Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” and the Dark Side of Hollywood


The 1968 movie “Rosemary’s Baby” is one of Roman Polanski’s most chilling and acclaimed productions. The film describes the manipulation of a young woman by a high-society occult coven for ritualistic purposes. The movie’s unsettling quality does not rely on blood and gore but on its realistic premise, which forces the viewers to ponder on the likelihood of the existence of elite secret societies. Even more unsettling are the eerie real life events that surrounded the movie involving ritualistic killings and MK Ultra. We will look at the symbolic meaning of “Rosemary’s Baby” and the stranger-than-fiction events that followed its release.

Although articles on the Vigilant Citizen usually pertain to new releases, a look at the past is often necessary to better understand the present. The state of today’s Illuminati  pop culture is not a spontaneous trend that sprung out of nowhere. Rather, it is the result of years of occult influence on the entertainment industry and the gradual conditioning of the masses to certain messages and symbols. Although pop culture has always been tainted by the elite’s agenda to shape and mold young minds, it is during the 60s and the 70s that MK-Ultra stooges and dark secret societies became visible parts of the mix. The need to quell the anti-war and anti-establishment movements of the 60’s forced the elite to infiltrate and disrupt the culture. A series of destabilizing events occurred to shock idealistic minds and heroes became enemies. The “Peace and Love” of the 60s became Charles Manson and LSD in the 70s.

Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby and its story about the manipulation of a young woman by an elite witch coven to carry and give birth to the Anti-Christ captured the mindset of this era and became symbolic of the irreversible shift that happened in the late 60s. However, it is the real life events surrounding the movie that truly defined this era: Less than a year after the release of Rosemary’s Baby, Roman Polanski’s pregnant wife was ritualistically murdered by members of the Charles Manson family. This horrific event brought a brutal end to the “good vibrations” of the 60s and is viewed by many historians as pivotal moment in American history. We will look at the symbolic meaning of Rosemary’s Baby and analyze the strange events surrounding it, which involve occult secret societies, mind control and ritualistic murders.

Rosemary’s Baby

Roman’s Polanski’s 1968 movie is a faithful adaption of Ira Levin’s best-selling novel that appeared only a year before. Although it contains no blood or gore, Rosemary’s Baby is considered to be one of the scariest movies of all time. Why? The creepy nature of the film is not in its special effects, but in its realistic premise. The story takes place in a real apartment building (the Dakota) that has a real reputation of attracting eccentric elements of New York’s high society. The evil coven is not composed of stereotypical, pointy-nose witches but of friendly neighbors, prestigious doctors and distinguished individuals. They are elegant, rational and intelligent and are connected to important people. The realism of the movie forces the viewers to ponder on the existence of such groups, to a point that some feared that the movie, after its release would cause an all-out witch hunt. Rosemary’s manipulation is also extremely realistic, causing the viewers to think: “It could happen to me”.

The Setting

The movie starts with a pan-and-glide shot of the New York skyline, showing rooftops of buildings, finally settling on the prestigious Dakota Building  (renamed “The Bramford” in the movie).

The Dakota Building (dubbed the Bramford in Rosemary’s Baby)

The Dakota, and other buildings of the Upper West Side, are known to be home of New York’s aristocracy (the “old money”). The Dakota has also attracted celebrities such as actors, singers and writers . It is the “place to be” for New York’s elite.

In the movie, the Bramford is rumoured to have been the site of numerous strange events involving black magic and ritual killings. Adrian Marcato, a rich man practicing witchcraft was almost killed in the lobby of the building. Ten years later, John Lennon, who lived in the Dakota, was murdered in front of this same building. During the introduction of the movie, the Bramford is just one of New York city’s many rooftops, concealing within its austere walls occult rituals the average person would never suspect.

The Young Couple

John and Rosemary Woodhouse visiting the Bramford

Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse (played by Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes) are a young couple who are looking to rent an apartment at the Bramford. Guy is a struggling actor who is not able to obtain recognition or important roles and has to resort to appearing in degrading TV commercials to generate some income. Rosemary is a frail and shy country girl who comes from a strict Catholic background. The name Rosemary has historically been associated with the Virgin Mary, who is said to have spread her cloak over a white-blossomed rosemary bush when she was resting, turning it blue. In the movie, the kind and trusting Rosemary will become a sort of “Black Virgin Mary”, bearing within her womb the child of Satan.

The Castevets

Once settled in their apartment, the Woodhouses meet their neighbors the Castevets, a friendly but nosy elderly couple who invite them for dinner. During this important evening, Roman Castevet compliments Guy on his acting, claiming he has an “interesting inner-quality” and “that is should take him a long way” … provided he gets those initial breaks (we later learn that those breaks come easier when one is part of their cult). Roman claims his father was a theatrical director and that he worked with all of biggest stars of the time (his father is actually Adrian Marcato, the witch who almost got killed in the building’s lobby).

In the kitchen, Minnie asks Rosemary several questions concerning the number of children in her family. She is obviously very interested in the “child-bearing” qualities of Rosemary.

In the living room, Roman is privately discussing with Guy.

Roman and Guy’s important discussion

Guy learns about Roman’s witch coven and occult rituals. He is also told that his career will succeed if he were to join them. The price of entry is however steep: He must allow his wife to be drugged and impregnated by Satan during an occult ritual.

Under Their Control

Although he did not like the elderly couple at first, Guy joins the coven and becomes good friends with Roman. Rosemary, who has no idea of these dealings, becomes weary of the couple and their strange behavior. During a pop-in visit, Minnie gives Rosemary a pendant containing tannis root (a fictitious plant), claiming it to be a good luck charm.

The spherical pendant was previously worn by a young woman who was living with the Castevets. The elderly couple found her living on the streets (mind-control handlers prey on such lost individuals). The woman killed herself by jumping out of a window, probably after learning about the Castevets occult plans for her. The pendant becomes symbolic of the coven’s mind control.

The same night, Guy obtains the leading role of a play because the original actor suddenly became blind. This strange event convinces Guy of the coven’s power, quelling all his doubts regarding its ability to help his acting career. Rosemary soon notices a drastic change in Guy’s attitude: Her husband is “suddenly very hot”, landing big roles here and there. He is also becoming “self-centered,” “vain,” “pre-occupied,” and “self-absorbed”. Funny how this describes the changes seen in celebrities who “sell their soul” for fame.

The Ritual

One night, Guy brings flowers to Rosemary and abruptly proposes, “Let’s have a baby, all right?”. He circles the best days on the calendar to start having sex – October 4th or 5th, 1965. (The coven had determined that these were the prime days for copulation to obtain a numerologically-correct birth). While the couple has a romantic dinner as a prelude to lovemaking, Minnie knocks at their door to drop off a dessert she made. Rosemary finds that the chocolate mousse has a “chalky taste” but Guy insists that she eats it. Her mousse contained drugs and Rosemary becomes dizzy.

During her trance-like state, Rosemary has incoherent hallucinations involving a JFK look-a-like (the only Catholic US President, who died six years before) images of the Sistine Chapel and the Pope (who is wearing Rosemary’s spherical pendant, symbol of occult control). She is then seen naked on her bed, surrounded by her husband, the Castevets and the entire witch coven, who are chanting ritualistic hymns while an occult ritual is practiced on her.

Markings on Rosemary’s chest, on par with “real” Satanic rituals.

In her dream-like state, Guy begins making love to her, but his appearance changes into a grotesque beast-like figure resembling the Devil, with yellowish eyes and clawed, scaly hands. He strokes the length of her body with his hairy claw. While being ‘raped’ Rosemary realizes:

“This is no dream, this is really happening!”

There have been persistent rumors claiming that Anton LaVey, the founder of the Church of Satan, played the uncredited role of Satan during the impregnation scene, and also served as a technical advisor for the film. There is no proof of LaVey’s involvement in the movie but he was nonetheless linked to the movie’s aura in another way: Susan Atkins, the member of the Manson family who later murdered Polanski’s pregnant wife Sharon Tate, was an ex-follower of Anton LaVey.

Soon after, Rosemary learns that she is pregnant.

The Pregnancy

Right after learning about Rosemary’s pregnancy, Guy knocks on the door of the Castevets to inform them of the “good news”. Minnie immediately recommends that Rosemary sees “the finest obstetricians of the country”, Abe Sapirstein. He is the elite’s doctor as he “delivers all high society babies”.

The doctor orders Rosemary to avoid all pregnancy books and all friendly advice because “no two pregnancies” are alike. In reality, he knows that this unholy pregnancy will be extremely painful. He also requires Rosemary to consume daily drinks made by her neighbor Minnie Castevet. Rosemary becomes therefore totally dependent on members of the coven for all issues regarding her pregnancy. They keep her sheltered from the outside world, monitored and sedated through numerous ways:

Rosemary’s pregnancy is extremely difficult. She loses weight and she keeps feeling sharp pains in her stomach. Dr. Sapirstein dismisses her concerns, telling her that the pain would go away. Rosemary becomes weary of her neighbors, who are a little too “interested” in her pregnancy. She then obtains a book from a concerned friend (who mysteriously dies afterwards): All of Them Witches.

The book describes the Castevet’s international secret society, which is known to practice blood rituals. Rosemary then buys more books on witchcraft. She is seen reading a passage which might describe the reason why Guy had been obtaining important roles.

“Many people during that time died supposedly natural deaths. Since then it has been determined that the United Mental Force of the whole coven could blind, deafen, paralyze, and ultimately kill the chosen victim. This use of a United Mental Force is sometimes called a coven.”

Rosemary attempts to escape the coven’s control and seeks help but she is tracked down and brought back home. She is drugged by Dr. Sapirstein and, soon after, she goes into labor.

The Baby

When Rosemary wakes up, she is told that her baby was dead (it was taken by the coven). Guy tries to comfort his wife by telling her that big movie production companies like Paramount and Universal were interested in hiring him. He was also promised a big house Beverly Hills – all rewards for Guy’s initiation into the coven and Rosemary’s sacrifice.

Determined to find her baby, Rosemary sneaks into the Castevets’ apartment and stumbles into a Satanic “Adoration of the Magi” scene, with people from all over the world bringing gifts to the baby.

When Rosemary sees the baby’s reptilian eyes, she starts screaming. Roman Castevet tells her:

“Satan is his father, not Guy. He came up from hell and begat a son of mortal woman. Satan is his father and his name is Adrian. He shall overthrow the mighty and lay waste their temples. He shall redeem the despised and wreak vengeance in the name of the burned and the tortured. Hail, Adrian! Hail, Satan! God is dead! Satan lives! The year is One, the year is One! God is dead”

The birth of Rosemary’s baby is the new “Year One.” It is also accurate by Church of Satan standards to call 1966 Year One. This is a self-conscious, parallel reference to the year of Jesus Christ’s birth, also in Year One, A.D. Another unstated fact: The baby is born in June 1966, which is numerically 6/66.

Roman then asks Rosemary to be a “mother to her child” and to take care of the baby.

Unable to resist her instinctual, almost animalistic need to respond to her baby’s cries, Rosemary starts rocking the cradle.  The movies ends with a rather unsettling scene: The coven gathers around Rosemary while she takes care of the monstrous baby. She accepts the reality of the situation and faintly smiles.

The camera moves to the curtained window and then to the outside of the apartment – ending the film with the same, slow pan across the urban rooftops that opened the film … all of these events happened inside one of New York’s many rooftops and no one will ever suspect a thing.

Aftermath of the Movie

While some will consider Rosemary’s Baby to be nothing more than a scary movie playing on the sensibilities of devout Christians and young mothers, others see it as Roman Polanski’s courageous exposition of high society’s occult mind state. Many however see the movie as an occult manifesto, heralding a new era.  Rosemary’s Baby is Aleister Crowley’s “Child of the new Aeon”, or Horus the son of Isis – the bringer of a new era in world history. Whether it was intentional or not, Rosemary’s Baby did appear at the brink of a new era and became part of an important social change.

“The movie appeared at a moment of optimum spiritual chaos in American life. Rosemary’s Baby remains an iconic memory trace of a time when anything seemed possible, including the birth of the Anti-Christ”.
– Gary Indiana, “Bedeviled”, Village Voice

Rosemary is representative of the traditional and naive American society of the 50s and 60s – filled with idealism and hope. But that hope was sold, drugged and manipulated by a hidden cult (formed by prestigious and respectable members of society) to forcefully give birth to a new era. Shocking events left indelible marks on the public mind, including the mysterious deaths of JFK, Marilyn Monroe and Martin Luther King; horrific ritual murders perpetrated by MK-Ultra patsies like Charles Manson and Son of Sam caused fear and horror. These events slapped America out of its ideals and forced it to stare at an undefinable, yet tangible force influencing society. Conspiracies and cover-ups made the news and the masses gradually discovered the existence of a shadow government. Disillusionment and cynicism ensued, causing American society to accept or to ignore the true nature of its rulers. Society became the equivalent of Rosemary who has learned of the evil nature of her baby, but nonetheless accepted the responsibility of mothering it. Today’s debased pop-culture is simply the evolution of this system.

Even if one is to overlook the symbolic meaning of the movie itself, the synchronistic occurrences surrounding its production are simply astonishing. To look at the events surrounding Rosemary’s Baby is to stare right at the dark side of Hollywood. Here are some of the events:

Murder of Sharon Tate

Before settling on Mia Farrow, Roman Polanski originally envisioned his wife, Sharon Tate, as playing the role of Rosemary. She was not cast in the role, but did make an uncredited appearance in the movie, during a party scene. Fourteen months after the release of the movie, Tate (who was 8 months pregnant) was ritualistically killed by members of the Manson family. She was stabbed 16 times and her killers wrote the word “pig” in her blood on the wall of her house.

Charles Manson is described by Fritz Springmeier as “both a Monarch slave and a handler”. According to Springmeier, his programmers knew ahead of time what were going to be the next hits. He was basically used by the elite to carry out ritualistic murders.

“(…) the murders attributed to the Son of Sam, the Manson Family, and numerous other interconnected killings (including possibly the Zodiac murders) were not what they appeared to be.  While these killings appeared to be the random work of serial/mass murderers, they actually were contract hits carried out for specific purposes by an interlocking network of Satanic cults … In other words, these were professional hits orchestrated and disguised to look like the work of yet another ‘lone nut’ serial killer.”
– David McGowan, “There’s Something About Henry”

“The Manson murders sounded the death knell for hippies and all they symbolically represented,” Bugliosi told the Observer last week. “They closed an era. The 60s, the decade of love, ended on that night, on 9 August 1969”.
-The Guardian, “Charles Manson follower ends her silence 40 years after night of slaughter”

According to numerous observers, Manson’s killings were programmed using Beatles songs (Manson himself claimed that the song Helter Skelter contained hidden messages intended for his family).

“Charles Manson was programmed with Beatles’ music. (…) They regularly call in slaves and hypnotically make the lyrics to be cues for the slaves before the music comes out. For instance, the lyrics of “Ain’t that a Shame” will make certain alters angry. For another slave the lyrics “Everything is relative, in its own way” reminds the person of the cult family & obedience.”
– Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Mind Control Slave

“The Manson killings were performed according to ancient ritual with hoodwinks and “cords of initiation” around the necks of the sacrifices. A line from a John Lennon Beatles’ song was painted on the death house, “Helter Skelter” which was located appropriately on Cielo (Spanish for “sky”) Drive (Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski’s house).

What we are witnessing in the wake of the public enactment of these alchemical psychodramas, whose spiritual consequences for mankind are far more momentous than most have thus far guessed, is a process of global occult initiation”.
– Michael, A. Hoffman, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

Speaking of which, the death of John Lennon is another strange piece of the puzzle.  The murder occurred as John was walking into the Dakota, the building where Rosemary’s Baby was filmed, and where he was living at the time. Mark David Chapman, the “lone nut” who killed Lennon is heavily suspected to be a Monarch mind-control slave.


Chapman also had ties with high-profile handlers and the strange circle of occult celebrities.

“Lennon’s assassin, Mark David Chapman, met LaVey’s pal Kenneth Anger, an American disciple of Aleister Crowley, in Honolulu in the late 1970’s. In 1967 Anger had directed a film called Lucifer Rising, starring Manson follower Bobby Beausoleil. Another follower and Tate-killer, Susan Atkins, had appeared with LaVey in performances at a Los Angeles area strip club.”
– Ibid.

Why was Sharon Tate “chosen”? She was not Hollywood’s biggest star and she only enjoyed limited commercial success. Was it the inevitable outcome reserved to stars who go too far into the occult side of stardom? Three years before her death, Tate played the role of a witch in the movie Eye of the Devil. The movie’s conclusion: A blood sacrifice was required to “make things right again”.

Did Roman Polanski sacrifice his wife (the same way Guy sacrificed Rosemary) to obtain the favors of Hollywood? Soon after the death, he allowed himself to be photographed by Life Magazine in the living room where Tate  had died. Her dried blood was still clearly visible on the floor in front of him. The photo shoot caused him to be heavily criticized.

Other events did not help his credibility. Seven years after Tate’s murder, Polanski was arrested and charged with a number of offenses against 13-year-old Samantha Geimer, including rape by use of drugs, perversion, sodomy, lewd and lascivious act upon a child under 14, and furnishing a controlled substance to a minor. According to Geimer’s testimony to the grand jury, Polanski had asked Geimer’s mother (a television actress and model) if he could photograph the girl as part of his work for the French edition of Vogue (we have already seen the rather sick inclinations of that magazine in the article entitled Disturbing Sex Kitten French Vogue Photoshoot Featuring Children). According to author Michael A. Hoffman, Polanski produced snuff films involving minors for sale on the private market, but these allegations remain unproven. Despite all of these accusations, Polanski remains a free man.

Are these events strange coincidences or all part of a big scheme? Is it somewhere in between? Whatever the case may be, they are symptomatic of a hidden force influencing American pop culture.


In Conclusion

Rosemary’s Baby can be seen as nothing more than a well-crafted movie that plays on the timeless and archetypal fear of “the Devil”. However, when one looks at the movie’s precise timing in American history and the incredible series of events that followed its release, the movie becomes a pivotal work symbolizing an important cultural shift in American life. The same way Rosemary discovers the workings of an international witch coven, American society “discovers” a darker side to its entertainment business and internal politics. Mind control slaves are unleashed in the public, shocking mega-rituals occur and pop culture becomes a celebration of depravity.

This era trail-blazed the way to today’s Illuminati agenda in popular culture. With the silent consent of the public’s indifference, today’s cultural industry is still hard at work, molding young minds for a “new eon”. The same mind control that was used to kill Sharon Tate and John Lennon has now become  a fun way to spice up a music video. The controversies of the past are still echoed today. Should we be surprised to see today’s latest Illuminati star Nicki Minaj “channelling” an alter persona called … Roman Zolanski?

That being said, it would be overly simplistic to blame “Satan” for all that happened. In fact, the puppeteers would love to see a scared and confused population blaming everything on a non-human scapegoat, releasing actual men and women from the accountability of their actions. Even LaVey’s Church of Satan is a Hollywood-style, theatrical comedy compared to the real actors on the world stage. Secret cabals, evolving at the higher echelons of society, are the true puppeteers here and they avoid media attention. By distorting and corrupting ancient esoteric teachings to fit their needs, the rulers have given themselves a loose moral code to justify their actions.  They have usurped “true science”, which was inspired by the laws of nature, to create a toxic by-product serving power and greed. The masses, deemed “profane” and unworthy of the Truth, are bewildered spectators at a sick puppet show, not even realizing they are watching puppets. For this reason, it is important to lift the curtain and see what is happening behind the scenes. Once we truly see the sick puppeteers pulling the strings, we will, hopefully, snap out of our hypnotic state and walk out of the show.




  1. very interesting!! great job! saw this in class a long time ago. very creepy but good movie anyway.. keep up to good job!

    • I can remember seeing an episode of America's Next Top Model where Tyra wanted one of the girls to look like a character from this movie.

      Anyway, excellent work as always Vigil. I haven't seen this movie yet, but I'll definitely make plans to. My family is always skeptic about stuff I tell them I read on this site, but their jaws only drop when I actually show them stuff.

      • I was gobsmacked when I was covering an english lesson and I had to watch with 14 years old kids another film of Polanski Macbeth.

    • I find it appalling that films like this one and other atrocities are forced on young impressionable minds in schools, my disabled son was force to watch holocaust at his special needs school in the mid nineties, when he looked away during a nasty scene the teacher shouted at him and turned his head back to the screen. These films damage irrepairably our most precious.

      I find it astonishing that so few people believe this is actually all real. The flouride, msg, aspartame and vaccinations are all doing their job.

