Street Lights that Spy On You


The company named Illuminating Concepts (can’t make that up), backed by the Department of Homeland Security, has launched its new product called Intellistreets. It is street lights equipped with a speaker system, motion sensors, video cameras, mics and other crap nobody wants. Remotely controlled using Wi-Fi technology, these street lights have some interesting advantages such as energy saving and whatnot. It however doesn’t take much of an imagination to grasp to frightening police-state, oppressive potential of these lights. I mean they can film you, record your conversations, and yell orders at you while displaying a video. Anyone who has read 1984 can definitely see the frightening similarities between the “telescreens” and the hidden mics of Big Brother and this technology.

Here’s the promotional video for the product.

And it won’t take decades to see this street light on our streets: Intellistreets is presently being installed in Farmington Hills, Michigan.



    • I dont agree with the technology however, at least I know the street light cant run after me. It cant hurt me. If I carry a big MAG light shine it on the camera or light post itself…It wont be able to find me or detect where I am going/walking/running. Try it on someone. See if anyone or a camera can see what your doing if you flash a bright good flashlight onto it and it wont record a single move. This wont help stop fight crime. This will only help them sniff your butt crack because the elite are that nosey.

      I move like a Ninja.

      • It is fascinating how people here don't seem to encourage this technology. Let us be honest now, when one commits a crime they will not have the opportunity to shine a flashlight onto the cameras.

        With these revolutionary street lights you can feel safer than ever on the streets, you don't have to worry about your children going out to the streets any longer.

        Just employ your rationalism, we should all encourage this!

      • Iwantmymindback on

        I refuse to encourage this!. This surveillance is not to help us…it is to help them! I don't believe that if my purse was snatched, or if I was robbed at gunpoint near one of these "illuminated streetlights" that I could rely on local authorities to pull the footage and investigate to find the perp…yeah, I want hold my breath. A select few cases of footage will be used to solve crime and will be exploitated so that WE GIVE IN AND ALLOW IT! BUT the real use of this footage is more sinister…..Installing street lights to protect the cities across this country would be too much like right. Nothing is right about America…nothing!

      • @Rawr… disinfo Agent alert!…. only a very DUMB person would want to encourage this!! …remember:

        ”He who sacrifices freedom for security will lose both, and deserves neither.”


        Benjamin Franklin

      • Yeah man, I agree, they not finsta budge for every crime. Why I say that, is because truly, the government already has "stoplight cameras", but yet they dont track down the hit hit and runs. They got several satelites, in which we hop on our androids, and toy with on google or yahoo map apps, and look at the city in birds eye, and EVEN "street view". Just not in "real" time. What makes people think they dont manipulate these satelites in "real time"? Wednsday night in my neighborhood, someone was shot several times, did they look on their satelites to peep the frames the young man was shot in? No, instead, they let the police come out the "old fashioned" way and come clique deep with the vest and dogs to search for the killer. Even choppers. The bottom line is, they treat this world like "satelite television" LITERALLY. They watch one group of events, and if tnats of no interest to them, they change the channel(area of surveillance). Best believe they BEEN watchin people.

  1. paisleycerebrum on

    guess i'm gonna have to do a lot more bird-flipping to the cameras these days. maybe even talk "conspiracies" in public (in a voice-projecting fashion) to see what would happen…just for kicks.

    • They have been doing it for some time. What do we think the Patriot Acts were for? Something the President extended. In addition, they have launched a pre-crime lab in Langley (minority report anybody?). Have you seen "Person of Interest" on the Illuminati channel CBS? Lmao. The newest thing is the yelling bit. C-o-n-spiracy. I guess I start wearing scarves over my face soon. Lmao.

      • paisleycerebrum on

        ikr? wearing scarves 'just cuz' lol.

        but yep i agree it's been around awhile. i guess these days they're out & proud with it >_>

  2. To be honest I don't even think these things are "new". I've had suspicions of microphone devices in the air from a long time ago and have just been waiting for it to be announced. This doesn't surprise me in the slightest.

    Here in the UK there are secret police everywhere and although they are undercover and dress like everyone else, once you know what to look for (how they act, what type of cars the drive) you can spot them from a mile off. They are NOT like everyone else – they are on a constant power trip and their eyes stay on you like a hawk. That's not ordinary! We've been watched for years and years – street lights with microphones and cameras and whatever else makes no difference. They do these sick things and keep it undercover until the people open their eyes and clock onto what's happening, THEN do they acquaint us with their actions.

