Is Die Antwoord’s “Fatty Boom Boom” Going Against the “Evil” Music Industry?


For months, I’ve been receiving e-mails about the South-African rap-rave group Die Antwoord, saying something like “OMG theirr illumanaty!!” Since the release of their new video Fatty Boom Boom, e-mails now say “OMG therre anti-illumanaty!!”. So are they for it? Against it? Don’t care about it? What’s the answer? (Get it? Die Antwoord means “the answer” in Afrikaans – so clever).

At first glance, it is hard not to be weirded-out by the visual esthetics of the group, which seem to be tailor-made to piss-off the parents of rebellious kids. Their videos always deliver a whole lot of shock-value coupled with a “don’t give a damn” attitude that is pleasing audiences around the world.

They are credited for having popularized Zef, a South-African counter-culture movement that I can only describe as “South-African-trailer-trash-ghetto-fabulous”. Yolandi Visser of Die Antwoord said, “It’s associated with people who soup their cars up and rock gold and shit. Zef is, you’re poor but you’re fancy. You’re poor but you’re sexy, you’ve got style.” In short, it is about glorifying and making stylish the cheap things that are associated with the lower class.

Faking it?

While many love and identify with the group’s style, others have claimed that members of Die Antwoord are “fake”, that it is all an act, as they are not the ghetto-dangerous crew they claim to be. While the group’s official website describes rapper Ninja as a “fat cash-stackin, hydroskalonic weed-blazing, all kinds of crazy fully-automatic heat-packing, bad-ass rhyme animal“, others remember him as a member of “corporate” conceptual group MaxNormal.TV.

While in MaxNormal.TV, the duo had an artsy-hipster-corporate style going on, which contrasts rather sharply with everything associated with Die Antwoord. In fact, it is the exact opposite of Zef.

That’s one hell of a makeover right there, but its, like, the opposite of what you would see on makeover TV shows.

Die Antwoord fans obviously don’t know or don’t care about these critics as the group obtained great viral success when they independently released their first album $O$.

In and Out of Interscope

Die Antwoord’s shocking and original style generated a huge worldwide buzz, which lead to their signing with Interscope records in 2011. From being an unknown South-African group, they became label mates with Lady Gaga, the Black Eyed Peas and Eminem. Die Antwoord’s partnership with the prominent label however quickly dissolved as the group claimed that record execs were trying to change them and to force them into a particular mold. In an interview, Ninja stated:

“So anyway…Interscope offered us a bunch of money again to release our new album TEN$ION. But this time, they also tried to get involved with our music, to try and make us sound like everyone else out there at the moment. So we said: ‘U know what, rather hang on to your money, buy yourself something nice…we gonna do our own thing. Bye bye.'”

Knowing the way major labels proceed, it wouldn’t have been surprising to see the group forced to produce more radio-friendly music or to incorporate “elite-friendly” symbolism and messages in their act. In fact, some of the group’s promotional material of that era featured imagery that VC readers might find familiar.

While with Interscope, the group was going in a direction full of MK imagery including checkerboard patterns, dolls, butterflies and all of that crap.

In an interview with MTV Canada, Ninja stated:

“I think they thought we were just like a weird, strange act, then like: ‘Let’s just let them have their fun for a while, and then when it comes to their second album we’ll have them play games’. “They were looking at Lady Gaga and The Black Eyed Peas and that type of sh**ty pop music, and were thinking we could like twist into that.”

Free from Interscope, Die Antwoord released its second album entitled Ten$ion, under their own label named Zef Recordz. Their anger against the industry is more than visible in the video Fatty Boom Boom, as it visually assaults today’s music business,ย  especially the group’s ex record label, Interscope (which happens to be one of the biggest distributor of Illuminati imagery nowadays). If the group was about to fit in the mold of other pop acts, Fatty Boom Boom can be interpreted as a big middle-finger to the industry.

Fatty Boom Boom

Fatty Boom Boom is about South-African pride, complete with tribal rhythms and imagery and a (controversial) reference to the country’s racial diversity with the rappers wearing black and white body paint. Also, and mostly, the video disses the hell out of the group’s former label mate, Lady Gaga. Here’s the video (don’t watch if you don’t like weird, twisted stuff).

The video begins with Lady Gaga doing some sightseeing in South Africa. We quickly get a feeling that she doesn’t belong in the savage “urban jungle”.

Gaga is played by a man (of course) and is wearing her now legendary meat dress (including a steak as a hat). She’ll soon realize that wearing this particular outfit was a mistake.

When the tour guide shows Gaga some local street musicians (Die Antwoord), she says “Oh my god, look at their freaky fashion! I should get them to open for me!”. This is a reference to Gaga asking the group to open for her in the past, to which they replied: no. In an interview with MTV, Ninja stated:

“Weird shit’s been happening, like fucking Lady Gaga asked us to tour with her and we’re like, ‘No, don’t worry about it.'”

In that interview, they went on by implying that she was doing “weak, superficial shit”. So, obviously, they really don’t like her.

So, the tour bus then gets hijacked by armed men and Lady Gaga runs away in the concrete jungle. That will also be a mistake.

The lyrics of the song express anger against the music business, today’s rap music and its lack of originality. In the first verse, Ninja says:

“What happened to all the cool rappers from back in the day?
Now all these rappers sound exactly the same
It’s like one big inbred fuck-fest
No, I do not want to stop, collaborate or listen”

The most striking element of the video, is the mural that appears during about half of the video. It is definitely not subtle nor nice to some major figures of the music industry.

The mural entitled “Evil Thing” features Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu holding a Bible that is shooting fire at a monster composed of the horned heads of Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Pitbull, Nicki Minaj and Akon. The monster is defecating on the group’s previous label mates, the Black Eyed Peas.

Is this multi-headed satanic “evil thing” the music industry? The message is rather clear.


The rest of the video is about Lady Gaga having a prawn extracted from her privates (a reference to her Born This Way video) and her being eaten by a lion (which was probably attracted by her meat dress).

The king of the “concrete jungle”, symbol of justice and of African pride, eats Lady Gaga alive. Yup, Die Antwoord really doesn’t like Lady Gaga.

So, with this video, is Die Antwoord genuinely going against the music industry or is it simply seeking media attention (because its working)? Rejecting Lady Gaga’s offer to open her Monster Ball Tour and leaving Interscope records were gutsy moves but were also a great way to gain notoriety and loyal fans. Will these moves pay off and will the group keep waving the proverbial middle finger at the music industry? We’ll see what kind of material they’ll release in the future. Once thing is for sure, they will keep pissing off a lot of people and cause controversy… Because that’s their thing that they do.




    • This is only the beg on

      Neither have I camille and I must admit this article, or rather, some of Die antwoord's actions cracked a smile on my lips.

      As usual though, I'm still a little bit skeptical.

      Let me explain a little bit by this example:

      "When you watch a movie what kind of characters are almost (if played right) the most interesting ones? The good ones or: The antagonists. The ones who are an important key in order to make the plot become more complete. The opposite force/a dilemma which is a necessary duality for the protagonists/ the solution."

      Keep this example in mind while I shall continue:

      One could say that this fresh band is daring for going against the often stereotypical greedy music corporations. In a bizarre way is Die Antwoord the antagonists, since people may acknowledge the music industry as greedy and cruel but still acknowledge them as an important part in order to create entertainment/music. At the same time are most persons not aware of the bigger, more sinister truth about the music industry.

      This band as many other bands are being seen as rebellious towards our society and in a even more bizarre way is this seen as something cool. Can we blame it though when almost every movie,series, stories are indoctrinating the "awesomeness" of the villains? Not really, but it's a great way to blind us from the more negative parts of the, in this case, music group.

      My point is: Die Antwoord may have done some really great stuff up until now but as long as we (the viewers) do not know the whole picture we should always stay vigilant until the final truth reveals before us (if it ever does).

      Or the ultimate conspiracy: This group was created to become the necessary antagonists force so they can harvest a few more thousands youths pure minds into something more twisted. In the future they too will join the mainstream and prove the world wrong about the music industry being something beyond the word sinister.

      Ps: Muse was seen as a neat music group going against the mainstream, yeah, we know which side Matt Bellamy choose (to be fair, threats may have turned him to the "right" side, though, I have the feeling money is the key word in his case…)

      • Totalmente de acuerdo con: esto sólo es el principio.

        Me parece que esto es solo un 'disfraz' para adentrarse en el público. Una manera de presentarse y acostumbrarnos a su 'modo de ser', nos están induciendo a aceptar esta forma de presentarse, para, como un desaraigo del ser humano de su "humanidad".

      • I agree with you, this is just the beginning, this group seems a bit sketchy to me. their video still shows lots of satanic symbolism (baphomet head) I will be keeping a. eye on this group.

      • Die Antwoord – The answer.

        Any kind of publicity is good publicity so far it meets the objective of what publicity stands for.

        It might be note worthy that they supposedly "stood against" Interscope, their "poodles" and aim, time, the greatest asset of all will tell.

        Given the relentless length to which "the elite" (at least so they are called) will go to propagate their messages so we may become accustomed to it's motive and their knowledge of psychological/emotional warfare through top-of-the-class marketing (even if marketing these days is almost equivalent to lying), isn't there a "slight possibility" that antwoord's denial may be a reverse psychological strategy to get followers for them by psudo-denying them outrightly?

        Is there a possibility that their public denial of interscope and all they stand for me just be a way to garner more loyalists who see them as "Icons with out-of-the-box" creativity just like gaga but with a sense of forward thinking message?

        Does this objective help them propagate "the elite's" messages through their imagery, "subliminiality" even though there is a negation?

        It may just be to confuse us.

        Notwithstanding, I choose to stay simple, believing what has been thought about "properly" rather than just assuming the general conception.

        Die antwoord's stand is commendable, however, it is easy to see what they want you to see rather than what truly is.

        Time, will surely tell.

        Come to the edge, no, it's too high.

        Come to the edge, we might fall.

        Come to the edge……

        what are you going to do?

        Fly or fall???

      • dear this is only the beginning….

        while i respect your thoughts on the matter, please research before commenting. this is not only the beginning, not for a long shot. die antwoord was not created by anybody except themselves. i am from south africa and i know them. they are a couple with a kid, and they were doing music here in south africa before going abroad. that being said, my point is that they were not produced and they really dont give a flying ironing board about gaga and all the other money-hungry american musicians

      • LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        This is TOO funny. I am from South Africa and Die Antwoord is just a fucking group that makes music. Claiming they work for Illuminati is beyond the most rediculous statement I have ever herd xD. The truth is ACTUALLY that that stupid talentless sell out Gaga unorignial peice of trash that the world could TOTALLY unfortunately decided to bring her mindless crap music to SA and the concert sold out so gaga's ego obviously just exploded and she mocked DA by saying she sold out in thier own country. So now this is obviously a song stating that DA thinks gaga is a useless sold out piece of shit mainstream coporate money loving MTV puppet and that DA dont care about about the fame or the money and are popular becuz PPL RELATE. so please … go to sleep.

      • Idle minds are the d on

        They totally did it to gain notoriety.

        There is no way a group could cut off a deal with Interscope Records because they didn't want their image to be "shaped" into darkness, while they themselves adore that kind of imagery. And there is also no way they could turn down Lady Gaga for that matter, even though they're considered similar because of their 'freakiness' and shock value.

        If you  take a look at some of their solo material and photo shoots, you'll see that the symbolism is on the same level of blatantness as the symbolism Interscope would offer.

        On another note, they kind of remind me of the rap group Odd Future (would love for Vigilant to do an article on them) who feature a lot of odd and gruesome imagery in their videos, photoshoots, etc. And just like Die Antwoord, they are known for having their own personal record label, in which they produce mixtapes. But even while being free from mainstream labels, they are ridiculously blatant with throwing around satanic pentagrams, 666's, inverted crosses, the whole jazz.

        So even though Die Antwoord might be on your good side right now for their "fuck yo' mainstream labels" stint, take a step back and try to look at the whole picture; They might just be fooling you so that they can lure you into something that you might think is 'original'; But in reality it's a orgy of cuss-ridden lyrics and luciferian symbolism.

      • Why do I feel like Vigilant didn't write this article? His work is usually more in depth? Or am I overthinking?

      • They may look to be anti Illuminati, but I agree with nikkimeenlips – They seem to be a counter movement…

        I am definitely not happy with "Die Antwoord", they are not making our country proud, the way they are portraying our country's values and morals is just horrible!

        And their Lyrics – those written in Afrikaans – is blasphemous and inappropriate.

        They may be a hit with some in the rest of the world, but here in South Africa most of my friends cringe when we hear their music….

        If they really want to bring the point across, they should start using Symbolism that is clever but not satanic…

      • Here's Johnny! on

        Just another publicity stunt for an upcoming band.

        Its like eminem making fun of micheal jackson….remember!

        BOTH served the illuminati!

        Come on people…

        Man and woman

        Young and old…

        White and Black…

        this band looks more like a hermaphroditic …..dare i say androgynous godhead…

        MAsonic black and white…

        Gaga is getting fat and old…and the shock tactic has had its days..

        there are vessels delivering more stupidity and better than the gaga brand ship.

        Still enough occult symbols

        Lion, Locust, Black and white,human sacrifice…….enough stuff in the background!

        The romans had 12 gods….or rather 12 representations of different aspects of the one true god.

        Nowadays its all about symbology….

        Check this video of modern talking….

        Its a masonic initiation…get it..

        black and white



        mansion at night….

        going through various rooms

        scare tactics….

        and above all

        CHERI CHERI LADY….which is venus, or most importantly…sophia…ophis…the serpent!

        The god of intelligence…..

        So you see, singers come and go…

        the message has to be the same….

    • Camille, please see their live performance(s) aside from being filthy mouth, they are part of the music industry. i notice the rams horn,triangle, the sexual nature of their shows. I beg of you to be careful and not trapped.

    • For all you folks who don't know- die antwoord is a facade. Don't take it at face value, these guys have adopted different personas for different bands.

      They're actually a lot more awake/aware than their current incarnation would let on… take a look at the lyrics to an old song of theirs:

      I don’t know if you noticed, but your planet is uh, sorta like pretty fucked up Now the severely slaughter of innocent sentient beings has led to this current situation Now unless you've been blessed with the ability to manipulate your destiny stick your head back in this hole Part of me is like "Pardon me sorry to disturb your little comfort zone." and the rest of me is like "WAKE THE FUCK UP for goodness sakes!" Don’t let you children pay for your mistakes The human race cannot evolve so long asthey consume flesh Question: does your world resemble heaven or hell? The demon people have got you trapped in their voodoo spell We weren't designed to exist like this It was created in the image of an almighty compassionate entity So it looks like we're gonna have to rearrange things a little So we can experience this shit like it was meant to be

      yoo-hoo?! wakey-wakey!

      How come I can't fly or breath under water like I can in my dreams? Or like, communicate with animals like Adam and Eve? These and many other exciting questions will be answered When the power hungry uglies controlling this realm get blasted By their own reflection Calm minds provide protection Neglection of your health is the best way to get swayed Manipulated by blood spells You eat food containing fear that’s why you’re scared And I’m prepared for the transition from Pieces to Aquarius I’m on a mission steady Hitting pressure points with pinpoint precision ‘Til they take the carrots of their fuckin’ ears and listen

      yoo-hoo?! wakey-wakey!

