There are so many Illuminati videos coming out that it is hard for me to keep up. This is therefore an express two-in-one, to prove that the “Agenda” is still being pushed to a increasingly young public. We will look at Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair” and Rihanna’s “Who’s that Chick”. Both videos use the occult and mind-control related imagery discussed in previous articles.

Willow Smith’s Whip My Hair

Willow Smith was the subject of a  recent mini-article entitled Willow Smith: Next Illuminati Star? ,where we’ve asked if she was the next “Illuminati star” based on some revealing pictures. Well what had to happen happened: her first video Whip My Hair is out and, as expected, there are some not-so-subtle hints to Illuminati symbolism and mind control.

Absent minded children acting as if under mind control

The video is set in a school which looks more, in my  like a mind-control institution. The children are all dressed alike, acting in a robotic matter, as if they were lobotomized. Then comes little Willow to free these kids with the “liberating” sounds of…commercial pop music.

Checker board pattern floor ever present

The entire video is set on a Masonic checker board pattern floor, which, as we have seen numerous, is a unmistakable symbol of Illuminati control. As if to prove the importance of this symbol and to state that its presence is not the product of aesthetic randomness, the Masonic floor was prominently featured on Willow’s first  TV performance on the Ellen Show.

Illuminated checker board pattern during Willow’s performance at the Ellen Show

Rihanna’s Who’s that Chick

Willow’s older look-a-like at Jay-Z’s Roc Nation record label, Rihanna, is still churning out videos with subversive symbolism. There are actually two versions of the Who’s that Chick video, a “Day” and a “Night” version, who are very similar, yet opposite. One thing is however constant, both versions are overloaded with Masonic checker board patterns.

The “Day” version is a red and white checker board overload while the “Night” version features the classic black and white pattern

The “Day” version depicts positive and colorful imagery while the “Night” version is  creepy and dark. Coincidentally, this is exactly what the checker board pattern represents in Masonic symbolism: the opposition of light and darkness, of  positive and negative energies, of good and evil, etc.

A Masonic tracing board featuring the checker board floor. Notice the sun and the moon above each pillar, representing day and night.

There are also many “semi-subliminals”.

I agree, skulls are indeed sexy…oh no wait, no, they are more a representation of the cult of Death our pop culture keeps pushing. This appears for about a fraction of a second, causing an subliminal association between “sexy” and “death”.
Rihanna happy versus Rihanna Illuminati

The video finishes with a creepy Doritos dude (because, yes, the whole thing is a  presentation of Doritos…*cough*) concluding it.


In Conclusion

These videos are obviously aimed at a very young public (pre-teens and teens), who are not yet intellectually equipped to decipher the symbolism.  The aim is thus nothing more than desensitization.  Young people, if Rihanna says “I just wanna dance, I don’t really care”, you should do the same, right? No, you’re smarter than that.




  1. It's sad knowing that these famous personalities we've always adored have turned into puppets.

    How I wish there was no hidden agenda to it, but….


  2. The constant imagery and camera focus of willows mouth (even added the jewelry to accentuate it) is disturbing. It seems to be she is being branded EXACTLY like her adult pop star influences at the young age of nine years old. Why can't they just let children enjoy innocence?

  3. I wish you would have did a more in depth analysis of Willow's video. That would be interesting to see/read.

    • What would be the point of that? It would be a waste of space and time. Watch the video yourself. It is not extremely esoteric like most videos he comments on. Stop relying on Vigilant to show you every damn thing. "Do an article on this". "Do an article on that." That is all I see in the comments. This is to all of you; Do your own research and come back to Vigilant to compare and contrast your findings. Enjoy his work, but do not and I repeat DO NOT rely on VC to feed you when you have the ability to feed yourself. I laugh at the people who claim to see the truth, when all they are doing is following the crowd. Once a sheeple, always a sheeple.

      • GO TELL IT ON DA MOU-TAIN BROVA! No seriously he's right! Vigilant only one man, knowledge is power and strength is in numbers. Therefore knowledge in numbers is ULTIMATE POWER!

      • look. be glad that people WANT to know, your disgust is unnecessary. I also would like VC to analyze more videos so I can LEARN how to spot the symbolism myself. as we watch him dissect the videos, we learn how to do it ourselves. there is nothing wrong with asking for help from a tutor. dont assume that we all want to be spoonfed by VC, you've gotten angry for nothing. and yes there are some who just want to be spoonfed by VC but some of us ARE doing research.

        im just saying, be happy that ANY of us want to open our eyes, lazily or diligently. because there are plenty people who would rather not read anything from this website or others like it.

  4. wow…i have been looking at this stuff for the past couple of months, and its freaky and creepy. and to top it off…its in your face!

    • Looking at the content from the Mother Spirit blog, I am totally shocked. Initially checked out the whip my hair vid & couldn't detect any outright occultic/illuminati imagery apart from the masonic floors.

      No way, in my wildest imaginings, did I ever read Celtic Rebel's interpretation into Willow Smith.

      I don't want to believe it, my mind can't reason that Will Smith & Jada could be their own children's handlers. But then I remembered a few years ago, how Will said ''I can do anything. Even become the president of the U.S.A, if I wanted to,'' and it makes sense to me now where he gets these convictions from.

    • @Pirouette hey i would like permission to read your blog about the willow smith video. how can i get an invite, the site says "It doesn't look like you have been invited to read this blog. If you think this is a mistake, you might want to contact the blog author and request an invitation."

    • I understand the concept of the initiative, but what's with the barcode? It just comes off as commodification of life. Does this allude to microchipping, perhaps?

      • good observation and it could also be alluding to the fact that willow is considered a product to be sold to pedophiles, just scan the barcode to find out how much papa and mama are charging for her hourly services. hate to say it like that but hell the truth is ugly

    • That picture is disgusting!! I used to love the Smiths. They will never see even $1 from our house again.

  5. And you're spot on about the Ellen performance. If the checkered floor was not a big deal in the video, then why use it prominently in the live performance? Along with the color blue…

    • Great observation noticing the blue lazor light across the screen. Also did you notice the ble light during the Ellen performance pictured up top hmmm !

      • Yes, I noticed the blue light in the video and the Ellen performance. Not sure what it means, but I speculate it could point to programming of some kind.

    • They are all in on it, they are really thinking all of us are stupid. Just putting the same colors and ideas on each video like we won't see the resemblance.

  6. I think the articles should've been more in depth. Every article should have in your face fact. Remember, you always have new viewers, so you have to ask yourself, if a new viewer read this, would they believe. When I first started reading your articles, VC, I was blown away, because the facts were irrefutable. In this case, you only mentioned vague topics, which the average mind may say is a coincidence.

    • I hear what you're saying, but VC explains all of the symbolism in his featured articles. These are just short posts to reiterate what's already been stated.

  7. I noticed that Willow whipped her hand to make the mano cornuto, A.K.A. "Horned Hand". That "I whip my hair back and fo", was really irritating! I think it was quite hypnotic, because I remember hearing something about whipping your head back and forth damages your brain, so her handlers are saying, "Destroy your brain, your mind, that is what we want to control!" Then she pulls of that fake smile as if she was really happy. (The producers must have realized that the video wasn't in the least liberating, and rather oppresive, so they made her smile to "lighten it up") That poor little baby in the video!!!

  8. The scene in Willow's video with the robotic acting children at lunch is eerily reminiscent of Michael Jackson's music video "they dont care about us" (prison version) which was thought to be the video that upset the Illuminati and caused his death. The video showed previously mind controlled inmates beginning to rebel or "breaking free".

    • The color tone of the video is also a steely cold blue, which to me represents robotic and cold and monotonous. When Willow comes along, with the message of the NWO, everything is colorful which says "hey we have what you need to be cool and hip."

  9. I just hope some of my most fav artists who are new and upcoming never succumb to this. I love U2, but I'm pretty sure they have already been tainted. However, please keep Black Stone Cherry and Ryan Star pure! :sigh: Because of the state of the industry, I don't really want them to be that big. That's something to think about. Of course I would want to wish people success, but if it means selling your soul, then it's not worth it.

    BTW, did anyone else hear the reporter on NBC say before the President's speech today that the voting outcome (more Republicans) could mean a New World Order. What the…!!!! So that was just an accident…yea right.

    • Sorry Chloe! Virtually all Popstars and Celebrities are N.W.O. pushers. When I first found Vigilant Citizen, however, I thought that Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, ect were bad. But doing further research, I found out that even if they were doing evil, they were trained sadistically and brutally to do so. I feel sorry for all mind-control victims, even if they themselves become pedophiles/murderers. What their handlers do to them is unthinkably horrid. Such horrendous actions should never occur on this planet.

      Voting Democrats would do the same to! Paul Bonacci, Michael LaVey, Bryce Taylor, and Cathy O'Brien all have very insightful stories about their suffering as victims. Democrat or Republican, the president is evil.

      • So, you've tracked me down. I'm just curious what's your beef with old Ickey anyways. I think he's a great source of information, just about everything he says resonates with me and my beliefs. On top of that he doesn't subscribe to a religious dogma a la "christianity". He practices real journalism and encourages everyone else to do the same, last time i checked he wasn't asking anyone to "follow him". He's not a new age jesus christ or anything. You defending the bible but lets face it, you don't know who wrote it. The bible is the illuminati's practical joke on the masses, they are the true authors, remember their bloodline has existed for thousands of years. They invented Christianity for crying out loud. Everybody knows that aliens wrote the bible geez, they are the illuminati. On top of everything why even bother defending it. The bible doesn't give you any power, on the contrary the bible asks human beings to submit their power to something outside of themselves. All that praying and worshiping, who do you think all that energy goes to? That's right, your alien overlords.

      • Track you down? LOL!!! Whatever you say dear.

        We are at an impass. You were given free will and can use it however you choose! Peace! And stay away from the bad stuff….it's real.

      • Impasse shimpasse, we don't have to argue. I just like to look at things from different angles thats all (I was once considered a "christian" myself). You're free to question my beliefs as I am yours. That's what makes life so beautiful :).

      • Very well said O.B…People like you make my day…when i read your comments…i know there is still faith in humanity..we could be rescued. Do you have any blogs where i can follow you any links thanks..

        please keep commenting…i like comments who go beyond obvious conspiracy…the point you said alines wrote the bible were point on..aliens are in control of this earth…they further divide humanity by confusing themselves with devil ..they are same

      • Thanks Jack. I got no blogs, I'm just a curious little reader. But I will keep commenting though, you can bet on that.