    Nice post, VC.

    • It's not new ! We have lived up under Big Brother for about the last 12 years. We don't have the voice cameras, but in a close neighboring state, in a crime infested area they were placed there about 5-7 years ago. The police could say things like get off of the corner……..The thing is these camera's haven't been used to solve not one crime ! You still can get away with a lot of petty things. If your car is broken into on camera they will tell you the camera didn't catch it, or thats not what they are used for…..If it is a fight or something the cops will come, but any thing serious I can't think of one example where the cameras are put to good use. Not even when it comes to selling drugs ! To be honest there is a creepy camera right out side of my upstairs bedroom window on the light pole and I live in a nice sub-division Our entire community is on camera and it has been that way for over a decade !! It doesn't even bother me, because like I said, it's there, but it's like for no reason.

      • This must be Baltimore, first time I saw this, some years ago, is when it was a large group of people on the corner at night and out of nowhere, it was a loud speaker sound that came from the sky, and the up on the light pole, you could see a flashing blue light and a camera, told everybody to clear the block. So yes this has been around for a while now, its just going across the US. This is insane and its only going to get worse by the minute

    • funny how they talk about the energy saving benefits from the lights at the beginning of the video and then talk about the computer components and spying features near the middle and end like that crap isnt going to waste more money

    • Funny because until those last 20 seconds I didn't see the big deal… It was like one of those prescriptions commercials where they ramble all the side effects at the very end… Out of that entire 5 minute video, their real agenda is summed up in those those few words at the very end of the presentation. Scary!

  3. I'm so happy I live in Nigeria,because we don't have all these things,the government here would rather stuff the money in their pockets rather than get street lights with cameras

    • SadoMasonic Rites on


      "…the government here would rather stuff the money in their pockets rather than get street lights with cameras"

      Hahaha.. at least your government is doing something right. I can imagine the Rothchilds cursing "you dumb africans can't do anything properly!"

      • @SadoMasonic Rites

        Really!!!!…..such a back handed racist comment… Really! Very poor attempt on "humor". This is not the place nor the time for such foolishness.

        In this time.. color does not matter, only the blood line… many yellow, brown and pink people will be pushed to the wayside.. Put away the nonsense and realize you are part of the 1% along with the "dumb africans" as you call them.

        Really!?!?!?! smh

      • Tatiana Nicolaevna on

        Awake- I don't think he meant that HE thinks Africans are dumb, but that the Rothschilds do.

    • Glad i live in india, even though we are developing at a fast pace, i know it will take a long time for our government to actually settle down and think collectively 😀 so i can live my youth in peace, i love this country, i mean its the only place a teen can go and live, and no i dont mean drugs and drinking, the rules arnt enforced and you could have a proper childhood here :) that is, if you arnt dirt poor, but even then, with all the struggle, its still pretty great 😀

      f'ed up thing is my school wants to introduce biometrics and make sure our id cards are built in with trackers.

      I told them to stick their cards and whatnot up their asses.

    • saxe-coburg-i gotha on

      Nigeria is on the agenda,plans for invasion are on stand-by,,but first they must deal with Pakistan,,the only real reason for the afghan occupation.

      Dont be naive,,if your nation has natural resources in it's under-ground,they will take it…personnaly i think Nigeria will be levelled in less than 24 the best..

      • u are right????

        any nations with natural resource will get invaded ????



  4. Very creepy.

    Interesting that their big selling point is "energy savings". I would bet that some or all of their funding came directly from Obama's trillions for "green energy jobs", like the Solyndra scam.

    Also interesting that it is being sold as a helpful and good thing to notify us about things like Amber Alerts (missing children) and other emergencies.

    It's almost as if they are planning some "emergencies", isn't it?

    • They're also the ones who do many of the kidnapping. They like to make us beLIEve they've got our best interests, but the only interests they care about are their own.

      Amber Alerts? My ass! They'll just be able to find anyone who escaped their evil clutches more easily. Any civilian wanting them to check the cameras for other crimes will be told the camera didn't catch it. Just like buddy a few posts up is already experiencing.

  5. You know what you need to do, citizens of Farmington Hills, Michigan. I'll gladly loan you black spray paint and a winch.

