U.S. Government Plans to Push Americans Out of Suburbs to Move in Planned Cities (video)


Agenda 21 is an United Nations “action plan” that basically defines how citizens will live in the 21th Century. Under the guise of “eco-sustainability” and other “you-must-agree-with” buzz words, the plan ultimately reduces the freedoms and living conditions of citizens, not to mention reduce individual and property rights. A major component of this action plan is to get citizens out of rural and suburbans areas to get them to live in dense, highly planned and controlled mega-cities. The elite wants to see citizens use less space, own less land and real estate and they want them to fully depend on state-owned public transportation.

Corporations like IBM are highly involved in the creation of these “smart cities”.

IBM has massive contracts lined up to create "smart cities". And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

IBM has massive contracts lined up to create “smart cities”. And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

Concrete action is now being taken to push this plan forward. The U.S. government is looking to implement new policies to discourage people from living in the suburbs and to promote living in major cities. Here’s a report from FOX News about the plan. However, don’t be fooled: While the report blames Obama and the Democrats for the plan, it was already in action when Bush and the Republicans were in power. Plans of the world elite advance no matter who’s in power.. Here’s the report.

Viewing this report reminded me of a short video I posted on Vigilant Citizen two years ago named “Planne-Opolis”. Created by the Forum for the Future (which was funded by corporations such as Bank of America, the City of London Corporation, PepsiCo UK, Time Warner, Royal Dutch Shell and Vodafone) the video describes how a planned city would work. While the little cartoon woman attempts to make it all seem amazing, the implications of this video are nothing less than chilling.

Here are some of the “lowlights” of the video:

  • Food and water is regulated and rationed by a “Global Food Council” which seizes total control over farming. Meat is a rare treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions
  • The state decides what your job will be with “designated career announcements,” nobody has the choice to decide their own vocation
  • Movement and behavior is controlled by a calorie credit card linked to a smart phone that rations the amount of travel the citizens of planned-opolis, are allowed to make. Private ownership of cars will be banned for non-elitists because, “the state knows they just aren’t practical anymore.”
  • “It makes so much sense doesn’t it,” insists the smiley faced slave “Vee,” who enjoys the fact that she can “switch off brain and go to work,” adding, “With this many people around I’m glad there’s a mega-computer in charge.”
  • Those who resist and still cling to some semblance of freedom in defiance of the state and the super-computers running the slave grid, there’s the “cry freedom ghetto,” prison camps for malcontents who are blocked from getting jobs, accessing high speed transport or the Internet

Other scenarios conceived by Forum for the Future are slightly different but they all have common threads: drastic reduction of rights, privileges and freedoms; constant reference to  “an elite” having exclusive rights on cars and other luxuries; state controlling all aspects of life.

“Makes much sense, doesn’t it?” Nope, and get off my property.





    • I highly suggest the books oryx and crake and the year of the flood by Margaret Atwood. It's like a projection of all these prophecies.

      • Inaccessible Rail on

        Yes, MadAddam just came out, and I suggest everyone get ther hands on the trilogy. It's as if Margaret Atwood can see into the future. The time will come when we will be obliterated and the knowledge of our ancestors will be restored among us..
        Civilization is so lost and far from how humans should be living their lives..
        Basic survival skills are lost on today's people, hopelessly distracted and ignorant to how evil this world has become.

    • Yeah easy to contorl and eleminate! Depopulation is easy when you have everyone is in one place. Sickos

  1. This really makes the future look bleak. I mean, who wants to be controlled for the rest of their live. *sigh*

    • David L M Bryan on

      sounds like a better world to me :) its all about saving the planet, we are too many, out of control and using up too many resources 😉 we need much less than what we have these days 😉 people are obese because of freedoms to choose what to buy when we want and how much we want 😉 we dont need all that, if we are limited to what we can eat but still have enough to survive and live healthy then for me that sounds pretty damn good 😉 freedom is something which we have taken for granted and have used this word to get all the pleasures in the world 😉 WE DONT NEED THAT MUCH!! we lived for thousands of years with so much less than what we have today, we can do it again 😉 If this is their plan then i say GO FOR IT!! SAVE THE PLANET! TAKE AWAY OUR OVER USED FREEDOMS, AND PILE HUMANS IN A CITY, AND LEAVE NATURE ALONE!!!! I will happily live in a BIG CITY, where we grow our own foods in our own apartaments, use solar power for my own electricity, and let the planet heal in the meantime far away from the touch of Humanity 😉

      • Come on down! All u need is some tomato seeds, cowgirl boots and a strong work ethic!

      • Truth in truth on

        Which will soon be illegal under Title IV of the EU's Plant Reproductive Material Law. And note that the FDA is currently setting up offices in foreign countries under Sec. 305 & 308 of the S.510 Food Safety Moderization Act. In other words, all these things will be instituted worldwide very soon. Welcome to the New World Order, just as Revelation 17:12-14 tells us. But these scumbags won't rule forever, Jesus will come back very soon as King of Kings and Lord of Lords to avenge those who remain faithful.

      • It's true. You remember that food will be in abundance, yet it won't be edible. That's the state we are now. The food and water are contaminated.


  2. There's this old Aesop fable about how monkeys decided to build a city. But the old monkey stoped them saying that then there will be surrounded by walls and it will be easyer for hunters to catch the monkeys.
    And these new planned-opolises are comming with a wall around them. So i don't realy see much difference between living trapped in a camp (open-air prisson) or a city like that.

      • Cities always have had walls around them. At one point they just took them down for few centuries, so the cities can grow and facotries can be built. Now they are bringing the walls back.. Enought growing – let's get back to the middle ages with white-coats insted of black-coats and possibility to be tortured for saying the wrong words in the worng place.. this time the wrong word will be "liberty". That's "progress" you see.. hehehe.. middle ages on steroids – dumbed down have-nots living in dirt and eating dirt that know enought just to understand the comands barked at them by army (police.. haha.. yeah, same as army now days), white coats (what used to be priests) and couple of families of kings who finaly have all the world to rule. We went such a long way – just to come back to the same crap..

    • I wish it was a joke dude, but is not unfortunately. Also I saw an anime which is the same the government chooses your vocation etc… Creepy I wonder if the Japanese people know the anime Psycho Pass is exactly like the second video omg. Yo, VC is funny how you always post good and accurate info, but where is a solution you show the cause of things, but how and what can we do too stop it ? Hmm…. I ponder about this site some dude on YouTube said you're working with the Government and what not? Anywho that's a question only you could answer. Mercy

      • I saw that guys video, he's got a point. But VCs taught us a lot, even if he does have bad intentions, hes keeping us updated… Follow both of em and come to your own conclusion. But keep God first

      • i guess we gotta take everyones info w/ a grain of salt and trust only God and His word completely

      • Although the King James Bible & pretty much all versions of the Bible have also been manipulated, if that's what you're alluding to, so – get healthy, unplug as much as possible, & hear God for yourself, I say.

        That said, also, most words of J.C seem pretty solid, he was a pretty countercultural dude, with a good instinct around Satan (against), energy healing (pro), etc,

    • I wish it were a joke… It's coming….10-15 years from now, hard to tell, but it's coming. Ever read the book called Brave New World by Huxley? it's worth reading and it explains a lot.

  3. Truth & Light on

    Stay tuned…Babylon will fall. The sleeping goats sit on this while folks in other countries protest tyranny.

    • yep. What was the bible story about the 10 bridesmaids? 5 had oil for their lamps and the other 5 didn't bother.When it came time the 5 who had the oil for their lamps were able to go to their betrothed husbands The other 5 couldn't because they had no oil to light the way. They had become complacent and expected the other half to take care of them or to take them along or to share theirs…then they all would have gotten lost in the darkness. This passage is so scarey in its current truth for our day and our times we are in. I know it could pertain to being prepared in the spiritual sense, which we all should be anyway, but I see the practicality of it for our modern era and what our country is going thru. It amazes me that so many of us are still sitting on the sidelines and not protesting here. I guess there are so many things to protest about…where do you start?

    • focusedpurpose on

      not sure what that means when what unfolds is according to prophecy and Scripture. there is no stopping it. there is only informing oneself so that one Understands and is able to make the right informed decision @ decision time…which is now…

  4. "The U.S. government is looking to implement new policies to discourage people from living in the suburbs and to promote living in major cities." – I was watching the local news yesterday and noticed that certain "taxes" and "fees" are increasing in our area… but residents who live outside of the city limits will experience double the tax/fee increase. This is very real…

    • I think Yeshua will come when a significant percentage of the world population begins to call him for his return, and I think that will happen when humankind is powerless against the tiranny. He will listen to our prayers when the right time comes.

      • How can you know?
        This is exact words of prophetic utterance given us 30+ years ago-"My second coming will take place when the Church will lift up their voice in prayer saying come o Lord and deliver us".
        Did you know the same?

