“World War Z” Will Fit Right in the Illuminati’s Agenda (Trailer Video)



Brad Pitt’s next movie will apparently be about martial law, massive depopulation and a devastating crisis that would most likely lead to a one world government. In short, will be another movie portraying the future in a very specific, Illuminati-friendly way. The movie will be an adaptation of the book of the same name – but completely rewritten to feature less social commentary and more Brad Pitt. More importantly, it will contain a whole lot of predictive programming. Here’s the trailer.

The trailer begins with a little girl innocently asking: “Daddy, what is martial law?”. This basically announces what the movie will be about: Drilling in people’s head’s the concept of martial law and total government control in times of crises. In my article named ‘Contagion’ or How Disaster Movies “Educate” the Masses, I explained how the movie Contagion used the fear of  disease to normalize the concept of martial law. In case you don’t know martial law can usually be defined by the imposition of military rule and the suspension of civil liberties such as searches and seizures, freedom of association, and freedom of movement.

World War Z will use the fear of a zombie apocalypse to normalize the same concepts. Furthermore, zombies is a great way to portray the masses as a bunch of brainless animals that need to be destroyed. The movie trailer alone depicts an amount of people being killed. Imagine the whole movie.

Thousands of people piling up like insects while helicopters shoot at them. Yup, Hollywood loves to show us these images.

Thousands of people piling up like insects while helicopters shoot at them. Yup, Hollywood loves to show us these images.

So prepare yourself for a whole bunch of predictive programming, desensitization of human deaths and Brad Pitt running around.

As one guy says at the end of the trailer: “Every human being we save…is one less to fight”.

Wait, what?



      • I made a comment a couple weeks ago about how this website is devolving into some kind of off-center celebrity gossip hub (especially in the comments section). Take a little trip down the reply stream to this comment and you'll see how bad it's getting. Can't tell if this is intentional or not, but it's seriously alarming.

        We need more thoughtful people to step up and share their ideas and insights. Lets generate useful discussion here, not commentary on the relationship status of movie stars.

      • Well observed, Noah.
        However, the topic of his women might be worthwhile taking a closer look at: there was something about Brad leaving Aniston for Jolie, that seemed odd to me. Somehow on the photos of him from that time he had a certain look on his face of someone duped, misled, misguided even.
        In his earlier carreer I reckon he made some movies that were quite good. Fight Club for one. His role in True Romance is memorable as well. (And then there were some quite shitty ones too, like Seven.) Anyway, over the last decade I can't remember one movie with him that was anything other than elite agenda propaganda. Maybe Jolie is his handler. What do you think?

      • He has a thing for women with manly chins though. Both Aniston and Jolie have big chins.

      • Callie…
        Don't lie, Jolie don't have a big chin!! Maybe you need glasses or something like that… because you are seeing things there are not there!! And i don't care about Aniston, so it doesn't matter what you say about that fool!! Just saying!!

    • LOL you think ?

      I really wanna see this film now. But I do not get it, are the people bad ? Evil ? Zombies ? AGAIN ? Ergh, it' over done, the best zombie film i saw was shaun of the dead.

      • It has nothing to do with one comment. It has to do with a general vibe that's been building on this website. The culture is changing in the sense that I very rarely see anything thoughtful and informative on the top of the page. What I see instead is a comment reading "OMG can't believe she wore that." and "I can't believe Brad is illuminati glad Jen left him!". It's like any other facet of idol drama. Its over simplified and sensationalized, rather than rationally dissected and discussed. There's no productivity in a comment like that. It's just making the issue seem mundane and commonplace, like any celebrity scandal story. If we let it become trivial, or even entertaining, then what purpose does this website serve? It's just another meaningless distraction that lets us feel good about ourselves for "being in the know", which ultimately makes it more destructive to the struggle than not.

      • I could not agree more with you. I believe this is all part of the Agenda. People are now accepting the Illuminati. This is normal for people now. They are taking this as a joke. Society has accepted Illuminati to be a part of pop culture. That's why we are seeing more and more individuals visit these websites and leave their distasteful and unsubstantial comments which are irrelevant to the whole concept of these websites, which is to inform us of the agenda and spread the word.

    • Ive read the book and believe me this flick will be " Hollywoodized" The book is a serious portrayal of a horrendous zombie/illness that breaks out all over the world. The book is told by personal stories of people in every part of the world their experience during this time. The book is really good and a fictinous type horror tale.
      Seeing the trailers and the "martial law" part makes me roll my eyes knowing another book is ruined for hollywoods agendas

  1. reminds me of the MTV video about martial law, when there are people at home about to eat dinner and the army enter their home to take them away to a camp.

    look it up on youtube. it was an actual advert played around 2008. a strange warning. its as if theyre flashing it in front of our faces telling us theres nothing we can do about it.

    • I remember that video.. it was similar as what had happened to the Jews in WWII.. What was extremely creepy was the sentence at the end.. 'It happened to people like us'.. WTF MTV?

      • There is another one when there are tons of people on a train kids elderly parents, and it suddenly stops and they children are being taken front their parents and everyone's being snatched by guys who look like soldiers with dogs very creepy by MTV also!

      • Sounds about rite , millions of stacked up casket liners, at hundreds of FEMA camps !!!! Which by the way each one has rail road tracks behind them leading there and the FEMA is completely empty !

    • Google me biyach on

      Just like theyve always done it the illuminati (the watchers)are told by god they must warn people in advance subliminals are all around us and have been for centuries it is up to us to act or stay in sleep mode

    • It wasn't actually MTV even though it said it was, and it was never on the MTV channel. Mostly on the internet channels and YouTube commercials I think someone out there was warning us though.

    • But read what wikipedia has to say about the book:
      "Brooks conducted copious research while writing World War Z to make the novel as realistic as possible: "Everything in World War Z (as in The Zombie Survival Guide) is based in reality… well, except the zombies. But seriously, everything else in the book is either taken from reality or 100% real. The technology, politics, economics, culture, military tactics… it was a LOT of homework." Brooks used a variety of reference books and consulted with friends who were experts in several fields when writing the novel. He also cites the U.S. Army as a reference on firearm statistics."

