The Kardashian’s Masonic Christmas Card


Let me point your attention towards the floor. The type of floor I discussed over and over again.

Of the cards, Khloe says on her blog that “our card this year might be my favorite” while Kim found the shoot special because of “a new addition to the family… little Mason!”

Let me just point out that the pic DOES NOT prove that the family members are into Freemasonry (the brotherhood). It proves they are part of the Illuminati entertainment business, which uses Masonic symbolism as a code. Those are two different things.



      • I used to have such high hopes and respect for this sight, because I thought that it shared an insight and intellect to those who were interested in the subject matter. However, I can assure you that there is no illuminati agenda with the Kardashian family. How can I assure you? I am a very close friend of the family. In fact, Kim and I share one of the same agents. Don't believe me? I can verify with pictures…just ask! Anyway, I have to agree with James…the tile brings out the picture and there's obviously a high fashion theme. I don't understand why people are so shocked that they're not smiling? How many Italian or French Vogue magazine do you open up and see the models gleeming with cheer? NONE! The object is to convey a sense of high fashion and glamour. Which was accomplished in this picture. And jeez, because Kourt's son is named Mason….really? What a f*cking stretch! So, kids named Jesus are pushing an organized religion agenda? Hmm, I didn't think so…

      • Brrraaakkkkkk!!!! on

        So if you are a friend you must be protecting them.. The K's are just puppets.. ok kyle

      • Don't assume. Friends might be in good faith. They could be in good faith too. All you need is a guy who tells you: let's do like this and dress like that, that's the way to go.

        Artists and people are hungry for success and that's natural, so they can be fooled into representing whatever powerful people want. Art has always served the powerful, that's the reason for the bow at the end of the performance.

        This has gotten bad recently because media are the filter for success and technology make skill less relevant.

      • The Kardashians are some of the nastiest people on earth. It is a testament to how very low the intellectual level of this country is that anyone even knows this raunchy bitch's name. What a joke the majority of Americans have allowed themselves to become.

      • If you read it says "the pic DOES NOT prove that the family members are into Freemasonry (the brotherhood). It proves they are part of the Illuminati entertainment business, which uses Masonic symbolism as a code. Those are two different things."

        hooked on phonics did not work for you apparently! please read! thank you:) Anyway…

        What i loved about this is, when i seen it i automatically noticed the tiles..and for you to point this out confirms i am very knowledgeable about the agenda and freemasonry..thanks

      • u knw its sad when we jus dont want to accept the truth about things but its ur chocie i mean its big and broad there i mean y should they be excuse if there would be false prophets and flase pastors ect and y should they be excuse that oh its just a picture . well as jesus said to his multitude who have ears let them hear and who have eyes let them see. so its ur choice to believe wat u want. Just hope u dont blame them in the end for deceiving you but urself only. And i am not being rude to you i am just saying sumthing so dont take it so harsh

      • Vigilant Observer on

        Christmas Card wow, what exaclty is cheerful and festive, why didn't they do a shoot with them doing 'normal' homey stuff like we see on their 'reality' show which by the way the only thing 'real' about the show is the bucket of make-up. Let me do the vigilant citizen analysis, besides the flooring, take a look at Kim's dress, she's the only one in white, I mean hello she definitely is being 'illuminated' from the good to the bad – enough said!!! I like Rob he's trying (shame) not to be swallowed by the whole vanity thing that is going on in the family, he might just make it poor guy. Little Mason's outfit does no justice to his cuteness, for goodness sake he is a little cute toddler, they have him kitted out like heir to the mafia family business. Actually this photo does not convey the Christmast cheer and mood it's totally creepy. I say they must re-shoot. They should have had a survey so we can vote on the best pic like everything else. The downside of being in a reality show is that when you suck – everybody gets to criticise. You know God works in mysterious way, but the devil works in obvious ways.

      • Did you not read the disclaimer at the bottom of the article?

        Let me just point out that the pic DOES NOT prove that the family members are into Freemasonry (the brotherhood). It proves they are part of the Illuminati entertainment business, which uses Masonic symbolism as a code. Those are two different things.

        We know not everyone is an Illuppet, however, VC is bringing attention to the imagery whomever designed the shoot came up with. We know the K's can barely control themselves, much less control what their photoshoot will look like.

        Calm down! If VC was gunning to 'bring down' the K's directly, I'm sure he would have found something a whole lot sooner.

      • The step father always looks like that. his face doesn't move. That is more creepy than the masonic floor to me.

      • But seriously……will someone tell me why the Kardashians are famous??? I can't figure it out……

      • they're famous because they're part of "the family"!… don't you get it? they get born into it, or trained by/stolen from their parents and sold into it… then the illuminati simply find an outlet for them to impart their propagandic nonsense onto the world. so the kardashians were instructed to wait until the time was ripe for their particular brand of nonsense…. and now they're famous.

      • Brrraaakkkkkk!!!! on

        They are famous cause Kim whored out on camera.. after that everything started rolling..

    • excuse me while i break this down……..doesnt Kim look like the sacreficial lamb in this picture? Look at the dress, they're tearing her apart. Why is Lamar and Chloe at the top of the pyramid? Are they taking over the family? kims sister looks like evil on the rise……look at the photogs/artist signature, the S looks like a serpent…….HUH?????

    • Me from Colombia on

      No, but if you look at the bigger picture they are pushing an evil demoralization agenda. Freemason all the way.

    • I really don't think that's what he meant. He was just pointing out the odd coincidence. You shouldn't put words in someone else's mouth.

    • totally agree dude.. black and white floor tiles are everywhere, doesnt mean they are 'pushing the agenda'. Sometimes is just comes down to coincidence.

      • I'm sorry but unless if you've been a publicist or a photographer you would understand, you're completely wrong. The setting is EVERYTHING. from the floor tiles to the dress, i cant believe people are so complacent towards such obvious themes. Do they have to announce it for you to believe it? Honestly the lack of intelligence toward such themes is amazing.

        Fan boys everywhere are like " no no that cant be errr thats how it was before they were there" if that's how it was before them i'm sure they have enough money to change the theme. As a photographer there's nothing more annoying that conflicting shades that don't show up well on film, it shows that there's alot of time n effort that goes toward showcasing the tiles with the family dressed in the unusual uniform. (come on the tiles can be chopped out! yet their showcased in 10% of the picture)

        This is MY JOB, and i know whats planned and unplanned. If you want to dismiss it then fine. but don't talk like you actually know whats going on when you obviously don't. It frustrates the hell outa me when you have these sort of opinionated people that are so one eyed making judgments on things they obviously don't know.

        take it from me and 22 years of experience, its ment to showcase the tiles. And obviously that "theme" resonates with what their about.

      • thanks James for the professional insight. I have always wondered (although I'm convinced these symbols have a deeper meaning) if sometimes it's not just pure coincidence that we see them in some celebrity pictures.

    • i really think if they have a christmas card with no one smiling they are wearing black and white (which is masonic) and masonic floor and every one saying there freemasons and they named their son "Mason" now thats a problem

  1. I'm usually with you VC but this is a huge stretch. If you'd watch their show, you'd recognize that the background of this photoshoot is actually Kris & Bruce's home, which I'm pretty sure had this flooring before they moved in. So to call this a Masonic photoshoot purely based upon that (and Kourtney's son's name which happens to be a VERY popular name – 2 of my friends have named their sons Mason and neither of them have Masonic ties), is just ludicrious.

    • Me from Colombia on

      But think a bit about why this family is even famous and the agenda they are pushing. This people are freemason.

      • The agenda they're pushing? I think you're exaggerating the influence the Kardashian/Jenner family has upon the world but please, by all means, enlighten me.

      • Me from Colombia on

        Do you know I am from Colombia and we have the episodes of that sh!t translated into spanish on E! latino and Kim is like a celebrity, why would anyone care about her? Because of her big a$$? You don't know this family's inmorality is all over the world.

      • Uhh…yeah I pretty much figured you were from Columbia. You didn't answer my question though. All you said was that their show is translated into Spanish on E! Latino, which is actually quite understandable due to it being one of E!'s most popular shows in the States. So that doesn't really say anything about how the Kardashians are pushing some sort of Freemason agenda onto the world. Once again, this is a stretch.

      • If you had read the comments that vigilant made under the photo, you would know that he says that he's not claiming these people are part of the Freemason Brotherhood. He's saying that the Kardashians are pushing an Illuminati agenda, which is far reaching because, among other places, they are translated into spanish for Latin American countries. Which is pretty far reaching. And I think that everyone pointing to Kourtney's son Mason as evidence that that is what vigilant was saying is specious as best.

        Basically I'm trying to say that you're dumb.

      • Me from Colombia on

        Bep, I don't know if the Kardashians are translated into other languages besides spanish, but I wouldn't be surprised. I saw that disgusting New York chick and Flava Flav translated into russian. This reality shows are all over the world.

