Tech Companies are Developing TV’s that Watch You



The new generation of HDTV’s and cable receivers sold to the public contain features that are not very publicized by tech companies: Cameras, mics and sensors that have the ability of recording everything that is happening in the living room. Not unlike the telescreens in George Orwell’s novel 1984, TV’s will soon be able to watch and even thoroughly analyze everyone present in the devices’ vicinity.

The cable company Verizon has recently filed a patent for a system that contain audio and video sensors coupled with facial and profile recognition software. That would allow the company to obtain information such as the number people in the room, their sex, their race, what they are doing and even what they are consuming while watching TV. The goal of such a system is to broadcast “targeted advertising” but crossing the line to outright spying on people is only footstep away. Here’s an article on Verizon’s patent.


Verizon Files Patent for Creepy Device To Watch You While You Watch TV

Picture this: You’re having an argument with your partner while watching television, and suddenly an advertisement comes on for marriage counseling. Or maybe you’re doing some weightlifting while a movie plays in the background, and ads for health food pop up on the screen.

In the past, it would have been mere coincidence. But in the future, things look set to change, thanks to Verizon’s “gesture recognition technology.”

The company has filed a patent, published last week, for a system designed to be used in the home to target advertisements at people. Using a combination of image and audio sensors, it would detect actions in your living room while you were watching TV. These sensors, deploying facial and profile recognition, would pick up “physical attributes” like skin color, facial features, and even hair length, and also detect “voice attributes” to help determine the tone of your voice, your accent, and the language you speak. Inanimate objects aren’t off-limits—the technology could also spot beer cans and wall art.

Combined, this would mean that your TV or set-top box would effectively be watching and listening to you while you snuggle up on the couch with your partner to watch the latest episode of Homeland. If the cuddling went a bit further, the chances are the technology would pick up the noises and start playing ads for “a commercial for a contraceptive” or “a commercial for flowers,” as outlined in the patent.

The patent also says if the device picks up that the user is “stressed” then it “may select an advertisement associated with the detected mood (e.g., a commercial for a stress-relief product such as aromatherapy candles, a vacation resort, etc.).” It adds that “If a couple is arguing/fighting with each other” the system “may select an advertisement associated marriage/relationship counseling.” And if the sensors detect that a user is a kid, the system will trigger “more advertisements targeted to and/or appropriate for young children.”

As Steve Donohue at FieceCable has noted, Verizon’s technology would operate in the same way Google targets Gmail users based on the content of their emails—only transposing that principle into the home by “scanning conversations of viewers that are within a ‘detection zone’ near their TV, including telephone conversations.” Of course, this is only a patent, so you don’t have to start eyeing your TV suspiciously—for now. ArsTechnica points out similar patents have been filed before and have yet to be put into practice. But that doesn’t make this latest incarnation any less creepy—and is perhaps an illustration of how surveillance-style technologies are increasingly encroaching on private life.

– Source: Slate




  1. They already have devices that watch you:
    X box kinect
    Any Wii product
    Sky boxes
    Virgin Media boxes
    Anything else that hooks up or has an infered sensor (except dvd boxes i think) including New TVs

    my mum has this theory that the reason why we switched to digital in the first place was so that they could watch us.

    I hate to say this but big brother is DEFINITELY watching us

    • I agree with you 100% and I believe they were able to monitor your family every move since the begining. Also if you remember back in 2008 when the government pushed everyone to switch to HDTV for "clearer and highly defined picture" on the tv. Since when (other than brainwashing us through media) have the government cared about Americans having hi-def televised entertainment clarity pictures?! And funded 8 billion dollars for the conversion that was implemented Feb 12, 2009. All of this cable, satellite, cell phones, social media etc is a huge deception. For many years they have been collecting info for the round up in the near future on the masses, sadly lots of folk won't make it because they're too distracted watching reality shows, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.

    • Your theory has a gaping hole…

      The Nintendo Wii's sensor bar is not the receiver of the IR signal, it is the generator of the IR signal (just two IR LEDs mounted to some plastic with a power wire). The Wiimotes are the receivers. The receivers are also extremely basic in each remote (it just sees dots of IR data. Its not even sensitive enough to pick up humans. It can only see bright IR sources like sunlight, IR LEDs, candles, and some lights.

      You need more than just an IR receiver in TV tuners/cable relievers to detect the number of IR sources in a room.

    • I also have to wonder how many of these computers with their cameras and microphones are watching us? I'm sure most of us already have a hefty "Red File" with the FBI and other agencies.

      • No. Just connecting some of the dots with memories from my time in college in the eighties.

        I've always found it strange that one could be with three different marches involving three (wildly) different issues and I saw the same two people – a white girl and a black man, may I add – photographing everything. I became VERY aware then, and have not stopped looking.

      • I have like three relatives including me that cover up our computer cameras with peices of cardboard or a cloth.

      • Dooge Merriman on

        A little square of black electrical tape is a perfect solution. It peels off easily when you want to SKYPE and if any residue is leftover – it is easy to wipe away. Also, the little black square is often very hard to detect, making it more aesthetic. Ain't no webcam in the world that can see through black vinyl. Just make sure to disable your mic too…

    • your mom is right. I don't know her age, but I am old enough to remember when they tried pushing HD TV in the 70's. The technology was being discussed in Congress, but after a "WATCH-DOG" Activist Group made the public aware that the signal would not only broadcast, but could also receive… there was such an outcry by the public, that Congress put the Legislation on the back burner for a future time. Well, guess what that time turned out to be?