    • zombiebadger on

      The book was fantastic and would make a great movie if it would follow the book's theme as a documentary. Alas, Hollywood screws it up again…

      • Feyth Faerie on

        Amen! I was looking forward to seeing the movie…until I saw the trailer. Way to blow it, Pitt and Hollywood! Why do they even bother making movies "based" off books if they're ABSOLUTELY NOTHING like the book?!? Ugh! It pisses me off!!! I couldn't even finish the trailer, I was so disgusted! I'm boycotting this mess! It's just like every other action flick out there…explosions, mass murder, bla bla bla..oh, and "my family is soooo important" yes, everybody else in the world is dying and losing their families, but yours is sooooo much more important than everybody else's that they're above whatever crisis is going on.

  2. Wow! The movie trailer gave me goose-bumps and nausea all at the same time. The Illuminati's ultimate plan seems to be knocking at the door. God help us. And Brad Pitt…I'm not surprised at all to see him as the lead actor in a film such as this. Thanks again to VC for doing his part in keeping us informed!

    • I stopped having goose-bumps a long time ago, but I'm starting to think, that maybe knowledge isn't such a blessing… After all, it's scary to know, what's coming while knowing, there's nothing I can do about it anyway…

      • Yes you can! Put your trust in God and wait for His soon coming kingdom of righteousness and peace!

      • We have been "waiting" for such circumstances to happen for millennia. Stop living in fear, and certainly do not wait around for a Savior-God to return. STOP WAITING.

      • HOW CAN YOU SAY "WAIT AROUND FOR A SAVIOR-GOD TO RETURN? as if he is not real? smh it said to see things like this knowing that deep down in your heart GOD is real, bc if you didnt think he was in some way… you wouldnt even mention his name. Don't get get so caught up in the sins of the world that you are left behind & suffer with the devil !! this movie is just showing you that things will DEFFLY take place rather your a beliver or not! THE TIME IS NOW TO GET RIGHT & GIVE YOUR LIFE TO GOD. i have done my part by telling you now i hope u just come to the right conclusion! be bless !

    • Wendy, I don't know you, but I have been listening onez for more than a year. He has opened my eyes! Thanks for spreading his message.

    • How creepy is it that there are now two movies that will come out this year about an attack on the White House? 'Olympus Has Fallen' and 'White House Down'…wth are they trying to tell us or prepare us for??

      • Maybe it's some kind of 'inception" for making people getting used to the whole concept of martial law. "Olympus Has Fallen" is a very convenient name, 'cause it's exactly how the elite realize the US: like the old Roman empire, with a Capitol = Capitollium, the eagle as main symbol, and even a look alike dome, etc. LOL

      • Speaking of the fall of Rome… .http://rense.com/general69/dffnt.htm (and that article is a few years old). We know that in order to have a New World Order, America must fall. I believe the next step will be the opening of our borders, and the Amero (I believe that's the name) will become our new form of currency. The Amero is the "Euro" of Canada, North America, and South America. But judging by the events taking place in Cyprus, the Euro and Amero will soon fail, resulting in a one world currency. It is my personal opinion that Obama will soon cause a stir in our country that will create extreme backlash. He will simply be following his script. A modern day civil war will take place, bringing in martial law and loads of people detained and sent to the many concentration camps that are already being prepared. I'm sure that I'm not presenting this audience with any information that you haven't already thought of. I have been researching the Illuminati for several years, as I assume most people on this site have, too. It blows my mind that there are so many people still out there that have never even heard the word "Illuminati", or have but simply do not care. We may not can do anything to stop the Illuminati's plan, but knowledge is power. And maybe, just maybe, we can in some ways protect ourselves and our families by being aware of the evil ways of the Illuminati. I know that it has changed my way of thinking, and it helps me to prioritize and value the things that are most important in my life.

      • I totally agree with you. Major part of people still "sleeping" and will remain in that way. But hey – i'm realizing some changes here and there – more and more people are becoming aware about some patterns in mainstream media. Some people who initially were completely ignorant, now they're making some questions. Things that were "conspiracy theories" are now reaching the surface and gaining status of fact. The elite modus operandi has becoming pretty obvious. It's a start, at least!

        My questions are: we are more and more aware of the agenda used upon the world. We became quite perspicacious about it. That being said, what are the solutions? How can we fight a way out from all this? How is the best way to alert people around us?

      • the gov. Is preparing us for what the bible says is to come & they dont want to believe in GOD so the world is trying its best to destory the world before its time BUT that want happen until GOD returns! read your bible GOD tells us everything. but he also say alot of things are unseen & unheard bc it beyond your understanding. be blessed!

    • Calling people you barely know (if at all) brain dead is a bit of an overkill don't you think? He's a really talented actor and he gets paid well for what he does. I don't think thats a crime. If you call him mindless then what about people in the porn industry? We all gotta make a living some how.

      • I can not believe anyone would defend one of the highest-paid actors for participating in this rubbish with:

        "We all gotta make a living some how."

        This pretty boy cartoon character is loaded, with an estimated net worth of between 170 and $180 million. He certainly has the financial security to choose the movies he is in, based on merit. Therefore, he is either brain dead, or in on the agenda.

        "If you call him mindless then what about people in the porn industry?"

        Desperate/depraved/drug-addled…take your pick.

      • Isn't he related to the Bush family? A distant cousin of them, that's odd isn't it? Millions of people and yet so many of them are reated.

      • His sweet mama reached out to him & St. Theresa Jolie, but they still remain crazy liberal freaks!

      • Always about "dem damn liberalz," ain't it?

        Got something to say about the grand old conservatives of the American Security Council (ASC) or the people at the Project for a New American Century (PNAC) who gloated about "a new pearl harbor" a year before 9/11.

