The CDC Published in 2011 an “Educational Comic” About a Zombie Pandemic in the South-East


Have you had your “WTF” moment of the day? Well here it is. A comic published by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) in 2011 centers around a “zombie pandemic” that takes place specifically in the South-East of the United States. (Check out the comic on the CDC’s official website). The South-East is where we can find Miami, the city in which recent cases of “zombie-like attacks” took place in the past week. A third case just recently occurred in Miami.

Copycat ‘zombie attack’: Miami homeless man high on ‘Cloud 9’ drug growls, tries to bite police officer

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said there’s no threat of a “zombie apocalypse,” but Miami police might disagree.

A homeless man who was busted hassling customers in a Boston Market in North Miami Beach on Saturday told police he wanted to “eat” them and tried to bite an officer, cops said.

After cops yanked him from the chicken joint and put him in a police cruiser, Brandon De Leon, 21, slammed his head against the plexiglass divider and shouted at officers, “I’m going to eat you,” NBC Miami reported.

He then growled, gnashed his teeth and tried to bite the hand of an officer attempting to treat his head wounds.

“Brandon growled and opened and closed his jaw, slamming his teeth like an animal would,” the report said.

Cops placed restraints on De Leon and fit him with a Hannibal Lecter-style bite mask, the report said.

But once in a jail cell, De Leon continued the flesh-eating act, snarling and growling, police said.

De Leon and Brian Yerdon, 33, who was also arrested, had been guzzling rum and Four Loko before the bust, according to local reports.

Hospital blood tests showed that De Leon was also high on marijuana, Xanax and a designer drug called “Cloud 9” — known as synthetic pot or herbal incense — which can produce hallucinogenic effects similar to “bath salts,” the drug thought to be connected to last month’s face-eating attack on Miami’s MacArthur Causeway.

North Miami Beach linked the two cases in a department-wide email.

“This bears resemblance to the incident that occurred in the City of Miami last week when a male ate another man’s face,” the email to the officers said, according to WPTV television.

In bond court on Tuesday, De Leon told the judge he didn’t remember anything from that night.

His bond was set at $7,500 on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

– Source: NY Daily News

While the CDC’s comic is meant to be an “entertaining way to learn about emergency preparedness”, it does feature a rather odd choice of disease. Also, the fact that the story mentions several that the pandemic takes place in the “South-East” is pretty…prophetic.


We can nowadays find tons of zombie news stories on the internet. “This does not look good, Max” indeed.

The rest of the comic is pretty much propaganda for creating and injecting vaccines into people A-S-A-Goddamn-P – exactly as described in my article on the movie Contagion (which was funded by the CDC).

As the news article stated above, the CDC actually went out of its way to state that there is no “zombie virus” spreading in the South-East. If that’s the case, what’s up with this comic? Coincidence? Synchronicity? Or do they know exactly what the hell is going on?




    • i'll be in Miami in a few weeks God willing and if i run into some stupid ish like this i'll post it here first .

      Honestly i think this is a coincidence or it is another scare tactic.. WE will see.

      • You'll be fine. Watch your drinks if you party. Take them with you. You may want to rent a car. Don't hangout downtown late at night. Try to have money for the metters. Ignore rude people. There are more rude people than zombies:)

      • This is just clear to me CDC and course are hiding many agendas just as government is. CDC being funded through the U.S. government. They are up to something definitly are. CDC lies and covers their tracks just as government does. This is indication something fishy going on.

      • Thanks for that. Predicted it, they did:)? Of course, created it they did. Sick pukes.

      • thatonegirl on

        not only that but they seem to also be using this "zombie" incident to make people afraid of the homeless saying that the police have been advice to keep watch of any homeless acting abnormal. the thing is many homeless are mentally unstable and mentally challenged so its an ignorant thing to warn. not only that but the victim himself was a homeless. if anything they should be pulling this cloud 9 drug off the shelves not dehumanizing and creating a false threat out of the powerless homeless who already get abused by citizens and police themselves. the fact that it still is being sold in stores is disgusting. fuck this gray market system we have. im sure they are pinpointing every drug to this especially since so many are against the war on drugs they trying to scare people off of drugs again. makes sense since so many want marijuana legal.

    • glad your said suppressed (as in a suppressor attached to a pistol for newbies.) because shooting a zombie w/out a suppressor will only increase noise attraction to more zombies to find you and your location. kill a zombie as quiet as possible if killing one wasn't difficult enough. aim for the head. and dont hesitate to fire or your done.

      God bless

      • Wow we definitely need zombie experts if that is the case with in-depth zombie knowledge.

      • Felix Mercer on

        Here's a nice video for you firearms newbies about unsuppressed versus suppressed gunfire. When you watch this, keep in mind that the dude is firing a .45 ACP (automatic colt pistol) round (bullet). The 45ACP travels at approximately 850 feet per second which is slower than the speed of sound. Meaning there is no accompanying sonic boom with the projectile as it flies through the air. Contrast this to the M16 that fires a much smaller 5.56mm bullet but at a much faster 2200 (or so) feet per second. The speed of sound is about 1250 feet per second so, the M16 does make quite a bit of noise.

    • Contrary Mary on

      They're here. I have pictures. Jinns, demons, what have you. Read "Michelle Remembers" a story of a child who suffered SRA, and you'll realize the devil is walking this earth this year, and it may be its last.

    • Contrary Mary on

      The devil's horn is what was being heard across the world last late year, into January. It was sounding its entrance into this realm. Go to youtube and look up satanic cleansing rituals, (don't fear evil, it senses fear like a dog and will eat you) and you'll hear it in the background.

      • What is this devil's horn thing, another commenter mentioned it too. This is the first time I hear about it. Can you tell more?

      • Zig Zag Wanderer on

        I did go to youtube and search "satanic cleansing ritual". I am not sure I heard anything that sounded like what I would imagine the devil's horn would sound like… maybe you could elaborate on this? Or post links of the videos that DO have this sound, so that I can listen for it? I may have been watching the wrong videos. This intrigues me.

    • It has something to do with demonic possession and satan taking over control of the men with the drugs. Once you start using/relying on drugs and cannot think for yourself, it allows demons to come into your life and destroy you, just like in the bible where Jesus cast out the demons of a man and sent them to pigs, see the similarities?

      • Um yeah sorry drugs mess up your brain and other organs and until someone physically can locate my soul or a soul in anyone ( There is no such thing just metaphoric ) I would have to say demons and heaven and hell are all illusion a way to rationalize and help the fear of what happen after we die. Does anyone know what it is like before we are born ?? The answer NO

        its the same after you die or even after turning into a Zombie. you wont know the difference. So say that's satin invading my mind but I have not been craving human flesh yet and I don't use drugs either .

      • The whole zombie apocalypse is a kind of deep primal fear, because it just won't go away. I do see such an event as prophetic, an eventuality, because we read in Rev. 9 that there to come a period of time in the future when numbers of individuals will be so tormented that they will “seek death, and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them”. I do not think these poor people will be in control of their bodies, perhaps having at some point agreed to share their body with an alien intelligence, in exchange for “eternal life”, or sealed themselves in marriage to a fallen angel. Some alien contactees/abductees have reported that the aliens have the ability to suddenly and without permission, of course, emerge as the dominant personality and take over their body, effectively setting them aside as a mere spectator, at least for a period of time. Imagine watching yourself behave like a zombie, and having no control over your body while the alien demonic entity in control engages in whatever depravity that suits its particular fancy (we have no idea how wicked they are). I think in such a case many would want to die, but not be able– what a living hell on earth, or a New World Order, as it has been called.