    • That's what they're counting on. People get that feeling, hopeless, depressed, feel like they can't make a positive difference in this world or even improve their own lives for the better….they're hoping it'll drive people to suicide. It's much cleaner for them than actual murder

    • Sure, it is. We don't have to be controlling demons,because they are. We do our best helping the people we can when we can. I can't overthrow Satan, but I can teach a few kids to write. I can be there for my few friends. I can donate to a few causes. I can be polite all the time. I can forgive people I hate. I can pray for them. I can sit down next to homeless people on the bus– when they are not being psychotic. Being a big shot in the world will never happen for me, because I don't kiss ass and I am here to learn about God.

      • @freetoday

        Your comment is noble, but unfortunately you also are lacking THE fundamental Truth. Jesus came so that you might have life, and life more abundantly- He has overcome the world which means that you you believe in Him, then He lives in you and that means that YOU have overcome the world also. So your statement that you "cannot overthrow Satan" is false, in reality you have already overthrown Satan because of Jesus Christ who lives in you has already done so.

        Do not be deceived. You are not confined to your mortal self if you TAP INTO YOUR FAITH in God. God wants to use all of us to display His glory on earth. Moses was not a powerful man, but God used him to display His (God's) power and glory for the world to see and know for a fact that he is Lord. The only difference between us and Moses is that Moses said yes to God and obeyed.

        These NWO rumours do not frighten me, in fact I am even the more excited to see God's magnificent display come to pass. I hope that God may see me fit to be one of the people to take these antichrist powers that be DOWN.

  6. oh my… this is going to please the sheeple, not scare them!

    almost all the sheeple i know say that the only people opposing such great, high tech "security measures" (TSA controls, CCTV, RFID…) have something to "hide". If you are an "honest citizen", you have no "fear" of such things, as you have nothing to "hide".

    Logic, please?????

    Anyway, we need some serious NO-reactions by now, as the controlling eye gets closer and closer to our most intimate private life. The question is- how to awaken the sheeple??? They are so happy in their illusionary, beautiful world where "science and technology" do everything for them. I slowly can't feel any compassion and empathy for these morons, why have a brain if you don't use it!?… Donate it to your holy "science labs" instead O__o

    But it is wrong to assume that we cannot do anything if our actions don't have much impact on many people. Even if the truth reaches one single person, you being the messenger, you have done something extraordinary! Spread the truth even if you feel like not doing enough, everything is better than doing nothing at all.

    And all the people who just thought you were crazy, they won't forget what you've said and maybe they will give it a second thought later. We can't know! :)

  7. Melina McIllumiante on

    To top that, there are several spy technologies being developed as well. One is the "brain scanner" successfully installed on a Nokia N900. Expect that to be available on other phones in the future. What if it sends the information somewhere?

    Another thing is the recent notice by the FCC, that basic phones should be phased out by 2018. And most, if not all, should be GPS-capable "for easy respondence and rescue in emergency situations, e.g. Upon calling 911." At least, that's what they said. And everyone knows that GPS tracks the location — your location, according to coordinates. It's 80% right, most of the time.

    Lastly, this evil spy street lights. I've lost hope for humanity. I'm speechless. I don't know what to say, but it's beyond what I can take. Big Brother won't stop and this clearly is just the beginning. There would be a lot more! This is invasion of privacy. Why can people do this? Don't they have conscience? I truly wonder.

  8. UK had this ages ago on

    In most of the popular areas in London the polls are equipped with CCTV inside the lighting fixtures that also have microphones. I think it was Tony Blair that first commissioned them to go up. It was debated in parliament and the proposal was hushed up and soon forgotten but if you have a SLR camera with a good lens and zoom into a light that's off you'll spot the camera or use a military-grade hunting binocular.

    The real purpose for them are to spy on civilians in order to crack down on public groups congregating when we have marshal law and curfews are forced on people. Hidden CCTV with microphones are also in pubs, banks, post offices, libraries and town halls/civic centres, basically any public vicinity that may be used as a gathering point for discussion or planning.

    Anyone watch the recent 'V' episodes from last year or the film 'They Live'? As soon as people form groups in a public/private location swarms of police or robots are there to break it up. — The robots they are using in the military now for spying will be used to spy on civilians. This plan was formed decades ago and everything up until this point has been predictable and is happening.