      I don’t really think anyone's that different from me We rock individually and connect invisibly The Thunder cats on the track never skipping a beat Fre$! Like an early morning skinny-dip in the sea

      Do you hear that humming? What are these strange tracks in the sand? There’s someone coming come on man let's get back in the van Said Jim to his good friend Dr. Spock but when Spock disappeared Jim was like "what the fuck" He freaked out — his face and started looking around Little did he know Spock was safe with us under the ground, Relax doctor this won’t hurt please don’t panic The beat started banging and we began the reprogramming I told him not be nervous we'd fucked with his head on purpose and sent him back to the surface with Jim *bah* Spock my heart! Sorry captain Aw it's fine man, what happened?

      yoo-hoo?! wakey-wakey!

      la-di-da-da-da Sir, um why do have those two carrots stuck in your ears? Uhhh I’m sorry I can't hear you I’ve got these two carrots stuck in my ears… I don’t know if you noticed, but your planet is uh, sorta like pretty fucked up Now the severely — race — slaughter of innocent sentient beings has led to this current situation Now unless you've been blessed with the ability to manipulate your destiny stick your head back in this hole Part of me is like "Pardon me sorry to disturb your little comfort zone." and the rest of me is like "WAKE THE FUCK UP for goodness sakes!" Don’t let you children pay for your mistakes The human race cannot evolve so long as a — flesh Question: does your world resemble heaven or hell? The demon people have got you trapped in their voodoo spell We weren't designed to exist like this It was created in the image of an almighty compassionate entity So it looks like we're gonna have to rearrange things a little So we can experience this shit like it was meant to be

      yoo-hoo?! wakey-wakey!

      How come I can't fly or breath under water like I can in my dreams? Or like, communicate with animals like Adam and Eve? These and many other exciting questions will be answered When the power hungry uglies controlling this realm get blasted By their own reflection Calm minds provide protection Neglection of your health is the best way to get swayed Manipulated by blood spells You eat food containing fear that’s why you’re scared And I’m prepared for the transition from Pieces to Aquarius I’m on a mission steady Hitting pressure points with pinpoint precision ‘Til they take the carrots of their fuckin’ ears and listen

      yoo-hoo?! wakey-wakey!

      I don’t really think anyone's that different from me We rock individually and connect invisibly The Thunder cats on the track never skipping a beat Fre$! Like an early morning skinny-dip in the sea

      Do you hear that humming? What are these strange tracks in the sand? There’s someone coming come on man let's get back in the van Said Jim to his good friend Dr. Spock but when Spock disappeared Jim was like "what the fuck" He freaked out — his face and started looking around Little did he know Spock was safe with us under the ground, Relax doctor this won’t hurt please don’t panic The beat started banging and we began the reprogramming I told him not be nervous we'd fucked with his head on purpose and sent him back to the surface with Jim *bah* Spock my heart! Sorry captain Aw it's fine man, what happened?

      yoo-hoo?! wakey-wakey!

      la-di-da-da-da Sir, um why do have those two carrots stuck in your ears? Uhhh I’m sorry I can't hear you I’ve got these two carrots stuck in my ears…

      • Oops, lyrics posted twice.

        Point still stands, though- gotta dig a little deeper than face value to be able to get a glimpse of the bigger picture (but if yr here, you already know that, I'm sure.)

  1. There must also something behind the singer having "Chosen 1" painted on his chest and at 3:25 or something, they start dancing with this white and red suit and in every scene of of them is wearing one that says 6 on top of their heads.

    Very interesting indeeed.

    • the drawings on their bodysuits, it looks like kids and penises. the guy on the left @3:00 seems to have drawing of a kid mouth to penis. the mural also has alot of kids outlined in red.

      • lol did I hear wrong or did the lion say "the devil" after eating Lady Gaga? If so then I like these guys! ๐Ÿ˜›

      • I agree with you, thiose do look like kids, die ntwoord is basically common and embarrassing to our country. yes maybe they mocked lady gaga but they are disgusting. they just as bad.

    • You need to do some more listening/watching of some of the rest of Watkin Tudor Jones' and Yolandi's (Anre's) art than a quick glance at "Fatty Boom Boom" to get the idea(s) behind the work(s). As far as "Chosen 1" and red and white body paint, why not watch "The Making of Fatty Boom Boom" where Ninja himself explains what the symbology means to HIM.

      • Daai 2 maak my niks trots nie!

        Hulle is walglik maar nie stupid nie en weet PRESIES wat mense aftik en gebruik dit dan om 'n reaksie te kry!

        Hulle het seker maar gesien wat gedoen moet word om raak gesien te word in die musiek wêreld daar buite….

      • I agree with M, they do not make me proud, they are seeking attention and they are getting it.

        They did not make it here in South Africa, so they went to the "music capitol" of the world.

        Now they get a lot of attention because they are supposedly different, but they are not really different.

        They are still perverted and satanic!!

      • Hey you! I'm from North Africa but a big fan of SA since I found out die antwoord! They make afrikaans so interesting and simple… I want to learn it so bad :)

      • I could careless what it means…what it means to you or they way they claim to use.

        DIE: 1. To cease living; become dead; expire.

        This band is trash-tastic.

      • Name (required) on

        Vgine's not caring less that Die doesn't mean what she insists it means is hilarious

      • Definition of inter

        verb (inters, interring, interred)

        [with object] (usually be interred)

        place (a corpse) in a grave or tomb, typically with funeral rites

        Definition of scope


        1 the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is relevant

        2 the opportunity or possibility to do or deal with something:

        the scope for major change is always limited by political realities

        archaic a purpose, end, or intention:

      • It isn't pronounced die. It is pronounced Dee. It's interesting you don't care about the facts. You just make it up as you go along, do you?

    • It's not about "what it means to me", it's another language. I'm not going around saying the French must be obsessed with Teletubbies because of the word "La" :/

      • Hell's bell's, people….Die Antwoord means "The Answer" (Dee UNTwoort…that's the best I can do)

        "Sies", in the lyrics, means "yuck"/"for shame" etc.

    • LOL

      It's a language call Afrikaans.. I speak it & It's very similar to Dutch

      The word "The" is "die" in Afrikaans….

      "Sies" translated means "Yuck"

      …time to listen to those who actually know more than one language.

  2. Also, when the doctor is dealing with her, whatever gooey thing comes out of her, stains the lion image. The Lion is one of the ways the Bible used to talk about God. The Judah Lion. Maybe they are saying He is not pleased at her, that the stains the image of God…?

    • Sorry to burst yo bubble but you CANNOT put God and Die antwoord under the same camp, they are totally against everything and rebellious and they do not serve him so …..

    • south_african-boy on

      The gooey thing is a "parktown prawn" or king cricket. One of the scariest insects ever to haunt the streets of johannesburg. Impossible to kill and the will attack u, they even hiss at u. Horrendous things.

  3. Met these blokes in Hatfield PTA they really are anti-industry. Down to earth F@CK industry attitude they don't live in luxury.

  4. OMG, right at the beginning of the video, over the lion's head, on the wall, "Levi signs", and a bunch of numers, they pass by a church as well. I think this is the most charged with messages video ever. Could watch on and on and see something new every time. Another sign says "Abortion, safe and quick". Should lady Gaga monsters be aborted?

  5. i think its shock value. their look is shock value their act is shock value and kaye west is a genius. if every rapper sounds the same then why are some more popular than others??? there is a difference these idiots are just to caught up in their act to notice it. you dont have to dress like a complete fool and call out superstars to be different. these people obviously dont know that. idc about the other folks but kanye makes great music that has helped me get through some very real shit in life and for them to call him a monster is just offensive.

    • I listen to rap since 1995. Kanye is horrible. Lame, weak, boring, nonsense. and hes all into weird satanic symbolism? F him.

      • he did call himself a monster so i would like to take that back and hey thats just too bad for you if you dont like kanye. to each his own. stay pimpin.

      • bigtenradiocom on

        Yes its just like the wrestling (wwf) industry. They already know who will be at the top (gold metal).

    • MediaRotsYourBrian on

      Kanye West makes great music?! Are you serious? He's one of the biggest Satanic sell outs in the industry. I remember when Kanye West USED to make good music. His first single was "Jesus Walks" and he actually had the guts to rap about Jesus in the secular industry. He like Katy Perry turned his back on God and sold his soul to the devil. He even admitted it in one of his concerts and basically promotes how great it was to do. One of his videos show a woman being chased by a coven and getting sacrificed and having her soul sucked out of her (Coldest Winter). The other song "Absolute Power" is nothing but a mural glorifying Masonic and occult worship. In his other song "Monster" with Jay-Z, Minaj and all the other Satanic people of the industry he's wrapping about how he's a monster and has eyes more red than the devil is.

      He's also a thief and steals other people's beats without giving them due credit. "Stronger" was Daft Punk's beat as well as had stolen lyrics from a local rapper of Virginia named Vince P. He's an egomaniac and all he does is promote materialism and narcissism. KANYE CALLS HIMSELF A MONSTER! so why are you offended? Kanye makes great Illuminati music that pushes the agenda of the industry. Kanye and his auto-tuning ass does not make good music…he steals it and ruins it.

  6. Very interesting. I cannot watch the vid now, but will do so later. It's hard to say whether they are the "real deal" or putting on an act.

    There have been many so-called "rebellious" movements in music: Rock, punk, grunge, hip-hop… and look what happened to all of those genres. They got co-opted and bastardized by the very powers that they allegedly fought. (Some may even say they were STARTED by such powers.)

    Also, the industry likes to pit artists against one another to create controversy and sell more units. From the East Coast/West Coast battle, to Mariah vs. Nicki, and now Gaga vs. Die Antwood.

    It's a tough call, but hopefully it's a good song and hopefully the group has sincere motives behind their gory videos. Their approach to all this, i.e. the grotesqueness of their imagery & overall vulgarity makes me question whose side they are really on.

    • it's ludicrous and out right retarded to imply Die Antwoods music and videos have an imagery that's vulgar and grotesque that has you question what message they convey……! Did those thoughts enter your head when you 1st saw Mily Cyrus swinging on a wrecking ball, licking a sledge hammer….? The music industry is desensitising millions and millions of our children into thinking sexualising young and younger girls and boys is completely ok. It's freeken normal everyone. thats what vulgar… That's what's grotesque about music today. Tits and booty baby… That's the money-maker…..!

      I look at Die Antwoods video and see creativity…. Free thinking….. Truth…. In your face, tell it like it is, real.. It's their story.. They are performing their experience and have passion and strength to tell the money-makers, it's in their terms and if you can't handle us then fuck off. Also they have a completely different experience of life because they are South Africans… Aren't you sick of the same old American made everything …. I wanna hear something new, learn about life over there. We all know back to front, in and out and upside down what American music is like.. Fuck that accent and language sounds sick when they rap… Just saying……!

  7. I think "Die Antwoord" do not actually like all those artists. I mean they are pretty anti-industry due mostly to standard label practices of fucking artists, fans and everybody else. Are they about darkness? Are they down with the other puppets? I am not a fan, but I do not mind them dissing people who are just pushing a negative agenda.

    • Haven't you noticed that evil people always diss evil people? It doesn't matter. It's the same ocean but different species underwater.

      • i do not knw why ppl do not get it! You cannot fight evil with evil. I do not think that the illuminate is 100% elite. It is anything you see wich is evil. Swearing, violence, imoral sexual content, disrespect… Once we embrace such imorality we embrace illuminate.

      • Thank you! A majority of these people have been closed out to what's in front of their eyes. Many have been misguided and misinformed. Please, everyone, evil does not defeat evil. And anyone or any being that tells you so, is wrong. There are those of us that know deep down inside that a major change will come to these creatures that want to destroy us. Corrupting our minds and twisting things so bad that we feel alone and confused. Open your minds and your hearts. Listen to your soul, good always defeats evil. Never the other way around. Don't get it twisted.

      • That would be my point as well. Many of us are sickened by the features of today's so-called music industry, which include morbidity, over sexualisation, perversions of any kind, and basically anything that causes revulsion. This group uses all of the above.

        There were times when singers could move large numbers of people with the sheer power of their voices. Think of Nana Mouskouri or Tracy Chapman. Today music has become the opposite of harmony and purity in every way. Although I agree with the basic message that song/ video conveys, I can't feel any solidarity towards such a vulgar expression of that idea, adding to that the lack of real talent.

      • Hey Menina,

        Thats so true and it's the biggest ruse that the powers that be would like for us to believe – that only the elites are part of the "illuminati". Without doubt its the very top which control our media, banks, schools etc – and do their utmost to poison all those institutions and therefore corrupt us en masse…

        But every day you hear stories of ordinary people carrying out terrible crimes from robbery and beatings to full scale ritual sacrifice. In fact satanic crimes are increasing at an unbelievable rate amongst the general population.

        In the end times the Bible warns many doors will be opened – and this is literally referring to people opening themselves up to demonic possession.

        The word "demon" comes from the Greek "daimon" which means wisdom or knowledge – so to literally open yourself up to demons is to become "knowledgeable" or "illuminated" ….which really means to become – demonically possessed.

        The movie "The Exorcist" was disinfo created by the Jesuits – most people that are possessed give very few tell tale signs away that they are – only those that have discernment can usually tell if someone is.

      • The monarch slaves are inhabited. That's why they create so many personalities with persistent abuse, it facilitates their inhabitation by demonic entities. All of us possessed one way or another, we are all attacked and influenced, hence we struggle on a daily basis. Some peeps are more vulnerable than others due to many factors that we can't probably pin down.

      • there is no such thing as demonic posession for the simple reason that demons (and gods) dont exist. Welcome to the real world, its called brainwashing and creating multiple personalities, it has nothing to do with imaginary beings….

      • Yeah right, only wishing that was the truth. The ones that have multiple personalities are more prone to demonic possession as each personality is attacked by hundreds of them. Why else are they so keen to mess around people's core personality? There's a reason for that and it ain't good or innocent.

      • Same attitude that people have towards trying to understand this website. Aren't you learning not to exclude possibilities right about now? If there is anything to be learned from all this it's not to exclude possibilities just for the sake of it. Get out of here with that know-it-all attitude WOW

  8. I'm a South African and while I'm not the biggest fan of Die Antwoord I do enjoy some of their lighter tracks as opposed to some of their other tracks which are a bit heavy and dark. I definitely don't think they are with the Illuminati agenda. You have to understand South African history and subcultures to really understand the strange humour and irony they used in their videos. A lot of the visuals they use are (my opinion) for shock value and also caters to their "don't give a fuck for authority" attittude. They have friends and hang outs in "slum" areas where they regularly hang out and get inspiration for their music. That's not something the Elite do.

    • CristinaGanymede on

      I just hope they stay this way! And alive! Of course they do stuff for shock value but in a different way, they indeed have a genuine I-don't-give-a-fuck attitute and want to put others in their place.

    • I just wanted to say that having friends and hanging out in slums getting inspiration for music (or whatever) is EXACTLY what the elite have done, are doing and will continue to do…

      But I thought this video was interesting. Never had heard of this group before.

  9. Illuminatti or not they have some dark symbolism going on in their videos

    @VC a park town prawn is a euphemism for a type of cockroach.

    Enjoy that mental image.

    • Illuminati or not, these people apparently don't like the wannabe and fake and bootleg manufactured lunatic called Lady Caca.

      I automatically approve of Die Antwoord because of this.

      Lady Caca is the most useless annoying idiot the music industry as ever produced.


    My friends & myself regularly watch their video's, because they're so funny!!!

    They're not trying to be funny at all-They're DEAD serious, which makes us laugh ten times harder!!!

    Seriously, watch "Enter The Ninja"-It comes across as such a serious video, until they start they're "rap" lol! It's further spangled up when he has his "Eminem" moment lol!

    Another favourite is "Rich Bitch", which is fucking HILARIOUS! The song is basically about the girl coming from a poor back ground, so she decides to murder her entire family in a house fire!

    Honestly-These video's MUST BE SEEN TO BE BELIEVED!!!

    • Deadgirl82@ I watched "rich bitch" video and what I understood is that she was a "poor bitch" untill she kill her "family", I don't know, it was like some kind of sacrifice recorded in a comic way.

      Everyone who practice insolences in a wide scale (TV, radio, internet…) exposed to everyone specially kids, carrying out some black rituals, they can get millions in a short space of time. Sometimes, in the entertainment world some stars don't know in what they're entering, their sponsors are the handlers and treat everything.

      We don't know for sure what is behind this band, and I don't know why you're questioning if they are bad or good guys, and some of you keep saying "they really are anti-industry and don't live in luxury", can't you see that this video is just disgusting and a form to call attention of the ppl??? There're kids sucking penises in dancers outfit, a lot of occult symbols and an awful lyric, oh gosh! how can you think they're cool, if Eminem spends his time writting lyrics insulting famous ppl, how much the difference is between them??? none!


