Doda and Vintage: Bringing the Illuminati Agenda to Eastern Europe Pop


The Illuminati Agenda in popular culture has become a worldwide phenomenon and it hasn’t spared Eastern Europe. Doda’s “Bad Girls” and Vintage’s “Trees” are two examples of very symbolic music videos that are extremely popular in Russia and Poland. We’ll look at these two video and see how their symbolic content is completely on-par with the world elite’s agenda.

What is called “the Illuminati” functions on a global scale, so it is only natural that its propaganda machine is also deployed on a global scale. While the American and British artists reach most of the world, “regional” stars are also used to propagate the elite’s Agenda to specific ethnic groups. Previous articles on Vigilant Citizen have described the Illuminati symbolism found in music from Korea, Japan, Latin America and Russia. Despite the difference in culture and language between these countries, today’s globalized mass media machine manages to expose the entire world to a specific Agenda and to a precise set of symbols.

Eastern Europe is obviously not exempt from the media machine. Not unlike the rest of the world, pop stars are often handpicked, signed to international record labels and put in the spotlight using videos that are in line with the Illuminati Agenda. In this article, we will look at Doda’s “Bad Girls” and Vintage’s “Trees”, two videos that, despite their limited market, have managed to get a lot of airplay and millions of YouTube views. Although not in the same language, both videos are a direct reflection of the philosophy and the goals of the Illuminati and act as a kind of “local distributors” of the elite’s Agenda. Let’s look at the message of these videos.

Doda’s “Bad Girls”

At first glance, one would be tempted to qualify Doda as a “bimbo”. And her first album cover would probably agree with you.

Doda’s first album cover entitled “Bimbo” while she was in the group Virgin.

However, Doda is an extremely popular and influential figure in Poland. In fact, CNN ranked her as as the tenth most famous Pole in history. Yes, in HISTORY. That list includes Pope Jean-Paul II, Copernicus and Marie Curie. Furthermore, the Polish magazine Viva! placed her among the ten most influential women in Poland. Not bad for a bimbo. She also has a knack for creating controversy. In 2010, she caused quite a stir when she stated that the Bible was written “by people who drank too much wine and smoked herbal cigarettes”.

Doda’s popularity and sex appeal made her a perfect choice for Illuminati propaganda. After a few albums with the rock band Virgin, Doda began a solo career as a pop singer and her album, the Seven Temptations, appear to have all of the hallmarks of a true Illuminati piece.

The video, “Bad Girls”, reads like an Illuminati for Dummies: Polish Edition book, cramming into its few minutes of musical horror a complete array of messages. Some might say: “The Illuminati Agenda exists in the U.S., but not in Poland” and so forth. Well, Doda is signed with Universal Music, one of the five media conglomerates that distribute mass media across the world. It owns labels like Interscope, Geffen, A&M, Defjam, Island and Motown. She is therefore part of the elite’s system and was apparently chosen to be the Illuminati’s representative in Poland.

Bad Girls

The video takes place in a setting that the Illuminati loves: A futuristic dystopian police state. Cameras and “tele-screens” everywhere, police in riot gear and a faceless ruler: This imagery is present in pop videos around the world.

The “hero” of the story is Doda, a half-human half-robot, who emerges from some kind of transhumanist scientific lab. The promotion of the merger of humans and robots is a staple of the agenda, as seen in the article  “The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music”.

The elite’s preferred way of depicting their pop stars: Half-robots kept alive by a gigantic machine. The other “Bad Girls” are also attached to the machine.

There’s an English version of the song but the lyrics are kind of … nonsensical. However, they still manage to convey the fact that she’s “down with the dark side”.

“I know my way of my Babylon
All demons know, my booty show
Girl dress to kill I’m hell on heels
So come with me, we’ll go oh”

After blasting their way out of the lab, Doda and her girls then meet up in a restaurant that apparently serves humans: Another example of making dehumanization “cool” in music videos.

This restaurant is decorated with humans the same way steakhouses are decorated with cows. How engrossing.

In this restaurant for cannibals, Doda and her “bad girls” plan their attack on the big boss of the city.

The girl on the left has one eye hidden. Yes, Polish people also need to be exposed to this Illuminati One-Eye crap.

However, the meeting is interrupted by police in riot gear – a common sight in elite-supported videos (see the article entitled The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music).

Getting young people used to the sight of police in riot gear is an intricate part of the Illuminati Agenda in mass media.

When Doda sees the guards, she basically loses it and kills them with an animal-like scream (or something of the sors). Most people would be satisfied with such a result, but not Doda. She goes to the morgue where the dead guards are found and … gets sexy with one of them.

After cannibalism, necrophilia. I do not sense a lot of respect for human dignity in this video.

After she’s done with the dead guy, a strange phrase appears on his chest, one that appears to sum up the culture of death mass media keeps pushing on the world: “No Death, No Fun”.

“No Death, No Fun” … is this the slogan of the occult elite that has plans for massive depopulation and enjoys ritual sacrifices?

Doda’s desecration of a dead body is not over. She accomplishes a symbolic gesture that confirms who is behind the message of the video.

Doda takes out one of the guy’s eyes. Again, we have a reference to the “one-eye” symbol.

Doda uses the guard’s eye go past the security system that protects the access that leads to the King of the City. After a corny fight scene, Doda “overthrows” the King of the City and sits at his throne. A pill then emerges from her hand and, looking at the camera, Doda says “Try Me”.

Doda shows the viewers the pill they must “swallow” – symbolizing the doctrine they must accept – while urging them to “try her”.

The sign on the pill has a heavy meaning. It is the symbol of Mercury, who is also known as Hermes – the “chief god” of the occult elite. Usually, the bottom part of the symbol resembles a plus (+) sign however, in this case, one extremity has been elongated, making the sign look like an inverted cross – a symbol used in Satanism. We therefore have a devil head sitting atop an inverted cross. Can’t get more blatantly symbolic than that.

Doda’s overthrow of the King of the City can also be interpreted on a personal level. Since the video is very “anatomical”, the action of the video could happen inside a person’s body and mind. In this context, Doda and her girls, who were conceived in government labs, represent the Illuminati agenda that was conceived and calculated in elite think tanks. The message is inherently poisonous (hence “Bad Girls”) but is disguised as something sexy and attractive.

Doda (representing the propaganda) goes through the viewer’s eye (represented by the poking out of the guard’s eye) in order to access the brain – represented by the King of the City. She overthrows him and sits at his place, which represents a successful fight against the mind. Doda then asks the viewers to try her “Bad Girls” pill.

Therefore, in short, the same way Doda emerges from a lab and takes over the city, Illuminati propaganda emerges from think tanks and seeks to take over the masses’ brains through mass media. Popular culture promotes corrupt and debasing values, degrades human life and pushes transhumanism because this is where the elite want to take the world. Will you be swallowing the pill?

Vintage’s “Trees”

If Doda’s “Bad Girls” is a big, loud, heavy-handed and darn near offensive display of symbolism, Vintage’s “Trees” is a much more soothing experience. The subtle symbolism is, however, all the more powerful. While the video appears to be just another other semi-spiritual, pseudo-esoteric and vaguely sensual music video (see Madonna’s “Frozen”), this one, when carefully decoded, has a heavy symbolic meaning: It describes the coming of a “new era” … but not before heavy tribulations.

As seen in the article entitled Mind Control Symbolism in Russian Pop: Vintage’s “Mikkie”, the group has already produced Illuminati-heavy music videos. That being known, is it surprising that the group’s latest video depicts the ultimate goal of the occult elite, namely the creation of a New World Order? Let’s look at the video’s most symbolic scenes.

Anna in a red dress – the ritualistic color of initiation and sacrifice.

The video begins in a dry and windy desert. Everything in the scene is in monochrome except for Anna’s dress, which is bright red. As we’ve seen in several previous articles, red clothing represents initiation and sacrifice. Anna walks towards a pyramid made of half-naked people who appear to be mesmerized by a mysterious source of light.

The people that make up the pyramid seem to be revering a light at the apex of the pyramid. The source of that light is unknown … for now.

This pyramidal shape and its glowing capstone are very similar to a symbol many of you might be familiar with: The pyramid and All-Seeing Eye of the Great Seal of the United States – the main symbol associated with the occult elite, the Illuminati.

Does the pyramid and lighted capstone in Vintage’s video refer to the Great Seal of the USA – which represents the unfinished “Great Work” of the occult elite?

While the pyramid in Vintage’s video is very similar to the one on the Great Seal, there is a notable difference between the two: The one in the video is made of people. These people blending together to form the base of the pyramid represent the masses, which is the true source of power of the elite. Without the compliance (and ignorance) of the general population, the “Great Work” of the elite – a New World Order – would never happen. The people in the pyramid are very cattle-like, acting like lascivious zombies who are subject to their basest instincts.

Inside the pyramid is basically one big orgy – which goes in line with the elite’s view of the masses: A big herd of animals that need to be kept distracted and under control.

A recurrent scene in the video appears to refer to the occult powers of sexuality, whether it be for illumination or manipulation.

Anna is sitting in a “chakra activation” position and performing a gesture reminiscent to Baphomet’s “As Above so Below” hand sign. Behind Anna is an inverted triangle, a symbol that occultly represents the feminine. The combination of all of these images, and, of course, the lips, point towards Sex Magick – a tool used by occultists for enlightenment, but that can also be used to control and manipulate.

Eliphas Levi’s depiction of Baphomet in the same “chakra activation” position and performing a similar handsign.

The video then goes “underground”, where an important process occurs: The impregnation of Anna.

Below the ground, Anna is dressed in black (color of death and rebirth) and is tied up. She is surrounded by a bunch of nasty looking guys who are about to do nasty things to her.

In the following scene, we see the result of this simulated gang bang: A pregnant Anna posing in a way similar to the classic painting “Birth of Venus”. We then see a countdown from the year 2012 to the year zero, which is associated with the birth year of Jesus Christ.

Anna is shown pregnant and on top of the world while the years countdown to the year zero. Who will she give birth to?

When the countdown is over, a figure appears at the top of the illuminated pyramid:

Anna appears with a crown of thorns, dressed in white

Is this the second coming of Christ … or the coming of the anti-Christ? This new figure is definitely not the result of an “immaculate conception” as her conception happened while she was tied up and raped in a hellish, underground setting. The Christ figure is nevertheless revered by the masses. Anna-Christ then raises her hand and causes a great deal of death and destruction.

As the Christ figure raises her arm, civilization in its entirety appears to collapse.

Many people from the masses die from the tribulations – a fact that Anna-Christ doesn’t seem to care about and that Anna in red almost celebrates.

After the period of “tribulations” is, a New World (Order) can start to grow.

After the death and destruction caused by Anna-Christ, the video ends with new life emerging from the ground.

This video is symbolic on several levels. It combines history, civilization and spirituality in a tale of initiation, death and rebirth. Atop an illuminated pyramid, a spiritual leader appears at the year zero – which denotes the beginning of a new Age, a new era or a new aeon – shakes up the entire world. While this figure appears to be the second coming of Christ, those who are acquainted with the Book of Revelation might notice that this new leader, which was conceived in an underground pit, bears many similarities to the Bible’s description of the Antichrist (also referred to as “the Beast”).

“The beast, which you saw, once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction. The inhabitants of the earth whose names have not been written in the book of life from the creation of the world will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, now is not, and yet will come.”
– Revelation 17:8 (NIV)

As we have seen in previous articles (i.e. the article on the movie Metropolis), the Illuminati places a great importance on the Book of Revelation and its telling of the Apocalypse. The esoteric interpretation of this Biblical enigma associates it with the end of the Age of Pisces and the beginning of the Age of Aquarius.

On an occult level, the process shown in the video can be compared to the steps of the Great Work of Alchemy: Nigredo, Albedo and Rubedo (translated to Blackening, Whitening and Reddening). These are the three alchemical steps to turn a crude metal into gold and, on a spiritual level, to turn a profane person to an illuminated person. These steps are represented by Anna’s clothing. In alchemy, the step of Blackening involves the putrefaction and decomposition of a body into its primal matter in order to create new life and is associated with “the difficulties man has to overcome on his journey through the underworld”. Anna was dressed in black in the scene where she was in an underground pit and “being consumed” by men. The process of Blackening leads to the birth of a new life, which is the step of Whitening – represented by Anna-Christ dressed in white. The final step, the Reddening, is manifested when man is master over both the physical as the spiritual world and is represented by Anna in red, the initiate who is the center focus of the video.

The world elite often represents its plans towards a New World Order as an alchemical “Great Work”. An example of this can be found on the Murals in headquarters of Bank of America (see the article Analysis of the Occult Symbols Found on the Bank of America Murals). According to their philosophy, the entire world can be subject to the same alchemical transformation that is applied to a single individual. The process would undoubtedly involve a lot of death and destruction but that appears to be “part of the plan” (as portrayed by the dead bodies found in the video). Is this why the coming of an Antichrist is portrayed in a positive way in the video?


In Conclusion

Doda’s “Bad Girls” and Vintage’s “Trees” are two very different videos, yet they have an important thing in common: they both portray critical parts of the Illuminati Agenda in mass media. While the first video is a perfect example of how popular culture aims to debase the masses with self-destructive values, the second describes the “grand scheme of things”, according to the elite’s philosophy.

These two videos are just two examples of the Illuminati’s efforts to expose the entire world to its Agenda and symbolism. Through veiled tales of initiation and transformation, the masses unconsciously witness, via “entertainment”, celebrations of their own demise. In the same way that the people in Vintage’s pyramid revere an unknown source of light, the masses idolize stars that work for an unseen elite.  Will the masses be one day indoctrinated enough to welcome a “saviour” that will appear at the top of the Illuminati’s pyramid? Only time will tell.




    • I got goosebumps while watchnig "trees".

      My scariest possible scenario of furure hidden in my mind is told by them!

      Im pretty sure this year will be turning point in human history.

      • OMG VC newbie you're right! The lyrics are creepy as hell.

        I really almost peed in my pants when watching the video. The singer also does the 666-hand sign many times.

      • Wow, Absolutely Compelling Research VC!

        This article is a real Masterclass on symbolism & the system at large.

        80% of communication is non-verbal, so watching the "entertainment" in

        another language really highlights all the visual and symbolic elements!

        Exposing the core of this " GLOBALLY Manufactured Pop Imagery!"

        I remember in the early 90's the "MTV Dance Invasion" Acts from Europe

        that were all using French Models as their "Front Women" when in fact they

        were LIP SYNCING. Talk about completely manufacturing culture and imagery!


        I was only 9 years old dancing around to Technotronic Pump Up The Jam,

        so the BLATANT reference went completely over my head, until recently…

        TECHNOTRONIC Era, as in Transhumanist Agenda, just like VC has

        exposed, are tied up nicely within the same packaging, an agenda

        that was implemented long before most of us were even born!

        The groundwork for this agenda was clearly laid out by 1936 at the

        Royal Institute for INTERNATIONAL Affairs. So it's only natural that

        as the technologies, and "new ideas"were SLOWLY and GRADUALLY

        implemented over the past century, it is fascinating but insidious.

        From literature…….. to radio………. to television……… to internet.

        In 1936 they had planned it, it was called the "World Encyclopedia"

        "This World Encyclopedia would be the mental background of every

        intelligent man in the world… Such an encyclopedia would play the

        role of an undogmatic Bible to world culture. It would do just what

        our scattered and disoriented intellectual organizations of today fall

        short of doing. It would hold the world together mentally.. It would

        compel men to come to terms with one another. A Super University,

        A World Brain, No Less, Ultimately If our dream is realized, it must

        extend a great influence upon everyone who controls administrations,

        makes wars, directs mass behavior, feeds, moves, and starves


        You see how such an Encyclopaedic organization could spread like a

        nervous network. A system of mental control around the world, knitting

        all the intellectual workers of the world through a common interest and

        cooperating unity and a growing sense of their own dignity, informing

        without pressure or propaganda, directing without tyranny."