      • This is absolute foolishness! The jibberish you just wrote is as silly as the rambling of a materialistic atheist!!! To deny God is also to deny Satan, whom the Illuminati get their inspiration from, and Satan definatly exists. The Illuminati didn't exist until May 1, 1776. They borrowed heavily from Egyptian Mythology, Greek Philosophy, Kabbalah (Not really Jewish), and different forms of Satanism. Latter Illuminati families added Eastern Mysticism to their beliefs to introduce Dissociation. Jesus is real, and so is God. Christianity may have been infiltrated by the Illuminati, but it wasn't created by them.

      • The bible is a method of control.. Lets get people to believe and act a certain way while we live by no rules and dominate..

      • I've never heard of such foolishness as aliens writing the bible but what I know for fact is a "man/woman" just like me or you did. I believe in GOD one hundred percent but not the stories written by man..

      • WHo do you belive in? An impersonal energy that demands the physical suffering of eevry kind? Or the God who revealed Himself through humans and you just don't believe Him because you have forgivness issues?

      • I didnt say anything about demanding suffering or forgiveness issues. I can write a paper right now and claim it was inspired by god. And with my knowledge of history Its very easy to not be very trusting of whats fed to me.

      • Don't listen to O.B. There is a place called Heaven, and the only way to Heaven is Salvation by faith in Jesus Christ!!! Bryce Taylor herself even staed that after overcoming her trauma. God isn't some "energy" or universal spirit that's impersonal and devalues humans like the Hindus, Luciferians, Kabbalist, and others say!

      • Yes, right, god is not energy he is a literal manifestation. A human being! Wait….no…he's a god…..O I'm so confused. I have a question if God is an actual person and the supreme being in the universe, who created him?

      • God doesn't have to comform to the natural laws He created. His name (YHVH), gives the impression of an uncreated existence. There are somethings about God that remain a mystery, we will never fathom His transcendant majesty.

        About the "Human Manifestation", A.K.A. the Memra

        God is a spirit, which means He is invisble to the human eye and can do just about anything in the realm of the impossible, according to natural laws. Speaking of natural laws, He has a holiness conduct kown to humans as the Ten Commandments to ensure love and stability among free-thinking individuals, both human and angelic. One of the angelic, however, decided to break these laws, and brought down Humanity as well. He has been given titles by humans, such as Ha-Satan (Hebrew: The Accuser, Advesary), Helel Ben Shachar (Hebrew: Son of Morning), Lucifer (Latin: Light-Bearer((Refering to the Dawn))), and the Devil. In breaking these laws, we have succumbed to Death, that is physical death and spiritual death (Hell). Knowing that no human could live up to this standard, God remeoved Himself of His power and entered in a female human body (by conception and not intercourse). He died sinless in order to remove the curse of death so that one may have eternal life (Heaven). That human manifestation is Yeshua (Jesus).

      • You think that because I'm a spirit-filled Christian that I can't tell a wolf from a sheep???? Tim LaHaye, Ted Haggard, Billy Graham, Jesuits, all of them ILLUMINATI!!! She can talk the talk, but does she really walk the walk she speaks of????

      • why did I get a thumbs down? I was just expressing a point. I don't think no one even knows who those people are that I named. If ya'll do – wow! In that case, how would you know if they sold their souls if they do not display the overt imagery as these pop stars do? So far, they are accessible and aren't banking at the levels the common mentions here do. Would the Illuminati even want that? They need mass appeal. And that was the reporter who said that about the NWO, not me. Just passing it along and thought it was a coincidence that they would say those three words before a major press hearing with the President. It was a little suspect.

      • @ Darren

        "God doesn’t have to comform to the natural laws He created. His name (YHVH), gives the impression of an uncreated existence. There are somethings about God that remain a mystery, we will never fathom His transcendant majesty."

        This is a very creative way of saying that you don't have a clue. I have a question, If one does not conform to christian beliefs and choose to worship a so called "God", what does that make them in the eyes of a christian?

      • @ O.B it makes you unbeliever. And from a Christian standpoint all will face God (and Jesus and the Holy Spirit) and give account for what they choose and Satan will be just as glad to welcome you into his "NWO" as he is all the others

      • Got another question for ya. If i suddenly manifested healing powers and walked around healing people and bringing folks back from the dead and claimed I was the son of God, would you bow down and worship me?

      • Umm, no. You didn't come out of the sky like Jesus promised, and there would have to be serious conviction. Call me delusional, but I have felt the power of the angelic, God, and the demonic. I also know people who have seen angels and demons, or have had visions of God ( also gone to Heaven). To tell me that we are lying is just the same as denying that there is such a thing as MK-Ultra, Project Monarch and it's subdivisions, ect.

      • ???

        It's not, and that's not what I meant at all. I don't know, but the whole Arizona Wilder thing opened up a new window for me. It showed me that deprogrammed Mind-Control suriviors have different beliefs. Revelation of a Mother-Goddess? More like the Ramblings of Lucifer! H. P. Blavastky stated that the Universal Mother Spirit/Goddess is nothing more tham a euphimism for Lucifer. Arizona is either:

        A. Seriously needing help

        B. Being used by sick people to get what they want out of the Illuminati

        C. Crazy

        D. A wannabe

  10. I knew the video was symbolic! The checkerboard floor gave it away; they don't need to hide things anymore.

    I'm still keeping an eye out for Willow, to see how things turn out after this "I whip my hair" rage calms down.

      • I didn't say that, but this is a music video. They get to choose what they want to include and leave out, and in this case they showcased the black & white pattern, like they did in the live performance.

        Building tiles are a whole different subject lol.

        But yeah not ALL things are related to the N.W.O.

        I'll try not to overgeneralize in the future.

    • For rihanna's video it has the day and night version side by side i've read about that in the illuminati formula and svali about how when programming individuals they use this technique to further split the mind i.e. for the left eye or hemisphere they have a family movie playing for the right hemisphere they have a gory movie playing , which also causes confusion in the victim's mind. They are confused because what's being shown in one eye contradicts what the other eye is being shown. i.e. a picture of an explosion and war in the background with a "sexy" women in the foreground causes the person to associate war with sexy and/or sex

      another one, used commonly with Disney "princesses" and stars, is where they portray a disney princess such as miley cyrus as a good squeaky clean (sometimes Christian appearance) innocent pure girl then normally around 16 or 17 they "switch" to a bad girl appearance and lifestyle hence the "leaked" photos of oral sex or nude bodies from the disney stars ( zac effron, vanessa hudgens,miley cyrus, etc.)

  11. Going by Revelations 13:16 I would say it has every thing to do with micro chipping.

    16- and he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves, to be given the mark on their right hand or on their forhead

    17- and he provides that no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name.

    So when I see a slogan like " BUY LIFE " We have to buy & sell to live basically. Thats the way we were bread So to get the chip as mentioned in Revelations no one will be able to buy or sell without it. In a way you can look at it as being dead. ( in their world), but if you get the chip, represented here in barcode it's considered " buying life" you need it to live buy food, clothes, shelter etc

    • Www means 666 or world wide web now everyone has phone with GPS we already have the microchip in our right hand our phone everything we buy online or say online is registered and can be traced back to us and in 50 yrs time cash money will not be used so without the mark (phone or microchip) we won't be able to buy anything they have us now and they're never letting go

    • the buy life code immensely creeps me oot. I do use my debt card alot. I feel that when it get to no choice like rfid chip they talk about I will refuse it. sorry at least with the phone I am able to turn it off. that rfid chip in my way will I take nor anyoneelse who I am able to inform. without my smartphone I could not be doing my reasearch and educaring my self.I am deemed for my view points. but this smart phone has me learn about how things really are like I said shirt with no way rfid chip no way.

  12. Devils love to mix SEX & BLOOD. I suppose it is a perversion of LIFE, to destroy rather than preserve and promote. Of course, they serve the DESTROYER.

  13. Essential Truth on

    The demons who designed and worked for this Agenda (NWO) are starting to show their faces. The corporate controlled media is also slowly revealing this plan onto to the world. The informed ones can see it clearly ..but the majority is stuck in the fog.

    Its sad that Will and Jada are exploiting their child for this agenda….but..i guess all these Illuminati Artists and the Soliders in Afghanistan and Iraq and the Israeli Occupation Forces have something in common….they are are being sacrificed for the New World Order.

    • To get things absolutely clear, what this baby girl is doing is the Dutty Wine (demonstrations on you tube) – a dance promoted in Jamaican dancehalls by ladies of questionable morals, hairstyles and dress sense.

      There's a lady in red (the devil?) who keeps appearing doing the dance "properly" (2.39 and 3.32).

      This link shows J-Zee's wife doing the dance – if only the "hair" bit Rhianna can be seen doing "the legs" on her Rude Boy video – coincidence? Conspiracy? So very sad – selling your baby.

      Also makes me wonder what the hurry is. Willow is just 9 years old and her accession to the throne of frame is guaranteed with her pedigree – why not let her be a child for a couple more years – why the hurry?

      • Fist it was homosexuality then Paedophilia and then incest. All promoted in the Babylonian Talmud. The Talmudic Jews just happen to own all the media.

        John 8:20

      • check whip my hair reversed on utube then diy using audacity I cried Its so very sad what theyre doing to children

      • Good post!! Dutty whine….what the??? All I kept thinking was 'summoning' like that creepy lil wayne on stage video. Good call….these poor kids.

      • I know what your talking about (Dutty Wine) and yh the lady in red was definitely doing just that, some serious dancehall queen moves going on too. I was horrified when I realized cause it makes you think how not being alertaware and for those who don't know the move and the connotation how it can be lost on them. Not to mention the piercings that Willow was portrayed to have in the video at just 9 years old. -_-

      • did you know that someone died doing that dance….i think the woman broke her neck while spinning her head around. i also realized that some of the dancers looked possessed when they were doing the dutty wine because it looked like they sped it up…and i only heard the song twice and i know almost half of the words i wish i could get it out of my head

      • yeh its true its the dutty wine she doing but standing up i was in one barber shop yesterday n they was playing this willow smith video on the plasma screen and there was like 2 barber mans and few guys waiting and getting fades and me n two other girls wiv our kids u know everyone was cussing on that shop over it about how shes doing that and shes 9? its not right…..u see some women on passa passa doing that dance there with no knickers on n stuff that isnt what i would want my 9 year old child to be copying like i have 9 year old daughter and she is shocked willow is her age because she dont seem that way on that video….nah man

      • @ Thursday: I couldn't understand your post. Please proof read. I am not being sarcastic in anyway.

      • Yes Renee, I remarked to my daughter that the dance looks just like the dutty wine. Obviously brainwashing of our young children is working, hence the ten year old in Spain who has just given birth to a baby fathered by a thirteen year old. What a disturbing future we are exposing our young to, it does not help the most of the parents do not seem to understand the hidden agenda and do not know the damage that is being done.