        The wrong kind of liberalism is fascism, but when you examine the two ideologies (liberalism and conservatism) side by side, I think I'm going to go with the one that doesn't drown you in tradition, intolerance, and hierarchy while loudly proclaiming the values of individualism and liberty.

        All I know is that it wasn't "liberals" who said "If you've got nothing to hide, why can't the government watch you?" for six freaking years after 9/11. Then they suddenly start screaming about such things when Obama was [s]elected. Then again, it was also at that point that the center left suddenly fell silent about illegal wars. Can't pin anything on Barakkk the savior, can we?

        Self-identified "conservatives" and self-identified "liberals" all tend to be extremely ignorant, but there's a frequent trend in which liberalism is given some especially demonic caricature, and this is likely motivated by religious fervor (which is why I'm calling bullshit).

      • You're an absolute idiot.

        If you really believe that conservatives are intolerant, then you've bought the Illuminati's propaganda.

        Everybody's intolerant of something. Liberals are highly intolerant of religious people and anyone else who disagrees with them, but your stupid worthless ass would rather hang with them and their tendency to control every fucking aspect of your life.

        Oh, but they're "tolerant" so they're okay.

        As I said, you're an absolute fucking idiot. Enjoy your ignorance.

      • Well said, Marie. Liberals are the most closed-minded people I know and so completely intolerant. They sadly have no idea how brainwashed they are.

      • You do realise that both parties are controlled and funded by the same entities? People who argue over 'liberals' and 'conservatives' are drinking the kool aid… The whole political system is designed to divide and distract, and you are all playing the fool.

      • Most liberals I know Eva are good people. Most republicans I know are good people. Enough said.

      • I consider myself more liberal than conservative, and I'm certainly not intolerant of any religion. Blanket statements such as " Liberals are highly intolerant of religious people and anyone else who disagrees with them" just show you've shut your critical thinking off.
        I disagree with you, but it is your life, your opinion, you're the one who has to live with it, not the rest of us.

        Enjoy your small world where everyone is out to get you and you're "better informed".

      • "An association fallacy is an inductive informal fallacy of the type hasty generalization or red herring which asserts that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another, merely by an irrelevant association. The two types are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association. Association fallacies are a special case of red herring, and can be based on an appeal to emotion"


        So what if he is, or is not, it simply is irrelevant to the topic at hand.

      • It all still boils down to one thing friend and thats judgement. Thats the main problem a lot of commenters have on this site. The guy is in a movie that doesn't quite appeal to you and all of a sudden he is the devil? What if the script or story appealed to him in a deep resonating way? Does that make him 'brain dead'? And to be quite honest I really don't see what the big deal here is. Its just a damn movie.

      • "We all gotta make a living some how" is just a cop out. I think Brad Pitt is a talented actor and I cant describe him as "mindless" since I dont know him and dont really care about him. But everyone has a different opinion on people in the public eye I guess. Anyway I dont get why you would bring up "people in the porn industry" when talking about a real actor. Yes some actors are mindless, but all porn stars are gross and most people would use words like mindless, desperate, degrading, drug-addicted (etc) to describe them…

      • He's not reptilian but he is illuminati. He's related to bush whose a illuminati member and he's been seen wearing a Masonic ring. Wake up and do your research.

      • He's not all over the place for nothing. He lost his looks, he's not a very good actor, yet he's shoved unnecessarily down our throats for a very long time There are better-looking and younger actors nowadaysbut he's considered the best thing since sliced bread and butter. It isn't a coincidence, there is something about B Pitt that I never liked and don't know what it is.

      • Gina…
        You never liked Brad, so it doesn't matter what i say to you, because you will always find a way to criticize him no matter what!! But you are wrong, and Brad is a talented and very good looking actor!!

      • @Gina
        I'm sorry but him not being a good actor is entirely your opinion. I think he is one of the most talented male actors out there. He doesn't get 'shoved in our face' for being a sucky actor. Think what you may about the movie industry but theres no denying raw talent when you see it. Look at Meet Joe Black or The Mexican. He's good. Stop the hating.

        And as for all you saying he is related to Bush, I urge you to please do proper research before spewing nonsense all over this comment section. And so what if he is related to Bush anyway? Does that automatically make him an evil person? Doesn't he at least deserve a chance to be judged as an individual? Hell, I bet most of you do not even know the man on a personal level so how does this qualify you as an accurate judge of his character? Think people. THINK.

      • Don't get upset. he's not my cup of tea and I'm not his either. We are not cut out to like everyone and everything. And why should I stop hating B Pitt? i don't hate him , he's not interesting in my view. My view is not to be imposed on others.

      • Syd…
        I have made my research and Brad is NOT related to the Bush family, he is related to Obama!! And Brad's ring was NOT Masonic, the ring was a symbol of New Orleans!! So again, i say; STOP lying about GOOD PEOPLE!!

      • Oh, he's related to the Obamessiah, so that makes him all okay!

        You people are fucking unreal.

      • Marie
        First of all…
        "You people" and you mean exactly what with this words?????
        And second…
        Who cares if Brad is related to Obama!! People shouldn't be judge, to whom are related!!

  3. A war on humanity that has humanity as the enemy and government as savior.
    When is it ok to just mow people down like that? People are going to think that this kind of stuff is acceptable. you look at history, the soviets, nazis, and other tyrannical governments dehumanized and killed millions of people just like in this movie, this is so wrong.

  4. Back in the day in the Soviet Union, one could not travel from one town to another without permission slips, specifying your purpose for the visit and its duration, and if seen talking to a foreigner on the street, police would pay you a little visit in your home and pick you up for questioning. Oh, and travelling abroad was fat chance…
    We all need to pray for each other. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/336/971/361/yahshu

  5. I hate that they try to scare us with these movies. Just blow up all up and get it over with. Stop with these movies already. We can only die once. They want to scare us then kill us. Bullies!