        That Quote was H.G WELLS, King of "SCIENCE FICTION" / When in fact he was

        Eugenicist and Social Engineer, it doesn't get more "Illuminati" than this family.

        He basically said the system of control is so perfect, that there is no need for force,

        because the system in operation is completely invisible.

        Music and Entertainment have been utilized as Global Weapons of Indoctrination,

        that shape our thoughts, perceptions, and ultimately REALITY.

        Yet the "World Encyclopedia" is the same control system that is setting us Free!

        Peace, Love, & Enlightenment My Friends!

      • "And it’s no coincidence too, that Lady Gaga comes out, and she’s got the corpses, made a deal to do the TV show with those corpses that are plasticized from China. And hanging in all weird positions, etc, and pretending she’s making love to them. This is the pure necrophilia. And it’s right in exactly with what Theo Adorno said. Adorno said we shall bring the state of America and the West down to a state of necrophilia; then we shall rebuild it once we’ve destroyed all that was. We’re going through it today…" — Alan "CuttingThroughTheMatrix" Watt

      • No it isn't, 2012 crap is just plain crap its nothing to do with illuminati, this thing going to take place i think it 20, 50 years from now I think Im not sure but how things are going it seems like that, the worse it will get the more poeple going to find out about what is illuminati, I mean many poele know, but less than that believe in it. Obviausly people will start to standing up agains it and I mean not true interenet. True interenet you can't acomplish anything, but there isn't as bad that we have to have a riots in a streets but there is just matter of time when we going to reach that stage. But for defo it wont be this year lol.

      • May you look at the video of "Zahia Dehar" made by Greg William

        it's on the site called www(dot)zahia(dot)com

        Ain't that transhumanist satanism?

      • Estamos Juntos on

        This year and every year that simbolizes the end of a sun cycle, like 2001, 1990, 1979, 1968; 2023, 2034, etc…

    • Wow, I just watched both videos and even though the one from Doda at first appears more violent, I have to say that the one from Vintage in my opinion leaves a much deeper impression in your mind than the other one does. The Doda one you watch and your like: Ok, yea, so she is half-robot and does all these things girls like her do to have fun and then you forget it easily. But the one from Vintage stays in your head. If you are a bit familiar with the Bible all those images from Garden Eden just come to mind and what Lucifer did. Regardless if you believe in it or not, there is heavy Bible-related symbolism in the video and the lyrics, someone on Youtube posted she sings like they are from Lucifer and thats exactly how it sounds like; Lucifer talking to God.


        I have been reading VC for some time now, but this is the first comment i have ever made.

        I just have to say that I think this is all just the word of God coming to pass. I just never thought that it would feel like this. I feel so helpless. Even with salvation from the Lord…I can't help but shutter when I think of the world we now and will have to live in.

        I just want to say to this poster: I agree! All the time I have been listening to these lyrics I think "Nothing but the devil taunting God" the devil is using these instruments to provoke the Lord into rath. the devil wants God to end our world so that he can claim the lost souls.

    • first of all, the key to their agenda is everyone cooperating. most people in the world are not as bad as it seems. we see the world through the eyes of the media who want us to think there is no hope and everyone out there is scum. it is not foreordained that the world will fall to this agenda. in fact I believe quite the opposite. Secondly, you have your own agency to either go along with these masses or to stand out as an individual of integrity.

      • Actually Rebecca, i think it is foreordained, as you put it, that the world will fall to this agenda. In the book of Revelations in the Bible, it does talk about a whole lot of bad stuff like this happenning before the 2nd coming. And about needing peoples cooporation and them not being "as bad as they seem" ( i assume you were speaking of their ignorance), the illuminati know what they are doin when they put this stuff out there. 15 years ago the illuminati were just as active as they are now, but hardly anyone knew anything about them. Now their symbolism is becoming more and more obvious and people are taking notice but its not an accident, its getting to the point where they dont care how much we know because their plans are so close to fruition. So yes i think more people are waking up but I dont think it makes a difference. However, there is nothing to fear regardless of all this negativity. This music just proves there is a devil ( in my opinion ), and if there is a devil there must be a God, and he has already told us this would happen and not to be afraid. God said he would get us through the storm, not around it. Have faith in Yahweh, hes got ya back.

      • Rebecca! Read Bible or Qur'an (both are God's books, bible is just 'altered') but yet it speaks of the bad time. Qur'an has it in detail. Prophet Jesus will not let the anti-christ live. They can try to control the humans and make them do whatever they like but they CANNOT fight the God, who has in fact created each and everyone of them. This life is just a test. We just have to be on God's side and He will grant us the paradise that was made for us! (Adam and Eve). Mother Eve made a mistake following devil and God put all their children to a test. A test where each and everyone of us has to choose his/her path. Just stay on God's side. Follow His path and prove to him that we are His humble creatures who make mistakes but will bow only to Him! :)

      • @ Hareem, people like u who walk around spewing info that u haven't researched gets on my last nerve! how is the bible altered when we have 24,000 original copies of the Old Testament and 3500 copies of the New testament? which we can check and verify that the the info Christians read in 100 AD is the same as what we read today?????

        yet a man shows up 600 years after Jesus clearly stated he is "I AM" and claims that Jesus didn't know what he was saying and that he is a prophet insted. This is the same man who told everyone that God only allows people to marry 4 wives, he went and married 11 (so God has a different standard for him?), married a 9yr old girl???????????, claimed several times that he thought he was possessed. tortured people, believes that the devil pisses in peoples ears…..the list is endless yet am supposed to believe he is a true prophet???? give me a break.

      • GN,

        You are criticizing Hareem for not "researching" the originality of the Bible? To say that you are taken back by his one comment is actually hypocritical as you have severely bashed Prophet Mohammad. In Islam, they do believe in Christ; and they don't deny his upcoming visit. You cannot talk about a prophet in that way. I am actually appalled by the statements you have said about him. It clearly shows ignorance; now you do some research.

        Peace, love and Enlightenment

      • GN

        you r a typical stupid christian!! muslims are actually in Christ's side idiot!! they love him and believe that he is the real Messiah and God will send him to kill the one-eyed Antichrist to save humanity, so why you r talking in a very rude way and disrespect their Prophet! you should try to respect other people's beliefs, also bible creditably is questionable! this is a real long and waste of time debate.

        marriage with a 5 years old girl was very very normal in Europe! read about Joan of Acre and her first marriage at age of 5, her 2nd marriage when she was 12 years old, at least Mohammed's 9-years-old wife never been pregnant!! non of his other 7 wives except the first one which was 15 years older than him and Maria from Egypt!! there are a lot of these marriage that were taken place in Europe and US may be till 1900s, so go read some history books

      • You're right the world is not as bad as it seems…the media makes the masses perceive the world their way.

        People would be docile, non violent loving people if we didn't have leaders in power who are quite the opposite.

      • GN,

        I was Christian (WAS!). The Bible hasn't been altered but BUTCHERED.

        Ever heard of the Councils of Nicea?

        You know 1,687 years ago popes in a room raised their hands and were like, "ok, that makes the cut and that doesn't…no let's not use the book of enoch…they don't need to know that…"

        Allah (Yahweh or whoever you want to call our divine creator) sent the Q'ran to redeem the corrupt Church. Do you know that the Church did in God's name? I suggest you take an Early European history class.

        I also do not think that there are "CHOSEN PEOPLE." Ever heard of the Zionist movement? Yes, America is killing Palestine.

        No you say? The US gives SO MUCH $$$ TO ISRAEL!!! FOR WHAT!!??

        Ron Paul wasn't invited to talk at the Republican Jewish Coalition Forum because when he was asked the question about cutting foreign aid to Israel, he simply said he would make aid more equal; give $ to countries that really need it. That upset the Zionist. So, he wasn't invited.

        Point is…Bible is a little out of whack; it's what the "elites" wanted.

      • @ "GN": Let me break down your comment that oozes an impressive amount of ignorance and speaks volumes of your 'intimate' relationship with Faux news and questionable sources:

        1- Our prophet (pbuh) didn't say anything of the sort about the the Prophet Jesus. Mohammad claims to be the last prophet after Jesus, he came to confirm the message to everyone. All Muslims believe Jesus was a prophet of god, not the sun of god. But to insult him is no different to us than insulting Mohammad.

        2- He did not force anyone to marry four wives. Some of his friends and followers saw that he had many wives and thought it was a religious practice so they attempted to mimic him, a cap was introduced and men were only allowed to marry up to four wives. Besides, he was only married to his first wife Khadija at first, after she died and he migrated he had to make a lot of political marriages the more the religion spread. The only one he didn't marry for politics other than Khadija was Aisha, you can look into the histories of the other wives and you'll see it's the case.

        3 -Aisha reached puberty at nine, so technically she wasn't a child when he married her. Had she reached puberty at 18 or 50 he would've married her then. We are not allowed to have intercourse with children in Islam. Also it was an Arab tradition to marry one of your daughters to your best friend (Abu-bakr, Aisha's dad, was the prophets BFF and the first to believe his message, they were extremely close.) that sort of marriage was supposed to generally strengthen the relationship between the married couple and the two friends. In addition to all that, the average lifespan of women at that time was 40 years of age, so at the tender age of 10 you've already completed a 1/4 of your life; no I'm not saying men should go frolicking about in fields looking for children to have sex with but the fact that it was 1400 years ago is also very relevant here; whether you choose to admit it or not.

        4- Possessed? Not sure what you're talking about, where did he claim this?

        5- Tortured? Who?

        6- "Devil pisses in peoples ears" the Hadith does not go like that exactly, and either way it is generally seen as a metaphor. The devil does not actually stick his willy in your ear and offload if that's what you're thinking. I'll bet you're one of those people, who, when they hear metaphors like "armed to the teeth" envision nuclear braces and reinforced ceramic dentures and proceed to call 911.

        I agree with "Good to Go" it is annoying to see so many religious debates, it does give people who doubt the agenda of the media a reputation for being 'religious fundies'. But to be honest, this place is as good as any other to debate it. Especially when it comes to Islam and the media,. We do take a considerable bash in the media and RL as Muslims, according to them we're all immigrants who haven't tried to 'blend in' even if we were born and bred in the country. Forgive us for being the least compromising minority.

        Also, nobody on this site gives a damn about how Christian or Muslim you are, so can you please stop quoting the bible/Quraan, it's does not add anything to the discussion. In fact, it's one of the causes behind these endless tirades. Don't shove your religion in everyone's airspace it only serves as a permanent repellent.

      • Well said "Rebecca" that is.

        Isaiah 45:18> "This is what Jehovah has said, the Creator of the heavens….Former & Maker of the earth did not create it simply for nothing….but did so for it to be inhabited. I am Jehovah and there is no one else." meaning no one but Him made the earth and he will establish all rules with his son Jesus to bring the earth to his purpose..not that of man under control of satan. Nothing to worry about as long as we are following his rules and the footsteps of his son closely.

    • @GN, which list is endless? The list of politically inspired lies from an illuminati-backed media? The most fought against religion in the media is Islam, you should wonder why. Humans are pretty much all the same, people who believe the prophet of Islam to be a true prophet are actually JUST as concerned about love, honesty, kindness, justice, etc as you. We all appreciate the same things. So if there are *billions* of people in the world who *do* accept him as a true prophet, maybe you're the one who's been missing something.

      • I am soo sick and tired of these religious debates! They're everywhere! I was watching youtube with my nephew the other day and people were arguing about religion on a goddamn elmo video! Really!? And on VC too? Wow, I mean, you'd think VC readers know by now that the luciferian elite are the real enemies, and that all this fighting between people of different faiths serves the elite's agenda. This makes me hate the human race so much that I don't really care about the elite and their plan to kill us all, I say do it quick and let's get it over with.

      • WOW! good for you GN! for standing up for what you believe in. the Bible is to be trusted as the true word of God (KJV) watch the documentary The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. if you're not a believer or if you question the Bible's validity PLEASE watch this documentary, it will def change you're mind.

        @Helly: you act like marrying a child is ok in ANY form when its not! Jesus clearly stated that that was wrong and no man (or woman) should ever hurt a child REGARDLESS of the times.

        @aa: bashing the prophet??? GN was only bashing the facade over muhammed. GN clearly laid out the truth about that guy. how would you know al that unless GN researched it and found out the truth??

        seriously, Christianity is a choice, period. if you don't want to follow Jesus you dnt have to, but as for me and my house..we will serve the Lord

      • @Your mom (what an appropriate name.)

        I agree with @Good to go this shouldn't be a fight between religions. Islam, Christianity and Judaism all believe in a supreme power who will stop the human struggle and fight injustice. You, much like GN have a fixed mind about Islam; I am not a muslim myself, but I believe in all religions. Islam is one of the most followed religions because it has good principles and teachings that are very similar to Christianity. You should not disrespect it.

        "GN clearly laid out the truth about that guy. how would you know al that unless GN researched it and found out the truth??" that guy? that guy is a prophet, and if Christianity teaches you anything, it's being respectful and kind to everybody. I know about the topic because I studied all religions; believe it or not I am still in high school, a Catholic high school, so no I am not against Christianity in any way. I am very interested in all religions, which are basically similar, and I do try to adopt some of their teachings.

        You could at least be thankful that at a younger age I am well aware of this situation and I try to preach it. So no people my generation is not half as bad as you all thought..still some hope there.

        peace love and enlightenment

      • ENOUGH of the my god is better than your god arguments! Jeez..

        @aa The world would be a better place if more people were like you :o) I actually know some Christians who read about the Illuminati and the NWO but believe that Obama is Muslim, Islam is satanic, and and the antichrist is going to be Muslim or something like that, it's insane. I guess that's what you get when you watch too much Fox news and read conspiracy theory websites.

    • Cutting Through The Matrix Book 1 by Alan Watt

      The Androgynous (Hermaphroditic) Agenda

      Sample Page From Book 1

      "To form is to Shape. People are shaped by IN-Forming. Information is

      neutral, like law, neither true nor false. Masters of Gnosis dispence the

      sequences of directives which, in scientifically designed order, form the

      ideas, opinions and life, the beliefs, reality AND DESTINY of the receiver

      YOU. When IN-DOCTRINATION is complete you have been MASTERED. To

      "doctor" means "to fix" by a science or Discipline. YOU ARE NOW A

      MASTER-COPY, not original but ABORIGINAL. Original people saw things in

      entirety. Pythagorus taught a science of controlling the mind, by reducing all

      thought down to mathematical formulae. The REAL priesthood call this THE

      TRINITY. It s as easy as A1B2C3

      The Greek philosophers taught the method in story form. An imaginary

      Dialogue would occur between two or more people. By "logic" every societal

      problem was reduced to the BINARY CODE. EITHER-OR. We know it better

      as the Dialectic Process. By how LOGOS(the WORD) is used, those

      following the conversation are brought to a conclusion . The conclusion BEE-

      comes their own. They are now INFORMED. The purpose is to usurp power

      from the individual and have him slave willingly towards "the betterment of

      humanity." The beehive has always been the symbol of the perfect society in

      ancient Egypt, the Minoan culture and Freemasonry. Behave is from

      Beehive. Plato discussed the types of bees in relation to classes of people.

      The majority were workers who brought home the nectar. The drone priests

      sorted it into grades of honey. The best is Royal Jelly for themselves and

      the "Queen" while the workers are given denaturalised refuse.

      Unlike modern freemasonry where the initiate must say "I AM" pre-Jaques-

      Pierrian English had no Am. The candidate said "I BEE". The number of

      masonry is Four. "To bee or not to bee=2xb(2)=4. Jaques is French for

      Jacob, Pierre is Peter, Rock etc.. This is typical masonic "allegory" for

      Jacob's Pillow (foundation) on which he had his "dream". This is a re-hash

      from the Egyptian Book of the Dead story of Ascended Masters to-day

      known as M ITREAS. The nobility ruling Egypt and their empire were called

      Hamites. The priesthoods taught their own race the doctrine of

      REINCARNATION. Those who ruled were "spirits" which had completed

      many cycles with such perfection, they only returned to "help rule" the "poor

      masses" which "could not rule themselves". Elitists Murderers, Thieves and

      liars, a Brotherhood which hi-jacked reality and gave illu(light)si(spirit of)on.

