in their daydreams.

    What to think about Lady Gaga? What to think about Freemasonry's symbolism all derived from the Jewish Kabbalah and Messianism??? Why exclusively those two last things? If I were an Oriental Hindu or Buddhist, I wouldn't have to be worried about these things. Only in Western Civilization do we have the conspiracy theories and such.

    Someone mentioned they look to the intelligent ones who will one day stand together and resist the oppression when the time comes. The truth is the intelligent ones are busy in the universities designing video gaming systems that they give seminars on. To keep you all busy while Reality gets changed around.

    And in education, the trend is computer reality — not even books anymore. The Intelligentsia notice the brain is becoming differently hardwired since the advent of computers. Maybe this is a good thing. I can't tell.

    • Are you serious? Being a monarch slave couldn't be all that bad? You loved her Hello Kitty dress? Invited to Bohemian Grove? Seems like you're a victim of brain washing yourself lilly. Let's be frank here. Her Hello Kitty atire is advertising to ALL that are part of the Monarch Mind control program that their most popular slave being Lady Gaga is open for sex and ritual sexual abuse and is currently in Beta programming. She's wet and ready to be handled as a sex kitten by any handler that knows the program. The fact that those photos were taken in a Masonic Lodge gives ode to that ruling organization that controls all of modern undustry. And just because one goes to college or university does not make one smart by the way but more susceptible to mind control due to the fact that the curriculum in most institutes of higher learning have been restructured by the minds of ex-Nazi scientists with the sole goal of brainwashing entire generations of Americans. Get real and get your head out if your ass.

  9. The alice in wonderland was not believable for me, they didn't have really any relationship the pictures except the bunny.

  10. In an interview with Queen soon after the release of Radio GaGa, the boys intimated that the original name for the song was Radio KaKa. Unfortunatey, at that time they were still dependant on airplay in order to make a living, so the title was changed to Radio GaGa. Lady KaKa anyone?

  11. Good stuff VC, always on time and on point. Its crazy cuz ive been in the loop of that illuminati s**t for 8 years. No one really gives us a good weakly dose of understanding of occult symbols like VC, especially when its related to stars the youth love. Like i said, 8 years of knowing about the elite. But i never thought they had that much control over black music like that. The s**t was right here, under my nose. Didn't really notice til i found this site. So i Thank you Very Much!!!!!

    These "elite" are working overtime to conquer people's subconscious minds. Its like their late in their schedule or something. They know lots of Christians in the western world still love Jesus, and the Muslims aren't switching away from Allah to Lady Gaga just yet. They want to convert you and I to that satanic non-sense. I mean with Rihanna and Bey Bey, its a little bit obvious. But Lady Gaga!?!?!? Come on! Its so Blatant!

    Like you said, yes they want us to "Just Dance", but i think they also want us to find out. The elite, it seems, is tired of hiding. They want us to acknowledge that they are the kings! Like "Jay-Zilluminati" said, they want us to "pledge our allegiance" . But they brainwashed us so well, they couldn't wake us up even if they made Lady Googoo Gaga do a real live bloody human sacrifice ritual right on the stage of the next Superbowl!

    The elite are doing a full court press. But like you said, they want us to know just enough to keep us under control!

    Usually they make you do at least one or two "innocent" sounding album before they make you break out with the more obvious occult undertones. Beyonce, Aguilera, Rihanna (with her debut album, "Music of the "SUN??"), Aaliyah, even Britney had somewhat innocent sounding singles, safe enough for your mom's taste to buy you the record on X-Mas. That's how they secure a willing fan base first. But with Gaga, the blatant symbolism is right off the bat!

    All over the tv its vampires and blood. Twilight; that Megan Fox movie (Jennifer's Body) and …True Blood! In one of the last episodes, they had this sex orgy and this priestess wore a baphomet looking mask!!!

    Its like the elite is running out of time!!

  12. @believer And a lot of people do not want to be “unplugged” you can read the desperation in their ignorant off topic comments. Maybe they’re afraid that the theories are true or they really love these artists that much.

  13. Thanks, Vigilant Citizen, for another great expose!

    Now is the time for each one of us to become more vigilant ourselves. Too much of this stuff has gone on right before our eyes… It's time to WAKE UP, FOLKS!!!

    Even if you don't necessarily "believe in all this 'Illuminati' stuff," as one said, you must see that something unsettling is going on in our world.

    To live in such a time of tremendous discovery and wealth, we see so much pain and desperation and way too little compassion. There's a reason for all this.

    Writer Oscar Wilde said, "Life imitates art more than art imitates life."

    If this is so, shouldn't we be all the more careful about what popular "art" is teaching us?

    Again, thanks for the eye-opener!

  14. all of the people on ohnotheydidnt praise her and call her a god. they worship her and say "praise godga!" i believe this article is real. GORGYLES! SLYKICKS! and they have this beautiful… star ceremony where they pray to the moon and it's all about the moon…

  15. the picture of her with the dark hair looks like symbolism for Jesus or something along those lines with the bloody tears

  16. jonesybabygirl on

    Oh yes, one thing I failed to mention was that Beyonce and Lady Gaga are supposed to be doing a song and video together! You know what that spells to me? F-R-E-E-M-A-S-O-N!

  17. Understand the Lady Gaga is not necessarily a victim. She chose this path…nothing is free. Instead of working and developing herself to be a true talented artist, she decided to walk the “easy” road and take satan’s offer of a quick life of fame and fortune in exchange to be used. She has NO freedom, yet she is rich. She is forced to take those masonic picture and be mind controlled. She is forced to life that image, she can’t decide to change her mind, take her money and move to the fiji islands. She has to fulfill her side of the contract with the elite. She is a rich slave.

  18. hey this is real good and i love that you keep bringing up more stuff for us to open out eyes to, hey vigilant can you find anyhting on alicia keys i heard she was part of the o.t.o and want to know if there is any evidence/symbolism to support it, i mean shes featured with jay-z does anyone know anything about her

  19. LADY GAGA IS JUST FREAK she's is throwing this Masonic symbolism in are face and since she's doing it openly we need to expose her openly. GOOD POST keep up the good work!

  20. Serious Theorist on

    This is, hands down, one of the funniest thing I've read in a very long time.

    Thank you.

  21. excuse me if this has already been said, or if it’s just my browser (apologies if so) but why all the links to photos corresponding to the story, instead of the actual photos? this amount of clicking to a new window then coparing windows has never been necessary before. perhaps it was a programming mistake and will soon be fixed.

  22. It is shocking when you realize how ignorant the common ‘man’ is to ancient symbolism and what it means. I find it hard to believe that “normal” people don’t understand these things that are all about us in our modern world. But I forget that most people do not have the I.Q. high enough to process this information. Being ignorant is a badge of honor proudly displayed in today’s glamourous ghetto “raunch” lifestyle. Our youth are being groomed by each other and popular culture to “dumb it down”.

    For example, a young man my husband works with was discussing jay-z and he thought the triangle over the left eye was jay-z’s idea?!?! He had no idea what the slogan “Do what thou wilt.” on jay-z’s clothing line meant or it’s origin?!?!

    Thank you for being brave enough to speak your mind.

    • I just want you say that your comment concerning the lack of high IQs about processing this information is absolutely ridiculous and insulting. Do you really think one needs a high IQ (as if that's the only test of intelligence) to learn about these symbols? Being ignorant to something has nothing to do with a low IQ and I can't believe how arrogant you are to think that. I suppose when you were ignorant to this information you had a low IQ as well? Why can't you just stress the importance of learning this rather than attempt to be pompous and bring up IQ?

  23. Very interesting, knowing the kind of shoes and dress she is wearing……Hello Kitty shoes, Top Hat Investigative Person you are!

    Want a story follow the (Money,Food,Sex,) it takes one to obtain the other two.

    Lite the Cigar.

  24. Great job! There are so many subtle symbolic clues out there. Lady Gaga's clues not so subtle. Clues are everywhere, we gotta keep our eyes open!

  25. TO: Serious Theorist

    I don’t find this article to be funny at all. If you have a problem with this article then maybe you should go and watch a comdey club show. I am sure there are plenty of them on tv and it will be way funnier. I promise.

    • Well there is a mind that is open and receiving. How can you, on one hand come to a site that is of open discussion, and when an opinion of different light comes forth, you condemn and ridicule?

      What makes you different from a Christian telling you that you can't see it how they see "it". Strange schism you emanate to others.

  26. There is a lot of evidance out there that says "she" is in fact a HE. I have seen some of the vids and I have to say… I think she really is a he.

  27. I am always happy to check out the newest article on VS, and I then share them with others…unfortunately many of them don't like to take the articles seriously, and some people think that being a conspiracy theorist is wrong. However I love the articles and I am now more intrigued to learn about how we can get more people to understand what is really going on. Instead of it being such a small minority of people who are having their eyes open to this mess that our society calls entertainment.

    When I found out about Jay Z AND Beyonce' I was shocked and I felt so dumb, but now that I am over the initial shock I have mad the conscious effort to inform my loved ones and beware of what I listen to. I also threw out many CD's and cleaned many artists music out of my Music player.

  28. I continue to think you are 'spot on' with your identifying the symbolism in various artists works. As for Lady GaGa, I really don't think she is 'fully aware' of the symbolism. I believe most of these 'stars', as we've witnessed from the reality shows, are 'managed'…right from 'advising' them on hair colours and styles, clothing and choosing a 'branding' image for themselves…most of it does NOT come from them, but from their 'handlers'…I would say, and explanations and info maybe 'distorted'….so when we see the interviews and the so-called star is asked about why they like certain things, or what their songs are about, or why they dress in a certain way, you end up hearing the most ridiculous answers from them…as if they are clueless…their audience knows more about their symbolism than they do!!

  29. Thanks guys for your work! You seems to be aware of this shit. But in my country in France people are so ignorant, I can’t believe it. I’ve watched the Jay-z deception on youtube it was really scary. As you say they want us to find out, there is an acceleration they really want us to heard them. The next album of Alicia Keys has a really strange title…
    But what is their aim, they want to control us and run the world under one religion? So crazy! We are the solution, it’s time to wake up.

  30. Another good piece my friend ~ if I may be so bold. I have found that this person’s sound is the same. She does not seem to break from a specific formula and to me, that repetition could have a techno hypnosis type of quality.

    We know that music and beats are established from wisdom of the ancient priests and different beats have different effects on the body and mind. IE that heavy rap beat is sure to bring you down low n slow n ponderous whereas classical elates and frees the soul to explore the universe. Hence, I just noticed that when I heard her on the radio the other day.

    Comment on that?

  31. I went one step further and BURNED all my CD’s, even the so-called “christian” music. The whole entertainment industry has been corrupted by Satan so I don’t listen to any music anymore. I never turn on a radio unless there is a tornado warning I need to monitor. I renew my mind every day by reading the Bible, which is the only souce of PURE truth in this corrupt world. 1 John 5:19 accurately states: “The whole world is under the sway (deception) of the wicked one (satan). Revelation 22:15 describes those who will inherit the Lake of Fire (Hell): “But outside are dogs and sorcerers (i.e freemasons) and sexually immoral and murderers (government/Illuminati), and WHOEVER LOVES AND PRACTICES A LIE.” The majority of people in the world today “love and practice a lie.” Jesus Christ, who is the Truth and the Word of God, (not an organized church denomination!), is the only One who can save us from this “matrix.” We have to repent of all our pet sins, which give the enemy power over us, and seek Him through His Word.

    • hey lynn. i have just read ur comment. please watch the arrivals. hope you get the most out of it. take care!

  32. I think the 'Showbiz Establishment' is the John the baptist of the Antichrist. Their a time is short. They're in a haste. "Prepare the way" into the heart of the people to receive the Man of Sin.

  33. For my own clarification,

    If Lady GAGA is indeed trying to control our minds through music, and she is a puppet of a world running secret government, what exactly is she having us do? I am not even going to get into why or why not this article carries any validity, but I ask, What is the point?

    As far as I know, she has no endorsements, most of her songs are ridiculous dance songs. So I am wondering why Lady Gaga would be the pawn? She isn’t really going to reach young males, and she certainly isn’t reaching many older males. Why not someone like Oprah, or Leno, or someone on the cable news networks?

    To be honest, I think that she is not very confident in her looks and is just using artsy ways to hide her face. In doing so, her “artsy” presentation helps her get her performances out with out having to deal with the scrutiny of the media getting in the way of her singing. Someone like the Britain’s got Talent woman (Susan Boyle) exemplifies my point. Her looks have kept her from becoming a media start until this year. The world is a shallow place and most of our entertainment comes from people who are “pretty”.

    And in the end, what is the gain to this secret organization that is using her for their tasks? I can easily not pay for the record by downloading illegally, I will not pay to see her in concert, and I don’t listen to internet stations or terrestrial stations playing her music. So does that mean that I am “not enlightened” enough to understand, or is it that she makes shite music and I don’t need to think of it.

  34. ‘tranceformation of america’ by drug mule and project monarch slave cathy o’brien gets into this alice in wonderland themed mind control and other themes from pop culture

  35. great article … do u think u could maybe do a report on the whole swine flu thing? is it real? i am mexican and i was in mexico city when the first outbreak happened.. it was kind of scary with the government closing schools and restaurants and well everything to prevent the transmission .. i feel clueless at what to do.. i dont believe its real..

  36. First time to this blog & really like it. It's all about mind control on us without knowing it. Keep up the good exposure on what's happening.

    If you want to read a great book, about taking a stand against those with their personal agenda, then I might suggest reading about a small town in America that stands up to federal tyranny & ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. It's insightful & about shows what each of us can do to save America. Maybe history is calling on us to make our own history & leave our legacy again. Good read!

  37. This is amazinqq it truly is. Im so shocked. I already knew about the symbolism but wow. This stuff is scary how can we resist NWO thingy. SOmeone please tell me. About the cover thing I kind of new that what it represents. Can you do more posts about the music industry.

  38. "We can accomplish anything with money…Israel can now win in any encounter…It will also be the base for World Government Headquarters. We CONTROL EVERY MEDIA of expression…newspapers, magazines, radio, television… even your MUSIC! We CENSOR…before long we will have COMPLETE CONTROL OF YOUR THINKING…" In a public speech Harold W. Rosenthal, administrative assistant to then US Senator Jacob K. Javits of N.Y. In August of 1976 Harold's ego indulgence prompted the controllers to take him out lest he jeopardize the dark agenda of the Cahill.

    Do not be fooled if they have no qualms at eliminating their own people, they' ve done it in the past. Under secrecy and staged accidents and terrorism they unscrupulously stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

    Hitler was one of their people, as well as most of his government assistants. Hitler was following orders from the financiers that backed his war. Many Jewish people were already emigrating to Israel and other parts of the world. But in order to make Israel their nation they had to spill the blood of their own, and they sacrificed a quarter of a million of their own people, and then when the war was over they spiked the number to six million. At one point they were claiming they were seven and half million. Confusion and lies are their tools to advance their plans of domination, and they are counting on your gullibility and naiveness to do just that.

    During the Great War the same was staged and Bismarck followed his Jewish mother's influence as well. This is to show you that the so called religion of the Synagogue is not a religion at all, but a political movement. Here goes H. W. Rosenthal concerning "Religion… our CONTROL of the textbook industry…news media…able to hold ourselves up as AUTHORITIES … our rabbis now hold professorships in supposed Christian theological seminaries. We are amazed by the Christians stupidity…Judaism is not only the teaching of the synagogue, but also the doctrine of every Christian Church in America. Through our propaganda the church has become our most avid supporter…their believing in the lie that we are the

    ' chosen people' … These deluded children of the church defend us to the point of DESTROYING their own culture… the ignorant Christians… attack the crusaders even if they are members of their own families…Through our influence of religion we were able to involve the ignorant white Christians in WARS against themselves, which always impoverished both sides while we reaped a financial and political harvest."

    How true this is and the same was applied to the French Revolution. If you do not know your history you are bound to repeat it.

    • I more or less agree with you, but I do not think that the people is responsible for this, nor stupid. I agree that we do not have as much access to education as we should because of the influence of the media, for example. However, education and intelligence are, for me, two different things. I still have one question : is it so different in Israel ? Is everybody rich and educated there ? I doubt it but since you are implying it, I am just asking.

  39. Poor Gaga. If you knew the full extent of the horrific and terrifying psycho-sexual torture that these Monarch mind-control victims and the ‘Montauk Boys’ endured, you would understand… she has no choice in the matter. She, like so many others in the public “eye” is an unwilling tool of these insane Satanic sickos.

  40. great article as usual

    Did people forget this is not a woman but a hermaphrodite.

    what kind of parents would allow this to go overlooked at birth ? some sick parents.

  41. Here’s a surprise (or mabe not, it depends:)

    LADY GAGA’s family name is GERMANOTTA. Italian u may say. No way:
    “Germanotta is a Jewish surname like many anglicized surnames were.
    Many Jews went to Germany and moved through the Brenner pass between Italy and Germany and created Yiddish and changed names to reflect this.
    Other names are Romani, Rosenberg,Gutenberg ,Rosenblatt etc “

  42. The recent VMA showed the humiliation of Taylor Swift…was the public display of affection between Madonna and Britney Spears at a former VMA considered a similar initiation? Wondering…

    Look at what has happened to Ms. Spears…self destruction.

    Thanks for your efforts…very interesting and helpful.

  43. I saw a great Youtube doco about the masonic influence in black culture and Hip hop. It suggests that jayZ roca- fella ( rockerfeller) and the "we own this town" crew including Beyonce, rhianna ( have you seen her new look),Eminem (overtly horrific new material+ videos) Lil wayne and co have all done a deal with the devil9 litterally). Something is a foot, and I for one am choosing to unhook from all this. The doco contorversialy then goes on to suggest that Tupac was killed, because he was trying to breakaway from this dark influence that was manipulating the industry.

  44. Great stuff, Vigilant. Always enjoy receiving a message of a new article on your site. Have you seen her video for papparazzi? At the start you have the black &white squares a goat’s head on the wall. And when it comes to her ‘killikng’ her boyfriend at the end there is a lot of weird Mickey Mouse symbolism going on.

  45. art depicts what the artist sees is going on, and in that way art tells the truth. i appreciate this article and its made me see some art i hadn't seen before, and see it for something pretty cool. to me, this art is simply depicting the alternate reality many of us are being led further into, etc, i won't bore you. just saying, appreciate the art, don't be so quick to judge the lady because you don't know what her intentions are, what her feelings are, about things. we're all on the same path whether we know it or not, what is the point of judging.

  46. I have found your information very insightful and informative. Please continue to do the good work you're doing and keep us posted on the issues you find. A lot of what you say is true, there is a bigger agenda for the media, music, movies, fashion and news alike, ei. to usher in the New World Order. That's the grand design the masons are working towards and they use everyone and anyone they can to achieve their goal. Weather you believe it or not it is happening and you will realize this sooner or later unless you are utterly stupid and ignorant and simply refuse to accept the truth because you don,t like it.

  47. “I have both male and female genitalia, but I consider myself female. It’s just a little bit of a penis and doesn’t interfere much with my life.”

  48. Ummm… and so what? She might or might not use Masonic or occult symbolism. It looks great and may resonate on all kind of cultural levels. That's what artists do. But how exactly will this in any way result in some kind of devious outcome? How exactly has my mind been warped? How exactly will this lead to blood running in the streets?

  49. Is L. Gaga aware of all this? Or is it the photographer who is the mason and portraits the symbolism upon her?

  50. Everything is subjective, so to me it’s all a maybe, except when you say Gaga’s hair is like Maria’s…Gaga’s hair is straight and triangular coming down. Maria’s hair isn’t showing, it’s under a helmet/hat. Duh.

  51. @ #36 DJHJ

    I believe that the illuminati is using a lot of artist to kind of shall i say promote their symbolism, to get us ready. lets be real. People idolize or worship a lot of these artistes. If Jay- Z throws up the triangle in a concert, everybody does it. if Beyonce throws up the baphomet sign all her fans will do it. Are you catching my drift? The more we see the symbolism the more comfortable we are. We won’t think much of it.The illuminati knows they’re running out of time, hell the devil knows he’s running out of time. Put the symbolism out there by using you favorite artist, you think nothing of it.

    @ #18 Mary

    To answer you question on Alicia Keys. Yes Alicia has turned. If you watched the VMA Awards when she did the performance with jay- Z she was throwing up masonic symbols, the baphomet sign left and right. Just watch the video. Everyone is turning to the darkside to make a buck. It’s sad!!!

  52. I mentioned this to VC before, when I see LG on TV I get this real “Yick!” feeling in my spirit. I also used to get it every time I saw Condaleeza Rice. Does anyone know where she came from and how she got there?

  53. Obi Wan- Masonic on

    It's th dark side of the force FYI. Chewbacca (The Masonic King) will come and rape your childrens! Be aware!

    OMG.. The republic is not what it used to be.. It's so sad :(

  54. This is so scary. To think that this women is nothing but a puppet on strings. No control over her mind body and soul. She is a goner as is all the other baphomet worshippers who have sold their souls. There is this film called “The Arrivals” on YT and FBook. It really opened my mind. I recommend it. This website is amazing and so very well thought out. It was brought to my attention on an internet forum called Topix.

    I might also add, that Lilly Allen had a song out called “The Fear” that had a very deep meaning talking about materialistic things and fame and fortune. I did notice guys under huge boxes of presents dancing around the masonic checkerboard. You would think that she would have a happier face, yet she looked depressed and uninterested. She has now said that she is quitting the Music Industry. hhhmmm. Smart girl.

    Thanks again.

  55. love the article..

    really opened my eyes to symbolism and what not

    only thing is i dont think there is anything wrong with putting masonic etc symbols into things

    you are entitled to believe whatever faith you want to

    but i really dont believe these artists or people behind the artists are really converting people to other religions or control peoples minds with certain symbols… if you get where i am going

  56. i think she’s just fucking with you now to be honest. have you checked her education history, what and where she studied? is “studied art and sociopolitics, and has possibly read the illuminatus trilogy at some point like everybody else” less or more likely than “secret tool of the illuminati”? musicians sometimes do things outside of their music career you know? occam’s razor. you are not the only person in the world who understands this symbology.

    also you totally missed that the shot on the throne is the high priestess card from the rider-waite tarot deck

  57. Another great article, you have got it spot on once again. Its amazing how blatant she is about all this. The Illuminati really are getting arrogant these days.

    And to the ‘lady gag wants to take over our minds’ juveniles… its not about mind control, its about corrupting the young and opening them up to demonic forces.

  58. There is nothing sadder than reading through this article and through the comments and finding people who seem preoccupied with useless information.
    Who cares if L. Gaga is hot or not , male or female, that is not the point. Please refer to any of the plethera of entertainment tonight spin-offs for your latest top ten hotties, flakes, delinquents, whores etc. etc. fix.

    And to DJHJ…and all others who question why they would use a lady gaga as opposed to a jay leno, which I’m sure they do anyways. The point is, while Gaga, Beyonce and Rihanna indoctrinate the youth with these images and messages of moral/sexual “freedom” Most people/parents think, feel, act exactly like you >>> why bother caring about what Gaga is saying, she’s only talking to kids. Funny, cuz I’m pretty sure in the end the children are our future. Hmmm, seems almost downright rational, practical even to target the most impressionable audience when attempting to change a paradigm or perception of behavioral norms, etc.

    So yeah, Great work Vigilant, thanks for these articles I seriously look forward to them.

  59. awesome work once again!!!

    if you haven’t heard it yet, you have to see the latest episode of south park (“Whale Wars”), where Cartman is singing Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face… it is fucking hilarious!!!

    just google cartman sings poker face :)

    thanks for all your great insights

    PEACE AND LOVE to all

  60. love the article..
    really opened my eyes to symbolism and what not

    only thing is i dont think there is anything wrong with putting masonic etc symbols into thing.
    you are entitled to believe whatever faith you want to
    but i really dont believe these artists or people behind the artists are really converting people to other religions or control peoples minds with certain symbols… if you get where i am going

  61. She’s an artist it’s a theme of her art. There is nothing more too it than that. It serves to make her seem more interesting than she actually is.

  62. I just want to say Thanks. Ever since reading up on the articles you have written I have analyzed almost every song I hear on the radio. I also notice a TON of symbolism (particularly checkerboard floors) in almost EVERY TV show and movie. You are doing a great job … Keep the articles coming!!

  63. Check out the building – Egyptian style – in which LADY GAGA and her fam lived. BLATANT!!! Reminds me of GHOSTBUSTERS building…

    And some wise words form her: “Right now the only thing that I am concerned with in my life is being an artist. I had to suppress it for so many years in high school because I was made fun of but now I’m completely insulated in my box of insanity and I can do whatever I like,” she added.

    Order of the KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS had their headquarters there so its all connected.

    On the other hand… Theres much paranoia running about. It is one thing to become aware of whats going on behind the curtains and another to become gaga indeed and seeing evil at every step, in everything, in every artist etc. Coz if u think better, all the artists seem to be so, rite? Ull stop listening music, ur music, what ull do? Enjoy the silence? Come on, try to be reasonable… Also I see here many ppl that point their finger at music industry/masons/illumies and declaring themselves Xtians. What a joke! Xtiniaty/religion was given to u by TPTB and its an instrument of deception as well. All religions or most of them are based on the Sun Cult. They created Jesus, they also created Satan&Co. and use the reverse symbolism heavily.

    Btw, how many of u know that TISH CYRUS isnt Miley's real mom? Its only known the fact that she died long time ago, probably while Miley was a toddler if not earlier. A big mystery indeed…

  64. I have read all your articles about the occult symbolism i had no idea about beyonce an jay z an all the other artists u have mentioned on your website .I was such a beyonce fan i was too starting to become a lady gaga fan like everyone else but i stopped listenin to her after readin your article about her .everything makes sense the eye of horus an all that. theres something else im concerned about the columbia pictures logo with the lady is there symbolism in there? keep giving us them articles.

  65. marty October 29th, 2009 9:17 pm writes:

    can you find anyhting on alicia keys i heard she was part of the o.t.o and want to know if there is any evidence/symbolism to support it, i mean shes featured with jay-z does anyone know anything about her

    I must say that I was pleasantly surprised by the lyrics of her new song ‘Doesn’t Mean Anything’ (released September 22, 2009).






  67. by the way..that picture of lady gaga in fame monster which referr’s to the robot’s hair style….that picture actually reminded me of Crowley’s famous picture with that pyramid helmet he has….look at it!

  68. The Holy stream (waves/frequencies) of Light and Sound (Sun and Earth/Atoms and electrons) creates the Holy stream of Life (consciousness). That is God. That’s the physiological ingredients.
    Jesus himself explains all, exactly HOW we are Love as some say, and what Satan really is… It’s sickness and parasites, by the way.
    If we don’t start remembering once again what we are, the values of our Lives, how to be clean (’christ’) inside and out, body and soul (your thoughts).. I’m afraid we can’t win against any new world order.
    Peace be with you.

  69. This all basically bull crap. This guy might jst be crazy. You said jay-z jst turned dats y his all rappin bout it. Wot do u hve to say bout his track lucifer? Hard knock life and the rest?


  71. im really just trying to figure out if the societies are so secret and the symbolism is so secret why do you seem to know so much about it….if these ppl control the media and are as big as you say they are why is this site even around…dont get me wrong i believe that there is something controlling society and the media to control our brains but when you start saying that these musicians are involved its just outlandish…coinsedences or things done by the photographers…i mean there are more then two pillars just in a mason lodge…also women arent allowed in a mason lodge not even for photos…the stars have there own thing…masons would never use women and there symbolism period under no circumstance…so ryanna beyonce all that is incorrect…just simularities but if you were actualy a mason instead of a paranoid researcher you would know that…the truth is not available on the internet about masonry…you actually have to be one to understand all of its principles and clearly you are not…get a life and stop making up things…the ppl that i know run the world are way more powerful and can control anything they want including the internet…..if your story were true it wouldnt be published…instead of being afraid of freemasons you need to be afraid of the CIA…you think your just that inteligent to figure this whole scheme out but let me ask you who shot JFK…That was over 30 years ago and we still dont know..if that can be hidden from us with less technology what makes you think u can figure anything else out…impossible…what these powerful ppl dont want us to know trust me wont know!!!!…i think your arrogance is amazing

    • @ A REAL MASON – I’m not afraid of Freemasons or of anybody. I actually know many Masons (some very high level), including some family members and close friends. I know for a fact that Masons do not plot conspiracies in their lodges and that true power lies in hidden orders. The aim of those articles are not to condemn but to bring to light facts that are not known by many. The Masons I know openly admit that those pictures are blatantly Masonic. To deny this fact (as you seem to do) is simply dishonest and deceitful. You would be much more credible if you would say: “Yes, the pics contain Masonic symbolism and there is nothing wrong with that. We are that fascinating”.

      But everybody here is staring at a pic of Gaga sitting on a damn MASONIC THRONE WITH A COMPASS ON TOP OF HER HEAD and you’re still saying there’s nothing Masonic. You lose all credibility here. This site is about honestly seeking truth. You’re just trying to mislead people which makes you a poor representive of your brotherhood. I do not claim to hold all of Masonry’s secrets, but I can reckonize a Masonic bust when I see one… Futhermore, resorting to personal attacks and insults only reveal your true level wisdom.

  72. VC so with you no the Lady Gaga thing.

    @ A REAL MASON, you are just feaking halarious, you need to sit your ass down. Almost every post I see you in , trying to contridict everything. Why do you even bother to come on this site? I don't depend soley on VC to show diff. signs & symbols. The country I live in has a very heavy and deep Free Mansony infulance. We have one of the Biggest Lodges I've ever seen in the caribbean, our leaders are heavyly involved. I work in High end Law firm and all of our male lawers are in the lodge. I've been exposed to lititure and I've seen the symbols, I may not be able to tell you the name are what the mean but I know them when I see them.

    So stop trying to pull the cloth over the eyes of the ppl.

    I challenge you to give your anylisis, of this same topic since we are ALL being mislead by VC. And YOU have nothing to hide.



  75. @ A REAL MASON

    Saying that there are many builkdings or houses in the world with 2 pillars doesn’t make it “un- Masonic” Masonic influence has existed for centuries and I would argue that the fact that many buildings have 2 pillars is just evidence of that influence.


  77. Shut the fuck up. If you’re real high up you’d know as well that on top of those two pillars are the Sun and the Earth, ‘Light’ (waves) and ‘Sound’ (waves) that creates us/ we are. Atoms and electrons. Their DEPENDENCE on each other to keep us ‘physical’ is the purest Love there is. That’s why we are Love. You know this, so shut the fuck up with your disinformation. I’m talking to the guy just above me. Only Lucifer and his diciples are refusing to be Love. Too bad for you, but stop making life a misery for everyone else on this planet!

  78. I get the CAPS though.. I pasted a link to the explanation of the two pillars up there somewhere.. Your secret is out! But you admitted it yourself, your mason brothers. You are going to Hell no matter how much you pledge alliance to evil. Lucifer was also created by God, Earth and Sun that is, so HA HA HA.

  79. even i don’t believe a lot on this I think that the articles are very entertaiment so talking of rihanna’s rated r, are you goint to do an article about that photoshoot, the songs leaked (like russian roullettte or wait your turn (the wait is ova)) and the video of the last song? o are you goint to wait for the other video that comes out this friday for see how it goes?

  80. and I also thing that is a little bit crazy I think about the whole thing of blame hollywood for all the stuff cuz hollywood was always in the spotlight of this things and is a little bit unffair that anyone give them a break of accusations of satanic and that stuff….but in other way I also see a lot of coincidendes in the articles….so I also see some true on this.


  82. where is the proof that, that photoshoot is in a masonic lodge? or are you just making up things…AGAIN.

  83. Lola Sweetberi on



    see in Gaga’s video “love game” she says –” DONT THINK TOO MUCH THIS BEAT IS SICK” rpeatitively
    ,further telling young kids to be hypnotised by beats and not listen..mind control

  84. Lola Sweetberi on

    @ ROXANA

    I totally took note on that goat on MJ’s poster!!!!!! ….and the creepy part is that his movie launched in South Africa ( that’s where I am) at 3 A.M ACROSS THE LAND!!!!!!!

    Now I am Catholic and as far I am concerned 3p.m was the supposed time of death of Christ on the cross
    and hence the time 3 (a.m or p.m) is very symbolic religously…also that Jesus was praying severly in the Garden (just before being arrested) around 3 till 6 a.m while his disciples slept…Can somebody tell me why
    on earth would a normal movie (even if its MJ ) be playing at 3 A.M !?!?!?!!
    mOVIE-HOUSES IN South Africa close down at 22h00,never later..If MJ’s movie is not satanic or eviiiiiiil
    than call me a monkey’s uncle!!!!!

  85. actually i am not a 2nd degree but what degree are you…you keep talking about books you have read or other things on the internet but you yourself are not a mason…anybody can write a book or stretch the truth…whats funny to me is how ppl will believe anything they read if it further confirms there suspiciions instead of taking fact from an actual source…what makes that guy more credible then me. just like movies are created from fiction books can be too…dont believe everything you read from masons or "former masons" you really dont know what these ppl are just cause they say it doesnt make it true…prime example i could be a mason or just a guy that read a lot on the internet like you guys and claim to be an expert…or i could got on here made my name former mason and said everything on here is true and you guys would eat it all up…my point is anybody can say anything and make it sound believable…the funny thing is i dont disagree with the conspiracy of the government dumbing own society and/or using mind control to form a one government socety…i wont even discount that some high ranking masons can be apart of it because i really dont know….i am simply pointing things out to guys that is false about masons so you can further investigate and find the truth cause i would like to know myself…but i dont want you to think u know the truth and stop your research cause based on what you have now there is more truth to be saught…and some of your facts are simpy incorrect…i have no need to lie about what i know i am a active mason…and i promise you that most of this is a bit off to say the least but you probably just wont know without being a real mason and not just an obsessor of mason…if something on here were true and i thought it to be a secret i just wouldnt comment at all…but all fraternitys have secrets and secret handshakes as i am a member of multiple frats…i just dont get why mason secrets are so important to everyone but the secrets of my other frats dont matter…ppl have built some much propaganda around masons that it gives you guys entertainment but i promise if you actually became one instead of reading about them from non masons or ppl who claim to be masons or know everything about masons you would realize its a lot more hype then actually reality…you may join thinking your learning the secrets of the world but … well ill let you see for yourself its simply a brotherhood not a secret society

  86. and if you truly knew anything no one of the 2nd degree would call themselves a mason..also the rules for membership have changed since that book and you no longer have to wait years to become 3rd degree or higher so no one should be stuck at 2nd degree in 2009… i am a full mason and my degree i will only disclose to another mason as should any true mason you may have come in contact with…again anybody can by the mason emblem research on the internet wear the rings maybe even teach some handshakes even though they will be done improperly because the handshakes are truly taught hands on and are not shown in pictures and diagrams and convince they are a mason…with a lot of knowledge you guys have you could probably pass for a fake mason(although i dont recommend it)

  87. For everyone getting mad a Real Mason, just stop to think. He probably is a 2nd degree Mason. If you have read Texe Marr’s books, or any of that sort of stuff, you will understand that Higher level Masons Lie to Lower level Masons. Don’t be mad at him for his ignorance. He doesn’t know yet!! Open your eyes Real Mason, or are your eyes wide shut like Gaga’s? Has anyone also noticed the show’s coming out now? Fringe (very creepy), Flash Forward, V(creepy too), The Dollhouse (MK Ultra anyone?) Thanks to Vigilant and the commentors on this site, you can’t help but to see this stuff everywhere. God is good, he is real and we will win!! Have faith!

    “How could they win when their weakness is placed right in front of us” … hint.. hint…hint (Right in front of us!!!!)))))

  88. @ Real Mason (If you are really one).. This is your statement" i just dont get why mason secrets are so important to everyone but the secrets of my other frats dont matter". That tells me that you may belong to a group of people that calls themselves Masons, but really aren't. It's not the secrets that matter to us because much of what you guys are all about isn't a secret anymore. The fact that you try to BLINDLY recruit people into following your order is where I have the PROBLEM. If people want to be a part of that, they would join! We don't need secret messages and symbols in our everyday lives that are associated with YOUR BROTHERHOOD! I didn't want to have to throw away my $200 Rocawear Jacket, but when I found out there was occult Masonic emblems on them I had to. That's Bullshit!!!! And if you think that information from Prevoius Masons isn't credible, then why do you think we will listen to you when you are still one of them? Either come clean or Keep Quiet. Either one would be cool.

