• You know whats very disturbing is when you finally realize "longhorn" is sponsored by the Illuminati first its its the logo. Finally, its when you go inside and you see all those horns on the wall and you say in your mind "its been here in my face along and i didn't even realize it". Oh lets not forget about the awkward moment is when you want to leave and say to ppl this place is evil but you don't want to end up on Youtube having young ignorant people calling you crazy conspirator, or going to jail thats the awkward moment for all of us "cray conspirators" you know it.

      • Voice of Reason on

        Sad but true.

        Unfortunately, this whole program is being introduced gradually and methodically, under the guise of 'innovation' and 'protection'; and is so insidious that most people have no idea that they are being set up.

        I just found this on CNN.com:


        From cars…it's only a matter of time.

        As each step leading to their ultimate goal (chipping everyone) is implemented, the Elite are monitoring our reaction/level of resistance carefully, advancing cautiously as each new form of manipulation is introduced, then promptly ignored. The penultimate step will probably be a particularly nasty one, possibly something along the lines of a wide-scale abduction of children…followed shortly by their badly mutilated corpses being 'discovered' all over the place. Something like this will doubtlessly horrify and frighten many parents to such an extent that a huge percentage of them will submit their kids (and possibly themselves) voluntarily for chipping.

        This is of course speculation on my part (and I pray that I'm wrong), but when it comes to the Elite, it's obvious that no foul deed is too despicable for them.

        Thanks, Vigilant.

        Love, peace, and unity to all of you…

    • Whose rhetoric do you believe? It sounds as though the mainstream media and/or certain church leaders have been instilling a bit of fear of the latest bogie man figure – the so-called Islamist – a young, dark-skinned male living in conditions of extreme poverty, yet somehow capable of government-level destruction .

      Don't take anything or anyone at face value. Do your own research and form your own opinions. When the Buddah made a wise statement, he told his disciples to cross-question him rather than accepting his word as the truth. Our leaders are hardly Buddah so we'd better not accept their produce and rhetoric as fit for human consumption.

      • Riddle in a Rhyme on

        Yes, the Buddha said:

        “Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

        Buddha quotes (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

        And also:

        “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

      • Riddle in a Rhyme on

        So true, what you have said Alice, 'Our leaders are hardly Buddah' – that is so true, they have been accused of being Muslim and others are hypocritical fake Christians… but none of them are 'Buddah!' Shame.. that is actually one really rational life belief system with true, usable qualities.. not just a 'religion.' Not saying the others are not.. for anyone reading this and going to misunderstand.. :-)

    • TheTruthWillSetYouFr on

      Thanks for sharing VC, though I think this film smacks at scaremongering in parts.

      @Fluffy – Glad that you brought that question up. It is one that disturbs many honest-hearted people…

      Simply put, the Elite have the power to control & manipulate this world. They have been successfully doing so for thousands of years. I don't believe we can stop them. What exactly can we do to make a real difference to the way they govern the world?

      By contrast, I have here some very helpful information that answers your question! According to the Bible, the true God assures us he has a set time when he will call these ones and everyone else to account (Habakkuk 2:3; Romans 12:14; Psalms 145:20). Fortunately, we happen to be living in this period of time you may have heard the Bible refers to as the "last days" (2 Timothy 3:1-5). This significant duration of human history, beginning in 1914 (WW1), precedes God's war referred to as "Armageddon", the coming universal “war of the great day of God the Almighty.” – Revelation 16:14, 16 (NWT). But something is required on our part if we are to be among the survivors when that time comes…(Habakkuk 2:4b; Zephaniah 2:3).

      I hope you find this information useful and give you confidence that God actually does care (1 Peter 5:7). I encourage you to search deeper.

      "TheTruthWillSetYouFree" (John 8:32)

      • They have only controlled the world because we have allowed them too, by a simple thing called death. It is time for us to stop being afraid, and take back our world.

      • @Period1

        Your statement is too simplistic. The Elite have power and control by means of the authorities so how do you propose to "take back the world"??

      • @Period1

        Your statement is too simplistic. The Elite have power and control by means of the authorities so how do you propose to "take back our world"??

      • The problem with referring to the Bible as "useful information" is that every single word in that book can be interpreted differently from person to person. I don't find it useful in any way…not even as a tool to predict the future, as so many people suggest here. You do realize that it was written almost two thousand years ago, right? When women were considered possessions? Yeah. Not interested in any 'wisdom' from that time period, thanks.

      • Wannabe Moderator on

        Thanks for your input D.