      Every Lodge has its picture of Jacob's ladder(rungs are degrees)

      symbolizing the ascention of the novice, returning as angels(angles) to

      earth, perfected…"

      /end of quote…

      Bottomline: the elites have a complete religion of their own – far older than any other religion out there – and while they believe in their own crap they always give a religion for each age for the sheeple to follow – and while following the leaders of all these religious institutions, the sheeple are really following the elite who again consider themselves as gods or at least god´s representatives – hence the sheep/shephard allegory for example which has an exoteric as well as an esoteric meaning… now, before the elites can indoctrinate the next generations of sheeple with the "new" (earth based) religion for the "new" age (of aquarius), they must destroy all the old religions and values – step by step & incrementally – and while doing so they just let the dead bury their dead…

  1. I think we have gone past the point of asking whether the New World Order/ Illuminati agenda is real or not and to the point where we need to ask ourselves what are we going to do about it. Fantastic article.

    • I agree. The problem is that unfortunately most people who see the truth are blinded by religion. They won't take action because they think god will handle it all but really god put us here to handle it ourselves. John the baptist was a Kabbalist and encoded revelations with lots of secrets which is why occultists revere it as VC said. Obviously he intended for it to be used for good but good has forgot how. Occult is magic and magic can be good just as it is evil. Christ is the greatest magician, so to give a tired saying new meaning, what would Jesus do??? The opposite of cursing someone is loving someone. Fight fire with water not fire.

      • There shall not be found among you anyone who burns his son or his daughter as an offering, anyone who practices divination or tells fortunes or interprets omens, or a sorcerer or a charmer or a medium or a necromancer or one who inquires of the dead, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord. And because of these abominations the Lord your God is driving them out before you. You shall be blameless before the Lord your God. Deut 18:10

      • Dear friends, never take revenge. Leave that to the righteous anger of God. For the Scriptures say, "I will take revenge; I will pay them back," says the LORD.

      • Let God do his thing. He's got this. We can sit back and relax, even if we are tortured to death, these Earthly shells called our bodies are only temporary. Believe in Christ Jesus and you will be SAVED!

      • @Revelations: that quote from the bible describes practices of black magic. White magic is the inverse. Further more emulating Jesus is not seeking vengeance.

        "believing" in Jesus is not going to save you from anything, acting like Jesus will save you from everything. Thoughts mean nothing until they are turned into words and words mean nothing until they are turned into actions.

      • @Sledgehammer

        Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in your name? and in your name have cast out demons? and in your name done many wonderful works?

        And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, you that work iniquity.

        (Matthew 7)

      • @revelations: does that passage not describe the church itself though? It has prophecized the rapture, tried to exorcise countless demons, and done countless works of good. But yet, does it really know god. I personally think not. And that quote really sums it up for me. Thank you brother.

        Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

      • I agree brother, but you shouldn’t promote white occult magic.

        It may seem ‘white’ or good but it is NOT. The devil transforms himself into an angel of light in order to deceive. God allowed the first few Christians to perform miracles (such as exorcisms) but Paul also prophesied those temporary miraculous abilities would soon end. Good miracles originate with God’s Holy Spirit not Occult forces. ALL occult practices so-called ‘black’ or ‘white’ magic originate with the devil. The bible calls it spiritism, because occults powers come directly from demonic spirits.

        “Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of LIGHT. It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers for righteousness.” (2 Cor 11:14-15)

        Those who practice spiritism will not inherit God’s kingdom. (Galatians 5:19-21).

        Yes, demons will perform ‘white’ magic to deceive. Don’t try and practice white magic, to do so is to involve yourself with demonic forces. Also John, one of Jesus apostles wrote Revelation not John the baptist. Neither of them were Kabbalistic in any way.

        The bible consistently condemned Jewish magic practicing priests for their spiritistic ‘kabalistic’ practices.

        The pop star Madonna is a Kabbalist and obviously part of the agenda VC exposes.

        Jewish Kabbalists reject the messiah Jesus. Don’t mix yourself up with them and their occult practices.

      • Revelations speaks the truth. Practicing white magic still puts one in contact with the dark spirits. Sorry Sledgehammer but I can't let you slander God's Word like this. God specifically, in the Old and New Testaments forbids His people from practicing any kind of magic or sorcery. Saul, once the Lord left him, went and got a sorceress to try to find a way to beat David, keep him from the throne God had now given him, but his efforts were in vain. You, my friend, seem to be heavily influenced by the "New Age" teachings of elevating to a higher consciousness. The idea that we are all "christs," that He was simply one of us who reached this level of perfection that we all may reach, therefore He is not worthy of worship is a lie as old as the earth. In fact, it's Satan's oldest trick. In Genesis he tempted Adam and Eve with reaching godhood through knowledge- "oh, you will not surely die. For once you eat of the fruit, your eyes will be opened and you shall be like God." (rough translation) Isn't that exactly what the occult mystery schools believe and are striving for? Isn't that what we've just witnessed in these Satanic videos? I encourage you to watch the documentary "Aquarius: the Age of Evil" which delves into the "New Age" philosophies, 2012 propaganda, Zietgeist, and helps distinguish fact from fiction. This is constructive criticism, in order that you may gain knowledge and spread it. Be blessed.

      • What scripture did y on


        What scripture(s) did you base the following on?

        "Paul also prophesied those temporary miraculous abilities would soon end."

        That isn't in my bible anywhere. In fact, these miraculous abilities through the Holy Spirit were never meant to end in this dispensation that the church is now living in. Check out Mark 16:15-18 for starters. Look close at what Jesus said in the 16th verse… (This is NKJV btw) "These signs WILL follow those who BELIEVE, in my name they WILL…" Jesus never said that these miraculous things were only for some people or will only last a short time, etc. And… You won't find that anywhere in the bible either, (without taking scripture out of context!) On another point, if people think it's important enough to follow through with the 15th verse, then shouldn't they try and figure out how the other verses work? There are many other scriptures to support this. Check out John 14:12. Check out James 5:14 and 15. That's just another example. And depending on what translation you're using, it may say, "the prayer of faith will save the sick" and that may not make much sense. Well the word "saved" is from the greek word "sozo" which literally means, "saved, healed, delivered, set free from all the bondage of the enemy". It's the same word used throughout the gospels that is translated healed when Jesus healed people and it's translated saved in other areas. Don't believe me? Google it.

        I personally know several people who have been healed through prayer and the laying on of hands. My sister in law was healed of severe allergies to cats 18 months ago after I personally prayed for her and commanded satan to loose her of that trash. Now she and my brother have 3 cats! God is real, His power is real, healing and exorcisms, etc. are happening today. These things are available to the believer and even though most churches don't teach it, that doesn't mean it isn't there. The key is what you believe. satan knows this. That is why he tries so hard to get us to not believe, especially anything of power like what Jesus said the Believer would be operating in today. If you're not seeing it around you, seek out people who are walking in it. Ask God to lead you to those who believe the full gospel and not just parts of it. It WILL change your life!

        Christianity was not meant to be another religion. It was meant to manifest the power of God by releasing the Holy Spirit on this earth with His delivering power. The Holy Spirit came in full force on Pentecost and never left! Nor did He go to sleep! Nor did He lose His power! His power is still here- it's like electricity. Electricity has always been here, but until man figured out how to use it, it wasn't helping anyone. There is a learning curve to operating by faith and in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, but if you want to evangelize, there is no better thing you can do. Logic fails, but let people experience the power of God and you won't need to convince them of anything. Experience trumps.

        There's much more to being a Christian than following a code of ethics. There is true power in true Christianity. I'll leave you with this. This is my friend's website.


      • The gifts of prophesying and the ability to speak any foreign language was foretold to come to an end by Paul in 1 Cor 13:8. If these miraculous gifts would end than it would stand to reason that healing powers would also cease.

        Jesus warned about those performing signs and wonders in the last days.

        "For false messiahs and false prophets will rise up and perform signs and wonders so as to deceive, if possible, even God’s chosen ones. Watch out! I have warned you about this ahead of time!" (Mark 13:22)

      • What scripture did y on


        Has knowledge passed away? 1 Corinthians 13:8 says that knowledge will pass away too, but it hasn't has it? In 1 Corinthians 13:12 Paul said now we know in part, but then we will know fully. When is then? He said that now we see through a glass darkly, but in the future we will see face to face. Do we see face to face yet? He said that now we know in part. Do we know fully yet? He said when that which is perfect has come, these things will be gone. Has that which is perfect come? This world is far from perfect so far. When all these things are true, then yes, prophecies and the such will pass away. That's after we've left this earth.

        Either way, I wanted to share this with everyone and not only you, because like I said before Christianity is more than just a code of ethics. You don't have to believe what I said, but it'll greatly bless you if you do. It's kinda like you don't have to believe what is written on the articles here at VC, but you can if you want to. It's your choice. The most important thing is always what you believe because it affects your whole life. And what you believe, and what you *think* you believe are two different things. You act on what you truly believe deep down. That's why Paul mentioned the importance of renewing one's mind.

        I'm done posting here. Consider the link I shared above. Ask yourself, "What do these people have to gain by making this stuff up?" You should also ask that about VC and anything else you here for that matter.


      • What scripture did y on

        Meant *hear*.

        I realized I did not also address your second concern earlier. See Matthew 7:15-20. Jesus said that you WILL know them by their fruits. And in the 23rd verse you quoted a few comments above, Jesus made it obvious by saying that those who were the false prophets etc. were those who practiced iniquity. The iniquity in their lives was the bad fruit. Bad tree = bad fruit.

      • Uuuuum, John the Baptist didn't write Revelation (no s on the end of Revelation). It was written by John of Patmos while in exile. John the Baptist was beheaded by I believe Herod's wife (the third). Basically John the Baptist made the mother of Herodias angry by saying that it was unlawful for Herod to take his brother's wife. So during the birthday celebration of Herod after the daughter danced, he told her that she could have whatever she wanted and she fulfilled her mother's wish of bringing her John the Baptist's head on a platter. Also, Jesus Himself was still alive when John the Baptist was beheaded (Matthew 14). He was beheaded in prison……the John that wrote Revelation wrote it while on the island of Patmos. Jesus was dead and risen by the time Revelation was written. In response to your other statements about there somehow being some differentiation between white and black magic…..magic is magic period. With God there is no confusion. Satan is the author of confusion and will add in those little qualifiers to make sin somehow justified. The keep it simple principle works with sin. Sin is sin….there is no somehow breaking it down to its good and bad constituents…it is just sin. You are correct about there being Kabbalistic Jews and those are the ones spoken of in Revelation…they are the synagogue of Satan. The ones who secretly performed rites and rituals in the days of the Old Testament….(the thing about the bible is that its truths are sprinkled throughout and expanded upon in different books) and are the heads of today's occult. Satan has a tendency of twisting the truth into a lie…..which is why he tempted Jesus with the words of God….he knows the power of the word of God and he in this time will use any strategy necessary to keep people away from it because he knows his time is short. Many who claim to know the word of God and scoff at it don't understand it. The last book of the bible is called Revelation.

    • What will be, will be it has already been prophesied…and the Winner in the end has been prophesied as well, so fear not my friend 😉

      By the way VC..I just want to commend you for always keeping humor in your articles. You give us the facts but always keep a mild lightheartedness to it at times that I think is really important. If we can't laugh at the elites selfish nonsense and delusions..then what do we have.

      Fear nothing and laugh at your enemies!!!!! 😉

    • Yes, I agree. What are we going to do about it? First, take back your mind. Cleanse your spirit by going to God and His Son and His Mother. Then cleanse your body. Stop eating their crap. Then tell others. Then feed your spirit and mind with truth. Turn off their TVs, their movies, the magazines, etc. Freedom! Freedom! The cat is out of the bad. These elites are like Macbeth before Macduff cuts off their heads, psychotic and desperate. Pull out of their mind control, the time is short and the stakes very high. Resist by focusing on the good, the true, the actual and the fulfilling: God!

    • Voice of Reason on


      Well, we've been griping for awhile now that the Elite keep doing the same boring crap over and over in their videos; and I guess they somehow got the message, because they've added a new spin to this one…cannabalism!!!

      However, if this is indeed a new objective they have lined up for us, I'm pretty sure it's going to be a very tough sell, no matter which celebrity endorses it. As a fan of rare steaks (spare me the lecture(!), I often hear gasps of horror from others when I enjoy one; so, if that many people are averse to eating undercooked cow, I doubt they'd be interested in chowing down on a human being, no matter how trendy their favorite musician tries to make it look.

      Fantastic article, V.C.; you keep introducing us to new sources of information that we likely wouldn't have found on our own.

    • The god of this age (Satan) has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God. (2 Cor 4:4)

      • @revelations: satan has not blinded them – GOD has ! it says in Romans 1:18-32 and some of chapter 2 as well. it talks about how they knew HIM but did not glorify HIM and they became vain with dark hearts so HE gave them up to do as they pleased. in other words HE made them "hear not & see not" the truth of the LORD.

      • @jaguar…HE gave them a choice, free will. They CHOSE not to follow HIM, therefore it is THEIR fault.

  2. Hey

    I'm from Poland and I can tell you: it is not so bad. Doda's career is dead, her latest album was a spectacular fiasco. It's good I think, because it is a proof that Illuminati can't make Polish people blindly love their puppet. Yet. For now at least, we remain resistant:) Although not so resistant when it comes to foreign puppets, Gaga is popular here too.

  3. So, this year is the year, that's what they are trying to tell us with the countdown in the music video, is this the year when the depopulation will happen and the New World Order will strike full force??? please I need answers…

    • Robin Shadowes on

      Yes, this is the year everything will be going down. But please understand this. They want to create massive fear. Because of our limited senses we can not sense it or see it. But the truth is that fear is energy. Negative energy and they will feed off it. When people go scared globally at the same time, it will make them very strong. It will also make it easier for them to manipulate those affected. So whatever happens, don't give in to any negative feelings an not fear in particular. It might seem a lot to ask about during a global catastrophe but please try to remain calm. Remember the eye of the storm. That is their sole reason to create massive fear. They believe it will make them invincible. You have all as unique individuals, although they are always trying to tell you the opposite, that you are worthless and nothing, but you also have the chance to prove them wrong. Take movies like The Matrix. It only had one The One which was Neo. But that is not true. You are all The One. You just have to realize it yourselves first. When that happens on a global scale. Then all their fancy plans will fall apart like a house of cards. It is really that simple.

    • Scaredy Cat on

      Well, the usage of condoms and birth control pills are pretty much blatant in the current society. The number of abortion is increasing. Then there's the same-sex marriage that congresses all over the world(a lot, anyway) are trying to push… All of these are ways to decrease Earth's population.

      And when people who disagrees with their ways will be marked as close minded, judgmental, religious-freaks who does not care about rights of other people. PFFT.

      Anyway, its all up to us anyway on how we see things BUT as for me, yes. And things wont get any prettier from now on :(

      Its scaring me shitless.

  4. Hoo boy. I thought Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way' had really brought out the big ones; but Vintage's is absolutely preposterous. The more blatant they get, the blinder people appear to be. Except for those who are beginning to wake up, the majority of the public just seems to be in a daze. I think that's why they've also become so blatant with their symbolism, because it's become more "safe" to do so. This is scary scary stuff…and it's only the beginning.

    • I don't understand why it matters they show this imagery. I mean, it seems just as symbolic as a dog with a silly hat on, left up to you (the viewers') discretion. Meaning is contrived due to conditioning needs. I really don't see how this creates a system of obedient followers.