    • Yes they are watching us smh and why do they want to control people when they can't even control themselves smh. TV watching us this is crazy.

    • thankfully i don't hv digital,still hv analog. im never inclined to buy from a tv ad, i never pay attention to them and if they r funny it causes me more to not even knw what they r advertising. i don't caare! i just hate that converter box tho~

    • Servant Emmanuel on

      A mother knows!
      We today dismiss the wisdom of our elders,
      as if the kids of today are developing these devices.

    • If you have a cell phone, you can and prolly are being watched, listened to and tracked. Even turning it off is not an answer, you have to take the battery out and at that point, what is the point of having a cell phone…

    • You Mom Is RIGHT!!! Digital is a signal that sends and receives at the same time, so whatever accepts the signal it is also sending back…ALWAYS! And whats with making sure everyone has a cell phone. The government even supplies lower income family's with free ones…Wake up sheeple!

  2. This is nothing new. My friends parents work for Apple and they told me that the iPod Nano and iTouch have voice sensors and infrared censors and if you put them on shuffle they will play music according to what they pick up. EX. Fast paced music for someone who is going on a run. Slow music for someone who is laying down relaxing, Louder songs for someone who is angry. This technology is not new, its just now getting publicized.

  3. If only 1984 were required reading in America. I had to read Animal Farm. Why not 1984? Wait, that's rhetorical, I already know the answer.

    • Dooge Merriman on

      I had to read it in high school. I graduated in 1987, so maybe I'm older than you. I remember hating the book back then. The pages feel on deaf ears. But today! Oh my god. The parallels between that book and what is going on in America… it's very very creepy. I've since read "1984" 3 or 4 times. There's also an excellent movie version (actually released in 1984 but based explicitly on the 1948 novel).

    • I was required to read it in High School back in the mid-80's (probably actually 1984 or a year later). Now it's probably too "controversial". Or too revealing.

    • Good point, it should be required reading. I actually picked it up on my own and read it on my own, outside of school. Animal Farm as well.

  4. Sadly, we mere mortals can't do anything about all this. You know, they say NWO is just "hours away", what can we do about this? We are totally in despair. USA is a country which is led by "corporatocracy"– companies rule America, and the world.

    • The Citizens can develop an iVote ap to vote alongside corp and Political issues in real time, downvoting sh1t like this en mass, forcing it to be illegal to spy on us…

      Only hope I see is daily Citizen voting to counter SUCH powerz.

      …or an Open Source Government. 😉

    • rule your world boyee
      other countries can destroy the world 7teen tyms over,, usa …probly more???the world only jus gotta go once,,,dosn't matter,,wat matters here,, now,, is your weakness,,puny,,,your presence will make people feel they belong an loved,,,,your WEAK,,,

      • C'mon man. Who? How?
        I hack computers, I've been building them since I was like 2 or something. I can tell you that while not imposssible, nobody wants to watch you fapping at home, trust me. Also, this stuff drains bandwitdh – A LOT of it.

        Then again, Google has provided Kansas City with free internet. F### fast internet too…. I don't trust those btards

    • Not replacing your TV? Wow. Must be one sturdy TV 😉
      I wonder if I shouldn't keep my laptop's webcam covered with tape, to remove when I need to only. Seriously.

  5. I stopped watching TV many years ago. I puke whenever I see an advertisement full of lies. I will never buy a TV. If I ever have children (which I intend to), I will tell them all about the negative effects of TV.

    • Yeah, I'm sure they'll stand with you.
      Just as our generations did when our parents told us about how bad TV is.
      Suggestion: Show, don't tell.

    • And just as soon as you tell your kids all about how bad tv is, they'll go sneaking off to a friend's house to watch who knows what with them. At least if you have your own tv and keep your kids at home, you'll have some control over what they get to see on it.

    • Why even bring more children into this corrupted world?..when there are many suffering children in need of adoption and foster homes. If those children were taken care of we would see an improvement in society.

      Saddly most of those children are the ones who end up becomeing criminals, murderers, child abusers, addicts, prostitutes, porn stars, and wooorse. ..

    • Thoroughly disgusted on

      This is classic! Best response I've read so far.

      It's bad enough there is practically zero competition for Verizon and Comcast, and now Verizon wants to make MORE money off of their customers without their knowledge….disgusting, creepy, and it has be illegal!

      People need to SPEAK UP and be heard or else "they" will slowly eat away at every last bit of our rights…privacy and otherwise.

      Greed = Evil

    • OMG THAT is hilarious! Love it! Thanks for a laugh in the midst of all these crazy things that are pretty freaking stressful to consider. It's a LOT to take in, but I really like this website. Honestly, this is the first time I've ever written on the site. I appreciate a sense of humor :)

  6. Well, there have been many times that I have had private conversations in my own home (person to person) and later on that day when I check my emails, I will have an email that references what my private conversation was earlier. I keep telling my husband this and no one believes me. For example, I will be discussing aging, and later that evening, I'll get a number of senior citizen referencing emails. I have not used my computer to search anything, I was just having conversations and then suddenly specific emails appear on that topic. At first I thought it was a fluke, but now I know that something is hearing what I say and then sendin me stuff to my email. (ps, I have a very old tv—about 15 years old).