      • I'm glad I'm not the only one concerned and worried for this child…and her brother too. I think Jada Pinkett is pushing her kids and Will Smith is passively going along with it. Showbiz is brutal for children, surely they know this. Why wouldn't they let their kids have "normal" childhoods, get their education, and then begin their careers? They have resources to send their kids to the best schools. They could be doctors, scientists, educators, philanthropists…why showbiz? I am so disgusted. Since both parents work and have all kinds of meetings, interviews and publicity that goes along with their work, who is accompanying the children to the movie sets and studio lots and video shoots? Who's protecting the children? I have a bad feeling about this. Jada Pinkett is way too new age-y. Her kids are at risk.

        P.S. Anybody notice how Will Smith's oldest child is not doing the showbiz thing? Could it be because his mom isn't a self-centered Luciferian new age sell out weirdo??

      • Seen her on 106&Park when her video debuted. Had the number 44 written on her hand. When Rocsi asked her what it was about, she just said it’s her lucky number. Anyone on here maybe know the deeper meaning of the number 44? Been to some sites, but there’s sort of mixed reactions, some good, some bad. Any who, just thought I’d mention it. Since coming to this site I know everything has some sort of meaning. Actually thought the video was quite cool (beginning was freaky though).

      • not sure but taylor swift does the same exact thing! but she writes 13 and says thats her lucky number.. weird

      • yo that's pretty freaky! maybe 13 and 44 are taylor's and willow's "programmed" numbers, so to speak.

      • it says in revelation that 'they shall start to refer to themselves in numbers till the number 666'..

        i dont think the numbers that taylor and willow have refer so much to their programming,i think the end has began and they r counting down…or rather 'counting up' to the person who shall be crowned, so to speak,as number 666

      • 4 in mandarin/chinese language has similar sound as word "death"

        4 spells as si and death is si too

        most chinese people never use 4 in building, usually 4th floor is change into 3A or M1 or something like that, and even 13 (1+3=4) change into 14 or P1 or sth like that, because they believe 4 is bad luck, and worse, some people even cut off their family business and sell to outside people before it's being handled by 4th generation

        i still dont get it why she like number 4

      • theallseeingoracle on

        It's like in Japanese where the number four is represented by two sounds Yon and Shi. Shi means death. So yon is used more then shi unless the individual is talking about death.

      • I did see Willow perform on Ellen and it was such a shock not only was the dancing and singing from this little girl and her back up dancers to suggestive for their age . I did notice the checker board floor along with the pyramids on the locker right their in plain sight. It is so sad I see the effects these stars have one the children as I am a mother of two where its a min to min struggle to fight off the mainstream music and TV not to mention movies that influence alot of their behavior and dress and most of all attitude. It seems all the values and morals that have been taught to them from me from the beginning have been corrupted and it doesn't just seem like normal teenage rebellion ether it appears that this generation have lost respect for authority and also for themselves. These children our future and its a scary thought what and how our world will look in the next 10 years

      • time waits for no one and the devil does not have a lot of time left! not to mention she can be an icon for millions of little girls, infecting their little impressional minds in to sheer foolishness just like the rapidly aging miley. problem is her mom and dad HAVE to know whats behind the entertainment industry and they are the main ones promoting willow and jayden!

    • When we first came here, we were cold and we were clear say my name and every colour illuminates and when we come for u, we will be dressed up all in blue! I know that may sound mad but that is a song in the charts just now Florence and the machine, spectrum it goes on to say they are not going to hide it now am I mad clutching at straws or is this just a fad to sell records 2Pac spoke about illuminati before he was killed an it is strange that all artists seem to be showing symbols in pop videos keisha has pentograms and pyramids in her latest video NWO maybe crap music definite!

  14. it's too hypnotic to listen to. To think young minds will be blasting this crap into their heads at full volume is 'slightly' worrying to say the least. :s

  15. Honestly after Whip my hair I really don't see this little girl coming out with anything else…is it just me?

    • Just wishful thinking Will and Jada have sold Willow into the Baphomet agenda, this is just the start, there are millions of young minds worldwide that they want to control she will be a puppet a la Bbritney, Christina, Beyonce who all started young and helped and are still helping to corrupt minds.

    • She's Will Smith's kid, and signed with Jay-z. I'd be a little hard pressed to say she wont be around. This girl is just getting started.

  16. Vigilant, nothing about Rihanna's "Only girl" video? It's set in a Wizard of Oz-style poppy field = drugs, sleep. The evidence hints that you're probably right, but whether or not the poppies in Rihanna's video are definitely a reference to the Wizard of Oz.

    • It's subtle and quiet, probably more pure video than anything else. Not-so-subtle hints to her sexual desirability are thrown in, and there are those strange scenes (especially towards the end) and the constant red lensing throw things off.

      One impression I had while watching it, though: That's probably the loneliest video I've ever seen. Rhianna's supposed to be singing to someone (me? you? some super lover? the devil?) and for the life of me it's like she's gone off into her own world never to come out. The lyrics seem to me to be about being fully consumed in desire with someone (and liking it), and the video shows her psychotically alone. I actually felt sorry for Rhianna as the video ended.

  17. "I agree, skulls are indeed sexy…oh no wait, no, they are more a representation of the cult of Death our pop culture keeps pushing. This appears for about a fraction of a second, causing an subliminal association between “sexy” and “death”. "

    HAHAHA!!! I love you VC!! Awesome article! I was thinking the same thing about Willow's video when I saw the beginning with the robot-like kids. THANKS!!

  18. Wow . It's disturbing how it's EVERYWHERE .

    I like this song , it's catchy and fun but then I saw a comment about ~them~ . So I did some research and saw this . But I also saw in the video before reading this , upside down triangles . Which I think that is against ~them~ . But I'm not really sure what to think now *sigh* . Like I said , it's everywhere , but that doesn't mean when there's this little thing that ~could~ be about ~them~ , it actually is . I mean , why can't it be a coincidence ?

  19. yeah i saw her performance yesterday on ellen i was like oh lord here we go poor child and if yall saw it did yall notice the jackets the dancers was wearing an upside down pyramid and they made it a point for u to see it, it was on the back of the jackets and also i may be wrong but i jus think she was force to start a singing career when ellen ask her about which one she like better singing or acting and she was like i like to act but singing is jus for pleasuries some crazy word she made up and she also ask her do her neck hurts when she do the dance and she reply yeah it does so i was like her parents or wrong for that she is a child and her bones are still very fragil i think if thats how u spell it but u know what i mean like the chick at the top post it was a dance in jamaica call the dutty whine and it is also a ritual dance to people who practice voodoo but i feel sorry for her

    • In case you don't know scientologists make up their own words all the time….it is part of their ultimate goal to dumb down their believers so they cannot recognize the truth even when it is right in front of them

  20. I just hate that when the song gets stuck in your head and your singing it all day long! Like the "whip my hair" when someone sings it, it gets stuck in my head. It's so catchy! The Illumanti sure know how to get those songs stuck in your head. :(

  21. Skulls = Death? In school, we were learning about el dia de los muertos, and our teacher told us that those whom celebrate the holiday see skulls as symbols of life. XD

    (Odd, right?)

    At any rate, I wish you'd go more in-depth into this… But then again, you don't need to. :P It's obvious, and that's what pisses me off. (How can you NOT see that there's something at least /odd/ about the videos? -_-; )

  22. I watched the Whip My Hair video once and it gave me a headache. The kids in the room seemed more like patients in a mental institution who have already been tortured into lobotomized submission. Willow then comes in and dips her hair in a bucket of paint and slings it at all of the kids, making color marks appear all over their formerly all-white clothes. I.e., 'whip my hair' = whip/abuse the patients; splotches of paint splashed on their clothes = blood stains appearing as a result of the whipping. Then the entire video has a 'shaking' effect throughout, to equate with the whipping of one's head back and forth…I actually felt as if I was viewing and experiencing the mental state of mind that one does when they are going through MK-induced trauma and I am 99.99% sure that I have never been subjected to any MK Ultra experiments. So if that's how I felt about it I cannot even imagine the kind of triggers this video sets off in those who ARE MK victims.

    I think VC has been much less in depth lately than he used to be – I certainly don't wait for him to spoon-feed me every little thing, but I like comparing his analysis to mine, seeing a different point of view on what a particular thing means, noting something that I missed, or even thinking 'hey I noticed something that he missed…just goes to show how there really is so much symbolism in everything these days.' I miss being able to do that. However, in the case of Whip My Hair I'm actually willing to give him a pass because of everything I said in the first paragraph. I don't blame him if he got a headache watching the vid too and decided not to watch it ever again, let alone analyze it.

    • I've been wondering about that 'shaking' effect in videos…what's the point of it? If you're right, now it makes sense as to why it's used so frequently in Rihanna's videos.

  23. Another spot on analysis.Thanks for laying it out for us Vigilant. ITA that the illuminati images are becoming more out front than ever. It seems like it's stronger indoctrination to the younger generation, another step towards Transhumanism and brainwashing into the N.W.O. Thank you for helping me becoming more proactive in spotting and understanding the images out there.

    And the song is "catchy".


  24. Man I watched the Willow video (no sound because it is horrible "music") and I was just shocked even though I've been researching this stuff for years. At 3 minutes and 6 seconds there is a literal baby "dancing" with the crowd around cheering. The "singer" is a 9 year old girl dancing adjacent to a full grown woman. This is pedo crap being pushed on us all. Sadly on the comments on youtube you can get an idea of how retarded most people are as there is no mention at all from what I saw of the fact that this is a 9 year old it was all just oh this song is so great this is wonderful I love it. Sad and disgusting.

    • Me from Colombia on

      I was trying to open people's eyes about how horrid this video is. I couldn't believe people were saying that the baby needed her own video! And they told me to eat my keyboard.

  25. There is some 'party' in Holland I think, trying to promote their so-called values of sexual variety.

    One of the things they're trying to push is to lower the sexual age to 12 yrs, so that the kids above that age can have sex legally.

    They are also promoting sex with animals with a term 'variety'.

    Maybe like 15 years ago, gay marriage sounded strange, and now this sounds strange.

    But the same thing might happen, these people will keep pushing until total degeneration of humanity.

    Watch whats happening there, because it will be coming to US near you = SOONER THAN YOU THINK.

    DEstruction of human soul is fast and easy, no effort. Rejuvenation takes forever with lots of faith, through Christ, and lots of fighting with demons and yourself. These people have no clue. There are also trying to promote a whole bunch of other sick stuff.

    I think Willow Smith is there for a reason. Its already starting…….sickkkkkkk

    Wake up!!!!!

  26. So the real question is, as the Illuminati get more and more blatant with their symbolism and rape of human consciousness, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?