        Apparently, over 20 people do find the information from the Bible "useful"…

    • I understand its a daunting task. but willpower is alot stronger then you know. simply standing idly will not accomplish anything. make your everyday count. every little bit we can do now will eventually win us our real freedom. for it is written he has already claimed victory, we will win this war. Faith and Love

      Brothers and sisters lets stand together and let our voices be as trumpets and shake the foundation and bring babylon to the ground

    • @Too Vigilant,

      Whilst I agree that taking back the world is no easy task, its important to remember we create the entire reality we live in using thoughts. Everything begins with a thought – a thought is a thing.

      The maharishi effect proved beyond any doubt that if only the square root of 1% of a local population concentrates on peace and love, it affects everything in a positive way. They showed up to 75% reduction in crime, murder, hate, agression etc etc etc in the areas where people sent out love in the area they were working on. As soon as they stopped, the crime rates etc went back to normal.

      Breaking that down it would take just 7000 people meditating on peace and love to bring in a major positive affect for the better worldwide.

      How can we bring about a better world? Simply send out as much love to the areas on our planet which need it most and let the laws of the universe do the rest. Many many scientifically controlled studies have proved over and over again this works every time.


      • @Matthew

        I'm an optomist but I'm also a realist. I've heard about many people who resort to meditating to try to attain their desires – including world peace, yet it still alludes us.

        You should be aware that those who meditate like those who did it "The Maharishi" way are actually "Channelling". This is a disguised form of New Age Satanism, which is probably why peace & love was & will not be achieved this way. To really meditate is to reflect on or to contemplate something.

        Science can be disproved and is not always reliable either.

      • @too vigilant

        "I’ve heard about many people who resort to meditating to try to ATTAIN THEIR DESIRES"

        This is purely an act of the egoic, self-serving mind usually focused only on this physical plain and will never equate to anything positive…

        …Now on the other hand focus of energy on a purely self-less level for the genuine good of mankind/the universe etc without the need of direct quantifiable reward can and will cause great effect on this energy-based existence we are apart of…

      • @harvs – I think you misunderstood what I meant by their "desires", which may not necessarily be selfish in nature. The point is: sincere people DESIRING peace through their repetitive "meditating", using so-called "universe energy" (in which no substantive evidence exists) haven't and won't see results.

        More importantly, the oligarchs and Zeitgeist of the world we live in unquestionably don't promote a real spirit of peace. Actually, it would take a concerted effort by all individuals in society to reach but unfortunately moral standards keep declining. Based on current observations, society will continue to go from bad to worse. Immorality and the rise in violence are clear examples…like I said, I'm an optimist but I'm a realist – keeping it real!

  1. I believe the saddest thing about this is that it will not be forced upon us this lifetime.

    This is going to take a few more generations to implement, first to get us past the squeamishness of having yourself tagged. Then to add usability to it, banking matters, fasttracking etc.

    Then finally to have it become the everything solution.

    As it stands now, if it is presented as the all-solver people will be naturally suspicious and play the waiting game until prices go down, the kinks are worked out etc. But the longer they wait the more they will discover about how much damage it does, what it can actually do. Such as with smart phones now.

    Therefore the chipping agenda has to be introduced excrutiatingly slowly, but at the same time we are being robbed of more freedoms such as access to the internet and how we use it. As the freedoms of the internet and general media diminish, the agenda will be ramped up.

    It is a very slippery slope we are on now…

    • Yeah… You notice how in all the cinematic examples shown in this film, there is a progression. In the earlier movies and shows, the characters are firmly against the idea, and it's seen as a sinister thing. In later examples, the characters are still afraid of it and against it, but the chip itself is presented as a form of extraordinary technology more than anything sinister. In the most recent examples, there is still the characters who are uncertain about the idea, but the whole idea of implanting the chip is presented more as a personal decision, rather than someone being forced, as in the earlier films. This is a perfect of example of how they use gradualism to manipulate our perspective on a subject.

    • Can't be forced upon us in this lifetime? Are you fooling yourself. Just look at all the stuff that has happened since 2001 and September 11th. TSA, and xray machines… CAMERAs alll over the place. Back in the 1930's, The Nazi party came to power in just 5 years. Final Solution and the Holocaust in just 10 years. We are now 70 plus years since then, with far greater technology. They already have FEMA camps and rail road tracks connecting them through out this country. UN trucks and foreign soldiers already training in the U.S. for the past 5 years.

      They just killed 50,000 civilians in LIBYA, while the U.S. media talks about thank god for democracy. These people are finally free from Ghadafi, wish the dead could see it. Well that only took 6 months to kill 50,000 people.

      These people are just waiting for a crisis they can manufacture. And when they do, these people will be begging to be chipped, and wishing harm to those who aren't.

      Don't think for a second that time is our side. We are running out of time unless we start taking actions now, and stop holding on to what measly material possessions we have since they will be gone anyway once they start rounding people up and forcing them to comply in the new world order.