      • Dreadful, indeed, especially since most of "it" is one fantastic LIE after another. See "1/3 of the holocaust" and "Holocaust:The Big Lie." There are more. Get informed.

      • laurelnhardy on

        Babette, are you claiming to believe that the Holocaust did not happen? If so, you would be a mind numbed robot. If in fact you do believe that – You exchange the TRUTH for a MYTH…and blinded by the father of all lies.

      • @laurelnhardy. I think anyone who denies the holocaust is in denial themselves. Having said that, the many death figures presented are ridiculous and exaggerated to say the least. For example I was educated to believe that almost 6 million Jews were killed. I can give you many statements and facts from Jews historians who deny such claims. Many people were killed INCLUDING african, christians and the disabled. Jews were the majority but NOT 6 millions or even 5. This goes against logic mate!

    • Excellent job VC! ive been waiting for this one! I knew there was something up with this movie each time i watched it. Its just too real and creepy..

    • Great piece. The idea to analyze retrospectively is inspired! Brilliant to go back in history and examine. By doing so, we can see which have come to fruition. In many cases this is the only way to unravel contemporary events, by observing the interim path events have taken. Rosemary was not just a cult film. Illuminati actually plan to bring in an Antichrist this way when the time is right with genetic engineering. The film was an early form of predictive programming.

    • Then apparently you have missed one of the key points of this site; the Presidency is a dark force in our world. No one with any integrity would run for that office. I am not being rude to you Sir, or trying to denegrate you, just speaking the truth that this site emphasizes. Think about it. Very seriously.

    • InfamousAvantGairde on


      Born at the highest peak of day,governed by the ruler of the night.

      As its symbol says…….As Above So Below


    • Stephen Dedalus on

      You don't say. Maybe that's why they are called secret? And why isn't it positive? All religions are full of rituals, but as soon as something is "secret" it becomes evil and bad. There are many secret societies, fraternities and organization with different purposes, groups of people sharing particular interests, views, aspirations. How is that bad?

      • They're evil because they rely on inflicting pain and torment. Ritual murder and rape isn't a part of Christianity as it is in Luciferianism.

  2. awesome in depth write up, this is definitely one of the earliest most descriptive movies to be made detailing their agendas that I can remember. I applaud the time it has taken to do an article like this. Your website has allowed me to spend less time researching such issues and spend more time in the Good Word! Thank you for that. I really appreciate all the time and effort that you put into your articles. It's sad how long all this stuff has been going on, and how so many people are truly unaware. Your website has led alot of people to the Gospel of our Lord and Savior. Kudos VC, God bless you brother

      • Thank you vigilant for your work and the symbols analysis. It is crucial. "Let not yourselves be deceived."

        I see the Alex Jones site running another one of his sheeple distraction that will impact nothing (at one point it was a childish poster contest now its something else..)

        What is a red flag is that the logo he is using is an occult esoteric "V" in front of a winged mercury planet. Literally right off the pyramid heiroglyphics. If you dont know what to look for, you'd miss it. This symbol is no accident and the speedometer orb inside it is an ALL SEEING EYE!!.

  3. Wow. My mom told us about this movie all the time. She said it was interesting, but very strange and said we shouldn't watch it. (me and my sisters)

    Hmph, well now i don't have to watch it, to know what it's about.

    Thanks VC!

    • although the movie is good, the book is far better. one old movie that deserves a review or a re-watch is the omen2-damien. replace 'thorn industries' with 'monsanto' and don't tell me that the elite luciferans aren't running the world. for being made in the early '70's it's just spot on today.

    • You should watch it and come to your own conclusions about it, whether they be the same or different to V.C's.

  4. You need to read a little more of David McGowan. The hippie movement was created to coopt the anti-war movement and Manson was a prominent part of it.

    • Yeah, there is a really good story about it on the web called

      The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation.

      I think you can Google it. Very interesting take on that whole 'movement'.

    • McGowan is a fascinating writer with a clear-eyed view of the Hippie movement and much more. Love his work! He also doubts Manson & Family had anything to do with the Sharon/LoBianca murders, adding that if they did they were merely bit-players. McGowan suspects that other, more significant players, were involved. That whole Manson killing spree thing never convinced me either.


      • I'm not entirely certain that David does not believe the Manson Family was involved in the Tate/Labianca murders, I believe David does consider the "Family" as intimate players, only the motives and scope to be questioned as well as additional shot callers.

      • Interviewed on Laurel Canyon, McGowan DID say (I paraphrase) he thought Manson&Family may not have been involved and if they were, they were merely bit players. According to McGowan, more important forces were responsible for the murders. He was partly interrupted by the blabbermouth interviewer, but you can hear McGowan trying to finish his phrase and that's what he said.

      • I have talked with David and my previous comment still stands. David is not sure of which interview you write, but here are his views: David does believe the Manson family was intricately involved in the La Bianca and Tate murders. However, he also believes due to unexplained evidence on scene such as the unmatched boot and hand prints that other unknown players were also on site possibly prior to but most likely after the family members had vacated the premises and that said players were most likely a mop up operation under the orders of the controlling shot callers

      • As I said, the interviewer was yacking away whilst David was talking at that point. I must have misunderstood.

        Manson just told his gang to go slaughter his rich, drug-buying clients and they did. Real simple. I believe it. (grin)


      • I did a bit of research into the tate-la bianca murders some years ago and have read the books by vince buglioso and ed sanders, amongst others.

        there is, in short, absolutely no question that in fact, manson`s followers committed the murders themselves and that the murders were ordered by manson.

        the question however remains this: under whose orders was manson himself acting? was he a victim of mkultra? who were his handlers during the many years he spent in texas jails as a kid?

      • Interesting comment you made there about Manson possibly being "programmed" all those years as a throw-away kid in correctional facilities/institutions…Berkowitz, the "Son of Sam" killer also mentioned in a prison interview about being apart of a satanic cult and how they'd ordered him to commit those murders.


    • Lion of Omega on

      The hippie movement was not created by the enemy. It was infiltrated by it. Don't give more credit to the enemy than is due. The hippie movement had close ties to the anti-war movement to the point where one was indistinguishable from the other.

  5. This is why I love VC. No BS and no preaching. Just pure facts, research and a double dare to come up with a better explanation.

  6. Great article! I think you pointed out a lot of things most were unaware of. The movie itself was creepy, but the circumstances surrounding the movie ( reality) is even stranger. I knew of some things ( Charles Manson connection, Sharon Tate, Roman/Nicky connection) but your added information, not even related to the movie was awesome. Movie related awesome as well. Great article !

  7. on

    insightful article. i remember watching this movie when i was very young and not really understanding…just feeling disturbed

  8. Thank you Vigilant! I definitely think your analysis is correct, especially the symbolic meaning of the last scene. Most of us don't trust our government and know somethin's up, but go along with it anyway. Personally, I stay as far away from TV, pills and genetically modified food as possible, but everyday, I'm discovering new ways I still go along with the system. It's the process of becoming deprogrammed, I suppose.

    For those who don't believe this kind of Satanic ritual abuse takes place, please listen to this interview …

    And on a totally different note, have you guys seen "Hold It Against Me"? That video is pretty intense, not to mention, filled with symbolism.

  9. What is up with author Ira Levin? He also wrote "Boys from Brazil", which asserts that Mengele was alive and well and experimenting again in South America. :/

    • He was definitely telling us what was going on through fiction. Same with The Stepford Wives with the mind controlled women.

      • "The Stepford Wives" was NOT about mind-controlled real women. It was about a group of men creating totally submissive robot look-a-likes to replace their lovely, but unsubmissive, wives.

      • In the book the women are robotic. They even make the occasional male robot to do the killing when it's time to replace the woman with the robot.

      • I haven't seen the remake. I've seen the original, and I believe you are right. In the original there's a guy who works for a robotics company, but nowhere is it ever stated the women are robots.

    • I saw a show on Nat Geo that talked about Joseph Mengele escaping to South America with the other Nazis and producing an entire village of twins and experimenting on them. Then they said rumors of him going to the USA and working for the CIA in mind control were popular for a time. I guess he did and that is the MKULTRA we are now dealing with. I feel sorry for some of these programmed slaves like Brittney and Lohan and Timberlake and Miley who had no choice. They had evil parents who sold them to Disney (another occult subject) and lost their free will. Notice Satan makes generational robots and God gives you free will to choose him over the world. I wonder at what age they programmed Marylin Monroe? I know she was an orphan and you can google photos of her hanging out with Anton Levey and the church of Satan. She has talked of sexual abuse by foster parents. I wonder if thats all she could remember of her ritual abuse.

  10. Interesting parallels with his life and the movie…and then the weirdness of John Lennon's assassination right outside the same hotel….!

  11. So weird, I get a sick nauseous feeling when I read VC's 'in depth' articles. When I get to the middle of them, I'm like bleh! I wonder how VC feels bc he has to do the research and write the whole thing! Keep the holy water and Bible near!

  12. U were 100% accurate in your review of Rosemary's Baby! I have watched this movie several times and the movie is very disturbing, creepy, and real.

    The masses need to wake up! It's all around us, but if we accept, believe, and confess that Jesus is Lord we've nothing to fear.

    U are so right, we have to understand the past in dealing with these matters in order to understand and recognize the puppeteers in our present time. Excellent work VC! Keep revealing the truth!

    P.S…. check out the cover of Vogue….none other than the main mind contol slave who will probably be around for quite a while….Lady Gaga. Her look and her eyes says it all. God save her!

    • I notice that too with all of these mind contol music slaves. You can see it in their eyes that something is wrong, or that they are dead inside, even with all that money and what not. So much so that even parents noticed it, and they are not even fully read up on all this stuff.

      It is so sad, yet it seems that we all are going to have some tough battles ahead.

      • Lindsay Lohan is the latest example of the travesty you speak. Make no mistake about it.

    • Gaga even makes the Aleister Crowley sign for piece which is actually a demonic symbol. What if the Nephilim in Genesis 6 were actually persons consenting to being possessed, procreating in rituals that conceived children bound by blood covenants.

      The Egyptians talk about the pharaohs procreating only with blood relatives. This "blood line" produced lines of "elite". We this today as they walk on the red carpet, symbolic of this bloodline and covenant, that represents the sacrifices made to achieve and maintain their power. I have heard some refer to Lucifer as the great deceiver symbolized as Draco the dragon, satan as hydra the serpent who is about death, then scorpio which is the third of the unholy trinity would be domination, certainly we see this feminine demon at work with Gaga devouring men in video's, the perversion of feminine and masculine roles which leads to porn, lesbianism and homosexuality.

      I wonder what the name of this demonic entity is, clearly I see this entity throughout history and through out each occult practice. Even Mr. Benjamin Creme draws pictures that liken it to the horns, a large circle and half animals and half human…The eye seems to be that same circle with a dot in it which Crowley said is the symbol for the beast.

      It is an eye. If the eyes are a window to the soul, then perhaps these people who see "reptilian eyes" in journalists and other people on tv are actually seeing not an alien, but Satan himself, possessing the person so as to control their speech and actions. We, the believers in Jesus Christ, are protected and therefore can see the weird changes in a person's eye. Maybe that is why those in music industry cover one eye…because they are revealing or rather hiding the eye that would give them away. Notice Dennis Healey, known buildeberger has one strange eye, so does Creme, so does Raj Patrel…the eyes…

      • Great post Christina. Once one begins to do the deep research into topics such as these you'll come to see that the 'sons of the gods' (the Nephilim/Awwim 'fallen ones', 'serpents and devastators') who interbred with human women-as described in Genesis and dozens of other accounts in every corner of the globe, are the same Reptilian entities that go by many different names depending on where you are at in the world. These earthbound non human creatures were the 'demons' of biblical lore, and the 'archons' of the Gnostic texts, the Nagas/Sarpa of India, and the Jinn of Arabia, the 'Chituari' of Africa, the 'Dragon kings' of Asia, the Amaru of South America, the 'snake brothers' of North America etc…Once one understands this, so much comes into focus.

        "Satan" is clearly an archetype for the Reptilian race. "Satan" was often symbolized as a dragon, a snake, a lizard or a strange looking bi-pedal, upright standing and cleverly cunning, half human/half reptile creature (refer to the Gnostic texts for this Reptilian being known as 'Nachash'). The Jewish Haggada also describes in great detail, amongst a plethora of other ancient accounts, the nature and appearance of this Reptilian race that seeded and interbred with mankind.

        It's no accident that the universal symbol for royal bloodlines/monarchies is that of a flying Dragon or images of the serpent. Afterall it doesn't matter where one goes in the world, all of the 'royal' bloodlines believe themselves to be the descendants of the 'serpent gods' with a divine right to rule. The 'demi-god' hybrid rulers (half human/half Reptilian) of yesteryear never went away, they are still amongst us and they are today's global elite!

        For those who have done their homework, it was easy to see that "Rosemarys baby" was making reference to the human/Reptilian hybrid bloodlines and their mystery school/secret society networks that control the planet to this day.

      • Re: “Satan” was often symbolized as a dragon, a snake, a lizard or a strange looking bi-pedal, upright standing and cleverly cunning, half human/half reptile creature.

        To Inquiring mind or any other inquisitive person – even Vigilant Citizen himself:

        Please look at There are many evil symbols in that place. Is it only me, or do you see them too?

        Vigilant Citizen, you're amazing in your ability to analyse symbols. Rosemary's Baby is such an evil movie. Interesting to read your expert analysing.

  13. I wonder if his new lawyer will get him some justice.

    sry but if I tell you to jump off a bridge and you do, its not my fault

    never killed anyone and been in prison for what, 40+yrs

    maybe his girls thought they were killing the antichrist baby

    n really…..thats prob not too far off

    my bday: 8-6-66 lol

    • Erm, yes it is. Manipulating someone to commit a crime is a crime. Manipulating someone to commit suicide is a crime. It's often hard to prove, but if they do – or the jury believes they did – it can get you behind bars.

    • Agree with you entirely! Charles Manson was not present and was probably stoned silly at the Ranch during the murders (which I think were CIA made to look like occult ritual killings) and had literally nothing to do with it.

      He did know what went on in that house though (snuff films/pedo porn/drugs etc) and that might have been one reason to shut him up by making him the patsy.

      Bugliosi said Manson committed the murders via osmosis or mind-control or some such rot and Manson gets put behind bars for the rest of his life! Insane!

      Keep braying about the "Manson family did the killings" and you are on the wrong track, bud, although I appreciate your effort in shedding light on the film, Polansky etc.

  14. About the Polanski-Tate gruesome story I'd go even further and suspect that either Sharon Tate's baby was not by him, or the child was not killed along with his mother. At the time at her death, while Polanski was conveniently gone to Europe, Tate was living at their home on Cielo dr with some friends, one of whom was her former lover, Jay Sebring. I find this part really odd because they looked very intimate in the last days pictures.. Makes me wonder if Polanski ever loved her or if he had married her just for the sacrifice part. On the other hand it is hard to believe that even a pedophile monster like Polanski would agree with the gruesome murder of HIS own child. Or maybe he wasn't murdered at all, who knows? Maybe the numerous stab wounds were made to conceal a very brutal c-section. And why wait for her pregnancy to come to term to kill her? It would have made more sense to kill her either in the first months, or AFTER giving birth. Anyway, I suppose 'Rosemary's Baby' is the story of his own son's conception and birth.

    • @Raphael

      Your theory about Tate's baby being taken is exactly what I'm wondering. I'm thinking that if this is what happened, they took it in the 8th month because 8 is the sign for infinity. If in fact the baby was taken from her womb, he/she would be about 41 or 42 years of age if it survived. Polanski is a sick freak. Since these cults have to reveal their plans ahead of time to avoid Karma, I'm wondering if this movie was made as a revealing for an actual event that was to take place.

      The way VC maps the real lives of the characters who starred in the movie certainly points in this direction.

      Love you VC! Keep up the great work :)

      • yep. I hate to admit it but deep down I feel this movie might mean more than we think. Also the more I think about the Tate murders the more I believe that the events were so shocking in order to distract the attention from the child. But both in the movie and in real life, the child was the central figure.

      • @Not Blind

        How do you know they have to reveal their plans beforehand? That would finally explain why they let out so many clues about their intentions for the future…

      • Agree with both of you about what may have really happened to Tate & baby. Thanks!

      • X-Files actress Gillian Anderson has the same birthdate as the Tate murder. Her mother's name? Rosemary.

    • I'm going to bet that that baby wasnt killed. Tate's was sacrificed so that baby who was probably born soulless could have a life. That woman had no idea what was growning in her. Followers of satan are dead sacrifices, followers of yahshua/jesus are living sacrifices.

  15. "Society became the equivalent of Rosemary who has learned of the evil nature of her baby, but nonetheless accepts the responsibility of mothering it." — so eloquent, vc. this sentence honestly gave me the chills.

    i've always wanted to see this movie, and now i absolutely must. incredible interpretation.

    i'm glad vc mentioned how twisted roman polanski is himself. wasn't he recently jailed for the rape of an underage girl?

  16. Tristan Harrell on

    "That being said, it would be overly simplistic to blame “Satan” for all that is happening in society. In fact, the puppeteers would love to see a scared and confused population blaming everything on a non-human scapegoat, releasing actual men and women from the accountability of their actions."

    VC, I have to disagree, at least from a Christian standpoint. The things on your website have validated even further to me that Satan is very, very desperate for human lives in these 'last days'. While Satan himself is not walking around on the earth doing all of this, he is influencing the minds of people, because people are allowing him to influence their minds. As long as that happens,, the work of Satan will be carried out in this world- the New World Order and everything Illuminati is the work of Satan. If Satan was taken out of the equation, there would be none of this evil. So yes- Satan IS to blame.

    That's not to say, however, that there isn't some sort of degree of accountability in the hands of the people carrying out these 'deeds'. God is very clear about that. If Satan had to take 100% accountability for people giving into temptation, killing or torturing people, what have you, God wouldn't send people to hell. But hell is a place for Satan, his angels, and the people that give into their works.

    • That is true, he cannot complete anything (although tries all the time) unless we people give in to his ideas. That is why having faith is important, at least if you make a mistake you can repent and change yourself with the help of Christ, and only then satan is powerless.

      One thing though, his good trick is that he made people believe that he doesn't exist, so people forget about God as well (and give up their soul since they give up the spiritual warfare which is a natural state for someone who wants to live with a clean heart and conscience…). Spiritual warfare is the call for all Christians, read the Scriptures. Wake up! Help others too! Life is too prescious because human life is eternal. Be careful what you feed to your soul.

    • UNITURNZ2000 on

      The only power that satan has over us is money. thats the only thing that i can see is really controlling us. We are bound by money.

  17. How perfect that you should post this today of all days. I just watched "Rosemary's Baby" two nights ago for the first time in 10 years. It haunted me more this time around than the previous, and my whole day yesterday was spent pondering it. Love that we're on the same wavelength…!

  18. The biggest thing was the pope…

    demon sex > leads to final pope that will be slain and rise as the beast.

    final pope is the 7th king of revelation 17 and yet is the 8th… the beast that was (alive), is not (slain) and yet is (risen).

    That's yet another reason WHY the pope is shown during the demon sex ritual.

    Reminds me of the nephilim.

    • the current pope is NOT what is referred to as the final pope. rather, benedict XVI is the second-to-last pope.

  19. Good to finally see some entries on this site about Kenneth Anger.

    1960's Art Films – Cinema's excuse to fill the screen with occult symbolism only to pass it off as expressing one's self.

  20. Polanski involvement in the cult could be true but on the other hand his wifes murder could have been a punishment to Polanski for his ,courageous exposition of high society’s occult mind state'. The sex scandal with the minor could also have been staged by the cult using uderage mind control slave to blackmail Polanski (Springmeier and Brice Taylor say a lot about the use of young sex slaves to blackmail politicians and othe important people ) . Since then he had to escape from the USA and was never able to come back.

    • I wonder if it was "payment for services rendered?"

      Polanski got to do his movie and become a famous director and gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor; then comes the payment: the sacrifice of that which he prizes highly (Sharon Tate). Sort of like with Elvis (mommy) and Suge Knight (2Pac) and a few others whose names escape me at the moment.

      As for the child rape charges, let's not forget that Polanski was linked with Nastassja Kinski in various ways. Supposedly Nastassja had been Roman's "lover" since she had been 15 (or 14, her birth year is in doubt) and she had even starred in a movie of his (Tess – read the synopsis).