  6. Thank you VC for this post! I used to work in a movie theatre and just resigned recently. As soon as I saw this trailer and the movie poster, I could tell right away that it fits right into the human depopulation idea.

  7. i don't know if this has anything to do with it ,but on pretty littleliars there's this one part where the blond girl says "tv kills your brain" i at first i was like oh whatever ,but i actually started to think about it and it can be a possibility because now people are pretty dumb and i wouldn't doubt it if it affected our brain in a very unhealthy way

    • I just watched the history channell and I…somehow…felt like i was smarter when the program ended. If you watch a show with idiots than yeah TV is gonna be bad. There is alot more bad shows than good shows though. probably like 20 bad shows for every good one.

  8. This type of media is used to create a negative collective consciousness so as to help the horrid future they want for us to come to fruition.

  9. Hollywood is all about scare tactics and pre-conditioning. Nothing else. You only need to look at all these doomsday-like films coming out this year. Oblivion, Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, The Host, etc. Hollywood is controlled by the government. Wanna know how? Because all these celebrities are making money from making these types of films that push an agenda then turning around and telling people how they should live their lives. Exhibit A: Jim Carrrey, who's now making a complete mockery of gun-owners. Please stop giving this hypocritical industry your hard earned money!

    • Who cares what Jim Carrey does? Why are you so threatened? You have your guns, don't worry about it. The gov't isn't going to take them, no matter what you think. I just think it's funny that people are so freaked out about the gov't taking their guns. If the gov't is going to crack down on people, your guns won't help you. They didn't help the people of Waco Texas, the Branch Davidians. They had stockpiles of weapons, and the gov't still took them out.

  10. Yet another great marketing. Looks like people really are scared by death and apocalypse.:| See you in hell or heaven or whatever.

    • There is no whatever. There is only heaven and hell, they are both very real. The Bible is the true word of God, it mentioned these things which are taking place. Do not let Satan deceive you into believing there is no God. Whether you believe or not Jesus Christ, the son of the living God will return. Where will your soul spend eternity?

  11. i will not participate in their fear and chaos, but instead will hold light in my heart and soil in my hands, enriching my life and those i encounter.

    • PawnInTheGame on

      Awesome, did those words come from you or are you quoting someone? My feelings exactly on all this serious talk. I have not in all my years of learning and seeking…. I still have not figured out how to solve this futile control over humanity.

      The only option I come up with….. Is to gain access to the Lab, where in I could alter human DNA, eliminate the GREED, DESIRE for POWER and CONTROL. I would still keep the ability to defend ourselves….. I do not want us to become sappy wimps. More like conscious WARRIOR MONK types. Insert your own type of spiritual or none at all. The concept is there…. Caring not only for your existence but guiding and truly helping others were possible.

      VIOLENCE in solving this is not an option. The cycle will continually repeat itself and you just replace one regime with another…. Then it is RINSE AND REPEAT. LOL

      BELIEVE ME….. They will not let me near any LAB to correct this failed experiment. Besides, I forgot how….. I placed it on a Post-It but can't find it in all my mess. LOL

      PERSONALLY, I am exempt if one could say…. Just a Insignificant GUIDE. One of as many lights in the night sky. Impartial judges if you will…. My vote has always been to cut the losses wipe it clean and start again learning from the past ones.

      Saving the INTENTIONALLY true and innocent…. Of course! Many times I have done this…. Perched on high along with the others. Watching down on the Humans as the planets mantle breaks and consumes all trace of their existence.

      Wonderful thing to have such IMMUNITY. PAWN :-). PawnInTheGame, LOL.

      • Very good catch, indeed! It took me awhile to find it, but there it was with the word "Pharmacy" written on it. Good eye, Tiffaine! (pun intended)

    • Funny, I did not see the "Pharmacy" eye, but just before that, I saw the shape of the eye in the scene with the child in the street among the running people. The child forms the center of the eye and the pattern of running people forms a pyramid-like shape.

  12. I figured VC would have put up an article about Olympus Has Fallen or White House Down before one about this movie… especially since they coincide with the White House stopping their tours or whatever. but then again movies about the US government under attack don't really fit in the agenda of this website.

    • Yikes! That was so disturbing. I'm praying for those who find this "cool." It's demonic. Looks to be a ritual sacrifice in at the start, with cops looking on, and others laughing…soft-core porn scenes of her with different dudes – young and old (is it supposed to imply pedophilia and incest?), including a priest…a reference to MK as a mask is taped to the dude as he's pinned…

      It was just posted yesterday, and already has almost 200k views. Lord, help us.

    • Sea of forgetfulness on

      That's disgusting. Reminds me of Brice Taylor's story how she was mk'd to sleep with all these people and she was married, but all these other people knew what was really going on even though she didn't. And when you're used up they sacrifice you in the end, which was the beginning.

  13. The movie "Olympus Has Fallen" was similar I think. A lot of dehumanizing and desensitizing imagery. Not good

  14. They're just making sure that we aren't too shocked when shit hits the fan. It's disgusting the way they shove it in our faces on TV and everywhere else.

    • I just typed her name into Google and found an article regarding her recent strange behavior and antics. Wandering the streets alone? Cheek piercings? That twitter comment about the rapper Drake? I understand that people grow up but what happened to fun, funny, cool Amanda? The girl I saw in those pictures looked like a tortured soul. Is it me or does she look like Miley Cyrus in many of her latest pics? I think you may unfortunately be correct regarding her being MK'd. Very sad.

    • I cant imagine many Nick and Disney stars NOT being MK'd or just generally traumatized in some way, likely by pedophiles. Getting MK'd isn't the only way to split ones personality, plain ol trauma can do it.

    • YES!!! I totally agreed. She is a common MK- Ultra slave!!! There is a reason people go crazy in the entertainment industry! Just like us, when they find out what is really going on , it's too much of a burden to handle. They allow at that point handlers to control them. it's so sad!