      • You might have just answered your own question. Symbols and repetition affect subconscious mind.
        Do a little reading on how subconscious mind works – it runs your life.
        And it's very sensitive to suggestion.

  5. I'm Polish and a frequent reader of Vigilant Citizen. I have to admit that until now while I used to find the knowledge I have been discovering here amusing, eye-opening, somewhat frightening and definitely important, at the same time dangers and threats posed by the ruling elite or The Illuminati agenda if you will, seemed distant. Like a tsunami you hear struck Japan – you cannot deny its devastating power and scorn jeopardy it puts human lifes in but it's accross the world really – it'll do you personally no harm. And since most articles here were about the US and its government or a huge entertainment business of Hollywood it seemed understandable to me that such things happen in America – a country struggling to maintain its status of Global Superpower with its government's ambitions to rule the world, the government that will do virtually anything to achieve their goals. Including selling their souls to the devil himself. But Poland? We have our own problems of a fairly young "democracy" and ruling the world isn't one of them I thought – there's no elites here to push their sick agenda down on us, we're safe… But finding this article here reminded me to keep my eyes open (both of them!). Even if The Illuminati agenda isn't as widely present here as it is in the US, the tentacles of elite are already creeping in…

    • You must be kidding me! I can link almost every Polish star to the Illuminati and their agenda(Majewski, Wojewodzki, Kora , Afromental, Natalia Lesz, Nosowska, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Dezerter, Steczkowska, Doda, Marina, Ania Wyszkoni etc – the list is never ending). Occult symbolism in TV shows and media events is as blatant as Gaga's videos. Please have a look at these:

      • I would also like to ask all Polish readers of VC to have a look at the testimony of Lech Dokowicz – a man who took part in the building of an early techno scene in Germany and was groomed to be initiated into satanic cult. The story shook me to the core. Sorry, it is only in Polish:

      • I agree you can find some symbolism in these videos Adrian. But I'd rather say those stars just try to mock what they see on mtv – the style of Lady Gaga, Paramore etc. I don't think there's some power elite behind them really. The stake is just not high enough for the Illuminati to bother – we're just some small country nobody gives a shit about. Who'd want to control that? ;). It makes more sense to focus on the US that so many countries look up to and start the NWO there and the rest of the world will follow.

      • AK84 of course they want to control everyone, it brings them a good revenue. Why did Obama sign to build military bases in Australia by 2016? It's population is roughly 20,000,000.

    • i totally agree with you! i mean,i hear this storys and i think to myself: im glade im not there! thankfully im in africa,there's no agenda here….we are strugglin with lack of democracy,sickness and we are so damn poor!

      All that untill i see this shit in here too! i see on tv programs an even on OUR PRESIDENT Campaign!

      Let me tell you something my friend….WE ARE NOT SAFE,IN ANY PARTE OF THE PLANET! The slogan is: One World….Never forget that.

    • I live in Pennsylvania USA and I'm tired of the government controlling us and the rest of the world. Where I live the only jobs are similar to sweatshops. Sorry if our government is using their power in any other country other than their own, most are too blind out here to know what's going on in the world. Everyone seems to be fixed on tv, phones, videogames and mainstream media that they forget the world around them. If anything the people need to destroy the addicting technology that has no true benefits in life and hand out books.

  6. I noticed that you only mentioned the more european and first world countries. What about india, south africa, cuba?

    I live in SA and just recently I noticed a green deposit in my drinking water that comes straight out of the tap. My mother told me I was being paranoid but now I refuse to drink any tap water. I remember you once did an article like this and I wish I could test the water but I just don't have the resources.

    I'm starting to believe this whole illuminati agenda not from what I read on this website or even what I see, but by what God has told me.

    Vigilant, you've done a great job of keeping us informed and I greatly thank you for that. I think it's up to us now, as people, to think for ourselves, start making the right decisions and speak up when we see wrong being done to others.

    It just seems like the human race has lost it's humanity. Now it's just a race and everyone is willing to do just about anything to get to the end..

    • That's Spirogyra/green algae. Your tank that holds the water is breeding algae and it's making its way through the pipes and the tap is its outlet. Change your tank to a black one. They cannot grow in that darkness.

    • It's a flakey green stuff. Bleugh…

      Algae? Golly, I feel silly. I'm getting paranoid about small stuff. It feels like nothing is safe

      • My Parents had the same problem in Lagos and changed their tanks to black tanks. They can't breed in there.

    • Well… Can you tell me how blatant is the movie "Ra.One"? That illuminati statement is starred by two famous actors from Bollywood! I watched that akward s*it, and left me speechless cuz masonic & satanic symbols were present all the time and the story that was intended to be funny is just sick! Transhumanism, hand gestures, references to satan… Everything was there!.

      I would love VC to make a post on that weird cra… I mean movie.

      • Yes, VC definitely need to do some India specific research. India has one sixth of the world's population. Movies, Brands, Media, Company logos etc

        VC, Please do this to enlighten us all ………….

  7. I just watched Vintage's video. It's as revolting as depicted in the screencaps. I'm reminded of Odysseus and the sirens; no doubt that the elite use these beautiful women to 'seduce' and 'destroy' the masses with their hypnotizing music (Gaga) and sensual appearance. Tie yourselves tightly to that mast everyone!

  8. It is just so sad to see how people still ignore these blatant signs of devil work.

    I fell like crying for the ignorant. May the almighty god helps us go through this.

    • Khadijah Al-nas on

      how disgusting and degrading this people areeeeeeeeeeeeee making this sickening videos. Shame on them. im totally disgusted by Dodas video and the man with the one eye. well on the day of judgment all this people will be in the place that they deserve….

      Thanks for the article!

  9. The elite are sending warnings that they are going to depopulate the world. The signs are everywhere, in movies, music videos and on television.

  10. The Illuminati is really kicking it into high gear as of late aren't they? Things are heating up and I have a feeling we are all going to witness the big show very soon. I know the Bible says no one knows the day or the hour of the Lords return except for God the Father but the Bible also says we can get an idea of the timeframe in which these things will occur. It's getting closer with each passing hour friends. Be ready!

    Thanks VC for doing another great article. People need to realize this is happening on a global scale. Not just int eh USA and the UK. Keep up the good fight!

    • Yes we must be ready but how will you know it is the right Christ? I know many christians believe in the pre-tribulation rapture but the Bible did not say a rapture would happen befor the tribulation but after it (read all of Matthew 24). But be of good cheer because God will keep his children safe just like he did when the Children of Isreale were in Egypt and the plauges happend. Be like the 5 wise virgins and not like the 5 foolish virgins. Ask Jesus to prepare you for what is to come.

    • N hit it on the head. From my studies of Scriptures, Christ and the writers of the New Testament (especially Paul) tell us straight up that things are gonna get worse for Christians before they get better. However, one thing that I've always loved about Jesus Christ compared to paganism or Satanism, is that He brings a spirit of peace through the Holy Spirit. Lady Gaga, Jay-Z, and all other satanists describe being haunted by demons, voices, unable to sleep, mental torture. God promises a "peace that surpasses all understanding"(Phil 4:7) to His children, whom He will not forsake. Keep the faith! Be baptized (those who deny Him on Earth shall be denied by Him in Heaven. baptism is a necessary component in the salvation process and a declaration of spiritual rebirth in Him, "Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." Acts 2:38 "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit" Matt. 28:19) Hope this helps and God grants us a spirit of understanding and peace. Be blessed.

  11. Dear VC,

    I must say, that I have seen Doda video long time ago and it left me thinking… Only one thing: I must tell you, that the lyrics in Polish sound a bit more disturbing than they do in English and I quickly translated it for you, so please have a read.

    Bad girls are nasty and hungry

    Bad Girls, Bad Girls

    Bad Girls, it's gonna end bad

    I do not tolerate word 'no'

    I always get what i want

    Your place is under my feet

    I am your Master and your God

    Take a leash in your mouth and get me my whip

    Slobber and die, under my feet sit

    Take a leash into your mouth and lay on your back

    I always take what I want form life

    I never step back no matter what

    The revolution and new constitution are coming (when it repeats later on she sings "I am the revolution")

    It is always not enough for me

    I constantly need more blood

    It' s grey and boring

    To want something means to be able to, so I'm gonna change the world

    I will burn the cities and villages

    Make smoke, let it happen

    I will burn the cities because I'm bored

    There is only sex and fire

    I cannot take it anymore

    Only sex and fire

    Only sex and fire in my head

    Because of them I cannot sleep

    Sex and fire

    I am burning, burning, burning,

    I am burning, burning, burning

    • What a disgusting song! But this is apart of the agenda of the elite; they've been de-femminizing women for years. Upsetting the gender roles is apart of their agenda to destroy human kind as we know it. They try to tell us that we're like animals and now people will casually say "Oh were just animals any way…" Fools.

      • Robin Shadowes on

        Their plan is that the future slave race will be just one race, mixture of all current ones, mongrel race and only one gender, the hermaphrodite. They're trying to destroy the normal family becuase that entity is uniting us and thus dangerous from them. With the new hermaphrodite gender there will no longer be any need for a family or a loving and caring mother. They will all become like automatons, which is their purpose of creating this abomination.

      • The lyrics are fun aren't they? Remember, there are people out there who eat this shit up. This is there food and church music. Not your style? Why can't they have their tunes like we "think" we have ours?

        I don't buy their premise – their carnal point of view and their arrogance based on possessing a few majical skills should make them the possessors of humans who lack those hidden talents or a specific signature DNA.

        It's all physics anyway, just formula's unknown.

      • Righto. lol I don't think all people wish to own such talents. They're more than welcome to them. As to the DNA signature, why would someone wish to be damned? Everything seems pointless since nobody is immortal.

  12. Wow, I'm really surprised you guys are writing about Doda. I think it's worth mention that she's been dating Behemoth's leader, Nergal. In Poland Nergal is mostly known for ripping Bible on the stage. He and his band are satanists, hands down. Also, another Doda's video is worth watching. Is called "XXX". She's on some desert, she have snake's eyes ang tongue, ang she is portreyed as some king of goddess.

  13. It looks like there is writing all over the bodies of the people that make up the pyramid. Is anyone able to tell what some of it says?

  14. Right?! This shit is crazy. i cant see how someone that is still "sleep" would look at this and think there is nothing wrong with this video.

  15. Everything is falling into place… The symbolism of the Illuminati, morals are degrading, minds are being dumbed down, wars are brewing and governments are gaining much more control over the people.

    The system is in place for the New World Order and the reign of the antichrist.

    In Jesus Christ we have hope, joy and eternal life! Jesus will come again, very soon. And only those who have turned from their sins will be spared.

    The time is coming. Keep watch and repent!

  16. Everyone will bow- J on

    Vigilant, I know you mention that we should not speak on religion, etc. Unfortunately, it becomes a struggle within not to when you discuss Satan and the Baphoment, the goat head. I can't help but to mention that these are the very things Christ Jesus came to this earth to speak against.

    This practice is the very reason the Lord would bring its wrath on Israel. The Israelites would turn from Him to worship other gods. The people in this music video and other music artists are doing the same. They are worshipping their gods.

    • People don't want to accept that we are not progressing but destroying and going back to how things were before Christ. No morals, no good, no limits…

  17. The Vintage video is full of Satanic symbols and she's clearly promoting the Illuminati. My first thought when I saw this was is she trying to become famous by putting this much symbolism in her video?? This is as blatant as I've ever seen it. I wonder if her way thinking is this Illuminati stuff is getting a lot of attention…so I'm going to make a video that has everything I can think of and seen in it. Does anyone see what I am getting at?

    • There's a figure of speech for that… it's called "selling out".

      Otherwise known as trading your soul to the devil for fame.

    • I honestly do not believe that any artist has ANY say in what they protray in their videos, they are simply the puppet and are having their strings pulled. The imagery in all videos is created by the master himself, Satan and is released to the world through his artists. They have NO say, they are just there to make a buck and become "popular". We believers can watch and learn but we are not to dwell or we become transformed.

  18. I just saw Vintage's "Trees". What I saw was, when everything starts dropping down, I thought of WW 3 and then the NWO. Maybe the person who "saves' us from WW 3 will be the anti-crist? I don't know, something to think about 😀

  19. There is NO way the "fall" of the Soviet Union was legit. No way. All of the bubbles in finance from 1991 to 2008 could have been planned and those in the know could have basically transferred the money to build the police state from the world's middle classes.

    Then when the equipment is built and shelters dug kill the poor and middle classes. Keep a 100 million for serfs and it's done.

    That has GOT to really be about to happen. Amazing it's when I happen to be currently Alive. But not for long huh?

    Don't think the Denver Airport is a practical joke.

  20. I just watched the Doda video and it's just all sick and disgusting! Ever since 2010 when I first starting researching the Illuminati and Satanism…it has changed my life! At first I just couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe it was all around me like it is and I didn't even know it. I am seriously trying to stop listening to all this music. Music is my weakness…especially pop music. But no more! I'm not listening to something that promotes Satan in any way, shape, form, or fashion. The Bible says this is just the beginning and it is going to get a lot worse. I received Christ when I was 14 years old and lived for him everyday (never cussed, never listened to this music, never drank, took every opportunity to witness). Then I joined the military and fell hard on my face and strayed from my faith big time. I have been struggling everyday (the last eight years) since I strayed from my faith. I am struggling to get back to where I was. I was so much happier walking with the Lord! I have two months left in the military and that's it. Being in the military is a huge hindrance that's standing in my way. People, this is my plea…get your life straight as I am trying to do! The Lord is coming soon! Please pray for me!

  21. Some people will do almost anything to avoid facing the truth directly…

    Some people will grasp at any explanation – no matter how fantastic – to deny reality a little longer…

    Everyone – all over the world – knows that the kind of extreme sexuality and deviance depicted in videos like the above was once confined to the most isolated fringes of most societies. This type of ritual debased group sex rife with degrading "bdsm" imagery was once found only in criminal and mentally disturbed sub-cultures or in the pages of illegal pornography.

    Yet today the vilest imaginable perversions are increasingly the norm in popular entertainment. Young female entertainers who once would have sung of romantic love are now aggressively boasting of having been used as ritual sex objects in deliberately profane "gang-bangs". Bisexuality is now the norm and teenagers wear the chains and leather of the sadomasochist without shame.

    Can anyone really continue to deny this change in our society was engineered?

    Can anyone really doubt that Illuminati sex magick mind control is not only being flaunted in these videos but is being used to alter and debase our society at an ever accelerating pace??

    The Illuminated are completely centered on ritual group sex magick mind control. It is their purpose and their most powerful weapon. They are betting everything on 2012. Yes it starts with semenancy – but it will get far far more depraved before the end comes.

    • Robin Shadowes on

      Today Hollywood glorifies what yesterday would have been deemed as villains in movies. Take Jason Statham for instance. In all these so called action-movies he plays what they call an anti-hero. So basically the "hero" in those movies are a thug himself. Excellent examples are Crank and Deathrace but I have seen him in similar roles in other movies as well. Often a petty gangster, sometimes a professional hitman or government assassin or something like. The storylines are often similar. His former associates, friends or bosses turning and betraying him, trying to kill him. True, that those turning on him are even worse than him but it annoys me that they are trting to whitewash scumbags like this. If it were just one or two movies it wouldn't matter that much but they release dozens of them every year. Probably to dehumanize the masses and get them used of death and murder. And to portray some of these gangsters as really nice people, at least some of them.

  22. Black-Eyed-Peas' from my country, Philippines and the Illuminati's got to him. So is Charice Pempengco, she's one of them too – she's also from my country. The World is ruled by and with Symbols!

  23. Funny you should also mention her pose as resembling the Birth of Venus. Venus is also known as the Morning Star… Lucifer is known as the Morning Star… hence the Birth of Lucifer.

  24. What does the Hebrew-like writing on Doda's forearm say?

    Vintage has Anna-Christ. What do the prefixes "an" or "Ana" mean?