    • @Alice

      Polanski is definitely not a sweet innocent angel and if they really wanted him punished he'd be dead long time ago. In the end he just switched countries but he went on being a very successful and rich director. Maybe not as influential as the other big pedophile in the industry, Woody Allen, but still a big fish. Most of Polanski's movies have a hint of perversion and occult to them, from Rosemary's Baby to Tess to the Ninth Gate to the Ghost Writer, so it's clear to me he IS into it. And he didn't "expose" anything, he actually glorified the cult.

    • @Alice

      Polanski is definitely not a sweet innocent angel and if they really wanted him punished he'd be dead long time ago. In the end he just switched countries but went on being a very successful and rich director. Maybe not as influential as the other famous pedophile in the industry, Woody Allen, but still a big fish. Most of Polanski's movies have a hint of perversion and occult to them, from Rosemary's Baby to Tess to the Ninth Gate to the Ghost Writer, so it's clear to me he IS into it. And he didn't "expose" anything, he actually glorified the cult.

      • Nastassja Kinski, his star in Tess, has nothing nice to say about him now. She was 16 when he began an affair with her, when he was 43, and he ended it as soon as the film shoot was over. She said she felt exploited.

  21. The anti-war and free love movements of the 60s were started by these very same people, in order to introduce mass indoctrination into the culture, using cognative dissonance, and many of the ideas regularly talked about on this site. Go and look into all of the progentiors of these movements – their parents were military, many of them in the intelligence community.

    Do not be fooled into the Hegelian mindset.

    • Glad you're awake to this movement.

      Military personnel are also deeply involved in the Hash House Harriers, which is a worldwide society that promotes the idea that sex is just another recreational activity. None of them will admit that it is a sex club though because if it was discovered that this was its sole purpose, they would lose their tax exempt status and have to pay tax on all the beer and sex toys that are sold at their weekend parties that are always protected by hired security. The HHH, or H3, is a perverted cult that encourages degradation, humiliation, and desensitization. Sex should involve love and respect, which is the exact opposite of their activities. More 'As above, so below' bs.

      • You sir are dead wrong about the hash house harriers. I have been "hashing" with them since 1987, and I do it on a weekly basis. I can tell you that all I do, and those who I hash with, is we have a few beers, go for a run and at the end we sing songs. I have easily done over 1000 hashes in my life and I have never seen the group promoting "the idea that sex is just another recreational activity."

        The moto of the hash is "drinking clubs with a running problem."

        Please feel free to offer any proof… factual proof please… ty and good day.

  22. @ Alice

    You could be on to something, like all those allegations against Michael Jackson…Did you see one of VC's other articles: When insiders expose the truth about the industry? It's along those lines.

  23. What about Four Pi?
    Despite the testimony of reputed Four Pi members, authorities have yet to build a case against the cult. Some suspects, named by witnesses, have died in "accidents" or "suicides" before they could be questioned by police. Another obstacle appears to be the use of code names, which prevent the cultists from identifying one another under questioning. The group itself relies on different names from place to place, with New York members meeting as "The Children," while Alabama hosts "The Children of the Light" (suspected of involvement in 25 murders since 1987). A faction called the "Black Cross" is said to operate as a kind of Satanic Murder Incorporated, fielding anonymous hit teams for cultists nationwide, disposing of defectors and offering pointers on the fine art of human sacrifice. If law enforcement spokesmen are correct, the cult is also deeply involved in white slavery, child pornography, and the international narcotics trade.

    • I am a state law enforcement officer in Alabama and I've never heard of "The Children of Light." I will do more research. What do you know of it? Where does it take place?

    • I just recently heard that song and learned she was a victim of abuse.

      Does anyone have any idea why in the film they would say Satan was named Adrian?

      • From

        Adrian was the name of several early Christian saints and martyrs. It is derived from the Latin name "Hadrianus," which is more familiar to English speakers as "Hadrian." There have been six Popes named Adrian, including Adrian IV, the only Englishman to be Pope.

        So we're probably talking about a reference that only deep Catholics (and those of us crazy enough to look at the dark corners of today's society) would know about.

      • In the book it was explained that Roman wanted to name the Anti-Christ after his father, the witch who was killed in front of the building. I don't remember the movie well enough to say if it was mentioned there as well.
        What I find wierder is why in many different movies the Satan's child bears the same name. Is it a tribute to "Rosemary's Baby" or has this name gained some additional meaning?

  24. I told my sister about this website and the article about Nicki Minaj. She said, wow, but I still want to buy her CD…! Some people just don't get it.

  25. I've always been leery about this film. Tried watching it a couple years ago, started it and everything. But I just couldn't go through with it, was scared of what it might contain (I have nightmares every night.) I'm glad you wrote this amazing article, both because of it's enlightenment and also because now I don't have to sit through it. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!

  26. Sharon Tate was strung up by one leg like Crowley "hanged man " tarot card. Crowley was connected to L.R. Hubbard who was connected to the Process Church who was connected to Lavey who had connections to Manson (they all lived in the same S.F. neighborhood) The Process Church allegedly had connections to Sirhan Sirhan. Let me see….oh and the Beach Boys, Terry Melcher and John Phillips were in the same circle for a period of time with Manson , Tate and Polanski . Manson swears child porn/ snuff films were conducted in the Cielo Dr. house and recently Mackenzie Phillips accused her father John of raping her.

    • Very right Crowley. In fact the whole theme of the 'hanged man' with one leg folded plays a very prominent role in Polanski's "The ninth gate". What are they trying to tell us? It's a constant recurring pattern I've noticed. Very interesting about the snuff film/black market aspect of this. I don't doubt for one moment that any of this exists, the evidence suggests that it does. Google Hunter S. Thompson and Rusty Nelson in regards to Bohemian Grove, Paul Bonnacci and the Franklin Coverup. Thompson without a doubt produced snuff films for the sick and twisted elite peado ring.

      • it's interesting you mention Hunter Thompson, as I was just discussing his alleged role in pedo snuff films for the elite (it's mentioned in "The Franklin Coverup") about an hour ago ! It was a website ConspiracyPlanet? that wasn't impressive , but it's article questions whether Thompson was suicided before he went public. Well…that's for another article to establish.

  27. How do you awaken a population that's been drugged, hypnotized, demoralized and indifferent for decades? That has to become the question we ask ourselves when we search for solutions to this nightmare. Violence is not the answer, in case that may have occurred to you too. There has to be a way, simple, effective, even elegant. There always is. Everybody here is free-thinking (more or less), so put your heads together. Nothing changes unless you change it. That's the first law of motion. I'm serious about the violence though. If we have to live in an eternal police state because you went out and started dragging scumbags streets, I'm gonna find you and kick your ass!

    • You don't try to awaken beyond reason. Some people just don't give a damn. Give them McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Lady GaGa…they don't want to know the truth, seriously. Then there are the bastards that actually condone what's going on and encourage it.

      • Thank you, Aleister! I'll remember that the next time I'm paying out my dues to Astrum Argentum or watching your hot daughter or grandaughter or whoever the hell that was in the Bible Black sequel making sweet lesbian love to those Japanese anime high school chicks. Where's your freakin' Aiwass now, huh? 😛

  28. The article makes me wonder about what motivates the production of the satanic movies in our modern era. I also am reminded of the the final movie by the late Aalijah "Queen of the Damned". She died tragically before the movie was completed and was released posthumosly. Was she another actress given over to satan in order to have fame and fortune? I see a pattern!

    • I thought the exact same thing, and it's Aaliyah, btw (AH-lee-ya). VC you should totally do an article on her. She was involved in deeply occult venues or at least appeared that way from her videos, music, fashion and hair, movies, down to her untimely death. You can see her influence in people like Rihanna, Beyonce and Ciara, except it seemed darker with Aaliyah.

      • your post caused me to do some quick research on Aaliyah because she made me think of Drake (another Illuminati puppet) borrowing some of her lyrics from her song "Are you that somebody?" ("I gotta watch my back, cuz I'm not just anybody") and I just watched that video….while not overly containing Illuminati symbolism it still has a couple aspects in the video(Aaliyah in all black holding a pet hawk????) and lyrics that can be questioned and one can assume the lyrics to be Aaliyah's attempt at a plea for help or a warning maybe?

        (….But see, I don't know if that's good

        I been holding back this secret from you

        I probably shouldn't tell it…if I


        If I let you know

        You can't tell nobody,

        I'm talking 'bout nobody

        Are you responsible?

        Boy I gotta watch my back

        "Cause I'm not just anybody"

        Is it my go, is it your go?

        Sometimes I'm goody-goody

        Right now I'm naughty-naughty

        Say yes or say no

        Cause I really need somebody

        Tell me are you that somebody?)

        Its probably a bit of a stretch but I think if VC did do an in depth analysis of Aaliyah we could find out way more we missed….

      • Oh…and I wanted to mention she was "discovered" at a young age by R. Kelly (possible handler) and they were supposedly married for a while and we all know far too well how he ended up in a scandal with another under age girl yet somehow has managed to stay out of prison…then she went on to work heavily with Timbaland who made a lot of success and money off her (another possible handler?)….yep would really like to see VC do an Aaliyah analysis!

      • She was definitely occultish. My take on her and other celebs who fall victim of their own devices is this: Some celebs go too deep into a ritual (a lot of it involves casting spells and witchcraft). Once they go to far over the edge to channel that dark force (like Nina in Black Swan), the artist can't handle it. They then start to live completely reckless lifestyles like their occult power and knowlegde has somehow made them untouchable. Then reckless decisions either kill them or bring them to the edge and Satan gives them another chance. Some are murdered, I know. But some make reckless decisions like hers to have way too many people aboard a small aircraft.

  29. D@MN! You pretty much summed up everything here. You don't need to write another article after this. Apparently it was much worse then, in relation to the time.

  30. If only everyone learns about this stuff and boycott all the mainstream crap like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, etc. I'd like to see just how the elite would be screwed over by an unimpressed public.

    • Totally agree…unfortunately, this is not something you can wake people up to unless they are ready for the truth, I gave up trying long ago and came to understand folkes will either…or not…wake up to the onslaught and no longer partake. In thevmeantime, I find peace knowing many others like myself are onboard.

  31. I guess that people in the US must finally realize what kind of people are behind their government, elite, etc. It also makes me wonder how could millions of people born and raised in the States never even wondered just for one second why their entire government, political and economical structure is permeated with occultist, satanist and freemasonic symbolism.

    In the end it makes me feel like Rosemary is a representation of the good old american society, which was once Christian, who given that the US was their nation, they protected all the crimes, all the nasty, all the killings, all the disgusting nature of their country, just because it was after all, their country. Like a mother taking care of her monster child, the americans have groomed and looked after their satanic nation.

    An analogy which couldn't be more true.

    • Yes, Paco, but as much as that is true, just keep in mind that the Illuminati, Masons and other parts of the satanic ruling elite scum of the earth did not originate in America.

      It all goes back to primarily Europe and the Middle East, long before the USA even existed, to the ancient families of "nobility", from Rome, Venetian Black Nobility, the British, French, German/Bavarian and Spanish royal families, etc.

      However, the powerful traitors (pretending to be leaders) of the United States are certainly carrying the torch for the Illuminati and wealthy ruling elite, there's no about about that.

  32. Saw this flick about 3 yrs ago. Thought it was disturbing but didn't understand the significance until I started reading the articles in this site. Great article.

  33. Eh, so many people were scared of this movie and others have described as interesting. However, John Cassavetes, a true American artist whose independent films are unparalleled, though it was a huge piece of garbage from the pitch, which I'm inclined to agree. He took it because he knew the money from it would keep him going long enough to keep working on his own films, most of which were self-funded.

  34. 2nd issue with the article. Satan is the culprit. He uses people to carry out his work, so yes, it does involve human beings. But it is not some highly organized power structure, it's like a hydra – sometimes the heads even appear to fight with one another, but they are in chains, enslaved to a single source. There is always a cost in exchange for the power.

    I think we can over complicate things in trying to reveal all of the "secret" power structures. It's not really a secret once you realize who you are dealing with and what the goal is. Then you realize it's everywhere, and if you try to fight Satan using Satan's methods – you will lose.

    The only way out of this system is through Jesus Christ. Into a new life.

  35. Satan represents the dynamic forward projected psychic and phallic will-force of Babylon, the Scarlet Woman, termed the Queen of Heaven, and the Holy Ghost by occultists.

    Ceremonial rites and rituals involving aspects of sexual magick conducted by the High Priest (Satan), and High Priestess (Babylon), of a coven of 13, generates an occult psychic will-force which can be used to obtain the desires of the unified coven's members.

    The High Priestess represents the anima, symbolized by the moon, womb, and also the eye, dome, and circle.

    She, the woman, is the receptive feminine principle, which becomes dynamic when impregnated by the masculine principle, represented as being phallic and solar, and represented by the sun, pyramid, pillar, or obelisk.

    The anima (unconscious), brings to term and brings to birth the seed (conscious), which manifests the coven's desires, for good, or evil.

    The occult powers of a powerful coven not only can kill at a great distance, but also reverse the laws of nature.

    Satan, the High Priest, is triple aspected as the (1) father/lover (2) son/sun and (3) guardian of Babylon, the anima.

    The 3-headed hell-hound is a symbol of Satan, the High Priest, in the mystery and fertility cult of Babylon/Semiramis. As High Priest he carries the titles of Nimrod, Osiris, Samael, Adonis, Attis, Tammuz, Dumuzi, etc.

    These titles define the nature of his office and responsiblities.

    The High Priest was also represented as the sacrificed and dying god, as representation of the sperm seed of will-force which dies and is at the same time resurrected, or rebirthed, in the son/sun of new willed life, from the womb of Babylon, the anima.

    The pure unadulterated occult power, potency, and potential of a coven of 13 is determined by the combined willed strength, and depth of occult science, art, and knowledge, of its members, under the inspiration and manipulations, of the coven's High Priest and High Priestess.

    "Do what thou will shall be the whole of the law And Love, Love under will is the law" is the Luciferian code of self mastery and deification Aleister Crowley made famous, representing the "mind over matter/ mind over mind" ethics, and disciplines, governing a coven of 13.

    Secrecy is important to the coven because of the secretive and manipulative nature of the psychic warfare being conducted against the mind of the isolated victim/prey targeted by the coven.

    When the truth strikes home and revelations are revealed at last by the coven's members, the victim/prey is deeply traumatized because their trust has been cruely betrayed by those they took as friends, and love ones, whom they considered incapable of such dark plots, and evil intentions against them.

    The purposely generated and negative psychic and emotional will-force of the victim/prey feeds the coven, nurtures it, and makes it strong in its constant war and competition against other covens for secular influence, status, and spiritual power and position within the hierarchy.

    The bigger, stronger, ignorant and innocent, the victim/prey, the more important the trophy, and spiritual energies to be fed upon by the coven.

    "Beware of smiling faces for they often masks false intensions."

    "The Devil Rides Out" is an occult vintage classic concerning a powerful coven, starring Christopher Lee and Charles Gray, and directed by Terence Fisher.

    Another good source of study concerning the workings of a powerful coven is the recent two part occult film named "The Gathering".

    • @Yomael

      Where did you come from?

      Welcome! :)

      I'm glad you mentioned "The Gathering". There's a housing development near me called "The Gathering", which gives me chills every time I drive past it. It looks like any other upper middle class neighborhood, but we saw this exemplified in this article how the movie shows the apartment building from the outside at the beginning and the end. Spooky!

    • Seriously,

      Yo Ma El, be it though your name reminds me of Babylonia itself, that one post had me riding spirals.

      Amazing post… I'll comment more once I read the rest below, and I'll come up here once again. Sorry, I had to throw that reference in.


    • Continuing on, as I have changed my phone's song, I'll probably create equilibrium desirous to the message of a Not Blind El. Let me cast my spell, animate my shadows, and I shall follow my Hollow. No, I am not what you may call a Fellow, I just know how to ring my thoughts around my Ego.

      Yomael painted the picture, know that there is truth in his literature, and pardon my transgression, I just assumed you are of a male persuasion. Yet, the influx of your sabbatical situated litigation, lets me know you are aware of mind/body/soul. I'll continue on, because this is what I've been waiting for all along. Someone that knows why we are females and males in a duet inside our minds when we are truly strong.

      If I digress, its because I must inject, the truth to others, because they still don't know how to sing a song.

      You want to stop being "sheeple", awake from then your sleep and wake up L, and by that I mean Logic & Love, and Aleister Crowley is just a crow and no black dove.

      Let's keep going, because I have a shadow casting, Carl Jung open your books, and show me the truth as such. Gathering of the Covenant, Aaliyah got killed because she was looking high above, and like herself, she got burned by a concept of Lucifer himself.

      Perceptions to perceptions we channel energy to our conceptions, to perceive is to deceive the the mentality of the oppressed seers of perceptive concept creators' who forgot what it is to see with what "God" gave us.

      Think about this, if I erase your memory, and make you believe whatever is truth, then how would you refute? Ask your neighbor, what if I kept you in my thirty six chambers? I ask you again, what makes me me and what makes you you? Energy to memory to atom structure to neurons fire to rapture, equilibrium is a sought after stature… Cremation of Care and Karma the air, because you need to feel like you aren't trying to "dare".

      Screw that, I know I lived a good life, I didn't kill anyone, I just know I'm trying to save myself, and wash away my sin. Maybe then Anima will wash away the sign of the Beast and give me Peace.

      Yomael drew the coordinates, I drew the symbols, NotBlind can help you with the rest.

      I just like to talk and draw symbolic hieroglyphs within my coffins' walls. If my gravestone was to be erected, please don't let it be on my summit, its my temple and I'd rather not have the pleasure of your harmful orchestra on my pasture.



    • Nuwabians believe the beast child was born to Jacqueline ONassis at the Dakota on 6-6-66 and is hooked up to a mainframe computer in Belgium.

    • In the movie, the lie is told that Rosemary's baby died while it was secretly kept alive… Could it be possible that Tate's unborn baby survived or was secretly kept alive?

  37. You forgot to mention that Frank Sinatra was married to Mia Farrow at the time. She later married Woody Allen, who left her because he was having an affair with their adopted daughter. Seems like the truth is more strange than fiction sometimes.

  38. 666 is really a mistranslation, the number is revelations was actually 414 but by the time this was realised 666 was already in the publics mind so why ruin a good story with mere facts!

    • The number of the Beast has many interpretations.

      To many occultists the number 666 represents the fallen unrepentative man/woman of sin, who through adictive and corruptive vice willfully rebells against nature, and the natural order.

      Lilith, determines and defines the sensual desire based awareness of basic instinct, which represents to occultists the primal anima, in Her negative and dangerous vampiric expression.

      Her's is the womb of chaos generating reason divorced from the necessities of every day life and reality, and Her children are monsters, who willingly sell their souls for fame, money, secular and demonic powers.

      The Beast is the spiritually unregenative man/woman, who is willing to betray and destroy the world, to sate their own egotistical passions for self-love and self-adulation.

      "What does it profit a man if he gains the world at the price of his soul."

      • Yes Yomael, where did you come from?

        I've been reading this site for years, including Not Blind's and others comments, and welcome your insight.

        you write very intelligently. How do you know this knowledge? Where does it come from? I appreciate you sharing it, and hope you do again.

      • "Family business, old family business," Ann.

        Without embellishment, and through the grace of the Spirit, if one survives the trials and tribulations involved in knowing the truth, gnosis is earned upon the Path of Hardknocks, through the initiation of blood, sweat, and tears, as the ancients desired it to be.

        A good read which helps keep everything real is 'Carrion Comfort', by Dan Simmons.

        Thank you for allowing me to share.

      • I see. I see.

        you seem very wise, write properly, and others can understand. (Kind of like VC style). I don't understand Ignotum or what he/she is trying to tell you..

        On a different note:

        Natalie Portman. To receive her stardom and oscar, is it possible she is carrying a 'Rosemary baby '? A child others will bear into an Adrian devil? Do people really strangely nuture unborn babies into antichrist decendents? T

      • I believe you are refering to what occultists call a "Moonchild", being a magickal child, an invoked spawn of ceremonial sexual magick brought to birth through the human reproductive system.

        The answer is yes, such a child, its creation, and upbringing, is the focus of powerful covens in their quest to become top-dog in the hierarchy.

        The knowledge to create such children, who though appearing human, would be possessed by inhuman souls, was apart of the forbidden arts of science and magick which incurred the wrath of angelic high council in the 'Book of Enoch', and damned the Watchers, who taught things "not good for mankind to know".

        Nephilim is the old biblical name for such children, who possessed the magickal powers of the adept that conjured them, plus the magickal potency of the spheres they were conjured from.