      • Manzi wa Nairobi on

        i feel u bro… in Africa too (of all places!!) the K's are a huge hit. I am from Nairobi, Kenya and men here drool over Kim, that family's influence is actually highly underestimated. The question on everyones mind is…why the hell are they famous?..but we still cant seem to stop watching.. the other day i caught a re-run of an episode where the gals go to New York while Bruce and Rob go out and have a wild night where Bruce gets his ears pierced. Well the most eye catching image in the ear piercing parlor (???) was the strategically placed, five-foot, multicolored picture of the all seeing eye in a pyramid with an illuminated background. They might just be puppets but we know who is holding the strings..

      • If the black and white checkered floor is of no importance than why wasn't the picture taken by a fireplace? Or around some other backdrop?

      • Maybe with a Christmas tree? Or SOME KIND of Christmas decor at all? If you didn't already know, there would be no way to tell photo has anything to do with Christmas.

      • i think they (the celebs/illuminati/elite agenda) always use art/photography because is the one thing that is totally subjective, they will always get away with things like this because although is pretty obvious for all of us who know this type of symbolism, for the rest of the world is "just a christmas pic glammed up" and since people will always have different opinions about how they interpret art/photos/music/sculptures then nothing inside this genre will ever be objective it will never be black or white, warm or cold, the interpretation of all of this heavy illuminati symbolism we are seeing everywhere will always be subjective, due to the misinformed masses, it will be something in between the lies and the truth, i think that is why any form or type of art will always be part of the elite/illuminati agenda, as it's always been.

    • As a photographer I can tell you that when photographer choses a setting for a picture, all elements of in picture become symbolic. This is the art of photography. Nothing is accidental.

      • Perhaps, but does that automatically mean that the flooring in their own home symbolizes that they are Freemasons when, in fact, it is a popular flooring design that they probably didn't even choose? No it does not.

      • No it does not "automatically mean that the flooring in their own home symbolizes that they are Freemasons". Nobody said that. I'm saying that the photographer considered all of the elements in the frame before taking the picture. When the picture is taken, the meaningless floor and all other elements become imbued with symbolism.

      • Are you kidding, sleepyjean? When's the last time you saw a floor like this in a normal person's home? Someone not a wealthy elitist? The floor is ugly, frankly. They have tons of money, why not replace that cold, sterile-looking floor with something warm and inviting, such as hardwood? Is it because as devout born-and-bred Illuminati, they are taught that it's "cool"? Is it because, instead of keeping up with the Joneses, they have to keep up with the Weishaupts?

      • Well, before he got his house, my father lived in a really crappy trailer, and the kitchen had black and white checkerboard tiles. Which now that I think about it is kind of funny…Because just last night I learned that my grandfather used to be a Mason!! He is not anymore however. He left twenty years ago after getting back into church and rededicating his life to Christ, but still, I was SHOCKED!

      • Guys like VC and me, with some pretty solid awareness of the entertainment business, have been telling people this for many years now. Everything you see in all forms of mass media is pre-packaged and designed to promote this agenda, and it is growing worse each day.

        There is nothing in these very expensive music videos, movies, tv shows, magazines and photoshoots that is accidental. It is all being placed in your eyes, ears and minds for a reason.

        We have all been desensitized and conditioned to tolerate and accept a variety of destructive ideas – primarily, 1) There is no God. 2) Because there is no God, there is no good or evil. 3) The elite ruling class is supposed to have power and control over the rest us, and that is the way it is and has to be.

        Just think about it.

    • Nothing is a stretch, just open your see the proof in the pudding.The freemason has had their hand in everything since the 1800's and we can take it back to the Romans. Everything is put in to place, for a reason.Why all of a sudden this year the Kardishian change up their Christmas from all the years before, happy and homie to sad and darkness. Look at the card what statement are the try'en to make, I mean is it a christmas card or a halloween card. All of them are satan worshiper, anybody who willing to deceived millon of people on a stage reality show, all in the name money. Has no value or godly mortals if more people open the bible and read the true purpose in life . Hear Romans 10:17, Beleieve Hebrews 11:6, Repent Luke 13:3, Confess Mattew 10:32-33, Be Baptized Mark 16:16.

      • do not judge others that you do not know personally.. for that matter just do not judge others. Satan worshipers? just because they are a vain family and do what it takes to look hot 24/7 does not mean they love satan, get a clue

      • Well, for one thing, I know more about the Kardashian's personal business than I do some of my best friends since they are media whores. I watch their show and like them, but come on. I'd probably think Satan himself was a pretty nice fellow until I caught him on a day he didn't get his way! So to say the public at large do no know these people is ridiculous. They have a tv crew in their home for heaven's sake. The Kardashian's are a group of fame whores, and it's the one who provides their fame that has an agenda. And, it's obvious from the picture. It's another hidden in plain sight agenda as well. Pull your head up out your poop hole and see things for what they are. Noone said I hope these bitches rot in hell, and that would be passing judgement. You have to admit there are dark creepy things twisting their way into every facet of pop culture, and now the Kardashians have brought darkness to the brightest season of the year! Noone's smiling. And there is not one Christmas theme in the picture. This will be a trend setter, AND THAT WAS THE AGENDA.

      • SMH says:

        December 17, 2010 at 10:47 am

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        Obviously your opinion isn't wanted nor liked, get a clue n stop saying the same shit 3 times over (in seperate posts). We are sick of you fan boys. Go bate over her if "shes sooo smoking hot" – it has no effen relevance you fool.

    • Hello??? I don't know how old their house is, but it is a known fact that some, if not most, contractors/builders or companies are freemasons, thus the word "masonry". A lot of old homes have an insignia (can't think of the proper name) built onto them to symbolize whom/what masonic order they were built by. So, perhaps, the floor was purposely made with that color tile.

    • i'm with sleepjean on this one. at the very least, i would like to see more evidence suggesting this was not coincidental. no, i am not a coincidence theorist, i am definitely a conspiracy theorist, but this just seems to me like it could be a coincidence.

      how common is a masonic checkerboard floor design? sincerely wondering.

      • Exactly. If the women were all covering one eye and the men had their arms in the "as above, so below" positoning, and if there was either a ceremonial sword or a goat skull hanging on the wall behind them then I would be questioning their Illuminati/Freemason ties. But a checkerboard patterned floor and a baby named Mason isn't nearly enough to convince me.

      • But what about when you start looking at everything collectively? Kim is pulling the one above one below in the creepy digital death ad. As in the picture above, she is probably just going along with what she is told. I am suspect that there is much original thought going on in that family, but I honestly wouldn't know…..just a hunch. Take ,a song or video by Kanye, Gaga, or JayZ…..alone, whatever. Maybe just artistic expression…..but the more you step back and look at the whole, this stuff isn't by coincedence. Whether it is actully the Kardashian's, or just the sick freaks in Hollywood, I don't really care. When I see this crap, they no longer get my time, or money. Period.

      • I think you're overlooking a huge chunk of the picture. The evidence you are looking for is in the debasing nature of the Kardashian's show, its promotion of sexualization and materialism, the glorification of an artificial lifestyle and celebrity worship.

        The symbols are the icing on the cake, not the core of the issue. You dont even need this photo to know they are part of the system.

      • And if all you knew about them was this picture, you'd know to RUN (not walk) from whatever system they were part of.

  2. Me from Colombia on

    I thought it was very odd that Kourtney called her child "Mason Dash", this family is freemason I guess Robert Kardashian was, since he was a very prominent lawyer. And Kristina is sooo greedy you know she'd join any cult and do whatever it takes to stay rich. Kim is a doll and Khloe is a pussycat, that family is sooo mind controlled and freaky, I feel sorry for the baby.

    • I agree!!!! the sex kitten programming is obvious in the early episodes, with the youngest girls having leopard print alll over their bedrooms!!! They would have been 'programmed from a very young age… poor girls… u can't hate them they are victims too…

  3. this is just so creepy…. christmas with the Kardashians!!! i think I will pass….. they look like a bunch of serial killers….especially Kendall and little mason….

  4. They all look too serious in this photo. Very creepy. It's a Christmas card, why aren't they smiling? And what's up with the checkerboard floor tiles?? WHY? JUST WHYYYY!! Dear God, please come soon.

  5. I am not a fan of these people by *any* means, but I think this may be stretching things. That floor is also widely considered fashionable by design standards. The name Mason was #34 in the U.S. for boys in 2009 — in other words, also very, very popular. These two points (the only ones mentioned by this post) are pretty slim evidence on their own. Not saying the Ks are not involved with the Masons, just saying, show me more. :-)

  6. this family just begs to be shit on. and i thought i had no 'christmas spirit'… this photo is straight up COLD.

    that baby is so cute i feel so bad for him. especially that his father is an alcoholic and pretty abusive… but mostly because he is a kardashian.

  7. Me From Columbia,

    This is why I have a problem with some of these arguments. Although I do believe in the NWO and Illuminati, sometimes these whole pop culture connections to the Illuminati are crazy.