  15. Attn: DaithaiC on

    You were here denying Prince Phillip's nazi ties a couple of weeks ago, calling me a troll in the process (and of course, you cited no sources to refute my claim, which is conventional wisdom by now). The post was closed before I could reply, but thought I'd send this on…here's a taste:

    "So, when Prince Philip, co-founder with Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), tells an interviewer that he hopes to be "reincarnated as a deadly virus'' to help solve the "population problem,'' he is just "doing what comes naturally'' for any scion of the Anglo-Dutch oligarchy.

    To get beyond the soap opera stuff and truly understand the Windsors today, it is useful to start with Prince Philip. Not only was he trained in the Hitler Youth curriculum, but his German brothers-in-law, with whom he lived, all became high-ranking figures in the Nazi Party."


  16. Great work as always by VC!
    This is further predictive programming, as we already know our gov't is arming itself to the teeth, causing a shortage of ammo in the process, while militarizing fema and local law enforcement around the country. The fema camps should make anyone squirm, as it doesn't take much to be tagged a "potential threat" by a computer, and gov't officials have said outright we have no reasonable right to privacy when it comes to e-mail and cell phones.
    Don't forget the passage of NDAA, the FAA prediction of thousands of drones in our skies, war games in the streets of suburbs, checkpoints as far as one hundred miles inside the border (while selling arms to the very cartels they purport to protect us against)…and of course, a lawless leadership carrying on unconstitutional wars and drone bombings in numerous countries, most recently in Mali.
    Expect another false flag event leading to martial law. Perhaps the opening "daddy, what is martial law?" line in this propaganda film is indicative that it won't happen *tomorrow,* but once those who are children now grow up in a country that knows absolutely nothing of the Constitution or the writ of Habeas Corpus, conditioned to accept violence on a massive scale at the hands of those with the *proper* uniform, and older generations become ineffectual…

    • Addendum: Brennan took the oath of office as CIA director on a draft of the Constitution from 1787:

      "The Constitution itself went into effect in 1789. But troublemaking blogger Marcy Wheeler points out that what was missing from the Constitution in 1787 is also quite symbolic: The Bill of Rights, which did not officially go into effect until December 1791 after ratification by states. (Caution: Marcy's post has some strong language.)

      That means: No freedom of speech and of the press, no right to bear arms, no Fourth Amendment ban on “unreasonable searches and seizures,” and no right to a jury trial."

      How … symbolic?"

      • The issue is using either of these documents to assume ones rights. Doing so AUTOMATICALLY states that it is OK to wait around for a government entity to GIVE YOU rights. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, all very disempowering documents disguised in sheeps clothing. The Masons had their hands very deep in this country before such things were allowed to come to pass; do you not think they were part of the plan?

    • Is another False Flag attack about to happen soon? I say yes. The Illuminati believes the mindless terrorist zombies are the pro-gun supporters, christians, and conservatives. That is clearly the message they want people to read from these movies post-Sandy Hook.

  17. > zombies is a great way to portray the masses as a bunch of brainless animals that need to be destroyed


    ie. "Zombie" is the near future term for "unemployed" and/or "destitute". Our TV and movies are indoctrinating us to have a particular attitude to deal with the social fallout from economic failure.

  18. I agree with all the comments, but just from a movie critique point of view, what's going on with those ''zombies''? They are jumping and moving unrealistically fast, like some freaking kangaroos on ecstasy… !!! How do you want anyone to take this crap seriously?

    • Not referring to the zombies in this film, but "zombies" that are "jumping and moving unrealistically fast" could be attributed to bath salts.. Bath salts have a become a big problem in the military and I believe they see the "problem" as a way of creating "super soldiers". These men are already programmed to use violence against other human beings that their superiors deem as an "enemy" or a "threat" to the U.S., but under the influence of bath salts can become stronger, faster, more tolerant to pain and fully barbarous.

      All we can do is stand up and fight the good fight. Mentally and physically. Our minds, our voices, our fists.
      Have no fear. THE GOLDEN AGE LIES AHEAD.

    • eaten by moth on

      interesting and sleazy. the blurb says the film leaked out as do many things in fact everything leaks….jagger's daughter leaks, cara delavigne leaks and yes, we all leak now, no idea is serially our own, no song our own, no design, brain leak is what the new technology is really all about; that and surreptitiously appropriating genetic tissue, dna and whole body parts both internal and external. Louis Vuittons campaigns always look as though they have time travelled from the nazi era.

  19. well maybe if we didnt all cram in the movie theater to watch this crap and re-watch the preview a million times on youtube than these movies wont make money and they will realize america doesnt want to watch a hypothetical apocolypse…but we do.

    • You really have to unplug, check out, and stop poisoning yourself with food to get off the mind control train. Its not easy, and no one seems to be able to unplug at the moment. I only read about such people as online presences. The ones I meet in real life are like OMG THE GOVERNMENT ISNT HELPING ENOUGH, never looking behind the curtain or doing anything else but complaining and giving in. We have let ourselves be herded into a corner economically and spiritually, and if more people don't start THINKING, the agenda might continue to chip away at humanity bit by bit like its always done.

  20. I really do want to see this movie, despite Illuminati subliminal messages. My coworker truly sold me on the book too. The preview is quite terrifiying, despite my desensitization with Walking Dead and other zombie media.

    • I would never. Even watching such filth, such anti-life promoting idiocy, attracts dark energy in your direction, harvests any fear or excitement you have while watching it. And sitting in a theater with other people participating in this ritual, ugh. Why waste your vitality?

  21. Wow… the way they are mowing down ppl as they try to flee is unnerving as hell. I never want to see that in real life, ever! I am hoping the agenda will be delayed for a nice looong time before its actually put in place, but not really expecting it to. Thx, VC, for putting this out there. I don't even want to see the movie now.