    • Sorry to hear that> Just don't get caught scratching your a$$ in public–can you imagine walking past a street light & a voice from nowhere barks out "No butt scratching in public!" So not only do you have some simian in an anonymous control tower blocks away administering 'corrective behavior', you've now got everyone on the street looking at you as well.

      • LOL I'll take that into consideration. I wonder why they picked Farmington Hills to be the guinea pigs for this junk.

  9. In 2006 a Hungarian aged around 30 told me in the gym told that he installed hidden surveillance cameras around Europe, like Germany and Ireland, in companies and police stations. I asked him how he could possibly do this and he said "If I don't do it, somebody else will."

    I remember a time when surveillance cameras were only around government buildings. I also remember when I went to East Berlin with school when the wall was still there around 1987 and I felt quite observed all the time at Under den Linden and around Alexanderplatz. Later it turned out that there had indeed been surveillance cameras around there. Now look what the freedom of those in Eastern European countries has brought us, their hidden cameras. No wonder that some of them think that things are not really that much better. It seems to me that only ever the worst things for the most people are adopted.

  10. I'm so shocked!!!!!!! So this SHOULD mean that unsolved crime rate should go down right? Since they are watching everybody.

  11. it would actually be a brilliant idea if it were from an independent business only. the fact that homeland security is behind it just makes it quite disturbing, especially with the built in speakers.

  12. What about someone who has street lights opposite their bedroom window and they get undressed at night with the light on??


  13. I dont get it .someone please explain it to me.

    so much planning , science, brainwashing technology

    most of them know that they will be dead before this all takes effect .

    all for what? enslaving us? complete power? money?service to Satan?

    everyone knows the only thing Satan wants is to drag as many people to hell with him and they are all just working for him to achieve that.

    what are we doing ?nothing .all we really need to do is wake up unite and speak up and we are not even able to do that

    where do these people get the motivation and loyalty to destroy their own.most likely spend eternity in hell.abuse their own children.

    unfortunately it is gonna get worse before it gets better

  14. WhoSaves=Yahweh on

    This is ridiculous we are truly an enslaved society! satan really wants omnipotent control over this entire sector of the universe….Dont worry The Son Of Man is Coming.

  15. How is this at all a good idea? How much debt are we in… 3 trillion dollars or something? I just don't understand how they'd even be able to afford these streetlights, let alone monitor all of the cameras…either way, I really wish I wasn't so young. I don't want my privacy taken away

  16. A high price to pay for street “illumination”, of course it's more than lighting they are speaking of here. These are for intelligence gathering, and once it scans you and your whereabouts, and what you freaking had for lunch, it will feed the data into a global information system. They have been working on a means of delivering the totality of measurable data worldwide. It's satan's counterfeit for the sovereignty of God, and what that one-eyed pyramid is all about. The man of lawlessness will have the world at his fingertips, and his eyes and ears in every nook and granny. Talk about zero privacy. I'm not that obsessed with “safety” to give up all my rights!

  17. My God. Please help us all as I feel this is just the beginning of hell.

    why. Why.

    Why do they want us to be 'ghetto rats'? Can't they all die instead of slowly killing everyone of us?

    I am so, so sorry children of the world today – as we have let this happen, are letting it happen, and are not doing anything to stop your terrible future.

    I'm sorry. Sigh. …

    • But what exactly can we, as individuals, do? IRL we try to warn families, friends, of what's going on and the majority of them just shake their heads at our "crazy conspiracy theorist beliefs" McDonalds isn't evil, Disney is wholesome, Big Brother isn't watching us, daycares and churches are perfectly safe. They'll never read the words odf Brice Taylor or many others. It would take the entire nation getting together, uniting, to overthrow their countries etc it would take the entire world to get rid of cable, stop watching movies, stop listening to the radio, DISCONNECT from the internet, get rid of their phones and stick to it in order to take down the mega corporations. We would ALL have to go back to living like pioneers or the Amish. Could you honestly actually stick to that? Could the people you know do that?

      Most of us have come to rely on cursed technology and would put our pioneer ancestors to shame. "OMG somethings gonna take 5 minutes in the microwave? But I'm hungry nooooow!" "Ugh! That damn spin cycle is taking foreverrrrr! Stupid laundry! I have other things to do too!" "OMG The power lines have been knocked out for hours all because a stupid driver had to get into an accident and knocked them down! Don't they know its winter and its cold and dark?!" etc etc

  18. Ministry of Truth on

    Theyve had similar in the UK for a while! LOL my friend almost pee'd in his pants when one of the cctv's promptly told him, at 2am after a night out, to pick up his cigarette or he'll be fined.!