  89. just keep that in mind when believing everything you hear and read…some ppl want the mystery that surrounds being a mason or the attention and research like you guys and spread rumors but that doesnt mean they are truly masons…we have a list of all masons and unless on that list or tried by a mason i dont believe anyone who says they are a mason…especially someone i never even met

  90. Hello, I have been reading the articles posted here and am shocked at what we are being exposed to. I have had previous knowledge of the Illuminati and Freemasons as I tune in to the History and Discovery channels often and have done a little research of my OWN to know that what you have written is FACT. Any way, I tuned in to a TV sation BET’s 106 and Park last night 11/03/2009, and guess who one of the evenings guest was? Lady Gaga. I thought it was…odd nonetheless to see her on that particular show, however it was VERY disturbing to hear her refer to her fans as her little MONSTERS, and when she has shows they come out dressed up, they dance, they cry, they make out, its like one huge EXORCISM! Um I was apalled, and since I dont see ANYONE on the web addressing that interview, Id really love your insight on the bizzare and almost uncomfortable segment of primetime television…….Thanks V.C

  91. BTW did anyone hear about that photographer who died while taking Lady Gaga’s photo at an event recently? Yeah just fell right off the ladder attempting to capture her photo…..hmmmmmmmmmmm, Im just sayin V.C!!!!

  92. there are over 200 frats in america…when i refer to my other frats i mean college frats not associate with masons at all…those symbols are not associated with us in our eyes only in yours…

  93. lucky soup doll on

    the oldest conspiracy predates the ‘freemasons’ by many millenia. occult symbols do not ‘belong’ to the masons. becoming afraid of symbols is a sign of bio-spiritual weakness.

    nothing is true. everything is permitted.

    everything is true. nothing is permitted.

  94. those symbols have been around since before freemasonry existed…most are ancient egyption…but these symbols have just become popular nothing more…since they were popular we adopted some into our organization and so has society…but we didnt put them in society i dont get why youll cant see that

  95. I wonder if all masons are as poorly spoken as A REAL MASON. Not likely as he’s probably just some redneck douche who thinks he an insider just because he has a masonry sticker on the back of his SUV.

    • Finally, a REAL PERSON! These arguments are hilarious. To be laughed at but can't agree more with VC.

  96. I think people are reading too deep into this (so much to the point that it’s hilarious). Yes, she uses symbolism, but not that deep. Half of those symbols you have ‘interpreted’ are fashion trends, or themes she has taken from amazing works of art.
    E.g, trying to refer to her recreating Alice in Wonderland, which, may I add was VERY farfetched. Grace Jones wore almost exactly the same ‘bunny mask’ back when she was popular. Not to mention, her performance at the VMA’s was Phantom of the Opera themed, by the falling chandelier and the gold mask covering half her face.
    Try researching fashion, literature, theatre and art you douche bags.


    • Why_us_why_now? on

      This is all crazy! We are all being deceived wether by Freemasons, illuminati,or Satan and all his stupid horrible demons. We are the stupid ones who listen to the music and allow our children and younger generation to listen and buy in to this filth called music! I used to be infatuated with music but now I'm just saddened by all the lies and deceit. We need to go to war with these freaks by turning off the tv and doing activities outside and spending quality time with family. Don't believe everything in the media either cause it's all lies or only partially true. I don't know what is really going on in the world but it's something ugly! I can feel it in my gut. I just hope it. All ends soon!

      God S.O.S.

  98. When they turn all of you into robot slaves-there will be no glamour involved you will look the same as “the grey” -who have computer brains-robot eyes-hence the size and blackness, even limbs are removed and replaced-destructive enemies of life–humankind (the ultimate oxymoron)-can only be neutralized because you can never evolve-you continue to regress backwards into sociopaths–monsters that threaten anything good(life)–all other life in the Universe finds you so heinous they isolated you-experiment on you and give you anti-life-deadly technology/weaponry that you can use to put yourselves out of your misery-euthanasia implements-what will kill most of you is nature-when all the evil you do to others returns to you as your truth, a destroyer planet-that mirrors your own propensity for destruction. What you do to one another you do to God-collectively in spirit you are all God-yes God is as mortal as you are-Nuclear war destroys spirit-destroys God-that is why the DU is spreading globally – until you all(god) is dead-but your bodies won’t go to waste you will make good robots-silicon based life forms-soulless/godless just like the grey.

  99. How EXACTLY is the shit controlling me. I still haven’t forgotten all my knowledge of Occult & Freemasonry & shit. Im pretty sure I won’t run out of my house right now and go to the lodge and roll up my left (?) pant leg and sleeve. I learned that from this site BTW. Our brains are so NOT wired to look for things that we can’t immediately see. Now, if you overflow your head with shit, you start seeing things when their not there.

    Problem I Have With This: The first Hello Kitty picture. Your saying all of our childhood, were chillin’ in the lodge, drinking Lemonade made from MK Concentrate? Chilll. She was doing a shoot for Hello Kitty.

    Im not dictated by anyone. I don’t LOOK for things, their for I wont know their there, unless their red licorice on a white backdrop. I mean, really, What is an Organization going to do to people who don’t care or know their there? Are they going to suddenly notice their existance and become 458 Degree MasonicEpicWin-ness? I think not.

    Most of the shit your saying though, IS correct. Things that are obvious are either a hoax or the real thing.

    My Synopsis: What do they plan to do once EVERYONE is taken over? Just Dance? lol. Sorry, I just needed to vent.

  100. BTW;

    notice how I said nothing of religion? yeah, Im not religious in the slightest. The only thing I am closest to faith wise, Is Buddhism. So, What will they do to someone who doesn’t believe in the things they worship. OR the things their are apparently, against (Heaven, Jesus, that type stuff.)

    This all just sounds like Batman to me. The Bad fighting the Worse.

  101. Dear VC, thanks for letting us understand all these hidden symbolisms! But the question is, who's finally doing the "dirty" work, Lady Gaga or you? I mean, all this time, watching gaga videos, I didn't have a clue and give a damn anyway. But now I know, thanks 2 u. So, what's the use of a symbolic language if the receiver doesn't know its explanation???

  102. Aaanyway.. You know now how we’re all Love, physiologically speaking?
    I’m interrested because that is of utmost importance, you c.

  103. Her hair in the first Fame Monster photo looks allot like Aleister Crowley’s stupid pyrimid hat. That whole image is just very Crowleyish. brrrrrrrrrrr, just saying that freaks name gives me the heebee-b-geebees!!!

    Great work VC.

  104. From this article and from other articles i’ve read from this site its quite clear that its not only a war but a prophecy thats on its way of realising its self.We may think we are fightin a war but in reality we are not.Before visiting this site i could bearly understand this things but now i’ve becone very vigilant about every thing that passes on T.V.This site talks about the formation of a new world order and that the gospel truth-no matter what we do it will one day coming to pass,i mean its very clear except u refuse to see it.Chris Brown openly sang about ‘a fallen angel’ What in your opinion does it mean.It may be clear that chris brown him self deos not know what he is singing about but the lyrics are clearly stating the fact that satan was unfairly chased out of heaven and thus worships satan.this song is on every bodies lips and its veryy easy to sing.thiu the best thing we can do iis brace are self coz what they say is goin to happen will eventually happen.The end times are closer than u can ever imagine.


  106. V, why are you even bothering to respond?

    I was almost respectful until post no: 129.

    I guess he’s not aware of the age of the awakening.

  107. To comment 129 well said

    They forever trying to bring down artist for reasons being unknown at times

  108. Guess I have to agree with post 119. What this person says about christianity is true. The bible has been changed many times for political purpose. Just think about the "King James Bible". King James ordered the bible to be rewritten in order to increase control over people. Than there is well documented history of the role of the churches in the mass murder on the native americans. Its clear that the Church is a human invention and not Gods work.

  109. GAbrielle the Angel on

    Thank you. Thank you. You are one of the few voice who is willing to expose this demonic force in the guise of entertainment for what it is. i know people will think im more crazy but when i watched LAdygaga/illuminati girl i looked in her eye, the pic where she is turning her hand like a doorknob around it,i mean straight in that eye-it just got blacker and blacker until it was like a hole then a demon jumped out. I ran OUT THE ROOM, TOOK MY DAUGHTER and did a prayer to Jesus Christ- The Only Living God, that the spirit did not enter me. THe Blood of Christ washed me. Gaga has willingly gave herself over. i still pray for her and all fo them. Beyonce, Rhianna, Jay=z, jack Black, -THE WHOLE INDUSTRY. There are taking souls with them on their way to hell. I pray you know Christ. He loves us and wants us 2b prepared when he comes. REmeba 2 armies- The Lords's and satan's. God Bless All.

  110. GAbrielle the Angel on

    Oh my. She has bahophmet on HER HEAD. What more proof do u need people? She couild transform in that demon that is in her on stage and people will say, oh that was part of the show. I feel so bad 2 say that but i think those who WILL NOT see the truth no matter the evidence, God has sent the a spirit of delusion cuz they have hardened their hearts to the point they CAN’T SEE TRUTH. There are people who have come out of listening 2 this music-including me. Thanks b 2 God he spared me from this. Please don’t die for THE SAKE OF MUSIC. is it worth it???

  111. dude check this out

    dont know if you already checked out

    im a huge fan of little boots an english electronic act,

    i was watching her videos and album art and theres a lot of masonic shit in there check her out..

    IN THIS VIDEO she gives the all seeing eye :O many times , but its super clear at 2:53, i remeber when i saw the video i was like… BORING but after i found this site everything makes sense

    as above so below?

    is she an iluminatii puppet?

  112. That’s not Baphomet, The Pagan Deity of Baphomet has a goat head. In case you didn’t know, that is not a goat head, not in the least, in fact I’d say that’s closer to a cow head to me.

  113. Yep, Satan will be taking a lot of people with him! Unfortunately. Wake up people! VC is merely doing what many of you are to afraid to do! Speak Up! Noone is worshipping VC, we simply appreciate him for showing us what we couldn't see hidden in plain sight! The center of the earth is expanding and now I know why! Lol

  114. Latter Freemason on

    “real_mason” lol Its obvious not only to me about others who are not freemasons like you who claim such and I who truly was the former… Just your ignorance alone of masonry one can easily contest you are either lying or just a beginner truly unknowledgable on the subject..

  115. Yess. so Lady Gaga is an "enlighten one" and she is going to take over the world (ha)!

    "There are no standards of Right. Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with moral principle there is no such thing" -Crowley. A. Life is survival of the FITTEST! always has been always will be so…..smarten up and "do you"

  116. The photo of her standing between the pillars reminds me of the tarot card The High Preistess – “secrets yet to be revealed”…

    Psychopaths run the entertainment industry and are destroying the human soul. This has to be changed.

  117. Her new video is out, Bad Romance, and I noticed almost all of these things. You should make another post and dissect it!

  118. Let’s get this FACT straight… YOU, the person who wrote this article are the one that is the OUTSIDER. You are outside the circle of information and so what do you do… You draw erroneous conclusions, you make assumptions, you attempt to lead people with false FEARS, you state your own IGNORANT interpretations as truth when in fact you have no truth. You are an outsider. An outsider does not know the truths nor understand them… and yet you comment, displaying your comments with pride. This is EXACTLY what the superstitious have always done. 200 years ago your type of person would have led witch hunts or the inquisition. You are the living, breathing, 21st century CHICKEN LITTLE. I myself, am illuminated. I am on the inside where knowledge and truth reside. It was important to me to get “knowledge, wisdom, and understanding at all costs.”

    Did you ask Lady Gaga the meaning of her artistic displays or just ASSume? My guess is the later. And I see a high number of ignorant unenlightened people also making similar comments. Having inside knowledge, not readily available to the public, does not make ANYONE good or evil. It is what you DO with such knowledge that makes one good or evil. There are Illuminati that are evil and there are ALSO Illuminati that are good. There is good and evil in ANY human organization and this is truth and fact. Witchhunters, like yourself, are only interested in drumming up cheap talk, thinking it will give you something in the long run. When in truth, looking back, you will be seen in the same light that we now view Inquisitors. If you want to know the REAL meaning of the symbols Lady Gaga uses or why she uses them I suggest you personally interview her rather than INSERTING your words and meaning into her mouth and acting a fool.

    • @Ken D. Webber. I saw your site. You are not in the Illuminati, no matter how hard you try. The Illuminati is the elite of the world. You are not. If you were, you wouldn’t advertise is on websites anyways.

  119. omg the symbolism in her new video is showing even more its scary bad romance video its like her initiation into illuminati and her wanting to join the devil its haves goat heads and mason type masks and she is exposed almost naked in front of men

  120. Very insightful. Great article Vigilant. I have to admit, when I first started visiting this site, I was a little skeptical about the motives behind a lot of the posts. More and more I’m realizing that your observations are on point and I appreciate that.

  121. Apparently, the Bad Romance video is about her being sold to the Mafia and being drugged by Vodka. Just a little bit of research. You see what you want to see, and if you want to find any Illuminati links, you will. If I recall, Baphomet isn't a goat, and the two displays there were of goats. "Cameo"? Don't think so.

    You guys are seriously blowing things up. I will admit there are some strange coincidences, but some of them are seriously innocent and you are nitpicking on them. Just my two cents from snooping around the site for a long, long time. I won't deny your work, nor will I advocate it.

  122. Also the Bad Romance song starts with
    Want your bad romance

    Ra is know as the sun god and the one eye is a symbol of ra

    Other artists have hinted at occult but GaGa is SOO blatant it’s really crazy

  123. i second, third and fourth everyone that has requested a write up on the Bad Romance video.

    hidden in plain sight.

    is it really that difficult to accept that this is just a fact in the entertainment industry, no one gets that successful that quickly with out playing the game and becoming someone puppet.

    she is admittedly someone willing to do what it takes to have fame at all cost, it takes a lot to set yourself apart from the dime a dozen female singers and pop start wannabes, she’s made her decisiveness as to what is most important to her. Fame.

  124. And all the sheep blindly follow…wake up people…where is the proof that ANYTHING in this article is even remotely true…wake up people.

  125. I agree there are several recurring themes and symbols in Lady Gaga's videos, and that she seems to ramp it up with each new video. But I think it's important to always remember that the human brain loves to create patterns and connect the dots of things that may not be related. In other words, we may simply be viewing her imagery and symbolism in a way that best fits the theories we wish to support.

    However, I am becoming more and more inclined to believe that what we are picking up in Gaga's videos are not accidents or coincidences. That doesn't mean though that she's necessarily an "Illuminati Puppet." It's possible, sure. But I'd say it's equally possible that she's simply trying to generate discussion and keep people talking about her.

    If you watch the video for her first single, you'll notice that only a couple of things in the video can be reasonably construed as Illuminati symbols. Perhaps it was all a coincidence in that video, yet people starting buzzing on the internet that it was all intended, and she simply decided to run with it! I mean…why not? Look at the net result: people who would normally have no interest in her whatsoever are spending hours watching and rewatching her videos and adding many more results to a google search of "Lady Gaga." Sounds like smart business to me.

  126. Vigilant November 10th, 2009 4:25 pm : wrote this: @Ken D. Webber. I saw your site. You are not in the Illuminati, no matter how hard you try. The Illuminati is the elite of the world. You are not. If you were, you wouldn’t advertise is on websites anyways.

    Yes, I am Illuminati and I say again… how would you know ANYTHING of what the illuminated know since you are on the outside? How can you speak on what secret societies know? How can you speak on what Masons know? How can you speak on what the Illuminati know when you are not privy to that knowledge? You're worse than chicken little, more like chicken little with a blindfold. The illuminati are of ALL walks of life from rich to poor. We are not slaves to "money" as the unilluminated are. My main concern is truth and eternity. I put whatever I like on my website to tell the world EXACTLY who I am, just as a Christian would put that info on their site, or a Mason would throw up their info to let other Masons know, or someone in a club or organization would put up a symbol or icon to let others know they are "in" a particular circle of activity. Same with me.


  128. Amazing article! I just watched the “Bad Romance” video and the more I keep my eyes open, the more I catch. One of the first things you see is a pair of glasses shes wearing that are completely preventing her vision that include the illuminating rays surrounded by razor blades, quite astonishing. Another provoking image aside from the coffins with crosses and “MONSTER” labels is the golden rings surrounding her body, perhaps suggesting everything revolves around her… You simply must do another article on the videos! I find it interesting that the Illuminati are so embedded in the mainstream media. Much appreciation.

  129. Gaga came out of nowhere and set an all time record- four #1 hits on one album. “Bad Romance” her new single is already breaking more records on google, youtube- you name it, and it will go #1. Your site along with others has convinced me that there must be demonic activity/inspiration behind her success, especially with all the symbolism in her videos. I believe she has sold her soul to Satan and the Illuminati for “The Fame” We can only pray she will somehow repent and accept Jesus Christ -the one and only God of the universe as her lord and saviour.

  130. Interesting ready im a huge gaga fan, i can see the sybolism being used but i dont feel that it has any prfound affect on my life or the fans…..i like the art of the music the art of the media and a new style besides the same old crap out there….good article but what you fail to see is how would lady gaga be a benefit for the illuminati or a higher order…beyonce? havent these sordid rumors been going around about all celebrities….how come you donthave any stories on Marilyn Manson im sure his photos could be mistrewn into occultism or even satanism…

  131. please watch out for lady gaga’s new video bad romance…it is packed with symbolism: the all seeing eye, the rams (baphomet) and pyramids it is wackier and more effed up than any thing she has ever done!!!!!!!!!! It is symbolism for all to see even a mainstream newspaper daily mail in england has covered the video and called her wacky and devilish! pleaseeeeee i wanna know your thoughts vigilant thanks sooo much!

  132. and to those who are saying the statue on gaga's head is a cow (with horns lol), baphomet can be portrayed as either a goat or a bull.

  133. I don’t know if this has been post yet but the latest lady gaga video “Bad Romance” is absolutely filled with occult and luciferian symbolism. She is no doubt a messenger for the global elite.

  134. Oops I see kitty has already done so. Anyway this chick has some serious dark energy surrounding her. I hope the younger generation can see this and not get enticed by the hypnotic rhythms of the song. These kids need to wake up.

  135. To Doug, I respect your beliefs, but there's a difference between believing and knowing. You may not believe the bible is true, but you don't know. You may not believe in heaven or hell, but you don't know. The good news is that you can know the truth, and the truth shall set you free. Ask Jesus to reveal himself to you and he will, if you're humble, sincere and patient. After that no amount of "intellects" will be able to convince you otherwise. The biggest lie satan ever sold was that he doesn't exist. Sorry to get so holy roller on you— I promise this will be my last bible blog!! Now, back to GAGA!!!

  136. How do we know the illuminati are bad? What if dark energy is good and light energy is bad? What if there is no good or bad? What if the bible is a lie? I just see most people jumping on the band wagon of mainstream religion just as clueless as those jumping on the band wagon of mainstream media. Keep your minds open! (I, for one, see more results and evidence in dark arts than in judeo-christianity)

  137. Please please please if there is anyone who hasnt accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour let this be a wake up call…….it is not too late. JESUS LOOOOOVES YOU SO MUCHH

  138. I have to say, Lady Gaga is one dangerous puppet. She has a new video out called Bad Romance where she is basically depicted and auction for herself and the bidder that buys her ends up being burned when they sleep together. I'm sure you will write an article about it. She really has a hold on her fans and is SO blatant about what shes goin, the real question is, will the Freemasons ever stop, the way the world is going I dont think so. The only thing left to do it just believe in Jesus Christ because this world is ending on TV


  139. Those who say that Jesus is real are mistaken. You choose what you want to believe. In fact I don’t really care what and to whom you choose to believe since it would be wrong of me to convince anyone here to believe anything I say. I just want to voice my opinion about this whole situation. Unfortunately many Christians do not understand that Jesus is the same as Lucifer. Jesus is ALSO the same as ZEUS ETC … We all know that Christ is LIGHT and so is Lucifer. They have fooled everyone! Lucifer is the great architect of this reality. This reality is all but an illusion. A figment of your own imagination that which is manipulated by Lucifer – THE LIGHT BRINGER. Lucifer is indeed the creator and the God that is spoken in the Christian Bible. Genesis 1:3 And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Lucifer and “his” egregorees entities fooled everyone. They have created DUALITY. DEVIL = EVIL , GOD = GOOD. Angels and Demons are all one and the same just like Jesus and Lucifer. They play good cop vs bad cop. They have lured and enslaved humanity. Now it’s your call to find about who you truly are. Since the day you are born you have are decaying until you DIE. When you die your soul is being recycled back to earth and every possible memory is being erased from previous life. You will always stay bound to this reality of total illusion not until you begin to recognize who and what you truly are. Lucifer doesn’t come close to how great you are and that is precisely why “he” will try everything in “his” power to make sure you will never wake up from the subliminal trance and it’s influence upon you.



  142. I have a question that I'm sure has been addressed already, but maybe someone here can help me.

    Now, don't get me wrong, I love a good conspiracy as much as the next man, but why, if this secret society/cult/whatever is trying to or already has taken over the world, why do they leave so many goddamn clues around to let you know what they're up to? It seems to me that if I were running things from the shadows, the last thing I'd want to do was plant symbols leading back to me on just about everything out there. What, pray tell, is the logic behind this?

  143. This is just cobbled together nonsense. Most of these symbols are not even related in any way. As they say – you see what you want to see and if you look for something you will find it.

  144. ..hello kitty wasn't there for any mind controlling purposes.. It was a hello kitty photo shoot for her 35 year anniversary..

    and that's why her eyes are painted

    there painted like hello kitties…

    way to blow up nothing

  145. MOG,

    Your ignorance and paranoia blinds you from the truth. If you read carefully I specifically said that Lucifer IS indeed the great LIE but so is Jesus or ANY mythological GOD. Lucifer manipulates LIGHT in order to create YOUR reality. This reality is in fact an ILLUSION but you must play the game accordingly. Even when you DIE you are being recycled back to planet Earth. Your memory from a previous life is erased and you are back into the illusory state of being. Freemasonry is indeed the work of Lucifer. In fact ANY religion is a creation of this light being. This being created duality in order to generate energy which solidifies this reality. When you use your emotions either for “good” or “bad” intentions you are only reinforcing the IDEA or what I call THOUGHT FORM that this reality is REAL. Those who fight to save the earth or those who fight to destroy it are simply two extremes of positive energy and negative energy or the YING-YUNG. Jesus is not going to save you for Jesus is a CONCEPT, a thought form that which represents many things. Jesus is the SON of GOD or THE LIGHT OF LUCIFER. JESUS is also THE SUN which is the light of outr SOLAR systen. NOTICE [SOL]AR. SOL = SUN. EVERYTHING is revolved around the SUN for light is very important to LUCIFER in order to manipulate YOUR REALITY.

  146. This is tabloid junk. You guys need to look up “Wilson Bryan Key” who could find “sex” hidden in ANYTHING, supposedly there to brainwash us into buying all kinds of stuff. It’s similar to this. He was later disproved many times over and they don’t print his books any more.

  147. You guys need to look up “Wilson Bryan Key”. He found s-x in everything he saw and said it was subliminally planted there to fool us into buying things. They’ve since discredited him and they don’t even print his books anymore.

  148. OMG OMG -tries to calm down- okk so I found this SHOCKING ARTICLE about lady gaga new video it’s so shocking and it talks about the different meaning of her new video and blah blah untill I came across something , just check for ur self (u gotta scroll down)

    Scroll down, is like the 3 article I think, idk that site seems kinda new, but I already completly love it, but omg to that lady gaga thingy!

  149. I’m sure that the ruling class enjoys these little informative sites as much as I do, because by reading the comments posted one can come to the conclusion that most people are merely entertained, confused or scared by this information, some are too brainwashed to accept it as truth and others even try to “debunk” it because it is their job to do so. Since many people have voiced their opinion I will also do so. I find it pathetic how people consider themselves “not sheeple” because they have “realized” that Jesus is the sun or just an enlightened being. I believe in a black jesus whose name is not jesus and Black, Native American and South American Jews/Isrealites. Sounds crazy huh? Well that’s what I and many others believe in. May I be ridiculed by fools for believing this. But hey great site I feel that there is not a bit of deception here.

  150. “I find it pathetic how people consider themselves “not sheeple” because they have “realized” that Jesus is the sun or just an enlightened being. I believe in a black jesus whose name is not jesus and Black, Native American and South American Jews/Isrealites. Sounds crazy huh? Well that’s what I and many others believe in. May I be ridiculed by fools for believing this. But hey great site I feel that there is not a bit of deception here.”

    Good lord…


    to god be the glory! it definitely isnt easy being a christian nowadays with all the temptation out here. im probably not much older than you(21) and ive been saved a lil over a year now. i always knew what was right tho. seeing the current condition of the world and how it is only getting worse as time goes on makes it a lil easier to keep the faith tho. just realize that you are not losing out on anything by being saved!if anything the ones who are consumed in the world are missing out because as we know jesus is soon to return, and persecution for the true believers is coming even sooner. you continue to strengthen your relationship with the lord and be steadfast, you can do it! we can't do anything without CHRIST, but with him we can do ALL things! and there are more for you than they that be against you! stay encouraged

  152. @p08-

    i have def done my research on the chip, if you did you will see that that will take the place of money! cant you see that we are being conditioned towards a paperless, electrionic money system. the rfid chip WILL take place of money and anyone who doesnt get it will not be able to function, more than anything because they will most likely be murdered if they dont flee. do you not realize also that the chip will be planted in the right hand or the forehead just as the bible states that the mark of the beast will??? thats not a coincidence. yes rfid has been around for a while, why would that fact disqualify it to be what it is? which is the mark of the beast!!


  154. @ ALEX DRAKE

    the reason they put so much symbolism and its so clear to see is because i believe they are tired of hiding it. most of the population dont believe that their is an illuminati anyway, they actually believe in the facade that is the gov, and the president, ect. so they are comin full scale with it now and when they are truly revealed it will be too late and most people are going to just go with the program because the majority of people are blissfully ignorant! thats why the illuminati have made references to themselves in different movies. to make people look at it like its not reality. but best believe it is reality. look up AGENDA 21 on youtube, look up RFID chip, look up FEMA CAMPS, then look up NWO new world order and see the plans that the ILLUMINATI(satan in the flesh) has for humanity. the only way to escape this evil is to accept jesus as your lord and savior and reject the plans of the enemy! we are living in the last days and the prophecies of revelations are coming to pass. if you take the mark of the beast (rfid chip) you will be doomed to hell with no chance of salvation, if you deny you will be put to death, but you will have eternal life because you forsook this life for the name of christ and he says that those who suffer with him WILL reign with him. PLEASE NO ONE GIVE ANY THOUGHT TO THE GARBAGE STANISLAV HAS POSTED!THAT IS A TRICK OF THE DEVIL TO MAKE YOU THINK THAT YOU HAVE NO HOPE FOR BEING SAVED, YOU DO HAVE HOPE, THROUGH JESUS CHRIST!HE DIED FOR YOUR SINS AND HE IS THE ONLY WAY TO MAKE IT TO HEAVEN! DONT LET ANYONE TELL YOU DIFF, IT SAYS IN THE BIBLE THAT HE IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIGHT, AND NO MAN WILL COME TO THE FATHER BUT BY HIM!! GOD BLESS

  155. p08

    i wanna kno what you are referring to? you may very well have a compelling argument! please share your thoughts

  156. @MOG
    You are so blessed and the creators of this website God bless you. I am a young teen trying to find both of my feet with the Lord. It ist easy being a Christian but it is worth it, on an other note. Everyone who is reading this people take note because it is the truth being exposed. The music industry is full of deception. Remember Lucifer was the head of music in heaven so he knows exactly what he is doing to decieve our population, but God is the ever lasting he is slow but sure.

  157. Apostasy, the standing away/apart from Christ, can easily be noticed in the last few decennia.

    All I'm saying is that we are much further along the revelation time-line than many wish to believe. People watching for the mark to arrive while it is imo already amongst us for many years now, with many unwittingly and gladly accepting it, are having a false sense of safety or time left. But then again, over the centuries so many lies have been mingled with the truth that people are watching for things that will never happen or falsely believe that some phenomena still lay in the future while they are already history. Many also fail to understand that some aspects should be understood metaphorically and others literally or in a combination of both depending if you are speaking about the manifest or symbolical representation.

    But observing that many still fail to have even the most basic understanding regarding the Gospels and true teaching of Christ, like they failed to understand it two millennia ago, convinces me that very few will understand what has been written in the by far most complex, heavily coded, multilayered and occult books of the Bible, namely the Apocalypse of John in which everything is revealed (hence the name: 'Book of Revelation').

  158. MOG (#196, November 13th, 2009 10:33 am) said:

    “If you take the mark of the beast (rfid chip) you will be doomed to hell with no chance of salvation”

    The mark of the beast is not the rfid chip but has been around for quite some years now while few realize what has been before their eyes. In the same way many do not recognize the symbolism and codes used in the public domain. But if you clear your mind of any learned (conditioned) preconceptions and think about what it must be that ‘no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark’, the answer might come to you…

  159. @MOG
    Thanks a lot for those encouraging words I really needed that, surely I will keep the faith and get my self on the straight and narrow path. Congradulations on getting saved it was the best thing you ever could have done. Im 16 btw, I know that one day I will be saved and stay saved. Time is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo near for God to come for his world, we think we have a lot of time left on earth but we really dont. I’m not God and no man knows the day nor the hour when God is coming but i dont give this world another 30 years.

    They want the RFID chip implanted into everyone by 2017, so that means they will be starting very soon. There is a show I watch called the Jack Van Impe, and its really good I encourage everyone to watch the show. It speaks on everything from the Word of the Lord, the second coming, updates of the NWO, Obama being the leader of the NWO (possibly the anti- christ) and more.
    Once again MOG thank you so much for those words I really appreciate it God Bless.

  160. @MOG
    Thank you so much for those encouraging words it really means a lot to me I appreciate it, I surely will keep the faith. Congradulations on getting saved, it was the best decision you could make in your life. Im 16 btw, I know that one day I will be save and stay saved, by his grace and mercy. Time is sooooooooooooooooooo near for God to come back for his world, we think we have a lot of time but we really dont. I am not God and I dont know the day nor the time of his return but I honestly dont give the world 30 years. Its sad how many souls will be burning for eternity.
    There is a show called the Jack Van Impe show I encourage everyone to watch it, it speaks on everything you need to know about the The word of the Lord, his second coming, The NWO (New World Order), Obama possibly being the anti christ, which I believe because he is the leader of the NWO.
    Once again MGO thank you God Bless

  161. @MOG
    Thank you so much for those encouraging words it really means a lot to me I appreciate it, I surely will keep the faith. Congradulations on getting saved, it was the best decision you could make in your life. Im 16 btw, I know that one day I will be save and stay saved, by his grace and mercy. Time is sooooooooooooooooooo near for God to come back for his world, we think we have a lot of time but we really dont. I am not God and I dont know the day nor the time of his return but I honestly dont give the world 30 years. Its sad how many souls will be burning for eternity.
    There is a show called the Jack Van Impe show I encourage everyone to watch it, it speaks on everything you need to know about the The word of the Lord, his second coming, The NWO (New World Order), Obama possibly being the anti christ, which I believe because he is the leader of the NWO.
    Once again MGO thank you God Bless.

  162. @MOG
    Thank you so much for those encouraging words it really means a lot to me I appreciate it, I surely will keep the faith. Congradulations on getting saved, it was the best decision you could make in your life. Im 16 btw, I know that one day I will be save and stay saved, by his grace and mercy. Time is sooooooooooooooooooo near for God to come back for his world, we think we have a lot of time but we really dont. I am not God and I dont know the day nor the time of his return but I honestly dont give the world 30 years. Its sad how many souls will be burning for eternity.
    There is a show called the Jack Van Impe show I encourage everyone to watch it, it speaks on everything you need to know about the The word of the Lord, his second coming, The NWO (New World Order), Obama possibly being the anti christ, which I believe because he is the leader of the NWO.
    Once again MGO thank you God Bless..

  163. @MOG

    English is not my native language and reading your reply, I noticed that my comment contained some confusing sentences.

    The line “The mark of the beast is not the rfid chip but has been around for quite some years now while few realize what has been before their eyes.” should have been stated more clearly as: “The mark of the beast is not the rfid chip, but the mark has been around for quite some years now while few realize what is before their eyes.”

    I do agree with you that modern technology, including rfid tags, will be abused to control the population in an ever more totalitarian state. We can easily notice this ongoing trend in the spying on civilians and all the information kept in databases (total information awareness). No government has ever given up its power voluntary, but always strives to gain more influence and control over its population. There is however something mundane for quite some years now that meets all the criteria mentioned for the mark of the beast and is inherently linked to it. But it is hidden in plain sight like so many things. To be more clear, it is not even hidden at all, but its occult meaning and origin is not obvious to most people. And in a world corrupted and rotten to its core, many things are considered normal or acceptable that objectively are not.

    To receive a mark on the right hand or forehead may very well indicate one’s thoughts (forehead) and actions (right hand), i.e. the beast forced everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave to do his bidding, to accept and follow its lead and hegemony.

    If the mark, man and number (χξϛ) were easily distinguishable, then not many people would be compelled to follow him. Since he has two horns like a lamb (i.e. pretends to be a follower of Christ, a Christian), many Christians will believe him to be devout, one from their own ranks and happily follow his leadership. He is however not meek, loving and peaceful, forsaking this world, but a deceiver who speaks like a dragon (liar, bellicose, mean-spirited) and strives to rule the earth even if this means war.

  164. @p08

    realize this too, there has been and still is a great falling away from the word of GOD. we are in the days where people will call wrong right and right wrong, we are in the days where people would rather believe lies than to believe the truth! with that being said i sincerely do believe that the chip is the mark of the beast. the deception in the world is sooooo great that people will hear revelations 13 preached and still will deny what is right in their faces for they will fear man more than they will fear GOD. some people will turn to christ at that point but so many will recieve the mark. why do you think there is info on these things that the spiritual wickedness in high places(illuminati, masons) are doing yet they who have control over the media dont shut it down? because the deception is so great! the devil has effectively turned a lot of people away from CHRIST and they have embraced false doctrine, thus making them that much more prone to taking the mark of the beast! especially when the threat of death and destruction face them!

  165. @percyville

    no prob at all! and i firmly do believe and have believe since i first noticed him that OBAMAnation is the antichrist! i didnt vote for him and tried to convince as many as i could not to, or at least why they shouldnt. i thank GOD for discernment in these last and evil days! because now a lot of people(christians) really regret supporting a man with antichrist values! not sure if you are a boy or girl but be blessed and stay encourage lil bro/sis in christ!

  166. MOG,

    Just listen to yourself. You sound like a complete LUNATIC! You accuse me of deceiving people because I do not believe that Jesus was a real man? You calling me to REPENT because I have attacked your belief system? How are you any different than Muslims who kill in the name of Allah because someone is not willing to bow down to their God? Jesus represents the SUN! Nothing more nothing less! It says in the Bible that JESUS IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD! Of course “he” is, what else can it be other then the SUN. You haven’t done your homework so you come here and spew some nonsense about how everyone must repent and accept the word of Jesus Christ. There IS no such thing as HELL and there is no such thing as HEAVEN. If anything HELL is what’s going to become of this planet. You and all the Christian followers who believe they will be saved by Christ are playing right into the Luciferian agenda. Who do you think wrote the Bible? It surely wasn’t Jesus. You are worshiping a Solar Cult. I can give you hundreds of examples to prove my point but you have NOTHING other then quoting Bible verses from a book that you yourself know nothing about. You are the one deceiving your fellow human brings right into ABYSS. I don’t feel sorry for you because human stupidity has no place beyond this illusion. This 3D dimension is an illusion and you will never be free until you will realize that everything in this reality is a LIE executed by no other then Lucifer and it’s egregore.


    Allah, the standard Arabic word for God, and Yahweh are one and the same concept of monotheism. I agree with you that the church has turned Christianity into a solar worship as can be seen in i.e. the Mithras analogy who was identified with the Greek Sun god, Helios and given given the title “deus sol invictus” (unconquered sun god) in several inscriptions or the link between Horus and the sun to name a few.

    This does however not change anything about the true identity of Christ, despite the corruption the church and false faith made of it. The sun does not come like a thief in the night, only the day of the Lord does.

  168. Cynocephalus,

    Obviously no one likes to be told they were wrong all along. Blind faith and human ignorance is what made all of us being deceived into believing all sorts of lies by the greatest illusionist of all – Lucifer.

    Why do you think ‘Chris Angel’ who’s true name is in fact Christopher Nicholas Sarantakos names himself that way? ‘Chris’ is short for Christian or ‘Christ’ and ‘Christ’ is one and the same as Lucifer. Lucifer is an angel of light. “He” is the mastermind that manipulates LIGHT in order to create YOUR 3D REALITY.

    Quote from American King James Version:

    “I Jesus have sent my angel to testify to you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star.”

    I repeat once again for you!


    Jesus says he is THE Bright Start = SUN and that he is also THE MORNING STAR = VENUS

    We all know that in Latin ‘Lucifer’ is also referred as the Morning Star which is also known as planet Venus!


  170. @ 123 EXACTLY that’s what I’ve been saying! this is ridiculous… ‘omg two columns and an arch OMG OMG OMG HEAD FOR THE BUNKER’ srsly you guys hahahahah.