  22. I think the movie " The Host" will be full of symbolisms and it should be analized by Vigilant Citizen.
    I believe this movie is about human spiritual possession ( the aliens/ souls controls human beings' bodies and minds). There is an evil message inside: The souls are good, it would be a better world if we accept their control.
    The concept of being controlled by someone else and the controller in fact be a soul of extraterrestrial being / a supernatural entity is somehow a way of understanding DID and Satanic Ritual Abuse Programming.

    • Child of isis on

      I never read the book just the first chapter but themain character that has this alien insie her is fighting against it

  23. A . Stop supporting your own Enslavement by sending money to Hollywood , that's blatantly preparing sheep to except what ever " problem " they come up with and allegedly have solution to that " problem " that'll will Ultimately cost your FREEDOM or maybe your LIFE … see it Free on Net .

    It's called predictive programing to CONDITION sheep to " Marital Law " so it won't be as much as a Shock , when it happens and rest assured , Brad Pitt will sell idea that's it's Necessary and the Government is looking out for You …. no surprise , he's part of "Elite " Establishment , front line of their Propaganda Network .

    • I wholeheartedly agree. Cancel all your tv/cable subscriptions. Use the MSM only for reference purposes. Start shoring up your local community because ultimately this will be the most beneficial for you and others. The herded the masses into cities, now we need to rebuild the small communities, one person at a time. The masses are waking up however the seed that is planted takes time to grow.

  24. Are those zombies…. or meaningless hordes of quick moving crazy humans? Hard to tell. I guess the finer points of movie making were lost when they let Donald Rumsfeld and Janet Napolitano determine the script and creativity involved

  25. I say bring it on, we all know what is coming, I just wish the hell it would get here already. The slow drip, drip, drip of the Cabal's plan is like torture. I came here for the final battle and I want it on already. Their subliminal messages through the bought and paid for universal media programs p!sses me off already. Lets get on with it. I am sick to death of seeing so much suffering on this planet while the brainwashed (zombies) think nothing of it.

    • That's part of the trick, to keep you waiting for a mega threat that never comes. Its been predicted forever.

  26. You think it's possible for Brad Pitt to get his first part in Thelma and Louise without having to do favors as John Travota talked about to the Massage Therapist?


    Pitt might have zero affinity left for the Middle Class America that used to be the lauded Post War Ideal. ZERO concern for a lot of things?

  27. I remember wanting to be an actress and my family always saying that there were things I'd have to scarifice in order to make but seeing all of this made every idea of being in this business revolting.

  28. "Daddy what's martial law?"

    The first significant sentence? Spoken by a little girl? Infantilizing the audience much?

    I'm sure it was just a huge coincidence.

    • Something to consider:

      I do know that, while men's voices are read as words, women's voices are read as music first. So maybe the idea is that her words act as a musical instrument that rises above the talking voices to emphasize the situation.

  29. I remember reading a bit of literary criticism that basically divided the American Political scene into two sorts of horror films:

    Liberals = Vampires
    Conservatives = Zombies

    The implication would seem to be that the "Forces on the top" see the conservatives as their true threat.

    Guns, perhaps? TEA Party rebellion? A solid philosophical basis (vs grasp-for-any-advantage desperation, as shown by their espousing the 2nd amendment as viewed by the NRA in their wish to see "Universal Health Insurance" passed to law)? Something has made the Conservative side a threat to the leadership.

  30. SavedByGrace on

    I noticed at 2:01 there was a sign with one eye that said Pharmacy. Definitely a nod to the big pharma. This is so sickening!!!!

  31. That figures! Brad Pitt is, of course, one of the favourites of the illuminati. What else do you expect from these people who have pledged their soul to Satan and the illuminati.
    It's simple. Don't pander to the illuminati. Don't be a sheep.

  32. Total Population Loss: 4.275 billion?

    I'm sure the elite would love that…don't know if the number will be this high but something HUGE is happening within the next few years and I personally think a global economic disaster will be just the beginning.

    Do not let all of this evil worry you or put fear in your hearts! The elite will feel God's wrath and his righteous judgement…sadly, so many people who we think are "not as bad" will as well if they die in their sins. We are evil sinners deserving of God's judgement but thankfully we can saved eternally by faith in our living Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and his sacrifice for the forgiveness of our sins! :) this is real!

    "Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell." Matthew 10:28

    • Righto. The body is disposable since it deteriorates over time and undergoes decay. The soul on the other hand lives forever. Good stuff.

    • Denounce other humans for controlling other humans, but exalt in a God that created us to be evil sinners? No thanks, nor does that make any sense. It ultimately puts the blame on God for allowing the mess to happen, even taking free will into account.

      • Is Real Light? on

        GOD created us as perfect beings with free will. With our free will we CHOSE to be sinners, just as you CHOOSE to accuse HIM rather than exalting him for providing you with the very AIR YOU BREATH!

  33. Brian Tougas on

    I think everyone's overreacting to this trailer. It's no different than any other disaster movie to come out in the last 20-some odd years.

    Except for the "martial law" quote, there's nothing about this that could possibly be related to secret societies, the occult, symbolism, or any agenda. It's even a stretch to say this is predictive programming, considering movie themes involving martial law & societal collapse have been popular for the past 50+ years or so.

    This movie DOES prove one thing, however:

    Hollywood has run out of ideas. When in doubt, sh*t out another zombie/vampire flick, right Hollywood?

    Now let's stop giving power to Hollywood by paying attention to it, and actually DO something about what's happening to our world (prepare your family, improve your situation, and free your mind from fear and feelings of inferiority).

    God bless, and stop giving the media so much power. That includes you, VC (although I'm still a big fan)!

  34. I just feel uneasy on the subject. 1. World war is nothing new.
    2.Depopulation or,simply ,genocide and war have little in common.War has earthly goals not just bloodlust.
    3.On the occult-they do not want simply kill.Yes,something worse.
    4.If multitude of people who are ready to face eternity are slaughtered that is not Illuminati victory.
    5.First they want to mislead people.Kill all morality.Destroy anything pure,holy and undefiled. Only then killing has sense-folks are having no hope no salvation no forgiveness.Are we not at this stage?Blessed are those who keeping themselves out of this process…God help us all.