    People keep on asking you questions, and you seem to act like you are certain they are freemasons or Illuminati, but do you really know? Alot of times people have this mentality of, "I said it, therefore it is true".

    And really, all these people do is pose naked for a bunch of magazines. We're living in some perilous times, people losing jobs, money's tight, worthless wars around the globe, and the NWO is closing in on us. And you think this is important?

    • And you took the time to look at it and write a comment? Vigilant probably spent less time than you posting this… you do know this blog is about examining symbols right?

      • The blog may be about symbols but that doesn't mean that we have to blindly accept everything that VC posts. I've been coming to this site for a very long time and what I have gotten out of it is that we do need to question some things. It is supposed to make us think. I doubt the last thing VC wants are followers who have turned into a bunch of sheep who accept everything he/she says without thinking about it for themselves.

      • "The blog may be about [examining] symbols but that doesn’t mean that we have to blindly accept everything that VC posts."

        hell of an oxymoron you just posted.

        obviously VC is just pointing the symbols out, giving what he feels they mean, and has a comment section for further discussion and thoughts.

        just like Emerson wrote in a way to let you make your own opinons about things, so does VC. Emerson preached indiviuaity and self-relaince, and thus tried to bring that to people in his work. VC points the symbols out, but unlike some other bloggers of the same topic he doesn't shove it down our throats, at all, really. Nor does he break off in pointless tirades of anger, but rather he displays the symbols simply and as understandable as possible.

        but yet still people make idiotic comments that generalize all he is saying in an attempt to make him look 'crazy'. and they don't understand the core of what he is saying at all. i'm pretty sure thats why he put the last tidbit at the end of this article.

    • Me from Colombia on

      Robert, I am not following blindly. I always thought this family was really bizarre. Kardashian the father could have been iluminati, just like Anatoliy Sobchak, the father of russian millionaire ho Kseniya Sobchak, he was a powerful lawyer like Kardashian. This explains why their breed work for the iluminati by putting this freak show on tv to mislead the youth. Every Kardashian girl and Kseniya Sobchak chose to be whores rather than intelligent women with an education and they have plenty of money to afford it. They are puppets.

      English is not my native language, I'm not from Columbia, I'm from COLOMBIA, so I may not understand which questions people are intending to ask me, because I don't see any questions at all. I see people who thinks the Kardashian's inmoral ways are just entertainment and not part of anything bigger. Yeah right.

  8. Okay like all this stuff is starting to become pathetic. How much show off is too much show? Those supposed illuminaties show off so (too) much themselves that i'm even asking myself if this thing is for real. It looks like a big joke coming from people who wants to laugh about those who cares about signs and symbols.

    • Me from Colombia on

      The Kardashians are a disfunctional family freak show for the masses to follow. You don't need to read the symbols to see that.

  9. I think people underestimate how many out there belong to some Freemason group or another. I had family in Cuba that were Freemason way back in the days. For those of you that think that is "Ludicrous" to think that this people are Freemasons and that the floor in the photograph in just there by accident ……. you're in for a very rude awakening!

    • Yeah and why is the one boyfriend/husband ABOVE than the PARENTS? That's weird. Parents should be either in the center or at the top not at the top with one SIL above them. Plus, couples are placed really weird. I guess I am wondering if their placement indicates thier degree of enlightenment. If it is indeed masonic, surely that would be the case, if not, they sure spent a light of time and money on this photo shoot. Looks like for Vanity Fair.

      • Emerald green is supposed to be a symbol for family loyalty in programming. It's supposed why Jada P. Smith wears it so much.

  10. masons will not prev on

    I watch the show and have seen the Illuminati signs for a long time. Naming the baby Mason could not be more obvious! They wear clothing and are surrounded in black and white. Now with this card you can see the mind control taking full control. Its tragic. The message here is, DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! How? Start seeking God now. Pray and read who God is in Psalms, in the Bible. You will have peace and focus.

  11. It may seem like a reach, but you have to ask are they the ones who said we want to take a picture here, on these stairs, like this. It's always the professionals behind the scenes. I don't think the bird brain Kardashians have sense enough to know what masons are. The Kardashians are one thing, but the agenda is another.

    I was watching a movie I never wanted to see! It came out when I was a child, & it seemed like a very stupid corney movie. However the other night me and friends watched it. I'm thinking I do not want to see this dumb A%% movie but the movie turned out to be quite interesting and the movie is….drum roll " Tales From the Hood" ( lol don't ask) I didn't see the first half. We started watching at the part about the dolls. This movie involved a slave plantation and a white owner long story short the slave owner had masonic floors and he led the half white guy up the winding stairs ( the path of enlightenment ) and began to tell the guy all the secrets, or sorta like confessed, then killed the man by pushing him back down the stairs. The next story was violent & graphic but held a very powerful message. I am kind of glad I never saw this movies as a child I wouldn't have understood it. Watching it the other day I was kind of like WOW. I also like to mention the people I was watching it with probably took away a entire different meaning. Me being VC status I was able to watch the movie a whole another way. If anyone has the chance to check it out you may find it interesting. It is an African American film but it displayed some crazy, true visions. Back to the Kardashians, you have to ask were the black actors in " TFTH" masons or did the people who made and directed the movie have an agenda of their own? In a way depending on how you look at it, it could have been a warning. I found myself feeling the way I felt listening to B.O.B. the watchers and that is, are they trying to warn, or are they pushing an agenda. It was quite confusing and you had to read between lines. This movie was kind of deep, totally not what I expected !

    • Just remember who is the architect in the art of confusion…Satan. It's simple for me, if it don't line up with scripture it's from the devil. Simply put, if there's confusion, the devil is involved.

  12. females aren't even aloud to join the freemasonry i think.

    but i still believe that they got tied to the illuminati because these people get too much press,their alway being push by the media into people TVs Ect.

      • Yeah…unfortunately i am/was a member of the oes. From my chapter n view of it, it seems innocent but im just skeptical now, and it was honestly a waste of time/energy so i stopped attending.

      • My grandmother was one I believe, I always wondered about the creep position of that "star" and the symbols, and I was just 11 or 12. I think they were more community and party-oriented if anything. She would sometimes have/host meetings over her house; nothing nocuous.

  13. I always hear Kardashian everywhere, but I really don't know who or what they are. Then, I thought it was a singer or artist, then I hear it's a tv show about a rich family. Ehh. dont care for them. They never got my attention, why would I care? I like the pic though lol.

  14. 11 people, 11 stairs, 22 railing posts showing on the left side of staircase.

    3 women with their left hands on their hips. 666? 3 figures standing on the floor. 6 women in the picture.

    The green shawl thing is certainly symbolic of the masonic green triangle of the pentagram, which represents Satan. I feel that this is representative of this because there aren't any other Christmas-y colors present nor any Christmas decorations. Anybody know what the color pink is symbolic of? If I remember correctly, there is a pink triangle within the masonic pentagram, but I'm not sure what it means. Notice that there are 5 males in the picture, but why would Kim have said that Mason is a new addition to the family this Christmas? He's way too old to be having his first Christmas! I believe she is meaning that this is the first Christmas where he has been initiated into the FAMILY by some ritual.

    • I've never watched the show, so I'm not familiar with who's who, but is the man sitting on the step the son/brother? If so, he is symbolic of the SETTING SUN of the Winter Solstice. Can someone please confirm who he is?

      • I get it now! The daughter who is sitting on the last step is symbolic of Persephone.

        From Wikipedia:

        'According to Greek Mythology, Persephone ( /pərˈsɛfəniː/ in modern English; also called Kore[1]) was the Queen of the Underworld, the korē (or young maiden), and a daughter of Demeter and Zeus. In the Olympian version, she also becomes the consort of Hades when he becomes the deity that governs the underworld.

        The figure of Persephone is very well-known today. Her story has great emotional power: an innocent maiden, a mother's grief over her abduction, and great joy after her daughter is returned. It is also cited frequently as a paradigm of myths that explain natural processes, with the descent and return of the goddess bringing about the change of seasons.

        In Greek art, Persephone is invariably portrayed robed. She may be carrying a sheaf of grain and smiling demurely with the "Archaic smile" of the Kore of Antenor.

        Her Roman equivalent is Proserpina.'

        Persephone had to return to the underworld for half of the year, which is why the Earth is dark and dead during the winter months until she returns from the Underworld in the spring. Death and rebirth.

      • I also now understand why she has on the green shawl since the green of spring remains with her until her return from Hades. She is the Christmas Tree in the picture. The evergreen among the grey drabness of winter. This is why everyone looks so sad and depressed and the picture is filled with dreary colors. I still can't figure out the pink/mauve though.

      • The young man sitting on the stairs is the brother of Kim, Kloe and Kourtney. I think his name is Robert and he dated a Disney Cheeta girl a few years ago. There is an article on this site about the way Disney turns sweet inoccent young ladies into NOT so sweet young ladies and gives 4 examples.

        The very first thing I noticed about this picture is the white/black checkered floor and immediately thought of the Illuminati then wondered if it would hit this site. I agree with VC on this one.