      • Ahh…at last something we can agree on! He does have a good point and I promise you there are patriots all across this country that are preparing. thanks for sharing.

      • you didn't tell me dearheart – you called me a moron. And I you, a misfit. But I welcome the conversation nonetheless. The more we converse, the more worried I am about your eternal soul. You hate the illuminati and NWO as do I…..we just disagree on their origins. You – alien warlords. Me – spirit of the anitchrist. Soon enough I'm sure we both will know. If you are right, matters not what I believe. If I am right, you are in for a world of hurt. Forever. you and Glenn… my prayers. Peace.

      • I never called you a moron, what I said was "christians are morons" you just took it personal. Please do not worry about my eternal soul, it is eternal. I assure you it is not worried. The NWO and the Illuminati I do not hate. What I do hate is human igorance which is what has created the very environment for the illuminati and the nwo agenda to even exist. We are the antichrist, our own worst enemy. The illuminati realize this and are simply taking advantage of our unconsciousness. They are but a flea inhabiting upon a sleeping giant which is human consciousness, and they pray we never wake up. But the awakening has already begun!

  27. *Sigh* I used to be Rihanna's #1 fan in the world – trust me. But I just don't what to do anymore, why doesn't she care about her fans…please stop Rihanna, please. She's one of the most beautiful people on this planet, why is she wrecking herself? I swear, what paper and popularity

  28. chaote nineeightseve on

    When are you going to analyze videos of TV evangelists and fundie church services exemplifying Christian mind-control and Christian program reinforcement? Looking forward to your new articles.

    • That would be pretty interesting. Unfortunately, there's alot of false prophets out there who aren't teaching sound doctrine. Alot of these God-is-my-slot-machine prosperity pimps are very popular now.

  29. Did anyone notice in Rihanna's "Who's that Chick: Night" picture the shape the lights make??? Look at the outline of the white light…maybe it's just me. You can see it slightly in the "Night" version but more-so in the day one…

  30. the truth is out the on

    Guys – VC recently got married. He has a life outside this blog. In his defence he is still enjoying being a newly wed. He isn't obliged to do full length articles rehasing the same things. He did post on facebook in case you're wondering how I know about him getting married. So let's appreciate the fact that he is still blogging & the work that he is doing to keep us informed. Even though its probably taking a lot of time from his other obligations.

    • Ah, thats what I kinda guessed. I mean the holiday was obviously a honeymoon.

      Yeah, am very happy for them both.

    • Me from Colombia on

      Hey, "the truth is out there" are you his wife, congratulations! If that's the case.

  31. Even as a teenager, I'm frequenting this site and starting to decode music videos, etc. with illuminati symbolism myself. I have friends doing the same. I don't want to take the chance being desensitized. Thx VC!

  32. Poor kids who have no idea about all this symbolism and just being hypnotized by the videos.

  33. You guys are just as much of a “sheep” as the ones you claim are “in the fog.” You believe all of the things this website sounds blindly. Life isn’t this interesting or even coordinated. Life is just random events, and there are no conspiracies or secret societies. Stop overanalyzing everything.

    • First, we're not following 'blindly', not ALL of us at least. I've done my research not ONLY from this site and have cross-referenced loads.

      How would you know? Tsk Free Masons are OFFICIALLY a secret society. I bet you haven't even been to their official site once to know that more than 10 US presidents are masons (oh wait, or I bet you don't even know they have their own website) and that they are synonymous with their checkerboard symbolism.

      And here you are giving your 2 pence about Life…you can't expect people to take you seriously. I think you should watch this…it's a good video, very apt.

      And Whip Your Hair was the most absolutely, stupid-irritating-meaningless-sounding song I've heard. Pop music is degenerating. It just goes whipyourhair x 100…and my mind was exploding to that already. The video is better – it has a message about manipulation of youth being highly impressionable to Pop music.

      Does anyone have any idea the kind of psychological effects Pop music has? I've only managed to read up briefly on it.

    • I would have to agree with the "you're all sheep" part (most of you anyway). Every article includes people commenting "please do an article about this" or "have you seen that new (lame artist name here) video? I know there's occult symbols in it somewhere." But I bet not one of you has even download the e-books easily available on here or attempted to look up the info yourselves. Just look at the comment/hit count for an article about a rapper/singer/movie and one about vaccines or natural medicine.

  34. Trust this , I have read the vigilant citizen for along time now, the people in the movie and entertainment industry are just nothing but puppets, their real puppeteers shop for the best in the field then convince or force to use their talent to push for their stupid agenda, trust me when i say that the media is going to be the last tool to show the masses what is to happen.

    Why the media, because they are desperate enough for you to support their stupid political, scientific, economical and social ideas. The only way to reach the masses with the plan that has aleady been established is through these puppets who would do anything to support the system because it gives their only source of what I call false hope.

    The entire plan is actually there, America was destroyed when the Columbia faction of the illuminati came over from Frankfurt Germany and took over the financial establishment of the United States. The Red Flag Mayer or the Rothschilds are actually the people carrying the entire plan from 1776 to date, The rockafellers only realized the secret recently.


  35. Wow!! Those rihanna vids are really creepy! Day and night?? I think it also refers to the 'as the above so below' philosophy.

    About the checker board pattern, artists are overusing it! It's everywhere! Even if they don't know what it means (or just don't care), they use it. Look at trey songz's bottum up vid, at cee lo's forget you vid or at jay sean's down vid. I can keep going all day, they're so many!!!

  36. The following is my interpretation of Willow Smiths “Whip My Hair” I by no means consider myself an expert so if I am incorrect in any interpretations, sorry!

    00:01 – Scene opens on checkerboard with the “masses” in identical drab outfits eating drab food, gray broccoli, gray fruit. All of the outfits have one or more stars on them some inverted, some not. All of the stars have 3 dots in the center.

    00:04 – Flash to Willows stylized fingernails- 3 fingers showing, 3 rows of gold rings showing

    00:08 – Flash of golden shoes. I read that this symbolizes “messenger”

    00:11 – Flash of golden zipper “riri” seems to be engraved on it. 2 gold hearts on the collar

    00:13 — Willow enters with strange heart shaped hair in an almost iconic way, like a goddess.

    00:17 – Flash to Willows lips. 3 circled rhinestones. Top one resembles an alien. Reminds me of that weird painting at DIA. They way they show her lips in a multiple close ups are in a sexualized manner. Very disturbing.

    00:18 – Back to crowd. Notice how beam of “light” is across eyes of girl

    00:19 – Willow opens tape deck door which is adorned with symbols to reveal blue and red paint, which she dips her hair into. The masses are watching, waiting. I have read that blue and red shown together symbolizes lower degrees of freemasonry (?)

    00:25 – Song begins willow begins “whipping her hair back and forth” as the same phrase is repeated over and over. I have read that 25 has a certain meaning and I also noticed in other vids that the music doesn’t start until 00:25. The song repeats the line “whip my hair” and is almost hypnotic. At least to a 10 year old.

    00:26 – Orange paint begins to shoot onto the people sitting.

    00:30 – furniture and plates continues to change as paint is squirted onto them

    00:40 – The “masses” begin to remove the drab white outfits to reveal more colorful clothes. 1st person to do this is wearing a yellow blouse with little black patterns on them. Almost looks like Mickey Mouse, not quite, but its hard to see. I have heard yellow and black together represents bee or hive mentality (?)

    00:43 – Paint is slashed on teen boy. Notice how the star on uniform turns red when the green paint hits it and does not get covered by the paint.

    00:50 – Orange paint splats on the wall

    00:54 – Quick flash of 5 young girls, back to camera wearing blue jackets with upside down pyramids on the back

    00:58 – “Sweeter” dressed Willow in and out of focus with a gold band around left arm. Not sure if that has any significance.

    01:04 – Light appears from willows head- Lots bands of light throughout the video. Willows demeanor is angry. I have noticed that none of these artists look happy in the vids. They are always angry. Why?

    01:11 – Willow flashes horned hand sign

    01:16 Masses continue dancing- Yellow & black shirt girl front and center

    01:20 – 01:25 Notice how Willow randomly appears and is as tall as the teens making her appear older.

    01:30 Willow wearing a “I LOVE ME” shirt and leopard print pants (beta?) begins to march down the checkerboard floored school hallway with friends. Paint hits the students books. Notice the stars on the students uniforms. They have 3 dots on them.

    01:36 – Horned hand sign front and center from fan behind her

    01:45 – Willow on her knees

    01:48 – Bright light from behind Willows head

    01:55 – Willow in the drab white uniform continues whipping her hair as paint splats around the room

    02:18 – Janitor gets in on it on the dance. Students cheer him on

    02:19- I try to see if there is anything strange in the paint splats. Didn’t find much but at this moment, I did notice a few odd looking crosses appear out of nowhere

    02:25—Orange classroom—I PLEDGE TO BE A WARRIORETTE/WARRIOR is written on blackboard

    02:30 – Sexy woman in red cat prints writhing around

    02:40—Dancers in dark, faces hidden

    02:45—Willow and dancers make a “w” sign like Weezer fans???

    02:50- 03:00- Teacher in white enters, lets down her hair and begins whipping around like a stripper. Students seemed shocked at 1st then accept it. Even the grown-ups are doing it

    03:18- Cat woman in red is back to spin and drop to the floor

    03:22- Granny joins in on the dance

    03:27- Willow throws a gang sign

    03:35- 03:40- Woman in red and woman in white flash dance. Woman in white falls to the ground almost like shes is dying

    03:39- Baby on checkered floor turns around to show upsidedown pyramid on jacket back

    03:54- Smiling Willow ends the vid with a wink closing one eye

    • Lone_Ranger, great analysis! Also, in the beginning when she is about to walk down the halls, the kids are wearing silver stars with the point pointing upwards. After she livens/colors them up, the stars disappear on the kids chests. Also, a toddler towards the end has an upside down pyramid (with the capstone missing) on the back of his jacket. Also, the grown female dancer is shown either in all red (with traces of black) and all white. This expressing, perhaps, the duality of the woman who has already been initiated. The woman obviously represents a role-model for Willow in the video.

      *I pledge to be a warriorette/warrior*

      Specifically, this one struck a cord with me as this is a conditioning statement used by the US Army to indoctrinate new recruits. The fact that they made a purpose of applying a gender suffix to warrior to reach out to young females is interesting. Maybe, they're subliminally trying to boost recruitment levels in about ten years. Or, help condition kids to accept being drafted *shrugs* However, I suspect that warrior is used IOT be deferential to militancy. And by making a very masculine phrase effeminate, it is, accidentally or purposefully, sugar coating a message of androgyny to young girls. Basically, making warfare and aggression more attractive, glamorizing a state in constant war, etc….