      • That's assuming you believe the numbers and stats in the main stream media…I like to think the number is way less if any

      • I am right there with you. We have to do something now, before it's too late. It's sooner than most people realize.

      • @happy cynic


        History, esp last century, clearly shows (on both/all sides of all confllicts/wars/ATTACKS on the FREEDOM/LIBERTIES on one people or another, as recently as iraq, 9/11, libya) that the mainstream media is the most effective and wide-reaching propaganda machine available…

        Owned by the puppetmasters and pulling our strings…

        I struggle to see any acknowledgement, in said media, of any such control programs that are not severely under-stated, if at all…

        conflict=fear=controllable masses

        You will only now what THEY want you to know, unless you actively seek or accidentally stumble upon TRUTH… Currently a very rare commodity

    • yeah, you're right its gonna take some time. Especially with how stupid kids are getting now a days I don't ever know how the world is gonna be run with these crazy Disney mind controlled kids running around mindlessly doing various things. If Disney says Microchips are cool and tells kids to get it, they will be running to there parents begging them to get them Microchiped.

      Its crazy I know but thats brainwash for you.

  2. Great video shared… it just so scary sometimes that the mind will try to not think about it or even numb itself in entertainment or other stuff, but it good to come back to reality and know what is happening right now. its even scarier that so many people do not know this, and even more people are aware of such things but plainly label these information as "conspiracy theory" when they don't even give themselves some time to educate themselves, instead choosing to engage in brainless entertainment (not that I don't, but I know my limits).

    Its comforting to know everyone here is at the same wavelength, we have passed through the hurdles of believing the truth and wanting to make a change. There is no time like now for the human population to unite, but ironically it's all fragmented up now… I think we really need a different approach to spread the message, why are people always rejecting what I say =.= I wish I could just summarize everything I know so convincing and succinctly and write it on my blog to make people trust me but it's so difficult…

    Anyway for people who are short of time, at least listen from 1:11 onwards to get the positive and useful message or else the whole movie seems so pessimistic and gloomy >.<

  3. Istudytruegnosis on

    If you really want to change something,begin with yourself. I know we all heard this before but take a second and meditate on it. What can we ask from this society if we all are full of bad qualities? All of us,we'll find,that we're full of envy,full of lust,full of pride full of everything that can be bad in a human being,or at least the ones that are honest with themselves we'll come to realize this is the case when they analyze themselves. So instead of feeding ourselves with fear saying stuff like ''I'm like this because the Illuminati did this to me, it"s not my fault'' why can't we just try to become better human beings,because that's the true purpose of life,evolution… Anyway,if some of you want to know what life is really about,not just to see things in another way,but to learn how to look at life from an objective point of view you should begin with reading Samael Aun Weor works…You'll be amazed,some of you at least…Have a good day.

    • As Ghandi said," be the change you want to see." One change in the light of your heart, becomes a becon for others who want to be free.

    • I'd also reccomend Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth"…

      Perhaps a little off subject, but possibly relevent to the big picture. Take it as you will but could b found to b very enlightening

  4. Excellent post VC. Are you still on vacations? Your post count has been going down for some time now. But don't mind me, take your time 😀

  5. I don't about you guys but I'm not worried about my own life anymore. These Illuminati bastards can do what ever they want to me. But what about our kids? I want to have a family when I grow up. I don't want a chip implanted in them at birth!

  6. Did you guys see the Today Show segment "No shot, no doc: Pediatricians refuse unvaccinated kids"

    that is f…ing New World Order right in your face.

  7. This is a brilliant piece of work, thank you so much for sharing VC – hands down one of the best features I have seen on this site. Its over an hour long (I realize some of us have short attention spans – thanks to methmedia) but you would be doing yourself a major disservice not to watch this .. in its entirety .. with your full undivided attention ;] . I have seen many speeches by Katherine Albrecht and Greg Nicholettos (sp?), but this documentary does an excellent job of tying in the predictive programming within popular entertainment, the history of well disguised propaganda 'gradualizing' the masses to the elite's agenda, clips from proponents/supporters of the technology, as well as invaluable quotes from Alan Watt, Aaron Russo and the Bible. The most important consideration is the true implications of such a technology – "It will destroy our way of life" according to a Phillip Morris figure – that's putting it lightly. I was surprised he didn't include the Good Morning America episode when Diane Sawyer was interviewing a family who was implanted with RFID after 9-11, as the mother was 'concerned for their safety'. Pffft. Sawyer even used the phrase 'Brave new world'. With all the controversy surrounding iphone and microsoft phones secretly tracking, media phone hacking scandal, RFID on drivers licenses and passports, the 'check-in' feature on facebook, & the elite's plan to brand Americans as terrorists, it's overly apparent that the desensitization and predictive programming for microchipping all of humanity is in full force and not letting up.