        Okay Mason is a very popular name, well why is it popular?? Give that some thought. Nothing happens by coincidence.

        Dark is a more appropriate word than creepy imo and after some thought Beyonce was once happy and smiling all the time now she is also dark along with a host of over "pop" stars.

        Yes the young lady looks does look like a manequin with the dark choker that 'cuts' off her head and the weird look on her face and hair that looks like a wig. She also has an hour glas figure but I don't know if that should represent time, maybe it's time. what time is it.

        The mom looks matronly almost pregnant.

        Bruce the former Olympic Champion looks resigned to the whole thing – like lets get this over with.

        I agree with the Persephone opion above.

        Kourtney is wearing leopard print blouse and are those prada shoes?? (the devil wears prada) please correct me if I'm wrong. It is very weird that they 'stand alone' – isn't Kourtney's husband kind of an outcast in the family because of the way she is treated by him and it looks like she is trying to turn her back on him.


      • Thanks for answering my question and verifying that he is the son and not someone who married into the family. Also, thank you for supporting my Persephone theory. I didn't notice that the one woman was wearing Prada shoes! You've got a good eye! When I woke early this morning, the sun was rising and the sky was the exact pink/mauve of the woman's dress. Now, the sky is grey and overcast and rain is anticipated today. Pink at night, sailor's delight, Pink in the morning, sailor's take warning. Is that how it goes? I realize this may be a stretch, but it's the only thing I can associate the color of her dress to mean. Cheers!

      • Yes, thank you for correcting me. I saw that AFTER I clicked on a few links of the photo shoot and they detailed what everyone was wearing and also that Kloe's husband is photoshoped in. It would have been fitting if they WERE Prada shoes though. :) I believe I will do more research in future before making any more unverified comments.

  15. Note the 3 middle women's arm positioning. From their heads, going down and around their crooked arms makes 3 sixes. Or, it also makes 3 all-seeing eye shapes.

  16. FabricatedAmerican on

    You should really try/learn how to have a discussion/debate without disrespecting someone….your little comment:

    "Uhh…yeah I pretty much figured you were from Columbia"

    That was pretty rude. While I am not Columbian, I was still very offended! Let me ask you this:

    How many languages can you speak?

    Did you know that English is the hardest language to learn?

    • Me from Colombia on

      I am Me from Colombia, I mean, the country in South America… I wanted to explain that this family is being followed by people all over the world and they are a terrible example. Because most people doesn't know this show airs in many other countries and different languages.

  17. WHO do these people think they are??? Famous for what? This is suppose to be a Christmas card, but no one is smiling and all the colours are dark….sad really. BTW stop the fighting amongst yourselves, you are all defeating the purpose of this site by doing so….united we stand, DIVIDED WE ALL FALL!!!

    • They're famous for being famous.

      In other words, they make themselves available to audiences to be viewed, and therefore are viewed by audiences.

    • Maybe this is her initiation? But that would be weird because she would already be inititiated by now wouldn't she? I mean she is the most famous one – I also thought it strange she is the only one wearing white like she is the 'good' girl – like a virgin.

    • Jesus was not born on Dec 25th. That date has a pagan origin, the Romans celebrated the Saturnalia on that day. Besides Jesus commanded his followers to remember the date of his death (which is recorded in the bible) not his birth. When someone is born there is no telling if they will be a good person but when someone dies you know what kind of person they were. Jesus died faithful and provided a ransom for all of us to gain life. If it were important to know the date of his birth then it would be recorded in the bible.

  18. I find it funny and kind of sad that whenever an article about a celebrity (or in this case quasi-celebrity) is posted there are always so many people that jump to their defense. There are always people out there that believe their favorite celebrity can do no wrong, and it seems like a jaded viewpoint to me. If you're going to deify somebody, at least make sure they're interesting or decent human beings. Maybe celebrity worship is the new religion. I might be on to something here…

      • There's a big leap from mere idol-worship to a religion built around said idols. Sure there has always been idol worship but never to this degree of vacuousness. The question is, how do we define that leap? It's obvious with a name like American Idol that these people are meant to go beyond mere entertainment or distraction but how far is it intended to go? What is the end goal? Is it mere distraction? Part of some nefarious ritual? A way to funnel more money from everyday people? With our ever-evolving understanding of psychology all of this could just be the vehicle for a message or ideal. I'll quit while I'm ahead cause I'm giving myself the heebie jeebies.

  19. I want to point out that I personally have contacts with members of the Freemasons and they backup that Freemasons are not part of this "agenda".

    I'm determined to find out the real truth for myself from my own personal experiences.

    I know many people in the entertainment industry now and NONE of them have sold their souls, or anything. There is still good people in the industry.

  20. Well thats just the point people…The illuminati does a great job by distracting the American people. Excuse me…All people.

    Maintream Entertainment was created for that purpose to distract your minds from thinking about war, survival, cooking…normal daily chores for good life and health and happiness, but what do most people do? They worry about "Wassup with the Kardashians today" while at the sametime pushing the symbolism of the Elite aka illuminati…Why do you think these people who have no talents get so riiiiichhh from out of no where? Maybe due to the fact there Father was a well known attorney but who cares…who are they? Their just people pushing the work for the Elite and they get paid great money and great exposure for it. Till of course one dies. And then they'll plan to build off that as well. Sad but true.

    Wake up people…God bless.

  21. For starters, everyone reading or writing this malarkey should stop and take a look in the mirror.

    Matthew 7:4 How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?

    Matthew 7:5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye.

    ….And for those who need it more simply put, judge not lest ye be judged. No one likes a hypocrite! Then again, I don’t expect that any of you will acknowledge your own hypocrisy. The fact that you are all debating the involvement of the Illuminati in this family because of a photo is ludicrous when in reality, you have no clue what it means to be involved in the Illuminati. How about a bunch of pagan worshippers that dress demon worship up in the trappings of truth and propagate in throughout the world, ultimately manipulating the masses generation after generation into following the lies of Satan? This is what everyone accuses the illuminati of doing…. and they always lump in the freemasons, Knights Templar and any other supposed secret society that gets scapegoated for the woes of humanity. Who is the voice behind these “conspiracies”? For all of you that think you know it all, but never question yourself, you are the ones in for a rude awakening. You wouldn’t know truth if it smacked you in the face. You should be less concerned with the Kardashians and more concerned about the paganism that seeps throughout every aspect of religion, in particular Christianity. If you want to know where the Illuminati is, it is in every church in every household that practices and worships the false doctrines of man made religion. The truth of the Creator does not lie in the worship of false gods such as Nimrod, Tammuz, Dagon, or any of the names that this idol goes by….. the one who you worship every December 25. You take the most unholy occult ridden demonic satanic day that you can and then you dress it up as the Messiah’s birthday and tell everyone that it is ok -”remember the real reason for the season”. NEWSFLASH – it is all lies and deception. Where does it say to celebrate December 25 in scripture? NOWHERE!!!! And yet you do it faithfully! What about Easter? Why go to church on Sunday when the Sabbath is Saturday? The holidays or feasts that we are commanded to celebrate in scripture get ignored and go completely unacknowledged by EVERYONE other than the Jews. All of you have it so figured out but you don’t even read your own scriptures that tell you what you’re doing is an abomination. It is in fact IDOL WORSHIP. The very thing that the Hebrews were punished for when they came out of Egypt. So if you want to know about the Illuminati, you are closer to it than you realize. Before you waste your time debating what I wrote or trying to defend such a disgraceful institution as Christianity (stemming from Catholicism and the goddess worship of Semiramis), take some time to research your facts and know the truth before spouting out more ignorance. By the way…. enjoy your Babylonian feast that represents satanic pagan sun god worship, and give away all your gifts that represent the Magi coming to slay our Messiah. It sure is a fun way to show appreciation to our Messiah and to worship our Creator!! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait for HaShem Yashusa ha Moshiach to return and reveal truth to all!

      • That made sense B Wow. If you know anything about what I said pagans worshipping the devil shuld be the last thing you take away from it. Interestingly enough, you have nothing to say about any factual information. Just speculation about things I never said. Study up on paganism and then study up on religions of the world to see how the two are related. Then you will see that one does not have to be pagan in order to worship pagan gods or goddesses; especially when they are being masqueraded as the current god and goddesses of modern religion. Whether or not pagans believe in Satan or not is irrelevant.

      • Us smart people figured that out a long time ago. What you said is common sense but still we have on going issues that need to be resolved or addressed. We do it through awareness and discussions. What you get out of it is up to you. If you don't have sense enough to change your life it's a lost cause. Thats where it starts with " you". Thanks for posting what we already know and good day !