      • JacobEzekiel on

        (Matthew 24:36-39)
        “Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father.

        For just as the days of Noah were, so the presence of the Son of man will be. For as they were in those days before the flood, eating and drinking, men marrying and women being given in marriage, until the day that Noah entered into the ark; and they took no note until the flood came and swept them all away, so the presence of the Son of man will be.

      • Do not quote The BIBLE verses without elaborating. For whence HE came he acted as Man(Think) but in HIM GOD as HE is GOD(SUPREME). Therefore even YESHUA knows the time. (3 to 4, Earth to Heaven) code name (DEAS) . It is best to tick and tock. You would agree HE is the Greatest Watcher of All Time.

        My 2 cents and I am not going to the bankers.

      • "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." Matthew 24:14

  5. I live in Toronto, where the provincial government is in the process of implementing new debit cards that will cover a large portion of southern Ontario's infrastructure. The smart cards will track you everywhere you go and bill you accordingly. The old system of being able to buy individual tickets at a discounted rate is vanishing, as is the ability to purchase an all-inclusive monthly transit pass for a set price. You can still pay cash, but it's substantially more expensive. I'm extremely unhappy about this, although no-one I've mentioned this too seems to take it seriously.

      • you can not run, it's going to be everywhere. Pray for the return of Yeshua so that we may not suffer.

      • I've got an idea! Instead of praying for a return or hoping for someone or some prince charming to come save you. Why don't you save yourselves. Who said anything about running? Stock up on food, and ammo. It's this mindset that "someone will come to save us"/"Someone else will do it" that's has got you all in this rut in the first place. But guess what YOU are that someone that has to take action. By allowing this to passively happen because you believe someone is going to return and save you, you're just as guilty as those who are committing the crime. There is only RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. Not some later far off in the distant future time. They promised you heaven so they could steal this Earth away from you.

      • You warmongers should get a grip. Look at Egypt, Afghanistan and the whole Jasmine revolution and you will notice one theme: resistance is not easy, but armed resistance is even more disastrous. The end result of everyone arming themselves can only be anarchy. And that is exactly what the power players want- why do you think no one is cracking down on conspiracy theory sites , secessionists and independent militia groups?

        Be smart. The only way to beat the system is to infiltrate it and BE the system, or establish enough foothold within it to restrain it from exerting its totalitarian powers on the weak. We all stand a better chance that way, than screaming, "To arms!" and ending up in a sea of your dead loved ones, with the 'elite' cackling mirthfully away in the background.

        Continue in this raucous pattern, and they won't even have to raise a finger.

      • Its not warmonger-ing, its called getting prepared. I'm not planning on shooting and killing, just protecting my own. I only want to be able to live sustainably without being force fed GMO slop that will only kill you anyway and numb your mind and make you perpetualy sick. I want to live peacefully. I want my family to live the rest of their lives peacefully. Unfortunately, though, the elites do have a plan to conquer and control most people. Its too easy to just sit there doing nothing, waiting on bid daddy gov't to hand you a credit card and say have at it. Its much harder to grow your own, plant your own save your own seed, can your own food, dehydrate it or freeze it. Its much harder to raise your own meat, butcher it, etc…or to get it from a reputable organic farmer whom you in all reality have to donate money too to help him and his family get by every year, if you dont want to have to go thru all the bother of raising, feeding, housing livestock and then butchering it too. Yes its much harder. Healthier. Creative. BUt as far as you think us preppers only want war? WHat the hell kind of craziness do you believe we have in our heads? We want peace and sustainable living. Even for those who choose to live in cities. Myself, I trust what I do, not big daddy gov't. Let me live out iin the country away from the city dwellers..

      • "We the People" still have power, especially in terms of how we spend our money and time. Effective ways to fight the global elite are to use our money and energies in ways that DO NOT support their psychopathic agenda or insatiable desire for profits. If enough people did the following things, we could shake things up and affect positive changes or at least halt the destructive path we find ourselves on. Here's how:

        Suggestions include not banking at any big globalist bank, but banking at local credit unions or community banks instead. Stop buying products from globalist corporations that employ slave-like labor overseas. Buy from local and independent producers. Stop purchasing and eating GMO foods. Buy organic at local farmers' markets and grow as much as you can on your own. Yes, it may cost more that what you are used to, but you can pay a little more now for food or else pay later for doctors' bills and medical care when you get really sick after years of eating the GMO toxic food.

        Stop using companies like Facebook and Google which data mine all your personal information and give it freely to the NSA and other government agenices. Unplug from social media and start having real conversations with people in person instead. Stop buying songs and CDs from recording artists who openly flaunt and promote the elite's agenda. Support artists who have not sold their souls to the devil for a chance at fortune and fame. Boycott movies which predictive program a dystopian, slave-like future. These are just a few things that we could all do to make our voices heard.

        First and foremost, stop supporting any company or business that is aligned with the globalist agenda! As a consumer, you still have some power and now more than ever is the time to use it. May the good people of this world prevail!

      • please put up some examples of who THEY are, please provide some names: I don't shop at Walmart or Target anymore, is TD bank considered a globalist bank, I already considered getting organic food from farmers markets, I can't think of one that's closest to me. Also instead of google, who do you recommend. I agree with what you're saying, I want to promote your idea, to all the ones that are waking up and seeing the truth.

      • An American on

        If I were y'all I would question…everything. if its in the media don't believe.it…main stream media that is. There r people behind the since trying to pit american against American…. country against country…because they want this idea of smart city life to be realty all over the world. Ask questions…and don't trust these folks….they don't care about killing us to get what they want…the Iraq war is a good example of that…Also don't believe everything you read on the news about Muslims…sure there r crazy out there but…there are some in every religion. But Muslims would rather die then…allow them selves or humanity to be treated as the smart city planners want them to be. I'm Muslim…an I have been tought that muslims and Christian will join together and fight this evil of Satan…when Jesus come back…be we will have to go through some suffer before getting there… but we have to hold on and not bows to these people even if it mean we have to die….because death is not death if you live your life for god…and lay down you life for him….it is in fact a reunion of friend to a friend….except this friend…. is all power…and will permit his slaves to live forever in his house.

      • thinkin critical on

        I want to hear more about Muslims and Christians fighting this evil elite, Side by side. Because I want to believe it. But in reality, why are there no churches in Saudi Arabia? Why are Muslims killing Christians in Egypt, Pakistan etc.I want to believe my brother Muslim. But I am not convinced.

      • Don't believe everything you read and watch in mainstream media. That's exactly what they want you to think and believe. Divide and conquer, the oldest trick in the book.

      • Who is the "they" that promised heaven to steal earth?

        God promised us heaven because we were made for it & not this earth. We're eternal spirit clothed in a temporary body – you can't feel that, you really don't know that with as much information on it that exists today, even in secular society?

        Our creator/Father/God is very real & created us for His good pleasure (love) & loves us despite our ignorance & wickedness.

        Your thoughts are not well processed & your anger & greed is the only thing leading you, just like the elite you want to fight against. It is you that is no better than they.

        If you disbelieve in God & Christ so much what will it hurt if you ask them to reveal themselves to you? They will show you in so many ways. Satan will be telling you its all coincidence yet all the while your God created heart will be telling you there are no coincidences. That you should go right instead of left, that U-turns (forgiveness & redemption) are possible. Don't be afraid of losing a way of life you have no control over anyway, really. Be a slave for Christ, not satan or this evil world he's controlling temporarily now.

      • i think this is great advice to be prepared cuz we dont know whats gonna happen in the future or when the end will be…however dont u think its wise to look in to Bible prophecy as its the only ancient book that accurately predicts all these things coming to pass? the bible is not alie and if Jesus predicted all future happenings…that means He will come too

  6. We live in an already planned world so its only fitting that there be planned cities. The things that are happening have been already been forseen. Every body just needs to keep their faith, live good and do right, prayer will go a long way. We still have the ability to fight the powers that be. the elite are in the minority.

    • They are in the minority yet they control the cattle-like majority in reality the awake people are in the minority. We need to fight

  7. I'm only like 50 seconds into that Planned-Opolis video, but I had to stop and comment……. those tightly stacked buildings with the black and white stripes…. are representative of the three guard bars found in IBM's 1973 designed Bar Codes that you see on every product you buy….. those are cartoon representations of Bar Coded Prison Buildings…. and the lady Vee who is speaking to you around 50 seconds in…. is speaking to you from behind bars, not from the interior of a comic strip…. notice her husband is also "barred" in and has the Luciferian one eye pose with some cyborg implant over his right eye…. more to come

  8. The great thing about a society that is controlled by electronics is that electronics are extremely susceptible to electromagnetic pulses!

    • I like the way you think (i.e. along the lines of "If you are listening to this you are the resistance.") I'm only half joking.

      • I'm an electronic radar engineer, so I may be able to come up with something :/

      • Viva-la-restiance!

