The Deeper Meaning of “True Detective” – Season One


“True Detective” is a TV series about the investigation of satanic ritual murders carried out by mysterious men. While the season ended in a rather straight-forward matter, the plethora of symbols and references peppered throughout the episodes send out profound messages about forces subtly influencing society. We’ll look at the deeper meaning of the first season of “True Detective”.

Warning: Gigantic spoilers ahead!

Taking place in the swampy backwoods of Louisiana, True Detective captured audiences’ attention with its interesting characters and dark atmosphere. Through its eight episodes, the series followed two detectives as they uncovered a series of ritualistic murders that were rumored to be carried out by rich and powerful men. While, week after week, fans of the show obsessed over small details in order to “crack the case”, the series ended in a rather plain matter: The murderer was a dirty, crazy, stereotypical redneck who was identified by the detectives a few episodes beforehand. There was therefore no mind-blowing plot twist (i.e. one of the detectives was behind it all) or shocking high-level conspiracy. And that left many fans somewhat disappointed.

However, looking back at the references, the symbolism, and the enigmatic dialogue peppered throughout the episodes, one can indeed wonder why some aspects of the story (i.e. Marty Hart’s family life) were so extensively developed while they were of no relevance to the final outcome of the investigation. Was the series, through these alternative storylines, trying to communicate something that went beyond the actual investigation? Something that encompasses us all?

Despite the straight-forward conclusion to the story, there is a deeper message communicated throughout the series:  That the ritual murders were not simply the product of the mind of lone crazy redneck – they’re the result of a deep-seated mindset, a toxic environment that goes back several generations and affects all aspects of society. This concept can be summed up in one word: “psychosphere” – a word detective Rustin Cohle uses in the first episode. Through a variety of symbols and messages, True Detectives shows us how the sick obsessions of the elite ultimately seep through the everyday lives of the masses.

Let’s first look at the premise of the story.

The Premise

The series begin with the discovery of the corpse of a young women, set up in a ritualistic matter.

The woman was found naked, bound, with stab wounds on her stomach. She is wearing a "crown of thorns" and antlers on her head.

The woman was found naked, bound, with stab wounds on her stomach. She is wearing a “crown of thorns” and antlers on her head.

On her back is tattooed a spiral, which is the symbol of the group carrying out the murders.

On her back is tattooed a spiral, the symbol of the group carrying out the murders.

The authorities quickly conclude that it’s a satanic ritualistic murder. Rustin Cohle describes the killer as “meta-psychotic”.

“It’s fantasy enactment, ritual, fetishization, iconography. This is his vision. Her body is a paraphilic love map – an attachment of physical lust to fantasies and practices forbidden by society”.

After the autopsy, the detectives learn that the victim was drugged, bound, abused, tortured with a knife, strangled and posed outside for the world to see. In short, it bares all of the signs of mega-ritual of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA).

Around the body are strange triangles made of sticks.

Around the body are strange triangles made of sticks.

A reverend tells the detectives that these things are “devil nets” and are used “to catch the devil before he came too close”.

The reverend adds that he thought that these devil nets were just “something for children to do, keep them busy, tell them stories why they’re tying sticks together”. While the reverend says these words, the camera zooms into another set of sticks tied together.

As the reverend talks about telling stories to children to keep them busy, the camera focuses on a cross made of two sticks tied together - implying that religion might be "stories for children". It also foretells the link between the devil nets of the killer and the Church. In short, this series is definitely not pro-Christian.

As the reverend talks about devil nets being “stories to keep children busy”, the camera focuses on a cross made of two sticks tied together – implying that religion might be “stories for children”. It also foretells the link between the devil nets and Church leaders in Louisiana.

Rustin Cohle and the Psychosphere

Played by Matthew McConaughey, Rustin Cohle qualifies himself as a realist or, in philosophical terms, a “pessimist”. The least one can say is that he has little faith in humanity and that he does not understand the constructs surrounding it – including religion.

“I think human consciousness is a tragic step in evolution. We became too self-aware. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law”.

As a “pessimist” who hates humanity in general and a Texan working in Louisiana, Cohle is an eternal outsider. Indeed, he has a tendency of viewing the world from outside, almost as if he was an other-worldly figure. To accentuate this fact, Cohle appears to have a sixth-sense – bordering on extra-sensory perception (ESP) – that manifests itself throughout the investigation. He has visions, he “reads” people in a few seconds, and he can even “taste” colors.

In the very first episode of the series, Cohle tells his partner a sentence that sums up the main message of the entire series. While driving through Louisiana roads, Cohle refers to an obscure concept that has deep resonance in occult spheres.

“Got a bad taste out there. Aluminum, ash, like you can smell the psychosphere”.


The term psychosphere is not a common term in the English language. It originates from the science fiction literature of authors such as Roland C. Wagner and  H. P. Lovecraft – the creator of  the Cthulhu Mythos.

“Psychosphere” can be defined as “sphere of human consciousness” and takes its roots in Carl Jung’s concept of “collective unconscious”. It basically states that all thoughts that go through the human brain are “converted” by the neocortex and projected outwards into ethereal dimensions. Humans therefore live in an “atmosphere of thoughts”, a concept that is also referred to as “noosphere” by Vladimir Vernadsky and Teilhard de Chardin. According to them, the existence of this psychosphere causes humans to be compelled to respond to similar ideas, myths and symbols.

Although referred to in other terms, the concept of psychosphere is important in occult circles who conduct mega-ritals to influence the “collective unconscious” – often for nefarious purposes.

In the 1940s, the French poet and theater director Antonin Artaud predicted the advent of occult mega-rituals in media. Artaud was an adept of  several forms of occultism and well-aware of the transformative powers of theatrical rituals: he created the infamous “Theater of Cruelty” that intended to profoundly change the audience. Regarding the processing of the Group Mind, Artaud wrote:

“Aside from the trifling witchcraft of country sorcerers, there are tricks of global hoodoo in which all alerted consciousnesses participate periodically … That is how strange forces are aroused and transported to the astral vault, to the dark dome which is composed above all of … the poisonous aggressiveness of the evil minds of most people … the formidable tentacular oppression of a kind of civic magic which will soon appear undisguised.”

Occult researchers have often identified ritualistic murders as mass-rituals meant to shock the masses and disturb the psychosphere.

“[Some murders] are ritual murders involving a cult protected by the U.S. government and the corporate media, with strong ties to the police.

Such killings are actually intricately choreographed ceremonies; performed first on a very intimate and secret scale, among the initiates themselves in order to program them, then on a grand scale, amplified incalculably by the electronic media.

In the end what we have is a highly symbolic, ritual working broadcast to millions of people, a Satanic inversion; a Black mass, where the “pews” are filled by the entire nation and through which humanity is brutalized and debased in this, the ‘Nigredo’ phase of the alchemical process.

– Michael A. Hoffman II, Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare

This is what True Detective is truly about.

Rustin Cohle, who has a tendency toward ESP, states that he can actually “smell the psychosphere”‘ and that it tastes “like aluminum and ash”. In other words, the sphere of human thought around the crime scene is nothing less than toxic and foul. However, being himself part of the human sphere, Cohle cannot help but being part of it and, on some level, even embracing it.

In the "present day" scenes, where Cohle is discussing his investigation with detectives, Cohle drinks cans of beer and smokes cigarettes - aluminum and ashes. Is this a way of saying that, after years in the "psychosphere" that Cohle is now completely imbued with it?

In the “present day” scenes Cohle drinks cans of beer and smokes cigarettes … aluminum and ashes. While, fifteen years before, Cohle was disgusted by the taste of the psychosphere, this psychosphere is now part of him.

The first ritual murder discovered in True Detectives was purposely staged to attract the attention of the masses. Not only is it a physical manifestation of the foul psychosphere, it is also an attempt to massively affect the psychosphere. These mega-rituals are purposely staged to shock and traumatize the masses, who then collectively send these thoughts to the psychosphere, creating the type of ambiance the occult elite revel in.

Throughout the series, an image appears in several places and through several people : Five men around a girl. This “pentagram of men” represents the occult elite abusing a child in a ritualistic matter. Through the psychosphere, the world appears to be aware of this, almost unconsciously.

The detectives find at the Tuttles house a video of a little girl being abused and sacrificed by five masked men.

The detectives find a video of a little girl being abused and sacrificed by five masked men. The fact that the ritual was recorded represents the elite’s propensity for creating “snuff material”.


While visiting the house of a woman whose daughter mysteriously disappeared, Cohle notices a framed picture of a young girl surrounded by five masked men.

While visiting the house of a woman whose daughter mysteriously disappeared, Cohle notices a framed picture of a young girl surrounded by five masked men.

Martin Hart's daughter placed five male dolls around a female naked doll.

Martin Hart’s daughter Audrey placed five male dolls around a female naked doll. We’ll later see how this character is subtly connected to the rituals.

While telling his story to detectives, Rustin Cohle weirdly transforms five cans of beer in to five little people and places them in a circle. Is he unconsciously telling the detectives who are the real culprits and that he never caught them?

While telling his story to agents, Rustin Cohle oddly transforms five cans of beer in to five little people and places them in a circle. Is he unconsciously telling the detectives that he never caught the real culprits – the pentagram of men?

Through symbols, the series tells us that the psychosphere is disturbed by the elite’s rituals and that its effects seep through the reality of the masses. However, these effects are not only symbolic: they influence society’s morals, values and behavior. This is represented by the evolution of Martin Hart’s family.

Martin Hart and his Family

Played by Woody Harrelson, Martin Hart is very much the opposite of Rustin Cohle. A simple look at the character’s names gives a good idea of their mindset. The name Rustin Cohle sounds like “rust and coal” – two materials associated with decay and toxicity – which represent his world vision. In contrast, Martin Hart’s last name sounds like “heart” – the muscular organ that keeps people alive. Far from being detached from the material world like Cohle, Hart intensely lives the emotional trials and tribulations of human experience. Like most humans, he is also deeply flawed. While considering himself to be a Christian, he has a propensity for adultery and violence.

It is however the evolution of his family that is the most telling. While his family has nothing to do with the main investigation, the series spends a great amount of time describing its evolution. More than simple “character development”, the Hart family represents how average citizens are ultimately affected by the foul psychosphere and the moral depravity of those that rule them.

Although Marty’s daughter Audrey has no apparent knowledge of or contact with those who conduct the rituals, she nevertheless appears to be deeply affected by it. As seen above, Marty found her daughter playing with dolls that appear to re-create “pentagram of men”. Later, her parents find a book full of upsetting drawings.

One of Audrey's sexual drawings feature a mask man touching a woman.

One of Audrey’s sexual drawings feature a masked man touching a woman who has her hands bound behind her back.


In another scene, Marty's girls are seen wearing a crown with ribbons - which is reminiscent to the Satanic antler crown with ribbons placed on the victims during the rituals.

In another scene, Marty’s girls are seen wearing a tiara with ribbons – which is reminiscent to the Satanic antler crown with ribbons placed on the victims during the rituals.


The tiara ends up on a tree, not unlike the ritual victims.

The tiara ends up on a tree, not unlike the ritual victims.

