“The Briefcase” : When Watching Poor People Struggle is Called “Entertainment”


“The Briefcase” is a reality TV show that gives $101,000 to poor people … to then guilt them into giving that money away. It is a Hunger Games of human misery.

Since the late nineties, television networks have thrown themselves into the production of “reality TV” because it is an inexpensive way to attract idle minds looking for brainless entertainment. Just take a second and think about the garbage television that was produced in the past years … Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire?Temptation IslandHere Comes Honey Boo BooToddlers & Tiaras. The list goes on and it is just brutal. From idiot women competing for a guy because he’s rich to psychotic moms dressing up their daughters like mini-prostitutes, these shows reflect the toxic nature of today’s pop culture. They also reflect how TV network execs perceive the TV-viewing masses. To make things worse, most of these shows are fully scripted and fake, but the viewers do not seem to care.

With The Briefcase, CBS continues this tradition of absurdity … and takes it to new, sadistic and voyeuristic level. Here’s the trailer.


The trailer begins by describing the economic situation in America, where the earnings of lower-middle class families are shrinking and are being funneled to a very restricted financial elite.

“Across America, hard working families are feeling the impact of rising debts and shrinking paychecks. These tough times are testing the human spirit. Now, comes a new series that makes you question what really matters most”.

The show is however not about addressing the cause of this problem or to attempting to fix any of it. It is about dangling money in the faces of people in need and making them beg and cry for it. While this is happening, the producer of the show is in the background whispering : “Yes, yes, cry for that money. I want a closeup of these tears. Yes, now become angry and confused. That’s good TV. Nice. Explain how you’re worried about your debts and the future of your family. Yes, more tears! That’s the money shot!”

As if that premise was not dehumanizing enough, the show also pits together a bunch of stereotypes that are basically reduced to a label.

Mexicans. Did they really need to be dressed as mariachis at that moment?
The Mexicans.
The gay couple.
The gays.
The "God-feating, gun totting Republican family".
The “God-feating, gun totting Republican family”.

For each of these shots above, the producer was in the background whispering : “Yes, open that briefcase while wearing sombreros … Yes … Go outside, be gay and kiss for the camera … Yes, that’ll rile up  some people … Yes, shoot that gun in the woods … Do you have a cowboy hat? WEAR IT!  … Nice, that’s good TV.”

The show ultimately sells us a heartwarming moral : Being good is more important than having money. While this is ultimately true, that message is brought to you by some of the richest people in the world.

CBS Corp. president and CEO Leslie Moonves is among the world’s highest-paid executives in any industry with an annual compensation of over 70 milllion dollars. The majority shareholder of CBS, Sumner Murray Redstone is worth 6.2 billion dollars (yes, billions). Both of them are deeply connected with the world elite in numerous ways and through various channels.

It is these people who are behind this “misery porn”, where the financial troubles of carefully selected families are exploited, emphasized and fetishized in order to sell advertising time and, as an extra bonus, to training the masses to accept their dire financial fate. Because, if they don’t, they’ll be labeled as greedy.



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I'm glad because my TV set is just a decoration piece, or for DVD movies once and while.

Solution: turn off your goddamn TV. Stop consuming wrong things, and they'll feel the blow. Everything is fake, news, tv shows, cartoons… even my so beloved movies are spreading an agenda. ****ed up world where living in.

I want to see a reality show of these "real housewives of…" Living in the projects of New York City and trying to survive and feed a family. I want to see a big business CEO move to the Gulf coast and save a family business that was devistated using only the resources available to that family. I want to see a TV chef cook for a homeless shelter with their resources.

Glad to know I am not brainless because I do not and will not watch TV that they try to pass off as reality. I call it sheeple TV myself. The big 4 networks are nothing but the governments tools for the dumbing down of America.

Just when you think they can not top themselves boom! The satanic parasites increase the idiocy on television once again, and the wheel of death goes round and round because of the duped masses. The reality shows really reveal how much society has been controlled by the parasites at the top, and how much they enjoy watching their filth increase on a daily basis through the media. This show reminds me of the movie hard target in the beginning when the mafia tempted that poor black man for 10,000 dollars just to play on his emotions for fun and kill him. This world is coming to an end.

This world makes me want to vomit.

I challenge them to bring me the case.

Just keep the money and give away what you want lol

This people sure love dehumanizing people and robbing them of their dignity while seeing them as useless pigs…….and yet according to the article, the rich who fund this not-so-different reality show sure love to prey upon the weak this way.

All the more reason for me to go outside more often and play sports like basketball with like-minded people who don't buy into this bullcrap TV shows like those stuck at home watching it like MK slaves.

Excellent article, man

so we can't say the word that pertains to molestation of young people? wow!

Most of you say, I will not watch this. The point is you don't have anything to watch any way. Do something useful, learn, build things and be professionals in the end.
I do not watch the television for the seven years now and I am happy. I have even sold my TV. . .