        They were also called Giants, demi-gods, and heroes, because they possessed exceptional strength and powers which exceeded by far those of mortal man.

        The anti-christ, who is likend to Nimrod, would be the modern term for such a child, but one should not forget that the ancient heroes Hercules, Ulyses, and Achilles, were also of the same race.

        The intent of the coven and the woman nurturing a "Moonchild" is of great importance in the process of what that child will become, because women shape the character of children they raise, just as a blacksmith gives form, strength, and substance to a blade.

        Sadly, many of the todays Illuminati were Nephilim children raised within covens, which purposely twisted their character, to fit specific secular and religious agendas.

        If you'd like to learn more about this topic research "The Babalon Working" by Jack Parsons.

      • Ignotum Arcanus on

        I apologize Ann, I choose not to be direct at times as a protective manner of sorts.

        – One who "dabbles" into such a "Complex Memory", it helps to be defensive yet launch a knowledge based offensive. Just to see if there are like-minded individuals in Company.

        Family Business, Yomael. I have a question for you that means no offense, vibrations felt or denser should be my description?

        I tread carefully in open waters. So I hesitate to ask questions beyond these "matters".

      • There is a strange sidebar story that involves the Tate/Manson house. The musician Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame lived there when he was recording the album The Downward Spiral. (It was torn down after he moved out, and he saved the front door that had had PIG written on it, and carried it to his studio, like some kind of dark portal whose energy he wanted to access.) His career really took off after that record, and he got movie soundtrack work, etc. He's had lots of issues with drugs and alcohol and weird behavior, and he's been mentioned on other sites as being Illuminati. The Babalon stuff you mention reminds me of what happened with him a couple of years ago – he met a girl named Mariqueen who was in a band in Los Angeles, and started a whirlwind romance with her, publicly, on Twitter, and there was a huge backlash among his fanbase. Mariqueen posted intimate sex details, and insulted his female fans, and when she was criticized for it, Reznor eventually let fly with a highly misogynous rant on his website that lost him a large percentage of loyal fans. He married Mariqueen very quickly, and got her pregnant right away, I think with a son. (At their wedding reception, she wore a red dress,like Babalon the Scarlet Woman.) He also ended his band and started a new one with her in it, and their first video was like a sickening blood sacrifice with the two of them murdered in a hotel room (one of the aspects of Babalon in black magic is that a seeker must pour out all of his blood to her). Reznor just took another big step into the middle of the media establishment – he just won an Oscar for best film score, for The Social Network, which will undoubtedly raise his career profile again, and that of his wife. Social Networking, indeed.

      • Forgot to mention the creepy name of his new band, the one with the bloody video: How to Destroy Angels

      • I just read the article someone referred to in another comment, Inside the LC: The Strange But Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, and remembered that I read somewhere that Trent Reznor used to live in Laurel Canyon, too, I think after he left the Tate house. I’m starting to understand why he took the door – the realm of Babalon is accessed through a door in the underworld. It’s a world of black and white, drained of life, like she drains blood. The Twitter account Mariqueen used to broadcast sexual TMI had a black and white color scheme and she wore a black and white dress on their first public appearance, on the red carpet for the Star Trek film premiere (Google it for a visual image). Babalon’s consort is Sammael or Satan – Reznor used to own a company called Prince of Darkness. Someone else mentioned Aaliyah on here, and her role as Akasha in The Queen of Heaven – another name for Babalon, but she’s not Mary Queen of Heaven at all, she’s just a blood sucking mother of vampires. Gaga’s another one channeling her, Vigilant covered her blood sacrifice VMA presentation. Why WOULD so many celebrities use a bloody sacrifice as symbolism in their work unless it meant something? It’s not something that just naturally pops into most people’s heads for no reason, and not something most would choose to portray since it’s so disturbing. Reznor also did soundtrack work on Natural Born Killers, Seven and Lost Highway, all very dark films about crazy murderers. And he played at a benefit concert organized by Neil Young, whose band CSNY also mentioned in the Laurel Canyon article. Reznor is one of the creepier artists working today. If anyone would try to make a Moonchild or a sacrifice, it might be him.

      • I just found out online that the name of Trent Reznor's son is Lazarus Echo Reznor. The name Lazarus is a corruption of Osiris, probably picked up by the Hebrews during the Egyptian captivity. Osiris Echo would then be the next version of Osiris, his son, Horus. Egyptian mythology is all well and good by itself, just an expression of an ancient culture, but in the context of Crowley and his Babalon practitioners, they were trying to make a Moonchild who would incarnate the Aeon of Horus.

        Here is some more Babalon info, the last link especially as relates to Horus:

      • Lazarus is also the name of the character in the Bible who was raised from the dead by Jesus. Interestingly, Osiris was also raised from death.

      • "I believe you are refering to what occultists call a “Moonchild”, being a magickal child, an invoked spawn of ceremonial sexual magick brought to birth through the human reproductive system.

        The answer is yes, such a child, its creation, and upbringing, is the focus of powerful covens in their quest to become top-dog in the hierarchy."

        Considering the mysteries and rumors surrounging his birth, I can't help but wonder if Obama might be one of these "Moonchildren."

      • I know I sound like a crank at this point, but I can't let this one go – this quote sounds like it's about a Moonchild:

        "It was a rare night out for the rock star, who has a 3-week-old baby at home. "We have a baby that's becoming human," the first-time father said. "It's amazing stuff.""

      • Might we then consider the "Finders" to be such a caretaker of Nephilim children raised within covens, which purposely twisted their character, to fit specific secular and religious agendas?

    • The numbers 666 are everywhere when you begin looking. In fact it is on the reverse side of the one dollar bill as the star of David/Rothschild. Numerically and geometrically the hexagram equals 666.

      As Tesla once said, “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you'd have the key to the universe"

  39. I saw the movie when it first came out. I went with several friends, the line was around the block, the theater was filled to capacity. This was in Ann Arbor, a major center of mind control experimenting. (I know – I managed to break free. But I saw otherwise "integrated personalities" dis-integrate!) I remember what conversations the movie sparked. I remember being utterly astounded by the voices that called for the recognition of Satan and the perverse pleasure some took in trashing Christianity and welcoming the rule of Evil! I was there. I was a witness – and 45 years later I am all the more shaken by it – for there are ever more blatant signs of its "progress." VC, You provide such a valuable service. I only wish the American "sheeple" could open its eyes and see …

    • Terrific article, VC. I am a Project Monarch survivor who was born into a multi-generational satanic cult and subjected to satanic ritual abuse when I was a kid. I can attest to the reality of the power structure in this country, as my father and both grandfathers were Freemasons. I was able to break away from my programming, but I was then set up for Masonic revenge, which involved the gradual destruction of my life. The entire disgusting affair is documented on my blog at

      • Forgot to add, I attended the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor and was surrounded by mind-control operatives while I was there, so it makes sense that Ann Arbor was a mind-control capital.

      • It would be have been much easier to just eliminate you. Why would they "destroy your life?"

        I guess some people will make anything up for attention.

        Show me proof…

    • Ann Arbor a mind control center? Is this because of U of M? Not to get off topic, but would you elaborate more on that?

  40. Great article Vigilant. I've seen this movie a couple of times but you managed to point out fascinating details I missed like the Eliphas Levi book.

    Roman Polanski…wow what can you say. I have a deep seated, visceral, dislike for this narcissistic pedophile. I have no doubt he's mixed up in some evil stuff quite intentionally. His parents were killed in the Holocaust. Most VC readers know the Nazi's were seriously into occult and satanic practices. Perhaps in trying to figure out the why's behind his parent's senseless slaughter he was seduced by the occult. Recognizing it's "power", he decided to co-opt it for himself as a twisted way of thumbing his nose at the Nazis. He'd use occult practices and rituals to make himself a "success". Thus, years later, we have the horrible murder of his wife and years after that the drugging and raping of the 13 year old. He's just doing what people who've sold out to the devil do. Notice his career hasn't suffered a bit and he is quite wealthy.

    I think Polanski has blood on his hands.

  41. Wow… That movie gives me the chills. Now if that doesn't bluntly give a hint off the occult/satanic forces at work, then I guess more movies like this need to be released to shake up people more. This also reminds me of an episode of the Twilight Zone, called Evergreen. I just sure hope that the world wakes up, because times are changing…Literally.

  42. /\ /\ L I Y /\ H on

    Good article but VC def needed to fact check Sharon Tate's bit cos he is WAY off base. Plus he neglected to mention her character in VALLEY OF THE DOLLS.

  43. The first time I saw this movie I was kid and it disturbed me because it felt so real! It's not your usual 'things that go bump in the night' horror flick. It was about satan and devil worshippers and you got the feeling it wasn't fake. It was like a record of things that go on everyday in Manhattan.

    This article validates what I felt.

  44. A couple of additional details in the film are worth adding here, because they go by so fast one misses them on the first viewing, but might catch them on subsequent viewings, and they're very important.

    In one scene midway through the film, Rosemary is out shopping in the high rise, commercial center of Manhattan. It's Christmastime, and she looks into the front window of a major department store at what is apparently a Nativity display, and is taken aback. The split-second camera shot of the display shows figurines of the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child, but instead of the typical manger animals, they're surrounded by a skunk, a snake (I think; it's been a while since I've seen the film), an opened-mount jackal snapping at them and other noxious, threatening animals. It is clearly satanic, sacrilegious anti-manger.

    At the same time that she's at that window she looks up and sees a helicopter flying overhead. A moment later Minnie Castavet walks around the corner and pretends to be surprised to have accidentally "run into" Rosemary on the street. I saw the film many times before ever noticing the detail of the helicopter. It's a detail a filmmaker would never have bothered to put in unless it were significant. The film is hinting that the scope of the satanic network is enormous — major retailers and corporations are part of it. They have access to helicopters (and who knows what other surveillance apparatus) to monitor Rosemary's every move.

    Polanski demonstrates such intimate knowledge of his subject there is no doubt that he's a high level satanic insider. This is an alchemical film, designed for mass psychological and occult re-engineering of society. It probably contains embedded spells. Unfortunately it's also an extremely GOOD movie, very well made, with a certain feel about it, a texture you might say, totally unlike any other film I've ever encountered. In this case, Polanski hides the real intent of the film (to habituate the public to accepting what occultists think is the new satanic eon) behind a storyline where the witches are the villains and our protagonist resists them.

    Check out his later film "The Ninth Gate", which is also about Satan, only this time it's Polanski's LOVE SONG to his dark master! It's a lousy movie, badly made, but nevertheless acts as "Part 2" of his assigned project to process the public in practical satanism. The Ninth Gate takes the story further, to show that at the highest levels of Europe's mega-rich, titled, genetic aristocracy lies an international satanic network. In this case our protagonist, like Rosemary also a sort of detective, doesn't resist them — he wants in on the action! In the final scene, after ritualistic copulation with a demon, he walks into an illuminated castle, his initiation into the satanic mysteries having formally begun. Yay Satan!

    Roman Polanski is one of the most evil men walking the earth. And his father did not die in the German concentration camp, he survived and lived to a ripe old age. His mother, on the other hand — who was not Jewish, but Roman Catholic! (and doesn't this mean, according to Talmudic law, that Polanski is NOT actually Jewish at all? doesn't this mean that his whole crybaby "I'm a poor, persecuted, downtrodden Jew" story has some major discrepancies in it? in his autobiography he writes about how much he enjoyed the traditional Polish Christmases of his childhood, but makes no mention of Hebrew school, bar mitzvah, etc.) — did not. What's up with that?

    • Now that Elie Weisel (amongst others) has been outed as a fabulous LIAR re. his Hollowcost adventures people are beginning to wake up to how deep and wide the swathe of lies we've been told actually is.

      See "1/3 of the Holocaust" for a careful analysis of the fabrications of that "historical" event. There are many excellent vids and books now available delving into that particular lie.


    • Excellent analysis and bravo! on including Polansky's boo-hoo-hooing and LIES re. his parents dying in the 'holo-haux' which allows him carte blanche by the goyim to do just about anything. Jews in general, have been using the 'holo-haux BS' for decades, but the Truth about it is finally, albeit slowly, being revealed.

      Also of interest: When Roman serves the over-full drinks (forgotten the name of the drink, but it must be significant too) to his guests, his wife Minnie admonishes him to not spill any on the new carpet. He, nevertheless, spills quite a bit unto the rug.

      Listen for the sound: Exactly like he's taking a piss. He even shakes his foot after as though urine is running down his leg.

      Urine and feces play important roles in Satanic/occult rituals.

      Also, the colour yellow is everywhere in the film as are symbols of the sun.


  45. Doesn't Roman Polanski sound ALOT like "Roman Zolanski"??? That is the name of Nicki Minaj's alter ego who is a "gay boy".. In late may she posted on her twitter "I've officially changed my name and will only respond….to Roman. Roman Zolanski. Out." She has many alter egos (Barbie, Nicki, Onika, Martha (Roman's Mother))… Roman is by far the most popular alter ego with her fans because he says the things that Nicki can't say because they are too mean for her to say. One of her most popular songs on her new album is "Roman's Revenge" and it is all Roman rapping with Eminem's evil alter ego "Slim Shady"…

  46. i am SO surprised that this movie was about this … i always knew it was strange … but i guess i dont really catch on to this stuff … music videos & commercials i can … its EVERYWHERE … but seeing movies laid out before me explaining what the TRUE meaning they are slipping right by you is frightening … thanks again VC !!!

  47. Vigilant, thank you. So much. I really was struck by this quote: "Disillusionment and cynicism ensued, causing American society to accept or to ignore the true nature of its rulers. Society became the equivalent of Rosemary who has learned of the evil nature of her baby, but nonetheless accepted the responsibility of mothering it. Today’s debased pop-culture is simply the evolution of this system."

    As L.A. Marzulli says, many current events are consequences of supernatural events of the past. These satanic offerings you assiduously expose time after time have truly released much of what we suffer as a nation.

    I do not assent! I do not agree! I resist and defy the evil of our age.

    Dear God,

    Please forgive us as a nation for turning a blind eye to the trickles of evil that have turned into a global flood. Please forgive us for being fat, stupid, and addicted to entertainment. Please forgive us for not listening to Your voice and living for You alone. Our life and liberty come from You alone. We have forsaken You, and we are reaping what we have sown.

    Please have mercy on America, and the nations we export our filth to. Please turn our hearts to You. Give us courage to think, to resist, to defy, and to sacrifice. Give us courage to turn to You and follow You whatever the cost.

    In Your wrath, remember mercy. Help us, O God.

    In the name of Your Son, Jesus,


    "Like" this if you agreed with this prayer.

  48. The pope is not the antichrist. If that was the case then why tarnish his image with the recent pedophilia scandals? The misconduct of some priests was known for a long time, why did it come out now? Obviously because someone is trying to destroy the Catholic Church and the pope NOW. Don't look in that direction, you're wasting your time, the antichrist is not coming from Rome. The antichrist will be of Jewish descent and will come as the 'savior' of the Jewish people.

    • Peep The Game on

      Raphael – I agree with you about the False Messiah aka Anti Christ decieving the Babylonian Talmud following Zionist Jews/Christians however the Vatican must also be held responsible because Catholic institutions – not the faith itself – have been infiltrated by representatives of Satan in order to achieve the ultimate goal of Satan: To convince the world he doesn't exist, to carve out a Godless Society devoid of Faith. A combination of the pedophillic controversies surrounding the Catholic Church plus the debased Pop Culture plus the constant pushing of the Godless Agenda removes the credibility of Catholicism and any other faith grounded in piety, goodness and spirituality and ensures that the Devil/Satan/Iblees stays hidden. This infiltration has occurred across every faith and blaming Religion is just what the doctor ordered for Satan and his Ilk to maintain their power.

      We live in very strange times and for those who do not believe in a God/Allah/Yahweh how can we make sense of some of the following:

      1. A Predominantly Godless Secular Anti Creation Europe/US where mass exposure and accolade is given to Darwin and Dawkins (plus others) that has an Obsession with Jerusalem and the so called Holy Land – during the Crusades why was it only European Christians who had to free the Holy Land and they fought the Byzantine Christians in order to do it?

      2. A Judeo/Christian Alliance – The Halaka prevents even contact between Jews and Christians and in Jesus' own words "Woe to the Pharisees" – so why suddenly this Alliance between these so called Christians and Jews?

      We live in strange times that will get even stranger and we must wade through this deception ourselves and find answers to the above questions and others – respect to VC for helping us take our first steps to freedom but we have a long hard struggle ahead,


      • @Peep the game

        That is absolutely true. I only told Marco that the Pope is not The antichrist himself, but the Catholic church (as an institution) and some of its priests have many answers to give when all is said and done. Some old Christian interpretations allege that the Rome is mentioned in the Revelation as 'the woman arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication" and that she will be judged and burned in one single day.

    • This is the single most important comment of all! Thanks for having the brains and courage to speak the TRUTH.

  49. Malcolm Fenton on

    I believe it is very important to understand that one of the last things Lennon ever did was to accept an interview with a local radio station. One of the very last things he said there was in reply to a question about the future. He speculated that the end might come "with this great beast". Those on the inside knew to whom he referred when he said this and I believe Chapman was very quickly "engaged" after Lennon's breach of complete non disclosure on this subject. He was wacked.

    Good work CV btw.

    • It is said that the beatles were all MI6 spook mind slaves.

      Lennon woke up and wanted to let the whole world know and they shut him up……

      If you look at the song imagine its a wolf and sheeps clothing….. listen to the lyrics…

  50. Sorry, the above comment was intended for your other article "Disturbing Sex Kitten French Vogue Photoshoot Featuring Children".

  51. One of your best yet. I leaned some new things on the Lennon murder and some about Manson. Funny how most dates revolved around 6 and 9, which 9 as an inverted 6 such as 1969 or 1966.

  52. Besides Charles Manson, there were other events that helped close the door on "peace and love" and turn us to the direction we are headed today. Please remember the Rolling Stones at Altamont with the Hells Angels.

    I have always wondered about the talent-less little twirp from the London School of Economics – this site seems to offer the most rational reason for his fame and fortune.

    Keep up the great work!

  53. Man I'm glad you did this movie. The last couple articles were kinda lame. I saw this film a while back and it blew my freaking mind. There is so much to it that its scary. Polanski, Manson, Lennon, Crowley, the illuminati, and entertainment industry. Thanks vigilantcitizen. Also would love to see some country music illuminati articles, and maybe some clothing, album covers, etc. articles showing just how cocky these guys are as they throw these symbols all in the publics faces. Keep fighting Wisconsin. Hurray for Egypt!

    • Maybe not so hurray for Egypt, since it is interesting how symbolically they cherish Egyptian symbols, stole a lot of major artifacts during the revolution in Egypt, and laude themselves of being derived from original Egyptian/Sumerian bloodline, which all and all might not even be fully human?

      So all and all, don't get happy just yet. Alot of these made for "T.V." revolutions we are witnessing, are just that and play right into the hands of 'savage' witchcraft craftsman.

  54. vigilant i want to say thanks so much for your articles you are very appreciated keep up the good work your site opened my eyes a whole lot more thanks god bless

  55. Really great review. I want to go see the movies now. I knew Roman Polanksi was trying to say something with it, but now I see the bigger picture. I wonder however, if Polanski truly wanted his wife sacrificed, or was that the price he payed for exposing this dark side of society. Yeah, the timing of its release probably still worked for the illuminati agenda in the long run, but a lot of times, its the studios who decide when your films is released, even if you shot it alot earlier.

    Then, I wonder if Roman Polanksi after being ousted after the Charles Manson murder, try to work his way back in the occult with the sick child snuff film and ritual ring they got going on, which by the way, I think happened at Jack Nickolson's house (which reminds me, didn't Jack play in the Wtiches of Eastwick and also have that famous line from Batman as the Joker, "Have you ever danced with the Devil in the Pale Moonlight?" In any case, Polanski fled the country after and has never came back.

    This brings me to Stanley Kubrick. You should do an expose on Stanley Kubrick, including his masterpieces (2001) and (A clock-work orange), both with huge amounts of symbolism in those movies. It would be a good expose review.

    • nolemmingshere on

      A correction to part of the article:

      "A line from a John Lennon Beatles’ song was painted on the death house, “Helter Skelter”…"

      The song was actually written and sung by Paul McCartney. It was about a ride at an amusement park in England.

      Also. what was written in blood was "Healter Skelter" and it wasn't at the Tate house on Cielo Dr. but on the refrigerator door at the La Bianca's house on the second night.

    • Jack Nicholson? Does "One Flew Over the Cookoos Nest" ring a bell?