      On a side-note, I don't know if this has been mentioned, but since Jay-Z is a self-professed freemason. It is quite possible that Beyonce could be a member of the eastern star. The organization has ties to pagan rituals (May day, for example), and the eastern star (Sirius) is theorized to be in reference to the Egyptian god Set. The eastern star symbol displays an upside down pentagram. Could it be many female celebrities are apart of or started off in this organization?

      • Delight, I meant to mention you, too. This was due to my haste in posting and first post jitters. Nice call on the inverted stars, btw.

  37. This is so sad. I had watched a couple of short interviews years ago of Willow and I had a gut feeling that she was over reactive and always acting for even the interviewer. I thought what's wrong with this little child.

    It's common of child abuse victims to develop and alter or multiple personalities. we saw it with britney and so many others. This is he feeling I had of Willow.

    This is pretty sick and the only way I even get a small view of these videos is through this website as i can no longer ever give a small part of my mind to more of this brainwashing.

    It's sick and sad. So so very sad to live in a place like this.

    Thank you Vigilant. You're amazing!

  38. Hi ppl, I did get married recently and thanks for the wishes. This is however not the reason why this article is not as "in-depth" as other ones. In order to provide more frequent updates, I've created a "Latest News" section, which contains shorter articles. This is one of them. I've recently posted a long, featured article called "The Occult Symbolism of Metropolis and its Importance in Pop Culture" (which was a lot of work) and I encourage you to check it out. So instead of having no updates for a week or two until I write another full-length article, I now post shorter but still informative "Latest News" on a daily basis.

    So no, I haven't become lazy, I'm actually working more than ever damnit!

    • Me from Colombia on

      Hey Vigilant, don't get stressed. You own this blog, not the other way around! And congratulations on your marriage, I think it's good people are still getting married despite the Iluminati are family values destroyers!

    • There certainly is no shortage of material!!!! I just looked up all the movies coming out in 2011. You are going to be VERY busy! Keep it up VC!!!! And thanks for the latest news updates! Congrats as well.

    • Vc are you Christian? i hope so with a site like this if you don't know Christ your doomed. Well, everyone is that do not know HIM And FOLLOW HIM. Ahh that is the hard part, following him. Even the enemy knows about Christ. Anywhoo, you are in m prayers. Your doin great work.

    • pls add whip my hair reversed to the next article or at least tell me what you think am I goin mad? Im thinking jay may ahem "like children"

  39. hell expands daily for a reason… i DO feel sorry for the children born into this nonsense… but the BIBLE plainly states that even when GOD comes to the EARTH himself there will STILL be those who know the truth yet CHOOSE not to believe… "rather reign in hell than serve in heaven"… Satan agrees… Illuminati RiRi's eye is the eye of horus… didn't see the other article discussing the video… just thought i'd point that out in case no one else did… keep up the great work btw!

  40. Congrats ! Me personally as a commenter wouldn't have brought it up on the thread because I try to stay out of common follks buissiness and personal life & on topic. Not saying you cared, you mentioned it on FB but my judgement would have said not my place to speak on. Thats just me of course. Most of us understand how hard you work ! On top of that you don't have to and have done enough already. Instead of complaning all the time appreciate. It's a shame when you have to explain common sense buy eh what can I say ( thankyou maybe)? These are the times we are living in ! * best wishes & good luck*

  41. Me from Colombia on

    I just noticed kids are dancing around a light, that looks like a ring. It's a Saturn ring maybe?

  42. I dunno if someone noticed this,maybe I didn't saw it;but the "W"s look like a vagin….er,female repr…..a girl's "thing"…..well,you know

    • Me from Colombia on

      Yes that "w" is like a pyramid with two corners it looks like a female part. And I think it was stated in another blog that the pink inverted triangle was used in nazi times to label sex offenders and gays.

  43. its sad to c young children taken away from the path of God into such satanic and bad millieu.i pray the Lord will get them out of such deep shit!all of these for money and loss of soul.!!?!its sad!!

  44. R&B singer "Trey Songz" new videos have illuminati signs too. "Bottom Up" single features Nicki Minaj, you can notice the checkered box dance floors. Also background women tied up and looking tortured.

    Another new video he has, shows split personality. Has he sold his soul too?

    • yep, he is down with Jay-z crew. Anyone Jay=z looks at becomes demonic. Tru story. Look at Beyonce, Rhianna, Kanye, now Trey. in the beginning his song were more about trying to make a living, decent, no vulgar language, naked women gyrating i guess Jay=z gave him a pep talk and let him know that just ain't gonna cut it.

  45. Hey VC – Its so cool that you reviewed "Whip Ma Hair!" I sent in a request a few weeks and didn't actually think you'd do it, but I am glad that you are covering child illuminati stars. That's kind of the impression I get with Willow Smith. I was very curious how you'd interpret her video.

    Thanks again for your site, I really enjoy your updates.


  46. I remember when Rihanna started out she was more happy,she dressed brightly,so did beyonce, but then…they changed so suddenly

    • That's the formula that they like to use. Start em off with a good squeaky clean image to attract all your daughters, then slowly corrupt their minds with sex and lots negative imagery! Works every time.

  47. I will never believe that these celebrities do not know that they are being initiated into the Illuminati! I don't believe that they are so clueless!!!! I believe that some get so far in that they can't get out or choose not to get out! I believe that they start for the fame and money but then in order for them to keep their fame they have to do the things that they do! I also believe that these celebrities are financially strapped to the Illuminati and many owe huge amounts of money to the Illuminati! There are many cases of Celebrities who are broke. A report recently about Nicholas Cage foreclosing on his property and he admitting he is broke is just one of many stories I have read!

    • I think it's a bit of a few things. Some are tortured into their roles (Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Kylie MInogue and Lindsey Lohan – their instability gives them away, Kylie the childhood soap star to the contrary), some get indebted to the Illuminati (I would actually stick Michael Jackson into this group. While indeed part of the first group mentioned above, I think he chose money-debt and mental freedom over being the rich man guiding children to the jaws of Molloch. Look at the WHOLE Smooth Criminal video, I'm guessing that's HIS statement of freedom.) and some buy willingly into the system (everyone in the Jaz-Z orbit, Rhianna specifically included).

  48. I think the fact that musicians are using this conspiracy theory stuff to make money is wrong. But I dont really think that they are devil worshipers. I think it is a style and a trend, and has become a way to get attention and to get people talking. People who would never see these music videos or pay attention to these artist, now know who they are due to the publicity they are getting from sites like this. My grandfather was a member of the free masons, as was a man I took care of in a nursing home. You COULD NOT meet more religious people. The man im refering to that lived in the nursing home, had cancer, and had the aides read the bible to him daily. He was a good man, and so was my grandfather, and they were definatley not devil worshipers. They were men of belief. If someone just reads this stuff on here without researching what the FreeMasons actually were.. then of course they will think that the industry is into some pretty crazy stuff. But the truth is the FreeMasons were not bad people. All of this is based off of conspiracy theories…and the media (music, movies, etc) is capatilizing on this whole thing. Its not real.

    • I can't jugde your grandfather, but a true Christian will NEVER become a mason. It just takes a little reading from New Testament and some research on who masons worship, or even, how they came about in the gnostic roots. to see clearly, their father is LuciFeR

      The industry is their masonic culture…its not just for aesthetic reasons millions of dollars are invested in specific imagery. Its their religion and they have reasons for doing it.

  49. I just heard the hook from the Willow track and it is definitely brainwashing music, 2 say the least its addictive. I don't watch videos no more, i have enough of my own bad energy than to actually invite them demons in me. Real talk people. But yeah if the babies, meaning kids from 4-10, aren't brainwashed by these other artists like Rhianna, Beyonce, nikki, Miley , to name a few , we have Willow to the rescue. And naming a child that is child abuse in itself, besides selling them to the devil, or the industry. i notice how they allow her to have her head shaved on one side, like a lil boy and their Jaden has hair like a girl. Further propagande for the transgender agenda. She was also in a pic doing a eye. her hand was literally over one eye. How cuuute! the world is ending. I should be reading my bible instead of writing about satan's little helpers.

  50. bty Jada and Will are scientologists which really mean luciferians. They have an open marriage-great morals they are teaching them kids. And jada is in a hardmetal rock band where she screams like a madwoman, throws up the horns signs, the whole bit.

    • what a good education… their son might like it !!

      open marriage is just another way of free sex.

      why do they call it ''marriage' ? XD funny…

  51. the moment I laid mine eyes on the Willow video I was like: Jesus Christ, ppl esp kids are programmed to be non-thinkers. U just put someone in front of them, do something silly and they are all like; Cool, lets do that…and Geez, everywhere I look I see Rihanna hairstlye, ppl just cannot be original anymore…and sadly, kids are not allowed to be kids anymore….This is just soooo the end.

    VC, congrats…Marriage is good and it should come first, even before your site. God bless and stay put.

  52. All I knoq is my daughter is not exposed to any secular music. If later in life she chooses to do so I will forwarn her. It is our calling as parents to protect our kids as much as we can and if the home is their only safe place so be it. I yr old went into the world as an 17 yr old and then when I realized what it brought me I came back to what I was raised to be…and I trust that if I raise my children in the ways of the Lord no matter if they stray they will eventually come back to the truth as they were taught

  53. I thank God for the upbringing I had. I would hate to be in your shoes buddy (ie: just living the day to day with no purpose). If you don’t believe in anything, then why are you here? You really think everything happened by chance? So I take it you believe in science, like the Mexican dude on Nacho Libre? Here’s some science that the mainstream don’t want you to hear about: and . Read it objectively. I’m not trying to push religion on you (personally don’t believe in religion, only 1 creator). Please read the Intelligent Design one. Some of those scientists are atheists too, but their research into the complexities of human cells has lead them to believe there was an architect or engineer if you will. Please man, check it out. The elite's agenda are in text books as well. Don't believe the hype. The least I’m hoping for is that it will make you think.

  54. Great article vc!! It's very distrurbing that even 5-years old do this illuminati crap. I'm a teenager but i'm aware of all the symbols that are on all the videoclips.

  55. Hey guys came across the wierdest thing with lady gaga- just thought you should know.

    In her interview she is talking about her fame and the interviewer asks her what the down-side of being famous is, so she talks about what inspires her. Now this is the quote:

    'Gracey Jones says this to me when she met me. I washed her feet and I looked up at her and she said 'no matter what you do with your life never let people take your creative people away'. Now the wierd part is 'I WASHED HER FEET!!!!!!!!!' what the??? Now all the Chrsitains out their know whats she is referring to- one of the most biblical scenes when Jesus (Our Lord and God) gets down on his feet to wash the feet of his disciples and passes on one of the most profound messages -To love is to serve!!! what struck me is how weird that she would say ' i washed her feet' where does that come from? ???? any thoughts- cos its so out of context, it has nothing…i mean nothing to do with the interview (and the interveiwer doesnt question this). heres the linkHey guys came across the wierdest thing with lady gaga- just thought you should know.