  35. Wondering why he wanted to get into Russia and why the other guy said its a 'black hole'…instilling wrong stereotypes. I can sense trouble coming to US with my inner guts, it won't be good. Everything will fall like a cardhouse.

  36. Hey, VC! There's a new film franchise being released for the teenagers called 'The Mortal Instruments'. The trailer is filled with occult symbolism, entities, nephilims, demons, and everything secret societies are related with. All wrapped in a cool pop atractive package for teens. Very interesting! And it's a Screen Gems production, the 'S' from hell! LOL

    The logo/symbol of the movie is clearly goat-shaped! Yeah! m/

  37. Child of Isis on

    If you guys are worried about the illuminate then you should throw all your cellphones , laptops because those do have camera in the front and back and can most likely be easily turned on ( see the film abduction starring taylor lautner) and dont buy from walmart,kroger or whatever stor you have in your state and grow your own food and make your own clothes – just go completely off the grid that way you dont have to worry about illuminate or symbolism and all this brainwashing crap because with the way technology is advancing you might as well just go off the grid – shoot quit your jobs while your at it cause all this big business all report to someone.

  38. I really wanna see this film now. But I do not get it, are the people bad ? Evil ? Zombies ? AGAIN ? Ergh, it' over done, the best zombie film i saw was shaun of the dead.
    Olyumpus, World War Z, Contagion, ergh, common Hollywood….

    • Kowtowing to the UN to beg for world peace? No way. Just do it at your level, do it quietly and powerfully and spread the awareness. Don't bother informing the UN and other countries governments of your intent. Waste of time.

  39. I'm confused… When God returns and they start to begin the NWO and Martial Law, will people be able to die?? And those that do die… are they completely lost from God's grace? Will they be able to get saved or if you're killed during that time, are you just imemediately sent to hell?

    • According to the bible,or lemme say according to what I understand because I wouldn't want to misquote the bible.when Jesus returns to take his people back with him to heaven then nwo would start and by then death would be impossible,no matter what you do to try to get yourself killed won't work so no death for 7 years.after that 7 years Jesus would come back ti take those people that survived the tribulation and those who didn't receive the mark of the beast and then the people who didn't make would end up in hell alongside the devil and his minions

  40. I saw this trailer along with the new movie from Will Smith "After Earth", they share uncanny similarites one like this movie with Brad Pitt, where we are in the middle of chaos and quickly dying. In Will Smiths movie, its been 1,000 years later on Earth and there are no humans left, and its a D Classified Quarantined Planet, where the earth has evolved to kill humans? I think its like Nature fighting back, But Will smith said something interesting about Fear and how movies like these can condition our way of thinking. He said "Fear is not real, it is a product of thoughts you create in your mind, Danger is very real but Fear is a choice". Fear is the elite's weapon and Brad Pitt is a pawn in the game, because everyone love him

  41. Of course the pillar of man amass on one another at the wall was in Israell; 2/3 of the mass murderer scenes of those 2 trailers were in israel/palestine.

    • It's easy to understand that by the colours of they'r uniform, the ground type, and the tipe of helmets, I have already seen those uniforms enough to recognize them every where. Enough news reports seen on those…

  42. satan killer on

    what a fiction that illuminati want make it reality, they won't make it, that is 1000% impossible.
    that's why they try so hard to make a try since so long time.
    you can't decorate piece of crap to look beautiful what so ever. that's how Allah create satan, to be awful!

  43. GhastlyLogic on

    Alright, I'm not saying Hollywood isn't marketing the film to fit their agenda but World War Z was a book before it was a movie and it was a great novel that was social commentary about humanity as a whole. Don't lose sight of that.

    • 1984 by George Orwell was written almost 100 years before the movie of the same name and look where we are today. He was only off by a few decades.

  44. Isn't it possible that some film-makers see the potential for a similar future scenario as portrayed in these films, and are trying to warn us to not allow it to happen?

  45. I also agree that there has been a huge barrage of the zombie theme in our culture in recent years. Look around.

  46. With the massive popularity of facebook alone, companies today are definitely combing the web to see what people are interested in, and greedy Hollywood is creating films and work geared toward those interests. Their sole purpose is to keep earning big money, in other words: "BUSINESS as usual." We need to realize that we don't need much to live a fair life and be very wary of what we spend our time and money on. Without an audience, these films and the people who produce them will not continue to thrive.

  47. I like how in the trailer it doesn't even mention that these people have turned into "Zombies" it basically just looks like the movies about killing a bunch of people

  48. I watched a video by Alex Jones (yes, grain of salt taken) about his analysis of World War Z where he mentioned also how its preparing population for military violence against civilians who have contracted incurable infectious disease which is on a wide scale (engineered population control), so the non-infected public fear them and they become dehumanized like "zombies" so the military violence/killing against them is accepted.

    Then today, I saw this through FB:

    "DHS Practices Mowing Down Civilian "Zombies" During Anti-Terror Training Exercise (December 2012)

    SAN DIEGO, CA — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) ran anti-terror drills in which civilians dressed as zombies were gunned down indiscriminately by soldiers and police. Detailed makeup was used as well as pyrotechnics. This exercise was coordinated by the HALO Corporation

    Watch http://youtu.be/bwKSJQI3tco

    Zombie Apocalypse Singled Out In Tom Coburn Report On Homeland Security Waste http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/05/zombie-a

    Top Republican official slams DHS for wasteful zombie training http://digitaljournal.com/article/338478

    The Walking Fed
    Homeland $$ for zombie training http://www.nypost.com/p/news/national/the_walking

    Posted by Julie
    Join Us! Illuminati Exposed (This is the resistance)"

    • TruthHasNoMonopoly on

      yeah flesh eating bacteria engineered by illuminati also in illuminati card. illuminati themselves are cannibal what can we say? btw, initiates are disposable for illuminati, backstabbing plan awaits them.