      • No, no propaganda here. No seventh day adventist anything anywhere at all. But that is how all of Christianity explains away truth when it is brought in to the light. What manner of propaganda is Christianity? Since you follow behind like mindless sheep with no knowledge of scripture, I guess It would be wise to take you for an expert. It is sad that the lies have gone on for so long now that people refuse to see truth. History can speak for itself and all of you would be wise to study up on what you believe in before you claim it as truth. There is a HUGE difference between opinions and claims versus irrefutable facts and evidence which is TRUTH!

      • I think he/she is basically saying don't throw stones in a glass house. I believe in what we will sum up as the " illuminati" but at the same time worry about self ! I wouldn't blame christianity. I would place the blame on the people interpreting christianity the wrong way. We do, do a lot of every day thing that God does not approve of..Judging, idol worshiping, pagen worship etc without knowing. My hope is that all will get the message and proceed the proper way in life. At the end of the day it's not about illuminati, masons, pointing fingers…it's about what can you do for yourself. Hopefully everyone gets it !

      • The Bible says one thing and christians do another. No where in the Bible does it say Jesus was born on Christmas, no where in the Bible does it say sunday is the sabbath etc…so how are Christians to blame. I am a C and I know the truth !

      • Bay State Observer on

        Nina, you're going on the premise that the Bible by itself is the only Word of God. It isn't.

        That premise was invented by men like Martin Luther and John Calvin, the two main founders of Protestantism.

        And the "Saturday is the Sabbath" position, among others, smacks of S.D.A. doctrine and the influence of Ellen White.

        None of these premises were taught by the Apostles or their successors from the earliest days of the Church. They are man-made doctrines promulgated by those who cut themselves off from Christ long ago.

        I am sorry for you that you believes these false teachings. No baloney.

      • BSO- When did I say the Bible is the only word of God. The Bible is understanding to me and my culture. Would I understand a Koran etc…. However other religions I do respect are based on the same teachings of the Bible and if thats not the case, it's not for me. Most like to think the Bible is man made, however as a christian I believe man like to think he wrote it, my belief it was wrote in the sprit of God and nothing you can say can change that ! Please inform me what religion you follow that wasn't written or seem to be written by man…i'll wait ! What does God talk directly too you? Altho he can, but I am curious to know what? do you call God up on the phone? I'm pretty sure where ever you got your understanding of God it was out of some man made book? enlighten me please. I am going to crack if you mention a different man made book !

      • It is very naïve to ask how Christians are to blame. Christians are responsible because their religion, Christianity, is teaching false doctrines and lies. It is the responsibility of every believer (whatever religion you claim) to fully know and understand what you believe in….. If not, then why would you let something control your life and dictate your actions? The truth is out here for anyone to find, and once you do it is your responsibility to change your life accordingly. You can not say that you are a part of a group that is based on those beliefs and pretend that you are not a part of the problem. If you don’t believe in the things that Christianity teaches, then you shouldn’t associate with ANY part of it because it is all lies and half truths.

        People need to understand that the problem doesn’t lie only with Christianity, all world religions are flawed. They are all man made interpretations of doctrines that have been handed down throughout history. Of course there are striking similarities between many of them and most contain variations of the same stories….. This is not by mistake. It demonstrates mans struggle to understand the spiritual things of the world. That is an admirable quality that we all should have. The problems started when people realized that knowledge is power. Now, truth is being eradicated because it makes society weaker. The Bible is not without flaws, entire parts have been removed and things have been added in order to lead people astray. This is why scripture was never meant to be changed from its original form, even mistranslations have caused discrepancies. The Torah, Tanakh, and New Testament that now make up modern day Bibles are not the same scriptures that the ancients followed. Everything about the Bible was edited at the Council of Nicea.

        BSO, you act as though you don’t realize that all denominations of Christianity come from the same place regardless of whatever cute little spin they put on the Bible. Come on now…. let’s not forget that denominations are separations among one group (Christians) because of differences of opinion on how scriptures should be interpreted. Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but facts are not opinions and they can’t be interpreted….. They are what they are. Truth doesn’t have a version. The only people who argue that 1 + 1 doesn’t equal two are the people who have no concept of numbers or math.

        As far as all this Seventh day Adventist garbage you keep speculating about……what do the Apostles and their earliest successors say about the Sabbath? When is it? You speak as though you know about false doctrines, yet you keep bashing truth. What are you basing your opinions off of in the first place? I don’t follow doctrines of any religion because they are all equally warped in their interpretations of truth. I have studied Philosophy and World Religion and drawn my own conclusions based off of evidence, historical facts that ANYONE has access to. The link you provided is also a crock. Of course Catholics deny, deny, deny- they are what you would call interested or invested parties. Why would they admit to letting paganism infiltrate their beliefs? But can you explain why Catholics worship Mary, oh Mother Mary when she has nothing to do with anything? Why make confessions to a priest when no man intercedes on our behalf to the father? Why does the Pope wear the costume of Dagon? Why all the weird rituals steeped in the occult? Why have Eucharist which borders on cannibalistic teachings? This is a disgusting misuse of scripture and a totally warped view of the last supper in deed!

        Well, I have my own spiffy little web links to post too, so check it out.

        There are also some really interesting videos on youtube if you care to watch.

      • You are tripping and yes I read the Bible. Going by Websters definition I am a christian. A follower of Jesus. Very simple. All I am saying is that you can be a christian and have a clear understanding of the Bible and those that don't, it's a personal problem, not a christian problem. Do I believe Jesus was born December 25? no. Do I believe sunday is the sabbath? no. Do I believe you die and go to hell? no. Do I believe Jesus died on a cross( he died for sins, but not on a cross)? no. Am I a christian? Yes, do I believe the hype taught in church? no. The word of God stands. People make mistakes not God and the Bible christians follow. You need to re-read what I said. I agree with you, my only thing is it's not a christian thing it's ignorance !

      • Dude shhhhhhh. A christian is simply a follower who believes in Jesus and his teachings. So what were you saying ? If you don't interpet his teaching the right way how is that my problem. He gave me my own eyes to read and my own ears to hear. I am a christian because I believe in Jesus and follow his teachings and thats it. Stop trying to make it out to be something it's not !

      • Nina, It is very obvious that you don't know what it means to be a Christian and your'e just a sheep like the rest, believing what your'e told instead of believing what's true. You probably have very little understanding of scripture and you make that clear when you try to explain your beliefs in such an uneducated and ignorant manner. Tell me, have you even read the Bible? If you have, you are clearly missing the point. There are NO interpretations of fact. Apparently people don't realize that. If you want. Do you think "Jesus" ran around calling himself a Christian? You need to study up and get your facts straight if you want to tell me to shut up. I don't keep quiet just because someone says to especially when I'm right. It is sad how much the truth hurts people when they are faced with it. My intentions are not to offend, but the truth can be quite offensive when it makes you take a look at yourself. Instead of proving yourself to be correct by offering evidence or facts of any kind, you lash out and look for trouble where there is none. I will just accept the fact that you are blind and ignorant to the truth of the matter.

      • Oh Nina, you are truly killing me. I guess I should just quit while I’m ahead. Now you’re pulling out the big guns, the authority above all else….. I guess since Webster said it’s true it is fact without doubt. You got me there.

        The problem is that you are follower of a false god and a counterfeit religion. I don’t care what name you call him. You are missing the point entirely. Let me make it simpler for you…. Would it work for a member of the KKK to suddenly switch his beliefs but maintain all of the things that associate him to the KKK? No it wouldn’t because his association to the KKK precedes him. No one would believe that he is not racist or hateful as long as he continues to rock the white robes and burn crosses or hang black people from trees. But I suppose he could say he didn’t and you would believe it regardless of the glaring contradictions that suggest otherwise…..

        "Do I mean then that a sacrifice offered to an idol is anything, or that an idol is anything? No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to DEMONS, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.

        "You CANNOT drink the cup of the Lord AND THE CUP OF DEMONS TOO; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s Table and the table of demons. Are we trying to arouse the Lord’s jealousy? Are we stronger than he?" (1Corinthians 10:19-22)

        Since you’re so handy with the definitions all of a sudden, why don’t you look up the etymology of the word religion? Despite all of the fanciful definitions and convenient manipulations, you will find that the basic Latin roots are traced to religare. This is re – meaning “back to” and ligare – meaning “to bind”. The term is definitely associated with being bound, or more simply put, a return to bondage. In fact, it is the very same bondage that Moses freed Israel from in Egypt only to lead them to idol worship in the wilderness. All religion does is enslave mankind within a prison of lies and deceit. One day people will embrace truth and break free.

        “Formerly, when you did not know God, you were slaves to those who by nature are not gods. But now that you know God—or rather are known by God—how is it that you are turning back to those weak and miserable principles? Do you wish to be enslaved by them all over again? You are observing special days and months and seasons and years! I fear for you, that somehow I have wasted my efforts on you.” (Galatians 4:8 – 11)

      • Yeah Truth Teller, you pretty much wasted your time ! Dude I don't even go to church ! All I said is that you can have a true understanding of Christ and still be a christian. You wrote 17 paragraphs all for nothing ! What part don't you get. I AGREE with you dude, but when you get finished I have a TRUE understanding of God & Jesus and his word and I am still a christian. I do not follow religion but I read and believe in my Bible ! Christian- a follower of Jesus teachings gheesh what part don't you understand. Just because a lot of christians are ignorant does not mean they all are. You have ignorant religious people across the board, blaming only christians is a little extreme, you think !