The foul psychosphere appears to affect Audrey’s behavior and her very soul. Her grandfather foretells her future while talking with Marty about “kids today”.

“I’ve seen kids today. All in black, makeup on their faces. Everything is sex”.

While Marty basically dismissed these words as being an old man’s ramblings, Audrey eventually grows up to become exactly that what her grandfather said.

Audrey dressed in black with makeup on her face. In this scene, she got caught by her father having sex with two guys in a truck.

Audrey dressed in black with makeup on her face. In this scene, she got caught by her father having sex with two guys in a truck. This caused Marty to call her a “slut”.

Audrey’s transformation from an innocent girl to a promiscuous teen represents how the occult elite’s depravity and immorality ultimately affects the entire population. While she is not a direct victim of the occult elite, she is an indirect victim through the foul ambiance she grows up in. We later learn that, as an adult, Audrey “sometimes forgets to take her pills”, implying that she has mental health issues and that she was indirectly traumatized by this context. Therefore, through various means, the series shows how the psychosphere is purposely disturbed to create a generation that is morally lost.

Now let’s look at the secretive group that is behind this all.

The Spiral – Representing the “Real Life” Occult Elite

As the investigation progresses, the detectives learn about a group of “rich men” sacrificing children. They also learn about the mythology surrounding it.

“There’s a place down-South where all these rich men go to devil-worship. They sacrifice kids and whatnot. Women and children all got murdered there and something about someplace called Carcosa and the Yellow King. He said there’s all these, like, old stones out in the woods people go to, like, worship. He said there’s so much good killing down there. The spiral – that’s their sign.”

We soon discover who’s behind these rituals: The elite of Louisiana, members of an ancient bloodline, the Tuttle family. As a Texan, Cohle quickly finds out that one member of the Tuttle family is Governor and another one leads the Church – therefore encompassing the spheres of power that are politics and religion.

As the detectives discover that the rituals are basically a family affair, they begin constructing the Tuttle family tree.

As the detectives discover that the rituals are basically a family affair, they begin constructing the Tuttle family tree.

After the detectives caught Reggie Ledoux, the deranged redneck, the camera ominously focuses on a lone tree - a tree that is seen multiple times during the series. With its roots firmly gripping the Louisiana soil, the tree represents the family bloodline that rules the region.

After the detectives catch the deranged redneck, the camera ominously focuses on a lone tree – a tree that is seen multiple times during the series. With its roots firmly gripping the Louisiana soil, this tree represents the family bloodline that rules the region.

The detectives learn that the Tuttles are responsible for a great number of missing children who were abused and killed in a ritual sacrifice. Since the family is extremely powerful, law enforcement and local media are completely silent. The family practices its own brand of Louisiana voodoo mixed with classic Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) as practiced by the occult elite. While the family’s area of action is very local, it does not take much extrapolation to understand that the Tuttles represent the occult elite that currently rules the entire world.

The Spiral’s taste for Satanic rituals, torture, mind control, and abuse of children is representative of the occult elite’s darkest obsessions. Even the Spiral symbol in the series is actually used by real life networks of shady men to secretly disclose their “preferences.” Here’s an FBI file describing the symbols used by “boy lovers”.

FBI file describing symbols used by children abuse networks.

Actual FBI file describing symbols used by child-abuse networks.

The Spiral on a skull in Carcosa.

The Spiral on a skull in Carcosa.

In True Detective, the Spiral’s rituals are drenched in a specific mythology heavily inspired by science-fiction/horror literature, notably from H.P. Lovecraft.

The Mythology

In True Detective, sacrifices are made to the “Yellow King” which is basically an effigy of a horned god and they take place in an abandoned structure dubbed Carcosa. The mythology surrounding the Spiral borrows heavily from science fiction literature, notably Robert W. Chamber’s The King in Yellow (aka the Yellow King), which mentions a lost city named Carcosa.

Along the shore the cloud waves break,
The twin suns sink beneath the lake,
The shadows lengthen
In Carcosa.

Strange is the night where black stars rise,
And strange moons circle through the skies
But stranger still is
Lost Carcosa.

Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
Where flap the tatters of the King,
Must die unheard in
Dim Carcosa.

Song of my soul, my voice is dead;
Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed
Shall dry and die in
Lost Carcosa.

The term Carcosa was also used by H.P. Lovecraft in his famous Cthulhu Mythos. Why is Lovecraft so often referred to in the series? His works are greatly revered in several occult circles and, considering the fact that the series is about satanic ritual murders, it makes sense.

H.P. Lovecraft

While H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu Mythos, is usually considered as a near-satirical atheist work of fiction (it’s about monstrous alien gods), it nevertheless gained great notoriety with societies with a more metaphysical world view. For instance, Anton LaVey’s book The Satanic Rituals includes a chapter entitled “The Metaphysics of Lovecraft”

The Satanic Rituals consider Lovecraft to be a conduit of sorts for “unseen Powers”: “Whether his sources of inspiration were consciously recognized and admitted or were a remarkable ‘psychic’ absorption, one can only speculate.” The rituals consist of evoking names of the Cthulhu Mythos along with the inevitable “Hail Satan,” in mock ceremony evoking the elaborate proclamation and community response of the Catholic Mass.
– Dennis P. Quinn, Cults of an Unwitting Oracle: The (Unintended) Religious Legacy of H. P. Lovecraft

Kenneth Grant, an occultist who was a prominent member of Aleister Crowley’s secret society Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O) wrote extensively on the importance of Lovecraft’s works.

For Grant, writing in 1980, Lovecraft should be praised for his abilities to “control the dreaming mind that it is capable of projection into other dimensions.” It is well known that Lovecraft often gained inspiration for his stories in his dreams. For Grant, Lovecraft received actual arcane knowledge in his dreams, which was then expressed through the Cthulhu Mythos. Grant has inspired many magicians, some of whom have moved more into the realm of Lovecraft’s fictional writings.
– Ibid.

Lovecraft’s works are therefore highly regarded by occult or satanic groups who are heavily bent on rituals. Some symbols associated with these societies appear throughout the series.

Reggie Ledoux, one of the culprits carrying out rituals has a tattoo of Baphomet inside an inverted pentagram on his back, the sigil of the Church of Satan.

Reggie Ledoux, one of the culprits (more of a patsy) carrying out rituals has a tattoo of Baphomet inside an inverted pentagram – the sigil of the Church of Satan.

Although the detectives caught and killed Reggie Ledoux, they ultimately learn that the killings are still happening. Even at the end of the series, when the detectives get their hands of Errol Childress (the crazy stereotypical redneck), there are clues implying that he’s not the real culprit – he’s just a patsy.

Errol Childress – Patsy of the Elite

While investigating the Tuttle family, the detectives discover that the reverend has children from a mistress. One of them is Errol Childress, a “bastard son” who was treated badly. In fact, everything about him points toward him being a victim of a multi-generational satanic cult.

Errol has scars on his face because he was disfigured by his own father, which undoubtedly left him traumatized.

Errol has scars on his face because he was disfigured as a child by his family.

In this important shot we see that the Spiral symbol was burned into Errol's flesh, as if he was "branded" by it. In short, he is not the head of the club, he is more of a traumatized victim.

In this important shot we see that the Spiral symbol was burned into Errol’s flesh, as if he was “branded” by it. In short, he is not the head of the club, he is more of a traumatized victim.

At the end of an episode, Errol eerily says "My family's been here a long, long time." and then proceeds to mow the lawn in a spiral pattern. This symbolically represents how everything the occult elite does is in plain sight - for those who have "eyes to see". It also shows how Errol is obsessed by this symbol and was programmed by it.

At the end of an episode, Errol eerily says “My family’s been here a long, long time.” and then proceeds to mow the lawn in a spiral pattern. This symbolically represents how everything the occult elite does is in plain sight – for those who have “eyes to see”. It also shows how Errol is obsessed by this symbol and was programmed by it.

The show provides several clues hinting to the fact that Errol Childress is actually a victim of trauma-based mind control. First, he speaks with in distinct accents – a classic symptom of person with multiple personas. Errol effectively alternates between a typical Louisiana drawl and a distinguished British accent. The contents of his house is also quite telling.

Errol's house is full of dolls (many of which are beheaded). Not only do these dolls add to the "creep" factor, they are a classic symbol to represent multiple personas created through Mind Control.

Errol’s house is full of dolls (many of which are beheaded). Not only do these dolls add to the “creep” factor, they are a classic symbol to represent multiple personas created through Mind Control.

In the opening sequence of the show, we the face of a child projected on a telephone (the one at Errol's house). The dial is on the child's head, a way of portraying how victims of the Spiral has their minds controlled.

In the opening sequence of the show, the face of a child projected on a telephone (the one at Errol’s house). The dial is on the child’s head, a way of portraying how victims of the Spiral are mind controlled.

While his father is one of the richest and most respected people in Louisiana, Errol lives in filthy shack with an equally filthy half-sister with whom he copulates. In other words, Errol is clearly not part of the “elite” but an illegitimate byproduct of it. While he is the ultimate “bad guy” of the series, it is rather clear that he’s simply another victim of the Spiral. Even people who worked for the family were victims.

When the detectives visit Delores Jackson, an ex-maid who worked for Tuttles, we also see signs of mind control.

When the detectives visit Delores Jackson, an ex-maid who worked for Tuttles, we also see signs of mind control.

Although Delores became mentally ill and generally unresponsive (as if she was traumatized in her life), she gets very excited when Rust shows her images of devil nets – as if they were trigger images. She then begins reciting lines as if they were programmed into her.

“You know Carcosa? Him who eats time. Him robes, it’s a wind of invisible voices. Rejoice! Death is not the end!”

It is therefore quite clear that the real people behind the Spiral were never caught in the series. The series ended the same way real life stories involving the occult elite often end: A mind-controlled patsy takes the fall and dies, leaving the real culprits untouched. While Errol did actually commit atrocious crimes, he was a product of a deeper system.

When the detectives finally found and killed Errol, they are sent to the hospital to heal their wounds. There, we hear a TV news report stating:

“The State Attorney General and the FBI have discredited rumors that the accused was in some way related to the family of Louisiana Senator Edwin Tuttle.”

This little piece of information confirms the the State Attorney General, the FBI and mass media in general are “in cahoots” with the Spiral because they are using disinformation to clear the family’s name.

Rust then tells Marty that, although they caught Errol Childress, their job was not complete.

“Tuttles, the men in the video … We didn’t get them all”

To which Marty replies:

“Yeah, and we ain’t gonna get ’em all. That ain’t the kind of world it is, but we got ours”.

Marty’s grim assessment about “how the world is” basically means that the real occult elite does not get caught. By saying “we got ours”, he means that they got the what they were supposed to get: The chosen patsy. This is not a comforting message regarding the occult elite, but it is the sad truth.