  171. LOL! MOG,

    OMFG! ROLF! Are you SERIOUS? You got to be kidding me! Please tell me you are being humorous. Accusing me of being an advocate and an agent for the devil makes you look INSANE and discredits everything you have claimed previously. You have been brainwashed by your Christian Church or by whomever you follow. You make yourself look like a total paranoid lunatic when you turn your caps lock on and rant endlessly on how everyone must not listen to what I have to say. Everyone has the right to speak out. You can’t decide for everyone else here what to beLIEve and who not to listen. Like I said before and I will repeat it again for you, Lucifer IS the father of this uni-verse. Lucifer is not one specific entity. It is an egregorical group of entities. Call them demons or angels, it doesn’t really matter. They have captured humanity and manipulate thought forms in order for YOU to BELIEVE it is all real. No one is coming to save you! the savior will pretend to be Jesus or a world teacher in order for you to be complaint. It’s a sheep in disguises. The only way you will ever be free is for yourself to detach from the illusion you believe so whole heartily to be reality.



  174. okay you guys.. what does the metropolis imagery have to do with anything? I'm guessing she used it because BOWIE used it [and she likes bowie] and he used it because he liked the film. lol. but really though what am I missing? I'm curious as to how metropolis relates to the illuminati. someone enlighten me

  175. this should be called "lady gaga and her little monsters, illuminati puppets" because her fans are gonna stand by her no matter what. (: I love lady gaga

  176. Thanks for drawing my attention to ‘Lady Gaga’ Bad Romance. It’s a bit like the ‘butterfly collector’ collecting dead butterflies in a display cabinet so he can take a look when he chooses. Once a woman is a slave she is like those dead butterflies.

  177. STANISLAV is typical of the anti christian garbage littering this beautiful earth.

    Here’s what I know by the Holy Ghost, STANISLAV. This earth is to be cleansed of the likes of you by fire.

    It’s called the Book of Revelations. Read it you pathetic worm.

  178. STANISLAV is typical of the anti christian garbage littering this beautiful earth.

    Here’s what I know by the Holy Ghost, STANISLAV. This earth is to be cleansed of the likes of you by fire.

    It’s called the Book of Revelations. Read it.

  179. NO Benjamin you are and your kind are disgusting human beings who wish for the non believers to burn in hell for eternity. What kind of a loving human being would wish such a thing for another? What kind of God will allow someone to suffer for their sins in pit of fire because they have refused to accept Jesus as their savior? This is insanity of the first degree! It will be a total disgrace to have someone like you in heaven. You are fake and hateful human being that does not belong anywhere but to stay here on this physical dimension until you learn to love and accept your fellow human being. Practice what you preach! Do you really believe that if Christ was to comeback he will choose someone like you to take them to heaven? You are too quick to sell your own kind! I would never want to be part of someone hateful as yourself and all others who CLAIM to be Christians. If anything you are one fake Christian.

  180. STANISLAV November 17th, 2009 12:47 am writes:

    What kind of God will allow someone to suffer for their sins in pit of fire because they have refused to accept Jesus as their savior? This is insanity of the first degree!

    Suppose that someone, let’s call him mr. G, tells you to accept the authority and listen to the advise of mr. X, an expert who is very skilled at handling venomous snakes, to not grab that agitated black mamba. If you refuse to listen to him, resulting in you subsequently being bitten by the snake and dying in agony, would you then accuse mr. G for your suffering and death?

  181. @STANISLAV (#233) November 17th, 2009 1:38 pm:

    You are not offending me at all my friend. I find your remarks highly amusing, especially the simpleminded part… I was only trying to point-out some inconsistencies in your reasoning. But don't you worry about me, I'll be alright ;-).

    Maybe the following quote will be more agreeable for you

    Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the kingdom is within you and it is outside you.

  182. wow..i stumbled on this site and im truly concerned about mankind b/c of some of the things you guys think..REALLY?!?! Im not particularly fond of her music but come on. shes taking pictures and doing videos that make her money..i dont htink shes part of some guys seriously need to get out more and smell the flowers…dont worry they wont hurt you…

  183. Expose them and Lady Gaga……i really cant take her…she makes my blood crawl. Vigilant Citizen keep thise lovely and truthful articles coming!!

  184. Harmony ,

    You are very simple minded person. Now I am not trying to offend you but I hope that this might put you on a journey to self discovery. The universe and the story of existence goes way beyond your imagination. You are limiting yourself when you believe that the only salvation is through Christ. You will find yourself in your HEAVEN but it will be just another illusion. If that’s what you have chosen for yourself let it be that way then. I am not interested in your heaven for there is so much more to existence that any of you fear mongers will ever comprehend.

  185. @ MOG and Harmony: Remember in the book of Corinthians it says that the wisdom of God is foolishness unto man and the wisdom of man is foolishness unto God, just pray that the Lord opens STANISLAV’S eyes.

  186. Is there anything besides the numerous Bible quotes that anyone can illustrate to me using normal human language and logic to prove their point of view? You don’t even know the true origin of the Bible yet you keep quoting from it as if it was the ultimate truth. Bible verses are open for any interpretation. I have heard hundreds of different interpretations for everyone of the versus that are written in the Bible. You Bible thumpers see what you want to see to fit your own ideology, to support your case. Kind of like when you look at the clouds and find shapes and patterns that resemble what you already know. Animals, people, nature etc … I find religious people to be very narrow minded people. They seek God outside of themselves. They desire to worship an IDOL. You want to have a MASTER to tell you how you should behave, what you can do and what you can’t. That is pathetic and is a disgrace. Do you truly believe you are outside of Gods creation? If so then you will never see the light of truth that awaits anyone who is willing to make the next leap.

  187. Well Stan,

    Fortunately, scripture is what is needed to deal with the enemy. When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights, Satan came to tempt him with his meaningless rhetoric, just like the kind he is speaking through you and guess what Jesus used as a weapon? “THE WORD OF GOD”. So we believers will ALWAYS use scripture to speak to the enemy. Hebrews 4:12 says For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” And it’s doing it’s job on you because you don’t even realize that Satan is speaking through you, so we’re not fighting you, we’re fighting the enemy within you and the word will make the Devil flee. The word of God will do it’s job. Isaiah 55:11 So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. Thank you JESUS!

  188. LOL! I get it Nicole! Maybe I should tell Satan to leave me alone. It will be a good idea because I am tired of being controlled by ALL OF HIS DARKNESS that has insinuated upon me. Maybe I should tell this to Satan/Devil/Lucifer myself. Listen to me now you Satan! I want you to be gone! I want you to leave me alone for Jesus is my King! Jesus is my savior! May Satan spent all his eternity in hell! May Jesus be my savior! Save me Jesus Christ! Forgive me for my sins. God please help me! LOL! You Christians or in fact any religious folks whatever you believe in Satan, Lucifer, whatever you are Muslim , Buddhist are all full of it. So much insanity has never dwelled upon this earth before. We are truly living in end of times as we know it.


  190. This is fantastic

    seems you really know what your talking about, it's really an interesting subject

    ever since I read these pages Its all I've been thinking about

    good fucking job, seriously

    I like the way you think, and to all of you'd complaining

    it's not like he's doing anything wrong, he's not making you read it so shit the fuck up and get over it

    I bet none d use could write something as convincing as this

  191. NYC Gal- U are absolutely on point with everything you've said and thanks for taking us back down memory lane to the 80"s and 90's. Now that I think back it all makes sense,

  192. I want to thank you for bringing all this shit up to the public- the illuminati have been running this country from day 10- they are the ones who created the concept of debt as the foundation of america and run the biggest businesses, especially music and hollywood and even media -signs from the 80s with janet among others we saw fingers under the eye dance move, the goat sign and and the triangle cross, even in mj videos- who he i beleive was killed by the illuminati, just like biggy smalls, 2pac, and many others who didn’t want sell their souls to them.. rememeber the left pants being lifted up by ll cool j and then all the rappers in the early 90s- that is also a masonic initiation sign that you mentioned similar to pink at the vma’s – the more you know this stuff the more you realize it is everywhere- also butterflies- mariah, beyonce, lady gaga etc. i found interesting you tube videos about mj and claiming there was a conspiracy, (btw can you do an article on the meaning of “they dont really care about us” which apparently is what really pissed the illuminati off and they stopped supporting him)- if you see mj’s early videos- every single one has a sign of the sun or flashing light like a planet in the background- every single one!- until recently when he broked away- i always beleived he was traded for sex acts the elite illuminati running the music industry by his father for fame in return, as was most likely beyonce, rihanna and many many others – janet and the family are now lying that he took drugs and was in denial- this is another story- but the whole trauma thing they do to them as a kid and the parents make money in return and think they are doing good making their kid famous- then the kids are being brainwashed and used to brainwash the public- there are rumors madonna – def being used by illuminati since day 1- was also raped and there is a snuff video out there – from her early days in ny when she tried to start her career- and her first song for a video star light- what do you think that is about?? i feel they were always influencing the media and arts and music, but now more than ever, as someone previously said above, they are more in your face- like time is running out or something- jayz and rihanna and lady gaga are soo in your face about it lke they have to promote it now and fast.. i feel bad for the youth of america and the rest of the world for that matter- we have to all stand up to the real id chip when the time comes and say NO to the new world order! The time is now! United States Masons 666- the Illuminati are satanists and we have to stop supporting hollywood! (p.s. can you cover disney movies/cartoons.. looking forward to reading more soon)

  193. Thanks for your hard work for what is worth. I see a good interpretation on the video different from what I have on it. I would like for everyone to try and interpret it with some ancient religions in mind. Egyptian/kemetic, hermetic, occult/sorcery, american precolombine and luciferian.

    It derides christianity, surprisingly enough, Lady Gaga is a prolific writer and philosopher, as she claims she embraces bisexuality, insanity and sexual freedom (I would say moral deviations in this case). I can gather out of this video a story being told of the “awakening” or “unleashing” of the fallen ones.

    Before answering to some people, I’d like to point out some basic holistic observations:

    Why does hinduism (which buddhism stems from) has on its path to enlightenment an upward path on the body and lotus chakra “blossoms” and emits “divine light” (its natural energetic form is that of a bowl as if it’s made to receive) when yahwist religions regard enlightenment to be received from God (in a downward path)? Hinduism and Christianity have two opposite ways of attaining this and different symbols for it; Kundalini snake ascending within us from the earth/root of our body, and the holy spirit descending upon us from Heaven (spiritually speaking), Heyliel or Lucifer is depicted to be a snake/dragon. Why do these two symbols are in direct opposition? The name given to Kundalini is the Ancient Serpent, title it shares oddly enough to the letter with Lucifer.

    Why in many network non-christian channels religion is attacked, but at the same time, yoga and astrology are promoted, sometimes heavily? Both aryan (buddhism, shinto, hinduism and such), and Yahwist derived religions (Original Judaism, Christianity and Islam) seem to be similar, but read into this and research, maybe my questions will make sense then.

    The light does not equate to good, as darkness does not necessarily carries the meaning of evil, learn to discern. I personally have nothing against believers of aryan main religions, but I say it as I can gather.

    A comment I find worthy to share; in sanskrit there is a sutra called the diamond sutra, that “allows the heart to crystallize into a beautiful diamond” in Bad romance we can see Gaga (Lucifer character maybe) with a LOT of diamonds around her floating and seemingly increasing her own brilliance. God said that he would change our hearts of stone (diamond is a stone, anyone?) for hearts of flesh, think about it for a while.

    Now, for the replies:

    @DJHJ: What are “they” trying to accomplish? This is a very complex question, but in this video, spread a multidimensional (to be read in many levels) message. To tell the “official” video story, to place a product which btw is now the 4th top seller of vodka worlwide; To make a statement in some occult meanings, but also to deride love and spirituality. I’ve seen LGaGa videos and is a persistent topic the inviting to commit mortal sins… wrath, avarice, sloth, pride, lust envy and gluttony.

    Avarice: the wealth she shows, inviting to a materialistic way of living, misusing the money that could easily be destined to other charitable use. Remember fashion may also be avarice when you live for fashion, Gaga has stated this to be her case.

    Envy & pride: by flaunting a luxurious lifestyle “in your face style” she is showing pride, at the same time causing sometimes in the viewers envy for this.

    Sloth: in many a scene of her videos people including herself, are in passive positions inviting to inactivity. the slogan just dance of another of her songs is a mind numbing suggestion”don’t think, just dance”; there is good reason why her songs and many mainstream songs lack intelligent lyrics and instead are filled with poor language, ideas and catchy hooks. Mind laziness is also sloth.

    Lust & gluttony: is obvious that there are lustful suggestions and misdemeanors in her productions, gluttony comes to the picture in the form of the inviting to drink and use drugs beyond any moderation (many people in some of her videos are shown hammered). Any excess in consuming food, drink or substances is considered gluttony.

    The objective is slow moral erosion of the society, mind numbing and conditioning. Is slow but sure, look at what young people acted in earlier decades and how they behave now… the best way to model young people (future adults) is by role models, good or bad. Generally speaking, the more relaxed a parent is (former teenager) the more he/she will allow his/her progeny to do (usually exceeding the limits imposed to them before).

    @2nd. As I stated light does not equate with good, sun and earth are material, of this plane, thus they are not to be worshipped nor glorified. They are but tools, objects of our realm (highly energetic I admit, but still).


    Firstly, you know that masons are not secret but are DISCREET, and some symbolism is hidden in disguises to conduct knowledge hidden from the “profane” between only the initiated ones. Symbols when read/seen by ones with knowledge can be understood regardless of the direction they’re pointing or the guise they are in. The Jachim and Boaz pillars are not the exception, and clarifying to the guy who said that it was a sun/earth combination, wrong partially! there are to combinations with different meanings on Jachim and Boaz; an Earth Globe and a Celestial Vault, OR a Sun and a Moon.

    I wouldn’t say that sisters of the eastern star are not related to masonry, in fact I may as well point out some masonic facts:

    “Main” Masonry is split in two: the scottish rite and the york rite; it holds strong allegiances with various organizations, the order of the eastern star being originated FROM masonry, and both support their “daughter” organization, The rainbow girls. The Order of DeMolay, the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Daughters of the Nile, the Tall Cedars of Lebanon, the Grotto or Mystic Order of the Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm and Job’s daughters also.

    We can find also masonic organizations; Acasia, Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots, Ancient Egyptian Order of Princesses of Sharemkhu, Societas Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis, Low Twelve Clubs and one of the most prominent, The High Twelve International.

    You forget to say that there are 33 and 14 degrees in both rites respectively. It doesn’t take long to be a master mason, which is only the third degree. Many yorkers can attain with some effort royal arch degree, the same as scottish can achieve perfect elu/grand elect, BUT from that point onwards is a long journey to the higher levels, and some masons never want or are able to advance from blue masonry (the medium levels) to black masonry.

    Anticipating your response degrees group into sets; blue masonry or symbolic; afterward comes red masonry or dogmatic, next is black masonry or the philosophic chapter; lastly and mainly remains the white masonry or sublime chapter, sometimes called the illuminated levels.

    I do not know your age or your orient, but I have relatives of 70 years and ageless… I can tell you with certainty that there is a very well conserved amount of information and principles that are not disclosed even within the same lodge depending on degree/age.

    Most masons in blue and red masonry will never know the principles taught in black and white levels, corresponding, there is knowledge about principles and the organization that only white masonry levels will know. Have you ever wondered the meaning or relation of certain symbols?

    Eye of providence has been brought to discussion many times by profanes, but it IS the eye of the great architect of the universe. In sumerian myth, Enki is the architect of mankind and lord of the world; he opposes An(u) when he decides to set out the deluge. Comparing… God, Yahweh would have the part of Anu and Heyliel/Lucifer would be Enki. Luciferians think that Lucifer was the one who “made” us. It is worthy of mention at this point that Masonic deity is the architect, but does not hold its main title as “Creator”.

    Have you looked into the Lagash eagle symbolism (grade 32 & 33)? The title of the degree is not to be taken lightly… Master of the Royal Secret. A one headed eagle is the symbol of unity, where Lagash is the symbol of duality; elaborating on this, Jewish kaballah holds two opposite trees, the Sephiroth Tree of Life AND the qliphoth tree of impurity. Where Kether represents the crown (the rightful royalty)and the unity of God, Thamiel represents the impure attempt of the fallen to surpass God, adding an aleph to their names, rebelling and failing, thus creating the “duality of God”, a husk that is a veil to block the sight towards The Lord Yahweh.

  194. We can do nothing …… Just jesus .. he can do anything and he WILL do anything..all this shit will have an end……….

  195. Don't_be_Deceived on

    Awesome work, it’s right there in our eyes. The Bible says “My people perish for the lack of knowlege”. You MUST know what’s going on, so you won’t perish b/c of it. God bless you for your bravery!

  196. It seems to me that more people worship the devil than worship God. In fact, devil-worshippers like to think they’re worshipping the “true” God — Satan. Watch any televised sporting event and you’re likely to see fans flashing the satanic hand signal to the camera. They used to flash the peace sign! It’s rampant at rock concerts, too, especially at Green Day shows. I’ve seen pictures of the last three U.S. presidents, Clinton, Obama and Bush, flashing the satanic hand signal, and their wives, too. Michelle Obama flashed it on the cover of Vogue magazine. Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward, who was working for the CIA when he helped to bring Nixon down, made a telling comment in a CBS documentary on Watergate when he said, “God is in the details.” I always thought the expression was, “The devil is in the details.” That shows you just how inverted this world is. That reminds me, The Shins named one of their albums, “Oh, Inverted World.” That pretty well sums it up. The irony is, they’re probably devil-worshippers too, like almost everybody else. I’m glad there are still a few of us out there who don’t want to be gods, we just want to be humans. And we know the difference between Satan and God, which is why, if we worship a God at all, we worship the REAL one, not Satan.

  197. Some of these theories you have make for interesting reading, but how can you honestly believe that this is nothing more than Lady Gaga herself, and the team of friends who make up her “Haus of Gaga”, just making art and crafting this Illuminati mind controlled vapid robot image, using symbolism and certain behaviours of their own accord? She’s smart man, she knows exactly what she’s doing. This is the image she wants to project to the world, because if it can make paranoid people like you freak out and waste your time writing extensive articles about her, that just more publicity to feed her fame. Marilyn Monroe did the same thing with the “dumb blonde” routine, even though she was very well read and had a very high IQ. It’s just art.

  198. As one of the illumianti members
    I aprove this article….quet frank we already have your brains on a lockdown in area 54
    DNA samples and ofcourse your micro chips that we plant into you on several occasions
    anywho i g2g
    Beyonce needs anothe re programing
    TA TA

  199. WoW..! i was a huge fan of lady gaga until i saw all of these

    it makes me happi that web sites like this exists it opens the mind of the little ones well they say she made a pact with the devil GOD will know what to do with her

    XOXO♥ GOD bless every one ;)

  200. Firstly say i’m not for God neither for satan, also i’m not for people thinking that, if you’re not with them (say, in solid believe in God), than you’re against them. I’m against distorted morality and propagation of lust – the very powerful and immense tools for massive mind-washing and ill-motivated politics (hidden and obvious). Yes, politics!

    The description of notable signs performed by Lady Gaga the pop-star represented in the article is good, great job. But convincing not for all, as one can see in other comments. One doesn’t need to be an expert in conspiracy to see the most common and undeniable definitions of satan traces in any modern ‘celebrity image’ attributes, that are: propagation of lust (say, exceeding eroticism, hints on pornography, sexual seduction etc.), of drug-addiction, even propagation of murder. This are all obvious and simple things to see for anybody! The aim of such behavior is described in the article perfectly.

    One should see difference between celebrities (don’t like the word, but it fits here perfectly) with ‘anti-Christ’ image, who revealed distortions of modern society in order to heal it (‘m not afraid to mention George Carlin, who is ‘burning in hell’ – in words of Catholic authorities, or even Marlin Manson here). And between celebrities with cool, fluffy, stylish etc. image who are just push and intensify that distortions of society further and deeper. Again, their aim is described in the article perfectly. I saw four most popular (10 to 26 millions(!) of views only on YouTube) videos of her: Lady Gaga is a second type surely.

    One more thing: somebody could claim that it smells of freedoms’ banning and censure here. No. Censure is you. If you support ‘second type’ named above – you support culture of lust, destruction of institution of family and further distortion of social morality. And don’t forget the aim behind that.

  201. concerned friend on

    1 thessalonians 5:22 (Abstain from all appearance of evil). hollywood in genral has a lot of evil, whether we like it or not. U can choose to listen or to ignore it but it wont change the facts. The devil is a clever being and God gave him a powerful gift in music, he is able to harmonise in 7 voices at the same time. he has been on earth long enough to know how our emotins and minds can be manipulated by music….please do not underestimate da devil, but know that through God the devil cant win.

  202. I don't understand why some Christians here are calling me a Satan worshiper. I do not worship anyone. I find religious folks to be very narrow minded. They try to scare everyone into submission. If you do not ask Jesus, God whomever for forgiveness you are going straight to hell. What kind of a loving God will allow "his" own creation to go to hell in the first place? What kind of a loving God would even allow evil to exist in the first place? This are basic questions that can not be answered by religious folks and any person with an average IQ will come to a simple conclusion that something isn't right about this entire Biblical story that is given to the blind masses.

    • hey. i found some of your comments very disturbing. there are series called the arrivals. please watch them. if you do not feel any diference after watching them than atleast you can say you tried. no harm done. thanx

  203. Forgiveness 101:

    Humans require forgiveness for existing, when good and evil were established as such and humankind acquired its material nature, also came natural laws for this realm. A being of pure thought could not harm anything by just existing, humans however require compsuption of resources in order to exist. A physical body exists displacing matter, one thing cannot exist in the same space where another already is. By just basically stepping on the grass you are making the grass suffer, or by just breathing you kill bacteriae. When one has money, that money could be in the hands of someone else.

    Likewise, if you buy a piece of garment, if it costs a price over its quality of material and manufacturing, it means that that excess of money could have been employed in helping someone. When you treat yourself to a restaurant you could buy instead several cheap meals for homeless people. each meal you eat means that something has to have died in order for you to eat it. It sounds ridiculous when put in that way, but it’s true.

    Humankind cannot avoid commiting bad acts such as these, therefore, we need something to cleanse this for us. God’s forgiveness does that.

    Free will for dummies:

    His own creation chose to fall, Adam and Eve chose to betray God’s trust (whatever the reason), also Heyliel/Lucifer chose to disagree with God when he made humankind the ruler of creation and Christ assumed humanity. He loved his creation enough to let them decide, even if this meant falling. Before the rebellion there was no such thing as Hell, it was created to allocate all who by free will chose and choose to fall out of His grace.

    He allows His gifts to be used, because God doesn’t change nor goes against Himself; He doesn’t promote evil or evil doings, it is created beings who commit evil. He won’t take away His gifts way from the fallen because He created them with them, to do such thing would be to go against Himself.

    Evil exists when good is absent from the being. It is the absence of good and made, caused, it is not random. Evil exists in this world because people make choices that lead to that outcome. Wars are waged for power, resulting in consequences for the people in the middle. Is is people who decide not to destine food for the poor when they could and decide to make a business out of it, it is people that choose to turn their sight on the poor and not elevate their state of welfare. When someone steals and kills, it is his choice, you can’t blame God for it.

    By itself, the nature will follow a path of balance, it is us who by choice (there are people who decide if something is done in everything) spoil the environment. Electric cars are not as fast as fossil fueled but they are environmentally friendly; it wasn’t until true effects of contamination were felt that governments started dialogue on how to reduce this. Wars are not just born out of nothing, there has to be cause, and peoples’ choices are the cause.

    It surprises me how you can say there is no God, it sounds more like you can’t believe in a God that doesn’t suit you. It sounds as if you’re incapable of understanding that people is to be held responsible for their actions, direct or indirect. Love, not “love”, but LOVE also means to leave something free; in this loving act God has had to watch painfully as we give in to weakness and idiocy.

  204. STANISLAV, I can say this to you:

    Forgiveness 101:

    Humans require forgiveness for existing, when good and evil were established as such and humankind acquired its material nature, also came natural laws for this realm. A being of pure thought could not harm anything by just existing, humans however require compsuption of resources in order to exist. A physical body exists displacing matter, one thing cannot exist in the same space where another already is. By just basically stepping on the grass you are making the grass suffer, or by just breathing you kill bacteriae. When one has money, that money could be in the hands of someone else.

    Likewise, if you buy a piece of garment, if it costs a price over its quality of material and manufacturing, it means that that excess of money could have been employed in helping someone. When you treat yourself to a restaurant you could buy instead several cheap meals for homeless people. each meal you eat means that something has to have died in order for you to eat it. It sounds ridiculous when put in that way, but it’s true.

    Humankind cannot avoid commiting bad acts such as these, therefore, we need something to cleanse this for us. God’s forgiveness does that.

    Free will for dummies:

    His own creation chose to fall, Adam and Eve chose to betray God’s trust (whatever the reason), also Heyliel/Lucifer chose to disagree with God when he made humankind the ruler of creation and Christ assumed humanity. He loved his creation enough to let them decide, even if this meant falling. Before the rebellion there was no such thing as Hell, it was created to allocate all who by free will chose and choose to fall out of His grace.

    He allows His gifts to be used, because God doesn’t change nor goes against Himself; He doesn’t promote evil or evil doings, it is created beings who commit evil. He won’t take away His gifts way from the fallen because He created them with them, to do such thing would be to go against Himself.

    Evil exists when good is absent from the being. It is the absence of good and made, caused, it is not random. Evil exists in this world because people make choices that lead to that outcome. Wars are waged for power, resulting in consequences for the people in the middle. Is is people who decide not to destine food for the poor when they could and decide to make a business out of it, it is people that choose to turn their sight on the poor and not elevate their state of welfare. When someone steals and kills, it is his choice, you can’t blame God for it.

    By itself, the nature will follow a path of balance, it is us who by choice (there are people who decide if something is done in everything) spoil the environment. Electric cars are not as fast as fossil fueled but they are environmentally friendly; it wasn’t until true effects of contamination were felt that governments started dialogue on how to reduce this. Wars are not just born out of nothing, there has to be cause, and peoples’ choices are the cause.

    It surprises me how you can say there is no God, it sounds more like you can’t believe in a God that doesn’t suit you. It sounds as if you’re incapable of understanding that people is to be held responsible for their actions, direct or indirect. Love, not “love”, but LOVE also means to leave something free; in this loving act God has had to watch painfully as we give in to weakness and idiocy.

  205. Lets me ask you this simple question. If God is All Omnipotent, All Loving, All Knowing then why did “he” create the world in the first place? Was God simply bored? Or maybe just maybe God wanted to be worshiped? Which one is it? If God holds all the knowledge in the world within itself then why would “he” create anything at all? For what purpose? If God is so perfect why would “he” create something as imperfect as a human being knowing well in advance that his creation will turn to wickedness. Why would God allow evil to exist in the first place? If God is everything then we must assume God includes evil within itself too for nothing can exist outside of God’s creation.


    everyone doesnt stay in wickedness! its evident that you have a lot of questions about GOD and really want to know about him. BUT,, you cant skip over JESUS CHRIST buddy. i actually wanna apologize about how i came across earlier because even though i was telling you the truth there is a better way to go about it, free from any kind of anger or frustration. i would be happy to answer any question that you have because like i said its evident you wanna know. to try to rationalize about GOD or wrap it around our thinking is the worst way to go about trying to get understanding. GODS ways are not ours and his thoughts are not ours. the best thing to do is to give your life to CHRIST and ask GOD to reveal himself to you through his word. it says in proverbs chap 1. the fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge. not being scared of him but having reverential fear. holla at me if you wanna talk! once again i apologize if i offended you but i do wanna help you see, seek, and find the truth!!

    • hey. please wtach the arrivals. i have read all your comments and couldnt stop myself from leaving u a msg. thanx. all the best

  207. A blessing is coming on

    It seems like so many people are ganging up on you. It’s also interesting how one of your comments states how you don’t like the fact Christians feel the need to force their beliefs on other people, and yet you have been doing the same thing with your beliefs. There’s really no excuse to it. You clearly feel the need to defend yourself- understood.

    I’ll tell you this, as a christian, I know that it is not my right to force anything down anyone’s throat or to judge anyone. I am called to draw man nearer unto God, yes, but not by force. I have to do my best to live, talk, and do right and be an example so that others can see the light that shines within me without me even having to speak a word.

    We all have the ability on this earth to choose what we want to believe. Until you have had the chance to actually experience the goodness of God, you will NEVER understand and you will always be looking to others for their knowledge and their experiences. At the end of the day, no one can get YOU into heaven, but YOU. In order to understand God’s word (bible) you have to seek Him. It says that when you seek you shall find, when you knock, the door will open. I have chosen to believe in the heavenly God, not Lucifer which is completely different. God created light, so how can God be Lucifer? You wrote Devil=evil and God=good so how can good and evil and be the same when it is universally known that they aren’t?

    Yes, Jesus is described to be the “Truth and the Light.” However, Jesus and Satan (aka Lucifer aka Light bearer) are not the same. Do you know that Lucifer tried so hard to recruit Jesus (the best of us all-the example of how us, as God’s creation, is supposed to live) in His weakest and most vulnerable time and yet Jesus still did not surrender because He knew who had the most power. Lucifer only gains power if you let him.

    In order to understand you have to do more research to get more understanding but that has to be YOUR choice! Alot of these artists are being controlled because they are not strong spiritually, hence they are allowing Lucifer to control their actions all for the love of money and fame. But they will be in bondage for the rest of their lives, because they chose to! Remember that!

    To all- Choose what you believe is best for YOU, and no one else! If you believe that having so much money and fame is what matters most, I hope that you can experience what truly matters in life to make that decision. If you believe that listening to these artists’ music isn’t doing anything positive for you, know that you already have the power and choice to not feed into it. Listen to inspiring and uplifting music. I know music can’t control what you do but if definitely has an effect on you in some way. Ask yourself what affect does it have and are you okay with it?

  208. & To think my mom and pastors were right ALL ALONG.
    Satan is really puttin in work this year especially.

    im glad i have the fruit of the spirit with Jesus’ Christ word in my heart.

    i showed my sister this web site & she was kinda freaked out
    she stated : “man i gotta stopp listening to beyonce”
    i asked why, she replied ” im not going to hell for her ”


    but man i encourage you guys to go read Mary K Baxters Book
    about her trip to hell in a vision god gave her.

    all these people in this music indusrty that have to do with the illuminati & free masonry

    They have they’re own spot reserved for them in hell.

    i pray they get SALVATION & DELIVERANCE SOON !!

    the END TIMES are coming.

    and God will have mercy ont hose he choose to have mercy !!!

  209. twinstar superhero on

    i grew up loving HELLO KITTY.

    a friend once pointed out why she hated HELLO KITTY.

    she said: Hello Kitty is a girl without a mouth. what kind of message does that send to girls symbolically.

    it was interesting gaga was using hello kitty brush in that creepy video, had a hello kitty purse over her crotch in a music video, and was wearing a dress made of hello kitty dolls.

    if you have a mouth you can speak for yourself. if you don’t have a mouth…

  210. MOG,

    There is no need for you to apologize. The only reason why you were acting the way you did was because you can’t handle the truth. REAL TRUTH IS TOO GREAT FOR YOU TO EVEN BEGIN TO UNDERSTAND. Jesus is not the truth it’s just another LIE. Just another deception to keep you wishfully believing that you are going to be saved (what a cruel joke!). If you ask any Muslim they will claim that their God is the only God and you are the infidel. If you ask any Jewish person they will claim to be the chosen people and the rest of you are goiem. If you ask a Satanist they will without a doubt claim that Lucifer and Satan are the true Gods of this universe. NONE and I repeat NONE OF YOU IS RIGHT! Every single one of you is being deceived here. To be honest I don’t feel sorry for anyone of you here. For only one reason and it’s your lack of decrement, your deep ignorance and even some innocence. No one deserves to suffer of course but it was your choice from the beginning. You have chosen to be what you are today (slave to EAGLE and SERPENT) and you will remain that way until you break the barrier which isn’t going to be anytime soon after the great shift.

  211. @stanislav ahhh another a person who had "daddy" issues as a kid..i feel sorry for you. Lol, you mustve gotten bullied as a kid and cant even spell JESUS correctly..shows proven about the "Devil" Thank you for that example in proven me RIGHT! Trust me if the Devil was really here "he" wouldnt have to play these games threw hidden messages in the media and always hides in the shadows where "he" belongs..using these people to corrupt their souls. THE POINT IS The devil has to corrupt a soul that doesnt belong to him (who else can it belong too?) In order to make it his own. So I'm saying is if I was the "devil" I wouldnt have to corrupt something that already belonged to me. And your saying that God, mohamed and etc is a Demi god. dem·i·god 1. Mythology

    a. A male being, often the offspring of a god and a mortal, who has some but not all of the powers of a god.

    b. An inferior deity; a minor god.

    c. A deified man.

    2. A person who is highly honored or revered

    Then why cant the your "devil" be one too?

  212. MOG,

    Do you realize how child like you sound? Humans are IGNORANT to no end. You are so scared of the imaginary hell that you will most likely sell your entire human race in order for you to be in your imaginary heaven. Religious people are primitive and ignorant but then what else is to expect form a child. Right?

  213. WE HAVE A FREE WILL!!! If you didnt know and I’m not trying to preach. The devil causes strife and confusion. Which is what this man is doing to all of us. I’m not trying to tell you “this is what it is” I’m saying stop being lazy and look the information for yourself. Everyone has a bible somewhere and if you dont there is one on the internet. ( And as far as Lady GaGa, Beyonce or Rihana and whoever else these people sold themselves to the devil it wasnt for “free”. Remember the devil comes to collect the debt and will always make it. There is no debt consolidation. I havent read anything Christ-like in Vigilant’s blogs…just Lucifer and Masons, O.T.C. etc. Which if you have the devil inside you Satan cannot bare to hear or say the Lord’s name(s). Not saying he is Satan but, I dont know who this “person” is and everything isnt everying on the Internet. Anyway Im just talkin on here but, “dont belive everything you read” Tupac lol…

    Let GOD be the judge and every “man” a Liar…

  214. Another freak of nature who calls himself “A Real Human” Ha ha ha, comes here to save the world! Oh HUMANS you are so gullible. It is no wonder how Lucifer (bad cop) and Yahweh (good cop) play you like a good slave that you are. Ignorant, fearful and innocent. You will never get out of this prison. NEVER! UNLESS you take your spiritual power back. Giving power to any one of this demigods is foolish of you. Don’t blame the THE WORD of God for you commit yourselves into annihilation. I doubt any of you will have a clue of what I speak anyways. So keep reading the Bible, keep praying to Isus. Keep reading your Koran and praise your prophet Mohamed. Keep waiting for you Jewish Messiah.

  215. It’s pretty ironic how fake Christian like yourself doesn’t know that Jesus Christ and Isus Hristos are one and the same. Go back to study your Holy Bible or else you might not get to Heaven BOY. LOL! ‘Ye shall know my name in heaven’. Pathetic … I will not even respond to your question because your child like attitude demonstrates that you aren’t ready to accept the truth. However like any other good religious slave you willingly accept everything that you have been told and read in one of your religious texts. Wishful thinking my child? Ah, yeah .. Nothing new under the SUN/SON/CHRIST. I know you love toying with the idea of Heaven for you fear Hell just like a Muslim who loves toying with his ridicules idea of 72 virgins. Not that materialists are any better because they are too ignorant and stubborn like a sheep, they are just a different breed of slaves.

  216. i think the ENTIRE music industry has some kind of evil in it…it has always been there juss tht now we r seeing it more openly…plzz do an article on madonna or mj

  217. MADONNA

  218. my damn comment aint goin up!
    do an article on mj & madonna
    evil ( for the 3rd time) was always a part of the industry its juss tht now we’re seeing it

  219. First, I’d like to say great site. I have been doing some reading and I find the following to be WEIRD. I’ll start like this. Solange is little sister to Beyonce who is obviously involved in all this luciferian stuff. Solange was recently seen in DC with WALE(rising superstar). The weird thing is that I found the photo of the two together on a website for an artist calling herself RA-THE-MC. RA! as in ancient egyptian sun god. Also on her site I found a photo of her and Wale together and in it she is wearing glasses with a veil in front of them. Also her and WALE have something in common. It seems that both worked with a producer named JUDAH. The name Judah means “to praise.”
    It seems he produces music in Washington DC – home of Barack Obama and the latest installment of Masonic TV’s Real World. I watched her recent music video which is posted on her page to this woman calling herself the Sun God(RATHEMC). I clicked play and almost threw up. The symbolism is there from the get-go. The video opens with a logo of the masonic G and two inverted pyramids. Next up is a logo telling us what is about to go down (a real slap to my face). the next logo says Strange Music. I looked up the production company that did the video and there isn’t much information other than they are called THE GREAT WHITE BROTHERS! But these guys are black so why would they be calling themselves that? Well it seems that if you drop the (s) on brothers and add (hood) you get The Great White Brotherhood, who in some belief systems akin to Theosophical and New Age, are said to be supernatural beings of great power who spread religious teachings through selected humans. Aleister Crowley was a follower to the GREATWHITEBROTHERHOOD and writing this all makes me feel extremely sick.