    • Most of there stuff is obvious satire and if you havnt gotten it by now then your never gonna get it

    • TRUTHwontSETyouFREE- on

      Agreed 100%.

      The elitist are probably thinking that our vigilant culture is growing so a new breed of dumbed down, mind numbing entertainment needs to ensue.

      I'd rather listen to The Decemberists. I like to stay away from anything in the least bit labeled "shock value."

    • I just want to point out that just because the Illuminati and others in power have controlled opposition doesn't mean there isn't any other opposition. There are some, if few, artists on both sides of the fence who are likely to be on their own side and not the Illuminati's. There are people of all backgrounds who are tired of being force-fed Illuminati symbolism. At this point it's downright dull. As someone who listens to music across the spectrum, this band is refreshing.

      • I disagree. Anything that is sincerely against the Illuminati won't be allowed to get popular. Have you forgotten who really controls this planet?

      • They've left Interscope and dropped the Illuminati symbolism. That's good enough for me until I see evidence otherwise. They're popular at all because they were on Interscope's label in the past. Being on their own label now is a good sign. They full well could be Illuminati controlled, but I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt.

    • Addition: The medium IS the message.

      Regardless of the apparent content, the necessary spell or effect on the listener is produced by means of the rhythms and the (dis-)harmony of the sounds (music).

    • Controlled opposition is on point…I watched d video and when d vulgarity and grotesque images were on I just felt discouraged.they still wanna sell us dat shit .

  11. Just a thought, but surely the elite will call the bluff on the public at some stage… I wouldn't put it past them to fund a supposed "anti industry" band, and make money off of them… That's what I'd do, because no one has really filled that spot yet, and im sure whoever does will make millions…

  12. Gaga's passive aggressive tweets towards them after this were hilarious.

    i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmyshit

    i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you're a fan. never mind! we get it, you're not a little monster. WE GOT IT.

    She really thinks she represents SA more than DA? Those two tweets made he look extremely pathetic and only gave credence to what DA were saying.

    • Wikus van de Merwe on

      LOL.. the comment section for the video has been inundated for two days now by angry "little monsters" thinking they have to come to the aid of "mother monster". It is really hilarious, with insults back and forth like "Monsters!! Prawns up – You were born this way : (4:10๏ปฟ – 4:50) !!"… another one understanding the intended link between the Parktown prawn, District 9 and Born this way ๐Ÿ˜€

    • i am not impressed on

      McDonalds restaurants are also very popular worldwide…

      So what is Lady Caca's point?

      She's such an imbecile.

  13. Well… If they were in for the attention, they could have easily achieved it by accepting the label to begin with, and maybe an even larger attention than the one they could get without it.

    Never heard of them before, and now I'll proceed to watch the video.

    Interesting article as usual, VC!

  14. it's gimmicky and corny to me. it still makes gaga look bad though and i commend them for trying. i like the idea of zef but they arnt good representaions of it. + "all that crazy dancin makes my penis soft." – dave chappelle the vocals sound rediculous to me too.

  15. americans would do well to study the history of SA. or better yet, have some nice long talks with anyone you know from there, it is the future on many levels–

    wonder if the world will survive POST post-colonialism. oh, yes, they have plans to unite us all in servitude for our greater good, huzzah!

  16. AT LAST ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have been waiting for Die Antwook to be featured in this site, just to see how VC would deal with all their irony and disinformation… good to see you made your homework, but just for consideration: their past youtube channel was in no way "corporate" and, yes, they are well educated middle-class art graduates, that's not a secret to anybody.

    I still don't know how did you missed the video for "Fok Julle Naaiers", the first single of this album, where they *literally EAT monarch butterflies!*

    • Wikus van de Merwe on

      Yo-Landi Vi$$er does not eat monarch butterflies in Fok Julle Naaiers but opens her mouth to let one fly away.

  17. Yep. Time will tell.

    Though, if their video(s) run on MTV and they are invited to the mtv music awards (and attend) you can bet that meat dress hanging in your closet that they are simply 'playing their part in the show'.

    REAL musicians who REALLY flip their middle finger at this satanic industry NEVER get airplay or videoplay (unless they acquiesce later).

    The internatinal music business is controlled by a (somewhat surprisingly) small coterie of interlocked corporations. And that's from radio on up to video presentations, recording, writing and managing and producing.

    If this band never 'makes it', you'll know they likely were legit.

    • it funny . a lot of indie bands and underground artist have to have fans push them up, sometimes it a steady escalation with one or two well known singles (yet ppl still don't know the artist)

      compared to this big in your face boom out of no were. and this huge push by the media.

      i just found it ironic bc ,you know, they aren't really associated with huge record labels sometimes bc of that ppl aren't given that much of interest in the media.

      sorry this is a lil off topic but your comment reminded me of this. =]

    • CristinaGanymede on

      It is difficult to say… maybe they atended when they were signed with the reccord… or maybe they attended just to mock others. A lot of and have succes in the more undergrwnd industry, they are very well known in a lot of countries… just because the whole America doesn't know aout them doesn't mean others don't…. america isn't the fucking whole globe *rolls eyes*.

    • They would never be represented on mtv. Because they are clearly anti masonic group. And mtv is masonic television. Ijs

  18. Could the "meat dress" be a reference to The Beatles "Butcher cover" ? After all, Aleister Crowley was on the cover of Sgt. Pepper. I like the prawn "District 9" reference.

  19. ok, first of all, the image of the multi-evil head monster, DOES include die anterwood as well, except, they are positioned as the ones on top, in a 3 dimensional medium. saying they are bigger and better than the rest, but a part of the same team.

    and did it ever occur to anyone that perhaps denying lady's gaga's offer, was just another clever marketing ploy used to give the band more fame?

    • I unfortunately have to agree. The kittens everywhere, the goat's head as the logo of zef films, the Leo print dress she's wearing combined with the felines eyes… I'm not sure if they're really anti-ilumminati. Maybe it's just another form of mk ultra, mind control, monarch project. What I'm sure about is that all of this is scary and freaking the shit out of me…

    • that wasn't exactly blackface as in the traditional / minstrel / racist / American version. People from other countries have different symbols and reference points.

    • Yeah, it made me uncomfortable. I don't have anything against black people using that kind of imagery but when its used by white people it can feel a bit demeaning and dehumanizing.

      Although they maybe just wanted to give a certain theme or nod to their culture, something just didnt feel right about that video.. I feel like their ridiculing but you cant be sure

    • how about white face? there are enough indigenous tribes in central africa using white faces…it's just their tradition and not even intended to be racially provocative.. perhaps people can get over their great great great great grandfather having been a slave, it's not of these times to be offended for that unless you want to be offended.

  20. Syrus Magistus on

    I wouldn't go so far as to say they're "anti-Illuminati" but most certainly anti-interscope and probably anti-music industry in general. No one can deny the concentrated evil of the music industry. I'd be very careful about attaching any higher sense of idealism to them. I think Vigilant has the right idea. Let's all remain disenchanted by this sort of thing until we know for sure that our future is safe from lunatic cult perverts.

  21. I think this video is extremely bad taste. I like the whole black/white body paint idea, but the reast of the video centered around Lady Gaga is just ''trying too hard''. I think it's childish to go all out and publicly humiliate Lady Gaga like that – they're not dissing valid points, they are attacking her as a person for her sexual identity. I think her sexual identity or the way she dresses is the last thing you should critisize – point out things she says in between songs on stage, her music videos, her message, but don't degrade yourself whilst attacking truly ''superficial'' things like her looks and perceived gender presentation. That is ''missing the point''. I'm biased on this, because I like Lady Gaga and congratulate the work she does for many teens with low self-esteem, because she really puts her money where her mouth is when it comes to anti-bullying. I don't appreciate all the extra imagery and symbolism overdose, but I think some people take it too far, trying to ''demonise'' her.

    I'm atheist and I bet this comment will get at least one response from a Christian begging me to ''accept thre lord's message'' or whatnot. No! Honestly, that's the same ''brainwashing'' you get from the industry, only in a different colouring, so to speak. Think for yourself, this blog isn't ''the authority'' on all matters. Lady Gaga isn't the anti-christ and she'S hardly the one behind all ''evils'' of the world.

    • Lady Caca is a fame and attention-obsessed clown.

      Her music is an overproduced mess with embarrassing and repetitive lyrics that include gibberish.

      Lady Caca is nothing but a wannabe and a troll. She is a fake, bootleg version of Madonna, Christina Aguilera, Roisin Murphy and Grace Jones.

      Lady Caca sounds like a crazy idiot lunatic every time she has one of her interviews. In her own delusional mind, she thinks she sounds like a smart genius. Pure diarrhea comes out of her mouth.

      Lady Caca is a self-proclaimed drug and Whiskey abuser. She is ill and crazy.

      Die Antwoord, with all their "Zef-ness" and strange visuals and weird music and whatnot… they are more sane than Lady Caca will ever be.

      Lady Caca can stay mad, yelling at Die Antwoord on her Twitter account, like the dumb fool she is.

    • So, you don't see the hidden messages? Why are you even on this site? Do you know who really runs the world? Or are you one of the "Little monsters" Like that prawn? Lady gaga is soulless like Jay Z and all of those faggot "Rappers out there"


      Straw man argument: A off topic argument used to distract one from the real issue and/or problem.

      Don't be mad 'cause you are eleven and not in high school yet, you will get there ๐Ÿ˜‰ Try not to be fucking retarded and blind.

      • (I am fairly new to the site and that is why I am just now replying)

        That's a bit harsh for someone who is just offering an opinion. I happen to agree with Evlans Aylin, there is a big difference between attacking someone's appearance or sexuality vs. attacking the persons comments or behaviour. I am not a fan of Lady Gaga's but it's never right to be cruel to some based completely on the superficial.

        Based solely on your comments, Something, I have to speculate that you have probably spent time actlng like a bully so, the difference between humiliating a person and disputing values or comments is probably something you don't understand. I also have doubts that Lady Gaga rules the world but you are entitled to voice your opinion the same as anyone else, without being cursed at or made fun of.

      • CristinaGanymede on

        The thing is that SHE WANT to LOOK THAT WAY, SHE DOES that to herself…. she is always so fake and talk so annoying like she's retarded… she brought this on herself. And by the way…. that is the way you make a parody of someone…. it's a fuckig parody…

    • nice points. the people on this site take Christianity to a new level while quietly trying not to mention it til the end of their reply. all the 'God bless!' bullshit. like, God was made up by the same people who make your pop stars. morons.

  22. Well I saw them live at Outside Lands this year and I must say that they put on one hell of a show live. They were a band we weren't interested in seeing, but decided to go check out for a laugh waiting for somebody else to start on another stage and we ended up staying for almost their whole set. So much energy, enthusiasm and thumping beats, it was one of my favs of the whole festival.

  23. Anti-Illuminati music. Sounds good to me.

    We could do with more of that. No more pyramids, dolls, masks, butterflies, cubes, blood, skulls, torture, police states, Lady Gag, Rihanna, etc (have I scratched the surface, yet?).

  24. Its funny how people are quick to label other music bands as "controlled opposition". Based off what and to what end? What's the catch?

    So what purpose do they serve to the elites "all encompassing agenda?" We should at least be willing to give people a chance and let common sense prevail. Just because some people call out stupidity doesn't mean they are controlled. Sheesh.

    • as I had said before: music videos are something very powerful, once you expose insolence against moral values, you're getting one side: the dark side, 'cause you're helping satan carry out his promise against God's will "Human being would not love Him as He was expecting, c'ause he'd do anything to put our world in upside down". It's just like a ghost, you feel it but you cannot touch or see it!

  25. I was very uncomfortable watching this. So much was going on and the imagery disturbed my mind. I soon developed a headache and nausea. I'm not kidding. I had to stop at around 2:23 and then I just sucked it up and continued. It was funny to see Lady Gaga get eaten up by a Lion but everything else just made my brain confused. I'm not sure about these guys. The song and beat is wonderful but the video is just too much for my brain to handle. I thought that they were evil of some sort.

    • I think, they are not illuminati. I have seen many more disturbing clips, for example Judas, or Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga of course. Just can't watch this shit. These are phatetic clips with shitty music. Similar to Ketty Perry clips & music, same story. I can handle even Nicki Minaj or Rihanna sometimes, but I'm sick of these two bitches and their crappy music. Terrible music is worse than the most evil symbolism. Fatty Boom Boom is neither shitty music nor dull pointless video. I'm not a fan od Die Antwoor, but I think, they are ok, at least so far. I think they are to wierd, and to complicated. Illuminati promote phatetic symbolic clips and really unimaginative bad music. This stuff doesn't fit for me, but maybe it's a trick, who knows? I wonder, what Lady thinks about it.


      Greetings from Poland, english it's not my native lenguage.

    • I understand how you feel. I watched the video again on mute in slow motion and was able to catch many disturbing satanic images. Evil and hatred are rampant in this video. The word abortion is written on several posters on the wall, including the word penis, on the mural there are hot dogs pointed at chickens in a sexual way, there are sexual images of children, the speaker box below on the right and top painted to show the all seeing eye, several baphomet heads, the fruits and veggies are all phallic shaped phallic bananas, clove of garlic that looks like a mans testes, open avocado, and many other things. Im surprised VC did not mention or catch those things???

      • there is another video with big penis' everywhere, i think its evil boy. this band is disturbed and if you cant tell them saying no to gaga and mocking and making fun of her IS part of the agenda. they are illuminati!

  26. Been reading comments over the web. .. Lady Gaga getting all the glory – pretty bad end tho for her…. but I think Hamsa had it right this is more a parody about Nicki Minaj …. Not really liking the black face/paint – but artistically looks like a parody of Minaj and her high pitched almost chinese affect. Also the title is Fatty boom boom.. Who are they really talking about? Lady Gaga not so much.

    • It is not racists. The black dancers are also painted black. Besides in their video "DIS IZ WHY I'M HOT (zef remix)" Ninja says:

      When you say South Africa the first things that come to mind,

      is yup; racism, apartheid, and crime.

      Fuck a racist, motherfuckas is stuck in ‘89.

      But the crime’s still wylin, word to my nine!

  27. :::Just to make this crisp…am I spazzin'?!?::: (definitions from oxford dictionary)

    Definition of INTER


    PLACE (A CORPSE) iN A GRAVE OR TOMB, typically with funeral rites


    Middle English: from Old French enterrer, based on Latin in- 'into' + terra 'earth'

    Definition of SCOPE


    1) the extent of the area or subject matter that something deals with or to which it is RELEVANT

    2)the opPortUnity or possibilitY to do or deal with something: (?!)

    example- the scope for major change is always limited by political realities

    archaic A PURPOSE, END, OR iNTENTiON……….


    mid 16th century (in the sense 'target for shooting at'): from Italian scopo 'aim', from Greek skopos 'target', from skeptesthai 'look out'. scope (sense 3 of the noun) is derived from -scope.



  28. These guys are legit, seen them, know their family, know friends of theirs, followed them for eons,..

    They fuck shit up,. Literally, you 1st worlders should take a bow and follow suit,. Fuck shit up, what are ya all sooo afraid of,.. Stop taking in all this media crap!!.. Stop being the corporately max normal spender type cnsumer models,.. Thats essentially their message for over a decade,.

    Max Normal rules,.. Everything they say or put forward is totally sarcasm driven,.. As in,. You would have to be a total fkkn moron to belive this modern world bs,..

    Go go vigilant, love your stuff, but yeah, these dudes are way legit,.

  29. They're still prancing about half naked and focusing on a couple of sexually-related crap. Yeah sure, they'll garner a couple of votes from the anti-Illuminati gang, but this group's violating a couple of morals and basic human dignity as well. Even if we have got kids on the anti-Illuminati side, they're gonna think that shoving their barren ass up anyone's faces is the way to go.

    In other words, not buying this weird-a$$ band.