        Lol, i need to contact you, you would be a valueable asset to my team

      • I need to change my major.
        Shit, I need to go to a whole damn school!
        Should've been studying how to blow these suckers apart rather than pick brains apart…

  9. This reminds me of that movie "The holy mountain" or in its original spanish "El Topo" Which was also sampled by Company Flow! “gas-chambers, gas-schools, gas-universities, gas-libraries, gas-museums, gas-dance-halls, gas-whorehouses, etc.” But a main part of the talk was how they were going to sell people on the idea of living in warehouses where they'd also be working. It seems pretty relevant to your post.

    • An American on

      yes it is…but we have to wait for the return of Jesus…and the time of peace that will follow his return once he kills the anti-christ. after every storm…there is a rainbow…we habe to ask god for strength…notbto surcum to evils will…..because they may win a battle but good will win the war.

      • I have to ask you this, mi amgio, when you comment try not to use religon and faith it is a good dream, but we dont need dreamers.

        We know who the antichrist is and we need assassians, not the "holy spirit of jesus"

  10. Let's get real this isn't just about moving people from suburbs to Mega-Cities. Notice how small towns and small cities aren't even mentioned….. these areas will be culled and destroyed

    • Either demolished or expanded until they flow into neighbouring towns and cities to form connurbations as what happened with Birmingham and Wolverhampton in the UK so now there is no green belt between them. Isolated towns and small cities will be demolished and razed to the ground. The larger houses in the surburbs of larger cities or cities close to other cities will be demolished and apartment blocks built on the land leaving very little lawn left as a car park takes up the space. It's called garden grabbing. London is the main mega city in the UK and will become the norm for a city.

      • Look up Wildlands Project on the inet. The plan is to transform all nature outside the cities into wilderness. You will not be able to walk through a forest, it will only be reserved for the elite. They will re-introduce wild animals like bears and wolves into these spots so that you can only go there with weapons. But wait, only the elite has weapons … there is a film about this: Crying wolf. it is about re-introduction of wolves into the yellowstone park and the farmers whose cattle is being attacked by these wolves and who have to leave at the end because the can't cope with the financial extra-burden. This is how they clear the countryside from farmers.

  11. Sigmund Freud's Ego on

    This goes back to what I said about Al Bielek, who worked in the Philadelphia Experiment and the Montauk Project. He speaks on this. What he says, to a simple closed-minded person, the information that he shares may seem far fetched but he's obviously telling the truth. Check out his interviews on youtube. He mentions the UN and where they REALLY meet at and who's part of it. Look at all of these movies like World War Z and such, don't you think they're trying to tell us something.

    • Do not be harsh. Enough evil in the world. If my Jesus is being hated so intensely this is for a reason.

  12. If people don't fight this hard enough to keep their liberties and purge all the corruption that's been building up in our society, then they almost kind of deserve enslavement. You can't uphold a stratified neo-caste system and then dissociate from that fact enough to just expect the rest of the entire world to let you go about your business. Then again, if people need to live in toxic cities for whatever reason then there's a problem. There should always be the option for everybody to leave and go where they want to.

    Nobody has the right to dictate to you how you'll live your live. It's just 'soft' tyranny. So fuck these people! And God damn Faux news and all the rest for covering it so superficially. If they media isn't going to do its job and act as a check against that corruption, then the public whose airwaves they are using to push their propaganda better stand up to them and demand some accountability, otherwise this could escalate very quickly. By now we should all know where they want us to go in our future.

    I hope more people start going balls-out.

    • ur right…people want escapism above all things and dont wanna DO anything! theyre too scared and apathetic….this is why its all gonna end…..

  13. I'm not a city person. Because I hate crowds, the crime rate in cities is higher, it stinks, it is dirty, loud, polluted and it depresses me. I love being surrounded by nature.

    "Meat is a rare treat only to be enjoyed on special occasions" Meat (and milk)is not good to begin with, especially factory farmed meat. People ate a lot less meat back then(was also something special)and were a lot healthier.

    Reading that kind of stuff makes me happy that I have to die someday. I don't know that I could live in a world like that!

    Another thing I would like to add is how they treat childbirth and life. I recently read an article were Great Britain apparently legalized another form of designer baby. Apparently now a baby that has 3 parents. The excuse for that is "preventing diseases". What's next? Picking the gender? Hair color, eye color, skin tone, size, intelligence, etc? To me it is another step towards an inhumane way to treat life. Humans become mass-produced replaceable things, sort of what we see in many scifi movies. Soon people are not allowed to have children on their own, because other people will make the new generation of people or better; worker bees. Sad enough that you already can buy babies! Same goes how abortion is seen as something okay. I certainly can see mankind going downhill, because people become more selfish and greedy and something like kindness and compassion will be seen as weird. And it is never good to play God and to fool around with nature!

    • ^I agree with you(no need to talk in caps lock). This is exactly why I don't want to have kids! Sadly lots of people don't think ahead an all they have in their mind is a world of illusion of a happy world and family made by the mass media. But those kids grow up and like you said, are thrown in a world full of problems.

    • My dear Christinne are you regret to be born in this world? Review what you comment. I am telling you now just because I have already been there.

    • Sal Monella on

      I'm not a fan of densely populated cities either. I love Chicago but only to visit. I've gotten way to used to living in an area where everything is spread out.

    • Jellified Skunk on

      "And now ever mother, can choose the color, of her child, that's not natures way…" jamiroquai

  14. Planned as reported? Really doubt it!
    Firstly "them" know that by 2050 their plan is to eradicate population so 27 cities with 10+ millions are so unlikely…Well that is sickening at best but whether we believe or not dark times are ahead.

    Second I strongly disagree that it is only about control. It is more like timely response to some other events would the land be devastated.Not much to be discussed though. I will get enough caustic responses anyway.

    Third cities are accumulation of sin and depravity. From some comments I have learned that many of us are proud of their own ways. So nothing to be scared of. Nothing sinister is coming.Already came-we are already there.
    Lord keep me in check till Your Day….


    • An American on

      No one made bit like this…people be hide the since have been working towards this for centuries….research research research….we did as for the federal reserve….. when that came into play in 1913….things went down from their….for us…research!

      • what? Your speech is confusing…or should I say your words are confusing…do you mean 'behind the scenes'? Then it makes sense…

  16. That second video tripped me out. I made a comment at youtube for the video. It's "pending approval." If you notice there's only one comment and even the comment that they let stay there is an unflattering comment. You'd have to be psychotic, on drugs or both to go along with that crap. Heavy mind control is in order.

    • My bad. That video was posted by an anti-Illuminati person. No wonder his comment didn't make sense at first. Video still sucks.

    • For a video that's been uploaded since 2011 it should have more comments…strange YouTube behaviour indeed….

  17. The problem with Planned-opolis is that it runs on carbon-based fuel. Before these megacities can come to pass, someone somewhere *will* have come up with an alternative energy solution that is both free and sustainable. Once this gets a foothold, thanks to a large degree to the demand of the masses globally, the economic model as we know it will become obsolete and give way to an epoch-defining paradigm shift.

    • There has already been attempts a cheap energy made, Tesla I believe it was, made free energy and it was taken by the govt. The govt will not allow that to happen because they know if there was free energy all their control and money would be obsolete.

  18. Yeah, I had enough of plannedopolis during my stay in China. The only upside to living in a city at all is the convenience of stores and other locations all within walking or bike distance. Nice, but I will take my clean air and private property. If I need something in a city I will gladly commute.

  19. It's about centralizing power. It makes it easier for the few to control the many.

    They're moving forward hard.

    NSA data dragnet to monitor all people at all times
    Drones controlled from central locations
    Take away the guns
    Control of the food supply chain
    Herding people into cities


    What else should be added? For those who have FAITH and HOPE it is time to bow down to lift up our hands for our deliverance is at hand. It will get dark shortly before His Coming. All news will produce peaceful mind and intense prayer along with unswerving faith. Not a bit of paranoia.

  21. I'm glad I'll either be dead or too old to care by then! But I do worry about my kids and grandkids!

    • I didn't even think about that. I'll be in my 70's by then. My biggest concern by that time will be trying not to tinkle when I sneeze.

      • An American on

        You are a sick person…and don't be surprices that it does not happen before you die…didn't you read the leak document… put together but the defense department entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations ….you can read the entire doc…or watch a video on YouTube

      • Sal Monella on

        What exactly does "suprices" mean I stopped reading your comment after I read that. Try again…?

  22. at this point we're all gonna be MK ultra victims. we won't even need to be programmed by rituals, they're imposing how to live on us, we'll become victims without knowing.

    • you can't become a mind control victim just like that. It is the people who do not know what is going on that are being manipulated but when you are this point you generally are not going to fall for something. MK Ultra works because they take kids, and generally from certain family lines, and are able to control every part of their reality. I don't think they could do that with everyone, well beyond the level we have all been tricked into believing their version of history and thu go along with their reality without realizing they are even there.