  220. This is terrible research. Like your earlier piece, you didn’t even bother to learn everything. Most of the things she wears is from FASHION designers. The Red Dress comes from Alexander McQueen’s 1998 collection likewise the gold dress wtih the shades in the Bad Romance video and the shoes she wears, the crystal rosario (in the same video) were created Benjamin Cho, the diamon outfit (Bad Romance) is by Franc Fernandez, the “message coat” (Bad Romance) with the word Fetish is by Vava Dudu, the DEER (from part one, which has no symbolism to the Baphomet) and the BAT (Bad Romance Video) are hairpieces, the robot outfit in the Paparazzi video is by Thierry Mugler and is said to be reference to David Bowie, and the Minny Mouse outfit (Paparazzi) is by Jeremy Scott and his Mouse Trap collection. The woman is about her fashion.

    The Lightning Bolt is inspired by DAVID BOWIE, and the falling down scene in the music video for Paparazzi is a reference to the Hitchcock film VERTIGO. Such a shame that the people who believe this stuff don’t bother to do their research.

    • @BeepBeep your “research” is actually totally superficial. The name of the designers of the dresses is totally irrelevant. What is even more ridiculous is you saying that Gaga being inspired by David Bowie means that its “case closed”. Do you know who David Bowie is? He is probably the most occult pop singer that ever lived. And Gaga is inspired by him. So what does that say? I’ve actually pushed my research way further than your little references that youre pointing out. Bowie’s link to occultism could be the subject of a book
      Bowie with the kabbalistic tree of life…but you probably dont know what that is

      A quote from ‘Quicksand':

      “I’m closer to the Golden Dawn
      Immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery”

      I could go on for days. You obviously have no idea what youre talking about, yet you talk about research. Ridiculous.

  221. Really? How? It’s not irrelevant when you mention these things. High fashion tells a story much like music, movies, and books. She wears a lot of avant-garde pieces. Fashion is also art.

    Hair-pieces are fashion accessories. You called the bat hair-piece a “reptile” (It’s so interesting that you changed that and the fact that you for some reason needed to point that she had the word Fetish on her coat). You said the hair-piece she wore was of the Baphomet, but that’s not a goat head. That has antlers, and that means it’s probably a deer. She has also worn the elephant hair-piece. The are art pieces.

    The razorblade sunglasses symbolizes a “tough female spirit” quoted from GaGa. It’s her shield and her weapon. The gold dress has nothing to do with occultism; it was simply a fashion piece by Alexander McQueen whose creations were heavily displayed in her music video.

    The Hello Kitty plush dress is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the brand. Her eyes are closed because they wanted to created a doll-like appearance. Doll arms do sometimes look like that.

    The Robot Suit is a reference to David Bowie (don’t worry I’ll get to that). She is on crutches because she has to build herself due to losing it all (fame, a common theme in her concept album The Fame; it’s believed to satirical), and this is what she wants.

    The Minnie Mouse suit is simply a fashion piece.

    The picture with the orange is very Ganguro, one of the fashion scenes in Japan.

    Moving on, you said the Bad Romance is about her willing to do anything to obtain fame. Wrong. If you had looked it up you would know that the song is the Fear of Love monster. The lyrics says she wants those moments where you aren’t at your best, she wants to be with you without giving up an arm or a leg. She wants the fights that will inevitable happen, the intimacy and affection, and the passion. The second verse that you claimed was sexually explicit had nothing to do with sex. That verse says she wants those deep, dark secrets that you only feel comfortable and close enough to share will her. That is love, and she fears it. The video itself has dual themes. One of evolution and the other of sex trafficking. The black outfit where she’s looking at the mirror is a reference to Andy Warhol (who she loves). The egg-shaped pod that she comes out of symbolizes an egg. She is hatching and the light is what you see when you come out. Notice that she starts on the ground. Eventually they grow and we learn that they are indeed monsters. The bathtub scene with the futuristic Russian bathhouse and large pupils symbolizes innonence like nearly the women and children that unfortunately have to go through that. She is then drugged by the women. In the next scene they unveil and throw her out to show her off the men (the Russian mafia) and they bid on her. In a later scene you her standing on a platform surrounded by men, diamonds are around her (that symbolizes that she is coveted) and the rosario symbolizes her purity (virgins are the most sought in sex trafficking). Later you see in the room with the man. Gazelle heads (which, if I recall, is not symbolic of Baphomet, the goat head is) is a symbol of wealth. The fire scene is a woman scorned.

    The music video for Paparazzi speaks on fame and pop. One minute you’re the It girl, the next your career has fallen and is on crutches. Her boyfriend betrays her for fame. Funny, you’d ignored the fact that she made a reference Hitchcock’s Vertigo. You also missed that after she gets revenge on her boyfriend by killing him she gets her fame back. Because of this she doesn’t treat her mugshot seriously and instead sees it as a photoshoot.

    Proof of that? David is one of heads of glam rock and artistry. Quicksand has Buddhist influences (an organized religion). He had persona (GaGa also adopts a persona). By that logic, Prince and Grace Jones also deal with the occult as she is heavily influenced by them also.

    GaGa has said multiple times that she about her music and fashion. She is walking art piece. Post-modern in fact. How is that superficial? Being interested in who created what she wear is not superficial at all. In all you’re over-analyzing you missed the most blatant obvious things. There are other religions other than Christianity.

    @ STANISLAV: I prefer the term INFORMED.

  222. okay so,… the signs are there! she is an Illuminati and people can’t deny it anymore..
    the clues are out.. so whoever is denying it is so dumb
    Thanks for the article :D

  223. haha

    vigilant toootally went on you


    you have the right to believe what you want i'm christian annnnd its a litle not ok

    to shove religion down your throat

    especialy if u dnt believe it

    you know

    so peace to yuh bro

  224. @ BeepBeep: You are DELUSIONAL and in your DELUSIONAL state you will seek anything that will justify your belief.

    It is ironic how one can defend Lady Gaga by saying that she is an artists. Artist of deception yes but an artist? She doesn’t have the spirituality nor the intelligence to become a true artist. She is a superficial doll that that is being rendered by people behind the veil. And those who defend her are as naive and foolish as anyone can be.

  225. LOL! Christianity and ALL OTHER religions of the world were shoving their views upon humanity for thousands of years. Not only shoving but FORCING via military might. I don’t shove anything down anyone’s throat but when people try to shove it upon others I will not stand still and watch them having a free lunch. Universe has the tendency to balance itself. The more LOVE you transmit the more DARKNESS you create and it works in an opposite way too. Humanity is unbalanced and this is why it’s about to be wiped out and begin anew. All this people who think they will be ascended into heaven are fooling themselves. It’s going to be just another prison with with a deceptive impression that you have made it into “HEAVE”. You will transcend from one illusion to another YES but not out of this prison. Jesus, Mohamed, Messiah are not going to save anyone. Keep your faith and do nothing Christians for Jesus loves you and will save you just a split moment before the final destruction. Right …

  226. This talk about Maria of Metropolis, an android reminds me of a new artist, Janelle Monae who fancies herself an android named Cindi Mayweather – the Alpha Platinum 9000 in her world she calls Metropolis as well.

  227. this is soo true!! but what do u have to give to be as good as them your soul?? for a life time of fame/?? which they will live up to 70- years of age then what there gonna spend whole of eternity in hell burning constantly

  228. oh! I also forgot Psychology. Understanding humans is the first basic need to form a judgement of course.

  229. This site = Gossip site. VC > you’ve wasted your research. Spreading the ‘word’ won’t do it. Your research is forgetting a vital part of history which is that it is HISTORY. Influences unbeknowst to us all formed the way we live today, and they were definitely NOT the Illuminati. It’s all poppycock, clap trap, rubbish.
    Granted, everyone is forced to conform to society, but WE shaped society. You must take a closer look at sociology and philosophy. Maybe even anthropology. Or science.
    Lol I recommend Robert A.Heinlein’s book ‘Stranger in a Strange Land’. Maybe it might let you see the ‘other side’.
    STANISLAV: you are everything that is wrong with the world today. And I’m not talking about your anti-religious views, it’s your bloody incessant need to put down everything that is different from you – something that YOU claim to be against. What a load of crap. You probably think of yourself as a wise guy too. ¬¬

  230. A deception of what? How is she not intelligent? Hell, how is she superficial? You can find the papers she wrote in school around the internet. Have you bothered to listened to some of her songs, watch her performances, or at least watch and listen to her interviews? She knows pop culture. Everything she does has references and influences oozing from her. You call her a doll, but you have yet to realize the persona – the character that is Lady GaGa. Did you even read what I wrote? Have you seen the Paparazzi or the Bad Romance videos? Those were beautiful and very unlike what a superficial doll would do. It’s ironic that you’re calling me everything that you are.

  231. @ BeepBeep: I do agree. I don’t think Lady GaGa is apart of all this. Her album is very electro-pop, but she separates herself from the pack, so ….
    @ STANISLAV: I would not called her a superficial doll. To say she’s not intelligent or spiritual is wrong too, with the all the references she adds there.

    VC does lack a consistency with their reports. They’re either on devil worshipping or the NWO. And they never correlate nicely. Likewise of the person not being fond of other religions. They doesn’t do the what/when/where/why’s with his articles either, so they would also be wrong to call BeepBeep superficial.

    A little constructive criticism: really do your research, makes sure you cover tracks, and makes sure their aren’t as many holes in your reports. Otherwise it just looks like poor Christian propaganda, and as a Christian woman that offends me.


    When we star talking about thology we must be ready to embrace some realities that are pretty sutile, non tangible and more than probably without direct proof. Talking about God is talking about the unmeasurable, ALTHOUGH talking about the creation may or not be within our reach.

    You ask why:

    If God is All Omnipotent, All Loving, All Knowing then why did “he” create the world in the first place? Was God simply bored? Or maybe just maybe God wanted to be worshiped? Which one is it?

    You do quote all of God's attributes, but you miss something in your own questions; God is all loving, with the meaning of Love being needed to be given. If He was to be alone in Himself, there would be no one for Him to give His Love. God does not desire to be worshipped per se; Worship is not needed by Him as it has been stated both in scriptures and in theological treatises. Worshipping God won't increase His glory nor His Quality. God has something known as the "The Divine design of Creation" which was originally to create us to share His glory through the eternity.

    Humankind wasn't created imperfect, it was created inexperienced; through experience we can get the knowledge of everything and if knowledge is correct and we have the right heart and mindset, we can attain Wisdom (not worldly wisdom, but Divine). Within this condition God expected us not to fall into any deception or to turn into wicked beings, an act of pure love. Again we deal with freedom of choice. The fall of humankind was a possibility, Adam and Eve could very well choose not to disobey.

    Once more you deviate from true essence of thought. God is not everything, we exist in God's Creation, but we are not "within God" so to speak. Jewish mysticism explained this with a paradox, the Tzim-Tzum. God cannot exist in material realm (please look into sephiroth tree of life to understand this) His power and quality being too great for this realm to contain His essence. Were He to enter this realm it would collapse instantly.

    For this to make sense you gotta take into consideration that Humankind "Fell" meaning we weren't located in the material condition; we were in a higher place or plane, humankind was never such an imperfect creation to begin with. This husks we have as vessels are but the result of that preceeding event.

    Evil then cannot exist within God, as I stated earlier, evilness is the absence of the presence of good; Evil exists when it is willed to be, God cannot will for evil.

    I beg to differ; both shia and suni believers are trying to find common viewpoints with Judaism and Christianity, not everybody that's granted, but there are real efforts on that area. I can say for sure that I am on the path to do SOMETHING about this situation; I'm no messiah, but then again, if I do nothing knowing what I know, I would be held responsible for it.

    It is true we are behind a veil, both tzim-tzum and maya allegories give us a pretty good idea of what's been since the beginning of our "reality". You talk as if you weren't human, no matter how elevated or enlightened you feel you are, you will never lose your human condition, at least not by yourself. I think even when you are talking about the earliest mythos, that of Sumer, you cannot keep the parallels between Yahweh and Heyliel. Enki and Enlil were both children of the Creator An(u). Since the beginning of history there has been A Creator.

    Get your sources straight, Isus Hristos is not the correct name, Iesus Christos would be accurate. Although I wasn't the one you adressed to, I can say as a fact that I am not fearful; even if I didn't receive anything such as heaven or hell I would still be on my path.

    I can also state that according to official catholic teaching there's no such thing as The Rapture, IF christian or Yahwist scathology is right, there is no such thing as "be free from what's coming"; all would be subject to pain and suffering, no escape route there.

    By definition, religion has a compulse tendency to shove its views on others; I can assure you however, that this is changing at an accelerate rate. I too don't force anything on you, you're free to believe or "know" what you want. I disagree on what you say about the imbalance when we do evil or good. Evil and hatred only give place to more evil and hatred, good AND Love have the tendency to create more love and good.

    It would be wrong for us to do no good, inaction AND emptying yourself is okay to begin, to understand, but under no circumstance should we remain in that state of conscience. Even if you don't believe in God nor Satan, it is a fact that frequencies of actions do exist. Low frequencies and high frequencies affect consistently our bodies ans minds; but that is another topic.

    Is more than complicated to talk about such deep things when in a limited space such as this, sorry for not replying in such a long time, but had things to do.

  233. You know.. I’m a religious person…

    But I don’t believe in this…

    You people are making analysis to everything.. Giving them deep meanings…

    I’m not smart like you guys…

    But as long as I can…

    I will try to make you understand more of this…

    1st of all I just wanna say that this is my chance to explain things and I just want you to know that this is my freedom..

    Why do you people keep on making such things??..

    I know some of them are based on the Bible..

    “BUT” ……

    Many of these are light years away from the Bible..

    These artists are not Satan’s minions
    They are just expressing what they have observed in their surroundings
    And these music videos are just for entertainment

    Producers and talents are just being artistic..

    If they absolutely know that all of this are evil
    Why do they keep on making such things?


    We people are not away from God.

    It’s the heart that counts not the visuals.

    The only problem with you people is that you react immediately in what you see and what you hear.
    You don’t confirm, nor talk, nor ask those celebs if that’s really the message of the song.. “Based on the video”

    Why don’t you try to understand the whole song?..
    Read the lyrics carefully and you’ll know if what’s the message of it..

    I’m not a voice of many people
    I speak for myself and for those “victims” of these kinds of things

    These entire artists that this page is talking about making them a huge topic

    Are sooooooooooo innocent…

    They’re innocent because they don’t know that you are making them a demonic minion..

    The only thing that could save the world from total destruction is “CHANGE”

    We change things


    By starting to ourselves

    What if you write something about cooperation?

    “WE”… cooperate to fix the world..
    Coz “WE” are also those who ruined its beauty..

    Imagine the world without…….




  234. So, I’ve read post one and two about the whole GaGa being a puppet thing. Well done, you’ve managed to point out the obvious. GaGa’s blank and vacous visage is a comment on the idea that modern beauty is blank and bland, repeated over and over again. The imagery of the all seeing eye is a statement about how the papparazi keep a constant watch on celebrities. The checkerboard patterns show how the music industry control people and play them like pawns. The goats are a symbol of decadence, nothing more.

  235. @nycgal: I think you're being paranoid. Reindeer are often grouped with this time of the year. You are going to see it everywhere.

    I doubt it. The Monster EP has little to do with fame unlike The Fame before it. These are other themes she's doing now.

    I know little about his family history, but I don't see what's so disturbing. Perhaps if there were grotesque images but no. That said, what's wrong with using all of those things in fashion? Are we supposed to avoid and treat them as monsters because some people can't handle it? Is it the same with literature? I see it as someone trying to be controversial and provacative but nothing more.

  236. @beep beep- i get what you mean by that meaning of bad romance video, i totally saw the human trafficking issue she is bringing up, which is something else going on around for many years and a blog of its own.. but you admit she can have dualist meanings, so why not three…perhaps it is similar to how they are selling themselves for fame and she is showing that parallel as well? while the whole time being madly in love with music and not wanting to escape it
    also, alexander mcqueen’s fashion line in 2007, which i find very digusting and disturbing, is inspired by witchcraft and his ancestors who were burned for being witches, – I understand the tribute he wanted to pay his family but come one? having the models walk around the pentagram for goodness sake? i also see the veils and blindfolds that the artists are using as “fashion statements” and the deer head- you are absolving any possibility that it was inspired by evil? all of a sudden im seeing it everywhere- i walk into saks 5th avenue for christmas shopping for crying out loud and low and behold there were red deer heads decorating the walls- its everywhere.. i saw a cartoon coke commercial and theres a star and deer head symbol.. these are like 2 teeny examples mind you because i dont want to write another essay here.. like why all of a sudden are they everywhere? because they are fashion inspired? and who or what inspired the designers?

  237. This is quite a raging debate. One thing I will say as a native New Yorker is that Stefani/Gaga has knicked several of her ideas from a lesser known artist from the Prince camp, the same way Madonna did with Christina in the early 80’s and Bowie with The Legendary Stardust Cowboy back when. She’s a great performer and really smart, but I don’t know that she’s totally aware of what she’s doing in that respect.

  238. I think this article was truly fascinating, I never really noticed the masonic symbolism in her work before. You however obviously misunderstand what’s going on. She is a well educated self titled “performance artist,” not your average pop star bimbo. I don’t doubt that much of what you’ve caught in these articles are true references to the occult but there is nothing more sinister behind her use of them than incorporating these symbols into her videos. All of her videos, especially the new Bad Romance one seem to take off from visual artists like Matthew Barney who is well known for his use of masonic symbolism in some of his work. It’s not about the super secret Illuminati forcing their imagery into pop culture, it’s about pop culture looking at our cultural myths and traditions and incorporating them into the next generation.

  239. One thing you guys got inaccurate. Moloch is one of the true root-names of the Judo-CHRISTIAN “god”, not “Pagan”, although all JCI symbolism includeing godforms are origionaly Pagan. Here is an exerpt from some of my own historical research to back up this claim: (taken from my Occult Essay #1 “The REAL Devil” © 2006) …biblegod Jehovia/Enlil is
    also known to them as Melek Ta’us to the Kurdish Yezidi (a division of
    Islam with Jewish origins).

    The diety to whom child sacrifice was offered
    was Yahweh, the chief; and for normative Hebrew religion, the only–
    god of the nation, honored in this connection as “the king.” So
    repulsive was this abnormal practice, largely confined to the
    apostatizing reigns of Ahaz (II Kings xvi, 3) and Manasseh (II Kings
    xxi, 6), that the later Hebrews transformed the divine title
    associated with it into the artificial name Moloch, as though the
    sacrifices had indeed been offered to a foreign god.

    The above is further evidence the god, christians and others worship
    is a false god and is not the creator of humanity.

    According to Scholars: The name “Molech,” later corrupted
    into “Moloch,” is an intentional mispointing of “Melek,” after the
    analogy of “bosheth” (comp. Hoffmann in Stade’s “Zeitschrift,” iii.
    124). As to the rites which the worshipers of Molech performed, it
    has sometimes been inferred, from the phrase “pass through the fire
    to Molech,” that children were made to pass between two lines of
    fire as a kind of consecration or februation; but it is clear that
    the children were killed and burned. The whole point of the offering
    consisted, therefore, in the fact that it was a human sacrifice. It
    is evident that the prophets regarded these human sacrifices as
    extraordinary offerings to YHVH.

    Ezekiel says YHVH himself polluted the Israelites in their offerings by
    them to sacrifice their first-born, so that through chastisement
    they might know that YHVH was YHVH. The fact, therefore, now
    generally accepted by critical scholars, is that in the last days of
    the kingdom human sacrifices were offered to YHVH as King or
    Counselor of the nation and that the Prophets knew of it and largly
    excueses for it. In course of time
    the pointing of “Melek” was changed to “Molech” to still further
    stigmatize the rites.

    The Hebrew letters מלך (mlk) usually stands for melek
    ‘king’ but
    when vocalized as mōlek in Masoretic Hebrew text, they have been
    traditionally understood as a proper name Μολοχ
    (molokh) in the
    corresponding Greek renderings in the Septuagint translation, in
    Aquila, and in the Greek Targum. The form usually appears in the
    compound lmlk. The Hebrew preposition l- means ‘to’, but it can
    often mean ‘for’ or ‘as a(n)’. Accordingly one can translate lmlk
    as “to Moloch” or “for Moloch” or “as a Moloch”, or “to the Moloch”
    or “for the Moloch” or “as the Moloch”, whatever a “Moloch” or “the
    Moloch” might be. We also once find hmlk ‘the Moloch’ standing by

    Because there is no difference between mlk ‘king’ and mlk ‘moloch’
    in unpointed text, interpreters sometimes suggest molek should be
    understood where the Masoretic text is vocalized as melek and vice

    Moloch has been traditionally interpreted as the name of a god,
    possibly a god titled the king, but purposely misvocalized as Molek
    instead of Melek using the vowels of Hebrew bosheth ‘shame’.

  240. @STANISLAV:

    You're welcome to ask more and if it's within my grasp I'll try and answer more of your questions.


    I really appreciate your point of view in the sense that it is within our grasp to make changes, but changes require not only one man. Change starts with oneself, true, but the dynamic is to make it a ripple, to extend it to others; I don't know about others, but I try to make my community a better place daily and so does my family.

    When change is effective, there still remains the issue to maintain it, to give it an inertia capable of lasting longer than a trend. The ideal point of this change for good is to make it again the norm (statistically speaking) instead of a fashion, but it takes dedication. One good thing to do is to spread your point of views around, Internet has a good effect on that topic.

    Writing here shouldn't be the ONLY thing we do about change, but it is nevertheless a good effort.


    You are pretty well informed, but Malek or Moloch should not be confused with Yahweh, I think.

    The origin of Israel tribe as it was known when Yahweh makes his first revelation unto them was the Fertile Crescent, but more likely they have more Chaldean parenting than any other. Moloch indeed was an altar / deity to whom offerings were made, but not in the Israeli tribe nor from chaldean origin.

    Let me go further into this, There is evidence that Israel came to inhabit in the midst of the land occupied by the Kingdoms of Phoenicia, Moab, Ammon and Canaan. This can be even deducted from the different written languages; although the Israel written language was refined over the years, it originated from Phoenicia and Canaan. From canaanite originates phoenician, aramaic and hebrew are created afterwards with influences of both earlier idiomatic variations.

    Moloch was worshipped in this area before Israel came to inhabit the territory, being the Lord of those regions. The most probable account on what happened is that YHWH was asimilated as another denomination for the "lord" deity in the aforementioned territory. It went by many names, Milcom (from it derives Malcom a Demon name), Malek (this one being possibly a deformation of the arabic pronunciation, Malik, King), Melek(root of the name of yet another archdemon, Adrammelech the wroth Lord), Melqart (Phoenician patron deity, taken as main Baal in the biblical accounts) and even being paralleled to Chemosh (Patron of Moab and sworn enemy of The abrahamic God it seems).

    An analysis over the idiomatic structure of the deities' names brings the notion of a common origin, YHWH, however has no relation whatsoever in this structure, being brought most likely from the region of former Sumer.

    Throughout the biblical texts there is an account of such acts as you post, however they are decontextualized. Always in the biblical tradition has YHWH shown himself to be a jealous God, whereas the cited gods don't hold a statement such as "I am your only god", YHWH has even been accounted to be willing to make enemies of those cults. The most notable example of this is the text contained in 1 Kings, where Elijah challenges all the prophets and priests of Baal (that could very well be of all existent baals in Israel's cult at that time).

    Treatises group often when referring to Jewish point of view, all these gods within the baal epithet, and not mistakenly. Although it was a honorific title, YHWH or His priesthood, rejected blatantly that denomination and instead opposed it. Confrontation between these different creeds emerged from the very beginning of YHWH's worship, which could be traduced as YHWH being an entirely different entity.

  241. I’m pretty sure, at this point, Lady Gaga and her team are very aware of the conspiracies surrounding her, and probably play off them conceptually to make spooky pop art.

  242. well lady gaga is using occult symbolism that”s a fact. second she is an italian and they are mostly very religious people so ofcourse she should have some kind of knowledge about freemasonry and the illuminati
    but i don’t think she is really connected to them at highest she is just a SMART puppet because she represent a free mind and to me that does not make sense. Then again her music is kind of hypnotic cus i don”t like general pop music most of the time (i mostly listen to oldschool hiphop and rnb soul funk ) but she does has something that makes me dig some of her music ( thou mostly the dance tracks and her more hiphop oriented songs ). She a great artist still i also don”t understand the heavy symbolism she uses(is it just for fame or she really hypnotized or is she part of the agenda??) but then again i don”t bother of her it does fits her style, she making art and that”s what i understand of her work cus her music is eerie and if she would be putting alot of christian signs then i wouldn”t get it either. She is also very different then britney sprear en Xtina because they where REAL PUPPETS of the industry because in my eyes they would have never come with the things lady gaga does. I don”t think she is a puppet cus she to smart for that plus i also think she was or still occasianally uses drugs( soft drugs like weed or maybe sniffing once in a while)
    and those things make you expand youre in a different way then the illuminati wants u (i smoke weed believe me its thru if i did not started smoking weed at one point i would not be aware of things like this cus i was a very carefree boy). Nevertheless i am a subfan of lady gaga but i would not be suprised if she was a puppet or messenger of masons cus she throwing all the symbols in our face but then again she could also be warning us cus she looks like a nice person in her interviews and such and her own personal videos. Jay-z and kanye west and miss sasha and rihanna are really evil in my eyes and let me tell you why . Ofourse its not bad to make art with symbols but they do it to much for black people trying to represent the black community they do it to much for whats good for them. so even though they make good music that”s the only thing i like about them fuck there style and clothing and shit. back in the days we black cared about looking good and not about looking strange and putting handsigns in the air, we where about having with eachother without the need of major money but with the things we had. especially jay-z and beyonce.

    so to conclude this all lady gaga may or may not be part of it ( still i think she is 70% of 100%)
    but for jay-z and beyonce they are 100% part of the agenda cus i think it strange for black people who”s ancestors actually suffered because of those masons and illuminati are representing there ways know :s
    i mean in my eyes that is not just making art it really putting a message out there.
    but what i do i don”t judge them let them to what they want to do it humanity in general that will make these people get there heads back ttogether or at least explaine to us why tey put up those signs so much.
    oh yeah what i also want to say is listen to music in the makers sperspective and not in youre own cus that where they get you…

    peace im out

  243. Although I am all for deconstruction pop culture, I do believe that chalking everything up to Masons undermines the real problems at hand. If anything, Gaga’s salacious wardrobes and poses push young women to feel inadequate and want to use their sexuality to get ahead. I would say her messages are more harmful to young women than anything else. I agree with always looking at the media critically, as I do think that there are underlying messages concerning gender, race and socioeconomic status. However, I think that the messages the media tries to promote have more of an impact on societal norms and pressures, than subliminally trying to brainwash the population to a certain cult’s ways.

  244. I’m gonna blow y’alls theories totally out of the water. There was a statement that “monster” in Bad Romance, was an occult figure. BIG WHATEVER.

    Hello, has anyone seen ALIENS lately? It’s so plainly obvious. The sarcophogi her and the dancers come out of are the sleeping chambers from that movie.

    Lady GAGA copies themes from pop culture. That’s it, nothing more. She is not a puppet. She loves glam schtick, and she is a genius.

    Get over yourselves people.

  245. @kaki23:

    You are right on the spot, those messages DO have an impact on societal norms and pressures, but this would be the focal point of the “brainwashing”. This term has come to be used because people sometimes blindly accept what mainstream media has to say about anything; when society goes from intelligent thinking community to a numb mindless herd of meatsacks, that’s when brainwashing is recognized.

    Obviously it doesn’t happen in general terms, and it would be wrong to say all people are like that, but there are really good examples of what accepting external media output without thinking can do to a person.

    Moral decay, deconstruction of social values, loss of transcendental purpose, dissolution of liberties, mind conditioning for certain comfort areas, also the conditioning to accept ideas as true, whether they are or not.

    That is the effect of corporate massive media messages; not one, not two, not one season of broadcast… But the continued exposure over the years has had this particular effect on population.

    For the past century and the duration of this one, models of beauty, models of behaviour, models of consumption, models of welfare and so on have been injected to our mindsets just to accommodate with the desires, projects and/or needs of corporate and governmental entities. Thoughts are being pushed onto us, and in time some permeate, some don’t but the effect is felt.

  246. @kaki23:

    I will tell you, you are right on the spot, those messages DO have an impact on societal norms and pressures, but this would be the focal point of the “brainwashing”. This term has come to be used because people sometimes blindly accept what mainstream media has to say about anything; when society goes from intelligent thinking community to a numb mindless herd of meatsacks, that’s when brainwashing is recognized.

    Obviously it doesn’t happen in general terms, and it would be wrong to say all people are like that, but there are really good examples of what accepting external media output without thinking can do to a person.

    Moral decay, deconstruction of social values, loss of transcendental purpose, dissolution of liberties, mind conditioning for certain comfort areas, also the conditioning to accept ideas as true, whether they are or not.

    That is the effect of corporate massive media messages; not one, not two, not one season of broadcast… But the continued exposure over the years has had this particular effect on population.

    For the past century and the duration of this one, models of beauty, models of behaviour, models of consumption, models of welfare and so on have been injected to our mindsets just to accommodate with the desires, projects and/or needs of corporate and governmental entities. Thoughts are being pushed onto us, and in time some permeate, some don’t but the effect is felt.

  247. It is odd how many talents have not been launched in the manner that this Lady Gaga has with her marginal talent. I come from a very spiritual background and pride myself in being well studied in all areas of spiritualism and this is an obvious case of someone promoting that which is considered the occult. As much as they want to believe that they are in the know, no matter how much they know they will never know it all; eyes wide shut!

  248. What baffles me the most is how OBVIOUS the symbols are. You can’t get any more obvious than baphomet’s head on her.. That’s just ridiculous.

  249. Just because an artist chooses to use symbolism and historical imagery in their work does not mean they are a) promoting it; b) being controlled by it; c) alluding to a greater infrastructure. Good artists are compelled by what they see and use symbolism to infuse a deeper, subconscious element in the minds of folks who view/use their work. That's the whole point of art! I'm fascinated by morbid things and incorporate whatever I'm fascinated with into my work. It doesn't mean I subscribe to the morbidity or promote it. It's about exploring a fascination–and if that fascination happens to be provoking, great! It sells more albums and creates more mystery.

    Kudos to Lady Gaga for tapping into this vein to give her art a deeper level of meaning. It's enjoyable on the surface, and enjoyable for those who choose to dig deeper.

  250. Additionally, the album is called "The Fame Monster." Of course it makes sense she conjures up the image of Baphomet–she's evoking "monstrous" imagery in order to prove her points about the nature of fame and celebrity.

  251. The bottom line is no matter what way you wanna put it, its all devil worship. If it’s not worshipping God, its worshipping the devil. I’m not totally convinced that all of these artists are purposly using symbols and worshipping the devil, but that’s the point, Satan is the greatest deceiver of them all. The point is to make you accept it, or think that its not a big deal. All the while, we don’t even realize that we are offending God. All this talk of the NWO makes sense. Its in the Bible, but dont be fooled into thinking that it will be some human/robot /computerized era that is so far away. The music, T.V, books, technology, all just a distraction to keep us from realizing whats really going on. I thank God for leading me to this website to open my eyes to see that the end is fast approaching. I believe that the strategy is bigger than lady gaga, jay-z , beyonce, and any other artists, the idea is to get us so accepting of all the satanic elements that are going on that when the time comes we wont oppose it, or reject it, we will accept it and accept the mark of the beast in order to keep indulging….read ur bibles, people, repent, build a relationship with God, its all real, and it is the only way to be saved.

  252. I was wondering if anybody has noticed two things from the poker face video

    Firstly, her arising from the pool with thunder in the background and two dogs either side, has to be symbolism there

    Secondly, she wears glasses which resemble images of hypnotic spirals with pop culture written in the middle, is the references to mind control becoming more obvious, or are the media consuming population more dumb, ot both?


  253. Another vermin posing as an "artist"…pushed by the rootless cosmopolitan controllers of the "Sheepletainment" industry.

  254. feelin like... on

    i dont knw if this has already been said… but while reading about the whole 1eye thing, it just reminded me of the singer Gabrielle…. she always had an eye or both eyes coverd, ther wer many rumours about why but i dont think any1 evr got to the bottom of it…..

  255. Yeah, it's all very perplexing really, it make you wonder, are these symbols being blatantly broadcast to inform the public that the industry is part of all of this or are they trying to make light of the symbology? Or are they hiding in plain view? It's really hard to tell sometimes. But anyway, "things that make you go hmmm…" But here's a kicker, as a lot of you may know by now, Lady Gaga has recently 'seen the Queen' (Queen of England) and she was wearing red! A quite elaborate red dress actually, she kinda looked like the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, more mind control Illuminati symbolism at work there… and there are connections of the Illuminati to the Queen, perhaps even the Queen Mother of all Illuminati.. who knows, but anyway, if that doesn't prove that Lady Gaga hasn't been playing with the fires of Illumination then I don't know what does.. I guess she's graduated to the next level, she's proved her worth in that world and got to meet the High Queen.. but that doesn't mean that she's in the highest levels of all that, just a bit higher now. She has ascended one more rung of the 'ladder of light..' But if she really is getting deep into all of this, I just hope she eventually knows how to get out if she wants, but once you taste of the success bestowed upon you, it becomes harder and harder to get out. That's one reason I think it has been said that it is much harder for the 'rich to enter the Kingdom of Heaven' (paraphrased from the Bible), but I remember reading once a long time ago, something that Mother Theresa said, and I've never forgotten it because it's an unusual viewpoint, she said that not only do the poor need assistance, but the rich do as well.. I think she was referring to things such as this.. despite all this, I must say, I do enjoy Lady Gaga's music and performances and I have heard that she is a really nice person to her fans.. even buying them all pizza on the opening day of her CD while they were waiting in line. But for some reason, probably because she is so talented and has charisma and her hand on the pulse of society, she has been chosen to convey these hidden symbols to the world in her work, so for whatever it's worth, she works for them for now. If anybody wants to see more about the Illuminati in film, watch Eyes Wide Shut, that last film that Stanley Kubrick did before he died (one researcher has said, coincidence or not..?), but anyway, the scenes in this film apparently portray very closely inside rituals of the aforementioned group. And, they are wearing red!

  256. Okay, was reading through the comments a bit and just saw this one:


    Now, in my comment, I just mentioned a ladder and I had heard about this photographer just dropping dead in the middle of a photo shoot on the red carpet, but I didn't know that he fell off a ladder! Now, I figured ladders must have some kind of esoteric/occult meaning (of course!) so I just looked it up and here is a really good resource, yes! They are chock full of symbolism! To the brink..! Here is one that I looked at first, but there are many more links, just type in 'symbolism of ladders' in Google.

    So, it's really interesting that this photographer 'fell off the ladder.' More 'hmmm…" Also, it has been said that when someone makes a pact with the devil for success, someone must be sacrificed. But I'm not saying that Lady Gaga has done that, just that it seems very interesting and weird that someone died around her while she is in the midst of her ascent to 'success.' It's like very symbolic in real life. And the day that happened, her outfit was described as a 'Black Widow' outfit. Another 'hmmmm..' She really may be around some very dark forces lately.. as VC has said in one of his tweets, in and interview, she said 'She was trained to love her darkness.' I wonder, by whom and when..?

  257. Well that settles it. I'm downloading Metropolis now. I've read that its a commentary on the divisions in society created by the industrial revolution, but I'm sure the symbolism goes farther than that. As far as GaGa goes, the "I'm a robot" meme seems to predate her but has found new expression with her. "Mechanical Animals," an album by Marilyn Manson (mentioned on this and other sites as a potential controller) is certainly one of my favorite albums ever but it was the first time I really felt the digitization-of-man idea connect. It's as if we've come to celebrate alienation from nature and the potential mechanization of man. The merger of man and machine is a fascinating concept, and honestly it wont be science fiction for much longer. Is someone trying to prepare us for when that time comes?

  258. your very important mason isn't a mason at all but clearly a european king…i think its some german king or prince…thats not masonic collars…its a order of some sort…not masonic

  259. your totally correct. your NOT crazy. like you said, anyone who knows anything about the occult or symbolism can easily tell lady gagas messed up and part of the illuminati. and other artists. what some people will do for money. verrrry interesting.

  260. Alice in Nowonderlan on

    I think the Lady Gaga video is likely satirical, like most of what she does. I think she is trying to subvert the imagery, not promote it. But we will never really know. (Now I suppose you'll read into my use of the word "satire" – like satyr, a goat-legged man much like the Devil – Get it? Get it? Just teasing.)

