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102 Comments on "Predictive Programming and the Human Microchipping Agenda (video)"


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3 years 8 months ago
4 years 10 months ago

can someone tell me where can i find french subtitles ? at least, english subtitles ?

thanks a lot.

5 years 5 days ago

lolz: implanting a microchip will be "double-plus-good" (1984)

Indigo rEvolution
5 years 7 days ago

So did anyone else catch that during the Futurama clip, after Frys escape from the chip implant a billboard hovers over head advertising the "Implant Hut" and then it shift to another ad with a model whose left eye is covered? Figures the one eye would be referenced for an implant hut! (around 43 minutes in)

5 years 8 days ago

guys spread the word. it's the only way we can save humanity. show this video to people you know, post on facebook!!

Peace-a distant drea
5 years 12 days ago

This.documentary.is. AMAZING.

5 years 13 days ago

Is it just me,or is the Alien Technology's logo looks so very very similar to the Abstergo logo in Assassin's Creed? o.o …Nothing is true,everything is permitted!

5 years 14 days ago

Discovered a good way for the Vigilant community to spread awaress.

Just go to the Wiki pages for these "stars".

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Natalia Kills :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natalia_Kills#External_links
Please rate each wiki article 1s on all counts. The music industry has exploited Wikipedia and has turned these pages into adverts for the artists.BUT WE CAN FIGHT BACK! Please tell Wikipedia what you think of wiki articles with no real info in them!

Riddle in a Rhyme
5 years 14 days ago

IBM was responsible for keeping track of all its prisoners during the Holocaust. Coincidence?

5 years 15 days ago

Brilliant film…

Its so saddening knowing that all of this is on its way. I keep asking in my head; "why did i have to be born now?!"…

But the part at the end is really uplifting, and erminded me: "WE CAN DO IT…!! THEY CAN SHOVE THEIR CHIP GUNS WHERE THE SUN CANT SHINE…!!"


5 years 15 days ago

Well, I just finished watching this and I have to say that there is no question that this will happen. I think we are way to comfortable and arrogant in our comforts even now in the globalistic post 9/11 climate. People think America is still the big bad bully in the world and no one can mess with us. Alot of people don't care and want to feed into the idol worship and materialistic crap. It breaks my heart to know people are so easily led astray and more than willing to be cogs in the machine.

jim bob
5 years 18 days ago
Everyone keeps saying that we need to do something to stop "them" before it gets to late. Do you really think that its not to late already? What are you going to do to stop them? Saying it is one thing, but real action is a horse of a whole other color. Im not saying this to break spirits or to put people down or even start an argument. We can post all day long but it really is just words on a screen. What type of action can we take against "them"? Together as like minded individuals who are… Read more »
5 years 18 days ago
@ D. I find it hilarious that most people that wish to speak against the Bible and say comments like "I don't find any use in it at all" do not allow people the option to reply to your comments…..sort of one sided if you ask me. I am sure that the New World Order has no use for the Bible at all because if it did, the world wouldn't be so evil and full of deception. Matter of fact Jesus's teachings completely counter the New World Order, the corporate state of mind or Capitalism. Selfish ideologies tend to more… Read more »
5 years 18 days ago

Not really on topic, but I thought it was kinda neat of me to notice immediately:

When some examples are given of Hollywood referencing to microchipping, Futurama passes along. In the shot with all the billboards starting @ 44:00, one billboard says 'Implant Hut'. This is pretty strange, but as it almost pans out of the shot, the billboard flips. Only one segment won't go along, rendering the lady on the fresh billboard image one-eyed.

In my opinion, this gave even more significance to the example.

5 years 18 days ago

Great movie. Reassuring and strengthening despite a negative yet realistic vision for the future.

This is what we, the visitors of this site respectively, collectively know and believe. This is what we can share with everyone we know, as a duty..Together we can let our voices be heard. That is our power.

5 years 19 days ago

33 bits to track all humans, 33. 33 levels in freemasonry. 33. the number is everywhere…

5 years 19 days ago

Totally creepy. The symbol for alien technology the slashes are very similar to the slashes they use for the monster energy drink. It slogan is also unleash the beast. Maybe we are going to wake some sort of evil being. Satan may very well be real. We have to stop these people somehow.

5 years 19 days ago
im leaving this comment not to be rude or try to crush anybodies spirit, but just because it needs to be said. there is absolutely nothing we can do as people or individuals to stop this from happening. Chipping will take place on a mass scale.All you can do if you do not want to be chipped is don't accept it when your time comes. Of course you will not be able to buy or sell or work. you will end up homeless and in a fema camp as some sort of undesirable social leper. there will not be any… Read more »
5 years 15 days ago
@hmmm really hence the purpose of discussion such as this… what if such a concept as positive thought or more so focus of one's energy towards a common outcome on, what til now would be, a mass (yet actually relatively small) scale could result in enough of a reaction to counter what seems to be the inevitable? The mind as a singular is an amazing thing. Possibly due to the idea that we in this human form are merely a vessel for an infinitely powerful, energy based being on a short journey in this physical realm. In its plural form,… Read more »
5 years 18 days ago
So perhaps we should just role over and die right? I mean just kill ourselves now or risk living in a slum, starving, hungry, unable to work etc………no dude you are mistaken. As long as people have a voice and have the right to be heard (for now until idiot people forfeit that right) people CAN DO SOMETHING….it's called petition, protest, open your mouth and use your God given brain to at least slow the process. You may not be able to inevitably stop the Elite as there are brainwashed people…..You can UNWASH them as well. What your saying is… Read more »
jim bob
5 years 18 days ago
Hi Ron, Your actually comparing what i said to a woman being raped. In what way is an person os sound mind and judgement choosing to take an electronic implant like 5 guys with weapons taking a woman and forcing her to have sex. Its not a matter of us being able to stop them from taking over and forcing their beliefs and laws on us. This has already happened they already won. We live in the system they created. Everyone born in this country has a number they use to track you, and unless im mistaken you cant buy… Read more »
one love
5 years 19 days ago

Does anyone think that we will be forced to get the mark in this lifetime?….I worry for my kids… :*(…sometimes I can barely eat thinking about this stuff…

better job
5 years 19 days ago

wow. that was the best way to start my week. thanks VC for another interesting video.

5 years 19 days ago

Great Job VC!

Predictive Programming…one great example of a predictive programming movie is Demolition Man

Say NO to the Chip!!!

5 years 19 days ago
"end of an era" uses a lot of generalizations….a lot of incorrect generalizations. If you want to discuss killings based on religion, please be specific. Also, please include the killings by those opposing religion as well. the Pol Pot's, Mao's, Castro's, Lenin's, Stalin's, even Hitler's (do the real research) so we don't have to take your word for it. The results are surprising, you are wrong!! As to the idea that folks don't change religions….hmmm, Jesus and His followers were Jews….but Christians are found all over. Islam is converting by the sword even today. So much for that generalization. Try… Read more »
5 years 19 days ago

Am I the only one not surprised at all that it would take to number every human on Earth is a binary number with 33 figures.

5 years 20 days ago

Check out the woman on 12 minutes, she sounds so brainwashed!

End of an Era - Let&
5 years 20 days ago
Don't forget that ordinary people are much, much freer today than ever before in numerous ways (not in all ways and not everywhere obviously). It's easy to forget how much more free we are and be overwhelmed by all the negativity in the world (most of which is coming from a tiny minority of the population we call the 'elite'). In reality it is these freedoms that threaten their position (which they have enjoyed for centuries) and this is what is forcing them to have to clamp down in ever more outrageous and ridiculous (and terrifying) ways. Even at the… Read more »