    Neither Should We.

    Much love and respect to all; no matter what they threaten or attempt to entice us with, WE MUST NOT TAKE THE CHIP.

  8. Um………no thank you.

    When I see things like this I feel like we're living in "1984" or the world of Ayn Rand. Okay maybe that's an understatement. We're already there, but this microchip thing is just way over the top. When will this evil end? =(

  9. regarding the clip from time bandits ……THAT was crazy and the things he was saying was way out there even for 1981. never heard or seen that type of mind set on film before

  10. 1). VC, nicely done, I honestly don't want much Youtube videos, so I probably wouldn't have seen it.

    2). Based on the video, the first step would naturally be to:

    A). Doubt the information (Bare in mind, attacking the person rather than the viewpoint or arguing from a position of authority should be redflags). I believe that Pierce in Philosophy spoke much about doubt.

    B). Essentially, the video is saying don't simply hop onto the bandwagon just because human idols do so.

    C). In conversation, it couldn't hurt and likely be beneficial to firmly and politely explain your stance.

    3). As for the religious jockeying, I think this should be toned down.

    A). If you look at the Pope's hat's (whatever it's called), the scription numbers to 666.

    B). If the Illuminati and Masons are linked as the conspiracy theory goes, the pope has been in interaction with them for quite some time and may even be one himself.

    C). As I understand it, the Bible scriptures can be altered. While I find faith here admirable, we shouldn't simply conduct blind faith.

    Bare in mind, the theory includes the death of the three principle faiths; the best way to accomplish this is to infiltrate the Vatican, become the Pope, and erode its legitimacy in a number of ways.

    I forget the search that enabled me to find this pdf, but it discussed how the New Testament and particularly the Book of Revelations was specifically designed to create a false sense of inevitability and tolerance/acceptance to this agenda. Bare in mind, people like the Rothschilds (Bauers/Red Shield) are an old family who attempted to form the League of Nations in Austria in which Russia torpedoed, and the Rothschilds promised to massacre the entire bloodline. The Leninst-Marxist Dialectic led by Lenin and Stalin was designed to collapse the Czar of Russia, which occurred if memory serves me correctly during World War I.

    What better way to dually destroy these three religions than through infiltration causing delegitimazation and encourage an agenda?

    The film only touched based on the repeated themes of repitition; manipulation also attacks or uses your love, your dreams, your hopes, and wherever applicable your logic.

    Know theyself and know thy enemy.

  11. What's to say that these microchips are not in us already?? i mean how many people here have been vaccinated?? how many people willingly give their bodies to be injected in who knows what ("flu vaccine") every single year! how would you know that there are not microchips in you already…

    • Voice of Reason on

      I've often pondered the same question. Who's to say that, when a person has a medical procedure (such as a colonoscopy), that the surgeon doesn't chip him/her, via the 'back door'?

      You'd never know…

  12. Is this implant the same ting ?

    " Want a tan without using sunbeds? Scientists develop implant that stimulates skin pigment production "

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-20

    " The capsule is no bigger than a grain of rice but it is implanted under the skin and stimulates the production of melanin ".

    " Although the implant was initially developed by medics in order to alleviate skin conditions, experts believe it could be taken up by the beauty industry ".

    Or is this Implant different to microchip ?

  13. Some things they are saying in this video aren't right like what Endemol stands for because its just the last name of the person that founded it and about the Baja beach club because that isnt in Barcelona but in Rotterdam,The Netherlands.

    Its hard to believe the things they say when they don't have certain facts right

    • The question isn't whether we can believe the people in the video or not. There is one FACT that you can't ignore: we CAN'T trust people that want to chip us. There is no logical reason they can offer me that will make me believe putting a chip in my body – that surrenders all of my privacy, and turns me into a number, not a being – is a good thing. There is no marketing ploy, no bribery scheme, no fear mongering that will change that. This video is the reason I won't bring children into this world. They can take away my shopping, medical and entertainment "privileges" but I will be damned if I will let them take away my, or any of my loved ones, privacy. They're close enough already to taking our freedom.

    • @wtfman

      Don't stress man…

      What are the 2 most profitable and controlling consumables in any 'economy'?…..

      Drugs n weapons will continue to be the domain of those in power

      Can you think of any more effective way to control the masses than how THEY already do????

      Fear. From the numerous staged conflicts around the world.

      Addiction. (In greater n greater numbers) Large quantities of drugs, illicit and prescribed, manufactured and peddled by the puppeteers.