  25. I used to think Lady CaCa was the most vile thing to ever step onto the world stage- but after reading this article I do believe 'Do-Do' is far more evil and vile.

    Well, Eastern Europe has a long history with Satanism- in fact most of the NWO/Illuminati agenda was early formulated in Eastern europe as it was imported from Russia centuries ago- heck, even Prince Charles is related to Vlad the Impaler (Prince of Wallachia). Romania was long infested with satanism and Poland isn't too far from there…

    Even Hitler was actually part Hittite and was born in Austria-and Austria was long time the head of European Illuminism/Satanism where a chap named Mozart was murdered by the Illuminati for being too talented.

    • Sorry to say that but when you know only pieces of information it's better to remain silent and not make fool of yourself.
      Firstly: from American point of view Poland might seem close to Romania but culture-wise it is not. Carpathian Mountains even now are considered quite dangerous so there was no smooth cultural flow since, like, 17th century, plus few years around the WW2.
      Secondly: there is no proof Vlad the Impaler had anything to do with anything satanistic. He was just a warrior: cruel for his enemies but good enough as a ruler to be someone his people wished to be back from dead. There are many legends about heroes who aren't completely dead but just lost or sleeping and believed to come back in the right moment of time – this could be one of those legends if only the enemy hadn't got better PR if we use modern terms.
      Thirdly: each one of us can have some Hittite blood due to centuries-long migrations of tribes. Whenever a country is conquered, lots of its people choose exile and in the times there was no firmly set borders it was far easier. But it was all so long that the Hitite quotient in anyone's (even the modern inhibitants of Anatolia) is so tiny that not even worth mentioning. Apart from that I would really want to know what exactly your sources of the news about Hitler's roots.

  26. I'm looking forward to that day when Jesus returns and takes his saints out of here so we don't have to see this destruction and can get out just rewards.

    • Arc Angel Crowe on

      Unfortunately, the "rapture" doctrine is also a lie of the Illuminati as they have breached into many churches of various denominations. Scripture never uses the word "rapture". However, it does refer to Christ separating the wheat from the chaft and storing the wheat while having the chaft cast into the fire. WE GO THROUGH IT. All of it. Think early Christians who were thrown to the lions to be mocked by the Romans happened but we end up with a cake walk? Nope. We Born Again Believers will be hated, hunted, and killed. I for one stick to my 2nd Amendment and choose to fight back.

      It angers me to see any woman symbolically wooing fallen angels liken to Genesis Chapter 6 and the Book of Enoch. We're going to have to earn the "just rewards". It blows my mind though that the masses can sit back and let it happen even with the knowledge to some.

      Christ Himself committed acts of violence AND SINNED NOT by casting the money changers aka freemasons and alchemists out of the Temple TWICE. And Thomas Jefferson included in the U.S. Constitution that if the government fails and is corrupted beyond repair, then it is your duty to remove the government BY FORCE and set up new government under the Constitution.



  27. While I was reading the article I decided to watch Vintage's 'Trees' to see if I can spot the symbolism myself. Now I regret it, I'm in love with the song! Does that make me a bad person, or am I too weak to resist the messages they are sending out? SIGH.

    Now that we believe in the agenda, what can we do (besides strengthening our faith in religion) to fight this?

    • I agree, the music is enchanting, which is the intent, be cautious. "Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect". Romans 12:2 NLV

    • watch the video (if you dare) but put it on mute so you dnt get sucked in. the beat and lyrics are MADE to be attractive and enticing. so that even CEO's and rocket scientists can bounce to it

  28. Vintage's "Trees" video is without a doubt the best video of 2011, the way they represented the steps of the Great Work of Alchemy: Blackening, Whitening and Reddening to turn a profane person into an illuminated person is simply mind blowing. I really admire the way this band is not afraid to open people's eyes about the truth of human behaviour and spirituality.

      • Artists like Vintage use lies to tell the truth wich in this case upsets and disturbs some people unlike polititians and lesser religions that use lies to cover it and control the masses. In the "Trees" video Anna represents mother nature something Vigilant omitted, for example when she is portraited as the tree of life turned into the tree of dead wich represent the way humanity destroys, abuses and exploits mother nature (Anna tied up and abused by men in the underground sorrounded by ropes shaped as roots) those men represent phalocentric religions that worship dead and money, a fake god represented by Anna-Christ (lesser religions controlling and blinding the masses), When she looks up to the skies there's a cataclysm followed by war and destruction (the end of the Age Of Pisces).

    • Kylie's All The Lovers is more simplistic because only represents how she was eleveted to a "divine" figure in music industry.

  29. Both Christ and Lucifer have been dubbed the "Morning Star". Venus adapted this name because it can be seen on the horizon at both early dusk and early dawn. The "Morning Star" is a key term for one from the spiritual plane who has come into existence on Earth: so Jesus did this by birth, Lucifer by damnation.

    So really, this video could be talking about either, but since one will inevitably lead to the other – it could also be said this video is talking about both.

    • Robin Shadowes on

      Hence Venus is also known as the Eveningstar or Evenstar because of this. Venus is both Morningstar and Eveningstar.

    • That's a common (and quite understandable) misconception. If you look at the original language when describing Jesus and Lucifer, there are subtle differences in the terms "Morning star" and "Son of the Morning." As always, Christ is the original and Lucifer is the forgery.

    • According to Steward Swerdlow who has written books about the history of the world that, at least the Illuminati believe in, Venus, like our moon, was originally an asteroid or something full of Reptilians that came into our solar system, destroyed Stitchin's Tiamat, or whatever that planet was that became the asteroid belt, and then destroyed the atmosphere of Mars where the original sumARYANs came from (Aryan means Arra or stAR: Ra=Sun) and then took away a large amount of water with it from the Earth as it passed by and then became a planet.
      So…. Venus has been associated with Reptilians for a long time to the occultists. And… the Devil is represented as a walking talking snake or dragon: Reptilian.
      So when they mention Venus it's really… Satan.
      Not sure how accurate the above was to Swerdlow's book since I read it a long time ago.
      Some astronauts that passed by Venus were said to have seen domed cities on its surface as well.

      Jesus is definitely the Morning Sun or Son of the Morning since he brought as a new way of relating to God the Creator. Everything else leads to darkness.

  30. lol, even illuminati can't help her. I'm from Poland and almost 99% people here hate this dumb bimbo. and literally no one listens to her shitty music and buys her albums. like seriously.

    • LOL! So many people hate Gaga's and other Illuminati-powered stars' music too, yet the mass media pushes Doda the same way like they push p.e. Gaga, but the truth is that their real popularity is questionable at least even if they are so well known.

      • Truth be told, she isn't heavily promoted in the Polish media. Three most influential radio stations refuse to play her songs (virtually no national airplay), she rarely appears on TV. She basically exists as a socialite/ celebrity and NOT an artist. As I said she is a talentless tramp with no following, recently dropped from Universal, abandoned by her manager. Her career has been over for years now.

  31. I'm from Poland and although I agree with Vigilant's interpretation of Doda's video I wouldn't overrate her impact. Her latest album (7 temptations) was a flop, her only single (Bad girls) never reached Top 10 on Polish airplay.

      • Despite her label's huge efforts '7 temptations' WAS a major flop. As I said, her only single Bad Girls (video depicted above) NEVER reached Top 10 on the Polish Airplay. It was never even NEAR the Top 10. After her latest album she was dropped from Universal Music and is not signed yet to any of the major labels. Her career is over. You can buy her album 7 temptations in Tescos cut-price for the equivalent of 5$. Universal spent a fortune to promote this talentless tramp but fortunately with no success.

      • don't forget to add that in Poland You get platinium when You sell 15 000 copies, isn't it silly?

        Canada holds 80 000 copies for platinium and it's the same population as Polish. COME ON! Doda is the most stupid girl I've ever heard of.

      • she's really the worst choice when it comes to manipulating society via evil symbolism. no one cares about her "music" and no one treats her seriously. no one important, at least ;p calling her one of the most influential women in Poland is a huuuuge exaggeration.

  32. Came here to say: fantastic article. Well conected with the facts and explains a lot of what is going on. Concerning the Vintage's video I had Revelation in mind the whole time, which you also used to explain it. Loved the article.

  33. Слава Богу (Slavaa bogoo). Thank God. I am so happy they are speeding it up. Oh, wait, God is letting them speed it up. I don't watch their videos. I pray. I don't listen to any mainstream music and haven't in a long time. As far as being a fanatic, they are fanatics: here in the US they created NDAA and followed it up with SOPA and PIPA. People are still mostly asleep. They didn't complain about NDAA, but they need their YT fix, so they complain about SOPA and PIPA. The answer for me is Christ. That may not be the answer for all people who come to this site, but it is the answer for me. God wins, they lose. Gtfoh.

    • What God do you mean? The God of the Bible is not a man that he should lie.

      "God is not a man, that he should lie; neither the son of man, that he should repent: hath he said, and shall he not do it? or hath he spoken, and shall he not make it good?" (Numbers 23:19)

      • there is 2 God in the Bible and the Bible was written by the bad so there is a lot of lie in the Bible but it cant have lie without truth, its written in double-talk. I repeat see 911allo on youtube because I don't speak perfectly in english so I can't explain correctly.

  34. You're lying. 'The Seven Temptations' by Doda is one of the 10th best selling album in 2011 year and reached platinium and many awards, e.g. Best Album of the Year. 'Bad Girls' video was one of the most comment and watch video in polish YouTube. This video won 'Best European 2011 Video' and was named the best music video in polish music ever!

    • Well, "the best album", "the best music video"… Who gives these awards? Isn't it another proof, that she is being promoted by the elites (meaning the industry, meaning Illuminati)? I don't know a single person that likes her music.

      The price of her new album was cut. BY HALF! Only after that she reached platinum, which is 30 000 copies sold. Is it that much, really? Before that her album even fell out from the best sellers list. And the rules of counting have changed to her favor: the number of copies of ringtones of "Bad girls" were added too, so it wasn't even 30 000 of actual CD's sold!

      • The Poles are the footsoldiers of Illuminati, very many criminals here. They serve the devil almost openly. They are very proud of it, you could call them "rahab". Don't ever believe a polish, they have a hive mind and openly hate God. To hell with them!

      • WTF are you talking about? You can keep your hateful and racist crap for yourself Simon! Really hope you are trolling!
        No wonder why people laugh at religion!

  35. flutterbybutterfly on

    hi everyone, i've been lurking on VC for couple of years now..i dont know why but i just felt the need to comment now. to regulars like Sarah Connor and LVB, thank you for your comments they are always insightful. to everyone, always keep the faith. you might be scared initially, heck i was, thinking aliens were coming to get me at night..but seriously..just keep your r/s with god alive and growing everyday..i know its hard..even i backslide sometimes..but you'll know when to go i feel if i don't end my day with a prayer..its kinda empty.

    this is a just link to show the influence of the goat head in fashion..nothing is safe, just use your instinct to siphon them out..even if you really like the celebrity..but just dont get too caught up.

    peace everyone :) <3

  36. Its all there in black&white. Just as you have broken it down to.I am going to check it out on u-tube.

    I have been looking all around on book covers,cd covers,magazine covers, movie posters old lp {vinyl}

    covers and in videos/movies/television to find symbols. Some and most are not hidden at all others you have to really look hard to try and find. However most are rather in your face. I just purchased a 1960's {i think it was 66'} BBC version of alice in wonderland. A cult classic with peter sellers a movie with british actors. I cannot wait to view it to find imagery and symbols of mind control etc. Another great look at how the illumanti and the mason and ellite are trying to shove the one world order and its agenda down our throats and how they use the dark side to get what they want which is total control of the masses/world.

  37. Ugh. I felt so sick that I could have vomited watching that Bad Girls video.

    Gotta love all the anti-Illuminati comments that appear on the youtube videos now. Let the people know.

  38. ok, it's time to call God, just to make 'em a little visit…

    I cannot believe that beings criation of God have this kind of behavior, not even for millons of dollars, it's not worth. I'd feel very dirty if I had to put down God's moral for fame and riches.

    Very sad :(

  39. I've been visiting your site for almost 2 years and I'm a big fan of yours. I am also Polish. Is it my misinterpretation or you have just called Polish people dumb? I guess that it's not what you meant, but I'd like to inform you that using an expression such as "Illuminati for Dummies: Polish Edition" is pretty risky. At least, reading this line did affect my feelings.

    Please be more careful with the words you use for the future.

  40. i see alot of occult symbolism in alot of spiritual art, art which focuses on meditation, enlightenment, chakra activation, unity, oneness, etc. i often see pyramids with one eye, light, the above/below hand positions, etc. i really like this kind of literature and art. i often read buddhist texts, zen poetry, etc. however, i just want to know if anyone knows about these two opposing positions using the same symbols? i have alot of questions and ideas…

  41. Amen v healings, deliverance, etc is still happening today! Jesus never said those signs would end!

    "What scripture did you base that on? says:

    January 19, 2012 at 4:08 am


    What scripture(s) did you base the following on?

    “Paul also prophesied those temporary miraculous abilities would soon end.”

    That isn’t in my bible anywhere. In fact, these miraculous abilities through the Holy Spirit were never meant to end in this dispensation that the church is now living in. Check out Mark 16:15-18 for starters. Look close at what Jesus said in the 16th verse… (This is NKJV btw) “These signs WILL follow those who BELIEVE, in my name they WILL…” Jesus never said that these miraculous things were only for some people or will only last a short time, etc. And… You won’t find that anywhere in the bible either, (without taking scripture out of context!) On another point, if people think it’s important enough to follow through with the 15th verse, then shouldn’t they try and figure out how the other verses work? There are many other scriptures to support this. Check out John 14:12. Check out James 5:14 and 15. That’s just another example. And depending on what translation you’re using, it may say, “the prayer of faith will save the sick” and that may not make much sense. Well the word “saved” is from the greek word “sozo” which literally means, “saved, healed, delivered, set free from all the bondage of the enemy”. It’s the same word used throughout the gospels that is translated healed when Jesus healed people and it’s translated saved in other areas. Don’t believe me? Google it.

    I personally know several people who have been healed through prayer and the laying on of hands. My sister in law was healed of severe allergies to cats 18 months ago after I personally prayed for her and commanded satan to loose her of that trash. Now she and my brother have 3 cats! God is real, His power is real, healing and exorcisms, etc. are happening today."

  42. Recently watched an old Twilight Zone episode called "The Obsolete Man" (season 2, ep. 29, 1961) which addressed religion, "the state", transhumanism, and the elite. They even had the pyramid symbol and all-seeing eye, dualism (though harder to tell when the show was filmed in black and white), and issues pertaining to human dignity.

    "There is nothing new under the sun…" (Ecclesiastes 1:9)

  43. "Doda is signed with Universal Music, one of the five media conglomerates that distribute mass media across the world. " – that's not a truth. She gave up Universal Music and set up her own QUEEN RECORDS. She explained that Universal doesn.t help her in career. They count only money, the don't care about music. She added that BAD GIRLS was chosen as a single by Universal and what's more, she didn't want to agree for that. She doesn't sell large amounts ( I think 50.000 is not a big amount for her, but in poland even 15.000 is a success) of albums, but people goes to her concerts. Last year I was at her cencert and there was about 50.000 people. The were everything she made them to do. Now she's gonna release a video to her hypnotizing single "Electrode". When I liten to it I feel lika I was in a trance.

  44. "Ye are of [your] father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it." (John 8:44)

  45. Cut the Crap Man on

    @What scripture did you base that on? & @Revelations

    i have read y'alls postings and i must say yer both wrong. one says the bible says men will prophesy the other says exorcism is christ ordained. the bible said "in the end the youths will prophesy and the old men will will dream dreams." now Christ did not ordain Exorcism so forget that. Exorcism is a Pagan tradition. Lastly to the person whom said Knowledge is not lost. it is. youth of this day know nothing of import.