    In her interview she is talking about her fame and the interviewer asks her what the down-side of being famous is, so she talks about what inspires her. Now this is the quote:

    'Gracey Jones says this to me when she met me. I washed her feet and I looked up at her and she said 'no matter what you do with your life never let people take your creative people away'. Now the wierd part is 'I WASHED HER FEET!!!!!!!!!' what the??? Now all the Chrsitains out their know whats she is referring to- one of the most biblical scenes when Jesus (Our Lord and God) gets down on his feet to wash the feet of his disciples and passes on one of the most profound messages -To love is to serve!!! what struck me is how weird that she would say ' i washed her feet' where does that come from? ???? any thoughts- cos its so out of context, it has nothing- i mean nothing to do with the interview (and the interveiwer doesnt question this)Hey guys came across the wierdest thing with lady gaga- just thought you should know.

    In her interview she is talking about her fame and the interviewer asks her what the down-side of being famous is, so she talks about what inspires her. Now this is the quote:

    'Gracey Jones says this to me when she met me. I washed her feet and I looked up at her and she said 'no matter what you do with your life never let people take your creative people away'. Now the wierd part is 'I WASHED HER FEET!!!!!!!!!' what the??? Now all the Chrsitains out their know whats she is referring to- one of the most biblical scenes when Jesus (Our Lord and God) gets down on his feet to wash the feet of his disciples and passes on one of the most profound messages -To love is to serve!!! what struck me is how weird that she would say ' i washed her feet' where does that come from? ???? any thoughts- cos its so out of context, it has nothing- i mean nothing to do with the interview (and the interveiwer doesnt question this)Hey guys came across the wierdest thing with lady gaga- just thought you should know.

    In her interview she is talking about her fame and the interviewer asks her what the down-side of being famous is, so she talks about what inspires her. Now this is the quote:

    'Gracey Jones says this to me when she met me. I washed her feet and I looked up at her and she said 'no matter what you do with your life never let people take your creative people away'. Now the wierd part is 'I WASHED HER FEET!!!!!!!!!' what the??? Now all the Chrsitains out their know whats she is referring to- one of the most biblical scenes when Jesus (Our Lord and God) gets down on his feet to wash the feet of his disciples and passes on one of the most profound messages -To love is to serve!!! what struck me is how weird that she would say ' i washed her feet' where does that come from? ???? any thoughts- cos its so out of context, it has nothing- i mean nothing to do with the interview (and the interveiwer doesnt question this) Heres the link… its around 4:45

      • There is no such thing as hell. Punishment for sin is death. It means you simply die. If you live a life accorgingly to God you will be welcomed to heaven on earth. If not ashes to ashes dust to dust. It's your choice and it's simple. Hell is death not fire !

      • Romans 6: 23 – For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life ! This is one of the many passages I could find.

      • Original language

        Hebrew/ sheol

        Greek/ hades

        These words are found in the Bible over 70 times Ecclesiastes 9 : 10 " whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might; for there is no activity or planning or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol where you are going ".

        Some Bible translations render them as 'grave' or "hell" or "pit". In most languages there are no words that convey the precise sense of these Hebrew and Greek words. The New World Translations uses the words " sheol" and " hades"

        Basically hell is a grave, mass grave or pit. Hell= death ! Lots of it. It is described as a massive grave without ending in Proverbs 30:16 / 27:20

      • If you deny him, he will deny you before his Father on Judgment day but i think you already knew that, now didnt cha???

      • Hey there O.B. In answer to your question 'If I deny Jesus Christ will I go to hell?'

        First of all, you have to realise Jesus is God, God is Love.Those that love (with pure intentions) follow God.

        If you accept Love as your God you are following him. Nobody is sent to hell -they choose it, because they choose not to follow Love (God). God will not go where he is not wanted (that would deny the very nature of a loving God), hence hell is not just lots of fires- it is the absence of love! it is a place of great sorrow and torrment because those that are there have chosen not to know love.The reason why people (should) go to church is get help and support in their path to love. We also go to church to find strength because their are many lies the world tells us about what love is. Because we don't follow Gods laws we end up making up our own and hurting others insteading of loving( we in essence put ourselves in Gods position- which is a very dangerous thing to do- that is why vigilant citzen posts so you can see the danger of someone 'playing God')

        Now why do people say 'If you dont follow Jesus you will go to hell'- because if you see love, hear love, know love and yet choose to do the opposite you choose hell (you choose in others words not to love- hell is the absensce of God, the absence of Love). That is very sad. But remember God reaches everyone, everyone knows there master, when they choose to love they realise their creator! Jesus is the best example of love you will ever find on this earth! so my question to you, my friend, why would you not want to follow Jesus???????? i look forward to your answer :D

    • Me from Colombia on

      Lady Caca is now trying to imitate Christ in a vulgar, ironic way. I mean, there’s a picture of her around dressed like Jesus with one eye covered. That woman is not “cool” she is a damn w….

  56. Okay, I always read Vigilant's posts but I have never commented before IN MY LIFE. But I decided to watch the whip my hair video after reading this and noticed something crazy. Go look at the video on her official youtube and pause it at 1:11. Tell me what you see. That is freaking crazy. And I'm going to assume it's not a coinkidink.

  57. fan of vigilant on

    I just want to say congratulations on your marriage, I hope that you two will be very happy, for a long time, and I love the articles that you post. you keep me well informed, I love how you break it down for me to be able to understand everything that you have to say, you should have been a teacher, you have that patience to lead people into being the best they can be after reading your blogs, you inspire a lot of spirited discussions, and I like that it shows that people like me are using their God given brains, to learn, and for all of this I just want to say THANK YOU. I am a fan of yours for life.

  58. These fucking mason scumbags should get their disgusting simbolism fetishism stuffed up their asses once and for all.


  59. Disinformation! This poster is not a real Christian. It's nothing but an attempt to make Christians look bad. No Christian would co-sign the Westboro Baptist cult of hate.

  60. The fact that there is a night and day version…..spilt personality?? And all the stars and flames and butterflies that kept flying at us??!!?!?!??!!

    • Also, is it just me or does her eye with the make up running down it look like the eye of horus…or the time warner eye??

  61. anyone notice that at the end of the video, the “positive” version says “The End” and the “negative” version says “The Beginning”? Creepy.

    • Me from Colombia on

      There will be a severe climate change, apparently. The iluminati will hide underground.

      • then I am expecting sudden deaths of powerful ppl….hide away, really?whoah!…I don’t believe a single word about the world ending in 2012, no matter what the movies say, what the scientists say, One who can end this world is the One who created it, so I say am gonna chill, take each day as it comes and not relocate to South Africa, Drakensburg (poor spelling?).peace

      • South Africa is not so bad. Come visit us. Spelling is Drakersberg.

        Tell you one thing, I believe the end of the world will NOT be end of 2012, it will be when no one expects it.

  62. Me from Colombia on

    Team Jesus, don't even mind paying attention to this racist stupid person.

    Anyway since when Lady Gaga, Belinda and Anna from Vintage are black?

    If many black artists have symbolism in their videos, hate on Jay-Z, then. Not on Vigilant.

  63. postapocalipticyberp on

    dont worry about all the latest videos how about doing some oldies? im tired of the checkerboard pattern stuff they use it to redundancy, i can see these pop videos backfiring soon enough. any msm video producers and disney head honchos reading this, please kill yourselves now.

  64. "Young people, if Rihanna says 'I just wanna dance, I don’t really care', you should do the same, right?" YES <3333333

  65. agreed with the comment about pedophilia. they are promoting it in willows video clearly. because ok listen to the lyrics, she says "whip it, whip it real good" WOWWW doesn't get much more double meaning than that might as well just have her say beat it! LOL……….

    • The first time I heard the song I heard 'whip it, whip it really good'. When I asked my friends if they thought it was a little inappropriate for a children's song they said no. But then we also had Barbie Girl 'You can touch, you can play, if you say I'm always yours' amongst other childhood songs.

  66. 4th Density is coming, so they say.

    The Gods are returning on that wave.

    Earth has always been a Zoo of DNA

    Which side will you stand for during this final fray?

    • Me from Colombia on

      Omax, I think Arizona Wilder said the 4th dimension was full of demons, like hell.

      Do you mean the 4th dimension will open and demons will be released?

      I don't believe in the devil or in any druidic stuff but WTF?

  67. i think Willow's music video delivers the opposite message. she's setting people's mind free from mind control.

    Rihanna's video was disappointing. When i knew the "night" version was out i knew it was the illuminati version of it, WHY DID SHE HAD TO FUCK IT UP! I DON'T EVEN EAT DORITOS ANYMORE! :p (jk i still do.)

    before i used to ignore this non-sense, but this shit is everywhere.

    when i saw LCD Soundsystem's video "Pow Pow" i was speechless, the illuminati-masonic relation is being spit out in our faces like is sort of a bad joke.

    I don't know if they are trying to tell us something or if they also part of the agenda.

    • If she delivers the opposite message, why on a checkerbord floor?

      Have you not read anything VC wrote?

    • They are part of the agenda, and pretend illuminati to be good, because the girl is taking the souls of villains. But she is Lucifer!

      • who the hell is Lucifer?? Satan and Devil are both titles, the Fallen Angels name is never spoke of in the Bible

  68. one of the things it says on the blackboard is "I will be open minded to experiencing new things" or something like that, thrown in there amongst some things like I will always do my best and I will respect myself and everyone around me.

  69. whip it real hard! whip it whip it real hard! the more you watch her the more she appeals on all levels. breaking down moral barriers in our minds is what's up, so we do what we wilt. including fantasizing about 9 yr old baby

  70. Well, this is what I saw in Willow's vid.

    At the beginning everything is drab/ mundane – the people are dressed the same (almost slave like), they do the same thing at the same time all day (a clock is shown to us to underline this) in a repetitive motion – this is the normal world. The everyday world that the herd lives in.

    In comes Willow.

    Her clothing is colourful – Blue and orange-red (Masonic colours) and she makes a quick salute to Rihanna (who everybody knows her nickname is Riri) as seen on the zipper of her jacket. This is to tell us that she is going to follow in Rihanna’s illuminati footsteps and that she will become the “new Rihanna” for the younger generation.