      Probably b able to score via chip recognition lmao

  14. Great video VC! This is crazy. I guess the most that we can do at this point is to share this with our children so that they know what is coming down the pipe and not to accept it. But these brainless teens of today accept anything all the way from songs about laughy taffys and dances that make you look crazy. Our only hope is in GOD. The truth in the matter is, they can only do but so much. There is nothing new under the sun.

  15. That woman's baby has the right idea. He starts crying when she's saying she's definitely going to chip her kids. That woman should realize that those "scary people spying on her and her children" are actually the people she is going to allow to put a chip inside them.

    We are just a step away from being numbers, not people. I am getting more and more afraid every day to get out of bed in the morning.

    • fear not…

      fear is possibly their strongest tool for mamipulation…

      A very switched on man, with an awareness of 'being', well ahead of his time, once said, among many other things with meanings open to infinite interpretation… none of which i recall refering to a vengeful god, rather all simple TRUTHs about the WAY of living, ie: 'being' in a positive LIGHT after years of mis/unguided darkness

      I AM the way, the truth and the light…

      Focus on the first 2 words I AM….

      now even add a comma or elongated pause

      I AM… the way, the truth, the light

      Perhaps not intending a sense of his being supreme or above the rest, wouldn't that go against his teachings of humility etc, considering he to was mortal flesh and blood. Could he be refering to the broader concept of I AM, that is the consciousness present (no matter how clouded) in all of us…

      become aware of the I AM that you are

      I AM! not because of my name, race, creed or gender. what I have or dont have are irrelevant.

      We are all born into this world as equals, what I learn to identify with as "who" I am, from the moment I first respond to the name I'm given and the first toy that becomes an inseparable extension of me, can never alter one simple fact…

      I AM…


      my existence is undeniable, a consciousness behind all thought forms, perceptions, needs, desires, opinions, ideals, human qualities or mistaken downfalls. Above and beyond the realm of human. An awareness of the self and particularly noticable in the sudden awareness of (incessent lol) self dialogue

      The 'being' in human being is perhaps not tied to this physical plain but part of a much larger picture. All unknowingly linked and originating from the one energetic source. perhaps that commonly referred to as God?

      Realise the I AM in you n suddenly what is there to really fear?

      Only those driven by power, ignorant to the fact that everything is a whole and anything done to the earth, creatures, human race… anything negative done period can only eventuate in more harm and suffering to their own experience of this form.

      Countless numbers of innocents rest in peace. Out of this current time of darkness, they are in the light, now aware of the way, the truth…

      While those hell bent on control suffer the consequences of their own miss placed way.

      Don't suffer with them.

      Do unto others etc and enjoy this physical experience, safe in the knowledge that its a very short journey in relation to the much bigger picture that needs no explanation in this form, only a realisation…

      An AWAKENING of a minute number of the masses to set in motion a flow of positive energy to gradually ward off the dark.

      The existence of sites such as this, that refuse blind conformity and question the status quo are an exciting sign that we may truly be nearing a new age

      Just a theory… (sorry such a long-winded one) derived largely from the book: A New Earth. Written by Eckhart Tolle

      I found this to be some very interesting reading

    • Domestic violence, rape and abuse have been "cool" for a long time. It's just becoming more acceptable by the masses now. Women, just like everybody else, will have no rights in the "future" of this sick sad little world. I keep waiting for someone to wake me up and tell me this is all a nightmare.

    • It sure is not domestic violence. It looks more like a metaphor for the illuminati's punched in the eye god. The lady is wearing black and white. She is tied. That explains that we the general people are evil to him. I guess thats how the illuminaties think. Its like they are saying, "why are you abusive to the punched in the eye god?"

  16. My poor dog is microchipped…

    Maybe they thought if we find the usefulness of it in dog's maybe we'll find the usefulness in our children. But we are smarter then that.

  17. Dont think it will be stopped:( Actually it feels kinda releaving since it shows us that judgement day is coming soon,because,this is all predicted in the book of revelation in the Bible. one thing is for sure, I will REFUSE to have this s*** implanted in my body…I`d rather die, if necessary!

    Maaaan what can I say.. God help us all…

  18. I see that this movie was hinting that the chip might be the mark of the beast with that whole revelation passage. Being chipped is NOT the mark of the beast. I warn you again the Mark of the Beast is not a literal mark, it is a symbolic mark. You will worship the Beast power with consent (forehead) or in your actions: just to eat/buy and sell (right hand). We all should know who the Beast power is and they soon will regain the Global rule that they had during the Dark ages. Do some articles on that Vigilant Citizen.