    • africanstardust on

      What I do know is that every time you buy something from a store or online, or go on a webpage, or anything, information is sent to advertisers and marketers. But the fact that you're getting emails based on conversations is somewhat disturbing.

      • Or could just be synchronicity… happens to me all the time. Don't let it trouble you too much. But PLEASE, monitor the situation, remove Internet Explorer/. If you can handle it, get a Linux OS. Use Comodo IceDragon or IceWeasel Browser, and ensure you have AdBlock installed.

    • Dooge Merriman on

      I quit Facebook some time ago, deleted all my friends and likes and photos and everything first. Later I got a new cell phone with a new phone number. As I was going through a divorce, I only gave the number to a handful of people. I went back and created a new Facebook page so I could comment on certain comment boards, but I gave Facebook NONE of my personal info – just my name. After about a month, Facebook had listed my cell phone number under my profile! How the heck did they get it? There's no way they legally acquired that number. Less than a dozen people on earth had that number – and Facebook got it and posted it onto my page? And I didn't even have any friends in my profile? Like none and never? CREEPY SCARY WEIRD!

      • Often times if you add your personal info to something like your email (Gmail, Yahoo) when you log back onto Facebook using that email account it picks it up. The internet is very interconnected these days.

    • marketing people call this "re-targeting". Your searches and conversations leave "cookies" for their software to find and makes their advertisement or email pop up. Suggestion, go to to do searches anonymously (just like Google but no tracking).

    • Could be coincidence though and you might have been talking about something that is popular at the moment. I was shouting at the television one evening and was so annoyed that I switched it off and switched on my computer. One of my new e-mails had the title 'Have you been shouting at the television?' The sender had probably been shouting at his television and had known it was a growing phenomenon and that there had been a lot on television lately that was enough to irk viewers.

  7. I stopped watching television more than two years ago. It's made me much better off than I was then. Even then, the only show I watched was the Biggest Loser, now I don't even have a TV. At the end of September they premiered a show called '666 Park Avenue', and I think the title of that show says it all, television is evil. And so is Verizon for making this thing.

  8. Snuff the Flame on

    A lot of you guys are too paranoid; the Illuminati does not control and plan every technological advancement. They would LIKE you to think that way so you don't try to rebel and constantly live in fear of them. Do they take advantage of technology that comes out? Absolutely. Do some companies (such as Verizon) develop technology for them? Most definitely. But Kinect Xbox sensors and the invention of the DVD, cell phone, and many other adaptations are not their doing.

    They are not innovators, they are leeches upon society that take great inventions and abuse them for their own purposes. They are also very disconnected. If you notice, it takes them years to catch onto technology that has existed for a long time, and many times they fail at implementing it to an efficient degree. Their greatest mistake was allowing the Internet to flourish, because now there is an uncontrollable network that is not in their hands. If they shut down every ISP in a country, millions of people have servers that can provide the same services without the hands of the government or corporations in the way. They fear this, and they will try to control it, but they haven't yet, so don't make that assumption. Once you assume you are already under control, you have lost.


    • and some of us will never be in their control.

      the only reason the NWO is so "disconnected" is because they are not in control of anyone or anything, at all.

      there is only One Eternal Eye, One Power, One Controller, One God of us all. period.

      if you don't know Him, i suggest you introduce yourself, and soon.

    • You do realize they want to make corporations keep records of all you do online. So they can access it anytime without a warrant. Fact not fiction.

    • However they are very patient in whatever they want to achieve. They do not shove things down our throats. Slowly but surely, they make advances and close in.
      But always remember "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world". They can only hurt the flesh but fear He who can hurt both the flesh & soul.

    • its not really spying is data mining. spying is ileagle if you were buy one of the tvs you should have to agree that this is going on. just like by agreeing to download and up date your iPhone when iOs 3.0 came out you agreed that apple has the rite to shut your phone off if they font like what you are doing with it. As someone said in these responses this is nothing new.

  9. I don't even want people bugging me about ads when i'm in the stores let alone in my home. I don't want them in my buisness. If i wanted that I would try becoming a celebrity for all that! I love my life the way it is which is "MY BUISNESS!" I would never choose to have a celebrities life; their money yes, but their life…never. Just browsing on my computer ads pop up for websites that I just left. I don't like that either.

  10. It’s desperate and disgusting! Those folks are obsessed and sick with our human life! They meddle and pry and I think they are some of the most miserable fucktoids on and in the earths atmosphere!! Jesus hurry and get me outta this loony bin called the world!!

  11. Another excuse to gain even more control over the masses. You KNOW there's going to be those people that think this is a great idea. <_<

  12. My teacher at school told us that "Big Brother Is Watching us!!" Im a junior and this year i have seen a whole lot of cameras in my school! last year we had like 10 cameras in the campus now i cant even keep count! she said that the district watches us , that they now when and exactly what time all students get here, that they know when a door is open in a class and they'll email the teacher that has it open to close it and they also know when the temperature drops in the class and that theyll email the teachers to fix the temp.!!! thats so creepy!!! this is really creepy! I dont feel safe or comfortable at school anymore knowing that they are watching us!! i want this to stop this is really weird! i bet theres hidden cameras in the restrooms too!!!

    • Most Arizona high school districts are doing that now pretty scary!! Im on a school computer and they are probally watching what i write but i dont care best believe im gonna do something about this! School really feels like a police state now!!