      Watch it. Message of ending of movie "no this guy was not crazy, just a trouble maker, he gets submitted to electroshock and torture and has the big indian kill him cause he didn't want to continue to live this way"

      Just another occult message of go ahead commit suicide.

      Its disgusting.

  56. Truly a good article. I've been looking for answers on some of these killers (son of sam, zodiac, etc) andI've always wondered about this movie. Thank you again VC

  57. Thanx a lot VG for the good work you are doing to enlighten the masses.Av been a devoted reader though av never commented on the website.May GOD ALMIGHTY protect you and keep up the good work.

  58. So I do definitely agree, Satanists are scary and bad, and VC is awesome and rad!

    But know who also sucks? Lots of people. Mormons, Atheists, Bloggers, Catholics, Nazi's, Libretarians, Librarians all do some sick and evil twisted stuff. It seems as soon as a group is formed, a new malfeasance is at hand. Are there really any groups of individuals who don't conspire to do evil to other people? All I'm trying to say is that morality is relative. In Europe the age of consent is about 3 years younger on average than in the U.S. and Canada (I churnalized that statistic out of my ass, but seriously wikipedia age of consent in Europe or better yet, talk to a real European and you'll see that what I'm saying is statistically acceptable). Polanski being the European that he is, was really acting just slightly out of range of normal for his own culture. Now it may be hard to get past cultural differences, but all I'm saying is what he did wasn't necessarily evil, just not polite, not proper etiquette. In some countries (and states… I'm lookin at you Texas) gay sex is also a touchy issue. Does that make it criminal though? Oh umm, well yes in some places it is. But evil? C'mon!

    • "Europe the age of consent is about 3 years younger on average than in the U.S. and Canada… Polanski being the European that he is, was really acting just slightly out of range of normal for his own culture. Now it may be hard to get past cultural differences, but all I’m saying is what he did wasn’t necessarily evil, just not polite, not proper etiquette."

      That statement would be just fine, except we are not talking about CONSENSUAL sex. Polanski drugged the girl and raped her. Rape is not consensual, regardless of the victims age. To call this merely improper etiquette is disgusting.

      • I agree that rape is disgusting, and definitely what he did was some sick and twisted stuff, forcibly or not, not acceptable in our culture or mine… but that being said I also think it's disgusting to sit in front of our computers gossiping about celebrities lives, while there are countless being tortured, starved, executed for crimes they did or didn't commit, sitting in prison for the rest of their lives, suffering from diseases and insanity. I made my (fairly facetious) statement with the intention to point the blame at ourselves for the so called deviant acts of others. As long as we turn our face away in disgust from the cruelty and malevolence in this world, the problems we refuse to understand will haunt us. We can't destroy rapists, terrorists, or oppressors by vilifying or killing them. They are part of our human condition, a part that doesn't have to be…

  59. It all make sense when you take a deeper look at all what's happening around the world today, i mean all this revolution going on in the world. massive riots with blood shed here and there after leaders decide to take drastic measures in order to cope with the crisis the world is facing, Europe has been concerned with Greece, Portugal, Ireland…etc and now some muslim countries of importance in the equlibrium of the power struggle of the western world are been shattered with rebellions and riots…. It's clear that all of these has been portrayed in their MK Ultra entertainments and that the public have been long ago prepared and desensitized in order to accept all what is happening all around the world now. People, please wake up from your Coke and Pepsi/ Mc Donalds/entertainment industry AKA Niki Minaj and others induced comateous sleep walking, Let's say no to all these by promoting good ethics and moral values to our kids and let's show to them the real face of the puppets they are adoring.

  60. It is not an accident that they cut off her feminine hair to give her a very boyish hair cut at the transition point.

    Androgyny is central to the entire wretched occult melange.

    • Long hair on a woman also historically represents free female sexuality. Cutting Rosemary's hair could be symbolic that she is no longer in control of her own sexuality. Also, in the past when humans would be sacrificed, in some cultures their hair would be cut off. It was tied to the cutting of grain in the harvest, symbolically uniting them to the cycle of abundance in nature. And it used to be a mark of shame to cut off a woman's hair, particularly as an indicator that she had committed adultery. Rosemary did so, if against her will. I think those people would enjoy humiliating her for it, even though it was not her fault, maybe especially though.

      • Just read online that short hair was a mark of enslavement in the Germanic tribes. Free people wore their hair long.

    • I was getting an oil change for my car today, and in the shop waiting room there was the current issue of Vogue magazine (same one with dead-eyed photo of Gaga one of these comments mentioned). It happens to include an article on the history of hair stylist Vidal Sassoon, who did the androgynous hair cut for this film, and there it is: a photo of him performing the very cut on Mia Farrow, surrounded by press people. According to the article, Sassoon was paid $5,000 to give Farrow this haircut for the film, and it was made into a big press event, and he was mentioned by name in a line in the film. This haircut had THAT much attention drawn to it at the time — which only means it had some very important background significance, like everything else in this mass alchemical working that posed as a piece of entertainment. Kathleen's point is very astute.

      Odd syncronicity — this showing up in the magazine right when VC's article appears; and didn't another poster here say the film is about to be studied in their film class? Creepy.

  61. A little point on the numbers here, Vigilant.

    Both Lennon and Manson rate a mention in the article. Who does these things? is there a connection? Is it the same hand?

    Of course there is. There always is.

    Take John Lennon gunned down by Mark Chapman What was the date?

    December 8 1980 or 12 8 198 ——–1+2+8=11 ——–198=18—= 9 hence 11-9 or reverse 9-11

    Now Sharon Tate murdered (sacrificed) on August 9 1969 or —891969

    8+9+1=18 (6 +6+6) ——–9 is a factor of the #6 the same #–Hence 666

    Thus the Helter Skelter Murders took place on the #'s 666-666

    It's not that hard to follow when you look closely,is it?

  62. Dear VC,

    Love all you work

    In reference to:

    'Soon after the death, he allowed himself to be photographed by Life magazine in the living room where Tate had died. Her dried blood was still clearly visible on the floor in front of him. The photo shoot caused him to be heavily criticized.'

    Do you have a link to this photo shoot…had a hard time trying to find it…thanks

  63. Mia Farrow herself is more than just the 'actress-who-got-hired' for this movie. As an earlier post in this series of comments pointed out, at age 21 Farrow married Frank Sinatra, 30 years her senior — whose connections to Mafia elements in Las Vegas were well-known — and that group in turn was connected to elements involved in the multi-level network which engineered the Kennedy assassination in 1963. Sinatra bought the rights to the film "The Manchurian Candidate," and prevented it from being seen by the public for many years. If Polanski was an insider, so was Sinatra.

    During the production of Rosemary's Baby, Farrow refused Sinatra's demand that she quit the film to work on his movie "The Detective"; subsequently he served her with divorce papers on the set during filming. They had been married for two years. It would seem that Sinatra had the contacts to know about the 'black' undercurrents of America and its Hollywood dream machine – he was also very close to Marilyn Monroe shortly before her death – and he was probably protective of Farrow, who was being groomed to go deeper into the nightmare of it all. Perhaps by marrying her, he had been trying to rescue her.

    Farrow then apparently 'left show biz' to go straight into marriage with Andre Previn – like Polanski, German-born and 'Jewish'. As a composer/conductor raised in opulent Beverly Hills, Previn was an esteemed, international celebrity. But Farrow was still in the same world. A large part of Previn's career was writing film scores for the movies, as well as conducting the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra. Upon their divorce after 7 years of marriage, Woody Allen came into her life.

    Farrow bore three sons to Andre Previn, and then adopted three girls, from Vietnam and Korea. With Woody Allen, she gave birth to another son, and adopted a boy and a girl.

    Altogether, Mia Farrow has adopted 11 children – six after her divorce from Woody Allen. So all together she was a parent to 15 children, 2 of the adopted girls dying in 2000 and 2008 respectively – leaving 13.

    The extent to which all of these children have been exposed to mind control themselves is unknown.

    Raised herself in Hollywood by show business parents, Farrow was born in 1945, in the right place at the right time, to fall prey to the government-Satanic-Frankenstein science cult which made personality manipulation after WWII the hallmark of the entertainment industry. She was the daughter of Australian film director John Farrow and Irish actress Maureen O'Sullivan, who was a major star in the 1930's.

    Recently, Farrow's public profile as an activist for the Darfur region of Sudan has put her in the continuing role of a global spokesperson, as the elite proceed with their plans to destabilize the African continent.

    Farrow, in my opinion, has many dimensions.

    • According to Springmeier, Sinatra was a mind control slave handler. He divorced Farrow during the filming of Rosemary's Baby. Definitely something going on there too.

      • Sinatra didn't want Mia Farrow to do the movie. He told her if she did then he would divorce her. She did the movie and he kept his word. Very simple.

      • @nolemmingshere – And how do you know thats what happened? Where you there? Did you talk about it with Frank Sinatra? No, you're just another douche who keeps trolling the comments with pointless remarks. Shut up already.

      • @YesInDeed

        Whoa there…calm down! Just like the Springmeier comment. You weren't there to hear Springmeier say it directly or in Sinatra's living room to hear everything he said either. You sound like the troll here, butchering other people's comments. Drop it already!

        By the way I won't be checking back to see if anyone responds bc it's not worth my time. I only had enough energy to we're this comment. I do enjoy this site, shame on the brainless sheeple who blindly jump to attack those who have opposing views.

  64. WOW! I always wondered aboutt his movie and now that I've been reading your articles, I'm going to take a look at it again but with a very different eye. Even Cassavettes, the director, had said later that some of this was about Hollywood & some of the events were real.

    I just recently found this website, and was surprised to see Sinatra on the list. There's a book out for $15 on the site, but it's basically saying some of the same things people are saying in the post. WOW!!!

    Only marrying within 13 bloodlines??? How scary is this? And everyday, some female is having a child for Satan in Hollywood, Sony, BMG etc & the lot.

  65. I've always thought the "PIG" epithet written in the blood of the victim referred to the Eleusinian Mysteries, the biggest mystery religion of the ancient world. Their annual ritual would last for days, and one of the things that initiates would do was wade into the sea and sacrifice young pigs. They were a symbolic stand in for the initiates themselves, sympathetically identified with them as they sacrificed their old selves to the revelations of the mystery process. There is a book called "Eleusis" by Carl Kerenyi if anyone wants to read more.

  66. Thanks a lot for this article I think ill watch it today though I already feel violated after watching "born this way" analyzed bits and pieces but I cant wait to hear your take on it

  67. Once Again a great Article! You all should have a look for Michael Tsarion's "Architects of Control Program One – Mass Control & Future of Mankind" DVD. Links all the things nicely together. Movies, Serial Killers, Monarch…

  68. Ira Levin's best book is "This Perfect Day". If you can find it, you won't believe what you are reading. Ira must have been in on the secret.

  69. You guy must see the new born this way video by Lady Gaga. She gives birth to an alien like creature. The video is just wrong in so many ways and is inevitably creepy. She has ton's of allusion to demonic entities, butterflies, and just…it doesn't sit well with me.

  70. nolemmingshere on


    The information came from a televised interview with Mia Farrow. There is no trolling going on here. I am simply responding to a statement that VC made.

    If you don't believe in freedom of speech for people you disagree with, you don't believe in it at all.

    • What is said in mass media and what really happens are often two different things. You was not there when all of this happened so you cannot claim to have the absolute truth and say "its as simple as that". There is a possibility that something else happened and you denying it is intellectually dishonest.

      I have read many of your comments and you have never provided a single positive thought. You also often ridicule other commentators. I am all for freedom of speech but when 100% of someone's comments are "move along, nothing to see here", I begin to question their motives.

      • nolemmingshere on

        The same thing can be applied to your statements. "You weren't there either"!! The media that you listen to and what is the truth can also be two different things.

        What you consider as "positive thoughts" are ONLY those that agree with YOU. I don't ridicule anyone. That's not my style. I provide a logical alternative to what you and many others speak about. That is my opinion, not intellectual dishonesty.

      • Just like you can't believe that what Springmeier said is the truth either!!! Hypocrite @YesInDeed

  71. Gaga even makes the Aleister Crowley sign for piece which is actually a demonic symbol. What if the Nephilim in Genesis 6 were actually persons consenting to being possessed, procreating in rituals that conceived children bound by blood covenants.

    The Egyptians talk about the pharaohs procreating only with blood relatives. This “blood line” produced lines of “elite”. We this today as they walk on the red carpet, symbolic of this bloodline and covenant, that represents the sacrifices made to achieve and maintain their power. I have heard some refer to Lucifer as the great deceiver symbolized as Draco the dragon, satan as hydra the serpent who is about death, then scorpio which is the third of the unholy trinity would be domination, certainly we see this feminine demon at work with Gaga devouring men in video’s, the perversion of feminine and masculine roles which leads to porn, lesbianism and homosexuality.

    I wonder what the name of this demonic entity is, clearly I see this entity throughout history and through out each occult practice. Even Mr. Benjamin Creme draws pictures that liken it to the horns, a large circle and half animals and half human…The eye seems to be that same circle with a dot in it which Crowley said is the symbol for the beast.

    It is an eye. If the eyes are a window to the soul, then perhaps these people who see “reptilian eyes” in journalists and other people on tv are actually seeing not an alien, but Satan himself, possessing the person so as to control their speech and actions. We, the believers in Jesus Christ, are protected and therefore can see the weird changes in a person’s eye. Maybe that is why those in music industry cover one eye…because they are revealing or rather hiding the eye that would give them away. Notice Dennis Healey, known buildeberger has one strange eye, so does Creme, so does Raj Patrel…the eyes…

    • Gaga video for Born this way…..The begigening pretty much says it all.

      And I see from where you're comming from with all these satan representations but the Anti-Christ will not look like a Beast, he will look like a normal man expect he will be one eyed : he can only see with his left eye, hence why all those who beleive in him throw the eye that sees it all on their left eyes.

  72. Sorry for the serial posts, but I keep figuring things out. I got interested in Reznor again this afternoon because of this and looked him up – he is also developing a TV show with HBO and the BBC based around his album Year Zero. Topics of the show? Transhumanism, police states, apocalyptic war, poisoning the public drinking water supply with drugs, and ultimately the end of human life. He's GOT to be one of 'them.'

  73. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I mentioned Rosemary's Baby and other demonic movies that are alarming. What is in us will come out, whether through spoken words or written expression. People in Hollywood are only expressing what is within.

  74. Dear VC, I saw a comment above talking about poisoning the air and it made me think of a television show that aired recently. I rarely watch television, so I can't remember the name of the show. The show was about the murder of a Texas oil tycoon at the hands of his long-time lover and mother of his son. The show focused on the drugged up, crazy lifestyle of the couple and the position of "prestige" they had in the community due to the man's oil business. Long story short, the girlfriend kills the husband and tells the police that her husband was secretly involved in the occult, thought their son was the antichrist, was in cahoots with then president GW Bush plotting to poison the world's watersupply. Now of course, she got off of her murder charge because the victim was unstable and had dealved deeply into drug use. However, the claims regarding the President and other influential Texans went completely uninvestigated. It was completely disregarded and the woman who killed her husband firmly believed it to be true and still maintains her story. Love your articles. I just thought you might find that interesting and google it sometime.

  75. Great job as usual VC!!! I haven't posted in a long time now but I still read the site and boards! How are you VC, LVB, StacyNYC and Baba? My Mom told me about this movie and it sounded crazy then. This movie is something else… Wow!!

  76. THanks for the break down of this movie.

    I have to pull to the side that Roman Polanski is definitly a practicing Satanist.

    No Doubts there for me.

    I am just laughing and blown away that there is that Rapper Zolanski .

    The double entrende of Roman in the film and Roman directing the film

    is no coincidence. It's not even syncromystical. It's planned and calculated.

    Is Roman also in reality just a cult heir up with the machine under him for filmmaking

    and then just got lazy and off balance? Seems plausible.

    I'm a new fan of your website. Excellent and passionate work.

  77. Roman Polanski's wife was killed by Charles Manson who is a Monarch slave. I think it is Illuminati revenge on Roman Polanski. The man got smeared I think because he was pointing out too many stuff sensitive to the illuminati.

    Btw, VC, what do you think about Gaga's new video, "Born this way?" I think it is DEFO a tribute/celebration of the Antichrist (his birth).

    I also think, Alejandro was celebrating the Antichrist. Alexander is an important name to the Illuminati according to Fritz Springmeier, so it is possible that the Antichrists's name is Alexander. Also, in the video of Alejandro homosexuality is celebrated because the Antichrist will be (secretly) homosexual or bisexual.

    • "Alexander is an important name to the Illuminati according to Fritz Springmeier, so it is possible that the Antichrists’s name is Alexander."

      FWIW, when Michael York played Antichrist in Omega Code & Omega Code II movies, his name was "Stone Alexander" (last name).

    • Charles Manson DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE "ALLEGED" MURDERS. He was charged with mind-controlling his "family," a bunch of drug-addled kids to commit the butchery. With a mind that powerful you'd think Manson could have, after all these years, talked himself out of prison. He was a petty thief and pimp, spent most of his life in jail and will die there, for murders HE, himself, DID NOT COMMIT. Incidentally, Bugliosi, Mr. Disinformation himself, has been trying to have the Family released for years.

      • Alleged murders? I'm pretty sure people actually died and seemingly not from natural causes. Just because you have power over a couple of drug addled kids doesn't mean you have the same power over a whole country and it's justice system. WTF? A lot of people managed to have total power about their own little cult or commune.

    • The black occult, ancient Canaanite tradition of sacrificing your first born in exchange for good will and fortune to the 'serpent gods' (think Bohemian grove and the Molech/Lillith statue) is a very old practice and one that no doubt continues to this day amongst the global controllers. The term 'belly of the beast' comes from the act of the high priest tossing the baby into the flames of the belly of Molech/Lillith.

  78. You are doing an incredible job by spreading the word to the masses. I think most people are so close minded, blinded by everyday problems, that they miss out on information, that lately has been portrayed "right before their eyes". And this info perfectly points out where we are heading..dark times are coming, but between you and me, if your faith is strong, you will be able to get through those times..ultimately, evil looses and good wins !

  79. For the latest on what is happening to Fritz Springmeier in this wonderful old USA, just do a search on the Jeff Rense site – to understand his eight years in prison and his continuing persecution, having been yanked back to jail from a halfway house this year. Now here is someone 'to go to bat for', don't you think?

  80. Great article – As far as the connection between the film and John Lennon's murder – did you happen to notice the bloody Beetle (car) in front of the Dakota near the beginning of the film, right after the suicide scene ?? I did – WEIRD !!!

  81. I saw this for the several years ago.

    It came on one of those > 20 TV

    stations on a Saturday afternoon

    (the station showed movies, particularly

    "scary movies at that time on saturdays

    every week :)

    It was your classic thriller movie fare,

    but I always thought it was WEIRD.

    It sounded like someone's

    imagination went haywire, and they

    thought of the most salacious silliness

    laced with satanism that they could

    cram into a 2 hour time frame. That

    part was typical, but the whole aspect

    of linking to job advancement took the

    whole idea from just another creep &

    gore fest to something strangely


    That's not quite the right word, but

    it made it seem a lot less like

    fiction, and a whole lot more

    possible. I half attributed

    that to a clever plot device to

    hook in the audience…

    Until I became familiar the

    Faustian deal theme and this

    whole idea of elites, etc. And

    Roman Polanski himself.

    Funny how certain themes

    keep repeating.