      • The devil wants worship. The devil was kicked out of heaven because he wanted to be God and to be worshiped. The devil is right now setting up his false church to receive worship from people which in effect gives him the worship. Rev 13:4"And they worshiped the dragon(SATAN) which gave power to the beast(PAPACY): and they worshiped" the beast(PAPACY), saying, Who is like to the beast? who is able to make war with him?" If babies and little kids are chipped (which probably will happen) Wouldn't that mean that the Lord will automatically send them to hell? Rev 14:9-10 " And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb". That would make no sense if God sent babies and little children to hell because their parents got them CHIPPED. The mark of the beast is something not forced on you. You must choose the mark, to worship the Lord of heaven or worship the Beast. If you worship the Beast system you will receive the MARK of said BEAST.

        The Lord said he will put the Seal of God in the heads of his people. Rev 7:3"Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads." The seal of God is His character and His commandments. Two groups of people will be alive when the Lord comes and that is the people who have the MARK OF THE BEAST in their foreheads or the Seal of God in their foreheads. Notice the scriptures says IN the forehead and hand not ON. In Deuteronomy Moses says this very interesting thing about the Laws of God. Deut 11:18 "Therefore shall you lay up these my words in your heart and in your soul, and bind them for a !sign! on your !hand!, that they may be as frontlets between your eyes." Do you know what is the frontlets between your eyes ? YOUR FOREHEAD. Moses said to put the commandments of God in your hand and in your forehead. The BEAST will put HIS MARK in your hand or in your forehead. Is this a coincidence or is this God speaking to us? In the end you will either follow the Laws of God or the Laws of men. Pick whether the mark or the Seal you want to receive.

        It would be easier to understand the mark of the beast if you know who the BEAST is. I have told who who the beast power is. The first beast is The Papacy or the Roman Catholic Church. If you study Daniel 7 and Revelation you will see that the beast came from Europe and Rome. There is a bible study page that I will give you and you can see for yourself through Bible scripture that the Roman Church Sate SYSTEM is the Anti-Christ beast. I am not hating on any Catholics just the Catholic SYSTEM because God has His people in every single church but in the end times He will call them all out to be in one church. Rev 18:4 "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues." John 10:16 "And other sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they shall hear my voice; and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd."

        I love all men in all churches. I love all sinners but I hate sin. I am not against no people but false systems. I am a lover of truth and wish for all to get truth also!! This is while I love this site!!! The only way we can be saved is if we STUDY OUR BIBLES. Here is the page to the study guide on who exactly is the anti-christ beast.


    • @the lord saves sinners

      So could a chip that, sometime down the track, becomes compulsory for the purchase of everything, including food not be deemed the mark of the beast?

  19. Good video, but VigilantCitizen, you seem to be getting lazy. Where is the article on the VMA's? Nicki Minaj's doll at the ceremony? The inverted pentagrams on the American flag during Kanye's and Jay Z's performance? Tyler the Creator as Best New Artist? I understand that there is much to cover, but you and I both know it's worth it to expose these things. But then again, maybe if people did some research on their own…

  20. End of an Era - Let& on

    Don't forget that ordinary people are much, much freer today than ever before in numerous ways (not in all ways and not everywhere obviously). It's easy to forget how much more free we are and be overwhelmed by all the negativity in the world (most of which is coming from a tiny minority of the population we call the 'elite').

    In reality it is these freedoms that threaten their position (which they have enjoyed for centuries) and this is what is forcing them to have to clamp down in ever more outrageous and ridiculous (and terrifying) ways.

    Even at the most basic level, the industrial and then the technological revolutions have liberated us humans to the point where we now threaten the very idea of needing 'rulers' at all! Not only do we not need them (assuming we ever did!) but they are clearly holding humanity back and preventing us from living peaceful, wonderful and awesome lives. Excuse me the phone's ringing…..

    … OMG! Apparently I just won 'The Understatement of the Year Award' for that last sentence 😉

    We have gone through so much inevitable 'progress' that we have already liberated ourselves from many of the 'paradigms' that belonged to the previous age …… and yet here we are still stuck with 'governments' and 'monarchies' who's structure has remained unchanged for centuries! A system where a small group of people have a monopoly over the right to use violence against the rest of us!!!???? In the 21st Century?????

    I mean can you imagine if transport was still stuck in the middle ages while we simultaneously enjoyed mobile phone and internet technology?!!

    It's ludicrous! It's embarrassing to be honest. Having governments is like being a forty year old still living with his parents who buy his clothes and say when he can and can't go out!

    And the elites know this. They know their age (based on information control and superstition) has gone and we are in a new age of enlightenment and common sense where hierarchies of control will be as outmoded as playing with dolls and toy cars is for a teenager.

    It's over.

    We just haven't entirely woken up to this fact yet. That is why they have to create their NWO police state/ dumbed down, drugged up, continually terrorized dystopia of total control BEFORE we all fully wake up to the ludicrousness of their continued position as our 'rulers'.