  19. I'm glad I moved out of my parent's place when I did. My dad drank a lot and was a jerk. My mom was a submissive person. I ran away and got some peace sometimes. I needed to get away. Would these lights affect anybody's chance of doing that? After all it can help find missing children, right? That's depressing when I think about not being able to get away. I don't like the idea of private moments on a walk not being private anymore.

    If you're with somebody you love, will these lights record everything? If you randomly flash/moon your friend, this will record that. If you're a hyper person that likes dancing or doing kung fu moves for no reason, this will record that. Chances are it won't just take notice if you're committing crimes, but if you're acting suspiciously. Police are the same way. It's troubling. This will affect the spontaneous fun people can have on sidewalks, which is also really depressing.

    It's one thing when the mall or shopping district are monitored heavily, but the other places too?

  20. I clicked the link for the CBS Detroit post, since I live nearby. I find it rather ironic that the company installing these "Intellistreets" are being installed by a company called "Illuminating Concepts."

    • they have economical crisis BECAUSE their government uses their money for wars ,weapon development and high tech security to protect themselves from everything

    • Let? Like any civilians "let" the government do anything! Like civvies have a choice or a say in these decisions? Where do YOU live that everyday normal folks get a say in what your government does?

  21. the people of the united states need UNITY and to REDISCOVER THE CONSTITUTION. instead everyone has their mind on everything BUT whats most important. its not too late, but i fear that it will be once people finally wake up .

      • it is hilarious of people to think that the USA has democracy

        and what is more hilarious is that this demonic ,evil and satanic government takes it upon it self to spread democracy and free other countries

        and finally what does this great democracy do?

        US condemns UNESCO over Palestine vote

        Washington stops payment of $60 million in annual funding to UN heritage body after it admits Palestine as full member.

        what now after all killing of the children and innocent attacking hospitals and refugee camps kicking them out of their homes or imprisonment and torture Palestinians. the verdict is Palestine doesn't deserve to be a member of UNESCO.

  22. Reminds me of the new fall show 'Person of Interest' not really entertained (poor delivery) after watching a few minutes of one episode but the mere intro/theme to the show talks about the government has cameras everywhere. 'Art' imitates life again.

  23. Another step by the elite to achieve omnipresence/omniscience. To this, in the name of Jesus I say:


  24. Who wants cameras everywhere? and no more privacy?

    Is Illuminating Concepts' next product going to be called "Intellispying" : several cameras installed inside the homes of all home owners, worldwide? Mandatory cameras?

    If the cameras break, the home owner will have to pay a 50000000$ fine? for each camera that's broken?

    What shenanigan are we going to invent next?

    I bet we're already being filmed everywhere, in x-ray, from space. What a mess.

    • Syrus Magistus on

      Actually, cell phone towers transmit matter-penetrating signals which can construct a three-dimensional image of all indoor locations, with the exceptions of pharmaceutical and certain government buildings. You legally cannot block these signals, unless you happen to be one of the above. Or so I have heard.

  25. Yea thats right, save electricity. Then why the hell are you putting LED screens? Im pretty sure the old street lights didnt have a f@#$ing 24inch tv welded to the side of them.

    Way to save engery…Idiots.

  26. We have had these in coventry england for about 8 years they tell you to stop weeing in the flowerpots and stuff and they are putting new ones outside me house ! Which my fiance is doing for the council :

  27. Chip readers!

    This has to be tried and found unconstitutional.

    The public's say in these things matters less and less.

    It's our fault.

  28. I'm from Chicago where it's been reported that this is the only U.S. city with the most surveillance cameraas. Now mayor Rahm Emmanuel has approved to have these "speed trap" cameras covering 47% of the chicagoland area. That means almost every street corner will have one. To top it off, the crime is steadily increasing, which shows these cameras aren't for criminals. They just passed a bill that u will get ticketed and not arrested if you're caught with a small amount of weed. So the safety of one of the greatest cities in the world isn't a concern. Just "them" being able to watching our every single move is. I'm staying in faith & vigilance!

  29. They will be denying access to the statue of liberty for 1 year in order to perform well needed renovations; or so they say. You can bet your sweet arses that they will equip it with high quality 360 degree surveillance cameras and microphones to watch your every move and hear your every word!!!!! Not to mention, they may well set up a secret command post there as well.