  1. VC, can you please write a piece on Venus transit and its relations to the possible disasters that might happen in the next few months (which will be peaked in Dec 2012)?

  2. Felix Mercer on

    Does anyone know if "Hannibal Lector" style bite masks are standard issue to police cruisers?

    If it is, then its no biggie. I guess cops get bit a lot.

    If not, then this raises questions about the top down supply directives I'm sure police are subjected to.

  3. I was waiting for you to post something about these zombie-like attacks and the comic from the CDC.
    It all really is something else. I am a big fan of zombie movies and shows and think it is all interesting how all these things have been happening lately.

  4. Would be rather convenient tho, zombie attacks/experiments let loose and well fuck cover story guys!

    Super Strong LSD.

    "In other news: Recent study shows that money is a leading cause of death, we have an expert in the house!"

    *Graaaaaww.. Braaaaiinnsss…*

    I bet it's just the "stupidity"-sugar making people go crazy.

  5. I have been waiting for this article VC., cos i came across a story on (USA Today) that a woman ate the heart and feet of her 3 and half month old baby and when the police arrested her, she had a knife in her chest and her troath was slit, she cried to the police that the devil made her do it. Also a student ate his room mates brain. We have been watching movies about zombies for a while and coupled wit the fact that they need the world population reduced, who knows if this is what they are going to try next. The CDC has already confirmed the stories.

    • thatonegirl on

      once you mention the fact that they want population control it just made me wonder if this is maybe the reason a lot of rich people are buying underground shelter/houses preparing for a suppose "dooms day". not only that but they have all been sold out. why would they be so desperate to find a safe place to hide? what do they know that the rest of the 99% dont?

      • They could be planning all sorts of disasters, but a virus infecting everybody seems the most probable. There are lots of underground bases/ cities all around the world (so I am told) where they could just be hiding out a few years waiting for the rest of the population to "disappear".

        The best thing anyone can do right now, regarding zombies, is to get prepared. Stock up on food and ammo, but since it is very likely that you will join the 99% and eventually get infected, start practicing on how to be a good zombie.

      • @ Rorir

        actually, a virus attacking everyone is extremely difficult to achieve.

        the more likely scenario is that there will be an "alleged" virus that can attack everyone (reported widely by the mainstream media, of course), and the masses will flock to get the "vaccine", which will be the true cause of death to millions.

    • That story is from 2009, makes me think this whole thing is nothing but scare tactics. People have always been nucking futz.

  6. So is it drugs, a virus, or a vaccine that causes zombie like tendencies?

    So far what I've seen is it's all these crazy drugs mixed together causing these people to go nuts…but like in movies and whatnot the zombie "virus" is spread by a zombie biting another human. If that starts to happen then Katey bar the doors.

    More than likely it's probably good old fashioned demonic possession.

    • you dont have to bitten to turn into a zombie. like in 28 days. blood dropped into a man eye and within minutes he turned zombie. open wounds, cuts or even drinking zombie blood by accident could turn you to a victim. dont be fooled be prepared and pray to God.

      God bless.

      • Seriously '28 Days/Weeks later' is a nightmare scenario. The haunting music of that film just causes chaos in the mind.

        In 'I am Legend' the zombie virus initiated by the vaccines. I think this is the case. The vaccines are the cause to our main health problems today. Lets just hope its all a hype that will go away. Coz honestly 'raged zombies' are not to play with.

    • Whenever the bad guy breaks into your house and you eliminate the threat, you cannot rule out another bad guy hiding in the house.

      It's drugs, viruses, and vaccines (vaccines are comprised of virus, bits of genetic material) from which follows demonic possession.

      And, yes, there are enlightened ones who believe that vaccines, to which the mindless masses have already flocked and will finally flock, will be The Final Plague. Vaccines are already known to cause myriad horrors, all denied by the pharmaceutical companies.

      When in early 2008, I found a flyer on my front door from national chain Target Stores first hailing 'buy vaccines here,' I had a true Oh My God! moment. This isn't men's underwear or soft drinks. This is something which formerly had to be prescribed by a licensed physician after a physical examination (and I am 100% against modern allopathic medicine) that *they* are pushing to infect — and at each one's own cost — every man, woman and child on this planet. Terrification.

      Stay God-centered.

  7. In all seriousness. The maniac in florida is an example of decivilization. When government fails, men eat each other alive. Out of rage, hate, etc.

    The zombie meme is appealing to us because it symbolizes many of our fears depending on how its presented. Romero initially used it to represent fears of a broken society. The mindless dead = the mindless xbox addicted sheeple.

    Some of the more intense zombie films like 28 days, the recent day of dead, feature fast moving zombies, these can epresent the more violent hate of a vicious society gone mad. Anyway, zombie films are cool. What can I say?

  8. Read the book "Alice in Deadland". It deals with a zombi epidemic in the appocolyps world. A virus was created (By the Govt. and military of course) for Bio-terror weapons. Supposedly there is a cure, but one of the Dr./Scientist working on it was n't allowed to continue with it. She took some of the cure after she was infected, so is a part zombie. People are running for their lives and continually fighting zombies. Once bitten, immediate infection and change happens. It's pretty creepy compared to what is now surfacing in the news. Who knows what these govt. goons are really doing behind the scenes. It's probably a horror movie come to life.

  9. True Believer on

    I truly believe that this zombie stuff all has to do with the mind control the elite have been working on for years. What's happening now is that they are triggering that "zombie" alter in those people though a code word, precisely for this year for some reason. I also do believe that it is mind control through demonic possesion which is why most of them say the devil made them do it, cuz I strongly believe satan is behind everything the elite are doing for he is their master!!

    I just feel bad for all those people because they are truly not acting for themselves but are being controlled by programmers, demons and what not. I pray that all those people are somehow saved from all of this control and torment. Lets keep praying so our Lord Jesuschrist leads us to those that seek and need Him!!

    God Bless you all and God Bless VC for all the information he shares with all of us!!

  10. Ladies & Gentlemen: forces at work are trying to shove an idea down our throats, regarding this Zombie Thing. I just don't know what that is yet. Just stand back & take a look at the incidents coinciding w/ this comic book.

  11. Freethinking atheist on

    I heard that "bath salts" are to blame for the "zombie-like" incidents in the southeast recently. "Bath salts" (not to be confused with stuff you put in your bathtub) are "chemicals legally sold in head shops and other small stores, and can cause hallucinations and paranoia, among other symptoms." (quoting from Huffington Post)

    What exactly are these chemicals? Since they're legally sold in stores, are they put in other consumed products??

    • Felix Mercer on

      Yeah, some clarification would be nice. I was thinking people were getting high of their bath time.

    • the herbal incense ("fake pot") is a mixture of herbs soaked in chemicals. there are many different chemicals that can create a THC-like "high". i do not know what substance is used with the "bath salts" chemicals, though i do know it is usually used by those who are looking for a crack/cocaine substitute.

      there is nothing natural about the chemicals, of course. and one does not know what the "lab" or the "dealer" has added to the mix. i guess that can be said of any drug, besides natural marijuana?