    Anyway, I poke fun, but I find your articles interesting and thought-provoking. The comments, on the other hand, are quite disturbing. Some are actual hate-speech – anti-semitic, nazi-apologist, hate speech. This drives me crazy! There is nothing inherently evil about belonging to the Jewish tradition, a tradition rooted in respect for rule of law, love of family, devotion to a just and righteous god (even if it is not my own), and sense of community. The majority of people who identify as Jewish are just regular folks trying to live their lives. Raised a Christian, I respect Judaism for what it has contributed to my faith, and I respect that Jesus was Jewish. According to the Bible, "The Jews" did not kill Christ – Humanity did. And from the tenor of some of these vicious, hate-inspired comments, human nature hasn't changed that much since.

    You might as well hate everyone of European descent, since the Romans killed Him too, and their multi-cultural, ethnically-diverse empire extended across an entire continent. There will always be bad seeds, but they can come from any background, race, creed, or religious affiliation. As you (the people making these hateful comments) clearly demonstrate.

    I mean, it just doesn't even make sense. The rich and powerful aren't rich and powerful because they are secretly Jewish – my parents' cleaning lady and my dentist and my stoner friend from college are not secretly in league with Speilberg and Kissinger. Sorry, but no. What unites rich and powerful people is that they are RICH and POWERFUL, and they will use whatever means possible in order to keep their ranks exclusive. Might as well say (as some extreme feminists do) that all men are in league, since the Masters of the Universe are exclusively male. They are much more strikingly exclusively male than they are exclusively Jewish!

    Secret societies will draw on imagery from any source that promises esoteric knowledge – they want to have access to hidden truths because knowledge is power, and power is their currency. Kabbalah just happens to one of a whole slew of what Voegelin termed "Gnostic" teachings. But ultimately, who are these people – these sinister forces? They are a bunch of assholes in funny hats.

    I don't care if they are Masons, Klansmen, Scientologists, Talibanists, or Church deacons – anyone who thinks they can gain mastery of the world around them by practicing deceit and arcane ritual is delusional. True wisdom is gained by accepting that we will never know all there is to know, that we are fundamentally flawed, and that the best we can do is try to think for ourselves, keep an open mind, respect other people, and act with integrity. To promote vicious generalizations is the opposite of that – in my mind, it makes you an enemy of freedom.

  261. I simply don't see the Masonic compass above her while she's sitting in the chair. Looks like bullshit.

  262. My previous comment was deleted for reasons unclear to me, so I post it again:

    It could however be that Lady Gaga and her associates have tapped into the biggets subculture of our time, conspiracy* theory, just as Roland Emmerich did with "2012". Getting loads of free PR from communities keen on interpreting symbolism. It's brilliant, really.

    (Bear in mind that this is no critiscism of this site or this essay which I think is very interesting and important. Notice that it was I who looked this article up so please don't censor me)

    * "Conspiracy" may be a negative sounding word, but it does mean what it means, so it's right to use it when talking about theories about for instance the Illuminati.

  263. Oh my god, sorry =) It must have been something wrong with my browser, because the comment is there. SORRY. It was not censored. MY BAD.

  264. What kind of a self-respecting, normal, coherent, non-mind controlled slave would do what Lady GaGa does? Every picture of her makes her looks like a catatonic whore. Every time she steps out in public, she looks like a whacked out, strung out, down and out moron. It's VERY sad that the Satanic handlers in the music business find this all amusing and funny. She has NO clue whatsoever how she is being used! Dim-witted girls chasing fame do not become famous on their own…they become famous through the conscious, concerted efforts of evil men who laugh at how easy it is to own and manipulate them. I feel VERY sorry for Lady GaGa…I'm sure she is a poor traumatized woman who has been repeatedly raped and victimized and tortured. But the fact is, people have to WAKE UP! Fame is an UGLY, VILE, evil thing, and anyone who chases it is misled and nearly nuts. When was the last time you saw or read a positive, life-affirming report of someone who was "rich and famous"? WAKE UP SHEEPLE! Grab a Bible! Read up on how life is SUPPOSED to be!

  265. I think Umberto Eco put it best in Foucault's Pendulum. I also think that a world-spanning conspiracy is probably not going to go out of its way to display any recognizable signs and symbols. Certainly not any that can be easily deciphered and posted on the internet.

  266. Ok then, Lady GaGa (336)

    Glad you finally admitted the truth!:D

    Anywayz,.. I nearly started to cry when I read about all this illuminati stuff. You must be able to imagine, how deeply depressing this is for someone like me: a fifteen-year old little feminine boy, who was truly hypnotized everytime I watched a video of Lady GaGa, saying something like "I felt like a freak in high-school", or "I wanna create a place for my fans, where they don't have to feel alone". You know, if this conspiracy-stuff is true, then those interviews, were she says things like that, are probably just marketing targeted at naive little "misfits" like myself… Actually I initially was a little suspicious towards this.. It seems too cheap to say, and it's getting so cliche-filled with all these artists who's had a hard childhood being bullied and feeling like misfits etc…

    I don't understand why no one confronts these pop artists with any of the symbolism in their work. Are they aware of it themselves (both the artists and the interviewers/journalists, maybe even everyone involved in the media world), or are they all being mind controlled by the "elite" being the ultimate charge for all this illumination of our society??? You know, I might be a little mind controlled aswell, by all the crap I watch on telly and Youtube.

    But for me, the question is: So what? How will it harm me? what's the meaning of it, and what does it want from me?? Why do somebody/someone/something want us to see these symbols everywhere in pop-culture??

    I feel so naive to have been "hypnotized" by Lady GaGa:(

  267. WOW

    i was only just introduced to this website by a friend and it just shocks me to see how true this stuff is and how we are exposed to it in everyday life…luckily i never really liked Lady Gaga coz she was a bit…weird. :P

  268. This is all very interesting and well done, but I fail to see how it means she is controlled by anyone, truly, or is controlling anyone (which is not possible, truly). The illusion, the great lie, is that someone can be controlled while still living.

  269. To Jayden,

    Do dramatic fashion and stark styling mean "catatonic whore" to you?

    She is clearly not a moron, have you ever heard her interviewed? Consider that she is consciously choosing the persona which so starkly contrasts with her intelligence, purposely for her own purposes. Sometimes, the one you think is being used, is the one turning the device on its creators: "The wicked in his pride doth persecute the poor: let them be taken in the devices that they have imagined."

  270. was in the biggest macy's i the world today (side note- of which significant % of shares is still owned by rockefellars) and saw the new ugly christmas tree decorations- butterflies- huge ones- which have absolutely nothing to do with christmas may i add…. also lots of butterflies in fashion this year- symbolism of transformation/evolution . already seeing skull and bones everywhere, forget the clothing and tattoos- ralph lauren freakin has bed billows with skull and bones knitted on- how pretty– butterflies and skulls – who wouldve thought they both have hidden meanings by the same people… guns on jewlery and eyes also- all the eyes from all religions for ex. ive seen the mediterannean which is the "good" eye that protects you from the evil eye, and the indian eye-in hand- as charms on bracelets- there we go mixing up all the religions in the world- and of course butterflies as charms and the lotus flower in the same necklace as the indian eye in hand- in high end dept stores…thought it interesting its everywhere, and the time is now.. they want us to get used to mixing them all up as they create one world religion……

  271. @mammaluka- u need to get a little educated on the illuminati and nwo so u can understand the whole point of how it affects you.. its not just the hypnotizing aspect, like ok i know about it now, so i wont get hypnotozied wowee .. its more that most of they artists are brainwashed themselves and im generalizing but the overall theme behind our modern era's music is showing us straight up look its people behind us, these are the things they beleive in and soon will force on us..just how they control them they will control the rest of us.. and it goes way deeper not only music, they already are behind banks and major corporations of the world..which is part of the whole conspiracy

  272. 336 is that really.. on

    @Timothy: Yes, I've heard her speak, she always sounds dazed, or maybe 'meek' is the word, or something in between those two, and it's weird that even though she's so popular now she doesn't do a lot of talking (though, that could be a calculated step, to give the audience the Lady Gaga image without confusing them by reminding them that she's a human being with real thoughts other than just stage-related stuff), she can speak at least 2 languages: English and French, so she probably is smart, but Vigilant is understandably pissed at her dumb blond.. demeanor in addition to the symbols she uses which he sees as a frightening psychological suggestion being implanted in people, in the MTV link I posted she says it's not a character.… – POM describes her behaving particularly eccentric a little while ago. – At 4:34 she talks about her past versus her present, makes since that she relates to Maria from Metropolis.… – Interesting interview where she talks about herself a little bit.

    On one of her Youtube channels they did a behind the scenes of Bad Romance and she was described as a hard worker, looks like they took it down, she had some kind of demonic looking thing on that I guess they decided against (smart move, it was weird enough the way they left it).

    Anyway those are just granules from my own investigation on her, it sucks when the truth hurts.

  273. It is interesting that she also uses saint/divine symbolism… like that last picture for example: she has the golden halo.

  274. Fascinating article. On reflection it's hardly surprising given the ownership of the media and the extent of ALL of our programming from birth (national curriculum / BBC anyone?). And let's not even start on Disney 'fairy stories'…

    But apart from wishing to congratulate the writer on a job well done, I'd also like to point out the most helpful response to this new information. Don't get mad, get even. And by that I'd suggest you to work upon your own ascension, because that is precisely what our slave masters fear the most. Cleanse your body – remove the heavy metals / hydrogenated oils / pesticides. Find love in your own heart. Recognise your true status as a Freeman.

    The kingdom of heaven is within, you are god, and the only way you can be subjugated is by buying into the illusion of separation. The ascension of man is happening now, be uplifted and help carry your fellow man with this knowledge. You're neither alone nor powerless. Truth is, you are part of the fellowship of man, and powerful beyond your wildest dreams.

    Love, light and gratitude

  275. Its pretty clear whats going on folks.. Evil is working hard.. Brittney Spears has a song on the top ten list right now openly is all about having a sexual 3some. Lady Gaga just pops up on the grind in the last 12 months.. These things are clear.. Even a fool can't deny someone is trying to brain wash all the young children of the world through music that is all the same! Unclean sexual music is mostly whats being pushed.. just listen to the lyrics its unbelieveable.. Its like XXX porn except its music.. ..

    What is coming folks.. Evil is working quickly on some goal…

  276. I am genuinely freaked out by all of this?? Wheather its just for shock value or shes really into all of the "evil " hidden messages she displays, I dont want anything to do with it!! I almost feel betrayed because I had no idea what all her symbolism meant and so many other have no clue. The fact that she is so devoted to these veiws is deeply distrubing and goes against everything I believe. I will not support her music any more!!! So i just want to THANK YOU for writting this it really opened my eyes and I will keep them open and watch for the signs… again thank you and keep up the good work ….

  277. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    okay… what i know about symbolism isn't worth mentioning, but i do know for sure that the Illuminati cult is genuine. It does exist. Do I need to say I can't tell you how I know?

    But i had NO IDEA they were that prevalent in the music industry. i don't listen to Lady Gaga much because in my view she was just a bog standard singer with bad taste, she creeped me out moree than a little, and I had no idea how she got to be this famous so quickly. Now I know.

    I've got another side to offer on all of this. its only an idea. I'm not saying it's definitely true. But while Gaga is the Illuminati's perfect puppet, she's also their most obvious advertiser. Any fool can see that her themes aren't NORMAL, and a sharper fool than that would see the same themes repeated by different artists. I'm hesitant to say this, but i think that somewhere behind her digitally enhanced features Lady Gaga is sending out a muted cry for help. The only message she is ALLOWED to send is the prescribed one, but to such an extreme as this? it doesn't keep the secret too well, does it?

    this does sound like a load of crap at first. Until you see the cold hard evidence, too much evidence to dismiss this theory as conspiracy madness. The true madness is to ignore it all, be dumb and compliant, go with the flow. That would be stupid.

  278. You make vailid and well thought out points but it apparent that most of these are too well thought out. The first comment amused me as it went on saying the media wants to cover the truth and doesnt want people to think for themselves but surely the fact you've read this article and made up your mind straight away without any additional research means that you're not thinking for yourself, your just mearly being sucked into something other than the media and its 'powers'.

    Lady Gaga is an artist and an extreme one. Shes is incredibly intelligent unlike many of todays pop icons and she uses symbolism in her art to make people think and start up these conspiracys simply because she wants to and i admire her for that.

    But what if you are right? I was listening to lady gaga's new CD 'the fame monster' and i admit i picked out a few lines that did make me uneasy now i am aware of the symbols and messages she is said to portray. However i emidiatly banished any such thoughts. This is too well thought into, as if said before and its been taken too seriously by many readers.

  279. Dude this is sme crazy shit, sure lady gaga does wierd stuff but you cant just say that she has links to occultic whatever. People will always misinterpret some symbols in pictures I mean no one can deny that these are some pretty nice pictures even though they are seemed to be linked with the occultic …………………………. well I like gaga maybe I'm linked with the occultic right???

  280. The occult are awaiting the arrival of the one eyed one the DAJJAAL or in other words the Anti-Christ. He is the one eyed one whos one eye will look like a protruded grape and he will come and cause chaos in the world. He is the one on the top of the hierarcy of the pyramid. All of the Prophets of Islam warned against his arrival but he may even come in our life time God knows best.

    Look at this short clip for more info, copy and paste the link onto web browser:

    The Coming of The Dajjal part 1

    The Coming of the Dajjal part 2

  281. The veil picture.

    She is also once again representing the Whore of Babylon.

    She is being passed from one man to the next.

    The first man appears to be royalty while the second appears to be the common man, and they all share her equally because she is THE whore. Not just A whore.

    I still lust her.

    She is everything I like in chick.

    Unique in every way, not a super model, but still stunning at the same time, and a dash of crazy.

    Now… I just pity her.

    Please keep on updating.

    She is definitely the new Madonna, the one that will be at her peak when 2012 is here.

    People that get defensive over 2012 are usually the ones that are scared of it the most and need to reassure themselves nothing is going to happen. But it is in peoples nature to panic. They panicked in 1999 with Y2K, and they will panic all year long in 2012. And when people are already terrified of terrorism, its not going to be a pleasant year… and every storm will be blamed on the Apoloclypse and the Mayan Calendar.

    Do I think anything is going to happen?

    You bet, but not in that way people think.

    Its going to be more like the elitists taking advantage of a situation, just like they always do.

  282. Temi: "well I like gaga maybe I’m linked with the occultic right???"

    I always loved this line of argument.

    If I had a nickel…

  283. Wow. Its amazing how people can be soo clueless. Even though this is detailed, it makes sense, and so does believing in God. Fyi, the reason that God put us here even though he knew what might happen, he did it to prove to the universe that satan's accusations against him were false. What were satan's accusations, you ask?well, satan accused God of being unfair because He was creating the world without him and he became jealous. So he began talking with other angels and saying God wasnt fair. Lucifer felt as though he should be the one doing all the planning withGod, not Michael, the angel which was the name of God the Son (its Jesus before his name became Jesus). Thats how the war in heaven came about and lucifer and one third of the angels were cast out. If you dont believe that lucifer became full of himself, check it in the bible its somewhere in psalms. He says all this foolishness about being the Most High, exalting his name above everything, and being all-powerful. Yup. Check for yourself.

    And for those who wish to trash talk these ppl cuz they cant let go of their precious stars(but wouldnt mind letting go of God), lemme tell ya sumthin. God is real. And so is satan. I know for a fact that God is real. The kinds of teachings in the Bible really do help you and teach you how to live your life the right way. Lemme ask sumthin: do famous ppl with lots and lots of money ever seem satisfied? Dont you always hear another song about some rapper wanting more money? Or how about the ten thousand different girls that they seem to be infatuated with? Well, for lady gaga, its fame, and unfortunately, shes willing to do whatever the industry wants to get that fame. Now,im only fourteen years old and im trying to share this with you all because time is running out. I am a sda christian and i found out that weeks ago in early december, Germany just passed its Sunday blue laws which is bound to happen soon to the rest of the world, including America, even though it is a violation in the constitution to unify church and state.

    I just have a few more thoughts to share. Satan isn't stupid. Hes not gonna make some pop star come out in a song and say "lala i worship the devil yea yea im evil!!!" even though you may not see it directly, the devil has his ways of getting to your head, and trust me, he dont care about no one, not even his followers. And so what if all this detail about how lady gaga is bad is false, he just wants you to stray away from God! Dont let the MASTER OF DECEPTION fool you.

  284. haha, funny. God and Satan are at war and every single person on this planet who has ever lived and who ever will live are involved. What you think you just came about out of total utter randomness?? Please. So whether you like it or not, you are on either God's side or Satan's. There's no such thing as neutral. You end up in either heaven or hell. Plain and simple. Make your choice.

  285. James from the 818 on


    Now just think of this, all these little kids listening to lady gaga and others (and when i say little i mean 12 year old and younger)……how will it effect them?

  286. you DO realize that it isnt she who comes up with the ideas for the photo shoots, right?

    That's nice that her hair style resembles things from the past. Then again, everything in the present resembles something from the past. Does that mean that they're evil? No.

    Don't link this woman to the likes of the Illuminati. Compare her to Jay Z, Kanye, Rihanna. I bet even you, Vigilant, will see the difference between how she uses her symbolism, and how they use it.

    She uses it because shes an artist. They use it because they're part of this whole thing.

  287. Lady Gagas is into expressing her music through art, fashion. She creates her style and her record label helps her improve it, she’s not to blame about all the symbolism surrounding her. Yeah, she might know what it’s all about but she doesn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, I don’t think she’s an Iluminati Puppet.

    She's her own woman, and I've seen how the girl acts. She's certianly no push over.

  288. lady gaga is a lunatic and shes probably gonna go to hell and burn forever and ever i hope god watches over her and help her with herself cause something is really wrong wit her!

  289. What if they programmed her so much that they WANTED an article like this to come out to the public? That they WANTED the truth to be told and it's all symbolic to something. What if secretly we're being brainwashed to believe that these secret societies/Lady Gaga are all brainwash? What if it was a double mind control!!! WHOA! But honestly……….

    Who cares. She/the Illuminati/fame is just pop trash anyway hahahaha.

  290. first of all, Lady Gaga is FEMALE. I know, I've seen the video but that was planned, only an idiot would still believe she has a penis. Get over it, its 2010.

    and she is not a lunatic, she just has her own way of expressing herself through her music and fashion and to link it to satan and freemasonry is just plain stupid. She is talented and smart and you can try and bring her down all you want because i bet $100 SHE DOESN'T CARE!


  291. Lady GaGa is great inspiration for many people. She is like new Jesus. She is undoing 2000 years wrong belief that it is wrong to be different and to make choices in life. God gave us the ability to make choices, to learn new things and to question what is already learned with a reason. We should not be ashamed of those abilities and suppress them. Lady GaGa stands for diversity and love, the greatest God's gifts to man. I love her so much.

  292. I just dont get how lady gaga is so popular?! I mean even before I started noticing all this sick symbolism I found her very disturbing. I remember first video of hers that I watched was Poker Face and it was so disturbing that I couldnt see her or listen to her songs any more at all. Really disturbing and causes me an head ache. I just dont get how people dont find her disturbing and same thing goes with Rihanna…I remember Pon de replay song…it was positive and her image wanst depressive and disturbing as it is now…thats really sad.

  293. ( Reposted from Part 1 )

    Junk. That is what most people on this site, and many others like it, spew. Even if the orig. author had any point to his references, the majority of you take that and then spin it out of even your own control, such is the way that much malice and rumor is started. Take something into consideration for a moment…. Using the same understanding of how they are supposedly using “mind-control” and the ways in which they do it, isnt this article a reverse form of the same thing? Make you doubt and question something you thought was fine, to be filled with information relating to what someone else wants you to believe, using our own fear and drive to question the nature of things as our achilles heel.

    If you guys want to continue to pursue this quest, by all means… But dont complain when you are loosing sleep, having panic attacks, etc. because you have overtly allowed people such as those here to alter and control your own views and beliefs. Thankfully, I can see through such fear-mongering and blatant use of various day to day things to support such accusations. But then again, I am quite sure you can pull things out of most every music video, musical, movie, book, etc. that somehow could be related to the occult and other such “evil” plots, much in the same way you can pull mostly anything out of anything and relate it to almost anything else. That doesnt provide proof, that simply means the author had enough time on his hands to use reference materials and link up what he could to support his … agenda.

    But we are supposed to be fearing the occults and such right? Not the innocent and righteous people pointing these things out to us trying to shape us into what they want instead of what these supposed occult want, using the same methods but in reverse. Pittiful.

    -Noun "Sensationalism"

    "The cheap tabloids relied on sensationalism to increase their circulation."

  294. ok. well we cannot win because in the bible the said its gonna happen sooner or later we can not stop it. its really wierd all these stars. i loved all of beyonce songs and lady gaga but when i found out about this i was like oh my goodness. but like people are saying obama is in it to. its gonna happen sooner or later.

  295. ( Reposted from Part 1, And again since it seems the author is not allowing my comment )

    Junk. That is what most people on this site, and many others like it, spew. Even if the orig. author had any point to his references, the majority of you take that and then spin it out of even your own control, such is the way that much malice and rumor is started. Take something into consideration for a moment…. Using the same understanding of how they are supposedly using “mind-control” and the ways in which they do it, isnt this article a reverse form of the same thing? Make you doubt and question something you thought was fine, to be filled with information relating to what someone else wants you to believe, using our own fear and drive to question the nature of things as our achilles heel.

    If you guys want to continue to pursue this quest, by all means… But dont complain when you are loosing sleep, having panic attacks, etc. because you have overtly allowed people such as those here to alter and control your own views and beliefs. Thankfully, I can see through such fear-mongering and blatant use of various day to day things to support such accusations. But then again, I am quite sure you can pull things out of most every music video, musical, movie, book, etc. that somehow could be related to the occult and other such “evil” plots, much in the same way you can pull mostly anything out of anything and relate it to almost anything else. That doesnt provide proof, that simply means the author had enough time on his hands to use reference materials and link up what he could to support his … agenda.

    But we are supposed to be fearing the occults and such right? Not the innocent and righteous people pointing these things out to us trying to shape us into what they want instead of what these supposed occult want, using the same methods but in reverse. Pittiful.

    -Noun "Sensationalism"

    "The cheap tabloids relied on sensationalism to increase their circulation."

  296. Sorry for the double comment, my orig. post appeared somehow almost exactly 30 minutes after I posted it again. Strange.

  297. Brothers, please stop arguing with them. The crazier they look, the faster we can discredit them in our other outlets.

    For those of you in a State of doubt, wait and see. Within 23 months one of our major resources will produce an "Entertainment" soley to embarass and discredit your movement. We will make it a blockbuster. We will also mobilize our unwitting pop culture movers and shakers to make "illuminati" symbols even more mainstream. We will continue to "talk it normal" so to speak. Haven't you noticed the way that the common reaction now is to say; "So what? We still like the music!". That is really the only use that any of us have for these types. Their greed and egos get in the way of our true altruistic intent. This has worked so well that I can post this in public now and it will go virtually unnoticed!

    The good ol' days are till here. No need to wait until the Land Of The Rising Sun…

  298. She can't be a true hermaphrodite for the simple reason that they aren't thought to exist in humans. She is either a male or a female. Sometimes people are born with birth defects in their genitalia, but this is now surgically corrected very early on. For example, if she was born with a clitoris that formed to look more like a penis, it would have been altered within likely the first two years of life. And if she were really a man taking estrogen and who had his testicles removed, this person's bone structure would be noticeably more male. She's too petite and small-boned in the face and body to have gone through any partial sex change. What this probably indicates is that she is actually a normal woman, and it's possible that she uses props to try and deceive people into wondering about her. But regardless, there's no point in saying she's a true hermaphrodite, because they aren't believed to exist. There are "pseudo" hermaphrodites, but these people are fully male or female, and that doesn't really make sense in her case, anyway.

  299.,, and and jesuits.Do not trust wikipedia or the links on wikicompany articles.Good luck.

  300. a) so why are the 'illuminati' showing us the 'symbolism' – what is the point?

    b) if lady gaga is an 'illuminati puppet', what is her goal here?

    is it not more likely that lady gaga and her creatives are simply exploiting common imagery, symbolism and myth, as a way of giving what are (lets face facts) fairly low-brow pop-songs some faux-intellectual impact?

  301. oh, and is the use of such symbolism inherently evil? what exactly does such blatant use of symbolism achieve, exactly?

  302. v- you didnt say anything about the hello kities- deeper meaning- not only did she try to look like she in masonic throne but the dress- hello kitty is interesting because the actualy tv cartoon didnt last in the U.S. too long, as in Japan where they continue to show on tv and also have new claymation shows of hello kitty- yet the toy- stuffed animals, etc is making huge business here and all over the world, in places where they dont even know who hello kitty is- she just looks like a cute toy- and adored by the young girls in particular, toddler to under 12 years old, as she is featured on school supplies, purses, even clothing now- its interesting that they hardly had to market for hello kitty but its very popular in the U.S. – also notice how hello kitty has no mouth- hence she has no voice- being used to symbolize the stupid female- as we see in music business and hollywood- all goes back to the robotic controlled woman … anti-feminism and reverting back to the good old days where women had no say and were meant to stay in the house to cook and clean- a cycle in society that is making its turn back- now with the missing mothers who have the kids in daycare all day with strangers so they can work- someone posted a link about feminism and how its disappearing again- going backwards in time- which is another story besides the topic yet i think this is another theme she is showing- she is very talented, smart and creative – be aware of her use of multi-meanings to her symbolisms

  303. @ Jeffrey- sherlock holmes aimed at discrediting black magic among other things.. avatar discredited that there is any negativity in loving nature to the extent of equalizing it with G-d, we are waiting for son of Poseidon to ome out, President's day weekend of all days, where people think – its just fake, people are part gods no hidden meaning there just an awesome movie..the list with go on and on with all this mixed up themes of science/technology, paganism and above all, the apocalypse.. this information overload we are experiencing is too much that the easiest thing is to discredit all the themes in the end, with the the final saying "it was just a movie".. just how we say "its just a song and i like how it sounds so who cares what he is saying"

    alls i know is they are everywhere, the futurists running this country whether they are masons or not, and they will always be here, but when the end of times really comes it will be a surprise, no one will know, not even the people who think they are planning it and the final war between good and evil will make even them shit their pants… just cause people are realizing them more now doesnt mean they just came out about about and made a presence in the entertainment industry.. they were always there from the beginning,.,. you dont have to look to back just go tot he 70s and 80s and start reading lyrics, rap didnt seem to evil then but look at pop and metal lyrics and dance moves and tell me it wasnt inspired by evil and hidden messages.. it took this nigga out of the ghetto selling blow with his thunder thighs wife and a chick who wears no pants to bnring this shit to light? it was always there, its just more in your face now cause they want us to think they reached the end of their stick and the end is here but u know what, the joke is on them, they are just exposing themselves more now

  304. did you guys see the "video phone" video by beyonce and lady gaga?? Beyonce is wearing an orange outfit that seems to be the SUN. and then you can see she is wearing earings as lightning a ray of light.. just something I realized on the video.

  305. Wow. I worked in the music biz for fourteen years. Queen's Radio Gaga video is NOT "often referred to" and there is no secret music business symbolism, no mind control, no secret society controlling things…I mean, this is just hilarious and sad…

    I'm sorry to all the Jesus people and Illuminati people, but the truth is simply far more boring – we're human animals on one planet out of tens of billions of planets, and what you see is what you get.

    The bus bench isn't talking to the parking meter.

    Get a life and a good pair of headphones and step away from the computer!

  306. OH and smartgirl? You poor thing. You should change your screen name. You realize you believe this big, dramatic, God vs. Satan story because someone told you to believe it, right?

    I mean, you do get the fact that there is zero evidence that anything like God or Satan exist or ever have existed, correct?

    You poor thing. Sigh.

  307. Perhaps Ga Ga could be symbolic for Great Architect? Another Masonic reference perhaps. In biblical symbolism, twice spoken mean firmly decided. Hmmmm……

  308. i'm just utterly bothered by the fact that in your intro, it seems anybody who thinks you might is just "misinformed"

    I've been researching masonic symbolry for 12 years and i still think you got most of it wrong.

  309. This is… disturbing. Lady Gaga, Jay – Z, Beyonce, Lil' Wayne. It's sick but it needs to be revealed. I wish people didn't think we were crazy for putting this out there. I don't want to be controlled. I'm defiant to the end…

  310. It is obvious you are "dead on" regarding the occult symbolism in the music industry; however, this appears to be one aspect of the whole agenda. Politicians, news media, and actors all seem to support this ancient occult symbolism perpetuated by these timeless beings. I agree some "know" and some do so out ignorance or plain simulation. The question is what is the science behind this agenda? Are people being subconsciously influenced by watching and listening to this media? What is it doing to us? Our open culture no longer vigorously defends its moral dogma. Regarding the Tiger Woods media blitz, if these woman would have come forward in the Middle East they all would have been stoned to death on the spot. For some reason Americans have lost this ability to defend their spiritual beliefs. I won't be suprised in the near future if artist can simulate the cooking and consumption of baby flesh and merely called it artistic expression! Peace to all seeking the Truth and the Light. Find out more at

  311. @PUPPO:

    Sorry to say but you are very ignorant. It doesn't matter that you worked in the music industry. Top managers are not going to share the secrets to become mega successful. You just do your job. You are like an assembly line worker doing your job, like a mere cog in a machine.

    Most journalists get fed up with reporting the same BS sensationalism each and every day.Few know about the conspiracy nor is it openly shared.

    Those who know about it and are willing to play the game are immediately catapulted into fame.

    The fact that you weren't aware of what is happening in the music industry is proof positive that you are an outsider.

    These people control all aspects of society but only a few at the top are aware of what is going. Information is doled out on a need to know basis.

    Play along and you will get promoted. Fight it and you will be discredited and destroyed. Remain oblivious and you will be left alone and left behind…as the world marches toward dictatorship and global tyranny.

  312. Another point to consider…if she were not a puppet for the Illuminati, why would the world's plutocrats who control all major the industries at the highest levels allow this obviously disturbed woman make a mockery of their symbols and practices? She would have been run out of the industry faster than she could say ga ga.

    By the way, Michael Jackon's performances were also heavily drenched in masonic symbolism.

    The moment he began challenging his record deal (with RCA?), Illuminati-controlled ABC started trumping up all the fake pedophile allegations. The interviewer, Martin Bashir, later retracted his defamatory remarks against Jackson — but after he was destroyed, dead, and buried.

    Challenge Lady GaGa to resist her masters and just do creative performances which have nothing to do with promoting world government and brainwashing people …and see how long she survives. They would find another talentless freak to hill her shoes and she would be yesterday's news.

    What a wicked, misguided girl, but as she said in an interview, she has devoted her life to drugs, sex, parties, and fame. How very Paris Hilton of her and what a great way to inspire young impressionable minds to become distracted and get off course in life.

    The Illuminati are all about symbolism. It's their way of marking their territory.

  313. @Christ Child, get a life. Or at least take a few steps away from your computer for awhile. You are clearly on a witchhunt with the rest of the nutjobs on this site. Do you even know why? Your judgement about someone you've never met is quite frightening. Have you even listened to The Fame? And please don't presume to know all kinds of things about the music industry until you've lived in it. ["Top managers are not going to share the secrets to become mega-successful…" — give me a break.] Listen to Bob Larson much?

    @Lynn D. I am really sorry you burned all of your music. I think Jesus would want you to enjoy the music you have–including Lady Gaga, if it makes you happy. I grew up in a very abusive home and was made to burn all of my music, too. My parents made me do things like speak in tongues (I had to pretend) and "cleanse" my room of demons. Guess what? I don't do any of that as an adult and I turned out just fine. If you have a few minutes you should really read a book like The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse. You aren't a lunatic and your home will not be inhabited by demons for listening to music.

    What is it you're all so afraid of, again?

    The photoshoot above was for a Hello Kitty exhibition held recently in Los Angeles. It was Hello Kitty 35th anniversary and Lady Gaga was one of the ambassadors. Several of the articles from the photoshoot were displayed at the artspace including the Hello Kitty plush dress and heels.

    So, can you all quit talking about the devil, mind control, and the Illuminati and start talking about how the world will be taken over by…Hello Kitty?

  314. I don’t necessarily think Lang’s Metropolis is a product of the Illuminati. It was a German film, and an expression of the difficulties the country was facing during “that” period. As far as I am aware, Germany was far removed from anything of Illuminati nature at this time. If anything, it is anti-illuminati (AI…creepy connection) – the robot and its creator are killed, the Moloch Machine destroyed, and the slaves set free from hell. The film concludes that you must listen to your heart, for dependence on the mind alone cannot create a functional society.

    However, history has shown us how easily a story or event can be twisted into something it never was or intended to be. It goes all the way back to the Bible. As Allan Watts said so well (on the beliefs of Jesus):

    "…And he was crucified for it. Why? Because he had committed an act of insubordination and treason against the cosmic government. Because if you believe that God is a monarch… an absolute omniscient and omnipotent authority… then to claim to be that is to introduce democracy into the kingdom of heaven – to use divine authority, and to speak in its name without proper authorisation. But when someone speaks as an authority it means speaks as the author. That’s all it means. It’s a statement for which you are the author and assume full responsibility. And to be original, is likewise not to be freaky, but to speak from the origin…

    …And so the gospel of Jesus, which of course was hushed up from its inception… was that, wake up everybody and find out who you really are… But it was blasphemy to claim to be a son of God. It doesn’t say that in your King James translation; it says the son of God. [But you must realize] that words italicised in the King James Bible are interpolations by the translators [the correct interpretation is ‘a son of God’]. So what happened was, that this being blasphemy for the Jews, it became blasphemy for the Christians… for anyone else but Jesus to say. And so they said, okay it was so with you [Jesus], but there it stops. No more of this business. And as a result of that Jesus was made irrelevant; by pedestalization… by being kicked up stairs."

    And I see this used time and time again. The most effective way to get rid of something is to make it your enemy and justifiably destroy it (or likewise, if this is something you want, first make it your enemy and then justifiably take it). However, if that fails, the next best thing is to make it your friend and then twist it and manipulate it to fit your needs. Or, place it on a pedestal so high that it becomes seemingly unobtainable or irrelevant, and that if you claim to obtain it then you are blasphemous.

    Where am I going with all this? We have to be careful with what we accept into our personal operating system. We mustn’t confuse things that were once profound, with what has been so carefully twisted and manipulated by those in power… by those with the authority to do so.

  315. What else is interesting about the Hello Kitty that she has throughout the pictures, is that Hello Kitty has no mouth; therefore, she is lacking in authority and the ability to speak up for herself.

    Kinda… like Lady Gaga, I should say.

    Something else, is that the painted eyes of Gaga on her lids says that she is blind to reality and has a fake, very superficial way at looking at things. Those eyes aren't here, "Someone" put them there.

    I very much like your articles.

  316. Junk. That is what most people on this site, and many others like it, spew. Even if the orig. author had any point to his references, the majority of you take that and then spin it out of even your own control, such is the way that much malice and rumor is started. Take something into consideration for a moment…. Using the same understanding of how they are supposedly using “mind-control” and the ways in which they do it, isnt this article a reverse form of the same thing? Make you doubt and question something you thought was fine, to be filled with information relating to what someone else wants you to believe, using our own fear and drive to question the nature of things as our achilles heel.

    If you guys want to continue to pursue this quest, by all means… But dont complain when you are loosing sleep, having panic attacks, etc. because you have overtly allowed people such as those here to alter and control your own views and beliefs. Thankfully, I can see through such fear-mongering and blatant use of various day to day things to support such accusations. But then again, I am quite sure you can pull things out of most every music video, musical, movie, book, etc. that somehow could be related to the occult and other such “evil” plots, much in the same way you can pull mostly anything out of anything and relate it to almost anything else. That doesnt provide proof, that simply means the author had enough time on his hands to use reference materials and link up what he could to support his … agenda.

    But we are supposed to be fearing the occults and such right? Not the innocent and righteous people pointing these things out to us trying to shape us into what they want instead of what these supposed occult want, using the same methods but in reverse. Pittiful.

  317. Your interest in archetypes is interesting but you're not making a very good case for most of your points.

    For example, you say "Gaga’s hairstyle is extremely similar to the robot Maria" from Fritz Lang's Metropolis. But it's not is it? It's not even close is it? (If you feel it really is then maybe you should also be writing about the hidden symbolism in punk rock fashions.) The Robot Maria is wearing a hat and it fans out above her head. Gaga has a large white bob cut that fans out below her head. (care to speak about the symbolism of this difference? I mean, why make it similar but totally different, if not for a reason?) Not to mention the giant black plastic coat that r.Maria never wore.

    That's just one example of you searching too hard for symbols and attaching your own meaning to them.

    The bottom line is that you make a lot of claims but A) you don't back them up sufficiently and B) what's the point?

    Why is somebody mind washing us? Who's benefiting? And perhaps most importantly, is it working on anyone? By your own thinking, you should be the most brainwashed of them all.

  318. Everyone sees a reality that is their own. Thankfully, we have some simalarities so we can relate to each other, connect and have a productive world in the midst of conflict. All artists inspire something whether it be conflict or something else. Everyone sees something different. I see alot of people inspired to write about Lady Gaga!