    • And that's one of the reasons for the Newtown/Sandy Hook shootings at school.

      In addition to cameras spying on kids in school all day, they want to put armed thugs (cops) who'll wander the halls and 'keep the peace'.

      They wish to subject kids to an Orwellian prison environment from a young age so the youth will be cowed and used to having no privacy from the relentless State.

  13. Remember that the computer was originally put together by the government to count people, and that the internet was first modeled by the Defense Department to insure communication in case of a bomb taking out a portion of the communication network.

    I state this because I find it interesting that you can trace a company or idea back to its first idea and find an amazing amount of fidelity to that original idea. You can trace Planned Parenthood's embracing of Birth Control and Abortion to Ms. Sanger and her embracing of "Negative" Euthanasia (as compared to having "certain" families have plenty of babies, or "Positive" Euthanasia), and Economics serves to support the ruling class because it started as such (Karl Marx notwithstanding). So the computer and internet keeps trying to be used by the governments that started it, the constant battlings with its users notwithstanding.

    • Ora came out of nowhere and suddenly they constantly bomb us with her songs. When peeps with limited talent are shoved down our throats in such a way, odds are that they promote the agenda. They always do, that's why you see peeps with talent, I mean the ones who can write some meaningful music, can sing and play a few instruments being left behind. Ora is Jay-Z's employee, only that can explain where she's coming from and where she's going to.

      • Why not give them something worth listening to ie. Laurence Welk 24/7 when you are not at home. Maybe someone can spread the idea and have everyone tune to the same offensive radio station so that whoever wants to spy on you gets the same noise that everyone else is using for the same porpose.

  14. My Fiancee in the States told me about this but i laughed it off, now VC tells me this now and am like wait a minute,didn't my wife to be warn me of this? Damn this is a creepy sign to NWO.

  15. Voyeurism is a crime, if you do it you are a sick pervert and sex offender.
    Unfortunately this doesn't stop an increasing number of people who think it is a basic right.
    Eye for an eye i say.

  16. planned obsolescence in technology is designed not for generating revenue anymore but shared agendas in behavioral manipulation. an old pick-up truck, ham radio, and public landlines and an old TV set or radio could keep you aware but off the radar. not anymore. remember when people were SO thrilled at the "free" digital TV revolution rebates… NOTHING IS FREE, hold this as a mantra.

    "Now when these things begin to take place, straighten up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near.”
    –Luke 21:28

  17. Just learn to watch less tv and certainly nothing critical of the Gov't. They already censor and delete Conspiracy Theory off DVR's. Unplug your TV when It's not being used, and remember they might be watching you while you use it. I think I'm going to try to set a record for holding a particular gesture at the tv.

  18. y’all should watch the 80’s show “Max Headroom” – plenty of prophecy there – TV watching you, terrorists and media in cooperation, etc…

    • One thing I remember about Max Headroom was that he was obnoxious as all get-out. LOL But remember they had Reagan and Ayatollah doing that thing in Back to the Future part 2, Cafe 80s?

  19. I don't even subscribe to cable anymore…all the TV is good for is watching videos (which means I control what my son watches). Not to mention it's a needless expense.

    And I use library computers for Internet…though no doubt they can figure out who went where with the library card number.

    C'est la vie….

    • Don't use your library card. I use other people's accounts in the libraries as they usually leave without logging out. But if they want to find out they can still do it as there are cameras literally everywhere. Ignore them, read what everyone who's been in hell has witnessed and whatever the amoral ones do is like a drop in the ocean. The real party hasn't started yet.

      • You'll get banned from the library if they ever catch you doing that. It's pretty immoral as well. But, it is true that they can (and do) match up computer use with the card.

      • It's immoral if you do something illegal,, if you only use the internet without intruding isn't immoral. Personally it doesn't bother me as I don't use the internet to do something substantial. I rather use the phone or the mail for important matters. On the other hand if you hack people's PCs etc is amoral.

  20. unhappy customer on


    • Oh yeaaaaahhh i did hear about that one a couple of years back :((
      My unlce's friend had a new flat screen TV & he was on the phone and the Tv was repeating evrything he was saying ( the tv was off)! Disgusting.
      Also by March 2013 all american citizens are supposed to be issued with THE CHIP/barcode thingy is that true?

      • unhappy customer on

        I heard the chip thing too. I hope they don't especially because 2013 is right around the corner! I wish good luck to you and yours and hope that you stay chip free as I intend to do.

  21. Funny.. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    Oh well. I’ve got a nice record player and a stack of my dad’s LP’s. Having a nice drink and smoke, grooving to Led Zeppelin in my room here in sunny South Africa, with no worries of being spyed on.

    Who needs TV anyway?

  22. This is pretty gross, if it's true, and totally unnecessary. If they really wanted to watch you they'll track you through your computer through your ISP like they've always been doing effectively and now have increasing permission to do so. People do all sorts of things through the computer, shop, watch videos, look up credit cards/bank accounts/bills/locations, send emails, post personal information on social networking sites, download tracking cookies, go on websites like Vigilant Citizen, and whatever else they need or want to do. The reason it doesn't worry me is because it's inevitable and all-encompassing. Marketers are fighting tooth-and-nail (see: Do Not Track is dying) to have access to people's personal information. What are you doing to protect yours?