      • Bath Salts are not the same as synthetic marijuana/k2/spice AT ALL. And I know this cause I've seen it. I am a mother and have seen my kid on the latter. Called an ambulance the last time and he went to the hospital cause he was not breathing. k2/Spice is not at all like marijuana. You mumble to yourself, you do things that you don't know you are doing – it is NOT like being high on pot. My son learned not to smoke that crap finally. I know myself what a pot high is and it is nothing at all like what k2/spice does. I have no idea what the bath salts are like or what they do.

      • My kid used the k2/spice crap because he is on probation and it does NOT show up when he has to take a urine test…

    • bathsalts are basically a mix of various chemicalls that gives you a high like meth speed and coke. IT has really been fucking people over though and the long term mental effects are devestating, Then on top of it most of the users are also using fake pot (cloud nine k2 haze it goes by a ton of names it is chemical shit) My ex did both I recently left him and got a pfa order because he is not there any more he is not himself you can look in his eyes and see the rage and confussion. HE forgets what day it is he has full on arguements with me and denies them later and I see in his eyes he thinks I'm lieing he thinks I'm crazy.

      His own mother suggested I get the pfa for the protection of my kids and she will take him in last month he tried to kill himself twice in the same day we kept having to call the cops the stupid f's wouldn't take him in the first time even with cuts on his arm.

      This shit is serious. My fiance the man who was their sence my kids have been in diapers I have been with for 7 year when I look in his eyes is not there. He's just not there.

  12. "a fun new way of teaching about emergency preparedness", "an entertaining way that people of all ages will enjoy" This was quoted from the CDC's official website. WTF? Those pics alone are creepy as hell. The story ends with a scare to get you vaccinated but only after you have been completely screened for the zombie virus. They also give you an All-Hazards Emergengy Kit check-list. What the hell are they trying to warn us about? Something big is brewing…….only prayer keeps me at peace these days. God Bless.

  13. Ok I loughed when I heard some two people having a conversation abouth this in the bus, they where talking about this Miami zombie biting woman's face and how they are afraid that the zombie apocalypse would happen. I thought to myself, ok so if that man is really a zombie, did the woman stood up and strated walking around and bitting other people? If yes then it seems like zombie epocalypse is here, if not he is just a drugy and end off. Because in zombie movies the only reason why they take over all of the world is because they bite other people and they become zombies too and so on. I'am zombie movie fan, but I know the line between movie and reality.

  14. wow bizzare I was looking at this a few weeks ago, cant remember if I sent a link to VC on the contact page but I remember thinking it was a damn weird place for a zombie attack comic! Loads of the comments were totally messed up as well. All very strange!

  15. SilenceGirl on

    Oh God, I'm only fifteen year old, but I'm afraid of future of my life and life of all the planet… I'm afraid very much…

    • Felix Mercer on

      I'm sorry. I'm sorry we've all been asleep since before you were born. I'm sorry this is the world we live in.

      But fear is our biggest enemy. Fear kills. Discard your fear. Prepare yourself. Learn a martial art at a minimum.

      The blessing of eternal vigilance is the curse of being awake amongst the slumbering.

      • Are you mad? Who told you we're afraid of the psychos. We're afraid of the fact that we might end up somewhere hot with plenty of worms. Have you read any accounts of peeps who've been in hell? Some of them might lie but they can't all lie. And hell is a permanent state/irreversible. Once you get there, you never get out.

    • SilenceGirl – Don't be afraid,

      Be mindful of God and He will take care of you. Be mindful of God and He will protect you.

    • cupcakekitten on

      Believe me, I'm also not very fond of what is happening in this world right now, and I am only 16 too, but we have to remember what is said on the Bible – Do not love the world or anything in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him.- Basically, if we started loving this world, we would change and become like it, loose our souls and our love to God. We would become so obsessed with things of this world, that we would forget the matters of highest importance, and give everything away just for material things (even your own soul). Only thing that we could do now (since everything is already lost, people rights, freedom already taken away and we are here waking up and standing up for ourselves way much too late), is to purify our souls and bodies, confess our sins and pray for everyone, including ourselves, and to help each other, because it looks like we're close to the apocalypse, and Huxley's ''Brave New World'' and Orwell's ''1984'' doesn't sound so surrealistic and absurd anymore. If only everyone would realise it.

  16. This is the craziest news. Zombies? I mean like come on… yeah call it zombies bc calling it a very bad trip from drug use is lame. These folks unleash certain kinds of demons when using certain kinds of drugs. We've got to pray about this bc its our only protection. I don't like zombie movies or movies where people are drinking/sucking blood. It just unnatural acts by unnatural beings. IMO…

  17. Anyone familiar with deliverance ministry knows that this is all related to demonic possession. Here's another similar story that happened months ago.

    It's a spiritual issue and it is very real. I'm not going to go all into it here but there are many examples of demonic possession in the bible and how they had super-human strength and were extremely violent. They are most likely not even aware of what they have done because they have been taken over by evil spirits. I pray for awareness because as long as no one knows what's going on, the enemy will continue to carry out his purposes undetected- with most people unaware of how to overcome him.

    -Also, drugs are one way that a person becomes open to these kinds of spirits, so there is definitely a correlation.

    • Hi Heather, the Miami cannibal was naked, nakedness is a sign of demonic possession by legions of demons.

      A legion of Roman soldiers is between 4,000 and 6,000 soldiers, so is the legion of demons.

      Mark 5:2 the demon possessed man was NAKED and possessed by a legion of demons.

      • Felix Mercer on

        Nice, reference there. I can't help but think when this is all over, we will all in Valhalla getting shitfaced together with our ancestors. They will be disappointed in us saying, "We wrote it in plain Aramaic, We wrote you a book, we marked the calendar and we even freaking drew you a picture. WTF?"

    • I agree with you. This stuff is evil. I watched another clip of a young guy on "bath salts".

      It's like he's posessed. What would lead someone to crave this kind of high? It's like you just offer youself up to evil when you experiment with drugs. Let's not forget….there IS a spiritual holy war going on. I've seen it's attacks on people I love. Strengthen yourself through Prayer and Jesus….put on your armor! God Bless.

  18. I read on another Illuminati website that supposedly the occult elite have always worked on golems, artificial revenants that are 'animated' by magickal means and are mindless and soulless. Zombies would fall in that category.

    • PS – And I have to say the fact that we are even remotely considering the possibility that someone is making these things via drugs or MK Ultra and unleashing them on the public is terrifying. I've wondered about the bedbug invasion, and the resistant viruses with weird symptoms that have been cropping up the last decade or so.

  19. The best way to ward off demons…the brown scapular, a rosary, and the St. Benedict medal.

    There are stories online about how demons admitted they can't stand those things.

    • I totally agree. I never had a nightmare after I started to sleep with a St. Benedict medal under my pillow. People should not ignore that Jesus allowed blessed objets to help us.

    • If demons are bothering you, maybe you should ask god what is it you are doing wrong that makes him send them to you. No need to buy any medals.

      • Demon(s) will visit the mightily faithful, the pure and holy, as a study in 'know thy enemy.' It does not make the visited one evil. The Lord God Holy Creator of All commands to 'know thy enemy,' and all the faithful shall thereby 'know thy enemy.'