  23. Is that really a promotional video? Doesn't seem like one. Nothing in that video is even remotely desirable. Who would want this?

    • Fateless One on

      I think its a gag video. It doesn't make sense otherwise. I mean if there was gonna be a sudden shift from democracy to totalitarian it would take nothing short of a military coup to pull it off. People won't just go down quietly. They never do. So until that happens I think all this stuff about conspiracies and illuminati and all what not should be taken with a grain of salt.

    • I thought the same thing! Especially when watching the second video. Right away, Revelation 13 popped into my mind. Scripture concerning the false prophet:

      Revelation 13:15-18, "And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom, Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six."

      Just a few years ago, it was hard to imagine how all of this would come to pass….but each day it gets clearer and clearer.

    • Yes The Mark of The Beast is the Bar Code with each Guard Bar representing a 6, three guard bars are found on every bar code! Even the creator of the Bar Code George Laurer at IBM admitted in an interview that each guard bar represents a 6….. look at those buildings in the Planned-Opolis video about 45 seconds in…. those buildings are clearly bar coded prison facilities that we will not be allowed to leave…. transportation will be brought to a standstill…. and we will be living in the equivalent of an Ant Farm….. notice that Vigilant Citizen points out that IBM is behind this Agenda 21 movement towards absolute control…. they will cull all small towns and cities…. and herd the suburbs of major cities into these sardine cans before they cut off all major roadways to and from the Mega Cities….. these will be The New Slave Class… there will be no free will.,… but those people living in the Mega Cities will have signed on to the Beast to save their lives…. Yes Most definitely The Mark Of The Beast type garbage going on here

      • Truth in truth on

        No, it's not a barcode… It's forced SUNday worship instituted by the man of sin (currently Pope Francis). Read your Bible again with the understanding that the fourth beast of Daniel 7, the first beast of Revelation 13 and the beast of Revelation 17 is the Holy Roman Empire. Their mark of authority is SUNday worship, in opposition to our Creator's true Sabbath day of the 4th commandment, which we were commanded to remember. But how soon we have forgotten…

  24. Well we can't stop this one world government because its in the bible all we can do is get closer to the lord and prepare ourselves.

    • Not only it is in the Bible but God allow that to happen for 1 single reason-to cleanse purify refine His Chosen ones into His Holy image. Little prosecutions wont hurt. Any remnant of sin blemish or spot does.

      By His Coming we are to be blameless. As for me all methods are good to preserve me for eternity!

  25. David Owen:
    Thoreau wasn’t actually much of an outdoorsman, and his cabin was closer to the center of Concord than to any true wilderness, but for many Americans he remains the archetype—the natural philosopher guiltlessly living off the grid, a mile from his nearest neighbor. Yet he actually set a very bad example, because anyone seeking to replicate his experience needed to move another mile farther along. Wild landscapes are less often destroyed by people who despise wild landscapes than by people who love them, or think they do—by people who move to be near them, and then, when others follow, move again. From an environmental point of view, dense cities are scalable; Thoreau’s cabin is not.

  26. I think life will change anyway. And this idea of green and ecological cities looks good to me. Total control however does not. Let's separate ecological needs from it.

    • Yes, I agree. Look up a discipline called 'permaculture'… there's a strong decentralization ethos to it, from my experience so far. It's simply looking to nature & learning from it what it does best, & how.

      One example is left alone, nature never plants just one type of plant in a field or forest (contrasting with monoculture fields of gmo soybeans), there are always multiple species growing together.

  27. We need to all get together, somehow gather all of the elite, and toss them on a far away island….

  28. Urban Planner on

    Alright people… calm down. I'm a real urban planner so I know a lot about this topic. While it may seem to us VC readers that increasing density in cities is some sort of plot to control everyone, it's not the case (for the most part). Denser cities have a ton of positive aspects, including a higher quality of life by having the choice to walk to places and services instead of driving everywhere. History has shown that suburbs have nothing but killed city centers all over the world and car dependency reduces social interaction and deteriorates health (among many other things). What agenda 21 is promoting is to increase density, quality of life, availability of services and better public transportation. This is not a 'planned and controlled megalopolis', the goal is to achieve what most European cities have, for example: compact, walkable, vibrant urban centers with a sense of place and quality of life.

    Please get informed and always use critical thinking! It's good to be aware about conspiracies because there is some truth to them sometimes, but it's even better to do your own research on topics before buying anything right away, and this includes all sources, even VC.

    • Yeh I've been to your future playground….. and you are a fucking goddamned liar… Self Storage Facilities…. I've seen it Ba'al Whore

    • Yeah, the UN always has the best interests of the majority of the world, and not themselves, as a goal. We need the UN, Bilderberg, CFR, and the Trilateral Commission, and of course all Masonic groups, to save us. Wrap us in your warm, safe arms, dear overlords!

    • Finally someone here is talking some sense. Fox News is sensationalized BS..

      As an architect and designer I agree with Urban Planner. I've lived in the suburbs, a large North American city and a small-medium sized European city and the denser places [Europe and North Am. cities] were by far more pleasant in terms of access to amenities, availability of different methods of transport [bikes, trains, trams, buses versus cars] and overall quality of life. The man in the video talks about highway projects being reconsidered because of carbon emission concerns but fails to address the notion that other options could be explored to connect suburbs to major urban centres such as rapid transit, light rail or more sophisticated rail systems. The world's population is growing, therefore major urban centres will grow. I doubt this means an end to suburbia, because from a land-use standpoint it's not realistic at all. Some suburban areas might become more dense, but that's a reality of the times we live in, and realistically it makes sense to build denser communities if we want to try to tackle problems like climate change and fossil fuel dependence. Not everyone wants to live in cities and that's fine. But that doesn't mean that they are terrible places to live.

      • did you and Urban Planner actually watch the video with "Vee", the Marxist drone narrator, extolling the Global Food Council? Did you ignore the funding of the video by all the MegaCorps like the City of London? Do you like being a slave?
        I suppose you look forward to being rewarded with perks above the common masses as a technocratic good boy, planning our hellish future for the psychopathic Elite.

    • European here, our cities are pretty shit, and our megacities are long beyond saving. Anyone with half a brain avoids them. RIP Ameribros.

      • Thanks for telling us about the reality of Euro cities! U.P. & E are both being unrealistic about the true conjestion of cities and the amount of pollution that comes from them. Where I work is in a small city but I hate being there just the same.The thought of having to work in a much bigger city fills me with dred

      • Oh, that's contrary to how my friends in Amsterdam and Paris feel, I've been to both and was amazed by how practical they are, so many options for public transit and more smaller grocery stores that are easier to access. If you live in north am suburbia and you don't have own a car how do you get things like food?

      • I was on a businnes trip in Paris and I hated it!!! Worked there for 3 weeks, could not wait to get home. The whole place stunk! And the crazy people all around! and the dirt! I live in a small town, and I don't intend to leave. It is gree, quiet and lovely and I can hear the birds from the forest nearby. And i can go on a 1 hour walk and not meet anyone! Love the solitude. Big cities give me claustrophobia.

      • yep nothing like small towns.. at least they are quiet and peaceful which is good. Less hectic and stressful. We have to create our own quiet town lol.

      • The transportation is irregular, what else they can do? Also it's unsafe to cycle as we lack roads for cycling and usually the days are rainy.

    • I don't care if you are an urban planner, I lived in a large city for 10 years and I could not stand the feeling of people above me, people under me, no parking, crime, noise. What's next, Soylent Green?

      • Lol yes because people live in apartments they are going to start eating each other one day!!!!

    • yes because they are telling us the whole story and we can trust them just like we have been able to in the past. You are the one that needs to use more critical thinking, i'm sorry. If they've sold an actual urban planner like you on this plan, how much easier will it be to sell the masses?

    • InfiniteLight101 on

      Urban Planner is obviously a shill likely a paid government employee. Everything would greatly benefit from learning NLP – neurolinguistic programming, understanding how language is used to distort and mislead you is quite helpful in ripping apart calculated and deceptive word games like Urban Planner's comments.

      One thing I often noticed used is what can be called "double think" first coined by George Orwell. When something is exceedingly stupid and idiotic– like Urban Planner's comments– note how he then says "always use critical thinking" as if implying that what he has been saying all along is good sound logic. In fact its a mix of half truths and lies and complete rubbish. Another example is when the adjective "smart" or any other synonym is used to describe a behavior/activity/product/etc a manipulator wants a person to do or agree with. "It's Smart-Growth technology" so you must be DUMB to disagree with it. Its "Smart Water" so you must be DUMB to never drink it or buy it.

      • Nice call. I recommend reading, Corydon Hammond's "Handbook of Clinical Hypnosis." It is a huge compilation persuasive techniques and hypnotic scripts. Get a copy before the "planners" take away our right to read.