    • Either that, or they are setting the Statue of Liberty up for a fall like twin towers LoL ;P Na, I'd guess it's what you said.

  30. Has anyone realized that the city they are installing these in happens to be the muslim capitol of the U.S.? Perfect opportunity to bleed right into Dearborn.


  31. @hope @sado masonicrites lol its true,it would take years before nigerian government can put such hypocritic things on the streets.and we nigerians would rather use the money to get new clothes,cars and the latest blackberry phones than getting karotz monitor or RFID chips or BAR CODES,we'll tell you we're not cattles to be branded with numbers

  32. They have installed about 10+ cameras like this in areas of crime here in Austin, Texas..lot of people not happy especially the criminals:) but does seem to help.

    Speaking of security..type in illuminati backwards then … like this and see where it takes you…

  33. Why try to stop them? That is a pointless pursuit. If you really want to decapitate them then focus your efforts on other effecting the 7 BILLION people who inhabit the world in a positive way. You can do this by fully accepting the power that you have through Jesus Christ who lives in you. Become a vessel for God so that he can be a physical presence on earth through you like he did in Jesus. Start accepting the fact that the spiritual world exists and stop getting in the way of it's operations because of your fears and doubts. Stay happy and joyful, because you know that everything is alright and God is in complete control. You would be amazed at how many people will be attracted to you just by your disposition and will desire to have what you have. This is the mind of Christ. Now could you imagine how quickly and dramatically the world would change if even 100 million out of 7 billion people were performing around the world with signs and miracles like the diciples did in the time immediately after Jesus' resurrection when He sent His holy Spirit? God's glory would spread like a virus, infecting the evil world with His goodness. Jesus passed the baton for us to finish the race in our relay to return back to our original state in God's grace as man was BEFORE Adam fell out the grace of God.

  34. @Apostle The Satan I was referring to was the carnal one. The Satan I meant elects the president and is a child molester. The Satan I meant is a banker who owns a large bank. God bless.

  35. i don't think these things will really affect third world countries because those countries will be forced in a more brutal way. just because we will be "one world" doesn't mean that everyone region will serve the same way. i'm sure third world countries will be forced in a different manner.

  36. observationalist on

    wait, isnt it enough just to locate the sun and turn off the lights? didn't they just want to increase energy management?

    then whats up with this other extraneous stuff? HMMMM…

  37. what we need to do now is expose and reveal and point out how weird these people must be ,wanting to control everybody??/ private school male cheerleaders who have behaved like souless cretins to get where they are today,,,,what a pathetic bunch of psychotic mentally ill people ,,,your gonna spy on me ? im going to eat you like your rich ancestors used to do!!

  38. Oh. Apparently none of you have ever lived in "the hood". They had these in the projects like 15 years ago. I remember I used to go outside on my porch and if there were too many hustlers in the parking lot, someone would come on the PA system and tell them to move or the police would be called. Again, nothing new.

  39. I kinda liked the music. And damn it for being so techy and new agy! :( and the freaking pictures! They make this shit look… Pleasant! Of course that's their job, sell the product, but sheesh, near the end, i was starting to like it! I still remember their agenda tho, no worries.

    And at the end it's so funny how they mention homeland security features then give a pause, and its weird b/c the street light they have shown looks a little like baphomet or two illuminated eyes saying "i see youuu". Creepy.

    Anyways, at my apt complex, they just started putting up more street lights b/c ppl had started selling drugs in the backwoods behind my apt… they kicked out those tenants but im starting to wonder if those lights have cameras.

  40. That voiceover sounds like the guy from Tomorroand in Disneys Magic Kingdom… Yes Ive been there and NO I am not proud of it :-(

  41. Can anyone tell me who owns these cameras hanging on street lights? I am trying to get copies of video coverage from a car accident, and I am having a tough time locating the company.

  42. I think they're already spying on us through current streetlights…just not on all streets. There have been times where I've been out walking around and turn down a street and suddenly hear a loud, high pitched squealing/humming in my ears. Others in my company seem oblivious. It's as though I'm the only one who hears such an obvious sound. I refuse to speak a word until the noise stops. Its enough to make me want to design a fashionable tinfoil hat.

    Although they've probably discovered a way to penetrate tinfoil by now.

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