        In these The EndTimes, the Lord God commandeth all, even evil.

        Stay God-centered.

  20. If the NWOs master plan was to anhilate us using a zombie plague, then man, I hate to say this, but Im actually on board with that plan. I mean, thats probably the one scenario that I could respect them for.

    Seriously, it just cant get better than a zombie apocalypse


    • Word Brother! What level are these players playing on?

      I'm sitting here expecting a few tactical nukes + an antibiotic resistant Spanish Flu with a martial law chaser followed by turning off the water, food and power for 4 months – let the famine do the rest.

      But if they whip out some exotic engineered virus that turns you into a 70 IQ cannibal… Well they have impressed me.

    • truththemist on

      you must be more than idiotic to even think that. A massive zombie apocalypse would NOT be a wonderful, fanatical thing. It would be nothing like what you see in the movies or in video games. You couldn't go outside without worrying if something is coming after you or whatnot, and you'd have to constantly worry if about trying to protect yourself from being infected.

      learn to disassociate reality from fiction..

  21. I've got to say that I'm pretty stumped on the current 'zombie attack' scenario. I am a huge fan of zombie flicks which leads me to believe that in some way a pathogen could cause something like the rage virus in 28 days later. I don't believe that to be the case. If there was a zombie virus that caused these attacks, then the victims would become zombies and thus the virus would spread. Not the case here. This sounds more like a military field exercise unbeknownst to the public. Ever heard of BZ? I find it interesting how the media is choosing to cover this zombie scenario.

  22. yeah, i saw this on last year and took it seriously, love that there's confirmation now. are they getting sloppy or is it just that what's done in the dark comes to light?

  23. Truth B. Told on

    Ya know, I'm to the point where nothing about goverment agencies, politicians, (& etc..) surprises me anymore.

  24. Anyone else thinking of the Tuskegee experiments? "According to the Centers for Disease Control, the black men were told they were being treated for 'bad blood,' a local term used to describe several illnesses, including syphilis, anemia and fatigue." (Wikipedia) What makes us think the CDC wouldn't experiment on homeless people with aggressive, zombie-like drugs?

  25. Not for anything, but this isn't caused by a virus – it's caused by drugs. Also, those "zombie" symptoms are well-known in pop- and counter-cultures as being "zombie" symptoms – ever seen Shaun of the Dead? They're referring to these people as zombies because of what the drugs are doing to them, not because of any strange virus.

    Now, if you want to argue that these bath salts and Cloud 9 are being secretly distributed by the government not unlike…was it PCP in the 60s?…then I might be on board. But this current theory that the CDC predicted a "zombie outbreak" based on symptoms that have been well-known for years? I can't buy that.

    • only one or two from all the ones i have heard of had drugs involved….some people are actually losing their minds…

  26. Cheesiest and crappiest zombie comic eveeeeer!

    I call bullshit on it on so many levels:

    – CDC is actually doing -something-.

    – Government isn't useless and hasn't fallen apart at the first sign of the crisis.

    – Safe zone is actually safe, instead of being one of the first places to be totally infected and overrun, 'cause that's where everyone goes, including the infected.

    – A vaccine actually gets developed, produced and shipped out in a week or two.

    – Military won't kill zombies 'cause "They're our fellow citizens! We can't shoot them!". Seriously, this one made me laugh.

    I call BS on all of that.

    Comic's so filled with propaganda and out of touch with reality. -None- of that would happen if a zombie apocalypse ever came about. Government, CDC, hospitals and the national guard would probably all be gone and fallen apart after a month (optimistically speaking).

    But, nothing else can be expected from a propaganda comic. (The writing/dialogue itself is so terrible, too).

  27. Also, VC, what other "tons of zombie news stories on the internet" are you talking about?

    I gotta' say I haven't really come across anything that resembles zombies ('sides the doped-up lunatic story you quoted).

  28. Gothic vampires, sci-fi reptillians, now man eating zombies! It's like life imatating art imatating life. Will all movie genres become reality? Can this world really become anything we can imagine? That's what happens in 'the never ending story', fantasy genre. Will a coming consciousness shift change our world for the better & see our wishes & dreams fullfilled, or will we lose the battle with the beast, the servant of the power behind 'the nothing'?… I hear they are remaking 'never ending story', I would love a to read a VIGILANT breakdown on that one :) Peace Love Happiness x

  29. The CDC,are very complicity in dumbing down via vaccines,fluorididated water and GMO food via Monsanto. When out,you can become self aware of the populace and their omnibus blank stare and the only communication is texting on their cell phones.The teens are not the teens of yesteryear.something is causing this disconnect.

  30. There was also a case of cannibalism in MD. A Morgan State student. In these times all we can do is stay prayed up and tighten your circle.

  31. AstroIndigo on

    This was all planned for the year 2012 in my opinion. I believe it is being distributed as another designer drug,and given to unsuspecting drug users,and also people who know the effects and take it anyway for their own mental disability of being a "zombie"

    I heard a story once about someone who had a preminition of people eating people like animals.

    But to me I thought they had watched too many zombie movies,but I have had dreams of similar things but again thought it was just the "movies" -Conditioning the masses.

    scare tactics…really urk me…

    The first story broke in florida….is it just me or does a lot of weird things happen down there?

    There still needs to be research on this,lets see what we'll find…

    • I agree with the bath salt drug distribution being planned for this year. In an article, an ER nurse says he has been working with patients dealing with drugs and the effect of bath salts is one of the worst ones he's ever seen and that for the first time he's actually scared of the mass effects….it's such an extreme drug, it would make sense it was doctored by people driven by pure evil…

  32. There is no need for alarm. The zombie situation is under control. The Unicorns will be coming to save us soon.

  33. Syrus Magistus on

    MK-Ultra. It's the only logical explanation for these crimes. Viruses aren't capable of zombifying people; any real scientist will tell you this. Magic viruses that violate the laws of conservation are rather like bad sci-fi which attribute all sorts of bogus powers unto the terrible Black Hole.

    The only "proven" method for zombification (and the actual source of the legend) is a very tedious, primitive form of trauma-based mind control. Think "Serpent and the Rainbow", but without the supernatural elements per se. I think the Cabal is trying desperately to buy itself more time. The question we have to ask ourselves is "Why?", "Why now?", "What don't they want us to see during the interim?".

  34. Oddly enough there have been alot of movies and even a mock warning a radio commercial sponsored by the highway patrol promoting the use of wearing seatbelts in case of a zombie attack… why does it keep coming up? seems like a warning of things to come. As crazy as it seems this may become a reality of sorts. God help us, the world we live in today gets stranger and more prophetic and times draws near a big change to come, accept Christ now its never too late

    • Yep, they are getting us used to the epidemic they will unleash on us…I was getting very upset at how the media kept referring to what was occuring as a "zombie apocalypse" instead of cannibalism. What kind of freaking journalism is that? But…now it makes sense.

      They didn't spend YEARS hyping up 2012 as the end of the world for nothing.

  35. Agent Smith on

    Lots of movies of zombies and aliens etc to this date, it's a self-inflicted education they have put us throughout the years masked as "entertainment" so we can easily digest it, just enough so that when that day comes, it becomes "normal" as the author describes in several postings so we react accordingly as shown in the movies. The comic is no different, than any other movie we've seen so far nor any more blatant IMHO.