In Conclusion

The series True Detectives spurred all kinds of discussions and theories about the identity of the killer. However, beyond the classic “whodunit”, there is a constant message communicated throughout every episode. It is about our society, about who rules it and about the unseen forces that influence us all. It is about the psychosphere, a concept that is obscure to most of us, but that is nevertheless extremely important in occult elite circles. Through mega-rituals amplified by mass media, the elite actively looks to generate shock, fear, and dismay in the general population, whose thoughts then get projected back to the psychosphere. This disturbance causes the human race to live in a toxic atmosphere, ruled by specific symbols and thoughts. Furthermore, as portrayed by Audrey in True Detectives, a disturbed psychosphere causes society to break down, to become immoral and obsessed with dark thoughts. This is what they revel in.

Despite all of this, the series ends with Rustin Cohle having an epiphany and “seeing the light” because, for a moment, he saw the “spirit world”, where his dead daughter waited for him. Cohle realized that, beyond this material world, the one that is ruled by powerful sadistic families, there is another dimension – an eternal one – where they have no power at all.



  1. I gotta admit, this show sounds kind of cool! lol. Never seen or heard of it before. But now that I'm done watching breaking bad on Netflix I need some other show to get into. I hope the characters are as intriguing as V.C. makes them sounds. Though all that satanic stuff is seriously creepy, but i need to hear more about this psychosphere.

    • Totally different to Breaking Bad. Get Seven the movie, move it to the South. Sustitute the buildings and the rain with old big trees and cricketts singing. Here we are. Eight hours of something simply stunning. For me, it´s the best show i´ve ever seen. And it´s all about this article. It´s not what they show you, it´s about what they want you to think. Simply amazing. It breaths Lovecraft with every phrase and scene. And the work of the actors is just stunning. (Sorry for my english, i´m spanish)

      • Wow. I definitely gotta watch this. I just hope it does scare me too much. Is it on NETFLIX? This sounds like one of those premium cable shows and I don't have premium cable. I don't even watch much TV (Thanks to V.C. actually, I'm afraid most TV is trying to mind control me) so when i hear something that sounds good i just head to netflix and watch it.

        It's okay if it's not like "Break Bad". Breaking bad was more in your face action and drama, this sounds way more "cerebral" and "spiritual". Which is something I haven't seen on American TV much. Breaking Bad was awesome, but it was pretty stupid and I know it. lol. V.C. just ruined this first season of this show for me but i'm eager to find something that will hold my attention, reinforce the bible and make me use my brains a little.

      • It gave me nightmares. I watched the first episodes of it then I watched 5 in a row and I couldn't stop thinking 'Franklin Cover Up, Conspiracy of Silence". I had nightmares that night. I have super vivid dreams almost every night and when they are horrible they are truly horrible. You can never look away in your dreams no matter how hard you try and how much you cover your eyes in a dream, you can never look away. The dream plays out in your mind how it plays out and even if you want to look away you're still dreaming about what's happening so you still dream it or see it.

        I knew about the Franklin Cover Up before I saw this and I was utterly stunned how much it resembled it. Even the patsy (or patsies) reminded me of Henry Lee Lucas, as far as I know the only murderer George W Bush even commuted when he was Governor of Texas.

        It's still a very good TV show and in some ways I wish I didn't know that this wasn't really fiction at all. Never the less there are some great story lines in it and it's not constant satanic related stuff, I mean that's pretty much the background and foundation of the series but there's much more to it.

        I was actually surprised it was even made and with such a great cast. Matthew McConaughey is going through what film critics call "The McConaissance" (like The Renaissance but just for one guy) and he's what I suppose you would call "hot" (celebrity makes me vomit, I can't stand it) so that makes it all the more surprising that he took part in what was basically a true story. There was even hints of Paul Bonacci and Johnny Gosch in it. Come to think of it, I am stunned it managed to get on TV and made by such a great channel as HBO. Some might say that it's plausible deniability but the Franklin Cover Up happened so long ago so I just don't buy that at all. If anything it has brought more attention to The Franklin Cover Up.

      • You really shouldn't have read this prior to watching it though. I waited until after bc I don't like having the suspense spoiled in advance.

    • WearyWatcher on

      I feel sick after watching shows this demented. No, I'll stir clear of it. I don't need these images of corruption in my head passing as "entertainment". Programming has a purpose, and it's not entertainment.

      • Freedom fighter on

        Entertainment, made from enter; to enter, Tain; gain possession or hold, ment; state of mind. So entertainment is designed to gain entry and posess a state of mind. I think the root words are entre, tenure and mense.

    • Check out Out Witting The Devil by Napoleon Hill. Read the chapter on Hypnotic Rhythm. Great work VC!

    • It is brilliantly deep, deeper than is implied here. It did upset me though and I had to build myself up to finishing it.

  2. seenb4in84 on

    I found it funny how the very first line of the first episode was Woody Harrelson saying: "You don't pick your parents…" I feel this was an inside joke. I like Woody as an actor, but his Dad had quite the history, check it out. This was a good series but they definately only scraped the surface of the spiritual wickedness in high places.

    • Very good point!

      Woody's dad was involved with the Mafia, and the judge that he murdered was somehow connected to the JFK killings. His dad claims to have been a shooter in the grassy knolls, which sounds crazy, but he definitely did roll in those circles. Or should I say spirals…

      The thing is though, looking at Woody's body of work, he's probably just as shady as his dad is. I saw him on Leno or something, and he was joking about his daughter's boyfriend, saying how he had to show him his collection of weapons.

      True Detective, Seven Psychopaths (another good one for analysis), Natural Born Killers… he's obsessed with themes of murder.

      And he strongly gives off the vibe of a psychopath. It's always in the eyes.

    • I know of a family in Coates NC that raised their children through incest and mind control and are still unleashing evil now on their Grandkids. They are Roland O Darnell and Stephanie Martin Darnell

      • Thank you for sharing. God be with those children! The truth really does set us free….and bring us closer to the Lord.

        "Cohle realized that, beyond this material world, the one that is ruled by powerful sadistic families, there is another dimension – an eternal one – where they have no power at all." amen to that.

        God bless you all; keep the faith.

  3. The thing that catches my interest about this "psychophere" is it finally gives a name to what I have been feeling all along!

    Yes, i can feel the psychophere! I can't taste it, but i can feel it, and hear it maybe. It's the shifts I felt growing up, from the 80's, to the 90's, to today. I felt the change very much, you can hear it in the music of the periods and we are in a dark time indeed. This is why the music is so dark, nightmarish, sex and violence obsessed. Self obsessed, mistrusting of other human beings. They do this on purpose to darken the psychophere and every generation that is born in the psychophere is effected.

    • Get help. The psychosphere isn't real. If you want to analyze the media, or study the spread of ideas or of religion, then do that. But what you're doing isn't serious inquiry, it's just plain nutty quackery.

      No wonder the US south is so messed up.

      The cult that's killed the most people, including children in history is christianity. Look it up, I dare you.

      • Isn't that what "Left Eye" the rapper was into? Right before she died under somewhat mysterious circumstances?

      • blackrocker4ever on

        That's why Lisa Lopes called herself "Left Eye"..She was one of the few artists that did it so blantantly at that time. She was way ahead of the rap/hip hop artists in the 90's..She literally pushed it for herself as far as she could and yeah, you could see death actually chasing after her..One of the most profound things I have ever seen…

      • The US altogether is messed up, not just the south and who the hell are you to call ideas that are bigger then your pea brain can handle "quackery"? Nobody. Your just another xerox copy dupe a hell of a lot interesting then the made up people ion the media.

      • You can wear any label you want to and charade under its guise, but does that make you, at heart, truly stand for the label you placed on yourself? The Roman Catholic Church murdered for power and riches, that had nothing to do with God other than saying He willed it. Anybody and most do say that it was obvious the intent for the Crusades.
        The Inquisition was to destroy the opposition that had read the Word of God for themselves and found them to be liars and the Beast of prophecy. Christianity has not murdered anyone, people do. Jesus said if you live by the sword, you die by the sword. If you are a soldier, prepare to meet a soldier's death. War is a part of this world and we should fight is said individual feels they want to.

        Man will use any label or scapegoat necessary to meet his own desires be it religion or the absence thereof. That does not prevent our selfish human desire aka sin.

      • Understanding of war/rationale for war/perpetrators of conflict is so confused in the US I would say it is now impossible to enlighten most people. Then it was the power and riches and knowledge of the true Abrahamic faith. More recently it has all been about the petro$ and psychopathic determination to preserve the Fed and those who benefit from it. Much of what I would like to say cannot even be written.

      • Another clueless atheist that blames religion for all ills while atheistic governments have killed more persons than any other religion or king could have dreamt of ….how classy.

    • blackrocker4ever on

      I KNOW exactly what you mean, Dolly..I agree with you regarding the shift and NONE are more prevelant than the shifts that took place between the decades from the 60's to the 70's and then to the 80's..The thing about those decades though are that for the most part, it was a positive almost magical element that hovered over..The 60's had some of the most incredible music in The Beatles, Hendrix, Dylan, etc. Same thing as in the 70's and the 80's..Music overall was fantastic, no matter the genre..Society had REAL musical superstars who are NOW icons..The difference in the 90's is the shift was profoundly negative and that's where we are NOW..It's designed to be filled with hopelessness, dispair, loneliness, depraved sex, suicidal emotions, etc..The ILL does not want more John Lennons, Jimi Hendrix's, Bob Marley's, Michael Jackson's, Madonna's, Prince's, etc..Those artists instilled inspiration, positive excitement and positive endorphins..No accident that the Gaga's, Beyonce's, Mileys, Biebers, Rhiannnas, Keshas are what they are..So Dolly, I feel a crush for you coming on!

      • I agree about the super nasty shift. I don't know why I felt everything got worse since Britney's meltdown… I know that sounds silly but it did affect the psychosphere in my opinion. Anyway… it still doesn't get more satanic than the Beatles, they even had Crowley in one of their album covers! Bob Marley and Jimmy Hendrix I feel were not on the evil stuff… but remember Hendrix was drowned in red wine.

      • Those guys you mentioned were all controlled by military intelligence, or the Tavistock institute in England. They're not as positive as you think they are. The Illuminati made these people.

        Jimi Hendrix: "I'm going down to shoot my old lady.." Sound positive to you? How about Happiness is a Warm Gun?

        The music has always been shifting to the negative. What you're saying now is the exact same thing folks said when Elvis Presley came out, making teenage girls scream by shaking his hips. There was a real dread when that happened. Is this what they all fought in WW2 for? That's how they felt. The Beatles instilled the same fears. These bands all rocked the "psychosphere" in a much more powerful way than acts today do. People don't really get too shocked any more, and it's the groups that you're putting on a pedestal that paved the way for that.

      • Glad that you responded to their opinion that the music artists in past generations such as The Beatles were more positive and without any moral deficiency. I like to read the comments following anything I read to see how aware and informed people are and their response to the information that is presented. Those of that opinion need to do their own research, they were as you said deeply involved in the occult.
        The Beatles were puppets for the illuminati and used their music in a very nefarious scheme just as described in the term psychosphere.

      • Read David MCGowans "Weird Scenes of the Canyon" a closer look to Laurel Canyons Music Scene and Hippie Aera, and read about all of your "Icons" you may change your point of View.
        The Shift took place in the late 50s and since then everything goes to hell. Literally.