  49. FuckThisShit on

    Reality is fuckin ugly,I mean if this is what's gonna happen,what's the point of being here,we will all be fucked if more people don't wake up,We gotta protect ourselves cause THEY aren't going to,they're gonna try to kill us off & people think the United States is the place for freedom,yeah we may have it better here than other places but the evil shit is being done secretly,all the Illuminati BS,they're plottin on us

  50. Pray for all, even the actors and Politicians a soul can not be sold, they are just so in love with Money, Fame and Power that they do not want to give it up, they also know once they stop pushing the agenda they will be labeled as crazy or a pedophile or ever sacrificed like MJ. Right now all still have a chance , but once they take the Mark they will be doomed to hell forever: basically subhuman. We have to Pray for Revival , we still have a little time to save others through Jesus Christ: King of Kings, Lord of Lords.
    Almost time to separate the wheat from the tares !!!

  51. I have to share someething… I started learning about the " TRUTH" about two years ago. From that time on, is when I have noticed all the evil in movies, politics, cartoons.. day to day things. I am not saying that the illumanatii wasn't so blunt two years ago. However i think because now my eyes are opened I see all the evil that goes on.

    When I saw the trailer to this movie at home, I said to myself " This war is coming soon"… they are so forceful now, and I think that they know people are catching on. Honestly they don't even care who knows. For those who are blinded and are not seraching I feel very bad. Satan has his army and when the time comes, his plan is to take us out. We will need God more than ever! I hope people are praying and asking God for strength. We are going to need it! The fact that they are trying to take our guns away and disarm us ,speaks volumes!!!
    Think people.. think!

  52. I found out from a friend of mine ,that has a husband in the Military, that they do training for "Zombies". So this movie goes along with this training that we are paying for them to have.

  53. You guys are fucking stupid. Extremely paranoid and probably anti social. Get over the fact that there has always been a ruling class. Stop bitching and be grateful u live in a time and place where even the stupidest ideas and paranoid conspiracies can be shared. Grow up its a fuckig movie. You're just jealous you can't be a part of any type of great "secret" society or club. These have always been around humans naturally form friendships–groups– and clubs. Fuckin pathetic how brainwashed into such a load of crap you all are. I bet before 12212012 you all were bitching about the illuminati ending the world. Grow up and accept money buys power and this the secrets In life!!!

  54. Let's look at string of 2013 movies and a certain theme…

    GI JOE Retaliation – Secret Cabal (Cobra Commander is the true faceless leader – It's interesting that the ruler for the NWO is represented by a serpent) – White is shown being taken over

    Olympus has Fallen – White house is taken down/blown up, Secret group conspires to take it over.

    White House Down – Another movie showing the white house being taken over/blown up.

    World War Z – More government take over. White house is shown out of commission.

    What else to add to the list?

  55. Brat Pitty is same bloodline as OBAMA and BUSH and Married youtube.com/watch?v=rtGEBmSmOqI think about infowars.com being World Number 1 the most viewed News Website, illuminati puppets are in delusional, these old tactics won’t work just Exposing themselves as puppets for doing so. I appreciate this article and let us speak out in the comment section.

  56. There are many hidden symbols (some not so hidden) in this trailer alone. I'm making a quick documentary on the symbols and interpretations found in the trailer. I'll post up here when I'm done in a day or two.

  57. It's very apt for the general population to be portrayed as zombies. What is the general population anymore except for drones bent on sex and violence, lost in ignorance. They are programmed to live in boxes, drive a box to another box to pay for other said boxes and buy whatever they are told will help them get sex. ……. On a side note….. Vigilant citizen, have you ever considered a mapping out of certain bloodlines? Biblical through modern day? Preferably that of what is called the serpent seed, cain's line of descendants. I think it is known, not sure how widely, that all of our presidents save for one, are related and that these relations, traced by mother as well as father, all have a common ancestor, a king to the english throne. I forget which king though. I only bring it up because i have heard someone, tila tequilla mention said bloodliners, brad pitt being someone. Though i never did find out as to what bloodline she had reported him as having. …. Just a thought, keep up the awesome work!

  58. Well whoever posted this obviously hasn't been to youtube 4 awhile . Cause there is a video there that shows multiple illuminati symbols within the trailer itself. I trust no movies, I ONLY GIVE THEM THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT 4 AWHILE until someone proves them DIABOLICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. I am so tired of these images and desensitization… I just want peace… why do they want such horrible things… control isn't the best answer… we could all be happy together… it makes me so sad…

  60. You can find Angelina Jolie on the CFR list. She is a member of the Council on foreign Relations. look her up on their list at CFR.org.

    Why is she a member? My guess is she serves as some kind of role model…her and Brad.

  61. I watched the movie and was disappointed. but i actually understood why that zombie problem happened. Because most of the people were already dead before that. Faked feelings and faked happiness in the family of Brad Pit character. There was no love and were there is no love – there is no life. Just walking dead.

    "Follow me, and let the dead bury their own dead." Matthew 8:22

  62. I saw this thing a few days ago. Kudos VC for hitting the nail on the head where this piece of crap is concerned. The whole thing was a promotional ad for the UN and WHO.

  63. For there will be a tribulation lile has never haooened beofre nor will ever haopen again. In fact, if those days were not cut short, no flesh would be saved.
    (Matthew 24:20-22)

    Everyone calling on the name of Jehovah will be saved (romans 10:13; joel 2:32)

  64. So impressive that these kind of movies NEVER show ANY SINGLE BABY! They know really well about it! Praise Jesus!!! ^_^ You know, I already understood this. Hollywood is really telling their plans once the church is gone… NO CHURCH IN THE WILD says the song you know…
    That's why the bible says that may are going to wish to be dead in those times. I'm sticking with Jesus!

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