  46. music industry is we on

    When is this alien-Illuminati-robot-armageddon-horror imagery going to stop….??

    I visit this website thinking to myself… there won't be any more Illuminati videos… this whole thing has been going on for too long, there simply cannot be more…… but NO, there's always more and more baphomet-ness going on!

    Illuminati-end-of-the-world videos are here to stay, it seems.

    I just don't get it. This is getting extremely, immensely redundant to the maximum… they've been shoving this stuff down our throats for how many years now…? What the heck are people supposed to do with all this excessive, unoriginal, catastrophic repetitiveness?

    Applaud? Sit down? I'm perplexed.

  47. I'm from Poland.

    Doda – this name became a synonym of ''stupid blonde' who wears pink clothes and has no respect to anyone and anything. It's worth to mention that she was in relationship with Nergal from the Behemoth – an extreme death metal band that clips are full of satanistic/masonic symbols.

    Pozdrawiam wszystkich Rodaków! :)


    Poland is exactly in the middle of Europe, so it's Central Europe – not eastern…

    • Ffs blonds/blondes aren't stupid. You confine women (or even men) to stereotyped roles. However, I have to agree with you as to the pinkish colour. It's a bit revolting IMO.

  48. i ignore the propaganda, i only see the first clip as a clip with nice clothes and a girl that gave a lesson to the gye. i dont like to be controled xD . Nowdays every pop artist says obvios lies by idiot "idiodaty" propaganda.

    • 2012 is the date they have been working towards since before any of us were born. It has numerological and astrological significance to them and symbolizes a particularly revolting sex magick ritual performed by inner circle Elite. The stories about the Mayans and Terence McKenna and 2012 were promulgated by the Illuminated as a cover, but all with eyes can see that indeed the planet is getting stranger and more deviant at an ever accelerating pace. Things that would have been illegal in most countries just 20 years ago are now openly promoted in school curriculums. This is Their work…..3000 years of Illumined Sex Magick has been aimed at this year we now find ourselves in. Will they succeed in unleashing a final spasm of perverse chaos across the globe as they hope???

      We will see…..

      • Thanks, but since I am 13 years old, please can you put it in more simple/less complicated terms! :)

    • I doubt it, I mean they fell right in that catholic circus surrounded the beatification of John Paul II wich was premature and a desperate move to get money out east europeans and catholics in general. Polish poeple are easily brainwashed by catholic chuch in so many levels because of their ignorance and poverty.

      • Hey, hey, done with the insulting.

        Poverty is not such a big problem in Poland and people are not being brainwashed by the catholic church (if so, only by offcial medias). You have no idea was going on in our country (called by everyone "extremly catholic") when some Scouts erected a wooden cross in front of the President's Palace as a memorial for those who lost their lives in Smoleńsk in 2010 (do some research). For e.g. the police would wait until the people lay all of the flowers and light all the ever-burning fires [[is that a name for these things we put on graves?]] and then put everything into rubbish bags and throw away. There are numerous incidents indicating that catholisicism (once again, IN THE CATHOLIC COUNTRY) is being discriminated.

        Don't form your opinions on something when you don't have the full knowledge.

    • The polish serve the devil, don't get deceived by this snake. They are liars, like their father. Living robots, made only to kill humanity.

  49. The Mercury sign means "The mind (the half cirlce) poised above the divine spirit (the cirlce) and the matter or the body (the cross.) It seems fitting for the Illuminati. I used to draw it everywhere because in astrology, I'm a virgo and our ruling planet is Mercury.

  50. WHOAH. INTENSE. It took me moment to recover (well, maybe it just raised my blood pressure slightly) after viewing each of the songs covered in this article. Here’s what I felt compelled to share with all y’all. Comments on both songs:

    1) BAD GIRLS.

    EwwwwA! Groooss…. They like, aren’t even like… PRETTY. … what the eff… This isn't even… music, really… it's … awful. I think it bears resemblance to PINK's song, SO WHAT. That’s the title of her song, in case you the reader just read the SO WHAT to be an inappropriate and bratty declaration of my adolescence — you read wrong. The title is SO WHAT. Before this comment my knowledge of the song was pretty much the very first “na-na-na-na-na-na-na” and I knew that feux-rebellious shrilly sound to be the voice of Pop singer, “PINK”. That’s it. Impressed? Enough to continue reading this?

    THE VID:



    "Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

    Na Na Na Na Na Na

    Na Na Na Na Na Na Na

    Na Na Na Na Na Na"


    2) TREES

    So… this one, on the other hand, is mesmerizing. Hypnotic. Admittedly, I viewed it with the sound – beginning to end… twice. While viewing TREES, it occurs to me that…is one of the genres/style of music that (at one time…say 199-2001-ish) appealed to me. The 2001 (pre-9) would have purchased this, after hearing only 20 seconds of it – ONCE. ('Got the the dusty CD collection to prove it).

    EXAMPLE 1 –> "Deliver Me" by Sarah Brighton. ONCE I heard this song, driving — and double-oh-sevened that shizzle – and I found it. This sounds like a brag, because it is. Ninja skills back in the day, bro… This one was tricky. It was one of those "soundtrack" finds (like Smashing Pumpkin's song for THE CROW Soundtrack. The title was not indicative of said song… at all). "Brokedown Palace" Soundtrack. Eeeeup. "Brokedown Palace" – sounds deLIGHTful

    EXAMPLE 2 –> I loved me some melodic trance-like vibe back in day(izzle)… I was ALL OVER that "Mummer's Dance" single. The singer is Loreena McKennitt (of Ireland). The album title is – THE BOOK OF SECRETS. The magical spell of "The Mummer's Dance" – had me ordering that Sh&* from the UK… (I guess the boat from Ireland hadn't made it yet, to the shores of ' 'MERICA, when I caught the "dance" track on FM radio…

    TREES is, in my opinion, more dangerous. Bad Girls is… very specific in its targeted audience, obviously. But this TREES… is the mass-pop-seductress of the dark forces…

    And, this concludes my comments.

      • Wow. Thanks, Becky. Up high? (I'm holding my hand up in the air – apparently oblivious to the snarky tone of your reply) No high five? Fist pump? Come in for a hug?

  51. "I'm not saint, God, you know, Just a player, playing role,

    Give me please a little sign, That is somewhere in the sky,

    Cry for mercy, Cry for safe, Cry for the gift of being brave,

    I pray, pray, pray to Maria, Pray and play."

    Ave Maria – Vintage – Anya – 2011.

  52. This is disturbing!!The elite is every where!Nowadays you can't just listen to any song and the irritating thing is its hard not to listen!!God help us all please!!!!

  53. Thought immediately of Kylie Minogue's video when I saw the screen cap. (which I've seen other people also point out) As for the last one, with the bud of grass or whatever, it reminded me of Willow Smith's second video. All the Illuminati symbolism crap is driving me nuts, can't we just get plain good music without all this nonsense? Jessie J claimed she doesn't do any of them, but it's so blatantly obvious. Either she's lying through her teeth, or she could really be that naive and controlled by those making her videos?!

  54. I do not believe in god, the anti Christ or anything like that, so to me this is just a fashion statement really, people like a reaction so they will incorporate the "illuminati agenda" into many things to get people talking. Creates buzz, and creates sales. Just my opinion and interpretation this the view expressed on this site.

    • @Lweis:

      Even if you don't believe in the Bible, that does NOT invalidate that the illuminati is controlling the media, why? Because THEY believe in it and they are the one propogating these things in the first place! So, in a way, by denying these things have a sinister meaning, you play in to their hand. I think if you actually read books (the author of this site suggest many, and to really understand why the author believes what they believe you NEED to read them, you really can't say what they say isn't about what its about until you do.) on this topic and do some deep researching you will find that these are not merely conspiracy theories, but are true. The more I research and study the topic of the NWO and the Illuminati, the MORE I am CERTAIN that they control the media, everything points back to them, literally, you can't deny the symbols, they are everywhere in media.

      If it was merely for controversy than they'de be doing these things more akin to what Metal groups do, just flat out demonic lyrics, but they don't, things are veiled to be hidden to the "common" man, but are open to those who are "in the know". Once you understand how everyone communicates often on this level (non-verbal hand signals, facial expressions, drawings, etc.) you will not find this idea so far fetched, its not.

      Belief in the Bible is not necessary, in fact, the Elite would prefer you don't, and just assume its to create controversy, that way its easier to control you.

      God Bless ~Amy

  55. I'm so sick of all people preaching about their religion so I'm going to preach against any religion, first of all just because billions believe in mambo jumbo doesn't mean it's the real truth. Secondly have you guys ever wondered what happened say 20 000 years ago when there was no Jesus, Muhammad or what ever your religion say there was. Stop being ignorant and use your heads instead. We are all one and there is only one source from which we all came from. The universe is older than books. You don't need religion to be a good person. You don't have to follow a manual to be human.

    Thank you VC for this great article.

    • Just because millions believe and millions don't believe does not affect reality. Same thing with information about the illuminati and their agenda. The bible is either completely true or completely false, Jesus Christ is either the son of God or He's not…God said He has made His presence known in all creation since the beginning of time. The God of the Bible said Himself without FAITH we cannot please Him.

      Jesus who claimed to be the son of God said If any placed their faith in Him to be the Son of God and their messiah, they would have everlasting life. We all have a choice to believe in Christ and in the word of God.

      Beyond that though, The Bible has proven to be true in terms of prophecies given and historical events that are now being confirmed nonstop with new archaeological discoveries. That in itself it not enough for many just like the information on this site and some people don't even need it but whichever route a person takes to Christ and to knowing The true God, it is only by FAITH and it is a choice we all have. God bless.

      • Freedom, I'm absolutely not trying to argue, this is such an important issue that arguing is the last thing I would want to ever do. I just wanted to share the greatest treasure I have ever found. I honestly was once were you are (in my own way) and I pray that in the midst of all this craziness and all these mysteries being peeled back, your eyes will be truly opened to Christ. I'm not praying evil towards you, I promise but Love and I hope you don't mind. Anyway, I don't give a crap about winning or starting argument and will stop here OK :) God bless!

      • to nice guy,

        Unfortunately you will never be where I am now with your way of thinking and that's whats tragic. But I truly hope you feel the truth one day. Truth is not dictated through a book, it does not need to use words to speak to us, it is in everything everywhere, it is energy.

        Religion is there to brain wash and to divide, somebody once said Religion is organized crime and I can't agree more on that.

        nice guy: "I just wanted to share the greatest treasure I have ever found"

        How can it be a treasure when it's based on guilt and sin? And do you know how many that have been murdered in the name of Christianity?

        I'm sorry to break it to you but many parts of the bible is plagiarized from other religions that existed long before the bible. You should look it up.

        Bless you too

  56. Excellent work VC, i continue to use this site as evidence and proof that we as americans must rise above this all, The Blood of Jesus Shall Prevail.

  57. This is a great article, I really appreciate you illustrating that this is not just happening in our country, but on a global scale. It inspired me to do a little research of my own, I was curious to see what bands are popular in Germany and one of them is called Cinema Bizarre, here are a couple of their videos:

    1. Forever or Never

    monarch programming anybody? Coding, butterflies, hands and faces reaching out through walls, and for some reason light bulbs everywhere (maybe a reference to illumination?)

    2. I Came to Party

    This isn't a regular party, from the beginning of the video you can tell they are arriving somewhere private and powerful. It looks like it could be one of the elite's estates, and from all the weird masks and costumes it definitely fits the theme of an illuminati ball. We even get see someone making the "A ok" sign, some hints of bdsm, and monarch programming (the chick with the big creepy doll).

  58. Yesterday on TMZ an officeperson showed a clip and they were describing Jay-Z going to his club or business and how Warren Buffet was there. They said he was "doing the Illuminati" and you heard minions in the background yeahying in agreement in the office "doing the Illuminati" and they showed Warren Buffet doing the triangular hand sign. It used to be "throw your diamonds up" and now they're admitting what the sign really is. TMZ is popular for it's reporting on celebrities but they were basically glorifying the madness. Warren Buffet + Jay-Z = cool to them. Talk about a lost people. The alternative is that know exactly what they're saying and want the viewers to agree that it's "cool."

  59. I love this site . I also enjoy alex jones,steve quayle,david icke and tex marrs and many others who spread the truth to wake the people up in the world to the evil elite. This site is good in that it breaks down the imagery and symbols used by the very folks who wish to take away our rights and freedoms.

    Its not about where you came from or what color your hair is, but, what do you stand for and do you stand for the good of mankind in the light or do you wish to stand in the dark with evil-doers that bring chaos and destruction to the world.

  60. Interesting that 1786 appears above the Earth in that one still frame. The NDAA was originally SB 1786 in the senate. Its the bill to detain Americans.

    At some point, we will need to move away from drinking in these symbols and no longer give them power.

    Look up Michael Hoffman and the "revelation of the method." Part of the reason this is occurring now is that "they" want us swimming in their symbolic cesspool.

    Its good to educate yourself and VC does a fantastic job as the boddhisattva of media code, but at some point, we must turn away from all of the programming.

  61. Don't be surprised, things will get even worse, and the artists will continue to make hits purely for shock value..but Christ is still coming back….everyone believes in a higher power..but there can be only one thats the highest…these artists are working for one..and that person who produces the video or writes the music or signs the check is working for one and so on..but where will the line end?? These videos are getting progressively more violent…but amazingly the artists who are the most sucessful, usually have the most captivating vintage's song in her video…but while all pandamonium and chaos is happening to everyone around them in vintage's video and doda single handidly takes down the king of the city , interestingly enough neither one is harmed in anyway…highly misleading to a teenager or any youth to say the least

    most of the successful heavy metal rock groups from the '80's were in your face death and worship evil..but these two videos are much more subtle at times,incorporating all kinds of religous and pagan undertones, ideas that are taboo, but now being presented to eveyone globally as a "try me pill".. pinning our society against all that is humanely proper..all for money, control and worship.. we must guard our hearts and minds ..for what a man thinks, that is what he will become

    pray for wisdom & guidance and seek the truth

    • …True but it's important for everyone to know…

      Christ is already here. He has been for a while, just not in human form. His presense as King and ruler has been in existance for almost a 100 years. The book of Revelations speaks of him (Michael..his angelic name associated with war) throwing satan and his demons out of Heaven onto the earth.(Rev 12:7-10)

      "The Kingdom of God is not coming with stricking observableness"…(Luke 17:20) Note his disciples approached him silently and asked what would be the sign of his 'presense'.(Matt 24:3-14)

      Think of it this way, a real government and one that would last forever (Dan 2:44) would work in a discreet enough manner to view and plan accordingly. It would plan with perfect precision while allowing just enough opposition to gather and separate…not to devide between Heaven and a 'symbolic version of or the theory of hell'…but to allow God's purpose for the earth to be fulfilled. (Ps 37:11 & 29)

      And note what we are seeing uncovered regarding wickedness is also foretold. "The mystery of this lawlessness is already at work..but the lawlesss one will be revealed. (2 Thess 2:2-11)

      Eyeopeners….both of them.

  62. I discover Vintage's "Trees" a long time ago and I think, wow, this song is delightful. But then as I watch the video, well, it's very blatant. I mean, woman in red dress, pyramid with light on top of it, build by a lot of human, and then the Anna-Christ… if anyone remember Narsha inside a Illuminati infiltrated K-Pop, "Trees" remind me a lot about her video clip, "Bbi Ri Bba Bba", where she also wear red dress and then appear with crown of thorn.

    I didn't realize as much as VC, of course, because I don't understand about the countdown thing and mostly everything but anything I've said above. Very informative, VC. Keep up the good job. And, yeah, thank you for Doda's information… although I suspect myself will find her highly disturbing even though I haven't read this article. But then again, cannibalism and then necrophilia in a video? Come on, Guys.

  63. herd intoxication on

    i recommend that any one interested in pulling this pretty rotten and manipulative decaying brain output into a perspective should study the book by Aldous Huxley: 'The devils Of Loudun'.