      • wonder if this is the same logic which coined the term "smart phone". Which everyone has now! Anyone who doesnt have one is ostracized.

      • So when someone presents a challenging viewpoint it must neurolinguistic programming. How convenient.

    • I live in a smaller town and I can walk to places I need to go. I can also take walks with my family through our quiet middle-class neighborhood and I absolutely love that. I used to live in a much bigger city and HATED it. I had to drive everywhere because things were: spread out, crowded & noisy, and/or dangerous to walk through. I HATE big cities. They look awful. They are ugly. I like living where there is a really big beautiful lake, wetlands, woods, miles and miles of corn and bean fields. Ahh. I love it. My quality of life is AWESOME thank you very much. :) I also have huge and old trees in my yard that my kids can climb. You can't give me any of that in a big planned urban city. So NO THANK YOU! :)

    • You are lying! Get your head out your rear end and get off the site you inside agent! I READ agneda 21 AND it states that (paraphrasing) "To keep resources in check and available people should be dumber and less educated. The reasoning is a smart person who makes more money will consume more." And that is a no-no in the agenda 21, sustainability of resources bs

  29. The people that know about this agenda and whats it really for, need to be put in this type of city if found guilty in a court of law. I appreciate their concern for my health and how my social interactions are though, (and i think them caring for the most part is a joke) but if a regime that eventually wants to take our gun rights away, possibly control how many babies a person can have, possibly force feed us gmo and fluoride in water, and even try to restrict religious freedom of speech tell us that they want us to move to a city the fat lady will roll out singing across the United States and other countries will be laughing at us because we have a bunch of non independent thinkers that need assistance from media, hollywood, and also from politicans to tell them how to live.

    For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures:
    1 Corinthians 15:3-4

  30. How entirely sickening is that?

    The Planned-Opolis video seems more like satire than promotion, and also it's straight out of books like 1984, Brave New World and The Giver.

    I grew up in a town that is a mix between rural and suburbia… I have experienced city life and I didn't enjoy it that much. Lately, against my own principles and my heart's desire, I've begun to imagine living in the city again, and I don't understand why. Perhaps there is a subtle message we are all getting without knowing it. Yuck.

    • Before WW2, there were no suburbs – it was either city or country, period. So its not like this is without precedent.

      • yes, and ww1 and 2 were strategically planned for this reason and many others such as bringing women into the workforce, trying to make them more manly, feminism….google henry makow

      • Cause patriarchy has done us a lot of good, hmmmmmm?
        Read the Death of Nature.
        "omgzz all liberation movements are just co-opts waaah wahh!"
        So who IS gonna stand up then, if you view all of history as planted?
        or not, and dwindle and die while crying out for your poor disillusioned freedoms.

    • Get rid of the TV. They put a lot of subliminal messages into the films. so people might indeed start desiring to live in the city.

  31. Everybody needs to watch the matrix. Then see the similarities with the matrix and our world. Then awaken yourselves. Fuck. Talk about living in fear of robots and shit. This is crazy.

      • Uhmm, but no seriously, the Matrix is an analogy to the fake reality of our current society. That's the entire point of the movie – that nothing in our society is, in reality, what we've been told it is. It's all engineered and planned as an environment for control. Everything around us has been put in place to convince us that how we are living is good and pleasant, and to prevent us from "waking up" and seeing how hopeless, dark, and dirty the "real world" is that we are all stuck in.

      • Well it is dark and filthy because we have created it this way. Let's take the blame for our decadence.

  32. This reminds me of the movie "Aeon flux". At first it looks like a Utopia, but the more you watch the more you realize that it contains the same message: a small circle of elites controlling a supermodern mega-city surrounded by walls, and they create a "terror organization" to keep the population in fear from the "outside world".

  33. The Citizens Win on

    The calorie card reminded me of Michelle Obama's school nutrition program that's already implemented. Basically saying that a kindergartener will get the same calories during school lunches as an athletic high school senior. CRAZY! They will not get my family I guarantee it. Another reason I love living in the south and not in a big ole city.

  34. Discover some energy source which has same EREOI ratios like oil. It should be renewable.

    It's the energy crisis and surplus population causing drastic measures.

  35. secessionists and independent militia groups?

    Be smart. The only way to beat the system is to infiltrate it and BE the system, or establish enough foothold within it to restrain it from exerting its totalitarian powers on the weak. We all stand a better chance that way, than screaming, "To arms!" and ending up in a sea of your dead loved ones, with the 'elite' cackling mirthfully away in the background.

    Continue in this raucous pattern, and they won't even have to raise a finger.

  36. that is so phuqtupp, seriously, deceitfully sinister, and grade A bull-plops

    on the other hand, if all the morons who buy into this concept move to the cities, and all the intelligent folk move out then you have a self assembling prison system of mindless slaves, so it could be a win-win situation for anyone with a brain :)

  37. i have been reading a book called THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND by G Edward Griffin – i highly recommend it and it is definitely the most important book i have ever read. he was explaining that the government and banks need to keep up in perpetual war to control us (as we know). another thing he mentioned as a method of control was "protecting the environment" because people will do things for the sake of saving the planet. i was pretty shocked because i do believe that we really do need to take better care of our environment, but now i am piecing things together and this video makes sense because of it. for "eco-sustainability" and "green energy" is complete BS. herding people together in cramped spaces is not better for the environment, it's better for the tyrants in control. it also reminded me of how al gore won a nobel peace prize for 'an inconvenient truth' about global warming – what a crock of shit!!!! a government official wins a prize for his propoganda.

    • I agree…I have said in the past that the new state religion wont be worshipping a human , but maybe worshipping the earth or the 'environment' because we all need to have our planet healthy so we can live right? Not that I dont care about our planet I do, but you wont find me living in a city to prove it! Al Gore sucks on way too much sea weed to make any sense!

  38. We are already wearing the mak of the beast every time we go on the Internet. The sixth letter of the ancient Hebrew alphabet is W – hence "www" – we do a lot of essential business, shopping via the internet so we begin each transaction/assignment by taking his name – it is obvious to us that this will become the min way of working/living extremely soon.
    Also the point about (forbidden fruit) Apple products such as iphones and ipads – we carry them in out right hands – most young people would not be without them.The'i-' prefix represents both the 'eye' and the OTO worship of self.
    Recently, the brownies/guides oath in the UK has been changed from pledging one's duty to God to pledging it to oneself.

    • I heard that the "Monster" brand beverage logo is also the Hebrew symbol for "666". One can look that up on line to see the Monster logo looks a lot like these Hebrew letters which represent sixes.

    • People always say the mark of the beast would be on the forehead on in the hand. I was thinking about this the other night and if not taken literally it could be alluding to the internet. Smart phones, are always in people's hands. They are working on glasses for recording everything we see, so we can also be on the internet at all times and things like that. They even had free trials for them, "google glass". And those could pertain to the forehead usage. I keep hearing people say how soon people will be wearing them everywhere and then people bragging about the day our brains will be microchipped so we wont need them at all to be on the internet. And then they will be spying on our brains! lol well anyways its interesting to think about and scary.

  39. Public manipulation 101
    Of course this plan as described will never work, especially the part about our designated careers. But when changes do occur that is what the media will encourge to be our protesting point, then the powers that be will "give in" and allow us to choose our own jobs but implement every other aspect of the video. The people will believe they had a victory, there will be celebrations, but of course that part of the plan was never intended to become real. We are thus duped into believing we had some sort of say in this new future when they get to implement everything as they wanted.

    • DUDE! Now you are thinking! Its true for the unions too. The big businesses tryto take away as many benefits as possible all the while they were targeting one, so threfore by 'wanting to take away so many other benefits/rights when the union gives in to the one then it all seems ok…until they implement it with full force and abuse. Yes I am a union person and I have seen this scenerio many, many times.

  40. It's crazy how little freedoms, here and there, are being taken away…someone commented that taxes are going up and up in small towns and suburbs…not to mention the spying on citizens and the privacy to even make a simple call…my question is: how do we stop this? Is it even stoppable? It's not the sixties..a bunch of signs and chants will only render us insane and unstable kooks who aren't to be taken seriously. I am all for prayer and visualization – but I'm at a loss as to what any of us can actually physically do. I've never had to think about this shit before. And I'm kinda pissed that I even have to.

  41. iam not for these planned cites or anything like that, but getting people to eat better food would be a huge step in the right direction, more money for education, less disease

    but yea these planned cites are garbage

    • But as you know it wont be better food it will all be GMO franken food…fed to the masses to keep them sick and therefore maleable easy to control…

    • The government doesn't care about our health. The food guide pyramid is used by the USDA to promote the foods that they want to sell, not what's best for a person.

      Meridia was taken off the market and it was a fantastic drug for overweight people. The government used junk science to justify taking it off the market. It goes to show you that they don't want anyone to be healthier. They want people sick so they can make money. It's vampire-ism. Right now, Angelina Joli is being treated like a saint for getting her breasts cut off when she didn't even have cancer.