  319. Nice Series of Articles here, I started with the Bad Romance one and worked backwards.

    This has been mentioned before; but you all have noticed that the Symbolism only increases along with the attention, right? In other words, it's supposed to set off flags and such, because attention is energy. If there is anything occult going on, its that her videos are amazing sigils :) Just my thoughts.

  320. I don't understand why the Illuminati would reference their secrets of mind control in videos meant for mainstream consumption. Is it to soften up/desensitize people so that if they ever are victims of a mind-control experiment, they will simply give in (because it seems normal)?

  321. First. dude, i'll give you credit for this and the first article. it's very informative and you seem to be a knowledgeable person but i have to say that the symbolism was never hidden, it was all there for us to see. As you said, some of us can see it clearly, some can´t.

    Second, don't you think that she would be using all the symbolism just to make herself apart from all the pop stars out there? Perhaps she just wants to innovate and get out of the "sex sells" agenda? you have to admit she is very smart and could be using this to pionner a new era of pop music, i'm just saying…

    last but not least. I would like you to address this: If one doesn't understand the concept and meaning of the symbols, how can one be brain washed by them? You know what i mean? I don't know how this thing works. I mean, some of us, including myself knew just a little about the signs, i'll admit, the music was catchy and also WEIRD, the vids didn't make much sense at a first glance and sometimes they were plain spooky. Now, i've noticed something weird that has happened tom me lately, i wake upo already singing some of gaga's song, that's pretty weird! maybe i'm just impressed by the whole story after i read the first article. See ya, peace.

  322. agree with Kaz’s comment- on view about Ms. Spears..

    That kiss of death- we all saw it.. on MTV—and after that- collapse..

    I researched my self and consulted 2 people who worked on re-programming of people whose mind has been under control of others…

    I would really like to see all this people (who realized same as the author of this text about GaGa, Rhianna..)

    acting now..

    we should search for positive ones.. and somehow put them in front of these demonic entities..

    I use a word "demonic" as a parallel for someone wicked and mean.. (knowingly doing harm to others or subconiencly..)

    there has to be balance- as much as we think about those negative persons and their doings- we forget to send positive vibes around us .. and there fore- this bad energy prevail.. sadly..

    This old saying "think happy thoughts" is not just a saying.. there is a strong message in it.. positive can diminish negative..

    P.S. does anyone know is there someone who sends positive vibes trough music- and is working now in music industry?


  323. it is disheartining to see that today's pop culture is embracing and emulating such evil/worldy themes. And i really believe that our media is controlled/ or heavily influenced by such evil people. abomination to our Lord God will increase as stated in the bible. one can easily see the effects of todays pop culture- teenage pregnancy, drugs, suicide…etc, which are all the themes of todays music videos. Perhaps if we listen to hymnal songs about the love of our Lord Jesus who TRULY CARES for us then,surely, good thought will be the result. It is true, whatever you put in your mind, that becomes your character. May our Lord God guide our hearts, thoughts and soul away from such abominations.

  324. In the Picture next to the Bust/Statue:

    She also has a noose around her waiste: Simbolic to the noose tied around a new iniciate's neck during the 1st level of Masonry iniciation!

  325. The reason why symbolism is everywhere, is because the people that own these brands are one in the same. In the meantime, everyone is being given a great snow job by the industry to buy into these so called "artists", when there are artists out there with much more talent and quality. Rhinanna, Jay Z, GaGa, Madonna, you've got to be kidding me if you think these are the most talented individuals on the face of the earth. They were just chosen, because they sold out their morals and conscience for money. I don't buy their trash, that's what I do to boycott this corruption.

  326. The "Fame Machine" and… well, everything that was said on that performance is a PERFECT exhibition of every theme you've expressed here.

    And, unless I'm mistaken, Gaga and her creative team designed the artistry of it all.

  327. Though my own views were not moved, I found both articles very interesting, really. But why post these articles? Is it to inform the general public or put an "end" to the illuminati? To put it in basic terms, couldn't it be possible that both "higher powers" of good and evil may collaborate? To destroy the other, one must destroy themselves because a balance must be maintained. Without good, what is evil? and vice versa. Just a thought.

  328. I hate to say this but i use to love Lady GaGa songs…… but now that i see this and read all of this article i realized that im putting my faith in risk. I believe in Jesus Christ our savior……. I think that people should open their eyes and realize that these kind of celebrities are not for our lives. All i could say is that Lady Gaga should open up and ask for forgiveness… or it will be too late and God would of already tooken his people up to heaven. I would want to send this message to all the celebritiies who are worshiping the wrong thing or person…. I would like for you guys to change….. I'm going to pray for all of the celebritires, song writers, producers everyday….. I really dont want this for our world and I know our God doesnt…… Im just mad for all those demons and the devil that are trying to destroy our lives

    God Bless everybody

  329. @VC: Would you mind responding? I'm just curious as to the importance an purpose of these articles. I earlier said

    "Though my own views were not moved, I found both articles very interesting, really. But why post these articles? Is it to inform the general public or put an “end” to the illuminati? To put it in basic terms, couldn’t it be possible that both “higher powers” of good and evil may collaborate? To destroy the other, one must destroy themselves because a balance must be maintained. Without good, what is evil? and vice versa. Just a thought."

    Thanks :)

  330. they dont want a new world order guys, thats bull! LISTEN:

    they want to gather an army of followers. this way when the anit-christ and when Jesus arrive for the big war you will be on the anti-christs side. also the anti-christ will arrive first, and masons want him to come early. they put out symbols (1 eye people say he might have only 1 eye and some say a marking of his forehead) of him so when he comes you will not be afraid. when celebrities side with him some will be influenced to follow him too.

    they want to knock down the Al-Aqsa mosque in Palestine/Israel (on the Palestinian side) because old evidence claims the Anti-Christ is under there a temple (and they think a temple used to reside where Al-Aqsa resides now) or to rebuild the 3rd temple. There r 2 theories. If you watch the Mason doc on the history channel, mason crusaders went to Al-Aqsa to search for evidence and spirits. They try to confuse the public by making people think, through the media, that the Al-Aqsa mosque is the Dome of Rock. So when the Al-Aqsa mosque is taken down no one will think anything happened because the Dome of Rock will still be up. The top 1% of the masons are Semitic Jews. Look it up! Know the difference! Israel has so far tried to break the foundation of the mosque by adding tunnels leading to it, and have many times tried to destroy it. This is nothing new.

  331. I don't knwo if u ever noticed this or not but at the VMAS when TAYLOR SWIFT came back when Beyonce told her to come back, SHE CHANGED INTO A RED DRESS. Beyonce was wearing red too, it was very fishy.

    • Oh, really. I can't believe how stuid you guys are, Lady Gaga uses fashion and does things but they are all coincidense@!!!!!!!!!!

      • @Patrick

        Beceause people dont care .. People = sheep .. People do what theyve been told .. For ages .. thats gonna change one these days .. But the illuminati stand their ground .. And still trying to keep us where they want us ..

        haha .. GFoL is more powerfull then the illuminati and soon this will all be over and we will be free

        Hold on people!

        Im dutch so sorry for any incorrect spelling

  332. Really? I have no doubts that the author of this article is intelligent. But you seem to be forgetting one very important fact; Lady Gaga is a performance artist.

    Music comes first in her life. But whilst studying at NYU, she composed essays on topics ranging from religion to art to socio-political order and history. She also became great friends with Lady Starlight, who told Lady Gaga that they were "Performance artists". Chuck the "performance art" with her studies at university, and you get a realistic explanation for why those symbols are there.

    Also, never forget that Lady Gaga and her creative team, The Haus of Gaga (membered by close friends and headed by herself) is exclusively responsible for every aspect that is Lady Gaga (except for the actual music).

    Really, the main explanations for all the references in her work are either she is an artistic and intelligent girl shrouding herself in metaphors, or she is a pawn in a conspiracy control the masses. I personally don't think the latter has any credible evidence for a huge variety of reasons.

    In short, congratulations for being astute and noticing things that other people (like me) don't. But don't kid yourself into believing this (with lack of a better word) crap.

  333. Why cant these so called pop artists make better music other than singing about sinful things? And dont tell me that they just banking on whats wrong with the world today. Its bcause of their king that these ppl think this crap is normal. Desensitize us, anyone?

  334. @monique


    People in the WESTERN hemisphere like to express themselves in various ways. These symbols/creatures/myths etc. are the western worlds' heritage. And since history goes hand-in-hand with art, you can pretty much work the rest out for yourself.

    Please don't go on about some 'king'. Really? You think that just because someone has a no1 album that they can't be in it to make money from art, rather than using their art as a medium for whatever fucked up reason a lot of you guys come up with.

    No, pop music isn't wiping our minds so we can be a part of an army for the anti-christ. I know, you may think I'm being closed minded, but just think for a change morons.

  335. the bible tells us that befor satan was casted out of hell he was incarge of worship aka music so if theres anything he knows best how to manipulate it would be that.

  336. @ryan

    Wow you show no ability to accept that people differ in opinions i find your comment rude…

    now about symbolism /myths/creatures… they are our heritage =somewhat true (still dont change the fact that they have meanings and in this case they aint very good)

    think for a change?

    does the tv do all the thinking for you?

  337. I recently found further much more chilling proof that Lady Gaga is in fact a puppet of the Illuminati. In both "PokerFace" and "Star Struck", I found disturbing, what appear to be incantations, when the songs are reversed and slowed approx 30%. I'm no expert but I would say they are ancient egyptian. I can make out "Ba'al" throughout the chorus which I know to be Satan, and it definitely sounds evil. Someone check this out pronto and post your findings!!!

  338. One additional note – Hello Kitty is not merely a juxtaposition, but an inclusion of one of the most readily recignized and meaningless symbols for mass consumerism. There is no reason or importance behind the product itself – it is as close to complete marketing and brand loyalty which is as close to the ideal of blind consumerist consumption as possible. The inclusion of this may seem cute, something which girly-girls will buy and wear for no reason beyond that others do, that it is 'cute', and refers back to the notion that all the imagery here is meaningful – this too is not just a random addition, but referring back to those that listen to this music, buy the media and merchandise, without understanding the actual meaning behind what is being presented and consumed.

  339. wow. my friend's sister is a HUGE gaga fan. personally i'm not a big fan but i have a of her songs on my ipod. now that you mentioned all this, i think that lady gaga is a puppet. the industry is trying to control her so they can control us into thinking that stuff such as drinking until you pass out, and having sex outside of marriage is ok. i go to a catholic high school and they mention so such things, so why are there two pregnant girls at my school??? the answer, media.

    now i'm going to delete all her songs off my ipod and tell my friend's sister about this.

    thank you for opening my eyes :)

  340. Wow i kinda guessed she was into sex and things like this but never like this. I never knew this!! I'm going to delete all her songs off my ipod. Thank you for telling me!! =)

  341. @ above ("the fame")

    WHAT….? What game? And you most certainly can't lose it, whatever this game may be. How Queer.

  342. Uhm, some of this stuff is fairly apt, while others seem to be just things that you do not understand. The wide eyes, to anyone who is familiar with it, are very obviously Anime eyes. It goes along with the Hello Kitty theme. And I do not understand. If she is an Illuminati puppet, to what cause? And are you suggesting that the occult themes are put there by the Masons? For what purpose? I find it all fascinating, but I really wish to understand what you are saying.

  343. To Stanislav

    You poor thing i cant believe how pathetic these losers are who are constantly on at you. Your not possessed by the devil im sure. You sound perfectly normal and one of the most sensible people on here!

    Must admit I love the whole idea of symbolism and find it fascinating, i hope Lady Gaga and whoever else keeps it up. But that doesnt mean i think its brainwashing me (ha) or that i am not an automatic member of the occult.

    Good luck to all those on the spiritual path to heaven to meet this God of yours.

    What a joke.

    Keep up the replies though Stanislav i havent laughed so much in a long time, your making them look like the complete fools they are.

    Also thanks the fame i have now too lost the game. Bleurghh

  344. She was f-ing with you! In an interview with her discussing the video for "Telephone" she said the video is not at all what you'd expect for the song. Why?

    **** here's the important part**** are you paying attention?

    "In my videos, I like to MINDSCREW people."

    She undoubtably knows about all this illuminati BS and intentionally used symbols that she knew would get a rise out of you. If you haven't noticed, she addresses rumors kind of indirectly, and with sarcasm. You probably didn't watch the Grammys, but when she was being announced, the guy said "and she comes complete with her own pogo stick. I believe that was her way of saying f- you to the hermaphrodite rumors.

    She is an amazing brilliant, beautiful, talented artist. Leave her alone and let her do her thing.

  345. Thank you for your excellent research and putting this all together for us to see. Some are going to think you are seeing things which are not there. I've seen the comments through out your articles. It's unfortunate there are so many "sheeple" out there who are helping prolong the life and fund such dark organizations by buying their "product". We cannot shut ourselves off from the world, but instead we NEED to be aware of what is going on and has been going on seemly forever… Some people are not going to see what is going on because we have been slowly immersed into this mire, like the frog in boiling water. Throw the frog into boiling water, it will jump out. Put it in cold water and slowly bring to a boil, it will not notice. The heat is being turned up people. What are YOU going to do about it?

  346. All i have to say is be ready for the return of Jesus Christ, at His Second coming. Only the true and faithful followers will be accepted into the Heavenly Kingdom. AND THE ONLY POSSIBLE WAY TO GET THERE IS THROUGH A TRUE AND SINCERE RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS. If you haven’t already, accept Him as your personal savior and live your with with love and faith in Him. “For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23) “For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is enternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” (Romans 6:23). May God bless you all and help you deal wit all your life struggles. Call on God to be by your side as you carry on with your daily lives. Amen

  347. Another thing of note that I don't think you mentioned is that there have been recent rumors that Lady Gaga is actually a hermaphrodite. Interestingly, Baphomet is a hermaphroditic deity embodying the dualistic principles such as "as above so below" [his arms pointing up and down] and "order out of chaos" [written on his arms are SOLVE and COAGULA].

  348. Apologies, still skeptical, to apply Occam's razor. I.e. someone with as much knowledge of the topic as you is among this girls image consultants and decided to exploit a minor cultural fashion, for profit. When that yealded results they maxed it out. It seems as subtle as a flying brick to me and saying 'it’s a feature of the new occultism that the signs are visible to those who can interpret them' as they did in the Fortean times article is purely circular logic in the Catch22 mode. As I write about 16 people a minute are watching her latest YouTube video which would indicate that if you are correct we can expect the Illuminati takeover the day after tomorrow! I am not disagreeing with your meticulous evidence, I'm just suggesting a more mundane conclusion is possible. Given there is no calumny or perversion today that cannot find someone to exploit it I feel that profits not prophets are the cause of this.

  349. I’m a GaGa fan, I actually love her. But this stuff you write really sticks in my head. Everything she does has this power to stick in your head and when I listen to her music I literally can’t stop moving, well dancing. Idk, this is all so iffy. Really interesting though. I commend you for being so sourceful and respectful in your research.

    Btw, not to help or harm, but the demo of “Bad Romance” and the “Rah Rah Rah”s were original to happy sounding so they got changed to what we here now. Idk if that has anything to do with your symbolism or whatever, I just found it interesting.


  350. post 438, here goes

    I wanted to mention that not only in the third picture from bottom (baphomet's head) but the drawings on her arm. one depicts a plane, there is also a bit more not caught by the photo so who knows if it's a 9/11 reference…as all planes are now. also in the metallic face, her costume has triangles going up and down = zionist flag but that's all just introspection.

  351. Hahha, well still far fetched. And I know symbolism, while you play your little games with videoclips, in the real world, the banks are robbing you blind, luckily, in the right hands, the caduceus can also expose exorbitant profits. On the other hand, with the fasces, you can really take measures against the ones who rob you blind.

    So no longer will the workerbee's honey be taken from them to feed the elite. But please, keep educating the people with these symbols, while the ones that matter, go unnoticed.

    Hermes/Caduceus/banking- trade.

    winged wheel- transport

    beehive- industry.

    Un-vale not re-veal. )O+->

  352. Merci de poster de tels articles. Personnellement, je pense qu'il est important que les gens sachent ce que les artistes racotent dans leur chanson, mais aussi, de savoir quels sont les éléments que l'on retrouve dans certains clips vidéos, parce qu'il faut reconnaître là-dessus, que nous sommes ignorants. Je suis moi-même musicien professionnel, et je peux dire qu'il est difficile de trouver de bons chanteurs, chanteuses et groupes. Et par-dessus tout, nous devons protéger nos enfants, nos adolescents de l'influence malsaine que peuvent avoir sur eux certains artistes. ENCORE UNE FOIS MERCI BEAUCOUP!!!

  353. Hello and thank you so much for you interesting articles. Perhaps you have already seen it, but in the picture of her standing by the bust of the freemason where she´s wearing the Hello Kitty-bag covering her genitalia, the bag very much reminds me of the masonic apron the freemasons wear in their rituals.

  354. SomeoneSkeptical [SS on

    people are paranoid… lady gaga… is awesome… satanistic or whatever, she's fantastic… but then again I must say all this is hard to ignore, I mean that's a lot of proof. Only time will tell, hopefully. For now I'm keep my distance from the GaGa Lady…Oh and to that comment saying GAGA has a hidden meaning, notice there are only two 66's

  355. It is all very carefully and willfully orchastrated by the 'Prince of this world' and his followers. Masons and Pop-stars ext included. It is time to choose who you will serve. what you will stand for and who you will witness for. Go to if you want to now about End Time events in the Bible. See video clips, websites, photo's, laws ext ext and be amazed about what is going on and about what is coming!!!!!!

  356. @ Cr!ticalStarr

    Allow me.

    You won't like it. Two-thirds of the earth population will be wiped out. They will be responsible for that.

    2012. Why do you think we have been exposed to it so much? It's all over youtube, the internet and they even made a hollywood movie called 2012 which I'm sure you already watched.

    Apparently, 2012 could be the year of "ordinary" human extermination and the "elite" will stay.

    Too bad for them. Hell is burning hot for them, they will neither live nor die in it.

    That's their eternal torture.

    P.S. My eyes hurt. @ A REAL MASON you're a A REAL CLOWN. Know how to differentiate then and than, to and too, their and they're… I could go on but you get the picture, CLOWN.

  357. yea i listen to all these songs and more and yet i dont do drugs,or drink,or have sex soooooo and I'm sure if something occult was going on with the music industry then someone is bound to say something because they're are so many people involved so yea

  358. I see more the life of a mannequin in the whole deal, mindless, just there to show the clothes etc.

    And if we god for the all seeing eye, why not name madonna? All seeing eye jacket on her jacket in the movie, desperately seeking Susan and a high preistess theme in the videoclip of "who's that girl".(I think, atleast one of het clips ;o) ) But however you turn it, none of these have ever found me, the living Horus, so don`t worry.

    But it is Lady Gaga Or Lad ' y Gaga, according to the latest hype, where she must be a hermaprodite. )O+->

  359. not had chance to read everything so may have been mentioned but isnt Gaga a moon of saturn? and just wondered if the word 'to gag' is related anyway…also to belt up is used to tell some one to shut their mouths..notice how saturn type words relate to our chakra points..kronos for crown,the tie around our neck related to titan..also the worship of tits..where did tit come from? strange word to use for breasts but it seems that the alphabet was designed to focus words on saturn..take sex for example..related to 6 the number of saturn..also another name for saturn is STUR…and what very popular word contains stur? yes you guessed it 'masturbate'..not by chance surely?

  360. I have known about the battle between good and evil for many years. I must admit there are many of her songs that I DO NOT like and don't listen to. I have watched the world slowly inravel itself in evil everyday. The end of time is near, nearer than most think. This just adds to what I believe…..The people of the WORLD need to heed the warnings. Satan will do anything he can to own your souls.!!!!!!!!! HEED THE WARNINGS NOW and SAVE YOUR SOUL from DAMNATION. I pray for Lady GAGA and those associated, may the FATHER IN HEAVEN bless them and make them whole in HIS LOVE.

  361. Tahita Rolanski on



    cant singers nowadays just be normal and sing??!!

    well heres to say you just lost anotherfan. this is so gonig on fb

  362. I at first was skeptical but now I am convinced. I try to explain to my friends that all our media is controled and designed to pollute our minds. Not just the music industry but all media, especially cartoons.

  363. I was browsing on Lady Gaga's forum on her official website and read some of their reactions to "Gaga Haters" and they were appalled by what Vigilant is exposing, accusing him of being homophobic and full of hatred and how he thinks Gaga is the devil!

    Idiots- I haven't read one homophobic thing on this site. They clearly haven't even bothered to read the posts.

    They also accused this site of being a right-wing Christian hate campaign towards Gaga.

    The symbolism around her is so obvious now- I dread to think how much more obvious they'll have to be before these sheeple start to take notice.

  364. HI

    Interesting article but i have a few comments to make.

    I notice alot of the comments here have to do with Lady Gaga being something evil and her music videos and her character being of the devil as in possesed or whatever… I believe she is in the music industry. no? Then if in her (or her producer etc) nature she likes the look etc of the occult, she knows the stories/ myths why is she branded as being a satanist etc.

    Then to the masonic symbology? So what??? SO WHAT???? Does the fact that it has masonic symbols mean something bad? What if they were hindu symbols? what if they were islamic symbols??? And to all the real_mason haters. I think all that he is asking you to do is your HOMEWORK. YOu think you are not sheeple' but at the same time sit down and wait for VC to tell you what he thinks and then you say amen and spout of bible verses and end of times propoganda.I read these articles because I am inetersted in the deeper meaning of these videos etc. But thats all there is to it.

    To persons who have a problem with stanislav, you have a problem with him because he has a different outlook than you? So many of the people on this website are really sheeple. Thinking you are smart for "uncovering this deception" yet all it takes is someone to disagree with what you believe and your brain starts to bawl out EVIL SPAWN DEVIL WORSHIPPER what not what not. And you think your not brainwashed… If you even thought about what he said and then could have provided reasons for not believing what he thought hats off to you but to dismiss it without thinking about it just shows that you really are robotic just as lady gaga portrays in her videos etc.

    To VC, keep up the good work it is insightful really, although i do disagree with the direction of the comments it is enjoyable to see the deeper meaning

  365. LOL at this. Lady Gaga as evil as you think she may be, she can still sing well and make good music. I have to admit though even before reading this stuff I watched the Bad Romance video and I found it disturbing. Kinda gross and it really creeped me out. I thought that maybe she was just messed up in the head. Meh I dont really care. Thats why I like 50 cent. We all know hes a bad person, but he isn't hiding it G G G G G G G-UNIT

  366. I always thought the monster album cover was supposed to look like that famous Crowley pic. The hair is the exact same shape as his hat. No prizes for spotting that behind the text, there's a limb, possibly an arm umm… with fur, haha, almost like some anti-christ madonna pose. The people who do her art direction (who suck) are the only puppeteers (imo) and I guess it's working.

  367. You are puppets even at this very moment, there is no doubt every one of you has been brainwashed,

    Remember the 60s?

    The Beetles love putting subliminal messages in their songs

    Stairway to Heaven, you all remember that?

    History its repeating itself , I suggest you all shut up and accept it.

    Oh well, the puzzle is almost complete, everything has been arranged for the Grand Final!

    How exciting!!!

  368. Hi there.

    U guys really oppend up my eyes, I thought it was just some stupid story. I see with all the stuff VC showed.

    Tnx for all the gr8 work! keep it up!!

  369. LOL @ it's reality. never heard of a band called the BEETLES. before you open your trap do a LITTLE TINY BIT OF RESEARCH

  370. @Noel, if you research Lady Gaga you will find that she has been performing since the age of 15… she is now 23 and DID actually have to work to get where she is today. Also, she is not rich. She pours every cent she makes into her shows, videos and tours. Also, she has a production team called the Haus of Gaga which negotiates and directs all her performances which includes fashion and photoshoots. She is not a "slave".

    Anyway, mainly: I find this all very interesting but extremely hard to swallow. For example, why haven't the illuminati/reptiles made their move? Don't you think that if they existed they would be aware of this website and would come bashing down your doors to eat your brains?

    The fact is, if you are looking for something, you will see it everywhere. I could convince myself that every time someone coughs time sped up for 3 seconds, and I would start connecting the dots no matter how completely unrelated the two things are and how impossible the conclusion.

    Also, I find several of the author's references to be extremely vague. A metallic head is not a "blatant reference" to an alternate personality. Also, did you ever consider that photos are taken in specific settings to draw parellels or enhance Gaga's message? I humbly suggest that you sit and think for a while what certain "symbols" or aspects of her videos could mean before assuming it has something to do with Satan/Freemasons/Illuminati. Like a checkerboard floor. Does that mean every time I play checkers I am funding the satan-devil-worship-machine?


    Also props to shisty, I completely agree with this: "You think you are not "sheeple" but at the same time sit down and wait for VC to tell you what he thinks and then you say amen and spout of bible verses and end of times propoganda."

  371. @Guido Falkes – I want you to have my back when the shite hits the fan. Be vigilant everyone. I am strengthening not only my mind and spirit, but my physical body as well. All you Zombies hide your faces!

    Holy Moses met the Pharaoh

    Yeah, he tried to set him straight

    Looked him in the eye

    "Let my people go"

    Holy Moses on the mountain

    High above the golden calf

    Went to get the Ten Commandments

    Yeah, he's just gonna break 'em in half


    All you zombies hide your faces

    All you people in the street

    All you sittin' in high places

    The pieces gonna fall on you

    No one ever spoke to Noah

    They all laughed at him instead

    Working on his ark

    Working all by himself

    Only Noah saw it coming

    Forty days and forty nights

    Took his sons and daughters with him

    Yeah, they were the Israelites


    The rain's gonna fall on you

    Holy Father, what's the matter

    Where have all your children gone

    Sitting in the dark

    Living all by themselves

    You don't have to hide any more

    {Refrain, except:}

    All you zombies show your faces…

    The pieces gonna fall on you

    All you zombies show your faces, I know you're out there

    All you people in the street, let's see you

    All you sittin' in high places

    It's all gonna fall on you

  372. I think she knows her symbols too ;)

    What if she just has an interest in the occult etc etc? .. So do I. I think it's all fascinating stuff, doesn't mean I'm part of it, and doesn't mean she is either. As I mentioned in your other article, I think she's just making us aware and her way of doing that is through art and music. I think it's fantastic that people want to put a message cross, it's more about the state of the world today.

  373. Is it really too boring for you all to just believe that yeah, maybe it's just a joke? One of the biggest aspects of the fame machine is CONTROVERSY (any publicity is good publicity) and capitalizing on POPULAR CULTURE. With the popularity of the Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons and all the subsequent documentaries on symbolism and Freemasonry, of course people's interests in all things related (symbols, cults, satanism) will increase tenfold. And with it, the conspriracy theorists. This means that artists will pick up on current trends, and the occult has always been a theme in the entertainment industry with its ups and downs. Vigilant is not the only person who is well versed on symbolism and the occult, and I highly doubt that the industry would make it so obvious if they truly had a nefarious ulterior motive. Clearly Lady Gaga has a fascination with the occult and all things related. I do myself, does it mean I buy into it? No. Neither does she. It's simply a very, very fitting analogy for her act and her message about the entertainment industry. She finds people to work with who have the same interest (like the director for her videos), and photoshoots are not simple to set up. Coming up with a theme and a concept take planning and research, so people do that to develop the look she wants and maintains.

    Is it so difficult to believe that maybe her entire act and persona is a very clever and successful rebellion to the entertainment industry that so often refuses their stars the creative control they want? She pulled this off by making herself bigger than life and mocking and personifying the vacuous, moldable pop star controlled by the mainstream labels. Come on guys, just a little too much of an obvious act. She's in a class of her own in today's music industry (although not the first– Grace Jones, people), and she got there by putting out this bigger than life persona.

    In short, it's fun to buy into conspiracies, but wake up and smell the $$. She writes catchy songs and dresses and puts on an act more ridiculous and scandalous as the last to keep people guessing and paying attention to her. If you ask me, an incredibly successful marketing ploy, and what is marketing but mind control and WE are the mindless robots eating it up? OHHH!

  374. What you fail to explain is the purpose for these symbols… What does Gaga have to gain by doing this? Is she a puppet of these symbols, merely a toold by which to reach the masses? Or is she doing them herself? But, you did emphasize my pointin the VERY beginning. You are a person who looks for symbols. If you're constantly on the search for them you will find them. The great thing about symbols is you can find them anywhere and have them represent anything, because they are vague representations of things referring to something nefarious. I don't think you're batshit crazy but I do think your ideas lack any real basis. try again.



  376. This article would have made no sense to me if I didnt read the "PROJECT MONARCH-mind control' article you put in the 'related posts' section of the first Lady gaga article you wrote. Thank goodness that your experience in the music industry and your interest in symbolism, has given you the skills to interprete these hidden meanings. Thank you so much!

    God bless you.

  377. Everyone, OF COURSE the symbolism is obvious. This is a warning, coming straight from Lady Gaga herself. Do you understand? Can you at least try to wrap your ironic hipster brains around this idea?

    Lady Gaga is almost like a government spy in that she's absolutely playing for our side- she is- but it SEEMS as though she's nothing more than an illuminati puppet. The latter couldn't be farther from the truth. This is exactly the point she's trying to get across. She's saying, "Look! Look what an icon I am, look how enmeshed you all are in pop culture! Do you understand? Do you understand?"

    Listen, everyone, Lady Gaga has built her entire career around this idea that illuminati and mind-control tactics ought to be unveiled. She's willingly, and very literally, put herself in danger by doing this. She is playing for our side. To help you understand the point I'm trying to make, imagine, for a moment, this scene:

    A family is sitting around the table for dinnertime. The husband has been drinking too much and is becoming angry for the most insignificant of reasons. The family eats in a stunned, tortured silence while the husband prattles on about nothing. Naturally, the children grow angry at how unfair the father is being. Fighting ensues between the husband and the children, and the mother joins in. The mother yells at the children, convinced or hopeful that the argument would be soothed if only the children were more complacent, and now she is SEEMINGLY on the father's side. It SEEMS as if the parents are working cooperatively to chastise the children. In actuality, though, the mother is on the children's side. While the father is away in the kitchen, retrieving condiments or something, the mother shoos away the children to their rooms so that they don't have to endure the worst of the fight.

    This is what Lady Gaga is trying to do. She is trying to WARN of the illuminati and our society's modern mind-control tactics, but she has to do it fairly inconspicuously. She is putting herself in so much danger by doing this. She invests so fully in her fans- whom she has lovingly dubbed her "little monsters" as if they are beyond hope- and in the American people who know about her and her work, that she is willing to put herself in danger for us.

    Yes, she is a major pop culture icon:


  378. When Gaga came on the scene I was intrigued and confused. I liked the music, I loved the fashion, but there was something about her that bothered me. Now i understand why.

  379. Being somebody who has studied symbolism, and secret societies for some time, and having been a member of a couple, i am very sensitive to symbology being used in pop culture. I see people and we all have wearing baphomet's , septagram's, unicursal hexagrams, and various other symbols. When you question these people about the nature of the symbol they are wearing you are lucky if the even know its name. My point being, suppose Gaga or the director of the videos just likes occult symbology? That's my guess, there is an inherent reaction in any person when they see these symbols. Brainwashed?….not likely, interested in the occult…very likely…..just doing whatever the people the label has hired to make her image for her tell her to do… definitely.

  380. Man, it's so obvious. She is a smart girl, I'll giver her that. But these video's, the make up, the choreography, wardrobe, all this stuff that makes her look surreal is way above her. She writes some songs, probably with co-writers. Everything else is already "done" and "taken care of" and boom she's famous. I remember when Brittany Spears came out. The first video was really edgy, but it took her a little while before she was big. This gaga comes out and it is like has been famous for years. She's everywhere! That takes a lot of money and resources. Something the illuminati have much of. If you mute and watch her videos it even becomes more apparent. It almost looks pornographic also without the music to dull your senses. Everything is so clean, clear, and obvious in the videos. It's so in your face, na na na na na type stuff. Kids see this and emulate it, they don't see an artist, a songwriting genius, the voice of a generation. They see a symbol of what they want to be which is a rich dancer, pampered and sexual. I see a puppet.

    I mean who the F wears antlers, hangs deer and goat heads on the wall?!! I don't think shes a man, hermaphrodite very possibly, but that's not the debate.

    The illuminati exists, and this is a slap in the face This really seems to be showing that they are getting very powerful and very power proud, and very close to their goal. Something is about to happen.

    Recently I was looking into the "murder" of Kurt Cobain and the mindset of Courtney Love who had a hand in it. She was smart and manipulative but alone she couldn't have pulled it off and I believe she is or was befriended by the Illuminati also. But she couldn't be a fame monster after he died because that would be too obvious. I just want to say that I think Kurt was real, he was the voice of a movement similar to Lennon and he wanted out of the business but they don't let you leave. Anyway in a few years when gaga is another dried up suicidal and drug addicted Brittany Spears of Michael Jackson claiming she was molested we'll know, oh yeah that's what the illuminait do and how they mind control these individuals.

    Anyway you people need to check into JORDAN MAXWELL and Illuminati Symbolism 101, and also check out SVALI who was an Illuminati member who broke out of it. She tells all about the workings and how they "indoctrinate" members. Most members are born into it and all members are part of a human sacrifice and even child molestation. When you have nothing but power and money, what's left but power over innocent children. Child molestation rings are used to KEEP members of the illuminati form speaking out. If they speak out they are compromised with this information and are destroyed.

    Look into skull and bones

    Look into MK ULTRA

    Look into Bohemian Grove

    Look into Franklin Credit Union child sex scandal

    Look into the worst thing on earth, the vatican

    Look into the CIA and Satanism

    Also go here,


    -Francess Farmer will get her revenge

  381. This may sound really stupid, but do you think that maybe this is her way of trying to tell us the illuminati is real and out there and that its up to us to do whatever we want with the information she gives us? I mean, maybe instead of supporting it, this is just her way of mocking it………just an idea, don't jump me!

  382. BPH you have a point although she wouldnt exploit it so much if she knew that "mocking" them will lead her to her grave… also just my opinion… I like Gaga's songs but her videos, outfits and pics are crazy for me and although I'm no expert on symbolism I do know a few about satanism and that woman is definitely effected by it or was effected by it and sowing people how it works…"…worship the devil and you will get everything in LIFE except for your freedom after death…"

    Just a thought though….why are people so addicted to this sensation??

  383. alot of this is just really stretched out and i dont buy it lady gaga has been playing piano since she was 4 and playing in clubs since she was 14 she worked hard for her fame, and she is a visual artist. Its JUST fashion

  384. You guy's are so fucking ignorant.. Have any of you thought that the woman know's exactly what she is doing? She's playing off of all of you right now, she's does everything FOR shock value and she's said that. And when was this posted last year? Around the same time she REALLY started to get into the symbolism. Dude… she's seen and she loves it and she's getting exactly what she want's. And that's people eating everything up and pulling together this insane assumptions that she's brainwashed. Whether or not you talk about her in a positive way you're still spreading her name. Now Isn't it about time most of you guy's got out of your parents basements and saw some daylight.

  385. this stuff has some truth

    but I don't like having all this imagery in my mind and this stuff makes it more obvious

    its all evil stuff we are better avoiding, whether we believe it or not

    it enters our subconscious mind on some level

    pop music is garbage today

    all it does is saturate the market with crap

    and leads us away from the actual good music that is out there that is soothing to the soul.

  386. why would you do this on purpose?

    would I purposely align myself with evil for what cause?

    she is a walking talking commercial

    her music is full of advertisements to get us to buy more crap

    her music says nothing and means nothing

    its empty music for an empty decade

  387. Um, what? You masterfully identify these themes and symbols, no doubt. But, you analysis of the intention behind them is ridiculous at best. You were a responsible reporter up until the last few sentences:

    "Whether she is commenting on the mind control phenomenon in mass media or simply a victim of it is still hard to determine but one thing is for sure: the symbolism is there and that’s the goal of the article." You are correct, and would have done well to stop here, because this is all you can really say. But of course, you go on:

    "What is more unsettling is the fact that those themes are not exclusive to Gaga. They are associated with many acts in the music and the fashion industry to a point that one inevitably realizes that these artists are pawns of a greater machine, pushing its symbols through various outlets. References to mind control, to secret societies, to Baphomet and to Metropolis are too widespread to be coincidences or results of artistic expression. There is an obvious media campaign pushing these elements into pop culture. What should we do about it? MTV says: Just dance."

    What? This is a huge leap from the evidence you've supplied here.

    And as a further point, to what purpose is having Lady Gaga as the flag bearer for this "mind control campaign" really directed? She clearly freaks the crap out of you, plus pisses middle America off like none other. Directly thanking God and the gays in one breath? Absolute heresy; she should immediately be put to death.