    • hi i agree with you. Im from S.A and this band is not so famous here..not famous enouph 2 get an interscope contract. They still illuminati coz they potray them selves as evil fighting evil so no mater who wins evil wil still prevail! Bishop tutu is illuminati fame hungry granpa… Yes we wil get one of them 2 distroy them. When they done we going 2 be the joke.

    • CristinaGanymede on

      Oh COME ONE who the hell doesn't want to be sexy? ALSO, think of african tribes… do they look very well-dressed to you?…

  30. The lead singer (ninja) talks constantly about he had to decide to "become the enemy", because that's how you fight the enemy. In another song he sings "to defeat the devil, ninja becomes a devil". if you're getting turned off by their harcore visuals and sound, realise that there is a clear thought and purpose behind it. He's actually fighting the fight based on spiritual and philisophical principles, while you're sitting on the sidelines looking for more proof of the conspiracy! Guy's a hero as far as I'm concerned. And he put his money where his mouth is – gave Interscope all their money back.

    • He should have just became of light to destroy the devil. Not become a devil to destroy the devil. Either way, he's confusing a lot of people. If he's trying to get his message across, no one will bother because a little goes a long way.

      • Somebody here said they'd rather listen to the Decemberists. This particular devil you're referring to would have the Decemberists for breakfast. And still have room for lunch.

        Waddy (or Ninja) is going for a different approach, Some of his lyrics: "Stepping through these channels is dangerous", "This is war, we battle demons, become the perfect assassin". He wants to beat them at their own game. How many people have really tried that? Even some of our greatest voices and prophets end up getting trampled. You can't underestimate this enemy. That's what I think, anyway. Peace.

      • If I knew that this world was so complicated, I would never come out. I'm wondering what's the purpose of our existence when evil spirits are everywhere, determined to make our life here difficult, let alone when we cease to exist. All this seems to be surreal. A bad dream, will it ever cease? This kind of spiritual fighting is so exhausting.

      • You say that "He should have just became of light to destroy the devil". The word Illuminati is the plural form of illuminato which means enlightened, lighted, lit. Be so good to explain why someone should become light (illuminato) to destroy the devil? I'm confused……

      • (Hope this comment goes in the right place…)


        The answer lies in Gnosticism- turning the truth upside down. As far as I know, the Illuminati believe that God is evil and Satan is good. Satan was Lucifer before he was cast out of heaven for sinning, his name meant "Light-bringer". They say that Satan was liberating us by rebelling against God. Becoming illuminated is learning their perversions and "mysteries", and becoming a "better you" closer to being your own god (which is really just being a slave to Satan).

        Of course there's no way of knowing for sure what the Illuminati believe without accessing their upper-echelons, but from what I can tell this is what they believe. The main point is, "illumination" is really a negative thing- slavery to Satan, when they claim it is learning the "truth", they encourage rebellion against God.

    • I am with you Mark, some of these people just don't like it because it rubs them the wrong way- my guess some of them don't like it unless it's totally Christian based. There are a lot of Christians in these forums on this site. There are non Christians who are taking a stand against what is happening in the world on the part of the globalist elite. We see what is happening. You do not have to be of any particular religious belief to want to do the right thing and be a good person. How many people would have told interscope to stuff it? That action in itself is AMAZING.

  31. These guys dont care about the industry or the luxury it offers. I think they about to start a war lol but thats cool coz if the Illuminati try there shit over here…well lets just say the biggest gangsters all live in Cape Town so they can stiek uit lol

  32. If you need any proof these guys are the real deal watch all their videos, look up their song lyrics and Google The Coruptus Corporation. There is actually a thread on them in the Music Business section in the VC message boards featuring their videos and lyrics. I take my hat off to them and I think they are bloody legends :)

  33. I dont know if they are part of the industry or not – but one thing is for sure – they are not spreading a positive message of love and kindnesses, after watching the video you feel agitated and angry not relaxed and full of compassion. And that is all that counts :o)

    • Thank you! Finally, someone has said it. Love and kindness. We don't NEED all of this crazy shock value demonic-looking disturbance. If they would just attack with love and kindness, then people would understand. Like I've said before, I watched this along with a friend of mine and we both got a headache and nauseated. My mind developed some crazy thoughts and I had to do a meditation cleansing on myself. What they're doing is just defeating the purpose.

    • I think they're doing something similar as Stephen Colbert. Die Antwoord's energy had always been kind of upbeat high and their act is for shock value. I doubt you'll ever see them write a ballad about Love and Light. lol

    • Actually, I do feel like their message is positive. They promote freedom of expression and a rejection of traditional cultural norms and values. They exaggerate the principal motifs of the mainstream music industry to mock them.

  34. I'm from SA, they were originally just playing the whole trailor trash thing. Once they went international I feel they started getting a little demonic.

    I dunno what to think.

    • They are not demonic. They are bringing out the fact that "The Industry" is demonic. I used to get into clubs in NYC for free because I told the doormen that I was "Industry".

      • If they are not demonic, then they need to portray themselves in the opposite way. What our eyes see, is demonic.

    • No, he answers that question with “whatever man”, not “the government”. Also to the person above who misheard the lion in this video, the lion also says “whatever”.

      It's one of their catchphrases, they also use the Afrikaans version, “watokal”.

  35. I haven't seen this video yet, nor am I sure I want to. Their stuff is teeming with Satanic/demonic imagery (upside down pentagrams, eating the heart, stylized goat head in the i believe Zef Recordz logo etc.), reptilian imagery (plenty of snakes and reptilian scales, snakes also seamlessly blended into other imagery), according to Spiritually Smart site Pied Piper imagery as well (I can see it with the rat thing). They also work the alien angle in the imagery, but they seem to have done it in a demonic way.

    Whether there are truly Reptilians controlling the planet, there is something to the reptilian mindset (using the primitive reptile brain centered around territorial/physical boundaries/aggressive/senses-centered) and that being analagous to certain values that might be considered "Satanic". The reptile brain communicates through symbols. And there are people out there who actively work to get us to move from the humanistic state to a beast-like (you might say reptilian?) state but that's another story.

    The songs are addictive, yes. They know how to work sound. But what good Illuminati artist doesn't? It's not just one thing. It's all the images together, blended with the hynotic sounds they produce (what better way to hook listeners in). I even watched interview after interview. In one, Yo-Landi's eyes became very hostile when she didn't like a question. They started darting around while her tongue started to almost flit about as well, like a reptile. I felt like she wanted to clock the interviewer lol.

    There is a lot more to it. There is a lot of stuff written on walls in their videos, which I understand can be overwhelming. Maybe that is part of the strategy, to overload us with so much imagery with them that it's confusing unless you really slow down. It takes a long time to keep stopping the video and observing what all is there, but you will notice many small but significant details that come in patterns with them. From everything I've learned on this site (and others), this is not an accident. And I don't see how it's just sarcasm, with all the hidden symbolism. A lot of sinister stuff in the world gets played off as just a joke or irony that we later find out is propaganda the whole time under cover of entertainment. How many bands in the past do we now know really were Satanic? While many people claimed they were just shock value also.

    I've searched for signs that I'm wrong about them and have only found more examples of imagery and lyrics that support my conclusion. If they were really so different than the rest of the Illuminati, why do they speak so much of the same language and appear to further the same spiritual goals? They just do it in a more captivating, clever way, while emphasizing a different less-used angle of imagery, in my opinion.

      • @ George Jr: Personal attacks are not only prohibited on here supposedly, but they contribute nothing to the constructive discussion the rest of us have been having.

        If I'm paranoid, then VC and most of us on here are also. It's a conspiracy site! Also, if you are referring to my description of Yo-Landi Visser, I don't think I used that example in the way I originally thought of, anyway. So obviously I may have been reaching a little for the sake of constructing an argument, but it doesn't matter – it was how angry she got over an innocent question that I noticed. And I notice they get real degrading with insults when certain high-profile people offend them too.

        Anyway, most of what I say on here is based on research I've done, sometimes very extensive depending on the topic. The part about the reptilian brain is based on science, and the part about people wanting us to become more animal-like is based on real quotes from real people. I won't open that can of worms right now because I don't feel like going there on this thread.

        Asking questions about where someone is coming from is better for sincere discussion than insulting people.

    • There is so much symbolism, they definitely have a message. The main thing I noticed was the Lion with the baphomet/goat heads all around it and the driver says its the king of the jungle. The lion toy in the car is draped with a rosary and cross… Maybe saying the lion is God but it sends a mixed message, because the real lion is surrounded by negative imagery…

  36. Mesmerizing to watch. Did not understand a word they said. He is one bone ugly dude but I think that is the effect he is going for.

    There has been a backlash to the nasty side of the music industry and they are playing the anti establishment card to the max.

    They are just a tad fishy to me however. They come across to this old hand as being contrived. By whom? By themselves? Time will tell.

  37. Waddy (watkin tudor jones; aka ninja) has been going against the illuminati for a while. If you backtrack and look into his older music you will find many positive messages of hope. His older projects include: Max Normal, (two separate projects), fucknrad, The Constructus Corporation (personally my favorite project) and the original evergreens (his first project, from the early 90's). Go find some oldstuff online and download it. thank you. zef til def.

    • Uh, I'm a woman and I must say that there isn't anything beautiful about this. I'm not the only PERSON who feels this way. Seriously, it made me feel ill. It messed up my energy and I felt nothing positive about it. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. So, I put my two cents in and just shared that I'm just not feeling them. Any video that makes me have disturbing thoughts isn't good.

      • Your "energy" is what the Illuminati want you to have so you think you are your own "god" Get off this site. NOW

  38. Thais Thaluthien on

    Did you watch the last video of Christina Aguilera? I really want to read what you think about.

    Please, make a post about the video!

  39. remember "the answer" went along with interscope their previous album was loaded with occult symbols. They dnt leave interscope because of that they left because they had 2 turn 2 pop.. They freaks so is gaga this is a compation for freaky fans. And u must be on drugs to creat such rubish.

  40. I love the illumanaty

    theyre so original and creative, putting the same tired old shit in all the pop music and videos, to the point of self-mocking (and theyre trying to get people INTO the occult? theyve made anyone vaguely interested in practicing it ompletely disillusioned with them because they're such bad examples. Losers)

    theyre so clued up, trying to indoctrinate the world through nothing, and expecting respect from anyone whatsoever

  41. Do you really believe it? I don't. The imagery is very bad and distasteful it is possible that they are a mean to reattach christians to this kind of pop-culture, remember that also the illuminati read Vigilant Citizen and the other anti-system journalists. This may be the "Andwoord" for you (and me) who read VC or go after AlexJones etc. I don't trust them, I've got my own radar; consider this: there is Arch Bishop Tutu with the Bible-gun against the monster, it is obviously done to attract christians' affection, it is too blatant, some imagery of theirs are indeed demonic their own part, the total black female singer with cat's eyes e.g.. it looks like a personal revenge on Lady Gaga, it follows the tracks of the vigilant reports. It's done on purpose. And they are on MTV. It sounds too easy to be anti-illuminati like this. Remember, once you are really anti-Illuminati you are cut off and disappear to return only in the really underground system, like this website, you'll never have an intervew with MTV.

    • I am "officially" an ortodox christian but for a few years I don't really practice it, I like to celebrate holidays because those are fun and relaxing but Not the because of the dogma…. I think revenge is sweet and to be a goodey-too-shoes doesn't take you nowhere BUT that doesn't mean I am a bad person, I am far from it…. without sounding arogant I think I am the most empathetic person I know and I care too much for others and of course I don't like any of the iluminaty crap. The thing is that is some people don't act like nuns and DONT let ther take advantage of them that doesnt mean they are evil. I am not 100% sure about die antwoord, I like some of their music but I don't agree withe everything they do.

  42. It has been too long since I was on this site. I have missed your wit and your insight, VC! Took a break from all this crap and have a fresh, more understanding outlook on it all. Now I am going to troll your site for a bit to catch up ๐Ÿ˜€

  43. Not sure what to think! Their music sounds like everything else that's out there now. Eminem got famous by dissing other big stars at the time. Something to think about.

    Well at least we know who Gaga will copy next!

  44. Just bc a group of musicians reject a certain label or group of artists does a vigilant group make. The symbolism rejected interscope and certain musicians but didn't reject Luciferian symbolism. I saw several baphamets and one eye references. Looks like they're just saying mainstream music is lame but they are still down with the devil IMO.

    • I disagree that just because you rock a symbol, it means you're down with Lucifer or whatever. I own a t-shirt with a butterfly on it, does that mean I want to rape, torture, and control the minds of children? No. It does not. Sometimes an eye is just a freaking eye.

  45. @Casper, you're getting all messed up. The Illuminati are not of light. They are of darkness. Illumination is light but I'm not talking about becoming the Illuminati to destroy the devil. I'm talking about becoming ONE OF GOD to destroy the devil. In my eyes, light is pure. Light defeats darkness. Light is Angelic not demonic. Illuminati tries portray themselves as the good ones but they are not. Soooo, this group should become Angelic to destroy the darkness.

  46. this is just too wrong, l wouldnt say die antwood is against illuminati, check out their previous photoshoots, videos, interviews, just as bad as a western rock band. l am pretty sure this was just a more targeted effort to draw attention of an elite sponsor to make them go platinum, otherwise, they were queer from way back

  47. I saw Die Antwoord perform last year and was really disappointed. The entire show seemed to be one, big salute to Satan in a very blatant way. There were 3 screens on stage each flashing the number 6, so the audience was constantly bombarded with the image 666, each track change was followed by the labels 'goats head' logo and we were all asked to cheer coincidently at the same time, every time.

    There was quite a bit more, but the show was almost a year ago and I have put most of it out of my mind.

    Like most of you, I am truly confused by this band. I really enjoy their work and their videos but after coming to the realization that they are likely powered by the same machine, I've moved on to something new.

    I understand they use common symbols to parody the industry, but I feel it is impossible to use these types of images with such conviction and no intention. I also find it impossible for 666 to be used naively as it's meaning is either understood esoterically or understood as a symbol of Satan and without expressing why they are presenting they are simply leading people to accept it without discretion and comprehension.

    I would be interested to know if anyone else saw the same things at their concerts. Thanks.

    • Thank you,
      Finally someone sees this shit, I seen too many goat heads in this video , naked children, and lets not to forget about I think your freaky, and I like u a lot video, they are all in the same game , just going at in different ways to get attention.


    They do have some symbolism in their videos though. In this video there are upside down crosses on a chalk board, the girl has monarch butterflies all over her, ect.

    But it could just be for visual effects. I don't know. Butterflies are pretty, so it would be stupid to say that anything with butterflies is mind control.

  49. Remember , Establishment loves to control opposition in politics , Entertainment etc etc and what a great scheme publicly leave one Illuminati Label to go to another ,but not knowing much about label . its my speculation or possibility to get street creds from Anti – Illuminati Community .

    Propaganda takes different forms , out right opposition , turning very gradually w/ misinformation or just pretending and pushing direct with contradictory information from very beginning .

    Also it's obvious the " Entertainment " Industry is full aware of the movement and is taking counter Steps , even pushing supposedly Anti – Illuminati Groups or Artists because the control EVERYTHING and everybody . On the surface not knowing much about this group ( just the Penis on the far left character ) it looks looks like another purposely deranged group selling confusion , anti moral lifestyle .

  50. Mustapha Shiite on

    I think they know exactly what they're doing… there's a mocking going on now, within the music industry. There's, along with the real symbolism, a sense of putting stuff in to see if it appears on websites. The band seem independent – and in the minds of the bands they believe that… but they are pawns in the game… like political candidates at the moment, they are put out there to give the impression of a resistance or "choice" – it's an illusion; either way they introduce a contrived influence…. that is part of a bigger plan of control.

  51. I'm South African, I always liked them until they signed for Interscope. The symbolism in their music was really obvious and I started to dislike them and I was really disappointed to see them just becoming like every other artist out there, they were supposed to be different. I like that they're going back the way they used to be, this music video is hilarious!