  82. S.D.Bob Plisken on

    Hey America!! Hows it going these days? Sorry about the name! Im hoping to protect myself really! But, yea! You know what? Sooner or later! I hope America has enough gumption some year to shut down these movie companys and televisions! Myself? I used to be into black magic and almost went into the Church of Satan in SF. 25 years later, I'm not ashamed to say Im a Christian, by faith. I also met the teacher of Anton LaVey, who also is a Christian by faith. He told me of him teaching Anton and taught him. I have also met one of the true family members of the Rockefellers! He told me personally that Nelson Rockefeller was a fake and that Senator Jay Rockefeller was a fake too! He told me also that when he was a little boy, they kidnapped him and tortured him. ((Sorry, to say how they tortured him is a minister's secrets and should be kept in confindentiality of the minister)). You know what? What America could do to not be so "inclined" to watch these movies and televisions?? Just simply throw away your televisions and if you dont have enough money to go to a decent movie, "like Forrest Gump", ((Ill tell you, that movie sure brought some real tears to my eyes)), just dont go to the movies anymore if you cant afford it in this economy! Some way or another, if you cant afford it anymore, niether will the movie industry can afford to bring out these worthless movies they put out! Besides, it cost a fortune to go to the movie house these days. Why go?? America? Wake up? The movie industry is looking for your money! And the economy is sure to get worse then better! Have yourself a written sheet with expenses whats it going to cost. And if it meets that you can only buy the necessities you need to buy, like food and clothing, gas for your car, your families' support for food and clothing, then take care what comes first! The movie industry wants to raise the prices to go see the movie, fine! Then just dont go! The world oil companies want to raise the price of oil and gas, fine! Get what you can from it and then learn how to take the bus later. Simple as that! The more "they" want to raise their prices and you cant afford them, then simply dont buy their product anymore. amazing heh? I know, my father use to work for J.P.Morgan and Co. ((You really know how embarrassing to feel what it was like?? You dont wanna know!)) believe me! I use to waiste my money in going to all the holloween, nightmare on Elm street, Friday the 13th, Hell Raiser, A couple of "Saw" movies, Amityville horror. Psycho-norman bates. And believe me! It was a serious headache! So, here's some mere 2 cents worth. If you cant afford to see a good movie, then dont go at all. The more people who cant afford to go to such filth, the more these companies will sooner or later batton down their hatches and possibly go bankrupt! ((Get the picture?)) 😉

  83. you are extraordinare VC!

    tracing all the way back thru time—you have pointed out how long the agenda has been in the works!!! this is very true!!!

    so funny how you brought this above the waters as I wanted to pinpoint the same idea using

    "EARTH, WIND & FIRE" a very well-known 60-70's ol'skool music group that I had NO IDEA of its links to the agenda until I came across a few of their album covers!!! thanks to VC i would have never known what the symbols meant!!!

    this just proves how much time "they" got on us believers and how we need to move faster!!

    God bless us all!

    • I just noticed their album art recently as well and was appalled at all the blantant symbolism….and I have always been a fan of old school music having grown up in the early 80's and remembering the tunes always being in the background, earth wind & fire was a must have in every record collection and my parents and the parties and such always played them. I think I know why now!

  84. I am so glad we have VC to produce these fascinating and intellectually strong points. Damn spot on- thank you for putting this out there!

  85. Believe it or not, I have never seen this movie. After reading this article, I will definitely check it out. Lots of very strange things going on here.

    It's interesting that Polanski also made "Chinatown", a murder mystery set in the 1930's about a conspiracy of high level L.A. power brokers who plan to defraud the people of the city of millions of dollars. The main villain of the movie is played by John Huston. The character has Masonic Satanist written all over him, although it is never stated outright.

    You simply must do an article on Stanley Kubrick who died suddenly after completing Eyes Wide Shut, another film dealing with a high level Masonic Satanic group that is discovered by the lead character of the film played by Tom Cruise. In the film, he stumbles upon a bizarre sex magick ritual in a sprawling mansion somewhere in the rural countryside of New York state. After the incident, the group of high ranking occultists put Cruise's character under constant surveillance, complete with death threats, break ins to his home, etc. Kubrick died several days after finishing the final cut of the film. Very strange indeed…..

    • Kubrick is the ultimate victim/patsy.

      One of his last films was Full metal jacket. Notice the occult message of "duality of man" Mathew Modine gives by wearing a hippie sign and the words "born to kill" on his helmet.

      His movies are very creepy. Take 2001 A space oddesey for example. The AI entity known as HAL goes crazy and wants to kill the astronauts on the space ship. Watch the ending and draw your own conclusion on Kubricks message.

      Another interesting tidbit, I heard this not in a conspiracy forum but in an old school hacker forum in the late 90s. HAL are the letters that PRECEED IBM!!!! I was like whoa!!!

      Also it is said the Kubrick was the director of the staged moon landing and that they forced him to do it or else they would screw over his brother who was a known militant of the british communist party…..

      Some food for thought…….

  86. If this is the occult elite's way of telling us what they've done, then "Rosemary's Baby" is 45 years old this year.

  87. I see, on what one comments, and he wonders very much on whom he is the villain, the son of the villain, the connections with the villains … they all speak about the villains. and it is something that seems to me justified and also we have of being alert because they want to eat us. Although I believe that there is a frightful inclination towards all these villains with whom we are surrounded, even, although it is to say that they are cheating us. But I do not see any comment in which anybody asks: where is this Maria, Jesús's mother? Or this good woman that they use to turn her into the mother of the son of Lucifer.

    The Gaga comes, and she swallows a rosary. They all speak about the Gaga.

    They kill Michael, and nobody wonders: who is this woman who meets Smooth Criminal? or: who is this another part of Michael, or who is the woman to whom Michael says: This is It, because he does not want to keep on singing, neither the life of him nor that of her? or who is this woman who has two works simultaneously. Nobody studies Michael's songs. But hysterical someone records a few videos with a group of the black people to say that Michael is a follower of Aleister Crowley, and it seems to me to understand that this man does not know who Man in the mirror wrote, and another song … and it is not known what Michael says this one in: You are another part of me. not for what Michael was it using makeup … and from what I see he does not know anything about Michael

    And Maria … will she have been swallowed by the evil?

    will they have turned Maria into a robot to cheat the people? Do you believe that she works for the iluminati?

    It seems to me incredible that nobody wonders at all on the woman. Jesús's mother, which has to fight against Lucifer.

    where is this woman? who, can it be she? MG

    does anybody give value to the woman, to the mother of the love?

  88. I am taking an American Film class in college, and we are watching this film tomorrow night in class. It's so weird that this article was posted!

    Also, I live in a small town in Arkansas, and they are hosting the Ozark Film Festival this month. The highlight of the week festival, and what they are advertising the heaviest, is a restored version of the Metropololis film. It's crazy to see these things seeping into even small town America.

  89. To the person who said that a helicopter flew overhead just as Minnie rounded the corner — look again. You must have compressed frames to arrive at the conclusion.

    Mia Farrow's retarded child walk, talk, and look has always made me choke, and she has honed it to a fine art over the years. In "Rosemary's Baby" she introduces the consummate retard as she has done everafter: Big ole retard empty-gaze, cripple's walk and insufferably stuttering childish voice. If she is called an "actress" any bum can claim likewise.

    As for Casavettes, his nasally, phony wop (he did Italy a great disservice) delivery has always irritated the hell out of me. His rambling "oeuvre" of noisy, mostly senseless, indie films should be forgotten, and eventually will be though his so-called acting will continue to irritate for many more years no thanks to Polansky: One of many paedophile and fake Holocost victime.

    As for the covens: "All of Them Witches" pretty well sums it up.

    • "To the person who said that a helicopter flew overhead just as Minnie rounded the corner — look again. You must have compressed frames to arrive at the conclusion."

      –Yes, I haven't seen the film in several years; I was going on memory only. My recollection is that it was in the same shopping outing that Rosemary sees the anti-nativity, the helicopter flies overhead, and Minnie shows up. I could very well have gotten the order of events wrong. Still, I believe the points made are valid.

      • Yes, there is a helicopter heard/seen, but it is only much later that Minnie shows up. The connection you made between these 2 events intrigued me: Helicopter – Minnie, suggesting the grand scope of these "covens"; unfortunately, they occur too far apart to have that sort of significance.

        As for the "anti-Nativity" on display…I'm not convinced. The (1 or 2) little skunks in the foreground are not usual in such scenes as are lambs, rabbits, squirrels; however, aside from his odoriferous self-defense mechanism, the skunk is also regarded as a gentle, woodsy animal. Then again, maybe you've detected something I didn't.


      • So, for precision's sake, the Nativity scene contains: 1 squirrel "playing" with 1 skunk, 1 llama, 1 fox, 1 gopher, 1 either Thomson's or Grant's gazelle, 1 what-appears-to-be a baby goat or kid, and a couple of black rabbits and two white doves perched on Mary's throne. I can't make it out, but it looks like a penguin standing next to the llama. An eclectic menagerie perhaps, but nothing that would put a 'satanic/anti-Nativity' complexion to the scene.

  90. this is so shocking and frightening! this was a movie produced in the 60's! if anything we youths have to wake up! the cult,the elite and the illuminati are dead serious about their plans for the future! the establishment of a new world order! the so called "revolutions' in north africa are indications that drastic changes are coming very soon! the world as we know it comes to an end this year 2011! 2012 is the establishment of a new world! a new world order! i believe rosemary's baby may be the Beast the bible talks about! i believe this beast will be a product of sexual intercourse between the devil and man! it all makes so much sense now! thank God for this article! CHRISTIANS ITS HIGH TIME WE STARTED PRAYING! we cant keep allowing the devil get away with whatever he wants! this is our earth, not his! we mustn't let him rule it the way he pleases! WE MUST PRAY!!

  91. Just wondering, does anybody remember the TV mini-series "Revelations" based loosely on the biblical book. I wonder because I actually remember the series having really high ratings. I know the show had flaws and had almost no solid basis, but it did its best to raise some view about the end of days on popular television. Then again who knows what the final days are anyway.

    I ask because, you can't find the shows nearly anywhere on the web. Not clips, not the script, and not that much information .It's all very brief. Also the script writer also wrote the script for the Omen (coincidence)? Vigilant what would you have to say about this show?

  92. "Empire of the sun –

    We are the people –

    Walking in a dream" –

    Catchy lyrics to a symbolic

    song and music video-

    Let me extrapolate –

    The Shemsu Hor swim, not tread,

    unknown open waters-

    Despite "Ignotum Arcanus" nighmares

    are evolved into creative dreams –

    Mom taught her children

    mind harmonoizes matter –

    Not all Nephilim children are Frankenstein monsters –

    Wasn't Superman a Rosemary Baby –

    Doesn't the crest of the present Pope secretly

    announce his Merovingian parentage –

    "Who are you going to believe, them, or your very

    own eyes" –

    Is Westly Snipes langushing in prison for daring to enact

    the karmic blade of truth and justice the Illuminati fear –

    Or is the reason really tax evasion when illegal insider trading

    with fearless arrogance rules a corrupt Wall Street –

    And no one's been busted yet –

    In a free market economy why is there a privately owned Federal

    Reserve Bank –

    The message of metaphysics is simple "the spirit moves

    in mysterious ways, which appear foolish in the eyes of

    man" –

    Weren't the assassins of King Kong all wearing top hats –

    We are all crafted creations created long before we

    became mindless consumer consumption data –

    I know – I know, it's all blah, blah, blah, have you any

    wool, but enough thoughts gather critical mass, words

    from symbols form, and a singularity is born, which sucks

    in waste caught in the event horizon, from which new

    creations are born –

    The cosmic anima, Creation's womb of unknowable dimension –

    "Yes sir, yes sir, three bags full" –

    Who dares a game of Rumpelstilzchen –

    Perhaps a bit too much Jimson Weed –

    Intelligence learns to read between the lines defined by

    experienced wisdom, knowledge and understanding –

    Or doesn't the spin and gravity of sub-atomic particles make of

    absolute non-sense, sense –

    Enough verbosity, the beast of egotism is finally sate –

    But let me leave you with a parting gift "when I was a child, I spake

    as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child, but

    when I became a man, I put away childish things" –

    • This isn't a free market economy – that's cognitive dissonance to confuse the issue. The markets are owned by the elite.

  93. Very interesting….I saw in a series called arrivals that the mother of Bush (Barbara bush) is the daughter of Aliester Crowley..Umm…If u wanna see the vid just go to youtube and type "Arrivals bloodlines" and click the first video that comes….I can't believe they put this stuff out in the open like this =S

    • My thoughts exactly! The biggest difference is that bella's child was supposed to be "beautiful and winsome," while this one was a grotesque monster (but don't get me starting on THAT series….)

    • I think Stephanie Meyers was alluding to this particular movie when she wrote Breaking Dawn. You're right. Lots of similar situations.

  94. If Vigilant hasn't already let's all join hands & get him/her/they to do an article on the Kubrick movies "Eyes Wide Shut" and "A Clockwork Orange". These movies are definitely VC material.

    • Almost any movie, if looked at with a discerning, critical eye will show a deeper meaning to it…I did a film course for fun at university, and luckily we had a great prof that wasn't afraid to speak out and not follow a "school curriculum"…and after that class, we all understood the major connection between reality and movies (art reflecting reality and reality reflecting art)…… movies are not just for cheap, passive entertainment, we don't give them credit for the influence and impact on society and culture in a massive way and there is almost always an agenda behind this, and purposefully so (whether pushing ideals about feminism, norms about sexuality, social class, desensitization to violence, shaping culture, propoganda against a certain group of people (how bout those Chuck Norris films and Muslims), movies can ultimately sway our rational thoughts if are unaware of them, and sometimes even if we are… I believe movies do shape how we ultimately behave (though of course I don't mean movies on their own, but as part of all media that we see on the smokescreen before us)…. has anyone ever seen a group of kids after watching a movie?…all they do is imitate the characters, the way they talk, what they say, etc…. we all would like to think we are well above this form of suggestion, but we need to realize our weakness sometimes as well… I use to work in advertising, and quit years ago for my own personal reasons…and I saw all the millions of dollars that went into researching markets (nobody would be foolish enough to waste that kind of money, especially stingy corporations that guard their precious dollars unless they were guaranteed a return on it), we don't stand a chance…I know most of the techniques used in advertising and will still fall flat-faced… we are not above the power of persuasion the way we'd like to think…we must always take a step back as the picture is much different then when you are face up to it….. but very glad to see some people coming together with an awakened mind…sometimes you look around and think you're the only one….

      • Hell yeah, excellent points. Once you start seeing the patterns, you can't ignore them, and your movie collection really starts to shrink.

  95. Anton LaVey's only genuine connection to "Rosemary's Baby" was being asked to appear at the opening of the film in San Francisco. He would incorporate the film into his argument for the Age of Satan, showing a need for a return to carnality represented by the Force of Darkness , as a kind of archetypal re-emergence in the 20th Century. As Don Webb commented in his recent podcast interview with Point of Inquiry LaVey's ideas were essentially a combination of Ayn Rand's Objectivism with Hugh Hefner's "Playboy Philosophy" and a healthy dose of symbolic outrage. You can find out a fair bit about LaVey both from his own works and from Dr. Michael A. Aquino's account of his time with the Church of Satan.

    I noticed in the comments that the Process Church came up, with the usual false charges. You can get a very good sense of what the Process Church had actually be like in _Love, Fear Sex, Death_ by Timothy Willie, published by Feral House. They were a zany bunch but the charges of criminality and conspiracy are false, though I doubt facts like that will mean much to the majority of the readers of this site. Never the less one can hope that in time Truth Will Out among those suspicious but still susceptible to reality.

    • "I noticed in the comments that the Process Church came up, with the usual false charges. You can get a very good sense of what the Process Church had actually be like in _Love, Fear Sex, Death_ by Timothy Willie, published by Feral House. They were a zany bunch but the charges of criminality and conspiracy are false, though I doubt facts like that will mean much to the majority of the readers of this site."

      Written by one of the founders of the Process Church… "the charges of criminality and conspiracy" are facts because he denies it? Riiiight… we're the ones that re duped.

  96. Ignotum Arcanus on

    So painted walls of mine, have found two windows opened within these bricks in which I'm confined. Here in sadness before these "belated" gifts, I had conjured myself a mental trick, to take my sticks and go home to create my picket fence.

    Rosario, I was once Mercrutio, till I put on the veil of Juliet, to make sure my next glass of water, would not cause a drunken stupor of vinaigrette.

    El, Superman's Mother termed Rosemary, wonder I did if I should paint with that thorned brush. Yet, your tongue beat through your fingered chest, and you showed me a way to let go of the Company's "Time"ly Miserable Stitch.

    Handicapped my left hand to show what my right hand taught me so, ambidextrous flow created by distilled water of Mercurian slowed. Temperature risen thinking that I have struck within others' a simple vision, yet wants of painting more detailed scripture, have been met with silent strictures.

    Strychnine to my dorsal column, anterior and posterior chambers bed my eye Solomon, humor me virtuous or vitreous poison, of Green Gables I've already apologized…

    For that I do not wish to lengthen this dia"tribe".

    We will meet again, and climb our towers, looking forward to seeing… for I now see no whittled flower.

    Anima to animation, saddened was my gaze by a simple causation, aye I had not found many with my vision, so thank you Yoma.

    "L"ove is Logical Is It Not?

    Creativity to bridge the Right Sided "Corpus Collas"

    Um… Om… To the left diaphragmatic recess notch.

    My nightmares dare not cease till I am within your Reach. This is just a marriage of a King to a Queen. I have my own decrees that follow within my inner Apostle's Creed.

    For that I thank you Yomael,

    I shall further come in Peace.



    has the best Kubrick analyses of the all.

    Don't forget that in Eyes Wide Shut, Ziegler mixes "The party" and "The house" in his last scene with Bill!

  98. When Jesus said "satan" he was talking about physical illness and sickness (what's worse than being sick, right?) and when he "healed" others he did it by telling them what fresh foods to eat, how to faste and sleep and breathe right etc. And in the end intestinal WORMS came out of the sick person's many orifices!

    Today "satan" is called things like "hook worms" and "tape worms" like Ascaris Lumbricoides.

    See the

    Essene Gospel of Peace

  99. Mighty Quinn on

    What I find most curious is that the number of this VC post is "6977" – '69 being the year of the Manson Family murders and '77 the year that Son of Sam terrorized NYC.

  100. No VC the 60's anti-war anti-establishment hippie movement was designed and purposefully initiated by the same people who created Rosemary Baby and all the Satanic crap that arose around it. The Hippie movement is NOT GOOD, its all freaking written out to be exactly what Crowley spoke about instituting Do What Thou Wilt into the Public Mindset thru Media and Music. All these BS Hippie Ideals are NOT "Freedom" they are utter and total enslavement to the Satanic Elites Ideology and selling you and us our Total Enslavement into Satanism and Rebellion against GODS LAWS as cool and the in thing to be and do.

  101. @Daciple Hippies are in this too? I mean I know that that peace and "serenity" stuff was fake, but they are involved? Dang… I'm 16yrs old but I know good well that none of this is cool, or in, and I will do whatever I can to prevent this evil agenda.

    • Google an article called "Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation." There are 17 parts to it so far, in lots of different versions on several websites, but even reading one will get you thinking. I have never cared much for the hippie movement, nor do I like the peace symbol much, either the hand sign version or the written one. Come to find out the hand gesture is an old Roman sign of domination, and the symbol is the Germanic rune of death that was used on Nazi officers tombstones. One of my friends pointed out to me that many 'hippies' come from wealthy families, because who can afford to live that laidback lifestyle unless they already have money? Try driving around in a VW bus without a trust fund – you won't get far, and you'll be hungry once you get there.

      • Hey,

        I was reading this LC series of articles and although I wasn't alive then, it all makes a lot of sense!

        They way those people died at specific ages and on specific dates had to be some kind of ritual killings. Crazy world.

        There's a part in the articles where he mentions the secret government owned studios, My mind immediately went to the fake moon landing videos and that entire production. I wonder if that's the location they used to produce the entire deception? I was wondering how they could film that production and keep it secret….

        Does anyone know if Vigilant did any other articles on the moon landings or like this rosemary's baby?

        Wow! Hollywood is rediculous!

  102. Hi Vigilant,

    yet another spot-on, incredibly insightful analysis from you-

    but now that you are dipping into the past, could you please possibly take it a few steps farther, if remaining film footage/photos allow?-

    now maybe I'm really going out on a limb, but if one looks at Lee Remick's photo shown in Wikipedia, if it hasn't been photo-shopped, it says a lexicon-

    maybe at some point you might be able to address this issue as well as Judy Garland's life among many, many others-

    thanks again for your tremendous website

  103. Howard Ratcliffe on

    Reptilian Eyes are not from Satanic impregnation. David Icke claims this nonesense to keep alive the Kabballah concept of Gen 6 "Nephilim". Demons do not mate with human women.

    Satan is not in Hell because nobody is in Hell yet; Hell has not been created; the Lake of Fire is created specifically for Antichrist and False Prophet, the first 2 tenants. Satan is still in Heaven and will be until 18 months before the 2nd Coming (5th Trumpet); he will go to the Lake of Fire after the Millennium. Don't confuse these major errors.

    Jesus' birth was not 1 AD; nor was it Christmas (you did not mention Christmas I know) Jesus was born on the 8th day of Feast of Tabernacles in 6 BC. Be careful slipping in critical errors in these articles; we are all after Truth aren't we?