    We also see three heart symbols. Two on her jacket and one formed from her hairstyle. In ritual magic, heart symbols are used in incantations to strengthen relationships. The more the hearts, the stronger the bond. Someone really wants us to love Willow and looking at her it’s hard not to find her adorable.

    Willow assumes the role of a musical saviour – she changes the colours of the “enslaved” people around her and brings them to life with her music. It is clear that she is the one who releases them from the mundane shackles of everyday society and propels these formerly seemingly lifeless people into a new state of being. They happily follow her into her colourful world and dance, free of their worldly cares.

    For a girl who is just 9 years old, Willow exhibits an extreme level of confidence and acts much older in the video. So much so that some of her movements and close-ups have a disturbing, vaguely sexualised quality to them. Particularly in her close-ups, she is captured in a certain alluring light and one can’t help but feel like it is a high level audition to endear her to the right parties i.e. she is being sold in front of our eyes.

    he Masonic colours – blue, pink/blood-orange/red, white and gold (including yellow) – are seen everywhere throughout the video.

    Willow wears white, a sign of her innocence and purity. It also signifies the beginning of her journey and is the colour of initiation. With this first video, she is going through her initiation.

    Later she wears yellow, a Masonic colour signifying the sun, the Masonic light, the thing which all masons aspire to reach. Her belt is lined with golden hearts.

    0:05 The herd (people) is “marked” with pentagrams and there is also a pentagram on Willow’s boom box at 0:18 suggesting the spiritual source of her music; an upward facing pentagram used to protect and draw in a certain type of energy. What about the three dots in the centre of the pentagram?

    0:56 Pink upside down triangle (the sacred feminine triangle that denotes female sexual power) on blue jackets belonging to her dancers.

    1:11 Il cornuto – She throws up the devil’s sign

    At 2:29 we can see what is written on the blackboard. This is what Willow is swearing to do as she goes through her initiation. Its repetition on the other boards all around the room suggests that it’s a drill that is repeated constantly by the person who is making the promise, in this case Willow, and is a sign of mind control tactics being used on her:

    I pledge to be brave

    I pledge to always give my best

    I pledge to respect myself and all those around me

    I pledge to be willing to learn and experience new things

    I pledge to not be afraid to dream big and go for it


    The pledge in itself does not appear ominous in a general sense but when you think about it in terms of what this young girl has unwittingly promised to do to please those who control her budding career then all you can do is shake your head at Will Smith.

    2:47 The W hand sign…meaning Willow or an upside down M?

    2:54 Willow surreptitiously shows us three fingers from behind her head. On her other hand she wears a red and blue band .

    2:55 Masonic checkerboard black and white floor (and black and white shoes – also seen at the beginning where she puts the boom box down and throughout – mind control

    3:01-3:03 il cornuto again – At 3:01 Willow points normally at the camera. A split second later at 3:02 she She then raises her small finger (seen level with her left ear) and gives the devil’s sign before it’s strategically blurred out and we see her fingers in a normal gesture again).

    All I can say is shame on Will Smith for selling his daughter!

    Leviticus 18:21

    And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through [the fire] to MOLECH, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I [am] the LORD.

    • Right beside the red pentagram on her boombox, you see four colors: red, green, yellow, blue with the rest of the cafeteria wearing white (Willow also started the video in white). Incidentally, these are the colors associated with the eastern star's downward pointed pentagram symbol. They are also sequential with the pentagram going counter-clockwise starting with red (Electa), Green (Martha), yellow (Ruth), and blue (Adah). This makes me wonder the significance of the kids in white. White represents Esther, and is the downward point of the pentagram. I understand the average OES is pretty boring, but from research I gathered that female members cannot have a meeting unless a male is present (specifically, a master mason). I'm not saying the average OES is devious, but I suspect someone used the OES as a guise to attract young women.

      This is interesting in regards to how these occult messages could be so prevalent, and be the reason why women in these videos are so, I dunno,


      Interestingly, the two colors of paint she has in her boombox are red (hospitality/power/courage) and blue (obedience/duty/right) are the top two points of the pentagram representing Electa (elect lady/mother) and Adah (Jephthah's daughter).

      Esther/white represents light. Now, I feel like I am grasping at straws here, but Jephthah in the old testament made a vow to the Lord that led his daughter to willingly be sacrificed. Perhaps, it is symbolic of her being given over to the music industry/fame, etc. Either way, this video wreaks of being a ritual.

      There is an interesting inversion in this video (upside down pyramid), and what strikes me is that the color order is reversed to go counter-clockwise (perhaps, this was intentional?).

      Interestingly, if you have heard of the 'Pi' dimension theory, the pyramid was designed to form a complete hourglass with Orion's belt. Arabian writers have claimed that there is a mystic correlation of the revolutions of Sirius to the design of the pyramid. Sirius and the pyramid's Egyptian hieroglyph are very similar. For the order of the eastern star, the star represents Sirius, it is argued.

      Incidentally, in the video to the right of the red pentagram, represents this hourglass (with the bottom half being yellow, and the upper half being blue). I suspect the missing capstone for the inverted pyramid represents that their goal has not yet been completed, but the themes shown in the video (these themes, so obvious, being projected onto the masses using children) is serving a goal of some sort in pushing someone's agenda.

  71. is there something embedded in this song that we cant hear when we play it???it sounds as if shes saying something that we cant understand or mabey if played backwards theres something else there???i dont know for sure but i know there have been other artists that have done this and it just gives me chills to listen to it…..

  72. YOU DECIDing NOT TO LISTEN TO THIS SONG or u condemning it DOESN'T MAKE U ANY BETTER THAN THEM …….ure also sinning in other ways and remember no sin is greater than the other!

  73. u people are sad if u were real Christians u wouldn,t dare to judge fill u self with the spirit of God and leave these once alone to function because if u filled urself with the spirit of God judging these musicians wouldnt be a priority would it?

    • You're mistaking discernment for judgement. Those who are of God are given the spiritual gift of discernment…we are given the spirit to see what is right and what is wrong, we are told to always be vigilant and to always keep our eyes and ears open, which is exactly what the people here are doing, lest we too are fooled. By the spirit we reveal Satan's evil and by God's Word this evil is judged. A true Christian warns others of the devil's lies and pitfalls; he/she doesn't say, "Praise the Lord, I'm in the Spirit" and then sit back and watch others fall. If you can't deal with that, Vidette, then by all means go back to sleep and continue to find pleasure and solace in ignorance…but be weary of the day that you are found naked with the rest, or your fig tree is found not to have borne any fruit.

      1 Corinthians 12:

      1 Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant. 2 Ye know that ye were Gentiles, carried away unto these dumb idols, even as ye were led. 3 Wherefore I give you to understand, that no man speaking by the Spirit of God calleth Jesus accurseda: and that no man can say that Jesus is the Lord, but by the Holy Ghost. 4 Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit. 5 And there are differences of administrationsb, but the same Lord. 6 And there are diversities of operations, but it is the same God which worketh all in all. 7 But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal. 8 For to one is given by the Spirit the word of wisdom; to another the word of knowledge by the same Spirit; 9 † To another faith by the same Spirit; to another the gifts of healing by the same Spirit; 10 † To another the working of miracles; to another prophecy; to another discerning of spirits; to another divers kinds of tongues; to another the interpretation of tongues: 11 But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will.

  74. Okay, when I was 9 years old, I was playing with Barbie dolls!! Not "whipping my hair" around and talking about the world like it's some place I'd been!

    This kind of shit makes me so mad! This kid is NINE YEARS OLD….SHE'S A BABY! Let her be a damn kid, not struttin her ass around a video set. Ugh my God, just terrible!

  75. I read most of the comments, but not sure if anyone identified the fact that the figure dressed in red and 'dancing' around on the floor is actually a man! I know this is of relevance, too tired to think but thort I would throw it out there!

  76. I dont think its occult at all I think they are all a bunch of posuers and stealing ideas from the greats. And if the talking heads are behind it why the heck does all Pop music suck?

  77. At the End of the day it all comes down to either Christ or Anti-Christ.

    Lucifer when in heaven was head of music,

    so of course he'd make music his poison here on Earth.

    They're taking their stand for which side they're on.

    It's time to take our stand for Christ!

    Thank you Vigilant for sharing your knowledge!

  78. I think its really sad that Will and Jada let there kids be exposed to theses Agenda. Willow-illuminati and Jadan sciencetology. I feel so sorry for those kids, I pray for them for they dont deserve it!!

  79. While watching the 'Whip my hair' video, a random thought crossed my mind. It may be a little far-fetched… My observation may be a little too over-analystic but, here is my thought. I have noticed that most, if not all artists just happen to have ALOT of home footage from their childhood. Of course there are millions of parents who love to roll the camera so they can capture the funny, priceless moments of their childrens' lives. But, these artists seem to have tons and tons of footage… alot more than the average parent takes of their kids. Call me crazy but, I truly, truly believe there is a reason behind that. Like they are literally "hand-picked" and "pre-chosen".

  80. you should do a full article on the night version. I just finished watching it and theyre were some scary messages that seemed like warnings.

  81. Do you know what came into my head to the rythmn of Willows repetitive line, a much better line……. "I've got The Lord on my side'.

    So if that song comes into my head or if anyone hears it on the radio, I suggest inserting that line..Haha beating them at their own game!!

  82. Do you know what came into my head to the rythmn of Willows repetitive line, a much better line…….

    “I’ve got The Lord on my side’.

    So if that song comes into my head or if anyone hears it on the radio, I suggest inserting that line..Haha beating them at their own game!!

  83. these articles are incredibly interesting. and it's made me more aware of what subliminal messages and such are being transferred through seemingly innocent entertainment, like music and movies.

    i just watched a Paramore video, Playing God, and i couldn't help but be reminded of the telephone video by lady gaga and that whole deal, and gaga poisoning her boyfriend in the poparazzi video. but i was more so reminded of the Kerli's "Tea Party" video. <— mainly because in "Playing God" williams poisons the four men while they are drinking tea at the table. all the while wearing these odd glasses, that don't look like mickey mouse, but one side of the frame being white and the other black. there were a few other little things, but i doubt im observant enough to recognize some other the other symbols that could be found in that video.

    though that could have been the only "symbol", there could be some im missing.

  84. and i can't seem to find good quality, full versions of either of the Who's That Chick videos. can someone help?