      • Done talking to Nina because Nina is blind. Nina can't read or count either. ALL RELIGIONS are COUNTERFEIT!!!! Maybe she'll be all better now that I cleared that up…… since she didn't get it before. There is just no getting through to some people. It is pointless, but I will NEVER stop telling the truth. It is obvious that certain people love lies like crack heads chasing after drugs. I won't waste my time debating facts with those who lack understanding.

      • This is my last comment to you ! I will let the board read and decide.

        1st- I said I AGREE with you like 14 times.

        2nd- I noted I do not follow religion and haven't been to church in over a decade.

        3rd- A Christian is simply a follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

        Done enough said !!!

      • At the end of the day, knowing thyself is how we will achieve victory!

        I couldn't agree with you more. Everyone here wants to know wheres the enemy, and who to fight, but the only battle we need to really focuses on is winning the war of our own salvation.

      • Bay State Observer on

        You don't know me at all. You don't know whether I follow "mindless sheep" or no.

        And for all I know, it may be you following the propaganda of the Seventh Day Adventist religion or those influenced by it. For all either one of us know, THEY may be the "mindless sheep".

    • I agree with what you are saying. I wish more people would research the holidays they celebrate because they originate with paganism or should I say the occult. It's disgusting that mainstream religion have incorporated these holidays in with their beliefs , the tried to put Jesus into the holidays so that they could convert the pagans but instead the pagans actually converted them. Now people celebrate the holidays either because they THINK it has to do with Jesus (which is a lie) or they celebrate them simply because everyone else does it. ALOT of people are fooled and its sad that if they dont wake up and stop what they are doing then they are not going to survive God's judgement.

    • H has twocents on

      Uhm, pardon me, it's not just the Jews who observe the commandments outlined in the scriptures. The Seventh Day Adventists do too. And I am aware that there is controversy surrounding EllenWhite and her status as a true prophet which puts the Adventists' in a questionable position for some, but there exists the 'remnant of the seed' faithful to the scriptures– Not just the Jews who recognize only the old testament. Also, the scriptures say that God in his infinite mercy and omniscience, knows the heart of man, and the faithful that will be with him, will come from many groups. All will have a chance to hear and a chance to choose, and those that choose Jesus through baptism, or are saved by receiving the Spirit, they won't be from one denomination. We are judged according to what we know, and we are supposed to remember the sabbath and keep it holy. Funny, it's the only commandment prefaced by the word 'remember'. There is a reason for that and many Christians *read 'Christ-followers* are deceived by the Sunworship Sunday sabbath deception. Bless.

      • H has twocents on

        Also, catholicism is re-invented Babylonian pagan religion. It is NOT Christianity. True followers of Christ know this. Catholics are Catholcis, NOT Christians. It was a political maneuvre on the part of Constantine when the empire was falling apart and the Romans were seeking a way to unite their farflung empire. They were having trouble stamping out Christianity and as fast as they burned Christians and their bibles, believers and their faith grew and went underground. Constantine in creating Roman Catholicism figured, if we can't beat 'em, join 'em, but ending up converting /deceiving many Christians who fell for the re-invention/creation of the RC church. It follows that the architectural layout of cathedrals and their various nefarious symbols are all modeled after pagan temples. Masonic temples and other secret societies have very similiar interiors. And Mary and the various saints took the place of the various gods and goddesses of pagan religions. Also, under the Justinian period of the Roman empire, in the name of God they launched crusades to convert and kill all who would not worship as they did—something Christ never endorsed. in short, Everything Catholic is blasphemy and confusion–which is not to say that there aren't Catholics whose hearts God sees as true etc. etc. get your facts straight before making large statements bro..I say this with love and respect. Bless.

      • Bay State Observer on

        A good response to the claim that Catholicism is "pagan" is found here from the forum "Catholic Answers":

        It is Protestantism which is not historically Christian. It can't trace the origins of it's doctrines back to the time of the Apostles, but only to heretics like Luther, Calvin, Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, Know, Cranmer, Zwingli, Melancthon and so on. That's nearly 500 years ago, not all the way to the Church's beginnings.

        But this has nothing to do with the issue at hand — which is the Kardashian's latest project. Which, in turn, doesn't reflect anything regarding Christmas or it's spirit.

      • I never said that the Jews were the only ones who follow the commandments; I said the Jews are the only ones who celebrate the holidays or feasts that are outlined in scripture. Instead Christians celebrate pagan sun god and goddess rituals as holidays. The holidays are not the only problem with Christianity.

        I also have a huge problem with people changing the Messiah’s name. And no, I am not a follower of the Sacred Name Movement. I just know that His name is the name above all names, and it is not an English translation of a Greek name, Iesous. It is Hebrew and the English translation is Joshua. So Yehoshua HaMashiach is not the same as Jesus Christ. Names are EVERYTHING and if you think that Christians, followers of Christ are worshipping the same Messiah, you are wrong. YHVH/YHWH doesn’t stand for Jehovah or Yahweh either. It is Hebrew and is written as hwhy in Hebrew scripture. In Hebrew there are no vowels just vowel sounds. Therefore, YHVH or hwhy (as it is written in Hebrew Scriptures) is easily translated into Yehoshua, Yahoshua, Yeshua, or Yahshua. Even though the New Testament was written in Greek, it doesn’t change the fact that He was a Hebrew man with a Hebrew name. Say what you will, but I don’t see any Christians rushing to sing Allah’s praises even though the world acknowledges the God of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam as the same. All manner of problems are bound to crop up when the big three go to war over whose god is really THE God….. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is a HUGE difference and we will all see when the time comes.

  22. paisleycerebrum on

    hm…i noticed the girl on the far left (can't remember her name, nor do i care to do so) looks sort of……mannequin-like.

  23. They are Jews that's why you don't see anything about Christmas Jews hate Christ and Christian holidays.Jews never say"merry christmass" rather they say "happy holidays" those dirty stinking Jew rats.

    • Don't Christians claim Jesus as the Messiah? How can you speak of Jews that way and celebrate Christmas, Jesus' supposed Birthday, when Jesus is in fact a Jew? That is beyond the scope of reasoning. If you don't like Jews, then you shouldn't worship one. You shouldn't worry about what Jews believe. Instead you should focus on your beliefs and whether or not they have any validity …… or are they just regurgitated dogma being spewed out of hate? The ignorance being displayed today is dumbfounding.

  24. Makes me wanna sing: "They're creepy and they're kooky. Mysterious and spooky. They're altogether ooky. Kardashian Family"… Dun Dun Dun… *snap snap*…..

  25. when it comes down to it, we all have our opinions, and guess what.. no one knows but them, and shoot, maybe THEY dont even know what they're doing.. but im gonna live my life, and the pics that they take arent gonna interupt my life in the least. but all i do know is… Kim is smooooookin hot, and thats why shes so famous XD

  26. "Let me just point out that the pic DOES NOT prove that the family members are into Freemasonry (the brotherhood). It proves they are part of the Illuminati entertainment business, which uses Masonic symbolism as a code. Those are two different things."

    Very well put Vigilant – I often have to explain this to people when I discuss the illuminati entertainment business.


    • True this. I often debate with others whether its the popular figure themselves or their "entourage" surrounding them that are responsible for the various symbols and ritualistic goings-on. For example, just what percentage of control does someone like Lady Gaga have in the creation of her own obviously symbolic videos (Alejandro anyone?) versus the director, writer, what not? She is obviously talented in her own right and can be credited with having her own input in the creative process (again to what degree) in both writing of songs and making videos. I listened to an interview with her once and a few of her responses really jumped out at me, not least of which her comments about how her videos help give her songs deeper meanings. So she obviously intends for the video to flesh out the songs, where once the lyrics seem rather shallow and vapid, after the video it becomes more convoluted. Just something to think about.

  27. picture has nothing to do with christmas. they look blank in their expessions, like robots. it's so obnoxious. and not to mention the new addition to the family is named "mason." coincidence? i think not.

    • I definitely agree it's obnoxious. Add to that pretentious and ridiculous and a whole lot of other -ous words I could throw at it but don't have the time to.

  28. While I agree the card makes them look creepy and it's very non-christmassy, I think you're just looking too much into things to find symbolism.

  29. Amen to thatt !! i totally agree, im not a photographer but its common sense. if the people didnt want it there it wouldnt be there and we all wouldnt be here.