      • Scary like the Twilight Zone or something like that! Like those old b sci-fi movies… and tv shows… that portray things like that…

      • Whenever I am in a giant store, like Walmart or even a grocery store, I am always cognizant of all the cameras, we are constantly being watched in this world and especially here in this country probably, 'cause the 'State' needs to keep track of its 'wards.' Those who constantly watch usually have a great deal to lose… but I get so tired of it…. it's just so disconcerting… even if you have nothing to hide, if you have no ill intentions, who wants to be constantly watched all the time?! I often steal a look at the cameras, they are probably wondering what I'm doing!

  23. Eyes are everywhere. I suppose it's time we let them put it in our homes. We let them poison our food, our water, our minds, and our souls. Verizon is evil. Apple is evil. Monsanto is evil. The president of the US o' A is evil (and a Sunni, as well). Face it, in the name of power and money (maybe it's money and power), they are attempting to influence us and program us. Persuade us to buy products, support a-moral (you can't be immoral, if you don't have any to begin with) philosophies, and surrender our individuality and personal freedom. Nothing good comes from Hollywood. Nothing good comes from Madison Avenue. Nothing good comes from man. We are deceitful above all things and desperately wicked – Fortunately, Jesus Christ paid the price. Turn off your TV. Open your Bibles and seek the wisdom of God.

    • Reading Revelations is all you need to read. It's all in there. The Beast (Banks, big business?), the mark of the Devil. It's all coming true. Hopefully God can save us before it's too late, but frankly I think it already is too late.

    • I agree 100%. We all already watch too much TV as it is anyway. I hope I do better this year…2013 and really seek God's face. I want to be more dilligent about reading His word everyday. I need to be properly equipped for this evil time that we are living in.

    • But even the 'old ones' as you say, now have to be connected to those stupid 'digital converters' so that even those will be connected to the 'great eye.' There are some who have speculated those have little cameras in them too…. I think the sole reason they upgraded all analog TVs to digital is so that they could be connected to the 'grid.'

  24. If you want privacy, and you have a smartphone and download app's, before you you agree to it, make sure you read the privacy warning. Some want access to your contact list, modify your contact list, control your camera/video/audio…ect. Even to use some games they want to do this.
    Even to post something here, they want your information.

  25. I honestly just think this is an easy target for big companies to get more money. Personally, i see the down fall of this more than the “upside” for companies. Its just pathetic that they have to stoop this low to spy on America to get what they need/want. aka more of our money. ugh.

  26. This has CIA written all over it, but folks will end up having the spy equipment removed anyway. Suck on that, faggots who want to watch me wank.

  27. Here’s an idea – unplug yourself from the digital matrix and turn off your TV. Go outside and do something productive….Problem solved and you’re enriching your life at the same time. Let’s face it, there’s nothing on TV that’s worth watching anyway.

    • Provided it's not chucking down with rain. I would use the outernet more if the weather was better where I live. It's been the wettest summer since records began and has rained most of the way through autumn as well.

  28. Hem… I will turn off my tv, start reding Koran and go to the Mosque. Who tried those knows there is nothing more relaxing then those.

    • You have succumbed to the ultimate deception. Remember in your bible where it says Satan will disguise himself as an angel of light. All these false religions with their false peace are led by the same false God Satan who goes under many names such as Buddah, Mohammed, Allah, Krishna etc etc. Go back to the real prince of peace, the one and only true God who sacrificed his son Jesus Christ so that we too may be saved and spend eternity with him in heaven.

      • I don't think 'God' is concerned about names.. the ONE SOURCE doesn't have a name… WE people are the ones who think of names…… just my opinion…. and I think the truth…

  29. Let em put cams and mics on the tv’s, doesn’t matter, because a little duct tape works wonders. Don’t forget, you really don’t NEED tv anyway….also remember that there is also free over the air tv so you don’t HAVE to be cabled up.

  30. ok for real – this is crazy – not only because it is so big brother and SUCH an invasion of privacy and all that jazz – BUT because it was prophesied in the early 80's by a man named Ken Peters. Look him up – he is legit and his prophecy is on point.

  31. Did anyone else read this article and instantly think of the Batman film with Jim Carrey as the Riddler, where a similar situation occured?


  32. When is enough enough? With all the "right to privacy acts put upon employers, doctors and everyone else why do the retail outlets or websites selling these products not have to inform us and make it clear we have the option to opt out. Yes the option to opt out shoud be included, unless these companies would like more government regulation.

  33. We were discussing increasing technology on my computer course today and I said that I ring fence my online activities. I do my banking in person when I can and if not over the phone. I use an alarm clock and not a mobile phone to wake me up in the mornings. I also wear a watch so I don't need to keep looking at a mobile phone for the time. If I can buy something where I live I don't buy it online. I still read books in the traditional way and not on a Kindle. When I first started using the internet all I did was surf websites and print off pages that looked interesting. I didn't get a web based e-mail account until a few years later and didn't buy anything on-line for another few years after that.

    I get tired of people wondering how we lived without mobile phones. They should try leaving it at home a few times to find out. They could also try writing something down on a piece of paper now and then instead of photographing information with their i-Phones.