    We are not here because we are free…we are here because we are not free.

    Freedom is the best lie that never gets old.

  36. This is definitely a virus , even though Katy perry , said she was falling from cloud 9 singing about her drug experiences …loudly. Well I saw on a News special that vaccines are not even working properly because they have been stored in the wrong temperature then injected into children. These vaccines still contain what conspiracy theorists think is poison that will later render the children with mental illnesses; thus these vaccines are killing two birds with ones stone, not helping the virus, created by the elite, disappear and poisoning the mind of children at the same time. This cloud 9 was in Katy Perry's song "wide awake" , she is a illumaniti pawn, well this virus seems to be created for the elite's purpose, to kill as much people as possible while rendering then mindless.

    • Syrus Magistus on

      Viruses don't work that way, plus they mutate way too fast for even a magic virus to remain "magic" over one host to the next. MK-Ultra-style trauma-based mind control, on the other hand (while it's a long and tedious process) can create people who are capable of all these things, and each split personality will react differently towards the drugs you give it. If you demand that a person, under torture, convince themselves that they are a zombie, I assure you they'll be a zombie like their life depends on it ("because, of course, it does").

  37. I missed the comic; I read a different report using a Zombie Outbreak as a disaster preparedness tool, which is also highly embedded with PR. It certainly does seem that the CDC Comic referenced in the article was either prophetic, or the CDC is aware of some sort of pandemic. I think another site discusses the Bio-Terror drill set to occur near Boston, Massachusetts later this summer. In abstract, if there is a zombie syndrome virus or bacteria, it would probably be a weaponized brain parasite, neurotoxin, mad cow disease and/or neurogenesis attached with nanobots. Essentially, the nanobot would act as the central nervous system and brain to coax the catalyst, which is advertised to self-reduplicate to operate. I haven't stayed current on the subject, but it does make me wonder about Cloud 9 even more.

    Maybe, I should pay closer attention to the symbolism in zombie films as "The Walking Dead" featured the CDC in the season 1 finale, and the Doctor was portrayed more seemingly heroic than the main character as well as the other actors for the most part largely started to panic with the facility essentially going into self-destruct to destroy weaponized materials.

    MK-Ultra/Monarch Mind Control is definitely an option; I seem to recall the download referenced elsewhere actually discusses a stage as demonic possession phase (It's a very difficult read; I'm nowhere near finished reading it).

    Depopulation and Population Control are also very important issues to some very influential people. In abstract, if the government had its development pursued, it probably would include nanobots; due to, some researchers have essentially reanimated body parts. It wouldn't be a stretch to use a brain parasite or etc as a base platform enabling the nanobot to provide its brains and operation. As far as Depopulation and Population Control is concerned, it would radically slow if not halt human reproduction and reduce it.

  38. The comic ends in such a strange way:

    "Row of houses can be seen on a street lit by a streak of lightening in the sky. A cat sits outside: “Meew!”

    Woman (voice off-screen): “As soon as this storm passes, we can make all the kits and plans you want,

    but next time, I’m picking the movie.” Narrator: “The end?” "

    They convinced everyone that it was all fake in the end, but even the narrator is confused ending the comic with: "The end?". Is it really the end though?

  39. i've read of two more cases one in Miami and other in Connecticut where people have bitten off a chunk of skin and spit it at someone….we are watching the further breakdown of society…

  40. Observant One on

    These people aren't zombies, just druggies and then the people on the news twist it into something bigger than what it is. Just stick em in jail, it isnt that tired of seeing it on the news back to back like its the end of the world or something. Any person can take those halucinogens and act in the same manner. (sorry for my spelling/grammar errors)

    • hollllld up.. on

      just 'throwing them in jail' as you mentioned only makes the problem worse. Drugs are introduced into societies for this very reason .. you really think that if the govt didn't want drugs in the U.S that they'd still be here? Just look at their track record, they seem to be pretty good at getting rid of thingss/people they don't agree with.

  41. There are things happening these days that I have never heard of before . . . ever. NOT in history books or through my years. I'm not young anymore.

    The worldwide sound of horns and drums and gongs and now zombie attacks!

    RE: Zombies — has anyone considered that perhaps the stuff they're spraying in the air COMBINED with these new designer drugs could be causing this???? Maybe activating this zombie behavior???

    Think about it . . . it doesn't have to be everyone. You just need to kick-start the contagion.

  42. I've always had a feeling this might happen. Good thing I have a family of retired G.I.s to. Help me lock and load but since I'm only seventeen I can't really own a gun but my friends are gonna show me. Hopefully I'll get to work on my cardio and double tap and prayer. God only knows what might happen next. Be safe and God bless

    • hollllld up.. on

      another common misconception about zombies .. PEOPLE, guns are NOT the most effective weapon against zombies! you eventually WILL run out of ammo! yeah they will help but don't rely on solely firearms .. when it gets down to the nitty gritty get yourself a machete and a nice big hard blunt object. THENNNN I would suggest getting a nice SMG suppressed with a dual scope and possibly another small handheld. Only use your rounds on em when they get to thick. I've beeeeen ready for something like this and I don't care what any of you say, if it happens I'm surving this shit. Number 2 .. get that ass in shape, cuz you obese people could feed a group of zombies while others of us can flee.. just something to think about..

  43. It's fascinating to read all the internet news, comments and blogs about the CDC's Zombie Pandemic campaign. My artwork is getting a LOT of exposure, although I don't normally draw like that. I was asked to make it very rough and simplified.

    Check out my website to see my other work.

  44. Fire






    First Aid with Surgical Kit

    Sledge Hammer smash skull

    Kantana with maintenance kit includes oil, cloth, Coarse and fine Mashiro Whetstone

    Positive Mental Attitude

    Survival Evasion Resistance Escape

    Bodily Fluids Saliva Blood Pus

    Shoot head

    Never how fear

    Never let Zombie touch you

    Don not get trap car or tunnels

    Watch back corner route and side

    Find antidote

    Class 1 Day 1-14 Homicides accident 1-40 Civilians

    Class 2 Press Spark Immediate Respond 100 Radius Suppression Federal Law Enforcement National Guard Riot Mass Murder

    Class 3 Thousands Several Hundred miles Several months Press Blackout Coverup Many Eye witnesses Military Infested zone Martial Law Restricted Rationed supplies Riot Looting Widespread panic isolated abandoned ghouls

    Class 4 Zombies dominate entire Earth Quarantine City

    Rape Kill Take anything Thugs Bandits Looters

    Scattered civilians police military

    Flee standing fighting fires explosion evacuation


    28 Days

    The Colony

    Dawn Dead

    Syfy Zombie Apocalypse 2011

    28 Days

    1st Exposure

    3rd Day Infection

    8th Day Epidemic

    15 Day Evacuation

    20th Day Devastation

    • Homicide Murderers kill Zombies

      Missing person Wilderness Uninhabited area more missing crews missing level armament more than 1 rifle means ore than simple rescue operation

      Violent insanity subject attack friends family without weapon Victims hospital? Discover if victim died within day bite

      Riot Civil disturbances without provocation logical cause mass hysteria

      Disease infectious rare industrialized world West Nile Rabies

      Hospital delirium insane after being bitten average more than one day outbreak

      Gang violence shooting common concern few neighorhood crime problem

      • """"According to Doc’s website,, processed sugar is extremely acidic and interrupts the Kreb’s cycle. And, bingo, it blocks the absorption of calcium.""""