  42. Something just came to me. If marijuana is legalized in this country…and, truly no offense to any pot smokers out there, but if it's legalized…they'll be able to keep Americans stoned, stupid and complacent. 'Cause let's face it…that's pretty much what happens to ya when you smoke. I know, I know, I have near and dear loved ones who smoke regularly and they'd be pissed at me saying it. But 99% of the time I'll see them in their favorite positions: on the couch, watching tv, not giving a rat's ass. About mostly anything. And that's apparently what these sociopaths want.

    • I am a cancer survivor, and can honestly say that the pain killers given for various conditions made me fuzzy minded, and hung over in the morning. Now I have legal medical pot. I sleep well, work hard at my job, grow a nice garden, and yes I do watch a lot of TV at night, so what???? I also read avidly. Pot is easy to grow, and for that reason is NOT easy to control, so most likely will not be widely legalized. IT'S AN HERB, used for hundreds of years by ancient people in numerous positive ways. "And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth." Gen 1:29 We need to_do whatever we can to care for ourselves–have children at home with trained midwives rather than in a hospital, keep chickens in the backyard, buy our clothes at the goodwill, etc. Even a person living in a studio apartment in a high rise can grow their own sprouts for salads. Stay positive!!! .

      • Oh Susie Im glad you are okay. I ust find it interesting that now they want to legalize a drug that makes people docile. I watch tv too…lol. Take care of yourself, and peace.

    • I don't know what kind of pot smokers you know but when I'm stoned I see every subliminal message blatantly in everything I watch so if anything it makes you more aware that's why its not legalized everywhere an that's why the government claims its so bad I know a sickle cell victim who is the only one still living out of everyone he knows with it because he never took none of the prescription drugs but only did marijuana so do your research

  43. well this is certainly not something that sounds good to me as I and my family do not prefer to live in major cities. But on the other hand this hasn't happened yet and I don't really think people will go for this. Think about how people have stopped terrible things from happening by rejecting it forcefully like Sopa. I'd like to think that this will happen with this. Also in general there are groups that get energy from people's negative emotions, and this may just be a story to induce fear in people. So I am not worried about it at this point.

  44. Well, Obama could star in a movie called: "How To Turn Into a Villain in 8 years."

    Yeah, Obama ain't no "change" at all, quite the opposite: he's now looks like Bush on steroids. He's a deception.

    This "Big State" policy reminds me a lot the good old soviet super-states system. Stalin would be very proud of his boy Obama. And the FEMA camps are the gulags!

    We must remeber the quotes of the communist leader Nikita Khrushchev: "We will take over the United States without firing a shot. It will fall from within. Your children will live under communism! ". Oh yeah – of course Khrushchev had some help of the global übber elitists this time!

  45. Mostly VC has an interesting view point and opening your eyes. In this case really not. Fox news is only trying to terrify for the carbon emission policy, while the real problem is not spoken: how we can cut together on the use of our resources. Second, saying get off my property, well the earth doesnt belong to you…that is a thinking mistake leading to all the problems of today.

  46. shibuya109lmc on

    China's government is implementing the same plan, move all of the country residents into the cities. This stuff seriously depresses me. I feel like there's no hope when you read about all of these kinds of things…

    • Have you heard or seen the Chinese cities that are completely empty? People buy the property there and no one lives n these empty cities…yet. This has me thinking some really odd thoughts. All those apartments, malls, etc…who are they for? They look downright American. Some are even 'modeled' on American cities.

    • WarForYourSoul on

      That planned city video is very sinister and I have definitely felt that hopeless feeling before. But Jesus will give you the hope you need. Until you accept that, you are bound to feel small, hopeless, and frightened, because that's largely what we are in this fallen physical world. But spiritually, there is a way that you can feel big, hopeful and joyful. This is ultimately a spiritual battle, please understand that. Save your soul, don't worry as much about your temporary life on this earth. Justice will be served oh just you wait, not even a single thought is ignored by God. The sad part is, chances are that you reading this have a common problem with the elite and that problem is your sin- your selfishness, your lust, your evil thoughts, to name a few. The wages of sin is death. The amazingly joyful part is that God sent his Son to die in our place and offer us eternal life. The true Gospel is amazingly simple, just repent and accept Jesus at his word. By doing this you do not become perfect by any means but you DO become forgiven, you become a new creation in Christ and you are granted ETERNAL LIFE. You are continually sanctified by the indwelling Holy Spirit and your mindset shifts completely away from selfish passions and towards godly spiritual things and living as a servant of others.

      Everyone who isn't saved who is reading this really has two options- continue digging deeper and deeper into the evil and corruption of this world and become saturated with this feeling of hopelessness, potentially go insane then die in your sin that leads to death…OR realize that the New World Order is ultimately spiritual in nature and will bring about the New World Religion that denies the deity of Jesus Christ, puts him on the same level as other "great teachers" of the past and preaches earth/self worship (pantheism, New Age energy), self salvation and human godhood….do NOT be deceived people.

      I will make this very clear. The New World Order is out to destroy your precious eternal soul and lead you to die in your sins and face judgement from a perfect, righteous and rightfully just Lord and Creator. I promise you will not find TRUE HOPE in anything else; be it New Age, positive thinking, eating healthy, exposing the elite, fighting back, doing good works, living in the moment or any other thing that isn't the forgiveness and peace you can ONLY find in the Lord Jesus Christ. He loves you much more than you know or can even comprehend. The question is, will you love him and accept his gift? Put your faith in something real, someONE real, someone unshakable….while you still have time and the chance to do it. The elite worship the devil and themselves, who will you worship? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.

      "In this is love, not that we have loved God but that he loved us and sent his Son to be the propitiation for our sins." – 1 John 4:10

      "For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, that he might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive in the spirit" – 1 Peter 3:18

  47. The Agenda 21 of the UN is not much what they want to do, but merely what they estimate will be happening. (I studied International Relations I know this)
    About people living the countryside in favor of going to the cities, well this is nothing new, and has been happening since capitalism first appeared. Its part of the system, not to blame it on the new world order or such.

    It is a fact that there are some mega-lopolis in the planet already, in every single continent. And there will be more and more as time goes by.

    Sure, there's a new world order and there are some nasty interests behind it. The animation video you posted is just hideous. However, this doesn't mean that people should ignore the problems the world currently has. You cannot go against Monsanto, and at the same time pretend on keep going for a pizza or burger with fries twice or more a week, is simple logic!

  48. My ears pricked up when I saw a commercial on BBCAmerica about how the next crisis would be how to make living in cities humane. I was like, theres some predictive programming – let us know that we shouldn't expect humane conditions in cities now so that we are ready to accept whatever is there. Continue the herding process!

  49. Within the last week I noticed two things. FEMA pamphlets at my local library about being prepared. Like, right when you walk into the library, you can't miss it, on a big rack about 5 feet by 5 feet filled with FEMA pamphlets. Then, a huge sign in the window at the dollar store. "Be prepared" with a list of emergency supplies to buy. Again, huge like 4 feet by 4 feet right next to the door. Both of these things went up within the last couples of weeks.

    • Really? I will have to go and see if that is so at my local library too. Thanks. All of this mindf—ing and subtley crap has got to end.

      • LibraryChick on

        We've had FEMA in my town recently, but they didn't come to the library. They were at the local health department accepting claims from those who had flood damage in late April. If Terri had been in a flooded area, it is entirely possible FEMA came for a reason.

  50. You really make it appear so easy along with your presentation

    but I to find this topic to be actually something that I feel

    I might by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and extremely wide for me.

    I am having a look forward to your subsequent publish, I’ll attempt to get the grasp of it!

  51. I'm not from the USA at all. But I honestly think suburbs is the very best thing about living there.

  52. When I first saw this post, the first thing that came to mind was "poor Americans". However now that I think about it, what comes to mind is "poor world". Seeing how America is gradually taking over various countries in the name of protection and diplomatic relations, it won't be long after it has happened in America, b4 it start happening else where. After all, they all eat on the same table and have one religion and master. The differences we entertain like race, colour, religion, government, nationality e.t.c are all distractions to keep us busy while they achieve all their evil desires.

    • Actually, Agenda 21 is already in full swing in China as someone noted above. The government there is relocating 1 million rural farmers and their families every month into their urban ghost cities. Be sure to do a search on-line for more information. This is happening right now.

  53. Hahaha …..welcome to Africa….atleast it will take longer to bundle us up cos we still not very devloped
    An speaking of obama an his african tour it tears me apart that pple idolize him xo much…wish more africans would know him for the devil he is…he skipped kenya an no sour grapes btw….buh good riddance his reason the icc?if at all most terror attacks are inside jobs then he has much more blood on his hands than icc supects…..an pls dont come 2 kenya…u can jst say u 4got….