    In this time we simply can not continue to be relatively free AND have hierarchical systems of government. It's going to have to be one or the other.

    With or without an 'epoch change' or 'spiritual awakening' (or whatever else you figure is happening right now) you only need to look at the technology now to see that we have to make a choice. Technology is now getting advanced enough to enable either total tyranny or total freedom with ease.

    Bur we can't have both!

    The elite's have the advantage that they have already figured this out, but that is their only advantage. That is why they are being so pro active in clamping down on humanity – while desperately trying to keep us distracted and apathetic at the same time. (And doing a damn good job at it).

    But in a way it is only fitting that we are all so apathetic towards politics and the wars and the hierarchy's attempts to control and gain (or maintain) its power over us. This is because these are all concerns of a dying age. Who cares about such silly power games these days? … fewer and fewer people care.

    HOWEVER…. that doesn't mean we should be geopolitically IGNORANT and spend all evening watching TV and playing computer games!

    The NWO will be not be defeated – it can only be ABANDONED en masse. To abandon it is to defeat it and to do that we have to start imagining, discussing and living alternatives. And doing so with with a smile :) ….. not least because we know the old age of power games is over and our rulers are simply making fools of themselves (and of us, if we take them seriously) these days.

    Trying to 'defeat' or 'overthrow' the NWO is like a 13 year old kid trying to grow up by destroying his baby-ish toys, instead of by venturing out and having more mature experiences and new forms of self expression.

  21. Am I the only one not surprised at all that it would take to number every human on Earth is a binary number with 33 figures.

  22. "end of an era" uses a lot of generalizations….a lot of incorrect generalizations. If you want to discuss killings based on religion, please be specific. Also, please include the killings by those opposing religion as well. the Pol Pot's, Mao's, Castro's, Lenin's, Stalin's, even Hitler's (do the real research) so we don't have to take your word for it. The results are surprising, you are wrong!!

    As to the idea that folks don't change religions….hmmm, Jesus and His followers were Jews….but Christians are found all over. Islam is converting by the sword even today. So much for that generalization.

    Try harder at pushing your agenda next time….odd though, your agenda is to get others to change their belief system, when you claim people don't like to do that!!

  23. Great Job VC!

    Predictive Programming…one great example of a predictive programming movie is Demolition Man

    Say NO to the Chip!!!

  24. Does anyone think that we will be forced to get the mark in this lifetime?….I worry for my kids… :*(…sometimes I can barely eat thinking about this stuff…

  25. hmmmm.....really on

    im leaving this comment not to be rude or try to crush anybodies spirit, but just because it needs to be said.

    there is absolutely nothing we can do as people or individuals to stop this from happening. Chipping will take place on a mass scale.All you can do if you do not want to be chipped is don't accept it when your time comes. Of course you will not be able to buy or sell or work. you will end up homeless and in a fema camp as some sort of undesirable social leper. there will not be any sort of government help or social security for you, and since you have no chip you wouldn't be able to receive anyway.

    The world as a whole has been brainwashed to believe whatever the media deems acceptable. And if the elites want everyone chipped then it will happen.

    • So perhaps we should just role over and die right? I mean just kill ourselves now or risk living in a slum, starving, hungry, unable to work etc………no dude you are mistaken. As long as people have a voice and have the right to be heard (for now until idiot people forfeit that right) people CAN DO SOMETHING….it's called petition, protest, open your mouth and use your God given brain to at least slow the process. You may not be able to inevitably stop the Elite as there are brainwashed people…..You can UNWASH them as well. What your saying is the equivalent to well a bunch of guys are raping a woman….but there's 5 of them and they have guns. Try to help or call the police, nah by the time the police get there it'll be too late. Stand up for her, nah you die. Maybe you will, but it's the point in standing up for what is right. I don't believe God or Allah or whatever God you believe in would tell you staying silent and doing nothing is justified. If your an atheist and believe in nothing, well for the spirit of patriotism….our country wouldn't even exist if people just stood around and let England bully us!

      • Hi Ron,

        Your actually comparing what i said to a woman being raped. In what way is an person os sound mind and judgement choosing to take an electronic implant like 5 guys with weapons taking a woman and forcing her to have sex.

        Its not a matter of us being able to stop them from taking over and forcing their beliefs and laws on us. This has already happened they already won. We live in the system they created. Everyone born in this country has a number they use to track you, and unless im mistaken you cant buy or sell with out money. The chip will just be an extension of the system that is already in place, and weather you or anyone else likes or not millions of people will choose to be chipped. It may be under the guise of various ideas/agendas/lies like health, public safety, or just because you don't have a pocket for your credit card. People will take the chip, many will beg for it on christmas morning like the newest ipod or ps3.