        Add caffeine and colas. They also block the absorption of calcium.

        De Leon continued to bark, growl, and smash his head once inside the cell, prompting officers to wonder if he was under "some type of dangerous narcotic" that made him behave in such a "very bizarre and strange" manner, as noted on the report. He was put in leg restraints and a bite mask.

        Police said De Leon, who was in possession of rum and Four Loko when arrested, was discovered to be under the influence of "Cloud 9." His blood test also revealed levels of cannabis, alcohol, and Xanax.

        "I have no recollection of anything that happened that night," De Leon told a judge at his bond hearing on Monday, where bail was set at $7,500 on charges of disorderly conduct and resisting arrest with violence.

        In an officer safety email, officer Jose Assael stated that "It was later discovered De Leon had taken a synthetic drug named Cloud 9. This bears resemblance to the incident that occurred in the City of Miami last week when a male ate another man's face. Please be careful when dealing with our homeless population during your patrols."

        A Jackson Memorial Hospital emergency room doctor suspected Rudy Eugene was under the influence of bath salts when he ate the face off homeless victim Ronald Poppo on May 26.

        UPDATE: Thomas A. Carney, North Miami Beach Police's Director of Police Services, issued a release on the street drug known as "Cloud 9":

        Cloud 9 (Mephedrone) is a:

        –Psychoactive drug that produces distinctive emotional and social effects, similar to those of Ecstasy (MDMA).

        –Amphetamine and cathinone class drug that has a stimulant effect on the central nervous system that can be physically and psychologically addictive

        –A synthetic substance based on the (cathinone) compounds that exist in the Khat plant of East Africa.

        Users may swallow, snort or inject mephedrone. It can come in the form of tablets, capsules or white powder. Snorting is the most common way of taking the drug, and injection the rarest.

        Symptoms can include, excessive sweating, headaches, heart palpitations, nausea, severe panic attacks, hallucinations, paranoia, anxiety, agitation and erratic behavior.

      • LQP-79 was a hoax why is Alfred Rastapopoulos with unknown and unidentified University. Moreover, Alfred similar to Alfred Moya.

    • @Gladys

      Krokodil ingredients contain Caffeine in Codeine pills real living dead infection and exposed ulna or fibula.

      Codeine, Iodine and Red phosphorus

      Iodine, Red Phosphorus, Hydrocholic acid, Paint Thinner, Gasoline

      Krokodil aka Desomorphine derivative of Morphine Cocaine.

      Caffeine Paracetamol Diphenhydramine Codeine Formic acid Tropicamide cook boil roast Gasoline syringe inject vein

      Benzeneacetamide, N-ethyl-Alpha-(hydroxymethyl)-N-(4-pyridinylmethyl)-.

      Tropicamide 0.5 or 1 benzalkonium chloride 0.01 sodium chloride, edetate disodium, hydrochloric acid and/or sodium hydroxide (to adjust pH), purified water. pH 4.0 – 5.8.

        'Bath Salt' use high in Permian Basin

        A representative with the Prevention Resource Center said the use of synthetic cathinones, or “bath salts,” is high among the Permian Basin region, with the rate of reported use in the area coming in second only behind Houston.

        Carrie Bronaugh, PRC coordinator for Region 9 which includes Ector and 29 other counties, said the average number of people who used “bath salts” in the region is about 25 people out of every 100,000. The rate is only second to Houston, which had a rate of about 69 people out of 100,000 people.

        Bronaugh also said between 2010 and 2011, the number of people from the 553,000-person region, who called the Poison Control Center after ingesting “bath salts” was 474 — 380 men and 94 women. The drug can be ingested, snorted, or in some cases, injected.

        “In the last two months, there have been 10 people who have walked in (the Outreach Screening Assessment and Referral program) with bath salts being their primary drug of use along with meth,” Bronaugh said.

        “I think with our area being so strong with the oil and everyone moving in, that has increased our calls,” Bronaugh said.

        “Bath salts,” which used to be sold in adult stores, independently owned convenience stores, gas stations and head shops, became a national topic after the May 26 Miami, Fla., attack where law enforcement shot Rudy Eugene to death after he bit off large amounts of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo’s face. Law enforcement officials in the area believe Eugene may have ingested “bath salts,” however; the toxicology report in the case has not been concluded.

        A report from the National Drug Intelligence Center states most people who use synthetic cathinones are “attracted to the drugs because they can evade most drug testing” and “most current routine drug testing screens do not detect the presence of synthetic cathinones.”

        Bose said the drug become more frequent because of its price.

        “Imagine the worst possible combination of heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, PCP, LSD, and Ecstasy mixed into one drug,” Bose said. “This is the top drug I would never want to touch.”

        Bronaugh said regular bath salts can still be purchased at stores and cautions people not to ingest those either.

        “We haven’t heard of Bath and Body works selling in the unsafe sense,” Bronaugh said.

  45. Before this started, there was an increase in zombie, vampirism and mutilation movies. Before that it was vampirism, witchcraft, murder. The culture is now desensitized. These types of things are going to emerge, I will assure you, there are whole subcultures dedicated to this stuff. All it will take are drugs or acting on demonic influences.

    • Psychic Paradox on

      Exactly!! They laid the groundwork, planted the seeds, now they just fertilized them with those synthetic drugs they made.. 😉

  46. Psychic Paradox on

    The 'Zombie attack' in Miami, and consequently the other attacks remind me of that song from Lady Gaga, 'Monster' – one of the lines is 'He tore my clothes right off … He ate my heart then he ate my brain"


  47. Decemberboozer on

    It's also interesting to note that the tv show The Walking Dead takes place in Atlanta Georgia; which, also happens to be where the CDC headquaters is located..the walking dead is based off a popular graphic novel about a zombie apocalypse, and is on the AMC channel.

    • my ex got on those bath salt for a while and the fake pot crap the combination does indeed zombie you out and make you agressive. Most of the time he was not home when he was on it but one time him and his buddy made it back to the house to sleep it off and I was terrified of his friend hobing around the house like a pissed off drunk saying he was gonna cut me this guy loved me would do any thing for me but now hes saying hes gonna cut me.

      But now I've lost my ex he got back on the shit and is so gone mentally that I had to get a pfa (protection from abuse order) even his own mother suggested it and said she would take him in and try to get him help. I look in his eyes 7 yrs gone he's not there he's lost.

  48. VC, I am glad you posted this. I saw the comic just a week ago while searching some CDC facts and I thought 'how could a research -oriented, U.S. federal government agency possibly publish something like this?' Do folks know how much red tape and justification you have to go through to publish anything minimal within the federal government? Certainly they are cooking something on the zombie/deadly virus/biological weapon side of things.

    As we all know, CDC is supposed to educate the population on real public health threats: seasonal flu, HIV, Malaria, H1N1, natural disasters, etc. But now they come up with a zombie comic under the premise that if you are ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you'll be ready for any other threat. Weird…

  49. Oh please, our government has been using propaganda throughout it's whole history! They use the media, written materials, and visual materials to get the message out. We have been systematically "prepared" for wars, which happened, flu outbreaks, which happened, biological terror attacks, which happened, and you honestly think they have not been preparing us for this too? Wake up people! They have experimented on people throughout history! The LSD studies and mind control experiments don't prove that to you? The time has come to make up and pay attention! Laughing about it, wishing it away or ignoring it all won't make it go away. I watched a national news reporter laughing about it and it gave me a chill because in every fictional zombie movie their are always news reports like these where people laugh, ignore or downplay what is really happening. Is this the beginning of the end? Only tome will tell. And WHY? Population control, of course.