  30. Fascinating. I saw the card or picture on another site briefly but didn't look at it. Funny it took me looking at the "painting" on VC to really digest it. First off, it has so much photoshopping that it looks more like a painting than a photograph. A few facts. Mason is 1 year old. He was born 12/14/2009. Lamar Odom the man highest on the stairwell is married to Khloe Kardashian {not the boyfriend}. Lamar Odom plays for the Los Angeles Lakers. I noticed the floor. Look at the reflection that had a strange effect. Distorted images. Well the Kardashians got exactly what they wanted, a Xmas card to show their "wealth, elitism, power & vanity". That is a heck of a card to receive. No Love Just Money and Envy (to some). One has to remember the Kardashians TV franchise is owned by Ryan Seacrest. Seacrest's is mission is to be bigger than his idol Merv Griffin. If you took a ruler, you can easily find pyramids in the arrangement. One pyramid with the group on the stairs and another by the new addition Mason and his mom & dad. But am I seeing more than what is there?

    Happy Holidays



  31. wth, they look like they are all barbie's. All of there faces are smoothed out to perfection. this looks like a high-fashion photo shoot, not a christmas card.

    • I'm not even sure this is even a photograph (as we understand it). Maybe someone photoshopped everything in, complete with work to make the people look "perfect." That's the only thing I can see happening here.

  32. also while i'm here, some of the comments on this site instantly give you an insight to how the medai would react to make this seem crazy. people are instantly assuming all checkered floors make VC think it has something to with masonry/illuminati, or all kids named mason, etc. but the fact that this is a famous family, sterotypical masonic flooring, a new kid named mason (extremeley concidental), a winding staircase…etc. I could get into colour scheme but I suppose the red could be christmas so I will leave that.

  33. i find that contrary to what most people think about illuminati and the hollywood/music entertainment industry, the majority of actors and musicians are still just mere puppets, and not even fully aware that they are being used. Of course some are aware, and just go along with it, without causing any problems. As for the symbolism, and hidden agendas behind scripts and such, well most of that is not done by the actors/musicians themselves, they all have managers…and producers….etc….it is basically the "record label" that controls the "image" of all stars. and im sure we all know that record labels are just illuminati fronts.

    great article

  34. How festive! There's nothing to indicate that it is even a Christmas card – rather than just an exercise in vanity. These people must be so self-obsessed.

  35. One question:

    If Mason had been born a girl, would she have been named "Madison?"

    Between the concept of the word "Ma-son" around "Di" and the fact that James Madison's wife's name was "Dolly," I have been creeped out by that name being used as a girl's first name ever since I first read about it.

  36. I kneeeeeeeew it!>.<

    my friend posted this picture on facebook

    and right away I noticed this. thanks to VC for

    opening my eyes!!

    • …apart from her cock-eyed gaze of course (obviously the whole pic is ‘shopped – I was being sarcastic but I know it was a poor attempt so I’ll give all the downvoters grace)

  37. Another thing to think about, if the stairway represents the stairway to illumination, than the ones who are "higher up" are the ones who are more "immersed" within the system.

    Notice that the two official celebrity athletes, Bruce and Lamar are at the top of the food chain while Scott doesn't even make it. The girls wouldn't count as much, I believe, because they can't join the freemasonry, but the wives, Khloe and Kris are also higher up with their husbands.

    Kris, Khloe, and Kim have bent elbows to represent 666 with their bodies.

  38. Religion is not the answer. We can sit here all day and dissect each religion, but what it all boils down to is A PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP WITH GOD!!!

    There are a lot of people who do not research the word, so I will dumb this down a little . . .

    For every day that God has, the devil takes the Glory.


    1. CHRISTMAS – For the sake of argument, we are to celebrate the birth of Christ. . . .which the bible has NEVER told us to do. BUT instead we go out and spend money we don't have to buy gifts for our loved ones. Now consider SANTA, a big fat man dressed in what a RED suit, BLACK coal boots, has REINdeer (you know like the rain man) with no wings but can fly. (oh and also has the ability to come down a chimney ,aka the fireplace and never gets burned or injured.) You can also transpose his name from SANTA to SATAN!

    2. EASTER – This is where we are supposed to remember the day he died for our sins. But instead we buy Rabbits, eggs and Candy. WHY! I will tell you why. EASTER is a Pagan holiday, a day to celebrate fertility. Hence the saying "mate like rabbits" Rabbits are the most fertile amimals, and do I need to even explain the eggs. We should be celebrating RESSURECTION DAY, but we buy our kids pastel clothing and let them go to church saying HAPPY EASTER.

    3. HALLOWEEN – this is a no brainer. Celebrating demons, monsters, goblins, ghosts, darkness, etc. Everyone gets all hyped up about this Pagan holiday. No one remembers Nov 1, which is ALL SAINTS DAY. You guessed it, a day to recognize the saints.

    I can go on and on. The point is know the word for yourself. And believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. Satan is the author of confusion. Why should you be his publisher???

    • Me from Colombia on

      I don't even have a christmas tree at home. No decorations of Santa (SATAN) and I will go to mass only. I know Jesus was born in September, but I think celebrating his birth is okay, always.

    • Well actually, the three wise men did give gifts to Jesus' family when he was born and Halloween has changed over time from a holiday that believed spirits could return to Earth, to being STOLEN by Christians and becoming all saints day, to being hated in the colonies for being too Catholic, to the party holiday it is now. It really has nothing to do with demons or saints or candy or anything else really, it lost all its original meaning a long time ago.

    • Bay State Observer on

      You're wrong. Religion IS an answer, for lack of religion — and worshiping our selves and our dark desires as a substitute — has got us to the wretched mess where we are today.

      Atheism and materialism has done nothing but create societal decay. Renounce it in our lives and society and we MIGHT have a chance to survive.

  39. VC, you sure generate alot of comments beneath your stories! Keep'em comin'!! I just love "truth-exposers". We need more of 'em.

  40. Here is a link to an article that was featured today on the Daily Mail's website:
    It's about the Kardashian's Christmas cards through the years. It states that their cards always have a theme. It's very interesting how their later cards have a red, black and white theme, which are Illuminati colors. Especially the picture titled Red Christmas shows the young girl (whoever she is) on a ladder towards the top rungs. Ladders and steps are very telling. Also, this year's card is the first one where nobody's smiling. They all look very content in the previous year's card, but in the motocycle themed card, the two girls don't look happy at all.

  41. I would be very weary of this family. Freemasonry or not? Do you think PARIS HILTON and KIM KARDASHIAN continue to get famous with no connections. Yeah, sex sells, but it doesn't sell this well.


    And plus I think Kardashians Step-father is some big entertainment lawyer, so he might be in it.

  42. Hey ya’ll I jst saw this pic 2day and I was tellin sum1 it has some masonic meaning and she was like how did I know so I say let me show her some sign and I saw this. Pls but what do u mean by they are not into I don’t understand pls expanciate

  43. And Jesus said, "NO ONE gets to the Father except through Me. " Christians worship Chirst's life (Christmas) and salvation (Easter). You can try all you might to equate our faithfulness to Christ with "paganism" but you're deadwrong. Believing in Jesus Christ is NOT "idol worship" and you know it. Be careful who you persuade and confuse with your b.s. as you'll be held accountable for each and every attempt you make against the Lord's people. Talk about removing one's plank — take a long look there buddy in your own mirror. Begin by untwisting your lies before you spew more of them.

    • I can tell that you have no truth to tell….. so just pipe down. If you read what I wrote then you will know that I am not trying to persuade anyone to do anything nor am I trying to prevent the worship of the ONE TRUE MESSIAH and CREATOR. I endorse it to the fullest. You can categorize it and label me all you want and it it will not change the truth. I didn't invent truth, I just speak it, so don't shoot the messenger. You can not prove what I have said to be lies and I welcome you to do so – if you can. But I doubt that you will be able to since truth always prevails like light that cuts through darkness. I also pass no judgments and I have not condemned anyone for what they choose to believe. There is a reason why we have a choice to begin with. But that doesn't mean that truth should not be told. It is every believers responsibility to live in truth, and to expose lies and flee from them. One day everyone will realize truth and all lies will be exposed, therefore I have no reason or responsibility to persuade someone. It wouldn't be a choice. I want everyone to have the opportunity to hear and then they can pursue it on their own if they CHOOSE. I have done my part by bringing the issues to light.

  44. sinistermister on

    clearly,the symbolism is blatant as hell,but do you honestly expect to me to believe that their idiotic daughters are capable of being part of the grand scheme….*cocks head back like ed lover* c'mon son.

  45. Brrraaakkkkkk!!!! on

    Bruce Jenner is the only 1 i can respect cause he created his own name through hard work..Not doing it for fame. The guy was an Olympian, Think of all the hard work that goes into that.. Thats whats wrong with the youth today.. they expect everything to be handed to them with no effort on there part..

  46. Um…..CAN THE KARDASHIANS PLEASE JUST GO AWAY??!!!!! They're famous for no reason at all! Don't get me wrong, the girls are beautiful but that's all they are! You're famous for owning a clothing boutique? Please. And I don't know about you guys, but I thought Christmas greetings were supposed to be warm and cheerful. Not hard and cold.