  52. Its not a question whether or not they are "illuminati" – it really appears that they are soulless and are laying down underneath ANY kind of tree… there appears to be a very dominant male dragging a probably very naive woman through the mud at any cost and it has domestic abuse written all over it. (Ref. Jeremiah 2&3) its quite valid here.

    • I don't know about all that but on her Twitter it says "trained under the NINJA" and in multiple interviews you can see her constantly looking to him, or to answer first, or he will answer for her.

  53. heaven for thugs on

    This group is still be used as another means of control. To control those that are not being distracted by lady gaga and the like. To give us false hope. To make us think there are other out ther on our side in positions of influence. But none of it is true. Just like in the matrix they must return to the source and the will. But by then they would have deceived a good few people. Lupe Fiasco is another artist that springs to mind. Acting as if he's all " Anti " but he is still signed to the same label as the types of artists he supposed to be opposed to. They are all on the same team. All or nothing. In or out. And these guys are in.

    • I could see that, kind of like Ron Paul put up there to make us think there is an alternative while it looks like he was set up to lose and his rallies set up to divide and sabotage supporters.

  54. I'm South African and I'm really baffled about die antwoord music when they where interviewed on a South African music show and asked are they part of the illuminati they replied no and (enter swear words here) the illuminati

  55. Actually I am South African and they are Demonic. Just go and You Tube their Video's. Before you make positive comments about this sick group go and do you some research. There is a reason this no-talent group has become so big and that is most likely devil worship.

    • mefromcolombia on

      Unlike most posters here I really liked Fatty Boom boom specially the Lady Gaga bit made me laugh, but I searched them on you tube and listened to baby's on fire, i fink you freaky, enter the ninja and fuck julles. I even watched a very odd performance of i fink you freaky on Letterman, on which he showed their album twice and asked a very shocked audience to buy it.

      This music is deeply satanic, i mean, not even metal makes me feel this way, like one poster said, it messes up your energy, gives you headache….

      After my die antwoord listen I felt I needed to read the Bible and wash my body with marine salt.

      On "Baby's on fire" Landi is praying to "God" and says "Thank you for Satan" (then it turns out Satan is their black dog). I fink you freaky has weird egyptyan paitings on the walls and both group members seemed possessed or influenced by heavy drugs, Fuck Julles is a very scary song, I had to stop playing it because it was disturbing in so many levels…

      And this people may not be mainstream but they are very much into reptillianssatanismevil stuff it's blatant

    • Funny you say that because they hide and rapidly flash (in between other visuals) the Star of David in their visuals – in Evil Boy video and also at least one live performance video I've seen of Baby's On Fire. The latter had the star inside a heart, with 2 inverted crosses on the left, and the word "christ" on the right. They also flashed a visual with a Star of David on the upper left, with a guy with a knife on the right.

  56. a looooong time ago I came across one of their old videos, it was real strange but I appreciate their originality. I guess only time will tell as to which side they are with

  57. ..about the hyenas and panther….are they also biblical references? for example, the driver says.. "Look at these naughty hyenas eating rubbish, they make such a big mess." Note the images in the background and the sign that says I love zion and a painting of a church. The symbol of hyenas may have been named 'demon' in the bible. Such as: DEMONS (Isaiah 34:14). — So does D. V, translate çíyyîm; it is certainly a mistake. The word at issue is generally believed to refer to the hyena (hyœna striata), still found everywhere in caves and tombs, So also is the word "devils" of Baruch 4:35, We possess no longer the Hebrew text of the latter; but it possibly contained the same word; anyway, "hyena" is unquestionably a far better translation than the mere meaningless "devils".

    I found this interesting too. At the beginning you are told, "Here is the shop owner chilling with his black panther, nobody will steal anything (soul?) from him when he is chilling with that black beauty, nobody".. During Medieval times, the panther typifies Christ, who stays in the cave for three days, emerging from the darkness with a sweet breath. Yolanee is also painted as a black panther… maybe?

  58. Hey VC, it's important to know that Die Antwoord were recreating alot of the paintings by Anton Kannemeyer, a south african artist.

    Also, check out the war between Gaga's "bodyguards" and the "terrorists." Sounds like contemporary politics, while the singers distract us from that fact.

  59. First of all, I have been reading and following this website closely for years. I have spent literally thousands of hours researching all things elite. I usually don't feel the need to comment, but this post really interested me… more than usual.

    This video cracked me up. I LOVED the hits at Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. I couldn't help but LMAO!

    I really like this group. After reading this I immediately downloaded their albums, via Rdio (love it), and listened to ALL their songs and while listening, read the lyrics.

    I think if you do some deep listening you will find that they are really deep. Albeit, eccentric. I think after they left Interscope they decided to paint of view of the real music industry, considering they were given their choice and said no. I applaud them.

    Something you MUST remember is that just because you see a one eye or devil horns, doesn't always mean what it appears to mean. The truth, I've learned, is stranger than fiction and often hidden in plain sight.

    I've read a lot about this band and how they want people to wake up. People are "programmed' now to receive information a certain way, aka sheep, so the best way to get through to them is to speak to them in a way they can receive info. Just how you can't expect a visual learner to learn primarily through auditory methods.

    Shockingly enough for me, I don't find them Satanic at all, but they ARE very raw and disturbing. Obviously, that type of scene isn't for everyone.

    In listening to their album, the one after they left Interscope, I thought it was witty and deep how they took excerpts from songs from famous artists and just ripped them to shreds. They get a big high five from me. Deep listening is vital here as you have to be able to pick up on the subtleties and nuances or you could completely miss it, which means being VERY familiar with mainstream artists and all their songs. I really enjoyed that, because only the music cues you in that they are TRYING to tell you how f'd up these artists are.

    I haven't watched their videos yet, except the one posted, which I loved. I will definitely make that my project this week. So far though, I respect them and am totally digging what they are doing and HOW they are doing it. It's very clever.

    Also if you made it this far, don't let this stuff freak you out. Remember, just because something is put together in a way that you are normally not used to receiving information, doesn't make it bad. Challenge yourself to push your limitations because it will cause you sight to grow and with it, your intuition.

    I could be completely wrong though and they could very well be a bunch of crazy demons parading in spikey tutu's, but so far, I like 'em.

    • I had heard about Die Antwoord, but hadn't listened to the until I read this article. I LOVE DIE ANTWORD! I found out the are coming soon to do a show so I got a couple of tickets. Can't wait to see these guys. Yolandi is adorable. These guys are bringing back some of the more raw creepy stuff from the late 80's and early 90's. I'm an artist who enjoys disturbing material so I say Hell yeah!!! Also anyone who has the balls these guys do, to stick it to interscope, they are ok by me.

  60. Intriguing! :) But one thing though – that wasn't no prawn that there doctor extracted from Gagga's Gorge. Looked more like some sort of Cricket to me.

  61. From South Africa:

    Can't say I like them, but I am happy they went against Lady gaga. Their music is a bit too rough for my taste but I do feel that they take on some main issues South Africa is facing with poverty and class.

    However I am skeptical about their intentions with this video…

  62. They need to take a look at HyunA – 'ICE CREAM', tons of symbolism in there. maybe not worth a whole article, but just another example of it all

  63. I'm surprised only one other person touched on their use of 666 so far. In their video for "Baby's on Fire," Ninja's car's license plate says ZEF666. And in the lyrics for "You Make a Ninja wanna F***," he's talking about taking a groupie to a hotel, room 666. So if they are anti-industry that's great, but why the imagery, use of satanic references, and glorification of sex, violence and drugs if you're trying to be different? Because that's the same mold that the vast majority of musicians are in now anyway.

    • She makes the 666 sign with her hand to her head in Baby's On Fire video. There's also a 666 on the forehead of the squirting penis on their website. The Evil Boy video has 666 on the DJ's headphones, along with a Star of David and a "Thank$ Jimmy". The Fok Julle Naaiers video has 666 on the wall, and a ton of crosses interspersed with inverted crosses on the wall, as well. Yo-Landi also thanks the Lord for Satan in the prayer part of the Baby's on Fire video, though they cover that with a photo of a dog names Satan. They had trees with inverted crosses back in the MaxNormal or days too. Jones also does a shoutout to his Satanic homies in one of his pre-Antwoord songs.

      So they've been running Satanic symbolism and talk before, during and after the Interscope time.

    • For what it's worth, I've come to the conclusion that a lot of this negativity is probably truly part of a big joke of theirs to parody the Illuminati-type artists. It's a long story lol. I may post evidence later. At least I myself better understand them after studying their lyrics, though part of me still is uneasy. And I kind of think they like it that way – more attention, more buzz, more people thinking, or at this point purchasing their stuff.

  64. Die Antwoord are so taking the piss out of the US music-industry! From a South African perspective, we tend to be more liberal than what others take us for and I can guarantee you, they HATE what the music industry over there stands for! Good on you 'Die Antwoord' – ek fokken hou baie van julle! Kick @$$!!!!

    • This video was produced while they were under Interscope. If you even look underneath: (C) 2010 Interscope Records. They HAD to include the symbolism and imagery. That was part of their deal – which they hated and left. Look into their videos before/after Interscope. The song "Fok Julle Naaiers" means "Fuck Y'all" and is a direct reference to Interscope. In the video Yo Landi is first covered in monarchs but at the very end she actually releases one from her mouth, symbolizing their release from Interscope. The video is loaded with imagery – but it is in MOCKERY of what Interscope wanted them to do. Ninja wears a devil-like mustache to show what it is THEY wanted him to do. Read the lyrics and understand them – they're a big middle finger to Interscope.

  65. My 2 cents after freeze framing some of the video:

    1) Lion – The first scene of the lion entering, there is an add on the wall that says "Prophet." I don't think this is a coincidence as this paper is also strategically placed in other scenes. I think the Lion symbolizes the Lion of Judah, the "reincarnation of Christ" and the prophet Halie Selassie in Rastifarian faith.

    2) Outfits – Their drummer is wearing a white garment painted with the words "Love," "Care," "Faith," "Joy," and "Hope." This is in contrast with Yo-Landi's costume that seems to me a mockery of the female Illuminati puppets. She is white, yet she appears in blackface–and I think this comments on the fact that Beyonce, Nicki, and Rihanna have been transformed to look more white than their previous images, lightened hair, contacts, lighter skin. Dollar signs in her contacts, as well as yellow, to mimmick reptilian eyes at first glance. Ninja's "Chosen 1" on his chest I think refers to I don't know, Eddy Murphy's Golden Child movie where a chosen one child saves the world? Wild guess… haha. The ghouls dancing with various red outlined figures–I think these figures represent people or their victims, feels like pedophilia to me. They are also in the main mural of the beast.

    3) Mural – "Evil Thing" is in blue and red teling us that this is about the industry in America. One again, we see red outlined figures, some with mouths open to signify their consumerism to the media. Some figures have smiley faces and "unassuming" faces. We see the "Abortion Safe & Easy" signs as a form of satire that politically symbolizes neglect of religion, I guess.

    4) The Beast – Now we see a leopard, a famous theme in Sex Kitten programming. I was confused because they look like giraffes at first, but it could be serpent's heads. We see Gaga, Kanye, Wayne, Kobe(?), Minaj, Pitbull as heads, and in the feces we see the Black Eyed Peas. Let's not forget the Pope on the left.

    Overall I think that knowing Die Antwoord from their $0$ album, this is the only way they know how to express what they saw in the industry. Most people won't understand this kind of music even when they were independent, but I do. I understand this kind of energy, it's kind of punk rock. Remember in the beginning, Ninja says "can't fuck with this" and the Lion does in fact say "Devil" after it ate Gaga.

    • Prophet says Prophet Nyathi who is some sort of South African political activist. I read somewhere also that the multi-headed beast is a version of the 7-headed Beast of Revelation.

      • The Nyathi I found is actually Zimbabwean. It could also mean a prophet, sometimes there are flyers up for church guys that go by "Prophet". I found one example for a "Prophet Nyathi". I'm not sure of the meaning, it got lost in the million other things to research about this band.

  66. I thnk this group is really horrible and what's up with the horns, other symbolism and male members drawn on their "outfits" and all that vulgarity?

    OFF TOPIC but, I have to wonder about this BOMB GIRLS series: Is this series really about getting more young women to recruit in the USA Military while wrapping the show in Patriotism and Rosie the Rivetor?

    After all, the GLOBAL GOVERNMENT Elites want massive DEPOPULATION and the family unit wiped out which is behind the MEDIA's recent large uptick in trying to Normalize homosexuality) . What better way to accomplish destruction of the family and Depopulate , than to target the women?

  67. As a South African I think Die Antwoord has been quite successful in combining South African culture with modern symbolism. A lot of symbolism they use is South African based and can be misinterpreted as Satanic or Illuminati, some examples are:

    The Tokoloshe (a demon, which is still part of many Zulu people's beliefs her in SA) is used in their 'Evil Boy' music video.
    The 'Baphomet' looking creatures in their 'I Fink You're Freaky' music video teaser is actually based on an installation called 'The Butcher Boys' by Jane Alexander.

    Die Antwoord may be an act, but they have created something that is a niche combination of African, English and Afrikaans cultures. The fact that they are quite rough and explicit also appeals, as South Africa is quite a tense country with a multitude of political and racial issues and Die Antwoord seems to draw on that energy.

    Oh and the prawn that came out of Lady G's V-Jay is a Parktown Prawn, which is a fairly harmless cricket that is found in the Johannesburg suburbs of Parktown, Parkmore and Parkhurst.

    In Neill Blomkamp's District 9 film the Alien characters were apparently inspired by the Parktown Prawn and of course called 'Prawns' in the film.

    So basically what I'm trying to say is whenever something seems strange or unusual, because you most likely aren't familiar with it, its always a good idea to do some research and base your opinion on facts.

  68. I always wondered what their underlying message hints to… It makes sense now.

    And their style? As a rock n roller and metal fan who doesn't really listen to anything else, I actually enjoy Die Antwoord's zeffness.

    Glad to see fellow South Africans on VC!!

  69. The Exorcist… Pazuzu, the demon, is said to also infest those who will in the future become "whores".. In the Exorcist, Regan is sexually abused by her feminist mother's movie director, and would be very fucked up in the future… Iraq is Babylon, the place where Merrin first realize Pazuzu is out.

    I think more than anything, the two Williams who made the movie, were against the Jesuits. Check out Rob Ager's Collative Learning with lots of hot movie analyses.

  70. Regardless of which this group leans, that video looks demonic! Whoever thinks that imagery is cool and just as disturbed as that group is. Only demons have blacked out eyes, and that language and profanity is horrific!

    • Have you ever considered that "demons" are simply the dark side of human nature, and not physical entities that are apart from humanity. I personally love the creativity of Die Antwoord.

  71. I agree with OjosPelados talking about how it's a parody of illuminati artists. That's exactly how I interpret it as well & I am VERY sensitive to occult & demonic activity. I get no. Bad vibes from them. I swear they're just on a whole other level that mocks the industry. Look at their songs like they're telling a story about what it's like inside the industry & it will completely change how you feel. View it from the perspective that they are trying to inform you what it's like in their….but like OjosPelados said "It's a long story." LOL

    • I hate to say it but I go back and forth with my opinion of this band, so I'm not totally convinced it's all a joke. It's almost like a parody within a parody within a parody.

      My research is turning into a dissertation on Die Antwoord, arguing both sides. It's a bit much, although I've learned some things along the way. I'll still research here and there, as I've tried to put what they do into context of not only their own work but also within South African culture and what South Africans think of them. They start to carry me along their parody wave, and then I go back to my original instincts.

  72. As a South African reading some of these comments is freakin hilarious! hahaha I think a lot of what is truly meant in this video is lost to the Fatty Boom Booms of America, quite honestly. As said earlier: "Die Antwoord are so taking the piss out of the US music-industry! From a South African perspective, we tend to be more liberal than what others take us for and I can guarantee you, they HATE what the music industry over there stands for! Good on you ‘Die Antwoord’ – ek fokken hou baie van julle! Kick @$$!!!!" Yebo!!!