  85. First thing that automatically popped out in Rhianna's picture with the black checkerboard seems to have more light seeping through in the background than the red checkerboard picture and it creates an "M" and not only that look at the way Rhianna's legs and feet are positioned,being directly in the middle of the "M" with her legs and feet positioned the way they are it does create the Masonic symbol of the square and compass and if that weren't a coincidence the two light beams at both ends seem brighter as well and they both look like 2 pillars

  86. The media is normally a reflection of the political climate and to be quite honest with you, all of these videos are symptomatic of a bigger thing that is happening. I say, look at the videos, see what they are but don't FOCUS on what's in them……..look into current legislation that is being passed behind our backs in plain sight. Those affect us more than the music. Yeah, so they're trying to brainwash our kids….but why? To make them more easily controlled….but why would someone want to control our children?…Look into the whys not the whats. Turn off the TV and radio, go outside and play with the kids. Read your bible and teach your kids things from that. Whatever you do, keep watching and waiting because the **** is about to hit the fan.

  87. I noticed the symbolism in Willow's video well before I ever encountered either of your articles on it. One thing you failed to mention is the pyramids that appear on the back of her dancers' blue jackets. Maybe you could capture a still to add to this article. keep up the good work! Your investigations are fascinating and reveal your knowledge of the subject!!

  88. Hi VC,

    Great article again…… Say wouldn't it be cool to start naming the minds behind producing the film clips….??? , like for instance all the so called creative types and the film companies they work for…… then we could all take a further step down the rabbit hole in information awareness. Exposing the faceless pawns/gophers at that level would a good heads up for people with less than an idea, looking at some of the comments over the site……

  89. Don't forget that Who's That Chick was directed by Jonas Åkerlund- the man behind Lad Gaga's Paparazzi and Telephone videos. He's set to be directing a Britney Spears video soon, so keep an eye on her.

    There's also some symbolism you missed in the videos, but I think it's good to point out the videos and let them find the rest for themselves. Thanks for the great article!

  90. You're just trying to trick us out of having FUN, Vigilant Cynicism! Death culture is SEXY! Sexyyy

  91. the clip in the rihanna video where it looks like its a view from a security camera the numbers in the top right corner says 66666… it flashes in and out of that view a couple times

  92. When are we going to talk about Rihanna's new video S&M???

    Can't wait to have you break that down.

  93. what disturbs me about Willow smith–is tht this very song, tht a 9yr old girl is singing is bein played in clubs where the crowd is 21 plus….idk it jus doesnt sit right wit my soul AT ALL. i can see all the sick pedophiles now…smh n UGH i'm sorry..i fukn can't stand rihanna–like…she's so lost….i dnt ever wna see her in person cuz if i do..they might as well take me out NOW cuz i cudn sit back n not say shit..jus b happy i'm not a radio or televsion talkshow host…cuz all these artists wud get AIRED….everyone else is too afraid to ask questions so they jus keep asking the same dumb ass questions. i hate rihanna cuz she has alot of influence on women n she's nothing but n MK ultra sex slave. i hope she plays russian roulette n LOSES. -_-

    something is wrong in the world wen u can listen to shit like S&M on the fukn radio…i can hear the lil girls now "wat is S&M?" N ITS DOWNHILL FRM THERE. i feel bad for all the young n impressionable lil girls out there…i really do..

  94. I noticed that the Night version ends with "The Beginning" and the day version ends with "The End" What does that signify?

  95. i found it quite interesting how the day version ends with the words 'the end' and the night version ends with 'the beggining'. Possibly implying the end of the good and begging of the bad. I don't hate any of these people, i feel deeply sorry for what they have become and will end up in a lost eternity. I think the analysis of these videos and all the other articles you have done are brilliant so keep up the good word.

  96. On Rihanna's day version video, at 1 minute 23 seconds Rihanna's eyes are yellow.. she looks like she's possessed! Then later in the video at 2:04 they show a cross that's all tied up. They show it again at 2:07 and 2:08…. this is just nuts!

  97. George Stewart Smith on

    What ??? Willow Smith and Rihanna are Illuminati puppets? I cant believe it Willow's only 10 years old…! I've surely learnt something today. Thank you Vigilant Citizen, your tha best.

  98. doomsday,please come on

    Gross…..from now on i`m only listening to my own music ehehe..and I only play classic music on my piano!

  99. Regarding Rihanna, did anyone notice that also in her new video S&M there are straightforward illuminati references? A good example is that during the 0:38 mark of the video, you can clearly make out the word "Illuminati" on one of the reporter's notepads. Later on in the video, the background "newspaper clippings" call Rihanna the princess of Illuminati. I wonder if the illuminati symbolism has become a marketing gimmick rather than honest-to-God mind control attempt, since it has become so transparent in the recent media.

    • actually, if you stop and start the video enough, you can read that the reporter writes out "Rihanna Princess of the Illuminati SLUT"…… I took screenshots of it and you have to look at 2 screenshots to make out the entire thing.

  100. I've always thought songs in general are created for the purpose of controlling the mind.

    Oh well, what can we do anyway? ._. Th enemy is too powerful.

  101. This is very interesting, however i implore you to start Rihanna's video whose that chick from part 2.46 the music even changes to sound like chanting as David lays on a bed and you can only see one of his eyes, this phases out into a picture of the universe, then shows Rihanna with one yellow cats eye and a symbol of the sun grows outwards from her yellow eye as she smiles then winks and her eye returns to normal. Creepy stuff

  102. The elite families believe themselfves to be descendants of Cain, the very serpents seed. You see they could be descended from Lilith goddess of snakes and mother of all Demons, Adams first wife. Or from the very serpent that communicated with Eve known as Samael, who required Lilith's body so that he could use his voice though her, Samael aka the angel of death. If you do your research you will clearly see that although there are descendants of Cain, there are also descendants of kind David and Jude, Christs brother. And i assure you the world will soon become a battleground for these two ancient families who hold the power of the enemy, and of the other of God. Judaism predicts that a descendant of King David shall one day restore peace to Isreal, God's kingdom and it will happen soon i assure you, i am not a fool.

  103. It is being kept from you, it's not about 'God and the Devil' they are merely archetypes and i don't know if they are real. But these 2 families are very real and they do believe in what they practice with such conviction. I throw my lot in with the annointed ones of God, when the time comes i will fight for them, what about you? Now is the time to choose

  104. The 'mark of Cain' is something in their DNA that makes them cursed, and likewise there is a mark of Christ. 'The blood of the lamb' they are immune to the weapons of the enemy. They are our only hope. I shit you not my brothers and sister, i know my stuff, i know people. I am only posting this because i know no one will believe me anyway. But you will soon kids

  105. Hey VC, did you ever notice that in the Who's That Chick video there are flashes of a cross wrapped in some sort of cloth. The images only last for a split second though. I noticed because they're shown more than once

  106. Thanks VC, after reading the article i watched willow's whip ma hair video again and look and behold i discovered many hidden stuff willow did i was ignorant of when i watched it earlier. Like the pyramid turned upside down art at their back of their jackets. And willow showing one eye stuff in the video which didnt last for even 4seconds.

  107. Little willows zipper even has a close up showing "riri" written on it, rihannas 'nickname'

    and what is that child doing on her knees in leopard print!?? terrible terrible video :(

  108. Unfortunately i have to disagree as far as the checker pattern is concerned…the supermarket i go to has checkered floores so omg i have to stop going because they are trying to control my mind….wow that part dosent make the least bit of sense

  109. So does this mean I can't have a checkerboard floor in my house now? And Rihanna isn't signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation label.

  110. Hello VC. May I point out that you missed the biggest but most subliminal message in Rihanna's whose that chick video,the colourful version? Near the end, when the beat reaches a climax, and she winks, look closely at her pupils, They are slit. If you know you research, then u should know the wave upon wave of shape shifting reptile footage on You Tube, Oboma, The Clintons, Bushes etc have all been captured on LIVE tv with slit eyes. The first thing that gives their true reptilian form away are their slit pupils, so maybe u should shift ur angle from Illuminati puppets to Illuminati been puppets to non-human beings, Just a suggestion, that is the bigger picture after all. The pending ET invasion. BTW, there is a lot of UFO, spaceship imagery in the Rihanna video. Yet you left that out as well, if it was intentional thats very weak investigative reporting VC.

  111. Ok. some of this…

    I can't believe what I'm reading.

    RIRI is a zipper brand. lol. Are you all serious?? None of you sew? I have stacks of RiRi zippers in my house. I mean really, Google can be your friend instead of just guessing and making up things because you think it sounds or looks suspicious. This is why a lot of you guys lose credibility. You don't even try to research your allegations.

    Anyway. Thanks for the analysis VC.

  112. have you seen 21st century girl. Its sickening because its blatantly geared towards children. Monarch butterflies all over the place–mind control. They portray Willow as the demon trying to mind control the girls, giving them anything they want in turn for their loyalty. in the end willow whispers into the ear of a baby just as someone did to her, putting her mind in the demons hands. how did i not see this before…

  113. I just watched Willow Smith out of curiosity and she's dreadful. The song is boring, the music repetitive. Butterflies, sorcery, weirdos, the same old trollocks. These who shouldn't be named and should be obeyed bore me now. Pure decadence, lack of creativity. That W Smith seems to be an odd kid. Is it a boy, is it a girl, you can't tell. Just odd. I'm not going to be listening to her rubbish music or watching her silly odd video clips.

    • I just watched that awful "Whip My Hair" video too. It is so repetitive – gotta get that message across, I guess. I hope that God has mercy on that child, as well as her parents for letting her be a part of that.

  114. Donnica Chi-Young on

    I also notice in the video the UPSIDE DOWN cross. I wonder if you noticed it, if you do why didn't you put it in the blog.

    I was shock, when Rihanna had gone too far. She even said "I'm a devil worshiper, what are you talking about?" in a radio interview.

    What did you think of Rihanna? I'm very curious because Rihanna RnB to Rihanna Masonic looking bitch.

  115. Donnica Chi-Young on

    I also don't like Willow Smith, even from the very start because she is very illuminati-ish and I think she is just copying people's style (lady gaga, katy perry and rihanna). She should have some of her own. Even if Jenette McCurdy is sort off like taylor swift, at least she has a different way of singing the country song. I really don't like the way she sings

  116. WeWantRespect on

    If you have any doubts that Rihanna ist a puppet , watch s&m . You will see in the video 3 times the words " Princess of the Illuminati " 1 time you will see very clear .

  117. I have read a ton of your articles so far, and you are amazing and very intelligent, but it bothers me how many things that you leave out. You did not point out that there are flies at the beginning of the dark version, and flies have always been a symbol for Satan.

    • Oh, and also the number 13 appears in the dark version, seemingly for no reason, and as far as I know 13 is a Masonic number. Yeah there's a ton of stuff.

  118. Tyrel Douglas on

    Ok so now that these people have sold their souls(and became puppets) how do we know who to trust and whose song to listen and sing… I'm a christian and i love R&B but if this going to continue this way then in going to have block a huge part of R&B out of my life which is very hard :(