    • The biggest shift i felt was when the early 90s grunge movement came into play .. esp with bands like nirvana, alice in chains, soundgarden to name a few .. their music just made me feel depressed and hopeless.

      • anonymous girl on

        But that's just because we are all the frog in the water that is slowly boiling from whatever generation we start from. It was a little more positive in the beginning to dazzle us and now it's reached the boiling point to where there is hardly any positive left in it. But make no mistake, it was never positive in the intentions (mainstream music)…

  4. I have always had this idea about a psychophere but if you can't name something then it's hard to understand your own thought and harder still to translate it for other people. I haven't been on V.C. for a while but i'm glad i checked it out today. This article has given me a whole lot to think about.

    This is exactly why the bible constantly warns us to "keep out minds clean and our spirits joyful". Sometimes i read the bible or hear some of the concepts within it and think "Why the hell are we suppose to be cheerful with all this doom, gloom, and God trying to destroy us every other chapter? If he wants us to be cheerful, stop trying to drown us!" well, i guess i have a definitive answer now!

    • "Why the hell are we suppose to be cheerful with all this doom, gloom,
      and God trying to destroy us every other chapter?

      If he wants us to be cheerful,
      stop trying to drown us!"

      I read that like it was from Psalms. Heartfelt, yet hilarious.

    • Dolly, if I am understanding you correctly, you're saying that God is trying to destroy us. That is simply not true. The devil (evil force in the world) comes to steal, kill, and destroy. God is our refuge, our fortress, our strong tower in the face of the unimaginable evil that is wrapping its tentacles around the world.
      Ephesians 6:10-13 tells us to turn to God for protection, and to put on the whole armor of God, so that we may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against powers, against principalities (leaders with power), against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickness in high places. HE is our ONLY defense in the face of this evil, because it is a spiritual battle, not a physical one. As things progress, the difference between good and evil will become more and more obvious. You will be forced to make a choice. I hope you make the right one. You might want to try to develop a personal relationship with Him. The rewards are amazing.

  5. VC, you quote Michael Hoffman, I assume you've read his work with James Shelby Downard. Do you not find it intriguing that Woody Harrelson is the Executive Producer considering his father's infamy?

    • Holy crap! His mother's name was Diane Oswald. I wonder if there is any relation. His father claimed to have killed Kennedy in a "confused state".

  6. seenb4in84 on

    There's also the owl symbolism (of godess worship as seen in the Bohemian Grove for Athena) in the burned down church. The repeated butterfly symbolism around Woody's characters daughters (Monarch butterfly for MK Ultra and it's symbolism for the animal's genetic memory). Also in the police depatment in the bosses office there are stags heads (horned god) mounted possibly an allusion to the cult having people within the forces hierarchy. There's plenty more too, this is the first time I've seen this subject touched on so clearly since Eyes WIde Shut. Kubrick went on to die on the 66th day of the year 1999 exactly 666 days before the Kubrikesque date of January 1st 2001.

    • …what?

      You must be joking about Kubrick's death having relevance to anything. What a crock. Terrific article that brings out all the whackos.

      • whatanidiot on

        Are you serious? Were you at his deathbed? What in the f*** tells you there was nothing strange going on there? The director behind films like "Eyes Wide Shut" dies 666 days before the beginning of the 21st century and you have some divine knowledge that nothing strange was going on? Do you know how Hollywood works?

  7. Fleurdamour on

    Re this quote:

    “I think human consciousness is a tragic step in evolution. Nature created an aspect of nature separate from itself. We are creatures that should not exist by natural law”.

    This is actually a concise statement of a core aspect of the occultic worldview. Stephen Flowers in his book Lords of the Left Hand Path writes at great length about how the very existence of consciousness is in a way supernatural, due to its establishment of a subjective universe inside every sentient being that then has free will to define itself by acting in opposition to the greater universe if it so chooses. That's why meddling with the psychosphere is so powerful – it's magical by the definition of its very existence.


  8. Fleurdamour on

    (Cont. from above)

    I personally think if nature produces something, then it is in fact a natural phenomenon, and not something separate. Some practitioners of left hand path ways say that their very opposition to God will make them a god in their own right, and they seem to have a horror of being subsumed in oneness with exisiting deity, such as right-hand path practices espouse through nirvana, annihilating the negative ego, accepting Christ into your life, etc. I think they are missing the point that such a oneness is not a destruction of the individual being, but simply a realization that we were all part of a divine unity all along. To resist that seems to me like teenage rebellion, a necessary stage of development as a maturing child begins to define himself outside of the family circle, but one that must be left behind when he achieves psychological wholeness by realizing the value of where he came from, while still standing as an individual.

    • Then don't watch TV. Read a book. Anytime an intelligent series comes out on TV there is always someone who is disgusted by it, because it probably shows too much reality. Twin Peaks was very intelligent, True Detective is very intelligent. The best show in my opinion was Breaking Bad, but I guess that was too reel for you.

      • Im not calling any of these shows stupid… but everyone has different opinions. Some people may find the show intelligent while others will find it stupid or disgusting. Its just an opinion.

    • Maybe don't be so harsh and these people are exposing the sickness the only way they can, because Twin Peaks exposed it and David Lynch is one of us.

  9. I definitely recognized a lot of the references to mind control and the occult elite in this series, and that didn't stop me from loving it. This article gave me more more insight, as always.

    I love that word, "psychosphere," which I didn't appreciate as much until I read about it here. It's such a useful word today, where we're constantly bombarded with mass shootings, bombings, and threats of war. Our psychosphere leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

    • It's not complicated to trace back why the public mindset is so screwy and filled with hate and ignorance : Fox news and its military backers who need people to remain ignorant dupes so they can keep fleecing you.

      Being afraid of your neighbours, hating other cultures you can't even place on a map…these are all objectives that are part and parcel of the US x-tian / military / industrial war machine. All those evils work together to promote the class of the super rich. The US south, as depicted in this show, is a squalid, depressing, regressive place, with antiquated ideas, and lots of skeletons in its closet.

      It's mostly due to the stranglehold religion has over the ignorant masses. Those "charter schools" you see in the show, by the way, are VERY WELL known for shuffling around and protecting child molesting priests, and are a undergoing a resurgence as we speak in order to circumvent the separation of church and state, by creating schools explicitly outside the usual system. This will guarantee another generation of ignorant hillbillies in the 21st century, who end up with twitchy fingers on the nuke button.

      The problem is cults in general : they are an unrepentant, consistent, and tenacious source of evil. And that includes the big 3 religions, who have done and continue to do the most damage. If you want to know who has abused the most children, look no further than buildings adorned with crosses.

      This is a fact.

      • i think its unfair to hate on the religion or the church just because its priest committed something evil.. give up on the preacher, but still believe in the Church.. hey, we all know Brian Singer is a predator, but will that stop you from watching the new Xmen movie?

      • Your dislike of religious institutions is sound, but you are missing the big picture. One aspect of the cultured and spoon-fed thinking pushed today is that religion is bad when people are in control of it. You cannot blame a belief system because someone abuses it or uses it, even not living up to its teaching. We all are flawed and will make mistakes. Christianity was meant to be a struggle and the reward comes in the end.

        And the south not only is built on errors, the north, east, and west are all suffering the same problem. I guess you aquate the south with religion when in fact, religious or Christian believers live everywhere. Child molesters will access whatever institution allows them closest to minors. A church is a huge billboard for that. You earn the trust and respect necessary, as well as the cloak of "godly" to accomplish their ends.

        Now it may work best but there are other methods they use as well. Influence and position through different venues. Does that mean religion is the problem? No. It means predators will pray regardless. Your own personal strife with God does not justify your one-sided ravings.

  10. María del Rosario on

    A perfect example in real life is Michael Jackson. his murder affected thousands of people worldwide. Also affected his family, and they themselves were sold for cash, to the murderers of Michael. Also affected, to Annie, of the Smooth Criminal, because she is the soul of Michael's work, and she was also a victim of this plot, and she is still alive, because she has a God in his heart always. But this murder, or rather, murders, because THEY also killed Peter Lopez, because he knew who I am, not was made just for money, the main objective was the sacrifice, to show the power of Lucifer and his followers .
    Do not forget how Michael, titled, two of his albums: Deangerous, and Invincible. but no one cares about that women to who Michael speaks, or why, speaks of a woman who is dangerous, or why, he speaks of a woman who is invincible, or why, Smooth Criminal, leaves his blood on a carpet in front of Annie, or why, Michael rewritten a song titled as his last show, This Is It, and speaks with a woman he tries to make recall a conversation, and a path, and also tells her: feel my song, we can say …
    But goal, THEY have not been able to complete. I'm alive, thank God, to tell the truth. and this is the purpose of God, that the truth is known by all.

    In these titles, you can read all about it and the truth about what they are doing us all in this world:

    (WOMAN IN HEAVEN MOONWALKER ON EARTH) II Part ( We are going to meet)

    • Rust and Ash on

      Hardly…both are good shows but Hannibal is nowhere close to it on many levels. Attention to detail, realism, peeling back the curtain…only the Wire was as close to how real life works as those eight episodes of True Detective. Great job VC…thanks for your work!

      • My dad used to watch the Wire, seemed to enjoy it. But for me, it never really caught my interest.

        While reading this article I thought about watching True Detective, but apart from the spoilers (which I'll forget by tomorrow) I was disappointed to hear the finale was a bit of a let down, which has put me off. I suppose I could watch it if people think it's worth watching.

  11. jesusknight on

    Thank you for the article, VC, it was very well written and articulated. I would never be able to watch it, though, as I was abused myself as a child and some of the very weird stuff they did to me and around me I will probably never understand – and don't really want to. I understand enough that I don't want anything to do with it, if I can help it.

    • mzprincess on

      My heart goes out to you and I pray that you are ok. It makes me sad when children, the elderly, and disabled are abused. There needs to be more love in this world and less evil and hate. Spread the love everyone. Treat others kind and God will bless u.

  12. Wow, this is what you call loaded with symbolism. It looks as though the woman at the start was sacrificed to the "Horned God" and the spiral on her back is a reference to the spiral pattern (Black & White) used in hypnosis and to put people in trances, it is used on MK slaves and not to mention a reference to Helter Skelter, which is an amusement park ride in the shape of a spiral – The Beatles song "Helter Skelter" and how it influenced Charles Manson where he wrote this word in blood at the Manson murders scene (The Labiancas). The "devil nets" are made in the shape of a pyramid, obviously…….Interesting to know that the lone tree is focused on throughout the series, which represents the family bloodline. Don't forget the Ancient Druids were tree worshippers. This also symbolises the Tree of knowledge of good and evil from the Garden of Eden and also the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Tree/Nature = Earth. Earth being one of the 4 elements. Thanx VC.

    • I don't know if many know this, but there was nothing unique about the Tree of Knowledge. It was just a test. Like when you tell a child not to take a cookie from a cookie jar, then you come back to find their hand in it. It was a regular tree with regular fruit. To know good and evil was to know sin aside obedience in which the serpent lied to Eve through Satan. They failed the test of obedience and were cast out of paradise.