    And the accompanying explanation of crowd frenzy.

    The author's warning is to people not to be drawn into things they don't personally know to be real.

    A word like Baphomet because of its unusualness can trigger off every irrational fear of the dark one has. There is no devil. Only people acting out what they think a devil might act like.

    That's different.

    It's not the making of strange imagery that it is necessary or possible to stop. It is the response to them that is all important. They are stoppable at the door of each mind.

    But that's where the weakness seems to be, n'est-ce-pas?

    There is belief. And there is knowledge. Which is it to be?

  64. You guys know wat??….This video of VINTAGE TREES reminds me of something ELSE also!!!……the oft repeated story of Soddom and Gamorrah, both in the Bible and the Holy Quran!!!…specially the way the sexually possessed, semi-dead bodies of people lying buried in the sand is depicted in this video!!! (Soddom and Gomorrah incurred God's wrath because they had violated all the limits of sexual decadence. Hence God buried them alive in a sand storm or sth similar)

    Maybe what the video is trying to convey is that "The anti-christ will return and revive the Soddom -Gamorroah type morality, as depicted by the dead bodies rising from the sand!!!!…PHEWWW!!!!

  65. i find both of these incredibly disturbing, more so vintages video. do you think its easier to spot out the blatant symbolism because its done by an artist foreign to most of us?

  66. Syrus Magistus on

    The Luciferian elites have it all wrong. We are not robots, and they do not have to enslave us to become gods. We are already living avatars of the Infinite Creator. Becoming god is as easy as becoming human. You just have to accept what you already are, and then take appropriate responsibility. We have thus the power to turn all of this incredible darkness into light with the deftness of our touch. The mind is powerful. Words are also powerful. But the love of ourselves and our fellows is overwhelmingly strong.

    Let's all pray for those misguided children of God, who wish to do incredible harm to us, but who are also suffering in ways few of you can figure. It takes real and genuine strength to forgive your attackers. But in forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma. These endless cycles of hatred will end. We will redeem our brothers and sisters who are locked in sorrow. That's what good people would do, and the power of the divine is ever sleeping, waiting for us to claim our true heritage. If we can accept that God became human to save humanity, then why shouldn't humanity become divine in order to save itself?

    If you don't know what I am talking about, that's okay. You have the knowledge and all the wisdom of eternity at your fingertips right now. Go enlighten up.

  67. Alistaie Ewing on

    People are hypnotised to the idea of a police state. That's right. I am agnostic but believe there may be a good creator. But please don't push me on this as this forum is awesome. I ask myself why are all these references to control and Satan in pop music. In metal it is tongue in cheek and it challenges war and control. But this is really subliminal. It really is evil. Why the hell would you have a mechanical army police state in a pop video and more than one? And a plasic puppet pop star? Is that how they want us to be? **** that!

    'War is Business' by the casualties these guys are talking the truth even though their music is aggressive we won't see this in the charts because it challenges the NWO!

  68. I just watched Nicki Minaj – {Stupid Hoe.} This is a video that should be broken apart. She seems truly under mind control. She has that usual stare in her expression. Another fast rap pop bubble gum gooey song. Although catchy in its sound it is very self degrading.I wonder is she calling herself a stupid hoe or all women a stupid hoes? She is seen in a cage wearing animal print and some live animals flash before your eyes in some of the video shots. The pink barbie theme is also present as well in this video of hers. Then there is this part or scene in the video where she is mini- sized standing on a big pink child like chair with alot of the color pink around and she is got these extra large eyeballs with that mind controlled stare of hers. The beginning of the video shows her standing in a a very akward position. She is wearing bright neon make-up. There is something wrong with her and the blank look she always wears in most of her videos and photo shoots. Like she is not really present, at least not the true person she is. The video is very explict and degrading. However like many and most of the pop/hip-hop/dance tune as well as many forms of music made today it will do well even if it is putting her or woman down as hoes and sexual animal beast. We already astabolished that sex sells in many industries and the major recording companies owned by higher ellite weathly fat cats/banks or whomever will put as much shock value into a video and the preforming artist and their personal lifestyles just to make as much money as possible from them. Bleed them dry will you. Like a bunch of pychic vampires on the prey. I really want to know if they even right any of their own songs anymore? The songs are surely catchy but no real message except sexual content or emotional darkness in nature in lyrical in content. The devil is dancing all over the music industry right now and laughing and smiling under all the money that rains down upon him. But most importantly he is smiling and enjoying all the lives and souls that are being taken away and or destroyed in this evil game of entertainment for the masses in return giving him another soul. Though we all like and love our music, me included, most of us do see the down side to this and the darkness that surrounds it. However it is really meant to keep us preoccupied from the realilty of life such as wars, famines, poverty, abuses, economic falldown, goverment take over of our rights and freedoms etc. etc. etc. I like you to view this video vigilant, its a real weird video that shouts mind control all over it. It saddens me to see people lose self respect just to give in to this kind of lifstyle in return for some money and materal items while the soul is breking away and the devil dances all around them.

    • I just watched Nicki Minaj's video…that video is very much about mind control and hypnotism as well (hence all the flashing of screens throughout the video) and her eyes are mostly focused on. Did you notice in one shot she only showed one eye and in another shot she flashed what looks like the okay sign but in the music industry is 666. And you notice towards the beginning, her hands are bound by something above her head but it never shows what. And…in one frame something (demon?) enters her right (because you can see twitch her head back like something just entered) before her eyes get abnormally big. Very disgusting song and a stupid mind controlling video to go with it. It's very clear who she is working for and which team she bats for. Just remember, every knee shall bow, every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord!

  69. the vintage video scene where you see the human pyramid looks very similar to kylie's video "all the lovers". besides, i can see A LOT of symbolism in kylie's videos i didn't notice before (hiding one eye, checkboard pattern etc.)

  70. I don't really agree with VC's viewpoints about an illuminated conspiracy but I still read his articles anyway because I am fascinated with religion and esoteric spirituality. That said, I would like to play devil's advocate by saying that not everything occult, pagan, or sexualized is depraved – and in fact the whole purpose of this particular viewpoint is to show that evil and good are part of the same Oneness which is the source of everything. To deny evil, or fight against evil, is to deny a part of God's infiniteness – and all the effort that individuals take in expunging traits they see as evil in fact leads to a more depraved world, as without a phenomenal (firsthand) knowledge of what evil is, we are only grasping at straws and subject to our own folly in our lack of knowledge. How many religious wars, for instance, were fought in the name of purity? In the end, humanity will all incrementally move towards a higher good in time, as we increase our knowledge due to experience.

    I hope this post does not get deleted, and I would like to see your responses.

    P.S. Thanks to VC, I would never have found out about Vintazh. I also think "Trees" sounds amazing, whether you are compatible with its message or not.

  71. Ravendelasker22 on

    Great article VC. I agree with Doda's opinion of the bible lol. But the rest is some pretty messed up stuff.

  72. You must be joking. It did not spare Eastern of Europe? Most of this crap comes from Eastern of Europe and spreaded thru Europe by the Khazar Jews. Madame Blavatzki(?) and her followers are alive and doing well.

    • What did you expect? The Eastern Europeans were brainwashed & tormented for decades since the 40s. Brutalities of totalitarian regimes.

      • Well. I have to dissapoint you, but people here, in Eastern Europe are not brainwashed. Maybe we don't speak loud about what we know, but be convinced – we don't trust government and big corporations.

  73. I totally agree as well. VC is doing an amazing job of bringing this information to the forefront of our consciousness. Its a given that most of us reading this site wouldn't have come here/engage in discussions unless we resonated with the information.

    We all have the responsibility to become a Vigilant Citizen and must decide what we do with this information. It's not here to be consumed as 'another form of entertainment' but represents opportunities for us all to become informed and enlightened for a purpose.

    The so called 'illuminati' are but a small group of people. We do not have to be helpless puppets within their control grid, resonating with the fear vibration they are trying to impose on us. There is alot of information out there to aid us and liberate us. We must really research and read non-stop, turn off the TV and tune into ourselves and the bigger consciousness that more people are moving into. The significance of 2012 has been written into the annals of history and is not about some hokey disaster movie. It may just be part of our salvation.

    Ever ask yourselves, if we 'the so called masses' are being fed this diatribe of absolute rubbish through TV, pop music, computer gaming, junk food etc. 24/4, then what are the 'illuminati' busying themselves with? Ah, maybe real information? (solfeggio frequencies, astronomy etc), decent healthy food, etc'?

    We should also quit the religious-based in-fighting which is another form of the control imposed on us. I'm not a religious person (but the defining labels that I hate would call me 'spiritual') but am currently looking into ancient cultures and cross-denomination religious texts (bible, torah, qu'ran etc) which most definately hold many of the original truths, I feel.

    The 'Alpha' and 'Omega' the beginning and the end, is written into them.

    Lets continue the Awakening people!!!!

    Love to all.


  74. In the article it is said: "As the Christ figure raises her arm, civilization in its entirety appears to collapse". Aren't these mostly military object like fighter jets, tanks and troop vehicles that fall from the sky. It looks more like war/militarism/violence ending and not civilization.

  75. I have commented before about Babalon and the Qliphoth, and this is a clear cut example, esp the Polish video. Babalon is the Thelemic (Alistair Crowley) representation of the archetype called Wh*re of Babylon in the Judeo-Christian tradition. She is, I believe, the negative aspect of the great goddess, and the degraded anima in the male psyche after thousands of years of patriarchy has debased the sacred feminine. Babalon is also associated with Lilith, called the queen of demons. She is accessed by the dark sephirot in kabbalah, called Da’ath or the Abyss, located on the dividing line between the lower seven sephirot that represent physical existence and the upper three supernals that represent the approach to God. The Qliphoth are the broken sephirot on the other side of the Abyss which are accessed for black magic. Babalon is some perverted aspect of Inanna, the Sumerian great goddess. She demands every drop of the blood of her followers as they cross the Abyss, which is why the restaurant in the video is called Blood Runs Hot – the Wh*re of Babylon is said in the book of Revelation to be drunk on the blood of the saints. The symbol of the pill could be Mercury, but it also looks like a Venus symbol with demonic horns, a clear representation of the twisted energy of the debased goddess.

    Some people think the church of Rome is the Wh*re of Babylon, and that actually has some sense to it, if you consider this: the Vatican is built on the site of an ancient necropolis (burial ground) dating at least to Etruscan times, pre-dating Rome, which is dedicated to the goddess of the underworld, Vatica or Vaticana. There was also a meteorite in an underground temple under Vatican hill that was called the Magna Mater, the Great Mother, and was a representation of Cybele, the Phrygian great goddess. It was placed there in Republican times, and other Phrygian gods were worshipped there, too, whose names are surely familiar to some of you – Ba’al, Moloch, Attis and Dogon. The shape of the Pope’s hat is based on the vestments of the priests of Dogon, who was a fish god. Rites apparently included human sacrifice and the priests and priestesses of Cybele supposedly cut themselves, releasing the energy of their own blood, hence the connection to Babalon/Lilith, the blood drinker. It seems that pagan human sacrifice was undertaken to renew the earth and make it fruitful by fertilizing it with the nutrients of blood. In the second video, the human sacrifice coaxes a green shoot out of the earth. And while the Vatican was outside of the original city walls, it has a sacred geometry view of the city of Rome, which was built on the seven sacred hills. The goddess Inanna/Ishtar went through the seven levels of the underworld and rose from the dead. Any time there is some mention of seven levels, hills, mountains, circles, etc., you have entered the realm of shamanic ascent mysticism, which seems to come up again and again in this Illuminati mystery religion. The Book of Revelation is itself an ascent text, related to kabbalah and merkabah mysticism, and the sephirotic diagram itself is the map of the path of ascent.

    As a last point regarding Rome, consider this – the symbol of Ishtar/Inanna was a multi-pointed star:
    And look at the design of St. Peter’s Square:

    • I realized I left out an important segue in my comment above – the Babalon/Lilith archetype supposedly rules in the City of Pyramids, which is a metaphor for an ancient city of the dead, a necropolis. She is a kind of fertility wraith that haunts graveyards, because death to the ancients meant rebirth in the sense that dead matter fertilizes the earth for new growth. That is why Doda is getting jiggy with the corpse in the morgue – it’s a ritualistic representation of this dark, destructive sex and death goddess energy. This archetype is found in ancient religious practices from across the entire Indo European tradition, everything from the spiral castle of Ariadne/Arianrhod that is the final resting place of warriors to the battlefield dance of Kali, and it’s especially prevalent in the Mediterranean area and the near East. The Greek version of Lilith is a vampire, another kind of blood drinker. The Illuminati media seem hellbent on calling up this archetype as strongly as possible through repetitive mass imagery and ritual. We need to ask ourselves why.

      • And I just noticed something else – the Vatican is on the 8th hill, outside the original city wall of Rome. Da'ath or the Abyss is the shadowy 8th Sephirot, outside the 'city wall' of the lower 7.

  76. There is one more thing that is worth mentioning about Doda. On new years eve, few years ago, she had a big concert in tv. She arrived at stage in coffin. her black dress was decorated with skulls and bones.

    Very similar to initiation process from sculls and bones society, isn't it?

    She sang few songs with Maryla Rodowicz – the oldschool polish diva, who was very popular in 80's and 90's. There was all this fuss, that "There is only one queen". So it was like Maryla was giving her power and authority to Doda. This reminds me of Madonna and Britney, remember?

    What might be significant as well, is that those two singers sang a religious (?) song about Madonna ( allegedly the real one, not the pop star). But maybe it is just a tribute to madonna – the pop star? who knows. It is weird to sing about Mother o Jesus in Skull and bones dress – don't you think?

    I was hoping to find some youtube stuff on that, but there is no sign of it. Although I found some other performances that are also very creepy.

  77. A very disturbing revelation in MTV today about the End Times and the Tribulations. These elites are preparing something huge of a catastrophic scale which is going to wipe out most of humanity as we know it and they are warning us in these videos.

  78. Hey Christians, Jews, Muslims or whatever you believe in … DON'T FIGHT!

    that is EXACTLY what the elitist Illuminati wants – for mankind to fight each other, kill each other,

    whilst they sit back and watch … divide & conquer …

    our lord God is one – God / Yahweh / Allah.

    our common enemy is one – SATAN.

    so until we learn to unite and be at peace with each other, then can we fight and defeat Satan's Illuminati army …

    • Divide & Rule those who know about the One-eyed fake Messiah (Masih-Ad Dajjal), by inciting mutual hatred is a devious plan to destroy the main populations who can oppose him united.

      Divided we WILL fall, unless we get back to the basic spirit of faith i.e. against the message of Cain (Qarun).

  79. Please do an article about Queen of French Pop Mylène Farmer – Oui Mais… Non. I came across her went visiting Europe she has influenced the likes of Madonna and now Lady Gaga

  80. Great article as usual VC! So both Muslims and Christians believe in the coming of the Antichrist. But do Christians also believe that Jesus (peace be upon him) will return and kill the Antichrist?

    Our beliefs are so similar and I believe that on the day when the Antichrist comes, we will stand united against him!

  81. i wonder what the writing on the bodies say. in the picture here the womans back say "world" very eerie that all the dead bodies are laying around and one of the only readable words is world.

  82. This vid with the orgy pyramid really reminds me of the video from Kylie Minogue 'All the lovers'. The whole illuminati thing are just copying themselves smh , very 'original' NOT.

  83. I had always wondered what has happened to the world (in their video) when I watched Rihanna ft Nicki Minaj – Fly. Now because of Vintage Trees I now see that some sort of "christ" happened (Anna christ) that destroyed everything. In the Video 'Fly', they drive to this wrecked place, where a plane crashed and there is still smoke. Vacant swings and children bikes. They walk and sing about conquer, prosper and flying. It is as if they had came to check how their project went because they look bold and confident instead of being sad for what happened to the place that they walk on. I can say that Rihanna and Nicki Minaj – fly, continue from where Vintage – trees left. It made sense to me after I watched Trees Video. Both videos ends with new life emerging from the ground. Nicki Minaj kills the few people who are still alive and after no one shows up, you see trees growing and you see the sun rises. I wonder where they were when the destruction happened?