    • Good one Kenyakare, Thank God he is afraid of terrorists and so won't come to Naija. But then he 's been setting up drone facilities all around Africa and sending taxpayer money where he can't visit. I personally don't think we have anything to gain from his visits but then when I hear my countrymen speak of him as tho he was the promised messiah, I wonder if they see him in their dreams everyday.

  54. consider the effect urbanization had on the previously self-reliant rural black families…

    Emancipation + Industrial Revolution + Socialist/Communist “Theory”) = New Slavery for All…

    isn’t that ” F A I R ”

    this is your future.

    America: not perfect but the closest damn thing to freedom since the Garden of Eden.

    when will you see the chains?

    • that is the disturbing part- that we STILL will be the free-est country in the world, even though some of us already see the dictatorship we really live in, it only gets worse in other countries. look at the Europeans who do as they please and live like free spirit mentality every day- now at least 5 countries are in economic crisis.. and guess what.. them and the Chinese who are over-populated will continue to leave and come here.. so we don't fit… I want to know how people will move into these cities when they made us slaves already to over-paying for organic food, college education, gas, etc and we cannot even afford real estate in these cities! hopefully this does not happen.. but I don't think they need these fake utopian cities to control us.. they already can and do, suburban or city…

  55. Amen.

    “Let us think of ways to motivate one another to love and acts of good works.”
    –Heb 10:24

  56. the calm, reasoned tone offered by the Urban Planners is respectful, and a nice switch from so much impassioned rhetoric.

    however, i seem to recall a recent time in European history where other very efficient planners used a reasonably democratic process, and the passive consent of the peopl,e to coerce then drive disparate groups of “unfavorable” peoples to their deaths in camps most elegantly designed for that purpose.

    it was all quite orderly and tidy, and energy efficient.

    and yes, i have discussed this with other urban planners, including academics, and they were also drinking the same intellectual Kool-Aid without respect to PERSONAL CHOICE by the citizens in terms of lifestyle. planning and order is necessary for a society of great number, as is conservation of resources and safe and healthy living, but that ends at a select few dictating what is best for the many, to the exclusion of other choices and self-determinism.

    that is all.

  57. The government wants to control the masses, yet these government workers despise being questioned or being exposed for their wrongdoings.

    An example would be the communist school board protecting their own teachers while they indoctrinate the students with the Communist Luciferian Manifesto.

    Teaching Unions are notorious for protecting the jobs of people who
    perform poorly or misbehave at work, especially if they are sex
    offenders like Vivian Mavrou. Nowhere is this more evident than in
    Toronto's public education system. Thanks to the lengthy process to
    dismiss incompetent and abusive teachers, Vivian Mavrou and other
    unethical teachers like Gordy Stefulic and Varla Abrams remain employed
    while law-abiding teachers in the lower ranks of the pyramid are faced
    with reduced teaching hours and job losses.

    Teachers unions also oppose merit pay plans, claiming whether students
    do well in class is entirely out of their control, when studies show
    teacher quality is the biggest determining factor in how much students
    learn. Vivian Mavrou, who was the former Vice Principal of Silverthorn
    Collegiate, had negotiated with a school bully to have sex with her in
    exchange of no suspension over his conduct in bullying students. The
    unions protected Vivian Mavrou's illegal conduct (the bully was
    underaged at the time of sexual relations) that the TDSB transferred
    Ms.Vivian Mavrou to Martingrove Collegiate Institute to hide the story
    from the public.

    Union attitudes towards achievement are a turn off to people who might
    otherwise consider the teaching profession. A world where the good
    teachers make as much as the bad teachers is not one which will attract
    the best quality employees. To suffice, the budget cuts that the Toronto
    District School Board is trying to prevent in the 2013 and 2014 school
    year discriminates as the lower paid teachers are the first to be
    affected by the job losses rather than senior teachers who are given
    more protection by the teaching unions.

  58. the ghetto sections are called low-income housing in ny… a lot of this started already.. the tree huggers in the city riding their bikes think they are helping the environment.. they are, but why should we use this as an excuse for no one to have cars eventually- except for the elitists? They will do what they want and live in the burbs with their nice property and fresh air and make us all live crammed in buildings… sounds like china… smell communism anyone?

    • Didn't Mayor Bloomberg propose an idea for "micro-unit" apartments of 300 square feet maximum (probably at ridiculous rents)? I imagine he's right on board with this kind of thinking. Well, Mr. Mayor and all the rest of the elites (what an ironic word for these 'human' cow patties) can set a good example and live in these 'sustainable' cities with the rest of the peasants in overcrowding and discomfort. It won't happen though; their motto is "do as I say, not as I do."

  59. The second video, "Planne-Opolis" kind of reminds me of the movie "In Time" which is super creepy. Next we'll all have our expiring time etched into our forearms too….

  60. I read a recent article in USA Today where the government has plans to charge citizens according to how much they drive their vehicles. As you know, newer cars are equipped with tracking devices and tracking mileage and sending a bill to your residence is not far-fetched as it seems. This is definitely just one of many incentives planned to move to urban areas as opposed to cities. They will get most citizens on board with this through green house gases; better for enviroment, etc.

    Resdistribution of Wealth is another plan the Federal government will use as it direct funds away from suburbs and into urban areas. Government will do this by higher utility rates in surburban areas; improvements to roads and highway funds will be for urban areas; food prices will be higher in suburbs as it costs more for delivery of goods; less jobs in surburbs, etc.

    The plan is already in place.

  61. You sound like a total dolt urban planner. I would not be surprised if you were a plant. A fraud is a better way to put it. What the heck do you know about living in a big city ???? I grew up half in NYC / half in suburbs. My whole family grew up in NYC. They all live in the suburbs now. NYC is to expensive. NYC is to congested. NYC is practically impossible to drive in ( takes you an hour to drive across town) . You can barely walk on the sidewalks during rush hour. And you and these fraudster agenda 21 sheeple want to make cities even bigger ??? Get real. Get a brain. Get some common sense. You want to live in the big city, its a free country go ahead. that is your personnel choice. But if you think you are going to force people back into the cities by un nessesary regulations and enormous tax bills. You better get real. You will have a civil war in your hands before you can use you decomposing SHITER.

  62. If you dont think this is real or far off think again. If you think they cant pull this off, think again. You must research committee of 300. Once you understand this group which ties in cofa, bilderberg, etc these elitist families go back hundreds of years. You also understand they have been planning this moment for hundreds of years. They have had think tanks and scenario planning for decades. Compare this to people who have just woken up in the past 5 years. We dont stand a chance. They are 10 moves ahead of us. If you play chess this all makes sense. Good chess players force you to move your pieces into squares they wanted to formulate their attack. So all the while you think your on the offense you are actually falling into their plans. We are almost d@mned if we do or dont. To me, thats why putting faith in jesus christ is our only trump card tptb cannt control.

  63. We all understand that there is a finite amount of liveable land and fresh drinking water, right? I live in Calgary and one of the problems facing our city IS suburbs. There are no boundaries to how far the city can grow so they continue to build and install sewer systems that stretch further and further away from the only water source ( the bow river). VC, how are suburbs sustainable like this? Traffic coming and going from these places is a nightmare and cars are the number one worst pollutants, this isn't practical at all. It takes people living on the edge of the city about 2 hours to reach the downtown core for work, this has lead to an increase of fatal car accidents because everyone is stressed and tired while driving! I moved downtown so I didn't need a car, I live next to a grocery store and can walk any where for anything, it's been fantastic. I know we all want to be selfish and have a big pieces of land with trees and gas guzzling SUVs to take us wherever we want but by the time 2050 hits the world population will have quadrupled, where exactly is everyone supposed to expand into?? Half of America is dry desert land, you can't just randomly point your finger on a map a decide to move there…if this world is so terrible and future is so bleak then just leave! At least there will be more room for the rest of us. And about meat becoming a luxury, that's how it should be! Put down the steak that's clogging your arteries and pick up a salad!

  64. Bible Verses on

    Galatians 5:14
    For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself

    • Yes because nothing like a neighbour especially if you in need lol. My favoutite one is:

      For you are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus.
      27 For all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ.
      28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man,
      there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.
      29 And if you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham's descendants, heirs according to promise.

  65. I know who wins in the end. I know where I am going when I die. But honestly, doesn't make me less afraid. :-(

  66. Here in Romania, when the Communist regime started, the peasants were forced to move from their villages to the cities where they had to go to work at factories and live in 1-room apartments without kitchens (they all had to go to the cafeteria to eat), in this way the regime saved money by building very small building blocks and having a lot of available working people. What's planned for America looks similar to what happened here, only worse (since cities nowadays are highly supervised by video cameras, drones and some other invasive surveillance technology).

    • I just posted a comment about that about micro apartments that are being promoted now in big cities like Seattle and New York.