  73. These guys leaving Interscope doesn't mean a thing. The whole idea behind the Illuminati is satanic rituals, and worship, right? So if Die Antwoord were really against that, then they would be opposite… which they aren't. Their rhythm is not even a disguised tribal beat, like the shitty pop music of today. It is the real thing, uncorroded. And they are dressed up to look like demons. Their movements while dancing look exactly like videos of voodoo ceremonies and tribal worship involving possession… So if they were against the Illuminati and satanic worship, why are they replicating it? They could have expressed cultural pride without referring to indigenous devil worship. This is just an offshoot of the same movement, trying to seduce minds into thinking they are good just because they appear to be against the big guys. They are playing the same game.

    • Hey voodo's not demonic- it's like santaria and catholism. One god divided into more easily viewed facets or dieties. Please don't be scared of a religon just becuase you don't know much about it- like a child scared of monsters lurking in the shadows.

      These yourban based traditions are ment to encourage people to be more moraly sound to help them through thier reincarnations!

      Drumming is the base of all dance music. Peace

  74. VC, Die Antwoord are heavy pretenders. I can tell you now that even though they're not part of the illuminati, they might aswel be. They would slot comfortably right in. They're basically 'quasi illuminati', their material is derogatory, defamatory, rude, evil, satanic and highly pretentious. No one even likes them in SA. They're hardly on radio or anything really for that matter lol. This is mos def 100% publicity stunt.

  75. Yeah, this smacks of a false opposition. They are not after the devil, they are after the devil's throne! — in a manner of speaking. The message I got was 'we are better than you.' This is not about exposing the occult decadence and brutality of the music industry, just wanting to usurp Lady Gaga as the darling of the music scene. That souldn't be difficult.

  76. odd future goes "against the grain" and rejects plenty mainstream offers. mhmm. I'm tired of all these groups saying "look at me look at me!" You have to look a little further into it, but there are artist that are purely purely just about the music.

    • Really? I know Odd Future has attended and performed at the MTV VMA's, which I'm sure you've seen the breakdown of on this site. It's one big occult ritual. Also, I was looking at Terry Richardson's website, and they are featured on there; they were being photographed by him for some mag and having a grand old time hanging out with the nasty perv. You can't tell me that they are involved with MTV (mainstream as it gets!) and and Terry Richardson and don't have a clue about the industry. Not the best example of an independent group who's only in it for the music.

      • And Yo-Landi on the cover of FHM (with possible breast implants? don't know if that's true). And them representing fashion designer Alex Wang's T line. People keep offering up other South African bands that they say are much better than Die Antwoord but do not enjoy their fame.

  77. If they diss the industry it doesn't really add much integrity, what matters is the message they bring on their own. You can diss the industry and still act the same. Industry is not hiding their nature, why not have someone diss it for variety? Brings more attention?

    Their message is still DEPENDENT on industry and also how they present it, is on the same level of evil. It bothers me when the artists put on black or some weird lenses that change the eye and the overall feel is uncomfortable. I watched some of their other videos and personally think they're as demonic in their 'art' as Lady Gaga.

  78. Honestly i thought of the video hilarious and how they portray everything in the music industry evil and it all sounds the same blabla . but at the same time they are still showing some symbolism of it, however maybe there mocking the symbolism or maybe its a coincidence like just having a devil behophment or whatever its name is as some pictures in there to show how evil the music industry is. so maybe there good maybe there bad.

  79. I'll come right out and say they remind me of one of my most respected groups of the past and that is THE CLASH. I sincerely appreciate Viligent Citizen turning me onto this. I've actually have been asphyxiated on this video so much that Youtube give me the full :30 commercial treatment, which I turn the volume off and page down until the video starts. I've also bought a few of their songs.

    There is one reference he say's to 'passenger plane's and all the rappers sounding the same. I wonder if it's an indirect commentary on how much we've all been under this false dream after 9/11 and are starting to wake up. I mean if that video doesn't invigorate you enough I don't know what will.

    Notice the sound of the pac man arcade ghost sound. It's quite a hook and to me it's an not to the Gen X'er demographic. Well Done.

  80. I've had weird dreams before and one of the weirdest dreams are when I saw.. well, demons in my dream. I really have to say, the female in this group changes outfits and dances a lot. Most of the outfit that she wore closely resembles the demons I have seen in my dreams. Anybody else in the same boat? Or is it just me? This song to me has a strangely familiar value, instead of the usual shock value. It's like I've seen it so many times, it seems too familiar to me.

    As for the rhythm and beat of this song, well,

    " Disharmony in music has been shown to reduce retention levels of the brain and lead to aggression and hyperactivity. " – from under the music article section.

  81. I'm from SA. Thought they'd sell out when they went to look for fame and fortune in the states. Glad they didn't.

    You should have a look at the Parlotones (also a SA Band) that just left for the states. I have a suspicion that they might have sold their souls… Full of symbolism…

  82. i've been into the group pretty hardcore since their first major album. from what i can tell, pretty much everyone knows that their image is a kind of caricature; kind of like spinal tap lol.

    that aside, they do seem to take what they do very seriously.

  83. I was thinking before I read the comments that just because they maybe anti-illuminati does not mean that they are Pro-God. I did notice baphomet head around, I assumed as association with the artist they were mocking but the one at the very end confused me as it stood alone as a bull but I dont know. The thing that got to me first though was the massive sex appeal of the video. That is 100% not God like

    • Sex appeal? Horror appeal you mean. To be sexy you should at least be beautiful, these people make you feel like running away more than closing yourself with one of them in a room. I haven't got such bad opinion of sex.

  84. When I first read this article I was intrigued – hopeful – even that there is, eventually, some true and genuine opposition. I wanted to believe they were on a righteous path. But then I saw some of the video, and I must say, this material is very negatively charged and disturbing. It just does not feel right.. if you understand.

    Not that I am a very religious man, but in the Bible it somewhere sais: "By their fruit you will recognize them". And I think this statement is very fitting. I understand that adding shock value to their videos is a way of stirring up emotions and, thereby, conveying the message with more power. But does it really have to be so sinister, dark – yeah… satanic even? Can honest and good messages not be spread in a honest and good way?

    The message sure looks like a rotten fruit.. Please remember that any singer or artist genuinly posing a threat to the industry do not get millions of views on youtube – as much as we would like it. They are suppressed well before the fame can materialize. The quality of these video clips are all of a very high quality. A lot of money and know-how goes into the production of such videos. Where does that all come from? Adding all the carefully and purposely placed symbols on walls and garments, I highly doubt the moral virtue in all of it.

    But we have become so desperate for sincere opposing forced to this depravity that we have forgotten our own advice: to stay vigilant.

    Staying good and righteous does not lead to fame or recognizion. Not in this iniquitous system.

    Morally good people exist, but they will not be found in the lime light. The world of fame is not were they live in – Go out and look for them.

    I hope vigilant will be more careful in his next article, as it seemed to me that he was rather inclined to believe in this groups genuineness.

  85. Pretty sure the characters they were portraying in, as well as The Constructus Corporation were just as much a parody as the zef characters they are portraying in Die Antwoord now.

  86. I think they're just a bunch of retards. Oops, did I say that?

    Seriously, I feel like they're those kids in school who got picked on because they were a little…"off". So now they are over-compensating and acting like buffoons.

    Sorry guys. You don't look "gangsta".

  87. The mainstream cannot swallow Die Antwoord. They left Jive after a year when Jive offered them more money and started dropping hints to control their music and image. Hence, this video and new independently released album. Anything that isn't on MTV on continuous loop in my opinion is safe. This is so punk, South African style. Them Beats!

  88. Even in the Luciferian world exists dissension. Remember Christians : the ones in the Dark Path, they are fully humans as you are. Mostly. I really don't like Die Antwoord's music and act, which is theater, but the video and how they make fun of Lady Gaga is kinda hilarious. ^^

  89. I "fink" it would be early yet to tell where their loyalty lies (their music is not my cup of tea anyway, also not their horroristic appearance). Think about Muse, I really liked that band, they made good music and channelled part of the truth, but now that Matt Bellamy has "lost his balls", I would not listen to them anymore. Re Die Antwoord, time will tell…

  90. Obviously the mural represents the 7headed beast referred to Revelations but so far I've only identified Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Pitbull, Akon, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne (bottom left) but whose the 7th one? (in between Gaga and Kanye)

  91. Hyuna's "Ice Cream" music video, featuring PSY… includes winks, "OK" gesture with hand, checkered floors, feline prints, mickey mouse ears… VC has taught me well. Incoming article on this music video??

  92. Die Antwoord – PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN BABY!!!……. I always thought that illuminatism would not exist in South Africa like it does in the US and the UK… guess I was wrong… time will tell.

  93. Look beyond Die Antwoord as being merely a band making purposely noisy music. It's a conceptual art project by Watkin Tudor Jones (Ninja) and Anri Du Toit (Yolandi Visser) about the trashy ZEF culture. Nothing very anti/pro illuminati in this short film, but it explains the concept behind the group.

  94. I really dislike these guys!! they swear alot!!!!!!

    I'm from South Africa and these guys is a disgrace, they scare me!!!

  95. OK, so this video is a few minutes of craziness, however I get the impression they are truly against the "system". By far, my favorite part of the video is at the very end when someone, who is obviously speaking to the lion that is eating "Gaga", calls the lion "Jesus" and although I can't clearly understand the next few words, I am assuming that the person is asking what are you eating? Then, the lion (Jesus Christ is the Lion of the Judah, as we know) replies, "the Devil". Hmmm…I replayed that part about 5 times. Interesting!!!

  96. Maybe it's just me, old guy that I am (56) but this stuff is just rancid evil. Every year I see music slide more and more toward the patently pornographic and demonic. I know kids today are pretty much shock proof and heaven forbid someone actually make a judgement and call something the shit that it really is. As for me, I don't like it, or want it anywhere near my life. The world I was born into, for all it's faults, had nothing approaching this kind of in your face depravity (or at least it was well hidden). The human race is out of control and spiraling downward. I truly despair for anything good and beautiful.

    • "or at least it was well hidden" ….well hidden being the most important point here. The revelations or "apocalypse" which comes from the greek word "to uncover/reveal" are these times of all the truths of humanity, EVERYTHING that WE are as a collective coming to the forefront for us to deal with. The world you were born into kept its truths "well hidden" but these things still went on. Psychologically it is about the "shadow" of the human psyche. We cannot change, heal, work with that which we do not know or acknowledge. Everything in the external reality is a reflection of the internal reality. It is all us out there. There is darkness and light in us. We are all capable and have the capacity for evils. Some of us CHOOSE not to act on them, free will, but we have the capacity for it. As a collective we are denying our own evils by projecting them onto other beings, people, corporations etc. In my opinion, the more "depravity" we see, the more we are coming to a place of acknowledging our own evils and working to change them. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge. Let me ask you this Sir, the sexual abuse of the catholic church was hidden when you were born. Would you still have it that way also? I doubt you would….

  97. Die Antwoord is really satanic. Even if they're anti-establishment they're still working for the darkness. Butterflies and upside down crosses everywhere, "then I got caught up with the mark and the beast" several 6's behind him when he says that. Also the beginning sounds like a horror movie soundtrack.

  98. the author so missed the subtleties of the intro while being too preoccupied with noticing a lack of "typical" illuminati symbolism and concluding that the band seems ok.

    there are 3 clear metaphors there:

    1. the hyenas eating rubbish are the people who "feed off" this pop rubbish by appreciating it and becoming fans of it/ wasting time with it

    2. the shop owner chilling with his black panther are the big illuminati record companies that cannot be ripped off or loose because of the little dark helper

    3. the stop sign/robot comment makes me think of mind control and/or subliminal messages: the color tells you what to do.

    • Consider that in South Africa, it is very common to refer to stoplights as "robots". ๐Ÿ˜›
      Nothing really strange there, it's just linguistic differences at work.

  99. I have a quick question if any one can answer me on this…..Why in the mural the beast is crapping on the Black Eyed Peas….Is it because they dont want to be apart of it or that they refuse the oath or it's just a comical thing or just they are about to be has been please answer me this.

  100. It's Performance Art. And bloody fun, too.

    Seen them 4 times since 2010 and each times its been an absolute blast.

    Their early stuff was interesting and fun too, they truly commit to the characters.

    Can't wait to see what they do after Die Antwoord.

  101. I'm sorry to break it to you but there is no "beating the industry" at this point. The industry is bloodline now-meaning people who "make it" are either directly connected to elite families, or have been under the control of elite families for generations. Any artist who get's massive airtime has signed on the dotted line one way or the other.

    A band like Die Antwoord would not even be known about if they were a real threat to the paradigm. Think about it.

  102. I personally think the lyrics are the tell tale sign. They are ridiculing status quo mind control rap and artists. In Evil Boy they make reference to one of the biggest truths behind lyricism that can be revealed. What you put your heart into rhyming lyrics, they become true. They manifest into reality right before your eyes over a short time. This is the Holy Grail of true lyricism. The mind control rap that Vigilant Citizen exposes; has no substance to it- and in fact is utterly empty and devoid of any authenticity. And when you can make sense of it, its references to materialistic and lower states of consciousness. To me it looks like they are upset that they were used by Interscope and completely picked up on their mind control game, and quickly went into action to fucking skewer it like no artist has yet. But juries still open obviously. More info is needed before we can absolutely conclude anything

  103. Wouldn't it be a conspiracy to create and have a bunch of conspiracies?

    It's just hard to tell what's even going on sometimes!

  104. They just make bad music and bad music videos.

    Analyzing their stuff is like analyzing a burger.

    They are not as "cool" as they claim to be either. They're just rude posers. Plain and simple.

  105. Thank you so much for this article, without it I'd never have heard of this brilliant group… freshest shit I've heard or seen in ages, echo cares what their motives are, they a are original, dark, funny and edgy, these sort of groups are what makes the net special.

    As for symbols, nwo blah blah, cognitive bias is rampant in this site.

    Thanks anyway though :)

  106. It may be an authentic statement, but it's definitely not music. I'd just come from listening to the Dubliners and that song was like a fork scratching a frying pan. I'm all for taking a stand against any evil happening in the world; there are many artists who manage to do this in a truly artistic way, without being grotesque or perverting an art they are supposedly defending.

    In my opinion the music released at the moment should be avoided altogether, along with the rest of the entertainment industry.

  107. Music has always been inherently "evil" at least the music that actually makes people and stand up and take notice, let's not forget Elvis was considered immoral and satanic in his day….for swinging his hips, and playing black music…..

    people (mainly the god bots) need to get over themselves and need to stop coming to sites like this, just so they can be shocked at how depraved the world is.

    Guess what? there are much more depraved things happening every day, often in the name of religion (nearly always one of the big 3 Abrahamic religions)

    Why isn't music nice and flowery?
    because the world isn't, has never been, and will never be….

    I'm mean shit if this offends you, you'll probably have a heart attack listening south of heaven or dead skin mask by slayer….

  108. Apparently they consult a Wicca board to 'write' their lyrics for them… They are in the occult, and rebel against conformity because they can.

  109. You can not extinguish fire with fire

    – We must watch out about the ones who say's they're anti-this-kinda-of-shit that just puke us more and more shit and simbology.

    – The time that people search God with their mouth and deny him with him acts is in our front.

    And I'm not saying these Die Antwoord’s are wrong, but they can be sincerely mistaken about who they serving.

    Peace homies …

  110. I just need to get this out there. I live in South Africa and know that most tourist visiting from other countries have this idea that we have wild life roaming our streets and that the big 5 can be viewed from their airplane seat on the airport run way as soon as they have landed. There is no symbolism in the wild animals on the street, I would say it is a rip off of the misconception people have of South Africa and Africa as a whole. As for the flyers on the walls and the abortion signs, have any of you been in one of South Africa's city centers???? It really does look like that with flyers of prophets and penis enlargements all over the place. There also are surgeries offering "safe abortions" in building that look like they should be condemned.