    How effective is she, really? How many innocents, let say, in percentage of American population from 2008-2010, has she successfully brainwashed? I'm personally much more worried about acts like 3 Doors Down constantly advertising to join the military and American Idol distracting the millions than something as outrageous as Lady Gaga.

  388. When I recovered the memories of my alters, none of them had names. So I named them. And one of the alters I called simply "CE" or "Closed Eyes" because her eyes were never open when she came out. Then the host personality I referred to as "OE" who knew nothing about what was going on and functioned on a dailty basis. So when I see a person with closed eyes who appear as if they are open(and innocent as all get out)I can't help but agree with the posters here who say there is something going on in these videos.

    If you have had never experienced this stuff personally..of course you are not going to believe.

  389. uhavetomuchtimeonyou on

    you have too much time on your hands and are probably some bible banging freak, and buy too much into this its fashion and how would one sell their soul to the devil like do i go in some dark alley or pray to Satan for fame, do I need to make an appointment. if it was that easy to get fame and be big I think everyone would probably sell their soul to the devil. so if she was wearing I love Jesus and let go let god would it be different would you even care. She states shes out to be different to be unique and to cause controversy. If she was brainwashed then why would public schools send you home for wearing her shirt, why would the queen request to see her. Why would the conservatives hate her so much if they were the ones controlling her. It does not make sense. any one who is different is always discriminated, its quite sad. for the people believe this you either are a bible banger, or buys too much into this. and for the person above you have what you call dissociative personality disorder which is mostly triggered from a traumatic event that occurred sometime in your lifetime where your brain created these alters as a coping mechanism for the traumatic events in your life. Its manageable with psychotherapy and medications. videos are rehearsed, you cant bring out an alter as you please, they come and go with no control. her videos are representing different identities not necessarily hers herself but in general, aren't all music videos like that, even movies actors act to a certain role. so yea

  390. uhavetomuchtimeonyou on

    Also lady gaga didn't get famous over night. shes been playing piano since she was four composing her own songs at 13, starting playing in a band at age 14 in clubs. she was accepted into Julliard early but instead declined to go to a CATHOLIC HIGHSCHOOL, she got into New York University Tisch school of arts early which is quite difficult and left to start her career. She was destined for greatness. Shes an intellectual and im sorry you guys cant see that. she was first signed to def jam and got dropped. She was producing for artists such as the pussy cat dolls, new kids on the block etc. Then she got signed to Interscope. Akon also noticed her and signed her to his label as well. So don't sit here and say she became famous over ngiht. Shes been working for this her whole entire life and its a shame that so many of you are taking things out of context she's different as many other artists but shes in pop not some black death metal group, no one would care but because shes bringing this diversity to pop culture everyone is scared. and shes was always outrageous even as a young teen ,and even early on in her career. It didn't just happen. She did not get handed fame she worked for it and so what if she uses a collection of symbols ranging from good to evil, shes a good person who gives back to the community unlike many artists so keep running your mouth and posting these blogs and get paid to try and ruin peoples careers

  391. Well I have been studying language and mostly "Admiralty Law". If no one knows about this they need to find out ASAP. But if you look up in the Black law dictionary which is the dictionary all lawyers and Judges us all those who are under the "Fake law they set up for man" you will find the word Person or human I cannot recall which but under the definition it says "SEE MONSTER"!!! Yes The government/illuminati/Elite who have made these Admiralty laws for us to follow and enslave us to call human/ persons….MONSTERS!!! Wow I know someone else who calls people monsters too?? Lady Gaga is in like flin. She better repent and giver her life to Christ because right now her heart is whith the Devil.

  392. To the people who are saying Lady Gaga didnt get famous overnight… how many people out there have played the piano their whole life? The fact that she has is irrelevent to her sudden fame. Fine I agree that she might be talented and all but obviously the illuminati wouldnt choose a retard who knows nothing about music or art for them to be the new "thing". She was bought, simple as that. I maen look at her videos, they're gargbage and disturbing, and not suitable to the demographic they are targeted at, and if it was anyone else people would have made a big story out of it. Yet, she's all over the place. I dont even live in America and I wonder what it's like there.

    It is easy to argue that what she is selling is not music. You dont have to say that she is with the Illuminati to acknoledge that. There is so much better music out there and yet it's always these certain "artists" who are always on top.

    You need to be a complete retard not to notice something not right about that.

  393. i found this article just in time i think! i have been obsessing over lady gaga since she got famous for awhile now. the thing is…i don't really like her music that much, but i can't stop buying her cds. its like something compels me to do it for some reason. and i keep having weird dreams where i am falling and falling…almost every other night. i am a little scared now. i am a very devout christian, and now i feel that maybe the devil is trying to worm his way into my heart. i am thinking maybe i should go and throw away all my music, and just start praying very hard. even my baby is mesmorized when she comes onto the tv…oh god what have i done…

  394. Giordano Bruno on

    The opening shot of the video to 'Poker Face', where she emerges from the water flanked by two dogs, is a direct and obvious reference to the Moon card in the Tarot. Look it up. Also note the twin pillars in the card.

  395. Giordano Bruno on

    If you watch those opening 25 seconds or so with the sound off, it's terrifying. She is the 'crayfish' creature on the card, "that which comes up out of the deeps, the nameless and hideous tendency which is lower even than the savage beast." Cut to the second scene in the video, where she appears to be singing in front of a representation of the moon.

  396. Lady Gaga is not an illuminati puppet, she just plays one on TV.

    The video is about a mind controlled slave breaking free. One or two of her alters is in love or submissive and the others want out. Whoever sells her gives her a chance to influence the sale. She picks the one she wants. This is the slave alter. But the Monster alter, the two self centered ones(the ones in Gold are using ASL sign langage for "mirror" when they turn their palms facing their faces) and the host personality( she is the one with the eyes and earphones) have different ideas. IM A FREE BITCH BABY they shout. You know the rest…

  397. I think Lady Gaga and her production team are a lot smarter and more creative than most people give them credit for. I don't necessarily believe in most instances of Masonic, Satanic, and Illuminati symbolism in pop culture, but the instances with Lady Gaga are overwhelming and help explain why her videos and persona are so strange at first glance. I personally believe that she is trying to make a statement about the music industry and pop culture. If Gaga's symbolism could make one or two people think more about what is presented to them, then the world would be a better place. There is absolutely no reason to become paranoid about this though, it's merely artistic symbolism.

  398. If you like to burn for ever that an unpleasent desire, but people really don't care and belief that there is a hell thanks to the to lies of satan. But people down there everyday and night, to a very goomy place call hell

    The ilminati is a organisation that has been lie to by satan. they are the fool of fools and pupets of satan, because they have believed satan. The antichrist is coming and will the leader of the new world order govnerment and will look that he has all the answer of the world.

  399. When I saw a picture of Lady Gaga with sunglasses that looked like Art Deco (Masonic Architechture) I thought that was pretty obvious. You've laid it out very well. I feel sorrry for her because of the torture/mind control she went through. I think this is all about a "Brotherhood" (Masons) contolling women to have power.

    It's very sad. I remember a Madonna video where she was wearing a jacket with a goldern pyramid on the back (from the movie Desperately Seeking Susan). It seems the Masons REALLY hate women, always showing them as "whores" like Gaga and Madonna, Explains Madonna's "conversion" to Kaballah, no pun intended (but maybe there should be). Madonna used to liven near Griffith Park. I went there once when I lived there and was creeped out by the Masonic imagery, including images of murder and slavery as well aas a "Temple" like courtyard leading to the door. It was like a temple to science (knowledge) which the

    Masons are big on. Incidentally, Barack Obama is a 32nd Degree Prince Hall Mason and Oprah Winfrey is

    a member of Eastern Star, the women's club side of Masonry. Look how famous she is! She seems to fit the Madonna image of the Madonna/Whore thing, maybe.

  400. Higher State of Bein on

    As if Beyonce would ever do a collaboration with Lady Gaga if she wasn't told/paid to do so. Their styles don't match at all. Both are under the control of the Illuminati, and the fact that they are both huge celebs give them power to influence and corrupt a larger demographic of society. It seems like the only way to get famous and lots of money thesedays is to do something illegal and immoral. Behind every great fortune is a great crime.

    Thanks for revealing GAGA's symbolism whether it is true or not. pop/mainstream media and music is manufactured to teach girls to be materialistic whores with no brains, resposiblity or self respect (and they think they are being empowered by all this behaviour); and new age rap music influences guys to be someone they are not, all these "artists" are actors, non of them are real. Look at Fifty CENT, he doesn't even smoke weed, yet talks about smoking in his songs, just another business man that can tell a story. Overall the music industry is conveying a message, Party all day, drink/smoke all night! Lose your mind, and don't have a care and repeat till you're brain dead! We all need to be enlightened and vigilant as knowledge is power, those that continue to be ignorant will suffer from the control of the Illuminati.

  401. after reading some of the comments here, I v realize there are so many freaks in this world!!! I can t wait for the day when christianity will be banned and extirpate from our society! christianity is a dangerous disease similar to cancer. I really hope 1 day to live in a world without any religion. I love you gaga you are my number one and I am so glad we were born on the same date. " I m biggest fan I ll follow you till you love papa paparazzi"

  402. I am Lucifer. The Morningstar.

    My reptilian demons have been planted. The strings are coming together. My eye of providence scans the world as you scurry about trying to warn the masses. I can see you. You will be the first to feel my anger when I am released into the mortal plane.

    I cannot lose.

  403. Incredible, I'm from Africa and they use to warn us about some satanic things when we were young,but as I grew up I negleted it thinkin it was some old african bullshizzle but I think when i'll go back I'll start hangin' with my granpa . well gotta go to church Pc and may God bless You

  404. It's just a coincidence that all these highly influential pop artists always have one of their eyes covered in videos, magazines, etc.

    Seriously folks, wake up!

  405. Hello there I am a Christian but there are some things we must understand here



    There is no in-depth study, and BROAD CONCLUSIONS are alleged. I can understand how this propagates non-Christians' ABHORRENCE TOWARDS CHRISTIANITY because of the way it is written.

    Let's discuss some of these issues here:

    in the author's "conclusion"…

    quote: "in her videos, photos and shows symbolism that refers to the Illuminati and mind control."

    accepting the reference to illuminati is good, however the author has missed many other themes of equal importance as well – again showing the true bias of the author.

    But mind control? the evidence presented by the author shows only that 'mind control' techniques are used as techniques in music video. Is LG music video techniques any different to other music video? this is not debated – in fact, so emotively called 'mind control' techniques used here (in videography and photography) is no different to most pop music videos. It is actually an established technique used. If the author wants to prove the explicit use to control people's mind regarding this video and its alleged techniques – a study will need to be establish to prove the effect of this specific video. A further study can be used to establish a relationship between results observed in this video and other videos. Because simply citing 'secretive' CIA operations, which were 'destroyed' without any specific reference to these alleged official claims, the author has neo-linguistically programmed the readers to harbour 'conspiracy' views. Such emotive words are best avoided as it taints the veracity of the author's essay. Of course, unintelligent readers will get easily persuaded into the author's premise and the unscientific outcome by the end of the essay.

    First, it seems that the imagery of popular vocal artists needs to be realised – in that, what is the 'norm' in this industry exists for various specific purposes. EVERYTHING IN POP CULTURE exist to invoke and provoke senses, ideology etc… ask any pop-culture student, that's the first thing they learn in school.

    what makes this different? Is it any different to the imagery that surrounds us?

    who is in control of these imagery? is it the artist? is that discretion given to someone else, like the creative director.

    to make claims that seems to allege that an artist's symbolism is specifically one sort, and not the other – one will need to do more than just pointing out similarities that can be said of most things. the question must be what is the point of difference about this artist that doesn't exist for others. Because without doing so, or failing to do so, one may have just enlisted the entire artist-collective.

    It is noted that some imagery are blatantly used to stir emotions such as the 'eye of horus'. Again, one has to examine how many artist use this… its use to provoke is highly common, especially since this imagery has gotten mainstream publicity over the last 10 years. So such escalation needs to be taken into account as to the veracity of its usage. Is it because of the imagery's popularity or 'true' homage to the believe in the occult by the artist? assuming that the artist has any discretion over such imagery. Has the author of the allegations discussed the relevance of pop culture in general to different imagery; what about the relevance of the artist's beliefs, or the artist's public image/branding/persona that is carved/in niche by the branding company? None of that is discussed. Is it relevant? We see what we already believe, and it seems that none of these other issues that contradict the author's hypothesis needs any discussion. We are projected to a 1-sided argument, with the other side teeming with evidence that begs other explanation not discussed since its notwithstanding stance against the author's bias.

    Taking footage from concerts is almost another issue altogether: almost EVERY pop concert use extremely provocative imagery for theatrical purposes; look into makeup artists, props, set, lighting, fashion designers. But perhaps seeing it in a spiritual light is another question. Are you supposed to? If so, then all pop concerts have such imagery, and by implication, its spiritual implications, though this needs to proven in a totally different matter altogether.

    Lady Gaga

    – author implies subterfuge within the name; how is this different to any other more obvious STAGE-names of artists out there? the significance of a stage-name: to strike, simplicity for audience recall and memorable. It sets out the branding image for the rest of the artist's publicity.

    Reference to Queen's Radio Gaga

    "Her name is also said to be inspired by Queen’s song “Radio Gaga”"//is said by whom? I'm guessing it's a "They". This reference is cognitive linking/reference, which prove absolutely nothing; it is as good as saying because babies say the word gaga, and in doing so babies at birth pronounces the tendency towards the values which Radio Gaga (by Queen) has promoted – see how ludicrous it sounds?

    Dissecting logo:

    symbolic explanation "headless female body with a bolt of lightning going through her and exiting her genitalia."

    allegedly lack of consciousness. all the imagery is reinforced by the word gaga… mindlessness. However using further reinforcement by the use of an evocative childhood imagery such as lightning. Honestly, you could draw anything you want, use Zeus, the greek god who uses his lightning as a weapon. Anthropologically speaking there is so much more imagery surrounding lightning you can pick and choose to suit your bias.

    All-seeing eye:

    explanation that due to most image of here are only 1-eyed, there is huge linkage to occult. Photo-images of her could be due to her great side profile. Nothing regarding photography, image nor branding is discussed.

    Imagery comparison:

    the comparing notes between LG and other occult pictures are as similar as comparing the occult pictures to indian dancing – or any sort of dancing, where a invocative pose is struck.

    //THIS may be the case of SEEING WHAT YOU ALREADY BELIVE – because there are tonnes of imagery that are not looked after, especially 'good' imagery that seems to contradict the author's hypothesis, such as doves.

  406. Lady GaGa's songs are really hammered into my head right now and I just had to scour the Internet for more information about her and then I somehow found myself in this weird website. I am not much of an occult believer/conspiracy theorist or whatever you call yourselves but what you've shown here are some pretty fucked up shit. Is this all you think about all day? How do you even live a normal life harboring all these crazy thoughts about a group of elites that no one knows existed. For now, I will stay neutral in the subject until I get more informed about what you guys are saying about this secret society controlling the world. But like most people, I probably won't go to deep into it. I have a life to live and conspiracy theories are really just another form of entertainment to at its core.

  407. The symbols she uses contain only the physical reality of the medium in which they're expressed. It's how we interpret the symbols as a society and as individuals that really matters.

    We're conditioned by society to try and accurately define symbols as a "static" un-moving, never-changing object that contains the essence of the idea of the information they convey. The issue with that though is that symbols by their nature have no intrinsic value, they contain only the reality of the medium in which they're expressed (ex. paper, sound waves, ink, digital formats), the value that we think is inside of them is in all reality only being conveyed by them and ultimately being accepted & interpreted by ourselves.

    Just because it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, and smells like a duck, doesn't mean it's a duck. Maybe if people examined the symbolism and themes that she offers with a slightly broader point of view they might find something quite different than what so many people before have posted here.

    Hint: She's trying to point out the absurdity of putting faith in symbols rather than ones' own self. She's completely about self-indulgence and entertaining herself and fans more than anything else. self-indulgence = a life enjoyed and a life well lived. A life lived at the beck and call of society, institutions,(secular and non-secular) and those who surround you = mental, spiritual, and physical slavery.

    She's being so over the top with all of this out of a desire to push people to realize what she's doing and make the choice for themselves as to what they want to believe.

  408. For Gaga fans….you must be really really dump and programmed that you can't see the is so obvious…. a man must be a moron to not understand this….Lady Gaga is sick drug slave !

  409. Secret Agent on

    If Lady gaga is a true satanist, well, can you explain to me how Lady gaga praise Lord and princess diana on her song "Dance in the dark"? I review this song and what i found is in this lyrics:

    Work your blonde (Jean) Benet Ramsey

    We’ll haunt like liberace

    Find your freedom in the music

    Find your jesus

    Find your kubrick

    You will never fall apart

    Diana, you’re still in our hearts

    Never let you fall apart

    Together we’ll dance in the dark

    for me, what she tells to us that for every darkness came to our life, we can still shine . I mean, you must not let ur fear harm you, if you fall, then you must stand again, face a new life.. Am i right?

  410. Secret Agent on

    She's trying to be unique, !! Im not a fan of her , but think of it? She's just like an actress, a villain? Can you identify a villain if she dont show some evil doings? I mean if you are serious to this, open her life! her background! Did you interview her for this non sense topic? What's more important? Get a life! Develop more communications to our God! Wasting their time in these immature issues! blah!

  411. Hi but if everything about her and the music industry is so evil, why would they want to make it so obvious from interpretation???

  412. well we have the same perspective on lady gaga. but for its more likely her being an extra terrestrial, i think she contactgs aliens using her song Telephone. just analyze it carefully, the lyrics and the tone of the song.

  413. @ destro75: i totally agree with you.

    lady gaga isn't stupid, she knows what she's doing. i myself use alot of typical masonic imagery in my work as an artist, but i wouldn't even know where to start in becoming a satan-worshipper… The fact is, it's an edgy STYLE that is often used nowadays because if what it implies and makes people uncomfortable.

    Its fun playing with ancient symbology and using it in a modern world, as I said, it's stylistic and very popular in the art world at the moment.

    I doubt Lady Gaga has the time to worship satan or execute some hidden agenda, and at the same time design, write music, record, reherse, perform AND work for polaroid as Creative Director. Nevermind all the interviews and work she does with her fans.

    She knows what she's doing and you're all falling for it, so good on her!

  414. Joshua Eguia on

    I realize all the things that are being pointed out have an extreme likeliness to occultism, however gaga really draws inspiration from older music artist, which also did things of this sort.

    For example, the hair from the fame monster album cover is the same hair Cher wore in her 1972 performance with David Bowie to young Americans.

    And covering the one eye, along with lightning bolts, and making the eye of horus, are all things contributed by David Bowie.

    And the animal heads can be found in much of the beatles work.

  415. Mind control it is. How can anyone allude, under natural circumstances, to this over produced, over budget rubbish being 'music'. Give Lady Try Hard a guitar and a microphone and see how much 'music' she makes. Utter, utter rubbish. Front ladies like Anne Wilson and Krissy Amphlett must be amused with and shake their head at the 'talent' now. Be waiting a long time before you get any audience hours or dollars out of my kids. Pfft. I feel deeply sorry for the current generation. Mums and Dads should put a stop to the dictates of lame stream corporate media. I have and my kids love me for it.

  416. ok, if i am to believe what you're saying (as the evidence is there), I'm just curious as to why they would bother controlling us. What's the point?

  417. Mikel Greathouse on

    Hi people of the world it is Me, or Me-ki-gal , Tas- Mikal, Melek taus, The E-gal, Hammer of the world, Peacock Angel, The 13579, The Greathouse of Mica or what ever you want to call Me, So to tell you the truth in the end I just want you to enjoy this dimension as imperfect as it is. Is it better to be than not to be is the question you can ask your self ? If you don't like it try changing your tittles and names. This will help you experience life on a new playing field as all you greedy self loathing people will look for your new name in all things past , present and to the future. Causing you to look at life anew. So here is your law of nature for the day :;; The past pushes the future and the future pulls the past.

    Good luck and choose wisely for what we wish for just might come true


  418. 00kla the M0k on

    I think its working on me. She hits my libido like a bolt of mind control lightning. Could just be my pantyhose fetish though. Thats all it really takes to enslave me: pantyhose and high heels.

    Successful marketing usually has some hidden depth. If that depth is sinister, watchdogs advertise for you for free.

  419. Directors, writers and producers are absolutely always needing to convey "something" to the public, fully conscious of the message they are pushing forward. But even more so, whatever is conscious comes from even a deeper consciousness that itself is "pushing" something to be outwardly said.

    Artists are pawns.

    But remember, look out for artists that are the antithesis of the forces of darkness.

    Just as powerful, just as memorable, and often, speaking in the same language.

    Until finally they reveal themselves in full glory. (The story of Joseph).

    Look for Sol Romero..

  420. Gaga is Sumerian for planet Pluto. According to Sumerian records Pluto was a moon of Saturn before it was separated. So you can say Lady Gaga stands for daughter of Saturn (Satan).

  421. Sumerian Seven Tablets of Creation. (partial text) translated by LW King ca1903


    Ansar opened his mouth, and

    Unto Gaga, his minister, spake the word.

    "O Gaga, thou minister that rejoicest my spirit,

    Unto Lahmu and Lahamu will I send thee.

    … thou canst attain,

    … thou shalt cause to be brought before thee.

    … let the gods, all of them,

    Make ready for a feast, at a banquet let them sit,

    Let them eat bread, let them mix wine,

    That for Marduk, their avenger they may decree the fate.

    Go, Gaga, stand before them,

    And all that I tell thee, repeat unto them, and say:

    'Ansar, vour son, hath sent me,

    The purpose of his heart he hath made known unto me.

    The purpose of his heart he hath made known unto me.

    He saith that Tiamat our mother hath conceived a hatred for us,

    With all her force she rageth, full of wrath.

    All the gods have turned to her,

    And in the Fourth Tablet is where "Fifty Cent" probably got his name

    … the star, which shineth in the heavens.

    May he hold the Beginning and the Future, may they pay homage unto him,

    Saying, "He who forced his way through the midst of Tiamat without resting,

    Let his name be Nibiru, 'the Seizer of the Midst'!

    For the stars of heaven he upheld the paths,

    He shepherded all the gods like sheep!

    He conquered Tiamat, he troubled and ended her life,"

    In the future of mankind, when the days grow old,

    May this be heard without ceasing; may it hold sway forever!

    Since he created the realm of heaven and fashioned the firm earth,

    The Lord of the World," the father Bel hath called his name.

    This title, which all the Spirits of Heaven proclaimed,

    Did Ea hear, and his spirit was rejoiced, and he said:

    "He whose name his fathers have made glorious,

    Shall be even as I, his name shall be Ea!

    The binding of all my decrees shall he control,

    All my commands shall he make known! "

    By the name of "Fifty " did the great gods

    Proclaim his fifty names, they, made his path preeminen

  422. I think they're trying first of all to corrupt the young females, teenies, girls,etc…. with sex, drugs, vampirism etc….they are teaching them that it's good to be "bad"…and when the women go down, the whole world will follow….unfortunately…so these articles should be read by them,…KaKa's main target is the females, not the males…

  423. I'm honestly not convinced that this isn't an artistic statement. She is referencing pop culture. Typically that is considered to be pop-art. Masonic imagery and the movie Metropolis aren't a well guarded secret. Neither is the brain washing you talked about in your last article. Similar instances of shock therapy and the likes are often referenced in movies, t.v. shows, books, ect. Odds are you can take classes involving all these aspects of pop-imagery in art school. Which if I am not mistaken… Lady Gaga attended Tisch for two years. I took a film class and we spent two classes on Metropolis talking about a lot of the things you are talking about now. I don't think she is great but she is actually decent at what she does and I can see why people would like her music.

  424. Lilmonster13 on

    WOW i never thought about the symbolism that Lady Gaga shows in her performances/videos and even in her outfits when she goes out. This article, along with the others I have read that are related, have opened my mind. I really wonder if gaga is just another victim of this mass media mind control thing, or is she aware of this and is trying to show the public about it?


  426. Have you guys stopped and considered that this is all rubbish and complete superstition. Yes there is signs that she is Illuminati, but does that make her a bad person? Absolutely Not! For all we know she could just be forcing to sing these lyrics, that is usually the deal in the Music Industry, most of the lyrics are written by another person! Most of you people believe think that she is satanic because the way she expresses her art. She is devoted to art, and her fans which is harmless. If she was a true Devil worshiper don't you think she would have admitted it by now! Im not telling anyone to not listen to her, or to listen to her. I'm saying that you should leave it be, because there is more things to life, then worrying about a singer, that could potentially be a devil worshiper. Get off the computer and experience life how god intended to be. In paradise! I only came across this website only today, and from what im reading, ALL of guys need to stop worrying about her! Because no matter who the person is, Jesus and the Holy Spirit loves all their children, regardless for who they are! Even if they committed the greatest sins, there is always room for forgiveness!

  427. So, Lady Gaga, and others like Rihanna and Beyonce, are saying that mass media is the devil? (that's what Baphomet is, right?) And all three of the aforementioned singers cover their left eyes because they all know this together?

    And are they telling us that they are being controlled or that that's what can happen? But they couldn't be being controlled because then they wouldn't be able to think to put these symbols in…if that's even what they're doing….

  428. i just want to add a little information that maybe u already knew..

    as in your last image of Lady GAGA in this chapter,

    the image shows that Lady Gaga's eyes are shut but there are painted wide eyes on her eye lits,

    are very related to the movie, Eyes Wide Shut (1999) Directed by Stanley Kubrick.

    and the movie resembles a lot of the masonic characteristics and rituals.

  429. Megat Corleone on

    Sorry my english not so good..

    hope all of you can get and understand my grammar and this informations thats will i give to all of you..


    thats it..hope all of you had opened your eyes and mind..

    the illuminati had poisoned the christian people so my religious,Islam..


    the entertainment in this earth not can give us a entertainment in afterdeath..

    open your eyes!

    free your mind..

    which religious are mostly choose..

    i hope you all explore the bible and Al-Quran,my religious holy book..


    i didnt had much knowledge about my religious..

    dajjal al-masih,whom is the head of Illuminati,Freemason and whom made violent and trouble in our life..

    Allah is the One and no other god in our life..

    i had many sins in my lifes.

    i hope with this informations and this knowledges that i just gave to all of yours,

    Allah can forgive for all my sins in this world..



  430. iamilluminati on

    Hey guys,

    Just your local illuminati member here to tell you to stop telling everyone the truth. We just wanna enslave everyone in peace without you do-gooders getting in our way. I mean, it's hard enough as it is to create these complex plans, but you all just have to make it so much harder. You think it was easy to hide those symbols in our Lady GaGa photo shoot?

    I don't see the big deal with being controlled (or "enslaved" as you insist on calling it). I mean, most people out there want…no, crave, to be controlled. They go about their lives and don't really care and they obviously see the truth you're presenting them. And hey, they do nothing about it. They must not really care.

    So, I'm just poppin in to tell you all to stop messing our plans up. We're normal people with normal lives and normal interests.

    I thank you all for reading, on behalf of the Illuminati

  431. People keep sayng we, the ones in the know, need to stand up and fight this. But how? What are we supposed to do about it? I would like an easy solution, but seriously, what is there?

    Oh and btw, that last comment (from an Illuminati member) is blatantly fake lol.

  432. There is no use trying to get fame and fortune now, because Jesus' return is so near.

  433. Revolution IX on

    I think everyone is overreacting. If she is using symbolism, it's to make fun of pop culture today. Seriously, people. "Lady Gaga" is not even a real person, she's a character. Stephani Germanotta(or however you spell it) is simply making a commentary on how easily we conform. She's not trying to MAKE us conform.

  434. Yall kids are to young to understand as well asi but the illuminati is on some real s**** but in the same since its all matter of opinion and what not. The illuminati is occuring in our society and we need to recongnize it. If Lady Gaga is a illuminati member its a shame and she is really disappointing her fans but all rappersand singers that they say are in to this illuminati stuff is not real. Its just the medias way of tryin to make things bigger then what it needs to be and it is not that serious…..

  435. On the current Monster Ball tour, Gaga is eventually eaten by a gigantic angler fish – a creature she was terrified of as a child – only to be reborn as an angel

    Is there any meaning behind this?

  436. Hmm…I read this in an interview:

    Gaga: "I recently had this… miracle-like experience, where I feel much more connected to God.”

    TIMES: You were raised a Catholic – so when you say “God”, do you mean the Catholic God, or a different, perhaps more spiritual sense of God?

    “More spiritual,” Gaga says, looking like she’s biting her tongue. “I don’t want to say much, because I want it to stay hidden until it comes out – but I will say that religion is very confusing for everyone, and particularly me, because there’s really no religion that doesn’t hate or condemn a certain kind of people, and I totally believe in all love and forgiveness, and excluding no one.”

    So it's not God from the bible…?

  437. i believe you but some people say that you just hate those artists and you want to find anything against them…what do you tell those people ?

    second of all, can you tell us about rihanna's song live your life ?

  438. We shouldn't believe whatever the media projects. It is all have been manipulated to the taste of the government. They manipulate with only what they want you to see. They dictate the airways using media as the medium. Please, be observant everytime you see an advertisment or anything from the media. Just stop, and think, what is the message are they trying to imply? what are their motives? be more observant. We must breakthrough from being labelled as ignorant and imbecile people. We are better than that. I have realised that America promotes too much sex and nudity, up to the height that it is a disgrace to the female gender. SIGH.

  439. You know i hate the fact that everything is fucking santic. i'm tried of this BS, i live in the chirstain home and eveybody prayers to God not no fucking budda god or devil shit, we pray to the "THE LORD JEUSE CHRIST" jehova amen!!.. i really hate the face that i listen to one song and i like it and the videon is shit and its all about some santic BS and i think that lady gaga doesn't need power and to do all that sex and nudity for 'THE FAME GAME' and that goes for everybody in the music game, i reaLLY hate people who think its right to do that shit whne its not. i FUCKING HATE i and i have friends parents whos grandparnents were 'FREE MASONS' and i think that sick. S.I.C.K that wrong and if it were up to me. ill kill the founder of this santic BS. and end it all. and maybe this wolrd could be full of " Godley things" and be restored into the hands of jeuse chris because the devil isn't shit. and fucking hate THE DEVIL…. !!! HE CAN FALL FOR 1 THOUSANDS YEARS.. AND MORE AND THEN JUST VANISHE BECAUSE HE ISN'T SHIT!!!. AMEN!! and lady gaga needs to come to my house and get a bible and we will pray 4 u… yes we will . and for the people who are like " yous a christain and you swear" all i can say is that passion! passion for life and what ur talking about. amen and god bless

  440. Perosnally, for me, the picture on Lady Gaga's albums "The Fame Monster" is closer to a picture of Aleister Crowley, I think the picture looks like a repilca of this one of him. –>… But this is great info!! Thank you for re-assuring me that I'M not crazy haha. I will not be manipulated by people who consider themselves "Elite" because they are capable of taking advantage of simple individuals. No.

  441. response to: wandarah January 12th, 2010 9:24 am :

    a) so why are the ‘illuminati’ showing us the ’symbolism’ – what is the point?

    b) if lady gaga is an ‘illuminati puppet’, what is her goal here?

    is it not more likely that lady gaga and her creatives are simply exploiting common imagery, symbolism and myth, as a way of giving what are (lets face facts) fairly low-brow pop-songs some faux-intellectual impact?


    Firstly, I am not a fan of Lady Ga Ga, and am not writing to defend nor condemn her.

    I have been devouring the articles on your website since I stumbled upon it a few weeks ago. I am continually intrigued and mostly impressed by your conviction and knowledge of symbolism and mass media and their effects and influence on the masses and pop culture. However, while my research of shadow governments, The Illuminati or the like, has merely begun, I presently agree with the above comment until proven otherwise.

    Isn't it possible that Ga Ga, Jay-Z and other top stars are fully aware of the controversial imagery they are endorsing and using it to sell records? It also seems likely she is taking on the persona of a brainwashed music industry puppet because she knows that is what she truly is; but already decided that trading her integrity for fame is well-worth it (to her). Now, after achieving her level of success and stardom, perhaps she is hung up on her position of influence enough to think that exposing the absurdity and dangers of fame can educate and liberate her audience (like Bono, Springsteeen, etc).

    I would like to believe that artists who are fortunate enough to reach the mainstream still have some control over the messages they convey through their work. It's possible that Ga Ga has earned that luxury, but only after having generated tons of money for her record company and management. As a musician, I have traveled and performed in many states, recorded my own music, and spent the better of my 40 years studying the entertainment industry, pop culture, sociology, mythology, and anything to broaden my knowledge of how this world operates (beyond what mass media dictates). I have no interest in a record contract with any label who would expect me to sacrifice my integrity, artistic and personal freedom, or even my soul for the sheer rewards of fame. Unlike Ga Ga, I am not interested in fame. But, regardless of her celebrity status and self-conscious nature, she is a talented pianist, songwriter and singer when she wants to be (see her piano-accompanied performances on youtube). She also, and obviously, understands marketing trends and is fully playing the capitalist game to satisfy her self-proclaimed desires for money, popularity, sexual promiscuity and fame. An "Illuminati Puppet," I doubt it. But I will read on and continue to commend you for your compelling and intelligent work. Maybe soon you will have some more substantial proof to support your claims…


  442. Is it possible she is very creative and smart? Is it possible that it isn't this cut and dry and just black and white as you make it sound? I'm not opposed to the whole Illuminati thing at all. I've recognized most of the symbols and imagery before this article but I saw it as she is a creative smart individual that also understands symbolism and tried to give a deeper meaning to such a simple song. But I guess I saw it that way cause I'm simple minded…….

  443. You have to be an idiot to not believe this article. It obviously makes complete sense. I mean you really don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize what she's doing is wrong. She makes all her actions completely obvious, you're crazy to not see it. Then again I know people will just be like "I LOVE LADY GAGA SHES MY IDOL!" …which is exactly what she wants. If you people actually look all this stuff up, all the refrences and the things you don't understand. Look it up and you will know that this is not a "crazy theory" thats just what they want you to think. It's been happening for years and years now. Going wait back to like the 60's possibly sooner than that.

  444. I'm suprised you haven't done one on Adam Lambert's For your Entertainment video. The references he makes in the song and the images are very interesting.

  445. OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i totally believe this its so true im only 15

    and i noticed it i swear shes possessed or something

    because think about shes called in ghost busters in

    to fine the souls of dead people and stuff like that

    she has to go to church all these poeple who dont

    agreee with this article are stupid just think aboout

    it. What do you think ?

  446. this is so believable dude but i…i loved gaga like omg this touched me….this really hurt me inside

  447. Whatevername on

    I really like your site because you know a lot about this and the way it's layed out. Honestly to me it seems like money is something we made up and yet it's so important, it makes us fight over it, it makes the world go round. And so many people are willing to sell their soul and join the illuminati just to have it, and yet it's just paper. It seems like it was made to bring out the greed in people. If I made up money right now nothing would change, but the fact that everything is in exchange for money and how the way the media portrays bring rich is, and with all the banks, it makes money significant. Us humans made it up, but it's so important to us even though it's just a number, or paper.

  448. one thing you havent mentioned that i have heard about mind controlled people is the fact that their eyes are uneven. i listen to coast2coast a ton and someone was on there who had been mind controlled by the gov for years, and said that one way to tell is if the person has uneven eyes. look at pictures of her, especially the ones from the barbera walters interview, and you’ll see that her eyes are not only completely lopsided, but one eye shuts more than the other and is wonk. also something you havent noted is that she comes from a wealthy upper east side italian family, and attended the most prestigious catholic school. it was very clear that she was trying to be the next britney at the age of 14, and was in a very exposed position in the upper crust of NY.

  449. As long as people keep speaking out "we win" speak the truth even tho it is obvious people r blind

  450. laura cooper on

    this stuff can be easily bloown out of peportioin, but it is TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  451. Tx for yet another excellent post! This is REAL! see “intheknow7” MK-Ultra Prog Guide… — this diabolical CIA-NSA Program from 1950′s never ceased and is more pervasive today than ever, and not limited to U.S. So many of your favorite celebrities (stars=pentagrams) are trapped under Mind Control, it’s easier to assume a celebrity IS, rather than isn’t! MK’s are used to entertain (distract) humanity while we spiral downward towards One World Rulership, wherein global management team envisions a world totally controlled by these human robots, used primarily to service elite players, perform incredible sexual acts w/their BETA Prog’mg (anything, anytime, anywhere w/anyone), couriers of coded Intel, drug mules and other nefarious deeds…BTW global elites prefer children! Every U.S. President from Eisenhower to Obama — of course he enjoys MK’d BETA Sex Kittens as all previous POTUS have…MK’s (boys/girls) are standard Presidential Perks!