  104. ~Truth be told~ on

    we are going to hell in a hand basket. this is completely sickening, the article covered me in chills. the evilness was so apparent

  105. bravo vigilant, one of the best articles so far and one that speaks to me personally. being involved in production and as a movie lover, this classic has been high on my fav movie list for quite sometime…. and i always suspected the murder of his wife was strangely attached to this production. You broke it down my friend. thanks for always staying true to your pseudonym

  106. Excellent article like always. I can’t wait till the royal wedding! I bet VC will finds lots to point out to us.

  107. These so called 'reptillians' people talk about are actually 'Jinns'. They have a parallel society like humans and have familes etc but like some of the devilish amongst us humans, some of them follow Shaytan (Satan, Lucifer etc). Satan himself is a Jinn and has an army of jinn if you will that pledge allegiance to his cause….to lead humans astray and follow him into hell. Jinn can shapeshift and usually take form of reptiles (adam and eve anyone?). Shaytan was a Jinn who was highly intelligent/respected and used to have a place among the angels but he was no angel (angles can not sin). This is bigger than the media, governments etc. This is a battle for your soul.

  108. To Inquiring Mind in regards to: “Satan” was often symbolized as a dragon, a snake, a lizard or a strange looking bi-pedal, upright standing and cleverly cunning, half human/half reptile creature.

    To any inquisitive person – even Vigilant Citizen himself:

    Please look at There are many evil symbols in that place. Is it only me, or do you see them too?

    Vigilant Citizen, you’re amazing in your ability to analyse symbols. Rosemary’s Baby is such an evil movie. Interesting to read your expert analysing.

  109. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    All of this is just concurrent. Just like you have people worshipping God, there are people worshipping Satan. Satan represents the false-sense of light on the dark side. People feel empowered to proclaim him and his bogus throne. Because they feel empowered through their "I'm on top of the world" feeling, they try to control their destinies and others. I praise Jesus Christ of Nazareth and represent Him through my living, speaking and writings. I possess jewelry and home decorations that represent my belief. As conflicting as it may look or sound, Satan's followers do the same for him.

    It is not shocking that these people are controlling the media in order to transmit their cause to the population. For book readers, there are books with many subliminal/unconscious messages. There is one in particular that I questioned. It is titled "The Giver" by Lois Lowry. A seventh grade class just finished reading it. The author depicts a utopia (perfect) world that is controlled by a board of elders. The people neither have choices nor knowledge of the real world. It is worth checking out.

    Although the NWO agenda is scattered in to pieces, it can be decoded to a whole puzzle by reading various books, watching Hollywood movies and music. Satan cannot keep secrets nor his followers.

  110. Hey V.C,Why don't you do some Analysis of 'Queen of the Damned'? Did you know A few months after that was filmed the lead actress died in a plane crash…

  111. The whole roman polanski thing is still kind of new to me. but, im surprised that people who were alive and old enough to know better didn't cause more of a stir at the time.

  112. omg, i read this and today i saw about vannesa hudges break up but something came up.

    she excplaining about her butterfly tatoo to the press. Her mother had a butterly tatoo on her stomach which is the reason why she was named after a butterly in latin.


    how much more obvious than that, wow.

    Its in dutch, but you can translate or look it up on msn.

  113. Just a thought about the air conditioning. I remember a class at university where we learned that most revolutions and insurrections begin when it's hot – July or August in the northern climes. Air conditioning makes me very uncomfortable, so I rarely use it, and therefore I've noticed how weak people who use aircon become when you want to go on a walk. They can't adjust to the heat, right?

    So, when you mentioned the air conditioning scene in the movie, it made me think about that. Because most people who use aircon would be physically incapable of having a rebellion in the summer, their bodies would simply give out on them. I bet it also makes people drive more, and use more fuel for no reason. It always seemed like the SUV craze back in the 1990s was designed to use up oil as quickly as possible, which makes absolutely no sense to me. But if you wanted to make people do that for some reason, air conditioning really does force people to use cars, even for short distances, in summer months.

  114. My insides turn to ice every time the media allow this monster any public airing….too close to home maybe. Sharon Tate was my maternal grandfather's cousin. He never recovered from her death and would only mention once that he had received a telegram shortly after. Can't talk too much,sorry. Eyes and ears still around after all these years. Grandad said it was just the beginning…..

  115. The LaBiancas who were murdered by Mansons group as well were drug dealers and into the occult. These people all new each other. Manson had been at parties with Phillips,polanski,beachboys ect. I heard Tate wanted out and the Tarot card reference was because of this. Just a theory. They say that tapes from the Polanski home were taken by police with many celebrities in sex rituals that looked like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut!

    • It apparently took several months for Charlie & Family (great, close friends as well as dealers/pimps to the stars) to be chosen as the fall guy(s).

      Manson has revealed that child porn and snuff films were often filmed at the Tate house. Maybe you think Charlie can't be trusted. Perhaps that's why he made such an ideal scapegoat.

    • Phillips? from mamas & papas? He was sleeping with one of his daughter for 10 years. She got pregnant, she thought he might be the father and she had it aborted. He was into drugs and alcohol. He was giving drugs to his daughter. POLANSKI made another dark film with witches (Shakespeare) which they show in schools. Absolutely disgusting.

      • Polanski also did China town and in that movie the elite that run the town are in an incestuous relationship. Faye Dunaway reveals incest with her father. This is practised in Satanic illumanti famlies. It is part of the Trama to create DID in their children. Makenzie Phillips had sex with her father because thats what these groups do. Many suspect Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus as well as Jessica Simpson. At the very least they pimp them out like the Kardashians. Good little monarch slaves. On one episode of celebrity rehab (celebrity re-programming) they show mackenzie phillips freaking out because they have to kill her sick old dog. This is part of programming trama. They were retramatizing her to reprogram her. They kill their dogs. Toto in the Wizard of OZ. Google Oz programming and the occult. Oh yes, Jessica Sinmpsons dog went missing as did Paris Hiltons as did many others. Celebrity rehab is a bunch of monarch slaves(google it) with a nazi handler psychologist. I think thats why they wanted Lohan and Sheen in rehab so bad. Dr. Drew seems a little too interested, Their programming is breaking down.

  116. Everyone Will Bow- C on

    I found an article tilted, Farrakhan: 'Satanic Jews' Pushing US Into War. I displayed parts of it below.

    "Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said Jews and Zionists are "trying to push the US into war" and are a cover for Satan, at the group's annual meeting near Chicago on Tuesday.

    “President Obama," Farrakhan said, "if you allow the Zionists to push you, to mount a military offensive against Gaddafi and you go in and kill him and his sons as you did with Saddam Hussein and his sons, I’m warning you this is a Libyan problem, let the Libyans solve their problem among themselves.” Farrakhan called Muammar Gaddafi "my brother" and "my friend."

    He also accused American Zionists of attempting to push Israel into war with Iran, adding that "Zionists dominate the government of the United States of America and her banking system."

    One panel at the conference, titled "The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews," claimed that Jews were disproportionately involved in the slave trade and accused them of controlling the media."

    This article became disquieting to me since I have been reading your blog. I often hear Jews are in control of filmmaking in Hollywood. Well, are the Satanic Jews the same ones who are controlling Hollywood among many other things? Although Farrakhan has been viewed by many Americans to be controversial with his messages, he strives through great heap to get the truth out there.

    By the way, what is the secret relationship between Blacks and Jews? In my opinion, Black people have lessened their standards only to be treated less than in movies. For instance, they seldom land great movie roles, they portray negative roles in movies, and there are more black males who accepted homosexuality in order to maintain movie roles and/or high profile. Farrakhan has become a prominent leader to listen to and not ignore all together. However, there is also another agenda regarding the Nation of Islam that we must observe as well. Life can be petrifying.

    • I am not antisemetic or something but Hollywood is absolutely jewish. Producers, directors, even actors the lot. I am bemused of the percentage of Jewish actors. If they aren't 100% of jewish blood, they are partially jew because a set of grandparents is or even a great grand mother or father. Even Elvis Presley was jew. The grandmother of his grandmother was jewish. Even Nicole Kidman's paternal grandfather was jewish. Olivia Newton John's maternal grandfather was jewish. Take for instance the film Black swan. Aronofsky, the director, is jewish and he had 3 jewish ladies in his film: Wynona Ryder, Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis. Those are pure facts. Now what's the deal and why it is so common no idea.

  117. Someone asked if Ann Arbor was a programming center and yes it is. I believe that is the place they programmed the unibommer. As for Madonna she went to Rochester Adams High with my brothers. I knew her and remember she was in the Glee club that my brothers were in. She always did a solo or dance or something. I believe she was from a generational satanic family. You can see photos of her naked with red shoes on line (Oz programming) when she was just 18-19 years old. Other people say it happened when she moved to NYC after leaving U of M. She was in some type of cult and did a snuff film ( ritual) which they showed when I was at MSU and she was just becoming popular. We just thought it was porno at the time. They end it suddenlly after a rape scene and don't show you that they killed the man in the film. I guess it's out there. Anyhow, she was pretty wild in High school so I wonder. She did a song and dance in Jr. High which is behind my old house in a talent night which upset everyone because it was very sexual for a young girl. Thats why I think her family was illumanti or something. Funny FYI, her house in Rochester was behind a mental institutuion (looked like a big Tudor Manson) that Judy Garland was in for a time. It was torn down in the 1980's. Another generational satanic family. In Madonas brothers book that came out 3 years ago he said his Dad did some top secret things at his job for the government and that he thought it was cool. Her Dad now owns a winery in Traverse City that Masdonna bought him and has cancer.

    • roninfreedom on

      Excellent Point!Let's not forget Bill Ayers(Weather Underground) and Bob Seger the rock star are from Ann Arbor

  118. So most of the famous turds come from illuminati generational families then. And most of them make a big deal about being G-dly people. Beyonce etc. Wolves in sheep's clothing. What about Gwyneth Paltrow. She used to be good friends with Madonna and now with Beyonce and Jay-Z. She looks OK but there is something fishy about her. Tell me who your friends are to tell you who you are, an old saying. A big bunch of weirdos the lot of them.

  119. It's not a Jewish thing ( Unless you mean Kaballa) or Catholic or just Masonic. Secret societies make up the mystical body of satan or what the Bible calls Mystery Babylon. The church, which is people from all the denominations in the" Know" make up the mystical body of Christ. Thus the battle. I believe that good Jews are included in Gods body as well as people with God in their heart who don't have the entire truth yet. One must be careful though because all the church has been infiltrated to an extent and we have wolves in sheeps clothing. I will say many TV preachers are Masons and heritics and snake oil salesmen. The preach health and wealth and ask for your money all the time. Shame on them, they are the money changers in the temple that Jesus got angry at and called a bunch of vipers.

    • Very True!

      And yes there are good although most likely misled Jews out there….they are God's children & nation so we as Christians should show love and kindness towards them whether they believe in Jesus or not. There are the Jews for Jesus and Messianic Jew organizations now as well but who knows whats really behind the scenes of some of these groups.

      I have watched a lot of TBN over the last year and have grown uncomfortable with how much they pander people for money. They have some good shows and I particularly like the childrens Network Smile Of A Child in preference to my kid watching Spongebob or anything Illuminickelodean has to offer…at least he is learning about God & Jesus and when is old enough to understand I can teach him to be wary of wolves in sheeps clothing within Christianity.

      I have seen a lot of promotion of the state of Israel and collaboration with Jews for Jesus on this Network too so thats why I stated above about my not knowing what the real agenda is behind these people cuz sometimes I am not too sure of TBN's agenda itself.

      TBN has a lot of self help preachers like Joel Osteen who I am very suspicious of. And Benny Hinn's supposed power of healing and catching of the holy ghost is just ridiculous to watch at times and is just pathetically exaggerated!

      The best pastors arent on TV networks but some are on YouTube like Paul Washer!

      • TBN is illumanati. Started about the same time as Jim and Tammy Baker who were programmed monarch slaves. They used Disney as their model for Christian theme park. Anyhow they were also friends of the TBN's Crouches. Benny Hinn is a wolf in sheeps clothing. Once I heard him say that everyone would be blessed along with him if they sent in 2000 dollars. He said anything less would not be a leap of faith. Does that sound like God or a snake oil salesman? I'm not saying all of the guests on that network are evil but the network is run by the illumanati. Just like fox, cbs, ect. Do you know Pat Robertson is illumanati? He is a high level mason and Time magazine has him on the cover making masonic signs. It can be googled. His father ws a senator and high level illumanist.

  120. Hello, I'm Tranzférico blog owner, is a Brazilian blog that also deals with conspiracy, illuminati, secret societies and so on. I wonder if I can translate some of his articles and post in my blog for the Brazilian public can also learn the truth. already many thanks. Ferreira Tranzférico.

  121. I loved this movie.

    Anyways, I have a big question that has been bugging me. I do enjoy this site, as occult and symbolism interests me. I see alot of people on this site referring to 'sheeple' and 'mind control' and 'hiddne agends', yet 100% profess and declare obedience to a religion, which is the #1 form of Mind Control/ Social Control since Day One. Why is it that I am a 'sheep' when I don't beleive far-fetched conspiracy agendas, yet all of you who have accepted a quasi-mystical, pseudo historical vicarious blood sacrifice as your raison-de'etre with zero concrete proof have got it 'figured out'?

    Aren't you all just 'sheep' as well, in a flock tended by a historically-non-existent demigod?

    • @Laztronaut “yet 100% profess and declare obedience to a religion”???? I’m glad you’re not in charge of running surveys…man you’d mess up… how did you get at 100% ????

      and ….”yet all of you who have accepted a quasi-mystical, pseudo historical…” …Who’s all of you? there you go again, I’m pretty sure it’s not all of you because here I don’t recall making any such claims … anyway, I don’t much care what you think on that subject at all because I don’t care about that whole topic, but I do take offense to the whole “far-fetched conspiracy agendas” smack… I have great dislike for people who are quick to put things down before any real research is done on their part…or I’m sorry, maybe you have done some research, and you arrived at your 100% accurate opinion? …not saying believe everything you see/read at face value or that you have to agree with anything at all here, but it’s annoying to insinuate all this is a bunch of bull crap with no thought beyond that as your opinion…

    • While I cant speak for every one on here or their beliefs in God….I will talk about my own faith in my own Christianity beliefs.

      I choose to believe in Jesus Christ because he said he was the Truth & The Light and I have yet to see much that truly opposes that with any other more firm truth to it.

      Yes RELIGION has been corrupted by the ways of wicked men….the Illuminati have had a big part in that I am sure via Knights Templar/Freemasonry/Roman Catholicism…however THEY did NOT write the Bible!

      The Bible speaks of many things in Revelations mainly as well as other books of scripture that warn us of these times and what the Illuminata/NWO/Conrtol Agenda types are accomplishing. If they wrote the Bible and it was simply to control people wouldn't they have made it more friendly toward their cause and not tell people that this system they are forming is going to be damned in the end? Why would they warn people of whats going to happen and tell them to be vigilant in avoiding selling out to the Anti Christ & his world government/religion?

      Above all that there is countless proofs and historcial fact to back up bible scripture as well as the fact that the texts have been translated very accurately over the years….there have been studies on it and many have tried to debunk a lot of stuff when it comes to Gods word but have yet to present any real solid proof that its not truth!

      You can say there is no proof but how much research have you done yourself? Are you simply following the atheist belief that someone else convinced you of? I bet you believe in evolution huh? Did you know evolution is basically just a theory and being pushed around by its proponents pretty much forcibly and aggressively? For what reason other than to be in denial and reject God? Sounds like evolution is just another religion itself when you ask me. There is very little solid fact to back up and support it yet many will believe it and are putting their FAITH into it!

      Many have started out with total disbelief and had it bother them so much that they sought to research themselves and disprove God and Jesus Christ and in the end pretty much all of them end up becoming believers…and many of these were very intellectual types who tried hard to not believe but the facts led them to do so.

      Seeing as you pretty much made up your own statistics in regards to the people who visit and post on this site I doubt you have truly researched and found genuine statistics or data on any of the beliefs you are so quick to write off as fiction. Fact is actually stranger than fiction though and you may be well surprised if you took it upon yourself to do your own footwork and find out for yourself what TRUTH is!

  122. All these amazing comments sparked by this amazing article, suddenly brought up a memory I wanted to share, possibly significant, given all the things that are being exposed here about Polanski (whose real first name is "Raymond", by the way, not Roman, if that means anything). Back when it was in the theaters, about eight years ago now, I went to see the fake "jew" Polanski's fake pious holocaust movie "The Pianist". This was long before I knew anything about the kind of matters exposed in this website. I hadn't a clue. But this movie, which had no otherworldly content at all, gave me NIGHTMARES all night! After seeing it, the entire night I kept being jolted awake in a frightened panic at exactly five minutes after the hour, each hour: 12:05… 1:05… 2:05… etc. In my half-sleep, half-awake fugue states segments of the Chopin piano pieces that were featured in the movie soundtrack thundered in my head with horrible, torturous repetition. I have actually never been able to enjoy Chopin ever since, come to think of it. When I did sleep, my dreams were oppressive nightmares filled with evil, menacing specters. This went on all night.

    Coincidence? Comments? Anyone else have a similar experience with that movie, or another allegedly benign Polanski film (like Oliver Twist? or that suspense one with Harrison Ford?)?

  123. Ok, maybe Polanski puts a curse on his movies and thats why the bad dreams. Matter can be blessed or cursed. Many of the songs that come out are cursed before relased as is cocaine that comes in from Columbia. They do a black mass. As for religion, we do have truth in the world and infiltration by the illumanti into our religion was done to neutralize and give people the feelings that you decribe. If we had no truth the illumanati would be a waste of time. They are the opposite of truth. I do not believe in David Ickes take that the illumanti invented religion. I believe him to be a disinformation agent who shows some truth but then pulls people away from the truth which is not something but somebody. The father of lies is a liar and an ape who mimicks everything God has or does. Interesting, people who have gone to hell (23 minutes in hell and others) describe reptilian demons. Just what I believe I don't want to start a religious debate here.

    • Yes and Johnny Depp has sex with the devil in that film!!!! Only he portrays himself as a sexy blonde that knows martial arts!!! lol

  124. Speaking of Manson and his "angels." Anyone ever make the connection to the show Charlie's Angels yet? Charlie was their controller and the "angels" were his monarch slaves and it certainly is connected to the story of Manson and his slaves.

    Interesting how it is all connected in some way.

  125. I have wondered about the Charlies angels connection you mentioned before. I wonder about Aaron Spelling. He did that show on witches called Charmed as well. I think You Tube has a series called nine degrees of Charlie Manson.

  126. You have a point there. Too many coincidences. Aaron Spelling was associated with them. What a surprise. I mean you can't have so much dosh and be innocent. If that's what they choose to do.

  127. roninfreedom on

    Excellent post,Vigilant!

    It reminds of another movie of that time called Westworld staring Yul Brynner as the robotic cop,and Richard Benjamin and James Brolin as the tourists.

    The outline is about a amusement park with 3 worlds Roman,Medieval,and Westworld.

    Worlds symbolize 3 eras.

    Well the tourists went to Westworld.



    America is the world's number 1# superpower and the shining example of Democracy(Remember,present time 1973).

    The movie starts out as like in the old west shoot-it-up see who can fire the fastest(But no real bullets).

    If you shoot the sheriff you get to be sheriff.


    Symbolizes when america was 1st found where We the People are the government,plus it also symbolizes our right to abolish the government in case it gets to corrupt.


    Then,the robot sheriff circuits malfunctioning and the sheriff starts firing real bulletts and murdering Richard Benjamin's character.


    The Sheriff goes after James Brolin's character to murder him after he gets done with Richard Benjamin.

    Circuits Malfunctioning=Police no longer care about justice and doing what's right.Which means serving and protecting.


    Obeying and Taking orders from their Zionist/Illuminati/Jewish masters.

    Robot Sheriff's real bulletts vs Tourists fake bulletts=

    Bulletts represent rights,which means though the real bulletts Police have more rights than the People.

    Robotic Sheriff murdering the tourists=The Police(also representing the military) are enemies of the People of America.

    In conclusion:Westworld is predictive program about America transforming into a Police-State.

    Which is transforming America from a Republic into a Empire.

  128. How has this website not covered a Kubrick film yet? Any random film of his is loaded with imagery and symbolism. Look at Dr. Strangelove and the triangular shape of the war room, or 2001 and the pyramid shape of certain shots of the monolith, or the ONE EYE SYMBOL in A Clockwork Orange on Alex's face.

    Cover one of his movies already! I want to see VC's take on it.