    • Teresa I deleted my facebook way back in April and I have been without my scum IPhone for the past 2 months and i'm getting increasingly happier with life ….. I don't think many young people these days actually stop and look at the world around them they're all too caught up with it…

  34. Lord flashheart on

    People already have this type of early tech in there homes today. If you have Xbox connect and are connected to the internet there is no reason why anyone with IT skills could tap in and view you as this would act as a kind of web cam.

  35. I am canceling my verizon today. and selling the tv. Oh my GOD what is this? sitting in your home and being watched by someone you don't know? Than is not going to happened in my home. Now I will have time to worship and read.

  36. This is crazy. I am reading 1984 to write a scholarship essay and I come on here and see this.
    If people read 1984 they will be surprised as to how much of the stuff the book describes is already on its way. If it hasn't already happened.

  37. wideopencitizen on

    I do NOT have a digital TV! I don't even watch TV no more. But I guess I can't say the same about this notebook with mic and cam. And I'm sure they have a good large old registry of my damn Google searches anyway.

    We all new and old guys should start using more Tor browser or something better.

    • Why they need to have a registry of our searches? My we are talking about first class lunatics. They can listen to whatever they want, some people speak in another language and they talk a lot of cr*p. So they can listen to other people's c*ap as much as they want. I wouldn't personally be bothered to do it.

  38. We who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. It is a state of true hopelessness to reiterate the same trials without ever learning anything.

  39. I have a tv that starts to buz after its been on awhile and I get an immediate headache. It stops if I turn the tv off then back on, only to buzz awhile later.

  40. Oh and when I was using my tablet, my kids wanted to download games, but first you had to accept the terms and there was a whole list of them. One term was that you could be recorded or taped while using the tablet. I didnt agree and we dont play any games

  41. The government will use it no doubt. Heard about this years ago. People will go along with it, just like they have everything else. Get rid of guns so that the public isn't armed and won't cause trouble when they come to take you away. Another mass shooting just helps them remove more of our rights and privileges. We have allowed our government to require us to take drug tests, go through background checks and more or less have our number all along. Every thing you do is tracked and don't think you can hide. You worry about your information being out there-it's been out there and is being monitored as well. Internet searches, online activity, phone calls. We no longer have privacy and it's going to get worse. At some point, you will have to have a special mark to buy or sell. This is the mark of the Devil and is in Revelations. But you'll all get it anyway because it's recommended and you have nothing to hide, right? Wrong. There are coffins and concentration camps awaiting. Once they can see what you're doing in your house, you will not be able to even shit in private.

  42. FYI, why do you think the majority of cell phones have internal batteries? Ones you cannot removed?! Hmmm…you wanna know what else is scary? Take a look in your phones….do it now. Right, look at the permissions your apps have. If you have android, just look at what permissions a simple bank or fun app has. Access to your phones camera, and microphone without your permission. Locking your screen at will, which means the app has you password. Just be cognizent is all im saying guys……..

  43. Companies these days are out to make money, and it's so creepy that they would think about spying on people to do so, new technology these days….just awful.

  44. willing Americans embrace gadgets used to spy on them on

    CIA Head: We Will Spy On Americans Through Electrical Appliances

    Global information surveillance grid being constructed; willing Americans embrace gadgets used to spy on them

    Steve Watson | | March 16, 2012

    “CIA director David Petraeus has said that the rise of new “smart” gadgets means that Americans are effectively bugging their own homes, saving US spy agencies a job when it identifies any “persons of interest”.

    Speaking at a summit for In-Q-Tel, the CIA’s technology investment operation, Petraeus made the comments when discussing new technologies which aim to add processors and web connections to previously ‘dumb’ home appliances such as fridges, ovens and lighting systems.

    Wired reports the details via its Danger Room Blog[1]:

    “‘Transformational’ is an overused word, but I do believe it properly applies to these technologies,” Petraeus enthused, “particularly to their effect on clandestine tradecraft.”

    “Items of interest will be located, identified, monitored, and remotely controlled through technologies such as radio-frequency identification, sensor networks, tiny embedded servers, and energy harvesters – all connected to the next-generation internet using abundant, low-cost, and high-power computing,” Petraeus said.

    “the latter now going to cloud computing, in many areas greater and greater supercomputing, and, ultimately, heading to quantum computing.” the CIA head added.

    Petraeus also stated that such devices within the home “change our notions of secrecy”.

    Petraeus’ comments come in the same week that one of the biggest microchip companies in the world, ARM, unveiled new processors that are designed to give practically every household appliance an internet connection[2], in order that they can be remote controlled and operate in tandem with applications.

    ARM describes the concept as an “internet of things”.

    Where will all the information from such devices be sent and analyzed? It can be no coincidence that the NSA is currently building a monolithic heavily fortified $2 billion facility[3] deep in the Utah desert and surrounded by mountains. The facility is set to go fully live in September 2013.

    “The Utah data center is the centerpiece of the Global Information Grid, a military project that will handle yottabytes of data, an amount so huge that there is no other data unit after it.” reports Gizmodo.

    “This center-with every listening post, spy satellite and NSA datacenter connected to it, will make the NSA the most powerful spy agency in the world.”

    Wired reports[4] that the incoming data is being mined by plugging into telecommunications companies’ switches, essentially the same method the NSA infamously uses for warrantless wiretapping of domestic communications[5], as exposed six years ago.

    Former intelligence analyst turned best selling author James Bamford, has penned a lengthy piece[6] on the NSA facility and warns “It is, in some measure, the realization of the ‘total information awareness’ program created during the first term of the Bush administration-an effort that was killed by Congress in 2003 after it caused an outcry over its potential for invading Americans’ privacy.”


    Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’[7], and[8]. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

    (C) 2012 is a Free Speech Systems, LLC company. All rights reserved.


  45. Paranoia and being aware are two different things my friend. The Illuminati may not have invented the DVD but they sure as hell did invent Monarch Mind Control Programming and various block opts projects dealing with everything from biological warfare to mass mind control via the television and the print media. And they are heavily into the funding of technologies of all sorts and are at least 50 years ahead of the curve. The public has no idea that secret technologies exist and that the elite use those technologies every day against them. Remember when the stealth fighter and the stealth bomber were revealed to the public during the first gulf war in 1991?

    IF they showed us their secret stealthy aircraft, i.e., if you saw it on the television, then you can bet your ass that it was already obsolete. I really doubt the depth of your knowledge and the experience you have concerning the world conspiracy paradigm. They are legion and their god rules this small planet…for now. They control the vertical and they control the horizontal but we can still turn off the TV.

  46. Isn't it grand that we're getting confirmations like this again and again? This really doesn't surprise me at all, other than them being so blatant about it. Just you wait, then they'll somehow tie it in with iPhones and Facebook and whatnot.

    Of course, there isn't any reason we should rely on these things of theirs too much. Why build your house on the sand when you can make the Rock your foundation (See Matthew 7.25)? As long as you're with Jesus, then there's nothing they can do to not make it so. That's their ultimate goal, you know. Don't go forgetting about FEMA, NWO, etc., but always keep in mind that those are only a couple of roads out of the vastly many that Satan's taking in this great controversy between him and God. Don't go pulling your hair out, though. It's been shown to us time and time again that God is triumphant over Satan.

    The only variable in this set equation is each and every person's own decision of whether or not to follow God. Isn't that a great thing? I think it is.

  47. mmm k well.
    Lemme blare some polka music while I'm at work and I need a good pic to shove in front of the camera. Any suggestions?

  48. This doesn't surprise me one bit!They were probably watching everyone for a long time!This is just a newer version of technology they are letting us in on!They are always ahead of the public on such issues!For those who pratice self abuse,you should have no shame anymore!You should be able to do it in the public eye!They'll just see you on the internet anyway!No,this doesn't surprise me in the least!

    • Well they want to end up somewhere hot with worms coming out of every hole of their body. That's very brave of them. Just think now about yourself, like I and others should be doing and let's work towards the opposite goal. At the end of the day, they can do f*** all. They are not the ones who determine whatever will happen to us when we pass away. The time is limited, we hardly live a few decades, the earthy life is so short, vain and temporary. We can pack nothing with us when we go apart from our deeds. The salvation of our souls is the alpha and the omega, everything else is irrelevant. Yep we might have lost jobs, we might have had our earnings dropped but nothing like that matters, we might be even monitored and so on. To pass the life tests matters.

  49. Your T.V. watches you :0, I have always thought that the government can watch anyone they choose especially with the newer digital sets!

  50. illuminated genius on

    You know this may sound crazy, but i have been noticing a lot of illuminati symbols passing by not just on TV but in many major places. I just saw a performance by Kensha showing a rotating pyramid during the new years party. In Brazil in a channel called Banda International, a subliminal illuminati message with a Pyramid and a globe happened to appear. Any corporations which carry a free mason symbol, or the eye of Rah or a Pyramid tend to make references to the New World Order. 1984 is not just George Orwell nightmare vision but something that is becoming reality, not just with our TV'S but even with Facebook or anything we happen to use.

  51. Technology is great it makes life more enjoyable. Stressed play a game! But it has reached a point where its plain out creepy. It connects you to the web but it also makes it easier for the goverment to track you. Technology might also be used as a distraction so the more wealthy don’t help the people in the third world (wild guess). They come out with new video games every couple months (enough time for people to get bored and buy a new game).

  52. *claps hands*

    This is the sort of article that’s helpful and interesting, much better than the symbol stuff.

    I’m a keen follower of tech(I’m a geek) and this has been coming for a while. what can you do about it?

    Quite a lot:

    Don’t use cable services (or a tv at all) this tech will only work if you have a cable connected or internet connected tv. Get your favourite programmes from pirate bay, which has the added advantage of pissing off big media.

    Use Firefox and install ghostery, no script, adblock and customise Google plug ins so you don’t get ad targeted.

    By the way I honestly don’t that this tech is for spying on people, it is so they can target adverts and make a shit ton of money.

    Learn about the tech you use, and learn how to protect your privacy, maybe vc could do an article on that…

  53. Please read the original patents for HDTVs – it clearly states that the technology inside is bi-directional!
    Disconnect power to your TV's and any media boxes when not in use, and when you specially do not want to be monitored. Fully knowing this technology exists in all digital TV sets, always be mindful of this as you watch TV. Has it ever occurred to anyone that with this technology the ads you see on your TV could possibly be very narrowly target just for you? So if your TV sees that you constantly scratch your head, BOOM! ads for your hair and scalp start to casually air… Or if your TV sees that you constantly get angry, BOOM! some ad for anger management or similar start to casually air .. try it, casually do something over and over again for a few days in front of the TV and see if some related ads to your actions start to air . . .