  84. This is vitally important information and everyone who cares at all about their family or country MUST try and understand this.

    No matter how far fetched it might seem to some, no one can begin to understand the plan of the “Illuminated” unless one understands that extreme forms of deviant sexuality are CENTRAL to both their belief system and their practices.

    There are people who are walking among us – MANY people, not a few – who are members of a secret organization devoted to perverse “sex magick” rituals as a path to world control. These people know each other through a variety of signs such as jewelry and coded language. At any given moment, as most of us are going about our daily lives, these people are gathered in secret places to engage in ritual group sex orgies involving extensive drug use and deliberately perverse and sacrilegious forms of deviant sexuality. These rituals are not rare events but occur CONSTANTLY and in close proximity to ordinary citizens completely unaware that “Illuminati sex magick” is going on in the house next door or the church down the street.

    People must also understand that part of the “Illuminated” strategy is to FLAUNT their perverse activities in a manner carefully calculated to disturb and arouse the general public. When “Illuminati” celebrities make their participation in rough group sex rituals obvious through their videos and words it is intentional. They are being more and more provocative as the date they have planned for approaches.

    The final thing that people need to understand is that the “Illuminati” can control the mind and wipe memory. MANY ordinary “non-Illuminated” are used sexually during these rituals but have had their memories wiped. Any person reading this may have been used as a sex puppet without their knowledge – though many victims notice small clues that they have “lost time” or been subjected to unusual physical activities or find traces of unexplained body fluids. Most rituals begin with some sort of invocation followed by semenancy so that is one of the most common clues.

    Take heed and have faith!

  85. What the hell is this crap?

    It seriously has nothing to do with our lives, but yet it has everything to do with our lives. They are projecting an image of their future into our brains but yet we don't know it. I've always known that it's best to hide in the open. No one looks where they already see.

  86. Tristan Harrell on

    Okay- so the secret is over. This is exactly what the Book of Revelation says is going to happen. Do these people even know what they're singing about?

  87. Have you noticed the many-arms shiva like posture? I'd suggest we no longer argue that one's personal religion is better than the others' religious belief, because no religion is only good or only bad and no religion exist to really help us. The trick is always just around the corner.

    If you study and analyze the religious texts with an open mind and critical eye, all religions are just (fair)tales, distortions of truth, myths aiming to keep us in fear and our mind busy on something ELSE instead on our on true nature.

    The real god, Consciousness, will never come to punish anybody nor to award anybody, since It's already here, having and experience in our human bodies, lost in all these manipulations.

    Sitting there and waiting for some celestial being to come to save or us it pretty childish and is equivalent to digging our own grave, in my opinion. If somebody will came that will be just another alien fake god.

    It doesn't take much to understand that the bible is full of alien stories, the same for others "scriptures". Aliens are "the gods" . An ex Jesuit, dr. Salvador Freixedo wrote a lot of detailed books explaining how religion is all about lies, aliens and abductions. and how they are manipulating our whole primer reality. He's not the only one who addressed this topic.

    There's no Christ and no Antichrist, it's all just a trick. Just like in politics. whether you choose one or another, you're fooled anyhow. As above so bellow.

    This was just another good and illuminating article by VC 😉

    • Tristan Harrell on

      So what are you going to do when this stuff actually happens? Because it will, you're going to see it. What will you say when David de Rothschild claims himself God over the earth? What then of your 'Consciousness'? How will your 'consciousness' save your soul when enemy knocks at your door to see if you've taken the mark?

      Wake up.. Please.

  88. Wow, I'm Polish currently studying at Florida. I've started reading about the illuminati in music industry only few months ago, and I just started to wonder if they've already got to mainstream polish music since I've seent he video about Leszek Dokowicz, (I don't really follow mainstream in polish music, I really love jazz, folk and more alternative music from my country) and I was really disturbed by Doda's newest video. I heard some of her music from before I came to US, and it was just generall, braindead bubbling to me, so I didn't pay it too much attention. But looking at her video now, and if you look at the lyrics of "Bad Girls" in the context of illuminati propaganda, then it get's really disturbing. I didn't listen to the english version, but I took some time and translated the polish lyrics. Here it goes:

    Bad girls są głodne i złe Bad Girls are hungry and bad/evil

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad Girls, bad girls

    Bad girls, to skończy się źle Bad Girls, this will end badly

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad Girls, bad girls

    Nie toleruję słowa "nie" I don't tolerate the word "no"

    Zawsze dostaję to, co chcę I always get what I want

    Twe miejsce jest u moich stóp Your place is at my feet

    Ja – pani twa i twój Bóg I – your lady and you God

    Bierz w zęby smycz i przynoś mi bat Take the leash in your teeth and bring me a whip

    Się śliń i giń, u stóp moich siad drool and die, sit! at my feet

    Bierz w zęby smycz i kładź się na wznak Take the leash in you teeth and lie down on your back

    Bad girls są głodne i złe Bad girls are hungry and bad/evil

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad girls, bad girls

    Bad girls, to skończy się źle Bad girls, this will end badly

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad girls, bad girls

    Od życia biorę to, czego chcę I take from life whatever I want

    Nigdy przed niczym nie cofam się I never back down from anything

    Nadchodzi rewolucja i nowa konstytucja Upcoming is a revolution and new constitution

    Wszystkiego ciągle mało mi Everything is not enough for me

    Wciąż potrzebuję świeżej krwi I need fresh blood all the time

    Jest szaro, nudno, byle jak It's grey, boring, whatever

    A chcieć to móc, więc zmienię świat And to want is to be able to, so I'll change the world

    Podpalę miasta i zjaram wsie I'll burn the cities and scorch the villages

    Niech będzie dym i niech dzieje się Let there be smoke, and let things happen

    Podpale miasta, bo nudzę się I'll burn the cities because I'm bored

    Bad girls są głodne i złe Bad girls are hungry and bad/evil

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad girls, bad girls

    Bad girls, to skończy się źle Bad girls, this will end badly

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad girls, bad girls

    Od życia biorę to, czego chcę I take from life whatever I want

    Nigdy przed niczym nie cofam się I never back down from anything

    Ja jestem rewolucja, ja nowa konstytucja I am the revolution, I the new constitution

    Tylko seks i ogień Only sex and fire

    Dłużej już nie mogę I can't anymore

    Tylko seks i ogień Only sex and fire

    Tylko seks i ogień w mojej głowie Only sex and fire in my head

    Przez nie spać nie mogę I can't sleep because of them

    Seks i ogień Sex and fire

    Płonę, płonę, płonę I burn (x6)

    Płonę, płonę, płonę

    Bad girls są głodne i złe Bad girls are hungry and bad/evil

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad girls, bad girls

    Bad girls, to skończy się źle Bad girls, this will end badly

    Bad girls, bad girls Bad gils, bad girls

    Od życia biorę to, czego chcę I take from life whatever I want

    Nigdy przed niczym nie cofam się I never back down from anything

    Ja jestem rewolucja, ja nowa konstytucja I am the revolution, I the new constitution

    Some figures of speech were a bit hard to translate, but I hope it all makes sense. The lyrics aren't as subtly and mysteriously creepy as Vintage's song, but the violent images she projects in Bad Grils are still disturbing.

  89. UniteDon'tFight on

    You can learn alot from reading everyone's comments. However I have seen that people are arguing over their differences in beliefs when they originally read the article out of their concern for a common enemy to us all.

    Stop wasting time squabbling. Educate ourselves whilst we can. All these readily available information systems wil soon implode but there'll be no books left. Memorise stuff and equip ourselves with skills that do not require machinery.

    Ultimately we all know God exists. many people who deny God, cry out for him in times of desperation. Just because they don't want to admit it, doesn't mean it ain't true. These evil ones also know God exists, but they are misguided into thinking they can become their own masters.

    • That's why I consider them stupid. We like it or not we can't beat God, at the end of the day we'll all die, hence we can control the endgame.

  90. Vassily Kolesnikov on

    In Russia, within the past few years Illuminati agenda in media has really, really become loud. Some pop singers, for example, who used to be very innocent and even nice a few years ago, their music videos are now strange and nasty and are totally Illuminati-programmed.

    This is scary.

  91. Saw the video with the pyramid of people…..sorry I forgot the name just that quick….I have one thing to say. This is like some twisted visual fulfillment of Illuminati (for lack of a better name) prophecy. Out of many one is what I arrive to out of this whole glowing (illuminated) one at the summit of the pyramid. Also, it eludes to those who are part of the supporting structure of the pyramid somehow having some form of protection from the destruction around them….notice all of the dead people except for those holding up this strange being. The ones who support this structure are all mindless followers of the light…..very very strange. All I have to say is that these people are insane and unfortunately our society is literally and figuratively drinking the Kool-Aid. On a completely unrelated aside, the flu vaccine is and has always been sketchy to me and I am thankful for my mom who is not a mindless follower…..she used simple simple logic and that is this:

    I have never had the flu so I won't be getting the flu shot. She has still never had the flu, nor have I and I have noticed that all decisions made in fear always have terrible consequences….including vaccinations.

    I just had this thought and that is, is being dead really that bad in light of the current condition of the world? The answer to that question depends on where you put your belief…everything around us is fleeting and eternity makes our lives on this Earth appear as a blink of the eyes. I for one will no longer be fearful but will make the most of my life. Information is great and thank you…….All of this weirdness is spoken of in the bible and I take comfort in knowing the truth. These people construct monuments (i.e. the Washington Monument) that somehow tie back to 666……or some variation thereof and are truly deceived. Lucifer since the dawn of man has always PERVERTED the words of God….he lied by twisting the truth. No difference here. He made himself an angel of light to these lost people and now they carry out a mission that has existed since the beginning. While Jesus was here, Satan was chilling with the Mayans…….it is funny how every mythical god on different continents have similar properties throughout history. How can the Mayans have similar Gods to the Greeks and the Romans or even Babylon? Satan….A.K.A. Lucifer.

  92. hey vc can u check out this german video and explain this?? well the search title is this for youtube: Sébastien Tellier – Pépito Bleu (Official Music Video PLEASE..THIS VIDEO NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED ASWELL..PROMISE YOU WILL BE INTERESTED!

  93. Someone form Poland wrote that Doda's album was "cut half in price" so that was the reason for the GREAT selling result.

    In fact, the price was cut for one day in one shop during Doda's "autograph tour"- she was visiting ONE CHAIN SHOP PER ONE DAY and only in this ONE SHOP the price was cut DURING HER PRESENCE THERE. THAT IS THE TRUTH. People in Poland hate those who are young, beautiful, rich and famous- and that's Doda's description. WE HAVE FAR TOO MANY HATERS IN OUR COUNTRY. People love Doda- that is the reason why she is on top for over 10 years. TEN YEARS! Btw, Doda- the queen of Polish music, is about to conquer Europe- keep waiting!

  94. freaky… when you hear the song and look at the symbolism you find it disgusting, but after u are done watching the video u keep hearing the song on your head!!! D:

  95. So in essence, rid the world of religion, break down morals and replace them with new programmed synthesied rubbish. When Satan said he was going to get God back, I didnt think he had this in mind :S

  96. Oh, guys, comm'on… I'm from Pl and know Doda.

    I don't and won't use here un-accepted language,but she plays like a plastic sex-doll.

    She will do anything to raise her records sales. And what she does is pathetic.

  97. Wow, i am from Poland and i must say, i have discovered your site today and i have been reading all the posts today. Yet, i got shocked to see you mentioned Poland. I must admit, you are really deep in it. I got deeper in illuminati's thing lately, it is really disturbing to see all the things going on today. Basically, it feels like we are controlled all the time. Btw, while reading your posts, i also thought about Doda being polish "Illuminati's representative". It all gives me creeps, but we must fight with it

  98. These following comments were split up from a much longer text.

    Hi there, I'm a fairly new reader here and find the articles very interesting, to the point that I have sent some messages to VC myself and subscribed via e-mail. But this has a downside: Every time I'm exposed to massmedia I instantly search for symbols and signs indicating Illuminati or Monarch Mind Control, which does not feel healthy at all, and instead a bit paranoid. Another unhealthy thing is the thought: What can I do against all of this? The answer is, well, nothing.
    Living in Northern Europe I feel like none of this affects me, but then I read this article about these things happening elsewhere than just USA and now… Now I just feel sad. Should I continue reading these articles and think that almost everything I see is controlled by a system higher than us, brainwashing and getting into the minds of people, or should I try and go back to how things were before I found out about this website and live unaware of the truth?

  99. The persons who are reading this, please don't come saying anything concerning religion to make me feel better, since I currently have a very blurry opinion on that matter. I want to tell someone about this grave injustice, but it isn't as easy as you may think. After my eyes were opened, I felt the need to inform people about this, and try and protect the ones close to me so that they don't fall for the lies and the mind-controlling. But at the same time, I'm afraid of watching TV, listening to music or basically doing anything I enjoy because I don't want to get tricked, I don't want to be another one of those millions fooled by whatever they call themselves. And thus now I'm in despair. I think I know one person which I can talk to about this, but it can be hard to explain everything you read and heard and instead it would be easier to just direct other people to this website in the hopes that they too will understand, but at the same time fear that they will fall in this same despair.

  100. I'm not sure of what to do now, and with tears running down my face I pour it out, in this comment, which I hope you other VC readers will not have ignored because of its length. This probably won't move the discussion further or change anything. This post is just about me, who is afraid and literally crying because of this, who doesn't know which way to go from here on out. I'm scared. Really scared. Thank you, for those who have taken your time to read this. If you feel like it, reply. Maybe it would make things just a little bit easier._Oh, and just as an interesting fact: I'm not even an adult. Nope. I'm a 13-year old girl crying in front of her dads computer while typing this. I hope I get a response, and I really hope that VC sees this and the earlier messages I sent while still in an interested, somewhat happier mood. Peace be with you all
    //Just call me Molly, even though it's not my name.

  101. The problem is that the world is full of fans… people always looking up to others… which is… Idolatry. Everyone is ready to believe and follows Creatures and Creations instead of the Creator.
    The price of all this idolatry, the worship of the Creation and not the Creator, is enslavement.

    Is all this One-Eye symbolism related as well to Wotan's sacrifice of his eye for "wisdom"? And Wagner's pro-nazism operas depicting this "god".?
    The unholy Wotan sacrifices the eye that sees GOD and leaves in tact only his materialistic eye that can only see himself? So now he's like the Eye of Sauron just staring out like a big dummy. I don't know… That guy from Zap Oracle wrote an article about this Eye of Sauron, the Tower and the One Ring from Lord of the Rings.

    And I remember Anton LaVey writing about the Law of the Trapezoid in the fact that real changes often happened on Trapezoids and not Pyramids. Because of the Frustration factor or something that the mind goes through in seeing an incomplete Pyramid.

  102. Since these Illuminati-Satanists are reptilian by nature, they'll most likely kill each other off at the end and so there will be only One. As they say in Highlander. Since I don't think they even know how to share among themselves. Right now they just simply need each other cause there's more regular people than Them. But if the population is reduced they'll start turning on each other

    The Triangle above the Trapezoid represents the unholy trinity and his own elite over the elite. So he's always above and seperate from the others of the Great Work. Kind of like Oxymandes in Watchmen…. and when his lower goons have finished the job he will kill them off and simply the glowing triangle with the Eye of Lucifer/Sauron/Horus will be left hovering above.

  103. Doda is an ex-partner of the frontman of the Polish anti-Christian group Behemoth that was recently expelled from Russia when attempting to organise a concert. Happy that there are some places left on Earth that are not taking this crap.

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