  50. You can check out the Illuminati's playing cards; they have one card about this. I am pretty sure they spread or abduct cobayes everywhere in order to test a new drug ables to get you "zombie-like".

  51. What's the big deal with zombies? Christians worship a zombie as their savior. Jesus died and became reanimated. Isn't that the definition of zombie?

      • Having thoughts is a negative, right? So the act of thinking is anti christian. so the best christian is a non thinking brainless entity, hey a ZOMBIE!!!!

  52. André From Ri on

    It's an advice, because they will produce an attack and after that they will say ''we told you''.

    They create a problem and give the solution.

    But before it they advice us about it!

    I was hopping for something like this, because zombies stuff are fashion nowadays :

    Resident Evil,28 days later,Zombieland,Land of the Dead…

  53. Felix Mercer on

    This just came out on the BBC. Its about a parasitic mite that carries a virus deadly to bees. Its responsible for destroying tons of bee colonies. Didn't Einstien say something about paying attention to bee's because if they are wiped out the world system has four years?

  54. Beautiful One on

    The only zombies I see on a daily basis are the industry puppets. I mean dead, lifeless, no-talent clowns like Beyonce, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Madonna, Lady GaGa, Jay-Z, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, etc. These folks are the real horrors that we should be afraid of.

  55. tollllld your ass on

    I TRIED telling people that they would develop a zombie virus but everybody just thot I was playing wayyy too much call of duty .. I've alwayyyys loved zombie movies and had kind of a weird obsession with them, I also found it odd how there has been a spike in zombie related shows and games within the last year or so .. I.e the walking dead, blk ops bringing back zombies, a left for dead TWO, AND dead island … coincidence?

  56. So I have personal experience with this one. There is a woman I met during my travels that was part of a group called Zombie Squad (if I remember correctly), whose purpose was/is to educate people on how to prepare for disasters with things like sheltering in place, basic survival skills, bug-out bags, etc… I won't use her name or location but I'm sure you could find out if you wanted to. I'm very interested in people who achieve higher levels of self-sustaining than the average American, so we talked for a while. So she is the head of this group, I believe she was saying something like this… The organization had just achieved 501(c)(3) status, and they had been in talks with CDC to use some of the Zombie Squad imagery in exchange for the feds helping with the organization with funding, grants, etc… But what ended up happening was that the CDC–after numerous meetings and much carrot dangling–just ripped off a bunch of their ideas and made up their own crap, which is what you see above. So I guess that does leave room for some nefarious pre-conditioning to be going on, but as far as where the ideas came from, they're of benign origin. Leave it to the government to rip off a free market idea, make it worse, and [ab]use it for their own ends.

  57. One is one thing but several with people making lunch of other people is another. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around bath salts. It ain't like this is a new invention. There are some seriously messed up people out there but they usually don't eat a friend (or foe for that matter).

  58. Just think the illumanti can get the population down by not even doing anything much about it by just

    letting the zombie run wild and eat us alive. Wow, we could be the problem to our own demise.

  59. I for one,Do not trust the CDC.I think their track record should speak for it'self.They are complicity in many crimes.The vaccine immunization agenda.more info @Sherry

  60. this is incredibly mind blowing and interesting but, and I know vigilant citizen isn't lying, I can't find the date that it was published, supposedly in 2011 before all this drama occurred? it says 2012 march, and I just want to know where it's written that it was published last year?

  61. Seems now like more than 12 strange cases of Zombie without conscious brain using incidents.

    Rudy Eugene shot died Ronald Poppo Miami

    Alex Kinyua ate part of the heart and brain Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie

    Luka Rocco Magnotta ate Jun Li

    Hackensack New Jersey man threw intestine at police officer

    De Leon growl entire bottle of rum and a can of 4 Loko

    Zachary Bird works as anesthesiologist hit his head in Police patrol car and spit mouthful of blood at police

    Lowpel Davis bite Jongyol Lee's biceps

    Pamela McCathy tased died heart attack Munnsville New York

    Charles Baker bite Jeffrey Blake's biceps

    Waco Texas Michael Daniel strangle and kill to eat dog K2

    Naked Carjacker Texas injures 6 people and a pregnant woman

    Tesco naked woman Benzo not human consumption

    Shanghai naked Bus driver Woman bitten nose lips

    Indiana Ninja Kick Zombie tased

  62. These cases are appearing almost by the day now.

    Just a few days ago, there was another one with a naked guy going crazy and trying to car-jack people in Arizona. Again, it is 'believed he might have been on drugs', much like the other cases where 'bathsalts' were to blame.

    Personally, I think the bathsalts thing is a distraction. A couple of these people were tested and were found to have none of the corresponding chemicals in their system. I'm guessing it's some military-industrial PSYOP on the public; to confuse people whilst programming them to believe that society has had it, and that there's no sense in anything anymore.

    It's all about nihilism – ''the world is f**ked'', there is no meaning and no purpose to it – something which the elite definitely want people to believe right now.

    Either that, or some experimental military drug similar to 'BZ', has been 'accidentally' released from one of the big pharma labs, or has in some way contaminated other, more conventional street drugs. I can't believe this is all spontaneous and happenstance – it fits in too perfectly with the known psycho-cultural agenda.

  63. Lamestreetmedia on

    @Felix Mercer- the speed of sound is more like 650 FPS and not 850 FPS for a 45ACP. And as for the .223rnd or the NATO version the .556 for the m-4 or m-16 ur looking at over 3000FPS and not 2200FPS. I have both firearms and I shoot them often. Other than that ur right Felix. Ps. If u don't stand for something, Then u fall for anything. Peace to all the freedom lovers :)

  64. IMHO: the miami zombie was on belladonna not bath salts, while there is mention of pills in his system the toxicology report came back negative for everything but pot, the pills are sure to contain the potent halucinogen scopolamine, but dont doubt for the next month or two synthetic amphetamine (bath salt)and mary jane will be the scape goat. the reasoning that leads me to this is that scopolamine is available in one form or another on every continent except the arctic circle. letting this dirty secret out will show the impossibility of any institution banning every harmful substance, because lately a new one is synthesized the instant another is banned, and also because the true catalyst is a substance thats been legal and growing in the wild for thousands of years.

    this substance combined with a conditioning process thats been tested since the 1940's would likely lead to being able to train anyone to do just about anything. there are stories about the powder of this potent drug, being blown into someones face and they themselves leading a robber to their home and helping them steal their own belongings in a stupor.

  65. Michael Kirkby on

    It could be as you say or it could be just a case of the CDC using something such as zombies that are popular with the youth right now to illustrate what they feel is an important issue. I for one believe that the CDC has been suborned and co-opted.


    Investigators trying to determine why Sgt. Mark Lee attacked a couple in wheelchairs and their 4-year-old son Monday night believe he was not under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol, authorities said yesterday.