      • Yes you are right, I know that too. It was not about the nature of the actual sin or allure of the fruit. It was the intention to wilfully disobey the command which could have been grounded in an alternative scenario. A pure faith will always recognize the strength of intention above organized rituals

  13. Did anyone else email telling them to take a second look at this show…. I did! I was surprised to see a second article come about :) I remember the way I felt when I was watching this show….erratic… I knew there was something wrong with this. We have turned into mind controlled zombies. Why do we watch this nonsense and then tell other people to watch it. I actually told people at work that its a great show. Now i feel like shit, because most people are not conscious. To anyone who watches the show again, read this article one more time and listen to your heart, you know its fucked up and wrong!


    • As in, we're recommending this to folks who aren't "in the know" re: symbolism and right/wrong? I suppose. For me, and most others I'm comfortable sharing things with, it confirmed truth and offered realistic hope and was a very well made tv show—hence my recommendation. . I figure, all truth is God's truth, even if it's ugly.

      • In a way for me I think I am drawn to watch or read about this stuff as a way of confirming that it is real and others are aware of it. Even though I have been aware for many years I still find it hard to except and understand that this is reality and human beings or whatever can behave like this. The info coming out regarding the uk elite right now is explosive yet I still find myself doubting it Authenticity although my gut tells me its the truth. I suppose I don't want to believe or accept it.

  14. Excellent review.

    True Detective was reminiscent of Eyes Wide Shut. Both drew attention to the existence of an occultist elite. Both ended by noting how well they are able to cover their tracks.

    Confirms my belief that not all popular entertainment is under the control of the NWO, at least not yet!

    Also, "Psychosphere"

    A useful term.

    Similar to the older term "Zeitgeist"

    The Zeitgeist (spirit of the age or spirit of the time) is the intellectual fashion or dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time. For example, the Zeitgeist of modernism typified and influenced architecture, art, and fashion during much of the 20th century.[1]

    The German word Zeitgeist is often attributed to the philosopher Georg Hegel, but he never actually used the word. In his works such as Lectures on the Philosophy of History, he uses the phrase der Geist seiner Zeit (the spirit of his time)—for example, "no man can surpass his own time, for the spirit of his time is also his own spirit."[2]

    • They are very likely in promotion or financing shows like this. They do not care if people notice or not now because they are so close to completing their objective. Nothing can stop it at this point and prophecy has to run its course.
      They can tell the truth of themselves, but like in the show, you will never be able to touch them. Only Jesus sees their actions and knows their hearts and will judge accordingly.

  15. Marymeansrebel on

    Thanks V.C., thanks for insights regarding the psychosphere, H.P. Lovecraft, Antonin Artuad. I've got some of my own researching to do. Seems as "True Detective" is the elite's way to out their agenda and wipe their "karma" clean.

  16. Joseph C. Gioconda on

    VC: This is great, a marked improvement on my prior submission relating to the same show. Good work!

  17. fractalhedgehog on

    So what they are REALLY saying is this, "This stuff goes on. You'll never get the real ones who are responsible, so just accept what is given to you."

    That's the saddest part of all – the ones in charge rubbing peoples' noses in their (perceived) lack of power. We have to remember that we are the most effective tool against them – our own knowledge of what they're trying to do.

    • Dear fractalhedgehog,

      You raise a key issue, one that I have found endlessly fascinating.

      When someone pens a dystopian novel, film, or tv series, are they NWO elites rubbing our noses in our impotence?

      Or are they latter day heirs to Orwell, Huxley, Asimov, issuing dire warnings about what the NWO elites would like to impose upon us?

      To put it another way, how does one distinguish between "predictive programming" and "cautionary tale?"

      Personally, I think it's a mistake to automatically assume that every writer has been coopted by the NWO elites. I don't think that has happened, yet.

      • Don't forget that the atheist has an epiphany at the end. Not all doom and gloom.

  18. KeitaAgainstAllOdds on

    The article is an interesting read, however this seems like a really disturbing show, I personally wouldn't watch it. Even the pictures make my skin crawl! Regardless, great article VC

  19. Did anyone notice the relation between some things in this article about True Detective and Game of Thrones? If anyone ever watched GoT?!! The tree and how the Starks worship it in GoT. The Yellow God! The Spiral that the White Walkers left that is made of corpses! That Jon Snow is actually a bastard. Man! VC should write an article about Game of Thrones, I think it has something about all of this nonsense.

  20. Nowadays everythuing on television is to help rot the masses – show drugs being taken, talk of incest and jokes about it, cannibalism, lewd acts, disfigurement, etc. Disgusting.

  21. pourquoi au lieu d'adorer Dieu les hommes preferent l'argent, le sexe et le pouvoir?
    ne se rendent-ils pas comptent qu'ils vendent leur ame? et que qd le diable aura fini avec eux, il s'en debarrassera? c affligeant
    bel article encore une fois

  22. Phenomenal work, V!

    Couldn't help but notice, wasn't the last season of American Horror Story also based in Louisiana? As well as House of Cards? I could be wrong, I'm not very good at keeping up with TV. For obvious reasons.

    Keep up the amazing work! This was truly an incredible piece.

    • Hastings Wolfe on

      Two reasons, I think: 1) a lot of movies are being filmed in Louisiana because they offer amazing tax breaks to encourage studios to go there and 2) more importantly, Louisiana is a very spiritistic place. Due to the influx of voodoo from Haiti, it has become a magnet for the occult. Anne Rice of "Interview With The Vampire" fame explained a few years back that she loves it there for that very reason.

      • Yes and Lizzy, that is because Angela Bassett from AHS Coven, plays Marie Laveau, who is known as the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans.

  23. Another interesting show that just came out is Salem; about there being actual witches in Salem during the trials.

    My personal research has led me to believe that the main accuser in the trial, Elizabeth Hubbard, was the actual witch. She could slip into trances with ease, but then would accuse the women on trial of doing it to her.

    Anyway, the show came out on April 20, which according to Ted Gunderson is the most major Satanic holiday, and of course many mass rituals have occurred in that time area.

    Like AHS: Coven, the media is really pushing the witchcraft narrative on the masses right now.

      • Now that you mention it, I recall John Todd saying how the Collins' family presided over the witch trials.

        I've looked the guy up but so far haven't found too much.

    • That Salem show is vile. Rather than depicting 'real life' witches, it portrays them as animal sacrificing satanists. Again, another medium conveying messages about devil worship rituals and promiscuous acts, including its unnecessary soft porn scenes and repulsive main heroine (who is perfectly okay with young girl torture and sacrificing an old man with her secret to tell). It's strange to see Nikita's alumni in it.

      • Alex vandenBerg on

        As someone who stopped watching TV years ago, I am absolutely astounded to hear this. I can't believe that this vile vitriolic sadistic scum under the new jersey turnpike is being peddled so openly and brazenly. Its obvious what THEY are doing. And what they have in store for us is equally obvious: the normalization of pedophilia, beastialty, necrophilia, and then who knows– probably murder.

        As a side note, Martin Malachi (former adviser to three popes) claims the Occult Elite believe that if they soon raise the Leviathan (read firmly enthrone Lucifer within the Roman Catholic Church) then they will rule the world for a thousand years. Interesting how the "thousand years" is also talked about in the Book of Revelation in addition to being mentioned by George H.W. Bush (thousand points of light). But even more intriguing is the cover of Slayer's album "Reign in Blood". For those who are symbol literate it shouldn't be too hard to decipher the message: The Devil will be raised by the Pope (Roman Catholic Church) and Satanism has taken over Amerika.

        Changing gears again and thinking out loud– what if THEY intend to channel Cthulhu into Skynet?
        And what if we all take our chips and are linked via cybernetics to the AI system? Wouldn't that be nice?

      • Alex, the Chateau de Amerois in Belgium (Mothers of Darkness castle) has a cathedral with a thousand lights.

  24. BTW, let's all call a spade a spade here.

    The show itself is an attack on the psychosphere, just like the rituals inside the show are.

    We all couldn't wait to see next week's episode; to see the next murder victim, to see Rust bang Marty's wife, kick his ass, beat up some bikers while high on drugs….

    Same with True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, all these shows are attacks on the 'psychosphere', and by having Rust explain it; in a talismanic, microcosmic sense, it opens us up even further to it's effects.

    • sittingcoffin on

      How is sitting and watching a "revelatory" program, being passive to its effects on your brain, an "attack" on any sphere? Attack by whom? The people sitting watching it? Want to really attack the psychosphere? Spend time in the garden. Turn off the TV and take a walk.

    • I agree. The themes in the show are traumatic. They provoke hopelessness and depression. I think the show is actually programming people's subconcious minds to accept that this is what's going on and that we can be sad and depressed about it. When you see it out in the open one day, you'll just accept it because it's familiar and fully believe that there's nothing you can do to stop it! Definitely an attack on the psychosphere. I think we should avoid encouraging people who don't know any better to watch stuff like this.

      • Santiago Drifter on

        But let's not forget the show's ending: Rust rises above his hopelessness and depression and has a cathartic moment of meaning. And Martin, who was clearly a victim of the psychosphere and wore a mask of denial throughout the whole show, finally shows true vulnerability to his family and breaks down.

        This show exposed how occult elite perpetuate ritual killings that disrupt the psychosphere. It drew people in with it's dark allure, but it's final message promotes justice to those who commit such atrocities and rallies against hopelessness in favor of the hopeful.

        "Your'e looking at it wrong…the sky thing. Once there was only dark. If you ask me the light's winning."

      • But moments in a plot that make you feel better do not necessarily compensate for the negativity created by the majority of the experience…

    • Who? Well, the ones abducting, torturing & killing the children in real life. Do you think the show is negative? The negative thing is: this goes on in real life right now.

  25. Inhaled this one. I don't consider myself a TV guy (more of a movie guy) but I ran through this season in one day and it astounded me. Masterfully and brilliantly executed on every level.

  26. WOw! Great article! As a conscious being, I felt through out the whole series there was a deeper meaning to it all. I do believe the darkness that has been holding this world hostage is now little by little coming to light. Thanks

  27. Really good article. I would love to see a similar interpretation of the tv series Hannibal, that show also have some interesting part.

  28. GoodToKnow on

    If I worry that my sister and I are being mind controlled what do I do about it? I have watched TV and movies for years now and I like a lot of the pop artists VC talks about so I guess I may be under attack. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks.

    • Just remember they're trying to influence you in a bad way. To get you used to seeing stuff like that until it becomes the "norm". I hope it never happens! It's a good thing you have found this website!
      Also, don't copy anything pop starts trying to promote (sex, being bad is good, beastiality, (very very sad) bondage is good and all that retarded derogatory crap)
      Keep in mind they don't care about us. (pop starts, movie stars, etc)

      Be the best person you can be and your sister in life, you'll be happier.