Time to permanently pull the plug folks…

The amount of christians on this website is unbearable. You guys just can't live without worshiping someone. And therefore you will never be able to get rid from totalitarianism of the government, because the totalitarianism is already in your minds.

truth! it's why the gov "elite" used subliminal messaging during the 60's (i believe that was the decade) to end ever broadcast day. within that messaging they pushed the propaganda to believe in god. god is watching you. love/respect your government. something about god being with america/government (which is why in god we trust is used on money and in the pledge of the allegiance. believe in god/believe in government. god approves of government. within religion you don't question god or the organization/pastor/priest that presides over said religion of god, so you don't and should not question government because god is watching you and he is with the government. blindly believe). buy/consume. very similar to the movie They Live. i believe that movie has was more truthful than anyone really imagined. religion is nothing more than a control/authority figure. it's used to divide people, and to make one cling to… Read more »
further still that's why religion promotes government. why pastors/priests/popes (there is no clearer control than the catholic church and p********a. yet massive amounts of people all over the world still believe in that religious order and promote it???? propaganda/control/authority at it's most evil) will meet with heads of state. why religion does not go against government, "elites", money but will play into the division game. remember religion wants the corrupt "elites" money, they want authority over you because they are another control system/authority figure, they brainwash people into accepting less than they should all because it's more moral (it's more moral to be poor yet at same time go out and earn as much as you can so you can give us your money. nevermind us over here living it up with said money, nor rubbing elbows with "elites". hmm…), prosperity preachers espouse the "value" and praise the "elites" dirty… Read more »
The apparent message here is a bit similar to that scene in the 'dark knight' movie where the joker plants two boats with explosive, giving the opportunity to people on each boat to blow the other with a remote control. One boat has normal 'middle class' people on it, the other is transporting prisoners. In the end no-one blows each-other, because the normal people are brainwashed by liberal egalitarian 'values' and consider criminal lives as good as their own, at least in appearance. They simply lack the courage to do what needs to be done in front of others. This is the same kind of hypocrisy here, as we are being shown human groups that couldn't care less about eachother, but because they are in front of the camera pretend to. All of this spectacle is to hide the fact that the only way out for these families is to… Read more »

Shows a joke families making 140k a year? That's not poor. Give me 140 a year and I'll be far from broke.

I hardly EVER watch TV, but I did watch this show by accident when I went to a friend's house. It's sick and maudlin. No one else in the room could see the game being played on the audience. Having us watch these people, who supposedly have too much stress in their lives already, obsess and agonize over more money than they will probably ever see again in their lives is psychopathic humor.

These apoplectic comments are probably from paid network trolls or people with limited intelligence who only see the images and listen to the script without considering the context and motivations of the behind the scene players.

Amercian bullshit at its freaking bestttttttttttttttttttttttt

Or just simple bullshit, but ok.

Money control the world.
Illuminati has money.
It's simple.

Please write an article about Bruce Jenner's transformation to a woman named Caitlyn Jenner. Funny how the show "Family Guy" predicted it on one of the episodes six years ago.


Ok honestly, VC? You're out of line with: "idiot women competing for a guy because he’s rich to psychotic moms dressing up their daughters like mini-prostitutes".
First of all, lack of intelligence is not a transgression. The problem these women have is that they're SHALLOW. Greed is the sin in question, and being an "idiot" has nothing to do with kindness or morality!
Secondly, there is no way you can dress like a sex worker ("prostitute" is a slur, by the way). You can rail against dressing children in provocative or heavily gendered clothing against their will or before they can decide for themselves, and I agree that child pageantry is exploitative as hell, but let's not drag sex workers into this. There are sex workers who wear saris down to their ankles and muslim sex workers who wear various head coverings.

And keep in mind that many of so called prostitutes may be forced to do that because of human trafficing. Google it if you don't know what it is.

arghhh. Not really. That's what they claim to get sympathy. Unless they are 12-13 years old. Then of course it's trafficking. The point is there is availability because there's demand. They wouldn't proceed to this profession, if men weren't willing to pay for the service. It's a case what came first, the chicken or the egg? At the end of the day they are all messed up without any dignity. They get money out of usually married men and it's not on. If those men weren't married and didn't cause problems to their wives and children, fair game. Trust me many prostitutes willingly bully and pester the wives. So for this reason and only I am not going to support prostitutes and men who use their services. Unless they are unmarried men or the ones who don't give grief to their wives and man up. I want to be with… Read more »

Of course, you know everything about their past lifes, like any single prostitute in this world. They're all the same. HashtagSarcasm I still hope you'll check it out. We should be careful when judging others. The person you judge can also be a victim and going through hell in their live

I'm not a fan of so-called reality tv, however I do enjoy watching the show "Secret Millionaire" which makes me burst into tears every single time because despite the horrific ugliness in the world, it shows that there are many, many good people out there who are genuine and real. Even though this new show may seem cheesy and fake, it has potential to show the humanity of people and the goodness in people that so many of us have forgotten. At the end of the day, I believe most people are good and want to help others and this is another example of the selflessness of the poor and the goodness of humanity. NO matter how hard the occult elite and powers that be may try to debase us and make us hate each other, most humans are good.

I might watch the first episode but it seems the same as Wife Swap. LOL. How one person has it worse or better than the other. Basically, this show is about exploiting people's life choices, life styles, and vulnerabilities. Each family receiving more and more info about what the other family needs are and how worse off they supposedly are. So now your ethics and morals are questioned because if you keep the money, all of it, 25% of it, 75% of it, then you look like a selfish and horrible person who wasn't willing to give to another family. But if you give it all away and the other family chose to keep the money for themselves, then you're screwed and the joke is still on you. It seems interesting and that's why I might watch the first episode. But I do feel the producers are totally out to… Read more »

honestly, I am glad I no longer have cable… and as always, eye opening great comments!

Boy, that is one of the most spot on reviews ever.

What would *I* do with the money? I'd keep every penny. Because I know, personally, someone who would benefit from it more than any of the people this show could come up with. I would fly to Minnesota and buy her a house so she can move out or her Mother's basement. Veteran school teacher working "at will" who was fired for being old and expensive. She lost her house and everything she owned and is living on disability until she qualifies for her pension. She is an authentic poor person and I would give her every penny. They could even film it if they wanted.