    I am not a big fan of Die Antwoord, and frankly they disgust me, but their Fatty Boom Boom video made me laugh so hard. Big ups to them for sticking it to the man!

  111. Have you looked at the imagery in Die Antwoods "Baby's on fire" and "Fink u Freeky"? this is thier own lable (zef) but same stuff- dolls, kitten prints, lion being clubbed, goat heads over beds. Product placement….. Curios that they went from songs about why the worlds in the state it's in to songs about making money !

    Oh hey and have you looked at "Tommorrowland?" awesome.

  112. Proudly South African band!

    They really do stick the middle finger to the Music Industry. Even when they are receiving an award, they astonished alota people.

  113. If this spat with Gaga was legit, why would those in power publish the opposition's message? This is contrived bullshit, meant to gouge out the third eye of those who are awake so you are chanting along with every other little slave on the planet. Their imagery is interesting from an artistic standpoint but its' message is status quo. Enjoy the nightmare.

  114. Being anti-illuminati and anti-gaga are the only good attributes of this group. They are a disgrace to our country. We have so many good artists here that send out positive messages and this is the one that gets the fame? What is the world coming to?

  115. are there no pics of the month anymore? i've been staking for this and it's almost the second month

  116. Yeah I think its all fake they have all kinds of symbolism in the video if you look at the dancing in the black its all tribel dancing and images of the occult in the back ground. I think they are trying to get the few folks that hate Lady Gaga but are easily fooled none the less.

    The beat is dope so I would listen but be aware of the real plot.

    Peace out!

  117. Instead of saying "OMG THERE IS BAPHOMENTS THE ARE SHIFTY" it is clearly shown that that's how they are represent the industry, because that's the reality of it. How do you read VC and not understand that.

    I, for one, love Die Antwoord and it's big middle finger to the industry and its puppets and it realistic views on the industry.

  118. I don't buy it. I think it's all about not sounding and being a sell out to the industry. A lot of their music is still questionable to me.

  119. Well, i will reserve my comment for the future! But i hope this group can maintain their grounds and not be shakened!!! Thumbs up VC! Keep these articles coming! I was wandering if there is an article on those sportsmen and women!

  120. I don't like them. Their work is not enjoyable to me. They are wrong about Gaga. She clashes with them but she is not superficial and lame. She upstages them a bit. I think Gaga is over promoted and I am a little sick of seeing her but I don't agree with what they are saying nor do I agree with their disrespecting her.

    These guys don't like being told what to do. They are true artists and I highly respect that. As for anti-illuminani though I am not sure. Artists want to express their art. Some personality types can't be controlled. As you see by their videos these are non conformists.

  121. you know what makes me most sceptical about this? The fact that everything about the song, the video etc is so "good". The video is not just them being crazy, no it is all on point and makes sense in an abstract way. The video is extremely well done, so is the song. It has such a catchy hook, and many catchy phrases. I actually really like the song from an entertainment/artistic point of view. Ive listened to some interviews of "die antwoord", the girl seems to always be extremely confused and the answers they give dont seem thoughtful at all to me. Also, besides them saying the music industry sucks i dont find much valueable information in their message at all. Also the fact that they used to dress completely different and be way more conservative doesnt seem right to me.

    To me it seems like a high possibility that this whole group is some kind of project/experiment and that there are far more people involved in their art than just these two group members. As it was mentioned before already, I think the rebellious attitude is just used to gain sympathy from a certain clientele of people and lets face it the market for people who believe in a world conspiracy and in satanism in the music industry etc etc has become pretty big over the last past years thanks to the internet.

    I dont like that sometimes its portrayed as if the music industry and the people behind it are completely isolated from the rest of the world. Like as if they dont go on the internet themselves and see whats going on there. And of course they adjust accordingly, these are smart people. Btw I do believe in a conspiracy but i do also think that its main weapon is just fear and distraction, I dont even think these people are really satanists (and i have done research on secret societies, ancients myths etc). There may very well be those groups who also do actually believe in satan, do rituals etc, but then i think there is some other mastermind still behind them who just uses this believe system to controll these people. The core of it is to me most likely just a group of people who simply want to gain and maintain power.

    Its like a big poker game and they are the professionals trying to outplay everyone else. You always got to adjust to what level you think your opponent is on. In the beginning it was like they knew their opponents just care about their own cards and dont ask further questions, easy to make money against. But once the opponent starts questioning things and actually tries to figure out what cards you are holding based on how you act, you need to adjust your strategy and act exactly the opposite with a given hand to what you think your opponent thinks you will act with it.

  122. I have known these people along time and they are anything but fake. They are overwhelmed and excited for the joy they have brought to millions….plus the money is a little bit of an upper too. Yet they would rather enjoy their main love, which is each other, in their homeland and not this mess that we call free.

  123. Little monster on

    She asked them to open for Born This Way ball.

    I like Lady Gaga and I think they're just attention seekers.

    Oh, why don't you analize Christina's video "Your body"? She just put up new album, you know?

  124. If you really think the elite have been so into the occult for centuries without actual cause, you are sorely mistaken. Demons exist, I am sorry to break it to you.

  125. What all of you seem to misunderstand is that Die Antwoord are performance artists. This means they are playing characters. They are not Zef. They play at being Zef in order to critique the larger society. They not only critique South African society, but also American. These guys are brilliant artists creating personas that allow them to subtly and often hilariously get us to engage in discussions about sexuality, race, politics etc… They are not illuminati. They are making fun of people who think the illuminati exists. They are also making fun of the artists who all you guys think are illuminati. Die Antwoord is equal opportunity in that everyone is fair game for their criticism.

  126. Kinda amazed how many of you are blinded by religion here. Luciferian this and that. Why do you feel the need to worship the deity of a 2,000 year old bronze age group of people? Why is it that when a person states that they have no belief in a deity (a made up daddy figure who lives in the clouds and tells you what to do/think/be?) that person is labeled as crazy?

    Use logic. Critical thinking skills. Read as many books from as many sources as you can. Understand that scientific theory is not your enemy. Religion is the mind killer.

  127. same puppets its all a lie they found different ways to keep infecting our brain withs their evil messages this band is full of bad energy. same lyrics about . racism , homophobia a freaking cliche

  128. You people do know that artists of every accord enjoy occult symbology to charge or add depth and narrative to their works, just because an artist uses a few pagan or masonic symbols does not usually bind them to this so called power people have called the illuminati , they could be doing it for there own initiation into the mysteries.

  129. – this is a really nice song/poem the lyrcis in my opinion are the inspiration behind the current die antwoord personas to get a message across:
    Nobody feels me quite as much as I feel myselfMax Normal: The baddest public speaker, Sub-funk from the aether, to pump through your speaker Play, play fans you chose the wrong pot to piss inYou work for us, man. Here's your job description:Love us more than anything in your lifeWe don't play games, drop names, pull strings or biteAsk nothing of us save that which is practically beneficentTo you and your quest for complete self sufficiencyChoose the quickest way between two points Don't waste your energy on bullshit interactionDon't be scared of anything except letting yourself downOut-do yourself, work harder than anyone else… nowMake very clear distinctions between parasites and creatorsBe a creator instead of a second-hand artificial flavourDo not concern yourself with anyone's opinion of your methods, save your ownBe three steps ahead of everyone, I promise you'll make it homeDo not sleep too much,Be firm yet supple, use me as a weapon, Max Normal flirts with trouble, Put me on the front-line. I cannot be destroyedYou know the deal, anti-personnel spells get deployedMake our music as available as possible, the shit is d.i.y. So fuck with it if you feel you got the skill.Do not try to be clever, rather direct and practicalFuck fancy construct diagrammaticalThe free-radical, lone hitman for hirePower-hungry liars fan the fireTreat people who do not understand what we do with the least amount of energy as possibleLive it, don't give in, be original, even when you aren't, Make your mom proudTake us all over the world, we like to travelSteer clear of dead things you never know, you might unravel Your hidden secrets, young descendants of EveWork the hardest at becoming entirely independent of meUtilise me as you would a product, here comes the best bit:Invent the future – then manifest itKeep yourself in check, sir. Don't forget it, decide exactly what it is that you wantThen go out and get it without requiring anything of anyoneSpark something new that'll last foreverDon't go to them, let them come to youDo not underestimate your value, start representingWhen my mom send me into this world she sent a blessingThis job description could be translated as: how to manage an explosionStay invisible till you invincible then set your plan in motionThis is war, we battle demons, become the perfect assassinDo not endanger the unit by being anything less than perfectChannels are open, do not be afraid of this but noticeStepping through these channels is dangerousCorporate giants can't fuck with the link between our art and our clientsSo come on, freak us out, be defiant and non-compliantAnd above all things be honest, even if there's no end in sightAnd know that I will defend this shit with my lifeHave fun but know that having indefinite fun requires meticulous maintenanceI've been ridiculously inconspicuous but now I'm sick of the painkillers I'm here to bring the pain, let us avoid stagnation at all costsStep lively, do what you say, kick information that'll lastKnow that I do not perform for people, I make music that I loveAnd it's wonderful to watch people in love

  130. I'm a bit disappointed with this article. First off, I don't think they are bashing the pop culture for attention, notoriety, and or loyal fans.

    "How can they be against Interscope when they still have evil symbolism in their other videos?".Um has it crossed you guys minds that MAYBE just MAYBE they were mocking and or exposing the media this whole time? Don't forget that while they WERE down with Interscope, they had symbolism in their videos because of them.. so those times shouldn't even count.

    I think they are unique and when they formed, they wanted to bring that uniqueness to the table that is the music industry. I don't think they're being these try-hard's they're made out to be. If they were, they'd be doing all kinds of shit for publicity. All I ever see them do is drop albums and videos. Very few interviews here and there. They're not showing up to music awards with fucking meat dresses and shit. They've shown up to events wearing normal things. Maybe a little colorful but nothing so attention seeking..not to me at least. And even if they did, well then they're just keeping true to their image. Imagine they showed up to an event wearing classy suits and dresses? People would automatically think "Wow okay so all that weirdness was just a stunt?". I guess they're going to be judged anyway right?What I don't get is this, a lot of you on this site come here to complain about the evilness of current music artists and all. You bash them and everything (which i guess on some level they deserve) but when we see artists going against the media, you bash them too. Like, what the hell? Pick a side. You guys are never satisfied.

    • and also, I strongly believe hat all this "satanic shit" is too wake you guys up. It's so painfully obvious that they're just trying to alert the masses. Obviously people would question them, and by that they want you to question everyone else. Think about it, no one would listen to someone warning them about the media if they weren't as controversial as Die Antwoord. They need to be controversial so they can get a point across. Whether they ahve to do it in a good way or in a a bad way. Be grateful they want to help

  131. Omg this is horrible! No wonder interscope tried changing them! You'll all harp on and on about how the top artists are generic and talentless! And you'll endorse this bullshit! Unbelievable!
    This group is massively jealous of todays industry nothing more! No way are these clowns becoming successful!

  132. If you need to decode Die Antwoord with an archetype, how about the Trickster? Think Loki, Eris, Coyote… Die Antwoord is pure Tricksterism on a symbolic level. Why do you think the Illuminati has any easier of a time time figuring out Die Antwoord than you do? If you think that releasing an album or having 18 million YouTube hits is proof of being Illuminati controlled (because obviously if they weren't Luciferian tools they would be suppressed) well this website showed up pretty high in a Google search… hmmm, kinds makes you wonder, doesn't it? Don't believe everything you think.

    The universe is a vast hall of mirrors, you have as much power over the Illuminati as they have over you (and why is this true?) so please don't cling to the comfort of being a victim. Perpetrate something, bitchez! Reality is what you can get away with…

    Ninja: Fok the system, we have our own system.

    Yolandi Vi$$er: My system pumps off it's fokken face!

    Step into my world – Now you home in paradise!

  133. I can’t say I like them, prefer not to listen to them. As Afrikaans person, I can tell you nobody swears as bad as the Afrikaner. It is sometimes difficult to explain, it is blunt and disgusting, if you really want to swear at someone with passion behind it do it in Afrikaans. For this reason, and the spirit of rebellion I will not recommend this music to anyone. If you are God fearing this is not the music you want to listen to.

    Thank you for your work

  134. BeneGesseritSister on

    I believe they are sharing insight to the issue of SATANISM VS. LUCIFERIANISM.

    DA being Luciferians. There is more Luciferian symbology that I can see….

    Sorry if someone said that already…there are so many comments on here– Way to go VG!

  135. I don't think they are doing anything original when it comes to straying away from the Illuminati. In some of their past videos they make references to butterflies (enter the ninja), for some reason they like rats, and they also have a scene with them praying in the beginning of one video (kind of mockingly if you ask me).

    They may not be in it with the big names but I still think they are part of the agenda.

    • Hi! I had quit listening to music after reading about what scumbags the industry breeds, and about the one eye stuff, etc. I really enjoyed Die Antwoord, after listening to them on this site. They have made me interested in music again, and South African culture. (my wife is East African)

  136. I won't even buy any form of rap or hip-hop as its a load of satanic bull! But the again when rappers compete against one another, the one with the wittiest answer is the cutest…and that is where "die antwoord" comes in…having "the answer" on the other rapper's bull…and being above average humans, like us Afrikaners usually are, looks like they do outwhit the rest – at least they are not subjects of the most evil place on earth – Windsor castle!

  137. I'd like to say something about symbols; as you know from this site, "symbols rule the world". Even from an atheist's perspective, it must be understood that symbols can be just as powerful as though they were "real" forces. For many years I was an atheist who did not understand that it did not matter whether or not *I* believed: it only matters that others believe.

    Western culture is permeated by a very distinct belief, that of good versus evil. This has been part of Western culture at least as far back as Zorastrianism, and is seen to repeat through the Abrahamic religions. Through the Western perspective, darkness is always equated with evil, though most people's of the world did not necessarily see it that way before Western intervention.

    In particular, African tribals and South American Indians were considered "evil" through the lens of the conquering Christian-minded Westerners because they often involved and incorporated darkness into their religions. These were played up and sensationalized, but it is difficult to get a real picture of just how "dark" these religions were before contact with Christianity introduced the idea of the sharp division between good and evil, in the first place. There may very well been just as much "light": it is simply that these groups did not divide their world-views using the same symbology.

    Die Antwoord were certainly born into the culturally-defined division between good and evil (as are most South Africans, I'm sure), but live in an area where they may be exposed to other "lenses", so to speak.

    So, what is my point? I suppose I have two: 1) Die Antwoord's "dark" imagery may not be necessarily "evil", even if they are most likely aware that it could be perceived as such, and 2) it is the very division between good and evil which creates Absolute Evil. By imagining the Highest Light, we created the symbol of Deepest Dark…

    There's more to be explored here, I'm sure, but I will have to explore it through my own art and music…

    Just be sure that there are those amongst us posing as "Highest Light" who are actually Dark to their core…so it's not so difficult to understand the reverse: that there may be those posing as Darkness to bring the Light to those who wouldn't find it otherwise.

  138. I follow those guys before Die Antwoord and (of course) now and i want to say that they're genius! and.. you can search for them in YT as Max, The Constructus Corporation and many many other names and… did you know that the voice of the fake ladygaga is Ninja? ^_^

  139. go south_african boy, go!!! :)
    DIE is also a dutch word that means THE
    afrikaans and dutch are almost the same :)
    love die antwoord!!

  140. 5YKworthofcrap on

    According to their own website: ( )

    Die Antwoord is a lovable, mongrel-like entity made in South Africa, the love-child of many diverse cultures, black, white, coloured and alien, all pumped into one wild and crazy journey down the crooked path to enlightenment.

    DIE ANTWOORD are represented by their manager Tony Cuilla (Los Angeles) who also represents Marilyn Manson.

    DIE ANTWOORD are also represented by Michael Jackson's lawfirm in Los Angles / New York: ZIFFREN LAW.

    Nuff said.