    • Well, what would you like to do about it? How important are the films, TV and music to you right now? It is unrealistic to expect everyone to make an immediate clean break from it and take an immediate stand against the dark aspects of these practices. A realistic way to claw back some of your control would be to develop the ability to switch off when it makes you feel uncomfortable, even if you are not sure why you feel that way about it. My young nieces always adopted this attitude in relation to say, Gaga. They do not want to know about the symbolism and VC but they are still limiting the potentially limitless influence by automatically doing this. Personally, I have always been averse to visual media since childhood and find real life interaction to be a lot more interesting. Take care.

      • Good points raised Apsara. I feel so fortunate that, like you, I always had little interest to aversion towards television and movies. However, it was popular music that had a hold over my life for a long time, without me realising it. As a young child, I know I responded to and internalised the sexualised contents of R&B and hip hop music. As a young teenager, I was influenced by emo rock bands, which made me feel alone and depressed. It's important that we only listen to music that will benefit us. That is the principle I have undertaken and it's held me in good stead!

        GoodToKnow, it's heartening to hear that you care for your sister's spiritual wellbeing as well as your own. I find it difficult as an older sister to persuade my little sister to 'unplug' herself and instead read a book. She grew up in the 'screenage' generation, unlike myself. But a few guiding comments here and there, and now a few years later she is replacing some of her harmful music and listening to bands that she says make 'real music'. I am still waiting to see some personal discernment in her, but I think that teenagers are much more susceptible to the influence of the media 'psychosphere' than they will be as adults. So take heart! It gets easier as you get older.

    • you can observe but don't attach strong emotions to anything you see on television unless it's something positive which you would like to create for yourself. Our brain thinks in pictures and uses emotions to propel our thoughts to make things happen for us. So, your best bet while watching any media is total detachment,

  29. Great article! I loved this show and was immediately aware of the deeper symbolic elements but this article brings even more insight! I agree with some of the other comments here too, I would love to see an analysis of the new series Hannibal on here too. Great work VC keep it up!

  30. Great article! You really verbalised so many things I was thinking. I really loved watching True Detective… Found it chilling beyond belief! I think if they do come out with any more seasons it will unveil far more about Harts wife – she was a very suspect character. Kitten programmed to protect her father, part of the elite? After a few episodes I started noting more and more rainbows in shots with Harts family… Coincidence??? Keep up the great work VC! X

  31. One more thing… Did you notice on the daughters naughty drawings, the one with the girl with her hands tied back, the man has got a jagged line for the chin… Is it the scars of tuttles son? Soooooooo creepy! Why would she draw him??

  32. After reading this article I randomly came across an interview with Ted Bundy. After reading the back round on his life it immediately reminded me of this story line and made me wonder if most serial killers were scape goats for the elite and that's what this show is about.

    • mzprincess on

      You tube "programmed to kill". It's a bunch of documentaries about serial killers and people that have been killed. It shows how they were the scape goats to a bigger sinister agenda. Hope this helps.

    • sittingcoffin on

      Lots of military connections, lots of coincidentally convenient hits. Its a very, very strong possibility. True crime novels never address this, and we all know who runs the publishing industry, so its very likely.

  33. woody mc connawhoah on

    Oh, VC – it goes deep on this show! One will notice in the reunion scene with his wife, Harrelson sits with her in an eerie, white living room, lit with Stepford Wife fake purity. The wife's white sweater is made up of a pattern of pentagons that form her top. I assumed from this symbol that the wife and her father may have been MEMBERS of the cult, seeing as they were established as wealthy and troubled somehow, in addition to the daughter's drawings. It was right under the narcissistic Woody's nose. The art direction on the show told another narrative, a detail most pop critics seemed reluctant to discuss. Great coverage!

    • No, oh no! I was creeped out and puzzled by the spotless white, wealthy home, her white outfit, everything about it. And her clearly re-marrying but us never seeing the husband or any explanation to it all. Combine your theory with the fact that Marty kept saying "right under my nose".

      Wow. So dark.

  34. Was waiting for this!

    Even though the show is supposed to be made up of "stand alone" seasons… I'm hoping they keep it within the same narrative universe. It would be interesting to see the story grow closer and closer to the inner circles by going through other main characters.

  35. That was brilliant. My contribution to this marvelous reading is to asking for people to research Edward Bernays – the father of public relations, a man very related to mind control through the media and the Nazi propaganda techniques. Also, i highly recommend the series of documentaries "The Century of Self", specially the segments:

    – There is a Policeman Inside All Our Heads: He Must Be Destroyed
    – Eight People Sipping Wine in Kettering

    All about mind control and manipulation through the media.

    • Manly hall is a nice way to start learning, too, i think. All over youtube too for the ones that can overcome the soundqualities and hear what is said.

  36. That spiral tattooed onto the first woman victim's back is VERY similar to the red twisty aisle / stage / catwalk Conan O'Brien was on when he hosted the MTV Music awards, and said the awards show was "satanic"!!!

    Blatant in media nowadays, and people aren't waking up!!

    • I swear that when Olivia whatever her last name is was giving her MIss Universe crown to the new winner, she flashed the horns! It gets more blatant everyday.

    • The spiral has nothing to do with the devil, evil, etc.. It has been used by ancient civilizations since immemorial times with pictorial intents related to represent Nature and its manifestations, such as electromagnetism, gravitational torsion fields, etc.. Of course, I believe that all symbols can be twisted and desecrated by men, as if turning over a cross or a pentagram upside down, for instance, and all that this act could represent to the collective unconscious. I think the show's creators chose such an iconographic symbol as poetic liberty.

      • But surely if pantheism preceded monotheism and the devil would have mankind worshiping anything other than God whether nature or science, then it would follow that their ancient worship was in line with the devil's wishes and moreover, that is at the very root of all i-con- ography?

      • Alex vandenBerg on

        While the motivations of the show's creators is a matter of speculation, the true meaning of the spiral is not. Willie is correct in that it is NOT a symbol of anything nefarious. The spiral is a symbol for the meandering pattern associated with an irrational life process. It is the "straight" path to Paradise– which is really crooked. For as the circles on the shamanic medicine wheel gradually spiral towards a Center, so too are we spiraling back towards a mysterious epicenter within the unconscious mind. In the language of alchemy, the moon is circumambulating around the sun; the circle is being squared…

  37. Very informative article. VC has been right in many aspects when it comes to those rituals we see in movies, music and TV. They do it on a mass scale (masked as entertainment) when there really is something on a spiritual level that is occurring.

    "Occult researchers have often identified ritualistic murders as mass-rituals meant to shock the masses and disturb the psychosphere." < This makes complete sense. I can't help but think of Paul Walker. If you all remember that days leading to his death (two days prior) there was a death hoax reported. So it was ingrained to the masses psyche already. In addition, there were several TV channels that were airing the 'Fast and Furious' movies that week. I found it strange. Then we heard of his death on Saturday the same week. His death was a ritual IMHO. "Energy harvesting" is real. They feed off the emotions of the masses unbeknownst to them.

    • Paul Walker's death coincided with the release of Fast and Furious 6, aka FF6. They used his death as a promotion, saying how some of the proceeds went to his charity (IOW, probably went somewhere else).


      So FF6 = 666.

    • Alex vandenBerg on

      You've hit it right on the head Rasai. This gives me hope. Clearly the world is awakening….

  38. moronic999 on

    Psychosphere – basically means " You're here because you know something. What you know you can't explain, but you feel it. You've felt it your entire life, that there's something wrong with the world. You don't know what it is, but it's there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad."

  39. I wonder if this concept of 'psycho sphere' is not a perversion of the teaching of Buddhist psychology which maps out up to 121 'spheres' of consciousness, the word mind sphere or consciousness sphere is used in translation in various countries. The mass majority of the mind spheres or consciousness states are positive, beneficial and wholesome leading to goodness, virtue and wisdom, the lesser minority of the mind states are negative, unskillful and lead to suffering, these are mind states rooted in Greed, Anger and Delusion, branching out into all of the destructive and negative emotions, addictions, etc.
    The true nature of the Human Mind is to rise up above the negative states and develop the positive. The powers that be know this and do everything in their power to keep the human being debased and addicted to the evil negative states. If a person can develop the mind by prayerful meditation or connection with the Higher Good, Wisdom and Virtue, people will be able to live freely (free from the slavery and bondage to the evil) and in a way that is truly in line with the Divine.

  40. Sorry on my going off topic but i just wanted to find out what really happens at the met gala?? are these the inner circles Kanye was begging the elite for Kim to get a pass??

    • Those hellywood galas, parties, award ceremonies etc are all pre-parties to elite orgies. Don't be fooled. They show you the glitz and glamour to make you envious but they are never what they seem. Think about The Matrix. What's real, and what's not? They are projecting a "reality" for your participation. I'm also referencing a comment from another post that these award shows, magazine covers, movies and promos are actually advertisements of the celebrities to the highest bidders.

      • Right, that's why you hardly ever read or hear about fav stars and celebrities partying in private with moguls, presidents, ceo's of corporations (that don't need publicity but do like spending).
        Sometimes a hint will come out, when it is about blooddiamonds for example, or when a person needs to be humiliated about taking money from dictators for singing at their kids 16th.
        The icebergs stay under water for most of the time.

  41. Spiral symbol also reminds me of one of the 'secret' symbols used in Reiki healing.

    Also seen similar within the Hypogeum in Malta Europe. Now that's a place worth checking out for those interested in ancient subterranean structures and the potential reasons for their existence.

    I will not be watching this programme as I agree with other comments in that it's existence is itself harming our reality by influencing our collective (un)conscience or psychosphere. We are giving , even unintentionally or reluctantly, consent for the use of our energy to their spells.

  42. Thank you so much for doing an article on this, VC! I just started watching this series about a week ago, and it's mind-blowing so far. I don't mind the spoilers, really. Great analysis, your interpretation really got me thinking about a lot of issues. At first glance, I thought it was your average Hollywood production, but boy, was I wrong. It's such a mad world we live in.

    • Are u refering to the story called "The Mowing Devil " its a news article from the 1600s and its accompanied with a drawing of the devil cutting the crops in a spiral pattern

  43. There is a book by Maury Terry called "the Ultimate Evil" that delves deeply into this very topic. Highly recommended reading!

    Thanks VC. Love your site!

  44. I have been asked this question and do not know how to answer it. What is the Illuminati's ultimate goal?

    • To become gods and have us worship them as such. They want to master the science to live forever. Eventually they'll want to colonize outer space. They'll never stop. There is no ultimate goal with them. Just more and more power.

    • SarahJaynee on

      The Illuminati serve a non-human race that lives alongside us. This non-human guest of ours cannot create for themselves (humans create the world by projecting their desires). On top of this the non-human guests feed off lower vibrational energy (fear) and also need this energy to support their environment they live in (think shape shifters, reptilian etc).
      In order to have an abundance of this lower vibrational energy, the Illuminati serve them by keeping us all in this energy and simultaneously preventing us from creating from a human desire.
      So the answer to your question is the Illuminati do not want us all dead, or to be thoroughly locked down into some kind of concentration camp etc. What they want is a continual supply of low vibrational energy – the kind you get when you watch 24 hour mainstream news telling you how BAD things are in the world!
      Have you ever wondered why most films are made for youth? It's not because people over 25 don't spend money on movies, but people over 25 watch a movie and then dismiss it and carry on their lives. Young people however carry on with the movie in their heads, reliving it, putting themselves in it. This is CREATION. Humans create the world by doing this, and the Illuminati need to control what the young people are creating. So the Illuminati control ALL entertainment media.