    Actual patent downloaded from US Patent office website:
    Nervous System Manipulation by EM Fields from Monitors
    Issued to: Loos, Hendricus

    Abstract: Physiological effects have been observed in a human subject in response to stimulation of the skin with weak electromagnetic fields that are pulsed with certain frequencies near 1/2 Hz or 2.4 Hz, such as to excite a sensory resonance. Many computer monitors and HD TV screens, when displaying pulsed images, emit pulsed electromagnetic fields of sufficient amplitudes to cause such excitation. It is therefore possible to manipulate the nervous system of a subject by pulsing images displayed on a nearby computer monitor or DIGITAL TV set. For the latter, the image pulsing may be embedded in the program material, or it may be overlaid by modulating a video stream, either as an RF signal or as a video signal. The image displayed on a computer monitor may be pulsed effectively by a simple computer program. For certain monitors, pulsed electromagnetic fields capable of exciting sensory resonances in nearby subjects may be generated even as the displayed images are pulsed with subliminal intensity. USP # 6,488,617 (December 3, 2002)

  54. Yeah… if they are going to use these new TVs to 'watch' us for advertisement, it's still not a human watching us… although it may be a form of artificial intelligence, but the TV won't know if it's acting will it…?? We should totally put on play acts and confuse the darn thing, it won't know what to do with itself!! (Within the problem is the solution)… it's like all those sci-fi movies and TV shows where they always confuse the technology by having it coil in on itself 'cause ultimately it is just a machine or a program, not a thinking, feeling human being, so it won't know what to do with the conflicting information! BAM!

    • So what do we do if it's 'watching' us?! TURN IT OFF!!! Put a blanket over it.. whatever, don't keep it in your room where you sleep! If it's really like the book '1984' though, they won't allow you to turn it off, it won't ever, doesn't in the book…. and there would probably be no way to not have it in your house… but that's where we don't have '1984' yet! See, we have the power now to not take it…. those elite probably would love to have '1984' in reality, but they can't push it that far, that would be too obvious…. so until they put the TV chips into our heads, we can be free, let's not let it get that far though….

  55. Oh well, guess there´s nothing to do sit back and take it. After all, who are we to these giant corporate machines running rampant across the land, shaping it according to their every whim? If only there was some way to make our wishes be heard, maybe this needn´t happen… Or are they already listening?

    Sorry for the preachy tone, folks. It´s just that all this "Oh noes!" talk fails to acknowledge one simple fact: We asked for this.

  56. I'm sorry, but this is ALREADY happening. I have a friend who is a defense attorney who worked on a case in which the suspect's own television was used to monitor and record his conversations and activity inside his home during a drug-trafficking investigation. Our government is waaaay ahead of us. This stuff is already real.

  57. Concerned Citizen on

    This is nothing new, though disturbing. In the 1990's, a friend who worked in the corporate division of a cable company, said they were already doing this through fiber optics, in association with TV manufacturers. Needless to say, we never signed up for cable.

  58. ChristieAnn on

    I never dreamed of something like this happening NOW. I only thought it would happen like in year 2070 or something. This is so messed up, that they're thinking of this. That's it, I'm not getting a TV. Actually, it would be funny if I stuck out the middle finger at them all of a sudden xD

    • ChristieAnn on

      Or just act like I need a really cheap bookbag. And maybe sit infront of the TV ordering some food.

  59. My friend said to me tvs can watch you. I laft at him but didnt think he was lying. I said yes a tv can watch you if it had a camera. Anyway lastnight I was sorting my channels out ob my ****box flicked to the chat channels and they could see and here everything I was doin. I have a samsung d7000 no camera??? But it must have but I couldn't find it. From the way it seemed my hole screen was a camera. How is this possible? Seriously they could see every thing I did.

  60. The other day, I was watching a show called, "Shark Tank". It's a show where inspiring entrepreneurs go to advertise their companies and receive the help of millionaire and billionaire investors.
    Well the other day, an entrepreneur was presented who spoke about how we are being watched constantly, even by our own government and had created this device to block computer cameras and such. The investors looked shocked from his initial statement, but something about their faces seemed like they knew more than they were letting on.

    When one of the investors, who works on electronic devices was asked if this was true, he looked uncomfortable and reluctantly said that it was indeed true. The atmosphere seemed to change and throughout the rest of the presentation, all of the investors also looked slightly uncomfortable.

    I think it was a very interesting occurrence.

  61. I think explains the headaches from the cable I was going cancel COX cable but ' my boyfriend refused since he pays now not me . I tried to tell him how we are being watched by TV & computer phones etc. Well now I am the crazy one . I covered my little TV in my bedroom and disconnected the wii ..I noticed lot of what I need or said came up in commercials and totally parallel world I am sane and TV is making me sick . I have to watch Spanish soaps and I guess they know Spanish too . My daughter said her teacher kept playing on CD player Happy song the new one forget artist and my daughter got upset and called me pick her up yesterday at school.. the radio is worse and I am going home school my daughter in 5th grade and doesn't like going ( prison school): I did private school but was worsened because at some they have students have ID around there necks like dogs . This is Christian school and Catholic because my n laws are Catholic they told me there's cameras every corner.
    The Burlington cost factory has sign in women's dressing room that you are being monitor in camera by other female so does TJ Max I go to goodwill I can't trust trying on clothes at store outlets . I am in corn husker state if it is here I imagine is every where.

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