  47. they all look like their wax selves….espeacially the sister at the end of the stairs right infront of kim, she kinda looks like the japanese robot humanoid , doe'snt really convey a sense of warmth , cheer and hope, more like "if you wanna be famous, dress like us, do absolutely nothing, let the mainstream media puppet you around and look pretty", i dont know thats just me…they could've at least thrown in a christmas wreath or somthing dag…lol

  48. The picture looks like something out of a vogue magazine. The clothes are all very stylish, and modern. The staircase gives it elegance, and the picture is classy. Just because its not a typical goofy grin picture w/ santa hats and christmas trees does not make them part of the illuminati. They are a materialistic family who is very fashion conscious. THEY ARE FILTHY RICH! Do you know anyone that has the kind of money that they do? I sure as heck dont.. rich people and celebrities do things differently.

    If we want to get specific, Christmas is supposed to be a religious holiday. Ive never received a Christmas card photo w/ a nativity scene in the background.

    The only strange things I noticed about the picture is that Kourtney's family looks separated so that looks kinda odd. And one of the younger girls is looking alot like elvira.

    Okay.. you can reply now. :)

  49. They just kinda look like the regular Nouveau Riche Jersey McMansion douches that drive into the city on the weekends. The really weird part of it is the card is Kim (the one with the kid, Mason) is wearing a suit unlike the rest, that's kinda weird. I'm ashamed to actually know their names.

  50. If you want to understand who these people are, you must investigate the father. Robert was and is the key. The society has run its own eugenics program for over a millennia…..he was well compensated for his role in the GREAT WORK….his children are the fruit of his labor. ISIS was the goddess of sexuality…PARIS france was named after this deity. PARIS Hilton became a house hold name…by way of her sexuality. The Sacred Feminine ENERGY is alive and well…can you feel its presence today? Kim is ISIS….nothing more nothing less… you not understand ritual? The Profane should refrain from speaking…as your intellect is not sufficient….

  51. I agree with some things that this site publishes, but not this.

    No offense, but I cannot see the Kardashians as Illuminati, or a part of their agenda in any way. Why would they leave out the all-important stone pillars? A floor is just a floor. They’re dressed in high fashion. They did take photos smiling; this just happens to be the shot that was chosen. Mason is a name, and nothing more. I also don’t think the number of stairs, people, etc. have anything to do with anything.

    I think that the floor and the name are just a coincidence, but to me nothing else fits right. Just sayin’.

  52. Yes, Very interesting! I do agree with many of the postings here – specifically about this crazy shot picture from what must be the bowels of hell! Also too, more broadly about the satanist aspect to the false so-called 'Christmas'.

    Just a few comments on the pic. Apologies, I don't know the handle of most of these idiots (aside from the big-assed whore from that 'leaked' gonzo porn tape!) and I don't want to, either!

    1. The occult codification of the bimbos on the stairs is interesting. The Persephone aspect to the sitting chick with the deliberate flash of colour sounds right.

    Also, of course, the colour black has strong 'spiritual' energy. A symbol too of night. The beloved shroud of satan!

    As for the others, the three young ones (not the old hag) have a suggestive 'open' stance with overly emphasised voluptuousness/fertility.

    Incarnations of Isis? Symbols of the trajectory of the sun? (Pinkish = morning. White = sun's highest apex at noon. Mauve(?) = sunset)

    As for momma-hen, silver symbolises the moon. The 'sun' of the night.

    So it seems the hag's a symbol of the lunar goddess and the others versions of the sun goddess.

    2. The deliberate curtain configuration on the left continues the theme. Light / starlight. Symbolis of Lord Lucifer (Lord of Light) and his words (symbolised by stars.)

    White too, of course, is the symbol of sacrifice/ ceremony. As in the pornstar's dress. And this ho surely has (wittingly or not) been a sacrifice at the altar of evil !

    3. Lots of masonic pyramids going on here of course.

    The deliberate hand-on-hips stance of three females (also an inverted Mark Of The Beast!)

    The configuration of all figures on the masonic stairs to an apex (the black guy.) The three douches to the right of the stairs, similarly.

    4. On the masonic theme, of course there's the masonic stairs, a thing laden with symbolism. I'd read it that the old guy and the black guy are longtime initiates into the brotherhood but relatively low level masons (most successful sportsmen / 'entertainers' are masons … albeit low level).

    The seated guy is likely a very newly initiated.

    … Could it be that the whole theme of this thing is a celebration of the initiation of the heir of the 'family'?

    The guy on the right's more puzzling though. He's surely had some mason initiation (else he wouldn't have been allowed to come into the family circle.) Perhaps, he's on the cusp of full recognition by the brotherhood.

    5. I'd comment too on the symbolism here of an aspect of the centuries-old and ongoing war waged by freemasons. That's their insidious 'social engineering'.

    Here it's destruction of the traditional Judeo-Christian family and traditional proper mores. There's surely not a more f*cked-up 'family' you could imagine than these vapid, morality-less, brainless, money-obsessed, sex-addicted douches! … The Addams family had better morals and behaviour!

    This 'family' has been pimped out and set up to be adored by millions of morons. They're powerful role models. Their sickly /satanic behaviour will corrupt countless folk (especially young kids … especially young girls) and their pattern of sick manipulated behaviour will be copied by many.

    Of course too, there's a big black guy very deliberately atop the pyramid of this white 'family' (BTW … for PC pricks, what I'm saying there is nothing to do with so-called 'racism', simply deliberately nefarious social engineering.)

    6. Regarding the term "Illuminati", that's just diversionary terminology – a nonsense in the context of the reality of the masonic sect. Those douches we see as ostensibly being powerful personages – from so called 'superstars' to apparent 'billionaires' to presidents to whatever (be they from 'legacy' power families or not) – will rarely reach the upper echelons of the satanic brotherhood. Most of this ilk are likely masons, of course, but only low level tools, many even oblivious to the darker realities of the brotherhood of satanic warriors.

  53. Oh… I was thinking when I click onto this page, "Now What?!" I thought the picture was a nice picture by the way but not for a Christmas Card. I'm all for the glamour they went for but not this way. The first thing I thought when I saw this for some reason maybe because of how gloomy it kind of is is, "The Adams Family." It's still a nice shot though but for a different occasion.

  54. Folks'

    Sorry, didn't have time to read all the comments so I don't know if anyone else came up with this observation, but to me they look like the 21st century 'ADAMS Family'.

    Whatdo I know: Wolf

  55. I think it's a very close coinsodence… Also, like said by many other commenters, VC's disclosure, is his way of saying "oh the Kardashians are totally Freemason" it's just saying they are puppets as well as other hopeless artist out here. FYI the main reasons why the K's are famous is:

    1. Their dad Robert Kardashian: (OJ's Lawyer)

    2. Bruce Jenner: (Olympic medalist)

    3. Kim's sex tape with Ray J.: This was Kim's poor iniation into the Illuminati world. She took the rap for everyone in the Kardashian family. Sadly, enough she felt a reality show would cover up her embarassment.

    BTW: Kourtney and Scott's baby Mason has absoloutly nothing to do with that. It's just a mistakable coincedence. No one should say a helpless infant is apart of a world that is trying to kill.

  56. I must say tht I dont like the chrismas card at all!!!It's sooo dull….I loooove 'Keeping up with the Kardashians 'tho be4 i became a fan i used to wonder why they were famous at all…I don't see why ppl r so up in their biz…like their show…many of thse reality shows r filled with immorality.e.g 'Girls of the playboy mansion' etc..its all over E! Tv.and many other networks…full of fake perceptions of beauty…but i guess thts the Western world for us…

    I wouldn't say thy r masonic but why thn use masonic themes or be members of Illuminati entertaiment business if thy r nt Masonic…i dont get the difference…..even if its this so called elitist fashion?

  57. Notice how there are 11 people in the picture. 9 of them standing. 2 of them sitting down. (9-1-1)

    5 males including the child. 6 women. Both the number 5 and 6 are extremely symbolic numbers in terms of the 5 star and the number 6, which symbolizes satan. (or 666 if you want it)

    Just pointing things out.

  58. For those of you who have also read into ISIS symbolism all you need to do is get a glimpse of Kim's recent homage to 'Cleopatra'. Don't tell me everything in that photo shoot was purely coincidental as well. Kim is so preoccupied using her simple wiles to gain petty riches that she fails to understand exactly how she is being used and why. Foolish girl, she may literally end up as another sacrifice for all her troubles. She certainly wouldn't be the first…

  59. They are satanic. jenner and Oj are both Monarch slaves as are the kardashian girls. Google Monarch slaves. They wear alot of black and white stripes which are satanic triggers for mind programmed people not to mention monarch butterflys in the decore of the back ground. The clincher for me was a tape of Kim and Kourtney when they were children singing'" catch a falling star and put it in your pocket". This is known in occult groups as an esoteric song they teach programmed trama based satic ritual children from satanic famlies. The floor in the card and the stairs scream Masonic!!!!!!!!!1

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