  45. twoheavens on

    In my iPhone notes on the 24th March 2014, I wrote a draft paragraph for a story I'm writing about paedophilia infiltrating every aspect of what seems like normal everyday life.

    The paragraph was of a character having his suspicions confirmed about these many paedophile networks.
    In short, I wrote: "I had a happy childhood but there was always a shadow cast over everything and I never knew what it was… I must've picked up on it and felt it in the air. Something that evil and depraved can't be hidden without putting out some vibe."

    This is based on my own feelings as a child and initially I was using it in connection with paedophile networks for fictional purposes. Now reading about the "psychosphere" I'm wondering if I was actually on to something.

  46. maybe, like the attempt to affect the psychosphere directly inside this serie, this show was created with this purpose either by the elite in the flash and bone "real world", think about it 😉

  47. This article needs an editor. There is improper placement of periods in quotations, and the show is called "True Detectives" instead of "True Detective" numerous times.

    However, this was a cool look into the symbolism the show created. This makes me want to revisit the series immediately!

  48. 5WarVeteran on

    Why watch this crap when you should turn off the TV and pay attention to the satanists in government.

  49. first of all sorry about my english. I miss you told about Alan moore, I think is one of the most importants sources the author drinks. When Cohle says something about light winning darkness, this is literally copy from "Top ten". And there are lots of things from "The Courtyard". "From hell" another great Moore´s comic is about ritualistic murders as mass-rituals. In someway true is a very fine copy of "From Hell".
    Thank you for your excellent and neccesary work from spain

  50. Napoleon Hill Out Witting the Devil. Read the chapter on Hypnotic Rhythm.

    YouTube: Gloria Estafan "The rhythm is gonna get you"

    Listen to the words. #Psychosphere

  51. Innsmouth Bloodline on

    "The term psychosphere is not a common term in the English language. It originates from the science fiction literature of authors such as Roland C. Wagner and H. P. Lovecraft – the creator of the Cthulhu Mythos."

    Can anyone help me here? I'm a huge fan of Lovecraft but can't ever recall him using the term. I'm not doubting VC as such, but would be very grateful if someone could point me to a reference made by him. Thanks.

  52. i "love" all of the comments about the show being disgusting, horrible and how they're not gonna watch it, when all it does is totally expose (literally and figuratively) the systematic control that the satanic elite have on society…but that some how makes y'all uncomfortable? interesting, to say the least. One of the reasons I really can't get down with these "communities" anymore, just as closed minded and ignorant as the mindless masses. I've had conversations with people that would NEVER consider the ideas that this show presents, as far as conspiracies and the occult control on society, that in itself has amazed me. Anyways, let the hate begin, put your heads back in a hole and stay in your nice little bubble. No hate intended…just a bit frustrated.

    • I totally agree, we should be glad we can understand what they really mean, not seeing it only as "entertainment". As with other tv shows for me, it's all very eye-opening, and I don't wanna close my eyes never again, I must pay attention every day so I won't be fooled anymore. Helps me learn and know better.

    • The point is, that some people are not making well, is that although the show informs you it ALSO is itself an attack. Don't be angry if people choose to not open their minds to this. The most important thing is TO BE POSITIVE. Don't be angry please, that is what they want.

  53. very depressing series… I felt like entering the hungry ghost realm or worse…. my question is why we are being exposed the the 'normalization' of this kind of fare…?

    • I don't think they are trying to normalize this stuff….but bringing it out there. It's here and we need to know that in order to fight it. Truly…I think it is going to be an ultimate fight good vs evil in some form. War. Weather. Food .Water. Health.

  54. THANK YOU V!!!

    I had to watch this series, had to learn, had to filter info.

    On the one hand, it was a great series, great acting (especially that Matthew whateverhisnameis lol), but also LOTS of despair, darkness, trauma…

    One thing, had I never read any of your articles, I would say: This is some serious traumatizing stuff we get to see in the series. Messed up things, messing with everything we may or may not believe in. We get to see how fragile our beliefs are, how fragile WE are. Had I not read your articles…. This would have depressed me.

    However, reading your articles has taught me to filter info, to not just accept what I see, hear, etc, but to filter filter filter….

    Which leads me to the conclusion that what I learn from this series is that what you do here, what we do here – all of us, WE'RE CRAZY 😀

    Crazy because we see and we don't try to make it unseen. Keep up the good work V. Psychosphere or whatever it's called, I dare to say it is the educated people with pure intentions who will break its spell upon themselves. I think Cohle says that and he is absolutely right: We ALWAYS have a choice.


  55. I guess I see things a bit differently than some here. VC wrote about a script within a script that most here undoubtedly missed from week to week. Indeed, who could possible process the myriad symbols that hit the screen? I looked at the show as an affirmation that evil has infiltrated our lives, that we are bombarded with messages that would seek to legitimize even the grotesque and that truly, we are headed for the reckoning
    And that's ok with me
    I think VC's final paragraph provided the necessary hope for all followers of Christ
    This world is not our own and paradise awaits for believers
    We have already seen the script for the end of days, increasingly looking more familiar as the years go by
    And the good guys win

  56. Mark A. O'Blazney on

    You have a most extraordinary way of "looking at things". Look inside first. There lies the horror, which you must master and control, or all is lost.

  57. SarahJaynee on

    I never watch TV but after reading this article I wanted to watch it. My husband watches TV a lot and had this downloaded so I watched it for the first time and he re-watched it. He is not really into this layered reality concept but I was able to make a point to him that he found very pertinent and changed his view.
    When we watched the the bit with the VHS video of the satanic abuse of the child with all the people around wearing animal heads and other masks I paused it and pointed out that he agrees Satanic ritual (with sacrifice) exists and these animal heads and masks are a big part. I then told him how the elite are mocking and laughing at us when they put this shit in catchy pop songs – just look at "what does a fox say" music video. (we have an 11 year old daughter who showed us the music video thinking it was fun and cool). That whole music video is a nod to the elite about their sacrificial rituals and it empowers them having these innocents (like my 11 year old!) singing, dancing and sharing this crap as if its cool.
    I thought the series was great, awesome acting and I loved the script for Cohle. However the money behind this series is from the elite so therefore it MUST serve them for us to watch this. Once again putting out fear, symbols and clues for the masses that serve their agenda. I guess it emboldens the psychosphere to their advantage for millions of us to watch this.

  58. I've been waiting for someone to write this article….and I didn't even know it. From the first episode of this show I was hooked and repelled. I am very awake and seem to wake up more each day. I was careful each week to be ready to watch and observe. Observe carefully. Tasting aluminum and ash said it all for me. I knew where this show was going and I knew many would not get it. But the fact that is was made… so well made by two huge "stars" is comforting. We are not alone. This was a deliberate sign to the masters that the gig is up. The truth is always interesting…once you get to it. Big thanks to Matthew and Woody and the writer of this fascinating and articulate article.

  59. That little boy and that little girl r going to b in that room again and again is what was said
    The series makes mind control seem to touch all sides of media even in butt fuck nowhere where the show is in
    Due to the indoctrination of biker gangs and satanist church priests and high ranking officials
    Forced to do the dirty work behind scenes
    Mathew as an actor who may be a past drug user along with his partner . playing cops "always works in television" follow the white rabbit selfishly;
    While Mathew is the one who knew the bikers and does drugs to gain trust knows too much of the motives behind the all so powerful black star and it's blind followers
    So when he stares into the black hole he was for a second tricked by the antagonist who made him see a spectacle before being murdered himself
    Mathew must have questioned his own being as somebody who would follow into something too
    big for him to have thought he could touch on in this world no matter what ur profession is
    Since cops are known to be a big part of the evil in this world I believe Mathew sees his daughter as that which fueled his fast life Almost dying on duty/ and reasons of living for those who can't live normal lives due to brain wash sex and control . he the icon who has finally been accepted to step into a murderous cult society in his job,,,,,
    by accepting the death of his daughter and in the end the death of his moral sense
    In being a agent who blindly follows a cult while his partner has no idea of Mathews true goals
    Must be for him to understand why it is and why the FBI and CIA are going to continue to grow into more people like the 5 masked men which truly exists behind screens of our favorite actors and entertainers lives

  60. Brilliant analysis VC,

    and actually really enjoyable to read, I feel no need to watch the program.

    I've got a lot out of your site for a good few years and your ongoing commentary has helped me decode so many films I've watched since, I'm now highly aware of elite Satanistic/Saturnian agendas, which are so prevalent in the movies and all mainstream media. Just begun a site of my own with the intention of elevating peoples consciousness through information, we discuss, among other things, control systems. Been hugely inspired by your incredible efforts.

    Stay blessed & all the best,


  61. I am often confused about WHY Hollywood produces stories like this one. WHY do they lay it all out for the public to see, if it's supposed to be secret? Are they gloating? Trying to convince us that it's normal? Or are there some halfway-decent people in Hollywood who are trying to warn the public, who want to wake us up? If it's meant to be a warning, then God bless those who are taking the risk! (Isn't that presumably why Kubrick died after making Eyes Wide Shut?) What do you think?

  62. Great article. The show is the best too, you can sense that not just Harts's family is decaying, but Cohle is a product of it, which leds him to a gnostic despair that is broke down by the glimpse of the transcedence.

    • Are you referring the cosmic glimpse Cohle saw in Carcosa? I know he referred to feeling his daughter's presence in that room, but I also had another theory. The spiraling cloud descending from heaven reminded me a what a stargate might look like, considering all these child sacrifices are supposedly opening up portals for beings from other dimensions to enter. There was a similar effect in the movie R.I.P.D. (totally unrelated I know) where there was a portal being created for dead souls to return to earth. The special effect was quite similar. Also similar to the alien invasion in Avengers. It seems to be a re-occurring image in recent programming.

  63. I'm amazed by how You capture tiny details (i.e. kid's head on the telephone) and read their hidden meaning. I sometimes happen to 'catch' something odd, but can't do anything more with it… I truly admire Your work and I'm waiting for more. Greetings from Poland.

  64. Thank you VC for this brilliant article and brining the show to my conscious attention. Unlike some who have decided to not watch TV or any kind of movie I am a huge fan of movies and TV shows especially about anything crime/horror/psychological etc. I have always loved digging into people's minds and why they do what they do and what is behind their reasoning.

    True Detective is a brilliant show with great acting. I think it is necessary for shows like this to exist so people become aware and know what is going on and it opens the ways for discussion. However, like many others I do wonder what Hollywood's intention is.

    I like that it didn't have a happy ending cuz that would have been unrealistic. I do not believe the good will win I believe we are pretty much doomed, that does not make me negative it makes me realistic. We can see it every day in tiny little happenings around us. People are more selfish than ever and only care about themselves.

    I'm a very conscious, sensitive person and I had always wondered why all the negative bullcrap that's going on in the world seems to affect me more than others. Good to finally have a word and an explanation for it.