        Im not saying we should roll over and give up i talk about this to everyone i know. Some people hear me and understand others might as well be chipped already. My point is you will not be able to stop them and almost anything you do to try will just further their agenda.

        Since this will happen sooner or later. When that time comes just dont take the chip.

        Now IM going to finish raping that woman with my other 4 buddies i just took a little break to write you back

    • @hmmm really

      hence the purpose of discussion such as this…

      what if such a concept as positive thought or more so focus of one's energy towards a common outcome on, what til now would be, a mass (yet actually relatively small) scale could result in enough of a reaction to counter what seems to be the inevitable?

      The mind as a singular is an amazing thing. Possibly due to the idea that we in this human form are merely a vessel for an infinitely powerful, energy based being on a short journey in this physical realm.

      In its plural form, considering we're all linked and stem from the one original 'source' (of energy), i can't even begin to imagine the possibilities… endless???

      Read Matthew's reference to the 'Maharishi effect' in his reply to post 3. on the page

  26. Totally creepy. The symbol for alien technology the slashes are very similar to the slashes they use for the monster energy drink. It slogan is also unleash the beast. Maybe we are going to wake some sort of evil being. Satan may very well be real. We have to stop these people somehow.

  27. Great movie. Reassuring and strengthening despite a negative yet realistic vision for the future.

    This is what we, the visitors of this site respectively, collectively know and believe. This is what we can share with everyone we know, as a duty..Together we can let our voices be heard. That is our power.

  28. SergeantTrammelant on

    Not really on topic, but I thought it was kinda neat of me to notice immediately:

    When some examples are given of Hollywood referencing to microchipping, Futurama passes along. In the shot with all the billboards starting @ 44:00, one billboard says 'Implant Hut'. This is pretty strange, but as it almost pans out of the shot, the billboard flips. Only one segment won't go along, rendering the lady on the fresh billboard image one-eyed.

    In my opinion, this gave even more significance to the example.

  29. @ D. I find it hilarious that most people that wish to speak against the Bible and say comments like "I don't find any use in it at all" do not allow people the option to reply to your comments…..sort of one sided if you ask me. I am sure that the New World Order has no use for the Bible at all because if it did, the world wouldn't be so evil and full of deception. Matter of fact Jesus's teachings completely counter the New World Order, the corporate state of mind or Capitalism. Selfish ideologies tend to more personify what Satanism teaches.

  30. Everyone keeps saying that we need to do something to stop "them" before it gets to late. Do you really think that its not to late already? What are you going to do to stop them? Saying it is one thing, but real action is a horse of a whole other color. Im not saying this to break spirits or to put people down or even start an argument. We can post all day long but it really is just words on a screen.

    What type of action can we take against "them"? Together as like minded individuals who are pissed off at the system as whole and sincerly want to stop this?

    We all know about the illuminatti and the elites and the signs and symbols. After a while you either go "fuck it they win i give up" or you get up off you pissed off ass stop leaving endless jabber on posts get together with people who agree and start a mutha fuckin Movement.

  31. Well, I just finished watching this and I have to say that there is no question that this will happen. I think we are way to comfortable and arrogant in our comforts even now in the globalistic post 9/11 climate. People think America is still the big bad bully in the world and no one can mess with us. Alot of people don't care and want to feed into the idol worship and materialistic crap. It breaks my heart to know people are so easily led astray and more than willing to be cogs in the machine.

  32. Brilliant film…

    Its so saddening knowing that all of this is on its way. I keep asking in my head; "why did i have to be born now?!"…

    But the part at the end is really uplifting, and erminded me: "WE CAN DO IT…!! THEY CAN SHOVE THEIR CHIP GUNS WHERE THE SUN CANT SHINE…!!"


  33. Discovered a good way for the Vigilant community to spread awaress.

    Just go to the Wiki pages for these "stars".

    Beyonce :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyonc%C3%A9_Knowles#External_links
    Katy Perry :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Katy_Perry#External_links
    Natalia Kills :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalia_Kills#External_links
    Please rate each wiki article 1s on all counts. The music industry has exploited Wikipedia and has turned these pages into adverts for the artists.BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK! Please tell Wikipedia what you think of wiki articles with no real info in them!

  34. RichardYoHandSon on

    Is it just me,or is the Alien Technology's logo looks so very very similar to the Abstergo logo in Assassin's Creed? o.o …Nothing is true,everything is permitted!

  35. Indigo rEvolution on

    So did anyone else catch that during the Futurama clip, after Frys escape from the chip implant a billboard hovers over head advertising the "Implant Hut" and then it shift to another ad with a model whose left eye is covered? Figures the one eye would be referenced for an implant hut! (around 43 minutes in)

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