    Another band Tony Ciulla manages is "First Aid Kit", have a look at this wonderful video 'Wolf' which is devoid of any grim symbolism:

    Or the band 'Yeah Yeah Yeahs', the one eye depicted on their album 'zero', wow, wonderfully original.
    (…. )

    Why would Die Antwoord choose this manager that is obviously an illuminati fan when they act like loathing anything illuminati.

    Note what Die Antwoord says here: "Die Antwoord is a lovable, mongrel-like entity made in South Africa, the love-child of many diverse cultures, black, white, coloured and alien, all pumped into one wild and crazy journey down the crooked path to enlightenment."

    Unity – Alien – wild and crazy (chaos) – Crooked – Enlightenment

    Illuminati = plural of Latin illuminatus, "enlightened"

    (by the way 'Ciulla' is spelled wrong on Die Antwoord's site)

    So I am sure Josh had it right: 'Just two evils playing Good Cop / Bad Cop'

  141. + listening the lyrics will usually tell u all u need to know about the singer, but i dont have the time to go through their lyrics now. all i can say that the visuals i see here dont exactly make me think happy thought…

  142. I'm not a fan of Die Antwoord, I think they rely to heavily on their "shock value" image and I think that's where their creativity/talent ends. Fatty Boom Boom is Sub-par to Nicki Minaj's 'Stupid Hoe'. Its Pathetic that their getting their name by skewering the "Evil Industry".

  143. Read about them ages ago and first time I saw this video I got physically ill. I am a bit surprised that VC who wrote this article, seemed to have over looked the contradictory symbolism in this video and left the article on such an open note, you are usually much more critical of such issues and symbol laden videos. For everyone else, just remember that in this world, most things are not what they seem and all is almost always just an illusion.

    Maybe they did give the money back or did not accept it – but maybe they were promised something even greater in their eyes or maybe even threatened – who knows!? All I know is that I did not like the video on bit, it referenced to so many different aspects of what is generally still accepted as evil, ill, illicit and stomach turning, for those who do not realise this, your eyes are not yet open.

  144. This is a video that explains "Fatty Boom Boom" a little bit more:

    Also, as far as them "faking it," they're performance artists; their image before with the suits and all was them "faking it" too. They aren't simply music artists, as their image and attitude is as much of a work of art as their music (not saying I'm a fan, just saying as far as their effort into everything goes).

  145. Like we never new it would come to this! Hard times are yet to come. Tracy Chapman says,’sell your soul and keep the shell’. Fruits are not gathered from the thorn bush! Wait upon the lord! Even if ur a sinner wait upon the lord and do not sell ur soul perhaps mercy shall be upon you!

  146. (Part 1 on 6) I could talk about this stuff for hours but let’s make it simple cause Die Antwoord fans are not aware of 1% the stuff i discovered on Waddy Jones over the past years. First off all, anybody from SA cant denied the genius of this man when you rewind back into his career. Come on this guy was doing rap in 1995(Original Evergreens), he played in the movie (Kickboxer 5) the same year. He hard-worked his whole life to share good music with people, people like most of the people i know that just don’t care about clever and gentle music like the stuff he did that never been recognise and even mocked. Die Antwoord wasn’t suppose to be a group but a movie at first, he was running MaxNormal.TV and Die Antwoord was suppose to be a movie side project(Waddy always had side projects). But he turned the movie project into a group. The movie he was thinking about probably started in his mind around 2003 when after he did Constructus Corporation CD, The Ziggurat. Anybody can read what is inside this booklet like me and you, go do it right now.

    • (Part 2 on 6) He clearly saying he is projecting on the future to use "channels" to reach the most people he can to save them from this retarded industry that brainwashing them. He clearly know how to manipulate low vibration frequency too affect the brain(mind) of the listener, he also know how visuals are working on the mind and affect the viewer. He "became the enemy" for a reason, he sacrificed his whole career for that project, he could be famous way before with all those projects he did, i personally don’t "like" Die Antwoord and all the people going all zef, it's make me feel sick, but i respect what he is doing and his reasons to do so. People have tendencies to believe what he says in interviews, stop and listen, this guy is a persona, but he living his persona to the fullest, a clever guy calling himself ninja, come on, go check the 2 first sentences on Wikipedia describing a Ninja. Sabotage from the inside using inconvenient techniques.

    • (Part 3 on 6) They play the evil card to the fullest, even exaggerating it, so they can be accepted in the industry, they infiltring it exactly like the plot in "Constructus" story. Instead of doing a movie, they have bring Kidtronic and Random Boy to life, they created a whole world to play them in. But trust me this guy is almost 40yo, he always been clever and you don’t suddenly become retarded like they do at this age. When you look deeper into Waddy's career you can also notice he is clearly a Buddhism follower, it's a evidence. From the "5" to the Bull logo(Nandi) to the orange suits, too all that "energy" talking, to Yoga, Ying Yang tattoo and clothing, vegetarian stuff etc… The only tattoos he had before covering himself with DA stuff was the one on his arm (a forest) that he is having since as far as i know, 1995. Did you know that this tattoo was hiding covered in the 2 first DA clips he does? "Enter the Ninja" and "Zef Side" videos. Weird ?

    • (Part 4 on 6) Did you know that all his previous career almost been deleted from the internet, most of the stuff back in the day was unfindable, weird? Even now we keep finding stuff he did, some Jazz stuff with Marcus Wyatt, Bruce Cassidy, Ian Hermann etc.. All Jazz musicians with tendencies for Buddhism too, he did movies, commercials and other stuff (in SA, Belgium, France). Why hiding all your career for no reason ? Cause the guy undercover on a mission, and he will play it to the end, even his “friends” like David Choe probably don’t know the real guy behind Ninja, he playing it to the fullest, in shows, interviews, party and even at home. He’s a loner anyways.

    • (Part 5 on 6) Listen to this ( and check out my channel it's filled with old Waddy stuff you will have problems finding elsewhere), its a rare song to find and only a few hundred people have listen to this, and most won’t get it(as DA fans are retarded as any other pop group fans) and this is the point, they reflecting the nasty things people living for, money, sex, greed etc.. they reflecting this shit right in their face, im awaiting the day they tell everyone they are the biggest prank in music history and probably wake up many people on what life and music is really about. But he is clever, and clever people can see beyond the retardness that is Die Antwoord, there is 2 levels of audiences he trying to reach, the retards that are easy to hook and the intelligent people that automatically go deeper in everything in life to get informed(like his own personality).

    • (Part 6 on 6) He clearly states for many years the difference between "corporate", "parasites" and "creators". "We've been sent to save your children’s"(Constructus quote). To finish my horribly log post on the subject, cause i could say lot lot more since I’m almost "studying" this guy, i am not from SA and i found all this and many more myself not knowing SA well (when i started) but just using my logic and brain, people in SA are sleeping for letting people from Canada and USA found information’s they don’t even suspect right in their faces. We could use a hand you know? This guy a mission to smack the industry from the inside (at least give it a try). I might be wrong, but this is how i feel and with all the information i gathered, can't be that wrong. Only thing I’m scared of is, when you play the devil, he’s playing too, it's dangerous for you and all the life’s you have influence on (means us listeners). I will try to keep a eye on this post and share ideas with you guys.

  147. Die Antwoord can also be an anagram for "Ordained Two"

    In their FOK JULLE NAAIERS video, we see Monarch Butterflies all over Yolandi, upside down crosses in the background , 27 (2+7=9 , 3 to the third, i.e, an inverse of the trinity), a 666 on the wall,

    In evil boy we hear yolandi say "I'm a bad ass chick, feel my black magick" and lie down on the bed boy let me light the candles, as she shackles a man and candles light and she draws a pentagram on his chest, also the bed (or symbolically altar) that she lays him down on is red, symbolic of sacrifice,blood etc.

    "Fuck a pen and pad I write my raps with a ouija board Draw a pentagram on your chest wif my lipstick Visions in the mirror heavy zef futuristic"

    Channeling spirits possession, demons etc, self explanatory.

    The DJ throws up the horn hand sign

    In Enter the Ninja Yolandi sings In the hook " I am your butterfly, I need your protection be my samurai"

    could be alluding to the fact that Ninja is Yolandi's programmer/handler.

    back to the anagram of Ordained Two from Die Antwoord… it is looking like they are ordained in Satanism.

    Just my thoughts feel free to discuss

  148. I tend to agree with posters who claim that it's fake.

    The reason I say this is because the song and video are disturbing. And any music which is disturbing actually lowers our vibration, in my opinion. I don't care if they appear to be anti-music industry.

    It's a video I may watch one more time just to try to grasp some of the imagery, but this is in no way music that I would keep on my playlist. It just causes way too much cognitive dissonance.

    And another point is that the Matrix likes to reveal itself. So this being a song that reveals the evil music industry doesn't mean it isn't part of it.

    I appreciate the article to bring my attention to this song. I'll watch the video again, but then put it away and go back to listening to music that soothes my soul and lifts my spirits.

  149. And also, anyone who signs a deal with the devil and tries to get out gets whacked.

    At the very least, Lady Gaga would file a lawsuit. But if anything, it's giving her more publicity.

    So, I'm convinced it's all part of the elite's agenda.

  150. THANKS! After reading this article I went and watched most of their vids. I downloaded all of their music. Die Artwoord is AWESOME!!! I love them for dissing Gaga!

  151. Nobody likes to think they're being conned.Christians argue against the so called Illuminati from a mental reality that was given to them and cultivated for centuries by the Illuminati.The duelistic God/Devil religious concept has been so ingrained for so many generations that it is now unquestioningly accepted as truth.My father believed in it,my father's father believed in it,my father's father's father believed it,and so on and on ad nauseum.Reality created from re-enforcing brainwash for thousands of years.The use of the word "flock" in Christian dogma is not ironic.

  152. I am not 100% sure about them but when you DO make music and want to get popular there are tendancies to slip without you even noticing… after they did notice they tried to do their own thing… I don't know how much they will remain like this though. Remember, they are humans and a bit teribilistic… I like them but i think sometimes they exagerate to promote themselves..

  153. ALSO if I were in a band I would dress sexy because I want to show that I can be sexy and beautiful also, that doesn't mean that OMG! I am satanic.evil.mind controled! It would mean that I just want to look good and even show off my dance moves… I am usually accused that I think too uch and find meaning n everything but some things really don't have that much symbolism!

    ALSO it is easy to criticisebut no-one is fucking perfect!

  154. Oh no, not them too on

    I am South African and when I first heard about the Die Antwoord and also their enter the ninja track I must say I was quite impressed with their individuality and non conforming attitude.

    However, I am so confused about what to make out of this video. It is quite dark but at the same time very unique and funny too. The use of symbolism is worrying and may give the impression that they have fallen on the way side.

    If they have switched sides then this is obviously part of the larger Illuminati agenda but still an evil agenda nonetheless.

  155. I'm a South Africa citizen and The Antwoord is quite big here. One of their songs, not too sure which one, was played on 5fm Radio Station a few months ago. It was played backwards and actually recited a "Potjie Kos" (A South African-style food dish) recipe, which I found extremely hilarious!!! They are genius and their music videos are obviously satire to the whole Music Industry which is a good thing as too many people are placing fear into themselves with all this subliminal messages, occult symbolism etc. Big ups to Die Antwoord for representing SA!! We can be aware of what is happening in the music industry but that doesn't mean it has to consume us!

    • Oh man, I forgot what song that was, but it was BRILLIANT to find that it played that when backtracked. Much as I don't like DA's music, I really like Waddy and Anri as performance artists — they're amazing at this.

  156. If they are against the system, they are portraying it wrong. We need good in this world not additional weird negative shit. Over these people. Ridiculous.

  157. Whether for or against Illuminati, the video was incredibly disturbing…IDK what on God's green (turning brown) earth I just watched.

  158. What? Are you kidding me? Looks pretty satanic to me. I don't care how you cut it, this video gives me a lot of unease. My vote goes for controlled opposition.

  159. All I know is that that picture of that "Monster" on the wall of Nicki Minaj, Kanye, Pitbull and whoever else that was looks exactly like the "Whore of Babylon" picture that the archeologist in "The Omen part 2" found on the wall and Desmond Tutu is no coincidence either. I think it symbolises him trying to drive out that element that has also unfortunately now infected Africa.

  160. Also the black panther is a symbol like the lion: pride and independence.
    Michael Jackson used the panther in his anti-occult ending from Black and White!

  161. at age 60 , you might think i wold hate these guys , but nope- they got the dope, so there's hope.
    i seen all the bands since hendrix and i say they are the real shit kids.
    they also worked with director Harmony .. cant recall his last name – but he did the crazy underground vis- Gummo.
    i say the kids are alright. punk is not dead- it just smells funny.

  162. So Die Antwoord are against some evil people in the music industry. But they too are monsters. Different, but neverthless monsters too. I resent this disguisting false insinuation that they are against evil.

  163. Firstly, Lady Gaga asked for them to open on literally 2 or 3 dates in South Africa. Also, it was not for her Monster Ball tour, it was for the Born This Way Ball tour.

  164. What one has to remember is that this goes beyond government takeover. They follow a spiritual/occult philosophy that points toward Lucifer/Satan, their "light bearer". When you realize that, you can easily see
    who is against, who thinks they are against, and those that follow willingly. You may stand against
    corruption, but you may have a religion that the elite partake of, meaning it is of Satan; one may
    be atheist and stand against corruption but despise religion and Christianity altogether, which means
    one is still following Satan.
    The trap is a massive web that Satan has had more than enough time to put together because he knows
    that there are various ways to appeal to mankind. This is not about mankind opposing corrupt powers. Die Artwood is still promoting the industry or Satan if Jesus is not primarily their focus. I doubt they are Christian but that does not mean they may never be, but just because you speak against one evil does not mean you aren't following another. These elitists don't care who they appeal to or defect. They know that as long as God of the Bible is out of the picture, you can do and say what you want, but you still will be on their side in the end.

    The point in all of this is for Satan to take as many lives with him as possible, deceiving
    even those that believe he will grant them immortality and power just to spite God. Persecution
    has already started, been going on but will be primary when the Roman Catholic Church takes center
    stage once again under the United State's backing. The last church are the only true opposition
    to the corporate, political and pagan/religious paradigm that has be set up, and many lives may
    paint that truth in blood just like in the past.

  165. I need help! I love God and I am 8 weeks pregnant with a man that listens to this demonic band. I know I made a mistake by dating and having sex with someone like him but now I don't know what to do. I think abortion is wrong but am considering having one b/c I don't want someone like him to father my child. What should I do???

  166. I freaking love die antwoord every bit of them. I love max normal as well. I saw them live a couple times and they really are amazing performers and don't seem fake at all.. Yolandi ran out of energy n lost her fbreath a few times which never happens to puppets like Miley or Katy..

    A good point as well is die antwoord means THE ANSWER.. I recommend watching other interviews they have no problem calling out interviewers.. Literally yolandi actually got pisssed at an interviewer for implying she was a young stupid girl not knowing what she was doing. Which if they were behind a record they are trained to dodge triggering questions They have said they will do 5 albums and then have another project. I'm a die hard for them for real. Most of there performance pieces are making fun of money really look into them

  167. justinbonnethealings on

    What a bizarre slant. A band can be 'manufactured' (in the sense that they adopt an image or brand or look or style etc) in order to sell records, without being "illuminati", surely.

  168. I think it's very clear they are pro illuminati as they wil be featured in the upcoming pro transhumanism movie "chappie" and if you look at their album covers you can see where their loyalties lie.

  169. I'm just not entirely sure, I'm sensing some as above so below ish movements when Yolandi keeps throwing her hands pointing up. Twice during the video she points down, once when she's like "here I am" I mean it makes sense in the context though.
    Plus obviously even if they are against the agenda, they seem to thoroughly know what's up

  170. They are real. Kanye, all the others, typically have songs written by one person, recordings done by another, tons of auto tune and I say, that is NOT Kanye's music, it is property of the music industry.

    Die Antwoord writes their own music, lyrics, no auto tune, no layering. They even do their own murals. BTW, they did collaborate with a costumer for this video, LOVE the black (asian) hair dress with white face.

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