    One of the most notorious/sadistic Mind Control Prog’mrs Sen. Robert C. Byrd (R-WVA) recently died; in control of the nations pocketbook as Chrmn of Senate Appropriations Cmte — Byrd made sure your tax dollars kept abominable MK Prog well funded. Yes, the person in charge of the country’s gov’t spending was a well known Satanic-pedophile, master/owner of MK’d survivor (victim) Cathy O’Brien (Google “Tranceformation of America”) Although concentrated in Hollywood/Music/Sports Industry, it’s also pervasive in political realm and why we can’t get a national pedophilia registry in this country!

    Are you awake or sleeping? The hottest politician in the country is a certified Mind Control Slave under control of sadistic MK-Ultra PIMP Heinz (Henry) Kissinger & Todd Palin? Yes, Ms. Palms & Pumps, the Alaskan Grifter…Sarah L. Palin is a BETA Prog’md Sex Slave/Human Robot — her over sexualized daughters as well, especially “Piper’s here today!” — MUST SEE “Anatomy of Sarah L. Palin”

    see how Heinz (Henry) Kissinger, global mgt team MK-Ultra PIMP gets down…

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  452. Thanks for posting revealing articles about Lady Gaga, VC.

    I have translated 'Lady Gaga, Illuminati Puppet' part 1 and 2 to my native language, Indonesian I'd like to post them in my blog, i also add the link to you website.

    here is my blog's url, if you're interested to see:

    Greetings from indonesia!

  453. and don't worry, i won't deform the original intent of your articles. You can use Google translate to check it.

  454. Gordon Hislop on

    I have been following alternate truths since the late 60's (when a major event in my life made me realise that the whole world was having a lend of me and I was being told a pack of lies) I have questioned all 'official' versions of events of interest ever since. These days I am never ceased to be amazed at the amount of 'alternate truths' information that is coming our way in ever increasing waves of intensity. In the words of David Icke (and others) "our percieved reality is nothing more than an illusion". I often say to people that nothing is as it seems – yet everything is as it is. We decide what reality is and I am so encouraged by the ever increasing amount of people that do have their eyes wide open to the lies, trickery and deceit of those who desire ultimate control over the rest of us. Thanks for your valuable input.

  455. Very good work… and much more masonic symbolism exists in the photo taken inside the masonic lodge… the sheepskin apron, the whip (i forgot what it's called) hanging by her hip, and possibly a cable tow around her waist. This imagery and intention in her work is so obvious that to say it isn't there would be like saying Rachel Ray is not about cooking. Good job pointing out the Hello Kitty symbolism, one of the greatest mass-mind-control operations in history in any culture or generation. I also do not necessarily believe this woman is under any coercion… she may be a willing advocate of all this… if a man does it he is a villain, but if a woman does it she's controlled? Maybe. But women are every bit as capable of evil and foolishness. I also wonder if anyone knows the name of the woman who published a book (in the 80s?) about her alleged experiences being mind-controlled for sexual purposes and being "given" to several well-loved American comedians to enjoy, before she managed to escape and get deprogrammed. I'm going to look for that info now. Yes, this stuff does seem farfetched, but truth is stranger than fiction. And God is real.

  456. Oh, cool… someone already posted her name, Cathy OBrien. Though I do not agree that all POTUSes have enjoyed male and female child sex slaves, and I don't know if Cathy's story is true, this stuff is real, and similar stories have occurred to many people. Children are used partly bc they have more pure life energy and can be "fed off of" better. Child sex slaves are many around the world, so please give money to an organization that helps free them, even if you don't love everything about the organization. And be careful to check out the reputation in case it's actually a sex slave organization posing as a liberator.

  457. Hey man,

    NO, and I really mean, NOBODY can beat you with al your research. Whether people believe it or not, there is more than meets the eye.

  458. I do know for a fact that Freemason are satanic, criminal, mad ppl. Even if the lower levels do not know.

    I know that they rape at seremonies etc. Their families do not always know what they are doing, they lie to the unknowing. Europe, Scandinavia, everywhere, some of the leaders and the royals are satanic, not all.

    I have not just read that somewhere, I know, I have heard them chanting "satans power is great", they are "good family ppl", but devils at heart.

    Monark mindcontrol, torture, rape, is an extremly painfull and difficult life.

    Not like having some dreams of being somewhere else and having lost of sex. Ruining families, destroying lifes, killing. These are often incested children, women, men, they are damaged and suffering a lot.

    How do you feel when listening to this music? The disharmonic, noisy, screeming "music" makes me feel really bad. It`s like raping my senses, making me losing myself.

    Listening to soft, calm music like Enya, makes me feel more like myself.

    So, why listen to it, why see this crap vids, why pay attention to it, why give it energy to grow on?

    I see they are spreading the dark message, I do not deny it, or fear it.

    But opening eyes that`s wide shut is scary, and the world is big and scary.

    Trust in the good, the light, laugh and play. But open your eyes.

  459. Ok , Mr. Vigilant Citizen, which is funny you call yourself that because, by reading some of your articles, which again, I will give you credit for them being researched well, you have great ideas, and can write better that anyone who writes text books nowadays. But the problem I have with you is that you seem to have quite a hatred towards Lady Gaga. I don’t like it when very hard working people are being bashed for being creative, or strange, especially if they are being themselves. She worked hard to get where she is, the bitch can sing, and maybe she’s a little nuts. But you could care less about that. Do you know ANYTHING about her at all? Do you know her personally? Did you stop and think she’s not trying to mind control people it’s all in fun. Look at Marilyn Manson, IT’S ALL AN ACT, A SHOW, you know to have "fun". How people interpret what they want from culture is their right. So what if there’s occult symbolism or mind control in her videos, what the hell do you think you’re doing, taking a group of impressionable people who seem VERY “controlled” by GOD and the Bible, and to add in yes I am Catholic and went to Catholic school for 15 years. The fact that some of these people stopped listening to her because of your articles you don't find that you are partially mind controlling. If you are such a “vigilant citizen” as you call yourself why aren’t you using your talent or gift of writing, intelligence, and speaking towards things that are more important than what Lady Gaga is wearing or doing. Stop trying to ruin another pop star’s career; I’m sure you had a great following with you when Britney Spears lost her mind. Why are you trying to ruin life instead of help? Why aren’t you saying anything about politics, or religion, or the government, or what is happening to people in the Congo or the ridiculousness of moving our men to Pakistan for another war we don’t belong in? Why aren’t you saying anything about the Bible and it’s symbolism and some of the awful things that are being alluded to there? What about artists before our time, Van Gogh was a brilliant artist, he cut off his own ear, and yet he was very sick. You are making a big deal out of nothing. If you looked at the history of art, literature, and history itself, it is full of everything you talking about and even more. Why aren’t you writing about the evilness of big business and how they screwed over our generation because they were too busy lining their pockets with money, and buying stupid high priced materials. You know Bill Gates has a lot of money and control in the world why aren’t you writing anything about the mind control of technology and Microsoft or the internet? Your such a "Vigilant Citizen" why didn't you say anything about Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize for sitting on his ass doing nothing? Why? I’m sure you don’t want to hurt the feelings of the mindless idiots that are CLEARLY controlled by religion and whatever else. You can’t possibly hurt their feelings or talk about anything serious because no one will listen to you then. If you were such a “vigilant citizen” as you call yourself there are far more important things in this world to analyze than Lady Gaga. You are only making problems instead of trying to help them. Let people enjoy what little life has to offer right now. To close let’s just take a look back in history. Does this sound famaliar to anyone?: One person intelligent, yet mindless idiot says some things in an eloquent way and there’s a groups of mindless zombies to follow. When you write something that actually reflects your name MAYBE, I’ll read another one of your articles, until then keep on with your “mind controlling” dribble and let your religious zombies follow.

  460. Um I actually watched this whole photo shoot on Bravo tv. Double Exposure. It didn't really feel like anything sinister was happening. In fact the photographers actually picked where she would stand. just another opinion out there you know

  461. This is real! We need to wake up and realize that evil is out there and we can't afford to sit there and not enlighten the souls that are being lost in this world. Our youth is in great danger and it saddens me to think that my children and the generations that follow will be exposed to this type of evil but we all need to stand up as one and pray until these demons fall one by one.

  462. i don't know what's wrong with this artist so willing to be used by Satan to gain momentarily fame in exchange for eternal hell fire….

    lady gaga is just like hitler, who was once nobody but suddenly became somebody..

  463. Christian chiming in. I have done the research and I believe this whole thing is a load of garbage, come on. I listen to Lady GaGa and regardless of your opinions as to whether she's an "Illuminati Puppet" or "Occultist", what effect do you really believe this is having on the general population that listens to her? Not anything. You are all being paranoid for paranoids sake and looking for something on the internet to complain about. How about you worry about something much more worrisome like Bilderberg group?

    You all make me sick, no one is getting brain washed by this. Look around and talk to Lady GaGa fans before you start making unprecedented assumptions. Also, I would like to point out that she is a fashionista, and in your article you picked only a minuscule handful of pictures out of 10's of thousands of photos she has taken, are you telling me "Mrs. Puppet" doesn't have more symbolic photos for this scam you are trying to prove?

    • The Awakened America on

      Um, John, whether you know it or not, symbols, especially subliminal symbols flashed only for a few seconds, have quite an adverse effect on the subconscious. Any psychology major, and anyone who has THOROUGHLY researched the Illuminati and the harm they are doing to us knows this fact. Any company under Viacom (Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount Pictures, etc) employs brainwashing as normal programming. Music has a huge impact on your mood and well-being. Some music has even been specially programmed to release serotonin and dopamine while being listened to. The rich elite have everything they want financially. What corrupt desire comes after that? The desire for absolute power. Watch all the YouTube videos about how the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson. Open up your mind and accept the possibility that the T.V. only lies to keep us all trapped in a naive bubble. The purpose of the brainwashing on T.V. is to destract us and make us think everything is peachy while the Illuminati paves the way for the AntiChrist.

  464. @david

    Wow, what a broad analogy. And quite a stupid one too. I can throw out those too. Jesus is just like Hitler, who was once nobody but suddenly became somebody..dumb fucking retard.

  465. i am really educated in this stuff and i am only seventeen it scares me how the media and entertainment companies wish to fill our minds with crap and lead us astray from god , chris brown sings about the resurrection and being united with the devil , and rhianna sings about there being no god in hevrew and torah , what is the world coming too , i belive to just follow the word of god and live our lives and let lady gaga be this monarch of symbolism it will be her that goes to hell in the end , as for the illuminati , there just a bunch of cowards , and when they group together they become bullies because there scared , good luck to them i say , because no one is telling me how to live my life

  466. @gods child

    I'm sorry, but you are just a stupid child. First off, God teaches that curse words and and hate towards our neighbors are bad. I'll give you an example. Crap is derogatory for the word "shit". Also, calling a bunch of people cowards and saying Chris Brown wants to be united with the devil is hateful. Not sure how much of the Bible you have read but it looks like you need some more study before you start spouting off nonsense like that making the rest of the Christians look bad. Maybe you should be praying for their salvation rather than condemning them for false crimes.

    TL;DL version: Fuck off you stupid cunt, read up on your shit next time. =D

  467. All you can do is avoid the television, listen to local bands, and think for yourself.


    • what's up with you guys trying to convert people?

      my god.

      it's nice what you ate trying to do, and i see you only have good intentions.

      but, not on a web page comment box.

  469. "In the picture above, Gaga is sitting on a Masonic throne, complete with the twin pillars on each side of her. Above her head is the compass of Freemasonry"

    correction it's actually the square

  470. @JESUSBABY101

    Your stupidity amazes me. No, not the part about Jesus or the day of judgment. More really just the part where you said "SORRY BUT I BELIEVE IN GOD ND I BELIEVE I WILL MAKE HEAVEN(AMEN)ND ALL BELIEVERS". Learn to speak proper English please. First of all, it looks like you are shouting at the reader with your caps and second, you state "I WILL MAKE HEAVEN AND ALL BELIEVERS" that absolutely makes no fucking sense. GTFO (Get the fuck off) and RTFM (Read the fucking manual ((the manual of English and of life)) ).

  471. Oh, and I forgot to ask.. all of you who buy into this theories… do you also believe that Paul is dead?

  472. she is a free mason satanic devil worshipping wrongun that our lil brothers n sisters and kids are listening too growing up wanting to bee like her and the rest of them and your all letting them sickkk ISLAM IS THE WAY THE TRUTH PLEASE BELIVE ME I AM A WHITE CONVERT ITS FOR REALL

    • Hey…

      i totally agree with you with the whole gaga thing.

      but as another muslim, i don't suggest attempting to convert others to islam on a forum…

  473. You've all gone mad. Even if Lady Gaga is some "evil devil sorceress" it's not like she's hurting anybody or doing anything horrible to society. She's just trying to make money. Serioulsy people. You all sound like this "Omg she's the devil because she covers up one of her eyes!" Get your money doing something better with your lives than making things up about pop stars being the mofo-ing devil. I'm just sayin

  474. I just want to thank you. I have a son growing up, and I point out your site to him regularly. Entertainment industry is hollowed out these days, there is no soul left, for real….

    I always get sad watching Lady Gaga, or Rihanna, or even Madonna. There's no reaching out there, no touching of a heart, it's all about image, about the power game….Very sad, and disturbing to grow up in.

    Thanks for showing the mechanisms so clearly, you have to be informed not to become a slave to this nonsense….

  475. Reading this now…all I can think about is Kanye's new video for Power. I don't think it could be any more obviously masonic. Complete with the pillars, the hammers, the inverted cross above his head, the bevy of naked ladies and 2 of them with the "red" veils. I can't make out what's hanging around his neck though. I have a feeling you'll end up making a post about it real soon since the symbolism in it couldn't be any more blatantly obvious!!!! What's this world coming to Vig?

  476. Why do the ELITE make their symbolism shown/known/apparent in videos of the likes of Lady GAGA. I'm just wondering ??

  477. if you guys have noticed, if you remember hitler killing all the jews. he was not a bad person. and i am not german for those who are wondering. illuminati, masons, banks, all of those started by jews. he was trying to stop the jewish from taking power. look at video alianjro by lady gaga… alot of symbols from the masons signe to upside down cross on her outfit, and her swollowing a rosary.

  478. The Illuminati is real. I was abused by their mind control and it has take 20 years to be released from it. They do experiments on children and then sell their "research" to other countries to control their populace or their soldiers. Just like Hitler did. I suspect that the "Lady" was abused by the Illuminati and is just acting out of the programing that was previously put into place. She may not even be aware of what she is doing. She need to do through deprogramming if she is to ever be free.

    • Taylor Swift 100% #1 fan on

      You are RIGHT. I was too, when I innocently don’t know about it, until my cousin told me. @ first I don’t really believe her, but when she told me to enter in here, I totally almost cried. IT WAS SO REAL. The ones not believing this, I tell you something:
      1.) When you first listen to her songs, do you think that her song lyrics are so difficult but catchy and you are dying to learn them?

      2.) Do you love the songs so much that you keep singing it, even when you sleep the song keeps playing clearly on your mind?

      Actually, illuminati is made by a smart but quite notorious demon. They can control each and every one of our minds. Lady Gaga actually betrayed her soul to become famous and the demon posseses her, make songs and use her to let everyone like songs of satanism and be against God, which is a pretty serious and bad thing. If you sing the song for reverse and in french, you are actually worshipping satan.

      Well… for the ones who still don’t believe, don’t worry, we won’t force you to sing Lady Gaga songs and worship satan. If you are really that stubborn, well, time will come when you know the truth live. This is not to scare you, this is just the truth

  479. I strongly agree with you about every other artist, but Lady Gaga. On several interviews I have seen, she speaks very negatively of the music industry and other artists. She purposely distances herself. I think she's commenting on the world. She did the same symbolism and crazy shit before she was famous, and she's still doing it now. It's just that currently, she has more money to pull wilder things off. She even said her paparazzi video was a commentary on pop culture and the destruction and MINDLESSNESS of other artists brought on by the music industry. She's always talking about how she's making art out of pop culture. That's all she does. She takes the industry's bull shit and turns it into a sculpture.

  480. I completely agree with 'Brian'. Also, Lady Gaga talks about nothing but love and how it's important to attend church and have strong family values. She's a very intelligent woman.

  481. Lady Gaga's record company and her "people" originally rejected her album cover because they thought it was too dark and not happy or moral enough. Seriously. She had to fight for it to be her cover.

  482. 'Believers' YOU are the sheep, to be so easily deluded by VC, the reason your 'Bahophet' or whatever keeps appearing is because its a CONTROVERSIAL image, and strangely enough Lady gaga enjoys striking controversy.

    Stop reading a book that has no words.

  483. The photos in this article are from gaga’s hello kitty promotional photo shoot. so they’re all hello kitty apparel for a reason and they don’t exactly symbolize her need for childhood. just saying

  484. Great VC thanks so much..

    Also Eminem in his song "Lose yourself" speak clearly about the NWO

    Read: Revelation 19:20 And the beast was seized, and with him the false prophet who performed the signs in his presence, by which he deceived those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image; these two were thrown alive into the lake of fire which burns with brimstone.

  485. Yes it is true. The illuminati and other secret societies witha esoteric agenda does exsist. Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Alliyah. There a lot of other artist that are involved. Kanye West sacrificed his mother. Prince sacrificed his father to the bohflment. Micheal Jackson was a blood sacrifice. Jennifer Hudson sacrificed her family. DO YOUR RESEARCH. FUCK THE PUNK ASS SYSTEM>

  486. Taylor Swift 100% #1 on

    This is too true, and for the ones who don't believe this, well it means you don't believe in God, and how could you? It is sooooo true! And you SHOULD believe it! It is so FREAKY!! So freaky it scares my wits out and I can't even scream out!!! I like Lady Gaga in first place but now, the first second I was sitting comfortably using the com when i heard Lady gaga song, the second second I would be half running out of the door! I rather listen to Taylor Swift songs, pure and nice and totally not supporting satan. And I am the NUMBER ONE FAN OF TAYLOR SWIFT PEACE OUT!!!!

  487. HUGE FAN OF GAGA… Just went to her concert and felt extremely uncomfortable and like she was shoving some kind of a message down her fans throats. I'm not into this stuff at all, but I decided to google some info. Came across this article and it is all pieced together. It's some weird stuff man. You should def look into the whole 'Free Bitch' saying and the monster ball.

  488. You can see more of the Mannequin, puppet, robot-ing of women in these recent pictures. And to show it's just a misogynist issue, on the homepage Vigilant Citizen has a pic of that male model (real) surrounded by female mannequins.

  489. don't underestimate casual civilians!!! not everybody who uses symbolism is an initiate. actually non masons are probably more fascinated in the symbols than actual masons! its just people being tricky and clever……as for lady gaga…she just took merilyn manson's look and michael jackson's moves from "thriller". non need for brain washing with that combo!

  490. A teeming compendium of information, links, facts, opinions and inspiration

    An active readership, indeed

    Time alone shall sift the evidence assembled in this mosaic relevant

  491. let the truthbe know on

    Im kind of scared, not for myself but for all the people that are just so obssesed with her. Im think she should be assasinated, and hopefully she will be!!

  492. Her "monsters" literally worship her. The symbolism of mind control in her videos are consistent. Hitler made his soldiers watch tons of videos with symbolism and it worked with a lot of them. I don't think watching one of her videos is going to brainwash people, but rather desensitize them.

  493. The Awakened America on

    Whether you know it or not, symbols, especially subliminal symbols flashed only for a few seconds, have quite an adverse effect on the subconscious. Any psychology major, and anyone who has THOROUGHLY researched the Illuminati and the harm they are doing to us knows this fact. Any company under Viacom (Nickelodeon, MTV, Paramount Pictures, etc) employs brainwashing as normal programming. Music has a huge impact on your mood and well-being. Some music has even been specially programmed to release serotonin and dopamine while being listened to. The rich elite have everything they want financially. What corrupt desire comes after that? The desire for absolute power. Watch all the YouTube videos about how the Illuminati killed Michael Jackson. Open up your mind and accept the possibility that the T.V. only lies to keep us all trapped in a naive bubble. The purpose of the brainwashing on T.V. is to destract us and make us think everything is peachy while the Illuminati paves the way for the AntiChrist.



  495. Lady Gaga, or whoever is in charge of her image, has raided the iconography of secret societies time and again. She is very sinister and probably sold her soul to the devil in exchange for arcane knowledge about catchy pop tunes (seriously, I think Alejandro is a demonic mantra – I quite literally couldn't get it out of my head). Speaking of Alejandro – I don't think she's dressed as a nun in white with a red cross – she looks like a Templar Knight. Red Cross – rose croix – Rosicrucianism. And before anyone says the Knights Templar and the crusades were Christian – they most definitely were not! Satan has used pseudo-Christiany as a front for ancient Egyptian/Babylonian Mystery Religions for centuries.

  496. In my opinion Lady Gaga just seems mentally ill. A puppet without a doubt…Its most likely she dosnt have a single idea of her own…..and video is a form of art right. If I paint a pitcure of Jesus it dosnt mean Im a christian. A photographer photographing artrocities in vietnam does not need to be on any side….What can Lady Gaga to to shock…..Theres not much originality there. The sex pistols could shock but thats all been done before…..why not pretend to be connected with the illuminati……that will get people talking about anotherwise dull celebrity puppet

  497. I forgot to mention I feel physicaly sick when I see Lady Gaga. Here music is trash and souless. She seems to represent a greedy matirialistc and loveless society.

  498. the movie Metropolis is a Christian allegory.

    "In the film, Freder, in Christ-like fashion, is "re-born" through the influence of the Mother Mary-like character of Maria. He becomes the mediator between the common working class and his god-like father who created Metropolis, just as Christ is understood to be the mediator between mankind and God. The religious parallels are abundantly clear, and in the novel as well as the movie, the spiritual nature of the story and its themes are constantly underlined by religious imagery including a massive cathedral and white crosses in the shrine-like catacombs."

  499. How do we know the author these webpages, Vigilant isn't an Illuminati sex slave trying to promote lady gaga, by stirring up controversy about her?

  500. In the Radio Gaga video, you see the robot from Metropolis, with the face of Freddy Mercury (Mercury is the Messenger God, the word 'angel' means 'messenger') appearing in the machine.

    I think this just means, like your TV, Lady Gaga's face on the TV, isn't really her, it's just her image. I've seen interviews with her on youtube and she seems pretty adorable and harmless.

  501. Ok as i was reading revilations 17 I saw some MAJOR similarities.

    "And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication:"

    Lady Gaga has a famous tea cup that is purple and gold. Her hair is (sometimes) purple and gold. She is always covered in stones and studs ect.

    She wears red alot too, I have read your artical that she wears it for "blood scarifice".

    I have also noticed that her tea cup is alway empty having room for her " abominations and filthiness of her fornication:"

    Also "And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH." -She referes to her self as MOTHER MONSTER. A monster being an abomination.

    Just some random stuff I picked up on :)

  502. 1st of all, kiyoshi isn't my real name it's the name i want to have… just sayin'…

    2nd, im a 16 yr old (as of nov 12) 9th grade studen (got held back once thru my own fault and once thru dad wanting me to do better then i did)

    3rd, im a huge lady gaga fan, a fame monster… i dont really have that many photos of her (cuz if she isn't a friend or in anyway related to me i just ddnt care) so i don see these pictures and so i dont kno about the symbolism in them, although i have had my suspisions about gaga.. she uses sex & blasphemy (did i spell dat right?) to make herself an international superstar… she goes against everything my parents raised me to beleive in (and still beleive in) but i still luv her crazy antics and she does seem asthought she is aware of what photographers, stylist and directors do wit her. her songs vids are awesome but honestly "alejandro" vid iz offensive to me, "telephone" vid is weird and has nothing to do with the sond and "bad romance" vid is just a vid about forced prostitution (but i jus luv dat whole song n' vid)… i kno gaga isn't controlin' my mind or anyone else, instead it's her who is being mind controled and it is possible that she (stefanie joanne germanotta) is fully aware of the fact that having a more sexy, wild, essentric and outlandish person (lady gaga) control her will make her FAMOUS which is exactly what she wants. her 1st album is called "the fame" ppl (i got this album 4 christmas in '08 XD) and in her song "the fame" she clearly states that she's "doing it for the fame"

    coincidence? i think not… but i still luv her musik <3

  503. lady gaga is a satan worshipper. the reason why she was a mind controller was because she can control human emotion by her songs. her stupid songs. the songs bring us many things, it can be bad or much worse. song can take us to the past. they can make us remember things from the past. that way, she is easily controlling our minds. cant you see it! music, movies, entertainment, these all has a very huge impact to our minds. because of the movies we watch, all of us are easily attracted to the person acting on it to point that we dresses and sometimes acts like them. women before wore long clothes, a conservative types, women before dont go out wild and make out with men easily without getting married, but now, because of the entertainment that attracts us, we have done something bad without even realizing it because we thought it was okay to do it because of the movies we saw, we thought it was fine because thay were doing it too! what about our dignity! i know these is bad but these is the truth! we are controlled by the things we saw in telivisions, movies, theaters, the things we hear from the songs, the things we see from the magazines, from the tabloids and many more! even the things we eat and the way we eat was all adopted from the movies we saw. and sometimes even our dreams was because of the things we saw! now you tell me, how can say that lady gaga is not a satan worshipper when God only created 2 kinds of human, a man and woman! isn't lady gaga was previous man! changing his physical body is satan work! people should accept what they are! it is big disappointment and a huge mistake to change your selves into a woman or men when your not! besides, isn't the pictures enough to prove that lady gaga worships satan! wake up to the truth! these is the truth! we are all controlled by satan. but we can change these if we want too! wake up! wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  504. Do you guys really think that she is evil? She's a work of art inside and out. She is standing up for those people who are called freaks, like the gays. She is expressing what she feels inside in a different light than what you are use to. You can't stay there afraid of the new, you must embrace it.

    Lady Gaga isn't part of any cult. Seriously it's a little sad that you are so American. Sorry but I am from France and it's a bit more liberal over here. Just relax and try not to think that everything that is different is out to get you. :)

  505. anybody who thinks lady gaga is a "great singer" is living proof of that brainwashing is a indeed a real phenomenon. she sucks. her music sucks. the only way someone like her could ever be worshipped, admired, and put up on a pedestal is through some kind of black magic… plain and simple. lady gaga should change her name to lady gar-baj.. cuz that's what she is. i highly doubt she is a member of the illuminati.. hahaha… whatever

  506. This woman freaks the sh*t out of me.

    Btw the whole lina morgana thing bugs me out too, it's all just a little bit too coincidental.

    • Well not everyone is into equality, so I guess you can continue to be part of the problem and not the solution.

  507. Just to be sure, you do realize that the bible, especially revelations, was written not as it will happen, but as symbolic events. Just cause it says that he saw a lady riding a beast doesn't mean that we're really going to see her on a monster strolling down Flatbush Avenue. So using that as a description that Lady Gaga is some for told satanist monster is ludacris. Do you people really even know what you are talking about here? It just blows me away. There are far to many stupid sheep in the flock these days.

    • That is the point, most of you need to make a much clearer distinction between reality and fantasy. She is trying to play with the Illuminati by twisting their codes. It is just WORDS ! She is trying to make you understand something. I can't believe nobody gets it. Do not be so gullible, please ! Unless you really like being braiwashed, of course, …

  508. she wasn't born on

    i don't know if you made a 'Born This Way' article yet, but apparently, her hair is blocking those strange spikes/lumps on her face and her jacket's shoulder shape during the Fame Monster album is actually FROM lady gaga's body itself. Her recent performance in the Grammy's are leaving me wondering about exactly what those lumps/spikes mean.. Also is H.l.M. something to do with the illuminati? She seems to say she loves H.I.M. a lot.

  509. I don't know if you mentioned this in any of your articles already or if someone else did I'm sorry but my mother pointed out to me recently that GAGA spelled backwards is AGAG.

    Agag was a king in the bible that represented the devil, worshiped the devil, and created chaos because he had so much influence over people. I think she calls herself Lady Gaga to show that she is representative of the devil.

  510. the Antithesiss on

    No one can tell you what to believe. You must trust your instincts… if it feels wrong, it probably is. As an artist i can only say that i have been gifted my talent by God and i will never forsake him. We all struggle with the outer "agencies" that vie for our thoughts, concentration and energies, if these so called energies and thought waves are completly unimportant… why would they be so interested in them? Guard your hearts and thoughts

    and be ever vigilant of your thoughts and directions that you focus our energy.

  511. I really don't get this whole satanism, illuminati, occult… stuff. Can anyone explain this to me?

    Is this only about christianity versus satanism or something? Where do other religions like Hindus fit in this?


  512. Wow. If I knew that there were so many occult symbols out there… well I wouldn't do anything but stay on the internet all day either… I mean, the other day I was in a room where all I could see was chequerboard patterns everywhere and i thought to myself 'I have to get out of this blasphemous chess tournament.' there are some interesting THEORIES on this website, I will credit that to VC, but I hate to point out that certain things like the 'Horns of Baphomet' on her head in an all white photo are just deer antlers… More likely a comment on the 'deer in the headlights' side of fame (which appears to be all her persona is commenting on). If I mount deer antlers on my wall as a coat rack (great idea and I am working on it) does that make me a satanist? This is all shock tactics and performance art, in the same way that Marilyn Manson seems to counter all cultural values and yet when you read his name you know exactly who it is. Kiss wear make-up and armour (although one member has one eye blacked out by a star OH MY GOD!!!). Lady Gaga is a relatively talented artist who needed an image which slightly distanced herself from her peers, in order to appeal to the markets which she has cornered (teens, homosexuals, anyone who feels slightly out of place in society, she has cornered the market) and this image has clearly worked, as with or without the controversy surrounding her, she (OH GOD, IS IT HE?) is one of the biggest selling artists at the present time. I'm not even a fan and I bet she laughs at you all.

  513. Craig E Roche on

    Craig E Roche Gaga, gaga, gaga, what's with all the Illuminati shit today? I was into this stuff 30 yrs ago, ppl are acting as if this is all new! The Bavarian Illuminati were founded in the late 1700s and were a group dedicated to scientific & spiritual enlightenment…sounds good so far…The word Illuminati is derived from illuminate…to light up…and as every one knows, The Light Pours Out Of Me. :P So…

    But to the subject…Lady Gaga is a tool of the Illuminati? If I start laughing, I might never stop, so I will hold my bemused incredulity at bay. how many pop/rock stars have used this symbolism in the past? Loads…Bowie, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Doors, Beatles…& Dog knows how many others…I expect they all got their wages from the Illuminati also. Btw, the symbolism doesn't belong to the Illuminati any more than it belongs to Christianity, Buddhism, Nazism, et is Universal imagery, and as such it will appeal to Human Beings as a matter of course…like Jung's 'archetypes'…it is probably held in our racial memory & (poss) collective unconscious…and once we are aware of these things, they no longer hold as much mystery or romantic allure. One thing I will say though, if the Illuminati were going to use a pop star as a puppet, they would have been better choosing Michael Jackson…this chick can be somewhat vulgar/repulsive at times, her appeal is limited.

    Mike, I'm surprised that you would buy in to this drivel, you're far too intelligent…these idiots who are bleating on about Gaga, etc are the brainless, vacuous, empty-minded kind of morons who end up joining cults coz they have no mind of their own & their personalities are so entrenched in these absurd conspiracy theories, they are the blank faces walking round blind-folded…not that the other side of the fence show much hope either. They are completely unaware of any threat to their freedom.

    All comments about the Illuminati may be valid, but the argument that some random, throw away pop star is carrying the blueprint for some kind of NWO activities is beyond ridiculous. Really, I did all this with Bowie 30 yrs ago…I was tripping then & so are all these ppl now.

    That's my opinion, and my comments are not personal to you, just a reaction to what I read inside. I've no doubt the Illuminati, or w/e secret society, International Bankers, or group of wealthy industrialist & media giants is endeavouring to manipulate the world to their own desires, I just don't buy the Gaga gaga.

    Peace & love bro.


  514. Lady GaGa is the square and compass or the hidden or third freemason Goddess, the G at the centre and the square and compass clearly make and A GAGA, people have been duped, manipulated and laughed at from the word go with her, she represents the hidden satanic and evil agenda that run the most powerful organisations and governments on earth. They infect the minds of the young with the likes of gagas music and evil imagery to help create the new world they want

  515. Do you realize that these people are NOT interested ????????? Most of them have misconceptions about religion, but it is because of people like you. I wonder who is more stupid, you or them. Talk to them instead of agressing them, and maybe someone will understand your point of view.

  516. How do lady gaga know all of these songs and how do the other people know the song?

  517. muhora christoph on

    i would visit the uliminate members this december 2013. any iquiry or steps for me to follow.

  518. Symbolism has been around for a long time, and Religion is what started it. Catholics have the cross, Christians have the fish, Muslims have the Moon symbol, and all of it is used as mind control. Religion has been the most successful thus far at controlling the masses…

    • I agree with you but I think that symbolism and religion are not only about mind control. It can be positive when it is not meant to be used for private interests but for everyone to learn something good. I believe that it is difficult to define a symbol, because it is to be felt rather than understood. Now, I am not so sure that our cognitive system, always biased by our education and culture, always understands these symbols the way they should be, if there is an appropriate way to understand them. What bothers me most is the way people in show business or politics use them, this is, I think, the real problem, …..

  519. Do you desire Fame, Riches, Powers, Wealth and do you want all your dreams to come to pass? Are you an upcoming artist, dancer, businessman etc the Great Illuminati Society offers you a life time opportunity of making your desires come to accomplishment. If you are interested please contact us now for more information on how you will be fully initiated to the Illuminati and get all you seeks in life. or call the temple on +23408159940523 or +2348112277062

    • Okay, please allow me to be a bit ironic : I would have been be more interested if you had mentionned sex !
      To be more serious, , ……. are you so sure that you can provide them for what they are really wishing for ?
      You guys really need to reconsider your ideals, just saying, and no irony this time.

  520. Also in the image where she has the white hair she is not doing any reminiscence to that scene whatsoever. She is copying (as much as she does) to Nazimova.

  521. Love all of your articles. I know this one is a bit old, but it was brought up in a conversation between my boyfriend's brother and I (someone who would be thrown in the ignorant category), and I felt the need to educate him on the blatant truth! I'm sorry you get some much crap from the people who choose to turn the other way from the truth. I know a few people that can keep up with my opinions about Mk and Project Monarch, Artichoke, etc. and then I feel as though some humanity has been restored. And then I see this filth on tv, which reminds me why I don't watch television or listen to mainstream radio/media that pumps innocent minds with this mind control symbolism. I'm a very big skeptic; I try not to trust a lot of what I hear. This blog seems to be the only good resource to the real issue at hand: an elite gov't of mind controllers! Please keep coming out with these wonderful articles. I enjoy keeping up with what you have to say! And also, how would one know if they've even been programmed? For example, what if you were? And you're just straying us away from the truth even more than we already are? (I'm not paranoid I swear haha) :p I keep clicking on the sub links in your other articles, which is again why I've ended up on this article!

    • Hello Amazian !
      I understand what you mean, but I find your comment very moralizing : "the ignorant category", "to educate him on the blatant truth". I am not judging you, but I am curious about how you would define THE truth.
      I am not in the Illuminati nor an expert on symbolism, and I don't like the Hollywood industry. (There was too much money for too long, and I am skeptical about the filth we hear on TV as well).
      Have a good day and happy new year 2014 to everyone !

  522. Although this is an old article, by now many will realize that in order for you to hit superstardom, you gotta do their biddings even if it means "ritually killing someone" in order to seal the deal. Lady Gaga being a perfect example of it courtesy of ultimate MK ultra while "they" have permanent ownership of you and your soul.

    P.S: Escape or get out at your own death (just like Michael Jackson unfortunately…….RIP)

    • I understand what you mean, but I think that it is exactly what they would want you to believe and write.

      I think that they just want to confuse you so that you end up thinking what they want you to think. I don't like it because I believe there are other options for our society than the single thought imposed by the elite.

      I partly agree with you, because it is as you righly say imposed by our religious codes defended by the elite or the system if you prefer.

      BUT I disagree when you are implying that people do not have the choice to reach success.

      I believe another kind of society is possible, but people need to understand that the system does not work in a binary way.

      They want to tell you what is right or wrong, but it doesn't work that way ! This is Gaga's message !

      Remember :

      Tell someone a lie : it is a lie.

      Tell 10 people a lie : it is a doubt.

      Tell 100 people a lie : it is a rumor.

      Tell 100000 people a lie : it is becomes a truth, …. why ?


    • Other options are possible in a sense that real success is not only about money.

      Gaga has made a choice, as you rightly say.

      I think she made the right choice, unlike many stars. (I do not believe she is part of it.)

      But it is hard to make people understand that sometimes, one must think differently to understand certain things.

      I believe our generation can make a better world, altogether, although it won't be easy, …. :)

  523. Wow ! Looks like an offer ! This is my lucky day ! Just kidding, but your comment is hilarious. Looks like a commercial for "dial to know who will be your next boyfriend" or something. Thanks for making me laugh, but I have another one. Do you want to be happier in life ? Get your feet back on the ground and do not believe in everything you hear. Just a piece of advice.