  129. Stella,

    Gweneth Paltro is Kaballa (sp). Her Dad was a director. She is a monarch slave and if you go to Esoteric kitten site they will show photos of all the monarch slaves in hollywood and how you can tell. Or you can just google certified monarch slaves. Learn the symbols, clothing ect. Many of them are cutters. When their programming breaks down they self destruct like Marie Osmonds son who jumped out a window or Anderson (Vanderbilt) Coopers brother who jumped out a window. Clockwork Orange has mind conrtol in it and would be a great topic. Even better is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It's about initiation into Satanism. Think about it.

  130. Sharon Tate was part of the witchcraft cult.She was expecting a baby and she didn't want him to make part of this sinister organization.You see, the thing is if someone is borned in the witchcraft cult, then he/she is baptized in the name of this demon-chanelling religion and the parent's opinion is not important.Also you cannot withdraw from this cult because you can get killed.If someone wants to leave it, then he/she must run as fast and as far as they can from it.If you ask for permission to leave the cult, you're as good as dead.So, Sharon wanted to leave with her baby.But the witchcraft members found out and sent an assassin's squad (if you prefer) after them.It's members were part of the hardcore organisation of the cult, called the Process.It's leader was Charles Manson.

  131. Stella,

    My favorite is intheKnow7'sBlog

    All you need to know about project monarch. Gwyneth wears that red Kaballah thing on her wrist. Didn't know she was Polish. It's interesting to know that Sharon Tate was the daughter of military intellegence as was Phillips and David Crosbey and Jim Morrison and they were all into occullt around the same time. It's so weird and Oh, squeeky Fromm (Mansons slave) later tried to kill President Ford! WTF. And people can't put two and two together and think Maybe somethings going on! No if you believe in this you are labled a nut.

  132. Phillips from mama's and papa's had an incestuous relationship with one of his daughter. These people are way too weird and normal folks don't want to believe in such craziness. They just don't want to know because they are aware there is nothing they can do. Feel sorry for the kids of the weirdos, the only victims. Honestly the symbols, the mk ultra they use do my head in. If you're a rational human being, you can't understand what's going on in their minds. If you're brought up in a normal, decent household with values you can't understand where these people come from.

    What I find interesting is svali an ex-illuminati who allegedly escaped their threshold. I believe she's the real case and she knows what she's talking about. I'm bemused they haven't shut down this blog. Or they just harvest our IPs.

  133. They know that some people will know a bit of whats going on. They don't worry because most people don't even believe in Satan at all anymore and because they have done such a good job of making people in the know look like nut cases. I have noticed though that the closer to God I am and the more I tell people about all this the more I am spiritually harassed. Things start going wrong more than normal. I think these people who are raised this way in the illumanati don't know anything else. First they all they have DID from their programming. Second they get power and wealth. Third they believe in it. How else would Doris Duke be able to serve up her head in a grand dame ritual at the end of her life? These people are no doubt possessed. I like Svali as well. I hope she stays well. What about John Todd and Cisco Wheeler? I guess Cisco is the great, great, great grandaughter of General Grant. She says her family were generational satanists.

    • terra I know nice people (family members and friends) who have a good heart and they aren't willing to know every detail of this illuminati stuff. They are aware from other sources that 9/11 was an inside job and other basic information but they aren't interested in knowing details. They're optimistic, they believe in after life, the existence of wicked and good, but they just don't want to know details as it boggles the mind. The elite has power and wealth but happiness? Nope. Not all of us want to be powerful and wealthy. It's only temporary, can't buy us immortality. Let them shove whatever they have where the sun doesn't sh!ne.

  134. Phoenix33,

    I had heard she wanted out as well but not all the other things. How do you know this? did you read it at some web site? Just wondering.

  135. there is more information out there, of course some is disinfo, but its not all on vigilents site! i read all about the connections between the beatles, charles manson, sharon tates movie and rosemarys baby. just research it! google it! more links will come up, not just this site!

  136. Ben,

    Nice photo of Mia Farrow. I guess she is a witch as well. She adopted so many kids. They tend to do that like Marie Osmond. Stella, I agree, but they do make life difficult for us don't they. Not to mention they want to trick the masses into accepting the antichrist as Lord.

  137. Yes they are determined to make people's life hell. It is what it is and there must be a reason for it. Agonising, fretting and being frightened isn't going to make life easier. We can't stop them torturing infants and kids and this is what p!sses me off. Not big or clever to torture innocent weak small human beings because they can. That's the lowest of the lowest.

    There are some websites related to Sharon Tate who was said to be a satan worshipper and she wanted out of the cult. So they had her killed. They make references to beatles, rolling stones and other deprived individuals. If you want have a look.

  138. I think your on to something there man.

    If you look on YouTube and find an 11 part series called The Music Industry Exposed one of the parts is dedicated to "Destroying DMX" and is about DMX being a possible illuminati puppet drop out by declaring God and Jesus' name in his music and warning people of the dangers in the industry. They show how he as well as other decenters of the control agenda get into trouble with the law and such and/or end up dead for not participating any more.

    Last year DMX was arrested again on violation of his probation conditions in Arizona and the documentary above shows him in court the morning of his arrest and how cameramen were in the courtroom filming and he was asking what they were doing there and how did they know he was arrested and such but the guards and judge just ignored him and acted like it was all innocent and normal and like they had no clue to how the cameramen got in or why they were there. I have been in this jail and exact same courtroom at the downtown Phoenix facility and its not like anyone can just walk in there its in the JAIL and where you are told by a judge why you are incarcerated, for how long or if you can be offered bail how much etc. Its not open to the public and your own family cant even come in here but the camera crew filming DMX's demise apparently has all access pass.

    My point and relevance to your post though is the next day it was aired on the radio that DR. DREW was in contact with Maricopa County Courts and Judges trying to get DMX released to his care so he could be on Celebrity Rehab….cuz he was probably told to get DMX and reprogram him!

    It must of not worked out though cuz last I heard DMX was in ARIZONA DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS and so I hope its because he rejected Dr. Drew's treatment out of knowing better!

    • DMX does seem like he used to be a puppet and then woke up. In the 90s there were rumours of him even being a crack head…..

  139. Hey dearly beloved please help, I tried to write to Fritz Springmeir but the jail sent the letter back stamped no longer here…..I wrote Dr.Scott Johnson and he referred me to you, So please dearly beloved if you could help me to find out where I can write our brother Fritz please let me know, Thank you and God bless you.
    Pastor Erick D.Marquez

  140. I searched for "Rosemary's Baby" on about a year ago, but the search came up empty… So I got on Polanski's page… not on it! Then a few months later, it showed up. Maintenance, I guess…?

    For the most interesting assessment I have found about Rosemary's Baby, Charles Manson et. al., the Beattles and John Lennon, the Beach Boys, Sharon Tate, the murders, and more:….
    *Manson was a patsy; definitely manipulated, possibly more.

    *Manson had nothing to do with the actual murders, nor their planning; probably not his group members, either (other than being guided/manipulated patsies).

    *A few in his group were possbily government plants and manipulators.

    *A government hit squad took care of Tate and her friends, and the other murdered people.

    *They also took care of Rosemary LaBianca–yes, coincidentally, her name was "Rosemary the White". I wonder what the chances were of that—a "spree of the moment" murder, and her name just happened to be Rosemary…

    *Notice that whenever Manson is allowed to do an interview from jail, he is drugged up (check out all the drug symptoms). He will never be allowed to let the public believe anything other than what we have been allowed/ controlled to see.

    *Manson's words at his trial were incredibly stinging to the American government and system.

    *Salvador found evidence/ proof that the government was involved, giving inside information the public would never have access to.

    He wrote more about the music scene and the government's control, including deaths/ murders of many rock stars.

    Manson murders + deaths of top rock stars = ??

  141. Great article but I was surprised Manson's own quote (which I'll paraphrase) wasn't mentioned. Manson claimed the Polanski house and it's denizens were making movies with little kids and didn't they deserve what they got ?

  142. Great article but I was surprised Charles Manson's blurb about the Polanski residence wasn't included. Charlie said: (and this is not an exact quote) Those people up there were making movies with kids.Don't you think they got what they deserved ?

  143. Yooooo! This may be off topic with Rosemarys Baby, but it is relevant to the topic of Hollywood. I'm a 26 year-old latch-key 80's baby, so I was raised by the TV. My favorite ones were the Looney Tunes(Bugs, Daffy, Elmer, Sylvester). Well, I was watching HBO the other day and they showed this old Looney Tunes movie and the first act is titled: "Satan is Waiting". I thought that in itself was a weird statement to display in a movie for kids. So it goes on showing different looney tunes skits, then they get to the store of the 3 little pigs (3 little bops, is what the skit was called). We all know that story. Well when the pigs got to the third house, the narrator put emphasis on the fact that the brick house was built MAY 1, 1776. Now aint that the day the Bavarian Illuminati started? Odd man, just odd.

  144. I've seen this movie a couple of times,

    there definitely is a lot of symbolism in it, too bad you seemed to have missed nearly all of the more subtle ones.

    Here's one you missed:

    1) When guy puts the book about magic on the shelf, we can see for a second

    several books:

    The male sexuality, the female sexuality (by Alfred kinsey, sexuologist and known satanist) &

    Yes i can (by sammy davis jr, known (laveyan) satanist.

    This movie has nothing to do with mindcontrol, its about the ritualistic pregnancy of the 'scarlet woman' as outlined in the higher grades of crowley's O.T.O

  145. am i the only one who was disturbed by the pictures of Roman Polanski in the magazine?! you can still see where they wrote PIG, and the blood on the floor…its awful…why would anyone want to be photographed next to that, especially her husband! its sickening, and im a little disturbed by it.

  146. It's said that Sharon wanted not to be a S worshipper and Polanski had her murdered. That's why Polanski wasn't present at the time of the killings.

    • I think pretty much by now everyone knows he was at least complicit in her murder. And the rape of the 14 year old later is just more proof. Even after all this time they still can't keep him behind bars AND his now adult selfish victim took money from Roman and told the world to stop pursuing him (clearly she cares nothing for future victims of this pedophile, and her rape experience is over for her after a couple milliion dollars).

      BOTTOM LINE: Scum like Johnny Depp and Adrian Brody are still willing to work with Polanski, varifying their (already obvious) alligence to the Order. Jack Nicholson REFUSED to even clap when he was at a ceremony where Polanski won an award. SOME in Hollywood still have some soul left (and it was at Jacks house that the rape happened, so he could just be angry about it…but remember Jack's comment about how he WARNED Heath Ledger? The rabbit hole is deep indeed).

      • I was thinking about A Brody and was disgusted that he worked with Polanski. I didn't know about J Depp. Depp looks OK but there is so much more to him. Weird man. He's a dark horse. I never liked his films. I had no idea that J Nicholson refused to even clap. The rape of the 13 year old took place in Nicholson's house whilst he was away but his ex wife Houston was there I think. Nicholson was a buddy of Polanski even after the murder of Sharon Tate so I expected him to be one of a kind. Hollywood is very Jewish. Almost everybody seems to have jewish blood over there. Apostates Jewish more likely.

  147. Doesn't this article remind anyone of The Twilight Saga? well, I'd not be surprised if no one around here (this website) had not read that kind of bullshit stuff. but… I'm a 18 yrs old teenager and until 6 month ago I really liked that sickening story. in book 4 occurs an almost-the-same story. Bella also bears a sinister child that drags her to the very line of death before coming out.

    I'm beginning to understand a little bit of esoteric goals behind that book. (thanks to vigilant and his friends!) but i wanted to know if anyone here can help me. i want to get ready for whatever is headed toward me! armed with knowledge, you know 😉

  148. Anomynous, I love that video. Wow, same programming back then in the mind controlled slaves as you see now in the music industry. Abi, I like how you said apostate jewish. This is not a jewish thing. Jesus, Moses were Jews. God loved them. These illumanati people are Kaballa Jews which really is mystical occult practises. This is what King Solomon became when he went bad and was influenced by wives from pagan cultures. Masons and Kaballa have many of the same rituals. The pharasees that had Jesus killed were a secret society and more like Kaballa. This info can all be researched.

  149. Debra Kelley on

    "Rosemary's Baby" is one of my all-time favorite movies and I enjoyed your blog entry a great deal. However, you were incorrect in stating that Sharon Tate played an 'uncredited role' in the movie; Sharon Tate was never in "Rosemary's Baby". It was an actress that looked vaguely similar to Sharon. Anyway, thanks for the interesting blog!

    • A misunderstanding. The article doesn't state that Sharon played the lead role,but that Polanski envisaged her in the role,for"obvious reasons". Mia Farrow was given that sentence.

  150. George Vreeland Hill on

    Rosemary's Baby is an excellent movie no matter what people think of Roman Polanski.

    By the way, this is an outstanding site about the film and the photos are wonderful.

    George Vreeland Hill

  151. knedbryant24 on

    If they do exist for real, and they practice occultism; thats mean that the devil exist for real.If the devil exist, God exist. So why are they spending millions to explore space, to try to find if we are alone while they know the truth?

  152. What always creeps me out about "Rosemary's Baby" is the music, especially the famous lullaby , sweet quiet melody, but deeply unsettling.

    Every time I hear this lullaby (sang by Mia Farrow?) I get goose bumps. The composer of the soundtrack (and other soundtracks for early Polanski's movies) Krzysztof Komeda died in 1969 in unclear circumstances. Allegedly it was a weird, unfortunate accident-he was pushed off an escarpment.

    Maybe it was just a freak accident, but I find it weird that so many creepy things happened to people close to Polanski and this movie.

  153. justinrochestestblog on

    Rosemary's Baby and Roman Polanski._Here a new theory._From the person who Roman Polanski and his hollywood occult fraternity_have victimised in a similar way, as Charles Manson may have been…_The real "ghost Writer" subject of Roman Polanski's film of the same name._who has endured local and global victimization since the latter film was released._>>_Anyway._I speculate that the murder of Sharon Tate and baby were indeed occult murders, however, _not by the Manson family, who were drugged up to know what was goin on,_however, Manson was probably someone whom Polanski has stolen from,_and using him and his drug upped hippies as the convient betsy's to cover up the ritual murders of sharon tate and baby, also convient for Polanski, as apparently Polanski wanted rid of them anyway.__Nonetheless I speculate further, that the murders were likely a holywood occult ritual to please their demon master in turn for sucess of the movie. And this is not the only case. if you examine quite a few other films the over the past 60 years there are loads including recently.

  154. People like Polanski are so rich and influencial, that they are above the law.
    Unless someone takes the law into there own hands.
    The reason why Polanski picked on real ghost writer from "The Ghost Writer",
    is because the advice that he gave to Gordon Brown when he was prime minister
    started a campaign that promoted honesty and equality, which in turn brought about
    some of the injustices of the past being brought back to court to bring real justice
    including some of the famous criminals who have got away with blantant crimes
    for years. Including notable super producer Phil Spector.
    During this time, Roman Polanski was pulled up and sent to court for the alleged rape of the 14 year old girl.
    It is this that angered Polanski and was the incentive behind why he choose the film "the Ghost Writer"
    which, in serial killer type artistic fashion, he instigated his invisible campaign in isolating his victim,
    using all forms of tricks including using people from his famous celebrity circle to influence the people of his victims local community, bribing, influencing and spreading disinformation with the aim of eventually causing the death of the victim.
    Why Polanksi has to pick on this individual who's actions weren't intentionally to hurt Polanski, I do not know.
    But I guess it is easier to victimize and murder a "no-body" than the people really in power, such as Gordon Brown and associates who ultimately made the choices to run the campaigns,
    But I guess famous politicians with all their money and contacts are a lot harder to kill and if they are, then, there is always the possibility that their associates will result in retaliation.
    Some one needs to stop these sadists and stop them from continuing their linage in their twisted occult tradition.

  155. Hmm, I saw this movie for the first time a few years ago. Very creepy, weird thing happened at the end when the baby was born. The screen went black……… Is it supposed to end like that:?

  156. I've read about Charles Manson for many years and was always struck by the connections that you have mentioned. Most people thought I was a nut case lol
    This really fills in a lot of blanks for me and confirms what I have thought for a long time.

  157. JesusZeusHorus on

    Im watching this movie right now though i dont think i should be watching it in the dark. I also want to see the Conjuring now that is gonna be a good film

  158. 1 – There is a scene showing two blood-stained VW Beetles parked outside the Dakota building, symbolising the two dead Beatles: Paul McCartney (recent research shows he may not even have died though) and the death to come, shot outside the Dakota, John Lennon.

    2 – Paul was replaced and various doubles were used. Lennon also had doubles and may also have been replaced permanently. All The Beatles had doubles.

    3 – Rosemary was the name of Yoko Ono's daughter whom was taken and hidden by her ex-husband who went on the run.

    4 – John Lennon's infamous exclamation "it's all Roman Polanski's fault". Nobody knows for sure what to what he was referring.

    5 – The movie poster for Rosemary's Baby resembles the album cover of John Lennon's Mind Games.

  159. oh brother, what a bunch of loons! really? Polanski made a movie about that revealed his own depravity? really? jesssusss….why? why on earth if this is a secret society? why not keep it secret? your whole theory breaks down there you idiots! it was based on Ira Levin's book, I suppose he was in on it too? looney tunes!

  160. IlluminatiWatcher on

    Good article! That living room picture in Life magazine isn't Polanski; it's clairvoyant Peter Hurkos.

  161. I find it interesting that the lead actor's name in an occult witchcraft movie was John "Cassavetes" along side a character named Roman "Castevet". I'm too lazy to see what anagram I came come up with from John Cassavetes…

  162. thyunveiling on

    I've not seen the movie, but I read the books in high school. The sequel, Son of Rosemary, I felt was even more disturbing than Rosemary's Baby. It's been a long time since I read them, but I recall Rosemary waking up from a long-term coma and seeing everybody wearing I <3 Andy pins everywhere. Andy was basically what Obama was before he won his first run for president. You know, charismatic, popular, all over the media, down-to-Earth, everybody loved him. Anyways, Andy is Rosemary's son all grown up and high in the political foodchain (of course). Rosemary is still a loving mother. Andy loves his mother more than a son should. Yeah. Andy totally wants to Know her in the biblical sense.It's pretty gross and he does not let it go. At one point Rosemary uses his Oedipus complex for her own purposes. I don't remember much else except that it's a rather uncomfortable read.

  163. EochadhOghaChruithne on

    I watched Mr. Polanski's and Mr. Johnny Depp's movie, "The Ninth Gate," 1999, a few days ago for the third or fourth time. It's heralded as a film of Mr. Polanski in the credits. Some people say that a Hollywood coven that was disrespectfully portrayed, especially at the dinner scene, in the movie had Ms Tate murdered in order to retaliate against him. This film seems to be another ToMuchInformation (T.M.I.) – Polanski movie. It seems likely that when he made "Rosemary's Baby," a feud in the Hollywood Satanic community occurred or was occurring between him and some of the senior leadership. If the senior members opposing him had harmed him directly, then, his supporters would have retaliated publicly and secretly, resulting in a bloody mess which neither side wanted. His 1999 film, so long after "Rosemary's Baby," indicates that he won the conflict and is now much more senior in the Satanic community. I believe this because once again he, this time in "The Ninth Gate," is way way too T.M.I. about the Hollywood Satanic society. What tipped me off is the scene where the female character asks Mr. Depp: "OK, where is it." Lt. Col. Philip Corso, his character, answers: "Where's what?" Woman: "Don't fuck with me." Corso: "I thought I already did." Then, he exposes real Satanic Ritual Child Sexual Abuse by having the woman pull Mr. Depp's character's hair. An adult pulling a child's hair is one of the techniques used in cult mind control. Women in real life almost never pull men's hair. Except, a women in the local cult scene here, where I'm at, discussed pulling men's hair. Either there's only a high positive correlation between hair pulling and Satanism or it is a tradition. His film was not a comedy or cartoon. It tried to stay real, so to speak. I'm relieved that he won the Hollywood Cult War and remained the rebel. Although, the same information he betrays can now be found on the Internet; he's a trip. Mr. Polanski – thank you. By the way, I was programmed by Lt. Col. Michael Aquino while he and I were both stationed at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, during the early 1970s. Interestingly, the MK-Ultra records were destroyed around that time and there was a separate fire at the military records centre which destroyed more records from that time (lucky for George Bush). I guess I'm the one that got away.

  164. faroestevirtual on

    Don´t you think that an actor with no talent renting that apartment is very unusual? Seems to me that Guy already knew what was about to happen before going there with his wife.

  165. There is a popular rumor that Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey gave technical advice and portrayed Satan in the impregnation scene. This is false – LaVey had no involvement with the film.

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