    Lee, 44, of Milltown, remained under care at Capital Health Regional Medical Center last night, after being subdued and arrested by fellow Robbinsville officers during a rampage at the Project Freedom home for the disabled while he was on-duty. A psychiatric evaluation of Lee has been ordered by a judge, and medical screenings have been performed.

    “Preliminary indications are alcohol and illegal drugs did not play a role in this unfortunate episode,” Angelo Onofri, Mercer County first assistant prosecutor, said last night.

    Lee allegedly broke into the family’s apartment at Project Freedom and assaulted the boy and his mother, who at one point was knocked out of her wheelchair. Lee also struggled with the family’s home health aide as the father, also in a wheelchair, was in the living room and unable to help, authorities said.

    Fellow officers sent to Project Freedom on a 911 call for a woman being choked found Lee partially clothed on the couch. They arrested him after a struggle, which flared up again on the way to police headquarters when Lee broke out a window of a patrol car with his feet, fled, and had to be recaptured.

    Little information is available about what Lee was doing in the minutes before the attack, but three Bibles were found on the seat of his patrol car parked outside Project Freedom, Onofri confirmed.

    Yesterday, the prosecutor’s office executed search warrants on Lee’s personal car, his locker inside police headquarters, and a briefcase. Witnesses including members of the police department are being interviewed.

    The prosecutor’s office is handling the investigation into why Lee reacted so violently and uncharacteristically. “The Robbinsville Police Department is fully cooperating with the investigation,” Onofri said.

    “Sgt. Lee’s a very, very well-liked guy, and we’ve never had any issues with him,” Mayor Dave Fried said yesterday.

    There are no sustained Internal Affairs complaints in Lee’s history, Fried said. Fried saw Lee a couple months ago and the officer appeared “fine,” Fried said.

    Members of the family Lee had attacked are out of the hospital but face a long mental and emotional recovery, the father of the female victim said yesterday.

    “They’re not so good; they’re having dreams about it,” he said.

    His daughter was born with cerebral palsy, and was able to walk until five years ago, when she fell and broke both hips. She’s been in a wheelchair ever since.

    Though Lee was charged with 12 separate offenses including official misconduct, endangering the welfare of a child, and aggravated assault, the father thinks attempted murder charges are warranted.

    “He tried to kill her,” the man said.

    The father’s concern for his family is magnified by the love he has for his grandson.

    “That’s my life and joy,” the man said. “That’s what makes me so upset.”

    It was front page news and the talk of the town in Robbinsville, just outside Trenton, where Sgt. Mark Lee, an 18-year veteran of the local police force, now stands charged in a bizarre and terror filled attack on a wheelchair bound woman and her 4-year-old son.

    "It's a horrible situation," Robbinsville Mayor David Fried said "Horrible for the family. Horrible for the officers who had to deal with one of their own sergeants."

    "People are under a lot of pressure and they snap," said one local resident.

    Lee is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at this Trenton hospital after he was charged in a half-naked attack on the disabled woman inside her town home at Project Freedom. Police say when she and her son fled the on-duty officer's violent assault, he broke into a bedroom, knocked her from her wheelchair and attacked her again. Her wheelchair bound husband was unable to help.

    "A little boy who is 4-years-old who wanted to protect his mom. He's a brave little boy," Fried added.

    "I feel so sorry for the family," said Jim Corcodilis, a shop owner in Robbinsville.

    "I'm appalled at what happened. It's unfortunate," said resident Kevin Sullivan.

    Police responded and found Sgt. Lee half clothed, sitting on a couch, mumbling. As he was being taken away in a patrol car, he kicked out a rear window and escaped. Five officers finally managed to recapture him after a brief chase.

    "We've never had any challenges with him," Fried explained. "He's never exhibited any behavior like this."

    No one at the victim's home wanted to speak about what police said was a random attack, but Lee's arrest and the bizarre assault shook the police department and stunned local residents.

    "I am very upset with what's going on. There's got to be more to this," Sullivan said.

    Both victims were treated and released from a local hospital. Sgt. Lee is still being evaluated.

    He was ordered held on $250,000 bail and was charged with aggravated assault and a list of other offenses. The mayor says he's known Sgt. Lee for years and never saw any strange behavior, just good police work.

    Lee is married with three young sons.

    Investigators believe Robbinsville cop that attacked boy, woman in wheelchair was not under the influence of drugs, alcohol

    It seems like every day the world is taking the possibility of a zombie apocalypse more and more seriously.

    The security firm HALO Corp, which already sounds like something out of zombie fiction, announced it will conduct zombie-apocalypse training exercises for about 1,000 military personnel, police officials, medical experts, and federal workers during an annual counter-terrorism summit. The scenario, as reported by Military Times, will even include immersive Hollywood sets and zombies roaming an island, harassing troops and medical responders. The Military Times does point out the zombies are not real.

    Though obviously tongue-in-cheek and part of a larger, more serious course load, the exercise does present interesting situations and challenges for personnel involved.

    Zombie apocalypses seem to gaining traction, with the CDC and the Department of Homeland Security having both released hypothetical guides to surviving zombie attacks in the last year.

    On Halloween [Occult Demonic Celebration], more than 200 "zombies" descended upon the Ohio Wesleyan University campus to take part in a training exercise for Delaware City and County emergency responders. The exercise, organized by the Delaware County Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, simulated a large-scale hazardous materials emergency. The event received media coverage across the nation.

  70. "Zombies" _______ who were causing domestic terrorism scenario?

    The mock terrorism scenario is to include people dressed up like zombies who will test the readiness of first responders and law enforcement to a large-scale crisis, according to Fox News.
    First responders and law enforcement will be fighting off zombies next month in a training exercise that will rival any Hollywood movie. The good guys will be fighting off zombies that look like they came right out of the “Walking Dead,” claims Brad Barker, the president of the organization hosting this training. The Counter-Terrorism Summit in San Diego next month is putting a spin on the exercises like never seen before.

    Barker said the zombies throw a whimsical spin on this very well-respected training exercise. The event is hosted by the security firm of HALO Corp. The mock terrorism scenario is to include people dressed up like zombies who will test the readiness of first responders and law enforcement to a large-scale crisis, according to Fox News.

    This is not the first time a leg of the government used zombies for a helping hand. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveiled a public service campaign last year with tips on how to prepare for major emergencies. While some thought the use of zombies was ridiculous, it did the trick. The CDC got their message out to the masses by using the zombies, which caught the eye of many more people than a generic warning would have.

    Next month’s zombie training exercise will not be a pretty sight, as these zombies are going to be done up in Hollywood fashion. In fact Barker said, “It’s going to be pretty scary looking.”

  71. Zombies Chemtrail Nuke Town. FEMA done earthquake drill.
    Summary – A chemtrail jet crashes in a small towns water supply turning the residence of the town into zombies but is the zombification due to the actual crash or to ongoing spraying? The military arrives and takes over the town rounding up the locals into F.E.M.A. camps and killing people at will. This is part of Illuminati philosophy. They must show you what they are doing either in schools, books or most often movies so that they can say they warned you and thus blame your free will for allowing it to happen. They believe they can thus negate the cosmic law of karma and continue to do evil. Also when someone mentions that people are getting sick from chemtrails the programmed response will be "oh you just watch too many zombie movies" Chemtrails are a real and ongoing global military series of experiments.

    You have been warned.

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