    • I was just thinking about that where the children's careers are chosen by a lottery of some sort. No choice.

  67. does anybody know the fastest, easiest way to link the al-qaida to the cia and our government to show beginning learners about nwo? thanks

  68. The plan is actually really good. We do need better public service for transportation, education, and job opportunities while preserving energy and bettering daily habits, But it's about the people who own it and why they're doing it. It isn't because they want to preserve energy, make things accessable, or help people so they can grow individually, just for control.

  69. There will be a need for WW3, and a shaking up of our world before this transpires… Many freedom loving lives lost in order to dwindle the population down to a more manageable level… Control through chaos… An age old tactic that has worked for many centuries…

  70. Hunger games… the books not the movies (they took out they whole point of they book in the movie) is like seeing that in practice ….. Is horrible to see it all so fast

  71. Yes, watch the Matrix Trilogy! This is what the social/economic planners want and have wanted for centuries. The elites want to live in a world apart and the rest of us, lower caste, to exist in boxes. Live in an apt., take the elevator, to mass transit, to an assigned workplace, perhaps go to a shop or bar or park, take mass transit back, elevator, to apt. and we will repeat this until we are cremated in an oven. We will go from box to box to box. Truly, cage to cage to cage. And now we are all plugged in an consuming generating money energy, just as in the film. The Matrix films were predictive programming. Swallow the red pill and head for the hills!

  72. Honey In The Hair on

    Corporations like IBM are highly involved in the creation of these “smart cities”.
    IBM has massive contracts lined up to create “smart cities”. And they are promoting them BIG TIME.

    Can we please not forget IBM's role with in developing punchcards used to help facilitate a more efficient genocide during the Nazi era?

  73. Yup – yeah of course – whatever you cannot control you must corral. The elite see the 'non-elite' as an uncontrollable force so they must control it the best way they know (and don't think that corporations are not behind all of this). Oddly enough at bottom of it all is a poverty mentality – that there's not enough to go around for everybody. But if things were a certain different way there would be. Corralling everyone into planned megalopolises is almost like putting everyone in concentration camps (or at least reminiscent of the Nazis sending the Jews or other 'undesirables' into the 'Ghetto.' Which is what cities tend to turn into sometimes. So send all the 'non-elite undesirables' into the cities while the rich and elite continue to reside in their huge mansions and corporations mine the land for more resources (which in turn the rich and elite will use). Yeah this is slowly trying to become a reality, I saw an article from BBC News not too long ago in which they were saying that the British should eat less meat. Just thinking you know the Royals for example would never agree to that for themselves! And probably eminent domain laws have been part of this for a long time to try to get people out of their residences. It goes on and on… it is under the guise of saving money and being ecologically prudent but places like Seattle and maybe big cities like New York are starting to promote 'mini apartments' one room studio apartments with tiny kitchens and no closets. The future?

  74. the reference to the "cry freedom ghettos" remind me of the biblical revelation where during end times unless you take the mark of the beast, you will not be allowed to buy, sell or trade anything for survival.

  75. Stayin' Alive on

    Anyone noticed in the second video the part with the graduation cap, it was surrounded by something looking like the bp Logo???

  76. Which is known as the New World Order! And for those who don't obey , are sent to FEMA Camps! Wake Up Everyone, The Night will come when they start rounding everyone up. );

  77. nativeraider on

    If aliens exist I wish they would just EMP the entire planet. Return to simpler times and being a Native American could get back with nature

  78. I don't know… the way this sounds is that there will be less development in the suburbs… doesn't that mean urban sprawl will spread less? I'd RATHER there be less development in the suburbs. This one effect of this strategy doesn't sound bad on it's own.

  79. America has more jail inmates than any other country.
    Then, we have sick people in hospitals.
    Depressed people in mental institutions.
    The elderly in nursing homes.
    And children in school.

    If they can group the rest of the people in some kind of camp or town, they'll have everyone squared away-backed into a corner so that we can be easier controlled.

  80. I always thought people were being pushed to move into the cities…for one thing you'd save gas. I live in a fairly rural area but thankfully in a small town where everything's within walking distance. (Maybe that's a reason for high gas prices?)

    Maybe some of our major cities will be these mega-cities.

  81. You *could* have posted the whole possible scenarios video. This is only one of four scenarios, and all are represented with good and bad qualities except perhaps for the last one which is a tad more positive [no, the one you posted is not the one "suggested"].

  82. "Switch off brain and go to work!"
    Well, that part will be easy to implement given that the majority have willingly succumbed to switching any smudge of intelligence off and out of their consciousness.

  83. This makes perfect sense. I live in a northern suburb of Chicago, and the plan is definitely being put into action here. The roads out here are all horrible, and there is construction everywhere; roads have been under construction for YEARS. The prices of gas consistently raise, and the prices of food and supplies have been skyrocketing. When my husband and I venture out to the outskirts of the city, however, the roads are much smoother, the prices of everyday items are cheaper, and rent is lowering.

  84. Why the fuck is this not on every single news channel, every single day? I'll tell ya why. Cause "they" control the media. What the government plans, and what we accept as a people, is all up to us. The time to stop this is now, before it is too late. Non-compliance, non-acceptance, speaking out (peacefully) and making everyone aware…this is what we have to do. David Icke says with respect to Agenda 21 to beware of anything with the term "smart" before it. The most obvious being…"smart phone"…which we all probably have or know someone who has. I've also noticed we have these smart cars…smart water…I'm sure if we pay attention it's everywhere. However, I don't want to pay attention. In fact, I don't even want any of this as even a minute speck in my reality. I choose peace, and love, and freedom and that's what I'll concentrate on. But that doesn't mean I have to be asleep.

  85. I was living in an actual "successful" suburb, I guess that one will survive??? I was born in NYC and I had to get out, so I moved when I was 21 and finally could afford to support myself. I had to come back home after a year because I got into drugs, and a rehab poisoned me close to death. If you want that story I'll tell you

  86. what I mean to say is that suburbs aren't too GREAT either, they are full of GMOs and bad public resources, though some are worse than others obviously… I will stand back and see where this goes. The first small town I lived in, there was only one place I could buy food since I don't drive and none of it was organic, not even the milk and eggs. For work people had to go to Albany (hint as to wear I was sort of) or smaller cities around

  87. Looks like the movie industry made its point with all of these by creating 'elysium' that movie is super creepy…yet not far from reality

  88. I have to say Im kinda terrified right now. Im fifteen and french so I think I have more access to all this info than most french peiple because of the tongue barrier( so **** convenient to control everyone ) but most people I know including my mom don t even realise what s happening around them and carry on like nice little cattle , lambs to the slaughter! I read 1984 , it gave me the creeps but this video was just on another level. My dad is amazing, he keeps informed and is aware of most of the shit going on ( but as he worked for the french government once again he was in a privileged position, what was happening made him so sick he had a breakdown followed by cancer so …) we re both into survivalism and being capable of supporting yoursleves without depending on others, but this lakes me fear that no matter deep in the countryside I run ( my dad lives in the middle of nowhzre) theyll still get me and force me into a life i dont wnt, I m not even sure preparing has any sense anymore, what should I do VC?

  89. no such thing is happening in australia!!! america is fucked oh. and in a movie gasland people where selling land off to a company that was killing everything on it. so they wont just do it they will ask us if they want to take a CHECK for maybe twenty thousand. and if you are that stupid like every over american you will probably just sell your land. and after you will be like boo hoo boo hoo i cant do anything without people knowing boo hoo. all of you Americans just need to watch the papers that you are signing!!! if someone comes to your door and asks you to move into a city and give you a check if they give you a paper to sign dont. its as simple as that

  90. I realize they have something scary these days called "Urban Planning" which is part of a new Illuminati plot to enslave all of humanity and make granola out of Soylent Green, but lets take a moment to review, shall we?
    Urban planning has been around for thousands of years. For as long as there have been cities, there have been authority figures planning where to put roads and how to supply the citizens.
    The modern rectilinear grid plan has been around a millennium before the first Freemason.
    People have been moving into cities for thousands of years for access to arts and culture and economic opportunities that don't exist on Grandpa Zeke's old farm.
    And now that the cities are cleaning up and putting a lid on crime, now that they're bringing back the streetcars and the interurban lines that make city life possible people are trying to move back into town. They're tired of long commutes and needing an extra car to go to the park or the grocery store. They're tired of paying so much for all the gas needed to go out to the distant rural homesteads.
    People want to live in the cities where other people are. They have for thousands of years and they want to live there now. It's not a secret conspiracy and it's not FEMA gulags. No one is taking your car away.
    The sky isn't falling. It's just an acorn.

  91. good find. thanks for posting. sobering and easy to see how the current trends tend toward this sort of project, though i imagine there are competing firms with slightly varying visions. the Vee video from this creepy progressive organization reminds me of the GCHQ's release of its strategies out till 2040 they posted a few years back.

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