  65. Regarding Harts family, i had a strong sense that it goes beyond just influence and affects of the psychosphere on Audrey. Thers might be a hint of Audrey being abused herself maybe even by her father.
    Also that bit where he punished thous guys who had sex with Audrey by beating them up – he pukes after he returns to his car. Why is that? I don't think that is his reaction to the violence he has just committed.
    This episode almost looked like he was being jealous of her, or like some sort of unconscious mechanics were at work.
    I know it might sound crazy at first but then if you read all thous things about mind control and how abuse affect ones personality and how relationship between abused and abuser develops it might not sound as surreal.
    Someone mentioned his wife's wealthy family being suspicious too.
    as i said, it seems like Audrey's behavior goes way beyond just influence from outside

  66. Bogomil Jones on

    Please spare yourselves the impact of such debasing. Stop watching this trash. When you watch this type of thing you leave your mind open , like a computer, to a very nasty virus. Your beautiful minds are worthy of much, much more. Respect your soul.

  67. Very good article on that Show! Very insightful, I missed it originally but went back and watched it via ondemand and was disturbed buy the entire show. Your post makes sense and gives understanding to my whole repulsion of the series.

    Strange , very strange. Everything is about killing, murdering children and young women. Torture and horror.
    Its a very dark world 2014 is a dark place, but I have 3 beautiful glowing daughters and I don't know how to protect them or prepare them for this kind of world.

  68. Bogomil Jones on

    The fact you found this disturbing say it all. You are the filter to those young women in your life. Be that. It's why you're there.

  69. Quite an interesting TV series full of "illuminating" scenes with "psychosphere" environment where the elite have taken really good care of their own.

    As this so-called series progresses (if they gonna make season 2), I'm guessing that they'll never show the culprits being caught for performing satanic rituals involving women and children.

    A very thought provoking article indeed VC, well done

    • yep ! And Marty telling him : " Can see both eyes with this?" Meaning u can only see the one eye ? The all seeing eye?

  70. Excellent article. I would recommend David McGowen's "Programmed to Kill" for further information on this. It delves into many serial killers' direct or indirect association with the wealthy and politicians.

  71. U have miss something about "the dark stars" and "it will continue again", at one episode, think it's the second one, there's a woman interrogated by the detectives wich have dark stars tatooted on he neck and a kind of pull over with two yellow pentagramms on it..
    Excuse my poor level of english , i'm french !

  72. Just finished watching the series and was fairly blown away by it for all the reasons you have stated in your excellent article.

    The psychosphere (or "Shadowsphere" as I called it) is the para-physical relationship to institutional psychopathy in our world. Andrew Lobaczewski's work on "Political Ponerology" describes perfectly the psychosphere from a psychological (or ponerological perspective). Psychopaths and various sub-categories of pathological individuals act as a psychological virus or pathogen that infects the whole leading to an eventual pathocracy. The occult obviously plays a huge part in that metamorphosis from creativity to entropy.

    True Detective goes straight to the heart of what lies behind this contagion allowing us to go to the root cause of this progressive psychosphere infection: occult psychopaths and their intra-generational rituals. 9/11 can be seen in this light as a mega ritual operating on the same basis – to induce mass trauma.

    These people seem to be the vessels by which, we might say, demonic forces are "downloaded." Certain victims of psychopaths' predatory behaviour need to be prepared and seeded which is why there is a huge rise in narcissism as the societal foundation, with nodes of sociopaths and a myriad of other anti-social personality types offering the required psycho-spiritual genetics for a suitable increase of the same in the global population. If they are to download negative energies from negative thought centres then low vibrational bodies are required en masse.

    The basis behind Mega rituals from the micro-social to the macro-social is the manipulation of matter – or elemental forces lying just beyond the senses. And for this to be successful the gross material plane has to be saturated with the required psychological pathogens so that the para-physical forces can do their work.

    Just as VC says: "… the series shows how the psychosphere is purposely disturbed to create a generation that is morally lost."

    And this "disturbance" is derived from a extremely high knowledge base concerning the psychological make-up of the mass mind. The black arts meets mind control so that 4th density negative forces can descend with ease through a suitably traumatised and socially engineered culture of mediocrity and pathology.

    As VC has shown, True Detectives is perhaps one of the few TV series to impart this narrative that goes to the core of what the Occult Elite is all about – for "those that have eyes to see."

  73. I think in such a case where we have no real guidance from the creator, we should apply Occam's Razor – is the simpler explanation the convolutions above, or that the writer just didn't have an ending that matched in quality the beginning and middle of his story? Also I imagine the author would let us in on the secret after the series took a beating in the press.

    Still, this was an interesting conjecture.

  74. "Time is a flat circle" and the line about the kids being in that room again, and again and again – these are existential statements but I think they also relate to technology. Being alive and active in this day and age, our mistakes can exist forever. If a person was abused and photographed or videotaped, that person may do everything in his/her own power to erase the memory, overcome, move past, but they'll be in that room again. And again. And again. And those kids will be in that room being tortured again and again and again, every time you and I watch the episode, or read a recap, or recall something. We are all witnesses and reenactors of our fellow men and women's trauma.
    Ever watched degrading porn? You've put those men and women back in their torture room, again and again and again, and probably orgasmed off of it. Ever watched a hilarious celebrity meltdown? Britney is still outside, in the rain, bald and angry, because we all remember it and relive it for her whether she wants to or not. Want to witness a death, rape, pummeling or any kind of degradation you can think of? Just consult the internet.

    "This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, 'Time is a flat circle.' Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again. And that little boy and that little girl, they're gonna be in that room again and again and again forever."

  75. 2015 No more tv, no more wasting money on music, movies. Time to live life.
    Speaking of SRA, The X-files tv series season two, ep 14… and elements of mkultra in it.

  76. Hey guys…you simply cannot hypothesize and theorize about TD without looking into the influence of Thomas Ligotti on Rust Coehle's character. And research the accusations that NP, who wrote the script, lifted or "paraphrased" lines (many, many of them) from The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. Then, and only then, will you truly understand the implications of SOME elements of TD. If you want to talk about horror and darkness…look no further than Ligotti's The Conspiracy Against the Human Race. Trust me…

  77. Excellent summary VC. I watched this earlier in the year episode by episode and I found it very disturbing. Love the reference to the psychosphere. I knew about it but didn't realise there was a name for it. The FBI document is very revealing. I've seen that spiral logo on necklaces worn by 'common' people'. Season 2 is coming out soon. So interested to see where the series will go especially with Mconaughey winning an oscar. You should also do a review of Hemlock Grove.

  78. Can't believe you guys missed the "one eye" in this. Rust often stares into a tiny eye sized mirror looking at the reflection of his own eye. Hart comments on it at one point.

  79. I wonder if there's something to know too about the series Hannibal? Guess I'll have to wait till it's over. Thanks for one of many great articles VC.

  80. I don't know if it has already been mentioned but the name Rustin Cohle (Rust 'n Coal) relates to aluminium and ash i.e. aluminium rusts and coal creates ash.

  81. Brilliant analysis and so much appreciated.

    For me, something referred to in this analysis but I would underline more distinctly is that Cohle represents death and that Hart represents life.

    Cohle (Death) is cold. Final. Inarguable. Calm. Non-sexual. Permanent.

    Hart (Life) is hot. Precarious. Temperamental. Lustful. Violent. Frail.

    True Detective is, as expressed explicitly at the end of the last episode, an an attempt to bring us a new variation of the oldest story imaginable. Dark vs. Light. Death vs. Life. And how they depend upon one another to give meaning to one another.

  82. Nice article! I do have to disagree about Childress; he is more than a patsy. As the "yellow king" he is an avatar for evil, and his actions (or even presence) thrust the area into a more volatile state psychic state. I feel the entire final confrontation demonstrates his otherworldlyness. His defeat is then also a larger accomplishment for the detectives, because while they may not have fixed society, but they restored the balance between good and evil.

  83. Very concise theory on what the overall message of this show was. I thourghly enjoyed reading this and it certainly helped me to finalise my own opinion of season 1. I was hoping that they were going to get to the bottom of who was actually responsible for the cult but I guess that would have been to idealistic. Lets hope that season 2 can deliver some equally brilliant tv. Great review!

  84. I've been looking for new shows to watch and thought I'd try this one out. I couldn't even make it through the first episode thats how off the rails and dark this show is. I also stopped watching Sleepy Hollow on FOX. I love that the lead is a woman of color but I'm not compromising my morals to view blatant evil and satanic stuff every week.

  85. Does this mean watching stuff like true detective is feeding into the dark psychosphere and if we want to change how this force that influences us and our children we should only surround ourselves with positive loving vibes and avoid this stuff at all costs? I enjoyed the series bar the disappointing ending, does this mean I am fulfilling their agenda.

  86. "Once there was only dark, if you ask me the light is winning." This is the last statement made by Rust in the series. A clue that light is about to be shed on those who have been committing these acts in the darkness/shadows.

  87. Thank you VC for this very thoughtful and informative article. 'True Detectives' is probably one of the best TV productions that I have ever seen and your work has taken that experience to the next level. Awesome.

  88. so basically u are saying that true detective is a good effort to expose the hidden satanic cult and their agenda

    and if the shows purpose was to just tell the masses that hell yes we are here and we are doing this stop us if u can. what then?

    how do u clear this up i mean hbo itself is a illuminati lover or promoter so why would they try to do the things that would expose illuminati

    i think its their show of power that they indeed are influencing the world around us and basically are winning

  89. 'Film noir' was designed to produce anxiety, insecurity and unease in viewers. Just as the ritualistic killings–with sadomasochistic overtones–reflect 'noir' eroticism. So 'True Detective' exploits that Hollywood template.

    On a back cover, author Richard Garrison described the psychosphere as, 'a startling reality where mental powers reigned supreme and could influence people and events on Earth.' And so Det. Rust Cohle seemed to be using his influence in the psychosphere to climb into the minds of suspects during interrogations, in order to pull out confessions effectively.

    One aspect of Lovecraft's recurring imagery was the moral degradation of isolated communities. Another was his pessimistic world view. Both of which Rust elaborates upon with cynical expertise, as if he is reciting the sentiments of Lovecraft's atheistic cosmicism.

  90. ive just finished watvhing the season. I mean this is all for tv and stuff. I hated how they made the bad guy so cartoonish and something that the regular viewers probably revelled in. what I dont get, I mean like the article is real good, but all this seems sort of silly to me. I remember reading some stuff about Jimmy Page being into the ovcult stuff but all the mystical stuff to me seemed in good fun. Where does all this pedophilia crap come from. Like, what are the reasons the "elite" would want to do this. Just seems odd to me. Like I can understand having rituals to get closer to god but to want to distrub everyones psychosphere and attribute yourself to dark alleys of abusing children, how would that be of a passion to an elite class, simply to disturb the physchosphere. Just seems rather silly to me. I guess Im just lookkinh for an explanation to why people would even want to be doing something like that. The explanations referenced in the article quote some stuff about the occult, so seems some people would believe this stuff. Im just wondering why to behonest

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